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The Daily Canadian Jan 7, 1907

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Array SI)* gJaUa
1MB I.    No. 183.
Fifty Cbnts a Month
ig Tournment Arranged
for Home Club
litest Between  President's  and
. ice-Presiden'ts Rinks Arranged
for���Hatches Tonight.
|The ''iiiilng Beason In NelBon lias
segun in s-arneft. A change lias
11 made In Die plans for home
9 In former years the presl-
jn b ansl vice president's links have
1 opposed, ouis to one, In single
- >, This year each rink of the
ident'e side will play each of the
president's, and vice versa. The
ll. making the highest aggregate of
|isls will win the prixe.
T. Walley and L. U. DeVeber,
k-s.ileal anil vice president respect-
lly ssl the Nelson Curling club, drew
��� in-day night for rinks with the lolning result:
sldent    ' vs.     Vice President
illey     DeVeber
varsaugh      Forln
kikwood       Wells
��� llaa-     Carrie
t     n       Ulrd
��s key     Hedley
biiurdson    To be named
|n ihs- first game ol lhe series Blacked won from Weils by 13-6.
The  games  scheduled    for    tonight
:80���No. 1���Cavanaugb vs. Forin;
2���Beer vs. Drew; No. 3���Wallace
:16���No.  1���Oillett vs. Fox;   No. 2
Bunyan vs. Ulrd: No. 3���Blackwood
Tuesday night, 7:30���No. 1���Walley
DeVeber; No. 2���Nunn vs. Harwkey;
-Starkey vs. Hedley.
���No.  1���Cavanaugh vs.  Carrie;
|. ''���Wallace vs. Forin; No. 3���Beer
pink No. 4 Is reserved for the whole
ou for scratch games.
Kssr the Information and convenience
j curlers the list of rinks ls hero replied.
Masson,  B.   B.   Mlghton,   Dr.   Ar-
Or, R. It. Hedley.
-, J. F. Hume,    Dr.   Clayton, O.
(inn, A. H. Gracey, Captain Gore, C.
Mull, George Wells.
D. Emory, Captain Robertson, W.
Thurman, F. Starkey.
pi   White, J. Hamilton, G. Spink, A.
|W. Ward, Dr. Morrison, H. Falconer,
W. Drew.
J. Holmes, Jr., B.   N.   Oulmette,   C.
M. Fraser, N. J. Cavanaugh.
IW. Walker, J. A. Gibson, J. H. Van-
Jme, C. D. Blackwood.
|H. S. Fowler, J. E. Annable, H. Hous-
"li, J. G. Bunyan.
IW.   Swannell,   J.   L.  Buchnn, C.   D.
Jepel, W. W. Beeer.
IT. M. Bowman, J. 0. Gllllce, W. H.
lues, J. H. Wallace.
111. Wilson, J. H. Christie, ��� BeiiBon,
|dge Gorin.
lit. M. Hood, F. Seaman, M. Bird, J,
|lt.  S.  Lennie,  11. E.  Douglas, A. J.
II, H. G. Goodeve.
���Key. E. H. Shanks, J. M. Lay, H. F.
cLeod, L. B. DeVeber.
|F. Irvine, G. A. Hunter, J. O'Srea, W.
IN.  McDonald.  E.  B.  McDermid,    C.
TUKhurst, A. Carrie.
IW.  G.  Thomson,   E.   Fothcringham,
-, Dr. Hawkey.
iDr. Gibson,  , J. Holmes, Sr��� H
|J. H. Taylor, H. E. Dill, A. Perrier,
1  M. Bird.
I��� Shipley, F. Deacon, G. C. Hodge,
California Labor Federation.
J Stockton, Cal., Jan. 7.���The men who
lrnlsh the brains and push of the or-
���nlzod labor movement in this Btate
Ve present In force today at the
���ening of the annual convention of
le California Federation of Labor.
Be session promises to be one of ungual Interest and Importance to the
federation and lis members. The la-
���oi Bltuation In San Francisco and the
so-called Invasion of Japanese workmen are two of the Important matters
to receive attention. Plans for Increasing the membership and otherwise
strengthening the federation will lo
Weather Conditions in Alberta Threat
en Cattle Men With Loee.
Calvary, Jan. 7.���The present conditions are the worst Alberta haB experienced since 1892. One district
from which serious reportB come of
cattle losses ls that around Glelchan
and Medicine Hat. Thousands of cattle are Buffering from lack of food and
It ls feared the lasses may be heavy.
Large herdB of deer have drifted down
from the north in search of grass. Owing to partial chinooks in December,
Tollowed by severe cold, tbe snow Is
crushed hard, which prevents the
stock from feeding.
Brain Worn Out by Whist.
Chicago, Jan. 7.���A despatch from
Dos MolneB, la., says: Before a congregation of nearly 1000 persons and
with the preacher In the midst of his
Bermon, Mrs. A. B. Sims, a society
woman and holder of the national
woman's whist championship, arose
yesterday In the University church of
Christ ississl denounced card playing as
a sin. Two years ago Mrs. Sims won
tbe first prize for women ln the
whisi tournament bei dat Cleveland.
Last year at St. Louis she won the
national women's championship. It ls
said that the recent evangelical meetings held in the city are responsible
for the change ln Mrs. Sims.
Brakeman and Two Firemen Killed In
Wreck on  R.  W. A  O.  Road,
Near Watertown.
Watertown, N. Y.. Jan. 7.���Two
freight trains were wrecked at Red
Creek, near Sodus, at 1 o'clock this
morning. Two firemen and a brake-
man whose names cannot be obtained
were roasted to death and 30 cars
were burned. The wreck was caused
by the fast train drawn by two engines running Into the rear of a heavily-loaded freight train, which was taking water at Red Creek. The engineers of the doublehtader Jumped, but
the firemen were pinioned under the
overturned engines.
Watertown, N. Y., Jan. 7.���It is learned at the office of the superintendent
of the superintendent of the R. W. &
O. division thae the name of the
brakeman killed at Red Creek is A. E.
Mosher and that one of the firemen
Ib Heath. The other was learning the
road and his name ls not known at
present. No particulars have been re
ceived at the local office yet.
Chinese Quarter of Siamese Capital Is
Bankkok, Slam, Jan. 7���The Chinese
quarters of Bangkok have been destroyed by fire. It Is estimated that
the loss will amount to about $300,000.
Bangkok, the capital of Slam, Is situated about 20 miles from the mouth
of the Mclnam river. Many of the
houses are built on rafts. A single
raft frequently supports eight or ten
houses. Part of the city, however, ls
of modern construction, having electric Illumination and electric cars,
while lines of steam railway run ln var-
lous directions. The business of Bangkok Is largely In the hands of the Japanese, who are about as numerous as
Ihe Native Siamese. The estimates of
Ihe population vary between 250,000
und 200,000.
Left to Those Concerned.
Chicago, Jan. 7���Chairman Knapp
of the Interstate commerdce commission, which was In conference last
night for a short time today with reports of the employees of tho Southern Pacific firemen and trainmen, announced today that It was decided that
the question of a strike be left to the
referendum vote of the men on the
Southern Pacific. Chairman Knapp declared that in his opinion there will
be no strike.
Pray and Prey.
New York. Jan. 7���The practice of
Mrs. J. Alden Gaylord, who opens
each day In her brokerage office, Wail
street, with praper, Is to be widened
bo as to Include many other offices In
the heart of New York's financial district. This was announced yesterday
by  Rev. Henry  Marsh  Warren, chap
lain of the city hotels. He had long
co-operated with Mrs. Gaylord ln an
effort to introduce daily prayer ln Wall
street, and on Wednesday morning he
w.ll formally open the business day in
the Btreet wllh a religious Bermon in
front of the stock exchange. Rev. Dr.
Warren has communicated with J. Pler-
pont Morgan, Jame* Stlllinan, John D.
Rockefeller and other prominent men
ln the financial district, and hopes for
endorsement by them of the plan.
Young  Men of Baptist Church  Organize for Debates.
Yesterday afternoon at the Baptist
church there was a gathering of young
men at the call of the pastor, which
will, Its romoters hope, become one of
the moBt popular associations of meu
ever formed ln the city. The tempo
rary organization was formed by the
election of Mr. Hopkins as president
and Mr. Duriand as secretary, and the
apiwinting of a commiltee ou permanent organization. The name selected
was that of Young Men's Union. The
membership ls not limited to any
church, or denomination or special belief. The meetings will be held in the
Young People's room of the Baptist
church each Sunday afternoon at 3:30,
lasting lor one hour. The subjects to
be discussed are to be selected by the
young men themselves. Next Sunday
the subjet will be, "How Far Should
lbe Sunday Observance Law Be Enforced?" All young meu of the city
are invited to join, and are welcome to
any and all of the meetings.
Japanese Training  Squadron Will  Not
Call at San Francisco.
Toklo, Jan. 7.���It is expected that
the departure of the training squad-
ro not cruisers for Honolulu and the
Pacific coast will today be officially
postponed for a week or 10 days. A
feeling prevails here In an Influential
circle that it would not be advisable
to Include a call at San Francisco in
the cruise of the training squadron at
a time when anti-Japanese sentiment
is rampant. Tbe proposed visit might
be indefinitely  postponed.
Plan to Cheat Gallows.
New York, Jan. 7.���According to a
Pittsburg despatch in the Times, acting upon the advice of some of the
most famous legal lights in the country, both as attorneys and friends,
Mrs. Mary Thaw, mother of Harry-
Thaw, has decided to save her son, a
plea of insanity will have to be entered
for him. Tbe latest persons to advise
Mrs. Thaw to follow this source are
United States Senator P. C. Knox, of
Pennsylvania and Justice McKenna, of
the United States supreme court. This
information comes to a person who Is
very close to the Thaw family, Harry
Thaw ls not to be told of It until the
lasl moment. Then it will be made
plain to him thai the insanity plea is
tlie only one that can save his life. If
he does not consent to adopt ft. his
relatives. It is said, will withdraw
from the case.
Still Protesting.
New York, Jan. 7.���Attorney General
Jackson, on behalf of the people of
the state of New York, today entered
a writ ln the supreme court of the
United States against Gorge P. Mc-
Clellan, praying that the latter be de
posed from the office of mayor of the
city of New York, on the ground that
he has usurped aud unlawfully holds
the of.lce. whereas William Randolph
Hearst ls legally entitled to the same,
ll is stated that thlH new proceeding
has nothing to do wllh the Issuing of
the warrant action, which last woek
was temporarily enjoined at the Instigation of Mayor MrL'lellan.
Spoilers' Rich Booty.
