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The Daily Canadian Mar 31, 1908

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The   monarch   of
same  all  th.  time..
bottled  at
Voi-i'MK 2.    No. 259
Will Advertise Old
Power Site.
Council Learns of Scheme to Locate
Flour Mill in  Nelson���An
Evening of Routine.
council devoted most of the
ul lasl  night's meeting which last-
[ iibeiil two hours t odetalled-cousider
ut  a   report   from   City   Engineer
...,:.:.1.    un   the   small   but   neci*.-,aiy
,:   bis  department ^
,     dentall]   ibe-  council   learned  that
.11   C.   E.   .Miller was  a  puu-
,1.-   tv<   I   as   private   loss   in   Ibal   It
j 1  the  iruitiou of    au    Import.
iiuiir-e,   lhe   conversion   of- the
.. .,1,1   power  plaut  on  Coiiouwood
11. mio  a  Hour  mill.
council   met  at  s o'clock   with
��� I... rubers pieaem.   i'ne minutes
lasl    meeting    were    read   anu
[si    fire,   water   aud    light   commit-
I--   report) ,J   leeumiueudlng     that     tue
\i  . 1 ne   lire   department   be   em-
.... .   1.1   huve   such   changes   made
.   He meeting places as he ma>
ii..,!.  uei.essury  to  ensure  sale  egress
���   ei   tire.
...    report  was adopted.
....  tramway and  health  committee
I . . .��� i ummelidiug lhe purchase
ui .m extra leaiu lor uiu hie departs
1. > . uf   the  preseut  teams   to   be
ii uver to the scsveng.ug depaxt-
uie pu/ciiaau ol a waguu ior me
... dupaxuaent at u cost ot |igg, uie
. ni ul a iii in., un the ���unnaUer,
, ..uLiug und looutig wiiu eanrae
. .. larger tramcai. Ail lhe recuin-
.... toua were adopted. Aid. aieeu
- >...i.ng trom the Ursi.
..   1.   Lawrence   reported   the   widen
I 1   grading  oi   Pant  and   Front
and   the     rough     1nei.1l lug  ui
lie has a reserve oi mstaUilng
I .1  lor oilier work.    The park pa-
| .     I   IS    ill    plaee,   cost   l^uil.^U.       1 lie
iur painting was let   A new
I i.se  is   completed   ul   a   cost   01
ll.. The trustees ot the Methodist
I .   ki d   lor   a sue   on   which   to
I 11 material excavaied irom the
I ;   their church, und also   lor   the
I, 1 ui Josephine strML He n ���
I ... landed the granting of permission
I ostt   material  iu    the     gu.ley   ol
I ;   u,.  street, uud thai  the grading
II 111. There bad also beeu a iol o.
Impairing work done.
'      report  waa tuken  up secllon  by
|*MUon.     On   the   moving  of   the   pan.
:.  the mayor asked:
Has all borrowed plaut been paid
Aid. I'rocter���"No, It was loaned US
\h the C. I". K , by Mr. liurns and by
|ilr llilli it lor nothing."
ll"   Mayor���Wall, since we huve di
I'.'l'il     to lend  we shouldn't borrow.
1 li li inconsistent  and  it  is not  buel
>' wus agreed ihut payment be made,
I"sonants if they can be secured, oilier
*���*   .11   lhe   city   engineer's   vuluallon.
Mr. Lawrence also  reported  that   Ibe
[ "usher  would   be covered   In   a   short
^'H*'    It Is again in good eondllion.
Ha   matter of grading Josephine and
II 1 streets was deferred until 11
"'oulil in necessary. Permission was
*""'i 10 the contractor of the Metho-
**l 1 lunch  lo dump  rock  and  soil  ex
oration  on  Josetlhlna  street   and on
^.i.in between Josephine und Ward.
'I'lie illy engineer estimated lhe soil
"' be ti moved on Ihe nasi side of Josephine street at   ISO feet by  (en by  six.
Crossings and sidewalks were author-
""'l "ii wiiiow. Bllloa, Stanley, Vernon
i""1 Park streets,
> petition  for sewer connection  In
*"  alley   between    linker   and   Vernon
*""ls  extending from Hail to Oedar,
*���� referred to the city engineer for a
"I""I and estimate.
" was resolved that a telephone be
"tailed In tho city engineer's resl-
Warring back to the nre, water and
''" OOtntnlttee, It was resolved al Jln>
'���yor's suggestion,  that 91.000   be nil-
'"' '" U stlmales.
Oglnsky nsked Hint n box drain be
u"t across     Hoover     Blrcot to   avert
cPailtj C&cmaMan
THh  DAILY ��.
w�� *i
Will be delivered    *v*tv evening    at
your door for
damage to his lots between Hall and
Josephine   streets.
H. (.'. Cummins made an application
to purchase a part oi the machinery ot
Ihe city's old power plant on Cottonwood creek.
The mayor said���"In this connection
I particularly regret the sudden death
of Mr. 0. B. Miller, who had a deal almost Boated lor the building of a Hour
mill with a capacity of 2UU barrels a
day on thut aite. 1 am afraid It wlil
fall through now."
On the suggestion of Aid. Procter it
was ordered mat Hie site, power and
plum be advertised tor sale In the Winnipeg papers.
Au inventory was ordered of the city's
machine!-)   at  the  old   plant.
A letter from McDermld tt McHardy
on  in hull  ui j.  Bannerman, complain
Ing of damage to his lots on Vernon
stieet by a defective sewer connection,
was referred lu the public works committee. ,
Aid. McMorris presented a legal
opinion from It. s. Lennle that Judge
Wilson is entitled to his costs In the
city's legislation With the West Kooteuay Power and Light company. On
motion of Aldermen McMorris and
Patenaude payment of Ymo was ordered.
W Sbackleton reported on the work
at  lhe   plant      He   said   thai   they   were
within two days ot the completion of
lhe work on the draught tube. He especially recommended the securing of
au overhanging rock weighing about
six tons, which threatens tbe penstock.
The possibility ol supporting the rock
in its present position was discussed.
Mr. Shackleton thought it probably Impracticable and certainly costly. The
matter was referred to the Ure, water
and light committee, to which Mr.
Shackleton will make a further report
by telephone today.
Mr. Bhackieton suld removal of the
rock was Impracticable, but it could
be secured by encasing Hie penstock
with cement.
On the suggestion of Aid Hale It was
resolved that hereafter all tenders of
over fib be opened by the city clerk
and the head of the department, and
laid before the council at its next meeting.
The council then adjourned to Monday,   April   tith.
Anniversary   of   First   Spiritualistic   Demonstrations at  Hydesville.
mm Asse
Rochester, X. Y., March 81.���Followers of modern American Spiritualism
all over the world are today celebrating
tlie sixtieth anulversury of the event
which Is considered the foundation of
that cult. It waa on March 81, 1841,
lhat the Fox sisiers are alleged to have
first communicated with the spirits tit
lheir home In Hydesville, near this city,
At the time of tbe memorable occurrence there were three of the Fox sisters, the eldest not yet Hi and the
youngest still a mere child. From the
date of the discovery of "spiritualism"
the cult  spread   rapidly.
lhe first public appearance ot the
Fox sisters was In It'ichester, where
many of the prominent people of the
city made many investigations in an
effort to solve the "mystery." After
Rochester came Albany aud Troy. Next
came New York City. Here, It Is said,
there were gnat demonstrations, the
manifestations having been witnesses
for nearly three years. Noted men,
among them William Cullen Bryant aud
other literary oelebrltiea, attended se
annus and were puzzled. Physicians
sought to explain the phenomena by
BOlentifiC theories. Inn not even they,
according lo quotations from New York
papers,  failed
Rochester again became the scene of
action, and here Hie sisters had some
wonderful experiences with physicians
ami edit.us Uut ii remained for Buffalo to give them the roughest reception. The newspapers of that city
sought In every possible way to discredit   them.     Members   of  lhe  facility
i.r the University of Buffalo und leading
physicians   of   lhe   city   issued   a   long
statement  in which  they asserted the
rapplngs were made by a movement
of the Knee Joint. Numerous other ell
les were VlSltSd and finally came Huston, where  the  Harvard  professors und
Unitarian ministers   are   declared   to
have tiled In vain lo solve Ihe "mystery."
From lis obscure birthplace In Hydesville lhe cult has spread throughout a
large purl of Ihe civilized world. In
Ihls country there Is a National Spirit
uiiiisiisis' Association, with headquarters at Washington, u. c, of which Harrison D. Barrett of Seattle, Wash.. Is
the head. In addition to lhe national
association there aro nunieiiiroiis
state and local organizations of believers lu spiritualism.
The  Endleaa Question.
Paris,  March  al.���M.    NelldolT.    the
llusslan   ambassador    to     France,   has
oornmunloated to M. Plnchon, the for
sign minister, the Russian note con-
taining tb" proposal! with regard to
lhe sllnation In Macedonia.
Transfer from Wolseley
Probably in Consequence of Recent
Trouble at London���Canada
from Ocean to Ocean.
London, March 31.���One hundred and
thirty of the soldiers at Wolseley barracks here have been ordered to Hall-
lax where they will till vacancies made
by soldiers whose time has e*pired or
who  have   been   transferred  elsewhere.
London, March 31.���The remains ol
a female child, a few days old, was
louud in an outnouse in the rear of 60a
Richmond street. The body bore no
signs of violence.
Loudon, March 31.���Thirteen Chinamen, charged with gambling, appeared
before lhe police magistrate yesterday
and were remanded tor a week. Each
man gave  ball for $lno.
London, March 31.���Confirmation is
received of a story' to the effect thai
Pilvate Thomas Kirby, recently stationed at Wolseley barracks, had fallen
heir to u fortune of $175,000 through
the death ot bis father in England.
Toronto, March 31.���By prying loose
an iron bar iu a large cell of No. 3
police station, Esther Stree, early this
morning. Edward Brazeau, one of the
prisoners, escaped and is not yet captured. There were ten other men iu
the cell with Brazeau, but the latter's
escape was discovered in time to prevent others   from getting away.
Winnipeg, March 31.���The council
committee today began negotiations
under the board of control for the purchase of the Winnipeg Stieet Railway
company's property. It ls worth several
millions of dollars. The franchise has
still twenty years to run.
Lonodon. March 31.���The Presbytery
of London him unanimously carried a
motion In favor of the nomination ol
Mr. Duval of Winnipeg as moderator of
the next general assembly.
London, March 31.���A young English
man, named Jones, employed by a
farmer, nearly lost his life by taking
too many quinine tablets.
Toronto. March 31.���Ice dealers are
talking of higher prices because of the
difficulty In obtaining that commodity
from Lake Simcoe this winter.
