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 ���ME I.     NO.   230.
gtoilij  QhmaMctn
Fiftt Cbnts a Mouth
st Trians Locomotives
Crash Together
Ineet  Disobeys  Orders  While
Running Special Conveying
Party From Banquet.
ts, rlsury. Conn., March 2.���With un
,s*s ui guffletant force to crush the
lirssiiH locomotives together line pa.
11 ss int ansl band  them uml topple
[isiiis tin* truck down uu cmbuiia-
mil Into u dilcll  below  the truck,
|l���ibSi-llgl.'!'   ItUlllB,   u   regulur  uuU   u
. lUHllltt-lt ill U IlL'UU-OU CulllSSllUl
sis Ills- Nlllltllckel (llvlBlun Of llle
VorK, New lluven & llurlloni
.; us PlEttB Mills, ills.ssss u mile
hall In-low thla city, resulting in
nli or lour men uml Ihe luiul In-
nl two more. A score ol' others
sis- oi- less BuriouHly hurt. Thu
��� i, the crews of the engines.
regular wu the luiduiglu Mln
Is due ut 12:u.i, but which wuis
ksl nun.. The hihscIuI wuh made up
igine und one couch, lu which
mils ut ubout ti& uieinberB ol
1 ���'. of regiment C. L. 0., known
irays, with Governor \Voodrull
in mbersot his muff. Tne boy-
caped Injury. 'Iney hud been
il.sin's- ut a buuguel given lu
s: ny ' umpun) A uf lhe sum.-
and wore on their wuy home
i- ucclilent occurred.
| tuns led Walorbury at 12 o'clock
regular wuh ihen lata order!
: iiie special, it Ih understood,
Hills Crossing. There they
.ski, the Biding and wait llll
glilar went hy. The special, how-
is said to have run beyond the
am] so met the regular train ut
is iin- traiiiH crushed together und
down tin- embankment, they car-
lown   lis  death   with   thum   their
Three of tlie dead, the two en
-   und   one   dramas   were   luken
itn- wreckage,  their bodies torn.
il and blackened hy the lire from
s-s*k, while the body of the other
is  wuh ut   last   report  still  under
ss-.- of twisted Iron.    The tenders
locomotive!   did   not   leave the
su   wi'is- hurled  hnckwurds and
��� -ouches behind,   ln the case of
������ml the coach was badly wrecked
" occupants. almoRt all of them,
���il Home hurt.    The baggage car
regular train was telescoped.
non us Ihe news renchd here, antes uml doctors were hurried to
���in-     The trolley company also
ftly sent cnrB to bring the wound-
Id others to Waterbury.   The most
ly  Injured  ure  Fred  C.   Russnl.
��  lluven, a private ln Company
A   Cluimplalii. a musician, nlso
Haven,   They were taken to the
niry  hoBpllul.
dead are: Wm. Fisher, of New
s, engineer of the special; Wm.
l. of Waterbury, engineer of regit-
'harlei Carpenter, of the regular,
n of New Haven; F. 0. Erlckson.
n of Ills, special. Those who were
rlously Injured, with olher mem-
il the party. Including the gov-
unsl his stuff, wero put on n spc-
rolley  car  nud   started   for  New
ci  Struggling  With  Questions  of
Municipal   Economy.
sin, March 2.���The hotlesl polltl-
Jninglo in the modern history of
enils ut the polls today ln the
on of u new city council.   The Is-
solely the question of tlle further
llpalliatlon of local  industries.  At
*e8enl time the Progressive Soclul-
lu control of the county coun-
rdiorc tliey have been entreuchud
j 1889.   They huve lately sprung u
Interprlse, which contemplates the
luao of nourly nil the existing ulec-
Bghtlng und power undertakings, ul
\l ur Ji2ii.uiin.uiiu.
been pointed out that most of
I pluiils will be useless ln great ceil-
3d  electrical   works,  entailing  an
htniB lultlul loss, which of course
jfnll   reully    upon   the  taxpayers.
Tivor, all ulectrlcal engineers ugree
cuuncll  is totally  unable  to
nge the contemplated works to the
jBdvunlngis, especially since the In-
has not. yet passed beyond the
utive stage.
���don  Ir ulrendy on the  verge of
fuptcy as a resuli  of the oxtrava-
of Hi,, Progressive Socialist, gov-
FUt.   Under their control the city's
nas increased from $35 a head to
head,   Realisation of the orltlcal
cond l,���, ���r affair��� haii ���������������
he  taxpayers  ,��� exlniorilliiary  ������,,r_\
election   ','-','  S,"dl"'8,K * at  ">"��"
election,     lhe lulter. however, are well
<ntrenched and ,l���, indication   ���, on ' ,
'avor a renewal of their power.
Province Still Hold! Banner for VMue
of Outpjut.
Toronto. March 2.-Not only In va-
rlely but In values the mineral productions of Ontario stand first umong the-
provinces of the Dominion, according to
un otilclul Hlatemeiit Issued by the bureau or mines giving the production of
the   provinces  ror   moil,   which   Is   as
Metallic gold, IIGIU ounces, valued al
1511,27.; sliver. E.3E7.880 ounces, value,
$3.54:1,0811; cobalt :-t 12 Ions vulue,��30-
��lli; nickel, 10.932 ions, value, fi.HM,.
���119; copper. 5940 tons, value, 1*9*38,548;
leud, 193,600; iron ore 128,099 lolls
value 301.032; pig iron, 275,558 tons,
value 14.551,247; zinc ore. 400 tons
value 11,900.    Total J13.422.928.
Less the value of Ontario iron ore
smelted into pig |TOs 101,509 tons,
I243.7(ir,. Net metallic productions,
$18,179,169. Non-metallic production
19,042,(141*,. Totul $22,221,808. The totul
combined production for 1905, which
wuh tin. previous hlgnesi record was
Attorney    General    Fulton    Diicuuea
Probable Future for Lord's
Day  Act.
"What will be the effect of the Do
nilnlon Lord's Day Observance Act,
passed at the last session o. the federal
house, which becume law on March IT
Hon. F. J. Fultuu, attorney general,
was seen tbc other day lu regard to
this question. It being pointed oul to
hlm that Uie public geuurullw wus be
glnuiug tu displuy uu absorbing Interest
lu the Lord's Day Observance Act and
lhe probability ul' It being applied to
llrltlsh Columbia in every detail, Mr.
Fulton acknowledged that it might be
well to explain the situation as cleurly
as possible, llefore referring to Uo
provisions ot tlle measure he Indicated
the lasl clause [No, 10), which, he
suid, explained the pruvincinl government's suitusiu regurd to tne matter.
This reaus as follows;
"No action or prosecution for u Violation ot this acl shall be commenced
without the leave of the attorney general for the province ln which the offence is alleged lo have been committed, nor arter the expiration of 60
days from the time of the commission
of the alleged offence."
Hon. Mr. Fulton stated that the full
resposslblllty for the operutlou of the
act within the province was placed upon
the shoulders of the respective provincial governments. He and his col-
ieugueB were now considering whal
Iheir attitude should be towards the
measure. Their petition, be said, was
somewhat difficult. It had been de
cided by the privy council that the
provinces had no jurisdiction In criminal matters, and therefore it might be
thought to place the governmenl In the
position of Interfering with the deftined
prerogatives of the federal authorities
were ll to stale thut no prosecutions
should be allowed under the aforementioned enactment; but the acknowledged that the clause quoted practically gave the provinces the option of
acting one way or the other. On the
other hand, there were strong arguments against tin. allowance of the uct
within thla province. These points
were under considerutlon. und us yet
the government had been unable to
reach a decision ns to whal course
would he adopted relative to them. Hut
he could any one thing, namely, thnt
il' the legillatare did not otiierwise de-
dure,, cither tin- Dominion Lord's Day
Acl would lie enforced lu toto or no press'-
eui ions whatever would lie sanctioned
under Its provisions. He did nol Ihlnk
(lint the governmenl should lake any
half measures, one way or the other.
Speaking nf the acl itself, Hon. Mr.
Fulton expressed the opinion thai there
were some exceedingly wise provisions
In It.
In discussing the measure generally.
Hon. Mr. Fulton expressed the opinion
thai 11 was thc Intention of the Dominion governmenl to force people to
take nl lensl one dny's rest in seven,
the act hnd been wrongly naiii-d.
From lta title 11 mlghl be assumed thai
nn nttomnt was being made to coerce
the public m adopt certain "*J��g.*?',a
principles. He did nol Ihlnk hal the
latter was Intended. If II was, It would
prove turtle, hecause II was trending
upon n nvtter which touched thfi personal freedom of every Individual very
closelv���something which wonld quickly
be resented nnd which could flo no good
whatever. As a measure for providing
one dav's rest In seven for the public at
large, it was commendable. Moreover.
he said, while there were some provisions with which he personally did not
agree, and other Inconsistencies, there
were clauses admirable In every respect.
Hon. Mr. Fulton. In conclusion, gave
hlB asBUrnnce thnt there would he an
announcement ot the governments
policy ln respect to the net In n tew
dnys.. The matter was under careful
Will Be Fought to Ike
Bitter End
Attorney General's Conviction That
He Is Still Insane���Jury's
Verdict Final.
New York, March 2���Every day of
the Thaw trial apparently takeB District Attorney Jerome so much nearer
the fouiidaiiuu he Is trying to lay tor
u request for u cullltutuulou ln luuucy
u�� lho lltsi step in an attempt tu send
tins slayer of Stanford White to aiui-
lewuu. When the courl convenes on
Monday, tlie examination or Dr. Kvuns,
lho Uulence's principal expert, will be
coaciuued unu other medical men Wili
be cuileu lor cross-exuuiinulion ln a
csiuliuuunco of i*H*. Jerunie's attempt to
set lorih lhat Thaw's iusunity is ot such
a nanus* us to be Incurable, or at least
of Buch u ii.nun- us makes lt unlikely
mat be has yet recovered Irom tlle mental deruugemeui which caused hlm lu
issiiiinii murder. Mr. Jerome Is lirnilj
convinced that Thuw's metual cuudiilun
U the result of puruuuta und not ol
melancholy ub the defence hus tried to
show., lu other words, he believes that
Thaw's menial muludy is uf a character
which precludes the possibility thut Ue
could have been Insane on the nlgbt lit
snot Stanford While and sane today.
Dr. Evans has admitted that he believes
Thaw wub insane in the tall of l'J'i'..
und also iubane wheu he was married
un April 4th. 1905, and was suffering
Irom a "brain storm" on June 26, 1990
the night-ul the murder. What his
condition wus belween those dates he
has no means uf knowing.
It was determined last night at a conference ot the defendant's counsel, held
at the home of Dalphlne M. Delmas, to
endeavor by all legal means to combat
the supposed attempt of the district
attorney to apply for the lunacy commission.
The lawyers were unanimous ln the
opinion that Harry Thaw's fate should
be decided by the Jury and when their
conclualon was reported to the wife
and mother of the defendant they acquiesced in the decision to light the
case to the end.
One of the lawyers for the defence,
in speaking of the conference and Its
decision to tight the case to the end,
said that any attempt to send Thaw to
the madhouse, where he will have to
remain until the Indictment Is disposed
of, would be fought to the end.
Fernie Cannot Compell C. N. P. E. P.
& L. Company to Pay License.
The cobb of Fernie vs. the Crow's
Nest Pass Electric Light & Power Co.,
brought from a lower court on a writ
of certiorari wbb decided this morning
by Mr. Justice Clcmots after hearing
S. S. Taylor, K. C. for thc company, and
W. A. Mncdonald. K. C, for the city.
Tlie company supplies Fernie with
wnter, electric light and telephone service. It December the city council ordered It to tuke out u license for onch
service, ami on refusal, summoned the
manager in the lwllce court.
The magistrate ordered puytnenl of
one license only and appeal was taken
by the company.
Mr. Taylor contended thut the company's consent to incorporation had
been conditional on security of all its
rights, which were now Invaded; that
the cily by-law was of no effect be
cause It hnd not been registered, and
that as there waa no provision by nlnt
ute or by-law for license for nny period
te-s than, or other than, six months
from thc 15th of January or 15th of
July, the company wns not In default.
His lordship left the first contention
undecided nnd dismissed the second.
but sustained thc third and quashed the
Turned Out Thief.
Moncton, N. Bi, March 2.���William
March, who came hore from New York
some months ago to act as physical Instructor of the Y. M. C. A., left town
last night under a cloud. Inmates of
the boarding house where he stayed
have been missing money and other
valuables from their rooms. One wns
robbed of (36, another of .30, and still
another $10. Fountain pens, cameras
and other articles disappeared. Finally
the chluf of police waB called ln, and
March made a confession and disgorged
in part. As no on.' was willing to prone-
cute, he waB released, and allowed to
leave town, it If said he Ib wanted In
New York. It has also been learned
that he recently forwarded a considerable sum of money to Germany.
Oranby Furnaces Now In Full Bleat���
Railway Work Suspended.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Qrank Forks, March 2.���Today the
Oranby smelter is all activity, there be-
in five furnacea running full blast,while
the sixth lurnace will be blown lu a couple of days. Coke ls now coming iu
from all quarters and a general air of
prosperity now prevails. It Is conli-
dently expected -hat in two weeks' time
the full blast of eight furnaces will be
iu commission, most of the old employees who were laid off during the
coke famine have returned to work,
there now being nearly 300 men employed, lt ls generally believed by the
Granby management that from now on
no serious causes will arise warranting
u general close down of the plant as
there appears to be un abundance ol
coke available lor ruture use.
Word has reached here today thai all
operations on the Great Northern construction west of Midway has been
u.opped lor tne present aud unlet Engineer Kennedy uas gone to uilawa.
lhe passenger train service is uow In
auguruted us far west as Oroville,
Wash., und tt is expected that upon Mr.
Kennedy's return, active construction
work will be resumed.
Auatrlalia Beats Toronto.
Sydney, N. 8. W��� March 2.���George
Towns, the Australian sculler, today
defeated Edward Durnan, of Toronto,
by three lengths for the sculling championship of the world. The race took
place ou the Nepan river and for $2500
u side. Towns, who was the favorite,
wou the toBs of.position. At the quarter mile post Durnan led by half u
length, but Towns quickly overbuuled
him and was halt a length in from at
the halt mile. When the two, mile posl
was reached Towns wss three lengths
ahead and he maintained this lead until the end of the race.
Affected by Rumor of Briks in Up-raiae
���Week's Quotationa on
The feature of the week in mining
was the advance in Rambler-Cariboo
stock caused by a rumor in Spokane
that a new Btrlke had been made In the
For the past week the stock market
has been active and prices firm. The
volume of business transated was above
normal, owing to the Increased business
on the Spokane exchange and the demand there for British Columbia securities.
Alberta Coal opened strong and sold
as high as 34 cents but toward tlie close
declined, when only 32 cents was bid.
American Boy, since being taken from
the board on the Spokane market has
not been dealt ln to the extent formerly
traded ln, hut several thousand shares
found buyers In this vicinity during the
B. C. Copper declined and at the
close showed evidence of weakness with
another drop expected. The weakness
ts caused by the issuance of the new
shares at par $5 per share. Cariboo-
McKlnney and Cousodldated Smelters
remained unchanged. Diamond Vale
weakened slightly but sold finely at the
lower quotations.
Dominion Copper dropped a few
polnls with very few Bales recorded.
