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The Daily Canadian Apr 30, 1907

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. N*v."':-/ ;;VI ��� I
Iolumk I.   No. 277.
ipaiUj  (ftcmct&itttt
Firry Cshts a Month
liners'Vote Complete by
LcKcnzie King and G. G. S. Lindsey
[issue Optimistic Statements-
Two Year Agreement.
I (Speoltl to Tha Dally Canadian.)
e, April 30.  3:15  p.  m.���A  big
etlng of siisulss 1 tuns local la now being
Bd,    and u  vote  will   be  taken  tbla
Is: i. ,*:.    11 the proposition submitted
I Uie operator!,   Uullots are being sent
: today tu all locals and It Is thought
ettlement will bo reached at once.
1 j,   fulluwlng Is a copy of Mackenzie
pg's sletinsidi  to Ottawa:
JAm pleased lo be able to Inform you
|t as a result of negotiations between
I parlies during the paat two or three
1 the outstanding points of an agree-
ni bave lieen adjusted so as to make
pubis*  to  the  operators of  the
en t-uiiipaiiis-s comprising the West-
al Operators* Association and to
* district executive board of the Uni-
.Mine   Workers'   Association.    The
Strict executive has agreed to strongly
ummeusl this agreement for accepl-
^ce by the men at all tho mines.
**A referendum vote will be taken on
Sunday of this week,    ln the mean-
hue ihe sluings of the board of con-
|liatlon and investigation which were
have    commenced    tomorrow    will
Jtand udjourned."
[G. O. S. Llndsey, president of the
vestcrn Coal Operators' Association,
hade the following statement on their
"A good deal of negotiating went on
Irom    last    Tuesday up to Friday, at
phich time some matters remained un-
[diluted.   The mediation of the deputy
pilnlster of labor produced a contract
' 1 which both parties agree, to last two
The district board desire ratlfl-
gallon by the meu and a vote will be
aks>n on Thursday."
ln an Interview with Mackenzie King,
suty   minister of   labor,   tonight, he
|tau-<l that the district executive board
ail agreed lo the terms of this agree-
"tit and had promised to speak to the
sen in favor of It.   On the outcome Mr.
ling liass no doubts.   He stated that he
Bs] 'implicit confidence" In the district
ecutlve board and that the men would
iquestlonably accept.    The vote  will
taken In the various camps almul-
Ini-oiisly on Thursday, and by Friday
eratlons would Btart again.   If   this
Ireement Is accepted the conciliation
card will not be needed.
I (Spools! to The Dally Canadian.)
J Oram] Forks. April 30.���The mines
fi'l unelters 0f d,0 oranby Consolidate
T'. P. C Copper and Dominion Copper
pmpanles, employing several thousand
JNeii, closed down today. Even should
coal miner's strike be settled at
'*. It Is certain that at least a fort-
Jigni  wil elapse  before normal  condl-
sms in the Houndary are restored.
|Board of iVade Urges Construction of
Branch  Lines.
Regina, Sask., April 30.���At a meeting of the board of trade tonight It was
|d<*rii|ed to wire to the minister of rail-
|w��y�� urging upon him the Importance
���"' enforcing   the   -construction of   the
Jl>ranch lines In the west authorized by
parliament, nnd at the same time niak-
pK  essniisulsory   the   necessary   equip-
hunt for  tho  satisfactory   working  of
file   railways.    The opinion prevailed,
[hn the ntiltude of Winnipeg, favoring
���topping   of   the   construction of
Further brunch lines, would bo peculiarly Injurious to Heglna's growing- posl-
r1"11 M u distributing centre.    It was
P��au decliied to endorse the draft of the
Jjviit'ral lernis and condition of carriage
r'lbmllled io the railway commission by
I""-'    various    Canadian    railways    as
l"'��inileil   by   the Winnipeg Jobbers &
| ^Uppers' Association with tho addition
a clause relating to large machinery
I hl'-l-*Ped In open cars.
American to Compete.
New York, April 30.���Alex. Smith, the
��� National,  Western,  and   English   open
I Boll champion ls going to compete ln
! "���<> sspen championship of Oreat Britain,
, j."1'*1 boglns at Royal  lake on  June
''th.   This means that Smith will not
he able to defend his national title for
Hie rcaBon thnt the dates conflict.   The
tournament on this  side will  be hold
over the links of the Philadelphia Club
"t,V'.r���0 ?\mi "���   At �� Aeulat of
Count?... ? K.overn����� of the Nassau
8lZy���r"b',of whlch 8mlth Is Pm'"-
slonal champion, It was decided to al
low Smith the necessary leave of absence for hlra lo go abroad. He was
seen In ihis city yesterday. looking the
picture of health and as brown ss a
American   Roads   Arrange  to  Comply
With Two-Cent Law.
Chicago, April 30.���Reductions In passenger rateB to hundreds of points In
Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, I'ennsylvsnlu
and other states are to be decided upon
at a special meeting of the Central Passenger association beginning today. No
change will be made In the Chicago-
New York rate because of the two-cent
law In Ohio and Indiana, but when the
Pennsylvania law goes Into effect, Sept.
20th, railways inuBt make a reduction
of about 11.50 in the Chicago-New York
rate and Uke reductions to all other
eastern points.
Way Down in Louisiana.
Lee8ville, La., April 30.���Flre started
today In the Regal hotel and spread
rapidly, destroying 18 buildings ln
which were located 24 business llrniB,
Including the First National bank and
the Leesvllle National bank. The loss
Is estimated at $100,000 with Insurance
ot about $60,000. The origin of the flre
Is unknown.
Debate Before Churchmen's Club Ends
in Victory for Advocates of
New Building.
An animated and Interesting debate
was held In St. Saviour's mission room
last night under the auspices of the
Churchmen's Club. Although a general
Invitation had been extended only about
.0 attended, a third of whom were
R. J. Steel presided. The programme
Included a solo by S. A. Wye, piano selections by Mr, Evans and a debate on
the question: "Resolved, that lt is In
the Interest of Nelson to vote $60,000
for a new public school."
R. J. Clark, leading for the affirmative, expressed regret that the real op
ponents of the school bylaw had declined the contest. He stated briefly
the case for free education, described
the present state of school accommodations ln Nelson, argued that a new
building was Imperatively needed, and
that any attempt at patch work or
make-shift would be an advertisement
of poverty and despair.
J. Fraser, leader of tho negative,
made a witty and entertaining speech,
twitting his opponents on some ot the
expressions already used. He based his
objections on three grounds, the present financial situation In Nelson, the un-
certainty as to the sum actually required, and the expediency of protesting against the provincial government's
laying a part of the burden of educa
tion upon municipalities.
Dr. Arthur made tbe most Important
contribution to the debate. He gave
a list of the men who had composed
Nelson's successive boards of trustees,
and protested against the insinuation
that the board had ever been careless
of expenditure. He then showed that
so far Nelson had not been treated in
niggardly fashion by the provincial gov-
crnment. Its present public school and
grounds had been provided by the gov-
ernment, and even since 1901, when the
city took over control, It had received
another lot and $10,000 which nearly
covered the cost of the high school.
Coming to the question of present requirements he pointed to the unfortunate arrangements forced upon the
board by lack of suitable accommoda
tlons. He defended the request for $60,-
000 as the nearest approximation thnt
could bo made by careful calculations
without Incurring preliminary expenses
for plans and specifications.
A. W. Dyer, who had stepped at the
last minute Into the gap left by Aid.
Selous, made an excellent critical
speech. He complained of lack of detailed Information furnished to the public by Ihe trustees, and went in detail
Into the estimates submitted In 1905.
Taking the cost of the high school as
$11,500, and of a new 10-roomcd school
at KamloopB as $25,000, he argued thai
the required school could be built fur
J. Fraser and R. J. Clark summed up,
and a vote was taken resulting in a vie
tory for the affirmative by more than
two to one. It was generally conceded
that the champions of Ihe negative had
made the best possible of a hopelessly
weak cause, but the weight of argument
was overwhelmingly with the advocates
of the school.
Rev. F. H. Graham thanked the de-
baters, expressed regret at the small
attendance, and then Invited all present
to partake of coffee and cako with tho
members of the club.
Art  Expoil��l��n'
Perugia, Italy, April 30���King Victor
Emmanuel today inaugurated In the municipal palace hero, a largu and besuti.
ful edifice built in 1271, a most complete
exposition of ancient Umbrlan art, arranged chronologically and comprising
a thousand pictures and thousands of
other objects, Incjudlng sculpture, miniatures, Jewelry, arms, porcelains and
pottery. One of the most Interesting
exhibits was the pontifical robes which
belonged to Pope Benedict XII, which
were found burled with him ln the historic church of San Domlnlco here.
Mexico Decides Not to Trust Safety to
Peace Congresses.
8an Antonio, April 30.���A special
from Coatza-coalcos, Mexico, says:
"Olflclal announcement has been received that the Mexican government
has determined to fortify this
port and Sallna Cruz, tbe two terminals of the Tehuantpec National railway. For this purpose General Manuel
Mendragon haB already left Mexico
City. With him are high officers o! the
military engineer force. He will draw
up plans and specifications, and the
work ot fortifying the port will begin at
no distant date The exact significance
of this move Ib not known, but It ls believed to have simply grown ont of the
national policy, possibly spurred on by
the Central American troubles, and ln
response to a strong popular demand.
Before the opening of the isthmus road,
fortifications and terminals were much
urged but since the opening the popular
demand has become strong. It It stated
that the works will be of the most modern character and the batteries will Include the latest patterns and highest
Italian Government Will Continue Excavation at Herculaneum.
Rome, April 30.���Replying to a question on the subject asked by Deputy
Rampolll, the undersecretary of public
Instruction said ln the chamber today
that the government was willing to accept suggestions regarding the excavation at Herculaneum, but Intended to
reserve to itself the entire Initiative ln
the excavations, regarding the work ln
the light of a national undertaking. The
work will not be commenced Immediately, owing to obstacles offered by the
Village of Resina. When the question
was studied and the expenditure ascertained, a bill would be presented to
The Btatement waB applauded, bnt it
ls admitted that the government lacks
the means and energy to expedite the
work. Hence, Herculaneum, may remain
buried for another generation.
Pretended   Offer   of   Congo   State   to
Force Parliament's Hand.
Paris, April 30. ���King Leopold's
visit to Paris In a moment of peculiar
interest to Belgium, and his majesty's
lengthy conferences yesterday with
President Fallleres, the minister of foreign affairs and premier Clemanceau,
have given rise to considerable gossip
and speculation, The prevailing Impression appears to be thai the king Intends to make a feint by offering the
Congo Free State to France for the purpose of forcing the Belgtan parliament
into complying with his wishes. President Fallleres gave a gala luncheon at
the Kylsee palace today in honor of
King Leopold.
List for Assizes.
The spring assizes will open tomorrow morning at 11 a. m. with Mr. Justice Clement presiding.
The criminal docket Ib short, one
case only, that of Paul Mannarlno,
charged with attempted murder, W. A.
Macdonald, K. C��� will appear for tho
The civil list Is aa follows:
McMillan va Wheeler, action for com.
mission; J. O'Shea and H. C. Hall.
Highland Mining Co. vs Maryland
Casualty Co.; A. M. Johnson and W. A.
WeBtfall vb Stewart; F. C. Elliot and
Ellis & Brown.
Genelle vs Genelle; Taylor & O'Shea,
Macdonald ft HaU.
Nagorsen vs Granby; Taylor &
O'Shea, Macdonald ft Hall.
Campbell vs Wall and Creelman;
Taylor & O'Shea, Lennie ft Wragge.
���tvyrC^-T.  changed Hands.
The Sliver King hotel has changed
hands, W. E. McCandllsh having disposed of his interests ln that popular
house to Robert Dalzlel of Winnipeg.
Mr. Dalzlel has had many years' experience ln the hotel business, and no doubt
the Silver King under the new control
���will maintain the popularity which It
won ln the past under Mr. McCandllBh's
Prices of Metals.
New York, April 30.���Sliver, 66c;
tmpper, 2314c.;  load, $6.
London, April 30.���Silver, 30 7-16d.;
lead, ��20, 2s. 6d.
Immigration Discussed at
John Bums Saf i Home Goreroment
Must Be Impartial but WIU
Give Information.
London, April 30.���The following resolution proposed by the Australian commonwealth government was passed by
the imperial conference today:
"That It Is desirable to encourage
British emigrants to proceed to the
colonies rather than to foreign countries, that the Imperial government be
requested to co-operate with any colon-
lea desiring Immigrants, and In assisting suitable persons to emigrate."
Premier Deaidn dwelt upon the
urgent need for increased emigration to
Australia. Prjihler Ward said that
what New Zealand wanted was an emigrant with some capital. According to
the official precis Canada took no pnrt
in the discussion. John Burns explained
that the government wu considering
how far It could adopt the report of the
Interdepartmental committee; one of
whose recommendations was the reorganization of the Immigrants' Information office. The government could
not exercise any preference between
colonies. All it could do was to furnish
the most reliable information possible,
and leave the intending emigrant to
make his own selection. He did not
believe in colonization by bodies of persons. He thought the present a good
opportunity for the colonies to obtain
useful artisan colonists, especially for
the building trade. He laid stress upon
the extreme value of child emigration
along the lines followed by the late Dr.
Barnado, and welcomed any practical
suggestion on the question of uniformity of the naturalisation laws throughout
the Empire. Herbert Gladstone made
explanatory statements respecting the
draft of the Imperial Naturalisation
bill which was before the conference.
In view of the number of detailed considerations Involved, lt was agreed that
the discussion be adjourned.
Cecil Rhodes Reported to Have Wished
the World for Britain.
London, April 30.���The Standard this
morning Bays that among the aspirations in the will of Cecil Rhodes, to
which Earl Grey, governor general of
Canada, referred ln his speech at the
National Arbitration and Peace Congress banquet In New York on April
17th, were the ultimate recovery of the
United States by Great Britain, British
occupation of the whole of Africa and
South America, and of the seaboard of
China and Japan.
Cobalt Operator Warns Against  Rash
Investment and Reckless
Toronto, April 30.���Mr. J. B. Philips,
general manager and superintendent of
the Argyle Mining company, was In the
city yesterday endorsing the plea of
Haileybury people to the prime minister
tor the establishment of a general recording and Information ofllce at that
town, conducted on slmlllar lines to
that at Dawson, which serves the
In an Interview with the News, Mr.
Philips spoke very enthusiastically of
the general prospects of the silver region. This spring, he said, extensive development work and much prospecting
would be going on .which would result
In more definitely determined values
and the limit and extent of the silver-
bearing territory. At present this seems
bounded on the north by Lake Wlndigo,
on the south by the Gillies Limit, on the
eaat by Bucke township. The Larder
lake district In the far north was uncertain, and at present too Isolated to attract capital, and lends Itself too readily
to wlld-catting.
