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The Daily Canadian Jul 14, 1906

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I.   No. 35.
Situation is Still
���raging Results of Development
[vcrywherc���Stock Quotations For Week.
, 1. in mining olroles has heen
 11 uf the general improve-
fti, evorj Bectlon of Kootenay nml
bun-lull In all work in progress-
iiflnK extended in nil establish.
Jin-riles, and new mines aro grnd-
lln no; developed  in He' shipping
Im Hate vicinity of Nelson
al inine nn Eagle creek   has
si 1 ne of iho most Interesting
i, 11,    As  depth  i�� attained,
j,l,. nl ihe ore improves, ami tho
. is ii...- a very promising ono.
. Houmlury the Slruthnioro mine
1,.111111.1.1   has attructcd    much
1111 Wednesday a strise was
J.        Ive silver und  high-grade
lis extent is not yet known.
I ii is expeoted of It.
. si ems to hnve been considers
1 ng in nil ot the Hritish Colum-
. - s during the past ws-.-k. and
. mi Impression is tbal ihe boom
ng stocks, which tins heen going
several weeks in a great man)
s, inn especially   in Montreal,
_...i and Spokane, is soon m be felt
pltish Columbia, nml us .Nelson is
Itiii- headquarters ror ull of these
Ktis's. ssntsiils- brokers will look to
pn dsaalers for these stooks.
most  active stuck on the locul
wus International Coal,   large
or shines baring changed hands
iwf of ihe suies reported being
...is somewhal higher than those
|liiii> iin- stock wus handled   the
insly.   Te general lmpres
I is Unit  this slock will continue to
until it reuches pur, ut lcust.
i in ('oul has heen traded in to some
iin-l   seems  to he regarded  fulls:.! among ilie Investors who prefer
fin-: iii cheaper slocks.
,1 iimi Consolidated hns also been
1-1 demand. Arrangements are
Ik iiKi-l.- t-i list this stock on the ox-
gea ssl Montreal, Toronto, and |ios-
New York. As soon us these arc
... tod, this will tend in improve tbe
-i.uiiy of this security.
lililiinliT lius nlso heen iictlve, sev
J Inrae hlocks having lieen thrown
lie- market) uml us prices weukeneii
%'wluit, some of the insiders nre re-
fed as buying any of the stock that
���fivicii below th.- market
ll Plata Mines bus heen in good ileus little of ihe stock Is being
ii-.-l I'T sale   under   <!!i cents per
very few snles hnve been roiwrl
li'inii Rossland it is learned thut con
lile trading has    lieen    done    In
ll'.  Bear, Le Hoi uml Le Itoi Two.
|li. Alberta oil stocks are quiet, bul
remain firm.
following Quotations are approxl
||.  iur the week ending today:
Asked.   Hid.
an Boy "I      .00*4
.a.. .' io      ,13
 2114    .20
IH..H  Topper 03       -02',
ikoil  Itlvor II       .10
I'on. Smelter 180.00 I27.no
i-iio-McKtenoy Oil       .02
���nlnlnn Copper     :,.lo     2.7T,
 0:1       .02
Topper 10      -���
In iiolil Mines :ir.      ,80
���ii'iiiil  Development...760.00      ���
silonal Coal f>r>      M
I ulull     M0      2.10
star 01; .nrs
lu'iiiihiie Smelter..   ..    ��� .08
 17 .ir,
I   'ni'lor or, ���
lii.liles Cniilioo 2r. .21
���llvun 0-1 .0814
���tern oil '. ir. .1:1
1 liiiiKton Meteor lfi .11
Stealing Along Border.
I milpeg, July 14.���II In evident thai
KtuiR of horse thieves thut paraded
II ��� Hu- border several years ago, uml
11 Wire thought to huve heen effeelll
I limkon up, have resumed opera-
Several thefts huve lieen report-
I'ti'iy, nml on Wednesday night
Mi" attempting to raid 11. Iirown's,
l: ,! near here, shots won- exchanged
r'�� >ti  one    of   them    ami     llrown.
II received n bullel through his
-mil ihe im miu was badly Wound-
m made good IiIh escape,
Public Confidence Restored.
Tnhoran.   I'orslu,   July    14.���Sharp
11 "i lighting isccuiToii bore yesterday
''""ui the troops uml 11 procession of
I"' s-tii malcontents, lu which 12 of the
I'li'icuis nml two soldiers wore killed.
lhe activity of the authorities hastened
somewhat to restore public confidence,
wiih tho result llial tile suops were re
opened today. The opinion prevails
that this state or affairs wus hidden
from tho shall.
American   Pirates   Will   Have   to    Pay
London, July 14.���The British gov-
eminent baa consented to father T. P.
O'Connor's musical copyright bill,
which Insures iis passage, It Ib believed Unit ilm enactment of the measure win end the extensive uml long es
tabllsbed piracy of music and Insure
the protection of foreign composers.
Anierieuii composers uml publishers are
concerned in tin- measure, because of
recs-nl years much music has been sullen and re-published here.
The agitation for parliamentary action lusted eight years, and heretofore
fulled, but this year Mr. O'Connor tmc-
ces-deil in engaging the Kupisirl of every group in the house of e-iuillious, nml
finally induced the governmenl to lake
up the music.
Factories Consumed.
Chicago, July 14.���The factories    of
lbs- ('urliiH Deckbyer Box Company aud
Hu- Heath it Miiiigmi polnl Company
were destroyed hy tire lust night; loss,
Duchess  of  Manchester  Makes  Unique
Innovation  in  Baptismal
New York, July 14.���A special to thu
World from Vlcksburg, Miss., says:
"A jug of Mississippi river water,
sealed nud attested li.v a Justice of tho
peace lo prove that il is Ills- genuine article, la sin the ocs-iin, liiiiinil for tbe
London home of ihe Duke and Duchess
of Manchester, where It will he used
in christening the baby hoy left there
hy the stork a few days ago. Why Mis
���lsslppl river water should he specially
required for the ceremony is uot definitely known, hut 11 Is hellevud to be
due to the wishes of the dowager duch-
cbs, who wub u Miss Vznaga. Her family home wus at Ituv-nswoosl. La., and
it is presumed that a sentimental affeo-
lion for the grunt "father of waters"
led to a desire that her newest grandson he christened with a few .drops
Irom the mighty river Itself,
Directors of Library Overwhelmed With
Accession of Wealth.
The meeting of the board of directors
ot the pnhllc library hold in the library
rooms lust night wus the most pleasant
in the memory of the members, Km
the lirst time, their problem was not
how to make money, but how to Bpeud
it. Many channels were found, all of
which, it is believed, will Increase thu
usefulness of the Institution.
R. R. lledley presided in the absence
uf Rev. .1. T. Ferguson, oths-rs present
were Mrs. Arthur, Mrs. Recr, Mrs. nils-
let. Mrs. Hannlngton, Mrs. Rose, Mrs.
Mcculloch, l-:. F. Gigot, V. A. Starkey,
R. A. Crease und J. 1-'. Hume.
Mrs. McOullocti, the secretary, presented the report on Kirmess: dross
receipts, Irom booths, $1.2(iO.('.0: door,
$077.75; total. 11,988,85. Expenses:
Supplies, $421.15; general (Including
$50 rent I, $809.65;  balance, $1,204.05.
Tbs- ri'imrl wus adopted, mnl votes
of thanks were passed to all workers(
contributors, patrons und advertisers
it was decided to order additional
shelving for hooks, and the book commitlee. Mrs. Hannlngton, Mrs. Beer
uml Mrs. Hiichnn. wen- given authority
to order new books in addition to tho
5u of the Tabard Inn collection now on
hand,   A vote for other new hooks was
also passed.
Tin- librarian. Miss Williamson,  wub
granted a fortnight's leave of absence.
It was also resolved that the books
should be insured, und tbe si-crotury
i-.as Instructed to arrange
A sign guiding strangers to the :l-
liinry will be placed nt Ihe corner of
Stanley nnd Victoria Streets.
A committee, J. P. Hume, P. A. Slur-
key 11 ml K. A. Crease, was appointed to
consider the question of lots ihat
might he purchased for a new situ. Tho
meeting then niljiiurncd lo Hie cull of
the chair
Amended Railway Bill.
Ottawa, July 14,���The senate lit considering ihe hill amending Hie Railway
Act made some radical changes. Among
the clnitses approved of was thai forbid.
sling selling or giving Intoxicants to a
railway man on duty. Tin- words
"knowingly and wiiruiiy" wen- struck
mil, ho 11 will tusi in- necessary for the
proseouior to show Hint Hu- saloon-
keepdr knew no wus Belling in 0 rail
way 1111111.   Tin- clauses placing express
ami telephone buelneBs and toils under
Commission were approved.
Dreyfus Made Lion of
the Hour
Army Officers Fight Duel While
Soldiers Shout "Vive
PorlB, .Inly 24.���Tho eeleliralinn
or iho French national holiday
today Ik assuming special significance In ounnoeilim with Drey*
fu��* resumption of his plu.ee in tho
���urmy. The official Journal today pub
llshed n decree announcing his rein
statement and promotion ami the inscription of Iiis name on thi! list of
cavaliers of the .Legion of Honor. Dreyfus, who remains in his apartments, Ib
besieged by many friends who are con-
gratul&Ung him on his final success,
Hundreds of felicitations have reached
him hy mail, telegraph and cable. The
dute of his receiving his sword and
putting on his uniform awaits his as
siBnment to a regiment.
The condition of Vnder-Secre'ary of
State Sarraut, who was dangerously
wounded in the breast yesterday in a
duet fought with M. Puglesl-Contf, following the passage of the law restor
ing Dreyfus to the army, is stationary.
He passed a cairn night, and no complications have developed. The doctors
are not prepared at present io pronounce a definite opinion regarding his
chances of recovery.
President Fallieres today reviewed
Ihe troops ai Long Champa. Tho prill
(dpal features of lhe day were the enor
nious crowds and lhe .frequent shouis
of "Vive DreyfUB," showing the prevailing sentiment The review was a bril
liant spectacle, the whole garrison of
Paris participating.
Cargo of Sugar and Gold.
San Fruncisco, July 14.���The Uriiish
steamer Sutherland arrived here from
Manila yesterday with 147,880 hags of
Kiigar for a local refinery. The duty on
the cargo was $14fi,000. and was paid
in gold.
Expenses for Sports Exceeded Amounts
Appropriated���Balance Voted
to  Boat Club.
The NclsonHominion Day celebration
was a financial sm cess, and the committee will have a surplus of betweon
|126 nud |-160 after all accounts are settled to contribute to the executive of
the boat clubi as originally agreed upon,
for assistance tn entertaining visitors
and meeting the general expenses of
the annual regatta.
Full financial reports could nol be
presented last night, in spile of repented requests, all accounts are not
yet in, and the secretary aud finance
Committee will take a few days longer
to complete llle task,
The lesson of the statements made
was that iu addition to the uuioiini allocated for prizes, each sub-committee
nn attractions should provide for nil
necessary outlay for material, as practically every division exceeded its appropriation.
Another revelation made was that
baseball Is no longer an amateur sport
tu Nelson, Only three members of the
seinlpiofesKlonal loam thai represented
Nelson were unpaid.
The gate receipts were less lhan In
former years, due chietly to the ahoii-
ttou of an extra charge for the grand
stand, and portly perhaps to the unu-
Hiuilly hot weather.
The last meeting of tlie genial committee, held in the city hall last night
at St80, wus not wllhoiil amusing features. A rope costing between $4T�� and
$50 had heen bought for use In the
horse races. The disposal of lhal rope
was the subject of two resolutions and
four amendments.
o. w. Bartlett was carefully BcruM*
tilting all accounts lu  the  Intercut  of
the boat club, to whom Ihe balance, If
any, was promised.
There were present:    Mayor GtllolL
in tho chair; \v. Irvine, secretary; VV.
BJ, Cosnoll, W. It. McLean, (1. W. Uurl-
lett, w. a. Thompson, 0. WalmsWy ami
.1. .1. Malone.
Hr. Hull and .1. Teague worn present
oti behalf of the boat club.
The minutes were rend ami adopted.
W. Ifl. Qosnelli fur the finance committee, reported that all bills were not
In; he had placed $2,400,66 lu the hank,
leaving a balance of $193 over all ex
penses reported to date. Collodions
amounted to $1,570. Two others received made a total of $1,596. Total
receipts ai the gate amounted to only
$782, Of the amount, deposited In the
bank one cheque of $25 had been returned, but the amount might yet be
The secretary then presented a list
of miscellaneous accounts, not yet paid,
aggregating $01.71. He explained that
each subcommittee on sports had used
its whole appropriation for prizes, and
had an expense account besides.
Charlie Walmsley, chairman of the
baseball committee, retried a total expenditure on that sport of $;tG5.85t of
which $150 was given to the Colville
club, $18.90 to the Trail juniors, and no
less than $19i;.'j5 was paid to members
of the Nelson team on expense account.
While It was agreed that Beveral of the
demands for payment were of the na-
ture of "hold-ups," it was admitted that
Mr. Walmsley had no option but to pay
In reply to a question about the gate
receipts, \V. Irvine explained that, the
low returns, as compared with other
years, were due chietly to the fact
that no charge was made for the grand
stand, and partly to the liberal disposition made of passes hy members of
ihe lacrosse club, who walked in In uniforms afler handing their tickets of admission to their friends, usually to ladies.
On motion of W. R. McLean it wa��
resolved that all expenses properly incurred should be paid. The only exception was a bill of $10 from the lawn
tennis club In excess of the $50 appro*
priation definitely made.
