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The Daily Canadian Aug 20, 1906

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Array Volume I.   No. 66.
gtotl}} Canadian
Building la lie Commenced at Once
Fifty Cents a Month
ISlructure of Local Stone, Three Sto -
eys to AciOdicdatc .ill Offices
of Government.
Nelson In to huve u new oourthonse,
nli,, is uiu he a en .in it, Hn- province,
�����!! ns a Bouroa ssr gratification
tjisi.i uatlsfuctlon to judges, jurors, bar*
is. clerks and other court officials
till.i have complolnod annually nr thick <si  suitable quarter-, ami to iho
lltlzcas of Nelson nntl residents of tin.
I.   .     generally.
The Hon   It. F. Qreen, chler commlB-
panel   .1 lands antl work- In tho pro-
11 iui government, arrived  from the
I,,... Saturday evening to personally
msersnunsi  lie- preparations.
The !..ss   building, us  rectsnimi'iiili'il
jv thr,Nelson Conservatives a year ago,
nil doi Iss' directly on the corner ot
l'_rd ansl Vernon streets, on the sue
tb. ;. .sent structure,    it  win ho
(sea: ! pi feet from the lino of each
tjreet. with   terraced   lawns   In   front,
three htilldings now on the proje
tise present courthouse, the slier-
Tb offices, the offices of the provln*
police untl the Inspectors,, will bo
removed, as all are provided for in
plans of the  new  structure.
ih.'  Ijuililing  ls designed   hy   F.  M.
-ttenbury of Victoria, the architect ol
Bi" provincial    government   buildings
Irliich are pride antl ornament ot the
ills' plans contemplate a three-story
hiding, nearly square, the outside
i-aurements being sr. feet by Si). The
<":1 Is.'ighl ot the building will hu
tut 7u feet, exclusive of un orna-
��� il si cupola.
-1  grotintl floor, which will have n
���ssaiss   entrance,   will   Include  com-
dlons quarters for   the    caretaker,
nil'.' rossm anil store rooms.
iii'' second ristor. with entrance by
liroad  flight    of steps    from  Warn
treet, will  contain  a  large  room  for
ie   cisunty  court,  with   private  rooms
������'���  Hie county  court Judge, a  prison-
room, ami. on the north side, tint
fti'va of the Inspectors of mines, tlm-
���    iiik] hollers, antl of the gold com-
tl -niicr  anil   mining   recorder.    The
ttli r  will   Include  a  large   public of-
''. with private offices for the coin-
ilssloner   on   one   side,   the   recorder
! poslte and ample space for vault and
Ion   room.
"11 the third floor is the assize
"int room, with private rooms for the
tilges, jury, witnesses,  prisoners  and
 mc���, nmi on the southeast cor-
'i ss large and well lighted room for
law library.
"ss the sume floor on Ihe norlh sltle
" His' public ami private offices ot
" registrar and Bp&C6 provided for
e vault
'he floors nre traversed by Wide
-1 ti cl special attention has been
"1 the requirements of light nmi
'Hon. which were so Illy  provitl-
in ihe old building.
visit of Mr. Qreen nud the prompt
ion for the long heeded court
are u direct response to the remade u fortnight ago by the ex-
'    Committee  of  the   Nelson   Cull-
Ive   club.     A    resolution    was
I uml wus coiumunicatetl to the
iiiieiit by lhe president, H. S.
', first In writing untl 11 lew days
hi person while he was nt Ihe
ai'ilal on private legal business,
"n Hint occasion Mr. Lennie received
11 explicit promise from Mr. (Ireen or
 udlnte compliance with the request
1 'he local  Conservatives,  n  promise
'I'lcli has been promptly nnd fully re
; morning the members of the
Ive committee met. the minister
I ..Julie's office nnd proceeded
��� court hoiiBc grounds. Others
11 were W. il. McLean, W, lr-
Hr. W. 0. Rose, W. K. MoCnnd-
''"h. J. I'I. Annable, D. M. Cnrley, A.
'bs'tints. Vt. A. Mncdonald, W. B.
. W. K. Oosnell, 15. C. Wruggu
;il"l A. Carrie, architect.
His Honor Judge Porln wns nlso In-
vltet] I,, Re,0 m,e plains nnd make sug-
��" ll'ii'.s. It wns Intended to Issue a
���linllnr invltnllon to Mayor Olllett, hut
'"��� Is absent from tho city. This uf-
let-noon Mr. Green ls in conference
j"tli the liar association, whoBe metn-
"'s have heen Invited to see and dls-
'"ss tho plans.
lo  a   representative   of   The   Dally
'.""'������an Mr. Qreen said:
��� oil may assure the people of Nel-
8��n thai there will bo no unnecessary
['"ay in providing them with a public
"iHMtng  which  will  bo  creditable   to
'" iirovlnce.
U,��u"?   ""er08t    affeCte<1    an    OPP<*f
tun ty to see the plans and make suggest ions. As soon an all details are
llnally determined tenders will be
culled ror, and as soon after that as
feasible, actual construction will begin.
"As to the material? Well, I hope
to ss-e It built ot local stone, and I
Ihlnk It will he. or course, we have
no money to he wasted, nnd li the
stone proves to be too costly we may
have to WI hack on pressed brick. Hut
I hope we shall find It possible .to
build Nelson's court house of stono
quarried In NelBon district.
Kettle   Valley   Rsllwsy   Construction  Is
Rapidly  Proceeding.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.]
' aro giving the representatives
Qrand forks, Aug. 20.���Assistant Engineer v. Henderson of the Kettle
Valley line railway, Is nut',, rity for Ihe
statement thai all the right ' of way
work on lie firm le-mfde extension is
aboul oompleted, and the work of
grading  on   Ihe  list   IS-mlle extension
is being rushed and will all be c	
pleted in some six weeks' time, n
has also been learned that all the ste,.|
loi- the irack laying has; been ordered
trom s Montreal nrm and will arrive
��� si siiiiini Porks by September IS, It
bat also been ascertained tlial Con-
tractor Creel-urn has been awarded
iiis- cqntraol for buiidim- th,. big runway bridge across the Kettle river at
Qrand Forks und is expected hi re tomorrow 1st start work ssn the bridge
li Is ruported that this bridge, Including the approaches, will cost some
J. A. MoCallum, city clerk, has given
official notice or an election for the
ratepayers to be held on the '..th in-
..lant, to ascertain by ballot the views
os' the s.tt ipayers as to the advisability of tin- city Issuing some 14000
worth or debentures to aid In the
building of a bridge on Fourth street
ncios', Ihe Kettle river. The provln
.Iui government ha* set apart anothor
MOOO for the bridge, which will com
pls'te the wssrk. The building of this
new bridge Is very popular in Qrand
A d'spatch from Montreal states
that the directors nf lbe Oranby com
nanv I.ssvo ,ic,.ttni'Sjr' ��� '"Cur, divnl(iui,,i
payable oil BopteniBl. 15. Tb'.. -.mount
uf the dividend is (.0..000, at the rate
of '.'. per cent, makintr :',n cents ou the
former par v.'tie of Jib, or $:; per $1110
.ho robbers who robbed the Midway postoffice lies! ni"ht only got $1G
fit cash and $"1 worth or postage
During the recent pleasure trip or
Superintendent A B. \v. Hodges ol
the Oranby smelter to the coasl he
succeeded in catoblng u ll-potrad
salmon In the Campbell river. 11 was
the largest fish ever caught by a tour
1st In that  river. ,
French Police Discover Evidences of a
Widespread   Plot   to   Assassinate  President.
New York, Aug. 10.���A special cable
gram to a morning paper rrom Marseilles, France, says that the police
yesterday arrested un Italian anarchist
of Ilie name or Clrollo Kincezuke, u
bsiothmakcr, on suspicion ol' being In
u plot to assassinate Pies. Fallleres
on his approaching visit to the Marseilles exposition. When Ills' I'rnee-
zake lodgings were Bea.cb.ed the police
r.tiimi :iiii grains or Fulminate, BOO lead
screws and other bomb accessories, ull
nf which bad been brought from Italy.
The arrest wus the result of Ihi' re
receipt of an anonymous lelter announcing the plot, which had ��isls'
ramifications ami Is believed to be
connected with the arrest of the lta|.
Ian on lhe Kranco-Spunlsb frontier ut
the time of lhe attempt on the lit.'
ssf King Alfonso anil Queen Victoria In
Madrid, The itallun was released by
the French police for want of evidence,
but was expelled rrom the country.
Canadian Northwest Oil.
News of the development or ihe ott
properties ol the Cnsntllnn North West
Oil company, who are drilling not tar
rrom the property of the Kocky mountain Oil company, has beon received
at this office, ln a letter lho manager
"Wo have Just oompleted our Camp
building and have our derriok nearly
finished. We expect to begin drilling
hy next Wednesday. Our driller and
tig builders are nil here now und I
Ihlnk we will have our first well down
In rrom 40 lo fill days. We nlso made
some Important discoveries of oil untl
gas springs that we did nol know anything ol until several dnys ago."
As a consequence the stock in this
company has tnken a vise.
Jerome for Governor.
New York, Aug. 20.���District Attorney Jerome bus given out a statement
to the effect Hint he Is willing to run
for governor of New York stute If he
is nominated unconditionally by lho
democratic oonventlog.
fioiiillciisii] Reports Nm
Sc��!is ��f tarfliqnake
Argentine Government Passes Ap
propriation Bill For Relief
of Sufferers.
New York, Aug. 20.���Startling bul
conflicting   reports   regarding   the   ra-
taiiiiiK and monetary Iossob .attendant
upon the seismic disturbances in Chita
on AugUHl IU and 17 continue to reach
Ihis city.
Det&tlB from Valparaiso direct, are
still meager and confusing. From Santiago, where the siories or the refugees
from the stricken city are heard and
compared by a less excited populace;
they contain more conservative est!
mates of the    disaster.
Tbe latest news this morning ia
contained in a cable dispatch to (he
Associated Press from Santiago. Tne
corn spondent estimates the dead at
Valparaiso at 600, The money Iool
amounts to millions.
Six or eight cities beside Valparaiso
have beeu destroyed. The steam rail-
roads .un! street via: llawa letnuiii U��j
up, while telegraph and telephone ser
vice Is paralyzed.
Linn, Peru, Aug. 20.���The latest
news from Valparaiso is to the effect
that the panic is subsiding. The mansion of .Mr. Edwards is about the ohlj
building standing on Madeira street.
it is estimated that the numhes nf
dead in Valparaiso   win   reach    1000
llle   uv<itl  jn   o'h*-"-  pl*CeS   -"id   at   QOT1
ato number 30, Umnche 170, and Pe
(erea 11. Among the killed at Val
in-also were the directors of the Ly
< cum, St. Charles llo.isolan and fanv
Ilnenos Ayres, Aug. 20.���The cutoll
in the Santiago telegraph line Has
repaired and hundreds oi private me*
sages have been received. They re
port everything iu a satisfactory con
ditio.i there and say Ihe people ure not
alarmed. Refugees who are arriving
a. Santiago trom Valparaiso on horse-
back and who left there during the
Worst panic, bring wild stories con
cernlng the number of deaths by the
earthquake and fires. These refugees
say the deaths number 10,000 and that
there are 60,000 refuges in the mountains.
One rumor, which is not confirmed,
and Is believed to be untrue, is that
the dead number 11,000 and the injure I 00.000. Public relief subscriptions were opened in Buenos Ayres today. Tin. Jockey club gave (10,000 pesos. The Argentine government will
pass nn appropriation for the relief or
Ih - stiff, rcrs.
Lima, Pern, Auur. 20.���The latest
new* from Valparaiso is t<> Ilm olivet
that Ihe panic is subsiding. Tin* ini
pressloil now ts thai the loss of life
fhr.-.g'i the earthquake is nol large,
bit tint the iiroperty damage Is con-
��� i..v a'i!e. it ports, however, ope qdn*
rilctlng, Dispatches to the Associated
press state thai n.moderato estimate ol
fu- fatalities at Valparaiso is 2000 ana
Hi property [0B8 may be as high SB
San lago, Aug. 2".- -Five hundred
persons are dead "t Valparaiso as a
result, of the ��� earthquake Bhooks, ac*
cording to the latest advices baaed on
ih* reports of refugees who reached
this city this morning, The monetary
I iss at Valparaiso runs into the millions, Six er efghl other allies hnve
b on ties:roped. The railroad, street
raiiwvy, telegraph nud telephone sys
tems an* thoroughly demoralised. The
known dead tn tills- city number 20,
Mine. Mont, wife of Admiral Mont,
who was reported killed, ls alive but
Seriously injured, It is expected tluil
the railway and lighting system iu
this clly   will   be  restored today.
Uio do Jane.rp, Aug. 20.���The free
use of dynamite, according to dispatches received here, was very effective against the progress or fires al
Valparaiso. The firemen Were thoroughly exhausted wh, 11 tho flames
were finally subdued, Hundreds ol
people took, refuge on the ships In tho
harbor. It Is stated that a new dan
ger Is threatened by tlie volcano Wo*
bin, which has become very active.
Dispatches are beginning to arrive
hove from Santiago. All of Chile wan
apparently affected by the shocks as
well as numerous points In Argentlno,
In  the vicinity of the  Andes.
London, Aug. 20.���The Tarapaol and
Argentina bank has received the tot
lowing cable dispatch from Valparaiso:
"Every building here Is dn.i-.ngod
and man of    the    principal   business
promises ire completely wrecked or
burned, 'here have been many casualties, il the trains have stopped
running. The railroad line has been
destroyed n places, martial law has
bi en prociimed and absolutely no
work ls btng done, owing to the con*
ttmu.us shjkes since the two severo
shocks of Thursday. We r jinot get
Workmen *> clear awa* the debrlH
from the tremises. We could start
business 0) Monday, but are unable to
find the otter bank managers. Thousands are bring in tents ln the squares
und parks.
Santiagode Chile, Aug. 20.���One or
the Vulpur.isu'ii refugees declares that
Santiago lis suffered nothing in com*
pari son wlh the other towns he traversed oijliis way. Rail, telegraph
and felephme communication at Valparaiso la rail interrupted. After the
panic haul subsided muss was celebrated In tie open air, it being Impossible t,i us* tbe churches. It la reported tha a merchant has received
a tolerant Baying that the town of
Aries bus len destroyed. Prevfous re-
ports (hat lulldlngs at Trlca have fallen have bet confirmed. The city hall'
nnd ti.* prson urp In ruins. The sea
at Valparano remained calm during
the catastnptte. The only fommuni-
c-itlon betwah here and Valparaiso
today is bj means of soldiers.
