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Array Vtn.i'MK I.   No. 177.
_.l|e  _hxxbz ���ana*_iion
Fifty Cents a Month
Review of City's Growth
During 1906
AH Industries of Kootenay Show
Improvement���Conditions Assure
Continued Progress.
Tin' year 11I0G has been the best In
lis- history of Nelson In all respects.
Statistics uh to lhe population are not
, ituinable , bul judging from the
school attendance and the steadily Insi. t [ng demand tot- residences, It ts
.-rialn tbat there hns been substantial
[rntt'th   in that  respect.
Uni in the Improvement of Industrial
ss.nl '���iiiiiuet'clal conditions the gain
bass been still more marked. Not only
ts.s- 'Is-- holiday trade during thc clos-
iiss; sis-ks of the year been beyond all
pri-ti dents, but on tho testimony ot
ilu beads of all lhe wholesale firms
sjnins; Isuslness In the city, there has
In - n si steady improvement from
us..11' ts to month.
Mining in Kootenay has been mors)
extensivo and profitable dtirtug lOOsi
than even In the boom days before
1 -si An unfortunate scarcity of coal
uni.; the closing months of Uio year
l..i- ss. |st down the umount of ore mln
i'l and smelted, but lt Is still ahead ol
llssiinir records.
hi tin- i'."miliary district thc big cop-
I��i mines! have been operated steadily
nail nearly all have added materially
In their plant for treatment during the
lis ihi- valley of tho North Fork of
ilu- Kettle river the beginning of rail-
ss.i. construction has glveu an inipe-
lu- in the development of the rich and
'M'lisivs- bodies of copper ore known
Tn ' mmi there.
In   tin-  high-grade  belt  near  Green-
* I the results obtained    have    sur-
paused the expectations of owners and
i: insss;s-rs  and    have    encouraged the
lins.sis is of prospects to begin develop-
K ut.
In  Itossland camp, the  Le  Rol,  Le
'"' Nss. 2 and Centre Star properties
is-- all increased their output ln vol-
nn and value, and many other mines,
us' inactive, have been    restored    to
lllie list of regular shippers,
Tb'' Ymir and    Salmo    district has
| turn a remarkable revival, which will
I* still more marked during the first
ball of 1907.    The Ymir mines, though
temporarily closed    at    present, havo
j Iimi a must successful year and prep-
| arations are now ln progress for still
greater activity during    1907.     Other
mines near Ymir, round Salmo and ln
Sli.-. p t'reek valley have been actlve-
I) developed during the year with good
Throughout  the Slocnn and  Sandon
li-trlcls the year has beon one of re-
issanizntlon  nud   development.    Shlp-
Sni nts have not been of great volume
l"ii  the mines    are    now on a much
��� o   satisfactory    basis    thnn    they
**rere a year ago. Many properties,
s'otJsi'il on the leasing system, have
csinltlbuted substantially to the shlp-
iii'nis. Tho revival of Alnsworth
,;"ii|i alone would mark tho year as
mil' nt great Importance lu Kootenay
Hn* Lardeau has been the scene of
'mid and steady development work on
many properties, large and small. Established mines , like the Eva and
I'lsiaslvlew havo added largely to their
limit and now properties, like the
>la iintoth, have been brought neater
tu Uie stage of dividend paying.
In Kast Kootenay the big mines, the
Ki Eugene and the North Star, have
Is s'n operated  steadily and  profitably.
Near Nelson, the La Plata has had
Hi'' best, year in Its history and has
'"'ii newly equipped with ai modem
"'111 The Reliance has been Inactive
for some lime, while the company Is
'"Ing organized. Tho Queen Victoria
mines, still nearer tho city, nre now he-
inn developed and bid fair to rival tlie
IdggeBt copper producers of the Hound-
ary. Toad mouneain and Forty-Nine
'H'ek havo nlso seen �� revival and
work has been resumed on many properties.
The prevailing high prices for silver,
lond nnd copper have had a beneficent
effect on every district.
In no Industry haB the Improvement
during the year been so  great as ln
lumbering. Every milling company in
Kooteuay has Increased IU product
during the year; many have Increased
their mill capacity, and the number of
mills has been nearly doubled. The
certainty or permanent and profitable
markets lu Saskatchewan and Alberta
bas given the Industry a firm basis.
T he rising prices, owing to the general
Increased demand, have enabled the
mill men ul last to operate at a profit.
Fruit Growing.
The Infant Industry of Koolenay,
which, Its votaries claim, Is destined
Ultimately to become the most Important of all, has made a greater proportionate growth than any other. Accurate statistics have not yet bifcu
published, but there Is no doubt lhat
the fruit product of the Nelson district for 1906 Is far in excess of that
of nny preceding year. The success
of t he pioneers has led to a great demand for lana rrom all parts of the
continent and even from abroad, and
the shores of all the lakes and rivers
of Kootenay are likely to become
of fruit growers who will be permanent
settlers. A shipment of Kootenay
fruit won the gold medal at Ihe Edln-
burgh exposition. Nelson's fruit exhibit ranked flflt at the Provincial
fair at New  Westminster.
Customs and  Internal  Revenue.
The collections for 1905 were slightly under |200,000.
Inland revenue collections fnr tio
year were U9.898.J3. an Incase of
about $6000 over 1905.
But the event by which 190C will bo
memorable to future Nelsonltes Is undoubtedly the contemplation of tho
municipal power plant, which Is now
an accomplished   fact.
Brakes of Ore Train  Became  Unmanageable  on  Incline.
Last night at 8:20 an oro train running out of Kossland got beyond conr
ttol of Engineer Alfred Wade, about
four miles west of the city, and left
Ihe track. Engineer Wade was killed.
The other members of tho crew escaped with slight injurinies.
Alfred Wade was a nephew of Road-
master Phil Wade, and was 26 years
of age. He was well known In Nelson
and had many friends.
The cause of the accident Is not
definitely known yet. It Is supposed
that the air-brakes failed to work.
Fernie County Court Official Charged
With Issuing Bogus Receipts���
Points a Moral.
(Special to Tho Dally Canadian.)
Fernie, Dec. 1)1.���Abraham Joyce,
late registrar of the county court and
tax collector here, was brought back
here from Saskatoon by two provincial
policemen on Saturday morning, charged with an offence relating to misappropriating government funds which
came into his hands as tax collector.
It appears lhal the' ex-official procured
facsimiles of official tax receipts near
the end of the year, and applying to
certain companies to pay up apparent
arrears In thc payment of taxes collected from their employees. These
companies produced what are claimed
to be bogus receipts signed by Joyce
and which have led to his arrest.
The downfall of Mr. Joyce is by
many attributed to the mania for gambling to which he ls said to be addicted. His standing ln the community,
being a brother-in-law of H. G. Watson, editor of the Free Press, was high,
and thiB most unfortunate occurrence
has created a deal of surprise and regret among his numerous  friends.
The feeling Is that plnces where
gambling Is carried on, whether ln public or In private, should be sternly
dealt with, and public sentiment will
demand the impartial prosecution of
all keepers of Buch places until the
nuisance has boen abated.
New Year's Watch Tonight���Hallelujah Wedding Tomorrow.
As has been previously announced
the local Salvation Army will tonight
watch tho old year out and the new
yonr In, by havlug a coffee, cake and
sandwich social, commencing at 8
An elaborate program Is being prepared today, consisting of dialogues,
recitations, singing, string band music,
also barbell drilling and Indian club
swinging, executed by 15 young men
and women of the local corps. The
last named 16 people will all bo dress-
ed ln white. After the Boclal and entertainment tho Salvation Army corps
will conduct a monster open-air meeting at 10:40, and finish up the old year
and enter Into tho new year with a
red hot Salvation Army watch night
service. Ensign Rose from Rossland
will act as chairman at this meeting
and will also read the Bible lesson at
midnight. Tomorrow night, Ensign
Rose assisted by Captains Moore and
Davidson, nlso Lieutenant Cossman
and the local corps, will conduct a hallelujah wedding, in the citadel.
Representative Victoria Politician Publishes Interview Urging Return of McBride-Government Rallying Cry is "Why Destroy Confidence?"
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
..Victoria, B. C, Dec. 31,���The shrewdest politicians at the capital without
regard to party bias are predicting
lhat the Mclnnis boom will prove a
boomerang of the most destructive
sort to the aspirations of the Liberal
party in this province at the present
juncture. Already the rift within the
lute has appeared.
R. T. Elliott, a prominent barrister,
one of the very pillars of Liberalism In
Victoria, states In a published interview: "As far as I am able to judge,
the main object is to obtain control of
the province in order that the same
may be manipulated by the Ottawa
machine. They desire to get a sub.
servient government for British Columbia and make an arrangement on the
matter of better terms which will be
financially profitable to the Eastern
provinces and accordingly disastrous to
our people and British Columbia."
"In 1900 British Columbia was on
the verge of bankruptcy. Capital to
promote the interests of the people
and to develop the country waa not
available. Our bonds were a drug on
the market, and, generally speaking,
the constant political disruption was
causing unfavorable comment In all
parts of the world.
"What are the conditions today, and
to whom Is due the credit of existing
prosperity.. No sane persons would
answer the Liberal opposition In British Columbia, nor can it be attributed
to liberal gifts from the Ottawa administration, as evidenced by their attitude on the 'better terms' question at
the inter-provincial conference. No; It
Is the stable, Conservative government
of the McBride administration, which
has had the courage to tell the people,
we must insist upon raising the necessary revenue to carry on the great
public works of this new country.
"As a result, confidence haa been restored in all branches of business. New
capital is pouring In. which means increased revenue, and today the eyea
of the world are upon us In altogether
different light. It ia realized what
progressive and honorable government
has done to warrant the Investment of
capital In developing our unlimited natural resources, and I feel safe In saying that under the McBride regime
the aame feeling of confidence will be
maintained. In fact, I am absolutely
certain that a change cf government
would mean a political crisis, an unsettling of business conditions, and
worst of all, the undoing of the efforts
of the last five years.
"For these reasons le seems to me
that a man mutt put principle lbove
and before party. Therefore I feel It
my duty to support the McBride gov-
"Machine" Grits here are at their
wits' end to know what to do to cope
with the situation, as It Is felt that the
seeds of dissension sown in Victoria
may spread throughout the provlnoe.
McBride is going Into this campaign
with these words as his rallying cry:
"Why destroy confidence?" That he
will be returned by a huge majority It
the opinion of all who give the people
of British Columbia credit for common
sense, for possessing an ability to see
that the preaent stable conditions
which prevail in the province are not
to be sacrificed at the bidding of a
gang of wild-eyed office aeekert led by
Joe Martin, Billy Mclnnis, John Oliver
and Comrade  Hawthornthwaite.
The last day of the year finds the
political parties of tho province well
organised and the contest for suprem
acy at the next election fairly undc;*
way. ln many of the constituencies
tlie nomination of candidates by both
the regular parties has already taken
place, while In a few tile Socialist candidates have also been selected. Victoria und Vancouver remain te great
storm centres of political acti-ity, and
It Is these two cities which will practically decide the complexion of the
next legislative assembly. So far as
the Interior and outside constituencies
ure concerned, tbe government ls already assured of an unquestioned majority.