On motion of Messrs. Gosnell and
Thompson, It was resolved that $4G
worth of rope purchased for use in the
horse races remain the properly of the
city for use on the grounds when required and in charge of the agricultural
The secretary estimated that about
$125 or a little more might he available
as a surplus.
Dr. Hall and .1. Teague, on behalf of
the boat club, asked thai any possible
assistance be given to them toward the
entertainment of visitors to the regatta.
The secretary was authorized to
hand over to the secretary of'the boat
club the balance remnining after all
accounts are paid.
It was arranged that the secretary
and finance committee should meet and
complete a report of receipts nnd expenditures for publication. The general committee then adjourned sine die,
after passing a vote of thanks to the
secretary and members of the finance
The Nelson Kennel Club have
assurance of a splendid attraction
in their department of the ap-
proaehiug agricultural exhibition.
Manager Starkey has just returned from a trip through the Boundary aud Koolenay, and has hifor-
matlon thai a large number of
people from these points will enter animals for competition. The
club intends procuring a large
number of medals, and the prizes <
offered this year will be of exceptional value as compared with
other years.
A special canvas building will
be erected on the grounds, and an
attendant will be constantly in
charge, who will feed the dogs
with biscuits made in Hritish Columbia, and every care will be be- ,
stowed upon the animals.
Mr. M. S. Parry, as chairman of ,
the committee, will be assisted by
Messrs. George Wells and J. Gordon, of the Nelson Kennel Club.
An outside judge will be appoint-
oil, and ono with proper quallHca-
lions Is assured.
Religious and Educational StaVus of the
Lower  House.
St. Petersburg, .Inly II.���A special
commission of parliament appointed lo
collect Statistics regarding tbe member
ship of the lower house has completed
Us report, In which Bomo interesting
foots an1 shown,
Twenty-two distinct peoples are represented lu this remarkable body. By
religions they are divided as follows:
ftUSSlan orthodox. 889) CaihollcH, till;
Protestants, IU; Old Hellevers, 4; Hup-
lists, 1; .lews, 11; Mohammedan, 14;
ltuildhlsts,   1;   no  religion,  1.
With regard to education, a Inrge
proportion, IS4 In numbor, never attended any kind of school, 111 went
through the lower grades, (il through
Ihe middle, and IKi) have either finished
or partly finished university courses.
In spite of the large number which
never attended school, only two are unable to read or write. When the elections lu Siberia and Central Asia are
completed, tbe douma will consist of
524 members.
Price of Metals.
p   New York, .Idly 14.���8llvcr,   05 1-2;
copper, 17 7-8; lead, $5.75.
Loudon, July 14.���Stlvor,    UO G-l Gil;
zinc, (898 15s.
Kootenay Fruit Will Shine
al Winnipeg
Preparations Complete For Creditable Display From Nelson District at Big Fair.
J. E. Annable will leave for Winnipeg next Thursday morning. Exhibits
of jireKerve.l fruit will be sent on Friday, the first fresh fruit on Saturday
and every olher day thereafter. F. J.
Sammons will superintend the shipments.
O. Alexander, of Kaslo, has interested himself in preparing a shipment of
his district which will make a very de-
slrable addition to tlie display.
The following will contribute:
C. G. Broadwood, fruit In glass;
Tames Johnstone, fruit on branch; John
Hyslop, fruit on branch; A. B. Shannon, fruit; Joe Thompson, fruit on
branch; A. Bunker, fruit ln jars; J. A.
Kelly, fruit on branch; F. M. Black,
fruit on branch; J. W. Ford, fruit in
crates; Dr. LaBou, fruit; William Rutherford, fruit and flowers; C. W. Busk,
fruit on branch; C. Jlzcowicz, fruit;
A. D. Emory, fruit and flowers; Mrs. M.
S, Davys, fruit and flowers; H. C. 8e
lous, fruit and flowers; Dr. Hall, flowers; P. l.iiuuinl. cherries and flowers;
L. Goby, flowers; T. G. Procter, flowers; C. D. Blackwood, flowers; J. H.
Vanslone, mineral exhibit; ,S. S. Tay
ln��. flowers; Dr. Rose, fruit and flow
ers; James O'Shea, roses; J. J. Camp
bell, fruit and flowers; George Alexan
der, fruit on branch and flowers; G. L
Marry, Trail, timothy hay; R. J. I.ong,
Creston, fruit on branch; John Bangs,
Fire Valley, wheat ln the sheaf; Louis
Briquette, Nakusp, fruit on branch;
Mr. Sapenduskl, Burton City, fruit on
branch; Martin Anderson, Slocan June
Hon, fruit on branch; Mrs. E. C. Clarke,
fruit on branch.
Any others who wish to contribute
are requested to communicate at once.
Mr. Annable suggests that a lady
from Nelson should attend to keep the
floral decorations at  their best.
Question of Brewery and Saloon    Ll
censes Discussed by Commissioners���Renewals.
As foreshadowed ln yesterday's issue,
the board of license commissioners, at
the instance of Chief Jurvis, license inspector, resolved thut license holders,
to retain their privileges, must conduct
quiet and. orderly houses, and must not
obstruct the police in quest of Information about frequenters and Inmates.
The meeting was held In the council
chamber at noon today. -Mayor Gillett,
Alderman Hose and P. Lamont sat.
Chief Jarvls, license inspector, reporl ed lhat the Indian Act, of violations of which he hud complained, was
now faithfully observed.
Tlie chief also reported that the proprietors of Ihe No Place Inn and Iho
Royal hotel had given trouble by refusing io give information to the police.
The No Plaee Inn. he said. Is a resort
for suspicious characters, and the po-
lire Hud 11 diniciilt lo keep watch ot
them. II Is also noisy and a centre of
disturbance, lo lhe annoyance of real
di'iiiB of ihe neighborhood.
The chief rei'oninii'iided that a definite warning be given by tho commissioners, He thought the siuno steps
should be taken in reference to lho
Royal hotel. He charged lhat not only
wns necessary Information refused lo
Ihe police, bul warnings were conveyed
tn parties about whom Inquiries were
The existing hotel, saloon, wholesale
and boitlo licenses wero then renewed
ou condition that the required fees and
all rates and arrears of rates lie paid.
The city clerk, as secretary of tho
board, was instructed to write the proprietors of the No Place Inn and tho
Royal hotel, warning Ihem respectively
lhat disorderly conduct and misleading
of Ibe police must cense, or the licenses
would |y cancelled.
P. Lamont presented a motion of
which he hnd given notice, that all
holders of saloon licenses be notified
that such licenses would expire in January, 11UI7, and thai no saloon licenses
would be granted after that date.
In reply to Dr. Rose, Mr. Lamont
said he was nol "afler" anyone, but
thought that saloons were unnecessary
and that hotels could satisfy all wants,
and no loss of revenue would be suffered.
Dr. Rose thought such .a step should
not be taken without a definite mandate from the citizens.
Applications for transfers from Joseph Curran to Mary Curran for the
Club hotel, and from A. Thomas to G.
Harrison for the Lakevlew hotel, were
received and granted conditionally on
all regulations being compiled with.
Alderman Rose mentioned the ques
tion of a license from the Brewing
Company. The city clerk said that on
the recommendation of the city solicitor
he had sent a bill to the company for
$60 for a license. The meeting then
So Says  Minority    Leader    In United
States Congress.
New York, July 14.���Before sailing
today for Umilini. where he goes as a
delegate to the International parliamentary congress, John Sharp Williams, minority leader ln the houBe,
gave it as his opinion that President
Rixjsevelt would consent to run again.
"I think," said Mr. Williams, "that
the president Is planning it bo that he
will be forced to make the race."
Mr. Williams further declared that
W. J. Bryan Is the logical candidate of
the Democratic party.
Controlling Interest in Colonist  Newspaper Goes to Other
*  ,
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, July 14.���Hon. Frederick Peters, whose appointment to investigate
the charges made against the administration of the lands and works department is gazetted this week, has announced Hint the first sitting of the
commission will be held in the Maple
Room ot the' parliament buildings on
Monday, July 23rd, 190G, at 11 a. m.
The annual meeting of the Victoria board of trade was held yesterday
afternoon. J. A. Mara was elected
president, and F. A. Pauline vice-president. Addresses were delivered by
Messrs. R. G. Tatlow and R. F. Green.
They got a splendid reception.
Yesterday negotiations which had
been in progress for some days ln reference to the controlling Interest of the
Colonist Printing and Publishing Company, held by Messrs. J. A. Lindsay, C.
E. Pooley and A. G. Sargison, who retire from the directorate, were concluded. Mr. J. S. H.' Matson will be
managing director and Mr. R. E. Gosnell editor, general manager and assistant managing director. The Colonist will continue aB formerly to support the J���iberal-Conservative cause.
Cables His Resignation.
London, July 14.���Colonel Millard
Hunsicker has resigned the management of the European agency ot the
United States Steel Corporation. It Is
understood that there has been friction
for some time between Colonel Hun-
Bicker and James A. Farrell, president
ot the U. S. Sts3el Corporation. Once
before, it Is stated, the colonel handed
in his resignation for the same reason,
but W. Corey, the vice-president, persuaded him to withdraw It. In consequence of a further renewal of the disagreements, HunBicker cabled his resignation, which was this time accepted.
To Erect Permanent Homes.
San Francisco, July 14.���A corporation composed of the members of the
finance committee, together with Governor Pardee and Mayor Schmltz. which
hns at its command $8,760,000 of the
relief fund, will immediately proceed
to erect permanent houses for tho shelter of the city's homeless.
Steamship  Arrivals.
Montrenl, July 14.���The steamship
Mlowera arrived at Brisbane this morning from Vancouver.
Montreal. July 14.���The steamship
Athenian left Yokohama yesterday for
New York, July 14.���The steamship
Kalserlne Auguste Vlclorua has arrived from Hamburg.
An Actress Marries.
BoBlon. July  14.���The    Herald  snys
that   Mrs.  Leslie    Carter, the actress,
was married to William Payne at Portsmouth, N. H., yesterday.
Trains  snd  Steamers.
Crow boal���Hour ami a half late
Slocan train���On time.
Spokane train���On lime.
Coast, Boundary and Rosslnnd train
-Hour and a half late.
The funeral of the Into Mrs. C. B.
Plato, who died of tuberculosis In Iho
Kamloops hospital, took place this afternoon at i o'clock from the Methodist
church, Rev. R. N. Powell conducting
tho service. Mr. Plato arrived with
the body* from Kamloops last nlghl.
Two children are left, the elder of
whom Is at Kamloops,
Fifty Cents a Month
Serious Conflagration in
Sister City
Report That P. Boras & Co's Plant
Was Destroyed Has Been
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Rossland, July 14.���Fire broke out
here at noon today tn the Windsor hotel, and for a time threatened to do
very extensive damage.
The Windsor hotel was almost completely destroyed, and before the fire
could be controlled Morrow's drug
store was past saving. From that building tlie flames attacked the men's furnishings department of Empey Bros.'
For a time it was feared that P.
Burns ft Co.'s business would be involved, and a report to that effect went
out, but hard work by the fire brigade
saved the situation by confining the
blaze to the three buildings named. The
remaining departments of Empey Bros.'
stores will be saved.
The fire Is now, at 4:30 p. m., under
control, but the extent of the damage
cannot yet be estimated, and tne exact
cause of the fire Is unknown.
Recognizes Necessity for Closing Revolutionary Breech.
St. Petersburg, July 14.���Emperor
Nicholas, ln giving to the graduates ot
the artillery school their commissions
at Peterhof yesterday, used some remarkable language After repeating
the usual injunction to be faithful to
the throne and fatherland and trust ln
God and to the future of Russia, lie instructed them not to hold aloof from
the soldiers ln the ranks, but to keep
tn close touch with them, and look after their needs and Interests in order
to bring them closer to their officers.
The emperor's words were a significant
recognition of the necessity for closing
up the gulf between the officers and
men, which was the cause of much of
the disaster on the fields ot Manchuria,
and which is making easy the subversion of the morale of the army by the
revolutionary  propaganda.
St Petersburg, July 14.���The liberals
are Jubilant at the postponement of the
visit of the British channel fleet to
Russian waters, which they regard as
being an open recognition of the fact
that public sentiment in both countries
is hostile to such an official exchange
ot courtesies while the people and the
government of Russia are at war.
The official announcement does not
reveal the real motive for the postponement, which Is believed to be tbe admiralty's sense of humiliation at the
sorry spectacle the remnants of Russia's navy would cut In the presence of
the powerful British fleet, and the fear
that Its arrival at Cronstadt would
mark another mutinous outbreak on the
part of the sailors and garrison of that
London, July 14.���Without accounting for the possible Incidentals, It
would seem to sum up tho general
trend of British feeling on the postponement of thlie visit of the British
channel fleet to Russian waters to say
that It was realized on all Bides lhat a
mlslnterpretntlon had been placed on
tho visit by certain factions In Russia,
which might have led to offensive happenings of a nature to harm future
Anglo-Russian relations.
Well Earned Holiday.
New Westminster. July 14.���Rev. Dr.
Slpprell and Mrs. Slpprell left on last
Thursday afternoon for the east, where
they will spend some time prior to the
general Methodist conference, which Is
to assemble In Montreal. Dr. Slpprell
Is one of the six British Columbia delegates to the conference. Rev. Dr. White
and Rev. W. H. Barraclough, also of
this city, are delegates, and will leave
about two weeks from date.
Hume School Meeting.
The annual meeting of the Hume
school district was held at the school
this morning. The former trustees, E.