Versellles, Jan. 7.���When the local
authorltleB here look possession of tho
seminary under Ihe church und slate
separation law, bonds and other securities amounting to $1,000,000 were
discovered iu that institution. The securities have been taken possession of
hy the municipal authorities of Versailles and will be devoted to cha.lt-
sble purposes.
Prince Is Missing.
New York, Jan. 7.���There was no
decided word of the mlBBing Bteamer
Prince, now overdue for a week. It
waB stated today that the officials of
thc ocean tugs are considering the advisability of Bending their tugs out to
���search for the Prince.
Irene Wasn't Hurt.
New York, Jan. 7.���The North German Lloyd Steamship company received a cablegram today from Naples saying that the Princess Irene was not
damaged in collision Saturday with the
sleamer Moltke and will sail tomorrow
for New York.
Splendid Rally of Local
Popularity of John A. Kirpatrick and
Prestige of McBride Cabinet too
Much for Opponents.
The first rally of the campaign was
held in the Conservative committee
rooms Saturday night, and the numbers present and the enthusiasm displayed are a sure Indication of victory
for John A. Kirkpatrick on the 2nd of
The seats In the big commiltee
room were all filled, and until a late
hour all the standing room was taken
up; the number preseut was probably
In the neighborhood of 200. Never before in the history of the Conservative party ln Nelson have the first
stages of a campaign been marked by
anything like the enthusiasm and the
determination to win that have been
evoked by the candidature of Mr. Kirkpatrick in the present campaign.
For this spirit among the Conservatives there are two obvious explanations: The personal popularity of the
candidate and {he general indignation
felt at tbe persistent campaign of slander and abuse prosecuted by the Liberal press of the province, for which
the opposition leader's belated apology
will not be accepted as atonement.
It Is the second reason referred to
which probably explains the attitude
adopted by many men who cannot be
considered as strong party men, the
neutrals who do not attend party conventions, who seldom talk politics, and
wbo usually vote, if ait .all. because of
personal preference for one candidate,
or of Bpeclal lntereBt ln one Issue. All
such voters are hastening even this
early, to declare themselves in favor
of the government of the day, and of
Its candidate in Nelson, John A. Kirkpatrick.
Saturday night's meeting was called
to order promptly at 8:30 by R. S. Lennie,, president of the Conservative
club. Mr. Lennie submitted as the object of the meeting the striking of the
active working committees required
for the campaign to ensure the election
of Mr. Kirkpatrick by tbe majority
due to his own personal qualifications
due to his own personal! qualifications
and to the righteousness of the cause
for which he stands.
Referring to the recent Liberal gathering ln the city and to the fact that
Ihe Conservative party was not represented at It by any one officially authorized to speak for it, Mr. Lennie
explained that tbe Invitation was not
addressed to the Conservative party
or Its campaign committee, but to Mr.
Kirkpatrick personally; tbat It was received by him too lato to permit him
to make arrangements to be present,
and that lt contained no Intimation
that any other representative would
be given an opportunity to siieak ln
Mr. Klrkpatrlck's behalf. Nevertheless,
he was glad that a volunteer had been
present to defend the party's cause
and had acquitted himself creditably,
though at a moment's notice. On be
half of thc Conservative club executive
committee he promised his hearers
thai at all public meetings held under
their nUBplces, perfect fairness and
courtesy would be shown to their opponents, lhat ample notice would be
given to the Liberal candidate to enable him lo be present ln person or to
be represented by anyone he might
The announcement was warmly approved  and applauded.
Turning to the Issues raised In the
campaign Mr. Lennie Bald that the devotion of the Liberals to a series of
desperate attempts to dlsoover scandals constituted ln Itself an admission
that there was no valid ground for
serious criticism in the administration
of the province by Mr. McBride and his
Referring briefly to the question of
Better Terms be taunted the Liberals
with their shameless Inconsistency ln
abusing the premier for his stand
against Federal coercion and cajolery
in defence of rights which had ln the
past been asserted by all tbe public
men of British Columbia of both parties���and a stand, too, which the Liberal leader has since proclaimed that
be, too, will maintain if returned to
Mr. Lennie concluded a brief but
stirring address by earnestly exhorting
all present to exert every influence
they possessed to roll up a big majority for Mr. Kirkpatrick to prove that
the city of Nelson is not half-hearted
in Ua fight for the rights of the province.
K. J. Clark, who wae next called upon, congratulated the party on the results already achieved. The present
campaign had brought out an irreproachable candidate in whose integrity and zeal for the welfare of Nelson
and of British Columbia no one could
pretend to doubt. It bad also brought
Into the forefront of the public life of
Nelson one whose abilities hitherto devoted to the practice of his- profession,
had remained almost unknown to the
general public���R. S. Lennie.
Both statements found hearty and
unanimous endorsement by the meeting.
Dismissing the various attempts of
the opposition to unearth scandals, ln
connection with Kaien island, with the
Pendray lands, with the Columbia &
Western land grant, ae dead Issues,
which, if revived at all could only testify to the cleanness of the government's record, the speaker pointed to
the sterling achievement in the face of
great difficulties of restoring the credit of a province almost ruined by a
long and unbroken series of deficits
and by an evil reputation acquired,
for experimental legislation, and for
tbe vagaries of some ot its public men.
He defended the School Act of 1905
as a justifiable and wise measure of
devolution admirably calculated to Improve the administration of the public
schools of the province by enlisting
in their Bupport the interest of the
ratepayers which must result from the
new duties confided to them.
He charged the leader of the opposition with utter neglect ot the duties
of helpful criticism of legislation, and
compared his record with that of Sir
William Meredith ln Ontario, gratefully acknowledged by the late Sir Oliver
Mowat whom he opposed. Mr. Macdonald, in common with all his followers, had been too intent on seeking
and manufacturing scandals to attempt
to perform the duties of an opposition
as involved ln tbe system of party government,
Mr. Clark then devoted some time to
an historical review of the Better
Terms question, from the conference
bargain of 1871 to Mr. McBride's with-
diawal from the recent conference. He
submitted Mr. Fielding's final bid Involved a confession of the Inadequacy
and inj tsilce of Sir Wilfrid Laurler's
first offer. He contended tbat any uncertainty as to British Columbia's support of ber premier's stand in this matter might seriously injure the prospects of ultimately securing fair treatment.
The rising of the candidate, John A.
Kirkpatrick, was the signal for enthusiastic cheering. Mr. Kirkpatrick
spoke very* briefly, thanking the party
for the honor conferred upon him, declaring his firm adherence to Conservative principles and his resolve to be
a faithful and digent representative of
Nelson and promoter of the welfare of
the province to the best of his ability.
Hearty cheers were given for the
candidate and the president, and the
meeting thn proceeded to the election
of officers and committees, which re
suited as follows:
Campaign chairman���R. S. Lennie.
Vice chairman���F. A. Starkey.
Finance committee���J. A. Irving,
chairman: J. E. Annable, W. R. McLean, D. M. Macdonald, S. M. Ilrydges.
W. C. E. Koch, I. G. Nelson, George
Horsead, J. A. Gilker and G. W. Bartlett.
Voters' list committee���W. E.- Mc
Candlish, chairman: C. Sewell, W. Irvine, Dr. W. O. Rose, W. A. Macdonald,.
H. H. Avery, R. M. Macdonald, P. Lamont, R. W. Hannington and James
General campaign committee���R. S.
Lennie, D. C. McMorris, F. A. Starkey,
John Fraser, Dr. Rose, G. Horstead,
R. W. Hannington, 8. M. Brydges. W.
E. McCandllsh, J. E. Annable, J. Bur-
chill, J. Paxton, J. A. Irving, C. Shannon, J. Roach, T. Sproatt, P. Genelle,
W. Walton, J. Dover, H. H. Avery, J.
Neelands, I. G. Nelson, R. J. Clark, E.
W. Praeger, O. E. Revell, H. Wade, J.
Relstercr, E. K. Beeston, J. A. Kelley,
S. Allan, D. C. Wilson, D. M. Macdonald. C. Sewell, W. A. Macdonald, C. A.
Gass, W. Irvine, D.    M.    Carley,   W.
Shackleton, J. J. Malone, J. McDonald,
R. M. Macdonald, H. H. Pitts, R. W.
Hannington, E. C. Wragge, R. R. Hedley, A. H. Coppen, H. J. Marks, F.
Fletcher, F. B. Lys, J. L. Melghan, A.
Jeffs, R. Weir, F. Bosquet, F. Weir, F.
A. Brewer, H. Bird, H. M. Bird, G.
Stanley, E. Stanley, P. Lamont, W. W.
Baer, W. C. E. Koch, G. W. Bartlett, C.
C. Clarke, W. E. Gosnell, A. Nagle, J.
Dancey, W. L. Spry, Q. F. Morton, H.
T. Gibson, A. Thomas, G. W. Steele,
C. McDonald, A. McDonald, A. Archibald, A. S. Farwell, W. J. liaird. E.
Corlett, S. Thomas, J. Smart, F. Jar-
vie, J. A. Cryderman, H. Keefe, R. Taylor, J. Myles, E. Kerr, R. Collie, L. Hill,
R G. Joy, F. Fear, W. J. Astley, R. C.
McDonald. A. T. Walley, M. 8. Parry,
J. Bradshaw, N. Friedman, R. L. Douglas, J. Thompson, H. Ginsberg, A. Mc-
Lachlan, J. L. Porter, H. C. Cummins,
N. Cummins, D. Nickerson, C. T. Partington, J. H. Christie, J. J. Campbell,
F. Irvine, J. H. Wilkinson, J. 8. Harwood, J. A. Montgomery, G. Stead, R.
Robinson, R. J. Clark, W. H. McBeath,
F. E. Bell, F. Leaman, J. Jackson, T.
G. Procter, W. Farr, M. McSwain, J.
Hepburn, J. H. Nickerson, J. McCas-
klll. R. Reilly, J. McLatchle, D. McBeath, H. Wright, E. W. Monk, J. L.
Began, J. Denistoun, G. Ferguson, W.
J. Toye, Captain Duncan, with power
to add to their members.
This concluded the business of the
evening and with renewed cheers for
the king, the premier and the candidate, the meeting adjourned.
Radcllffe a Wreck.
Winnipeg, Jan. 7���Radcllffe, the
hangman, has written the sheriff declining to hang Made on the 16th.
Since the Vancouver execution he has
been a nervous wreck at home ln Toronto.
Campaign for 1(07 Will Be Arranged
Tomorrow Night by 20,000 Club-
Annual Meeting.
The annual meeting of the 20,000
club will be held ln the board of trade
rooms tomorrow night at 8:30. It is
earnestly hoped by the Boosters of
both parties that even the most active
workers will spare one evening, or a
part ot it, from politic* to plaee the
chief promotion organisation of the
city on.a strong basis for the coming
An energetic canvass for members
will be begun at once. It ls assumed
that all old members will join again,
but the number should be at least
erebled. Each member will receive a
club button on paying his subscription.