Dominion   Geologist   Investigating  Ore
Van And*, Aug. 20.���The residents
of Van Andi have been agreeably surprised by tie visit of Mr. Le Hoy, the
Dominion g:*ologist, who is making a
thorough examination of the Island for
the purpose of arriving at a conclusion
in regard to the continuity, location
and direction or the mineral veins of
the island. Mr. Le Roy arrived at the
island unheralded, and started to work
aA once in the vicinity of the Marble
Bay mine. He stated that the government noticed that large shipments of
copper ore had been coining in from
British Columbia, and decided to send
him to the different camps in the
nrovinoe to veport on tbe geological
for111-.t_.0n al ���-*,���-, "--�� lones, tu prepare
maps and plans, and to get full information for the benefit of the mining industry.
Mr. Le Roy is now working on two
large dykes which seem to carry the
ore which is running parallel with
them. If it can be proved that there
are no serious faults in these dykes,
and they can be traced for any great
distance, It would be of Incalculable
benefit to those engaged is the mining
industry of Texada island, and to the
province in general. It has been pointed out that this ore-carrying dyke on
Texada island may have faulted in
places from 10 to 12 to 100 feet as n
result uf past geological changes or
upheavals in the earth's crust, while
on the mainland in the mountain chain
dykes would lie liable to fault from one
mile to 50 miles.
In the case of Texada island this
dyke has been formed by the material of which it is composed being
forced through n fissure in the surface
of the earth by chemical action, and
in this action the precious metal has
been forced up along with It. bo that
It Is altogether likely that the metal
will be found wherever the dyke Is
���r.c-ipcd Convict Rearrested in Twenty
Edmonton, Am. 80.���Owen Williams,
the nun who escaped ou Sat unlay
from the Edmonton penitentiary hnd
inn  brief liberty-.
Tho prisoner was engaged is carrying bricks from the rear of the pent-
Lilt itry building under tin* instruction
of Mr. Tltrgeon, the engineer Into the
basement thfOttgh the main entrance.
At th ��� door of the main entrance ho
threw do-.vs the bricks aud made a
dash for the scrub some 100 ynrds
across the railway  truck.      Mr.    Tur
Turgeon, who was Immediately behind
t'ne prisottor, raised the alarm. The
guard culled lu ;.i.u am! Ilred, but he
sucofeded In roaohlng the cover of the
The  ether  prisoners,  who   were   11:
gaged ia ibe yards, wore Itmbediftteiy
sent to their cells r.nd all the gliardf
turned nut In search of the runaway.
Th- escape was made at 2:20, but
before 20 minutes had elapsed the
prison r was captured and buck in his
e*ll The U, N. W. M. P. were nnil-
N ��-l at once, bul he was caught before
IV- ba I time to usidst.
Williams is serving a* term of five
v.>a-s for cattle stenllhg. lie cornei
fr.-.m Red Deer.
Surveyors Caught by Fire.
Orlllla, Aug. 20.���Mr. Watson of the
surveying firm of Carauu and Watson,
or Orlllla, who is surveying townships
on the Metngamu rlvor, north of the
height of bind. In the clay belt, has
repoited that his party lost all its outfit in a forest fire. Their lnr.ees In-
eluded all their instruments. Thoy
l.ave returned to the railway for further supplies.
Large Output of Gold Mines
Every Month
Arabs  and  Hindoos Worse Than
Chinese Slaves���Ruin Threatening tne Country.
Mr. A. W. Frothinghuin, who Is at
present visiting in Victoria, makou
some Interesting remarks with regard
to the state of things in Soutb Africa
He says the labor question in that
colony is becoming quite a serious mat
ter. In consequence of the paitiai
puralysiB due to this unsettled point
many people are leaving South Africa
lor Canada. The announcement of
thi.- Liberal government to tho effect
that no more Chinese would be allowed to enter the Transvaal caused
tlie shares of South African companies
to go down, bringing about quite a
The mines are nevertheless turning
out $10,000,000 worth of gold per
month, oi sum that is more or less
equivalent to the total output of British
Columbia in a year. The policy seems
to be to live a short and merry life, for
it is known that the gold deposits can
only last at the most for 25 years. The
main hope of thetountry for the imme
diate future would appear to be centered In Us mining, though a great mis-
take _a^beenin.ag6vyi| ���tt*i_*^.e''aSfl
receiving less than what they could
i-.sin belure the war. Large numbers
of them are now independent through
having saved earnings made at a
time ot the war, and therefore refu-e
to work for reduced pay.
The Kimberley diamond mines continue working successfully. The only
drawback about the extraction of diamonds is that It does nol require
great numbers of laborers, and that
the big profits which are made go only
into the hands of a few individuals.
As for the agricultural prospects or
Ihe new colonies, Mr. Froiliaiu does
not think very greatly of them. The
soil there Is Inferior, and irrigation
along the banks of the great rivers,
like the Vaal and Orange, has beeu
found to be Impossible owing to the
depth below the banks at which the
water   flows.
Tho fruit Industry, however, ls going ahead in parts. The twelve farms
which belonged to Cecil Rhodes and
which are now owned by the Hex
River Fruit company, are doing well.
Some of the plums from these orchards sent to Paris actually brought
the price of 20 centimes per plum.
Consignments of the same fruit are
regularly shipped to New York. Fruit
experts from California have reported
very favorably on the district mentioned. , ,
Mr. Frotham has Just been having
n look at the Okanagan valley, and he
finds ln It many points of similarity
in N-.tal. Thi- soil Is very gootl and
there is plenty of sunshine apparently. Some of the fruits grown ln Natal,
fur Instance the Martengula, which l>
thing like a plum, might be experimented with. The gentleman Interviewed narrated that he had seen an
Instance which beat all records on
Long lake, namely, a peach tree which
In 16 months had grown five feet and
wub bearing fruit.
Referring to the arrival here of a
vessel from Hongkong with 300 Indian
coolies on board. Mr. Frotham stated
that a greot many Hindoos are employed in Nntol sugar factories, and
altogether grent numbers live In Nas-
Inl; ln fact, there aro only about 100,-
000 whites In that colony and Just us
many blacks, lie adds that thoy have
Invaded nil departments of life anil
business, and ln ninny cases pay higher prices than Europeans ln order to
secure the best business sites. Matters have reached such a pass now
that It has become necessary to prevent their entrance Into Ihe country.
The Arab trader always follows ln tho
tracks of the Hindoo, and as he, Uko
his Indian cousin, can live on nothing
more exjienslve than the smell of a
rag, thoy both undersell white men
and when they havo succeeded ln killing the competition of tho Europeans
raise their prices, nud remain masters
of the situation. Another point Is that
the mere presence of an Arab or Hindoo shop, with its odors of garlic and
such like, Is enough to depredate tho
value of surrounding buildings, wlilcli
again make It easy for the blacks tn
ttlilaln possession of them nlso, and
so Utile by little oust Europeans rrom
the best quarters of the town. This Is
it danger which might arise In British
Columbia  likewise.
While tho llrlton nnd the lloer aro
now working hitrmnntously sltlo by
side, except In a   few    cases where
Beer women are attempting to stir
up strife, aud while the Europeans
generally resent lhe poll tax put upon
ins.- iliiuluo, the blacKs, on tne Mher
hand, largely at the instigation of propagandist negroes who have crossed
over from the United States, are giving voice to a unanimous cry of "Africa for the Africans." This has produced a state of tension which makes
it necessary for every white man to
carry arms  about his  person.
A letter Just received by Mr. Frotham from South Africa states that
"things have not yet touched bottom"
there, and Mr. Frotham himself ls of
the opinion that Chinese exclusion will
be the ruin of the country, for Its future depends principally upon development of its mining resources. There
is to much drought, too many locusts,
too many pests, too many cattle diseases rife there for successful agriculture and stock raising, and the soil
Is too poor. When the deposits ot
gold come to an end there aro still
sliver, tin, copper and coal to be exploited.
Dominion Government Is Too Poor to
Build One.
For some months past D. J. Mathe-
son,   the   local   postmaster,   has   been
laboring under many disadvantages on
uccuunt of his cramped  quarters antl
growth of the postal business In Phoenix, says the Pioneer.   It was absolutely essential  that he secure other and
larger quarters.   After the matter had
been   thoroughly   canvassed,   pro   aud
cos, It was decided to ei'tct a building
on lot 1, block 1, which is almost adjoining  the   Pioneer  building,  and directly opposite the new Miners' union
opera house.    ThiB seemed to satisfy
the greatest number of residents and
those who have occasion    to    do the
most postal business, and ts as central
a site as could possibly be secured ln
Phoenix.  The site was shown to John
R.Greenfield, 'inspector for the post-
office department, when here last, and
met with his entire approval.
Asst   thp   rv.��.t..i,...   ........���-----.   .-_.-..
not see Its way clear to erect the
building It had to be done by private
subscription, and this has been tho
method of financing the matter. The
Oranby company made a liberal subscription and so did prominent business Interests at either end of the city,
the total estimated cost of the lot and
building being $:ir,no. Plans were
drawn for a one-story building, about
00 feet long, which will be arranged
to accommodate the postoffice and
custom house only. Tenders were asked for and received, and this week the
contract was awarded to James Thompson, who ls now making preparations
for going on with the building, having
placed an order for the lumber.
first liiTis WON
Nelson   Leads   Portland   in   First   Innings by Score of 62 to 13���Fred
Starkey's "All  Well."
A telegram received from Fred A.
Starkey, managing director of the Nelson Cricket club at 1:30 this afternoon
"First Innings���Nelson, 62; Portland, 13.   Everything lovely." '
While it would be taking too much
for granted to assume that the first
match is won, the disposal of the
Portland men for 13 runs tn their first
Inning ls no surprise to those who aro
familiar with the Nelson cricketers.
Their bowling ls strong and
steady and their general work in
the field will certainly equal In smartness and accuracy anything ever seen
at the coast, while Captain Coppen as
wicket keeper has few superiors anywhere. The Portland bowlers mtnjt
hnve done some effective trundling to
restrict Nelson's formidable array of
bats ta 62 runs for an Innings.
If the Portland men have not fared
very much better thH afternoon the
Nelson men will meet the redoubtable
Victoria club, captained by J. C. liar-
naclo, tomorrow, and will certainly
find worthy foemen.
Mr. Starkey's "everything lovely" Is
a comprehensive message dupable of
the most lutt'ludinariun interpretation.
It Is, however, certainly Intended to
convey the intimation that whatever
may have befallen the noncomb-stants
of the party, the actual players, Mr.
Starkey's special wards, have been
guarded from all harm and nre In meet
condition to do honor to their city.
Doctors Annual  Convention.
Boston. Aug. 20.���Among the passengers on the White Star Btesmshlp
Cymric, which arrived yesterday from
Liverpool was tt large party of English surgeons, physicians untl physiologists who are on their way to Torn-
to, where the annual convention of the
British Medical society is nbout to
open. The party Is hended by Sir
James Barroe of Liverpool. Immediately after leaving the steamer they
look a train for Toronto.
Houses and Barns Com-1
fletely Demolished   ii
Kenora, Ontario the Scene of Windy
Freaks and Damage���Take
Refuge in Cellars.
Kenora, Ont., Ang. 20.���Passengers
who reached Kenora by the Bteamer
Kenora report a very disastrous cyclone on the Rainy River valley on
W. dnesday night. Great damage was
caused between Boucherville and Bar-
wick, the storm passing north between
Si ration and -mo. The damage will
run Into thousands ot dollars, an. everyone in the path of the storm loses
more or less according to the value
oi their buildings.
Une of the first houses to go before
Ihu storm was that of William IXtdil,
on tho American side, southwest ot
Boucherville. It was completely demolished, the occupants only saving
themselves by going Into the cellar.
Another settler on tne same side nam-
i'ii Kavanaugh lost his house and bam.
Several other settlers on the Ameri-
can side also suffered. On the Canadian side at Boucherville great damage
was done to a number ct houses. The
warehouse of the navigation company
ls gone no one knows where, as not
a vestige of It is left. Mr. Hennessy s
new house near Boucherville was
twisted Into all kinds of shapes, while
his barn a short distance away was
greatly damaged also.    The roof was
s-svssiest   .ut.und   DUt   IM'
" l*., altr.-fl ��"  ^^
A Mexican also near Boucherville
is a heavy loser, his house and barn
being demolished. R. J. Pither is also
:i loser by tlie cyclone, the house and
outbuilding on his farm on the river
being a complete wreck.
Adam Hoover's brand new barn near
Barwick Is a complete wreck and his
lssss.-- will be heavy. All the windows
tn the house3 at the east end of Emu
wive broken and some of the residences   were   badly  damaged.
All the crops and the haystacks ln
the course of the storm are completely
demolished jnnd the unfortunate farmers will have practically nothing left
fs r their season's work.
The house and all the outbuildings
on ihe farm of William Cameron, near
Stratton are in ruins. In a letter' to
Mr. Margnch of Kenora, mentioned by
the Kenora Miner, he states that they
are swept out of existence. He was
awny nt the time in Fort Francis but
fortunately his wife and family had
presence of mind enough to go *tot the
cellar asd were thus saved. Hr lost
Hs-iii ��� live stock In the fields, besides
hay and grain. The path of the storm
was about half a mile wide and seemed to follow the river, crossing and
recrosslng  at  points. ���
Parts of Doud's log house were
carried completely across the river.
In some instances it did not. leave one
tog above another, and If it were not
for the cellars one would nevet hers?
known where some of the houses
Blood. So far as heard there wero no
fatalities, though a number of people
received  bad cuts and bruises.
Matches In Hayloft.
Weyburn. Sask,, Aug. 20.-���Two lull sons t>r H. Loucks, a settler living
near here, while playing ln a haylolt
.vltli matches a few days ago, set fire
to the building nnd tlte flames spread
so rapidly that the escape of the
younger child wns cut. off nnd he was
burned to death. Four horses wero
also consumed.
Sultan Drives Himself.
Constantinople, Aug. 20.���The sultan drove to the Solntnik on Friday
in an upon carriage. Ho looked tired,
but on his arrival at the foot of the
hill he mounted the steps of the
mosque without difficulty. His majesty
drove himself back to the palace. He
postponed, however, his customary re-
ceptlon  to  the ambassadors.
New York, Aug. .0.���Five bathers
lost their lives about Now York on
Sunday. The police are Investigating
the case of three drowned senr Manhattan Bench. Tho circumstances are
;  ^ 1
i ..;��� r|
'��������������� ii
"    !
s   uf
Canada In Paris.
