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The Daily Canadian Jul 18, 1906

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 Q%e  2*ail*j (Kcma&wn
k I.   No. 38.
Fifty Cents a Month
ling New Machinery
it Referendum
lling Mine on 49-Creek Will
sume Operations Within
a Fortnight.
Creek, the   looatlon   ul-
big mlpesfl, the Reliance
>kn, and of a number of
)��� prospects, will within a
1 the latest, huve another
i. riy in active operation.
niliim mine, now contrail
Creek Mining Company,
i'ii lately equipped with a
will be operated u�� soon
clilnery Is In place,
mlura in a high grade frefl
[iruperty, situated on tho
v.- Creek.
eler of New York, the chief
in lbe 4H-Creek Company,
ihe eaxt last nlghl and is
cona, with B. N. Oulmette,
who is in charge or the
Jlii-eler has extensive mining In-
pn the west, having control of
e mines In eastern Oregon
11    partly developed    pmper-
Ihe Keremens district.
(tils niorntng hy  a   represents/
the Dally Canadian Mr. Wheeler
'Yes, we shall be treating our
I in 11 little over a week, as noon
new machinery we are pttiung
Bd)   for operation.       We shall
mill of 6 stamps,    triple    dls-
Our ore Is all free milling) with
(entrates.  1 know the mine well'
wl It several  times before.
began   on  it   really  about   eight
It  bun heen comparatively
e lor over a year.   A reorganlza
)ok  place lust  full when the -19
Company  was    formed.      Very
done during the winter, but
i ready to go ahead now.
are eight men at work now
fore will be put on as soon as they
mill is supposed to treat 100
i day, but for steady work we onlj
m about 80 tons a day.
II tests on our ore have shown an
value of about $27 a ton. and
a big body of ore opened and
ppmenl work well ahead. Once
itil is running there will be no oc
l for any delay.     ���
mill ts below the mine ami quite
it.   There is no long haul to be
We haven't a tramway but we
probably put one In.   It will effect
' economy.
have copper ore on the property
(fell. We have bad some line spect-
l from it but have never sunk on
f'o shail probably investigate it
year, bul not until we have the
running satisfactorily."
Ice Sunday Mr. Oulmette has been
plson superintending the shipment
1 tons of machinery, which arrived
Bturday, The forwarding Is nearly
lleted, and good progress is being
I wiib the installation. Mr. Wheel-
ail Mr. Oulmette left for the prop
at  nunn.
To Leave San Francitco.
n Francisco, July IS.���Dr. B, T. Do-
announced yesierday that he would
' lhe cily for Ihe easl ou August
mnl thai ho would resign from the
umnsblp of the relief oommlttee
1  h.limitation  committee  at     that
"I shall have to lie in New York
'''piember  1st." he said, "to take
nj  work in Columbia college and
Uio  New   York  Associated  Chari-
���n. I although San Pranolsoo is the
Interesting place in the world for
i the present lime, I feel that it Is
HI for ine to go there."
Change of Ownership.
���ijiula, Salvador, .Inly 18.���The
ii'.cr Km pi re, owned and Operated
(,voltitlonlsts in Guatemala, arrived
' Irom Corinlo yesierday. It wus
���ally turned over to the Salvadoreun
'"'"eni. The latter will arm the
'��'' and use It us u gunboat ln west
A Ripe Old Age.
'������������more, Md., July is.���Judge
"������as S, Boor, of Iho supremo court
���jaltlmore, nnd professor of law in
' "ivnsity or Maryland, died ui his
to here today,   lie wns 88 years of
Electrical Workers Strike,
iM'  Francisco, July 18.���The mem-
H "r "li" Electrical Workers' Union
1 IU*o in the employ of the United
n,;il'�� decided this morning to go
on strike after receiving an ultimatum
from the company in reply to their
demand that, while willing to grant an
Increase of wages from fll.fili io $8.7fi
for ten hours" work, It would not giant
the eight-hour day. ii is possible that
tin- street rar system will be tied np
If the strike Is made effective. The
power houses cannot operate without
shop men.   The United railways   an
nounced that it would (111 the strikers
places witli non-union men.
New   Townsite    Plotted    on    Volcanic
(Special  io The  Daily  Canadian.)
Grund     Forks,     July     IS���Volcanic
Townsite Is the very latest townsite to
spring Into existence.    It is owned by
u  a. Brown,   oi Volcanic   mountain
Tame. The townsite has been plotted,
aud lots ure already being sold. The
Volcanic hotel is now opened, and William Rod la and Mike Scully, formerly
business men of Nelson, have formed
a partnership for the purpose of starting a large general merchandise store
at Volcanic City. The lumber for their
premises is being hauled to the town-
site today. An electric water system
is also being installed in Volcanic
Townsite. A large reservoir lias been
constructed at an elevation of LOO feet
above lho townsite, ami pipes have already been laid through the business
port inn of the city. The water is obtained from a mountain spring.  -
Volcanic City Is same ten miles from
Qrand Forks, and Is tin- second town-
site between Craud .ForKs and Franklin camp, the other being Itannock
City, some three miles further Up the
A despatch received here yesterday
stated that William X. I.ane, a respected citizen of Grand Forks, had died
suddenly of heart failure at his old
home at Dexter, In the state of Maine,
and would be buried In that city yesterday. The deceased was about 70
years of age, aud bad for the last few
years filled the position of watchman
at the Granby smelter. He was also an
old v icran of the civil war of ISfi;!. He,
in < .unpany with his wife and their son,
C. K. J-ane, head electrician al the Granby smelter, left Grand Forks ou the 4th
of June last to visit their old home at
Dexter, Maine, it being their intention
to return to Grand Forks about September 1st. Very deep sympathy is felt
here for the bereaved family.
May    Include    Final    Match    Between
Cranbrook and  Lethbridge and
Game  With   Rossland.
Lacrosse is likely to bo tho chief athletic feature of lhe Nelson fair programme, ansl plans for a tournament
are becoming definite.
Negotiations with the Cranbrook
team ns the only outside competitor
was dropped, as the Hast Koolenay
players wanted $7110 for Ihe trip, and
iho management thought a single
Ramo, or even two games, between Nel-
hop and Cranbrook would hardly be a
paying Investment at that prire.
Since ihon tbo season of the East
Kootenay nnd Southern Alberta league
lias ended, with Cranbrook and Loth*
bridge tied for first place. A final
match ts to be played on neutral
It is now proposed that the two
teams be brought lo Nolson lo play off,
ansl also to lake part In a tournament
wiih Rossland anil  Nolson.
The cost of such a program would
probably ho about $1,21111. While ll Is
hardly worth lhat much to tbe fair directors as an attraction, since their appropriation for oiber amusements will
necessarily in- high, it is believed ihat
,1 part of Iho amount can easily be arranged by spoolal subscription! of citizens of citizens who art- enthusiastic
supporters of Canada's national game.
wiiilo ihe matter win not be finally
decided until tho nexl general meeting
if iho board of directors, it is open for
consideration, ami the management wil)
lis- pleased lo receive suggest ions.
Insuring Lawbreakers.
Boston, July 18.���A corporation Is In
progress of formation In Maine to protect the breaker of the liquor law. For
a moderate premium it Will Insure sell-
era of prohibited liquor In the amount
of Iheir lines and tho value of Illicit
goods destroyed by the police. II will
also llghl such cases through as many
courts ns possible. In order to make
prosecuiion expensive and discourage
iho enforcement of ihe law.
Appropriate the Harvest.
Slmgursli, RUBSla, July 18.���The family of M. KruppenhoR have been driven
oft their eslate near here by peasants,
who announced that ihey Intended to
harvest the crop for themselves, but
would allow i\l. Kruppenhoff to lake his
Parliament Will Abandon
Pacification Policy
Russian  Peasants in  Mania  For
Destruction Kill Both Friends
and  Foes.
Many women target that It takes
more than a perfect house to make a
St. Petersburg, July 18.���The political
barometer Is again falling. The confusion which seems to havo taken possession of lbs1 upper spheres since tbo
elf oris to form a coalition ministry fall
oil, coupled with the alarming reports
Irom tho interior ami tho attitude of
parliament, make almost anything possible. Thete has beon a marked renewal of apprehension that the crisis may
ensl in a coup d'etai against parliament
The assassination of Vico-Ailiniral
Chouknin ansl (leneral Kozlov, Iho discovery that behind Ihe murder of the
general was a big plot to kill not only
(leneral Trepolf, but Prince Puaiilin
and other courtiers, and the general
epidemic of assassinations that has
terrorized not only the local authorities,
but. even the police, together wiih tbe
wild destruction of property by the
peasantry in half a dozen provinces
during tho past few days, have again
slrongthoned the small part of tbe
court which believes iu resorting to
"extreme measures." *
The adoption by the lower house of
parliament of an address lo tho country
will, il is feared, place in the hands of
the reactionists the needed lever to
move his majesty. M. Petrajitski vainly
warned ihe lower house yesterday of
the seriousness of the proposed step,
but the- majority of the constitutional
democrats, of which parly he la a prominent member, seem to he convinced
that they must hold lhe peasants al all
hazards. The members of Ihe extreme
left seem to court a right, preaching
open revolution from the rostrum.
The Novoe Vremya, which often
slates the views of the court, says today that the adoption by the lower
house of un address to the country
would go beyond the Jurisdiction of
parliament and virtually constitute an
appeal from llle governmenl to the people. The paper adds: "Wllh lis adoption, parliament would cross the hum-
con, abandon Us professed policy of
trying to restrain the country, and, Instead of pacifying, deliberately pour oil
on the names."
Despatches from the Interior continue
to tell without Interruption stories of
burning of many houses, robberies, murders, collisions between peasants and
rural guarsls and lhe hurried despatch
of troops here and there. The centre
of the peasants' uprising is Voronezh
province, where Ihe peasants, in lhe
mania for Ihe destruction of property,
do not discriminate between friends
and enemies, as evidenced by lhe complete devastation of the estate of M.
nokoshklne, oils' of Ihe most prominent
constitutional democrats in the lower
house. Today's reports describe the
situation lu thai province as hopeless
from lho standpoint of the landlords.
The situation Is almost as bad In Pol-
tavo ahd Smolensk provinces. In Tambov province 8i> peasants nre reported
lo have been killed or wounded by dra
St. Petersburg, July 18.���A further
proof of the change of spirit at Peterhof was learned nsday in ihat Emperor
Nicholas lias requested the members
01 Hie poremykln cabinet to retain their
Short Items of Interest Compiled from
Our Exchanges.
Brothler, the perjurer and forger,
when arraigned fur election at Vancouver on Monday, disregarded Iho advice
of bis counsel and elected for trial by
jury, lie attempted 10 address the
court, and began wllh Iho Statement
dial be Is not as bad a man ns Ihe papers made him oul lo be. The Judge
declined to hour htm, but remarked that
he would have every opportunity to
state his case when he comes up for
trial. D. (i. Muedtinnell. counsel for
Brothler, attempted to Introduce the
subject of politics Into the court proceedings, and charged the attorney-
general with wreaking political vengeance by bringing a second Indictment
on a churge thai bad already been
heard. It Is reported thai Mr. Muedon-
uell may throw up lhe case, and will
advise bis client to secure other counsel. Brothier will probably nol bo tried
till October. The question of ball has
not beeu settled.
try and present a petition lo Ihe king.
Ue says the petition lias been drawn
up by religious partisans for political
purposes, and that It contains many
misstatements. Among other things, it
si-eks tils- removal of llle present superintendent of Indian affairs and the appointment by the Dominion government
of another who will dismiss all the local Indian agents and appoint nominees
of an hierarchy. No amount of persuasion could Induce Louis to accompany
lhe delegation, as he says the Indians
are well off and well cared for at Ihe
present lime.
Sam Look, a Chinaman who was
hunted for the alleged murder of a fellow count ryimin in Cariboo last summer, has bes-n found by Provincial Superintendent Hussey at Quesnelle
Forks, it Is feared that there will be
open hostilities when it Is attempted to
bring him lo Victoria, as there is a
large camp at that point, and tbe Chinese ure taking sides both for and
against Ihe arrest of Mr. Sam.
It is credibly reported that another
immense sawmill Is to be erected in the
northern waters of Brlllsh Columbia at
Cumshqua Inlet, on Q. C. Islands, just
across lho gulf from lhe proposed ter
minus of the G. T. P. The mill will
nave a capacity of lOU.OOti feet per diem
nnd will cut the lumber for the term!
���ials and bridge work of the G. T. P.
John Malcolm Stewart, ex-chlef of police of Iho clly of Vancouver, died at
Agasslz on Sunday morning from
riright's slisease. He had been chief of
police sluring two separate terms for a
period of over live years. He was formerly an extensive merchant and shipowner in lbe east.
Mr. it. G. MacPherson returned
from Ottawa on Sunday, and has
made the following statement on
the case above:
"That Is one ol the biggest scandals ever perpetrated In Canada,"
said the member for Vancouver
when the name of Brothier was
mentioned. "I can tell you this"���
and Mr. Macpherson brought his
list down with a resounding
whack ou the table���"I can tell
you without fear of denial that If
it had not been for a Urm of Vancouver lawyer,-, Brothler never
would have been pardoned. The
release was gained surreptitiously.