The revised arrangements for the
club ball on the Hth instant will be
announced. The executive of the club
kindly postponed their event from the
llth to leave tbe opera house available on that date for the public meeting to be addressed by Premier McBride.
The Hth is municipal nomination
day and if, as is now generally expected, the council and school board are
returned without a contest the ball
will be a fitting celebration of the tint
entirely peaceful election in Nelson.
The plan of holding a smoking con
cert has been abandoned for the present.
Adele Ritchie has returned to vaudeville.
Myer Bimberg, the "Button Man," la
planning the erection of another playhouse In New York city. It is to be
located on Forty-sixth street just west
of Broadway.Is to be called the Booth
theatre and will be occupied by Soth-
crti and Marlowe.
Eugene Cowles has signed a contract with Daniel V. Arthur and will
hereafter support Marie Cahill in all
her musical comedies.
Tbe "Suow Man," a musical piece by
Stange and DeKoven, will be the
spring offering at the Lyric theatre,
New York, following the engagement
ot Sothern and Marlowe.
Winuipeg has opened a new quarter
million dollar theatre. It Is named tbe
Daniel Frohmnn's cast for "The
Suoilers," to be given for the first
time on January 28 fn Baltimore, includes Ralph Stuart, Campbell Gollan,
George Osbourne. Evelyn Vaughn, Harriet Worthington and Desmond Kelly.
The projected starring tour of H. B.
Irving and Viola Allen haB been abandoned.
Grace George next spring will be
seen in "The Wild Duck" and "The
Lady From the Sea," by Ibsen, and
Mrs. Leslie Carter and her company
are busy with rehearsals of "Cleo,"
which is to have Its Initial performance
two weeks hence.
Sir Frederick's Ropes
High Commissioner Comes Home on
Piivate Business���Declines to
Discuss Resignation.
Ottawa, Jan. 7.���Lord Strathcona
arrived today and went straight to the
premier's office, where he had an Interview with Sir Wilfrid Laurier and
Hon. L. P. Brodeur. The high commissioner had nothing to add to what
be has already aald in interviews in
Montreal and St. John. His visit to
Canada was for personal reasons.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Lord Strathcona had luncheon togetl��r at thf
Kldeau club. Lord Strathcona met a
number of newspaper men but refused
to discuss tbe subject of his resignation, about which nothing is ao far
known in official circles.
���ketch of Ernest Millar, Who Will Succeed Q. A. Fraser.
Grand Forks, Jan. 7.���Ernest Miller,
the Conservative candidate at the approaching provincial elections (or the
Grand' Forks (electoral district, an<|
who received the unanimous nomination at the district Conservative convention held at Grand Forks a few daya
ago, is a strong supporter of the McBride government. Mr. Miller waa
born in British Columbia In the year
1870. He studied law In Toronto, Victoria and Vanoouver, and was called
to the bar ln J8��4, practlalng law ln
Vancouver, Rossland and Grand Forks.
He haa held the positions of city solicitor and crown prosecutor at Grand
Forks tor the last fire years and la
still the Incumbent of both of these
Mr. Miller has always taken an active part In politics and la now president of the conservative association
here, which position he haa held Ior
several yeara. Although a compara-
tively young practitioner he baa deservedly earned an enviable reputation as s criminal lawyer, being exceptionally resourceful ln bis defences.
The same resourceful quality ls now
being applied tn the coming campaign
and added to thla his general popularity and wide personal acquaintance
have practically assured his election.
Mr. Miller is the only candidate of
any political party whatever at Grand
Forks who received a unanimous nomination from the various surrounding
towns. He ls recognised as the very
strongest man ln the Conservative party here to contest the coming election.
Although a strong Conservative, Mr.
Miller ls today receiving unlimited support from all shades of politicians here,
which fact ia making him such a formidable candidate.
Another Opposition   Slander   Follows
Its Leaders.
Nelson, Jan. 6, 1907.
To the Editor:
Dear Sir���late this afternoon my attention waa called to an article In this
morning's edition of The Dally News
stating that I came to Nelaon aa the
travelling treasurer ot the Conservative
party, that I am, as the headlines
announce, "The man with the bag."
As the statement is absolutely untrue and as no one ln Nelson wu In a
position last night to give any Information as to my business, the story
must have been manufactured In the
office of The Dally News.
I therefore take this early opportunity  of Informing  the honest  people
of Nelson that tbe story ls simply a
deliberate and  malicious lie.
Tours sincerely,
Work on Winslow.
Nelll O'Donnell and Jim Grant aro
working the Winslow. They basve been
driving to tap the lead at depth, and
will have about 15 to 20 fet to go to
reaech the desired point.���Lardeau
Mining Review. _____
The Daily Canadian
. . Just Arrived . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 27 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... ,��4,i's00,000 REST ***4,500,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
noconnt, and compounded half yearly.
NELSON branch       J. Mi LAY, Alonager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Canltal  $3,734,310    Reserve	
Total   Assets $41,860,353
Accounts of firms aud iudlvlduals opened on the most favorable terms.
ThlrU-en branches In  British  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. 1,   PEASE. General Manager,  Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published bu dayi a week hy the
Baker tit-. Nelson, ti. 0.
ttubacriptlou ratea, W rents a mouth delivered
In the citv, or f_.O0 a year If scut by mall, when
paid In advance.
Advertisiuti rates on application.     ���     ,  -
AU monies paid lo Betaemenl oi The Daily
Canadian accounts, either (nt subscription! or
advertising, must be receipted fur mi the printed
loFtns of the Company.  Other receipts are not
raiid.      _     ____
JANL'AI-V 7. 1907.
"By one word wc are sometimes Judged  10 be
wise end farone word sometimei judged t. be
foolish,   bet ub therefor, be careful whtrt we
The electors of Nelson, like Uiose of
nearly every other constituency in ihe
provlnoe, will have three candidates
from whom to choose u representative
to sft in the'next legislative assembly
or the province.
Nelson Is fortunate In that the per-
|sonal equation need hardly be Pimsld-
���fered in the choice, John A. Kirkpatrick, Dr. G. A. II. Hall and Frank Phillips are nil honest men, all good and
reputable cltlrens, and all estimable
in private life The only choice the
elector has to make, then, is from the
three policies or -sets of principles assumed to be represented by the can*
a dispassionate review ol the situation and a comparison of the three policies advocated and offered, iin* the
duty of eaeh patriotic citizen ol Brit*
lnh Columbia, and It should be Hie duty
and the privilege of those who aim to
lead or to guide public opinion, not to
darken counsel hy a multitude of words
and by the publication of an endless
series of baseless rumors of personal
quarrels and faction squabbles which,
even if they were true, would be irrelevant  to the Issue.
The Socialists, if the words of their
accepted leader, J. JJ. Hawthornthwaite"
are to be considered as authoritative*
aim ut establishing a different system
of government and a different organization of society from those that now
exist. Their Spokesmen are somewhat
vague In expression, but they must be
credited with sincerity iu advocating
the abolition of private ownership of
Now, private ownership cannot bo
abolished   In   British   Columbia   alone.
The province is too intimately connected and related witli the rest of Canada.
It might, then, be urged that the Socialists should give up an impossible
task, and wait until they can organize
throughout the whole Dominion. But
the Socialists would probably reply
that they hope to attain to that In
time, and have chosen British Columbia for the first assault.
But, even If the formation of a Socialist government for the province be
considered to be an impossibility for
the present, it may still be argued that
a small group of socialists in the house
Is a useful element in watching legislation in the special interests of the
workingmen whose special representatives they have always claimed to be.
To such a claim there are two valid
replies: First, that every member of
the legislative assembly represents
more laborers than members of any
other class. There is as yet no leisured class and no privileged class ln
Hritish Columbia. Secondly, and it
seems to us, of even greater Importance, even a small Independent group
In a house of 42 members may prevent
the establishment of any stable administration, and being comparatively
Irresponsible, as all small groups must
be, they might either force thplr own
terms upon the government of the day
or completely block all public business.
Such a danger did, In fact, threaten
the present government during Its
first session, and until the election of
Mr. Manson. now provincial secretary,
for the vacancy In Alberni, gave Mr.
McHrlde a majority over Liberals and
Socialists, should  they combine.
Hut lt is a danger that the electors
of Hritish Columbia would not willingly see recur, and all business men and
all sober-minded working men will
echo Alderman Selous' wish for "a
swingeing majority" for the government.
It requires far less space to indicate
what the Conservative party glands for
in British Columbia at present. A
Conservative government has brought
order out of chaos, has made the provincial revenue meet the annual expenditure after a series of deficits
which began so long ago that few in
Hritish Columbia now remember the
last surplus under a former administration. Moreover, the fact that the
province could and did live within Its
income; that in spite of that such a
public work   as   the   bridge   over   the
Fraser at New Westminster could ibe
provided for; that In the meanwhile
old industries have been restored lo
prosperity and new ones developed���
all this lias enormously improved the
position of Hritish Columbia and restored the conlidei.ee especially of the
financial world, which is of such importance to a great new country, whose
immense resources still require* outside capital for their exploitation. This
is the achievement of Hon. Richard
Mcliridz and his colleagues, and this
is th_ task for the completion of which
they ask now a renewal of the peoples
But, just at the present juncture
there is still another claim whose Importance cannot be overestimated. The
just claims of Hritish Columbia for exceptional treatment in the readjust ment of financial relations
between the provinces and the
Dominion���claims as to which there is
no disagreement among parties in this
province���have been preferred by Mr.
McBride, and have been refused by
the representatives of the other provinces and of the Dominian. Although
J. A. Macdonald, Liberal leader, has
repudiated them, the whole Liberal
press of the province has attacked and
condemned Mr. McBrlde's attitude. A
defeat of Mr. McUride at the present
juncture would go far to excuse, if not
to justify, the refusal of the claims of
this province.
The Conservatives, therefore, stand
for two things: The continuance of the
safe and sane administration which has
restored prosperity to the province,
and for insistence upon the rights of
the province against the whole of the
rest of Canada, if necessary, in the
matter of equitable financial relations.
The position of the Socialists and of
the Conservatives are thus clearly defined. It fs not so easy to determine
what the Liberals stand for. There
are so many different positions taken
by Liberal members that we are tempted to offer the advice tendered by
Punch to the British Liberal party in
their dark days when Lord Kosebery
betook himself to his "lonely furrow."
Punch suggested a mass m ���--meting of
Liberal leaders to formulate a policy.