St. Catherines, March 31.���Peter
Cronln, former tax collector of Thorold,
who some time agu was found to be
short lu his eush. haa been arrested at
Renfrew and will be brought back for
I rial. The shortage Is said to amount
to  about  $3.GOO.
Oshawa, March 31.���Samuel Smith,
editor and proprietor of the Oshawa
Vindicator, died suddenly yesterday,
aged 53 years.
Calgary, March 31.���Baldwin Fraser.
a young man 10 years or age, escaped
.from the It. N, W M. P. barracks last
night. Young Fraser was a Chicago
newsboy who came west for advancement lie got Into the tolls of the R.
N. W. M. V. last week, when, It Is understood, without any provocation he
plunged a knife Into the Interior of a
C, P. R. engineer al l.nggan. He was
Committed for trial and brought to Calgary. While confined here he had been
very quiet but yesterday afternoon
when the matron asked him to throw
out Ihe ashes from the stove he made
a sudden get-away, taking lo Ihe C.
P. It. tracks. He was recaptured this
morning  on  the  Macleod  trail.
A. Severes, for four years Ihe manager of Ihe Calgary brunch ol Ibe Bank
id B. N. A.. Ib to leave Calgary. His
next   positions Is not  yet known.
About one hundred families of Immigrants are arriving and settling ln Ihe
irrigated   tract   Dear   Strathmore.
Old  Emperor  Recovered.
Vienna, March 31.���Emperor Francis
Joseph, who apparently has completely
recovered his health, went for a long
walk In the open air yesterday. He
also received In audience Prince Von
iliiehiw,   lhe   Herman   chancellor.
Chief   Deasy   of   City   Fire   Department
Speaks   of   Experiences  and
Present Prospects.
In an interview held with Chief
Deasy this morning, the following brief
history of his connection with the hre
service was elicited aud Is published
in his terse way of responding to inquiries regarding the vocation followed
irom childhood until reaching the halt
century mark;
"Celebratiug, today, my second year
as cbief ot your tire department, u is
certainly worth wtiile making manifest
the tact that one has put in thirty-three
years in the hre departments of British
Columbia, working up and holding every
oihce from carrying a lantern to having
charge oi two of the most important;
hre departments in ihe province, ls it
not worth wmle feeling a little elated
u.l ihe laet that we never had a serious
hie duung sixteen years in charge ot
hie departments.' Why you haven t
had a 1001 tumble in during tne two
years in Nelson,' as au ex-aiuerman remarked a lew days ago. \\ ltli ail our
boasted vvacer pressure, is it not a tact
mat we didn t break one length ol ho&e
at a hre? Then look at our losses. jLtsa
Lhau sfo.uuo m two years, aud that is
pulling it high. ls,4here another city
ot the same size ou the coiiuueul thai
can shuw such a record'.' liui. remem-
oer, it is not only ou accouut ot Nelson's lire record tliat 1 leel just a little
pioud. During my loiirteeu years,
wnilu in cnarge ol Victoria's lire department, the losses averaged y20.OOU
annually. Since then they have averaged Sbu.Ouu. Of course, comparisons
are odious; but when you remembei
lhat we have had but twenty-four hours
off duty in two years it must be patent
that we are paying a price for sately.
\\ hen we resigned in Victoria, the in-
teuuou was to leave hre hgnung tor-
ever; but you have read a boon. caileU
"lhe can ot the Wild.'' Thais it. Mayne a man caunot avoid his vocai.ou.
nun knows'.' ii.ru you nave a ime *oi
ji youug fellOWl iu uie uie atptwt^tiii..
.nicy aie an imbued wiui oue epuit.
anu worn; haimuuiuusiy logeuier. iUc
great, trouuie in this gro mug country
is lo keep men. iney see so many op-
puriuu.ues. And you nave the piopei
oysium in conducting a nre department..
ihe iwo mayors anu councus we have
acted under place couhdence conndeuee
in lheir ouic.als in Uie ure depaiuneiv
���we try to merit thai commence���and
there is no trouble dae tuey have watu
people try to muKe political macuiues
of their servants. There are man.,
tilings we lequiie; but Nelson is youu0
aud, ior us size, is doing all that tvta
can expect in turmshmg hre lighting
appliances. Some day we will give details oi our expeiiLnce; but seli-prai&L
is no recommendation."
Attell To Meet Nelson.
Sau Francisco, March 31.���A 15-
round go between Abe Attell and Uat-
tling Nelson is the magnet that is expected to attract a large number of
fight followers to Sam Berger's club
tonight. Joe Gans was originally slated as Attoll's opponent, but he was unable to keep the match and Battling
Nelson was substituted. Attell and
Neson ure looked upon as two of the
speediest tlgbters in the business and
are expected to put up as lively a bout
us has been seen here In a long time.
Nelson will have quite an udvunlage In
weight, but in nil other respects Attell
Is considered the equal of the Dane.
Nelson must make 132 pounds nt G
o'clock. Attell will enter the rinp
welching   about   123   pounds.
Making   Amends.
Berlin,   March     31.���Miss    Goraldlne
Fiirrar. the American linger, has  been
nominated  as   "Imperial   court   singer"
by the emperor.
Prof. Kerch's Tour.
Berlin, Mnrch 31.���Professor Robert
Kerch and his wife left for Hrcnien last
night, where they take passage on the
Kronprln/.essln Ceotlio, sailing for
New York today. They will be absent
for eighteen months and will pany an
extended visit to Japan, China, and
Indo-Chlna after remaining In America
for a time.
Bryan Entertained Editors.
Lincoln, Neb., March 31.���Democratic
editors of Nebraska gathered here ln
full force today for a conference to discuss plans for the coming campaign.
Tonight the visiting editors are to bo
entertained nt dinner by William J. Bryan. About Wednesday or Thursday of
this week Mr. Bryan plans to leave on
an extensive tour of Kansas, Nebraska,
Colorado and several of the neighboring states.
Fair Financial Support
.  in Sight.
Enough ior Office Maintenance Was
Promised to Committee in
First Day's Canrass.
The survival of the Publicity Bureau In
already assured. The canvassing coin-
miltee has only begun lis work and has
already obtained substantial promises
of regular donations which lepresem
an income of about $121) a month for the
year, dating from Jan. lsL
T. U. Procter, was as president oi
thu 20,000 club still holds oince, is assisting In the work. He slated today
liial he is conlident that when the committee presents Its report to the association, ll will be in a position to guarantee an income of over $2UU a month
iu regular monthly payments, as well
as a considerable amount in miscellaneous  donations.
The canvassers have found a general
approval of lhe work as now planned
and a willingness to coutribute to the
cost of maintaining and even extending
The work will be continued tomorrow
and It is likely that only a partial report can be presented tomorrow night
to the adjourned mee.ing ot the association.
Up to 3 p. m. today the following
promises had been given in writing:
Strathcona and Hu ie hotels, each $10
per month; Impel lal Bank, Hudson's
Bay Co., P. Burns & Co., W. G. Gillett.
W. G. Thomson, Procter & Blackwood,
H. and M. Bird, Toye & Co., Kootenay
Orchard Association, Wolverton & Co.,
Grand Central hotel, Tremont hotel,
each $5 per month; Standard Furniture
Co., A. G. Lambert & Co., J. A. Irving,
Lennle & Wragge, Taylor & O'Shea. T.
Madden. Kiondyke hotel. Ink & Ward.
West Kootenay Butcher Co., each $2.50
per month; Queen's hotel, $2 per month;
W. H. Jones, $1 per month. Total
monthely payments, $105.50.
In addition to the monthly payments
he following have been paid: Canadian Bank of Commerce, Bank of Montreal, each $25: W. J. Astley, J. J. Walker, each $5; J. H. Rlngrose, $13; W.
Wn'dio, $10.
Other subscriptions will be published
as they are obtained from the committee.
Quotations on   Spokane   Exchange   and
New York Curb.
Bid Asked
Alberta C. & C $      .15    $ .28
B. C.  Copper          4.75 5.12H
Can.  Con.   Smelters..    70.00 80.00
Copper King 03 .04 Va
Dominion  Copper   ...      2.00 2.01 Vi
Galbralth   Coal 20 .27
Gertie 03% .04%
Granby        H2.00 98.00
Heela          3.00 4.50
International  C.  &  C.        .02 .72
Kendall          1.02 1.20
Missoula Copper 11 .12V4
Nabob     03% .04
Oom   Paul 06 .07^4
Panhandle 05*4 0��V4
Rambler   Cariboo    ...        .25% .27
Rex, 13 .18
Snowshoe 11 .11*4
Snowstorm          2.16 2.18
Sullivnn 00% .01%
Sullivan   Bonds  67.50
Stewart    75 .95
Pricee  of  Metala.
Now York. March 31.���Silver, 5S*&0.
London, March 31.���Silver, 25 9-16d.:
lead,   L 11. 5s.
Opening Copper Quotations.
(By McDermld & McHardy.)
New  York March  31, 1908.
Asked Bid
Granby    $100.00        $90.00
IToinlnlon Copper       2.12%        2.00
B. C. Copper       5.12%        4.75
No Disorder at Treadwell.
Washington, March 31.���The Immtn-
enco of violence by the striking miners
at the Treadwell, Alaska, mines seems
tn have been averted by the arrival of
Ihe troops ordered there last week. The
war department today received a despatch from Cnptain Bayllss, commanding company "F" of the Tenth Infantry,
reporting his arrival with his men and
adding that everyihing was all right.
Fifty Cents a  month
age to  Roeeevelt���Comm
London, March 31.���All the London
papers are now in possession of the
latest phase of the Hill incident, but
tor the most part they refrain from
The Daily Mail in an editorial says
that the emperor's whisper carries farther than the shout of hundreds oi other
men. "It all goes to show," says lhe
papers, "thai the emperor ought neither
tu wiite lo his friends nor talk freely
with his dinner table guests. He is a
man of impulsive temperament, and is
singularly unfitted for a rule where discretion is the supreme virtue."
The Daily Express says: "The new
diplomacy of the dinner table and ball
room is a palpable anchronism. To
have it recognized that a man is unfitted to be ambassador unless he is
wealthy and consumed with a desire to
spend on lavish entertainments is to
put back the ttands of the clock of history."
Berlin, March 31.���The advices received at the foreign office from Washington indicate that in the American
capital as well as in Berlin the Hill
episode is regarded as having been happily adjusted. The best diplomatic
opinion is that if Mr. Hill comes to
Berlin he will find his position not only
agreeable but more Important than if
the Incident had never happened.
Charlemagne Tower, the United States
ambassador in fulfillment of his intimation to President Roosevelt last September, ln which.he said that he would ask
leave to resign early next summer, has
now fixed the date at June and has so
informed the president
Burned to Death.
Chicago, March 31.���Allis Smeigs, 51
years old, who came to Chicago recently from Malone, N. Y., was burned to
death last night ln his room at the
Mountain house, 54 Wells street. The
origin of the fire Is unknown.
