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The Daily Canadian May 4, 1907

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Array .sisiative f__7.r
Hmr I.   No. 281.
NELSON, B. a, SATURDAY, HAY 4, 1907.
Fnrr Cbnts a Month
[led by Three Fifths
���per cent of Striking Coal Min-
Votc  for   Agreement���
[Peace Restored at Last.
ecial to The Dally Canadian.)
Lie. May 4. 3 p. m.,���The total vote
agreement etood  1,069 for, and
isn&t. giving a majority of 377.
t*s* only gave Ita majority vote.
vote would be nearly 1,900.
I Member Patteraon waa unable to
j-...-.'   this  morning and the  die-
is.,s--j meeting waa poatponed un-
|arrival, when the agreement will
���lied by the board.
le,    May    4. ��� Early    yeaterday
ankhead    result    arrived, wblch
Id si luajurity ln favur uf a return
Irk and In favur uf Uie prupuseu
t    Frum that time uut It wae
ant   that   everyune   realized  that
suit, as far aa vuting  waa cun-
��us decisive,  although  official
have nut  been  given out.      Aa
Isussed away excitement gradual-
BW  and linputieuce   was  general.
e train frum the  Kast  waa four
late, nut arriving  until after 1's
ha.   operators   Whiteside   of lilair*
|, Rogers and Ualer frum Coleman,
ills.    When the train for Ferule
jd thiuugh Michel with the dlatrlct
s    and    President   Sherman  on
Ui" statins, platform w*as crowd-
|ith miners.
reception accurded to Uio presl-
fully   Justified    accuunllng    fur
Is adverse vote as antl-Sbernian.
live laughter aud shouts were given
��� platform, one man asking, "Have
|gsst the check In your pocket, Sher-
lluw much is It for?" and an-
shouted, "Are you going to Fer-
io be chairman of  the  operators,
lis.sis:'   The feeling of antagonism
president ls  most  pronounced.
|cual  ,,_,. ratora   arrived from   the
with    President    Sh rman   and
I   Galvln,  Sullivan   and  Morgan.
u|ssraiors met at 2 o'clock ln In-
W   '-'inference,    but no statement
fgiveu uut.   At that time Canmore
I ibreck    camps had not been
from, but later reBults show that
these placet went In favor of the
far as could be ascertained at 5
hii-t night when the district execu-
hi ussl was In session, au effort was
B made by Deputy Minister King
ring about a settlement last nlghl.
herman hail aunounced the resulis
night, even lf the official ballots
nui all arrived, the majority was
���* enough to warrant him In making
announcement that the men hud by
iibatanUal majority agreed to the
���I'osiiun, then an endeavor would be
fie Us hold it meeting of the concilia-
hoard hurriedly aud tho result thus
"Hissed would have enabled the
r,l lu act. ThiB would be done by
pmonlng hoth parties before the
* when un announcement wot'ld be
Wt" '���>' lhe disputants lhat an Inde-
Pileiit arrangement had been arrived
Tali would end the proceedings of
* : dilation board, which would
Rurally dlSBulve and the minors' rep-
'���'Unlives nnd operators' would sign
���u 'ssniiiieto the nrrangment between
" "iul duly ratified by the men, and
I rouble would be at an end. This
'he arrangement, so far aB was
P"��'ii last night.
After   the   operators'   meeting   was
they all returned to the hotel and
|allfd the result of the district board
eetlng, then being held.
[Deputy Minister King was sent for
pH shortly afterwards Operator Lewla
Ktockett, and nearly an hour elapaed
'Ithout result.    Excitement la Intense,
I* It Is believed there is a hitch somewhere afler all.
Following are thc results of the vote,
pnofflcial, so far as known:
Michel, 139 f0r, 249 against.
' rank, BO for, 77 agalnBt.
Wile   93 for, 17 against.
Bankhead, 96 for, 30 agalnat,
Canmore, 69 for, 63 agalnBt.
Lundbrock majority In favor not
Culemun, majority In favor not
Fernie and Coal Creek, majority In
favor not known.
Hlllcrest, majority In favor not
Particulars aB to the agreement are
nol given out, nor are they likely lo be
until the signal urea of both disputants
have been attached. Prettiest Sherman lias nothing to say, but may have a
Btatement to make today.
The following Is reported to be a summary of the new agreement, but ihis
Is not obtained from any authoritative
source: The ordinary outside laborers
are to receive an advance of 12 1-2 per
cent. The lowest class of labor is to
be paid $2 a day. and this misans lhat
they will henceforth receive $2.25. Tlie
remainder of the outside labor will
have a 5 per cent advance. Blacksmith's helpers will thereby lie Increased from $2.50 to $2.62 1-2. The
blacksmiths themselves will receive
I3.C7 1-2 instead of $3.60 as at present
The contract miners In certain mines
will receive increased remuneration,
but In others where the pay is already
high there will be no advance. This
will tend to that uniformity for which
the leaders of the miners have been
contending. An arrangement Is being
made whereby the principle of the
closed shop will be, ln effect, observed.
New York, May 4.���Strikes among
longshoremen along the water front of
both New York and Brooklyn have become epidemic. Today it Is esUmated
that nearly 300 men have gone out. All
demand an Increase of at least five
centa an hours for day work and 15
cents more for overtime or nlgbt work.
Much shipping is tied up.
First  International  Fair  Ever  Held  In
Dublin Waa Formally Opened
Dublin, May 4.���The Irish International exhibition, Irish In much of its
spirit, but truly international Jn Its
scope, waa formally opened today with
ceremoniea suitable to the occasion.
The Marquis of Ormonde presided over
the opening ceremonies and all the dignitaries of the state and church took
The Bcojie of the exhibition Is Irish
and international in its widest sense.
There are Bections for the display of
Irish industries: history and education:
fine arts, Including photography and engraving: artB and crafts: liberal; manufactures; textiles and various allied Industries; motors, gas lighting, heating
and rooking; agricultural Implements
and chemical Industries; horticulture
and arboriculture; sport and fishing;
mining and metallurgy; hygiene; women's section;  cottage industries.
Outside of the purely business aspects
of the exhibition, the amusements of
the visitors will be amptly citered to.
Musical entertainments, vocal and instrumental, of a high class, will be provided. Special concerts devoted te Irish
music will be given, and the best Instrumental bands of Oreat Britain have
been engaged. Other amusements of a
novel character���water chutes, switchback, etc., have been provided.
The exposition grounds are at Herbert park, about a mile and a quarter
from tbe business section of Dublin on
the line to Dalkey. The land wass recently presented to the Pembroke urban
district by the Earl of Pembroke, one
of the vice-presidents of the exhibition,
In commemoration of his son, Ixird
Herbert. Altogether Ute grounds of thc
exposition cover about fifty-two acres.
The buildings are large and ornate,
and strictly consonant with the natural
beauty of the park and Ihe beauties of
Dublin and of Ireland In general. A lake,
fountains and a wealth of shrubs snd
flowers form the beuutlful seltlng for
the magnificent structures. The main
entrance to the exhibition Ib at Hal s-
brldgc. -with uther entrances on the
south side of the park, In the vlclulty
of Donnybrook.
Directly opposite Uie main entrance
Is the principle building, with Uie central octagonal courl, 215 feet in diameter, surrounded by a corridor opening
into four radial wings, each 154 fee
long and 60 feet wide. An octagonal
dome towers over the centre of thi.
building to the height of 150 feet. Pa-
viVlonsV the British, foreign and col-
onlal exhibits are P^ �������*_"��
building and then logically and artls
UcaTly come the buildings for the motor
cars, electricity, Irish Wjfft^ft
lnery and power houses and dining and
^ndtoKU. are already �����*������
the exhibition will draw hundred. of
thousands of visitors to IrelanI'MOW
flrst time thiB summer. �� ls ex| '������,
tof that the fair will form ��� *
which will draw thousa��*? ��f Iriim
Americana back to thelrjildjiomes.
Have Another.
British Cabinet Afraid A
Campbell Binnerman Ministry Arc ia
Quandary���Can't Grant Preference���Daren't Refuse.
London, May 4.���The story behind
the BCenes ln connection with the visit
of the colonial premiers to London is
very different from that given in the
published report of the proceedings and
the public speeches of tbe visitors and
members of the government, lf the
whole truth could be told the Empire
would be revolted by the situation
which has been created by the mori-
bund Liberal government.
It Is hardly a secret that the Camp-
bell-Bannerman ministry has been devoting all its efforts to render the con*
Terence abortive upon all but minor issues. There ls anything but harmony
among the colonial representatives
themselves, but this ls hardly suprislhg
when a freak of fortune brings such men
as Gen. Botha and Dr. Jameson together in the same assembly. Gen.
Botha's public atUtude ls more patrl-
uUc than Uie flag Itself. He came to
London with two demands or requests
ln behalf of the new Boer colony, one
that the two provinces which were
transferred from tbe Transvaal to Natal
be restored, and the other that his government be allowed to raise end equip
a Transvaal force of 40,000 men, who
naturally would be almost entirely
Boers, lf these things are granted he
is willing to meet the home government's view in regard to the demand
for oolonial preference, whereupon
most of the other colonial premiers are
most pressing.
Dr. Jameson and other South African
Englishmen hotly resent Gen. Botha'B
proposals. They are extremely bitter
against the home government for their
unparalleled concessions to their late
Boer enemies. They argue that the
Boer mind Is entirely incapable of appreciating the British government's liberal treatment, which they Interpret as
a sign of weakness only, and these observers affirm that the natives of the
Transvaal are already cherishing Uie
Idea of regaining their independency.
These feelings are so strong in Cape
Colony that a high official of the Cape
government, who is now in I.ondon, openly threatened a few days ago that 11
Gen. Botha'B demands were granted the
other South African colonies would secede from the Empire and whip the
Boers themselves.
Gen. Botha has already been told that
he cannot have the Natal provinces,
but the Bannerman government is still
considering the question of permitting
the creation of a Boer army under the
Brltlah flag. They seem inclined to
grant tbe request under the condition
that the commander shall be an English
officer, and they aro Innocently asking
why the equipment should Include artillery, when the purpose of the force
ls merely to keep order among the native population.
8uch Ib one feature of the colonial
love feaat. Another and a more Important one Is tho bitter controversy
over colonial preference as regurds the
tariff. Prime Minister Sir Henry Camp.
bell-Bannerman considers that It ls his
duty to refuse this under the popular
mandate Involved ln the vote of the
country which placed his party In power. But several premiers of Important
colonies are bo insistent on UUb subject that they hove decided to refuse
to take "no" for an answer. They go
farther. They demand the privilege of
making commercial treaties for (hem-
selves with foreign power., such a.
Canada did virtually ln her commercial
agreement with Oermany two years ago.
Their argument for a reciprocal tariff
with the mother country is that the
schedule can be ao arranged that pricea
of imports In Oreat Britain to consumers will not be materially affected, because the colonies can supply everything which need be taxed nlniost as
cheaply as Is now paid to olher sources
of supply. Free trade within the Empire,
or almost free trade, would not seriously violate the principles of the Liberal
party. But Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman dare not concede what la virtu
ally the chief article of faith In his political opponents. His position Is embarrassing to the point of exasperation,
yet he must preserve an atUtude of loving aollcltude toward these representatives of the Greater Brltlah Empire
while refusing the only thing which they
almost unanimously demand. The matter has already reached an extreme
stage, and It has practically been decided hy a majority of tbe colonial premiers that If the government refuses
any concessions tbey will .after dispersing, issue a Joint protest and appeal
In addresses to the British public.
Such action by representatives of the
test of the F.mpire would put
the greatest humiliation upon the
Bannerman ministry than was
ever inflicted upon a British
government. There is abundant evidence that the feeling ln tbe country
has so completely changed ln the last
15 months that there Is no chance of
their returning to power if a general
election should be held. The Liberal
leaders are fully aware of this. It ls no
Becret that the reason why Winston
Churchill has been appointed a Privy
Councillor Instead of being raised to
cabinet rank waa because the govern*
ment dare not risk an appeal to his
Manchester constituency for his re-election.
Popular Indignation is increasing
agaitisi the government for its parsimony, which is crippling the army and
navy. Tbey bave dismissed, for In-
stlnce, 13,000 men from the Woolwich
Arsenal, and ln response to the labor
protest. Prime Minister Camptsell-Ban-
nerman blandly says that the men can
easily get work at private works, like
the Kynochs or Armstrongs. This has
been investigated with the result that
all auch establishments report that they
are discharging men because the government is not issuing contracts. Reports from Krupps and other German
works and the steel works of the
United States, on thc other hand, show
a great demand for labor, and the men
who have been discharged from Woolwich are emigrating rapidly.
But no amount of public opposition
can affect the government's hold upon
office. No Blow series of by-elections
can imperil their enormous majority
and they can remain in power for another five yeara nnless internal dissensions or very shame induces them to
yield to a popular demand for a fresh
August Nagoreen's Claim for Damages
Settled by Company.
The second case on the civil list wa.
Nagorsen vs. Granby, a claim made
under the Workmen's Compensation
Act for damages for injuries received
by the plaintiff while In the employ of
the defendant I Taylor & O'Shea appeared for the plaintiff. J. A. Macdonald, K. C, and A. D. Whiteside, for the
company. ���
When court resumed thiB afternoon
counsel announced that the case had
been settled for $1,600 and costs.
Meeting of School Board and Council���
Trustees Will  Decide About
Building on Monday.
City Engineer Lawrence haa completed his plans of the grounds of the public school and the proposed levelling
They have been accepted by the school
hoard, and as soon as a sufficient number of duplicates of the blue prints can
he made, the board will meet again to
decide the queation of calling for competitive plan..
A special meeting of the Joint building committee was held In Dr. Arthur's
office last night at 8 o'clock.
There were present Dr. Arthur, A. D.
Emory and W. Irvine, of the school
hoard, and Aldermen Irving and, McMorris, antl City Engineer R. Farror
Mr. Lawrence exhibited elaborate
plans of the grounds In sections. He
estimated that to bring the grounds to
proper level for u play ground, preserving a fall of one foot ln ths�� hundred for
drainage, 3300 feet of cutting and 4500
feet of filling would be required. The
balance of 1200 feet could be taken
from the excavation, the remainder to
be applied for filling on the Ward street
On motion of Dr. Arthur, seconded
by A. D. Emory, Mr. Lawrence's plans
of grading were accepted.
The question of securing competitive
plans wa. then discussed. Mr. Law.
rence submitted an offer to prepare
plan, and specification, for one per
cent of the grow outlay, and to superintend the erection, including lighting
and heaUng, for 2-V4 per cent. He uld
that he had built about 40 schools In
England and New Zealand.
