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The Daily Canadian Nov 27, 1906

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...,i.alive Statesman
on Liberal Record
tx-M. P. For Compton Tells of Reckless Expenditure aod Shameless Corruption.
\ in... audience greeted II. II. Pops,
ill p., in Fraternity liall last oVon-
QK rt ti. > were treated to a rousing
L,..,h nn iiii- live Issues ol today ln
I ,,ia !:, ami ss lines-fill exposition of till'
Blffireiici between Conservative anil
liberal principles.
ii. a i. "'ii'*. president of tho Con-
l>ruulsv club, occupied the chair, He
Lniiiiiii'ii thai the meeting was thu
���Ire! <if ss series to bo held monthly
turn, ths winter under the club's atts-
llcss. Tim meeting In December will
addressed Isy either Hon. It. Mc-
|)ilili- in  Martin Uurroll.
ft". A Macdonald, K. C, waa the
tint BiKiaker. lis; referred briefly to
jkbut had Im'ii dune for British Columbia li) the Dominion government,
firing s: . iui tlie aid, though long
I the -silver-lead  mining  in-
|] : for the Investigation ofthe
be deposits.
Turning in iiroviiicial questions he
I honest  uud  iui[,artlal  ad
ministration ut lhe land laws and tlm-
lti law.- . s ii - j to the splendid w-ork ol
igricultun. in encouraging and aiding
|he fruit growing Industry.
Mr. Macdonald reviewed the finale
lal condition of British Columbia on
I- Ion   us   power   of   Mr.   Mc-
liri.ii' ami Iiis friends nnd evoked the
|DshuDia.siii uf his heaters as ho Bhow-
bow their honest and Intelligent
Idmlnlstratlon of tbe revenues of the
prcvlnc- bad brought the province
(nek ig ii financial equilibrium, rostor-
its ruined credits In the money
htrk.ts of sli,. world.
Dealing with the question of better
|'nn.. Mr Macdonald said it should
>''" havs become a party question.
fl! Ifflrties in ib,. province had agreed
fsiss; agu Hmi iiriiisi, Coluinbla. on ne
' " I   its   iss-euliar   ('Ireiillistanees
ta high   per   enpllai  contribution   to
Dominion treasury, was entitled to
|l '-'I consideration  In  any  readjust.
���������nt "I Ititerprorinolal relations. Un-
I'-' ' ��� ''!������ l.ilieral presB hnd fol-
T��*>*ii Mr McBrlde's stand rm* tlm
lull's ut iis. provlnoe, stupidly and In-
Pnnlsti-tilly, Indeed, but bllndlv and
'���*������''"'��� ill" l.ilserals have taken this
���""I." saiii Mr. Macdonald, "If Mr.
pcBridu in i, defeated at thc next
Mural election the goveniment al
Pi'aua would claim, and would be al-
f"'sl liuttfleil j��� d.dug S0| ti���,t UrU.
T8" Columbians cared   nothing   about
* riiilii
in this mosf  importanl
"��� II. I'upc wus received with ftp.
f'Mw. il,. referred brieriy lo hla lti
f ra �� rsln in ||113 |1011S0 of com.
J�����*. a,: ne ._!...������ ft,,, compton, and
I'"" began mi elaborate comparison of
���^'*oj.aitles.    H��� Bald:
" '*'"*. "Iss'ii we, llio Conservative
.   ������ ��**'e appealing to the people ol
'" *"ii usi ,i���. governmenl to
'""Wised two things:  Thai wn
, |,���      **' I11*-*'"    n    tiaiiBcoutluental
r ' ��}, and nun ,ve Wuuid establish
���-; ssnai pr_tecUv- lar|ff Uml W_1|W
I * all classes uf Canadian produo-
Imi-riJ" , *he ""'"nctltion of their
rii.���,    rivals.      We    accomplished
r-v.-i "H'w "ttiwi.
"lieu  "
"* Liberals appealed to you
��'""  did  tbey  promise?    To
'!" ""' lasl- vestige of the Inlqult-
mn'"   Uf   '"'o'ention,   to   reduco
"luiiiini  debt,   to  reduco   the  un-
fwiiiae'ii'"'"'"""'"* t0 reform and
ll'cti',,,, ,, v" 8|,|'v|ee and to iiuriry
*lh,.y , ""'���"-'  ""'J*  done It?   Have
Willi -s! m"'*e a" *lonMt attempt to
*-1 --'.'' """ ,,r lli'*lr promises? On
i-'l'siisls ,',?; ,"'y h"ve n��t ''"red to
IMk.I , "''���' ""* ""���Iff;  thev havo
��Ublei , ' ""''"'inl debt, they havo
I'M Sm sss !''    ""Il11111    expenditure���It
Jiiinl,, ,,','���     �����    18ac.  they    hnve
|l,, '.' ' "'""Minn. Their civil service
1)' botiehi "  uee"  "'most open-
I" "li'i-tl, ���.'". s,"1'1* "n't "s for purl I
llanu t * *',",k *������ Mr- Hyman's Iai
' " London,
cannot glvo Brit
R|���    ,,,       SISJII.
|s,f',,'Vlfrll Laurler
,dm|"",l'j�� better terms,-T although
minis    ' ti,,,   J,"sli(u* "r your loader's
1,111 ihe Dominion   treasury
cannot ��iu���U It. ai lhe same time
millions are available to win elections
wllh elsewhere.
���When It was determined tbat 1
must be beaten In Oompton, a pier was
built to glvo employment to all needy
voles. It Is useless and always will be.
There Isn't a steamer on the lake Into
which the pier Is built, and there never will be. At the pier the stream they
call a lake Is about as wide as Ibis
room and leas than three feet deep.
That Is only one of the many channels
Inlo Which your money goes.
'It Is Idle to pretend that the
growth ssf perhaps HC per cent, in pop-
ul&tlon Justifies doubling the expenditure, Tliey cannot show nny valuable
public wsn-k ror their ten yenrs of
power. Where Is the extra money
.Mr. Pope then read from the auditor
generals report the aceountB of the
Arctic steamer's expedition, the spend-
lllg nf t-fir,,llilll for supplies for :tl men
fox six mouths, nmre Ihan llo per
man per day. No one imagined that
tbe supplies hnd really been bought,
hut the money was gone, lis- also referred to the multifarious dealings ot
o-ie Robert Kelly of Vancouver, who
fur. is'.ied government supplies for the
Mr. Pope then spoke of the one Dominion depart men! for which credit
Is claimed, that of the Interior. He
condemned strongly the giving away
of the richest land In Canada to llnuk-
hobors, llnllcians and others of alien
Islnoil and speech, who will be unfit
for mnny generations for the res|ion-
slbllltteB of Canadian  citizenship.
Returning to his comparison of the
two parlies, Mr.  Pope said:
,'lt Is true that the Liberals are
reaping what we Bowed. Canada is,
Iik,- thc.reBt of the civilized world, enjoying a period of prosperity. The resources of the country opened up by
our policy are filling the Dominion
treasury now, nnd tha Liberals are enjoying the fruits of our labor. And,
by lhe way, ihey have developed a
great taste tor fruit.
"Hul surely It is better that tbey
should be lu office when there is nothing important to be done than when
any blunili ring would be costly. Conservatives can remember with pride
and gratification that every constructive work dime ln Canada has beeu
done by his party.
"llrltlsh Columbia, too, when her
credit waB gone, her treasury empty
nn'l her affairs in niter disorder, found
the rlnht party aad tho right leader
to restore it to solvency.
"It Ib Bometimes said by Liberals
that Conservatives are as bud as they
are. That, at the best, ls no defence,
for the party in power; It ls a very
fi elilc reply for Ihe preachers of purity, who would preach it again if their
opportunities  for  stealing  were  gone.
"Rut the records of 20 years show
that for every Conservative found
guilty of corruption In election contests Ihere have been five Liberals
found guilty. And where In all our
records can an equal be found for
London's disgrace?
"NO, we hnve sinned many times, in
mnny wnys; but don't sny we're no
better than the Liberals. We cannot
lie accused of selling judgeships nn.l
debauching lhe heiiMi. we cannot be
accused of cabinet direction of election frauds, we cannot he accused Ol
dishonesty and favoritism In the
awarding or public contracts. No, a
thssnsnnd limes no. VVe are not down
to lhe Liberal  level"
Mr. Pope then briefly expressed Ills
plea ure In visiting Nelson and nil
dressing its citizens, and with hearty
cheers fnr lhe king and the speaker
of Ihe evening, a very successful meeting enme to an end.
History of the Exploitation of the Sunset Group of Copper Claims In
the  Simiikameen  District.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Porks. Nov. 27��� Various re-
poits hnve been current here lately
regarding the cause of Ihe present Inactivity al Ihe Sunset group of Claims
on Copper mountain, In the Blrailka-
ms-en. In an Interview yesterday, It.
A. llrown, of Volcanic mountain rami*,
the original locator of this group, snld:
������The South Yale Copper coinpun.v and
Jim Hill's experts havo turned down
the SutiBet group, the biggest copper
property In Ihe world. When the South
Yule Copper company's experts went
over the Sunset group lasl spring I followed them over, knowing I could help
them if they would only listen to my
practical experience on Copper mountain. 1 had a long talk wllh Mr. Un-
derhill ot New York, presldenl of the
South Yale Copper company. I met
hlm right at Princeton, nfler he came
off Copper mountain and told him
about, my experience in doing work on
the Sunset. I showed him lhe average
assays from lhe surface down lhe
shaft to Iho 100 and ISO font levels,
and the assays irointhi  190 foot level
which went 98 per cent. In copper
nnd 80 cents In gold to lbe ton. I advised him lo vMtoawimmw^
sink a shaft down to the 80f>fool evtu
and crosscut ensl and west across tne
me as which would he 60 feel one.
way and 600 feel the olher way, ami
which would cut acroBs tho metals ul
thai depth, when ihey would have the
biggest copper mountain In the world.
"Mr. I ndi-rhlll ugreed with all I
sa d. Then be wonl to Ureenwood and
from there lo New York, but he left
Implicit instructions with a Mr. Mor-
r son at Bholt regarding the work on
the Sunset. I saw Mr. Morrison at
ome, when he told mo that his orders
were to go to tho Sunset group, get
the water us low as poslble and then
drift along Ihe metal deposits. 1 told
hlm that they wanted lo spend 120,000
on what I already knew. I also reported this matter to Ihe directors of the
Smith Yale Copper company. This
company expended In'..mm In useless
work and contrary lo my Instructions,
It taking them over four monthB lo
do the work. I told the South Ynle
Copper company officials to take note
of my report and see If it did nol
prove Itself just as I had slated.
"Al Ihis lime Jim Hill's experts
enme and Inspected Copper mountain
and turned lt down. It was then that
the superintendent of the South Yale
Copper company finally concluded that
my re|K>rt and way of prospecting the
Sunset was correct, anil he wanted to
spend another $4000 In diamond drill
work following Ihe plans lhat I hnd
laid out, hut when we tigered up thai
11 would cost $10,000 or $11,000 tn prospect the group we made the company
the offer thnt if they would put up
lhe next payment of $10,000 we would
let them bave tho stock at the same
price they had been paying for It.
They refused lo do this nud we shut
down the mine afler this company had
spent $10,000 in doing useless work on
the group.
Mr. Brown further stated thai he
had had 37 years' experience In mining
and that his report on Copper mountain has been corroborated hy various
prominent mining engineers, among
whom is O. N. Scott, who some two
years ago was awarded a gold medal
by the president of the Mining associ-
tlon of the Dominion of Canada for his
report on Copper mountain. Mr. Kellogg, a noted expert of Rossland camp,
also corroborated his report on the
Sunset group. However, I hnve uo
hesitation ln stating that 90 per cent,
ol the mining experts have entirely
mistaken their calling and should be
I sllowing Ih? plough."
Mr. Brown concluded by stating that
he had made arrangements whereby
he would realize a large sum of money out of his Volcanic and other North
Fork properties within two yenrs. and
would Ihen expend at least $80,000 on
proving the Sunset to he a copper
mine second to none in the world. He
slated that he located the Sunset
group ln the year 1F88, and after all
these years lt was now up to him to
prove Its value.
Germany and.   America.   Wax Cordial
Over  the  Wine.
llerlln. Nov. 27.���Herr Von Tlschlr-
sky, secretary for foreign affairs, gave
a dinner last nighl in honor of tlie
American tariff commission. Huron
Von Stengel, secretary of the Imperial
treasury: Herr Von Muehlberg, the
under secretary ot the foreign office;
,he German delegates to the tariff
conference, and others persons distinguished In public life were present.
Herr Von Tsclrsky made a short
speech, during which he expressed his
pleasure al the presence uf the American representatives. Ambassador
Tower responded, expressing confidence that an understanding between
Germany and the United States would
be reached upon n mutually satisfactory basis and proposed the emperor's
Packers Observing Law.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 2".���Alonzo
I). Melvln, chief of the bureau of International meat Industry, under whose
ofrice the administration of the meat
inspection law, enacted nt lhe last scs
sion at congress is carried om. has
returned from a Western trip of Inspection, which included a visit lo tho
packing houses In Chicago, Milwaukee,
Denver and Kansas City. He says
everywhere there is apparent Ihe ben-
ollclal effoctB of the cxecullon of the
law and a manifest desire on tho part
of the packers to comply with its provisions. In some places now structures have replaced the old ones and
in olher establishments extensive Improvements already have been made
so as to bring them up to the standard
required by the meat Inspection act
for Ihe health and comfort of the pack
Ing house employees.
Offsets the Rebates.
New York, Nov. 27s���A fine ol $18,-
000 was Imposed upon lhe American
Sugar Refilling company by Judge
Hough in lha. circuit court today for
nccepting rebates trom the New York
Central  Hallway company.
Sent Away at Night.
Warsalv, Poland, Nov. 27.���The 190
political prisoners sentenced to deportation were despatched rrom here during the nlghl on n special train Tor
the northern part or Russia.
The Minister of Lducation
Makes Proposals
Elementary and Moral Education to
Be Encouraged and Teachers to
it Better Paid.
SI. Petersburg, Nov. 27.���The minister ot education, M. Kuairman, has
just submitted to the cabinet a plan
for the reform or the primary education system of Russia, which, next to
lhe agrarian reform Is considered the
giavest problem confronting tbe Russian governmenl.
The most Important feature or the
minister's proposal is/ one providing
tor the abandonment ol tbe old policy,
which was In accordance with the dictum or M. Pobiedonostotr, procurator
general or tbe holy synod, that general
iducaiion was synonymous with re-
iisio.1, aud which threw hindrances ln
the way of eirdrto or the zemstvo
aud caused private persons to spread
e.emeutary knowledge among the ignorant classes of Uie Russian peasantry and even Imposed a veto on Instruction being given In history and
other similar branches ol education.
M. Kauffuian recommends that the
government support, materially ahd
morally, all such efforts and assume
Ihe tayment of minimum salaries to
Uachers In the popular schools opened
by the zemsivo and other local admln-
lstrailons. As the greatest difficulty
In the wuy of a speedy instruction ln
moral, obligatory and elementary education is tbe lack of capable teachers,
the miniBtor proposes to enlarge at
the slate's expense the number or
schools where teachers are educated
and to increase the allowances made
to the existing Institutions.
