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The Daily Canadian Jul 31, 1906

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Array SUtiljj Canadian
������)ik I.   No. 49.
Fifty Cents a Month
���of Late Croesus Makes
Charity Bequests
(Gould io Advise Widow How
ftst Spend Fortune Phil-
J \���,���! ,  July   81.���Except   for   a
l:i   ill-quests, thfl fortune of Ittm-
l.-fi in the widow.   There
ilile lisi|iii-BiB In Iho will.
Li   hi     Sage's    nephews    uml
.,,,. ii.fi (26,000.   There Ir alsu
:..i   ni    $10, 1 1.1 Mr.  Sage's
|M fhapln, nsiw ili'i'i'imml.
nm isi'iiueathlng Hi.' bulk of
��� in Mrs. Saga rends thai hIiu
 ml in iiiilil tln> Ham.' aliso-
li    fori'ver."
kisiisi  r.-nils:     "Shssiilil   nny   of
\\. under this will other
ealil * !'.', object to thfl pro-
Bis-i'i nr In anywlBs directly or
I ur aid In eoniestlng
ls< ssr nny   nf     the     pfOVifliOnl
Iss:    ���   ilistrlbntion of tin.' es-
Vrs'iiiiili'i-,     thon   nnd   In   tlnit
annul  any    bequests    herein
b< ns-lli'lnry ansl It is my
(-in Is beneficiary shall be nb-
sarrs'ii   nnd   rut   off  fnilll   nny
mi [-state."   While there wan
_ in ili-> will to show Ihi' value
K   ��� - estate, the attorney for
ll.'- 'Stiilia lea it al between $711,
and 180,000,000, of which a-
sii'iiil (30,000,000 Is outstanding
|i"rli. July 111.���The Times says
"From 11 source seemingly rs-:
iii��'  the  antitnincemenl   yester-
Mrs.   Margaret   Ollvln   Sage.
ssvv uf lliissell Sage, Intenils lo
|t.'    $111.111111,000     to   chnrlty   aa
li r friend, Miss Helen Could.
frssm   Kurope.    Mrs.   Sage.   It
0<l   I'l'ilives that  Miss Could  is
mis' her some valuable advice
ow tn distribute her money ail-
s.ii-'s     The   nepluiwa  ami  nle-
Russell   Bage   who   heard   this
|il"!.sis'.I   iimi   11   probably   was
Miss ilisulil nud Mrs. Sage had
fr< ! 11 working together along
phllanthropjo work laid out
|n now sals] lhat the Sage rein-
no Inieiiiiiin of coniestlng
���H nl present uml Ihey will sign
i- ut citation so thai the will
'��� ii'iiiiiiiesi io probate on Septal Then, afier each of then
��� 'I"' $26,000 alloted to them, n
K "f Hie legatees will be held,
e " ""g nelion may  be taken
anislng an  aaaoolatlon for
|i|siiss' of raising finals lo carry
Ji'ii Iti the supreme roiirt to ael
' '��� will.  Tlial Is ihe programme
by  certain   relatives of  Mrs.
I10 me nm satisfied with a It,'
' s    They have hinted thai If
fi   guarantees to give an addl
..'.nun  10 Qooh    nephew   uml
I'liere will be no legal fight, lint
srneys   for   ihs>   flpcecutors  ar*
favor of mulling uny such set-
'age's brother, Col. .1.  .1.  Sin
-���''���I  yesterday   thai   Mrs.   Huge
"iiiiiln   ul   ber   home   In   Law
'���   I. 1111III  uftor the will  had
Liter  News  of   Mutiny.
Ji"". July :u.���a later despatch
IHolBingfora,  Finland,  says   lhat
lighting continues al  Bveaborg.
midday over (inn men huve been
|"i wounded,   Warships ure now
fling lhe fortress,    Thfl Inlinlii-
1  Hi'lslngfurs nre in n slate of
kliolin,   duly   81,���II     Is     stilled
' "'ge part of tiio fortress is in
fs'i'lis 1,1' n)t, mutineers.    An out.
si'hu ooourrfld HiIb morning al
|'l ;,'H.    Tl Illeei's   there    were
I'lsonera nnd lbe soldiers elsot
ft'l'is.    One  officer    wns   killed.
jn'is-liiii   torpedo   sjefltroyef   Finn
liilai'iiing   tbo   bnrnu'ks   anil   the
"""'"    11 is Indicated thai flghb
in progress during the who'e
J'1   "s'l'ii Hie mutineers and    the
l|""l's.    II Is ImpiisHlnle to reach
I""'1���, bul  11  |h said U|n>n rellu-
���"' Hy    thut    sovernl   hundred
I '"'''il kllloil or wounded, The
ol Uie mutiny Is reported to
""'" Hie iienlli of 11 soldier In
" 'illiins of sappers nnd  miners.
I'lniaiies claimed thai ibe death
I"' ''' Ill-treatment.
nee Company  Repudiates,
'"nolsoo, July 21.���The Trans-
'lie Iniuranoe Company    of
"���  Germany,   bus   refused     to
_*���">   ''I'liiieisi'.i  insurance claims
���fiwiing $.1,0(10,000.    The follow-
rtig statement was given out lasi nlghl
������Ti,    T1"c",:""'ii,ls nt "'" oompanVi
Hie   Trans-Atlantic    Fire     Insurance
Company denies liability upon the
ground |h,.t the losses were'tro,,, an
overwhelming eataatrophfl due to a
visi ation of providence, for indemnity
against Ihe ooniequensei of which Ihn
policy never waa Intended to provide,
und does not provide."
Gunning Range Fatality.
I^ndon, Ont., July 31.���John Wil-
linmson, a member or lho Seventh regiment of Canadian Volunteers, was instantly kiilesi at Cove Ranges on Saturday afternoon. A rifle in the hands
of Private Pickle buret, nnd one of ihe
pieces or tying metal struck William-
son in the forehead. Deeeafed wns :i?
reari old nnd came here from Dundee. Scotland, only lust full. Pickle
wns bin slightly Injured.
Car Strike Broken.
London, Onl.. July 111���The street
ear service has been operated witli the
usual mimber of can. Most of the
former employee) nre now back In
ii. r places, and everything appears
in be going smoothly. Organizer Sinclair, however, says  the strike  is still
James   Johnstone    Replies    Vo   Anonymous  Attack  en Canada,  Lead
ing  Many to  Immigrate.
James Johnstone, whose persistent
championing of Koolenay interests
bus been one of the chief factors In
attracting men und money for lhe de-
velopmenl of the country's resources
In land and mineral wealth, now finds
himself engaged lu a campaign on
���lightly different lines, but with the
snme object in view.
A few weeks ago he read in the Aberdeen Free Press ii letter signed "Parent," whose author warned ull old
country people, especially Scois, to be-
wure of Canadian Immigration agents.
He fold u moving tale of the adventures or his own son, who wus beguiled
into coming tu<Canada, and after travelling for four days found himself
unliiMii resources and one of many
Mr. Johnstone immediately resolved
lo correct the false Impression left by
lhe latter. The place four days''Journey inland wns easily identities! as
Before writing Mr. Johnstone took
the precaution of telephoning nn In-
'liiiry as to labor conditions to Manager R. R. Hcdley. of Ihe Hall Mines
smelter. He wus told, aa be expected,
lhal there was a Heady demand for
able-bodied men who are willing to
work, and lhat the wage of unskilled
laluir was $2.50 a day from the start.
He was also told llinl 80 men could
be given work al once.
Armed with such inforninilon, Mr.
Johnstone Ihen replied over his own
signature lo "Parent's" letter. He
pointed out the absurdity of denouncing   the   country   because   work     was
not found Immediately al a depot
where thousands of men are arriving
weekly for transport to harvest fields,
mini's or sawmills.
He described the conditions In Hrli-
Ish Columbia nnd the new provinces,
showing iIit> varied possibilities for
labor and capital aud the absurdity of
saying   work  cuntiol  lie  found.
He repented thai fruit fanning re-
ipiiri's oftpital for lbe flrsl years, and
warned bis readers lhat one attempting to engage In it Willi loo little capital mlghl sink ll ull In vain.
Hut he nlso undertook to And work
ut good wages for all able-bodied men
svho ure willing lo work, nnd ul good
sviifceH. And lis' assured them Hint they
need nol fenr even u short period of
enforced idleness.
The letter has already produced
many inquiries nud assurance of thfl
(-oiiilng from Aberdeen of u consider!!-
.sso number of good men, some with
abundant capital for acquiring and developing hunt, und others without nap*
lini other than muscle uml  Industry,
Mr. Johnstone's letter bus hud llle de-
dred elfecl in totally disproving the
statements nml conclusions of "Parent."
Evidences of Dismay.
St. Petersburg, July 81.���-Th* prom
Ise of liberal reforms with which Pre
inler Slolypln Is deluging Ihe semi
official papers are accepted by the
Roche today as evidences of dismay
lu  upper government circles over the
siieni preparations in the opposition
camp,   The paper lays;  "Constema
lion has been produced by Ilie furl
ihai the governmenl is already ge
ginning lo understand thai  us easy
victory was more apparent than real
11  would huve been less frightened had
li been compelled Immediately to re-
sorl   to  machine guns  ami bayonets."
Fierce Tartar War Rages.
Sc. Petersburg, July 21.���Tlie fierce'
war raging in the Cauoaius between
the Armenians, Tartars and Russians,
especially near the Persian frontier,
In nssumlng threatening dimensions.
There Is considerable apprehension
Uml It mny cnuse thfl outbreak of n
holy war, for which n serious agitation
;le iu progress both muting thu Bhlnlto
nnd Sunlle Tartars. The news from
Horisskoa, In Kurek province, Is
quke alarming, but li is not clear irom
the meagre despatch exuetly what has
happened, Il Is only stuted that General l^dvlnoff, who has arrived Ihere
with ruplif lire guns, posted Ihem In a
monastery on a hill overlooking lhe
cily, and sent in word that if all the
arms were not delivered to him by 4
o'clock this afternoon he would open
Are, Indicating that the city Is in the
hands  of  revolutionists.
Private letters from northern 1.1th-
uuny say thai the peasants in the region around Kovno huve entirely
ceased work, and thut the grnln has
begun to rot lu Ihe field.
No Excuse for Erroneous Complaint In
Local   Daily.
In reference to alleged dissatisfaction of settlers round Uulfour wllh the
work being done by the government
on an nccommodation road, and the
petition against It presented by
Messrs. Gray and McKay, a properly
owner of the neighborhood, whose interests are many times greater than
those of the two petitioners together,
called at The Canaiilun office this
He says that the petitioners represent only themselves: that utl other
ranchers nnd property owners lire perfectly satisfied Willi the work being
done for them by the government.
They are also satisfied that the most
and best possible work Is being done
with the $800 made available this year.
As to the "Btartllng charge" thut
the roud Is below high-water murk,
and a part of the money being spent
to remove driftwood, the only imitation of truth in it is that ln places
some drifuwood still remains from the
great Hood of 18'J-t. No other year's
high water has approached tbe road.
and this year's highest mark was not
within   six feet  of  it.
The Canadian's authority is nm
concerned to attack or defend any department of the provincial government, but as a large property owuer
iu the district, be is nnxious that a
.valuable work shall not be stopped on
account of wild and groundless statements from a few who think they
know belter than all others, emphasized mid exaggerated by parUzun
prejudice and veaom.
Are Becoming Frequent.
Waterloo, Ont., July 21���A terrific
cyclone pnssed within Ihfjee miles to
the west of Waterloo at noon yesterday, destroylag fences and wheal ln
stacks and cutting down grain ready
to cut. It also struck some wood's,
and uprooted many frees. No barns
or houses were struck.
Mutiny   Breaks   Out    in   Russian   Fortress���Many    Officers     Are
Killed  and  Wounded.
Stockholm, Sweden, July .11���It is
reported thut a mutiny broke oul at
midnight in n fortress nt Sveaborg,
Finland, Tho officers' families and the
wounded are saiii to have |>een sent to
London. July 81.���A despatch  to a
iiit>\vs agency from llolsinsfors, Kin-
land, says that a portion of the t-Turri-
Bon "of Sveaborg mutineered last
night, and that a long and sanguinary
struggle took place between the mutineers and the loyal troops, at which
the former are said to have been victorious. The mutineers, it was added,
were now in possession of the fortress. Many were killed or wounded
during the  fighting.
Sveaborg is a strongly fortified
town of Itnssian Finland, situated on
Seven Islands, in tlie (lull' of Finland.
Immediately southeast of Helalngfors,
The islands, which are connected hy
pontoons, form the site of a fortress
which defends the harbor of Helslngfors and consists of numerous military
works and batteries and a military arse mil.
Stockholm. Sweden, July BI.���A despatch received here from Melsingfors
says that the artillery joined the
Sveaborg mutineers, but thut the Infantry remained loyal. Tlie artillery
trained guns on the loyal troops, 500
of whom were killed or wounded.
To Establish Confidence.
London, July 31.���Sir Wm. Mather,
chairman of Mather & Piatt, and president of Stanford Iron Works, a high
authority of technical education, appeared before tho House of Lords'
commitlee on Insurance companies today and declared himself to ho firmly
opposed to making any exceptional
arrangements for Hritish policy holders in American companies. He considered It more desirable thnt nothing
should he done to cause Americans
to believe thnt tho British regarded
thorn as less trustworthy.
Provincial Ministers Will
Foregather at Ottawa
Senate Reform and Provincial Boundary Extension Will be Subjects of Discussion.
Ottawa, July 31.���Hon. William
Pugsley, attorney-general of New
Brunswick, who has been ln the city
for fhe past couple of days, ls of the
opinion lhat the conference of provincial ministers with Sir Wilfrid Laurler
and some of his colleagues will take
place before the autumn session of
parliament. He takes this from the
statement by the prime minister himself in the house and by other circumstances. Moreover, Mr. Pugsley ls
satisfied that the Dominion ministers
are all anxious to effect a settlement
not only on the financial feature ln
question of provincial subsidies, but
on olher matters.
