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The Daily Canadian Aug 20, 1907

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 QMje   -CUxUy
VOI-UMB   2.     NO.   65.
I Prof. Fletcher's Praise of
nstnictive Lectarc on Effective Dealing With Host  Deadly
Insect Pests.
Kootenay   orchards   received   another
|ery hlKli oompllment last night when
ths course  of  ���   lecture  on   limed
tests Prof   Fletcher,    entomologist of
ue* Dominion department of Ariicuiture.
Ud: "Nowhere In Canada have I Been
ie orchard*! on the whole cleaner and
titer c:ir<-ii  (or,  and nowhere  have   1
.���u fruit an good, certainly none hot*
I Tho addr.-as v. as delivered before the
Jest Koutenay  Fanners'   Institute  Ian
ght.   The meeting was very well at*
oded.   J. H   Anderson, deputy minis
|r of agriculture was   present.     Prof.
letcher said, in part:
II have no dniilit    many    iieople who
|Bht be here were kept away because
ty aay "we do not know much about
^ecl pests'* You are In such a do-
htlul part ol the country you are
Rubied with very few. Were I to con*
! myselt to this subject 1 might soon
down, but I am ono of those Irre-
}ssible jteople who. when they once
an audience, like to hang on lo
so 1 shall not keep too strictly
iin ths limits ol the subject.
fhe recent ill v.-lnpuient of fanning
fruit growing In thla valley has
^n such a sui ,* : lo everyone, and
fact Unit you   hav,>   a   district   so
[neatly suited  to  the   production of
t ut the finest appearance and qua!
, has made this subject one of great
(Prest to  everyone.     The   reputation
Kootenay fruit, und that  from other
"I II. I'.. Is such   that   we  down
���t are always ou the qui vlve at ex*
���tlon times  to   M*   what   Is   coming.
|f> not only Its quality ls so excellent.
also the  appearance,   which   Ib   a
*** valuable asset.  Is  bo  remarkable
It it always attracts attention. You
I ilwayi have the naming of some
J"ur 11 C. fruit challenged because
lie peculiar effect of the II. C. soil
climate upon the shape nnd develop*
fit of some of the well known varle-
of the (treat   surprises   to   fruit
Iwera in  the eaat  a  few   yeara   ago
fa you Bent an exhibit of B. C. fruit
the excellent  quality   of   the   lien
Jls apple     That  is   ono of   the   extent apples thut bring groat satlsfac*
to  the   grower   because   it   brings
p returns Into his pocket, but It Is
[always ao much eBteomed by thoBe
��� liny ihem    Tho fuct lhat it Is such
| excellent apple   to   grow,  however.
i rise to this (lunger, that too many
Ithim win he plumed.    There aro a
at many being planted today, nnd as
J' ciiiniiti(,ns h,.ru ure 8UCh nB to en*
i ton to produce the ties! varieties it
lid be wlRer for you to devote your
"Hun to them.    Flavor, appearance.
Popularity on the market, these an*
three factors of fruit growing.
withstanding   tho   fact   that   your
P""1" are  so  very   clear  of  InseclB
I fungous enemies which do so much
*> In other less fuvored  parts, that
ri'"""" "hy  you  -should  not find
Ml ��bout them.    The provincial gov-
na|it is doing n great deal In fortl-
U the  tarmeri  so   thut  ihey   may
wi,^'",'H'.'v"8 n Kr<""- llnal Ot loss by
'ng beforehand the dldlcultles they
Tfrim i     '"C<'L    '" tlu* VIlll<*y W��W-
"il   Is a new thing, but still there
*<l loma     "":h"r't��   which   hnve   ex*
Idone Kh l:> H|K,W *"��' **'hnl am
h,  ,,"*" n',"n*v ���<e give Indications
I you r u" ', ""K w'"ch >"�� '*"" '''"'*>'
I tin.  ,ih,',"""'   WUMWrtully.    One
Is SJ-WUM  wllh   your   orchards
pr ���������,   1wonderful     prollllcness  of
���   "''   '"'"ring very  early nnd pro*
���J* a e ��,m',','l'*tl'1**''   '"   r'"H    before
The ,'���""������""-���y tlevelopod  to ben,
'r_"'�� hnve a nne, healthy ap
���?"d "", , exceedingly     bright,
SaK i ���������'��� rn"ld"y of grown,
lab���     ,^ n���""Re  ,hu  troHna  trees
'vy iToim ,   .'".    (,ow"   under tii<*
Ni rt thKJ. "*".*  ����WWit��  lhe  ad
C,!   "lKT lll! "'"' ">��re than
quality A'T ' ult ������� that of hot
'"''' "IM.I.-B I. 7" C.*'n" of *<"��* '"'"
"""'ie han . i ,r""b,', ll1"1 more
""' a '��� **��� Quantity of small
DIlt'H.     BOlDA  tj'lMiS,  Ilkf:  :.i-Iln- JloriM'B, Will
kill theiiiMelvcs by overwork If allowed
to, ami by allow Iiik too <'arly and too
heavy bearing you may kill ihu goose
i hai lays the Kolden egg.
Then seeondly, there are la many orchards too many varieties.    The experl-
0000 of other** It* that a few wt'll known
pupular varieties bring more money to
Ih��- grower than a greater number of
varieties.     Mont   people   know  this, yet
1 MO In many of the orchards a great
number of tree**, many of which will
not lOOOOOd.
Prof. Fletcher then discussed In great
(h'tall tha chief Insect pests to be feared In Koutenay and described the boot
treat nu nt nf each. rOOOmmi -riding ��'H
[tccfally aiHenle, f'arln green and blue
Train Went Over Embankment at New-
Port���Lobs Unknown.
New Pnrt, Ark., Aug. 80.���Passenger
train No. S, the fast train bOtWOMl Tex-
;;rana and St. Iyiui.**', on the Iron Mountain line, 1k in a ditch at Allca Lake
and meagre reports are received hen?
are that several persons have been killed and many Injured. The wreck occurred last night and Is said to be due
to a broken rail.
St. Louis. Aug. 20.��� According to re-
jMirts every car of the Iron Mountain
train was thrown from the track by a
broken rail while running at thirty
tulles an hour and went over a sharp
embankment. The track was torn up
for tsoveral hundred feet. No denial or
confirmation has boon received concerning the early rejKirts that several persons were killed ami a number injured.
At the Iron Mountain headquarters here
It waa stated that rto information concerning   the   wreck   had   been   received.
Detectives   Think   They   Have   Cloe   to
Recent   Political   Murder*   In
New York.
Chicago. Aug. 20.���In the arrest of
Moiioog t'urezhln, forty yeara old. a
well known Chicago Armenian, the
Chicago police think they have a clue
to the murder of a wealthy New York
Armenian merchant who, it is believed,
waa killed because he had refused to
contribute to the maintenance of a
secret society, and the killing of Father
lloian Kasperkut, the chief priest,
whose body was found In a trunk lu
New York. Cruezhin admits having been
with members of both of the Armenian
Hunchakist societies and ut oue time
he hud been sent to murder the Sultan
of Turkey, but he denies thut lie had
anything to do with the murders In New
York or has knowledge of them. Circulars and letters, believed by the
Chicago police to hold valuable Information for which the New Y'ork authorities have been searching fur months,
wero obtained from him. The prisoner
waa arrested at Hulstr.nl Btreet and
Milwaukee avenue last night by Detective Surgeuuts (.Juluu and Howe. Two
of his lingers on his right hand are
uiissiug. He told the police they were
blown oil lu 1SJU4 al Waukegan, where
he had gone to experiment with explosives which were to be used in the
ussaa-slnatlon of the Sultan. Ho said
he was elected to go to Turkey as tho
head of it bund having ln view the murder of tlie sultan but on account of the
accident to his hand, while he was preparing for his mission, lie was not able
to go. "They thought 1 might be too
eaHlly ldentllled because of my injury."
Crbettn snld. "Blather Mairetto, I think,
was s*..|.'cieu ior the mission." Father
Ueuliln is said lo have been acipmlnted
with father ECtUperitUt, lhe murdered
priest. Curezliln said he was one of the
llrst members. In Will some of the
member*  deserted their brethern  and
formed unother society. He said lhal
In. was among lhe deserters from the
old order. The police will hold Curezliln until further investigation of his
story can be made. The New York authorities have been notified of his ar-
W. F. MoEser Dead.
Spokane, Aug. 20.���The death Is announced of Win. F. Mosser, a nilllion-
nlro tanner nf Clearfield county. Pennsylvania, and lhe head of the sole
leather firm of W. A. Mossor & Co., of
Huston, Mnss. He was interested in
various tanneries throughout
United Stntes.
Longs to oo Away.
Now York, Aug. 20.���11. H. Rogers,
the active head of Ihe Standard Oil
company, wus ul his ofllee yesterday for
the llrst time In three weeks. Mr.
lingers was at 11(1 Hroadway for au hour
but declined to uiithorlze any Interview.
Ills presence wns known by very few
people nnd he longs to go buck on his
yaeht after seeing ono or two of his
Fifty Cbnts a Month
Fielding's Triumph In
Canadian Revenue for Four Moaths
1907 Greater than for Whole Year
Under Conservatives.
Ottawa, Aug. 20.���Mr. Fielding haa
scored another triumph. In four months
between March and August he has obtained from taxation half a million more
than the Conservative government
raised In the last twelve months of lu
administration. One recalls with Interest the fact that Mr. Fielding at the Ottawa convention fourteen years ago
'viewed with alarm" the heavy taxation
of that day. It would have been hard
to convince him then that he would be
the means of taking from tbe people ln
four months more than Mr. Foster took
In twelve. It would bave, perhape. been
equally hard to convince him that he
would be borrowing money with difficulty at four and five per cent, interest,
whereas at the time of the Ottawa convention three per cents were away
above par.
It |g reported that the Southern Alberta Irrigation Company Is finding
some difficulty in obtaining a head ot
water to Irrigate Ita land. This company, made up of genuine English Investors, has paid $1,600,000 for concessions obtained from the government by
Hitchcock, McGregor and other political
favorites ln tbe west. Tbe political favorites turned over their concession for
$$50,000 profit. Of this ���SOO.OOO waa
received aa a margin on a concession of
380,000 acres obtained a few weeks before, on which the speculators had not
paid a cent, while $100,000 waa made
by selling at $12 per acre a quantity of
land purchased from the government a
few m<<nibs before at $1. After the
$850,000 waa taken by the original operators, another large profit went to a
group of middlemen. Finally the enterprise waa thrown on the Engltah market where It waa all taken as an irrigation proposition. Now it la a question whether it can be worked In that
way at all. Should it be a failure Canadian investments In the west would be
somewhat discredited ln the Mother
Country. Should It succeed the settler
on the lands will have to pay all the
rake-off obtained by the politicians and
the middlemen. In any case the favorites have got their $850,000 either out
of the public domain or the Innocent
English Investor.
It ls announced that an extension of
time has been given to the Roaa Kitle
Company. That Is to aay the company
will not be obliged to furnish within
the contract period the rides for which
the department has paid seventy-five
per ceut. of the price in advance. Aa
has been shown In previous letters tho
company has usually been two years
behind in delivering the goods though
the contract calls for delivery in the
same year that the advance payment la
made. Only when attention was called
through the prcBS to the fact that the
Mark 1 rllies, on which the whole advance was paid three years ago, have
not been delivered, and tliat the company wus two years in arrears on some
later contracts, were the advances
stopped. For three or four months
there haa been nothing doing in the way
of payments. But on Sir Fred. Borden's
return he Immediately started in to as.
slst the contractors In their finances.
The Auditor-General and acting minister. Sir It I chard Cartwright had stopped
the payments, and lt ls understood
there wore hot times before the new order In council was passed. If the minister can now get his way tho payments
will go merrily on though tho company
has received already about $400,000 on
rifles that have not been delivered. It
may be repeated that seventy-five per
cent, advance amounts to $18.75 per
rifle, which is considerably more than
the total price paid by the Government
for the l.i'i* Enfield weapon, and ls several dollars more than either tho British
or the United States pays for tho service rifle.
No More Watered Stock.
New Yor, Aug. 20.���Stock watering
and overcapitalization by utilities corporations In this city will practically be
an Impossibility hereafter as the result
of a new rule adopted by the public ser
vice commission. The rule serve notice
on such concerns that such hereafter
to make an Increase ln capitalization
they will have to throw open their
books, and that the most minute details wll] have to be required to be
given before any new bonds or share
issues will be given consideration.
North  Carolina  and   Southern   Railway
May Come to Terms.
New York, Aug. 20.���Another move
toward peace between the state of
North Carolina and the Southern railway
has been made. Governor Glenn, of
North Carolina, Just previous to his departure for home last night, had a conference with A. P. Thorn, the general
counsel of the Southern Railway, ln
the course of which he made some suggestions he believes may lead to peace.
He said, "my Interview was In the
interest of good will and harmony and
to save the costs now accumulating in
tbe hearing of the anit in this city. I
made two suggestions to Mr. Thorn.
The first was that we stop the taking of
testimony until the two suits, one from
the United States circuit court and the
other from the state court, are appealed
ao that the supreme court of the United
States can pass on the Jurisdiction of
the two. After this waa done each
party could decide aa to what course to
take. My second suggestion waa that
the railroads stop their suits and try
an dllve under the two and a quarter
cent rate, and If alter giving the law
a trial they find that they cannot continue under lt and live, then they should
appeal to tbe Justice and the fair mlnd-
edness of the people of the state of
North Carolina to right the wrong." Mr.
Thorn told Governor Glenn that he
would bring the suggestion to the attention of the Southern Railway officials
and would let him know soon as possible. The conference between the
North Carolina executive and Mr. Thorn
was harmonious.
Trail May Step Buying.
There Is serious danger that
the enforced closing down of the
Granby smelter may be followed
hy the similarly e^'orced refusal
of the Trail smelter management
to purchase custom ores.
F. W. Guernsey, of Trail, who is
ir. the city today, says that the
coke situation has already become
so acute that unless there is immediate improvement In the prospect for a regular and adequate
supply the smelter management
may be compelled to decline to
purchase outside ore.
Political Crisis le Feared  In  Italy���Authorities Neglect Steps to Protect
Rome, Aug. 20.���In Vatican circles
the passive attitude of the Italian government during the anti-church crisis ls
commented upon unfavorably. The
parish priests of Rome have addressed
a petition to the prefect of the province
in which, after protesting at the outrages committed daily against the
clergy, they ask whether the laws are
still ln force and whether it is lawful
for a savage rabble composed of Jews
and anti-Catholics to outrage with im
punlty the Catholic religion, which is
Btill recognized as the religion of the
state; the Pope, whose person Is declared by law to bo sacred and Inviolable,
and the clergy, who as Italian citizens
are entitled to liberty, respect and personal protection.
The parish priests conclude by asking whether they are considered by the
civil authorities outside the pale of the
law. Needless to say .the petition has
remained, unanswered, and no ateps have
been taken to protect the clergy. In
almost every Italian town priests and
nuns have been insulted, outraged and
attacked, yet not one of their assailants
has been rarested. A well known
Vatican prelate declares that the present situation Is very grave.    He aaya:
"It is a mistake to believe that the
Catholic party in Italy la neither strong
nor well organized. What Machlavelll
said of the pope, They are not strong
enough to rule Italy nor weak enough
to prevent others from ruling her,* maybe applied today to the Catholics. It
would be a grave mistake for the monarchy to neglect the Catholics and make
them enemies Instead of friends.
Thanks to Plus X., they have so far
afforded great help to the kingdom,
which ls threatened by Socialists and
oppoaed by many others. Including anarchists and republicans."
Clever Thieves.
Appleton, Wis., Aug. 20.���Two thieves
yesterday stole $1000 worth of diamonds
from Henry Kemp's Jewelry store while
two clerks and several customers were
ln the place.
Insurance Men Disagree
With Commission
President of Canadian Association
Points to Large Increase of
Business as Reply.
Toronto, Aug. 20.���Severe criticism of
some of the clauses of the draft bill
based on the finding of the insurance
commission, marked the opening of the
first annual convention of the Life Underwriters' Association of Canada which
Is being held in conjunction with the
national association of life underwriters
of the United States. Formed little more
than a year igo to promote good will
and harmony and co-operation among
the agenta of all life insurance companies, and to devise and give effect to
measurea for the protection of their
common Interests, the Canadian association already boasts of 21 branches,
with a membership of nearly 400, representing all parts of the Dominion.
