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The Daily Canadian Jul 28, 1906

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5^iltt ��ctnahicm
I,   No. 47.
Fifty Cents a Month
md i-iiis from Big
iiiir of Victoria
lans Lead All the   Way-
Scores E.isy Victory in
Senior Singles.
Iiiiist Rowing t'luli will rur-
1 h'ttBt hall of tlie N. P, A.
liss's  .Including  hoth  aealor
fours.    Moth   rnei'H    were
i ilu-li  merits 118 ihe result of
l,i Ihhi: continued practice.
. firm lime in lhe history   or
A   v o, ilie ruinous   .lames
lake home no trophy.
uenlor fours  today  lhe  Port-
, led all Ills- way. and won as
grand rowing, ansl no sports-
|1 regret lhal the cup goes over
islarj line in fhe keeping    or
(cosjsl 'isi-  of the regatta was
lir-1   perfect    Queen    City
tdeal fur outdoor sports, anil
fssr  water    sports.    Again
1.1    practically    BiiBp.-ndcd,
whole   population   adjourned
|ssis er front.
niv eventi of the first day de
so late  lor yester.lay'a  reiiorl
sloubles, canoe, won by Miss
an<l  ('.  Kernaii.
lie paddle, canoe,    won by   D*
pne and A. N.  Wolverlon.
*'li race, 21  foot class, won by
lillss-r's Arthur ll.
doubles, N. P. A. A. 0., won
is and Ti'.imuit, of Vancouver.
Insi' uf ssiiis'4- entries,
city   band  was   present   to  en-
Ithf Intervals,   und   the   numsber
|ll craft mi tlie harbor was even
'linn ii   was yesierday.
���A',  itlr   lirsl   event   began,  with
ms entries, as followa:
Iin ii   ..si', handicap, !0-tool class,
villi turn:
i.  ii. de Veber, :t l-'J h. p,
mui wliile.
���hylote,  s.   M.   llrvilges,  fi  h.   p.,
|ii'l blue.
was  very close,   the  two
Ins; Hn' lini' almost together, wllh
athylote slightly  In the lend.
next   event   wns    lhe  Inrlgged
asiis's' doubles, 1-2 mile straight
��� iilris's wers':    ,.nss Fernau anil
ilroadwood,  Miss C.  Fernau and
li. Broadwood,  Mrs. Procter ami
i;   Blakernore,  Mrs.  Applewalte
Miss   ('utiiinins,   and   the   Misses
''sine,    'lhe   race   resulted   in    a
heat, and  was rowed  again    by
Procter ami rotas Blakernore and
Misses  N'owcome,   resulting   In   n
i> fur ihe latter hy u very narrow
canoe race, ladies' doubles, 1-2
straightaway,    came  ii"xt,    ami
won by Miss (I. Blakernore  and
s'liiiiinius, against  Miss 0, Blake
nut  Miss Fernau.
��� iapstreak  fours,   final,   1     mile
Ightnway, brought oul the entries:
ar,    .Isslinston,     llearn.     Arundel,
1 .   nnd   LongnnrsU   Wales.   Man
lloblnson,   stroke.     Both   crews
i   well   together,  anil   a   prettily
I'sted race resulted In a victory tiy
trow margin for Arundel's crew.
lie senior singles. N.  P. A. A. O..
miles stratgluaway, E. O. (lloss.
H ''. ami \. 0. Sawers, v. it. 0.,
��� iis'xt.   Sawers,   who graduated
1 :iior class  only  yesierday.  tint
' [iretty anil plucky race, hut  losw
IsIosb.  the  veteran  crack  of   Port-
si'veral lengths,
he   men's  single  canoe   race    was
I '    ly by Blanchard Johnstone.
''      ;i at event of Ihe day and   of
 nn was the senior fours, N. P.
���\ 0., 1 12 miles straightaway: W.
Kins; siroke. F. Zimmerman i, .1. R.
n|i "il 2, P. F. Smld how, P. n. 0.1
II Kennedy, C. F. Finlaleon, p. Aub-
W. it. Jesse, J. B. A. A.. Victoria.
������'' "'inl Porllnnd crew did not en-
11'"  Portland!  nnd   the   Bays  both
1 i i the pink of condition and in
''  health,    As they left the club
the Portland oarsmen showed a
'. and precision thai had n<it been
,; mi' iii any of their    practice
' Gays showed the old familiar
dag stroke lhat has carried their
I ' victory so consistently since
p'Snlllvan  first  taught It.
II crews wero heartily applauded
ey swung out from the club house
���ilie mils' ansl a half to lhe start
ti'e boats came In sight of the
"ouse It. was Been thnt Portland
11 'ding, The Buys spurted, and
I';"! answered. The superior
B a of tlu. Oregonlans stood them
��>'l slsad, and they crossed   tho
line .about four lengths ahead with
plenty or tore,. |n reserve,
The following s-vi.niH ���r',. ���,m uml8.
elded as ihe Canadian goes t��� press:
no. 7���Gentlemen's aim ladles' siou-
ble canoo rase, 1-2 miles straightaway,
Nss. g���Launch race, free for all.
No. B���Senior doubles n. p a a
O.. I 1-2 mill's siraighiawav; P. A.
Sinlil stroke, K. 0. ('.loss bow, P It C. ���
A. E. Ts'iilianl, N. rj, Sawers   V. It   C
No. io���Inrlgged stiifr gontlemen's
doubles with lady n,x. 12 mite
No.  11���llpact  ciinne race.
No. 11���Red Cross race, tilling, omnibus race, walking greasy |sile, log
lolling,  amateur,  ste.
The Carnegie Pensions.
Milwaukee. .July 2S..���A Sentinel
IpMlal rrom Upon says: "Word bus
been recolTcd by the authorities of
Itlpon college ihat tlie Carnegie fund
r.ii the pensioning of ags.si college pro
Maori has been Increased, by an additional 16,000,000, to |] 5.0110,1111(1, and
the conditions or the fund have been
altered to allow of the pensioning ol
the widows or professors who would
lie eligible to the provisions or the
Carnegie fund. Mlpon college was
the flrBi college In the country to prsit
it by the Carnegie pension fund.
Tale  of  Steady   Development  and   Increasing Confidence���Latest
Stock Quotations.
The week in mining has produced
no sensational developments, but tells
she same story or Bteady und successful development and constantly expanding operations,
The stock market for tho week just
closed has tieen very satisfactory, and
i-ssnfirnia the predictions made some
time ago regarding the return to favor
of British Columbia shares, and It is
believed that the activity noticed is
Just a forecast of heavy tradings In
ibe  mining securities  oi  Briitsh    Co-
uiiilsia which will fallow during the
coming season. While Spokane has
ilie stocks of the Coeur d'Alene in
which to deal, nevertheless the shares
of British Columbia and Alberta nre
favorites there, and trailed In freely.
Ot the eastern markets, Montreal perhaps handles more shares of the British Columbia companies, than any other city, and the demand there Is show-
ng great Improvement
Tlie upwar dmovemeut of Interna,
tional Goal Blill continued, iho price
advancing several pssints. This con-
linual astvance was ttie principal feature of thi' market  during ibe   past
1.11 Plata holds firm in consequence
of fhe favorable reports emanating
not only from official, but from sllsln-
s'l'esti'sl  sources.
Interest bas again been revived In
the stocks of the Rossland camp, particularly in Virginia. Monte Crtsto, (11-
.inl and California, anil big trading is
shortly expected In the shares of these
eisuipanies, as well as others In the
Referendum and Forty-Nine Creek
remain unchanged, but are holding
sinn. with shares changing hands at
good  prices.
Pathfinder dropped off Blightly, but
will likely recover during the week.
Denoro Mines and Canadian Qoldflelde
remain firm, but Inactive. North Star
advanced somewhat, with tint few selling orders, anil Sullivan declined a
few psitnts, with large blocks offered.
Following are the approximate quotations for the week ending today:
Asked. Bid.
\merlcan   Boy    01       .00%
B,   C.   Copper      ���      .0714
'allfornla 0?,%    .112
'arthoo-McKlnnoy 0:1       .02
Cnn.   Guldflelds 07%    .07
Con.  M. and S 1112.50 180.00
Diamond  'ale Coal 21       .22
Dominion   Copper     2X0     2.25
19  Creek   Receipts Oil      ,04'A
Internationa]  Coal 05      .57
l.urisVau   Mlnea 01H    .01
La   Plata      ���      .ir,
Monte  Crtsto 0314    .02
Nicola Ooal Mines nr.     .0:114
Pathfinder 0894   .08
R'y   M'nl'n   IVv'm't 75       .05
Rambler-Cariboo 20     .21
Sullivan 0814    .02%
Virginia 03Vi    .03
White  Bear OS       .07
County Court.
The case of Whltely el al. vs. C. P.
It., for which a Bpeclal Jury had lieen
summoned, is settled. The company
agrees lo pay the amount claimed nml
taxed costs.
The only ease remaining for the
courl Is Hint of St. Barbo vs. Nelson
board of trade.
A  Federal  Shareholder.
(Special to The Dally Canadian;)
Greenwood,   July   2S.���The    musical
concert  given  in  ihe Auditorium  last
Thursday  evening  by  the  Greenwood
Conoert Rand, assisted by local talent,
wns a great   success.    In addition  to
iho  numbers  furnished  by  the  band
were banjo and  'cello solos, vocal solos and trios, and a character piece in
which    "somebody"    sang   "nobody."
"Somebody" was assisted by a chorus
fnuii Ihe band hoys.
A large piece, of ore brought down
from "the Duncan Ibis week yielded an
assay value of $253.03. The Duncan
is owned by a local syndicate, with
ine exception of an interest held by
the Hon, W. S. Fielding, finance mln-
iBter of Canada. The syndicate In
charge of the  Duncan have done    an
Immense amount of work on tin- claim
during the past year. Tho work embraces  1511 feet or Sinking, 320 feel of
drifting ami BOO reel of open cms. 11
was rrom Ihe Duncan that a picked
sample recently returned $11,072.17.
Activity of'Owners, Lessees and Prospectors In North.
(Lnrdeau   Mining   Review:)
A. J. Gordon Is working lhe Imperial Limited, up Gold Gulch, driving
lo cuteh the ore at depth.
Jack Lumbers has a big showing
of ore hi the old "Eilii'l." Ho lias a
deal on with nome Spokane parties
for a sale. In the event of not going
through, he and bis partners will ship
a car of high-grade biuit.
The development of the Cup Is going ahead steadily with a crew of from
25 to 30 men. Tlie way in which the
ore holds out at deplh in Hits property
Ib very encouraging, not only lo thi-
owners of thu Silver Cup, but to all
who are Interested in tlie district.
The Bhaft being sunk on the Lln-
son View by Tony l.inilgren and partners is looking line. The ore Beems
to be getting stronger and richer as
depth  is attained.
As the result of the inspection of
the I. X. 1.. last week by Mining Engineer Hart, a crew of men have been
lint to work. After a thorough prospecting; of the lead, a tunnel will he
driven fo tap it at depth. All Interested seem woll pleased with thu proposition.
Mr. McGeorge, M. E., came ln Tuesday night to examine tho Lucky Boy.
'f ne development work, under the supervision of T. E. Ehrehart, Is pro-
greasing favorably. The ore laken out
111 the drilling is being packed to the
docks  for shipment.
Jack Stauber brought In some fine
ore during the week. One test made
gives values in silver between 800 and
900 ounces. Jack claims to have
about IS Inches of a payatreak.
It la expected lhat the wafer in the
Lardeau will be low enough by the
loth or 15th of August for tlie resumption of placer work. The company who have Ills- ground leases! will
put on a force of 15 lo 20 roon nt as
early a date as possible.
World's Champion Sculler.
Sydney, N. S. \V.. July 2S.���George
Towns today won back lhe title sit
tbe world's champion sculler, and a'su
won $2.51111 by defeating James Stuns-
bury, on the Paramatta river course,
three miles and 330 yards, which lie
covered in i:i minutes and 3:1 seconds
Towns won by two lengthe,
Provincial Government Will  Resist Ef
forts of  Dominion  to   Remove
the Leper Station.
(Special to Daily Canadian.)
Victoria. July 2S.���Tbe Dominion
governmenl, it Is stated, proposes to
remove the lepers now- held on Dar-
cey Island, in the Lazaretto, to the
government reserveat Albert Head, a
pleasure resort, four miles from the
city of Victoria, where the federal
quarantine station was situated before
the removal to William Head some
years ago. The project appears to be
known lo Dominion officials, though
not generally credited. It ts staled
tbat Senator Riley promised to telegraph to Ottawa In protest. The farmers resident in the vicinity of Albert Head are most indignant because
of the threatened movement id the
lepers to the point in proximity to
Enquiry nt tbe lands and works department developed ihe fact that tbo
property al Allien Head on which it.
Is proposed to Install tlie lepers now
at Darcey Island was set aside by an
order in council tor the use of the Dominion government for Quarantine
purposes In 1891. The Dominion government having withdrawn from tho
point and removed to William Head,
haB, It Is stated, abandoned all rights
to the point, and file order in council
was rescinded by the provincial government. In 1897. The provincial government has no knowledge of the proposed re-entry of the Dominion government or their right to establish a
si at ton for lopers there.
Hon. R. F. Green, when asked, said
that if It is the Intention of lhe Dominion government to do so. the provincial government will certainly con
test   their right  to the point.
All the hotels were filled last night
after the arrival of the coast train.
Mrs. Crosby nnd Mrs. Ryckman, of
Hamilton, are guests of Mrs. C. E
Miller nt Glonnlry.
American Lieutenant Falls
at Post of Duty
Violates All National Customs, Endangers Life, Causes Death and
Ends in Reprisals.
The Nelson junior four has accepted "an Invitation to Spokane for Tuesday, and will row an exhibition race
with the late Portland juniors.
Chefoo, July 28.���T.leutennnt Clarence England, who is navigating officer of the United States armored
cruiser Chattanooga, was wounded
about noon today by being struck by
a rifle bullet that had been fired by a
member of the crew of the French armored cruiser Dupetit Thorao. The
sifllcer died at C o'clock this evening.
It appears that the Chattanooga,
with Lieutenant England! in charge,
was spoken while on her way from the
harbor to the target range, which Is
just outside, and *-as passing the
French squadron, which was anchored
near the American squadron. The
French cruiser waa, contrary to the
rules of the harbo* here, engaged in
small arms practlcf. Several bullets
struck the side of the Chattanooga before any notice wa* taken of the incident, but then th* Chattanooga signalled the French ship to cease firing.
Whether through.a failure to under-
stansi the signals, or from indifference
to the request, the Dupetit Thorao
continued to rain hail and small shot
abont the harbor, and before firing
ceased Lieutenant England was struck
in tho back at the base of the spine.
He fell at his post ln great agony. The
other officers ran to htB assistance,
and after hurried attention had been
paid the officer's wounds, the other
officers found that the bullet which
had struck Egnland was a ricochet. It
traversed his body in a winding circuit, and left It under his right arm.
