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The Daily Canadian Jan 24, 1908

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Array ASK   FOR
The   npMSrch   of   tabic   waters..    The
eam��       Pthe   time..    It's   bottled   at   the
No. 197
mire Jl?ail��
at -fto^**"** NELSON. B. C, FRI
every evening    at
Fifty Cents a month
it ���*	
riglnl Documents Are
-    lot Produced
embers Allowed to  Examine Only
Duplicate* Which May Be, and
Have Been, Falsified.
'Ottawa, Jan. 24.- A new dep:u-iuro
Ui made when tin- iiowi nm-iii ivfus-
1 U> bHug down original applications
���r timber leases
red hy Mr. Ames.
L_terior held that
ugh ami asked lhe
tho motion Th��*
present voted nn
majority was <:it
oeuSS a number of
vote rather than
io iho programme
the people through their representatives
to examine the public reooiHa, r* wuh
Left in Mr. Oliver supported by'fttr Wilfrid   Laurier, Mr.   Brodeur  and-a  few
machine members to defend the programme M concealment. Even the Lib-
eialB rouhi not claim that the -govern-
ini-nt mad<- a good case. The serosal
of orlKlnal papers 1 * - f t the Impression
that  there wuh a good deal to hid*1'and
thai  oopiM  brought  down aire'not hi-
wnys to he misled. In fact It was
shown lhat In Mr. Oliver's own depart*
men! important paragraphs in reports
had heen suppressed La papers purporting tO he copies of original reports.
Following up this, method ta the public accounts oommittee, the depart
ments have caused papera brought
down there to be removed from the
room after each meeting, no that members lost* the opportunity heretofore en*
Jo>ed of going through documents and
preparing for the examination of wit-
iii: s Thus menibers of ths committee
must examine the papera while the witnesses are testifying if they do it at
all. A strong protest was made hy Mr.
���Bennett against this method and it may
be effective.
Record of Strikes During Last Year
Loss of  Work Greater by About 60
Per Cent���News of Cacada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Angry Altercation  Between  District Attorney  Jerome   and  Leader
for  Defence.
Ocean  Liners at Sandy  Hook  Unable to
Enter   the   Harbor.
Take the lollowlng for
he minister of tin
jples were good ei
���urn- to vote .AW i
bole party maj.
3 asked, out th,
Twa to thirty-flv,  i
���bends shirked
>mroit thenwelv. ~.
. concealment. ^^^^^H
E.Vp to this 'time thi rU'ht ni par'.ia-
fcent to examine an records ���>: ^uvin-
~���iCnt   haa    SOI   beeli    questioned    though
is house always allows the go-,.-intent to keep secret slate documents nt
anadentlal chsra< i That exception
OUS not appl> to su-h otdinar> busiest  SS   application-    tm   umber   1. as. s.
' nd Mr. Oliver dh' mn ��� i.i.u. thai th*-s.
apeis were confidential. In fact he
ffered to bring down copies of them.
t happened that Mr. Ames -]i<] not want
oplee. HiS experii te ,- -,f ihe past hail
down him that the originals, were ln-t
ir,   and   Other  members    havt
1 fie same thin*.
"**ist*ncen: ^^^^^_
' B-v The tOUUmO Galway   hunt   dea, where
 ��   a   Closed      gra/.ing      base    of    I.nouo
fell Into the hands of a member
eat -und the near relatives of
membe; who made a lot ot
���y out of it, began b> an application
W8S shOWn tu be fictitious. Copies
papers would have revealed tiie
it. Bat the original with ine jtost-
SSr_B and the olllo stamp showed that
be department bail received in Ottawa
*   letter   Whklb   purport.-d    to   have   been
nailed in Mont a' < ihe du>  )..���*,.,e   Tin-
------land writing    ot     the   real   applicatnt.
vhicb   a  OOPV   wouli]    noi    haw    shown.
lisdoeed   the   fa        thai    tn     *>-.���*-   a    v.,    I
tnown operator  in   vt*\* mm- m
lions   snd a''lj|pse        -.una!,     ot    Mt     SU
___.on.     Th OS tills  true   Inwaidn* "t   th"
inl way  land deal   '.*. a.,   tev. .ile.].
Again   take the  case   i.f   iii,     Arundel
printing; schemes where r��in  times ih*>
proper price was paid lor a government
printing job in  London and  tlie   i  -1%-m ;
In the Shape of  i!mr eheipu s  ror over
��aO0 Sterlfttg * ������'���>  was disinbuied. The
1      Kaarks OB -the onr.in.il   ebeqnes  enabled
[Z)(t_e  public accounts   eoininiiiee   k. trace
������*'hthe transaction  and  follow   up  the  payment*.
A  third   CSS.       was     lhal    ol   tin-   Ule
IPS transacttoa  In   ihe   matin.'   u. ;.a< t mint
where Mr* Stuhhs  imimiit   im   .$..,;���.;. a
ITS -quantity aWfni.'^  til-s. suiiirieiu   i,.r :���.'��
.ears SUppty   of   tin-   d- paitment   and   a!
once turned them  o.et   to ihe govern
ment   for   %-f/.7-S>--       The   original    cheque:;
With the marks on tliem showed that
the Montreal middleman cashed his pa
In Ottawa under circumstances that
0BP deal of light on the truns-
N'cw York. Jan. 24.���The snow storm
which swept over the * it;, yesterday da
veloped into a little tili/./.ani during the
night. Today the city streets were piled
deep in paces wiih drills ami street
(ar traffic and the movement of ferry
boats and other harbor and tiver craft
was badly hampered, in the suburban
districts where the wind had freer play.
huge drills were piled at many points
and street cars and even ihe trains >,n
the railroads were seriously delayed.
1'p to i< a. in. more than nine Inches of_
snow  had fallen.
At Sandy Hook this afternoon a northeast gale wus blowing. The big steamer Graf Waldersee, which readied the
Hook last night, was still at anchor this
morning fearing to risk to attempt to
enter the harbor under the prevailing
weather conditions. During the early
foienoon she was joined hy the Adriatic
from Southampton and the presidenl
Lincoln from Hamburg, both with a
large number of passengers on board.
Ottawa. Jan. 24.���According to the
January issue of the Labor Gazette
there were 149 trade disputes in Canada
last year affecting 3:;,44G working people, and causing a loss of 61,318 working days, com pat i-d with 1S8 disputes
affecting 38,OH working people and
causing a loss of :ii),77fi days In 1906.
Russian Conservative -,  Intriguing to  Defeat Proposal for Huge  Naval
brew a i
St.  Petersburg. Jan, 84.���The conflict
between   the   Emperor   and   the   Duma
over the   naval   plan   which   entails   an
expenditure  of   5UO.0UU.O00   is     steadily
developing in a direction unfavorable to
the   realisation  of  th**   Kmperor's ambitions.    The scheme  which   M.  Kokowa-
off,  the  minister  of  finances,   privately
declared   spells  ruin   to   Russian   finances  has  met   opposition   in unexpected
quarters.    At a meeting held last  week
of the council of Imperial defense under
tin*   presidency   of   GrandDukeNlcholas
Nichi dale v itch     representatives  of    the
army     opened       u     regular     campaign
against   the   programme.     The     Grand
Duke himself declared that In his opinion the nuvy was in an anarchical slate
and   were   unworty   to  bs   trusted   with
sums  for new   construction.    The  cabinet which unanimously opposed the na-
wal   programme   had   privately    passed
the   hint   among   the   conservatives   in
the  Duma, encouraging  the  fullest   discussion   against   the   programme   In   order to influence    the    Kmperor    whose
mind  hitherto  hus  appeared  U)  he sei
on its fulfillment,   a brother of Premier
Stolypln in an arliele In the Novoe
Viemya. arraigns the lethargy of the
admiralty and declares that 140(000,000
now   included   in   the   yearly   budget  of
the  navy   is  thrown   t
he much b��'tt<
lle.t    altogeth
schools   and
Quebec. Jan. 34.���A London cable an
noune.es the dismissal of the appeal of
the Quebec Improvement company versus the Quebec Bridge company. The
case has been going on since 1905 and
involved the amouni of $;>0,000 capital
und .Interest claimed by the improvement company for a right of way near
the bridge approaches on the south
shore. The bildge company contested
and lost in the lower courts, hut were
sustained in the court or appeals. The
improvement company appealed from
the decision of the latter court to the
privy council.
Montreal. Jan. 24.���Sir William Van
Home returned to Montreal today from
Cuba. Regarding the interview in .New
York. In which he was quoted us saying
that he believed the wheels of business
in the United State s and the North
\ine:ican continent generally would he
soon revolving at their normal tpeed
Again, Sir William fcaid that \f everybody believed lhat statement the wheels
would be revolving soon. At any rate
he believed they would, and he was helping in saying so. A* to his trip to Cuba,
no special significance was attached to
it Regarding the opening of the new
Guatemala railway. Sir William said
that line will reverse the whole situation in Guatemala, for it will bring
Guatemala within reach of New York in
as many days as it formerly occupied
said Mr
from   original   re
-These  discoveries
^^^^fcgy   have   led   the   government,
and especial. Mr nlUcr. i�� refuse fur
1_^ thipr ta.CF""t: " "' l'���'������' !'���'"'-- tVrtalnly
l**''^fc       JMISc place:,     the
^^^TBfcve i-uisplcion.    For in the lirst
^(previous   sessions   Mr.   Oliver
d  that Mr. Ames was  asking
Bany copies aud Invited him to
r^^^^^^A department, examine tin- files
K: find out  whal  in- needed.   Mr.
Hhs satisfied with this, hut after
���Mr.   Oliver   changed   his   mind
^^^^���- 't Mr. Ames telling him that
better to move for -he url-
^���kpers   and   have   them   brought
'���������%'his session  Mr. Anns took the
advice and then the minister
���the House und requested parlla
^^^^^k  refuse   papers   which   he  had
Mt   advised   Mr.   Ames   lo   ask   for
���kjority  of  the members supported tijjmlnistpr,    though     many   were
h to do  it. and  others   left   the
JT to escape a course which they
Yl.M        __W_'U'' a disgrace to  Liberalism.
*** fl       Blc afternoon and evening opposl-
^pmhers insisted upon the right of
arly ^^^^^^^
waste,    lt. would
',  he  said,  to  abolish  the
r  di voting  the    sum  tn
_ (her    uses.       I le   aoCUSSC
ihe admiralty of putting forward a programme Involving great expenditure
without possessing the vaguest idea of
up to date naval design and construction   technique.
The Kmpetor Is preparing a discourse
in favor of the programme which he
will deliver before an audience of Oc-
toberlste early  in  February.
Moro in Danger-
11 a vann, Jun. ',2 4.���A survey or Moro
Castle by American engineers shows
that the historic fortress has been ser-
:ousi> undermined by the effects of the
1 torn) of January ISth. The seaward
batteries are threatening to fall and
lhe engineers declare that extensive repairs are necessary al once to prevent
tlie collapse of the whole seaward structure.
Montreal. Jan. 24.��� Following an announcement from Toronto that Uie
Qrand Trunk has laid off 800 men employed in the shops there until February
:hd. comes the announcement here that
the working hours of shop employees
have been further reduced to four days
i week. Knquiry of C. I*. EL officials
toda> elicits the information tbat there
is plenty of business on hand to keep
all employees in the shops going full
Montreal. Jan, 24.���F.l\ Brady, general superintendent of the Lake Superior division of the C. P. R., has been
granted leave of absence to recruit his
health. In his absence C. Murphy, superintendent at Loudon, will act as general superintendent of the division. C.
B. Foster, passenger agent of the C. P.
R. at Toronto, is dangerously \\\ with
pneumonia aud complications.
Toronlo, Jan. ^.--Negotiations un tin
organization which will carry on the
manufacture of finer grade cbinaware
in Canada are in progress.
J. J. Kelso, superintendent of the department of neglected children for the
province sa^s sixty-seven children's
aid societies In Ontario are unnble to
Ull the demand for babies, and hundreds of homes want to adopt child
ren  from  infancy   up.
Largely owing to the exigencies of
the season, the apple growers of Ontario lost considerable ground in the
liritish market Montelth, minister of
agriculture, says  that   the   shipment   of
three grades'* fruit last year has been
a tactical error. The fruit marks act
is admitted entirely adequate but unfortunately many buyers in the liritish
market are not well acquainted with
its requirements and their Ignorance of
grading and marking of fruit led to considerable  misunderstanding.
Joseph Vlanall and AlbernUo Vianlhi
brothers under arrest here, Identilled
as Ihe men wanted in Philadelphia for
"Blank  Hand"  murder.
New ork, Jan. 24.���The Thaw trial is
adjourned until Monday on account fif
the non-arrival of witnesses for the defence.
Today's sessions of the Thaw trial
were abandoned at the request of the
defense, and an adjournment is taken
until Monday morning. Heavy snowstorms tied up shipping in the bay and
prevented the docking of the steamer
Adriatic on which three physicians and
a trained nurse are coming from Europe
to testify as to the irrational outbreaks
of Harry Thaw at Monte Carlo. Paris
and L*ondo._��
Mr. Littleton in his request state that
he believed the delay would really re
suit in expediting the case as he would
employ the intervening time in prepar
ing the hypothetical questions for the
experts and submitting a draft of it to
them to Uistrict Attorney Jerome for
any suggestions or objections he may
have to offer. Thee was a lively time
between counsel just before the adjourn
ment was announced. District Attorney
Jerome said he would not oppose the
motion for adjournment provided Mr.
