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The Daily Canadian Feb 8, 1908

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"injpay more, but can not
purer or better MINERAL
K  than "HALCYON."
���-tEJje _iailtt
IK   2.      NO.   2IO
Commons Divided
lliriental Question
Aden's Resolution Vindicating
Radian Rights Rejected
by Party Vote.
I'. I. 8.���Tin. house uf eoni-
t m might puity vote rejected
mt; intailuu pruposed by Mr.
Kpccltng tbe Japnueue ti a-nl > :
lha- rutitlcution of the said
...".. aaat, ..in." . li-lma*diai��l>
., great influx ut Japflnaa*
|:.       <  .amldu;
il,.-   opinion   uf   tills   liuuse.
nulla nut enter Into or aoocde
aty   which   deprives   parlla^
lhe control ut Immigration mtu
I ... .
linn ho-rj-ua, while expressing its
ui pi ���. Latloa  ui   uie  blandly
.in.l courteous usaurauccs uf
.-.a- government, uud while tie-
...ii.'.i.- alettire fur the uiuai
..I...ii.-     wuh     the    Japanese
siree   in.aeilheless   to   record
protest against a pulley under
wage earning pupulaUm, cun-
ilected   Hum   the   destructive
..n.i.. i,i,..a atxeept hy elitrcul-
UI I". alalia ����� and aid uf a fureigu
raJau au.l other ���imakors tthts***
;;..,. iam.'tit could nut deny
>.*,iil  situation   Ih  described
,' motion.    Mr. Lemieux hurt
from Japan  valih  tin  arrange-
w Im li  Uu   unly  record  ls cuu-
a   letter   from   the   Jupuiicae
I ulna   -.i.tka'tt tile  follow-
1*111, Ills .
treaty   hetweeu   Japan
bu        .iliHultltely    guuruutca-s    tu
��� i ai. els full  llherly   to enter,
^lul   i.side   in   any   part  uf   the
A Camilla.
be Inliiiliuii uf the Japan
prnuient tu Insist upon the com-
ti /.. meut    of    these  guaranteed
Japanese   government   has   de*
restrict   emigration   and   will
ii. s uf the Dominion guv-
ut,   lar  as  Is   computlbh-   w.tti
..i  lhe treaty aad the dignity
IKiBslhle  for  Japan  to  nr-
irther  lu  tho   proposals  made
|l" U.I.'IIX."
all   Uiat  Mr.   Lemieux  could
II ls a refusal  of sume things
Li miaiix  linked.     It grant* as
ii restriction of Japanese emtio I'auuda s<j far as Japanese
and tin. spirit uf the treaty al-
bi'l Hii' Japunese government puis i.a oonslder labor oondltlons
a in dealing with tlie matter.
I' ni Ii Ih Japan*** policy to keep
* ai liuine. J���|aa��� Is restrict*
[preventing emigration to the
States, Mexico and all foreign
This potto} may or may nol
Japan, like other countries,
c,    iu   changes   of   polity    ami
"i government- but Canada ims
��� .i ia, Japan tba right ta sn>
lapant'se     laborers   and   liuw
pi them ahull oome to this ooan-
1 I,   III..   HIIITi'lltlel'   which   tin-
ii.s lu parliament huvu eon*
aud  ihe guveniiiii'iii majority
���'���'i the iieaiy between Qrsat iiri
il lapan was signed. 11 did nut
n the self**goveiniug ctiltinles nn*
iy should ratify It. In 1891 the
ii government BUbmittsad tin*
1,1 Canada and in doing so oalled
. "i in tin, Immigration olauses.
|l'iiliser\atlve  gaivaTllllll'Ilt   tlla'll  111
I 'I' Wined  lu give  ���p OOntrO!  aal'llll
llnii ami Un, Imperial guv..-nine'.;
l"tl"l llh-d    ,1,1,1    Hlllllllal    t'llllll.lll    ll'l*
1 ihe treaty It would adopt u pro-
1   .'vlug   (he   power   lu   regulate
nid immigration uf laborer* In*
- artisans, This statement wns
pitted tu Japan,
in- matter Htuiul when lhe Laurier
r in   took   otiir,..    iii  Ootober,
111.' Imperial governmenl Infon l
J" ��� inun.nl  or Canada  Hint   Japan
Ii in hiiiiHh coltinicH reserving the
lie legislate concerning  "the  Inlllll
|n  uf  laborers and  artisans."    On
terms   Queensland   accepted   tho
' mid Canada mlghl  have diiiii. so.
���lie  Laurier  government  took  bo
then   nor  for  nine  years   after
Jlsiiir, the colonial secretary of the
B'pverninenl     stuteil     that   Japan
"i I" know whether f'liiiuilii dealt*
adhere  to   the   treaty   umler the
| terms us Queensland which would
Canada with th,. absolute power
utile!    Th,. imperial minister a*k-
jii.iiier tlm Canadian .government
the treaty with this protection
sforred to Ink,a II without reserve
-"Uld iippear to be llle case from
���pi'ceh uf  tho minister of agrlciil-
tun' In the Mja*���. ���-.' liaineut." Mr
1'isher had dedAred l��� parliament that
the Luimiliuii -.uva-rumeni hail nu Intention ni fi'siicting Japaneae laborers oomlng Into Canada, and wuultl be sutlslled
wilh the treaty as lt stood.
The Laurier government*; <lid not
answer thiH despatch ol July 11th L0OS
but un th,. uth ui September following
tel-graphed   t���   it,,.  i,���������.  government
through lha. g,,v, ,-n,,,' gt.n,.,..,|f .-My
prime minister earnestly bones that yon
will press the Immediate entry uf Canada lulu the Anglo-Japanese treaty." To
this the colonial secretary replied that
his governmenl hud nut yet learned
whether Canada wanted ihe treaty with
ur without the Immigration authority
reserved. This Ume he waa told that
the government of Canudu wus "Prepared to adhere absolutely and without
reserve it, Ihe treaty."
The ratification followed on thuse
This Ih how Canada surrendered to
Julian the right to Hay how many Jap-
iiiii-se laborers may come to this country. The surrender wuh refused by the
Conservative government of Canada, it
was made hy the Laurie*, government.
It waa not done at the request or the
Imperial authorities nr even (,r Japan.
Tin. government ur Japan was ready t<���
make the treaty with the Japane-ie immigrants excluded. The imperial government over and over again suggested
that rorm ur treaty and pointed tun ihe
danger ol the rull surrender. It wiih an
absolutely ^voluntary and .unnecessary
concession. Now we have a Canadian
minister going to Japan to beg thnt
Japan will wuive the right that bis uwn
government Insisted un giving. We
hav,- the Japanese minister politely declining the Canadian proposition hut
consenting to limit the departure or Japanese so rar as It suits Japan to do so.
This Is the record which __the majority
lit the house hus approve*-, alter Mr.
Horden and other opposition member*
haal read the documents clearly Betting
ft ar I li   the   above  facts.
Operators    Hopeful   About   Outlook   for
Coming Season���Quotations on
Stock   Market.
Already mining men are looking forward to spring for a revival and expansion of tbe Industry. In many of
the districts tributary to Nelsun work
to some extent has been going on ull
winter and lhe operators are ln nearly
all cases prepared tu add to their forces
when new work almve gruund becomes
possible. From pn sa>nt indications It
would Been, that tlie most promising
camps fur the early part ui the aeuson
at leasl will be Aitiswurlh.. Sheep Creek
anal tha* Slocan.
The hopa��rul feeling among mining
men Is naturally having a good effect
on the staack market.
The stock market for the past week
wus  dull   throughout,  quotation*   being
narrow with but faw   Duetuattona,
H. C. Copper changed only % throughout, selling down to about $5.00 per
share. Dominion Oopper fluctuated M,
selling up anil duwn with each day's
trading. Granby remained steady, and
sbuwetl  but   little change.
Alberln Coal und liiternatlunul Coul
both soltl off slightly, shuwing a decline nf from 1 to 2 cents per share.
Diamond Vale Coal also weakened, with
but  little Intera'St  munfostcd.    Gnlbruth
c<,ai wns fairly active, though showing
nu change truin the previous quotation*.
Consolidated smelters ami Canadian
(itiSd Fields rcmalni-'l llrm nud tin-
fbanged. Cariboo McKinney Bold duwn
about   I  cent   tier shale, with  bin   little
demand. Rammer cariboo made a slight
gain, selling up rrom 1,4 cents to IW
cento, with more huBlness recorded
than lur smut- time. Sullivan showed
a decline of nbont  V4 cent.
Folk,wing uro the approximate quotation* fur the week ending today;
Asked. Hid.
alberta c. & c I     At I    .30
B, c. Oopper       G.oo 4.87-V4
Cons.   Smelters           116.00 76.00
Can. Oold Fbls. Svn.         .04 .03
Cariboo Mi Kinney  ..       .03 ,01
Can. Maroonl        2.00 1.50
lllumontl Villi* Coul  .. .14 ,11
Dominion   Copper       2.00 1.S7V4
Qranby    nr,.oo 86.00
Oalbralth Ooal 28 .ssti
Hewitt   Mining     7.60
International  Coal   -��� .84 ���"'���'
Kruo      -2SI
Nicola Ooal   Mines  . . .04 .03
Nlcolu Vllllev  C   ii. C lOll.llll 1,0.Oil
North Star   ���    .0814 .07
Panhandle Smelter . ��� J'3'y4 .03
Humbler Cariboo 28 .26
lloynl   Collieries 21".
Reliance Coal    s"' ������"���
Sullivan  07 .06
'IVI Kwu Mlims 08
Western Oil,  Ord.   ..      110 .75
Car Pe-Lalty Reduced.
Chicago, Feb. 8.*���The American Itall
way  association  yesterday  decided  1��
submit tu tho various road* uf the country a proposa1 Lo reduce lhe per tliem
Charge un trelghl curs frum 60 lo 26
cetitB. II' a majority vote '" .OOOrded lu
favor of It. the 1,,.ver churge will become effective March 1.
Ten Months of Year Show
Big Increase
Died on Duty.
UUUnOOkat, Maine. F-b. 8. - Joseph
Perry, 11 llii'iuan, wus killed today while
fighting 11 Hre that practically destroyed
the F.iircku liuuse, 11 bunrtllng place In
Ibis town, todiiv. Tw'i other llrenien
who were with him on tho sccontl Boor
ol the building whon Ihe flour roll ln
barely escaped with their lives. One
of   them   was   caught   In   th*  ruins   but
wuh released.   The house had acoommo-
datloiiB ror  10 guests, all of which escaped.
Transcontinental Railway Has Already Taken $25,000,000���Canada From Ocean to Ocean.
Ottawa. Feb. 8.���Tho revenue ol the
Dominion ror the ten mouths ending
January Silst amounted to 181,903,279.
If February and March show returns as
largo the revenue for the year will be
196,000,600. The revenue for January
was $7,2s6.:u3. as against 18,9(13,976 tor
the samaa month lusl year. During the
corresponding months of last year the
revenue was |71,645���780. Expenditure
tor current accounts haa been, ror January 110,666,448, und ror the ten munlhs
666,834,634. Corresponding figures last
year were 18483,194 und 146,682^06. Expenditure on capital accuunt $2.1,73,533
lur January and $22,245,400 lor ten
months as against $?,256,476 and $11,-
B07-398 respectively a year ago. The
Increase in capital expenditures is due
to public works and railways. On the
trans-continental so far $17.446,1ST has
been   spent   as   against   17-108,971   last
Toronto. Feb. 8.���The new Ontario
Klection Act will correspond will, that
of the Dominion.
lliilirax, Fa'b. 8.���Two pel-sons wore
seriously   injured   nnd   140  others   bail
narrow escapee, und a property loss ,,r
$10,000 was caused last night as result
of a flre In the Robert Taylor Shoe
company's factory. An elevator boy
named Swan and anuther employee
named Greenuugh were badly buriied
1 ii flghting their way out. Tbe ffre oc-
curia'al just before the employees ceased
Kingston. Feb. 8.���Kx-Mnyor John
Oaskin. chairman of the board or works.
ls dangerously ill with slight hopes or
Hrlghton, Feb. 8.���Five apple dealers
wa-ra. lined each $ln and costs tor violating the ; ..minion Fruit Marks Act,
Toronto. Feb. 8.���In reply to a resolution pasBed by the trades and labor
council censuring the Salvation Army
and Canadian Manuracturers' Association lur flooding the country with Immigrant* ror whom no employment
could be found, Commissioner COombl
on behalf of the Army says that during January they had 000 applications
fOr farm help in Onlarto alone.
Secra-tury Murray of the Canadian
Manuructuri'is' association says tha" association hns not offered any general in-
tlticements tor bringing out men to this
country. All the men brought out by
the Canadian Miinuracturers' Association have been placed In positions.
Kingston. Feb. 8.���-II. A. Calvin, reeve
or Garden Island, was appointed chairman aiT lhe Finance Committee uf Frun-
tcnae   Oouttfcy Cuuncll,  but  he  has  put
in his resignation us n protest against
what he termed llle extravagance of
tin- Ca.uncll. lie declared that tin. county wns Involved 111 debt, that its expen-
tllturt? was groati*r than Its revenue
and now It Iuih a debt of $85,000 to face,
ami which would booh reach $100,000.
The  resignation  was  uccepted.
Ottawa. Feb. 8��� Ills Majesty Iuih
granted the Imperial Service Medal,
awarded for long uml ineilturiuuH public Bervlce, to Stuff Sergt. II T Ayi-e,
aif the  NorMi-Wiwt   Mounted   Police;   l*S.
Payne, latter cnirier. of Halifax; it.
Roddick, light keeper, Dull Island;  F.
schoiiii'id, light keeper, Port Maltland.
Montreal, Feb. s    Mra.'Rodolph Robl-
ila-ux, wim battled win, * blinard fur
two tluys nnd two nights together wilh
her    husband   nt    their   home in si.
Juvlteii, alieal ill Noire Diiine hospital today. The woman was frozen from head
tu feet and no hope was entertained for
her recovery frum the Hrst. The couple
were found In eight feel ol snow ami
were unconscious. Hubltleiix. though
badly Irozen, will recover.
Halifax, Feb. 8���An Importanl step
toward church union was taken by tin'
Presbyterian ami  Methodist   churches
yesterday when n joint committee am
inlHHlonsri met in Halifax. As a result
uf dismission II- wus agreed thut tha'
Methodist should retire from one community in Iliillfux county nud the I'l-es-
bytei'ians retire rrom tin*, cunimuntty
ln Olimberland, and lhal work shall nut
be begun in future in field* occupied by
either church without a conterence ot
the two bodies affected.
Is a su,- plus or labor, the army olPciuls
find that there ia still a great demand
fur agricultural laburers, und they huve
found It necosHiiry to churter several
uceun liners tu supply the need. The
call   rur   farm  laborers  comes  from  all
part* or the Dominion, and now that the
Ontario government haH decided not to
continue to supply farm help, it is likely lhat Immigration lo Canada win not
commence until late ln April, the demand rur settlers coming out under tlie
army auspices will be very great. The
first chartered ship will be the "Kensington," Hulling from Liverpool, Feb.
20 20, for Hritish Columbia points, fol-
lowod by the Suuthark, on March 5 for
Ontario  points.