In regard to the schools lor the non-
llu-san population the minister proposes to permit elementary education
being given to pupils In their mother
tonuue on condition that tho teaching
of Russian history nnd geography must
lie In the Russian language.
West Kootenay   Company    Has Other
Use for All Its Power���Proceedings of Council Meeting.
The most .important disclosure at
the cily council meeting last night
was the notice from L. A. Campbell,
manager or Ihe West Kootenay Power
& Light company, that the service to
the city' must be dlsopntiuued after
Dec-mber 21. No anxiety is left, aB
the city's plant is almost certain to be
in operation by that date, and iu case
or a row days' delay no oue doubts
that the obliging manager ol the company will strain a point In the city's
At Ihe next meeting the council will
oonsner suggestions lor amendments
lo lho Municipal Claires Act, to be
pr. n. mod lo the Municipal league at
the next session ol the legislature.
A grant ot $250 wus made lo the
20,000 club In aid or its latest advertising scheme.
The council mot at 8 o'clock with
.Mayor Gillett in the chair and Alder-
men Selous, Hume, living. Rose. An-
ualilo and Kirkpatrick present. The
minutes ol tho lasl meeting were read
aud approvid.
The Ilnnnco committee's report recommending the payment ol accounts
amounting to $21163.22, nnd two payrolls totalling $1096.75, was received
and adopted.
T. G. Proctor, on bohair or the 20,-
000 club, addressed thc council asking
ror financial assistance In the publication ol the club's now advertising
pamphlets. He      mentioned      the
mayor's suggestions thnt cuts ot the
public buildings, Including the new
hl?h school, city buildings nnd Ihe now
c urthousei be Included in the pamphlets. He thought that the benefit to
1)3 derived from tho ndvertislng being
genrral, the expense sliould be borne
at least In pnrt by Iho city.
8. M. Ilrydges and M. S. Parry also
spnko ln support  of the request.
The mayor Bald (he thought If the
matter were lo receive public support
the pamphlets should Include mention
of the city power plant and ol all city
Alderman Kirkpatrick thought that
my advertising scheme should pay
for Itself.
Mr. Procter replied that the pamphlet would not contain any direct advertising matter. He mentioned that
Earl Orey bad so advised.
ln reply' to Alderman Selous, Mr.
Procter suggested a grant of $250 from
the council.
Afler further discussion Alderman
Selous moved that $200 be granted,
provided that the suggested additions
to the pamphlet be made and that the
club raise $500. The motion was seconded by Alderman Annable and carried. The deputation thanked the
council and retired.
Frank A. Brewer presented a largely
signed petition lor a sidewalk on Hen-
dryx street, Irom Baker street to Vernon street. Mr. Brewer and Mr.
Bruce White addressed the council,
exp'alnlng that both Vernon and Hail
streeis, the only avenues to East Vernon street, wero objectionable at
Alderman Rose supported the request, and on motion ol Alderman
Hume and Rose It was granted.
Alderman Rose also asked that a
sidewalk be built on Vernon street to
the residence or H. Byers, a distance
or about 30 reet. The work was lert
to be done at the mayor's order.
A letter Irom W. H. Bowes asked
that any suggestions tor amendments
to the Municipal Clauses Act should
be ferwarded by December 20.
Mayor Gillett thought the matter
well worthy or consideration.
Alderman SelouB suggested that the
undue burden placed upon municipalities ln connection with the maintenance ot schools should form the Bub-
Jtct ot complaint. He also wished to
have reslore'd to councils financial
control over school boards.
The mayor said that the Municipal
union purposed framing a new Municipal Clauses Act.
Alder\an Annable���We may as well
face the fact that we have to build a
new $40,000 or $60,000 sc'hool' next
Alderman Selous thought every municipality would have grievances to
present in connection with the schools.
Alderman Annable���The government
or British Columbia gives more per
capita for education than any other
In Canada.
The matter was left over to the next
regular meeting.
A letter from L. A. Campbell dated
November 21 read as follows:
"In view of the fact that we are
closing a contract that will take np
the full capacity of our transformers
which we have now ln Nelson, we are
Indeed sorry to inform you that un-
les's you can see your way clear to
make a contract for Ihe power which
we have been supplying you with for
the operation of your lights, we will
he compelled to discontinue service
30 days rrom date."
Arter some discussion the . mayor
was Instructed on Alderman Selous*
suggestion to reply, stating thnt the
city could not enter into such a contract as the city's plant would soon
be I** operation, but that it was trusted thai In case ot a tew days' delay
Mr. Campbell would be able to con-
Mmi^ th? rervlce  ror that time.
C "nm-ntns wrote asking for Infor-
mat'n-i as to the position ot superintend, nl nt the power plant. The letter was referred to the mayor and city
snperlitendent  of electric  light.
Three tenders for the removal or
the courthouse were received, tor
$1175, $1200 and $825 respectively.
In reply to Alderman Selous the
mayor said he still thought that it
could be moved by day labor at a cost
below  the lowest tender received.
Alderman Selous asked it the city
were committed to the acceptance of
the  building and  Its  removal.
The mayor���Yes, we are morally
pledged to the government. We made
an offer and they accepted.
A motion to have it done by day labor under the mayor'a aupervlaion was
made by Alderman Annable, seconded
by Alderman Kirkpatrick.
Alderman Rose still objected to the
site and lo placing It on leased
ground. He admitted that lt was impracticable to move it uptown through
Ihe fire limits, but be favored moving
It simply across the street.
All agreed that lhe only choice lay
htween Ward street and Front, on
sites less thnn 100 yards apart.
Tho motion wns then cnrrled, and
mayor and Aldermen Rose and Selous
were appointed a committee to dte-
clde on the site.
Alderman Selous gave notice of a
new fire prevention bylaw.
The mayor nnd Aldermen Hume and
Irving were npinlntcd the court or re
The ordinary payroll for November
wns passed.
The city engineer reported that the
proposed sidewalk on Cedar street
would be very expensive. He had no
report prepared on tho sewer on the
C. P. R. grounds.
Th" council then adjourned lo December 10.
Clerk Stole Diamonds.
Mexico City. Nov. 27.���Baroness Erg-
gbtii, a visitor from Australia, Is said
to have been robbed of diamonds and
jewelry valued at $0000 at the Hotel
Slen here. It Is asserted that the baroness pul tho Jewelry In n scaled pack-
ago which she loft ln charge or the
clerk, when, on her return rrom a
abort trip, Bhe found the Jewelry had
been removed from the package and
In its place was some old coins. Clerk
Moorehead resigned his* position while
she was away and haB not been seen
Young Wife Bsaten   and    Imprisoned
by Brutal Husband.
Calgary, Nov. 27.���Saturday two
Danes came to Ihe police station and
told a Strang., story. They live in
some shacks near the C. P. R. pumping station. They told how a woman
living near to them had shouted
through the partitions and asked them
tu get a police officer as she waa locked in. Officer George Herd was detailed to look Into the matter and
went to the house, accompanied by the
two Danes. When near the house
tbey saw the husband of the woman,
Alex Galloway, run from the pumping
station, where he is employed. Ue
was endeavoring to get to hie house,
the officer ran also, but Galloway
beat him out and unlocked the door.
He slammed it In the officer's face,
leaving the key in the lock in his
hurry. The lock waa an old-fashioned
one with a snap on the inside and Galloway sprung the snap.
Alter a time be unlocked It and allowed the party to get Inside. It wae
the most poverty-stricken place the of-
I leer had seen for a long time. Tlore
waa practical')- no furniture and for
a bed a straw mattress was lying oo
the floor.
Mrs. Galloway, aged 17, Stood In the
middle of the room and presented a
most piteous sight. Her face was battered, bruised and bleeding. Her eyea
were both blackened and she could
hardly speak. She aald she had been
tied on the bed and locked in for two
daya, rrom Thursday to Saturday. Her
husband hod again and again assaulted her, as the fiend prompted bim.
The unfortunate girl wife was then
taken to the Holy Cross hospital,
where Bhe ls under the cere of Dr.
Greenwood, who says she will not be
ln condition to* appear ln court for
three weeks.
The brutal husband says she was
too friendly with employees of the livery barn in the city and he did not
like It and took that way to ahow his
displeasure. There are two small
children ln the family. One ls at the
home and tbe other is being taken
care of by the Salvation Army.
Galloway has been taken to tbe
barracks, where he will be held until
his wife Is able to appear against him.
Fort Steele Conflagration.
Just as The Canadian was about to
go to press a special despatch was received from Cranbrook stating that
the whole town of Fort Steele was being consumed by fire. No further particulars were available at 4 o'clock this
Prices of Metals.
New York. Nov. 27.���Silver, 69 3-8c;
copper, no quotation:   lead,  $5.75. '
London, Nov. 27.���Silver, 32d; lead,
��19 7a 6d.
Ended Today���Mackenzie  King Wires
Premier Scott Settlement  Haa
Been Reached.
Regina, Sask., Nov. 27.���Hon Walter Scott received the following telegram from Lethbrldge this afternoon
from Wlliiam Mackeuzle Kiug, deputy
minister of labor.
A reply Ireui tbe company to my
letter received at 4 o'clock yusterday
wus of a nu.iiro tu facilitate settlement immediately. I had a further
conference with the men and the company and arranged for a Joint conference between representatives of both.
This conference lasted from 10 o'clock
till nearly 2 this morning. It will be
continued at 11. The result of the
conference will be submitted to the
body of men at a meeting called for tonight. We seem to have arranged a
fair basis or settlement and I have
confident expectations the strike will
end today. (Signed) W. Mackenzie
Arrested Chinese Gamblers.
Calgary, Nov. 27.���The chief or police made a raid on Chinese gamblers
last night and gathered in seven trom
three dens. A considerable amount ot
money was taken trom tbe tables and
seven Celestials will answer this morning.
The price or silver continues to
show wide variations rrom day to day.
After lis jump or yesterday It declined Ave points today on both marketa.
Other quotations are unchanged.
Must no Longer Veto House
of Commons
Drastic and Final Measures Will
Be Taken to Assert Authority
on Education BUL
London, Nov. 27.���The Intensity or
the political reeling caused by the
treatment of the> education bill ln tbe
house of lords found expression today
in an emergency meeting of a general
committee of the National Uberal
federation, at which a resolution waa
unanimously adopted urging tbe government to reject the lords' amendments to the bill snd "resolutely to determine that the present parliament
shall not come to on end until steps
are taken to bring to a final arbitrament the question whether the house,
of peers should any longer possess the
right to veto the will of the people
as declared by the house of commons."
The metting was tbe largest and
most representative of its kind which
has assembled during the last 20 years.
The speakers warmly denounced
the action of the peers, declaring that
the house of commons should not
waste another day In considering the
amendments to the bill, which should
be returned to the house of lords
without debate, and the Liberal government ought to apply the only remedy, which must be drastic and final.
A letter from Sir Henry Campbell-
Bannerman was read in wblch the
premier said that it waa realised by
all Llbsrala, "that the house ot lords
would hasten to assert itself as the
instrument of unionism aa soon aa the
country rendered a verdict against the
Unionist government and the Unionist
Continuing, the letter said: "Still
we may plead guilty to a certain sense
of surprise at the violence of the manifestation now that lt has come. The
educational bill, as passed by the
house of commons, was as bill which
the country demanded in unmistakable terms st the general elections. It
now seems to have been turned Into a
travesty of its original form. As
amended, lt perpetuates, if it does not
extend, tbe very grievances and wrongs
fixed upon the country by the act of
1902. Of one thing you may rest assured, we will have no tampering
with the main principles upon which
our bill Is founded. If within those
limits an arrangement can be reached '
all well and good, ir not, it will be
tor ua to see that on this question ot
education and on others a way la
found by which the wishes of the
country may be made to prevail."
Mixing the Virus.
Manila, Nov. 27.���As a result of the
experiments with cholera virus at Hll-
Ibid prison 10 prisoners ont ot 24 who
were tnccculaled have died. The experiments were conducted by Dr. R.
P. Strong of the bureau or science.
The death or the prisoners took place
a few daya after they were Inocculal-
rd. It is declared by tlie Investigators
tbat ihe fatalities resulted trom contamination of the virus with tbe bubonic plague virus. Cholera virus is
in constant uae here and it has been
proved beneficial previously. It has
been used In Spain in thousands ol
cases and with excellent results. Gov- *
ernor Smith lu a statement to the public exonerated Dr. Strong and declared
that the commission would take care
of the families of the dead prisoners.
World Owed Him Living.
Schenectady, N. Y��� Nov. 27.���Joseph
Rellly. a Brooklyn blacksmith out of
a job and bard up, last night threw
his dress suit case through a $600
plate class window of a local department store for the purpose of being
arrested and making sure of three
square meals a day. He waited for
two policemen to arrive and arrest
him and was today bound over to the
grand jury. The minimum penalty la
two years In the state penitentiary.
It's often difficult to got even wUii*?*
people who owe you money. The Daily Canadian
Cool -nights are now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We huve plenty of them in red and liliie.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are Justly celebrated tor their excellence. We alone carry
them lu tills city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks. Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and 8hoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Bast quality and prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .*4,!,<K>,000 KEST ��4,IK,(l,000.
D. R. WILKIE. President. HON. BO BERT JAi'FRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposit* rccpivt'd and Interest allowed ftt current rates from date of opouing ao-
count uud compounded half-yearly,
r.Bi_��orN bwainch _J��   JVi.   L.A.V,  Wlenua|jT��r_
The ^yal Hank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accountb of Urine and Individuate opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  in  British  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out  of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.        EG.  L.  PHASE, General  Manager,  Montreal.
Publtthed au dayi it weat by tba
Baiter St., Nelson, B.C.
Subscription rates, 5. (-.nis a mi.uili delivered
Iu tbe citv, or I&.00 i. year tt lent by mini, when
paid Id advauee.
Advertising rater-: on application.
All uk.ni.*- paid in Mttlemettl <>t Th<> Daily
Canadian accounts, either Un subscription- or
advvrtiiiiiK, mail be receipted tor on ib ��� printed
lurms ot tlit Company. Other receipt, nre not
NOVBMBBR 27. 1906.
" By one word we aro unmet i int* judged to Ih*
wlie and by one word unmet line*-- judged to lie
foollih. I.t-t ii*- therefore be careful wnn'. we
The Dally Canadian has reproduced
with pleasure the report uf the first
public address of the premier which
dealt fully with the proceedings ofthe
Inter-provincial conference ou the bet-
terms Question. We should have been
glad did space afford us u> publlajt tin
entire speech, ns il dealt with many
matters of Interest to the electors in
matters relating to the government's
administration, other than those dls-
Unctlvely on the question of better
terms. As there can be but one more
session of the house before lis dissolution, and as this first speech of the
premier's may he considered lhe opening of the provincial campaign, and
furthermore, as the premier will himself address a Nelson audlenoe before
the elections, we have omitted those
parts of the address which dealt with
provincial  matters.
