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The Daily Canadian Sep 28, 1906

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Array n_--_-a
���p*il# Canadian
.umE I.   No. ioo.
Fifty Cents a Month
fruit Growers of Kootenay
Revoke Request
Uibor Problem Settled Again For a
While-Advocate B. C. Agent
at Winnipeg.
Afler an exeited discussion In a
uwded meeting in the board of trade
L.s,tii-s mis afternoon the Kooteuay
iult Growers* association recalled Us
L-sisis-si for admission of CbinaM la-
prers, bul asked for repeal of the
llississ- nf Un- Masters" and Servants'.
,t-i prohibiting extra-provincial con-
llss- meeting came to order shortly
lltrr 2 o'clock. There were present:
imea Johnstone, In the chair; J. E.
lunable, J. .1. Campbell, 11. E. Crous
lie, J. W. Kurd, 11. H. Sewell, W,
lig-Bmellle, Capt. Paddon, J. Wil-
���ssisis, V. J. Salomons, 0. G. Hroad-
ssssl, S. S. Eraser, J. L. Stocks, O.
ppleton, E. Hooks, J. Tarry, T. Mor-
ly, A. II. Shannon, and others, lu all
lluut 40.
ihe   president  briefly   appealed  for
nines} in the debate.
J. J. Campbell's motion asUug that
lie   motion   to  amend   the   provincial
Wasters'  and  Servants'  Act  was  first
i sussed. Mr. Campbell briefly  point-
l,\ nui  ihai  the  prohibition    of    consul s  with   persons outside tbe  prov-
is.- was the chief obstacle to a solu-
i.n of the labor problem.
(',   11.   Ilroadwooii seconded  the mo-
-on.     It   ��as   promptly    opposed    by
frank Rooks and    John    Ztwmer, tbe
urmer    denouncing    labor    contracts
s,-rally, the latter asserting that lhe
���stlon wns political.
W. Ford also opisised, slating that
,.   preferred  high   wages  and  scarce
jilmr,   and   thought   cheap  Indentured
abor a curse, and utterly unsuitable
s,   agricultural   labor   especially.     Ho
us followed In the same Btrain by S.
.  Fraser.
.1. J. Campbell replied.    He thoughl
Itlii-iv had been enthusiasm for Canadian Inim laborers, and a desire lo fa-
..���ilium-  Iheir coming.    Contracts were
Iiini peculiar lu auy one class of labor;
l.-isuid easti; be prevented without tha
Jdrastlc provisions of ihe Mssn-rs' and
Servant**  Act.     He added   if,  us  Mr.
I Ford  says, we want    to    keep    labor
-_rce und deaf, there Ib no use talk-
I ins furlber.    There Is plenty of work
for young, strong, skilled men at high
wages.   Nuw there is also work for old
"i feeble men. ir Mr. Find's blub wages
I high  wages.    U Mr. Ford's high WagBS
and  scarce  labor is  lhe Ideal  of  the
majority here, let it be so."
After It hud been explained thnt tbo
motion hud no bearing on the Alien
Labor Act, and further discussion by
I C 0. llroadwood. -I. John-tone, F.
Itooks, A. II. Shannon and others, a
vote waB taken, resulting In the mo-
iimi being passod by a vote of 17
to 16.
Mr. Ford then asked Mr. Campbell
in withdraw the resolution, but Mr.
Campbell could not do bo.
Mr, Crousiialle's amendment to the
constitution of lhe association, requiring 10 days' notice of all resolutions,
was then udopted unanimously.
i. w. Ford's resolution was then Introduced:
"Whereas, u resolution was passed
mi August 1st insi iii the name of tho
Kootenay Frull Qrowera' association,
advocating lhe admission of Chinese
us agricultural laborers into this province free of head tax, and
"Whereas, this resolution was Introduced, spoken to and voted upon
Withoul noilce of motion and without
nollee lo Un. press;   be II
"Resolved, Tbal we, n genuine rep-
iisinlallve meeting of lb" Koolenny
Frull Growers' association, do hereby
entirely rescind the above named resolution adopted in our name on August
Isl lasi nnd, admitting tho claim ot
Hie seurcily or labor, substHiilIng
therefor nn urgent aiilieal to tho heads
of governmenl of the Dominion of
Canada and lhe province of Hritish
Columbia for a persistent and aggressive policy of immigration erfort
throughout Great Britain and Ireland,
to lhe end that we may obtain a class
of settlers In this country whose sen
liments und ambitions are In harmony
with lhe aims and policy of our groat
 P're; and bo it further
Itesolveil. That a copy of this resolution be forwarded at once to Premier Laurier, Premier M-Hrlde, the
representatives ��f the district In both
Dominion and Provincial parliaments,
to six ot the leading newspapers of
'ho Dominion und to all other points
"1 Importance where ljhe"Tesclniled res-
nlutlon was sent."
Mr. Ford���While thousands of Drlt-
'"���i laborers are starving at home, I
*'i>iuoi unilei-Btund Ihe advocacy of In
viting Chinese here. Our compatriots
should have first claim upon us, and I
appeal to nil as Britishers to reserve
this land for them.
A. B. Shannon seconded the motion,
H. E. Croasdaile���I had no idea of
creating any friction, and I am glad
thai Mr. Ford Is now also an advocate of good will. Wc are all agreed
that there Is a scarcity of labor and
I think, that It will soon become
acute if a Solution for the difficulty
be nol soon louud. Vi'e are also all
agreed In preferring white labor���
British labor. None or us prefer Chinese to British labor. But shall we refuse Chinese temporarily even If there
be no other available. Chinese are
good farm laborers and make possible
tlie employment of more white men
We need labor, and there Is at pros
"in  apparently no other Bupply.
S. S. Fraser criticized the administration or the immigration department
and advocated a Itritish Columbia
agent, or even a Fruit Growers' association agenl. In Winnipeg, to direct
Immigrants to Kootenay for employment as agricultural laborers.
C. G. Broadwood thought the scheme
impracticable, because the prairleB* demand lor labor was as great as was
J. Johnstone read the following
statement in a resolution he submitted
to lhe effect thai Chinese labor Is temporarily necessary ror lhe development of the fruit ranches on the valleys of the Kootenay, but that when
Ibis had been accomplished the Chinese labor can be dispensed with. The
resolution in lull was passed too late
to be  printed  in  this issue.
Further discussion was participated
ln by F. Rooks, Oscar Appleton, who
objected that Chinese laborers invariably became competitors; Mr. Ford
replying, endorsed Mr. Praser's suggestion ror a genuine effort to divert
Hritish emigrants lo Kootenay. He
thought Mr. Johstone's Scheme unnecessary If i-rrortB were made in the
other directions. He admitted that
farmers could not pay $3.50 for laborers. Pressed for a definition of
reasonable wages,- he suggested; "A
dollar a  day  anil   board."
H. E. Croasdaile ofrered an amendment to strike the word "genuinely-
out of the resolution. Mr. Ford do
elined to accept.
The motion was then put and de-
tented by 2215.
Intense     Anxiety     Existing     Because
Families at Summer Resorts Cannot be Communicated With.
New Orleans, La.. Sept, 28��� New
Orleans early this morning was still
cut otf absolutely from communication
with points on the gulf coast east ot
here. For :',C hours no Information of
any sort had come from towns not
more than an hour's ride by rail in
lhe direction of Mobile, and anxiety
regarding lhe situation in these places
became intense. Tbe gulf towns are
summer resorls for New Orleans and
the members ol many families havo
been separated by the storm. All day
yesierday and Inst night the washout
ou tbe Louisville _ Nashville road. 26
mlles rrom here, marked the farthest
point eastward reached by rail, tela
graph or telephone.
For hours after the hurricane had
passed, the two-mllo iiortlon of railroad track which was submerged by
the incoming tide, was exposed to the
equally dangerous outward flow of tlie
high waler. Local Ijouisville & Nashville officials loday announced all
trains cancelled until further notice.
This mofnlng Lake Point Chart had
calmed and tbe high waler had fallen
very near lis normal level.
The first reports from interior Mississippi towns Indicated that tbe hurricane did great damage In its north-
ward progress. Vlcksliurg and- Mc
Comb Clly reported buildings Injured
and Jackson and iirookhaven reported
damage of lfi per cent to the cotton
crop. Dr. W. N. (Inlliiired, u passenger
ou ihe flrsl New Orleans _ Western
train which came Into the city lulu
last night, snld the train wns com-
celled to run through the storm yes
terilay wllh trees continually falling,
sunie'of Ihem threatening to block tho
tracks, Unroofed or demolished negro
cottages were continually passed, Frequently, he snld, the hiBhlng of tho
wind and cracks of trees made a roar
which drowned tlie rumble of the train.
New Orleans, La., Sopt. 28.���Tho
first hopeful reports since tlie storm
abated here early last night were
brought in by a Grand Island train
which crossed the bank of the Mississippi nl a point about 70 miles below
tbe city. The trainmen reported that
they had seen no serious damage, al-
though al several places the water
wus iill inch deep over the rails. New
Orleans, which apparently was on the
eastern end or the hurricane; suffered
damage to property of ubout |7B,000,
which includes the loss of several coal
barges, all but two or them empty,
Which foundered In the Mississippi
river. The remainder of the damage
was dune along the shore of Lako
Polnl Chart and along the railroad.
The telephone service In the city was
badly crippled by lho blowing down
of ]H)les.
Revolutionists to Establish
American Branch
Is Asked and Urged With a Pathetic Story of Wrong and Suffering in Russian Province.
New York, Sept. 28.���The World today snys: "Ivan Ivanovilch Norodny,
chief executive commissioner or tbo
Russian military revolutionary parly,
is here lo establish headquarters in
America for the revolution. He conies
to solicit 1,0011,0(10 signatures to a pe.
titlon to the czar praying for liberty,
justice and amnesty. He comes upon
a mission of education to disavow the
bloody  ads of terrorists.
A mild mannered man is Norodny,
about 40 years old, whose face tells
the story of his suffering. Twenty
years ago a happy husband, owner of
several estates and a man of consequence in Finland, the land of his
birth, today he weeps for his wife,
confined in an asylum, the victim of
the brutality ol the Cossacks, and
prays for the repose of tlie soul of
his eldest born, slain by the same
Cossacks. Four years in a Russian
prison has left htm a physical wreck.
Mosl ol his fortune has beeu confiscated by the Russian  government.
"I came to solicit names," he said
last night, while seated in his rooms
ln the New Hotel Albert. "I shall present my petition first to the five
Americans best known in Russia.
They are President Roosevelt, Mark
Twain, William J. Hryan, Thomas A.
Kdtson-and Miss Jane Adams ot Hull
House. Chicago.
"I have here prepared a propaganda.
In part it says: 'On behalf of .150,000,
000 people 1 cry out for help. We require nothing but active and sympathetic moral support Oceans of blood
were spenl to free lhe black slave.
Millions upon millions of my country
are suffering a worse slavery. We
despise anarchy and every form of
violence. 1 wish to u.-c'nr i on the
ezar, not a war of blood, but a war of
education, a war of moral suusion. 'ii h
Rssoun peasant hungers for learning,
for books, for teachers, for Christian
missionaries. This is the war I would
wage on tbe czar. This Is not the
time for fire and  sword.'"
"Overseas" Keeps Up Record.
Quebec. Sept. 28.���The Empress of
Ireland arrived this morning at 3:15,
bringing the Oriental malls, which
left in the "Overseas Mail" train for
Vancouver at 9 o'clock. The Empress
of Ireland left Liverpool 9:45 last Friday night and experienced heavy sea
and winds all the way across, notwithstanding which she made an average
of 17.18 knots per hour. Her actual
sailing time wns 5 days 18 hours and
45 minutes.
She brought over 280 first, 341 Becond and Ull third class passengers.
There nre 12 through passengers to
the orient. These win be augmented
by a number picked up by the Overseas Mail enroule. The Oriental mall
consisted of 328 sacks of letters nnd
117 packages of parcel post, a large
Increase over the previous througlr
mail. She has ln addition 330 bugs or
letters nnd 172 packages of parcel post
and 5G boxes of specie for Canada.
Killed by Blast.
Mlddis-ton. N. Y��� Sept. 28.���One
man was killed and several Imprisoned In the Erie road tunnel nenr Otls-
vllle, N. V., today as the rcBUlt of
a blast or explosive.
Price ot Metals.
Now York, Sopt. 28.���Silver, C77���c;
coflper, 18%c;  lead, $5.75.
London, Sept. 28.���Silver, 111 lid;
lsad,e..l8 12s Cd; zinc, ��27 10s.
Better Pay for Preachers,
Montreal, Sept. 28.���Out of 300 delegates to the MethodlBt general conference there were only about 50 present when the Rev. Dr. Carman took
the chair Ihla morning. The feature
of the session was an advance of |50
per annum  ln  the minimum   amount
to be paid tor ministers' salaries.
It was recommended that the salary
of married ministers shall In future
be not less Ihan $800 per annum, exclusive of horse keep, parsonage, etc.,
and for a single minister not less than
$500, and a probationer not less than
$400, thus reporting an Increase of $50
In each case. The resolution was
unanimously agreed to.
Experienced    Politicians    Puzzled    to
Forecast Outcome of Embroglio
or Promise a Quorum.