Mr. Lawrence further expressed the
opinion that few reputable architects
would submit competitive plans without
bonuses In the present busy state of the
No definite decision was reached. Tbe
board adjourned to meet Monday at
9:30 a. in.
Stores of Arms Smuggled
Goremment Still Playing with Douma
���Wut Dram Head Court
Martial Abolished.
St. Petersburg, May 4.���A note published In the -semi-official Rossla today
dealing with President Golopln's statement in the Lower House of Parliament yesterday that the war minister
had been notified of the fact that the
abolition of drum head court martial,
was to be discussed, declares the minister was entirely unaware that the
parliamentary committee proposed not
only the abolition of drumhead court-
martial, but that the cases of those
condemned to penal servitude by such
courts should be transferred to the
ordinary -courts.
"This," the note concludes, "Is tantamount to quashing the sentences of
these courts, and claims for the Duma
powers which it does not possess. This
claim deprived the minister of justice
of the possibility of making the reply
which he intended to make."
The Rossia's announcement has again
revived the rumor, of the approaching
dissolution of parliament However, a
cabinet official assured the correspondent of the Associated Pre., that such
action waa not contemplated.
London, May 4.���Russia's Csar and
the Cabal which rules him may well
shudder at the activity ot the revolutionary party, whioh ia plotting to overthrow the present government, for
subatantlal proof of the grim determination of thi. ever increasing army of
citizens to obtain relief from the preaent despoUc administration la found ln
the vast stores of guns and ammunition being rushed into the empire
through Finland. Thousands of pounds
worth ot this contraband has been
seised in the hut few days, and when
It Is considered that the supplies
seised represent only a small portion of
the total shipments, there is reason to
believe that before many years the people of the Cnr'i realm will be supplied
with the means to make a demonstration that will pale all the previous
slaughters for which Russia has won
unenviable note.
Hundreds of clever and vigilant police, equipped with every known resource to combat this blockade running,
haunt the waters through which the
supplies of the rebels are pushed, but
tbey are arrayed against people more
clever than themselves, who.get vast
quantities of arms past them.
One thousand pounds is the value ol
the ammunition which has come into
the hands of the police ln thc north of
England within the last few days.
Vast stores of ammunition have been
seised at Newcastle, the first seizure
being at a house let ln tenements, and
the second In an old stable, to which
a flat cart waa driven In the middle of
the night by three mysterious men.
More than a hundred thousand Mauser cartridges and many thousand
cartridge clips form the total capture
by the Newcastle police. To this must
be added thirty thousand exactly similar cartridges which bave come Into
the possession of the Sunderland police
as the result of raids.
There la evidence of vast traffic in
this contraband ot war. Large numbers ot case, of cartridge, have been
shipped Into the Tyne and the Wear,
where local centres have been established. It Is believed that eimlllar centres have been established at Grimsby
and Edinburgh.
Spanish American Republic Are All Involved In Fight.
City of Mexico, May 4.���There were
few developments tn the guild affair
yesterday. At the state department lt
was said that no reply had yet been received to the note requeatlng the extradition of General Ua, who Is charged
with complicity In the assassination ot
General Barmlllaa. The government admitted that troops are being sent to
the border but denied that this can be
construed as a mobilisation. Nevertheless great activity prevails In the local
barracks   and  report   ls   that   similar
condlUons exist In the military district
at Chapis on tbe Guatemala border.
General Satuador Toledo la at Mayaxa,
Nicaragua. It Is rumored that he ls
about to start for Honduras and that
within a few weeks he will be at the
head of a Guatemalan revbluUonary
array and ready to strike at the
Oversla government.
May   Snow    Storms    Reported    From
Many Quarters.
St. John's, Que., May 4��� A snow
storm Is raging here today.
Kansas City, Mo., May 4.���There was
a light fall of snow here and in northwest Missouri today following a cold
Lincoln, Neb,. May 4.���Snow, which
ln some places fell to a depth of four
inches, covered the greater part of
Nebraska today, breaking all known
records for May, not only in the precipitation of snow, but in the temperature, which registered 27 degrees early
in the day. The snow waa driven by a
heavy wind in the eastern part of the
state and had all the features of a blls-
zards with drift, delaying trains.
Dementia Americana?
New York, May 4.���A despatch from
Liberty, N. Y., says that Philip Sullivan, aged 44, manager of the Liberty
House -billiard parlor, waa shot aad
killed last, night by Michael Noeth. Sullivan was romping with his children on
the lawn at his home when Noeth, who
is a neighbor, shot him without warning.
Noeth is under arrest. No -cause Is
known for the tragedy.
Mining Operations Hampered by Prolonged Strike���Quotations en
Stock Market
The coal strike has absorbed Interest
in mining for the week. The Oranby
and Dominion Copper Co.'s smelters
are closed down, and the other, will
have to follow soon unless condlUons
change. The big mines have already
restricted shipments.
In the newer districts, however,
preparations for the summer's work
are going ahead satisfactorily.
The stock market for the paat week
while rather dull at the opening, revived and was quite active during the
laat day or so. Cobalt securities continued heavy, and the Bpokane exchange reports a falling off In business.
The feature of the week's trading was
the great demand for Western OH.
These shares advanced from |1.(0 to
11.80, at which price they remained firm
and in great demand. This advance ls
accounted for by reason of the secretary of the company being sucessful in
securing funds for this organization and
the probability of work commencing on
the property almost at once.
Cariboo McKinney waa also in demand at about two cents above the recent quotations but no. reason can be assigned tor such advance. Rambler Cariboo remained firm and almost unchanged. International Coal was also
very firm at about a cent higher
though tew shares changed hands. Sullivan was inactive and In no demand.
Dominion Copper advanced about tl
per share during the week, with heavy
tradings. B. C. Copper fluctuated only
a point or bo each way and waa almost
unchanged throughout the week.
Following are the approximate quotations for the week ending today:
Bid.       Asked.
Alberta C. A  C  I     .29   t     .31
American Boy 01%      .01 %
B. C. Copper (closed)     7.50
Brack, k Lund Coal .       .57
Belcher 40
Con. Smelters    110.00
Can. Gold Fields ....       .0514
Cariboo McKinney  ..       ,03tt
Diamond Vale 24
Dom. Copper         6.50
Fort y-nlue Creek 05
Giant  02
Oranby     130.00
Intel.   Coal
La Plata Mines	
Nicola Coal Mines ..
North Star	
Rambler Cariboo ....
W.   Bear (Fully Pd.)..
Western Oil  	
2.31 tt
.04 tt
HcNUIan verses Wheeler
Rossi's Heart Broken.
Milan, May, 4.���Arcangelo Rossi, the
tenor who was with the Conried Opera
company ln Ban Francisco during the
earthquake, and who, aa a result of the
fright he experienced haa not since
been well, endeavored to commit suicide here yesterday. Recently he lost
hla voice. This calamity weighed lo
deeply on his mind that he went crazy
and yesterday he cut out his tongue
wllh a pair of scissors. He was taken
to a hospital In a critical condition. Last
winter In New York Rossi during a performance at the Metropolitan Opera
House broke down and afterwards did
not sing thore.
Tat of Judgment is the Celebrated
Cbtm for Commtuka oa
Sale of Krao.
When court resumed this morning
Mr. Taylor began his argument for the
plaintiff. He urged that the evidence
ot McMillan and Stubbs, contradicted
only by Wheeler, showed that the plain-
US had been given su exclusive right
of sale for 30 days, and that by the defendant's violating the right, he had
lost the commission he would otherwise
have earned.
Mi. Macdonald roes to reply but the -jl
court Intervened, his lordship assuring
the counsel that no reply was needed.
He then delivered judgment as loliows:
"As I intimated daring the course ot
the argument, I think the issue Is a direct one of fact as to the event that
took place ln the Hotel Strathcona.
Apart from that the contract set np by
the plaintiff has I think clearly not been
broken by the defendant With regard
to the question as to the making of
the agreement at the Hotel Strathcona
I Had aa a tact that no auch agreement
waa ever entered Into. That means ot
course that I believe the story of the
defendant and I do not believe the story
of the plaintiff and of Stubbs. I am deciding the caae, as far as Is humanly
possible, enUrely on the evidence of
Uie plaintiff, Stubbs, aud the defendant
A. D. Wheeler; taken of course la conjunction with the documentary evidence
aad the surrounding circumstances. To
find that the defendant A. D. Wheeler
entered into such an agreement as alleged at (be Hotel Strathcona wo-aM ba
to find that at one .particular moment
during this transaction he executed a
volte face It I may use the tenn, of a
most pronounced description. Consistently throughout he insisted that his price
waa one hundred thousand dollars, and
that he wonld give the plaintiff a reasonable chance to sell, the property tor
more than that He went so tar aa to
agree, to give him the assurance, that
when his man was tn a position to make
an examination he would hold off trom .'���_]
sny attempt to sell to other parties dnr-
Ing such examlnaUon; but beyond that ,|
I do not think he ever agreed.
"Then after the alleged arrangement
at the Hotel Strathcona there came two
particular occasions upon which the
plaintiff should have spoken: There ls
a time to speak and a time to keep
silence. When these parties were together at the property, McDowell,
Wheeler and the plaintiff, and the matter was being discussed, I do not say
that the plsinUff tn the presence of McDowell should have reminded the defendant of their bargain, but certainly
he should have reminded Wheeler. Then
again Wheeler wrote that he had discovered that there was no connecUon
between Zwlckey's visit and the previous visit of McDowell then most decidedly it was for the plaintiff to expostulate.
"Another element which leads me to
disbelieve the plaintiff ls the story with
regard to the fee of Winchell, sworn to
be an eminent engineer, and to say that
an engineer of any standing or char
acter would enter Into such an agreement as McMillan alleges Is to my mind
absolutely Incredible.
"As to Stubbs I experience some difficulty. To believe him ls to believe an
utterly incredible story as It appears to
me. As a matter of fact if McMillan's
story was to be believed there wea no
suggestion In the conversation between
him and Wheeler of a consummated (leal
In their Interview at the Strathcona,
and yet apparently without any other
knowledge gained from other quarters
Stubbs approaches McMillan and congratulates him ou a concluded deal. My
own opinion ls that 8tubbs' evidence Is
the evidence of a man to whom certain
thing, have been suggested so frequently and with such a wealth of detail that
he- has finally come to believe them to
bo facts
"I think I need add nothing further
beyond this, that aa I said before I
have endeavored as far as Is humsnly
possible to cut out trom the case and
from my mind all recollections ot the
story told by Paterson and Spry. I am
deciding the case entirely on the evidence of Wheeler, the plaintiff, Stubbs,
and the documentary evidence. I dismiss the action with costs."
Killed by Oas.
New York. May 4.���William Cross,
38 yeara old, and his wife, and their
two sons were found dead from Inhaling Illuminating gas In their home In
Jersey City today. The gas that killed
them had come from a pipe connecting
with the meter In the cellar and which
waa to have been connected with a gas
range In the kitchen. The police believe that the four deaths resulted rrom
muH I
' '���!'
The Dafly Canadian
��� STORES     ���
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in a!) sizes and -weights
UNDERWEAR   at  all  prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SCX.   MITTS,   etc-   etc.
HAV.   FLOUR and   FEED. "*���
In all these Hues *.ve offer excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
capital paid up. .. St.���kjaoa REST ���n.tso.ooo.
D B W1LKIE. Preddenr, HOX. ROBERT JJlFPRAT, Vi-o-e-Pnffldent
Branch-:, is British Columbia.:
SOLDfcN',      MSLSOH,     RKVE_jjTO__E,
Depcisit'. receiT-M and u:tr*ns_-; ailcrweri at highest   current rate from date ot
-peninc ��� account, and compsjanded quarterly
J.  M.   LAY- Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Capital
 J3.900.rD00    Reserve Fund H.390.000
IS Brinch-M in British Coltimbu.
A Gcncril Banking Business Tnniictti
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards receiTi
est current rate. Mid ere lited quarterly,
whatever in the withjra-*iii of the whole
J Interest allowed thereon at high-
L*--;.^;itors are subject to no delay
cr any part of their deposits.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published fix tssft x wee* ty tbe
Bikarfe, fteit m, b. c.
HucMt-rlptlou .-��:���- iv .*sz:t a. -oath delivered
ta the hit, or t,.- a yetu U will by m��.. when
em ic ID advane*
drtrtisics rat*-* od application.
hi  monies pmid iu   wiUtmfE-. of  Tbe P*lly
ladl*j_  anoiiQU. either fan - ibtedpUqpfl or
ertifing most be receli te : foi .**. the printed
na of to*-* Umptnt,   Whet racetpti are not
MAY ���*. 1907.
Tbe question of Lhe obligation of loyalty tu party in now attracting considerable attention in many parts of Canada,
and party loyalty as a motive of political action [g reoahrtag in some quarters
excessive praise, ia others execessive
Canada, it may be pointed out, haa
not suffered greatly from excessive loyalty to party. Twice the Conservative
party has been driven from office by its
own members. In lfc73 the disclosure of
the fact that the C. P. R. company bad
contributed to Conservative campafgii
funds led to the rout of the party at the
polls. In l&yti defeat was caused by
division of the party over honest difference of opinion.
ln the provinces similar things haw
bapi��ened. The .MercU-r ^ournmem ia
���Quebec fell for open and notorious dis
honesty although Quebec was even then
overwhelmingly Liberal, ln 1&*>*4 thou.��
ands of Ontario Liberals voted to driv*
G. W. Ross from power. In the recen"
campaigu In British Columbia man:-
men who are normally Liberal voted t.
sustain the McBride government for tht
sake of stable and efficient adminlstra
Men divide naturally Into two parties
one conservative, the other e.iiier for 8
change. In old countrb*s were condf
tlons are settled even the reforming
party is usually rather conservative. In
new countries where development If
the flrst requite cons.-rva'iv-s shar-f
in the work of Inducing change.
Efficient working of the party system
requires and postulates a certain degree
of stability in the political opinions and
asplratlous of the majority. It does not.
however, require that any mau shall
surrender his reason or his conscience
Into the keeping of his party leader.
There must come crises in the lives
of all parties  when internal divisions
cannot be avoided. It is well that they
sh'Uld not be avoided. Principles are
greater than party, and he is a poor
Conservative, or a poor Liberal, who
would wish his pany to retain power by
unworthy means of by a sacrifice of
But the vinne of independence and
impartiality may easily be OTer valued.
If it be true that That mans the best
cosmopolite that loves his native country best," it is also true that he is the
best patriot wlio is most de-roted to the
principles of his party and nod iealous
in attempting to make them prevail, always provided that he insists on victory
with honor or not at all.
But there is a spurious kind of adherence to party from which Canada has
suffered, and is suffering. It is the loy.
ally of the office holder or office seeker.
In Britain it is a distinct disadvantage
for a party to have to appeal to the
country as the government of the day.
