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The Daily Canadian Jul 31, 1907

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Array ��!je   Jktiljj   ��ant*Ma
2.    No. 49.
Conference Marks
ftant Proposal Is Vetoed
of Great Powers���
egates Weary.
lanuc,  July   ill.    National   poli
(JJeercalue Inti'l national peace.
WMtUty. which is nearly sell* sup
-portiaa***       B* regards  tier food   Biipply,
rilfil      WlUlk  ncmitive  in tin*   pro|��isal
of Hlrhicli Is largely di-pendeni
IB* produce, thut contraband
be AA   Germany's opposition re-
���rttlBh proposition to a pious
^Rhe mere fact that It pre-
Bftlty     It moreover draws a
' SHWp MaW Ef. demarcation between the
������'���'"- Tflfhlch, without necessarily
ants, are concerned in ills
_       _      commodities.
SMft *��t Germany  has  taken  tlie
risk ot      iilng  Kngland und  the  Unl-
���ffcether, although  from dif*
(MM HL there Is no practical Is
���M JB?m ""' conference's treat
nMaU Of tt Hpatrahaiid  proposal.     The
Vt*M��d Kpemalns, as on the ques-
^B property at sea. in favor
Hi which will limit the urea
��rf Ha war.
*,. Tha wuttatr cam.* up m a meeting i>r
Ilia .SjaMMaSnlon un rules nf maritime
asytut' Ubrd lteay. uu Im hall of the
Hhmetil. proposed the ahull
^Pband. tie explained huw
���era entailed by the pur-
flOf atfabaii'l hail been liiilileasu-
with  military and com-
taSK at aalliMisl
*���**'* *#���*���'P*****-*
frs,   lie   said,   were   such
atiim for wrongfully de-
���Uvyad     aperty  could   prevent  u  feel
excitement, which possl-
���toclpltato   war.
on   the   conclusion    uf
lOWs   address    f)v.    Kriogc.    the
���ate, aruse and declared a
atlve on the proposition ou
T Of Hbany.
 ^Iteslon,  which  should  have
fHanci-s  propiuals  lor  the  an*
"Tof  hostilities   before   they
I, postpone.! the von*, and another
" 'nhrhlch  souglit  to arrive at
|t on 11 scale ul' puyiuent fur
       Mice   of   prlsuners   of   war
Ho reach a decision, chiefly
aOSJOOSt Of tile .laiianese. who hail au
I experience 111 their last  war
i ttSflng tou  many   Hussian   piis
Hftune, July ill.���Speaking today
iMlOta   ttat-..0011111111 lee   which    is    Conslil
iltles of 1 1111I slates dining
warfare tptami. itiig. tien. George 11
S30*^Aj tA-Ot*   American   delegation,   de-
aiaiad tthe I'nlted Stales assuclated
Maalf t Ole French proposal, which
������ta IR** a "'Mitral state lu only
raapoaalHa for the acts of Its subjects
If UMM acts are cunnnltteil upon its
own   tacrltory,   ami   that   ibe    r*5| m
��� neutral  slate Is not   involved
by   tha   hMt  that   some  of   its   subjects
tllka molll* Willi a belligerent, and that
��*��� 1 state Is  not   hound lo  prevent
Ita *At  friini   exporting   arms   and
fetttuh fur the use uT a belligerent.
I Duv is accepted also the lulu
HOI* the   (lerimin    proposal    thai    a
MtftMl Be Is hound tu prevent its
aahjaota Bm entering the service uf a
"Iheforo   lhe   commlttoe   on
(Bear Admiral Chits, a. Per-
SUB   the   American   opposition
th*      Bpotml   made  liy  Ureal   Hritaln
Bato. the   Japanese   minister
H*ind Denmark, has commiinl-
Tots   Vun   Goudraln,   the
���ter  of   foreign   affairs,   the
ll-tflc Japanese Korean  conven.
ng  Iho treaty of   19(15.     All
1 diplomatic representatives
,    Jt make   similar  communion*
tlOMa to the governinents to which  they
���ra aoyiaiiBted.    	
Btlve of Leisure Class Chased
Dm Minnesota Town.
lln., .Tuly  Si.���Alfred  Lunds-
organizer for  iho  Western
or Miners, was  run  out  of
���nt.ly    by   tho   husInesH   mon.
went Into ft market and at-
form an organization among
The  clerks informed   tin*
[the shop, and T.undM rom wan
down several times by the pro.
The orgwlser took to hii heel* up tbe
Street, followed for several blocks by
tbe market keeper, who struck him as
often as he got within reach. Lund-
Btrom was afterwards arrested on the
complaint of several business men.
VVhrn taken before the municipal court
he promised to leave town if allowed
to go. Permission was given, and Lund
strom was escorted by a Jeering crowd
to a  train.
Anliclpallrm violent action by the
Western Federation of Miners, the cill-
..sens held a mass meeting last night
at which they pledged armed protection
to all miners who wanied (o work.
About 3,000 persons, representing all
classes of (iiizeiiH attended.
Resolutions were passed condemning
the strike, commend ing the (real ment
accorded the men by the mining companies, and guaranteeing armed protection to all who wanted lo work. Special
Officers will be sworn tn in any number
necessary to carry out the promise of
the city. Nearly every man in the city
has pledged himself to serve as a deputy should the occasion arise.
The authorities of Movey have given
Instructions to turn back all agitators
attempting to enter. There has been
little   actual   trouble   at  Hovey.
New    Brunswick    Government    Refused
Credit  by  All  the   Banks���
Appeal to Ottawa.
An editorial iu the Fredericton
"Gleaner," lu connection with Premlef
Robertson's recent Montreal interview,
where he. tuld of the .lnancial straits of
the Province, gives the reasons for the
loss of the provincial financial credit,
and shows that thu banks have already
refused to advance moneys of small
amounts on applications hawked from
bank to bauk.
The editorial, in part, says: "The
conditions as set forth by Mr. Hobett-
son are alarming. The Province is
really In th e throes of a financial crisis.
It is absolutely at the mercy of the
banks and other financial Institutions.
The provincial credit is gone. The Province, under the present administration,
must either pay usury ur sell outright
Its most valuable assets. It Is the position of the private citizen that has gone
beyond his depth. He must accept the
usurer's terms or submit to the forced
selllug of  his  home  and   hfs   property.
"Such a situation has been foreshadowed for some years. To illustrate the
condition of the preseut situation, at Ule
eud of the last fiscal year the Province
had   an   overdrawn   account   of   nearly
���f l .-.���|,.��    ou   their  own   showing.     We
believe, however, that the amount was
much larger than this. The account
was also in very bail shape from a banking standpoint, viewing the character
of the astounding legislation of the
grafters of last session, aud the conditions generally throughout the Province.
brought about by lhe indifference, or
whatever else it might be called, of the
"The banks were driven to draw
the lines tightly and last week the govern ment was turned down absolutely
and without ceremony by the banks of
the city In an application for a loan of
188,000. The government of the province of New ilrunswick was not considered a desirable client, and for this
reason the bankers refused It the
money. The application was hawked
about from hunk to bank with the same
result. It was the positive refusal of our
llnaucial institutions to further deal
with the government in their methods
ot doing business, together, perhaps,
with an ultimatum Trom the bank with
which it had been doing business which
forced Mr. Hoblusou to go to Montreal
tu endeavor to raise the necessary
funds to iu some way meet the pressure
now applied as a direct result of criminal recklessness In Ihe administration
of the affairs of the province. The situation Is without a parallel In the annals of provincial administrations in
this country."
Almost   Pure Gold.
Denver, July 81.���Ore of a grade so
nearly pure gold tliat the state history
records nothing to approach it has been
diSOOVeredOD the 10th level of the Little
Johnny mine, at l,cadvllle, within the
the last, tew days, and when the assays
aro completed It is asserted thai the
figures will show a mineral wealth almost beyond credibility. On Tuesday
li') sacks of ore were taken out that are
expected lo run $100 In gold to tho
pound ,ur $200,000 to tho ton. It was
expected that $500,000 worth of ore
would bo sacked yesterday and today.
A vein of this ore .10 Inches wide makes
the new strike the richest, in mining
history anywhere In tho world.
% Mine Accident In Texas.
Ml Paso, Texas, July 81.���Two men
wero killed and unother fatally injured
yesterday nftcrnoon by the breaking of
a cable drawing an oro car up Iho incline at the Kli'tnli'ii mine al Metcalfe,
Arizona. Tho dead are are Jes Lopez
and Oiavonnl Melotto; the injured, Joseph Canute, who will die, and Thomas
Sidbi'tbam. foreman, who has a leg
Americans at Oxford.
Oxford. July 31.���American holders of
the Khudes scholarships ure prominent
in the list of honors that have been
awarded in the duals of lhe school of
modern history. Six American scholars
are mentioned, headed by J. H. Klrkpa-
tilck, of Alabama, who Is among lhe
nine students lo gain first class honors;
I,. II. Gibson, ol Idaho, got third class
Boundary Mining Men Acquire Field In
East Kootenay.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, July 31.���The new passenger depot of the Kettle Valley Line
railway on Third street Is nearly completed and the working of laying the
sidetrack and railway yards will be
commenced on Monday. This work will
lake probably two weeks to complete,
when alL the freight coming over this
Hue will be unloaded at the new depot.
Alex. Miller, the well-known mining
man of the Boundary, who has been
strongly Identified or late years with
the Greenwood high-grade bell, and
Richard Armstrong, of Chicago, at one
time manager of the Grand Forks
Townslte company, have acquired a
most valuable tracl of coal land in Kast
Kootenay, in the Crow's Nest Pass.
These coal lands were formerly held
by the Colfax Coal & Coke company,
and In all, consists of 40,000 acres. Already a good market has been secured
for a good output of the coal and contracts for the Banie will be closed as
soon as It has been ascertained the definite time when thu company will be
prepared to ship. The new owners of
these coal lauds will establish offices In
Spokane as well as at other points in
llrltlsh  Columbia.
Fnrr Csm-m a Month
After All  These  Years Scientists  Find
Rameses Was a Fakir.
London. July :11.���Egyptologists claim
that they have discovered that Rameses
II Is a fraud and that be Is not entitled
to tbe appellation of "Great," which historians have given him.
Hocenl explorations, it is said, have
developed the fact that the many temples and monuments mearing his name,
and therefore supposedly his work, existed about a thousand years before
him. The explorers believe the king
was vain and caused his name to be cut
Prof. Muvllle, one of the official explorers of antiquities in Egypt, has this
to say about Rameses: "The more we
discover about Rameses the more convinced we are that he wan a fraud. He
was not great in any way, but bis vanity was colossal. The plan succeed only
too well for many years. In consequence
ol It explorers have united in declaring
that he must have beeu a great king.
We are  beginning  to Und him out."
Electrocution of Octogenarian Murderer
of Buffalo Was Entirely Successful   Function.
Auburn. N. Y.. July 31.���Charles Bonier, the aged ltuffulo murderer, who
was twice convicted of brutally killing
Franz and Johanna Frehe at their home
for their money, was electrocuted In
Auburn penitentiary this morning.
There was not an untoward feature to
the execution, Its celerity being the only
thing noticeable. The llrst current was
turned on at 6.25:30 and was held for a
minute. The second contact, lasting
but a few seconds, was turned on at
il.*''.i. and at 8.88 Bonier was declared
dead. The first contact was at l,8yu
volts, eight amperes, aud after reducing
it tu lot) mils, the full power wns
again turned on and stayed for the balance of the minute. The shock was
enough to cause death, but us there wus
a slight flutter of the pulse and in the
neck, a second shock was given. Bonier
walked calmly to the chair, attended by
Kev. J. J. Meeker, of the Holy Family
Cathtollc church. Ho showed no emotion. He slept for u time lust night. Yesterday ho said good bye to other condemned prisoners, Shelton Hltlette, the
murderer of Uilly llrown and Urasch,
of Monroe county, and Del Varmo, of
Rome. He went quickly to the chair this
morning, slowly answering responses
to the litanies for the dead, us read by
the priest accompunylng him. Bonier
wns lu his 78th year and his hair was
snow   white.
May Won't  Play.
London, July 31.���Keen disappoint
was expressed at Newcustle-on-Tyne
yesterday al the announcement that
Miss May Sutton had decided not to
defend the lawn tennis champion sup
aud gold badge she won last year. Miss
Sutton's decision Ib BOinewhat of a mystery. It Is probable, however, that the
California girl, who returns to America
next week, preferred to spend tho last
few days she Is here In comparative
Idleness, content to rest on the laurels
she hus already won this summer.
General Killing.
Westchester, Pa., July 30.���George
Thomas, a negro who shot his wife hero
Sunday and thon fled, was traced to a
barn near here last night by a posse.
Thomas refused to surrender and shots
were exchanged. At daylight today
Thomas-wns found dead In the haymow
with a ball in the temple. It has not
been deturuilnod whether ho shot himself or was killed by a bullet fired by one
of the posse.    His wife Ib dying.
Prices of Metals.
Now York, July 31.���Silver, Gil^o;
copper.   20%.:;   lend,   $5.25.
iKindon, July 31.���Silver, 31 15-1Gd;
lead,   ��10   10s.
Lord Milner on Policy in
South Africa
Former High Commissioner Points
Oat Fallacy of Analogy With
Canadian Provinces.
Discussing the situation in Soutb Africa before the Liberal-Unionists of
Yorkshire Lord Milner said: People
talk of the Canadian precedent. The
very essence of the Canadian precedent
was that we had a British Ontario to
balance a non-British Quebec. In the
same way, we had il in our power���it
only needed a little patience und a rational policy with regard to laboi-���to
create a mainly British Transvaal which
would have been a fair and sufficient
Bet-off to Dutch predominance in tlie
Orange River Colony and the Cape. You
would then have had a real equipoise
and balance of races, a practical equality which would have gradually led to
a fusion and to the growth of a new
composite nation, not Indeed British,
but with a sufficiently strong British
element to be, as Canada Is, a willing
and a helpful member of the Imperial
family. What Is the position now ?
The Transvaal is absolutely in the hands
of a party, which has not even an English name. It is called "Het Volk." a
purely Dutch -racial organization, and
the British element which It has absorbed or may hereafter absorb will
have about as much effect upon its character as the national scouts who joined
us towards the close of the war had on
the character of Lord Kitchener's army.
And now the Orange River Colony will
pasB even more completely than the
Transvaal has done under Dutch domination. After the next election at the
Cape, when the men disfranchised for
rebellion will once more be entitled to
vote, and perhaps even before the next
election, the Bond will again be in
power in that Colony. When that Is
done the whole of South Africa from
Cape Town to the Limpopo will be completely in the hands of the militant
Dutch party. Under a semblance or
equality the British population will be���
not for ever, 1 trust, but no one can say
how long��� the "under dog." And that
is the "grand achievement"��� very
grand, I admit, from the anti-national
point of view. But unregenerate persons
like myself must be excused for feeling
that, after all the efforts and sacrifices,
not only of the people of this country
but of the British race throughout the
world, it is a very poor result..
Novel Means Means Adopted by Troops
In  Aldershot  Manoeuvres.
London, July 31.���A novel means of
serving troops with hot coffee when In
the trenches all night was used by the
battalions of the First Brigade at Aider-
shot during the fleld operations.
It wuu found impossible to light Arcs
during the night or early morning for
I'enr of betraying their position to the
enemy. The coltee, therefore, was made
In the evening, and, while still boiling,
was burled a few feet In the ground in
camp kettles with close-nttlng lids.