We think a careful perusal of the
address published yesterday and today
will dispel any illusions that may exist as to the comprehensive grasp
which the premier has of the better
terms issue. We are convinced, ulso,
that the misrepresent a linns which
have been so characteristic of the opposition organs and the labored at*
temps of the leader of the Liberal party to discredit the action of the premier will receive their quietus on perusal of the premier's defence.
When it is known that practically
all of four days were consumed tn considering British Columbia's special
claims the charge thnt the premier did
noL sufficiently or amply press his
case must fall to the ground. When
ll  is further known that    he    did not
leave the conference till he had been
assured that the upshot figure in tho
way ol compromise had been tendered
We are convinced the country will applaud the retirement of Mr. McBride
lather than that he should have appeared to he a consenting party to
such an arrangement The opposition
organs and the leader of the opposition himself would have been the first
to condemn the premier as u consent
ing party If he had stayed the conference out.
The comparisons made as to the
cost ol administering the Yukon and
the Atlin districts will perhaps be new
to many of our readers. That these
two districts, lying contiguous and
With exactly similar conditions, should
cost ten times more in the case or the
Yukon under Dominion administration
ihan Atlin under provincial adminis*
tiaiion is to forever silence the criti-
ciBms of the ignorant or ill-informed
section of the Eastern and local press
who hate attempted lo discredit the
local  parliament.
li will be observed, however, that
the chlel end attained by the premier
nn his visit lo Ottawa was the right
to reserve a case for the special consideration of the conference. The
vote which reaffirmed the terms of
Uu* yuebec convention was thus modified by the efforts of Mr. McUride,
and though it was hut the thin end of
ih-* wedge, the acknowledgement involved in that concession will doubtless prove far-reaching in lis results
to the pro   nee.
Thai the convention disagreed as to
the manner in whicli the special claims
of Hritish Columbia should be treated,
that Is to say, whether by arbitration,
imperial mediation or otherwise, ia not
at the present time of superlative importance. The premier obtained the
admission that there should be a reserve case, and Uiat opens the door
for such further consideration of the
province's Claims as may be thought
necessary. Thu manner of adjusting
the claims can still be made an issue,
but the determination of the premier
not to rest satisfied till the province
has obtained justice will meet with
the cordial approval of the electorate
wii bout reference to party affiliations.
!n one other matter we think the
premier scored a triumph. The calm,
dispasHioned.  well  reasoned and frank
tone with which his whole speech was
dominated will go far to redeem him
from the odium which it has beeu attempted to cast upon him for the Introduction of the question of better
terms into the arena of party politics.
It must be apparent io every reader
of the premier's address that this was
aud is the last thing he wishes to do.
Not ouee in iiis two-hour address did
he make it a party Issue, and ills
whole discussion of the affair was upon an extremely  non-pai'i_an  plane.
Thus oue by oue the allegations of
tin* opposition go by the board. There
is simply uo case against the premier
and we cannot but command the words
in which lie closed his address ami In
which h*' Intimated that his ease and
the case of the government is before
the electorate as a jury. If they de-
dde that he has not made good during
the nearly four years of udiuiuistra-
tlon he will agreeably accept an adverse vote and retire to the shades ot
the opposition. We believe this is the
spirit of every member of the government. Their one doBlre is to give the
province the best government possible
In order that the richest heritage In
the Dominion may become prosperous
under any administration that can
make most of it.
We are assured thnt the graceful
manner in which the premier relegates
the case lo the people will not fail of
due appreciation, and the voice of the
country will be almost unanimous in
the return of the government which
has done so admirably during its tenure of office.
The Winnipeg Telegram publishes
an interview with Hon. Mr. Leinieux,
postmaster general, in which it is alleged thnt he said he is uninformed
as to the unsatisfactory postal facilities In the West. Strangely enough,
though he has been in charge of one
Of the mosi Important departments of
lhe government since the promotion
of Hon. A. U. Aylesworth, he has not
heard that the West is crying out
against the inconvenience and loss
entailed through the inefficiency of
the postal service.
It is but a few days since Mr. Brodeur made a campaign Speech; lu fact,
several of them, in St. Ann's constituency In Quebec, and ills organs report hlm as saying that he intends
to use the enormous surplus earned
by the postal department in the improvement of the postal service. At
that time we had in mind to call the
attention of the minister to the defects
in the service in the West, but we
thought it only fair to permit hlm to
have a few weeks longer to develop
his plan of improvement. Since he
has not heard of the complaints of tlie
West it is but fair to assume that his
improvement in the postal service is
intended only to benefit Uie effete
Kast and that, dally, double and triple
mall services for towns and villages in
Oniario and Quobec are to be still
further increased. Rural delivery for
the Eastern proteges will be the next
step in advance and is not unlikely
among the Improvements contemplated
by the postmaster general.
The Winnipeg Tribune points out
that the delivery of the Winnipeg papers to points west of the prairie metropolis is shiftless and uncertain, the
papers often being carried far beyond
their destination and remaining undelivered for days. The plaint of Edmonton aud Calgary has almost ceased because the press has become dis-
cpuragetf, and so far as Nelson is concerned the local service is certainly
becoming more and more discreditable
and insufferable every day.
If the postmaster general has remained so long in office without learning of these conditions it shows two
things. Un the one hand be makes
no inquiry us to the efficiency of the
service and so long as no offensive
complaints reach him he deems Ignorance Is bliss. On the other bund
it shows that all local complaints fall
ou deaf ears and that subordinate officials make no effort to keep the department acquainted with the faults of
local  delivery.
We appreciate the demands made,
even the strain, upon the department
by the rapid development of the West,
but to be told one week that the department has no knowledge of the unsatisfactory dolivery of malls and the
previous week that it is proposed to
use the postal surplus in improving
the service in the East is to convince
us that the whole administration exists for thc fostering of those favor-
Itisins which have for so many years
kepi the Laurier government in power,
regardless of the wants of the rapidly
advancing West.
The Grand Forks Gazette makes
some timely strictures on the complaisance with which the people of
this province contemplate the dangerous character of a section of the in
habitants and the indifference with
which we tolerate the carrying of
dirks by oue class of immigrants, it
"Quick in revenge, pussionute in disposition, and accustomed by tradition
and training to the use or the knire,
the vieion** and ignorant Italian is one
of the worst types of immigrants we
could have in the country. Hy comparison the Oriental is a mild, model
citizen, yet this travesty of a 'white
man' roams the country unchecked
and withoul protest. One thing which
should receive serious attention by
ihe authorities Is the carrying of concealed weapons by ihese fellows. Tho
great majority of this class of Italians
carry lhe traditional stiletto or poniard, and n tnurderous weapon it is."
So tbe Conservatives of Nelson must request (he local organ of
the opposition to announce public
meetings to be addressed by prominent memhers of Canada's progressive
Conservative party and accept the announcements as so many parly favors.
They won't do it. They are afraid
they would be treated as the mayor
was treated when he asked the Dally
News to announce the voting on the
l��ower plant bylaw���that the city did
its udverilslng with the Dally Canadian and it could get its announcements
made by that paper also. Subsequently, not a word appeared in the morning
paper announcing the day of the vole.
The people are learning.
Blxty dayi nfier date i intend ionpi-.iv tn the
Son. Oblef Commlnloner of Undi ana Worki,
Victoria, to purohau M0 aorea of land in Fin*
Val lev:  Commencing at a posl plumed '-> elm Inn
west nf tlie north wait oorner oi J. Boblneon'a
pre emption mnl marked W. v-v, H's aoutheaal
eorner, thenee weit 30 chain-*-, tlience north -lit
ehalns, thence west  30 chains,   thenoe  north 40
ohalni, thenoe eait 40 ohalna. them-e smith B0
obalm lo place of beginning.
Nov. lain, nwfi. Vi. v.. hiuiu.ey,
J. K. Anna in,k, AKent
Notice Is herehy given thnt 00 dnv*-; afterdate I
inteml to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commluloner of Landi and worki, victoria, B-C,
tor permlulon to purohau the following duei-ib*
ed inml, situated tu the West Kooleiui} distriet,
on tht* west tide of ) uhtnnel (orHix Mite] oreek,
on  up or Hlil*- of Wlgofl  road, ahout *\y_ miles
iron West Arm nf Kootenay lake: Commencing
Ht h posl murked Mrs Iliittle Duck's r* K corner, running40 chains west; thenee 90 chalna
iouth; thenoe40 ohaini cast; theme BO ohaini
liorlh, to the point of eoinme-nceiiieiit,  con lit tiling KO neres of land, more or less.
Paled thu 17lh November l'Jui
Miu*. Hattik Ducat,
John B, Taylou, Agent
BlXty dayi (liter (Inlel Intend to npplv to Ihe
Honoruhlc the Chief Commissioner of Land.and
Works to purchase 040 aen - of land, located in
Fire Valley, on wc* I Mile of Arrow Uke: Commencing nl m pout planted 40ohalni WOlt ot the
southwe-it corner of J. Roblnion'i pre-emption
and marked J. V.'l B. B. corner, nml ninning
nortii so chain,*., thenee west ���*.-* ehatns. thenoe
south 81) chnins, tlience east m chains to place ot
Nov. IHth, liWi. JAM! Williams,
J. E. Annaiii.e. Agent
Hlxty days alter date 1 lutend to apply lothe
Honorable IhcChlel Commissioner of Landiand
Wnrk--, Victoria, lo purchase 300 acros of laud
located and described as follows: Commending
Ht a post planted at (hn southwest corner of ,I.
Boblnion'i pre-emption In Plre Vallev, aud about
five miles from Kdward Lauding, wes' sub* of
Arrow lake, and milked V O'a N K corner and
running wem fit) ohalna, thence south 9n chains.
thence east '.-*<> chain.*., theuee south -1' chains,
thenee east 40 chains, thenee north 40 chains to
place of beginning
Nov lath.ivoB. fba.-k Oiumu,
J. E. ANN.UU.K, Agent
Notice is hereby given that 60 days aller date I
Intend toapply lo the llouorable the chief Commissioner id Lands and Works for in.-rmission lo
purchnse lhe following described lauds situate
nbout lu mlleweast of the Citv of Nelson, on the
south shore of the West Arm of Kooteuny lake,
and commenong al a posl placed about to chains
south of the southeast corner of Lot 2MS, marked
"fl  rhoraai'T*!. w   oorner-." thenoe south _w
chains, thence east '2n chains, thanee north '20
chains, theuce west '2o ehalns to point oi com
m ence ment.
Paled this 6th dny Oj Nov., 1PU0.     H. Thomas.
Notice is hereby given thut SO dnys alter dnte 1
lutend to applv to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of I.inds and Works for permission
to purchase 380aoru of land, situate on the Little
Moyie river about 1 mile from lutcnuiOoiial
Boundary aud nhout 1 mile from Bp ikanc International Ky.:  Commanding at a post marked
D. Grant's 8. E. corner post, thence wesl -In
chains; thence north 40 chains; theuce east Hi
chalus; thence north '20 chains; theuce east 60
chains; thenee south fio eliHins to place of commencement, coiita'nlnjf'M) acres ol hmd.
Located Oct. 30th 1SQ8,
danikl Grant.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for jmr mission to
purchase thc followingdescrlh.d landi. In West
��� ootenny". Commenolng at a post planted nt
the northeast comer of i ot 4890. Q, 1., niarked F.
Fletcher's northwest comer, tin;nee south BO
chalus; thence east 10 chains, more or lou, to
the western boundary of Lot ..06. ii. 1.; theuce
north 80 chains to Kootenay river; thenee mini
following'aid river to point of commencement,
containing HOHercs more or less.
26th October, 1906.
Notice is herehy given that 00 days alter date I
Intend lo apply to the Hon. Chief Coininlssioiierof
LHlidsand Works, Victoria, for permission lu pui-
Ohau the followiiiK described land, sftnuled m
the Wut Kootenay district, on the west side of
Puhumei [or Six Mile) ereek, near wagon road,
about three miles from Kooteuay lake: Commencing at a poit marked "Jamea J. Puck's s w.
post," iiiniilug BO chains east, thei SO Ohaini
north, theuce 90 chains wesi, thence '20 chains
south, to the point of oommenoement,containing 4*0 acres of html, m*>re or less.
Pitted Uth November. 1IW0
Located hy.iAMKsJ. Dock,
per JuIlN K. TAYJ.OI', Audit,
Hlxty days nfter date I In lend toapply to the
Hon Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works,
Victoria, lo purchase ISO Hcrcs of land aboul two
miles h'low Hurton City, Wut Kootenay, oom*
menc-iiif*, at n post murked "J. A. Irving*! eail
comer [>ost," said poil being on tin* sa_rtorli end
of nn islnnd west of Lot6647,and claiming all tbo
land contain* d In said island, being about otic
mile In all easterly and westerly direction and
uboui Ju .Iih iii- fi  north to south.
November Uth, 1906, j. a. lavum,
 J K. annahlk, Agent.
���Sixty days after date 1 intend toapply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lnnds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 40 acres of land, situated
on the west Hide of Arrow Lake, about VU miles
below Hurton, and described us follows: Com-
menolng   at   a  post   planted   at   lhe northeast
corner of Lot 7970, and running north go ohaini
thence west W chnins, tbi nee south il) chains,
thenoo Bail 30 ehnins to place of begin it Ins.
Nov. llth, l'J06. ii   K-Dtu,,
t J. K. Annahlk, AROtit.
Notice Is hereby ��l veu that slxtv days lifter dute
1 Intend i-i npplv tothe Hon. Chief Cum mlssloner
of Lnnds and Works for permission to purohau
the followiiiK described landl In the West
Koolenay district: Beginning al a post inn rked
'--J. B. BImineo'l & W. corner," and planted about
one-half mile east of the ihore "f Whalshan
(Cariboo) lake and about 9 miles north of the
narrows of the snld Inke, and at the 8. �� corner
tiff Arthur Wnrrim's application to purchase;
thence east HO ohalni) tbenoe north W>i-hnlii*:
thenre west HO chains to the northeast corner of
Arthur Wnrrcu'suppllratfou to purchase; theuee
south ko chains to polut of commencement, containing B40 aorei, moreor less.
Oct. Kith, ltWti. J. 8. 8IH1NEO,
Notice I| herehv given that 60 (lavs afler date 1
intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chiel Commissioner of Landsand Works for pe'
un-sin    purchase    the    following   dc��crlh-'d
lands: CuiumoHfhit: tit h post placed adjoining
llie southwest eurner jiost of Leon Waisoii's Ap
plieatlon to Purchaio, runnim,' ho ehalns north.
(heme lOohalUIWOIti   thence Ml  chain-  souih.
thenoo 40 chain** easi. to poini ��>f commence
incut, eoiitatinut: BgO acre.- more or less,
Dated October 18,1000.
By hii agent, Krnwt, w. Robiwioh
00 davs alter date t
tin* Chief Commli
������������������������������������������:������������������������ .*H
New Styles in Long Coats for Ladies
Nollee Is hereby glf
intend lo applv to th
������loner nf Lauds and tt
chase  the  followiiiK    -
Kootenay district:   iic��iiiniiin ai a posi marked
"Otto llini'ir**. N W corner-" and planted 00
the wesl shore ol Wnlshau <<'arlhool lake, about
oiie-fuurlli mile wesl ofthe narrow.-, oi tt hatslinn
lake; tbence south t*o chains, thenoo cast 40
chains moreor less lo the shore of the NarfOWIj
thence  iolhiwinc  the   said   shore iu  a   nencral
northerly ami wtutorl; direction UOohuiui more
or less, to the poim of oom menoement, oon lain
Ing -Mo acr.-*. more or lou
I'nicd IhllStll dav of del . [906
otto HlB* ll,
K  i.  'i.tMMi'Mi. Agent.