The position involves heary responsibility. Its pledges must be strong
enough to win support, without committing the party to an impossible programme.
In Canada unfortunately the reverst
is true. When a government appeals
to the electorate for a renewal of confidence, its platform hardly matters. It
r.as public works to dangle before constituencies and positions in the public
- rrlw :o lure individuals. Both parties
have abused the position.
It is vain to hope that the removal of
civil service appointments from the control of members of parliament and pat-
r. nage committees would remedy al!
the evil. Th*1 cure must be more
radical. We must cultivate in Canada
the spirit that will not tolerate betrayal
ot principles for imn? triumph or pergonal gain.
Tbe committal to gaol of a witness
wbo was guilty of contempt of conn
was the chief topic of conversation on
rhe street* yesterday. While some ex
presskms of sympathy for tbe perhaps
'hou-2hth=s offender were beard, it if
^ratifying to be able to re-cord tha;
there was unanimous approra! of the
stern insistence on obedience to the
court. Canadians justly pride them
selves on the purity of the admfnistra
tion of law ln this oountry. Tne maintenance of such purity requires unhesi
tating suppression of aay attempt to
secure unfair advantage, and even more
of the slightest tendency lo evade a rul
ing of the court. The dignity of the
bench is far better upheld by the jus.lge
who is jealous of the honor of the
court, than by one whose only consideration is insistence on correct millinery.
A strange situation is created by the
suppression of the results of the voting
by the mine:-* in .East Kootenay and Alberta on the question of accepting the
agreement offered by the operaturs.
What useful purpose may be served by
suppression, we are unable lo perceive.
The whole of Western Canada is profoundly interested in the decision. To
tfee miners themselves it means either
returning to well-paid employment or
remaining idle. The union officials by
their reticence axe not only prolonging
a period of painful uncertainty, ihey
are creating in many minds a doubt
whether the actual results of the voting
will be honestly declared.
Gen. Kuroki and his staff have been
welcomed by the American citiaens of
Seattle as they deserved, not only as
the official representatives of a friendly
power, but as members of a race which
[ has proved its prowess in war. its
moderation in victory, and its virtues
in peace. Japan will soon teach the
Western World that virtue. Intelligence
and power are not qualities peculiar to
the white race.
Pleasing   "At   Home"   in   Hume  School
Last Night by Trustees, Staff
and Pupils.
The entertainment given at the Hume
school last evening was one that will
not be forgotten for a long time to come
either by those who took part or those
��ho were present. For some time preparations have been going on for this entertainment. The work was under the
direction of the teachers. Miss Bate
and Miss McLennan, and they were
willingly assisted by the pupils. The
decorations of the school room testified
to the artistjc taste of those who designed them ai}d the industry and perseverance of those who carried out the
suggestions. The entertainment itself,
which might be regarded as an "at
home," given by the teachers and pupils
to the residents of Fairview, was most
creditable. A lengthy programme was
carried out with scarcely a hitch and
the children who took part and those
who came to be entertained enjoyed
themselves. It was g matter of surprise to everyone how little children
could be brought to such a degree of
perfection in so short a time. Another
thing was noticeable, that a strong
bond of sympathy exists between teachers and pupils. This did not escape the
attention of those present, and was remarked upon by nearly all. Dne credit
must be given the three school trustees.
E. A. Crease, George Gilchrist and Geo.
Playle. A good deal of the work connected with arrangement of details devolved upon those gentlemen, and they
were equal to the occasion. A word of
praise is also due the young ladies who
looked afler the refreshments wthch
were served alter the entertainment.
Mr. Crease occupied the chair and in a
few well-chosen remarks traced the history of providing educational facilities
for the youth of Fairvlew. He referred
to the time when it was difficult to
arouse any interest In the school on account of the almost inaccessible position
of the building. He paid a tribute to
the late member. Harry Wright, for his
efforts in inducing the government to
build a new school, and ln a position
where it would be convenient to all pupils. The present building was the
result of all this work. Mr. Crease's address was very interesting and was
listened to with attention. The programme which followed was a lengthy
one. It would be difficult to single out
one number that was better than the
other. After the conclusion of the programme refreshments wt-re served, and
the entertainment concluded at 10.30.
The following Is the programme:
Pianoforte Duel���May Bate and
Helen   Balding
Recitation��� Little Miss Hurry." Bertha Hurry.
Song��� In Nutting Time." 12 boys.
Recitation��� Big Dog and Little Fly."
Telespbore Marquis.
Song���"Rueben and Rachel," May
fcate and Aubuf? Philips.
Recitation���' I m A Man," Walter Gil
Song���Won't Vou Play House V 12
Rec.utjon���' If ! Were You," Tony
Song���"Sne*?iing." 12 pupils.
Pianoforte Solo��� Flre Aiarm," Helen
Dominion Dairy
Caibick ft McDonald, proprietors of
the Dominion Dairy, having dissolved
partnership by mutual consent tbe business win m fature be carried on by
W. Caibick.
Thanking our patrons for past favors
I hope to merit a continuance of their
Rotation���"The Perils of Invisibility." Frederick Hurry,
8on�����' Pollv Wolly DooflJe!'* 12
Recitation���"A Boy's Lament," Bruce
Song��� Little   Pansies,"  6   girls.
Song���"Bogie Man.' 12- girls.
Song���"First Music fiofisirn." Bruce
Gilchrist and ThorwaJd Hansen.
Tableau���"Saturday Rhyme."
Recitation���"A Watermelon." John
Rt* citation���"Father's Girl." Lilian
Song���"You Can't Play in Oor Yard."
4 pupils.
Song���"Good Bye. Little Girl. Good
Bye." school.
Recitation���"Why," Frederick   Hurry.
Song���"Little Mother," 12 pupils.
Selection by Hume band.
"God save the  King."
Suiy days afterdate 1 iuienJ to apply tothe
Honorable the Chief L'cmmiuloticr ol ln:i*!- aod
Wo-ks for ;-���-'.���.:--��� :.) to purchase the fo'lowinf
dwe-ribe-il lands in We*t Kooteuay dlatrlct: Com-*
meneiD-x at a post nUnte'l on tlte south sh>>re of
Kooteoay iake. and a *j<>iniuK UL l R block He,
10, anil marked "Tom li onion's northwtrt corner
post." thenee south 40 chalnn, ihence i ast 40
chain*, thene* north ��B chain*, mors or lest, to
Lale shore, thence west 40 chaius to point of
commence ment
Dated this anh of April, 1907.
Ton <;o��r��s.
Sixty ��� ��> > after date I Intend to apply to tbe
Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner of Landi aud
Works. Victoria, B 0L. to purchase 40 acres of
land: Commencing at a post planted at the City
of Nelson's i* h. corner post, ou Kinnenay river,
iti ence'JO chains truth, thenc* west .** chains,
thence n*>nh 'to �� 1. -. .* - thence east H chains to
point of commenceniant.
Nelson. B. (.., April ii. l��ft.        E. J. Cmaa*. '
sixty days after data I intend lo ��PP'r to Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands ami works (or
i>erm'.sston to purchase the following deaeribed
lands in Koolenay dliUsdi Commencing at a
post marked Brnce White's N W. corner post,
situated at the northi a.*l corner ol Y. K 30 about
a mile east of Slocan river, ihence south A
cbains. thence west At chaina, ihence south 60
chains, thence east 4>< chains, thence north 40
chains, [hence ea��t tt chain*, thence north �����
c&atns, theuce west H chains to point of commencement, eoctaimng 440 acres, more or less.
Located March Iith, 1907. Unci Warn.
I, the undersigned, alter 60 days Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chiel Commluloner of
La*.; i- and ���*..--���*��� U't permission to purchase the
[ollowfnr laud: Commencing at a poat marked
B> K C. of Lot 1JSJ. thenee west to chaini. thence
H'U'h SO chains, thence a-est si chains, thence
south 'Jochims. thence weit 4u chains, tlience
sou *h 4*0 cbains iht uee ea-t x- chains, thence
north ��' chaina to point of commencement.
Located March 27th, 1S*J7.     MS. McSaOOR,
N. F. McNii'.HT, Agent.
I. the undersigned, alter 60 daTi intend   to ap-
Ely lo the Honorable the Chief Commif^ionerof
audi and Works to purchase tbe following de-
seribe*. land: Commencing at a post marked
H. K C , situate a* ihe mouth of Cove ctvek on
the weat shore of Slocan lake, thence west JO
chains, tjij.uiv w.ith A) chain*, theuce west _W
chains, tbfDCe south .0 phaluf, thence set: *)
cli��lns. tbenc** south 4*.' chains, thence ea-t &>
chains, thence uortb N chains to point of commencement
Located Marcb iTTth  1991.     .N.K McNarciiT.
Sixty day* after date 1 intend to apply io the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
j**rm:**!on to purchase the following described
lands tn Kootenay District, about three-quarters
ol mile from Thrum's ildisg !   Commencing at a
rtplaced at tbe B W co-ner of L 6*09, group
West Eootaaay District; theoce weaterly
rollowlng tbe north boundarv of L 4MB, 4V
chains; ihence north 10 chains; tbence east 40
chains, more or '
LAirM; tbence sou
balna, more wr leas, lo tke ���*"- * corner of
j&��*i: thence south lei low fu the westboundar;
ofLMSS   10 chains, more or Tea*, to piece of com
mtaaataaat, "retaining 4-. acre*, -more or less.
Dated lha 6-_h day of December. IM.
H. H. Pitti. Locator.
Suty davs a'*..r late I [ urpoae maxlog appli-
cation to the Chief Coinc::>i:oner of I-ands and
Works for perr-sissi-ju w- (-urrbea* the following
.escribed .and. Commenclngat a poat placto
at the socil*��.��; corner uf r W tj Haultaln's
etplK-atlon to purchase, marked "K. FV 8,W
cor ser." running 'hence h) cbaina nor b- thence
S��) chains east, thence St coaliii tooth, thence en
chains we** t^ petal of commencement, contain
leg **.' acrea. more or leaa.
Dated the tth Uj of April, 190*7.
k PivqvnoL
Per F, ii. Fj.tx.cii4. Agent-
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply to tti��
HonoraHethc :hiti Co��miMl��o*r of Lmz :* and
Works. Vict". ;a to purehaae Iii acrea of land
la West Koo:eney, and deaeribed as follows���
Commencing at a ;-oat planted on tbe east side
of Arrow laae at iht southwest corner .,f U;&n
ead narked ' J. A. K'i S w. corner," thenre
BMttttihalae, thence south eo chain*, theoce
t*jt *.' Lk.z*. itecoe aouth A) cha;n�� to Mote
eeimers pre-emption, theoce we*t S4 chaina to
FatiH'Jic; i app;k��tiontoi>urcha��, theticr aorth
��0chains, tbence w**�� 3D chiJns to iake shore,
iheoee north aJong the lake shore to plac** of
Mar.a Itth, WI. J. A, KiUV.
S���Xj  -*T�� after date I intend to apply to the
Hoc Chief <omml**ion*r of Lands and Worka
lor ptfaieuon to purchaie the following Ue-
arthei property at a post marked "ti. M , S.E.
ooreer,' thence *> chaini north, thenc* 40chains
west, tbence 40 chains south, tbence 40 chains
������rail to point of commencement, a relocation of
:he abandoned pre-emption lit of W C. Knapp
and is the eaat bait of tbe northweat , ,��m.*j
aod ihe west half of the northeast quartsur of
section 7. township 70 West Kootenay district, on
the weil shore of the lower Arrow lakes, containing l6>*(Te*. more or less.
March 1st, 19o7. (>gn��oK MlLT-nx,
M. It M.'.T-tKKis, Agent.
Sixty dari afterdate ] purpoie making application to the Honorable the Chief Cnmmlselouer
of Lands and Works for permlMlon to purchase
the following deacrlbed land: Commencing at
a po*t placeti about one and balf mile* e*��tof
Silver Tip point, on Whatshan Uke, near Chris
tie creek marked * Y \X*Q H'a. jp.K corner." running thence il chain* we*t to Join land located
hy r L Hammond, a* agent, tbencv tet cbalni
north, ihence ta) chalna eaat. theuce so chains
south to point of commencement, containing
M0 acre*, more or leas.
Dated the 9th day of April. t9trT.
F. W. tl. iur: mix
Fer F  li. Favoring. Agent
Sixty days after date 1 .ntend toapply to the
Oon the Chief Commiasioner of Landman-. Worka
Victoria, to purchase 040 acrea of land lo Weal
Kootenay dlatrlet: Commencing at a poal
planted about 4 ml.e* from tbe mouth of Mob-
qoitn creek anl abont one mile weat of <he said
ereek aod marked 11 11 K* - W corner." and
ninning north mchains, tbence east 80 chain*,
thenoe soutb ���.���.-*.���, theoce we*t SO chatna to
;.-*��*��� of beginning.
March > :.-. : *r ii H Roae,
3. E Asxkr*.:*. Ageet.
9lxi* days after date I intend toappiy to the
Hon-chief c*r>tBmUsloner of Landa and Work*.
Victoria. B C . to purrha-M- NO acre* of land, In
Fire Valley, :-���-:���-: aa fol owa: Commencing
at a poat planted X) chalna weat of Walter Bull*
S. w. corner and merked J W Holmes' 3t. S. B.
comer ;��� at, aod running<outb 40 chaina. thence
w��t tt > bains, thcn-M north 40 chains, thence
east eo ebalni to piece ot beginning and being a
f.rtloo of Section ��S, Township 71. Wett Koot-
March ith, 1��7. J. W. Hourts. 3s.
3. X. Amravta. A(,nrr.
Bizty daya after date I Intend to applr te the
Bon. chief CommlsetoDer of Lend* end Worka
to pnrehaae HO e-crc* of Und lo Flre Valley, Wett
Kootetuy district end deaeribed ef foiloara:
Commencing el a post marked 3. Li tX E
corner, end runnlog north **��� chains, theace
weat 40ch\ini. tbeo���� ��� uth n chains, thtnoa
eest 40 chains to piece of beginning, and being
Ihe weet one half i f the B. E. one-quarter and
ths eest one-half of tbe -. W on- ���*-���)*���',-�����. and
tb - west om aa.'f of the N. E. oDe^uarter, tad
th eeat one-half of tbe tt. tt. ooe-quarter at
tk tloa It, Townsblp 71, 0.1.
March atl. 1*07. Joan ttxatat.
New Dress, Muslins, Ginghams and Ladles' Ready-to-Wear
Skirts, Costumes and Blouses.