A serious condition exists, Mr. Philips
says, tn the townships of Willlson,
Smythe and James. Willlson and
Smythe have given Indication of richness In mineral, but many claims there
have  been  staked  under  fictitious li
cense and fictitious permits. Those who
hive staked tbem thus are making efforts to get money from the public with
which to go in and re-locate them under
proper conditions. This Is retarding development and the penalty against It,
Mr. Philips thinks, should be enforced.
Of the general situation, Mr. Philips
speaks encouragingly. The McKinley-
Darragh, the Red Rock, Nipisslng and
other properties are devoting time and
attention to the getting out of the largest possible amount of ore at the least
possible cost. The aim Is to ship a certain amount of ore regularly, taking on
the dignity of a mine. There Is hardly
a shipping property ln the district that
will not make a good mine with more
attention paid to the methods of mining. There has been too much handling
of waste rock when they should be
handling ore.
The Red Rock and Qreen-Meehan,
which formerly used doubtful methodB,
have Installed more practical methods
of mining and during the coming summer will claas among tbe best. The
Argyle company la preparing to install
diamond drills and ls at preaent sinking
shafts encountering valuable veins of
native silver.
"There is no question about the permanency of the district," waa Mr.
Philips' verdict.
Tbe great need he thought was for
good roads and bridges, lf they were
not Improved tt would Boon be Impossible to handle supplies.
New York, Bostoj and Chicago capitalists were closely watching developments with a view to acquiring control
of the better classes of properties and
placing them under the one management, to lower the cost of production
and Increase the output.
Regarding the Gillies Limit, Mr.
Philips said the government had undoubtedly done the wise thing to hold It.
It would produce great mineral wealth
as it was an extremely rich section.
Other properties on the T. and N. O.
railway were of great value, notably
the Nancy Helen and the Right-of-Way
properties. The Nancy Helen waa a
moat valuable property, and when lt began to ship wonld demonstrate beyond
question Its richness. Some remarkable
finds were being made.
The O'Brien, La Rose. Argyle and
other properties were also adopting
practical and scientific methods which
must bring results.
Mr. Philips said that the thing most
necessary to the district was that the
authorities should do everything in
their power to safeguard the public
against unscrupulous mining specula-
ton. Tke present depression In the
stock market wu Influenced by this and
the determined efforts of President
Roosevelt to right existing or presumed
wrongs In the railways and other cor
porattona of the United States. He predicted higher values before July lit.
Now an Admirer ef Clubs Which He
Formerly Denounced.
Berlin, April 30.���An Interesting note
ls published showing the alteration ln
the Kaiser's opinion of club life In Ger
many. Many years ago, when he was
crown prince, he forbade the officers of
his regiment to belong to or visit the
well-known Berlin Sporting Club. He
has since changed hlfc views, and ls now
the proprietor of the fashionable Casino
Club, the membera of which are chiefly
aristocrats and military officers, the Imperial Automobile Club and the Imperial Yacht Club, of Kiel. He ls an honorary member of the Junior United Service Club and the Cavalry Club, of London, and of the Royal Yacht Squadron,
of Co sves. The Kaiser's views on racing
are similarly changed. He now encourages officers to take part ln races, while
It Is understood here that racing Is falling more and more into desuetude
among officers ln England.
Island Volcano Threatening���8now  Is
Falling In Italy.
Rome, April 30.���A chid wind rose
suddenly and is blowing over the peninsula, particularly from the northern
part, where a severe snow storm also ls
ln progress. In the Alps and in the
provinces of Bellunl and Bergamo the
snowfall haB reached several Inches. At
Messina great apprehension still prevails over a fear ot an eruption of
Stromboll volcano. The condition of
the volcano ls still unknown as smoke
and fog prevent aignals being exchanged between Sicily and the island
of Strombold. It is teported, however,
that a considerable number of persons
have been Injured as a result ot the
eruption, and a torpedo boat has been
sent to Stromboll with men and material to assist persons tn distress. A panic
still prevails In Calajoya and many persons are flying from the villages.
Sled Dogs for Wellman.
St. Petersburg, April 30.���Through
the agency of the American consul gen-
eral, Wlllam R. Watts, a train of 29
Siberian sled dogs haa been secured for
the Wellman-ChicagoRecord-Herald expedition. They were secured In the remote Interior of Siberia and are now at
Tobolsk. The dogs will be shipped via
Archangel to Wellman's base In Norway.
Caught in Flre Trap.
New York, April 30.���Miss Sarah Mc-
Gowan, 32  years old,  was  burned to
death in a fire which damaged the five-
storey tenement ln East 38th street.
Miss McGowan lived on the top floor
and her escape wu cut off by the
flames. The firemen made several daring res-cues of other Imperilled tenants.
British Representation Now Complete-
Denmark's Appointee.
London, April 30.���With the appointment of Lt.-Gen. Sir Edmund Rlchless,
military member of the governor general's council In India, as military expert, Charles Langdall, of Ottley, director of naval Intelligence, u naval expert, and a large staff of attachees Included among whom Is Lt.-Col. Henry
Yarde Buller, military attache to the
Northern European -courts, the British
delegation to the peace conference at
The Hague is now complete.
Copenhagen, April 30.���Constantin
Brun, minister of Denmark to the United States, will represent Denmark at
tbe coming peace conference at The
Another American Settler.
Boston, April 30.���Rev. Avery A.
Shaw, of the First Baptist church of
Brookline, Mane., hu resigned hi*
charge here to accept a call to the First
Baptist church of Winnipeg, Man. Rev.
Mr. Shaw will take up his new duties
next month.
Premier Deakln Want* Co-Operation of
Colonies Against Unfair Competition���Laurler Pleusnt
London, April 30.���At the banquet
tendered to the premiers of the self-governing colonies, at the Colonial Institute, Premier Deakln spoke in no uncertain terms of the necessity for some
plan of reciprocal trade among tbe component parts of the Empire. Lord Elgin
presided over a brilliant assemblage.
Lord Tweed-mouth, replying to Mr.
���Snuru, who proposed the tout of Om
"Forces of the Empire," said the condition of the Empire of the present day
had to be considered, not the condition
100 years hence. Sir Frederick Borden,
who followed, said Mr. Smutts suggestion wu a difficult and controversial
one, which it wu better not to enter
into In detail. If ever British nuthorlty
wen challenged, what happended a few
short years since would happen again,
and to ten times a greater degree.
The chief feature of the speech of
Lord Elgin, who proposed "A United
Empire," and spoke of the good feeling
which characterised the conference wu
the prolonged cheering which greeted
the mention of Joseph Chamberlain.
Sir Wilfrid Laurler aald Mr. Smartt
wu more ot a warrior than he wu. He
eulogised in glowing terms the British
government's action ln granting a -constitution to the Transvaal, prophesying
that lf ever the British Empire wu
called upon to drew the sword from the
scabbard, the men who fought each
other In South Africa would be found
fighting side by side under the old flag.
Mr.' Deakln, after some subacid chaff
with reference to the privacy of the
conference, spoke plainly on the question of preference. Having referred to
the probability that an organisation
analogous to the general staff would be
created in connection with naval defence, he proceeded amidst cheers, "But
does the Empire exist only for defence?
Are we to stand shoulder to shoulder on
the battlefield, side by side on the ironclad, but to pass each other u strangers In the paths of peace? We see our
merchants, shipowners and traders exposed to competition which Is unfair,
whioh is subsidised; surely the least we
can do Is to Insist on equal terms for
our own people."
The M. P.'s tn both houses entertained to luncheon the colonial premiers. The Interior of Westminister
Hall wu appropriately decorated. The
prime minister and practically the
whole of the cabinet and many other
dlstlngutsh'notabllltles were present.
Premier Laurier said the labors of the
colonial premiers In thla country would
not be ln vain, but would tend for good,
and they would go back more Impressed
than ever with the sense of Imperial
unity coupled with and based on local
University Sports.
New Havon, Conn., April 30.���It was
announced here last night by a member of Yale track team that Yale and
Harvard on Saturday lut sent a joint
letter to Oxford and Cambridge, suggesting July 4th u the time, and the
stadium at Harvard u the place, for
the track meeting between the American and English universities. An answer Is exp .cteii within two weekB and
lt Is thought lt will be one of acceptance.
R. L, Douglas, formerly with J. J.
Walker, has opened a watch repairing
shop next door to the Kootenay Coffee
Immigration Into Canada
Shows Gains
Largest Growth Is in Arrivals from
Continental Europe���Statistic-for 12
Ottawa, April 30.���There Is an Increase of over 40 per cent in the Immigration to Canada for the nine montha
ending with March, u compared with
the same time In the previous year. The
fiscal period ends with March 31st.
The total number of immigrants wu
126,667, an Increase of 37359 for the
corresponding period   in 190546.
The arrivals at ocean ports were DO,-
DOS. This is an Increase of 66 per cent
over lut year. From the United States
the arrivals were' 34,667, an Increase of
11 per cent The increase in the Immigrants from Britain wu 48 per cent
and from continental Europe 75 per
-sent u compared with the previous
Of the Immigrants reported at ocean
points during the nine months, 68,876
were men, 19,311 females and -6,818
children under 18 years. For the month
of March the returns are the highest
on record. There were In all 28,630 ar.
rival*, or nearly 1,000 per ilay. Of
these 81,199 came by ocean ports aad
6,381 fro mthe United States. The fir
ure* for March, 1906, were 18,269; ol
these 14,597 came by ocean port* and
8,610 from the United States. The
reason for the falling off ln Mareh laat
wu doe to the breakdown of the transportation facilities in the Cana-dlaa
Northwest. Bnt lor this there wonld
have been many more from the United
���ar-nlnt* aad Net Profits of C. P. R.
Show Mg Incrssss.
Montreal, April 30.���The gros* ��.
las* of the riasdlsn Pacific railway for
March wwre $6,131411; work-tag expenses, $1,887,176; net profit*, $8,186,.
736. In Mareh, 1906, the net profits
were $1,844,664, and for the nine months
ending March 81st, 1907, the figures are
u follow*: Gross earnings, $63,071,119;
working expenses, $34,069,100; net
profit, $19,001,919. For the nine months
ending Mareh 1st, 1906, there wu a net
profit ot $16,605,041. The increase of
net profit over the same period last year
Is, therefore, for March, $401,07$, and
tor the nine months ending March 3st,
Army ef th* Potomac
Washington, April 30.���The hotel
registers today contain the name* of
many men of wide fame, all ot them
prominent Civil War veterans, eome to
attend the 37th annual reunion ot the
Society of the Army of the Potomac.
The reunion ls to open tomorrow and
continue three days. Thursday will be
the big day of the gathering, when a
handsome equestrian statue of Oon.
George B. McClellan, first commander
of the Army of the Potomac, -will he
unveiled with Imposing ceremony. The
statue hu been Bet up ln a consplclous
location at the Intersection of Connecticut avenue and Columbia road. The
speakers at the unveiling will Include
President Roosevelt, Oen. Daniel B.
Sickles, Oen. O. O. Howsrd, Oen. Granville M. Dodge and Gen. Horatio C.
evidence ef Infanticide.
Chicago, April 30.���A despatch from
Elgin. Ills., says while fishing in Fox
river yesterday, Stephen Boru hooked
a buket of clothing which he pulled
ashore and found lt to contain the bodies of three Infants, twin boys and a
girl. Coroner Norton Is of the opinion
that the bodies may have been thrown
from a passing train. The clothing
found with them was of fine quality but
had no marks.
New York Fog  Bound.
New York, April 80.���A dense fog prevails at all marine stations, and no vessels have been reported either arriving
or -sailing up to 8 a. m.
Killed hy Car.
New York, April 30.���Roy Pruett, a
dentist, who is believed to hare come
from Aurora, Ills., wu killed by a street
car ln    Jersey City today.
Salt Lake Strike Ended.
Salt Lake City, Utah, April 30.���It Is
announced that the street car strike has
been settled, the demands of the men
having been granted. The Daily Canadian
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS In all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR   at  all  prices
From S to 12 Pounds.
SOX.  MITTS,  etc.,  etc.
In all these lines we offer  excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....$4.730,000 REST $4,730,000.
D. R. W1LK1E, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Colombia:
Deponta rewlv-ao -and intpreat allowed nt highest   current rate from date of
opening of nocouut, and componuded qnaris'rly
NBU8QIN branch J.   M.   LAY,  iManager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Capital $3,900,000    Reserve Fund	
15 Branches in British Columbia.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
DepoBlts of 11.00 and upwards received. Interest allowed thereon at highest currant rate, and credited quarterly. Depositors are subject to no delay
whatever ln the withdrawal of the whole or any part of their deposits.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published ilx s1e,B a wee* by the
Bailer Bt.,  Nelsisn, B. C.
ODicrlptlon rMes, 60 tsentis a month delivered
" -"���"*k45.U0 ft year 11 lent by mail, when
Lusi on application,
palsl in  tsettlcment of The Daily
-J^a-os-omita, either fssr asiSjisssrlptlona or
 Hnz. muRt be receipted for on the prlnlesl
i of the Company,   other receipts are uot
APRIL ao. ,.>.>-.
TaWpg advantage of the opportunity
altered liy a public debate Dr. Arthur.
secretary of the board of school trustees, placed the case for a new public
school building fairly and clearly before
as many of the citizens of Nelson us
chose to attend a meeting of which
ample notice was given, and to which
ihey were cordially invited.
The bylaw will be read a third time
In the city council next Monday nlghl.
After that lt must be advertised for ten
days before it is submitted to a vote of
the rale payers, who will have, therefore, ample opportunity tu acquaint
themselves with all the facts before
they are called upon to decide.
The facts of the caae. as presented
by Dr. Arthur, are. briefly, that so far
the cily of Nelson his spent practicall>
nothing for grounds or buildings, although since 1901, wheu the city as
Hutned responsibility for the maintenance of schools, the annual bill for repairs to the public schools has been
comparatively heavy on account uf theli
arrangement and the consequent diflicul
ties of heating and sanitation. The pub
lie school now consists of ten divisions,
three of which ure quartered in premises away from the central buildings,
two of them ln quarters most unsuitable
for children, but absolutely the best obtainable by the board, namely, in Fraternity hall, and in the basement of the
Baptist church, both involving extra ex
penditure for heating and janitor service. The board, therefore, asks the city
tot a new building of 12 rooms, of mod-
.th design and material, which shall
afford adequate accommodation for the
.children, and at the same lime be a
.credit to the cily, and in keeping with
Its progress and ambitions.
The sum asked for, *60,000, Is admitted to be large, but the building can-
.not be further postponed without risk of
*.. .::.������ *.;.,.: *____!_ .
deterioration of the school, and the cost
of material and labor is much higher
than formerly when the board asked for
$40,000 for the same purpose.
The request to the council was not
accompanied by plans and specifications,
and therefore, of course, not by detailed
estimates because the board wished to
avoid the expense of such until the proposal to build should be sanctioned.