Some 200 delegates are In attendance
at the convention. In the absence of
Moyor Coatsworth the welcome ot the
delegates fell to Alderman Graham,
chairman of the reception committee,
who referred to some of the attractive
features of Toronto and expressed the
hope that the visitors would Und the
city interesting. President Miller, in
his address, criticised the insurance
commission and proposed insurance legislation, rnd said that the fact that in
190��. 200,000 additional persons were
led to recognise tne true benefits of
life Insurance was their beat reply to
the commission.
W. J. Bell, of Guelph, read a pepor In
which he contrasted the life Insurance
companies with the Canadian banks.
He said he had been for over 15 years
in different foreign countries, and had
no hesitation ln saying that the Canadian banking laws were by no means so
perfect as their banks would have
them believe; they were ln need of
amendment more than were the Insurance laws. He contended that the life
Insurance companies offered better securities tor the return of any money
entrusted to them than did any Canadian bank. During the last 20 years no
less than 12 Canadian banks failed outright, most of them criminally, while a
number of others had been reconstructed to save themselves by amalgamation
with some ot the 35 other banks, while
25 per cent, of the Canadian banks.
without government Inspection, had
failed since 1880. In the United States,
where the banks were regularly Inspected by government officials, only-
five and one-half per cent, of their banks
had suspended since 1864. On the
other hand, during the last twenty-six
years not a single Canadian life insurance company had become bankrupt,
nor during that period had life Insurance president or general manager succeeded In breaking Into penitentiary.
He knew of no line of business with a
record at all comparable to that of the
Canadian insurance  companies.
Letters   Published    by    Frau    Molitor's
Friends Point to Guilt.
Karlsruhe, Aug. 20.���Members of the
Moiitor family have published several
letters Intended to break down the efforts of Karl Hau's counsel to find evidence exculpating him on the charge of
murdering his mother-in-law, Frau Moll-
tor. The letters throw light upon the
case as regarded by the defense. Prior
to the trial Dr. Dietz, counsel for the
prisoned, wrote to Hau's wife on April
12th saying: "As matters stand today-
there Is no hope of acquittal." Dr. Dietz
added thut he hoped that the opinion
of Herr Ascheffenburger, of Cologne,
the expert on mental diseases, would
set forth that Hau was responsible for
his acts only ln a diminished degree
and that the Jury would render a verdict
denying that he committed the murder
with premeditation.
Another letter from Ascheffenburgcr
to Hau's wife expressed the hope that
expert opinions would tend to show
that the prisoner waa mentally unsound,
lidding, "It would be a great relief to
us If you could thing back upon your
husband with the consciousness that he
committed the awful deed In conse-
que nee of mental disease. Dr. Dietz
announced during the trial thut 1'rn
fesor Ascheffenburger wrote to him that
he was fully convinced that Hau was Innocent.
which was cast by the Gorham company, and which has been on exhibition
here, �� ' be taken to Jamestown, Virginia, aXTOW- The statue will be
erected **^j, -uestown Island In honor
of the fouu. *r% ' the Jamestown colony
and Its unve, 1j -/111 take place with
appropriate cet-v * ���:'-��s on September
llth. The statu'-^t eight feet, six
Inches tn height ana -S"*" * the adventurer ln a soldierly potf*:
- '*/
Milk Sold at Famine    Prices   Obtained
From   Stolen   Cows.
Statue to John Smith.
New   York,   Aug.  20.���Wm.   Cooper's
bronze  statue to  Captain  John   Smith,
St. Peteraburg, Aug. 20.���A case
brought against the wife of Gen. Stoessel. by Frau Rutzkl, formerly a dairy
owner at Port Arthur, ls a peculiar
echo of the famous siege and is attracting much attention. The circumstances
of the case are as follows: Just before
the investment of Port Arthur, Frau
Rutzkl, who had no desire to experience
the siege, departed, leaving three valuable milch cowa, with fodder sufficient
for a twelvemonth, aa a loan, in charge
of Captain Bondaryeff, chief ot the military hospital, with instructions that the
milk be used for hospital patients.
After some weeks, the losses of Russian officers were so heavy that Gen.
Stoessel ordered all the officers of the
administrative medical corps to the
front. Capt. Bondaryeff, however, prevailed upon Gen. Stoessel to allow him
to remain. At the same time, lt ls men-*
tioned, he sent the three cows as a present to Mme. Stoessel. The Stoessels
consumed the mil k, and Capt. Bondaryeff remaiined at his safe post, subsequently to be decorated with the order
of St. Anne for valor. After the Stoessels returned to St. Petersburg, Frau
Rutzkl turned up with a demand for her
cows, but witnesses testified that not
only were the cows eventually sold for
hard cash, but that the milk was regularly sold fro mthe Stoessel household
during the siege at a high price.
Wins Growers of Southern France Scorn
Former Loader But Still Oppose
Government  Forces.
Paris, Aug. 20.���The Midi which
moved for Albert" two months ago ls
now a mover against him. The redeemer, since he waa attacked by a
crowd on Sunday, remains shut up in
a house. From there he sent a letter
to the people of Argellieres accusing
Ferroul of having always tried to check
the vltlculturlst movement. He says
that his own resignation was forced by
the attitude of the people toward him.
Albert asserts that hla visit to the
Chamber of Deputies was for the good
ot the cause. When he returned he
found there waa scorn and enmity
where before there was confidence and
love. His Jailers mockeddtim in prison.
He recalls his work of devotion and
ends by affirming that his public as
well as his private life is without secret
and that he Is ready to be Judged by
This long effusion has not helped Albert in the eyes of the vitlculturists,
who shrug their shoulders at his protestations.
A group of anti-militarists posted a
manifesto the other day on the outer
boulevard addressed to French soldiers
They point out the horrors of the riots
at Nantes and Narbonne, where work-
ingmen were fired upon by their brother workingmen in uniform. They
urged the soldiers to refuse to serve
as policemen and to refuse to fire on
their comrades. They called attention
to the fame of the men of the 17th
Regl ment, who mutinied and were disarmed by assurances and promises a&d
then were sent to serve under tli * u.u.*-
derous sun of Africa.   The notice ends*.
"Instead of giving up yo'ir arms *u:n
them against the rogues and asvutnns
who govern us and command you to
shoot them without pity."
The ten signers of the docume.it sent
their names and addresses to the pub.lc
prosecutor, but ao far no action has
been taken.
Strange Deportation.
St. Paul. Aug. 20.���A despatch to tho
Pioneer Press from Mlnto, N. D., states
lhat Seth Lawrence, 70 yeara old, an Invalid and absolutely destitute, came to
Mlnto from Canada. He applied for
county aid and on being questioned told
the authorities that he was put on a
train at Edmonton and was shipped lo
this city. It was decided that he wa,
a Canadian charge and arrangements
were made with the county authorities
at Portal to snip him back. He accordingly was put on a train with a ticket
for Portal. Lawrence stated that he
had been a reatdent of Kdmonton for
more than thirty years.
Richard Mansfield No Better.
Suranac. N. Y.. Aug. 20.���Richard
Mansfield has decided to prolong his
stay. Inquiries as to his condition are
answered by Mr. Mansfield's brother.
Felix, with the statement that there Is
no change.
Premier Botha Wants to
Please King
Transvaal Opposition Accuses Him of
Favoring Friendly Company
���Charge Extravagance.
London, Aug. 20.���The plan of Premier Botha of the Transvaal to present
the Culllnal diamond to King Edward
meets with much criticism both in
England and in the Transvaal. The finances of the colony are in bad condition and mauy people think the expense is unnecessary. Moreover, the
magnates of the Premier Diamond
Mining Company have found the Culllnal diamond a white elephant as there
is no market for such high stones.
The Premier people are supporters of
General Botha's party and critics say
tbat if the stone belonged to the De
Beers Company, which is an opponent
of General Botha, there, would have
been no thought of presenting the diamond to King Edward, adding that the
Botha party want to gain credit for a
patriotic act while patting money from
the treasury Into the pockets of their
friends at a time when the colony can
ill afford such luxuries. The controversy places King Edward in an embar-
rassnig position.
Rumor  That   Attorney-Gererat   Cjjarlss
Bonaparte Will Retire.
New York, Aug. M.���The Journal of
Commerce today publishes a story regarding the possible retirement of Attorney-General Bonaparte from the Cabinet. It says: "According to Important
Interests, In thin etty very doae to the
administration, the usefulness of Attorney-General Bonaparte as a member
of the president's cabinet has culminated. It is not expected that an immediate retirement will result for such
action might be construed as a sign of
weakening in the president's anti-trust
policy, a construction particularly distasteful to Roosevelt, since not the
slightest Justification exists for lt. But
there is no question according to the excellent Information obtained, that the
president is not only not in sympathy
with the recent flippant and undignified attitude and the at least doubtful
legal procedure displayed by the attorney-general, but In alt probability opposed to them."
The attorney-general's policy, the
Journal of Commerce says, it ia understood, is condemned by all the president's most trusted advisors and It adds
there is excellent reason to believe
some Important changes ln the cabinet
would constitute a protest against executive actions of Bonaparte. The secretary of state for Instance, the paper
declares, ia known to have expressed
a strong criticism of it while Assistant
Secretary of State Robert Bacon is entirely out of sympathy with the attorney general. It is not expected that
any official consideration will be given
the current strained situation until the
president returns to Washington from
Oyster Bay.
Monument to Pilgrims.
Provincetown, Mass., Aug. 20.���The
laying of the corner stone of the Cape
Cod Pilgrim memorial monument in the
presence of President Roosevelt, Governor Guild and many distinguished
guests, completed today the foundation
of one of the most imposing structures
along the Atlantic coast, commemorating the first landing, within a few
feet of ita base, ot the Pilgrim Fathers.
Scratched for St. Legsr.
London, Aug. 20.���Richard Crocker's
Derby winner, Orby, haa been scratched
tor the St. Leger. Tbe leg trouble
which caused his defeat In the race for
the Atlantic stakes has since developed
and there Is no prospect that the horse
will be able to race for some time to
Fires in Long Island.
New York, Aug. 20.���Forest fires In
the woods of Eastport, Long island,
have devastated hundreds of acres ot
woodland. Early today the flames
had swept within a quarter of a mile
of the famous country dug house which
with its contents. Is valued at 1600.000.
Ditching and backfiring were resorted
to aod It Is thought the building will bo
*,*;'f *-���*.'
'* ���]., |9  I
'       >':
The Dafly Canadian
opening u}i it 1
���UlpxXLeilt Ol
; Limoges Elite China
These    goods,   are    assorted   so that   you   can   select   any   pieces   you
prefer and   make   up  to  your  taste.
HlghCMrt Qutility at Lowest Prices.
A carload  of
has just arrived.
These  goods  have advanced  slightly,  but we  offer them
to borrow by guaranteeing interest
on their bonds. That is what Ib
being done. Instead of taking advantage of & period of prosperity to reduce
the national debt and lighten burdens
for the future, Mr. Fielding bus steadily
added to the tixed annual expenditure.
He is taking for granted that the prosperity will not only last forever but
will continue to improve at the same
rale as during the last few years. His
policy is best described by Mr. T. W.
Law son s alliterative phrase, frenzied
The experience of a century has
taught other countries that while it
is easy to increase the fixed annual
expenditure, it is almost impossible to
reduce it. The present Liberal government of Great Britain went into office
pledged, and sincerely pledged, to retrenchment and economy. They have
failed utterly to redeem the pledge and
confess that is is impossible.
It will be equally hard for the Canadian finance minister of the future to
cut off much of the enormous growth
assiduously promoted by Mr. Fielding.
AU our present prosperity has been anticipated by expenditure, and the prosperity of the future is heavily mortgaged. If instead of prosperity there
should be depression, the result will be
national disaster, accompanied by an
industrial and commercial collapse.
Nel sou Lund District.   District of We*. Kootenay
Take notice that K. w. Smith, Frank i-'iana-
gao. ami a. ti. Klder, of Spokane. Wash., oooupa-
tlon ranchers, Intend to apply for it special
Umber liceuce over the lolluwlutc described
lands: OonUnenoUlf at a pont planted ut the
southwest coriier, about eight milea from the
Kootenai- river, on the Wait hide, aud about
three mllea uorth of the Internal loan 1 boundary
line, on tha went bank of Brldg oreek, on cha
north fork. Iheuce north HO chaiui* thenoa eant
BO ehains. thonee south HO ehains. thenee trait HO
chains to point of commencement, atnl contain
Hie IA\) ucres, more or less
Datad July lath, hwt. K. W smith,
Fpahk Pi anai.an,
A. 8   BtVDMti
K   W. Smith, Aueni.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office
D. B. WIL.KIE PresidBnt.
Capital  Authorized
Capital   Paid   Up   	
HO> . ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits-   fivm dute of deposit andcreditedquarterly.
nbusois branch J.   M;   UAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital. .
Incorpuruteil   A.   D.   1809.
 $3,900,000     Reserve Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking  Business.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six nay* a wee* by Uie
Baker Bt,..  Nelson, B. O
BuDScriptlon rates, bti cents a month delivered
in the elty, or |B.OO a year If unt by mall, when
paid lu advance.
AdvertlsiUK rater on application.
Alt   monies  paid   in   settlement  ol   1 he Dally
Oauadiau accounts, either ior BUbaorlptlona or
advertising, must be receipted for on the prinle
forms of  the Company.    Other reoelpta  are uot
Tuesday.  August 20,  1907.
The outBiandlnii fact in connection
with Camilla's annual budget is that
revenue uud expenditure have both increased enormously since the Liberal
party attained power, until the preaenl
year the revenue for tour months,
April, May, June and .July, tho revenue
is a little greater than tor the whole oi
the last fiscal year of the Conservative
reign. Expenditure has Increased in
exact proportion. -While it is true thai
some -surpluses, have been announced
by Mr. Fielding, the* have all been far
more than offset by enormous additions
to expenditure on capital account, thut
is to future liability.
It might be pointed out that such a
development ia an utter travesty oi
Liberal policy as denned at the famoui
convention of the party ut Ottawa in
1803. At tliat time the annual revenue
and expenditure Of Canada were about
$$8,000,000. That sum wus declared
by Liberals to be outrageous for a population of aboul 6,000,000 people. By
188 6 tho budget had grown to $36,000*/
000, which inspired the Toronto's
Globe's standing headlines for the campaign of "Tupper, Tyrrany and Tuxes."
They contained aiutration. Thai headline and tho parrot cry "Its time for 0
Change," were the Globe's only contribution to the campaign. Hut they were
successful and the Liberal party went
into power pledged to retrenchment an
the first plank in its pluiform. The result is that after eleven years of retrenchment taxes have trebled.
But it would not be fair to judge Liberals by their professions while In opposition. Their subsequent career lias
proven that every single profession wat-
Insincere. All those with any IntelU-
gence at all knew, pace Sir Wilfrid
Laurier's impassioned undertaking, that
they could not 6et reciprocity with the
United States, and even Sir Richard
Cartwright must have known that the
national expenditure could not be reduced.
However, the absolute hollowness of
every Liberal campaign profession was
exposed long ago, and twice the electors of Canada have voted to condone
il. But the fact remains that every
statement of their campaign of 1890
was deliberately false, and that every
act of their years of power has shown
the callous insincerity of every promise.
But the offences of 1896, while they
must remain as stains on the names of
every accomplice if the names of any
are recorded by future historians in
any other form than lists of cabinet
ministers���they are not the Issues of
The question to be asked and answered now iH whether the policy pursued at present by Mr. Fielding is conducive to the welfare of Canada. Is
it well that every cent by which the
revenue of Canada has grown in u
period of expansion and prosperity,
swelled further by artificially inflated
values on which duties and other taxes
are charged, should be immediately
I wallowed up in the huge sum of uncontrollable expenditure?
In 1890 the expenditure was about
$36,t)00,000. It is Quito natural and
treasonable thut the growth of the into: wenlng years, in Ontario, on the
arailies, in Hritlsh Columbia and the
Yukon, Hhould necessitate an Increase,
it may even be conceded, an Increase
in greater proportion than the growth
of population. Hut is it reasonable that
while the population has increased by,
at the most, thirty per cent., the annual
uncontrollable expenditure should have
increased by more than two hundred
per cent?