They knew that I would never
give my consent, und they carried
It out privately. No one knew
anything about it but this firm of
Vancouver lawyers, their agents
in the east and the Hon. Charles
Fitzpatrick. The latter is very
popular with the Conservatives,
and was In the habit of giving
them almost anything they wanted, i Bay that lhe release of Bro-
their was a crime���it was a crime
in its inception and in its conception. 1 don't think 1 can make It
any stronger than that," added the
member, as he looked back at the
words he had spoken.
"There Is a disposition In Vancouver to hold lhe government responsible for the pardon," suggested the interviewer.
"Primary responsibility In this
case reBts on a iirm of Vancouver
lawyers." was the reply. "Then
final responsibility should be attached to Mr. Fitzpatrick. He is
the man. 1 have not attempted in
the least lo shield anyone In this
A single sentence In the above
interview shows the calibre of Mr.
Macpherson. The statement that
Hon. Charles Fitzpatrick "is very
popular with the Conservatives,"
and the added Insinuation that
Conservatives are in some way responsible for Brother's pardon is
certainly "small potatoes."
Edmonton Real Estate at
Fancy Figures
L. L Larson's Impression of New
Province���No Sign of Growth
Being Checked.
Indian Chief Louis Oood, of Nanaimo,
is not in much .sympathy with the delegated excursion of the British Columbia
Indian chiefs to visit the moiuer conn*
Mining Records.
The entries nt lhe Nelson mining ofllce today Include 11 certificates of assessment work.
Certificates of work were granted to
D. .1. Steele on tlie King of ���!!�� and Canadian Hoy; lo P, Kb-teller, agsnl for the
Active Cold Mining Company, on the
Victor d.; to .1. 0. Jensen on the Smiles
of Fortune; to J. McEvoy on the St.
Louis, and, as agent for Katherlne McEvoy, on the Gordon; to ' Klaveno, for
G, Klaveno. on the Legal 'Pender; to U,
Dealreau on the Marble; to H. Ulppln
on the Crumlin mil lona; to J. Waldbe-
ser on the .Jersey; to .lames Nicholson
on the Vancouver and Toronto.
Revolutionary Leader Dead.
Paris, July 18.���The consul of Salvador has communicated a note to tho
press conllrmlng the announcement of
tne death of (Jen. Ragaldo, leader of
the revolutionary forces which invaded
Guatemala from Salvador, and adding
that peace Is on the point of being arranged through the interveutlon of
President Hoosevelt.
Trains and Boats.
Crow bout���On time,
Slocan train���On time.
Spokane train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Hosslaml train
���On time.
L. K. Larsen returned last night from
a trip through Alberta, which he reports
to be enjoying great prosperity and
steady growth in all sections and In
every department of industry.
His principal stops were at Calgary,
Edmonton, Lacombe and Red Deer. Everywhere he found Nelson men, and
all doing exceptionally well. They
seem, says Mr. Larsen, to be more alert
than others, and* to be winning in competition for business with the old
The Influx of settlers for the land and
residents for the towns continuous, but
not quite at the same rate as during
the autumn of lasi year.
"I probably struck the country just
at its best," said Mr. Larsen. "The
head Is on the wheat, everything is In
bloom, and the fields look splendid.
More than that, every one in the country is doing well and talks cheerfully.
"Calgary Is a great town. It has never had a boom, but the permanent
growth Is great. There is a lot of
building tn progress at the present
lime, chiefly of residences. Business
Is exceptionally good, I was told, and
everybody Is enlarging, or about to en
large,  his  establishment.
"Jack Templeton and Dave Porter
are running a laundry, and have more
business than they can do. Th��y are
TJolng to" double their capacity as soon
as they can get builders to do the
' i met Sam Neelands in Calgary. He
had just got back from a visit to
George at Wetaskiwln, and said he
was doing very well and was too busy
to come out
"Edmonton is booming. Lots on the
main street are selling at $800 a front
foot. There were two lots sold for $40,-
tiuO each while I was there. The town
Is excited over its prospects from the
two  railways  going through.
"The Canadian Northern has ju:;t
completed a new station, a magnificent
building, and a steel bridge, costing
$2,000,000, is being built over the North
Sas.katchewan by the C. P. R. The town
Is certainly growing very fast, and has
a great future ahead of it, but I don't
think that present values can be maintained. They are too high for a town
of Edmonton's size that has plenty of
room to grow tn all directions.
"The only drawback at Edmonton Is
lack of good water. There has been a
lot of rain this spring, and the livers
and creeks are high and the water very
muddy. Their system of filtering
doesn't seem to be very good.
' ine smaller towns have the same
features as Calgary and Edmonton on
a smaller scale. They are all growing.
and all are prosperous and hopeful. In
fact, every one you meet In Alberta 1��
satisfied with the country."
Pacific Coast Will    Have   a Complete
Washington, July 18.���The United
Stutes will soon have the Pacific coast
equipped with wireless telegraph. Stations have heen completed and
equipped at San Diego, Arquello, Kara-
lona and Mare island. Faraiona is Just
outside, of San Francisco harbor, and
the station was located there ln order
to have lhe communication over sea
as much as possible from one station
to the other. Stations are now being
constructed at Table llluff. Cape Blanco, Northhead and Cape Flattery. Any
ship sailing along the Pacific coasts
and equipped with the wireleBs will be
able to communicate with the land at
all times from lhe northern to the
southern boundary of the country.
Lady Curzon III.
London, July 18.���The condition of
Lady Curzon of Kedleston, who has
been Ul for some days, is about the
same today. Her Illness, while severe,
is apparently not dangerous. She has
been In ill health for ten days. Lady
Curzon appears to havo never quite
recovered from her serious Illness at
Walmar, County Kent, ln 1904, and the
recent hot weather brought on a pro
nounced attack of general debility.
Tips from Trout Lako,
{Special  to The Daily Canadian.)
Trout  Lake, July 18.���C. H. Hart, a
mining  expert   from  Spokane,  arrived
ln  town   on  Monday,  accompanied   by
Mr. Snyder and H. M. Johnson, M. D.,
of Dawsun, Minn.   They intend investigating the 1. X. L. mining propwiy.
Mr. Hart is very much pleased with
the natural beauties of the country, and
considers that it would be hard to find
anything to surpass It. He says that
In all bis travels he has never seen the
glaciers as nnar to the general route
of travel as through this district. He
In this instance only reiterates the sentiments of all lovers of nature who visit
the Lardeau district.
Strike    Fever Again    Spreading   from
Ocean to Ocean.
New York, July 18.���According to the
World, an ultimatum embodying a
threat to order a general strike among
more than 50,000 members of the building trades was delivered yesterday by
the Associated Building Trades tu employers in this city. On the receipt of
the ultimatum the Master Plumbers'
Association, which is the employers'
organization, called a conference In
Terrace Garden. The association
states that 800 strike-breakers have
been secured, and are now on their way
to New York. The situation developed
yesterday from a strike among 1,500
plumbers, members of local No. 2,
which began about two weeks ago.
Education a Leveller.
Lahore, Punjab, British India, July
IS.���The Amir of Afghanistan has issued a notable pronouncement on the
subject of education tn hts domains.
He says education is retrogressing, but
the fault does not rest with the teachers, but with the government officials,
who discourage education, dreading its
levelling tendencies. The Amir Informs
the high-born officials that they must
change their attitude In this connection.
Henceforth, he says, education will be
��� ne sole path to state service.
Wat ChoBen by Lot
St Petersburg, July 18.���The assassin of General Kosloff, of the headquarters staff, who was murdered in the
English park at Peterhof on Saturday
last, has been identified as A. Lett, belonging to an organization the members
of which have sworn to kill General
Trepoff, General Prince Putlatin and 13
otht-r persons i^tj^t^dj^cjjnuected with
the cblfrt." The assassin was chosen by
Victoria Threatened With
Raise in Insurance
B. C. Electric Railway Employees
Reject New Pension
Nelson Fruit Grower* Will Alto Keep
Provincial  Display Welj
J. K. Annable leaves by the Crow
Iraat tomorrow morning for Winnipeg
with the finest display of fruit ever sent
from Hritish Columbia.
Mr. Annable is taking 20 large jars
of fruit preserved in acid. Fresh fruit
to the extent of about 100 crates will
be forwarded daily until and Including
Monday night by F. J. Summons, who
will occupy Mr. Annable's offlce.
Mr. Sammons today received 26
crates of magnificent gooseberries,
none less than two Inches In diameter.
They will be shipped Saturday nigho.
Nelson fruit men will also contribute
to the provincial exhibit in charge of
R. M. Palmer, and will renew his stock
from day to day with fresh supplies.
The provincial exhibit is made up of
shipments from Vancouver Island, the
lower mainland and Okanagan. As far
as known Kootenay's will be the only
special  exhibit.
The provincial exhibit will be taken
from Winnipeg to Brandon for the
Western Manlts.ba fair, which opens
Monday, July 23rd. If Mr. Annable Ib
unable to attend tbe latter, Kootenay's
exhiun of preserved fruit will he hund
ed over to R. M. Palmer.
It Is likely lhat C. U. Brondwood and
M. S. Parry will nlso attend the Winnipeg exhibition.
The response lo Ihe appeal for dowers has been very satisfactory, and Ihe
Kootenay booth will eertninly bo a
thing of beauty.
A Secret Interment.
sMokcow, July 18.���With the utmoBt
secrecy, ln the presence of Grand
Dukes Constantlna, Allx, Boris and
Dlmltrl, the Grand Duchess Elizabeth
and a few faithful retainers, the body
of Grand Duke Serglus, who was assassinated hero by the explosion of a
bomb February 17th, 1905, and which
hns been resting In a temporary vault,
was last night Interred In Ihe crypt of
the Tchudoff monastery of tho Michaels
In the Kremlin.
T. W. Gouldlng, who has lately been
appointed general agent for Europe,
wiih headquarters In London, of the G.
N. VV. Telegraph Company, wns formerly u resident of Nelson, and is well
known by old-timers.
Mr. Gregg, one of the new members
of tho Nelson Cricket Club, ts an Australian cricketer, and an expert bowler
as well as a good bat. The ranchers
are still confident, and their money la
ready to back their faith.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, July 18.���At a meeting of
the B. C. Electric Railway and Lighting Company employes last evening,
the pension system, as submitted by
the managing director of the company,
was rejected by a vote of 26 for and
44 against, with two spoilt ballots.
Victoria is facing a very serious water famine, and Insurance rates may be
raised materially. A. W. Ross, secretary of the board, said: "We have not
done anything as yet save watch the
action of the mayor and council, but
unless something is done very shortly
to Improve the water supply, the insurance rate will have to be raised considerably. At present Victoria householders are enjoying a much better rate
than they are entitled to, and unless
something Is done in the near future a
raise will be made that will surprise
every one."
At present Victoria has a flat rate of
26.7, while Vancouver has 23.5, or a difference of nearly 2 1-2 per cent. When
it Is taken Into consideration that Vancouver has a better water supply and a
far better fire department, it will readily be seen that Victorians are enjoying
a privilege that they should not legitimately have. We all know that the
supply of water Is at present Insuffl,
ctent for domestic purposes, and what
will we do if there happens to be a fire?
If a Are were to occur wnen the water
Is being used for sprinkling purposes,
It would have to burn Itself out tor any
good the water would do. The situation is a very serious one, and the
quicker the people realize that something must be done, the better.
After practicing hard for several
weeks, the original Big Four that was
selected by the boating committee of
J. B. A. A. has been altered, and this
practically at the last moment. The
alteration has been made, however, and
the boys are working bard to get tn
trim for the big event in the N. P. A. A.
O. regatta, which takes place at Nelson
on the 27th and 28th instants. The
crew as formerly composed was: Austin, stroke; Kennedy, Donaldson and
Jesse. Donaldson retires, and Flnlay-
son bas taken his place.
First of Twenty Thousand Club's Series
Will be Given Friday Night
The Twenty Thousand Club have arranged with the city authorities, who
have kindly given permission for the
use of the pavilion at the city park for
a series of weekly dances.
Vice-President Procter and the honorary secretary. Mr. Parry, made the
necessary arrangements yesterday for
the constant care and protection of the
grounds and pavilion. A carpenter Is
now at work preparing the building,
and tbe floor will be improved and good
seating accommodation provided.
The grounds and buildings will be
Illuminated under the direction of the
city officials, who see the way to an Increase In the revenue of the street railway by making the park still more attractive and inducing the citizens lo
make more use of it.
The first dance will be given on Friday evening next, the 20th instant. The
Nelson city band will be In attendance,
ansl ulso a line orchestra, under tbe direction of Bandmaster Irwin, will be
Tramway    Returns   for    Last    Waak
Again Show Profit
Lust weok's returns from the tramway system, while a little below those
of the celebration week, are very good,
nearly double those of the corresponding week of last year. The revenue to
dnte for 190C ts now greater than that
of 1905 to the same date, the loss from
shutting down having been more than
made up by Increased traffic.
Ijjst week's receipts were $217.45,
against 1121.15 a year ago; receipts to
date, $2,9110, against $2,884.00, a credit
balance of $81.40.
Price of Metals.
New York. July 18.���Silver 65 3-��;
copper, 17 3-4; electrolytic copper stock,
18 to 18 1-4; lead, $5.75.
London, July 18.���Silver. 30 l-4d;
lead, ��16 15s; sine, ��26 15a. ������'���   .