Notice li horoby given thai ilx I) dav- nfter date
I inteml toapph'tothe lion, chief Commluloner
of Landl nml Works for permission to purohaU
the following described land.- m tt.-r Kooteuay
dlstricl: UcKiiiniiii: at a post marked "I K
Aid en'l s k corner," and pbmled on tin east
shore uf Whnt-iian (Cariboo) bike, aboul ono
mile north of tbc southern cud ol the lake j
Ihence nortii ho chain.-; tlience woal -JO chains,
more or less, to the shore of WhaUbatl lake;
thenoo following said shore iu a uetierul southerly and easterly direction 100chalm, moreor
less, to the poim of oommenoement, i ontalnlng
B90 acres, more or less
i'ated thii Bth day of Ool , lOC-fl
I.    K    Al.l'KN,
I*   I. iU:.momi. Agenl
Notice is herebv given that stxiv day--nfter
date I intend to applv tothe Hon Chlel Commli*
sioner of Lands and Works [or permission to purchnse the rollowlng deurlbed landa In tbe "est
Kootonky dlitrlot; HckihiiIiik at a port marked
"Bertha iiirscb's N  BT oorner," and idanicd on
the easl shun- of Whalshan (Cariboo) lake, nt tbe
narrows of tbc lake, and about one mile south of
Arrow lake trail; thence south B0Ohalna; tlience
west 80 chains more or less lo the ihore ol the
narrowi; theuee following the uld sbon- in n
general northerly nnd eaiterly  direction i_o
chains more or less to the poini of  meneement, oontainlng 040 aeru more or leu
I'nted this tub dny of Oct,, 1900
BlRTHl Hiksi'U'
K. L. Hammono, Audit
Slxtv  days  after date 1 lulend toapply to the
Bon. Chief Commluloner of Unuis nmi Worki.
Victoria, lo purchaseU0acresiot land, located OU
the west side of Arrow hike, ahout live miles In
low Hurton env, and described as followi: Com
manning al a post murked "V. ti. Its southeast
corner," and beingtO ehatns east of the north wesl
corner of Lol 'J.lit; thence north tu chains; thence
wesi .0 cbalni; tbenee soutb Pi ehatns; tbence
east Hicham*, lo the place of ht-glimiDK-
November lllh, lUOti. K. li. Hf.kii,
por J. K. Ansaiii.k.
Hixty davs nfier date 1 purpose making appli-
cation lothe Chief Cuiuinhsioiier of Lauds and
Works [or permlulon to purchase tbe folio-*.*, lug
described laud: Commencing nt a post marked
"K   V**  i:  corner,'��� and situate nhout oue mile
from silver Tip Point, on Whatahan lake, nml
nenr Christie creek, running theliee Mn ebalns
north;  thenoe hochnilis Ht-ki;  ibenee 80 chains
sontb. followiiiK the -lake ahore; thence 80 chaini
ensi to the point of commencement, coiilaiuliitf
641' ac esmorc. or less
Hated the llth dny of August, 1000,
K   Fa
Notice is bereby ir'ven thnt on days after dnte
1 inteud loHpplv to the Honorable the Chief
Commluloner  of  Lamls  and  Works for permis
sion to purchaie the following described land.-;
Oommenelng til a Mil planted mi (be northeast
corner of Pelcr McNHllghtirn's application p,
purehase, runniiiK mt chaini wesi along the
northern boundarv of same; thence ni chains
north; thence HO ehains eual;  thenee  KO chains
south, along the wesi boundary of John BUlott'i
application to purohau, to point ofoommenoe
ment, oontainlng040aorei, nmre or less.
Dated Oot 18, 1%-. Thomas Smith,
lly hisBueut, Khnkst W   Koimnkon.
Notiee Is berth}- glveu that 80 day* nfler date I
intend loupply lo the HoiiorHble the ''hief Commissioner of Landl and Works, at Victoria, H. C.
for permlUlOU to purchnse the fallowing described lauds, iltuated in the West Kootenay
district, south of l-ortv Nine ereek. commenolng
ai ii posi marked "L. B Choqueue'il-?. W. corner," tbence 4li chnins east, tbence IU ehnllis
south, Ihenee tn ehulns  west, thence 40 chains
north to Ho- commettQemant poit, containing n��o
neres, more or Iin.
Nelson, B.C., Oct. 16th, 1��V>.
 Vi A. .Ionkh, Agent.
hlxty days after date I purpose in-king "pplica-
tinti to the Hon. Chief Commission*- of Lauds
nnd Works for permlulon to purohau th| followiiiK deicrlbed land:   Oommenelng at a post
placed nt the southwest corner of It W, HhiiiiIiik
ton's implication to purchase, marked "L. M. R.
H'l _. K corner post,'1 ruiuiliiK theliee Wl chains
west; thence ho ehnins south; Ibenee 80 chains
eait; thence so ehnins north to polnl ol coni-
meneetnent, containing 840 ueres, more orieis.
Dated the loth day of October, 1U00.
L. II. B. Hanninoto***.,
  Per K -KiiiKt.l., AkciiI.
pixy duys aller date I purpose making application to tbe linn- chief Commluloner of Landi
mnl Works for permlulon to purohau the following deicrlbed lund:   Commenolng at a post
piaeed on the north houudar-y <H lot No. MC*.'   and
about two ohalni eail of WhaWian creek, marked "M. S's. S. tt. eorner." ninning tbence -10
chains eusl; theuce 40 -.hnlns north; thence -It)
chains west; thence 10 chains xouth, lo polul ol
oommenoement, eontainiug [60 acres more or
Dated thc loth dav of October, 1900.
M. Hhiki.i.,
Per It. KHIKI.l., Agent.
Notleo li horebyglven thatilxty daya after dnte
I Intend to apply to the Hou. Chief Commission
erof Lauds and  Works for permission to pur-
obau tin* following ducrlbed landi, 100 acres,
commenolng al a post marked John Toye, planted (in ths cast shore of Lower Arrow Inke, nbout
one mile north ol Bumblne creek, thene* forty
chnins ensl, thence torly chains south, thence
forty chains west, theme forty chnins north
along laki* shore to point of eoinliieiici-ment.
Dated this Liih day of September, 1800,
John Tovk.
Hahhv QlittOM, AkciiI.
Notice Is hereby given thnt 80 dnys alter dnte I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Cnlet Com-
DlUllonerof Lauds and Works for iiermlssloii to
purchase the billowing deserlhed lands: Com*
iik iicing al a posl placed 20 chains west of the
lontheaal corner of uot 880, marked "K.a BelPi
northwest Corner," thence south Ko ehulns,
thence east '2n < bains,  thence north 20 ohalni,
tnence west so ohalni to point of oommenoement.
eontainiug lo neres, more or less
Located thll 0th dayof Nov ,1900.   H. A.IIkll.
Hlxty dnys aller dale I -purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner (,f l,all,|N
and Works foi permission to purehase the following  described laud:    ( oiiimeiieliiB  at a po��t
plH 1 at the norlh cast comer of B.C Hklnncr's
application lo purohau, marked "II. H's N. tt'.
corner piiKt," thenc.-following ihe eait boundary of same m chains south; thence running 80
ehnllis east; theuee ��o chnins north; thence Wl
chaius wesl lo polnl 0| commencement, contain*
ing 040 acres more or lesi.
Dated the loth day of October, l��nf>.
11. Dodd,
Per It. Shiku., Agent.
fio days afler date I intend lo apply to the Honorable tlie Chief Commluloner ol Lands iiiiii
Works, Victoria, H C , to purchase 640 acres of
land sltuale west of Arrow lake on the west side
of Whatchau creek and joining tbc uorth boundary of S, J. Annable application to purchase.
Commenolng al a post marked K. J. B. H. e. corner and running we:*' no ehnins, thenee north 80
ChAlnai thenee east ��0 chains; thence south to
point of commencement.
Heptember _ud 1906. ft. J. Elliot.
Notice Is hereby given that fill davs nfter dnte, I
intend to npidv to the Hon. Chief Coinmlsslonor
of Landl nnd Works for permission to purchase
the lollowlng described lauds in the West Koot
ouay District:   Reglnnlng.atappii marked"W-
H Flvldge's B. W corner," nnd plained about
One-quarter mile ��Ut Of the west shore Of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, and about one and one
(jnarlcr miles nnrlh of the tmulhern end of the
lake; thence imrth ho ohalm; thenee east 40
chains more or less lo the shore of the Whatahan
lake; thence following snld shore In a general
southerly and westcrlv direction lQOObalOl more
01 less 10 a point on   thr   shore due east  ofthe
posi of oommenoement) thence west 20 ehalni
more or less to the point of commencement, con
mining :.2n ueres more or less
Dated this Oth day of Oct., 1900-
W. S, KLvindi,
F. L. Hammond, Agent.
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lohe Wernicke Hook <
Notice Is herehy given thnt sixty tiny* after
dnte I Intend t<> npi-U to the Hun Chief Commissioner of  Lnnds nml   Work--  for  permlulon  tO
purohaae the following dawrloed lnnds, in
West Kootenay Dlatrlot: Commeneing al an Initial poal planted al the H>ntheait corner of Mc-
Coy'i pre- ption, thence M cbalni wail toenst
Uii mln n  of l-ot BUD;  lbence following snid
1 cdarj ninth toiontneeii corner ot nud lot;
thonco in chains west; thena 50 ohalna south;
tbeuce 80 ohalna eait; theuee a) ohaini north to
hoiuhwist comer of Lot 323; tbenoe following
wont hiiundnrvof U>tf2Z tu liiitlnl |>ost.
September Ii.iwxi. D, i> Wounr,
|ier Khnkst Vi. BOBIMOM.
Noiiee is hereby giren that wi dan afterdate, J
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Cotamusloner
of LhiuIs and Work-for piTiiiiv-nrn to |,urehaM��
Uie 'iiUu*,*, mi- described lands. Minnie on the
Bui ihoro oi Lower Luke, nhout imu* mnl mu*
hull mile South nf Bdgewood. B.C. and nd
Joining J. T. Beattle'i application to purcbue,
nmi commenolng m a poal marked Donald wu
sous South West eorner, theuee running North
siuy eliHins. thene* lasl forty chalUI, thenee
South, sixly chain . theme Wui   fortj ohalni 10
plnee id i imenoement. nnd containing MO
ner- i mor,* or less.
I'ONAl.D   W'llJ-OX,
U. K. M'-ytAKKilt. AkciiI,
Unie.i tbla25tb -u*. of Beptember, laue.
Notice  Is  herehy given thnl Iwu mOOthl nfler
date  1   iniend to npply  m the Houuruhle Chlel
CommlMloner of i-mds mid Worka for permli-
Dion to purchan 640 aeru of land( deaorlbed u
follows: commenolng at a poel plnnied nt the
���outhwul of i. <   uonlaon'i  ranoh  m  Fir*
Valley.  Wesi   Kootenay  dlitrlot,   marked "J, ll
Mun re's northeut comer post"; theneelOehalni
wee*; thenoe 80ohalni south; thence80ebalni
east; thenee io ciiniii> north io the piau ol oom-
Dated nth dnv of September, UM
j. il iftmaoi,
w. a ''ALtiKii, Agent.
Notice Is herehy given that 60 dav|nfier dnte 1
intend io applj to the Hon. chief Commbutoner
of Lnnds and Works for permission to purchase
the following deaeribed landa, eltnate In Wut
Koolanay dl-lrm. Ih-);iiiuiu��; nt n post mnrked
-Arthur VSnrren'sS  W  eorner,'- ��iuf phun-d on
the east shore uf Whntshnli (<'Wrlt ) Inke. abonl
Iwo   miles   north  id lhe  uarn.vi- ol  Whatahan
inke, uud ni the B. B corner of w\ Bepombe'i an-
pliciitioii to pnrehuei thence eaal to ehnins;
thenee north e0 obaina; thenee wen v> ehnins;
thenco iouth M ohaini io point of eommenoo-
ment; CoiitaltiiiiK BSOurei more or leis
Dated thii ��th day of (let 1906.
Al'.TUt'll  W.UtllKN,
F. L. Hammono, Akchi.
Slxlv dnys afterdate I DOrpoU making npplkn-
tion to the Hon chiel Dommliiioner ol Undi
nnd Worki for m irmiulon to purohau the following duorlbed laud:   Oommenelng m a poit
placed ni the northwest eorner of 11 Dodd'i np-
plloatlon to piireliHie, mnrked '*lt W B'l8 \..
corner post," runniiiK thence Ho ehalns north;
thence ��o chnins eait; thence Ho ehalni souih ;
thence  -so ehnins west  to point ol eommeiiee-
meiit, oontainlng 640 aoru, more or i..-.*
Dtted this loth dny id October ttot.
R Vi. Haknimiton,
j>er R. Bhiki.l, Agent.
Notiee ls herehy given Mint sixty days niter
dale I inieml to npply to the Itotionthle lhe
Chief CommiMioner of Unds nml Work-, lor
permission to purchase lhe followiiiK ducrlbed
lamls lu the West kooiennv dlsirlct: lleKlnnluir
at a post marked "Jnmesl. l-'raser's N.K.corner r
and   panted  on   lhe   ensl   shore   of   Whalshnn
(Cariboo) lake, abonl one-balf   mile north of
Christie creek; thence Miiitli U chains, more or
less, to the north   boundary  Of W  Secomtn-'sap
plication to purehaae; thenee we-union*, the snid
bonndary *0 chains, more or less, I,, ihe ibore ol
the Uke; thence fidlowlng the snld ihore in a
general   northerly    nud   en-terly   direction   SO
opalna, more or less, to point of oommsnoement,
coiiininlnK I"" acres, more or leas.
Oet Uth, IfWi. JAJsOtG, Khahkr,
I**. L. IIahmom,. AkciiI.
