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The Daily Canadian Feb 13, 1907

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Array <%\)z JJailg
L'MH I.     NO.   215-
jrier Machine Methods
Used from Inside
Une speaks out
lonlcssed Uberal Tells Why He
I Vou- d Four Times Against
the Government.
IH���The daj*'a proceed
0 halve*. Arinand Lavergne
nolest agalnat the sentence
inieatioo piiHHs'd upon htm
sal Liberal party.    The op-
ide the first of lis attack*
a man of real ability could
sin- stniement which Laver-
sil to the bouse. The body
-sli was a close well-knit
strong tn texture and exss-
i.rtlfled by facts. Over thi*
: ���., 1 oslonal flashes of real
ssssiiy, but accuracy of point,
isy of phrase, and there wa*
ice in the peroration, when
1, tleclarod that If the force*
snnient expelled hlm from
hr would go without regret.
ne Into public life with an
1 lean conscience, and I ahall
11 ulth an lionwt and clean
Us> sum- never waa elected as a
ins* is* sMiiiporter, was never a gov-
is*   andldate, but wa* elected "aa
���is,   ,.i.s! nothing eUe."   To prove
e   ituut.-d   a   curious document.
lis. South African war broke out
jt,- In the press in support of Mr.
mil lis his opposition to the send-
! 1 uiiuillan contlgeut*.    Then, tn
lie became a candidate, hi* candl-
ng  unwelcome to a certain
ih.. tulilnet.   The day after
i'mn   selected   him, a docu-
isresented    to   him   in Mr.
presence, by Mr. Ei-neat Roy,
lember for Montmafny.' Thi*
J ths   undersigned,   Armand Laver-
���Liiisral candidate In tbe county of
tmamy. declare formally that I ap
acts of tbe preaent candidate,
that  I  am   Ministerial candidate,
> ainl Hlmply.
led at  , the ��� day of Feb-
t *.." 1 **
is- isss-iiinent was presented to roe,
shall of the Minister* of the Crown.
4 told that if I refused to sign
<i have no support from the
nt.   I replied that my poaltlon
clear, that all they had to do
hoosse another candidate, and
ll Intended to come out a* a repre-
vi   nf the people, and not aa a
soling  machine, or a  man  who
*.   so ..hackled that he dare not
mouth.    I do not know what
sl afterward*;   except    that, al-
1 I'-fusMl to proclaim myself a
t lul candidate purely and simply.
is" support of the government
elected.   And at the last gen
".'nil I was re-elected, although
lime���1 know    not   for   what
1    was left   practically alone.
   nothing run  he more clear
ml I am not elected as a Minis-
'   l��ii as a Liberal candidate."
mich for his 1 wnimi.    Now for
irse ln the house.
i.'l voted against the government
1 occasion*:
connection with the autonomy
If connect Ion wllh the North At-
'11 ailing Company.
"   Mr. Lavergne   simply   agreed
>!t   Frank Oliver's condemnation
private member���of bounty lm-
inn.    "I   was  not  opposing any
1 principle  when  I opposed  lm-
"'issu  which. If maintained, would
s a mongrel nation, an immigra
Jorought In at so much a head on
principle of quantity, not quality,
Emigration which had no other ob-
than   to   pay   enormous   sum*  of
1 to a company whose nature we
|isi'i   even  know,  a company that
' n�� Immigrant* for Canada Jew*
the   ghetto**   of   Russia,   and
flitshors, who go travelling around
ains of the NorthweBt, lifting the
to find the Lord, an Immigration
|l> was described by the correapon-
uf Uie Toronto Olobe aB coming
ihe docks of Liverpool or the
|l * linns of London, an Immigration
�����' tlmn 8lkha."
In  connection   with   the  Sunday
Is Mi- Lvergne described aa "the
J lorlfied measure" ever brought
���j* the house. Here again he had
Tets on his side. He had moved a
���niondment to Mr. Plche'a amend-
.the Rovernment rejected It ln the
pons; tt was adopted In principle
Fifty Cents a Month
In the senate, and the senate amendment was accepted ln the house.
4. In connection with the French
version of the revised statutes
Thi* he Justified briefly as lu keeping
with the letter as well us the spirit of
the constltiulisn
Then the peroration. "I have thought
that If there was one principle greater
than another, if there was one principle
which should characterize every public
man that Is���above party there Is
country, and country first."
No reply was made. The government
aide aat ln absolute silence.
Eighty-four Days in the Awful Solitude
of Arctic Winter.
Calcutta, Fob. 13.���News from Sven
Anders Hedln, the Swedish traveller,
who last year started from Chinese
Turkestan on a Journey of exploration
lo Tibet, bas reached here. Hedln, who
when he sent off his courier, had already explored 840 miles of unknown
country, said he hoped to reach the monastic city of Shlgatse. 130 miles from
Lhasa, at the end of February. The
geographical and geodetic results of the
expedition are already exceptionally
rich. The explorer lost his whole caravan of animals, but not a single man,
and all the maps und collections were
saved.. Hedln discovered many unknown mountain ranges, rivers and gold
fields, and travelled K4 days ln tbe solitude on arctic winter, uot Beelng a
single Tibetan.
Hedin's report concludes: "The Journey Is the m09t wonderful I have made
ln Asia In my 22 years of travels."
Bishop Carmlchael Hold* That Hewever
DMlrablc Church Union to Vield
EpiKopat* Menna Diahonor.
Montreal, Feb. 13.���Bishop Carmlchael, in an address to the American
���ynod on the questiou of church union,
strongly upheld the suceaslou ot the
Episcopate, and declared that government by convenience and utllty would
reduce the government of the church
to tb* level of a railway time-table.
lt waa no doubt on theae ground*, he
concluded, culminating ln the reallia-
tlon of a great truit, the tbe bishop*
of tbe Anglican communion made tbe
���acceptance of tbe historic episcopate
one of tbe necessary conditions of any
scheme of organic union tbat might be
considered by tbe different consulting
communions of which ahe was willing
to form one.
Tbe bishop reduced the basis of possible union to the heart or core of what
they believed to be the primary divine
truat committed to all Christian age*,
namely: (1) The Holy Bcriptures of the
Old and New Teataments; (2) the
Apoatles and Nl-cene creed*; (3) the
two sacraments, baptism and the Supper of the Lord; and (4) the historic
Episcopate. ,
All these things the bUhops of the
Anglican communion regarded bb a
tru*L They could no moro surrender
the epl��cop��te than ��urrender the
creed*, for though peace and unity be
precious, honor Is more precious, nnd
peace without honor la either peace won
at the point of the sword or Ignominou*-
ly bought. ^^^^
Amount* and Value* of Import* from
Canada In January.
London, Feb. lX-Following ��re the
amounl* and values of Imports from
Canada for the month of Junuary
Oattle .
Flour, etc.
Bacon .
.4-50,700 cwts.
98,800 cwts.
10,749 owt*.
(M1,0B1! c-wta.
tbaam.'.'.'....,. 87,178owta.
Oheeae M'��7*��'!rti.i.
Bag*    6,447 gt.bds.
HcSes         1��
A Lady Labor Leader.
Chicago, Feb. lJ.-Con*plclous among
the scores of noted women who have
gathered In Chicago for thc annual convention of the National American Woman Suffrage association ls Miss Mary
R MncArlhur, who is one of lhe foro-
moBt women labor leador leaders In
Great Britain.. Miss MacArthur Is only
26 years old, but Ib secretary of the
Women*. TradeB Union lengue ��l h
136,000 membera, all of whorn look to
her for advice ln their Iditstrlal
Want Government Control.
Saskatoon, Feb. 13.-The council ol a
meeting yestersdy decided to cooperate
with Roitbern council in asking tho
government to take over operation ot
the local branch of the C. V B-
School Trustee Sessions
Have Begun
Seek Improvements in Minor Details
of Administration���Financial
Relations Satisfactory.
The association met in the board of
trade rooms at 9.30 o'clock this morning,
with Dr. E. C. Arthur, vice-president, in
the chair.
The minutes of the last meeting were
read and adopted. The chairman expressed pleasure at the numbers present, and regret for certain conspicuoua
The credentials committee, consisting of V. W. Odium, A. Hodgson and
Secretary J. J. Dougan, then examined
the lint of those present and reported
seating the following:
Vancouver���W. P. Argue, J. J. Dougan, V. W. Odium (2).
New Westminster���P. Pebles (3).
'   Nanaimo���J. .1. Dougan (3).
Surrey���J. J. Dougan (3).
RoBsland���P. U. McDonald (I), A.
Gibson. i
Nelson���Dr. Arthur, W. Irvine, F. W.
Revelstoke���H. Floy (2), J. Manning.
Grand Forks���H. C. Hannington (2).
Richmond, Burnaby and Soutb Vancouver���J. Hodgson (9).
Slocan���T. McNeHh (2).
Kaalo���D. P. Kane (!).
Fernie���Dr. Corssan, J. W. Nunn.
Elkmouth���J. W. Nunn.
Chilliwack���A. Cool (3).
It waa arranged that rural municipalities should have the same representation aa cities of tbe -second class.
Tbe election ot officers reaulted as
President���Dr. E. C. Arthur, Nelson.
Vlce-prealdent���P. Peebles, New Westminister.
Secretary-treasurer���J. J- Dougan,
Messers. Hannington, McNelBh and
Hodgson were were appointed a committee on resolutions.
The secretary read a letter from F. H.
Eaton on behalf ot the Victoria board
of trustees, regretting that the board
could not *end a representative, but expressing great Interest and hopes for
profitable aud pleaaant deliberations.
A. Robinson, superintendent of education, alBo regretted hi* inability to be
present, and suggested that luspector
OilllB belnvlted to attend.
Many other letters from city nnd
rural boards expressed regret at not
being able to send representative*.
On motion of Mr. Peebles, inspector
Stewart waB seated as a member of the
convention and responded briefly.
The first resolution was then presented by F. W. Swannell aB follows:
Resolved, that the abolition of the
written entrance examination at Christmas would be advantageous to the high
and public schools of the province���Nelson hoard.
The resolution was seconded by >\ ���
lt was opposed by D. P. Kane, of Kaslo, who thought It would keep the attendance at high schools ln small cities
unduly low, and that accordingly action
should be deferred.
W. P. Argue also opposed; he thought
It would interfere seriously with the
grading of public schoolB, which ls necessary In Vancouver twice a year. He
thought, however, that an option should
be allowed to board* of trustees.
Mr. Hodgson followed, opposing on the
ground of hardship to pupil* In rural
schools wh&jnlgbt lose a whole year for
a very small margin.
J. J. Dougan agreed In recommedlng
an option.
H C. Hannington agreed with the
resolution, and thought the apeclal case
of Vancouver should not govern.
Mr. Floyd thought no rule could be
made applicable everywhere. He
thought for the sake of the largo number of pupils who proceed no farther
than the entrance examination, there
should be a second opportunity in tho
Mr. Coot, of Chlllwack, supported the
resolution; he thoughl high schools
with only one teacher could not handle
a second Junior class.
Mr. Peebles opposed ony change. He
thought there had been too great haste
to establish small high school*, and
that their lntereat should not govern
the provlnoe.
P. R. McDonald, on behalf ot Ross
land, supported the resolution. lie had
no admiration for haste ln educational
Mr. Uibiwn also favored tho resolution.
Inspector Stewart aald that tlie department would gladly abolish tbe
winter entraaoe examinations tf lt would
meet general needs and desires. He
was certain that tho change would be
beneficial to high -schools.
Suggestions were made for the resolution to exclude cities of the first class,
and also for giving achool boards the
option of one or two examination* in
the year.
F. W. Swannell, replied opposing
J. J. Dougan moved, -seconded by Mr.
Nunn, that winter entrance examinations he left optional with school boards.
It was pott,ted out that the option, tf
taken by the board of a high school centre, might tte defeated by an influx of
pupils front surrounding district*.