��� =-- STORES ===
The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $ 1.00
CrOWn Gem JarS, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per doz., 1.50
Our stock lias just arrived. Secure
your requirements at these low prices
before tliey are all gone.
eryday murderer, who thinks it thu
manly thins to revive (Jifl old 'code ��f
honor' with tho lienor left out."
We could .have done ii ourselvos, hut
the News is equally competent,
There is perhaps no better Indication
of tin- Future prosperity of the Kootenays than the Innumerable locations of
land and timber areas tor purchase and
pre-emption, as may be seen in the legal notices published in our advertising columns.   Some of those1 lamls will
Ue secured for speculative purposes, of
course, and will   not    he immediately
cleared  or brought  under cultivation,
hut the fact that  they have been prospected and that they are being bought
is sufficient .guarantee of their value,
and their settlement will be but a mat-
ter of a little time.   The publication of
these notices has somewhat restricted
our news space, bul as man) of ,'"'il1
will soon expire, our    space    will    lie
again enlarged,   We are suit our read-
era will congratulate us on the solid
array of advertising matter on our inside  pages, and  we shall  endeavor to
make compensation as soon iih tlie I"
gal   limit   of  necessary   publication    is
For Every thing Good
to Sisiiiit,'.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do Voi, Know Thurnuu's Special Mixture?
Published t-ix daye ti woek by tin;
Baker tit., Nolson, B.C.
bubfi"riptii>.'i rates, jo cents�� mouth delivered
In ilie iiij, <>r (6.00a year li sen) by ujiui. when
putil in advance.
AdVerlfSlM rules na ul'pll'-alimi.
ah monlca paid in settlement uf The Daily
Canadian accounts, either tm subnotions it
advertising, muii be receipted i'nr on the printed
forms n( the Uoinpany. oiiu-r reeelpti are noi
-JULY   IS, 1900.
'*By one word we are sometimes judgdd to Im
wlie and by one word bom dimes jiiif-rd to b-*
foolish, ictus luer-'o.-e be cartful .vuut we
It  is on Mondays and Tuesdays   of
each week that the Saturday and Sunday exchanges reach our desk, and we
have been struck of late with the special announcements  thai  an* made  respecting   religious   services  during   the
summer mouths,  particularly    in    the
heated season.    These announcements
have u range and versatility, and withal
a   sameness  in   tho  essential   features
thut would seemingly entitle one to assume    thnt    tlie    special    bargain-day
methods of the commercial world have
invaded the sacred edifice, and lhat the
religious susceptibilities of the aveiage
church-goer are as sensitive to the bargain-counter appeal us any oilier.    We
make  these observations    because   of
the inducements that are held out   to
churchgoers  to  keep  up their attendance during  the heated  term, and  we
say deliberately that these Inducements
are often  wholly stibsersive of the entire idea of public religious worship.
Some of the    advertisements    read:
"Hot weather services," "Short sermous
for the summer months,'" 'Abbreviated
musical service."  "Only forty-five minutes in church," wijh other varieties according to the originality or otherwise
of the advertiser.    The question naturally forces itself Into consideration, is
church attendance a religious duty, oi
Is ll simply  a mutter of taste and convenience?   If it Is a religious duly, theu
all attempts to palliate the discomloris
of a badly  ventilated church building,
a clumsily conducted service, or an unbearable sermon, are attempts to remedy the evil by ill-advised means.   II, on
���the other hand, attendance at  church
ris not a stern duty, hut a mere matter
of one's  disposition,    there    may     hu
some excuse for the attempts thai are
made to Induce people to endure what I
is admittedly an  uncomfortable hour,
We say admittedly, because the very
decapitation or curtailment of ihe red
gious service is an admission that  its
performance is an    irksome    task,    if
church attendance is a matter of taste
or preference, then it reflects very seriously on  the earnestness and enthusiasm of those who profess loyalty   to
this or lhat particular form ol worship
that it must be emasculated and rohbe.l
of what  should  be  its  most attractive
features  In order lo  hold   the int. resl
and secure the attendance of these who
profess lis necessity.
When  people attorn!    a  hot-weather
dunce, we do not see the announcement
made that It is to be strictly limited to
the hour because of the climatic conditions.    Nor    o people who play tennis
ask  lhat  the  usual  scores should    be
shortened "because of the heat,"   Athletes and amateur contestants in field
sports do not wdsh for half-time to be
called  because of the pouring rays of
the summer sun.    Tho devotees of all
these enter into them with a vim and
enthusiasm that, while it often makes j
the spectator wonder at the zeal of the J
player, Is undeniable evidence of   the J
satisfaction that Is being derived from
the occupation of the hour.
Yei when it comos to the performance of what Is rightly claimed to he
the most necessary and beneficial of all
the varied exercises in which body,
mind and soul are engaged, every possible concession must be made, and the
exercises shorn to the last least vestige lhat will form a sort of sop to a
conscience that is not bold enough to
at ually absent itself and bear the con-
These Lb-iscs are not confined to any
particular  plac>     but are  becoming   a
sort of "summer habit" with the church-
sgolng class.   In most instance:; the clergyman Is not to blame, but the situation is forced upon him by those in his
congregation who ought to be the mosl
I insistent on the fullest measure of this
form  of  religious  activity.    Now  and
J then the clergy are to blame, as when
one, weaker than the other, begins the
practice,  and   the   others   must   needs
follow if they are not strong enough to
resist the Innovation.   Nor Is the evil
confined   to   any   particular  denomination; but il is a singular fact that it is
most    prevalent    in    the    evangelical
Churches and among those whose loud
est boast has been that Ihey have nothing to do but to save souls.
An equally singular observation can
be made In  taking the census of the
average church congregation,   This will
be found to be composed for the most
part of those who make no public or
even private profession of church membership.    Both    in  the    morning   and
evening congregations of nearly all of j
the churches In Canada It will be found j
that  the major portion of the attend
ance Is from among those whose interest in the service Is apparently    only
transitory.    It    Is    commendable  that
these latter attend, but it is a serious
reflection that there are in every community  people  who   build  and    equip
church  edifices and  whose attendance
Upon worship In them Is but fitful and
Irregular.    It  Is no wonder that    the
masses are indifferent to the appeals of
the church.    Until we find church people manifesting as much zeal in their
church activities as they do in    their
business, professional    and    recreative
lite, it will be hard to make anyone understand that they believe the declaration of our Saviour in which He said,
"if ye seek  first  the kingdom of Clod
and  His righteousness, then all   these
things shall be added unto you."
Kui as the weather Is warm, we shall
shorten  this discussion of ihe subject. |
The Winnipeg Telegram and  Wlnni-
pig Free Press, ihe two mammoth dailies of the prairie metropolis, are doing
creditable   work   in   advertising   the
splendid  resources and amazing development of the west   Each week a mag
nlflceni Illustrated supplement is sent
out with these papers, in which the new
towns springing up everywhere have
extended  description and profuse illustration both as to public buildings and
public men.   To speak of ihe wise administration of the Immigration department iu  this connection  Is  to pa:,    a
doubtful   compliment    to   thu    Ottawa
government, for these two papers are
doing more to make Canada known to
the  world  than  thousands of ions of
immigration  literature.
-������-���,. ��� - ��� ������.��� ���,���.,. ���       .���������,���
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Pat
Notice i- hereby given that sixty daya after
date l Intend to apply to tbe Chief t'ummlf-
���lorn r "i .Lands mid World for pormlaslnn to
uurebuo tbe following described landsaHuaioIn
Weal Kooteuay district, odjoiulns lha International boundary nni'. aboni (our miles easl <<i
the Columbia river, commencing ut a .post mark-
,fid -I. m !���'- B. ���'. oorner," situate on ihe In*
uriiHtinnai boundary line, nt the ���outliowt ror-
nerof J,H, C, Eraser's laud; thenee east sucbalns.
thenre north oil chains, thenee west s�� ehalns.
thenee south flu chalus to the plaee ol commence-'
infiii, containing W ��� aeres more ur less
Phi nl Sflth June, IDOtl. i.ai to M, i ict-nt.
ft .'. O'lteiily, Agent.
Notice |i hereby given iimi sixty days1
from date I Intoud toapply to tbe Chief Com-
mlssloner of i-uni- mi-i Works )<>r iwrmtalon
in purchase the following deicrlbed lauds -ii
note in w*es| Kootenay Pfstrlot, between the
Pend   d'Oreille   river  ami   the International
bmindan Hue. about three miles fr  tbe Col
umbla river.   Commencing at h poet marked
J, s. u. F's ti IV, corner situate on the interna
i Is.mil im Inrv line, about halt a mile eaal nl
ii,.' easi boundary ol the N. & ft >. Ky landi
tbonce inirtii ii chalna. thence east uu chains,
theuce south, in chains, thence wesl gu chains, lo
die placu of commencement, containing ihiO acres,
more or less.
Dated Jit.i June. hf>;, J, B. ('. Kn.w:it,
ft 1, o'l;.���illy, Agent,
Notice i- hereby given thai sixty days rrom
date I intend toapply to the Chlel Cum '
ni Lund- mid Works fur mth
tbe following doner!bed Ian..    .-
Kootenai District, adjoining the fuiornatioua
boundary lute, about five miles east ol the Col
umhia river: commencing al h pout marked it
ii'uti. v> corner, ou the international boundari
line hi Laura M, Kraaar'ssoutheasi corner, thenci
in.nn ni ehains, thenee cum iu chains, ihenct
smith Si oliaiua, tbonce weal  n> chains to thi
place of commencement ntaining sju acrei
more nr less.
hated -Mb Juno, 1908,        Ralph
Bargains   MILLINERY   Bargains
Wc will soil off our entire stock of Summer
Millinery ,it Less
Than Cost Prices.
Ladles' ready-to-wear Btraw Hata, wort! ��i.r,u ijbq .r,, ���
Hat- worth $:i.r,ii, $4.50 and fS.OO fin- ��i!.r,n.   ' '       ��� Mcl1. forts*
T,i'" '' Patt8��' Hut* worth. ��8.oo, JO00 and $7.00 for j	
 """''' Pattern Hati worth ��8i>0, * | an,| j,,,,,,   *'"'.'
Bargains m Children'.! sinus- and Muslin Hati -������i t*. 7   '
TS,.,u.,     SS���...    ....    .........,.,..      . "'    "UillllH'    l{|,hr,,,
ii exhibition  in our (tore
Fred Irvine <& c0.
��� Notice ii hereby given tbat 00 dayi hum date I
Intend toapply lothe Honorable the Comnili
'i ui. i ni Unds and Works lor perm (talon to
purchasaUic following described lands, situate
in ilie W��ii Kootenay District  KinrrniB in \
poit marked ���* llilam Rrnesl Davison's ft K. p<i��i
about iwn miles eksi ol Meer puis, nn the Arrow
1-jtki- thonn i'i< halt] th, thence in ehains
west, f hence luobntua north, thence eaat to polnl
n( comnu nniii. in, containing about 100 ai res.
Dated UihMii day ol June, i1""-.
wmii \u KkNWt DaviMK.
��� purchasi
Notice i*^ hereby given thai sixty days after
dHte I intend m apply to the Chief Commit
ilonor ui i.nndi* and n'orki for permission to
purehose the following described lands in
ihe Wosl Kootenay district, suntb ol the Peud
d'Oreille river; Commencing at n posi marked
ti. B'a 8. J��. corner, situated on lbe trail near
Uear creek aboul n mile from lbe international
boundary liiif, thenee wesl mi chains, tbenoe
north iu ohalns more or less ti the ivud d'Oreille
river; tbence .following the ����utii bank ol the
Pend d'Oreille river sontbeaM SO chains, more
or leas; thence south -u chalim. ninn*. �����* i���� *���-���
tbe place of c
acrea, more or lv��,
Dated Bth July, nw
rked  "Nathaniel   Mi Iiflj
planted on the west side of i
Notice is hereby given tbat 80 'in\* after date I
iiiiemi toapply lo the Honorable the Chief Commluloner ol Unds and Worka fm Ewrinlsslon to
purebaae the following described ���"���, :- m the
Wesi Kootenai dlatrlct; commencing al h poat
marbflH    "W.H -i    ��.���-*���--  ���     g,  g.   et.rller,*'
ilmnbla River,
 .unci iMinii oi im mm t.'ity, and 80 chains
imriii of the soiith-wesi corner ot Lol 373, tbence
mirib *<" cbalsUa, ihence west HO chains, thence
south hii chains, Ihenci eaal *-* chains to polnl.��(
< .'llllili neeiuetil, CoUtAlnlOg 040 BCTOi.