Two years ago such estimates were prepared and amounted to a little over $37,-
000. From such data, Mayor Gillett,
from his experience as a building contractor for many years continuously,
calculated that the building required
would cost, at the present rate of wages
and material, between 155,000 and $60,-
000. As the debentures may not sell at
a higher rate than 96 or 97, no amount
less than $60,000 could safely be estimated to cover all necessary outlay.
Opposition to the bylaw can be made
on only two grounds; either that education ls not the business of the state, or
that adequate facilities for education in
Nelson are not of sufficient importance
to warrant the Incurring of a liability of
$60,000 at the present time.
To the flrst objection It need only be
replied that a nation which has granted
the franchise to all male citizens dare
not allow any of those citizens to remain Illiterate. It is not only In the
Interest of national progress. It Ib essential to national safety, that the
means of education be afforded to all.
The second objection is even easier tn
meet. Those who urge It proclaim tlieir
willingness to vole $50,1100, and their
belief that that sum will lie sufficient
The advocates of the school would glad
ly agree with them. If It can be built
for $50,000 there will be $10,000 left. It
ls true that Interest must be paid on it
at the rate of five per cent. But It can
be deposited at 3 per cent, for a year
nnd used to meet the school estimates
for 1908. The loss therefore will be
only the difference, two per cent., on
$10,000 for one year���$200, Surely no
man In Nelson Is small enough to risk
the defeat of such a measure for so paltry a sum.
which a decision will probably be
reached at an early date.
Even now, except for assessment purposes, it is only an Imaginary line thnt
divides from the city the suburb of
Fairview and addition A, beyond Uie
corner of Latimer ansl Cedar streets. In
both the provincial government has already provided slsle-walks on a fairly
generous scale, nnd the city has already
extended Its water and light service.
The larger and mure important of the
two is. of course. Fairvlew. and the annexation of Fnlrview Is Ihe mure pressing question. The move is absolutely
necessary In the interests of Ihe people
of Fairvlew fer the sake of flre protection If for nothing else.
The only conceivable opposition from
that quarter Is from absentee hind owners who care nothing about Improve*
ments or lire prsstectlon. and whose only
concern Is lo keep taxes down.
From the point of view of (he property owners of Nelson It musl be conceded ihat the first effect would probably be necessity for increased expenditure, for water mains, sewers, streets,
side walks, lights and possibly extra police service.
But the Immediate accession of population, and assessed values, and the
early increase of revenue would certainly be a stimulus to Nelson's growth, aud
in a very short time lhe rise lu value of
property would far more than compensate for any apparent initial loss.
The question should be decided at an
early date. Any new interest of importance that may be established In
Fairvlew would probably oppose such a
move lo avoid increased taxes. If anything Is to be done. It cannot be done
too soon.
The question of the expediency of extending the limits of the corporation of
Ne'son to Include all the area occupied
by people who are to all intents and
purposes residents of the city, is now
a definite public Issue,   and  one  on
What happened In connection with
the Ross government of Ontario, and
resulted in its utter route at the polls,
Is happening now in connection with
the Laurler regime. A lifelong Liberal
whose service to the party far outweighed that of G. W. Ross and all his
followers, Hon. S. H. Illake, helped the
Conservatives to free Ontario from a
reign of corruption. Now two others,
of the same principles and equal eminence, Goldwin Smilh and G. T. Black-
stock, have denounced the corruption
at Ottawa, and the persistent shameless
betrayal of Liberal principles.
The condition in the coal fields Is
practically unchanged. Proposals for a
two-year agreement on the basis of mutual concessions have been made by the
operators and accepted by the labor
leaders. The men may accept or reject
them. At the best It Is only living
from hand to mouth. Both sides would
at once begin preparations for another
struggle in 1909. Still two years of
peace would be afforded to governments
ln which to find other solutions.
It will be noticed that while all other
colonial premiers at London emphasizo
the idea of Imperial unity, Sir Wilfrid
Laurler emphasises steadily Its corollary, local autonomy. There may be no
significance In It, but It has been remarked with considerable disappointment by British Imperialists that while
others put forward suggestions for
closer co-operation. Sir Wilfrid devotes himself to finding and pointing
out difficulties.
It is a strange accusation that some
members of the opposition make against
the provincial government, lhat opposl-
(Timber Limit l��o. 2.)
Wottce li hereby glren 'list 60 dayi after "date I
Intend to applv m ihe Honiranle the Chief rom-
���'���:*':��� T.-r of Laroit mud Worki loi t, special
lleenie to 'nt and csry away timber from tho
following de��crined land,situated on Kooskanax
creek, In ���*.-���! Kootenav .:���*:;'*.
Commencing at a post E��tme* at the northweit corner ofTimbcr Mm it No 1-JM7, ftnd minted II D. ;.<-��'�� aouthwest rorner pott, thenre
north *���*���' chains, thence eait fd chaini. thenre
iouth 80 chains, tnence weit��chaini to polntof
Located March 28,1907.      II. D. Ua, Locator
(Timber Notice-So Jt)
ComroeBcingatapoit piloted at thc southeast
corner ol No 2 limit, ano at the northweit coiner
of timber license No. 1024��, thenre norih 160
cbaina. theuce eaat 40 chalm to weit line of
timher lleenie No 1024A, (ollowlng line of No
1024.S and 10244, 160 cbalni. tbence following line
of timber lleenie No. 10246 40 chalm to point ol
Located If arch 28.190*7.      11. b. Lea, Locator.
(Timber Notice No. 4.)
Notice li hereby given that "i dayi after date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commlnloner
of Landi and Worki for a ipecial licenae 10 cut
and carry away timber from tbe following deacrlbed landi, altuated on Kooikanax creek ln
Weat Kootenay district, and about five miles
from Upper Arrow lake: ���
Commencing at a poit planted on tbe north
���Ide nf creek and about balf a mile (rom creek,
and marked If. D Lea'a (outheast corner poit,
tbeuce north W chaini. tfiepce weit ay cbalm.
thence aoutb 10 chains, tbeqceeait DO cbalm (o
point of corameuc��mBnt
Located Mareh 31.1907.      H D L��a, Locator.
(Timber Notice No. 6.1
Commencing at a poit marked If P. Lea's
lontbweii corner poit, thenee north no chaini,
following thc eut line of No. i location, thenoo
eaat ft cnalm, thence south 80 chalna, thenoe
weat 80 chaini to point of commencement.
Lojated March tl, 1907.      11. O Lta, Locator.
(Timber Limit No.��.)
Notice la hereby given that iixty dayi after
date 1 Intend to applr to the Honorable tho
Chief Commtaaloner of Landi aod Worki for a
���peclal license to cut and oarry away timber
from the following deicrlbed land, iltuated about
alx mloa from tbe l'pper Arrow lake on Kooakanax creak, In Weat Kooienav diiriet:
Commencing at a poit planted apd marked If
D. Lea'a northweat corner poat, theuco oaat 80
cbaina, t> ence aouth 80 chalm, tbence weat 80
cbalm, tbence north 80 chalna to point of commencement.
Locate 11 March Sl, 1907.      H.D. Lea, Locator,
(Timber Limit No-7)
Commencing at a poit planted and marked II.
D. Lea'a north-au corner pott, tbence iouth SO
ehaim following the weat line of No, 6 limit,
tbence we*t M chain*, thence north 90 ohalni,
hence eaat 80 ohalm to point of commencement.
Located llaicb 31,1907.     H. D. Lea, Locator,
Hon amendments are rejected and liter
introduced by the government with a
few changes. If true, the opposition
membera should be proud to feel that
they are contributing to useful work,
and grateful to the government members for fashioning Uu-ir crude efforts
into proper form.
The Liberals of Ontario, who, under
the leadership of QeOfga P. Graham,
are making praisr-worthy efforts to rid
themselves of undesirable elements and
to rehabilitate themselves in public
esteem, are beginning to resent the
manner In which the Dominion government Is everywhere trampling upon the
principle of provincial rights, 01106 (he
flrst article of the Canadian Liberal
Bakers" Strike Continued.
St. Petersburg, April 30.���Despite the
secession of the syndicate of bakers
which granted the demands of the men,
the master bakers' association Ib attempting to continue the lockuiit. Six-
thousand journeymen, about two-thirds
of the trade, who refused to accept
work under the old conditions are idle
today. Nevertheless, the inhabitants aro
only  slightly  Inconvenienced.
Sixty days after date I Intend to apply to t
Hon the Chief Cnmmlsi>iouer oi Landi ai
Worki. Vietoria, B C, to purchase 411 acrei of
land: CommonclnK at a poit planted at the City
of .Nelson's 9 K, corner post, oa Kootenay river,
thence 20 cbalni ninth, thence wi-t>t .'" chalui,
thence north .0 chains, thence east 'to cbalni to
polnl of commencement.
Kelson. B. C . April ti, 1907.        E. J. CfHRAH,
Sixty dayi after rtate 1 Intend to applr to Hon.
the Chief Cominlss*.loner of Lauds and Works for
permission to purchase tbe following described
lands In Kootenay district: Commencing at a
postmarked Bruce White*! N.W. corner post,
situated at the northeast corner of Y. R 30 about
a mile east of Slocan river, thence aouth 30
chains, thence west 'Jt chaini, ihenee south 60
cbalni, thence east 40 chains, thenee north 40
chain", thence eaat 4U chains, thence north I1
chains, thence west 60 chaini to point of commencement, containing 440 acres, more or less.
Located March IHtb, 1907. Haiti White.
1, the undersigned, alter 60 dayi lutend tn npply to tbe Honorable tbe Chief Commlislouer of
Landa and Work*, for permission to purchase tbo
followlna land: Commencing at a pout marked
S. h 0, of Lot liV-i, thence we--t x> chains, tbence
south 90 chain*, ihence west 20 ehalni, thence
south SO chains, theuce west 4l> chains, thence
��ouih40 chutiis, thence east 80 chains, tbence
north BO chaini to point of commencement.
Located March 27th, 19U7.     tt.B, McVai'oht,
S. K. McNipiHT, Agent.
I, the undersigned. aflerGU day* intend to ap-
ly to the Honorable the Chief i'mnmisslnner of
.andi and Worki to purchase the following described lund: Commencing at a post marked
N. B. C, situate at tho mouth of Cove creek on
tbe west -ibore of HlocaQ lake, thence west J"
chains, ihcnce wuth 20 chains, thence weat 90
chains, thence south 'JO chains, tlience west 40
chains, thence south 40 ehalns, ihcnce Mtt Ho
chains, thence north 80 t Imlna to point of cam-
Located Mareh -Tth, 1907.     ft, _���'. McNaCOHT.
Sixty days after date I purpose making application to the Honorable the Chief Commisaloner
ol Lands and Works for permission to purr-baae
:b3 following described land: Commencing at
11 post placed about one and balf mllei eut of
.Silver Tip I'oiut, on Whatshan I-ake, near Christie creek marked "P. W.O, H's. BLE corner." rnn-
nlng tbence Mi chaini weet to Join laud located
by t- L. Hammond, as agent, thenct- So cbalni
uorth, thence80chains east, tbence 80 chains
south to point of commencement, containing
t>40 acres, more or leu.
Dated the ��tb day of A pril, 1907.
P. W. 0. Hatjltaik,
 PerF. g. FArgriKB, Agent.
Sixty dayi after date I purpose making application to the Chief CommiMioaer of Lands and
Works tor permlulon to purchase the following
described land: Commen'ing at a poit placed
at the loutheaat corner ol f. W Q Haultaln'-s
application to purchase, marked ���*�����. F'i. S.W.
corner," running thence ts* chaini north, tbence
-SO cbalni eait, thence 80 cnalm iouth, thenee 80
chains west to point of commencement, containing MO acrei, more or leas.
Dated tbe 9th day of April, 1W7.
K. TAVtCOiaa,
 1\:J   ii. FAC<jniEfi, Agent.
Sixty dayi afterdate 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commii-sioner of Landi and Worki,
Victoria, to 1 Tchase th following deicrlbed
lands adjoining the Arrow <akei in Weit Kootenay: Commencing at a post planted at the
tt. W. corner of J. II. Porter'i pre-emption, and
marked K. W's H.W. corner post, thence 2Qenatus
north along ink**- ihore. tnence 2u cbains east,
tbence 'JO cbains south, thence 20 chains west to
plane of beginning, containing 40 acres, more or
April 18,190*7. Evttyy Watson.
Notice li hereby given that 60 dayaafter date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commiasioner
of Lands and eVorka for permission lo purchase
the following described lands, iltuate in Weat
Kootenay district: Commencing at a poit marked J. L. Porter'i S. W. corner, thence south 80
chaini. following the eastern boundary of II.
���Seloua' application to pnrchase; thence eaat 40
chains; then<*e nortb SO cbafni; thence west 40
chains to point ol commencement, containing
istsO acres more or less.
Daud this 11 tb day of March, 1907.
  4-L- Portjb.
Sixty dayi afterdate I Intend to apply tothe
Honorable the Chief CommlMloner of Lands and
Works for permlnion to purchase the following
described lands in Kooienay diitrict: Commenclngat a poit marked J. B. Annible'i northeast corner poit, iald post being on the south
side of tbe Lower Arrow lake, about two mllei
below Hurton City; tbence south 80 chains;
tbencewest JO cbains; tbenee south 20 chains;
thenee west 20 chains; lbence north 32 chaini
and 20 links, more or leis lo,the lake shore;
thence eaaterl v along lake 40chaini, moreorless,
to tbe place of beginning, containing 106 acres,
more or leu.
Dated thii 5th day of November, 1900.
3. B. Annable,
per K. L. Ri-rnkt, Agjnt.
Notice li herehy given tbat 00 dari alter date I
Inteud lo apply to the Honorable the Cblef Commlnloner of Landi and Worki for nermUslon
to purchase aboul IIS acres of land, iltuate near
the Pend d'-Jrcille river, West Kootenay district,
and described ai follows: Commencing at a
poit marke��l li. K. Ihomion's N. W. corner post,
iltuated on the touth boundary and 20 chains
from S.W' post of I.ot7194, thencfl south about70
chaini, thence eait about 'tb chains taa point ou
the-weir pound ary 4dd ty chalnt Iron -9. W. post
0M.11:.>;;, thence north 70 chain*, and theuce
west tb chains to the place of beginning.
. iAtti March, 1907. 0. K. Thokboh,
A. 0. Lawo, Agent.
Sixtj days after dale I intend toapply to the
Hon. chief Commissioner of Lauds aud Works,
Victoria, H. *.',, to purchase 'ito acres of land, lo
Flre Valley, deicrlbed as fol'ows; Commencing
at a post planted 10 cbains weat of Walter Bull's
N. Wf. corner and marked J. W Holmes' Jr. N. K.
corner p n, and runningiotith 40 chains, thence
west AO chalm, thence north 40 chains, thence
eut 60 chaini to place of beginning, and being a
portion of Section 86, Township 71, West Kootenay.