If J. A. Macdonald may still be considered as speaking with authority, his
recent deliverance in Nelson does not
help to an understanding of Liberal
aims. The only matters on which he
definitely advocates anything that the
present government haa not done, or
is not doing, is the formation of a provincial department of labor and immigration. As he would bar all Orientals
and objects to assisting any others, it
is rather difficult to see what functions he would permit such a department to perform. j
He wants railway companies taxed
but objects to the one measure already
taken by ihe government, the new
School Ac', to make the railway corporations pay some share of the flnan-
ci *I burden of the province.
On the question of Better Terms Mr.
Macdontild says that if returned icf
powr-r he will insist, as Mr. McBrldd
has insisted, on the rights of the province. That statement alone Is justification for Mr. McHrlde and a well-
m* rited rebuke to the Liberal press,
whose bitter attacks on tlie premier's
attitude Mr. Macdonald has not yet had
the manhood to repudiate.
Altogether, it is not misrepresentation, but plain statement of fact, to
say that the Liberals in British Columbia repiesent nothing a' all at
present, their only real point of dlf-J
ference with the government being the
natural and quite pardonable desire of
their members to replace the Conser-'
vatives in office.
But the electors of the province may
be trusted to express unmistakably
their preference for tried and proved
servants, and their reluctance to experiment with the unknown.
Grand Forks,..,
Green wood	
New Westminster
Richmond ,
JI. rtri'WBler.
C. W. Munro.
j. ii. Bennett.
J N. Evans...
Da. King	
.liihn Oliver..
���lolsn .larslins'.
Dr. Young....
Wm. Manson.
('. Wilson	
s. A. Cawley.
It. Grant	
J. .A. Harvey.
T. W. Paterson.
j. d. Bwanson..
R. McBride	
(*. E. I'oolry	
\\*. It. Ross	
E Miller	
E.G. Wan- n	
A. K. MoPhllllps.
F, .1. Eulion	
Now that the time for action has arrived it behooves every voter to be
ready to do his duty to himself and
his country. He should nol he misled
hy the slanders of political aspirants
for pojvcr and place against those
whose positions they are seeklug.
Every man should strip from the Inn-
gunge of party warfare the misstatements and fallacies It contains, und
vote as conscience dictates. In no period In Ihe history of our province
have more desperate means been devised to attain power than are now being made use of by the opposition. To
catch the vote, to blind the eyes of the
voter, they distort facts, falsify the records and try to blacken the character
of their opponents. They hav e no
gieat principle of public policy to substitute for that which has fostered and
built up the industries of the province,
established an abiding sense of faith in
our future, and relieved us from bankruptcy and created a confidence in the
minds of capitalists and Investors from
the beneficial effects of whicli we are
now  profiling.
Coast correspondents of Interior
papers are revelling In two sensations.
M. Eagleson	
ll Sheppard	
Dr.O. A. n. Hall.
F.W. Howay	
Dr. Macdonald..
R. Caley	
J. W. Weart	
J. A. Maedonftld,
Soc, Labor or Ind.
A MoDonald...
.1. Kirkpatrick.
T. Gilford	
Price Ellison	
Thos. Taylor	
F. L. Carter-Cotton
D. M.Eberts...
J L. W. Shatford.
J. \V. Morrow I	
A. It Doc-ksts-asler: Wm. Hunter...
'. T. F. Neelands.
IB. Q. Tatlow.
.1. F. Garden.
.P. A. Gilchrist.. A. ll. MacGowan.
J. W. DeTl. Fnrris
C. Tossel	
w. Bowser,
Dr. McGuire.
John Mcluns's (Soc.i
E. Dynes (Soc.i
W'.J.Lodlughum (Soc.)
Hawthornthwaite (Soc.)
Frank Phillips (Soc.)
P, Williams (Soc.)
J W. Logic (Soc.)
H. McBride (Ind.)
S. Livingstone (lnd.-Cou.)
Geo. Kilby (Soc.)
W.Davison (Soc.)
E. Kingsley (Soc.)
It. P. Pettipiece (Soc.)
A.Stebblngs (Soc.)
K. H. McVety (Soc.)
J.E. Dulsberly (Soc.)
j Dr. Erni'st   Hall (Labor).
A. Johnson (Labor).
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From $6.00 to $35.00.
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The Vancouver Conservatives have differences of opinion among themselves.
So have the Victoria Liberals. Hut
while Sir Hibbert Tupper and Messrs.
Cowan aud Seymour condemn only the
system adopted in tbe choice of candidates and object to a prior pledge of
support, a position which is easily de-
I'ensiLsle���the rebellion of Vietoria Liberals headed by J. Stuart Yates and
li. T. Elliott Is against the men who
are dictating to them as well as
against the methods of dictation.
The Daily News' "it is said" Is de-
liciously naive. Of course, **it is suid,"
but ouly by the Dally News. Such
statements are as reliable as llie "dark
hints" of "Honest" Jsslm Oliver and
the convalescent visions of The Dally
News' coast correspondents.
Kotlce In hereby glveu thai BO dnys utter (tali*** I
intend to apply to tlie Honorable the Chief Com"
mlssloner oi Lands and Wurks for a license to
prospect (or eoal and petroleum over lhe following land : Hituated 10 units nnrth at the Inter
national boundary Hue and east of the Klathead
river* begiuniug at a pust marked W. K. Cooke's
N. K. eorner post, theuee 60 ehuius couth, thenc.
80 ehalna WM_ thenre BO ohalni north, thenee SO
chains east to point of com meu cement.
Dated Nov. 13, 1906. W. K CoQKl,
Notice Ib hereby given that sixty day* afler
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commiasioner of hands and Worka for
a license to prospect for ooal and petroleum over
tht following laud; Hliuuied 10 miles north of
the international itoundary line and can of the
Flathead river, beginning at a post marked F..H.
Cooke's N. VV, corner post- tnence Ho chains
south, theuee HO chains east, Ihcnce BO chains
north, thenefl HO chalus west to polnl of commencement.
Daied Nov. la. 1906, E. H. Cooke.
Notice Is hereby given lhat 60 days niter date I
intend to apply to lbe Honorable Chief Commls-
Blouer of Lands aud Works for a license io pros-
peat for COE) and petroleum over (lie following
laud; Situated iwo miles nortii of tbfl Interna-
tloual boundary Hue aud west of the Flathead
river. Beginning al a post marked J Collins1
N. B. eoruer post, thence HO chains nouth, tbeuce
SO Chalna wesl, thence 00 chains north, theuce HO
chains'easl to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. 14, 1906, J- Collikb.
Notice is liereby given that BO davs after dato 1
intend to apply lo the Honorable the Chlel 'ommlssloner of Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for conl and petroleum over the following land: Situated two miles north of the International boundary line and weat of the Flnlhead
river. Begiuniug at a posl marked W. l-e'<ullals'
N. W. corner poll, thence HO chnlni* south, thence
SO chalus oast, thenee ho chnins norlh. thence HO
ehnins west to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. li, 1006. W, UUaLLAIS.
Notice ls hereby given that BO davs after date 1
Inteud to apply tu the Hon. Chief Commlsiiouer
of Lauds aud *"ork�� for a license to prospect for
coal and petroleum over lho following land;
Hituated. two milts north of the JnUrnatlonal
boundary Hue and west nl the Flathead river.
Beginning al a post marked C. ('. Bjhorus' N. Ji.
corner post, thenee 80 chains south, thence HO
chains west, thenee ho chain*- north, thence B0
chnins eaat to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. 14, 1906. C  0. B-JH0H0I,
Notice Is hereby given that BO (lavs an
lutend to apply lo the Honorable thc Cl
mlisloner of  Lands and Works for n  I
Notice Is hereby given that 60 ilavs aller date I
��� ���  "   " DhlefOom-
ileensc to
promeet for cosl and petroleum over the following lund; tii touted two miles north of the inter
itlonal boundary line and west of the Flathead
river. Beginning ul 11 poM murked b H Molnnd-
er's N. E. corner post, theliee BO chnlna south,
theuce hi) chains cant, theuee K0 chalnn north,
Ihence HO cha lti a west to polnl of commeiicrui'-rit.
Dated Nov. 14,19X16. L. JI. MolakiiIII.
Notice la herebv given that 60 davs alter ante I
lutend loapply to the Honorable chief Commls-
imn' i of Lands uud Works for a license lo prospect for eoal nnd petroleum ovci lhe following
laud : Situated two miles uorth of lhe inicrna-
tlujiki boundary line uud west of the Flathead
river Beginning at a post markeii W. 'linker's
H. W. comer post, thenee HO chains north, thence
H" 1 l,n ns eaat, ihcnce K0 chaini south, thence Ki
chums west to poini of com me nee me 11
Dated Nov. 14,1906.
Ofl is hereby given that sixtv dayi after
intend to apply to the Honorable the ('hief
tlssloner of Lands aud Works for a license
. _speet for coal mid petroleum over the following land: Situated li miltis north of thfLJu-
tematloual boundary line and east ol the Hat-
head river. Beginning at a posl inarkod It. ti.
Parker's Ti, W. corner post, thence BO eliains
souih, tlience HO chains east, theuce KO chatna
uorth, theuce HO chaius well 0 poim of rum-
Dated Nov, 16,1906. _ R. H. Parkier.
Notice Is liereby given hat 60 daya nfter dato J
Intend to applv to ibe Hoiiorahle the ('hief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a limine to
rironpect for eoal aud petroleum over the follow-
t'g laud: sii imied 7 miles nortii of the international boundary Hue und enst of thfl Flathead
river beginning at a poat marked J Urlbbie's
H. K, corner posl, theuce -HO chains north, tlience
HO ehalus west, theuce Ko cluilns souih, thence HO
ehalns easl lo point of eommeucement.
Dated HOT, if, MOB. i___t_ft*t
Noilce is hereby given lhat BO duys after date I
inteud lo apnlv (o ihp Hon Chief Commissioner
of Lands aud Works for a license tn prospect for
coal aud petroleum over lhe following land;
Bttuated bU miles north  ol  the international
boundary line and east of the Flathead river.
Beginning at a post murked A. Kurd's ti. W
corner post, theuce HO chaius north, thence 80
chnins eust. thence 60 chnins Booth, thenee Ho
chains west to point of commencement.
Dated Nov 16,1906. A. Ht'RD.
Notice is herebv given thai 60 davs after dale I
Intend to applv to the Hou. Chief t ommlsslouer
of hands anil "orki- for a license to propped for
eoal aud petroleum over the followlug laml:
���Situated six miles north of the International
boundarv Hue mid east of the Flathead rlfer.
Beginning at a post markeii K. H. Hurd's N. W
corner post- thence K0 ehalna south, thence B0
ehaim east,  thenee Ho chaius north, thence KO
chains west to point of commencement
Dated Nov. 16. iw��.