A. Crease, G. Gilchrist and Q. H. Playle,
were re-elected,
J. Irwin presented his resignation as
teacher of the school. The board reported It to the meeting. A successor
haB not been appointed. The general
meeting was adjourned to Monday at 8
p. m. at the residence of E. A. Crease. The Daily Canadian
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Published iix 'Ih.vn ii week by the
Bnker St., Nelson, a. r.
bulia srlptlon rates. iai .-cm., n iii'Uitli delivered
tn the city, nr ffi.00 ii ye<tr if Bent by mail, wlu-n
JlHlli lEl H,lvillll'l".
Advertlelng rates on application.
All tnoDles paid in sctUemeut "1 Tin* Daily
Canadian accounts, either foi subseriptlous or
advertising, must be reoeipted fur .us Uio printed
(nr ni uf tbo Company, sjiIht receipts are uot
JUl-Y   1-4. I9CX5.
���' By one word we lire Miuietlmei- lodged lu 1 e
wise and by one word lometUnes jiniiied tn I.
Inollkll.   ktu>   therefore   be  Careful  v.lliit   WO
Tlie RinliU'ii and BUCCeBSftil issue ol
Ihe Dreyfus affair in the French republic will not surprise those who huve
kept in touch wiih ihe developments
which huve recently taken place in inn
nectlim with thin thrilling affair. The
whole story Is one which in its tragic
Interesi, its revelations of lhe depths
of human duplicity and depravity,
could have no eipial In any work thai is
ihe product of Imagination, ami is another striking example of the old proverb thai truth is stranger than fiction.
Accused of a crime of which ii has
since been shown that he was Incapa
hie, hounded in the military courts,
draped from Ihese lo tlie court ol cassation, which is lhe highest eniirl ul
appeal in Prance, having his sentence
changed several times, ghduring banishment, military disgrace, and such
olher punishment as would lie merited
by one guilty nf such a crime ns Ihai
with which he was charged, his heari
was finally broken, and il is no wonder
that he asked that he might die. Thai
he should have beeu selected to hear
the penalty of u crime incubated by another and carried oul In all its treasonable details, shows only bow, in lhe
military ami political circles of
Prance, no one can be safe from the
machinations of those who, betraying
their country first, do nol hesitate to
betray their fellows nest.
Tbe uddoil touch of Interesi which
ihe story unfolds is the undying devotion ami confidence nf the wife of Dreyfus, who never believed in Ills gulll and
who would listen In no accusal inns
agalnsl him whom she had sworn to
honor and to love. The ceaseless el'
furls, sometimes almost superhuman,
thai she pul forth irom time to lime
|to secure jiisiice I'nr her betrayed ami
wronged husband would touch the hardest heart, and are among the few things
lhat go to show bow Incorruptible Is a
bean's' tills'   when   thai   trust   is   well
founded. Madame Dreyfus fougbl without Ilie courage (if despair, ami her heroic endurance uml perseverance will
Immortalize ber when all other butter
Dies of fashion mixed up in the case,
nn matter whal their wealth ami station
may he, will lie remembered only to he
Count lCsierliuzy, who was really the
guilty party, ami who by his own tun
lesslon forged some uf ihe document!
hy menus of which Dreyfus wns convicted, committed suicide a few years
after the final sentence uf Dreyfus, but
made no effort dining his lifetime lo
redress the Irreparable Injury he had
wrought on n fellow-nllicer. The harrowing  effect   of  the  fulse  accusations
trial aud false sentence of tlie accused
told fearfully upon a man of his sensitive temperament v.'iih ihu soul of
honor, untarnished by any discreditable
act, he hail begun to ascend the ladder
of fame In the French army when Ibe
charge was laid against him. Tlie long
years which followed musl have been
worse Hum death, and he is now, while
still a \niing mail, old and broken, wiih
silver hair and shrunken form, n mis-
ernble wreck of once proud mnnhuod.
Km the day of his rehabilitation bus
come; rehabilitation only so far as removing lhe suspicion of dishonor is
concernedi for there can he no rehabilitation for Dreyfus himself. Sustained
us he was nil through the long years hy
his own consciousness of innocence, tlie
verdict of the court yesterday will
touch him not unless It he in that his
name and family are freed from the
smirch nf suspicitm. France has still a
terrible debt to pay Dreyfus, and it is
more reassuring to know that it
can never be repaid. To put him hack
where he was is as impossible as thai
he should have another physical birth.
We are not believers in retributive ven
geanee, but the friends uf Dreyfus who
insist on bringing into publicity the
scandalous conduct of those responsible
fur his condemnation deserve the com
mendatlon of nil ihe world. Then, when
Ihe truth Is finally known, and the
miserable devils In buman or Inhuman
rorm who did Dreyfus the wrong, will
taste the execration which he. though
Innocent, has already suffered.
Yesterday's incidents mack the
change which has come over ne public seniiment in the republic of Prance
during the past few years.
The new prairie provinces are setting
an example In advanced economics and
administration In their extension of the
principle nf government ownership of
public utilities. Hy recent legislative
enactment they obtained the rlghl to
enter the Held of whal has hitherto
been considered private or corporate Industrial enterprises. Including the puhlle ownership of telephones und, In
some cusiib, railway lines. The province of Albertu has bad In operation
for some time it system of creameries
which have heen giving results satisfactory to both the farmers and the department of agriculture tinder which these
nre carried on. As Intimated In our
news columns yesterday, the department Is now to take it further slop In
advance und will open a poultry exchange for ihe preservation, sale and
distribution of the products of the fowl
yard. In further extension of lhe principle of public ownership, the governmenl has completed lis plans for lhe
construction of telephone lines, and
while these publicly owned menus of
communication are nm to be broughl
into competition wiih existing private
lines at the present time, their extension Into unprovided districts will save
tor the people valuable franchises
which under the older systems would
Inevitably have been alienated, become
valuable, and finally difficult of purchase.
The principle of municipal or government ownership has had loo many demonstrations of lis successful application for anyone to doubt that tbe prairie province Is acting wisely und setting
an example to the older nnd newer
provinces yet lo be tlutt may well re-
oelve the most careful attention uf
statesmen. The day for the handing
over of utilities nnd franchises, which
ought In all common sense lo be operated for the people, Is rapidly passing
away, and cannoi puss too soon. The
functions of government nre becoming
more and more administrative, nnd
thorn seems to he no valid reason why,
in the matter of telephone, transportation and Industrial undertakings, there
should mil be a more universal iiecerr*-
mice of the principle of nationalisation.
There Is no need lo rush Into competition wllh existing franchises, but that
n wise policy of preservation of future
privileges will commend itself to the
average cilizen Is now beyond a doubt.
Our morning contemporary reports
an interview with a Mr. Yuuill, nf
Oreenwood, ns lo ihe besl route from
the Crow's Xest railway tutu tbe southeastern portion of nriUsli Columbia. It
is therein stated that the best route
Into that section Is from I'iucher Creek,
Alberta. The distance from Plncher
Creek to Oil City Is forty-five miles, und
from Oil City to ihe Flathead valley
must he in least twenty miles, and may
bo even more. Such Is the Information
we have from those who have lieen over
that route, and it Is further authoritatively stated Mint the grades uvcr Ihis
route are by nu means easy.
From Hi.' rami.linn Pacific railway's
section house east of "The Loop," tho
same point can he reached by a road.
nol nmre than '.', pel cent, onywhen
alniig ihe Hue, which in Its total length
Would mil exceed sntlie 30 miles. (In a
rei-eni visit tu Nolson uf the chief commissioner of lands ami works, lion. It.
F tlreen. ii wus slated hy him thai
ihese reports agree with ihe Information which he had had in regard to ihe
mailer, ami thai all IndUlrles made by
him had corroborated the Information.
Apnrl iinm tho natural desire nf ihe
minister thai Hm mad���all other things
being equal���should nan trom a point
nn the I'. I'. K. within this province,
this route seems nn lis merlis to he by
fur tho best, whether distance, grades
or ease of construction is considered.
The sum of JC, I available for the construction of this road should be expended in making an excellent pack
trail to meet the road north from Montana, if that is noi already being done
The Kaslo Kootenoian, which has recently been acquired by Mr. Hilllunl
\V. Power, made its how as a Conger
vative paper yesterday. In introducing
itself lu the public, it says:
"Our slogan will he 'Kaslo first; the
province after.' in politics this paper
win he Conservative [we couldn't write
otherwise), but nut hide-bound, ns some
would like in make it appear. Future
issues will hear ihis out."
We congratulate the people of Kaslo
on the prospect and promise of a goon
live local puiier on llle right side uf pn
liiieal issues, dud we welcome the net.
paper to the field.
Tho Daily News, hy hastening to
"correct an error" in this morning's is
sue, soved Itself from a well deserved
masting because ,;f iis blundering
statements on the ('. *;��� W. land giants.
Now. will the News go a linle further
und correct some mum of lis "errors?"
Mr. F. Peters, K. ('.. of victoria, announces for early publication n new volume of political niles entitled "The
Pendray Lots; ur. The Sale mid the
Son-ln-Law," by Mr. D. W. Spring, author of "The .Mystic lligglns; of The
Passing of an Ace."
As the News' "confession" practically
lakes nil tho thunder oul of lis articles
on the C. & W. question, there Is nn
need fur further reference al   present.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
DoHvpHph mndfl daily tbrouffhont Nelson
anil itn HuburlisH. Phono 14.x.
And Builder
40 Acre Farm
A valuable farm fur sale, situated in
the bs'iirt -if tin- iriiii growing country.
���in acres, :i acres well cleared I aboul
To rt nl I trees planted, are bearing sunn'
this year. A good cabin, rool house and
stable on ihe property, nlso a nice
spring. The hind Is of the very best
quality, ami can lie all worked. It Is
beautifully situated nn Bowser lake,
West Kootenay, one mile from post office and store und two miles from C. P.
11. branch to Trout Lake. Splendid
farm for potatoes, There have boon
four crops In succession wlihoul manure, and the lasi crop was as gqod as
lho lirsl. *
$800 Cash Takes It
Aimiy to johN CANNING,
(irnud Forks, M. O.
Or to Win. Simpson, Howsou.
Sole agent for the Porto RlOO Lumber
Co., Ltd., retail yards.
Hough ami dressed lumber, turned work
and brackets, Const lath nml shingles,
Hush and doom.
Cement, brick and lime for sale. Autii-
matic grinder.
Y.irtt .met f.icfoty Vernen. St..
e.tst of HmI.
Ten'pimin' m.  Nelson, B. C
Thirty day*nfier dato t Intend mutinc upplf-
mi wi i.i tbo Honorable Ihn Chief (-'ommiwlouer
of lands and work", lor aspech.1 license to cut
iin.l i-tirr. ��wny liinbir fr.iin Iho followiiiK del*
erlbed [audi. roiumenoiiiK al a poil placed on
Lhe sou thorn boundary of I'l in ber l-H-eiise So.
537.*), and ��� bout liichaiiis n rlli ..f lIn- *.. rt'. cor-
uurof i"t 5281.. i Weal Kooutiay. numlng thenco
wt-i mi ohalna, theuco south hu ehatna, thonoe
cnM fti cha ns, thenco north 80 chalus to polnl ol
Dated Will April 1900,
Thirty days after date I Intend toapply to the
Commissioner ol Urnis and Works, victoria, tor
aspect*] license tocut mid carry away umber
from tho following described lands. Commencing nt ti spoil worked J. K. a., h. VV. corner, planted mi Ho- weil siuink of Cnyouso Creek wbero tbo
creek Intersects the easl .boundary of lot '811 nnd)
rudtilng iii'iili 160 chains, thence cost 10 chains,
thenee ��nuth 100 chains, thence wesl to puim of
Juno'.nh 1900,
Notiee is hereby givon thai, thirty days after
dtitr, I intend to apply i.i ih- Honorable Uio
Chief Commissioner of landsand Works Tor a
Bspeclal license to out and carry sway timber from
the following desc-tbod lands, situate on Union
creek In the district of West Kootenay: Coin-
mencing m* a pott plan ���������! mi Umon cro k,
eleven ni) tnhci fiom Kootenay Uke.adjoining
Ui 3M8, marked ��H, W'h (.. E. cornpr post'')
Ihence forty W0) chains west; thenee eighiv (�� )
south; thenee forty (�����>) chain* east; llieneo
eighty (80' chalm no-ih i������ p, im ,,:.-, mtuence-
inent, containing three bun ired and twenty (3*20)
acres more or less
Dated the MOth day of Juno, A.D., i"Ofi.
��� Banca Whits
Notice la he->bv giren that oo days from dale I
Intend toapply tn the n-.no.hm- the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Wnrks, for pqrtnl sinn to
purchase the following described lands, situate
at the mouth ol Hntclmon rice* on tho Arrow
Lakes ln the Wesl Kootenay Dlitrlet, About 80
teres of Landl commencing at a post marked
W. ll. i' h. w. post, thenoe no-th 40 ohalns, thonce east SO chain*, tbence rtmth 40 ohalns, tbence
wesl 70 chains lo polnl of commencement,
Dated this 4th day of June 1900,
William Barry pbtkrs,
William j. Tovk, auknt
Notice I* bereby given th&toodayi (nun dale I
Intend to apply io tho Hnnniaul tbo Cblel Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission to
purchase 100 acres of land at Van h on ten creek
in ib.-Arrow LakesIti the Weal Kootenay Dli*
trlct. Starting Irom a post marked A. '. h N w.
posi, thonce 4u chnins ohm, tbenoe n�� c\\*\\,#
mu b, theuce 40 chains mom, tlienoe 40 chains
norih to noim (^commencement
Dated tills ith day of Jum-1000,
AitTinit John Unij
William J Tom, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thai 00days afterdate I
l nd pply to the Honorable the Chief Com*
misalonerof Landsand Works forpormliulon in
purchase the Mlo.viii< dosenbod land*, in the
Wosl Kootenay district! Commencing ai a p<>hi
<t M.