Granby remained firm hut  unchanged.
International Coal strengthened somewhat and was in great demand, hut
with few saleB recorded al the low hid
Rambler-Cariboo Jumped from 28'^
to 34, the demand being unlimited,
with thousands of shares sold at the
latter figure.
White Bear remained steady and In
demand at the former quotation.
Thc following   arc   the   approximate
quotations for the week ending today:
Bid.        Asked.
Alberta Coul    t      32 .36
American Boy 01%       .01%
B. C. Copper       8.75 9.60
Breck. & Lund Coal .       .55 .57
Con. Smelters   132. 137.
Carlboo-McKlnnev ...        .03 .04
Can. Gold Fields 06 .07
Denora  Mines   .....        .10 .11
Dominion Copper  ...      0.60        7.25
Diamond  Vale 30 .32
Granby     146. 152.
Giant   01 .02
Intern. Conl 60 .63
La   Plata      .20
Lardeau Mines 0094       .01
Nicola Coal Mines ..       .06 .07
North Star 12 .18
Pathfinder 01 .02V4
Rambler Cariboo 34 .36
Sullivan    08%       M_
Telkwa  Mines    .16 .18
White Bear (9% pd.) .06 .06
West. OU Con      1.80        1.86
Steamer Corona of Sao
Francisco on Rocks
Alter Hours oi Desperate Attempt
Nearly One Hundred Passengers
Got Off Safely.
Eureka, Cal., March 2.���The Bteamer
Corona, Capt. Boyd, tbe best boat in
the Pacific Coast Steamship company's
service between Eureka and San Francisco, ties straddling the north jetty on
Mumbolt Bay, a helpless wreck, oue
had nearly iuo.passengers aboard. Tne
vessel struck yesterday as Captain Boyu
wus utiempiing, lu tne teeth ol a snug
sug wind unu a lerrnic bur par uuod a,
uiive uer into port.
M omeu were hysterical and men were
iu u panic, uui i-cuHBUiinw worus iron,
uie cu* uuuily biuugui cuiui. luen
me pusstngers usseuibicd on lue hum
cane ueca wueru moy -retuume-u uuus
Lite reSoue woi-a was uuuei-mK-uU u let
hours luU-r. tSuou miet* Uie snip struck,
a uuai in cuarge tn wuunermuule,
uuun, was .uwcieu uiui cuiuuiueu uiret
ui lue crew sniu mice _.--��� suB. pu_-eu
tel'B. lm_ ooui cupaizcu ul oii.se iu uiu'
uoiuiig sun anu .-jsiiios ii<-nuiic,._oii wa_
dssswu.-u. liuiui auu tlie ulnel'B icuciu-ti
bUOl'e. me bUCO.lU Ssu.li lu cuuige u.
bhe secouu ouicer, ti, -**_. jouuu wus put
uu. Uauiy butler aud leaking Wis bout
reached shore. Tueu iii. buuuieiu, u
uighl saloon watchmau, lormeriy a marine in lhe United aluies Navy, Biripped
Ui the waist and attempted lu carry u
liue ushoie. 'lhe line parted beiore hi
had gone far. Southern was picked up
by the life savers. Several attempts
were made to ahoot a line ashore but
each lime the line fell short. Finally
Captain Henning, of the life saveni,
reached the side of the Corona ana
picked up the line. Several unauccess-
iul attempts were made to work Uie
life buoy, but lt was not until dark
that Captain Henning and his men
worked effectively. At that time tbe
ship boats had begun working and al
dusk Captain Boyd, the last to leave
the ship, stepped aahore.
The passengers were brougbt to Eureka. Nearly all had been drenched and
some were suffering greatly from the
cold, exposure and nervous shock, but
all will recover.
Vancouver   Merchant   Deacrlbaa  Situation at G. T. Terminua.
"There is practically no such place aB
Prince Rupert," said Mr. Chas. E. Tis
dall, who returned on the Bteamer Tees
from a visit to the future Grand Trunk
terminus. "What is to be known as
Prince Rupert ls as yet only a construction camp���just like what Vancouver
was 24 years ago."
"What does the site of the place look
like?" Mr. Tisdall was asked.
"Just at present It IB nothing but a
muskeg," said Mr. Tisdall. Ab reported
in the Province the entire site is covered with from six Inches to six feet
of moss and decaying vegetutlon. Bpt
thc slope of the ground Ib such that tt
can be easily drained, and when this is
doue it should prove very rich land, lu
my opinion the Graud Trunk officials
are iierfectly right in not allowing auy
one to come there yet. There Is no need
for any one who is not tt laborer or engaged In clearing the land. Quite u
large clearing has been made, but ii
Ib nothing but a construction camp
bo far.
"At present there are about 250 men
there, of which fully 200 ure Japanese
who are employed In clearing the town
site. The rest arc white men, among
them being many Vancouver people.
Tho buildings as yet only Include thosi
neosasary to shelter the men and pro
vide living facilities for them. A fair
slsed wharf has been constructed, an;'
rails have been laid running up from
the wharf to several large storehouses.
A donkey engine hauls cars up from
the wharf to these storage Bheda .In
which everything ts put to keep dry ns
soon as It ls landed.
Technical Education.
Toronto, March 2.���It la understood
that the Ontario government will bring
down a measure at this session inaugurating an experiment In the teaching
of agriculture. The scheme embodies
the co-operation of the trustees of the
county high schools, the department of
education and thc department of agriculture. The plan provides a grant to
each high school that will establish a
class ln agriculture and will agree to
appoint a teacher recommended by the
agricultural department as a member
of the teaching staff. The trustees will
have to provide a plot of ground in
the neighborhood of the school, which
will he used for practical experiments,
and to provide equipment for the class,
whatever that may be. The material
for the experimental plots will, however, be furnished by the experimental
department of the Ontario Agricultural
Terrific Gale at Buffalo.
Buffalo, March 2.���A gale which
reached a velocity of 68 miles an hour
at noon has prevailed all day. While
no serious damage has been reported
many plate glass windows have been destroyed and chimneys blown over. The
Ice In the harbor has pretty well broken
up and the water has risen about two
feet. No damage to vessel Is anticipated, but tugs are kept ln readiness to
go to the assistance of any that may
drag anchors.
Sudden Call.
Cornwall, March 2.���Lawrence Pound
of Cornwall, waB accidentally killed
near Summerstown last night. He was
helping a farmer to move when a load
of farming utensils was caught by the
low-hanging limb of a tree. In trying
to free It the teeth of a hayrake struck
him on the head and penetrated his
skull, causing almost Instant, death.
Ground Upon Which Roblin'a Conservative Government Appeala to
Winnipeg, March 2.���The Manitoba
elections take place Thursday, March
7, and nominations were one week earlier
The announcement was made only on
Monday, last week, so that the campaign is necessarily one of unusual
brevity. The issues which on ene side or
the other claims to be before the people
are howeverfalrly numerous and of considerable importance. Hon. R. P. Roblin and bis governmenl are energetically attacked by the Liberal press on a
number.of points, foremost among
which are the transportation question
and the handling ot provincial finances.
Mr. Roblin stoutly defends the actions
of himself and government during thir
term of office, and makes s leading
issue of the boundary question, in which
respect he charges the Ottawa government with -conspiracy to defraud Manitoba of her just rights. Candidates
have been brought out in the Winnipeg
constituencies, and are rapidly being
placed In the field througout the province.
At a meeting a few days ago ln his
home constituency of Dufferln, Premier
Roblin gave an account of his stewards'..;;,, and indicated the policy to be par-
sued if again eleoted. He contended
that the administration of public affairs
had been progressive, is proud cf the
tulway policy of the present government, aad repeats the governm nt
policy of a public telephone system.
The government, says Mr. Roblin, are
Letermlned to maintain a high standard
of efficiency in the schools, and he
claims for them the credit of erecting
and equipping an Agriculture college
and giving to the people a fair Election
He referred to the boundary question
as follows:
"Toe request tor enlargement has
been Incessant for many years, has
been admitted to be a reasonable one,
and yet is unheeded and obstacles are
placed in the way of its consummation
by the Ottawa authorities, and dovlceB
and trickery* are employed to that end.
Olher provinces are Invited to lay
claims to the territory to which Manitoba Is entitled. The province of Sas-
l.aichewnn bus even been promised all
th-1 Kcewatln territory north of the
Nelton river. Ontario claims the Inclusion of a large tract of territory on
the other s de. and the intention appears to be to toss to Manitoba the remaining fragments. It any, and to shut
t out from a port on Hudson Bay.
"Th*. treatment that the province la
receiving at the bands of the Dominion
authorities Is absolutely incompatible
with any ether hypothesis than that of
ih ��� existence of a conspiracy to deprive
lt of that expansion to which lt ts fairly
Martyr to Science.
Kronstadt, March 2.���Dr. Schrelber,
ut the Second Siberian regiment, who
has been experimenting with living organisms in connection with researches
of the plague has contracted the disease.
Prlcaa of Mettle.
New York, March 2.���Silver, 69%c;
copper, 2l'_c; lead, 86.
London, March 2.���Silver, 32d.
A woman who boasts of having a
mind of her own la apt to be very
ready to give a piece of It to her hus.
Sunday Observance law
Is Condemned
Meeting of Representittas of Industry Point Oot Danger to Province of Dominion *����'������>�����*
in their decision to auapend the operation of the Lord's Day Observance Act
in llrltlsh Columbia, Attorney General
Fulton and his colleagues, will have the
whole-hearted approval and support of
the whole Industrial Interest ot the
of the province.
For eonie time after Ihe passing ot
the Act by the Dominion parliament Utile thought waa given to its poaalble
injurious eltecta, but aa Ihe 1st of
March approached, and greater attention was devoted to the clauses of the
new law, it began to dawn on mining
men aad lumbermen particularly, thut
none ot tbe saving clauses protected
thetr Interests.
lt waa pointed out that in the mines
where day and night shifts were em*
ployed, the night shift must lose two
days of each week, as they could not
work through Saturday night to Sunday
morning nor begin again Sunday night
Moreover, the majority of Brltlah Co-
I umbla mines are ao altuated that
church attendance is impossible for th*
miners, opportunities tor diversion are
few, and an enforced weekly day of rent
would mean a day devoted to idleness
with board to pay and no wages earned.
And the same condition would obtain is
the majority of lumber camps.
Moved by auch considerations the
miners employed at a number ot mines
gave notice to their managers that ae
soon as the law became effective they
would leave the oountry.
The managers generally hod confidence enough ln the provincial government to trust that no auch blow at tha
lnduetriee of the country would be permitted, but they felt that the mlnleters
should have their hands strengthened
agalnat the fanatical appeala certain to
be made to them, by a definite and comprehensive statement.
A conference was held yeaterday afternoon at the Strathcona followed by
a meeting in the evening. J. J. Comp-
bell presided. Leslie Hill acted as see.
retary; others preaent wen N. J. Cavanaugh, Bruce White, Q. Barnhart W.
8. Drewry. L. Pratt, J. L. Retallack
and W. C. B. Koch.
The following resolutions were
adopted, all unanimously:
"That the chairman appoint a committee to frame a telegram to the premier ot the province requesting that any
action tending towards the enforcement
of the Lord's Day Observance Act be
postponed until the opportunity Is afforded of securing an expression of
opinion, for or against, from those
whose livelihood will be directly affected."
"That a oommlttee of three be appointed to draft and forward a blank
form of petition to the provincial government, which petition ahall afford the
opportunity or expressing approval or
disapproval of the enforcement of the
Lord's Day Observance Act, to oil em-
ployers of labor engaged in lumbering,
smelt'ng and mining in the Kootenays
and southern Tale���with the request
that such employers shall lay aald pet-
Httnn /before their employees lor a
signed expression of opinion, for or
against, on their part and further that
said employers ahall be invited to attend a general meeting to be held at
Nelaon on the 14th Instant to discuss
and express an opinion publicly on this
Important matter, and to then l.rlnt
with them, ln order that they may be
forwarded to the government, said
algned petitions from their employees."
"That the press be requested on our
behalf to extend an invitation to rep-
resentativM of all labor orgonlsatlona
to attend the general meeting at Nelson,
vend for the 14th instant."
In accordance with the first resolution the following telegram was sent to
Premier McBride :t
"The following resolution waa passed
at a large meeting held here tonight:
That a telegram be sent to the honorable the premier of thla province, requesting lhat any action tending to-
wards the enforcement of the Lord's
Day Observance Act be postponed until
the opportunity afforded those whose
livelihood and industries are directly affected, of expressing an opinion for or
"J. J. CAMPBELL.   Chairman.
"LESLIE HILL, Secretory,"
The committee appointed to draft the
general petition. J. J. Campbell, L. Hill
and N. 3. Cavanaugh, met In Mr. Hill'a
offloe this afternoon.
ii   i
;'   I
I '!
the Daily Canadian
��� STORES =
ve candidly think that the criticism of
Hr mier'a Whitney's irovernm fifit iu the
matter of a three-fifths majority on the
local option law Is one of the cheapest
forms of partizan twaddle.
We do not expect the "Hamilton Conference" to be satisfied with anything
that Premier Whitney might do aa that
coaforanca is hopnloaalj frtL Nor do
\ve expect to see the local grit organ
approve of anything done ly any government but a libera] one. The facts
are bofoiv the reader, lie may judge
for  himself.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .$4,600,000 RKST  H,tt0.fl00,
D R WILKES, PrattMtt        HON. BOBSRT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pmadeiii
Bunches in British Columbia:
While the mora sensational features
of the Thaw trial were read with eager
Interest hy | larce section of the public
and Kvelyn Thaw's examination was
not devoid of those features which are
Irresistable for many poople the examination of the experts and alienists will
attract a much more critical class of
leaders The morbid element is entirely removed and it becomes a ques
tion of fact in so far as that can be established by the experienced practitioner. Altogether the story has been
followed from the beginnlngso far. and
will be to the end. as probably ao such
sensatiou has bean followed In the mem-
ry of the present generation. We predict that Thaw will be acquitted or failing acquittal that in case of sentence
the extreme penalty will never be exacted. Nor should it be. Thaw made
strenuous efforts to bring White within
the hands of the law and having failed
in this he did what must have appeared
to him. and what will appear to many
others, as the next beat thing. A man
who will brag of another man's wife
as White did of Thaw's deserves neither
commisseration nor mercy, especially in
view of the life that he led.
Depots reOBtr-ed .and latBnet allowed current rates from date of opening of
a"\-ou:it. and comjv��imded half yearlj.
J.   M.   LAY,   .Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
IMiOSPimATED   !��<>���>
>$ .700,000
-r,-.. .< -.
Dai oatta nl J'.
paid quarterly Inst
Jve-d at high.*: c*;.:-.^: rate and interest
as heretofore
Nchon Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Pn.::*:*..- *'.i -*.*r�� * *��<�����* ?�� ttt.
���.--.nam muasn OCWaWT. Lr.-.
llti:$s    SV.JCC   a C.
._...: r.. - -��-. s. - . . - -���_-._ ! st--..-
I--. l_, ess it .T i.\ .V �� ..i: *.. k_: :t ���_,__ -_-.:
1 _!.**. la ^It__..
Ill saoaM r>U ia wSssatcl o( TW raUT
< isaaVHaa -..-.vuets. .it-.r loi si-starr-lptta-a-l oc
atrerttstat. au: &, f-x-eipw-1 -"-of on tm. paatrd
' -smt oi :a�� ilaa-paaj , at. a.-.