Notice  \h  herehy given  that slxlv days ,t|,,.r
the date I Intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief
Cammlaelonor of Lamb and Works for permis
sion to purchnse the following described land
ii) the WUt Kooleimy district: ll.-��innli)K nl a
posl   marked   "K    |{, Keil's  N   K   corner," nnd
planted on lhe ahore ol Whatahan (Cagboollake,
at ihe northwet eorner of ~u\ lake; thenoo So
ohalna wut; thenee 40 ehnins south, thenee tu
chnius emt: tiiumc io ohaini soutli j thenoe en.-*
���W chains, moreor less to lhe chore of  the laid
ink-; theme northerly along the Mid hike ihore
���HO ehnllis, more or lew, in  the  pomi of i .uiii-ieii-
cement oontainlng ISO aeru, more oi less
Dated Oot. i'. looo. k. k. kkii.,
K. L Hammond. Agent.
Notiee Is herehy given thnt 60 dan after <lnf  1
Intend to apply lolhe Hon Chief Comm Inl ono r
of Un- sand Worki lor permlulon to purohau
[he following duorlbod lands iitnotod In the
^��rLV,''wlml,;11T11'!* SMJl?nm�� "l ��p��t
iiiisiks.I1    vsiiiiisisi Ks-H s. n. \\. oornfir    ���������..,
IiIuSIIs-.1h1s.ssi1    Ill,- (..sill),   ���f   ,,,.. ,,,.,,,, ..,.,,
iii Wh.ul.8ij (Cariboo) i���k,-,��i���,���s iSenirofiain,
wwl nl lho wwtiboreol -... 1.1 Uke >i ��� lho
,011th Isissiii.lsiry ill E   K    KoU'l .sM.Ss. i.ss.iis i���
PBtjJuol ihonooMHthBohallMl llis-i -sssstS
'.. . * "",',"' I"" }"'*' '" ���'"* "��IJ '"ko "linns;
iiissn.-s-nisi-iisssriy along Iho uldahoranoha.nl
v"��   ."'���*"'"��� 1" ""��� "*���"' ��"""1   I'ssssisilsirv   ���
K i . Koll'iapplloa s i��� purohaae; the woi
*-ti<-l,alli��, issssrs- ot Ira. to the polnl ol ���.-1.,T.......--
ment,containing IHOaorei, moroorlui
Dated Oot.U,lira. Wttlu��K��Ii,
 _> r- I   IlAMMONIs, A||s-sil.
l,Su���'��m!,irv'',!' Bm"" ,,"���*' '*! ""!���" "'"*' "  I
pflSWA SS. -SS-SKIft
_:,",",';.���":."���'';","*:'""���' *���'"""��� sS. .'*"��;
JV* "'SS sll.-lrli-t, ptovlllcOOl llrlliuli <-..].��� ,11,....-
Oommenolng ��������� ���,.., , marked"WUlftm T..11 in.
issii'ss nortbweit iimwr n,s.i ������ ,���,,   ,'' K"
isiiiiii.-.i 111 the nuthwoii s- rin"r     i'i,. -,   ."ti
Mineral l.'ltili.s," nnsl ss.llssisilis. I   . . .. si.	
&i.-i*h-ii*.,,r.-_*,,1I,ii,11,",1 .';,','.."���:��� ,*"", ���;.;:
Hsinis-,   ..1..,.,   ���...'.,    11.'.   " .,' l ���uu* tnejilj (JI
ehulns   nloiiK
chain,, il,,,,,",. no-rlb\%n**^ehaU0'i?,sgS
SS ..I    I. .��� I ���     1 1>. .      .         -     s- 'I       I SIS III.,    I 1.1-1|(.,.
wins llll s J  IIU. I 11 IS ill�� In,,1,, ,,,  11...   t,, .(,,, ,,[��� ,
oommenoement. 'l ""* l'UK"��'
Dated 1st 'lay nl Auguit. 180.,
f mi
Sixty slaymifli.r dale I
Wii.ium TounmsoR,
bj hll agent J, E. Tajlor.
Works toroermliiion to purohr_ *    ,ffl ;""'';
deserlhed Iniid*. Coromeiiniho ���t .. V '"",MVll!i;
' I. l"sS Vi corner,'* h.1 ,i_\\l ^b _2_i __SJSP
Rryof I). Pferce's applloatlon to ,��� ,Z\t l\\\ *
nlng thence h. chnins north: the��m>_n_l.__f'
-ast;  ihcnce 80 obalm south .  , . I   . '"l,l!i
west to point of comnic],,.,.,,!  i t tmil,H
neres mo c or less lt' ����ntalnlng 640
Dated the llth dny of Auguit, iwn.
Notloe is hereby given tbal BO denafiardual
intend io apidy to the Hon. ci,,,.-, ���mm^
oi i���itniK and Uork> for peralniontoMnS
.he   (oUOWlng  deserllH,!   lnnds   itOaiWB
West   Kooteuny dlsirlct:    BeyinDtjJTt7}S
"f'i��r,'in,l i
marked "O. If, MncMicktiiK'*. >? w
���.hinted on th
ishorcuf .U.-iHimh,,'^   .
���������������-" 'il ����� north of iIip tpperKu.
ows of (he suid Uke nnd otiuosu.. ti���. 1-.1.-.I,.
he  ""Id   hike;   ihcnce  nulb B I lulu-,: |-    "
aai UI ohalna, moreor Ic*-h, i<, iba u.,-
loiiowing ihe eald ibon inanortbciij I
and wm torly direction UO cbalni, mon orki
to |Niint of commencement. enjMHim,,.,;!.!,,.;:
more or lens.
Oct. U. luuo. o. r MacMi-hm
Br F. L. IlAMMUMb. Ag.Dt.
Notice Is herehy nl veil Hi��Hilld,i>Mit*-riliie��
Iniend lo Hpply to the Hon. thei'liMi-nDiaii.
lionet   of Unds  nnd   Works  for p-riiii*.--,], ���_
i ihoao tbe following deeerlbi I
Weil Kootenay dwirict. li��giniiiiiK at �� m
marked a 0. Ball nud B. BelPi 8 B ooraeM
ahoul 'J mile.- ensi of the Salmon river and iQ
1 , mil-- from the Pend d'OrolHl river.  ii,t*���. *
ohalm northj thenee tf ohalm wen; tiienna '
ehalnaaonth; thenoa _Donalni ���,.-: i- im-. ,i
iMwlnnl a.
finled the Win! dnv of Heptemt,.-,. l*��,
K Hill,
r. m Etaarist, Ageni
Blxty days after data I pari  htukitik ap^u- ,
cation io tin- Honorable the Cblel * 'onunraiiitr ;
of Landl nnd Works lor permlnlop  Ul ponS
lbe following deaoffbed Und:  Comatncugil I
n poii marked "D. *?*�� 8TW. eorner," nij^niai
K Pauciu|er*i applleaUon to pun*li_**. ruaiiti
thenoo80ohaini north; tbenoe *> cIihidi mt;
thence 80 ehalni ���outh; tbenee W ciiaiDt int ]
to the  polnl of comniciieemeiil.couuinlni tt
aorea, mon or less.
tinted the nth dny o[ AuguM, I.*-*.
I' film,
i'er v. U. Fanqnin, Apit
Sixty dnys nfter date 1 lulend   In apM tolit
Honorable thi Chief ('ormniMion.-r nf uniiud !
Worki lor iierinissioii  to purehnM* lhe lollorjj  '
deaorlbed Unds m  -Codtenaj  dlitrlet:   '��o* ,
menelngata imh-i markeii J ll Aniiaidf"-'norta-
eaal comer post, wid pot-si being on Ihewp
Ilde of the f.twei Arrow Inke, nls.ut ten nikl j
below lliirion City; thence south -tu rluioi; j
thence WMl 90 Ohalna] thenei- mmlliDrlitlu; I
thence Weal V) ohallUI thenee north V ibtw .]
nnd 90 links, more or h-.- lo the lakrihvni
thenO ���������*-i,.rlvaloiig Inkelllehnltc* BOWWKg "
to the place oi lM>ginuiiiK, contniiuiiK !��>�������>, i
more or leai,
Jmied this .'ith day nf Noveml��*r,!����.
J. B. AiCiiU,
jn*r K. h  BtftK-t, A|[.-iil.
Blxty daya after date 1 iniend toappiy totke j
Uonorahle the ('hlel Coinmlssloiier of Umliui
w���rks ior iHTuiisiiion to purohaw the l��liu*U|
deeerlbed lnnds in Koolenay district: i-nmn-
Olng al n  post mnrked "A, J  I'ill'x >nutbwal ���
corner pnul," mi Id   jhhI   IjcIiik on tin* ii��rllif-��*> i
erly ihore of tbo 1-ower hnam Lakeaadtfan
doe eaat, on the OQrtheaat eorner of !_*!���
or.ui). i; tbenoe north tu elm ins. eail Meta"
-outh 4i) chains, niorc or less, to the Ukeita*.
thenee following sHld ahore Hi a miutliwMWr
(llrectlon M) ohalna, more or less to lln* |>I*��*��
he��inniiiK   coiitninliiK lfin acre*-, �����n or 1��
limed this stb dav ol November, iw   _,
A. J. Uni,
per K  L. Bi-hnet. Agent
Notice U heteby given that -90 dayiilWrWi j
I   Inleiiil,  to apply  to  thc  HouofHhlc lix-l hid j
Ciimnil��Hiouijr of Lands and Work' lor we*
shin to runhHUP  the   following .IcnorJlH-d Undi. j
Kootonay   district:     Commencing  ���' �� i1"!
mnrked 'J. 11 Wallar.'a liorthwc! porii<TP��*-i-
snld post buing on the eaiterly Hdt" of wag
Arrow lake, nnd nt the nnthw-H 'oriifr o!
Portor'a pre-emption olalm; thence eaftaorb-oit,
tbonce aouth 80 cbaina, theme we.t ji.t-nii.
uth 20 chnins,
��. to the Arrow lako, thence laawK
easterly  direction 60Ohalni, mnrc or Wt* to ���>�� ;
plaoe of beginning, oonrtalnlnB i�� ���������-'���*���" ���"���i
Dated this Uth dny of Qofobor, IW.       _,   j
j. il ffsiiu*
By hla agent, Kknnrth I- BmWt ^
Notice Is herehy glvi-n lhat slxtv tejttMM
1 Iniend to niii.lt'to the Hon Chlci nimrawW" 1
ol handi mid Works for nermlailon W purrM*
the (oihiwiiiKdcKcrllied laiHK.siariiiiMi-sfi'
planted on -Tho Norih Wail eorner.. !<��'<��
Ihenoe running tweniv chain- Booth, iwp
twenty Ohaini West, thenee  fori i ( Iiiiii >��"���
Ihenoe twenty ohalnaJEaat, tbenoe.wopty����
south to |ioiiit ���f commenccme
ii't* Wl acres more or less. _,    __,
W..I. 1-T.AW !
Haled lhe 1st day of October. 1900.
Hlxty dnys after date I purpose mahlug ���Pf'1*
cation lothe Hon. tola. Oommlailon��'��"a
..nd Works rm permlaalon to pun-baas wm
lowing ilescrlhed  land:   Conn ,,IL'*,.,���.
placed at the soiithwcat corner of M  9t\
plie.ilIon  lo purcluiHc, marked "I
uer," runniiiK thenee N) ehnlu-i n|,M
chalnn wesi; theuee HU ehniii*- south, the '
chnins east to point uf conimcnee.nciil.eoiilllB
ing :l'2ll acre*- more or lean.
Dated the luth day Ol Octohcr. IOT     (^^
per e/bhibj- j
- V. rat-
Nollee in horeby given that 00 dnys ���Iter ''���J.
iniend to apply to the Honorableitiwtjm
Oomralailonoro. Landiand Works for ih��� (
���ton to purehase the -following d'-erine-   >     f
in tin- Weal Kootenay dlatrlct:  ll'>-'ml1 "Vr"
l-osf  marked "KIcHlior BlnolTaB   ��   "      (lf
nmi planted on the we��t shore nf th.* '������Sill
Whatahan (Carlhoollt.ke.iiliouiom'iiei "' .,
mlloaaouthOf Arrow Inkclrnil; Hi'11" "'!\tiii
chains; thenee eimt 4ll ehnllis more oi "��� ,,*
Hhore of the Nurrows; thence |nll",l"'K_]r,|)rfc*
shore lu h geueral-aoutherly nmi w':"',,*.,,1.ii1-i**
tion BO ohalna more or less to p i "''0BD"
.ment,containing .Macrosmor       n,-j*ni,
Dated Oot nth im��. K1.MSI" i �����
p, i, Hammon . Agem-   ,_
Nollee la here by given Ihnt
I Intend to applv to the Hon Chlel i j" ",'; .M.
er nl Landsand" Wnrka fornormliw\f �� ^
clm.se the f, wing deserlh..! lands      n>       ,
Kootenay dlatrloti   Beginning ��' " i   i,i0ntW
"W. EkjOQtnWl H   B. corner.'" nnd !*������   |bl,pi
ensl   nhorc  id   Wbatalian (<'iirll ', win_iah*n
Iwo milea north of the narrowsil0lri""w-.it*
lake; thenee north un ohalna j Hi''1' [h(,nr*
chnins, more or loss, to the hike s ' ' [J|t,r*y
rollowlng the anfd ahore in a general ""^.u,
and ensterly direction 180 ohalna, m ��o
the   polnl   of eomnienceineiit;  coowi"
aerus, mon' or 1o��h. '
Hated this Hth day of Ocl ,1908. ff mrMat-
F. L, HAMMUKf, *��*a1. imJ*"' '""���'
ANHEUSER    -AND the original
BUSCH.-    Bud weiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
nelson     *"*"* Aa..-_...ii;jritUh
_ Burns & Co.
Inch M.irk.-lH In   Bo__lAHd,   Trnil,   Nd-Mli,  KuhIo,   HamUm, Tht .-.��� Kurltn, Nhw
Dflfiver nnd HIck-.iii 1 iity.
1 nnv     ���.. 11- 1, will nave
it r.-f nl ai iom ion.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
hniU*,- aftei date Ipnrpoaamaklngappll-
JduuiDk Hon cnieM'oi laatonei of landa
���Works for purmUilon to purebaae the M-
%. 1 landi    ('nmmenolnjr at a poet
y 11 ii   ni ithwoat eorner ol i. Bhlall'i ap*
��*-���*,  le  IHU   haae,   murked ' It. H's."   E  OOP
11 -  -i ehains north, iheiicetW
. ���.._;   <!,���!,,,- s" chains south, Iheiim* sil
1       I of  1 iiuimciie .ment, eoiitnili-
on-rei, nmre 01 less.
la] ni October, 1**1
p��r J. Hhiki.i,, Agent.
lati   1 purpOM  inakliiK appli*
: 1   < hlel ('ommlaaioner ol Uuuls
5\t.  rki :        TliilMlon lo j.urc|iu-e lhe lol-
Commenolni nt a I""*!
iiorthout 1 orm-r nl K Hhlell's
i,..!i���M,.|-       ik   marked "U. K G'i H. K.
iniiii,i   lheni- Mil halus north lo the
il 1  1. MH. thenee Mn chains
I chalnn small, tbenoe80obaina
cum meneement, eontalnfo-g -m*i
I ii tobef, iwaj.
��� it. b. Qentrna,
|.er .1 HHIKI.I., AKeut.
lati I purpoae making appli-
ii     tin  i hief Cotnnuaiionef ��f
(icrmlaalon tO purchase the
s md:   Commencing at n
'."i 1I.--I i.i ih< jiinrtiou of Barnea and
��� ul  of  ft. J- Klliotl's np
ft i *    marked "W, N  l"s   .-. W
."ntiiiiiiiK ihetiiH" hu chains north: thenre
-  ��� Iniiii- south; theme Hn
ni commenoement) aotttafn-*
���   UI lt"��|.
.,: i.-i..ut, I'-**.