When the pots were opened In the
early morning the coffee was round still
hot  and  ready  for serving.
Maat and Sail Drill  Restored to Use In
British   Navy.
London, July 31.���In consequence of
reports having been made to the admiralty of seamen In some of his Majesty's ships having refused to go aloft
In rough weather, 11 has been decided to
reinstate tho old "mast and sail" system of instruction in tho harbor training ships.
This system was abolished about
seven years ago, and with it went the
old cruiser squadron, consisting of fully-
rigged steam ships, in which youths
were sent to sea before being passed
out into the ships In the flrst lino. The
sailing brigs Nautilus and Liberty were
also dismantled.
In the place of this system a new one
was Introduced by which boys were Anil
Bent to Bea In the ships of the Particular Service Squadron, consisting or flrst.
cIbbb armored cruisers. Sail drill, running aloft and such things were consigned to tho limbo or tha put, as having no place In un ago of steam nnd
naval officers were overruled as being
obsolete. They said that drill aloft
trained the men in confidence and daring and that Its abolition would result
In a falling off of those qualities in
which the British bluejacket has always
been supreme. But the objectors were
Now the authorities have discovered
that the naval officers were fight, and
the obsolete "mast and sail" drill Is to
be  reinstated.
Ruah of Miner* From Dawson to Innoko
Camp���Conflicting Reports.
By  Mercury  Vapor and   Reflector*  He
Sees Interior of Eye.
Paris, July 31.���Dr. Ferlin has reported to the academy of science a new contrivance which is to be of great service
in eye diagnosis. The physician points
out that the light from a mercury vapor
lamp, passing through two sheets of
blue glass and refracted into the eye
by a large lens, reveals the internal
condition Infinitely better than the ordinary white light. l*y placing a screen
with a pinhole between the light and
the eye, a magnified image of the vessels at tbe back ot tbe retina, which
have hitherto been almost invisible, has
been obtained.
Stories of Immense  Deposits of Silver
and Copper Discovered in
Cobalt, July 31.���Startling stories are
being told of the wealth of the coppei
deposits in the Temagami reserve.
It is said locally that copper Is to be
found In almost boundless quantity In
the Fairview mountain. Some time ago
this property was offered to a local
broker for the sum of Jti.uuu. This offer
was refused. A few weeks afterwards
the copper deposits were discovered and
the property disposed of for $60,000.
The purchasers are now forming a
stock company with a capitalization ol
tti.000,000. and It is expected that an immense output of copper will be realized.
Fairview mountain is situated near Net
In addition .a great deal of English
capital is going into the district, where
the copper Is known to exist.
Word was received In the city yesterday of a find in the Cochrane mine
at Cobalt. The vein is located five feel
below the surface, and contains large
quantities of native silver.
Mr. Ed Doherty Is manager of the
A visitor in tiie city at the present
time is a geuilenian Irom Cobalt, who
has originated an idea lor the separation ot copper and nickel from the original ore. At the present time tht.
process costs heavily, and It is suiu
that the new process will reduce the
cost by more than halt.
it Is hinted that the Clergues may buy
out the Idea and erect smelters at tbe
"boo' for that purpose.
Mr. James Hawes, of Hawes & Gib
son, has leturned from Cobalt, after a
trip of several day's duration. He reports lhat the men are nearly all back
to work now.
"One of tiie reasons," says Mr. Hawes,
"is that when the strike came ou many
of the men had to borrow money to
keep going. This cash is now running
short and their credit is getting slim.
Consequently they are returning to the
Mr.  Hawes reports that all  is going
well on the Larder Central Gold Fields.
The following statement has been issued   by   the  directors  of  Foster:
"The stutement madu by some of the
dally press that the treasury stock or
the Foster Cobalt Mining company, unsubscribed for by the present share
holders, would be offered to'the public
after the close of the subscription
books, July 25th, is absolutely Incorrect.
"It Ib expected that the stock subscribed for and the returns from shipment of ore made, will provide ample
funds for development work outlined.
Another car uf first-class ore will be
shipped In about 10 days or two weeks."
.lames Tighe has received word that
ou the Dublin Bay and Donnybrook
claims ut Lurder a large Iron body has
been located, carrying good copper and
nickel  values.
At the Stellar mine, which adjoins
Green-Meehan, over 100 podns of crys-
tallzed silver nuggets have been sacket,
Borne of which weigh over a pound.
These nuggeta were found In the main
shall at a depth of 40 feet. John F.
Black, of the Nancy Helen, Is one of
the largest shareholders in the Stellar.
Dawson, July 81.���Fully 2,000 people
have gone into the Innoko country and
are now scurrying through the hills and
valleys, fighting mosquitoes, dragging
small boats through sloughs, cursing
their luck or anxiously sinking through
muck and gravel looking for the yellow
Purser C. D. Grange, r>f the steamer
Hamilton, which has Just arrived from
the tower river, says small boats have
been beading for Innoko for weeks, taking men from upper river points, chiefly from Fairbanks, and there will probably be no end to the procession for
some time. The information obtainable
on the main river Is meagre, as the
men who go to the new strike disappear up the winding stream and scarcely a trace of their place of departure
from the father of the northern waters
is to be seen. Distances there are so
vast that the procession of men going
into the wilderness seems scarcely to
have left a trace of Its flight.
Some who have been up the Innoko
have gone out disgusted. Two men who
were on the stranded Healy steamer at
Kuskowlm crossed by Innoko, staked
claims and did not even record them.
Then they made their way down to Yukon and worked as firemen on the Hamilton  to  St.  Michael.
"However," said Mr. Grange, "It Is
not yet possible to say that Innoko I* a
failure.- Traders are shipping In goods,
and the camp may in time prove good."
Japanese    Chamber   of   Commerce   to
Seattle Board.
The objections of many distinguished    countries.
Soattle, July 31.���Alleging that the
legitimate rights of the Japanese people
have been trnmpled on In certain portions of the country, that their property
lias been attacked and treaty rights disregarded even to the extent of the Uvea
ot Japanese subjects being in danger,
the chamber of commerce of Japan tins
written a letter to the Seattle chamber
oi* commerce asking that an effort be
made to prevent discrimination against
their countrymen in the United States.
The inmost points out that such treatment will eventually lead to a breach
In the commercial relations of the.two
Line* From Chicago to New York Fall
to Agree on Tariff.
Chicago, July 31.���A rate war among
the railroads from Chicago to New York
Is threatened. Passenger agents from
all these lines were to have met here
yesterday to consider the reduction in
party rates by the Michigan Central and
Grand Trunk roads, but several officials
telegraphed that it would be Impossible
for them to attend the meeting, as peace
could be secured only by all lines joining In an agreement. The meeting was
postponed Indefinitely. It was announced
that the Wabash and Erie roads would
also put Into effect, as soon as they can,
in compliance with the interstate commerce law, the same party rat* as the
Grand Trunk railway's, f 15.75 per capita for parties of 10 or more travelling
on one ticket from here to New York.
This ts a cut of 81 from their present
rate. If the Michigan Central make
some other reduction In Its party fares
a general rate war will probably be precipitated.
Korean   Ambassador*  Will  Make' Vain
Appeal to America���No Status
Left Them.
Washington, July 31.���Following the
rule of the state department, the officials decline to make any statement to
indicate what reception would be accorded the two Koreans, YI Yjyongoui
and Prince YI Tjylng Chi, who are said
to have Balled from London for the
United States to make an appeal to the
president In behalf of their country.
These Koreans were at The Hague
conference with credentials said to have
been Issued by authority of the recently
deposed emperor. As Is well known,
they were refused admission to the conference and upon application to the
American delegation they were also denied  recognition of their credentials.
It ts assumed here that the Koreans
are coming to New York to meet Mr.
Hulbert, who recently arrived In that
city from Korea In pursuit or a vain effort to secure intervention by the United States In behalf of the emperor.
About a year ago Mr. Hulbert came
to the United States with the purpose
of preventing, If he could, what he declared to be the forcing upon Korea by
Japan of the agreement which practically made Japan the protector of that
Mr. Root made an examination at the
time of the conditions and decided that
they were not such as to warrant America In taklug any active proceeding
under a treaty between the United
Slates and Korea. Secretary Root waa
st lengthened in this resolution by statements made by the Japanese government to the effect that the protectorate
was a benevolent one.
It can be stated that nothing has since
occurred to change the attitude of the
state department In this matter. Having
formally recognized the Japanese control of tho foreign relations of Korea,
the department naturally cannot endorse tho presentation of an authorized
delegation ot Koreans at The Hague:
consequently they will not be received
officially at Washington or at Oyster
Buy. It Is probable however, that Mr.
llulburt und the Korean delegates may
have an opportunity, If they care to do
so. to talk with the officials of the state
department and perhaps with President
Roosevelt himself, though tho latter Is
The condition of these two Koreans
Is deplorable, even in their official view,
because the abdicated emperor. In his
desiro to regain favor with the Japa
nese resident general of Korea, not only
repudiated their action at The Hague,
but caused his successor to issue an
edict ordering their punishment. Consequently they may not return to their
own country and probably are doomed
to be wanderers for the remainder of
their official lives.
King of Denmark Visits
Fredrick's Greeting to People of Ancient Colony���Conference tt
Two Parliaments.
Reykjavik, Iceland, July 31.���At a
banquet given in his honor last night,
King Frederick ot Denmark, Vho, accompanied by Prince Harald, Premier
Cbrlstoff, and 40 members of tbe Rigs-
dag arrived here yesterday, announced
his policy regarding the future relations between the Danish crown and
"I have inherited the kingdom as a
unlL" said King Frederick, "and as such
It shall remain from generation to generation, but I have also Inherited from
my rather the tradition that the Icelanders are to be a free people who cooperate with the King in framing the
laws under which they are to live. I
have, therefore, established * commission, consisting of members of the Danish Rlgsdag and the Icelandic Althing
to arrange for legislation to define the
constitutional position of Iceland in the
realm, and to find a form under which
the freedom of Iceland may be built up
and protected while at the same time
the unity of the realm Is preserved and
Lightweight Fighter* Expected to Furnish Good  Sport.
San Fraacisco, July 31.���All is in
readiness tor the sound of the gdng
that will call Jimmy Brltt and Battling
Nelson together for their contest at the
Auditorium rink tonight. Fight fans
are displaying great interest In the
match and the sale of Beats Indicates
that there will be a large attendance.
The betting Is lively with Nelson a 10
to 6 favorite. The two lightweights are
resting after their vigorous training of
several weeks. It was announced last
evening that both are at the required
weight of 133 pounds. Manager Gre-
gutnes hopes to have Britt and Nelson
in the ring by 9 o'clock.
Rumors are current that there may
be some Interference with the fight by
the authorities, but the club has lu permit and It is not believed that any action will be taken unless there Is some
evidei.ee that the mill will not be on
the square.
As It is the biggest thing In the fight-,
ing line that has been pulled off hereabouts In a long time, excepting the
niuch-adveiiised Burns-Squires fiasco,
the bout has aroused a lively Interest
among ring followers and it is expected
a big crowd will be on hand to witness
the contest. While Nelson naturally
rules the favorite in the betting there
are many loyal followers of Brltt'who
���till believe he is a match tor anyone of
his Wi Iglu and are willing to back their
opinion with money. Whoever comes
out the winner it Is the prevailing opinion among the close critics of the game
that the fight should be a lively and interesting affair as long as It lasts. Jack
Welch, of this city, will referee the contest. maM
South of France Quiet���Rebels Released
and  Troops Recalled.
Paris. July 31.���The situation In tho
south of France which arose from the
discontent of the wine growers, has Improved so much that the authorities began today to withdraw the troops sent
Into the districts affected. Furthermore,
the government has decided to release
on ball, M. Ferroul, the former mayor of
Narbonne, Marcelln Albert, and other
leaders of the movement who were
taken into custody.
Boiler Exploded.
Memphis, Tenn., July 31.���A despatch
from Milan, Tenn., says: "Four persons
were killed outrlhgt, another was fatally injured and 10 other seriously hurt
at a late hour laHt night, when the boiler
of an engine attached to a fast Illinois
Central fruit train, northbound, exploded near here, wrecking the train as well
as another freight train standing on an
adjacent siding: The dead are: Engineer Maloney, Chicago; Robert Henderson, fireman, Jackson, Tenn. , Two
tramps were fatally injured and A. B.
Lynch, trainman, Jackson, Tenn., slightly Injured. The train was running at a
high rate ot speed when the explosion
occurred. Both trains caught Are and
were destroyed. irm
11 ���
J   '    *
1   I
r oei   .      -A ���
 " r'"        ' ;
The Daily Canadian
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TENTS in all sizes and weights
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reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital   Paid  Up    $4,825,000 Rest    $4,825,000
D. B. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAEFRAT, Vioe-Preaident
Branches in British Columbia:
Depo-sitH received and interest allowed at highest   current rate from date of
i-penlng of account, and compounded quarterly.
NBLSON   BRANCH ��J��     IWm     LAY,    ./YAttrJ&ljer.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated   A.  D.   18C9.���
 $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund	
.   $4,360,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of E*anking  Business.
8PECIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large. Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published mi uayu a wee* by tbb
Haker Hi..   Nelaou, fl. C
���uDicriptlon rates, 50 HSU a mouth delivered
In tha city, or 15.00 a year 11 Bent by mail, wlieu
paid Id advance.
Advertising rates ou application.
AIL mouiet paid In MtUement nt Tha lially
Canadian eooounta, either fot lubMripttotti or
a****' a��int, anal be rot elpted for on the printed
Co run of  tne Company.   Other receipts are not
Wednesday, July 31st, 1907.
The belief is now general thai ;i Dominion election campaign will be foughl
before next summer if not before the
end of the current year. The reason Ui
the conviction thut Sir Wilfrid Laurier
will find It Impoaatble to repair ttta ahai
tared cabinet with any materia] now
available   to   him.    Under the clrcum-
Hiauces the attitude of the two sreat
par lien Ik B matli-r* of profound int< nN I
to every thoughtful ('uiiuillun. Tbr lol
lowing .summary of the situation by the
Toronto .Wwh. Canada*! only neutral
imper of any weight, will be generally
accepted an correct as far us it goes.
"At the meetings which Mi. Borden
will address throughout the country the
iHsues which the opposition will urgi
upon the people :��i the oext general
election will be developed. There seema
to be no reason to doubt tliai there Will
be another sessitm of parliament before
dissolution. Sir Wilfrid Laurier gave
his word  to  this effect, and  his  pledge
will  be rasp-acted,    it is difficult  now
to say what are the prospects of the opposition. Mr. Borden has to deal with a
radical wing in bis own parly, which demands a programme more advanced
than many Conservatives will accept. If
this wing throwi itself with energy into
the contest the outlook will be im
proved. If it Is baiting or hostile the
government necessarily will profit by
the disunion  amongst Its opponents.
It must be remembered that the uadi
tlons of the Conservative party of Can*
ada are very like those of the Conservative party of Great Britain. Its Strength
haa been with the solid financial and
commercial interests of the country. It
has been the champion of established
Institutions. It has been Inhospitable
to radical Ideas and revolutionary pro
grammes. Protection, a second chamber
railway aid, and private control of in
dustry and transportation are 'In* nam
ral features of a Conservative pro
gramme. Hut Sir Wilfrid Laurler hai
adopted the ancient Conservatne policy,
and practically OOOUplM tfc*S old plat
form of Sir John Macdonald. Tor the
moment the radical spirit is extinct In
the Liberal party, and in order to llnd
substantial  grounds of  difference  with
the government Mr. Borden must recreate his party and develop a radical
This has its dangers from the standpoint of party unity and party success.