The crew of tljc French ship con-
tinned iheir practice after being informed of what lind occurred on the
"American' ship. TV-K Ave was directed at targets in the water. This plan
ssf small arms practice Is In disfavor
by all other mil inns, owing to the accidents which result from the misdirected and ricochetted bullets. It is
lhe practice of the American navy to
land lis men on small barren Islands
near the entrance to the harbor for all
small arms practice.
The incident will be Investigated,
and may lead to reprplsala.
Summer Assembly Will be Addressed
by   Famous   Orators.
The Rev. Stephen A. Northrop. D.
D.. LL. D��� pastor of the leading
church of the Baptist denomination ou
the coast, will deliver his popular address, "Christianity on the Run," in
the summet assembly tent, opposite
the First Baptist church, tomorrow
evening at 8 o'clock. Young men must
not fail to hear this address. His
subjects for Tuesday and Thursday
evenings are "Christ aad the Book
Championed" and "Five Foot Eight of
Living Christianity."
Dr. Northrop is the author of a
work known as "A Cloud of Witnesses," which has passed through five
oditlons, and he haB been ln touch by
correspondence with the greatest men
of America and Great Britain, and has
secured thereby the testimonies of the
most prominent men of two continents
in favor of Christianity aud its Book.
He will sins wthat 110 man of fame of
today is a doubter, but a believer.
This address occurs on Tuesday night.
On Friday night he will deliver his
popular address on "Don't Snub that
Boy." The public nre kindly urged to
attend these services.
Local  Army   Improvements.
The past two weeks have been two
of the busiest weeks in the history of
Ihe  local Salvation Army.
Last week the Nelson Gas and Coke
Company put In a number of new connections and about a dozen Humphrey
Block burners in the large hall, besides a beautiful arc light on the out
This week Messrs. Thompson and
Douglas have had a force of men buBy
cnlsomlning and painting the Interior
of the Salvation Army citadel, and a
most marked improvement has been
The crowds who attend the meetings are on the Increase, and a number of persons have professed conversions.
Dearth  of Telegrams.
St. Petersburg, July 28.���The switchboard of the central telegraph station
in St. Petersburg was burned out this
morning, desitroyinfi all communication with the province.   While there
Is a suspicion that the "accident" was
arranged hy revolutionists, no evidence to support It can be found, and
the telegraph department authorities
are apparently satisfied with the ex-
planatlon of the employees. However,
the public is eut off from telegraphic
communication with the Interior for
some time, but the government retains communication with the provincial authorities over the railroad
wires. Cable communication with
countries abroad Is not affected.
The  Old  Country  Leaders  Will  Visit
ln connection with the convention
of the Dominion Trades and Labor
Congress, which meets In Victoria on
September 17th, il may be mentioned
that a number of prominent labor
leaders In tho old country will bo
among those present, J. R. McDonald,
01 Leicester, England, having, among
othera, signified his iutuntlon to be
present. Delegates from all partB of
Canada, and members of the Victoria
Trades and l.aitor Council ure engaged
arranging a suitable program for their
entertainment while here. So fur nothing definite haB been decided upon,
but reception committees from the
Victoria cily council and board of
trade ure uniting with the Trades and
Labor Council to make the convention
worthy of the capital of the province.
The unionists of this continent are
watching with much interest the outcome of the novel movement in Great
Britain to educate the people on tbo
importance of correcting the sweatshop evil In Its manufacturing industries. If the plan works out as its
promoters expect, the example will be
followed in America on an extensive
scale in one of the big central cities.
Passenger Train Looted.
Warsaw, July 28.���A passenger
train carrying government money and
guarded by a detachment of soldiers
aivl gendarmes was attacked today
between Czontaochowa and .Horbo by
a large and well armed band. Lively
firing ensued, during which two gendarmes, four soldiers and two civil
employees were killed and others of
the guard were seriously Injured. The
attacking party carried off $8,000 and
the arms of the defenders of the train.
It probably was the same band which
captured a train on Thursday, announcing that, the revolution had begun. The countryside is said to lie io
a ferment, and iB in sympathy with
the guerilla bands. The small force
of troops operating in the district will
be reinforced. Agitators are making
capital over the matter. They affirm
that it will be difficult for the provincial administration to detach enough,
troops from the cities and towns to
make the net large enough to capture
the marauders.
side of Quartz creek, located July 12th.
A certificate of work was lasued to
W. C. Carlyle, agent for F. 1). loMleux,
on the Santiago Fraction for two
Handsome Professional Fees.
Chicago, July 28���Dr. Frank Billings yesterday filed In the probate
courts a claim for (26,000 against thu
Marshall Field estate for Bevcn days'
professional services tn attendance on
Mr. Field. The fee Is believed to be
one of the largest ever charged hy a
physician In the United States foi
services tbat did not Include the per
formanco of a surgical operation.
There Is no Intention on Ihe part of
the trustees to contest the claim, and
they readily accepted services of tlie
paps'is on the case.
Price of Metals.
New York, July 28.���Silver, 05 1-8;
copper, 17 3-4; lead, $r..7C.
London, July 28���Silver, 30 l-8d;
zinc,  ��27.
A  Modem  Miracle.
Pittsburg, Pa��� July 28.���The Standard Oil Company todady reduces)   the
higher grades ot petroleum 3 cents a
gallon and the other grades 2 cents.
British  Columbia   Fruit Displays  Are
Greatly    Admired���Special
Praise for  Kootenay.
Encounter* Insurmountable Difficulties
In Reorganization of Russian
Ministry���Peasant  Riot.
St. Petersburg, July 28.���New obstacles have been encountered by Premier Stolypln In his efforts to secure
the services, In a reorganization of the
cabinet, of men of standing in Russia
outside of official life.
The conditions laid down by M.
Guchkofer and Premier L. Voff are understood to have been rejected, and
they have definitely refused to enter
the ministry. This presages the practical shipwreck of the entire scheme,
as without the participation of the
non-bureaucratic elements it would bo
difficult to convince even the conservatives and liberals of the sincerity of
the government's  promises.
Proskuroff, Province of Podoluke,
July 28.���Near the village of Chernl
poff a detachment of dragoons sent to
arrest two agitators were met hy a
crowd of peasants armed with scythes,
rakes and pitchforks. In tho lighting
which followed five peasants were
killed and twelve dragoons were badly
wounded, three of them fatally.
The Black Hundreds here are terrorizing the Intelllgentln and Jews
with threats of a military emprise-
ment. Many houses have been marked with crosses, and the Jews are
seeking safety in flight.
At the residence of Mr. Andrew
Reld, Carbonate street, tho marriage
of Mr. Robert Reld and Miss Adeline
Winters took place last Wednesday
evening. The wedding took place In
the presence of (heir circle of friends,
and was performed by Rev. R. Newton
Powell, pastor ot the Methodisl
church. After the ceremony the party
Bat down to a daintily prepared wad-
ding banquet.
Mining Records.
One location and ono certificate of
assessment work wore recorded in tho
Nelson mining office today.
L. J. Winslow recorded the Wonder,
three miles west of Ymir, on the west
Broadview Group Med
to Americans
Lardeau Property to be Prepared for
Operation by Extensive Work
and Expenditure.
Of the British Columbia fruit display at the Winnipeg fair the Free
Press says:
"The display of British Columbia
fruit is ln readiness now, and the luscious peaches, pears, plums, cherries
and other fruits preserved in glass
jarB look very tempting, while the
aroma of the fresh fruits vies with
that ot the flowers in the horticultural
building. The Kootenay district has
a large display this year of fresh fruits
and branches laden with cherries, berries, plums, and even good-sized apples call up visions of the orchards
from which they come.
"The British Columbia fruit exhibit
is always an attractive spot to visitors
at the fair, and all day crowds gather
about It to gaze with longing eyes at
the array of luscious fruit, especially
tempting during the hot weather. Mr.
Palmer, who has charge ot the exhibit, has arranged a particularly fine
display ig the usuaLf orner of the British Uolumhfii bnllMrjl - H(Wfi��iiiilnA
handsome glass jars contain a splendid collection of preserved fruits, Including twelve varieties of plums,
eight varieties of pears, grapes,
pi'uchos. quinces, cherries on branches, crab apples, Logan berries, apricots and nectarines, all ot winch ure
Immense In size and most tempting
to look upon. The fresh fruit is
shown in the regular commercial packages, well graded and packed, and includes delicious-looking Morello and
Belle Magnifique cherries from Sterling and Pitcairn, Kelowna; temptipg
Royal Anne cherries from J. John-
si,ms/b farm at Nelson; rlch-hued Olivet, Royal Anne and Belle Magnifique
cherries from Victoria; luscious peaches from Kelowna; apricots and peaches from Kamloops, blackberries, apples and crab apples from Chilliwack,
and early apples from Port Hammond.
The early apples are particularly flue
and large for so early ln the season.
Fine red raspberries come from Burns-
by, and peach plums from the Okana-
gan, Chilliwack, Sardls and Port Hammond. The splendid greenhouse tomatoes shown come from Victoria and
Central park. They are a fine, round
shape, 'and perfectly ripe and ot a
rich color right to the stem."
And of Kootenay's special exhibit:
"Aa well as having a share' iu tho
general British Columbia exhibit, the
Kootenay district has sent a special
exhibit which occupies a separate corner in the same bunding. A most interesting feature of the display Is a
background ot branches heavily laden
with fruit just aB they grew on the
tree. They include deep red cherries
so thickly clustered that there ls
scarcely room for the leaves, apples
hanging a dozen ln a cluster, and red
currants ao large that they well deserve the name of cherry currants.
Another specialty In the exhibit is
some immense gooseberries, the Keepsake variety, which are the size of
small eggs and are quite sweet. The
cherries grown ln tho Kootenay district are said to excel all others, and
certainly the samples shown are beautiful to look upon and delicious to
taate. A jar of red raspberries picked
and preserved in acid by Mr. Annable,
who ls in charge of the exhibit, two
days before he started for Winnipeg,
are marvels for size and richness of
"A large cake of ice, in which are
frozen, twelve large trout caught by a
fruit farmer after tea the night before
Mr. Annable left home, ls attracting
much attention aud is another token
of the delights of the Kootenay 10111
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���-15 minutes late.
Slocan train���IB  minutes  late.
Spokane train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
���On time.
J. R. Rottorfl, ot Ellwood, Ind., and
Newton W. lOinmens. M. K., of Pittsburg, Pa., bonded the Broadview group
on the Great Northern hill from the
local syndicate who purchased the
property last October. The price ls
not given, but It is known to be one
which pays the vendora a fair profit.
In an Interview with the Lardeau
Mining Review, the purchasers stated
that not lesa than $200,000 would be
spent In developing the property before any profits would be thought of.
Their plan of operations will be to
drive ln on the 300-foot level on the
foot wall of the lead and make con- ���
mictions with the shaft. This will necessitate the sinking of the shaft
about 200 additional feet and about
..j feet of drifting.
When this work Is accomplished the
lead will be crosscut from wall to wall.
Provided this development proves out
satisfactory, a tunnel will then be
driven from the North Fork slope to
tap the lead at a depth of about 1,500
feet, which will thoroughly drain the
workings and give a down grade for
all mining purposes.
The bond calls for work to commence before the 1st of September
with a specified number of men.
The local syndicate have shipped
from the property about 300 tons of
galena ore running around $40 per
One of the owners of the Broadview
Is O. B. N. Wilkie, P. L. 8., who ls well
known ln Nelson. Its shipments have
been made mainly to the Hall Mlnea
oilviaTJa'Rl More Than Answered Hie
Highest Expectations.
Those who had the goo<? fortune and
the wisdom to bear Olivia Dahl at the
opera house last evening have added
to the treasures of their memories a
delight that will not soon or easily be
The attendance, while large perhaps
for an Indoor entertainment on a summer evening, was ridiculously small
as an audience for such an artist. In
sp'.te of ample assurance to the contrary from the press, many evidently
believed that a really great singer
would not be on tour in the summer,
and among the smaller cities of the
Among the audience, however, were
most of Nelson's best-known lovers of
music, and they had their reward. Before Miss Dahl's first selection was
ended It had dawned ou her hearers
that they were listening to an artist
of rare merit, and her third solo, Adelaide Needham's Irish Lullaby, roused
an enthusiasm that has not been excited by any singer in Nelson for
Miss Dahl has a rich and powerful
mezzo-soprano voice, over which she
has perfect control, absolutely distinct
articulation and full production, and
a gift of dramatic expression possess-
ed by few. The splendor and sweetness of her voice were probably best
shown in the Irish Lullaby and in Allah, the sympathetic expressions in
the folk songs of the singer's native
Miss Glna Smith, in her accompaniments and her solos, showed perfect
mastery of the piano, and shared the
rapturous applause that greeted every
appearance of Miss Dahl or herself.
ln spite of a rather uncomfortable
temperature In the opera houae, no
one would forego so rare an opportunity, and every number was encored
until response was made.
Will Play Lacrosse In Nelson Against
Locals on August 16th.
Manager Deasy, of the Nelson lacrosse club, has received a letter from
the secretary of the Regina lacrosse
club asking for a game ln Nelson between August 16th and 18th. The Re
ginas ask (200 for expenses.
The engagement was promptly accepted, and Thuraday, August 16th,
chosen as the date. The Reglnas are
easily the fastest team in the middle
west. Their easy victory over Nelson
is not forgotten.
Manager Densy says that the strongest team available from the olub membership will be ch.iaeu to meet tho
prairie champions, and he is confident
of at least giving the public a good
i* Iii
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $1.00
CrOWn Gem JarS, Quarts per doe.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per doz., 1.50
Our simk has jusl arrived, Secure
your requirements nt these low prices
before they are all gone.
Pnbllihed lis dayi n wee* by tho
Baker fll, MhI�� B.C.
Bnbscrlptlon rata*, f* euuu <* month delivered
in nit- city, or 16.00 h year if reui by man, when
i.uM in advance.
A.ivt'riihiiiK ratea on Hpphcatiun.
ah monies paid in leltlemeni of The Dally
Cauadlan aocounta, either i"i Hiibunrltitlotia or
adverti-Mng, musl be recolj 1 tor on Uie |��ri��ii* -I
formi of tut- Uompany.  uther receipts aw urn
JULY   JH.  I<*K��.
��� By one word we are sometlmei ]udg d lo lie
erlee and ny one word lomatlniai Judged to ba
foolish. Lotus therefore tn- turi-ful irbat wh
Tho exceptional amount of advertising matter today necessitates the abbreviation of the editorial columns of
this paper. Every effort has been
made1 short of enlarging The Canadian
to give the fullest possible press service, but the advertising Bpace purchased by the public, which makes its
delivery Imperative, renders it una
voidable thai for today wa arc obliged
to cut  down our reading matter.
The Canadian lias enjoyed since its
Inception a generous share of the ad
vertlslng patronage of the merchants
of Nelson. No paper ever started in
British Columbia bus been able tu
show the same measure of paid display advertising al the end of six
weeks as appears in this paper from
day to day.