W.N. Pools,
ier J. Hhiki.i., Akchi.
ite i purpoae uuikiiiK appli*
I" ll' Hmi the Chief <-muni-iloner o[
fin |.eniii*tsloii to purehaae the
in** >h'H-ritn-ii land- ('ommenclng at a
��� .iiie,,-t oorner <>( M. K. .ren-
tn pUfobMe,  marked "V. I>'s,
i.fn-er.' ruuuttiK thenco SO chains north;
-   ��������� Chalna eaat;   thenee -Ku
winli.theiKH'fin chalna weat-, to polnl of
��� oil tain Ing 040 aorei, more or
���cd ihe Liu  :.. oi Ociober.lfttt.
I'.r.i Bhiell.-tfenL
i iven ihai 80den nfter date I
*PI Hi it ion to the Honorable the
iissKiuer ol Lamlf and Works for per-
pur hase the followiiiK deacrltied
miiie*ti. in*,' hi  n post   oa  the   uorth
I'iirj nl I..,: n.i ���i,,i atmut :'chalnn emit of
p-i,""1 "**���    iiiniiifl 10 obaina aaat; tbenn
i uorih: thenei in ehalna treat: thenee40 J
nl i immenoatneut, con*
��� or leas-
I.kmn Watson,
Bj hit agi ni. KRN-V-.r W. BoetMOX.
��� Maga Iter .1.1 e l |,nrpose iuekIiik  apph-
�������' "'""I ' hief Commlaaioner ol Landa
����i"i [a-riuiuion to purchaao the fol-
, " ���";'''���  'tint:   CnniineiicliiK  at a post
���Midi west nf the Whalshan
���ii-stiil ii,.,,ii two ltlu(,��� ���,������,, -j Uliu|_
" ,'   ; k        ��  ��    HsN   K  enrner  post."
w-1 if." Nl ''haina   aouth;   thenee  BO
nu ,   "'"" ""-^halna nonh; thence ni
"i com menoementi oontaln-
������ tW| Illlll.    s.i    |mm
I'er It. Hhiki.i,, Agent.
Jahtfa ",';! ,''���*" ' Intend to apply to tho
, "���' inei ��� ommiaiioner of uindaand
Y"��. io pnrehaae 180 acre-of land,
!'; "'* --ole of Arrow lake, ml) .Inlnjj
' '������������i-ii-.il hs follows:  Cqmmenolni
����*'! on il,.��� w,.Hi hnunilnry of I-tit
"'"aim nnrlh of the 8, ��. corner of
".' '   ���**���*������ �� Cbalni, thenee south 80
���"' ������" eimins to the western
\\'J< 'iNPLl-ii No.��7h, thenee north
' ",'    '���""���sHllilllK.
lM' Al   I_.Wai.Mcy,
It J. Ki.j.iott, AkciiI.
Iierehj Ktv.-ii iimt on dava after date I
Ei .,,,,,, -n",''1 '! '"tl'cfloiiorahlethi!
m ,,;". " "^ ot Lnnds Hint Works for per-
��� *'oi���,, "' th- hilloWllig ileHiTllMKl
.Ul  ���|  \    ' 7^ '""���post pl���e(.,T ahout  oue
K>nth nt ui. ��� ." '"H'k n"'1 abonl three
],   I',,.,,,.,.'       hl"*hHl,  Hike, rilllltlim M. ennuis
li*e ll 'T welt' "'en.*.- HO ehnlmi
term-in .un, '1,"",\,'a'"* l" pOlUtOl Oom-
^ Uf mlalr 5 "luf      ���0Mi moM ,,r U'**'
KyhlHa    l'yyRit M''Nai:uiiton,
���t,,.,. I   ' agUn_ __"*��" W. Hoiiinson
Snniv'Ju,.lvoi. thfttfl0��*y�� torn flate 1
.   -���   ' (L,  1,h,,I',"':,**��hU'tho Chief Cnm-
I'-fUn,      .''Vi " Ht  !*Rrki '" mirchmeMO
'��Pfanted _, ���",'M ����owai Commenolng
ITl'er Z ''"'"onl, hank of the Liltle
j? "����� Mi ���' v^n,Vr,,,n ,,,,,1Ul,',l��..
��' mm m. ,*|,,I.." ,,s W- corner post."
w*wt Mei-aii.. ik enco ,lorUl w ohalni,
'..I,������������������, " ;'/"-t"'CM,Hih��t),.lmlnft, lo
or io���,    n(e,llont'ft��dcobtaUlnge_tfaorei
Nolhre la hereby given that *l dan alter dale J
Intend to apply to the Mouorahle theChlnf Coni-
uiissioiicr ol Lendl and Works for permlMlon to
mirehase thetollowing deaorlbed lands in the
West  Kootenay  dlatrlct:    HeKluniiix ��t  n  post
marked "Alexander rraaera ^. w. comer," and
plan led on the m��\ shore of the narrows of
WhiitMhan (Cnrlhoo) lake, at the tf. E. enrner nf
liTuhanl EUrioh'l application to purchase;
tbenei enH +i Ohalna: thence muth HU ehnllis;
thenoe west to ehalns, more or less, to the shore
of lhe narrows;  theme followiiiK the-mid chore
In a northerly direction so onaina, more or leaa
lothe point of fomui'iiceineui, oontainlng 320
acres, more or lenn.
Oct   1.1th, lUUTi. ALKXANIiKH KttASKH,
by F. I.. Ham monn. Agent-
Hixty davs -aftei date IpurpoM making appli-
eatlou to the Hon. 'hief ('ommlHRloiier of Umls
nml Works for [*_rmliHiou to purcliam- the lo]-
Imv mi* deaerilied lamls; t !ommen_fng nl the
northeast corner of C. I, ltniiiilliKlon'ii application Io purchase, murked *'E. A. Ca H. ft. eoriier,"
ruinilUK theuee Hn chains nortii, thence W)chains
west,  lbence ko ehains Miiitli, llienee HU chains
.���nut in poini oi commencement, eontaining 840
acres, more nr JeH,
Paled lit.- 12th dnv of Oetoher, lWti.
I   A. CrKauk,
jwr J Hhiki.i. AkcuI.
Notice is hereby giren that 80 dayi altar data
I Inieml to apph tothelloii Chief Commissioner
of Umls ami \\ orW lor pcrmlailon to purchase
lhe followlni daaoribad lands In West K.Hitenay
DlltrlOl! ll KlnniiiK nt a post marked, "Hern-
hard [fi!*ch-S  K. earlier," and planted on  the
east ihore of tin* narrows of Whauhan (Cariboo)
hike; thence u rth HO ehalns; them-e west Ml
chains more or less, to the ahore of Whalshan
lake: theliee followiiiK snid shore tu a Kcncral
loiitherlv und ensterlv direetinn 1'ji chains more
or leaa, to point of oommeneamanti conniuiuK
3_v aeres, more or lens.
Puled thlsMtlHlnyof Oct linJO.
liKllNHAHU  II I Km I.,
k. ],. iummomi. Agent
Hlxty days nfter date I purpose muklun application to i'e Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
[jili'ls ami Works for permission i,. purehase the
followiiiK dewrlbod Uml:   Oommenelng at a
poat plaied abolll half a inlle mil of names
creek, ami nhout one mile north of the mouth of
lhe aaiuo, marked "J. H's. H \\. corner," running
Ihence hu chain" north; thenee Ha chains east;
thence so elinius south to the north hoiiudnr*, of
W. N. ..Kile's application to purehaae; tiienre Hll
chains wesl to poini of coiniiieueeineiil; contain-
Hik 840 acre*, more or leaa.
Haled lhe Utfa dav ��"( OfltObOr, llalfi.
Hixty daya trtt*tdata 1 purpoea making appli-
cation to the Hon. Chief CoininiHsleiier of I-nmls
and Works for permission  iu  purchase  lhe  fol
lowintt deaorlbed lamls-  commeneing nt a put
placet! ahout half a in He wc-moT the lomTcmt ol
Whataban lake, marked -p p'�� N.W.eorner,"
riitiuir-K theuce KO chains nniith; IboOCeSO chains
east; thence Ml chains north: them-e HO ehnins
ireittOpohltof ' ������uitin.ni i-inem. ��� ,i:iimuim: iVU)
acres, more or less
Dated the ll'th day of October, 1U00.
II. Do hu.
Per J. HHIKI.I., Aneiil.
Ehxty dan after date 1 purpoae mating appli-
ention to the Hon Chief OomttlgllOner ut IjuoI.-
Kiui Wo ks for i>enuiii*ion to purehan the following   -ie,. Mhol  lauds:    I ommettolng at the
northweal comer pi k. a. Oreaae'aapplication to
purchaie, marked "W. (i. li'u. H Vi. corner,"
inn in in.- thenee Hi) chains north; thenee -SO
chain* east; theliee HO ehalna souih: llienee HU
ehalna wesi to point of commencement, containing ni" acrei-, more or lean.
Dated the i2ti, ilay iif Oetober, 1000,
I'er J. HlllKLL, Agent.
Hlx[y duys nfter date I jnnpo-e makltiK ap.
cation to the Hon. Chief Coinmlailoner of Lauds
and Works for permission lo pureliuse the followiiiK deaorlbed IhuiIs: Commencing Ht thc
northwest  comer of  D.  Pndd's npptlcatlou   to
purehaae, marked "M. Vt B. w. corner," rnunlng
them-e 80 chains north;   theuce -SO chalm, more
or lew, tn (he we
loWltlK *>Hin<
 _.. .if Whatahan lake, (ol-
'halus souih;  thenee 80 chaini,
t lo tbopolni of oomraon.ement,
eoUtallllll��lH0ui-feM. iiiox-oi .���*.��.
Dated the 1-lh day of Oeloher, lm tl
per .1. HiiiKi.1., Agent.
:.",|; ,1,iv Oct., itm
ROW, Mi'l.KAN.
Htm .hIw1ll"!r'"r',mRk'ntt.aI'P|1
���.r. " '"'nnilsslonerorUiids
| |""rl��*" in pnrtliHse lhe [ol.
r    f  v : ���  ���'"'nuioneiiiR   at the
��� i.- m s, n. K. comer," run*
���'"""'["du, "."' """"'. theuee 80 qhalm
���!,., - "�������*���_ ,��� loi wonoaniMit, oontalning
���" """'���iui.iay o'fOotober.awo.
   .   {J   h.  lUNNlNimiN,
t��rj Hhiki.l, Anenl
i Sss
KN'-VtiVA^/teftJ, Ruvv^Mn^inAM-^^i^
. "le.
(!1,,o( C"mmraal_nw'oi uVml's
io purchaio the fol-
omiiiig  (ll
I'"*"'-* ��PHI I cat i,���? rl,.W0ai   eornur   of   "B.
,,-K*>'<>riiur'. !������_...  P��f0haio, marked
, . " '" Si el'iuh.. Vr"1? *h����*��' ���**-< chains
ii"'"'""NheiiHiuaL����_i' tb.5._oe w 0l>ah_i
,;'!" in,.., n    ri u,n"taiof(.omm��n.
Il"' ljihdn       V    i more ,,r k'M*
". 'HOotoher, looo
,...-, i _,    K *RokaHlioKi
P��r J.Hiiikll, Ageut.
Notice Is herehv -.'Iven that nlxiy davs a tier
dale 1 inteml to applj lo the Hnuoruhle Chief
Conuuiailoiier of I.hikIs nml Works forpcruils-
Klon lo pure hum1 the follow I iur deserlhed lnnds:
Oommonolng al a posi placed on theiiorthwsi
eornerot Albert Klllott'sapplleatlon toimrehnce,
ruiniliiK   Ho Ohalna   oail   along   the   northern
boundary of aamui ihenee ho obalm north;
thonoe80ohaini wes1; ih*inoe80obaina iouth, t"
iniini of oommeneement, oontainlng Mo aorea,
more or leaa.
Dated Oct. 18, 111)0. JoIlN Ki.I.iott,
by his *agetit. Khnkst Vi. Koiiinsok.
Notice Is herehy given thnt ful dan niter dale 1
intend tonpl.lv lo the Hon. Chief ComnilsHJoner
of i.und- ami worka fot pormiaalon to pnrouan
the followiiiK deaoribed im.-i- Nltim(e<) in the
Weal Kootenay district:   Beginning ai �� post
marked " llerdert Warren's ft, B, co-tier," nud
nlunlcd on the w id shnre of Whatshan (Cnrlhoo)
Inke, about one ipinrlcr mile north of the south-
em end of the hike; ihence west ho chnins; thence
souih Ho ehatns; thence east Hn ehnins, more or
less, to Whataban creek; thenee followiiiK
 th along thc creek nml Inke shore Wl chnins.
moreor len, to point of oommonoemont,containing ti to acres, mow or less
Dated thnSth dny o( October, 1808.
Y. L. HiWMoNii. Anenl.
Nullce f�� herehy Riven thut 80 dayi after dale I
inVfflo npiily 10 the lion. < hloi 'V"";^ ��r
jf Undaand Works fin i     ���
the followiiiK ileserlls'il
... purchase
uilcd  In the
n! n post
ine  ioiiowiiik  ur-,..-���.   ���������������-	
.Vest Kootenay Diatrtcl:   fflnalig at a���p-��
marked,"AnloinottoHlroh'i h,K.   r��,,['."
nlanted on tho shore ol wuhIsi n (< riboo
lake at the -southeast eornei of Mn -aui i��**t
theuee south -10 chnin*,; them v a Mt W 'ins.
moreor less, lo the ihora ol W}iaWa^���i
theliee followiiiK the shore uiu oi ""'     ,      ..
lake in agenoral northorp and i �� l"�� ���
Hon H0 chains, more or leM. ''V1', ''/,,.'
menociuent; i-unlaliitu-,- M neres, more or leaa
The Duly Canadian
Premier's   Westminster  Addresa   Concluded.
Continuing his address ns reported
yesterday in The Dully Canadian, the
premier aaitl he wub not the one to cry
H-cuBHion or separation from confederation, but he would nuy that if the
oase is followed up In u constitutional
ami consistent   manner   there   is no
Question that the province would win
out uh It could nol he denied the right
which it, the British birthright
If the agreement hud  gone through
an arranged ln the Quebec conference
Prlnoe Edward bland would have gone
back 170,000 ahead or the game though
it wuh not Increased in popoulatlon.
Nova Bcotla wub uIbo noi going ahead,
hut miller the uri'uiigeiueiif proposed
it would have be-fu $_:0l),0(lu better.
Thll would have been a good thing to
go out on the hustings in u provinicul
election to talk about u�� an induce
ment to support the Liberal party at
Ottawa which had given the grant.
New Brunswick would be $200,000,
Quebec $200,000, and Ontario a-nd Manitoba nlc little sumn. Under the resolution which he could not accept Brit**
Iith Columbia would havo gol $116,000
more. Though 105 times larger than
P. E. I. it would have received only
(15.000 more than it.
Hon. Mr. McBride said be had found
11 difficult to give the conference an
Idea of the vatttnesH of llUngs In thin
province, with Hr six to seven thousand
miles of road and five to six thousand
milea of trail to upkeep, it constabulary, schools, etc., with a handful of
people taxed With the great responsibility. One member of the conference
had suggested that if the province wa.
more economical lu its management il
would uot feel the burden so harshly.