Miles' Chances Are Poor.
New York, March 31.���Eustace Miles,
the former court tennis champion, who
came here recently from England in
the hope of regaining his lost title,
played his first practice match in this
city yesterday. He met Peter Latham,
the world's professional champion at
the racquet and tennis club, and Latham
won two sets to one.
Is No Weaker.
London, March 31.���The following
bulletin was Issued this morning regarding the condition of Premier Sir
Henry Campbell-Bannerman. says that
the premier had a comfortable day. he
also had a good night and he is no
weaker this morning.
Finland's   D>et  at   Deadlock.
Helslngfors, March 31.���The Finnish
seate has decided to resign at the outcome of the vote of lack of confidence
In It carried on March 28. This vote
passed the diet by 71 to 45 and was the
work of Socialists. They formerly censured the Finnish administration for
the delivery of Russian terrorist political agitators to the Russian authorities
and they demanded the retirement of
the senate us incapable of defending
the autonomy and liberties of Finland
aeainst the present reactionary campaign in Russia.
His Honor Judge Brown held a chamber session of the county court this
morning and will sit again next Tuesday morning. Today In re the goods
of C. Peterson, R. M. Macdonald obtained an order appointing F. R. Chip-
man ofilcial adintnislrator; In re the
Creditors' Trust Deeds Act, re the Kinney Miller Cedar Company, R. M. Mac-
douat'l obtained an order that the
Western Lumber and Pole company to
prove Its claim. In Bank of Montreul
vs. O'Reilly (supreme court), E. C.
Wragge obtained au order to examine
Martin O'Reilly as a Judgment debtor,
and un extension of time for serving J.
J. O'Reilly. In the Bank of Montreal
vs. Byers et al., E. C. Wraggo obtained an order to examine James Vallance,
Jr., as a Judgment debtor; In Brydges
vs. Fisher et nl., E. C. Wragge obtained
an order for service ex JurlB; In Barnes
vs. B. C. Copper company, S. S. Taylor,
K. C. obtained an order for directions;
In Bartlett vs. Curtis, (county court),
E. C. Wraggo obtained an order for
payment out.
Metale and Stocke.
The only change In either  metal  or
stock  quotations   today is   a  fractional
advance ln B. C. Copper.
Slide on  Main  Line.
A slide on the main line of the C.P.R.
near   Field   today     has     Interfered  to
some extent   with  the  telegraphic  service.
Accounts Committee will
Present Report.
Many Railway Charters Granted���
Laurier Promises that G. T. P.
Will Go to Montreal.
Ottawa, March 31.���The commous
railway committee this morning passed
the Fort William ai. . Terminal company's bill which has i ugaged the attention of the committee for the last
The committee also adopted Turiff's
bill providing that, where charters are
granted for the construction of railways lesB than 250 miles in length, the
piomoters must build ten per cent, of
their lines within two years or forfeit
their rights, and five per ecu., in cash
of lines over 250 miles in length.
The charter rights of the wuebec and
New Brunswick railway were renewed.
The promoters of this railway propose
to build a line form Chaudiere Junction,
near the city of Quebec, io Connors,
N. B., passing through the state of
Maine, the object of which ls to establish more direct connection to central
New Brunswick in connect;-n with the
Temiscouata railway and the Canadian
Pacific railway. By this line, with the
completion ot the Quebec bridge, the
Canadian Pacific would have a second
outlet to St. John and Halifax.
A deputation of about one hundred
leading business men of Montreal waited on Laurier, Graham, Brodeur and
Fisher this afternoon, urging the necessity ot the immediate construction of a
branch line connecting that city with
the eastern division of the Grand Trunk
Pacific. Laurier told the deputation
ihat the Transcontinental would not be
complete until it connected with the
city of Montreal.
The commons public accounts committee this morning decided to report
to the house the evidence which ahs
been taken in connection with the government's disposal of western timber
The committee then turned Its attention to the question of payments
made by the marine department for the
rental of the tug Victor for towing purposes on the St. Lawrence at the rate
of $25 per day, which the opposition
claimed was excessive.
Billiard Scores.
Philadelphia. Pa., March 31.���Willie
Hoppe madte a lead of more than three
hundred over Jake Schaeffer in the
game ot 400 points each played here
yesterday In a 12.00 exhibition match
at 18.2 balk line billiards. The afternoon game Hoppe made four hundred
points to Sschaeffer's 240 and last night
he ran out his string of four hundred,
when the champion bad 250. Hoppe's
highest run was 73 and Schaeffer's 47.
The latter Is In poor condition.
Murdered by Mistake.
Wilmington, March 31.���John Cook,
Jr., aged 13 years while sitting In
Sergeant Lacey's cigar store near Fort
Dupont last night was shot and Instantly killed by somme one who fired
through the window from the street.
Cook sat next to Blackburn and It Is
reported that Blackburn had some
trouble with some of the soldiers under him at Fort Dupon and (hat the
bullet which killed Cook was Intended
for Blackburn. The bullet pierced
Cook's throat severing tbe Jugular vein.
Agreement In Michigan.
Bay City, Mich., March 31.���The coal
operators and miners of Michigan opened their joint conference ln this city
yesterday, although the scale year ends
today and It will take at least 7 or 8
days to agree on a scale. It Is said
by both sides that an agreement will be
reached within eight days. The miners
will receive a small advance ln pay on
certain classes of work, which will probably be accepted by both sides unchanged.
Mississippi Manner*.
Ttnlda, Miss., March 31.���Percy M.
Houston, recently elected secretary and
treasurer of the Yaioo, Mlsslissppl, Levee board, was shot and killed last
night by J. T. Lowe, a prominent citizen of this place following a demand by
the latter that Houston retract certain
statements he ls alleged to have made
derogatory to him. The latter claims
Houston was endeavoring to draw a
weapon when he fired. 1 .:$ Daily Canadian
Important Notice to Newcomers and Intending Settlers
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Ranchers', Miners', Prospectors',
Lumbermen's and Railroadmen's
Stippplies    and   the    Leading
We keep the best of everything, and the best only.
Our Immense business and practically unlimited capital give us sped:
^d'.antages In buying, so that we can   sell,   and    do   sell,    HIGH    CLASS
GOODS at  prices  generally  charged  for  INFERIOR   ARTICLES.
Flour. Bran, Shorts and Hay Always in Stock
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   S10.0O0.000    Capital   Paid   up $4,925,000
Rest     $4,925,000
D R  WILKIE President. HON  EOBBBT JAPFBAT, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
NBL3QN bma.nch eJ��>   JVI.   L.A.Y,   iWartager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
Capital    ...$3,900,000     Reaerve  Fund     *4,390,000
Unexcelled facllitiea for the transaction
of all klnde of Banking  Business.
.avings Bank Department, and
Merest credited Quarterly on
savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, In Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
fubilsbed su a.7, . wees dj tne
ru.itiin PC8U3HI>"G COKI-iKV, Ltd.
Baler c.     Nelson, B, C
eowcrlpuon rates, du cents a month delivered
la itic ess/, oi s-i-uu . rear 11 sent by mall, wheu
Part i.-i aavance.
A^vtrtl.in? rales oo .ppllctlon.
All monies paid in settlement of Tbe I>.llT
Canadian sicounu, either for subscriptions or
aUvtrlisii.K. must be re/;eipte.i lor ou tne printed
forms oi ine Company. Ulber receipts .re not
Tuesday, March 31,  1908.
One of the achievements of Uie Laurier government to which its votaries
' point with pride," was the abolition
of the special Dominion voters' lists,
and lhe acceptance for Dominion election purposes of the lists prepared under the authority of the provincial governments.
With the qualifications for the franchise identical uo good purpose is served by double registration. The government's amendment effected a small
economy  and  did  no  harm.
But the bill lo amend tin. Election
Act that bas lately been Introduced
by Mr. Aylesworth and is now on ils
"Way through parliament, proposes to
deal especially with the voters' lists of
British Columbia and Manitoba. The
least possible mention of this feature
of lhe bill haB beeu made by the Ma.
chine   organs.
Among our despatches from Ottawa
last Friday the mischievous features In
the Aylesworth bill were detailed as
"Voters' lists for the portions of the
provinces of Ontario and Quebec which
consist of territory not municipally organized aud where there is no regular
assessment or other valuation roll upon which voters' lists are based and for
several electoral districts in the Provinces of Manitoba and British Columbia
shall be prepared Immediately after tho
Issue of any writ for an election Jn any
such electoral district or in any elector-
Mi district composed or partly compos
ed of such territory, or at any time
when the governor-in-counsei so directs; and for the purpose of preparing
and giving effect to such voters' lists
lhe e-oveinor-in-oouncll may appoint
all necessary officers and confer upon
them  all   necessary  nowers.'
'In the preparation of the lists tlie
provincial law is to be followed as Dearly as possible, and���
" 'No person whose name is not included in tbe voters' lists so prepared
shall be entitled to vote.'
'* Oiie notaoie leature of this proposition is the fact that the provincial lists
are to be tampered with, although in
previous elections this was not necessary. Another is the fact lhat the gov-
ernment proposes to appoint whomsoever it pleases to Uo this delicate work
iu Ontario, Quebec, -Manitoba and Bri-
tisb, Columbia, without telling what sort
of a person will be chosen. Still another Important point is the circumstance that the government desires to
give this person full powers, and does
not allow parliament to say what the
POWi is  shall   be."
Expressed more briefly, the government  proposes   to  have  special   voters'
lists made bj special officers, with undefined and unlimited powers, and there
Is to be no court of revision or appeal.
No reason, good or bad, ia assigned
lor ihls proposal lo reslore a system
thai Liberal orators used to denounce
as vicious and conducive to corrupt
it is significant that tho provinces
in which Its application is to be general
are British Columbia and Manitoba, the
two western provinces in which the
provincial legislatures are under Conservative control.    In  neither  has  any
Take notice that thirty days after
date. I. Harry Ithymell, Intend to
apply lo Ihe License Commissioners of
Ymir district for a license to open an
hotel in Kitchener, B. C.
Dated this 25th day of March, 1908.
complaint been made by the Liberals
of unfairness ln the preparation of the
lists, but it Is to be taken out of tbe
hands of the provincial civil servants
and confided to a special band of workers appointed for thai purpose only, of
unspecified qualifications, aud beyond
any control but lhat of the Dominion
Now, ol course it is possible that the
work will be honestly done, but if that
is intended why should it be done at
Vtsieiday at uoou material was iu
for new voters' lists iu British Columbia, and courts of revision will ait iu
.May, but these lists will be worthless
for other than provincial election purposes. The Aylesworth bill provides for
lhe same woik to be done in tbe same
month, .May, by special appointees.