E. n. Hurd,
Notiee is hereby given tlial two months after
date we intend to npply to the Chief CommlB-
siouer of Lands und Works for a lease of all that
laud beliik the foreshore adjoining the Canadian
Par-Hie Kill way Shipyard on lhe wesi, pari of
Lot BBA| group 1, and being ou thu Bouth shore
ol the west arm of Kootenay Lake, lu the dis-
rlet of Koolenay: Commeuelng at the aouther-
ly corner of Lit 7064. group 1; theuce along the
south westerly boundary of lot 7064 aud the extension thereof. In a north wefcterlv direction, a
distance of _86 feet; thenee it right ingles to
laid boundary in 1 south westerly direction, a
distinct- of 31-5 feet, moro  or less, to the north
easterly boundary of the Oity Park, continued;
thence parallel to Bald westerly boundary of lot
7064, in a south easterly direction, a distance of
.���"���-uo feet. Dt-are or less, lo Uie northerly bouudarv
of lot fiHA ; thencfl following the northerly boundary of lol &HA in n north easterly direction tothe
point of comuieiH'cmeut, the area being 3.94
acres, more or leas.
Dated this 7th day of January, A.D., 1907.
Sixty duys after dnte 1 purpose making application U) llie Honorable the Chief Commisiiuncr
of Laii'ls anil Works for permiSHlon to pun-hasc
the following described land: Commencing ut
a posi placed at the ti. W corner of Lot 6900 and
murked "K. li. F.'s" N- W. eorner, theuce following the southern boundary Lot 6000. 65 chains
more or Lasl east to the west boundary of Lot
630], thence billowing same south 80 chains to
the north boundary of Lot 6Wi*; theuee about 70
Ohalni west along suid boundary to the lake
shore; thence north '.10 ehulns more or less following tbe laite shore to point of commencement, containing iU7 acres more or less.
Dated December 17th, 1907,
F. (i FAt-yriKR.
Notice Ih hereby given that sixty days after
dnte I intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief
Commissioner of Landl and Works for permission to purchase the following described land
situated in the West Kootenay district: Commencing at u post planted at the "N. B. corner
of L. Portett'l pre-cinptlon," and ruuning
(hence fust s_ chalus; tlience south 40 chains;
ihenee west 4" chains; thenee uorth 40 chains,
to place of commencement, containing 160 acres,
more or less.
Hakkv Peieks, l.-irnt.-r.
M. It   Mi-ytrAKRte, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days ailer
date I Iniend lo apply to the llouorable the
Chief Commlnloner OI Lands and Works, for
permission to purchase the following describi _
funds Iltnated In the West Kooteiiuy district:
Commeneing at a posi marked "H. H. south
west oomer," aud north of A W. Lucas's, pur
chaae claim, on Huud Crces; thence norlh 4o
ehalna; thence east -.1 ehalna; theuce south 40
Ohalni; thenoe-SO chains went, to polntof commencement, coiilulnltig 40 acres, more or less.
Decembers*. [Mf*-*
 M. It. Mc'-Warrik, Agent.
Hixtr daya after date 1 inteud to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lnnds und Works to purchase 640 acres olland, located iu I-ower Arrow
l.ake, Wesi Kooieuuy: Conimcnciug at a post
planted at tbe "N.W. corner of Arrow Cue
Indian Reserve"; thenee soulb 80 chains; thence
wesi HO chains; thence nortb KO chains; thence
east HO chains, to place of beginning.
Looated 96ttl day of December, liWfl.
C, HRWX_[���
m  I-locator,
���Sixty duys after data 1 Intend to apply to the
Hou. Chief Commissioner of Lninls aud Wor-ks,
Victoria, to pureliuse 160 acros of land, located on
lhe weat side of Arrow lake, about flva> miles tie-
low liurlon <lly, iiiol described as follows: Com
iiM-m in*.* ul a posl marked "F. (.). H's southeast
comer, ami being WtUiaiueUtol the norlh west
corner of Lot i.lH; tbence norlh 40chains; ihence
wesl 40 chains; thence soutli 40 chains; theme
enst loebuliis to lhe place of beginning.
November Hth, 1006, F. 0, Hmi.
     P"r J. K, Annaiii.k.
Hlxty days after date I intend to npplv to the
Hon the Chief Coin mlssloner of Lands aud Worka
to purchnse 240 acres of bind: Commencing nt a
post   marked "N.X H's southeast corner posl,"
Mild posl belni ai iiu- noftoeut oorner of Geo.
Hudson's pre-emption claim, ahoul two miles
soutliPAsl of Hurton Cily, thenee west 40 chaini,
South80 chalna, west 40 chultis, north 40 ehulns,
east K0 chains, south '10 chains to place of commencement, containing 'J4o acres.
Loeatoa-Sth day of Nov. lBOfi.   Nettie T. Rikh.
Hixty 'lays afler date I Intend loapply to the
Hon. l-blif Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purehaae 40 acres of land, situated
on the west side of Arrow Lake, about 8W miles
below Hurton, and described us billows: Commencing ut a post planted nt the northeast
eorner of Lot 707O, and running norlh 80 chains;
thence west mi (hains, tin nee souih SO chains,
tbence ensi 'in chnins to place of beginning.
Nov. lllh, 1IW6. II   K. iJitf.,
.J. K Annaiii.k, Agent,
Notice Is hereby given that 60 davs utter dale I
Intend lo apply to the Honorable the chief Commissioner of Lands nod Works for permission to
purchnse the following described landl situate
about 10 miles east Ofthe City of Nelson, on the
south shore of the West Arm of Kooteuay lako,
aud commruciig al u post placed ahoul no chalus
aouth of the BQUtheasi coruerof Lot SMI, marked
"H. *Th0m__r_9. W corner," thence south _0
chains, thence east 90 ehalim, theuce north 20
chillis, thenee west 'io chaius to polul of com
Dated this iith day of Nov., 1906,    6. Tnoius.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Nollee Is bereby given that 60 <iuy�� alter date- 1
Intend to apply tO the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of bands nnd Works, victoria, B. C,
lor permlaalon to purchase the following deacrlbed land, situated in tbe Wcsl Kootenav dlatrlct,
ou lb. west able of I uhnmel (or Hlx . *.;��� ��� ���*. -k.
00 up** er side of wagon road, uboui Similes
frojn Weel Arm ol Kootenav lake: Commencing
at a poet marked Mrs Hattie Duck's N.K corner, running 40 chains west; thence Jl chains
soulb; Iheuee 40 I'bnlus east; thence 'JI) chains
north, to the point of commencement, eontainiug KO acres of land, more- or less.
Dated the 17th November lune.
Mas   Hattie DUCK-,
John E Taylor, Agent
Hlxty dan nfter dale I intend toapply to the
Hou. chief Commissioner ol Lands und Works,
Victoria, to purehaae UO acres of laud about two
miles below Burton Clly, West Kooteuay, conimcnciug at a posl marked ���'.'. A. Irving's cast
comer nost," said post being on thc easterly end
of au Island west of lxii 6,.47,and claiming all the
laud contained in said Island, being about one
mile in an easterly and westerly direction and
about _!o chains from north to south.
Novum Iht llth. 1908, J. A. Irving,
J K annahlk. Agent-
BlXtT-ATS afterdate 1 intend to apply lo the
Hou. Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works,
Victoria, to purchase UO acres of land located
on the westsldeof Arrow lake and Ivlng directly
north of Lot 7076: Commencing at u post plalite .
at the N. E, comer of Lot 71.6 and marked "BH.
ti. E corner," and running north 80 chains,
thence west M chains, theuee north 20Chains,
tbence west _tl chains, thence aouth 40 ehalns,
theuce east 40 chains, to plnee ol beginning.
Nov. Mtb, 1906. Uektha Krai.ley,
J. E. Annable Agent
intend to apply u. the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lb ud*- and Works for permission to purchase
the following deaorlbed land In West Kootenay
district: Commencing a! a pott marked Mrs. V
A. Wilson's corner post, planted at the northeast
corner of -Section 17| Townsite7, running south
40 chains, thenee west 40 chains, thenoe north 40
rhulus, theuce eaat 40 chains to place of com
meneement, eontainiug I60 ueres, moreor tens
Dated Nov. 29, 1006. Mrs. V. A. Wilsun,
J. Wilson. Agent.
Notice ls herehy given thai '���" days alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase 300 acres of laud, situate 011 the bit tie
Moyie river about 1 mile from Inu-rnational
Boundary and r&boui 1 mile from ���pok&nfl Inter-
national Ky.: Commeneing at a post marked
D. Gl__tfl H. E. corner post, thenee west 40
ehalus; thenee north 4o eliains; tlience east KO
chains; theuee north 20 ehains; thenoe east 60
ehalns; thence south 60 ehalus to place of commencement, containing 'M) acres of laml.
Located Oct. 30th iw��.
Daniel Chant.
Hixty days after date 1 intend toapply to ths
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lund** and
Works, Victoria, to purehase I tin acres of laml,
located In Klret Valley snd deacrlbed ns follow a:
Commencing at a post marked ti. B, MflM'i N.W.
comer, and planted at the loutb Will corner of
Lot .-,1'.*, and running south ni eliains, ihe net
enst 20 ehalns, (hence north Nl chnins, thenee
west 2(1 chains to place of beglnulug.
Nov. Uth, 11*06. tiKo. B. McMillan,
J. E. AKNAiiLE, Agent.
Hixty days after date 1 Intend to npply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lauds und
Works lo purchase 640 ueres of land, located iu
Plre Valley, OO Trait side of Arrow lake: '"ommenclng at a post planted 40 chains wc*l of tbe
southweit corner of J. Roblnion'i pre-emption
and marked J. W's H. E. corner, and running
north SO chnins. ihence west Wl ehulns, lbence
south HO chains, thenee cast 80 chains to place of
Nov. 1Mb, 1006. Janr Williams.
J. E. ANNAHLK. Agent.
Witty days after date I Intend to apply tothe
Chief Commissioner of Lendi and Works for
permission to purchase the following described
Unds in Kootenay Dlsirlct, about thiie-ouarteri
of mile from Thrum's siding: Commencing at a
post placed at the H. W. corner of L flew, group
1, we$t Kooteuny Dlstricti Ihcnce westerly
foii'*,ving the north boundarr of L4f>iw, 40
chaius; thence norlh 10 chains; ibenee east tf
ehalna, moreor less, tothe N, W corner of
LUBSi theuce SOUth fol low iui; the weft boundaiy
of IMtt'i. 10 chains, more or leas, to place of eoin-
jDeiiremcut, coiitaluJiig 4o ueres, more or less.