The circulation of the paper bag
grown steadily in and oul of the city,
till today its position as a valuable
ad veri isi ng medium is assured. The
manager is Figuring out a scheme for
the enlargement of the paper, ami as
soon as this materializes, in whatever
form it may take, The Canadian will
present a progressive and attractive
illustration of Journalistic enterprise
to the still greater gratification oi
both reading ami advertising patrons.
The manager of The Canadian is
grateful for ihe cordial and generous
encouragement thai has been given It
yid assures its pairons that ai an ear-
date the apparent crowding of ihe
eading space will be obviated. It Is
only for one day iu the week that
these pages are necessarily so crowded, and with maturing plans The Canadian will very shortly give Its rend-
era a blanket   Bheet
the summer shown Its grit, and all
ihe signs polnl toward the fact thai
Nelson will hold her place ami win
wider fame as a desirable resort for
every soil of legitimate amusement
ami for tourist traffic generally. The
money spent today in the encourage
menl of young and struggling clubs
and societies will be like bread cast
upon the waters; It will return after
many days.
Two days of unexceptional weather
have afforded the citizens of Nelson
and the visiting oarsmen, with their
friends, an excellent opportunity ol
enjoying to the fullest extent the Interesting and varied program of
aquatic svorts provided by the n. j\
A. A. O. The citizens in their turn
have not heen slow in show their appreciation of the spirit of these sports,
and the generous support, both in
financial assistance and unstinted oc
clamations, have shown thai .Vlson
is not to be distanced in iis appreciation of good things,
While loyally to our own locality
might naturally excuse us for the wish
that our own boys had scored more
successfully in the contests of the regatta, the welcome of the visitors and
their well-merited lead in the races
Is not discounted here. That Nelson
Is to be kept In the list of placer;
where regattas are io be held In the
futufe Is no small compliment to ber
scenic and other attractions, and that
she Is the only exception made in the
matter of a permanent course is a
tribute to the excellent features of (he
race course here.
Jn  many  ways  this  city has during
The Cranbrook Herald waxes wraihy
over our criticism of the Lethbrldge
paper of the same name, and compares the newspaper experiences of
the editor of the Lethbrldge paper
with those of The Canadian. The obtuse Cranbrook weekly misses the
point. The Lethbrldge paper said that
"the McBride government Is the worst
government British Columbia ever
had," and we said that every line of
that statement shows the earmarks of
an ignoramus or a partizan parasite.
We may not be as hoary and corrupt
In partisan service as are the "Heralds" referred to, but we know the
truth when we see it, and per contra.
The results of the appointment of
the railway commission have been
very disappointing and unsatisfactory.
There is no section of Canada that
suffers more from excessive and unfair
railway charges than the interior of
British Columbia. The matter has
been represented to the railway commission again and ngaln without any
relief. Is the railway commission aunt her graft devised to blindfold and
humbug the public?���Revelstoke Mail-
Gold   on   Vancouver   Island.
The city of Nelson has within its
borders at least one pioneer of British
Columbia who remembers some of the
stories of hidden wealth on Vancouver
Island. Yenrs ago he listened to a
tale unfolded by a man named Henry
Hewitt, and has every reason to believe that the day Is not far distant
when the news then Imparted will be
authenticated. Hewitt stated that he
was an a hum ing expedition near
Leech river, and while drinking from
a stream noticed gold at the bottom,
Hu washed some of the precious metal, and, with his dog, started for civilization. Time and again he endeavored to retrace his steps, but failed.
Another man named McLeod is out
iui the Sooke hills, nud It is known
that he visits Victoria frequently wiih
a purse of gold. Chinamen are now
working on Leech river, and aie taking oul $1.60 every day. Another pros-
pector states that the ledge for which
so many prospectors sought is In the
middle of .Leech river. .From a scrap
hook uow ia the possession of the It.
c.  pioneer ihe following Is culled:
"Mr. Phillip Hall aud W. Nixon left
Victoria on the morning of August il,
ISC4, and iravelled overland by way
of Goldstream, which they ascended
to Its headwaters, and crossed the divide to the forks of Leech and Sooke
rivers. Mr. Hall thinks the diggings
rich. Several gulches and ravines
which prospect well have been struck.
A hunter and two miners had obtained
a prospect ten miles from Leech in a
creek of from 10 cents to $1 to the
pan. Nuggets of Sli and $10 are daily
found in some of the claims. Many of
the rockers are taking ont wages; others are doing much better. One miner who came down rocked out an
ounce and u half. Living in Victoria
is a colored man named Booth who
too kout a nugget  worth $80."
The old settler Informs us that several wealthy men of Victoria spent
thousands of dollars in an attempt to
locate the ledge from which the gold
found on Ihe banks or Leech river had
been extracted. Strange to relate, colors can be found in numerous streams
on Vancouver Island, but paying
mines cannot be located. He also la
acquainted with Chief Louis Good, and
will not believe the fairy story of an
BldoradO, Indians are usually very
unreliable, and have traditions that
outdo the celebrated "Arabian Nights."
The Leech river boom was for a pur
pose, and today the buildings erected
b) the pioneers of 1864 aiand on the
banks   of   the   river   and   are   used   as
shelter for the hunters from Victoria.
'i ne Saanieu, Cowlchan and Victoria
Indians know nothing of Chief (foods
story, and they roam over ilu- Gold-
stream and Books hills. It is possible
that a small stream runs in tin1 interior from   which   Hewitt   Washed a  quail
tit) of gold, but prospectors by tbe
score have been out fa every direction,
and it is questionable whether thai
jiorii-jii of ibe province will ever lie
come a centre of mining other than
tin* extract Ion of copper and lion
from ihe now known deposits, of
course thf almost inexhaustible coal
deposits will be a source of wealth to
Vancouver Island The white settlers
ui fort) years ago heard nothing of
the "golden bullets aud solid chunks
of precious metal."
She purchased .pi  beautiful  trousseau.
'Twaa hasty and foolish  i" dousseau,
For tile  man  she  would  wed
Has gone off hla  head
That'l  why ihe poor maidih'ii  boo-boofl
Thorpe's Lithia
is made
'.y common Cfiiiadiaiis,
I)n you
consider that a fault ?
If your system needs
try a home made
Thorpe & Co'y,
Phone 60.   Nelson, B. f.
And Builder
Sole agent for the lJi>rto Rico Lumber
(Jo., Ltd., retail yards.
Rough and dressed lumbar, turned work
and brackets, Ooasl lath and shingles,
tiash and doors.
Cement, brick and lime for sale. Automatic (.rinder
Yard and f.icfory Vet non. St..
east of Hall.
TelephnUMTs.'       NelsOHf   B*  C.
flu sjpeftm
Wm/:���'/. (hi dmtiitgspirits inatuqht
!_lt> VOL)  KNOW
that tbe drlntrirervwfatour Soda Fountain
hint iniiii' propertloi berdci refreshing f
We me only real fruit lyrapi of th-*Hii"��t
'putlity        FmnjlHiii, UOQUter, glasiei mid
receptacle! an- kept lorapuluatly (dean.
Nottce i�� hereby given that rtxty daya after
due-1 Intend toapply lothe Him. Chief Cotnmls-
���loner nl Undi and Works for perm IjiIou to pur
chase the following described landi altuate In
Weal Kootenay di-un i; 'onnm-hcing ,u h iio^l
marked J II. Vanstone'i S.K, corner post, iltnalc
in tbe MiiiiM.n liiver Valley, at a point n.[joining
J Meecber's land hi western boundary, thence
weil M chains, tlienoe uorth 40 otiaJni, thenee
cHHt **i ohalni, thenco iouth K) chaini !����� point oi
July Jltli, two, J. II. Vanbtokr,
i. ll  Atltlni Agent
Notice in bereby given thai 00daya after dato, t
Intend to apply to the Hon. < hlefCouitnlesfonor
of Landa and Worki iur permission in purchaso
the following deacrlbed irart nf i-md iltuato iu
Weat Kooieuay Dlitrlet:   C moneing nt ihe
���outbweet comer ol Ui 7,:��ai; ihenco runlng
Hi-fi tn cbalm; tbence north sochalna- thonce
west -at obaina; tbence north 80ehalns; lbence
cast wi chains limine south *iii chain* tn point
of commencement, containing340 acres, more or
Dated at Kelson, B ��'., this 28rd day of July,
100��i. M A It.' BCaXUK,
nor !���' r Green. Agent.
Nollee In hereby given IhutfiUduvK after date
I  itlti'lld    to  npplv    to   tilt-   HoUnnil.le   lhe   Chief
Coramttionor of Landi and Worka for nerralaalon
to purohaae tiio foihmhn- deacrlbed landi In lbe
Wail Kootenay Dlatrlcl: Commencing at a post
marked T. i:. Krenrdie'i [And s. i:. corner placed
near C.C. PoynU s. W. corner, ihenci' cunt wi
ohalns, thence nortb 40 chalna, tbenoe weat 80
chalna, thonce aontb 40 cbalm to plaee of commencement,
Datod 20th dav of July won. r. it. Pkkkch
ity AijmttBw Adib, Agent
Notleo Ih glveu tlmi Oo rtayi after date t intend
toapply W the Honorable the chief Commie*
iJuiu-r of I.>in>!.- and Worki fnr puriiUmluii to
The Daily Canadian
purohaae tba following deacrlbed landi In the
Went Kootenay PJatrh't: I'ommenclua at �� poal
marked O. C.PoiiitJ Und a. K. Corner placed
near Ihe Peud d'Oreille river ai Bonudar orci '������
east side of Salmon river, tbence eaal mi chaini
along the International Boundary Une, tbence
n .rib Id chains, thru.,   wesi Bu cha!na, thence
���UUth -ll) chains in place nl col neein. ni.
Dated theJntii ol .luh ifluo.       ('. C. Buvmts.
By AMisKtt Ants, AgouL
Notloe Ih hereby given thatitxtj dayi afler
date i Intend tnnpph iu Ibu Hon ChiefComral*'
���loner m Unds ami Worki tor pormlaalnn to
purchasetbefotlowlugde* rlbed taumi'tualeln
West Kootenay dlitrlet, adjoining the international boundary line, BlK'iu four milea eaat oi
the t'oluuiltia river, com in end tin m a p"-i mart.
ed "L, M K's s. w. corner,' iltuate un tbe International l-ouildarv Ilm . Hi the woulbeaal eoriier of J. (���-. c. Pnuer'iland; ibeiioeeaHi s dm
thence nonh Bo chalm, tlience wrai *' chalna,
tbeuce aouth 00 chain- lo tin plaee ol eon nee-
ment. containing 4s ��� acrei more or lean
Dated ttlfa .'une, Pin. I iuka M  i baii a,
I   .1 <��� t.viih. Agent
Notice i- bereby given thai lixtrd")1 lr',hl
date l Intend toapply to ihe Hun. Chd H pin
inlailoner of i andi and Worki for pen ilm
to purebaae tbe followlna deacrlbed landi sit
uate Iii Weil Koottnai DMrlct. between ibe
Pend   d'Oreille   river   'nml   the  International
boundary line, al Llhrei leifrom tho Col
uiiihia river. Commenclnv al a lhmI irked
j, s. c, tr*�� 8. W, corner vltuate un the luierua
tional boundari line, about lo'li a mile i . I id
the i'i-t bounder) ol tbe s, A (���'. -. Ilj 'and-:
tbence north 40 ohalm, ibeucoeail 8u chains,
theuco miuiii 40 chalm, thenee wmm 80 cbalm, tu
the plMcuofcoiumoncement, containing ( ni
more or leu,
Paied jhh Juno, L000. J. * c, KnaagR,
)���'. J. o'Krllly. Agent.
Notice !��� herebj given thatalxtj da>a from dato
1 inteud toapply to tbe Hon l-'hlef Commlaalouei
id I.mnl" and Work* for permlielnii t" purcliaae
ihu rullowlug deicrlbed landi - He In Weil
Kootcuu) Dlitrlet, adjoining tin- International
boundari line, ah.nn flvi! mlloaeaatol thoCol
nml.m rlvor; eoiuinineliig ataiwni marked)H
H'aH. ^ corner, on tbelnteruatloual Imundary
11ni'ni l.aura M Kraaer'ntoutbeaal comer, thenco
uorih ni cbalm, ihence eaal lb cbalm, lbence
-���null m chalna, thence weit in 'ham- in tbe
place of ootnmcuceinbut, rontiiiuin^ ;uo acrei
 re or less,
Datc-1 Mill June, Iflon. Kam-ij [Hllmi-ib.
Nome is hereby given tbal ilxtj .lav- after
dale I Intend io applv in thr Hon. Chlof C la-
���louer oi Undi and Work" for iwnnlaidou to
purebaae the following dem-ribed laud* In
the Weal Kootenay dlatrlcl, w mi Hi ol tin-Pend
d'Oreille river; ��� ., iicIiih at a i*wt marked
r. tfa --. H. eoruer, ���Itualed  he trail  near
nil ,
dmfna, ih.-	
norih Kn (dial ii- more or lenwlolbe Peml d'Oroille
river- ihenco following tbe mulli l��tnV uf lbe
piioi ,i Oreille river aouitieaai mi nhaitiH,  ���
nrleai; thencei h W cliaina, uiureoi lew lo
the plaee oi   cuuimoiicciueui utaliilug   ���������*i
acres, more or lean,
Datod -".|h July, lOOfa, I'a.iRt.i:- [111 -iII
K. J. O'HleHy, Ancnt
Notice  i-  herein   glvetl  lhal  -i\l\   ditv*- a.'ier
tlate I Intend loapply to tbe floti. Chief Coinmla*
-inner of  I.amis ami   Worki  for  p. rme-ioii  to
purchase the followlug deicrlbed lands, in
Lbe West Kootenay District, eaal ol and adjoining James N. Mackenzie - laud; Commencing at a post marked A.H'iri. E. corner, on lire
���outh bank nf the Pend d'Oreille river, lust
Bbovothe month ol the Salmon river, Ihence
weat 80 ebalns, thence north 00 chains more nr
i.-ss to the Pend d'Oreille river, thenee following
iiic -outh bank ol the laid rlvor lu a louihoaaf-
eriy direction to thu place ol commencement,
eoniHiniiifi UOaorea, more <.r less.
Dated nn July IftW .\inni c -. HNBIliBK,
Notloe Is hereby given tbat ilxty days Afterdate
I Intend to applv to tbe Hon. t'biuf Commissioner
uf Lands and Works (nr permission t" pureha-c
ii..' ioiiowiuK described landi in Weil Koolonaj
Dlatrlct south ot the pen,i d'Oreille river. Commencing Ul a iiOHt marked I.. I .M's. N. K. eorner
untheaoutb Unk nf the Pend d'Oreille fiver.
aho.it a mile und a hul(e��M ol lbe mouth ot Pish
creek thenee iouth mi chains, tbenco weal hn
chains, thence north 40 cbalm more nr less i->
the sPend dO'rellte river, Ihence hdinumi* tbe
-onih hank of the aald river in a northeaster!)
direction to the place of commencement, con
tain log '-vi acres, more or less,
Pated 2nd July 19UJ, Ki.i.a T, Mai ggHMX,
ABTHl'B --' HSB1QKH, Agent.