Here is proposed an utterly unnecessary duplication of work, Involving a
complete reversal of Liberal doctrine
and practice. If it is not proposed with
a corrupt purpose, it has uo purpose
at  all.
We can join our contemporary ln
hoping that the reporl of Mr. Slfton's
return to the Liberal cabinet is well
founded. Mr. Sifton is not an amiable
or admirable public character. It is
even unfortunate that he should be in
a position where he may inspire the
emulation of youug Canadians. His
cynic disregard of scruples in public
and private, may be an evil influence.
Hut he is an able man and his party
s* rely needs ability. The change from
Sir Kichard Cartwright to Mr. Sifton
in the trade and commerce department
will be a change from death lo life.
Sir Wilfrid   Laurler  may  courteously
admire Mr. Foster's wise proposals for
Certificate  oi Improvements.
"Red Point." "Vernsmo," "Greenwood Fractional," "o.-eenwood and J.rk Pot Fractional"
Mineral Claim., situate ln the Nelson Mining
I'll isiou of West Kootenay   fJlslrlct.
Where ..���:������::���un feagle Creek above the
PoormttO Mine.
Tase notice that I, John McLatchle. of the
City ol Nelson, siting ss agent iur Jons P.Swed-
berg. Free Miner's Certlfleate No B7.75 and
os<-ar Johnson Free Miner's Certlfleate No B6��i
Intend slity days from  the date hereof lo ap
fly to the  Mining  Recorder for Certificates  o
mprovemenls, for   the    purpose   of    obtaining
I 'rown orants of the above claims
And  further  tase nottoe  that action,   under
Seetlona7,  must be commenced  before  the Issuance of such Certificates of Improvements,
baled ihls '21th day ,of wpti.niUr, A   D , 19*77.
Certificate  of Improvements.
"April Fool" No. 2 Mineral Clslm, situate
ln lhe Nelson Mining Divtalonof West Kootenav
Where located: Between Ksgle and Bandy
creeks, and about one half mile from the Poor-
man Mill.
lake n ittce that I, F ('. Green, acting as agent
for J. P. rtwedberg, Free Miner's Certificate No.
B7��76i intend, sixty dtys from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder tor a Certificate
of Improvements, for tile purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of tne above claim.
And  further  take   notice   tbat   action  under
secion .17, must be commenced  before the issu-
Bace of such Certificate of Improvements-
baled this 28th day of January. A. It., 1907.
V. c. GREEN,
Nelson. B. C.
One-Way Colonist
Rates to Alberta and
British  Columbia
KINGSTON   50.10
OTTAWA    51.40
OTTAWA via Chicago 62.45
QUEBEC 56.00
Tickets on sale Feb. 29th, April 29th,
1908. Corresponding low rates from Intermediate points.
For further Information as regards to
rates,   etc.,   apply   to
c k. Mcpherson,      j. mob,
G.P.A.. Winnipeg. 0 P.A., Nelsou
C P A., Nelson. B.C.
abolishing the middleman's profit and
securing honesty and efficiency in government purchasing departments, but
Ills reservations, in which Mr. Fielding
concurred, are highly significant. It Is
impossible to escape lhe conclusion that
the point of view of the party, including the ministers, was expressed by oue
of the Halifax members: "Mr. Roche
of Halifax defended ihe present system.
The Liberals had been 1!> years In opposition and they shou'd now be a lowed to enjoy the patronage of office."
To "Enjoy the the patronage of the
government" is the aim and end of
Canadian Liberals
Duchess To Speak.
New York, March :;i.���The Duchess
of Marlborough, who before her marriage \vas Consuelo Yanderbili. Is to
make an after-dinner speech at iV ��� ���
ception and dinner at the Waldorf Astoria tonight in honor of Mrs. Humphrey Ward, the English novelist. The
affair has been arranged by the Playground   Association   of   America.
Kichard Watson Gilder is to act as
toastmaster and in addition to the
Duchess of Marlborough the speakers
are to include Miss Jane Adams of Chicago, Jacob Rlis and Dr. William H.
Maxwell, superintendent of the New
York public schools.
Take notice that Alfred Edward Watts, of
Wattsburg, British Columbia, lumberman. In
tends to apply for permission to lease the fob
lowing deacrlbed laud, situate near Procter on
the soulh shore of the wet arm of Kootenay
Lake, more particularly  described as follows:
Commencing at the northwest corner of l.ot 4
of l.oc sua, Gioitp 1, West Kootenay Pistrli t,
thence J6SC- feet ,.'���!. chain.J westerly aloug the
soutb shore line ot the west arm of Kotilenav
Lake aud belug the north boundary of Lol 4 of
I..-: '". :< the northwest corner ol Lot 4 of Lot
30., ihenee &80 feet fjsjfi chains) along the south
shore line of tbe west arm of Kooteuay Lake and
being the north boundary of lxitl6ot Lot 3U6,
Group 1. West Kootenay blstrlct; theuce north
tfs feel V2 chains); thence easterly i960 feet
(60.00 chalna) and parallel wilh the south shore
line of the west arm of Kootenay Lake: thence
south 132 feet (2 chains) to polut of c.mmeuce-
ment, and containing 120 acres, more or less
baled this Utli day of February, A. b., 19U8.
Cancellation of Reaerve.
Notice Is hereby given that the reserve over
cert.ln l.nds in south-��s.i Kootenay, notice of
which apyeare.1 In toe British Columbia Gazette
of the 14th of August, IStfO aud bore date of An-
gust lath, 1890, ls hereby cancelled The above
mentioned lands will be open for location under
the Land Act on March 30, l����
I'eputr Commissioner of Lands and Works
Lands and Works bepartment,
Victoria, ft. C December loth. 1907.
Tremont House
XnroDeaa and American Plan
Meali 85 cti.   Koomi from X eti- to 11.
only white Help JCmployed.
Baker Bt.. Nelaon Proprietor!
Mi>ni comfortable quarter!      Nelaon
Only the beat of Liquors aod Clgari
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refur-
nlahed. Rooms 60 cents upward The
dining reom Is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J   A. ERIUKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 280.    Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. O.
RATE8  ��2  PER  DAY
Lairg,  snd   Comfortable   Bedroom    and first
class Dlolng Kooin
MRS.  E. C. CLARKE, Proprletreee.
Bartlett   House
But Dolkr-a -Day House in Nelson.
Tb. Bar ls th. Finest.
White Help Only Kin ployed
Josephine at.
Nolson. B. G.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and $1.60 a Oe.y.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders
Fred   Irvine & Co.
We will hold our   Annual Spring and Easter Millinery Opening in our show
rooms on second floor
and continuing for the remainder of the week.
A splendid stock of Imported French and American Pattern Hats and a large
number of Model Hats, trimmed and designed by our own milliner.
Any shade or design in II its made to order in any shade.
We invite inspection of our stock and you will find our prices right.
Fred Irvine & Co.
313 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
We have established the townslte of Port Mellon on Howe Sound, 2b miles from Vancouver, and secured the water rights of Italny River, which In capable or developing from 2000 to 5000 borse-power, for lhe lo-
ration of our mammoth plant for the manufacture of newspaper, building paper, wrapping paper, etc. tn��
plant to have a capacity of 450 tons of finished paper per week; the company hope to have the pulp plant In
operation by Nov. 1, 1U08.
We now offer for subscription the balance of our first allotment of Preferred Stock In blocks of 100
shares  at  SI.00  per   share;   each  100 shares entitled to a bonus of 25   eharee of Preferred.
The preferred stock Is entitled to a dividend of 7 per e. " commencing November 1. 1908. The 1 P��r
rent, dividend ls due and pay.ible before any dividend Is paid upon the common atock. After 7 per rent na��
been paid upon preferred both Htocks thereafter participate equally. There Is no good reason why the preferred should not pay from 25 to 50 por cent, dividends.
The books of the corporation aro open at any time for lhe inspection of the general public. There ll no
watered stock, no Inflated values, no ground floor plan, or hugs promoter*' profits In the enterprise. Unlike
most corporations, InHlead of allowing 15 lo II p r oent for advertising and sale of stock, the entire commission, literature, newspaper advertising, brokers ������������ expanses, etc, la limited to 10 per cent
The public are cordially Invited to visit our demonstrating plant, 313 Cordova street, and wltn����"
lhe manufacture of pulp and paper from refuse material, such as slabs, discarded shingle bolts, etc., thai Is
now   being   burnt   at  the  local mills.
Captain H. A. Mellon, J. P., American
I.loydB Agent, etc.
W. H. R. Colllster, Manager Albion
Iron  Works,  Vancouver.
Francis .1. P. Gibson, British Columbia Trust Corporation.
J. C. W. Stanley, formerly General
Manager West London Paper Mills.
London. Kngland.
Col. T. II. Tracny. M.C., Soc. C. F... P.
L, S��� D. L. s., Con., Eng., former City
Engineer of Vancouver.
Fred Smith, member of Smith.
Wright it- Darldson,   Wholesale   Paper
Co., Vancouver, I): C.
II. M. Murrltt, Western Manager Cor-
tlc.lll Silk Co., Vancouver, 13. C.
Eustace II. Jenna, Barrister, etc., Vancouver, B, c.
Geo. K. Cates. Cates Shipbuilding
Co., Vancouver, H.  C.
Greely Kolls.formerly Oonoral Manager Pacific Coast Coda Co.
When You Buy Fruit Land
DON'T be attracted by cheaper,  Inferior or  inaccessible  lands  which exist In the   Kootenay,  as elsewhere
but got the best.    Take advantage of a double selection.
1,    Our selection  was  made wilh the utmost care at a time when we had the whole district to pick from.
1     Your   selection���made   from ours���thus you get tlie benefit of a double  and  cumulative selection.
FURTHERMORE,     remember that to he successful the following five qualities are absolutely essential:
(li.   Title;   (2).   Soil;   (3). Water; (4j. Accessibility; (6). Transportation,
WE SELL OUR OWN  LANDS.    We own over IM.iiiiO acres, title  perfect \
THE  SOIL is deep loam with clay subsoil, free from Blone.
THE   WATER  on those lands  Is   pure  and  abundant  both   In   running streams and  numerous springs.
THE  MARKET for your product is right at your door on  existing lines of transportation.
BUT when you buy an orchard tract you want more than soil;   more than pure water; more than transpor-
ioii;  you warn  A HOME���A place to live ln���THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE  FOR  SALE.
Posl   oflU'e   wilh   dally   mall service;   express trains, stores;   schools���A   home   every   few   steps.    You   get
��� comforts of civilisation combined with the  pleasure of a profitable, healthful and beautiful rural home.
TERMS���$10 Cash and $10 per  Month    for 10 Acres, with  liberal  discount   for   larger   payments.
Write   or   call  for   Maps,   Photographs   and   all   Information.