St. John, Feb. 8.��� Richard Gray,
charged with an unnatural crime at
KnuxvUle, Carletun cuunty, has been
captured in Maine.
Fernle, Feb. 8���A Belgian, named
John Fambo, was fatally Injured at the
coke ovens here yesterday afternoon.
Through some misunderstanding the
sigral was given to the engineer to
start the engine when Fambo, who had
a leg outside, the cab, was crushed
,'igainst the timbers of the chute. His
leg was tern off as well as other parts
of his body being crushed.
Port Arthur, Feb. 8.���E. S. James, an
oiler employed by the Canadian Iron
anal Foundry companyf was instantly
killed yesterday morning by being
caught In tbe main shaft of the works.
Both arms and feet were torn from the
body, which was hurled a considerable
Montreal, Feb. 8.���Rosa Solomon, six
years of age. set flre to her clothing
with a candle at her home today and is
now dying in the hospital. Her father
and u boarder who assisted ln trying
to smother the flames, were seriously
Japanese   of   California   Want   to   Aid
In   Entertaining   Sailors   of
American   Fleet.
��� Punta Arenas, Feb. 8 (2 a. m.).���The
American battleships accompanied by
the torpedo boat flotilla cleared the
harbor at 1 o'clock this morning on
their way througii the western half of
the strait to the Pacific coast of South
America. Their course lies southward
to Cape Froward, tlie most southerly-
point of the mainland of South America From Cape Froward the straits
turn uud extend 150 miles in a northwesterly direction. After Cape Pillar
bus been cleared the lleet will turn
northward und a course laid along tbe
Chilian coast to a poiut off Valparaiso,
thence to Callao.
Los Angeles, Feb. 8.���Japanese resl-
aj. nis ul' Lus Angeles and Soutberu California have requested the local reception committee for permission to assist
in welcoming the officers and men of
the lleet in Loa Angeles.
The Jupaneso residents of whom
there are about 5,000 iu Southern California, through Secretary Shoachl Anju.
of the Japanese association of Los Angeles, desired to make expression of
their good will and to disprove as false
any uccusatlon of ill-feelings towards
Americana, Ho announced that a fund
was subscribed among Japanese business men io assist in the entertainment
of the  fleet
The committee will decide what part
to give the Japanese on  the reception
Washington, Feb. 8.���A remarkable
instance of wireless telegraphic communication hus been verified at the bu*
reiiu of equipment of the navy department. A wireless station at. Point Lo-
nia. near San DIa.go, picked up Ihe Con-
nt'ctifiit. then talking off the coast of
Cuba, took down the messnge nnd also
picked   up a  nii'ssage  being sent from
the wireless station at Penaaoola, Pic
Experts nre wondering whether the
message went across tbo conllnent or
in the other direction, around the world.
Toronto, Feb. 8.���During the pust
rutir years the Salvatlun Army bus hiic
ceeded   In   bringing   lo  Canada   it  good
(l.iHH  of farm  laborer*  and  domestic
Notwithstanding the protest, mntle In
some sections of the country thnt there
America,, Steamer Missing.
Philadelphia, Fob. 8.���The Philadelphia transatlantic lino steamer Bag!*
Point, from London for this port, which
was spoken lo on January 25. with a
broken shaft, has not since been heard
from mul there is some anxiety as to
the safety of the big Reamer.
The Eagle Point la now 12 daya overdue. When sighted January 26. Cnptnln
Lloyd, the cuinniundor of the steamer,
refused assistance, lt Is thought the
Euglo Point may have foundered In
some of the aevefe storm* reported In
coining across, alsu that *he may have
run  short oi coal.
Nslson and Britt.
Los Angeles, Feb. 7.���Holding Nelson und Jama* Britt of Sun Francisco
have signed articles Tor a ten round
light In this city before the Pacific Athletic dug Tuesday night February 23.
The weight Is to bo 133 pounds at six
o'clock. Britt concedes Nelson live per
cent bonus of the lighters' share of the
Fatal Rooming House Flre.
Soulx City la.. Feb. 8.���By Arc of un
known origin at South Sioux Clt, Nebraska, today the rooming houae ot
lOilwiii'd Strealor wae burned to the
ground and Edward atrontor and Mor
Ita Albertaou perished In the flames
I Five  others  were Injured.
Lisbon Crowded for Day
of Funerals
Memorial Service in London Attended
by King. Queen, and Prince and
Princess of Wales.
Lisbon. Feb. S.���The funeral services
over the bodies of King Curios und hla
son Luiz, crown prince of Portugal, who
were shot to death a week ago in this
city, were held in the church of St.
Vincente early this afternoon. The
ceremonies were simple but impressive
and ended without any untoward incident. The line of proceasion from the
chapel In the palace to the church was
guarded by troops, several additional
regiments having been brought into the
city for the purpose. All the governments of Europe and America were represented by special representatives. Opposition, real or fancied, the restriction
of liberty, the bitter clash of party, sin-
isty Intrigue and merciless vengeance,
seemed to have been abandoned for the
moment at least. The Portuguese people prepared for the great funeral of the
king and his aou. ThiB was the day
of their royal dead, the day alao of the
burial of fellow Roman Catholica. Following the custom of Roman Catholics
the people wished in some way to join
ln the solemn muss which was offered
up for the spiritual welfare of Carlos
and his son.
The streets were thronged with people. They poured ln from the country
towns of the provinces and nearby
cities, some by train, some by carriage
or by cart and many on foot. In the
crowd were large numbers of ainiple
peasants and tradesmen from the prov-
ines, who knew or cared nothing of political strife but wished only to mourn
the dead leaders. Bits of crepe buttered from the arms of many persons In
the city, yet in spite of these general '
signs of mourning, the crowded streets
suggested to observers a general fete
day which the talking throng were all
bent on observing. But to others the
presence of large boklles of infantrymen and cavalrymen at various points
of prominence had a sinister significance, a suggestion of the tragic events
that had come and of those that might
fall on the nation In the near future.
The actual route of march between the
palace and the church was densely
lined by the mourning people.
One point, however, was carefully-
avoided by the superataitious Portuguese; this was the actual place on
the Praca de Commerclo where the cold
blooded murders were committed lust
Had it not been for the presence of
a cavalry picket this part of the Praca
would have been absolutely deserted.
All the business houses and shops of
Lisbon were closed and the ministerial
offices situated in the Praca de Com-
mercio were closed as a measure of
precaution. Furthermore all the windows of these buildings were carefully
Shuttered. The funeral procession left
the palace at noon on Its long march of
over three miles and a half to the
church of San Vincente, which Is attached to the royal Pantheon, where
the bodies of King Carlos and the
crown prince Anally will he laid at reet
Yielding to earnest solicitations King
Mauoel did uot lake part 'n the procession. He and his mother, Queen
Amelle, and the mother of the late
king. Queen Maria Pla, were present
a: the service* lu the mortuary chapel,
and followed the coffins to the door or
the chape, whence they returned tu the
palace. King Manoel solemnly received
the missions sent to Lisbon by the sovereigns and chiefs of state or foreign
ruuntriOB. Neither queen was present
at this function. The funeral cortege
arrived nt the church of Snn Vincente
ut 2 o'clock. It traversed the scene of
the trngedy In the Praca de Commerclo
Iii   absolute  quiet.     In   contrast  tb   the
sombre occasion, tin* day ooinmeneod
with glorious weather, the sun ahluiug
brilliantly and the air rilled with the
Hlow pi>iillng or church bells. MeBBen-
gora were seen passing through the
streets beating wreaths and flural
pieees. Sume of thoso were remembrances from foreign kings and rulers
that wcro being sent to the palace. The
golden letters on two such offerings
Showed they were rrom the emperor or
Russia and King Haakon and Queen
Maud or Norway.
ClnrlonH sounded down the principal
avenues. They announced the approach
of the regiments which later followed
the funeral procession. Then from afar
came * fanfare nf bugles summoning
the cavalry, which deployed rapidly to
guard the routa of the cortege. In addition to these preparations tlie street*
wore filled with swiftly moving vehicles
conveying dlgnltarlea to lha*  palace.
While the cortege wna being organized the members of the royal family
took their Inst, view of their dead at
the palace. Prayers were Bald In the
royal chnpel by the priest* and then the
two coffins were carried slowly out.
with the king, the two queens and the
Duke   of   OiKirto   mui>*?hJn.uf/'s
hind.    Manoel was clad TrtLaM^iii'��� ���
of u midshipman.   The two  qin*n.TiiJi Wili
robed ln the mourning garb of English
widows,   the   black   cloaka    covered   by
a long veil, carried, as did t.he king, tall
lighted  candlea.    They  left; the coffins
at  the portals of the palace.
London, Feb. 8.���King Edward and
Queen Alexandra, the Prince of Wales
and other members of the myal family,
were present at a requiem mass this
afternoon in the Catholic church of St.
James in Spanish Place for the late
King and Crown Prince of Portugal.
The church was draped with crepe
and crowded with members of the diplomatic corps, cabinet ministers, high
naval and military officers anal other
distinguished persons. The demand for
seats was so great"that only those with
apeclal claims could be accommodated
in the church. The flags of the British
warships in the naval ports were at
half mast ln memory of the late King of
Portugal, who was an admiral of the
Hritish fleet.
Lisbon, Feb. 8���All persons who were
arrested last week, charged with secreting bombs, arms, etc., and three
persons who were suspected to be regicides, have been rel.'.ased. A detachment of political prisoners from the
Caxias fortress, numbering about 100,
was awaited at the station heie by Republicans who made a demonstration
and cried for "The republic." The .unlimited clemency is greatly appreciated
by the Republicans but is sharply criticized by members of other parties. The
police have discovered a secret depot
of arms containing four hundred "carbines. ,
Cordova, Spaita. Feb. 8.���A man giving the name of Gomez was arrested
last night on the arrival here of the
mail train. The authorities will keep
him closely confined. The prisoner has
a large bruise, apparently of recent origin, dn his right hand for which he refuses to give a reason, and his replies
to questions are confused and contra-
d'Ctory. The authorities believe that
be was an accomplice of the assassins
of King Carlos and Crown Prince Luiz
Gen. d'Amade  Reoccupies Settat, Scene
of  Fierce   Fight with   Moors-
Accident to Warship.
Tangier, Feb. S.���A wireless despatch
received here announces that General
d'Amade, commanding the French military forces in Morrocco, has reoccu-
pied Settat from which place the
French troops retired after the recent
battle with the Moors in which the
French losses are aald to have amounted to 160 men, including four officers,
and those of the Moors to 10,000.
Paris, Feb. 8.���Admiral Philbert. commanding the French naval forces In
Moroccan waters, telegraphs that fourteen sailors were wounded, five of them
seriously, as a result of an accident to
the boiler of the cruiser Jeanne D'Arc,
off Tangier yesterday.
Valuable   Freight   Stolen   In   Yards   at
St. Paul   by Armed  Robbers.
St. Paul, Feb. 8.���A daring holdup
was perpetrated on the Burlington road
in St. Paul yards this morning. "Give
that signal and you are a dead man,"
waa the order received by Brakemau
W'ylantl as he was about to signal for
the train to pull out. The order was
given by two1 masked men, both of
which hud  a   revolver In each  hand.
The train was loaded with valuable
freight and was being looted by two
bandits at the tinKv The train wus
on the Great Northern track, bound for
.Miuueapulis, where the cars were to
bo transferred to the Soo line. Wyland
was held In check by one wan while
the other calmly loaded the truck with
all lhe freight It could carry, which wtia
catted away under the very eyes of
railroad employee* who were helpless
to interfere. The robbers then made
their escape, Tho conductor of the train
was In Iho office ut this time attending
his running orders. Tbe train was
loaded wili. valuable silks bound for
Canadian points and union of this wus
stolen. Special railroad detectives are
after the  bandits.
Preference Must Stand
in Forefront
Overwhelming Majority Rejects All
Suggestions of Temporizing���
Heaton Is Snubbed.
Montreal, Feb. 8.���A special London
cable says the most significant feature
of the enthusiastic proceedings at the
tariff reform league yesterday was the
uncerimonious way in which delegates
from all parts of the kingdom rejected
a suggestion that the preference side of
the movement be postponed until the
present British food taxes be replaced
by taxes on manufactured Imports. The
delegates insisted by an overwhelming
majority that preference waa a vital and
essential part of the policy. The chairman announced that every member of
the Chamberlain executive would resign
if any attempt to remove the preference
from the forefront cf the programme
were made.
London, Feb. 8.���According to the
Daily Expess an- American postmaster
recently, through John Henniker Heaton, M. P., intimated his intention to
visit London in the spring in order to
confer with the British authorities on
the question of an Atlantic penny postage and asked to be acquainted with
the views of the British government
concerning the question.
Mr. Heaton, accord.ng to the Express,
applied to Postmaster General Buxton,
who declined to authorize any reply and
denounced the whole business as informal and outside the ordinary procedure
of Uie postal depart menL
N. Dally, a  Former  Resident of Nel-
son, Tells of Seattle's  Troubles.
Card of Thanks.
William G. Gillett desires to convey
tt, his colleagues of past city councils,
to the member* of tho present council,
to his personal associates und to all the
people of Nelson his heartfelt appreciation aud gratitude for ths many and
geuerul kindly expressions of sympathy
luwurds him In his recent heavy de-
Prices  of  Metals.
New York, Feb, 8.���Silver, 50-V4C.
London,   Fob.   8.���Sliver,   26M,d.
Opening  Copper Quotations.
Now   York, Feb. 8. 1908.
(By MVDermld & Mcllardy.)
Asked Bid
Granby    $95.00        *,S6.'J_
Dominion   Copper   ...    2.12*4        1.87V4
B. C. Copper     tj.00 t.'.'S
I. N. Dally, of Seattle. Is ln the city.
Mr. Dally was for several years a resident of Nelson, and is still convinced
that the Kootenay metropolis is the
most prosperous city of its size on the
continent. He says the people of Nelson know nothing of hard times. In
Seattle a few days ago, 2500 able-bodied
working men paraded to the city hall
and demanded from the mayor bread
and work. Unfortunately the mayor
was unable to comply with the demand
and those men are on the verge of
starvation. Seattle is in bad condition
frum a commercial standpoint of view,
but the citizens live in the hope that
times  will   improve. ,
There are many former residents of
Nelson now living in Seattle. Kenneth
Beaton is connected with a Seattle
newspaper. David Dover owns ��, "urok.
erage office; Jacob Dover has a small
jewely store and "Plum" Smith has
bought out a cigar store. They are all
dointr fairly fell notwithstanding the
hard'tlmes. Bob McLeod Is heavily
Interested ln Seattle real estate, and if
he can pull through the hard times, he
will make some money.
Mr. Dally will leave for Seattle early
next week, but will return to Nelson
just as Boon as he can attend to certain business matters nt Seattle. This
may take a year or it may take longer.
But just as soon as he can conveniently
arrange his affairs, I. N. Dally will once
more become a resident of Nelson.
Agitator   Rebuked.