The man who made the comment wan
a supporter of the federal government,
and It was met with a challenge to
compare. In the Atlin country t. 's
province has a belt that Is similar in
climate and conformation to the White
Horse district In lhe Yukon. The fed
oral government provides the police
jails, courts, civil servants, etc., for
White Horse as Hritish Columbia does
for Atlin Thp conditions are the same.
Tb'* blue books and records, however,
would show that Atlin Is governed for
one-tenth that White Horse Is. Another
evidence of the economic managemenl
The government of Hritish Columbia hereby offers a reward of
$1000 fur information leading to
Ihe arrest and conviction of one
Frank Cedio, alias Frank Agalio
Paimblanc, who on the 18th Inst.
at the Canada hotel at Niagara,
B. C, murdered Louise King by
means of dynamite or other explosive.
Description of Frank Cedio,
alias Frank Agalio Paimblanc:
Italian, age about l!8 years;
height, about 5 feet *'.*_. Inches;
weight, about 150 pounds; brown
hair, light brown moustache;
may be clean shaven now; eyes
light blue, thin face, small thin
nose; slight scar on one cheek,
extending downwards 'from eye
to corner of mouth.
When last seen wore dark grey
still with black stripes, plaid pattern and tanned high top laced
Wire   or   otherwise   report   Immediately any Information to Mr.
1.   A.   Densmore,   Provincial   Constable .Grand Forks.
By order,
Supt.  Provincial   Police,
Notloe .thereby given thatilxty dua afterdate
1 intend to a|i|>1y to Hie Hon. Chiel ('ommiHslon-
er of Lnnds mnl Works for permission lo |mr-
cliase the lollowiiiK desertlM-d Imids. H li neres,
HtnrliiiL' nt n poit marked Catharine Toye, and
plained on tin- eaal Ihore of Lower Arrow inke,
li.*. r tiludsloiie Creek, theuee -1(1 ehnllis enst,
Ihenee Al ehalns north, thenee (l) chains west lo
Inke shore, thenee south along lake shore to
���".���.int of commencement.
Dated this Kith dny of Hrplemtier, 1906.
catukrink Toys,
Hahhy uiiisoN, -agent.
Sixty davs nfler d.te I intend toapply lo tlie
Moil, the Chief! oliiiulssioii.r of Unds mid Works
to purobaM LS0 eoiiM o! land \ Cotnntenoins ftt n
poit planted on too weit aldooi Six mile ereea,
on un-tfiiu rofld, nhout two nnd one hnlf mllen
Imni Kooleunv Inke, und niarked "Neil Me
Keehine's s. Weet corner nom," llienee oast til
Ohalni, then-SQ north -to chain-*., thence woet-40
ehalna, thenoo loutb ot ehnins, to piece oi oota-
men cement
Located this luth day of November. 1900,
San. ItoKa* -iiNiK.
Sixty days after dnte I Intend to abplj to the
HouorHhle the chief Commissioner of l,uni-. mnl
Works. Victoria, to purehaae 160aeroi of imni.
located In Kire Valley end deserlhed as foPown:
('��� niiiii'iKmg nl a posl innrked (<- B, -M**M - N.W.
corner, nnd planted at the southwest corner of
lol .sl'.. nnd iiiniihij: south B0 chains, thenee
sail -ii ehalns, thenee north su ehalns, theliee
west -'o chains to place ol bcKliitiliiK
Nov. IHth, IWO. i.ko U. Mi'Mii.un.
J. k. Annahlk, Agent.
Hlxty davs nfler dale 1 Intend to tipplr to Ute
Hon Chief Coiniiilssloiier of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to ii arc ha Re 4B0 aeres of laud, In Fire
Vnll-y, West Kootenay: ('oiiimeiicitiK at a post
planted- BO chnins west of the H. W. comer of J.
Roblnion'i preemption, and marked W.W'l N.
B, comer, and runiilUK west HO ehnllis. theuee
south 60 ehalns, (hence eait 60 chains, (hence
north HO chains to place of begliinini;
Nov. 1-sth, VMttt. William Williams,
J. K. Annaiili:. AKeut.
thii. 13th, liwo
Uy P, L. HaMMOHDi Ageut.
Notloe la liereby Riven that 80 days alter dnte I
Intend lo make application lo the I'ouorable the
Cbie' t'oinmlssloner of I_im!s and Works for per-
miasion lo imrchnse the followiiiK ,ir-'' Ibed
lands:   Cointiielieliik' ill  u  pd||  planted on the
northeut oo uer of Peter Mcnaugbtott'i applloa*
tion lo pnrehaa'i followiiiK tlu- enst houndarv of
lame H" chains soudi; tiienee MO chains eas(;
theuce Hu ehnllis north; thenee Wl ebalUl west to
poini of coiuiiienecmeiit, eouialniUK Mn neres,
more or less.
Holed Dot. 18,1006, Ai.hkiit Ki.i.hht,
liy ids agent kunkht w. Uokinson.
Sixty davs nfler dale I Iniend lo npplv (o lhe
Hon tlie Chl--fConiiiiisslonerof Umls and "uil.s
to purchase '.'in neres of Inml: Commenolng nt it
post marked "N.T H'ssouihe-ist oorner post,"
mild post i, im nl lhe northeaat corner oi.Ouo.
Hudson's pi'ceiii|iiiou clnlm, about two miles
soiillieastof llurioii t'lly, thence west m ehnln>,
south JO ehains, west -10 ehulns, uorth 10 ehnins,
ensl. sn chnins, south 30 ehalns to place of com.*
iiieucciueiit, vantaltUnffJUoaoraa,
LoualeUHllidayof Nov. 1WC.   NSTTIST, BBSS.
of the provincial government iB that
while the public buniness of the province has eaHlly doubled in its term of
government, It le being carried on with
perhaps a smaller ctvii service than
when the present government came
into power.
Other members of the conference
were appalled when told the cost of
building roads here, to know that it
took $15 to $2f) to do tbe work tltht
$\ would do In the eastern provinces.
Hon. Mr. McBride said he bad also
told the conference that tho immediate
development of the northern district
was anticipated. The Dominion government was bonuslng railwuys and
This carried with ft the obligation of
roads,  trails,    bridges-,    scoots, court
houses etc, that the province of Hrll-
IhIi Columbia wmild have lo provide.
The roads alone would cost over a
million d'dlurs. The government could
not In decency nek the settlers in the
southern pari of the province to pay
more taxes. A loan could not ho raised
as that would mean the same in the
end. If there was nothing else to warrant the appeal except the anticipated
development this should be sufficient
to demand prompt and immediate action. It could not be expected that
from a new district for yeara to come
that taxes could be collected that
would be at all adequate.
Premier McBride said he had made
no attempt to make the better terms
a party c-rV. Before leaving Ottawa
he had be deluged with telegrams from
Liberals and Conservatives saying that
he did right. Then on the way home
all along the line there had been dele-
gallons tendering hearty invitations to
stay over for functions to mark the approval of tbe people of the province of
the stand be had taken.
In concluding his address, Mon. Mr.
McBride said he had no personal axe
to grind, and if tbe people thought
they could do better for tlie country
by electing another government he was
willing to step out. But be was aatis*
fled the people did not want a change.
The province was nevor on a better
footing, and the future never before
gave* such promise. "Good old British
Colunniii Is coming to what she has
long been u'lled to be, the premier
provlnoe in tbe confederation of
How  One  Can   Beet Study  the  Suitability of a  Suit.
The less money a man wishes to
Spend on his clothes the more Important it Is that he should give careful
thought to every Illtre detail. A garment which must be worn for a whole
season must be right, or it carries Willi
it  discontent whenever donned.
In tbe web of cloth no man cau tell
exactly how the suit will fit hiB Individuality when made up. To get tbe
right effect one must wear Semi-ready
garments. They are made to the finished to-order stage, and a man can try
a suit or overcoat on and see just how
its tone and expression suits bis individuality. This effect. Is only ik��s-
slide in the Semi-ready garment, and
is impossible to produce In any but this
tailoring system. There Is only one
"Sevni ready. Sewn on the pocket Is
ihe trade-mark label.
J. A. Gilker, the pioneer merchant
of Nelson, has seeured lhe agency for
the Incomparable Semi-ready tailoring
Thirtr fata after date ] intend to apply to the
Hou. Chief ('ommlHKloiier of Landl and Works,
Vietoria, for a ipeelai l!oen*e to cat .end envy
a\\HT ltini��*f from lhe followlni; trael of land,
nilualed oil tlu- N- .'. K. railway, In the Went
Kooteuay dlstricl: Commonc-liiR at SPOltpIant-
ed near the N, B oorner of a. R. Pujgtand'i
titulHM* claim, ihenee woslSOclioiiii, tlience north
B0 cbalni! (hence e it so chain-., theuce iouth w
chahiH to point of romiiiencemciil.
Nov. Bth, HWti. I*. J. QlXUOinfc,
Notice i- hereby clveo that -SO daya alter data 1
Intend to apnlv to the Honorable the Olilcf Coiu-
miKHloner of Lands and Works for a special
1 Iron ne to Ont and carry away timber from thc
followii'ijr d< scribed lauds: CnmmenehiR ata
post marked "T J. Bcanlan'l northeaat corner,"
planted nbout a mile west from Dear creek, and
about four miles from Its moulh. which la ulx
miles west from Nelsou; thenee west Ho chains,
theuce south HO chains, thence east HO chains,
thenee north ni chaius lo thu initial point.
Located Oetober Und. wuti.     t. j. Pgamuh.
A. McDonald &Co.
13cti]s^rn in slnpiis nml fancy Grooerien.
Buttor, EgK��.
Camp nnd Mintin*' Supplies.
Certificate of Improvements
"Spyglan" rt'1,1 '"Qlobe" mineral olainii-. lituato
Hi Trout I nl..  M iiiiii-; Hi Vision.
Located on Poplar creek.
Tade Nollee that 1, Bruce White BQttng as
agenl f��r the Snyglaai Mining ��� o., Free Miners'
Certlfinnle No B. MM, Intend. f0 days from the
date hereof, t.i applv to the Mining lteeordcr (or
a certificate of Improvement! for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Ornnt OI thc above claims.
And furlher lake notice thai action, under
-Section ���., must be commenced before the Lun-
mice of such Certificate of Improvement**.
Dnted IJ'th October, WW. BftQOJt Whitk.
Certificate of Improvements
"lSctlpso No. vi," "Vevev," "Ilappv Medium,"
"Inleniatloual" and "A la Fractional" mineral claims, silunloil in tbe Sloean City Mining
Division ol Went Kootenay dtntriet.
Where loeatud :- Norlh of Twelve Mile ereek,
aboul two miles up.
Take notice tlutt I, H. K. Jorand, of Sloean, P.
C, Free Miner's rrttfieate No. D788U0, as agenl
for L. A. .'ole, free Miner's Cortllleate No. B-jSSt,
intend, Ilxty days from llio date hereof, to iiiiii y
to the Mining Recorder for a (Certificate of lm-
ii rove in en ts, for the purnoseof obtaining aCrowu
(irniK of said mineral claims
And fitrdier ink.i   notleo that action, un-Vr
Beotlon M7, mi'Kl he commenced  before the issu-
aneo of such Cerdllento of improvements.
Dnled (his '20th duy ol September, ItHJ..
H, it. J OKAMI.
Silver King Hotd
Beet Dollar a day honae in the Kooteuays.
Koorai are well fnrulihed.   Table aa good u auy
In Nelion.    Bar supplied wltb good
I In nor* ino clean.
W. K. McOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
Kuropemn and Amerlotu Plan
Meali ar* ou.  Aoomi from 36 cli. to fl
Only While Help Km ployed.
Baker Ht., Nation Proprletori
Bartlett   Hotise
OXO. w. BAKTUtrr,
But Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar u the Kineat.
White Help Ouly Employed.
Jo-sephlne Ht.
Nelion. B. C.
Lake View Hotel
ConiT Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Hates tioo p��r day and up.
Telephone 118- N*tZLSOIi,   B, C*
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Bample and Bath Boomi free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Street!.
Th* Strathcona
Nel_ou, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample   Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
B_ker Stmt, Nelion. B. 0.
Lighted liy Klectrioit- and
Heated by Hot Air
Lrizi- and <lomtorUble Beil.-ooms. and Firsst-
olaiiss IsliitiiK Boom. Sample RoomH (or isommer-
.lasl Mun
MRS. K. C. ISLAKKK. Proprlotren
Royal Hotel
.     MR.     "II.LIAM ROBERTS.
Rat-w I) and ��1.."0 a Day.
Ss -iai Bates to Regular Boarders.
Wholesale aud Retail Dealers tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oiimpf) Bnpplied on short-eat notice aud
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wliolesouie uieats and snpples kept iu btook
Mnil orders receive careful attention.
E^C. TRAVES,  Manager.
W.   O.    -IL.UETT
Contractor and
Hole agent (or the I'orto Hlco l.oinliei CO., Ltd.,
rutall yards. Hough and dn-��*d luinher, dirtied
work and li-rtli'ket . Const lath and hIi innles, !*a��li
and doors, ('enuuii, lirlck and lime for sale.
An tiitimt it* erfnder.
Yard and fneiory : Vernon HI., eaat of Hall,
P 0. Box m, Telephone 178.
West Transfer Co.
General Teanisters and Dealers in
Ooal aud Woo-.   Express aud
Bnggage Transfer
_*%��_.  Office: Baker St.
Notiee |m herehy given that at a meeting of the
Board of I.kt>naa Coiiiin|ssloiif--.��, to be he'd in
the cl,[,-i Coii-i .hle-t* ofllce. Nel-nn. on the loth
Deeemher, lftd, 1 luteud loapnlyfo a Irannler of
my UeeUM for theilrove Hotel, ralrvluu, Kelson,
loO F. WalniBley.
Dnted l.r>lli Nov., WW. J Vi. CHOW,
pllf Wm, liOS,. l*-U,, Allornev,
No Itso Iss lis-rs-l.y givon that at a lnevtlllK ot the
Uimnl of Mediae f'liliiliiliiss ollois, to Is,- Illllll la
tllitof ConmahU-'usillkT, at Nclei n lfitli Deceni-
li.-i, lm.., 1 lutollst ts, ss|.|sly for a Irssiss-ler s,l my
Isiits'l llc-ODHi- [or lho I'sslsii's- hotel, at Vmlr, to
As, Isllssilsl A Is.ss is.
tth November, Jaoti. U1TUUKU. TAIT.
$750 Cash and $15 per Month
Will Purchase a Modern House
containing three bedrooms, Dining room, parlor, kitchen and
bathroom ; gas and electric light.     The house is in a
good position ou Mill street and
must be sold.
Price $< 300.00.
H. <& M. BIRD.
��� T .      , f        nrr. ��� TO   TAKE  OOT   AIN	
JNOW IS the lime Acc.dent Insurance Policy
I Represent The Railway Passengers' Company
The Oldest Company Doing Butlnen In This Line.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aem
Choicest Fra-tt Lands ta
British Cohsmbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
1000 Yale-Kootenay ke   9 l-2c
Insurance, Fruit Lands- Real" Estate.
McDermid & McHardy
The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Winter Excursions
Nelson To Montreal, Toronto
aJIS; And All Points West Thereof
In Ontario and Qnebei.