- Bt ._# is>-_ w. .rt a-as-.asi ;- Igli la :���-'
*���_* *a: .. .���:.. wm-j w=*-._Brt :**>ii*d t*- t,
: v-itai ... 1 ._--..., .. .-. . aa-al -*-
* .y."���t'o-jsfrci-c-i.
Bmetm I    lha  sure-mmec: of Ontario
- u.'.f ssoai* cbangses in the k��cal o; tio-n
* - -    s*   i  tu*e*��a*ma   ziijontT
-  *        -
local of rea   I ml�� theoMer
-   *     -.--.";
*.o brins .ho !_���* into o-peratiaft.   Th*
ament has b*. n aa-
���ie Utv.-al press as
;   isi4*-e_ is*, cis-roct th- introduc-
tx>n ol S-vv-il oi-tk-n. a=_ erea so far
w s    as   N\bon i   L-b-.r_l  papet   has
fou -,_ foc*i (or tefi.ct.OQ tiison tie ini-
-  C  nss   ,..;-,.   ^vTernmect
tha:   wo'_:.!   tt'.:s   HI   to taet  a*-i_--t
a] ;a>er is as vin'-o*as Bl
��������� :��� _- ;. _-  :���._   *..*   *:  ���. ���-
���  ���ml-.-r-  -Isjins;  with matters af-
- tha gtx^i n_".
i-   i?  oan;-. >.-  *s 10 ita
; ..nt o( lact    it __���������< ��� i( these. 19
;   - .:* :oa hid tnvn untier the
t**Pttt*ttMMtM o; a lhrex--flfith MM
ta sAV.e.1. iK.f> *.'it;sii h-re (ai .M in
.�����.r> sine V. ihe one hundred an-i eight
muiticijiait'.Ks vo*. nu. tor in not oue in-
^tlns.o Hi tho vote against local option
r. at-h tl, i^r cent of the whole vote
cii-M.'* With the nora] ded-actii-us of
the lo.-al U*>eral cgaa wa hav. noih-
nj: to do. lt is entitled to Us opinions
upon all uiauer-s but when it represents
thut tho Oppom ;*.s of \H-al option unfavored aiih regard to the three-fifths
rUuse it slates, either ignoriui'.'.y or de-
!ibentto:.v  *bat ;s  uatiu.*     I'sider the
r,sent Ui" it raqalrai t'sre ti'.ths of
the total ttt*, cut ta atorj the local
option statut,' Vsuler the same laa* it
:,qui:\s litre fills tf the Ma) vote
ca.-l to sepe.t! to repeal ihat law ao that
both par*...* ;. : I*. j of contest for
supremacy on '.iir nwitllf of temperance are a: aa etjuai.ty. . There has
seen ao ilwilwlaatto. whatever, and to
s*y it is *.o t-e *;*_tlty of an unwa.-raa'.ed
��� III nilhaaiilatl-uu Tii*. however, is
Another feature of 'he new law which
inures itoense-.y to the advantage tf the
1 -���,-eraace rakan .j tie clause to the I
e:-.c: thi*. ;-. -..:, .' :.-. people is
Oul. Coder the Ubeial or Ross law.
the manic:;j; coiiccii had certain v��o
iowers AJ-.cr a r-ajo.-tty of the people
had cast their baliou ia favor of local
option the coonni had -sill to tie radt-
i*.:h. 1: was ev.a i_apotss.bie to
sahaut a byla* __... _T cooncU could
l-e p..-eu��sie^ -.0 jive coasent. That the
temperance worters were o:ten ob iged
"- .arr .r :w _-; -v.i r_ir-.e cameras tefore the law cotild be brtoght
_.-. ,-ras: - Tl. .;,-..:..- ;s _.
_t�� aw removed Jsast as sscoa
as a certala namber of the people peti-
Co�� the meal-opal coancil to aahadl
local cptke law. ;���_.; _iT. _. raeoera
-7. ' 7---. _; :, -..-.. ;.-: :: ;_-;. -_, .
���t) rs��o pjwtr bat it goe-s into e��e��
whether they approve or ac*. By those
- ��� - ��� ^- ���_- -- 1 ,- -- -.-- '
Oatarto taaa c.pal couneila it will r vd-
ily be admitted that this farares easor-
- ��� 0 the advantage of temperance
. r -- ,r ���-_.-.: s :-s:.r V. :t- :_*���
is tarrfully iept out of sight when it is
ertl     :-^i ty the g.-.t p��;ers
: sot a three-fifths majority
if .. ir-s.rable percentage to as-core U.
w. submtt. a matter u;oo which the
judgnient of the goverameat is snpertor
t> that of the fanatical temperance
woraer and r-ariii partisan critics. The
Uoahie w.th simp, majorities is tha:
the, leave etch side in constant doubt
as to the s-.recg.h of tie other. Thus.
agitation for local option and agitation
foi reis-cal -are constantly fcipt up and
otherw s: iea-cable communities are
rent into factions and running sores are
kept open. A threeflfths majority is.
however, em-.hatlc and when a pro-
n uncement upon local option is given
by either side of that numerical strength
It may reasonably be accepted by the
other s de as an intimation that the
MM if closed.
While we are not among those who
can see no faults in Cooservativ. tov-
eriuuenU and we live very far apart
from those who conceive all Conserva-
t ie acts of .esiflation to be p rfect yet
The three prairie provinces. Manitoba.
Saskatchewan and Alberta, are the
most enterprising in Canada in the matter of tx*-operation between the government and the people in the matter of
common industries. Not only do the
governments foster every branch of in
dustry appertaining to each section,
sttch as the possibilities of fruit and
ceral culture by the conduct of eiperi-
mental farms, but the new departure of
of the two westerly provinces ln co-op
perative poultry fattening is a radica*
step. Whiie there ts no element of
paternalism in the action of the government it has led so far to the demonstration that things can be done on a
'.ar^e scale and scientifically, much better than they can on a small scale and
in a haphaxard way. The arrangement
strikes a middle ground between Socialism or absolute state control of all industry and the healthy assistance that
a state can render when the people -cooperate voluntarily. We are learning
rapidly in these days and the free and
untrammelled West should aSord the
beak facilities for tutorship.
The Victoria Times thinks it is up to
the McBride government to take the
rtece-rsary steps to provide another norma* srhool for the province It also in-
ftfts that it is high ticie to take the
preliminary steps to found a provincial
university instead of furthering the
schemes of Jlc-Gill in establishing a
branch in British Columbia. Incidentally���only incidentally���The Times Mta
forth tha: Victoria is the place for fcoth
these institutions. While there is muci
10 be said in favor of the Capital City
as a collegiate center we believe the
Mc3r.de government is neither sect;mai
nor insular in its appreciation of these
-s. Because Victoria reforned
Premier McBride does not logicaily entitle that city to any special consider*
tion which may ignore the rights and
claims of others If the Times thinks
Premier McBride is weak enoiii.
gari his election in Victoria as estab-
-;.-_ i c -.- -.���._ htm ' r -...*-:- ���__*
consideratioa <e surmise that it will
tad Itself aa mistaken ia aim as it has
-*-*-.  ���-.-_  ..f.--
The new law of religions associations
in France, while it nuy work wha- r:a?
be considered by themselves as a hardship to the Roman Catholic church, will
on the other hand, place the Protestant
bodies oa a much more favorable fsx*.-
ing    Such is evidently  the feeling cf
3 -Jut ��e __�� 4tt#r stale I
m��;��������tt. Hi*-a.v.ki*titaXkcoi-
*     - *     * s ��� -..-.'
Th- rr-:-rt:t tn. *..-*������:.
minion goverameat and the Bahiae lo-
dhna oa the Skeena river will be recalled- The trouble appears now hap
pily settled. With the opening of
- - 1- the government wtli set apart
eateoslve areas of rich land soluble for
agricaltare and win set the tribe op in
bastaese with farm implements and
stock. Hitherto these Indians are lived
exclusively npon fish and game as far as
their own et-orts were o. _:--_-���! Af
a consequence they have rapisily deteriorate.'. With recoorse to farming
an-i manual labor it is hoped to restore
some ot their ancient pride. The only
stipulation reqtiired of them is that
they cease placing fish barri.ns in the
river, which they hare promised to do.
Tact, patience and firmness will win
even with the Indian if he keess^s his
a larfe ind r��pr��eenuUvt ''-*'.* of re-
licious workers in America nnd in the
Weal us mids-need by the gf Hogs
stilt yesterday from lhe Western Alliance of Rearmed and Presbyterian
churches.. The oonfilcl of tht 1 aaentl-
ally religious spirit with the world and
that of the e-tsentla]!; ecelei
spirit Is verywli, re distinct bul th
eateful observer of the trend of .v,-it-
wlll not fail to diss.-rn tin* iiu-retisitig
triumph of the fornit r.
The prorinee <sf yu-i'sc is atwii 10
ds-fy the prorialons ,'f the Lord's Da)
Act and will observe Bundaj U its I eo-
pie planne    Premii t Oooln hu introduce,! a bill Into the Quebec legislation)
which   will   leave   matters   nlnsitt   where
thev   were.    It   is  known  thai   s.
strenuously oppposed the passage of the
Pomlmon   act    and    It   ��a< no sioiitst
through her Influence that the pi
making the aaaenl ol thi atl
era'.   n�� c. ss ary   lo   pioeecutloil   waa   In
eorporatod  in the measure     [I
cial  lestisluiures are not In "error with
reaped  to their rights  under the ad
It  Is doubtful If the recalcitrant prov
above .
edattheDoitliwaal mnai ol *    nachei >P"i
,,.1 .- stbalBh ���"- ���  " ",h. ��
������!,.::..   : ������,-:  M  ��� .:������:������    I *__* *
cbftlm l.s ir-iss! tsitvnimeDe-ement ��is>t osisuiu-
Inp sts mn-. s-_ ���:, or less-
W,*r-,  ' ��muanuiaa
smv tUji lAirdlMl mtteA to��pp��/ to*k��
- r   of Uu.i* IU   ��-*rii
���*Ut1. com tut* in*: D* ��l ���
poM ir��rst>i H  H t N. K- wra��r hmI. f mtttl tl
Lh�� \  u  .. met tlO.W.a       ���       n ���� th��
..  -  -   -. .>i Arrow lUr.alwm kmr ��u*ja��l
.   .   ,       -, u, !t*^iu***.��uth
-   ..   t      Unt.il
���ctolMctaam * '
- ���        -
J   I  ANM1U. >��t*n��
Nt-moe it bvt*iby tlrta ia��l  .���>���*  MHItbl m:u :
tU'rHr lntcn.l !>��� *ppiv  l.< \he Chtel  I
atot.01 itl lattAt a-. '. \v.rk�� for a lata* of ��ll th*t
i*nl t-*1iit tht* (onshore ��.)>>ltii*. . *   - CftttMblB
ir.c-s will profit much ht>ni lta paasag* . j.-. |��|taMM amtertj  boa&dary
*..-..   H       . ttm ou  thf matt,  ] *rt >>!
; ��� ��� ^ \ iraopl. ����o Winj on ihe tatxl
of ihr *-. ���: *n-    '   KoOWU]   Uki    in   iht ill*
mmeaetum ��. thr K��.*:tbrr-
-   ��� . .    .:-*,!>   1.   li>-��-v   ttlotld   tl.f
.;.utn w. ���        ���       ' ��� " * �� *-��� 1 tfh'' *���*���"���������
la * uorth  wntrrlr   ���'.'."
: r\: :hen�� tt rf^ht ��: .   ���
>*!.! boon Un ���:. - -     ���,.*���-���.������
dbttarv ol tie tmat  mor-   M     ��� '---��� aortt
> Clt]   t'M.Tt. mntlauM:
-*   AbM
Even British Catombil will restrict the
sphere of its operation.
That  there  are many  evils atlachwl
to the soda] tipple* habit Kava been
lone known, tmt the Vane Hirer World r*^ j
lates the following Bton "' twth iwrils
_t tmmSVf accomj����tiy it
"Here's to th�� prettiest cirl in the j
hooaa," said a New Tork cuest u h
raised hi=i c'ass to hii= Hpi and looked
into the eyes of the baadaoaM wife ot a
broker. Her husband did not drink to
it. Instead he invi;. :. -v --.*-' oatsWfl
and administered lo bin a drubbing
A suit for danctagea, a wilt for the al'.^n:-
atien of affections aod a dlroTM will
have ifrown out of tht toast " We may
remark there are s-v ral obvtoM morals
that go with the story.
��� . i   li   . -.   .���*..���..-������ ;. ��   -   .1-:-' -ft.   ol
-     ..   ��� .-r
��� .     .��v . -���       ��� boon i*
Ujoi lut 6��un �� north t**'.crLj Jtrt-<".;
at,  ih* trvt U iag    ���'
tirtas. mort* or !���**.
,1 o_ Jtnutry, X.V.. IW,.
Tho manaeer of the
Nanaimo gives the fol
ine information: "The
ta;1 leaking  150 drops
��� >.*��� -works  of
owlnx  tot< ���  -'
i  minutes,  etc .
runs a pint fn 1" minntt a, a callon in
l^'> minutes���10? galtoaa ta -���* houra.
The s&m* tan runui- - ��� BOO��?b to
prevent freezing run- ii pinl ir. II -
onds 3,-> callon? an hoar, or 7M eallons
per day."
����ltv* ttVK -*?tt* I lam* t to tpp'.T to tbtr Hon
Landa um w ortttTo pw
I rbawtl uedu I      '��� Ulsj be-
i   inn P*:' ���' ,1   t''1 Town*hip W, tod
sje^r::-  .   ^-        ��� ������-���      ComtneoriQK  tl  t  pott
1  mtrk����i F  vs. J. s  *. ���.���'-mrr tn.t ; ��T**ttM tl the
Wl Uim1  pu-rhtte:
ih��aaa ��� north �� ch��in��;
thrncr t��-: I       * l ���    *.iit-n�� *uuih *' chtmi w
! pUctfof l***1*Icninr*.
Kovrab .- -t I   '���
y w, lomtktt,
J. E Xvsa%L��. A^rnt.
I    eodtyj after dan I tateaA to aaariv io the Hon*
mttehtaMJt ol L*n4> tnd
Weeks, to pwcba-M rry tcr�� .w Ltnl.    Com-
metK*lusttt p-��*t aitrkfl ft.W.8 N. E sa.>rner
UM wttt fhor-e of  .srrow
' Uke ��.*lKnmtn Lot JJJ oa the aottth *. !c "( ��tid
Lot, thvn r vcatSO . .iti&t t!on< ihv -MMithertt
boundtry of Lot T.i: then** rtoiith v H chains:
thenee ��t��t ���*> efefttM more or le*�� t-> .��*����� shore:
thence north t-.n-f  ��i<? shore to pit*, o!  t^tln-
tMwd iVth ia* ei Not- HOt
0��>  ��   ffTXXU
J  E  AXXktlE  Ax-at
We observe with ccn*Hien.b'e interest
that that 'toothless t>*d ���rtper.'* Senator
G W Ross has mad* several speeches
already in the senate H-> will beaet-
tine himself disliked if be conti&S -
disturb the solemn stillness of that
���"Compar-nei A;t. *.S97."