SL Petersburg, Feb. 8.���The demonstrations wheh took place ln the Duma
yesterday ngalnst Professor Paul Mllu-
kofr, leader of the Constitutional Democrats, arising from the lll-feelfhg created here by hlB recent lectures In New
York on the political situation in Russia, engrossed the attention of the entire press of this city, which today-
unites In deploring an incident which
tends to fan partisan enmity and endanger the chances of the Democrats'
success. The occurrences of yesterday
probably will be followed up by a formal resolution censuring Professor Ml-
lnkoff for lack of patriotism and unparliamentary conduct in advising a
foreign country to stir up a sentiment
of enmity, while occupying a responsible position in the government.
Big  Deal  in  Mexico.
Mexico. Feb. 8.���The largest mining
transaction ever mude in Mexico is
about to be closed ln Santn Eululla district. State of Chihuahua, according to
advices received here today. Charles
M. Schwab and Malcolm MacDonald.
of Tonopah, Nov., and associates, are
to take over the famous Pols!, Huenu
Tlerra, Baltimore and other nilnoH of
Bant* Eulnlla. the sum to be paid for
lhe mines being upward of six million
dollars. The principal owners of the
properties are Grunt Schley, of Now
York, und Dennis Sullivan, ot Denver,
Colo. 1 ..s Daily Cana<fi-_
Clot-Ling,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
In about bso*__ ���_& -at ���*-.'.'. it l .'.e to orer i-V. lines
Ln these goods, and caa sjs.-'.^-Si-t yos :_._ jjest v^lre ever offered .- tbe city.
Ia the mean:s~e :*. ��:.. ;���:;. j mi   ti await tjitisr   auiwitl
->ef ore use..-. I ~ t* 5   tu pusrcj_ - e
Imperial Bank of Canada
H-_d Offk->:   Tcrronto.
 t't.-i-K.-r c    tspta   Pe : '_ j  **-_��.3X
���eet    ..       .     t~.bi-..-jx
D. E   *��**_KI��  Pret-ift---. EP **_, BOaSa*���1   . AjTT-a, T. Vio.Pre_.i-al
Capital AirtHc-'re*
Bra'atat?   it British G_���Ml:
IBMWKZAD        30I__>-. KEj_03��.      E-TE-jr.Ljn
��������sc ot m,  yuMiu
>'I3I__��*0>'   BKA.VCM
J.    M.    LA*!',   Managl
The Ro*.;al Bank of Canada
: z.:-. ry. riLLft-i   A.   Ii    It'S-
 gi.S>X.WC     P.eav.t  Fair.3	
Unntnlia: fat '���*..** *���>��� ���:���* *-��-isac-ow
cf 1 '  �� '.61 n* Eanr.ng   E.i -.ess.
SPEC'*!- .���������"*��'���'" "'< !�����������- *���- -"*
����, ,-ja &a*a Zr*-.*-.; ��� ***. *'1
Writ-**-. -.-*z'rt*z i-��-*.e-/ 1*
ge> -,* Ha-' A.-.zA..-rta.
-.- J*;p c��t or r La-^e. Ms-nir
o* PocaLet Size.
Nelsgo-n Bs*__h, G. A. SPI-STL Manager.
��-T-I,-_KIa��t   PL2  L.ftT*   4 W**.    *.**  U-*
j n-'g'*- ���r.tt.-u :   :
ftu.   ft-"..    Kfc^-Jl.   i-   '-
*n.veer-.v-.*--r. -v-.-** a, y_Li�� a mvz.li -.ejr.ervz
zi zu, caa '.-��� a.ta * yaaa-- _' a��-: 17 tT.a* wiaia
*..'. Ll aft naBSt
���acaer^aLK rava tal. aj^.-1'ja.LLL.ul.
a- JL.:.: ** vs..'. .1 a- -.--.'-a.-1 a*' Zz* -/fcl-'T
_a.lifct-i.:    a *     *::."-���    '���:-   a . ���_*   -LK-ft-._  tr
axT*_-L-a.L-{   :; . *     ---���--.- ; -.:-*r.
lvnta ta:  n.*   . ..il>*-l;     ---i-tar rw-tLj'L* ��."? &-".
....       .     . _    ..     _._       - - - . -        - : ... -.
L    .   >       ..... =   .. IT      li        '..   " _ *      ._*.
t"e����� aM.au.    We eaagrat.flats Sir. Hae-
LLV. L-i   -.
*^"l*-_.    Lift    I.L.rr-LL*r       __.___.:   a        C*Lv*ftr-
L.L _ -        .   L. . w    a    -        ; :'.- ;.-��� '    ' S    fc    L _-.
'       L ���      -       ���   " L    ���   '���
the fawi'iaoe *#wiaa*a. eu*.;*.  -_&e pro-
' - - ���    -- -         '        __ :-. ��� ���-
Wa--.--z��;.   Fei--^*/   �����
E-S  -'.-   A L   '.:..'WE'.*,
All predictions made aTjMM-l ******
trLL   h^i_;..L   '.'   'L.-    ;- L .giSlstaTC
��_*..--- .-.:  l^  L.r.-S     Tilt or-
'L.:.-.-;. ..S- of a ltgislaiajre is fo.r _*..*
sioxis. At tbe first tlie ug,pnel**aOSi is
uzually  still  tasting  the   bitters,
-l . at the last it is setting mate-rial for the next campaign. During
the second and third it is usually an...-n-
abie to reason and prepared to (Hemes
public  business in a   busineftslfke   wa;.
Tbe predit-Lion ol a comparatively
shtart seealoci may still be fulfilled. Tbe
legislature has been in session since
January SGth, three weeks and three
days. A large part of the time has
been spent in utterly futile discussion
of a question beyond the control of
the legislature. Had tbe government
assented tc, every contention of the opposition, all that oonld have been done
was to call upon the iieutenant-gover-
rior ior an explanation of bis course,
an explanation which of course would
not have been given, which the lieutenant-governor does nut owe to the
provincial legislature but only to the
Dominion cabinet, by whom, it may
be recalled, his conduct has not yet
been called   in   question.
A single word of protest, even a
question, on the subject from one of
Pritish Columbia's representatives at
Ottawa would have forced from Sir Wil
frld Laurier a statement of his position.
But no protest was uttered, no question
was asked. Our seven champions preferred to let their understudies at Victoria take all the risks of embarrassing Sir Wilfrid while they shared the
glory of championing the "pro-antl-
Asiatlc"  cause   (vide Bob  McPherson;
Evidently J. A. Macdonald's analytical mind bas at long last arrived at this
interpretation and  be  bas   declined   to
: -   t-at    W ri_:-e   r'   Oodc   ��n:
-   :-.���    ��*> LL.* 3 C-.-Z-'   tat**
���   --*: rftr<��x*. ameaC-
��� *-���-*��� ,.-.-. <r *ie tSftXes or,
00*1 mines, oor ***"* IIS|H   1  j_ do doubt
- '      ' - ���--������-���:���--
*.   ��� . ~.   --   --.:.-- ���   -.   he   poictg
->ut that the i_��cr*a.&e in the **T is
almost oai lata to b* (allowed by an ii>-
f:*fti* ll. Um ;*-l- a--: -_l.l- ���*-*.' -.
.;.., '���_--���-��� - - . ��� ��� .. -.-. - - - l.--j
-he   ptiodaeet - - laa   not   being af-
'ectft-d at alL For that reason tbe largest comma ens.
managers, t ���-, oayooa. tl-.*
But, anxious to a - opposition,
he  proceed*   to   ( * .     tatt   this   new
burd.-n on the producers, which a moment before was declared to be no
burden, will seriously handicap On
marketing tha-ir pr'.duct abroad We
are quite ready to believe ln our oon-
-ary's boDa fides We only re-
|������ -nat he cannot see that his contentions   are   mutnal'v   th-Btri-ctive.
In the matu r of an ar't'Sl'-atl/.n for lha laawe of
a duplicate Ortlfl.aift ol Tltia for l.,u I. C. ��, 11,
19, z-.. ael tl, ol lot S5>1. 'iroup One. In the
Dlatrli't of Kootecar <Mtp6��Sj.
Notl.-e it hereby given that I, Ut mr intention
to laaue at the expiration of one month ft
firat publi.-atlon hereof a .Inpll'-at* of the t'er-
llfleat* of Title for the abfave menu-.-.. ' .'.-.. .z,
the name of kieharrl Helme. which ,L��rtl-a^te ^f
Title i. alatx! tha 2<th daj of NoTemiver, 1WS,
and  numoaared 63lOA.
Land ReKlntrr Office. Nelaon. B. C, January
������H   T. Ma'.Liod."
Dialrlm rterlfttrar
Certificate  of Improvements.
"April Kool" No. 2 Mineral Claim. iltnat��
ln the Nelaon Mining Dlvljl.nof Wee, Kootenav
Where located: Between Eacle and Sandy
creeki. anal about one half mile from the foor-
man Hill.
Take notla-e tbat 1. F 0 Green, acting aaa Ment
for J. P. BwedberR. Free Miner*! Certificate No.
H',- intend, rlxty dayi from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Kecoraler for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purtaoae of obtaining a
Crowr, lirant of the abajve claim.
And further lake notlca that action under
aectloa 3L7, niuat be oommenced before the laao-
ance of auch Certificate of lmprovementa.
Paled .hla 28th day olJanuary. A. 1, . IKLT.
a'tlaon. B C.
" . ll     "   v    -  -    tti   Lie  Fl-*l1   StmosT
-. L.L.       Nl -   ��   tual
��� ��� .   ������ -   ���. _  v  ^r v ��� ,.
l:,j;-- .- l- da; i Sl *�������.:-
.' Li. jaaratji :* ���-! .
���-',   V.--1 -L..-L..' ;,-.*s.:...-
���.       _     l   '..-.  ;.- ���: - ;.a   l ���-
L,     ;_- L..-1 L-   LL, LLL
_.-.������- L        ������-.���-���       '- -   ' L- ~ .    V :
LLL     -S     Ll.     : .���.  LLT
._���-.*     L-     L.L-a.-ft-L    L--Ljr    F-CL^-St*
-.     - '     -   LL- -i    L,-        * _   Li    ' .
; ��� . .   -     - : r .-'-L.Z.,   :��� l -.;;   .'  -.. _
_* .,     ���  ���...-.    l   -.-.:��� L,
���  '   ' '- * L-t    L'T.��-LL    :���'.
.-.  *a\   (LLftL>C    I -
-.-. .. ���      L- LLL        L-L -      .-a      LL      _.       "Lra-L      - '
:ii-   m-2i��Lt__;r   rS   ftL".a:.c  t-L.i sefj    *-ll-_   l-S
L-     L-- VL.LL   FLitr-,    * r_    ,--,L    C-...1
-. s:     L-       I - ���    ���
7:- '.: , ��Lir h-r-vei s_-*r lll. l l -. l
teat*  be  lll.t L_t__rt-}aw ic��r IssssBnw
_  l i    . s    -_T.jL.fc_���3t    Oasss���X
��� L     '        "   . - L    ��X L       5... L-.    , Lr T-SL-.
5lllll.-   L-L--   Z;   : : .1      b'-ly   coni:siTj-
L_ LL     "L..L.r       L-ttft.-       -LLC
-    i.       ZZ- :       I StL-LLty      5-LiiLftL.L.
- *. - LL.  ���- .     * L     LL       P.ev   F
B   :- ��� i.r - -   ncSar.
L Cl - -  l --".-. .'. H.i.rj :__.-
TTaa.r-t-jata.    COTneT   Of      Ward       k-j��       Mill
-Lr--i !.;�� _-_&__-. f a ill . rLEt T*ii.sg.
; . i. n.. ever-Tig s^rf.oe. * l. p. nt.
r_."   7"_-L-*  .~.U,.Z   ;r-e_L.
:--��� L.'.*-fc-. Chare.-���Bt ?���*-_: s. corner of Victoria ~->��  Koouz-i..   etreet*,
l -*     - SI   a     ta :     5tira*sy
a^iftftrfij_ 2:26|t p. ul    tTe^l^g sertioe. Tl35*
p.   r_       BC*    ."     t     FirTLlSOIL.   -LLLLFLL���.
��-���_...ll_fl 1"L L*-L'*L���-Comer ,*^l:L-i aad
,'L.i.ft -_-.e .-_- ���ls Mor-ing -^--rLce. *1
���-.   ���        eT*-L_LLLx     _-.rrioe.    7 -.   p    ul;
?L-IL.-..-    SL-h-LCl.    *.'-���.    P     31-      P.LT    K_   N.
I ;m_-l r
; . ��� 5-. Cl.-l*�����-ft_.:ey Ft.---e-., near
- Lr seme* 11 fc ll. even-
lllj s^riiL* * . -��� - : fa-aiay Sciool,
-    ���.    ?._*.-   A   H   Fr'.-ii. pastor.
B* , iLiL-c Ano���Ba-ractJ on ��nc-
*-_rr-i F-.ree--, west of JoseptLi-.e Special
I. rr .-��. *Lr tomorrow K_aee i.-lll. - a.
��� ll taa** sseetJat SSI a. m.: a praise
meeting at 1 p., m.. salvation meeting
BS t S.B.
I-ash   PSaya  by  Ir-sH  Actors.
-     *.    Ye:     ��� ���niart����     Probman
-. a,  *LLLa*L l L-L-LLLpanT of IriFt piayers,
'L-r-ierSy    belonging    to    tlie    *fta'-L*Eal
���    .    --- I  ':���:���'..z -.o produce
Lira   ;.    S'ft-w   York
Tenders Vaatol for the Pttrck-se of a
HiDeral Ga_~u
"*iii_---   -I:--***  *-*?   :^*:   ^a^er_f_*��3,  *vt til
���:-�����*��. 1*. ��*���'.*'.r: Ho-ite  :^ I-* '. :*" --f -*tiioa.
tgllj t��-r n>c��;T*�� ���� tCI t_-:  b*a~r of 5 tycioci  in
;l.->  _h_E��**��a '/Pn_T. Mk~_ny **Ja.   ii*��,
��� --  i.t**-   v*   u.*   " -l^to "   H_M~U
Iss.    :r     jT'szlb  l    Coo'-enar  laiirtct.
�� : 1 -u > ���-h ���*���_���'. *.'. :-:!'jf.M-*4U':il* Crot-u
.       1 -  It r  ��a   - '. *   It-: r*at 4-W <>< IXOC^mtftt,
iw*. Im I u-z-s* ���*>_';  MM
, *"     -   DMCt }T.s.   -.JK-'B   tilt   Mi-   Ml___i  Cl__t.
v-   :.   *-* -.;,*- ��'>*.*;: of --ri;i^-e-t: -*It*
f.: -"-u 4.'. t*-* tun*: orf f!��rie!t^r��- Wast* iL***-_a,
1 Liei  k*-rt l��-*C-/--.  -a**tr*_*j*i.   'Mtii   ol   tc-r-.r-
-..���-X. mi t*-��s ��--r Crv-_ -'irra:: rt2S/Xn i* ***___���_
w z . *. u :���_* .-*-.*; **.*_.y-_ l: *._���*.: ���i- t*e i^oi-J;ie***-*l
t* t *-iyiL;*T
t*.' l    vrii-^r   ir. *3��   W   fcewr:ptn\*A   -y   an
Ue for tii* to3  iar;t: o. tie  v*n-
.-   ;*i *_���,*-   H   :u*  or*!****  <rf tfc*   I>��.*p^:t  Com-
-iiwrmm i of L__l_* tz*- ���'*>-*x*. *u Vicion*.. !>. C.