:. N. I
���V,   Illllll
-d -1
nl II
in iu
1 Is
w Cl
��� Valh
r t
( W  \.
UlllK 1"
���r's pn
i tout!
IIS ll
nh. io��
n oasi t
it I'llI
ii, I,
��� anli
Bargains   MILLINERY   Bargains
We will sell off our entire stock of Summer
Millinery at Less
Than Cost Prices.
[Allies' ready-to-wear Straw Huts, worth 11,60, $2.r,�� ami 1:| ent^h for-.
Hats worth |8.B0, *4.50 anil $5.HU for J2.50.
Trimmed Pattern Hats worth $5.00, $0.00 and 17.00 for $3.50.
Imported Pattern Hats worth fS.00, J10.00 and $15.00 for ��(i.Cio.
Bargain! In Children's Straw and Muelln Huts and infants' Bonatti
These Hats on exhibit ion In onr store, and will be on sale Frlilav ii
All New Qood* lint! thin
Saaaon'i *st>ic��.
Fred Irvine Sz Co.
Notice li hereby jlven thai 00 days rrom date l i
mi,'nd i.iuppiy in the Mnii.nniii.' tho Oonmis
sfancr ol liauils and w,.rk- for pormlwlon o
nil re has" the fnlloniiu' described lands, s|innt-t
iniiii' Wesi Kootenay lUMrhi. Starling from a
nostmarked William Krneal Davlson'sH K posl
'dn,ui two mil.- cast mi n.or park on ibt- Arrow
hnkc* t tii- ' io chains soulh, thencu in chains
wosl tbence 10 ohalns iiorUi- theuce eaal to [mini
0{,-,,', necment, <��� on is I u log about 100 acres,
Dated till*! fill day id .Inin'. IWO.
win iam BsRNsWT Davison,
Notice Is hereby (riven thai 00 davs afler date I
luioiid io npplv to the Honorable the Chief t -
missioncrof Unds and Works foi permission lo
purchase Iho following described lauds In Ihe
Wesl K naj district: coin nclna nl n posl
marked "Nathaniel Mcltityro's B, B. corner,"
plant.-ti ..ii ill" wesl side of the Columbia Klver,
tiboul 7 miles norlh <>' Burton Clly, and S)chains
ii..nh of tho south tvcsl nor ofl-ol ��7��, ihcnce
iiniiii hii -mains, thenco west 80 chains, thenco
noiith sn.dn.in>. Ihence cast 80 chains to point ol
mm ii it in-' in .ii i. .'iniiii intiii' <>iu acres.
Dated ibis 12th day of June. looo.
Nathaniel tfclNTviis.
T. C Makinsou, Agent.
Notlco i> hereby given lhal 60 dayi alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable llio Chlol Commluloner of Unds and Works for permission tu
purchase tho following described land-: < ���
mencing at a post placed on the nortb shore ol
the weal arm ol Kootenay Uke, at the northeast
corner <��f John .-trunk.-' pre-emption, thei	
west in chains, mora <>r leas, lo the southeast
corner oi '.<��! No. 7406, Ihence nortb 40chains,
thenee easl 10 chains more <>r less, thonce nortb
40chains to the point of commencement
Dated June l&Ui, 1900,
tl, B. API'l-KTiiN.
Imperial Bank of Canada
N(��tii"* is lu-ri'by given tbal ' Intend 80 days
aftor date lo apply to th�� Chlel Commissioner <>i
Lands nnd " iirks for permission to pun-hiiM-
thfl following described lands, slthata nt Kirv
Valloy, Kootenay ' 1st net. 'onmenclnK at a
post (mark--m 1. <iii]'n��li.-r--���.���mm w.st .nruor)
PIhoo.I  at  the BOUth   "est   rorner  nf  sUCtlOQ   83,
lownsbipOO ihenco north w chains to the north
west oorner of m'd section 88; tbence i-a.-t 40
chains, thence south 8n chains to the nntli
boundary ot said section B, and thence wost to
chains to the place ni beginning containing 3ji
acrea,and t>elngthe westerly half uf sale too*
Hon 83, township 09.
Dated at Nelson, B C. Juno 6th iwn;.
h, (iAi.i.A.iiirit.
Nollco is hereby given thai 00days afterdate I
im.'ii'i io make application i��. ib<- Honorable tin-
Chief C inlssl irof Unds nnd works tor per-
mission i.> purohaae tbe following descrlbeil
lands: Commenotug.al a poal marked a. w. Cal-
der's Huuib.N.st corner,soctlon 12,Township ro,
running easl twenty enaliu, goutb forty chains
wesl twenty chains, nortii forty chains to place
of commencement
Dated July 8, looo. John Hanoi
Notlco i* horeby given that sixty f00) days afler
date   I   Intend   to  apply   to  the   Honorable  tin.
Chief Commtasloner of Undi and Works for
permlulon to purchase tho Mlnnim- deserlbod
irai't of land: situate al Queens* Bay on the wesl
shore of Kootenay Uke In tbo Dlatrlcl uf West
i\ootenay, Province nf Hritish Columbia and
.���..iitainiiii; )>y admeasurement 104.180 acres bo
Iho same more ur less, whi.-h parcel may be
mure particularly described ns follows, Com.
inonclug nt n tndnt on tbe wcslerly boundary of
I,. 7080 tl. i \\o-i Kootonay District, being tho
south ensl corner nf I, 0804(l, I; thonco woslorlr
following the southerly t larynl U 0884 CI I
wifiiniiifi  .��� ..r leas to ibe south wesl our
ner nf Mild   Lot 0804   a I; Ibeiie.- ustr nlc
BOUtll    I"   BllBlni   more    ur   laSS    in    I! orll.
erly buimd.iry f D, It. Bnllnch's Application lo
Purchnso; thencecasicrly foiiunini; tbe tinrili-
erly I udary of said D, It. ibitiueii'M /.ppiiraiiun
io rurohnie Htm chains mure ���r losi lo lho
show of Queens1 I'm ; thence following tho sinuosity uf th,- said shore m a north easterly ��iir	
Hon 7ii ehaiiiN moretor leas lo tho south -wni cor-
ner of aald Lot 7080 (M: tbence northerly follow*
iin- tbo westerly boundary ot laid utt imt a. t,
1,008 chains more or loss to point of commence-
Dated June 1ft, 1 WW. B. M. BlYDQM,
Notice i- hereby givon iimi sixty dan aftei
.into I nion,I foBPplyio tbe Uofiomblo tbet'hlof
Com ml ilonerofUtidi and Works fornennl'slon
m purchase ihe following described trael of imid
in Went Koolenay district i Beginning al a po*t
('itn I at the nuriiuvest enriicrof i,..i :.:,n,on
1'i.k creek, tlicnc south Wchains, Ihenco west
in chains more or loss, tlienco north inebtijiiN
more or U-riH, itn ne t��i tu lake shore, and in
once of beginning, tbe ssamo \* Inton-ieu tu cm
brae, whai is known as the Hanson pre-emption.
Dated .inly ft, iwni, ago. ", VViriTg
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....$8,000,000 HKST	
1). it. W1I.K1K, Praddant.        liuN'. BOBBBT Jakkhav, Vfa^PMh..
Branches in British Columbia:
AltlUiWllKAD,      OOIiDKK,     NKI.SON.     HKVKLSTOKK      Tlitli'T r   J
Depwttsi n ivi'it nml Intersil allowed ut onrrenl nit.M horn .Int.- of owai..
I'liutit nnil rrrilili il linlf yi-urly. ruusj.
P. Burns & Co,
Branch M.irkctH in  Ho
sluiul,   Trail,   Nel*OD,  Knnln,   Haiidrm. Tlirw Korfc^li]
Denver nnd Biocan Olty.
Onlern l.y mail to miv branch will have
mir prumpi ami.������-.refill attention.
sixty dayx nftor duie I intend loapply to tbo
(.hief CoihiulHtonor of  talidi and  Worki nt
\ ICIuriii, fur pcrtiil-Hlnii lOtmrdllMOOno linndn-d
and sixiy (1W) aerosol land.Ioaated nnd ilewirlb-
e.i iih lollowi: Commenolng at a posl planted
Qlf-htyflkOehflluienitof tbo n. w oorner of D
Bulgeri pre-empllon and mnrkod "('��� B, C'uN. \v.
cornor," and running east fofty t-io) ohalnn,
llionco Kiinth forty  (���Hi) ohailin, tbence won! (lu)
chain-, tbenco north forty (40) chains to place ,,f
���Inlv7. lihifi. fl, E, CiiKisiiK.
Nuilee Ik hereby givon ibai sixty dare aftor
tlie date I I mend lu apply tu tbo Chief Commix
Multer of l.amb. and Works Vlclurla, fur pe; ml>-
shm   to iMri-hnxo Hie following described  land.
lituati' In ibe district of Wesl Koolenay, ciul
of Qroh man crook; Starting at n point marked
-iiiim wbiio'H h. \y. rornor, plftnled about ;.
cimiiM Kuiitb Df ,1   Maiotio's sniitiioiist corner,
nmnint-  imrlb :i0 i-IhUmh. Ibciiec riiMl ���lOObntus,
thonco snnib B0 rlialus, tlinitco ��/�����( ("ohnlnslo
pi.ini or commencement, >1oiim W imtk
June 11, 190(1, J. FHABR1I. Ajrciit.
Notiee is bereby given tbat *�����' dayi afterdate I
ini.nd toapply in Ihe Honorable tbo Cbief Com-
mUfloner of l-nnd- and Worki for pirmissiun to
purchase (he following dewrllw) landi, altuate
in tin- Wesl Kuut-iiiu di.��trl.'t: '..miiioiii iiik at a
pi.M marked M. MoC, t*. w. comer, planted ��
chalm wont of I. C. kfonlson'i oorthweil oorner
ofjili crown granted land in Fire Valley, run-
nlflb 40 cbalm east, 10 chains north, iu i-iiniiio
wohi, 40 chalm south ta place of commencement,
m. McCandliim, sLoeator.
W. a. i ali'Kii, Agent
June Mtb. 30OQ
Knticc  Is  iierln   kivii   Unit  I lntcii'1, (Vi  .I��yi,
after dato to apply tu the Chief Commissioner nf
Lands and Work- foi permission m purchase tbe
following d ���scrlls.-.l bunt* Mlimle til Hre  Vitlloy,
Kootenay district. < .minioiii'iiiKa! a poal (marked Coorge v.niii(! -urtb wosl oorner) placed at
tho nortii west corner of section -2* tuwiiship 09;
thonoe cast 801 hatns in tho nortb eail oorner of
Midsection 28; tbence snirb <io chains, thenee
wont Hi) chains iheiieo unrib -in chains tu the
place of bee Inn log. cuntniuiiiK :(^' acres ami
being the northerly bulfiii mild stootlon t&, town*
n��ted at Kelson, h. c. Junejlth lw*
Kotlce Ih hereby Kiv^n Hint GuiIhvn after date
wo Intend to atu.lv tu the Hooorablo lbe Chief
CommtsSatoner Ol l^andS and Works ftl Vlelurln,
B c. for permission in purebaae tho following
dbKcrlbod lands, sif.ate in  West  Ko nay dls*
triii.  > oiiiimnc'ingai a peel planted at Thomas
Jerome's  N   K  post,  hu.I   marked   Peter   henell
and a Cboquotte N v. Oorner j thonce 30 chains
��� iiKi thence 20 chains south, Ihence w cbalm
wot, t hence 201 n >ini north to tho commencing
pusi, eoiilit|nliii{ I" JtcroN inure or It**,
Datod May 25,
I'KTiit dbiill
W, A. Jonks, Aittnt
Notion la hereby given lhat sixty days after dale
i inieiui toaoply to tbe Honorable the Cblel
Commissioner .d bands ami Works. Victoria, lor
permission tn purobase tbe following deserlbod
Ihhikiii Wosl Koolenay. Commencing at a pom
marked Kdgar w. i<ynei smith weet oojner near
to Harnot creek and aboul 3 miles sonth of Moi��
uulto OlOOk and about -t mllei wesl nf < olumbla
Hiver; ibeiice north B0 chains, thenco east 40
ohalni, tbeoceioutb BO chains, tbence weat 4"
obaloi to place of commencement, containing
'Mi acre*, being lbe same more or lew.
Hated Jiiuel, 1906.
Booib W, Dvnxh,
V. bVNKM   Aneiit.
Notice Is hereby given tbat DO .lays after date I
intend tO make a|'|illiiiljuii v, ihoHonorablO Ibe
Chief commissioner of Umisamt Works fur por-
nilisloti to pnrclii.se the following deserthed
lands: Cpinmonolng al ii poitplaoCdoo the eul
sboro uf Lower Armw i.akc, adjoining J. llni-v
pre-emption on lho iputlmest marked "T v.'s
N.W.o rnorpost." Tbenco nninii.K K (bains
east; thence mi cbaliih smi'li; thorn e an cbalm
more or lore, weil to the laic ibore; tbence foi*
lowing ink- shore t.�� point of commencement,
containing Mo n< res, more or less,
Notice la bqrebyglvon that 00(*ayi aft nisioi
intend to mako appuaatlua lotbe Honorable the
1 hief l omtnliilonir <��f Unas and \v.,ik�� for per
in lesion to purcban ihe following deserlbod
lands: Commenolng ai a p,,M placed  in-
UOithoasl ...nicr uf T Kli.alian'- Apnlli nlmn in
Purchase. m��rkod"H. 'I 'iro'nornSD-raKliM
B0obaluiea.ti thonoe Wo irmthi tbenool
ohalni wi si; thouca followingT Klnahan'ieast-
urn la-ntida y tu   puint ol OOQimODOemi lit, co,i-
taialng 040 acros, more or U-ws.