Dated this 13th day nf.tune, \S06,
T. C Makinson, Agent.
 ��� i- inn uy Kin n mat ou dayi after date t
Intend l*i apply lo the RoQorable the Chlel
tommlsstooer of Laud* and Worka for pormla
lion in purchase the I <iintuitu deacrlbed laude,
situated in -~im nn Dliftlci t'ommem ihk ut
north eastooin*r posl ������( Lol n<0, thenee mini-
l ig x-iiiii Ni ii tins, in- me, N>i BOchalns.lheuoo
nnrlh io chains, thi uce west n ehains u��C, P K.
riKhMif-way. following iami uuth weal io a
iniiii intetveptlni north Line ol l*v\ mo, tbenoe
eait to point ut oommeQeemen^oouUlnlog lio
or le
May Mil 1006,
wutaining  too
P. J. O'ltlelly, Ayeut,
And Builder
Notb.'v i.t hereby given tbal ifih daysa'ter
date I Intend to apply to thi chief Com mis*
iloner oi Lands hii-i tvorkti tor |-i>nnIa>ion t"
purchase   the   following   d rlbed lands,  in
tbe Hf-'fti kootenay Insirict, east ol .imi ad-
loluing JHiiien N. Mtiikvn,:ie - land; Commencing hi h [iosi marked A,a - n, ;.. corner, on tbe
���imiii imiik of tlie iviid d'Oreille river, jusl
above the mouth ol the Salmon river, thence
west80 chains, .thence north 00 chains more nr
toil to the Peud d'Oreille river, thence fidlowiux
the south t'unk of the said river in a southeasterly di roc tion to thu place ol commencement,
containing ,250 acres, nmre ..r leas,
Paled Hu July 1906 ' itTHt'R Bi hnkiokh.
Notice Is hereby given il
date i intend in n|>j,]v to i
Lands mi.I Worka for i-n
ine following described lannaln \
���������--��� >t Mtiitti ol the I'end d'urulll
Notice li bereb) given that 00 days alter date '
intend toapply to ihe Hon ble the Chief Commissioner ol Undi aud \v.,rk- i.ir permlulon to
purchase ihe following descrlbeil lands; i	
mencing ai a post placed on the north shore ol
the west arm in Kootenay Uke, al the northeast
corner of John blanks' pre-emptloo, thenoe
west 10 chains, more nr less, to the southeaal
corner of l*oi No. 7406, theuce north 40 chalus,
thenco east t" �� haini more ..r l< h, thence nortb
to cbalm to the point ol commencement
Dated June lath, IB06.
0, B. Arii.nTos.
C, I- flsUnxu
Notice u hereby stven that to days after date 1
Intend to npplv in [he Honorable the Chief Com*
mlisl ' "i Unds and Works for permission to
purchase the following deicrlUd Undi iltu
Hied initi.' Koolona) DlshlcL Beglotiingsta
poit Planted on the north shore of the Cowor
Arrow Uke aboul I" cbalm weil ol Ihe weal
boundary �����: r I* h l^.t isw, Marked ll �� Vt
f k corner, Lheni e tresi 101 bains, the no north
OOchaini, linn.-, eaat80cbalm moru oi leu to
lake shore, ihence in a south weaierlj direction
along luki' sliore to point of i ommencement, cod*
ihIiiiiiu I"" H'i.   more or lew
I.,, mi. .i June '\ IBM.
il a, WnevarroN,
a S- VfotA nrruN, Agent
is ''���v,:;::i,.'V:''i'*:::��
aen'sofl-,, ""M.i-,|��m7J��
ui Ian ,   ,.
1 ,;-,";v'"-'- ""���'--":;,::;,:
flffhty (go) chaml -ou f^   -,,
W -A. i
'�� A Mrt
viy daya after
mimlaafoner of
mi in purohaae
er.   fi
s'nti." li hereby given thai 1 Intend ��'-o dayi
after date loapply to ih** t blel Commluloner of
Und*' and " nrks for penniulon '<> purchase
the following escrlbea lands,situate hi Tin
Valley, Kootenay IstrfeL on mencing at a
post (markri I  Ualiagber  south well eoruer)
placed ni ii mi west corner of section n,
township iiy thence nonh mi ohifns tn the nortii
west corner ol paid wctton B8; ihei  east t��
chain*.-, tbence sooth bo chains to the wmth
shoundary of said aectlon 88, and tltencc went M
ohalni ni the plact ol begin nine containing 130
acrei, and belng^hi westerly ball of an hi lad*
tion :ti, lowiihlilp '���'
Dated at Nelson, 1* C. June Bth IBWi.
L. Oai.i.aoiikh.
Solo nK<*nt for tho Porto Bioo Lumber
Co., Ltd., retail yards.
Rough und dressed lumber, tamed work
mid brackets, Const Jnth nnd shingles,
Hitbh and doors.
Cement, briok and lime for m\f. Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory  V". -non, St..
east of Hati.
Telephone 178!    Nelson, Be C*
i after date
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
(leucine at n ihjiI marked E, t M'e. y. B. corner
.a iiie.M..itli bank of tne Pend d'Oreille river
aboul a mile hii.i ti ball can ol the mouth of Flsl
e.eek thenee south s<; i-balui, thenoe weit s
chaltsw, tbence north -to chains more <-r leai u
the I'end dO'rellle river, ihence folloulng tin
south bank of theiald river In anortbeastorl)
direction to tbe place <>i commencemoust, containing 4*1 acres, more nr leas,
imied and July lftfl.       K1.1.A T- Ma. kknxib,
ABTHtH -��� HNhll-Ki;. Agent.
Notice f.s  hereby j-i-.
I inti'iid to apply to t - .   .
I.timis nnd Worki forpermlaalou to purchase the
following deacrlbed lauds, situate In West Knot-
eniy District touth oi tbe Pend d'Oreille river.
Coin mencing at a post marked A. B. M's. M Vt.
Corner situate al toe wuth bank of the Pend
d'Oreille river at i.Uh i. MaelsCeuile'i imrth east
enrner .post, thence wuth m chains, thenee easi
N chains, thenre nortb 80 ciiHiui more nr leu to
the Pend d'Oreille river, iheliei* weM Mi ehalns,
fidhuMiiK tlu- bank of the said river to Ibe place
or commencement, containing MO ner.--, more
or lenM.
Dated 2nd .litJy 1UU0. A. H   MACKgWIB,
Notiee is hereby given  that Sixty davs after
dali.', I intend In npplv In tlu* Chief < i ni.-slmi
er of Landsaud works for permission to purchase tin- following described lands situate in
West Kootenay District, kouIIi of the Pe:
d'Oreille riwr, commencing hi a post man.
M. H's X. E. corner, situate on the soUsth ba
of the Pend d'Oreille river at James N. Maeki
lie's southwest corner, thence south lUOchaii
thence west 8u chalus, thenoe north 70 cha]i
more nr leas to the ivmI p'oreille river; then
following tbe-iiiiiii bank of [bOiald river in i
t aaterly and northeasterly direction to the pla
oi commenoement, containing WO acre-, nmre
Date 8rd July, nnni. mahuahkt ItaacotinT,
Arthur H-dioeider. Airciii
Kotlce h hereby glveu iiiat u> days after date I
intend tn applv to the Uonorahle ine chief Com-
mlssloner of Land* nod Works for mnnlialon to
fiurahase-the following deecrlbad Lands, situate
ii ibe West Kool nay district: i onumenclng at *���
punt marked M MctJ t*. IV. eorner, planted +��
ehains west of I. c. Mor.'lun's northwest oorner
of bis crown granted hiini lu ITlre Vrdley.running m chalna ..>-'. i'> chains north, in i bsini
Vivnt, in chaini -n.ih to phtoe of oomraencement.
U. Mn asiii.'iii, IxK'atnr.
iv, a. i..u.i-kk, Agent,
June auh, ."*���"'
Hotlee is borbj given lhat t intend, 00 day*
after date to a] ; Ij lo lhe Chief CoiinnlnNloiier of
��n tlu
Among the many papers that   have
been preaching .sermons on the Thaw-
White murder ca.se, the Westminster
News makes these wise reflections:
"The papers are talking about the 'lesson' of the Thaw-White murder, to
which will now he added the murder of
Judge Emory at Seattle. There are a
number ot lessons; but lhe one which
most concerns the body politic appears
lo be that civilisation sinks when human life is held lightly and respect for
law is lessened. Contrast British Columbia, particularly In the early days,
with neighboring territories;   contrast
Yukon and Nome.   Where the law deals
out even-handed justice, steadily    and
firmly, to rich and poor alike, wu shall
have a minimum of such  occurrences
as  the  Thaw  and   Emory   cases;   but
where graft  and  'pull' are allowed  to
play their part In the administration of
justice;   where  'shooting on  sight'    is
substituted for arrest, and the   'sweat
Chamber* for the patient Investigation;
where trial by newspaper Is put In the
place of  trial   by  Jury;   where  ft     is
lightly assumed that  the man  without
money or influential friends Is, prima
facie, a scoundrel, and the man who has
these things  is  impeccable��� there  the
way Is prepared for the advent of   the
'emotional homicide' and the plain, ev- j
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
ami its suburbs. Phone 148.
40 Acre Farm
A valuable farm for sale, situated in
the heart of the fruit growing country.
40 acres, 3 acres weil cleared and about
70 fruit trees planted, are bearing some
this year. A good cabin, root house and
stable on the property, also a nice
spring. The land is of the very best
quality, and can be all worked. It la
beautifully situated on Bowser lake,
West Kootenay. one mile from posl office and store and two miles from C. P.
R. brunch to Trout Lake. Splendid
farm for potatoes. There huve been
four crops In succession without manure, and the last crop was as good as
the first.
$800 Cash Takes It
Grand Forks, B. O.
Or to Witt. Simpson, Howsen.
Notice e�� herein- niveii Mini sixty 'Im* efier
date I intoud toapply to the Chief Commissioner
i.i Lends ttioi Works for permission io purchase
thu following described lands in Weil
Kootenay District, south of tho I'end d'Oreille
river, com mencing at a post marked J.N.H'i
8. V. eorner, situated on the south bank of the
Pend d'oreillt, river, opposite the mouth ol )���
Mile creek; thenceeasl By ohalna, ihenco north
40 chains more or less to the Pend d'Oreille river,
thonce following tin- south bankol the said river
j tl u westerly and south wesi orlj direction to the
place oi commencement, containing 32u wrci
more or leas,
Hated 8rd July, IMS,      Jiiies \ Mackkkxib,
Arthur Bchneldur, Agent.
Notiee Is hereby given Hint sixty days afti r
date 1 intend in a; niy in the Chlel Commlssfou
er oi Lands mnl  Works for permission to onr
ehOSO   tlie   (ollim-llig   il.-eril.ed    I.mhI-   in   \\ ,m
Koolenay Ulstrlct, south oi tbo I'end d'Oreille
river, commencing m �� poii marked A.K'i N W.
ei.nier. situated ��i the southwest corner of hoi
Mtf-O. l.i thence east nj ehains, thenee uuth OU
ohalns. thenoe west h chains, thence north
Unds and Wn*i< for permission
fo1 lowing d-seribed lauds situnte hi Ure volley,
Kootenay district. Commencing ot a i-n^t (murk
ed George Young   * orth weal corner) phioed at
the norlh west corner uf secliou ���& township iii':
lbence east BO i Iih in*, lo the north Mil eorner oj
null .section ffl; ihcnce suuh 4�� ehntt^. thence
iraat M chains ihenea norih .0 < hains to the
plan* ot bevlnniog eoutaining -tw acres nnd
fj. iiik' tne northerly hull of kuld Motion **>, town-
noted at Kelson, h. C. June 5th VMt>
VtYAmiV. Voino.
Notice in hereby girm that eodayx after date
we Intend to aooly to the Honorable tbe chief
CommiMioDer n| unds ond Works ol Victoria,
B C. for )������'. r' ��� ���    tn   pUri'llHS-   the   following
dbserlbeu lands, situate In WMt Kootenay dls*
uiet.  t'ommfoi log it m post planted ot Thomas
Jerome's N K post, nnd maikcii IVter Pencil
and A Choquette N vv. Corner; thence 90 ohsOlm
put. tbence ���:<> eh lue ronth, tbence m chains
we*.i, thence 20ch ilns north to the oommenelng
jif^t, oontatntng 10 aorei more or lem.
Doted M��y a.
W. A. JoWM, Agent
NotiOB ll hereby |-lven UlOtSixtydOfSOflOTdote
I intend loapply to the Honorable the Cbtet
CommissionerofI*ndiand Works. Vlotorlo, tor
permission tn purchase tlie following described
landi tn Wosl Kootenay. Commedclng nt n p<wt
marked Kdgar vv. i ynes south west oorner near
to (iornet ereek and about * mllei nouth of Mo*.-
qui to eieek aod about 4 miles west of i oiumbla
Klver; thence north H'i chains, thenee eost 411
ohalni. tbence sonth ne chains, thence wul 10
ohalni tn place of commencement, containing
ijo acre*, being tbe same more or Jut*"*.
Dated Juue-1,1D0G.
Hix.ab W. DrTOO,
v, I'vnkh a genu
Notice Ix hereby yl\. n 'hoi DO dON nfier ditle I
Intend to nuke application u< tbe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of i.uriiiswtni Works for Mr*
inliilon to purohaae lbs following described
iMtidH; OommencJug ��t��i" *i placed on the eosl
shore of hower Arrow Luke, .adjoining /.Botes'
nre-emptloli   on   t'je .south WBSt irttrki'd "T   " .'l
n. w e ruer post." Tbence rannlug BO chains
east; thenee ho chains south; lbence ��iehniii��
more or lets, wrsl to tbe la*o shore; thenre foi
lowing ink- shore to Mnl of commencement,
com lining 640 acres, more or less.
Doted this 7th dav of Jum
��� li hereby gl
Notiee in hereby given ihai two moo'sbs nP-r
dote i intend to apply to tbe Honorable Cblel
Commusloner of Landi ��tei Worki forpermis-
si.oi topuieboM sis iiuii'irii] ud tort) ftHoj
hi res ni inii'i. described ��.��followi: Commencing
hi a pnst pUiite.i afe the north weit corner ol L.