Littleton would furnish him the names
Of the witnesses who are arriving on
the Adriatic. He declared he would like
to find out if they had written any books
or other medical works.
"1 assure you they have not,1
"I would like their names any way,"
said Mr. Jerome, "so I can come prepared for their cross-examination.
Justice Dowling said the request- of
the prosecution was a reasonable one.
"Your honor," replied Mr. Li'tleton.
ence has been th.it whenever the dis-
ence has been that whenever the Dis
trict attorney knew of the arrival of any
witnesses for the defense he has had
people meet them with subpoenas and
hauled them off to his offlce or somewhere and subjected thetn to a long examination. I do not intend that he
���shall do so in the future. I do not intend that he shall know my case until
it Is  presented here  m court.
"What l want to find out is whether
the people you are bringing here are
shysters, charlatans, or men of character and standing." shouted Mr. Jerome.
"I will give you their names after
they have landed, and their addresses
as well/' Mr. Littleton offered.
"That won't give me a chance to
cable." -snapped Hie district attorney.
"That shows the district attorney
wants to meet them at the dock. Is he
willing to give me the names of the
witnesses he will call in rebuttal." asked Mr. Littleton.
"The district attorney is not required
to do that." interposed Justice Dowling.
"Then 1 do not think I ought to be
forced to tell him the names of my witnesses."
"Ah, very well then," put in Mr.
Jerome, slamming a book down on the
table, -if you don't want to do it. all
"I approved of what. I thought a reasonable request," ruled Justice Dowling.
piittlng an end to the controversy, "and
now 1 will grant the adjournment as requested."
Mr. Littleton said the defense undoubtedly* would conclude ita case on
Monday and District Attorney Jerome
announced that the prosecution was
ready to proceed in rebuttal at any time.
British Parliament Has
Heavy Task
hours as the legal working time in all
mines; a bill establishing u new port
authority for London wi*-h power to
collect all dues and erect new docks.
which the owners of the d ,::ks are opposing; and a lot of housing and other
leforms looking to the comi'ort, well being and health of the poorer residents
In lar.-- cities, which John Burns, secretary of the local governemnt board,
has devised after a careful study of
the working of similar measures in Germany and elsewhere. The advocates of
women's suffrage having failed to convince the government that Uie time has
come when womeu sho ihi be given the
vote, will depend upon private members
to advance.
Ireland, Land Acts, Schools, Old Age
Pensions and Local Option All
To Be Dealt With.
Saskatchewan Certain-to Establish Government Telephones.
Careless Custodian.
Dublin. Jan. 24.���The commission
which has been investigating the disappearance of the jewels from Dublin
Castle still withholds its report but it
is stated on good authority that the
government has decided to dismiss Sir
Arthur Kdward Vicars for carelessness
In custody of the regalia.
Rebels Occupy Haytian Town.
Port An Prince. Hayti. Jan. 24.���Tlie
revolutionists have taken possession of
the town of Port de Plix, :!5 miles west
of Cape Haytian. An Kngtish and a
French cruiser are exacted on the
coast shortly. They will give protection to liritish and French interests.
Charles Miot, the American consular
agent at St. Ma lie, has heen moved
from office hy the American legutfon
because of his complicity with the
rebels.    Miot  is a Haytian.
Another   Improvement.
The next addition to the accommodations of the Hume hotel will be the reopening of the harbor shop which Is announced  for next   week.
Storm In New England.
Boston, Jan. 24.���Winter resumed op-
e atlons In Southeastern New Kngiand
with u northwest snowstorm which began last night and which was still much
in evidence today. It was the first snow
,,f anv amount that has fallen in this
section since December 14. The thermometer dropped 16 degrees during the
night. The storm delayed railroad and
street car traffic.
.Toronto. Jan. 24.���As a result of the
Inquest into the death of Hyacfnth L.i
roqne. Great North western telegraph
lineman, who was killed in the Qrand
Trunk collision on Duffer!n street Sat
unlay last wnrrants huve been Issued
for the arrest of three railway men
charging them with criminal negligence
Toronto, Jan. 24.���Hnwes, Gibson &
Company, mining brokers, have entered
action for $5,000 damages against John
.1. Baatty, for alleged breach of contract.
Tlie plaintiffs claim that thev were to
have the salo of lOd.uon shares of capital stock in the Hig Bend Mining company, hut this agreement was not carried out.
-f(v*---        Hockey Excursion.
When the Nelson hockey club lines
up on the Rossland rink lonight there
will be enough wearers of the green
and white present to prevent them from
feeling lonely. The excursion train that
left this afternoon was crowded with
friends  of the  boys.
Revolution In Portugal.
Lisbon. Jun. 24.���The transmission of
the following despatch was permitted
bv the authorities after due censors-iip:
"Lisbon Is filled today with disturbing
rumors, bnt there have been no ^w oe
velopments in the abortive att-31 lpt of
two nights ago to overthrow the ji.up
archy and proclaim Portugal a re
London, Jan. 24.���The third and what
promises to be the most critical session
of the parliament controlled hy Sir
Henry Campbeli-Bannerman, will be
formally opened on January 29 by the
king with all the traditional pomp aud
ceremony that marks the brief annual
visit to St. Stephens. His Majesty will
be accompanied on this occasion by
Queen Alexandria, the Prince and Prin-
c ss uf Wales and any other members
of the royal family who may happen to.
be In Kngiand at the time, while to
greet them in the historic chamber will
be assembled the unusual gathering of
The formal-opening of parliament by
the king iu person always attracts momentary attention, but the real interest,
keener than ever this year, centres more
in the legislation that the government
proposes to introduce and the cost of
social reforms estimated at many millions of pounds, that the new elements
in the political arena, labor and socialist parties, are attempting to bring
about. If all the legislation promised lor
the coming session Is forecasted in the
speech from the throne, the members of
the house of commons will have a stupendous task before them, and the usual session of six months will hardly afford sufficient time to dispose of it all.
An autumn session Is therefore already
talked of.
Irish affairs are understood to occupy
much time, for besides the Irish universities bill promised the Catholics,
and a bill to deal with the grazing lands,
over which cattle driving originated,
the opposition has threatened to introduce an amendment to the reply to the
speech which will enable them to discuss in detail the government's Irish
This will place Mr. Dirrell, the secretary for Ireland, on the defensive in
respect to what has been done or what
he has failed to do, as the Unionists put
it, and also enable them to make a
statements as to the future policy* It
will be the first big debate of the session, and unless the younger Nationalists are held in check, as lively a one
as parliament has witnesses in recent
years. ^L
After  Ireland.   In  point   of  public  Interest,   will   come    a    drastic   licensing
bill  to fight  which  the  brewers, distillers and license bolder* throughout the
country  have   already  organized.    The
measure is not expected to meet all the
demands of  the  temperance   party.     It
will provide,    owever. that  at the end
of a  specified  period  all   licenses  shall
cease and the granting of new licenses
shall   be, placed  in  the hands  of more
shall be placel iu the hands of more or
ing to some extent local option. Should
the  biewers  consider  it   prejudicial   to
their   business   they   can   depend   upon
the House of Lords to either reject or
amend  It  so  that  it would* not   be  acceptable to the commons und thus add
another to the many Liberal grievances
against the upper chamber.
Old age pensions occupy a prominent
place in the government programme.
The principle Is supported by all parties but on details there Is a hopeless
difference. Mr. Asquith, the chancellor
of the exchequer, it is believt'd, will propose that a start be made with the sum
of five million pounds which must he
added to Ihe two and a half million
pounds put aside last year for this purpose, This sum, the labor -members
contend, is Inadequate even for a start,
while on the question of how the money
is to be applied there are hardly two
opinions alike.
This  one  measure may   therefore he
expocted  to take up a lot of time, he-
Lead Bounty Resolutions
Approved at Moyie
Hegina, Sask., Jan. 24.���The purchase of the Bell Telephone Co. system
in Manitoba by the government has
given impluse to the movement for
government ownership of telephones in
this province, and Saskatchewan ls
preparing rapidly to follow the lead of
her sister province.
It is the Intention of the Saskatchewan government to construct long distance and rural telephones, and as an
experiment, rural systems will be es-
i .blished at. three points In the province, one of which is Wapella, provided
the farmers favor the scheme and will
promise In sufficient numbers to become
A meeting was held at Wapella to
discuss the question, at which tbe following  resolution was  passed:
"Be it resolved that this meeting
strongly endorses the proposed scheme
for the inauguration of a government
owned and operate, tral telephone
system in this distric and that it be
ascertained, by canvas. the names of
those who will become patrons in the
event of the proposed telephone system
being established."
Committees were appointed for the
various townships In the Wapella district, to make a thorough canvass. The
movement for government ownership.
particularly now that the Manitoba government has secured the entire control
of the provincial system, is very popular, and there seems no doubt that the
canvass In Wapella will be in favor of
a  telephone  system.
Disagreement on Recommendation to
Provincial Government on Timber
Land Administration.
Only Two Nelaon Rinks Have Won Their
Matches in Opening Event of
the   Bonspiel,
The annual boaspfel of the Kootenay
Curling association began this morning
and at the hour of going to press it
looks as if Nelson has lost tbe All
Comers' competition. The results to
the end of the second round are :
lilrd 9, Pretty, Rossland, 19; Richardson 12, Dill, Greenwood, 8; Blackwood
9, Hoggarth, Cranbrook, 11; Bunyan 11.
Morrin, Phoenix, 15; Walley 12. Mc-
Mynn, Greenwood, 6; Wells 4, Renwick,
Rossland, 16. (
Two games remain to be played. Mc-
Cullum of Cranbrook, is drawn to play
Judge Forln, and Buchanan, of Kaslo.
against Hodge. They are expected to
arrive tonight. Judge Fe.in and Mr.
Hodge must win hy big scorea to put
Nelson ahead, the aggregation for the
seven games played being 75 to 57 in
favor of the visitors.
Two games have been played in the
Grand Challenge competition. Judge
r'orin defeating Hodge, 12 to 10, and
Richardson defeating Renwick 15 to 9.
The ice is in splendid condition and
there is a large number of spectators
in attendance.
Chief City of   Maine   Has  Conflagration
With Loss of $1,000,000.
Ing n matter of finance the Lords have
nothing to say on it. The rest of the
program includes another attempt to
ami nd the education act. a bone of
contention between the two houses; the
re-in trod net ion of the Scottish land
valuation and land hills rejected by
the lords last year; a new English land
valuation bill;  a bill establishing eight
Portland, Me., Jan. 24.���Portland's
city hall, contaiuinc the municipal and
county offices and departments and the
police building in which were the supreme judicial and municipal courts,
were completely ruined by fire today.
Valuable records dating hack over a
t enlury were destroyed. The monetary
loss   Is  estimated   at   $1.0t>-y,u00.
A flre which caused a property damage of one million  dollars early today
destroyed   the       city   hall   and   police
building   and   endangered   the  lives   of
more than 700 persons. The fire was the
worst in  the  state since the great fire
In   Portland   in   1866,   when   the   city's
business  and   residential  sections  were
almost completely   wiped     out.     Death
was absent from the fire, a fact considered   very    remarkable   as    there were
more  than   TOO  members of the  Western   Maine   Knights of  Pythias Jubilee
gathered  in the  Auditorium of the city
ball  when the  fiames  were discovered.
Only   a  few   persons   were   hurt.     The
financial  loss of the   ...pers and  documents in  the  reglstr;   <,f deeds,  where
everything  was destroyed.    Other  city
deportments were swept clear of everything hy the flames with the exception
of the  city  clerk's and the treasurer's
offices.    The   money   and   securities   in
the latter are believed to be Intact al-
though it will   be almost  Impossible  to
ascertain definitely until the vaults have
c :oled  off   sufficiently   for   an ^examination to be made.
One or the most valuable libraries in
lhe state, the Green Leaf law collection,
was completely destroyed with a loss
estimatad at IIO.OOO. The blaze originated In the city electrician's office and
I was caused by crossed wires.
The Associated Boards of Trade concluded their business at Moyie, yesterday afternoon and tbe members left by
train for their respective homes. All
tbe West Kootenay members arrived in
Nelson last night. Practically all the
matters anticipated by the Nelson board
at its last two meetings was presented
and adopted. Moyie was very hospitable. When it was learned tbat tbe
members had to leave Thursday afternoon, a banquet that had been arranged
for the last night was put forward to
Wednesday night.
President G.  O.  Buchanan,  who was
reelected, as were Vice-President Star-
key   and   Secretary  A.   B.   MacKenzie,
seen on his arrival last night, expressed
himself as  decidedly  pleased  with tbe
meeting and its results.    He said that
tbe speeches, and the conduct of business generally,  were  better than  ever
before;   there   were   animated  debates
and  disagreements    on     details   but a
quite evident general  desire to recommend only beneficial and practical measures.      Mr.    Buchanan paid a special
tribute    to    Nelson's     representatives,
Messrs,   starkey.   Fowler   and   Nelson*
who were all useful members of tbe association, and Mr. Fowler especially, a
brilliant    addition    to  the   dinner eloquence.
A deputation from the miners' union
visited the convention and presented a
denunciation of the Lemieux Act. One
of their speakers declared that they
could never hope for a satisfactory
board of arbitrators, and wanted the
right to strike restored.
The Nelson resolution asking for a
continuance of tbe lead bounty for aa?
other five years period aud the raising
of the minimum price to ��18 per long
ton, waa unanimously adopted, and
Messrs. Retallack and Pratt, already
accredited delegates of tne Nelson
board, will be given credentials also by
the association.