Haled this 7lli day of T , |"iW,
Notice Is horeny given that IW nay - ui'ler dul-* I
inioii.i iuiiittkia|>pi cation m ibe Honorable the
' hief i ommlulonerofUndi I Worki for ner-
million to puichase the following deicrlbed
landii Commenolng at a post placed at the in-
te section of tbo oast boundary of J Bates' preemption and iho north boundary nfT KinahairN
Application io lunhase, marked"T,K,Jr'i w
comer puNt " 'lb nee followiiiK -'- Bates'eastern
boundary,40 chains norlbl llioncosocbalnieasti
ih��iioo -in obnlni in the im thorn boundary oi
iiiinaah l-rncy'K Appl lest I on lo Purchase
ibenct following tbe noribon- bpunda-yofiamo
and northerly boundary ..( r. Kinahaii,i Annll.
cation lo Purchase, to pol i of commonoeman
nontaiQlng 83 laoraii more or \et$,
Hated MiHJih day of Jinm, ihIh;.N,NA"''N"'"-
Notice ih hoiely Blveii llnil I lotoml.tio d,iyi
after d���le  In apply ,o tbe Chief I silo,,..,'
Undi and Worki for pannhilon in nnr i,,,l
the  following  dcerilcl    Otlds, SllUaVSt  JiS
.alloy, Koolenay Dlstrlcl    CcimmrooiM it a
(HMJ (nnikod- (leorge Yonn, ,��������� h ���It Ool, r
piaeed at  tbo   norlh   cast comer of suollnn    V
townihlp flfl; thenco south Welminiu) tCu. ft
oasi corner of said soCUoti i.j; ,ho ���,. w, 1, .
. halm, thonoe m.rlh ail chain* a. i, ���W, ' '
in chaini to the p'aoe of b��inn"?. I 1, v.UHl
SHO acrei, and beftg the �����S3|'i",, ffi "' fj1"*
tion B3, tOf nshlpii-J. ' "*" '" n,M H,,!"
l died al Nel��oii, 11, <!. Junofilli P,i"fl
Qmboi Voumo,
Heid Office: Nelson,B.C
NdUO. ll tss-rsl.y Klvi'ii llisl '.ill n> Hi. r ili-l.' I
iiitiii't t. uj.riy tu nn Htmortbl. Uu- .'tii-t
i i>iiiiiiis.,initi-r ni t^uiii. Hti.i Wnrki. ,..r permU-
���loo to siiiritm.o Us. following dworlbad l.nds,
sltuatra   in Minim  Dlsfrloi,   L'onunratlog nt
llnrtli is.t i-tini'T |��mt ill l^.l :th ll. 'li.-lire  r,,���(,-
i 'st iii kji iisiiiv thane fK.t .'.iciiHiiii.. ihfi	
iinrtli Iii ihiilii,, Uu- n..i D . hitliis lo C. P  H.
Unlit .ifwiiy.   IlllllIM iiik  .HUH'   Hi   iv..I   in  s
1 1 Ilili-r.iiitliiK in.nli in I Lot MHO, llitini,.
��� ���   jmiiit ill iMiiiiiifiiii'iiii'iii.contstlulng mi
ssitcm innri- or IfHS
Msy lliiili fjssi.
s'. I.. QAsnwgi
Ninli'i Is bereby sttnti that00tis**aftersl.te I
In I. Nil tn apply In I In' I Inn. im I,li- tbe i In.-I i inn.
mis 'in Unds and H..ik. lor pen Ion to
punihaaoltbe lollowlng deKrtbad  Unds situ-
 t iniiii- K. imv District.   Beginning at a
I plank-ilnn lit. imrlli shore nl the \..,n,,
Amu,' Uke iil.mll 10 ilniln. ,i, .| ,,| ll vc>|
liniillilnry ..I 0 I'. K Inl Ivn. M���rSi. .1 II A t��.
S K. i-iii n.r. Hi. in,' ��i��i In i limn., iiiim','in,ni,
lu iiniim. iheni-eoaatBDohnlna moro oi leas to
lake ahora, the in a mhiiIi asoaterly direction
nl,mi- lake shore tn |.,,im ni ,��� inoeraent.eon-
Inliilini liNiinr, ,.��� nr losa.
I^Miiii',1 Janem, IMS,
It. A, WiiI.vkiitsin.
A. N. Willi Kh'In.V,  Agent,
Notiee is iiiTt'iiy mviii Hint two mon*lis alter
dato I iiiti'ii-l in apply in the n rablei'nit-I
' ommlaalonor oi Unds mnl Wnrks tnr is-rmi--
sion  In,>,ii>i-Iii,si<  ��l\  In r,.,|   ������,|    (nrly   (Mil)
hit Ilsnd.dcacrl las follows: r. mmenelng
ni i. pnst piniiii'ii ni the northwoat corner ol |"
lallagber'aapplication to purchaao lis l-ln- Val-
''���>'��� on the ii.'. ,��� ���i tj.wi-i a, .,�� i.���k... is,
KootonayMlatrlcti markod " W. A i". s g ,,,,
uor"! Use,  rsisiiiini; eighty |80, chalna westi
il"'"' Ighty  (m) sosilsii   thenre i-nliiv 1*11
chains eail I Ihence eighty (an) clialnanorll to
plaee ofeommenesuneut.
Vi. A. S'Al.lillH.
Dated the and stay ..( April, ICO0.
Nniiii- is Iiiti'Iij giventbsl I I nil,(0 days
is/ii-r dais 'ti. apply to tho 0 1 Commissioner ol
i iiii'ts ami Works fur |N'ris)i.,M,,ii i,, purchase the
fiiliinviiiK iii'siTiiiiii lands ami premises, situate
.11 Kir,' 1 at,.y. K,���.l,',i���y lll.til, , .���������������,.,��� ,���.,
"I n poll tsllnrki-,1 P. II. ss'S'nni,,,, ii���,||i ,.��,, ,.���.,
ner) plan, t th.- h east ,���,,,������, ,,r v. .<rt.,,.
in.townsblp00! thence mhiiii tn iiuum, n,,.,,,.,.
west tu ohalns, tbaua north to 'lialni to the
oortliorly bound.ry of aald section titans n
ceeast 10 obslns to the piece nf beginning, containing ins seres, nml I��� um 11..- north i aal nm'
quarter of aald section Ji townsblp s��,
Kelson, B.O, Jniii'.-itii tiHHi.
 oaisKsiit VsiiMi, Agent.
Mollwu hereby mven that 60 day, from date
I liil.ii.l in apply i��� tl,,. Honorable il,,' r t
s��l.iss,|..lnii,.r���l  l.an ���|   �����,k. ,,������  .���.,.,   'J
Inn tonurofiaae ilm following dese, i i������,t��.
In iis.- 1I...1 knnii'iniy District i side u  i'���|.
iiiiii'i,, Klver, aboul i mile, north ol Burton nty
i iiiiiinin. nu, al a post marked I >i WinioA
��� """. i��ltneS.W.cornerolS ii.fiihii,'.
prcemptl Iniin, Usance imrlli in i-i,aii,k mora
ui less in the .iniiii ban trj ol Miles tarroll's
prcemnll inim. tbcoeoeast -.i iiiniiis tbence
..null in I'linllik isi,,,,. ,,r |,. ,|���. Korth I	
mi nl nil   "uitiii's preemption claim, thence
mn,,1'".,'"' I'""" "' '"">""'""���' hi i	
.,ii,,,,,: Hiiintfs tniii'.i nr Ick.
Hiiisiit tin. ju.i .lay of June, 1006,
H.l.ril Hl.vK. Al-niiI.
Notloe Is bsroby given thai I intend, tyTiiays
flier dale, loapply lo the chief Commissi rol
ends iimi ��,iik�� (,,r i,,.,,,,!..,,,, unihnsc n,,-
Inllowlng ,ii��.' n,i.,i lands, iltuato at Mrs Halley
ay District.
��� iili,'liillalii|,,..l(l..,.
,""��'��� run) plii-'i'il nl
1 'I 'ornorol leellon n. township Bsi
inouco WOSI Ul rlialliK, lliini'i,  until, m, ,-i,,i|iii,
it w oast in ohalns, and thenco south nn chains
(o tin- piai'u ur boglnning, oontalnlng BOO noros,
Datod isi Nnianii, K. o. Juno .'.111 looo,
P. II. O'C.iNSnu
Notloe l�� lis'rsiliy k'sv,.'ss Unit nil ,lny, rr,,i��� ,|���|,. |
III mnl tuiipply In ilm II,.i,,,nn,I,, il,,. i'|,|,.| i:,,,,,.
IlllSSlonotdt I ami- ..i,     Works fnr |���.ini,��.|,,i, I,,
nurchuo the following desorlbad lands, tn tho
West Kniitiiiiny uikiii.i    Kind Is'and, in Uif
Ci ...i.i kivst aboul t mill., north of Bnrton
iiiyi alt nf kistii il i above tsiuii wator, nolna
10 aoras more or less.
Dated tbik in Ussy nr Juno, ttsii.
I'HANk  NliUTliN
T, (.   MAklNHllS.  Agl'llt
nxiy dayi aftor dato i Inlon niipi, i.	
i iiiikkpiiu-rnf Lands and Works ' itin'i,  ,
pu.-clsisjH) 100 acres ol land, t.oinmonclng at a
tln-kiilllli s'kk   ssiriisT nf .1   .1    ' irlkllc'k nun Inn,,'
"ii gnorth*iihsina, nno Sail at ,", i,.'
ui.'.i....1.1.11, Mohan,,, iJton.ee well ioolt, ,," n
lilace or ''oirini'jin'ctiirii t.
Irfiealed May, tiih t008,
,   _ A, Caihiik,
I* <Ul.unnBit, Loeator.
NollOO   N   hiTcl.y (-UcirlliKl im. i..
dud'  1   Intend lo.upplv   lu the MetieuU
Commlsslnner oi Uodi an.) it'orksfoi
���ion lo puntius nix bnadnd ind Id
aoras ol li.vud, described a- iMom* '
m m jk,��i punted hi the Dnnove*. ������
l. OtnsRhur'i npidi"itinn to peri
������!> I. M���. '�� *..iiili,;i.i corner '; tnsnat iktm
eiKhly (M.I) ehaln-j n<-t; theme. ,1 ! A
north;   i'l.",,   ,-iKhiy  [- I  ��� Iih ii�� \
elf hi) (nu nhftioi ������"nib io tba i        'L
meiin-inpiit, containing ��i* bnudroi nnHsM
(������pi) n< r.-.. more or tan.
Dated Hm in.I of April, MM
I). A. Mrl'riud
\\ A.CiMiKS, A|rt
N.iii". i. I,, t.-i.virn- n lhal B)dsr*adct|
In).mi t<> ii i n he appllci n to Ibe''oaoraM
' iiie '' inlaslonorol l.��ad- sad Worki'-J.
mtfHloti   lo   pnrehrtte   the  I..ll.miiiR <\o*M-
lands: Cntnwonelni at .1 i��>*. pinm-'i �������
north wesi cornor oi rii.UcMH'��ti.liid."'��M��,
lion in parejiase in Plre Valley, marM**!
Mc   S    K.  eoriier,"   rnnninn  H chslw '<*'-*.
'���in.in- Moitb. K> chains eash 40clulntwH
plOCO Ot ' oliimiliteliolil.
K. M. M.'1'iMil.lMl.l'rtW.
W. A.t'ALI-li, .Uvnl
h.lv.'nd, 1!"'..
Notice.it, hotobjrflTon lhat Mdi "
inioiid to apply tolhe Honorable twi  ��� '���"-'
���nisi or of Undi ninl Works foi p    ���
pn re haw the rollowltie dcscrtlx I ' "
In lis*. Went Ki...l.ini\ dlKirl.'t: <'���iih, "-'"'
poit ,01 the eail side of Tulip Vmt " '"V?
Arrow Uke, nnd marked "J.J " '"' " ���
comer," thonce eul �� chains, then ' ",l'^
eJiaUii, ihence west ni ohalm,tlieiirtwwj
Rhrtina lo (mini ol commencement. ��oat��
T   II. Hlllli��'"V ll"!  _
Buty .lays after dawl Intend le spplftjlj
r.,l,lir,|..!,,,ss'r ,,l  t.,,1, Ii.l ��,,rk. I-!'"'>�����
in aeres ol land, altuale about one ���!��"�����
Bnrmii s'iiv, mnl deacrlbed ss lollow; ��*
in.-iniiiKiii a poet planted on tin ��
hit nt Intu',. 111 ml run Inn wesl ai Chile* l'"1'
si,,nn I" chalm, Ihence s-n>i .,i iii.ii"!"""