Faoviaci w Bum Oounona, i
ran a 'o cimn ibattaa "Vtk -
laa '���> .    :*rlM tnd 1: -
tm ryoi      naem rii      -.at province   :
C��taa: ���_*. >nJ to eatt) -u* ** *a#tt all or taj of
ihi teomp ny to which tht l��^ul��
:       x :     - . .��� a: .  ��� ��� :
oa _.�� en
The mamd fdteeoi th* n>ctp��DT ;_�� rilaata tt Um
tof ������;*
mu - -:.y _tn
���_������-���.:      *aaa
thoatutd ��ve t .i   ���-     ..a- ���       I
���MlHs ".;* stock of the p��r rtiu* ei ���> hasdn^i
��� - -��.n.tEd ravaty-OsT*hm
cosemon s:oek of iht p*c Tmtae ot ��ne hun-ire-i
. * -* -a
��     I ��i nf tha fawieaj tn -_
:i - ii  ete at tawC tj   I Netson  tad K*.>*Srn w<(.
mon BaaBiagnoa. barrtatar. aaat fidrwa it
ta* -i���e. i�� ihe tttora<j* for the cotapt&T-
OJraa under my hand tad *e*i o( i ���
i taoaaaod  am- hnadred
tad MVQB,
[m ? T.arooiToy,
Kef w;r��* of Joist **;oc* romp*aie*.
- ���i.i.-h  ;he ro��3p��3T  aiv* he��n
tatahl thai aa : lawatri ��r��:-
(*.)   Baiicf. uri.inf.  lc��:n�� at ii*pr��iar M
cvkl =:lae*.c��.**itnd wt*od ita'l*.fisn_i.L .  .
�����_ ��� -    : .*- :s ta-1 umber tim:;t   . .     .
kz'.  :-;--;op the Mt;
la n*iry oa the t��sia��-ai ot imm tf ration
tad  eoioc'-ituoa    tfv-: .   ���k��-   -sdvaaen
!....-���- i . ...'-.
; teaaaijaaa to s**ane tse RaajnMai
trnteamata ay.h. I��� -    ���-
. .   . :   *:,*��-���        wit    .- -   -vt;       -   v   ���-
** ��� k-i :^ maaitm\$ tfrv-vd upoe.
wtj --.  tastaess of rtachiaf,
iry-t-'.-.-zz v.: if ud      \ ta< --1 cttile. hots��.
**_.-*^7 i '  -     '      ��� -*  ��� .
(d.-t To purchue. a*tll tad deti la laMber.
wvaod.-aaai.aaaacrali c-t -... .-. -uw^f.eioU_in*f
*adf*aerml ��nppii��:
le ) To carry oa irtAt ae eeaertl awrraaatt
i: "     -si----.
IUI To awt la payaMAt W *bt property
tesiirrd my the e��Mnfaay, than* at tbe rap ul
��� -x      '   - .i.t ��t ;. it   ;�����:.; t: :  *   ������_
t,'.A**l*M..-'      ' -��� .   *
Cf.)   Toewrrr oa tW Na<tA<e��to< tataattrtare*<*��
aad dealer* la power fraer*tors tad Moton of
rrery dampciaa. to eocstrwet aad eaatai
ei**t��  at  TvbirV*.    acrkaltarai   tstpteateaU,
���aaraiarry. fccatt. tAtamtTt. banrn  t-
t�� whka ia*p*_-'.-:.       ���-   ��*-  :*yd: loeaMtrarf
��� _ ; :���. -i - :��� -t:..---<-. ' *-*������ - t -
earn et ram**-*.. --��rt_L_re and par
- - �� . :    -��� -t - -.   ._-
aaJ beast bet tateai  v.  Mil,   taaaa n
ekctnetvr: t-*-owa aad aferaie eiertne pUnu.
nad paeraUf la ean7 oa tt? of thc hattaeiw
---��. ��� .,;-...:
oi iaa tomaaar.
(it.) Ta pcreaxae. ttA* -4 katw. eiehaaf-e at
ocoervtte  *n��airv or   dtspoae of  ut   rea   rr
-���   -- .      ,-- a     :  ��_-   ��� . ;-
IM eciapalT aa? roi**id*fr w<tr*rM**\tr
tm tha parp>t��* of iheir otwiartotti:
aa*t taaeti aad dr- poet eft*? Uad* or other ntml
tateaa aoal pen*>oal prvpatrv as aay time ���;*���*��*'.
- * .        - .
at tiT ewatnji tisetvtn or eiaun thenoe. tad ce&
-�����.     ���    - i ���-    -1-   ^4."
ae caadaet t to the ��anrta( oat of tho rfc>*c-..��
���;f the ��b pan j:
. I teraae iharehotiers ia any exhstiac or
��� .--- r.��-_-   , _��� ���    --   -.     t %:    -*- ���   .
:���  -  : - i i- . .**.       .-       .    -. a
mtat tats* a�� the ahjeett toe ahWa thu ennpasT
���   : .        f    ��� .  ���     -.        ���    - .-
thin evxapaay, and le afHairv. take oier aad oa-
erate the haoiaett of aaj tot�� <tu��ipaaT or *w_-
:*-.*-������> aad to eaiea law> aa afrveoest fcrtitar
tae} ai peodtt. aaloa a��� tawKtat. ractfcacal <����-
wjrtoat oc ��U��rwif<��_ with aay penoa or e��>��-
p*-��7 aai take or otheraaw *---tw:r�� or bold
���a.tr***** ��� 1 teeiutthn of saefc coBpaa-r oreom-
��� ���_
(;)   To ar��takre aad hold loads hr rf ft or aar-
ehjte at �� a^r-u-u-fo ������������ otherei* at i :'It ��3.i
fwrfy aa prtrace u-uUwa. aad ra felt Itmae,
l. taaagaai ataar*-.** *.. - f- ���..- -.~ ,   ,-   ���
���    atl f.ht p.:-nvr�� sot eat ta t**e seTtral
Suty dan tftaf lata 1 intend u. ippiT to the
Hon. v:. nvTol Lands ana Works,
Victoria- to pcrchate Itt acre* of land located ln
fire Valla? bafag part of Sections Three and
Four. To*n��b:p ��. and deacrlbed u follows:
Comment*ia* a: t pott planted at **l.:iam
WUUaaaa' * a eeraae, tnd mtrte-1 *R E. w i
X. K. eornei aad runniof -a? cht-.ns west.
thence .*��� chains sonth. thence A* chains eatt,
thence M rhalu south, thence JO chains eaat.
thence 10 chatna sorrh to place of Nr��:na:nf
Rtvamber flrd. l*a Rosa E Wilu_uti,
j. a umai *<eit.
tie*      .* arrvfry cti en tnat tn j��t�� aim ^_,;t |
Intend to apply i*11 the Henorablr the ' alel i't>m-
-   band *ork�� for peraittl"a to
; :..* follo��tnf described  lands     Corn-
.   t; a p.*ot placed *tt chain* west of the
south**-- eoraai ol wt as*.'. mark->l "R. a Bell's
nor-.r.w.-.;   eorawtf,"   ihence   sonth   at chains.
%*: a1 ihains, ti.cr.-e nortb S3 chain*.
thence west s) chain* to point of commencement.
containing tO acre*, more or leaa.
Located this tth dty of Not_. Ijoa.   R. a.Bim
?���(.;���   '.kji after dtte 1 Intend to applr to tne
���'. Caaaataaaaaaw of Lan-is and Works.
to Micataaa ** acre* of land, tn Fin
'���V.-j. W'rtt K.K-tentT: Commtrncinf ttt pott
planted �� chatna west of tne e  Vi corner of J
a'apro-eai U  a. tnd mtrked w  w �� N
%-     r*;n*_iinf wu: �� chtlns. thence
��    *   three east W rhain*. thenoe
north SO chains to pltce of bef mninf
W'iaj*�� Wu.iiiti.
 ��.*______________________-���  %i'
��� hat dite t intend to an
blef <- ommlmloner of Lanrfsan I w.irks
����e lit) acrea of land:   Commen-ir.t tt t
��� ���ted on the weat ttda at Hi aaHe etateu
on  wacon  roa-1, abont two and one haif mile*
'  i ���'���-:*:���   -*kir.   an-l  marked   "Moll   Ua
* & -Ami curntr ioiu"  ih*-n,e  etst ��i
i    -   thence nortb 40 chain*, thence west *)
hatha :ht-nc�� south -a) chains, to placoof commencement
Uxated this l'Hh day of Nore-aber. lira.
  *t*a* v. k'��-K>��ii
���Sixty  Uv�� afterdate J purp-oe  makicr ippn-
hal Commtsaiooer
of Lands and *��*nrk*. '��� r i-**r.:"*ion  to p*-r*bts*
th* fediowtor described land:   Commeactnf at
a ;���-��� aaaaad tt the 1 W ecrner of Lot Wttj t id
6   f   ���   S  Vi. corner, tbence follow-
tax tae aorthera boundary Lot mtOt. �� chain*
:*** *a*( :.. the   west   b^un-larr of Lot
���CO foliowinf tame south h> chain* to
*ry of Lot4��*; tbenee tt-oot 'H
chtlns  wet: along utd bonndary to the lake
'--rn*-c ncrth a> chalr.s mure or !e*�� fol-
bswtBC the lake shore to point   of  commencement, con taint nf 317 acrea more or leas.
l>ated Deormhe/ 17th. 1��V7.
  F r, FarQCiaa.
Notiee is !-��rebr given that sUtr uaT�� after
daka I ntend to an&Iy to the Hon the thief
Cowtaa.oner of Land* and Work* for permi*-
���ton to parr haae the following deacrlbed land
Ktaated in the West Kootenar dUtrict: Com-
meneinf at * pe-*t planted at ih-�� "N K ^rner
of L Fortcrt'a pre-emption." and running
ta-nce aaai - -t < thence s��>uth a* chain*:
thence we**i *��� rh*;=s. thence north -SO chain*.
to plave ot "ommeneeownt, conuinlng Mi acrea.
���nre or lesa
DeveEaoer M, l��a
Haaar Pr*aa��. Loc��i#r.
  MR   WtQraaa:a, Agent
>ot*ce Ls b-rehy witco that suit ._ajs alter
ia> t tntcad to ap^y to the Uoa^aMe the
euataoioaer of Lands aad Works, fer
penaiirtoa U> porehase the (onowiag -JeoeribeaJ
loads altuated ta tte ��'at Kootenay dlatrlct:
Cowmeaetns at a i-ot narled H B sonth
wewt eoraer* aad north of A B, Laeari, par
tkuetl-ln. f>n iaai Creec; Uwaee north *a>
chum: thene* east 3> ehatas: thenee sonth a>
chatas: theare j|r chain* awt to point ol com
-    -       ������-'- * _.:��*   k  -.   l     -    ���   ���
[���wcestber aMJOa
H�����y Hartax.
M   ^ Mc;<7*��"a. Ageat.
Hii.* days after date 1 laten*i to apaHj to the
Catrf Coarmaatoaer of Unds and *amt*\m to pw-
'���**"*����������' -n Uwer Arr.w
Lake   Weat Eoakaasaj:   v -omen tag at a p��at
" ��' '- *���*        ---.-,,    Ai
India��� Keoerr*": IWaratoorhK chains: thence
we��t ��eha-,B*: th*awt honk tt ehatns: then �����
ta*i or ^hataa. w pWe cf Uglnntng
Um'avfi Jlat day of I yearn ber. ;���*��_
C Straru.
Kan   ia.,�� after dtte I .atead toapalr to the
Boa Oat CntefConardsPtoaerof Land* aad ���ork*
poet marked -3 T Bssoatheaat eoraerpit *
_f?_L-ho7_.  ***** mt :fc* >*>����**�� enraer oiZx-x
���        "���-.- ���     -      a   - .       -:���     .
jocthawt of Banoa City, thenee west u rhata*
MOtajaehotas. w*5; ��> ehaiaa. north ���� ehain*'
eaat St chains, sooth �� chain* to atecaaf rou-
���eaetmeat.eoatairiayib aataa
���   ��� ���       ���        . ..     vrr-ta T   '-ai.
NoOre ej fctre&T gitea thai �� dajs after date I
latwod to appiy to the Boa. tte Okkef ConMks-
maoaas ot lands a^l Work* Vttorf*.  ft f . for
lawaalaal oi im     - ��� -_.- tm - bod
UbHib We-: a - ' ��� t a,�� dlstrtrt: romaneac^ac
a: a pwt ptaated at ta* "��>tiw��t earner of ae
-*>:���- g-    r '   ��      ���   - .*      ��-.-.*     - -    -.:_
eaat eocac; oj lot ~n. crc.-p I. then ia aa aoaav-
'- iirreOon % ehsia*. then aorth �� rhaiaa,
-a waM SI chain, to jajint of ei
-alatBc a) kvr^t _...}* or loaa.
amaiToaaiiaij Ota. tan.
Pwiuf Wan. Loeaax.
-nxrZjm,\n* **** ^^ {tJlt*a*1 '-> *PPtT to the
H*aja��Coaual*a*o��erof Unls iEfWorU
WW Bort-n. aa* dewrrtbed w Mlaara:   CaaZ
???***. ,*: ��-!*���  ��-��<e*^  �����:  ^- aorthrast
 J* sxttAn*,Att*t.
N����ia�� m ������rr6j
lal-ia-a icapf'   -
...      -  -
. irrSiMa tke.
aami��Ktl<aa_a>oiiat < UjatMan aauZ
Si-TSt?**0* �� * ft vim** .*, _t *, fa^i
_S_!r*9!   5* w   tctanr lb��aeT_sJlh ��
Datadthiolthlayof.VoT.liOk    a Ttwoiat
ANHEUSER    ^�� the ^
BUSCH...       Budweiser
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
-Solo AgunU In llritliah
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
Full Stocks
B. C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddies
Manitoba Whitefish
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON of Finest Qwtoy,!
P. Burns & Co., Ltd,
Or tiers bj mall to any brar,  ta m
oil prompt *n<. earanJ attaa.Ua
He^d Ofllce: Nelioo,!
Noltre is hereby flrrn ttatl ���dhfl anrr .late I
inteml to applT to the Honorable the < hU.( I -<m-
mlaoionvr of Lands ami ��*��   :_��� :���, H *'..
lot permlatlon tn pnrehaae the Following ,\va rib
ttl 'and. sl mated in the West Kimienaj ',.������-;��� t,
on th* wett aide ol I uhamel (or Mi Mtlf) ireek.
on np er aide ol *a��on road, abmil '.", milea
Iroa West Arm if KoMente lake: 'ommeu'lin
ti t post marke.l Vr* Hattie Duvk'i t K rorner rnnnlnj fO chtlns weal; ihenee 2) rbtlns
sonth; thtnre*) chains east: them-e X 1 balus
nortb. to tbe po:n*. tf < ���omm^ncemect, containing M arret of land, more or lets.
Dated tha 17th >o*fember 1����
Mas Ba*tna Dtt a.
Joa* E   Tituia. Agent
llXty -Uj 1 after dtte ! loleod lo 11
Ilotinratletbr ('bl^f ��� ommlnlnrwrtl
mx:t dan titer date 1 intend totpply to the
Bon Chtef CommiMioner of Lands tnd Works,
'<. ria, in purchase t.v> nana of Uu.j about two
ntt.es bate* Burton City. West Kooteuay. commencing a* a putt marked "J. A Imoi'i etst
corner post," said p��ast being nn '.be easterly end
H ia -.'.and west of Ljdi *&*>!., and clalatn-c ail the
land '���-������ntalned   ln  aald Island, being at��>ul oue
mile in tn easterly tnd aaattfly iireetMa aad
tbout Ji' ��� haia* (r��m north to south.