I n Canada we have few great centres
of population, few great hives of labor,
neither much wealth nor much poverty,
nor much unrest, and therefore radicalism has not the material to feed upou
which exists in such abundant measure
In old world countries, and even In some
American communities. Moreover, the
country is pasting through a time of
amazing prosperity and development
of resources, and all the history
of this continent leaches that In such
droumatanoed governments are seldom
defeated. In seasons uf prosperity the
��� lectors are tolerant of waste, of inefficiency, of rascality in government. They
are likely to endow ministers with virtues which they do not possess, and to
confuMt* ihe blessings of IJro\ldence with
the acts of government,   Ths "full din*
te r* pail" has the ring of cant and hum-
bug, but it gets votes. So a strong, efficient end vigilant government may go
down in a time of depression, for causeH
which it cannot control, and for acts of
���ound and prudent statesmanship. Industrially, therefore, the time is unfavorable to Mr Borden and tbe temper of
his party Is likewise unfavorable to a
radical programme.
There Is reason to think also that the
government may declare for the con-
11 net ion of the Georgian Bay canal and
th i Hudson Bay railway, as well as for
ths organisation and establishment of a
lust Atlantic Steamship service. It Is
known that the Canadian Northern railway desires to extend to Hudson Bay,
and if Ifb tar-Sighted managers can effect an understanding with the government both the Canadian Northern and
the Grand Trunk Pacific will he In practical alliance with ministers for the next
election. No doubt the Canadian Pacific
will continue Its traditional sympathy
with the Conservative party, but its
powi r In the Weit is not so great as of
old. It has powerful rivals, there Is a
Larged population, and the government
controls an enormous patronage in
Western Canada. Furthermore, Sir Wilfrid Laurler Is a skilful politician and
it Is likely that his government will be
strengthened before the election. Besides men easily revolt against a campaign of personal scandal.
There la no reason that Mr. Borden
should oppose the Constructive policy
ol the government. It la of the genius
(if the Conservative party to favor large
plans for national development. The
national spirit of the party Is robust
and confident. Possibly Mr. Borden
will do well to maintain that spirit In
opposition as it was maintained for a
generation In office, if anything the "ah-
Kod Una" Is of Conservative origin and
In generul breadth of national outlook
the Conservative leaders have nothing
to    learn from   Liberal   ministers.
In civil service reform, In senate re
form. In state telegraphs and state telephones, In resolute criticism of waste
ful expenditures, in vigilant scrutiny of
the acts of the administration and Its
management of the public resources Mr.
Borden has material for a progressive
programme and an aggressive campaign. It remains to be seen if he is
equal to his task. If he can unite the
radical and conservative wings of the
party, il he has the genius to find men
in the constituencies who will strengthen the front benches, if he can set
mediocrity aside, and revive national
maridS, More, nO one knows what is In
Furthermore, ao one knows what Is in
the minds of the people, what is the
real temper of the country, and what
sentiments will appear as the election
approach's. Tills much is certain, that
wherever Mr. Borden goes he Will command respect and confidence, and that
at worst the Conservative party of Canada is a formidable fighting machine,
instinct with patriotism and rich in
worthy traditions and honorable
Most of the above will be endorsed
by Liberals as well as Conservatives.
It is entitled to the more consideration
because it is written by the man who,
as editor of the Toronto Globe, contributed more than any one else except
Sir Wilfrid Laurler himself, to the Liberal  victory   of   1896.
It amounts to a confession that Sir
Wilfrid Laurier has executed a complete
volte face on every question of Canadian policy. He has abandoned everything for which he contended for 20
years in opposition, and has, without
acknowledgement of debt, quietly and
calmly adopted the policy of the great
nation builder, Sir John Macdonald. It
is not Liberal but Conservative policy
that has triumphed. There ts not one
act since 1896 for which Sir Wilfrid
Laurier claims credit that he had not
bitterly denounced for 20 years preceding.
It may then fairly be asked: Suppose
a crisis should arise demanding initiative instead of mere Imitation, what
likelihood is there thnt the man who
has shown so signal a contempt for his
own judgment, will be equal to the occasion? So far Sir Wilfrid Laurier has
been spared the test. He has merely
been reaping the harvest of Conservative sowing.
The only other issue Is the character
and ability of the men that compose the
two parties. If It Is unfair to Judge the
Liberal party by the discredited crew
from which their leader turns In disgust after a vain quest for possible ministers. It is doubly unfair to judge the
Conservative party by the small representation in the Commons that has survived three disastrous campaigns. Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia
have strong virile Conservative governments which will contribute greatly to
ths strength of the next Conservative
We have so far refrained from discussion of tlie unfortunate and regrettable state of affairs on the Supreme
Court bench of the province. The Dominion government has been maliciously careless of judicial appointments
from the Supreme Court of Canada
down lo the county courts. Party service, not legal learning or ability, has
been the guiding consideration. We
have held that after an appointment a
judge's former faults should be Ignored
and respect for the bench should be
cultivated in the interest of the administration of justice. But when from any
cause, hereditary or developed, u
judge's conduct Indicates unmlstakeably
that his usefulness, If it ever existed,
is gone, when he is found an Impossible associate by all his colleagues, as
well as being the laughing stock of a
whole province, the dignity of the bench
demands not his defence but hla removal.
The retirement of Kdward Blake from
the British parliament, and the prospective retirement of Sir Richard Cart-
Wright from Canadian public life, mark
lhe end of an era In Canadian political
history. Sdward Blake was Canada's
greatest lawyer, and by far the ablest
man Canadian Liberalism has ever produced. Hfcharrl Carlwrlght will be remembered ebb-fly as a loyal partisan
and a dogged fighter. Both spent the
best years of their lives fighting manfully for causes, all of which they have
lived to see abandoned by the party
they   used  to  lead.
IN THE MATTER of the "Riven snd
St ream t Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company,  Limited.
Notice li h*Hr*ft��*r gives that M flay* altar date
The Canadian Puulol tminrCompany. Limit**-*-**.,
Intend* I-. submit to the Honorable Chief Com-
inlsssoncr of l.uii'l-*-* and Worka n nr- jm-wmI under
il.. provisions nt thf-t * Hu. i ������ ,.n l Stream* Art"
hikI *ineiidm*t:nls thereto, for tbe right Ut Im-
prov Trottf nasi Ud ll* tributaries from the
sources ol mirh creek nte! tributaries Lo the point
where the * ain�� flown Into Trout lake In lhe Uls-
i r i-'t of Went Koolenay, and to remove obslruc-
llons Iherelroin nin4 matte the latne tit tor drlT*
Ing, storing, sort I ntr and l>ooiniug 1"B"< rafts aud
crafts, and the flumlng "f lumber thereon, also
tor the rltrbt to colk��-l tolla thereon.
The lands affecu* 1 are Crown lend* and l*olt
Ull, 7��W), 7101, 772, 771 70, Wi and 190, all In
Group 1, Weat Koolenay.
Paled tbl* 80th day nf Mny, 11KJ7.
by then aoiirlior, a. M. Macdonald.
For Sale
House, 5 rooms and bath;  close in $1600
16 ft.  Lots  on   Innis  St. for $450.00
634 Acres within mile of centre
of City, suitable to. :.,u.r rf
garden Terms   given
160 Acres on Kootenay river,
good springs, first-class railway   service $3,000
P. B.  LYS
Real   Estate  and   General  Agent.
West Baker Street. NELSON, B. C. j
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Frott,
Fuel A Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   SU.
Piano  and Singing Lessons
Given  by   Mrs.  Winter   Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for piuuoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College. London, Kng . fur theory of music. Scholarship or the London Conservatoire of Music for sinking and piano
playing. Addreea Box 796. Nalaon.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agenl lor Truicolt Leuncbea
aud Peterboro f auuea.
Finest Lot of  itoal. In B.C.
M.   L.   L1INDSA.Y
Foot of Jotuphlue Ht.       Tel. All)
W.   G.    GILLETT
Contractor   ��o-J
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Rough ami dre��s��d lumbt-r. turned
work and bracket*, OoAKt lath and h!i , n,: l.*~, sasb
and doom. <'ement, brick aud lliue for Hale
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Bt.. east of Hall
M'.L.SON,   ��*. G.
P. O. Box Mi Telephone 178
Nelson Land Dlitrlct. Districtot Went Kootenay.
Take notice that WllllUn Andrew Roaa, of
Kttruie, B i', hotel keeper, inland* *����� apply for
a special timber licence �������������* the followlug de*
���.-r'-tbt.-il landa*.
\ Ko. 1 ���f'mn mend us at a post planted about
three ml'es north Ot the International ooundary
line, and about - ., . - miles weit of the Kootenay
river, aud about two miles north of thu norli,
west cornerof timber licence No. HofVT, thence
north M) ehalni*, thence cant SO ���hMni, thence
���onth A0 chains, thenea west OO chains to point
of commencement, and '.-outlining M0 acres,
more or less.
Located I'-Hli June 1907.
Mo, 2.��� Commencing at a jwrmt planted at th
south-pant coruer of V\ ill lam A Ross's No. 1 claim
aud about two mile- uorth ol the N. W corner
of timber lleence No Bo*'>7, thence north HO
chains, tht nee west W chains, throne south ���*���
'���bains, thetiee *���*. * MU chains to the point of eipin*
mencement, aud containing 040 acres, more or
Located latth June, 1907.
No. I. -Commencing at a post planted near
Bruit creek, about one mile east of the north
east cornerof William A. Ross's No. 1 claim,
snd about Ave miles north of tbe International
boundary Hue, thence norlb 80 chi.lns, tbenee
w.-sl (W chains, thence soulh 80 chains, thenee
east 80 chains to lhe point of commwuceuient.
aud coutainlug <���*   acres, more or ;������*������-.
Located Ulh June. 1907.
No. 4.���Commencing al a post planted near
Bridge creek at tOfl southeast corner of William
A Koss' No 3 claim, thence north 80 chains,
thenee east 80 rhalns. ihenee south 80<halus,
Ihenee west ho chains to the point of commence
meut, and containing 840 acres, more or less.
laocetcd 12th June, 19<n.
No. b. Commencing at a post planted near
Bridge creek, at the southeast corner of WHtlaui
A. Koss' No. i claim, thelice aouth 80 chains,
thenee west 80 ciialns, thencw north ������*< ��� \ u-,
thenee easl 80 chains to the polnl of i ������mmem-..
meut, and conuiiilng 040 acres, more or less.
la>.-nu .1 Ulh June. 1907.
No. 6. -Commencing at a post planted m-sr
Brblge creek, at the southeast corner of Willlum
A. Koss' No. 8 claim, theuee south Hi) chains,
thenieeasl 80 chains, theoce iitIIi HOclmliii..
thence wcmi HO chains to the point of commence-
ment, and cm-uatnlng M0 acres, mon- or less.
Located 12th Juiie,]9o7.
No. 7.-Commencing at a post planted ahoul
one mile south of the southeast corner of Wliimn,
A Ross' No b claim and about two 141 lies north
ot the international boundary Hue, thence north
HO chains, theuee west HO chains, thetoe muu, vi
chains, thvuee east Hu chains to lhe ftolul t,t
commencement, and containing 040 acres, more
or less.
Located the 12th of Juue  1907.
No. 8,���Commencing gt a post planted at the
Sou-hcast Corner Of William A. Hoss* No 7 claim
thence nortli*-' chains, theoce ��� u ' H" chain*,
thence south SCl chains, theuee west HO ehnins *.o
point of commencement, and containing 640
acres, more or leas.
Located the I2th day of June- 1907.
!'��!��� 'i this Atb day of July. 1907.
W'tLI.UM A'hi 1 ���������*   Ro-ks
Notlca la hereby given tbat '���" dart after date I
inteud to npply to the Hon. Chief ComtnlsKlotier
"f lai.'li*. .nil Worka (or permission to pun hsse
the lollowlng described lands, situated In West
Kooteuay dlslrlet: Commencing at n }<��������� < marked hy name as initial pont of the Houth Fork
branch, one hundred feel from the lunelion of
Lo*' creek with the aouth fork; tnence one-
quarter mile 10 the northwest corner poNt.iheuctj
onti mile to the northesft corner post, thence
one-riuarter mile to lhe southeast corner post,
thence one mile to  the plsce of commencement
Jaoe27, 1907 LoOBtOd by W'M   CoNNou.y.
Notice Is hereby plvcn lhat 8" davs after dale (
Inteud to make application (o the llonofHtde the
Chief Commissioner of Lund- and Works, Victoria, H C , f r a ap- (lal licence to cut Umber on
the followlug dtserihed lands In Wesl Kootenny
district: Commencing at a tost situated 011
Blueberry ereek, hImiui four miles from its mouth
and adjoining Win t. W. corner of my application No. I, thetiee south 80 ehaius, th'-lMe west
HO ehnins, Ihenee north BB chains, iheiieo eastfW
chains to point of coin inducement.
Mated May IWLks, 1907. it. . W KoutHftOM.
Bargains in
Wash Belts
100 Doz. Fancy White WashBelts
Regular Price 50cts    1^-    C^t
We Sell Them at . .    AtrottQ    CaCll
Neleon 1.nu.1 Histrict i itriototWatKooUoajr,
Take notice thai WUIIun Andrew ��������*���, o|
Fernle, it c., hotel fcteper, intends to apply ior a
���pedal timber Ife-anne uver tba following described lands:
No 1. 1 'omui'-m-lug h\ H poat planted about
80 chains 1 gal ol tha nortb-aaal corner of umber
Iloent e No   H07S, aud about 80ohalns north of lhe
northern boondarr ol timber llceoe*- No   H07****,
and aoout IS miles ureal ol th>' Xool.-n-nv river,
and Hl.o,.t 1 mo and n hull miles north oftbe.ln-
terniiMon..: boundary tine, lu Lhe iMstrtct of
weal Kootenay, thenoe south *o chains, thence
west v> ohalni. thenea north H chalm, thence
aaatS)ebalua to tba polnl o| commeueemeut,
containing 1 4U aoroa, more or less.
Located I lib June, i- I,
No :. Commencing ��t * p**t planted at the
nortbaaai cm r nl v. illiam a. Roee** No 1 claim
an.l about 00* mile north ol the northern t>ound-
aryoftiinbrcr loeim�� 0 MTJ thonce south ho
chains, then-1 Mat fr^ fhalna, tbence uorth at)
ehatna, ihenee wot to ��� iiH'.-iis t.�� the point of
pommi Doementi and ouotalng ow a-craa, mora or
Looated mh ol June. IW)
���AiU.liB AWDUW Hoes.
Dated this '������ah of ru y. iwr;
NelaOU Lund Ub.lriei lUsiiiel or Wi-*1 Kootenay.