*t  JlfaJ
HiKKV i_3Q_n
���.*-.*.:.*^: A^f��_*.t
Certificate   of Impfo vementi.
���������ti"   ""  '-*5-***i!w-xi*3   71-*-*.
'���'Wl'-fiy/     tlrt    a'fc*^    r-*r. f.*V.-fti'.14l
sWiu-i-r-^       t-  -._��    t.:-_*>   :_ *at-r   .���*:���:_*-->���   Mtfila*
>tt-**,- B *.���' *���*��. ��-rJi***Mrti'i.T   -l>J-?tri*-*_
���ri**f*r+       ��� _-���*!   --'.���s.   _*c^*    Crt*j|   ��.i-<�����   tft��t
f*_-***_tAj:   ���'
"_��* mo*utm _Msi r   l_hn IMEMttte. of tlw
���...���' ���      -1 *.��� fcr*_t lor J��bg V sUm***\\-
*\**Wg    Fn*  UtaAstr*   r.-vriJ*z*%M    Uo    W.-tTh   -_kd
DM���r Jofciifc<*i f rs* M;_<tr�� Ctrll�� rs**-* >"*���  B62X.
��� ���    i  ������;    *,_tr��   '*���   '-^��   "l^-t*  i,-*r**tof to fcp-
��'  -   -.t   .'-'      ��� - ��� -   �����������   '>-*.*_���*���   ���.��
*nsj*fpyTtipr*li���. Iwr   take    p:rp***t   oi    oUtM.intm(
C -v-b QaH '-* ot Uh *.*-*"���*"���*- '.*aimt
ai**s ftr.s:�� *--*.-r uMlot  Ui_t r*etl����   uster
��*-__<�� ~".  itur-   b*r  '--ani-w**--   Wtor-t   Ux  1*-
v���i.-****- -t*f ndj OerttAeMM ���>! :a j>r'*v��jj4h*a !*.
l��A\**-*t u.11 STTia -l*j ,v! ���s*-*-*^-*-*; *-*-r. a. It , 1WT.
-    B*  K-rtATCH E.
. a:i Ml */lA.a*-*4
of   Lib*   Oofo*��t-iA
�����_m _���_< Di*-trt*-t    i-f-nnrt o* ~-*��r. K-z/wiy
7AAt   _OU'J*r   tiiA*.   .kai��   sfULW     o.' Bm__M
B C , m<~����*��� pr***M>c-u>r, J��t-*x -ii u* Ap>ijr
f  i *. ivmMI '.J��i*r    ��*w* v-rer ikt *vi-OTri_t
4*-*rnb��--5 1a&6b;
Ix*-.��tx-o -^o  I.
two  miJ-H
���-.  *�����.    -*r ��   Ta*xt*troi-*xoy  A--s-   At>vv;->c-a
��� nto ot i����� nonbera t-tftinlA*��� of < p. p,
lot M  ���t-4 w��m M l>Of *-**���-*-*,   far-rt- <vf FArr-**L
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wotO 'orzmr of OiXiUr-r lU*me*i _-tu_t>��r IXT'A
omA  aaOort*y.  J-   Father ���  9    E    -xrt_*rr.  tfa-ft>->��
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nontt M cbaJ-A, tfc*_ee c_ct ** * lajm to ub��
poisnt of 'XFmi���eaoeMCBl ud oostA_i_.&�� Ut
-urr*-��  mor* or ;-*-.
I>A*-r-*3 lK--*-_t-*:r 1Mb. 1UA.
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A*:;A-.-*Dt Ui :a�� aorrtp-*���t *-or_-;r of rawr
l'e*ne* No i-**.-^ bu*: i*-JW-tat to u*e lor.t-iui
���r-orner of 1   F:*h*.r'i- 5o  I lo_ttlvn  ad*"   iziA**k-y3
J. Fllh-fT'f S   E. r'**,ra*P.   ibeO'*-'   D.Ort_   ��TJ('-AlnA,
thenoe w��t *��** ���. Laioi. I_*Df* Boottj ��. cLaia_,
tJ-i-fDf-*; ts***. �����'. ' t.AitAt to tLe point of -t-oniCaeti-*-
ment .ml **"-siAJiiir <*; a*-*_i. more or 1*-m.
DAted iHscember K-th. UtCT.
/ajtw F:*_t_e, \oo.tor.
Lm_M ?>o *��� f>>*_o��en*i-lij*r At a MM j��.'ADt��*3
At tbe Aorjtbwe*-. roroer About oo* all. nortb of
b e Dortbei- l*oono_rT of C Y. R. UA. U��A, H-.-1
t v--.: 2 _..*-. ���*=��tof t;ict*r UatM -No. i*%4, An**3
About four milAA w_*. of tbe Coiu-mbU aad
VMNn BAfftWAj-. sonb of pArron, B. C, s_d
AdjoiDi-Df J Kuritr �� No. 2 >.-.-.-. tm tbe :.���.-���.:.
������*:���.�� tbA UDltiAJ pott a:. ���: rsiArk��d -/ F.kbtr t
(*���. W. f-oroer, tbeuce uorth w rsfcAiiu. -u-ence e��ut
W cbAlne. tbence fo-jib *r> cbAlnA, tbence we��t
WcbAlni to *.:.- polut of ���*.'.^.L-..^*).nn*-t ai.**.
tontAluin** Mb arrre*. more or lM_
-Ated l'V*mf-*j :'--.-   lsKrj.
Jm�� F;��i-i*:, l-ct-c-ator.
LocAtiotl So. 4. Commeuclng At a pomp1ad-L--*3
At tbe nortb we* t corner btin-r tba LnUtal pott
fc'l'A.--tnt to tbe -K-utb went corner of 3 Tl.htr't
So. 1 Ustcatlon ��:.-; :���.*.'��-. V. FlAber ��� .**��� W.
corner, tbence v-utb sK-ebAiot te tbe nortbam
boundarr of C. P. & lot 2ft��. tbenoe e*ut W
chalni. tbenca nortb 90 cbAinj tbenoe weat 10
��� s. -1 -... sto tbe point of oommencemest ASd eon-
'.-is.it &40 Acrea   more or leva.
;���-.-*. j Deoamber i��th, 1907.
;*-._������ r��_E_, loci tor.
_:��L--a.t::ir > :. r         '-cint nt-.iif i." i- :*.**���    : ' i -���--
A'. ���_�����_��� i-. .    :    l 4  writ ��� in ._f    i -            t-
jMm K' -^nt I �� :t;ir_er oi - T__t - �� 11 I oa
"-i. i   a-.; i _.*. _-��C -"   Jri*_*jer f *   -
luru. Hi ta__nA   tiifc���r-t   *-t-��:  ^.     i _!_.-...i.* -:   't
AOLVL    (*J    'f.-a-- na     UjtiJUOt    *_aF*    tW     "I.a..1.1 I
jeuir: ti.' oni*__-entTe_>t-��� I _nc nM_ta| ������*-
KM   _j^rt or __a
1'aj*��C I%ft_x ber Jf'U.  1*P"
. aalt r___.i.   u��.l
laC-atU-1!   Nf.   I.      C-t��*_._*rI.'.Lj.laf   *..:   (a   Jl n
-���- .-.{ i_:"-i<:-_*; rs;*-!.-:* :h.l^ .: - z. .*. .��� **
ra*. *-*ac_e_. i*  Uit   aora ��t��;   l'   --.-_��� ���   ���:-    ���
X*. �� iu��_.u_l _ni a-k-if: . I_iliit*i s a
"**?_*���   t_t_;^e at��cti. i   *-_t_E. ������   :
:��;������^.iiz.A.ry   t>'.   ..    1     _   i..-.  xi-ha    .: - .    -    v   -
?_ _;nA  ���.!���::*��   iitir-aJ:   W   ti.**.. in ���   < ���; . ���*.
t ____��� vt  un*   jtcif. c>:   :���;*_.._ t*_ ;**m.; i    ��_ .
iA._l_f   -Ml   A-THi*.    IL'..!-t   ;,;   j;-**
..a.;-. :*tm**-_.:���*_..- it.it. ^ar
a'       i    .tjL.i.1. ���S-A.-Ul!'
1- >.*A".   - :  N;   " :i _ ��� raf *.. a  ;��� -    ;   ���.:
tt^Urt M���Ml WTIif I*--.i.t lit a :���- >' 't'.
-c,-*ts*ex". ".(j in�� is��i*_L*t��; corLe: ;���' . -* Lfci_.tr ��
>.    -   ;;'*-Ai*t,i   -wi-;   ���.���ft.-tn;   .      -itz   ' *   '     ���"���
���*C-*j��sT       U>t_ltM     nt*-_,   Bs,      VJU**~Zi* ���   *������      !*
���i-aiif.    Uit��>fx   gwtiait IB '.x���ftii*    int:  * **_���;   Si
��� Li_i_ u  lit jkh.; uf  e-it__tcinariiiti:   _: - i*i l
'������.i.in��*- (**t  a.:.-****  n.:��re &: ->caa
-���ta^c I't.-tn.i*t.* .:���'--_     -
. aA.���- ? .! Et!        ���   ��..   *
Ix-titX-atiX N.    f.     . -s-i_.j-.it "j- -Uf a. t ;..'i*.  ,   >:
ai ii<t ����ii**t-fc*:   r..'Ti.t:   i.:.   :t  i*f     : ���-
K*at   afi^waot-;  �����    -.a*   ���.���lu. ** _-i
t*.n*-r�� .'U  "   Ji*-r-**:iurx   _���_;    u-*a_-t*. ;   .    ���.-:���.*��
& X- Opt-MC. Uit n-.il> L:t-Ul ���* L��-_fc LL- 1 :r ��s*;
��t   '- _A.._t    .Itl'.-* K-LLL  (A      : ta .It       . 1 -: ������-..���*
s.LAint i;  Uit po.t.; n*   *-*���_.a,tireicrt:   **.l-   -    -
������*__! i-n gs-s.-efc in of* ar >__.
;_i_c ItK-en. *m_ U.U.   i���r
._*1Ef>   FlJa___ ^(iCAU.r
IxsOALiUX. Nt   1*     : i-_.ii .;.;*���..���.:--    :   . _
a: in*   -t^LL-.wt-K   **cu__r   lK-|_f   1���c   MMMl   '���"+'-
���aC-Aatie-L'.  ��     '.lit    UtTtleri. '1--
Nt T i*��_Ul,i Ai- n.*ft-J.r* . i.r^t-�� r ***
ss;'.-w.* lLtii:*�� L,r*!_. a. *.��_.:.��� ;���; - ��� ��.* -
tiA-L*.     L_t'_**r    **������:::   ft.      I u   - *      .IrLS-*:     **;���*���:���*..    .
'._��:_ i; u.t j.j-*.; u.'       ii_-_.   -iL-.i.   a   .
���ja.j-.ii0, 1-1. aca cm. zaaa* o.* i**-_.
l*a*.***A  - tr'-tiS, *Jfc*  -tLL  .tK*
. ~AJ
_,'-��l*1j:1 No  11,   C-s. _._.** j
a: ll*t   Ai'LLu-tsa*;   9or_e-   .---:-
t- :i.*-*l;   --.    :it   _;*ii.-t*
r*:      t   ..>:as..:z.   jti.;   _�����--.*
MM    m-t���iur  ��� ail- m- c__:
'- L-_-_fc        ^latll-.t      At'LLb     N Ita
t_AU_ *_  l_t J��:*m l   nf   -���: :i n
va.:, i ng Mi Ac**t*, ttL*{ ;���: .***!
i-Ai��c *-*-*'.*__^er ifcLL   1*"
al _n_xtFicm ol IP tiAr,  v:i��._.  m.
2nt*i**it    pLU.l����UO_     (TA���Lrl      11     I t__    Mt
I>t��*��_.ntr   i-*_  2M7,    ��La~7   ��rif_. A���_M_M
DM____ia���M Of i__U_* At, ^   * ft.'ti
__x_. :tx_.ior
a: t i'a**; jflMM
.:        I      __****
.    *.��;--*
f-*nr-   a    i.
.   -    ����� -���:
-      .
WE are now showing one of the very largest and best assorted
stocks of Ladies' Under Muslins including Night Dresses,
Corset Covers, Drawers, White Underskirts, Combination
Under Muslins ever shown at such low prices. We ask the ladies
to call and inspect our stock and to compare our prices.
: o*. w-eai
** e_. Kc-oieiiAj Lal : I_r_-���-t    2 _���;:
"Ut  Lt'airt   !_,'.   1.-7.'.      .'t"-K-l       '      --.':>��,A_-
~' ���al. ixiTLpauc-E ilmbt_*_.AL .lit-l; ���-- ��.;,-.���
for a BpferJA- umt-er 1__�� ��ru LUe taUc ��� tag
.***-���. uet . t. l . (:
2 L-ar__*_!__f At a ;��:���.: pteSMd t*. the 6. W.
comer. a>ol: ; m-j�� Ir^c �� >.- ..--*..-it h
Ut im., ttu- pztti nein* p^.'.t-; :l -...*- .ium��-
ix���aj tosand-A-T-f lint, i_,t_ce it,:;: * l-*.._*.
LLti-oe e-tn Mi fl-.Aii���,. t_t_t* MM- _ *-f"***"t
U.e_ue --"��; ifk, MMhM to paint of ouJtn,e_ce-
nteuL, ���MM���M Mi. arret
I'Aiod I��ec_btf 9rC, uw:. J   C   Jajwsv.
is. <Oo_ft���M-ncing ai a potr. p__,"*---: a: ll�� s '���*'
eon.tr. aboc: ab c_*__* z>ort- tr__ tbe & W.
corner o* ;c��CAUoa Xo. I, tbance aarxfe a. ���*-���*��*���!���*���#.
_.t_�� 4-ajsi Im* cbAjat,, i_e_o*- aolll o. 'Laiua,
_.enoe w*i-r. _*o c__i_a io po;nt of r iii���nrnfm
icts^-i- oanialnmg M�� A-crta J   .   .���*�����>.
*    Ci-mifteaclnt a: a pot; ;.Aiie;  a: ll* e   w.