We Are Still Selling Ladies' UndermusHns at Reduced Prices.
we invite inspection     FVed Irvine <& Co'
Sotice 1- hereby given tbat 60 aayi alter date 1
itend to apply to the Hon. Ch ie! ( omm uaiouerlol
Landsand Worka, VU'Uiria, for pernilismn to pur
chase the following deacrlbed land : Commemlitg
at a post planted on the west ude ol Btoeu leM
and about two miles uorth of KTans creek, and
marked u. h. it's southeast corner soat. (hence
north following ibore Oj lake UU chaini. ihence
west 6i> chains, thence south 1 JO chain*, thence
east 60 chaini to point of commencement, ������;
acres more or les*.
Located April 2U.19U7.
*-t     B ���  .I'.f.i::.!   ���*'������:
Wm.Cloi oh. Agent.
SUtj- days afler date 1 intend to alply to the
Hon the Cblef Commisaloner of ' ������ \ '- and
Woib, Vietoria, to purchase MOecra of land in
Weat Kootenay,described a* folio***; Commencing al a poet planted about eight miie* op
'-!���-.:���    creek and joining K. Cross' -;;��';���:.
to purchase, and marked C M's o ft, corner,
tbence nortb  % ebalns, tbence west ft) chains,
tbence south -** chaina, thence east SU chaiui to
place of beginning.
Feb. 16tb, 1907. C. Msrihau,
J. k AJOUaia,
flxty day* aiter uate i intend lo apply to th-
Hon Chief Commiasioner of Landsand Works ui
purchase tbe followiug deaeribed land located
iu Flre valley district o! Weat Koolenay: Commencing at a post planted at the ti. Y. corner of
John Bang*' pre-emption, ihence south OU chain*,
theuce west 40 chains, ������-.:;..- north 80 chalnt.
thence east 40 chaiui to place of beginning, containing Si-D acres.
faceted M��rch 14th, : v.
IU, M. I t.t.   Locator.
3.3 KgLLY, Agent
Take uotice that 60 days after d*U-1 intend to
apply to the Hon. Chief Commlaaioner of l-and*
aud Works, for permusiun to purchase tbe following described Isnds: Commencing at tha
southeaal oorner of lot 6,106, tbence wnt lo
chains, thence south 10 chalna, thence out ZB
cbains, theme north Id chains, theuce west lu
chains to point of commencement, containing
40 acres, more or less
Dated April 16th, 1W7 1'   J. Budliv.
W. W. Hr.Aiii.tT, Agent.
1. the undersigned, after tt days Intend to ap
ply to the Hou. the Chief (ommlssloner of laoo*
and ttorks to purchaee tbe lollowlng dearrttx>d
land: Commencing at the X. ��. C. of Lot VM
ti. I., thence wesl 40 chain;, theaue north ju
chains, theuce ��� ������; 4* Obgina, theoce soutb A<
chain* to point of oomnieucement, cooteining ���*
acrea m��re or lew.
l..:��� ��:.-: March Mth. 1W7. W. A. Mills
Take notice thai sixty uaya after date
I lutend to apply to the Honorable the Cblel
Commiasioner of Lenda and Work* for permis
aion to purchase tbe following deacrlbed land
situated in the West Kootenay district: Commencing et a post plauted at lbe aoutheast
corner of Lot tii, on lhe soutb aide of tbe w est
Arm of Kootenay lake, thence M)chains weal to
Vtuthwett corner of said lot, tbeuce ��� cbains
���outb, tbence eo chains cut, tbence 30 them*
north to placv ol 'oiiimeuoement, ooutalnlug ;<>���
April and, 19OT. Ciuaua RoBianon,
per ����est W. BakiKeaif. Agent.
Sixty dav* after date I intend to apply to tbe
Hon Chief Commissioner of L*udi and Worka,
Victoria, B. c, to purchue tbe following do-
*��� rlbed land, aituato<l In the West Kootenay dlatrlct: Commvm lug at e poit planted on the
west tide ol Koolenay lake, near bblnoceros
point, end marked J. klcKtnnon'a B. E. corner
poat, tbence west K chela*, thence north *������
chains, lbence eaat ajchatoa more or leaa to lake
shore, theuce aloug lake ihore to point of commencement.
Signed J MtKirooN.
Sixty daya afier date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the I : ���: Commlaaioner of Lauds and
Works, VlOtOfta, for permission to purchase 100
a. *-.��. m.-c i :,.�� situated ;a West Kootenav
dlatrlct: Commenciug at e poat planted midway
on tbe north boundary of Lot 7*11 and adjoining
s. W corner ol I��t ��*3. thence north 16 chaina,
lbence west 40 chains, thence south 4u chaina,
th*-nc eeast-Ocbeins, thence norta ��4 chalna,
tbeuce east JO chalna to point of commeuscaent
I. ��� au d March J. th. 1907. 1. 3.
Sixty daya after date I Intend to aptly to the
Hon. the Chief Coumlaaionvr of Len<la and
Works to purchase the following described
lands: Commem mg at a post planted on the
east aide of Lemon ��� reek at tbe moulbolthe flrst
north fork and marked "K.Cooper'* aouiheait
eoru-r," running Ht> chalna west, north 4ochain*.
ea-t sO chains, and soutb 40 ehelni to place ot
Dati-d March 'Afth, 1907. fi Coopge,
j. t. Ttrrtm, Agtnt.
Ptxty days afterdate 1 in-eud to apply to tbe
Hon. the Chief Commtutoner of Land* and
Worki to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing at a post maiked "L a.
Tipolug'a aouthweat corner poat" and planted
;.. .i- H D. Curtis's land, about balf mile from
N>>can City, running north l" chalna, east Jo
clialu�� aoutb  40 chains, weit ��� chalna to place
nl i ��� * lllii'ln i tnellt
Daied March Hth. I9tr, U A. Tirnnu,
J. T   Tll-PlMi.   Agent,
Slity days alter dnle I Intend to anp.y (o the
Hon, the Chief CommlMloner of Ijinda end
Work* to purchase the lollowlng descrlbeil laml
located In rir* Valley dlatrlat of W'Mt Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted al the S W. corner
of John  Bang' pie .-.mpllou. tbeuce  40 cbains
 ih   thin. ���* 40 cliaina west, tbence Wcbaim
norlh, tht'n<*e40chainaeast to placeof beglnulng.
Kii'HAin Ktini, Ixwator.
J. J. KgLLT, Agent.
Notice la hereby given that (U deyt alter date I
Intend to make application tothe Houorahle the
''Mt" Commissioner of Unda and Worka, at Victoria for permlaalon to purehaae the UMlotrtu
de*c il��*.f,Uiio��: Commencing it a poat planted
at tbe southeast corner of lot Mt��|roup 1. tbenve
soulb Jfcehalna, lbence east tt chains, thence
north �� chains, thence west CO chalna to point
<*t. "!:tni-*in*ri lent, containing I.'*. ��. r.-�� more ot
.selaon, Marcti iitb, IM.       Axxig l. Wana
P. Wadi, Agenl.
-uiy days after dale 1 iniend to apply to the
Hen the CfeJal Commhaloner of lAnds aim
Werka, Victoria to puicha<e tbe following de
scribed land: Commencing at a posi marked
U H'lH W. coroer, and plmed near the north-
wett -orner of l ot 1*12, about oue mile west of
iilocan river, end running eaat 40 cbaiui to Lot
�����1 then��enor'h40cbaloa. tbence west M chains
thence aoutb at chaini to place of beginning'
March ��h, 1907. Mild* Haw*.
 PatlIUitk. Agent.
Slity daya after date 1 intend to apply to the
Ron.theChief ( ommls��ionerol Undsand Works
Victoria. IO, to purehaae 1J0 acre* of land
���HSS*" ,F1Ie ^dtJ[*��- "��������* K����!*nay, ano described as followa: ( ommenclng at the ur.he.___i
-orner of Ut 7*15 aa I running Rorth tt chaina
thence east �� chaiua, tbence iouth ttrhaini'
3  K  AfOfiBig. Agent'
March 4th. IV.
o8,17s.fV" ift*r '!'1* ' la,*Dd to atsfrlr to tb*
Hon Chief Commissioner of Landi aod WeHkJL
\ieu>rla, to purebaw is} arm ol land lu Weet
Ko<.tenay. dtHribe-l  a*  loliows:   ronmen-tna
weel to plat* of beg taaJae
Teh.llth,ian. * K.Cllw
"2^A'atHtSSt JUT:* v sf v.
. ....wafty*.
For Furthtr Information Apply to
��� ��� It II1 1 Of NELSON
The Hall Mining and Smi
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
Wholtnai. _____*_
I'rmlutc, - Pruit.
Oor-Bnunent Creamerr One P-nnnd Knc���� T*c*l**i letetlj tmhlnn^
rhun,    for isle ly all louiinff grooen
OfDw and wan-hisuw i Hotuton Bkxck,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, EC|
81��lf <1�� j. alter date 1 lutend to tppt, to tht
Hssiissr��ble the Cblef t*oramU��lssner ,!!,:.!, .ud
Work,, Vlctorlft, to nurt-hsisK tbe foll,.wln��
desx-rlbed l>n,1> tn W_i K,>,trn��v dlsurls't:
s -sissssss-sis-isiit ssu pont ist.nted at st,.- - t . ...:,. r
SL -.m_ 1-",>*l>'�� |surth��s��s 1.T696 mti.t mssuked
���1.M.81 N.K   rorner." sins] sunning ss.,uth 60
��� ���tisslls., Us. is,, we��t to cb-ssiost. tliense ti'sftl-GO
chaiua, tlienre e��s��t to s-lsains lu plas-e ot begin-
issssg ansl runtalnlug s.*4U ,< r,.
Mar.h .',sl,. !���*���- K. M.HR.w.
                     J. I. AintiRLB, Agent.
Notice li bertb-f glran tbat 00 dari ttlcr date 1
Intend to apple 10 tbe Konorabla lbe cblel Com-
tntMlssuer ol laud, and Worki Inr permualon
to pun-baw about r...r,;���l land, illualensar
Ibe l*eud sl'Orellle rlrsr. Weal KsKstenay sliilri.t
and described ai (ullow.: Cututneuclug al a
poal markesl 0. V. Ibouuon'i N. W. corner BM
��� lluatedou tbe insuth boundary and as,-balm
Irom B. W poit s.f Lot7IW, thenca nosith .:���-.'.:<,
i-haina. ibrncaeaal abstulJIi ch.lni 10 a |*iui ssn
the weal tsounslar)- ansl .11 ch.ln, from 6. W. post
of Lot 7741, thence norih Tu rhalu* and tbence
wcit ha chaini Us lhe place ���l beginning
ffllh .March, llio;. fi. K Thomok,
                            A.O. l^nu, Ageut.
8UI-f -lay. aller date 1 Inteud toapply tu tha
llouorable the Cblef Cotunslswlstiicr ot Unda and
Worki, Victoria, 10 purchaie Mo arrei ot land
���Itualed on the weat idle ol Arrow lake, and de
"*"�� . m *" ,oll**w>; Comiueis.ing at a pom mark
���dJ. H'iN. K eorner and pieced at the aosslh-
weal osrnerssl Lot Ml, tlruup I Heat K,-<itenaj,
and running well 11 chalna. Ilseuce ��oulh fo
chalna. tbence eaat 80 chaina Is, the lake ahote,
theoce nurlb along the lake lo place ssf beginning
Mareh Ith, 1907. J t���MO,
 J. K. Anh.bli. Agent.
11 ������ i.n
, S.s SU J
.. .soUf
,.^�� 1*/.' %n*r ,1*tc I Intend 10 apply to the Hon
Chief (ommlaaioner ol I.u.l. ausl Worka, Vie
lorla to purehaae l�� acr.a s.f lansl in Fir,- Valley
H eal kootenay dlatrlrt. ansl ,1, sscrloo.1 aa fsdlowa
(,'iumeiicliig .1 a pssal iuarke.1 W II wrubra
K. I., corner, and rsiunmg norlh so chain., thence
weat Jl chaiui. thence (outh S) cbalni. Ihence
saal JUehalna I,, plas'e of l.,-.li,,sisi.-. an.l being
lhe ws;al oue hall ..I lhe R, K. nuarler ol Secllon
��. and the w,at halt ol Ihe S. ��. oues|Siarler oi
Sellon 11 in Townabip 71 ll. I.
March Mib. ivr, w. H. w��i���ht.
���'"-,-1J;L.*f;.*,"',.',V1' ' mmisi to apply to the
Boa Cblel t ommlaaioner ot Unda and Worki,
VIOtorta. to I srebaac ih f���llowln�� dccrls-cd
lauda adjoining Ihe Arrow 'al.- In Weal ICo,s|.
enay: 1 onimturing al a i��-s plantesl at lhe
I'...'"t".!"il."l '.;���" I'ortefa pre empilssn, and
markesl h ��*a K �� cssrner poal, IhcnseWcnalna
norlh along lake alsor,,. tnens. As chaiua eaal.
thence ��� ebalna aoutb, thenee X ehalna weal to
nlase ol beginning, ronieinlug tu aorea, nola or
Notlr* la hereby glaeu t
Intend to apply to the less
���loner of land, and '���* -rt
mualoo tu  pnrrhaee   He
land;   Comneaclng at . p��
..I lbe aonth  boundary  u
Itoundary ot   -tiol-l.ts  '.*
Iht nee eaat 1'."-, cbaloa, *
eaat s-orner   poat ol lol
t-balna. mora or loaa, I., u
lot &>3. theoce eaat 40 s I..
comer poat of lot -'���*���  the
Ihencu weat 10 chaiua. mcrr ts
boundary 01 the "Golden wss.e;
thence along   eoal boundary
oslneral   claim  lo polnl ol cosi-m
chalm, more or leaa
s,;.. 1. ki* . M.s.i. :. : .
John 1 is .ilt[* 1
"Per Wa   loluMHa_\
Ruty diyi after date I mieoil ��,!
Hon    Ihe Ch el   Commi""*"" __}_,
w ���tka. Victoria, lo purs-l,.- :-' '""lm
Weal   Koolenay. deaersul uttfm
men.-lng at a poat plant,-!   .'��� *:I VI
Muaaullo Crock trom the  sittsulls ��"|
���A  (I- N W. comer, lis. -. 1 K'i9
thence eaal  n chain..  Ihesssc oonj!
tbence Iss chalna weat to pia.-e ol wmm
February l-Jlb.lun
J. 1.
xislydara afler da'el In:-:'' 1",'1!_
Hon *he chief Comml����s s"'r "' _j_\
Worka. Vietoria, to pun ls��- '*'*'''l"���1
fm Ks��>lanay, deacrll.* I '��� J""'i, I
mencing at a |h_i marks,1 "0 '', , .2
and l*ing at the S w rentierm��M
application lo purehaae wt.i'ls "'"J^J
un M.��qsslto Creek from ih. m**"1-?-!
nlng 10 s-halm iouth, ths-ts,.
thenre fit ehalna north, th.ii*'
place s,f beginning
rebruary Mth. 1IU7.
