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The Daily Canadian Sep 11, 1906

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 I.   No. 85
a Few
I Miles From City
Hptlon oi Summer Home of F.
Black--Natural Facilities
For Perfect Irrigation.
stag   Ul
I   -  1
inagolfloeni frull   ranch-
\s in ni Kiii)li.-iiii.v lake
tils- known in ihe people
,^ iin- lini's'iii. ihi- nearest
.., -ii.\   acceaslblo  trom
ls Klafauns,   tin-   summer
M   Black ami his family.
1. .iin.- ut   iin-  Canadian
1  ., s;uost ul  Klnfiiiiiitt unit
sivs-i  iin.- property by Mr,
..ss   ago    Lbe    place    was
uss-    Park,    and    the
simmer imtei owned by
s Iiu orchard, uf small di-
anparod   with  the  area of
wan   knuwu   tu  visitors
.   nine    uf    whom    were
:���   land  was ferllle.    Hut
,1     ot    the    trees    were
: ,,; nine years ago, no at-
��� <ii made uf late yearn tu
:.. ur add lu the cultivated
property  oomprliei  122 ' acres,
_i| lm nearly half a mile along
b tweeu the right uf way ol
pekan.- KiiIIk &  Nsirlhern railway
-.si- 1   mark.  Intersected  fur
���ol,- length by Ihe C. I*. R. track,
]dili varying aooording tu the In-
sif tin- hill and    lhe    more
Iterating a little over 10" yards.
Ifi>- whole area only    about    no
11- ii-ssv   under   cultivation,    but
hun half Ih capable of conver-
li.' 1 orchard.
1 results sit    om-    seaman's  work
sit   comparative   negl-cl
I I-- in. 1. dtble elsewhere, but in
tllllure all llllngs ure  possible ill
.11 present about 1000 trees
���1   |>ru|ierty,  besides  sinnll   fruits.
I than  half  were In  bearing this
Ier uml  nearly  nil  the   rest  will
nexi year.
ot ilu- trees were hidden anil
J111 "isils checked    hy    weeds unit
I several years. Wherever
������  cleared   awuy   the  growth
��as surprising.
he milts known lo llrlllsh Co-
orchards  thrive  nt     Klafauns.
Iieairs,    cherries,    plums, ap-
lirnnes sm,1 crab npples of all vu-
mnl  Htrawberrlea,  raapberrlea,
|iH��rrieH,    currants    aud    grapes,
down their respective branchi'S
' ��� apple nml plum Irees pre-
;sii appearance not unfamiliar in
may bul unknown elsewhere.
|t branches nre sustained by so
IT'sps lhat they look rather like
"ii frames than trees, although
's's'il Is strong and healthy. The
���W ol frull they bear Is too great
supported by the natural
Ihitli uf the branches.
spite of past neglect, which usual-
s 'lis- effect of dwarfing fruit,
"f the apples In the least over-
purls have ntiiiiiieii enormous
1 Hus- Alexander was seen, almost
'ilm iii form anil mure than six
|''�� in diameter.
n  of ihe property  between
Ir  I'  It. Hack nnd    the    shore Is
B nml nearly all cleared, aboul 10
I" extent    It  would    of    llselt
:' ranch sufficient to claim all
I itian'H 1 Inn. nml care,
"Hi of tin, truck, nu    lhe    slope
l""ks almost  barren    at    a ills-
������ is a good depili of very fertllo
deli in humus, formed by lhe de.
"' many  season*,    Mr.   Iilnolt  Is
1'isis clearing eastward and  plant-
I  trees,
1   '"uiu iif wnler Hint  never falls
|"s ilnwn Un. bluff, forms a spring
Ulelldld   water   Ihlll     Rllpplli-R     llll
"imiii necessities nmi nffonls faff"* fnr a perfect system of natural
Jhitluti when  required.'
,|1";1 fruiii lis wealth   In   orchard
Kltlfauns has many feiilures Hull
'' j' an ideal summer home.    A
���"Iflconi sandy beach, probably the
"" Hi.' Outlet, extends for near-
whole length of the  property,
trees, chiefly    poplar,    give a
Iiitcii i,,,,,], a_ove die beach, mak-
I'l'i'iii'iil picnlo grounds everywhere.
lew  years more of lhe same pa-
"'"I Intelligent work now In pro-
l"s "'"I Klnfaniis will be easily flrsl
|*���llh   and  general   tillracllveness
iho delightful homes that adorn
""ri's of the West Arm.
Connecticut Democrats.
'"'"''I. Conn., Sept. 11.���The detn-
W���' state convention met today
I organised, Mayor William ED,
P'l'i ssf Waterbury presiding. To-
��� "** the convenllon will name a
���" 'I'liet t��� t���, V0|IMi f()r |��� Govern-
In  i�� ' '"'" ' "   known   iih the
���""���nl' elemenl ol the parly of Into
Fifty Cunts a Month
J___,_l! ", ev"1<mce �� ��w no*
ventlun Wi probably will hove things
Pr.<iy much lu own way, ,|1(, ,,  - ,.
���lie 10 Interfere, if present plans n
through Ihu candidate for governor
probably wm be Mayor Charles I'.
Thayer of Norwich. Mayor Thaver Is
a coun try lawyer who   has   triad for
me gubernatorial nomination several
u.nes before Since he became mayor
ot Virwi,.), i���. hus won ravor among
"" laboring classes i.y his radical
propaganda f..i- municipal ownership
ihe resolutions of the oonvantton will
',x hs H"' sentiment of Connecticut
Demoorats in ravor of Bryan,
Banqueta   to    Templeman    and    Earl
Grey Next  Social   Events.