Take notice thut George Alexander, of Kaslo,
H I , iui/.lid*> lu apply for a speidal limber
licence oxer the lollowlng descrilied Ian "s:
Commencing at a iHutt planted al tbe northwest
corner of Section 12, '��wnship7, Kooteuay dlatrlet, being about one-third of a mile south id
the south boundary line of the Indian reserve;
thenea sonth about ��� ehalus to the easterly
bauk or Kootenav river; tbence southeast.-riv
aloug Kootenay river bauk about 80 chains to
the south boundary of Section 12, Towuship 7;
thence easterly al>out bo chains to the northwest
cornerof I^.t -tbl: thence north 80 cbalus along
the west bound try of Lot 812; thence we��t Vi
-hains to the point of commencement, aud cou-
"~ 6tU acres, more or less
iwjr7. mm AnxAVunt,
talnlng 6tu airi
Hated July 4.
Nelson land District.  DUtrlct id West Kootenay.
Take uotPe that   Kvan   Mc-cielland   Kraser, of
Kerule, li. C, elerk, intends tuapplv (or a special
Ueenoa  over  tha   following   deacribed   lauds:
Cominenelrig at a POOtt planiM abonl seven
miles west of the Kooteuay river, an.l about oue
mile north of the International boundary (tne.
and about one and a quarter n.Tlh-eastsrly from
the north easl r-orru-r of timber licence No. MM,
thence soutb 80 chains, tbence west 80 chains,
thenee north so chains, theuee east Ht) Chains to
point of commencement, and containing 84u
acres, more or less.
Located 12th, of June. 1907.
!      *.-.   ������*   ���      1.. ; * -.   KkasKK.
Dated this 8th Ol July, 1*77.
Take notice that C C. Clark, ot Nelson. H C,
saloon keeper, lntenda 10 apply for a special ilm-
l��er licence over the following described land:
t'ommenduk at a post planted ou Horning
Mountain, about one mile weft of f*mt Iter creek,
and adjoining <:. C Clark's location tor timber
licence No 1, and about one mile aouth oj Nelson, thence weil KI chains, thelice south ID
ehalus, tbence east mo chains, theuew north 80
chains 10 place of beginning.
Dated July Itith, 11*1. 0. 0, CLASS,
im v;i* Booth, Agent.
.n.I-on Laud District. District cif West Kootenay
Take notice that Frank Flanagan, A H Klder,
and K. W. Multh, of Hpokatie, W'ash., oceupatlou
ranchers, lutend to apply (or a special timber
lloenoe over lhe ltd low Ing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the southeast
corner, about six miles from the Kootenay river,
on the west side, ihenee north 80 chains, thence
*eat8Q eii a In*, ihenee south 80 chains, tbenee
eaal m. chains to point of commencement, and
conialulug Ato acres, more or less.
Dated July tttta, 1907. KftaNg Ki.*Wao*m,
A  8. Ki.tHH,
K   VV. Smith, Agent for AppllcanU.
N'lvou l a-, 1 District.   District ol West Kooteuay
Take notp-c tbat   Frank Flanagan, A  H  Elder,
and K. W.   Hmlth,   Hpokane,   Wash ,   o.-i-upatlon
rauchers.  Intend   to  apply for a ipeelal   limner
Ib-ence   over    .he   foi'owing   described    Isnds:
��� oiiiiueiicii.i.- at a post  planted  one   i*:i;**   uorth
and one ntUa east ol post No 1, whieh post is
shout six miles from the Kootenay river, on ihe
west side, thuii.e north no chains, tbeuee west 80
chains, then**.- south 80 chains, thenee ea��iau
obalaa to point of commencement, andcoutalu-
intr ''.io acres, more or less.
Dated July 131b, 1907. i n *.-*,. FLamaoam,
A   8  Ki.hkft,
K   W. Smith, Agent for Applicants.
Nelson Land Dl-trlel.   District of West KiKitenay
lake no. lea tlmiK.W. Hmtlh, Frank Flan a
gan, and A. H   KPlcr. of Hpokane, Wash., oempa
Hon   ranchara,   intend  (0   apply  (or a special
timber   lioen rer  the   following neaiiiIbetl
lands: Commencing at a post planted a I the
southwei-i comer) aljout eight miles from lhe
��� 1 river, on the weat side, and alxoii
'��� Mortli of the international boundary
Una,on the w*st bank of Urldg creek, ou thu
north fork, tbence north 80 chains t'.cuce easl
HOchalns, thenee south ��0 ebalns, tbenee wusl 80
ebalns to polnl of commencement., and contain
lug Mo meres, mom or leaa.
rated July lutb, 19")7. K. W   Hmitii,
A. kl   KLuaa,
K. W. HMiTll, Ageut.
Nelson Land District    District of Wesl Koolenay
lake nolle-   that   K.W. Smith,   Frank   liana
gan, an.l A   H   Klder.   of  Spokane,   Wash .   0000
patlou rauehcis,   intend lo   apply   for   a   special
Umbel Uoenoe   over the   following deacribed
lauds: Commanding nt a post planted st tlie
M-uthcui corner, aoout eight miles from the
Kootenay   river,  on   the  wesl  side,   and   about
three miles north of the International boundary
line, on the wesl batik of Hrldg ereek, on tog
north fork, tlience north 80 chains, theuco west
ho chains, th-ihM south 80 chains, thence cast HO
chain! to point Oi commencement, and containing '��P> eon "1 more or lens
Daled July 19lb, I1M7. K   W. Smith.
U(*m..   Fl-A)UUAN,
A. g    KI.PKK,
K   w. smith. Agent.
Take notice lhat !��i days alter date f Intend to
apply to the Hon. the Chirf cominlssloncr of
Lands and Works, Victoria, for permission to
cut and carry away timber from the following
deacribed Land, in west Kootenay 1
No.l. Commencing Ht h i.��mi planted nt the
���OUthwegt corner of limber license 8M0, thence
west 80 chsins. thence soulli 80 chains, tbence
enst Hi) ehains, thence uorlh 80 ciialns to place of
com mencement.
Dated May M, 19U7.       J. T   Bimoaas, Locator.
J  W   1 'out-i'iiN, Agent.
No. 2 Commencing al a posl planted at tho
southeast comer of application No. 1, thoUOggglt
mo chains, thcucc norlh 80 chains, theuee west BO
chains, thence south 80 chain* lo place of coin-
Dated May III, 1907.       J   T. Htrnugss, Locator,
J. W. ColaHPKN, Agent.
Nel-Hr.n I ..I.-I District District nt West Kootenay
lake notice that Paul August 1'aiilsoii, of Kit
ehciicr, H. C, nccupHtlnti ImnlH'rmaii, lnlen<1s
lo apply for a special timber llcriicc over the following described lands: Commencing ata point
planlcd at tbe southwest corner of surveyed lot
7221-C.i, thence easl 40 chains, thence uurlh 8'i
ei.nlns, thencneait to 1 e southeast corner nt said
lot, thence north to the liortheaHt corner of ssld
lol, 1 he nre cast te tbe west boundary of pre-emp
tlon No Wi, thence south to the north boundary
of timber   licence   No.   8M8,   thonce   west   alnnir
laid north boundary to the northweat cornerof
said licence, ihenee south to ihe north hounda'-y
of 1 tin I..-1 licence No 7ulH lln nee west to a point
due south ol commencement, thence north to
point ot couimeucemulit, and coiilatiilug iho
acrea, more or less.
Daied July 2nd, i'>*7.    J'ai*:.  M101 si 1'ahuon.
Nelson I nn*I District. Dlstrictof Wi-st Kootenav
Take notice shal 1'aui Aokiust I'snls. 11. of Kit
eheiier. It. C., oe<'Upation runibeiinan, liilends
10 apply for a special timla-r llotnoe OTOT the lol
tewing deeortbed lands: Comineleing atatx'St
plan led at the southwest corner of surreyed lot
nBi-G 1 tbenoe south to the northern bonndan
of timber licence No. 701��, Ihenee wesl lo the
norlhwest corner of sal 1 timber lloanoe, thenoe
south Ui tha iiorthern l*s>uii<lary ol lot 812. tbenoe
following sail boundary, ofssnl lot weitioUic
right of-way of the Hritlsh Coknnbls BontbaFn
Hallway, ibeti.-e following said right of vssy In a
northeasterly direction to place of commencement, and containing ggB ai-ri-s, more or ;���
Dated July Jnd, lWJ.    I'at'L At'UOet PAOSJOW.
Notice Is hereby given that flu days after date I
lnten.l to apidv u* the Honorable the I btel Cotn*-
UUaalonar of Lauds and W..rki for a special
license to cut aud carr> awav tlmbof from tb*s
folluwing described lauds in �� est Koolenay district :
No. 1 Commencing at a post marked William
Walmaley. pimm-d ai Eokanet Dreeft Biding on
the Prooter extension, on the wot side of Lol
(WW-'. ->u tbe south side of the \\v��i Arm of K..oi-
enay lake, ct.miucui lug al the N I OOfltei |���������*(
running nouth 80 chains, west m chain*, norUl 92
chstiix. east Hi) chains to place of beginnlng-
Looated M June, t��o7.
Wiliiam Waijssibv, Laa-ator,
JaMKS   Mi to  ii*.i-  as Age"t
Noliee 1. '.. r. ��� *. KlTen lhat 60 (lava alter ���tali*. I
latebd to apply to the Hon. I'hlef (uumiaalon, r
**f I-atida aud ftorka for  |a-rmlaalon to t.uri-haae
the following ,li<arrlt����l   laud   In Weat K etiaT
dlatrlet, 011 weat .hire ol Lower Arrow I.*,.-'
adjoniln, Ixit No. t\H��. ou the .ouih : li. , : ��� : . ..*
at a poat marked "Marry HiIj-.hI a N.K corner
i.,..i and planted on the .pore u< t,,��..r Arrow
I^ke, at the aoutheaat cornet ol (apt Foaland'a
. mil. Iheuce we.t *2U chaina. thence aouili JO
chalua more or lea. to the uorlh UiuudHiy ������ It
rullmure'a 1'. U . ihenco J., halna eaal ....un the
aald houndary to lake, thence north along lhe
take .pore  *Aj  chaina,  more  or  leaa  lo point ol
, ,������.., all nam , *
J. D. Moork.
Aient for Harry MeLeod.
Nelaon l^nd Ulatrlct.   lluirlctnf Heal Kia.ieuay.
Take notice lhat',come Kiifu. i.art.r mImhh
occupation, hrldkeman Intend, to apply for perinlaalon lo purchaae the followlnn dncrltaM
land: i .������ ..i . ., .. at poat plahled at the north
we.t coruer of B. Ro..' application to pun-haw.
mark.-! H W, thenre norlh ��l chalua. Iheuce
eaat ��J chaina. theme aouth ai chaina t,. A
turrya pr. einptlnn. thence we.t A) ehaina.
thence aoulh JU chaina. Iheuce we��t ��i chain, lo
place of commencement containing |a, acre.
more or leaa.
Dated July 1^. 1HU7.       Uaotni Rtirca CaTka
 W. J. b,orr, Aganl
N.laouUnd Dlatricl.   Dlatrlcirrf Weat Kootenay
Uonffoi'31!1*''''^1";1 ""���"*' tarn, ot iiuiiL,.,
li,    a    l..���    ,*,*''    "���*'*"P��""".    Ulcrch.lll.    lu!
lend.   I.,   apply   .or   perinlaalon   t��� purchaae the
following haairibai laud:   OommVnolii at I
poat planted ou the   we.t ahore ol   lp���,Vl,|
aaiSL!Sr\2SS*  "**-'*" "anWOa, then**.* loolb
��J chain., thenee , .at *) chain., ihen,*. n���nh ��
in'^li'i".^,!:"���"" '"*>''"���""���������'*������""��� .."1 cotilalu-
III. M"i a.rea   more or leaa.
May mil. liar;.
Nel.ou Land DUtrlct.   Dlatrlet of Weal Kool.nar
M,T;una"f"H V"" W"1" M<,N*-'"* "' B��"ng��*
Moul.ua. I . li. A. occupation mcr.lianl. inienda
m��Sfirrll--i r":""'"" '�� 1-nro.a.e lhe foil,,w
Ul *lca  rile-,) Un.l: t'ommenclng .1 a po.l nlanl
l;V;ni!��1"'.7,!V'''r,'','V,*'"**r,%1'"'"11*'''' *""-'���>
ake. ami   at   the   norlhweat   corner ol   Lot au*/
heme  we.tJO chain.,  thence nortb an    ,.,, i*
notu    ol",' **' ���'���"*""' ""*���"" -"""-"'han*   ,o
^cr?.l,m"rc:��''lcl,n���m,'*,������   ���""'   '"""<���'"���'  S
MayOTth, itxn Walti�� Mwgii..
I, the underalgncd. after 60 daya intcn.l t,. ...
��' **'" >"�� Hon.fhe Chief uoaffl .", ?,' ,':*?.
u',',   ",'k" ' "***��� the following ttncMbad
and: Commeucing al the N. K I of I. ,I 7UW
���h.l,*,. I','"'," ""'l *' ���""<���"��� ��'""'e north ���
ch!    Ito   oi','?  ')*"  *,���*�������   ''*���������*.-aonihZ
ium^^ni2^mmnu*a>*'i!'""taining ho
Ix��*ato** March aith, 1907. w. A. .Milij
HUty   day. after dale 1 purpo.c   ,-.,.,,,
I" ���� >"'li�� ��""  Chief t'ommuai  ,*,'"? r.Pn 1.
and Worka, foi perinlKlon lo   paronai.   Ih,   V, I
pi a.e.i on   he   we.t   .h���,e   ol   Lowe,  \ ,,.,, ,���
..in, thenc. go chain, weal, tl ,.,,,!"S 'chain,
aou h,   thence ao  chain.  ,..t.   ������.,,.,..,  .   ,'".
ts ::������::: KS'���?u ��� "' ��� ;��
Daled lhe io.l day of May. 1907
^pK  ���   ("lgm*.|)ll. Waa,,*,,
  p.' '��� <'. f.t'oiiga. Agunt.
Noliee la hereby given that ��o da. a alter dale i
of Ta", ,l'.0:,'*i''p..t"a""; """ "">*l < '..nm.., o c
,, *, 1'"' V"rk" 'or penu aalop t��� pureliaaa
W..i��KoW."'.1- <l,*r,"r"rl '*���*���" "' land, .llnKteln
Weal koolenay dlatricl: Commencing ���t ��� ...,.
plan ,*. ������ , i.,.,.r, ,���,.���, ���,.��� ,lN conn",",, Mi",
hummlt croeg, market Bargarat >i,i.���i,.|,i, *
N. K. cornar* th.nce aouth 40, halna, ti,,.,,,,. ��� ,,
at) ohalna, thence north lo chain, i ���., ,..,, I,
chain, to pla,*e of com,,,,.,,,,. ,,,,"" *" ">
ikrd M.y, linn. HAHgAUl M-.L.0, UL.H,
___^__^__^ Wii.i.i.w luiutvA'a. Agent.
I, Iheunder.lgued Intend alnrraidaya toapply
to lhe lion theClUclcoiuinlaalo,,,.,,,! Uml,,,',,!
Hork. for i��*ru:M,aloiiio|,uich����,* ih,. toUowlu
deacrlhcd Uud : l*,,ioincucliiK ���, , p,���, Barkii
of S,* "'"'K' H ,K  ,: * '������' "'�� wo.��� ahore
0 H      "an   l!' **".',"" 'V"'V'* "'""" 'r'"" ���ll" '��*�����'
Hocan    ake, Uicnce weal 40 chaina,  thence
mi, I, 411 chain., ,1,0110,, e..t lu chain,
aoulh   aloug   ahnre   of   Hlocan    l.ko lo polnl    ,1
'..iniMoinomo.il. .'io,,,,   01
LocatedI MayUh. T   M. Hli.HI*.