1. t  A����
Slaty dayi alter tut 1 lunsssl 10 il^
Hssnorable lbe Chlel Comni
Worki, Vu-lorla. 10 nurs-lia,,
Isvatcd on the weat aide ol Ai
de crlbtd   aa   followa: c.snsis's*"'1"!,"��
marked t, A'a N. S. turner, as, 11'1!" -J
n,���ih oi the aouthweat Bornel -1 "VtM
1. Weal Kooenay. and ruisissisl ���c;"Jl
Ihence weat * chain.,  lis'*  "" 'J
thence.����al�� chalna 10 pla,. of la jWJJ
J.K A��Kissll.*lJ
March llth, IWI
April II, ll��7.
rvgLTM WatwOM.
Notice ia bereby gives, thai IW daya aller dale I
Intensl 10 apisly to lhe Hon chlel t ouiinlaaloiier
','. ."."' ,.n'' ��'"*".,"r ITllllaalon l��� piirchsu...
lha following ds-s-rll.,*,! landa. allnale In Weal
hoolcnay dlatrlcl: Consmcurliig al a poal mark.
"J . '- ."!.'"f "t.w.oornit, ininco assuih mi
chalna, following Iho railern l.o.sss,Issrs ol II.
s-clisua application lo purehaae; then, c eaal Its
chalna; Ihcnce lissrlh ��0 chalna; Ihenco weal tsl
���'���alna Iss point oi ssuuuscnceiiteut, I'lstiialiiliig
sat acrea mnre or leal.
Hand tltli lllh slay ol March, mc.
  J. I.. PoM-rga
ti l,,-r_.'1,*f,_*"<'r ,1*1''' intend to apply lo lhe
Hon. Cblel Commlaaioner ol Uss.i, and Worka,
Mslorla, lo punhaae 4*1 acrea al land, III Flic
talley, Weit Koolenay. and ,l,,,arlhetl aa iollowa
< ommenclng ai a poll piamc.i al Waller Suil'a
northweal corner ansl marled A.aaK K. c.sruer.
and tunning no-lh so . 1,-11,. thenoo ss.ai ajs
chalna, tbenco aoulh ��o chalm. Ihcnsv eaal Hss
chaloi 101 Place nl Iwglniilug, ������| _,__. pari ol
HecMom .11 anil �� In Tow niklp-j, ,n,i*. /union
of Seellona 1 ansl 1 In Ton uahlp t��, Oroup I.
March .*.th, lta *. ��� airig,
1.8. Amuau, Agani.
lalily daya aller dale I I"'""1 ' ���1_
llouorable tho Chlel Comml-s""1*'��� j
W,,rka f,sr permlaalon to P"t' nMJ _V
dnrrlbed land In Weal k "��>   '���"__]_
It a ptwl aboul ssncanda'i'i��r"'r'" V___
Hav.snue tan,ling, and  m��"'"',", ,b,i
S. K. s.Tii. r, thence north fs* 1 ',��'DfJ,3B
20chalna. Ihenco aoulh ��s h-111".>"��" 1
chalna Us tulnl ol commeiscc'i';'1'     ..of
March rind, 1��U7.    (Sun. 11 Bli 1�� ��'1
ROB��T Rs.|slN<ss��,��^,
Suty daya altor date lusl. si'l "TO
Uonorahle tho Chlel Comml-f I  ���|5��
W orka for pormlaelisn Issj'isis t"s*'' "S_*t
sls-acrlhcd land In Weal KooteM] J���*
at a p,sal planted on tbo north "'.,__
ereek, aboul three *___t!Mn���iiimri t_\
ihence north -JO chllni, tbal
theuce aoutb JO ehalsn. tlctic
p.tlnt ot summeucement. ... .,,9
March -*2nsl. 1W7 (Sl��i  '!'f,,"1
Rong��y H____<____Z
silly dayi aftor dalo I InWnd 'J.'-JJsB
Hou. lhe Chlel Commlaals.ii.'r * f0||aJ
Worl�� Issr permlaalon to |itir.-li��**' " _��������
sleacrlbesl land In Weal Knoli*""!*,,,,0H_t
al a t��sal planted on the ���"""','? ,irrHg
1 reel, ahoul. ne mllo Itom '"'"""ajr,** fl
markesl "H. Koblnion'a ������� ' ''[,,���i, _\
aoulh SO rhalni. thoueo eaat 4" ",-lWrt
liorlh Ulcholol, thenco weat tlisls"1"" |
!S* Special for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
.he Very Best of Canadian Goods
tlie Daily Canadian
P. Burns & Co., Ltd*
Nelson, Kaalo, Rossland and Boundary.
��� ;. * '���'- tii.ii rMrt,v iiars atUr date I in
ii apply to the Hon. Chief CommlMloner ol
mid Works itl Victoria, H. 0., for s special
. and  carry away timber from tlie
.*, .*..' described lands in Ainawortli division:
ij.    -������ *.  . rik* nt a post marked Chan. F.Walms-
��� southwest post, tlience   north 80 cbains,
|;.   east su eliains,  thence south 88 chalus,
cl KO eliains to point of oommencement,
I.I iitml t.iiuti situated on the east side of
', about t__ miles aouth of the I-ar-
edftfarob mh, 1907.
tin ai. K. Walmilky, Locator.
P. Hhikah. Agent
'.itntnencing at a post  marked Chai. F
-ley's   nortliwest   post,   thence iouth   SO
., llienee cant HO chains, thenco north HO
��� thenco west DO chaini to point of oom-
ient, tho said land being situate on the
;- nf i aseaile ereek. about ��li milea iouth
���an mer. ���
-1 Murrh 12th, 1907.
'iui I*' Wai.mmi.iy, Iiocator,
P. RKUAX, Agent.
mmenclna at a post marked Chas. F
ey's nrmthwest bout, tbence south 80
llienee east 80 cnalm, Ihenoe north tn
thenee west SO chains to polntof com-
K-iii, tlie iald land being situate on the
i' ��� s !������ ��� reek, alxmi 4', miles iouth
it i mer.
tr. *  . Maroh 1'Jtb, 1*0.
iiuh F. Wauumy, Locator,
 KBHaaA i^Age nt.	
��� ��� reby given that 80 dayi altor date I
;��� \ i" the Hon Cblef commluloner
��� ai l Works, at Victoria for a ipecial
ii na and carry away *imber from tht
. ��� ;i��-l landi In West Kootenay:
(ing ��t a i>*Mtt "���iHiiifd on the eait line
1.', two mllei south of the loutbern
\i nt my Tlmher Llcenso No. 10. thenee
hams, north nu chalm, weit 40 ehalns,
11 halus, west 40 chains, iouth 80 riialm,
'iiiiii*. south W chaini to place of com*
ent, eonlaliilng f.li acrei, more or leu.
ith. iWl. P. LnxD.
\t.    u bereby Kiven that m dayi alter date I
t<> hjiji] v to the Honorable the Cblef Com*
er nf i ���iii-l> mi'l Worki for a ipeclal
to cut and carry away timber from tbe
IC described lands situated on the west
hot >lie**|j Oreek Valley: Commencing
brae itid a lull mllen north of tbe inter-
l lioiindary Line ami ahout one and a
les west ot the Nelson and Fort Btieppanl
> company*! laml grant In the diitrict of
Kite uny:
. Coiiiinenelng at a post planted two
rent ol Uiu tflieep ereek, kuown as the
est eoruer post, joining J. K, Cranilon'i
claim No. I, claiming eo chaini nortb,
*u-haln* cist, tlience 80 chains iouth,
niehaiiis west to polntof commencement.
"1 Mar. li Dat, l:*,.;.
Commanolttf at a poit planted at the
-t corner nf location No. 1, known ai ihe
-*-���! corner post ol location No. 2, claiming
i�� south, thenoe SO ehalni east, (hence S>
ii^rth.  thencu sn ehalna weit to point of
icemen t,
.1 March 21at, 190L
rommeneing at a poit placed balf a
st of location No. 2, known ai tbe iouth-
ner, elaltnlnit SOchalus north, thence W
*eit, thenc 80 rhaim iouth, theuce 80
���ast to point of coniinenoament.
Mim in -ink at a post plauted at the
-' corner of location No. 8, known aj the
*< <oitier, claiming 100 chaini muth,
i'cliattis west, ihence 160 chains north,
Vv hatin east to polnl of commencement,
luted ���:-.:��� h .'lit, l'A.7.
J. P. Hwai.Ktao. Locator.
K. T. Khobukjim, Agent-
����� it - i.y Kiven that 10 dayi alter date 1
|<l te appiv to the Honorable the Chlet Com-
loner i.f Undi and Worka, Victoria, for a
l��l license to cut and ea'rjr away timber
��� nude-Berthed land In Weit Koot-
neing at a poat planted about eigltt
ji the mouth of Goat creek, and where
into tbe Blocan river and about ilx
mi the creek upon the south bank, and
h iin tie's location on tbe west line
J uiarki I F. Hatle'i aoutheast oorner poit,
re west loo chains, theuce north 40 chains,
e ent Iflu chains, ihence iouth 4o cbalm to
"I commencement,
sled March ath, 1907.
Jiff Batt, Locston.
per C B. Urn-Li, Agent.
i- in-rehy given thatThlrty dayi ailei
iiiicml to make application tothe Honor-
hlel Commlsiioner of Landi and Worki at
rls, R. ( ., for �� ipeclal license to cut an.l
"way timber from the following deiflrlbcd
in Kest Kootenay district:
:;.*:,' ���.::���_��� at a poit planted about two miles
* 'insrter up a southern Irlbutarv of thc
���*.*��� ii-i rlve>, on the creek commonly
'i hn Boulder creek, and a quarter nf a mile
ine Forks, and marked A. I.. Htowart'i
��cst corner joit, thence north 80 chains,
inml ���*���'��� eluilm thenee ioulb Sn chains,
1 -n est sochalm to place oi commcucoineut.
���I M ilay of April. 1907.
 A. L. Htkwait, Locator.
"Uee is hureuy given tbat 80 dari alter date 1
""���' i" npply tothe llounrable the Cnlel Cnra-
'Qer  of   Laudi and   Worki for a  special
���<��� to out mid carry away timber from lbe
"UK tleMTlbed laudi In Weit Kootenay di*-
imencing ata pnit planted about two and
tfter miles upaanttthern tributary of the
���������'������nn river, on tho ereek commonly
ii n> Boulder ereek, and about a quarter ot
i- from the -Turks, and marked A.L Hluwart'i
tAst comer poat, thenco aouth IM) chaiui,
'��� west to chains, thence north ISO chalm,
t i-asi 40 chaiui to place of eommeucement.
*l this 1st duy of April, 1907.
v L HTtwsaT, Locator
"���null,*,, thai thlrtydayaallcrdalel Inteml
I'I'P'y i�� the 'Aon. the Chlel Commissioner of
������ mui Works at Victoria, ". C, tor a special
��e to eut aud carry away timber from the
���> ii *.* deicrlbed landa lit W��->l Kooteuay:
t:i... ,* iuk ai a post planted W chains west
<' northeast corner of Lot HI?, and at thc
"���i"i corner of Lot 778ft. theneo eait 30
'��    ':.. m-e   nouth   40  chains,   theliee ea*t 4il
l"- Hieiico north 40 chalm, tbence ca-t ��0
"���Ihcnce north 40 chalm, thencu west 120
"< thenue nouth 40 ohaini to placeof com-
'''incut, coutaiuing 640 acrei more or less,
"l March nth, IWI, Pkteb Luno,
"wji hereby given that no dayi after date
nn io npply to thc Hon. (.'hief Commission-
'���ittidn and Works for a ipeclal license to
no carry away llmlier Irom the following
''T'1 imid* iltuaiud on the west ilde of Big
1' i reek Valley, commencing about 4^ mllei
[ "I the international boundary line, and
one mile weit of Hig Sheep creek In the
lhsVni.~Comm,nolnt ���** *��� ho*t planted about
l mile WBBi 0( Hig^hoeporeek.known'aa the
liei. ��' W P����j ��laimtng no chains south,
III!* . 2 HE* n" *���������*��� ihence SO chalm north,
"< j w chains eait to point of commencement.
fcorihJ��i{;ommenn!n' Rt ��� poet planted at the
Iii L . ���*' of '"'"atlcm No. 1, known ai the
lbence *�� S?rPV lH,,t' ��l��lmlng so chnius north,
llo* i, SMfiS ,,aBt* win* m chains south,
I m .. C0*lM w*��i to point of oommencement.
|ou?hiM?S?.?!ll0rt�� al * P��"< Plented it the
I S, '".rner"1 ���WiUoa'K 2 known as the
EenSTSh^M! n,,"t- ��'*����m��u�� HO cIikUin north,
���he un ,..?MM WMt' ">���*>* m *at\n* south,
1 Ktfa^fe, 'iftS0101 ��' ����������������"��*:
* J'J'< 8w��owi��o. locator,
K.T. Kkumjkim, Agent.
i KSSS uer?Dy ?,V(,n lh�� W dayi from date
I intend ta applv inlhe Hon Chief Coramliifoner
of Laudi ana Works for a ipeclal liceme to ent
GiMff lWmV*W '""n the following deicrlbed landa in Weit Kootenay distriet-
J&9&8M at *t P*?1 Ponied on tbe north
bank of UHflle oreek, about one mile and a ball
from Hloean lake, marked E Btrand'i northwest
corner poet, tbence east 160 cbalm. thence south
40 chalus, thence west 160 chains, thence north
*u chalm to point of commencement.
Dated thii 21it day ot March, 1M7.
E- Btiiahd. Locator.
Notice li hereby given that K daya after date I
Intend toappU to the Hon. the Chief commiasioner of Lands and Worki, at victoria, for a
���peclal license to4cut and carry a*ay timber
from the following described landa iu Yale district:
No. 1.���Commencing ata post planted about 10
cbains cast of main Kettl<! river and about one
mile more or leu nor'h of C. p r. Block Now
3637, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'i 8. U.
corner poit No. 1. tbence HO chaini n rth. thence
80 chains weit, thence m chalm south, theuee 80
cbains east to the point of commencement.
luted Mar h 22nd, 1907.
N*. 2.���' ommenclng it a poit planted abo��t 19
chains east of main Kettle river about 80 cliratn**
north ot Boundary Lumber Co's Location N��.]r
and marked Boundary Lumber Co'i 8. a. corner
poet No. 2, thenoe 80 chaini north, tbence 10
cbains west, thence 80 chains south, thene* at
chains east to the point of commencement.
Dated not March, 1W7.