Kootenay Orchard Association
British Columbia
You cannot dine ou FROG LEGS every day.    We furnish the
Beef,   Pofk,   Mutton and Veal
Hams, Bacon and hard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
iu the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality in glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Rossland     INELSOIN,  E3. C��
.ni l*nd DiatrlOL   niBir.rtu! Went Kootenar
ike notice Ihut Harry   Bird, of NelBu.i,.w-cu-
,ii   rual   I'ntaU- en''��t-   int*""1'*   �����  ��P1''>* 'nr
-....... lo purehaM the   IoUuw.nn  du��-rlb*��l
It: romimiM'.HK at a pom plume.! al the
mu��h��i rumer o? Lot 378. tEttDM ruiii.iiiK
���in JUt-halne, thenre vrt-ttl 2o Chain*, uiomm
I-i-1-.fti.-.ia.ii... more or 1��a��, to the northeni
mdary ot Un US, iheuce foUowlha north
mdary Lot .173 to point ��� ������ r��iiuincnceni*'i.t.
ilalnlDI 4�� aert-H. more or lean.
>aled l-ubruary lath, IKN IUkrv HiKli,
ff, ft    l.hKK.N. AK'-lil
..hi Laud iMatrtul.   DlkttlBtOt W��t KpOUO*)
lake notloe that rtod* J. Bammona, eienl  -ur
1 :. 1   J     iRiiner, of   Nelaon,   occupation   WatCiV
maker, Intend! to oppil  tor permtaalon to put-
��� Uw following -l��*MT.lt..-��l Inn.Ik: toinnuii-
.:itt at n punt planted alx.nl 2*, mllei* eaU uf
VlAoOOXIMk, tbUM 4" Chaina m an eaaterly
I traction, thence '20 .IihIiii. MUth, ilu-nc- ID
...iik ni �� Muaterly direction, thenoaORchalni
orth to the pointoloomataaoamanticontaining
- i   raa< mora oi law
baled Nov. ioth, 11W7. im#>h
F  J   OAUUOmO,  Auellt
Ni   .
mi Land IMatrtul.   Iitatriei oi Wi'M hooleiu.
[~eke notlM lhat   Ficd -1    Bama I. ��fail1 M r
v   .   i.Hiiaid. uf Prootor. occupation rancher,
liil-uda lo apply  fur  pel 'intaalou lo |n.rcl.M��o tin
i diiiwlni described lands: UommenoinR mi
pen i lamed ahoiu i's mUeaeaal ut \\ lleoii i r.. a,
tin ilea louthwea. ^ i naiiia. thenoe northweel w
i tiaini. thanoa northaaat'JOobalne, thenoe iouth-
.-���i uohalm to the tha point ol eomiaenoenn nl
i 'iilnliittiK 40 Ki ri'H, mure ur leM��
hated Not. -vili. IVUI
Am. iniiAii.   AMiKHauN   Hauahh.
Agent   r     J    r>AMMONH.
Helton Land District. Dlatnot ol Wait Kootenai
Take notloe thai w. a. Hudson, timberorulaer,
i Bpokane. Spokane cuiuny. Washington.one
ni ihe United otalee of limerloa, intend*; to epuij
loreinaelal tlmbei  lloanae over lhe lollowing
I- illi.-d Iftuda: CouiiiieiiclunHt a punt marked
1 ��� 1 planted on lhe norlh Intuit ul i orn <reek,
i the Junction uf the Nurth fork of lorn Bret*
With   the   main   ntreani.   aholil    live   inllen   In  a
wuurlr direction lrom continence ol laid Uorn
reel Mth (he Konienay river;   lhence nurth  tu
balm; thenoa weat WO ohalnej theme louth eu
balm; thenoe eaii  LU ohalni to point ol com-
'i" ni anient, containing MQ eorea mure ur leee.
bald land ndjuinn timber limit Nu     on the
��t-M an.I umber limit No. H on lhe nuuth, un hi-
feted by me.
Located .November 7, WOT.
William A. IUmmon, Locator.
Wttneeiad by Patrick 0, Hhluo
Declared and alined hy the within named w
A Miidnun on the WW day of November, A O,
h*<7,   tie fore  ine  at  Hpokaue.   Hpokaue   LountT.
Washington, onaoi the Unltad Btate*of America.
I'ATHICK ft    KlllNK.
nn rlut.   Diet nut oi Went Hootenay
lake notloe thai laitbella I'laree,   f Hlramd-uni,
oeeu   atlOh married   woman,   ihtendH   tO  apply
loi permlulon io pnrobaee the rollowtng oat-
cribed landu Oommeholni at a pent planted at
ine Iniereectlon ot the north boundary ol Lot
WW, and the eant boundary ol Lot No H18f>,
tlii'in e eant r>fi ehainn. more or lcflH. to the north-
'���niit Oomer of 'limber Limit No. 7(171, thenee
north 80 ohalni, theneo wait 90 ehainn, more or
''�����, to the eant Bide of Whalahaii hike, lhence
mlhiwiiiii name in a nouthurlv and weBterly
direeiion ItH) ehalna. more or lent*, lo the inter
Bectton wlili i ot 811V,, thenee UA ehainn, more or
���On, following eanlerly boundary ol Lot BlHft to
I'i'lin ui coiiiniiMHiemeiit.
"ated 7th October, 11HI7. Ihaiikli.a I'iercb,
F. Q. KatKiUiKit, Iftllt.
^���'Inoii Land DlHlrlcl.    Uislrlelof Weal Kootenay
Taaitl   notlee   that    Alexander   J.    MeCool,  of
r uie, H. 0., DOOUpatlOn elerk, inten.in to apply
'���nniHHion to pnronaie tho following qoi*
, M d lu mi r,,ni numi. ihk at a post planted on
o  o uihuru  boundary ot u -ft. Huiiilmrii Ball-
way right-of-way. about one and a half mllen
iv. t.n rly from the northwonl eorner oflOtRSea,
KTonp 1, KaOtanay, theuee noilh 80 chain*,
thenoe eant HO chalnn. lhence norlh Hi) ehallin to
���tun t hern boundary of tu. Id right of win, theuee
went 80 chaina along naid aouthern boundary to
poini <if   aommanoamant,   and aontainlm ooo
aOTaa, more ur lean
Dated November Uth. 1901
Nelaon Land DlltrlQt    L.alricvof We��t Kootenay
i ake nouce that F. P. Murden, acting nn agent
lurJ.H   Burden, -d   I'nkiuk.   N   11,  uecunallon
UeohaniO,   intend*   to apply   for   perminnion   to t
purchaae tbe lollowing deacribad Laodai Com-
menolng at a poet plan, don the eaeterly ahore
of Arrow lake and abonl 10 oheitti north ol the
S. K. BOrnai   uf   lot  mI&I.   iheuce  east  BJO   ohallM.
thence north eOohalni, more orlaai   tu the lake
��'i.> �����, thenoe Bontnweetorl* alung the lake ahore
to tha polni ol conunenoemant, and oontalning
H-i aorea, more ur tem.
i atad Noremboi itth, 1901  Jawo ll Himdkn,
K. i*    Hi'ROEN, AgenL
Nelnon Land Dlntrlet.   Dlltrlot of Went K.wtenav
Take notice that Iohn lamea Cameron, of
i-rnic. Brltiih l olumbla, a*unation oontractor,     llllendn     lo     apply      tor      peinuanlou    lo
puroaaae the lohowiun dee rlbed i nd: r��m-
in, mi ik al a poit planted on the eouthern
i, undary .-( the B. ft, Boutbern rlgbt-of-aay
aooiil 4U chalnn WvoUtIv   lrom   ilu-NW   corner
ol lot 9984, group I, Kooteuay, tbence - utbM
ehalm, thenoe eai W rhalni thenoa uurihfti
ohalni to the loutbern boundan nl the laid
right-of-way, thence weeu rly along laid nouth
��� rn boundary of righvof-waj to the polnl
eommenoement) and oontalning ^4<' eeraa. more
01 leee
hated Nuvemher tuli. 1901
.1   mn  J AMU ��  ah> i   '������
Nelnon Land Idnrn-t. l��l-.liui ol Waal Kootena)
Take   nollce thai John   Bblelt. of NeedlM   B.I    ,
 mpatlon rancher, lutandi to appl)   lo  per
mlufou i" purohaee tbe loii.o- m^ deacrlbed
lend! Commencing at a i- i planted at the
uorth weit oorner ol i^u 1999, .henoe wart 10
chatua, thenoe nouih i*, chalni*. lhence eail U)
unalm, thence north BO iimiim to the point ol
tjommeooement, and containing .i-ti eorea, mure
"r| Lied 18th October, Uar7, JaBTVI HlMBLt,
r   11   KM'wi'lKa. Agent,
Nelnnil Lan.l IMntrlcl     luatrlct of Went Koon-nay
Take not tee that   Aiikiin  Mcuill, ��>f the t'tty of
Nelaon, occnpalion Qreman, Intenda lo apply for
permiaaion ta purobeee the touowlng dmriU'd
landn;   Commencing at a poal planted al the
N W eumer L fj Morrlnon'a rai.ih, tn Ur
alley, tin 0.M   north   tOft|   <-��*��> chalna,  thene
lit fo-iv (tu) chalnn, ihenee -oulh ..uy NO
alnn, thenoe well fortv (,410 ihaint. olnto
m mencemeiil,    nnd  loiniiinlng   one huudred
,1  nlxtv (li'-U) acrea, mure or less.
Died Bepta nbar Bnd, ift)7. Awoon McGilu
Nelaon Land Dlatrlot. Dutrlotol Weal Kootenay
Take notice that   Hugo Can ten I, of Winnipeg)
Man.,   occupation   publisher,   intenda  to apply
fur permhuioo to porohaae the following da*
���ortbed land;
fommfiielim at a poat planted on the went
oundary of L. 4B7|, (1 1, {about b mllen from Ar-
row Lake, on Momjulto Creek) and Jl chaiiiH 7ft
ItnknHouthof the N. W. C. of said lot, running
theme went HO chalnn, thenre aouth 8h chalnn,
thenee eaat BO ehMnn. tlienee uorth 80 ehnlua to
piece of commencement, containing M0 aeren,
more or lull.
Auent   for   Hugo OtUtteni.
Dated .is December iwn.
Selncii I.and Dlatrlct     Dirttrlcl ol Went Kootenay.
Take nouoethat LevlOaom I'ayno, or Needles,
n ('.occupation raneher, Intenda to apply for
permianioi. b�� pnrchana the following dene rlbed
landa:    ftunmencing at a pont   plauted ahoui lft
��� latlin west ol WliHtahnil creek and HH OH ehalua
.outh uf the nonthwenl corner of Lol No K.MH
running thence north 80 ehainn, thence went HO
clialnn  thence nouth   12 Ibb elmliin,   thenee eaat
��� ��� LHh ehainn. Ihenee Kiuth   07 H4ft rhnlin-, thence
ft7 419 chalnn eaat   io  point  of commencement,
.���onliilnltig 4HI acrea, now anrveyed as lol 8lRfi.