Nothing could be more patriotic and
certainly nothing could be more complimentary to R. F. Green than the
devotion wllh whicli Kaslo constituency insists that Mr. Green should again
contest the riding, and the unqualified
assurance of an overwhelming victory
ln case the appeal of his late constituents should prevail, lt ls sincerely
hoped by all supporters of thc government and by many of Mr. Green's late
political opponents, that he will reconsider his decision to forsake the pursuit of politics and permit his ��aine to
stand fur tbo Kaslo constituency.
It is reported that the office of chief
commissioner of lands and works is to
be temporarily filled by the swearing
in of William Manson of Alberni, and
those who know Mr. Manson will affirm that no more suitable successor
to Mr. Ureen could be tound at the
present time. A conscientious political
worker, a whole-souled Conservativer-a
man with years of experience in the
most difficult positions, requiring the
tact, strength of character and administrative ability that such an offlfce as
that of chief commissioner renuires,
and ln every way qualified for the discharge of such onerous duties, he will
piovc a fi ting occupant of Ihe position, and by his many genial personal
qualities will bring to the office those
qualifications necessary to tbe successful- management or a department so
closely in touch with the public In
The last week has not been without
its sensational features with respect to
the return of Mclnnis to the arena of
provincial politics. The invasion is
said to have been engineered wholly
from Vancouver and Ottawa, and it is
repotted that there are several startling revelations to be made with reference lo this unwarranted intrusion at
the present time. The small fragment
of the provincial press still sticking to
J. A. Macdonald is, being reduced in
numerical strength from day to day,
and Mclnnis' design upon the Liberal
leadership Is growing apace. The
Vancouver World, in speaking ot the
Liberal leaders, does not hesitate to
place Mclnnis' name before that of
Macdonald and generally to assume
tbal Macdonald is a back number.
Victoria Liberals, however, do not
take nny too kindly to the proposed intrusion of Mclnnis inlo the affairs of
British Columbia. Beside their objection tn Mclnnis personally they are
dissatisfied with the prominent part
Vancouver Liberals are taking in
bringing Mclnnis to tho front. The
old political Jealousies between these
two cities are heing revived wllh nn
Intensity stirred up to whiter heat
by Joe Martin and Iho labor element.
Martin has been disappointed ln his
following. ���'He had counted on about
seven men who would be willing to
take their chances on election or defeat wllh the prospect that if elected
they might hold the balance of iiower
in the house, and thus be a constant
source of worry to either parly in power. These nre alleged to bave deserted -Toe at the last moment nnd he Is
u'ideclded what will bo his future
The sensational disclosures mado by
the Socialists ns to Ihe attempt made
six yenrs aeo by Mclnnis to join tbelr
raaks are the talk of the whole Coast
constituencies So serious were these
charges aed so important In their significance and bearing upon ihe political character of Mclnnis that at first
thore was little disposition to attach
any Importance to the Socialist a'lega-
tlons. But tho complacent manner ln
wblch the Socialists declare they will
"make good" has caused consternation
In the ranks of the Mclnnis promoters
In the onpnsltion ranks. The Socialists at Vancouver declare that at the
proper time Ihey will produce the minutes of the Nanaimo local ln which appear a record of the apollcailon of Mclnnis for membership In tbelr revolutionary party, and thnt they will show
the proceedings from stage to slag��.
till the final unanimous rejection of
Mclnnis as one unworlhy to become
cntru��trd wllh the advocacy of the
principles of Socialism. The reasons
given ln Vanoouver by thoBe who were
In clone touch with the Nana'mo proceedings Is that no Socialist bnlleved
McTnnis sincere, nor does nnvone who
knows h'm b-llcvo he conld be sincere
on any political or economic question.
He was rejected because It waB well
understood that his application for
membership ln the Nanaimo local waB
with a view to the manipulation of tbe
local for portonal and political ends.
At the aame time lt was admitted and
charged that be would have swallowed
lbe binding oath of the Socialists If
by that means be could have rallied a
few more votes to bis cause. At the
proper time the Socialists say they
will make the fullest disclosures in
these matters and as a result it is reported that Mclnnis' friends have decided tbat tbe must not be asked to
run In Vancouver.
It was first intended that he should
run In Victoria city, but since the defection of Messrs. Spratt, Elliot and
Murray, who control a large minority
of the Liberal votes in Victoria, even
that constituency Ib considered unsafe.
By the latest advices lt is said lhat lt
bad been decided that she shall run
ln Alberni, as that ia considered a
safe seat, and would leave full time
for Mclnnis to help out Macdonald in
the provincial campaign.
The elevation of Manson to the position of chief commissioner, while be
Is at the same time thc candidate for
Alberni, leaves Mclnnis without a leg
to stand on ln the way of hope for
election lu that borough. He Is, there-
fere, the man without a constituency,
and all the nice-laid plans of men and
mite have gone agley. No greater Bur-
prise could have been sprung upon
tbe Liberals than the assertion of tbe
Socialists that Mclnnis had actually
made formal application for membership in tbeir political order. For
three years the Liberal press has been
harping upon the imagined alliance
that has existed between McBride and
the Socialist leader, Hawthornthwaite.
While there is nothing in the records
of the house, nothing In open or covert act to show that such an alliance
has existed; while both Mr. McBride
and Mr. Hawthornthwaite deny the
charge of an alliance of any kind, the
opposition press haB kept up Its fiction
and blazoned out the charge. It is
now easy retaliation for the government press to assert that never in the
moBt cloudy days of political expediency has any member of the McBride
government made application for'membership ln a Socialist local. No Conservative has ever been so faithless
and so devoid of political honor and so
ashn���ed of his political allegiance, or
go changllng a political traitor as to
openiy ask the despised Socialists to
receive h'm Into the fold. That Mc-
InnP dH this will be amply proven,
and I" tb" very hilt in the teeth of any
vaunted denial that he may see necessary to express.
That Mclnnis ls capable of Just such
political jugglery is quite believable
in view of the opinions expressed of
his political constancy or inconstancy
by members of his own party. That
he Is persona non grata with the old-
time Liberals and the best men In the
party can be easily proven by the records that are available from the recent past. Mr. Smith Curtis, at one
time a cabinet minister himself, and
now reported to be a likely candidate
In the Simiikameen, once spoke bis
mind very freely on the qualifications
of the Hon. W. W. B. Mclnnis. In a
memorable Interview in the Rossland
Miner in the fall of 1903, Mr. Curtis
said: "Mclnnis Is absolutely Impossible
If Liberalism Is to emerge from the
cold shades of the opposition by putting honorable men at the helm of the
Liberal ship. And again, "No, no: Mc
Inula won't do at all for lender and
should not even be allowed In the caucus of the party."
Mr. Smith Curtis, whatever else he
may be, Is accounted an honorable politician, and If bo recently he expressed
these sentiments ln regard to Mr. Mclnnis, what must now be bis opinion?
lt ls clear thai if J. A. Macdonald ls
accounted by Ihe Liberals Incapable of
carrying the country they have not
added to their real strength by Inviting Mclnnis Into the provincial fold
As a spellbinder, a good speaker, a
platform whirlwind, an unconvincing
but forceful debater, Mclnnis is a success, but as a faithful patriotic citizen
he has alwnys been a disappointment
and will bo none the less so now.
With John Oliver sulking, with Macdonald supplanted, with Vancouver
sold body, bouI and boots to tbe Ottawa coterie through Bob Kelly, with
Victoria spilt ,'as to Liberalism, and
with the rest of the country solid for
the administration of Premier McBride, it needs only the sinking of all
local differences In the Conservative
party, as has been done so far In every constituency, a united front, a few
daya hard and honest work tn behalf
of a caea's'e and honest government
nnd British Columbia will emerge
fom her present trial In the safe
hands of a capable administration, an
honest nnd anti-graft government, and
with a political policy and record that
need apologize to none or excuse Itself
anywhere. That such will be the ultimate event of the elections forthcoming Is not doubted by any Conservative.
Collections  at   Nelton   Office  for the
Month of December.
Record Meeting to Organize Campaign
Spirits 13422.13
Malt     240.00
Raw leaf and tobacco        76.04
Cigars     230.10
Total 13968.27
Both colectlon departments show a
substantial increase for the year.
Tbe customs dutleB collected are:
January f 11,934.01
February        28,824.36
March     15,846.81
April M_      19,930.66
May W     14,742.76
June     18,609.69
July     18.972.86
August     16,481.62
September     19,730.70
October     21,769.91
November     21,882.41
December     14,446.89
Total   $222,160.46
Appalling RallvVay Wreck.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 31.���An appalling disaster occurred at 7 n/clnck
last night on the Baltimore & Ohio
railroad at Terra Cotta, about three
miles from this city, ln which about
35 persons were killed and over 60 Injured, some of them so seriously tbat
they will die. The accident waa caused by the collision or train No. 66, due
here at 6:26, p. m., trom Frederick,
Md., known as Uie Frederick local,
with a deadhead passenger equipment
special of eight cars. Over 200 pas-
s-ssngers were aboard the ill-fated
train. The railway officials late tonight were unable to explain the collision. Aa soon at the news of the
wreck reached the city ali ambulances
available, wltb as many bpysicians as
could be assembled, were sent to the
Price of Metal*.
New York, Dec. 31.���Silver, 69 5-8c;
copper, 23 3-8c; lead, $6.
London, Dec. 31.���Silver, 32 6-16d;
lead, ��19 18s ��d.
Officer of Railway    Commission    Rec-
ommendt Favor to Vancouver Only
���F. 8tarkey't Viewt.
J. Hardwell, chief traffic officer of
the railway commission, haa given an
exhaustive opinion on the freight rate
question. The recommendation that
most concerns Nelson ls as follows:
"That to tbe points between Vancouver and Calgary and Macleod In the
Kootenays on commodities from the
east carried all-rail under transcontinental, rates, no rates be made lower
than the sum of eastern rates from
Vancouver to the destination.
"1 think thla should cover the
ground. Clause *D* ought to prevent
such rates as has been cited to Nelson, for instance, which are higher
from Vancouver than from Winnipeg,
for the Vancouver shipper will have
the balance of rate Winnipeg to tbe
coast in hit favor.
"My sympathies are with the coast
merchants, who are restricted to the
very limited marketB of British Columbia, as, geographically, I look upon
the Calgary and Edmonton road as the
natural dividing line. The evidence
aubmitted, however, Is against It; yet
it my views are approved the coast
shippers will have much more favorable rates than heretofore."
The passage was shown to F. Star-
key, president of the board of trade
and Wholesalers' association. Mr.
Starkey said:
"The principle Involved in the recommendation is a vfcious one. It means
that centres like Nelson nnd Calgary
and all olher places between Winnipeg
and Vancouver, are to be sacrificed
in favor of these two larger towns.
The railways have always boen allowed to discriminate in favor of the East
against the West. Now they, aro recommended to still further discriminate
against the western Interior In favor
of Vancouver. If accepted, It will keep
the cost of living ln Kootenay and Alberta permanently higher than anywhere else in Canada.
"Yes; all these questions will be
dealt with In the case now being prepared by the Wholesalers* association
for submission to the railway commission.
Reviving the Boycott.
Hongkong, Dec. 31.���Despatches received from Canton report that over
1000 persons were present at a meeting held to discuss t be American-Chinese exclusion act. Resolutions were
adopted to revive a boycott against
American manufacturers, to dissuade
laborers from proceeding to Panama,
to petition the viceroy, asking the Imperial government to negotiate with
the authorities for modification of the
exclusion act. The resolutions to be
placarded throughout the country.