Individuals and corporations, and
even municipalities, often attempt to
build un slender foundations, to make
one enterprise still unpaid for, provide
Credit for the projection of the next.
Unless revenue very soon exceeds expenditure, credit fails and retrenchment is enforced by the conservative
pdllcv of the bunks. People without accumulated capital cannot continue to expand their ventures. Even provincial
governments have been restrained by
inability to float further loans. Hut the
credit of the Dominion of Canada is
practically inexhaustible. It can con-
inue to borrow for itself or assist others
Our local contemporary says, not editorially:   "It is rather confusing trying
io follow Governor-General Grey's views
un the subject of Canada's contribution
to the British navy.    The other day he
was reported as having spoken at Hall-
fax in favor of an immediate and direct
contribution   by   Canada  to  the  cost of
maintaining   the   British   navy.     A   St.
John, New Brunswick, dispatch of later
dute, reporting a speech by Earl Grey at
a Canadian Club luncheon,  makes him
say:    'I have good reason for my view
that Canada should  not make any Immediate contribution to the fleet.' "    It
shouldn't   be   confusing.     The   explanation is obvious.    At Halifax Earl Grey
voiced his own statements as a British
Imperialist.     Thut   was  rather  an   unusual course  for a governor-general at
we     commented  at     the   time.     Since
then ,it is quite clear, the unusual character of his action has been pointed out
to him by bis cabinet und possibly alao
by the colonial office.    By the constitution  the  governor-general  should  have
no   views   for   publication  except  those
of  his   responsible   ministers.     All   the
world   knows   that   Sir Wilfrid   Laurier
would  rather    bury  Canada's    revenue
than  devote one    dollar  of    it to the
maintenance   of  the royal  navy.    It Ih
rather hard lines for a loyal Hritlsh gentleman  to   have   to   stultify  himself  in
public   by apologizing  for such  an  unworthy   policy.
Nelsou Land District.   Dlatrlet oi Wett Kootetia
Take uottw that K. 8. t. Smyth, of Procter, B.
c, occupation iunihernn-.ii. tut -nds to spply (or
a special   timber 1 lc-enve  over the   following fl**
-scribed lands:
No. l   Commencing ata poat planted near the
northeast eornerpOBt ol Lot So 8M3, Oil LemOO
Creek aud marked K. 8 I*. Smyth south weal cor-
nerpoat No l, tbeuee40 ohalni north more or
leaa to about midway ot tbe south bound ar; Hue
ui timber licence No. 9366, tbence B0 chaini eait,
tbenoe 40  ebalua   nouth. tlience   40  ohatOJ cast,
tbenee-iii cbalna south, thenoe W ohalna weat,
more or lens to tbe (southeast corner of Hfurcmpl
Uu No. 8648, thence 40 cbalna north, thenoe tu
chains went to the point uf commence incut.
Dated Mth July, 1907. B. s. p. pmyth,
Henry Beieherl, Agent.
Nelaon Laud Dlatrlet. District of West Kootenay
No. 3
Take notice that J. K. K. Htewart. of lolling-
wood, Out., occupation lumberman, inteud.'. tu
apply for a apeclal limber licence ever the following deacribed lauds: Commencing at u pJBl
planted about 5fi chains Bouth and lochaina went
of pout No it, marked J. K ��. Stewart's N. E. corner pout, thence aouth 160 chains, tbenoe weat 40
ehaius. tbence north 160 ohalna, thence eaat 40
chains to place of commeneemeut contaiuing G40
acrea more or leas.
July 84Uti 1007. James li. F. BtCWJOff.
Nelaou Laud District Dlatrlet of Weet Kootenay.
Take notice that Henry ELelohert ol Nelaon, B.
C , prospector, lntendi to apply for a -special u-
oenoe to cut and tarry away timber from the following deacribed landa:
No 6. ���Uommeuclng at a post planted uear tbe
noriheaat corner poat of Timber Licence Ku tfAMS
and marked Henry Betebert nortbWMt eorner-
pont No 6, thence 80 ciialns smith, tbence HO
unalna eaat, thence HO chains north) tbeuee SO
chains west to plaee of commencement,
it ated July i6th, 1907.
Ko. 7. Commencing at a p-i*-t planted near the
northweat cornor poal of timber licence No y^66
and marked Henry Relchert - west corner post
No 7. thence 1��0 chains eaat thence 4o chain*
north, theuee 160 chains treat- tbenoe -10 chaina
aouth to point of commencement.
Dated July 26lh, 190T,
No. 8. t'ommencing at a pool planted on Monument ereek about 70 cbalus more or leaa from
where Monument creek empties into Lemon
creek and marked Henry Reuben noriheaat cor-
nerpoat Nu. 8 thence ltd ohalna aonth, tlience -40
chaina wesi, thenee 160 chains north, tbeuee 40
chaina euat to place of commencement.
Dated July ttth. 1��07 11km.*!  Kkichirt.
Ladies' New Fall
and Winter Coats
We arc Biowing our firs* importation of Ladies'
Coats. Tbe very latest and nobbiest styles in cloths
etc. Now is tbe time to make your selection when
stock is complete. No two coats alike, we invite inspection.
Nelaou Land DUtrlct.   District ol Wi
Take notice that   William   -Indr
Kernie, it r , hotel keeper, Lntendi
>0laJ timber IlioenOi   over tho U
at Kooteuay.
-w Koaa. of
to apply Ior
How tug due
Nelaou Laud Diatrict.   Dlalrlctof Wea
Take  notice   tbat   William    Andre
Kerule. B   C,   hotel keeper   Into
mencinj at a post planted at tn
ier ni W illiam  \   Itiurn's No. 1 claim
Nelson Land Diatrict.   District ol Weat Kootenay
Notice la hereby given that 80 daya afler dale
I intend to apply lu the Chief Commissioner
Landa   and   worka   for   permission   to cut nun
���arry away timber  from the following described
While the unanimous feeling in Nelson over thu latest fruit luutl fraud is
one of indignation that deception
should have heen practised and false
promisee made to induce a party of
young Scotsmen to pay a sum of money
lor nothing and then to travel ti,U00
miles on a guarantee of immediate em-
pluymeut, it is not unlikely that the
"reverend" deceiver, which J. L. Brooks
certainly is, unless he can establish a
plea of insanity, has done the young
men a real service unintentionally.
They are all young, healthy, strong,
vigorous and intelligent. They have
heen brought to a country where opportunities are greater for each than ln
their own land. Even in their auger
and disappointment yesterday several
could not refrain from expressions of
delight at the beauty of Nelson's surroundings. All will wish them well in
their efforts to obtain redress for the
wrong done them but all will hope that
they will remain iu Kootenay und help
to develop It. if they do they will soon
forget Mr. brooks' deception and be
grateful for his unintended service.
No. 4 CommenclUK at a )ioat marked H. A S.
N. W eorner. "200 ehatna eaat of the N* K. cr rner
of lot No 812, poat marked K S. F E. corner,
thence eaat 80 chalua. tbeuee aouth HO chaina.
thence weat HO ehatna, thenee north no chains to
place of commencement containing m   acrea.
No. 6 Commenc-lug at the N. w. SOmerol H.
A ti. timber claim No 4. thence north Ho chaina,
thence eaat 8U ehalna, theuee aouth ho chaina.
thence went 80 cbalna to place of enuimeiicutuenl
at location poat No   b, containing Mo acrea
I   U. f *iiKi:v!*:i'.H' ������*������    Locator.
tieo   Huacrofl, Agent.
Dated July 8th. 1UU7.
Nelaon I-and Diatrict Diatrict of Went K-OOtenaY
Take notice abat I'aul Auguat Caulnm. of Kitchener, b. C. occupation lumberman, lntenda
to apply foraapeclal timber licence over tlie following described lauda: ��� ""ii* n..-���'*. *:-.- at a poat
planted at the lotithweat corner of auj-veyeil lol
7221-U.l thence aoulh to the northern boundary
of timber licence No. 701H, theuee weat to tbe
norlhweat corner of aaid timber licence, thenee
aouth to lhe northern boundary of lot 812 thence
following said boundary, of said lot we��t to the
rik'ht nt���*.**. -i" ol the Brltlah Columbia .Southern
Railway, tbence following aaid rtghVo-f-wSJ in a
north-easterly dlreetlou to place or commencement, and containing Oiti ���*.*������ more or leaa
Dated Julv 2nd. l��rJ.    1'aui. aituubt Paolhok.
a ���Peel
onbed la
No. I OoUUSenolni at a pont ptanl-wd about
three mt M uorth of ihr tuternattoiml ooundary
line, and about eight mllea weat ot tiie Kcrotcuay
river, and about two mile* north of the northwest corner of timber licence No 8007, thence
Uorth 80 Ohalna, thence eaat HO chnllia, thence
sooth SO chalua, tlience weat Bo chaina to polut
of eommeucement. aud containing \AU acrua,
more or leas.
Located Uth June WOT.
No, 2.-I'om
aoutheaat corn*.. .
and ahout two mllea uorlliol iheN.W corner
Ol timber Uoenoe No BOM, thence north 80
ehatna, thenee weal HO chaina, thenoe aouth 80
cbaiua, tbence east ��< chaina in the point of eommeucement, aud containing (ao acrea, more or
Located 12th June, 1WA.
No. 8. -Commenctug at a pout planted near
Briciye en-ek. about one mile esnt of the uorth-
eaat cornerof William A. Koaa'a No 1 claim,
aud ab-iii; live mllea north of the iniernatloual
botindarv   line,   tbence   north ao chnlna.   th-Micr
weat80ehalna, thenoe aouth ia* i_u��tua. tneuce
eautHhchnin* *o the point of commencement.
-.:���    eontniuing G-lo acre**-**, more or leaa.
Located 12th Juue. 1UU7.
No 4.���Commenetug at a poat planted hear
Bridge oreek at tne aoutheaat corner of William
A hum' No 3 claim, thence north 80 cbaiua,
tbence eaat 80 chaina. thence wmili 80 chaina.
thanofl weat 80 chaina to \.0v point of ciiiutuem e-
meut, and containing (M0 aerea, more or leaa.
Looated istfa June. iwn.
Ho, b, -Commencing at a poat planted near
Hrldge creek, at tiie aoutneaal corner of Willum
A. Koaa' No. S claim, tneuce aouth 80 cbaiua,
thenee weat BO chain*, thenc* north HO cbaiua.
thenoe eaat 8o chaina to the point of commeneemeut, and coutainlug ������!��� acrea, mare or leai.
Located 12th June, 11*0".
No. 6��� CommenclUK at ��� post planted near
BridKe creek, at the soutbuast corner of W illiam
A. Rom' No b claim, tneuce south no ehatna,
theme e-*. ������ no chain*, tlience north no chains,
thenOO weat hii cLihiii* lo the point nf cinnmeuce-
meut, aud coutainlug ii aerea, mure or lesa.
Located 12th June,l��n.
No. ".���Commencing  at   a poat planted about
one mile south of the sou theaat corner of William
A   Koaa' No   & claim   and   about tuo miles north
of the International >      i. ... ��� ���- lint, iheuce north
HO cbaiua, thaui-c *.*��� -*-* ho chaina, thence aoutli *
chalua.   thence  eaat   Ho  cbalus   to   the   point nf
commeuuemeul, aud containing MO acrea,  more
or leas,
located the 12th of June, 1907.
No. H,- -Coiiiin. ���:    .���*���   ata   poat   planted   at tbe
aoutheaat corner of W illiam A. Kosa* No. 7 claim,
theuee north Hu chains,  theuee east HO cbalna,
Iheuce aouth no cbaiua,   theuee weat HO chalua lo
polut  of commeuceineut,   and    containing Mo
acres, more or leaa.
Looated the 13th day of June. 1B07.
Datad this :>th day uf July. 1WT7.
William Anurkw Ki>aa.
a aitecial timber licence over the   follow tug
toed   landa:    ComincucluK
Koaa, of
appl\ ii>f
pOSI planted
about aix mllea weat of the'koolenay ri-.cr--.ii
Corn creek, ln the DUtrlct of Went Kootenay
ninl being about aix utilea uorth of the Intel
national bound arv line, aud altuate at the
norlhei.B comer ol William Andrew Hoc-' Nn
K timber < laim, thence north 80 cbalna, tin n<-e
weat 08 cbaini, thence aoutb Mo cbaiua. thenee
eaat 80 chains, to the polut of commcuceuient
Located Julv'23rd, 11*07
Dated the Hth of Auk    ItftTT
Wiu.Ua ANPHKW Koa-
Nelson I^ud District. Dlalrlctof W'est Kootenay
Take notice that I, kllzabeth Ferguaou. ol Nelaou, BrlllNh Columbia, occupation married wo-
dihii Intend to apply for p*rmi*alon to purchaae
the :.*.'.*. described laud: CommenclUK at a
post plauted 40 chaina woat Dl the aoutheaat corner of section 22, Towuahlp 6M. Kmitenay. and
marked-E 9. 'a N.K corner," thenee irml ~
ohalna, tbenet aouth ������� chaina. thence eaat ho
ehatna, theuee north -to chains to ihe place of
commencement and containing MO acrea more
isth Juiv. a. i>. i*j7.   Bjuim naonuar.
by W. A. Galdeti ag-nt
Nelaon Und District.   District ���, ff��t Kooteni.
lake notice   that  John PnUberl (,t iui
Hrni*h ColnatbUL oeoopaU<m iEKni\S��i
t.-n.la to apply f.,r permission to punK. ��
toliowtUK deacribed land: Cottmin.S? ?**
poat planted on the north bank Lou ����� 1\ ,!
about two and one quarter mi)M NoSrS
lhe jun.tioi, of U,st creek aud Oataott Hlfl
tbe Nelaon laud district, thenc,. DrnthafiOS
thanea weat 00 ohalna. then-, .outi, ��'r&
more or lesa. to Lost ereek. theneaoaaUauOiS
tald creek IOIK.1UI of  eommeuce-W ��5,5
tainlUK 4no acres, more or leas. "'ico0.
Dated -June 6th. 1901. Johk pHiuut
1 aka DOtlOfl that I, Arthur klei Pltchlort in
md to apply for permission to purchsw thi',*
��� witiK described lands;   OontmnfttaM aUsZ
*,...;..,i .. i ti... ���*��.���    v   mmu. ... , 2. * ���*assj
Notice Is hereby given that 60 rtaTa alter date I
intend to apply to the lion. Chief Conunihsiouer
of Landa and Work* lor permlaaion to purchaae
the following deacrlhcd landa, situated In Weat
Kootenay district! Commencing at a -poat marked by name as initial post of the South Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the junction ol
Loat creek with the aouth fork; thenee one-
quarter mile to the northweat corner post, thence
one mile to the northeaft corner post, thence
oue-quartor mile to the -ontheaat corner -post,
thence one mile to the plscc of commencement
June'27, 1W7. Located by Wll. CoWNOLLY.
Notice is hereby ilTen that 3o days after date \
intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commlaaloner of Landi and Worka, Victoria, B. C, for a special licence to out timber on
the following deacribed lauda ln WeBt Kootenay
district*. Commencing at a poat situated on
Blueberry ereek, about four milea from ita mouth
and adjoining the N. W. corner of my application No. 1, theuee south HO cbalna, thence west
80 chaina, thence north 80 chaina, thenue eaat 80
chaina to point ot commencement.
Duled May lUlk, 11*07. t. .W Kohinron.
Dynamiting in Chicago.
Chicago, Aug. 20.���The fifth of a aer
lee of attempts to wreck the residence
or the saloons uf the men alleged to be
at the head of Chicago gambling syndicates occurred last night at the residence of Monte Tennes. Some one
threw a dynamite bomb into the front
yard of the residence with a concussion
that snook the houses of the neighborhood and was heard distinctly a mile
away. The explosion tore a hole several feet deep in the sod and shattered
the windows and Hcreens in the Tennes
house and in the houses B round It.
Tennes and his wife were just retiring
and were on the 0-BOOnd floor when the
explosion came. Their three chidren
were in bed in the hack part of the
house on the same BOOT. The explosion
brought them all rushing down stairs
and awakened all the neighbors
blocks around.