Dr. Arthur thought the benefit of the
change would be as great to public a*
to high schools
The amendment was then withdrawn,
and the original motion was put. resulting: Aye, 17; No, 26.
As V. W. Odium and J. J. Dougan
voted against the resolution which personally they favored, a remark was
made: "I know a lot of men who are
Liberals but vote Conservative."
The convention reassembled shortly
after 2.
The second resolution: "Resolved
that the government be urged to have
more frequent Inspection of rural
schools.���Rossland board," was repudiated by the Booslsnil board in whose
name it stood but was sponsored by
Messers Hodgson and Kane.
H. C. Hannington remarked that he
had been told by Inspectors that their
cheir work waa In "rural schools.
Inspector Stewart agreed with the
resolution and fcped that it might bave
the effect of stfctvini^ the appointment
of more InBjiectorS.
With a verbal change, suggested by
Mr. Hannington. adding a request for
more inspectors tor the sske of efficiency, the resolution was adopted unanimously.
The third resolution: "Resolved, that
no changes be made In the curriculum
unless due notice be given.���Rossland
board," wa�� proppoaed by Mr. Gibson.
It was agr ted that ln nearly all cases
A year's notloe should be given. The
resolution wa* then carried unanimously.
The resolution from the Spall uhcheen
board: "Resolved, tbat the salaries of
teachera In rural munlclpalltle* be made
aa uniform an -wesible.���Spallumcheen
board," found little favor. None of Its
spouse��� were preaent and tt was
An Important resolution: "Resolved,
tbat school funds provided by the government and by -die municipality, be
placed with tbe school board and be by
them disbursed. ��� Surrey municipal
board," waa presented by J. J. Dougan
on behalf of the Surrey board. Mr.
Dougan remarked that the ground was
really covered by resolution last year,
but had ao tar had no result
Mr. Peebles urged that resolutions be
forwarded, preferably while the legislature ls not ln session, tbat greater attention might be secured for them.
Tbe resolution was then dlscusssed in
detail. T. M. McNeish strongly advocated and was supported by J. W. Nunn,
who aald that the system proposed was
actually ln practice in Femle, but
thought January 81 st waa unneces-*
sarily early for the purpose.
F. W. Swannell dlscribed In detail
the financial relations between tbe
board and citv council of Nelaon, which
were generally approved, namely, that
the board draft* Its estimates, pays its
secretary and draws on the -council.
The resolution wah then defeated almost unanimously.
Other sessions will be held this evening and tomorrow.
Property Exchanges Get Busy In Capital City.
Victoria, Feb. 13.���What might be
termed a romance of real estate ln Victoria reached consumotlon, for the present, at al events, on Saturday. About
a month ago a Winnipeg investor purchased 80 lots in the vicinity of Edmonton road, not a favorite locality by any
means, for the sum of 112,000.
Within a few days be was enabled to
make 26 per cent, profit on hla buy by
selling them for 115.000. But within a
very short time he repented the aale
and bought them back at a $4000 further
for 119,000. The fourth turnover of the
property was -completed yesterday.
when It was acquired by a quartette of
Investors from Rapid City, Man., for the
sum of ��22,000, an advance ot over 80
per cent, ln value within a month.
Swsttsnhsm-Dsvls Incident.
London, Feb. 13.���The Swettenham-
Davls Incident ts not to be permitted
to drop out of sight. Efforts will be
made In parliament to obtain a governmental statement on tbe Bubject and
as a preliminary, John P. Reid, (liberal) Chairman ot the BrtO*h Africa Co.,
gave notloe to day of his Intention to
as;< the government on February 18th.
what the correBixiniMjMt between the
governor and the AnMQsn admiral -concerning the assistance -rendered by the
latter be furnish to* the house of
commons.        * ,i
ToroDta Tour Abroad
Host    Carefully and  Thoroughly
Trained of any Choir Ever Visiting American Metropolis.
New York, Feb. 13.���A musical event
of importance and unusual interest was
the appearance In this city last night
of the Mendelssohn Chorus of Toronto
of 220 voices in a Joint concert with the
Pittsburg Orchestra of 60 musicians.
Carnegie hall was crowded with an au-
diecne which, from first to last, expressed its approval by marked enthusiasm.
A. S. Vogt, as conductor of the choir,
was given a most cordial welcome and
shared the honor* of the evening with
Emll Paur, conductor of the orchestra.
Tbe work of the orchestra was familiar to and appreciated by last, night's
audience but the singing of the Toronto
musical organization was heard for the
first time, it came ln the nature of a surprise and wa* a decided triumph to Mr.
Vogt'* ability as a director. The choir
impressed many a* being one of tbe
moat thoroughly and carefully trained of
any that has ever sung ln New York.
Last night's concert waa the first of tbe
two arranged tor the preaent vl��it of the
choir and orchestra, the second to be
held tonight.
This ls said to he the first time that
a foreign musical organisation of tbe
importance ot the Mendelssohn choir of
Toronto hss united with an American
organisation In concert in this country.
R>*ports of  Personation at  Lat*  Provincial Election.
(Special to Tbe Dally Canadian.)
Orand Forks. Feb. 13.���Is John Mclnnis, the Socialist member elect for this
riding ln the provincial bouse legally
elected, and are tbe reporta that are
now current to the effect that the serious crime of personation was practised
at tbe polling station at Phoenix, and
that undue influence In Its broadest
form waa practised during his election
at Grand Forks, correct, ls the question
now bothering tbe electors ot this district. The above reports have been
common street talk here ever since tbe
election and appear to be gaining
strength aa time -advances.
Considerable consternation has existed here among tbe Hindoo population
over tbe fact that one of ther head
men, an Interpreter named Naranglingh.
was arrested on Saturday by the city
police charged with stealing MO from
Another Hindoo named Budlo Singh. It
appear* that the accused in thi* case
had been ln the habit of extracting sumB
of money from the band of Hindoos here
for various purposes, on one occasion
collecting 15 for alleged police protec-
l.ion. In the present case be viciously
attacked the private prosecutor in thi*
case and being an old man, while the accused was a burly fellow, he bad little
difficulty in overpowering tbe old man
and between beating him and pulling
bis whisker*, compelled the old Hindoo
to give up his money, which the cunning
rascal at once deposited in the bank to
his own .account.
For the offence as charged above the
accused was sentenced to six month's
st hard labor ln the gaol at Nelson, he
having ln the meantime paid back tbe
$40 to his old victim. There appears to
be a general feeling of satisfaction
among the Hindoos here that their
whisker-pulling comrade haB been sent
to gaol.
Prloe of Metal*.
New York, Feb. 13.���Silver, 68%c;
copper, 24V&C, lead $6-
London, Feb. 13.���Silver, 31M: lead,
��19, 10s.
Confidence Continues.
Toklo, Feb. IS.���(Afternoon) Despite
tbe apparent bitch In tbe Japaneae negotiations betweeij President Roosevelt
and the San Francisco school authorities, confidence continues In the president's final success. Reports trom
abroad received her tram a creditable
source agree ln attributing the talk of
war wltb America as an Anti-Japanese
agitation as tbe work of emissaries ot
a power, hostile to Japanese, every
watching to victimise her sand disparage
her power.
Crowds Farewell Outgoing Distinguished
Couple���A Presentation.
London, Feb. 13.���A host of friends
gave a rousing send-off today to James
Bryce, the newly appointed Brltlah ambassador to Washington, on the occasion of bis departure for tbe United
States, The new ambassador, wbo Is
accompanied by Mrs Bryce, expects to
reach his post about February 21.
London, Feb. 13.���A great crowd of
friends gathered at Euston railroad station this morning to bid farewell to
James Bryce, the ambassador of Great
Britlan to the United States, aad Mra.
Bryce, who proceeded to Liverpool In
semi-state, occupying a car attached to
the regular steamer train. At Liverpool they boarded the White Star Line
steamer Oceanic and sailed for New
York.. The entrance to the car at tbe
station here was besebjed by a crowd
of distinguished people anxious to have
tbe last word wltb Mr. Bryce.
Among those present were Lord
Strathcona snd Mount Royal, high commissioner of Canada; Arthur Ponsonby,
private secretary of the premier; and
John R. Carter, secretary of the American embassy.
On behalf of the ladies present, Mrs.
Harcourt presented Mra. Bryce With a
handsome boquet and as the train left
the station the friends of tbe smbsssa-
dor and Mrs. Bryce gave three hearty
cheers for tbe departing couple.
Story ef Accident to Henry Snow Told
te Suprems -Court���Slmillar Mis-
haps Before.
The action of Henry Snow against
tbe Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. for S76O0
tor the loss of hit arm by alleged negligence on their part in leaving oog gears
ungarded, is still proceeding.
The only gleam of humor so far
nana from tbe plaintiff himself on
cross-examination, when he aaked If Mr.
Taylor thought be bad stuck his arm
into tbe cog wheels "Juat for fun."
When tbe tupreme court resumed this
morning lbe hearing of tbe case of
Snow vs. Crow's Neat Pew Coal Co. waa
Aubrey Snow, cousin of ths plaintiff,
was the first witness called. He corroborated the whole of Henry Snow's
evidence and told of can frequently
jumping the track, and always Involving danger to those near.
The other two wttnessess examined
and cross-examined this morning were
two other employees, W. A. Evans and
C. W. Schmidt. They told of the injury
ot an Italian named Farice In much the
same way aa Henry Snow. On that oe-
caalon they both notifed the tipple foreman. Porter Sandals, of the accident
and its cause, and suggested that some
steps be taken to reduce the danger.
Both witnessess adhered closely to
their account of the accident through
Mr. Taylor's cross-examination.
Tbe forenoon session ended about 1
This afternoon the case for the plaintiff was continued. It ia expected that
the defence will be brief and tbat tbe
case will be ready to so to tbe Jury
some time tomorrow afternoon.
Through Illness of Jurors Wife���Mrs.
Thaw te Testify Again.
New York, Feb. 13.���The opening of
the Thaw trial waa delayed today owing
to illness of the wife of juror No. 11.
Joseph Bolton. Mr. Bolton asked permission to visit his home In the Bronx
In company with two court officers and
was taken there.. Mra. Bolton ia threatened with pneumonia. At 10:46 a, m.
Diatrlct Attorney Jerome and Mr. Delmas. leading counsel forw Thaw, were
called into conference with Justice Fitsgerald, after which the trial adjourned
until 2 p. m.
Mr. Peabody. of tbe defence, -Mid tbat
It waa tbe purpoae of the defenoe to
have Dr. Brittoa, the expert, wbo testified yesterday that Thaw waa not Insane at the killing ot Standford White
and several weeks subsequent to the
homicide, take tbe stand this afternoon
for ci o��8 examination.
Dr. Evans will be followed by Mrs.
Harry Thaw, who In view of the
broader-founded action of the prisoners
Insanity laid by experta. will be asked
to conclude ber story.
Mr. Jerome had objected to ber going
on tbat the ground tbat what she had
to say was permissible only after tbe
defendant was shown by competent testimony to have been of unsound mind,
Tragic Seem Eton*
Wreckof Steamer
Bodies Washed Ashore Encoffined in
ke���Indentification Going on���
Statistics of Lost and Ussinj.
Block Island, R. I., Feb. 13.���The harvesting of the bodies ot the victim* of
the steamer Larohmont, which sunk in
collision with the three-masted -schooner
Harry Knowlton late Monday night ln
Block Island sound, proceeded slowly
and with difficulty along the shores of
the island during the early part of today owing to the darkness. Up to 8 ���
o'clock this morning, however, Sl bodies
bave been gathered in by the coast patrols and vessels Bent to the scene. The
list of survivors still stood at 19. Identification* have been made of more up to
daylight bringing the number of identified dead np to 11.