Enthusiastic Gathering of Conservatives Pledges Unanimous Support to Candidate.
When R. S. Lennie, president of the
Nelion Conservative club, took the
chair at the preliminary meeting In
the board of trade rooms Saturday
night, he was cheered by 80 enthusiastic Co.'s Tvatlvrs. Among those present were Captain McMorris, F. A. Star-
key, J. A. Irving, J. Fraser, H. Bird,
W. E. Koch, W. '. McCandllsh, D. M.
Carley, J. A. Kirkpatrick, R. W. Han-
nlngton, R. M. Macdonald, J. E. Annable, S. M. Brydges, M. S. Parry, D.
M. Macdonald, W. R. McLean , Gut
Erlckson, W. E. Gosnell, W. A. Macdonald, J. Paxton, F. A. Brewer, F.
Bosquet, C. Sewell, P. Lamont, H. H.
Pitts, E. K. Beeston, W. W. Baer, W.
J. Astley, W. G. Adams, J. A. Montgomery, J. McDonald, Jamea Neelanda,
3. Smart, J. Dancey, G. F. Motion, H.
T. Gibson, T. Sproatt, R. Blundell, Harry Wright, Dr. W. O. Bote, Dr. Brldg-
man, E. C. Wragge, A. Baxter, E. J.
Marks, A. H. Coppen, W. Perry, J. F.
McLeod, T. Cunningham, G. Ftrguson,
J. Clark, E. W. Praeger, G. Stead, J.
A. Kelly, I. O. Neleon, G. Horstead, F.
Fletcher, D. C. Wilton.. J. Thompson,
W. F. Mawdaley, R. M. Hood. R. J.
Clark, R. O. Joy, E. Richards.
Mr. Lennie read the resolution ol
the diitrict executive committee directing the method of choosing a candidate
and stated that on the basis of the vote
polled by the Conservative candidate
in the laat general elections It waa
their duty to elect 16 delegatea to the
nominating convention.
The itatement waa received with
unanimous approval.
Mr. Lennie then announced, amid
cheers, tbat with the authority of the
executive committee he had appointed
Caplain McMorris aa campaign seert.,
Before nominations were called tor,
Fred A. Starkey moved:
"That thlt public meeting of Corner-
vat'ves of Ihe city of Nelum city electoral d'sttict pledge himself, and each
Individual pr-s-nt pledges h'ms��lf, to
anprort the choice of the dr legates
elected at this meeting as the Coneer-
vatlve candidate at the forthcoming
provincial elect'on."
Tbe motion was seconded by Melville
S. Parry and adopted by unanimous
standing vote.
Ncm'nit'ons w��re then made and
after nearly nn hour had Wen spent
���n co.'n'lng the vo'es. during which
the bit crowd indulged in conversation
and s*nok'ng. th" fel'owlng were found
to bt e'ected: Dr. W. O. Roa-\ J. A.
Irving R S. Lennie. W. E. McCandllsh,
J. A. Kirkpatrick H. H Pitts. F. A.
Starkey. W R. McL**an. D. M. M'cdon-
a'd, G. F. Motion. P. Lamont. J. Thompson. W. A. Macdonnld. J. E. Annable,
K. C. Wr*>gge and H. T. Glbs-m. The
four next ln order, as alt'm��tivei, afp
E. K'rr T. Sproatt, F. A. Brewer and
0. S��wel1.
J. E. Annable then moved:
"That thlt public meeting of Conservatives of the city of Nelton heartily
endorses the stand taken by the Hon.
Richard McBride at the conference of
'irovlncial premiers at Ottawa, on the
subject of 'better terms' for this province and exoresses its confidence In
���iis administration hf the affairs nf
this nrovlnce during his tenure of office "
The resolution was secrftded hv Jt.
T. Clark and carried tmanimously and
After heartv cheers for the Klne,
Premier McBride and President Tannic the most harmonious and enthusiastic political meeting ever hold In Nelson adjourned.
A short meeting of the nominating
convention was held Immediately after
at, which a meeting wns arvaneed for
Wednesday evening, January 2. in the
oncra house block. In the premises
lately vacated by 8. A. Wye.
King Otcar Sleepleta.
Stockholm, Dec. 31.���King Oscar did
not pass a good night.    The bulletin *
nubllshed today says hla sleep was disturbed, tut that hlB condition la unchanged.
Death** Htrv.it.
Los Angeles, Cal., Deo. 31.���Rev. Dr.
Joshua Allen Llppincott, widely known
In the Eaat and Middle Weat, died here
laat night. T
The Daily Canadian
- STORES =====
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pleasant dreams of
We have plenty of them in red and blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These hla��ikc1s nre Justly eilebratod fnr their excellence.  Wo alone carry
tbeni iu Ibis clly.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. ComForters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... ,$4,600,000 REST $4,f,0(l,000.
D. R. WI-KIK, President.        HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received nnd Interest allowed current rates from dnte of opening of
account, and compounded half yearly.
INBUSON   BRANCH *J.    Mm    L,_AY,   Mamijfcr.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,310    Reserve $4,207,741
Total Assets $41,860,353
Accounts of firms aud Individuals opened ou the most favorablo terms.
Thirteen branches ln  Hritish Columbia.
Special  attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       B. 1.   PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published six daya a wee* by tbe
Baker St.. Nelsou. B.C.
DnbnfipUon ratea, N enntaa ���*_
in the city, or .   ��� .��� yeaa U not by
paid ln a It *.:,. ������
Advertising rate* on eppU_a___e
All tnnnier* paid iij   agut~teat   :'   " Ml
Canadian account**, either
adrertldiig. must l-e ri- .*���.; ���.-.���.       -
forms ot tlie i urn pan r.   u:i.-       ���..:���  i:.
DECE.MBKR .-1. 1-CB&.
"By one word tttt are mmmmmt hW M :���*���*.
wlae and by one weet iiwimnliinia :���:.(������: :t :���*
loollsh.   U-t u. :i..*.; .-*   :.*.   ���.*-*���(-.-���_.   vu    v.
The gathering of (Sanaa
Saturday night for iii-- porpOM ������'
electing a committee ol thf :.
of the iiarty to nominate the Q83
for the en-suing election wil! be t_anea
bored in Nelson as the amid hanmrni-
una and enthusiastic jiulitical gathering
In the history of the citv. Not onl>
were all lhe old-time sections of the
Iiarty represented, but the numerical
strength of the gathering was a flattering assurance of the earn'*.- In BM
with which the OohservattTCMi of the
city Intend mtering Into the approaching contest. Whatever differences al
opinion hud prevto_-dy existed u to
the puiticuiar method by which ;i candidate should be chosen, the ��� ���
rally showed that every nian realised
how much the manner of choosing a
candidate must be secondary to the
united and Harmonious action of a convention, We think, also, that the enthusiasm of tbe gathering and the un-
Qualified alacrity with which the entire meiting bound Itself tu vole and
work for tlie candidate selected by the
nominating committee must havo lieen
an agreeable surprise to many who
had allowed themselves to be deceived
by the misrepresentations of an interested and self aggrieved opposition
ptess. H There were auy suggestions
of "ring rule" at the meeting we did
not hear of them, oven in whispers,
and we are confident that when the
meeting broke up there was more harmony, unanimity and enthusiasm
among all classes of Conservatives In
Nelson than *ever before in the history of the party In the city.
The committee elected to choose a
candidate ls a thoroughly representative one, and its personnel covers ev
ery  possible color    or    complexion of
Conservative taste and preference. We
| are convinced from  what  we saw ou
i Saturday   night  that   i.s   deliberations
will be as harmonious, that Its members will be no more self-seeking and
thai its results will be as final as were
those of Saturday night's affair.    The
, Liberals of the city  whose chief reli*
; ance has been on alleged dissensions
la the Conservative ranks may as well
tbelr minds at once of such
I  bJ-Scy.    The members of the Con-
.:.   this  city,  no  mat-
���   ������     :   :;._.   __-��� .   ���������--   -;.- .   ; ������.<���:���
��� -   -���- ���-*:������-      | ��� ���   *     i ���   |
��� ���   flassna  sl el -���_���*_.-���--
*  -    bea uh    ���'    ��� -   i
���;    ���;-.  *,....; lamaed *,.-, ttm Ufaeafa
:       v ������   '..-;;_v l  flag
bui nr tm  otter Is -aril
ta    _r"uiic:   Truu    f't.
������ii*    iv  Baaaauna cum-
.C___j   QuU   vil.  t*l   nm n Mm j   fyr
ta u Bpend iL order w ge*.
Bret B nmciicun. of the mtereifi of th*
electtm 5__i .*- tm se ��� ������ Aai Mm a**
d Hu proviiice have reached t
crisis and that the forthcoming elec-
ttons tna serrle for many yetrs lo
come the qut-Btion whether British Columbia is to shape her destiny in harmony with her own provincial ideals
or whether she is to pass Into the cat.
��� j:ory    nf  '.-nvincia!    nonentities    for
which Ottawa determines all qn-
(rom the conducting of a sham pofltag
I '���   ��� b     ���   0- premiers and mem-
��� ' th*- cabinet, as well as the
school policy and other important
questions affecting the civil and jrollt-
ical liberty of iu people.
On all these questions the Conservative party and every member of it
knows where It stands, and In harmony with Ms traditions, as well as ln
sacred respect for the memory of those
grent men, its founders, the party will
cherish the Ideals of liberty, equality
and progress that have been the foundation stones of Canada's greatness.
A facetious press may fancy that
purely local questions would outweigh
such essential and momentous considerations, but Conservatives are not
slaves to prejudice, nor are they the
minions of a federel clique. Their expression of loyalty and patriotism will
be heard with a mighty and telling effect when the polls nre opened and
they are asked to decide whether they
will be sold at the shambles or remain
free mon.
It bas been the not infrequent lament of lleterary critics and lovers of
chaste friction thai the last quarter
of a century has witnessed a sad deterioration In the quality of literary
productions which have as their essential charm that they are hugely the
products of the imagination. Careful
aud scholarly comparisons have been
made between the work of the book
aud story artists ol the present general ion and those of but a half century ago, and the inevitable conclusion
has been that modern fiction has
dropped almost to the level of the
Jesse ,lames model. The extensive
reader of modern times turns away
from almost all of the latest books
because they are so Inferior to lbe
work of the masters that reading them
Is a task.
The name process of deterioration,
only In u much more marked degree,
is evident In the productions of tbo
modern newspapers, whose business it
appears to be to purvey political fictions ami regale an already nauseated
public with the Insane vaporings o_
the political novelists whose work is
both disgracing and shameful from
either a literary or a political point of
view. The disgusting qualities of these
modern fables is not confined to their
exaggerations alone, but is magnified
a thousandfold by tbe reckless disregard of the commonest elements necessary to the production of Interesting
and influential matter. We mean the
elements of consistency ami plans!*
Last week the people of British Columbia were assured that resignation
of Mr. R. F. Green from the portfolio
of minister of lands and works was
because of internal dissensions in the
cabinet; thnt the Vancouver section of
the Conservatives of the province had
insisted on Mr. Green's dismissal by
the premier; that the other ministers
would not stand their share of responsibility for the alleged shady work of
Mr. Green in the administration of his
department) and the changes were
rung on this report with variations and
persistency, ad nauseum.