���OUth nlniia Inl WOO Is, plsi'i- ol !���eiiini��'
July Mil, lf��li. J.RIIrnO
Buty dan after data 1 Intend jo ���{gf';,"3
r ml.slnner ol Unds and ��'"'��"��� 1|I;"'"':S
iwrcbiue thraohund od and twcniy P*l,'!rj5
Lini ,r uurton City, and d slbeslssWg
r.im n, Ism ,ii ��� pos  plan i ""'"5
oorner cl Dstvld Bitlgoi-s mpll /;,
.-.I "A.A B'a. S.W  , '..rti. r." Us- n-,-..-. " [9 ;
Ottawa, t toe Mulls forts d"i '""'"'SZ
east forty (i"l chains, thens-e  ns.nli ���"
ohalna, in,..  ����� Iitlio i") mi ��'���   '
si.ulli Hi, uly (W)ohalna In I'l'i'i' "' M""1"'
July tiih toon. ^ajiii*V
Nollco Is hereby given lhal tworaonili'W
date! Intensl loaM) tothcHonoriblstliillJ
i' ulnuerofMndsausI Works for wrniiw"
K. purebaae lbe following .i.-.i !>���������''"'"'"-, i.
situ in Plre Valloy on Die wesi >lsl�� of '',���"' .,..
nm l.aki', Kootenay dlstrlol  .i"-;"1--; " ,;
Imv.:  i' ncine in is  ' I'1'"'"'1,,  l
northwest cornel nl ��. a PaMcs ��� I".;'" ' ���
marked "A, McL's sonlhwcsl i-orucr I '" ""
111. 'in i'   fnrlv  (III) ilini mi;   llii'iii''.!" '���
chains  i'l enoo fort)  | ;"" ,"
thonco I,,, i, (in) chalna - b '" ""',' ,,��i
c nicnioni, containing   >"""""'
.uiy (loo)acre.losiroor less.
DaladJuna 99,1000,        Amis McUi���""-
W, A. CAiJga, Ageai    .
Notice Is boreny ilvon ilini'" 'i">" "JKIim
Inn,ii l I,,,ipin, i.iii,,. Horn rstilc Uu'I "',',.,
li I nf l.-uiil-iiint H'urk.l'ii I"''"'" ;' |
purchase tbo following.IcsitIIi ��".";,     w
In Hi, ill-innnf H',',1 K. nssy. asl)s.lnii��l
"ISI.iillli.'  IVn.l arm nf Knnti'ii..'' Ij!f'���,,��
sncnclng n miu.l poll placed a  iin   '   ,
nisi.' .rnorol Lol 7*i; il e nortj w     ,
thonoe west 10 ohalns, thence loutn "' ',,
tbence oasi Wi-li.un. lis pni f ��� "	
I'HH',1 May'.;.,, mm J.���. Fli.'"i.
Sixty Slavs iifti-r date I Intend t" >K\ \. I
 llnlsslnnorol I i�� ninl Work., \ I '"JLj
IHiroluisii .'in acres of Uml sltui ",' L'v'i ,>"
II,  rollou's    riiinlnriii'lliil ut a p"*l I'',.'.,������l
th.- east shore of Arrow Uke nppoell" ""��� |.mn
l-i Inn al  llio kniiili wosl corner ol     [
ii'i(ii,'v'.: pre-omi n and innrVed '���'",���,. ��.
cornori Ihonuo east m I'lniin-, H"*""',*'. i,���i,.
ehulns, theuce won 00 chains li  "kl,i.-
il"' north along tho Ink,' kim"1 '" !""
Jiiui-aiiiii looo. p ,�����,.
W. t'Allll'll. i """
Notice Is horoby given Uml unl'i" "[ 'lllfi'���iii
tii'.'iiit to apply in ilm Honorable the''   '������i,
liilsslssus-rnf tssula nml Winkk lisr|��Tiil�� ',.������.
piii'.'lia-i' Urn fiills.tvlng dcsorlbesl I"1",",,,,,,,,!
'i'i'Iii'Iiii; ill ll I'nat llinlki'it W K Wc- a, ',, n,,,',
Plniili'.l  ssl  Ilm  N   W. I'lirn.-r "I "   "���,,,. '
I"  1" I'm- Valley, runiiln* JJ.. |(|
 Hi, to chalna west, Bn chains sonilii "
'���ilkl In place Ol I'lilnilU'llrs'lili'liI- . (
vv, n. MsirAKi'ii1"1;1;;',
VV, A. L'illstK, AlfOIII
J il sso Mils, ION,
,xi The Daily Canadian
ianada Drag and
look Co'y* Limited
Inother of the $(50,000 Novels
"The Man Between"
Post Paid, Cloth, 90c.
Character of the  Flrtt  Apottlei���Llat
of 8ervice. for Tomorrow In
City Churchea.
)yal Vienna Hand Painted China ���
Pieces from 6<;c to $15.00. ���
; The Very Latest in Ladies' Hand Bags
��2.50, $3.50, $7.50.
��� ���
New Linen Papeteries*
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"Tudisco,"    -     "      50c   "   at 40c ���    T
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at the Reduced price.
Canada Drug and
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R. A. Rogers & Co.
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\Vliole��ul<i Hrovl*lonM,
ivi-rnnii'iit Oreamarj On 1 Found Hri'i-Vs 1
ii'isiis tin- iliiini.   l-'.sr w li- li.v nil leading i
l IIBog ittiil wnti'lmu
line Street.
ie Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
lurchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
]oaI Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Crcosotp, Oils lor Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boat Bnildera will ilml it to their Advantage in Mf, ssnr Pitob.
;ison Coke and Gas Co., Ltd,
"�� Floating Plant* nud Modern
Sanitary Appliances.
131, Opera House Blk. Box 401
Tomorrow Ib the fifth Sunday after
Trinity. There are no saints' days or
other festival! during the week.
The epistle for the day la from 8t.
Peter'!, preaching love and obedience.
The goipel is the account of the miraculous ilniughi of (label on lho l.uke of
Qennoiareth utter ciirist boarded the
ftlblng vessel of Peter.
ii is noteworthy ihut of tbe iwoive
apostles, lour were Dslis-iinen- Andrew,
Peter, James and John. Their oicupa
tion, however, does nol Imply Illiteracy
as ll mlghl among other races, it was
a law among tiie Jews thut every man
must learn a trade. Si- Paul, for instance, was a tent-maker, but hi' was
nlso a scholar uml philosopher. Tho
four fishermen undoubtedly were of the
peasant class and poor, but all were
men of strung intellect anil chnraeter.
The mosi significant passage in the
narrative is Christ's reply io Si. Pi-
ter'H expression of alarmed recognition
of Ilia power: "Keur nut; from henceforth ilioii shall eateh men."
The following services are announced
for tomorrow in the churches of Nel-
Church of fljngland���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica streets: Filth
Sunday afler Trinity; holy communion,
S a. m.; morning prayer and holy communion, 11 u. in.; children's service,
2:'Ju p. m.; evensong, 7; 30 p. m. Rov.
F. H. Graham, rector.
Human Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets; Low mass, S a. m.l high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.
ltev. Father Althuff, priest.
Presbyterian church���St Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streeis:
Morning service, 11 a. in.; .Sunday
school, 3:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.   Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodisl church���Cornet Silica and
Josephine streeis: Morning service, 11
a. ru.; evening service, 7:80 p. m.; Sunday school. 3:30 p. in. Morning subject, "Nature's Message for Man;"
evening. "Despised of Men. but Chosen
of llsssl; the Coronation of David." Rev.
R. N.  Powell, pasior.
llapiist church���Stanley stveet, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.i even-
lug service, 7:30 p. in.; Sunday school.
3:30 p. in. Rev. D. 11. Shanks-, pastor.
salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, wesl of Josephine; Special
services for tomorrow, Knee drill, D a.
m.; holiness meeting, 11 a, m.i a praise
meeting at 3 p, m.; salvation meeting
ul s p. m.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now iu use at this
And i>i:i.iviiwi;i) i'Mi-:i:
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
I'ULsKl'HONK 138.
Salvation  Campaign.
Captain nnd Mrs Johnstone and
Lieutenant Wrighl. officers in charge ol
Ilie local Salvation Army corps, cordially Invite citizens and transients lo
attend their meetings held In the Salvation Army citadel, on-Victoria street,
us fo'lows: -���
Sundays���7 a. in., knee drill, public;
10 a. In., Sunday school, public; II a.
m.. holiness meeting, public; " p. m..
"free nml easy," public; 8 p. in., Snlviv
lion Hidings.
Week days���Monday, S p. m.. public
meeting; Tuesday. 8 p. in., soliti.-rs
meeting, private; Wednesday, open air,
band practice; Thursday, S p. ni., "free
ami easy," public; Friday, S p. in., holiness meet ing. public; Saturday, 8 p. in.,
salvation meeting.
Rilks  of   Prospecting.
Chllliwack. July 11���Mr. .1. O. Carlisle, of Chilllwuck, has just been
through, anil Is still suffering from,
what musl have been a very painful
experience, although II Is one lo which
prospectors and others who toll oul in
the lonely wilds of British Columbia
are peculiarly liable. For flv or six
days he had to lie in his hut wllh nn
tinsel broken leg, attended to only by
Ills mining companions, none or whom,
unfortunately, was possesses! of the
requlsiie surgical knowledge In sitrh a
Out In the Mount linker dislrlet, some
37 miles from Cltllllwack, Mr. Carlisle
owns the Cold llnsln mine, on which
lie lias been working lor the paei eight
veins, expending over 136,000. Hera
he was engaged In pulling up a small
QUart*, crushing mill, and while hauling
limber over a trail on n very sleep
gill,Is-, ll big lug broke loose from llle
side of lhe mountain above him Although he tried to gs'l nut of the way,
tho end of the log struck liini on the
leg, snapping the shin bone completely
In Iwo.
He was carried Into the cabin, and,
nfier considerable delay, it was decided
to fetch proper medical assistance.
On the arrival of Dr. McCaffrey, It
was found Impossible to set the leg nt
the camp, nnd lhe Injured limb wns put
inio plaster ol parts, in the meanwhile
an Ingenious stretcher was fitted up to
bring Mr. Carlisle to f'bllllwnck.
It took 3(1 hours of hard work (o got
the pnllent Into town, for the road is
one of the roughest Imaginable, but it
wns finally accomplished and tlie log
properly set.
TAKK. UOTWH, Hint I ints-iiil In iipr-lv nt He'
in-.i MitiiiuH "t <lis- Hoard ,ti i.ii-.'iii-iin- cniiitnlii-
siniti-r. tnr ilu'i'iiv nf Kelson.for a transfer in
iis'iirgc Harrison of *otaon It aof ,,,v Wri'ims-
In sell f.-rii.s'il'silsin.l i-l.lrl  liquors oil  Ilie
iin'iiil.i'H known ns lie !,nki> Vli-iv l.t.'.-l, Wriinti
struct, Mellon, B.O
Pated Use llh ilny nl July, IlKsl'..
WUbeSS, W, A Mum,nam,
Until* li hereto Kivcn tbiit ��l <.ayt> aftor .late 1
Jiileini to nj.>t��y tn tin' riik-f ('ominlBMioner ol
I -is ti-1- at.(I Worfcx for a up-Tin! n i im- lo cut tm.I
i;*rrv uwhv limber from tin' followiiiK descrtbt:<l
iHiitfn tu weet Kootenay ttli&iet;
No. L���I'oiiniuMicing at a poat inarke.1 Ole
Oberg'i stoutbweit oornar j>i>nt, ami piloted po
tlie cast si.le ol Duiiemi river, aboul ten mllei
nortb>-a8t of West Fork of Itiiiiean river; thence
HU ebalu* south, tbence bo chains east, thenee 80
chaliiH nortii, thenue 80 chains west to joint of
No. 2.���Commencing at a port marked Ole
Oberg'i HOfthenHt po*t and planted on the cast
lldeo Duncau river, about 11 miles rortheaat of
West Fork of Duncan river; thence HO chain*
north, lb in- w cbalm east, thence 80 chains
���natbi thi'ii''" 80 cbulni '-t'.'-i to point of commencement.
No. 8.���Ciwimi-ni'inK at a posl marked Ole
Oberj-'n northeast corner post, ami planted on
tlie eail Fble of 1'uncai] river, about 11 miles
ir rth'ttist of Weit Fork of Imncan river; thebie
i'l chaini went, thenvt* loo chains north, tbence
-Itlfhiilnweii!". ihem-eJGUcha tin south to point of
Sit,  -4.���CoiiiiiieiieiliK  at  a   poH   marked   Oil
Oberg'i ioq th wil eo ear poet, Md pUfitea on
tii.- ..ihi iide <>f Dunesn nrw ead*l��utian
inllw inTiiieani of \W-nt Fork of Imncui river]
tiiiiii'f hu chelae north, thenoe Horimiim eeetj
thenoe N eheloi iouth,  benoe noeiiHiiih west to
pOlfll of coiuitieiiUi'menl.
No. .'i.-Coiiiiimih lug al a pout iiiark.'.l Ole
'ibem'M iiortlicii-.l t'orner post, and plantcil on
���the cust Nl.le of liiinc.ui river aii.l about IS 1 1
uilltf iinrtbi'iiHl of Went PorkoJ i'linem river;
tbenoe 80 cliulnnwe.it, Hie ne.- 80 chain* north,
thenoe Hi) chain* east, tlieiiceHO chains lOllth to
point of commencement.
No. t'..��� Commenolng at a post marked (He
Dberit's  nortbiii'.t corner post, aii'l i>1uiiU.-��1 on
(bee itildeol Dnncan rtw, end about m-t
mllei northeut ol West Fork ol Duncan river;
tbence ��o chaini weat, liienccHiifiiaiis north,
tbence m ilmiiiHcafl, thenee 80cbiiins aotitli lo
point of commencement!