Louslon, Aug. 20.���The British chamber of commerce In Paris is establishing a Canadian section. An lnflue-
cutlal committee has been formed and
In addition-to placing the accumulated
experience and Information of 40 years
at the disposal of Canadian exporters,
the committee ls carefully considering
the advisability of making a strong
representation to obtain a revision of
the Franco-Canadian commercial arrangements of 1893.
���   !!-u
i Hi
= STORES ���    -
Crown Gem Jars, Pints Fr doZ��� $1.00
Crown Gem Jars, Quarts per-.-*., 1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gal. perdc4 1.50
Onr stock lias just arrived, Secure
\"ur requirements at these low prices
before tliey arc all gone.
Publlihod six d��y.- * weet t*f the
Biker Ht., Nelson, B. C.
tn- a month delivered
ll sent hy mmi, wht-n
Dnbecrlptlon tela
In thr nu, or (,'j.uu
paid Id .1 f. mc -
Adv**rtiiiUK retet ou application.
All mmi I*, ptti.i in lettlemenl ol The Dally
i h'.o ;it.: accountt, either (oi inbKrlptlOM or
advertising, must be receipted fur on Hi.- priMcl
forms of iii. Company,   uiher receipt! en not
AUGUST 30�� 1906.
" By one word we are MQIStlmei jui^e'l in  be
w|��.-.ii-; iv    :;..��� wurl  lotne limes  jiMged   tn  i*
(oollib.   i-ot us merefore   be careful   what   ire
The Americanization uf tbe provincial" press is rapidly taking place and
the disgusting features that make
American   dailies   a   menace   to  civil!-
*������**--���.      olt-      l. -.l.-r,      .  -,.lt,,l      (���      ,1, t,.      fMVtlfl
try to the detriment of the high tone
that has usually been characteristic
of Canadian journals. Nor is this
practice confined to the newspapers,
hut grit orators themselves lender undignified what might be otherwise
considered fair platform addresses bj
the introduction of nicknames thai are
doubtless intended to be funny but
widely miss their mark. Only yesterday morning the local apologist for
the Ottawa government referred to the
arrival of the chief commissioner of
lands and works with scare headlines
which read: "Hon. 'Bob' in Nelson.
���It Is tjuite the common thing for the
Liberal press to speak of Hob Green
and Dicky McBride, though singularly
enough the other heads of depart
meats are not treated so cavalierly
hy the opposition press. On the stump,
*\ix>, if may sound funny to refer to
the premier's curly locks and pay left
handed compliments to the heads oi
the administration, but it really fs no
more funny than it would he to refer
to Frankie .liminie Dean or Vicky
Odium in the same connection. The
newspapers of ihe American continent
of that peculiar type referred to the
late Premier Beddon uf New Zealand
as "Dick" Seddon. and it is a horrible
plagiarism to print the won] "Teddy"
We wonder how it would look in the
Gazette to have our land notices and
applications for timber licenses read,
"I intend to apply to Hon. Hob Green
for permission*, etc." Yet it would
look no more disgusting than the appearance of familiarity 'hat thesi* hap
py go-iucky politicians practice when
they descend to this method of ddis
crediting men in public office. We do
not suppose the ministers can- a* ..ut
these things, and we believe 'hey understand very well the spirit that is
behind th"m, that Is tu say, a Spirit
of smallness and petty jealous)', un incompetency to arise to the level of
proper discussion of public Issues that
flndH it s excuse in lhe petty phrases
which belittle journalism and drag lit
���erary   style   into   contempt
Men in public office are the pah-
lie's servants and the titles which are
conferred upon them hy these offices
should entitle them to some degree of
respectful     men lion. Whether    the
chief commission"!* of lands and works
remains Bob Green to his friends is
not the question. Whether Premier
McBride is familiarly called Dick by
those who have known him from infancy is not the question. The detes-
table practice of calling public men by
nicknames !b ahout the meanest form
of insult that can be administered, and
those who do it are just like the hoys
at school who know very well whal a
nickname la Intended for.   Some scrip
ture worthy once said that while he
was a child he spake as a child, but
having become a man he had put away
childish things. The moral ln this
case  is   indeed   obvious.
There is one man living within the
hounds of the province of British Columbia today who has had more free
advertising from the Liberal press than
any states man, diplomat, ambassador,
king or emperor, and that one man is
James H. Hawthornethwaite, the leader
of th" Socialist party in this province.
No word of condemnation, no term uf
abuse, no charge of incerity that could
be formulated in words, but what has
been hurled at the Socialist leader. It
is needless to say that this ls just
what Mr. Hawthornethwaite likes, and
there has never been anything occur in
his career as  tiatierlng  to  himself aa
- > .:..i,. i-,��� ...Mr-h he has been
dragg.-d by the opposition press.
While it is no business of ours to discuss the socialistic theory as advocated
i.y Hawthornethwaite, it ls only fair to
say that in the open field against the
Liberal papers and the Liberal poim
rians who have attacked Mr. Hawthor-
nethwalte he has more than held his
own. This is the explanation of the
hades of abuse which are being hurled
at him by the opposition papers. When
he has been asked his reasons for voting with the present administration he
has Invariably given them, and his
statement of facts has been so galling
to the opposition that the Socialist
leader has become a bete nolr to thai
party   in the   provincial  house.
The crude and childish attempts thai
are being made lo hold the government
responsible for the vagaries of the
socialistic prophet are only so much
evidence of the hopeless task of the
opposition in Its endeavors to criticize
the government, if some one said "Let
me write the songs of a nation and 1
care not who makes its laws" the Canadian will paraphrase the sentiment by
.;aying "Let Hawthornethwaite talk as
he likes���the people are not fools��� but
so long as he votes right, we care not
what he says." If Mr. Hawthornethwaite can adjust himself to the situa
tion and can reconcile himself wiih
himself we are not going to find fault
with hlm. That is what cuts the pp*
position to the heart. The organs ol
ihe tnorbibund party in the province
are lurious because the Conservatives
have no word of censure for the Social
isl. They raise a furore because they,
as ihey themselves say, are the only
people who have the courage to crill
OlSO the Socialist leuder. We think
ihey are simply waistlng lime lu doing
SO. The Socialist leader will continue
10 talk as he likes but as long as he can
give as good reasons as he has for
suppuriing the Conservative government of British Columbia the Liberal
papers will not succeed Iu fooling thy
The Investigations now being made
by lhe geological survey party of lhe
posslblo exictencu of crude oils In the
new province of Alberla will be watched with interest, not only because of
the possibilities that ihe discovery of
extensive oil fields will mean to Canada in the matter of increasing resources, but because the report of the
Survey party will set at rest the curiosity that exists with reference to
Ihese same fields. The process of refining oil is not as expensive one nor
Indeed, is its production costly, and
where it exists in crude condition to
auy important  extent,  Its  value as a
Revenue producer is evident. The discovery of natural gas in various parts
bf the Canadian West would seem to
Hvarrant the assumption thai oil exists
among lhe plateaus and valleys of the
Rocky mountain range and oil Itself
has been discovered in sufficient
ijuastity and of such quality as to justify the government in making thorough Investigation of the whole situ-
hi ion.
In the meantime, however, there
will be the usual company promotions
and boosting of this or that particular
locality as the very center of all the
oily wealth of half a continent. New
finds, especially when they are certified hy a government official, are always tempting halt for the speoulatot
und the Canadian oil fields, if thoy
really exist, will be no exception to
this rule.
No daintih worded preamble or
Verbose prospectus should he beliavi d
unless (here Is solid Iflforfflfltlotl that
ih-- ad legations ii contains are worthy
id credence.     Kor   the   speculator   Vt ho
takes his ohanoos on such raptures
there Is no need of caution. He knows,
or ought tu know, Uie chance he takes
and It Is his own affair, bin many honest people with small savings, which
have been the accumulation of years,
are often tempted to Invest iu what
seems a sure thing, and are consequently repentant and remorseful for
the   remainder  of  their  days.
While we hope the mosl glowing accounts of oil wealth exist in the province of Alberta and also of British Columbia, the get-rich-qulck schemes are
all full of danger and should he avoided by all but those whose business
it Is to run the risk.
F. W. Heubach of Winnipeg, a gentleman well known and much esteemed
there, has recently been iu Montreal.
The Star of that city, In Its Issue ot
the Hth instant, gives a report of an
interview with Mr. Heubach which is
of course full of the West and of the
great development which is taking
place there. In the n .-.tt of that interview, speaking of the American in*
vasion of our great West, the loiiowing  paragraph occurs:
"I once had a conversation with
President Roosevelt himself on this
subject, said Mr. Heubach, 'and he
told me thai in his opinion the migrating not only for Canada, but also for
the immigrants themselves. They
would find, he said, in this country
laws as good as those ln the United
States, and perhaps better adminls
istered. Their enterprise and thrift
would make them a power In the com*
musity. and, he further declared, there
need never be any fear of their causing any trouble by any movement for
annexation to the I'nited States,
which he recognized as beiug out of
the question."
So Hon. W. S. Fielding Is unseated!
We opened a new case of speclall)
selected adjectives this morning, bul
we have not yet accustomed ouraelvel
sufficiently to the new brand to di
Justice to the occasion.
Another    Phase    of    the     Mongolian
K. Aidano has arrived at Nanaimo
from Queen Charlotte islands with a
shipment of copper ore from a Japanese mine, to he tested at the Tyee
smelter. Mr. Aidano reports that
within a short time in the neighborhood of 50 claims have been staked
in the vicinity of his property, situated about 100 miles south of Skldegate,
and that Messrs. Watson and Thompson have recently sold a valuable
claim to a Seattle firm in the same
Mr. Aidano says that his company
operate a fishing station on Queen
Charjott island. "At leant It Is called
a fisblug station," said Mr. Aidano,
"although in reality we are after shell
fish. The kind we handle are what
are commonly known as thu Sea Kar,
althoug the proper name Is Abeloni.
We employ diverB, who bring up the
shell, and the meat from them Is then
boiled in salt water, after which It ls
"We ship the product to China,
where It commands a w.y good price.
Abeloni being considered a very nlco
dish among the Chinese. In somo
places, California for instance, the
Abeloni shell Is valuable for making
fancy buttons, ornaments, etc., but the
British Columbia shells are too small
and thin for such work. However, tho
meat is just as good, und that Is what
we are after."
Asked If there was any truth In the
report that the property owned by his
company had been bonded for $150,
000, Mr. Aidano replied there was not.
If the mine Is a paying proposition
the Japanese company will operate it
themselves, and if it Is not, they wiU
be tho losers.
The  Day's  Drowned.
Portage   la   Prairie,   Man..   Aug.   20,
���Frank   Garrioch   was  drowned   while
bathing here loday.    He was the son
of the Anglican  clergyman  here.
The Daily Canadian
Notice ti hereby given thm * da! ��� if-ei date
iuti-rnl   to applv  le  llie  Chi * oinmtanonei Ol
Undi tml Wnrkd for ft f p.  hi   etiie to eul am
earn* ���tray timber mon tin* llow-W"'*'***"
iiunt'-. litt>ited in ih.' fc/eii i~   ������-���������
No. 1. -Commencing at e*o*\ marked t> i1
H.mr'�� ion th west enrner puiuud plaated .>n ihe,
i-ft-t Lank ol Ibini-iiu rivoi al ���i��"*1 -" ��� > '������*l,">
in.nliei.ftt of wesl fork ot Duiau river; then* 80
chums eut, llienee 80 eh-ui south, tnence ���*���������
(���inon- went, thence 80 chain uorth to point of
No. a. -Commencing ai Hp.--1 marked 0 i>
���Hoar'i nortbeul oorner pre and planted on tbe
eait ilde ol I'mii un river, ad aboul 20 1-4 mllei
nortbeul <-f wui tart ot Dncan river; ihenceftl
cbalni weti, thenee imchim north, tbence 80
ehains eut, ihenee ��U chnIs. n-uili t.> point Ol
eotn men cement.
No 3.���Commencing nt noil marked G. I).
Hoar'i southwest eorner put ami planted on the
eail ilde of I'uncau river, ail aboul 80 1*4 mllei
northeast of the weet loi of Puncmi river!
thence W ehain* norih, tlmi* BO chalm out,
thence frM*linMis south, theee 80 chain*. west to
point o|commencement,
No '.-Comrni'iirlLg al (poit miike-l 0. D.
Hoar'i i ���iithwt.'M Loruor po un i planted po the
east bank "i Duncan rim. nd about -'i Wmllei
no'thiMil   of  llii*   wev   lot .1   P'lutan roc .
then m w ctnim north   tence to chain** eaati
thenca SO chain* couth, the,e suclmlui writ to
point of o-iminfdement.
No   i   Commencing at ifioit marked 0. D,
|foar'�� ���OUtheiftl corner |mnnn.l nln tiled on  the
eeil ���Ideol Duncan rl*er. ad about j! I I inilei
in ir i Im ..[.���' Hi"! lurk ..I hm nil riv, r: lln im ������"
rbaltu north, thst.ee Ng chime**) tbi ���*.������>-��� ���
chaini --.."tii. ih.-nee Bu rhiiti wolt to pofni
No  '..       ��� lilini-Il'lllK   at   IpOftl   marked   0    I'
ll.nt: - nutheul t'ornel |��.<au.i i>i��m��*ii on Hit
t-a-i Mile of the Puncan rlbr, and ��i��mt '��i i i
md i nortbeut ol tne weil (rk of Puncan rlvtr;
Liiencu to im ti*. north, teneeto thaini ea%t,
tbence Bu cbaltu south, thee ��� tUcnalm weil to
polnl ..i commencemeul.
No. 7. Commencing at ipoal marked 0 P
Qoar'i lonth wed eorner (���"��� and [ilanii-l on the
eul - de oi luiueuii river, aid al oul 22 1-4 md i
northeaal nf tbe weil for ol Puncan river;
tbence 80 rhalni eul, there bo chaini iouth,
thence 80 cbalni weal, tbeue to ehalni north to
[HI lit of eiimiuelle.'lil'UI
No 8 -Commencing at a pott mtarked " P
Hoar'i nnrtheui comer po- mi i planted on tl"1
.-i,m ilde I PiineMii r per, aol about 21 l-l nol.������
aoutoeul ol H.-.-i (.. k ol Du ean river; ih nee Su
cbalni wut, Ihence 80 cbani north, thence ��� ���
chnlni eait, tbenee 80 eb hi muth to polnl ol
i-i.lu In   mi'iiietit.
No. 9.���Commencing at a poal marked ,( P.
Hoar'i southwest corner pal and i>lant..i on
tbe eut ilde ol i ran nv*r ami ai-oui _s i-i
milea nortbeul of the west <>rk of Duncan riv.-r; lbence 80 chalna eut, ih n< ������ >>��� halm south,
thence 80 chalm wut, then* an cbalm nortb to
point of oommencement.