Young ot Providence, ��ul! maintained
today tbat there were 135 or 160 passengers on board the steamer when site left
Providence for New York, and most of
tbe survivors who were able to express
an opinion, were inclined to support Ua
figures rather than those of Capt O. W.
Mervs of tbe Larchmont, who estimated
the number of passengers st trorv. M to
76. From some ot the surviving officers
It was learned that the Larchmont carried a crew of 40 men, ot whom only
10 are accounted for. Thi* means that
out of atotal ot from 160 to W0 persons
oa board the Larchmont, nine paaeen-
ters aad 19 salton have survived. '
Tbelr -condition Is pitable but tbe two
pbysldans who have been ln almost constant attendance upon the sufferers expressed confidence early today that
none ot the rescued waa likely to wae-
One of tbe ship's officer* stated that
the Larchmont carried eight lifeboat*
and four rafts. lit is believed that Bve
of these boats have been accounted for,
and -one Mft Tbe survivors aamber only two women, Mrs. Harris Feldeman
and Miss Sadie Gallup of Boston.
During the nlgbt the coast guards
from tbe two Ute saving stations were
aided by many eMaeas. patrolled the
beach on tbe watch for bodte*. It was
difficult to locate the corpses in the
dark. In nearly every instance they
were tumbled by tbe breakers, Incased
In coffins af ice several Inches thick.
In this way they were plaoed on tbe
shore awaiting identification.
A life raft with -seven bodice waa
picked ap by the schooner Clara B. of
this port aftor a cruise along the coast.
A piece of tbe atterdeck ot the steamer
was picked up carrying Mr. and Mra.
Feldeman and a dead man, all tbat remained of 16 wbo had sought refuge oa
trail support Little hope wu felt that
the occupants ot tbe missing lifeboats
and raft* had survived the fearful oold
which had moderated but slightly during tbe nlgbt The grim factors of tbe
horror painted by tbe survivor* were relieved by the touch*** of heroism and
self-sacrifice on the part ot the ere*
and some of the passengers. Nearly all
the aurvlving passengers Interviewed
agree tbat tbe crew and officers he-
hsved well.
When the first shock and the ln rush
or water and escape of steam from the
broken main steampipe came Captain
Merva knew tbe scope of tbe accident
The crew were called to quarters .each
man springing to Ms station as the call
'to desert the ship wss given. Paaie-
stricken passengers, arouaed from
sound sleep, rushed wildly oa deck snd .
mobbed the boats and raftsmen, aai
women fighting each other fearfully far-
getful ot all except the primal lastlact
to save oneself. The crew fought MB tha
crowd resolutely, though hard pieased.
snd provided for the women and children. Bone of th* male passengers recovered from their first fright aad assisted In tbe work. Many never reached
the deck. They were suffocated below
ln their quarters by the steam or
drowned like rat* in a bed between
decks. In 10 minutes the boats were
swar trom tbe ship'* side just as ahe
settled low In the water with wave*
dashing over her and flooding every
available foothold. *
Carried IM en Ice.
St. Peter-burg, Feb. IS���Reports
r. ached Bt Petersburg today that iSt
to ISO Finnish and Eathonian fishermen
had been carried out to sea on lea floes
from Frederle'tsbawn. Gulf of Finland.
Of this number It ls aald there IM
caly 10 asa who reached ihan ia
safetv. Tha bodice cf serea hare haw
.   . ... .*....&{
**ii rjr
���- STORES ���'
, . Just Arrived . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon*
PRICE 27 !-2c PER LB*
Procurable Only at
Imperial Batik of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .$4,500,000 REST ��4,600,00O.
D. R. WI1.KIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposit* received sand interest allowed current rates trom dute of opening of
account, and compounded half yearly.
N8USON branch *3�� Ma  LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,310   Reaerve	
Total A**et* $41,800,353
..  ..$4,207,741
Account* ot firms and individuals opened on the most favorable term*.
Thirteen branches in British Columbia.
Special  attention  to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.      E. L. PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published six dayi a week by ttie
Baker Bt., Nelssuu, B. C.
Hnoscrlpllon rate., Mi coma a mssntli delivered
In the citv, or 11.00 a year 11 sent by mall, wticu
paid Its advance.
Advertising rates, nn application.
Alt monies paid Its settlement ol The Dally
Canadian accounts, cither for subscriptions or
advertising, must be receipted (or nn the printesl
forms oi the Company, Other reoeiptl are not
FBBRUARV 13. 1907.
"By one word we are sometimes judged to be
wile ansl by one word sometimes judged to be
foolish. Let us therelora be careful what we
It Is time for Canada to begin to feel
chesty. There ure just three things
necessary to the development of a greal
nation. The first of these Is unlimited
natural resources; the second Is a system of political economy which will fully grasp and properly manage the re-
���sources of a nation, and lhe third is
capable stalesiiiaiwhl|i free from self-
��eoking anil favoritism and fired with
tbe spirit of patriotic pride ami possibility.
Canada today lucks only lhe last two.
Her natural resources are tlie foremost
in the world. It Is beginning to be roc-
ognlzod that only the surface of the
treat and varied natural wealth of the
Dominion has been scratched. What Is
Bt 111 held ln leash by the coy goddess
of nature is suspected but the evelilcnce
which is accumulating everyday ls convincing capital and immigration in every
nation ln the world that the coming
field for every form of development Is
What has been distinctively lacking
In the Dominion of late years has been
a eplrit of national pride and of national
ambition. We have tool ong toadied to
\ho United States.. Tho investment of
a few millions In ibis country by American speculators has made m,worship-
per* at the shrine of tbe United Suites
Idol. We have coaxed and wheedled
American capital tllll we have become
the laughing slock of the shrewd American, wbo looks at a good proposition
and then dictates his own terms and
tha oonditlon* under which it shall be
developed. A nation at our aouth that
taa become treat because of a certain
political policy, which has been ruthlessly enforced, utterly regardless of the
sentiments and political rights of other
nations has frightened Camilla Into a
condition of fearful admiration lhat has
worked us untold harm.
What has that policy been? It has
been a policy of protection; a policy
which has selfishly sought the Interests
of the United States and which has
smiled complacently on the efforts of
other nations. Theh United States has
protected lis industries with a tariff
which bus exceeded llie tariffs of all
other countries; which has brought to
Us factories and farms the pick and
choice of (he emigrating nations of the
world; which has satisfied these far beyond their expectations and which has
enriched lis corporations till iho names
of millionaires are numbered by the
Canada, on the other hand, has flirted
with such questions as reciprocal trade
relations, annexation, absorption Into
the union and half a score of other indigested schemes of political aud international relationship.
While Canada lias resource* that surpass the wealth of Indes those of the
American union are already beginning
to bo exausted. While Canada lias hud
to await discovery the United Slates lins
forged ahead, and Unlay hns forced its
wares Into the markets of every country known to commerce. What the
United Slates has done Canada might
have done, but the Dominion haB been
crippled by a policy of Inactivity and
political truckling, which has delayed
Its development and prominence at least
flftceen years.
The national policy of Sir John Macdonald, If It had beon eneregtlcally carried luto effect, would have made Canada already a strong competitor in tho
markets which havo been captured by
tho United States.. It was 81r John's
policy to place Canada in the front
ranks as a nation on tho American con-
ilnent. He would have done tills without In any way Imperilling Us attachment to the mother country or lessening the fostering care of the mother
country over us. In doing so he would
not only have made the leading peoplo
In tho West but would have materially
advanced the interests of Iho mother
What has been accomplished Blnce his
party was pushed out of power by the
specious pleadings and deceiving prom-
The Dtily Canadian
lsea of the f.lhfcns( parly ha* amount-id
10 nothlnii but disappointment, and not
so very much of that. The tinkering
with tariffs, the incapacity of the administration, the enormous grafting
schemes have all resulted in a stagnation which must be apalllng to those
who have ln the least degree the
prophetic instinct pi* the faculties of
Speaking of llrlllsh Columbia alone
we havo lu this province the fuel, the
minerals and tlie culti viable lands, which
ln their combined productivity, are cap.
able of sustaining uu enormous population. In addition to these we have ln
every part of the province tlie natural
energies which need only to be liar-
iiassetl and transferred to the point of
consumption which, In their possibilities
ol transformation into heat, light and
power, place ub in a position to compete with any country iu the world and
outclass tliat country.
What we need is a federal government which will be at once seized of
thu capability of the country, institute
measures which will lead to the utilization of what nature has so richly endowed us with, protect those who labor
and In every way encourage the development of the resources of the land
with a defiant attitude toward those who
have too long laughed ub to scorn.
The public ownership of public iintlll-
ties ls to become one of the Isbuob in
future political campaigns. The Liberal
party has forcibly declared Its opposition to this policy. It iiiainiain that pap-
fed institutions and favored industries
are the surest methods of a nation's
progress. The transfer of tlie natural
resources to the ownership of the people and their capable and honest management for the public is the surest
guaruntee of tho nation's weal. Trusts
will thus be obviated and the evils
which bave made American methods
u stink in tbe noBtrils of their own nation will have no place. The leader of
the Conservative party has given a clear
deliverance on his altitude on these
issues and strong members of the Conservative party have pronounced themselves upon these important questions
The next fight will be along such lines
as contemplate the possibilities of greatness that await Canada, and the Conservative party, if the Liberals are to
be believed, will have to become tho
suviours of their nation.
The next great political fight in Canada will be for the dethronment of the
Liberal machine evidence of the corruption and Iron rule of which multiplies
every day. One need only rend the stlr-
ing words of ,Mr. Lavergne lo be convinced that the machine knows no scruples and demands absolute subjection
from the members of the Liberal party.
Fortunately there is a growing disposition to revolt, even on the part of
staunch members of the Liberal party,
and when the next Dominion election
takes place the rout will be complete.
Advices received by The Dally Canadian from many parts of the province indicate that though tho disappointment
of the hard-worked Liberals over tho result of the elections was great, there
is a general feeling of satisfaction at
the return of tho government. The heat
of the campaign and the natural desire
for party victory were much in evidence
but calm reflection cools the judgment,
and on the whole, the continuance of
stable government, without the anxieties
a change of rulers would bave caused,
are eminently satisfactory.
Now that the elections are over it Is
astonishing to find how many of the opposition papers want to be good. Belated penitence Is better than none but
wc have little faith In the majority of
theso promises. Not even the lesson
taught these Irresponsible traducers
by the electors will prove salient and
we expect the opening of tho house to
Immediately demonstrate tho Insincerity of the erstwhile remoscful.
The news of the swearing in ot Hon.
Thos. Taylor of Revelstoke, as a mom-
bet* of the provincial cabinet, will be
received with general satisfaction. Not
only ls Mr. Taylor familiar with politics
but the recognition of the Interior In
cabinet construction ls timely. Only
for the mistaken ideals of a section of
the voters in other constituencies tho
Interior might have received still
further recognition.
The personnel! of the new house ls
nil that could be desired. All are men
of clean political reputation. Kven
llawtliorntliwalte's llttlo Irlo will not be
seriously objected to.
A critic is ii man who couldn't have
done It himself.
Declared a Draw.
Los Angeles, Feb. 13.���The contest
between Jack Sullivan of Foster, and
Jim Flynn of Pueblo, before the Pacific
Athletic club, last night wa* declared a
draw at the end of the 20th round.
freyjnclal   Sevtrnirtent   Begin*   Pubilo
Work at Revelstoke.
Revelstoke, Feb. 13.���The provincial
government hns commenced operations
on the river bank, and a large number
of men nre engaged iu laying down mattress work of nature that will, it is
hoped, successfully withstand tbe current* and eddies, and permanently protect the bank against all further erosion.