Nelaon I.nil Dlatricl    Dlatricl of W,,l kootenay
Take notice that Kdward I'eu.ra of Ymlr Ilrlllah Coliiinhla. occupation, minor. Intend, to ap-
Ply for pcrmla.loti to purchaae the following
deacrihed laud: Commencing al a pnai plain,.I
on the norlh hunk of Loat creek, almi'l thrco
uilliia eaaierly from lhe Junclloii of Loat croek
and  Salmon   river,  In   Ihe   Nelaon land dlatrlet,
thence  norlh  M clia  tutnog weal on chalua
thenco aouth 00 chain., more or leaa, to loat
eioek, thenco eaat following aald crook to point
01 commencement, and containing -mo aoroa,
more or lean '
Dated .I,,,,,. f,lh, m,7 BDWABB I'KTEIUI.
Roiaon IXmi Dlgtrut. DUtrlct of Weat Kooteuay
n'Io.k? "",ll'*o .fiat John I'hllbert of Nelaon,
Hrlll.h (nliiml.la, occupation, aaloon keoiior, In
tond. to apply for permlaaUiti lo puroriaao the
lollowlng deaoilhod laud: Commenollig at a
poal planted on thu north hank l.,��i creek, and
about two and one ,|iiarlor mllea eaaierly from
t.c liiejvtioii of Loat crook and Haliiion river, In
tho Nel.on land dlaUlot, iheuce norlh l��l 1 I.....,*.
thenea weat 60, halna. thenco aouth an ehalna
more ur leaa, to Lo.t creek, Ibence eaal following
aald ereek to p-lnt of commencement and containing 4wi .ores, more or leaa.
Dated Jinn Ml,   1007. J0,IN l*,m.i,,iu
Notice I, hereby given that alxlydny. after diite
I Inland lo appl v lo the lion, chief Commlaaloner
01 Landa and Work, lor perinlaalon to purchaae
the following deacrlbcd tract of laud altuate In
woat kootenay dlatrlet:    Coiinni nolng at a poil
planted about 1  half mile norlh from fork;i ot
Summit croek,  marked   -lean   ..amoron'a K. W
comer,  '.heu.e eaal 40 ohalna, thenoe norlh 40
chain., thenee  weal  *, eh.ln.. Ifgaa-.
Nelaon Un.l Dl.lriet.  Dtoirtcl^or^J
Ilrlllah Colombia. c��up.li���u 10in,, ��
appl i lor le-rmlulon to pur. I,.,, .��,'."
d.-M-rllM-d lauda: Commeiicin,,1, "T
oil lhe uorth bank of 1....1 creek aa* .1
mil. oa.ierly from the lonc,lon rt'C
and Halmon Mver   In   the   Ku�� CglT
 *   north Ml chalua.   thence ,ui i
lion, e aouth 60 chain., thenc, wtit ��
|��.|IU   or     ... r.*i. ....... ,���,     ������!
.or,-a. more or leu.
D.ted  1,111,. .Ml,, lour r������ y .,,
.,"'���,t7td*/, *"���' date I inlet*w
Iton. t hief ( ommlMioner ol I.ai, ,u.
���.Ictorla. II c. i��� purcha.. th, f,eJL*J
MTIbed land. aliuaUtl in th. WeiiKMiMii
irlet: ( iiuunenelng at a fant au* ������ '
weet aide nl Kont.ney lake tie* l.2jA
lailnl. and m.rk-d J. MeklnnoD't 1 1^1
poat, thence we.t go chala, t-aaaa, Jta
. I.all,a. iheuce eaal au chala. murt at mtA
ahore. thence along lake ihore 10 Kfjl
Dated April 4. 11)07, Signed 1 VrJJeal
Holloa L��nd Di.lrnt.   Dlalrlclol ��aTl��J
Take   notice   that   Edward yruar
-HA,  nreupatloo vool 1
tenda to apnly  I,,,  permlailon 10 m    j
lollowlng   deacrlhcd   laid       rniVjCI
p,*.l p.auleol ou   lhe we.1 ...,,...:   ,**. 1,
ihau I' a, 11,,.,1 lake, an.! at IbeloclkSlS
of  u.i aiay, thence weet an ch.lt.,. tbcaaeg
' alt.a,  thence eaat SI chain,, tk.a-.aol
otialna, tb.-uceeaet 40ebala,.mor.oTkwag
weatabori nl I pper W hauhae u'.-lwal
il.otK, northerly aud westerly ilonf oifl
��� bore ao ehalna.   more  or  n ,1  i-1- :*,,
.*....*.1    and   containing   ,.*.�����;-
May ��th. 1907. lo.iu raaj
Hmy day. efuu date I nurpoa. m,ti��*
cation to lhe 11*.n ih. .*M��-!' .,u.a..-a-
l.n.la arid Worka for permlailon pjeaaael.
l.-llowlug !.*���< rll.. ,1 land: CoBmioogl-
po.1 placed al the .: -!..-..- *-
-...*.-. application u> purrkaw aat
*'K 0*.. N. W corner poat" tb.ar* a.l^i.4,:
eastern boundary of aald api.llrauccaal
.ouih. thenee running 91 ch.ln, em. Mr
chnlna norlh to the eouthera l-.*:t,l,*. it'
HamilngUiii'i application pi j**.:-Lia, tlav
.-halo, weat .long aame : 1-:*.'. * l *.taa
���iu nt. conulnlng i4o acrea. uor. 01 la*    B
Dale.1 2nd day of May, latyi.
HMga��t) > n
per F tl   r.rot'lkk.^��. B
Hl.iy day. after dale 1 intend u> ������������
Hon    chicl Commlaaloner of I 1:. :>,,*.<
tor   p*>rml��alon 10  purchase  Ibe  f* -*.*���
acrlbed  laud   in   We.1 KtKileu.y dl.lrtcl ih
menelng   at a poet marked A C .::*��
uorner   1- -���    ruonlng  t   . l.ain. ,����*.*; *
the boundary of Timber lleence No an ***-*
aouthorly M) cbalna,  u,,*ii. . ,ei�� I * a
ll.eo. e   uorthelly  60 ehalni aloof '-'���'-'
track to the place of commeocem.bt. MkaW
two hundred ai're., mure or leaa.
: ..... . I tbl. llth day of May. ::���'���
a.c fcal*"!
Notice 1. hereby given tbat w dayiuvau
Intend to apple 10 the Honorabli m*1 -*���
.........*.. .*   ul Landi  ai.'l   Worki for jaowp
to purchaae the following deaorlt**! aM.���:
In We.t koolenay dlatrlet. lomiaeDcjiig
poit plant ,1 at the weal boundary ��U**��
and . i,..,n lu chaina aoulh of tbaiouUiaaJH
of Iho rlghl of way of the 11 f la��aoatJ|
way. and marked P. A. I"i .ou.bauiaajj
llo-lice woal 1... ohatna. Ihem-enoftb W0*"M]
���   ...   .-    ,. -   . .    ,..!   .11.1.,.      I n .   I ,. ..
-undary of the right-of way of _
railway, thenee following ul.l booaaatt
right-of way In an oaaurly dlreelloo
. 11 1  ����-.   ;-,,    nun..' U^M
boundary of f.ot *I62 111. thenre aauto U.OKJ
couiineiicemunt,   contaiuing   1"D afp. *^HE
Dated 1!,.. ml. day of June, !W.
Pin A0U117 f,^^t
Soil,,-   I.   hereby  given   II,.1   ll��.'  ''!'!
���lab*    I    liilen.l    lo  apply   10 the  Hen"..-*"   *
I onimlaalotter of   l.tid. an.l  ttorll Waw
lion lo purchaae the lollowlng dearrltaw aaaaBV|
laud   lltuatial III Well  koolamv iHllI*. \M
I. ���       ing   at   a   poal   plantrd  nn fua-'^^g
about 1 half mile norlhwa.l Irom **}^M
edJ.H   Mel.'a N   K coiuor. Ihciu'o aaO**^
11,011.0   ...nth   411 ehalna,  theni-c aail*a*a
lUciio,- norih 40   ehalna lo p|��H�� "������
ment. ^-saB
JSrd May, 11107. Jooa "��� Hi u;*��|
WlLLUM Biaaofa^'P^W
Take   notice   that  Harry   Wllliami ol ***���(
H * . rancher. Intend. 10 apply I'" l*"***M
to purchase the lollowlng .leacrllard J>aj
Vaeai koolenay dlitrlct: ,.M&
Coiuineticlug at a poat planted edlewi-oMi
aoulbeail comer of U��t all IhouHa/ >^'|H!
rod and elgl.ly live (69A.-.), I,r,..j��f*nr ..**�����
dl.lrtot, thence iouth twenty laT,' hi!l��*E
weat one hundred and .IklJ l*s**e) rbllta *T
Horn, Iwelity (JO) chaina. tltiioe esitoN'ag ,
red and ality (160) ekalui to rhe f'"^!
menceinenl and caalatnlng ��J0 acrei ��-Mn
fated thu 1Mb .lay of May. IDOL     m.,.JM
1. the iimlcralgued, nller to dan >""!��
ply lo the Hon the 1 hlef c���ninilwl"n'M,���
and Worka lor permlaalou to por����"'7��
lowing <loacrll>ed land: C'ooiinenrllil��*aj|
iiitirbed N.K. C. situated on lb. W*!!L!*TM
Hlocan Inkc.aljnut twenty mile, (rem*���*��"���,���
th o weal 40 cbalna, lheu<*e io"tb *"!*���
tt,. lice eaat 40 chain., thciu-e nor, %���
ahoro ol lake HO ehalna to point of .�����m
tai'til. ....-I,'
laicaUid May 4th.
Buna Wiiira. Aieiij
HlHy days after date I purpose mallol
tlon 10 tlie Chief Commlaaloner ot 'ZjM
Worka foi permlailon to puri'liaic 1n�� ^
deacrllMid land: Commencing it'l n
nl the norlhweat corner of lol *tt��{ ' y
ud "P Mil"��H IC.cortiir poal," '""""V
ail ehalna north thonce an ehalni ����".' 5i
 __      .u... ui ..,._,������   aall. '. r.
1111a noriii uicnce no anaia.  ������-   ,   ���
ia aouth, thenco 811 ohalni "���";'��
 jiotieemout, cntitalning ���Mu "Mw*
Doted I hli Oil. day ol M
ay oi May. 1��"   a,i*t"*S
(Signed) I'riaaMdt    J
fV A. Mi-��.1'Ll*ooi^*5-J
Nelaon Land IlTatrlcl. Dlatilot of Wait    m
Take notice thai Paul Align.* fJJjJJ \A
eheiier, 11. c.. oeeiipatloti Viiiiil'erntaa, -
10 npply lor pnrmlaalon to P""'"*'*   ,iil
Dig   deaerllwil   landa:     c '*",',��� S|. ��|
planted on Ilia weal boundary.of lot J M
and about It) ohalna aouth *0%*SS,StO
ol the rlghl-ofway ol the >>',)", ri'l
Southern Hallway, anil marked T.��. ./���
eaal oornor," thonoe wait ����� J""���,ie9
north to the aouth boundary ol'"' "��� lift
of Ihr Hrltlah Coliiinhla """"'"'ilj ijlS
thence following aald boundary,!;! ���*" ,��
way, In an eaaierly ftlreollnn In IM �� jA
ary of lol No. MU-U.I, thenea aotl'�� >+*
coinmoiiceiaonl, and Oontoinlnl I""
nr lea.. mn~,
Dated thla lath day o.����gi JJ�������lWj
Notion 11 hereby given lhat RftfiM
In lend toapply lo tho Honorable **"_
mla.louer of Land, and Work, for amj,gl .
purehaao tho following ilnwlw1'"��������
altualo 111 Weat Kootenay dlatr��:>- ln"���l'i!
at a po.l planted 1111 I'lacen eroo"* "" ��l��
lliienco with Hiiinml.t �������>. "'"r",T, 40��B
llarboiira N. W. v.vaaa", theuco aoii". ^.g.
Ihonco ea.t 10 *iaina, thenne '*'';' ,na*J
thence W�����rlo���hajnatoplaoool*-".""),jfa��
a*r,dm��ylW7. Wll liaii�� The Daily Canadian
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
e BACON We Sell
ives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly    (
Cured and Smoked.    Our Hams Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
Burns & Co., Ltd.
is  oereby    given    tbat  30 day*
nd to  apply t��  tbe  CblOl  Com-
Of   I-and   and   Works,   for  a  spo*dal
end carrjf Umber Irom the   follow-
lendv,   situated   on   the   soutbea>t
Iver.   in   tbe    dlstrlet  of  Went
im menelng at a post [dared about
ot Rote tavat ereek marked "K. M.
si   eomwr,"   theme   Ml  ehains
���hains   enst.   ihenee 80  chain**
halua   went   to   plaee   of   com
day of June, 1907.
K   M. Kkjcyks, IxK-alo
0 Is  hereby  rti
tend io apply  to the Chief coin-
Lends  and   Works,   for  a  special
end carry timber from the follow-
' land*   ���t'tuated on   the   south* hM
^ou river, in tbe  dlstrictof  Weet
menelng at a post placed  about
Of Kom- I^-af creek, marked "K   M.
1 aiiutbwest   corner,"    thence  80
thence Ml   ehatns   east,   tbence 8"
Iheuce KO  ehains west lo place of
10th day of June, l��n.
K. M. KtCKVKf, LfK-ator.
���!*�������� TitfiTI i 1'istrieioi West Kuofnay
I    Tefcj lililMe   lhat   William   Andrew   Itosi,   of
^iSCeVaTiotcl keep,.,, mr.-u.ls ...   apply   for
N|Wnrlit'.>iiirii.t r IM'   following   des-
jenclng at a pott planted about
of the Koolenay river, on OotU
lM��nii'(   of  Wesl   Ko*��touay,  and
miles nortli of the international
md about two miles west of tun
j. cawi, tbence south 80 chains,
chain**. Ihenee north HO ehalus.
���Chair'- to point ol commeuceineut
M0 a* res, more or lass.
une, t��n.
jiict.iK at a post planted at the
iTOf William A Koss'No. I claim,
chain*-, thence west 80 chains.
Ohalns,  thenee east 80 ehaius,
���Oinni. ii'( -nn.fit.   and   containing
or less.
lane, i��n.
lUBhenclng at a post planted about
IWttMtlatWMt ef the M'Ttlimtil i-oruer "1 V\ 11-
ItaoAmaawlS t ���! aim,   I e   -...,* h -      t-baiiif,
'E Chains,   thenee   north   W  cbalus,
��� ehains to the j>ului ��f coiniuuiico-
Iteming liH1 acrea, more or less.
I June.   I-J"1.'.
___jclnf  at  at  a  poat   plante*)   at
iiorner of   William   A. Koss' No. J
eonli  80  idialns,  thence  went'0
aouth 80 ehains,   thence eaat  "���'
f   i-i>inni*-iiei-iiieril,   coutalu*
- less.