On the subject of timber loads ad-
m nistration a resoultion offered by the
Cranbrook delegates was defeated and
the following was adopted:
"That the Associated Boards of Trade
approves the action of the government
in tbe matter of the reserve of timber
"That we recommend the maintenance for the present of Buch reserves.
"That we recommend that no change
be made in tbe forms of existing leases
or licenses at present, or at all, until a.
full Investigation has been had as to
the extent of the timber resources of
the province and until the formulation
of a policy looking to the permanent
preservation of the forests; and
their administration with reference
chiefly to the future well being of tbe
people of the province."
The resolutions urging improved Imperial news service, land surveying,
game protection, Uie Alaska-Yukon exposition, public ownership of telephones,
fruit Inspection, and freight rates, tbe
substance of all of which ts familiar.
were unanimously adopted.
The convention will meet next year
at 1 rail.
Big  Fire  in  Baltimore���Three  Firemen
Killed  by  Falling   Wall.
Baltimore, Jan. 24.���Fire early today
took heavy toll of tbe members of thei
flre department of this city, three being dead and sixteen others more or
less seriously injured, including George
Horton. chief of the fire department,
who is in a serious condition. The financial damage is estimated at $400,
The blaze which is the worst that has
occurred In this city since the calamity
of 1904, started on the third floor of
the building on tbe southeast corner of
Holliday and Saratoga streets. In an
Incredible short time the blaze btoke
out on the Saratoga side of the Register
building and without warning a large
section of the north wall of the building fell. It was that which scattered
death and Injuries among tbe firemen
who were working close to the building.
Marry States Snow Bound.
Philadelphia. Jan. 24.���Pennsylvania,
New Jersey and Delaware are today In
the grasp of bad weather. Snow haa
fallen to a depth of six Inches and in
badly drifted In the country. The snow
U worst In New Jersey where railroad
traffic Ui badly crippled. 1 ��� Daily (janadimJ
Clothing-,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered iu the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
befoie making your purchase.
j corporation interests, and that Its recommendations ami petitions were dictated by selfish motives, can certainly
not be made now with any color of
justice. A pleasing acknowledgment of
that fact was made hy Mr. Kelly of the
Movie miners' union at the banquet
Wednesday night when be said he recognized in the deliberations of the
boards a sincere and intelligent effort
to promote the common good.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital Paid Up $4,860,000
Rest    $4,860,000
D. R. WllaiilK. PrebUlent. HOI*.'. KOBEKT JAFKKAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columsbia:
Interest   allowed on  deposits   from date of deposit andcreditedquarterly.
rsBi-soiN buainch ��-������   JsVl.   LAY,   Adanajjet*.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund     g4,390,00O
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
>avlngs Bank Department, and
interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six nays a wees by uu-
Baker St..   Nelion, B. C
-aot-crtplion rate*., 50 cent*, a mouth delivered
in ihe eltv, or $5.ou a year 11 seat by mall, when
paid lu ailvauce.
Advertising n.i. * on application.
AH monlM paid   in   settlement  of  The Dally
-.Cauadiim   accounts, cither  lot subscription! or
|ad ver Using. niiiM be receipted for on the printed
Iforii.p-. uf  lhe Compauy.    Ulher receipt*- are uot
Friday, January  24, 1908.
liritish Columbia has lately had Home
advertising of a kind at Ottawa. Duncan
Hoon and lioh McPherson indulged in
an attack, not ou any one in tin House
of Common*, or in the Dominion public
service, but on the governmenl oi Bril
iuh Columbia and especially Attornej
General Bowser. Sir Willi id Lauriei
was present but allowed nis followers
harangues to proceed. Elnallj Mr, Pos
ter drew the speaker's attention to the
Irregularity or auch procedure. Thf
speaker regretted to state thai there
wus no parliamentary rule on the sub
j-uci, It was "a matter ui taste."   "TaS-U
in   connection   with   Duncan   ROSS   ami
l.iob McPherson, is a good joke.
Meanwhile the Liberals in the legists
tine still "pug away, ' and at last, with
evldeni   reiuetaue,    and   ditlideinv,   out
contemporary makes s show ol supporting their fight
The Liberals still pretend to believe
of course John Oliver may believe-
that Piciuier McBiid actuaUj advised
the lleutananl governor to disallow a
bill which he. iin' pn mier, bas been
supporting during his whole parliamen
taty career, What tin > are asking
definltelj is the production of any or all
correspondence   between   the  governor
gl ni ral  am]   tin-   lieui enant-goveni' i   on
tiie subject BJverj sant man knows
that there wasn't any. ii there nrascor
rjsspondenoe between the Dominion sec
rotary  and   the   lii-uienun. i-overnur,   we
fail to see that Premier McBride cai
���aoure its production. or course it
could be produced sl  Ottawa -at least
it could  havi-   heen   lu  the years  helm
Czar Laurier forbade the examination
of public documents.
Of courHo the Liberal Struggle Is absurd, at feust it would be If It were
Bluci-re,    JJut icaliy all they aim at is
to keep up the impression anions their
I-, llowers thai then' is something "kept
dark" which would incriminate the
A plain statement of the facts will
convince any one with a mind that the
whole campaign is hypocritical except
perhaps in such unfortunate cases as
John Oliver's and Hob Mcpherson's. A
Special kind of pardon is always humanely extended to such.
Practically every year from 3898 to
1907 bills similar to the Natal Act have
been enacted by the legislature of Hritish Columbia. EJvery year from I8i��8 to
1006 such hills were "reserved" by successive lieutenant-governors under orders trom Ottawa. The fact Is not dis-
puied. Not until this lust year was any
one Idiotic enough to suggest that each
leader of the House during those years
should resign. The leaders placed in
such positions have heen .Messrs. Turner, tieinlin. Martin, Dunsmuir, Prior
and McBride. The lieutenant-governors
have heen T. it. Mclnnes, Sir Henry
Joly and James  Dunsmuir.
There is only one new element In the
situation now. Mr. Dunsmuir "nerved '
Mr. Bowser*-* bill without wailing tor
the usual instructions, Of course, had
it hi-i-ii neerssai y, lln- ins 11 -union - won id
have been sent     Senator Scott has prac
tically admitted thai n is only beosuJM
an Ignorant and self-opinionated lieutenant -gov-j ii nor acted unconstitutionally
thai   Sir   Wilfrid  Laurier  Is  able   to   in
form  the  House ol  Commons that no
such instructions wen* sent.
Kvery  one knows  now that   the  lieu-
tenant-governor reserved the hill or his
own accord without either advice at
i/ic-toria  or  Instructions  from  Ottawa.
Iu doing so he has done Ottawa Signal
service from a party point of view, but
it is unlikely that he foresaw that feature.
Of course hU conduct has been un
constitutional and has demonstrated his
unfitness for offloe. Kqnally of course.
he should be removed from thai olllce.
Hut only Sir Wilfrid can remove him
and In- will not. As our contemporary
sagely explains:  "He has the money."
The meeting of the associated boards
at Moyie this year has been one Of
unusual Importance on account of the
number   Ot    weighty   issues   dealt   with.
The oharge sometimes made against the
association  that  ft   represented  chiefly
C.   P.   R.   Has   Many   Branches   to   Build
and   Wooden   Bridges   to   Replace.
Montreal, Jan. LM.--William Wh\ te,
second vice -president of tli** C. P. u.,
who  has   been  here  for  the  past   ten
days arranging the construction programme of the C, P. K* for the coming
season, has completed his work and left
for Winnipeg,
Mr. Whyte announced that the intention of the road was to do a large
amount of work this summer, and that
In addition to the completion of the
work already undertaken much new
work   will   be   undertaken.
Among this work is the construction
between Kirkella and Asquith on the
Edmonton branch, thence to llardisty
line, eighty-two miles from Lanlgan to
Shebo, a line twenty-three miles from
Wolseley to Weston, and a line twenty
miles north of Winnipeg to the Icelandic river. A line from Tuxford, having as the objective point Lacombe, will
also be continued westward fifty miles.
A large amount of bridge work is also
contemplated. Many wooden bridges
in Hritish Columbia will be replaced hy
permanent   structures.
ii utmii No
In Self Defence.
Baku. Transcaucasia, Jan. 24.���In consequence of the accidental killing of
some laborers by a locomotive at a
suburban station of the railroad here
today, a mohe of comrades of the vie*
tims surrounded the engine and attempted to lynch the engineer. To escape
the excited nud) the engineer opened
the throttle of the engine and dashed
through the crowd killing seven men
and   wounding many   others.
Certificate  of Improvements.
"Kcd Point," "Vernamo," '-Oreenwood Fractional," "-t-reenwoo'l and Jack Pot Fractional"
Mineral Claim;., situate in the Nelson Minium
Division of West Kootenay   District.
Where located:���On Kagle Creek above the
Poorman Mine.
Tase notice that I, John McLatcbte, of tbe
City ot Nelson. acting as agent for Jons P. Swed-
berg. Free Miner's Certificate No B7475 and
Oscar Johnson Free Miner'* Certificate No B62:.,
intend sixty davs from tbe date hereof to ap-
lily1 to the Mining Recorder for Certificate!' of
Improvements, for the purpose of Obtaining
Crown tl rants of the above claim*
And further take notice that action, under
Section W, must be commenced before tbe issuance of such Certificates of improvements.
hated this 27th day {of September, a  i> , 1907.
In the matter of an application for the issue of
a duplicate Certificate oi Title for lots 4, 0, 'J, 11,
19, 25, and 32, of lot 891, C-roun One, iu tbe
in-strict of Kootenav (Map 698).
Notice ts hereby Riven tbat tt is my intention
to tatUS at tbe expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of tin* Cei-
tifleate of Title for the above mentioned lots iu
the name of Ki chard Holme, which Certificate of
Title is dated th,* 24-ih day of November, PJ06,
and   numbered 6310A.
Laud Registry Oilice, Nelson, B. ('..January
17th, 190��.
"II   F. MacLeod,"
District Registrar.
Cancellation of Reserve
Notice is hereby gives that the reserve over
certain lands in .-iouth-Kasi Kootenay, notice Ol
which apveared in the Hritish Columhia'iazettc
of the 11iii of August, lt-i-JO and bore date of August 12*h, lhy->, is hereby cancelled The shove
mentioned lands will be Open for location under
the Land Act ou March tt), 1908.
Depntv Commissioner of Lands aud Works
Lands nud Works Department.
Victoria.].  C, December Ifi.h, 1907.
Nelson Land District District of West Koo'emiy
lake DotSs* th��t J dines Fisher, ofRosslan,*,
H t! , oeoapellon prosspector, intends to apply
f ir a nyeolal timber ieenee over the following
d*.**cMb*-d lauds;
f-uetttloii No 1. Commencing at a post planted
Hbiiut two mile*- west ol the Columbia ami
Western ! atlway's right-of-way ami about mm
mile uorlh of the nor.hern boundary 01 0 P, K
lot '2*m, and West of Dm* '-reek,   nortb of Farron,
b. <:, belns the Initial post adjseant t" ibe
northwsei oorner oi timber Iii enos nurabei II7M
and marked J. Fishers N Y. cornet, thenee
south h>' ebnltiH, thenee west 80 chains, theine
north Hi ohelDIi ihence east wi ofaalni tn the
point of commencement and coiilnlning 110
acres. DITS or less
Dated Deoember I0tb. 1MB,
.lAMrs Fjsiiki*, lo. ao.r.
Location No  ���>    Commencing at h pont planted
St the SOUthOMl   corner   being   tie*   In 1 tin I   posi
adjacent   t'>   He-    northwest    00rn< r    Ol   Dinner
licence No. 187 4  ind   ad iaeen t lo t be   northeast
corner of J  trtiber's Jfo l looatlon snd tns ked
J. FUher'S 8 K. corner, Ihence nenli 10 chains,
Ihet-ce west Hh chnllin. tbence south wi chains,
tiienee cast Ho ( bain* to the point ol commence*
ment hi]-I emit aln line B40 acres, more or less.
Dated Deosmbsr lorn l*~
Jambs Kishi'k. locator.
Losatlnn No g, Oommenolngata post planted
at the south we* l corner a Ihui t on** mil"'   mirth of
be northers boundsrv oil p. R iou-ah, h-i.i
iihottt 2 tSiles wesl of Umber licence No 11(751, uiul
ii bout lour miles wen', ol tin- Columbia and
Western   Kan way,   north   of  Farron,   B, C, and
adjoining ���' P*uber*i No. 2 loeaiion on the nortbi
hong Hi'* Initial  post and marked J   Pliher'i
B W coriier, theme norlli HO chain*-, UiCIK e cssl
m I'hHtns, thunce -ouih ID ehulns thence we-1
hOebains to tin- point of commencement and
coiitHiniiiK MOsorsti more or less.
Dated December 10th, 1907.
Jamks Kisiikr, locator.
Location No. 1. CommencliiK at s post planted
at the uorthwe-l corner beiiiK the inltinl post
adjacent lo the souihwesl comer of .I. Fisher's
No 'A lo-calton and marked J. fisher's N W.
corner, thenci* south Wi chains to the northern
boundary   of  C.   P.   K-   lot MM,  thence  east 80
obsln*.tnence north 10 chains   tbonss westwj
chains, to the point nf commenccmeiil aud con
iiniiK Old acre*., more or less.
Da led  1'ii'iihl.iTii.l!,    1907.
jAMtu Fiinxit, locator.