Work will lie hurried nlong as rapidly
ns possible so as to have a solid foundation completed before lho high water
Work has been suspended on lho
wing dam in the river owing to the
heavy snow und anchor Ice lhat has severely handicapped satisfactory construction.. It Is understood the lasl appropriation of money by the Dominion
government hns all been expended and
the next, appropriation will not be available for another month. Tlie board of
trade has taken active steps to ul-ge for
a completion of the work.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price $2,000.00
H. E, Croidsdaile & _
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
All Kinds of Heating Plants in Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
Take notire that thirty da/1 aft��r data I intend to apply to tin- i'iiit-f CommiHilutier of
lands mnl Wor-fcfl at Victoria fnr permission to
cut end carry away timber from the following
described landi ln Wett Rootanay:���
No 1.���Commeuelng at a post planted at the
���outhweat corner of timber licence No. 7821]
thence eaat lorty chaiux; ihence north eighty
ehalus; theuce eait li!U chalu*. thence aouth to
northern boundary of timber license HM8; tbence
weBt atony said northern boundary to
the north-weal corner ot aald license;
then south to the northern boundary
of timber license 7018; thence weat to
a poim due south of the polntofcommencment;
tbence north to the point of commencement.
January lnth, 1907
No. 2.���Commencing at the north went corner
of tlmher license 7821; thence aoutb to the northern boundary of timber license 701ft; thence west
to the nortb-weat corner of aald timber licenae
tbenee aouth to tbe northern boundary of Lot
812; tbence following aald boundary ofvald
lot weat to the right of way of the B.C. Southern Hull way; tbenee following aald right of way
ln a north eaaterly direction to the place of commencement.
January 15th, 1907.
No. 8.���Commencing at a -southeast cornar of
timber licenae No. 7821,about fifty chalna aouth
of the right oi way of the B. O. Houthern Railway ;thence east IW chalna; thence north fortv
chains; thence weat IW cbains; theuce south
forty chains to place of commencement.
January 15th, 1907.
Ko. 4��� Commencing at a poet planted at the
Intersection of the southern boundary ofthe
right of way of tbe B. C. .Southern Railway, and
the eastern boundary of Lot M87; thence south
lo the northern boundary of license application
No 3; thence teat 160 cbains; thence in rth to the
southern boundary of timber license No, 7195;
tbence following the southern boundary of aald
license westerly about sixty chains, more or lesi
to an eastern boundary of said license; thence
south forty chains; tbence weat eighty chains;
then north to the rlabt of way of the B.C,
Southern Railway, thence following said right
of way in a south-westerly direction to tne place
of beginning.
January 15th, 1907-
No. 5.���' ommenclng at a post planted at the
Mouthwest corner of timber license M85: tbence
west sixty chains more or less to a point due
south of the southeast corner of license application No, 8; thence north slxtv chains more or
less to the soutb houndary of license application
No 4; thence north lo the northeast coruerof
said license application No 4; thence cost tothe
southeast corner of timber license 7196; theuce
north forty chains more or less to a point due
wert of the uorth-west corner.of timber license
Wi; thence eaat lo thc northwest corner of said
timber license No. (V085; thence aouth 160 chnlns
to the point ol commencement.
January 16tb, 1907.
No. 6.���Commencing at a post planted at ihe
southeast corner of limber license 0635; thence
west to tho southwest corner of license application No. 8; thence north to southern boundury
of license application No. ;i; tbence west to tbe
northwest corner of license application No. l;
thence south to the northern boundary of
timber license 8586; lbence east to the northeast
corner of timber license 8548; thence south
thirty chains; thence eaat to the west boundary
of timber Ucauso 8542; thence north to tbe place
of beginning.
January 16th, 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner of timber license 864*; thence
south forty cbains more or leas to the north
boundary of timber license 8545; tbence east 16u
chalna; tbenee north forty chalna moreor less to
a point due east of the southeast corner of timber license 8548; thence west 160 chains to ilie
place of beginning,
J��nuary 16th, 7907.
Ko. 8.���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner of Umber license No. 6516;
thence aouth eighty ebalns; thence east eighty
ohalna; thence north eighty chains; thence weat
eighty chains to plaee of commencement-
January 15th, 1907.
No 9,���Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast corner of Umber (lleenie 8547; thence
north eighty chains; thencecast eighty chains;
thence north 120 chains more or lean to the norlh
east torner of license application No. 7; theuce
west to aoutheast corner of timber license No.
8648; tbence north to the foutbern boundary of
license application No. 0; thence eaat to
the west boundary of timber license No.
8542; tbence south to the southwest corner of Umber license 8542; theuce west
to th* northwest corner of timber license No.
hM:i; thence aouth to tbe northeast corner of
limber license No. 8645: thenco west elghtv
chains; thenco south to a polut due eaat of the
southeast cornor of timber li cnse 8517; thenco
weat to place of commencement.
January 16th, LM.
No. 10,���Commenclngat a post planted at thc
southeast corner of timber license 8619; theuce
south eighty chains; tbence west to the east
houndary of Lot 812; thenoe north tothe southern boundary of timber license No. 7018; thence
east to thc southeast eorner of timber licenae
7018: thence north to the aoutb boundary of timber licenae 8549; thence eaat to place of coin-
men cement.
January Uth, 1107.
P. LtMD, Locator,
Din HcDoufUM., Agent
ttutv days alicr dato I intend to MR.J* ft?
Chlet Commiwloner of Lands aud V,or*ij��J
permlulon te purchue me (Mowing d��w,W
laud; BltuateSontheeart irtdeof Arrow <�����
in tbe Went Kootonay dlitrlet, about 6 mli��
above Hurton City. commeneing ata RM-tflW
ed at the northwaet eorner oi <- naoberipup
chase, thence eut 20 chains, tbence north tt
chaiua, thence wut *> chains,  llienee ���OUtt-JN
enaina to point of commencement and eontain*
log 8U acres mure or less.
January 18, IW7.
Wl.LII-tM   Kll.LIKK-
Sixty days after date I Intend toapplj tothe
Hon. Own Commluloner of Lauds ami .term
to purchase 187 acres of huid, eommeuciug ��}i *
post marked B. B's N. E. corner post, planted at
ihe n. w. corner of 0, w. Steele1! elalm on tbe
west side of Arrow lake, about lour miles ebon
Burton clly, thence west III chains, them i-sout i
46.52 ehains, thence east 40 chains, thviici* north
46.52 chains to i.laic ol beginning. 00DtalnlO| Ifl
acres, mor" or less.
Dated ��th day of Nov., 1908,  By bun Buwok,
J. t:  Annau,.B. Agent,
Notice Ib hereby given mat two mouths after
date we Intend to apply to tho Chief Commls-
sioner of Landl and Works for a lease of all that
laud being the foreshore adjoining the ('uiiadiaii
Pad lie Railway Hifnyard on   the west, part ol
Lot 68A. group li ana being on the south shore
of thc west arm of Kootenay Uke, In the dls
riot of Kootenav: ('oiiiuiciidug at the souther
ly corner Of lot 7084, group I; thence along toe
lOUth westerly 1-oiindarv of lot TOM and the ex-
tension thereof, in a north westerly dlrecliim. a
dlltanea Of 436 feet; theme at right angles to
Mid boundary In a south westerly direction, a
distance of 316 feet, more or lesa. to the liorlh
easterly boundary ol the City Park, continued;
theuce parallel to said westerly boundary of lot
"064, ln a south easterly direction, a disunOe ol
BOO feet, more or less, to the northerly boondarr
of lot 68A; thenre following the northerly boundary of lot 684 In a north easterly direction to lhe
point of commencementi lhe area being a.iM
acres, more or lesa.
Dated thiB 7th day of January. A,I).. pari.
GO dayi after date 1 inteud to apply to the Hon.
Chief Commluloner of Lands ami Works to pur*1
chase IfJO acres of and located in Kire Valley bo*
lug part of Sections y and 10 Township tt, and
described as follows: Commencing ��t a pnt
marked F- W. J. B, K. corner uud planted at the
northwest comer of Win. Williams' purchase;
theuce west 10 chains; thence north m chalus:
theuce east i" chains; thence south 8U chains to
place of beginning.
November 23rd 1900,
         J. K, Annahi.k, Agent.
ANHEUSER   _f? THE ��*
BUSCH.-.       Budweiser
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
R. P. RITHET & CO., Ll
Mote AgantM lit HrltlMlt       Vlr,*r/\t\..l
Oolumbfa. VICTORIA!
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
60 days after date I intend to applv to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of l-aiula and
Works, to purchase '-^0 acres of land: Commenciug at a post marked 0, W, 8. N. K. cornei
Jiost anu planted on ihe wesl shore of Arrow
akc adjoining I.ol 878 on the south side of said
Lot, ihence west 80 chains aluug thc soiillH-rn
bouudary of Lot 378; thence south 46.1.2 chains:
tbence east 80 chains more or less to iake shore:
thence north along lake ahore to plat e of beginning.
Dated '29th day of Nov. 1900.
*���** C.BO. W.8MB1,
                   J. K. ANNABJ.E. AgBBt.
Sixty daya after tlate I Intend to applv to the
Hon. Chief Commissionerof Land ��� 1 *.| \ Vi -irk-.
Victoria, to purchase 1*60 acres of Uli.I Vocated in
Kire Valley, being part of -Sections Three and
Four, Township 69, and described as follows:
Commencing at a post plauied at William
Williams' N. W. eoruer, and merited ������R. K. Wa
N. ��. corner," and running 4b chains west,
thence 20 ehains south, thenee 20 chains cast,
theuce 40 chaius south, thenre Al chains cast,
thence 60 chains noith to place of heglnulng.
November 23rd, 1��*. BOO K Wiu.ums,
J. R. Annabi.i, Ageut.
Notice is hereby gt\en mat 60 days atlcrdato I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the ' 'ut .< Commissioner of Lauds and Works for in.-n._sn-f.ti to
purchase the following described laivls: Commencing at a po*t placed 20 chains weat ol the
southeast corner of Lot *M2, marke. "R. A Hill',
northwest eoruer," thence south 1B> chairs,
thenceeast 20 (bains, thence uorth 20 Chain*,
tbence weat 20 chains to point oi OOttmfellOSVtenfc
eontainiug 40 acres, more or leaa.
Located this Bth day of Nov , 1906.   R. A, Biu.
Hlxty days after date 1 intend to apply tu tne
Hou. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 480 acres of land, lu Fire
Valley, Weat Kooteuay: Commencing tn a punt
ulanled 60 chains west of the ri. W. obruer nt J
Robinson's preemption, and marke.*', W.W'a N.
��. corner, and running weat 60 oliains, thence
south HO cbains, thence easl 60 Mining, tlience
north 80 chains to place of hcglnjilng
Nov. llilh. 1906. WIU.UM WlLLUlM,
 J. E. AtnuBLK, Agenl.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works
to purchase 160 acrea ef lHud : Commencing at *
post planted on the weat side of Hlx mile creei
on waLMio road, about two aud one half mile*
rrom Kootenav lake, and marked "Neil tfc-
Kechnie's h. West corner |K)st," theuce eas�� 41}
cbains, tbeuce north 40 cbaina, theme w*i��
chains, thence south 40 chains, to plate ol eommeucement
Locatod this 10th day of November, 190&
_,  Nin McKTiHSI>.
Sixty days afler date 1 purpoae nuking appli.
cation to the Honorable the chief Commissioner
of Lnnds and Works Inr permission to purenue
the following deeerlbed land: Commencing at
a post Dialed -*t lhe M. W corner of Lot Km ami
marked "K. C. X.V* N. VV. corner, theuce following thc southern boundary Lot 6900, &. chains
moreorless eut to tjie west boundary of Lot
6901, tbence following same south 80 chalna to
the north boundary of Lot 6908; theuco aboui 7U
chalna west along said boundary to the lako
ahore; thence north 30 chains more or leas following the lake shore to point of commencement, containing 817 acrea more or less
Dated fJccembe   I7th, 1907.
  F-C  Faiwiix.