Dated thla flih day of December. 1006
H. H. Pitts, Locator.
60 duys after date I Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commiasioner of Lunds and
Works, to purchase 870 acres of land: Commencing at n   posl  murked  ���'. W. H. N. II. corner
poitand planted on tne treat shore of Arrow
lake adjoining Lot in., on the south side or said
Lot, tbeuce west so chains abuiK the southern
houndiiry of I.ot R7H; ihenee south MUM chains;
theuce cbn! HO chaiua more or less to lake shore;
thence north along lake shore lo place of bi-glu-
nip. j.
Dated 2Vth duy of Nov. 1006.
<iro. W.btkh.,
J. K, ANNAHLK, Agetlt.
Notiee ta hereby glveu thai 60 daya aller dale I
inteud to apply to the Honorable the <'nlcl Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for permission to
purchase the following deserlhed lands: Com-
mi in*iiik at n post placed '_0 chains west of Ihe
southeast eorner of Lot 8M2, marked "B. A. Hell's
norlhweat eoruer," thence south tto chains,
thenee east 20 (hains, thence north 'A) clisins,
thence west 20 chains to-point of eommeneement,
continuing 40 acres, more ur less.
Located this 6th dayof Nov., 1906.   H. A. Bell.
Mlxty days after date 1 Intend to apply lo (he
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lunds und Works,
Vietoria, to pureliase 4H0 acres of Hind, In Kire
Valley, West Koolenay: Commencing at a post
Slanted 60 chalna west of the ti. W. corner of J.
oblnsoii'B pre-emption, and marked W. W's N.
E. corner, and runniug west 60 ehulns, thenee
south HO chains, theuce eust 60 Chums, thenee
north SO chains to place of beginning
Nov. 18th, 1906. William Williams,
J. K. Annahlk, Agent.
Hlxty days afler date 1 intend to apply to thc
Hon. thc <-hief <'0111 mIssloneruf Uihdsaud Works
lo purchase 160 acres of land: Commencing at a
post planted on tbe west side of Hlx mile croes,
ou wagon road, about two and one half miles
from Kootenay lake, and marked "Nell Mc-
Kechnlc's H. West corner post," thenee east 40
chains, Ihence norih 40 chains, thence weat 40
chaiua, lbence south 40 chains, to place of com-
Located this 10th day of November, 1906.
Mil M.Kkjhni-,
Blxty dayi after dale 1 Intend to apply u_U
Honorable the Chief Commiasioner of Lands and
Works for per_o_salon to purchase thefolloviu
described lamls In Kooteuay district: Coin-
menetngat a post marked J. B. Auiiahlc's northeast coi uer post, snld post being on th. couth
side of the Lower Arrow lake, nbout two inbei
below Hurton City; tbenee soutb :to chtinc;
tlience wesi 'JO chains; tbence aouth 'Joehalni;
ihence west ._-.) chains; theuce north BS *��:*,,
snd 20 links, more or less to the lake Ihom]
thence easterly ulimg lake 4ticlialns, more or leu,
to the place of begiuniug, containing W,, sera,
more or leas.
Dated this 6th day of November, 1806,
J. ti. Annahlk,
per K. L. Bd_Q_R, Ag.-nt.
Notice is hereby given that sixty duys alter
dale I Intend to make application to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works st
Vietoria, B. i .. for permission to purchasetlie following described land, situate in Fire Valley,
West Koolenay district; Commencing ul m post
{planted ai the soutbwc.it corner of Joshua !.������������
insoii's pre-empllon, marked K. I. K'sH. K, corna
post, thence 40 chains west, thence 40 dim 1*1
north, thence 4(" chalnseasl lo Joshua RotrlBSOBi
northwest corner, lbence south 40 chains to plaoe
of commencement, coutaiuing 160 seres, more or
Dated this i.rd day of Nov., ltfOd.
6. davs after date I intend to apply told. Hon
Chief Commissioner of Landa ami Works, Victoria, to pureliase .MO acres of land located in
Fire Vallev ami hems a -portion of lecHou l-i
uud 16 In '-.owlishipe!" und described us followi;
CoinuicnciuK at a post planted ul the southwest
comer of the southeast quarter of section IS
Town-lup BD and marked J. ti. ti. k. corner,
thene-* north 40 chains; thenee west 60 chalnn;
theuee SOUth 4o chains; thenee ea��.t 60 B____U to
place of beginning
November Mrd 1906.
Josrcn GlBNN.
J. E. Annable, Agent.
Notice ls hereby given tnat 00 days trom date I
Intend to applv to lhe Honorable the Chief Commisaloner of Lands and Works to purchase 040
acres of laud descr'bed aa followa: Coninicnciuj*-;
at a poat planted on the north bauk of the Little
Moyie river, about ifflo yarda trom mouth, anil
marked "R. McLean'a H. W. corner post."
thcooe east Wi ehalus, thenee north so chains,
thence west SO ebalus, theuce soutli SO chains, io
place o( 1 ommcuccinent, and containing MO acres
more or less.
Located wuh day Oct,, 1906.     Rout. Mi Lkan.
���Sixty days afterdate I lulend to apply tothe
Honorable the Chief Commisaloner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, to purehaae _D0 acrea of land
located in ul (H-aerlbed aa follows: Commencing
at a post planted at ths southwest corner nf J.
llobinson's pre-emption in Fire Valley, and shout
five miles from Kdward l_ilntlug, west aide of
Arrow lake, aud maiked K. O'b N. K. corner aud
running west 60 chains, Ihence south m> chaini,
theuce east .*" eliulua, thenee south 20 chain .
thenee cast 40 chalna, thence norlh 40 chains tb
place of beginning.
Nov   18th, 1006. Frank fiRA^os,
J, E. ANNAHLK, Agent.
Notleo la herebv given that 60 davs after date I
Iniend lo anply to the Hon Chief Commiasioner el
Landiand Works, Victoria, for permission to purchase the following deserlhed land, situated 1_
the West Kootenav district, on tM west *-nl��* of
Duhamel (or BU Mile) creek, near wagon mad,
about three miles from Kootenay lake: Commencing ai a post marked "James J, Duck's S W.
post," running 90 cbaina east, thenee ai chains
north, thence U chains wett, thenee 20ehalni
aouth, to lhe point of eommeneement, containing 40 acres ol land, more or leas.
Deled Utfa November, 1906.
I��oculed hy Jamfs J. DfCK.
per John K. Taylor, Agent.
Hlxty days afler date 1 intend to apply to llir
Hnuorabie thc Chief Commissioner ol Land" ami
Works for permlnion to purchase the following
described lund* m Koolenay dlatrlct: Commenolng at a posl marked "A. J. Dill's aoulliwest
Oorner post." said post belni on the northwesterly shore of the Lower Arrow lake and 16 Hnki
due eait. on the northeast corner of Ijot '^,9>
liroup U thenee north 60 chatna; cast 40 chain**;
south 40 1 halus, more or lesa, to the lake shore,
thenoe followlni said shore in a southweslerif
dire Hon BO chuni, more or less to the place S
heginniug, containing 160 acres, more or   lon
Dated ibis fith day of November, 1U0��.
A, J. IMI.L.
i��*r K   L. BUKNKT, Agent.
Notice la hereby given lhat 00 daya after datfl
I luutid, lo apply to the Honorable the 1 'hlel
Cninmlasloner of Lands and Worka for perm la-
alon lo purchase the following described lands,
Koolenay dlsirlct: Commeneing at a post
marked '*.!. ll. Wallace's north west corner posl.'
aald posl being on the easterly aide of Lows!
Arrow lake, and at the southwest corner ol
I'orler'a pre-emption claim; thencecast:��) chain*,
theuee aouth W ehulns, i hence west 20 chslns,
Ihence south at chains, theuce west 60 chalm
moreor lesa to tlu Arrow lake, thence Ilia north
ciiM.-iiy illreclloii 00Ohalna, moreor leaa to the
place of beginning, containing 140 acres, more or
Dated thla Slith day nf Oelot-er, 1W��.
J. H Wai.lack,
By bis agent, KeHWITH L. BUKWKT.	
Oh duy-* after'late I Intend to applv to Ihe Hon
chief Commlnloner of Lands and Works to purchase BSD acres of und located iu Kire Valley being part pi Sections fl and 10 Township 00, and
deaorlbed as follows: Commencing at a posl
inurke.l F, W.J. R K. corner and planted al thfl
northwest corner of Win. Williams' nuichase
theuce weal 10 chains; Ihcnce north HO chains;
theuce east 40 chains; Uu nee soutli HO chulu* '
place of beginning.
plnee of heginniug.
November'-Urd 1000.
K. W. Joruan,
J. k. ahnahi.k. Agent
neres, more or less.
Dated 80th day of Nov., 1006,   BptOJt HurtoH.
  J. K _______ Agent-
Hlxty days nfler date T Intend to npply to the
Hon. Cliier Commissioner of Linda ami Works,
Victoria, to purchase 100 acres oi luud located in
Fire Valley, being pari of BeotlOOJ Throe and
Four, Township 60, aud described as follows:
Commeuelng nt a poat planted at Willi*""
Wllllama' N. W. eorner, and marked "K. K. w'l
N. K, oorner," uud running 40 chains west,
thenee 20 chains aouth, lbence 'Jo chalna easl,
thenco 40 chains south, tbence 20 chains east,
theuce 60 ehains uorih to plaee of beginning.
November MM, l�� .5. Rose h wnxuais,
J. K AN.--.AhLK, Agent,
m______mm___m The Daily Canadian
Stock-Taking Cleanup Sale!
During the First Two Weeks of January We Offer Big
Bargains in Staple Goods to Clear Out Odd Lines.   ���   .
China and Glassware Department.
3 Butter Dishes, nickel top and stand, glass bowl,
regular $2.50, at $1.50
2 Butter Dishes, regular $2.00, at - -     $1.25
4 Royal Crown Derby Vases, $7 and $8, at Half Price.
1 Blue Copeland Dinner Set, $32, at - - $20.00
Vases, all kinds, at One-Third off regular prices.
1 40-Piece Tea Set, regular $6.50, at       - -    $4.50
Royal   Crown   Derby,   Copelands,    Minton,   Doulton,
Wedgewood, Coalport, and  Beleek  China
Go'-.ds at One-Quarter off.
Book Department.
2-V0I. Sets, regular $1.00, at 75c. Set, postage 20c , comprising Conquest of Peru, Data of Ethics and
Education, Descent of Man and Origin of Species,
Lincoln���His Life and Times, Napoleon and His
Marshalls, Washington and His Generals, etc.
5-V0I. Sets, Publisher's price $5, our price $1.25, postage
30c. Works of H. Rider Haggard, Mary J.