No. 7^-CothmenclOg at a post marked Ole
obum'* soutlnvcHl corner post, ami planted on
tb.'  east  *liie of Duncan  river ami about   181*1
mill". nortbfiall ol the Wait Fork of Doncan river;
theme Ho ebiiin* eait* thence B0 Ohalni  Hotilh,
tbence nn'imin* weet, thence hu chaini n..rtb to
point of commencement
No. (^--Commencing ut a poet merited Ole
Oberg'e eonthwoet comer post, mid planted oo
ill.. i'hbI M'l<- of Duncan river, ami about 14 1-1
miles northeast of tbe West Fork of Duncan
river; thrmv HO i halm cunt, tbence HO chains
soulh, theme HO chain* WOlii thenceSO elmliin
north lo point of commencement.
No. o.- Coramenoiiig at a pout planted on the
eail r-i'icof iniiicaii river and marked Ole Osberg'i
BOUtheaBt corner post, and about 11 1-4 iiilles
iiorlheiisl of West Fork of iMnicuji river; thenco
B0ohalni we*t, tbence HO ehalns norlh, theneeM
chains cast, thenee 80 chains south  to paint ul
No. id.���*Commencing at a posl marked Ole
Oberg'i aoutheait corner pot-i and planted ou
the easl cide of Duncan river un.l about 15 14
inllcf norllii'uM of West Fork of Duncan river;
thenee 80 ehalns wesl, thenoe 8" chain* north,
thenee BO chains east, Ihence 80 chains south to
point of coiiiinencment.
No. IL���Commencing nt a von marked Ole
Oberg'i Southwell corner poit and planted on
the ensl si'k'of  Duncan   river and about  15 1-4
milt"*; northeait of Went Furk of tlie Donoan river; ihitice MU chain* en.*i, thence ho chains soulh,
thence 8.)chaini \reat. theuce so chalna north to
point ol commencement.
No. UL-**-Commenclng at a post market) Ole
Oberg'i northeast corner post nml planted ou
the easl side of Duncan river and nlxmt 10 1-4
mllei northeait of VVeal Fork.d liunoan river;
thenee 80 chains weet. tbenco hii chains north,
tbence 80 chaini oaet-thenoe 80 chaini south to
point of commencement.
No. 18-���Commenolng nt a noil marked Ole
OIh >;���* southwest i-orner posl and planted on_
tlie east side of Dniu-au river uholit hi 1-1 uiiles
northeast of the Wesl Fork of the Duncan river;
theuce ft) i hit I lis east, theliee 80 ciiaiiiK *oulli,
thence Ht) cbalm wesl, theuce m chains uorili to
point of coitiinencement.
No. 14. Commenolng at a post marked Ole
Oberg'iaoisthweit corner post ami planted ou
the eait ildeof Duncan river ami ebont 17 1-4
miles northeait from the West Fork of Duncan
river; thenoe hi chaini east, thenoe *�� chain*
smith, theuce Mi chains west, thence HO chains
north to point oi Commencement,
No 15.���Commenolng at a poet marked Ole
OheiK'* northeait comer post ami planted on
tin-east side ol  unman river ami  about  17 J-4
liiii.s northeait ol West PorK of Duncan river;
thenee Hi chains west, thenee 8Q chains norlh,
Ihence 80 ohalni easti thence 80 chains soiuii tu
point of commencement
No. 10- Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obcru's loutbwcit corner poat uml planted on
tlie easi side of Duncan riter ami about is i i
mile* northeail >.f lbe West Fork of Duncan river; theme BOchalm cast, thenee ��u ehtiiiis soulh,
tbence h-i clialni west, thenee hu ohalni north to
point of commencement,
No. 17.���Comment-tilt; nt a post marked Ole
OIi.th'n souibwest .lorncr post und plunled on
tbo eait ilde ol Duncan river am) about 10 M
miles northeail <���( the West Fork nf 'uncan rlv-
orj Iheme HO chain* eait, thenee 811 cliuins -nun,
thonco80 chalm we-i, thenco80enalne noth to,
point of foiiiinenci'iiifiil,
Dated .luneHih lutNi.        Oi.e Ohkrii, Ijoentor._
lhal .10 days alter dale I
chief Commlaaioner of
Landl and Works for a Ip04 inl llcitisc to cut and
carry away limber from the foUowlngdewrtna
lands, situated In the West Kootciiuy district:
No. It���Commencing at a post marked O D.
Hoar's HQthweel comer post, and planted oil tlie
eaat hank of Duncan river ami abont ta 1-4 miles
northeait of well l'>rkoi Duncan river] thence so
chains east, tbence Hi chains south, thence H0
chains WOlt, thence HO chains north to point of
No. 2.���Commencing ui a post marked o. D.
Hoar's northeast corner post, ami planted on the
east side of Duucan river, and about io 1-4 miles
northeast of west fork of Duncan river; thenee80
chnins west, thence H,i ehn'lis north, thenee 80
chains east, thenee 80chains south to point of
No 8.���Commenolng at a poll marked O. D.
Hoar's southwest corner poll ami planted on the
OUt side of Duncan river, ulid ahout 20 1-4 miles
northeait of tlie v,est fork of Duncan river;
thenee ��'> chains north, ihence 80 chains cast,
thence no chains south, thenee80 ohalna west to
point of commencement)
No 4.���Commencing nt a pout matked o. D.
Host's BOQthWMS corner poitanu planted on lhe
uisl bank of human river, und about i'l 1-1 miles
-.1'in.-ii-i of the west fork of Duucan rive ;
thence ho chain* north, thence BO chains east,
thence HO chains south, Ihence N chains west to
point of QomnienaMnent.
No. B���Commenolng at a post maraed o. d.
Hoar'', soulhcasl comer past aud planted on the
east side o: Duncn river, and about it 1-1 miles
northeail of west fork of Duncan river; thcnccSj
chains north, lh>.-me HO chalnseast, Ihelice HO
eliailissoutb, Ihenco Hu chain* west lo poiul of
No o.    ommenotng at a post matked 0, D.
Hoar's sonthtasl cornvi poil and ]i|uiit.��(l on the
east s'de ol lbe Duncan river, and aboin 831*4
mil s northeail of the wesi fork of Duncan river;
thenee ho < hnins muth. tbonce8') ehatai eatd,
tbonce Bo chaini loutlti theno* U ouatm weit to
point ol eoiiinieiiccincjt.
s'o. 7. Commencing at a pusi marked O. D.
Hoar's n.uihwesl io ner |W|t ami plnutci on tee
,-u.sl I <le of Duncan i mt, and abo .1 88 II ml l
northeait of the we>t rorll of Duncan river;
thonoe *> ohelni out, theme *-��� chains sonili,
tlienccHu chains wesl, theme HO cliuins nortii lo
po nl of eoirtmcucetneiil.
No 8--Commencing ut a post marked 0. D.
Hour's norlhctisi comer posl ami planted on the
east side of Duncan nver, and uhoul '21 1-1 mile*
southeast of west fork of Duncan river; th. nee Ho
chains west, ihence so cha us noilh, theuce H<i
ohalni easi, Ihence ho ch .ins south to point of
ruin in L'lifcmeut.
No. 9>���CommenOJng al n post marked 0. I).
Hoar's southwest corner post and plantcil ou
lhe easl side of l uncan river and about !U 1-1
in Hen norlhetiHt of the west fork of Duncan river: thence HO ohalns east, theuce 80 chains south,
Ihcnce So chains west, theuce 80 chains norlh lo
point of comnieiieeineiil.
No, 10.���Commencing at a poit marked o. D.
Hoar's northeast eoriier post and planted on the
oust side of Duncnii river and about 22 1-1 miles
northeast, of the west fori; of Hie Duncan river;
Ihcnce HO chains, west tbence HO chains north,
thence HO ohalni east, thence SO chains noiith to
point of commencement.
No. 11,���Commencing at a A posl marked 0. D.
Hoar's southwesl corner pout ami planted on Iho
oust ilde of Duncan river and ahout 881 4 miles
northeast of tbe WOlt fork of the Duncan river;
thenco so chain* eaat,thenco ho chains south,
tbence Ho chnins wesl, thence HO chains norlh to
point of coiiuoeiiceiiient.
No 18,���GominaitclUg ntapoit marked O. D.
Hoar's iiorlhcH*! c.irncr posl und planted on lhe
east side of Duuiaii river and about. '2.11-4 miles
norlh'nst or the w.ht fork ol lhe Dinu-an river;
theuco80 chains west, thence HO rh-iiiis north,
ihence Ho chnins ensl, ihuiiue Ho chains south tu
point of commencement.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Booms are well furnished-  Table as gtxxl as aos��
in Nelson.    Has-supplied with good
Uauors siii-l tlsars.
W. E. MeOANDLIBH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Koropean and American Plan
Meall 26 cts.   Kooms from ib cts. to 11
only White Help Kmployed.
Baker Bt., Nelson Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
<;eo. w. baktlktt,
Best DolIar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar Is the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Ht.
The Big Schooner TV, ���  * /V,
0t "Half ami-Hall"   JXCl    \ V/L��
Tho only Glass of Good Beer in Nolson.
Hotel Accommodations ss3cond to
none in British Columbia.
Special Bates ts) Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotal iu Nelson.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
IJli*o   and   Atclilcnt
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company. Ltd.
Olils-nt established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
^<vvv<��>s*s^*As%s����sVv^^��*s*s^ssv^^*��^s*^s.^..w^s*v^>*<*vvs��vvv'��ss)vls��s^vvv (
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district
Most of it situate on the Weat Arm and Main Lake.   Soo me to-
fore you ds3oido to locate.
S. M. BRYDGES, ^B^t^liK
Lake Viefto
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blm'kd from
Rates $1.00 per Day
aud up.
Telephone UH.
Grand Central Hotel
J   A. KK1CKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Ixsoatcd. Open Day atisl Nlglsl.
riiuiiple anil Bull Hmiins Free.
Notloe la horeby civ,-
tiili-nil In h(i|i1v
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Sheets.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
,   B. Tomkins, Manager.
We Wffl Sell....
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of tlie
Choicest Frait Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, NoUon. B. 0,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Largo anil Comfnrt*Me Rerlroomn and \f\nl-
clui.'* I'l nl ni- Konm. Hu ni |��1 .* Room* for Oommer*
���.'1*1 Mi-11.
MKS.  K. 0,  CI.AKKK,   lTi-prmtrcM
Tin1 well known
Onr Ri'orCturden is
the Finest In the
From Cranbrook, B. C*
Round Trip.
Ou Sale July 20th tn 27th.   Good to return uutil August Jiul.
West Transfer Co.
Geuural Ti.i.instors nnrt Dealem In
Coal nutl Wool.   Exproua and
HaKRano Transfer
P. 0, Hoi lit
No. 18.���Commotwlog atapoii marked o. i>.
Hour's ioathwe.it oornur p��'mi nm: planted mi tho
rii't ildfj nf tiiL- lhiiiniii riviT and aboul Si i-4
mill's tiortlifiiHt of thf wi'st fork of tlit>  Ihnn.ni
riverj thenee ai cimins euat, tliurtco mi i-IiuMik
notnii, iiii'iu'i'Ho ciiiiiiiH wt'.t, ttienue fo ehatni
north to point of rmniiiuuii'iiu'iu.
No. U.*-Oommenotng at a pout marked 0. i>.
Hour's norihwoKt foriRT poll anil plniiltnl on Ihu
mst .(ilr ui Uiiticitn rl ir nml about '-'I 1-1 mlli'K
norlht'iist of Ihu wi-sl I'orUnf ihr Diiiii'Aii river;
tlu'iii'i'Rfl chnlna west.thenee m i-luina north,
llii-in'1'Sih-lmiii'i.'nsi. tlirsii'i' i*�� t'hiiilia south lo
polllt llf ('nllltlXMH'f'mi'llt.
Dated Juneoiliivuii.      o. D. Hoah, LoOAtor.
Uy jus AKi'iil, OLK OBKHti.
��� . c, ���.    Eastern
Next Selling     _
Dates  Excursion
August 7-8-9, September 8-10
St. Paul ' Chiracs.
Olltlll'isi s^ui'br.'
Maritime Provices.
For mips, liorth reaen'atiou anil dotiiilod
iiiiiii-iimtiiin apply lo local agsiut or write
A.O.P.��.,VanooaVer, D.P.A., NolaoB.
W'hull-Mile ninl Kotnll Di'iiK-ri In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Onmp* supplied on shortest notico nnd
lowest plipu. Not-hiuy but frtwh nnd
wholeHomfl incuts and anpph'R kopt in btouk
Mnil order*! receive cnirfiil Rttention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
90 day Eastern Summer
Good going Aug. 7, S, 9,
Sept. 8, 10.
Stop-overs   allowed west
Missouri River.
8t. Paul
Miimoupnlifi ..   ..
Fort William        I ���e^-60
Kiinwis City
Chicago M.00
St Louis 60.00
Toronto 88.80
Montreal 100.00
Ottawa 100.00
New York 100.00
For rates to all other
points apply
City Paaaenger Agent.
A Q. P. A., Si'iitllii.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy GrocortM.
Butter, Kggs.
Camp and Itinera' Supplies.
i 11 'I
; 91
1 l
: -
��� I
!i4 ���
The Daily Canadian
The finest stock we have yet shown.    It includes some
special pieces in  new  and   beautiful  designs.     Iu
smaller pieces the prices are quite as attractive.
Finely cut Nappie aud Bou-Bou Dishes at
$3.00 and $5.00 are our leaders.