Nollee ia iierehv given Uml <m daya after date I
Intend to apply to tbe Hon. Chief t mlaaloner
oi Lamls ami Works f"r permission te purchase
ibe following described landa,situate in Weal
Kootenay District ��outb nf the Pend d'Oreille
ruer; Ommenclng at a post marked A. It U's, N
W corner situate ut tie--until l.ank ��.f tbe Pend
d'Oreille river*l klla 'I Mackenzie s imrih eist
enrner fwet, thence si-nth be ehalns, thence eaal
su chains, thence imnli nj chains more er ten to
tbe I'end d'Oreille river, lbence went mi ebalns,
following the hank of the raid river to tne place
ot oommeneement, containing M0 acres, more
,,r less.
Dated 2nd July n*��.. .\. n Macxxniib.
arthcb .-i gyiroiBi Agent.
Notice ll hcren v u i \< -n that six I vdu vs after dal.-
I intend to appl; lothe Hon Chief Commissioner id Landsand Works for permission to purchase the following described lamls situate In
Wesi Kootenay Dlitrlet, south nf the Pend
d'Oreille river, commencing at a pn-i marked
M. U'aN. 8,corner, -ituaie nn the smith hmik
of ii,,- Pend d'Orelllo rh.-r at James .v Macken
ele'a iKiutbwcst corner, thenee snuih loo chains,
theme west W ohalm, thence north 70 ehalns,
moreor lew to the pend p'orcille river; theme
following Il>e south l��uk of lhe said river in an
i-asterly and uorthe-uterlydirection to the place
of commencement, containing040 acre-, more er
Date Brd July, iinm;.      Uasoarbt Haocoubt,
Arthur Bchnelder, Agenl.
Notleo Isherehy given thabslxtydayiaflcrdaie
I in [em' loapply to the Hon. Chlel Commlaaioner
of Lands ami Work- for permission lo purebaae
ilie fnih.Hinj,' described lands in Weat
Koot. nay  District, iouth o! the I'end d'Oreille
river, coi nclug at ii post  marki d  J   N, M'l
s. W. enrner. iltuoled mi the south bai k ol tbe
Pend  d'nreilly  river,  nj.poslle  Hie luoiiil, ol ].,
Mile Creek; theuee ea-t no chains, thence nonh
40 chalna more or leaa to the Pend d'Oreille river
thenee following the sou th hank nf the said n\cr
in a woaterly and southwesterly direction to ihe
place "i commencement, containing B20 aer&
nmre or teas.
Dated Brd July, 1006, Jamk�� N. MAt-KIWltl,
Arthur Schneider, Agent.
Notice U hereby gl veil thatslxtr days after date
I Intend to apply to the Hon. chief Commluloner of Lands  and   Works for permission  tn pur
ohoae tbo following described land- in West
Kootonay Disiriei. south <>i the I'end d'Oreille
river, com uolng at a poal marked A. r-, N. w
corner, situated at tbe southwest cornor of Lol
1436. o, I., ihcnce east an chains, lbence iouth iu
ehains, ihcnce west Bu chain-, (hence north 111
chaini to thfl plm i nommciicemeut, contain-
inn 480 acrea, more or leaa.
Dated -H.Mh   nne, 1000. Annik Kjiasi-h
K. J.O'Kcllly, Agent,
Notlco i�� her-iiy givon thai 00 days after date
I in tcml io anpl> to lbe Hon Chlol llommlasfoner
ol Lands and \l orkl for permission I" J.ur. ha ,
the rollowlug deicrlbed lands in West Kootenai
district, smith of the Pcndd'Orellle river, eaal nl
li-h creok, nommcncloB hi b posl marked K. w
ll'-i.S   W   eorner,   about   naif a mile ea-l ol  tlie
north oaal enrner of Lot 44Jfl, U,l., lbence south
4i chalm, thence east HO chains, thenee imrih i<
ehulns,  thenee  well  so chain-   |��  tin* place ol
'���( lencementi ooniainlng VAi acres, more or
Dated 2nd July 1B00,        Fkkh W. H_j*ourt,
Alt! IM ll S. hm-.MiKJI. Ac, ui
Notice li herebj given Lbatslxti days after date
I Intend to applv to tbo Hon Chlof Commission
emf Lamls iml Works fnr permission to purebaae ihe following described lands in Wesi
Kootonay District,south of ihe i'end d'Oreille
river, commencing at a poat marked i�� it M'a.,
N W. corner, situated on lhe soulh hank of ihe
I'eml d'Oreille river at Jomei N. Uackonxlo'H
south west corner; thence mist 10 chains, ihence
south in chalm, thonoe west 40 ohalns, tbence
imrth 40chains to the place ol commencement,
I trlnlng (OO acrei nmre or less.
Dated Brd July looo.    Domalo m Macksnxir,
Sixty  da.VH  after date I itileml tn npplv In the
Commlsalonorof Landa and Works to purchase
hmaerosof land, mar Burtnn city,commencing
at a poi-l plunh'if at the BOtltheosi corner of I.ol
No. MIU. and marked J. D, Me'a southwest enrner,
ami  ruiininu   north   4n   chains, thence ea-t 40
chains, thonce south ���m chains, thenee west 4u
chains to place of heiHnnlug.
July 18th, 100S. J. D, McCttLLOCH,
A. A, Hurt.m, AsKMtt.
Notice is hereby given that tw onths after
dale 1 Intend in apply to lhe IfniioraMe the
thief Commissioner Of   Lands  and   Works   fnr
permission ut purchase the following described
land! situate on (he tves| arm of Knntenav Lake
In ihe Dlatrlcl of West Knntennv: Commonclilg
at a poat marked "William Buerby'i N.u. poat;"
thenco wesl twenty (2tn chains; llienee aouth
twenty tM) cbalm; thenee out IWenlv (20)
chains; llienee nonh twenty {2��n chalm  to the
point of cumnieijeeuicni, oontafuing forty (40)
acred, more or lci,s
Dated July 7,11)00. J. (j. VSU0*.
Midsummer Bargains io Prints, Maslins and Ladies' Ready-
To-Wear Goods.
LADIES'   DRESS   SKIRTS,   worth   $1.76   for	
LADIES'   DRESS   SKIRTS,   worth   $5.75   for	
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Ladies' Tailor-made  Suits  regular prices just cut down to cost
All   LadieB'   Trimmed  and   P.ittein Hats at Half Price.
New Fall and Winter Goods arriving every week.
   I.s    S.I..I   i
,1   <.<  111   II.I. SSSS'
Ililll.llik   I'SSIIS'SISV
Fred Irvine <& Co.
Notli ��� li bi ������ by given Lbal ���", dayi Irom dato I
Intend lo apply to tin* Honorable lbe Commli-
ilonei ol Undi and Worki for perinlsalon lo
pun basfl the following dew rlbod lauds, sitiutc
in tic West Kooteiia) District Ht,,ruuK fmin a
post marked William Brnesl Dovlson'siJ H  poil
nl :  two miles oast ol Deer park on the Arrow
Ukcs tbonce Wchains south. Ihence to ehalna
wost. thence io ohaini northi theuce eait to point
nf oommencement, containing aboul KM acrea,
Dated (his Bth day ol .'une, pur,,
William Bahw Daviaov,
Son., is hereby given that W days after data I
intern] imippiv tn ihe Honorable the Chief Cum*
iiii-iniHT ol  [.itmir. nn.I \V,,rk- [or p-rmt^ioii lo
purebaae the following described landi lu tho
Wesi Koolenay district! commencing al a poal
marked  "Nathaniel   McJntyre's  H  I    i orni r,"
planted on the wustsb be Columbia Hlver,
��ironi: miles nortii ol UurtoiiCity,and Hi)ohaini
north of ihe south-wen i ornor of uii W3, lbence
north .mi chain-, ihenco wesl *l chains, tbeuce
uiutb 90 chains, ihcnce "et BU chalm lo point ol
enmiuciic,mem. containingflioacres.
Dated this l2tb dayofJnuc, \tf06
N'eilii'.im   Mclsr\iir:
T. c. Uaktnsou, Agenl
Kollci  I- horeby given thai B0 days after date I
intcmi loapply lo ih.-ll rablc the Chief trom
in Im Inner ot Uml* ami Works for pu ..nm lo
purchase the following deacrlbed lands; Com
muiiclns "t " posi placed mi tbe north shore ol
ihe west arm nf Kootenay l-ake, al lhe northi aal
cnriicr nf ,iohii ht ranks' pre-emption, theuce
we*l hi ( bains, more or leaa, io lhe southeasi
enrner   of   I.ol   No. 7406,  Ihciee   north   (0 challll,
thence easi in chains re or leaa, tin nee i.orih
10chains to the point of comtni ucement
Dated June Ifitb, IW8,
Nolle* Is horeby Kh-en thai I in tend* 60 dayi
alter date u> apply to tie- Chief Commlaaioner of
Landi and ' orks fnr mnnlulou to purchase
the foliowim- ascribed lands,iltuate nt Kire
Valley, Koou-nay ��� iNtriet. onmenclng at a
]mst (marke i i Ualligher soutb woit corner)
placed al tbe loutfa weal enrner id wotion H,
township B8 ii.. in b north to chain* m the norih
weat enmer ol -a'd lectloti BS; ibenee cant -to
ehalns, tbence smith m ohalni lo the wntb
boundary of tald wctlon 88, and tbenoe went M
i'IihIun to ihe place ol beglnatni oonuining y.ii
acres, and being tbe westerly hail of uid i��o*
iimi :u. townchip i.y.
Dated at Kelson, B 0. JunoSth let*..
Notice i- hi reb) given that no day* after'late I
Intend to appl) to the Honorable tne Chief Commissioner ot Laudi nml Worki for panntasloa to
purobase the following duorlbed laiola. kiinau-
in the Weal Rooti imy district: Commencing at��
jHint marked M. McC. H. w, oorner, planted +i
chaini west ol l. ('. Morrison'��� m>rthwe��i corner
nf his crown granted land in Plre Valley, running to cbalm cast, �� chaini north, m ohalni
wosti i(i i balm south to place of commenoement,
.m Mi OavDLtiH, Looator
W. A. t'ALDKK, AfanL
Jnnoaotb, ,woa
None,, p. herb] given iiiai t Intend,0u tfayi
after dale to apply to lha Chief Commlaaioner of
i.nmi- and w.ik- f,,r pcnuiNNimi to purchase Lha
lo lowing described lam)-, oiiuate nt Ure valify,
Koolenay dlstiieL. ''ommeneing ai a pn.*! (marked George Young Vnrth weat corner) placed at
the nnrlh west corner nf nettOU "It* tOWMblp 69
lbence easl *-'ehnim. lo too north east corner oi
said section >; thenoa noii'b 4u chains, tbenoe
went Iii) chain*. Ihence  norlh tu chain*   to  the
place of beclnnlng cnutalniug 8tt acrei and
being the northerly half nf mid notion tt. town*
"ated at N. lion, B. 0, June ;'jth 18 f>
Notice in hereby k|v  u thai Go.lave ,tfi,-r -lalfi
w  Intend lo i.m,]v  to lhe Hnnnralde the Chief
i onuntsstopei uf Lands and Worki at Victoria.
B c. fur iKTfM-*mu to pvrehaaa the fniiowitu
duorlbed landa,-dtnfttO In Weat Kootenay dls*
irh-i,    tomm< nctOg at a poll planted at Thouia"
Jerome'i N B poal, and marked Pater Peaell
and a ChoqueiteN W. Oorner J thenco 30 ohaini
caul    tbonCD   UO  ehiilliB  SOOtb, Ihcnce ;*n eiinllm
west, ihenco .gOctHloi north to tbe commencing
post, containing -in acred nmre nr lenn.
Dated May 25,
W. A. JOWga, _______
Notloe Is bereby given thatslaty days afterdate
I  Intend loapply  to  the  Honorable  the  Cblel
Commissioner of Landi ami Works, Vlotorta. fur
permission in nurobaae lha foiinwing described
landi In Wesi Kootenay. Coiomaoclng at a poil
niarked Kdgar W. i ym-n xtitith west oojoer near
to Harnet or-jek ami about i miles tontb of Mn��.
(iililn e.eek nud nbnui I mile- well nf i nhiinhla
Klver;  thence  north  BO chain*, tblttOO eait 40
chains, tbence south *��� ebalns, tlience wail in
ohalni to place ot oommencement, containing
n0 acre*, being the luni mure nr le*!.
Dated June 4, l!t00,
Ki-iAH w. Pnra.
v. Dtmm Agent,
Notice i, hereby glvi n thai 00 davs alter date I
inlcnd to make npphciih.n iu the Honorable the
* hief t onunlaaltmei ni ijimi*Kmi Work*, iur permission to purnbaae tbo following de��rlWl
lamtK: Commencing al ��� i>< *t placed on the eaal
shore of bower Arrow Lake, adjoining J bates'
nn etnptimi nn lbe south weal marked "T * .'s
n vv.o rnerpoit." Tbenco runui .g BO ohaini
aaStl thence hn ehalUK IOU(h! ihcme anehalioi
more nr loll, wesl to lhe la*-e Khun-; ihcnce following ink- shore lo point nf commencement,
eon U in Ing W0 acrei, more or teas,
Notice i* hereby given thai no da.* ain-r dste I
Inlcnd    t i   applv    In   the   Honorable   lhe   <!||el
Loinmlulonerpf Undtand Woria (nr pen oil
iii,ii lo purchase lho f dlnwing deacrlbed land*,
nutated  in Hlooan tUifrlol,  Cam mincing it
nnrih call ciimot poil of Lol BBlO, ihenei ronn
i,r mo ih io chalm, tbo 0MI U ebalns, ihence
north 40 chains, the weil -tn chain* loO, I'. H.
right-of-way, following wtma aon'ttl went io a
point iiiicfi piitu iimtb une <>t l-ol MN, thence
cunt to point ot loeiiii tmentioontafnlng ISO
in res moro nr lees
Kay Both IBO0,
(', 1.   I, .(Nnvk.H
Notice i* hereby given thnt 00dayi after dale I
intend loapply to the Honorable lbe Chli <	
nin.-ii.ner.-( Und* end ������oik- for permission to
pin-ha*e ih.- following di erlbed Undi iltu
ated In tin Koolenay Dialtlet. Hi gnimiig ni a
pnpl plan led on the oorth shore of lho Ciwi r
Arroa l-akeiil i in rbalns weal of tie   weat
boundar) of I H u Ul i >���<>. Marked H .\ W
8 g eormr. ihem,- weal in. bains, tin nee north
00 chalm, them* east tu chalm more oi  leu lo
lake ihoro, tlu no In i lb weaterl) din etlon
slons iui" ibon to j i - -1 ���neemuiil.ron-
latniug too acru more ot i, ���
I.... ated June u, 1*08
It   ,��   \\..; vi inns.