Holmes, Edna Lyall, Charlotte M. Braetne, Rosa
N. Carey, Alexander Dumas, McAulay's England,
R. Waldo Emerson, Cooper's Sea Tales, Mysteries
of Paris, Mayne Reid's Works, R. L. Stevenson.
Shakespeare's Works, 14 vols., in box, large type, $4.75
Postage 55c.
Medical and Reference Books.
Wagner's Standard Horse and Stock Book.
$1.50 Gleason's Horse Book,      -       *$i.io, postage
$1.50 Dr. Chase's Recepies, large ed., $1.10 "
The Home Doctor,         -           -         $1.25 "
The Care of the Sick           -           -   $1.25 "
The New Tokology       -           -          $1.35 "
Dr. Chavasse Manual for Wives and Mothers.
Maidenhood and Motherhood       -      $1.25 "
Koradine Letters.   Cassels Family Doctor.
Standard Fiction at 20 per cent off.
Thin paper Limp Leather Editions, regular $1 lines, at
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Framed Pictures.
All sizes and prices at 1-4 off regular prices.
Miscellaneous Goods.
A large variety, consisting of Suit Cases, Handbags,
Wood Carved Screens, Fancy Clocks, Candle
Sticks, Bouquet Holders, &c, &c, at prices not
near their cost, marked down to Make Them Go.
Every article is new in good condition.
Dolls and Toys I -4 off.
(Mdimjg .and ica^sras
lNHEUSER    ��� ���and rm OWGINAL
rtJSCH...       Bud weiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       ��������* A<Krut.���&.?r,t,-h    VICTORIA
eavy Hams
Most economical for Camp and Hotel nse.
Large shipment just received from W.
Davies Co., Toronto. . . Also Davies'
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Order*) by null to iu; branch will have
our prompt and careful attouilon.
He*d Office: Nelson, B. C.
Certificate of Improvements
"IloricRhoc," "Eileen,'
fcisiisri ..." "Climax,       .__-_-_���      -(ssii-si,
I   "Union   Jat'k,"   s-llsissls'il   111   Ns'Imsii   MllllliK
J.iss-nts'il sin fssrriipllioisrwslt.
m'ssks- Notloe HihI I, Frank Klistclst-r, .Rent lor
\v As-tlvi' s,ulil   Missis,k iiiisi|siisiv. Krs-s- Miner*.
y,i iss Nis. Isssl-j',si issli-iist, flu slssys- Irom del?
I, tss sli iily tss tlie Mining- Itsss-ssnls-r for a
hrlllls-ate ssf linni-stveiiicntH for tbe purpose of
Bttiluliiit a Crown firant of thcabtsvu s lislsssss
"Ansl fssrtlsi-r take notis-e  tlsat aftlnn, under
lilon HT,  isiiihS lie ciitiisiii-snTil Isefnre tlie 1H.U-
10 (sf jsurli Certlllssate of Improvement,,
lintud Nation, 18th Dee., woo.
Certificate of Improvements
IH"mV,','I" "V,!"',1.1 cl"!mi "'""Ml In the Nelson
M ItiliiK IlivUlon of Wont Kootenay dlatrlct.
Where loeiiusd :_On Toad mountain.
Take Notice that I, John McLalchle. acting ei
I   ,l��� "'.."""Wi* *��� I'linphell, Krisis Miner*! Ocr-
iii,     .NlV .Wn' Intend, slit, dava from the
1 ',..��''" * '"''l'l'1'* I" thf Minlnr Recorder for
t.V,.... 1        *'..**' '"il'i'ovcmeiitii, for the purpose of
a ,     !t[.?iC",wl! Uruut"' tbo ebove oleim.
,r, 1,,,,'rrt'nir tuke notloe that action, under
,,      . ,', 1" ,'."' l�� ���tnnitini-iKl Isefore thc issssis-
nii. , .      SSfl*I*,"! "' Improvcmenta.
liKtcsl thin 17th day ol November, 1MI.
John McLatohik.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offloe: Beulejr Building.   P. O. Ho*   ""
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Boildera will Ond it to then* advantage to une onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Damages Against Texas Railroads Not
Collectible���Other   Interesting
News by Wire.
Chicago, 111., Jan. 7.���Two ca_es
brought by the Cattle Raisers' associ__-
tion of Texas naming a number of
railroads as defendants, the first case
all-oging rate discrimination on Interstate shipments of live stock and the
second case Involving the legality of
the $2 terminal charge on carload
shipments of cattle at the Union stockyards in this city, came up for hearing
today before the Interstate Commerce
Commission. Both cases have been
heard before by the commission and
decided in favor the cattle men. But
neither or the decisions whs enforced
under the old railroad rate law because
of the fact lhat the commission hud no
rate making power. After the new law
went into effect the Texas cattle raisers and the Chicago live stock exchange revised the cases and filed new
complaints, which were taken up by
the commission today.
Standard Oil Cases.
St. Louis, Jan. 7.���What promises to
be the last hearing ln the suit brought
by the State of Missouri to dissolve
the truBt alleged to exist between the
Standard OU Company, the Waters-
Pierce Oil Company, and thu Republic
Oil Company in the State of Missouri
was begun at tlie Southern hotel today
before Commissioner Anthony. Nearly
al) the officers of the several com-
I panies, including John D. Rockefeller,
} H. H. Rogers and others upon whom
eupoenas had been served, were represented by counsel. The testimony of
all the witnesses wil) be reviewed by
Commissioner Anthony and then transmitted to the Missouri supreme court
for final adjudication.
Shingle Weaver's Convention.
Belllngham, Wash., Jan. 7.���Delegates from half a dozen states are attending Uie annual convention of the
International Shingle Weavers' Union
which began In BelUngham today. Tho
reports of President Joseph 0. Bolger
and other officers show the past year
to have been one of gratifying gains
for the union. Plans will be discussed
for more thoroughly organizing the
shingle weavers . of British Columbia
and Oregon am) in the states east of
the mountains. At present the membership Ib confined largely to the Statu
of Washington.
Lessons for the Farmer.
Guthrie, Okla., Jan. 7.���The third
annual "Farmers' Week" held under
the auspices of the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College began
today under conditions promising a
most successful session. A large number of farmers, representing all parts
of the new state, registered today and
many more are expected tomorrow.
Every' man shows the keen interest of
a student in endeavoring to learn from
the lectures and demonstrations all
that he possibly can in the unique
Bchool for the farmer. Men whose hair
is streaked with gray show the same
amount of enthusiasm as their younger associates. A considerable portion
of the week will be occupied with the
phesentation of the principles which
should govern the selection of seed for
farm crops, particularly as regards
corn, Kaffir corn, cotton, wheat, and
oats. Instruction is to bo given In the
selection of horses, cattle, hogs, sheep
and poultry by college instructors, assisted   by specialists  secured   for  the
Pacific Coast
Leave Nelson 7:30 a.m. Daily,
Artive Vancouver 11:50 noon.
S* S. Princess Victoria
Arrive Victoria 6 p. m.
One Night 10n Route.
Connecting with
S* S* Princess Beatrice
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the Kootenayi.
Roomi are well furnished.  Table m good u any
ID Nelson.    Bar supplied wltb food
Uuuors ana c_��rt.
W. K. MoOANDUSH, Proprietor.
Tfemont Hotise
European and American Plan
���eail 36 cu.   Roonu from 36 ou. to U
Only Wblto Help Rmployod.
Building Lots for Sale
BstJtot St., NbIbod Proprietor!
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day Houst in Nelson.
The Bar li the Flneet.
White Help Onl; Implored.
Josephine Bt.
Lake View Hotel
Corner Ball and Vernon,
two block! from wharf.
KiIm li.oo par day and up.
P. 0. Box IU.
Tel u plume 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. KRICKSON, Proprietor.
neutrally Loo-led. Open De; end Nnjhl.
Hemple end Butts Koomi Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward ud Vernon Street*.
The Strathcona
Noleon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
H.  <&  M.  BIRD.
���__��� T. G. PROCTER ____��
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsuu
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Froit Lands in
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Standard Sleeping Car
UerthB, $1.00, can be occupied 8 p. m.
A.U.1'.-.. Vancouver. D.P.A., NelBon
The .Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooma.
Royal Hotel
Rates $ I nnd $1.50 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarders.
Most comfortable quarters lit Nelson.
Only tbe best of Uquon aud Ugeri.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelion. B. 0,
Lighted by Electricity ud
Heated by Hot All
katkh _ nt DAT
Urn end Comfortable Bedroome end tint-
isSssss. l>iii!iiK Kssnn.  Hemple Roome lor Commer-
eul Men
HUB. K. C. OLABKI, Proprtetreea
NOTICE la bereby given that ea application
will to made to the Legislative Ass* mbly of the
I'roTlnee of British ('oluuiblmt Its next session
for an net authorlatus; the Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to I'lrsee,construct,nnd maintain,
a dam or dams, booms, piers, slides, and other
works ln and across the Kootenay rf fer at or
near Thrums Button (about opposite Hub*lot IV.
of Lot -USS, UrouD 1, Koolanay district): and ln
and across tba Little Blocan riv*ri uio tn and
acmes the Slocan river at a point or psJlntH bo*
low the mouth of the Little Sloean river; for tbe
purpose of driving, rafting, eortlnf, holding, and
nianufacturl-_g saw-logs and timber; to occupy
the surface of the said rivers where necessary for
the I'urposes aforesaid; to clear. Improve, and
remove obstructions from the iald riven for log-
driving, rafting, and booming purposes; to levy
and collect toll* and dues on logs. Umber ana
lumber of persons using or profiting by such
works, clearing or improvement*; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; and do all other things
necessary, incidental or conducive to the eier*
else of auy of the above powers.
Dated the 10th day of December, MM.
���Solicitor for the Applicant. I,
The Daily Canadian
Berry   Bowls       Each
Yoa want the Howls.   Wc want the room.   Don't miss the chance
[Looking for Good
��� Things for New Year
Oranges,   Sween   Navels    25c ���
Malaga   Grapes    35c ���
Pears, 2  pounds  for 25c *
Bananas,   per  dozen    50c J
Nuts, per Ib 25c ���
Layer  Fig3  ,per   Ib 25c J
Let us have your New Year's T
order now and avoid Monday's 2
rush, _*
Bell Trading Co. I
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want io buy or Bell anything,
go to the Old CuiioBtty Shop. A new
line of Japanese (Jssosls now on sale.
All kinds of Dinnerware in stock. Patterns.
January 1st being a day of resolutions, let me suggest one to you.
Resolved   by   us, thai  we  give*
Joy a share of our grocery trade
during li'i'7. and then Joy will be .
with us till  the year's end;   and'
let us all say, Amen.