* *
t ,/X*e*�� ���
;     Refreshing ���
i     Drink
'The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
*     fo ouequart rather sweet*
r 1 1
J lemonade add one tumbler of j
t I
Welsh's    !
, Pints 40c. -  Quarts 70c
Everything to tempt tlie appetite will be found at
this store.
��� x
Bell Trading j
Company       ���
Phone K. Baki-r St.
cA 'Tip*' for a
Canadian Morning*
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
j Joy's Cash Grocery |
IIyou don't Uke stale
ileal where the trade Is so brisk that/
fresh supplies are received
every day.
Some of the Nice Things
Today are:
Home  Clinked  Balled   Ham,  perl
pmind lliie. <
Cnwss- it  llliu-l.-well's Potted Fish {
and .Menis.
Sardines���Sportsmen, King Oscar,
and Basset 1.
Freeh Strawberries and Tomatoes,
Julio IoeOreom Powders nnd Orosse
& Blaokwell's Rennet Tablets,   AIho]
Lis|uifl Bennett for making onrds I
aud whey.
JOY will meet you at
the door.
<:or. Josephine sad Mm tn,.    Phons ii'
C;.r. Vorsitlii sind W��r<J  Sli-cuts.
nhijson, t*. c.
J. FKEU HUME, Proprietor.
W K IJliilliiss, P J Smeaton, A L McKay. P B Wallace. J H Smith, Vancouver; (1 W Bull and wife, Salmo; T
11 Slater, E Cass, Winnipeg; W H
Rrandon, Silverton; B A Shatford, Hen
lictnn; II J Pall, Hudson; II Clothier.
T Long, Rossland.
II S Taylor, Spokane; B N Oulmette,
Rossland; S J Dickason and wife, Miss
Dickassm. Miss Kutter, Chicago; (1 O
Buchanan, Kaslo; Fred Smith, Toronto;
A Brule and daughter, Beaver Dam; W
E Payne and wife, Red Deer;  M  Mac
mloklng and wife. Lethbrldge,
C Beokman, Kaslo; William Switzer,
William Qerrard, F Muyne, Hunter V
V Evens, F A Sparks. Winnipeg; li
Sliiell. Powder Point; J McDonald, Salmo; F E Cummins, Kaslo; E 1) Rinonr.
Spokane; (' Buxton. Midway; c B Plato, Kamloops.
.Mrs. S J Hanilley, H J Hnndley.
Vmir: A N Wlnlaw, Wlnlaw; Mrs. It R
MeKensIe, Phoenix; G J Phillips. Mr.
and Mrs. Crane, Vancouver; E Hooch,
Kam loops.
W Johnson, J Kelly, Kaslo; w Peters,
D W McTlgue, Bonnington; A Sutherland, II D Talbot, Erie,
.1 Donaldson, Rossland; T Maogregor,
Phoenix; A  Marblnnd-, Vancouver.
W Davis. .1 Davis, Macleod; C Brown,
Bonnington;  W Noroross, Mrs. ,1 Nor'
cross, A Noroross, Cascade;   D J  Mc-
Kenzie. Rossland.
A   SUermll,  Shields;     I.  A  Culling.
Plncher Creek;  w I. Fulton, II GIbbs,
C Ocheltree, Trom Lake;  D J McQUli-
vray, Pilot Bay.
We are receiving strawberries
direct from therachers. Place
your order for preserving
at once as they won't
last much longer.
Telephone 161.
Bargains in
For Everything Good
to Smoke,
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thiamin's Special Mixture?
A full lino of Cruckvry,
Ctlltl't   sftiifj   < llflMMWUrw.
AJmi B-jQond llituil'tuodf of Kvery I>encrlp-
Hon.  WPhrtveppt tin-goods ami sell at
I-uwKut Pricei in Town.
���U., next u. ''.Kit Ticket Office.
Honor Judge Wttaon returned to
i rum Bast Kooteaaj lasi night.
Silver advanced three .points today
ou each metal market, oilier quotations are unchanged.
'I'. Harry Slater, ot Winnipeg, western manager for Robinson, Little *v Co.,
Of Loudon, Un1.., in al the lluiue.
K. c. Cummins, former ledger keeper
ot the Royal Hank lure, but now of
Rossland, is In the city to spend Sun
C. a. \v. Rowley, formerly of the
Nelson Brewing Company, has returned
to the city after an extended trip to
Prospects of league baseball In Nelson this summer are gone. The clubs
with Itossland and Trail, bul object to
Nelson as too far away.
E. Cass, of Winnipeg, who has been
hi Kootenay for several days visiting
timber limits on Coffee and Wilson
creeks, in which be is interested, i'i>
for the east this morning.
A number "f ihe ranchers from [Co-
kanee are In the city today to lako advantage of the opportunity afforded by
the Saturday afternoon practice of tho
Nelson cricket club.
Kootenay Lodge, I. 0, 0. P., ami
Queen City Uel.ekah Lodge will observe
tomorrow ns memorial and decoration
day. and will visit the graves of de
ceased tneintiers, ('ill (lowers should
he delivered for lhe purpose not lauu
than this evening.
ii is now definitely decided thai the
launch party to be given hy the Wo
mens' Auxiliary of St. Saviour's Church,
and which was postponed from July the
10th, will he enjoyed on Thursday, Aug.
10th. Further particulars of ihis interesting outing will be announced again
.1. O. Gllllce, district manager of the
Ailice-Chiilmers-UuUock Company rn
turned from the Boundary last night,
lie nays that every industry is booming
and thai Greenwodd is especially stirred
over the recent rich strike of native
silver and galena in the Sirathiuun'
J, K. Annable, secretary of the Fruit
Growers Association, wishes to an-
;u unce that parties who may he so for-
tunuiu as to make a catch of fish of
suitable size, thut in about 11 or It)
inches in length, and who desire to assist in enlarging lhe scope uf Koolenay
exhibits may place the lish at Hums'
cold storage plant, where they will he
frozen and prepared for Bhlpmenl
Lucky catchers are requested to leave
the lish in their natural stale. This
announcement applies to all who muv
catch today or tomorrow.
Boys Spent Found Money, but Parents
Put It Up.
On the first day of the Pominion Day
celebration George Ilorsicad. who was
selling tickets, lost $57 in hills. He Immediately made good the amount, and
notified W. Irvine, secretary, who advertised the loss.
It was nearly a week later that the
first intimation was received.
A hoy of 1 ii bad bought a tent, paying
$12 for it. Mis mother Investigated,
learned lhat the money had been found,
made the hoy return the tent, hand
over all the money he had and warn
his associates who had the resi. She
also communicated her discovery to
Mr. Irvine.
The boy, who had $31 of tho missing
money, told Mr. Irvine that he had not
seen lhe advertisement, and had expected Charlie Waterman to aunounce the
Another boy, of 17, had $10. and was
compelled by his mother to return it.
A younger boy had $2, which was also
secured. Of tho remainder, $12 has
been located, and will be refunded.
The balance, $2, Is unaccounted for.
but Mr. Horstead win he sufficiently
gratified at the return of $55.
The hoys, with tho exception of the
'        tr-old, had squandered the money,
hut Iheir parents promptly made P
good. The tracing of the various
amounts made an unpleasant task tor
the police.
The Store of Quality
Do You
Want something
Very Delicate in
Packed by ourselves, Every pnelt-
iige beam our own name, lhal beinB n
guarantee or purity. No dearer than
olher leas ot Inferior quality, For thai
reason we auk you In try II.    .. won't
cost you a rent 11' yon ilon'i like II.
Red  Isabel SOc
Blue Isabel 35c
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Pure Maple
'Direct from our own Sugar Bush.
It's tun good l.i pin up in I inn. I've
had II shipped ln bulk, aud I bottle ll
Imperial Quart firs   -   -   70c
Imperial Half Gallon  -   $1.35
Special prices for 5 gallon cans
Coiiie iu ami sample it.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sis.
is not complete without a good
We have a full line of them at prices to
auil your purse.   Also Wash Boards,
Tubs, Clothes I'm.-, Clothes
Lines, Pulleys, Etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
PHONE Ifs.      NELSON, B O.
Doll Chance
We havo some Poll-  we want to clear
out, so thai we won'l havo a lot
of old stock lo show at
Chrlsi mas.
$2.00 and $2.50 Dolls for $1,00
$2.00 and $2.50 Dolls (damaged) for .75
$125 Dolls for 75
$1.25 Dolls for 50
50c and 60c Dolls for 25
40c and 50c lines for 25
75c to $1.00 lines for 50
$1.50 lines for $1.00
W. G. Thomson
Nelsou, B. C.
Rlion-e 34.
Thompson & Douglas
Slifn Wrttlnff i, Spaolalty.
VV,,H I'sspcs- and Burlap,
Applications will he received hy the
trustees of the  Hume school disiriei.
Nelson, for a teacher for Un- ensuing
term.   Salary, J76 per month,   Address
ceo. ii. I'Layi.u, Secretary.
A Dirge.
Tin- following poem from a magi
devoieii lo machinery,   entitled
Plaintive Lay of the Salesman."
remind Nelson people of recent hi
In connection with ihe clly power pi
"Everybody works bul the factory
They Hit around ull day.
Always willing Idlers���
'Expect  lo shin' thoy say.
Customers keep on asking.
New stories wo musl tell;
Everybody works al the factory-
Yes. Ihey do,  like  1"
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Nssw. as lhe season Is closing, and I "III
see thai your order is filled with the
besl frull lo be had al Ihe lowest market  price.
Hazlewood Ice Cream
'hone ao6.
To the Members
of the
20,000 Gob.
Pntrouizo tin- ,6000 who nr
here now, nnd we will
be ii long wny toward onr goal.
Thorpe's Lithia
is oqool to any aperient
tuiti-rhemnatio waters bottled in
thf United
If yon nm* enough nf it we
can support another
family iu NeUon,
& Co., Limited.
C/,r sift cfliits
Yidliitiic Ih, tintitut/ spirits in tu/iijiit
~"5��; ���*;��� ip
1)11) YOU   KNOW
iiiai tin- drink, ��en��d ��tour8od�� Fountain
hie! tonic proportiei bendci rtlreihlnfl
Mi-leis ���nly ���.���] fruit ��yr.sp�� <>I tin. fluril
iliiBliiy Fountain, i-onuii-r, rluMi ami
reoeptaolpi ar,   ks-pt iorupulouiljs olosn
Haki-rHtri-pt, iV'Miu. B.C.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's nice cool driiikn.      Lunches
put up a specialty.
W.J. Walker,   &
Qalt Coal
Term H|M>t Outa
Toll-phone 906
BnkiT Htre��l
Old Curiosity Shop
It you want to buy or sell anything
ro lo Ihe Old Curiosity shop. A new
fine of Japanese Goods now nn sain, am
kinds of Dlnnerwnrc |n stock, i-m.
These are the days when a man's
Shirt Is the all Important part of his
make-up���both  for  looks and  comfort.
We've Evetything that's good
in Summer Shirts	
We sell shirts from the best of shirt makers in Canada���makers
with a reputation.
MANI'FAI'11'KKKs OF Till. I KAWFUItls D...-._ ,
vKKiAi, ikamh'ay. Repairing and
SI tinetnl Work, Oaittngl, Ilnililei-s' Mulerial ami Minis.,.
a Speciaij
'""I Mill j|,
���Is...,i-   JIM.
I Ulire mill Wssrks Knot ssf I"iir|( Bt,
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
Si " s M - 1" It. Ill ISTKUKK ,1 In
Brswera ud Boltlen ol
Fine Lager Beer and Porter
Every Known VarittTMr^
And Ihe Celebwled "Red Ribbon Beer."
TBLUPMOlNE   >,,.   34.
I*. O. ItOX   21 I ,.
' ss*��'*��**s**��*��*��*��*��*��*<sV>*s**s**s'^A.��^s^*....^)*/vsvsy^>^vv^^
J. R Ashdown Hardware Co, |
Ws- would invite von iii Inspeol our large and vsii-i.it itoclt ���t
No Deed to raiTer Cram henl if yon
will only
t'antn,r;i''',ri,',/o,;',' Hot Weather Requii
Store open from 7 am. to li p.tn. evs-ry slay exeept holidays und Snmin-i
^v^-~~~~*B. A.  ISAAC J. A.  HONEYMAN'-^~VA��V��
Rapal, is.ii and Jobblnn axaoutvd with I Mapateh. si.����t M.ts
>v��rk. Mii.iiut ���,<u miu Maohlnarv.    M....u(..^t.sr��r�����i
Ors C...-M, iv. u.  sOontraotora* ctm.
NELSOIN,    B. C.        Ws
The Latest Arrival at J. A. Gilker's is k
Superior in make and quality.
j. a. gTLker!
AND DEALERS IN   LtlfllDCf*  ShttigUS'
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned >Vork and lii-nckctn. Mail Orden promptlysltnq
VBsTWON STRBBT ���  -  -  sNBUSOsN, l��. C.
have demoDBtrated to us, and if you will let tis makeyouj
one suit we'll convince you that the clothes we     j
make arc .superior to all other makes
in every detail of
Hlgh-Oliuu Tnllors
linker .St., Nelson, B 0,
Watches! Watches!
The best grndOS ill Ann rimin isiiivs'iiii-nt"- P*
tooompate with Baitornhonsee  Kim'""
repairing uml optlos ont speotollT
IEWELER       NELSON, B. C.       OPTKJ*'
Carpet Sweepers
Ai-sb AuknowlBUiicil  to  lie  Without  " ���"
Wit  Moll   I Horn.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Qtj*lii


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