It will be remembered that among
the questions which Sir Wilfrid says
would be submitted to the conference,
was that of senate reform on the lines
uf provincln! representation. Another
matter of importance tu be settled by
the conference is lhat of the enlargement of the boundaries of Ontario,
Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan,
to give them a somewhat equal frontage on Hudson bay. Speaking of the
report lhat he had made half a million
dollars on his western railway and
land Investment, the attorney-general
of New Brunswick admitted that he
had done pretty w.,11. though he had
not made so much as the newspapers
represented. He thought he deserved
to make something, as he had held the
lands a long time at a great Inconvenience, but he would have made more
if he had not in the last few years
sold a great deal of land, particularly
lots In western cities and towns. He
hail sold some, be said, for $26 which
were now worth $400 or $600. Out of
one bunch which he and his partners
disposed of, he withheld some In a certain western town, reducing his share,
by $200. A part of these he had since
sold for $2,500. Mr. Pugsley is now
sorry he let bis Saskatoon lots go, but
philosophically observes that he Is always willing to let the other fellow
make something.
Steamship Arrivals.
Slasconsett, Mass., July 31.���The
steamer Finland, from Antwerp for
New York, was in wireless communication with the Marconi station here
wm n 150 miles east of Nantucket
lightship at 5:10 n. id. today. She will
probably dock at 7:30 a. m. Wednesday.
Cape Race. N. P., July 31.���The
steamer Empress of Ireland, from
Liverpool for Quebec, was reported by
Marconi wireless telegraph 170 miles
mist at 5 a. in.
New York, July 31.���The steamer
Astoria has arrived from Glasgow.
New York, July 31.���The Kaiser
Wllhelm der Grosse has arrived from
Price of Metals.
New York, July 31���Silver, G5c;
copper, 17 3-4: electrolytic copper
stock, 18 1-4 to 18 3-8; lend, $5.75.
I.ondon, July 31.���Silver. 30 MC;
lead,  �� IC Ills Oil;  zinc,  .C2G 16s.
Delegation  of  American   Pilgrims  Are
Presented and Deliver President Roosevelt's Message.
Home, July 31.���The pope today received the American Pilgrimages conducted by the Right Rev. Henry Ga-
bryels, bishop of Ogilensburg, N. Y.,
and tlie Rev. John J. McOrane, of
Brooklyn, N. Y��� who were presented
by Mgr. Kennedy, rector of the Amerl-
can college. The pope Is enjoying excellent health.
Rev. Mr. McGrutie gave the nope a
gold pen, and Bishop Gnbryels presented him with $1,350 of Peter's
pence. The bishop also read an address, tn which he said Catholocism
wus making rapid strides in the
United States, due to the complete
freedom which the church enjoys and
lhe good will of the American civic
He limited President Roosevelt as
saying to him on leaving that the
bishop was to conduct a pilgrimage to
Rome, "Tell the pope that I sent him
my profound regards. I have tried to
treat Protestants and Catholics alike,
as my latest appointment shows. 1
will try to continue this policy. ThiB
republic will stand for many a century. . I expect that there will be Catholic presidents as well as Protestants.
I trust that all will treat each other as
I have tried to do."
The pope answered thanking the
bishop warmly and expressing his
great love for the United States and
his very high respect for President
Roosevelt. The pontiff also presented
the leaders of. the pilgrimage with
medals and consented to be photographed tn the group of pilgrims.
English  Parliament  Will  Grant  Equal
Privileges to Boer and Britain.
London, July 31.���WlnBton Spencer
Churchill, parliamentary secretary of
the colonial office, today outlined in
the house of commons the government's proposal regarding the reconstruction to be granted to the Transvaal.
"The guiding principle," he said,
"would be not to make any difference
between British and Boer, but to extend to both the fullest privileges of
British citizenship. All males 21 years
of ,age who had resided in the Trans-
vaal would be entitled to vole.
It Is the Intention to give life Rand
32 seats, Pretoria 6, Krugersdorp 1,
nnd the rest of the Transvaal 30 seats.
The members of parliament will be
elected for five years, and will be paid
for their services.
"For the first parliament there will
be a second chamber of 15 member)
nominated by the crown. During the
first session arrangements will be
made for an elective second chamber.
The constitution will contain a clause
abrogating the Chinese labor ordnance
after a reasonable time. The receiving of Chinese labor will cease entirely November  1st."
The Daily Crash.
Rochester, N. Y., July 31.���A rear-
end collision between two eastbound
freight trains occurred at Hooper's
Crossing, on the New York Central
railway, two miles east of Newark,
early this morning. One man. Engineer James Clark,- of Syracuse, waa
killed, and 300 sheep and about 50
cattle were killed. The accident was
caused by the first train breaking In
two sections in the middle.
Ontario  Elevator Burned.
Pakenham, Ont., July 31.���Fire yes-
terday  destroyed     the    Dow    Milling
Company's elevator here.    Loss about
Ling   Fishing   in   Christina   Lake   Becomes   Commercial   Industry���
Last Week's Fire.
(Special to Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, July 31.���As ling fishing Is being so extensively indulged in
tilts summer at Christina lake, your
correspondent has gathered some Interesting Information regarding this
fish. The ling Ib a slim fish, only
found in northern waters, having been
found as far north as Iceland. Its
back and sides are gray, Inclining to
olive, and its belly Is silvery. The
fish Is marked with a traverse black
bar, tipped with white. The ling fish
Ib very valuable as an article of commerce, being largely exported to Spain
and the Mediterranean porta. Before
being used, the fish are split from
head to tail, cleaned, soaked In brine,
washed and dried, and then are commonly known as stock fish. They
make excellent eating. The liver
yields an oil used by the fishermen in
their lamps, and this oil has also been
employed as a substitute for cod llvei
oil. The ling Is a deep water fish, and
ls caught in a most peculiar way. The
fisherman has a line. about 30 feet
long, with several brunch lines running off both sjdes of the main line.
This long line, with Its branches, is
thrown injo the deep water ln the
evening, and In the morning overy
hook will have caught a ling fish. Ordinary bait can be used for ling fishing, While the general public have
been doing more or less ling fishing
for years, very few people know anything about this peculiar fish, and the
above facts have been gathered from
reliable quarters.
J. W. Jones, who was entirely burned out by the big fire a week ago, returned yesterday from the Slniilka-
meen district. In speaking about the
fire this morning, Mr. Jones said:
"The total damage done to my property, both real and personal, will fully
aggregate $31,000; the loss of my main
store building will be $4,500. This
building had 15 handsomely furnished
lodging rooms that brought me ln $80
a month. Besides this main building,
there was the storehouse and stable,
worth $1,000 each. The furniture
stock, Including a new Hclntzmun piano, was Invoiced at $20,000. In'addl
lion to this, I bail wagons, buggies,
harness, hay and grnln and railway
grading implements, footing up at
least $2,000, which was also destroyed,
and last, but not least, my 53 thoroughbred white Plymouth Rock chickens
were also consumed. On all this property I have $11,700 insurance, making
my total loss not covered by insurance
about $1,800. I have not as yet decided whether I will rebuild or not
As all my books and accounts were
burnt,' It makes matters very complicated."
Penetrate Far North.
Edmonton, Alta., July 31���Dr. Ce-
noit, late of Montreal, who has been a
guest at the St. James hotel for several days, left this morning with a
party of mounted police for the north.
The police will accompany him as far
as the landing, and the doctor will
continue Ilia tourney by way of Lesser, Slave Lake and Dunvegan to Fort
St. John, B. C, on the Peace river.
There he Intends remaining for a year
or more, to await the arrival of the
party of mounted police who are now
engaged in breaking a road from Dawson City to Athabasca Landing. The
doctor wil] then accompany them to
Edmonton. The trip north to Fort St.
John will occupy several weeks, the
distance being about 400 miles. It is
expected that the doctor will be absent about two years.
J. E. Annable Describes Sensation In
Winnipeg   Made  by  Display
of  Kootenay Fruit.
Thei British Columbia exhibit and
the special Kootenay exhibit of fruit
at the Winnipeg fair were brilliantly
successful, and are certain to be productive of good results.
J. E. Annable has returned to Nelson, and C. F. Mcllardy has gone to
Brandon with the exhibits for the
Western Manitoba fair.
A shipment of splendid pears, the
first of the season, from James Johnstone's orchard, was forwarded to
Brandon this morning.
The chief contributors so far to the
display "have been:
Fruit on branches���J. A. Kelley,
Fairvlew; F. M. Black, James John-
alone, J����JJlysloii-^\'^aiuUanii.
Nelson; R J\ LonJ!**- XrnmtSfCh,
Mr. Little, Creston; F. Q. Fauquier,
Fire Valley.
Fish���T. G. Procter, Nelson; W.
Kelley, Slocan Junction.
Bottled fruits���C. G. Broadwood, A.
Bunker, J. Shiell, Mrs. W. O. Rose,
Mrs. H. A. Stewart, Nelson; F. O. Fauquier, Fire Valley.
Fresh fruit in boxes���J. W. Ford,
Procter; James Johnstone; John Hyslop, F. M. Black, C. Jiszkowics, lngiis
Bios., Nelsou; J. E. Houghton, Crawford Bay.
Mrs. Fauquier, of Fire Valley, Bent
a special exhibit of cut flowers.
Mr. Annable says that the greatest
hit was made by the Kootenay gooseberries. The Mnnltobans couldn't believe that berries so large could be fit
to eat until they were invited to taste
them. Then each visitor went away
and brought his friends.
Mr. Annable greatly regretted the
lack of a good large district map of
Kootenay. Much of his time was wasted in teaching geography. His general statement to visitors he summarized as follows:
"We have 100,000 acres of land on
which fruit like this can be grown.
We want men to come and go Info
the business. What we can raise now
Ib not enough to reach Winnipeg. It
can't get past Regina. There are 200,-
000 people on the prairies between
Kootenay and Winnipeg. They want
the fruit, and they have as much money as you have. We want men with
money and experience to come out
and raise fruit."
Stolypln  Will   Announce  Cabinet   Reconstruction Tonight.
St. Petersburg, July 31.���The Associated Press was informed from a
high source this afternoon thnt Premier Stolypln considers the reorgnni
ration of the cabinet to be an accomplished fact. The negotiations are terminated, and the premier Is satisfied
the emperor will agree to the conditions.
The program contemplates putting
the liberal reforms Into Immediate execution. It also involves sn agrarian
program looking to tho expropriation
of land In extreme cases. It provides
for the abolition of the death penalty
except In the army and navy.
The Dally Blaze.
Buffalo, July 31.���The plant of the
Montgomery Bros. & Co. plunlng mill
and brass factory,, on Court street,
was puriially destroyed by Are early
this morning, causing a loss estimated
at $170,000. The Pierce Automobile
Company occupied the top floor, wher-.'
they manufactured the wooden frames
for their cars. They estimate their
loss at $100,000.
Looting   the   Churches,
Moscow,  July   31.���Three    churches
In  this  province were  rubbed  during
the night.
Specimens From Poplar
Greek Mine
Rich Samples Brougnt Down by Jack
Chism-Vdn Four Feet Wide
and Deep as Shaft.
Jack Chtsm is down from the Lardeau with a valise full of the richest
specimens of free milling gold ore
since W. B. Pool showed his famous
samples from the Swede.
The samples shown today are from
the Hecla mine, midway between Poplar and Rapid creeks, which flow into
the north end of Kootenay lake about
three miles apart
The Hecla and Hecla Fraction form
a group of which Jack Chism and W.
Perry, both of Nelaon, are
the chief owners. It is in the same
famous gold zone as the Swede, the
Lucky Jack and the Chisholm.
The samples were shown today to
many experienced mining men, including J. L. Retallack, of Kaslo, and N. J.
Cavanaugh, of Sandon. They and
many others agree that the specimens
are at least equal to any ever shown
in Kootenay. On every particle ot
rock fine free gold can be seen with
the naked eye, and at the bottom of
the valise the dust formed by the
crumbling of the samples ia full of
flakes of gold.
The And waa made by Hr. Chism
himself towards the end of last week,
and the Lardeau Mining Review contains mention of It, but its editor nl
so excited over what he saw that the
article ts little mate than *.repetition
of "fr\d\ Gold, Chunks of Gold!"    '
To the questions of a representative
of The Daily Canadian the owner of
the samples gave the following information:
"In the Heela there ia a very wide
formation vein of quarts extending
from end to end of the claim. Running right through the centre, of it is
the vein of this free gold ore, varying
from a foot to four feet In width.
"I have stripped it for a couple of
hundred feet on the surface, and the
colors are found everywhere. I have
���a shaft down 40 feet, and the ore at
the bottom is the same as on the Bur-
"I'm often aaked why we don't get
out a couple of tons and get enough
money to open It up. Well, that is the
dearest and poorest way to work a
mine. We ought to have mining machinery and conveniences for hauling
and a stamp mill for treating the ore.
To take it out with hand labor, and
then pay freight and treatment
charges on the ore ns It runs would
leave some profit, but not nearly what
it should earn.
"I don't know why It ls so hard to
interest capital ln the Poplar Creek
country. I guess It's because there
are. or have been, too many men up
there who are afraid of the richness
of their claims. They think they must
be only pockets���that a really big
property couldn't be so rich.
"I know that they're wrong. Tho
mines up there are big and rich all
through, and the men that stay with
them will be the winners."
Mr. Chism intends to have some of
his specimens assayed, and may send
the rest away for exhibition.
Anti-Foreign Outbreaks.
Yekaterinslav, Russia, July 31.���A
distinct anti-foreign sentiment ls being
manifested among the Russian workmen here. The recent attacks on
three foreign managers of works here
were followed by an attempt yesterday
of three thousand Russians employed
at tbe Belgian Glass Works at Trim
stantlnovka to expel about 60 foreigners, chiefly foremen.
Two Prairie Fires.
Shoal Lake, Man., July 31.���A hotel
known as the Shoal Lake House, owned by James Bowles. waB destroyed
by Are, together with 16 boarders' belongings, today.    Insurance, $1,000.