.Notice is hereby given that sixty uays arter
date I Intend to apply to the Hon. the Chlel
Commissioner of Lands and Worka for permission to purehaae the following described land
aituated In the West Kootenay district* Com-
mencing at a post planted at tho "N.K. corner
o( L. Portera's preemption." and running
theuce east 4U chaiua; tbence south tf chains*
thence west 40 chains;   thenre  uorth 40 chains'
to place of oommeneement, contalnlni uoaerae
moreorless. ��� '
Hecembcr'20, 1906,
Hahry I'k'bhk, I.ocaier.
��� M. E. HcQtUnatB, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given (hat sixty flay a "alter
?.?'* ' l"i*ud lo app'y lo lhe Honorable the
(blel ( ont tn iss loner of   Mmi* and  Works, for
permission to purobaaetha following described
lands situated lu the West Kootenay district*
Oommenolni at a post marked ��H. u sonth
west corner/'and north of A 1). Lucsrs, pur
diiwecldw, on Hani OrNXI tbeuce north tf
Oha n��| thence cast BO rlialna-, thence south 40
chains; thenee'JO chslns wcftl, to polntof com.
meneement, containing 40 acres, morn or less.
December 30, Itxifl.
 M. R. MrritiABB^Agent,
nJ?!V?.d,i,".".t,,r ,iR\e.[ lnten'1,0 "PI1'/ <"~ihe
Chief Commissioner of Muds and Works to purchase 640 acres ot land, located in Merer Arrow
Lake, West Kootenay: Commencing at a poit
Planted at the "N.Vv. corner of frrow EeK
Indian Reserve"; theuce soutli H chains- ihenee
west go chains; th.-nce norih 80 oB thenoi
east HO cbains, to place of beginning "
Mealed Mth day ol December, UO,
O  Heweli,.
.  Locator.
i.Hl3tt.�� d/VT A',er ��>le l '^"'l Ripply to tbe
Hou the Chief Commissionerof Landsand Worka
to purehaae 240 acrea of land: Commencing at a
post marked "N.T B'isoutheast corner post"
aald pot/t being at the northeaat eornor oFSeo
Hudson's pre-emption claim, about two miles
southeast of Burton City, thence west 40 ehains,
south ao chains, wes 40 ohalm, north tf chaini
cast 80 chains, sonth 90 chains to place of com.
meneement, containing 2411 acres. ���=���������"��
McatoaBth dayof Nov. 1906.   Nirrn T, Blxa.
u8L**?.id.B7i. ���"". dH'(-Mnt*nd t^ap^V"to~the
Hon. Chinl Commluloner 0 Lands aSdWoriS
Victoria, to purchase 40 acres of land,sltuale J
on the west side of Arrow Mke, abouT&ntSS
below Burton, and described as follows*'Co 1
mencing at a post planted at the northeast
coruerof Lot 7970, and running nOHhSoHSS-
faence west ��0 chains, thtnoe ijuth N cSVlil
Nov. llth, 190G. "H  jj^hj
 ,  E Annable, Agent.
Notice la hereby given that 60 days ait^Tiiatel
Iniend toapply to tV -Honorable Ibeoblflf Com-
miss oner of Muds aud Works for permisslo to
K,moC 'fte ��Uo.wlP8 ''escribed lands B1 a c
about 10 milea east of the Clly of Nelson on lha
south ahore of the West Arm of Kootenay' akc"
��flTh��mi!" 'il1 thJ,Mr?,,rne .,of fc* * i539
a. 1 nomas h. w cornor, thence aouth mi
&*�������� :lhence eMt K chains, thence no th 20
Dated thii oth day of Nov.. UM.    fl. Titwae.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
tenth   Rossland AN���i
Winter   Carnival
Five  Days
Feb. 12, 13, Uy 15 and |
.���> (irand Tropbics and IJ.000 In prises.      Two Hands ln fttflUfletW
HOCKKY���International and Inter-Provincial rhainpiunttbipi
���SNOW-SHOEING���Championship of Britiuli Columbia
TOBOGGANING��� A mile a minute down the "ZIP"
SKI-1NU���Jumping md Racing.   Championship of Canada
SKATING RACKS���For Championahip of British Columbia
CURLING���A Provincial BoiiBpicl
Ilorsc-IUcinK.      Masquerading.      Tugs-of-VTar and other in*< r. --.tiijr evenii
Reduced railway :���.:��������� on all lln
J.H. C. Kraacr. President
Kor further particular* apply w
QOrfl Have tbe King X. Adsmt,8��iN
Notice is hereby given that W days alter date I
Intend to apply lo ihe Honorable lhe Chief Cumin fa-toner of Unds ami Works, Victoria, B.C.,
Jor permission to pnrehaae tbe following deacrlbed land, situated iu tin* Weel Koolena) district,
tm the west side of Inbamel (or Hlx Mile) creek,
on uo^t-r side of wsgon road, about fl$f miles
Iron Weet Ann Ol Kootenay lake: Commencing
at a post markfd Mrs Hattie Duck'i *��� 1 cot-
nt. ruMiniK .11 cbains west; theuco 20 chains
south; theuce40 chains eaat; tbence -*" chains
north, to the point of commencement, containing 80 acres of laud, more or lesa.
Dated the 17tb >t*embcr 190A
Has Hattii Duck,
John R. Tavlob, Agent
Hixty davs afler date I intend toapply to the
Hon. Chief Com misslouer of landa aud Worka,
Victoria, to purchase Ui acres of land about two
miles below Burton my, West Kootenay, commencing at a pt��t marked "J. A. Irvlng's east
corner post," said im.mi being on tbc easterly end
pi an island west of Lot 6M7,aod claiming all the
land couUini d In said Island, being about one
mile In an easterly and westerly direction and
about*! chains Irom north to south.
November llth, lvue. J. A. Ibvum,
J ��.. Ann.im.k. Agent.
.Wixtjfdayi after��ate 1 intend to applr io the
HOD. Chief Commlaaioner of Unds and Works.
Victoria, to purrhiue 1J0 acres of land located
on the westslduof j.rrow lake and iviug dlrectlr
north of L-ot im-. Commeuelng at a wist planiM]
at the N K corner of I��l 71(76 and marked "B. B.
B, K jorner," ami running norlh *> ehalns,
ihence wesi M chains, tbenco north �� chains,
thence wesi 80 chains, thenc* aouth 40 chains,
thenco eaat 40 chalna, to place of beginning.
Not. Mtb, 1��W. Bibtiu Baamiv,
J. E. ANN4BI.K  Agent
Notice Is herein* KiTen that flo days alter date, I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Coumnuloner
or Landa and Worka for permission to purchase
the following deeerlbed land ln West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a po��t marked Mra. V.
A Wilson a eornor Mtt, planted at thc northeast
��� orner of Section 1*>. Townsite 7, running pouth
10 chains, tbenoa west 4U chains, thonce nortb 40
ehalns, thence east 40 chains to place of com-
meneement, containing HW acres, moreor lesi
Dated Nov. M, 1��06. Mas. V, A. Wiuoa.
i. Wilson, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that W days after date 1
intend lo apply to the Honorable lhe Chief Cotn-
iniaaioiier of Lands and Works (or pennUHon
to purohaae aw ��o ret of land.sl tuate on the Little
Moyle river about 1 mile from International
M01 ndary and about I mile from Bpokane Inter-
national   Ky:   Commencing at a  pout marked
1 , '_.* '** 90M6f posl, ihence weat 40
ObalOl; thence norih 4'i onnlnil Ihence Mil *>
1 ,.;,i.    sh, .<>... 1	
!.nils-   sin I,
���'hi-ilnts* It,, 11
Ul cIihiiih; iiii-iii,, imi fiu
Issii'llHIIIsl 10 plus, ol com.
maomffljnt, .-..nr��ii,ii,�� Ml torn o hum.
I iiiMli.'l Ocl. SlOlh Usui.
Klily <]��>������ tttff H.te l liuni.i m aiiplv Ui Ilia
lis.iior.i.ii. ihf :i,i���i Coramtalontr omioi ��"<l
worki, Mrlorla, lu pun'ha�� l.lsi ��,-r,.. nl Imd,
located In  Flr�� Vallel��nil dms-rll ,,. Inllowa'
LomincilcInK at a |son{ nssitks-,1 (I, B HoH'l N W
'.'0"';.r. a"1! plan-lad at lho aoulhwcal cornrroi
.,."., �����,,', *"."' ""inl"lt ">olli ��n i'lialna, Ihonca
eaat a clialtu, thoiicis north an chalna, Ihcnca
weal 20 chaiua In place ol hc��lnnlu��
Nov. Hth, 1W6. 1)>0. B. Mi-Miu,
s-s 1 sy daj-a alter date 1 s;.-- :,>: ut i
Mi'isiisHlilcUi.i I lils'f S',is*.i: ;--:i s.fts!
Wntfc. Inr tsermlaalon to pn-TbtM :t.M
ili-M-ll.i-sl   Intid.   IU    K...   . :.,;,   .!:,-.-��f
mencing at . pnat marked J
eaat enrner pnet, aald )'���-s belDial'l
aide nl Ihe Lower Arrow lake, ab-sKli
below Burton ''ns: ,,..,,. aooti fl
thence weat 20 chaiua; tl���-nre sjosukl
thenee weat 20 chalna; theuce norttf
and 20 llnka, more or Iih to Hull
thence eAalcrlTaloUKlakeliishaliu.M
lo the plas-e of l^tiisi-liii.' co&ulQU|l
more or leaa. 1
Pated Usl. 'Mi day ol November,Ml
per C I. Brian, 1
Notice li herebr ftven ���'.,,.: nitjL
date 1 intend to make a|splli-atlODUan
able Chief Commlaaioner of Ut,<l�� .alM
Victoria. B. c, Inr permlaalssn to [ i.r.lm_
lowing ili-.'riliio land, altuale In Ml
Weat Ksiiiicisny dlatrlct s i simrarBrtlli]
planted at the aoulhwcal corner of IML
inaon'a pre-amptlun, marked R. I..' ,t__
[soil, tbence w cbalui weat, ibmrtM
nssrth, thence #i cbainac-aat toJswhoalT^
nnrlliweat corner, tbence aouth tltmt
of s-.iniii. ���si.*s*ssis-nt, cuntaliiliiK lttitflUI
Haled thll .'8rd day of s..t.. 1'��
fts daya alter date 1 intend ��� >.lV__\
Cblel Commlnloner nl Iainsla and**
torla.tn purehaae *2W sarrea nl land!
Kire Velfejr and being a |sn...
ansl 16 In Tnwnablpsftv and ilccrllsed III
Cnmmeuving at ft pnat plauied ittkjj
enrner of the loutheaat siuaiier BjL
Tnwnahlp OU aod markcsl J.O-1JI
theuce nurth 40ehftliu; tliens'* ""'"J
thenee aouth 40 chalui; thence eail ��^
plate of beginning.
" fw)
Nuvemlicr Ord f��K.
J. E. Aaaaiii-V
...v.   ...   .<,,.���,,,,..
J. K. Annaiii.e. Ageni.
Sixty dayi after date 1 Intend to apply to the
Honor-able the Chlel Commlaaioner ol'lland, .,,,"
VJsirm to purebaae MO acrea of land, located n
Kiro Valley,ou weit ilde ol Arrow lake: Com.
mcnclug at a pnr planted 40 rhalni we-t of lho
anuthwoit corner of J. Robluaou'i ure-omntlon
and marked J. W*�� 8. K. corner, and r i, _
north 80 chalua, lhetice weit 811 ibilu, ttSii
��!S.^P ",onc���"" M ch,l��' '�����"���"���>���
Nov. lllh, 1��M. Jam WIM.UM,
J. E. Annahlk. Agent.
,.,S!x.lr.'"!'" ,*f!or Au' I '"'""I t�� apply to lho
Chlel Commluloner of Un.li and Work. f���.