Qallagher1! application to parchoie In Tin Volley, on the wm! side ol towei At o* take, in
Kootenay district, morked "W. A C't N.k.coi
tier"; thenoe running eighty (SO* chainsi it;
tbence eighty   (89) wutb;  ihenrs eighty (��uj
ChfllOl ensl:   Ihein-e eighty  (*ij .hums n.,rlli   In
pisses of commenoement.
W A. CtUilft.
Doted the 2nd day ot April, WW
Notice Is bereby given that <U days from date
I intend to apply tu the Honorable lbe Chlel
Commissioner of t-ondssnd Worki toi perm Is
sfon tsOpurchsOM the f"ilowing described lands,
tn tbe Wat Kootenay Dlatrlcl easl ildi ol Col-
niiihu Klrer,oboui smtlei north uf Burton City.
Commencing at a mt marked UroU Winters
h w. eorner, at the N. vv. corner ol ft. H, BtnlUl*l
preemption ololm, tbenn north tn coolm more
or leM to the south bounder) ol Mi!.-, Uorroll'i
preemption claim, thence .Mil K chains, thi ni e
smith to ehalns tnore nr leM to Ho- North houml-
ary of It. ii  Pmtth's preemption claim, sthenM
Wesl   :*n ehalns to [K)lni Of eommein eiiniil; enli-
tafning 8Dootm more or b-ss.
Dated this 2nd day of June, 1906,
l.Kn m. Warns.
Hi, Ull BtrS. Agent,
Notice is hereb] given thai i Intend, 60 deyi
after .late, to apply to the Chief Com mm Jon ci ol
Undssnd Wor.k��fpr permission to tun isjm thi
following described lands, situate at Kir,- Valley,
Koolenay i'i-tiiet. Commencing oi ������ pmt (marked P. H u'contior ���south easl cornet) placed al
ihe norih ea-t turner of HCtlon <"' township 69;
it l�� chains, thence north mi ��hatn"
Hon l�� purrl ,
!���'<"��� ofiommenc��mcni
July Und, !t��M ___^_^
Nt.lpelt he'eby glw-n thai 0) '\ix^u,
Intni.1 to apply tn ih,  Hi.in.rahlFiM^H
ni'snlolier nt I.ali'l- iitot Wnrki !er i-nu
purebaae the tniinw ing <\. ��� - ���   .
In the Wesl Koolenay JlStrii
post on Ihe ��a*t ilde of  I
Arrow  Lake, ond minted "1.1.9em
iiiti.er," ihence easi an ehauu ��� ���-..
cha-ns, ihence west M)
cbai&i to polnl ���>( com mi
sSO mi m\- moil "i |am
Located June 1Mb. 1991 J J Sum
  T. II. WlLUiW
Btsty days aftei doteliftb-ndlsfliMhfl
Chi. i < otnmisslom i  of Un U ���. |
Victoria, for permission mi'iin ii��-. '���:��*;%
aioi sixty (l^i) acrei ol Uinll^'ai-uniHa
ci ,t< follows: Commencifli it a i><fr*\
eighty (A) chains eMHt ol lh( N w.'^nai
i- pre etupiionaiiilinsrked  <   K < >>���
corner," and rnnnlng .*'i forty u -wm
-   -mtli fun)   ffc'j il.nnx. Un'ii>'s-��a
ehalns, then. ,��� north ton} ^viiniu*
c. i ''unit
-iii* days otter dslel lalcodioiMn
* ommlasfoner ol I-nioi- and Wurt*, v^i-a
purobase three hand ed and iw<-nty (ajjr
[mill near **urton Ctty, and detedM
< ommenetng al�� |��sl planted *i Oh
eorner of David Buigei** p.-- onpUsi
ed "t.A B'o 8 H ' orner,"tbentsi
cbalm, thence south lortj (tut rhi -_
en-i  Inr!\ (I'M ih-lm, them*   trnrUi ��
clmlll.,   Ilieliee   Wi -t    elgllH   C'j . 01 ��W
smith twenty fji) chains to pUo��� <>'��� irM
In     thlDOO,   ^.tdma
ate I Intend
P, H. OToimai
.  OlOWg Yorv...  ifr,n,    ���
Notice Is bereby given thai B0days from date I
intend Io applv  tn the Holiorabii- the Chief' -'nin ���
mlssloner of Lands ind Works for permi
purchase the fnlJ,,wing  ileifrltn .1   lanrts, in   the
West Koolenay Distriit    Hand isuod, in the
Columbia hirer about) inileo nortii <l Hunnii
city; ell of sal-t Islutid above high water, being
in aeres more or lesa.
Dated this 1st Day uf June. 1906,
T. c Makinsos, Agt nt
Hixty day after dote I  inleiid lo OpplJ  to the
Commissioner ol t��andi him Works, v Ictorla, to
purobase 160 acrei ol land. Commencing ai a
post planted on the west -bore pf Arrow stoke, nt
Die south eait corner of J J Christie's pnrtbaoei
runniiig north U ChslOl, thenee eflgl  U CholllS,
thence snuih HO ehalns, thenee Weal UchalUf to
Plaee of eomtiietii'em<nl.
Ixieated May, ath liaifi.
h. OainLaamn, Locator.
.sixty days utter date I intend to apply lo Un
Commluloner of .Landsand Works to purchase
ho io re- of stand, situate about one mbe esai of
Bnriou city, and deserlbod as follows: ��� "in
mencing at U posl plauied on   the northwest eor
ner of lot 66110 and run Ing west V chains, ihenci
north ���in ehnitis, thenee east 30 chains, thenoe
so-nii oloog lol (Wu to plan- of tMglonlng.
July Mb, l'Joo. J it. in miu.
ereby gin
t.-appty t,
to the HoSsT-olskflKl
 ti'|> in nit- nmmumm^*\	
���mmipli.iierol Uiidsmnl tt .irtiM^naialH
t" purebaae the f..ti,.wing <ieM-ritadiaai,
ole in  Ur.- Valley on tin- w. -t si.ird Un
r-vv    Uke,   k'.M.teiiHy   dl.Mrhl   .U-rr.'M V
lows     I omnwDl nig   at   a  |h,.|  pliniri I
nortbwesi corner of v\  A,' ^deri |ir**ii
marked -a. m.i.- tll���,,, ,���ril1r-,tMi
tbena forty [Pm chains esst; iiiemrlMtr
ehaim nonh; ibenca tony (��) .Jimim
tbence fort) iin, , halm uau io ih-fh
commencement, eoniamn.g one litiiilr-J
ilrty (160) acres wore or Urn.
wted June 21, uog,       Awn Mcuna
W  A I Al.liKB, AreSt-
NotiM is hereby given that 1 InteaM i
alter dale to apply to the Cniel Cobs'-1-
Jsndi and Wnrks fur permlulon to p
fnllinvltigdenerilM-d lODdl alii D**m]
��! hire \ ��Pey. Kool.-tiav DlMrlct ('iwu����n
al i, p ,���i (umrid.,! J'. H. u'( .mmir nortb eat*
ner) placed at the nortb eail coraer of ssfl
��, township69; thence s.iuth *) diiini.tw]
wen io attains, Ihtnos north #i<hiin!i*<"
northerly l.nuiid-irv of said r-eellon��;Slrf*"
''-��� easl iu chains to the piece cl bcglni
tumi ng 190'acres, ��nd being the nortii Mil
quarter of-mid Metfon .'i lowoi*lp��.
Nolson, ii. c. June 6th 1909, m*^���
IMI oi  ���� |
Okoiox Vorso. A|tst_
,.T""u KimiuK,
nEw, o i-iiiun-, thence north
ibolm to tin- place of commencement, contain
mil imi Hen-, more or less,
Dated 29lh  une, msh-. Akkii Tjumkh,
!���' JO'Kcllly, Agent.
Notice i�� hereby ghen tbat 00 days after date
I intend tu apply tu the Chl9f Commissioner ot
Lands and VVorkJ for i.ennlssioii tn purchase
the following described lands in west Kootenai
distriet, son In of the I'end d'Oreille river, eul of
lish ereek, oommenelng m b post marked V, W,
K'sN w oorner, aboul half o mile eon oj tbe
northeast enrner Of  Lot 442S, O.I., thenee south
I'l chains, thence oasi HO ehalns, thenee north i.
oltolnS)   theliee   west  HI CbOlOS   to   Ihe place of
commencement, containing ;f-w aeres, more nr
Dated -'nd July lOOS. Kitten W, ffABCOUBT,
Notiee I. herein   gfVOII  that  llXty  davs after
date I Intend toapply to tbe�� hfef Commission*
erof hands and works for permission to purchase the following described lauds in West
Kootenay District, south of the Lend d'Oreille
river, commencing ota post marked D. it M's.,
K Vt. corner, situated on the south tnnk of the
Pend d'tin-llle river at JamCS N, Mnekei^le'S
soul li vi est enrner; thenee DOlt ID ehains, theuce
hi,nth in chain*, thence weal 40 chains, ihence
nurih 40 chains to the place <>f commenoement,
contrlnlng Ifti acres more or less.
Duled Brd July lOtlO.      DOKAI.O It   MACKBlfXlg,
 Ainnt'jj SciJNKIPKit. AM��MJt_
Hixty davs after date I Intend lo npplv to the
Commissioner of Unds and Works p, purchase
100 acres of bind, near Kuriou city, com mend i g
al a posl planlcil hi Un- smitheast corner nf Lol
No. 899, and marked J. D, Mc'awutliwosl comer,
and riiiiuiug imrth lu chain*, thence east -Id
chains, thenee south 10 ohalns, tftonce west 40
ohalus lo place of beginning.
July 18th, UOt), J. D. MicruoCir,
A, A. Burton, Agent,
Notice is hereby given that 90 'uy-. ait r dole i
intend to inako application lo tlie bofloriblotho
Chief Commissioner of Undi and U'orkH for per-
iiils-lnii   to   purcliHw         '-
.        gas ana Works for per-
 don to purchase   lbe   following described
laOdJ]    Commencing   Ht   ���   posl   pluceil   nil   the
nortboMl roroer of r Kinahan'�� Application to
Purchase,msrked "H, i �� co*uerposi " lunning
Sll chains ea>t: thence *i chains south; ih.-nci itfi
eholni w-Ht; thenee fallowing I   KlnaliHU'��eH-t-
ern bonnds y to point oi oommtOMmeoti oou*
tiiiuiug 840 aorei, mort or less.
Hannah Tikknkv,
Dated this 7'h day ot ftmc, riifl.	
None i. herci.y given thul lH.iii��i*s nlirr .\ni- t
intcii I in noik ��� Hpju eailon io the Iloiiornhle tlie
Chief ('ommlsiiooer of uuds aud works for per*
mlulon io puieiiHsf ihe following described
lands: Commencing ill n poit placed at the in
le I etinii ol   li.e east bouinlarv of J   Hates' pre
eruption and ibe north boundary r��fT Kimihnir'-
Appl lea t Inn (o I'urehase. itmrked "T, K, Jr's " W,
comer post " 'th nee following j. BostM'-eutern
boundary) i" 'hains north; thence Rochoioseosti
thence it) chains to the no ibom iioundary of
Hannah '' irrnsy's Applioatlon io Purehosei
lbence following the northerly hounda yol same
and northerly boundary of T. Kfnshnn'i Application to I'linhase, to poi-1 of commeucemont,
containing B*t acres, more or leu.
Notice  In  hereby given  il,���,i,	
���ssVs-.hst,.. l��� ��M���J if,' |, ( ,    .    ���",,"',"'��� r" "��)������
llss; lollowin�� .i.-m rii,-.[ i,   ,.",'!,'" Purohite
\ssiu.j-, Koolenay Dim.i,      ,",���,""""��� ��<  fin
l'|"Msss,,k ;,'.���,,,,. y ' ' ts.,���..,,,-,���
I.I...L-.I ���, lho l...rtl. ',.���"",.     rrll,,"����l ""is.-.-)
���m;coni�� nt nu ���.,.,���,'I,1,'"1 ����� i" il.,-.,s, ,,
nn oi Kootenay l.nlic i 'mil
mondng at nn Initial post pieced at the ��nuth-
west enrner nl l^il 7>i; Ihence norili tf chains,
theliee  west  10 ehalim, llience  south  N ohoiMi
thence nisi in chains to poiniof commenoi mint.
Dated May'iK, 19U9.
-ivty days of Ur date I intend lo *pplT
Rom mlssloner of Unds and 9/orki fir1
puftdiow -'in acres ol IjiioI ittaateand i --
U   followi,    'niiimeln ing at ,i DOtl f^pvi
tbe enst N||���rt. ,,1 Arrow Lakcopp lit' * '-'
Laodlao ai the south  iresl cornu
v Hii.y's pre-emption ami marked '* L
oornerj ihcnce east no chains, iheoee is
chains, ihence west901 bAin* In Iks 1^
tbence r���irih ,,\.,Uu the lake shorn to \>'
J ti ti
3'lh 1900.
th lu QholnSi Uo n
 nib i" obolna, thenoe
. .ii point of commencement.
Dated this 4cIj day of Juno 1906,
Wii.I.iam Hahhv PRTBftS,
wii.iiAM j. Toyg, *anm
tion -A2. to- OShlp OU,  H�� "����������? half ,,f HabUe"?