The farmers' elevator at Rothwell*
Man., was also destroyed.
Failed In the Attempt.
Dover, England, July 31.���Jabes
Willie, the amateur swklmmer, has
made another unsuccessful attempt to
swim the English channel. He started
late last night, but abandoned his effort early this morning on account of
his injured leg.
Brandon  Fair Opens.
Brandon,  Ma.n, July  31.���'Brandon's
big fair opened at noon today,    with
immense crowds present. Ideal weather prevailed.
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $ 1.00
Crown Gem Jars, Quart* per doz., 1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per doz., 1.50
Our stock has just arrived. Secure
your requirements at these low prices
before they are all gone.
Published atx daya is woek i.y thu
Maker n't., Nelaon, B.C,
 mils delivered
, ssl I.y lisssll, when
Bubierlptton rates, -
In Us,- Oily, sir l.'s.llsi si >
I',. Ul III ��stvHSIS-s-
A.lverlls-llisi r.sles sin applfnstton,
All  mOOtO,  isssi'l   in   as'tllfinelil  ,,I   I'll.- llsssly
S'aliinil.i"   aiTsslSIII*.   s-illls-r   [01  Mllss'Tl |>t S r
B.lvs-rii.-liiK, must in- receipted is.r ssss slss.- prluted
Issrsssss ssf ills' Company.   Ullser rs-s-eijil;, are nisi
JULY  .11. I��XX>.
' By ssue worsl svo arc sometime. Judged lo be
wise end by one word sometimes jis-iu-.i t' Ise
loiillall.    last ssss  tUerefOre   be e..rel'll   svlsssl   Wfl
It was scarcely tss !>s' surmised flint
the open verdici returned by tbe jury
empannelled io ascertain the causes
of the recent wreck on Ilm N. & F. S.
railway at Beaver Canyon, n few miles
below this city, would set at rest the
curiosity of travelling men and engineers us io possible explanaUons of
the accidunl. Tlie verdict of Ilie Jury
was In general terms ami lo the effect that there was uo evidence before
them to show negligence on ihe purl
of the Ureal Northern railway or any
of Its employees.
We feel sure the members nf tin.
jury would themselves have fell bet-
ter sutisflcsl with the Investigation If
it had led them to more tangible results in the discovery of some explu
nation for so serious an accident, uml
which might hnve resulted In.a much
greater loss of lire. The subjecl has,
however, heen the porslstenl topic 'if
conversation, ii is so rarel} thai nn
accident of thnt character occurs without there being discovered sssnie feasible explanation of lis occurrence that
no one Is disposed in give ii up mnil
satisfactory Unlit is retlooted upon the
whole series of contributory causes.
Willi the Ki'iiilual dissipation of lieliei
in miracles, there is n growing scum.*
of disbelief in the elemenl ut chance.
Bven when thai elemenl seems predominant, ami there in apparently no
[minim explanation of un accident, the
ublic rarely rests content with the
Isutuption thai ii jusi happened, In
the case under discussion ills' evidence
went to show Hint there wus no broken rail; that tho flanges of the truck
wheels were intact; llinl llle axles
were uninjured, and tho causes which
may usually ami promptly be llxetl
upon were conspicuous in tills case ls>
their entire absence. 'Iimi facl in ii
self should ul once BUggesl thai thero
mUSl be some ili'i'li-seul-'il ss'islilifir
law al the basis of ihe occurrenca
It is with such  reflections us Iheso
tliui a correspondent culls mir attention to a  plausible cxplittinMiiu <>!   ills-
sad   event.     As   is   well   known,     tho
truck  of tils'  N, &  S. K. railway  Is a
succession of curves and grades along
almost lis entire length between Nelson   anil     Niii'iiipori.     Borne    ol     the
Brades ure  heavy  und  lome    of    tho
curves very sharp.    II  is equall]   will
known, too, that ihe constant grinding
Impact   of   lhe   wheels  of  locomotives
and  trucks  when  rounding curves Is
against  the Inner side of the mil  on
the ouier side of (he curve.   As an inevitable consequence of this, the rails
require  to  be  much  more frequently
replaced  on  curves   than  on  Btralghl
branches  of  the  line.    The    wearing
sway of Uie flange, or lip of tlie rail,
by the friction of train wheels always
takes place ut the very poinls in   ihe
truek   where  their  most   perfect  maintenance is necessary.   Tho soaring of
the rail 'in one side leaves a slanting
edge up   which   a   wheel   will   road 11)
climb In rounding n curve.   Our cone
spsinili'iii. who bus personally examined llle place ul Which llle U'llek is
nlls.gs'il lo have li'f't Ilie Unci!, sliys
thai ihs' mils ni thai point show marked evidence of having been worn far
beyond the point of Hatetv, anil while
an authority himself, hi' says it needs
no technical knowledge to discover the
danger which would be Imminent to a
passing train.
The Nelson branch of (lie Spokane
Palls and Northern railway, ns is well
known, has no! been a heavy revenue
producer for the company operating
il for some years. It is equally well
known thut only bucIi Improvements
and repair work were made In lhe
i rack and roadbed as were imperative.
ly necessary, and thai the line lias
been managed no* only economically,
but cheaply. May if not be Incident
io this economical management that
worn-out rails, whleh positively shoulil
have been replaced years ago, have
been allowed lu remain with conse-
queni  risk to the public?
ll seems a pity that the Jury In the
case above referred to should have
quitted their tusk without personal ex-
aniiiiaiion of ihe polnl al which the
wreck took place. The evidence of
Ilie (rain crew, and even of the eyewitnesses of tlie tragedy, could scarcely be disinterested, while thai uf the
company's othcfals was not bound to
bo Incriminating, if, as our correspondent suggests., lho loss of life ami
property wus In any sense the result
of worn-out rails or Imperfect truck.
iii- attorney-general, or whatever ciis-
Itidiuii of ihe public safety lias authority io do so, should Immediately oscer-
uiin ilie fat-is, anil, if warranted, iinlii'i
ihe company operating ihe line,
U's- make those suggestions In lhe
Interest oi tlie public, und we believe
ihis to be a matter in which no iinliu-
isheil InvestlgaUon shoulil be accepted
by Ilie people.
li is reported unit Mr. P, E. Simp-
Bon, editor ninl proprietor of ihe Cranbrook Herald, hns taken up residence
temporarily In Nelson, und lhat lie is
io be employed for a time as organiser
for tlie Liberals In the Interior of thu
province. The opposition are apparently convinced lhal an election is too
near for their comfort, and, wllh more
or less iioliiical wisdom, will begin io
build fences ami endeavor to currul
(he faithful,
Mr. Bimpson Ih well qualified fur ilm
position or organiser, he being a dyed-
in-the-wool grit���one of Uio mosi uncompromising kind���wiili nn iinlilini
isheil record fur adherence to his parly, whether in or ism ,,r power. Thai
lie bus some gooil ruw material upun
which io try his arts in the Interior of
British Columbia Is well known lo every nm- wins has had nny extended
acquaintance with the party following
in ilie Kootenays, Wo are of the opinion lhal Mr. Bimpson will lind his
work cm oul for him. As good n place
in begin as any would be right here In
ilie clly of Nelson, If the organizer's
charming personality nnd winning
grace cuu pull the local grits together,
lhe lirsl long stride ln ihat long Jour-
ney toward political power In British
Columbia will have been taken by the
Liberals. We have not noticed any
perceptible quickening of the Conservative pulse slnco the advent of Mr.
Bimpson, bul we bid him n oordial
good speed In (he work upon wilier
iie is reported to have set his heart,
���Mr. J. II. Hawthornthwaite Is In the
clly afler a lour of the Boundary ell-
ies, ai each of which he held meetings
in tlie interest of the economic or political party he professes io lead. Mr,
Hawthornthwaite was mel by the Lib
oral leader In RosBland, and also by
the member for Tale-Cariboo and Mr.
Brown, M. I*. P.. ai Greenwood, lis)
does not look nuy tbs- worse for the
encounter, and Indignantly denies tlie
reports published in the Liberal i.r. ss
tbat   bis  opponents  made  mincemeat
of   him.     He   claims   lo   have   had   nol
only n moral victory in each case, bul
also a verbal one.   In proof of his con
leniion. he and hi-' friends have 1 n
puiiing forth Btrenuous endeavors to
hold n public meeting in ihis city for
n further debate of his political ninl
economic principles. We understand
a challenge has been sen! io the odl-
tor ssf ihi' Daily News to nisei .Mr.
Hawthornthwaite on the platform The
N's'ws undertook to chasten and i'eflne
ihe Socialist leader after his lasi address in this cliy, bin wiili only one
known result���thai is, thai ihe Social
1st is thirsting for another opportunity
lo   gel   the  News   editor  mi!   nu!ri     lhe
field. Cortalnly ii Is up to tbeTnornlng
paper lo Justify Itself or crawl gracefully down. We think ii will choose
the latter,   sometimes Bilonco is gold-
Lowery'a  Claim  has agnin  met  the
foil' ii  oi   before suffered,    li    has
been written down ir. ilu- catalogue --i
ihssss' publications which mny not use
ibe public mails for iis transmission.
We il" in" wonder thai lhe postal an
ihm iiii'.s have tnkon the mailer np
again. Apparently Lowery cnn'l be
The Victoria Times, a loading Lib
oral organ, says: "We admit Unit wc
know very Utile about the administration of the lands held by Un' Domin
ion In ihis province." Whai a con-
And Builder
Ssile agent fir the Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Ltd., ri'tni! ynrds.
Rough uml ilrs'sss'il lumber, turned work
nml brackets, Const lath and shingle.--,
small mill disss���,
(lemi'iit, brick nml lime for sale. Automatic grinder
Yard and factory Vernon, St.,
east of Hall.
Toh'pbo'im irx. Nelson, B. C.
w' .a in*
"Wdii-s-tht. twdmimiispirit* ill drfiqht
Ikif-iJik iiis\rtiiiii,m-fii-tincndim,
^-���Sef'i'f '$M$j��-
������������"w-Jf: l /���������������"
(10/   ,
;Dlt> YOU   KNOW
that tin- iii-inkf-vi-vi'd at ourBoda Fountain
hn-t tunic pronertlei bot'doi refrcshlngf
Wa uf mi'y mil froM lyrupi of Lhe tiwnt
quality Fountain, counter, glneaoi mnl
receplaolei Hn- kept ���crapulonily oleau.
Baker Street, Nelaon, B. <:.
Notice is hereby nivt-ii Hint DO days after date I
iiiini.i \��� u|.|iiv la the. lion, tbo Chief Ci li*
Holier uf Lands and World iur imriufiiion i.��
pu rebate ,>����� f.iii.m nn,- deacrlbed: I find-, in iho
Weal Kootenai* (tlairlet:  n.^inniin- -u ,. im-i
marked it.Belri B.K, eoriier hi iwo iniloi
eaat nf tin- Siiinniij river, mid imif >��� mile fmrn
ihi-1 vim d'Oreille rlvor, thenuoai chaini north.
in Hmim- ittBdWchalniMHith him) io i halm eaat
lopln 1 beginning.
Pated -'Till day of July, 1906. R, II. flu.-,,
Notice l- hereby given lhal lUly daya after
<luh' I iui" i .1 ttinpidv i,. iff-   it---.  Chief Commli
stmuT ni Landi mnl worka for permhwloii tn pnr
t'lniM- tin- iniimMiiK doaortbad landi fiitmti- in
Wait Kootenay duurlcti Commencing ut b i>om
marked ���' n, \ anitonc'.*. s ic corner poit. iltuate
in tin' Suiiin.ii Klver Valley, ut a i��>im iMij.iiiiiiii-
J. Heecher'a lund al weitern boundary, tbenoe
w--mi >ai I'htitiis, tin-mt' imrih in nhainii thonoe
cam BOchalm, thenee toutb tt) chaini to i��>ihi of
July _lfh. I'Hll. J. M. N'aHITONB,
t. II Atkinson, Ajcnt,
Notlco Ih hereby given that fit)davhafUT dale. I
Intend t<> >t|>|ih tn iin' linn, chlflf commfulonor
nf Landi and Worka tor iiormlulon to purohaae
ibe following described tract ni linn] altuate In
Weal Kootonay Dlatrlct: Commencing ni the
iouth weal eornor of I-ot 7,900) thonce run Ing
wcai HI chalm: thoueo north 80 chalna, thoueo
woal -tu ohalni i thonce uorih 20 chaini) thenco
eaal .so chalm; tbence aouth 40 chalm to polnl
nf ('(iniiii t iicenifiii, containing 1MU acrea, moro or
Datod at Nelion, li C��� thi* Mrd day of July,
l!Hai. Mam .-Vanun,
per V. (' Ureen, Ageut.
Notiee In hereby given thai (IU dav* after date
tlntOnd  t" ii[.|.h   m Ibe llnnnral.lt' (lie ChfOf
I'oiiiiiilNlniinrnf uandaand Worki for luTitiUHion
t(�� purchaao tho following doiciibed landi in ilm
Wei Kootenay Dlatrloti Gommonclna at a poll
marked T. it. Frenoho'i Land 8. B, eorner placed
near 0. C. Poynti B. W. corner, tbence cant mo
idmiiiN, tin- ��� innHi  iii chalm, thenco wut m
chttinM, tbonce aouth 40 ohaini to place of coin-
Dated apth day <��f Jyly 1900.     r. it. Vnmm,
lly Asr.liKW Aim:, Agent
Notice |h given tluil (Ki dajn afler date I Intend
toapply to the Honorable the Chief Comiali-
aioner of Land* and Worka for permliHlon to
The Daily Canadian
purebaae the following deicrlbed landi In tbo
Weal Kootenay Dlatrlct: Commencing at a poit
marked U. C.PoinU Land B.K Corner placed
near the Pond d'Orelllo river ai Bouudarj end.
eait side "f salmon river, then.''- eaal *��� chalna
along the International Boundarj Line, tbenoe
usrth 4(1 chalm, tbence weal bu chalna, tbence
aouth 40 ohaini t<- plaoe ol connm neement.