June, 1W7.
mclug  at   a poid   planted i
tolffll"       ���
t the
Illiam A   Koss'No 3 claim.
ebeins,   ihenee  west no chains,
Ofa-alii*. Uteno* east mi chains to
nmciK I'lin'iii. and containing tV40
jnclng at a   |.c**i   plnntctl  about
af the   northeast   corner of   Wll
ft claim   thenee south 80 chains,
jhalns,  theuee   north no chains.
ehatns lo the point ni commence*
tning Mb acres, more or leas
Tone, 1907.
lencing at a post plante,] at the
erof William A. Koss' No. 6claim.
chains, iheuce east no chair-.
hains, thenee west -1 ehalnn i��
eiucnu in, aud containing (UU
June. 1 '.*>.'
meuciug at a   ������"-i   planted  about
ih of Hi"   northwest corner ol   Wil-
Tlo fl claim, thenee unrtli ho ehains,
tt) chains,   tlicnce  soiitn 8.)  eliahis,
ehalus lo the point of cnuimeuce-
tain I tifl 640 acres, more ur less
June. iwn.
jmeneitig at a post planted about 40
��1 the norlhwest corner nl William
��� I'luim.   iheuce  sonth  8n  chains,
.���0 chum...   Iheuce   north   80   cbalus,
���^chains to the poln< of  rommence-
talning M0 acres, moru or less.
���xrComnii'tK'tnit at a post   planted   about
of the   northeast   cnriiei of Wll-
). fi claim, thence south 80 chains,
-hains.  thence   north   80 chulus,
hains to i io  p.] int of eonimence-
ntaiiiinr Alt' acres, more or less.
"  June. v*n
menelng at a post planted about
of the northeast eorner of William
claim,   thence  north  80 < hains,
chains,  thenee  south  80 chains,
-bui(ih lo the point of comnieuce-
telnlng 640 acres, more or leas.
"    ie. i��n.
���a-Ocmno n* nu:  at a pool   planted about
g   South    ot    the    imithwe-l    corner    "f
A. Hns-**** No   M   claim,   tbenc s mth   *���**>
rest ��> ciialns, thelice north 80
���nit  80 chains  lo point of coin-
Aol contaliilugfltoacrcs.moreor less
h June. 1907.
nclug at a i>ost planted about
I   thi northwest corner of Wll
I,   10   Claim,    Uicnce    north   80
....   ..esl 80 chains,  tbence soulh 80
ce eastSO chulus lo the point of eoinC
Und containing (HO neres more or low,
0th day ot July, 11KT7.
tvir J UM .\N|.��KW   Id*,
Plstrlct.   District of West K ���imy
_ that Walter K.lwurds, of Fargaion,
lion  cook,  Intends   to apply   ior  a
lei-nee over  Iho  lollowlng  des-
j'oinineiicing  at  a  posl   planted
Ik creek   running   into  the  head   ot
ou   the   east   sidu of Cariboo   lake
Walliii   Kdward's  northwest corn-
���ouih    HO chains'   thence   east  80
oo  north 80 ohalns,  thence  west 80
if eommeucement, and  coutalti-
_ iro or less.
I'/Hh, 19*1. Wai.tkk Kdwabdh,
y his agent K. 0. Mannino.
I District.   District of Wesl Kooteuay
[����������� aotlce that Walter Kdwards, of I'eiguson,
ttftttlou cook, luutndn
Hber  llcenee over   the
apply   for
'Mowing des-
ids:    Coiinni-iii tin;   at a posl ft'ei   mil's
creek  mid a  ��� ,  mile en-*t  from  A.
,_er  post No. tt, ami   marked   "Wnltor
_borthwest corner post,"  thonce east
thence son ih bib ehains,   theuco  west
theme  norlb   100   ehains   to  polut of
iinent, and containing lilt) acres, more
ay Stub. 1907. Wai.tkii Kimva huh.
hy his agent F. (!. Mannino.
nd District. District ol West Kootenay
Otlce that Waller Kdwards, of Ferguaoti,
"Upatlon cook, mi.mis to apply for a
hber llcenee over tho following des-
ids: ('om 'in-ill'inn al. a post planted
|tlo from the head of f'arlhon lalto and
est ol said lake, and marked "Walter
(���nuthwest corner," theuco north 80
hence uast 80 chains, theuee couth 8u
henco west 80 i hains to polut of coin-
pt, and eoutalnliig 040 acre*, moro or
ley Both, 1907. Wai.tkr KnwARjw,
hy hli agent F. U. m alsninu.
Nelson Lend 1'istrlct. District of Weat Kootenay
Taac nollec that Arthur K. Kvam��, of Beaton.
II. C, occupation erul*er, Intends toapply for a
special i.mbcr licence over tbe following described Imids: t'ommenclng nt a post pleated
about b ti, ... - uii Bteren* creek running into the
east side of Carlb*.o lake marktd ������A. *���. evali'i
���southwest corner post," thence north HO chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to point of commencement, and containing MO acres, more or less
I ikied Mayaoth, VAn. AKTittrK K. i*vanh.
by hie agent 9, 0. Manmnu.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date I Intend toapply lo the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a special 11-
ceiic- to OUt and carry away Umber from the
billowing deacribed lauds in West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a pact planted on the
uerlh bank or Ten Mile creek, about oue mile
aud a half from hlocan lake, marked II. II Pitta'
northwest corner post, Ihenee east 1H0 chains,
tlicnce soutli 40 chains, thence west IflO chains,
tbence north 40 chsins to place ol commencement.
Dat. -1 this .*m .- day of June, 1907.
II. H   I'itts, Locator.
A. W. H-irsiM, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given tbat thirty days after
dale 1 intend to apply to tbe Honorable
Chief Commissioner of l>aiids and Works at
Victoria. B.C., for a special license to rut and
carry awav limber from the following described
lands in Went Kootenay dUtrlct: Commencing
at a post planted on the west bank of .Smelter
creek, about one mile south of thcCfty of Nelson,
Iheuce south 80 chains, tbence wesl 80 chains,
Iheuce uorth 80 chains, theuee east 80 chains to
plaee of commencement.
Dated this llth day of June. 1907.
C. C. i "���* ��� ��.i . I. irsior.
D. H* "in, Agent.
Take uolb-e that llenery Johu Johnson, Poet*
master ol Fernle. B. t:., lntenda lo apply for a
special timber licence over the following described lands:
No. 1.���Commencing at a post planted Iu the
1 lotrict of Went Koolenay, aboul two m 'I" ��� north
of the International boundary Hue and about
one mile west of boundary lake adjoining and
i.fin'1'. I- licences No - '. i and 8069, ihenee south
80 i lii.ii- - thence west 80 chains, thence north 80
thence i-a-t so c hai un to place of t-omiueucement,
)'���.!���.I June a, !'.���".' ll. J. Johnson, !>ocalor.
A--n. Hackbtt, Agent.
No. 2 - - .-in in- to * mi- at a poet plauted about
one mile uorth ol the northwest coruer ol 11. J.
.i .ii'���-*���!! - No. 1 uii.li--: claim, thence south 80
chalriH, tbeuee east 80 chains, thenre north 80
chains, thence wesl 80 chains to place of commencement
Dated June It, 11)07.        II. J- JoilssoM, Locator.
Ani>. HacKKTT, Agent.
No 3.���commencing at a pott planted at the
north wesi oorner of II. J. Johnson's No. 2 timber
claim, thence Miuih no chalua, tbence west80
chains, thenee north SO chains, tneuce east 80
chain-* to place ot commencement.
Dated June t, ltto7.       it   .1   loifvoN, Locator.
Anh   ih.Ki.i!, Agent.
No 4. -Commencing ata f>ost planted at the
norlb east corner or H.J. Johusou's No. 3 timber
claim, thenee uorlb BO chains, thence west 80
chains, theuee south 80 chsins, theucu east 80
chains lo place of commencement
Dated June:!, !.������, M   I. JohNhoN, l.-aior.
Anii, II a* kktt. Agent.
No, :��.���Commencing at a post plante*) nt tbe
northwest oorner of U   l Johnson's No 2 timber
claim, tbence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains thence aonth SO chains, tbeuee west Ni
chains to place of eommeucement
Dated June a, llW7.       11. J  Johnson, I��caior.
Ani>. If a* kRit, Agent
No. 6���t'ommcneing ata post planted about
one mile north of the norlhwest corner of ll. J
Johnson's No. 5 umber claim' theii.-e south 80
ilialii*. tbence east 80 chains, theuee uorth 80
chsins, thence west 80 ehains io place ol commencement
Dated Juue 3, 11XJ7.       II. J. Johnson, Locator.
No. 7.'Commeucing at a pott planted at the
northwest corner uf H. J. Jonn^on'N No. 6 timber
claim, tbeuee south Hui-halns, tbence west 80
ciialns, theuee noith 8b chains, thence easl 80
0l alns to place of enmmcncuinent.
Dated JutieS, lttt>7. I!    J. JOHNSON,   Local  ir.
AND. Hai KKTT, Agent
No 8-Commencing at a post pianie*! at the
DOrthnett eOnter Of H J. Johnson's No 7 timber
claim, tbence north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence,Mtutb 80 chains, iheuce east 8o
chains to pUce of commencement.
Dated June *. 1907.       II. J. JOHMOM, Utcator.
And  Hackkit, Agent.
No 9 ���Commencing at a post planted at the
imrihwesl corner of II. J Johnson's No ti timber
claim, thenee north ���*��������� chains, Iheuce east Nn
chains, tbence south U chains, Iheuce west 80
ehnins to point of commencement.
Dated  lune 3. ma.        II. J. Johnson, locator.
No. lo. Commencing at a post planted at tha
northwest comer of Umber licence 8074, thence
north 80 ���'bains, thence cant 80 chains, thenco
south 80 chains, tbeiie*-west 8o chains to place
of coinim ueenieiil
Dated June 3, IWI7.        H.J. Johnson, Locator.
Ann. llACKtcrr, Agent.
Take notice that Dan Baker, prospector, of
BUD, n 0 . Intends to apply tor a special Umber
licence over the lollowlng denerlbod lands:
No. 1.    ('ommencing  at   a popt plante*! iu the
dlHtrlet of Wesl Kootenav, aboul eight miles
west of th-' Koolenay river near the north bank
of IIoiin*tur> creek t.nd oue mile lio-th of the iu-
leriialloual ooundary line, which claims are de-
MTtbed   ns  ftdlows:  At   the northwest corner ol
Umber licence no. 8007, thenot north 80 chains,
thunce  east  8o  . imln-,   thence south 80 chains,
thenee Wet180 chatus to place of commeuceineut.
Dated 1st Juue, IW'7. Dan  Hakk.H.
Sn '2.���Commencing at a post planted nt the
southwest corner of I'hii Makers No. I claim,
thence uorth 80 chains, thenco west HO chains,
thcucc Mouth 80 chains, thence east 80 chains to
place of commencement.
Dated 1st June. 1007. Dan Haker.
No. S.���Commencing al a post planted nt the
northwest corner 0) Dan Maker's No 1 "laim,
thenre norlh 80 chains, thuuee enst 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thenee WWt 80 chains to
I In'.- of fommenco-iioiit.
Dated Isi June. 1000. Dan Hakkr.
No <1.--Commencing at ajiost planted at the
northeast corner of Dan Faker's No. J clttim,
thenco north no cbnlus, theucu west KO chaina,
theme soulh 80 chains, thence east chain* to
placo of eoininniiceiiHMit.
Daled 1st June, ltto7. Dan Dai. mi.
No. 6, -Commencing nt ft post planted at the
northwest corner of limber licence No 80AU,
tlience north 80 cnnlus, Iheuce easl ho chains,
thence soutli 80 fdinlns, thence wust 80 chains lo
place of commencement.
Dated June-tlli, Vm>~ Dan H.ikkii.
No, 6. Commencing at a post planted at the
nnrthwt'St corner of Dan Bakor's No 6 claim,
thence north .-*n chains theuco east 80 chains,
thenee souih Hi chains, thence wesl 80 chains to
place of commencement.
Dated illttp Oh, 1007. t*AM Hakkh.
No. 7.���Coiumeiicln'
northeast conn r of Umber IP
thence uorlh 80 rhnlllH, thrlice West 80 chains,
theuco south 80 chntns. tlience oast HO chains to
point of coiniiieiiceinDUt.
Dated Junu lib. ltt(>7. Dan Bakkk.
No. e.--Cnmmonciiig  at a post pbinted   at  tho
uortntMl oorner *il  Dm  BeJMr'l No 7 claim,
thetiee uoilh HO i hutn-., theuco west Ho chains
Ihelicc  -..ulh  80 chains, thelice   cirl  80 chains lo
pine ��� of commencement.
Dated Juuo 4th, 1007. Dan IUkir.
ini; at n posl   planted  at the
of   Umber   licence    No. WOO,
London'e   View   of   Hague   Gathering
Review of Home and Foreign
Political  Questione.
London, July 31.���The principal result of The I la-gun congreHa haa been
Uu abdfeution of Ihe emperor of Corea.
There are conflicting accounts of the relations or the court party at Seoui with
the Tokio government, hut it is plain
that the trouble began with the appearance of the Corean delegates at the
DuUh capital, when the management
of (be foreign affairs of the peninsular
kingdom had been left exclusively to
Japan under the protectorate convention. The amiable monarch has paid
the penalty for a diplomatic adventure
for which he may not have been directly
responsible. Those delegates were mysterious puppets. It is not clear who has
pulled the wires, nor Is It wholly Intelligible why the emperor , designate
should not be the heir apparent but another son who was expelled from Corea
and has been living In Japan. Then-
are minor mysteries in this little pup-
pel play, but the main motive is apparent. Japan will not tolerate any nonsense In tho management of her subject state.
The amateur diplomatists have not
been properly supported In working up
the war scare between America and Japan. They have been chattering about
a secret understanding between lterlin
aud Washington by which the American navy can be concentrated on the
Pacific. The idea of Uncle Sam making
a backstairs agreement with any European power on any subject was as preposterous as the assumption that he
would ask permission at any capital before sending a fleet into the Pacific.
These fantastic bubbles have been
pricked. The broad fact is that the
American   and   the    Japanese    govern-
"l-Uni No. 1.
Nelsou Lend Dlitrlct. Dlstrictof Weat Kootenay
Take notice lhat A. L. Heading, ot Arrow-
bead, It C, occupation, carpenter, intend- to
app>y for a special timber license over tbe following described lands: ('ommencing at a post
planted 40 chains soutb of 8 K corner of T. L. 7 -
.>l*>. tbence south SO chains, thence eaat 80 chains
thence north SO chains, thence west 80 chains te
point   ot commencement.
lune .i8lh, 1907.    Ahthuh I,h mnii Bkam.no.
Claim No  2.
Nelson Land District. District of West Koo'enay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, B (.:., occupation, carpenter, Intends to apply for a special timber licence over the foi
lowing de*-erii*ed lands: Commencing et e
post planted 80 chains south of A. L. Heading's
corner post No. 1, tbence soutb to chains, thenea
��� aat 80 chains, thenee north 80 chains, thence
wi'M .*! ehains, to point of commencement.
Ju0e28tb  I.S-7.      AHI'Htl! I.Al'ICKNCB Kvadino.
Claim No. S.
Nelson l,.uid DUtrlct.  District of Weit Kootenay
Take  notice  that   A.  U   Reading,  of   Arrowhead, B   c., occupation, carpenter, intends to
IM-iv (or m hp.clitl timber   lice dm   orer   the   foi
lowintt described lenda: Commenciif st a poat
planted 60 chains south of N. tt. corner of A. L,
KeadiiiK's claim No. 1, thence south 160 cbaini,
tbeuee east 40 cbalus, thence north IM chains,
tbence wesi 40 chains to polut of commencement.