Norember llth. 19U6. J   '.lawpo,
J  E AMitBLK. Agent.
Sixty dtsa titer dttt 1 intend to apply to tbe
Hon. Chit 1 CommiMioner ol Landa ami Worka.
V'rtorla, to purehaae UO acrea ol land located
on the westsMeof >rrow lake *��.) i*tut drectlT
north of Lin 77T*.: Commencing at a post pl^nicl
at the S E. corner cl Lot T-.r* and marked * H B
.** E .-orner." and running n.-rtb A) .������tains,
ihence west 'X chalna, theni-e north JUf-htina.
thenre west 20 chains, tbfr.ee south 40 chain*,
thence eaat ��) chaiua, to plan- otv. v'nntag.
Not   Nlh. I**. KK.TTH-a   BlUHXTi
J. E. * ITI TBI Agent
Notice ta hereby given that at dava alter date. 1
iatend to tptdy to tbe Hon. Chief CountiMtotK'r
of Lands tnd Works for penaiisl.u to purchase
the following de-arnU-d land In Wmtt Koataaaj
district: Commeneing at a pott mart-*-: >'.- \'
A Wtl*oo s comer post, planted at tte northeast
corner of *sevti�� n l'. Towuslle 7, running south
mi chalna. ihenee west at chains, theme oortn 40
chains. th��nee etat 40 chatna to plaai
memement, cnutatning 140 acrea. moreor leas
Dated Not S, i����. Mat. V. A  Wilkw
J. Wtuos. Agent.
Notice la hereby gisen that w Otya trier la'e I
Intend toapplv to ibe Hor.frtble thf Chi 11 "n;
muesoner 0/ Linda aud Works fnr permission
to port-base 30 a-rre* of'.and situate on ibe Uttle
Moyie riser tbout 1 mile from International
Boundary and i'��nl 1 mile from r-> km- later
national ky t:omtn*ni.inx al a poal marked
I' Grant'! S. E. corner oast, then���? wi-^t *)
c*iaias; theaee north tt <*fia:ns: thence east 10
< tins: ihcnce nonb JO ehttns. them* eaal 60
���nee-^e soulb ��>lrhains lo plt4T' ol tom-
��� t. r��atanlng SO acrea o: isnd
Daxm (iaajrr
LertnlMlon  to punhtklka
ar*ci*oeo lauds in   Eootrniy (
menrlngat a ;- ������. marked J R AnukH.
eaat corner poat. aald post beioiaafl
*lde of   tbe Lower Arrow lakt.UOUial
balow  hurton  City;  thence uniklif
thence wes (   �� cbaina: the nre nt_|T
tbrnce weat _n rhatn*.   thence *MS_kt||
aud   Si   finks,   more or leaa to ihM
tbeniY eaaterlr along take40cbi:
to the plare of  beginning, (xnuiajll
more nr lent
Dated thla Mh day of Norembrr.l
per E. L BOMB 1
Notice Is bereby glren tbat IU1.M
dale I Intend Uj make tppll<anutk��
able Chlel CommiMioner .d Ur.*liiif*f
Victoria B 1 .,fvr permWioD ;o)KitttL
lowing desenbea land, sltuale li Ml
Weat K'-.:.iiay district: ('<ioa<KJ|��
nlantetl a' tbe southwest rorner 0! -wl
inv.ui pro-eupti'>n. marked K.I Klkl
poat. tbence <0 ��� halus vatt, tbewlf
nortb. tbeure a) rbainseaaluJosialj
n rthwest corner, thence aootbUti "
of commencement, contaiuinr Ifcn
Lata*, ihis 3rd day of Not..I**-
4dats afler dale I intend toappijafJ
Chief Commiiwloorrof Und.' *&>_*
toria. to purehaae 540 aem ol .and a
Plfo VaJfrf and being t portion ef la
aud 16 in TownsblpW tod .ImrlW aj
* '-[UriF
* ommenclng tt a poit planted
��� ���I   the southeast joar'
loanshtp �� tnd   mtrked J
ihence north au chains; ihcnrt
ihenee souih 40 chains; lbence mla��
NoTeaiber -tfrd 1**.
J. K. A55ilU.��
Unrated Ot, Xlh
-iity days tfvr date l Intend to apply to tba
aaaaaiaa CliW '-���mmiMioDer of Un.!* and
* -t*. Victoria, to purcr.ta- \(t> arres of land.
located ta rire Valley and de*. rlbed as follow.:
Commeneing at a |**��t marked G B M.-M s N.W.
corner, aad planted at the southwest �� -- rol
Lot T����. ad running ������niih * chains, thence
eswi XH chain*. tben��.T: north tu cbaina. thanca
west x chatm to place of beginning
Not Uih. 1W-V (.ko  B  McytLLaa.
J. E. A5>akli. Agent.
���bEly days tfvr datel Intend *o apply 10 the
H��norab4e tbe * htef Commissioner of Ian is and
Wj-ti to purchase M0 acrea of Und, located In
rlre Wiley on weM aide of Ar*ow lake 1 om-
mencing ti a pott plteted *i rbttns we-t of lbe
southwest .-order of J Kobin-son's pro-empt s*n
and marke*! J w* S _. corner, and running
north ��>rKa:ns thence west so coalm, ihea*^
���**���     itian   ihen.e east *��) chains lo plan- ol
c���mil in 11 iti m
Not. lath, law. Jam Wiu_um
J E  AKRaata, Agent.
SUty daja ati*r date I Intend to appiv to the
Cl��ef Comatsulouer of Un.i* aud Work, fat
permtsalon to purchase the fallowing i_h
lands in Kootenay District, about three aoaf-aaia
of mile fr��**i Thmm'a <idiag: Commen-int at a
posipiaeed at the & W oorner of I <s��. group
a. West Kootenay District; theni*e westerle
following the north boundtrv o( L ibm t>
ehal&a; thence north M chtlns; ihence east W
-���hafai   moreor  le��. u the   N    W   rorner ot
, w__Jibp.ocr waln WlowlBr Ihe we�� fcounda-y
of usra Webatns moreor le��, *o pJart of com-
"J?"*?*0, ���^>a<*luing 4o acre*, more or leM
Dau^tbuathdarof%centH'r 19W
H.II  lira. Loealor
*?lxts day. after date I lut-ad to appte to the
Ho.   Chwft,��nmL.sionero(  Unds and" Worka.
Hiss &**&���** *������ ����� ?* >��* k��m ��*
the weat side of Arrow Itm. atn-ut ft��   ��,*H [,_
low Burton City, and dcorril ����� CoaT
mencing at a p.wt mars-'.    F   .   H'�� cnuiheast
west �� chains: thence aor.th 4u��h��in,; tbvm*
ta��t *) chains to the *_*ae*t ol betinnirnT
N.-remhorMth  l��i "*    "ft  RlU(
pa: I a Aa-aaau.
Notice li hereby flTen inatSOdinMl
intend to apply to the Honorsbial��T
mieaaaaat of lands and Worki Wr"
acres of land described as follows* u
ai a post planted on tht- nonh Mit����m
M-yfe rteer. about XH yard��lrf����"|
marke.1 "K- MrUtn'i I * -T-JJ
lhen��e eatt Hi chains, thence a""5l
ihence weal ��'-hains. t hence son��"L
place of commencement, an.l mdWW*^
mo;e or W*M B
Looaied anh day Oor. 1**      R"11
Sixty days tiler dtte 1 internl toi*
Honorable the! blett'ominism."';" -
Works. Vietoria. to purchase ���*���"���
located and dewrlb^i as fnllo*i l""T|
at a poet planie.1 ai tha s".""1-"";"^!
K..bln��on �� pre empOon in ���"'���,*��� %j��
- hem Bward i*ti<li��- *JJ
Arrow Iake.an<I m*r k^l I '' * ���> -.-a
running weat COrhains, th*-n'i""' "_ J
tbence east 10 rbatns. ihanw ������ _��
thence easl 40 ������hains, then.-e iwrti""
PImv of beginning. .   ���{,
*���* '���"������1"    , r.xJZty
KotlM U h.-rea-/ ��n.*n ����*_ KS__S_
mi^n.l u. ��pr.|y I.. As. Ils-n < Bl**���',',"'Ji
Ua.L.n.i Waraa,TW��rU. tola   "* J
*    .- . ��� �� * c   I  ��� -**:  *��� ������..���.,HI
P,sl..-_s,s  ,-r V  KIK) *:������',*'",.,11 f
���horn lhr.�� mOtt rn'��  *".''"'} [.it
paat? raaabS �� chiiot tut, ��* J
north. Ih.nc *> .-b��li��. "���'JJSS?
ir�� *i .rr*. til Un-1. ra t. or le��-
P��!eJ ini .\oi��nls��-r, l��a
Slity J.n after ������� I   fiffiSSff
BoaanMatlH caw ^"SfflB I
* pertbad !. 11,1. in KaaMaarjv^',
i.roup 1: ihm��� Dorm >0 s*f��" * '.**���,_f
.oolt��srh��Ui��. mort "t __";',,���nil4
lhtDcvl".l.>ss,lnit "l'l M"t_[ ',-LJbIHJI
dirtrtloa H dffltM n,",ri,'_.���-. s.s,sr>��l
b,��lnnlrs��. coatalniaa J"  "_,',',   |����. J
CrnttJ !_�� sth J��r it tttntmttii rm
N.'tlr��l>hisr��D-. ��"'��,1!""!*i!!,'iii*-il
imts-udt.. .ppi; '���;.'���*':."*;   |. rllll'I
tr ol Un<l�� sinJ ��'"k,- V |.|fcj
rhissK lhe lollowiis*  ''*;".'":. |  I tm
ih��K. aad ���< b* ; .*.*,.~*r',,,,**'��fl
s-h.lni; l-fP'-v-" li !*1,;'. i'��u b��l>'_
tH.CI-R II". Us*-*"**' V ���.iv'.,"l_\
Arro�� Utal IIK"*- n,";L'',���i_,*ps��l'l
ihf .h-.r��o(ih. ���-"����� Uaaiaia
nsplssvs- ,.. hrllirv.Iff':M
1%-kI IhlJ Hlh d��! "I l>b'u"rM J.s*rf��
j.XXAMftiH [otice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standing on W. P. Tierucy s
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otiierwise delivery will
not be made.
Dated February 18, 1907.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit. Fuel and Poultry
Company. Limited.
JWe Carry
���Large Stock
kof Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Hu.. Our Variety ol .UK> Plcturaa Pramad In tha
l.ssitttMt Htyl-UM.
IStandatd Furniture G>mpany
 it Kiwis Hanoi.
rm,,or UaUraaaaa
���ball Haulier) Metsreaaea.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
ate* Bottle Sale
2 Quart Water Battle $1.00
3 Quart Water Bottle $1.25
2 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.25
3 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.50
Canada Drug & Book Co.
lereb-f iflvfTi thnt 30 day* sflor .Inl.* 1
ipii to tin- Hon ihe Cblel Commli
tool and Works, victoria, tor per-
��� i.ii-l inrn ii'ii*. UmtXT Irom tht
���scribed Isiul* In Wtat Kootens)*:
mclQg nt k I'.-**-' I'liiiiti*-! tbout eighty
ni Uu* iii'UHli ol /tin-Its ��T*tik, when-
o Harass orwkt ami nn tho nurth
tke creek, tni inarkfdn. a Lauttu'H
irner tuul, thenco weat sigh y chalnn,
'i eighty 1'tininM, Ihence eaat elghly
ik*i -...mil eighty chaiua lo point ol
Sftth. 11*07.  G A. L.r*is, Locator.
inclQg ut a pott lilautad eait of and
a Laurie'i location pott No. l, and
v Laarlal loathWMt comer poit of
>ii, tlii-m-t* va-.i ulghiy i-haina, thence
> chains, thenoe wan eighiy obalns,
ii eight} chalnn to point of coiitiiicti-
i**i Jhii   Stttht 1*".   Oi A* I'At'KIK, locator,
unending ul a |.-.-t planted about eighty
mih of faunka onei where it Sow* into
reek, and nmrked (1 A Laurli - anuth
in r poet, on location s" 8, ihence eaat
alua, thence north eighty ohelni. thence
itj  obaUUi theme aouth eighty Ohelni
i-i commeooementi
M Jan, mth, VXfl.   U. A. LttntOti Locator.
Commencing ul a post planted   aottlh of
dlolnlogQ   A   laurie'i location No, II, and
���i <". a, iknrle'i northwest corner poat.
ecutao chain*, theme nuth �����' ehulns.
ewoat H0 obalm, thence north *' ehalus
nt ol commencement.
vl inn. 96thr UUT,   ti. A. Lai-hir, Uicator.
omraenctni at a post plen'od eighty
ist tind (orly cIiuiiih wnith of location
I. nml murked W 11. fage's soiilhwost
ft poat of location So S, tbenoe B*lt eighty
hence nortb eighty chains, thenee weit
IitiiiiN. tbeooe south eighty chaiua to
I ofcoin mm cement
iJau Jtiili, l��07.     W  11. Paue. Locator.
uramencing at �� post planted loulh ol
|dJolnllig location No. 5, nmi market! W. H
aortbweit corner poit ol local lon No ti,
��� n.-t eighty ehalna, thenoe lontn eighty
thenca west eighty chnins, thence north
��� lining t.i point of commencement.
|tcl Ian. Sfith, l��r].      W. H. I'AiiK, locator.
g at a post planted eighty
went! chains m.iuIi of location
orked U. A  Laurie's southwest
ration No. 7, ihenee east eighty
irth eighty ohelni. tbenoe weet
ihcnce  iouth  elgnty   chnins to
���d .la
I. 20th. IM
a. Linus. Locator.
"iiimemlug nt a poit planted elghly
��� cast and etglnv QbaitU south  ol lOOailOn
o.7, antl marked << a Laurie'i wnthweit
f poti yf looatlon Mo. ��, thence caul
Cbalni. ihence north eighty ehalna, thenee
Ighty ohalnii theneo suuth eighty cbalni
ni oi commencement.
i il Jau aeth, Wul. u. A. Lauhii, Locator.
���oiiiiiieiii'ttiK at a post plante.l eighty
li east ami eighty chains nouth of luenllou
Bi nnd marked ll A. Laurie'i aoulh weat
���r ol location No. V, thenee east 180Cbalni,
<- north lo chains, thencu weat 16tiehaitiH,
Ml nouth io chaini in poim ot commencement
tea Jen.aoth, 1W7. *-' a. Laqbib, Locator.
Oommenelng alapoil planted about itx
' down  Hurtles creek   from  the mouth of
an creek where it flows into jinnies creek
toutheaitefly direction, and marked Q, A.
le'i lOUthWMt comer poat of location Nn.
lenoeeaet eighty chains, thonce north eighty
us, thence wesi eighty chains, thencu south
ly chnins to point of coinmuneument.
tod Jan. 38th, I'M.    G, A. Lau rii. locator.
^���Commencing at a poit planted eighty
41'in cast of locution No. It), and marked (T. A.