Dated tbe 20th or Jul) VM:       i .CPovhti,
Ity Anhicm  ADIK, Agent,
Notice is hereby given thataixtydayi after
date I intend toapply to the Hon. ChiefCommla-
sinner ci Land- und Works for pormlaalon to
purobaietheiollowitutde-tcrlbed lauaaa'tuataln
Weat Kootenay disiriei, adjoining ihe Interna
iLniiti boundary line, au.ni (our miles eaal ol
the Columbia river, oommenelng ai u poal mark
ed "L   -J   r> 6. W  corner," iltuato on the In-
teriialii.nal l.i.iiinlHrv line, al tbe HOUlheaal cornel-cl l.ti ��'. Kroier'iland: tbenceeaatHOehalua
tbenco north Hi ehulns, thenee weat8*) chalm,
tbence muth flu chatm la the place ol comuionce-
ment, containing 48 ��� acres more or leaa.
Dated &ih June, \'.w. \.\n-..\ M. Fhaseb,
F J. O'KelUy, Agent.
.Notice i* bereby given that ilxtj dayi from
date I Inteud to apply io the lion. Chief Com
miaaionerol i.und- mid Worki for uermlaalou
tn purchaao the f..Honing deicrlbed land- -it-
niUo in Weil Kootenay Dlatrlct, between tbo
ivmi d'Orelllo river and tho International
boundary line, about three mile* from tbe Columbia river. Commenolng at a post marked
J, S. C. Pi B, W. oorner iltuate on tbo Interna*
iiiiiiul iininnian line, about hall a mile eaat ol
the easi boundary ol tbe N. _K. 8. Hy. landa:
tlience north tn chains, thenco eaal BO ehalna,
theuce iouth 10 ohalna, tbence weal m chalm, to
the place of commencement, containing 820 acrea,
mora or leai.
Paled ^llh June. l'.**. J. B C. Kka-kh,
K. J, O'Reilly, Agent.
Notlco la horeby glveu that alxtyda^a from date
[inteud toapply to tbe I Inn Chief Commlaaioner
ul l.and- and Works r<>r permission to purebaae
tho following deacrlbed lamls situate In West
Kootenay Dlatrlct, adjoining the International
boundary line, aboul live mlleieaatol the coi-
���it.iu river; commeuolng at a poal marked li
. w
a I I. n
it M. Ki
norili   Ml   Clllll!
south m ohalni,
place  of  ei.inmei
more or less.
Dated _ ��� i Ji Jn
ier, tin
o, 1000
i-i  in chalna i�� the
'i.niaining  :ijo acrea
Km rn (iiLlJcapia,
��� aftei'
Notiee is hereby givon that ilxi
date I  ill 1. tnl t�� npplv to the Hi.II. Chief ( nunn I-
-1..1M r oi Land- and Works for |>ermfKaloii U
purchaao the following deai-HU-d lands In
the  West   Kooteliav district. NOtilh oi It..' I'eild
d'Oreille river; Commencfitii al a |>oai marked
C. U'a 8. K. corner, hltuatod nn the trull near
Hear creek aboul a mile from Hie international
boundurj line, ihence neat hu ehalna, tbence
north 80clialna more or less io the Pend d'tlrefllo
river* thence following the ion lb hank uf the
Peud d'Oreille river aouthcaai ni chains, more
nr leaa; tbeuceaouth 1W chainx, more or leaa lu
lhe pla '1   i mel men I.   i tain ing   6**J
acres, more or lens.
Datod 6th July, 190b. Ciiarlr* Uiboci .
F.J. O'RIelly, Agonl.
Notice la hereby given thai alxty dayaartcr
dale l Inteud toapph- to the lion. Chief ( ummfi*
alonor ul Landi aud Work*. lor pcrnilavion to
purohaae tin- followlug deacrlbed lamls, m
the West Kootenay Dlatrlct, eaat of and ail-
j.lining James >. Mackenzii''.- land; Commencing at a post marked A.B'l 8, E. curlier, on the
south ban); of the Pend d'Oreille river, Juil
above the  uioiitb  of   the t-almoti   river,  thctiee
weat 80 chalm, thence nortb 6u cbalm more or
le-s to the i'end d'Oreille river, tbence following
the uuth bank of the said river in a southeasterly direction to the i.iacc of cummeuceuient-
.     the  place  nf
mug -i-"" acres, mure or lei
d tin July !*>>�����' ahtii
Notiee is hereby given thatalxt) davs aiter date
l intend Supply to the Hon. I bief Commluloner
of Landa and worka for iwrniiabloii to purchaao
tbufollowma deicrlbed landa in Weal Kootenay
Diet i lot soiiin of the lend d'Oreille river, Com*
menclns al i post marked K. I M-. N, K. corner
��� n the south hank of the I'end d'Oreille river,
about a in he Hilda half east ol the month of 1'isli
creek tbeUCe lOUth 80 Chalna, theliee nest MJ
chnlni, thence UOrtb 40 chain*  more  or   less  to
the lvnd do'reiile river, thence follow log the
-outh hank of the said  river  in a liorthcastcrlv
direction to tbe place of commencement, eon
taming -Ifvi acres, mure or leaa
Dated Snd July 1'JNi.        kiu T. Mackknzik.
  Arthur H* unkiukk, Agent.
Notice ii hereby given thai 00 days alter date I
intend tu apply to the Hon. I hief commluloner
ol Lands Hint Works for permission to purcha-'
ie following deierrbed Utfads,altuate in West
unlsnoi    niBlvlnl    .,.,,���),    ...   ,1...    I......1   ,1 -. ir,, 111..
...t    i '���;.-��� .i j ii,:    i.i -a.-, n��t ..       .i    ;       -.oiinie   mi    �� I'M
Kootenay Dlitrlet toutb of the rend d'Oreille
rher; Uo_mcticitig at a poal marked A. ll. M's. N.
W. corner siluate ut the iouth hank of tbe I'end
d'Oreille river ut fella I MacKengle'l north cant
corner pOflt. theliee lOUth s�� chili ns, theliee ea-t
mi chains, thence north ni chains more or leaa to
the Pend d'Oreille river, thence weat EH cbalm,
following the hank of the said river to the place
of commenoement, containing oiu acres, more
Dated 2nd July 1006, A. it Mackenzik.
AilTHl'li Si IINKIDKIt, Agent.
Notiee h here t,v given that sixtv davs after date
I intend lo Applv lo (lie Hon rtuef Commission
er of Landsand Work- for permis-loii to purchase the following deacrlbed lauds -iinnte in
West  Kootenay  District,  aduth  ol the  Pend
m at a post marl
rncr. altuate mi the aouth bank
reille river at .Iaiiick N. Mueken-
iio'eaouinweatcorner, ihence aouth itMchuui^,
thence noil 10 chains, tbence north 7q chains,
ore or less to lhe Pond p'OrcMIe river; thence
��� -���l<n"*Mth bank of the laid rlvor In an
i} mm iiurihcaaterly direction to the place
imeticciuelil, con milling M0 acres, more or
hate.'lrd July, lOOtf.        MAliriAHKT Uarcourt,
Arthur Schneider, Agent.
M. Il's N. B.CI
of the I'end d'l
oilowing ti>
a-tcrly and i
Notice is ber.
y given thatifxtyday
��� >t Lands ami worka formrmtudon to i
the       following      described      lauds     tu      West
Kooteiiuy  District,  south of  lhe Pond d'Oreille
river, comroouolng at a poal marked J  N. M'n
B. \V. corner, situated on the soiilh l��u k of the
Pend d'Oreille river, opposite the mouth of is
Mile l'reek ;   Ihence ea-l Hit chains, thence north
io eh a in- more or leaa to tho Pond d'Orelllo river
the south hankof the aald river
westerly uml loulhweilerly direction to the
c o| comineuceiueiit, coiitainiug ::ju acrea
thonce foil
more or len
Dated Brd
-, 1006.       Jahkh N. MAikK.vzrK,
Arthur Kehnelder, Agent.
Notloe la hereby given Utatalxtydayaaftordato
I Inteud to appl) to the tion.Chief Commlaalon-
erof Landl and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands in West
Kootenay District, south of the Pend d'Oreille
river, oommenelng at u post marked A. i"s.N. w
corner, iltuatcd at the aonthweat cornor of Lot
H1'.,U. I. thenee east BUOlialm, theuce-outh 00
chnins,  theliee  wesl R. chains Ihcnce north ii.
Chalm  lo lhe pla if  ci eiireiucnl, contain
MIL' (Ml acres, more or loiB.
jiiited 20th   une, 1908,
P. J,
Notice is herd
I intend I
given  Ihu
Aging Piuflgft,
illy, Ageut.
- afterdate
iiiii.i-i-   ,^   ih-i.-iii    n> ii-ii   ��� nu | nu ii.l\ ���> ui I.T 'I'll.
I intend loiL|.|>h l>. the 11.hi i'hid Commissi..tin
nf Landiand Work-for [���onniiul i purcha o
lhe rollowlug deaerlbud lunda in Weal Knot.-imv
dlitrlet, iouth oj the Pend d'Orelllo river, eaai iii
Flab creek, com itctng at a post marked I'. u .
lis N   \V   eorner,  iiIh.nI   half a in He ca-l of the
ollh  I
���   plH
 ng at n post marked I
r, iiIm.iiI half a mile
norineai corner of Lol ttft, U. I., ih
fi obalm, ihcnce cast no chain i, lheni
chains,  Ihcnce   wesi  ni ohalni  to  th>- mace u
commencement, containing ffli acres, more o
Dated 2nd July IWO,        than W, ItxeenvRT.
Notice la hereby given that ilxty dayi alter dale
i inicnd toapply to ihe Hon Chief Commhulon
erof  Lands  tltld   Works fur i-cniilssioii lu  nur-
chuse   lhe   following   dcserilud   hni'ls   |N   \Ve.t
Kootenay Dlitrlet, iouth ol tbe I'end d'Oreille
rlvor, commenolng at a poil marked i> it M'a.,
N  W.coriicr.sltuuled on the south hank  of  the
(���end d'nreiiie river ut Jamea N.Jdnokemlo'H
inuthweal corner;   llienee cast Hi chains, llieuci-
mutn m chain*, thenoo west m chains, ihence
mirth 40 chains to the place of commencement,
con I rin ing liio acres more or leis.
Dated :ir��I July )!Hni.     Monaui It Mackknjeik,
AllTIH'H HcitNKH'KIt, Ageut
sixiy days after dato I liUend to apply to Iho
Confmlail T of  Lauds ami  Works to purclia-e
iui aeroa of land, near Burton City, ooj onelng
al a posl plauied in the southeast corner of Lot
NO, Klin, and marked J. II. Mc's aOUthWOIt corner,
and running north I'i chaini, theliee eait 4(1
chains, tlienoe M.utli  m  chains, tlience went 40
chains lo place of beginning.
July 18th, 1006. .1. D. Mccu.i.oi'ii,
A. A. Iturton, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thai two months after
date I Inteud to apply to the Horn-ruble the
Chief Commluloner of Utldl ami Works (or
perlnlsilon to purchase lhe rollowing described
laud- -ii nor. on tbe wesl arm of Kool-'liav Lake
in the district of West Kootonay: Commencing
hi h post marked "William Buerby'i N.w, poat[n
thenee west twenty (9oi ohaJnii thonce iouth
twenty  ('.""i) chains tbence nisi twenty  tauj
chains; thence north twenty CM) eliuilis  tu the
point  uf euinuieiice ul, cnijlulnliij,   forty (ID)
acreH, more ur Iui
Dated July 7, looo, I, u. Nki.-on.
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Notloe is hereby given thai B0 dayi Irom date i
Intend to apnlv to lln*  Honorable  the Com mil
si.mer of   Land!  and   Work-  for  permission   '"
punh.i>e the following deicrlbed landi. rfiuite
in Die West Ko nay I'lslrlct.   rttnriuilC (nun ��
posi marked "iiinmi Brneai Davfaon'iH >>: poil
abonl   tWO mth I cast of l��ecr park oil the Arrow
Uikea thence*I0chaini aouth, thenre W ehains
west, thei lOchalm north,thenceea*l lo point
of oommeneement, containing abonl IM acrea.
Dated thllSth day of June, 1906,
William Bniftn DavnoK.
Notice is hereby given that flOdayi after date 1
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commlaaioner of Undi and Works for permlulon to
nurchaae the following deacrlbed landi- lu tbe
Weal Kootenai dlatrloti commencing ate poll
marked "Nathaniel MiUntyre'i 8. K corner,"
planted on ih. iveit ride of the Columbia Klver,
a Lout T miles nonh of Muiton Clly. and mi dial us
north of the south -ivc* corner of Lol a78, thence
north ni chalna, theuco weal �� chulnR, thenco
-outh 80chalna, thenoe eaal BOchalm Ui polul ol
i necuieiii. eontalnlug gjo ai n ���.
Datod tins lath day of Ji  rood.
Nun iMKi   MrlNTVitK
T. C. Makiiison. Agent.
Noil..- iv hereby given tiott 00dayi aftei date I
Inteud to npplv m the linuorablc lhe Chief Com
miaaionerol Undaaml Worka for pormlaalon lo
purchase  lhe  following  deacrlbed  laud":  Com
mencing at a poat piaeed on the north ihore ol
the weal arm of Kootenay Lake, at thr uurlheait
eorner ol  John  .-trunks'  pre-emption,   thenoo
west   10 ehains.    re  oi   less,   to .the lOUtheail
corner of bit No.7405, ihence north Wohaini,
tlience ttail hi chaltm more or leaa, Uienee north
in chaini to tin- polnl of eommcocemenl
hated June Ifith, 1900,
0. B  Aril.KToS.
Nollee is inn by liven that mi dayi afu-r date i
inteud t> apply to tin- Honorable the chief
< oiiiiiiIhs)im'it ot I-atid- and   Works   for  |ieruih
���ion to purebaae the following deacrlbed lanoif
iltuated iu .-incaii Dlafrlot. Commencing ai
north eaat cornai poil of l^.t 81 0, 'banee runu-
i ig s..ii tii ao cbalm, thenee eail tt obalm, ihence
north 4ti obalm, tbenoe wail 10 cbalni to C, r. k.
rlgbt*Of-Way,   following   same   south   west   lo  a
pomi Intercepting noitb nog of Lot MSO, thenoe
eul lo polnl oi oommeneement, conUlalng IM
aorei mure or Icnh.