Nelaon Land Iiiatrlct. District ol West Kootenay
'lake notice that Moore, Kepple A i o., of 'iar-
land, I'.'fni , occupation lumli-ermeh, Intends to
apply tor a special timher licence over the following described lauds'. ComtnenelnK "' h poat
plauted iin Mosquito crook, on the west side of
Arrow lake, and about one half mile weat of the
southwest cornerof timber limit No. 4877, thenee
north HO chain--, them t- west 80 chains, thence
soutti 80 chaina, thence east * chatus to point of
commencement, and contaiuing M0 acres, more
or lesa,
Dated 16th, July. 1907,     Mihib*, Kbitlk A Co.
John R. Calkins, Agent,
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that William Andrew Koaa, of
Kerule. B. C, hotel keeper, intends to apply tor a
special limber licence over thu following described lands:
No. 1.���CommenclUK at a post plauted about
80 chains aaat of the nortbeaat corner of timber
licence No- **-'���.* aud about 8Uchains uurtb of tbe
northern boundary of Umber licence No 807*2,
and an-out 12 miles west of the KooLenay river,
and about two and a half mllea north of the ^International boundary line, ln the District of
Weal Kooteuay, Iheuce south 80 chains, tbence
weat 80 rhaina, thencu north 80 chains, thence
eaat 80 chains to the potut til commencement,
eontainlnK Mt1 acres, more or lesa.
1-flcated 14th June, 1WT7,
No. 2.���ComnieucliiK at a post planted at the
nortbeaat corner ol William A. Kosa'a No 1 claim
aud about oue mile north of the northern boundary of limber licence No. 8072, theuee aouth 80
chains, them*** eaat 80 chains, tbeuee north BO
i halua, thenee weat 80 chains to the point ol
commencement, and eontatng &40 acres, more or
Looated Mth of June, 1907.
Wim.iam Ahpkbw kosa.
Dated this jtth of July, iwn.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that QeqHl Alexander, of Kaalo,
B ('., intends to apply for a special Umber
llcuuce over the IoIIowIuk deacribed lands:
Ooniinenatng at . post planted at the uorthwest
QOrner Of Section 13, iowushlp7, Kootenay district, being about one-third ul a mile south of
the soutli boundary Hue of the Indian ruservc;
thence south about '.Vi chains to the eaaierly
bank of Kootenay river; tbence southeasterly
nloiiK Kooteuay river bauk about fiO chains to
the soutli lioundary of Section 12, Township 7;
thence easterly about &0 chalua to the northwest
cornerof Lot nil thence north 80 cbalna along
the wt-r-t boundary of IaiI Hli; thunce west Ho
���hains to the polut of commencement, and con-
Qnoeee alrxanubk.
N��l��ou Laud District.   District ol West Koolenay.
Take notice tbat 1, David Q Kurtz, of Nelaou,
fi. C, occupation merchant, intend to apply lor
-permission to purchase the followlug deacribed
laud: -I'ommeiiulng at n poat planted al tbe
southweat OOTnar of sectlou ��4. township fiV,
Kiaiteuay. and marked ""D. O. K.'a H. W . eoruer,"
thence uorth ho chains, theuee vast 40 chains,
thence south 8o chalua. thelice went 4" Ohalni
to the potut of conimuncemeut aud containing
���*,.*v acres more or lesa.      ���
1Mb July. HHT7. Davii.o   Kvbtz.
W\  A   raider, agent.
Take   uotlce tbat I, Thomas  Harry WUaon, in
ini'' to apply for permission v   purchaae the lol-
lowiiiK de*'Tiin -! [mn*     (ommencing at a poat
planted at the H. K. corner of lot 7b.,lH aud marked
N. tf   oorner, thanoo south   in chaina, tbeeoa
west lo chains, thence south   lu   eliaina. thence
west io ohalna, thenoa south ie ohalna. thenoi
west   10  chains, UieUce  Miutb   10 cliaiuh, thence
\s ������' 10  ciialns, thetiee   north   40  chains, theiue
eant 40  chains  to  point   of  commencement and
containing lOo acrea, more nt lesa
JuUe 7, 1W7 'llloHA-  11 KNRV  W ILMiN.
Willum alosk. Mill*, agenl
Nelson Laud District. District ol W .-at Kootenay
Take notice that 1, John L-sug, of Nelson. B C..
iKTiipatlon in titer intend to apply lor j. ruii-
slon to purchase tbe (oliowing Saeeiibad lands:
Comuifiicli'K ut a poat planted at the N K of
Lot MMK, thence east .i1 chains, thence south 'JO
cbaiua, u,- io . weat 20 chains, thanea norUi io
ctialna to point of commenc-em ut, conlaluliig 40
acres, more or less.
August 2nd,  iwrj, John Uni.
planted at the N. K. OwhefOfLotl��iS7t21!3!
ed 8. B. ooroar, thenee uorth ttohatu {Mm
M.. : .1 ehains, theuee south 4o chaini IE
aaat W chain* to point ot ooam-anenaii 3
. ontaUiing ao acre*., more or less. '
Juue7, l��n. AKTimaALBx piicium
William alonio Mii.lb. Ag��m
Take notice tbat I, William K Tinrvii istni
ti* appi> lor pvrmisston to purchaae tb�� lotw
niK iliacrlbed lamia: Corumeuciag n �� u*t
planted at the H. E corner ol Lol 14H sn*'min'
ed northeast corner, tbenee west 4T tatm,
thiiice iouth 40 chains, thenee easl 40 5S
thenoe north 4o cbatm to point of MnS
ment. and conutntujK 1���� acres mare or lea.
Juue 7. nan. William Kboikald jut��
William aiiooiu Milu, Agent
afterdate, l
Take notice that BO days attcr date f inteud to
apply to the Hon the <'hi f Commiasloiier of
Landa and Worka, Victoria, for permission to
cut aud carry away timber from the billowing
deacribed laud, in U est Kootonay I
No. 1. Commencing at a uost planted at the
southweat coruer of timber license 8M0, thence
weat 80 chaina. thence south 80 chains, iheuce
east 80 rhaina, thence uorth 80 chalua to place ol
Dated May Bl, ll��07.       J. T. Huftokaa, I^ocalor.
J W. (Joi.nrKN, Agent.
No. 2. Commencing al a post planted at the
southeast corner of application No. 1, tbenoe eaat
80 cnalus, theuee north 80 chains, thcucc wtll an
chains, thenee bouUi 80 chains to place of com
Dated May ai, 1907.       .1  T. BOMBM, Looator,
J. W. (.oi.nt.KN, Agent
huulng 1..1  acres, more or less.
Paled Julv 4. 1907
Large Order.
Chicago, Aug. 20.���A despatch from
New Haven staten tliat the largest order
for new equipment ever placed by the
New Haven road has recently been distributed among several firms calling for
$12,000,000 worth of rolling stock.
Nelaon Laud iHainci. DlHtrlet of Weal Kootenav
'lake notice thai I'aul Auguat Paulson, of Kitchener, B. C, on'upali-nn lumberman, intends
to apply for a special limber UoeiUM" over the foi
lowing described landa : ��� ouunehciiig at a pom
planted at tho southweat corner ofiurveyea lot
Tfilli.l, tbence east 40 chains, thence north HU
chains, '-.hence eaat to ti.e ami theaat corner ut said
lol, thenee north to the nortbeaat oorner of aald
lot, thenoe east to the weat boundary of pre-emp
tlon No. b92, tbence nouth to the north boundary
of timber licence No. 8>*VtK, tbence west along
nald north boundary to the northweat corner ol
an id licence, thence aouth tothe north boundary
of timber lleenee No 7olK thence nest to a pulin
due aouth of ooDUneuoeittent, thence north to
point of commencement, and QoUtalning 010
aorea,   more or leas.
Dated July 2nd, Par;.    Paul AOudst I'aclhon.
Nelaon Land District.   Dlstrictof Weat Kootenay
I oa-   notice that  Moore, Kepple A Co , of Oar
land, Penn., oeonpatfon   lumt��;ruien,  intend to
apply lor a special  timber licence over the  tol-
lowing deiorlbed lands:   Qonunanolng at h poat
planted 0D Mosipilto creek, ��n the west -side of
Arrow lake, and itbout on* ball mile west, of tin
south weal corner of timber limit No. 4877, then- .
south Ml chains, theiue weat 80 chains, thenee
nortb 80 chains, thence east 80 chains to point of
commencement, and conlaluiuu MO acres, moru
or less.
Daled 16th July, 1907. MoonK, K in-i.i ,*. Co,
Joil-a K. (JALKIHI, Agent.
Nelaou I aud District.  Dbitrlcl ol Weal Kootenuy.
Take notice that Kvan McClelland Fraser, of
Pernio, B. C., clerk, Intends tw apply for a s|H'clal
Uoenoe   over   the    following     described    lauds:
Commencing at h poat planted aboul seven
mllea weat of the Koontnay river, and about one
mile north of the International boundary line,
mid ahout one and a-quarter no rth-easterly from
the mirth-east corner of timber licence No. HObl,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 80 chnlna,
iheuce north 80 chr ina, theuee eant 80 chaina to
point of commencement, and containing Mi-.
a-res, more or lesa.
located Pith, of June, 1U07.
fcVAH Mi:Cl.EI,LAh  Fhasbh.
Dated this 8th ol July, 1��07.
Take notice that C. 0, (Mark, ot Nelanh, B. 0.,
aaloon keeper, lntenda to apply (or a apeclal timber liceuce over the following deacribed laud:
Coinmenclug at a post pbinted on Morn 111s
Mountain, about one mile west of Hmeiler creel,
and adjoining C C fMark's location for timber
licence No 1, and about one milt south ot Nelaon,   thence   west   811   cbalna,  thence   aouth  80
hallts,   thenn  east 80 chaina.   the lie*   north 80
C. C. Clahk,
David booth, Agent
halna to plio-i* of iHiglliultig
Dated July 10th, 1007
luleud to apply to the lion. Chief Coinmiasioner
of Lands ami Works for permission u> purchase
tbe following described land lu W .-at Koolenay
district, on west ahore of bower Arrow Luin*,
adjoining Lot No. f>4H, on the aoutb I'.- ginning
al a post marked "Harry MeLeod's N.K corner
post and planted on the shore of L.wit Arrow
I.sk. . at the soothenat corner ol Capt Foalnnd'a
L4HS, Ihenc.- wrai Al chains, theiue south 'Al
challia more or lesa to the nortli boundary of K.
Kiillmore's P, K . thenOO ii chalua eaal along the
aaid boundary to lake, tbence north along tbe
lake shore > chal&s. more or lesa to polut of
May iud, 1UU7. J. p   Moore.
Agent for Harry MeLeod.
Nelaon Laud Dlatricl. Dlstrictof West Koolenay.
Take uotlce thai 'ieorge Unfile J'arte r of -irdar,
uecufiatlou, brldgeman, intends m applv lor per-
mission to purchaae the following deeorlbed
land : (Jomuieiicins at post planted at tlie north
���netOOrner el B. Rosa'application to purchaae,
marked P. W ., thence north 40 chaina, thence
east 40 chains, thetiee aouth At tmaina to A.
Curry's   pre eiuptiou,   thence   west   'At   ehalna,
thenee south ai ehalna, thenee west n ohelni to
plaee  ol   eonimciietMiieUt    coiitatultig   1*4)  acres
more or lesa.
Dated July Vi, 1WJ7.        OKoauR KrKt a Caktkk,
W. J. h4 0Ti*, Agent
Nelson laand Dlatricl.   Dlalrlctof Weat Kooteimyi
lake   ii.tiiee   that tieorite Hturm,   of Hilltn
Moutaua,   0     H.   A.,   occupation,   n
lends   to  apply   lor   permission  lo purchase the
following   described   land      OottuaeDOltU   at   a
post planted on tbe   wust shore of   I pper W hat
ahau (i ariboo) lake, and at the north weet oorner
DfLOtMM, thenee weal KO chains, thclire aouth
to chums, thcucc easl'in chains, lliemt* north to
chalua to point of commeuccmuni, and coninin
lug an aoree' More or leaa.
ay MUl, van.
Nelson l^atid Dlstrlet. District of W est Kmilehav.
Take notice that Walter McNeil, ol Billings,
Montana, D.I A., occupation merchant. Inteuda
toapply for permission U* purchase tbe following deaorlbed laud \ Uonunenalni at a post plant
ed on the wesl shore of tl pper Whataiian (Carl tain)
lake, and al the uorthwest corner ol Lot mm
thence west 20 chulus. tbenee north ni .'halua
thence east At chains, ihenoe aouth 10 chains to
point ol commencement, uud containing njo
acres, more or less.
May Will. 1WI7 W'aLTBH MCHKIL.
t. tbe undersigned, alter 00 daya intend to apply tO the Hon. the Chief Commlaaloner of Lauds
and Works to purchase the following described
laud: Commencing at tlie N. B. ' I, of Lol tbitti
ti. L, theucu wesi 40 chains, thence north QQ
chains, thence easl 4o chains, thence nouth SO
chains to point ol commencement, containing 80
acres mitre or less.
Looatefl March '^Hth, 1907. W. A. Mli.ba-
Notice la hereby rivet) lhat BO days after date I
Intend tonpplv lo the Hon. chief Commiaatoncr
of Lands and Worka for permission to purchase
te in
Nelson Land DlHtrlet.  Dlatricl of Weal Kootenay
Take notice thut Frank  Flanagan, A   8 Elder,
and K. W. Hmlth, ot Hpokane, Wash., occupation
ranoben,   Inteud  to   apply   [or a special  Umber
lioonee o-rer  the  followlni   described   landa:
1 mn DOlDi at a post planted al   the  southaast
corner, about six mllea from the Kooteuay river,
'in the west side, thenoe north 80 chains, theuee
west 80 chains, thcucc aouth au chains, thence
eait H(. chains to point ol commencement, and
conlutnlng out aoree, more or less.
Dated July uth, 1007. foam* flakaoah,
A    H.   KU.KI*.
K   W. Hmith, Agent for Appllratila.
Nelson lAud District, histrict of Weal Kootenay
lake notlee that Frank Flanagan, A H. Klder.
and K.W Htnlth, Hpokane, Wash, occupation
ranoberii Intend to apply (or a apeciHi timber
Uoenoe   over   ihe   foil owing   described   lands:
<:oiiimen< ii.-.- t-r 1, 1 '   planted   one  mile  north
undone mile east of post No J, WhlOh DUt la
about six miles from the Kootenay river, on the
west side, thence nortli 80 chains, thence wust 80
chains, tbenee anum 80 chaina, thonee eaM Ho
chains to point ol (joiuinunceineiit, and uuataln-
iiitf tVIO acroa, more or leaa.
Dated July 13th, 1��T7. Frank Flahaoan,
A.H Klukr,
K. w. Smith, Ageut (or Applloanta.
the billowing  described I'm
West Kooteuay district: Com in
Klaii'.ed on Placer ereek, hear I la
minim crock, narked .Margur
N. K. coruer' theuee smith ttohl
80 ehains, thence north   In chah
chains to \oae.e o( oommeneemoLn
ttfd May, 1907. Mahiiahkt Mi |,ai-i hi.an
v William liAititurit, Agent.
il, ski
nclng at
cohlllieitre with
t McLnuchluii'a
ins, thence treat
��� thenoe eait lo
Nelson Land District District or West Kootenay
Take notice that Kdward Peter* of Ymlr. Brit-
ish Columbia, occupiillon. minor, iu��eiida to apply lor permission to purchase (he billowing
deacribed luutl: Commencing at a poat planted
ou the norUi bank of Lost creek, uhoiii ihrec
mllea eaaierly from the junction of Lost oreek
and Hnlmoii river, ln the Nelson bind dlatrlet.
tbenee north ito chiilna, tlience weateo ohalni
thence south ho ebalua, more 01 leaa, to Lost
creek, thei.ee east following aald creek to point
ol OOmmenoement. and containing 480 acres
more or less *
Dated Jane 6th, 1901 ���xrwABS Pmuu
Hlxty days after date! Arthur Alio..	
renohar, ol Burton Clly intend lo apply to the
Chief CotiiinlhMoncr of I uiida and Worka, Victoria. H c . io mirobaie the lollowlng deacribed
landa situate eaat 01 burton Coiniiiciicini
poat marked "A a H iouth weal 001
planted at theM w corner of lot H(-l"
rmiuliiK Uorlh no chaina, thenee aaaf
thonce aouth 60 Ohalna, thcucc weat*
placo of commeiii'omuui
Auguat lat, llaJ7 Aaiuua A, BuaTUN
ng ul a
,���r" and
c l.aiid
in chaina,
chaina to
Notice is hereby given thatalxtyda)tah*M0*
I intend to apply to the Hou.ObwOoUMM
of ;.ni*d- and Works lor (K>rmlHlu-& topuS
the tollowtug described trturl of land iV.ititn
Waat Koot.-uay district: Commencing sum
planted about otie-balf mile north (rem totttd
Hummlt creek, marked Jeau ��� auii-r-jCt S V
corner, ibence eaat 40 chains, tbtnos nortli
ohalna, thenee west 40 cbalna, tbennioaUl
��� iia hih io place of commencement.