June ."������! tl, 1--HJ7.       AHTH1H LAUHBUCK REAMMU.
Claim No  4.
Nelson l.nud District.  District of Vt est Kootenay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, carpenter. Intends to
apply for a special timber license over the following descrilied lands: Commencing at a Dost
planted 40 chains south of N.K. cornerof A. L.
Heading's claim No 3, thence south 160 chains,
thence cast 40 chains, thence north 160 chains,
thence west 40chains to point of commencement.
June J8th, 1907.   akihik Latikkmcb Readimo.
Claim No. ft.
Nelson Land District.   District of West sTootenay
Take notice that A L. Reeding, of Arrow-
bead, B. 0 , occupation, carpenter, Intends to
apply lor a special timber license over the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted 40 ehalus south of N K. corner of A. L.
ken..inn'-- i la in No 4, thence south 160 chains.
iheuce uaat 40 ehalus, tbenoe north lfi0��hali"s
theuee wesl 40 chains to point of comment'-
Juue 29lh, 1907.    A hi urn Laiikb.scb Kiidinu.
Claim No. 6.
Nelson Laud District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, B. D.| occupation, carpenter, Intends to
apply lor a special timber license *��ver the foi
l..\*i in* ii - 'i 'iticd lands; Commencing et e post
pUn fl 40 chains south ol N h Corner of A L
({������adlug's claim No. \ thenco south 160 chains,
thetiee oust In chains, Ihenee north Ifrfchalo-H,
thence west 40 cbalus to point of commenoe-
.Inn." .".Mil, 1907.     ARTtll'll I.Al'RKNCr KEAIUNo.
Claim No. 7. ,...       ���
Nelson luii.l District. Dlstilctof nest Kootenay.
Taku notice that A L. Heading, of Arrowhead,
B. (3 , occupation, earpeuler, inteuds toapply Ior
a special timber licence over the following described lauds: Commeucing ata boil planted
70 uhalns south of N K. corner of A. L, Reading's
claim No. 6, thunee south HO chains thence east
*> chains, tbence north 80 chains, thence west sO
chains to point of oommenoemfiit.
Juno ��ih, i��07.   A si in a Lauiknck Rsautra.
Take notice that John Hum, of Fertile, B C,
hotel keeper, intends to apply for a special tlm-
ber licence over tbe following described lends:
1. Commencing ata pOHt planted in the Dlstrictof West Kootenay. Nelion Mlufnic Division,
on the north fork of ths south fork of Lost creek.
about five miles up creek from where two forks
meet and about six miles north of tbe International Bon mt nry Line and about twenty-eight
miles west of Kootenar River, thence east no
chains, thunee north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to bank of said creek, thenco down stream
to placo o| commencement.
J. Hohk, Locator,
2. Commencing ��t a post planted at tho uoulb-
weit corner of J. Ross's No 1 location, thenoe
west 80 chains, theucu north N chains, thenoe
east 80 chains more or lem to bank of said creek,
thenuo down stream to placo of commencement.
J. Kohx, Locator.
fl. Commencing at a post planted et or neat
tho southwest cornor ot J. Ross's No 1 location,
thence west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
theuco enst 80 chains, more or less, to said creek,
thenee up stream to place of beg In nine
f. Bosh, Locator.
4. Commencing at a post plantod at nr near
lhe southwest corner of J Rossi No. 1 location,
then-o east 80 chains, thence south 80 chsins,
tlicnce west 80 ohalus, mure or leM, to bank of
said creek, thence up stream to piece of commencement. _
J. Hobh, Locator,
6. Commencing at e post planted about two
miles south of the southwest enruer of J. Ron ���
No 1 location, on the north fork of tbe suuth
lork uf L ^t crook, aud ahuut tour miles up
stream, from where the two forks meet, thence
enst HOchalns, theno< north 80 chalm, theuee
west 80 chains, more or less, to bank of said
creek, thence down stream to place of commence.
J. Hon. Locator.
6. Commencing at a post planted at, or near,
the southwest cornoi of J. Rois'i No ft location,
on Lost creek, thence west 80chains, thence
north 80 chains, thenco HO ohalns cast, more or
less, to bank of said ureek, thonce down stream
.  in place of commencement.
Located .',-ih J une, 1807. J. Hou, Locator.
meats undent! arid each other and are
bent upon the mafnlennnce of peace.
The amateur diplomatists nre not more
unfortunate In ihelr speculations than
the professional at The Hague, where
there are prolonged (Uflctlflfofia which
only serve lo accentuate the differences
of opinion on naval policy, neutral rights
and controversial questions of International law. Agreements will probably
be reached on minor points, hut not until the delegates have talked themselves
out  and felt qualms of homesickness.
The election of Mr. Grayson as Kelr
Hanjie's understudy for Cone Valley
Is more significant than anything that
has happened at sultry Westminster,
where the ministers are thoroughly
jadt fl. The capture hy the young Socialist of what was considered a safe
Liberal seat is a warning that the number of independent candidates will be
doubled or trebled at the next general
election and the government exposed to
disastrous enfilading fire. Mr. Grayson
was not elected as a trade unionist, but
as an extremist, advocating the aboji-
tlon of the house of lords and the financing of social reforms through nationalizing the means of production. The
two main parties Instead of uniting
against Socialism are playing with it.
Both of Mr. Grayson's opponents favored old age pensions, but neither counted
the cost of the scheme uor stipulated
that contributions should be required
from workers Insured against disability
after ulxty-flve years old. The trades
unionists are already clamoring for pensions as a gratuity from the state, and
are serious In the demand for a universal pensioning system as inalienable
human right. Neither the Liberals nor
the Tories will be thanked for introducing a modified form of the German
system, by which workers are forced
to contribute to an insurance fund
against old age and disability. The only
great Englishman who knows how to
deal with the worklngman Is the king.
He welcomes John Burns as cordially
at court as Mr. Balfour, stands ready to
confer knighthood upon a stone mason,
makes no discrimination between parties, and may convert an elegant Socialist like Mr. GrayBon into a safe servant
of the crown.
The lawyers are still discussing the
remarkable verdict obtained by Mr.
Lever against the Daily Mail.
No one seems to understand why
Kufus Isaacs recommended the abandonment of the defence and the payment of ��50,000 as damages, when
apparently no jury would have been
likely to Impose so heavily a penalty.
"The Dally Mail,"after winning much
prestige by smashing what is denounced
aa the "Soap Trust," now loses it
through Its own confession that the evidence for the charges reflecting upon
the honor of Mr. Lever was untrustworthy. It suffers from having employed
methods of exaggeration und sensationalism In fighting a powerful combination. A successful journal which has
excited the enmity of its rivals Is not
spared in adversity, and newspaper dea-
ders ore seldom grateful for public services by which circulation is enlarged.
The best moral of the amazing verdict
Is that trusts and combinations must be
regulated not hy newspaper agitation,
but by law, resolutely enforced, as In
America, by President Roosevelt.
A. McDonald & Co*
Dealers in staple and fancy Qrooerie-i
Butter, Egga.
Oamp and Minora' Snppliea.
480 acrea* on Kootenay Lake, between
Ralfour and Coffee Creek; $12.60
per acre.
Baker St., Opposite Queen's Hotel.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To Charlfi- (i Simmon, or any other perioa
to whom he may have tranaforreo hl�� Interest la
tho "May Bloaaotu" mlueral claim, altnated on
Brown Mouutaltt, two and a half mllua louth-
weil of Ymlr, In the Nelaon Mining Plvlrlou, of
Weat Koolenay Plutriot, and recorded Iu the
Recorder'H olllee, for the Nelion Dlvlalon.
You and each ot yon are hereby notified that
I have-expended two hundred and five dollart
(���JOft.uO) In labour at.d ImproremenU upon tho
ahpve mineral claim In order to hold the aame
under tho prov lal mi ol the Mineral Act. aud If
within ninety da*a from the date of this notice
rou fall or rotusc to contribute your portion of
thu expenditure, (which ti one hundred and two
llfty dollarn (UOiWlO) tor the two yeara endiiiK
tith May. iikt.I toffothir with all eoata of adver
tlKlnii. vour luteretU iu the auld cUlm will become tho property of tho underilgncd under
Sec. 4 uf-nn Act cntitlod: "An Aoi to Amend the
Mineral Act, 1000"
Dated at Ymir. B. C , 16th May, 1907.
In the matter of an application for the la*tie of
duplicate of the certllW-Aten of Title for Lota A, 7,
ft. and 17, Block-2, town of Kitchener (**"up onn)
and Lot61H7. Uroup One, In the Dlatrlet of Koote-
Notlce li herot-y tclven that It la my intention
to Ihiuo at the expiration of one month alter the
flrat publication hereof. duplloatOH of Certificates
of Title ol the above lota iu the name of JoHeph
Walker which certificates aro dated ��!nd dayof
June, inns and   ntimlwred JMlAaiul   HtKA re-
a|L��nd Registry Office, Nelson, B. C .itlrd July,
imi" "H. r. macLmd,"
DUtrlct Registrar.
Queen* s Hotel
Baker SltMl, Nelaon. B. O,
Lighted bj Kleotrioitj and
Heated by Hot Air
lamr-ft and Comfortable Be'lronms and Vint*
claaamii'ijK Uoom.   Hample Rooms lor Comaar*
del   M.n
MBS. K. COLARKB. Proprletreaa
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms BO cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled in the city.
House healed throughout with hot
J. A. EKIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
T.eemont House
Bnropean and American Plan
Meali at eta.   Roomi trom a* eta. to ll.
Onlj White Help Employed.
Baker St., nelaon Proprutor.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar is the Finest.
White  Help Only Kmployed.
Josephine Bt.
Helton, B. O.
Royal Hotel
Bates |1 and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Moat comfortable quartere In Nelson!
Only the beat of Llquora and cigara.
In the matter of an application lor the issue of
a duplicate of the Certtacate of Title lor Lota
16 and 17, Block 96, Town of Nelson.
Notice is hereby riven tbat It is my Intention
to issue at the expiration of one month after the
flrst publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for the above Lou in the name of
Francos K.Day, which Certificate Is dated the
19th September, 1U1��, and numbered 2H50K.
Land Reelctry Office, Nelson, B.C., 1Mb June.
DAtrtct aeglatrai.
Not ft; is hereby siren that after the expiration
of sixty days from the dato hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company, Limited, intends to submit to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Works a proposal under the provisions of the
"Rivers and 81reams Act" and Amending Acts,
for the rUnt to improve the Slocan river from
the mill dam of said company (altuate about
three miles above the junction of aald Slocan
river with the Koolenay river.) to the mouth of
the Little Hlocan river, and to Improve the Little
Hlocan river and branches thereof to the northern boundary of sub lot 2, lot 7190, and sub-lot 1,
lot 7161 group one, Kootenay district, and to
Improve the trlbutarlea of aald rivers; and remove obatructlons from aald rivers and tributaries, and to make thusame fit for drlvlns.storing, sorting booming and railing logs, timber,
lumber, rafts, and crafts; also for the right to
collect tolls thereon.
The lands to be aflVct��d are the following: (a)
Lots 808. 7't69, ��4ar>0. 6451, 64bi, 8610, 68tf7, M46, 360i��,
7888. 706A. :ivj(i. 4812, all in Group one, Kootenay
i-Rstrlf-t; also lands covered by pre-emptions
numbered 46, 1U3. 1IV 1.15, 143,164 and 570; alfco
lands -.'.Iv.-n-ii by timber licenses numbered 5H56,
BBSS, 5584, 5586, 5586, 6687, and 5588; also landa of
tbe crown.
Dated this 6th day of July, 1W7.
by its solicitor, K. W. Hanninuton,
Fot Sale Cheap
Ono Hii inch diameter, by 16ft. Kin.
long, undsrflred, return multi-tubular
boiler, in fair condition. Eighty-two
214-ln. tubes, 2 1-3x2 1-6 in. steam
dome. Boiler Is good for testing to 150
lbB. per square Inch, and a working pressure of 80 to 90 lbs. Mountings consist
of safety valve, stop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, sludge cock and
check valve, set of fire bars and bearers.
One 9-ln. diameter x 14ln. stroke, high
pressure, varisble cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are tboBe not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Engine
has been used to drive electric light
at the smelter and Is in good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high, 10V41n. diameter with openings
for 3-in. exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper tubes Inside through which the feed
water paBses. Stop valve, drain cock
and safety valve. Apply to
The Hall Mining & Smelting Co.. Ltd.
We Have Been Most Soccessftfl  17-^54.   f  a* art, At.
Recently tn Selling Onr   rron   ^anaS
We tell only good selected lands ���and at reasonable prices.
8.  M.   BRYDGES,
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd
Lots for Sale at from $t00 to $200
Prices will be raised 15 per cent, after 1st August.    Buy while they are
cheap.   Terms one-third cash, balance in six and twelve months.
We Have For Sale One of ths Prettiest Homes in
Nelson, Sttoated in Fairvtew. Close to the Car Line
Large 7-room house. Stone foundation and first-clase cellar. Complete water system. 10 lota under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit trees.   This Is a anap.   For particulars apply to
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest F-M-att Lands In
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,     -     Nelson, B
Something for the practical man.
Just Investigate!���That is All ws
aak of you; and you owe that much
to yourself.
Kootenay Orchard
on   1800   acres,   aouth   of   Burton   city,
for sals.    Apply to
The M. & W. Land Co., Limited,
A. M. Can. Sec. C. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  Bealey Building.   P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
F. C GREEN       F. P. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion ud British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Box Ui   Time 241 B.
Paci rue
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
To Winnipeg $46.20
To Port Arthur. St. Paul,
Duluth. Sioux Gty
Chicago W4.00 Montreal W4.00
Toronto $78.50 St. John BM.00
St Louis $60.00 Ottawa  $82.55
New York $100.00 Boston $85.50
Halifax $101.80
On Sale July 3, 4, 5.   August 8, 9. 10.
September 11. 12. 13.
First Class Round Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reductions trom all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route including meals and berths
on lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
K. J. OOYLE,     J. S. OAKTER,
AH H. A..Vancouver. D. P.A.. Nelaoa
AND IN THE MATTER OF the plan of
the Townslte of Robson, part of Lot
Three Hundred and One (301,)
Group One (1.) Kootenay, of recorr*
In the Land Registry Office at Nelson as "626 "
Take notice that on the ."Mh .lay of July, A. D.
1*907, at the hour of 10-.HO o'ukK-k Id the forenoon,
nt the Court Houao lo tbe oily of Nelaon, In tbe
Province of Brltlah 1'olnuiMa, application will
Ik* mail*) to the Juage of th. County I'ourlof
Weat Kootenay, by the Columbia and Kootenay
Katlway aud Navigation Company for an order
that the plan of the sal'l Townslte of Kobaou, of
record at Nelson. In tb. Province of Brltlah
" nliimMa. aa "rt 6" be cancelled, and that the
applicant may enjoy tbe landa comprlee-d with'
lu the aald Town ulte free from any eaaementa
or lights of any peraon to open any land or
lane., atreet or streets, aifuare or aq'iare.. park
or parka aero... wlthlu or upon aald land..
Dated at the City of Nelaull, In the Krovlut-o ot
Hritlsh Columbia, thls'SHh day of June, A.D.,
Agunta for Loughaed, Bennett, Alllaon, Tavlor
.v.  McLaws.   Solicitors and agen). for Ih.