Kay 80th 1906.
c. L QaxiKga
Notloe li bereby given that00dayi afterdate I
Intend tu apply to the Honorable the Chief Commlaaioner of Lands md VVorki for pormtaiion to
purchase the loliowhig de.crlbed Undi iltu
ated tu the Koolenay Dial let. Beginning at a
post planted on the north -in.re of Hi,' Uiwer
XrroW   Uke at...lit   I'i  . lo.liiv   Weil   ol   lie    Well
boundary of C P, K Lol !���������>. Marked II a W
h k eoruer, Iht nee west 10 i halna, then,'.' north
noehalm, thenee eaal A) chalm more or leaa to
lake -hor.-, thenee m a Mtuib waatrrly dlria Hon
along lake ihore to point of comment cmeui, euti-
1111111111- UMaeies in.or ui leaa.
Locatod June ne, WA,
ii a vvoi maroK.
A. N. Wou ggroH, Agent.
Notice li hereby given that I lutein) 60 day-*
after dale to apply to th" chief Commluloner of
Lands Hii-1 v oikn for pe'tnlsslon lo purchase
the following    eicrlbed landi.Htnata at Kire
Valley,  KooteUay      iJiriet.       OJimenclng  at  a
post (marke , i. dal igber--iouth weal corner) i
placed at the south west comer ol Matioti R,
township (i'.i thence north ��0 chain-, to the north
wesi corner ot ia<d Motion BS; theme cast 10
chains, thence iouth ho chaini to the nouth
boundary of tald acctlon 38, and thenee went 4u
cbalni to tba place of beginning containing 130
acres, and  being the wisierly  half of  mid   sec-
tion :t'i. townihlp 09.
Dated at Nelion, a c. June Mb ifti..
L. (iAl.l.A'.ntK.
Notice I- hereby given tbal 80 davs after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mJuioner of Land- and Worki for nermU-ion to
purchase the following daaorfbed landi, ��titnatf
in tin- West Kent imv.1 istrid: Commencing at �����
pint marked M. McC. b, W. corner, planted 4��
chains west of I.  C. Mor-lsoli's nortitWOlt cortu-r
of his crown granted land in Kire Valley, run
niiiK tt cbalm eait, 10 ohaini north, lOchalm
west, tu chains iouth to place ot commenoement,
M. Mi-Canui.'sh. Locator,
w. a. tALDKB. Agent.
Jane 90th, TOM
Notice ls herby given that I intend, 00 dayi
alter date to apply to I he Chief Coniminiluiier ol
I iimlti mnl Wo k- ,'.,r |n tinl-��slull to pun hase the
lo lowing d*-icrlbed laud* situate at tlte Valley,
Kootenay district. Commencing at a po��t (marled George Youiie vorth Meat oorner) placed at
the north weal corner ol Motion 88 townihlp 69;
thence eaat BU chaini lo the north easl i iirncr of
iai<i section 38; tbence sou'h -an obalm, theuce
went iju chnins. thence north to cbalm to tba
place of beelnnlng containing Btt acre* ami
being the northerly hail of said notion It, town-
���ated at Nelson, H. 0. June .Sth 19 ft
(iKOttOK Vol N.i
Notice la lieret.y j-|v.-il lhat Cudavn afler date
weitiicnd to .it.i'iv to tbe Honorable the niiei
Commluloner nf Unds and Worki at Victoria,
B 0, for pernilsMoh   tu  purcliaau   the  IoIIowIiil
daaorfbed landa, aittiata tn West Kootonay dli-
irlct.    I'fiiiiiiii itelng at a post p|���!,r.  i Ht Thoini*
Jeromo'i n k post, and ihhi bed  Peter Detail
and A CbOfiJOeite N  W. furner; theme UohalOl
��� ns! tbenoe 80 etiainf ������outh, ihence no obalm
wesi. tbenoe20 oh ���tun north to the oommenolng
post, cnnlailiiiiK W aerca inure or lean.
Hated May26.
I'KTKIl DtaiLt
A. UHOQ1 Kni
W. A.Jonkn, Agent
Notice is hereby given t ha'sixty daya after date
i intend loapply iu the Honorable tba Cblel
Commluloner ol Landiand Worki, Victoria (or
permlulon lonurebaae lbe following deacrlbed
lamia in Weil Kooienay. Commencing at a poal
marked ffdgai W. - yneaaonth waatouner near
to t'amot creek and ahout 2 miles IQnth Ol Moi-
���liiIUi c eek and ahoul 4 miles went of t ulumhta
Klver 1 thenee north Hi) ehalns, thence cast Hi
chalna. fuilPeaotnh  BO chalm, thence  wesl  40
chaini to place of commenoement, coutaiuiiiK
820 acre", beim* lhe aaiile mure or I era.
Dated June 4,1906.
Km,ah W Dywgg,
 v. I'ynri Agent.
NotlceU bereby given   h���i n> dava after dale 1
Intend to make application to tbe Honorable tbe
�� hief' (inimissioiier of l.audsami Worki for p,-r-
million in purchaie   the followlna daieribod
lands:   CpmmenclOg al a JX st placed OU I he cast
shun- of Lower An,,* Lake, adjoining J Bates'
pre-emption ou the ion ih wait marked "T * 'i
N.w.e rnerpoat." Tbeuce running m chaim
cast; ihence so chains sou'h; ihciice no i haihl
more or less, west lothe lii'-c shore; HieilPe following Ink - shore tu p,,iut of commencement,
colli  iiilUK MO acrei, mure or leaa
Tlios  KHUHAM,
Haled thin 7th dgT of Juno, Mia;.
NotiOO li horeby given ihat 00 ays Hit r dale I
Intend to make appnoatlon to lhe Hi r-hh- the
Chlel f'ommiasioti.-r o| La mi hand Works for permission to purchaao tbe following dcmltied
lands:  Commencing al  a post placed on lhe
noth.-H-t .orner of T   Klunhan'. .M-plLaMon lo
Purebue.mirked"H, ��� tea uernoa " iiiue
wi chalna eai: thence 80 chatui m_Hi ; thence*
chalniwMti thoueaf-dlowlOrfT Klnalian'ieaal
���'" h la y to  point ol coiiimetn" no nt, i-on-
lalttlng NO aorei, mor   or tcis,
Hannah Iikknkt.
Mated thlNTth day of  'utic 1 'Ml,
Notice 1- ht-reii) Klveli that (Ml .lav, after date I
"tend lo make appl cation to the Honorable the
' hud i otnmluloner of Lands and Worki for ner"
mission to purohaae tbe following dueribed
,u"1":,1 imencing at a noil placed at then,.
te-auction of the cut I laryoFJ Hates' nre.
emptiooland ihe north boom my.fT Kinahan*!
Application io > urehiisc. marked "T. K .iYi �� w
eo. ner poai ���' Th nee following J. Uatai'eaatern
boundary, Itl cnatlia north; tbenceg-ielialiiaeail'
��ience��� ohalni to ihe ,,��� LheYu r���,��� (}
Hannah   "i rney'i  Application to  Su?
'hence following thanortbeil itida'vofaS:
and northerly boundary .f r Kinahan'ilAnoii
cation 10 Purchase, tu pot   | ,.f cminemn,
containing 82u aorei, more ur lea, '"'
Hated lhli7lhdayof June. p2r,.k ,NA,,AN'' J"-
rs*;s____. w-S&Si";
Psitis.1 .1 Ni.|.un, B.C. J���|,Bmim
Usomit Vouko.
N,,l,,-.- I- Is.-s. Ls   glveil llissl  Isss. I Iss, sslls-r
��� int.- I Intent! i" sppl) <���> Ilie Uonnnble. is s.-i
 IIII--SI.II.I "I I.hii.i. hti.1   Ws.rlss, Inl iHiifu-
sion tsssssi-i-liishs-s.lv hundred snd forty (iHoJ
seres "l lend, diwcrlbed si fulfnwi: i', neutrlng
s.1 is pull i,liilil,-.l hi lis, sii.stl,ss,-.l s-ssrisir "1 I.
Ottllagber'ssnpltefttlon is' purclisse in Klru .'ssi
l.-j-, ..ii llss- wrest side ol !.��.**,-s \s - ss !..,!,�����. in
K""[i-iihj s'.i.iris-t, isiistk.-i ��� i\ i i - \ . corner"; Ibenee running ,-iisiits [SO, cbsln. west!
ills-ins- eigbty (h.) s.1.nils; iis. is-, eight) [luj
chain, s-sss-t; tbence i-iK'ny (80) cbetnsnortb tn
I'lrt, ,- ,i[ s-nsilltl,-Is,,-Ills-SSI.
Datod iii.-.'sssi dsrof Jul.  UU
Kntli-i- Is, Iscrs-lsy iOvs-11 Hint HI il.vs Irs.ssi  date
I Inland i" sppljr us the H rabla Ibe Cblel
l''illimU.lsiln'l sif  I.stssil. nil.I   Wssslc fnr  jmtiiiis.-
isl.-ii lis puiilin.s-tlss-fi.Miss, um destorlbsd lands,
In tbs west Kootana, Dfjtrli t. eaal side s,i Columbia Klvs-i.nlss'isl 2 ISSII.-. Ilnnli ,s, Burton I'llv.
Comnienolng at a posl marked LeoM winter,
8 w. eorner, al the N.W, comer ol K. B. Btnllb'l
preemption sUim, tbenee smuis us s i.nin. more
or loss to lhe south boundarj ol Mies larroll',
preemption ,-i.im tbenee im-t to i iiisiiiss. tis.-iis-s-
SOUtb I'l rllHllls. Illnrs- ,,r 1,-ss, tn till- N.itlll bOUlld-
nry nf R ,1 -mull's, preamptlon i-lnllil, llsssln-i'
ws-s.1 K Obaina l.. ismssl si! s nmms in .-iin-iit; i-sm-
iHltslliii ssss .,-rr. mssr-s nr l,-.��.
yialssl IhJatDd slay of Jims'. I9M.
I.i" M   Wurflf.
Kai.i-h 8LVS. Agent,
Nnil.'-1st Iss-rs-l.y given thnt  I   Inland,60 dan
ftiu-r iints-. lo apply ts. tin- rists-i Commissioner ol
Uss-li. ms'l Wurkss fssr permission Isi s sirs IsniM' ths
tollowloi descrlbsd lands, sltuats .si i ire Vniiev,
Kiiss-inny IJl.trls-t. I'ssiiiisieiii-iisg nt n |�����t (mnrk
������'I P a si'i.siiiisir  nsisitii east cornorl pUiesd ai
th" north ensl i nrner ssf .es-llssn :ri. tuss Dablp '.'I
iiii'ii.'e ws-.nis chains, thanes north '���" chains,
tlts'iss-eeant411 s-linlllH, and tlss-n- ���  south I'll linllisi
in the plaoeol bannunf, conialnlni -isfli mn-^
llnlesl nl Nel.s.is. B. 0. June Sth IM,
r. li. o'Comnu
UBOBflg Yiiims, Agi-ist.
Nnlls-f Is hs-reliy given llinl 00 'Ins. frssm slate f
iiiis-siii loapply iii iin- Bonorable the Chlel Commissioner nf Land, un-l w,,rks, fnr permtsaton in
pisrsliMSs.-llirfnlliis.lssg  slew-rlU-.l   Inlssls., In   Ilie
wasi Kootenay uimriet.   p��nsl i>��� i. m tfai
I'iliiiiil.ln htvi-r Hl.niit , inlli-K  is.irtls  ol  Hssrss.ss
i iiy; all ..f s.ni-1 Mnnsi above isigfi water, b. Ing
lOassraa tnurt- or is-...
Ilnl--sl thlss Isst Dny sif Jin,,.. 1006,
Kn.SK  Niiistiin
T.i- llAKmson, Aaani
Hilly slssyss nfli-rilnls- I Inland lis app > lo the
Commlaaioner ol Landa aud Works, vinnrin to
Jiii-i-linnu ll'.l ns-r.-" ol  Intnl.   1 OUtmenclOg al n
is">i iiiiiiii.-.i .is, ii,, watl shore ol Anns. i.nk, at
the aouth easl eoruer ol J J ClLrlstle'a pun Inue
riiiinll.ji n.irtl. Mli-lsnlns. Ihi'ii. ns.1 M chalus
Ihenco south Uohains, ilisine wesl ao chaini lo
plane ssf omnmeneament.
Located Mny. '.'tii ism.
A. I'.isssiir.
I.. Ull.Milium. T^M-.Ll..r.
Hlssty slayn altar slnle 1 Inland I" n|,|,lv to His'
Cpmmlsslonsi of Landsand w,.rk ,���i	
S "I"*"' u .M.iinii-Hl tone mil- eaal ol
Burton Clly, ���ss,l deacrlbed u lollowa: font'
 "'ills'ni'. i"-i I'lm 1 on ilu- nortbwcsi corner oi inl IBM snd riiiiiim wesl JO chains, ihenco
sii'iii rn chains, ihence .-...i to ehalns,ihence
"" "'"I'k lot 0860 lo plaee of beginning.
July Mil, WOO, j. K, in-.vTKii.
KoUoe Is hereby given that 60 dan altar dato I
Intend toapply to the Honorable lha Chlel, nm-
mlssloner ol I..I..I. ninl Works |..r per  Ion i���
purehsaa the oljowing dosortbed lands, iltustod
III 11..-, 1.11-I,;, ol  W...1  Kiiosesosy, n.ljol g  l���
,��!..ii ins- ��,..t arm of Kootonay i.nks-   iBon.
wens ing at an Initial post placed al si iih.
svs-.l surlier ol ly.t 700! il,,.,,,-,. ,,���r,���  ���, ,,,,������;
Ihanna ws-s,i lOebalos, thei  iouth H chains
""'" "" 10 chain, iu polnl ol commons ment!