The early Sabbath morning of this
week finds a new field for these Irresponsible matlgnants who are not possessed of sufficient intellectual fertility to stick to any story for more than
a week. We are now told that Mr.
Green is to go to Prince Rupert; that
his resignation from the cabinet was,
alter all, a matter of private business,
but that such private business Is supposed to be of such a pernicious tind
detestable a nature that the fecund
Imaginations of these highly sensational writers cannot even suggest what
It is. "It is positively known," says
the Jespatch, "that a brother of Mr.
Green Is going to Prince Rupert, and
i' is generally believed . . . that
Mr. Green himself will soon set out
for the same place. He will wait till
the elections are over, but almost immediately afterward his engagement
with the Grand Trunk will be announced." So says the despatch, a self-evident fabrication, and upon Its face so
manifestly of the same color and stripe
as a hundred of the like kind which
have appeared in the morning paper
and which have been proven to be the
most unfounded fals_hools that this
���-*. L.edfi no fur-her delineation as
fcuct      The   most   humiliating   feature
tmtHM  with the    whole   diabolical
Ismatfai  is   (fttai   the   morning   paper
o-:���> ttmi   b -ample  of  columns  of edi-
______ -__���____ ro an _._.___;. to make it-
Rett . ��������� a* tkat Hwra may bs mm
Inundation for the re-port. And yet it
Ban ii*.'' ta_ .'. l wj many word*?, its
vii*,* _0t___. it b iiiistraWe hodge-
p.cu-i;** ut "_T ___ tuppo-fet," and con
'���'��������� v " ��� r m ''������.'��� *.���.' n_ atate-
: ���_- [fas. "-Da_M_4e_3y M; Green will
deny  tht  whoie  fctory
We Kiaiuely think he will. It is too
jiamfully ert-dem that both the sender
of tht fake despatch and the editor
are writing what they know to be a
Calsebood. The evidences of this con-
BciousneaB are too apparent in both
the article's, and we doubt if Mr. Green
will uke the trouble to contradict
what is on its face a malevolent untruth.
The facts. If the public wish to know
them, are as follows: The Liberal party, through Its Mclnnifl-Grand Trunk-
Laurier entanglement, is in desperate
straits. Th** whole country Is becoming aware of the project which Is on
foot to despoil the heritage of Hritish
Columbians in the mad determination
to attain control of the resources of
this province for the gang of exploiters
ut Ottawa. Since the proposal to im-
port Mclnnis into the provincial arena
the best newspapers of the country
have been full of warnings against the
G. T. P.-Mclnnls alliance, and not a
single Liberal paper has dared deny
the accusation. They all know that as
soon as Mclnnis appears upon the
scene the unholy truth will he told
and the shameless plans for the spoliation of the country will become
As a red herring they are therefore
anxious to draw off the scent of the
electors who tire keeping keen track
of the development of affairs. The
lies of the opposition press have been
deteriorating In plausibility every
week and are becoming too transparently opprobrious to serve the purpose for which they are circulated.
We think deterioration of mental qualities marks almost its utmost limit
when the political yarns of ;i province
reach such a marked degree of corruption nnd improbability,
The morning paper has an unconvincing denial that Mr. Macdonald in
to be supplanted in tbe leadership of
the Liberal party by Mclnnis. Among
other things It says, of Mr. Mclnnis.
"that he went to Ottawa, exactly
as he stated when he lauded a1 Vie
toria, ou departmental business; and
that, when his business was concluded
lie tendered his  resignation."
To show how shallow Is this plea, it
Is ouly necessary to state that Mclnnis
has not tendered his resignation. The
Canadian makes the prediction that he
win not do so until he has returned
to Hritish Columbia and has a definite
Understanding with the Liberals as to
his exact status in case be should enter the provincial arena. Mr. Mclnnis
has the Llhetal party completely at
his mercy, Without him there is not
a ghost of a show for success In an
appeal to the country, and this is
known to Mr. Macdonald���else why did
he invite Mclnnis to his assistance?
I: is also known to tin; Dally News,
for the editor of that paper has loured
the pnivlnce and canvassed dlstricl
alter district with a view to finding a
soft place or a "sure seat" for himself, always to receive the cold deck.
That Mclnnis Is a veritable Shylock
when he can command the terms is
well known to those best acquainted
with his political career. Like the
Xews, The Dally Canadian asks its
reade-rs to patiently await the return
of Mclnnis to Itritish Columbia, and
they will then discover who it is that
knows as "little of the opjiosition plan
of enmpaign as the small boy on the
street." Words are cheap but tlie opposition as such have not yet nny [dan
of campaign. The whole plan is to be
reconstructed aud that cannot now be
done till Mclnnis returns. When that
event occurs Macdonald and his followers will find themselves overwhelmed by the swirling breakers of
the Coast Liberals' Imperious demands.
Speaking of dissensions in party
ranks the morning paper has not stated that a prospective candidate objected In the meeting held in S. S.
Taylor's office to the appointment of
a well known Liberal on the campaign
committee, on the ground that he had
recently received an appointment as
supervising architect for the new
courthouse. Nor has lt Informed Rs
readers that said architect has made
application for membership in the
Nelson Conservative club. Still there
are more to follow.
The Daily News reporter was the
most welcome visitor in attendance at
Sa_urday night's meeting. It must
have been an eye-opener as to the
amount of Influence the morning paper
exerts In stirring up friction among
New Year's Greetings.
The Daily Canadian wishes all its
���subscribers and readers a Happy and
Prosperous New Year, not necessarily
according to the hopes and ambitions
and plans of each of these, but in the
way that fate, Providence or destiny
may design, according as you are a believer in the one or the other. And
Many Happy Returns of the Season.
Tomorrow being a statutory holiday
there will be no issue of The Daily
Canadian. Wednesday's paper will appear as usual. Advertisers and subscribers please note.
Certificate of Improvements
"ImT*T��M," "I'Mmnx," "HOfittboe," "QasOQ "
"Tnlon   Jfwk,"  filtiiHte.1 In .SYhon  UfMns
Uieilcd an Porcupine rrepk.
T*k<* Nolle* that i, Prank Flatfiber.ajwnt for
ttieA.-ivf Sold Hlning Company- Fr.... -Uln#r'i
Carafleato No Hn^i intend, tt osyi from data
baraot lo apply to th<* Mfnlng Recorder for a
CertlKr-ati- _( Improvt-ro-wttN for thc purpose (��(
obtaining a Crown ���.rant ������'. the above cIhIijin
Ami further Ukr? notice that action, QOder
Section 3., muit t��o rommenced Iwforc ihe Iksh-
ftflce of-mii-h Certificate nf Improvement*-!
Dated Nelson, Mih DMLilflOS,
  Frank Fu.tciikr.
Certificate of Improvements
"Hitton" mineral clnim. sltuiteil in the Nelson
Mining Division ol wesl Kootenay dlitrlet.
Where located:-On Toad mountain.
Take Notice that I.John Mcl.at.hie actiiiK an
agent for Deor*| A. Campbell, Free Minor'* Certificate No. fawn, intend, sixty QUI from the
date hereof, to app.y to the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Iniprovetnenta, for tlie purpose of
obtaining a Crown (irant ol the above claim
And further take notice that action, un-'er
Motion IT, muit be commenced before thc Ihhii-
ance of Much Certificate of Improvements.
Dat���d this l"tb day of November, 1S0S.
John McLatchik.
Certificate of Improvements
"Spvglass" iimi "Olote" mineral claims, sltimte
in Trout Lake Mining Division.
LODated on Poplar creek.
Tado Notice mat I, Bruce While acting as
Hgeni for tlie -Spyglass .Milling' o.. I* rc-a Miners
Certificate No 6. WW, Intend. 60 days from tbe
date hereof, toappir to Mo-Mining Recorder for
a Certificate ol Improvements for the purpoae ol
obtaining a Crown Grant ol Hie above daium
And   further   lake  notice lhat   itithui, under
Beotlon 87, must be commenced before the Wu-
Mica of -urii Certliloate ol Improvement*
Dated 36th October, tvttR.        bavca White
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Hum Builder, will Und it to then advantage ti> ust- our Pitrli.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
Toronto, Montreal, etc.
Last Selling Dates
Monday, 31st December
Full   particulars   from   Local
Agent or write,
A.C1.I*.*..V__cou.tr. D.P.A.. Nelion
Holloa li horoby (Iron tint mxij- .an ���nt-r
lints.- I Intend to ��|.i.iy tss tbo Bon. tho Ohlol
qommuttlonor <sf Landi ami Ws.rkis fur i*-rmin-
��i.iii topurohuo iin- lollowlnl dowrlbad land
ultssati'il In (hi- Wool Ksmlinav stl.trli't: Com-
liisslis-liiK at a pssist j,liniti-il al tlsss -N. E   cisrncr
nf   L.  Porten*i   pre-emption," ami   ranalflf
tlu-ni'C eait in s-haliiis; tlissni'C nouth 111 ihainss;
ttit-iss-s' sss-ist ODOhalnii tiscnesi lissrth 10 chain.
to plas-c ssl cssiiiincticciiu-lit, oonlalaltlg 160 acres
mure or tell,
Hakhy ri-EK... Locator.
 M. K   MiXJUAHRll, Agent
Kotiee is hereby given Hut Blxty ilayB alter
'late I lutein! lis apply to llle Honorable the
I blel Commlnloner of l-amls an.! Worka, Issr
t'S-rmlssslssis  ti. pnri-hahi'the fssllsswliig siesscrlhci!
landi ritnssi.'ii tss the Ws'Bt Kootenay dlitrlot:
Commenetns at a pout markc'l "II. H. boiiIIi
sves-ls-ssrsier," hiss) north ol A. 11.   Lucas's, pur
'iia.-e'-l.iin, ou sansi Greet* thenee nortn to
chain.; tin net east 90 ebalni] Ihence lonth 10
Dbalni) tbenoe 3D ebalna wait, to polntofeom-
meiiceineiit, containing to iierCB. more ssr ItBB.
Hecember 'iii, PJ06.
lln.iBv lUvrsiN,
M. It. -Ms _',srrik, Agent.
Hlxty 'lays after slate I Inteml to apply t��� tp,.
ublef Commlnloner ol Undi and Worlutosnr-
eha.e 6*0 acre, ol laml, loot li Lower Arrow
i.aks', s\s.ni Kootenay! Commenolne at a post
Planted al the "MM. .orner ol Jtrrow __��
Indian UcBi-ms* i lheni uthWehalni; theme
ratn ebalni! thenoe north M ohalnai thenoe
lantaoeliBllH. tss plnee of heeluiiliig.
Looated Jiith day ol Dooemoari 180e,
0, HEWEI.I,.
Notloe is h.-ret.y glveu thai 00 slayB alter slate I
Intent! In apply tss tlte llouoralili- the Chief Commissioner ssl l.smt. an.1 Works for nermlnlon
to pur, baae m aeraaollend.iltuateon the Little
Moyle river aboul i mile from International
Boundary ami, *,i,.u j mile frnm Bpokane inter
national ity.:  t menotna at a posi marks-si
I. I.ranis 8. It. s-orner post, theme west 10
ebalna! thenoi iiorlb lis ebalus; thenee east ��
Cains; thenoo north JO chains; tbonce east N)
chains; tbeni e Minlh isi i halus to plaoe sif coin-
Ilii'lieeliieiil, i la'iilng'."syl acres of lend.