Nu. 10.���Cotbmencing at . posi marked 0, D.
Hoar'i northeui corner pas and planted on tbe
eut side of Duncan river anl aboul ��� M mllei
northeut of the weit fork >i the Duncan river;
thence a> .lutiM., west theme *-�� ehalni north,
tbenee 80 ehalni euUtheno 80 cbalm routb to
point of commencement,
No. U.���Commencing at aa poit marked <> l��.
Hoar'i uoiiihwest corner pott and planted on the
east ilde '���( lunean river ni I aboul 23 1 ���> miles
nortbeut of the West lork iftbe num-an river;
thence so chains east, tbeice ���" ehaim -outh,
tbence 80 cbalni weat, thenii so chalm north to
point ol commenoement.
No  ti���Commencing at*["*-t marked 0. P.
Hoar's northeail corner poil and planted on thfl
eut ilde of Dnncan river aid abou 281-1 miles
northeast of the west fork if the Dunean river;
themvno chains west, th-:��� - 80 ehalni north,
tbence 80chain* out, then** &i ehalni south to
point of coinmeacaraeni
No, LS.���Commencing .* * .-; marked o. D.
Hoar'i loatbwut cornet p.-*. and planted on the
eut ilde ol thi- Dunean river and about -t M
mllu nortbeut of tbe wesi lork >>f the Dnncan
nver; thence Bo cbalm i ist, thence *��i cbalm
gonth, tbenee80 ehain. we��t, thence ni obalm
north to point of commem iment
No. l-l.���-Commencing al a jM.*t marked O. D.
Hoar'i northwest cornei d ii and planted on the
-SMtildeof '.uiu-" rl ������.>tl;U*"ji/,,H.,-,,';;;,,,r
thenee ni .-haiim weat, thenee nj cnams turrit/,
tbence80 cbaltu eul. ihenee 80 rhaitu iouth to
polnl ��>f commencement
Dated June 9th HOG        0 D. H..ah. Locator,
By bli Agent, Ou Obcbu.
Notiee is her. hy given that ��) days from date I
intend to applv tn the Hoiioral I- the t'M'-f i"om-
minHfo-'t'* of Landi mot Worki. for twrini sion to
pqrchaae the following deerllied laieif, "itnate
tn tne dlitrlel of H'esl Kootenaf.adjoining Lol
780oti the weil arm ol Kootenaj lake, oom men-
cine Ht llo* initial   jm-t   ;-lu"-d at the southw-l
corner ol Loi '���-. tin nee north 20ehaim, thenee
we-t 20 chaini  thence iouth *V chalm, thenoe
east jo chain- 'o polnl ol commencement.
Dated Aug. I&tn, 1008. J*\kott Ptuxaa,
Notice i* hereby given tbal tw dayi afict date i
I "ten 1 to make upfn -i-Mtl'trj to the Hoiioralde the
chief t'omminlonei of Landi and Work* (or permission to pnrebaie '4'' acrei of land in the
,i itrlci of West ��� ootenay, commonctna ��i u i".-i
plan ed on the aouth ilde of Bonndary creek on
Hie jutcrhHMohal l.outKlury line, one ant a half
m lei eul how the Salmon river, marked "Kllhu
k ,\ in ii, imntheut corner," thenoe wi-��t m
chalna, theme nortb w ehalns, thence eaal *si
ebalna, tbence souih 80 cbalni to place of commencement,
Kiiiii' K. Kvkia, I....��t..r,
per It M. lEeev.--, h- Agent
Dated (hii yth day of July,   100D.
sixtv days ��|ter date I Intend toapply to the
Hon. chi.-i Commluloner of Lands aud Works,
Victoria, io purcbue -"' auroi of land: Commencing ni a poil planted at t e City of Nelson's
power plain lot s. k corner pout, on Kootenay
river.   Ihenci JO  ehllm   south,   thenee wesl   _SI
cbalni, tbenco north 20 chaini, ihence eul 30
chains to point of commenci ment.
Nelson, M (
. Aug. H, 1��HM_
K. J   Cl KHAN
to place of beginning."" '
Daied 27th day of July, |(N
Noiiee u ben t-y glr-sn that Hi dayi at'er date l
int-ioi t- ap-iy 10 the Honorable the Chief
lommlMlo'erof Land  and Worn- for permli-
-Ion to MttrebKsV the f illowifir >\ '���Ibed   landl,
- ituated in Ihe Weil Kootenay dlatrlct, adjoining
C, I. Peareon'i on the norih. about one mui one-
quarter mih- rrom lbe Pend d'Orelllo river, commencing at a pOU marked C t- Caldwoll'l B. B
corner post, ihence nj cbalm north, thenei io
ehains WBIt,   ih'-ne,-  >ni ehain- KlUtll, (bence  10
ehalns cut tO ]���!�� i eomuieui.-iiii-ui
Loealod the Isl day of August, t'.' tt.
IImmam ItKaiia, Agent.
Notice i1- h.r. by given thnt SO dayi liter date I
intend   to apply  Io tho Hnn. the Chief Ooliimll-
.Inner  ol Lands and  Works   for  pcrmlttton   I"
purcbHw tie* rollowlng deacrlbed landi hi Ihe
v..-t Kootenay dlsirlct: !h-Kiii��inK at a poal
marked B. Bclri - K comer, ahout two mllei
east of the Balmoti river, and hair ii mile from
th.< Pond d'Orelllo rh.r, thenee80chalm north,
Ml chalm w.-si.Nu.nUiisMMiili nud l<
tiiph _____________
��������� .900. it. n. hki.i
Notice Ii given tbat 80 dayi aftor date I intend
loHpjdv t.. the llnii..r,ihh- Ihe chief C..mi ||.-
SlniieT of   Lmh-I-  and   Work*  for  |.ermis-hiii   to
purcbau tbe following deacrlbed laud- in the
wui Kootenay Districti Commencing in a posl
marked I'. . Poynti hand K, I*!. Corner placed
n-ar the Pend d'Oreille river at iioumiiirv creek
OUt tide Ol -nliiioi, river, thenee ch-I  Mi i-halQI
rtL.tiir iii" Intornallonal linumiir*. Line, ihenee
narln 40 chalna, thence irul *' chalm, thenco
���outh in chains to place oi commencement,
Dated tbi autli ofjuly itatl.       c. C. Poi sit.
By ani.rkw Ann, Agent,
Notice la hereby given that two month* aftoi
dale   I   Int.p.-I  to n,,],]v   to  the  Hoii..rahh-  the
Chief Commissioner of Landa and Work- for
permlulon m ini re haw Ho- follow Ing deacrlbed
lands alniati the wui ar f I. nay Lake
in Hie Ulalriel ol Weal Kootenav:    ('.unim-in-iiii.
at a [mil marked '-William Buerby'iM VV. imat;"
Ihenee   west  twenty  i'i-')  ehalns; LbeilCO  lOUth
twenty (-ti) ehaltisj ihenee eut twonty cju)
chaini) thenee north twenty Vi") chains to the
point of com mc tt comeu t. coutalnhtg forty (io)
acres, more or less
Dated Fitly 7, lano I o. Nawoa,
Notice is hereby given Ihatalxtydayaafter data
l Intend toapply fothe Hon Chief i ommlasion
erof Landi and worka fnr permlnion io inir-
Ohaifl the follnwItiK ���leseriU'd lands In UV-i
Kootenay   lllsirlet, houIIi of the   JVnd  d'Orelllfl
river, oommenelng at a poit marked D It M'a,,
N.W. corner, situated on the south bank of iio-
pend d'Oreille river at Ja  N. Mnckenslc'K
south we-t corner i thenee oul 40 ebalns, ihenco
souih in ehalni, tbenoe iraal I" chains, thence
north 40 cbaltu to tin* place of copinieneement,
coin nii!!i;' \H) hit.'k more or leu.
Dated Brd July 1008.    Dot.Ai.ii it  Ma<krnziic.
AKTHU1 HcHMKinan, Agent.
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To-Wear Goods.
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Akhui fssr Hsittirls.k r.tliTit,
Fred Irvine & Co.
.V'li.'i i�� hereby given lhat sixty dari aftei
date I intend toaonU to tbe Hoh.Chief(ommliN
 r of t.Ho.is slid Worki hn cin.n--i.-ii to
tiui-rb-kie the following<IOM*ritn tl taintii'tiiate In
Weet Kootenay dlitrlet, uljulnlng the Interna
KoiihI boundarj line, aboul foul miles easto!
the loinmiiiH river, commencing al a|>osl mark
.d *l   M   k - H w   ruruer," iltuati  the in
teriiatiniiHl Isniiidnri line. h( thr Miuthewf for-
ner of J. KC Krtuer'i land) thenceeastlMienalna.
I he lice north Oa ehalns, thence west 80 chains,
theuee nouth 80 chains i>. tbo [daeeol commence
tnent, contalulug-Un acrea more or leu,
Dated 2ftth June, 1908.       Ltuni m fauta,
K, J, O'Keilly*. Agent.
Sotlee i- hereby given lhal ilxtydayi from
date i Intend to apply lo the |]uu. Chief Com
mtsslouerof Landi and ��.-rk- for permlnion
to purchase in.* folluwlng deacrlbed landi ill
uate in Wesl Koolenay District, between the
i'.-nd d'nreille riv.-r mnl ibe international
boundary line, about three miles from tbe Col
umbla river.    Oommenelng m �� puel marked
J.S. C. F'afl H*. corner sltual > tbe Interna
tional boundary line, about balf a mile eaal ol
lhe eaat boundary oi lhe N. & I..-. I;> lands:
tbeuce north in chains, tbence eaai ni ohalns,
Ihenee iouth t" eham-, tbenee wesl Sfl chains, lo
lbe placeof commencement, contalulngSiDacres,
more or less.
Dated iUtb June I tfi, ... B.C, I aaaaa,
K. J. O'Reilly, Agent,
N..ii.. ii herehv glren thai 8o dan attar date '
nteud i" apply tn tbe Hon Lbe Chlel t%immU
nnei of I j, n.i- -tn I Works h.r |�� rnn-ion to i.nr-
iam  Hie  following descrlbeil   lands in   Wesl
ci, proi in.e ot Mr 111 - ii Columbia
i ��� post marked "V. Ill lam Tolling
t corner post," said i">-i i- Ing
Notiee li hereby glveu tbat sixty .iK-.sfrom.ute
l intend loaoply to the lion Chief) ommlasli r
o( Lands mid Work- foi permission to purohaae
the following described lami- iltuate in Weal
Kootenay District, adjoining the International
boundary line, aboul Ave miles east oi the Columbia river;  imencing at a post marked K
U'l S  U   corner, oU tbe iiiienuinonal Isoindary
lineal La tn U I ran r'laoutl it eorner, ihenee
north *o chains, thenee easi i�� ohalna, tbenee
lonth si .limn- ihenee west in ebalni to tbe
place "f eommencemen-. containing no aeres
more or tear*.
Dated un    ine IS08, Kalfh Gtmapia.
Notice li liereb) glvafl lhat slat) day* alter
date I intend to apply to tbe Hon. Cblel i onimit-
rdoner ol Lai - mui Worki h.r permission to
purchaie the following  deacrlbed   landi   In
the  Wesl  Kootenay district, south <>f the I'end
d'Oreille river; �� omineacing at n poal mm-ked
U, B's 8 B. corner, -itunled mi the trml near
Beat ereek abom �� mile from the ini.-nisii'.nal
boundarj line, theuce weal mi chains, tbence
north nee i,inn- mute or leai to the I'end d'Oreille
river* thenee rollowlng the iouth hank oi the
I'end d'Orellli   rlvei southeast sti ehains. more
or lew i Ibencesouth iu chatna, more or leaa to
the   place   "l    . "mm.'lieeinetit.    nintttilling    BBO
aorei, m.-r.- .t leu.
Dated5tb July, 1906. ciiaklss Biisxl.
K J. IVHlelly, Ageut
Kotiee li hereby given mai *ixt\ daysaAer
",     '   -j-��h tu apply to (be Hon. Chief Commls*
SlOlier   >>J    I....    ,        ..   ,    iv,,rtt    #.,r    ....riiL Im>Ih1I    ll)
tl,.- IVeit Kootenay Dlnriet, east ul mi.l a-!
joining Jamt*�� N. Mackensie*! land; Commencing at a post marked a ,.->'�� s. K. corner, on tbe
south   hunk   ..t   M,e   Pend  d'Oreille  rher,  ]u��
above lb��  Hi ol in.- Salmon river, thence
west801'limir. thenco north -80 nbalni more or
less to the Pend d'Oreille river, ihenee following
tbe wutli bank u| u.e tald river in �� aoutbeail
erly direction lo Ho* place of commencement,
eon lathing _flOa< res, more "r leaa
hated Itn Jul) 1806 ..HTlll'K Bc**rl.Hlll>KK
Notice Is bereb) given tliaisuty davs afterdate
I intend toapply to tbe tion. Chief Commlaaioner
of Land- mid ^orlts for permission t<> purchase
the following described lauds in West Kooteuay
Dlatrlct aouth ol tbe i'end d'Oreille river. Commencing at h i-v-t marked K, T, M's. S*. K. corner
ontbesoutb hunk ol the Pend d'Oreille river.
about a mile and a hall east of the mouth nf Fish
creek tbence south hu chains, thenee well BO
cbalm, tnence north to chains more or less to
tbi PenddO'reiUe river, ihcnce following the
south hank ot the-aid river in a northeasterly
direction lo   the   |ilaeo   of  eommcucemeiil, euii*.
tHUijiij! iso icres, nmre or less.
Itated 2nd Jniv Mug, Kl.i-* T. Ull kkviik.
AttTHim 0CHKSIDBR, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after dau* i
Intend to hiu-iv to tbe Hon. Chief I omtnlssloner
..I Landl mid  WorlUt lot i-ennlssion to I'linliHsi-
ttu- following described lamls, iltuate in West
Kootenay District muth nl the i'end d'Oreille
river;CoiuinenrtlngatapoetmarlOBd.*> i: M's.N.
w coruoriliuato at tbe south bank of tbe Pend
d'Oreille river hi Klla T. MaeKen/i- 'l north Baal
eormr poit, tbenoe -outh tfOehalui, thenoe eail
m�� chains, thei norih so obata  more ur Less to
the pand d'oreiile rher, thence -vest so ehalna,
following Hie hunk Of the-aid riv.r to Ihe place
ol eommencement, containing WO seres, mon
.,r leas,
Dated2udJut) 1806. A. B Mackxhul
A bthi'a BrnwEipaH, Agent.