March Mb, UOT. J. W. Houtis, Jr.
 J. E- AtfNAMJt, A(|*ItTJ
Sixty days after dote I lntepd to apply te the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands ana Works
to purchase tto acros of land in Flre Valley, Weat
Kootenay district and deicrlbed af follows;
Commenclngat a prst marked J, K's S. E
corner, and running north 80 chains, thence
west 40 chains, tbence south ft chains, thanee
east 40 chaini to place of beginning, nnd being
tbe west one-half of the 3. E. ono-quarter ana
the east one-half of the H. W. one-quarter, and
tbe weit one-half of tbe N. K. one-quarter, and
the east ��ne-balf of tbe N. W. one-quarter of
Section 81, Townsblp 71, Q. I.
March aotb, 1907. John Eviraa-r.
New Dress, Muslins, Ginghams and Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
Skirts, Costumes and Blouses.
We Arc Still Selling Ladies' Under muslins at Reduced Prices.
-.. ��� ��� ���  __	
Fred Irvine <& Co'y
Notice Is herohy given thai 00 days alter date I
intend lo apply to tbe Hon. Chief Commissionerl-of
Undsand Works, Victoria, for permission to purehase the following described land: Commencing
ai a post planted 00 the west side ol Slocan lake
nud about two mllei north of Kvans crock, and
marked Q, fl. lis southeast corner pnit. thence
north following ihore of lake Ml chaini, thence
west Co chalus, thence south 120 chains, thenco
east 10 chaini to point of commencement, ����
acres more or leai.
Located April 90, Wfl.
'.mi B 'iiHKiTi, Ux-ator,
Wn.C'horoR. Agent.
Hon the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Woki, Victoria, to purchase 640 acrei of land in
Went Koolenay, deserlbod as followi: Commencing at a post planted about eight milea up
Mosquito creek and joining ��. Croai' application
to purchase, and markctf C. M'i S E. corner,
Uit j let* uorth SO ehalni, thence well 80 chains,
theuce south SO cbalm, thence easl 80 chains to
placeof beginning.
Keb. 16th, 1907. 0. Marshall,
J. K Annahlk,
Sixty dayt after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commlsiioner of lAtidiana Worka lo
purchase tbe following described land located
in Kire valley diitrict of West Kootenay: Commencing at a post planted at the H. K. eorner of
John Hangi' pre-emption, thence south SO chains,
ihence west 40 chalm, theuce north 80 chalui,
thence east 40 chalui 10 place ol beginning, containing 3x0 acres.
Located March Uth, 1907.
I). A. McI'Hle, Locator.
J.J Kelly, Agent.
Take notice that 60 days after dato I Intend to
apply to the Hou. Chief Commlsiioner of Lands
and Works, for permission to purchase the followlug described lauds: Commencing at the
southeast corner of lot 6305, tbence west lu
chains, tbence south M chains, tbeuce cast.'"
chalus, thence north 70 ebalni. thence west 10
chains to point of commencement, containing
10 acres, mure or leis.
Dated April 16lb, 1W7 Y   J. Biadlky,
W. W. Hbai>lbt, Agent.
1, the undersigned, after 6' days Intend toapply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Landi
and Works to purchase tbe lollowlng described
land: Commencing at tbe N. K. c. of Lot 7M��
O. I., thenee west 40 chaini, thence nortb 20
chaini. tbence east io chains, tbeuce south 'to
chalm to point of commencement, containing 80
acres more or loss-
Located March t��th, 1907. W. A. Mau.
Take notice that sixty days alter data
I Intend to apply to the Honorable tbe Chlel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works for perniis-
lion to purchase the following described land
iltuated In the Weat Kootenay dlatrlct: Commencing at a poit plauted at lhe southeast
corner of Lot tu, on the south side of the Weit
Arm of Koote&ay lake, tbence 80 chains west to
southwest corner of said lot, tbenee 20 chains
south, tbence eo chains east, theme 20 cbaina
north to place of commencement, containing lfio
April Jill. 1907. Chaklu RoBimov,
per ins est W. KoBinhok, Agent.
Sixty days afler date I Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commlnloner of Lands and Worka,
Victoria, B. C, to purchase tbe following described laud, situated in ibe W'mt Kootenaydls-
triit: Commeoclog at a post planted on tbo
west aide of Kootenay lake, near Rhinoceros
polut, and marked J. McKinnon'a H. ��. corner
post, thence west 00 ehaim, thence north 40
chalm, thenc* east 80chalus moreor lets to lake
shore, iheuce along lake ihore to point of commencement.
Signed J HcKinnon.
Hixty Aen after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. tbe Chief Commlnloner of undi and
Works, Victoria, for permlnion to purchase 100
acres, more or len, situated in West Kootenay
diitrict: Commencing at a post planted midway
on the north boundary of Lot 7611 and adjoining
H.W corner of Lot H053, thence north 16 cbains,
tbence wei-t 40 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thenc eeast 30 chains, tbenoe north 24 chains,
theuce east jo chains to point of commen'ement
Located March 20th, 1907. I. J. Hcanlan.
Blxty days after date I intend to apply to tbe
Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner of Landi and
Works lo purchase tbe following described
landa: Commencing at a post planted on the
east side of Lemon Creek at tbe mouth of the flrit
north fork and marked "K.Cooper's southeast
eornr-r," running 80 chains west, north 40chalna,
east 80 chains, and south 4o chains to place of
Pated March 20tb, 1907. R COOMR,
J. T. TiPf-iKu, Agent.
Sixty days afterdate I Intend to apply to the
Hon. tbe Cblef Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purcbaie the following described
lands: Commeneing at a poat marked "L A.
Tipniiig'i louthwest corner post" and planted
near H D. (,'urtis's land, about* balf mile from
Hloean City, running north 40 chalui, east 20
chains, south 40 chains, west 20 chains t.i place
of commencement
Dated March Utb. WW- '-��� A. TottM.
���      1   T   J.T. Tipriito, Agent.
Hixty days alter date I Intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief ('ommlssloner of I,ands and
Worki to purchase tbe following described laud
locaird tn Firs Valley dlitrlit of Wait Kootenav:
Commencing At a post planted at the H. W. corner
of John Bang* pie-Amptlou, tbence 60 chains
south, thence 40 chalna weat, tbence 60 chaini
north, iheuce 40 cbalmeasl to place of beginning.
Richard Kuvrt, Locator,
J, J. Kklly, Agbnt.
Notice ls herebj given that 60 days alter date 1
intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commlisioner of I-and* and Worka, at Victoria for permission to purchase tbe following
deicrlbcd|lands: ('ommenclng at a post planted
at the southeast corner of lot tob, group 1, thanae
nouth .�� chains, tbence eait 60 chains, thence
north 26 chalna, theuce west 60 chains to point
of commencement, containing 1&& nertt, more or
Nelson, March ..lb, 190T.        Annie L. Wadi.
P. Want. Agent.
Blxty days after dale I Intend to apply to the
Hon the Chief commlisioucr of Landi and
Worki, \ ictoria tp pure ban? the following described land; Commencing at a post marked
tt Hia W. corner, and plautod near the northweit corner of Lot B*W, about one mile weit of
Slocau river, and runnlug east 40 chains to Lot
3U. tliiiiii .t north *)ehaim. thence west40chalns
thence soutb 40 chains to place of beginning.
March 9th, 1907. Milda Hatjck,
I'ai.l llAtTK. Agent.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Uon.theCblefCommissionerof Land*nud Works
Victoria, B.C., to piirchnse 120 acrea nf land
situate tn Flre Valley, West Kootenay, ana described as follows: Comment log at the northeast
corner of Lot 78i.r>, a�� 1 run nlng north 60 ebalna,
tbence east 20 chains, thence iouth 60chalna,
thenco weit 20 chaini to place of beginning.
Mareh 4tb, WW. W W. BiunLrr,
J. K. AKNALLI, Ageut.
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply lo tha
Hon. Chief Commissioner of ijiods mid Worka
Victoria, to purchase :i20 acres of land in West
Kootenay, described as follows: Commencing
st a post pi in tod up Mosquito creek, about eight
miles from the mouth and marked K. Cross' HW
corner, thence norte �� chaini, thence 40 chains
east, thence 80 ebalus south, thence 40 cbaina
west to place of beginning
Feb. 16th, 1907. E. Cross
i. S. AKMABLE, Aftnt.
���   ���
X      NOW ON THE MARKET     ���
<9 F��r Further Information Apply to
�� IL IL ll 1 1 J* NELSON, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Hlity dayi after date 1 Intend lo apply to the
Honorable tho Chief Commlnloner of Land* and
W'orki, Victoria, to .purchase tlie following
deacrltied landl In West Kootenay district:
(-'ommeue|!ig at a post planted at the H.K. cut ner
of Wm Loveii's purchase LT696 and marked
"K. M.H'i N.K corner," and running south 10
chaini, theuce west 40 chalus, thence north 60
chains, thence east 40 ehalns to place of beginning And containing '240 acres.
March Mil, 11W7. K. IC.BBAV,
J.E. Aknakli, Agent.
Bfity .lays after date I intend to applv to the
Hon the Chief Commissioner <��f l-ands and Wnrks
Victoria, to ourchase 640 acres of land in West
Kootenay alitrlct: Commencing at a post
planted about fl miles from the mouth of U01-
���tiiito ereek and about one mile weit of the said
creek and murked "H.H.B'sa.W corner," and
running north SO ehalim, thence enit 80 chalm,
thence south M chains, theuce west HO chains to
place of beginning.
March Ifltb, 1907. , H. H   Rocs,
J. ��. Aknabl*. Ageat.
Ao days aftor dato I intend toappiy to tne Hon
Chief Commisaloner of Lands and Works, Vic*
torla, to purehase 240 acrei of *and located in
Kire Valley and being a portion of i-ectiona ia
and 16 lnTowmklpGU and described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted at the soulhweil
corner of the southeast utiurtcr of section lfi
Townihlp 69 and markeii J. <;. 8. fc. corner,
thence north 40 chains; thence weit 60 chains;
thence iouth 40 chains; tbence east GO ebalus to
plaee of beginning.
November ttrd 1906.
Josiph OtBNXi
J. K. Annahi.k, Ageut.
BUty daya after dat* i intend toapply to tht
Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol Lands aud
Works, Victoria, to purehaso 640 acres of land,
situated on the west side of Arrow lake, and de
scribed ai follows; Commencing at a poit mark
ed J. H'* N.K comer and placed at thc southwest corner of Lot 7092, Group 1, W'est Krmleliaj,
and running west W chains, thence iouth fio
cbalni, tbence east mo cbalm to lbe lake shore,
tbence north along the lake to placeof beginning
March 8tb, 1907. 3 Hilwiix
J. K. Annable, Agent.
60 da/i after date I intend lo apply to the Hon.
Cblef Commlisioner of Lands and Works, Victoria to pnrehaae 160 acres of land In Fire Valley
Weit Kootenay district, and descritied as follows1
Commeuelng at a postmarked W H Wright's
8. K. comer, aud ruuning north HO rhuUii, theneo
west 20 chains, theme Mmlh *.- chains, thence
east DO ehalns to olaee of beginning, aud Mug
the west one-half of the N. K. quarter Of Hectlon
26. aud tbe weal balf of the 8.,., oii��-miarter of
Section n In Townabip "1 O. I.
March 80th, 1907. W. H. Wright.
Notice Is hereby given tbat sixty days afterdate
Ilntendto apply tbthe Hon Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works for the right to purchase the following described lands: Com-
inenelng at a post marked "M. J Cameron's
S-W.oorntr post" planted at the R-W. corner ol
the K. and b. block, No. aert, running east HM
ehatns; Ihence sou b l.OuO feet, moreor Ea lo
the L.I'B, line, thence west ISO chaiua W the
Arrow Uke; thenc- north 1000 feet following
tho shore of the Arrow Uke to the poim of oom
Dated this Mth day oi February, 1907.
J. M.CAMiroN, Agent.
��_?.ll_'* ,a*y" .*'ter dtlte 1 '"tend to aptiiy to the
Chief tommlsiloner of Uuds and Works for
permission to purehaae thc following described
lands in Koolenay District, abuut thrcc-tjuartara
of mile from Thrum's siding;  Cummuuelug at a
rat placed at tbe 8. w. corner of L a��fl, group
West Kootenay P-tttUHl theuee westerly
following tba uorth boundarv of L4W8, 40
chains; theuoe nortb 10 chalus; thence east 40
cbalm, moreor lesi, totho N. W corner of
tf?Tiin*.5c*."t,,,CD '9"owlng the west boundary
of latm 10 chains, more or lesi, to place of commencement, containing 4(i acres, more or less
Dated this 6tb day of December. 1I-W6.
H.H. Pitts. Locator.
Notice la hereby given that W days after date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. lhe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worki Vletorin, B.O , for
permission to purchase the following described
lauds lu W'est Koolenay dlstricl: Commencing
at a post planted at the southwest corner of lot
701, group 1, and runnln/ 20 ehaiss to the southeast corner of lot 7702, group I, thou In an easterly direction 90 chains, then uorth 20 chains,
then west 20chains to point of coiuiiiuneeiiioiit,
containing 40 aores more or less.
Loot ted February llth, 1907.
__   Philip Wade, Locator.
ii..L17u.dltJVlter.dVe ! lu^'i'1'" Apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Umls and Worka,
victoria, to purchase 480 acres nf land, lu Fire
Valley, WeitKoolenay.and desgrihed nn follows:
Commencing at a poit planted st Walter Hull's
northwest corner und marked A.tj'nS E corner
and running noith 60 chains, thence'west wi
chalm, tbence iouth to chains, thencecast 80
chaini to place olheglnning. and being part of
���Scct-lnnis-Una 8fi loJotfnjbJp71 and a portion
of Sections 1 and 2 In Townahlp W, SrotiDiF
March 6th, 1907. Jl&M
J. K. AvMRLk, t.gimu     '
Notice is herebv given ihat 60 dayi alterd����I
Intend toapply to the Hon. the CbfefCawM*
KioOM D| Umls and Worki. Victoria, for tar
mission to purehaae the following drKriW
land; (iimmeneing at a post at th* iDlerwfllM
or the aonth boundary of lot bvs, and hk
bouudury of "liotden yueeu" mineral cUia,
tht uee east 19.66 chalui, more or len, to toiU-
east corner post of lot 5283. tbence north ��
ehalni. more or lesa, to northeut oorner post ol
lOt0M,tilUM eaat 40 chatm to lbs toutbrsit
f orner post of lot 2M8. tlience soulb 40 chaini.
theuce met tt chains, more or leu tothe ��rt
boundary ot the "<,oldeu Queen"aloeraI claim,
thence along east boundary 'Golden yue��n"
mineral claim to point of coramenetmeui, ��
cbalm, nmre or lesa
Nel.011, li.C, March 12. 1907.