���rle's Botiuiwest corner post ol location No 11,
���ee eait eighty ohalni) tlience north eighty
B'l", theme west eighty chains, thence south
*ty chains to point of commencement,
ptetl Jan.2Htht 1907.   0. A, Laubii, Locator,
-Commencing at a poit planted iouth ot and
fining looa.ion   No. 11, and mark od  W.  H.
��� northwest cornor poit of looatlon No. li,
no eut eighty cnnlni, thenee routb eighty
���nt) tnence weit eighty obatni, thonce north
"liy chaltis to point of eomineneemeiit.
|ted Jan. Uth, iwn.     W. H. PA01, Lo ator.
Cbmmenclhg nt a post plained eighty
leal ami clgh.y chalna louth ol location
i and marked 0. A. Laurie's northwest
' post oi location Mo, 13, tbonce eait eigbty
The OaOy Canadian
Total Number of Milea In Operation in
June 30th, 1906, waa 21,353���
Electric Line..
Ottawa, March 2.���According to the
report of railway stutlBtiCH In Canada
for the year ending June 30th, 1906, the
total number of milea of railway tn operation for 190G ls placed at 21,353, aa
comi ared with 20,487 for 1905. But 74
mllai of Iron rails now remain un a
relic of former daya. Aa Indicative of
the expansion In transportation facilities It Is pointed out that 3,071 miles of
railway were under construction on
June 30th last, aa compared with 1,066
on the sum ��� date of lhe proceeding
The grand total of locomotives la
place.l at 2,931; flrsl-class cara, 1,289;
Hecond-class cars, 716; cattle and box
cars, 61,929.
The grand total of cars of all classes
In use ls 99,874. Of these 91,015 were
fitted with automatic couplers and 85,-
616 with air lirakes.
Statistic! of traffic show 27,981,782
paBBOp-era carried lust year, and 57,-
906,713 tons of freight. The number of
paaaengers Incrsaaed by over two nnd
one-half million, and the number of tons
of fielg'it bv over seven mllllnns, as
c smpared with the proceeding year. The
to al earnings of railways for the last
year were 1126 322,865. as compared
wllh $106,467 198 for 1905. The capital
Invested InCanadlan railways has reached the large aum of $1,332,498,704. To
thii capitalization the following contrl-
liut'ons have taken place: Dominion
government, $191,188 684; provincial
gsivernmenla. $43,278,022; municipalities, $17,125,164.    Total $254,591,770.
The record of fatal atcidents last
year shows a death list of slxtren pas-
sngers, 131 employei and 206 others
kll'ed In varieui ways n total of 361,
as compared with 468 ln 1905. Onlv one
paBs-nger In 1,749,361 was fatally Injured.
In respect to paFSenger traffic earn-
lnr�� the report shows total earnings of
$33,392,188, for a total train mileage of
28,071,648, giTing earnlnga per train
mil- of $1,189.
The total mileage of electric railways
ln Canada Is 813 miles.. The net earnings fir thla year were $4,291,834.
chains, theuee ��oulh elrhty ehelni, thfuce wot
eighty ehelni, thonce north eighty chsini to
point o[ commencement
Dnted Jan. 28tb, IWl.   U. A. Laciik, locator.
14.���Commencing nt a posl planted norlh of
aud adjoining locution No. 13, aod I elng marked
ti. A. Lanrie'siouthwest corner post ol loeatiou
No 14, thenco enst eighty chaini, theneo north
eighty cnnlni, thence weel eighty chaini, theme
���outb eighty chains to jtolntol commencement.
listed Jan. mth, 'Wi.   O. A. LifatE, Ixn-ator.
15���Commencing nt n poit planted eighty
ehftUu north ol location No. 14 and marae*) " -
II. Peeo'lMtttbweit corner poatot location No
Ift, ihence a��t eighty chains, ihcnce north
ehtbty chains, tbenco west ellbiy < hains, theuce
iouth eighty ehalni to polnl ol commencement.
Dated Jan. Wtb, 19tf.     W. H. Haul, Ucntor.
16-CommenciDg al a post planted eighty
rh.lni east of location No. IS, andmarked Q..A.
Uurle'i southwe'l corner pf-it of location No.
lti. thence enst eighty chains, thenee north
eiahty chains, thence weslelihty chaloi, thence
���outh eighty chains to point of commencement.
Located Jau. 29,1907.     ILA-LAraiR, Locator.
17,���Commenolng at a post planted south ol
and Bdinintng location Nn. Ift, and marked U. A.
Laurie ��� nonhwett comer post oi location vo.
17, Ihence east  eighty   ch-ins,   thence   south
eighty chains, thence west eighty chains, thence
north eighty ehnins to point of commencement.
Dnted Jnn. 29th, WJ7.   U. A. LiUKti, Locator,
18.-Commenrlng nt n post planted eighty
ch-lniBouth of location No 17, and marked ��.
11 Pege*l northwest comer posl of lo'-atiori >o.
IB, thenc -enst eighty chains, h neo south eighty
dirti, s. thenee west eighty chains, thence north
eighty chains to point ol ooinmeiicemeut.
Located Jnn. Mi 19U7.      W  H. 1**01. Locator.
19-Commencing nt a post planted eighty
chains south of location  No. 18, and  marked I..
a. Laurie'i northiveiteornerpoitolloeatlon ^o.
19,   thence east   eiulity chains   thence   smith
eighty chains, thence west eighty ehsins, thenc*
north c ghty OhalM to polnl of commcncemnni.
DatOd Jan Mtb, 1W7.   ti, A Lai-ris, locator.
80.���Commenolng at a post planted ��h;����t
elghly ehaim eait ofthe mouth ol Bight Mile
creek where it empties into [bonoakTn creek.
and on the south hank rt Inonoakln creek, aod
marked ti. A Laurie"* northeast corner post of
locution No 90, thence south IN chains, thence
weit 40 ohalni, theuce north 180 ehalni, thenee
ea-t 10 chains to polul of coiumeui'cmeul,
Dated Keb 2nd. ii��7.   th A- Ui'iti, Locator.
21.-Commencing at a potl planted forty
chnins west and e ghtj chains soul" of lo.Hlion
No. 2.1. .nd marked w. H. I'age's UOrihcaiJ corner post of location No. 21. thence west eighty
chnlna. Ihence south eighty chalus. thence out
eighty chants, theuco   north  eighty chnins lo
polut of oommenoement,
Dated Keb. 2nd, 1907.      W. II. I'aur, locator.
22.-Commeudng at a post plauteil east of and
adjoining location No. 20, and marked O, A.
Laurie's northwest corner pOltof location No.
�����' them-e south 160 chains, thence ea tlu chains,
thenee norlh HK�� chains, thence west 40 chains to
point of oommenoement.
Dated Feb. 2nd, 1907.   ti. A. Lauhii, Locator.
2L-Commenclng at apostpliuttcd fortv clmlii*.
ea--t o' location No. 'U snd marked tt. II. I age s
northwcsl corner post of location No. 'J3, thencfl
south IW chaloi, ihenoe eeii forty ehelni, thence
north 1��t ehatns, thenee west forty chains to
point of oommencement,
Dated Keb. Hid, l*-7,      W R. I'AOg, Ucatcr.
���_l -Co.nnitfnclngat a post planted ,oriy ehulns
eaal and eighty chllni bouUi ol lorittun MJ.JW,
ami   marked  "   A, Uurle'i northwest CO) 'or
uoti of location No tl, thenee smith eighty
ehi.ins ih *n.".* easl eighty chains, thenco north
eighty chains, lhetice we��teighty chains to point
of commencement*
Dated Keb. 4lh 1907.   0. a. Uurik, Locator.
2*1 -Commencing nt a post irtantert eighty
chain*, east of location No. '2i, ami marked ti A.
Uurle'i northwest corner post of location No^
2\ Ihcnce south eighty chalm, ihence eMt
eighty, 'heme north eighty chains, thenco west
���ighty chaius to point of eommeucement.
Dated Keb. 4th, 1907.    Q. A UWMt, Locator.
���^.-Commencing at a post planted about four
and one-half miles down Inonoakln tXW*tm
the mOUth Of Klght Mile creek whe e it flows 1  -
to Inonoakln creek, ami on lhe> Mit (WMJ
Inonoakln creek, and   marked (.   J. ����'��
northwest  eoruer   post,    thence   joOth eighty
chains, thence east eighty ehiin*, henee I >.
eighty chalna. lbence wesl eighty chains to point
of com inducement.
Dated Feb. 4th, WW.    U. A. Lauhii, Locator
Take notice that thirty dayi after date I intend to npply to tbe Chief CommlMloner of
Undsand Works nt Victoria for permission to
cut nnd carrv away timber from the following
described lands In Weit Kootenay:���
No 1���Commencing ata post planted at tbe
���outhwest corner of timber licence No- 7821;
th'-nce eait lorty chains; tbence north eighty
cbalm; thence ea't 1*0 chains. Ihenee south to
northern boundary of timber llceuae &M8;thence
weit along snld northern boundary to
tbe north-wesi corner of snld license;
then south to the northern boundary
of timber license 7018; thence weat to
a point due south ofthe pointofcommeuement;
theuce north lo tbe point of eommeucement.
January IStb, 1907
Ko. 2 ���Commencing at the northwest corner
of timber license 7821; ihence iouth to the northern boundary of limber license 7018; thence Weil
to ihe north-west corner of said timber ^ense
tbenoe sou h to the northern boundary of lAt
812; lbence following mid boundary of said
lot west to the tight of way of the B.C Southern Hallway; tbeuce following laid right of way
In a north eaiterly direction to the place of commencement. , .... ,M
January 15th, 1907.
No. 8���Commeuelng at a southeast corner of
timber license No. 7821, nbout fifty chnins aoulh
of the right oi way of the B C. Southern Kall-
way;tbence enst 160 cbains; lbence north forty
chalus; tbence west loo chains; tbence aouth
forty chaini to place of commencement.
' January 15th. 1907.
v0.4.���Commencing at a poat planted at the
loteneOtloo of the southern boundary of tho
right ol way of lhe B. 0, Houthern Hallway, and
the eastern boundary of Lot 5187; thence south
to ihe northern boundary of license application
No 3; tbence east 1C0 chains; thence north to the
southern bonndary of timber license ho 7196;
lbence following the southern boundary of said
license westerly about sixty chalm, more or leas
to an eastern boundary of said license; thence
souib forty chains; thenee weit eighty chains;
then north to the right of way of the B.C.
���Southern Hallway, thence following said right
of w��y in a south-westerly direction to the place
ol heginniug.
January 15th, 1907.
No 5.���'ommenclng at a post planted at thc
southwest corner ol tlmbor license 663..: thence
wesl slxtr chains more or less to a point due
south of the southeast cornor of license application No. 3; thenee uorth sUlv ChatM more or
Icsb to lhe south boundary of license application
No 4; thence tast to the southeast comer
of said license application of No. 4; thenee
norlh to thc northeast corner of said llceuse
application No 4; tbence east to the southeast corner of timber license 719ft; thenee
north forty chains more or less to a point due
west of the north-west corner of tlmlwr license
G&l.; thenee east to the northwest corner of said
timber license No. BflWj thence south 160 chains
lo the point ol commencement.
January 15th, 19U7.
No. 6 ���Commencing at a post planted at the
lOUtheait Cornet Ol timber license 6635; thence
west to the southwesi corner of license application No 6; tlience north to southern bouudary
of license application No. 3; theuce west to tbe
northeast corner or license application No. 1;
Ihence south to lhe northern boundary of
timber license a-MS; thence east to the northeast
corner of limber license 8518; thence south
thirty chains; thenee eail to tbe west bouudary
ol Umber llceuse 8542; thence uorth to the place
of begitiuiug.
��� January 15th, 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing at a posl planted at the
northeast corner of Umber license 851��; ihence
south forty chaini more or less to the north
boundary of Umber license 8f)4ti; thence east IN
chains; theuce north forty chalm moreor leas to
n point due east of the southeast corner of tlm
ber license 8548; thence west 160 cbains tu lbe
place of beginning.
K January 16th, 1907.
No. 8.���Commenclngat a post planted at tbc
norlheast corner of Umber license No. KMft)
thenee iouth eighty chains; theuee east eighty
chain*; Ihence norlh elghly chains; thence west
eighty cbalm to plaee of commencement
"���   ' January loth. 19<i7.
No 9,���Commencing at a pout planted at the
southeast coruerof timber license 8A47; tbeuce
north eighty chains; thencecast eighty ehalns;
theuce north 120 eh��lns more or less to the north
e*st' orner of license application No. 7; thenee
west to southeast corner of timber license No.
Wis; tbenoe north to the southern boundary of
license application No. 0; thenee cast to
the wesl houndary of timber license No.
BM5) thence south to tho southwest corner of Umber license 8542; tbence west
to th northwcit corner of timber license No.
hm*-; theuce south to the northeast corner of
timber license No. 85481 theuce west olghty
ehnins; tbence south to a point duo cast of the
southeast corner of Umber li**ense 8547; tbenco
west to place of commencement.
January 15th, 19U7
No. in. ('ninincncingat a poit planted at the
southeast corner of limber Hccu'e 8549; thence
south eighty chains; thence west to the east
boundary of :.nt hi'J; thenc- north tothe southern boundary of timber license No. 7018; thence
oast to thc southeast corner of timber license
7018; tbence north to the south boundary of Umber license s-.(;); tbeuce east to place of commencement.
January IMh, 1007.
P. Lund, Locator,
Dak Mcbo-ooALL, Agent
Chrlat'a Rebuke to Carping Pharlaeaa���
Servlcea Announced for
Tomorrow will be the third Sunday
In Lent; no holy days ocur during the
week lollowlng.
The gospel for thc day contains tlu*
account of the casting out of the dumb
devil, the contradictory reproaches of
the Pharisees and the reply of Christ,
containing many familiar passages,���of
the "strong man armed" and others,
llut the most emphatic and stgnlflrant
is "He who ls not wllh me Is against
me, and he who gathcreth not with me
scaitereth." The words prcc'ude any
idea of neutrality, there ls no "via
media" between the service of Qod and
the service of Mammon.
The passage Is of peculiar interest
In securing periods, philosophic and
oth'r. There are thousands of men,
generally regarded as well meaning,
who avoid religious subjects of conversation and even of thought; who follow,
or think they rollow their conscience
perhaps, who profess admiration for the
church but never Join her forces, who
like to be ccnBldered friendly neutrals.
It is worthy of their consideration that
it was not a modern prelate, or an early
fa*her, but Christ himself who said:
"He that is not with me ls against me."
The following services are announced
for tomorrow in the churches of NelBon:
Church of England���St. 8aviour's,
oorner Ward and Silica streets; Third
Sunday in Lent: holy communion 8
a.m.; morning piaier and ho.y communion 11 a. m ; Sun-day school, 2.30
p. m.; evensong, 7.30 p. m. Rev. F. H.
Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Chur-ch ot Mary lm
maculate, corner of "Ward and Mill
street*: Low ma��i, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althoff, prieat.
Preibyterimn church���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Vlctona and Kootenay streeta:
Morning aervlce, 11 a. m.; Sunday
achool 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.   Rer. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodiat church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning aervlce. 11
a. m.; evening aervlce, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R N
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; even
Ing aervlce, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barrack* on Victoria street, weat of Josephine: Special servlcea for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.: a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Hall Street. Nor Sffla.
Daughter ami pupil of Dr. Torrington. director
Toronto College of Music, desires a limited.
Dumber of pupils In
Apply at residence or by mall.      Box 1109.