A, N  Wot! krios, Agent
Notice i* bereb] given that iw n'fu after
dun- I intend lo apply lo tbo llouorabh Cblel
t'ominiaslouei ol Undi an-l \\,.ik- lorpermu
sinn   In lui-i Iiiim-  *i\   hundred   ami    ii,n\    i-t.i
m reioi i-itid. d.'*crii.c,| H, follows: ��� nu mg
ai it poll plautnd at the nortbwoat oorner ol I..
Uallaghir's application lo pun base In Fin Vs
ley,   on   lhe   WOSl  lldl oi   boWC!   Al   OH   l,.,k. , in
Koolenay dlatrlct, marked "W i.C'iN h i-oi
tier"; tlience running eighty (gOj chains weati
Ihence eighty ("���) couth; tbence eighty t*>t
i balm east; thenee i Ightj ffij i balm north to
place uf oommeneement.
W. A. '   |
Dated lbe 2nd day of /ulj   l ������
Notloe li hereby given that 00 dayi trom date
1 Intend t., apply to the Uonorahle lbe t hlel
Commissioner ol UmUHiei Worki for permli
* loll In liiif hate the following  described   Uml*,
Mi the Went K -liny DiltHci, Call   ilde   of   <"ol-
nmbla Klver. aboui 3 mile* north of Mm ton City.
Commencing at a pi>��t   marked   |.en >l   Winter..
h W. oorner, at the ft W.oornirof tt. U.flmltb'i
prcempilnn claim, theme nnrlh 10 'liaili*   more
orleaitotbeiouthbonndan of Mil- < afmii'i
preempllon daim thenoe eul K) chains, ihenco
���outb tn chain* more or hi* m the North boundary nf it h einiih'i preempt loo claim, ibenee
Weil K 'hatui lo pnlni ut (nmajetiieimnt; en.
tniituig iw acrei mora or leu.
Daled (hit 2nd day of June, 1WOT..
Uo M   WintKH.
Ril-iu Hlyk, Agent.
Notice ii hereby given thai I Intend,00 dan
after date, to apply 10 the Chief Commlaaioner o|
Und* ami Worki lor penni-urnm to eurchaao the
following deeorfbed land*, iitiuti .it fire Valh *
Kootenay District. Cotftmenclngat Htin��t(inark
��� di'if O'Connor wntb eaat corner) placed al
the north ea.t turner nf Rcction ,:��� io\im*hlp i/j;
thence went in chaini. them., north a" chaim
I '"em ut 40 chalna, and tbenc- iouth 101 balm
tO the place of beginning, cniil-iiulng .1.11 Hrten.
Dated al NelloO, B. C. June 1th llOfl
p, if. o'ComsoR
tlgoMi Voi so, Agent.
Dated thi* 7th da* nf J|]
Inn- KiNAIIlg
Notice i* bereby given that "n ��� ayi ..ft. r date I
Intend I uke appiioatlon Lo tin Honorable Uie
I'hicf lomiuiiiion-r uf Lumiiami Woik-. for oor*
iniKKimi to pnrebaie   tbe  followiag dowribed
1 *>������  tommenalng ai a poil placed on the
nurtheul m.i ner ni r Klnahan's Application to
III -ike,( -U.   I
chaini ea��ti theuce80chalna ���outb; thi tic* *-i
Chaini Welti Ihence following I Klnahin'*ea*i
or ii bniimlH y to point of coNimemem.nt, con-
taming 040 aorta, mort oi ten,
Hannah 1 ikhnct.
I'aied this7'b day of 'une, i od.
Notice i* hereby given ihai 60dayi afterdate f
Intend to make appl cation iu tin-Honorable the
Chief commluloner ol Unds and Worki fur ner
minion lo pun-base the following deacrlbed
lamis: Commencing al i post placed at tbo in.
leribcUoo of tbe eut bonndary of J Batu1 on
empUo.n and tlrp north bonndary of t Klnahan'i
api aii.ui to Pnrohaae. markod'T.K Jr'ieW
 ner pun "  'th me followingS. Uatu'autArti
boundary, Kleliiilns north! the0colOonalna_a?
Ilu-nee 40 chains lo  Ihe  no then, bo      lar    . i
Hannah   Merney'i  Apnllcal  io Pn!K_!i
ihonce following tbe ndrtherl ��� \,  J .,,:
and northerly boundary ol T, Klu.hanWpDTC
Cation lo Purchase, to poi   t of commannamlKi
containing B2uaoru, raoie m lo��i"      l""1'1^'".
Dated thli 7th day of Jnins |-i!-ij.KlS*,UN* Jm'
Notloe is here'y given that I intend ~mH7.7.
afterdate, tn apply |��� the i hud . ,,''.. 1,,-v\
b.iml*: nml   Works  fur pe,  ,,.',' "���N"��f>'";r of
the following deicrlb*-J ian i* *,,''.J,_?'IIVK
Valley,  K.,(lleiiav  Dlltllc       ','���,,   .'i"1   Hr"
post (marked lieorge v.uing m, ','" "K "l t
placedat the nortii eui -I . ' f""\ :"n,,:,r?
townihlp W; tbence south 8cI cliiinS t_th-_*    .'
east eorner of Mild Section m' Vt ' ���''" "
thaini, ��ienoe north W chalm ami ?uf wwl *?
IDchainsInthe   p'��ec  of     , , ,     ' '   ""'"'���,'   6��*
B90aores, ..ml befngUieei , h ��� i f; '���';,1,��i,,,����
tion82, fo��nihipo8_ rl> w��o/Mid ieo.
Dated at Nelson, H. V. June fjtll m
DioHoe Youko.
Notice I* hcrehy given tbltOOdayi from data I
Intend toapoly to Uie Honorable the Chief Com-
miujoDei .f Und* and Wnrk* for permission lo
pun base the r-duwing described laud*, in thfl
rtt-st Kootenay   Dlitrlet     Hand   Island,  m  the
Loiumbia Klver abont 4 mllei imrth ol Borton
lly; all of 'aid Iilaud abOTfl high water, bt ing
in acre* more or leu.
Hated thu in nay of June, imo,
KMANK    NoltT.iN
T. *   MAKIMMX, Agenl
Hi,iy dayi rJtor data I iniemi to appii to the
l nmnilssl-ner of Ij.nds ami Work*   ''. i,,ria   m
purchaie IM acre* of land.  Com nctng ��\ ��
poil planted <m tbe we*i siwre m Arron Uke at
tbe iouth eait comer of J l Chrlalfo'a purrhue
running north tt chalna. ihence eaal A chains,
thence south 10 chains, Ihouue wesl Bo chains to
place of oommencement.
located May.l'th 1900,
A. Cabjui,
uOauaqhir, locator.
^lxiy dayi after date I intend tn apply Ui Ihu
Commlsaioner of Undi and Worki fcnorehaae
80 aerc* of und, iltualo about one mlie easl m
Barton City, ami doscrl I ���, follows- Com.
meiieliiKHlla poil planted ,���, lhl. n..rth��. *t ,,.,
leloM,,   ,.,,��,,,, ru ���  wma.  ,,,,.,���������,    j,
north in chalna, thenee eul 30 chalm Ihcnce
south along lot WW to place of beginning
j^jy'th. IV*< J. H. |||'MK���.
NoUpaU hereby given lhat M dayi aftei i ��� i
Intend toapp y to tbe Honorablo theChh i�� oni*
niisi.merof Undatnd Works for permKioni5i
pnrehaii the following deicrlbed lami* -,. a ,
Won the Wm  arm ol Kootonay Uke,	
UO'Ul lllg al ail Initial posl  plMeed   Ml    lhe   MO_
weaicornarol l^t TBoj tbeuou nortn so ohiina
thenee weil 10chaini,thenea south �� china!
,,"",', ��� l0 Jhalna to potntofoommei uent!
Dated May/H, iwo.
 Jan. Kin/k h
Nutiie la hen by given lhat 00 dayi from dale I
-e     ���    .. ,   I   K11"1  ,'"*'���,,,r iwmi-elon to
a   hi,,'      "i?.*,"W '!,-""""i lands,sittiate
Ml mi  niolilh id   Hull li p>o|| cteek on    t|���.    a,,,,,,
,";'���".".""��'���"' * ii.y i.....i'i ,,;���;;,:,
��....,'���' ""'"'i' fi I" I'li.ln., ih,.,,.',-
1 '! Ilitollll sl.y ssf Jssss,. I'jsss,
Wis 1.1.�� If.smv PirtM,
Wll.l.u,, J.Ts.VK,   .,.,..,
So'IotH berebrglrtn iiiaiswi.i,,), (.,������ ,,.,,.,
ii'l.-lsssi.TsilUiiii.,,,,,) Mark, l���s Mrn sU���,
im si i������,i���s���.r,, ���,,������, ���\i���!,,.'.;,;'
inn. HUrlliiKfr.s,,, ��,���,��, murk.,| a '. I.'.v ��
po.,, iiifis,,' in ob.ln, s'iim, th,-su'- us sii.is,.
I""!   IS,ll���.|���'U.ll   ..||���1|,��     ���,.,|,   ||	
nortii to point of imunwmMi
llssli'il llilssllls sl.y i,(Jn,,,, |900;
AlsTIHis Jom, f.s,
Wll.l.UM  J   'IssVH, A|i,,,u,
N..U.T I. heroliy jItoi, h,���s godu, after slat.. I
insssk.'sl M.Ms'i'. n |.; ,.,������,.," ,  ,  i."."" '';""
.null, ���f U���.H.1V  S's.nsir ���l  H1'",,,.r',���";,""
ssssisiissii iii i iro Valoy, rsii,i,i,i.. ,,,.1, /,,.,,',,,
*.,'is,si���. ��,.���, i,,,.,,,,?,,, ,���.���i;i���' I,","';
plsss's; ssf I'ssisiiiifiis'ssisii'iil
Maiik SfCOAKBllnr, l.,.i,,l���r
��   A, CAUlta, AKsllt.
"Olio, ISS ll.'li'lsy Kh,.��� ,|,���| u ,      ,,       .
ffiiia'airasi' r f ��-
Eiaft^^TftRi ra^fi
1 loln�� "' " I1"-! iin.rk.il A. IV  Cal.
riinplm can lwoiiiy"hIto,,Mn%T0,S^)l'.,���'
oCTunim^i! '"''""I'liiifii.-i..,.!:,:
D*\*amfi,m. lowruw,
 ||'|>-| i i  ,,,,, ��" s.i.1
::';:'.::; ,!;;;:i.,,;:v.
���i ��� no.] pl.uu i
.', ���I"","1"." ��i'|'" ��
"(1   A   Mie   * MlUtlu nn ..
eight) (Wi) chain, w.-i
nonh:   tbeoee eight)   isji
eight) iw) uhaln
��� bjDdtir*
(IMO) aeres, ti mrle��
bated Un' md ol July,
w   \ , ,
Koifoels herebj gin ti I
In tend bi make apt lleati
t hie Oflintnludotiei of Ui     ,
inlsalou   lo   ptin-hAae   Ih,
land.   Comiuem lint ii > mm
northwesi iMiruemf sfHl
nm.    ...   pif.-.m,*,    ylS,.,
M<   v   K. i?orner," rum
chains south, Ki rhain- cUi ud
pblil' of i i.Iiinii li,
July .in,I. IBOO
Sotlei |i be'vby,iiveii Ihatw^jai
ll.hl.d loapply to ihe if..r,,.;���|.;, _t__"_
mlssloner ul I In and .V.,rk* tt
piirel  ihe followlna
in the Wesl Kootenai Jlfiriel <
poal  on  ibe ca Iu nl Till k
arron  Uke, and marked ' '
eorner," thonce usl -v.
' tiatn-.   thi Ql ���    West  SO
tfl   polnl  n|  emn
MO 'en * re nr !������--
I-.. atedJnni II I
I   n   MriLLUlB*
-iv.   dav*  after  dat.  I
Chief t nmmiulom i  ol i  d ���
\ lOtoria. for iiermlasion topui ' ���-
and Hit] ii'") Ren ml |
��� loan    Commeuctas ���: ,
elfhiy (W)cbaioi east ol ���     I |
Bulgers pre-emption ami
corner," and rannina ���
ihi ni ������ south forty (toj
chalna, tb< m c north tort]  I
JlllTj   '���'��� i   *
KOttl I ll herein   give-.
Intend to ��ppiy lo lhe lion tlu Q
sioner ol Ij��ihI* and Work- lor mm
ebaw  ihe [ollowtug   de* rlbi 1 lu
Kootenay district, prni ..( B*ag
Commencing at a post martid a
)* �� corner, on the soutb ildn ������
about two mllei ��������.! . ���
Mioj at ihe northweel ioroeiol tt.
i" - pre smptloo claim, ihi m i
tbenoe m.rih flo chalm, tbeeei **
Ihcme nuuth 00 ' bain* lo the pUm
��� oniaiiiiiig MOicrH mon
Dated thi* .'lib dav ol Jnlv.iM
Notice i. hereby gin d lhal mnettd
dale I  Intend loanpTv tn lhe Ibu
��� Dniml-lonirof Undi and H rkil i
lo pun baee lhe following ������ ��� ���:
ate In Fire Valley mi tin wi t I
rnw Utke, Kootonay dlitrlet, i"-
lowi Commem log at �� pott pt
northwi ��t corner ��>f ff. a < sidsn f
marked  "A. Mel.'* rum lha. ���:
ilo-nee   |,.n��   im)  ��� in.:-.-  ���   ��� ������"���������
chaini   norih;   iheure  forty U ' ���*!
thence forty (toj chaini -outh miu rani
e.imiueii', imnt, eontaiiiliij oni ���-'.**
ilxty (110) acrei nmre or lea. r
Dai.d June22, Won A>oriMcUl_B
VV A. i'i    ���
Notice li bereb) glren tbat I m��s4el|
afier dale toapply In tlie i .-ue! ��'.:���=��� ���*���'*���
< and* aud Worki Iur ;������ ���rm��--i-o> t.��pji u��s
following duerlsbed lands sod p"       -!M
at Fin- .ll ev   Ko,Ue|iav IH-lri't    i'meem
at a |m*i Miuirkcd P. II ",| on nor nnfisiwej
tier) placed al I In' nnrlh east roWel "' �����
II, LOWnshlpWi thenee   Wilt th ai ��..*ift.t��J
weal -m ohalni, thenee north ftt'hiiwi"
northerly bouodiry ol said wetlontDial-J^
re eaal kiebalm to the plen
lalnlug IM acrea, and being tbinorui �����(������
quarter ol said eeetton -i. mwnihtp*
Nelson, 11. C. June-dh l-i    p j
 qnoaoi Vgn   ���
Sixty dayi alter dale I Intend to *$1_l_\
eninmlsiloner of band* and vVorl
pur.'ha*, itoaoresof Uml ��ltusie*au**S1
a* follows,  Commcnelng ��t �� '������ ���       "J
lhe eaal ihorv of Arrow Uk, up]     ��� ' m
Undlng al lha -outh  ��.- "������<���' W
O'Hiley-i nre-emption and marked '���'- \\
corner] thenee eaat 00 chains, ibienag
ehalna, the  weilMrhaln- lo tw M'_"_
 re-   Uorth  along   the  hike  tttOtt 1" *****
Jlllic A'f
1)1   *     *   *
'"' ''*"'��� r i.,.*
IV. i'.iiish.I""*'
n * I. iii'i.'i.i Kiii.is il,.,��� I "'.