John chailtoX,
Fer Wm. Tout-Nero*, *iest-
Hlxty days after date 1 Intend to apply tot*
Honorable the Cblef Commlaaioner of Landsud
Works. Victoria to purchase 120 efrei of lud
lu Weat Kootenay, and described ai Mlosi:
Commencing at a 1*011 planted on the east tUi
of Arrow Uke at lhe oouthweit corner of LJ*
anil niarked "3 A. K's NW. corner," th*��
east 21 ehalni, tbenee aouth 40 chaini, thc*
east 30 chains, ihence south 20 chain* to tl*
hclmer's pre-emption, thenee weit 34 chalm*
KaiU|iiier 1 application to purchase, thence noii
���tchalns. thence wes* -JO chaini to lake ibin,
thence nortb along the lake shore to plana
' "MNH ������������[������������������!.
March 19th, W7. J. A.KlUT.
Slxtv davi after date I Intend toapply t��u��
Hou- Chief Commissioner of Undi and ��oru
for permlulon to purchase the following described property at a post marked "fl.M-.a*
corner. ' thenee 40 ebalna uortb, theucettfMM
west, thenct40 chains south, thonce 40 rhsiM
vast to point of eorowencement, a reloeatiea��
(lie Hbandoned prs~cmptlon 728of W 0. Hniff
and is the out half of the northwest t_nntta\
and the weal half of the northeast quarter"
bectlon "., ��uwmhlj'70 West Kooteuay district,M
the woit shore of tbe lower Arrow lakes, cm*
tainiug I60 acrei. more or less.
Man li 1st, 1907. GEOEGE Milton,
^_     If. R. Mi'QiJAEsie^AgMt^
Klxty deyi alter date I intend to apply loth*
Hon, the Ch ef Commissioner of Undi %**
Works. Victoria, to purchase fcW acrei o(Iaud.lB
Weit Kootenay, described ai follows: 0W*
mencing at a post planted about * ttuttt*
Mosquito Creek from the mouth and mars hi
"A, ti." N.W. corner, thence south hi chams,
thonce cast 40 chains, thence north ��) chaini,
thence 4<i chains west to place ol begilining.
February I6tb,1907. A.UrahaN,
             3. B. A}tVAeLt._____t^______���
Hixty days after da'ef intend to anply tothe
Hon *he Chief Commissioner of UmU ��na
Works, Vietoria, tn purchase 640 acres of land, ID
W>st Kootenay, describe 1 at followi: Commencing et a poet marked "D. B." N.E. WfMJj
and beiui-j at tbe N.W. corner of A, (irahsm*
application to purchase which is about 8 _a
uu Mosquito creek from the mouth snd nu-
uiug W) cbains iouth, thence 80 chains ata*
ihence W chains north, tbence 80 chain" a**1"'
place of beginning,
February 16th, 1907. D   ttetOf,
��� J. K. AHN-Ui.yAgent^^^.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply U'h��
Honorable the Chief Commisaloner of Lati*"'*
Works, Victoria, to purehaae W acrei *t �����
located on tho weit aide ol Arrow laksand'";
dferlbtd aa foUowa: Commencing al a pm
marked l\ A*i N. K. corner, and pluM -^ebalns
north of tbe southwest eoruer of Lei liw, orW
1. W,-ai Koo'onay, and running aoutb 40chani(
111 once wost 20 chains, tbence norlh �� chains
thenco east 90 chains to place of beginning
March llth, 1907. V. annabi*.
, J.K Ainuiu, A*____L-	
Wxtydays alter date 1 Intend to apply tatkt
Honorable the Chief Commlsiioner of Utmjg_\
Vi orkn lot permlMlon to purchase the follow}";
described land In West Kooteuay: Coshm"*11*
i.t a poat about one and aquattermUai(|U)'r0T,
Baynuno Landing, and markedtBel)a BredWf
H. R. corner, thenco norlh to chaini. iheuce *"
20 chains, tbence iouth W) chains, thenee eait*
chains to poim of commencement.
March Und, 1907.     (Bigncd) BtLia BSADttt'
___^ Robbkt RoniNaoK, Agent.
Blxty dayi arter date llntend to apply to'*f
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landi M"
Works lor permission to purchaio the (blWwIJi
described land in West Kootenay: Comnicw"1*
at a post planted ou the north bank of ��"�����*?
creek, about three quarters of a mile fromaunua
of creek, and marked Eva Cull'a B.*0fflS
thence north 20 chaina, thence wosl wrhAi"'
thonce muth 20 chains, thonce east 40 chalui w
point of commencement. ��� ���
March Und, 1007. (Signed) Kva CuU,
Robert Rowkhon, AgejiL.
Sixty dayaafter dato llntend to applr*0**}
Hon tho Chief Commissioner of XMjMJS
Works for perm lesion lo purchaie tbe folio*m
deserlbod laud to, West Kootenav: OomfflMfl '*
ftt a post planted on the aouth bank OlIffWH
' reck, about�� ue mile from mouth of creek, tv
marked "tt. Kobinson's N W. oorner," W��"!
south 80 chains, thonce east 40 chalui, thenc
north 80 chains, thence west 40 chaini to potniv
March Und, 1907. ���   ,_,_���
(Bign*d) Koiaar BosiMW* >cial for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
Very Best of Canadian Goods
I Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rowland and Boundary.
ni ���:..:!*��� dayi altar date I in-
v to thfl >'"" thief Commlsiioner of
��� al Victoria, 11. </'., for a sjn'clat
, carrv nway timber from the
,.| landa In Alnsworth division:
a pout mtrkedChas. F. Walmi-
Mit, theuce north SO chains,
iialni. theuee soutb 80 chains,
iin" to point of commencement,
nK -i' . 'i'"*'t on the east side of
,��ui \% mllei south of me Lar
arch Ulh, MOT.   _
Chai. P. Walmley, Locator.
p. Khiran, Ageut.
liieitiK at a poit   marked   Chas. F
Inorthweat  v~f  thence south 80
mt no chains, tlience north so
ht ft" ehaitiH lo point of com-
���   i laml being situate on the
it* creek, about &���_. miles south
|reb Uth.lWT.
(IIan  K. WaLHSLEY, Utcator,
P. .-iiKi-uN. Agent.
lint  at  a   post   marked Cbai. F.
*  *��� *.*��� -���-'   poit.   tbence   iouth  80
_���j eaxt 80 ehalni, tbence norih tO
te went 80 ehalni io point of com-
.-",-:! tind  Iwing iltuate on the
cade creek, about ��'.. mllei soutb
-eh' 12t)i. 19"7-
mun r. Walmsuey, Locator,
1' ��hrran, Agent.
���r< I.y given that thirty dayi after
te apply to lha Hon- the Chief Com-
Uii'lf  and  Works, at Victoria,
III.-I ni��������� to cut and carry   away tlm-
[follou]iiK'le*->eribc1 landa in Weat
i uy:   Commencing   at a
ins eait of ihe   northeait
;��� -t marked 812 K    ri ,)
40 ciini'i-. thence south 8u
Pee v,cm "' chalm, tbence north HO
du post No. 1, containing MO
.r.-.ir laa.
in, B.C., thli22iid day of March,
Ceo. llvtceort,
iwrcby given that 3o dayi after date 1
Jpply t" tlte Hou Chief * ominiisloner
|ml Worki, al Victoria for a npecial
: and carry away * I in tier from lhe
crlbe-1  landi   in  Weil   Kootenay:
ti.: ni a poat planted on the cast Hue
:,   two   mile* south   ol   the   southern
pf  inv Timber Lleenie No. 10, tbeuce
Jim. north 80 chatm, weat 40 cbaltu,
���hiuii-*. weit 4li chalui, south ��) ehalns,
i, soutb -������ chalm to place of com-
contalnlng 04) acres, more or leu.
,___.      I*. __*__
hereby given that .1*J days alter date
apply to the Honorable tbe Cniaf
net of Laudi and Worki, Victoria, for
I'lieetocut and carry away timber
(lowing described piecit of laud In
nay diitrict: Commencing at a poal-
liiun- from the eait sliote of Upper
hii.] mljoluing Mock ��� ��������� on tbe south
I "Chai, Is,}.", -" northweat corner,
li ni) (hains. ihen��� t* east 80 cbaina,
tii mi chalm, thence west 80 cbaina to
Take nolle that 30 days after dale I intend to
apply io tin Hon the Cbltf Commissioner of
I .tin'U aud Wink -. Victoria, lor a npuclal licence
to cut and carry away timber from the following
described land, in Weat KooWiay : Commencing
at a po��i planted at Kokanee Hiding, on Band
i'liint, on toutb side West Arm of Kootenay
river about 1�� mllei east of Nelson, B G .marked
"C. K Walmiley'i N.K.corner poit," thence CO
chaiua south, Ini nee 80 chalm weit, thence 80
chain- north, the tie- Ho chains to point of commencement, containing mo acres, more or leaa.
i.oeaied March UJlh, juor.
t'.TtAt. F. WAI.MBLEY,
IV Uiikrah, Agent.
Take notice thatl intend thirty days afterdate
to apply t-i the Hon. the Chief Commlsiioner of
l-auds and Worki for a spoclal liceme to cut and
carry away timber from the following described
landi. iltuated east uf Dog creek, lo the district
of West Kooteuay : Commencing at a poit marked "Tho Boundary Lumber Company's northwest
corner post " planted about a mile east of the
Columbia and Western rsllroad, and about three
miles south of the Big Tunnel, theuee 40 chains
soutb, tbence 60 chains east, theoce 40 chains
south, thenco 100 cbains east, thence 40 chalna
north, thenee 80 chalm weat, tbence 40 chain*
north, thence 80 chains west to point of com'
Haten 4th Mareh, 1907. 3 GgEELLB,
Agent for The Boundary Lumber Co.
Taae notice tbat 1 Intend thirty days after dato
to apply to tho Hon tbe Chief Com minloner of
Lands and Works for especial license toeut and
carry awav timber from the following deserlbed
lands, situated on Dog creek, In West Kooteuay
dlatrlct: ('ommenclng at a poit planted oh the
cast side of the Columbia and Western railroad,
on or about ten chains east, and marked 'the
Houndary Lumber company'! poit," and abont
a mile and a half soutb of the Hig Tunnel, the
ocrihwest corner, tbence ruuning south 100
cbains, thence east 40 chalui, thence north 180
chains, thence weit 40 cbalm to place of com'
Pated March 4th, 1907. J OBMELLE.
���lit. <la
of March. WU7.
Chas   Krl
i Hereby given that thirty days aftei
- ' make application tothe Honor-
ntmlonac of Landa and Worka at
lor a opeclal liceme to ent and
bei from the followlug described
ut Kontenay dutrlct:
ue at a ; ""��� |ilanted about twomllea
irtcr up a umlheru tributary of lbe
��'i rlvei, on the creek commonly
������.*���*. .���-_ and a quarter of a mile
orki, and marked A. L. Htewart's
���"rner imil, thenco north 80 chains.
i-tuiin* tlience south Sn ebalus.
It��.)chain* to place oi commencement,
[day of April. UOT,
A, I. Stewart, Locator.
I h, ���-���,, ,.-;-.,:, uiatsodaya after date J
Jppiy to the Honorable the Cnlel Com-
Undi and
OUt iml carry away
(descrlbe-d landl in Wi
Wnrk*' for a apeclal
timber from the
est Kootenay dls*
nlnfc at u pmt planted about two and
mllei upa loutheru tributary of the
���an rher, on the creek commonly
ouldcr creek, and about a quarter of
i the horks, and marked A.L Stewart'e
orner post, ihence south 160 cbalni,
140ebalna, thenoo north ittochelna,
140 iliiiim to plac* 0( commencement.
'-'t-Uyof April, 1907.
a. L Btiwart, Locator.
Take notice that I Intend, thirl' days after
date, to anply to the Hon the Chief Commlsiioner of Lands and Works for a ipecial license to eul
an'1 cany away timber fiom tbe followlug deicrlbed laudi, situated on Handy creek, In Weat
Kootenay dlitrlet: Commencing at a post plant'
cd on th.* weat ilde of tfeudy creek and called
J. P. 8'i southwest corner poit, tbence running
east 8o chains, thence uorth 40 chalm, thenee
west ���*) chains, thenee north 80 chalna, thence
wesl 40 chains, thonce aouth 120 chaini to place
of commencement.
Daied this 9th day ot March, 1907
J. I*. awBBOBEio, Locator.
Ptotlee is hereby given that 30 dayi alter date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Cblef Com'
mlssloner of Lands and Works for a special
license toeut and carry away timber from tbe
folIowlUE described landi iltuated on the weat
���Ide ot Big Hbeep Creek Valley: Commencing
about three and a half miles north of tbe international boundary line and about one and a
half miles west of tbe Nelson and Fort Qbeppard
Railway company's land grant ln tba dlatrlct of
West Kootenay:
No. 1 ���Commencing at a post planted two
miles weit of Big Sheep creek, known aa tbe
southwest corner post. Joining J. K. Cranston'e
timber claim No. 1, claiming 80 chaiui north,
thenco 80 cbalm eait, tbence 80 chains aouth,
tnence 80 chains weat to point of commencement.
Located March 21it, 1907.
No 2.���Commencing at a poit planted at the
southwest corner ol location No. 1, known as the
northweit corner pott of location No. 'i. claiming:
80 chalna aoutb, thence 80 chaini east, then e eo
chalna north, thence BOcbalns weat to polut of
Located March 21st, 1907.
No. 8���Commencing at a poat placed half m
mllo west of location No. 2, known as the southeast corner, claiming 80 chains nortb, tbence 80<
chains weat, thence 80 chains aouih, thence 80>
chaina eaat to point of commencement.
No. 4 ���Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast corner ot location Ho. 3, known as the
northeast corner, claiming 100 chains aoutb,
thence 40 chains west, tbence >00 chains nortb,
thence 40 chalus east to point of commencement.
Locoted March 21st, 1907.
J. 1'. 8WEOBEM, Locator.
K. T. Khhiijikjen, Agent.
|      Ko
�� hereby given that 80 days after date 1
apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
"I Landi and Worka for a special
l,;ut mid carry timber from the follow-
r|w�� lands, iltuated In the valley of
f'P1 reek, commenolng 8 !4 ml lea north of
ftl boundary Hue, Joining the
i Micppnrd Railway Company's
������ .'.edlatrlcl of Wait Kootenay:
"imencing ata poit planted at the
wnar of a. D. chiiNtie'a pre-emption,
i�� cnaini aouth "long tbo eaat btm-nt-
t . ��rtaiie'�� pre-emption, thence eaat
1 .Nelion and Fort Hheppard survcr
�� north 8<i chaina, theuco west loo
'"���choii h tu ehalns, ihence east 40
KCui     , . f'��m n en cement.