Ilnls-sl Mny BJ, lij,ssj,
     Ja"' v,iAirn
intend ,'��PPl*lothe Upniuahl. i ibiwt'om-
mlsslnuerol Lands ami sAork.. p. ,,,. .,i������ ,���
I'"';' " lhe fnllowmi '1 ili'i.l  ���,-.���"
r���������-s......tt,,.r n ���,.���,.��,���, the1 a,;���;
ns-r ,  ,,l  I.",      '"'   h""""��y   Ulft'lnt.    AboutOO
u  is ft .*_ Imencing al n posl markod
" 5 f S,H ( .iii'i ih in-i������ ,,.,,'
.'.^"���ss I   '""',''""' '""" ohalus, hinoa
mai _ chain, lo polnl nl eoomance in.
Ilnlo'l llila Ith day sif .Inn,, looo
Will I.W llAllltV  I'KTKIsn.
Wll.l.uii J, TssVK. noun
Nn:I,.. I, In.relsy given IbStOOdajS l-ssiu data I
Inl .|.|slyi..ilie ,���i,i  Be Chlel ., ���
iiiiaa.,iier.sil_ii,ini.i.i H���rk�� i���, parmlsaionto
purchase 100 aorat olland ai inn "nulen Lriusi
nib'.Arrow Lakoalnthe ��'s-��s Ks nay in.
isiri. Btartfnnfr n jmat mark.il a  i LN W
I'iih, tbenoe all obalm vim. Ihelio- in oh.mi
...su h, ll,eni>e��l ohalll,   ��  ll���.,���-e  ,0 rl,,,".
liisrtli Iss jsolii, , f s-siisiineiii-s-iiss-nl
Imti'il this Mb day of June WW.
AISTIli-K .Issiin Long
Wll.l.uj, .PTiivk, Ag.'lil.
Notloe i�� bereby giv.-n thai so dan ,.n.-r .1 i
Intend is, apply i Honorable lb! Chief Com
miaslonorol i.-.n-i- ,,,,.i Works in, i.,, .,,,,,   ,
puniin... the  olhrwln,  n  i���,,,�� ,' i .
weal Koolenay district! lominencine m u ,. ,
marked tat, M.-.'. N !-: nomer   ,,,, i, ,V -,-,
north nl tluiH. w corner ol ��' AVCaldor'a nrn
omntlon in i ir.' v. y, ninnlns aoohaln, louih
-ini-lisslii. well, -llli'lnslsss isorll,   lil,.|!��� , , ,   ; '   ;
plsst-e isfs'sissiinell'Tliii-ui
Massl.K MoOiU.DI.Hl!, I. lor
JUIU-..1 IMS, "    A   '���''���''����"��B"��I
Notice la hereby given thai nn .leva ssfi," date I
Inland m Ada application ti ii.ui.,i,,i,',-   ���.
Ililell oiiiluls.��l ,,! I,,,,,,!, ������, | ���.,,r|,, I,,,,,'
I"'"1;1"",. rcliaw the   ollSwIni described
Iniiii.; Oommoiioiiij. ���i ��� |���,M ,������rk,,i a. iv ,', '
sler'a lOUtllOIII s'orn,., , 12, Tout,, hi,,   .,
runii ngi'iiai twenty ufinli ���ii, rorty v aina'
weal iweniv ol , north forty chains to ��|,s_j
o li'iiiniiii'iii'i'ini'ui. ' ''""
Dated July I, Hon. Iomb Bagu,
Nolli-i' la hsrebr ulvs-n thai ,-
dais I Itiiiui.I tospply i,   s-.S""'""1"
c ilsslonerol i_,,,|. '���',,, w T?"><
an.n I., parauaaa .i,  hanored ���__!
��er.-a o, l������, l.il,., in,,.,! ���."���;,'' "'"I M,
,,l   a  l��,M   |,1nsil,,l   ,,i  ||���.  ,,������. M
I. Uallaalier's npiills-sillsu, ,  ,.!""*.���
eight)' (Si) I'loslli. ss,-,; ,|��� ,,,...',, '",'SI
nnrlli! th.'l.ee eight) in,., , |���," ' 7"*��_
eigbty (t0)cb.|n. ..nut, usUsan,***!! I
������ eighiy \��ii'"h.'i_'!l9ii_
(040) acres, more or lei
Dated ills- Hnd <sf July, ing,
w. i ui.1.11, .pT8!
Notice la lis-rslsy glvs-ss II
lulell.lt.. make appll,..!,.,,,,,,,,,,
in "lull   In   pun-baa,,   lhe   loll
 ;������ <:o..i,n.,.ein���.,-���: ::;������',��� ��� -i
 ll'sse.le.'rssernl  H���l,|e 1 , 1 ,���!,   ...   .\ ��l
lli.ll   lo   purehaa,    ,���|,���. Vail.-,. ������;,'"*B
U.    N    K. .-..riser," rss ng k, ,,������ ' '
chains aoulh, Uohains nil. mi"
place of ��� ......M.-.JI-, liii-ll!
B   M   Mi i s^iilub,^!
W. A  s IU*|J|H "
' 'OJflJi
iui. -.'ini, mm,
Nolle.- I, hC'1-1,y ,1,1-11 || Osliyi^T   I
ntand li.appl, t,  II,.,,.., ,1,SJJJ
iii l-��li,tier <>1 I'iml* mui \\ .,r L - fi.r
[..If.  Iiiim-    the   folloWltlg   ill Wfll*
iii the Waal K run Jlilrli ri,.
|.o-l    nil    the   eunl ���|(f_ ���(   TtlllB < R
Arrow    t  i k i .   nfi-l   iu,,iL,..|   -.1   J  \
corner," ilu-ncf _aj| ni ohalni, ti,
. tuifni, thence w. ���*(  hi rhalni, 11,
chalm lo |M.ini ..I ...mui. uivmeii!. n,  .���
mo gen - mora or i- m ������
Located June mth, IBM j j hi;J
T   il   H ILLUMKin lp��l
Rl .ly lUri nfter .|nu- i |utcn
��'tii.'( i ommlaalonci ol Lan
\'iOtnri:i. for pvrmlailon Uipuj i
��� ml ilily (iui) BiTi'ko| iiiml.l'i'ki.iltg^
ci *u followi: Commencing ���< �� \.*\a
eighty (HU) chalna eaat of ihe K. H >..t__a
Bulger'! |.re empli.��i mel markad-C ""
��� ������r'l.T,"   mnl   run ul mc   mii   (urn
ihem a MOtfa forty (��") chaini, i(,.i
cbalni, ihcme norili forty (ttjchali
rut. t, race r i
N.iiie. \*. her-hv givon thnt M dot
im, im) I,. ��|,).iv in the Uon Ilu <V
���lonerof l-aml*. ami Worki Ion t- ������..���
ohaae the following de* nu] lu
Kootenay dtotrlot, provlnev ol but
Commencing at a [...t marked ���
s \\ enrner, on the tooth ildl .1 .,
..ii.ni! (wo milea eaal <���! Iturton ���,
sir! nt lhe uortliweil comer ul '������ ...��ii..V|
lit'*- pre-emillion 'Inim. tlietii-e nullM^l
Ihence north '" chalm, Ihetec .-, t*m I
Ihence ihhiUi ft) chalui t" the plan ��� tpnt.
��� ..ntuininK MD aorei mora oi len
hale,! thia .'llh davol July. Ii����. . -
 ti  i i-w I
N..tiee \*  hereby given tbal ti'vui-'ifkntll
lit.-1 {otend to apply lo the HonmH " "
immlwlonerol i*n.inmi<i Workit
in purebaae ihe foiiuvri
ate in lire Vaihy on ihe vail
Hurkil timn
eMTlt-M tail
1, ��-:H
rmi lj.ke, Kootonay dlitrlet, deacr_��a|
Iowa: Comitifin ing ai �� poal fi��iit*"l ���
n..rth��rcr,t corner of VV. A. Cahliri ft'<b|��-B
iimrke.1 "a Mel.'i loutbwett comer; _H
thence forty (i") chalm eaiti iliftn**tMii#l
<'ham* imrth; ihence forty t*1! rt.��tnt ��<f
Ihetaoe forty (��0 limits south tethrpjjatl
commencement-, containing om tuiJuiaUJ
Kiity (UO) m tw mora or la
Datod June Ti, iwofi. Asm* MrUrsni j
\V. A, C���UiK.A|lll  _
Notice l< hereby given (hat I Inirn!.* *IJ'|
alter date lo apply tu tlie I'nleM'etnmiwi.'Wl I
��� ami* mnl Wurku fnr |��-rml��|.m in pufta����|
[uluiwlii-* .lenerilN-d Uml* ami po-mln-MiMl I
ai Kir.- i alier. Kootonay Dliiriet rum��n��l|
��t h poll imarked P, H. O'ConnorB.nliM_ I
uer) plaoad at toe north nan . ������nm ������'*""*-1
.'!. (ownahlntt| ihcme aonth ����� .iitm'1"**!
weat t" chriiio-, ihcme m.nii #i -inm-1. a* ���
northerly i-oumliry ol *��-*i-l Mcti..ti.i;��J��*|
eeoiat ��chalna (o the piece nl inami"<-*l
iHiitlni; IfiiHcrc.-, ami belug thfl Mrtl *���**! * I
quarter of n*ut notion 31- (owniMl
Nel.i.u. 11. .:,J���,���. ..Usl'..-    p_ (i, j
 Ctnniir Yin'>si.*E__.'
KIXII- ilssyasifl.Tslnl" I inlrii-l l" appl' '" *
Mil l-1'.ii.-lo,   l.nti,la   ninl   "'ells-     ''.'""Vjl
I'ui.-i aw aores ol l_.��.i ��iiii��i.-an.i'ir����_l
����� i.'ii'.s..   I' nelngai ,. 1-1 i'>[''"'J|
the eaal ahoreol Arrow ,...t. ..fc���u-��-���"*_! I
l-in.lli.ic  al   II nlh   weil ""'��''���"   J, I
lillll.sV pro elnlsllon  anil  InSlked r '- * V
eorner! iliesi..- eaal nu cbalm,	
ebalns, tbenee wesiSlchalni m �� M""^
thenee nortii ��i..hk ibe lake ihoie is I"'""
i-Allh l����i.
t, li""-
W CsiMSH. laalU" __
Notloe Ii hereby alter, tbs I*. tS__l
lll'.-ll'l lo, v loll,,-lloiiiniiMi'll" ll11' ','���
miu ml l.'isml. mnl Worki tor psm>la**|
in.lelui.e II,.    f..ll,,H slssi   sls-i.-lll- I    -"','    , ,.
nionring al a | marted �� K ��; " ', ���.:,'.,
I'l�� si lhe N  W. oorner "I ��  ���'���'���j**,
in. .-inisii,,., in Fin- V y. runnln,**}"
innin. in ohalna wast, BOcbal 'i'- * "
eaat in plaee of ootnmonoomoni.
W. K. M'I .M'll-ll. I'""1'"'
IV. A. <�����! HUH. Aa" ssl
I'm.-..'Hi, r...  __���-
Notloe Is hereby gl-on ihai-is" t'"i ''''"".'J
��� ini.   i Intend lo appli   '������ Un ��"'{*!
I'blel  I'oiiiiulaaloiier ol   l-ndl "'���'  "'   n
l��i.sii".i pnroliaao lbe i ,"'"�� "'���,
Inset olland: all eat ��ueeii. '"���V"��,b"��
,1KootaMj latk.Tn.l!��.BJ>;*J,a"J
l-.l |�� Mf ' "
, s, I" I".
Holiay, I'ruiis's ( limi-i
rnntalnlng hy adi irooien1
tin- same more nr |ess, ss in- h i
nulls' panleiilorly deserlboil "" '
inonolna nisi ,a.nii on ihe ss.	
I. 71*11 0, 1  ��',..!   K,,otiiois   Will
...ssiii ,-ss.i cornor ..i I. onrfii i. "",'".' " ,
l-.ll.i.s His; ll���. -uiillierly bon  I      ,'
no rhalni mora oi len i "'   , ,���
nor oi ..iii l.i nam ii. ii tii ;'"!';,
assillli    Isi   elsaltia    re   "I   lei '",	
"is boundary e| H 11 Balloeh'. M'l'!,"':,
I'ssi' in,-. ; ii,eii sailorly lollsiss
I'ssi' liasol Hun sailorly foil.." ���".�� ��� ���,���iji��
erly  indory of said n.li balha-li   -M'l,'1',;,' ,,,.-
i" i Orel  _.I7J ohaln, more or n-       ,.
ibore olw na'Bail Ibenoo to lowing 5��"5
if w is.' iissv; tl
'sally nf lhe an 111 ahull- III n 11"""
Hull "II elnilts. Iniire nr leaa lis III "
ner..1 ml ��� l.niTiwis'.l; tbonoonorl
liio. thewesiorly bonndary "I ���� '���
I s.'�� i Iniln- is,ore sss li'sa lis |ssslul "l
��Utoil June l/l, IKK
i ������"���'���
In ll"
I,,. .lini-
?rli *���''
a  \,  ppyiasn-
Nniiie i�� horeby given tb". ���"���;,,.,,.. 1,1.
lass-1 Inltiml to apply to llio Honoiyi* V...	
iini-al.uses-n[f I��siiul��"
to purohaae llio f.ills'svlnu dosorllieil n-      M
in tVe.i Knmonay dlstrlol! "��Kni,1|_X|i(,
l-ls'isl'-sl ssl His- iiurllissi'-l s'ssssi-i "I i'1 M ,,
ling I'ss'ek, thenoe south (flohaln". .��_.i,_i
���in s-i.ssisia more ... l.-i-a.. thoooii  '��� ' iltlJ,
moro  or  leaa,   lllelli-e eslM   I" <��'���' > " 'j |���,->
'(beginning, H"'.1;""!',.1,',',',',,',,,,.i-nsfi.'1
Wh.rfs'ienowii si Ilm Hanson i"
Hs.ii'.i J.sh'.'i, i��in
~���' r       ���   ,. ,las>.flf
Nollee l�� heri'l.)' given thai ���'"J^JRas.l,
IheslAle  Usl In  aiipl.v lo III.' ' '" '   ,,,,,|l'
��� i ol Und, ansl Work, * letorlo, '' i l(1,d.