Paled Bib Jauuary, UW8. Lavi Ubohok PATSI.
Nelaon Land Dtitrfci.   Dintrietol Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that Tina Bergman, ol Altona,
Man , occupation wife ol O. Bergman, farmer,
Altona, Man., mteudn to apply for permiaaion to
purcbase the following <leairrih��d land:
Commune.ug at a ponl planled at the N E. ft.
ot Hugo Caretena' application to purchaae and
running thenee went 80 chains thenee north 80
��� i,a in-, tbence eaat 40 chalna, thence nouth I
chalna '2b liuka, tbence eaat 40 coalna, thence
aoutb 71 chaina 71S liuks u�� polut ol commencement, containing 607 acrva more or leaa.
An.m   (or   Una   Bergman.
Dated n December l5u7.
Went Kootenay Land Dlairicl. I'l-un ! ol Goat
Take nollce that 1, QaOTge 1. Hunt, of Kit.
ehener, occupation tim Herman, intend to
apply for permiaaion to purchaae the
;..io..*lLoi described land: Commencing at a
poat planted about 4<> cbailna, weat ol Thomiwon
markud N W. corner, tlienee aouth 10 Hi chalua
theuce eaat 44 67 chains, thence north 31.45
ehalna, lhence weat along B. ft. Southern hall
way to place of commencement, containing 98.18
Dated January 8th, ISO*.        I.eorge H. Hunt
.Nelson Land District. District of Wed Kooleuay
Take nollce that I, r>eaerick Adle. of W*ueLa,
It C., uocupaliou merchauu intend to apply for
perm laaiou U) purchaae the following deacrlbed
land: Cninmuuclng at a poat planted about lo
ehainn weat of the $ K. cmtierof lot Sb'��2, tbence
north 2t> chalna, tbence eaat ho chains, thence
nouih 20 chalna, lhence wchtbOchatns to point
of commencement, contaJulug ''-' acrea, more or
Dated Jauuary 21nt. 19DS.       Fhkdebick Adik.
Nelson Land Dlatrlct. Dlitrlct of West Kootenay
lake notice that Marion Isabella Creaae, of the
City of .Nelson, in the Hrovtuceof Krlllsh Columbia, occupation aplnnler. Itlleiidn to apply for
peruilKHlot) to purchaae the lollowlti&i descilbed
laii'i: Uommeneing at a poat planted at the
Lltgli wal.r mark ol the Aaluioli river dlntaut
iii.t'Ui u milei in a aoittberly direction frum
Balmoi B U.( thence north 90 chains, theuee eant
���to chaina, iheuce nouth to chaina, more or lena.
io the high water mark of the salmon river,
thanoa went eO chaina, in re or le��n, aloug naid
high water mark to tin- point of eomm. ueemenl,
and oontalning i<h> aaraa, more or leas.
I. ���  at< d ou lue i'i   iii v of February, LOOS.
Daled ilMti Kbruarv. 1*8
M AM   M   1- * i:t    ��� * CRKa  K
Kj.WaBIi   JiAM,V   1'i.Ta.Ka   Agent
Nelson Land Dlatrtel   Dtatrieiui Waal Eootanay
lake notice that   .amen \X llltain   Gallaglu i. ot
the City ol   Nelson,  in  the I'r viun- ol BrtUah
olumbla, oooupatlon hut hull',  Intanda to apply  ior parmbalon to pnrcTbaae the ioii>wing
leecrtbed landi   > ommeni mg hi a pout piantta
at the high wall r matk   of the .-uiiouu river dla
i ni ai>o t 19 mllea In a aontherly dlraouon from
altiio,   B    C,  iheuce    nottb   In  chalrm,   liou-e
weat 40 ohalna. thence aoutb t ��� chaina, mora or
lean, lu the ln.,h wnlfr luaik ol the BalmOU liver
thi'Ui'ui.ihl in chalnn muie or leaa, along lhe
iald In. I. watt i luaik to lhe place Ol beginning,
��� ���outalnlng |B9 acrea, more or lr��a.
 - .1 on tlo  lft .1 .y .,f February, It*-a
Dated l*th nbruary, 10 h
I �� mi -   \t ll. 1.1AM   liA   i ttOHl
KI'Wakii Mam.iv laiaaa. Agent
Nelaon i -..I I Dlatrlct-   District of Weat Kooieua
Take notice thai I Iohn Ailhur -colt, of Mono
Centre, Ont.. OOOUpatlOn farmer, intend to apply fur pennlBBlon ti�� porohaae the following do-
���orlbed land al the mouth of Humiuil creek :
tommeuiugat a DM plauled at the nouth-
hi-i oornai W lot H7K^ marketl N. K., tbence
aohth i" chalnn, thence went M chains, theuce
north 40 chalnn, theuee OHnl i!0 chalna lo place uf
i '"in me io ��� m i in ion la in lug HO acrea.
John ArthI'H Scott,
W. J. Bcott, Agent.
Dated Feb. 19tb, 1908.
Nelson Land District. Dlatrlct of Weat Kooteuay
Take notice that 1 Chrlatlo Bcott, of Mono
Centers Out .occupation married woman, intend
to apply for nermiHaioti to nurehaie the following dtncrlbcil land near Summit creek:
Commencing al a poal planted al the south
easl Oorntr Ol lot B79J0 marked 8. W.| thence
north V0 chains, theuee easl '20 chains, thence
nouth 20 rhalns, theuee weat 90 chains lo place
of commencement containing 40 acres
chkim'i ik Scott,
W  J. Bcott. Agent.
Dated Feb 18, 1909.
Nelson Land Dlatrlct. Dlstrlctof Weat Kootenay
Take notice that I. David Johnstone, of Chilli-
week, B. O.i occupation raneher, Intend to ap-
ply for permiaaion lo purchase the following de-
ncrlbed land:
OommihOlng at a poat )ilaiite<l .'t' chalnn weat
lrom a. Morrison's aouihrvest corner thence
norlh H0 chains, thenee weat 40 chains; lhence
nouth 40 chains, theuee cast 'JO ehalna, thence
��� f'lti, 40 chaiun, thence eant '20 chains to the
polnl uf '"ioui. neemein and conialuing 'to
acrcti, more or teas.
(ttgd.)   Da\ ii. Johnitonb.
March ff. 1908.
London   Expert   on   Criminology   FindB
Fault  With   Education  and
Penal  Systems.
A remarkable addresH on the cause
and cure of crime waa given by Dr.
Albert Wilson, the brain specialist, during a private debate at the Sesame
Club of  London,  recently.
Dr. Wilson had promised to bring
one of the moat notorious cracksmen
of the Victorian era���now a reformed
character���to explain the Impulses
whleh led .Mm to crime. To the disappointment of everyone present the ex-
burglar apparently did not care to face
the ordeal, for he failed  to attend.
Dr. Wilson announced that in the
course of a special study of the psychology of crime he had examined
more than 200 criminals, including
murderers, pickpockets, highwaymen,
and burglars.
"Of all the causes of crime," he said,
perhaps the most remarkable is that
of multiple personality. I had a striking case of a girl of thirteen a few
years   ago.
"In one personality she became a
simple child of two who could not understand words and did not know her
name. In anoiher personality she became blind  and imbecile.
"I took her to Sir John Tweedy, the
eye specialist, who pronounced her
totally blind. Sir Thomas Harlow also
declared her a hopeless imbecile, and
said that she should be put in an asylum as soon as possible.
"A curious fact was that in her blind
personality she could draw pictures
which she could not draw normally.
In a third personality she was a criminal. Once while out for a walk she
stole an orange, and when rebuked replied in the typical phraseology of a
criminal. 'If you can't get an orange,
why,   nick   It.*
"On another occasion in her criminal personality she pushed her sister into the fire, and only the sudden arrival of her mother in the room prevented a dreadful tragedy."
Dr. Wilson divided criminals into
two classes: ���
(1)  Perverts.
2()!   Inverts.
"We have to thank our present system of education," Dr. Wilson said,
"for the recruiting of the inverts. Poor
children with starved brains and bad
heredity are forced to learn a lot of
stuff at school quite useless to their
"The result ls that by thirteen or
fourteen, when they leave school, they
have no pluck or stamina in them."
The four chief divisions of criminals
Dr. Wilson declared to be.
(1) Insane.
(2) Unstable.
(S)  Sports   (in   botanical   sense���one
varying from the normal type.)
(4)  Criminals from    environment    or
Unstable   criminals   were   those   who
yielded   to   Impluse,   he  said,   and   had
no power of arguing out what the aftereffects of their actions would be.
Lleulenant Governor.
Edward lhe Seventh, by the Grace of God, of the
' rii!.-d   Kingdom of Gjeat Hritaln, And Ire
land, aud the British Dominion! beyond the
Sean King,   Defender of   lhe Faith, Emperor
of India,
fo all to whom theee nreaenta ihall come,���
W. J. rtowaRR, Attorney General.
Whereas by Section 6 of the "Game Protection
Act, 1H9JV' aa re-enacted hy Section 19 of the
"Game Protection A t. Amendment Act, lyoft,"
It la enact- d thai I' shall he lawful for the Lleu-
tanaat-Ooremor In Oo m-il, by Proclamation to
be puhll"he'l in two suc< eaalve inauea of the Bril-
lah Columbia Cazeit.-, to del-lure a clone aeanon
for geene in nn; pott ot the Province lor auv
perlud of tlmr   nnd
Whereith our naid I.i<'iitcnaut-'.overuor, be mid
with    he idrloe <>' bla KxecntlveConneti, haa
bean pleased t< direct, by an order iu ft- uii'-ll
Is that behalf,a eluaa Miaou fur �����������*�� withti.
the County ol Kootenay, until and includi g
the Sunday of ugu-l. one ihou-and inn- hnn
dred ant ewbt
Now Know Ye therefore tha' in puraua ��
thereof we do >������ r io  proela rn      . i������-.- oi
for g.-e��� wl nn, m    t on ,      ui K       . n
an" Including -io :i .    d��i   ul     ugitat
-ami    lu-  hu "1 ���-    .. i. ; , l*
In >e- iin- ii> w   ��� re   f    wi
-���ur I, tt   ��� i    '������   tne   ���   , ������ ���   c
u| the i r-.v n t to i>   bereaute ��� :h
Wit nee .ll ��H inurJame* I'uuauviir, Lieutenant QuveriiOr nl  ouj  said  Province or Britinb
oluin -in  in  oux      ly  of  Victoria, In our aald
Provinc     liii--   atb dny ol Febru�� ��� y, iu the year
of Uu<   i o d   one  thou and   u.ue  bnudred and
eight. Hud lu ine ��� iiihlh year o! our reign.