III. lull.,is v loll,,' II >U, "'"'l"''!1,
l.i|..|..i,i-r,.| lati.l.ssti.l  Work, l"S|-""��
|iill.'l,.s��s' llss.  lollnWlni ���l."Hl"i| ]
nn'Ili'llixsil �� potl lissisti'il ��    II  ��]
plsslilsil   nl   Hi,.   N    11. COri
ITi'i iil|ili,ill   111   I'll,    lull
IHirtls,   llliliiilsi. ss, .1. >' '
I'll.I In plai'r nf i iiisiliii'lin Sss. nl
IV, II   Ms'S's-l'll-l'1';-"'
IV. ,1  I  s I SLSS, A.' 'I'-
Isisii- ^isls.l'.,.  ���
Ni I. lsors.li, ilrni '' '""''Vs,1*
il.Us I   ,,l to ,.|.|.ls   to Hi   ""'"ffXl
V i 1'omml..  ol  Un,l "     I
I" wl.in to psinliMi lln' I..II..J "';,   a
Ir fIllllll: .Hsissl.-alWu.'sii-     ��   '"    ',3
 ,i ���l K���,.li.|���,y  l.���lsi   sss lln    l'i'!;"'
K.H.ton.r, I'l'.s s iin"'1' ",",
I 'sillilliii   I.S    SS.Il.li'll.lls,	
Hi,' .��� moro nt Iom, ,s im i  i
>"���".��� "isssis < " i;'1;:;;;,,.!,,..
lnoni:log��l�� i n m  �����*,''">, i��im1
I. 7moB, I ll.'.i ki���,i..iiis  in i'l
mnilli WI  si'i ,.( I. i*	
f.'11'is.liii. Us.. Miinls.rlv I I"''
Nii'lial'i. more s,r Ion 1" Hi''
HIT   ssf   SIHl'l   l^ss   IWO,   ii   ll 'I
���outh   I'l (���iniiii'. mora or toi
I'll,' liii'lllilisrv "f ll. K. Ilsilli'i'l' '   vi'l    ,   ,,,111
I'urc o; thou '...i.tIv i "'''.".'iii'U
s'si, arycif, �� li H��H-��-I>��� ]'*"��� ,��
In  I'llrslssi.,. 1'.' :,7J .Ilisllis  in '   ' .,��� .iiil-
���linroofguwoj' liiiv; tliol f,illowl"W""JH|
rally ..I Hi., nu ibore m n imrlli '��-;"��� ���,*
Hon TO is ire or low to m; ���;;    ,',, ,���,..
iis'Ii.ImsII Ui|7B��B.1| llis'll"''"'1 "' "��������� si.l,
tissr is,i. ivoatorly i iilsssy of k|1''1 '.���"';.,,,���
iKW'IsslI sssrs'ssr 16,1 to pssim "1 """
wont, .. D.riMiK
i'.sis',i Jung l.i, 1900. "��� "
.imy'i 'V''
I ml* 1 _
nl I i��'
S.sllis' ll Iists'Iiv fl
I Ins..si,I mil
'lull' I llll-llil  JiplVI,, IU'' I""'"       .iiul��J"��
C roftondii �����'" ' "''" '."uil
lopiirelMu lho lollowlnl itoiurllsii ""J.',��|
in ll.'.i Koislellny ilimlsi: fwlnninitwa
.slsssiis.,1 hi tin. uortliwoiteoriusroi M	
I'sib S's'i'i'li,  llis'lis-s Hi  mi'Iml"-.  �� ,,,|alis".
oi .iniiii. mora or ls's-��. Oiom-o no'!" , pi
moro or lou, Ihonoo on�� I ko���"",,
l'1" -ri."miiniiiK, Hi'' "s"1!1, ' "'''���,,mi '���
Isrss.-" .vll.it lisksssssvis His III'' His li " '   ,|I��
1'ss  July.'., IHHI. ';'" ,,
N���ll,.,. is  hs'relsy iilss'li   I ".|>, '.'"I'siniii.
 Iills. I 1 usl 10 ��|.|il> I'"1""    ' ,..r (--rn.lj-
ilonor of Undo ��nd Wort, ytotorlMWfl
 i 10 |.iireliM0 tho f ilm.' '''",������., ''���'
,1111.10 lis  llss. sllilrlsl s,l   IVoll Is"'" "i,rlsJ
"i i-rsiliiiinii Crook: Hlnrllnil'il o I"  i ,|soofj
I.I til
.l"l.ll  IVIsll,
S'lllllliss   SSSSlllll   SS|    .1      Mill  ><
niiinliis: nssrlli ;m ilisiliii., Hu'ii
iiii'isi'i' b I, :�� I'liaiiiK, thonco �������� ' ,UM,i,
|'S.iliilofi',,;iiiiil,ll,'Ulllullt.  , ^....j'J'Vitnl.
J SHIS' 11, I'.��.).
J.F1IA����'; ���
The Daily Canadian
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y> Limited
| Mosl
Machine 4}
on ���
the ^
Market ***
Miracle   of   the   Loaves  and   Fishes-
Services In the City Churches
'lie two latest  additions to the   Kodak line are the
No. iB Quick Focus Kodak for 3 % x 5 % pictures,
i   s, $12.00.    And the No.4A Folding Kodak
for 4)4 x 6'/i pictures,with regular equipment, No. 2 B. .v. L. Automatic Shutter
and Double Combination Rapid
Rectilinear   Lens,  with  a
speed of f. 8.    Price
$35 ����-
We have thfl whole Kodak tomfly, from tbe old Nn. 0
ri��ht   up  r<��  tin*   Nu.   I A       Also ull tin- SappliM nt
T(iri)iiti�� j'rioos.
Our mnil department ih nt your service.
Canada Dttsg and
Book Co'y* Limited
perial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
'AL PAID UP,.,,$8,900,000 HEST  $8,900,000
H   VYILKI1-:, l*roKi,l,'iit HUN. 110 BERT .I.U'TKAY, Vieu-Presidrat
Branches in British Columbia:
i.|H,^i(s renewed and tuteratt sUowed nt ourrent rati-n fnmi .intn of opening no
snd credited half-yearly
i.8on Branch J-   M,  LAY, A*ionasret-.
'he Hall Minfcg and Smelting
Company, Limited.
'urchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
bal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Rooiing Pitch and Paints.
Boat Hiiilii.'iK will Und it to their advantage to asoonrPitob,
Melson Coke ao>i Gas Co., Ltd.
'. Burns & Co.
tfoilee fu ueri-ny given tbat .'M <layn tftai dftfe 1
lutein]  tu apply  to tlie Chief Cum mi km loner
I ��� i ���n'.- himI Wiirkn lor a cpucial IleeiiBe
Tomorrow will be thi sevenlh Sunday after Trinity. Wednesday, August lnt, will bo i.auiinaH day, the
original of the harvest festival or
thanksgiving, the day on which of-
[erings were made of the first fruits
ol   tin,' hum ul.
The gospel for the <luy Is the familiar story of ihi.- feeding or ihe niulti-
ttide by Lake Galilee. St. Jobn'l uc-
coitnl  forms the Kospel for the fourlli
Sundaj in Lent; Bt Murk's record of
the  same Went  Is  the  gospel  lor tho
seventh  Sunday after Trinity.
The narratives differ only in tho oh
i I males of the numbers, St. John placing 11 al five thousand, and Si. Mark
at four thousand. Bt Mark's account
Is  short   aud  simple,  relating In  plain
words an eveni that must have profoundly Impressed tho first  followers
of Christ wllh u sense of His power
and  love.
"I have compassion on the multitude
because they have now been with me
three days, and have nothing to eat;
and If 1 send t li em a wa y I asl tag t o
I heir own houseH, they will faint by
the way; for divers of them came
Irom   afar."
It   is strange reading In days when,
i hough  sometimes considered  bei ier,
wiser and more enlightened than earlier days, one of the chief problems of
preachers of the gospel is how to coax
professing Christians to listen to it.
or even sit within bearing of 11, for
one hour u week.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow In the churches of Nelson:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
cor. Ward nnd Silica streets: Seventh
Sunday alter Trinity; holy communion,
8 a. m.; morning prayer and holy communion, 11 a. in.; children's service,
2:30 p. m.; evensong. 7:80 p. ni. Rev.
F.  H. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic-���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward nnd Mill
streets: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Father Althoff, priest,
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:80 p. tn ; evening service, 7:30
p. m.; Sunday eohoot 2:30 p. nt. Rev,
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica nnd
Josephine streets: Morning service. 11
a.m.; evening service, 7:30 p. in.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R. N. Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. in.; young people's
rally, 3:30 p. tn, All services will be
held in Ihe tent. Morning preacher,
Rev. C. Pad ley; evening, Rev. I)&
Northrop.    Rev. E. H. Shanks, pasior.
Salvation Army���Meetings will be
held tonight indoors. Tomorrow there
will be knee drill at 7 a. m.; jail meeting at 9 a. m.; Sunday school at 10 a.
m. and holiness meeting at 11 a. m.i
free and easy at 3:15 p. nu, aiad the
salvation meeting at S p. m. On next
Thursday the Salvation Army Sunday
school will have a junior and senior
picnic at the old park. Everybody
cordially invited to all meetings. Lots
uf solo and  duct  singing.
ul ninl
JtJ away timber Irom tlie followiiiK "leneribed
landi in West Kootanty diwtrie-.:
No. 1.���fortune ue liif* at a pott marked Ole
Oberg'i KoulliwcKl corner post, and planted OO
the east hide of IiiiiH'an river, about ten miles
nortleai-1 <>f Weft Kork ol uuneaii river; tlielif.e
m ehains unlit It, llienie 80 chaini east, thenCc SO
chalm norlh, ihciiee 80chaini went UMoini of
No. a,���commanding at i poit marked Ole
Oberg'i ko HifHisl |��o-t and *>lJitile<l <>n tlm ea*!
HiUeo' Dmienil river, ahout II m licit i orlheast of
Wait Fork of Duncan river; thenee MO ehalOH
northi tleiic" ni chain- <uM, thenee HO chains
lOUthi thenee SU ehaliu went to point of commencement.
Nn. :i Commencing al i poil marked Ole
Oberg'i northeait oornor poit, and planted on
the east  hide  of   I'liiuaii  river,  about   11 mihn
ui rtbeaii of Weil Fori pi Dunoan river; thenee
Ochilui weit, tbence too chaini north, thenee
lOchalm eait, tbencejUO cbalni toutta to point ol
Su.   1.    Conunennlbg  at  a   poit    marked   Oil
oiiitk'n iontbw*>it "i ner poet,and planted on
the eail ilde nf Dunoan rwar ��nd about i-ji-i
mllei. northeait of weit Fork oi Duoean river;
Ihence Hn chain*  north,  tbenoe Soi-haiim ���������-���'���
tbenoe SO ohalni wnth,  benoe wdmum went to
IHilnl of comiiH-iiC"tn<-rit.
No. .'>. Coinnieiii Iiik at a poM inurked Oil
ohcrK'i noriheail corner post, and planted on
Ihe  tail  hide of  Imuran river and about 13 1 I
mlli-H iiorihiuhi ���>( Wei| Knikof Donean river;
thenee so eitaiie. weht, thenoe U ohalni north,
ihctur- 80 ohalni eait, thenoe 80 ohaini ion tb to
point uf oommei cement.
No. ll.���Commenolng at a po��i marked Ole
Obrri*'*  liortlicant corner  pout,  and planted nil
lbe "Hitelde of Diinean river, and about IBM
miles northeait of weet Knrlt of Duncan river;
tbenoe B0 chaini weet. thenee80chaini north,
thenee  WI  chalnn BBIt, tbence HO chain" MHltll to
jioitit of oommencement.
No. 7.���Commencing at a poit marked Ole
Oberg'i MMilhweht enrner polls, and planted on
Ihe cant lldC of Puneaii river and ubout 181*4
mllei northeut Ol the West Turk oi Duncan river;
theuce Ho ohalni east,  (hence Ko chaiiih  hoiilh,
lbence 80obalm wut, tbence su chain*- nortb to
{mint of oommeneement
No. 8.���Commencing ut a iminI marked (He
Oberg'i lOUtbvreil corner OUK, and plauied on
theeHKl xl'le of  lliincau   river, and about   Hit
miles northeait of the Weil Kork ut imueaii
river; thence Wi ( ha Ilm eait, thenee BO ohalni
soiilh, thence nt) chains weht, tbence Hu chains
north to point ol commenoement.
No. 9,���Commenolng at a post planted on the
ihs i sjdc of Donoan river and mark >d Ole HberK'H
���OUtheail corner post, and about II l-l miles
nortlieuhl of West Fork of Duncan river; tbence
no chaini west, thence 80 chains uorih, thence 8o
chalna eait, thenee B0 chaini eon th to point ol
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Room, .re well furnl.hed.   T.blc .1 gsvsd u .ur
lu NelHou.    Hiss- isippllod with good
llsjunr. .an ssuiar,.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Kuropeao ati'i American Plan
Ileal* ... cU.   Kfiomti from '2& ote. to ll
Only White 11*1 j> Kuiplnved.
Baker Bt.. Nelnon Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House io Nelson.
Tbe Bar Ii tbe fluent.
White Help Only Employed.
loiephlne St.
Ko. 11
I'lllH   ut
a post marked Ole
Ull und planted ou
.'���: and about 1.. 1-1
irk nf  iMiticaii   river;
ace w eliniiiH north,
c M> ebaliis nouth lu
West Transfer Co.
(ii'iiinil Tonmafcen and Dealers in
(3onl anil Won .    ICxpri'HH nnd
HinvpiK.' Transfer
V*8 _.'i3  Office: Baker St.
lu.   loinmc
idci.f li an  i
mllu northeaatof Went .
ihence so chaini vreit, ti'
I hence HOchaliih cact. the
puiut of commencement.
No. IL���Commencing  at a post   marled   Ole
Oberg'aBonthweit corner jtont and planted on
tbe OUt Ilde of Ilunean river and about 15 1-4
mil��� northeail Ol WOW Fork of the DonCan river; (hence ho chain" eact, tlience ffll clialnH nouth,
thence 80 chaini rat, thence W chalna north to
point of commencement,
No. 13.���Conimeiieinn at a poNt marked Ole
Oberg'i northeail corner pout and planted on
tin; eunt side of Duncan river and about U 1-4
miles iiorthea-t of Weit  l'ork of iMiiuan river;
tbenoe80 chains weat, thence ���*���" chahiK north,
tbence BD Chain! can, tlience ��U chains nouth to
imint ui commencement
No. 13. -Commenting   at a pomt   marked   Ole
!>!"��� ,:'��� -,..i!iiwi-t corner ikimI ami plHiiteil on
tbe eait ilde of Dnncan river aboul W-XA miies
northeut of the Went Kork of tbe Duncan river;
tbeuce hu chalna eaat. thenoe bi ehains south,
thenee Htl chaliiH west, thence SO chains north to
polni ul commencement.