Notice i- hereoygiven thaliLstydaysafterdati
(intendlo apply to the Hon Chief tiommiieion-
er of Land-mid Works for permiulon to purebaae the following described lands situtte in
Wosl Kootonay District, south of tba I'end
d'Oreille rher. commencing *t a |��.st marked
M. U's K. B. corner, situate on the lontb bank
of the Pend d'Oreille river at James N. Uaeken-
iie - -..miie.i-1 eorner, tbence south iini chains,
thenee  wesl 80 ehmus, thence  north  TO cbalm,
more or le.mo the Pend n'Orellla river; thence
following Hie south bank ol ihe said rlvor lu nn
��� tuterly and norsOjeaaterly direction to tin- place
ol pointflcnrementi con tn filing >~ao hit.-.-, more or
Date :ird July, iMnfi. Maih.aiikt IUikoikt,
Art Inn Mchuelder, Agent.
Nollco ii hereby given ihat sixty dayi afler date
I Intent* tn applv Ut thellon. Chief (omuiiialoner
of i.n ml- and Works for tier mission to |.ureha��e
the rolloulug described inmi- in v\.--t
Kooteuay Dlatrlct, south of tho Pend d'Oreille
nver, couimt-nclng iii ** |..��-1 marked J s. .Ms
-. W. enrner, situated nu Ihe iouth �����-*�� k oi the
Pend d'Oreille ri.er, ..N,o.ii,- the  ih ..t ia
Mile Creek ; ihenci ''asi iiclialus. ihence north
10 cbaltu more or lesa to the Pend d'Oreille river,
Lheuce following tho iouth bank <-i ihuiahl river
fu n westorly and southwesierly direction lo Iho
piece oi aomtuencement, containing Ou acrei
more or less.
Dated Brd July, 1808      Jauk* n. MscKUKtia,
Arthur schtn-ider, AgCj.lt
Notloe ii hereb) given that ilxty dnysaftei dale
I iniend to i(,pij [,, the Hon chief Commlsifon
erof Land* mid Uork- lor (.erunssioii in pur
elia-e   the   (olloc,lnK  de-enhed   lands In  \t,.-t
Kootenay District. tn n| n,c I'endd'Or.tlle
rlvor, commencing at a poat marked A I'-.n u
corner, -Ituated at tho s,.uthwe-i corner of Loi
14���.0 1., thi ne.- ea��l ni chains, thence south m
ehalns, Ihenee Weil h> ehnllis, Ihenee Uorih 0
chnin- lo the |daee of eommcii. einciil. cOniaJn-
lllg INi ner.-s, more or I BIS,
Dated 28th   una, 1808, Axaia Pasaga.
f. .1. O'Keilly, Agent.
Notiee is hep-hy given that 80 days after dale
I nn.-n.i toapply h, the Hun (^hlef Commissioner
oILmidsnm! Work-for |.eriuis>i.  |.nr.>hn-c
the rollowlng deaorlbed I t- in Weal Kootenai
district, sou Hi of the Peild d'Oreille mer. east ol
Klsh er.-.-k, com ueiiiK al a |.osi marked P W
H'l N W corner, aismi half a mile oa<t of-tho
northeail corner of uu Mr,, u.l., thenee mutii
���ii chains, ihenco east Ml chalna, ihenee nortb t
chalna, thonco west mi chains to the place of
commencement, containing :iii acres, mure or
haled .ml Inly !��)��. fttgn V. ItAttCOVtT.
ahtiihh h. iiNKiwra, Agent
sixty days after dan- i intend to apply to Lhe
i ominlssloner of Lands and Worki to purchaao
wa acres of land, near Barton city, commencing
al a pnst planted at Ih- Mntbeuf corm-r of Lot
No Md. find marked .1, D. M.-'s southwest corner
mnl   riiiiiiltiK   north    In   ohalns.  thence i-hsi -Iu
chains, ihence smuh m chains, thenoe wail ��
ehulns to place of U'KinuiiiK.
July I8th,180fi. j. Ii McCtJlWCM,
A. A. lllirloii, Ageut.
K.x.l.loiv ,|
1 .'Ullllelli IU|t
i.-n-  n..rihn	
lilnnh-.l   hI   Hie   SOUtllWesI  corner.U  the "tjiiei-ll
vim.-ml Claim," nml adjoining lbe easl line ol
McPhatl'i pre emplinn, thence muth iwent) (J')
chaini along tald line, tbence eaal fbrtj |i"i
chalm, ihence north twenty (--���) ebalna, ihenee
west forty (-10) chaini mors or leas, to Ibe place ol
Dated la) dny ..I \ugusi. 1800
William Toi i is,.ii.s.
By bliagcni J. i*:.Tn>l..r.
Nnti.c ii ben i-v riven thai 80 days alter -inf. I
luictnl Ut apply lo the lion,.rah].- th, I hi, I Com-
mlsslonei -d Ijiiid- m..l Wurkl Ior |>< rmission lo
purchase tbi following de crlbed t-andi iRn
ated i'i th<- Kootenay Duititct. Ehwlnutngata
poat )>lnnl.-.l on lhe north ihore ,.f lhe Cowef
Arrow ink.- abont i" cbalni weal ol thi weal
bonndary ol C P. H Lot iv-'. Marked II a W
- r eorner, thence wesl-Ml  bains, tbenee north
BOchalm thei metauchalm more oi leai '"
Uk.- ihore, tbenee In a aouth westerly direction
raiung ink, ibore to polutoli ommenoetni ni i ""
tniiniu; too mit-- more oi U -
Located June *h, 1808
H    A. W.il VC��T<iN.
a n Wol.Kk..,N, Xgeni,
���*Otl��   !���   o.    ��� ,M,att��, ,
:1."1" ' ""������"���1 lo appli lotheHma
I ommlaaioner ol Undi md vi'r,fl,
Hon to pur. uaas iii hundred ud
n. rmol land,deacrlberl ufnllov   a
al   a   Ih.sI   |,|,,nt.,|   nt   ib.  nurthW_i ��     _
LtlanffbeVs apidlentlon il. ,.!.,*'..!_"��?!
norih;   th.- ���.   eight)   m vttelSlffS
i elfht) t80j ��� hain
Notice is herehv given thai iwo mon'hi aftei
��� int. 1 Intend to apply to the Honorable Cblel
t ommlailoDar of Landi sn i Worki foi perm is*
���ion to iHj"eiia��e six hundred nnd fort) . >
mres of land, described n�� follows Commem ing
m n poit planted at ibe northwest eorner of 1-
Oallagher1!application to purchase mi
ley, ou the went side nf Lowei Al ow I-nke, In
Kootenay district, marked "W ft Ci N. 1 cor*
n, r"; thanee rannIng eighty .80j cbalni weit;
thenee eigbty (��"J south; Hole- eigbty i*t<)
chalm east; thosH eighty (80) ebalna north lo
pliuM ni eommanoamenls
w a. Calukb.
Daied the ind day of Juiy, l'*��.
Sixty davs afterdate I intend to apply to tha
Commissioner of Unds una Worts, * i* lorla, lo
ptrehase 180 acres of laud * ommenclng at a
jwist plauu-d on the west shore ol Arrow Uuie, at
the south east corner of J J CbrlaUe's pnrtbaao,
running north 80 chains-, thanes eaat -*" 'hains,
thenee aootb 80chains, thenee west lo chains to
plaoe "f enmiuenceiiient.
Looatad May, .ih lwuc.
A. t'AKklK.
L. (.Ai t.AoiiKK, Locator,
Slxtv days alter date 1 Inl. rid to apply to the
Commissioner ��.f Unds mm Works lo porebaae
W  acres  ol  land, slluate ahoul mie mlie Bail of
Burton City, ami described as follows: Commencing ata post planted on the oortbwesl cor*
in-, ui iffi �����>-��� ..~.i ��...m..-; mi an cbalm, thence
north    to  ,-hnlns.   \U.t. .-   ,-ntl   *H) tliaitl'*. theliee
south alotiK lot uVai to place of ta-KmiiliiK
July Mil, 19UG. J   It   IHmkk.
Nntlce Is  herehy  Riven   that   sUiv  (lays niter
date l inland loapply to tba Hon Cblel Commlaaioner of i-tui'i" nml Worki foi permleiloii to purebaae tba i..ii...'Mik' described landi iltmu In
Weal K....!t-iniv iitstriei; Commencing ni n pom
marked J ii vanstone'i - K cornei poet, iltuate
iu the Salmon ttltrer Valley, ut n point adjoinm*
J m.-.i h.-i'-hmd at western bonndary, thenee
wrest 80 chalna, tbence nortb ���*" ebalns, thence
.-ns*. go, hnins, thence loutb cj chains i.. |U.)ni of
eommencemen t
Juiv Hth, i��*. J. II. VAjnmwt,
i  H  Atkinson. Agent
Kotiee is herehy glren iiiai t"-'1 dayi after data I
lti ten,) toapply tn the Honorable the Chlel Com-
mlulonerof Lands and u..rks for permlaslon to
pnrchase the following deaerlbod lands in the
Weal Kootenay district:  Commencing ��i .< poat
marked IC. Met'. N   t <onier, planted   4   chains
north of tbe ft, v eorner ol w A. Calderi preemption In 1 Ire Valley, runnliifr to chaini souih,
to chalm we-t. to ehalns north, lOrhnln- east i,,
place of commencement
Maimk ktoCAMOLtaa, Locator,
W   A   CALOBa, Aaviil.
June -iith, lis*'.
Notice Is herehv given thai 80dap alter date 1
Intend lo make application i,, th.- Honorable the
Chief i ommissluiii-r nf Ijtnds and Worki (or |s-r
mission    t,,   purchase   the   fnlloulllK   described
lauds-. Com moneing m a poal markao a. w. (alder's lootbessl corner, section It, Township 88,
running east twenty chnins, south forty chains,
west twenty chains, north forty Obalm to place
o li'iuniiit'iiieniinl.
Hated July H. 1��.��1.
Notiee ts herehy given thai 80 davs after date I
Intend to apply lo tbe Honorable the Chief Com-
mlailonerol Lands aod Works foi jm iniissn.n to
purebaae tbe following deacrlbed landi in Ibe
Went Kootenay dlatrloti eommeuolna ai a poal
ronrkt-d *'Nathali|cl Melnlyre's H I*, corner,"
planted on Hie Wesl side of the I'oluinhh, lliv.i,
ahout T mill's north of hurton < it v. nu'i BOchalm
north <<f ih< iouth wesi corner ��i \*ni 818, thence
north Wi ehalns, thence WOSl Hn chains, llienee
���niilii m Chalm, Iheuc- east 88 .'hulli- lo point uf
cummeneemanti containing M0 aeroa.
i>uie,| this Uth day of Jons, 1808,
KATHAKiat Mi Isn Kg
T. C Maklns-.n, Agent
Notice i- hereby given that 80days aftei date J
ill I. -io I  Ul applj   lo Hie llnllnral.le the l'|,l,-|   Totll
mlsslonei of Land- mnl v-,..rk- h-r permlsi  I<>
ptin-haae tbo f..ii..n,u- described land	
ii iu- ni n post pinned on lhe north ihore ol
ih, w.��i arm ni Kootenay Lake, "i the northcasl
��� mi "f J-diu t-tranks1 pre-emption,  ihcnce
WOSl    I"  ehnllis,   more   nl   leM,   to    the  snulhei.��t
corner ot i^-t KO.740A, Hon... north K)ehalna,
ihenee .-.t��i lo chains mon- or lesa, thence norih
in, halni '" 'lo- point oF commencement
Dabd Jum- 1Mb, IW
H. 11. An*Laron,
Nolle- Is herehy glVBIl llinl 00 dayi a|h t date f
intend toapply to the n. rable the < hid - om
inlasjoner oi Landsand ..oris for permlssiou to
nnrrhaae the following described lands, situate
tn ihe Weal Kooi. nay district: Com mi n< iiu- ai s
poi mark.-d m  Hoc *  v   corner, planted 10
ehalna WCSl of L 0, Mor Uott'l muthwcsl eorm-i
of his crown granted lam: in Plre Valley, run
TiltiK  *Ki ehnllis ensl, 111 chains llorlh, 10 i IihHi-
m, -i, in chains south to place af oommani en	
m. MirANhi.-sii, Loeator,
W, A. �� *].iu;k. ,.k�� ni-
Notice is herehy given tiiai no day* after dati  i
in ten,I loapldy loin.- Mm,  t.hlei C mlsslotu-r
oi i amis nud Work* ior permission to purchtve
It," NdluHlllK descrlh.'d Ir.n I of li.ii'l lltUAlC ill
West   Koolenay  lusiriil;    t'limmoncltlg  at   (he
southwest eormr  .,1   |,���i   ,.^,;  thenc r ng
wesl  io chain**; thence north .ii chains; thence
weal HI ehain*; ihenee norlh iti chali
east  Mil  -���***��� '
Dated al   Nel-!
����>��lalnihga*��iuirei, moreS!
- II C, this 23rd day of Julv
Mabv -caman,
i"r '   '  Hreun, Agent,
Notloe li i
I intend  to   .,
t'omiiilsiom-roi {,
b)   git
lhateodayi after dale
to j.urehaseihelnlii,'   |      ,,   *"*k" '"r IHTlul-sioi,
wjst Kootenay iKffi* JS**!*���I,*n,,�� "' lhe
Ititlt.i- in. "'" ""'''"lli��l��� pla I ,.,������.
"I Am.*A,,l,,A|,���,T      '
>uth io the hiZ* -> ���
*neeincnt,conuinina Hi i.i,t,.ir.,i,--^1
{-���io* hii,-., mmi- 01 tea "
Hate,I  the .11.1 nl July. IBB.