Havana, 8ept. 28.���With the Cuban
cougress meeting within a few hours
to consider the resignation of President Palma, even the most experienced politicians are unable to predict
what action will be taken or whether
even a quorum will be secured. It Is
practically certain that the president
Is steadfast in his determination to
retire, despite the efforts of the leaders of the Moderate party to induce
him to reconsider tlie matter. His per
sonal elfects at the palace are ready
for removal and his family are report
ed to be about to depart for Matanzas.
The Liberals held a meeting this
morning to determine finally whether,
they would participate ln the session
of congress. Without them a quorum
is impossible.
There Is little doubt that congress
if It meets at all will fail in the attempt to devise means io defy American intervention. This will be followed possibly this afternoon by the proclamation of a temporary government
under Secretary Taft and the landing
of forces from the American war
Senator Zayas, leader of the Liberal
parly, is rejiorted this morning to
have notified Secretary Taft that the
Cuban government had issued orders
to shoot him (Zayas), J. G. Gomez,
.1. M. Gomez, Demetrio Castillo, and
C. J. Velczin, the moat of Princlpem
caBtle. It is not believed that the government will dare resort to such e_>
Ireme measures.
Havana, Sept.'28.���The leading Moderate Liberals and national leaders
conferred from last night until early
tills morning and decided to yield
anything and everything ln order to
avoid .Intervention. It now appears
that there IS no doubt that there will
be a quotum at the meeting of congress today. Brigadier General Fun-
ston went aboard the United States
flagship Louisiana this morning and
conferred with Captain Couden, commander of the naval forces and other
naval officers. The general said ho
was ready for whatever occurred and
was simply  awaiting orders.
Havana. Sept. 28���Prominent Mod
orates declare that they are willing
to accept anybody, even Pino Guerra,
ns candidate for president rather than
Incur Intervention. Others, Including
Vice President Mendeno Ca|>ot, say
they believed that the United States
are determined on intervention in any
case, whether President Palma's resignation Is accepted or otherwise.
Distinguished   Principal-   of    Manitoba
University In Nelson In Course
of Annual Tour.
The Rev. George nryce, D. D., LL. D.,
principal of Manitoba university, Is in
the city on his annual tour in the interests of the university.
The history of Manitoba unlvorslty
ls probably lamlliar to most readers
of The Canadian, li is made up of
[OUT colleges. 81. John's. St. Boniface,
Manitoba and Wesley, founded respectively by Anglican, Roman Catholic,
Presbyterian and Methodist efforts.
Its early years, like those of most
olher Canadian colleges, were yenrs of
heroic sl niggle, maintained largely by
the patient self-sacrifice of the late
Archbishop Mackuy and Rev. Dr. King.
It ls now In easier circumstunces,
witli a yearly revenue of $60,000.
' Dr. Hryee's mission Is to raise subscriptions from Irlends In DritlBh Columbia, to terminate as Boon as tho
Pacific province bus a university of its
own. He Is now on his return from
(he coast cities, where he met with
gratifying  resiionses.
Dr. llryce is ono of tho pioneers of
thc Middle West, having resided continuously in Winnipeg ror nearly 40
He is the aulhor of many historical
works, Including "The Romarkable
History of llle Hudson's Hay Company," a frequent contributor to liter.
ary magazines, and an acknowledged
authority on the history of Manitoba
und  the  Northwest.
The reverend doctor has had an adventurous career. He fought as a volunteer against the Fenians at Ridge-
way In IKi.fi. and has since figured in
many stirring episodes In the hlBtory
of the plains. He was always fond ot
athletic sports, and Is still, at the ugo
of G2, an enthusiastic curler.
King Leopold Corrects
Weird Story of Romance and Misfortune of Sister of the King
of Belgium and Congo.
Urussels, Sept. 28.���King Leopold
has made haste to deny the reports
tbat have lieen current for several
weeks regarding the alleged death of
his sister, the Insane Empress Char-
lotta, widow of the Ill-fated Emperor
Maximilian of Mexico. Though some
persons do not hesitate to cast doubt
upon His Majesty's denial it may be
stated authoritatively that the empress
in not dead. But she is so ill Just
now that only faihl hopes are entertained of her recovery.
The atory of the poor. Insane empress has often been told, but the tragedy of her life is so interwoven with
one of the most thrilling stories of New
World history that lt will bear a repe-
tlon at the present time, when It is but
a matter of a Bhort time, perhapB of
days, until her earthly miseries are
relieved by death.
Born a princess, and educated to
wear a crown, Charlotta has passed
forty of her sixty-five years within the
walls of an asylum for the Insane.
Married at 17, a queen at 24 and a
lunatic at 26, she was bereft of her
father, husband, empire and reason ln
the short space of eighteen months,
and then, by the Irony of fate, forever
banished from human memory. Her
career was almost klnetoscoplc In the
rapidity of its changes���promising in
its inception, magnificent in its rise,
pathetic, dramatic, tragic ln its decline
and fall.
Although Charlotta was more potential in Mexican history during her
short reign In that country than was
her imperial husband himself, the
records of that time Ignore her efforts,
belittle her achievements and refer to
her endowments ot executive ability,
political sagacity, mental culture and
strong womanly character in the most
impersonal and incidental manner. As
a matter of fact lt was her regal training, her dominant spirit, her constant
Insistence, which prevailed over the
weak, vacillating, easily Influenced
aud almost efflmlnate character of the
Emperor Maximilian.
Charlotta was exactly 24 years of
age. Maximilian 32. when their eyes
In-held for the first time the land
across the water where they hoped to
regenerate a nation. Their entry Into
the City of Mexico was a triumphal
.me. The splendors of their court were
unprecedented, for Charlotta knew well
how to be an empress. But the
Mexicans fought bravely for their freedom, the United States interfered, and
Napoleon was ordered to withdraw his
troops. Here again Charlotta was
dominant. She would go herself to
France and Intercede with the Emperor Napoleon.
What could be more pathetic than
the spectacle of the girl empress pleading with the Emperor of Prance and
the Pope of Rome for the means and
soldiers to save from ruin the empire
of her husband, at a time when Maximilian had been already many weeks
dead. Charlotte's ambition and pride
wass crushed, her heart broken. Young,
beautiful, ambitious, loving, on the
very threshold of youth and hope, Bhe
was seized and torn from the world by
the relentless hand of unreason, and
cast Into the midnight of utter blank.
For forty years she bus been banished to an oblivion that ts worse than
death. Those who recall her to mind
ae a proud and Imperious beauty, would
fall to recognize her today, all bent
and broken, her snow-white hair framing a race waxy white ln complexion
and deeply furrowed with lines of grief
and pain.
She resides in the old royal castle ot
lloui-lioiit, a few hodrs drive from
lliiissi-ls. Since she entered this retreat she has been seen by no ono outside of her household, which is conducted tn an Imperial manner. Every
month of the year Charlotta holds
iiilmli- court. She presents the members of her household with gifts, which
are formally received���the pictures
taken from the walls of the palace are
presented, nnd then the following day
nre restored to their places���merely
to indulge her demented fancy.
Spacious grounds surround the palace and here the Insane empress drives
about frequently In her coach of state,
with her cnvallers In attendance, Here
too, she sometimes wanders among the
flowers, planning Improvements, as
she did about the grounds of Chapulte-
pec, iu Mexico,
King  Leopold  has  reason   to  hope
that the life of his sister will be prolonged, and that she will not succumb
to her present Illness, for her death
will give rise to no end of complication with the reigning house of
Austria, in consequence of the disappearance of her vast fortune, which is
believed to have been wasted ln its
entirety in the Congo schemes of her
brother, guardan and trustee, King
First    Steps in Cashier's    Career    ef
Montreal, Sept. 28.���Betting on the
races was the cause of the downfall
of J. S. Cather, the Bank of British
North America clerk who disappeared
on Monday with about $25,000 of the
bank's moaey. The direct cause of his
detection was a bet he made of $3000
on a New York race which he lost.
Hitherto his bets have been more modest, but this was apparently a desperate effort to regain what he had lost
and square his books.
The loss came to the ears of the
city detective and he Informed tbe
bank authorities. The latter Immediately took Cather out of the teller's
box and placed him at other work
pending investigation ror the purpose
of ascertaining if there was anything
It was while ln Ihis work that Cather learned that the city detective had
him under surveillance. He skipped,
going at once, it is said, to New York.
Sick of IU Party.
Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 28.���The
Rochester Morning Herald, ever since
its birth a Democratic newspaper, in
this morning's issue announces Itself
as an independent newspaper and advocates the election of Chas. E.
Judgment Given by Mr. Justice Duff
In Nelson 4 Fort Sheppard vs.
Porto Rico.
A very important judgment was received by the local registrar of the
supreme court this morning, probably
the last delivered by Mr. Justice Duff
as a puUne judge of the supreme court
of British Columbia.
In February last at the winter sit-
tings of the supreme court in Nelson,
Justice Duff presiding, the Nelson M
Fort Sheppard Hallway Co. brought
suit for damages against the Porto
Rico Lumber Co. for the manner ln
which the latter eujoyed its rights aa
lessee of timber limits belonging to
the railway company. A. H. MacNelll,
K. C, appeared for the plaintiffs; W.
A.  Macdonald,   K.  C,  for  defendants.
A supervisor, W. J. Hllligoss, had
been put on the land by the railway
company, according to agreement, to
see that certain undertakings contained in the lease were fulfilled. He was
to be an Impartial person, "exercising
an Independent Judgment"
Mr. MacNelll contended that the supervisor's orders had been disobeyed
to the detriment of the plaintiffs. Mr.
Macdonald contended that tho super
visor had far exceeded his authority;
that he was In no sense an Impartial
person, and that Manager Dewar of
the lumber company had quite properly disregarded his instructions.
His lordship agrees with Mr. Mac-
.donald on all points. The judgment
Is as follows
"I have come to the conclusion that
the supervision to be exercised by the
person appointed under clause 1 of the
agreement of May 28, 1902, applies
only to the manner of cutting and
measurement; lt does not, I think, put
the defendant company under the control of that person with respect to
Ihe timber to bo removed, or the time
when It shall be removed. It follows
that Hllllgoas exceeded his powers in
giving the directions contained In the
notices of June 9 and 27, respectively.
"I also think that the stipulation
contained in that clause requiring the
defendant company not to leave uncut
timber which the supervisor shall
think fit for cutting applies to the termination of the lease only, and conse
quently that no breach of that stipulation has occurred.
- find that in sending the notices
referred to , Hllligoss did not act on
the exercise of an Independent judgment, but upon what be conceived to
be the view of Scott as to the interests of the plalntlfr company; that he
was appointed with the expectation
that he would act tn the Interests ol
the plaintiff company, and that 8cott
communicated his views to Hllligoss
in the expectation that he would act
on them. I may add, that having regard to the relations ot Hllligoss aud
his family to the plaintiff company,
aud to the Indications of personal
character afforded by the appearance
and conduct In the witness box of Hllligoss and 8cott respectively, I cannot
bring myself to suppose that ln the
circumstances existing here Hllllgoas
would exercise an Independent judgment.���Lyrnan P. Duff, J."
Ab the Porto Rico Lumber company's lease expires In about three
months an appeal would appear futile.
Railway Companies Obiect
to Assessment
Important Issue Raised Before   at t
of Revision���Rateable Value oi
Rights of Way.
The session of the court of revision
held ln Nelson yesterday was tbe most
important ever beld in Nelson, and
was the occasion of the raising of an
Issue of great Importance in almost
every district of the province. It was
doubtless with such an Issue ln contemplation that the attorney general
selected an eminent legal practitioner, R. S. Lennie, to act as revising
Throughout British Columbia railway companies enjoy to a great degree immunity from taxation ln respect of their holdings, although their
land, grants are gradually becoming
By the School Act of 1905, boards
of school trustees were required to
raise money and were given the right
to assess all property ln their districts,
no exemptions being provided.
R. A. Renwlck assessed all such
property ln hla district at $10,000 a
mile for right of way and improvements. Against his assessment four
companies appeal, the C. P. R. and B.
C. Southern, represented by W. A
Macdonald, K. C, and N. * F. S-, and
Bedlington and Nelson, represented
by A. H. MacNelll, K. C. Mr. Ren-
wick appeared In person-
Mr. Renwlck contends that the purpose for which the rights of way are
held and Improvements made must ba
considered ln assessing their value.
Counsel for the companies contend
that they should be held assessable
only for the Belling price of the material, all of which they describe aa
second class, and that a merely nominal value should be placed upon the
land Included in the rights of way.
Argument lasted all yesterday
morning and afternoon and the court'*
decision was reserved.
Such courts of revision are seldom
officered by barristers. Consequently
Mr. Lennle's judgment will likely establish a precedent.
Tbe Importance of the case is due
not only to tbe prlnclule of assessment Involved, which will apply after
the years of exemption have expired,
to all property of railway companies,
but also to the fact that there are few
school districts tn the province that
are not traversed by rights of way of
railways, either operated or projected, '
and in not a few cases the railway
company's property Is the most valuable in the district. It may easily be
ln British Columbia the railway companies shall assist In the education ot
the people much more directly than
their promoters contemplated.
Match Date Is Fixed.
New York, Sept. 28.���It waa announced last night that the match between the rifle teams of the Seventh
regiment, national guards of the state
or New York, snd the Queen's Westminster volunteers of London, Bug.,
will be shot at Creedmoor. L. I., on
October 2 and 3; 500 and 500 yards
on the first day and SU0 and 1000
yards on tho second day. The International match ls for the Vincent
trophy, presented by Sir Howard Vincent, M. P., who ts here with the English team and who Is the promoter of
lhe contest.