"Inn   tn silsrs-lsslaelliS' (sill.sss Inn sis-1' ,1.1
iliuale In thedlslrlol ol �����;-'lV,"'in i""'1'1
siissrssi in Crook! Burtlngal �� !''"' 	
.iniiii tvinie'a s. IV. oorner. P'*',?",.��orw
I'hlllllK aiuilli  ssl   ,1.  Mssl '"""""", ���|.|illli
is iiie  ih siiisiiiiisia. llieneo'��"   ,,Htii-1
tlli'liee a,.,..I li III! eliHiua, thStlOO WW.r^giTI,
I'ultilof essinini'iiesiliielll-      ..    ���_ iMat.
I, H"1 The Daily Canadian
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y> Limited
United   States   Republicans
Fear   His
ICnisliiK', regular price $3.00 special     $1.50
el,       " "     $3.00 special	
tilled, guaranteed 5 years, $5.00 special
filled, guaranteed 10 years, 157.50 special
filled, guaranteed 15 years, J8.50 special
solid, guaranteed, $10.00 special	
3 '5��
>��� ������*������������������:<:>���������������������������������������
was ln arrears ln the payments of assessments, and tbe claims of his heir"
for the insurance was contested.
Wc make Toric, Lenticular and Invisible Bifocal
ics.    Your eyes thoroughly, properly and scientifi-
|lv examined, tested and fitted witli the proper aud
ti lenses to suit your eyes.   No matter who has failed
tae and See M. Meckienberg, M. A.
:iniuent eye sight specialist.     Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y. Limited
iperial Bank of Canada
Toronto, July 31.���The Globe pub*
llshes a special despatch from London
in which Bryan's chances for election
are  freely  canvassed.    It  says:
"We Republicans ure afraid of Bryan/' a famous American politician said
to me this afternoon, and in saying
that he expressed the view of a number ol other American politicians 1
have met within the last few dajs.
"Our hope of defeating him," this man
weal on to say, "is b&aod more than
anytfflng else on the expectation that
he will wreck hiB chances of election
to the presidency by ine indiscreet
ubc of his mouth and pen. If he could
be locked up somewhere for about two
yeurs out of the reach of newspaper
men, und his pronuneiamenlus to the
American publll could bfl censored by
some person of good lioi'se seme, the
probability is that he would be invjn
cible in 1908. What wo Republicans
pray for is ihat bfl may talk and write
continually an! grow steadily in radicalism, lie dooin't stand so well as
he did before he save out that interview in which he resentfully protested
againat thf base charge that he was a
new man, a conservative man, and not
Uie same old Hryan We licked in L890
and 1900. Thai was a silly interview.
It hurt Bryan and helped us. We want
him to keep on Interviewing himself.
Be put his foot in hla mouth in that Interview, anjl we want him to keep it
there. What he said the other day will
not hurl him with some oi his party,
bu. il already has tfiven the prospective harmony a knockout blow. .lust
ai the moment when it began to look
as though all the factions of his,party
would line up for him, he did tlie silliest thing conceivable���erected a monumental silver calf and held a memorial service in honor of his old foolish
self, it was grand fnr us Republicans.
Hryan, the unchanged and unchangeable, will he a polcnt shibboleth. As
a conservative reformer he would bo
Very hard to heat; as an apostle of
discontent, wilder-eyed thtm ever ac-
cording lo his own testimony, he will
be, comparatively Bpeaking, an easy
mark."     ,
"Will Roosevelt run against Bryan?" I asked.
"No; Roosevelt may run In 1912,but
not In 19()s. He realises that his candidacy is Impossible. He's not such
a popular Idol as he was, and he
knows if he should violate his pledge
to not run in U'.S there would be a
strong reaction against him. Tan is
talked of, but could not be elected. We
Republicans must wait awhile before
picking our men. We'll be all the in t-
ter off for wailing. The Democrats
cannot wait. Bryan is their man. He
has got the thing nailed down, and is
sltling on it. We're afraid of him, but
not bo afraid a swe were three weeks
ago. Bet him Interview himself three
or four more times and hold a greal
Bryan memorial service in New York
next month, anil we probably shall
come into such a blissful slate that
our teetli will noi chatter as they do
now every time we hear his name."
Case of Graft in Germany,
Berlin, July 81-���-Emperor William
has ordered a searching investigation
into the case of Major Fischer, who
was attached to the home quaners
Btau in German Southwest Africa, and
wno has been arrested. It appears
lhat Major Fischer had been receiving
money for years from the firm which
has the monopoly of supplying th��
colonial forc.a in German Southwest
Africa. This money was given nominally as loans, and, according to the
press reports, the total of the sums
paid finally reached $25,000, Major
Fischer's salary was $2,000 a year.
There was no prospects whatever of
his ever returning the loans.
Head Office:   Toronto*
JAB PAID UP... ,$8,900,000 REST $3,000,000
ft WU.KIK. President HON. ItOBBttT JAKFRAY, Vice-President
Branches io British Columbia:
insitfl received and interest nllowf <l ut current rates from date of opening ftc
I credited half yearly
|t.soN t_t��ANOM J*   M��   LAY,  Manager,
te Hall Minirg and Smelting
Company, Limited.
urchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
foal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosot?, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Hunt BnUdorl will liiul il to I hair advantage to UtO imr Pitch.
Jekon Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
Burns &
Mftrtceta \u Rowland, Trail,  Nelson, Knslo,
Denver nml Blooan city.
Baudot), Three Pi��v1;k, New-
Canadian is British.
London, July 31.���When the captain
of the barque Edna M. Smith was
summoned for an alleged assault oo
tt colored sailor while at sea, it wan
pleaded that the court had no jurisdiction, since the barque was a Canadian
vessel flying the Canadian flag. After
much legal argument It was decided
ihat a Canadian vessel Is a British
vessel, and therefore within the terms
of the mercantile shipping act.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Rooms are well furnlsbed.   Table as uosxl as say
Uasiors sua cigars.
In Ni'l.sssi     Bar supplied with good
ii'l ctsars
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European knd Amflrlrmn Plan
Meali 25 tU.   Room* from 25 ctl. to 91
Only White Help Employed,
Bak.-r St., Kelrmn Proprietor!
Employ Forty Men.
Spitzburgen, July 24, via Tromsoe,
Norway, July 31.���Forty men are now
working day and night to got the air-
vvhip of ihe Wellman-Chicago-Hecord-
Herald expedition started toward the
north pole during ihe latter part of
August. The big balloon house will
he finished  in a fortnight.
Wcst Transfer Co.
General Teamsters raid Dealers in
Conl mirl Who-.'   Express and
l'.nggn_e Transfer
?foT_Seu6  Office: Baker St.
Contest Insurance Claims.
Xew Haven, Conn., July 31.���In a
decision handed down yesterday th��
supreme court of errors, sustaining
ihe judgment of the court of common
pleas of Fairfield county, vitiates the
claims of the heirs of the late Patrick
Cougblin, of Bridgeport, to the Insurance of (1,000 claimed from the order
of the Knights of ColutnbUS, nn tho
ground that he was in arrears at the
time of his death. The suit has attracted widespread attention. Cough*
Iin had lieen a member of the Knights
of Coin minis from Its inception. At
his death a claim was ma tie that he
was a member of Uie Masonic order,
anil as such should not have beeu admitted to lhe Knights of Columbus.
Later  the  defendants alleged  that   he
A full line of Crockery,
China and Gltuutwat-.
Alio .Second Hand flood* ot Every Description.   Wc have rot ibcROAdiaod sell at
Lowe*. Prices lu Town.
Raker ��t- uext to ' P.K Ticket Office.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar lr. the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Joaephine Ht.
The Big Schooner P/,_>�� 1 (\r
or "H_i rn. Haif Deer IvCa
The only Glaus of Good Beer in Nelson.
Histi'l Hn'ossimoslHttoii. Beoond Is. ss.its. in llrit-
ishColumbia. Rates,ii��ii>,t.issy. Bpbclalnan
io monthly boardem. Only noma hbto! In Kelson
Lake Vieto
We have Improved arid Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
F*lr�� and Acold��nt
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Koolenay.
Nelson, B. C.
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blocks Irom
Rates (1.00 per Day
and np.
P. 0. Box ISI.
Teli'Phone 118.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Fuel
&. Poultry Co., Ltd.
���   _______
w>  ..imto. Woodberry Uio
r.ed "Tender (orTirober
^^^^^^^^^^^        k," will ��� i-itiMviM
l,y Him underilffood up lo noon ol Baturdar, tin-
niii iUv oi ugmt, ltwfi, trom ttny i> non aetir'
Ing u i.iiiutii special Umber licences to oul and
earn away tiniixT fmm Uie fuiimvitiK deacrlbed
I ���d'i��. siui.lie tin the North Pork ol Wo dberry
Creak, in tbe aiu worth Mining Dlvlilonof We*d
Kooteuay l' itrlnt;
I .nt i C riiiin'M-iiii; nt ii itftke planted on the
Korth l'""rk df Woodberry Creole, ��l��mt Bvn
iiiih-x Irom KootonM i.nk,>: tliem-a soniii *��
chatnil LbeneeWeat SDcltalm; thence north BQ
cliaina! tbeoeefeat Btlehaltutb the i>"tnt otedm-
Lit ���!.  Commencing at �� itake evented mi the
North I'Vrk Ql W tlu-rrv Creek  i.limii *l\ mllei
lr  Kootenay Ukoi tliance south no chftini|
thence weat 80 obalnii ihence north 80 obrtlnij
thenoe eaal nh ��� helni tn tbe i��iim oi oommenco*
Dfl3iT-tid6 made dnily thrmi^bnut Nelwm
and it�� Huliorbs. Phone 148.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. npen Day ansl Night.
Sample and B sils Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corntr Ward and Vtrnon Streets.
T��e St*athcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
I have for Sale the Choicest
Fruit Lands ia this district.
Mont of it shunts- on the West Arm and Main Lake.
fore yon decide to locate.
See me be-
We Will SeH.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDenr-d & McHardy
Loj ;���    I'lnnm.tm-ln
N.irlli   Fork ��'l W
miles Irom K'kiUt
i tit.ti-.f-: tlionce w
��� litiln-;  th.-tu'o ���	
Lul  I - i .iii,nii-ii.-iru: Ht ii Ktnkf iiliuitt'il oi. t)n>
Worth forM "f woocIVrry tTeoa, abonl eight
miifK from Kootenay Luei thence h��utii ko
iinitiis; tbenee weal Webainii tbenee north n
rli.un.; ibenee eeit ���*�� nimii^ to tlu- point ol
nn ut ,t itake planted <>�� tl"'
ufiii'rrv Greek, about hcyi-h
iv Lake] thenoo woth B0
it 80chains) thonce imrth 40
t   B0   (Illllll!*     t()   tilt1   JUllllt   of
,'oRerlni tbohlgboitcub bonne will
BnUtled toKnut'itT Up
^_^_^_^_~ irlng tin- Hi
uh' reneveble for twonty one meeonlve jrears.
i.Hvii tenUer mnxt be acoompenled by��oertl-
litil ebeauei made ptntblo ut pur In victoria lo
the ijn.lr: ~n:ti- -I,  fur Ilu' ainoilllt, fli'iO.OU, of I In-
tlr*t ytHr's ices fur mob hpccitil licei\ctt, end tbo
r.i��� 11111111 of iht' bohni tentfered. hu t uIho �� eerU-
iicil ih.-tiiK' for no.03 for coat of odVerUilns j-atil
Deputy OommlNloner ol Lendi mui Works.
[AUdifind Wurkb penerttnenti
Vt.-loriu, U.GfJttly tSUl, 100Q.
"ill to nny lirnndt will linvo
"���ol raruliil hIIciiUoii.
Head Office: Nelson, BrC.
TAKK KOtT'lR tlial 1 liiti'inl tO apply at the
next MtifiiKN of tiio Hoard "f I.lrcnciuirCommli*
���lonera ipr tho city of Nclmn.forstranifer to
tjforgo Henlunnt��l Jetton, fi C. of my Lluenee
Ui ���ell fermented and iplrttunua Miniorn on die
prumltei known hn tt.e sLake View hOtelt Vernon
Mri'i't- Nolion. M, t:
Datoil l lit- 1th (lay Of July, !:*���"���.
Al'i.isT TllONAH.
Wlttll'KH, W, A. MACDOHAI41.
Thorpe's Lithia
is made
Vy common Canadians.
Do you
consider that a fault?
If your system needs
try a home made
Oood   Sample   Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Htrrai, Nelson. B. C.
Lighted by Klectricity aud
Heated by Hot Ail
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acre*
of tii*
Choicest Frait Lands ia
British CofamoiaT��
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Thorpe & Co'y,
Phone 60.   Nelson, B. f.
Wliolosssile anil Kclsstl Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
damps .applied ou shortest notice nud
lowest prico. Nothing but frwb tmrt
wh-ittKuno meats and inpplee kopt in stock
Mnil OftSori receive careful nttentioii.
E. C. TRAVES,   Manager.
Large'ft Dri ('omforUible Bed rooma and Klrtt*
eUM IiluiiiR Uoom. Bample Kooioi- for ('orainer*
olftl Meu
MRS. B. 0. CLAKKE, Proprletreu
The well known
Our BoerGanlen is
the Finest iu the
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
nd   UULIVBMliU I'sWI-:,:
Baker Street.     -    NELSON.