" ������ Mci'run_
KottsTc i> bereb] given thai W dati in,/.,
lntendtoni.lt, applb-aii.mi,,tbrYJ25!l
1 '"'���    nilsslnmrolUml^,,,!   i    ,.
minion to purchase ��,, ������������ .��� , 1
lands: i nmmet.. in. Mi n pu-,i pui,w J9
northwest corner ol 4Hhi, v., ^iIm *3
Hon to pi.r.-ha- in Fin Vail , ramfl
��'   N    ���*��� rorner,'   runuing hi ibiWi3
plaoB oi i ommeneement. ���*
H. M   \h i t-, I
w.a CAuaaiiiSP
July 2nd, 1808
s Oil he-chy given thai rihliu.^
IliUlid toapply lo ihe lion ,     *���
mlasioner of Landi ami Works fn mm
purcbue lhe fniinwiiiK dcacrilod'�����"���',
in the weal Kootenav aliti
iM-i   on   lhe  easl ikffl oi  1*_||lp I r.,| ,
Arrow  Lake, ami marked   J J w,ii,
corner," ibenee east 80 rhaiu, ihrind
chalm. thenee w.-st m chalm,ihtutm
chalm lo polnl of commencement, e
380acrei more or :.���-.
l-.v_nt.-.| June 18tb, 1808. J.J }
i  il Win ungear, i
Sixty days after date I Intend t����fa
Cblel  ' "louii-sioii.-r   of   Ui,.;-  aol f
ViflinriN. [oi penaiMlon b
and sixty (140) ttaettol Land,toesls8i
ed as follows i  Commem Ing si i ;-
fighiy ffO) chatm eaai ol tbi H I
Bulger1! pn smptloo nmi narked I
oornei " and running easi turn
thenc nh lorty d-d ebalna ib-v
chain-, tbenoa north forty (iuichnsj
Julv 7. hsr, c 11
Koth ��� is h. rebj gtraq thai 8B tali
mt, ml to apply to :he lion Um Cm
SlOOer Of l-alid* and Works ter \- -:...���<
eiiaae the following deecrtbrt em
Kootenay dutrt.-t. proelnei nl liMA
lommeueltiK  nt  a   |��.kl   niarkt-l .1 J
H   U   comer, on the south si'l.-'.I'��-
tboUl   tWO   mile-   easl   of  HurleU ��� :fi
and at ihe Dorthwasi oornerd ������
Itl -   |.r- ampllpn   Claim,   them,  m-
Ihenci   north 88 chain-, iheneeial
thenc- so,ill, i.i chain, lu lhe pUtuT
roniainlng M0 aorei mon - ���
i intct ibuMib day ol July, lwt
Noli.-,- i. h.-rehr given Ibai tnwi
date i i it it-u,i toapply totbrUooacsMi
 miwlouerof I^mis nnd Worksl ���;*
lo purebaae lbe following dcscrlM <
ale in   Kire Vallev OU th.   Wt ll ���
row   Ijtkc.   Koot- n���)   district, dMI -
Iowa:   Commencing ai n iH**t piinu
nortltweel corner of W. A. t.
mnrkeit   "A.lfeL'l  nmtlm--���-���-���������
lbence torty ft") cbal ssii ihsaa
cbalni nnrDi;  tbence forty lfi *i
llienee  fo-ty (Ih) chain- sou ill W tt
euiuineiiiciin-nl,   eniitainlii��  OM liiia:��m|
ilxtj ii"��d aens more or less.
Haled June 28, I��s,. AVBte MrUrsmaj
W   A   t'ALIiSR. Affl*-.^
N'oth-e is hereby given IhstBtaty *ni���_���
���laic 1 mien,I lo app j to the ILm-n**8I|
thief Com mlm loner o( Land' sad w:'r^|
ormlaalon to pnrebaM Ik
.��...-.. ...linen, iiik al a [".���! iii-.fl> i '"""T* ��
hiiKtnii's   K.M   C. poet,  al th* wiililirtil ��*��3J
oi J O. UcGrade'i pre-cmpitos ''l��i�� *���
lunniiiK snuih +> chains to rmlbaisl ���*"����*���
Geo If ini��..ir- pre-emption claim; iii-.n-rs��aii
chain--; ihem-c north lo cbalni, H��b-��m��
chaini to plaee of commencement, coatsraM
acres of land mor,- oi h���--.
l>a e-l ihi- -th day >d August. W��
riaoarji I    ftfM
A   -i  Burmn1Ar"iiJ
Sixty days nlt-r-late 1 Intend to IP] I      ���
commlaaioner ol Land* mil Hfarki ���i*'"'"_i|
purebaae no awea ol Und iltusts sad &��*t*M
ns   ...ih.vvs
the easi ibi
Commencing si i pa_ pUff^
rf Arrow Lak> **i'f ���I: i*"!^!|
ni     lhe
'     'I
0'RtiayTi pre-emption and marked f ' \\\
corner; thence east wi ehain-. tht-n-i- ��"����������
i-liHltu, thenc- McsLr-o.hnin- lo tnelitrihM
tbenee north aiouK tba lak. ikon lo Hilt"|
Juneaotb 1808, ��� ,   ���_
I* Ijimff- :
W. CaMiM, Ijoettet    _:
Nolle.- i- bereby given lhBt��dsfi*fW**M
Intend toapply UitheHoiiorabi. thi """^l
miaaionerol landsand Worki   ���   I' '"L";���|
purchase  the   |n|Io�� lll^   deS.tllH'l  IS|W��   "
i Ing nla post mark..! U   K  ��*   M '.
planteil al Ho- N  W. oornei ol n k ""'
pre-emption In Kir,- Valley, rnnalaij*-
tiorih. 10chalm weal, gBcbaliuaMth.ai8M
ensl  to plm-e of colnmelic-lii. Ill
w. R.Mo iapusa,I��
W. A.i'*i.l'W.-***,B,s
lull,    -mi,   :���... ^_-
Notlci i- hen b) givi n ihaiaisi] i
date I mtei i apph  "��� H�� Nffll
Chief   Comnils-loliei   nf   I ill  "!l;1     i'IiiJ
I pi
tfH, I ,,l In u.l ' .||ii���|,. nI (|lir
���hurt  ���! K,...i. ims% l.ssls. Iti
> 'U's.,    PtnslSlir   ..I    1,1 lll-l.   """���-.-_.���
���������I" Inn i.y h.Iii.,���..i... ' : : *"*  ���
thu    "sli,..   i,,,,|,    ,.,    |i -..   S, Islfll   I'
 ra  ,..,r l.-tilKrlv  , Is ..i-ril. -I ss- j .J "��>   '�����
lm Iisll'lt,slss l��,lttt mi III.' ss.i'ils  '""'"SI
��� ���-���-"> i win K.....,.,..fj'):':,-.���:v:ul
I    Tisi.1 i,    1  \\',.,i   Kiii.t. Sissy   i'l-is _____
���illllll .'.l.i s'.sMist "I I. "Ml"   II I'l      ' '  ,���l
I Wl���i il I II Iai   "' I "Jl
HOoh.liti man m Iui in lln  ��������
nor nl wm  ix.i OH i.   '"��� '  ' ,.�����
^ssiili   in iimtn.  mora "i  i' ���- '���' "',������,
��� sis  ,,���l,,ry   I is   I!  Usui." Is -   M'l'   'u,,r��
l'ilr,'li���.,.;ll���'���s,' i, ,lv (Ollowlnk ��'���_]
.tlv ,....,���.lnrv ,.r -..nl li ll "�� '<��� ���;!' ' ,,_
I.. I'lisiliii-.,. '.-I'SHJ s'linlss. siS'.i' "I ' . .n,
-lusts-.,( wsii'S'ii.' has; II.. li' ��� I. .IJ..���� "���*������,(|r��
isally nl lit,- nit|,l .Iimi' III a t...sll ] il  ,-(
" llnnTOfhaln, mnroor bn i" ���';'"', ,,,u..��
lss.rssl.siM Ij.I7is~is. I; lIs.'Ss..'""',l,rl.'���, ul
is..- lhe s,i..i,.|ls l.isi.ii.lats' ..I lain I" ,,���,,��
i i<��i- nimorsjoi Ian la polnl "' "	
TIC-!. y     y     BgfM
Ii I .hiss.' I'i. lltas y M
None* i, iiiTi'i.v ��ii.'it ii.;'"''Yjj'S.aB
.l.sii. I Issti'it.l i.'iimJs Ui ll"' l|,,,tl'7l;���.rml_
risitiittl-.loit.ri.l l.nliil.iiii'1 ll "'"-'" ' ,..,,([1^1
i,, mtrrhnau lis.' inllinsltiii 'I'-' Ml'"1..,', _,-m-ls
lis   Won   K.ssii.'iniy .ll.'lrii'C l|'fl'll!llkl'.-.tl.ss.
I -1 ���l   tin-  iitirlliiii-ti'iTli.'i s.1 !.*"';. siM,
I'.sk I'n-l. tls.'ss.'.. I Is I's.'l"'"1-'     |���,|illl��
'" s'lsall Bl  ssr |0����, III'"1'' ';;'���, �����l>.
iii.,si' i.r Iota, Ihenco eail lo lain '.|11|i,,i��
���i'i,,.,' til l.'ttliiisliiK, ll"' Mine I' "''���'  ,���.,)�������
Its  is In, I I. Iiis,.. II s.�� Ilu- "s"'-"1 PJ      ,���.
,>.il,-.l  Inly .. IS.H, >'���'���"��� .J
Noiloo I- hereb) ��lveti lhal ->;:Vuy���"������
iis.. .lm,. i Intend to appl! ':'.,"" , I Sr i��-rm��-
alonw ..i Land! and IVorlii   l'1" ''*,"., !���*
   ���. |.���r,'l���,s.,..ls.. I.illi.sssss,' '���;,:������..��
iltuate lis il... tii.irifi "i "'''', ,,,1 tisi'1",
til liriilitiuiti rrt-i'li: Slarlitiga. " .' , ,|,nil��
J..Ins White. 9. W. issrw'i. I'l" ;_,i,.D*
s'lsaliia -".ll. .si .1 .Mstli.i.'"'-""'" ���,liii��
risiiiiliis!  ti.srl Is :ui'IsitioN. ,'"'"" ',.,,liii"'*
ilsi.tiif .....il. im rhalMi tii''""'" "' itttiK.
polntolrornmonowuM. ���' A',,Dt. WEI REMNANT SALE!
20 Pi.ces Brussels, Velvets
and Tapestry Less than Half
Regular Prices
From 10 to 23 Yard Ends
iperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
M. I'\IH OP....��S,9-O,000 KK8T $.,900,000
[it wil.KIK, l'n-fiilctit HON. I'.tiHKltT JAB-PRAY, Vloe-Pretident
Branches in Bri i.h Columbia:
ll. r   ��� iv..1 nnd interest allowed lit tstuTfut rutin trom date nl ssis-ninn ac-
1 ���.lhulfytti.lv
t i -v .--   BRANCH
J.   M.   LAY,   MunBxer.
it Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
irehases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
<oal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boal Baildan will liml it to their advantage to nie mir Pitch.
(elson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd*
\ Burns ���& Co.
ft.ub MarketaiU  Rorttafld, Trnfl,  NMaon, Kfthlo,  Sutuhm, Tl-m>. Vorhe, New
Deavtf mnl Sl*K*nn City.
'��� ' i ni'.ii in ��iiv brand will have
1' "Rpi hii>i careful Bt'ciuitin.
Heid Office: Nelson, B. C.
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
Distillers, 12 and 20 years old.
�� 'uiIuhIi- nn.1 it.-tnii D��1en in
ffreh and Salted Meats
( '"nipt tnpplted nn lUor.mt notloe and
""''s-i issics'.        NnthiuK but  instill untl
��� ii'ili'Hiiiiw uitsiitis ninl supples leapt in ktOOk
v" ������riior. reoetve oarelol attention.
TRAVES,  Manager.
Certificate of Improvements
tiiipinti,.. '.I.in. Kirn Rliann,,...,i..,>n,-. nt
���Its.ills   Mils' l.'SH.'llsili lilllll.rill .'11111111.  .1111-
���,��� in ihR P-lni- MI111111: Dlrliloa olWmt
Ksitlt.   ISSIS   .llSlllll'l
Wlssss. In. .ili-.l: I'll I'linili'i.ttiiiiiiilisiii. l..-lsvs.|.li
Villi    '..!-" II".I  ""I' ' S'S'S'lt..
T���k.. imiII'-i- i  lnlill M.l niilii.-. <-l ' HI'
���( Ml.,,.,. tu'llrtK .1" iiK.-nt d.r Ji.K.-l... sniru.-..,!
|.',,.,. Mlltcr'l IVilllli'Slll' Nis. 11.11", llll. is.l. .Illy
Illy, tl, sis llss- sliil" I's-rs.s.r. In ��|.|.1>- iss lis.' MllllllK
lU-Tt.r.l t I." I's-flll'ssslf. ssl llii|.r.v..iis,.is'.. Inr
llss. li-rlMino "I ..l.lsslislislt frown isrtssil. ssl list'
"���'a'"!|'ill's s'lirl'lislss'lliills'S'lliil' stfllnll L'l�����>���''���
ll,,, !iv i.ni-i Iii inmtmcwl botaro tlmiMimnoe
sslKllfhiVlllll "I'',"1 I,iii"r,'li,,,1l,,"l,_���.
The Daily Canadian
II  He  Were  Not Thii Would   Not be    Story  of  Counterfeiting  Told   In   Lon-
Published. don Police Court.
IFi'om the Cninlirook Herald.)
And speaking of Mellon, did you
know that It was a socialist town,
headed by that prince ol socialists,
Mayor (Jille'tt. But in characterizing
Nelson as a socialist town, it does not
follow that the majority of the reBi-
ilentB are blind followers of Comrade
Hawthornthwaite and believers in his
weak, fallacious and BenseleBs theories.
On the contrary, the people of Nelsou
are giving the wo,-ltl a ina'.iical illustration of modern day socialism since
they have appropriated to their own
use all public utilities and are making
u success of them. The city inuuicl-
liality owns the water works and the
t'lfftric light service and have control
til 'the street railway tutd under the
management of Mayor (lilletf who is
giving Nelion a business man's ail-
ministration  ull of these public mill-
li'-s have been placed on ,-t business
ImslB. Hut tin- hackneyed phrase of
Mr. Hawthornthwaite "the capltalls-
tie classes" finds nn lodging place iu
lln- hearts of Die people here, as that
gentleman would hnve it. The people
of Nelaon, through lis _0,IIOO club, aro
looking fur the capitalistic class to develop the marvelous resources of that
territory. There are fruit lands to bo
developed, railway*, to be built, business blocks to be constructed, industries to lie Introduced, and capital is
whal is wanted by the "wage slaves"
uf West Koolenay. Antl what is more,
capital is coming, and with 11 opportunity for the laboring man with
wagea Unit makes life In Eastern
Canada look like a bare existence by
Nanaimo   Inventor   Markets   Valuable
Nanaimo, Aug. 20.���The Schaako
Machine shops uf New Westminster
have nearly completed the first of a
new style gasoline engine which
prtttnises to lie a vast nniiirovenu-nt
over those now in ���se. The machinst
Is the invention of Mr. John Cowie ol
In the ordinary engines the connecting rod antl crank are closed In,
as the gas Is mixed in the chamber
which surrounds lheni. In the event
of anything wrong. Ihe first desire is
tn look at this part of the machinery
and the chamber bus to be opened.
lit the new engines these are exposed and can In- seen at in glance.