BMM aboct II cnafrt.   nocu.  1-*l.   llc   -   ��*
MM of i.oeauo�� >����  *t. i2.tz.ot  iorLL *. ::��.:,
i-.ti.at-_-*.tL6i cj.Ain��. _to�� K..L a:  .l*..l*
tbenoe  ������** M><____���  to point ol rr nmr^oci
L-- -��� Lit. L    L-,   '�����     *.    :-.-*, J    C      !_���_���>
4. Commec ���_f ai a poat plAZi*--. t: *.Lt s- rt'.
corner. aPout ��u c*j_<a,t noru. 1.-:il -.lc -- w.
ooraer ol location No a, -tbence nortL at. tnauu.
tbence eaat uo cb-aina. tbenca aou-tb ��u -,_ai_i
tbenoe weat 1st UkoOmQ to point of *x>mm*-noe-
'���-. l:     . nia.L.Lf Mtya���rea J. C   Jajuch.
i i ,.a-mtii--f ti a j-Jt: ,.*..-; a: ���_.**- s w.
corne'r. tt*oit-t* cSfciitt cot-.l :r- :lt t* W
oorner of -.oL*xkt$ Np ��. tbetioe bc-rtb tu (bain*,
ita*At* ewi loC ciaiDA, thenot K>tit_ td c-.a;l*.
tnence weat 1-K> cbaina to pom; of c*jic^.*-r;ve-
ment, ot-ai*iaii*i Mti acre*
���MlVM 1W7. J    C. JjjrtUc
i. Comaencing at a poet nla^i'-tii a;;l*b W.
ocrz.tr Aiio-i ati cbaia�� coriL .': l. tht 5 W.
comer of. ���������>'���.. l n ��� i, tbence aorib k . - -
Lctnce __; .���> .la.li tbanoe aautn ���*<-____��,
LLtn-je weai itfc laaiaa, to point of oommenoe-
n-L :   conlAinxQ-f ���������*-* *.  r-*
D*c**?aueT __  ucr:. J   C.J_M-B
T. -Jo-_j_e_cin*( at a poit plasieid a*. i_e N W.
oornar and a-/oiLi_-f tbe N. t. corner of |M ���M
mence *aa; *. B___M�� tbence aontb *��� cbAiut
tnence ��a it at- claiju, tnence aoutn ojcb-.ni*.
titac* we*: K t,L*,i3��, tnence nortb Ijl .la.l*
to point of cocas:_ofciuent, coniAinmg Mu acre*.
-2_��i=t-*:; -III w   t  eactA.
a. CMHVMbu at t poet puaw- At tbe :*-. w
ocrner, wou; lAf # mUe in a wu-tbwfcait-r.y
(Ur-rt-uon iroa -.Le aoBli" Jo-i of SAimun n\er,
aLt aoout *,-j a:.fci from -tbt'ao*jt"ti. ttta'.-**
t- .:l .**.. cba:_i mence MN#cb*wl, :L*.-_ v-
norib lfr. t-n-_Li.  tne&c�� west 4u cbAin* u> point
Of     . =__- 1 . **-!.-... :        . -'.r-.L ... k M'. a> re*.
_��� T . * *.   >l ���*    MX       .^*- E       J        fit   -.r.
Nt.*'-L L*a_'. I/utricx. -sL-utriset of ���*���-���>: K - .-.Ltv
Tax* notice 1_a; W. A Uudaon, of epofcAne.
~ paningxcn, L L__, occcpAtion timoer iinilaai.
****t-n2 to AH-/ .'or * tpeciAi umber iiueube over
tie Jofjow;Lf BMMttM I���aA*l Commencing At
a poat pteAX.*-* ol llc. nortb oant ol i_orn MM-,
t*. it* , -l   *-.���....; ;l-- :������ .*:l   fork   of Corn >���.
~;ii. '.it ca.l itfMM, gboqt fire miie* in a
veatarij dlrt>cuon from tbe'conjjuegoe of Mid
Cora crt��t** vtf_ tb* fit-otena; river, tb*i*oi-
nortb tL c_aj.s* tnenoe weat lau cuAint. tbence
aoatb Ui c��aiua, tnence *a*t l_> c_ain�� to point
M -.-omm-MMMcnt, eoniAiamg Mb &crea. more or
*fa*u*<. NoTejaber *tb. 1WT.
Willi a- A. Brb*o**.
-"' t.*>'. l _an-3 ; j;.-. l :������.-;: of w����i k . :. :.. i-
7txe low* tbat:, L t* -D-Aver. intend to Ap-
p-7 for a tp*x*t., itoeaM to cut and carr* -.��-.*���
'������L-.-*r from Ma- -f-a.rt* of .And : t^o*_m*n..ug tt
���- .' * *tt-i- _ L **��� ebarer, nortb we* t corner
.--.L*- t**%t*ty f_-.*.in* tout*, tbenfse elgbt>
'.n_i_* fc**i, Luet'.e e-^fnty cbaixu -onf. tuti. .�����
- * ' .' tbA la* wet*, w p.-tee oi to-glnniug. con-
-> l..^ Mb Ap-irrt-* more or 1��m. And e***t ��.;���:*.-
A*tii Hi '.inner ..ckwlk LMua. And a���~ voutb
ax.-*! -M3,Aoei; io i;ai*r .ioance No L&-_a, -.n : -.-...
aoLsix _uc ac.iaAseu*. u, F A. enATer tl_.t*r .lmit
Uo   1
-l-a'.->>_   l��VT*mner 21*t, V-tfl,
L. W. g>*TU. locator,
A. !���**��-     Agent
Of  OOt    WtKA   Wllbln    AaltCll   u>   ad-
*ertMM   irmW.     hArrr   Wrlgbt,   Aa*'t.   Com-
a.a.>ifj:J*::,i.   ���*���-...-.��
Nelaon i*&*a MMM Mttrtct of ����t Koot*u��j
Tabe nouoe t_At 1. T. L. _osg_u of h..:.... ���-
rtrry. idA_o. oc upeUon painter, intend to Ap-
p-7 lor a *-s**-ciA-i tii��.o*r .icence orer tbe follow
ing i***- r;I***-, tana* '.ot_men*r��ng At a pott
p,Att--*d At tne AOft.'.LcA*t corner ��i( timtj^r i
MMM IMM, tbeu-e east *�� cbAiu*, tteii'*
*-' r.z. V ��� *��.:.*. tnenoe wee* IwcbAIn*. tbe-ce
��   ,_.l    ���*.   ���.na.u* ,.  ,nt   ol   Bomi_tU'jeic*-Li
oon-tAining MO -kicre*. core or le**.
l*At---Q :������.-"_���-. ��� zi*t, i��r7. T. L  LotsA.f,
:   ���* -��  -     agent.
Eleventh Annual
Winter Carnival
Ftspm    Toesda */    Night
Until    S*tarday    Night
r.viiKR   thf:
Rossland    Carnival
J. 3. C.  FRASER President
FEB. 4 to 8
For information apply to
A.  b   MacKENZIE,
Sectctar.   and flfllisl M.a-,a��a r.
( b-ampiotaabtp ot B. C
1    - �������� -J .    I.�� .- -Z  Ct ( ��-*����� '*���
C-AmptO���Ahlp of I   C
'  MafM.aif..|>   of   th*   r���-*'.--*
Utatton *\aa\mm l-nnt-act Mauictof *Vet: Kootenay
TAJte notloe ttAt J. CbArlea I^utcber, lnsteud
to atp-7 Uyr a *pe-.iA-> tim-u*r licence, to cut And
ca-rry ����i; umner Iron. Mi* ocrvt of iand -Com-
mea-*lng At -No 1 poe: at-out Vt miiot weat ol tbe
Uooattuwy riTer. ol tne nortn aide of |houndAry
vr***eA ��� And norm, ��nd Ad>i*oeni to timber licen*ea
____* _U_\ ou* ���Uie nortb of tbe lnternatiooA]
boundary line, commencing at a pott mArk#*cl
(_L_r,_   ..*..���:_-���.   * -��r��(  corner,  thtruc- 50
cnAin*  nortb,  tbence *j cbaln* ea-it, 1*1 rn trig
cbA.-n* -aoutb. tbeuce * cbatn* weat to tne plas-e
of oegincmjt, ooniAinJOg MJ acrea. more or !��������
:.'.*������>���  NoTemu--r i_t_. itoi.
��� haa.j>. i-'.-j-HEr.   Locator.
N'. 2. '.''cni--.--.i- At a poat marked ' : a * - *
X-utcber'i ���outneeAi corner, tbence Ui cbaln*
nortb, tbenoe ��. cbAin* weat, tbenoe to e_au_
aootn, tbanee U cba-a* e*��t to tbe plAce of beginning, _nd w��t nt,a Ad;Acent to oumkr one
timber limit, aj.1 i-outaining MO -Acre*, mure or
Located 5oTamber ]>tb, 1W7 ���
C��a_lm i/uictao. Locat-jr
!>'. t. BMHMMM at a p tmirt.' OhA.-ie*
'.r. ;��� -, trt norUtvect corner and About lb mile*
weat of tb* KcotecAj rirer on Ibe nortb fide oi
>-.-,*.-�� crook Ana nortb and adjAoeut to timt-er HMM 1*600. -.lacnoe aontb Ui cnains, tbenoe
eaat wj cna.nt-. tbenoe nortb Socbaln*. tbence
weatNOchAin* to tbe place of beginning, containing MO ���.'���"���   more or leaa.
bocaiad >oeember l��tb, 1W7.
��� tt At. r> Luttciiaa   locator.
No 4. Commendnc ���*-*��� a poat mar ted Cbarlet
PMMf i  nortbaaat   oornar,   thanoe aotttb  W
f-h&lni.  tbt-nre   wett *0 "-haln*.  tbenr-e   nortb 80
cbAtn*. t. ���������.  ���   ������a.-t *���' *-L**i'i* i" '.!,���*  piA/t* of beginning, i-oo tal nine Mt> trr*.*, more or lea*
Located November 1Mb. I��C.
i Hikir OrTCHCa, IwrirAtor.
No-5.   iiirnmen'-in* At a poat mirt^ ChariM
I>ut'ber't   -toutbf���ft  c-irner,    thence   90 <-bain*
nortb,   tnence **o chaint   writ,   thenrn- **> rtialn*.
*���    rhaJbf  eant in the   T>la~{) of beginning. ''ontainitiK -9-Ki A/-re*. more or le**
Located November 1Mb. IfcT
CHiBs-t Dr*T<TI��B. I.- ���;������:
No 6 Commen'ing at a po*t murki-d < h*rl---
Pu'cher't Kiutbweat corner. th��*nc�� north *%)
L-bt-mt. tbt-ni-e c*Ai 0�� cbatn*. tbence ��outb ac
i bain*, tbenca ��e*t to chain* lo tbe pi���M of be
ginning,   rnnainuig MO A' rv��. more or lets
LooAted NorembAT 18th. IWl.
chaklm Ut-TC_aa. Locator.
No. iJ     ��**#t inrk. file rree*.
Nelson lan-1 I��l*tn*rt    i'litn.-s nf "A-**! K'-ii��n��-
i *ke u('ti��*e ih At L JoM-pb PaUidk. of Netaoa,
B. C, occupation  lumberman.  Intend  tn .yy\y
for a ip-ftM-lal timber Uotttea ovar  the loll"wfug
: .��nla    < onim- ur u,g al ��� pn��t piAnted
mlhtt  tx\> tu** wmi inr* oi Pue eraalL
and About iu rhAlnt from the lituk o( ul-l wmi
Ittfw. and miTft-H Jo*��.pri I'mru k't S.B corner.
th-L-ni** *��*���\ ti chAin*. thencw aort���tt ebalna.
.bem-��- *a>i **j ch*ln��. thence   wiutb ot chain* Ui
--ointof  "��>fnm*riic*-!arnt,  containing MO  acr*-a.
more or le**.
Lfated December Sib. I-*"..      JCMKi-n  Patau a.
I   1. Lie'*. Agent.
��o. I**     Wc��t f- rk. I*i ft- r**ee��.
.*������   bod 1-Aiid liinntt    blctrlct of Weat K no ten a r
fAke notl��*e   thAt Jf����eph  l*Atrl<k. of ������1���ti,
B t , occupAtiori lumbermAU, intend** t*n apply
> tpe<-.** timber ii't-U'-c orer tbe followitig
rlbed jAUd-: * ommencing *t * \xt*>\ piAUIed
About two chAin* ''.n-'ant. And in in eaaterlr
direction from location No. 18 and marked
Joaeph Patrick * N. t. corner, thence south *
ebalna, thence **-t oo chain*, thence uorth *j
chain*, thence *a*t Ui chain* to point of com���
m*-uf .-rr-'Tit. oonialulnic MO Acn.**. more or lea*.
Dated iJeecmfcer &th. IW,.      IO*Vt*TU Patau k,
I   J. Ia'Cia  agent-
No LS.   Weat fork. Fife csre-fik.
Nel-MiuLand 1��:����� tr *.��� *..   Diatrict oi Weal Kootenaj-
lAke nollce tbAt 1. -to*eph Patrick, of MTaUOB,
B.C., ocenpalitiu 'umU-rmAU. lutt-n-1 to Apply
for a ��peciri timber Ueenca over tb-* following
deacrlbed land*: Commenclnit at a p*>it plan-ted
about do ebalna dlttant and in a wetterly Qlre-c-
���lon from the weel fork of lit** creek And About
S mile* from mouth of creek. And mArxed Joaepb
P��tri k'* B �� corner, thence weit 1*34 chain*.
thence uorth 40 ct.alii-', thence eait IM chain*,
tbence *ouih 40 thaina to r-*.t,t of commence-
men! nortitaining I M acrei. mure or le**.
DAted Dm*���Ibti mh, lw/J.      Joaa-t'H Patkick.
1. J. Lieia, Agent.
NO.    16. HU'T-all*    <    Ml    t
Nelaon Land Dl��trlct.   Dtvtrict of W��t Ko-*ten**r
TAke notice   tbAt I. Jom-j h   pAtritk, ot Nelaon.
B CL *"' upatinu .Mn i+rniiu.   intend   to  apply
for a ���.*-*-'.a; iiiukf  licence over tbe   following
de*--rtu*d Und>:   Commencing at a post plant-t-i
kbnut b\_ -mile* up Bterenk creek   and 1 n a N. ��.
dlracilon   trom   mouib   of   creek,  and | marked
Joaeph   t-t*Tie__  N    fc  tornur,   ihence   south 80
cbAlno,   tl.ence  weet *��� * bain*,  thence  nortb HO
cbAln* , tbence  ea*t   so  chains   to  tbe  point  of
commencement, ca-ntainlug MO acrea, moie or
Usted December Ird, IW.      Jo**ti_ I'atk:' ��.
L J    LCtla, AgfcLl
You can buy a 10-acrc Fruit Ranch  in   tho  b-wt   fruft  gTOwlnp dUtrid
In   Untish   Columbia   by   paying   $10 dollara down and $10 per moot-
Kv. n as an tnf IllU.nt this U woith oonalderatlon.
Fruit  J_and haa trebled in  value within the year.    What will lt do___*
year? ~
AND DEALERS IN    Lu_2ibeft   ShktlgltSt
U��th, AAouldlngs, Doors, Window*
Turned Work nnd BrncketH
VHWNorv ���TRCBBT  -
Mail Ortiera promptlj ���������
NHL��ON. I*.  t*l.
So n     ftevcnn creek
Nelaon 1 *it.l l*i.ttu t    Dialrict ol Wmi ko->teuay
TAke notloe lhat I. Joseph I'Alrick. ol BaUOBi
H C , iMciipation Inn) t�� rinaii. Intend lo Appiy
for a ipcclAl limber lirt-nce o*rer the f-llnwfng
lvscrlbeil UmU: 1 ommencini at a pM< pi Anted
about 1 mile in an easterly direction fruit the
month of Htevens creek, whirr li atnpl ���������* Inlo
* Arii-Ato lAke. And marked Jossph I'm n< k - * W
corner, thebce norih su chains, tbanoa r-,si����>
chains, ihence suuth 80 chAins, tbaai .* ����� ot mo
ohaln*to pftint of c-r-mmeuc-ciiu'nt, -s.usaiuinr
b*to *Mma. more or lea*. r
Dated -ec��mher 2nd. 1907       Jovkih PAI-MR.