���2.1 n\ May, 11W7- M.ah    iiiu
WlLLlAa HAgboik, AftDL
Nelson I*and District. Dlatrlet nf W-wt taa|a|
Take noliee that Frank McDouald, ol Mn
Hrlllsh Columbia, occupation miner. iDtndife
apply for i>erralMilou to purchaar th* fohmta
deacribed lands : Commencing at �� poit; .1;*:
on the north bank of Loat creak ana tboota**
mile easterly from the junction oi Leal am
and Halmon river, in the Nelson Und dutritt
thence north W cbains, tbeuee east &J cbUK
tbence south (Mi chains, tbenet- weat aitkuutt !
point of commeneemeut, and eoDUlniDf ���
acres, more or leaa.
Daled June Kth, 1907. FaAHK McDdgiU.
Hlxty days after date I intend le spw to im
Hon ("hlef Commlaaloner of 1-n.n*.* ti,: ���' mi.
Victoria, B.C., to purchaae the luiiowut e-
scribed laud, situated in the West K--���:������:*��� >
trlct: < ommeuciug at a post pUajal octM
��������������- side of Kootenay lake, near K::tw��i
i- *��� ������ and marked J. MeKiunuu'* - i.-nut
post, tbeoce weat 80 chalBH. thewv MA *
chains, thenoe east 80 chains morp or :-���*���*��� 1 ia
shore, thence along lake |bore to pointo!aa
Dated April 4, 1907. Blgnad J MiV.rxn
Nelson Land DUtrlct.   Dlstrictof WalKuoioiJ.
Take notlee that Kdward Preen, of Bi-inp.
M OO tana,   L'.K  A ,  oecuiwtlou   Muni l'i*jt;. il
tends to apply   for   bermls-ai'in  to puKhur*
following   dest-rlbed   Inmi:     ���'ammncioil *"
|k>��i plauted on   the �����.t  t..ore of t'p|a-T"UV
��� ban (CartlM>o) lake. a> d at " c s<nilh**i! '**?
of   IaiI HlSlt. iheuce wt��t m v...ain��, IbteMH
��o chains, thence eaat -20 chains, thenc* s^tli |
chains, thence east 40 chains, more or lew. to* ;
treat ahore   of  I'piht  Whatshan (iVllwiWjj
thenoe northerly and  weaterly aleagtat���
shore 80 chains,   more or lets, to jw-miol no
menoententi and containing itio acrta. aena
May K9tb. 1W7 Epwirt Fum^
Hlxty days afler date ) intend to ���WMj I
Hon Chief Commlaaloner uf Uud�� au��! ���*����
lor permlaaion i*> purchaae the fullowiiii ar- 1
scribed land in West Kooteuay dUtrlct. WI
menelng at a poal marked A C. B'i aorliw
uorner pout, running 40 chains easteMJ "3 I
the boundary of Timber licence No "W-���**������ 1
aootherlv 50 chains, tbence weiient Mjmmm
thence northerly to cbalna along tot v'*jSM
track to the place of eommencemant. conuaw |
two hundred acres, more or lesa
 ��� ;��� .: this ��th day ol May. 1W7.     . .
A  C BoaH.LocaW.
Notice ls bereDrgtren that w dayi ��wtjtf)
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Oalttw
mlssioner of Lands  aud   Works lor P*���-""! ���,
foUewing deeertbed \9wUm
1   .oienay dutrici    Commwtifj^ |
��� pun:
post ptauu d at the weat boundary ,*[I^'*L- 1
��� ud aboul in ������hains south of tbefOQU.\t��Lm
of tlie right-of-way ol the B. CBl)0����"!
and marked P. A I"a "nuiheai- 0��m
,,,    .n, theuee mirth je^-J,
v>n���  said boundary ol J* |
sterTy direction ����KJ
uenoe west ita* (Ehatna, ineiicenoio. v^a,i l
l-..i.i.l.r, nl tl���. rl��ht...l*��y...l BjlSa I
railway, tbence lollowlng
tli tofM*m
uan a
right-of-way in an oaai
boundary of Lol *���������-' <tl, Ihem
coiiiineiiccnnnit,  containing  W acre*,
Dated this Hth day ol JWtti **>>��� . ^...-jc*
Pan, AtiouaT f au*1*
sixty 'lap ��l��
Nolle,. Ih hereby given   that
dap- I intend lo apply to the..""""l""^^ I
t ommissiouer ot Uuda aid w',rV.iSSSl
lion to purehuse the following A��e>n"fS "9 I
land, aliuated In W est, Koolctiay JWtJJ ^ |
  ,. *,���   Ht   n  |.i��
��� I I 1 *1l��H mill* uorl.liwi.ai '���'"'" ',,;;rli*aa I
i*.l.I.H  M<*l.'aN   K. cornor. tlioii'-.* ��*������'*    ^ ���
Hii.ncr aont.li  to flinlin, tl,.-m.- "rJZSm
l  north -Hi   .-lialna to  pl*0>0l <"���^
���Ink.,  not  tint'Harrs* w'V'*|!!r"Mmi��S|
11   1*. rauohor. limintl" to ���"S'J^.rlwil II.*"11
.i* I
tin* lollowlng
Oomm��nolni ��t i po��> Bl*J^^l'SSistt
���ontlii'iiat I'lirniT ol Lot at�� ll""1"',,'  (li,l��l"l
r,*,l aim Ul*,.|ity��v.i  ���������, '���'".' '.T.liu'S��fl I
illati ml. ll���*iiu.* .otilli f**��JSJM,Ua, tl""? I
wvat om* linuilruil kikI alxty l����   ";,i��l
n.irlli twiinly (lU)i!li��ll��, "".'"'krl.inl"1.!
rm-lii.iiinont ��nrt  OOntaUOUH ���� *L"
I atuii tin* mill il��y "I M.y. gjjj,, wiuutU
 __, SIM}'
Notllm la lioroby ,
In nnd to apply lo tin* "o"'"'--:-, neroi"',":,1
iloinir i>( Ijilula uml tt ""   ,' ,.,| irirt""'"
putoh-aM tin* loflowlni
altiinti, In Wi'at Koot.'niiy
M  H   poat  |.l..,,
llui'ini* with  Hinnni--
iinri,i,nr> N. w. oornar, Hi*"'0*-
,t 40 rlmlna,  tin*'
��� Pi...,.! owrti" %*ul����
It ,.r��.H. P"SS*����mB
i i*  i     : , ...inrni't10*11'1,
theooa WfaHli iil,alii��tii|ilai*^."'' ��� ii&Aj
-  \|.... inn WII.i.>a ^���~,
���ilrd May 1W1
*.��� .ui Anf..i-i':��*ir,'��V!
alkoii  Mi��i"'      i
Nolaon-Ulid niatrK-l.  DlatrU" "'_ ^^^^iX-
Takl' Iiotlri'
��� In im i   B.C . 0O0 up alio
to api.l*  for pnriiilHHlo**
Iiim   il,.ai*rll,i*d   landa:
plauti'.! nt   Hi
way   ol   llio   nrltian   '���"���"���",-",, Inn
����i* i ��'''���.'." ���ii'*i\^v.:,i,:",i.h^'*''*';,i''*;:>
.oiitn ��; <*��W.���'
i*ii*'i CO
1*^2 '%i^Sss*\'
r����iii railway, tlinli
halni, ilinimo ��"''".- o a1
211  I'halli.. llliinio   *"'"",'���T| I
��"*y"nf tliiVrlKlit*.il-way ol V'L.I'li'r'ir *""",', "
iouthUO   Itallway.   tlii'in* ' "������n,Mii'i'"*"'"
Nal.l rlnlit-ol-way to PMWW   ' ' , ,u,rt.      __-v
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i   ttntiem i�� hereto]   erren   that -to dayi
k,F�� a laliatowl to apyll *�� tho r1'" '  ''"1",
rry timber from the   follow-
Etirtti. thciice so '
[ Localfd on th�� llth day of June, 11*07.
h   M. Keevbh, locator.
iNo.2. Holloa i-1 herebf ft-req that an days
liter tlatf ! inteod io apply to the Chief < om-
Cailoaei   ol Undi a"*'- Works, for a ipeeial
Er-iix' i" ont and earn timber from tba foliow-
��� deicrlbed landi situated on the aoutheaat
'������ of tli.'-**iiii"n rivi-r. in the  dlstrictof   West
Kootenay: ' omtueu -tii-g ut a jkhi placed aUmt
Ufardu'west of Booe l^-af '-reek, marked --ft   M.
leerea'i No. 2 win tli west   corner,"    thcucc 80
fen at noriii. thenoe 10 chaina uaat. thenee <0
Enlii*  aOUtfa    ibaUCe80  GhaftlM weal to plaee of
Em meii cement
{Located ou '.lit lini) day of June, 1907.
R, M. Uebvrs. Locator.
ilUOD Laud Dlatrlet. I'lstrlct of Weat Kooteuay
Iske notice tbal lamea Keeth, of hpokane.
ull.. occupation, miner, Inlands to apply for a
teisi linn-.: ;:��� ���[.'������ over the lull..**������-, Uir de
riwd Isii'i- Cummenoloa ata post about 13
da north ol tin ueub r.ii thw uorth shorn Hue of
mudary LaEe stid al Iheeootbeaat coruer of
Bitter Limit Nu Wii, mot inarki-d James
Mh'M* W. Curiierpoat. tbence north ao chaina,
ence ***'��� ni ohalof. iheuce south (tO chains,
moe West "i ' tin i ti - to point of comnu'ue-tf-
fiit, slid OOUtalofni Mu acres, mora or lea*,
fuly so, IM, Ja-ho* Krrii.
llsou Land DUlrlot Dlslrtot of ft est Kooteuay
te notli-" :ii,r isiaes Keeth, of SjHikaue,
i '��. *.|m-,.*.:. miner, mteuds to apply (or a
,. l��l llmt": .,������:.>>��� hut the follow in; d*>
flbed lain*!*" i (irqim-iieUlit at a |K>et planted SS
Jdoa north ol itit center of the north abort*- Une
ploundary Lake nn*' st tbe northeast corner
aber limit  No. or,4  thence   weat mi  chains,
��� ��������� nortb �� cbaini then a east no chain*-,
oeaoutb 1   cbsin>  in  point of commence-
But siti! ������������iitaiiNt.it 640 acrea, more or leaa.
ulyto. ion James Kami.
fl a ball from Blocan take, marked H   H   I'ttts*
rttiwr.t curnei pott, tbence oast leu elm in*.
Anoe-wutii in i iin.ni-. thenoe weat Ito chatus.
���n*"'* nottb to ebalua to place nf ooumenoe*
^��t..-.:   .- .i.th da] '>f June, ivr,.
H. II   Pitts, Uw aloi,
a w  Brosee, -leant.
���unUn.l Dlatrlet    l��l*tri<M OJ Weat Koot. nay
notlet that Winiam Andrew Koaa, of
le, H C . hotel kefpor, intends to apply for
"lal timber lin-m. over tiie followluK ties-
' lands:
Commenting at  a  ikmii ulanted about
fast ot tha Kootenav   river,  on   Torn
h ���   in Un   hlatricl   of   Wt -*.-,   Kootenay,  ami
PK sb-niit six mile- north ol the  international
Xti-lsry hue, iml aUnit two miles  west of Urn
licence   Nu   6615,   thenee   south   N  chain  .
11" au   U chains,  tlience   north an chains.
ii . in*������ go ohalni to point ol commencement
MOtalDlaa Mfl n- res, more or less.
icated l.Mh lune. itin.
B I I ommenattM al a poal pliiiiU-tl at the
���thwest corii.t of H illiam A Hoss' No, i claim.
���Die-amui ni Bhalna, theuee weat no cbalna.
���nee north an i-haius. thence eaal ao chains.
���lit! ponn oi commencement, ami coutainlug
i   T'-- more nr less.
' rated l.ilh June, 1907.
-Commenting at a poal  planted  abonl
bmhej. w,.,t nl the northeast comer ttf Wll*
ei Hum No 2 elabn, thencu south Mt chain*,,
put'easl He chains, thence uorlb *> chains,
!('���' wi'M ***-*.. i-hains to the potni of couuneii-.e
ni.anj eoiitaiuiiiK W*1 acres, more or leaa.
oeaied Utta June. 1W7.
[" ��    ' lommtneUti  at  at  a  poat   planted   at
'northwest oorner ol wmiaiu A..Soee"No.e
un  tini,.,- iM.nh m chBius, theneo weal no
in" i   J?0*  ,ollth W  challia,   tbence  east  no
nutit*. Uif jMiiiit ol i ota mencement,  couialu-
���MOa.-rBi, more or less,
���cated lath June, 1IW7
'���S.-Comnu'tieiiiK at a post planted at the
_-iwe��tei,rii,r of William A. Koss'No :t claim,
���ncc aonth an ehaius, thence weat HO cbalus,
T ' , ""fl" au chrtloN. thence east KU chains to
C.V !     "' '"''"intcuceiiieiit, and conUiiuliiK Mtl
"��� more or Iimi.
"-���ated l.Hh Iune,19o7.
I" r'    <'"tiiiiicticiiiK al a   post   planted   about
i-nlle,  -M,, (,l ihe   nurthUat  ct.ruer ol   Wii
Yi.'V,- !" ""'laim, thence south HOchalns.
.1,.! ,     , ?l,,,mt,la<  tnence   north HO chains.
"t ��eai ni chains |��� lh(, point of commeuce-
ua\u 1 wV!u,,vmi"K "W�� ����nh, more or loaa.
"wted lMh June, t��n
f' Own or less.
pMedlHb June,lM7.
l!Jia1n7i:.V1o!",'l,":11UK ttt *   l,UHl   Plelrttd  ahout
TO1'! "VY  northweat corner of   Wii-
tie w...t s     ifl,;,,i,m 'hence north BO ehalni,
���., Z, '   ���'.*Wetni,  thence  south mi  chain?.,
iLaii.i.Johr1fIHl1; ""' ��,,,liu ,,[ wimmouoa
nan   ,V. ll 11,""k Mp aorea, more or loss.
*w-'1 'Mh June, iwn.
I?n^��om?!!r;,,r,llK JJI " W Pruned about -10
Bon' lo a   te��.orftWfft ��� r""r o! William
TH'eeast a, . i    . ""'   l1"'1"'-   north   Wt  chains,
pTand ,,    V !IR u.* Uu* i,,,ln' 9t commenoi
"miL",w1l.l-J,llu'V'('V'K ,u ,l J,,,M Wented about
B ** K��iw N, ii northoael QorueiofWU-
"����' eaat w, \,\ ,',|,Ul11- Uicnce south ho ohalna.
poawuthnh-VJSl t?��noa >"��ii�� B0 ohalna,
Pt,and contain^ V'',""' P ",u "' ''������inmetice-
pentnd 1Mb SSSi flSy h''rt;"' nu>w ��� loB"'
&S5jaftS*tS?rH K " Post planted about
^w No i J... V,,noftt>eaai uoroarol William
"weast BOohSlns' ,i" '""' Ut,,ih W OhelM,
Il,-c went hu. J  \ln>:   ""Mice  mnilh   ��' chains,
��i* *7'-*00l
���ie. 1W7.      ^^^^^^^^^^^
IM^SKrWi1 ,lt 1 E���� Planted about
f A' Rom'-Nm in n.ortwwaatoornergFwfl-
n,.tiicucc w' t V J11''" lh,'"rr ,,,,r,h Wl
ll>��, llici ,. ' ���*' c oiliiN, thenc*" sooth Mil
1 "ni l r|i iiiiui u,i ., ���" . "-"i in r niiiuii nt.