Commencing Ht a poit i lanteil
ni ti,,-.-,Miim ���,-. oorner belug be inuial puiladjacent to the �� W.oorneroU Fiauer t N*��.8 location, and marked J Fisber'ib K ootut
ourtb a*) ciiiuii.-. tnence west 80 cnains, hence
Miutb 80 ohslns, thence east Hii cbalns to ihe
point oi conniieiiceiueui. and oanUtinlng MO
uen*.. more or less
Dated Deoember lt.th. 1907.
Jamkh Fi-*ukk  locator
Location Mo. ti. Commeuclug ��i o pest planted
at tne northeast corner belns the initial posi
adjaoen to the northwest corner of J. Fisher's
No 4 location and mariccd J. Fisher's N.l*.
corner, tbence south 80 chains to the northern
boundary of C. P. K. lot tOM, thence west BO
chains, thenoa  north ho obatni, tbenoe ess ISO
chains to the point ol commencement aud eon
luiiiui^ HO acres, more or less.
Dateu December hah. iiH)7.
J. FisutOH, locator
Location No  7.   Coin mem iiik ai a post planted
at;tue snulbwest   coiner   heiUS   the   in Hal   poit
adjaoenl to tii<- nortb wesl corner of.' Klsher'i
No j location ami marked J Ptaber's B vv
oorner, Lhenoe north hu chains, thence east so
chains,   then e   south HO chains    theuce west  HO
ohaini i" the point ol commencement and cou-
taluing 640 aorss, more or less.
Dated Deoembet 16tb, U��07,
JaJtSI h'isHKK   locator
Location Nu. 8, Commenulng at a post planied
at the southeast   corner  and   being   the   initial
post    ml j koent   to    tke   souihwesl   cornet    ol   J
Fisher's No. 7 tooation and   marked J.Fisheri
** I , oruer, tbeuce norih Nl ciiains. thenee west
���V chains, tiienee south Hd chain.'., tbence east Hn
chains i" the pointof coniiueucemcnl aud con
talulng 040 acres, more or lesa.
Date i December Loth, 1W7.
Jam"s FisHss.locator.
Location No. i>. Commencing at a posi pia ated
at tbe southwest oorner being the initial post
adjacent hi the northwest corner ol J. Fisher's
No. 7 loeaiion and mark d J Kisher'*-. B W.
corner, tbenoe north Ho chains, tbeuce east nd
oaainsi tnenoe soutn ho chains, tbenoe weit80
chains to ihe pedal of oommenoement and oon*
taluingSlo actes. more or less.
Dated December loth 1007
Jamkm Kikhkb, locator.
Locatiou No. 10. Commencing ata post planted
ni the southeast eoruer beiui* the initial post
udjaceut t(i the nortneasl cornetof J Fisher's
Nu. H location and marked J *STisber's ti. E.
eorner, lb nee uorth Bo chains, theuce west ho
oh situ, theuce south HO chaius, theuee east ho
chains in the point of commencement aud run*
taitiiuu 640 aires, mere or ie.s.
Dated December loth. iwi.
JAKSS FtSnSB, locator.
An exteu- ion of 10 days v\ Hhlu wbiofa lo com
mi nee publication grauted by me this a a it*
���December *li**t, 1907. Harry Wright. Asoisiaut
Cunimis>louer of Lands and Works.
West Kooteuay Land District. District of West
Kool   nay.
'lake uotlee that I, '. (' Janscu, of Hpokane,
Waab * occupation tlmbermaii, intend to apply
[or a Special timber licence over the lollowlUK
described lunds:
1. 'Jommeiiciui- at a post planted at tbe ri. W.
corner, about 1 mile from -Kvni Jubnsious P | K
No. 66*j. salit post bctna pluced on the Interns*
lionai boundary Due, tbeuce north 40 chains,
thence easi hsVu chain*-, tnence south 40 chains.
Up nee west 100 chaius to spoini ol com men cement, containing 040 acres.
Dalcd Dec  mberSrd, 1907. J. C   fjUtSBH.
2. CommeuelUK al a post planted at the B W
eoruer, about 40 cbalus noiih trom the 8. W.
corner of locution No 1., thence north -lu chalus,
thence east lis.- chaius, thenee south 4u chains,
theuce west ISO chains m point of coinmence*
uieiil. eoutaintUK Olu acres. J   C. J_KSSH.
8. Commeueiui- at a post planted at the S. Vi.
comer about W chains north from tbe a. W
corner of locatinn No. 2, tbeuce uorth lu chains,
thenee east I6u chaius, tbeuce aoulh 40 chaius.
ihence west loo chaius to point of commence-
ment. contutuiut- oio acres. i 0   Iansbn.
4 Commeii-iUK ata post planted at the ri. VV.
eoruer. al>out 40 chains norih from the s. W.
corner ol location No ii, tbeuce uorth 40 chains,
thence east loo chains, tbence south 40 chalus
Ihence west 100 chains to point of commencement, containing 040 acres. J. C Jaxhsm
5. Commeuclug ui a post planted at theri. W.
corner, a bout 40 chains north Irom the B. W.
eoruer of location No 4, theuce north 40 cbalns.
thence east 100 chaius, thence louth 40 chaius.
theuce* wesl 1(50 cbalus to polut ol commencement, containing 040 acres.
December 4th. 1907. J   C. Ja.vikn.
6. Commeuclug at a post plauled at theB. W.
corner about 40 chains north from the ti. W.
eoruer of location No. 5, tbeuce uorth 4u chaius.
the ace east It*1 chains, theuce south 4rj chaius,
tnence west 100 chains* to polnl of commence-
meut, containing 040 acres.
December 4lb. 1907. J   C. Ja5SIN
7. Commeuclug at a post planted at the N W.
corner ana ndjoinini* the N. E. corner o( lot 2990,
ihence east 40 chains, thence south 10 chains
theuce east 40 chains, tbeuce south 00 chains,
theuce west HO chalus, thence north loo chains
to polut ol cummeueemeui, couialuiug 640 acres,
December 4th- W   B. SHOOK.
8. Commeuclug at a post plauted at tbe -"* VV
corner, about '*of a mile ln a southwesterly
direction from me south fork of rialmou river,
aud about 7.U miles from the mouth, theuce
south 160 chaius, theuce eaM 40 chalus, thence
uorth 100 chalus, thunce west 4o chains to polul
of ������:.:...>���..;'���:-:   couiaiuiug &4u acres.
December oth, 1907. r.   J. Kaoun.
Nelson Land District. -District of West Kooionay
Take notice that VV. A Hudson, of Hpokane,
Wpshiuglou, U "j.A., occupation timber cruV-r,
lutend to anpiy for a special timber llceuce over
the foilowiug described lauds: Commend*:*- St
a post planted on the north bank of Corn ct _ek,
at the junction of the north fork of Corn creak
with the mam stream, about five miles lu a
westerly direction from the continence of said
Corn creek with the Kouteusy river, thence
north 4u chains thence west 160 chalus, theuce
south 40 chaius. ihence east 100 ��� nun- to poiut
ol coinmeucemcut, conlaiulu-- 640 acres, more or
Dated November 7lb, 1907.
William A. Bosses,
���Nelson Land District. District of West Kootensy
lake nollee lhat I, L. W. rihaver. Intend to ap
ply for a apeclal licence to cut and carry awsy
Umber from 040 aeres ol land: Commencing al
a post marked L. V\ . Hhaver, northwest corner
iheuc*- eighty i bains booth, theuce eight.
chains east, thenee eighty e-hains north, tbeuce
eighty chalus west to place oi b��ginuiug, containing Gin acrer. more nr less, aud i-asi and adjaceut to timber licence lcaut. sud also south
and adjacent lo timber licence No 15U23, sud also
south and adjacent io F A. Hhaver timber limit
No. 1.
Dated   November 21st, 1907.
L. VV. Hiiavkr. locator.
A. Hai kstt, ngeoi.
bxicusion of one week within whleh to advertise grauted. Marry Wrlgbl, Asa't. Commissioner of Land nnd  Works.
Nel-on l.i, n.; District. District of West Kooteuay
Take noli< e ihsl 1, T. L. I-ogau, of Bonners
Ferry. Idaho, oecupalion painter, Intend to ap
ply for a sja-elal limber licence over the follow
lug di scribed lands . CoiuuiiiicluK **���' " post
plauled at the southeast corner of timber
licence No 1M9-I, tlienci- east 80 chains, tbence
norih HO ehulns tiienee west ho ehulns, thence
south ho chains to point of commencement,
containing siOsonB, mors or ie.s.
Dated Noveinl-er 21st. 1907. T. I.   I.'m,an,
COLIN HMITll, (igent .
Nelson Laud District.   Dintrict of Wesl Kooteuay
Taks   notice  thut   I, Charles   Dutcher, Intend
to apply Inr a sperm! limber licence, to cut aud
cany away timber Irom MS acren ot laud Com-
mencing at No. I post about 12 miles west of the
Kootouay river, mi lhe north side of|H��undary
Dm k' a,,'i north, and sdlSOSOt to timber licenses
18490, and one mils north of the International
boundary line: commencing at a post marked
Charles Dutcher's south west corner, tbence 80
chain-, uorlh, tbeUoelO chains east, thence HO
chain*- south, thenee ho chains wesl to the place
ol begin Of UK, containing 840 acres, more or loss
Loea ed November I8i&, L9QT,
DRA���I_S  Dutcmsk, T-oc&lor.
No. X. Oommenolni at a post marked Charles
Dntober'i   southeast  corner, theuee H (halns
noTthi ihence mo chalus west, thence 80 'hn in-
south, thsnOS Ho chain-- east lo the place of bc-
f-intilng. and wesl ano adjacent to number one
LlmbOf mu11, and conuilning 6*10 acres, more or
Located November IHth, 1907
Cbablh Do-rossa, Looator,
No. it. Commencing at a OS I marked Charles
Dutcher's northwest ,-ornei a j 1 about l.'i miles
west of the Kootenay   rlvrr the north side ol
Bonndary otook and north at d sflaosnt to Umber lioenve 18880, thsnos lontn -'* ��� io.ui . theuce
east Hh chains,   ihence   r *rth   11 ( halns,   thence
west HO cbalns lo  lhe   plflOC of  DSginnUlgi containing 010 iieics. mon- 0   lens
Located November IHth, 19(7,
CHAiu.Ks imiihi'.ii, Looator,
No 4 C'ommenelng Ht ii post mHrsed Charlei
Dutcher'i   uortheasi   coiner,  tbeuce louth 80
Having just received a large shipment
of these lines, and having bought before
last advances, we are selling this lot at
last  season  prices.
This is a fine opportunity for hotels,
furnished rooms to stock up as prices
���fS specially low. We want your attention  and   inspection.
Eleventh Annual
Winter Carnival
Ever e
.1 bvi
From    Tuesday    Night
Until    Saturday    Night
Rossland    Carnival
J.   S.  C.   FRASER
FEB. 4 to 8
l'or lnfunnaui'an ;apj,l\  ,,,
A.   b.  MacKENZIE,
Beeretmn ud Q al Uanasar.
< hamplouihlp ol H  *
'"hainpii>nsh:p of CsSSl
l limn} liin-r. j. ol 1*
���  hat..pi<ui-hn<   of   Ho be il
ehKiii",  thence  weet HO chains,  ihence   north HO
chains, theuce east 80 filial us to the   pisee of beginning, I-, in t ki ii i in* t>��4* sores, more or lets
-Loesled November l��tb, iwri.
* n aki >   Dt'TCHKp, Looator.
No. b. -commencing st a poit mark--' Charles
Dutcher's southeast corner, theuce t*ui cbato"
north, theuce Hh chains west, LhsneeSOohsloS,
-south,   thence MO  cbslnn east to the   nllSS Of DO
Ki-iiniij*. I'oniKituiik.- "l" acres, more or less
I .oi tiled   Nix. cm be:  INt tl, l'AG
Chahlbs loi. line, ixtcstor.
Yo. 6. Cummeuclni* st a post markod Charles
Dipcber's rtotithweei corner, ihence north ho
chalna, thence east HO chsins, thenee noulh ho
i halns, thsnOS went HO chalus to the OJsOi Of OS
ginning,   conalulug mn at res, mon- or less
Located November IHth, 191/7.
<�����*hi.i-   DtmnUti  l-.-nlnr
���-,,  m.    West lork, Kile rreek.
Nelson I-and Dlbtrict.   insm.-i of West. Kootensy
'I ake notice thst I, Joseph Patrick, of Nelnon.
B.C., occupation himbcimau. intend to apply
for a special timber licence over the lollowlng
described lands: Commencing al a post planted
about 6 miles up tne west lork ol Kile creek,
snd shout lu Ohaini from th<- bank of ssld west
fork, snd marked Joseph Patrick's H. K, corner,
thenee weft HO chains, theuce north HO ehulns,
thsnOS ea*l 80 chsins, thenci- south Ho chains to
pointof ���lonimcuecmt-ut, conlalnliiK '���!" lOTSs,
more itr lees.
Dateil December 6th. I��i7,     J0SST- Pathuk.
1. J. Luc'a, agent.
No. 14      West lork, Klfe OMSK.
Neisou Lend District.   DDlrlctor West Kooi v
lake notice thnt Joseph Patrick, of Kelsuji,
B <U , occiinalitni liimticrman, intend*-In apply
for a special tlmbct licence over the following
described lands: Commencing sl a post planted
sboul two chains dit-tnni, and in nu easier).-,
direction ftoui location No. Ill mid uiarkcl
Joseph Patrick's N. h, corner, ihence south 80
chains, thence west SO chains, thciice nor th Sll
cbalus, ihence ��ut ho chalus to point o( com-
iii.-im 'ineiii, containliiK 010 acres, more or less
Dated DsSn mber olb, >'*'���        .losscn Pathick,
1   J. Lucia   agutil
No  Ut.   West fork. Klfc creek.