[I March 28rd, l!W7. J. p, BWEDBBRO.
|*oiiimeneing at a post planted at the
Pi eorner of location No. 1 on the eaat
w une of a. D. Christie'a pre-emption,
n�� ohaini aouth aloug the east bound-
1 ����� < ranaton'i preemption, thence
J'ast i,i th,. Nelion and Fort Hiiuppard
���- iiii-iu.,. itiu chains, north, tbenoe 4f>
ji1" If"111' pi com menoement,
A March Hrdi 1907.
J. I'. Hwkijiiebo, locator
l��llrii!'1?.ull,rty<l��yi aftor date I intend
L.i" .if inn. the Chlof CommlsHloner of
"��"ii st Victoria, B. C, for a special
cut ami carry away tlm tier from the
���anf��� ltf|M I" Went Kootenay:
f."!""*'a pust planted 20 chaini well-
"'���"i comer of Lot 812, and at lho
lh��"nn 9I ,,( '-ot 77H6-  thence cast ao*
K!*uh* noinii 40 C|,tt(UH( thence out to
lheni?��nort'h 40 cbAin*> tbeneeea��tlH>
Notice Is herehy glveu that 80 daya frnm date
I lutend to apply to the Hon Chief Commissioner
of Unds and W'orks for a ipecial licenae to cut
and carry away timber from the following described landi in Weat Kootenay district:
Commeneing at a poat planted on the north
bank of 10 Mile creek, ahout one mile and a balf
from Hloean lake, marked G Htrand'a northwest-
corner poat, thanee east 160 cbains, thence iouth
40 chaiua, thence weil 160 ehalns, thence north
40 chains to point of commencement.
Hated this 21it day of March, 1907,
E. Btbaho, Locator.
Notice ii hereby given that 80 days alter dato i
intend to apply to the Honorable the (hief CoBk*
minloner of Lands and Worka. Victoria, lor a
special llcem* to cut and ca-ry away umber
from tbe lollowlng deacrlbed land ln West Koot-
CnCommenclng at a post planted about eight
miles from the mouth of Ooal creek, and where
It flows into the Blocan river and about wis
chains from the creek upon the ��onth bank, and
lolning V. H. Hlttle'a location on the west lino
and marked F. Batle'i aoutheast ooruer post,
thence weal 160 chalna. theuce north 40 chalna,
tbence ea-t 100 chaiui, thonce iouth ��o chaina to
point ot commencement.
Located Marcb 28th, 1907
perC B.Hhtli. Agent.
Notice li hereby given that ��dnri alien
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
alter date I
The &aBy C-mumBm
Rival Typci to Be Given Serlee of Thorough Trlale in Waters off
Rhode laland.
Newport, R. I., April 30.���The naval
powers of the entire world will await
with keen Interest the results of the
contest between submarine tooata which
began In Narragansett Day today under
the direction of the navy department of
tho United Htatea. The boat that shows
up the best in the eyes of the naval experts will be adopted for the United
States navy and It 1b not Improbable
that the whole world will follow suit.
Two types of bont have entered the
contest. One of these, the l4ike, represents the inventor whose name it bears.
The other, the Octopus, is of the Holland type. Hoth boats have beon here
for some time tuning up for the official
trials. It Is claimed for the Lake that
she has made 8H knots an hour running
awash. The Holland company claims
an equal speed for their boat, the Octo-
Notice li bereby glveu tbat 00 dayi after date 1
intend toappU to the Hon. the Chief Commlaiiouer of Lands and Works, at Victoria, for a
ipeclal  lloenae to out and  carry a*ay timber
iv tit
from tba following described landa In V^le dii
No. 1.���Commencing at a poat planted about 10
cbalm east of main Kettl�� river and about one
mile more or less north of C. P R. Block No.
H687, and marked Boundary Lumber Cb's B. t.
corner poat No. 1, thence 80 cbaina n-rth, tbence
80 chalna west, thenoe m cbaina aoutb, tbenoe 80
chains east to tbe point of commencement.
Dated Mar b nnd, 1907.
No. 2.���''ommenclng at a post planted about 10
chains east of main Kettle river about 80 chalna
nortb of Boundary Lumber Co's Location No. 1,
and marked Boundary Lumber Co's B. B. corner
poat No. 2, thence 80 chalna north, thence 80
chalm weat, tbence BOcbalns aoutb, tbence 80
chains east to tbe point of commencement.
Hated 22nd Harrti, 1907.
No. 3.���Commencing at a post planted about SO
chaini eaat of main Kettle riverand abont 80
chains nortb of Boundary Lumber Co's location
post No 2, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'a
tt. K. eorner poat No. ;i, tbence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains va-i.. thenoe 80 chaini iouth,
tbence 80 ebalns eait '.o tbe point of oommencement.
Dated March 22nd, !907.
No. 4.���Commencing at a post planted about
10 cbaina eaat of the main Kettle river and about
no chalna north of Boundary Lumber Co'a location post Sn. *, and markea Boundary Lumber
Lo'i B. K corner post No 4, thenee 80 chains
nortb, thence 80 chalna west, thence 80 ehalna
soutb, thence 80 cbalm eaat to the point of commencement.   '
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No 6.~Commenclng at a poat planted about
15 ehains eaat of main Kettle river and about
two miles north, more or lesa, of Boundary Lumber o's Location No.4, and narked Bonndary
Lumber Co's 8 E. corner poat No 6, thence 80
chains north, tbence 80 chains west, tbence 80
chains aouth. thence 80 chalna eaat to the point
of commencement.
Dated Marcb 28rd, 1907.
No. 6.���Commencing at a poat planted about 25
chains east of main Kettle river on C P. R- line
2714, and about 80 ehaim   _
Boundary Lumber Co'a location poat ho. b, and
Bi        *
blocs No. 2714, and about 80 chains north ol
Boundary Lumber Co'a location poat ho. b, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'a 8. B. corner nost
No.*, thence 80 chaiua north, following C.P R.
I Mmi, j
north 40 cbalm, tbence west list
nh 40 chains to place of com-
Miik 540 acrea more or leaa.
Bth, 1907,
_u^'VUMaTtMp>mm\'t_% j*��-
MtKOl.i ItuersM lis ut am! o��rjjr��w��>- Imbur Irom
lE,' Inllnwlui slsnotlU-.l laud In ����.! H����"��Js
romimsncliiK al a pml plantesl atmut UialW
Irom thf moiiili ssl llnal cres-k f��il wht'f It llow��
IntoSlrasan rlviT, anil a*out ISi-h.lnalnsm thf
frock, unon Iho aiiulli bank ansl manest 0 B
II title', aouthout forno' poal, th-jnoe wort TO
(Shaln-, Ihonro nnrlh 40 rbalni, thonoe eaat wo
cbalm, thonce Mnth �� chain, to point ol com
Dated March Hth. 19*7. __- ���
c. B. Hit'!.*. Locator.
f * "'Isy given that 90 daya alter date
'si'l'ly lis Use Hnn, Chlol tommlsialon-
Is'.,,,. "" "<"k" 'or a apeclal lleenie to
1,1 ill s"vv')y "mbl!r ''"i" "1�� lollowlnl
f r i'i, v"J.���'"""Ml on the wort aide ol Bl��
t, 11, * "ley. eommonclnrjabout ,H mllei
t,��� ,ti.""I'fnalloiial boundary lino, and
I I ����� ',",���"''"���* ol Hig iJheop creek in the
��� �� ,w**ssl ' sssslenoy:
,.* ss���',"";1":1"'1,, Hl �� 0��"' Planted aboul
"""lol ulKBbeepcnwk.Vuowiia. lhe
0 ph-i-V v��": olmnlni ��<l sshalna aoolh,
���1 iiii!. "���."��� mmmi W) ohalna norm,
l',,������ c""110 *?tn% ol commencement.
Ihis ,���i'';nt.l!'�� "' ��� port planlcd al the
I" I eoVll*."' S"W" ���* 'j k��own ai the
lOil?��,",r. &!!' a,*'m��nil* ''hains nonh,
I-?��� wtjj Iss psslnl ���[ is.raimeiiceinenl.
KSraS?SUra*Uf" No '*'��� "-own aa lho
t n  1, f, '"""��� ���W5l!'ll *> ohalm norih,
fh-'l .W*m, 1*R      ol ";om��>e"�������ou
n m'mti 8W��"������0. '��oator,
K. T. Mumuhiin, A|cnt.
Notice li horoby ulven that thirty dayi aller
dale I intoml lo npplf to lho Hon "**���;���.�������'
fommluliilicr ol Uucii and �� orki, al VIM na,
lor a .peclal llcome to cut nnd carry isiva) timber
irom the lollowlng deicrlbed landi in Weal
Kootonay, that li to lay: ommenclng al
lliiairolta and ijchorroerhorn'i poit No s,
running theuco oaiito cbalni, thens-e iouhiw
cbalni, Ihcnce weil KI ishnlili, thonce norlh m
cbaina lo point oi commencement port No. 11.
containing Ws) s.crca oi land, more or leaa-
Dated at Creiion.B.C., thll Bud day ol Marcb.
A.D., IWI. ���.,.-.--.
Ogo. HracaoFT,
Notice la hereby given lhat thlny day" alter
date I intend to apply lo the Hon. lhe till 1 lum-
mlieloner ol LanSi and Worki, at Vila,
lor a apeclal licenae toon land carry ���"���(���'B,���,
Irom  the  lollowlng sleicrl I  landa tt �������'
Kootenay, that ll to aay: Otoiionolng ��J
piliilSllihalnioaal ol the norlhweat eornor 01
Huioroltand Hchermorborn'i poll ""��� _V._".
nlng aouth 10 cbaina to wm ���� J _____{
ea��i80 chain,, thenco liortfi* ��Tj?W'.ft!B_i
woat HO cbalni, thonco aoulh K) ,���''<,''"'__?_____
|.oinincucementpoitNo.a, conUlnmiMO tma,
mD."l."d '.Ttrcton, B.O., thi. and day ol Maroh.
A*D*'im 010. Ht-icnorr,
J, 0   80H11I��������0���,',���
line block No 2711, thence SO cbaina west, thenoe
80 chalna aouth. theuee BO ehalna eaat to the
point ol commencement
Dated March JSrd, 1907.
No. 7.-Commenclng at a port planted abont
l.*s chalm wen ol lbe main Kettle rlyer on C P.R.
line Is] ck No. 2714, and about 80 cbaina north oi
Boundary 1 umber Co'i location port No. 6, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co'a 8. E. corner aim!
No. 1. thence 160 chains north, lollowlng C. P. B.
line block No. Z714, thence 40chalns won, Ihence
160 chalna south, thence 40 chaini east lo tbe
point of commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 1907.
No. 8-CommcncIng at a pott planted about
30 chaini west irom river bank and about 3 miles
sonth, more or less ol the laat eait branch olthe
eaat lork ol the main Kettle river or ahout 18
usl'ea nortb, more or leai, ol C. P. R. Block No.
i71t, on eaal lork oi Kettle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. corner poet No 8. thence
��u s-halna east, thence 80 chalna aonth, thence 80
chaiui wert, th -nee 80 chalna north to the point
ol commencement.
Dated March 25tb, 1907.
No.��.���Commencing at a poat planted abont
���20 cbains west Irom river bank, on tbe eaat fork
ol Kettle river, and about 80 obaina aonth of
Bounslary Lumber Co's location poat No 8, and
markeii Boundary lumber Co'a N.W. corner
post No 9, thens'c 80chalnieaat.thenc HOchaini
south, thence 80 chaini weit, theuce 80 chaini
north to the polot of oommencement.
Datod March 2Mb, 1107.
No. 10 -Oommenelng at a poat planted about
20 chaini wert from river hank on the eaat fork
ol Kettle river, and about 80 chalna woth of
Houndary Lumber Co'i location poit No 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Cos N. W. corner
wsat No. 10, thence 80 chaini eait, thence 80
s-lsaina aouth, thence 80 chalna weat, tbence 80
ebalna north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 28th, 1907.
No. It-Commencing at a poat planted about
15 ehalni weit Irom river bank on the eaat fork
of Kottle river, and abonl 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poat No. 10, and
marked Bouudary LumberCo'a N.W oorner poat
No 11. thence 80 chaini eaat, thenoe 80 chain,
aonth, tnenco 88 chatm weat, thence 80 chaini
north to the point ol commencement.
Dated Maroh 251b, 1901.
No. 12.-Commenclngat a -port plantedabout 12
chalna west Irom river bank an the eaat f irk of
Ko tie river, and about 80 chalna aouth of
Bonndary Lumber Co'a location poat No. 11, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co'a N. W. corner
port so. 12, theuce 80 chaina eaat, thenoe SO
chalna aouth, Ihence 80 cbalni weat, thence 80
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No. 18 ���Commencing at a poat planted about
13 chalna weit Irom river bank on the eaat fork
ol Keltic rlvor, and about 80 ebalni wuth ol
Boundary Lumlier Oo'a location poat No. 12. and
markeii Boundarj Lumh-r Co'a N w corner
o,�� "o. 13, Ihcnce 80 chalna eaat, thenoe 80
ehalni aoulh. thence 80 chalna wc,t, thenoe 80
ehains north to the point of commencement
Hates! March 25th, 1907.
No 14.-Oomiuenolng ata poat planted about
10 ebalni w at Irom river bank on the eaat fork
ot ellle river, and about 80 chalna ,011th ol
Bssiindary Lumber Co'i looatlon poat No. 13, and
markad Boun 'ary LumberCo'a N W. corner poat
No 14. thence 80 chaini eait. ihenco 80 ohalna
south' tbenee 80 ohaini weat. thenoe 80 ohaini
norlh to the point of commencement
Dated March 25th. 1907.
No. 15���Commencing at a port planted about
10 ehalni wert irom river bank on the eaat fork
of Kctlle river, and about 80 chalna iouth ol
Houndary Lumber Co'a poat No 11, and ��"����!
Bonndan Lumber Co'i fi. W eornor poll No. 15,
lcnee 80 ohaini cart, thonco 8uchains aoutb,
llieneo 80 ehalna west, thonce 80 chalna north to
sHsisst ssf commencement.
Dated March 26th, 1907.
No. 10-Commenclng at a post planted abont
8 cbaina welt Irom river bank on fhe eait lork of
Kettle river, aud abont 80 ohalns aonth ol
Houndary Lumber Co'i location port o. 15. and
marked Boundary I umber Co'a l{. W. cornerppat
No IC lbence ao chain, eaal, thence 80 chalna
iouth thence 81 ehalns weat. theuco 80 chain,
north to the [mini of enmraencemfnt.
Dated March 25ib, 1907.