"��*"ii'i,i m���i,  , ,' '.'""iia in Ihu iii.itii ���|, r
Noic- l- henhy tfiveii that tliirty days after
date I intend to apply to ihe Honorable
('hlef Commlaaloner of Lauds and Works al.
Victoria.   K.t:.,  for a  special   license to cut  ami
earn away UmiH-r Irom tba following deeoribed
landa ln Waal Kooi.nn>  diatrict;   Uommaaetng
al ,��� posl   platiUtl   on  tl.e wo-l   bsnk   of  Hinelter
ir���-k, nhoiiT om- in lie hou th of the t*ity ol Nelsou.
thenoa mouii ni ohalna. thenoa west ho chains,
tbenee   north Mi ehaius.  thence eaat HO chalua lo
plaee of coin nielli eineut.
I tilled Ibis Utb day of Julie, 1907.
C. r  CLAJtZ. l<ocator.
1). B'irrti, Akcui.
���lay uf July, its 17^
William Amumw Bom*
lake uotl-e lhat lleuery John Johnson. I'oat-
mmater ol  Nrnle. H. t ., intends to apply  for u.
��p*-'la! timlK-r licence ovyr the following de��-
iiilliwl lands'.
No. i._C'ommenciiijf nt a pom planted In tbw
Dlatllot of Wesi Kootenay. tbout two miles north
of the linernatlonal boun.lary line and about
one mile west of bouudar) lake ad)oiulUK and
belw,.* li ll" cuci-i. N,. N'.tHliilMl,1.', Uietl'. soutb
M0 chains, ttience west HO chains, theuee north BO
theuee ead HO chains lo place of commencement*.
Dated June 8, 1B07.        fl.  I  JoHNsott, I.��� ��� -ator.
AKD. >< -   . i-i *   Agent.
No. J -Comment mu al a post plaulud about
one mile uorth ot the uorthwest corner ol H. J.
JohbMiu'a No. 1 timta.-r claim, tbeuue south H��
ehalus, tbence east au chains,  theuee north Ho
ohalna, thenoa west ao ohauai to place of com-
Dnu��l Juue 3. lian.       II   J  JoH.tsoa. Locator.
A>H.   list  hi.IT     A^ctit.
No ;: ' o��i:ui iii'ine ti' i. |M>st planted at tbe
norlhwest corner of II. J. 'ohuaon's No. 2 Umber
��� -laim. thence soulh 80 ebalua, theuee wittM)
chains, theuee north ho cbalus, tneuce east wt
chains to place of '-ommeueemuiit.
Dated JuneS. 1W?        II   J  Jou*aon, I .oca lor.
Am>. Hiram, A-^ent
No 4. -Comrieticing at a post planted at tin*
intrtheast corner ttf 11 J. Johnson's No S Umber
claim, iheuce north ho t hains. thence wuil 80
chains, tbeuee south Mi cbsius, theme eaal HU
chains io place of commeuceineut.
Dated JuUeS, 1907        II   J. Johnson, Locator.
Ami. IIii-kktt, Agent.
No > 'Comiueticiua at a j-ost plauted at the
northwest corner ol II J Johuiou's No 2 timber
claim, ttience north H chain-, Uieiice c**��l ��l>
chains tnence s*��uth 80 ehalus, thence weat 80-
chain** to plm-f of eommehceUieilt
Deled Julie 3, 1907.        11   J   Johkson, l^tcator.
AMD- HitKBTl. Agent
No.6 ���'������ouimenclng ata post plauuM al>oat
one mile north ol the uorthwest corner of H. J
Johnsou's No, ft timber claim tbence aouth ��0
chain*-,   thenee   chsI tat chains,   thence   north HO
aha tne, thenoa e/ee| ao chains to place of com
Dated June 3, 1907.        H. J   .Ihiinson, Ua-ator.
Am-   tin aart, Agent.
Ko.7.    t'ommenciUK   ninpo-t   planted   At   the
nortbweei oorner of IT. J. Jonnaon'i No 6 umber
claim,    theme    south   i��lii'liiiill\   theuee    W e��t�� Ho
ohalna* thenee net th ho chatus, thence -oast oo
Chains to place n ''oiumelieoiiielil.
Dated June B, 1907.       H. j. Johnson, Locator.
And. Hat am*. Ageut
No H I omnn-ncin-*; at a post planletl at tha
nortbeaat corner o| J| J Jonuaitn'k No 7 'ituber
claim, thenoe north HU chains, thence west Hit
chiilna, toetif,'  south  **���  'tiaint.   iheuce  east  Ho
chains to plea ol oonuneneemenl
Daleit June :<, 1907.       H.J  Johnson, Locator.
ANH   II ACklMT. Audit.
No tt t'oiiHiu-ii'-inii at a poet pleated at the
uoritiwesi corner of H J Johnson's No C timber
elalm, thenoa north a-- ehalna, thence east no
Chaina, thenoe south **> chains, thence west HU
clialus lo potut of commencement
Datetl Juue It, 1907 11. J. Johnson, Ijoeator.
No )<-. Ooouaenolxtg at a ihmi planted at the
northweateonwroi Umber tteenoa ^'.'-t. thenee
north ho ehalna, Ihenoe east ho chains, thenea
south to cbaiua, thenes wentHii chains to placo
of oommeoeemont
Dated JuneS, f907.        11. J. JoiinboN, Locator.
Anu. Hit lktt, Ageut,
Nelaon Land Dlatrlet   Dlatricl of West Kooteuay
Take notice that "David Henry Tel hmi." Haa
katiNin, hash., occupation lumbermau, luteuda
to spply for a specl��! timber licence over the foi
lowing deacribed lands:
No 1 ' uiniii.'ii--im; at a l��'-i piithtt'd ahoul .7
chains north of the northweat cornerof Timber
I.unit -lit weat hrauch of Little Hlocau river,
Wesl Kootenay, thetiee weat Hu chains, thcaoe
south hu chain*", thanea aaat so ehaius, thunm.
north ho chains to irtdni of commencement tuul.
containing G4o acres, more or loss
Dated July nth, 1907     Davin Hknhy T��Lro��ti��.
No- 2 t'mntneiiolng a poal planletl on tht east
lunik ol i'oiiko ereek, and on the north boundary uf UiiiUt limit H144, weat branch of Little
Uooaii river, thence north 1C0 chains, thence
east 40 chains, thenei- south 160 chains, Uienee
west aiuehains lo puo. of coinnveiiccmuut, aud
containing M*u aOTte, more or leaa.
Dated July loth. lain. 1'Avin hknry Tklwird.
No B, Uomntenotni at a pusl plantetl on bauk
of Ktiaslc ereek, about BO chains soufb of the
aouth boundary of Umber HniilHI47. west branch
of Little blooan nvci. thenoa weat n.. ehaius,
thenco aouth att chains, thenoe eaat Mt chains,
thence north H0 chains lo the point of coin
nieiicuineut and   containing frit) acreK.   more  or
Dated July llth, 1'AK. Divto Hknhy TfMWBBft*
No   4.    l*oiniiiciiictng at a post  plnnled about 8
cbalna east from east bank of Kusslu .'reek . and
on the weat boundary of bmit h. thonce west ho
chains,   thcucc  south M chaliiH,   thunce   east HO
ohalna, thenoa mirth BO ohalna to point of com-
tnenrciiictit. and eoutalnlng Bad aere*. more or
Dated July llth, HOT. Daviu Hknry Tki^oru.
No. It, t.'ommenctng al h poll planted about
W chains wesl of UOoaa ��� reek and about six
mllea Imm its mouth at Blooan Klver, said post
Is ahtttil 40 chains west from D, H Tellord's Uto-
l��-r application No. 1). tbence enst 10 chains io
Umber appllm-Mou No. ll, thence, north IfiO
chains, thenee wesl 10 ehalus, tlience aouth 10O
Ohatns, IO ptunt ol commencement, aud contain
lue lilt' acres   more <*r lesa
Dated July nth, IW?.  I>A\ U< HKHHV Tai.votui.
No. 14. Commencing ai a poal planted at th��
���outhweai oorner nl No. 1.1. thetueweist to cbaiua,
ihenee north IBO ohalna, thence east to chaina,
thetiee soutb 160 chains to point of coiuiuciMre-
ment, and coiiltiluliic *'iOt ucres, more or Ipsa
Datetl July 17th, IWT   Divin Hknhy THJWb
A. Ml [.TON, Agent
Nelson Lead District.   Dlatrlet of Weal Kooteuay
No. 1
inkc   nolhM Unit   J, K. K. Hlowart,   ot   OolllnP-
woo I, i in! Otlpatlol)   Unnbcrtuaii. intends   io
applv for a special timber IWuliuiiovur the foi
lowing deicrlbed 'ends:   Horn menelng at a poat
planted on a Uial) atream al��<ut one in lie   soutli
ol Columbia Elver near the bead wateraol (Iran-
Ue Crock, in.irged.1. 11. P, Htcwart's N. K Angle
pout, thelice north t�� clisiUH, theiicr West 4u
chalua thonce situth 00 chnlna. thenc* weal 20
Ohalna, thenoe south IA chains, thciioo eaal HO
chaina, thenue  north M ehaius,   thence  weat ��
ohalna lo p.aoa "f oommenoement* containing
b-lo acres, more or leaa.
July Bud, nan. Jamkh ft, K. tiBVaJtr.
Neison Lend Diatrict.   Dialricl ol Weal K.tolcnay
No. fl
Take  notice thai  JU. 9   Hlowart, of Colling
wood, Out,, occiipiilion   Itimherioan.  ini W   M
apply for B aiH-clni tliubei licence over the foi
lowing described lands:    Commencing  ai a poal
pla I on tbe aouth   Hide ni   a small   creek   due
west of tha Mountain Meadow mine, ahout 80
chains east ot i.iitnlte -reek marked J It- i^-
Btewart'a N. K Hngie ikihi, thenoe cast ao chains,
thence south tto chnlna. iheni-w west'JO cbaiua,
tbence aoulh as chains, thenei* west a' chains.
Ihmioe   norlh   76  chains, thence  easl Hit chains,
thenee aontb U ohalna to pUca ot eomraenoe-
meut eontainlnK MO acres m*ra ��>- liM
July ������lib. p.hi.. Jawks K. F. 8hkwa��t.
Problema Confronting 8ir Wilfrid Laurier and Material for Their
The reorganization of the Dominion
cabinet hi a matter of national not
merely of party concern. It Is engaging
the attention of the press of Canada
Irrespetalve of party affiliation. The
LIlM-ral pr���B is affected by idolatry, real
or feigned, of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. the
Conservative press has possibly less respect for the Liberal leader than he is
entitled to. The following comment in
the Toronto News is perfectly impartial
and Is evidently inspired by a desire to
be absolutely fair to every person discussed:
"In the reorganization of the Government Sir Wilfrid Laurier faces a difficult undertaking. In filling Cabinet vacancies it is not easy for a leader to go
outside tho Parliamentary party. The
man lnaide hats the advantage of position. Moreover, mediocrity pushos hard
for recognition, while capacity stands
nside. indifferent or reluctant.
"Sir Wilfrid Laurier must know that
his government Is very much weaker
than that of 1896 or 1900. Mowat. Blair.
Tarte, Sifton and Mulock were men of
exceptional ability. Mowat, indeed, was
a leader of great prudence and sagacity.
Sifton hau a genius for administration
and for jiolitlcul management. Blair
was powerfuPiu New Brunswick. Tarte
had courage and energy and a long
schooling in electioneering methods.
Mulock was a superb administrator with
a radical temper which gave him great
influence with certain elements. All
the~- have gone. Now only Sir Wilfrid
Laurler. Mr. Fielding and Mr. Aylesworth have outstanding distinction in
the Cabinet.
"This is not to say that all their colleagues are Incompetent or discredited.
Mr. FlBher is u satisfactory Minister of
Take noiloe tbat Juhn Rosa, of Fernle, it C,
hoti-i .k,-.*|.*>T . luleuds to apply (or a special Umber Uceucv over tbe following deacribed landa:
1. t'omrooDcing ata post planted lu tbe District ot West Kootenay, NeUon Mluina Dtvlilon,
ou the north lork ot the aoutb lork of Lost - reek,
ahout five miles up creek from where two foika
meet and about six mllea north of the International Boundary Line and about twenty-eight
mllea west of Kooteuay River, tbeuee eaat 80
chains, thence uorth BO chalua, tbeuee weat B0
chains to bank of said creek, theuee dowu stream
to place of commeUcemuUL
  J. Koaa, Locator,
2 Cominctictui at a poat planted at the south*
weat turner uf j. Koas'a No. 1 location, tbence
west HO chain-*, tbeuue uorth B0 chains, thence
east so cbalus more or less to bank of aald creek,
thence dos u stream u place of commencement.
J. Koas, Locator.
B. i Miiuii.'ii' nm at a |M��sl planted ator near
the southwest corner of J Kosa's No 1 location,
-n't*.-.- west BO cbaiua, tbeuoe soulh HO chains,
t henee east ** chains, more or leaa, to aald creek,
thetiee i,|  atream to place of bcalonlnj
7 Koaa.
4. CommenclUK at a poal planted at or m-��.r
ihe soulbwi-at coruer of J Koas's No. 1 location,
thfitre east wi chains,  thence aouth BO chaina,
i." ii-*' ���*������*. i -i -J' ��� iimii- mure or leaa, to bank of
n.'\ creek, tbence up stream to place ol com*
m cuce ment.
J. Koss, Locator.
ft. Commencing al a poat planted about two
miles aouth of the southweat oorner of J. Roaa a
No. 1 locaiiuu. ou tbe north fork of the aouth
fork of 1. -nt creek, aud about four miles up
stream, from where tbe two Corks meet, thence
east MO chaina. theucu north tt) ohalna, thence
west HO ehaius, more or leaa, to bauk of aaid
creek, tbenoe down atream to place of eommeucement. ,
J. Koaa, Locator.
6. CommenclUK at a t-oat planted at, or near,
the southwest coruer of J. Ross's No ft location,
ou Loat creek, thence weat SO chalua, theuee
north ��0 chains, thane-* SO chains eaat, more or
less, tn bank of aaid creek, thenue down itream
lo place uf ���"nino-toviiM'h t.
Located ���Sth June, ISO?. J. Roaa. Looator.
Claim No. 1
Nelsou i.uic! Piatrrct.  Dlatrlet of Weat Kootenav
Take notice that A. L. Ueadlug, of Arrowhead, H C.i occupation, carpenter, lntenda to
apply for a special Umber liceuae over the following described lands: Oommencluff at a poat
planted 40 chains south oft). K oorner of T. L 7.-
���i.. theme aouth HO ehalus, thenoe eaat B0 chains*
��� i,.-in" uorth 80 chaina, thence weat BO ohalna ta
poilit   of commencement.
luue ��ith. 1W07     AaTHUK Lai hkm k RaaniMe.
cialm No. f.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Koo'etiay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead. It <'.. occupation, carpenter, intends to ap
ply for a special Umber liceuce over the foi
lowing described lauda: Commencing at a
post i'.un i-i HO chains aouth of A. L. Reading's
corner post No. I. theuee south Bo ehalus. theuee
east H0 chains, theuee uorth 80 chatus, thenoe
west 80 cbalus,  lo point of commencement.
Juti')'2Sth UK-ft.     AauHUK I.*i*kim:i Rbadino.
Claim No. 8.
Nelson Laid Dlatrlet.  Dlatrlet of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that A. L. Keadlug. of Arrowhead, B C, occupation, carpenter, lntenda to
apply tor a apccial Umber llceuse over tbe following deacrtbud lands: Commeucing at a poat
Uiaiiicl 60 chains south of N . K. corner uf A. L
eatllug's claim No. 1, thunce south 160 chalua,
thenee east 40 chains, tbence north 100 chaina,
theuee weat 4u chains to polut of commencement.
Juue -.'Sth. l*.Si'.'.     ARTHt'K Lavhknck Ukaiuno.
Claim No  4.
Nelson Laud District.   Dlatrlet nf Weat Kootenay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, carf-entcr. lutends to
apply for a special timber license over the foi-
low lug described lauds : Commeucing at a poat
I-i.i m>"1 40 chains south of N. K. corner of A. L.