1   J. Ln u. ag.u;
No. 18.    Steven* creek.
Nelson Land Iustrici.  Dutrlet of Waal CaMMa*.
Take nolle*,   that 1. Joseph   Patri. k, of v, i*on
�����. t ..on upaimn  Jumu��rmAn, intend   t.> ��� mile
1?�� '' ''0"t*'ni''-l ��*p aareft, mora or
Uatwl riecemtor 2nd, 1��,.    joaarn P.Taics,
Heal.    eu,��a.cr��l,   ' '��� LDCU' "���'���ul
"iSI ,1'*,��,', IS*Vft W*****, "1 ***** Kaxaianar
lakrnosleeitsa* I, Ja.^ph Palrle*, ���l N,l.���u.
,a���.'.',11.l',',V."". luml-rman. lnlcn.l lo apply
Wraapadal iimu-r lu-enc* over the laUovloi
neacriota land.:   tommanclnf al a poet plauled
ahou, �� bun up siaaaaeaLrea' *,'r',JdJi
aal *>'!.,
- ,001111.
:...*��lla.ti No la on Ik* eaaul*. an.t ���"���
lairlrk'a  N   W   earner,  ihein'i- '***.*!..
llatuao  eoutL-t   au rhalua,  thenea
lhen,-e  aotta SU -lialnft to point 01 i
ma-ni.. ..tttaitiliix aio acre., ni""-l,r'-_ -
Dalai liacember ltd, IW7.      '""\gUl
No. _D.    Weal lork. rile ore. .������
Nelaon Laul lilalrlcl    DUlrlrl ol "���"31
rake nollee tha, 1, Joaeph l"rr'V,
a V. ,o<-*a upation InmbeHpan ���"','?. uu.
lor a apeelal limber llr��*Jr_e naai u>�� *_
daaa rlf^l land.: ,-on,nienelii�� ������JLKiE
aboul I mile, up the weat lork ��� ��>" im>,
. I.....I ... . nanift aorth olthe a rra* *" M0H
Jaaaeph falrlck". N.B. roraer. im'�����* -,nl
.���Lain, lhenoe weal ��tii-hali��. ""SlmlSI
- I.hi it., tiit-ai.-,- eaal duaaatn. t" C*'L-. or I*
mtinreinent. ,-onnUala* ���_* aa'r������ fl v.n
Dat^ ^x-mbaTK������..  g^S*
_ Vo. Il We.l lork, of File rrar*x m,��if.
Nelatui Land Diatnet. DUlrlrl oI �� "' ,���#
_Taae notice thai ,, Joaeph T**rt*_! ws*
B.C., occupation lumberman, in";. |0|l-_
lor a apeclal limber licence orer ," j_
.,.->. ,-il.,..i land.: 0ona-neocln| ���! SJ,.. rtr*1**!
about t mile, up Ihe we., fork "''"���-,���. ��J
planted on  tha north   Sank olIII" ���"*" M
,.,.tk...i jo.ePh 1'iiMtk'. ���-.���LSHfir
fcaiilh M chalna. lllfnca we.t "''.-,., to
north ��0 rhalua. tlaea.e eaat ���",���*..��,m
aaf commencement, aontatulng ���"���*
Dated Ueoem bar MS, W ���    3f, "����� H**| The Daily Canadian
muot dine on FROG LEGS every day.    We furnish the
���f,   Pork,   Mutton  and Veal
Also    "
Hams, Bacon and Latd
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality in glass aud wood.
o Burns & Co., Ltd.
Rosslasad     .NELSON, ti���G�� Boundary
.oherriian Beer
ie Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
,,| Dl*tr!ct   District oi West Kootenay
jtice  lhal Krcd. J. Bammons,  a tti nl   for
aer, ol   Nelaou,  occupation   wateb-
..  ., l- in ttpply  lor  permission to pur-
It     ...*. 'nt-    lt-scrilH-d  lAttda:   Coin men -
-:.:..,    about  J1 j   mile*  CASt of
thenoe -iu cIiaIub in  au  easterly
lhenoe   xo chains   aouth, thenee *U
i tvettarl* direction, thence 'JO ehaina
!.. p nut !���' cninmuucenieul, aon tal ning
on ot Imi
iv. -~lh, IWI.
f. *t. 0_iOtOVBi  Ak�� ut
\n\ DUtrll i. District ot Vt-eat Kootenar
��� thai Fred J. Mammon*. **.�������� tn ior
.���. I. ol Iti'i-t'T. occupation rancher,
��� apply tot permiaalou to purchase the
���crlbed land*: Commencing at a
bontlU miles eaat of Wilson creek,
bUi west - i imi na, Ihence nortb west JO
DC* iiuriiieasiAtchalus, theuca aouth-
Ini to tli* the [-oint of commencement
> tu a* res, more or lea*.
,.   J Lb, 1UW7.
AmniHAi.il ajroaaaoM ballabu,
Agent Y   J   (tsMMo**!.
ii.1 District- District ol We��l Kit-oten.y
\\,-,- Lhat W. A. Hudson, timber crulaer,
., ripokan mty, Waahington, oue
,*.i BUtaaof Amelia*, luteud* to apply
mi tlmbai license over the foilowiug
Eandi ' ommi qi lugat a poat marked
U-d on thi ii'iru, bAUk of Corn creek,
rliou of thu >.>nh lork of Corn creek
qaId it ream, about Ave mile* ina
n-cUi'ii frum confluence of said Corn
the Kootenay river; thanoe north 40 |
race treat L0O chalni-.; ihence aouth 40
��� ii. ��� eaat lfio chain* to point of com-
i, containing 640 acre* more or le**.
1 iwljuim umber limit No 7 on the
inl,.: mult No. 8 on the south, a* lo-
;oti mbart* i*ff.
William A. HunaoK, Locator.
hy latrick 0. uhlue
di  an.l alraad by the within named W
the 99th day of November, A   D.
lire  mi   at Hpokane,   Spokane  Countr,
m.oneo. the Culled h-lateaof AinericA.
i. iilatnct. District ol West Kootenay
. Uml Isabella I'lerca, fbtraasburg,
, raerrlad wouiaii, intends to Apply
moo lo purchase the lollowlng Mais;   i ommeni-liig At a po*t punted at
ion of the north boundary of Lot
,;,,   cast  boundary   ol   Lot   J*"*   ���*--�����
.* . ������,:.- more or lesa. to lhe north-
r of timber Limit No. WH, thence
lAlu*, tbence weat JO chalna, more or
' .'II-.1 aide of WhaWhan lake, Ihence
(.Ante in a autitherlv And westerly
isj i lialiis. more or leaa to the lutcr
ih ol MlaA. t_��no*M chain*, more or
ring I'Asterly boundary ol Lot HIH& m
:,  iii-tobur, 191)7. Ill-Wltl PlB*
K. <L KAD44L1SK, Agent-
. i 1'i-trii'l. District nf West Koolenay
Ilea Uml Alexander J- McCool, of
��� , oci-uimuou clerk, intend* to aypiy
-Mm In purchase the following ilea
. . i      -'oiniueuclug al a DMt planted on
��� ni houndary ol B 0 -Soutliern Rall-
iii way, aU-ut one aud a hall  tulles
rom lhe northweat corner ol lnt *��*���*-.
Kootana-r. thence south ��o chains,
to no ohaini, thence  north HO chaius W
��� ���������uudary of said rtght-ol-wa., Itieuee
aluiaJoni said southern  boundary i����
..niin.iiceiiient, fend containing WW
re ol less
i ivembarfth, ion.
IM-lrH t      D.-Uriel "1 V*v**l  Koolenay
diee thai K. P, ntirdeu, acting as ageiu
Burden,  of   Po-lofc,   N- B.f  uccunatlini
Mitctids   to  apply   for   permission   to
the lollowlng deacrlbed  lauds:    com*
si pi poal platiled on the  easterly OhOTt
ska Kiid about lo chains north 01 the
ii. i   ul   lot HIG.'!,  thence eaal JU  chain--.
���t;h -iu chains, more or Ic-"-, to the lake
in ��� southweati-rly along the hike shore
lut.,( . nininciieemcul,   and  containing
inora or li-**,
-viiuber lrith.iwy". Jamks H  Hi-rden.
F. i'    HurIiR-n, Agent.
ind DiitrlOt. Uistrict ol West Kootenav
otloe that John Jame* Cameron, of
'mo-all Columbia, occupation coutrae-
< nds io apply Ior permlaalon to
in,- following desi'rll.ed land: Com-
in a post planted 00 the southern
y of the B: C. Houthern right-of-way
clmltis westerly from the IS. W corner
', Krinip 1, Kootenay, thenco south BO
hence east *u chains, thunce nortli 60
" iho snnihern boundary ol the tout
way, thence westerly along aald aoulh*
Hilary of right of-way to tho point
Dement,aoa containing MOaOrMi more
i November Oth, i��07.
Join Jamw (���a��kbohl_
���iiiul Uistrict. District of Won* Kootenay
otloe Lhat John Hindi, of Ncodlt-a, B.C.,
"ii   riinchcr,   intends  to  apply   for pcr-
l" purchase thu following described
mamenoing at a post plauted at th��
si coriior of Ixit 789H. thenco west *"
Lhenoe south BO chains, thence eHst ��o
hence north 80 chain* to iho pointof
cement, and coutuimng ano acres, more
mih October, 1907. Jam��k Himbi.l,
Y ti. KAtigi'iRK, Agent.
��n-| iMstrlot Diatrict of Weal Kootenay
"in-f Hint Angun Mi-t.tii, of tbo City of
"i-upiuinn iiiriii.ui, Intends to apply K>r
"n l-�� imrcliase tho following descrlhcd
t'omini-uclng at a post planted at the
"rnur L C, Morrlaon's ranch, lu Kir
tiu-.ee north forty (40) chalna, Ihenc
>' (40) chalim, theiico aoulh ,iity WO
l" ine west forty (41.) chains olnto
�� imnt, and lonialntng one hundred
(lfid) acres, more or lesa.
���''���iT'.nil. 1907.        ANmn   UCOllt
row I-nkc, on Moki-uUo Creek) and 21 chalu? 7S
lluks south ol the N W. c. of said lot, running
thence v.-i ttu chains, thence south Ho chains,
tiii-n-'i- eaalffo chains, thunce north DO chaius to
(���j .. I- of commencement, containing id" acics,
more or teas.
CHARUl-D   M AH-IIAl.i.,
AKeut   for   Mugo ''nr-ti'im.
Dated M Decemher 1907.
Nelson Laml IM-ttu   Diatrict ol West Kootenay.
'lake notice that Tina Bergman, of AltouA,
Man , occupAtiou wife of Oa BergmAU, farmer,
AltotiA, Man., Intends to apply for periuixalon to
purcb**e the following described lan<i:
Cominenciug at a post planted ai the N. K. C.
of Hugo Canton���* application to purchase aud
running thence west bu chain* tbeuce nortb HO
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence south 8
chain* 2t> Ln*.-. ihence east 40 ci>aliin, thence
���outh 71 chain* 76 link* to point ol cuuimt-uce-
uiiTii, consiaining G4/7 acres more or leas.
I   IUK1.R*  Mil..*HJ,i.]���
Agent   for    iuih    Bergman.
Dated 23 December 19U7.
Nelson Laud District    DUtrlot of West Kootenay.
Take notice Lhat l-��vl t.eorge I'ayne, of Needles,
B. U() occupation rAiicher, iiit.-i..;> to apply lor
permiHslon to purchase the lollowlng deacrlbed
latia*: Commencing At a post planted about 16
cbaln* west ol Wbaubau creek and ���-'��� wm cbalus
south of the southwest eoruer of Lot -So -v.i-
ruuuiug thenoe nortb ni chains, tbence weatau
chain*, thenco south 12 166 chalua, thence t-tut
ii ���<.-.** chAlu*, thence south 67 R46 cnalns, theuce
67.419 chain* east to point uf commencement,
containing 481 acrea, now surveyed a* lot 8186
Uatod filn Jauuary, 19U8.  I-avi ^.borob 1'ayke.
Weat Kootenay Laud DiatrtLt.    L>i*titct of CioAt
lAke notlco that I, George A. Hunt, of Kit.
I'lii-iicr. oceupatlou tini'Mi limn, imend u>
apply for permlaalon to purcb*A*e the
following described laud: Commencing At a
I-oat planted about -to chains, wr-*t of lbompsoo
marked .**���. W, corner. 11 cuce south lo..a chalna
theuce eaat iiul ciiau t, Iheuco north IL46
chains*, theuce west Alo.igB.C. boutbern Hallway to place of comment euieni, c-outaiuiug 1*8.18
_ iiatud January 8th, 1908.   _ Gkoaoa H. Hunt.
Nol*on Laud -District. Dutrlet of Wesl Kootenay
TaJte nonce that 1, Frederick Adle. of Waueta,
H. C, oovupatlou mercbaut, intend to apply for
permisalou u> purchaao tbe following ue*cribed
land: Oommwuciug at a post planted abcut lu
chain* weal uf the n h. co.u-_.toi u,t m.:., tbence
north At ubalua, ihence eait 8u chains, tbeuce
*ouih 2t> chain*, tbeueu wen 80 chaius tu poiul
ol commence ment, i-outaluiug leu acres, more or
Dated January 21st. 19U8.       Frbubrick Ami*
Sensational   Endorsement  of  Claims  of
Spiritualists by Sir Oliver
_< Lodge.
Notice ,a htreby glvcu tliut the Klu-
naj>'--aiialor Cedar i_.uiji|iauy, uu axtra uru*
viniLia,   couauuuy     uuiy     regiblerud, a..
bUCll, Ulld .lll.lla.l l.'...'al lo CUI l'y OU bUbl-
Ua-btj WlUalU 111,' proVlueo ol llll.la.la l-lol-
UUiUlU,   UUd    ll.lVllig    UU    llaaal    ouice    at
Crublaau, lu the suid prOTUlOa, luuuulac-
luiuib, lui'f by doc-d ol ubbiuuuieui,
duiou  tba  Ulli  duy ol   Docouibor, UOT,
Ubbiguud uii iu. parsonal proparty, i....
euiutu, creditH, uud aflSota, wlucb ma..
be belzud uud bold uudur oxeculiou lo
uie, a ti.,.,. .. O. Hodgers, ol Creutou,
liillisia Coluuibiu, nii.il.' i muuuluciuier,
Ear the geuerul beiieut ol lib ciediioi'b.
A uieeiiug ol the creditor*, will be
held ui ilie olbce ol lt. It, Mucdouuld,
buirisierullaw, eoruer UuKer uud Stanley StWIS, Nelaou, 11. C, at tbe hour ol
three oclock iu the aJlt-ruoou ou Tueb-
nuy, tlie Silbi day Of Ueceiuber, 11,07, lor
the giving ol dlrectloub with relereuce
to the ui.-|.'.:,.il ol the eutaie.
Aud until, r take notice thut ull creditors are required on or before the ISfe-lli
duy ol December, 11,07, to Ule with ine.
the ubslgn.i'. lull iiarticuluru of their
�� l:tiin:, duly veiilled, and the uulure o(
tbe security, If any, held by them.