Kprl?5CW $1.50
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Strut.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Pooltry Co., Ltd.
N. E. eor. Baker and Ward Sta.
The Stfathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample,  Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nalaon. B. 0.
Lighted by Electiioitj and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bed roome nud Flrat-
class uiu lug Room,   ttempto Rooma for Comuier*
Ota)   M��a
MRS.  B. C.CLARKE, FroprletrHai
Notice li herebv {[Iven tbat at a mcetlnr ot tho
Board nf Llceuse Commtuloneri, to be held after
the expiration of 3n days, 1 lu'end to app y for a
trimeter of my hotel it license for the Urove hotel,
at Fulrvlcw, io E. U Bordun
Lake View Hotel
Corn*���<* Mall and Veruon,
two 1 licks from wharf.
Ratea fl-OOfrcr day and up.
fcfij5.%i      NELSON. B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
TniH hotel haa been completely renovated aud
newly furnished with all modern equipmeuta.
Hot water heating throughout.
RATES : Kooms,  50c.  upwards ; ineala   25c. ;
ipeclal rates by the week.
3. A. ERIGKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice, Nelson. B. C.
NoUei' Is hereby given tbat 60 days niter date I
intend to apply to tbe Hunorable llivs Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka for a llceuse to
firospcet for coal and petroleum over the follow���
ng land: Situated two mlU-s north of the International boundary line'and west of tbe FlaMtcad
river, i-eglnulug at a post marked W. Leiiallals*
N. W. corner post- thonce So chatm south, tbence
80 chains east, tbence 80 chains north, tbence 80
ehalns west to polut of commencment.
Dated Nov. 14.1906. W. LiUatuia.
Tremont Hotise
���nropaaa aad Aaarioaa Flan
���salt 26 ct��.  Booms from M eta. to n.
Only Vhltfl Halp Kmplorfld.
Sakar St., MaUoa Proprlston
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day Hotise in Nelson.
The Bar la tbe Finest.
Whlta Help Only Employed.
Joeephloe Bt.
Royal Hotel
Ratea 11 and 11.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Buardera.
Most comfortable smarter, ln Nelion
Only tbe belt ot Liquori and ��Igin.
Notice Is bereby given tbat 60 days after date I
Intend to api)W io the "ou. Chief coin mlssloner
of I��auds and Works fur a Icense to prospect for
ooal and petroleum over the following land:
(.Hutted six miles north of the International
boundary line and oast of the Flathead rlrer.
Beginning at a post marked K. ft Kurd's N, W
corner po��t, thence 80 chatna iouth, thence 80
chalm eaat, ihence 80 cbalm north, thenoe 80
chalna weit to poin t of commencement
Dated Nov.��. 1W6 E. U. Iloan.
Pacific Coast
Leave Nelson 7:30 a. m.
Arrive Vancouver 11:60 noon.
Arrive Victoria 5:45 p. m.
Boilding Lots (or Sale
H.  &  M.  BIRD.
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Se S* Princess Victoria
S. S. Princess May
Berths $1.00.   Can be occupied at Nel
son Union Depot at 9 p. m.
For rates, folders and tickets apply to
local agent or to
A.(U\*..Vsiui*'isl*fcr. D.P.A.. Nelnon
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Fratt Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get thc ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
NOTICE U hereby given that as topllcatloa
will be made to the Legislative AseemVly of the
Province of British Columbia st IU next session
for an set authorising the Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to place, construct, * nd maintain,
adsmordami, booms, piers, slides, snd other
works ln and acros* the Kootenay river ator
near Thrums Station (aboat.oppoette Bub-lot IV.
of Lot 4593, Uroup 1, Kootensy district): aud In
sod across the Little Slocan rWer; ana In and
serosa the Hlocao river at a point or points be*
low the mouth of th* Little Slocan river; lor tbe
purpoae ol driving, rail ing, sorting, holding, and
manufacturing saw-tog* and timber; to occupy
the surface of tbe said riven where necessary for
tbe purpoeei aforesaid; to clear, improve, and
remove obstruction* (rom the iald river* lor log-
drlvlag, raftlug. and booming purpose*; to levy
and collect toll* and due* on lot* timber and
lumber of person* using or profiting by suoh
works, clearing or Improvemenu; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; and do all otber thing*
necessary, incidental or conducive to tbe eier-
else of siiy of the above power*.
Dated the 10th day ol December. 1908.
8oll��lt��r for the Applicant
In the m-lter of an application (or tbe Issue of
* duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1-8 of LoU 2, and 8, Block IS, Town of
Notice is herebv given th t MX 1* my Intention
io Isaue at the expiration of one month from
thc flmt publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above lands ln the
name of Florence M. Hodglns which Certificate
U datod tbe 28tb day of December, UN, and
numbered K66IIC.
h. p, macleod,
District Ktgisirar.
i*nd Registry Office, Nelaon, B C
January Mth, 1W7.	
Notice *b hereby given that on Monday, Feb-
ruarv tfth. lun, ihat the Court of Revision for
the Municipality of the City of Sloean will be
httld in the City Hall on above date, at 3 p m ,
for the purpoae of revising the Assessment Roll
of the City of rtlocau. Those making complaints
uKftlDMt their assessment are required to have
ilu'ir prote*u ln the hands of the City Clerk ten
dnys previous to tbe first sitting of the Court of
Dated at Slocan, Jauuary 24th Itffl.
Tenders Wanted for tbe Purchase of a
Mineral Calm*
Tender* addressed to tho undtrsignsd. st his
.Be* in u** court house, la the City of Nelson,
will ba received up tit 1 tbe hour ol 6 o'clock in
ofllce in t^e court house, la the City of Nelson,
will ba received up tit 1 tbe hour ol 6 o'clock la
th* afternoon of Monday, March Utb, INT. for
the purchase ot the "Qarfletd" mlntral elalm,
Lot MB. <��� roup 1, Kootenay District, which wa.-,
declared to be forfeited to tht Crown at tha
tu sal* held la the City of Nelson oa tha tth daj
ol November. IM5, lor delinquent tax** optlfl
Job* ��Hh, IM. aad east*.
Thenpset pries upon th* wid mineral elalm,
which includes tht amount ol delinquent taxaa
and ooata at tbe time of forfeltnrs, with interest.
taxes which h��ve tine* accrn��d, *o*u rf advtr*
tiring, and fee lor crown grant(tmOh) le t*tTt,
which ls ths least amonnt that will be eonridsrtd
as a tsnder,
Bach tender must be aooosapanled hy aa at*
copied cheque lot* tha loll amount ol tha tender,
payable to tha order of tht Deputy Commlastoaar
of Lands and Works, at Victoria, B C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B a, this Hth day of fibre-
ary, lftff.
Government Agent, Nslsoa, B. O*
Tenders Wanted for the Pnrchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Certificate of Improvement*
"Kmpress," "Climax," "Horseshoe," "Queen,*
"union Jack," situated lu Nelton MinWu
Lociiifil ou Porcupine creek.
Take Notice that I, Frauk Fletcher, agent for
ihe Active Gold Mlnl'g Company, Free Miner'n
Certificate No  ItsWftU intend, 60 day* from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for*
Certificate of Itnprf.vemeuU for the purpose -*
obtaining a Crown Cirant of the above claims.
W.   O.   OlLLETT
Gontraotor and
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co.. Ltd..
retail yard,. Hough sssssl siris-Md lumber, turned
work and bras-ksstis, I'ssust lath and ahlnglea, raih
rnd doors. Cement, brink and Ume tor sal*.
Automatic grutder.
Yard and lactory: Vernon Bt.. eaat ol Hall
P. O. Box m Telephone 1��
And lurther uke notice that action, undei
Section 87, muat he commenced before the leaa-
ance of auch Certificate of Improvemenu.
Haled Nelaon, 13tb Dec., l'JM
Frank rurrntM.
Certificate of Improvements
��� Arao" mineral claim, altuated in the Slocan
Cll-r   Mining   Dlvlalon   of   Weat   Kootenay
Where lo ated: On Springer Creek near the
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notice that 1, Frank C, Grean, acting aa
Client for the Arlington Mlnea, limited* Free
Mlner'a Certificate No. BMW, Inteud, alxty daya
from date hereof, to apply to t-e Mining Reoorder
l-sr si Ortllss'atc of Improvemenu, forth, pur-
roao ol obtaining a Crsswn Urant of the above
And ftirt'sier take notice that action, under
sfs'iiiiis ST. muat be common ed before the
iaaurtoce of auch Certificate of Improvemenu,
Dated thla luth nay of December, IK*
 F. c. Gun*-, Nelaon. B. c.
tbe purchase of tbe "No. i" mineral elaUa, tot
3140, Group 1, Kootenay Dlatrlet, whleb WM declared to be forfeited to tbe Crown sat tb. tu Ml.
held ln the Cite of Nelaon on tb. Mh day of November IMS, for delinquent uxea np till lm
aotb,l��D6. andioaU,
Tbe upaet Tsrtoe upon the aald mlMr-al ��Ute.
which include, tbe amount of delinquent tuea
and coau at th. tlm. of forfeiture with lntonat
tavea which have alnce accrued, coauof advei-
tlalng, sand fee for Crown Grant *�� 00.) la IUI.*,
which la th. ieeat amount tbat will beconatd-mri
aa a under.
Eaen tender moat be accompanied by an accepted cheque for th. foil amonnt of tb. Under,
pavable to IbeoMer of the Deputy Commlaaioner
ul Land and Worka, at Victoria, ft C , at par.
Dated at Nelaon. B C, thla 14b day of February, 1OT7.
r.overnm. nt Agent, Nelaoa. B. C.
Certificate of Improvements.
"May," ' B.C.." "Btrathroy," "Joy," "Joy Free
tional." and -'John D Mablejr" Mineral Claims*.
altuated in the Slocan Cite (lining DlvUlon ol
the Wut Kootenav DUtrlct.
Where located s-Norlh of Tw.lv. Mil. Cr-Mk
about one aud a half ullea up.
Take notlo > that I, U. B. Jorand of Sloeau k.u.
Free Mlner'a certificate No. B78W0, aa agent for
Horeoe G. Van Tuyt, Free Mln.r a -Berttde-ne NO.
Beui, intend, alxty daya from th. d^u MMof,
to apply to the Mining Reootderfor ��� -crtllMU
of Improvemenu, for ttie puraoe. of oat-alnUg a
Crown Grant of the aald mineral clal-ma.
And farther  lake notice that ,  _.
B-actton tl. unit be eommenoM b.fon IM* Mtm-
ance ot auch Certlfleateaof Impiovmanta.
Dated thu trd Day of January, Ittn.
-Cw.-rtlfl-uaat* off l-mprovumutttu
PRUNING AND GRAFTING oaretully attend
ed to. Apply
         Silver line HoUl.
F.CGREEH       F.r.BWDEH       A.H.GKZZR
Ctvtl Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Sorreyors
r.o. Bu us rkNi_.ii.
Rio T.nU, Orinoco, queen Vietoria FraetlonsU
and Ornoeo Fractional Mineral Claim., altuate
In tha Nelaon Mining DlvUlon ol Weet Kootenty
Looated on Queen Victoria MoonUla, near
Beaaley Biding.
Take Notlo. that 1. Frank C Green, acting ai
 Krae Mlner'a MrtUMU
    aye from the d "
.j apply to tb. Mining Reoorder lor -1	
of Improvement!, for tbe pom-M of obtaining
Crown Grant, of th. above elalma.
3rent for Michael Igan, Krae Miner', certlOeew
n. BMt.lnuud. atx ty daya from the daU hereof,
to apply to tb. Mining Reoorder lor CertUoataa
And further take notie. thai action,  	
aeclon tl, una! be comm.ncwl   before   Ik*
tMuanoe of aueb Certificate, of Improvm-ant..
Dated thu Hth day ol January, 1M>.
F. c. Gun, Neuon, 1. 0.
Certificate of Iniptovsimnts
��moe." "Iul Bid. No. 1" and "B.t-
 itlonal" mineral elalma, altuaUd In
th* Sloean Clly Mining DlvUlon of Wert Koot-
" Portia," - -mue,
tlna rraetlonal*
.nny Dlatrlet
Where located: At head ol Springer Creek, nnr
tb. Arlington ulna.
Take Notlo. thnt I, Frank C. Oreen, acting m
ageut lor the Arlington mlnee. Limited, fn*
Miner', CertHoale No. MM, InUnd, -ixlT tm
from Ibe dau b.jeof. hmi ��Ik. kllWla
corder for * Crtlt-uu ot lmproveeae* te, He th.
purpoM of ohuln-H * Craw. Grant ol Ik* akrve
And! nrtkar Ink* neUoe th-at sirtlM. nndwr
suoMonlt, unu b. oomumaMd baton tk. Uam
aoe. of aueb CetllScaU of tupro-ttjunu.
Daud tkta UU dny ���� DmmW, HM.
r. 0. Qanin, NaUnn, *. 0,
y \
'���m Cli
The Daily Canadian
/���^ 4     T^ i ir:***- tt *.'".ee *-.z mez'tre ���*��� ���: -.-n'.'et
\jq>jCl r online ^:-::rr\::::_^^
.- ��  ��..   ��� --t   mr. ..,.   ^e  -j-   ��� c~-_  -;
��.���_.,.   - a-y f-. �� _:*t -���*-_    ��** * ���   "-*  *J��* *  *^** **  -���** i*-"*   :'   -*-1*
���^me   it  U  tre-   -;-**-_      '-'   ;"- -   ---*"���*   cut  r��a5/   *:*   -:_-:-;
-3.    -**i-eat  /cu-
Of -.
Canned   Goods
On* tral if o��r
Tartan   tiranc
Table   Fruit
Pie    Fruit
Maple Syru
Same   Price a_�� Inferir.
M Trading Co
Old Curiosity Shop
If yoa -wis-, ".n toy or -- n -..-..
go *..' -_:' 0 -. ���'.'..-..*i*7 .=-..'.; A :���:��'
liir   or   ' t ..... ��� ���    ���   7 . ���     :���--
AH  kl-,ii   :J Lr7_-��nr��.-s: hi MKt   f*M
\ During Lent
Some People Eat Fish.
Some Do. Some Don':.
For those who don't
can sell them some of    >
', Shift's Bacon and I
Hams I
And JOY Will Meet You
At the Door.
Joy's Cash Grocery
/JUy _>Vxl.MlU
J    '>.; /...-p.-...-.*-is:-*. X... iu
Cor. \ amosi ansl W ortj stria.ta.
>l_j___0.>.   U. C.
I   nUD HUME. Procr_rtor.
H. C. _::..*_   ft   A   BHftb, H  H. Sei-
��� -. I     -    -        .--.       _   M-r-
eos;   t   V    ..-. *.-.-r. J.  Gcr/im-.z.    7
.:'.:���! Moatreal:  J- R
feoMt    P.    ,T   McPtee, F. R
���    ��������� -        I        r-    :;    Ha\..-.\z.    ::
.     i ������>���:    B    - field    I    .*>:     *    .