No. 3.���Commencing at a post planted aboctsv ;
cbaina eait of main Kettle river aad abont K>
chaini north of Boundarr Lumber Co'i location
poit No 2, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'a
H. E. eorner poit No. 8, ihence nt) ehalni north,
tbence to chalm west, thence Wt chalna south,
thence 80 chaini east to the point of oomiaenee-
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No.4.���Commencing at a post planted about
10 chains easl of tbe main Kettle river and about
80 chalm nortb of Boundarv Lumber Co'i location poit No. 8, aud markea Boundary Lumber
Co'i U.E. corner poit No 4, theuce 80 chalna
nortb, thence 80 cbalni weit, tbence 80 ehalna
���outb, thence 80 cbalni eait to the point ol commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No A.-Commencing at a poit planted about
15 ehalni eait of main Kettle rlrer and about
two mllei north, more or lau, of Boundary Lumber > o'a Location No. 4, and marked Boundary
Lumber Co's H E. corner poet So *, thence 90-
chaim north, thenoe 80 chalm weed tbence 80
chaini iouth. thence 80 chains eaat to tbe polntof commencement.
Dated March ttrd, 1907.
No. 6.��� Commencing at a poit planted about 26*
cbains eaat of main Kettle river co C P. K Une
bloc a No. 2714, and about 80 ebalni north ol
Boundary Lumber Co'i location post No. fl, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'a 8. W. corner poit
No. 6, Ihence 80 chaini north, following 0. P B.
The Last Communing on Earth of the
Matter and Disciplee���8ervicea
Announced for Tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be the fifth Sunday
after Easter. Next Thursday will be
the Feast of the Ascension.
The Ascension Is one of the facts ln
the life of Christ, accepted ln every
creed of the church, which admits of
no Interpretation but the one given to
It by the disclplea who were there and
It ls the aim of the new theology to
explain away everything from the doctrines of the church as received from
the early fathers, and from the records
of the evangelists and writers of the
epistles and records which form the
New Testament everything which sav-
orB of the supernatural. Its exponents
would gladly destroy tbe records of atl
miracles. Jesus Christ they would present as a man inspired, ln greater degree perhaps but only in the same way
aB other great teachers and leaders of
the race.
They question the authorities for the
Virgin birth, and for a physical Resurrection. But to question the Ascension
���the disappearance of the Master who
line block No 2714, tbenoe HOetialni weit, tbence
80 chaini iouth, theuce 8o chalm eait to the
point of commencement
Dated March Xflrd, 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing at a poat planted about
1'. ihains weil of Ibe main Kettle river oa C P.R.
line 1.1* .-ek No. 1714, and about IU chaini north of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location poit No. 6, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i B. K. corner poit ,
No. 7, tbence 160 cbalni north, following C. P. K.
Una block No. 2714, thet.ee ��chalm weit, thence
160 ehalni south, tbence eo chalne eait to the
point of commeticemont.
Dated March 23rd. llaTT.
No. 8 ���Commenclnf; at a poit planted about
20 chatm west from river hank and ahout 8 mllee
aoutb, more er lew, of the tait east branch of the
eaat fork of the main Kettle river or about 18
mllei north, more or lewa, of c. P. R Bloek No.
2714, on e.*it fork of Kettle river, marled Boundary Lumber Co'i N. w. corner post No 8, thence
80 chains eaat, thence 80 chaini son th, thence 10
chains weit, thenoe 80 chalu north to the point
of commencement.
Dated Maroh 25th. 1M7.
No. 9.���Commencing at a poit planted about
2ti chaini weit from river bank, on lbe east fork
ot Kettle river, and about 8u cbalni iouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poat No 8, and
marked Bouudary Lumber Co'a N.W. corner
poit No. 9, thence 80 chainaftaat, thenc 80 chaini
���outh, thence 80 ebalm weat, thenee 80 chalm
north to tbe point of commencement.
Dated March ibih. 1907.
No. 10���Commencing *t a poit planted about
90 chatm weit from river hank on the east fork
of Kettle river, aud nhout (to chalm wuth of
Boundary Lumber Co's location poat No 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'a N. W. corner
poat No. 10, thenee 80 cbalm eait, thence 80
chaini aouth, tbence 8�� chaini weat, thence 80
chaini north to the point ol oommencement.
Dated March 2&lh, 1*7.
No. M.- ComimMieiBjr at a poet planted ahout
l,-> chaini west from mer bank on tho eaat fork
of Kettle river, and ahout 80 ohalna aouth of
Houndary I.umber tin's location poit No 10, aud
marked Boundary Lumber Co'n N.W oorner poet
No 11, thence 80 chaini eait. thence 10 chalna
aouth, t ence 88 chalui west, thenc* 80 chalm
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 2Mb, 1907.
No 12.- commencing at a poat planted about 12
chaini west from river bank tn the eait f >rk of
Ke tie river, and nhout 80 rhalni iouth of
Boundary Lumbar Co'i location poit No. 11, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Oo'i N. W. corner
po*t -*o. 12, tbence 80 cbhlna eait, thence N
chaini iouth, thence 80 chelm weit, thence 80
north to tbe point of commenoement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No. 18.-Commencing at n po.it planted about
12 cbalm west from river bnak on the eait fork
of Kettle river, and nbout 80 chalm ioulb of
Boundary Lumber Ooi loenUmi poit No. 12, and
marked Boundary Lumbar Oo'i N W. corner
p.-it * o. 18, theuce 80 ehalni eait, thenco 81
chalm iouth. thence HO cbalni weit, thence w
chaiui north to Lha point of eommencemen..
Dated March 3Mli, WI. _    _     .
No 14,-ComraaeelnK ata poit plauted about
10 ehaim w it from river bank on tho eait tors
of ettlH river, and nbout 80 chaini iouth of
Boundary Lumlier Co's location post No 18, aud
marked Boundary LumWarCo'in tt.cornerpnat
No 14, thence 80 chalna east, thence 8n ehalni
souih, thenco 80 ohaini west, iheuce 80 chaina
north to the point ot eonuneiirement
Dated March aftth. 11W7.
No. l.��.~Commene|ng tu a float planted about
10 chatm west irom river bauk on the eaal lorn
of Kettle river, and about 80 chaiua south o
Boundary Lumber Co'i poil Nn 14, aud marien
Houndnrv Lumber Co'a \, W ������..rner poat No.,M,
thence m eliains enst, thenar B-i chains soil ,
thence 80 chains weat, thence W chaiua nortii io
polntof commencement.
Dated March 2f.lh, 1007. .     .
No. l��.-Commenetng at a nj .st planted nhoul
8 ehnins west from river hunk on the ea-t ort o
Kettle river, and aboai Hi chain* JMTOth.ta
Boundary Lumber (VnlueatM n post o. 18, ami
marked limndary I umberChV h ����� J ""���KfSJ
No 16. thence 80 chaiui east-, heooa 80 chMJi
���outh, tlience 8' chaini weit. thenre 80 ebalna
north to the point ol eomraeno etnent.
Dated March 2fittl. 1907. _*tm__t__A ahout
No. 17.-Commencing atapfft Pj*nt""���. rnrk
5 chalna weal from river bant on the mat ����
of Kettle rlvor. and about K�� rthalni WMj
Boundarv Lumher Cn'l loealloii poal No. 10. and
marked lioundary LumW Ot^H. ^noTS
post No 17, thenoe 80 chnlna eaat, thonoe au
���Vhalns aoutn, then��� 80 rhaim ��^SB?"
ohaini north to the Mint nl ��* imoucoment.
Dated March 2.1th, 1907. �����������..,! about
No. H-Oommenclni ata pottJWJffiilS
b chalui weit of the river hank oni the ���"'JTO
Of RettW Klver antl ihou 80 Jpi mini otKJ g
Houndarv Lumber Co'a loantftSe SW corner
and marked Boundary * emhet *-�� ti SwbS�� S
poat No. ��, thov.ce ������ ��haliw ej��[. JgSSiS S
Chalui iouth.  Ihtnee 80 rhalna  "^��t��JJ{* Pl
Ohalna north to tho point oi l^\'rtl��,"St?L1
natud Maswh 2jflth. 1907. �������� U15_L'__S,_-
(Timber Limit No. 2.)
Notice li bereby given hat 60 dayi after dnte I
" to apply to the Honorable tbe Chief Commluloner of Landi aud Worki for   a special
Intend to apply
lleenie to < ut and carry away timber from the
following described land, situated nn Kooskanax
creek, in Weit Kootenay district:
Commencing at a poit planted nt the nortbweit corner of Timber Limit No 10247, and marked H D. Lea'i louthweit corner poat, thence
north 80 chalm, tbeuce eait 88 chnlni, thence
smith 80 ehalni, thenee weet 80 chaini to point of
Located March 28,1807.     H. D. Lea, Locator.
(Timber Notice No. 8)
Commencing at a poit planted at the loutheaat
corner ol No 2 lini ii, and at the northweat coiner
of timber license No. 10246, tbence norlh 160
chatm. thence eait 40 chnlni to wait line of
timber liceme No 10245, following line of No.
10246 and 10244, 160 cbalm. thence following line
of timber lleenie No 10246 40 chaiua to point of
Located March 28,1907.     H. D.Lia, Locntor.
(limber Notloe No. 4.)
Notice la hereby given that 60 dayi after date I
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commlaaioner
of I��ndi aud "orki for a ipeclal license lo cut
and carry away timber from the following deicrlbed landi, iltuated on Kooakanax creek In
Weit Kootenay district, nnd about Ave mllei
from Upper Arrow Inke:
Commenciug at a poet p'anted on the north
side of creek and about halt a mile from creek,
aud marked H. D. Lea'i southeast corner poat,
thence north 80 cbalni, tbence weit 80 chaiui.
thenre iouth 80 chalu, thence eait 80 chalm to
polut of commencement
Located March II. 1907.     H. D Lu, Locator.
(Timber Notice No. 6.1
Commencing nt a poit marked If. D. Lea's
southwesi corner poit, thence north 80 chalm,
following tbe eaet line of No 4 looatlon, thenoe
cast��'chains, tbence iouth 80 chains, thence
west nu cbalm to point ot commencement.
Ln -ated Marcb 81,1907.     H. D Lu, Locator.
(Timber Limit No.��,)
Notloe la hereby given that ilxty dayi after
date 1 Intend to applj to the Honorable the
Chief Commlnloner of Landi and Worki for a
ipeclal license to cut aud carry away timber
from tbe followlna deacrlbed land, iltuated about
���lx mllei Irom the Upper Arrow lake on Kom-
kanax creek, ln Wait Kootenav dis-rtct:
Commencing at a poat planted and marked H.
D. Lea'i nortbweit eorner poit, tbence emit 80
chains, fence aouth 80 chaini. tbence weit 80
chaiua, thence north 80 chaina to polntof -commencement.
Located March 81,1907.     H. D. Lu, Locator,
(Timber Limit No. 7)
Commencing at a poet planted and marked H.
9. Lea'i north, ast corner poat, tbence iouth 80
cbaina lollowinr the weet line of No.6 limit,
tbenoe wert 80 chalm, tbence north 80 chalm,
hence eait 80 chalna to point of commencement.
Located March 81,1907.     H. D. Lu, Locator.
Take notloe that I intend, thirl? dayi nfter
date, to apply to the Hon the Chief Commlaiion-
er of lainda aud Works for a ipeclal lleenie to cut
and carry away timber fiom the following deacrlbed landi, altuated on Sandy creek, In Weil
Kootenay diitrict: Commenolng at a poit plan t-
ed on tbe weet ilde of Sandy crock and called
J. P. 8'i southweit corner poit, tbence running
eait 80 chalm. thence nortb 40 chaini, thence
weat 40 chalm, thence north 80 chalm, thence
went 40 chalna, thence aoutb 120 chatna to place
at commencement.
Dated thia 9th day of Mareh, 1907.
J. P. BWKDBBea, Locator.
Notice la hereby given that 80 daya alter date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Cblef Commlisioner of Lands and Worka, Victoria, for a
special licenae to ut and carry away timber from
the following deicrlbed land ln Weat Kootenay:
Commencing at a poat planted abont ilx milea
from tbe mouth of uoat creek and where lt flowi
Into Blocan river, nnd a'out lfi chnlni from tbe
creek, upon the iouth bank and mamed C B.
Hlttle's loutbeait corner poet, theuce weet 180
chain*, lbence north 40 chnlna, thence eait 160
cbalni, thence aonth 40 chaini to point of com
Dated March 28th. 1907.
C. B. HifUt, Locator.
Notloe la hereby given that 80 dan attar dale 1
Iniend to apply to the Honorable toe Chief Commtaaloner of Landi and Worka for a ipeclal
liceme to ent and carry timber from the lollowlng deeoribod landi, iltuated in the valley ol
Bli Sheep Creek, commencing 1% mllei north ot
the international boundary line, joining tne
Nelaon and Port Hheppard Hallway Company's
land grant In the district of Weat Kootenay:
No. I.���Commencing at a poat planted at the
northeait corner of A. D. chrtitle's pre emption,
claiming 40 chains south "long tho eait boundary of A D. Cbrlitie'i pre-emption, tbence eaat
80 uhnlm, to Nelion aud Fort Bheppnrd aurrer
line, thence north 80 chalm, tbenco weit 100
chalm, thenee iou h 40 chalm, thenee enit 80
chaini to point of com nenoemont.
located Manh 23rd, 1907.        J. P. BwBDBBBa.
No. 2,-Coinmencing at a poat planted at tbe
southweit corner of location No. 1 ou the eaat
boundary line of A. 1>. Christie's pre-emption,
��.aiming 160 chalm south along the east boundary Hue of i. K Crauilon'i preemption, thence
40 chains east, to the Nelaon and Fori Hheppard
���urvey line, thenee 160 cbalni, north, thence 40
chalna weit to poln' ot commencement.
treated Marcb 23rd, 1007.
J. P.SwaDBBM, Locator
Notice ti hereby given that 80 dayi after date 1
Intend toapply tothe 'on. Chief commlialocor
of Laudi and Worka torn special license to cut
nnd carry away timber from tbe (ollowlng described lands, iltuated on Corn Creek 1�� the
(.���oal creek dlvlalon ln Southweit Kootenay, B c.
"A"���Commencing at poat "A" plnnted about
190 chalne weat from southeast cornei of Block
No 1006, and marked " ���. L Beekwlth by I J
Lucia, agent, northeait corner post," about Iwo
chaini norlh ot the stream, then weit 1*80 chnlni,
then 40 chains sou'h, thin eait 180 ohalni, tben
40 chalna north to poit of commencement.
Dated March 6th, l��tn. W L. Bans with,
bvl. J Lucia. Agent,
��B"- Commencing at poit "B" planted on the
anuth fork ot Corn creek, about80 chalm from
where tbe atream emptlea into the Main atream,
marked "W. L. Beekwlth by I > Lucia, agent,
northeast corner post," about three chaini eait
of itream, then 160 ohalna aouth, then 40 chalm
weat, Ihen 160 chatm north, then 40 chains east
to point of oommencement.