���MrmlMlon to purcheae the lollowlng deacrllsei.
landa in Kootenay Dlatrlct, hIsoisi ir'c, ,,���,..,
ol mile Irom Thrum'i aiding: Co,,,,,,,,,,,.,,"
.,,,.1., laced at the 8.W. ooA',, _""���, "*�����
',,,"!' """'""ay _pi.trirt; thence SnSttrK
lullnwlng lho nurth huundarv of Iimt"Z
cha nil thence north 10 chalna: Ihcnce eaat 4
ehalni, moreor leaa, tothe rf w , ���. ,""r ���i
USS] thisncc aouth following the weat bonn/aSj
of MM. 10.sh.lu. ���,or��s or fr.lulpfiffo?SSK
nioncement, conlalnlng 4o aure��, mor. or I,,..
Dated thla 6th .lay ot'WeomS'r��-��i.,,r ""'*
 -, 1906.
H. H. I'm., Locator.
���mi/.J! V<" ""T *!*"* ' ""-""I lo apply lo tho
Hon. ChiefCommualoner nl Und. flu wn.i"
Victoria, lo purchue 160 aorea ol land ,... Sfil1
the weat .Ide of Arrow lake,Xu^ll.'.l',,,,^S,l',I'
low Burton City, .���d dccrlbed ���_. ��___*tm
mencing al a no.l marked WTSffiB
corner,'and befng��chalnaeaatnfihn���j;,Jle*M!
corner ol Ut Z!l��; thence n"Sdo.i...���.0. m wt"t
weit 40 chalna: Bin?iiS !L""""-S
eaat 40 obaina to theplicS of ieSnnl,^" *""*
Novembor 14th, UK*. "���""MPt ._,_
Notice ii hereby given tna! WdinJJ
Inteud to apply tn ine Hmsoralsletbewj
mlaainner of Land, aud Wtsrki Wpr
acrea of land deicrlbed aa followi; CC_
at a poit planted on tho ti|.rtls b.nknw
Moyfo rlvor, about 21)0 ysar.la troma"
marked '.R. MoUan'a 8 ��' "'���Ji
then-ao cnat RO ohalna. tlii-sis-e norU"J
thence we.t 80 chalna, tlscns-r missib _M
place of commencement, anil s-isuiilni"!^
mnrc nr leu. ���
UK-atcdathdayOct..l9i��.     Bo"-*
81ily day. after date I Hit.ii.l I" 'Ifl
Hnnurahle thei::blof <;onirnl��*-l..ns-r,.l **���
W'nrka, V'lclnrln, lo purcliasK-A>
liscatod and deacrlbed a. I.sllssiai:
at a pnat planted al Ilia m.s:is�� "'J
HiiblnB>iii'i pre-empllon In Fire \allaf|a>
live milea Irom Kslwar.l l.nndlng. ���*��'
Arrow lake, ausl maiked F O'lN I "JJ
ruuulug wo.l (10 chalna, Ihcnr '13
thence ea.t 20 chain., lln a ���""':'��� _
thanee eaat 40 chain., thenre north ��*���-
J'lHi-e so |i, sinniiig _
Nov. mih, low. rulfm.m
Notice I. herehy given tlial ��> "."''SJl
Intend to apply s��� tt,c Bon.I lbW< mS*\
Undaand Wnrk., Vlcl.irla. I.n l��"��l"*JT
chaae the following ilo.crll.i-1 ��_)<__,
the We.t Kootenay dlalrl.-t. 'in "<"���m\
Dubamel  (or Hii Mile) creek. ne>'��" *
about three mile, from K.���ili-issi:
nienclugat a peat marked ".tnMt___\
po.t," running �� chain. Nit, tb'""|
north, thonce 20 chain, weat, Huns'"
aouth, to tho point of coulnls'Sll���elMtl,.
ing 40 acre, of land, more or lets*.
Dnted 12th Novotnbcr, 1906.
Locnte.l ls>*
porJon�� K. TAfl**'
Hlxty day. alter date I  m'. '������'' '"'iSJ
HonorabletliollhlofCoinml.s.1""'*'��� |
Work, for pcrmlsalon tn pun H��"c "���*,* r
deacrlbed landa in Koolenay ill""?.1*.
dug at a poit marke.1 "A. I. I'   ' "
enrner poal," .aid poal beliii! "" "" "|ijj
erly ahoru of tho Uwer Arrow ia"-|TM
duo eaai, on the northeaal <*"ru'  , aidff
oroup u them-e north hi obftinil WjaB
aoulh 40 chalna, more or Is-uss, to _____
tbence fsillowlng aald ihnre In ��"SM
dlres'llsiu 60 chaiua, more ur 1����' '" j_
beginning, eonlaliilng 160 acrei, n���
Daied ihi. 6th day of November, i��j,
perK L. Bu����r.-**|
Notice It herehy glveu that "< J'J'_
1 intend, to .pplv to the H""**!{JI{S|
Comml.alnner ol Untl. ansl ����'��JE|!
Hon to purchaio Ihe lollowlng' ""T,|
Koolenay   dlitrlot:     Oommenelng IJ|
marked "J. H. Wallaco'i W��lfewMjn|
iald poit being on the eniierli >���''; ���a!
Arrow lake, and at lho ��y"lh"'';,��*
Portor'i pre-empllnu sslalm; Ilu'i"*" "Tfi
thonce iouth M chalm, them's' ����1H
Ihcnce aouth 20 cbaina, thenc*" JSVf1
moro or lea. lo the Arrow lake, then'''
ea.urly direction 00 chain., niore*''
plaoe of beginning, containing ����tmm
leaa. 1Ma.
Dated thla 20th dsay ol OotoberJUJJ-^
i�� hu ���tent, Kmii��i�� k ���** To Consumers of Coal
and Wood
The undersigned beg to notify the public that:
Ou and after the ist February, 1907, orders for Coal
I and Wood will only be executed when accompanied by
CASH. This course has been rendered imperative owing
to the largely increasing list of our customers and the
fact that we pay IN ADVANCE for all fuel (including
freight). We find we must either adopt the CASH
I SYSTEM or RAISE the price of fuel���the latter course
j we are reluctant to pursue.
Thanking our patrons for past favors and trusting
[ fnr continuance of friendly relations,
We are, yours obediently,
Nelson, B.C., 31st January 1907.
Tht Difly Cfinid.in.
Home of Commons, Dominion	
Legislative Assembly, Ontario	
Legislative Assembly, Quebec 	
Legislative Assembly, Nova Scotia	
legislative Assembly, New Brunswick.
Legislative Assembly, P. B. I	
LeglslaUve Assembly, Manitoba	
Legislative Assembly, British Columbia
House of -CommonB, United Kingdom ..
���Straight Liberals, 387; Nationalists,
Ind. Labor, 41;   Total,
Anniversary of Gruesome Murder Suggested by Thaw Trial.
7��S*\* Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
�������� Our Vnrlaty of aoo Plctur-aa Pram-ad In th*
1.sat wast Stylsaa.
Standard Putnittire Company
Muon ,1s lll.i'ls Plinisa.
Oiierm-aer Matireeiei
Mstr.liall Sanitary MellreiMO.
Complete House Furnishes
Undertakers,    Embalm-as
Ladles' and Chlldre'n Club Snow Shoas  11.7$ ftt pair
A NEW BOOK by a wall known Canadian Journalist, "Tha Camarons
of Bruce," by R. L. Rlchardaon 11.25; pottage 10c
Our Mail Order Department Is at your aervlce.
Canada Drug & Book Co.
St. Louis, Feb. 13.���Attaches of the
tour courts, ln discussing the Thaw
murder trial ln New York, recalled the
fact that today was the anniversary of
one of the most nted murders that ever
occurred ln St. Louis. It was just 13
years ago today that the entire city
received a shock on learning that Dr.
Arthur Duestrow, son of Louis Dues-
trow, a St. Louis millionaire, had shot
and klled his wife and 3-year-old boy.
The double murder occurred In the
Duestrow home in one of the fashionable sections of the city .
In the trial It was shown that Duestrow was a heavy drinker and was
drunk at the time of the crime. A long
fight was made ln the courts to show
that he was insane. Eminent medical
experts were put on the stand and no
expense was spared to save the accused
man . He was convicted, however, and
sentenced to be hanged and on the afternoon of February 16, 1897, he paid
thc extreme penalty of the law on the
gallows at Union, Mo. Just before his
death Duestrow confessed he was not
Insane and admitted his guilt.
Manitobana Know Nothing of Rumors
of Frott Tragedy.
Winnipeg, Feb. 13.���Extended enquiries fall to confirm the report given to
the Toronto press by the manager ot
tho Westminster to the effect that a
woman and six children had been frozen
to death near Estevan. Why such a
tragedy should occur anywhere near
Estevan In the heart of a -country where
coal can be dug almost anywhere along
I******************** ****.
Every expert examining these Fields have declared
they are the coming Richest Oil Field in the World
Send Applications to
Not mote than 5,000 or less than 100 will be sold to
any one person.
the Sourls river seems passing strange.
Only carelessness could account for lt.
The Free Press corespondent at
Estevan wires as follows:
"No truth in report of any persona
being frozen to death excepting tbe son
of C. H. Johnston, who was lost going
tor a load of hay."
However, a rumor similar to the one
from Toronto ls In circulation at Alameda, the report having been brought
ln lo a merchant there by a customer
from an isolated Oerman settlement,
neglect ot husband being given as the
The police know nothing of it and confirmation is Impossible.
-. *mmmmMm*mMMWmmmm���*Metm�����
Tb* Stfatfacona
Nelaon, B.O-
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample   Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
later Strait, Nelion. S. a
Lighted by Kleotriolty tad
Heated by Hot Air
solal Mn.
um a> tmm dat
[table Bedroom	
Sample Boomi Ior Commar-
MRS. I. C.CLARKE. Froprtttraei
Una aad ComlorUhlo Bedrooma aad Flrsl.
thsos Dining Room   "
Enormous    Increase   in    Expenditures
Voted by Parliament
Toklo, Feb. 13.���The national budget
for 1907 passed tbe house of representatives yesterday without the slightest
curtailment. Such an occurence is without precedent since the opening of the
Japanese diet. The powerlessneas of
the opposition ls regarded by many persons here as a bad sign for the revision
of constitutional government In Japan.
The budget of 1907 provides for the
expenditure of $300,000,000 or $60,000,-
000 more than last year, and Is twice
as much as was required to cover all
expenses prior to the Russo-Japanese
There are large appropriations for
naval Increase, and the new undertakings ln the department of -commerce are
to be met by an International loan ot
Brland Haa Receded.
Paris. Feb. 13,���It la declared In well-
informed circle* tbat Minister ot Education Brland hai drawn up and Issued
to tbe prefects a new document for the
leasing of churchea which meets both
the legal requirements of tbe situation
and the susceptibility of tbe members
of tbe French episcopacy. The termi
-public nor hai lt bean confirmed officially.
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall tod Vernon,
two block! from wh��r*.
Ratef li.oagptr day ��nd up.
BaUding Lots for Sale
H.*[&  M.  BIRD.
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelson
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
T.O. Box 151.
IMlephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
t��ia hotel hu been completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipment!.
mat water heating throughout.
BATE8 : Rooms, 50c.  upwards ;
al ratea by the week.
mcali   25c. ;
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European ud Amarlcaa run
���������li ��� els. Boomi Iran �� on. te O.
Only While Balp Implored.
laker It. Nouns
Ba*tlett   House
Best DoO-u-a Day Hook to Nelson.] |
The Dai la lbs finest.
Whlta Belp Only Employed.
Millions   of   Dollars   in Alberta   Oil Fields!