And notice ia hereby given thut ufter
the 2!>th day of December, 11)07, 1 will
liroceetl to distribute the ubHi-ts amougut
lhe creditors of Who** debts or cliituiH
1 shall then have received notice aud 1
will not be reHiioiiblblo for the assets,
or any part thereof, so distributed to
any creditor of whose debt or claim 1
shail not thou have received notice.
Dated ut Creston, ll. IS., this Ulli day
of December,  11107.
Sir Oliver Dodge, president of Hir-
uiliigham University, makes the startling announcement that splrltuulism is
a fact. He has roOOtve* meHSHgt-H from
tlie Unseen World, and under conditions
that to his mind made uny but a spiritualistic exialunutlou Impossible. One thing,
however, It is well to remember, and
that i.s Sir Oliver Dodge's position. He
does not speak as a scientist, hut. as a
spiritualist- For years he has heen dabbling with mysteries, and the most has
heen made of his position as a scientist, the idea being to prove lhat lt
Would be Impossible for tricksters to
lmjKise on him. Any such conclusion
ls absurd. Sir Oliver is probably not
moro worldly wise than one of his students, and for the claim that science
now acknowledges spiritualism, the
fact Is that Sir Oliver Dodge is hy no
means so eminaant us a scientist as
he is likely to he as a spiritualist. The
ground of pure science he left years
ago, when he lirst lent himself to spiritualistic investigations.
It ls quite possible for a writer on
the subject of spiritualism to tLake
a-ither oue of two opposite sides to the
question und to denounce or approve,
as lie chooses. Oue may either record a number of phenomena that very
di cidedly point to u supernutural cause,
or he may record the thousand Instances of imposture discovered. In the
event of a movement to hound or
ridicule honest believers ln psychic
phenomena. It would be proper to point
out that there appears to be some basis for their convictions; and at a
time when fakirs are reaping a rich harvest* from the credulity of the foolish,
it would be proper to show how nearly
every one of the whole spiritualistic
bag of tricks can be duplicated by conjurers, ln making the latter statement
lt Is fair to say that Houdlln, a great
exponent of legerdemain, once declared his inability to explain some spiritualistic demonstrations. Uellachtnl, a
court prestldigltateur of Berlin, and
Kellar, the American conjurer, both admitted that they were unable to account for some of the spiritualistic performances.
One risks little by asserting that
some of the crudest and most detestable frauds of modern times are to be
charged against these "professors" of
spiritualism. Everyone is familiar with
the case of Diss Debar, the harpy who
ruined    Luther Marsh,    of    New York,
Notiee is hereby given that the Great
West Railway Company will apply to
the Parliament of Canada, at the present session thereof, for an act amending
the said Company's Acts of Incorporation by striking out the names of those
persons who. by Sections 1 and 2 of
Chapter 167 of the Statutes of 1903. are
created Incorporators and provisional
directors of the Company and Inserting
In lieu thereof the names of certain
other Individuals as such incorporators
and provisional directors; changing the
head office of the Company from Nelson.
1*1. C, to Port Arthur. Ontario, and extending the respective times for the
commencement and completion of the
various lines of railway which the Company ls empowered to construct.
Dated Ottawa. Sllst January, 1H08.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
once a law partner of Daniel Webster.
A case not so well known, but especially Illustrative of human credulity, ls
that of a prominent San Francisco citizen named Hennett. Some years ago
he fell Into the hands of a band of spiritualist vampires, and they ruined him
before he escaped from their clutches.
A hard-headed business man when he
began, he was soon reduced to the
mental status of a child. He was led
to believe that It was possible to transfer articles like carriages, etc., to Jupiter, and have them re-materialized on
that planet. Bennett, was a carriage
manufacturer, and was induced lo part
with several vehicles in the interests
of the Inhabitants of Jupiter. So besotted was he that when his friends
.showed him one carriage that the gang
had sold to a dealer for one-fifth Its
value, Hennett would only admit that
"It looked something like it." Yet he
made the  carriage himself.
Caught in  Plow  Fan.
Rochester. N. Y.. Feb. S.���John Wlck-
ens. aged 86 years, of Sodus Point, was
caught In the fan of a plow on the Rho-
Cttester and Sodus Point Electric railway and whirled ahout while the car
covered half a mile. Finally his body
became so tightly wedged in the fan
that It stopped Its revolving and the
car was brought to a standstill when
Wickens was discovered. His right leg
was broken fn two places and he was
lacerated about the body and he may
die. A storm was raging at the time
Wickens was struck and he neither
saw nor heard the car until it was
upon him.
Auction Sale
Dent's New and Second
Hand Store
Wednesday, Feb. 5
At 2 p. m. Sharp.
We have a large assortment of second
hand furniture, new mattresses, couches, granite and tin ware. Our goods are
on view from now until day of sale.
Don't miss this opportunity. Our goods
at your prices.
Turner Beeton Block, 60S Vernon Street.
No. 331.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897
or desirauSe ���u transporting logs and
other minerals to the mills and plants
of the Company, and ln transporting
the manufactured products of such
plants to the markets; in log and
drive streams; to construct and operate
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of any bonds or other securities or
evidences of indebtedness created or
Issued by any corporation or corporation, association or associations of the
Stale of Maine, or of any other state,
territory or country, and, while the
owner thereof, to exercise all tho rights,
powerB and privileges of ownership;
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of shareB of capital stock of any
other corporation or corporations, association or associations of the State
of Maine, or of any other state, territory or country, and , while the owner
of such stock, to exercise all the rights,
powerB and privileges of ownership, including the right to vote ihereon;
To aid in any manner any corporation
or association of which any bonds or
other securities or evidences of indebtedness or stock are held by the corporation, and to do any acts or things designed to protect, preserve, Improve or
enhance the value Q-J-any such bonds
or other securities or evidences of indebtedness or stock-.
The business of the Company is from
Ume to time to do any one or more ot
tbe acts and things herein set forth;
and it may conduct its business in other
States, territories aud possessions of
the United States, in BritibU Columbia,
and in foreign countries, and may have
one ollice or more than one othce, and
keep the books of the Company outside
of the State of Malue, except as otherwise may be provided by law, aud may
hold, purchase, mortgage, and convey
real or personal property, either in or
out of the State of Maine.
All the powers of the corporation are
vested in the board of directors, who
may make, alter, amend or repeal all
by-laws of the company, except such
by-laws as regulate or affect the election of directors and orlicers, and except when the change of a by-law or
exercise of a power is made by statute expressly dependent upon action by
or consent of the stockholders.
Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorise the corporation to transact business in any other state, territory, or
foreign country, contrary to the provisions of the laws of auch Btate, territory or loreign country, and that nothing in these purposes shall be construed
to give the corporation any rights, powers or privileges not permitted by the
laws of the State of Maine to corporations organized under Section 6 of
Chapter 47 of the Revised Statutes of
the State of Maine, and the following
corporate purposes shall be exercised
only In states and jurisdictions other
than Maine, namely, the construction
and operation of railroads, or aiding in
the construction thereof, telegraph or
telephone companies, and gas or electrical companies, and such businesses
are to be carried on only ln states and
jurisdictions when and where permissible under the laws thereof.
We have for sale a first class modern residence, and four lots, in a
good residential position. The house contains four bedrooms, dining
room, parlor, kitchen, pantry, bathroom, basement, finished attic. Stone
foundation and electric light. The workmanship and material are of the
best. Tlie lots are fenced and planted wilh fruit and ornamental trees,
flower gardens and lawns.    Price $5,000.
l'���H i>UU. ����/*.��-
H. & M. BIRD
v Tremont House
To Whom It May Concern:
Take notice that J. L. Warner Is not
now and hus not been since the 18th
day of November iasl employed by or
lu any way connected with the Bradley
r-nglnoorlng and Machinery Co. of
Spokane, Washington.
���ii i.t
1 ..n.l Dlairlet. DialrKilol Weat Kootenay
Piiitlr-ethat IIuko lar��lru��, ol Wlnnlpea,
""ii|,��lltiii  publlalier, Intenda to apply
i landi
to   |.nn Iii.ac lhe   following  air
.uolajB at a poat planted on   the weat
fair ol L. ��7��, 0. 1, (aboul S mllei Iron, Ar-
Notice Is hereby given that all taxes
for tho year 1908 under the Assessment
Act llior, and amending" nets, and under
tho Public Schools Act, are now duo
and payable. pERcy ^ QLEAZEf,_
Collector of Rovenue. Nelson, B. C.
Nelson, B. C, 2nd Jan., 1908.
Feb. vary 4 to 8
RATE���Fare snd third for round trip.
Tickets on sale Feb. 3 to 7 Inclusive.
Final   limit,   Feb.  10th.
Correspondence Invited nnd cheerfully  answered.
Call on or write
A.O.P.A..VanoouTar. D P.A., Nelion
I hereby certify that "The Kootenay
Cedar Company" has this day been registered as an Extra-Provincial Cpm-
pany under the "Companies Act, 1897,"
lo carry or effect all or any of the objects of the Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature ot
British Columbia extends, except the
construction and working of railways,
and the business of insurance.
The head ofHce of the Company Is situate at Portland, Cumberland County,
The amount of the capital of the
Company is one million seven hundred
and fifty thousand dollars, divided Into
seventeen thousand five hundred shares
of one hundred dollars each.
Thu head office of the company ln
this Province is situate at Nelson, and
R. S. Lennie, barrlster-at-law, whose
address ls Nelson, B. C, ls the attorney
for the Company, not empowered to Issue and transfer slock.
The Compuny is limited.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria. Province of British
Columbia, this eleventh day of January,
one thousand nine hundred and eight.
Registrar of Joint  Stock Companies.
The   objects  for  which   this     Company has been established and registered are; ���
To acquire, hold, Improve lease and
sell timber, fanning, grazing, mineral
and other lunds, and the products thereof; to mine or otherwise extract or remove coal, ores, slone and other minerals and Umber from any laud owned,
leased or occupied by the company, or
from any other lunds; to buy, build,
construct, maintain and operate plants
and works for the development of
such lands, and for the handling, preparing nnd rendering commercially
available of the various products thereof; ami to buy, or sell or otherwise to
deal or to traffic ln wood, timber, lumber, coal, slone, ores and other material, and any of the products thereof,
and any article consisting, or partly
conslsting. thereof.
To engage In trade and maintain
To buy. build, hold and lease or sell
all kinds of houses and buildings, anal
lln, lands ou which the same may be located; to buy, own and hold, with a
view to Its Improvement and sale, any
kind of  real  estate.
To breed, raise and deal In cattle
and live stock of all kinds; ahd to manufacture, buy, sell and otherwise deal
In   all   kinds of  dairy   productB.
To construct docks, slips, bridges, machinery, ships, bouts, engines, cars and
other equipment, elevators, water
woSks, gas works, electric works, viaducts, aqueducts and othor water-ways,
and to sell the same, or otherwise to dispose thereof, or to maintain and operate tho same; to construct and to maintain and operate all trams, railroads,
spuds, switches, locomotives, cars,
trains nnd equipment for the purposes
of the Company only, and not as a
common carrier, that may be necessary
European and American Plan
Heali 85 eta,   Boomi from % eta. to II.
only White Help KinployeC.
Baler St., Nelaon Proprietor!
Moat comfortable quarters      Nelaon
Only the best otLlquora and clgara
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 260.    Opposite Court Houst
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelion. B. C.
l-arse  and   Comfortable   Bodrooma and Flrat
elan Ultima: Room.
MR8. E. C. CLARKE,  Proprietress.
One of
The Best
In Fruit Lands now offering. 157 acres
of choice land situated on Howser Lake.
$20.00 per acre, easily cleared.. Must be
sold at once.
For  full   particulars  apply
If you want Good Land
MeDermid & McHardy
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tba, Bar li tbe Pineal.
White Help Only Kmployod
.loaephlne Bt.
Nelion, B. 0.
Royal Hotel
Is nbw ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery -will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care -will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Rates fl and |1.50 a Uny.
Special Rates to Reirular Boarders
Notice ls hereby given that the undersigned huve submitted to the l.ia-u
tenant-tlovcrnor-ln-'CouncIl a proposal
under the Kivors and Streams Act for
the clenriny and removing obstruct! ns
from tlie lHihamel Creek (otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) ln the District of West Kootenay, Province of
Ht It Ish Columbia, and for making the
said creek tit for rafting and driving
thereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining alums on
the said creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding
sorting and delivering logs and timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth of said
The lands to be affected by such work
ara- Lota 787, 788, 7601, 7773, 4394, 8411
and S413 all ln Group One, Kootenay
District, and other lands not Crown
granted, occupied or improved.
The tollB proposed to be charged are
such as may be fixed by the Judge ot
the County Court of West Kootenay.
Dated the 28th day of October, 1907.
W.    Q.    GILLETT
Contractor and
Hu I.��!���-.
Hole HKt-m for the Porto Kii-o Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail jar.li*. Rough amidrensttd lumber, turiiea
work mul brftckebi, Cout l*th aad di inn.*.-*���., M*h
and doora. Cuinent, brick and lime for iale
Automatic -crlnder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eaat of Hall
MBLSON,   ��. G.
P   O. Box 23"J Telephone 178
In the matter ot an application lor the laiueof
a duplicate of the Cerllfleate of Title to Lota
I. fi. and 6, Block 6, Nulion city, -mb-hvision ot
part of Lot UU, -Group One, Dintrict of kootenay
(Map 486).
Notice Ih hereby Riven that It Itt my intention
to Uiue at the expiration of one month after tba
first publication hereof a duplicate of theCurtlfi-
��� ate o. Title to the above mentioned lots In the
uaraoof Tattle Rhodes which Certificate is dated
the 16th day of May, l*���.������.��, and numbered lSOT-k.
Land Ki-Jiniry Office, Nelson, Be, January
������Jith.lllPh. H, F. MacLKOD,
District Registrar.
A. M. Can. Bee. O. H.    "
Mining Work a Specialty.
Olllce:   Room  10,  K.-W.-C. Blk.   P.  O.
Box    434.
Baker 8t., Nelaon, B. C.
Cancellation of Reserve.
Notice la hereby Riven that the reacrra over
cturtatD lanala in Soutli-Kaat Ktaotenay. notiee of
which itiva-aif., It, tne lanttftla a ..iimtna tlazutte
��� >l the Uth ol Aaiaaaat, 1-vPU Haul t.ore alate ol An-
���uat 1'ith, 1890, la ht-reby catia'aalla',,. Tho above
.n.-ual.iii.-.l lau'laa will be npeti tor location under
the Land Act ou Mareli 90, I'.ftw.
HepntT 1'a.maui--' t ol Landi and Work-
1-anala anal Worka aieitatrliueul,
Victoria. B. C, Ueeomber lath. 1W7.
a.    I Tne Daily Canadian
,^**l**r ta*     *     T _   T af^ ^e  ^ave a    "tost    complete     line  in
|        la-J     f\    I   I \|  ^W       beautiful   Gold   Filled   designs  for   men
\>_y^  AxaJLA    -I s**J       ���** Pri��* ranging from.   .$2.00 to $12.00.