Time Table Changes.
Beginning on Monday, the first of
October, the steamer Kokanee will replace the Moyle on the Kaslo-Nulson
ruu, leaving the city wharf at 8 o'clock
In the morning Instead of 7.
On the morning of Sunday, the 30th
lusl., the steamer Kuskanook will
leave for Kootenay Landing at 1
o'clock instead ot 6:30, as at present.
Passengers for Grey's Landing (Crawford Bay) will require to take the
steamer Kokanee for Pilot nay, as the
Kuskanook will not make the Grey's
Landing call.
Trains and Boat*.
Crow boat���Pour hours' late.
Slocan train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
���On time.
; 1 The Daily Canadian
=_ STORES    -
Cool nights are now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
VTe hav-- plenty of them in red and blue.
3 1-2 Pointy weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,    -   8.50 per pair
These blanks ts ar,- iu.-ily celebrated for their excellence. We alone earn'
tbeni in this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillo-vs. Cor.-forters. Gloves and Mita. Socks. Shirts and
Underclothing. Oi' Clothing, Sweaters. Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers., Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices  surprisingly Low,
Puhhshed tu dsys a week by ine
Baker St., Nelson, B. 0.
Subscription rate*, 00 oentl a month delivered
Id tbe cltr, er Ifi.OO a year 1/ st-nt by mail, when
paid Id advance
Advertising rates ou application.
AJl monies paid in settlement of The Pally
Canadian aeconnta) elthei toi robocrlpiiont or
a drertiHtig, must be receipted fur oa the printed
farms nf tne Com pan v. Uther receipts are not
8BPTBMBBR 2h. i _m>o_
*' By one word we are sometime*. judged to be
wlr��e an-1 by one word some times judged to be
foolish. Let us therefore be careful wnat we
When Trades Unionism came it
came to stay, at least until something
more advantageous to a large section
of the community could be found to
take its i>lace. The right of labor���using the term in the sense in which
that class delight to use it���to organize for promotion of the interests and
rights of the toilers, can no more
righteously be denied than can the
right of employers and manufacturers
to organize for the better protection
of their class Interests. The more or
Jess thorough organization of laboring
men into trades unions has been of incalculable advantage to them in a multitude of ways and the solidarity oi
the interests of labor as a whole is
now guaranteed, Better understandings have arisen between laborers in
different occupations and the encroachments of the unfair and unscrupulous employer have met their match
in equally well organized forces of resistance. Only in a few instances in
Canada can trades unions be held responsible for serious breaches of the
peace and while at times there have
been serious conflicts between the
heads of each of these interests, capital and labor, each has learned salient
lessons and what ts perhaps best of
all, has learned how to respect the
other's lights. Trades Unionism therefore has a recognized standing In the
Dominion and fs one of the forces
that has to be reckoned with In all
matters pertaining to the employment
of labor.
The determination of the recent congress held at Victoria, to organize a
distinct labor parly and cut loose from
the orthodox political parties of Canada is worthy of more than passing
mention. Trades Unionism bus been
an evolution both in England and in
Canada. In England it has attained a
prominence that until this recent manoeuvre was not though possible in
Canada and thc strong minority in the
House of Commons in Great Britain,
which is directly representative of labor interests has no doubt acted as a
spur to the Canadian unionists to take
effective measures to have their voices
and votes count in the legislative halls
of the Dominion.
There should be no one to deny
them this privilege. Their efforts
when wisely directed, will not be so
much to hamper the development of
the resources of the country by capitalistic investment as to secure the
just and righteous apportionment of
the country's wealth. For the most
part, the trades unions have been conciliatory in their methods and when
they have been so, -with rare exceptions they have been met in the same
spirit by the employing and investing
class. Thoughtful men of all classes
have therefore come to recognize iii
organized labor and organized busi-
ncss enterprise, the two principal factors in the conservation  of the coun
try'., prosperity. They may safely be
trusted to work out the economic salvation of the country so far as fhe interests of these two classes, somewhat
similar and always wholly interdependent, are concerned.
It Is refreshing to find that the
Trades and Labor Congress in recent
session at Victoria, refused to adopt
the extreme socialistic theories and
platforms which it was attempted to
foist upon them. The line of cleavage
between the species of socialism
which is so characteristic of British
Columbia, and trades unionism is now
clearly defined and there need be no
longei any misunderstanding as to the
influence of either. The overwhelming vote by which the socialistic domination was rejected leads to the conclusion that the strong men who are
doing the thinking and leading among
the laboring classes are not to be deluded by the extreme and fanatical
theories which dominate a certain class
of demagogues in the laboring element.
Canada is after all, too sane to be
seriously or for any length of time,
misled by the red flag revolutionary
and dissension breeding vaporings of
the class conscious socialist. Proof of
thii is easily forthcoming in the apparent fact that socialism per se ls
not as strong as it was at the trades
congress held in Kamloops four years
ago. At that meeting the extreme
views of the socialist wing disgusted
the thoughtful and educated among
the delegates and the result has been
a more careful watching of the affairs of laboring men by those who
are holding their confidence as leaders. The action of the congress this
year is conclusive. Even if the provincial congress decides to adopt the
socialistic platform, as has been intimated may be the case, the effect will
only be to segregate the province and
force it to try conclusions within its
own borders as between the conflicting interests of employer and employ.-d. We hope there are yet left
enough sane minds direr-ting the counsels of the laboring class to decide for
the more temporate, rational and commendable fairness of the trades union
As for the decision to form a new
and distinct party alienated from the
orthodox parties we shall discuss that
feature again.
The announcement of the nomination of Willhim Randolph Hearst by
tho Democratic state convention ar
Buffalo on Wednesday night, for tho
governorship of the state of Xew York
cam" almost as a surprise to the Canadians who have thought themselves
slightly in touch with the politics of
America. Jerome's defeat of the
Tammany forces in Xew York city,
and the unblemished record of his administration in the various offices
which he administered, together with
his entrance Into the arena of state
politics with the avowed purpose of
defeating the "disgraceful" political
methods in vogue, taken together with
his overwhelming defeat In the convention will make people open their
eyes. .Just what were the sinister influences at work which placed Hearst
in nomination will not be known for a
few days albeit they will leak out in
time, it may be, as one American
Democratic paper of influence recently
stated, that ft might be considered
wise to slate Hearst for governor In
order to show the people what a farce
he is and thereby forever defeat his
clamorous attempts to obtain the
presidency, but wc doubt If this was
the reason for his nomination.
Certain ft fs thnt his nomination has
at this early date split the Democrats
in Xew York state and spread dissatisfaction among the strongest -supporters of the party. Two of the leading newspapers of the Democratic side
have already announced their desertion of the Democratic party and there
will be many more to follow. The
Union and Advertiser of Rochester
has declined to support Hearst, while
the Rochester Morning Herald, a livelong Democratic paper, announces its
independences and urges the election
of Chas. E. Hughes.
Hearst as a candidate would seem to
people on this side of the line as a
I-olitical Impossibility. The heir of untold millions, publsher of the yellowest
ut yellow journals, socialist, firebrand
and egotist as he has always proclaimed himself, not in these words of
course, but none the less in fact, there
must be some esoteric explanation of
the incident of his nomination.
It would be foolish, however, to predict his defeat as the same forces that
could secure his nomination can secure his election. It will be a sad-commentary on the political purity of the
people of Xew York state if, after the
choice materia! from which they might
have made selection, they place on
their state throne a man of the imlit-
ical character of William Randolph
sixtv dayi after date I intend to apply to tbs
lion. Chle! Commissioner oi Landi and Work*,
Victoria, to pun-haw -to acrei of land) Commencing in tt post plumed hi ilo City "i Neison'i
power plant lot H, K curlier posl,  on   KooteoSy
rlvi*r, tlu-nce *jo chaini iouth, thence west k)
chain",  Ihence north '20 i-httluB, tbenee t-'tu-t ki
���httliin lo point
Auk. tt lSOO.
Notice In herehy given Hint (to day* from date I
inteml to apply to the Honorable the rhief Commissioner ol Lund* and Works for perii-isnioii
to purchase the following described lands situate in West Kootenay Pistrict: Commencing
at tt post marke*. *' K. Stewart's N W. corner
post,' situated near the Junction ot Lost creek
mid South Kork id Balmon, Ihence south 40
ChatOI, more or less; tin nee east SO chains;
thene.- north 40 chaini, nmre or less: theuce
west tn chains to point of commencement.
Salmo, August llth, 19u6.
E. Btkwart
T. H. Atkinson, Agent.
Hon. Mr. Oliver has returned from
England whither he went to look into
the affairs of the immigration department of the Ottawa government. After attempting the rehabilitation of his
agent W. T. R. Preston in the confidence of the people of Canada it is announced that important changes are
to be made in the methods of the department and the methods of the
Xorth Atlantic Trading company are
to be discontinued. This is a creditable move tut why should so much
mud be thrown at those who exposed
the shams and frauds of this company
gather with iheir splendid ?> stem of
graft? Would th-.!--:* methods have been
ofauiged without the scathing denunciation of Mr. Borden and the exposure which followed? We do not know.
Mr. Oliver, like Mr. Whitney, has
formed a very high opinion of the
Salvation Army as an emigration
The Ottawa separate ��chool board
was justified in accepting the tender
of a Toronto firm for desks if the local dealers combined to hold up the
board. It will be a salutary lesson.
Ditto the Nelson 20,000 club in the
matter of  printing  Ps new  folder.
Notice U herehy given that 60 -lavs after 'late I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of I^ndi nnd Works to purchase tbe
following described lands. 8_u acres, more or less i
Oommenelng at a post planted on the wwt bank
of Doner Arrow lake ai a point about " miles be-
Low nakusp-, ami marked 0. a. H. I! , N K. corner
post; thenee B0 chains west; thenee 40 chains
south; thenee ���*" obaina east, more nr leas t.*-]nk.-
���bore; thenoe nloitg lake shore to point o[ beginning.
I'-itedthls&thdavof Sent.. PAX*.   <i. A. B Hall.
60 days after date I inlen I to apply to the Mo
orable the chief Commissioner oi Lands m
Works, Vli-toriH, B. C , to inreh-Uie G40 acres
land Minnie weal of Arrow Ink.; on the wot --1'
of What-han creek and Joining Ihe norlh bono
ary of EL J. Amiable application to purchai
Commencing at a po.��t murked K. J. K. H. K. ci
uer and running wes' to chain.-; tbenee nortb
chains;  thence ea*i Htiehaim;  thence souih
point of commencement.
Beptember 2nd i**. K J. KtUOT.
Notice i- Hereby given lhal 00 days after date 1
intend to apply to the Hoiinralc Chief Commissioner of Lund* ami Work- (or permission to pur
chase tlie following deserlhed lauds, situate in
the West Kootenay distill :: -inning from a posl
planted it the N. K corner of P. w. Robinsons
Application to purchase, ihence 40 chains east,
Si chains south, 90 chum-- west, *u chains north,
40 chains west, 20 chain* oortb, 20 chnlos east, -0
(hams north to polntof commencement, contain--
ing HO acrei.
Dated !_th day of Atigu-i. 1906
D. c. K, RoniNsos,
per Ehkkst tt. ROBimoir, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given ihat sixty days aftei
date I iniend to applv * ��� the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Ian i- and Works for per-
���i.]--i.-:i ti' purchase tl;- following deed bed
lau 1 ou the west shore of apper Arrow Lake and
joining J. 11. Feeney'* pn emption: Kunning
weal *��� 'hains; thenoe north ���*' chains, ihenee
east ("Chains, to the shor- <���( ihe lake; theuce
soutb following the lake shore io point of commencement, containing I.** to res more or less,
Dated August IS*. lVOt.
If. ��. Ma< UUD
J. J. KKU.V, Agent.
Split on Hearst.
Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 2S.���The
t'uion and Advertiser of this city, established in 1-626, the oldest daily
newspaper in the United States west
of the Hudson river, declines to support Hearst. It has always been Democratic, but in its issue today H avers
that it "Owes no allegiance to the
candidate of the Democratic convention at Iluffalo."
ii sixtv dav- ufter
the Honorable the
��� ���.*:-! V," -k- f.-r per-
illOU Ing described
-: .rr<>*.v Lake and
ndian Uesen. miou:
���outh 901 bains]
shore of the lake;
* lake shore to thc
mtalnlng lflo acres
��"   B. Uacumo
l. Kklly, Agent.
Notice is hereby given  th
date I intend to appiv   lo
* :.>-f��'.<::>mlssloner of Landi
0   to   purchase   th-    {���
land ou the west side of Loa
joining the-outh line of tb<
Kunning west 30 ehalns; tin
-:.-    ��� Baal 10 chains, to the
ihenee  north   followlni; i!.
point of commeuee':i.:
more or less.
Pated August 3>,190f..
J-otice is hereby given '.hat I liit.nd.GO days
after dale to apply to the Honorahla the Chief
Commissioner of i and! an 1 ttnris for permission
to purehase the following deeerlbed lands in
West Kootenai distriet. ubout five mile* south
of Burton City, commeni imj at a post planted on
tbe eas* hank of tract C u,, ana ntaritod "W, H.