***************************************** * ****** *���>���*�������������� ����
The Canadian Northwest Oil Company holds nearly a.ooo acres
iu the centre of the Known Oil Belt. At the present rate of development prices of shares will advance rapidly, and within a short
time will be selling for many times the present prices. The Stock
is now being bought in Toronto and other Eastern centres-Spokane is also buying. We want the people of this district to share in
the good things of this rich Western Canada of ours. To pour her
rich reasuresinto the lap of those who seek, we now offer a limned
amount of shares for developement only at 50c per ihate to be
paid in four instalments-25 per cent to be paid with application,
25 per cent in thirty days, 25 per cent in sixty days, the remaining
25 per cent in three months.
 ���*�� ���	
���������������**��������������������������������������������������� ************** �������**
Notice of Sale
Under ud by virtu or th* powera
of sale contained in a certain n.ort-
-gate, which will ba produced it the
Ume of the uie, there will be offered
for aale by public auction on Friday
the 1st day of March, 1807, at the hour'
ot J:30 o'clock ln the afternoon, at th?
office ot the undersigned, by C. A. Waterman ft Co., AucUoneera, the equity
of redemption In the following property, namely: Lota 23 and 14, Block 44A,
Nelson City, and the frame resldenoe
thereon situate.
TERMS: Ten per cent, of the pur
chase money to be paid down at the
time of sale, balance to be paid ln 20
For information aa to prior Incumbrance, and for further particulars and
conditions apply to
Baker St., Nelaon, B. C.
Solicitors for the Mortgagee.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this Tth day
of February. 1907
Royal Hotel
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Cfcofccat Frott Laarfa ta
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
Ft*11 Stocks
B.C. Salmon
Atlantic Haidiat
Manitoba Wfcftcfisfc
BEEF, PORK Mai MUTTON of Ftaett Qoaltty.
Katea $1 and 11.50 a Day.
Special Ratea to Regular Boardan.
Molt comforUMe quarter! la Nelion
Only the bent ol Llquois ud Clgan.
A. M. Can. Soc. C B.
Mining Work a tpMlalty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Box
���aker tt, NELSON, B. C
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fanoy Grooeri**
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Excursion Rate
Rossland Winter
For the Round Trip
P. Burns & Co., Ltd*
Orders by Ball to stay breach mil ban
obi prompt aad oararal ettaatioa.
���9 amtmaae      ���������  %
Head Otncet Ne-boo, B�� C
KOT1CI to kenb]
will be mad. te tbe
ProYlnceof BriUeh Columbia at lu next'amil
lor an art authorising the Patrick Lumber Com-
.     . ... .-��� . ...    .  ..   -���-5a;i
iy Urea Ikst an application
Uclalstlre AnemVly ol It*
Columbia at Its next lenloa
pen;, Umiud, toplaoe,esastruct,tad maintain,
a dun or dams, booms, pleri, illdea,_and other
 <al._   .......
ol Lot IHS, Oroup 1, Kootenay dlatrlet): and In
and aetnas tha Utu. Moean rlrer; and In and
asms tha atoessa rlrer at a point er points below ths mouth ol tha Uttio Sloean rlrer; lor the
purpoio of driving, "
manutecturit- "���
the nirfs-u-* 01
the pnrpoeee afos
works In and'acroes the Kootenar'rlvar .tor
near Thrami Station {about opposite Bob-low V.
Irirlaf, raiting, sorting, holding, and
ring ssw logs aad tlmher; to occupy
ol the said rims where aenmmry lor
.    .   as aloiassldj to dear, imp-rare, and
romore obetructloai (rom the iald rivets lor log -
ratlins, and boomint purposes; to levy
fad collect tolu aad dual oa tea, timber ana
amber ol persons using or profiting by such
worki, clearing or Improvemenu: lo eater upon
and expropriate landi; and do all other things
nececury, incidental or conducive to tha exercise ot any ol the above powers.
Dated the 10th day ol December, line,
Solicitor lor lha Applicant
Tralna leave Nelaon I a. m. and 6:35
p. m. Returning, leave Rossland 1:15
and ( p. m.
Notice li hereby given lhat -to dayi alter date I,
"--���> the Honorable lhe Cblel Corn-
Intend to ep]
minloner of __���    ;���.-.��� -
nroipeot tor ooal snd petroleum over the follow-
land: situated two milea north ol the Inter-
lor ooal
Is) no:
>nda and Worki tor a lloeaie to.
'   iti '
.jgland: situateu two muea norm or tht	
national boundary Hue and weit ol the Flathead
* er. tsegtnnlng it a poet marked W. LoGallali'
... W. oorner past, thenossochalnsMuth, thence
SO chaini cut, tlience ao ehalai north, thenee to
cbalni weit us point of commencement,
I'aledNov. U. line. W/LWULUia.
Kotlce li horeby siren tbat so deri slier date I
Iniend to applr to the -ton. Cblel Commlisloaer
?lT��n tll.t WttltTI
ho ffon.CbletCoi
.jib for a .loenN '
trolittn over the ft
of MOdB an
ro*l and
SIM < ted 1
boondftry .._     	
orki lor s .loensM te prospeel lor
- -- lollowlngls-*
miles north of the law-metloaal
and Salt ol the yiathsad rl
 d rlisr.
uid's M. W
For detailed Information apply to local
MT*mmt__t___me__ __��
?D Mihev"��*{iaeial?lstlmel
sea City Mlalng DlriHoaof
"May," -B.C.." "Mrathroy.*
Unnal," aad "JohnDl*1'
iltuated In theBosan 1....
the West Koolanay Dlatrlet.
Where lOoatad :-Korth ol Twelve Mile Creak .
ahout one -and a hall milea up.
,Take aotle) that I, H. 1. Jorand ol Nmi Mil.
ne. Miner's eertlloate Ko. Biam, ss ag>at lot i
Boiaoe Q. Vaa Tuyl, Free Miner ��� eertUsata Me,
Men, inMBd.aUty dayi bom the dete heraol,
to apply to the Mlalng leoudor lor a Oertlaa-ie
.Aad lurther take aotM that aettnuadar
Sutloo tl, muit oe commenced b
aaes of eaoh Certiaeatee ol Impn
Dated this trd Day ol January, Ml.
Certificate of
In the matter ol en application lor the lueue ot
a doplleete ot the Certificate ol Title tor an
undivided 14 ol LoUi, ends, Block U, Town of
Notice li hereby given thei it 11 my Intention
to liiue at the expiration ol one month from
the am publication hereof a duplicate ol lhe
Cerllllcate ol Title to the above landi In the
name ol Florenoe M. H -dglni which rertllcaM
ii dated the ath day oT December, UM, and
numbered MtlK.
H. P. M-cLEOn,
Dlitrlet IcgUtrar.
UUid Reglilry OBce, Nelion, B C
JenoarOsth, 1��7.
Notice li hereby given that on Monday, February Vth.im, that ths Court ol Ravliion lor
the Municipality ol tha City ol Slocan will be
held In tha City Hall on above date, at > p.m.
lor the purpoee ol revising the Aesemment Boll
ol the City ol Sloean. Thoee making complalala
  an required to have
their pietssai la the heads oi the'city Clerk tea
days prevloni lo the first Ulllag el Ike Court of
Dated at Blocan, Jauuary -Mth, lan.
. J. OOYLE, J.
A.O.P.d,. Vancouver.
D. K A., Nelswn
w. a. qiliUett
Cosnti-metor and
Me agent lor Ihe Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd..
lewllyardi. Rough and dmsed InmDar, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath aad shingles, eaah
Snd doors.   Cement, brick Mut lime lor -uie.
nto��etta grinder.
Yard and factory: Veraea It.. -Mat el HaU
r. 0. Bea m. Maskeaa m
-*^^^n_B_l________ai-Bk-Ah__a    -fti     m*^B-____Bfe_at^tA-A^h_B-^_B___a_k---a
<_4nmcaie ��n inprorcaicnis
"Also" mineral clann. situated la the Blocan
city  Mining   Division   ol  West  lootenay
Wherelo ated: Oa Iprlager Creek near the
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notice that I, Prank G, Orean, acting as
agent lor lhe Arlington Mines', limited' Free
Mlner'i Certificate So. BUM, tntead, elxly dsvs
from date hereof, toapply to treMlnlog Recorder
for e Cerliacale ol Improvsmsntl, tor Ike purpoie of obtalalng a CrJwa Great ol Ihs sbove
"Impreai," "Climax," "Horasshoe," "Onaea,"
"Vnlou Jnck," iltuated ia M-riisu Mtelaf
Located on Porcupine ereek.
Teke Notloe thst I, Frank Fletcher, aawal Ier
the Active-Oold Mlalng Company, FreeMU
Certificate No. Bataar ' * "** '���
henol. 10 apply te
Certificate ol lm
1. Intend.'at days from date *'
....   _ lha Mining Reoorder Mr a.
    ji Improvemenu lor tha purpose el .,
obulalng a Crowe Orent of tbe above elalma.     <
_ Aad further lake none, that aattoa, uadar
���settaa ai, must be commenced tolan the man- *���-
aaaa sl saeh Oertlfioeteot bum,
De-tad Nelaoa, lath Deo.,
Haunt narona.
Cwitlfloat* -of Improveniiitla
victoria Fraotteaal
Rio Tente, Orinoco, uueen Victoria I
aad Oraoeo Freetlonal MlnerT
tn tho Nelaoa Mining DlvUlon e
located on Queen victoria Mountain, aaat
Beuley Stdlng-
Tske Notloe thst 1. Fntnk C Oreen
asent lor Michael lau, Free Miner*
No. BMMniend, ilxty days Irom the
loapply lothe Mining Recorder Ier .
al ImprovemenK, lor lha purpose ad
Crown OrauU ef Ihe above elalma,
And lurther lake aollca that action,	
���ectloa II. anal he cemmeared   hsfcas  th*
Muanoa olsuehCertUcsteeolImprovemeats.
Haled UiatUh da* al January, fin.
t. C. Sum, Nalaon, B. C.
-^^eTuDCJue 01 iflBproveflBrsHi
And further tah��.
that aellon. under
- ia ed before ths
suction  n,  mug ba eommen ei baton
���Portts," "Amos," "last side No. I" aad "Bat-
tine fractional" mineral elaims, limited la
Ihe f loeau City Mining DlvUlon sl West loot-
eaay Dlitrlet
Where looated: At head ol Springer Creak, aaat
tbe Arllaaton ulna.
Take Nolle, that I, Frank C. On
ageal for the Arlington mlnee, 1
Mlner'i CerUficate No. B��NS, aalaa
mm me dsae kwaol. toapp-y to t
corder tor a CaitUlaataol Imps ���
purpose el estalnlai a Crown ��
ma >.l
' W   -v
- sv
Set Our Fine Display of
Clocks���All New, AH the Besl
the Market Offers.
Alarm Clocks, **eh ,,,,|1.50 and $2.50
Mission Cloche, each       $6.00
Oak Clocks, each  $12.00
Bedroom Clocka, each   ...$4.00
Chime Clocka, each  ...$20.00 to $35.00
Nous Ii the lime when J<s��� need . good UMBRELLA.    Our .toe* il new .nil ,,�� io
sluts- asssi every rmbrelle lisiiitiraiiUietl.
J. o.
Tht B||ly Canadian
Of tho   diffesrcuce   there is
between 1st. and 2nds. in
Canned   Goods
We carry only
One trial of our
Tartan  Brand!
will convince you  that we
oarry a full stock
WilllUm Hall, employee of the jtjstj-
ilown Hardware Co.. Is reported t_ bj
very 111.
C. ^effs, who was to play point, for
the Nelson hockey learn In Rof eland
today, missed the train Ihis mamin^
ami the team will be wenkcDieil  to that
A. D. Wheeler visited Alnjiworlh yes-
teriluy. He found lho work on the Krao
mine development going 't>ead satifne-
turlly and wllh excellent, -results. He
was Surprised to see lutsri- than n dozen
robins���a suit* sign of oarf y spring.
Table Fruit
Pie   Fruit
Maple Syrup i
Same Pi-Ice aa Inferior j
_______________ ______________________ Aa\AAaVa_4AA]
f*fTWT'"w WWWW fffffffff*!