By    ���niiiouid.
Pravineial Secretary
Sports, Dr. Wilson saf��V were harmless types ot ^criminals, sueh as a burglar he knew who woular atip the kitchen window catch, warm himself In
front of the fire, and go away before
in.-ruing without doing any real mischief.
"The father of this man," said Dr.
Wilson, "was one of the most flourishing men in the city. He made ��:i,uuu
a year, but when he died he left nothing.    That was a form of crime iu itself.
"The burglars mother was also a
very neurotic \9*9man. Of the six
children of the marriage the  daughter
<- to the asylum,
-rtct of environ-
��ed an excellent
/. tonight. I am
a. I may say he
criminal   of   tbe
and Intelligent
ave been Prime
v Minister. A
, never lived, lie
a^s to perpetrate
Ing   himself   off
in the  best so-
and two brothers
"Ab regards th
ment on crime, I
example to come
sorry he has not
was the most da
Victuiiuu   era.
"He was so r>
that he might <*������
Minister or a ,-,
more expert crael-
would don evenjj,'
his crimes, and,
as a peer, would
"So daring and fcrfnerale a crimmal
was he thai the H^Te Ofllce gave orders that he was uever to be dealt
with single handed, two policemen,
heavily armed, being always commissioned   for   the   purpose.
"HiB first sentence was for seven
years, and his second for life. He was
released when the King oame to the
throne,   and   has   since   reformed.
"The father of this man was a farm
bailiff in Staffordshire. His parents
died, and be came under the comtrol
of his grandfather, who was a drunken  wretch.
"The treatmen he received was so
brutal that one day he attacked his
grandfather with a poker, beat him until he was nearly dead, and then made
off   with   his   grandfather's   watch   and
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��75 which he took from tbe safe. Thus
when he was thirteen years old big career of crime began.
"It is one of the most striking caaes
of crime as the result of environment
tbat 1 have met.
"Our system of dealing with crime Is
entirely wrong," Dr. Wilson conclndnl.
"We want to make a clean sweep ol our
whole legal machinery and have It not
In fresh. Each criminal has soma pe-
culiarity of his own which needs *ve-
cial consideration. At present we seam
to aim at vengeance, not reform
"My burglar friend says tha twly
cure for crime is theindeterr��ii.nie
Quick   Construction   Work. \
A Vancouver contractor, to ��ln a*
wager, buiit a theatre tn tvrcve days,
and had it ready for occupancy at that
time. He had fifteen days t��� ., . .��� to
win his wager, but sucrpr...
plishing the work three ,.,,.'
..,i ol
Brought to  Justice. I
Charles Cullln. provincial constable
al Prince Huncrt, has brought to Vancouver, K. Tane, a Japanese, who has
been committed for trial for stabbing
and wounding Nagal, another Japanese.
The Japanese were working at the pulp
works at Swanson Bay. Over indulgence in Chinese wlae caused a quarrel,
during the course of which Tane slashed the other across the stomach Indicting a seven-inch wound. He made
bis escape in a dory to Hartley Bay, 40
miles distant where he was held by
Captain McCoskrie. He admitted the
offence and was sent to Chief Constable
Vickars, at Prince Rupert, and returned
to Swanson Bay where he was committed for trial by Captain l^ocke, who
held court on board the Amur. Tane
was nine days in the open boat without
food, water or blankets and was in a.
very weak state when he reached
Ilartly Bay.
W.   O.    aiLaLETT
Contractor  and
Bole agent lor the Porto Rioo Lumber Co., Ltd..
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l n tbe mauer ot an application Ior tbe leeue ot
a duplicate oi the Certlfleate of Title to Lou
4 i uud b. block a, Neleon -ivy. aubdivlelon ol
l>thri of Lot i��J, Group one, Di irlot ol Kootenay
iMep 416).
Notice la hereby gWen tbat u la my intention
lo iuue at the exulratlou of out month after tha
lirm publication hereof a duplicate ol theCorttl-
<ate o Title to the above meuiioned ote In tha
name of Patile Rhodee wbicii Ceitlncate la dated
the 16th dsy of May, l��tt, aud aumtmreu lWT-k.
Land Reglvtry Office, neleon, U.C., January
2<ih. ltutt. a. F. MaicLkOl),
District Haaletrar.
In th. Basilar ol an appli atlcm lor a dupUcaU
I'orllflcate ol Title ol an uudltldea ona-quarlar
luierost tu Lol .7, Group ou., Koouaar PtairsCl,
known as "Let Her Uo li.llaaJ.ar' stiasral
.Nutk-e is lierfby f l.eo that It Is my Lnasatiaa
artor ib.i expiration ol an. month trom th. fir.1
publication hereur, lu i.sue a duplies... Oaritl*
fate ol . uie on the above described ona>unart.r
interest lu tlu nam. oi John F. Stevan., which
l ertlBcte orl'ltlo I. data* th. Dili April, in,
and uumbered SUSMV.
Laud  Registry Offlc, Nelson, B, c.. MsstcJb t,
B. F. MacLaou."
District rUglatrar.
Take notice that we will at the neitt
meeting of the License Commissioners
apply for a transfer of the liquor license for the No Place Inn on Josephine street, Nelson, from Pollard and
Wade to H. H. Moore.
Dated at Nelson, this 9th day of
March 1908.
Notice Is hereby given that the Great
West Railway Company will apply to
the Parliament of Canada, at tha present session thereof, for an act amending
tlie said Company's Acta of Incorporation by striking out the names of those
persons who, by Sections 1 and I of
Chapter 1S7 of the Statutea of 1908. are
created Incorporator! and provisional
directors of the Company and Inserting
in lieu thereof the names of certain
other Individuals as such Incorporators
and provisional directors; changing tha
head office of the Company from Nelson,
B. C, to Port Arthur, Ontario, and extending the respective times for the
commencement and completion of the
various lines of railway which tha Company ls empowered to conalruaL
Dated Ottawa, 31st January, 1908.
Solicitors tor tha Applicant!.
H Tne Daily Canadian
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F. C. Phillips. Cranbrook; L. K. Rellly,
Vancouver; Q. Straugban, Meadows; T.
A. liradv, Montreal; J. It. Brown,Greenwood; F. G. Fauquier, Needles.
M. Mowat, .1. Mears, Fernie; W. M.
Baxter, G. Hakter, La Plata; F. Land.
F G. Bell, Red Oak: A. II. Spofford.
Seaule; D. Duke, J. McCulloch. Procter
J. Fagan, Seattle; W. J. Hoggins, 5-
Mile; E. J. Dunn. New Brunswick.
M. Sarjant, L. Sarjant. O. B. Apple-
ton, Procter; H. N. McDearin and wife,
Robson; H. A. Gurney T. J. Graham,
F. Morrison, N. A. Jones, Oerrard;
R. w. Lambert; P. A. Hastings, Willow
Point: W, 11 Brown, Spokane; A. Mc-
Pberson, Ymir: G. B. White. D. McKay,
Deer Park.
P. F. Pouiton. Granite; D. Derbyshire.
Moose Jaw: W. C. Frnntz. Davidson;
T. G. Fellows, w. McDermld, Calgary;
W. II. I.unn. Procter; W. J. Boyce,
Northport; L. Standell, Grand Forks.
.1. Pollard. Camborne; Q, Appleton.
Wardner; .1. Smith, Rossland; ll. F.
Phllpott, Creston,
I  OMRM] w    I
ami Relaoo,
Bcal-, JuruH-rly of  Robson, B. .
I hereby Klvt- viiii nnii'-i- lliat uiilus-   vim   Rive
a roimI mill .alia objection thereto in vrrUlna !
shall at tbe expiration of 11 days from   111.-  ilate
hereol proceed to the r>ai-irHtlfin of tin tiih- of
'i he Columbia and Kooti aa. Kaiiwsv and Karl.
Knllon I'r.inpnny in fee Mmpp- In reepact tn that
Piece of lanil Siiowri s- I.oi .; In Him k :i.   Kobaon
Townslw. Oroiip on,-. K nsv In^lrln, sceoril-
IIIK to   phlll   Hot. of.   Iil.il    as   Number 636, not
srfth.tandlna the I  i r tl.m ,,f  in,- (Vr'ifl
ea-e of   ltle then ol,
Dated at Nelaon, B.0, no, Slal daylol >inr,-h. itms.
II    t. Mi. I.KOI.,
DIStrlOl   l'.x-,.lrsr.
If you winii npholatenua or cabinet
work for tin- spring gel it ,1,,!,,. now.
We huve some choice quarter out mik
nml will build yon a piece of furniture to
order at tho price of factory good. Bee
as fur seoond huml goods.
Turner Beeton Block. 606 Vernon Street.
A. M. Can. Soe. C. E.
Mining Worn a Specialty.
Office:   Boom   in,   K.-W.-C.  Blk.    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker  St..   Nelson,   B.   C.
Wall   Papers
Our new stock is now in.
JJordei'H same as hangings.    Largest variety ever shown lu Nelson. Sample
bookH sent to any part of the city on application.
j Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Herd   of   Milch   Cows.
\V. C. Wells has imported a herd uf
12 high class milch cows for his ranch
on Kooteuay river, from which the
Hume hotel  is  supplied.
Electric   Sign.
The largest electric sign in the city
is beiug installed on the Grand Central
hotel by Ous Krickson who has ordered
it  shipped  direct from  Montreal.
Buckworth  vs.  N.  and   F. S.   Ry.
The judgment of Mr. Justice Martin
in the case of Huckworth vs. the Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway company was received by the registrar today. The court finds in favor of the
plaintiff on every contention and awards
him the full amount of every commission claimed.
Mr.   Fulton  in  Kamloops.
Hon. F. .). Fulton, chief commissioner
of lands and works, has been in Kamloops upon departmental business of
ci-usiderublt* importance. Court houses
are in course of erection at both Vancouver aud Kamloops, while a good deal
of laud is to be cleared of timber at
Point Grey, and a number of other public works require his attention.
Law  Against   Nuisances.
In iespon.se to summonses issued by
the city police to the owners of straying poultry four cases were called ln
the police court this morning. One was
dropped for lack of evidence and one
was remanded at the request of the
police. In the other two lines of $5
were imposed. It is intimated that
there ls to be no relaxation of vigilance
in the matter. Citizens who are trying
to beautify their properties will be protected against the results of the selfish
carelessness of their neighbors.
Woman's   Suffrage   Debate.