Joy's Cash Grocery!
Oor Jonrphlnomid Mill Sts.      Plioue 19
t'e Hfivtt  a  Specially
Muluutuil Msstk   ol
for XmMH 'I'muIu.
Stoneware. Crocks. Bean Pots. Tea Pots. Etc*
Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
Fancy Chocolates
Leave your order early for
your NeH) Year
Choquette Bros*
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Cur. Vernon and Ward Streets.,
J. FKED HUME, Proprietor.
J. E. McNaughton, City; Mrs. Benuett
nnil dnughter, Salmo; H. A. Carney,
Kalso; E. Nagle, Edmonton; A. M.
Naglc, W. H, Peck, Spokane; A. E.
Kicliftrtl, Fernie; Fred Addie Jr., John
P. Vroom, Waueta; F. W. Fergussou,
Vnncovver; Harold J. Beruie, Grand
Forks; Wm. Henderson, Vietoria; Julius
Wolff, Hillcrest; W. M. Walker, Crau-
Duncan Ross, J. Ehilich, Greenwood;
P. Burns, Geo. M. .McDonald, Calgary;
F. W. Bales, Grangeville, Idaho; L. C.
Fni_i-r, Thomas White, Vancouver; C. H.
Smith, Spkoane.
H. B. Smith, Hosslaud.
James Anderson, John P. Jones, Creston;
Lydney Lancaster,  Wales;   J. O'Brien,
Boundary Falls.
Ed. A, Russs-1, Ainsworth; Myron
Club, Cranbrook; Geo. Matthews, Salmo;
Harry Epstein, Vancouver.
E. Mill, W. Johnston Wm. Lynch,
Greenwood; W. A. Campbell, Ottawa;
H. Henderson, C. Ashley, Fernie; J.
Porter, wife and daughter, Cranbrook;
L. G. Watson, James Harding, Silverton;
A. McGillivray, Weyham; R. Townsend,
C. A. Vancamp, W. Hay, M. Powell,
W. S. Neddeu, Vancouver; D. H. Kned-
deu, James Carey, Winuipeg,
To One and cAll
Our Many
Customers We
Wish a Happy and
Ne%) Year.
Telephone 1(11.
(tn afld after December W m>* lieatliiR nnd
plinr.Miig Imiiine.Mi will \tc locate-1 in my new
chop, two iloor�� eanl ol opera limine, on Victoria
Tel. 181.      S. A. WYE
w.  a.   OIULETT
Contractor and
Hull dur.
Bole HRPnt lor the I'orto Kico Lumber Co., Ud.,
retail yards. Rough and dre>fttd lumber, turned
work and bracket i, Cora:., luth and uliiiigles, PRHh
atitl doom. Cement, brick and lime for sale.
Auiomati<* grinder.
Yard ana factory: Vernon tit., east of Hall,
B. C.
Telephone 17H.
P. 0. Box 183.
TWO FIRST -CLASS ROOMS, ..team heated.   Apply hour***keener, 3rd (lal. K W. C. block.
once.     Apply Daily Canadian offloe Monday
P, Burns of Calgary arrived in Ihe
city last night and Is at the Strathcona.
Mis honor Judge Forin held a chamber Besslon this morning in the office
of GalliluT & Hannington.
Premier McUride Is expected In
Revelstoke on January 10, and will
reach Nelson the evening of the llth.
The last carload of machinery for
Ihe mill at the Silver Dollar mine, In
Ihe Lardeau, is now en route from
London, Ont.
Mr. Victor Oillum, telegraph editor
of the Dally News, leaves for tho
coast tomorrow morning. He will Iio
absent about 10 days.
A meeting of the directors of the
Agricultural Society is called for tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock in tho
office of the secretary.
A report from the Silver Cup mine
suys that there Is now ore in sight
in every part of the workings from the
300 to the 700 foot level.
The regular fortnightly meeting of
the city council, the last regular meeting of the council of 1906, will he held
ln the city hall tonight at 8 o'clock.
Copper dropped one point on the
New York market today. Silver advanced slightly. The London price of
lead has declined four points since
. The evening commercial classes at
the school of the Sisters of St. Jo-
Beph will reorganize tonight at 7
o'clock. The course Includes stenog-
raphy and typewriting.
The 20,000 club ball announced for
next .Monday will be under the patronage of the mayor and Mrs. Gillett. Alderman Selous has kindly consented to
usperiniend the preparation of tho
Ex-Alderman William Irvine announces that he will be a candidate for
the board of school trustees. It is understood that Dr. Gibson, who is not
anxious for a seat, will be glad to step
aside ln favor of Mr. Irvine.
E. M. Hand, manager of the Ymir
mine, who Is now at the Strathcona,
has with him the skin of a boa constrictor killed by himself In the Celebes on July 31, 1902. The skin is
more than 25 feet In length and is a
valuable curio.
The officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the R. M. R., who Intend joining the school of instruction
commencing March 1, are requested to
meet in the armory this evening al 8
p. m. All members of the company
are also requested to attend.
R. M. Macdonald announces that the
first practice of the Choral society,
which was called for next Monday evening, has been postponed for one week,
that ls, to January 21, to avoid conflicting with the 20,000 club ball.
The Conservatives of Fairview will
met In the city Conservative committee
rooms tomorrow night at 7:30, to organize and elect delegates to the nominating convention of Ymir riding,
which will be held in this city on Saturday.
All the officials in the main courthouse building have removed to the
Land Registry office to remain until
lhe building Is placed on Its new site.
The Store of Quality
Apples Today
at $1.50 per box
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
PRUNING AND UKAFTINU csrelully attended to. Apply
Silver King Motel.
Vienna Sausage in tins, 2 for 25c
Pork  and Beans,  large tins 20c
French   Mustard,  per  bottle    15c
Ham Loaf and Veal Loaf, 2 for 25c
Chicken  Loaf, 2 for   25c
Herrings  in Tomato  Sauce, 2 for..25c
Kippered  Herring, 2 for   25c
Sardines in  Tomato  Sauce, 3 for   25c
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica anil Josephine Sts.
Of Special
..To  office  men, and  to  all  who  use
Stationery and Office Supplies
Especially Those Who
Have to Order by MaU.
It is our special care to give all orders entrusted to us
Prompt and Careful
This Is an Important consideration to
any business man, and especially to
those who have to order by mail, and
who are consequently more dependent
on the carefulness and promptness of
those to whom they entrust their orders, and on the degree of interest
taken in the manner in whicli their
orders are filled.
We Specialize in
Office Supplies.
W. G. Thomson
MS" ��" Nelson, B. C.
PKona 34.
with the exception of Registrar T. M.
Bowman, who has taken temporary
quarters In the offices lately vacated
by P, McL. Forin.
The fruit growers along the Arrow
lakes are organizing an association nnd
iniend holding a frull fair at Hurton
Clsy next autumn. They have written
to Ihe secretary of the Kootenay Fruit
Growers' Association for information
as to the best methods of organization.
The topical song, "Life Is Only Sun.
shine as  Long as Love    Is    Young,"
ffboletale mid Ketnl] Dealers la
Fresh and Salted Meats
i .imps supplied uu shortest notice nud
lowest pricu. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats) and Hupplos kept iu stock
Mail orders receive careful attention-
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Oroceri-j*:
But tor, Eggs.
Ciunp aud Minora' Supplies.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward  Sts.
sung by Mr. Dewey, Mr. Walters, Miss
.Nola, and Miss Palmer; Mr. Waller's
"She Is My Ideal"; Miss Nola's aria,
and "Dreaming," sung by Miss Godfrey in the performance of "Said
Pasha," which the Rosclans will present at the opera house Wednesday
evening, January I), are worth coming
miles to hear.
The public and high schools of the
city reassembled today afler the Chrlsi-
mas holidays. [n the public school
morning sessions only were held. Miss
L. Abercrombie, Ihe latest appointee,
will take charge of Miss Denon's division, No. 4, for the present week, as
Fraternity hall, In which a new division Is to be organized, Is not yet
equipped for the puriiose. While some
of the rooms were comfortably warm
the heating difficulty has recurred in
connection  with tbe  three  old  rooms.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Two hours late.
Coast and Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On  time.
Prices of Metals.
New York, Jan. 7.���Silver, 70c; copper, 23 l-.c; lead, J6.
London, Jan. 7.���Silver, 32 5-lCd;
lead,  ��19 12s 6d.
Sherman's Opera House
One Night Only
Wednesday Evg. January 9
The Roscian
Opera Company
Will present
Their Greatest Popular Success
The Excruciatingly F-anny Comic Opera
Have a Qood Laugh:
Ttmeftil9 Bright, Jingling Music.
Prices: $!, 75c, 50c.
Seats at;Putherfordrs Monday.
Note: This is the final appearance of
the Rosclans in N_ Ison for two years.
Fifty Cent Hand Bags!
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone 333.
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agents
R. A.Rogers & Co.
Limited, Wti
Wholcsciit* Provisions,
Dominion Government Oreamerr One Pound Bricks received weekly fr��,h
from tho ahum,   For wile by ull leading Krocore.
Offlco nnd warehouse I Houston Blook,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. -      Nelson, B. C.
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co,, Ltd,
A Word to the Wise
This year we havn appreciated the wants of mirco*
(Oman Olid have jMiKBed into stork tbc
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
Thin stove in adapted fnr hard cool only, and i.n -jruar-
autoed to give Bat .(.faction.
]* H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
rk*~~*~~B. A. I8AAC R. W. HINTON ���w��Vw��
Repairing and .lobblni, executed with Despatch.   8hMt Motiil
Work, Mining nnd Mill Machinery.     Manufacturer* ol
Ore Care, I.. R.  Contractors' Cara.
I'ssrssiT ssf llss.:) stlssl
Front 8trectB.
Telephone* M*
T.O. Box 1UM
HuhIiic��n mon,
Work I iih m_n,
M-eii in ilruHH attire,
Mportinit men,
HundHiimu men,
Men thnt'H full of fire
UNITE and sintf that  the  importations,  nf
John T. Piorre are the proper thing.
My last fall shipment has just arrived.   See
thorn and place your order early for Xniaa niita
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now in the timo
to buy your
Wiutor Ovorcont.
All Prices from $ J 0 to $30
a. qTLker
MANUFACTURERS   f M4v%m__M    Cf.__.~___.,
AND DEALERS IN   -L-tttlDe*,   _>_l__lgIeSt
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Orders promptly attaideil to.
VBR1NON STREET   -   -   .   !NBI_SON. B. C.
Our ttock of Skates Is complete and varied,
Including the popular
BOKER'8  BEAUTY  and  CHARM  (Ladles.)
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y
Wholeeale NELSON.


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