Hamilton's S. W. C. post." ati ! running north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence south to
chains, thence west 80 ��� i.nlus to place of begin-
mm:, containing &_u a**res of land, more or leas.
Puled this &!nd day vt August, 1906.
 W U. Hamt-Toy
Kotiee ti hereby given that 60 days afterdate I
intend to apply to the Hunorable Chief Commissioner of l_*ndi and Works for pennltsion to
; ��� haae the following describ-M lands, situate
in West Kooteuay district: Commencing n a
post marked 'B.Conk-j's N tt'. corner poat," lit-
uate near the N ��. corner of land applied for by
!: k. tbenee south *��� chains,more or less; theuce
eust �����_ chain*: tbence north 40 chains, more <.r
lev; tbence weat 80 ehaim to point uf commencement.
galmo, August 11, J9W>. B. Comcit,
T. H ATKl.vaoy, Agent-
Notice ls herby given that 60 dav*. after date 1
intend, to apply* to the Honorable the Chief Com-
misMnner of Lands and Worka for penniscioo to
purchase the following described laudi situate lu
rt.-t Kootenay district: Commencing ut a [��>*.l
marked "H. ito*-'* .N. W corner po*i." rritoate
near the tt. L. earner of land apphe��l for by A.
McLean tbence south 10 chains, moreorless;
lb.nee east 80 chains; theme north Vj chain*-,
more or lee*-; thence west �� Lbulns to point of
Salmo, August ii, i90ft. R. Earn,
T. H. Atkin-on, Arent.
For Unpaid Delinquent TaXM In the Nelson Aantisament District p
of British Columbia. . '   r"
I llsrslsy n; is- iiistlii- that on Frl-af, tlii' twi-llth slay ol October. A. It., lliofi, ai the hour ol twelve o'i lock ���iK,n,tl ,lle ,.( -_
B.C., I shall s,IT,r lor .ssls- I.y isisbllc am-tlssi, the Unsl, hereinafter let outol lho peraoo. In .-.:���! lilt hereinafter ,et out, tssr :t���. ,,nu''Qn liri,1��,Kfcl
by ssaisl person, ass .sn llss- itilrty-fim slav s-1 I1.--, ruber, ISA*, ansl for Inlereat, coela and , x|>eiiac,, luclnslln. coat ol aslvs-rli.in, usls'1*1'1 tu*1 ^H
amount slue lis uot .."isist jsaiil: *��� '���'��� '���-*._���
Dcvuiill, J. K.
I 'he unit, Ksl
Mnllitinlisltic, Ksl
Kuallc, Tin,.
Krueberg,  Belle
Johnaon, i. ��
Benny, Uleo II,
Lefaso, l-.m.ss
BiinoiiKh. Rachel M
Wright, lls.srs
Wolf, ��� ..isrsi.r.!.
*iiis:. K,-,.
Ks-ssrss..  11,-lsry
And. r-..si,   '',s���r
l tiilrisl. ' hHrle,	
Bldorada Ulnea, _l_ills.il
Junarls n��� run!,- 0,11. Co
McArthur, wm.
HroHilt<n,t. Kr-kinc
Klslssrsols. Miss.-., I.Inns. 1
AUial.s,-csi V,-litis I ,,
Hllsss rsift, Ill's	
Ills k. Arthur	
lllllsllSHtl, J    	
K.-llv. A. IC...
10 acrea in H1.hH If., l>.t ��l.. Q. I	
III,. I. 1   l.t-H. '���  I . 10ai rise 	
HI.. k�� .���:._>. !H, Usl ��l��,ii. I., Iio acrea  	
Block 1, Lot HI. 0 Ljlwm	
HIiH-k r.', I.'lial, (i. I., ��iacr>- 	
Itlosk 11, IaiIWI. O.I., rj.-sasrs, .      .
Hl.M-k Iv, lm nn. ii I . 4.. a.-reM
_�� acre! In Bad. Man.l ��',. T|>. 11a, ami Hi- ULIp. ll.. Uit lau, ll I
i a, r. In Section ��,Tp l_ i_.t i-er,. <i. I .. .
VI.vt %, s,. Ill rViloti !w 'll, V,. Lol 1 -P.. 11.1
i acrea sss Boetion :��. Tp .... Lot IBM. O.l          	
1.01 ��.Ti-�� III S-cllon ;, Tp. 17. I.it llfl.U   I 	
m.l.acre, in Section JJ/a,a,M,T. it. Un IHl.i.. 1	
80.76 acrea In -i.i-tloii li.Tp ii. Lot IM3.0. j	
i ..su- is, ill Section Jt. Tis   17. Usl IM 	
01.08 acrea In Beotlon M, Tp n, Lol IBM, i. I	
,7 W acrea In Section BTP Sl, Lol IMI, a I 	
���r. :.: acrei In 8ectlonl0,Tp B, I.si I'-MI, s, I
.im ji. aerea ln Ba-ttM 10and nt. Tp *i, l>st i?ti,i�� 1	
N._acrea In BectlonK,Tp. II, Lotan,- I 	
70 arn. InLotm, <>.!     .
B aerea lo Lot W, u I......... 	
Block 1), Lot 019, U  I , -5 acre. 	
Lot MIU, U   1  , lUacri-i
Tart U,l .'.'.'��. s,   I . Ml as-rs-. 	
W acrea In U.t xu. '��� I       . 	
I     75
. uo
I uu
0 w
II ou
4 IO
a w
1 Ul
I .ft
.. I���
I 76
i an
< so
I w
li. 7,
12 UU
 ��� 1 ���
f    Vt
1 lift
1  .i
2 m
, j_
1 m
,, in
-��� ���-
Dated ftt Nelson, fl   0.,thU8th -lay ol Beptember, 1-flfi.
 ''"���"^���t'"-'. Nfl��on AsseasmcatD
Nnti'*c in herebv given that tiro mmi thu after
��� lau*   I   inteml to apply  to the Hmn.rtit-h- I'huf
t'ommir*i->nt-r ol I^n-i-- and Works for pennnt*
simi to puicbuo M0 aerosol Land, deaeribed as
follows: ('ommenclng at  a   ]>t"it   planted   nt   (he
���OUtbWest  of   L.  L    Horriaon*S   rmirh    In   Fin-
Valley. Weal Kootenay ���li-irt t. marked "J. n.
Miinro'ti on rth �����- corner poat"; tlu-nce -vtchHin"
west; thence 8Q ebalns sonth; thenee SO ohalns
east; thenee 80 chain-: north to the ]>:acc of earn-
linitd llth dav <>f ^"i-t mber. 1906.
J. H. MfNSOIt.
W. A. i,i;.mii, Agent.
Notice ls herehy given that 60 0*71 atU*r data 1
Intend to apply to the Bonorable tlu- Chlel ('om-
mlsslonei ol l^inU aud Worku f.ir permla��i(in to
���purchase the fnlinwing iU-htiU-.I lands in the
West K<xjtt-n��y district, ntar Burton f'lty; commencing Ht iii ���������! I'lanu-f] at tht* wmtheast corner
of George IiikIk'H's pre-emption claim, aii'l
markeii Hnrry H. Tollln��ton's N. K. ('. post, and
running -'"i'h -to chaini*, thence west a) < hum**,
thence nortb W chain**, thence east 'ki rhalnn tn
plane ol beginnli|gi coutainiug 80 acres of land,
more or leu
I>aU*-l thi- KHb day of Augast, lfte.
Notice i*. bereby given *hat 60 days alter 'lal. 1
intend to rmke applli atlon to the Hmiorahle the
Chief Comtuisr?loner of Landsand Works for per-
mim-m to pun hase about -*��*��� acres of land situ
ated on the 'aim on river. West Kootenay district,
commencing at a post marked B K. Butter's N K.
Corner, planted on the west bank of th** river,
about 1*1. mile-- north of the international boundary, Ihence west &' chains, thence N l hains
south, tbenee east about 20 chains to the river,
thence northerly along the rirerto place of com-
August Iith, lfJ06. P. R  Bittkr.
T. M.Atkinson, Agent,
Notice l- hereby given that two months after
date I intend to applj tothe Uonorahle the 1 hief
ConuniMli ner of Lands and Works for a Lease of
all thai land being the foreshore adjoining ��nb��
OtrMons 1, i and 4 of Lot 309, Group .ujp(1)
Ktxttenay, and b-ing on the south shori'.f the
W.-��t Ann of Kootenay lake, lu the dl-trii t of
'"ommenclng nt a poet marked "A. K Units'
southeast corner pist": thence BO chains wet,
thenee90 ehalni north; thf-nce M chain" east;
��� j ' hain* south tothe place of commencement; th'- st.i'1 land aud foreshore to be be used
for sawmill purposes.
Deled this nisi day of August, 19>6.
A. E. WArtS.
TAKK NOTMK lhat an application has heen
made to regi-ter K.',. Mi-I.co'l a.-the owner in
Fee Simple, under a Tai Hale Deed from li. J.
Stenson, deputv B-*-t--M>r and collector of the
Blocan Aseesamenl idstrct, to k. (.. Mei>.*<--i.
I��eiiring date the 2(Ul -lay of August, A. !). lis.".,
of nil nnd -iugtiiar that certain parcel or tract of
land and pre mi-en situau-, lying and being in the
Usiricl of Koot-nay, in the Province oi Briti-*h
('olumt/ia, more particularly known ami de-
scribed as- all minerals, precious and base, (aave
coal and petroleum)u>idcr I-ot-KK., Group 1, in
the District of Kooteuay, 'Bartiet" mineral
Vou and each of you are re**.uired to contest
the claim of lhe tax purchaser within fourteen
days from the date of tbe service of this notice
uiKin yoii.iind in default of a caveator certificate
OfliSpendeni .being filed within such pe'lod.
you will Ih* forever estopped and detmrred from
K.*Uing up any claim to or in respect of the said
land, and I shrtll register K, <>, UoLeod as the
owner thereof.
Pated at [And H>*glstry Ofllce, Nelson, Province of Brilidi Columbia, this -mih dH>- of Kebrn-
ary, A. l>. \\tfi.
ll. V. Ma.I.KOD,
I'islri't Registrar.
To Hichard Beemah.
I'nderuiid by virtue nf the powers Of Ml* contained in a certain mortgage which wfll I.- produced Ht lhe lime of sale, Iherc  will he offered
for sale hv public miction on Saturday the i__iii
day of October, 1606, ��t the hour of 1_ o'clock
noon, nt the Hotel Iluuie, (.orner of Ward and
Vernon sdrce!**, Nelson, B   C , by Me-*r*. ''buries
A. Waterman A Co., the .nib-wing property, viz:
i-ots numbers fifteen lit) and sixteen nth, \h>i\i
in Block number ten (in), being part of the sub
diviHion of Lot number ninety six, Oroup one.
in the district of Kooteuay, British Columbia,
tuul known a*- the Hume addition  to Nelson,
B. (."., according lo a map or plan depo-ited in
the Land Registry ofllce and numbered m2H4 B.
Ipoli the said land Is erected a large aiel commodious dwelling house lu first-class order, with
city water. Tins property is nol far from the
buslnen portion 01 the city.
Terms and conditions made known al the time
ol .shu or in  thc meantime up<>u application lo
Mortgagee's Solicitor,
Dated at Nelson thc 17th dny of Bept 1 06.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
date I Iniend to apply lo tbe Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purehase the following descrlbedUnds situate In West Kootenay District, commeneing
hi a poet marked "A. Hirsch'i s. K. Corner
planted 11!  tbe 8. W. corner of Lot 878. abont '
miles iii'iH, "i Burton Cily and nltuttt \ of a
mile west of the Columbia river, thenee north
BO ohalns; tlience west 40 chsii^ thenee south
HO chains; thence east40ehaim to point ()f commencement, containing tt-�� acres.
Dated (his 1 lib day of 8epteml**-r, J_tfi.
A, HlRSOf,
Per Kai.iii Blyi, Ageut.
Notice ls hereby given that sixty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Cominiasioner of Land-, and Wnrks for
permission t<> purchase the following deserlbed
lands situate in West Kootenay district: Commencing ata post marked "A. McLean's N W.
corner post," situate near the N-E. corner of land
applieo for by A. M< Laughlan, theuce south 40
chaini. more or less; theuce east 80 chain-*;
thenee north lo 'hains. moreorless; the iht wesl
Su chains to point of eommeneement
Salmo, AtigiiFt 11,1906 A. UcLftUT,
T. H. ATKINW-N. Agent
Wolice is hereby given that CO oays alter dak- I
intend lo make application to tbe Honorable the
chief Commisaloner of I_amla and Works fnr per*
inisson to purchase (he following deeerlbed land*,
situate lu west Kootenay district: commencing
at a post marked "A. M- Langhliu's ft. W comer
posl." situate near the N K. eoruer of land applied for hy P. McArthur. thence south til .hains,
more ox lesa; thenoe east SO ehalna; thenee north
40 chains, moreor lets; thenee west to chain* to
point of commencement.
Salmo, August II, IBM. A. McLaighlan,
T. II. Atkin-on. Agent.
.Notice U hereby given that fi" days after date
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permiMlon to purchase
the following descril-ea lands, situate iu West
Kooteuay district: Commencing at u post marked .1 Mc.rthur'_. N. W.corner post," situate near
the N. K eorner of land applied for by A Turner,
thence south 4u chains more orleri; thenc. east
B0Chains; thenre north t't chains, more or leas;
Lbence west B0 ehalna to point of commencement.