Dated March 7th, 1907, W. L RBCKWITR,
by 1. J.Lucis, Agenl.
"C" Commencing at poat "C" planted 80
obalm south of northwest corner of Block "B"
marked "W 1. Beekwlth by l.J Lucia, Ment.
northeaat corner poit," about ten ohalna want of
atream northeait eorner, then 180 ohalna aouth,
then tn chains weat, u.en 1(0 ohalna uorth, then
48 chains east to post of commencement.
Anted March Oth, 1007. W. L. Hick with,
by l.J. Lucia, Agent.
had just been speaking to them from
before the eyea of Hla disciples���all of
the eleven remaining before the election of St. Matthias���to queation that
Is to question either the veracity .or the
sanity of every New Testament writer,
that is of the whole Christian revala-
The new theology so-called la an attempt to reconcile religion and science.
It proceeds on the assumption that
science la built upon solid rock, and
that what cannot be explained on scientific principles muat be abandoned. The
wisest of scientists, however, are now
prepared to admit that while science
has conferred on man many material
benefits, as an explanation of the universe, Including man, lt has failed aa
utterly and aa hopelessly aa the mythology of Greece.
The following services are announced
tor tomorrow in the churches of Nelaon:
Church of England���St. Saviour1!,
corner Ward and Silica streets. Fifth
Sunday after Easter; Holy communion
8 a. m.; morning prayer and Holy communion, 11 a. m.; Sunday school, 2:30
p. m.; evensong, 7:30 p. m. Rev. F. H.
Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Im*
maculate, corner of Ward and Hill
streeis: Low mass, 8 a.m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening aervlce, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Presbyterian church���Bt Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. ul; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.   Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sun*
day school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R. N.
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, neai
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. B. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracka on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
8 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Hums School Report
The attendance at the Hume school
for April was: 1st division, average attendance, 29.76; 2nd division, 29.29;
total, 59.05.
The following pupils made perfect attendance:
First division, Miss E. B. Bate���Helen
Balding, May Bate, John Balding, Leone
Engel, AugUBte Engel, Edwin Graham,
Bruce Gilchrist, Edith Gilchrist, Ruby
Gilchrist, Frederick Hurey, Martha
Henderson, Roy Hodgan, Thorwald
Hansen, Ethel Jackson, Elizabeth
Lynch, Arthur Maurer, Lillian Oliver,
Rhode McGregor, Charlotte Ringrose.
Second .dlvlalon, Miss A. McLennan���
Dayrell Bate, Freddie Bell, Hazel Bell,
Alonzo Engel, Richard Gaskell, Vera
Gilchrist, Walter Gilchrist, Esther Ha-
liegarde, Freddie Hartulck, Bessie Hurry, Phillip Hurry, Farquhar Hodgln,
Earl Jackson, Leonard Jackson, John
Jerome, Thomas Jerome, Gladys McPhee, Myrtle McPhee, Grace Maurer,
Arthur Phllbert, Jamea , Ringrose,
Archie Robinson, William Stewart, Robert Stewart
Fo* Sale
N��ar Thrum*, a ranch of (bout  IS
��crs����.   A ���mall clearing.   Eaay Urma.
Nalaon, B. C, Box 654.
Tenders Wanted lor the fur-chase of a
Mineral Claim.
T.nsl.r. asldrfaaed to the underalfnBd, *, hia
offlce In the Court Houae, In th. City ot Nelson,
will bo reoolTed Dp till the hour ol flre o'clock,
Inthe.fternoon, of Friday, May Slat, HOT, lor
llsss purchase of the "8ll��er Champion Mineral
Claim," Lot HM, Oroup 1, Koolenay DUtrlct,
whioh wu declaresl lo be forfeited to tho Crown
at tbe Ui stale held In tho Clly of Nelaou, on the
���sth day ol November. lKtt, for delinquent taxe.
np till June aotb, 1906, and coat.
I he upaet price upon the aald mineral claim,
which Includco the amount ol delinquent taxes
and ooat. at the time ot forfeiture, with lutercat,
taxes which hate sloes, accrued, coata ot adter-
tl.lnr and lee for Crown Qrant (116 00,) la 181.IB,
which lathe Icaat amount that will beoon.ldered
aaa tender.
Eaoh tender must be accompanied by nn ce-
ceptod oh-aque tor tha tuu amonnt ot thc tender,
payable to the order ol thc Deputy CommlMloner
ol Und and Worka, at Victoria, B C , at par.
Dated al Nelson, Il  C, thi. SOth day of April,
Oovernm. nt Agent, Nelson, B. C
Tenders Wanted (or the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tender* addreMOd to the undersigned, at hi.
offlce ln thc Court Houm, In the City ot Nelson,
will he rcoclrcd until! the hour ol flee o'clock in
the afternoon, of Friday, May Slat, UOT, lor thc
purehaae ol th. "Hryan Mineral claim." Lot
'--    - ���   -���  ��� ��� id, we.
s the tax
purehaae ot taa "Hryan Mineral Claim,"
UW, Oroup 1. Koolenay I l.trlcl, which
sieclated to he lorlelted to tbc Crown at the
talc held in thc Clly ol Nelaon, on thc ��th day
ol NoTember, ltW' tor delinquent taxe. np till
uneioth, UOfcandcoaU
The upset price upon the uld mlaeral olaia,
whioh lnuluAM thc -amount of delinquent taacc
and cost, at the time ol forfeiture, with Inlereat,
laxca which have aluce accrued, coet ol adycr-
tlslnc, and Ice tor Crown s rant IIM.oo,) la m,8L
which la lhe local amount that will tscconaldered
aa a lender
Bach tender muat he accompanied by aa ac-
��� . -.--.we for the tull r --***-- -----
T^�� Stf athcona
Neleon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Samplt    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
���cker Knot, Heleon. B.O.
Lighted by m-eofcrlettjr Mid
Heated by Hoc Air
aad Comfortable Bedroom, -aad Flrat-
    -jlng Boom.  M-ample Boom, lor Commer>
rial Ma* "T
���       MBS.  B. C.CLABKB, ProprlctrCM
Lane ai
Grand Central Hotel
Tala hotel hai been completely renoreted and
newly furnished with all modern equipment!.
Hot water heating th roughout.
BATES : Rooms, 60c. upward�� ; meali 3Sc.;
ipeclal ratei by the week.
J. A. KRIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Oppoalto Court Roma
aad Postoffice, Nelaon. B. C.
Tfemont House
la rupee ii aad Aat-trteaa Flea
Hcale > eta.  Boom. Irom a ot.. te ��
Only White Help employed.
Baker BL, HMeea
Battlett   Hotise
Best Dollir-a-Da. House in Kelson.
ne lu H the Picon.
White Help Only Employed.
JoMPhln. St
Royal Hotel
Batac |1 and 11.00 a Day.
Special Batea to Regular Boardera.
cowiot -
Meet comforteblo quarter. In Nelaon
Oaly thc beet ol Uqnon cad cigar..
Ac McDonald 4 Co*
Deal-era in ctaple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggi.
Oamp and Minen' Suppliea.
Examination for Assayeis for licence to
Practice in British Columbia.
An Examination for Awayen will be held ln
Victoria on the 27th Hay end following dayi.
Entrance lor any examination muit be made
In writing to thi -Secretary of the Board of Ex-
amine���, at leait ten dayi before the date aet tor
beg inning ol examination, and muit be accompanied by the prescribed fee (IU)
Any additional information deilred may be
obtained from Herbert Carmtchael, secretary,
board of examiner*. Victoria
MlnUter ot Mlnea.
Department ot Minei,
Victoria, B. C, l6tb April, 1*07.
QoYernment Agant, Nelion, B. 0
Notice li hereby given that the Wattiburg
Lumber company hai applied to Hii Honor the
Lleutenaot Governor la oouncll, under the pro-
visioni of the "Riven and St rem in i Act," for the
right to improve Rykerte creek, lu the dlitrlel of
Weit Kootenay. British Columbia, by removing
the o tut ruction* therefrom and itralghtenlag
the banki thereof, and to oonitruet dami, boomi,
���lldei and ohutei, and makeiuch other improvement" ai may be neoeuary for the driving and
rafting ol lon and the fl umtng of timber thereon
The landi to he affected are goverment landa and
Lota 261 and 252, Group l, K ootenay dlitrlet, and
the tolli that are proposed to be charged, 11 any,
art inch ai mav be fl xed by a jndga of the county
oourt ot Wait Kootenay.
Datad thii 77th dayof Manh, A, D. 1907.
I have Juet returned to Nelaon and
have opened up at the aame old atand,
and now ready to do all klnda of
KAL80MININ0. Shop rear of Bartlett
We have for Sale one of tlie best
Residences in Nelson.    Close in
Call and see ns for price and terms.
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Lti
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orcharde and mnning water on eaeh popeiij.    Theae proper-
tiee -can be porohaeed on reaaonable terma if aold sat owe.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aem
Choicest Pratt Lands In
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
40 Actcs First-class Fto-H
Land oa Kootenay Lake!
Within '/, mile* af Earl Grey'e Ranch.
14 mile lake frantaae. Free from rock.
Plenty water.   SM per acre, en terma.
Certificate of tbc fefWmitai of is
Extra-Pro-finciil CompMT.
"Companiea Act, 1SS7."
I BHBBT CIKTirT that thc "Kiao Mirer
Lead Mtnl-Of Compeer, Limited." hoe Ihlc der
been ncUtcicd su an Kitrc-PiOTliielcl Compeer
nader the "Compuic. act, wn," to corrf oot
orcffcotclloraurolthc object, ol thc compeer
lo wbleh thc IceUUUTC authority of thc Uf la-
letur. 01 BrltUh Cols
1 ColomhU ciund..
The heed oe.ee of thc compear ic dtcetcct
Phoenix, Tcirltorr of AtUone, D. 8. A.
The emonnt of thc eapltel of thc compeer u
three million dollen, dlTldcd Into ilx haaaied
tbouMod .here, ol flre dollen cech
Thc heed offloe of the ooms   ��� -   -
la iltuelc et Kaalo, end T
engineer, whooe eddrccc le
mcenr In thla pro-Tine
crT Iwlckj, mlnlne
��� Kaelo,B-0.,letheeT
torncr for the ooeeneur.
Thc time of thc exuteaca of thc o-.aip.nr U
twenty-five jam mm the dihtecath der of
October, 1*M.
Ihe compeny le limited. _
Olv.n nnder mr bend end -aeel of edee, Vie-
torle, Prorlno. of Brltlah Columbia, thle Bad
o.y ol Kerch, one thotuand nine hnndred ead
"li") B. Y. WUOTTOH,
Eeilitrer of Joint Block Coenaalee.
Thc purpoae. tor wblch thle oornoroUOQ u
tommd arc to bar, bold, ieete, cell, work, explore, dercloe end operate mince ead mlnlne
elalma, end ell kind, of mining ptepcrtr; to locate end procure potent, for mfni-f clelmai to
bur. erect, oonitruet, or othcrwUe eetnlrc cad
(Mil mill., .meltero, conoentreton or other reduction plcnta, end to run end operate the erne
ln thc reduction of ell kind, of ore. aad the extraction of mln.rel therefrom; to ccquire la aay
meaner all kind, of reel eetele acoaewr Ier the
economical end cxpedlHoMOpcreticn of Ite mining end .melting end reduction buclncm, end
other buaineaa Incident thereto; to bur aad Mil
end otberwiM acquire end dtapoee of ur end
ell hind, of pcreonel property, meeblnerr. tool,
end mcrohendlee, for thc conyenlent send prec-
tseel operation of It. bualn-M. In ear breach
thereof, end to thnt end to eetabiuh send coadnet
���tore, end mercheudlalug ectabllshmcnte, lor the
purchue end wlc of oil kind, of aoode -end mer-
chenduci to -acquire ln enr lawful -manner telephone end lelegreph Unu end right, of wen to
operate end conduct .neb line. In enr menncr
neceaaery or eonrcnlent for tbc operaaoa of Ite
mining end .melting end reduction buolliem or
eny breach Incident thereto; to build,construct,
equip, operate end conduct rellwer aad tram
line, wheiever neocaeerr eni conyenlent, to the
K-tper operetlon of lta uld line, of builaeu; to
y end Mil or otborwue ecqulrc end dlapoM of
the .lock of other corporation, which mey la It.
Judgment contribute to thc encccu ef Ita open-
lion., or whioh ln IU Judgment mey be for the
benent ol Ite .toekhotder., to -acquire In any
manner and to dlipcec of water right., dltchu,
lluioea, pipe line, or other equeducte, which
mey be neceuery or eonrcnlent lor tupplylng
water to the verfoua plenu ol the compeny, ana
to -acquire tn enr menncr end to eatabliah end
operate plent. and line, tor operating, bMting
or lighting tho property or planta of thc ���
���7, end to ecqulrc In eny lewful menner.
apoac of townallea, or any portion thereof,
Atlantic Seaboard
Kootenay Points
Effective for Tram-Atlantic  paoeen-
oera arriving an or aubaoquant to April
from polnu In Ontario, Quobee, Mari-
tlmo provlncM, St Paul, Chicago, and
United I	
pur, tnd to acquire \a any lawful manner, and
lo dlipnaa ol townsite*, or any portion thereof,
and to hold, operate, sell, and dltpoM ol water,
llf ht and heat lor the purpose of Iff htlng, heat-
lnf or (urnlihlnf -water to uld townilte or
townaltti, and eaoh and teety portion thereof,
and f enerall y to do any and all thing��� and to acquire and hold and dupoee ol ali klodi oi property, and to manage, operate and conduct any
and all klndr ol planu and buitneaa which ln tha
opinion of the director* and itookholdert any
be neoeuary tor the convenience and auceeairoi
operation of IU bmineM ai a mining and laelt
Ing and,reduction company.
In th. matter of en eppltcetion for the teene of
e duplloetoof the CerllBcete ol Title of LoUIend
i, Bloch n, Ut��, Mock s�� end Lol la. Block to,
Nelaon City (Mepe*M end IMA )
Kotlce la horcoy glren met tt ie my Intention
to luue e duplicate of th. CerllBcete of TlUe for
tbc .bore lou et the uplretloa of one month afler
tbe Aral publication hereof In the neme of Fran.
Jecoby ensl Kmll 1'obll which t'erUiceUolTitle
la d.lesl this <tb de; ol Jennerr, I*", aad numbered 4W7*.
H. r, U-cLEOD,
Dlatrlct leglatrar.
Und Kegutry Otttm, Neleon, B.C
4lh, April, \ttn.