Head tug's claim No 8, theuee south 160 chaina,
theucr east 40 chains, thence uorth 160 chaina,
thenea west 40 chains to point ol commencement.
June 'JBUt. 1907.   am in a Lauaasca Kkadinu.
Claim No. 5.
Nelson Land District.   Dlatrlet of West *ooteuay
Tako nolle,' Cut A L. Reading, of Arrow
i iH-n.l, B. C, occupation, carpenter intenda to
l] apply lor a special tiuitair liccusu over the following descrllaid lands: Commencing at apost
planletl 40 chalua aoulh of N . E, corner of ��� .L.
Bead lug's claim No 4, thenoe aouth 160 ohalna,
theuee eaat 40 ohalus, thence north 160 ehalna.
thence weal 40 chains to |K>lnt of commence
���Imo- -".nil. iwiv.   AMnti'iii.Ai-HKM'K KaaniNa.
Claim No. 6.
Nelion Land District.   District of Weat Kootenay
Take  notice    thai  A.   L    Roadlng, of   Arrowhead, B.  C , occupation,  carpenter,  lntenda  to
���WM'-Sy   for a apeclal   Umber   license over the fol-
owlng described lauds:   Commencing at a poat
plauted 40 chains aoutb of N   K Corner of A   L
.   Kaatllng's claim No. ft, thence south 160 chains,
a   thonce eaat 40 chains, thence uorth IBolchatna,
thonce west 40 chains to point of cummence-
June 29th, 1901.   akthik i.ai'kkm'i. RaAniNu.
Claim No. 7.
Nelson Iiiiui District. Dlstrictof West Kootensy.
Take uotlce that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead
B. *'., occupation, carpenier, intends to applv for
a sneclal limber lltvuce over the followlug described lands: Commencing ata post plantetl
70 ci'iiln- south of N I coruurof A. I. Roading's
olalm No l>, thanea souUiHO chains thence east
Ho chains, thence north HO challia, thunoe woat BO
I'hatns to potut of cnmnieuceuu nt.
Juue abuh, 1W7.   AatHua Lauhknck rbadiku.
Agriculture. He grows in the confidence
of the farming community. In tbe management of his department he has been
capable, energetic and progressive. Altogether his work, constitutes one of the
beat chapters of the Laurier Administration. The Militia Department has
not been badly administered by Sir
Frederick Borden. Mr. Brudeur is a
fair departmental head and a trustworthy public servant. Mr. Paterson is
a cipher so far as general public policy
is concerned, but no other man in the
government has his knowledge of business or his mastery of the tarifT. His
withdrawal from the administration
would seriously reduce its efficiency.
The business interests would lose a
sympathetic and prudent counsellor,
and the fiscal system something of its
Hteadineus and soundness . It Is as much
due to Mr. Paterson as to Mr. Fleiding
that the government has handled the
tariff with so much political shrewdness,
has broken the combination between
the protected interests and tlie Conservative iiolltlciahs, and practically has
taken the i-iriff "out of politics." One
of the curious facts of our politics is
that Mr. Fielding, who was introduced
into the cabinet in order to curb the
revolutionary fiscal tendencies of Sir
Richard Cartwright, is a more zealous
free trader than the Minister of Commerce.
"Of the other ministers not much is
to "be said. Mr. Lemleux has the temi>er
of the orator, but he is of the academic
type and is not likely to show exceptional businees capacity. Mr. Oliver is
I>eevish, perverse, narrow and stiff-
necked teacher. It is doubtful if
his ad mini s tration will be eltbe r
vigilant    or     systematic. His     land
bill was a capital mistake. He
excites no enthusiasm among western Liberals. He has neither the
power which commands nor the charm
which persuades. Under his hand the
Liberal party of the west may be expected to decline in vitality and fighting efficiency. Mr. Scott earned superannuation long ago. Sir Richard Cartwright is broken physically, but it Is
easy to understand that the veteran
never will be disturbed by Sir Wilfrid
Laurier. It is said that Mr. Fielding
grows less keen and resolute as he grows
older, and whatever may be Mr. Ayles-
worth's natural force of character he
seems to be wholly under the domination  of the  Prime  Minister.
"The truth Is that Sir Wilfrid Laurier
is supreme. The influence of the English-speaking Provinces at Ottawa
steadily declines. The reactionary and
anti-Liberal elements which the Rouges
fought for a generation shape certain
vital phases of public policy according
to their interests and ambitions. The
situation has profound significance for
English-speaking Liberals. It may be
worth their while to see that in the reorganization of the Government the balance of power is measurably restored."
Nelaon Laud Dlatrlet   Dlatrlet of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that Henry Relchert, of Nelaou,
B C, proapector, intends to apply lor a apeclal
licence to cut and carry away timber from the
following deacrlbed-laada:
Nn 9 Commencing at a poet planted near the
uortheast corner poat of timber liceuce No. MM
and near Henry Relchert 8. W. uorner poat of
Umber location No. 7, ou main Lemon creek and
marked Henry Relchert aoutheaat corner poat
No. 8, theoce 80 chalua north, tbence 80 chains
weal, thence 80 chains aouth. thence B0 chalua
eaat to the point of commencement.
Dated July 27,1W7.
No. 10 Commencing at a poat planted abont 20
chains mere or leaa aouth from the northweat corner of Lot No. 2M3 on main Lemon
creek and lnaraed Henry Relchert aaat corner
poat no 10, theuee 40 chaini north more or less
lo about midway of the south boundary line of
timber UeenoB no 8-J66, thonce 160 chaina weat,
theuee 40 cbaiua aouth, thenoe 180 chaina eaat
to point of commencement.
Dated July'/7th, 1807.
MO. 11 Commencing at a poat planted on Monument creea, about 70 chains, mare or leaa, aouth
from where Monument creek., emptys Into Lemon creek, anil near Henry Relchert northeast
corner p��>-t of timber location Ho 8, and marked
"Henry Relchert northweat corner poet PO 11,"
thence ltto chatus nouth, thenoe 40 chaina eaat,
thence ISO chains i orth, thence 4o ahalna weat
to the point "' commencement
Dated July Snth.UW.
Henry Rkichrrt, Locator.
Nelaou Laud Diatrict Diatrict of Weat Kootenay
Take notice lhat K.W.Smith, Frank Flanagan aud A. B. Klder. of Spokane, Waah , oeeu
pallou raucbetK tr.tend to apply tor a apectal
Umber licence over the followlug deacribed
lands: Commencing ata poet planted at the
aoutheaat corner, aoout eight miles from the
Kootenay river, on the weat aide, and about
three mllea uorlb uf the International boundary
line, on the weat bank of Brldg creek, ou the
north lork, thanea north no ohalna, thonce west
80 chaina, tbence aouth 80 ohalna, theucu eaat 80
chaina to point of commencement, and coutainlug tito acres, more or leaa.
Dated July l��th, 1W7- K. W. Smith,
Frank Kusakan,
A. I. BLDaa,
K. W. Hmiiii, Agent.
In the mailer of au Application for the lasue of
a duplicate of tho Certificate of Title for lot 22,
and ihu weat half of lot 21, block Bl, In the Town
of Nelaou.
Notice l�� h 'reby given that it la my l'-tentton
to laaue al mc expiration of one month after the
fl rst publication hereof a duplicate ol the certificate of title for tbe above lauda, iu tbe name of
LydlaHhlolds, which certificate la dated tbe 21st
day of December, 1800, aud numbered 8991 a.
"H   F. MacLbod,"
Dlatrlet Keglatrar.
Rowboats And Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent for Tmaeott Launehea
aud Fcterboro Canooa.
Flneat Lot of Uoata in B. C.
Koot uf Jusephlne St.       Tul. A18
Queen's Hotel
B*k*tr Btre��l, Nelron. B. C.
Lighted by Eleotrlcitj and
Heated by Hot Air
Lftnr* -.nd Comfortable Bedroom* end First.
olaeePialnt* Boom,   temple Booms lor Commer-
eUl   Meu.
MBS. B. C.ULABKK.   Pioprletreee
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Xremont House
Bnropean and American Plan
Meal, tb ste.   Boom, trom * ota. te tl.
Only White Help Implored.
Baker Bt.. Nelaon Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day Hoase in Nelson.
The .Bar la the Flneat.
White Help Only Employed.
Joaephlne Bt.
Royal Hotel
Bates 11 and |1.D0 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarders.
Moat comfortable quarters ln Nelson]
Only tbe beat of Liquors and clears.
In the matter of aa application lor the Ibbuc of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title lor Lola
16 and 17, Block 26, Town of Nelaon.
Notice la hereby clven that It if my intention
to laaue at the expiration of one month after the
Ural publication hereof a duplicate of the Certlfl-
cate of Title for tbe above Lou ln the name of
Franoee a Day, which Certificate la dated the
19th September. 18W, and numbered 2ttOK.
Land KegiKtry Offlce, Nalaon, B.C., 15th June.
vaji. H. P. MacLKOD,
Diatrict KcKlatrar.
Notice la hereby aiven that after the expiration
of alxty aaya from the date hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company, Limited, inteuda to aubmll to
tbe Honorable Chief Commlaaloner ot Landa aud
Worka a proposal under the provislone of the
** Klvers and Htreama Act" and Amending Acta,
for the ri-.-hi to Improve the Slocan river from
the mill dam of aald company (altuate about
three mllea above the junction of aaid Blocan
river with the Kootenay river,) to the month of
the Little Blocan river, and to Improve the Little
Slocan river and branchea thereof to the northern boundary of sub lot 2, lot 7100, and aub-lot 1,
lot 7161 group one, Kootenay dlatrlet, ana to
improve the tributaries of aaid rlvera; and re-
meve obstructlona from said rivers and tributaries, and to make theaame fit Ior driving,storing, aortlng booming and raiting logs, timber,
lumber, rafta, and trafts; also for the right to
collect tolls thereon.
The lands tu be affected are the following: ft)
Lots 8U3, 7S6U, 6450, 6*61, 646.1, S610, 681*7, 6446, 9609,
7523. 7066, 31)20, 4812, all in Group one, Kootenay
dlstrlot; alao lands covered by pre-emptions
numbered 46, 103, 116, 1S5, 148,164 and 570; also
lands cov-red by timber licenses numbered 5856,
5583, bhHi, 5686, 668C, 6587, and 6688; alao lands ol
the crown.
Dated this 6th day of J uly, 1907.
by IU solicitor. K. W. HAMNINQTON,
Id the matter of an application lor the issue of
.1upllca.eK of the CertlfleaUa of Title to lots 11,
12 and IS, group 1, Weat Kootenay District, also
known aa the "Knotenay Chief," "Comfort" and
"Lulu" mineral claims respectively.
Notice Is hereby given that It ls my Intention
to Issue at the expiratiou of one mouth nf ut the
11 rst publication hereof a duplicate of Certificate
of Title t**o. 6901a of an undivided 81-i00ths in
each of the a^ove lots, laaued on the 17th day of
May, A D.1886 In the name of John C-Ainaworth,
huo also a duplicate of Certificate of Title No.
t**900a of au undivided 19-lOOthp lu each nf the
nbove lots, issued on the 17th day of May, A. D
1886. in the name of Ceorge J. Ainsworth.
Laud lteglstry Office, Nelson, B. C, August 6tb,
"H. F. MAcLaon,"
District Keglatrar.
In the matter of m- "pr-lteutloii for the is-ue of
duplicate of the certificate's ot Title fot Lota 6, 7,
f, and 17. Block 2, lown of Kitchener (Map 688)
and LotMOT, Group One, iu the Dtst: etof Kooteuay,
Notice la hereby given that iti my intention
to issue at the expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof, duplicates of Certificates
of Title of the above lots In tho name of .loseph
Walker which certlfleatea are dated 22nd dayof
June, 1���� and numbered 2481 A aud 2482 A respectively.
Land Registry Office, Nelaon, B. C.SSrd July,
"H. F. MacLbod,"
District Registrar.
Notice Is hereby given > tiat 60 days alter date 1
lutend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
license to out and carry away timber from the
following described lands iu West Kootenay district :
No. I*��� Commencing at a post marked William
Walmsley, planted at Kokanee C.ieek Hiding on
the Procter extension, on the west side or Ixit
6892, on tho aouth aide of the West Arm of Kootenay lake, commencing at the N �� corner post
running south 80 chains, west 90 chains, north 80
ciialns, east 80 chains to pinee of beginning.
Looated 3rd June, 1907.
William w.i'-hhi.kv, Locator,
J am teg Ht-uiiAi-.it asAgeot
We have had placed in onr hands one of the prettiest beat paring        ^^^
This ia up for a quick sale on account of owner's ill health. Call and get
full particnlara. If yon have Hi,000 we can make a good easy deal with yon
for this propeity.
8.  M.  BRYDGES,
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd.
I Tl
Lots for Sale at from $100 to $200
Price* will be raised 15 per cent, after 1��t August.    Buy while they are
cheap.   Termi one-third cash, balance in aix and twelve months.
We Have Fot Sale One of the Prettiest Homes In
Nelson, Sttoated In Falrrtew, Close to the Cat Line
Large 7-room houae. Stone foundation and firat-claaa cellar. Complete water ayatem. 10 lota under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit treea.   Thla la a anap.   For particular* apply to
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
ol the
Choicest Fftttt Lands In
Be lush Cohunbla.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
9700 CASH and the balance in monthly payments will -phrchaw a Six
Boomed House and Two Lots on Robeou Street, within half a block of the car
line. The house contains three bedrooms, dining room, parlor, kitchen, bathroom aud electric light.     The garden has fruit trees in bearing���alao small fruits
Por Pull
Apply -to
H. & M. BIRD
$10 Cash
$10 per Honth
We offer you something practical���something that will make a
real home���something that will
yield an Income. Every tract surveyed. Every tract near the townaite. Daily train*; serviceable
roads; absolutely good soil,���snd
all these in a community, not In a
Kootenay Orchard
Notuv is hereby given that the undersifned
have submitted to tne Lieutenant CJovt-rnor-iii-
Counell a proposal under the provisions of the
--Rivers and Streams Aet." (or ele-rlng aud re-
moving obstrui'tlons from (.ioat Klver and Mea-
<low (.reek.lu the District of West Kootenay, and
-���n-in liking thi-same lit (or rafting and drir
ing tberaon logs, limber, lumber, raHa*ud crafta
nnd for ereetlng aud maintaining booms for
holding, sorting ami delivering logs aud timber
brought down said ereek and river, and (or at-
iiiehing booms tothe ahore of said creek -and
river for aaid purpoaes-
The lands to be affected bv snld work are:���
Lots D6-2, 6187, 4092, and sub lot- I, 0.11 18, U and
15 of Lot 4692, Uroup 1, Kooteuay District.
The tolls proposed to be charged are auch as
may be lived by the Judg�� ol the County Court
of West Kootenay.
Dated 81st July, 1907.
111* iNTBRNA-rioNAt. Lumber A Mercantile Co.,
r. C GREEN       F. P. BURDEN       A. H. GREEK
GvU Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
f. 0. Box MS   rbooc 2*1 B.
ti*.l   ���Ai
mi, t l*M3
'���" If
To Winnipeg and points In
Ontario, Oacb-sc, Maritime
Provinces, Central and Eastern States, August Sth, 9th
and f Oth, September I ith,
I2thand 13th.
Full particulars as to stop overs, etc.,
oa application.
Splendid New SooSpoksne Service,
45J/2 Hour* Between St. Paul and Spokane. Catch the Flyer at Cranbrook for
AU Points East.
Daylight service between Nelson and
Spokane including 60 miles on Kootenay Lake ln elegant new steamer Kus-
I anook. Fare $6.60. Kelurn I12.4B.
Good for 30 dnj-H.
Scenery through Arrow Lakes and
Kocky Mountain resorts unexcelled In
the world.
A.G.P.A..Vancouver. D. P. A., Nelson
A. If. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce: Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
PI >\m :
I     |*   u
-   j
The Daily Canadian
This Week
SiLMu-t Rings, Btttbstone Rings, Knper Rings, a ohptoe lot of unall Diamond
Ring" of our own manufacture whloSare stlhug at prices from
.mgs I
'Jij.110 to $16
(lur in"*.*.'   Jade Hract'lctH at $-1.00 uud
attracting inm-h attention.