Columbia A Kootenay Hallway .". Navigation Compaby, appllcanta.
To R. BELL ���* COM PAN IT. The Daily Canadian
Oo  You   Know  What  This Is*    *
it is tin* Royal Standard flying over at my camp. Willi a good, or*
dinars pair of eyes II is plainly visible. If jrou cuiino! see li come down
to  lay office  un.l   gel   fitted  ��*'"'    proper glasses.
$15   to   $60.00.
jewui.i.i; **-***������������
Watchmaker and Optician
:0ur Stock is Complete |
Here are tA*o Soap Specials:
,25   3lb.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.5C ���
��� 72 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75 ���
1     M Trading-Co. f
a)  1*1,is store will be Closed   Kvcry Thurailiiy  *
2    gAflernoou lu Juue, July and August       *
��� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������a
l-KDNINtl AND GRAFTING carelully attend
to. Apply
mtpcr Kins Hotel.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or Bell anything,
to to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale
All kinds of Dinnerware In Btock. Patterns.
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Ooadsdaile & <��
Next. Door to Rank of Commerce,
All Kinds of Healing  I'lanlB in  Stock
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.      Tel. 181,
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat HuiM.-r.. will tin.! it to their nd*
Yiiutagu to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean.
Ing  8tovea.  etc.
111 East Baker yt. Phone No. A114
- -v-yu.
l* m-iii'i!if 1 im- *;  from thi' (IriL-m   tObMOOj inn-
:lj��-ni"l and iew-HwcPtijiii'-i.     M'h mild, ftill-
-flivon  I au'] fit,I.    A lOfoMOO you
oiikMi tu try.
icbiccni t.   Baker Street.
Sociiiilst Party insets ,*v,*ry Friday
. * mi k ut *���* i. ui., lu n.,* B triors' t'nlim Hall
All ,ir<* invited; Hiiy .in,* allowed tn take pan in
&s debates.   1*. austln.Secretary.
Cor. Varnon   und iv,u-d  Mtruata,
M^L.HD.N. 1��. C.
A. H. Kfclsaac, Rot-island; A. Lucas,
Kaslo; F. Mlghton. Winnipeg; A. McKinnon. Montana; W. L. Bawtell, Miss
Colling, Miss Long, Toronto; L,. A. Den*
vers, Ottawa; J. H. Stephenson, Mrs.
H. L. Savage, Calgary; K. u. Holstead
anil wife. F. \V. Steiihenson. L. H. liond*
man. San Francisco: It. KefTer, Greenwood; C. A. Hurst. Chicago; .1. Watb,
Boundary Falls: W. F. King. Ottawa:
O. H. Littman, Washington: G. P. Downey, Vancouver.
Patronized by Eirl Grey ind Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel In Nelson
Apartment* Kit-Rant.    ���Tuisiiie Choicest
Civility and ClenulineHS.
Suiterviseii by proprietor Mid wile.
A. H. Green, Fruitvale; W. H. Tie-
warthe-James, Montreal: R. Pearson,
Calgary: H. Forbes. London; V. Mault-
ven . England: H. P. Walcott, Toronto;
K. M. Hathrop, Ottawa: H. C. Smith.
San Francisco; C. S. Morgan, Vancouver;   C. L- Hooper,  Spokane.
.Miss' B. Pelllng. A. M. Snyder, Sacramento; T. A. Robeley. Procter; J. A.
Clark. Calpary; J. C. Kobertson. A. S.
Madill. Toronto; Mrs. 13. M. Sherman
;ind daughter, New York; A. .1. Hrown
unit wife, IMncher Creek; J. P. Mclntyre.
Winnipeg; Mrs. Ballleny, Durban. Hill;
G. Shaver and wife. ColviUe; MIhh Mc-
Phali. Berkley;  L. B. Avery, Ymlr.
\V. Edwards, Revelstoke; R. Wati*r-
son, Howser; G. A. Clay, Miss M. Cunningham, Spokane; H. S. Deland. Clare-
sholm: .1. A Ogden, Trail; .1. \V. Car-
mofle, Winnipeg; T. Fillings, Kaslo; A.
G. .Nock and wife, Calgary: F. Smith,
Cr.'nbronk; E. Cookson, F. Cookson, P.
Anderson, Phoenix; K. Mason. Salient,
Seek.; P. Jennings, Salmo; Mrs. H. L.
Lawyer, Midway.
.1. Thuenem. Castlegar; J. Vallmer,
S;ilmo: If. .Inckson. Winnipeg; G. Meek,
Beaver; W. Vooizn.. Spokane; p. Clock,
Shields; H. Walker, Armstrong; T.
Spencer,   D    Holms,   Erie.
.1   A.  -Brown,  Ymlr;   U   H.   Pincher,
Rossland; it. H.Mortley, Trail.
N   Hainan, Trull; C. T. Atkinson, Pat-
erson;   T. Iltiltntin,  Phoenix.
Choir   Picnic.
The members of the choir of St. Punl's
church will hold their annual picnic tomorrow, proceeding up the lake in a
Midsummer   Regatta.
The programme for the Nelson Boat
Club regatta to be held next Thursday,
August 8th, will be dratted tomorrow
or Friday.
J. O. Patcnnude's store will be open
this evening lo allow visitors to view
the magnificent display of China from
Plckard's studio ut Chicago. Refreshments   v ill   he  served.
Zinc Shipments.
tl. W. Hughes, of the Lucky Jim mine.
states ihat ore is being shipped from
that property as fast as ore ears are
provided at Troop Junction. Pending
the decision of the courts on the American mine owners' appeal from the ruling of the customs appraised, the duty
is being paid under protest.
Basket  Picnic.
A general invitation is extended by
the officers of St. Saviour's Sunday
school io attend the annual picnic of
the congregation, which will be held at
Procter tomorrow. The pupils of the
Sunday school and all others who can,
will go up to Movie at il a. m. Another
trip will be made at 2 p. m. to accommodate business men who can afford only
the hall-day. The return trip will be
made  at   7:;S0   p.   m.
Tonight's Attraction.
"The Pride of New York" company is
under the personal direction of .Mr.
Charles L. Young, who is one of the
best-known theatrical managers in the
United States. Mr. Young opened tbe
Rossland opera house with the Columbia Opera Co. a number of years ago;
this was the finest opera company in
America at that time. Last season he
managed the "Wizard of Oz" company
and has been associated with metropoli
tan attractions all his life. This present company opens in Seattle, Wash.,
on August 4th. They leave for Seattle
un August 2nd,  from  Nelson.
Dearth of Teachers.
Dr. E. C. Arthur, secretary of the
board of school trustees, has received
a letter from Miss E. D. Perkins declining the appointment offered her on
the Nelson teaching staff. Others have
also written withdrawing their applications. The whole province is confronted with a serious situation. The salaries of teachers are ridiculously low
compared with those paid In occupations requiring no learning and no ability. The school trustees of Nelson have
not been in a position to make even the
small advances that other cities have
offered. The great majority, fully "JO
per cent, of the certificates awarded
this summer have gone to teachers already actively engaged. There are many
defections from the ranks ami few additions, not enough to man the schools
now in existence, much less to fill tbe
positions created in new schools required all  over tha province.
3 to Consider
21 LOTS, an excellent block. $500.
Easy terms.
'.ROOM HOUSE. Hoover St., splendid
garden, fruit trees, etc. $1,500; one-
half cash, balance $15 per month,
6 per cent.
6-ROOM HOUSE, verandah, garden, one
and a half blocks from car line.
$8 50; $375 cash, balance easy.
INELSOIN,     -     B. C.
Q0LD TIlAIN, bstWSeS Honrer -and Vernnu
Street*. RuliHlih- rewftn! wilt be jimM for lu
ri'turn.    McDerinM A McJIkrdy.
A I'KAKL BIWiit'RNT   PIN.   Kinder   return   lo
thliiofflco--Kt'wnn. Offered.
two PIKKt'-ULtArtS hi*itAh. ���team betted    Applr hnufck-MMtr. 3rd flat, K. w . c. block.
Another Japanese  Spy.
Austin, Tex., July 31.���A Japanese
was taken Into custody today at the
camp where the state military encampment la being hald. It is charged lhat
he was taking photographs of the batteries In action and other features. He
is being bald pending an investigation
by federal  military authorities.
Hatters May Strike.
New York, July .11.���There now ap
pears little possibility of averting a general strike among the hat makers. The
difficulty is over the open shop, which
the National Fur Felt Hat Manufacturers' Association proposes to introduce. The strike, if it takes place, will
involve about 20,000 men throughout the
country, members of the United Hatters of America.
What  Had They?
Tacoma, July HI.���in their ascent of
Mount Rainier, Prof. John B. Fleit of
this city, and Prof "owles and a party
from Chicago, discovered In the ice of
Crania glacier millions of small worms.
The scientist* could hardly believe their
Byes Until they had cut into the hard
ice and removed some of the worms for
microscopic examination. The worms
were about an Inch In length and tho
size of a hair, and presented a squirming, wriggling mass In the solid Ice. in
places the Ice was almost black with
The Store of Quality
$2.00 per Crate
Fresh In every morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preserving fruit at a moderate
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Puffed    Rice 15c   pkg.
Toasted Corn Flakes - 15c pkg.
Shredded Wheat Biscuits - 15c pkg.
Malta       Vita ....     15c.   pkg.
Grape     Nuts    -    .    .    -    2   for   35c
Ail  Cooked  Foods  Ready  for Immediate Use
C A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine 81s
75c Books for 2ffc=.
35c Books for 2 for  28c.
These hot days one wan is to avoid
undue exertion, either mental or phy
slcal. That means that yon want a good
supply of reading to pass the time that
might otherwise be occupied more actively. It also means that you want
mostly light reading.
of just the sort you want for summer
reading. Dooks to suit all tastes. At
the prices we offer them, you don't need
to consider the question of cost. You
can afford to have all the books you
We have a large accumulation of current copyrights, 75c books i no cheaper
editions published). To reduce our stock
we offer them at 25c each.
We have also a large number of regular 25c editions which we will sell for
the  next  two weeks  for  2  for 25c.
W. G. Thomson
BOOKSEMJIR and     XT^1c����     U    P
Phon* -a-***.
T. G. Procter returned from Rossland
last night.
C. Stuart-MorgSJ] has returned from a
trip to the Coast and Is at the Strathcona.
Kdward Bailey spent yesterday in
Rossland on business connected with
the Mammoth mines.
C. D. McAUiuter. of Winnipeg, resident manager of the Nakusp Fruit
Lands Co., in In the city.
Thomas Moran, who has been In the
Kast for some months, is now back in
Nelson,  fully recovered In  health.
Alex. Lucas, provincial assessor, arrived from Kaslo yesterday afternoon
and  left  for Revelstoke  last evening.
Pale Faces Exclusive.
London, July 31.���The Sioux chiefs
now on a visit to London are not having good luck in their attempts to Interview prominent people. This afternoon they went to Huckingharn Palace
to pay u visit to the King, but the
police interfered and they were Obliged
to return unsatisfied. They next attempted to see Sir Henry Campbcdl-Mnn-
nerman at the House of Commons, but
tht police again interposed and they
were not gratified hy a sight of the llrltlsh premier.
Sherman's Opera House
July 81, Aug. 1.
Tlie very funny MuHlcal Comedy Bucoesi
"The Girl from Frisco"
by lhe "I'rlde of New York" Co.
A Musical Comedy In two AetH. Specially Costumed Chorus. Change of hill
on Thursday night.
Prices 60c, 75c. and $1.
Beats on Bale at Rutherford's Monday
VFltOlS-IStS hi Ml  Ret nil DsslSfS lu 4
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampi supplied on shortest notice aud
lowest price. Nothing but   fresh and
wholesome meiits and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.    Manager
Is Pemovmed
Its Business Energy
Telephone 181.
St. Saviour's Sunday School
To Procter
Thursday, August 1st
Steamer   Moyie   leaves   the   city   wharf
at 9 a. m. and 2 p. m.
Returning, leaves Procter 7:30 p. m.
Tickets: adults $1.00, Children 50
cents, may be obtained at store of F.
Irvine A Co.
Boy's Heroism.
Portland, July 81.��� Klevenyear-old
Richard Conley made hla way Into a
burning huuxe last evening nnd rescued
a baby of a few montliH, after Mm.
Thomai Ryan, ihe mother of the Intuit,
was fatally burned and her llyear old
boy hurtled to death.
Recalled From Guatemala.
Mexico.  July  111.���Krederlco  (lambao
i"  Unload miniHiei* io Snatsmalk, nr-
ilvcd In tha capital laol night. He was
tendered au qnthttriMtlo recepilon. Mr.
Gfemboola refused to discuss affairs In
Central   America.
.1    Roche  ft   Co.,   Mouse   Painters,  etc.
See  mo for  prices,    (lenerai    Delivery,
I'liHt   Ofllee.
ForestorB' Notice.
A special meellng el* Court Kootenay
11.11 No 72:i will he held In lhe K of P.
hull Wednesday night, July HlHt. Organizer Hrolher Mull* will be preHont
and address the meeting. A full attendance is urgently requested.
By  Order.
!���:. ROBINSON, ll. S.
uf i.oini :i .11 :s  in
Values B|
118.00, *Ra 00JM 00 to ��25.oo.
All one Price
KODAKS And A11 Accessories!
====================   (Fresh Stock Twice a Wet*,*
This is the season for taking photos of
Kootenays unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,  We can supply you with
anything  in  the  Kodak  line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd
COR   BAKER   and   WARD.
Phone  81
'B.   A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON ���
i;,-p,.i! niu  (nt.!  .i-.i.Kinn c-��Mciit>.tl ���.����� u it DaMputuh.    Mliuot Mm  *
Work,  .Min.i'K  nnd  Mill  .Mn,liincn.       Mnnufnul urfri of
Op��   4tmrarmt,   IV.   iv.    Contriiutcim'   Hmrm.
NELSON,    B. C. ft****11
Prom Htrcfifc.
MANUFACTURERS    ��  ^^-U^m     Ct.a,.��~f~,
and dealers in Lt<mbef, dUxiigles.
Lath, iVloulclInvfs, Doors, Window*,!
lumod Work nnd ItmcktU. Mail Orders promptlr stttoWii
viiHrxoiv 8tuki!t - - -  >i'.i .**<>-*. b. c
The Hall Mining and Smell
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores-j
haki;�� siki i*r, m:i.soin.
WholuMiiie  iJr<>*vl��lonaw,
Produte, ��� l-rtilt.
Government Oroumerr One Pound linens rneem.d wfaskly fresh 'ro"1 * |
ehurn.    For nale lij nil UndiUK (frooers.
Officii anil wnrehouse: HouaUm Hlock,    Phone 7��.
Josephine Street.        ...        Nelion, B. C
Our shipment of these has been delayed iu transit but we *f
them now, and iu order to clear before the season is too
far advanced we are selling them at prices that
should place oue in every home.    Call and
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwaf
Company, Limited. Nelson
r 1
Galvanized Iron
Our riiriiitien for tu
dUOrlpUon nre u
Eve Trot
Stacks ai
rnlng out fliilvanlied Iron Work oCt""*
nuquallod In llio Kootenays.
*gh��. Conductor Pipes, Sow1"
ad Furnace Work, etc.
e Hardware Co., Limited
NHLSON                      R'""


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