NO. Hi���Commencing  at a post   marked   Ole
Oberg'i iouth west oorner poet and planted nn
tlie east side of Duncan river and ahout 17 1-4
miles northeast from the West Fork of Duncan
river; thenee Su cbalni east, theuce an ebalns
south, thence m chains west, theuce 80 ehains
north to polnl of Commencement
No, iv Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obetg'a nortbeul corner po*t and planted on
the cast side of euueau river and about 17 14
niihs uorthenst of  Wesl  Fork  of  Duncan river;
Ibenee 8u cbalni west, thenco tw chains north,
lbence So chaini out, thenoe 90 ohaini south to
point ol commencement
No. l*.-Commenclng at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i snuihwcsl corner post ami planted on
the cast side ol Duncan rl-er ami about IH 1-4
miles norlheast ol Die Wesl Fork of Duncan river; tbenoe W chains eut theliee 80 chains south,
theuce so chains wesl, thenee SO chains north to
point of oommencement
No. 17.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberji's southwest ,miner post and planted nn
the eait Ilde ol Duncan river ami about 19 l-i
miles nortbeul of the Weal Fork of i uncan river; tlience h) chains easl, thenee SO chains south,
thenee 80 cbalm weit. ihence so chains uoih to
point of ooramenerannt
Dated June Sth 1906, Ol.R OliEUu, Locator.
Notice is hereby glTOU thai 90 days after dale
inlcnd to apply to the Chief Commluloner of
Landl and WorKl lor ii spei hii license to eut ami
carry away timber (nun the IoIIowIuk described
lauds, situated iu the West Konteiiay district:
No. t���-Commencing at  a  post  marked  O   D.
Horn's souihwoi corner poet) and plantcil on the
east hank of Duncan river and about *i 1-1 miles
norlheast of weat fork of Duncan river; thence so
ohalna easl. thenoe SO chains south, theuce so
chains west, thence so chains north lo point of
No. 8,���Commencing at a post marked O. D.
Hoar's northcasl comer post, ami plantcil on the
cast side of Duncan river, ami about 20 1-1 miles
northeast of west fnrk of Duncan river; thenoeSO
onatna west, thence So chains north, theuce so
chains easl,  thenee 90 chains soutb to  pofht of
The Big Schooner D/*���*�� f (\~
Or "Half-iod-Half"   DCCl    I UCa
Tho only Glnw* of Good Beta in NoIhoo.
Hotel accommodations seeotid lo none in Itritish Columbia, Kates f 1.00 per day. Kpi-eial rates
IO monthly boarders Only home hotel In Nelson
Lake Viet*
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blocks from
Rates 11.ihi per Day
and np.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   TJT      j%      JKJW      mi\]\
and examine our list.   Ot   0&   lYl*   *\0*%E\jJ
In^uhance!   Real Estate and Mining
Managtr for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
OldMt eHtnlilisliort Real Kstate
I'.iissiiii'ssrt in Kootonuy.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Fruit Lands io this district.
Most of it frimate on the Went Arm nml Main Lake,
foro you dedtla to lsrcnto.
See me lie-
S. RL BRYDGES, ""Sgyg��� ^
P. O. Box 161.
Telephone lis.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Loetted. Open Day end Night.
Sample and Bub Rooma Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Tb<? Strathcona
w^   Limit ss. Wooilb.-rry (Jroek
by ilm underelgned n|> la non
, in
Ponder lor Timber
" win be received
ml Sulimliiv, llir
ii y p
I i iiiiin
'Mill     lilt'    loll.lWllI
i- North Kork ol
.nh Milling DlvJi
Hi   l'ork   o|   VV
it\f ,h H stiiLi
uodborn  Un
nnv  Lave; t
; ilM-m-
ciist n chalna to tin- point
to (lit   Alld
v��� dberrs
on of Weat
led on the
.imni   five
aouth ho
nib w
>[ rolll-
I,, 1 1.    roinini'lHillK nl ii -(like li'iitllcil oil tlir
oriiiKoik.il iVoodberrr Creek aboutalxmlloi
om Koolenay Utko; tnence fouth so ohetnai
lonoo weal BOohatnii tbence norih M attaint)
cbiiiliK to (hi- point Ol l-Olllllll'lll-D-
aki- 'ihiiiti
ireok, iihn
m the
Ihonoo north
lo thu point
thenoe eait m chain
but 8,  Commencing
North   l'ork   of  W Ilirrrv  Ul
mllei trom Kootenay  Laaei
chalnal thenoe weal 80 ohaini
obalnai thenee rail 80 chaln,t
c neneomeut.
iml-i ��� Commencing nt n itako planted on the
Norih l'ork of Woodberry t non, .ibom ei^M
mil.",   rrom   KOOtenay   Lake;   thenre   sonlli   HO
chalnei ihenco weit "">< iia.n-: thenoe north hu
chain*) thonce eail hu chains to the point of
The person offering Lhehtghoatcaih bonui will
be entitled to Hpecidl licences covcrlni: lbe lllii-
lts' renewable fcr Iwenly-one lUOOeuWO ycarH.
Hash tender mint be accompanied by a certified dheqUOi maile piyiible at par In Victoria to
the underiigned. for the am a, %m,w, of the
ilm yeari reel lor luob bpeclal lloenoui and the
amount o( the bonnri tendered, and alio a oertl*
it I'd cheque for 880 00 (or cost oi advertiilng nid
Deputy Oommluloner of Landiand Works*.
Labdfland World Department,
Victoria, B.C , .Inly p.uh, 1906.
Nelson, B.C.
We WiU Sell.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
litter Street, Nelion. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
|,h" li N.-srlnstn in   Hosiland,   Truil,   Ni-lsim,  Knsld,   Kiiiulnn, Throe Korku, Now
Donvor mnl Shiran Cily.
'���'��� isiiill loiiuy limni'l, sslll Isssvi'
immpi 'sis.l s'stroliil nlli'iiilssis.
Heid Office: Nelson, B. C.
TAKK NOTICK lhat I intend to apply nt  the
noil sttiii'i.- n( ihe Board of Llcenoiiiii Cl lll-
ilonen tor the city of Xebon, for a transfer to
fJeorkuHarrliouof Nelion* 11 c.ol my Cloente
toBi'il ferniL'tiU'il ami IplrltupUl llqtior.-i on  the
promllOl known nn tl.e Luke View bout, Vernon
Hlreel, NollOU. B.C
Dated the Ith day of July, 11KHI.
At'Oi-n THOHA8.
WilllvhN, vv. A. Ma-jdonalu.
No B.���Oommenolng at a post marked 0. D,
lloar'n lOQthWBlt corner poHt anil planted oil Hit1
eiiKt nble of hum'.,]) river, nml admit HI l-l mlluH
norihcMRt   of   the   WOlt   lork  of   Imuran river;
thenoe no clmhif north, thence m ehalmeait,
theme HoehatiiK hoiiIIi, thence Wl chains went to
polnl ot commcnci'iiu'iit.
No 4i���Commencing at �� vo>i milked o. D.
lUmr'.s louthweitcorner poit and plaoied on the
eait bunk oi I'lincHii livrr.uinl h n 21 1-lmllcn
northeait of Die went tork ol Duncan rive-;
thenoe *u ciiHini north, theuce HiM'liam* eact,
Hit!lice Hi) chaini nouth, thenee ho chalm weit to
potnl of I'omiiH'iicPiiienl.
No. B ���Commenolng at a pout matted 0. J".
llotir'-sotilheitM coriM-i pout mi-l planted ou the
eitxt -i.lc-il lMiue��u river, nmI about It l-l nilb-H
Nn: 11,, .in oi weii lork of Duncan river; tbence&i
ohalni noitbi ihence hd phainiewk UieiceW
ohaini south, ihouca ho chains west to piim of
No ii. omuienolng at n pohI marked 0. D.
Ilimi���'* MUtheait corner ]>o<t and planted nu the
eail aide of tbe Dnncan river, ami about ���i-i
mil n Dorllieail Ol the wesl fnrk of Huni an liver:
tnence ni iha.iiM nnrlh, l"etni'H.) i huinH easl,
thence B0Obalm south, thetio so eiial'jl wcn| to
point of oommoncetnout.
No. 7.   C iciieltiK til a post marked 0, D.
Hour's southwest i er piml and plauied on the
east i.ds of Imiicaii river, and abotil ll l-l mil s
northeast <>r the west lork of Duiictin river;
thonoe ho cIihIiis easi, thenee Hi) chalus soiuh,
thence ho ehalns wesl, lbence 80 chains north to
point ����f commencement.
No. tt.-CiiiiimcuehiK nt a post marked 0, !>.
Hour's northeast comer posl aod planted ou the
cast side of Duncan liver, and about 'JI 1-1 miles
southeast of west fork of Duncan river; IheiieeHo
cliiiinv west, llicnuc HO chalna north, thence Hn
chains east, tlience HO chains south to point ot
No. Be���Commenolng at a post marked 0, D.
Hoar's southwest corner post ami planted on
lhe cast side of Pum-iiti river and about 'JJ 1-1
mllei northeast of the went fork of Duncan river; thence HU chains east, tlience till chains soiilh,
theuce HO chalus wesl. thence ��) chalnn north to
polnl of connuciicenieiil.
Mo, 10.���Commencing at a post marked o, d.
Hoar's northeast corner post and planted on the
cist stile of Duncan riverand about 11 1-4 miles
northcasl of (he wesl fork of the Duncan river;
theliee HO chains, west lbence 80 chnins north,
thence 80 ohaini eait, thence80 chnins south to
point of comuienceiiii'iil.
No. U.���Commencing at a a post marked O. D.
Hoar's southwest corner poHt and planted on the
easl side of Duncan river and about 881*4 miles
norlheast of the west fork of the Duncan river;
tlience HO chains easl, thenee Hi) chains Aouth,
thenee HO chains west, theuce HO chains north to
polut of commencement.
No ll���-Commencing at a post marked (). D.
Hoar's northcasl corner post aud planted on the
cast Hide of Hum an river and about 'il 1-4 mllei
nortiieaul ol the west fork of the Duncan river;
Ihcnce 80 chains wesl, thenee HO ehaliiH north,
thenee HO chains easi; thenco 80 chains south to
puiut ol commencement.
RATKtf t*  fKR DAY
Large and Comfortable Bedroomi and First-
class Dining Room. Bample Kooms for Commercial Men.
MRS. K. <!. CLARKK,  Proprietress
Thfl well known
Our Beer Garden is
tho Finest, in tho
- Proprietor
Choice Fruit
I Have (0,000 Aeres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Cowmoi*.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
noons cAbbBD ror
And i>i-:ijvi��t*i*:i> i-wi:i-;
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
No. Ifl.���Gommenotttg utiiposl miirked (), P.
Hunt's MniilnviM cor hit po��l mid platiU'il on lhe
unit: Bide ol  tb<' iMinniri   river Hlid  ubout  li l-i
tnik'H northeait ol tin' west fork of tin* Duui-hii
river; tliom-e Ko chains eiiNt, tlience HO cIihIim
���onth) llienee 80 ehniliN  we-t,  lbence Nl cliHlin*
nortb to point of commencement
No. m.���Oonunenelng at �� poit marked o. n.
Hoar'i norlbvvest eorner jioxt mui planted on the
eail fide of Duncan ri er and about '24 1-4 tnlloti
northeut of the wreit forkof the Dunoan river;
tbence 80 Cbalni wont, thenee- 80 chalnn north,
lbence 80 ohalttl ensl, thenee 80 clutlnK Koutb to
polut ol comineneenieul.
Dated Juiie��th loott.      o. o, Hoak, Locator,
 Byhli Ajfetlt, OLE (IB*HO.
Notiee fa bereby Riven Unit, thirty duvH alter
dale, I Intend to apply to lbe Honorable the
Chief I'OtnmlHsloiier oi Umln mid Workn for a
Ipeolal license to eul and earryawny timber from
the fullmvito; denerlbed latidit, situate on Lemon
creek ln theilbdrlet of West Koolenay: Cnm-
meneliiK Ht a post planed on Lemon ere-k,
eleven (11) mliea fiom Kootenay Lake, adjoining
Lot .Utt, marled -B. \\'�� s. k. eoruer post";
thence forty f��0) ohalni west; tbence eighty ft*11)
south; tbence forty (40) chains east; thence
eighty (tkli ehains north to point o( commencement, containing three hundred and twenty (:i'JD)
acres, more or lesa
Dated the Aiih day nl June. A.H., iwfi.
Bauci White
Winuiixiij; Port Arthur
St. Paul,    Dnhith,    Sioux City
Knnsas Cily $68.90. St. Louis IflO.OO.
Chioaxo HJ64 HO.
Ou sulu Anu'iiRt 7-n-ii, September 8-10
I'iiuil limit Ootober Hint.
Toronto iV'iMTi.   On snip Soptembor N 9-10
Limit Novum Iht ilOtli.
HUwiiuken W8JK)    On ��nle Autnuit. 7-8-11
Limit Oohiber .'list.
Through mtes nil i-tatioiis���Ontario,
Qoebefisi Ni'\v Ysirk, Now KtiKland, Mari-
nine Proriuoei on applis'ation.
K. .1. COYLK, .1. S. CAKTEK,
A.IU'.V.Vftlls-islivi'r. II. I'.A., Ns'lsols.
Wholesale und Kelall Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
< Jumps supplied on shortest; notice nud
lowcHt price. Nothing but frt��ah nud
wholesome mollis nml tmpplt-s kept in stock
Jluil orders receive carefnl nttention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or Bull anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Jnpancnu Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dinnerware ln stock. Patterns.
Change of Time
Effective July 22nd
will leave Nolson at h:!i0a. m.
will arrive at Nelson at 7:8B p in.
will leave for Knslo nt 0:45 p. ni.
will arrive at Nelsou at 9:10 a. in.
City Piiwenger Agent.
A (I. P. A., Seattle.
A. McDonald & Co*
Dealers in staple aud fancy Groceries.
Batter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Snpplios.
I,!     .
V:'     I'll
>:  i:i
I I i
The Daily Canadian
Is the siilijoct of must local interest at present, and In order to enjoy
li thoroughly yon need perfect distance vision. If your sight is at all
defective, we can correct II with   perfect-fitting nhsss.-s at low prics.-s.
A pair of BAUSCH & LOMB BINOCULARS will .liable you to follow the regatta accurately. They are ilie finest field glasses made,
and we sell them ai lowc-si market prices.
i ss>
.' Oar Store has Justly Won*
the Reputation of       *
being the *
|Headquarters For:
'The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confcitionery nnd
Ice Cream.
.��� We carry nothing Hut the*
T highest grade of all $
X lines of *
Your  goods are   carefully*'
Checked.  Our name is    x
back of everything        *
we sell.