Quebec, St, John Halifax, and Maritime Provinces rates on application.
Tickets on sale dally,
Round Trip, First-Class. Three Months'
Limit, Old Country Rates
$89,25 Return
Halifax or HI Ji-in.
Saloon, $95; Second, $76; Steerage,954
And up, according to steamer.
For detailed information, sailings,
ocean steamers, first class or tourist
sleeper reservations, apply to local
agent or write
A.O.I*. '..Vuactmvur. P.P.A.. NcUon
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or snll anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now nn sale. All
kinds   of   Dlnnerware ln   stock.   P* t
Notice In liereby glve-ii it.til   the parluctslilp
lit'i-t'Ui.ore Miitsisii'iig belt-vet-*i) us, tin mul'-rsl'-.u-
eil, ms hotel ketiji-'nt in the town of Kbult, British
Columbia, has thin day beeiullitsolved by mutual
Dated tills 27Ui dayof .Mnber, 190..
Willie*-.*.:   Alux. -Stewart, Hiill.�� P. McCallum
Excursions to
Eastern Canada
Oriental Limited
With through tourists car to
To Toronto, Montreal
and points west
ST .78.25
Corresponding low rales to
puints east of Montreal.
Tickets on sale Nov. 24th to
Dec. Slst. Good for three months
wiili privilege of exteuding limit
Going via Sault Ste Marie
stopovers allowed east of St.
Paul and Duluth.
Going via Chicago stopovers
allowed east of Detroit and
Port Huron.
For  further   information  call
ou or address
City Pass-auger Agent.
A (1. V. A., nmitte.
Pf���SON $1.50-
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.  '
W. c4* TiWRMmAN*
Tobwcopist.   Biker Shed.
I n
The Dafly Canadian
We have had an opportunity to buy a lot of excellent values in
Diamonds which we are selling at very close prices.. Our leaders are
fine little stones, mounted in our own factory into dainty little rings at
$6.50, $7.00. $8.00. $9.00. $10.00. $12.00.      Just  the thing for Xmas Gifts.
New Xmas Fruits!
Seeded Raisins,
Fine, dean, juicy stock. A trial ��
order will convince you that the \
stock is the best.
Bell Trading Co J
Coal and
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body
Has Said:
lo England thoy raise fine
horses. In Scotlnnil thoy raise
tine men.
In England thoy ford Ihi'lr oats
to horses. In Scotland tlioy feed
their oats to mon.
Feed yourselves   anil   children '
B. & K. Rolled Oats
And then watch the resnlts.
'.B *& K. Rolled Outs in 8lb, 30lb and *
40lb wicks for unit1 at
| Joy's Cash Grocery!
Cor JosepMiunml Mill riu>.      I'hone 19
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use our Piti-h
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Potter & Cummings
\ lb. box   -   50c
1-2 lb. box-   30c
Theeegooom uo w Boeu tbo more expontlTfl
kinds, Uh-only iliffrri'iice la tin* jm.-ktuje.
Phone 2.ri. Baker St.
Next P. Burns He Oo.
Got*. V.rntsn and Ward Str..ts,
M.1.SI1.\.    I��. C.
J. FRED HUME, Pronrietor.
ll. W. Weller, Montreal; to. w.
RaWBon, Vanoouver; P. U Taft. Spokane; W. A. ltolt, Ploton; R. P. Pu-
rie, Qrand Forks; A. II. Hookworm,
Ymir;  O. U. N. Wilkle, Trout Lake.
0. S. Llndsle.v and Wife, BS. Smith,
Bpokane; .1. Blokell, Vancouver; W. s.
Cone, Oregon; ll. ll. Pope, Sherbrooks1
K, w. Guernsey, A. Vaunuooi, Trail;
11. Irving, .Mrs. Anderson, Kaslo; T. S.
York. P. Iliiinksliiiiil, I.e'tlilirldge; P.
t*. Lowes, Calgary,
W,   Peters,   W.   Steers,   A.   Sullivan,
Qrand Forks.
E. Gem-lie, Vancouver; Miss Four-
nler, Crawford Hay; ,1. McMullln, A.
X. Wlnlaw, Wiulaw; W. Hnlitliorn,
.Mrs. Sliniisiin, Qrand Forks; D. Mo*
Kenna. agent Nelson-Bruce Co.
A. MoDougall, li. I). Unison, P. liar-
ker,   Michigan;    VV.   Qerrart,   Grand
Forks;  F. Banner, Salnui.
ll. C. [volley, ,l. Hevenor, Q, C,
Clark, .1. Pround Q. Qulgley, W. Kcl
ley, Blocan; S. Taylor, Ymir; G. L.
Kliliiirdson, Qrand Forks; F. Lind-
qulBt, Spokane; o. Campbell, Bonners
Ferry; W, 0. Patterson, C. L. Johnson,
Greenwood; P. B. Tucker, Erie; W. L.
Ilafll, Trail K. McNeill, Castlegar.
I). Keefe, Greenwood; C. II. Moore,
Alberta; A. It. Leonard, Winnipeg;
The Pringle Co.; J. A. Cainernn. West-
ley: .1. McPherson and wife, Whitewater; .1. M. Vmi Syckle, ll. Heed,
C. Moir, Alberta; W. Kelly, Spokane; e, Simmons, c. Hnscroft, n. w,
Senit, Creiton; A. Dickson. Kuskn-
nook; W. Burrell, W. R. Zlmnier, Slocan Junction.
S. King. J. McKay. New York; VV.
E. Smith, Ynilr; J. Whitril. Spokane;
P. McEachern, It. Coloran, llonnlng-
ton; J. McKay, J. Boy, Greenwood;
P. Dolan. Grand Foiks; F. Roy, Ar-
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pound Cans     90c
10 Pound Cans $1.75
Telephone 161.
ISI1K S.MAKINii   AMI   SKWIKfl   Mr..    Bi-rllin
Well Is, ulssis'i- Kssyssl llHIik ssl I'utiHslss.
LADY BTENOOItAPHSR (or position In i-niiiilry.
l.sssssl lisiiiii- wllh employer's Imiilly. Applv
mix Vi., I'HISHsiilSlI ssljlsi-.
Rl'SIIMKN, Mill llslul. ami tagging Columnar*,
ill.,, Kaglaser   Wattsbtirg Lumber Co., near
risssilsrs.s.k. B.I*
I'OMI'KTKNT NTBHrl (ilRL. Five rUlldren.
Apply Imjx 6i;i.
TWO F1RSI TI.AK? I10IIMH. Mi-Hill heated.    Ap-
l-l.v li-iiiHvlii-i-piT. Ursl lis.I. K  W. i:. MiK-t
PI1V I'KIMK l.tliis [orlliiaiK Apply to Treimmt
Au Informal! meeting of the eity
council will be held this afternoon at
4 o'clock to decide finally on the new
site for the old  courthouse,
There will be a meeting of the directors of the Agricultural society tomorrow afternoon at - o'clock iu tbo
office ot Secretary  J.   E,  Annable.
The members of the Churchmen _
club extend a special Invitation to tbo
lasl.es of the congregation lo be pres-
s.ut at their whist party in tbe club
room Thursduy evening.
lt. Kubiiisoii left for tbo east shore
of Kootenay lake this morning to take
charge tor W, G. Gillett of tbe con-
sti action of a cottage ou Lord Grey's
ranch for the superintendent.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Orr
will take place at 2J0 p. ni. tomorrow
from llie residence of her son-in-law,
.1. li. Rlngrose, Fairview. Service will
be conducted at the home by Rev. J.
T. Ferguson.
At tomorrow nights concert In tbe
opera house Alys Bateutan will sing
"Annie Laurie" by special request. A
Mosan-RiSQh piano lias been loaned to
St. Saviour's choir for tlie occasion
through ilie kindness of T. Morley,
local ageut.
H. A. Renwlck, provincial government agent, haB received a number of
copies of lhe proceedings of the Kaien
island commission, containing all thu
evidence, copies of exhibits, and the
filming of the commission. Those who
wish to know the whole truth about
the transaction may have copies on
The Hindou arrested yesterday afternoon for causing a disturbance on
Baker street appeared in the city police court this morning. He was fined
the costs of the court aud received,
through an interpreter, some wholesome advice on deportment. One
drunk wus lined the usual $6 and
The regular monthly geueral meeting of the 20,000 club will be held In
lhe board of trade rooms this evening
at 8:30. A report of the advertising
committee on plans for enlarging the
proposed pamphlets so us to earn tho
council's grant of 1200, will be presented. Tlie regular election of eom-
mitteemen will be held.
The Daughters of Rebekah paid a
surprise visit lo Kootenay lodge, 1. O.
O. P, last uight at the close of the
latter's regular meeting. The ladles
look possession of Fraternity hall almost before the Conservative meeting
had dispersed. Refreshments, music
and dancing then helped to pass a
pleasant couple of hours.
The final meeting of the Xelson Lacrosse association for 190G was held
last night. T. Deasy, as secretary, reported receipts ��248 and expenditure
$10(1.20, leaving a credit balance ol
I6T.80, with probably other receipts to
conic. As manager Mr. Deasy reported
a successful season, with bona fide
Xelson amateurs only In the games.
ln spite of many olher attractions
Ihe Pringle company drew a very fair
attendance at Sherman's opera house
last night, when they presented
"Trapped by a Woman in good style.
Tonight they will play ���A Bashful
Lover." Tomorrow night they surrender the house to the Eduard Parlovitz
Concert company. They will play
again Thursday, Friday and Saturday
nlijhtB with  regular change of bill.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear out this line
we are reducing the price to
40c. We only have a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
Rob. M. Hood &Cc.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
PRUN1NU AND UKAFTINO carefully ntli-nd-
esl to. Apply
Silver Ku.g lintel.
Don't Overlook
Toa Sets. Pudding Dishes, Butter
Dishes, .Meal Forks, Pickle Cruets,
Knives, Forks, Spoons, etc.. all of tho
best man-rial possible to be had. All
must be suid by Xmas, so come early.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josophlne BtB.
hhom: 7.	
Willi the arrival of Xmas goods we
finil the necessity fssr clearing out
some lines which we cannot find space
to display. For this reas���n��wo hnve
decided to offer our entire line of
Side and Back Combs
SETS���Back and Two Side Combs���
Regular   50c,   for 35c
Regular   "Be,   for t 45c
Regular   90c,   for 60c
Regular $1.10,  for 75c
Regular   $1.25,  for 80c
Regular  J1.I0,  for 90c
Regular $:).B0, for 12-75
Regular J3.75, for $2-95
Regular $4.00, for $3.10
Regular $4.60, for $3.25
Regular 80c. reduced  to 55c
Regular $1.00, reduced to 65c
Regular $1.75, reduced  lo $1.25
W. G. Thomson
ROOKBELI.KR and    \U1_-,,,    R   .*>
Phuin .14.
/-T_4<*<*// Order Your
1   rUll Christmas
^    * Fruit Cakes
Cakes   ^^-
We make them in all sizes
and designs
Choquette Bros*
Yak-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelsou
and its suburbs Phone 148.
County Court.
The case of the Montellus Piano
company of Vancouver against J. '1*.
Pierre occupied the county couit all
morning. S. S. Taylor, K. C, and A.
M. Johnson appeared. Tlie company
claims to have sold a piano lo Pierre,
who maintains that It was taken only
on  trial.    Judgment was reserved,
After adjournment Ihe case ol
(llaser vb. French, both of Creston district, was called, S. S. Taylor, K. 0.,
and w. A. Macdonald, K. c, appearing. The plaintiff's claim Is for four
yearling hogs which he alleges be
paid for and which have not been delivered.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Two hours late.
Coast and Slocan  train���On  time.
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland  I rain���On  time.
Huw   AbOilt   Your
Guns und
Ammunition ?
We have Eley's, Kynock's, Win-
Chester, nml OoglWHU it
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Coats, Punt,-, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box   631 rS'olHIIll,  It.  Oa
By Mail $1.35
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, Nov. 26th,
(Hxoeptlon���Wednesday 28th.)
The Pringle Company
Tonight���"A Bashful Lover"
PrtcoB, 76c, 60cJ  children, UKc.
Plan al  Rutherford's Saturday.
__ Wednesday, Nov. 28
' III IllSli I HUlIt
Engagement   Extraordinary.     The   Eduard  Parlovitz Concert  Party,
The Eminent English Soprano of Crystal   Palace  and   Royal  Albert   Hall,
London,   England.
Eduard    Parlovitz,    I'lanlst;      Miss
Grace Merry  Entertainer.
Prices, $1.50, $1, 75c, 50c.
Plan at Rutherford'; Monday morning for bidders of tlcketH; Tuesday
morning for general public
Wo   Muvu   it   Npcclallv
_i_--._i_-.tc-t Stock  of
lor   XmiiN   I'riiclu.
Stoneware, Crocks. Bean Pots. Tea Pols, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
The Prettiest and Daintiest Dress Slippersure to bo found ut our store.   Whether
it be in a Patent Leather or Plain Leathor wo aro
sure to pleuse you.
The Royal.       R. Andrew & Co.
Something    Nethersole Bracelets
For the Baby ���
$1.00 Each
Telephone ...*....
Starkey & Co., iiS
WlniiuHiiic Provision**,
Dominion Governmenl Creamery One Pound Brinks raoolved weekh fnsi,h
from the i-iiuru.   For sale by nil leudiusx itrueers.
Offloe and warehouse! Houston lllnelr,   Phone 7fl
Josephine Street.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
.lii-iituiotal Work, Castings, Huildern' Mnterinl and Mining and Mill Mis, 1iiis>tj
Offlce and Worku Foot of Pork St.
I'l-t..mo   204.
N-_iJm.ii*., B.C.
A Word to the Wise
Thin year wi- huve Appr-8Q_ftt__l thfl WOOta nf .urn* I
toman nnd DATA pMH*'l Into stock the
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
Thii -stove is ad&ptod for hurd oot} only- auditM
antaad to gi-n ntlafhotton.
]* H. Ashdown Hardware]
Company, Limited.
UcptilHitu untl .loliltlttu cxccutetl -with Owftpritcli.    Shoul Mttal
Work, ���MIi.Iuk unit  Mill  MmlIiIiiui-v.      Miinuffi-turvi-Hiil
Op.   Chi'h.   I*.  ti.   Ciii.trnttoi-H'   Chi-m,
 *r,.! Id, 1 anl
Proa, siri'ftn.
nelson,   b. c       .',';:��*
The  Parlovitz Concert on Wednesday   Evening is
is Ilm iiropi-r thing und JOHN T. PIERRE i* tlie niiiii toinnk,- them or |,nwyou
old one up.     Pnt on a front if j-nu would make the HO.OtKi murk.
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now is the time-
to buy your
Winter" Overcoat.
All Prices from $10 to $30
j. a. qTlker
AND DEALERS IN   LUtlib^t.  SU-flglCS-,
L,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Ordors promptly stWiK'iI
     VBgNON STRUCT* - .  .  niii.son, B. C.
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famoue Kootenay Rang"7
Became we cannot procure a  better, taking In'0 ���'
ount design, workmanship, cooking qualities ��ndpr��
We will be pleased to show you Its good points.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'l


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