Watchmaker and Optician
.SouiftllaHf: l����rt>- meetl every Friday
i'v -tn h*k m B p in., in tha Miners1 luion Hall
All are invite*.!; any one allowt-.I to take part in
the dfhates.   T. Austin, Secretary.
Is maniifiHturi'1   -"ior..   mc   flnost   tolmi-ro. sun-
riiiuntMl ami dew-flweetenea     it's mil a, niu-
iUvureil ami OuOl     a   v.baeeoyou
ought to try
tobacconist.    Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fael A Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
IL E. Croadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their ad-
vxntr.u'.* to nse our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
Victoria St. Property
4-Room house; good cellar, fine level lot,
verandah: $1000; $300 cash, balance
$15 per month,
5-Room house; all modern; between
Stanley and Josephine; $1,500 cash.
7-Room house; all modern; excellently
finished, Coast Fir, etc.; $2,200;
4 Lots, best location in Nelson for a
pretty view; $1,300;  good terms.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean*
Ing  Stoves, etc.
111 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceri.*.-**
Butter, EgKB.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
Patronized by Earl Grey aod Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel in NeUon
Aiiartmi'tits Elegant.    Cuisine Choicest
Civility and Cleanllneu.
Un tier the management ol K. k. Noble,
luty uf Toronto,   >ttawa ami
C. K. Cartwright, H. Harrison, Vancouver; E. .T. Hamilton, S. Ewett, Toronto; W. J. Whitney, Winnipeg; F. C.
Gamble, Victoria; L. H. Crundall and
��� aniily, Minneapolis; A. H. Peck, O.
Pock, Chicago; T. Cummins, H. Broad-
wood. Honnington; J. L. Retaliick.
Kaalo; J. Ft. Anderson. Victoria; F. W.
McLaine, Greenwood; W. R. Morris, A.
F. Gray. London; Mrs. J. V. Genelle.
Mrs. A. Willey, Cascade.
Cor. Verntm   and Ward Strwatja,
P. C. dues, D. F. Davis. Toronto;
Miss Burns, Ottawa; H. A. Horn and
wife, C. K. Brown, J. Trewey, Spokane;
H. Stewe and wile, New Denver; E. E.
Chipman, Kaslo; A. E. Savage, P. H.
Burnham, Grand Forks; S. C. Smith,
Mrs. S. R. Smith, Miss E. M. Parkinson,
Brandon; A. W. Hayden, E. A. Booth,
Montreal; L. L. Ramsay, Vancouver;
W. Mulock, R. Mulock, V. J. Hastings,
C. E. Gordon, Winnipeg; F. F. Seimens,
Altona; M. li. Stevenson and wife, Midway: D. Hollinger, Winnipeg; W. A.
Alicks, Calgary; C. B. Archibald, A. H.
Tuttie, Ymir.
.1. H. Crowe, Rossland; J. Kirkpatrick,
Souih   Africa;      Mrs.   J.   C.   Dang,     St.
Thomas;   A.  B.  Appleton,  8-Mile;   J. J.
Dewar, Hull.
P. F. Ungu. P. A. Foley, R. McAskll,
Greenwood;   G.   S.   Higgins,   Bottineau;
M. Wilkinson, Calgary; E. E. McArthur.
.1.  A. Mitchell,  Salmo;   J.  H.  Wood,  P.
Puget, Fernle;  J. Kenny,  R.  Angus,  E.
Shute, J. Telesco, Blue Bell;  B. Wicta
and   wife.   Deer   Park;    G.   J.   Higgins.
Ymir;  R. Round, Nlgara Falls.
F. Crocker.  P. Chorley, F. Colyer, F.
Marsh. Ainsworth; II. Wiggins, Kenora;
P. J.  Elm,  Winnipeg;   A. R. Knowlton.
Sli can Junction.
F. .1. Fox. Castlegar; M. MeLeod.
Crawford Bay; G. Lovatt, Sandon; T. S.
Grant, McCormick's Landing; D. Stei-
niart. A. Howard, Phoenix; J. E. McDonald, Koch Siding.
R. Chan, Slocan Junction; N. CcCal
him, Honnington; D. N. McDougall
Grand Forks; R. C. Metcalfe, Thrums;
M. Mars, M. Shannon, Kaslo; H. Metcalfe, Blue Bell; E. Holroyd, Arrow
h'ad; A. McGregor, J. McKenzie, J. M
Donald. 0. Monroe, Castlegar; H. J
Baverstock, Erie.
The Bartlett House ia receiving a
new coat of paint, and also being otherwise improved.
20,000 Club.
The executive committee meeting of
the 20,000 club announced for tonight
has been postponed till tomorrow night
at 8 o'clock.
R.  M.  B.  Dance.
The members of the R. R. R. announce that the dance at the armory
tomorrow evening under their auspices
will be informal.
Police Court.
Tom Leclair was in the police court
this morning charged with vagrancy.
Police Magistrate Crease gave him an
hour to leave the city.
If jou want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dinnerware ln stock. Pattern*.
B. C
UCM.lt CHAIN, between Hoover and Vernon
Htreeta Hutmble r<*wftr<l will be paid Ior Its
return.    Mt.-Ilertnld A Mellardy.
A I'OfK !:..*' K eOBtSlotng a signed cheque ot
tin* Second Relief Mining Coml.an*. payable
to ' . C. Wade, and lettera. Finder kindly
leave t.t No Place inn.
,<>-T DU H'KAVKD���Blaek Cocker spaniel,
M-.-iirttig auel eollar. An.wer. to "Klta " Anyone harboring will be prosecuted. L. Craulurd,
1'. O. Box 6ti
TWO FIKHT-UI.AS8 KOOMB, .team bested     Apply bou.ekeei.6r. 8rd flat. K. W. C. block.
A   1'ARTNKR   wllh 1*2,000  to   purchase a  Irult
rMticb near Nelson    A good speculation.   Part.
ner in*, d not be actively engaged on raucb.
For particulars apply T. (J. PBOOIKK. a
A BELL BOY.     Apply the Btra'h
Changed  Hands.
The Silver Grill has chanRed hands,
the owners now being Messrs Sothern
& Jewell. The new management will
employ only white help.
Reduced   Fare.
It is announced that the C. P. R. will
grant a special fare to the firemen attending the convent ion of lit-e chiefs
and firemen In Nelson Sept 18th.
K. F. G. A.
A general meeting of the Kootenay
Fruit Growers Association will bt held
in the court house tonight at S o'clock
Many out-of-town members have arrived
to attend It.
Fatal  Accident.
Mr. Philip Wade, general road master
of the C. P. R., left this morning for
Innisfleld, Alta.. his cousin having met
with a fatal accident, of which no particulars, however, are yet to hand.
St.  Paul's 8. 8. Picnic.
The annua] excursion and picnic In
connection with St. Paul's Presbyterian
Sunday School will be held on Thursday next, the 22nd. The steamer Moyie
wlil leave the city wharf at it a. m. and
2 p. m., and returning will leave Procter
at 7 p. m. Everybody who can should
attend as this is likely to be the last
steamer excursion of the season. Tickets for round trip���adults $.00, children
50 cents.
Gaol-Breakers'  Sentence.
"Chief of Provincial Police Devitt returned last light from Revelstoke where
he was taking charge of the case of four
gaol breakers and investigating police
conditions, of which there has been
some complaint followed by an organization of citizens for reform. The gaol
breakers, who were awaiting trial on a
charge of stealing from the person,
were given speedy trial before Judge
Forfn last Friday afternoon. One,
Beat********, was sentenced to two years ln
the provincial penitentiary, the others
to three months in Kamloops gaol.
You may have been disappointed in other Coffees but you
Roy Sharp and Carl Larson are spending their holidays at the coast.
E. E. Chipman came down from Kaslo
last evening on departmental business.
Fred   Perry left    for    the  coast last
evening where he  will  spend his holidays.
Chief Savage, of the Grand Forks police and lire brigade, was in the city
D. Guthrie, ex-chief of the Rossland
fire department, was a visitor to Nelson
Deputy Minister J. R. Anderson leaves
tonight for Victoria. Prof. Fletcher
leaves for Ottawa tomorrow morning.
Fred Bell has returned from a visit
to his old home at Ingersoll, Ont. He
spent several days In Toronto and Winnipeg.
Killer by Dynamite.
Merrlckvllle. Ont., Aug. 20.���Two
men. father and son, ln the employ of
the Orillla Construction company here,
were killed this morning by the premature explosion of dynamite.
Storm in Quincy.
Chicago, Aug. 20.���It ls reported that
Quincy, 111., was visited by a severe
storm yesterday afternoon and that
many persons we.e Injured, and that
the property loss will be heavy. All
efforts to communicate with Quincy by
telephone and telegraph have been futile.
will neher be  disappointed in
T. ��Sc B.
Wo MA'- tu taki- - ha*.:*' of children and do light
hi��iiM-'"i k i h nmun employed. Apply Mri,
K. S. Ix-nni", Hoover Btiaet..
WANTKU���by yuiinu Kn^i .-'.man, job wllh fruit
larrnrr where he eau thoroughly learn the
buKlncM At pr<*itent In WiDUlp"K but would
com* nt once.   Addreia M. J>.. Tally Canadian.
WANTED ��� KOVVBOAT about aeventeen leet
l-jug, ab'iul tuur feet beam. Two pair oan,
HtcprK'd for mst.     Mini be 1 a food coultlon.
Addxeik ��., i,all>- CftDfrdUn.
The Store of Quality
$2*00 pet Crate
Fresh In every morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preserving fruit at a moderate
C. A. xBenedid
Corner Silica and Josephine Bts.
K. W. C. Bkxk . Fhoaa U.
teaches the subject in u practical way,
by describing the actmil method of
auditing a commercial eel ot books.from
the proper point of beKinninK through
to the auditor's ilnul report.
This book is especially designed for
accountants who, though ulherwise excellently equipped for auditing, lack
experience. The aim is especially to
impart the proper order of procedure
to be followed; with this object in view,
the text giving the directions Is arranged in progressive Hciiucnce to keep
pace with the work being done during
the entire course of the audit. This
feature makes it Invaluable to the student as a guide to the best form of professional practice.
You will find  In it the Information you
are   looking  for.
W. G. Thomson
KZ'nVSii*"'*  Nelson, B.C.
Phono 44.
The Silver Grill hag opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal in the city.
General    Strike   Among    Fort   William-
Telephone Operators.
Fort William, Aue. 20.���Trouble,
which existed ln the local telephone
office for the past couple of months,
reached a crisis yesterday when all the
girls employed on the switchboard
went out on strike. The crisis was
brought on by the appointment of Miss
Hudson, of Decatur, III., as chief operator. This young lady arrived from the
States last week and the city girls.
many of whom have worked In the office
since Its inception, objected to "being
put under a new comer; they accordingly refused to work, and quit at noon.
The appointment of Miss Hudson over
the local girls, while she ls a generally
experienced operator, did not appeal to
the other girls and this Is the direct
cause of the strike, yet only one of the
many grievances which the girls have
against the company and the manager,
Mr. McRae, one of which was the attempt to blame them for the poor service, and the -suppression of their letter
which Mr. McRae refused to give out
for publication, in which they replied
to these charges.
A special general meeting of the
shareholders of the Kootenay Fruit
Growers' association will be held In the
court house, Nelson, on Tuesday, Aug.
20, 1907, at 8 p. m. By order,
D. C. McMORRIS. Sec.
Piano  and Singing Lessons
Given by  Mrs.  Winter  Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of tie London Conser.
vatolre of Music for singing and piano
playing. Address Box 796. Nelson.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms Certainly a snap. Apply to
J. R. B., Dally Canadian.
WholuRale aud  Kelall Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice nnd
lowest price. Nothing but  fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive curefnl attention.
E.  C.  TRAVES,   Manager.
Is Pemow/ied
Its Business Energy
Telephone 161.
For Sale
COTTATtE���3 rooms, water and electric
light, woodshed, chicken houses, fruit
trees, -^ block from car line. For
quick  sale.     Terms given.     $750.00.
6% acres within mile of city. Suitable
for market garden.   Terms given.
LAND on Kootenay and Arrow lakes,
Slocan, Kootenay and Salmon rivers,
etc.    From $10 to $45 per acre.
F*. B. LYS
Real   Estate  and General Agent.
West Baker Street. NELSON. B. C.
w.   a.   OILLETT
Contractor   and
Bole ftfient for the Porto Klco Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yanlH. i;.i ��� ���.: !��� and ��lrona*w<J lumber, turned
work and bracket*, ���"..hm lath and Hhlntflcii, rank
and dooni. C-sment, brick ami lime for nale.
Automatlr grinder.
Yard and factory : Vernon St.. eait of Uall
.M'.I.SON,   (ft. C
P. O. Bot 282. Telephone 1><
All Kinds nf Keating Plants ln  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Oners House.      Tel. 181.
Hay and Timber Land���About 40
acres of hay and (10 acres of timber,
right beside a H. lt. siding and only a
short distance from Nelson. $U0.00
per acre.
Baker St., Opposite Queen's Hotel.
Take notice that an application haa been made
to n'Ki-i'-r Arthur Hut!]ut**ii : itiichniiaii *���
Lhe owner In Fee Simple, under a tax aale deed
from R J. Htennon, t)cputy ABHeinorand ('ollecl
of the Hlocan Annetii-i'mr'nt DlHtrlet, to Arthur
Hamilton Ituchanan. bearing date the 7th of
November, A l> , 1 ���:���������" , uf all and nlngular that
certain parcel, or tract, of land, and premlaen,
altuate: lying and being In the DlHtrlet of Kootenay, In tlie I'rovlncc of HrltUb Columbia, more
particularly known and dcficrlbed an
i.ui number nine hundred and seventy (970),
-   ti one (I), in the DlHtrlet of KooUinay, "Hun-
net Mineral Claim.
'���roup one
You and each oi vou are reuulred toconteit the
claim ol the tux purchaser within fourteen day*
from the date of the service of t bis notice upon
you, ii nd iu default of a caveat, or certificates of
lis pendens being filed within tuich period, you
will be forever estopped and debarred from letting upany datm to, or In reipeut of tbe Mid
luiid, and I shall reglntcr Arthur Hamilton
Buchanan as owner thereof.
Dated at Land Kcgltdry oniee, Nelion, Province of K, itlHh Columbia, tuli'ifith day of April,
A D., 1907.
DbitricL Registrar.
To Bbhjamim F. Daviu,
The Huuaet  (Jold   A  Bilver   Mining  Company (foreign).
KODAKS And A11 Accessorial
=======================   O'rcsh Stock Twice a Week)
This is the season for taking photos of
Kootenays unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,  We can supply you with
anything in  the Kodak  line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER  and   WARD. Phone  8t
'���. A.  ISAAC
Rwptilrlnic ��n��J .IoIiIWiik Mteouted wit I* DiMpatch.   *Hh����t M��t��l
Work,  .Ml ii I im  m-tii Allll  .Mil -- iil��*t<ur> -      Mnnulnuturera ol
Or>��  CBra,   tt.   hi.    Coutractora'   Can.
rorner of Ha!l and
From tHreeti.
NELSON,    B. C.
T.l*.j>boli�� K
1* 11 K.,i IM
MANUFACTURERS    f   ..mt.,     Cf��i*��svl*��
and dealers in Lumoet, jungles,
Lath, Alouldingrs* Doors, Windowa,
Turned Work nnd Braeketa. Mall Orders promptly ttifodtis.
VBRNON STRBBT   -   .   -   INUI^-HOIN. B. C.
The Hail Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
iiAKi;�� srtaMiin*. m:iju>n.
Wholennna Provtolorn,
Produee, - Rrult-
Government Creamery One Ponnd Bricks received weekly fresh tnm ll��
churn.    Fur wile by all leading Ktocen.
OHloe and warehouse: Houston Block,    Phone Til.
Josephine Street. Nelion, B. C.
Our shipment of these has been delayed in transit but we I"
them now, and in order to clear before the season is too
far advanced we are selling them at prices that
should place one in every home.    Call aud
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. N.ison im*9
Gang and
If you aro thinking of buying a Killo or Gun thin snsnon
and inspect our stock.
We also curry nil the best makes of Ammunition, inclu
Dominion,     Eley,      Kynoch,     U.M.C-
and Winchester.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited


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