Located dot. Both IW.
Hlxtj   sluys  after ilate 1 lutetnl In apply to the
Hon.r.hlefc nlnionerol landi an.l Work,,
\ Is-tnrlii. lis piirchiisc Iui sssrs'Ss.f laml,   s, ,| ,,,,
the west siile ol Armsv ItsVe, sshoiit (He miles |���..
low Burton s'liy, ami deaeribed a�� follows' Com
menolna alI i nml marks.si "K i; B'l aonthiail
cornor, and beinniOnbalnaeaitol the northweal
ssisss.r s.i i.ni mai thenee north45chalnn thanee
weal   III shall,,; theilie Bosilli 111 cha,us; theme
ensl III elsislns t.s lb,- place of Issgli ig
November lllh, IWHl. (r.il Hkkh
per J. K. Annami.k.     '
Sixty .lays aller ilnle 1 Inteml toapply to list
opiir.'liiis.Jliiai.resoil,,,,,!:  r.,i���,���e���c|,,K ��, ���
poil niarked ��M.T it's ssn at oornei poat,"
���aid poit being at tho hortboait oorner of Geo.
iiuiisous pre-emption ciuim, al i two uni..
sss.ii .easi oi is,in uy, thence svci io ohalni,
���outb an cbalni, net io ohalna, north 40 ohaini
east no chains, south jo chaini lis place s.f cssm
menoement ntainlng 340 aorea,
_Locales! Hth slay of Nssv. PJOfi.   NrttirT. Pikr.
Sixty slays after slate I list I to apply t��� ii,���
Hon. n,le|l���,n,���l,sl,���ier,,l Land, imfwork,"
Victoria, to purchaio lo urei of lanff, iltnated
on Use i est shin ssl Arrow Lake, al.ossl ::', miles
below Burton, ami d��om as f���iio���,;' "������"
,,'r',',',l".',ll"!,?,r!',"'���' i'"'"""1 '" ""' northeaat
eorner of Lot 7!l7si, ssss.l running north 90 ohaini
hence west jsl eh,,,,,,, thtnA loUtbSohalni
Nov. Uth, PJ06.
.    _ "IS.     I.ll
J. V. Annaisi.r, Agent.
Notloe Is hereby Km.|i that Oo ilavs alter .lale I
hntend to apply to she Honorable lie chief Com-
miss oner of Landl ami Worki for pern ��,l���     ,
I'h,niMu*; v'""","!,"K. * rll"���'l *"���"'�� StuaS
about iomllei puat ol the Ctyol Nelion.on the
...ti,,,,.; :f,i''",""" i'i��''',*v""""*ihaiini
n    iiiiii ���s   j\. h    lunior,     t it'iiii-   -nmi,   .ni
chain,, theme _,| _ chai,,,, t he ee nor tb u
Dated thla ist I, d.y of Nov., Hoe.    g, T��o��ii.
Bargains for
Having purchaaed a complete I
manulacturera* eamplca In Ladlei''
Tlee,   Sharta,   stocke,   Belt,,  Fa-,
era  Bage and  Shawle,
we are selli
them   at  wholeaale   pricea while
laet.      No two articles alike
/00   L������.!,*   T   ,���  ,,,,,Z^i"^
Invite Inspection.
urR_astf_._of Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Sve Our VHI-i��ty .��! .l.Ml l>luturuH I'l-iinio-U In s I...
I.nlesl   .Stylus.. *no
Standard Ftifnfttine Company
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
Uicb i'i.inn*.
��� UttUtJIM
Nntlrt' U iMTi'l.y kIvi-ii Unit �����' iliij"- Hltt't.lute I
lutein, to ijij.ly tn thf If mhlc the Chli-f Cnrn-
mhf-iniHT ofl.uiKh Htnl <V(irkM, VletOrtft, B.C.,
Iur )ierinlH��l()ti In purehH*"* tlie telle*. Iiik dMerlb*
ed liiii't, wltiiHtett Itl the Wer.t Kunlemiy -llclrirt,
ull the went nlile oi I uliHinel (or Six Mile) <t> >k,
nil llli-'tT xl'le nf wir-joli lm ibOQt 'l*_ lillleH
frtui \Vei��t Arm nf Kf*"ti*nnv Inke;   ('iniiniem-lliR
at a poll untied an IlatUi Dae__i N.B inr-
iicr. runiilliK 4ll ObalDI  VOft!   llieine 20 OhatDI
���outbi tiieine40 ohalni aaiti tbonce 90 iibalni
northi lo the itoliii of ('(iiiiiiuiii't'Uieiit,  culitHln-
Iiik huhiti-hoi Inml, inure nr lenn.
Hiiteil Uiu 17th November IM.
Mh.m   KaTTIk DVCK-
JiiHN K. TaiUiK. A|{eitl-
Blxtj -i��o* aftei data f intend to -apply t<�� the
lion Chief Commluloner <>f f^inin mi<i Work*-,
Victoria! tn pnrobaie IfiO estetol himi abont two
mllei  below   Ittirlmi  Clljf. Went Kunleimy, rimi-
menelng nt a poni markeii "J,a. IrviiiK** eaal
oornei post," iald po�� being on tii��' awteriii end
of hii Islaml went nf 1 ������������������*'.. ��n-| <-lnliiilii*_: nil the
land containod in hmi-i isimi-i, t***in*< hIhuu one
mile in hii aaistarljr nixl westerly ���lirerlioii nud
almiit JneliHliiH frnm nnrth to nouth.
November ntb, liMt. J- a. [avmo,
J K. Avxahlk. AganU
Sixty days afterdate 1 inteud to apply tO lhe
Bon. Oblal Commlnloner ol Lanoi ana Worki.
Vietoria, tn purehane l_tl aeren o( laml Inrated
on th�� weitltdeol Arrow Ink** and Ivlmt dlreetly
DOrtb nl lAtt 71*.C; I (iintnelii'ltiit at a |--l lilailte.1
at the N K eomer nf l-<��i TWO and marked "11 II
S. K corner," and running north 20 ehalni.
thenee wett 20 elialna, thenee north *Jt) eliamc,
thenee went lti c-hnilin, tlit'liet* nniith in ehalim,
thenee e��*t -HI ehalni, tu plaee of U'lflntilUK.
Nov. NtbtUM, Hkrtiia HhaijI.iv,
J. K,  vv--.ni i.  Aftent
Nntlre la hprehy given lhat 00 dayn after daie.T
tlitend tn Apply to the Hon. Chief OOUminiOOS?
uf handn and Works fnr periiUNnjuli t.- jnirehano
the (ollowlng dtaoiibed land in West Kootenav
dlitrlot: Conuncnotng at a poit markeii Mr^. v
A. Wllnon'n eorner poA. planted at the nnrtheant
eorner of Section 17, Tow utile 7, rtuulng cuuth
40 chalnn, tbelu-M went 40 chalnn, tlieni*e nnrlh 40
chalnn, Ihence eatt Wcluiltin In plaee of com
meneement)  contalnlnK l'*" aeren, moreor lonn
Dated Nnv. __, IttOO. Mill. V. A. WlUOM,
J. Wiuoy. Agent,
Notice in hereby given that fin dayn after date I
intend loapply to llie Huimrahle thief Coiiiinin
niolier nf 1-andn and Works fur permlMlnt] lo
nnrchane the following deserlhed lands. In W_-st
Kootenay: ''ommeiic.ng at a post planted al
thi northeait corner of LOI ittt.Q. 1., marled K.
Klctchei'n iiurthwest corner, thenee anuth m
chains; theme Mil lu chains, more or lenn, tn
the wenterti boundary nf Lot KM, 'i- 1 ; thenee
north 80 chains tn Kontenay river; thence west
billowing Mid river to pujiit of commencement,
cun tainiug *"' acres mure ur lesa.
2-th October, 1906.
Hlxty -iui' afterdate l Intend to apply tu th��
Ifuiiurahle the Chief <"...timi--i.,n. ,��� nf hnuda and
Works, Victoria, to purehaso lrti acres of land,
located in   Fire Valley and described as follows:
Commenolng at a pool marked fl H Mp_t*tN.w,
corner, and plauteil at the no. ibWHi tl t uer o(
Lot >!���'���-. and  running nnutti tot ehalna, thctica
east 2fi chalus, thence north m chalnn, themt
went io < imni*. to plaee of beginning.
Nov. Wili, 1906. ilro. B. McMillan,
J. K. AhnaiiI.k, Agent.
���Sixty dayn after date I Intend to apply tn the
Uonorahle the Chief Cnmmitnloner of Undnand
Worka lo purehane MO acres of land, located In
Fire Valley, nu went side of Armw lake: Cum-
mencing at a poll planted 40 ehalna wet uf the
lonthwut enrner of J. Boblttion'l preempllnn
and marked J. W'h s. K. enrner, aud running
norlh HO chains, thence west SO chains, thence
aouth *) chalnn, theliee east Wl ehalna to place of
NOV. IHth. IVOR. JanK WlI.I.lAMfl,
J. K. Annahlk. Agent.
Hlxly days aft��r date I Inieml to apply in the
Chief Cumtnlnalnner of Unds mid Works fur
permlulon to purchase the .ollov, lug described
lands*. In Kootenay I Ms t rlel, ahout three-i|iiart(-rH
of mile from Thrum'a siding: Commencing at a
pOltOlaoed at the H. W. eurner nf I- ma, group
1, Went Kontunay Dlatrlcl; Ihence westerly
following the north houndarv of |_ 4..1W, 40
OhalMI thenee north 10 chains; thein*e east lo
ehalns, moreor lean, to lhe N. W comer of
1/(8118; ihence south following lhe west boundary
nf f/W'j:i    10 ehalns. mnre or less, lo place of coin
meneement, eon tain ing loaorri, more or lean
Dflted this fllh day of D.ceuilier. IWlfi.
ll. il. iti-m, Looator.
00dayi after.lute I Intend tOlpplf lo ihe linn,
orahle Ihe Chief CoinnilMluiier uf hands and
Wnrks,  to  i urchasc  37u acres of   land:      Com-
mencing ai a opei marked '.w.k h. K. oornei
Pust ami plante.l mi the west shore of Arrow
lake adjoining l^.t:(7:i on (he sunlh side of aald
Lot, thenre wait80 chains -dung the loutbem
boundary nl Lol 87S| Ihenci! south 48OB 0bIlllll
theuee easi Ho chains more nr less tn hike shore;
llienee north along lake shore tn ii)a< u of  beglli-
haled Nth day ill Nov, 1*300,
Qtto, w.htbbi.,
J. K. Annaiii.k, Agent.
Notice la hereby given Iliatl'-Odaya aller dale I
Iniend to apply to ihr Hoiiorahle die Cnlel Com-
mlssl.nicrof hainlsand Works for pcrmlaaiuu In
purchase the folluwliig deserlhed landa: Cnm-
miuelrig al .t jiost placed 20 chains west nf Ibu
sum n.i-i comer of Cot HM8, m-.rked "K. A. Boll'l
iiorthwesi orner," Ihenee lonth _n cliatiin,
thenoe eait 30 Lhalni, ihenee norih DO chllni,
thenee weat BOobllm to polnl of commencement,
containing 40 acres, more or less.