Nelson Land District.    DlstrlOtOl West Koolenay
'lake notice thatl, loseph Pslrlck, o( Nel��ou,
(t.C, occupation luinberman,  Intend to  aphly
fnr s ipeclrl timber   In en iver   the   lolloivlng
i!'-nri ihi-d lauds: Cniniueiiclng ut it post planted
ultini I -fp chains distant and in a westerly mice
Ion from the wesl fork ol ML- creek and about
> miles from mouth id creek, and msrsed Joseph
I'strt k's H K corner, theuce west Pin chains,
thenee north 40 chalni*,   ihence  ensi   lfio chains.
ihence south 40 ohaini to point ol oonunonoi
ment  ciniUiliiliig Mu acres, more or lo*-s.
Dated December tub. 11*07.      Johki-h Patrick,
I. J. Lucia, ageui.
No ifl,   BtSTSOl crees.
Neiuoii Lsiid Dl��irlcl.   Ulstrlci of West KootSQS)
lake notice that I, Joseph Patrick, ol Nelson,
II (,'., occupation lumberman, liiteud to apply
Ior a special limber LleoDOS over the following
ilescnbed lands: ComineiiciiiK st a post planlcl
about r,!a miles up Htevens creek and In a N. K.
dlrecllou from mouth of creek, and marked
Joseph Patrick's N K corner, mSDOS south Ho
chains, tbeiicu west HO chains theuce north Ho
chalni- , thenco east Ho chains io tnu point ol
commeucumeut, couialuiug bio atsies, mote or
Usted December ard, 1VU7.     JoMici-n PA'iitn g,
X.J,   LUt IA.   AtfUUl.
You can buy ;a  ln;ta-r.> l-'raili   Hanoi]  In   the  best   fruit  KrowInK dlf'TIf'
In  IlrltiKl,   Columbia   tif   paying   $1" alollara dnwn anal $111 per ina.n'l
Kva-n ns an InvMtmaal ililt* i*. nrortn ,'aa,,Ritleratlon. '
Fruit  Land baa tr.-l>l��*rl In railta within tbe year.    Wha, nIII ll da   :���
wahii H'l'Wisi-SSaal
MIJI.MO-*    pert
MANUFACTURERS    T  JjmC__      CUi^^vl^c
AND DEALERS IN    -LtWllDei?,   3ill_lgleSt
L��th, Mouldin^H*) Doors, Window*
I 'uriiiitl  Work  uiul   hriii.:ki:tN.
VBRNON ���TRB0T  ���
Mivil OvdMH prompUy nt
M'-ISOaN.   |H. C.
No   17.    BtSTSOl creek
NalSOn Land DlHtricI    District 01 WSBl kr���,t,*..ny
Talis notice iim��� [.Joseph  PatrlakiOl Kelson,
I    '     ojiHiloii    I um l���.i [null,   intend   to SpplJ
lor a special timber licence over the f. flu wins
duscribcd iHlldo:    1 oiiiim uclug at a post planted
about i mile in an esslerly alreetlon ir.nn the
mouin ui Stevens areeki whereH emptlei into
( ariboo lake, mid imiiked Joseph Patrick'-, s w.
corner,   ihence   mntli   Hi) elm in-,   tliem.    eastSO
chs'ii-, iin ncc nouth ho ohalns, toenoe westso
obalna to polnl ol oommenoonienii oontalnlni
ti-in aerss, mors or loM
Dated Deoenbei I0 I, \Wl.     Josi rn PtThii.'K,
l. J . Ln ia, Kgeni.
No. ih   Itsrsai e-ei-k.
Nelson Land Dii-irici. District ol Weil -potsnay.
Take notloa thm i JosOpb Patrick, of Aelson,
n. t . oecupalion lumberman, intend to spply
for a ipecial timber liceuuo ovoi tbe rolloeins
Oesoi ib'-d landi i   * oromenolus at a post plan tea
aboul si miles up **levi>ii*, creek, an-l aboil- to
chai'is noulh Irom the bank of the creek, and
marked loiOpb   Patrick*|   N    K    coriu-r,   lhence
MKllllHIl   Ohslni,    Ihellie    west -HO ehlLllI-,    lliellce
norih HO chains, theooe tail ���*" ohaUli <���> point 0l
coiuilieiieeiiieni.   conl-niiiliij; MO   iieics,   mole   or
Dated Deicinbrr Und, LB0-,     jo-mui Pai im. h,
I  J. Lucia, Hgebt
No  IU    Htevens creek
Kelson Land District   Wstrtcl of west Kqptsosy ���
Take notice that I, Joseph  t'ni im-s , id Ntdnou, i
P. O.. OOOUpatlOO   liimleruiau,   Intend   n�� apply
for a s|,eclal tlmliei    llccuee   mn    the   followln-g  i
leiorlbed lands I   Cuinmuuclug at a post plautoU
aboal s miles up  sle-fsni otsel
l"ci Q No IS on the nouth. and i
I'l.iilck's   N   W. comei,   tliem.    ���
i'> -   south   Ho chains,   lln Di i
theuee north ho ohaini to palm
ui cut. co ula I ning 0M aeres. more <
lisle-1   I'ecomber Hnl, IWI7        Jos
I.J. Lt'. i
No. 'At     Went fork, Kile creek ...
Nelson Und District   liimrin ot Vte*.!-�����.
Ukc nollee thst I, Joseph Patrick��� "' i
R. O , OOOUpatlOO luinbermsil, Milell'l "'J
for n njiecinl limber liccflfi- oVl'l lh ,,3
described land*.: CoiiuueneliiK st ��� l,"*'-_i
about 2 miles up tho west (nil <l I ���><'''',*__
aimul SO chains north Of thi <""��� H" tl
Joseph Ptiltlck's N. fl, corner. tblS* __\
chains theuce west 10 chains, 'll '
ehainn, ihence east nit ihhIii- t" i
ineiiei incut, coilt'iiulng lilu acren.  M
Daled December .'ith, 1WI7.       Jostct i
I   J.l.liM.
vo. 21      Went fork, of Klfe 0TSM
Nelson Land Dletriot,   Disiruiof **it
'lake notice that i,  Joseph   I'alrli'*
11  C , oceiipfttiou   lumberman,  i"i*'
lor a special Umber   licence  over   ".
deicrllu'd lauds:   t:oiiiiueiicin�� �����
about I miles up the west fork nl ���
piauici on   the   north   bunk id Ihi   ���
maiked   .1 oh   Patrick's   N. *    ��;'���'
soul i Ho chalus,   thence   wesl W rh"
north   nn cIihIIis. ihence castW  CDW
of oommenoomanti containing m.".'
Dated Jiecomber Otb, IW*      Vj^J The Dally Canadian
.'Ou c     M dims ou FROG LEGS every day.    We furnish the
f,   Po_k,    Mutton  and Veal
Hams. Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
Ftesh and Smoked Fish.
in the market
meal of Finest Quality in glass aud wood.
P. Burns & Co.* Ltd.
CasK'Hosslanal     NELSOIN, 13. G- Bi*i****d-*j*y
Under Tort-.trc Kansas Farmer Reveals
His Sister's Admiesion  That She
Killed Her Father.
Bohemian Beer
\ The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
.'elSson UJOA ttttOtU Cl ��� * - ��� ��� t ��� : <���'���  ������������*���' K..t.-.-*m>
, Take KotMt *\mSm%*o<\. '. "ii-   si.-.-in   ior
[red. J. Tamair, of "���
honor, tatsaSi Mibi      '*" i"���: *" i"n
aaee thefoUoartag ��i,���-���
at a wet b-laa-u-1   ,-t >'hm "i
onofssS. this     >'
^^^^^^^^^���0 chains    south,  thenee   ���*"
���_-__ __. ly dlf'-liou,    ill- nc,- 2 I piiHiie
 sothe^etisiid- "iiisn. i" ��� i.,.���.,..<..i*t,*.uiisn.'
it serea. seen or le-*-
/beted Nov.Swsb. Wo-;.
L KaEuntcK   Iohn 1 a-xih,
E     K.J   .Saiijmovs.   *>j<i*nt
--.���iso- _*nd trtstri. i   dimth i .    .*..
Take notiee that Kn-i .1   .-Ntnm.ni-
_*.A   aalUrd, ol Pro. 1, .
nwnds to apply, lor pum.
-allowing  deeerlbed   1.1,1. 1
met rt-Uttled aboailS     .-���
hence eonthwest *\o
baius. tbenc.* sortt-
�� ait So chaise to the
I ontaiaiug ��S
S 00 leu ay
���*������-��ul lot
oecupalion   mueher.
Union to pnrohsse the
is! Comuieuciui* at a
t'seaslol w ilsou creek,
in,  tnence northwest io
10obaios, thenoe nouth*
oitil of eoruiuciieumeul
ur let*"
1BA1.II   A
K    .1    SMOSNS,
Tako aotieeJOsat w.
District ot Wesl kooteuay
__^^^^_^^^^^^ . A. liudaou, limber ituimt.
���I Hpokane, Bpokau,- e,,ui,i>. WK-ahHu-ius,.
���1 tbe Veiled Slates oi   \11n11r.    it.n ii'l- :.. n\i\0
' Clatter lie-ii-" <-m s  ue- 1 .ii.iAiui;
tOumini'iH'iin-iii m (i.ist iiiiirk,*'!
il   Coru i;reek.
row Lake, on Mon-ulln Creek) and ill OhatUS 76
links south of the N W.C. of said lot, rt.:ini*,-j
tbsnos west Ho chains, thence south w> Chains,
tbenoe east BO chains, thenco north HO chalni to
place of commencement, contain in k BSD SOTSS,
more or less.
CHA���LSI Marsh U.I.,
Aireut   lor   liui*o �� ,ir-i. >u
Date-i n Deeembet 1*17.
imc lal
���iO. V, planted Oath'   north u,*u�� ..t   ' orn . n >u.
.t-the Inaction of tn,' *>���-: m      1. <>t . m--, . ������,*,...
rith the sula sti-ei*' . m
...1-..1. aiMAUr,_baB* oannaeneo ol n���td Corn
Kelson band Dittrlcu Distric* ot Wenl Kooteuay.
'lake notice that Tina llerxmaii, of Altoua.
Man , occupation wile ol 0. ner-j-insti, termer,
Altona, Man , intend** in apply for permission to
pornbaie Lbl lollovvliii- descri'l***.! 1h.uu :
Oommenoing ai a posi planted nt tha n b. c.
ol Ungal srstens' spplieatlon to pun-has,- and
run*.iiik thenee vest 80 ohaioi thenoe north nu
chains, thenee east 40 chains, lhenoe south n
ohalnsSfi links, thenee east m v sins, ihence
sooth?] ohainslS iiukstoiMn.it 01 oonussoos
in,-ni, eouidliiiui* ��������� . acres mon or less.
1 Him.Ki M -.a-.ii 1,1.1..
Atreut    lor    1111,1    i . : r-iotu.
Dated Zl December IWT.
NelHon Laud Di*.triet     Distrlclol West Kooteuay.
Takenotfeethat Uerl -eorse Payne, of Heedles,
[���cupatlon   rancher. Intends  to apply   for
lion lO purchase the  lolbiwiux  dewribea
 -.    ComiiienciiiK al a po*-l   pl��nted  mio'it If.
cnaliis west of U liaisliau creek ami 'AA vll chain*.
fcouth ol   the   H'Mitbwci.1   corner  uf  !-*���!   So    H.Vln
. runuiuK thenoe northM ohalns, thei west so
I   chains, thence   south   L2JM  chain-,   liieuee east
1 23 on ehalns, them .- south 1.7 IHS chains, thanoe
i   57.41V  chains   ��� it  1   lo   point   of  BOO���neneeincnt,
eonislhiu-- 481 at res, now surveyed an lot ***]**���
'���������*������ 1 Hin January, I'joh. Lkvi ��� ���fokok pATVS.
reek with tbe Sto.'S n.*.:     -   n.-ni. t
thsassvro'  .-%������ is -
thSMOea-     :%< ..... '    '
eonunililf* f����vl itcr-n more or lenn.
adjoin    -lniu-i   -nsiv    ;>,.   .   ,<u in,'
Iber is.   i-
-hai as;
,  H on lhe sooth, as h>-
___ r7, iy07.
^^���flS m iam A. Ht'i-aoN, l^oeator.
il by -Pan.1 k -    -s.iii
���blared attd mrh< ��� i-; iii''vii,iii:i nn'i'a'1 w
rB��Ud��OU    OU   lbU 2 >: <"    .N'.vi-lllbi 1.   A     D
uPn. Delore see at *��i'"Unr.   >*��,ki*iia   *. ,, ,ntv,
^^ Inston.OSWOf lb-      mte-l  ���L��ii'��ii!Aiiniii,i.
Passu k c  shiws.