No 17.-Commencing atapMt planted abont
5 ehalna west from rivor bank on the eaet fork
of Kettle river, and ahout 80 chalna aouth of
Boundarv Lumber Co's location poat No. 16, and
marked Houndary Lumber Co'. N W. corner
ml No. H, tbence 80 ohalna eaat, thenee 80
Shalna reuth, thence 80 chnin. weat, thence 81)
chaini north lo tho point of commencement
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No i8.-Cominencing at a port planted about
', ehalni well ul the river bank on the eaal fork
.f Kettle Biver ami about 80 ohalni aonth of
lloun larv Lumber I.Vi looallon, Hat No 17
ami marked Boundarv umber Co'a N.W. corner
Sl No- IS. 'hence &0 chain, fart, thenca 80
fflna .intii. tbenco ���� ehalna weat, thanee 80
eh! na north to the W'lnl ol commencement.
1. ,���,! March Hth, 1907. >- OmUX,
Dated March mnj�� ^ ���.__,,,__ L_mb��� _-,
pus. The selection of the boat, however, la not to depend upon apeed alone.
Durability, habiublllty and deep diving
will all enter into the summing up by
tbe Judges of the merits of the boats.
The navy board appointed to supervise the tests -consists of Captain
Adolph Marlx, president; Naval Constructor D. W. Taylor, Commander
Burns T. Walling, Lieutenant Commander William 8, Smith, Lieutenant
John W. Timmons and Ensign F. H.
Sadler, recorder.
Every precaution was taken by tbe
navy department 10 Insure fairness In
tbe trials and to bring out the merits
of the respective boats. The rules laid
down by the trial board and approved
by the secretary of the navy provide for
turning trials to prove the manoeuver-
ing powers of the boats for torpedo firing while submerged and under motion,
for mining and counter mining, as well
as tests of endurance and habltablllty.
In order to test the last-named quality
the boats, each taking a complement of
men, will be sunk. Bide by side, at the
torpedo dock station here for 24 hours
as a test of the comfort of the little
craft when necessary. Severe as this
test may seem to the laymen, neither
officers, men or owners seem to dread
It In the least.
The speed trials will be over a measured course of one mile, under three
conditions���light or cruising oonditlon,
with all ballast tanks empty; awash,
with part of the conning tower showing
and ready for Instant diving, and submerged, with the top of the conning
tower not less than 10 feet from the surface. For each apeed trial, unless a
special circumstances render lt Inexpedient, three runs will be made over
the course at a maximum speed, and
tour or five runs back and forth at progressively reduced speeds, as determined by Uie trial board.
The submarines carrying a complement of torpedoes, will make submerged runs and discharge in the shortest Ume possible all torpedoes at a target The flrst torpedo will be discharged
at 2,600 yards. Each boat will be examined as to strength, material and
workmanship. As a further test of
strenth, each boat will be submerged to
a depth not greater than the owners
may desire, but no boAt will be accepted
: as filling all the requirements unless lt
shall withstand without damage a running Bubmergenoe of 200 feet.
The board has decided thai the testa
shall be comparaUve, as it would be Im-
pracUcable to have simultaneous tests.
It is expected that the trials will last 10
days or two weeks.
T*1* Stf athcona
Nelson, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
���aker Knot, Malaoa. B.O.
Lighted br BtoMsltr and
Heated hr Hot Air
RATB9 tl m DAT
Lataa and -Comfortable Be-drooma Ud first-
elaaaDloing loom.  Mainplo Houm. for Camaaei-
t-lal   Man.
���BB. I. O.CLABKE, Proprletreae
Grand Central Hotel
This hotel hu been completely renovated and
newly furnlahed wltb all modern equipments.
Bot waler beating througboot.
BATES I Boom., (Oe. upward. ; meals Oc.;
apeclal ratea by the weak.
J. A. BEIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, ISO.   Opposite Court Rome
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tf emont House
Bnro-pa-an and American Itaa
Meala �� ma. Boomi from > Ms. I* tl.
Only Whlta Hap Employed.
Baker Bt.. Nalaon
Boundary Group of  Mines Taken
by Spokane Capitalists.
Bartlett  Hotise
Best OoDu-a-Day Hmbc in Kelson.
The Bar Is tb* rineat.
Whlta Balp -Only Employed.
loeepblna Bt
Royal Hotel
Bates |1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Batea to Beg-olar Boarders.
A couple of weeks ago a resident of
Spokane, James Schiewe, viBlted the
Boundary, to have a look at the Fremont mine, in which he ls a stockholder. He was pleased with the Fremont,
which lies between the Providence and
Strathmore, and while in Greenwood
also looked at some other claims and
prospects. It appears that Mr. Schiewe
haB been quite successful in his mining
operaUons in the Coeur d' Alene country in Idaho, and waB disposed to take
up some thing here if it seemed sufficiently promising. This he found ln
the Sudbury group, in Deadwood camp,
a copper proposiUon that has had considerable development work done on lt,
and he arranged to bond the group of
three elalma. The price of the bond
was not made public, but It la known
that the owners had previously refused
Last week IncorporaUon papers of the
Sudbury Mining Co. were recorded In
Spokane, the company having a capital
of $250,000 for the purpose of taking
over and exploiting ttie Sudbury group.
The five trustees in charge of the company'a business are James Schiewe, J.
D. Whitela and A. S. Elder of Spokane,
and W. C. Reeder and William O. Lewis
of RiUville, Wash. * As soon as all details are completed, It Is expected that
an active programme of development
will be outlined and undertaken by tbe
new company, the officers of which
have confidence that they have the
making of a mine In the Sudbury
It will he noted that Spokane men are
still picking up the good things In a
mineral way In the Boundary.���Phoenix
Boet comfortable quarter, ln Nelaon
Only the beat of liquor, -and -s-lgan.
Aa McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
We Can Sell You a First Class
$200 5^5
Balance Easy Quarterly Payments.
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Ltd.
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orchards and running water on eaeh piopeiiy.    Theae proper-
ties can be purchased on reasonable terms It sold at once.
THI oLdut rial utati dialm in nelson.
Examination for Assay us for Licence to
Practice In British Colombia.
An Examination for Aanyer. will be held ln
Victoria on tha 27th Hay and following daya.
Entrance for -any examination muit ba made
ln writing to th. Secretary ol tha Board ol Examiner., at leaal tan day. before the date aet tor
beginning of examination, and muat ba accom-
panled by the prescribed fee (115)
Any additional Inlormauon doelred may be
obtained from  llerbs-rt Carmlcbael, .ecretary,
board of examiner., Victoria   -        ,   _
Hlnlater of Mlnea.
Department of Mlnea,
Victoria, B. C, lilt April, Itn.
Notice I, hereby given Wat so day, after date I
Intend to applv lothe ��on. Chief CommlMloner
ot Und. and Work, for a .peclal lloenae to ont
and carry away timber Irom the following deacrlbed land., Mluated on Corn Oraek lu the
Goat creek dlvulon In Southwnt Kootenay, B O.
"A"���Commanolng at poat "A" planted about
IM ehalna waat from aoulheaat corner of Block
No. ins, and narked "��. L. Beekwlth by I J
Lucia, agent, northeast eorner poat," about two
ehain. norlh of the .treats, then weal,160 chains,
then 40 chain, .oul h, ihen eaat IW chain., then
ao chain, north to poat ot oommencement.
Datad Maroh oth, iom. '      W- L. MionwiTa,
bv 1.1. Lucia, Agent,
"B"-Commenoing at po,t "B" planted on the
.outh fork ot Corn creek, about M chain, from
where the atream emptle. Into the Main .tream,
marked "W, h. Beekwlth by I 1 Lucia, agent,
northeaat corner poat," about three chain, eatt
of .tream, tben ISO chain, .outh, then to chain,
watt, then Ito chain, norlh, then 40 ohalna eaat
to point of commencement.
Date " "
fa"ted" March 7li,lWI,      . W. I. ��aotwmi,
by I.J. Lucia, Agent.
���se���commenolng at poat "C" planted 10
chain, aoutb ol northwest corner of Block "B"
niarked "W 1. Beckwilh by I.J. Lucia, a-jont,
Dortheaat cornor poat," about ten chain, we.t ot
stream northeaat corner, then 160 chalna south,
Ihen 4ii chaini wesl, t,.cn 1C0 chains north, then
40 chains eut to poat of commencement.
Datod Maroh In, 1007. Mr. L. Bgcawif*.
by I. J. Lena, Agent.
Notloe It herehy given that the Wattsburg
Lumbar company naa applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant Governor ln council, under the provisions of tha "Rivers aad Htreams Act," for the
right to improve Ryfcerta onek. in the district oi
West Kootanay. Brltlah Colombia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
the banka thereof, and to conatrnct dama, boom.,
.ilde. and chutes, and make such other improvementa aa may be naotatary for the driving and
rafting of log. and tbe 11 tuning of tlmher thereon
The landa to be affected are goverment land, and
Lota 261 and 9K1, ilronp 1, Kootanay district, aad
tha toll, that are proposed lo he charged, if any,
are auch aa may be Axed by a Judgo of the county
court of Waat Kootenay.        _.,.__,
Datad thll *J7th day of March, A, 1). 1907.
rn...    .  ���
Choice Fruit
I Hart J0.000 Acnes
of tte
Choicest Fratt Lands ia
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Bay now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
40 Actes Fltst-class Ftait
Laad ca Kootenay Lake!
Within i/2 mile of Earl Gray's Ranch.
1/* mils lake frontage.   Free 1
Plenty water.   ISO par 1
1 rock,
on terme.
Certificate of tbe Refistntion of An
Extra-Prorincial Company.
"���Companies Aet, 1M7."
I HEREBY CERTIFY that the "Krao BUver
Lead Mining Company, Liml��ed," haa thla day
been registered aa an mtra-frov loeial Company
under the "Companies', act, MB." to carry ont
or elect all or auy ot the objecta of tha oompany
to wblch the legislative authority ot the Legislature ot brltlab Columbia extenda.
The head offlce of the company la sltnate at
Phoenix, Territory ot Alisons, D. U. A.
The amount of the capital ot tha eompaay is
three million dollan, divided into alx hnndred
tbouaand aharea of five dollan each.
The head offloe af lha company in thlt provlnoa
1. .itnate at Kaalo. .nd *Q I. Zwlcky, mining
engineer, whoa* address i. Kulo. ���' c, la the at
torney lor the company.
Tha tlma of tha exlatence ot tha company la
twenty-live yean Irom the eighteenth day of
October, IMS.
lhe oompany it limited.
Olven under my hand and aeal of offlce, Victoria, Provlnoe of Brltlah Columbia, thlt Bad
nay ol March, one thouaead nine hundred saad
"i���! B. Y.WUOTTOK,
Regittrar of Joint Stock Com Denies.
The pnrpoeea for which thla corporation ll
fsinned are to buy, bold, lean, aall, work, explore, develop and operate mlnea and mining
claims, and all klnda of mining property; to locate and procure patents loi mining elalma; to
buy, erect, construct, or otherwise -aoqulre aad
sell mills, amelters, concentrators or other reduction plants, and to ran and operate tha aame
ln the reduction of all kinds of ore, and the extraction of mln. ral tberelrom; to -acquire ln any
manner all klnda ot real estate naotatary for the
economical and expeditious operation of lu mining -and smelting aad reduction hnalneia. and
other business incident thereto; to buy aad tell
and otherwlae acquire and dupoee of any and
all kind, of peraoual property, machinery, toola
and merchaudlee, for ths convenient -and practical operation ot lta bnalnaaa In any branch
thereof; and. to tb at end to establish and conduct
stores and merchandising catabliahmenta, tor tha
purchase and sale of all kinds of sooda and merchandise; to acquire In any lawful manner telephone and telegraph lines and rights of way; to
operate and conduct suoh lines In any manner
neceaaary or convenient for tha operation el tta
mining ansl .melting aad reduction kualneea or
any branch Incident therein; to bulld.oonatruct,
equip, operate aad conduct railway aaa tram
Unas Wherever neceaaary an 1 convenient, to tha
Eroper operation of ila aald llnee of buaineaa; to
ay and tail or otherwise acquire and dupoee of
the ttock of other corporations whioh may la ila
lodgment contribute lo the aucceea of lu opera-
liana, or which ln lta Judgment may ba fur tha
hencOl ol IU atockholden, lo acquire Id any
manner and to dlspoee of water rlghu, dltehee,
llumea, pipe Una. or other aqnaduau, which
may be neceaaary or convenient for supplying
water to tha various planu of the company, and
lo acquire in any manner and toeeuhllsh and
operate plants ansl lino, for operating, heating
or lighting the property or planu of tha oompany, and to acquire In any lawful manner, and
to dlapote ot townaltet, or any portion thereof,
and to hold, operate, sell, and dltpoeo of water,
light and boat for the purpoae of lighting, neat*
ing or lurnlshlng waUr to tald towulie or
towntltet, and each and every portion thereof,
and generally to do aay and all things and to acquire aod hold and ditpoee ot -all kiodt of properly, and to manage, operate and conduct any
and all kinds ot planu and buaineaa whioh ln the
opinion of tbe directore sand atookholdan may
be neceasary for tho conveniens*? and successful
operation of IU boalnett su a mining tnd iraelt
Ing and reduction oompany.
Atlantic Seaboard
Kootonay Points
Effective for Trans-Atlantic pasesn-
gars arriving on er subsequent te April
from polnta In Ontario, Quebec, Maritime provlncee, SL Paul, Chicago, and
United State*.
Send For Yom Friends
Full particulars   on   application to
local agent or write
A.Q.P.A.. Vancouver. D. P. A., Malaoa
I have Just return-ad to Nelson and
have opened up at the aame old stand,
and now ready to do all klnda of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
in the matter ol an application lor the laaua of
a duplicate of the Cerillieale ol Title of Lou I and
4, Block IS, Lots, Block Wand Lot 11. Block W,
Nalaon City (Maps 2M and 3XA )
Notice It hereby given that lt is my intention
to Issue a duplicate ol tbe Cerllllcate of Title for
the above lou at tbe expiration of one month attar
the II nl publication hereof In the namaot rrans
Jaoobyeml ismll I'obil whioh I erlldcate of Title
U datad the Itb day ot January, ltd, and numbered iXI A.
r. r, Micuson,
Dlatrlct BegUtrar.
Uni Kagiatry Offloe, Nelaon, B.C
eth, April, IWI.
W.   O.   aiL,L,ETT
Contractor maid
Bole agent for tbe Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yards. Rough and diasead lather, turned
work and brackeU, Coaat lath and shingles, eaeh
and doora. Cement, brick and lima for sale.
Automatic grinder.
Y-ard and factory: Vernon St.. eaat of Hall
P. O. Box at. Telephone 111
r. c guih    r. r. burmm    a. b. greeu
Qril Endaeos, Dominion ud Britbk
Colombia land Snryeyors
r.ClexltS   Heat Mil.