Ladies'   Long     Chains,     60  in.  lengih SS.00 to $45.00.
Neck Chains $1.75 to S9.00.
Long Silver Neck Chains $1.50 to $4.00.
Silver Neck Chains 50c  to  $1.50.
.mami'ach m.-aa
Watchmaker and Optician
Bargains in all lines
of Dry Goods, Millinery  and  Ladies'
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to Soo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Ooadsdaile & _:
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
$1.50 to $10.00.
Wtlcomt Nugget Smoking
Queen Cigar Store
BUSH  S.  MATT HEW.  Props.
Mild and Appetising.
See  Oar Window Display.
Telephone 161.
Corner of Stanley and Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
F. C. McGuiean and wife. Spokane;
T. Campbell. Montreal; T. Conlan. Toronto.
Band   at   Roller   Rink.
The city band will play at  the Alice
Roller Rink tonight.
Council   Meeting.
The regular meeting of the city council Mill be held in the council chamber
.Monday night at S o'clock. There will
inii-ortani  reports from  all  commit
Metals  and   Stocks.
The last day of the week saw a
marked advance in the price of silver,
of nine points ..>n each market. The
New York quotation is now 56*-j cents.
Copper stock quotations show no
v nausea.
Library   Ball.
The event of next week will be the
Library ball on the night of St. Valentine's day The ball will be held probably in the armory. It is designated
a La! Pauidre but powder is not an essential condition.
Growing   Industry.
J. Y. Griffin and"*-company are expanding their local smoking and curing
plant and increasing their staff. This
is now a very important part of their
Kootenay business. A display of their
products is on view in J. A. Irving and
company's window today.
Methodist Services.
Tomorrow morning's service at the
Methodist church will be a special
children's service wth a talk on Valentines. In the evening the pastor will
discuss the subject, "What Is a Man
to Do Who Is Out of Work in a Financial Crisis and Is Starving?"
i_L.,r.     Vernon  cai-au   v\ t��t-tl    -,1-e-t*.
.>'-il_.SO.-S.  fc-.C.
J. D. Anderson and wife, Mis.*; Day.
H. C. A. Cornish, F. \V. Guernsey. Trail;
\V W. Merrill, Brandon; D. R. Cameron. V. A. Reverson. A. A. Dic>i, Calgary: J. A. Collings. K. A. Simmons.
J. W. CoSlis, A. E. Jessup. Vancouver;
A. Carney. Kaslo; P. E. Wilson. M. A.
.Macdonald. G D. Beattie, Cranbrook:
J. E. Read. Erie; W. G. Long, J. G.
Mc-Kinnon. Toronto; F. C. Bukler,
Greenwood: W. Gurneau, Montreal; A.
C. McKeen, Seattle.
B. C. Shipley, Spokane: J. Edwards.
Rossland; J. McLean. W. Dawson. H.
Williams. J. Lambert. Procter: L. Nelson, Moyie; H. C. Snyder and wife.
Mias Shellp. B. Gibbons. Ymir; W. McDonald, J. Callaghan. Erie: W. Green.
Magara; R. S. Rowland. Wolseley; T.
Pric-. Arrowhead; M. Zwick, Esterhazv.
A. R Heyland, J. A. RIddell. R. Jar-
dine. F. E. Clute. Kaslo; T. J. Graham.
R. C. Kerr and wife, Orovilie: W. Mc-
Dougall. Movie; Miss C. Hay ward. London: F. R. Stevenson and wife, Midwav.
H. Schwerk. A. MeEachern. Silver-
ton; W. Kennedy. Creston: F. F. Fullmer. R. Blacklaw. N. McDonald. Waneta: E. Watt. W. Reid. J. Burkett.
J. Sparks. Moyie: L. G. Se'.wyn. Arrowhead: F. Culver, Spokane: E. Jones.
J. Roberts. L Farmer. Kaslo: J. R.
Biggam. C. White. Slocan; H. Morton.
Rossland:   3.   Miies.  Erie.
NICKERSON. the Jeweiery Manufacturers Agent will sell you goods from samples at 25 per cent, less than regular
prices direct from the factories, in 8
days from order. Everything ln the
line.   Order now.
Geo.  P.  Player
Office   Roo��-   No.  2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
I4XJR HALE ��t a r-*nc��.i.n ->t ej-.hto.ge Cor   V��n-
coorer pro-pert; tn almost  ne-*-. modern in
*s*verr  r- - -   - n *[<*.* aco    Full b***e-
ra*.nt with lance --en  sail*!  ���  for < :'.'.:at*1   room,
; te.*e ���wole an-1 e_rrlAfct house     Two nice
lot* in the finest  re**:   ���  ."   portion   ol  -f-okane.
- ��� ���:    .**r,��
;-.,..-- write
Y. a  Box USl, Vo**voon**t   B  C
\JLTAMTMM ���- I I ._..���:,'-������ r tOnUOOSt to write
11 ���.- .-iri'-e oa ail kin-li of IttO OOOOk
**#*-.���,:.*������ :<ra:!, trom an;. tUN MrlMnh Am-en ran
ck A-MWdaltion. > inojuver, B C. or
"A   J   U-iker. Hume Hotel. N��-.j��on.
'ANTED    Oflie*. BaftJtM  Street   ground floor
preferred     box MM <ana<3ian
SIX ROOMFI. BorSK, furrjls��he-3or unfnrnmh-
��� ,]     Apply io J. I>ani-y, corner Vernon  and
Joaepblna mreeta.
University   Club.
The February m-e-eting: of the University club of Nelson will be held in the
public school building tonight at 8:30.
The university committee will present
a report. V. \\\ Odium will read a paper on 'The Ethics of Exclusion." which
will be the subject of discussion. All
interested  are cordially  invited.
Hockey   Excursions.
Several hundred Nelsonites went over
to Rossland at noon today to see the
last of the carnival and especially to
see the contest for the hockey championship of British Columbia to be
played tonight between the Nelson and
Rossland teams. A private special left
at 12:-A* with refreshments and an attendant for the 30 or more on board
An excursion train left at 1:15. The
boys will have plent-r ot partizans at
the rink sif-p
Ccunty  Court.
The county court opened this morning at 10:30. The first case called was
that of I. N. Dally vs. John Burns, an
action for damage to property. The defendant had a contract to raise the
plaintiff's house on Silica street two
feet, for which he was to receive $25.
The plaintiff claims for damage to the
building and furniture. The plaintiff
was examined hy his counsel, R. S. Lennie. and cross-examined by R. M. Mac*
k^onald. who with R. W. Hannington.
appeared for the defendant. Shortly
after 12 court was adjourned to 10 a. m.
The  New Wharf.
Last year's council, as Is generally
known, took up the question of im-
��� roved wharf accommodation and open-
e*i negotiations with the C. P. R. and
G. N. R. companies. Yesterday a conference was held at which F. F. Bus-
.. superintendent of the Pacific di-
. of the C P. R., Mayor Taylor
and Aid. Procter, chairman of the board
of works, were present. Tbe result of
'he conference will be communicated to
the city council at its next meeting.
What has been published, purporting
to be a report, a competent authority
' -. is not only wholly unauthorized
but ridiculously inaccurate.
Arrest of Ciddeo.
A subscriber has forwarded a copy
of the Dtseret Evening News, of Salt
Lake City, containing an account of the
capture of Ciddeo, the Niagara murderer, which was announced a week
ago. The following is an extract: "The
still hunt went on. Thursday evening
lAbputy Marshall Smyth and Officer
Devitt stood in the storm waiting for
ih-lr man to come along Second South
street. He failed to show up, and at
midnight tbe officers went home, Ured,
wet and numb with cold. They were
back on west Second South yesterday
morning and at noon saw their man.
Mr. Smyth approached the fellow quietly and asked him If he was looking for
work. "I am," said the Italian, unsuspectingly. "WeH, I have some trench
work to be done, and if we can come
to terms you are just the man I want."
said the officer.    Continuing to discuss
Alice Roller Rink
TWO FIRST-Ca-AHS HCOMfl   (team heated,
ply bout.ka.t*t 3rd flat. K  W. 0. blair-S.
St*  George's  Baking Powder
A pure, Canadian, good product. No alum, ammonia, lime or phosphate.     The  best and most  widely known Baking Powder.
Comes in six sizes: 2 pound tins. $1: *% pound trials tins, 20 cents;
other sizes, 25, 35, 60 and 75 cents. Try it and you will never use any
Canada Drug & Book Co'y* Ltd.
Bowling Alley
Hand: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings.
Mornings, afternoons and evenings,
without band, children 15c adults 25c,
Including skates.
Evenings with band, except Saturday
evenings, 40c, including skates.
Saturday evening, band and special
attractions, to 11 o'clock, 50c, In -aiding
skates, spectators 25c
Smoked aad Salt
Kippers      15c. lb.
Bloaters     2 lb. 25c.
Smoked Halibut 17c. per lb.
Salt Herrings.... 50c. per doz.
Cod Fish 2 lb. bricks 25c.
C. A. Benedict
Corner allies and Josephine gta.
Our   assortment   is   full   and   cornplete.
See our Fancy Lace Valentines with
Fancy Embossed Envelopes to match,
5c and   15c each.
Fancy Valentines, each in a b.ix. 25c.
35c and 45c each.
Comics. 2 for 5c.
Comic   and   Art   Post   Cards,
10c  each.
5c   and
Comic Novelties, 25c, 30c. 50c and up
to $1.25 each.
Wa G. Thomson
��_��__*- "*   Nelson, B. C.
Phonci *2%A.
IN EL-SOP***!,     -     B. G*
Jobbing   promptly   attended   to.     Plans
snd Estimates.
Apply 415 Hsll St. Box 385.
work, times and similar topics, Mr.
Smyth steered the Italian east off Second South from the Greek section ami
when tbe county jail was reached they
turned in: "This la the place,'' said
Smyth. "The work Is In the rear but
you had better come in and be rggis*
tered and put od the payroll in the
regular way. This is my partner," he
added, as Officer Devitt approached.
The three men turned into the county
jail and entered by a side door. Th"
door was clicked behind Ciddeo. Some
tUng then seemed to tell the wily
Italian he had walked Into a trap. His
eyes narrowed and glanced around
quickly. He had la��-en pushed Into a
chair by Officer Devitt and as he heard
Smith saying, "You are under arrest
for destroying a hotel and the murder
of a girl���etc," his nerve seemed to
eive away.
F. W. Guernsey arrived from Trail
last night.
Mr. and Mrs J D. Anderson of
Kaslo, returned last night from a visit
to Trail.
A. Carney, timber Inspector of East
Kootenay. was In the city last night. On
Tuesday he will begin an inspecting
lour of his  district.
His Honor Judee Wilson arrived from
Cranbrook last night and this morning
held the opening s, sslon of the countv.
which   will  be  resumed  on   Monday.
CAPITAL,   $25,000.0)   In   25,00     shares
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crozler W. Bourke.
OFFICE, No. 322 Baker St.  (Croasdalle
A Co.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed In the
Standard Furniture Co.'s window.
APPLICATIONS for stock are Invited
PARTICULARS and forms of Application may be obtained at the Company's office, or from H. A. Stewart,
Solicitor, Nelson, B. C.
Wholesale and   Kelall Pealer* ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing hut   fresh and
whole-some meats and supples kept in stock
Mail onler*. receive careful attention
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Manager.
\^aW*aAF              '          T
Th   /   **'    -^**"^ )t*\
bU captured  the confidence of. all 1 A
ges of goo.; -hlngs. The collecuS,  *
thillS ,ul1 ���� I
Diamonds, Silverware, Clocks
American   and   Imported   Watch
Solid  Gold snd  Silver Jewel'*'
Ornaments,   Table   Cutlery, 'Et
We   axla-nil   to   you   a  cordial  It,.,
tlon  to come and examine ���Ur al^*
Jeweller snd Optician.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice,   Freit
Fael Co.
N. E. co,. Baker   snd   Ward   Sts.
Whnleame  Provlaloni
Creamery One Pound Bricko received weekly fresh from ft.
'ihuru.    For sale by all leading Krooen
Offlce and warehouse : Houston Block,    Pnone 7��.
Josephine Street.
Nelion, EC
n TVT ' *^**^-��^***��*��*s^'' ".***.
We bave a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra suaps for
investment or for a home.
We   have still a number   of
suits that will be sold at the
��� AKER   ST.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
We would Ilka* to see all our patroniacomfortable this winter ��r.\ In atffej
do so we have In stock the best assort ed   line of heating stores sn* cotfel
stoves  and  ranges  ever  befnre  presented to the public In Kootsnsr.
We would  be  pleased to show  you    our line and before raaklns .'i.r,
chase kindly see what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwi
Company, Limited.
Nelaon I
Real  Estate Agent
315  Baker  St.,   Nelson.   B.  C.
Corporation of  the City of Nelson.
The Hoard of Health of the City of
Nelson deem lt advisable that as a
measure of precaution all citizens shoulal
be vaccinated, and notice Is hereby
L'tvi-n to those desiring to be vaccinal.���<!
and who are not In a position to incur
the expense thereof, that the Medical
Health Officer will be In the Council
Chamber, City Hall, on Thursday, the
6tli day of February. b..-iw.-.-u tl,.. h<iur.
nt 4 and 5 o'clock p. m., and on t-aa-li
raccaedlng w-ea-k ilay as reqnlra* al the
same time antl place, faar tin* purpose of
vaccinating those who may pra-sa.nt
W.   E.   WASSON,
City Clerk.
February 5th. 1SI08.
Take  notice  that   I   will, on   the   ftth
day of March, I9liit, apply for a transfer
a.f the ll'jiK.l ;tr.-use laar the Silver KIlllL
Hi.,a-1. mi lime on I.ots Seva-n l"l anal
.Sight in,, in Block Ten IHM. on Hi.
south .hI.I.. a,f Haker street In Ilia- city ol
Nelson, from myself to l-sit. ,,i.. . h
Datad at  Nelson, I). C. this 2'itli dav
of .January, A. D.  1908.
R. H      	
Pure and Cheap
We have 1000 pounds of
which wo will sell at a bargain
5 lbs for 1.00.
Sp. olal   prices   for  larger lots.   Come
In and Inquire.
Choquette Bros.
Phone  258.
THE   Uoto Date  Bakers
Alberta Cranmery butter In 3lb., 7 lb.
ami H lh. blocks al 37c per pound.
For Sale at
F. C. GREEK        f. r. BURUtN        A. H.GREEN
Ovil Engineers, Dorainion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 115    Praont 2a! B.
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine anal Mills St
Filberts. Almonds. Walnut".   "*
Chest nuts,   Apple  Cider,  Northersl
apples,  llsldwln   Apple".  J��l>   IS���**"!
figs,   large  layer,  California   0n��*|
and Malaga Grapes.
A  large  assortment  of XmM s
Wholesale and retail prlras  *��**_
All Kinds of Heating Planta In Stock
Victoria St, Nr. Oners Hou.e.      Tel. 181.
Phone 20a. 508 It �������""
MKprt* I
We have s'JII a largo
mont of heaters to choose
AIbo a few odd stoves wW<* *"
will sell AT COST during b|oC*"
taking. ,
We would like you to call ��"
Inspect our stock.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*


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