Balmo, August 11, 11*6.
J. McArtmir,
  T 11  Atkinson. Agent.
Notice Is herebv given that 00 days after dale
I Intend, to apply to the Honorable the Chief
" ' * nemils-
I lands,
pjily to the Hoiioral.
Commissioner of Lands aud Works forjierml
tion toturebsun tbe following descri"
Itnate m the Wail Kooteuay aistrlct:
eing at u jxist marke-l "A. Tinner's N. W . corner
post." sitnat-d at thc N.K. corner o[ land np-
lilied for by K Stewart, thence south to cbnlns,
more or less; thenc* east t-H-halus; thence norlh
���10 rhalni, more or less; thence west B0 chains to
point of com meneement.
Salmo, B.C .August 11  pjuB. A. Tcrner,
T  H   Atkinson, Agent,
Notice is hereby given that fiO days after date I
intend to apply to tne Honorable the Chief Commissioner of I^inds and Works for permission to
purchase lhe following described land in Vfeet
K'-otenay  District  about seven  miles  south  of
Burton city:  Commencing at a post planted on
the ea*t hank of Tpitu creek anil marke.) Mrs,
W II, Hamilton's s, W. C. Post and running
north80 chains; tbence east to chains; thence
south ������*�����. chains; thence west to ehatns to place
of beginning, containing M0acres.more or less,
Dated Ibis Und day of August, 1000.
Mrs W, II, Hamilton
W. H. Hamilton, Agent-
Notice Is hereby given (hat B0 davs after date I
Intend to apply to (he Hon. lhe ('hief Commissioner of Lends und Works for permission to
piin-hase the following described lands in lhe
West Kootenay dlsirlct: Beginning at a poet
marked it, lull's ft, K. corner, about two miles
east of the Salmon river, nud half a mile from
the Pend d'Oreille river, thenco SO chains north,
to ci. hi n-i west, m chains south and 40 1 bains, east
to place of beginning.
Dated 27th day of July, 190tiL K. B. Bku.
Blxty days afterdate I intend to apply lothe
Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, to
purchase 100 acres of bind, Commencing at a
post i'l 11 in. i on the west shore of Arrow Lake, at
tht south cast corner of J J Christie's purchase,
1 chains, thence east 20 chains,
hains, thence wesl Mn chains to
running to
thence soul .
place of Cominenr-emeiit*"
Located May, Ptb lsxjc.
Ia OiLi.AOHia, Locator.
Notice is hereby given that to days after date I
Hi tend lo aptly to the Honorable the Chief Com-
: >- net ol Lands and Works for permi-don to
purchase the following described land In Weel
Kootenay iMstrici about seven miles south of
Burton City: Commencing at a post planted >in
the east bank of Trout creek and marker! Alex
Cheyne. N. W c. Post and running south ho
chants; thence east *> chains; them-e north ��0
chalna; thenee weet BO chalna to poet of b^lnn*
tng, containing *���*! acres of land, more r>r less.
Laud tin- snd day ol August, 1��K
V,'. ll Hamilton, Agent-
Notice is herebv given that sixty dap after
date I intend to'applv to the Honorable tba
chief Commissioner of Lands Hid Works, for
permission to purchase the following described
lands commencing ai a i��.st marked George Toi-
llngton's N. K. C. post, at tbe soiitheast corner
ot J- O. Mer.rade's pre-emption claim aud
running south 40 r-hains to *rmthwest corner of
(>eo Bndaon'i pre_apUonelhlnii thenoe west30
ehains; theuce north 40 r-halns, thenee east _w
r hains to place of commenr-.ment, Oontainlng BO
acrei of land more or les***.
hn'*   I this Sth day of August, ]90t>.
DMnal Tol.I.lNr*Tos,
A. A. Hurton, Agent.
Notice h herebv given that sixty Says aftei
date 1 Intend toapply l<i (he Iloli.t'blcf Commissioner at I-ands and Work" for permission to purchase thr- following described lauds siltialeln
West Koolena)' district: Commendbg at a p0(1
marked J. It. \ aiistom'- s.K, corner [>ost, situate
iu the Balmon EUrer Valley, al a point adjoining
J. Met-eher's land at western taiiirnlnry, thcnr*e
westS) Chains, thenee north 40 chnins, thence
cast so chains, theuce south 40 chains to point of
JlllV Mth, 1906. ���'- H. VANSTONg,
T. II. Atkinson, Agent.
BJxtV  days  after rlatc. I. Margrett   Mct^uarrle-
inteii'l to appft- to the Honorable the Chief Com"
nilsalonerof Ijin-ls and   Work*,  Victoria, B.C.,
ir> purebaae the following described land, Commencing at a poal marked M UcQnarrle. on the
bank o( Lower Arrow Inki*. thenefl 40 ehalni
west; thence00ehalni north; thencfl -to r-bains
east; tlience W 1 hains south to place of commencement, said b> contain IG11 acres more or
less. Covering ground held by ri. fl. Anderson's
Hated Mil*- 14th day of September. PJ0O.
W. L, I'avnk. Agenl   __
Notice f" hereby given that ilaly days aftei
dat'- I Intend toapply to the Ht ntble the Chief
Commiasioner ol Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the bdlowing deeerlbed inmls situat��
in West Kootenay district: Commencing nt a post
planted hi Koberl Cqrielt'l north mil corner
post and marked A.JJPi N. w. Corner thenee
easl 40 chains; thenee 40 i hains south, more or
less to the Kootenay river; theme *0 chains we-d
along   (he   Koolenay   river;   thencfl   Ki   chains
north, mop* or less, to the place of commencement contiitntng 100 acres more or lee',
Kept'mber Mih l'JOO.
Annie KOOftt,
     William Mwibf. a> Agent.
Notice ls herehy given lhat sixty days afler
���late I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner ol Lands ami Works for
permission Ut purehase the following described laiid- situate in the Wesi Kootenay
district, starting from u post planted on thc
north bank of the North Kork of ih,g creek'
lheiue-0 chains west, ao chains nortii, 00 chains
west, 1U chains north, SO chains -.vest, _*u chain*-*
north. 'Jn chains west, 20chains north, to chains
east, '20 Ohalni south, 20 chains cast, 40 chains
south, 20 chains east, ttdhllOl south to polut of
commencement) containing f.Vt acres.    *
Haled IHth dayof August, 1'ssi
Krnkst W. Koiiimhoh
Notice is hereby given that W dars after date I
intend io make application to the Honorable the
Chief Com tn issfoner of La nils and Works for permission to purchase f .0 acres ei laud in thc
dlltrldl of West Kooteiiuy, commencing al a post
planted on the south ilde of Boundary oreet on
the International boundary line, one and a half
in b-s cast from tlie Halmoii river, marked "Klihu
K. Adams, irmlheiisl (orner," thenee wr-lt NO
hains, thenoe north HO chains, tlience east BO
���hains, thenee south 80 chnins io place of commencement.
Kl.iHt* K   Auams, LoflfciOr.
per K. M. Beeves, as Ageni.
Dated this 9tb day of July, 1906, |
_Hxtj days af'er dale I Intend loapply to lbe
Honorable tin- Cblel Commissioner of I_nds aud
Works, Victoria, l�� purchase 940 aires of laml.
located and deeerlbed as follows; Being tho
northeast quarter of S-etlon twenty-two, and
ih-south hall of the northwest quarter Bectlon
twentv three.Townabipslxty-ntne. And furthei
described as follow- Commencing at a post
marked J J. N. W comer, aud planted 4o chains
east of the northwest cottier of Kection twenty
two and running 1 ast 1 *. haius, thence south "'
chatua, thein-e east 4" chain-, thence soutli -""
eliains, tbence west *o ciialus, theuce uorth 40
chains lo place of begiuniug.
August ..1st, l."' u vi - JoHMn-UNB,
W. A, Cabler. Agent.
Notiee Is h'i-i.v given that **> days after date I
intend toapply lo thc Uonorahle the Chief Com
M."i :  of Landa  and   Works  for ;- rmUsi-.11
to purehase the following deeerlbed laiol, situate
tn Fire Valley, in the weel Koolenay district, adjoining W. A. Cabler'-* pre 1 'option, starting al a
I-f>st markc<l M. ICeQnarrle's southwest corner,
running to chains east, (hence 40 chain- Dorthi
theru-r-BO chains west lheni e 40 chains south to
point of eommencemen 1.
Daied this llth dav of Beptember. 19GG,
Ma��V   Mcl_t'AHRIB.
J. K. Taylob, Agent
Notice Is herebv given thai ft' day 11 after date I
intend to apply to the Hon ihe (Tiief Commls-
sioner of IjiU'I- and Works lot permlMlon to nur-
clmse the following dwctrlbsd lands in West
Kootenay district, province of British Columbia.
Commencing at a post marked A A. Burton's
EL W. corner, on the aouth side of Caffboo r-reek,
at>oiit two miles east of Burton l"Ity townsite,
ami at the northwest corner ol William MiHev
Itt's pre-emption claim, thenefl e-a.it -to (hains,
ihence north 60 chains, thenee wt-st so chains,
thence aouth W chains to the place of begiuniug,
containing 240 acres more or levs.
Hated this 24th day of July. i'JUO.
a. a. Baron,
Notice is hereby given thai BO lay* alter -isle I
Intend to apply to the Honorahh- Chief ('ommis-
���lonsrol Unds and Work* for permission to purehase the followlug d. -��� :C- 1 laii'l--. ���Ituale in
the West Kootenay <IUthct, startine from a post
planted at the 8 W.eornerol Krnest W lUibfnson's
Application to Purehaae, aud on the north bank
of the North Fork of "og creek; lbence 40 chain*
west, B0 'hains north. 100 chains east. 40 chains
south, 20 chains weat, *G chains south lo interne*'
tion of north Ilncof K. W. Koblnnon's Application
to Purchase, thence 40 chains wesi and 20 chains
H-Mith to point of commencement, c- -.-anting 640
Dated lBlh day of August, H*��
F W   Robinson,
perEHNMTW. Kr)BINBOS. Ageot.
Notice Is hereby given lhat 00 days a(U-r date I
intend toapply to thc Hon, the third ComnttS-
sioner of Lend! and Works fur permission to purchase thc following described lands in West
Kootenay district, province of British Columbia;
Commencing ata pott marker] "William Tolling-
inn's northwest corner post," said poel being
planted al the southwest corner of the "'.ueeii
Mineral Claim," snd adjoining the east line of
McPhsll's pre-emption, thenre south twenty ('J')
chains along -md Ituv, theuce east forty (40)
chains, thenre north twenty t'20) chains, ihcnce
west forty (SO) r-halusmore or leas, to the place ol
Haled 1st <<ay of August, 1908.
William Tolljnoton,
By his ageut J. K. Taylor.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty riaya after
date I intend to apply to tin- Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lamls and Works for permission to
purchase the following .|.--t1Li-i lands, In
West Koolenay IMstrici: Commencing at an Initial poll planted at tlie southeast comer of Mv
Coy's pre-emption-, thence 30ehelni wesi to aaai
boundary ol Lot 619B; Ihenee followlni said
boundary south to nouth east r��>riit r of said lot)
thenee 10 chains west; Ihenee '41 chains Noiilh;
thence MO chains OMti tlieiir*e JI chains norlh lo
so nth went eorner of Lo| 2*__; thence folinwllig
west t-oiindary of l..,i Ki to initial pout.
���September 21, UOS. v. D. vTotrf,
per Ksniut W. BouiKaON.
Notice is hereby given thatilxty dan after date
I intend to applv to the Hon, Chief Commission
erof Ijtiiils ami   Works for permtanoo to purchase the Following described lands, 100 acies,
commencing at a ja.st marke<1 John love, plant
Od on the east shore of Lower Arrow lake, about
Otte mile north of Sunshine creek, ihence forty
chalus east, theuce forty chains south, thence
forty chains west, ihence forty chains norlh
al��ug lake shore lo poim of commencement.
Hated thi- Lllh day of September, 1906.
* John Toyi.
Hahhv (Jjiison, Agent.