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
(O to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
At) klnda of Dlnnerware la stock. Pattens.
[Now My Friend]
Wouldn't you like something
these cold* mornings; something
that would send the blood through
your veins and fill your heart
with Joy?
Now, tell your wife to buy _
pound of that good coffee that Joy
sells, and serve some, good and
hot, for breakfast. After drinking some of that coffee, things
will look rosy all the day, and
��fby Jbill meet you at the door i
Cor. Vernon and Ward sStremt-e,
. FRED J. HUME, Proprietor.
O. L. Boynton, Fernie; W. J. Holmes,
D. P. Kane, Alex. Lucas, Kaslo; Q. 'A.
Mclntyre, G. Mather, Vancouver; B. F.
Fisher, Quebec; H. Onmmings, Crawford
Bay; J. S. Weweston, Pincber Oreek; 3.
Wilson, Gladstone;   H. O.  Harrington,
Grand Forks; F. E.   Griffiths, Slooe*;
H. A. Hill, G. N. Kerr, 13-Mile.
Miss M. Alton, Grand Fo-.ks H. G.
Wrny, Portland; John Keen. Kaslo: A.
B. McKenzie, Rossland; il, A. Mather
and wife, Winnipeg.
Miss Fonrnier, Crawford Bay; J. F,
Desmond, H. McDsonald, Kaslo; O.
Turner, T. Botortra, Pilot Bay; T. B.
Oosgrove, I'lu-euK; Miss M. Lanewillle,
W. i. Wakefield, Brandon; T. Dnltaj,
T. Johnston, Kalso; A. J. Williams,
Fernie; W. Murray, Greenwood.
J. F. Fraser, Bonnington; O. G.  Wil-
kins, O. M. Williams, Ymir; J. Johauaoo,
A. Carney,   Kaalo;  H.  J.   Wright,  F.
Cairns; 0. F. McDonald, Ainsworth.
J. Shrott, 0. Hnmphrev, Vanr-om-et;
F. J. NorriB, Slocan.
.1. Terry, Slocan; T. L. Bloar, 1CT| Oaatl-a-
giar; A. Sutherland, Lardo;)'   j Henbert
J- W. Munn, city *_c_Sk and school
trust.* of Femle, I*. �� tjie eity attending Ihe sessions at, th�� Provincial Association of Gcho-vTrusJtees. ��������� is tho
guest of his brwh��r, G. M���mn, dlatrlct
manage, for A, .Mnudoraald & Co.
The Play.
The   Sennet   Mysteries   drew a fa 11
house al the opera bouse last nlgbt o n
the   occiteion   of   their   second   pa,**-
fortomice..   The -programme was varied 1
and- excellent arid uniformly delightful, .
from   thr   serious songs like "Boonis
|' Mary of Argyle" and,"Glorious Deyon,"
to the series of parodies, with the refrain, "They pushed him  through the
window."     The    parody of the 'coon
songs" In the "Romeo and Juliet" balcony scene, and in "They live way do-wn
tn old Vlrglna," could hardly beeui excelled In their kind.    The mom bent- ot
the company can all sing and acti an.l
their entertainment i.s clean, clvvennnsl
pleasing.   The patrons of muafe in; Net-
son will be pleased  to leant, the- thud
company's travelling arrangements* will
bring  them  back to Nelson   Tlttirsdhff
night, and that advantage will ho ts-kan
of the circumstance to s*ye anothsr a*  ���
formance that evening*
A Good Laundry Soap
3 Pound Bars
2 for 35 cents
C* A* Benedict
Comer Silica and Josephine Sts.
Wholi-huli* ninl Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps suppliwl on shortest noticu and
loweat price. Mottling bnt fivi.li und
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders rectsivo careful ult<-ninm.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
IfPhlueenil Mill Sta.
Midway; L. L. Lewis, Bo*
R. McLeod, Oo*-���ee Crow,- W. C.
Knapp, Fire Ve'jey; H. Stewart, G.
Finsliind, O. Dal-,ip Cranbnpk; M. Wym,
Grand Forks; j. j. Doutui, Vancouver;
J. E. Milbnr_��., Austin; %, E. McHnslin,
We have, -just* unloaded a rar of
Purity Flotif
_Cade from   high grade  Matni-
coba Hard Wheat.    Without r
doubt It Is the best flonir     ���*���
the market.    Money  r-sfr      ��_
if not satisfaeSory. nded
YMIB WliMr-C-HANOES:   fl*
We have still a largo number of those
75c paper bound editions of copyright
novels, which we are offering at
25c Each---5 for $1.00
These are books (mostly by more or
less well known and popular authors,)
which have come out during the past
eight or ten years, and are mostly all
good, well written bookR. The copyrights covering these are sill! hi force,
and they are not ptfhlished In the cheap
Come In and Look
Them Over.
W. G. Thomson
SBS58ftSB""* Nelson, B.C.
Phone 34.
Money Rairit___oevelopfnent Will Begin ij
Before March 1st.
Ai, JI.. I land, -manager ol the Ymi) ���
ittftte .Has received a cable from Londot>
flnfsjrmlns r,im that his resignation?
I tendered ��.|ght months ago- and several j
"limes sO*lCe, has at last lieen accepted.
i and his successor. M. Nlclaolls, will soon
I'bo op hia way from London to relievo
him. _itl. j-^bols has had extensive
"��' I successful eyperlenoe In South Af-
r'ca and C-sutral America, and comes
very highly recommended).
A- large sum of money has been
raised for development work, which will
h'lgfn before the Isi* of March.
Mr. Hand is ni* quite decided
whether to remain In British Columbia
or go to old Mexico.. He has offers
availing his acceptance   In both.
df   Costly j]
Three Furnished
or Unfurnished Rooms
or Part of House*
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward  Sta.
A collection of all tlie Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Room I, Hudson Bay Block.
elephone 161.
W�� M��*2*J*JM__Mf
"fpp Xunr
.* of
itqpttf..'**        *" '"""������
-i. Brio Poll, Tu Fob. Elc
Jr'_��nroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, sic.
121 Bast Bsker St.        Phone No. A114
Contractor to Undertake
Logging Contract, Delivering
2,000,000 Feet per Month.
Also First-class Mill Superintendent
ite. Hoantilr. Lumber Minufactur-rrs' AssocUtlon
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
PRONINQ AND URAFTINU oarefully attended to. Applr
 Mirer Etna Hotel,
F. C. GREEN      F. P. BURDEN      A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Surveyors
r. 0. Box 145   rtxtttt Ul B.
ENGINEER end 8USXMKN at Wattsabtira Mill,
Deer Cranbrook, B.l.'., alio Buebmen at Procter
WalUbnrs, B.C.
TWO FIRST-CLASS ROOMS, eteam h-iaKd,   Ay-
ply hOUMkoepar, 3rd flat. X. W. O. block J
Can Well  Afford  Expenae
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
Iry the
20th Century Package
Per Package,
Graham Wafers  1*^_
Lemen Cream  *>*..,. 10c
Vanilla Wafers     ��� 10-
Soclety Tea   wi i_e
New England Ginger knap 10c
Krlapo Ginger Wkfe-rs 10e
Butter���Thin     lo-e
Milk Toast , 1-gg
Dainty City Soda (Salted) ISe
Saratoga Flakea (Salted)    16c
Put up In packages and thus
���ver fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth IL
K. W. 0. BhMk . PhOM 10.
D. C. McMORRIS, Secretary.
The adjourned annual meeting of the
t   Kootenay  Fruit    Growers* Association
will be held in the   Board   of   Trade
  ,    ^       l  !!Som, *" 2:3�� '��� m" Fl*ld*y. P'bmary
Pittsburg, Feb.  13���Benjamin  Thaw,     22, to  receive the auditor*, -report on
Alexander lllair Thaw and T. Chalmers j the accounta of 1900.
Darsle, trustees of a certain fund established under the will of the Ikte William Thaw, have filed an account showing that Harry K. Thaw will receive
$12,-850.08 as his share from that portion
of his father's estate embracing what
ls known as the coke trust for a period
between July 19, and November 1, of
lasl year. Alice Thaw, the countess of
Yarmouth, and the other seven children
of W. Thaw, will receive a like amount
from this source.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
CALL AT THE        ^^^^^_
Red Crow Drag Store
for your Prescriptions, Family Ra-stpefc,
Hair Tonlca, and all klnda.-af
Note the Addreaa:
Baker St., near Josephino, NUuii, Ft*. C.
Tralna and Boata.
Crow train���On time.
Coast  and  Slocan   train���Two
one-half hours late.
Rosalnnil train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
"The kitchen-maid Is too stuck up to
associate with the cook."
"How r.bout llie cook."
"The cook says there Ib no pride
about ber; If there wus she wouldn't be
working for us."
And many a woman's g|*e*t��' .
due to the Imallness of fret >���    -^B.
Fifty Cent Hand Bags!
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone -333.
&Co., $SM
_____t__t______m Provisional,
Produce,        ��� Pruit.
Dominion Qrivernin-mt CnmimTy One-Pound Bncks received weekly ul
from the nhurn.   For aale by all loading grororii.
Offlce nnd -warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 7U.
Josephine Street.      -       -       -      Nebon, B.C.
Bohemian Been
I The Nelson Brewing Co., Ltd
A Wof d to the Wi
This year we hare appreciated the wsnu of md
tomers nnd have passed Into stock tbe    I
Good Cheer Art Base Burner!
This store is osdapted for hard cool miy, nml kg
anteed to pre aatisfaction.'
J. H. Ashdown Hard.
Company, Limited.
Sherman's Opera House
(���pairing mnd .lohhl nm aiacutad with Daapateh.  (hMt It
Work, Ml nlns nsncTMIII Machln.ry.     Manulacturan of
-Or* Cant,  tt.  ft.   Cosntrautors*  Cara.
Thursday, February I 4th
^Tlie Scarlet Mys^ies"
Prioes; 50o   7-Jift
Seats now on sal��. a*< f
nroucEHa Disnua.
"Notice I* htTtht K ***"*
Hoard of I.lf'kM* t':**.iVJ
the wtplntion ol w��W
trKiinltr o[ my lin**^i i#
el F.lrrlcw, lo M. U. T   .
iIiki at ii int-fltlni of th*
������Inner*-, to t.i' held aliei
it I In 'end in *pp j* for a
I'viiH fur lhe Urove holtl*
When yon oomparejonr freights jron-�� /ill buy in NelBon
�����������^-----_m____m_.��___�� _________
D, J. Robertson & Co,
i-Rcetdy Clothing
Por 1907 I�� now to hand
��j. A. Qil^KER
m _. BAKER M l-RBETi. NE UfMDN. .
^~^^    ^^ ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ^^mmmm^^^^^^mm^^^^^m^^mw^^w^^^^^^Bm^mt^^^^m  pnmwfiwwfviiWflr-pii
UNITE and sing tbat  the  impssrtatidil
John T. Pierre ore the proper thin..
Hy lost (all shipment bas Jti-t in-rind.
tlieni and place yonr ord-sr early tor Xmi��"
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor^
BualnMS in-an.
Working men,
M��m In drtM uttlr*.
Sportlnv m*n��
Handaom* man,
M��n that's full of fir*
Subject  to Confirmation
We Will Buy
W�� WUI Sell
10,000 nambler-Carlboo    27%
5,000 Sullivan   07
10,000 II. C.  Aiiinlijuninli.il  ('mil. .offer
100 Sullivan Bonds ...
6,000 American Boy ...
1,000 International Coal
B. B. Mighton <& C(
Drawer 1082
HTBKR Lumber, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*!
Mail Orders promptly stt����^|
Turned Work and Brackets
Our Mook of Skates ll complete and '���>*>���*
Including th* popular
Wood-ValUnce Ha*dwate Co'!


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