The mixing und suction take place at
the bottom of tlie piston, and It Is
then passed tu lhe top ot the piston.
There are no valves, the piston making  its own valves.
It is claimed for this engine, in addition to the above feature, that as better grade of gas is developed from the
same vaporiser, that there Is quicker
action, and that half as much power
again can be evolved ln the same cylinder. It can be reversed the same as
the marine steam engine, simply by
moving one lever.
Will Claim Bonus.
Oitawa, Ont., Aug. .0���Now thut \V.
t  ii. Preston is no longer an official
or llie Interior depiininelit 11 is mil surprising Unit ih- North Atluutie Trading t'liiiipuny fails to get along less
smoothly with the Immigration branch
llian of yore, ll was admitted In the
house lust session that ihe company
luisi a considerable claim against the
giivernmeiil when Hon. Frank Oliver
c.iucillcd lhe contract. It is said now
lliut the amount is about' 171,000 and
iimi the accoiini is still unsettled
Since lhe revelations of lnwt s"-s!ssn
the officers of the Immigration branoh
im. evidently looking more closely in
in iin. claims of ihe company, with
Ihs- result llinl tlie proofs an' nol con-
sitl.riui satisfactory lhal the bonus in
mini cases has been earned by com.
piliiee with the conditions ssf ihe contract, namely, tba) the company's Un-
rops'itn Immigrants have settled In
Canada sMber as agriculturists or do
medio servants.
The oontrgol win mn actually ier
mlnate until Novemuer "(I. lly lint
time the No-lb AMnntle Trading -.m-
puny will have claims in  for bonuses
which win Bweii the outstanding account to $100,000, 11 la said. In nil
probability the company will not be
sellleil wllh until Hon. Frank Oliver
bus returned from Burops. The minister of the interior set oul to look In
to Immigration mailers and It would
not be surprising If lhe company's
claims were submitted lo n pretty
close scrutiny by Ih" minister when he
gels buck. II may be. that It Is because of his recent Insight Into the
workings of this Intangible concern
and consequent Instructions to the or-
flclnbi here thai tho latter are rofus-
Ing to pity the bonus clalme now be
Fore Hie department.
London, Aug. 20.���A witness in the
Guildhall police court, In giving evidence against a prisoner charged with
stealing 50 Canadian cheeses valued
at ��150, asserted that when the Canadian cheese detoriated in quality it
was impossible to identify them, but
when they left the docks in perfect
condition the witness would have beon
able to Identify them apart from the
marks on the caBes. He judged by
smell and taste. It la a common practice for merchants to put Inferior
cho.se Into boxes marked with well,
known brands. People who expected
to buy Canadian chees were auxioUB
to get It, but whether they got It wa*
another question,
Construction on C. N. P.
Winnipeg, Aug. 20.���Construction
work on the main line of tbe Canadian
Northern railway rrom i_duionton west
lu the foot of tlie Kockies will be begun within the nexl week. Steel rails
huve been shipped to Kilmonton sufficient to lay 100 miles of road, and
gangs of men are being sent to that
point so that the work can be started
at a day's notice. It Is believed by
ofricials or the road that 100 miles ot
road will be completed before the
snow  falls.
The extension of the main line will
cut through one of the most fertile
wheat beltB in Canada. The territory
essstigitous to the surveyed line Ib composed of scattered farms and ranches,
which will bo materially benefited by
Ihe completion ol tlie road. The terminal or the extension will be situated
ut the base of the mountains.
Actor's Sudden Death.
Yonkers, N. Y., Aug. 20.���Lewis Mor-
riBon, the actor, died here suddenly
ssn Sundny.
"Highland Litien," in pads, 4
sizes, with envelopes to matcb.
iu boxes, 5 styles.
Samples ou application.
Canada Drug & Book Co's
....Cash Stores....
TAK1. KOTICB thftl an WpUMUotl   tlM btOO
inttiit* to n'ni-UT Tartfl Mining Company m the
owner in  Poo Mm pie, under t��*o bVeral lax
-���uli. Hi'.'.ls ti'iiii K J. Btenion,  Deputy MMMtOr
and Collector ��>i the Slocan Aao_rasm District,
io Tnnff MiniiiK Company, i.i'tmiu date the .'i'ii
���lay nf Annuel, A. D. 1 wio, <>f nl) and lingular
thou (-iTttuti pim-fl- < 1- trnw�� ot Ihu.I mnl urfltti*
iMiittuaic. IvuiK mnl Ih*iiik in the ntsttiet ol
rCooteiiay, in the Province nfBriU.li Columbia,
more partiuularly known nnd described m Uu��
550 and .'<������"���<;. Uroun i, Di*tri.*i <-( Kootenai-,
"Bliafer" nml 'Ko bmir mineral ��� inim*.
Vou and each "f you are required to coutoat
tbe claim of Uie tax purehaaer wtiiiin foutir��*n
.U\h in.in Un- iinii; ni ilu* perrloeof t lenotliw
upon you.and m .;.-i .,ih ,.i ��� caveat or certiHoato
olUihetideni being Bled vtiiiiiii tech uerlud,
mmi will belorvrei*eitopped and debarred from
letting nnanv I'luim to or in nepeot ol itn* ��h)<i
luini, and 1 ih alt rogliterTarlfl Mi mut; Com pan)
hn owner tln-rcof.
Dcted hi Land ftogutrj Offloe Nalaon, Province
Btitlali nl MniMi Columbia, tttlt iTtii dHv of
AufOtt. a. D, [gol,
11. V. UaoLBOD.
Dlitrlel Regfattar.
1,1 Kootenay Ulolng Corajany (foreign.
KliuliT Quid aid hiivit MHiiuc Omnpany
((nrt'tr-ll )
tauk NOT1CB ihat an application liuboon
mull' to regUter Clarence Harmau hm bti owitor
In Pee Simple iiuiUt 11 Thx !-ui��> Deed imm n. J,
Htenaon. deputy aaaeaaor and collector of the
Hl,H-itti .U-.'M-iiii'iil Dlitrlet, lor lm mc,. llnnuuii,
hearing dale tuo'ilil day of July a d. tw , (>r nil
hihI lingular iiim cortaln par**el of uthd nmi
prein 101 iMtuate. hint: nml being in i'ie DUniii
uf Kootenay, in the Province of Urlttih Colnm-
lilil, more imrilruliuh kinm u nm) tti">i>rlln>il to���
lrf.i7'.i,tiroii|. I, UUtrlcl of Kootenay."lieiiry"
lnltmiHl iliilm
Yon mui I'.ii-li of on aro requlrol to coutcsl
tin* claim nl im* in* ipufehaaor Within fpurtccn
dayal thudateoi theaorvlgu-of this notice
iip'oii von. nmi in tU'fiiuii of aaaveat or pcriltt-
pato of Hi pendent being nii-'t wniiiu such por<
lou, yon will be forever oitoppod and debarred
irom letting up mi) idalm io or in i*eapet<t bi the
uUd tun-!, ninl 1 ihali reglntur Olarance litrmiui
ai owner thereof,
Dated it land Uoailatrv Offlee Kelaotii Provln-
it of HrlllHli r,.l uiiiImii. I In- litli day of rVUgUit.
A, 1��. 1 law.
U.V. WeohMOp,
District Itcgl.-trHr.
To aonrge Henry Hnnnan,
Wilbur A, licmliyx.
Silver King Hotel
Bost Dollar n ilay bouse in the Kootenaye.
Roomi are well lurutttht-d.   Table u good in an,
lit Neliou.     ll_r Huppllud wllh good
Usjuorls and s-lcari.
W. E. McCANDLISH, PropriBtor.
Tfemont House
Kuropean and American Pita
M.all 26 ssU.   Knoasi trom 36 CU. lo U
Only Whit, a.lp _mplo��d.
Bt.et St.. Kelioit Fiopruion
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House ia Nelson.
The Bar Ut the Flneit.
White Help Only Kmployed,
ioiephiue HU
The Big Schooner n.._  * A _
Or "Hilf-._dH.ll"   Dcci    lUC*
The only Olnus of flood Beer iu Nelson.
Hotel tn'risiiiiiKi'lsssitsii. aaoon- lo issstn- in Hrit
Issls I'ssltitiil.lB. Hhi.-h Jl.tm jM-r ��,ity. S)wsIhI raless
ts, iisistitlsly bssttfl. 1- Only hutne botel in Nfilwm
Lake Viet*
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two lil"i'k- from
Rates $1,110 per Dny
and np.
Tel-plioti. III.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
t'entrally Ixx'ated. Upen Day and Might,
.-'niupli* nll'l  Hull Houliifi Vrvv.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Streets.
Tn�� Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Toiukins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. R.C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and ivinfisrtalsls- Bedroom, and Finn-
���slaaa Ilnsi sss: RiKtm. Sample Ussoitu for Commer
���lis Men.
MRS.  K   I.'. CLARKE, i'rt.prletreaa
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call    IT      (J      1|1|     mi)T\
and examine our list.   JTX*   OC   lT-L*   -DJLJtvl-/
insurance!   Real Estate and Mining
Manager ior the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
olsi.-Ht 1'Pim.linlis'il Real Krtate
Husini'KH in Kiasti-iitiy.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district
Most of it siitmtH 00 tho West Arm and Main Lake.    See me before yun dBode t^�� ItH-itte.
Choice Fruit
I Have i 0,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy uow aud get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Winnipeg Port Arthur
St. Paul,    Dnlntli,    Sioux City
f^'OfWrTJ This well known
VJT l\\J V C Suburban
TJ^%'|'L'T       Our Beer Garden la
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
R��t��-p #1 and fl.M) n Day.
Spti-inl HtitHs t.n Kifriilav BcaxdCTS,
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer*, hi ita^d. ami fatur/Qr-O-rlee. *
Butter, Kkkh.
Ouui\, untl Miti'-r-' Supplii'tt.
KiiHBns Citv I68.S8. St.. Louis .liUOO.
ChiniKo i|84 00.
Ou Bnlo Aniinut 7-K-9, September B-10
Fiunl limit OttoborSlBt.
TorouUi *7��.(i5   On Kile September 8 9-in
Liuiit NovisuilMsr .0th.
Milwaukee $ua.20    Ou unle An|;u��t. 7-S-ll.
Limit October UlBt.
Throuirl, niti's nil ftntions���Ontnrio,
Qnsb-Oi New York. New Kngltux-.1, Muri-
time Provitit-es nu upplii'ntion.
K. .1. COYLK. ,T. S. (1ARTER.
A..I.!'.A.,Vaitt'Oilvrr. tl.P.A.. Nt-lsson.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
%v       tjtf~ZtKi .. hoti *5fA  [ ^
I. J^ w~ tour -ne s,-. I.I.I.J <^ f
Change of Time
Effective July 22nd
will leave Nelson at 8:80 a. in.
will arrive at Nelson at 7 :���5 p m.
will leave for Kaslo at 8.45 p. ni.
will arrive at Nelson at 11:10 a. m.
Oily PuttttgU Agent. ,
A. .1.1'. A., Si-.tllis.
West Ttansfer Co.
Qenarnl T-^rastorfl anil DeiUen in
Otsiil and Whh .   Bxprettand
s nggnge Transfer
P, O.   ItilX   111
VV.   a.   GILLETT
.-.Jin! rii.tiir  and
BolO agopl for the I'nrli) Kirn Lumlur OO., LtiL,
n-liiil yiinlx. HiiIikIi nml drust-d IiuuIkt, (hi n.-.i
wnrk mnl brtickftM, Coant .nth mnl kIiIiikIi-h. khnIi
mnl doors, Cemant, brluk ami limn fnr tele,
Aiitt.iinitii* erlmlor.
,   Yanl tuul (ai'lury: V.'im>nSl.. i-niit of Hall,
P    , Uox 888. Tulvpboiiu 17tt.
ftml U* Kulnivin). Pnone 148.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y*
llOOtl- UAI.I.Iil) TOR
Anil l��:i.,\ I.MIlll I-l.UK
Baker Street.     -    NELSON.
For Everything Oood
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurmati'i SpecUI Hlxtuc)
.':"���   -     -:i%
]     1
i '
i   |
i f if.
��� ''iii
i- m
m The Daily Canadian
We are offering exceptional
value in Cut Glass.
For a pair of Cut Glass Salt
and Pepper shakers. Sterling
Silver .Mounted.
��� ���������������������������*���������**�����������<'*���*���'***'**���
'The Store of Sweets/'
I Duffy
| Apple
!   Juice
I 35 Cents a Bottle
The finest non-alcoholic
beverage and stimulant   X
Bell Trading\
hivits. Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Raker at.
'cA Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning*
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or s-li anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Bhop. A new
lino of Japanese Goods now on Bala All
kinds of Dlnnerware in stock. Pattern H
feed Any -O
_ nit Jats ���
We hive the NEW Hiam Scaler
wiih ihe All Glass Top.
No iiit-itil Iss get iliri\-..ml cormde,]
'I'll,' musl tt|,-in iiiiti-" sealer mt ilu
niarkel    Jn pun nn.I ,|ti���n fsjz,.K,
Pints per Dozen J 1.25
Quarts per Dozen 1.50
We nlsti have Ihf   drown  .Iiirs  in (
)iinlis, < j Liu I,.- untl hull pilliin
$1, $1.25 and $1.50 per dozen
[ Joy's Cash Grocery j
Oor.JowphlM��ad mhihu.    Phonsii
Cor. V��rnun mi.s \Viii-_i  -iii-_-t-,
IN til. SON.   .��. C
J. FBBU HUME. Piuprli-lor.
.1. li. McPhall. Gr.\. Mclntyre, Can-
c.suver; \V. J. Tlmllck, A. Ludtke,
Pin-h-r crt-ek; J. E. Home. Miss Kail-
is. Miss Vanclerbur, Toronto; Miss hi.
Xicliol, Seattle; \V. E. Adams, Vic-
toria; C. Acland. Losdon: M. M. Day,
Vernon; N. s. Macleod, Letlibridge;
J. Uamer. Jr., F. H. Berminghani. H.
B. Morley, H. C. Martin, Toronto; G.
A. Laurie, Creston: A. H. Lawter,
Qrand Forks: \V. B. Stratheara, Kas-
In: R. D. Warrington, Winnipeg; J. A.
Hold.-n. Pinctier Creek; J. A. Anderson. Victoria.
Miss Hoare. London; VV. J. Francis,
MoBtreal; W. 0. Dalglish, Slocan: Mrs.