A. McDonald & Co*
Di'iilsTs. in staple aurt fancy Groceries
HnttiT, Kkks.
Camp and Miners.' Supplies.
****JJn\ .1 ��������������
T^_! are offering Special Footwear Induce-
" ments these days. Broken lots and
left overs from the season's business.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese CloodB nsiw on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnorware ln Block, l'nt-
Women's Oxfords, rg'lr price $3 and $3.50, redncf^t^,!?^
Women's Oxfords, rg'lr price i.soand 1.75, reduced to $1.-5
Men's Shoes
Regular price 14 00,
fflOO, 16.00, reduced
to $3.80
Men's Shoes
Regular price 18.00
and US/iO, reduced
to $_.2S
Women's Button
Size 21,,, 1), and l)'s,
at 9��c
McgnlarfMee 13 00
and   *-.3S, reduced
to......:... ���i.4��
Hisses' Slippers^
Regular price /fl 30
end 11.75, *WIum��i1
to *1.3S
Women's Shoes
Regular price 18.50,
*4.00 nnd 14 50. reduced to.  .$_.-*)
R. Andrew & Co.
M The Daily Canadian
: Out Store has Justly Won|
the Repotation of      m
being the ���
Headquarters Fori
Campers'   \
"The Store of Sweets*'
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
We earn- nothing but
highest grade of all        *
lines of *
���      |
��� Your goods  arc   carefully*
Cheeked.   Our name is    *
back of everything       X
we sell. ���
Bell Trading j
Company       ���
cA "Tip" for a
Canadian Morning*
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
High Grade Chocolates. Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's nioe oool drinks       Lnnohea
put up 11 !>| laity,
W.J. Walker,   SS
.Need Any -O
^ti_tja*s "
Wc hare the NEW Mason Scaler
with the Al! Glass Top.
No metal to get dirty anil oarroded.
The must up-to-date sealer nu the
market.   In pint and qiinri Bizes,
Pints per Dozen $1.25
Quarts per Dozen 1.50
We also have the  Crown  Jars i
pints, ijuortK and hall gallon
$1, $1.25 and $1.50 per dozen
Joy. Cash Grocery)
C'or.JoiephlDe.pd Mi]] HtB-      l'tioiit- If
The Leading Ice Cream
Parlor of Nelson.
Special attention to orders for
parties and picnics.
Phono 86. Baker St.
NELSON, 11  0.
Cor. Vornon ...iu vv,.._ sss-coi.s
.1  FKliiD HUM_, Proprietor.
W ll Brandon, Silverton; T A Car-
ley and wife, Sirdar; A I. Hlack and
daughter, Oakesdale; .1 H Robinson,
Minneapolis; M McLean, Argenta; K
Ritchie, Halcyon; W H Dookateader,
Phoenix; .Miss J A Fraser, Medicine
Hat; Mr. and .Mrs. Griffin. .Miss Grif-
nn, St. Thomas; F M Dela Fose, Lake-
L .1 Dickason and svife, Lorothy
Dirkason. -Mis's L A Hitter, T R Do.Iki-
and wife, Chicago; Mrs. J D Macdonald, Bonnington; L Prau, Sandon: W
Anderson, Cascade; t; S Waterlow,
.Miss U'ats-rlow, London; Mrs. .1 Shaw,
\\" C, Brown, New Denver; A N Win-
law, Wlnlaw; fi .M Brooks, Cranbrook;
B McLaren, Owen Sound; Mrs. Keefe
and family, A E Cameron. Ymir; F Elliot, Trom Lake; Rev. J A Simpson.
Kaslo; J A Yeo. Eholi; W Henderson,
.Miss I C Henderson, Oakdale, Man.
J Simpson, Moyie; Mr. and Mrs. F
.lames, Ynilr: .1 T Smith, Wlnlaw;
-Mrs. W (linol, Sanca; G Schwlnke,
Salmo; E E Gooderieh, -Marcus; J
Kerr.   Spokane.
J Wallace, Piucher Creek; C Rogan,
Port William; P McNulty. (irand
Forks: J Farrell, P Gorman, Ymir; ft
.1  Lewis, Fernie.
G Lawrence, A McLeilnn, North-
|sort; C Kirst, L Davles. .1 Da\les, Mills.1; .1 Bray. Moyie; W Jones, Van-
.1 Chism, Trout Lake; W Henderson,
Vancouver;  w Thompson, Lardeau.
.1  li Ryan, Portland;  Q  Howls,    P
I'niill. M. Ilreki. M. Inir. M,  Biiini, .!
I'linri.  M.  Corolk, Trail.
I.   I'inssin.   B.   Bdlund,  Trout   Lake;
0 Fall;, Farroii.
Telephone nil.
Gait Coal
Term* HjkjI Cub
Tehipiiunc -36 Biker Hlreet
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurauii's .Sp_cl-I Mixture?
Horn today in Nelsun tu the wife uf
John P. Bell, of Erie, a daughter.
Born yesterday morning to the wife
of J. McNeill, Victoria street, a son.
There   was   no   session   of   the   city
police court  this morning.
James E. Lackey and Miss Phoebe
Lytle were married last night in tbe
Baptist church. Rev. E. H. Shanks officiating.
The receipts for July at the Nelson
customs house amounted to $18,946.81,
which is a considerable decrease from
the figures of July,  11,05.
Tomorrow     (Wednesday)     < vening
the ladies of the I'hiiirli of Mary Immaculate will entertain on lhe grounds
of Father AithoiTs residence. Refreshments will lie obtainable and the cily
band  will  be in attendance,
.liss E. Mnle was appointed teacher
of the Hume school yesterday after
noon by unanimous resolution of tho
board of trustees. Miss Hate has had
a brilliant career in the public and
high schools of the province, and a
record of success as a teacher at
Cumberland   for  tbe  last   three  years
The Washington correspondents left
tor the easl by tho Kusknnoos tblfi
morning. They were delighted with
the scenery nr Hritish Columbia, and
most of all with the west arm of Kootenay lake, on which they were enter,
mined yesterday afternoon. Their on
ly regret was that Nelson was so
crowded tbat hotel accommodation
was at' a premium. Launches were
furnished yesterday by S. M. ISrydgos,
<;. A. Hunter, S. S. Taylor and G, P.
Wells, and a couple of hours were
spent very pleasantly visiting iruit
Kootenay   Fruit   at   Winnipeg.
Small as is the exhibit in the agricultural building, it Is a great improvement on last year, both in the attractiveness of the display and the quality.
One of the first things to catch the
public eye is a half dozen .or so of
rainbow trout, caught In Kootenay
lake, and frozen into a large block of
ice, the effect being quite novel, says
the Telegram. The trout are shown
by the Kootenay Frail Growers' Association, who also make a fine display
of fruit of all kinds grown on their
farms. The interested visitor is referred to tbe well-got-up handbooks
and pamphlets for the full particulars
and joys of fruit farming in the Oka-
nagan and Kootenay valleys.
The British Columbia Fruit Company's exhibit consists of grand samples
of apples, pears, peaches, plums, white
currants, cherries, grapes, quinces, tomatoes and blackberries. The same
firm show n fine assortment of (lowering bulbs, including narcissi, daffodils
tulips, crocuses and others.
Trains and Boats.
Crow   boat���One   hour   late,
Slocan train���46 minutes late.
Spokane train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and   Itossland  train
-On time.
Under auspices of I/ulie-i of the
Clliiinh sif Mary the limnncnlnle
Wednesday. August 1st,
Everybody Welcome.
The Store of Quality
Its Quality that Counts
That's Why
We Sell More
Than *trty other Tea in our store*
If you haven't tried tt you don't
know tvhaf you are missing. It
has to be tested to be appreciated.
The next Tea you buy see that it
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Woek . rhnne 10
These are small washboards for use
in small basins. Just the thing when
you don't wish to use the wash-tub
these hot days. j
Price 25c Each
C. A. Benedict
Cssrner Sillcn anil Josephine Sin.
One or tho < ii-i_.it c-.-.t Time
Savara In tho Office
Im the
bo inexpensive too    \ ���
ititiii - inches long only
Knr one line	
I'nr two line	
For three line..,
,8_CW   |   Hiil.li-r    Air
I I iisIiImh   tAc
f iwr Square
I fm.i   -Extra
If there _ any naniei addrewiorBi'l phrase you
have occasion t<< write frcoueiitly have it made
up in a rubber stamp mut
W. G. Thomson
1SSSBS& ""  Nelson, B. C.
Phono .14.
This is the minnow season.  We
have a full stock of
Pails at $1.00, $1,50, $1.75
and $2.00 each.
We have tho greatest variety of Spinners
ever shown in nny tackle store. Drop
in nud look around, nnd nee for
Nelson Hardware Co.
St. Saviour's Picnic.
On Thursday, August 2nil. tils' annual exeursiun anil pirnie of Sl.'fesuv-
ionr's Sunilay sehnol will he held ui
Prooter. There is every prosper! nf
fine weather nnd a vary pleasant outing.
. silldren belonging to St. Saviour's
Sunday s.Ikh.i will be carried free,
bul in order in receive their tickets
Ihey must be present ul the nilsslisis
rsinni before 8:45 a, m., whence they
will march in procession lo the boat.
Only those in the procession will receive tickets. Those who nre kindly
furnishing provisions are requested to
send them to the mission room before
X'.'M a. ni. Thursday.
Mining Records.
Two locations and  two certificates
of assessment   work   were recorded in
the Nelson mining ofllce today,
l,. .1. Wlnslow* recorded lhe Wood r.
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Now. us the s.iss.in is closing, and l will
see that your order Is llllesl With tl"'
best fruit to be had al the lowest market  price.
Hazlewood Ice Cream
Phone 206.
Thompson & Douglas
si an  w i-iiiiiu ii 8p*��o!alty��
Wmii I'dpuruiid Burlap-.
First Class Heating Plants and Modern
Sanitary Appliances.
Phone 181. Opca, House Blk. Box 401
of St. Saviour's Sunday
School will  be  held to
Steamer Kokanee leaving
tlie Cily Wharf at 9.15
a.m. and 2 p.m on
Returning will leave Procter at 7.30 p.m.
Tickets: Adults $1, Children 50c
lisiv be purchased from members of
the Sunday School or at the
store s.f Fred Irvine & Co.
City Band in Attendance
liny   A|.|.ly s.l A.lniiiss Hot! HoUts,
locates! July i.ih. about three miles
wesi of Ynilr, on the wesl shh. of
Quarts creek.
A. 11. Anderson recorded ihe   Qold
Plume, located July 22nd, ut the head-
: waters of Clearwater .reek,  a    mile
; northeast of the Dumas group,
Certificates of work were granted in
I W. 0. Carlyle, agenl for 9. D. I���
i Mleux, on ih.. Santiago Fraction, and
C C, French on iiss- Big Patch
Why Pay More
During the remainder of the summer
we will make reductions in all summer
Lightweight Bal Underwear, in dark
and light colors, at 50c to $1.00.
Men's Working Shirts at 85c to 11,
Made to wear.
A complete stock  of Men's Furnishings.    All our stock Is new.    Every,
thing   that   is   new you   will  find   here.
We have the remedy,   Onr
expert optician is giving satis-
faciiin. VVe guarantee lo satisfy you, if you give us a trial.
Consultation Free.   A Visit Solicited
J. J. WALKER, !���SAr
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialt,
SI tuietal Work, CastingH, Iluilders' Material and Miniuu and Mill v   l-
  ssai iblBM
Ofllce nnd Works Foot of l'ark Bt,
'li,,lsc   _. .4.
">... ii. g.
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
BnccSSIOSI ti. K. KKI.HTKKhK ,1s CO.
Ilrrivrr. ssss.l BOttlStl ..I
MHllulsss'liiiir. ,,|
Fine Lager Beer and Porter Every Fnown Variety Soft Drink*
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer." "~~
I>. ��). I��<)\  J..4.
���_ A A A* _,* AA A * A,A,_ ��*�������� --AAAAAA*, * 0, * * * *.*% A**^*.*^^.^^^^
&Co.f P$%M,
***-   ^v*t       Ltmfted. Winnipeg.
\\'li<ilt��-Miilw' Pr��ivJ��l���>i-i��,
Dominion Qovernmenl Oreamerv Oue-Ponnd Hris-lss recetred weeklrU
frsun tlie i-lmrii.   For sals' by all lending grooers.
Offloe uml wiireliniiM': Houston Blook,   Phone79,
Josephine Street.
Nelson. B. C.
�� s.^\^��*****v^-V\-j
]* E Ashdown Hardware Co., Lfi
We would invite -ou to ins|srt our large and varied st.sck nf
No need to suffer fnuii heat if
will only will and ask to see
:: Hot Weather Requisites
Storo open from T a.m. to il p.in. every day exes.pt holidays and Suis.lav.
s^^yv^~v^B. A. ISAAC J, A.  HONEYMANa��~��wv
RaMlrlns and Jobblnn axaoutad with Daarustoh.  .si._ei M.UI I
%><>rk,  Mlsiln. nilU  Mall .Moolllnurv.      .Msmiiliictilrui's. nl
Or�� I-....-... u. H.  Contraotorw' Corn.
-NELSO.N,    B.  C
I The Latest Arrival at J. A. Gilker's is the i
Superior in make and quality.
MANUFACTURERS   T __^_4 C*L*       t
AND DF.A1.ERS IN   Ml-liDe**   O-llllglCS,        ,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work nnd I -rii.kt;.*.. M���i] {)t,\,.n promptlj ..it. ndllfW
               VUMNON STMHUT   .   .   .   Nlil.SON, B. O.
Methods of
Translated Means:
Human skill where it ex
Mechanical skill where it is
best combined to make lln'
perfect garment.
Hlgb-Olasi Tailors, u,iv���r hi    n���!u���..  h o.
Our Hl.M.k of HAND  8AWH N  very  rumpli'11'.
lnolndtng grades to huh all raqnTremeiuir,
If you wiah a low piieeil huw we ram supply yoa.   We
nlmiearry lhe bent, qualities made lsy
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, Ltd


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