In the matter of an application Ipr the laaua of
a duplicate al the Certificate of Title ior an un-
division, of lot 4SU. group I, ia the dlatrlct of
Koolanay (eaoept auilMstm tber-aot.)
Notloe U hereby given tbat It u my Intention
to Issue ot the expiration of one month after tha
flrat publication fier-eoi a duplicate of the CerttB-
i ata of Title for tha above m-ntloned landa, In
the aame ol Malcolm Mccormick, which Cer.tU-
oalela dated the ltih Septembers Wl, and nom-
Lend Btflttry Omoa, Nrtion, t^Anrtl ��d. ��� V.
The Daily Canadian
[Our Stock is Complete.
Here are two Soap Specials: ���
>25  31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD  J4.5C ���
{72 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75 }
I  ���
Ornamented Chocolate Eggs.
Blue Bird  Eggs.    Cuckoo Eggs.
Robins'  Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks all sizes.
Make your selections while  the stock
is complete.
Phone 206.
For Rent
5 Room Furnished House, on
Ward  Street,   $25.00
per month.
5 Room  Unfurnished  House,
on Ward Street, $15.00
per month.
Ha E. Croadsdaile & _
Neit Door to Dank of Commerce.
of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will And it to their advantage to use oor Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean.
Ing Itoves, etc.
121 Eaat Baker St.        Phone No. A114
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
tobacconist.  Baker Street.
Cor. Vernon und Wars] Stt-mmtm,
.NELSON,   B. 6.
J. i'KED HUME, Proprietor.
R. J. McPhee, Slocan; Jessie McLeod.
H. G. Nicholas, Ymir: A. French. G. L.
Morris. M. H. Wall anil wife. Vancouver;
G. S. McCarter, Revelstoke; J. N. Serjeant, Kamloops; W. A. Faulkner. H. E.
Sharp. Winnipeg; F. Laahbrook, London
M. P. Rssss. Toronto. Mrs. H. Mc\V.
IJcurke, Dr. .1. llourke, Siam; G. \V.
B-surke. 18-Mile; S. T. Hart. Spokane;
J. Marshall, Regina; G. A. Lannie.
Mrs. \V. II. H. Atkinson. A. Van-
much. Trail; Miss B. Anderson. Toronto; A. Donahue, Vancouver; J, C. Duf-
resne. Blue liell Mine; A. B, Doysl.
Winnipeg; J. Fisher, Rossland; G.
Qagne, Kaslo; \V. Anderson, Cascade;
H. A. Watson, Frederlcton.
W. Johnson and wife, Wardner: C.
E. Irish, Frederlcton: R. V. Bishop, R.
H. Hearess, C. Brand, H. M. McGlore,
K. E. Broedthawren, Spokane; A. N.
Wlnlaw; M. Lempstey, Victoria; J. H.
Duncan, Portland; J. G. Williamson,
Colorado Springs.
H. Broadwood. Ilonnington; J. Murphy, A. E. Jackson, Hunter V.; E. K.
Phillips, Cornwall; H. Bacon, Ymir; S.
Osborne, Lardeau.
G. B. White and wife. Deer Park; F.
Downer, Addy; H. F. Weber, Vancouver; J. McEvoy, L. Matthew, Greenwood; J. Fraser, F. Water. Glacier; II.
J. North and wife. Grand Forks; J, Mclnnis, phoenix; H. D. Mclntyre, A. Me-
Faddcn, Mrs. A. A, Ibbotson. Ymir; R.
Walter. Alnsworth; W. G. Bale. Winnipeg; J. Jones. S. Fisher. Slocan.
N. Hansen, II. Douglas, Tra.i; J. W.
English, London, Eng.; D. N. Kent,
Rossland; II. Newman, Mlnnedosa; S.
llrown, Grand Forks.
C. McPhlllips, J. Campbell. Blue Bell
mine; F. Nolan. Beaver; J. Haslam,
Slocan; J, E. Hasty, A. W. McAllister,
Grand Forks.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
Dominion Dairy
Calblck & McDonald, proprietors of
the Dominion Dairy, having dissolved
partnership by mutual consent the business will In future be carried on by
W. Calblck.
Thanking our patrons for past favors
I hope to merit a continuance of their
PHUNINu AND ORAFTINO carefully attend
...1 to. Apply
 "llT-s-r glnr Hotel.
KIB3T.rl.ASS WAITRKSS-ApplyQueen'ss Hotel.
COOK���Hotel, 190. Waitress,�����; atones. Pbone
You'd mstti  wills boss.1 offlce experience seeks a
posspfon    Apply Post ___ Nelson. H, C.
TWO FIRffl'-CLASS huOMd. steam heated.  Ap
nl�� honsekee-oer. Ursl flat. It. W. C. block.
A COCKER SPANIKL, Water Spaniel or similar
tattle Puppy,   ivsl Oilice Box WS.
Customs Receipt*.
The collections at the Kelson customs house for April amount to $:'3.-
Change of Officials.
T. J. Scunlun, successor to P. W.
Swamiell In the offlce of collector of
Inland ravenufl for .Nelson und district,
will enter on his duties tomorrow.
The feature of the metal markets today Is the advance of lead in London to
��t0, 'Js., tid., tht* highest quotation
since 190& Silver declined one point
on each market.
Change in Time.
Nelson U>dge. .No. 25, Knights of
r.vthfas. will meet at 7:30 p. xxx. tOfitgbt
Instead of I o'clock as usual. As important business will he brought forward it Is desirable that as many members as possible should attend.
20,000 Club.
The executive committee of the 20.-
000 Club will meet In the hoard of
trade rooms tomorrow evening at S:30.
The chief business will be the appointment of a secretary, one of the most important duties of the committee and one
on the proper performance of which
the success of the club depends.
Board of Trade.
A -spL'Cial meeting of the board of
trade of .Nelson will be held in the
beard rooms tonight at 8:30 at which
the president will report on his mission
to Fernie more fully than he has dune
In common with other board of trade
delegates for publication. Mr. Starkey
thinks there are grievances on hoth
sides requiring immediate remedy.
Shot by a Woman.
Word has reached here from Revelstoke that a woman named Wharton,
wife of a aectlon foreman near that
place, attempted to kill au Italian by
shooting. The woman fs now In the
provincial jail at Revelstoke. It is
known that the -iccused woman poured
tlte full charge of a 10 shotgun into
her victim. The Italian, whose name is
Amatiill, persisted in paying court to
the lady, and she resented hla attentions.    Amatilli is expected to recover.
Tin  Near Spokane.
Spokane is excited over the reported
discovery of a tin mine eight miles
south of the city. A conversation on
the subject took place fn the Hume
hotel yesterday afternoon amoug a
group of experienced mining men. One
told of a long search for tin In Montana. Another told of the discoveries
in Virgina. Another expressed his conviction that tin would never be found
In paying quantities on the American
continent. He based his opinion on lho
fact that wherever it has occurred lt
has been in conjunction with other metals, whereas, in the great mines of
Cornwall, it ia found pure.
Moved to Moose Jaw.
John DonaJdson, for many years a
resident of Grand Forks, has taken up
his residence in Moose Jaw. Mr. Donaldson was held in high esteem ln bis
late home, and previous to his departure for his new home was presented by
hfs fellow-citizens with a handsome gold
watch and chain accompanied by an
address. About 40 leading citizens c*f
Grand Forks attended the presentation
ceremony in the Grand Forks city offices. Mayor Hammar presided, and, In
stating the reason of the gathering said,
it was evident that Mr. Donaldson had
the good will of a large number of people, and that for himself he was only
too pleased to join in wishing their fellow-citizen all kinds of prosperity in his
new life.
The Store of Quality
Sy r tip!
For Today Only
we are making a
Big Cut in
Corn Syrup
Have a look at the prices in
our window display.
S. W. 6. Blot* . Phon. 10.
I have received a consignment
of the famous
Pin-Money Pickles
These are very fine.
35c per Bottle
C* Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
RUNNING WATER, by A. E. W. Mason,
author of Four Feathers, cloth $1.35
by  Kate  and Virgil  D.  Boylea
Cloth $1.50
LITTLE ESSON, by S. R. Crockett.
Cloth $1.35
A   SOVEREIGN    REMEDY,   by    Flora
Annie  Steel, Cloth $1.35
CHIP OF THE   FLYING  U,  by  B.   M.
Bower,  cloth $1.35
LIGHT,   by    Norman  Duncan,        *
author of  Doctor  Luke of the
Labrador, cloth $1.35
M. Bower,  cioth $1.35
Chas. Klein, cloth $1.50
by Geo. Bronson Howard,
Cloth $1.50
W. G. Thomson
SSSSSL"' Nelson, B.C.
iMiimd at.
I. O. O. F.
F. E. Simpson, grand master of tho
1. 0. O. P. for Hritish Columbia, lias
notified the brethern h-are that ho will
pay an official vlylt to .Nelson lodge next
Monday evening.
Beautifying Nelton.
The boulevards around St. Saviours
church have heen BflSded down and will
be one of the beauty Hpots of sN'elson In
a month or so. The trees planted lasl
year have heen replaced by corkhark
elm trees.
Hume School At Home.
The teachers of the Hume school
have made all preparations for the At
Home to be held In the new school next
Friday evening. There will be an entertainment provided by the pupils,
after which light refreshments will he
Judgment Reserved.
The case of Paul Potosky vs C. P. R.
was heard yesterday afternoon by His
Honor Judge Forln as arbitrator under
the Workmen's Compensation Act. Potosky was section foreman for the
C. P. R. near Farron. In October last
while he was thawing dynamite, It exploded and blew off his right foot. The
plaintiff swore In court that he did not
know what caused the explosion. Two
witnesses swore that he told them that
the dynamite was on flre and he tried
to stamp It out. Judgment was reserved. .1. O'Shea appeared for the
plaintiff, W. A. Macdonald, K. C, for
the defendants.
Latimer, near Stanley, $ 325
Cedar, near  Baker  300
Carbonate, near Park  175
Park, near Vernon,(2 lots)  525
Vancouver and Slocan, 16 lots for 450
Victoria, new Kootenay  2,250
Cedar, near Victoria  3,000
Silica,  near Park  2,500
MMI <- $1,600 and 2,000
King Road, $500 cash and balance eaay
terms will purchase plot about seven
acres, part cultivated.
Near King Road, 50 acrea, part cultivated.   Inspection invited.
Kootenay River, 160 acrea, $16 per acre.
Also   land  on   Kootenay   lako,   near
Creston, Flre Valley and Burton City,
Weat Baker 8treet.        NELSON, B. C.
Wholt'ule ��ml Retail Deilen lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
CainpH supplifd nu nhortost notice and
lowest prico. Nothing but frvnh and
wholesomo meat* nnd flupplot* kept in stock
Mall order* rtweive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
B. C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit,
Fuel tc Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.E. cor. Baker  and   Ward  SU.
For Sale...
Near  Thrume,  a  ranch  of about   15
acres.   A small clearing.    Eaay terms.
    Nelson, B. C,  Box  tit.
A. M. Can. Sec. O. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Boi
Baker St.. NEL80N, B. C.
How's $J450?
A neat -4-Room Cottage on Mill St..
with etone cellar. Verandah back and
front. Electric light. Two level lots
with 11 fruit trees all bearing, and
plenty of amall fruit.
Only $700 Caah
Balance at 6 per cant.
W. F. Montgomery of Creston Is In
the city.
Wm. HalK-Smellfe of Procter came
down on this morning's boat.
Frank Jamea, C. P. R. machinist, has
recovered from a severe attack of ton-
W. H. Angus, J. Fielschman and Ceo.
A. Mclntyre. all of Vancouver, are registered at the Hume.
George S. McCarter. the well-known
Revelstoke barrister, camo in last evening anil Is registered at tho Hume.
O. E. C. Martin, for many yenrs ln
business In Nolson, hut latterly connected with the Canadian Metals Co. at
Walrmore, Is In the city.
J. A. Macdonald, leader of the opposition, wife and children, h��ye returned
to Rossland fnnn Victoria, whero they
have spent thc past six week.
S. S. Fowler will leave for the eastern
states tomorrow morning to be absent
about three weeks. He will visit Chicago and New York during his absence.
Trains and Boata.
Crow boat���One hour late.
Coast  and  Slocan train���One
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo boat���On time.
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
)* A. IRVING & CO.
Telephone 161.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or aell anything
go to the Old CurlOBlty shop. A new
Une of Japanese Qooda now on aale
All klnda of Dlunerware in stock. Pat-
Sulphur and
Au Excellent Spring Purifying Mixture
A specific for boils.   Tonic for the liver and a valmi
medicine for indigestion and general debility from
ordered stomach.    For sale by
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ll
WhoiBmim Provisions.,
I'rnilucc,        ��� Fruit.
Oovernment Creamery One Pound Ilnrks received weekly fresh frtoi
churn.   For Wilis by ull Is-iuling grocers.
Offlce and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 79,
Josephine Street. Nelson, RC
���^*S**S* N/V-^V-I
New Spring Goods Arriving Daily
A complete line of up-to date Soft and Hard Hats In Stock.
Alao a full range of Boots and Shoes.   "WALKOVER" our
BAKl-R 8 1 Wl.liT. NI2USON.
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spai
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Eork6, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwaj
 Company, Limited.
 .._���..���      ������!    ��� ���  |   |  ||   | ., |       	
��� *V<AMMI, A. ISAAC n. W. HINTON a-~~v-wx/��
R"PWorl? M'lil"i'il_.i,y^f.r'il,l,>*J.,v'th Daapatoli.   JJhwtM*
Work, MIn In��[an J Mill Mathlnary.     Manufacturers at
wri *mm*mrm.   ma.   M*t.    -_*.-���_.*-��--.,_. .���___���   *�����_���__
fi_-iV_lV_: ""'* J7tm*i^*nm*ry.      Mnnulaut
op�� *w��r��, I*, te.   ContrHuturN'  Car*.
Corner ol IU 1 tnd
Front Ht reels
P.O. to
Spring Stock fast Opened Up
Carload Linoleums and Carpet*
From Ulasjtow, Scotland-
Beast Qualltiess at Low Price*.
Standard Furniture CompaflJ
A tflStS>l*S'|-U . A
Ms-s.ssss it Rtacb Pianos.
Oatermrsor Maltreaiei.
Maraball Sanitary MatlreMea
Complete Hotise Furaishtn
Undertakers,    Enitalmers
KSS Lumber, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, WIndoWl
Turned Work and Bracket*. M-ail Order, promptly ��fc
VBRNON ���TRBBT ��� . .  NBUaoN. B. C.
Launch and Boat
Wa always carry In atock and will ba pleased to suppb"
wanta In
Such aa
VVnliu Wasto
Ml id Paints
"'���rry Hro-l.' Boats Varnlall
Btc,, eto.
Albany Greaa
Arcllc Cup Urttm
Gal Knglna Oil rl
Vacuum **t____\
(in one gallon na"-'   ���
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co��� tt


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