Wesl   Kooicusv   1,-aii.I   District.    District Of (iost
Take uotlee that I, (ii-orge A Hunt, ol Kit.
ehener, occupation limoerman, luieud to
apply      for      permlssiou      to      purchase     the
fo-iuwiutf deeorlbed���asr-i:    Commeoolni at ��
post planted about40 c. a ns, w. ni ol Thompson
marked N. W. . -,r 1,. :     t.   lOOS south 10 **.- chu'iis
theuee east   44.67    1 hsl   -.    thenos    north   Sl.4.*.
ohalnStthenoe west aloogB.O. Southern '-n.il
way to plaos <'i coiumeio .*mt*nit cuntainiui* WH.1H
Dated January Hili, r��-* QBOSSS 11. B-DSTi
^iolsuu Lead Distil
' Take notloe thai 1-. ���
wcu stton ��srrk"
or p-btmiMlon So 1
irtbodiandi    Com"" >
betniereecUM of
.ISO, and thr
mci 01 Weel -ootonay
1 Pierce,   I Bus���iburgi
tan, na. ni-
purchase  th
���-eciloa '
ess. loll
���Mint ol ������k
Dated 7th Oetoi
_____      pp��y
*m*3   ****>   ltd low l OK   O08-
ng at �� poet planted at
rth bonnOars oi l����i
oondary  ol   101   No   hih.>,
inoie or Itss, 10 ibe north
���r Limit No. TB7i, thence
ic- west *�� chains, mor,-or
ol   Wtiaishaii   lake, thenee
H   aoutherlv   aud    -estcrly
iS,   more   or   lenn   'it the llllei
ilice 85 ehallis.   mon   "i
boundary   ol Lo��. 6l��-'�� i����
InAl-Fl l.A  I'lEKCK.
KAt'Ql'lsa, ' KiiUt.
���JfleiaoU lAnd District.    Dminciol Wt^t Kouu-nay
lake notiee thst    m-���*. uoier   j    McCool. oi
sTVe-rnle, B. (l.toeoupaiion - 1 ra   mieun*. to Hppi*.
Mor permission to pur.-n**-   tio*  ioIIoim,-*  ,1, -
-Lmtbedland;   Ootnno u. iu.   hi u p..st idmiicd ....
the southern boanti     <o h   *   ,-,'uiii, , u   luii
way f igbt-of-way, hi.*-i.   mil n tm,: ism,*-
_>saterTr tram the  n,niii-.'M   1  .r i,,i ..���-*.
IP   1,    VoOUDn  *���*���*.���*���    . bani-
_j>oe eastSBchsii. >   i.-.m. **" . imn,-
ithsrn b-an4sr
. Buohataaalou    -��i
It     Ol   '   OSJBmOth   ,   ,;,.    :.
Al AXAIitili.lt   I    M' 0001
iru tiouudary c
aud  coiiUtuini; fifO
istricl of *r>eit Kiaiteuay
nut-den, sotlug m agsnl
tins,   N. H ,   oecupalion
pply (or permUslon tn
disc rlbed laudu   �� om-
d on  the   easteily shore
,ut lo cliMlns north ol Hull ��) attains,
,  to tin; bike
.0* lake shore
t   eoiiiainlHK
1 i-hnlTiM
Oliec ea
re or lei
en I,
*|l   licaiiKN,
r. Asciit.
~   Take aoUSSthst >
..lorJ.H SksSjSM, <'-   ���'
1  i_*HshaniC, ISfSStd
uenotng at S jsai pi
,^.1 Arrow Ishs-iSHi     ������
���SN.K.mrner al hn    '
tbence north SB ch ���""���
-"ahoie, thenee aoutn"��� ���'
10 the point oloonnM.i..
r aeres. more or u-s-.
Kelson Land Diilri''    i>-in< 1 of *A .-st Kooiensv
Tak��  notice   that    John   James   earner .11.  <��f
VMsSe,   Brltwn C.olnn,. t...   e.-ciipation   eoulrac
J?y,   intend.   10    sppD'    tor    pcmuc-m..,.    *,
MfOhaee tUe>lolin*��ihs< dv*. iii.-.t    -mi.   �� om
-Sfir_n_ias   ���"  *  1   pism.d   ���.���   Hi     -...mhrrn
_____urv  ol  the   1* s, 'in   riithintw.iy
__________RDD        -rom t|���. n.w
tenay, thence luntfa 00
halns,   them***   north <���*'
bonndary ��' the said
atsrly a'.ouj- said south
, of*wai  lo ths polnl
���illallilHrt   B�� acres,  more
Notloe is ht-reby given that Uu* Kin-
ne\ -Miilcr Ct'dar Compuny, un extra provincial company duly registered, aa
such, and authorized to carry on b���Bt-
nass within tbe prorlnoe 0! Brltlah Col*
umhla, nnd having ita head ofioe" at
Creslou, in the BSid province, inanufuc-
turers, have by deed of assiKniiient.
dated the 14th day of December, 1007,
assigned all its personal property, real
estate, credits, and effects, which mi 1}
be seized and sold under execution to
me. Charles <). Rodgers, of Crestou,
British Columbia, lumber m&nofaoturer,
for the genend benefit of its creditors.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held at the Offloe oi' Ir. M. Macdonaltl.
harrister-ai law. corner Maker and Stan
ley streets, Nelson, H. C, at the hour of
three o'clock in tbe ���CteiHOOl] on Tuesday, Iho ::isl day of December. 1907, for
ihe siving of directions with reference
to tin- disposal of the estate.
And further take notice lhat all creditors ore n quired on or .before the 28th
day n] D.*.ember. 11HJ7. In llle with me,
the assignee, full particulars of their
claims duly verified, and the nature <��r
the security, If any. held hy them.
And notloe is hereby given Lhat after
the 2Kt��i day of December, 1907, I will
proi 1 to distribute the s_sets amongst
the creditors of Whose debts or claims
I  shall then have received notiee and I
win not be responsible tor the assets,
Of  any   part   thereof,  so  distributed   to
any creditor of  whoso dt hi  or  claim   1
shall  not  then  have  received   notice.
Dated ai Creaton, 11. C, this nth day
or Deoember, 1907,
Topeka, Kaa., Jan. 24.���"George, i
wa-i the cause of father's death. Don't
tell unyone unless you have to. Flora."
The above confession written and
signed on her death hod hy Flora Ten-
nynon will, lt ls believed, clear up the
mystery which has surrounded the murder of her father, David T. Tennyson,
Which occurred on Kebrurary 27, 1U0G,
near the town of Frankfort, in Marshall
* ounty, about sixty miles northwest of
this city. Fur nearly two years the au*
thorities have vainly endeavored to unravel the mystery and obtain the necessary evidence agalnSt the guilty parties.
The murder occurred 011 the Tennyson farm, one mile- east of Frankfort.
On the night of the crime Mr. Tennyson and his wife, who were elderly
and well to-do, were sitting in the living room of their home. A daughter,
Mrs. Flora Hrock, who had, however,
been separated from her husband and
who went under the name of Flora
Tennyson, was In the sitting room with
her parents. The only other member
of Uie immediate family who lived
with the parents was George Tennyson,
a son of 21 years. George went to town
thai night. A little before eight o'clock
Flora went to her room which was upstairs.
Mr. Tennyson sat near the centre of
the room with his back to Mrs. Tenny
son, and was reading a paper. Suddenly there was a thunderous explosion accompanied by a crash of glass. The
concussion extinguished the lamps in
the house and stunned Mrs. Tennyson,
who bt iieved that a Lamp had explod
ed. VVhen she recovered from the
shock she groped her way to her hus- -
baud, but could not arOQXLSfl him. She
then hurried to Flora's room and tound
her daughter about half undressed just
getting ready to retire lor the night.
The daughter was unmoved by the explosion. She alierwards stated that she
thought it was a shot gun fired hy a
neighbor to scare coyotes from his
lln. Tennyson and her daughter hurried down the stairs, where ihey found
the father dead, lying limp iu his chair.
A hole in the back of his head near
th- base of the brain told tbe story of
the shooting.
Tbe authorities learned cf the crime
that night and at once took up the
search for the murderer or the murderers. Bloodhounds were put 011 tlu
c.ise and special detectives employed,
but never was sufficient evidence
brought to light to justify an arrest. A
print of a woman's shoo was found
right In line with the probable path taken hy the murderer. It measured exactly like Flora's foot. The sheriff located au old shot gun belonging tn the
family in a storehouse near the housi
which contained an empty shell. This
shell smelled of having been freshly
discharged and the detectives were of
the opinion thai this wns the weapon
m ed in the killing.
Within a few weeks afler the death
of her father Flora Tennyson was taken siik and died. It waa known before
th*- tragedy she had quarreled violently
with her father on several occasions because of the objections or her father to
the visits of a young nian named llor
aee Trosper to Flora.    Hut George Ten
nyson, the son, had also quarreled with
his father many times over mon'.y matters, so that so far as a motive was concerned   the  authorities  were   unable  to
make   a   decision.     Soon   after   Flora's
death  the son     George     left    Marshall
county   and   bought   a  farm   in   Ottawa
county.     It   was   the     general     opinion
when   he   left   Frankfort that  he   knew
more of the  tragedy than he cared  to
tell.      But   nothing   was   ever   done   in
the matter and  no arrests were made.
Two   weeks   ago,   however,   interest
iu tire famous case was revived by the
action of the relatives of the murdered
man.    Accompanied by Marshall county
officers     they     went to   the     home  of
George Tennyson and formally charged
him with knowledge of the crime.    He
was taken to town and  severely cross-
examined    for    several    hours.    For a
time   he   steadfastly    denied    that    he
knew any more concerning the tragedy
than, be  had  already   -told.     Under the
sweating   process,   however,   he   finally
broke down and sobbingly confessed to
the  secret   that he had  kept  since his
sister  Flora's  death.    He  said  that on
the   day   before   his sister died  he  was
titting   by   her   bed  fanning   her.     She
had  not  been able to talk or hear for
several days. She made known that she
wanted  a  pencil   and  paper,  which  her
brother gave her.    She wpote: "George,
I was the cause of father's death. Don't
tell anyone  unless you have to,"  which
she  signed.     This    written     confession
George  produced  from  his vault In the
Ottawa bank and handed over to the officers.    It is now believed that Mr. Tennyson's objection    to the    Intimacy between his daughter and Horace Trosper
prompted the crime, and every effort  Is
now being made to find out If any other
person   was   implicated   in   the  murder.
.lohbinf;   promptly, altenaled   to.     Plans
and KBlfmates.
Apply 415  Hall St. Box 385.
Take notice that I will, on the 9th
day of March, 190S, apply for a transfer
of the liquor license for the Silver King
hotel, situate on Lots Seven (7) and
Eight (8), In Block Ten (10). on the
south side of linker street in the City
of Nelson, from Robert Dalziel to myself.
Dated at Nelson, B. C. this 20th day
of January. A.  D. 1908.
No. 331.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
or desirauiu lu transporting logs and
other minerals to the mills and plants
of the Company, and in transporting
the manufactured products of such
plants to the markets; to log and
drive streams; to construct and operate
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of any bonds or other securities or
evidenoca of indebtedness created or
issued by any corporation or corporation, association or associations of tho
State of Maine, or of any other state,
territory or country, and, while tlie
owner thereof, to exercise all the rights,
liowers   and  privileges  of ownership:
To porehaae, hold, sell, asRign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of shares of capital stock of any
other corporation o;" corporations, association or associations of the State
of Maine, or of any other state, territory or country, and . while the owner
of such Stock, to exercise all the rights,
powers and privileges of ownership, including the right to vote thereon:
To aid in any manner any corporation
or association of which any bonds or
other securities or evidences of Indebtedness or stock are held by the corporation, and to do any ac1"" or things designed to protect, preserve, improve or
enhance the value of any such bonds
or other securities or evidences of indebtedness or stock:
The business of the Company is from
time to time to do any one or more of
the acts and things herein set forth;
and it may conduct its business In other
States, territories and possessions of
the United StateB, in British Columbia,
and in foreign countries, and may have
one offlce or moro than one offlce, and
keep the books of the Company outside
of the State of Maine, except as otherwise may be provided by law, and may
hold, purchase, mortgage, and convoy
real or personal property, either In or
out of the State of Maine.
All the powers of the corporation are
vested in the board of directors, who
may make, alter, amend or repeal all
by-laws of the company, except such
by-laws as regulate or affect the election of directors and officers, and except when the change of a by-law or
exercise of a power is made by stat-
u'e expressly dependent upon action by
or consent of the stockholders.
Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorise lhe corporation to transact business in any other state, territory, or
foreign country, contrary to the provisions of the laws of such state, territory or foreign country, and that nothing in these purposes shall be construed
to give the corporation any rights, powers or privileges not permitted by the
laws of the State of Maine to corporations organized under Section 6 of
Chapter 47 of the Revised Statutes of
the State of Maine, and the following
corporate purposes shall be exercised
only in states and jurisdictions other
than Maine, namely, the construction
and operation of railroads, or aiding in
the construction thereof, telegraph or
telephone companies, and gas or electrical companies, and such businesses
are U> h*^ carried on only in states and
jurisdiction!* wnen and whwrc* permissible under the lows thereof.
Tremont House
.1 A M V
Tin. DistneioiW
at .lohn   Stiii'l
*N.   K.l.lll'UH
,f Ni
, H I
i,,-,. iiitouib* i" spply. to per-
mess the to 11 o* In I R*-a��fl-?K
-oik nt �� posi planted  ��.t the
��� r   of    iLot   iH'i'A.   tbe I   W*���,���<,   *2
.oil-Mi Hn  ObatOI,   thuliee  cm-Hll
��� uih ho ohaini lo tha [Wlnl ol
an.l oontaiuiog ISO sores, mon*
r,M��f* BHIBLLi
���   Xiri'ii'   .