Located tlilafith dayol Nov., WW,   It. A. Dru_
"BlXty da��i afler date 1 Inieml to apply ti
1 on UileHdinmlsHtoner of l-tmln and W.
Victoria, tO purchase 4S0 acres of land, iii
\alley, WenlKnnl.nay: Cninmeiielug at a
planlcd fill chalnn wesl nf lhe H. W. n.rner
Kobinson I pre*emption, and marked W. w
^,������'!'^Ii!'^^,"1", ril","��K won <�� ahalni, th
nSi\\B ftSSft "'t"""" PM'�� chaini, th
north N) chalnn to place ol beginning
Nov. 18th, 1000, Wiluam Wil-l.lA
J- K. ANNAlil.r, Agent.
* the
Ki re
of .!.
���I N.
iioL i. tel r_._" t}.Atc ' 1",(!,", ,(1 "I'piy to tho
Ilon.thef-hlcfConiii,issloIM.rofI.andsan(l Worka
to PUWbaaa J60 acres of land:   Commencing ���*.! n
poit Planted on the went ilde o! Six raUporoei,
?,_,! T ". _?52' ,"l,,"u IWO "'��' one ball mUei
5S" H-Wpfil _0t_p POi��," Ihcnce ,���ial 40
ShtffiNte-0 1",rlh/,u oHlng. Ihcnce west 41)
Located this loth day ol Notombor, lOOfl.
Nim. MiKkoinu.
ami  va) links,  more or I.--
j 1*1 i��i..i. in k,,���,,,���v",*. ���; ��'"sy
iii^iiiitiKiit si poet marted 1. il ai������i,v,,J_:
below Borton city; thenSfWftS
Jheliee weal   ?) chain,;   U.er.ee tmilhaiffl
i nortb B iM*
asl. rly
tt. Ihe place ���{ k-ginnillg, ro out I nl iTji ' !-__"__��
mure ur lens. jl
Dated thll -th .lay t.f N-OTtmbU, IM.
 J*1 K* '��� BoaintT, A|[,i,t
Notice Is hereby gum tltnt miiMmTiIi  I
dale I intend lo make appli.-atnm lo Uit Hi%i
able ClUef Commlnloner ol Uodi ind n0ftia
\ letnrla. B.C., for pennl-M-m in piirfhtwibtu.
lowing deaoribed land, smith-to Pm ykim
wait Kootenay diitrict: i ���TiitiinieitiimtaS
nUntad ai the lOUlbweitcornar ol Jni,uifi*T
Inaon'l pre-emption, marked X. I. K __.��.��_��� '
post,  Ihenee 40 ihaltis  mi-i, tluiice in cfaJi
north, thei 0a_UueuitoJMbu_4*S
northweal corner, thinoi teeth -K^-hainttorlaa
nf commeiieemuiit.contaliiliig ift.t tcren, mutt e
Dated thii 23rd day <.f Nov., 1*6.
i,         B. l.Kuiiooa
Oodayi after date i Intend in apply tntkB**
Chief Commlnloner ol Landi mi.l Work*, v* ���
lori.i, to j.iir<-liaH! 24u aem ol >aiul l..,iH:i  '
Kire Valley   itlld Im'Ihk h   portion  Ol l-MldMI
ami |0 in TowoahJpOO and denrlbed u idlim:
Coumiem ing M a poll planted at the Kulhnti
corner ol the ���bOthlM! 'tunrlir of kcdoii Ii
Townabip 00 and marked J 0. fl. k. rorwi,
thence north 40 chains; tbenn w(*|t ** ���*.��:���.
theuee south Welialnt; tbeOM t'Mt ��0ihiUI��
place of beginning.
-  . j*w
November ��rd Iwxi.
I'i-vch 'Hm*.
J. I*'   \s��. it.,1   \��.r.:
Notiee In hereby glveli Inst 'U (l��vi|;(im _*I
Intend to epplj to ihe Bonorabli innChitfCaa* j
mlssloner of Lands and Works to purvbueft j
acres of land described an followi:  Cntnm'.lK'.tj 1
ai a poit planted nn the north hank of thr Unit J
Moyie river, ahoul 200 yards from mouth.ul *j
marked    "It.   McU-an'i   B,   W    r.irn*-r jol' I
ih-ne east Mi .-haltm, (hence '������ "i - '*.* ���
Ihence west BO chains, ihen.e south -'���.:<'
place uf .'.���miucncemeni.auileuiitainliiKfitficni ���
more ur lens.
I^ieated Sfiiti day Oct., 19uTi.      Knur HeUu
hlxty  days aller dale I Intend lo ipt.!; toil   ;
Honorable tlieChlef Cumiiil^hin r of Un4iul
Worka, Vietoria. to purchase 'JO" vm . I U'j
loiandaud deacrlbed an follow*:  Ci.nacB-rUt j
at a pout planted  at  tha sotilhwut n>rti��r 'J
Knblnsnii's nre-emptioii In Kire Valley, andiMI  j
Ave  miles  from Kdward   Landing. an'iH��i   ;
Arrow lake, and milked Y 0*| >   ��. tnrt��w .;
running weat tiO ehalna, Ihen.e south n1 ctt�� ,
thence caret  :il ebalns,  thenee *"U'-U   *��� rifjt.
ihence OUt 40 chalna, thence nurth 4och��lM�� :
place of twgliiulng.
Nov   lath, 1'JOO.                       F��a�� muNt
       J   Jt. ANNAid.i, A|i'Dt	
Notice la hereby given that M dayiattw-liKj :
iniend loapply to the lion ( hlefCommiuloMf"
Umlaaiid Worki, Victoria, for permlu^nloiw
chase the following described land, aiiunlfjlll
the We-l Kooteuny district, on the weilii��f
IHihamel (ur Kit Mile) creek, nearWlgMJgl
ahuul three milea from Koolenay lake: ua*
int ncing al a poll marked "Jamea J. Dot'i ��s*
post," running 90 chalna easl. thene* _������"
north, thence 20 ehalna weat, tin in*e 2D.MM
aouth, to thenol&tOl roimiieiiicnit'Ut.coBUW*
fug 40 acrea of land, more or leaa.
Dnted IHth November, 100S. , _____
Located by-Iaxb J. D0��
per John I, Tavjob, AftM.
Hlxty dayn after date I Inlcnd loapply"*
Honorable the Chlel <YimmU��l��i��er nl l*���'���
Works for permission topurehaWtbl U>U��*W
deaeribed land- in Koolenay dMlrlri: < n****
Blng at n i.ost marked "A. J. PlU'l MOtni
corner poat," said posi being mi ihe ��"���"rj
erly shnre uf the Lower Arrow hike anil *ttm
due east, on ihe nortboMt corner ttUm
QronpH thence norlh 80 ehalni; eait ����� ''"���'���"*
lonthVohilDi, more or I in, to tbi liMJS
tbence foil,living said shore In a Hiulliwri��rI
direction fto chalna mure or letf to tbi _V_\
beginning, eolilalnlng  IA0 acres, mere or ��
Dated I lilt Otli d_y 01 November. IWfc
 perK  L. Bt'Bvn. Agent- ,
Notice la herein given thai "> llH>',"'["'.S
1   '--���������'    ���*��� apply  lo Ihe Iloiiorahli'llii       '
"iitlir in in iii*i    ail,en   iiini   ������  *���-*._,    ia._J
I  Intend, lis np|>lv lis till' Il.iiiiiral.lftlif JJ
Conmlaaloner is! Uis.i�� anrt Worlo '."f<*S
��l iiniri-lsHB.. Ills. I..1I..1. li.K .l."��rlt��-l lanTJJ
Kissstiiiiiy   sllBlrls-1:     t'liiiiini'ii'III,   ��' ��� J!
marked "I. ll Waflaee'i Dorthwerfepnii'f1"
Blllll   llil.l   tsl'lllK   sltl   llie I'SSMi'llS   .Ms'  l'l I
Arms.   Ink..,   siinl   Ht I lie- ��,,,islisi,��l ',;"
Pisrtcr'B i.r..-.-tiststltsii i-liilln; tin- ��Bl wo
IS ,.,.<S,      ",,..I,.,!,,.      II,     SS'.l    -���"���
,i _��.;
,rii'l sl
''-''Sll,,, lllll", , ' .,,_
.ii.-in-t- ...iiili al chaini,  nr. ��'*"', "'"ill.
them itl, ai chaloi, the 'I,sl',,,i
sss, re or loaa te the Arrow leTtMheace inj   ��
.'SiBlirly illrri-tliilims'liHlll's """ '   ���-e
place i.i iii'Kiniiiui!. mntalnlni iwaorn.""*
iiui.-.i tin. mui iiny iii Oetober, IM |(i||J_
P)-liiB��iti-nt, KKsKBtii I. iipaan- ..
��l day. alls-r .Iiili- I iiiniss! l.i a|i|.ly I"""''""',
Cblel I'issisiiil.Bl.siisT ill Un.l< ssss.l ��s,rt l��l
..I   ...h,  I ....I   I .,...,   ,n   1,1,      - III IS >   ' ,
obaie BJb aerei nl ami loeated i
ItiK l-iirtn! Beotloni ll iiiiii I" *'
doaiirlb.il ub IssIIiiisb:    ('.inim. ii.'i'il'"] ;.'__
iniirki'il K. W. .1. H. K. oorner am! l'l"',"   ,",,_,;
northweal rorner ..I ��'m wniini"- J" ' l|i;
thenoe wait .Oohllnn tbence nor��"".",._
lln,i bbi in ohalni! tbenco lontb""'""'
pleoo ssf 1,,'ssisiiinii'
Nisyciiilscralrd Iwm. _ .v jnKt,*K.
Hllty daya aller .lnlis I Intend toiapW IM
Hiiu. (.*iiii.fcisiisisiiBmniii'r ssl Ilm'1" *!';!������ .ti
���,   nlBlltfl "
"">" V"'.*.1,,*"n IW
Illlll.  (Illl'l  .   ISIIlllllBBHIIll-l     "I
tn liiiri'liiiBts 1H7 n.T.-a ssf lissul
pn��l markisil II. B'b N. K. S'ssri,.. ,  .
the n. w. oorner ol 0, W.Bieolj' e   " ,;w��
WCBt Hiiu nl Arrow lakcalanil '""'",, ,���,,lt
Hsu .Ity, 11 si, ivs'Bt I".',1"""',1,,,'ill's*
MM ohalni nooeait .0 ohalm, "'",������ 0
.CM ohalni (.. plaoe ol beginning, co��tat����
m-refl, niun' or usbb. ........ itraroH-
ii,m���i sun, ,!���>��� ..I Nij>1'.,��s;,;^%,^
Hlity slaya nllcr date I Intend l�� "Jj'lf ffotU
 i. ('Iiiiii (.*,iiiiiiii.siiiiii.nsi Unaii " , ������iii
vii-i.irlB. to pnrobaie IM acrei '* < '�������� ������'
Flris Valley, Iss-lnit pari ol BecUoni_ |(|||(1���:
1'isiir, fownibln i'i. and domriow ��� VIIU,,,,
Com lli'lUK   nl    ��   POI'  P1'"";.,,,! "B. K",
w tma* 8TW, eorner, and m��tici      ,���.,
N. it. oorner," and rannlni <" ;.��� m,���i.
thenoe W raaltu Bsmth, Hh-iis's. - '. .,��� .ait,
thenoe 10 s-ihsIiib ninth, thence { ', lllM.
tiss-iis-s-in i-i norlh t ai-i-.si 'Vn.uii".