Tomorrow night at the Churchman's
Club the subject of Woman's Suffrage
will be debated by four ladies. The
resolution is "That women are qualified
to exercise the franchise and entitled
to it on the same terms as men." The
affirmative will be maintained by Misses
McVlcar and Wade, the negative by
.Misses Bate and McLennan. A committee of three judges will decide not
on the merits of the question but of the
debaters. A general discussion will follow. There will also be a musical programme. The proceedings will begin
at 8 o'clock. All interested arc invited
to attend.
Oldest   Woman   in   B.  C.
Airs. .Margaret Hall, the oldest woman In New Westminster, and probably in Urilish Columbia, has just celebrated her ninety-sixth birthday. Mrs.
Hall is a woman of remarkable vitality,
aud although years have told much on
her during the past few months, she
still retains the full use of all her faculties, except her hearing, which was
quite good until recently. Her memory
is wonderfully clear, and she Is able to
recall many important events of the
early pan of the last century, including
tho great fire at Miramichi, N. li., which
occurred about 1826, while the stirring
times of tin; American War and the
American Civil War are quite fresh in
her miud. Mrs. Hall is the daughter of
Scotch parents, and was born at Si.
John, N. U., on March 29, 1812. She
had a twin brother who also lived to a
ripe age, being ninety ; wire old at the
time of his death.
Back   from   England.
B\ J. Bammona has returned from
bis visit to his old home In England,
While absent Mr. Saniinons took unto
himself a wire and they are ���pending
the day ln Nelson     Hi' has much lo tell
ot ills trip, which in- enjoyed Immense-
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills Sts.
Phone   19.
8ETS   FOR   A   FEW   DAYS.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop,
A Trial will convince you
that T. and B. Tea is best tea
on the market.     Just try it?
Sold only by
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
With the disappearance of the snow,
and the advent of spring, the children
have again taken ut out-of-doors.
The old game of "Ball'' is always a
first, and prime favorite.
To have a good game you must have
a good ball.
That means not merely a ball newly
bought from the store but a ball newly
made���fresh from the factory, with new
live rubber in it.
We have just opened up a splendid
stock of fresh new balls.
Double   Skin   Balls   from 15c   up
Plain  Gray   Balls from      5c  up
Colored   Balls  from 10c   up
See them in our window.
W. Q* Thomson
S???iV8��lR "d   Nelson, B. C.
Phon. 34.
ly. He says everyone ls talking about
llritish Columbia, and he is of the opinion that during the coming summer
there will be a large number of old
country people who will take up their
permanent residence in this province.
These people will have the capital requisite to establish themselves permanently in fruit-growing and the province
will be greatly benefitted by their pres
ence. Mr. Sammons feels that something should he done to instruct the
newcomers as to the best points of location. Many of them are unacquainted with tlie geography of the country
and it would be money well spent if the
trains were supplied with literature
dealing with the resources of the Interior. It would be better still if
someone were sent out to the main line
to meet the newcomers. During his
absence Mr. Sammons spoke a good
word for British Columbia generally
and the interior in particular wherever
he visited.
William Hunter, M. I.. A. for Slocan.
Is In town from  Silverton.
R. M. Bird left for the coaBt last
evening and will be absent three weeks
His Honor Judge Hrown arrived from
Greenwood last night and Is at the
Mrs. I,. I*. Miltonberger returned lo
the city last night from St. I.ouis nnd
is at the Strathcona.
F. O. Fauquier Is In town from
Needles und reports lhat lhe influx of
horueseekers has already  begun.
Mr nnd Mrs. SV. Frank Teelzel ur
rived from the coast last night und are
ut Uie Strathcona. Mr. Teetzel will
leave tomorrow morning for Creston
where he has Interests In fruit lands
He will return lo Nelson In a few days.
Fred Burn left this morning for
Mexico hy way of Spokane, Sent lie,
Tort land and San Ernnclsco. He goes
as representative of P, Burns und company to look after tholr mining Interests In the southern republic. He hopes
to reach San IJIego In time to take part
In the reception to the American Allan-
tic fleet, to which he has received a
formal Invitation.
Notice Is hereby given that appllca
tion will be made by the undersigned
at the next sitting of the Board or
License Commissioners for the City of
Nelson, to be held thirty days after the
date hereof, for a transfer of the liquor
HccnBe standing ln tbe name of the
Estate of Oeorge Harrison (deceased)
for the premises known as the Lakevlew
Hotel In the City of Nelson, situate on
Lots 13, 14 and 16, In Block 67, Subdivision of Lot 90, Group 1, Kootenay
district, to Napoleon Mallette of the
said city.
Dated this 17th day of March, A.D.
Administrator of the estate and effects
of Oeorge Harrison (deceased.!
Wholesale aud   Ketall Denlers id
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps pupplied on shortest notice ami
lowest prirw. Nothing but   fresh and
wholesome meats and supple- kept in stock
Wail orders receive careful uit-ntion.
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Manager.
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
All shapes and facings.
These blocks are absolutely the best
material to be had for building pur
poses, foundation?, retaining walls, etc.,
being cheaper than brick or stunt'.
Tenders given on all kinds of building
work.    Stock on hand.
Head Office:  Baker Street, Nelson. B.C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fuel Co.
N. E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
Notice to Creditors*
In the   matter of the  estate  and  effects
of   George   Harrison   (deceased.)
NOTICK is hereby given that all
creditors aud othurd having claims
against the estate of the said George
Harrison, deceased, who died at Nelsou,
British Columbia, on tho 27 ih day of
December, 1U01, are required on or before the liUth day of April next to send
by post, prepaid, or deliver to the undersigned, their Christian and surnames,
addresses and descr.ptions, the full particulars of their claims, the statement
of their accounts and tho nature of the
seeuiities (if anyj held by them:
And further take notice that after
such last mentioned date the administrator will pruceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among thu parties
entitled thereto having regard only to
the claims of which he shall then have
notice, and that the said administrator
will not be liable for tho aald asseUj or
any part thereof to any person or persona of whose claims notice shall not
have been received by him at tbe time
of such  distribution.
Dated at Nelson, II. C, this 17th day
of March, A. D. 11108.
Solicitors for the Administrator.
James II.  Harrison
III l he limit er (if an ftppl li'qt in n fur Um 1 hi, tic ol
A ...iitllfHli* C.TlMli'aU- ��.I   Title for litm 4,(1, It, ||,
Jy, 'ib, and 3-2, ot lot aw, --roup  One,   in   the
i 'i- t r !���  1   of  K'MllfllHV  i  \1   ��� i. >���<-,
tfoUoo i�� heraby riven thai u in my intent'on
tn Lana ut the exblretfOD uf ..in- montfa after the
flnt publication nerval * da plicate "( t tic* Cot-
nhvati-nf utle fur tin- itbuvr mentioned lot* in
tbe name ot Kulmr.t Helms, w l,p ti ' erlifl. ate nf
Title u datad Lbi   .Mih amy ot Norambar, 1900,
anil  tiumhiTi'i. Q810A,
i..iu'i   Ketftitry  <Miicu,  Nelnoii,  B.  0.. .faiiimry
Kill, |!A)H.
"II   P. Mac Leon,"
Jil.Htrl.it H>ul*f rar.
UT ANTKD    A ���<"".) buy, under 17 yearn of M��/i-
ti) learn tne jewelry bniinow. Thin i* an
exceptional opportunity for the r.KM kind uf
a imy.   Apply lu J.0, 1'ateUMinle,  NftnUfftCtUrlni
pOB BALE at a bargain pi exoneof* for Van-
I       pouvrr property an hIiih.ni   iirw. modern In
every roapeet 12 roomed  reatdenna    lull ba*e-
menl with [urn-mien  niiIihi>i<< (or biiiiiini  room.
I'p to-ilae titrtlile h ml earrl-in'* lioum;     Two   hire
lot* in the  fluent   reNl.liMil   fKirtlon   nf  Mpokum-,
The owner* ba-Mn*M Intereiu bare been trmiH-
ferrei] lo the cohnI.    For fnrfh-T pattenUm wiltc
P. O. Hoi U01, Vhih ouver, B. C.
FOR SALE���160 ncrea on the Pend
d'Orellle River, anil outuidu the frost
belt Boulli of Nelson, oontalniiiK Km)
acres of natural meadow land, balanoe
open land, easily cleared, part Improve
mints.     Price  $25 per  acre.
For particulars; of this and other
propositions  reply
BOX  987,   NELSON,   B.   C.
Mall orders promptly ^
Looking back, I see, I never saw before.
This is ii xclamatton <>f latlafled customer!
fully stubbofn cits.-s tbat others have   failed   In.
We make a specialty of tine watch   repairing,
tended to.
J.  J.   WALKER,  Jewel*
W'holemiie  t>ro\'laslon��.t
Produce, - fruit.
Government Creamery One Pound Bneks received weekly freah from lis
churn.    For sale by all loading frrocera
Office and warehouse : Houston Block,    Pnone 79,
Josephine Street.       -        -        -       Nelson, B. C.
It behooves every man lo look aflsr
bis new hcadwear, and new is ti*
I in.- and here the place where you can
gel the most recent styles and the ne��
est shades In nobby Hats. There ��:-
Soft Hats and Hard Hats���Hats ��ita
low and hlsjh crowns, broad and narms
lirltns. bound and unbound Made it
siz"8 to lit all heads and suit all facn
And  the prices  will fit all [Kickeu loo
J. A. Cilker
This  Is  the  season  of the  year  w hen  you  devote your attention to tbii
household duty. We are prepared to meet your requirements with a full line ol
Ready   Mixed   Paints,   all   color.,
Alabastine,   Muralo.
Varniahea,   Stains.   Enam.ls,
Everything   necessary   for   the  renovation   of  your  houae.
JL H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelson Branch.
����������������� ************* **************v* ******************
\ Fruit   Trees
Home crown fruit and shade
trees, currants, gooseberries), urape
vines, etc., etc. One of our specialties Is our large Held grown rosea.
Thes,- will bloom lhe first year.
Bend for our descriptive catalogue nnd price list, and Klve us a
I rial order. The largest growers
In   It.  C.
{The Riverside Nurseries
***************** ******** ****************************
Pure and rheai
We have 1000 pounds of
which wi* will sell at a bargain
5 lbs. for $1.00.
Special prici-s tor larger lots.   Come
In   ami   Inquire.
Ciioqueite Bros,
Phone  258.
THE   Unto Date   Baker,
F. C. GREEN        r". P. KUKDEn        A. H.GREfN
C'vil Engineers, Dominion and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Boi US    Phonr 2.1 B.
Geo. P. Player
INU   44   SMKI.TINO   CO.
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT    BLOCK
Jobbing promptly attended to    Has.
and Estimates.
Apply 415  Hall St.
Box 3��.
INBLSOIN,     -     B. O.
./   (Fr**^
We make a specialty of
hardware Supplies
For   Ranchers
Send  ns your mall orders.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co


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