____Kl I'IMiiri
tMttri   'in. i    mh: a-   Mi    ci.  ��� i  i  m in
^M    *,OOOlll'u   I   '  i   IO. in il M.  I I,,,   i '    l"i
���SHA Ut I'liii'li-is,. in.,  (..llowiiii-   ,i  H.iiK'd
yBtftSsni'-iirin.',  nt  i,   pun!   jitiuitei!  iii tho
I.   C    Mori'iM.u'i   renob.   In   Kir
(>   north   lorty   (40)   (Imlin,,   tlii'iic
i iliPiti*, ibenee month     .nv (-lo
wi-nt fort j (-Mi)  el) u UiH oini <>
I     i'i.'l   i oiii'i'-ilu**    DOS   liniiiiM't
fcorci  more or it u.
inr  'ii ���    MK.7 - -**-*-*'    JV11 (  is)]
Auction Sale
Dent's New and Second
Hand Store .
Saturday, Jan.  20
At 2 p. m. Sharp.
ri,.��. Diairiotoj Wail Koottnay
...   Uaaa:,* ,'.a.Kla.,,H, of W!lalal|.< aa.
i, pobli.lior, i���,a.���.i�� ,.. awiy
to purohan 11,,*  ,��.li,,..-i���k de*
MVMiMir ail I
t>l   u_>at
1171, 071*1
...,���  the  	
a ja-lla... Irona Ar-
Granlteware. Tinware, White Enamel-
ware, Parlor, Dlnlngroom Bed.'oom and
Kitchen Furniture, Cook Stove;.. Heaters, and a large aBaortntent of articles
too numerous to mention.
Turner Beeton Block, 600 Vernon Street.
this  winter.    Sulphur  Springs  and   unexcelled   accommodations.     Hates   $2.50
per day  and  up.
ly  answered.
Call on or write
Invited and chcerful-
U I'. A., Nelson
I hereby certify that "The Kootenay
Cedar Company'' has this day been registered as an Uxtra-Provincial Company under the "Companies Act, 1897,''
to carry or effect all or any of the objects of the Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of
British Csjumbia extends, except the1
construction and working of railways,
and the business of insurance.
The head office of the Company Is situate at Portland. Cumberland County.
Tbe amount of the capital of the
Company is one million seven hundred
and fifty thousand dollars, divided into
seventeen thousauil five hundred shares
of one hundred dollars each.
The   head   olllce  of   tlie   company   in
this  Province  is situate at Nelson, and
K.   S.   Lennie,   barrlster-at-law,    whose
address is .Nelson, B, C. is the attorney
for the Company, not  empowered to is-
BUe and transfer slock.
The Company is limited.
Given under my hand and seal of offlce  at Victoria,   Province     of     Hritish
Columbia, this eleventh day of January,
one thousand nine hundred and eight.
Registrar of Joint  Stock Companies.
The   objects  for which   this     Company has been established and registered are: ���
To acquire, hold, improve, lease and
sell timber, fanning, grazing, mineral
and Other lands, and the products there-
ot ; to mint' or otherwise extract or )'���
inovo coal, ore*, si.nii* and other min
��� Mais and timber from any land owned.
leased or oooupled hy the company, or
from any other lands; to buy, build.
construct, maintain and operate plants
and works for lhe development or
such lands, and for the handltu-". preparing and rendering commercially
available of the various products thereof; and to buy, or Bell or otherwise to
deal or to traffic In Wood, timber, lumber, coal, Stone, ores nnd other material, and any ol the products thereof,
and any article consisting, or partly
consisting, thereof.
To engage in trade and maintain
To buy. build, hold and lease or sell
all kinds of houses and buildings, nnd
the lands on whioh the same may be located; to buy, own and hold, with a
vlow to lis Improvement and sale, any
kind  of  real   estate.
To breed, raise and deal In cattle
and live stock of nil kinds; and to manufacture, buy, si !1 and otherwise deal
in   all   kinds  of  dairy   products.
To construct decks, slips, bridges, machinery, ships, boats, engines, cars and
other equipment, elevators, water
works, gas works, electric works, viaducts, aqtii'dnets and other watet-ways,
and to sell the same, or otherwise to dispose thereof, or to maintain and operate tho same; to construct and to maintain and operate all tn-mts, railroads,
spuds, switches, locomotives, eai*s,
trains and equipment for the purposes
of the Company only, and not ns a
common carrier, that may be necessary
Kororeen n- '. Aitotii ���**.���   '".-.i.
Heeli S3 ct*..   _oom*' Irom "il cti. to ��'
���onii watte Help -Km ploy a-)
Um. r St., Nelimu
Propria i on
M*��.l a-aaaulortabla* qaaarler.      Nolaoa
Ouly Ita,' btaat a, f l.lqamr-a anal * ,���.*-*>
Grand Central Hotel
We have for rent the offlce in the
Mara Block over the Hoya! Bank, lately
occupied  by Mr. E. A. Crease.
!������< ��,-* fULL PAR-
H* & M. BIRD
KOK RKNT���Offlce on Baker St.
FOH  SALE���Rcstalentlal  I-Ota In city and suburbs.
Flre. Accident, Llabilliy. Fidelity, and   Life   Insurance   agents   for   the
strongest companies operating in Canada.
If yoa want Good Land
MeDermid & McHardy
-NELSOIN, s3.;*G
No. 310.
Thoroughly renovateal and refur
nlshed. Rooms 50 cents upward The
dining room is unexcelled In the city.
House healed throughout with hot
J   A. KHlOKSON, IT .prtetor
Telephone, 260.    Opposite Court  Houa.
and Poatorflco. Nelson. B   C.
Queen's Hotel
Baalr aa,���, t. Mrlaon. 8. (',
ar*-.      uo   a-.,,���,,-,-._ I ...   Ha.alraaoma   au.l   K.r-i
olaaa I'In. aaa-   !'.... >ui
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartiett    House
Best Dollar-a-D_y House in Nelson.
The Bar trt thi. Kin .ill.
White   Help Only Kmplnyed
.locHDhino Ht
Royal Hotel
MRS. Wll.l.lAM RonURm,:
," no,-a.l��<.RBia aa.
Hatna Jl and 11.50 n Day.
8..ea-ual Kates to H,,<uliu- Beardnn
"COMPANIES   ACT.   1897."
I hereby certify that tlie "Falls Creek
Coppei Alining Company. Limited," has
this day ba;en registered as an Extra-
Pioviucial Company under the "Com*
panie*. Act, 1887," to i *rry out or effect all or any of tha, objects of tie
Company to which the legislative au-
thorily of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head offlce of the Company is situate at the City of Spokaue, State of
Washington.  U.  S. A.
The amount of the capital of the
Company Is one million five hundred
thousand dollars, divided into one million five hundred thousand shares of
one  dollar  each.
The head office of the Company in
this Province is situate at Nelson, and
Michael C. Monaghan. Miner, whose
address ls the same, ls the attorney
for the Company.
The time of the existence of this Company Is fifty years from the 15th March.
The Company is specially limited under section   5(1  of the  above  Act.
Given under my hand and seal of offlce at Victoria, Province of British Columbia.   Ihls   15th  day     or    May.     one
thousand  nine   hundred and seven.
[L.S.] S. Y.  WOOTON.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The objects for which the Company
has been established and registered are
restricted to acquiring, managing, developing, working and selling mines, min
eral claims anal mining properties, aud
th.. winning, getting, treating, refining
and marketing of mineral , herefrom
and   are: ���
(1.) To oblain by purchase, lease,
hii a-, discovery, location or otherwise,
and hold within the Province ol" British Columbia niina.-is, mineral claims,
mineral leases, prospects, mining lands
and mining tights of every description,
aud to work, develop, operate and turn
the same to account, anal to sell or
othei-wlHi' dispose of the same or any
of them, or any Interest therein:
(2.) To dig for, raise, crush, wash,
smelt, assay, anatlyze. reduce, amalgamate anal otherwise treat gold, silver,
copper, lead ores or deposits and othaar
minerals anal metallic substanca.s anal
compounds of all kinds, whetha-r belonging to the Company or not, and to render thi- same merchantable, and to buy,
sell and deal in the same, or any of
(Sl.) To carry on Ihe business of a
mining, smelling, milling anal rellnlng
company iu all or any of lis branches:
14.) To acquire by purchase, lease,
hiri-, exchanga- or otherwise, such tim
ber lands ur leases, timber claims,
litvnces to cut timber, siirfnce rights
an.l tigSitH-aaf-wny, water rights and prl-
vHa.ges, mills. factories, furnaa-.s.
for smelting nnd treating ores
aid rellnlng metals, buildings, machinery, plant, and other real or personal
property as may be necessary for or
condnclva* taa the proper carrying out
Ol  tin*  objects of tho Company:
(5.1 To cons.uct, maintain, alter,
make, v ork and operate on the prai.v
crty of the Company, or on properly
controlled by the Company, any cunals.
trulls, roads, ways, tramways, bridges,
and reservoirs, dams. Humes, race and
other ways, watercourse, aqueducts,
wells, wharves, piers, i.irnacos, sawmills, crushing works, smelting works,
canca'titraling works, hydraulic works.
electrical works Hnd appliances, warehouses, buildings, machinery, plant,
stores, and other works antl conveniences which may seem conducive to
any or the objpects of the Company,
anil, with the consent jf 'he sharehold
ers In ga*noral meeting, to contribute to.
subsidise or otherwise aid or take part
In any such opeaatlons though construe
ted and maintained by any other company or persons outside of the property
of tiie Company, nnd to buy. sell, manufacture and deal tn all kinds of goods.
stores, implements, provisions, chattels
and effects required by the Company
or its workmen and servants:   *
(6.) To build, acquire, own, charter,
navigate and use steam and other vessels for the purpose of the Company:
(7.) To take, acquire, and hold as the
consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or otherwise disposed of, or
for goods supplied or for work done
by contract or otherwise, shares, debentures, bonds or other securities of or in
any other company tbe objects of which
are restricted as herein aforesaid, and
to sell or other���ise dispose of the
(8.) To enter into any agreement for
sharing profits, union of interests or cooperation with any other person or company carrying on or about to carry on
any business or transaction which a
company specially limited under section
56 of the "Companies Act, 1897,"of British Columbia, is authorised to carry on:
(9.) To purchase or otherwise acquire
and undertake ull or any of the assets,
business, property, privileges, contracts,
rights, obligations and liabilities of any
person or company carrying on any
part of the business which a company
specially limited under Section 56 of
the "Companies Act, 1897." of British
Columbia. Is authorised to carry on, or
possessed of property suitable for the
purposes thereof:
(10.) To borrow or raise money for
the purpose of the Company, but so
that the amount so borrowed or raised
shall not, without the sanction ot a
general meeting of the Company, exceed one-quarter of the amount of the
paid-up capital for the time
being, and for the purpose ot
securing such money and interest or for
any other purpose to mortgage or
charge the undertaking or all or any
part of the property of the Company,
present or after acquired, and to create,
issue, make.draw, accept and negotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or
debenture stock, promissory notes, bills
of exchange, bills of lading, warrants,
obligations, aud other negotiable and
transferable luslruments:
(11.) To distribute any of the property of the Company among the members
ln specie:
12.) To sell. Improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage, dis-
l*ose of. turn to account or otherwise
doal wltli the undertaking or the whole
or any part of the property and rights
of the Company, with power to accept
as lha- consideration any shura's, stocks
or obligations of any company the objects of which are restricted under
Section 5fi of the "Companies Act,
l.\97," of British t'olumbia:
(1SI.) To do ull such other things as
are Incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects.
A. M. Can. Boe. C. E.
Mln.no Worn ��� specialty.
Office:   Room   10.   K.-W.-C.  Blk.    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker St., Nelaon,  B. C.
All Kinds of Heating Plants ln Stock.
Vletorla St.. Nr. Ooera Heuee.      Tel. 181.
W.   a.    GILLETT
Cuntraotor   -arid
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retail yarli*. Uouj-h amidre"*-*-'! lumber, turrit-*--!
work .nut brack>>U, Cosmt lath um) "lniii/le**, *aab
aii't 'lour**. C.-.,.i-nt, brlok aud l-Unu for aale
A ii*" ii.-**!-.: irrtn .lt-r.
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OI��_,ts*0!N.   tS. 6.
I',   u  Box IU le*ei'_oue I.S 4
Tne Uaily Canadian
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Han Clool-, 6 ft. high, $28.00 for	
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Mission Clock, Main, high, $6.00, for	
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Bedrock Prices.
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Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Telephone 161.
Car.    \ ernon ��r��d Ward   Streets
>tiLSOM. B.C.
G. H. Allan, a. .Nalaon. Vancouver; .1.
A Etussell, IS. Ami*.se11 anal wile, H.
Bunting, ri -M. Johnson, E. W. Bishop,
VV. IS. McMynn, K. C. ti. Frith. T. M.
Guile*-. Oreenwood; E. 11. Small, G. Ho*
grath, W. Cameron, F. M. Roberta,
CSraubrook: J. 11. Green. Lethbrldge; C
1.1. Archibald, Ymir: A. McQueen, Kam-
iaa-jj.s; l'. \\" George and wit.-. .1. A. Mor
an. R. .1. Gardner, Phoenix; 11. I'. -McCraney, S. C. Chul,la. .1. Hooson. Russ-
land;   A   Sterk, Needles.
K. of  P.  Ball.
Tha. annual At Home and Ball of Nelson  lodge, Knights ol  Pythias, will  be
lla Id   ill   llle   Alii'*'   la'lilla-r   rink   laani^llt.
W.  K.   F.   I.
Tha* annual meeting or the West
Kootenay Farmers' Institute is called
i,,i Thursda* next, Jan. 80th, at _ p. tu.
in ih,- oourl bouse, Nelson.