November Mrd.Wflj ��� A>S��.   .��'���
-_____. The Dairy Canadian
| yy NEW YEAR," and many thanks for their patronage during 1906, the
���I most prosperous in our business in Nelson. The "No Credit" system has
been profitable to us and our customers. Begin the new year right by resolving to
buy for CASH ONLY during Nineteen Hundred and Seven.
Watch This Space for Oat New Year Announcement
ANHEUSER    ��� ���AND ��� original
busch...       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       ���*��� ^ru^-o..1. r,t,"h    VICTORIA
P. Burns & Co.
Brunch Markets in   Rowland,   Trail,   Ni-larm,  Knslo,   Sandon, Three Forks.  New
Denver and Slocan Oity. '
tbrdsil by mail to any branch will have
our prompt ami careful attention.
Head Offlce: Nelson, B. C.
[The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co., Ltd.
(Vancouver Province.)
No surprise will be occasioned by the
official announcement tbat the provincial general elections will be held on
February 2, some five weeks hence.
Kor the past three months it has been
regarded as almost a certainty that
an appeal would be made to the country before another session of the legislature was held. It was feared In some
quarters that the.holiday season would
be thrown into confusion by a dissolution during the latter days of the year.
but as might have beeu expected, the
government was too considerate of tbe
people's Interests to allow itself to be
influenced in this matter by the clamors and predictions of its opponents.
With the Christmas festivities well
over and all business incidental to
the season completed, the public can
turn its attention unhampered to the
selection of representatives, to whom
it will entrust the conduct of Us alia ira during the ensuing four years.
And it Is to be hoped that this attention will be given in full measure. It
ls of the utmost importance that from
this time forth the provincial legislature should be composed of men of
intelligence and capacity. That lt
should is more necessary now than
ever before, if the country is to enjoy
the future which appears to be in storo
tor lt. It is especially important lhat
tlie governmenl should be equal to the
occaalon with which we are confronted.
and that its members should be men of
ability, of prudence, and of enterprise.
The next few yenrs In this province-
will be a period of grent material expansion If we have tin; right men in
charge of our public lntereK'ts. If we
fail to place the right men there, we
may reap disaster Instead of prosperity, Every individual resident of British Columbia, therefore, is vitally interested In the result of tho forthcoming
contest. Upon his fortunes will bo reflected the progress of the province at
large. The contest will be between
Ihe government which at present administers our affairs, and the opposition, which seeks to do so. There will
be comparatively few new men in th*.*;
field, and one question which will confront the people, therefore, is: Do they
desire to entrust the present members
of (he opposition with power, or aro
Ihey satisfied with the existing government, and tho present policy of prudence and economy? We think thai on
its renin! the McUride administration
can frankly ask for a renewal of public
confidence. During its term It has
freed the province from tho pressin-er
encumbrances of a very serious debt,
contracted by its predecessors, and it-
has made such arrangements that thnt.
debt will be liquidated in due time.
not only without increasing, but with
an annual diminution of the present
taxation. That Is much, but ft can
claim more than that. It can claim
that the affairs of the province have
been conducted to the reasonable Bat-
faction of the country at larger���of all
classes of the    business   community;
and this, after all, Is the final test of
But the great overshadowing question
in this election���the one which should
dominate all others���Is whether we are
to have a government fn this province
in sympathy with the government at
Ottawa, or one which will concern
itself entirely with the interests of
British Columbia. It can quite readily
be seen that if we plaace an administration in power which will be satisfied
to be dictated to and controlled by the
federal authorities, we will simply be
handing ourselves over, bound hand and
foot, to a power which has for ten
years shown Itself determined to make
the country serve the interests of a
party. Under the best of conditions it
is dangerous in the extreme for a provincial government to be of the same
political stripe as the federal administration. Sir Oliver Mowatt regarded
this as one of the wisest of his political
maxims, and it was through bis fight
for twenty years with the Ottawa government that he secured the rights of
Ontario. We can readily see how our
interests would be jeopardized, would
be betrayed, If we elected to office a
government, whose members were politically allied with those in power at the
Dominion capital. What would have
been the result had a Liberal premier
gone to Ottawa to attend the Better
Terms conference? Instead of Premier's McBrlde's decided and patriotic
stand, our representative would have
accepted exactly what he was told to.
This question has yet to be determined,
and so have many others. Shall we
say, by the government we elect, that
they shall all be decided at Ottawa,
not at Victoria? That is what the election of Mr. Macdonald and his party to
power will mean. **vl
And shall British Columbia be turne-tf*
over to the Dominion government as a.
field for exploitation by party favorites? We talk of graft in the province
today, as a result of federal corruption. With a -government at Victoria,
acceptable to that at Ottawa, there Is
danger that we might have to resort
to rafts, and push off Into the Pacific
ocean, as the only possession left to us.
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ln Nelion.    Ber isursplled with good
Ilsiuor, end clean.
W. K. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
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European and American Flan
Meals tt cu.  Boomi from 86 ot*. to IL
Only White Help Employed.
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Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
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Kates II 00 per day and up.
Moist i'i,sssfitrtislils- ssiinrtssns in Nelson.
ssssly tlse l.s-si of l.li|isssrss and . Igeri.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Eleotrioity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedroomi and Fi rat-
elans Timing Room-  Sample Roomi for Commer
ClSl   Mull
__M MRS. K. 0. CLARKE, Froprietreaa
_&��.      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ER1CKBON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Might.
Sample and R*th Roonu Free.
Opposite Court House aud Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
T-us Strathcona
Neleon, B.O.     *���
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
���__��� T. G. PROCTER _E__I
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Hare .0,000 Aem
of tbe
Choicest Frott Lands in
British Cowwpwa.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one blocir.
Buy now and get tbe ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Qocd   Sample    Roonu.
Royal Hotel
Rat.-* $1 and $1.60 a Day.
Hates to Regular i_ carderi.
NOTICE li hereby given that au application
will In* made to tho I.cglslai I vt? Ann mlily of the
Provlnce of l*ritf*-l; Col umbla at its next session
for an net authorizing tho Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to place,construct.-.nd maintain,
a dam or dams, booms, piers, slides, and other
works ln and across the Kootenay river at or
near i'h rums Station (about opposite Hub-lot IV.
of Lot 4*598, Group 1, Kootenay dlitrlet): and ln
aud acrosi thc Little Elocan river; aaa lu and
across the Slocan river at a point or points below tho mouth ol the llttlo Slocan river; for tbe
purpose of driving, rafting, sorting holding, aud
manufacturing raw-logs and timber; to occupy
tbo surface of tbe mt Id rlv-tra where necessary for
the purposes aforesaid; to clear. Improve, and
remove obstructions from the said rivers for log-
drlvlng, rafting, and booming purposes; (o levy
and collect tolls and duci on logs timber aud
lumber of persons using or profiting by such
works, clearing or Improvements; to enter upon
and expropriate landi; and do all other things
necessary, incidental or conducive to thee* cr-
clue of any of the above powers.
Dated the 10th day of December, 1006.
Solicitor for the Applicant.
Wholesale end Retell Deelere in
Fresh and Salted Meats
OaiTipe (applied on shortest notice ud
lowest prioe. Nothing bnt fresh ud
wholesome meats ind supples kept in etook
Mnil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
PRUKtNQ AND ORAPTIiKI eerelnlljr selCDd-
ed lo. Apply
SUTer Kin. Hoist, T
I *
���. <m
The Daily Canadian
New Lines - -  Jt-st Opened
SILVER DEPOSIT WARE, in T<*a Sets. Bottles, Flasks, Glasses. Toilet
Uottles, Vases.
JEWEL CASES, in Oold and silver.
FANCY   BACK   AND SIDE  CUMBS,  In  the  newest  designs.
FINE LEATHER BAGS AND PURSES, in stylos lhat cannot lis- resisted.    The store Is open every evening.
WATCHMAKER. MANt'KA0T!*R!Wi JKWKl.l.Kll.         *"
New Navel
Looking for Good *\
Things for New Year ���
t ���
Oranges,   Sween   Navels    25c j
Malaga   Grapes    35c ���
Pears, 2  pounds  for 25c m
Bananas,   per  dozen    50c J
Nuts,  per   Ib 25c ���
Layer  Figs   ,per   Ib 25c ���
Let us have your New Year's T
order now and avoid Monday's 2
rush. Y
Bell Trading Co,!
Coal and
Telephone 265
January Ihi being a day of rQ
lutlone, let me BUggesi oar to you.
Ht'-olvi .1 by us, that we ffivi
.Toy u shaii' ol onr grocer; trade
during 1907, and then Joy will in*
with ns till the year's end; ami'
let ns all Bay, Ainca.
Joy's Cash Grocery!
cor Joiepbtneand mui hu.    Phoni 19
J lb. box   -   50c
1-2 ib. box -   30c
���Thong li an ��s fin,* ai tbe moreexpenatvi
kinds, tin* only itifirr* a li tbe pMkafa,
Phnne Vt. Baker St.
Jfaxi 1*. Hums sV Oo.
Cor. Vwrmin Hnd Ward  sss-isisls..
INI .L.SON,   fc��. C
J. PBBD HUME, Proprietor.
\V   11. .Morris. Mislwuv; A. S. Brown,
Saskatoon;  A. 11. .In u, T. A. Maok-
tnisish. Pentloton; R. .1. McPhee, Slogan; \V. B. Archibald, Vancouver; four
members McBweu Co.: Polmaties Sis-
ters ('".: A. I.nets, Kaslo: .1. P. Vroom,
Waneta; W. 'I*. Henderson, Spokane;
l.. Stookett, Bankhead; J. s. Brandon,
H. Dickson, Trail; L. P, Eckstein, Pep
nl.-;  \\*. T. MoOlurg, Sandon,
ll.  W.  Taylor,  Revelstoke;    E,    O.
Kittimi nus! wit's-, Moyle; Miss E. llsii.',
Miss m. Hate. li. iinis'. Vancouver.
c. Cole, (i w. Kelly, A. Llndley,
Ymir; 10. II. Dean, Winnipeg; VV. Hay-
ward, Kaslo.
T White, Blocan; W. Jackson, Bandon.
A. .1. Knnslson. Mogeattl; W. II. Henderson, Slocan; J. A. Johnston, Winnipeg.
i>. McLean, it Mooney, Boston; nine
members of Monte-Douglas t'ss.; three
members  MoBwen  Co.:   p, Verender,
Calgary;  F. Spencer, Spokane.
A. Qarlner, North Dakota; n. P. Par
Issnl Kaslss; H. F. MoCisslin. Salmo; .1.
li. Park, Argenta.
P. 1). Phillips. Dead wood; L. B. Phillips, Wallace.
T. Wight, J. A. Whitehead, H. Orab-
tree, Vancouver; O. B. White, Deer
Park, n. Teague, Qrand Forks.
To One and c/lll
Our Many
Customers We
Wish a Happy and
Net* Year.
CHINA HALL I TWest Transfer Co.
\V_   lli.v_   ll   Mpuislfillv
Huluctud Stock  of
lot- Xnuii 'l'niUv.