Bell Trading j
Company        ���
cA Tip" for a
Canadian Morning*
Kootenay Coffee
Phone Hi. Baker St.
II' /It-jSQ'ii'ift^K"'*''   -'   I
Vsirnon nnd Ward  Str����ti��,
iMiLSON,   B. O.
.1. FJU5D HUNK. Proprietor.
.1 k McNaughton, Vancouver; n C
Murphy, Son. Mich.: Nell Gethlng,
Wesley Gethlng, Slocan: R S Gourley,
Allien" Gourley, J ll Alexander, ll 0
Woods, Toronto; Henry Ruckle, Vic-
iniiii; A ll Horry ami wire. Noiihpuii.
I. II 11 Clement. Grand Folks; Miss
.lean Curie, Miss Isabel Curie, Winnipeg; ll 11 l.aiiiK, Alfred Laing, Pendle-
iiin;.l Bender ansl wife, Si. John: .1 1(
Read, P B Bradley, Vancouver; A
Miller Greenwood; W C Thomas,
Boundary Falls: Miss Olivia Dahl,
ChrlBtlana; Miss GIna Smith, Dell
Itaiiiils; it W Sealeman, Milwaukee;
A Baldwin, Seattle; A Yosler. Spokane
E a Lindsay, Menominee; W B Dalg-
lish. Skican; F Pearce, Calgary; R A
Tower, Victoria; A B. Ritchie, Hall-
fax; W P Cluril and wife, Cranbrook:
Rev. Steuben A Northrop, .Miss bene
Northorp, Mrs. Northorp, Los Angeles;
Mrs. Frank Russell Miss Rein Russell,
Miss Grace Russell, Kansas City.
II C Aslney, J Williams, Procter;
Miss M HIslop, Rossland; M Murphy,
Slocan; 0. D Bell and wife, W II Cowley and wife. Salmo; A W Boyd, Miss
Claudia McCluskey, Spokane; James
Nelson, Beggs; J ll Peeney, Cascade;
('bus. Tinner, Chlllilvvark; A ,1 Steu-
sini ami wife, Knslo; elms. Smith wife
nml son, Cranbrook; Mrs. Frank Wilder, Wlnlaw; J II Hawthornthwaite, N;i-
iiiiimo; Mr and Mrs II Donald, J Hend-
riokson, VancouverjJ  Kalliiinn. Qrand
Spokane;   ll   M   Melville,
Is;   W  M   Morrisuli.  Winlii-
PHONE 177.
Need Any *|J
Ftutt ]&ts ���
We have the NEW Hason Scaler
with lhe Al! Gk>s Top.
No metal lis ;;s't dirty nml corroded,
The   llinsf   lip-lnilisle   senior   s,n  lbe
market.   In pint nud quart si/is.
Pints per Dozen $1.25
Quarts per Dozen 1.50
We nlso have the  Orowu   Jars in \
pints, quarts mnl bnlf gallon
$1, $1.25 and $1.50 per dozen
! Joy's Cash Grocery j
Cisr. JnwplUni'Hii.1 Mill 9i��.     Plinn. I
P   Nobel,
Niagara Pal
.1  C  Johnston,  ,1 Conway, Salmo;  G
Gdrdon,  ECuskinook;   C  Temple,  Lon-
don, England.
A S Porsmay, Kansas Clly; C W
Bothwell, Grand Forks; F VanNorman,
Peterboro; H R McConnell, Toronto;
C I. Brush, Spokane; P F Fraser, Hon-
J   Bowden.     Calgary;     p   Linghara,
Vancouver, A A  Wallace, Fernie; Pred
Lnngle, Winnipeg.
���I w Preston. Rossland; R Qrahame,
Chicago; J w Perel, Procter: A w
Kohl, Indianapolis; II W Simmons, Ottawa; e shuie, Bonnington; A v Lucas, Hamilton; vv Koss. Grand Porks;
T Hargreaves, Calgary.
A Anileisini, Victoria; J Smith. W
.limes. J Anderson. Vancouver; J Per
lie.  Nakusp:   (I   Moure.  Sillieiie;   W   II
Brown, Cssbi mil; ii a Laldlaw, Kool>
The Leading Ice Cream
Parlor of Nelson.
Telephone 1611 ��
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit,
Thorpe's nice cool drinks.      Luucbes
pul up a,specinlty.
W.J. Walker,   ����S
o       ���  1     ..      . , r T0  FISHERMEN.
Special attention to orders for     Yo��� ,,������ ������ 8e(.uii. _^_ ,|ve mln
parties and plctllCS. | nuws ivgulurly at Lindsay's Boat House
Th" usual Sunday afternoon concert will be given by the baml at the
parti  tomorrow.
Th*' dual accounts ot the Dominion
Day celebration committee show ;i do
licit  ol  -S7 cents.
A meeting of th.- young People's
Society of the Methodist cliurch will
be held Tuesday evening at  S o'clock.
Rev. Hr. KHpatrlck, professor nf
dogmatic theology in Knox college,
Toronto, will preach in St. rani's to
'I hr Kaslo broughl down another
two carlond shipment of ore from
VV hit te water   mines   this  hioitnlng   for
ilu-  Mull  Mini's sui. Iter.
There was no session ��<i Iho city police court this morn>ng;. Two romand-
ed  cases of allowing  cattle  to stray
will  come up on  Monday.
In the MothodiBt church tomorrow
evening Rev, It N. Powell will preach
on "Young Men in Conflict With (limits," continuing his series on the nre
nt  David.
The annual excursion and picnic of
.St. Saviour's Sunday Bcbool will be
held at Procter Thursday afternoon
next, August 2nd, The city baud will
be  in attendance,
Rev. Stephen A. Northrop, D. !>.. ol
Los Angeles, arrived in lhe cily last
night, and will deliver an address al
loin or row evening's meet int.', of the
Baptist summer assembly.
The Pincher Creel. Association foot-
bail team, the only conquerors to dato
uf the Nelson ItlcUers, are still nude
feated  in  the Alberta  league, and are
certain of the championship.
A. ll. Kelly lias resumed work on
the Dandy, on Toad mountain, which
has been idle for five years. A force
of five men Is at work, ami shipments
will be made in the course of a foit
The young pence's rally announced
in connection with the assembly for
this afternoon is recalled, and will he
combined with the evening meeting.
Dr. Northrqp'sfiS .subject,. "Christianity
on the Hun.'' adapted especially to
young  people.
The Washington correspondents,
personally conducted by George Ham.
will arrive in the city early Monday
morning. The manner of their enter-
minim nt here will depend on their
own wishes. It win probably he a
launch  out ins on  the  lake-
Owners of launches are invited to
lend them to the regatta committee
lor tomorrow afternoon. It is pro
posed lo give the visiting oarsmen a
day on the lake and a picnic tea. Those
who are willing lo lend Iheir launches
tor ilie purpose are requested to in
form some member of ihe committee
not later than this evening, and have
ihem available at  L* p. m, tomorrow.
The Horvices id' the Baptlsl church
in connection with the summer assembly will continue tomorrow, taking the
form of the regular church s-ivices.
wiih tlie exception thai there will be
an afternoon meeting in Hie form of a
young people's rally at 8.80, and the
evening meeting will begin at 8:15, so
as lo allow the other churches to hold
their services before the mass meeting
In the tent. In the morning ltev. <\
Padley, of Lethbrldge, Alberin. win
preach, and in the evening Rev, Ste
phen A. Northrop, D. D., of Los Ange
les, will deliver nn address. There
will be special music hy the choir and
a  solo by  Mrs.  Northrop.
The Store of Quality
Its Quality that Counts
That's Why
We Sell More
Than any othi-r T,a tti "ar store.
If you fwvcr.'t fried it you don't
fifuyo) tvhil you arc missing, It
Ihis to be tested to be appreciated.
The tierf Tea you buy see thai it
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phiine 10
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Fael
& Poultry Co-, Ltd.
(Ji''      $p'r~i,ii'~M*<~^'::, feK
1_JP  IsVtTHOUT Pit it!- MAN' T_f    ^
Deliveries nind" ilitily tlironfrhout Ncltton
nml ilu suburbd. 1'liiiin- lis.
f     I'mi' islil
Fig and Lemon Marmalade
This is something good. An old
reliable article, hut now on this
25cls. Each
C A* Benedict
C'sirniT Silicn nml Josephine sin.
One or fhe  Cir��ut��-��t Time
Silvers In the Ofllce
is-; tlie
Ki>r ntic line.
Par two Iin.' .
For tlirt-L* lino
35. i-    ,   Kulibrr   Air
Met,   - '-"il    >fc
'"'   ��� per Buuare
[f there's nny nunn-. ndilrt'SB or sel pliriueyoii
hnve occasion to write fruqutntly huve u mud.'
up in u rubber stamp and
WE MAKK iii M jl > ONBS.
W. G. Tliomson
^'fSif" "!  Nelson, Ii. C.
1*110110 .V��.
~C/H ...Tails
This is the minnow season. Wc
have a full stuck (if
Pails at $1.00, $1,50, $1.75
and $2.00 each.
Wo have the grentrot viirioty nf Splnnom
ever Bbowu in nuy tnoklQ Btnre. Drop
iu mnl liink nniiinsl. nnil BOO fnr
Nelson Hardware Co.
PHONE 15.       NELSON, B. ('.
A. full lino of Crockery,
ijiiiM-- und QIoMwar*.
AlioBeeond HftodRnodtoi Kvrry Description,     Wc liHVl: put tlU'tfll'ldMilil.l IO]] HI
' u.wc>-*t Prices in Town
Baker "t., next to ' P.R Tlokct Offlce.
I*. i>. Bin 688.
Shipments of frull for Hi" Brandon
fu!r will in1 niniii' tomprrow morning.
I1'. .1. Siiiiiinniis hns recslved n letter
from J.  D,  Annable mnilim thai  the
Kootenay exhibit has I n oontlnually
ihi' centre nf admiring orowdB,
Lcive Your Older With Me For
Cherries and
Now, na Ilia season is clnsini;. mnl I ��ii!
see Hint your order is filled with the
besl frull tn in- bad nl ii"' loweel maris.���! prloe.
Haitewood Ice Cream
Phone 206.
Thompson & Douglas
PAINTBR8 *>"��-l
Sign Wrlttnic n Spuolalty.
Wuii I'npci' n> y*.\ Burlap*
Fur Kvi-rvtliinu' Good
to Smoke
Imported and Domestic Cigars- Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurnui:'s SpCcUl Miiture?
Terms Kpot <.'Mh
Telephone W
Public Auction
Kottro It li.p iiy given ilmt in pursuanec ol lbe
ii-ini- ..I ii ih nn,.��� rtftage, > eopy whureol ��im
if prcHlnr.-l nt   fmool Uio idle, wa will ioll
by < iihlb; .tu lion vn bloo, on
Tuesday, the 31st July, 1906,
ni ,!::ji in ibe iiftcmnon, on the premfRoii known
ii- t: KurgU4dti a Uo'i KUirr, Vernon Mrn-i
NoIwmi, Ii. <'., nn- wbolea&le ii��iu..r. utork-ln'
trade, nnd trailu Oxturci ot tlic*ni<l i;. Pcr-niion
a r.. , iltuate on uld promlm.
iu per itock-taking of tin- gpth July, |9M
Qenoral Btoek and Plxtnra v.w.i:,
<''K'��rs    iiow.iu
*��� l*i in it..n.I (Cuatoimj     th.'m
Qoodiln H"ii.i (inland Revenue) ycoi
I3.au i'i
Further Information may bo obtained al the
aald promlii-n nr  ��>ii application   tu   Uetan
Mncdonald A lint), wllelUiri fnr tin- Mortgagee
Tho K>)otl�� will Ih^ mill BUbJcol tu iui ii|i��.-t
iirirc- mui niiiv be Inapoeted on tho morning of
the day of the sale.
Dated al Nelaon, B.C., the Mrd day of July,lOM
l''iri.t (llinss lli'siiins^ HlmitH nnd MiHls-rn
Sniiii iry -N ppllanoes,
Phone 131. Ope-.i House Blk. Box 401'
Tfiese are the daye when a man's
Shirt it the all Important part of hit
makt-up���both   for   lookB  and  comfort;.
We've Everything that's good
in Summer Shirts	
We tell shirts from the bett of shirt makert In Canada���makers
with a reputation.
We have the remedy. Our
expert optician is giving satis-
(acli)ii. VVe guarantee io satisfy you, if you give us a trial.
Consultation Free.   A Visit Solicited
Repairing and Jobbing 3 Special,.
SliiTtini'tnl Work, Outlugt,.Builders' Mnti-riisl nml Miiiiuss, mi s.,in .,
Ofllrt- mnl Worki !���' ssst nf ]s..u;, hi.
i-s,.,,,. j.11.
MAIN'Alll 'W.
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd,
Ss o MOM fo I!   I1KI1TKKM! ���
lis, si. s. ���li,l  BottlSn ssl M.lliilfis,l,i���.r<���|
Fine Lager Beer and Porter     |   Every Known Variety Soft DrinV.
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer." ~~
. >. ln>\ Jii-l.
&/*��� Kootenay Agcati
^V*A        Limited, Winnipeg,
\VIii>I>um<iIu i'riiviMiiiiiN,
Dominion Qoyerntnent Oreamorr Ono-Ponnd Hris-iiK rs'.-.-iv.-it w.^-sMtu
fnuii tin- rlinrn.   Kssr niN- by nil ImtfHng groaoti.
OfBoe nml warehouse: Houston Blook,   PhontTO.
Josephine Street. Nelson. B.C.
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ll
Wi> wiinlil inviti' Ton tn ins|i"rt mir lnr|!.' mill vnrii'il (sfu-k nf
No oeed tn suffer frum heal if vim
win only I'ull mui n.sk in ns uur
Hot Weather Requisitq
Storo nps.n fifttm 7 n.m. to il o.ni. .'vitv dny except holidays nml Siinslm
Rapcilrlns nnd dobbins ���xocutvd %vltli I >isanatoh.  shcci MssU'l
Work, MJnlntt and Mill IVtn��ahln��i*y.    Mnnufauturvraol
Of* Cch. iv, iv.   Contrnotora* Ci.s^m.
INEUSOIN,    B.   C.
I The Latest Arrival at J. A. Gilker's is the||
Superior in make and quality.
AND DEALERS IN   LtllllOef *   SflillgkS.
Leith, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work una UnickutH. Mrlii Orders promptl" sttnwj
VBRINON iTRBET  -  -  -   lNl!l..so.N, B. ��3,
Methods of
Translated Means:
Human skill where it excels.^
Mechanical skill where it i"
best combined to make tl'c
perfect garment.
sHlgh-Olnss Tailor  ''
"in- Hook of HAND  SAWS Is vi'1'.v conn
Including grades lo Sufi nil rwjplrouioiitt.
If yini wish ii low prlml mvw wn 0M1 supplyyo*'
also entry tins best qualities made by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, Lj


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