Scad For Yow Ffkadi
Full partlculara on i application to
local agent or write
A.Q.P. A..Vencoaycr. D, P.A.. Heleon
w. a. aiuuETT
Contractor -anti
Sole egent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd..
retell yerd.. Rough end dreswed lumber, turned
work end brackcla, Coot leth aad ehtngue, aeab
end door.. Cement, brick scad lime for uie.
Automouc grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eeet of Hell
P O Boi m Telephone I'M
r.ccuEN    f.r.Buwo    a.b.6Mbi
Orfl Eaiiaecn. Domiain aai Brftbk
CoioatU lasl SofTcron
f.0.1m 145   fkacMIS.
Ia the matter of en application lor the imuo -ef
e duplicate ol tho CcrtUcateol Title lor en uu-
s|si��d).otlot4��M,grouj>l, In Uie dlatrlct o<
e thereof.)
 le air Intention
 of on. month after tbe
tret piiblicelioi hereol a .lnpllcete cf tho Cerlld -
rele ol Title for tbe ebon m>alloaed Unda, la
the name ol Malcolm Mccormick, which CcrllA.
cate I. dated the Uth Beptember, ltal, send aum-
3',dWtti��,r Oita, ��jh��..Ea.ARj,,.^.
Metrlct acglatrer .*..,
t M.
. fi
',- t.i
j    ;
The Daily Canadian
W. have just received a lot of NEW   PURSES  which   we are  selling
at the following extremely low prices:
$2.00 $2-50 $3.00
ilBWBt.1 .RR..~
SoolnllMt Paarty nis-.-u every Fr.d.T
erssnlng .1 S i> ra . In toe Miners.' I Dion Ha.l
All are Inyltea: anv one .Moire I tss take pan lis
the 'lebalea.   T. Austin, -c-cretarj-.
Our Stock is Complete
Here arc two Soap Specials:
2i   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.5C
72 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75
f"; '       MTradingCoJ
* \J M
* *
Ornamented  Chocolate  Eggs.
Blue Bird   Eggs.    Cuckoo  Eggs.
Robins'   Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks all  sizes.
Make  your  selections  while  the   stock
is complete.
For Rent
5 Room Furnished House, on
Ward  .Street,   f^.oo
per month.
loom   Unfurnished  House,
'on Ward Street, $15.00
per  mouth.
H. E. Ooadsdaile & ___
Next Door to Bank of Commoroe.
All KlniJa of Heating Plants In Stock
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houee.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their ad-
vAutngo to use our Ht,h.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stovee, etc.
121 Eaet Baker 8t. Phone No. All 4
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
fobiaonist.   Baker Strtet.
C ��r. Varnsssi ernci Wars!  Street*.
.XULSO.N.   li. C.
J. FRED HCilE. Proon-rtor.
J. Hardy. St. Paui: A. Lucas. Arch-
deasxsn Beer. Kaslo; J. Pets.rson. Trail:
R. Stewart, China Creek; S. J. Saund-
ers, Suramerland; C. Hiebert. Didsbury:
.1. A Vaner. Toronto; J. McBride. Win-
niiseg; G. H. Cook. E. E. Smiley. Minneapolis; Miss \V. Bourke. C. Bourke.
13-Mlle; Mrs. A. G. Cre-elman. K. L. Bur-
n, *. R. Potter. A E McN'aughton. Vancouver: D. R. McLennan. G. A. Mcln-
syre. Trout Lake: J. Jonne. Montreal:
C. Materal. Queen Mine: J. A. Macdonald. Rossland: J. P. McLeod. Greenwood; O. H. Stewart. Hillcrest: A. C
R ss. Calgary; W. Ross. J A. Williams.
V'.-.t,. DiX.
\V. E. Zwickey, Kaslo: A. G. Donahue.
E P Davla, \V. Pioken, F. Benson. Vancouver; \V. B. Busk. Kokanee; J.
Brpoksbank, Yorkshire; Mrs. A. J. Stuart. Mission: H. Wright. Fire Valley:
Miss B. Fillmore, Edgewood; G. W. Col-
Una and wire, Gre-?tjwood: J. B. Por-
ser. Montreal: J. C. Randall. Barker-
ville: T. Turner. Miss Turner, Marquette; E. W. Hess, Chicago.
C.Gooch, Vancouver: A. V  Wanless.
Woodlsurn;   F.   R. Newman.  Eholt:   S
Wood. J. Smith. P.  Smith. C. Altoxer.
Peterboro; A. N. Wlnlaw, Winlaw.
S.  Waters, Silver  King;   W.  G. Mc-
Keen,   H.   Lincoln.   J.   Wood,   J.   New-
house,  Phoenix.
A. Young. J. Jobling. R. Jobling. T.
.lobling. Cranbrook; H. C. Ross. C. O.
Phillips. Phoenix: N. J. Lord, Spokane;
P. F. Gibbs. Glasgow; w. King. Winnipeg.
T. Haeiot. E. T. Hogle. Wardner; C.
Tiiuher, H. Kymal, Kitchener; A. V.
Anderson, Erie: R. Hawkins. Kimber-
ley; C. A. FauldiiiE. Toronto; R. McLeod, Alnsworth; H. O. Wanous, Te-
koa; T. .7. Rock. Grohman.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Boi
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
0OOK-Hotel, WO, Wutne>,ca];.tcoee. Phone
VsiUC  mail   Willi  KswmI tsfTsct; -  - |    ,.. u   >��� ..-..,. n
noefiion    Apply CM 618. SeU.n. -s. 0,	
rws) FlH.Sl-si.AisS KOOMS, ate.m heated    Ap-
1,1V houm ket-Der. :,M fiat. K. W. 0, block.
A COCKER SPANIEL, Water Spaniel or.lmller
mstls? puppy. Poat Ofllce Box	
IDOEBHAN ansl a Better lor mill at Moyle
Apply at Mill, or our office Nelaon, Porto Rico
l.ssinwsr   o
BUNCH  OF  KEIS,    Keturn to t:haa. Long-
s! SETTERS, 3 tilgelsicn, 3 Tall-fiotn ansl
(Iradett, 1 P,,serrsan (ttsglil.) Circular Sawyer,
Dogger-I, r.ngln'.-era H���>innitr, and mill help ssl
all klnslss. Apply -Geo. P Wella, Mol lUTt,
Nelton, B.C.
{      LOCAL AHD GENERAL     i
6udden Shock.
An employee of the city while engaged in arranging ihe electric wires
received a sudden shock this morning.
Fortunately he was able to climb down
the pole, but for some moments ht' was
completely prostrated with the shock.
Latest Attraction.
The attendance at thc court house
this morning to hear the judgment in
McMillan vs. Wheeler was so great, that
as the crowd afterwards came up Ward
street many people thought the whole
of Kaslo had come on a special ex
Methodist   Services.
Rev. R. Newton Powell will preach at
his evening service a sermon specially
addressed to men on "How Jesus Christ
Would Influence Disputes Between Capital and Labor.'* It will be illustrated
by reference to the East Kootenay coal
miners" strike. At the close of the
service the sacrament of the Lord's Sup
per will be administered.
Presbyterian Services.
Both services in St. Paul's church tomorrow will be taken by Rev. Mr.
Smith. At the evening service there will
be special music as follows: Duet.
���Hark. Hark. My Soul." by Shelley, Mr
and Mrs. Wye; solo, "O Jesus, Saviour,"
Mendeissohn. R. Brown: anthem, "Eve
ning Song." Morey, the choir.
Knights of  Pythias  Convention.
The members of the K. of P. order
in Nelson are making all possible ar
rangements for the convenience and
comfort of their guests during the con
vention. It is now expected that there
will be at least 300 visitors, and the
task of finding rooms for them is a dif
ficult one, but the local knights will t>p
equal to the occasion.
Laid to Rest.
The body of the late Cecil M.
Bourke was brought to Nelson last
night on the steamer Kokanee. Thf
funeral took plaop this morning from
Robertson & Company's undertaking
parlors to the Church of Mary Immacu
late and thence to the cemetery. The
pall-bearers were: A. J. Kerr, T. J.
Scanlan. D. G. Kurtz. V.". G. Gillett, A
E. Eskrigge, W. F. Madsley. Wreaths
were sent by the Masons, the cricke!
club, and the members of the loca1
staff of the Hudson's Bay Company.
James McDonald Is visiting Van
W. M. Doull, Jr., now of Grand Forks.
:s In the city on a visit.
E. P. Davis, the well-known Vancou
ver barrister, is in the city.
Louis Larsen has been down to the
roast all week and will return to Nel
son tomorrow evening.
Norman C. Stewart is home from To
ronto where he has been attending thf
School of Practical Science.
J. A. Macdonald, K. C, arrived in thr
city last night to attend the assizes, be
in gretained by the Granby company.
G. H. Thompson, barrister, of Cran
r>rook. has left for Stillwater. Minn..
where he will be married this week to
i IOM Procter ot that city.
A. E McN'aughton. one of the bst
iaows travellers in British Columbia,
came in last night. It will be pleasing
to learn tbat Mrs. McN'aughton, who
has been seriously ill for some time, is
M a fair way to recovery.
Gen, Kuroki and Staff Warmly Greeted
by 8eattle.
Seattle, May 4.���General Kuroki and
bis staff, representatives of Japan to
the Jamestown Exposition, arrived here
yesterday, after being delayed by a fog
on Puget Sound. They received a royal
and picturesque welcome by local Japanese and Americans, who crowded every
dock on the water front and lined the
The Store of Quality
Genuine Ripe Mango
for dessert,   75c per bottle
Superior Mango Preserve
60c per bottle
Genuine Mango Pickle
40c per bottle
Something entirely  new  and
only a Small stock left.
K. W. C. Btoek . Phone 10.
FBUHJNo AND OKArriNQ carefully attend
tA Ui. apply
surer Kin* Hotel.
I have received a consignment
of the famous
Pin-Money Pickles
These are very fine.
35c per Bottle
C* A* Benedict
Comer Silica and Joaephlue SU.
Wall-Paper Sale
Is in Foil Swing
This is an opportunity such as only
happens once in a long time. You can
decorate your room:-; with good paper
at a merely nominal cost. Remember
when we say bargains we mean bargains.
Real, Genoine, Big Bargains
We have not merely reduced the
prices on a few obsolete patterns or
slow sellers, but we moan to clean out
the entire stock, and every paper we
have is marked right down to quick
sale figures without regard to either
cost or profit.
Don't let those rooms go unpnpered
any longer when you can paper them
now so cheaply. And attain we say don't
iut it off. Secure what you need before the best things are snapped up.
W. G. Thomson
SMSS"**'  Nelson, B.C.
streets through which the Japanese
;iarty party passed in automobiles. Daylight fireworks were set off over Elliot
Bay as the party lauded frnm the Aki
Maru. Hundreds of Japanese girls sang
the national anthem, and the general's
carriage wa., almost covered with flowers presented by school' children. The
.eception at the city hall was in charge
of the chamber of commerce, of the
Asiatic Society an<| the Japanaese Association of HciiMle. With General
Kuroki are about 5b officers.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
CVjast and Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo boat���On time.
Latimer, near Stanley $ 325
Cedar,  near  Baker,  300
Carbonate,  near  Park,  175
Park, near Vernon,(2 lots)  525
Vancouver and Slocan, 16 lots for 450
Victoria, near Kootenay,  2,250
Cedar, near Victoria   3,000
Silica, near Park  2,500
Mill $1,600 and 2,000
King Road, $500 cash and balance easy
terms will purchase plot about seven
acres, part cultivated.
Near King Road, 50 acres, part cultivated.    Inspection invited.
Kootenay River, 160 acres, $16 per acre.
Also   land   on   Kootenay   lake,   near
Creston, Flre Valley and Hurton City.
Weet Baker Street. NELSON, B. C.
Whole**!*; ttm!  Retail Dealeri In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meat* and supples kept in htock
Mail orders receive cartful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
B. C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward   Ste.
Old Curiosity Shop
It you want to buy or Bell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity 8hop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on Bale
Ml kinds of Dlnnerware la stock. Pat
will be paid for Information leading to
conviction of any person or persons
who removed city property from the
street or premieee near the eorner of
Ward and Vernon street the evening of
May 3rd. By order,
W. G. GILLETT. Mayor.
We have 8 houses, first-class shape
and best locations, which we will sell
on the Instalment plan.
$50���$500 Caah
and  balance  small   monthly  payments.
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
Telephone 161.
Men's $3.50 Shoes
Don't get the idea that all our
mene fine ehoee are $5.00 and
16.00 i pair. We can eupply
you with a genuine Coodyear
Welt at 13.50. 8mooth ineolee
and pliable to the foot. Med*
in Vici Kid and Box Calf.
R. Andrew & Co.
Sulphur and
An Excellent .Spring Purifying Mixture
A specific* for boils. Tonic for the liver and a valuakj
medicine for indigestion and general debility from a da
ordered stomach.    For sale by
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd
WASH   VESTINGS.  regular price $3.00,   *f  QQ
Your choice now for    *?'���*���
Splendid Patterns in Single and double   ej-^ ce\ __. j   __ me,
breasted, worth $6.00. selling now for   *A.SAM ano   _,3,\iV
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
New Spring Goods Arriving Daily|
A complete line of up-to-date Soft and Hard Hate in Stock.
Aleo a full range of Boots end Shoee.   "WALKOVER" our
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock alii
requisites for the raucher, gardener or householder. Spada)
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading .-'oiks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to  letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardw;
Company, Limited.
A*+S*m*^~*~~.M. A. ISAAC R. W. HINTON'
Repairing and ^Jobbing ��x��cut��d with D*jspatwh.   Mlmst M��t
Work, .Mhilim mut .Mill Mnchlnvry,     Manutactumr* of
Or* Cara,  W.  H.   Contractors'  Car*.
Corner of Hati and
Front Btreeti.
Spring Stock lust Opened Up|
Carload Llnoteuma and Carpets
From Ulaagow, Scotland.
1-tuMt Qualities at Low Prices.
Standard Fatnitare Companjl
Hunu A Rlnrli Punrm.
Ostermoor Mattri'imei.
Marflhftll tUnlttry MttirOMci.
Complete Hotise FarnUhas
Undertakers,    Embalms
���~E -4���UUBJJLEJ-.
Lumber, Shingles,
Loth, Mouldings, Doorsi Window*
Turned Work and Bracket*.
Mnil Onlere promplly ��t����
Launch and Boat
We alwaye carry In etock and will be pleaeed to tnffit_
wante In
Such an
WhlUs Wsutc
MUs-,1 I'alllM
Herry grot.' Hunts, Varuiali
in*, ete.
Arctic cop-It"
(Im KMlJ" fi, 11*1
Vncniu.il "'>'_",, I
(in one gHllon ���=���     I
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Lin


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