StoDcware, Crocks, Bean Pots. Tea Pols, Elc.
Munroe & Nelson
Telephone llll.
(is-ns'i-sii Teenuten and Dealers in
Oonl nud Won'i.   Express and
Baggage Transfer
Fancy Chocolates
Leave your order early for
your Ntfto Year
Choquette Bros*
(tu mui aftei DeceutMr 1*1 my bwtlng mui
plutnbtog bmlnsM will bo lout-ad In my u��w
���hopi two doora Mit of optn houMi on Vl6to.li
Tel. 181.     S. A. WYE
.1. CJ. Devlin announces that In* will
be un Independent ciuidiiluu* in Ymir
.Miss Iv Bate, u*aclitT of the Hume
���school, returned irom ilu- coast last
LARGE MBS PKOOF HAFK   -Mate inhIiti. Hi/,*,
jiripc    A. K. Hut her land. Vhiicoiivit, H   (!.
TIIK KKTIUIN (ortliwllli or nil honk* linrniwcd
by iiecij.l. (il Nelsou Irom Uu- lil-mry ol Waller
W     Mn ���:. t   lilllKlli llir,
The moving of Uie oourthouse from
Us presenl sits actually began this afternoon.
__., n. MoDermid shot u big wild ctfl
on the ranch In tlu* Slocan valley luui
I-:. B. McDermid and W. Walker are
un an auditing    trip    through    Kast
The Ice at the curling rink is in
splendid condition and games are In
progress this afternoon-
It J. McPhee cam*:' in from Slocan
lasi night and hus gone out to (lie Reliance mines today.
"Zig*s" 'possum dinner, which he reluctantly postponed trom Christmas
eve, will la-* given between ti o'clock
this evening and New  Year's morning.
K. I, Richardson of the Winnipeg
���Tribune has purchased a halt' interest
in K. K. Langford's "Yassadhira" ranch
near Ainsworth. This ranch contains
062 acres of excellent fruit land.
.1. S. Brandon of Trull is iu the city
today. -Mr. Brandon has resigned the
prtnclpalShlp of the Trail public school
after six and u half years' service. Ho
is engaged now iu the study of law.
The Conservative nominating convention for Vmir riding will nice in
Nelson on January 12, It is now certain that J. H. Schofield and Harry
Wright will both be considered.
The first performance in Nelson of
Morris A; Douglas' big vaudeville company will be given in Shermans opera
house tonight. The company includes
comedians, musicians, acrobats aud
Frank Arnold, a boy of 8 years of
age, while coasting down Stanley
street this forenoon, ran into a telegraph pole and narrowly escaped serious iujury. As it was, he suffered
several bruises on the face, aud when
picked up he was profusely bleeding
'rom the mouth,
In the Methodist church tonight
there will be reception from Hi to
11 for members, friends and adherents.
Light refreshments will be served aud
Pastor Kev. H. N. Powell cordially invites all to attend. The reception will
be followed by a watch-night service
(rom 11 to 12.
The Spokesman-Review of Sunday
contains a lengthy write-up uf the
Koolenay Curling association. Acorn*
panylng the article are several portraits of prominent Kootenay curlers,
including his honor Judge Wilson,
Archie Mackenzie and Walley's champion team, Messrs. Pearcy, Mclntyre,
Carrie und Walley.
Those who attend the concert in the
armoury' tonight are requested to be
present before 8: III). Entrance will be,
as usual, from the rear of the building. The program will begin sharp at
8:80, and guests cannot be permitted
to interrupt musical numbers by ascending the stairs. The program will
probably last until a little after 10
o dock, and will be followed Immediately by the dance.
' ; .'��� ��� 7sat h_u) received a long
latitat '-ur.-. Cflfnn Mn Houston, ac-
w-ttpMrtaj; a. Chrtstmaa gift to bis
eMMra ..__' :.<__ -w_ji_eTe_ over
many lur-e-s is. tb* Uct year and a
half. He i�� nenr h_ (_ .**-,-...- l"__ will
shortly f___n to MI-MA He tttft
h* has no in ten Mon of erer returning
to NelHon, nut nend*_ klndiy New Year
-Pishes  U) all  hi�� old friend*.
Nice red, ripe ones
25, 35, 40 and 50c
Per Dozen
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Joaoiihlne Sts.
K"H01NE  7.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Foel &. Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, December 31
Tuesday, Jan.  1st.
Prloaa���7Bo, r>oc, use.
Matinee, adults BOc, children !*r.c.
Plan ui Rutherto.-'i Baturday.
re?50" $1.50
l   IPES
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning  Stoves,  etc.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or bnil auj hi
go  to the Old  Curiosity Shop.  A   i
lino of Japanwe Goods now on sale  A!
kinds   of   Diunerwure  in   Htocl-
SoicjiK*-'111 for tha Porto Rico Lumbar Co . Ltd.,
retini yam!*. Boaghanddre-Hd lumber, turutd
work ami brackets, .'1,h>i latli and Minii^leB, mwIi
hihI dopsTt. Cement, brick ami lime (m* tats,
Automatic frlnder,
Var-i nut! factory: Vtrium St.. aait t>f Hall,
p o. Box last
epbona ith.
Tin* MoBwen company reaurned
irom tin* Boundftry last Dtfihl nnd l��*ft
for  East  Kooteiiuy  this  morni&ff.
A short service of thankaglviQg will
he held in St. Paul's Presbyterian
ohuroh hall tomorrow at   n a   m.
An advance of five points in the
price of topper was the feature of today's metal markets. Silver declined
one point.
Tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock .1.
Fred Hume will give Ids usual New
Year dinner to the newsboys and messenger boy-4 ot Nelson.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceri i
Hutter, BggS.
Camp nnd Miners' Supplies,
A. tl Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Houli-y llulldiug.   P. O. Ho>
Baker St..  NELSON,  B. C.
Ths. ciiy power planl will, aooordlng
to Clly Engineer McCulluch's statement loday. probably bs- in operation
tomorrow night. All that is required j
b a thorough all-day test of lhe bearings.
The Store of Quality
TWO I'IKHTIM.Am IttMlMH. Iteain lissnlcsl.   Ap-
|,|y ls.,iiM>ki'i.-|��'i. sinl ll��l, K. W. 0, blssck.
Apples Today
at $1.50 per box
The Union of Young People's Societies of the city will hold a New Year
reception in Fraternity hall tomorrow
afternoon. All are cordiully Invited
and will be entertained appropriately.
Besides refreshments and a musical
program there will be games for those
who care to Indulge.
A writ was Issued in the supreme
court today by H. O. Hall, solicitor for
Frank H. Sherman of Fernii* against
F. .1. Deane, publisher of The Daily
News, for damages for libel alleged to
he contained in articles published in
The Ually News on the coal miners'
strike in Easi Kootenay,
The new Hume school will be complete by -January 20, but will noi he
opened for school purposes until February 1 In th*; contract no provision
bfli u'-en mad<* for ligbtim. As school
riHfetiiigK usually hav. it, be held in
the evening it is suggested that el**n-
tric liKbtint. nhouhj in- provided for before   the  huildiw;  ij.   finished.
In  Chambers.
Hln htm/,; Ju'lg* F'jrli, held a chain
-.- -    --.- -..-. .-.-.-.-.- s.s-
In PmUtmm tt )).-><-is Mining Co.,
A. IA. Wm\ i . application 'u, behAlf
'/ Ui*- oW*i...Ar.u, tot a arnXMC bub,
*��ui :*j.*l* C
A Cliyssr. .. ,.,.,.,s .,��� Hiiriinissss
trial, tm a dat.- t/,  |,<: _rrariK'-'l
In Marrij- vh Uofi and Cory, tils
honor ordered th<- dispute note in ins
sirursk out anil JuilKment entered fnr
Hn-  plaintiff.
while there is a good selection
to choose from.
W. G. Thomson
BSfflEH1 "d Nelsou, B. C.
I'lsssssu 34.
Material   All   on   Ground  and  Erection
Begun���Will  Ship  in  February.
Tin- matcriiil for tin- Itliiliu aortal train
iur the Quaen Vlotorla mlnea Iiiih all
:. rivsl sm tin- ground and the wnrk
nf aonitruotlon Iiiih begun.
N. .1. CavanuiiRh nuyii today that he
hopse to have tin. ilm- mui terminal!
complete by the nnd ot January, nnd
iss inmiii ihlptnenta trom the mine
early in February.
Trains and Boats.
Crow liout���'I'wu uml n hulf hours
Cnanl and Slooan I rain���On time,
llinindary train���On  tlnm.
Kimflhind   train���On   time.
All changi.'s ior advertisement! must
roach The Dally Canadian business
oflico not latisr thnn 10 o'clock In tho
morning ln order to Insure Insertion
lu the issue of thai day.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Men'** - $_*.SO to $3.SO
Women'** 2.28 to 3.8U
Misses'       ...      1.7S
Cent Hand 1
They are beauties at the price.
Fifty Cent Hand Bags!
Telephone 333.
Starkey & Co., Qg__S
Wholesale Provisions,
Produce,        - Hrult.
uinu Government dreamery Onu-Pannil Bricks ni-i-ivs-il wn.i_|v i��� s,
from tbe churn.    Kor sale by nil leading grooerl
Ofllce nnd wurehiiusc: Houston Block,   Phone 70.
Josephine Street.       -       -       -      Nelson, B. C.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Bheetmetal Work, (:h��iiiiks. Builders' Mnti-rin! and lliuinK and Mill Miu-kinery.
OHlco nnd Works Koot of Park St.
i'ii..,._ jii.i.
INulMon, U.C. 1
A Word to the Wise
Thin ymir wfl hww- Bpproo__rfe_ tlit* wants of onrcn*-
tomflxi uml Imv*' pu_ed into Hioek thp
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
______itor-a in-adaptad fnr hunt c(.ii only,aadtagnn-
aatOfld tu glTQ sntislit'-ti'iu.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.	
RvpsnIi-InK nnd ��li>tihlni_ eoWSutMl V.-UH IJ����pfitch.   Sheet Metnl '
Wurk, Mlnliis iiiiifMIII Muuhlmry.      MlintilBCturem ul
Oris   Uurit.   IV.   I..    Cssntl-liisliii-N'   Clll-M-
riirlirr oMIall ��n<l INI R* 1     SlfTllNJ Fi       C T,"i^i'lm'," I
rrootstneta. lNt_l_����Jl*M,     13.  V^�� r.o.Bmr'
BualneiM mun,
Worlclsn|_ mun,
Mon In ilrssHH attlru.
Spiirl l.,u "ion,
HsilislHisissi; muss,
Misss tliut'M full tif fire
UNITE ninl sinn thnt  tin*  Importatfou ��'
John T. Pierre nn- thc proper lini*
My hist full sliipmi.nl hns Jtul nrriwil-  *��
them nnd plnee your order enriv fssr Zmlinw
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
All Sizes 35 t0 44
Now is the lime
to buy yssur
Winter Dvereoat.
All Prices from $10 to $30
J. A. gTLker
��.____ L��mfce*. Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
ettendn i"
I'urriBd Work and I truck*>it*
Muil Orders prompUJ* I
The Whole Community &
Bright and Prosperous
New Year.
Wood, Vallance Hardware Co., Lti
tf&��ftfA-#i'>rta��*r-���' : ���


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