Yuuxn-t-.-   T a.. ... v.-.-.ria, J. B. Cot
.. .���-.-
;.".-���- - ��� I :-:.Sn Mr*
.-;-���- .-:���.-.��...-.. W T. CroabH Kas-
UM .- :. ."it_i i. --. T .:'._: . ,' :-���:.-���
: ::: mVt '*.77..-j~z 7 a -.: --:-.
tt V   ;',7-azS .r.      It   -���.��� :-     Gran-I
R .:���������      '���������.: WE
YfSz^A.   Vi;-,..    -    Mrs   M.  A.  Hen
.   ���    -.    .'   t   Kl   :    B   -���:_.-._
A. Bator, Koch Mine: F. Willcer.
Bntarnn j ���.--;.-.-.-.. Nak*ap* F. p
O .*,'-: S-r.c_���. ; V .'-.-. ....-.-
J. L. l!-v eai H -- Me-lor, Wlanlp*^:
r, a. ."���' --.-:. E C Battj. Da .
ST C BtefCM nri *.> Har/ard. G
iV. R*.r   ::**Mile
R    Wi <;-     D   ."..' *'-* *   ���- r.    F-- e
m  R/>s��laiid.
A. M-oCoy  W J [mill, Sloean: C W
F-OS- -  Cranbrook a
H.  F   M CM .-.   Bl I -    '���'������'   A   PlMll
Edge��ood. W. L  CViln; J   Qsaii
���r'm.r      ;    M-E..-.-���-.     H    Br��a��.   E
Etaad.  brio;   J   ."   McOMir,   -.--r
too;  J   Terry. F   H.iax. Spokane.
J. W BniptitrUI Beatd*; J ",v.:---.-:.
Eholt. J Fbrta nd vife. Grand ForU;
Miss May. Bottom
G. M. Ro^a, i'i A Broarn. Roaslaad.
J rill-Mlw. Tl C McFayden. Cra��r.--.
Bay; T "A !:.-:.-- ind wlf<-. J. Rid-
;- .   A   Ona   stria    F. Winkler, C
J'    .'..    5*>*,ii*l^
.-:.:..-:ft king.
W. Marj,h. .: Orr Winnipeg; J. Mc-
Ca.kl!;. A'.-sr.i T J Hord. Crac-
orook; W R.��r.-.r. VancooTs;r; J. R
v.'aiAce, Novi Beodl
W.   I_ .J__~r:    BcrtMokc;   H. Cam
-.-.    BMdoa M   McLeod.  Koch .
r.::nr.  J   C.-..-,:..,-   Grastte;   W. J. G
���   -   Calvary   T  /  Rock. Eureka; J
**' v.....-.:. '::������.: mm ..-.���
Wts haTft }[i._z nloafed a car of
Pafity Flotif
Made from tlgh grade Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without a
doabt 1*. la the be-st Hoar on
the market. Money refunded
lf not ��ar-_factory.
.--:-*   i   ;     - ���      -
B_etaj market to4ay .
_��� - .7 Ne;*.-: .���-j-.-r.
..'       :    ...^   ,-L     -:��� -   .�� ..: -.*
J  S. Carter. D  P _k_ at tie C. P. B-
cemfuty. ��������."a.���* laat night froa aa
ti:eaded -iaaura trio.
W'��3   \~4nv*s   a   flpvcially
.Sclc*-lc*J   .HtotU   M
for   Xm��n Trn-de.
StamsMi Cwfai ^3 Pfki T��a Ta% Bt
Munroe & Nelson
Telephone HI.
General Job Work, Chsn-iney Sweeping. Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stove-*,, etc.
121 Eaat Baker St Phone No. A114
A. McDonald& Co.
iy~dere in staple and fancy Grrjo-rn-,-
i: .-������ -r   Kitv
Cnmp and Minfen' Sapplua.
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
All Klnda of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St, Nr. Opera Home.     Tel. 181.
:- -   -
- Mkutt ci work via sgiaa;-
B       iJ*u��    oa   the Ho����. a*��.- Ha;:
= : ���--
kt the chirtAme-cj -dub Mooiiy ere-
I.;..   _-;.-,-    :    -:   . : ��� ir.a:a - : -,
-   -ute-^ensdeat aitlnaaltty or mem
-   -1 federals.:
- ;��� :i--:
���-   ��      ooausaaioo   sMrn_�� aad
���Ji* hand ot (eilo-aihlp to vr* membert
.*   -..-   :;l,.--      :..-.-.:.--'     .    "..
.;_   7:- -7-::n�� th-sime will be   I
k     j- I     The  u.nt: mtrrttx wfl
charge    of    the    yo-aa* people
Fresh and Salted Meats
A Few Tubs at
27ds per Lb.
Ca=:j�� teffixd m ���MMMt aaox aad
' Isovcm pnr*.        XoUsasf ba�� fraU aod
sr      .-.      - -_-.-*. I
Mai cri-r> r**.-.*.-.-   BaCW i:-'3t��e.
Fifty Cent Hand Bagj
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone  .1.1.1.
WOMAM 8tc;oilj n*,*. mo.sju  weitresu tr, s��
Al once    M. i-Aik.r.
f-lT hoajwke^t-r M fl��t. K. W. f,*. block.!
A BOT1 SLEKiH. oe*r 'oraer Ced��r an-l Front
��� tre*-'". ��txut �� o> iv k r'rliay ~*��h\Ht! ' tie
,-.*r-oii vtio j ��� -     it up will pie-ate tclepLoae
T-r ~_���unz f a- ;- - -. ���.-:-_ -.
At A.-:iTnb��Tcalo��i3 ��ci��r. heM ifl
tke ������'���'��� ham1 i>" ^i^lit, *m ofliy fairty
*---:.:'! A -vcr-rrn.- Iht nMta| fas4s
��_u i,��2----: ind ipproTed :- vfl
not b* pab.lsh���: .-���.. Ai aaaaw
���ha-?- m ;--*'-.-- *--���-- or nol
it ts practicable.
Trr ft- :---  .' -. :*;-      :.-���-:       -  '.   ���
-.   Srij :'-      P.   M   P.    *
v.s;zh'     -_-rr_r   !!�����.  "      "   -   "*"> "��ai
pMHMtori iU ii   ..-i.- by the mem-
-���-    .'���--���--    i-- -:_rr,-   :-^     -   '
Pmk * Ban   r 1        -.     The -.iam
:nati*_m   for  Don-coc:_iiis.-.
���^nd  tonieht.
Th^ offlcera   enUBbtation   '; %-t
Ooflgflli will probably Ia.*t si': r.-i: ��e^ric
5   S   Taylor, K. C . J_a^ ������
that Frank L Sii^r     i;--  .-.  DM Sk-
Ta.  White case.  wa..  s^rtou.*?!)"  b
i    /   i week a?o in  ?hr co-;i��on 3^
miiea west of Helena, of a freight train
and a special, in  which two taa%~amt
as-Tr *: .-���_  ici  ifl passengers .-
Mr   Ster'i IMMI i
��� i'" r i&rr  shorrjT fo exaa \
wea work on the disputed gro'iz'J   a .  I
W. E.  Zwicky'3    a_ipenr;sion    ar. I
* -. ���   : r..----*��� ��� wan '��������� Itt heard br-
ihe. fall coirt a- its Apr;; rii���;:._:
Hu*re  School.
The ��_nroiiment  at  the  BlM schoc;
for  February   was 55:   the  aTfrrage  a*
���endance I7J   a perccalafc ti  ���'   hi
spite of the epidemic of t" B.-.   ���
last Anrisr. the total number -. I
The following papiia. 31 in namber.
n.ade perfrcr a^eadsaei Helen Balding Freda B*i:iock. John Eialding. Leon*?
Ln��ei, Augusta Enze.. Aloniiv tatgai
Edith Gilchrist, Ruby Giicfafnst. Vera
Gilchrist. Edwin Graham. Margaret Gas
peil, Farqahar Hod-gan. Roy Hodgan
Wm. Hodgac. Fred-.ri^k Bswtf, BessU
Hurey. Bertha Btowf, Philip
Theowald Hansen. Earl Jacksi^n. Thorn
Jerome. Jack Jerome, Etlrabeth L.���:. :.
Telespbore Marqu;... John Mr,, -
Grace Maurer. ArtJ��r Maurer. Mt)
Hate. Dayrell Ba'e. BdMl Evan-. L.:;:a:.
Trams and  Boats.
Crow boat���On Use
Coast and Slocan train���On time
Bo unda r7 train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kasio  connection���On time.
The Store of Quality
If yoa like nice, clean, cr-'sp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per P��c_a?��:
Graham Wafer*  10c
Lemon   Cream    10c
Vanilla Wafer*     10c
Society Tea   10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krit-po  Ginger  Wafera    10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk  Toastt    10c
Dainty City  Soda   (Salted/ 15c
Saratoga  Flakn  (Salted;    15c
C* A* Benedict
Ccrasr S."ea ut'. Joa^fltEe 3-j
Fo��  JOc
���_      . . -T.   r.     :
-���Both col..:~ i:kand
white     Many  of them.
: win make - ;*.rtwree_
.   fix up
i ���   ���: .-. i
ea :t~ waBt ol imtb : ���   .   *. B
wijh to clear them
T0c a piece.
E.  C.  TRA%"ES    Miaajfe.
..    ,s        ���   ... is. ���
A   *.       I"    -    ��� *'
D-:��  N  :s   1SD   o=*_ .  NCiAL   L*>,0
S_ = . EVOR.
M-n.'-ng Wos-n a See; l tt
Baker S-_. ��.E__C'.   B
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar. Pitch.
Creoi,;:e. Oils for
Pre.-er.sug Timber,
R ��� 6ng Pitch and
Bcmi Ea:; len wil Snd ii �� timf -ad-
.      . .--    -r K:- 7
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
1 . t m i t ����J.
Koottnay A��
R. A.Roctn/
L_mit*d, Win.
VN'h<)i��s_��_il����  I'ruvUiiin.,
I'riiLtiiwv, ��� PrulU
C-jciais-.c GoTi��Tn.m��ot ("rMinuTT Oo* Prmnd hr..:, mvn^i wwts,
frotn ih* s-hnrn    Fur mxlr by all trading trnrt
OBtr and war��ho*a-��"    Hsxutoo Elcsk.   Pico. T5
Josephine Str��t. -       -       Nelson. B.C.I
W. G. Thomson
Nelson. B.C.
lJh���-i, ..4
Cm* Ma
Tr.-    ' - .-   thetr
���Mdag -  ��� .* .lowing
-"Whenaf -.'- ir comrasl>
Frank Pkffltca '--- | i>t the
Bi '     . . leath: we the m*-m
ber-s at I ..    la rse-jnlar ���
tt i
wir -corerasi- aa4 hii  wil* oor
darlin-e - - ���-.-._���
The city hotels, restaurants
and boarding house keepers
! hereby gwe notice that on and
after Friday next, March ist,
single meals will cost not less
than ;f cents, and meal tickets,
i _i meals, $6.
Nelson, Feb. 25, 1907.
Sersc-l   Sew   B-urr*itk   Fire.
WoodMocfc.  Mar- .   _
' -     rote    :��� at 11 o'clock las; :
th* r*-i-       -        a I bowling _,;-; imi
���t.    *   :  I I .- Mock up to th;
.-mportan* :.
-   -���;  froi*n  ar. .
- fir-men work**! bra-rely
n .     ;     :   ��� .   .-. ;^sl Gal-
'.iZ7~- :. . .--       ������    ' MmtU
the fire start*,!.      Fol!o-��;.-
loases.  Wm   KeCon
iiTan     ]:-.-.     -* - .:-.��   tSk
tat-!*;   dwelling,   upstairs  occ*.
Flaher:   Albert Hayden buili.r..    Stew-
ar* k Harden grocen' and sh* I  M  C.
A. rooms u^etairs. Mrs. F',a-   -
W.   M.   Li I*y.   m*at   nark-'   nd
���tore: Haydens and Ml - dwell.
Ing; Geo. Oirj-srsn'n building, mceq
Red Cross Dmg Store
for /c-r Prttcr s*..ons.  Family Recspea.
Hair Tonic*, antl all ksnda of
Note the Addrew:
Raker St_ near Josephine, Nelaon. B. C.
th*  owner   -for   men's   furnishing.,  aad
0   fl. H.rr-.-- -..  Im .ranee. J   H   Win-a-
���    ..:.:    N    H    T-,*-.hone
Coi office upstairs: Mrs   Nanet
rhe block ts a total loss. Amount
- sranc* unknown.
Campbeli-Barnes-man'a   Flop.
LOBdoa, Marrh 2 ���I'r*mier Campbell-
rman. who up to UH p-IMMl tfaM
| has refused to neceire a deputation of
��� th>- women -suHragists, has now written
: a letter in which he promises to support
��:*h  msirh p!*a<iur*.'    the    bill    pr-e-
- to by w H Dleklnwa, M p. to
giv* the suffi-age to women.
Put up In packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth It.
K. W   C. Bloek     Phone 10
The Marshall Sanitary Mattress  $24.00
The Ostermoor Sanitary Mattress 15.00
The Elastic Felt Sanitary Mattress 13.00
The Ostermoor, fitted two fides, 8.00
The Jumbo, a good two side Mattress 6.00
The Common Wool Top Mattress  4.00
Cheap Mattresses      joq
V. J. (Robertson & Co.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
H. E, Croadsdaile & ^
Neat Door to Bank of Comm-wce.
2rV< doz. Linen Collurti To lie .Sold at
$1.50 per doz.
liAKi;i. SIHi-liT, MU.SON.
-   OMaaaamtMMmkjKx_amiiua
Bohemian BeeJ
The Nelson Brewing Co., Lt
We ar*1
Jn.il  in   K*imj* oi a C'arl-arf  of
1 h'������ ��r* rh.*   f.a*-et gr-arff irf ijt** Ssi-lu in the
market aiul ��>��r pekm er��- rifthx.     If etna ef��* in
n-*-Mi iK u.- h-*r fn>m )oo
J. H. Ashdown Hardw
Company, Limited.
R.  W.  HINTON '
W��p.Sr ls,_  ..,-_ .Isshhlssg t.tLSiUd v. Itts  l__.pMUh.    Ssscct**
Work,  >1ss.Ss,_, nnd .Mill Machln��r>.      M.i ,..sl���_s _r.rsis> |
Or.  Curs.,   I..   Iv.    CotstrMctora*   Cnr��.
NELSON,    B. C.
Hum In WaWt mun,
Work 1 nie n-i��n,
M��n In Ur��Mj�� iiuirt*.
.Spnrtinn man,
Hnn-Jnom�� men.
Man thBt'i full of firw
t'NITK and  sinjt  that   th*-   ir-j-r-i8��|
John T. Pitrp? arr thf pr^rtiaf|
Mt Ia��t fall ihipment ha* jnst ezritd \
th- u. and place your order ��_riy tut &aw
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor!
Subject   to  Confirmation!
We Will Buy
Wc Will Se"
10,000 Rambler-Cariboo     J7*.
i.000 Sullivan   07
11,000 B. C.  Amalgamatwl  Coal  Off.-:
IM Sullivan Boadj ...
5.000 American Bojr ....
LtM International OBtl
B. B. Mighton & Cc
Iiraws>r 1081
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
I'urncil Work and Brackets. Mail iWm insniptlv��""
             VUMNUM S'l HI18T   ��� -  -  NBUMMi B. ft
Galvanised Iron Work
are unequall.d |��� the Kootenaya. If yc "I1'"* *J*
amoke Stack, or apecsal work of any kind call ��/_"NTEfl
quotationa SATISFACTION   GUAR-*���     |
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Li
Wbohuk NULSON '''


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