���'"��!. 1.. i��.i,,is.i ,,;;;,',';,;,,,^;,',';',',r''<'���''���''���'���'
Dalesl llsl, ,tl, d,y���,j���n, ioj,
I;!"-';1'""'   loll'"in, doSJ ntVrM"""'
 sl.s.1 U.MoO  K, ,.,',.��� ""'"s-is.-lrsK ���i ��� ..������
nortn ..r Die 8, w sTOrn��r���,V .�����.*'oll��ln��
jmi on, Mr,. v���ii,, ,'    ,"  ���),;' "M't'is pro"
i.'.-iiHii,.w,,i, is,,. ,���',;���'  " '"���V,'";i'��in��k.isiiis,
Piss.se ,ii oommoaoomon,    r  '    'l"""" �����'i"
Maisui ji,-,-��m���.1mi, hnUir
June aoih, 1006. *-���tAt****i Agent,
pre-emption in Kir,- Valloy, runnlnflU'
north, UeiitiniwesH, Kloholn i	
'������sM to plaee ale meneemem
W  H. Ml'S'sMil.l.ll.Uat
tV. A.s'sii.s.is, Aiyin
_Jili.eai||i, liion	
IJotloqUheroljygivon Uiatuit) |WI"��ffl
"��te I Inton  apply  s  li rnoi
' I'l' ' '"i iHloao, ol Unsl I �����'.'
permlulon lo pun liile Ills rollswlai saw
llss.'l sir Iii si,I : suss,,,,- ���| Queen,1 Hiss onlw'
���,ID' (sjotonss    I   '     ���> s!���   DWrlrl "i '
K.sou-nsiy, I';,.,,,,,,. ,,s ,. .1, rnlsunbl.
'���"isisslssliiK i���. ,i,l,i���.�����in,.|���,��� ",| i:��. in,"
ino -,s���,,- more ,,- Imi, ssl,,, ,,'������' ���,,..'
moro pa, leularly sieMrllie.1 ����� ' l1""- ,'
"���eneineato i���,ss,s on ll.e wnierh IkssuwW,
I.  ,ssv, ���;, i ��',,��� h ������v  i,,.,,,,.,, i,is,, ���
rontli ,���., ,.,���.���,., ���( |, jjjffj |; ihcnnwwn
Jollowlngtiionutberly boundari ol i "���'"''
'.'"���liislsss in,,i ��� log, ,,, ,|���. ,nutli awiej
ner ���f �����i,i  i.,��� ,M, ,,  ]: ,i���.��� r,,ss����'
--s'silh   isi riiiiins more ,,r len lo tin- "','"
s rly boundary 11 D. II. n,sii���,i.'�� Ippll"
sisis-iss,-,.;: ihencoeuterly ioII"��-i��b H'1
��ny boundary .,|>,h,i is. li Balloch'iaPI
i" rurahaao JJ.871I .-,,,ai, �� oi l��
sslis,ri-s,|s,ii,.,.,ls, ������,.. .,,..,,,.,. rssllsswln, I.-
"���'"."Illi.-ssal.l.l,,;,,. tn ���i���,s ���!.' J"
u..i. 7.s s-,,(,t,,s ���,,,ri. ,,r lea, i,, in,. .,,���,s, ,',-1,"
"erolaal I Lol7MIIO.ll thenre norlherl! ^,''
ngthewoiusrly I,, lary ol aaid lol W
,,i,   ,' "1,,r0 "r I"1 IO Peln' "' s'",,in"
"i i .linn i.',. mm. *. U.BKi***
Ifotlce 1�� hereby given lhal ilxt) *9��A
I1.""'1 Into in'pljtoll,,. II���ss���rs !!��''   '
^ Purehaio tlu, following deeerlU-sl "!'" ,'
'' ����-l K nay dl.trli-l: Him" �� Il,:-r,
:'n?i ssl the niitlhwe, is, i.si i J"
""g I rook, thanco ..sniii luobalni.ils
"' ''IsssisiN  r,. ,,,- Un, flirt i���sll"
wore a, lea,, tbenoe oaal lo lakclso
Place of beginning, ibo ��ssun' I, Inlene
nreoa whal I, known ai tlieUanion pre
Datod .issly ,",, ihiis;. s;s:,, ".
of s'sssssoiflii-oiiiisi,,.
Dated July s, iM,
JraiN UANca
,,N",    Is.   IssTs-lsy ulven   tlsssl -ill! sl�� >
1 ""I'sls-I, ss,ll��� applv to tho Cllljlt"
"onorol Undi and Work, Vletorla, i<;r "'
"ion lo purobaaothe i���ii���sviiu; das-rli	
"Itnalo lis n���. djurlei ol Woai Ks '"'���'���
'''urohman Crook: Starting al �� poini "l"
John IVhlio'a 8, if. nomer,  plai ,��'
, jnalni loutb nl .1   Mai. 'a �� ii,��-":"
isiiiisist nortii ooelialna, ti>.-n.->> s-o.i * ''"
thoneo aonth DO ehalna, Ihenco w""**ffiSB
laslntiifeisisimeni-cmeut. Jog* """
June 11, inon, j, Kiiabkh, AgfO., The Daily Canadian
Canada Drug and
��ok Co'y* Limited
Chairmen of departments of the Nelson fair ant (again reminded of tho
meeting tomorrow afternoon at 4
o'clock In the city hull.
Will ihe gentleman who left word at
thifl Office lhat a lady's purse had been
found by him please leave the purse at
Mils offlce, as the owner is now Known'.'
W. 0. Taylor, assayor of the La I'lata
mines, and Miss Nonilus Quint), of
NorthpOrt, were rnurrled last night by
Hev. It. Newton Powell at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce White,' Vernon
atreot.   They will realde at the mines.
The pavilion danos will begin Friday night of this week. The city band
will he In attendance, and, as the
dances nre under the atispic- s of the
Ttwenty Thousand Club. Intending patrons may ho sure that Ihey will ho well
p.e two latest additions Is. the   Kodak line are  the
Jo. JB Quick Focas Kodak for 3'+ x $)4 pictures.
rice Si2.oo.    And tlie No.4A. Folding Kodak
for 4'^ x 6'/;  picttircs.with regular equipment, No. 2 B. & L. Automatic Shutter  ���
aud Double Combination Rapid
Rectilinear  Lens,  with  a
speed of f. ,S.    Price
$35 ����-
\\Y Isiivs- Ills- whsils- Eodlk litniily. frstin the sslsl No. O
rltflit  up l�� III*- No. -1 A      Also ull Ills-Stipplis-H sit
Toronto prices.
Our moll department in ut your non-ice.
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y> Limited
Lperia 1 Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
fAL PAID UP....���8,1100,000 RKST ��8,9O0,900
|K. WILIilK, President HON. RDREKT .TAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in Bi.tish Columbia:
is received nnd interest iillowt d at- curniur rates from date of opening ac-
slaii'l credited half-yearly
IL.SOIN BRANCH ��J~    M.    LAY,   AAimtijfer.
Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
irehases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
|oal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosot*, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Bout BuilsiiTK will tind ii to i lieu- advantage to nu our Pitch.
?lson Coke &ci Gas Co.f Ltd.
Burns & Co.
Walton to   the cemetery   complain
that it iireHeniK the appearance of a
hay field, and lhat the long grata
ihroiifdi which ladles frequently havo
lo w;ill<, when dry, Is Widen with littsi.
Bandy Allan can no doubt easily seeuru
ihe desired Improvement.
The oarsmen who win represent Nelson in tbe Junior fours at the N. P. A.
A. o. regatta, A. Bishop, it. Sharp, N.
Mclniosh and R Nott, are putting in
hard work at practice, and old mom-
bars of the boal club predict that they
win he Important factors in the race.
��� li Market! 1
KosKiand,   Trail,   Nelson,  Kaslo,
Denver and Sloottn City.
John BurnS has heen awarded lhe
contract for building a dwelling for H.
E. froasdaile nt Crawford's Bay. It
will be 'Mt feet square. Lumber and
supplies for the building were forwarded yesterday on the steamer Nelson,
which also took over the builders.
The hoard of school trustees will
meet in Dr. Arthur's office Friday evening at S o'clock. An appointment to the
staff may be made, as a vacancy has
heen made hy the resignation of Miss
Moody. Negotiations with the education department on the subject of tho
admission of nonresident pupils are not
yet completed.
A full line of Crockery,
Cliiuu nnd ( llftetatv*. nru.
Al��o Second Hiud flood* ot Brer* Description.   We im vt'rot thflcoMt and wil nt
sLowfft Price* fa Town.
Baker St., next i�� f'.l'.iu Ticket Offlre.
polnl o
No. il
pi out i
First Class HeutinK Hunts mid .M.sili-rii
Sanitary Applinns'es.
Notice Is Hereby Riven tbat .10 dtiys afterdate 1
lnli'iiil to ti|i|i.v to lhe Cblfil Commiiwloncr of
I..i ii'l.- am) Works for a special He-rune lo mi nii-l
v <rry hwhv Umber from the following dwcrlbw
latidK in Weet Kootenay district!
No. 1.���' omim-n<-liiK al a poet marked Ole
OIhtj;'H-juut Invent eorner [mut, ninl pWnteil on
the eawt  Hide  of  Dim nan river, about ten lulled
Dortb'aal ol w,--t Fork or iMineaii river; thence
hii ehains smith, thenee 80 chains e*W%, thence m
ebalns north, tbenoe wieiiatiiN went to .joint of
No. '1. (iiiiiineucliit* al a ikjhI miirki-'l Ole
i-I., il-'- .so iln'HHt ]������-���-.i ami planted nn the i-hki
���Iduo Duncan river, about if mil. - h-hki >.i
(Vest Fork ol Duncan river: thenee so ehstoi
north, lh> ne hi ehalns eail, thenee SO chains
south, thenee H" chains went to point of commencement.
No. 8.���Cammenotru at is pout marked Ole
di.i-ij.''- iiortln-H.it eorner post, and planted on
the east nidi- of Duncan river, ubout 11 mllei
n rtlii'imt of West Fork of Duncan river; thence
i'1 'Mi i.>- wi -t, thenee 160 chalna north, thence
���in elm 'n-. eait, theiice.iiit) chalna smith to point of
No. 4.- i'..iimi.���ii'-iint at a post marked Ole
Oberir> nontliw si eo ner poit, und planted on
tin- eaat  aide of  Duncan   river nnd atioilt 12 1-t
miles uortbeasl <>( Wast fork <>f Duncan river;
thence hii Hint-is north, thence Hoehultii eaat;
thenee so ehalns south, hence ho ohalni meet to
point of commencement. /
No. "i.���t'ommeix Mir  at  a post  marked   Ole
Oberg'i aortbeaat enrner txwt, ami plan ted on
the  rust  side of  fiuiicat) river and altniit 12 1-4
miles northeast of Wesl Fork oi Dune.ui river;
iheiic-- HO chains weat,  thetiec HO chains north,
tbenoe 00 ebetnaeast, tbence SO chains south to
a post   marked   Ole
.in-!, and plaiit**d on
f  ll'iticaii   river, and  about 1:11-4
northeast of West Fork of Duncan river;
hii chnins west, thence80chains north,
HU chHltiH east, theuce Ht) chains south to
f eoinuietieetneir.
.  Coi enctng at a poat marked (He
(Mter|*'s sontbffUl corner post, ami planted oil
the ensl side of Duncan river and alanit 1.3 1-4
miles uorlheast of the West Fork of Duncan river;
thence ED chains east, theuce Ni chains south,
tbence So chains west, thence HU chains north to
point of coninit'iicemeiit
No. ��.��� Commencing at a post marked Ole
Osberg's southwest corner post, and planted on
tin-east side of Duncan river, aud about 14 M
mllei northeast of  the   West   Fork of Duncan
river;  theuce 80 i I .-  east,  tbence HU ebalns
south, Ihence KO chnins west, tbence80 chains
north to point of commencement.
No. 9.���CommenclnK at a posl planted on the
ea-t rddeof Duncan river and mark-d ole Ohk'i
soulhea-st corner jxisl. ami about 14 t-1 miles
nortbeul Of West Fork of Dnncan river; thenee
hi chains west, thence HO chains north, thence 80
chains east, tbence HO etiHlns south to polut of
No. 10.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg's southeast corner ]>ost and planted on
the east side of Duncan river and about 15 1-4
miles northeast oi West Fork of Duncan river;
tbence SO chains west, thence 80 chains north,
thence BO chalna east, thence 80 chalna  aouth  to
]>oiiit oi commencement
No. 11^���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Olierg's Southwest corner jsist and planted on
the east side of Duncan river and ultout 15 1-4
mllef- northeast of West Fork of the Duncan river; thence HO chains eust, thence 80 chains south,
thenee So chains west, tbenoe 80 ehains north to
point of commencement.
No. 11��� CoinuuMic|it < at a post marked Ole
Oberg'S northeast eorner ]..'~t and planted oil
the east side of Duncan river and about 10 1-4
miles northeast of West Fork of Duncan river;
thenee 80 chains west, thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains east, Ihence 80 chains  south  to
point of commencement.