Notice Is her. by given thai �������, __M
intend to appiv ,��� lt), H,,i,or.K_
CommlMloner of Undsaod *..ri7h!_
��� Ion Ui purehaae ih.- loHowtii ��_____!
t .1. ivam.uinm the north. sfaoumSB.
qturtei mile* (rom Uie Iv-add Orel!. -,,3
ineruiiig ��t a poat raarke-l - P 1 a,i'.'Sa
corner poat. then em ,.   ,;'M
chains west, thence *.. h.in. ��.��,,fc ��M
chains eaat ioptaoe of eomawitcsBcu ^^
UMmted lhe 1st day ol Auguit, lwc
  Hksmas Huron
Notice is hereby given thai 00a,,,",^
Intend loapply tothe Honorablr lhe.__l_
missinnerof Uud- mi ] U,.r_. r,.r -,^��3
purehaae the following ���;.-., ritwd httj 7Z
Kootenay District a'wutiu mllcswathill
tint ( ity;   eomnieu.*in.' ai �� anal BUst_ls_
er s N   W. (,. Poat and runoiii|iotia * (J
thenc-Teast 00 cliKMi-.   ;t,  :, ,   uorth I
IheiHM weat SO chatn* to tl,, |..,-, (t -,
ment, containing -.w a- r.. n, rt ,,r>���
Hated this _r_nd day ot ..ugutt, m
C L Fm_
  W   H  fl4MHT��r<r. Apata
Mottas ts hereby given thai W .U11 stttrM.
intend toapply p�� ih. Honoratir tb. rt��a
i'iL-M -!:��� r o!   Ul, >  - .--..-..
purehaae the folbmlnr   lew rlW Wii l
mencing at a pott marked ��� ��� 1 J
tier." placed on the...' ifasn   .' LmtM,
I*ke sl the northw<-t corner of J 1 brvtl.il
plication to Pvrehase, rannlni ihcssii i
east; theuce Iio chain* north: tbeara
moreor less, west to the lake ���tic--: tLtwl
lowing lake shore to point ���>! ������ _m_s
eoniaining 3to a. rt* mors et km
Dated the 3rd day of July, lWt
J. I.I
Notice ls hereby gum tbat W<iiTtt>-._
intend u> tpply tr. [hs Boinifebls-MCWL
mlssloner r>f Landsand Worki fnr [-.ntmaj
purebaae (he following described 1st - c-jri
on the east ildi- of Arrow like: Co-aandM
the northeast comer of A, Anthony i��f
tlience north fori) chains, thene* wsMlf
'hains, them-e aouth fortr rbaitii,t-twi
forty chains to point of eommrDcesim^
talnlng 160 wres, moreorless
Hated siepuimtter 1, im.    JiMM t.Mem
jh-tS. Pteit*. Ajnt
Notice Is bereby gi-ren it*,��t fiu dayssticrU
intend lo apply to the lion < hief tomnsflf
ot Leads aaa works tor pernd**-^ tor-ed
lhe following described Unds. iitiuted tm
Kootenay dlstrb t: (.'ommencini *t *|sstBM
rnl ������BRVV 8, E. oorner." planted nn thrihM
N'wer   Arrow   lake,  about one ' -1'l
iionlon creek (Johnston <'reek,) HHMMS
chains,  thence wesl 'io ��� tiaiu.. tbrnrt wif
chalus, theuce east xu chaini u> :- :.'o;e
nicnr-emeut, containing !�����*) acres "���'���'''���'l
and comprlalng abandoned pre e-mptioD 5a*S
Biaked this J_th day uf Auguit. ���>�� L
R R Uo-rmotl
A. N. WoLrmfl*, Afttt
Notice Is herehy given lhat CO days after date. I
Intend to apoiv i<> the Hon. Cblel Uommtailoaef
of Lands anrf Works for MfinlndOII 10 purcliase
llo- followlug described tract of land situate in
West Ki.nt.-mi> Dlitrlet:  Oommenelng at the
souibwr-ii corner of Im 7,:*.**); thence runlng
went (u chains; Ihcnce north 90 chains; tlu-nce
west 4U chain-'; thence north *J( chains; lln'lice
eaal mi ehalns; Ihence south -tu chains lo prdnl
of commeiicerneiil, containing Jtu acres, inure or
Dated at Kelson. i�� �����., thlalBrd day ol Julv,
I'JUti. MAKV   ."i  AM AS.
    _ per F. 0, Qwetei Agent.
Notiee is herebv given that 00da/1 after dale I
Intend toapply to the Uonorahle the chief font
mlssloner of Land- nml Works for penuliiafon to
pureliuse the following described bind- situnle
fu West Kooteuay Dutrleti t'oinmencng at a
posi narked "P. Mr Arthur's N. W, corner [mst
altuale near the N. K. corner of land applied lor
by S. Mr-Arthur thence south +0 chnins, more or
less; the nee east Hii chains; theuce north -lu
chains, more or less; thenco west HO chain*** to
point of (ommenci-meut.
Halmo, II. C, August llth, llss;.
T. 11. Atkinson, Ageot-
Sixty 'lay*- after dalo I Intend lo apnlf to thu
Commissioner of I-aiirls ami Works, Victoria, to
purchase IftO acres of lund. situnle nurl dcwrlbed
as followi: (���oinuii toi ng ata post planted ou tho
wesl side of Arrow lake opposite ('nrlhoo City, at
or near Ihe aouthwest corner of 8. Unlg purchase, aud marked "li. M. A., ri. H. corner," and
running north -I" cbalOl, Ihence west 4(> ehnins
to II, Annahle's pun*hnse. thence nouth id chalus
moreor less lo the lake shore, thence along thu
lake shore to plnee of beginning,
August��th, 1906. (J. M. A.vsAiii.a.
Notiee ts hereby given that 60 days afterdate I
intend to apply to the Honorable tne Chief Commissioner of Lntirls nnd Works, Victoria, to purchase HU acres of laud, situate about one mile
east of Hurton city on thc easl side of Arrow
Inke, and described as follows: Commencing at f
posi planted at the northeast corner of txitArV-xi,
thence north kt chains, thenoe wetrt |i chains,
theuce south _u chains, Ihence east -." cbninf- to
place of Iteginulue
August '^th, 1S06. J. it. Hunteb.     1
MoUas is hereby given liiatfiOdsji afterdflSJ|
intend toapply loths HonnralH-rhteiOaa*
������iouer of 1-atid-and Work- for pertniui'-BtoM
chaae the lollowlng deacrlbcl landi. Mtuti-ilfl
the east side of Arrow lake: L*o_onifiifl��isl
poat markeii A.Barleod'i h-stl-n i-ct IM
south forty chain-, [ollomug ��' T(i;.ie��
lK)tindary; ihenco easl lilt) chalu*. wtasjlr
of QaHbaldl Creek; thene. north (ortjd
thenoe east llXtT chalii."  to fkOtnt <���! romws
ment, eoatatnlnel-iO u rw mors oriw-      ���
Hated Heptem la; rl   !'*��� A;rt�� M*ni��|
i-.-r N. Dt��na.-s|csl
Notice Is herebr riven that Wdarisftw��J,
Intend 10 apply 10 flu Hooorablfl tb'(bw��
mlssloner ol IJmda aad Work* Inr f-muwHI
pun-hase the following dec rlbed lands. ���!�������
from a i*-.*l markeii W.T'��ii<irilia--t pat.*
M.uih 4u chains, theuce e��-i B) .hnnMia���
north IDrbains,th-:cc ��-��i ���*��� ������hains 10 (���*���'�����_
commeiicemen',  eonlali..���� ��� -���-_t.-..jiii��
IflMt adjoins on Un oast of a AatlwajIMlH
tion bt piircha-e
Hated this tt%h daj of Augnst,.��      T(__ -
N Pkmkm. A(*bi.    fc
Notice la herebv gii. 11 thBisUtHsyisfifrgi
llntend to applyf& the Hon chn-i�� ��"""-*J|
erof Lands an. fforksforPffS^JS
chase the following descrlbsd liads, **M
Marling at a posl marked t��hwWWV
planted on tl ssl shore ol t*��ri_T1^
near Gladstone creek, thencejW^jJ^-
thence to chain- norlh, Ui."w ���" "l"Y,_M
'     shore,  thenee son obr like ��nui"|
les��        _____
|Hl|nt of eominelli ��� 1
hated this i:tlh <f��
ofaepteraberJ* . _ .
��� IllttwlvilrrnitolWggJ
iiudi iiii��_l
��� ,   s '1-���
,:, ���i is.--D7|
Datfil l-i-pu-iiil�� 1
Illll-lKl til
|siiri-!ians- llss   :. .11,sis lis,
mi tharaaial-aol Aims. i��k>-- >
Ihtaoutnwaal c-roai 'i' A ahiii
Ihrliri' .1111111 ls.slslirli.lll.. ���� .������,-���
rhalna, llii-ni-i- norlh sis- i'l! ���""!-^ZS ,��
tW��l7 Obalm In |snml"l .-..nun. u.-i.
laiiiiiiir wai-N'^m"" "''"- -���_| jj .iti in,
p-jV Dimai, AfMi j
tine la liisri-l.y ��",,"..1"tIl.,:'���V,1i,l',sW__|
to purehaK lha t..11..��iMK ���1*.*"'1-J1",sr,l"a"i)"'iniBf
Hl.-lll 1)1,1 W'.ni K   I'sss -li"!"   ���" '��� .|<S
I'aul Aisslrs-'.  |.n- '"'l'1"",,,.'", ,,l.�� W"
markeii A.J. I aui. K t ';'' ,.: ! -Is.lii. ��� _
ol l���m-r Arrow  I,.'"   "",'      .J'.,;,��h���n.,_
tl.l-u.-l- 40,-ls.l.i.     '���,"''',?��� ,1 t,.lsi��l"*
llsens-i- W rlmli ���'' I*"'"
mi-nl.  sils sl.v nl *f"*
Mta-'atNalaon, n.i'-, "'" Mh""l.j.i��*
ixr.iw*' w,. |.���,.uiiii,��������'"__
"5_il-8_, honliy Kii','1 '**"'^a*'5_
ll.li-is-l to Bpisly I" l-�� Hsssss.r.i.
Nolln. Is. Ili-r.'.r His-" I"',',' ,��� "./till-
slalf 1 lnl..|i.lt..��|s|':> '���'""���" JX".
���sst 30 i-lialliss, II
pa.t aiolialn, io I1""'
liatnl Ann. IMIl, I*"
inlt-iiil to ii >���!���;"    I,".';'. ������rs�� '" ,���.
mlulomsr ol lam ' ���"';';     r������l l;'",1^
piirc-iiaisi, ti..- i,.ii.ii". '���..' ��a��'M*B
mi-lli;lll|C nt a po-l ���"���,",��� rorn"" ,1V
nur," plnfi-sl al lln1 si"  ""���,.������.is <,l,'"i-,iis,
riiunliijtm..- ' .im. "    .sili.!"'*'*
thanoe So ohalna ai ' ���'" "juainiu* f* K
point ol i.siiiim'.'.i"!1''1".
more or lean. MniviyO*.     --p,iul
IiaUsil t-e'JIil 'l��> "|llli!      J.A."1"" mm^mm^^m
Carry 11 i-oniplcto aloisk ol KonslKii Wlnea, Bear, l.lusiori
���m.l Uquaura, uml s.sssissillssii Wliii-j ninl WhiiklM
Vou ran t'uy ONK bottle Port, Sherry, Claret, Branily, liln, Hum are B.no.h
Ale or-Iimi, or any Increaud quantity you deislrc.    for lamll, u.et.vou*
ri:i i jphonb 2f.it.
p. o. box ioao
penal Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
���eiTAI. AUTHOBIZBD....��,(IOO,dOO, CAPITAL PAID UP      *A .KO 000
r KKST *H,2K0,000. .."*i     ,�����
11). B, WILK1K, Pre-idwit. HON. HUBERT .IAKKHAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
.      D-puit. ri'cnivisrt uml iiii.-nsht allowed ut current rates from (Into of opening ac-
Int mid creiUUitl half-yearly.
|iNKi.soN hwainch aj.   1VI.   LAY,  Manager.
'. Burns & Co.
fiuiih M.-irkf-tH In   Roaalflnd,   Tmil,   Nelflon,  Kiwln,   Hnndon, Three Forks, New
Donvar nud Slocnn City.
il. ��� - !'*, mall to anv branrh
i prompt am) careful attuutl
i by mall in miv branrh will hare
Head Office: Nelson. B. C.
BUSCH...       Budwciser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
NELSON       ���9o,- ���\&r_...l_.Ht,Mh    VICTORIA
New Fall
[Goods Arriving
Impoptor of   l-lnw
15.111-(Mil     ti.KKlM
Jno. T. Pierre
Baker St. Nelaon, B. C
5KALKD TKNDfcBBi proper!} jptfoiwl. will bo
ri'i-elvpil  l.v  tlu-  uinliTNli{iU'.l lip I.ran.I In
��� iiiik Monday, tin- iKi.-.-iitli October next, f��r
< ii'illon ami ' ..mi.t.-ti.ni ol ii Court IIoum* at
-  It. V.
'nuvilljrs, t-p.'-'iin'.il [..ii- ntl'l ' mi.Illohi- ol tt'"-
and iniitrai t may he -������**n at Uu- PobUfl
rka KDBlneer'K oBlcc Vli*torla, B.C., nnd at
office ol the Oorornmont Agent. Walton, B.C.,
mil alter Uu- lllh September DflXt.
.ub  tender mu��t  be aotomMnlsd  with  a
rki-.l pheque for live (.'��) |x*r eent. of tlu* n-
miii of iin> lender tor the talthfui performance
t completion of the work.
in* ehoquei of unmoaesaful teflderen. win be
iiriu'd to them on tlie execution of ibeeoii-
Lt t.
I'he lowoit or any teiuler not neccusarlly ��e-
R. 0 (1AM��LH,
Public Worki Kniftneor.
���Ida ami Worka U.-p-irtinenl.
Vlidorla. II i   , M|�� September, l*��.
Tenders addressed to IM tmderalglii'd. al IiIh
olllrv in lie* Courl House, III the I'll v of Neliioti,
will Ik- received up tilt the hour of live o'clock lu
the afternoon of Monday, 11, i,ii������������ i iih, n*06T for
the purehase of Ihe "Blue K\er1   Nellie'1 Mineral
Claim, Lot BBM, ffhtch Wfk deelared forfeited tO
the crown at the Taa Sale 1m-i<i in the i:tt>* of
Nelson on the nth day <��f November, itot, fur d_
lin<|tient (axes up llll Jtuu. WOi, VMM,, unrl awit.
The upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which includes tin- amount of dellni|iient taxen
and rests al the time of forfeiture with Intercat;
taxes which have since accrued; and toe for
crown irrtilit, Ik JB3.0B, wliieli In Ihe least amount
thai win Ik* Qonilderad as a tender.
Kach tender must Im- aoopmpanteci hy nn ao
oepled cheque, payable to the ordor of tne Deputy CinnmlssJotier of  Lands and  Worku. at par at
Victoria, It- C . for the amount tendered.
Government Agent! Nelson, it. O.
Dated at Nclmm, H, <   . this l.th
day of September, 1900.
Certificate of Improvements
���nigantle, (iianl,   Pint Ofa&tUM, Chehatali- nnd
Iwetity Mile Kraetion mineral Olalmi, Miu-
><}<���  "I  the  Nrlsuii   MlulUK  DfVllton ol West
Kootenay dlitrlot
���toM,'ll1' ''"'"'d: tin IHinrleemniinlitin, between
���Wild Horac ftnd 11. ar Creeks.
lake notice lhat I, John McUt.dile, of tho city
1 ni'lsiill. ai llutt asiiK(.||t for Joseph Slur-jcuii,
ree Miner i ('ortlflcato No. llftin, intend, sixty
',".' lijum tlu'dale hereof, toapply to the Mining
"���conl.r lor Certificates of lmproveiuelilH, for
'*'* pnrpoae of ohialuiiiK Crown tlmntsuf the
lt,At"'L[",u"'''bike notiee that act Ion. under soe-
I,  "    ;��� ",lllN-'"' ' urn-need before tho InunttOfl
Till..   .   .,.!lflpa ' linprove.ii-.iita
L   ��aie.i n,is -tint day of July, A. I). IflOfi.
John McI.at-:h.*.
The Daily Canadian
Doubtful if He Will Build the V., V. &
Seatllo, Sept. 28.���Contracts will be
let within a few dayB for the construction of the first 50 miles of the Victoria, Vancouver & Eastern, from New
Westminster eastward up the FraBer
river. Hids for the work are now being asked  by the Hill engineers.
It Ib expected by Hill officials that
the entire system of the Victoria, Vancouver _ Eastern will be under construction during the coming winter,
and work will be rushed as rapidly as
poulbls, Contractors are pushing the
line westward to reach Orovllle, from
which point the road turns northward
Into  liilils.li  Columbia,
President James J. Bill of the Great
Northern made a statement to the
Wall Street Journal's Chicago correspondent a few days ago wherein he
declared that his new Canadian line
would be 800 miles ln length and
would be built Jointly by the Great
Northern and  Northern  Pacific.
Railroad men, accepting this as official, do not believe that President
Hill meant to refer to the Victoria,
Vancouver & Eastern. This road will
he approximately -00 miies ln length.
Hetween Crow's Nest Pass, where
tho Canadian Pacific crosses the Ilnck-
ies, and Hill's pass, in this country,
the Hill engineers have never found
a satisfactory railroad route. It Is
seriously doubted by railroad men
whether Hill Intends to connect the
Victoria-, Vancouver & Eastern with
the line lie proposes to build west
from Winnipeg.
The 800 miles of line he says he will
build would carry the road through
the rich grain growing region and permit delivery of grain for deep water
shipment at Duluth. The two feeders
would tap Canada, and the railroad officials do not believe the Hill plam
contemplates any early completion of
the line through to the coast. The
Great Northern could be used indefinitely as a connecting link.
will then proceed to select their candidates and to provide the machinery
for their election on the basis of the
platform of principles of the congress."
It Will be observed that Mr. Draper's
understanding of the {lowers of provincial executives is somewhat different from the explanation recently appearing in a local paper���(Ed. Canadian.)
Who  Is Right?
P. M. Draper, secretary and treasurer of the tradcB and labor congress of
Canada, was in Winnipeg, on Tuesday
last, havoing stopped over on his return from the annual convention of
the congress at Victoria, 13. C, recently held and of which Secretary Draper
spoke as follows: "The most Important decision of the congress was that
to form a labor party which shall be
distinct from both existing political
partleB and also from the socialist
party of Canada.
"The congress, as a legislative body,
has plenty of work to accomplish at
present. However, I believe that a labor party can be formed In Canada
similar to that now in Great Britain.
It Is the intention to Initiate the movement by having it developed through
the provincial executives. Of course
they will receive their instructions
from the general executive officers to
summon a provincial convention. When
Ihis convention Is assembled and
rendy for business the congress will
step aside and Ihe provincial delegates
Heinie Takea Heavy Bonds on Franklin Camp���Ruahing  Railway.,
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forka, Sept. 28.���Soma valuable information has been gathered regarding the construction ot the Kettle
Valley line railway up the North Fork.
It is stated that by the time the snow
flies the Kettle Valloy lino will have
completed the first 20-mile extension
up the north fork. The character of
the work done has heen excellent and
no finer roadbed can be found anywhere In the West, and as the work
only started in June the contractors
have made a good record. Trains will
lie running to Franklin camp by November, 1907, and it Is predicted that
as a high grade producer Franklin
will excel any other camp in the province. The grade from Grand Forks to
any other of the mines in Franklin
camp will not exceed 1 per cent. At
present only a few operators who
know the camp are picking up the
various properties. Helnze, the well
known operator of Unite, Mont., has
now under bond no less than 24 claims
in this camp.
The McKinley mine is now proven
to a depth of 500 feet and diamond
drills are now working at Ihe llanner
property, and every claim owner in
the camp is using every endeavor to
put his property on. a shipping basis
by the time the rails will be laid to
the camp next fall.
The contractors of the Kettle Valley
line extension up the North Fork are
making arrangements to establish
winter camps between Grand Forks
and Franklin camp for the purpose of
hauling supplies of provisions and distributing them along the line of railway while the snow is on the ground,
and will thus avoid the necessity of
hauling supplies to the works over the
bail roads next spring. This system
will expedite the work much next summer, as no delay need be caused on
account of the roads.
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day house in the Kooteuays.
Roonu are well furniihed ���   Table M good u nur
ln Nelion.    Bar loppllod with good
llo uon tna clean.
W. B. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tf emont Hotise
I-ropaan aad Aauiteaa Flaa
Meala M eta.  Roomi Mam �� ola. to 11
Only White Help Implored.
Detectives Are Slow.
Montreal, Sept. 28.���Detectives have
so far been unable to lay hands on the
man who killed the Italian ln a house
on Chatham street. They have, however, discovered the dead man's name,
Tony Picieruo, and have likewise established that the probable cause of
the shooting was jealousy on the part
of inn,-|Iht Italian named Mandano,
with whom ho lived and with whose
wife Plcierao is said to have been intimate.
Mandano, his wife and two children
have disappeared and the police have
been unable to secure any trace whatever of them.
Millionaire Inhalea Oil Gas.
Chatham, Ont., Sept. 27.���Wm, Haggerty, millionaire oil man of Lima,
Ohio, died at Merlin yesterday from
the effects of inhaling oil gas at Tilbury a few days ago
Certificate of Improvements
"Vevoy," "Happy Medium,"
'l" "inl "A tn Prutlonn." niin-
.tiialeil In tlir Hl.M'iin Cily Milling
osl KikiIuuhv iliniricl.
���I:  North of tvteltt UllaoreeKp
'mi I, II. K. Jorand, nf Blocan, R.
��� iTiitii-iii*- Nu. Il.juni, ii- iic-nl
i-''"* Mlnur'HUertiflpatu No. fcWM,
".������from iln> iiutt- Benoff to iipp y
Hue-order for n rurtl(lento of l'n-
r i nu ijurponeof oblalnititt n llrown
'���"'���ml claims
tiiK-j notleo that nctton, nn er
' Ihs '-ommcncwl before thu UfU-j
���'ti 1*1 t-iitn of Improvement!-.
""'uy ofHopiumlier, 11HKI.
H. K,.loKANli.
Under and nr rlrtneotiliopoworiiHalepon-
MM I" a certain Indenture ol Uorlaaie, which
will Isss i'isisliisv.1 sii lln- Iiini-..I naif, tin-re will l����
..l.i.... Trillin. Uil.sl.sT ..lti. nam. ��t IS o.clwk
noon i.y ''issssi. a. Waterman ,v Co.. a-otloaeera,
���l Biretf i lintel. Mi llw .'lly "I Nclami, In lis.-
Province nl Brtllili Colombia, ihe- IhIIuwIiik
land, is, I Isss-I slssi'ss, lIHIili'ly:
. I. I  _ VI   li ""'I M, sii Bloik '. Addition
������A " III tlii-BillKllvl.l I Islsslrlil Usl ISO, llnillli
|, W,-.t Dlvtlion nl ihu Kssislssisiiy lil-liisl. ii.'i'iiril-
iis.isiain.i|.sir|siiiii ni ibe laid 8uW��rtalon_e-
Mailed in tbo tind ifisfUtrj <>ni.-.- ami nutaMf
i_.il iss viu'issit. On Loll 90 tt there li laid to
In- a (wi.-slt.ry I'lamc llus-llliiii, al��" a Krsimi-
"Term, ami K>_dlttotll nl anli' "ill In  ma.'"
knnwii at Uii' nmi' i.Ualo.
Tssr liirlhi'r parttOuUtl aiijily tss
Vendor.-oltottora,llajlfnj��-t��� _���
Vtu I'sisivisr, B.C.
liHii'ii Mil" Hth dny "' Beptember, in*.
The Musical Treat of tlie Season!
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sH| anytblng,
go to tho Old Curiosity Bhop. A new
lino of .lapiinea- GooiIb now on aalo. A 1
kinds of ninnorwaro iu alocK. rat-
terns. ^^_____
The Chicago
I Concert and
Orchestra Co.
October 12th
Under the Auspices of Nelson's 20,000 Giib
is'i'liisk.is. in.
W.O, llAVI.V.S.irs'lury.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District
Baker St., Nelaon Proprlelora
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day Hotise in Nelson.
The Ber ie the Pineet.
White Help Only Km ployed.
Joeephlne E
The Big; Schooner n... (A-
Or "Hall-and-HaH**   DCCl    I UL*
Tho only Olaaa of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hotel ui-i'iisisiniislallssiiH second to none In Brltlah Columbia. Kale. 11.00 per tlay. Bpeclal ralei
lo monthly boardera. Only home hotel In Nelaon
Before purchasing call
and examine onr list
He & Me BIRD
KTsurXb   Real Estate and Mining
manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Nelson, B. C.
Oldest eabtbliBhed Real Estate
Business in Kootena--.
Lake View Hotel
(.orDT Hell end Vernon,
two block* from wharf.
Ketee $1.00 per day end up.
p. o. box isi. ww env   n r
Telephone 118. iV��_Ol/IV,   O* U��
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Locate-. "Pe" D*T and Night.
Sample and Bath Room. Free.
Opposite Court Hoase and Post Office.
Comer War. and Vernon Street..
Th* Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The .leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
(���ker Street, Nelaon. B.O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedrooma and Pint*
claaa Tllnlug Room. Sample Rooma for Commer-
tlal Men.
MRS. I. C. CLAkKB, ProprletM-a
The well known
Onr BeerGarden is
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates fl iu>d 11.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Wholeaale and Kriail Deal.ns in
Fresh and Salted Meats
(lamps supplied on shortest notice aud
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats nnd snpplea kept in -tack
Hail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES. Manager.
w.  a.   _1L,L,ETT
Contractor and
St.li* ii|ffnt for the Porto Klco Lumber Oo., Ltd.,
rctafl yttnlr-i. Kougli snd 'lre*B��d lumber, turned
work hu��I brsrketH, C'oKHt lath and Hhltigleti, fnnh
and doom. Oment, brli'k snd lime (or mIo.
Autorontle grinder.
Ysrtl Hiitl factory: Vernon St.. east of Hall,
NBLSON.  _. C.
I1. O. Hox 232. Telephone 178.
West Tf ansfer Co.
GEORGE F. H0TION. luafti.
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Ooal and Woo 1.   Express and
Baggage Transfer
p"o.p__" W Office: Baker St.
Choice Fruit i *- i��ff�� *��-
Choicest Frott Lands la
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity Irom 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hail Mining and Smelting
���Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
British Columbia
Provincial    .
New Westminster
New Westminster or Vancouver
On sale September 28th October :!rd
Inclusive.   Return Oct llth.
For full particulars and berth reservations apply to local agents or write
K. J. OOYLE,    J. 8. CARTER,
A.Q.P.��.,V.���oouv.r. D.P.A., Ni.ls.o_
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
Spokane Interstate
September 24th to October 6th, 1906
Going Sept. 24th, one day only,
return fare will be
Going September ���>:) 26-2H-2T-28-
21)-80 and October 1 -3-8 fare will be
All tickets limited to Oct. Tth,
Each ticket hns one admission
coupon to fair.
Provincial   QCT* 2-6
Exhibition,   VVt >
New Westminster $16.55 j
On sale September 28th to October 2nd.   Limited October llth. '
Only one night on tho road.
City Pwutenger Agent.
A tl. F. A., fk.tUt.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.    -    NELSON.
For ETorythiug Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You tsow Tkmaa's SpecUl Hbitsu?