A. J. Dean. Minneapolis; M. R. Cater
bee, Boston; E. E. Pbair, Spokane:
lion. R. F. Green. Mrs. Green, Kaslo;
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Cox, Seattle; S.
Syer aud wile. Hamilton; Miss De
muth. Rossland; A. Davey. L. Davey,
Exeter, Eng.; D. Mclntyre and wife,
Plncher Creek, .1. E. Gibson. Bonnlng-
tos; It. lnslnger, J. J. Holrnan. A. 1*,
Wrighl and wife, Spokane; H. F. Den-
nehy, Miss Dennehy, Calgary; W. A.
lnslnger, Greeley; J. H. Potr and wife.
Mis. G. VV. Williams. Victoria; J. H.
Schofleld, Trail; F. G. Faquier, Needles, M. Gfinttberger, New Denver; C.
ii. Buchanan. Kaslo.
S. E. Watson, Miss A. M. Cleverley,
Silverton; Mrs. L. C. Williams, New
Denver; .1. C. Carruthers, Vancouver;
A. W. Ward. Calgary; T. H. Carnev,
Vmir; E. T. Marion, Spokane; Miss V.
Merder, Stillwater; A. D. Westby, K.
Bell. Salmo; Mrs. J. Temple. Grasil
Forks; W. A. Mills, Silverton; Miss
11. M. McDonald, Miss A. Armstrom;
Fori  William.
J. Burketl. Medicine Hat; C. J Hart
Carberry; G. W. Esterbrook New:
vork; J. .1. Worth, Calgary; j. steels
Wiulaw; W. S. Wilkinson, Pierce; C
tipping, Mrs. Nichols, W. P. Bea'ttie
S. W. McCann, J. H.  McDonald, Had-
D. A.  Williamson,  Winnipeg-   T   A
Mason, Fernie; a. Melton. Vancouver.
P.  Donaldson, Fersie;    R.    Thomas
Vanoouver;    j.    Dempster,   Eholt   s
Prlu.  Banff;  J.  MoAllster,  Hall:' *'
Plcc.'t. Helena
J. Fiiii.iKi.i,, Oalgary;  p. j, Margan,
! grand i.���ks. J.    Kiii.u,.   shields;  h.
Nelson. Salnio; 8. Koslor, J   Benasllc,
| Brand Porks; M. Brows, Erie   a   a
: Oliver. Granite.
C. Peek, Bholt; F Culver, Silverton;
Qeo. Scott, Spokane; It McNeil J Ms-
Nell, Nakusp; G. Meronek, j. Tornel
Cascade; H Kodama, T. Nuka,,, _,���_,'
H   Shrapnel, w. striker, rSholt: c.
W ade. Erie.
J.    MeKlnley,   Trail:    l    Panaaso.
I  Pos.irnan   Mine;   T.   WlUl��nson    Dog
Gait Coal
Term .hj.ii! t'totb
T��lephoue W
linker B.rwM
Thompson & Douglas
sinn Writing .< ���paalalty.
Wall Pup-srand hssrli.p.
i ii
i- -lipoM- s,l mt i_i.-,,i t��� t|��� Kot.lftn,,
tin Utiutlr, i��� a sLemm, ,i���, .nip,,, ��fi
..,- nj.-...,.-, ti,.. nriu    I Mass letter �����_**.
|.uii��ii.i.-ii,r im-.bit..,!.,,,,,,,,balm
Bill.  HI'KV
Born, today, to the wife of Andrew
Ualcom, Chatham street, a daughter.
A delegation of trustees of the Hume
school is waiting on Hou. R. F. Qreen
this afternoon.
The regular fortnightly meeting of
the city council will be held in the
council chamber tonight al 8 o'clock.
Dr. La Hun's new gasoline launch,
built in Vancouver, has arrived and
been tested, tl is the first built in
British Columbia and will be an acquisition   to  the  Kootenay  fleet.
W. A. McKlnnon is iu the ciiy on a
vacation,  renewing  old   aoQUfttntAsca.
Mi. McKlnnon was formerly 0. I'. K.
telegraph operator fu the Nelson or*
rice and has worked ull over the weal,
north and south of (his line. He hails
al   present  from  New   Orleans.
. Q. O. Buchanan arrived from Kaslo
this   morning.     He   reports   a*  geserai
restoration of confidence among mining and business men generally, as a
consequence of the very satisfactory
results of work at the Rambler-Cariboo, in MoGiugan Basin, and the
Krao and I'nited at Alnsworth.
Manager Smith of the Surprise
mine at Sandon has installed a drilling machine in his tuhsel,   lr in a late
invention and its capacity is little
known, it strikes spirally, requires
only one man to operate it and does
the work much faster and just as efficiently as it can be done by hand
The usual weekly band concert was
given at the city park yesterday afternoon. The regular practices of the
band have had an excellent result,
and ln the opinion of masy who are
well qualified to judge, the band is
the strongest and best Nelson has ever had. The attendance yesterday by
tram and boats was very large.
W. P. Tierney has returned from
Grand Forks. He says that the Boundary is enjoying prosperous times.
There is a lull, however, in railway
building west of Midway. The V. \.
& E. compasy, the only one doing anything in that line at present, has
withdrawn its grading force, afver
grading 17 miles to westeward and
will lay the track as far as the grad-
is completed. This decision has been
taken on account of the difficulty of
hauling material and supplies.
The Store of Quality
We want to clear it out as we haven't
room for a large shipment coming in,
and to do so we will sell it at
$1.45 Per Sack
Every sack guaranteed or money refunded.
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
THE EXCLUSIVE prlrflegfl ot nl]loi re-.rcr.h-
menu on ihe toeittr'a gruondi uiuihk the >'ttil
felt, September 19-W-3L No ipffituoni Uqnofi
allowed Th.' bifb<*n nr huv tender not aeeH-
���"mil) tcc*|ited.   a aetUtleo vkeqvo let  'all
hi m i<> toe puny teeh toaaer.   luliin-KH
It t* Mi MniiiiK ft oteierf,
Nelion U'riculiurnt Hfiil ItUlUMrW  A.hi.1 -in I inn.
Net-too, B C. auvum fl, Inn
COTTAGE ut six rniiins, beautifully ittuated "ii
double Dorneri nlue Imm hh.i num.* Fruit; M00
ceth, iirdium-i' hu rent. CuagL'i ;:muJ��*y and Ob
tentttory nlreei*.
THK OFFICE SALOON, linker Htrwt.   Apply io
"'lurk .V ...,,njM,ii.
H iI'hk r_ix roomi Mini liinii; rurniPhftl uom*
plete; modem ronvenlenw*.   For termi ipply
rt-ecti n\en rn.-m*: nil ImpnirsmeuU,   Te
Hj.|,l\ i.. K C V. inkl**r, owner.
ROOM Front Iwdrouin In nlto i*..tiutt>*. mi Mill
MifW. iieai JoM'phliie. Kfiimi-i.- lm lwoj.pn<
lli-iiiiii; ifi.-tvii,, m i.-��iiiin-.i. Appl) i uiiH.in.ii
Komi    Ur._>  I...;,i mitiii: Uli'oiivUlilf "    Ad
drev DalJj CmikJImu.
EOOMl TO LET Mn*lv furnlil .���<! mid , Irmilv
krpt romni lor m.ii.m RiifftNiii irnn-li'i i�� Applj Mm MrUuEldin.uvvi .'���.,���. r.-viHl.. r p.
Baker ->t ��*������(.
''"O MEN, Ht mi c, Iur ����rk In Mm> i.ou-1l.   Appl>
t<i W K. i in..,. .dwnilll, Kaitlf.
LAliY IITENoiiltAI'HKJt fur pi-Mlli-u lin-'Hiulrv
'iixiit tn'ii..- with i'inpl(iyi*r> iHiiiil) Apply
bos w., Ranadtin office
hl vi; -on.. ���[,-.��� |rt.iHi I'ciiiri* u ith .ii-iiiitinV*''"1
Ut, between Hnlist. and t**tv l.i'- i-��rk. Me
***id oEered,   Ueturn t.i ('uti-nlliiti otnoe,
I have a quantity  of
Pure West India Lime
Fruit Juice
which   must   be sold
before the hot weather
i.s over.
35c per Quart Bottle
C* A* Benedict
Cornt-r Silica antl Josephine 81a.
This is the season for
Watermelons. We
have them iu all sizes
and prices.
Trippliont' 161,
Wortli tron ll -'���"��� nr.
to 11.7.-. ch<���.'! for    -   -   -   -     yOC
���Sffl-'K-��� - - ��� $t.00
Leav. Your Order With Be For
Cherries and
Now, as tlie season Is clsisins. anil I will
see that your order is Blled with H"*
liesi trull in be bad <n the lowosl mar
ket   pliCfl.
Hailcwood Ice Cream
Phone 2<'_.
Bread    �� ��
Boards   ^S
Only 25 Cents Each
These are the nicesl Koodiever
sIhivmi. Thf .rood i> perfect;
the patterna tin* latcnl mnl the
prii-ts nvrny do\rn Drop in
mnl see n- i>r imni qj foot order
Nelson Hardware Co.
PHONE 15.       NKI.SO.V, B 0.
We have still some of these brushes
left and we are anxious to clear them
out. They are high grade brushes,
genuine bristles und solid backs, and
easily worth the regular" prices given
W. G. Thomson
Nelsou, Ii. C.
Mholiv .14.
Silver and lead have made considerable advances on both metal market ���
since Saturday.
Horn ,on Saturday, at the Silver
King mine, to the wife of John 0. Mat-
iheso*n, a daughter.
���i.'.i sip (J'llll<.
M'-V-i./i tyidnduf sfiirif.i in ittlit/ht
JSiVniiiii A'isi,;'ii'iu.'/n-//iitn uollCstn
���=<=;:-v��____ ���
;--:__-,,,, i?.
i^iii' m
l>ll>  V1>U   KNOW
Usui Ills' 'Initio. istvs'iI nt tiiir.SiiU KimiiiIhsii
ItU'l lotls. |i'si,it'ttl.'ts bH'dc-l r. fsv.l.js, "
We si ,. uii-j teal frylt lyrupsi of il. I n -s
���, 11H11' >- FoUDt-j-j t'Mlltilir. ttln..,-. Hii.l
rn fjitirli:.  ar,   be,sl   wnipulnuil)  ttlean
Bftkez Btreeti Ns-'  8 s
M. Gintzberger, manager of the Rose-
bery Zinc concentrator, is spending today atthe Strathcona on bis way home
from a trip to the coast. The concentrator Is working steadily on Monitor
and AJax ore. Mr. Gintzberger describes the growth of Vancouver as
marvelous. Lota on Pender street
have advanced from J1000 to $.6,00(1
in a little over a year.
Price of  Metals.
New York, Aug. 20.���Silver, 6C ?,-4c;
copper, 18c; electrolytic copper stock,
18 3-8c;  lead, $5.75.
London, Aug. 20.���Silver, 31 7-8d;
lead, ��17 2s fid; zinc, ��2(1 17s fid
Trains and Boats.
Crow boast���On time.
Slocan train-���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
���On time.
$10 Down
$*0 Per Month
will purchase io acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double in value iu a
few months.
Are yon grasping the
present opportunities?
.1. II. I'ttff, Inspector of the Sun Life
company, arrived trom Victoria last
night with Mrs. Poff, and will spend
several days at  the Stiailitsona.
l&M if^HHH__i}
Men Who Are Posted
Say We've the
Best Clothing
in Town.
Ad;  any  of   iIil-   goi
dressers you   meet  with,
You'll find  th.it thev always favor this store.
Any particularly nice
thiug you want to wear
you'll be apt to find 1 ere.    it will be right too,
| Fit-Reform
We have there,,-.;
expert optician ia ���;,?''
faction.    We IZ?H
. �� <- guarantee  ���
Consultation Free.  AVisi't
J. J. WALKER, RffiniJ
|| IM Kis  'I'llKlf- UF TBI   I ItAtt K,llll
Repairing and Jobbing a tit
Sltf.'tiiiftHl Work, Oaittogl, lUiildsth' Mut.-riiil nnd Hutu.;, ni Mill M
Oftiio and Worki. Knot of I'ark St.
IMt.lMO      Jill,
&Co., psM
***-   ^^*f        Limtted. Whm^l
W'lltilt.sdlt I'n.viMi.inM,
I "rult.
llniiiiiiii'ii iisiY'Tiiitient i'ritinnTv i itn- Pound Brick! noelvad ^s-Uf's^B
fnuii (he .-Inn i..    Kur wile liy nil lrailini,' gluU-Bt "'
otiisi-anit wanho-jei Hon-ton Ulns-k.  Pfoooa
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B,C
Don't Forget
Is your furnace in shape to start th�� winter with!   II ��*(
is the time to have it repaired.
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co.,
PI.RASP NOTE���We will not he resitonslble for anv furna�� got li-
hy October 1st, i9nn.
B.  A.   ISAAC
R.  W.  HINTON <
i.���.���imi��� inj.. and Jobbing tnecuted with DaMnotch. ShMtMtlfl
Wnrk, Mining nnii .M.,1 Mist Islss.r, .      Min.iidi^t ii,--si'-<il
<��rw twiit-n, i.. k.  OontrsBotor-t' Cars.
'"""'"     NELSON,    B.  C. ��������
9t^fa99^9VW>^>Q&?W/^y^^&VV^t>')Q&K "/><*>��� I.C- .n-.u.K ei��.mii*isi,I !������-    .-c ��.*;*�����
I Just Arrived!
A large shipment!
Hart, Schoffier & Marx's j
1-iti'i.t Put term-, Iinttvt atylee, and All Cmuls Qnanuilerd
MAWFACTURERS   T 4 c__.'       I__-
AND DEALERS IN    1'ttftlDef,   Z>UttlgltS��
Lath, Moulding**, Doors, Window*
i ii.-in.-ci Work und Braokata.
VBRNOIN Hliv, 1:1   . .
Mail Onlem Hl"in|'tl.> ��'> ,,I"JI
^,i:i.m, k.'N. it. d
SMALL COTTAGE ou two lots, on Gote��l|
Garden iu excellent Bhape and plauied with vi
inhles. For quick sale will dispose of saffl"|
$700.00, pari easi, balance on easy terms.
McDerm-d & McHaii
Our Miss'k  .if HAMI  SA^S is   v.-r.v i'��i��l**|
Isolndtug grades losojl oil niqulrain. iiis.
if you ��i.-ii a ittw prioed wnv we <wn wpplyy"1
Alio OUTV tlie be(| s|ii.'ililii.- ssiiitle In-
Wood-Vaiiance Hardware iVy*^!


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