No. 18,���Commencing at a post marked Ole
OIm- k's southwest corner post aud planted on
tbe east side ol Duncan river about 181-4 miles
northeast of the West Fork of the Duncan river;
thenee 80 chains east, thenee 80 chains south,
ihence BO chains west, thence 80 ehalns north lo
i>oi��t of commencement
No. 14. Commeneing at a i��ost marked Ole
Oberg's southwest eorner i>osi and planted ou
the east  side of  Duncan   river and  about  17 1-4
mile*northeast from tbe Wast Fork of Duncan
river; thenee 80 chains east, tbence 80 chains
sen ull, thence HU chains west, thenee 80 ehalns
north !���> point of Commencement
No. Us���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obex's northeast corner post and planted on
the cast side of I'uuciiu river tm-l about 11 1-4
miles northeast ol West Fork of Duncan river;
tbence SO chains west, thenee HO chains north,
theuce Ki chains east, thence 80 chains south to
p..in; of commencement.
No. 18. -Commencing at a post marked Ole
Olierg's southwest comer poat aud planted on
the east side of Duncan river and about 181-4
miles northeast of the West Fork of Duncan river; tbence 80 chains cast, theuce 80 chains south,
thenee *���' chains west, thence 80 chains north to
point of commenoement
No. 17.���Commencing at a poit marked Ole
Oberg's southwest oorner post and planted on
the east side of Duncan river and about 19 1-4
miles northeast of the West Fork of ' uncan river; theuce ho chains east, tbence SO chains smith,
thence 80 chains we*t, thence 80 chains nolh to
point of commencement.
Dated June Bib lata'..        OLE Oiikru, Locator.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Koomft are well furnished.   Table as good an ang
In Nelaon.     Bar supplied with good
llnii.ira ami claara.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Plea
Meals % cts.   Rooms from ft cts. to ll
Only White Help Employed.
Baker Bt.. Nelson
Bartlett   House
Best Dollara-Diy House in Nelson.
The B��r il Use Flucsst.
While Help Only Implored.
Joeephlne 8t.
Ndssnll. B. C.
Phone 181. Opera House Blk. Box 401
West Transfer Co.
G��0RG�� F, NOTION. Manigii.
(i.-iiiTs.l Tcsnmters nml Denlern in
OoiU hikI Wsssi .   Expreta nnd
hnKIMRe Tmnnttsr
Po'lir ��" Office: Baker St.
In the County Court of West Kootenay, Holden at Nelson.
The Big Schooner 1V^       |A
Or "Half-and-Half"   DCCl    1 UV����
The only Glw�� of Good Beer in Nehwn.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
firm und Accident
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Vallevs Company. Ltd.
(JkliRt r-isriilslisli.-il Real Estate
Btuinesw in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
Hotel Acs-oiiiiiiisslnti.>ii8 second to
none in Hritish Colombia.
Special Kates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel in Nelson.
Lake VieVD
Hall and Tenon Sts.
Two blsKks, Irom
Rates fl.OO per Day
and np.
P. O. Box IH.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Los-ated. Open Day ansl Nlgbt.
Sample and B.ils Rooms Free.
Take Nsslls-s' Hiss' Sissisis^l 1'arksT Tsssk SHHi'IhI
A.lnillslsstriilisr fs.r Ills' Ns- | sss issul Yssslr Blsaoloral
Dlairlatiol iirisis.li I'ssissnsisi ���, has beon ;��i���,-��� -.i.,.,:
AslssslII slrsst.sr .st ll Mssl.- ssl It.sbs-rl Usssssl, sjQ.
s-s-ss.s'.i.itv order of Hi- Honor, Judga i-'.>rin. <l���i,-.i
the UtUdas ..I July, ItOOi
Asssl further take notloe ibsst all creditors ol
lis.- eitate mtllt tssrtliutlls IihmsI lis [Ssi'lr s-lisliisss
ts. in.' ssitiiiisi Administrator.
Dated nt Nelaon thli i:iib d..y ..f -i.ily, una.
In the County Court of West Kootenay, Holden at Nelson.
Take Notloe ilini ssiiisisel Parker Tsssk. Offldal
Aslssssssilsslratssr f.sr Ills' .>els.sss sssssl Yssslr Kles-lssr-
ll]   ISIstrll'tsS sll   ItrlllNls   t'SillSSlslsilS, Ins-   iH'S'll   ll|"
I'.'i I A,linii,i.[isil,ii ,,l   II..-   Kslssle ssl Si. R.Q,
si'iirisisiii, deceased, by order nl HU Honor.
.IiiiIks- r.srlss. slals-sl tbe lL'lb slav ssl July,!(����.
Assst fssrtlser tsske notiee disss .all eredltorf ssf
the said bstat si inrsisssiiii iisssi.l in their
I'lisluiM Is. list- tslllelisl Aslisslisis-lratsir.
Hssli'il ssl  Nolson, It. t-.,tlsl�� l::ili slay ssf July
Sandon, Three Forks', New
sisssll to ssssy l.ralisli is ill have
i and s'ssietssl nllesillou.
He-id Office: Nelson, B. C.
TAKK NOT10K Unit 1 intend tu apply at tlie
BOX" llttiUgaof Hie fmn\ of Uoenoltlft CuiimiiIs-
HHiiHTM litr the Clly  nf  NVImhi, [or u Iniiisfvr  to
Qeonte Barrlmn ol Nelion, B v.ut my Lltnnu
i" neii (iriiu'iiietl uml HpiritiiutiK liqnori nn tbe
[���ii-iiii-i - known iih U.i> l.ukr Vk'\v ii.n.-l, Vernon
Hlrct't, Nfllion, H. ('
Dated tbo 4th day nf July, 1908,
Al'.il'sT Tll.iMA��.
wltDt'Hs, W. A Macdonald
Notiee is hereby fiven Umt 31) <Ih>'h after date I
IntflUd to apply lu the l^'hlef I'oiiiinip-MitiuT of
l.nti-1- and wonti for a upt-clal lletnse tu eut anil
eiirry a\v��v timlier Irom lhe following ilenerlbed
lamlM, iiroaud In the Went Kootenay district:
No. L���Commenolng at a post marked O I).
Hour's s.Mithw.-i .'t.rni':- i>.'>i. mnl plunteil on the
east hank of Duiii-an river und ubout :>o 1-1 nults
northeast ol weal fork ol Dnncan river; thenee so
cliuins euNt, thenee s i ehalns south, thenee 80
ohalni wok thenee mo ehalnH north to .point ol
No. 'l.~Cummeneliif* at a posl marked 0. D.
Hoar's northeast eorner punt, and planted on the
easl tide of Duncan river, and about ai 1-4 mllei
northeast of west fork of IMiuean river; thenee Nl
ehains west, thenee *" .'lorns north, thenee M0
ohalni east, thenee BO ehains south to spot nt of
No 8.���Commencing at a poet marked u. 1>.
Hoar'H southwest corner post anil planted on the
east side of Huncan river, and about 'JO 1-4 miles
northeast of thf west fork of Duncan river;
theuce 80 chains north, theuce 80 chains east,
thence Hu chains south, thenee 80 chains west to
point of commencement,
No '.--Oommonoiog at a post mukert o. P.
Ho-, i - math west corner posi und planted on the
east bunk of I'uncau river, and auout '1\ l i miles
���"otlu-rtst of the west fork of Duncan rive;
tbenoe ho etiaim north, thence 80 chain* eait,
���heme BDehaltti south, thenee SO chalui weit tu
point oi euiilliienePUitiUt.
Nn. 6- Comiii'-ncuig al ft post marled 0. I>.
HoarV soiithcssl corner poit nod planted on the
'east i-ble oi Uiiiico river, and ubout -'I 1-4 miles
northeut of west fork of huucuu river; theuce Hi)
chains noith, theuce 80 chains east, thenee 80
chains south, Ihcnce 8u chains wosl lo point of
ionuncn.. in. in. ^
No 0.- oimiK iieiiuj at a post marked 0, I'.
Hoar's southeast comer post and planted ou the
east side ot Hie Duncan river, and about 9) 1-4
mil s nortbeul ol tbe west fork of Human liver;
thence H0 i hams norlh, toe nee Sip ehains east,
theuce 8,1 chains south, I bene - 80 iM.alui west to
point of commencement,
No- 7. Commencing at a posi marked 0, 1'.
Hoar's toiuhwewt corner post and planted on tbe
ensl s <h< u[ Huiican f \er, and abu.it 83 1-4 ind s
northeut ol the west nrk of Duncan river;
tticncf 80 chains ensl, theuce HO chnins south.
theuce 80 chains west, thonce 80 chalus north to
picni of commenoement.
No. 8-���Commencing ut a post marked 0. D.
Hoar's northeut Oorner )>ost uud phuiled on the
east side of Duncan river, and about '11 11 miles
southcust ot west fork of Duncuii river; th-uccHo
ehains west, Ihcnce 80 chains north, thence Hii
chains easl, thcu-e HO chdm south to polut of
No. ti,- Commencing al a post marked O D.
Hoar's southwest comer posl and planted on
the cast side of i uncan river and auout 'li 1-1
miles tuirtheasl of the west fork uf Duncan river; theuce 80 chains cast, i hence HO chains south,
theme 80 chains wesi, ihence 80 chalus north to
point of commenoement.
No. 10.���Commencing at a post marked O. I).
Hoar'H northeast corner post aud planted on the
east side of Duncan river hikI ahout 'il 1-4 mllei
northeast of the wesi fork of the Duncan river;
theuce HO chains, west theuce 80 chains north,
thence 8(1 chalui easl, thence HU ehulns south lo
point of commencement.
No. IL���Commenolng at a a post marked O. I).
Hour's southwest corner post and planted on Ihe
eusl side of Duncan river and ahout 231-4 mllei
northeut of the Weit fork of the Duncan river;
theuce HU chains east, theuce 8U chains south,
tliciit'oHOeliuitiH wesl, thenee HU chains uorih to
point of commencement.
No 18-��� Commencing at upon marked o. D,
Hour's northeail comer post and planted on the
east aide of Dun, an river and ubout ��11-4 miles
northeait of the west fork of the Duncan river;
thenee Ho ehulns west, theuce 8U chains norlh,
thenee 80 chains cast, thence 80 chains south to
polut ot commencement.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward and Venus Streets.
Tn�� Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Froit Lands in this district.
Moet of it Minute on the Weet Arm and Main Lake,
lore yon decide to locate.
See mc be-
S. M. BRYDGES, inpeS&k!ank
' ^V����^>.����*^*^s^s.������.��^^*��>.��^l,.��������*^*��^^s��/)s^.^s^^s^>,��������^J^^VV����^��.��^*<*<*��<
We Wm Sell,
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Beker Street, Nelson. B. G.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
lArge ami Comfortable Bedroom* and Flrnt*
clani uluiug Room. Sample Roomi for Commer-
i'ial Hen.
MBS. K. C. CLARKE, ProprtetreM
Tbe well known
Our BeerOardeu is
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
No. 1:1��� Commettclng at h poit nuked o. 1).
Hoar'n Koiitlnvent corner pont ton) planted on the
mut lido of tlie I'lin.'iiii river mnl hIioiii ji 1-4
mill'* nnrtbUslto( toe wait fork of the Hiinrau
river; thenee So obilm Mitj thence no cnelni
Konth, thenee80 ehilni meet, thenee w chaini
north lo polul otcoininentviiieiit.
No. 14.��� Commencing at a |wwt marked O. 1).
Hoar'H northwest corntr spoil and plnuted on the
eaat Ilde of IMiuean rler ami about 24 1-4 mllen
northeut of the weat forkof the Dune-iii river;
thence Mi chalna weat, thenee 0<> ehulnw north,
thence *W chalna eaat, thenco 80 chalus soutb to
p.'ini of eommencemeui.
Dated June 9th lUOtt. O. D. HoAH, Ixwator.
Ity hfa AkciiL Oi,k Oukiui.
Thirty days after date 1 Intend toapply to the
Commissioner of IjiihIn and Works, Vlctorlu, for
a speelal Itqene** to cut and carry away timber
from the followiiiK described lands. I'ommenc-
iiiK at a poat marked J. K. a., H. W. corner, planted on Die Meat bank of < ayousu Ureck where the
ereek inlerseels the eaat boundary of lot WJ17 and
niduliiK north lt>0 ehalns, thenee east 40 ehalns,
thence south V'*) chains, thence west to point of
June Uth linn1..
 J. B. Ahnablk.
Notiee Is hereby given til-it, thirty days afler
date, 1 intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of I.-uuls and Worka for a
special license to cut and carry away timber from
tne followlug described lamls, situate on U-mon
creek iu Ihe district of West Kootenay: Commencing ai a post plan ed uu Lemon ere k,
eleven (11) mlies from Kootenay Lake, udjolning
sLot 2543, marked *'b. W's N. E. eorner post";
thenee forty (40) chains west; thenco eighty (tW)
south; thence forty (40) chains eaat; thenee
eighty (80> ehalns north to point of commencement, containing three hundred mid twenty (320)
aeres, mora or less
Dated the *)th day of June, A.D., iw��,
Bnitci White
Winnipeg Exhibition
From Cranbrook, B. C.
Round Trip.
Ou Sale July 20th ta 27th.   Good to return until AuxiiBt 2ud.
��� .e���.    Eastern
Next Selling      _ ,
Dales  Excursion
August 7-8-9, September 8-10
St. Paul Chicago
Ontario (juebeo
Maritiuto Provicett.