The Daily Canadian
Precious Stones. If you want to make a good investment put your
money into a Diamond. Now is the time before the price B��'�� higher.
Our selection of stones is the best.
********** *****************
1   ���
ft \^iL
It \Li
Wz   1
4   [****&
:Book Ahead Fori
: Preserving Pears!
���   \
* Tin' rlghi kind are Boaroe.   We ���
* bare a ni��� lot of local Bartlett. *
t ami Flemish Beauties to arrive J
f     Lowest market prices guaranteed, t
|Bell Tiding!
���        Company        ���
Gait Coal
Term** Upot t ash
Telephone 265 Baker Htrect
MALT and
75 cts. per Gallon(
We Want Fresh Eggs.   Will Rive the'
Etigbeei Market Price.
I Joy _ Cash Grocery j
���i.nr-Jowp!:iiieaut] Mill BU.      Phone W
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Bout BnililiTH will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
"Maple Leaf" Brand.
I'NIKORM BUBNIMQ   l*.   thfl   mail   mi-
porinDt fficicir when blMtlng on n largo
eeelty. "Maple lx>af" I Tin id tiolalmod
aup-Tinr In thll POfptOt.
OomparlM&i witli oLhet nakoi InrUod.
Sol* A^nt, Nelson, li.C
'The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone US, Bnker St.
- _M'*i^"'-'fe1''
Cor. Vernon sand W.irU Streets.
[N&L-SON,   B. ��.
J   FRED HUME, Proprietor.
E. II. Guniher, F. Burnett, H. A.
Hess, S, Cleghorn, Toronto; Mrs. W.
V, Badley, G. 11. Ayioid, New Denver;
E. B. t'hliiiniiii. Kaslo; Q. Wailsworlli,
Mimiroal; Mrs. Q. A. Fraser; Grand
Forks; L. P. Eckstein. Fernie: F. S.
Qraen, W. S. Qlfford, Unite; Mr. An-
taya, W. Manhart, A. G. Daniels, E.
I.. Taft, Spokane;; Misa Witty, Victoria; N. .1. Tinner, Silverton; Mrs. T,
H. Steilnnin. Macleod.
Mrs,. E. 0. Hellhvell, H. G. Hess, Toronto; .1. Harris and wife, Cranbrook;
T, K. Blngay, wife and child. Trail;
J. ilavs. Philadelphia, E. v. Bodwell
anil wife, Victoria; Mrs. E. II. Hunter,
K. Elwell, Bonnington; R. v. Gibbons,
W, Picken, Vancouver; Mrs. M. Sniiih,
Miss F. Smith, Ottawa; O. H. Allen,
San Francisco.
C. Bradburg, Fernie; J. Oats, J.
Rose, Vmlr;  A. Bradley, Moyie.
P. A. Prince, O. E. Hansen and wife,
Calgary;   .1.   Dron,  .1.   Spafford. Revelstoke: .1. Hoorsworlh and wife, Toronto;  T. W. Mason, J. Rowan, Victoria.
.1. W. Lay. G. Stnltz. Ainsworth;   K.
Knsswltiin,    Granite:    P.    McLeod,    C.
Smith, Fernie:   P. M. Stuart, W. Ren-
riett, New Brunswick.
X. .1. Williamson, Ymir;
Ing, Fernie.
W. CrompBon,  Kamloops;
.1.  Manner-
G.   Hart,
R. Baudln. Northport;  .1.  McDonald,
C. II. Cameron, Garrard.
W. Craig, Kaslo; R. T. Jeffcry, West-
liy;    s. .1. .McTiKiie.   Bonnington;    \.
Fh'ck, Silverton;  F. Edwards, Waver-
I'.  McLeod,    C.   Smith.    Fernie;  A.
Douglas, Kamloops; 11. Reed, Bonnington;  11. Peart, Spokane.
OlC sip if//lit.
Will id/,.' tin dn dint/ spirits in liilighC
I-xyndtlkNtsiifdiiiiim-Bc vise endnote.
its hi tin -rinkiMrvadsi-ur-od-Hoiuit-ln
Ism: tonic pnit.KTll.is .(.-allien n-fruslsliiK?
Wis UH'iiIlly real Irilll lsyri)|si isl Use llli-.t
qsicllty KssisliUui, t'OUiittr, rlauei ssml
reOBPUOlH  nri-  Vs-ist   fliTUpuloliMy clean
���ltl.M','.N'"' """������ '"' "",k '" 'I'1' imoils. Apply
in w. K.r������k, .iissinin. Kmlo. " '
1..1HV .-���IKMii.llAl-IIKK |���r p���s,,ll������ 1��� ,,������������
'    isiissi.' mils employer*! family.    Apply
issrn Vs ., I SlIllSSllKII SlHilSfa.
illVIIMKN. Mill llsssisls nisillxsuBliijISomraiiors,,
ill", l-.iii:iui.ir \\��tul.iiric l.iuiiU-r <:.i��� is.sir
s raislirook. II. r
5JMS0 HBLP l���r ���,���������. ���ii t)l��.rv��l.,ry ��l7-_t.
I ..t.iily .,[ two; sis, slill.n ,s��� ,|,.t.,, ���, i,,,,,,,,
il preferred.  Apply Mn,. Bnri,Qu-._iHotel,
lii.AUl, axis koi.M I,,,,,,,,,���,���,,. Applytwo
doom1'nn "f ( Inb Hou-i,
BTAMP PHOTON m Llie uni on sunk-v NtCi-et.
nut Royal hotel. Moenti per down.'
Silver recovered ono point on each
market today. Other metal nuotationa
are unchanged.
Fred Burnett, formerly manager or
the Nelson Coke & Gas company, Is in
the city renewing old acquaintance.
The value of ore in the mineral
specimens in the guessing contest at
the fair was -15.87; $5.60 in gold and
27 cents in silver.
Urigadier Smeeton of the Salvation
Army has telegraphed that he will arrive hy today's Crow boat in plenty
of  lime   for  this  evening's  meeting.
Thu organization meeii'ig of the
Nelson branch of the Ami-Tuberculosis society will be held iu the city hall
tontght at 8 o'clock sharp. It is understood that every society has arranged to be represented.
The tournament ei-ieket team defeated the Slay-at-ilomes yesterday by
5G runs on the first innings. The latter made 50 for eight wickets in iheir
second innings. Crozier Hourke's 55,
not out, was the best stand of the day.
George Hodge also did creditably.
Many of the prize winners at the fair
have not yet called ut the secretary's
office, which has been open since tho
lair     closed. Assistant     Secretary
George Horstead will be in the office
tonight and all day tomorrow, to complete such payments. Cheques havo
been sent to outside prize winners.
The business of the Nelson postoffice has already outgrown its premises
and inc.eased accommodation is necessary. The lobby along the west side
will be cut off and the partition will
extend in a straight line. New letter
boxes are being cut through the stone
near the entrance to the customs
house, so that in future the clerks
can get thu mail posted there Without
coming out into the lobby.
Conductor Tom Peck returned last
night from the East. He has attend-
td the biennial meeting in Winnipeg
of the board of adjusters of railway
conductors. The members of the
board were royally entertained by the
company officials and by the towns
of Manitoba which they visited on an
excursion through the wheat fields.
Mr. Peck has since visited his brother
in Duluth.
An American exchange says of the
prima donna of the Philharmonic Concert company, which will appear in
Nelson ou October 32: "Miss Fannio
Ferguson, as a soprano, does not need
an introduction to American audiences. She has sung In the largest cities
from San Francisco to New York, always winning the heartiest approval
and appreciation from her listeners.
She Is the possessor of a voice of an
unusual beauty, with dramatic instincts to a marked degree; of pure
and melodious quality, with a wonderful range. Added to these essentials
of success ls a conscientious earnestness of purpose and lofty Ideals."
The Store of Quality
Don't Forget
Fniit Jar
The prices are just the same as for
the ordinary  kind
Pints per dozen $1.00
Quarts per dozen 1.25
Half gal. per dozen  1.50
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
One Week
Commencing Monday, Oct. i
Sutton's Big Show
30 People 30
Misii'lssy   "Tins Church Astssssh the Way.,'
street porasleilnlly.
Prlcei 28c, .Vis; litis) 7rw.    Heists, nu ssssle HHtiirslny
at i.utl.s-rl,,r.l'fl.
The First of the Season
Cm A* Benedict
Comer Silica nnil Josephine Sts.
We carry  in stock a  large  number of
Technical and
Scientific Books
Fruit Growing, Etc.
If you can't call in person drop us a
card and we will be glad to send you
a list.
We can secure for you any book not
in stock at publisher's price plus cost
of importing.
W. G. Thomson
��B?A01._y���kKR '"* Nelsou, B. C.
.Mimic 34.
Received daily fr^in the
Coldspriug ranch on
Kooteuay lake.
201b. crates $1.25
Telephone 161.
TENDERS are Invited up lo noon
of Monday. Oct. 1st, for the printing
and binding complete of 10,000 or 20,-
DilO coiiles of folder; half tones unsl
letter press. Block must he en&inelled
hook paper, SO Ihs. lo the ream, und
enamelled covers of suitable W.eight
Workmanship must he first-class and
contract finished within six weeks
from delivery of copy and engravlnns
to the contractor. Engravings will he
furnished hy the club. Dummy and
flintier particulars may he ohtalned at
the office of the secretary of Nelson
20,000 club.
F.   M.  CHADBOURNB,  Secretary.
Nelson,  Sept. 20th, 1906.
Plays Next Week.
Sutton's lllg company will open a
week's engagement at the Nelson
ops-ra house Monday, October 1. The
ops'iilng bill will be "This Church
Across the Way," with a lwt of clean
specialties between acts. The company numbers 30 people, traveling in
ths-lr own palace cur. and having wiih
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Watches! Watches!
We nre  Headquarter-, for tho n...
American Watches manufactured   u
are making every effort �� ����t __
requirements of railroad men
J. J. WALKER, ��?H^!H
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
V ZJ^    WHAT   IS  MOMI   ''^S    g_\
\~W WITHOUT TNt PC*. MAK?    L_f
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
and ith suburbs. Phono ]_>�����.
How   About   Your
Guns and
Ammunition ?
Wc have Bley's, Kynock's, Win-
oheeter. and Cogswell A:
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester nnd
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Butting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Guilts, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 'm.i      Nelaon, II. C.
them Sutton's famsnis military band
and orchestra. lOach day at noon
there will he a street parade, and an
ti|>en-alr concert In front of the opera
house In the evening. The company
will put on a change of hill each
night, with all new specialties, given
hy such well known vaudeville artists
as the Four Mullaly Sisters, Ulchard
Eddy, ilepew und Awnby, Four Musical Claysons, Bhnll CheVrlel, Bnghle
Onmmlngs, and I'lnklc and several
WANTED���Dining   room   girl  at  once.
Apply at  Silver King  hotel.
Oof Piano Toner,
Mr. James R. Mair,
Is in Town
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Two Cottages on Mill street, completely furnished.   Ton minute* p06to_.oe
Price complete $1800.
Cottage on Silica Btreet, close in, all modern conveniences.    Pr|_o $900.00.
Easy terms.
Cottage on Mill street, line location.    Everything ahout tlie place is striclly
to-dato.   Fruit trees.   Coal shed.   Price flKOO.   Can give terms.
21 good city lot- for sale.    Price per lot $114,00,
*T'mr\\7\^    OL    Af*Af\        FRUIT LANDS andKEAL ESTATE
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Bheetmstal Work, Camings, Builders' Material mid Mining ami Mill Mai-liium
Olllce and Works Foot of Park Bt.
I*Il.>llt'      -HI.
NttlHon,  l,.li.
&/*���> Kootenay  Agents
I   O R. A. Rogers & Co.
VIV*��        Ltatted. Winnipeg.
WholcMinu I'rnviHlonH,
Dominion Government O-flamanr One Pound liricks receivi-d weekly inish
from Ihe i-hurn.   For sabs by all leading grocers.
Offloe and w im-house: Houston Block,   Phono 711.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
la your furnace In shape to .tart tht winter with?    If  not, NOI|
It the time to have It repaired.
I. ft* Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd)
PLEASE NOTE���We will not he responsible for any furnace not In ahapt
hy October 1st, 1906.
R.   W.  HINTON-
K_p.iiii.ilc nnd .1. ,1.1.1,,., oacutad wlttl I lupatch.   Nh-.t M-lal
Work, MlniiiK unit Mill Matililn��r> .      Miiniil.i.l oi-s h ,,l
"ru Ui's.,  14.  M.   Cssisli'sstlisiV Cnra.
NELSON,    B.  C.
P.O. II"
We Will Sell
500 International Coal     -      6k\
10 Marconi, Canadian     -    $2.fi
WOO Yale-Kootenay Ice     -  9 U%
McDermid & McHardy
I Just Arrived!
A large cou.sijju-
ni-iit of
AU Kizes and Lowest Prices
AND DEALERS IN   LtllllDCl��t  SufflgleSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brockets. Mail Orders promptly rttwW '"���
 vbmnon siREirr - - - ini;��� .hon. b. c.
Our stock  of HAND   SAWS ll  very ooiapl*'
incliidinK Kriides to suit all reqnircineiils.
If you wisli a low priced saw we can supply ye
also curry the beat qualities mado by
Wood-Valkticeilardware Oft* ^


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