Corner of Stanley and Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Da-pot.
].. wiikinsiaii. Kootenay Landing; G.
o. Buchanan, Moyie; R. J. Needs, ts.
Wheeler, Spokane.
1-   R. Vandersogent, Mrs. L. A. Forn-
ley, Areola;  G. W. Minor. Koeh Siding:
C. Rivers. Cranltrotak; V. McDonald. Slo-
can;  .1   Campbell, L.  W. Brand, Brie;
J. 11. Leaside, Grand Forks.
J.  R.  Bdmonson,   Procter;   A. Miller
and  wife, Mrs. M. Young, Creston;  C.
Gooc-t,  v*ancouYer;   .1   a   Smith, J. F.
Woods,   A.   Hunden,   Rossland.
A   Lander,    l>.  I ii. trick,    Slocan;  .1.
Campbell, W. W.  Hamilton, Granite.
D. Webster,    Procter;    B   C.  Hill*.a.
Perry't  si.i n 1      5   Reed, Creston;    B.
Bj   - ic, '!'   I lai les  G   W  Greer, Beaver
T. 1. Mo ire, Castlegar; is B West-
rail, H Or u ge Trail: R Taylor, Dun-
ala-a-:  G. Ni- li  1],    Glasgow.
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A"*TKI)���*F_loe. Bftker  Btre-tl   itniund floor
pntOTTOd     hox Itji r'HnH'llan
Cix ; '      ' I   fornlsbedor iin.iiniiM*-
-ill D   ROOM    ��.��,(���i   UMmtlon       Aildri-n*-
H   I'���!;>��� < ���,:�����.linn
��� '���*������I Y Itutt -i.t. AitO KouUH. nbu.m heated     Ap
.,.-.. ���  ���  m���,    tr    w   r   ..l,��-1r
Bt*y Now
We have ;t Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$ 1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
That at our store you will Hnd absolutely pure and fresh drugs, polite
attention, and prides that are as low ;is are consistent with the quality of
the Roods we sell. W o keep everything that one hau a right to expect In
a thoroughly equipped pharmacy.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Metals  and   Stocks.
Silver declined again today, two points
in London and three in New York. -LtOCa]
copper stocks, with the execeptlon of
Granby, weakened slightly.
Conservatives   to   Organize.
Greenwood Conservatives will revive
their association. The principal object
of the new organisation will be to have
an executive thai is permanent.
Building   Operations.
W.   McKay   is   building  a new house
at the top of Latimer street on the road
to the Mountain station. Geo. Pender
Is enlarging his house on Hoover st.
Light   Extension.
The city electric light department
force is engaged in putting up wires in
Addition A. for tlie extension of the city
electric lighting service to that suburb.
Amateur Theatricals.
The Greenwood Amateur Dramatic society will present "Confusion" in Greenwood, Grand Forks and Phoenix. The
proceeds above expenses will be given
to the tuberculosis sanitarium at Tran-
Mrs. Geo. Keys, of Fairview, has just
learned of the death of her father, Mr.
McCoy, at Owen Sound. lie was in
good health, but last Thursday received
a paralytic stroke from which he never
regained consciousness. He was nearly
sixty years of age. Mrs. Keys will have
the deep sympathy of her neighbors in
her great loss.
Junior  Hockey.
A hockey match will be played between the Nelson and Rossland juniors
tomorrow afternoon at 2 p. m. sharp.
The line up for Nelson will be as follows: goal. D. Martin: point. P. Hardie;
cover. R. Hrown: rover. F. Smith; centre. W. Paterson: rieht wing. G. Royce;
left wing. T. Cummings. There will be
skating after the game.
Nelson   Brewing   Company.
The annual meeting of the Nelson
Brewing company was held in the company's offlce yesterday afternoon. The
statement for the year was presented
and a dividend of ten per cent was declared. The following officers were
elected for 1908: president, J. J. Malone:
vice-president. A. Thomas: secretary-
treasurer, J. M. Lay; managing director. W. E. Gosnell; auditor, E. K. Heeston.
Round the World Trip.
The ladies of the Methodist church
have projected a novel form of globe
trotting enterprise. They will issue
round the world tickets good for the
trip and six meals. The trip will be
made in cab sleighs. Twenty minute
stops will be made in Canada, the
I'nited States, Japan. England, Ireland
and Scotland. In each countrv characteristic dishes will be served and national music sunc and played. A knowledge of the Japanese language is not
required. The trips will be taken
Thursday afternoon. .Tan. 80th. Sleighs
will leave the Methodist church nt -1
p. m. and every twenty minutes thereafter.
Remainder    of    Amsterdam's    Crew    at
Hook   of   Holland.
Hookfl of Holland, .Ian. 24.���A steam*
er which Is entering the harbor Is flying signals to the effect that Hhe has
the steamer Amsterdam's missing pas*
���engeri   aboard.
Hook of Holland, .Ian IM ��� All the
missing passengers and crew from the
Steamer Amsterdam were broughl here
at noon today.
The steamer Amsterdam belongs to
'he Great Eastern Railway company
She Hailed  from   Urieh. .Ian.  21st.  wtth
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
Hand:   Monday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings.
Mornings,   afternoon!   and   evening,.,
wltliouL  bund,  children   15c  udtiltH 25c,
Including ukutcu.
EveningB with band, except Saturday
evening!, 40c, Including HkuteB.
Four  ra.asonH   why   aaur  business  lias
doubled    Within    two    yi-ul'y.       Vaaur    or-
tla-rs   saalieitetl   und    entire   satisfaction
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine _ts
Passe Partout
Complete   with   Glass   and   Mat���Passe-
Partouted  and   Ready   to   Hang  up
We have just, opened up an exceptionally bright line of i'asse-l'artout pio-
They consist of "Life" humorous
pictures in Ulack and While aud in Color, Toasts, and Quotations from Favor-
Ue  authors;   beautifully   illumined.
Prices are 25c, 35c  and  60 c  each.
To see them is to huy. You can't resist them.
See them in our window.
W. G. Thomson
SWfil'ihil* ",d    Nelson, B.C.
I'hOlltr   a-**.-*.
of* passengers on board for Rotterdam.
That same night she collided with tbe
Hritish steamer Axminster und sustain
ed serious damage. The crew und pas
sengers left her in small bouts and al!
the boats excepting one were speedily
picked up. The passengers on the missing bout, numbering tt, and the crew
of seven, were picked up by the Norwegian steamer Honga one hour after
they left the Amsteraam In a small
boat. The Honga was hound from
Crich for Rotterdam.
Coming suddenly on the heels of a
long period of unusually warm weather,
the storm caught the unemployed, the
homeless-;, and the poorer of the east
side totally unprepared and brought
much Buffering upon them. During the
night there was a rush of tiie homeless
to  the  city  lodging  houses   for  shelter.
The task of removing the snow was
begun early and many hundreds of men
who were in need of employment were
given   work  clearing the streets.
The body of a man about whom nothing is known except that his name was
James Smith, was found under a stoop
in East LMrd street. Hi- had crept linger
the stoop to seek protection from the
storm und hud  frozen to death.
L. A. Campbell arrived from Movie
hist   night  and left   for  Rossland  today.
A. B. MeMacKonzie, Rossland. passed
through the city last night on his way
home from Moyie.
G. O. Huchunan. dlsappn.mi*ec rn the
non arrivel of Kaslo curlers, went up
this morning and hopes to bring back
a  rink tonight.
Louts Pratt left for Ottawa this nnTrn-
ing to join .1. L. Retallack In presenting
the petitions for extension of the lead
bounty io th*'  Dominion government.
Wimltuiale and   Retn.ll DfMlSN lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Prices of Metala.
n.    .Ian.     24.��� Silver.
London,    .Ian. li-1
load.   IS 14. 10b.
Opening   Copper   Quotations.
New York. .Inn. 24. 1H0S.
Clly Mcliermltl &  Mctlardy.)
Asked Hid
(iranliv    *(in.uii       ��sra.no
Dominion   Oopper...,    Z.r.SVfc        2.110
II.  CS.  CaapiaaT      fa.12*4 0.0(1
Anyone having ;,  good  farm  for mile
in Western Canada may Bod omb buyer
lay writing ai oni'a\ giving price nnd
description, lo Bjyers Co-Operative
Company, Minneapolis,  Mluncxolu.
8ET8   FOR   A   FEW   DAYS.
From $10 to $25.
Saturday   evening,   bund   unal   special
BOclu ud,DeJ01d Curiosity Shop
Oamps supplied on shortcut notice nnd
lowest price. Nothing but   fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in Htock
Mail orders re-ceive* careful attention
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Managesr.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay  Ice,   Fruit  and
Foe. Co.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned have submitted to the Lieu
tenant-Governor in-CouuciI a proposal
under the Rivers and Btreanu Act for
the clearing and removing obstructions
from the Duhamel Creek (otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) in the I��is-
trict of West Kootenay, Province of
liritish Columbia, and Tor making the
suid creek tit for rafting and driving
ihereon logs, timber und lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
the said creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding
sorting and delivering logs and timber
thereon, and for ut taching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth of said
The lands to be afTected bv such work
are Lots 787. 788, 7601. 777:'i, -RUM, Sll 1
and 8413 all ln Group One. Kootena>
District, and other lands not Crown
granted, occupied  or Improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
auch as may be tlxed hy the Judge of
the County Court of West Kootenav.
Dated the 28th dav of October. l.��-7
_  -*; i-* __y.
skates, spectators 20c.
CAPITAL,   *25,000.00   in   25 000   ahares
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crozler W. Hourke.
OFFICE, No. 322 Iluker St.  (Croasduik-
& Co.)
SEE the cement I.IocUb diuplayea! In the
S|i|ndurd Furniture Co.'s window.
APPLICATIONS for Btock are Invited
PARTICULARS and lorr.iB of Ani.liaa
tlon may be obtained ut tha. I'a.m
pany'a office, or from H. A. Si.-wan.
Solicitor, NelHon. B. c.
Geo.  P.  Player
Office   Room  No.  2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
F. C. GRE��H       F.P. nURPhfl        A.H.GREEN
Ovil Engineers, Dominion and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Boi II'.    Phone 2.I I;
INELSOIV,     -     B. G*
i   . _'; ' *���_. ��� ���'��� ��� '    - ���' -
To Whom It May Concern:
Take notice that .1. L. Warner Im not
now und has not been since the ISth
day of November last employed hy or
In nny way connected with tbe Hradley
Knginoerlng and Machinery Co. of
Spokane, Washington.
Real Estate Agent
I1B Baker St., Nslson,
Diamonds and
Precious Jewe|,__!
Wa-   hava-   a   beautiful   assortnw-,
diamonds,    smsralds,    sappblrsi
pearls, which  we are offarlni al ���''
all,,-, al piia-a-. It Ih a pleamu.. tar at,
Hhow goods. Call anal Lnspecl _
Mail   aardeiK   receive  aaur   proruDI ui
Ham. """
Jeweller and Optician.
\VHolt:*��*i>��s   Pro*,'isluni
Government Orenmery On- Hi.unal UnrkK r**ca>iva*d weekly fra-ath tmm .."*'*'*���*���"
.���hum.    For sale by all leading grocer* t
OHlo,* nnd warehouse: lionaton Block,    Pnnne 7��.
Nelson, B.C.
A reci.arocity of Rotal
wish yam a Happy He* Tsar,
feel yon wish ������ the unis,'j
wish for something else, sn4 ttu
' ia opportunity ��>r proving to a
exceptional values ..t ....
Bulla and Overooats, la mat,'.-
style. 111 and llnish we di tj .
tii'n. and our new Httaa-la In6h_
Ol Ha.- v r> lata-st anal nmsl fa,;
fabric* au.l ,1,-siens V...i II lai
money will buy batfcsr ^ikkI. iw
. Isewbere.
 f tods
er Vis
ed an
0, wh
lay aal
f tbe
i' 1ms
nd Ol
. raplj
nent I
J. A. GILKE����*
ion, pa
ion b
We would Ilka- to s,.,. all our patronHrom.nriulile thla winter an
do ao we have in snick tba- ba.nt assorted Hue of heating atana-s
Stoves  anal   runp-K  ever  b*-f..rc  pra-Ba-nled to tha* public ln Kaiolenuy
Wa* woulal  laa*   nla^as.-al  to  aha.va   yam     our line und before ttiaLuii; ;       Tok
chase kiudly see what we have ta, a*ff,-r Vmbaa
J. H. Ashdown Hardwai
Company. Limited. ��
Ihe I
Pure and Cheap j Fft*_t!
Wa- hava.   1000 pounds of
which **..- ��iii sell al a bargain
5 lb. for 1.00.
sia.-a-iai prices for larger lota.  Oom.
in and Inquire.
Choquette Bros.
at 31
ers i
Phone 258.
THE   Up to Date  Baker.
Alherln Dreamery butter In sill,., 7 ||,
anil  11  ih. blocltK al SI7c par pound.
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine anal Mills Hts
* dec,
niberta, Almonds, Watnui". M
Gheatnuta, Apple cider. North'"
apples, Baldwin Applas, Jap  (,:*
I''I^k.   lari;,.   layer,   California   !���*
and Malaiii, (irapea.
A Itir^,- uHHairtmonl of ^n"1*']
Wholesale and retail Jirieea \��iv*
S. H. Seanej
I'hunt. 2bn.
I. c.
We   have   a    large and
Htock  lo chooH,* from, 00D1
RAZORS,   Etc.,   Etc.
Wood-Vallance Hatdwate Co


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