For rat#B, berth reservation nntl detailed
information apply to local agent or write
A.ti.P.*.,Vanssssuvt'r. D.I'.A., Kclsssa.
Wholesale and Retail Dialers ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oninpi* supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nttthiit"; but fresh mid
wholesome meats nml supples kept in .stuck
Mail ordt-rs reccivo careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
90 day Eastern Summer
Good going Aug. 7, 8, 9,
Sept. 8, 10.
Stop-overs   allowed west
Missouri River.
8t. Paul
Fort William
KnnFiis City
Chicago    64 00
St Lonis 60.00
Toronto 88.80
Montreal  100.00
Ottawa 100.00
New York 100.00
For rales to all other
points apply
City Passenger Agent.
A O. P. A., Healths.
A* McDonald & Co*
Dealers ln staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Kggn.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
I i
The Daily Canadian
The fiiiest stock we have yet shown.    It includes some
special pieces iu new  aud  beautiful  designs.     In
smaller pieces the prices are quite as attractive.
J Finely cut Nappie and Bon-Bon Dishes at $
$3.00 aud $5.00 are our leaders.
J\.**** t
Refreshing ���
Drink I
To onequart rather sweet!
lemonade add one tumbler of]
Pints 40c. -   Quarts 70c I
Everything to tempt the ap-?
petite will be found at     ���
this store. J
Bell Trading!
Company        ���
44cA Tip" for a
44Canadian Morning*
'The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone 8Q. linker St.
W**'    J
Cur. Vsrnoss nnd Ward  Strict..,
>BUSON,   B. e.
J. FKED HUME, Proprietor.
J F Story, Brantforil; F E Irvine, .Mrs.
.1 Qiiinii. Spokane; 3 T Doblo, E C Blnk-
ley, Airs. It J Smarslon, Vancouver; E
E Cooper, Grand Forks; Mr. ansl -Mrs.
W C Taylor, La Plata mine; Mrs. Ker-
ster, New York; P J Uleazi-r, Vmir;
Archdeacon Beer, Kaslo; R McGuir,.-,
Pass Creek.
W Ilaig-Sms-llie ansl wife, Procter; G
0 Buchanan, Kaslo; A E Waits, wife
and slaughter, Wattflburg; Q H Wheeler, New York; W E Hax, Sisokaue; 1)
Black, Pincher Creek; T H Parks, Miu
neapolls; J A Gordon, Minneapolis; c
E Tin tie, Boston; B N Oulmette, Rons
C It S Kalty, J Barwick, G Broslerick
ansl wife, Creston; A L Reeve, Arlington Mine; v B Anderson, Slocan; l b
Avery, Ymir; A D Westby, Salmo; A H
I itursis-n. Crawford Bay; Miss L Anderson, Grand Forks.
W P'jtter, S Graham, Sisokune; T
Wilson. Cranbrook.
R H Hobbs, Westley; J W Joiner,
Ymir; J Cunningham, Seattle; J F .Morgan, Cranbrook; C J Alterburv, Pilot
J Wason. J Kelly, \V Coulter, Kaslo;
.1 Aiiiisti'oiig. .1 Livingston, J Praser,
A C Burton, Burton; D .1 Graft, Spo-
kam-; ,1 McKonna, Fort Steele; .1 Tarry, Riverview; Mrs. R H Smith, Slo-
san: F E Cummins, Rossland; B Hasan, wife ami family, Nakusp; J A
Blair, Vancouver; A Walker, A Kerr, W
Eddred, M McKensle, Trail.
.1 Hammond, E Harris, a C Cameron,
Calgary; J Cuthbert, Ymir: .1 llrown!
btocan; il Munro, Okanagan,
F Edwards,   Salmis;    ,j McPherson,
Bonnington; H Cue, New Denver.
S Brown, R Coughlln, Bonnington; P
Hayar, Wilkes; 11 Ii Harrison, Mantis.
iJoy's CasIrGrocery   Strawberries
If you don't like stile
deal where Ihe trails- is so brisk that /
fresh supplies im- rooeivad
evs-ry slay.
Some of the Nice Things
Today are:
Home Cooked lissiis-d  Ham, i����rj
pound '.'.In-.
Orsssss- * Blaokwell's Potted Rah I
ami Ms-nts
Sarsliiis-s-.SjMsrtsins-n, King Oscar,
and HasKi-lt.
Fresh Strawlss-rris-s ansl Tomatoes. I
Jello lee UrssHtn Psswslers-iiiii] Orsssss-,
& Hssiskwsil's Bennel Tablets,   Also}
Li-inisl   Bennett   for   making curds(
aud whey.
JOY will meet 3011 at
the door.
Onr.JsiBs-l'Isliis-sssssl Mill Htss.      PhODI U
Bargains in
We are receiving strawberries
direct from the raehers. Place
your order for preserving
at once as they won't
last much longer.
Telephone mi.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's ni's- 000] drinks.       Lunches
put up 1. specially,
W.J. Walker,   Itti
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
And   l>Kl.l\l'.m:i> I--miii:
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Business is slack in the city  polico
court.   There lias been uo occasion foi
B session Ihis week.
Tho temperature on Baker Btreel this
afternoon was m degrees In the shade,
which is the highest registered locally
ihis year.
Tin* members or the Nelson cricket
Chili arc putting in sonic hard won;
on their crease in preparation iur to
morrow's match,
Beginning Sundny morning, the hour
of deport ure or tho steamier kuskanook
will he 0:30 Instead of 4:30 a. in.
The ladies BOf Si. Saviour's Altar
Guild will .give a garden party on the
.grounds sof vv Irvine's residence to
morrow afternoon and evening.
Lead advanced two points on the
London market today, silver declined
three poims on each market, and copper fell in New York trom 17 7-8 to
17 3*4 cents a pound.
William Gosnell lias been appointed a
member of the executive of the  Pro
vincial Licensed Victuallers' Association of Hritishs Columbia for the city
of Nelson and vicinity.
The lacrosse team that represent (id
Nelson af the Rossland celebration
yesterday was withoul the services of
A. .left's. It. Sharp. A. Bishop, I). Man
hart and P. Bell. Tho hoys report thai
they were fairly outplayed on the field
and well treated otherwise,
Rov. Prof, Kilpatrick, formerly of
Manitoba college, Winnipeg, now of
Knox College, Toronto, will arrive in
the city this afternoon. Professor Kilpatrick Is visiting the Presbyterian
churches. In the wesi. He will preach
In St. Paul's, Nelson, on Sunday. July
After tho Installation ceremony at
Queen City Rebecca lodge lust evening,
Mrs. .). A. Kelley, retiring noble grand,
was presented with the past noble
grand jewel. During Mrs. Kellcy's
term of office the lodge has been very
prosperous, and its meetings have been
well attended and enjoyable. The pre*
Bentation was intended as a token of
esteem and affection, and of appreciation of excellent service rendered.
Visitors to Nelson Invariably express
surprise ut the beauty of the gardens
and lawns The richness and profusion of lhe roses attract special attention. A walk on any residential
street early in the evening will discov-
ei many citizens and their wives at
work further beautifying their grounds.
A garden that has been the subject of
Special comment, partly because of Its
locution, but chiefly tor its wealth in
roses Ib that of J. Salter, Cedar street.
Cricket Match
At the Recreation TL..,.J__,_
Grounds, 2 p. m., 1 IlUTSGay
July 19, 1906
Entrance: Exhibition Boilding
Admii sion: 25c. Ladies Free
The Store of Quality
Do You
Want something
Very Delicate
Packed !>>��� ourselves, Every package bean onr own namfe, lhal Miik n
guarantee sir purity. No dearer than
ssiIiit teas ssf Inferior quality, For tbal
reaion we ask you tis try It.       wont
r-ssl yssil ,-i cs-iil If you slun'i lilts- |l.
Wed   l^fih-l  C(lt
HI lie I .ulid .1Au
K. W. C, lllnc-k . Phisncs 10
Gait Coal
Term* Hpoi Curt.
Telephone MS
Wagstoffe's Kd
Fig and Lemon Marmalade
This is something good. An old
reliable urtiole, out new on this
25cts. Each
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
is nnt complete without it ^isshI
Ws> huve ii full line of thi-iii nt ]irii-cs to
suit your puree.   Al-.. Wash'Bonnie,
J Hiss. Olotbes Plus, Clothes
LiiH-s, Pulleys, Ktc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
A Photo Print
furnishes the best means of preserving
the results of. your vacation or summer's photographing. We have a particularly fine line of Print Albums at
prices ranging at
50c, 65c, 90c, $1.00
and up to $5.50
We have some bound in Limp Leather
that are very rich.
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Now. ns tbe season is closing, and I will
see thai your order is fllled "i'h the
besl frull i���. be bad al the lowesl mar
k.-t price.
Hazlewood Ice Cream
Phone 206.
Thorpe's Lithia
is made
by common Canadians.
Do you
consider that a fault ?
If your system needs
try a home made
Thorpe & Co'y,
Phone 60.   Nelson, B. C.
We carry a full line of Kodaks, Films,
Printing Papers and other Photographic Supplies.
W* G. Thomson
.SSSSig* "" Nelsou, B. C.
Phona .14.
C/t( sip cftiu$
mil kin (Mdmfimg spirits in delight
ihHi iii*: tin nk" t anrad ttonr Soda Fountain
im.! ionic prnpertlra berfdoi rffn-sliiu--?
w(. u'c eiiiy real frail lyrupi ol thafln��it
quality PinjiitHin, comitiT, ^Ihmh-m and
rt-i-epiHcl^H   iirt   kept   BCrupiilonslv olean.
Baker Streak feation. H, 0.
Thi- Allur (liillil of SI Saviour's
Church will sjive �� garden p'arty at the
residence of
Thursday Evening
Iti'ionniiiK nt ^ p. in.
Ice-cream.   The City Rand wil
be in attendance.
Thompson & Douglas
.slit.. Writing I, Bpaelalty,
Wall Paperand iturusp.
Applications will be received by ihs,
trustees <,r iiss- Hume Bchool district,
Nelson, fist ii teacher for tin- ensuing
term,   Salary, jvr, per month,   Address
OHIO,  II    I'l.AYI.E. Horrs-lliry.
These are the days when a man's
Shirt is the all important part ot his
make-up���both  tor   looks  and  comfort.
We've Everything that's good
in Summer Shirts	
We sell shirts from the best of shirt makers in Canada���makers
with  a  reputation,
Watches! Watches!
Tin- lis-st grades in AiiKsrioiiu movements,   Prims
isi compote with Eastern houses, Pino watch
repairing and opUos mir specially,
siiis-iiiii'iiil Work, Outings, I
Raring and jobbingaS J
lullders' .Material and Mini,- ,������, Mi��� ��� "^
'���� ��.��! Mil, M,i,hiutn
I'l,IS,11!     J.M.
(Hlisss nnil Wisrlin KiKit ssf Pari St.
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Lti
si s.,:- i lis It, RKISTKIthK .1 s (
Brswen snd lii-siirrs. ut
Miisii,r,���,|���tfr, 0|
Fine Lager Beer and Porter     |   Every Known Variety SoftDrMJ
And the Celebrated "Red Ribbon Beer."
P. II. II, ,\   J, ,4.
*4********* ��l*l'|'|V)-|VWVy>^
&C0.r   fMA^A"3
viv.   ^v,,        Limited. Winnipeg,
NX'holcMtilu I^nivlMliinM,
I - rult.
Dominion Qovernmenl Onamert Ona-Ponnd Brioks recelred ireeksb
from tlis- s-lsurn.   l-'ssr s-nls- Isy nil li'iuliiis/ grooent
iiiiici- nml warehouse: Houston I'.l.K-k,   Phone79,
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
** wv*W/l
I E Ashdown Hardware Co., Ll
We would invite Tim to iriNjxft our large and varied sitos-k ssf
No need to suffer from heat 1* yon   TT_A  \XT      Li Ti       ' >l
-" ""ly call and ,.k  ,. ���ur   H0t    1^11^   KCqUlSlI
Sion- opi>ti from 7 ii.m. to 11 p.m. .-very daj i-xss-pt hollHajm siii'l Suiiiliiri
Hupi.irinvr and Jobblns ssxsoutsxi with OMpatoh. Sheet >!��'���!
>N..rk, .MiiiImic sand Msll Msss.lsls,ssn.     M,,,,isl���cli,rurH sil
Ore Ciii-s, u. u.  Contraetorw' c..r��.
NELSOIN,    B.  C.
I- ������ I-: r- *
H.O tail
I The Latest Arrival at ]. A. Gilker's is the |
vSiijicrior in make and quality.
AND DEALERS IN   LtllllDCf *  SmflglCSf
Uath, Mouldings, Boors, Windows.
Turned Work unci Bracket*. Mall I)n|s-rs prniiipily niisi*1*
 VBRNON ��TRBBT  .  .  -  NBUaON, B. O.
have demonstrated to ns, and if you will let us nmkeyofl
one suit we'll convince yon that the clothes we
make arc superior lo all other makes
in every detail of
II,,.I,   /.I......    'SI-SS  ^  . ..     .1
High-Ohm Tailors
Baker St.,  Nelson, li o-
Carpet Sweepeg
Ar**  Ackno\vl��u*.lK������.l   Ut   hu   VVIlhoiil   "  li
w i; H��ii Tharn*
Wood-Vailance Hardware Co'y, W
NELSON ��"'"1"


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