(Spiciui to The Daily Canadian.)
Vlciorln, Bept. ll���It Is understood
ihai iiii arrangements for the removal
ol the Indians from the Songhoes Indian resi rve on Victoria harbor have
been made and it is believed the c.
I' It. win acquire the land and usu
ihe sssnie fssr terminal facilities. The,
question of tin- removal of ihe Indians
lias been In dispute r..i- years.
Oreal preparations are being made
here ror ihe reception io be tendered
lo Karl (Irey. who Is expected to arrive Friday afternoon on the D. O. a
The young .liberals of tbe city are
tendering lion. w. Templeman a ban
quel Ihis evening at the Victoria hotel. Sir William Ilroudbent. the king's
physician, win be baoquttted tonight
by the local medicos.
Changes    in    Policy    of    Government
Since    Late    Premier    Seddon's
Death, in Freehold Landa.
The consequences of Mr. BOddOa'S
removal Irom the New' Zealand political arena have nol yet been fathomed
and will only be revealed as tlmu
goes on, say-B the Sydney Morning
Herald or a recent date. Confirmation
of the tact that Mr. Seddon's death
haa done awuy wllh a lot of restraint
is afforded by llun. T. Y. Duncan,
minister of lands, who has been talking with a freedom and courage in
striking OOUtrast with his attitude ol
ths' past six years, when he wus under the eye and control of a dominating chief, Kver since his appointment
as minister or lands, in July. 1800, it
hus been the complaint or the country
and Ihe Liberal party that he was uot
u strung enough or vigorous enough
man ror thai importanl office. Ye,t
now that the opportunity presents liselr
for reconstruction uf "the cabinet, and
the country Is almost unanimous In
selecting Mr. Duncan as one of lho
ministers who nmsi go, that gentleman Is displaying an Interesi in his
work and an optimism wllh regard to
the future both refreshing and surprising. He luld a press Interviewer
Him all the present talk iiboiii reconstruction was Idle, because the now
premier would select his colleagues
as he thought fit, and would have an
absolutely free hand. Mr. Duncan said
he had read and heard.of an ugllailon
which had in view his deposition rrom
cabinet rank. He hoped.he would not
be considered egotistical when he said
that he did not know who would lako
his place. There was, so rar as ho
knew, no one ln the present houso
whii had qualified himself fur the position. The manner In which Mr.
Dunoan spoke of the future land policy, too, shows clearly enough lhal he
luis no 'idon of being turned out of office.
The question of land tenure, lhat Is,
the straight-mil Issue freehold versus
leasehold, has ever been an obstacle
with members ur the present ministry,
an indeed ii  wus with the late Mr
Seddon. In answer to a direct ques
Hon regarding the tenure the other
dav lu the Bouth Island. Mr. Dunean
was again required to bs' circumspect
He said thai after n careful scrutiny
the late premier had come to ihe eon
elusion thai on 0 straight-out vote In
the new house those In faivor ot lbe
freehold for crown binds would pre-
dominate, tha majority being oonstl
luted almost solely of Nortii Island
members, when- the B*armera' union������
more active than In the smith���hud
extraeud pledges from candidates at
the line s'looiloiiB in support or ilm
rrci'lioW lie Iimi recently been through
���1   great   purl  of lhe  North Island, and
while there had heard little agitation
ror anv alteration In Hie method 01
holding crown lands. II wns not the
leaseholders who were crying out fur
change. The freeholders wen- deter,
mined, if possible, 10 thrust It upon
lheni. ,    ,      ,,
The governmenl was resolved, said
Mr. Duncan, to pursue an active policy of iniiii resumption. Thai policy,
mure ihan anything else, bad placed
Liberalism und the present govern-
ment in tbe secure position they h��
pled today, nml II musl be steadni
and unwaveringly followed, For the
government to remll us abori1 in this
direction would bo suicidal, Thes out-
ting un of crown lumls absorbed Inl""
which would, under oUwr clrcum-
,���������,�����. either have to find n eld of
activity outside the colony 01 lie dormant In our towns. In tact, the gov.
eminent, rar from decreasing Its
furls In this dlreotlon, was augment
ing thorn. Mr. Duncan remarked that
dining the coming session It was In'
loaded to In) rod uon a bill for tho sotting uslde of 1,000,000 acres as a fur-'
tlmr endowment for educational pur'
liosea, while another measure would
ullocate 500,000 acres to supplement
lhe hospital endowments. These areas
would not necessarily be taken from
unoccdpled drown lands, hut might
possibly Include lands already bearing
Income, There would also be brought
forward an apiary bin (mainly affecting the Nnrlh Island 1. a land bill Iho
sssssl,1 nut al present nii-ntinn Its pro-
ViBljmB),  a   landless  natives    bill,    an
amendment of the laml purchase bill
and an abattoirs bill. The Inst-named
measure is to provide that all cities
shall have abattoirs, and In the event
of the Incapacity or refusal to erect
these the governmenl win do it for
lheni and charge them with Ihe cost.
The foregoing statements of policy
ure surmising, coining from Ihe mouth
of a minister who for half a dozen
years baa shown no Initiative, nor
anything else bul a masterful Inactivity. Probably this was largely because Mr. Beddon always held a light
Vancouver  World   Sees  Twice   on   Reported  Sale  of Colonist.
The Vancouver World In lis Issue
of Beptember 7 says: "Our attention
has been called by Messrs . Drake,
Jackson & Helm-ken of victoria, solicitors for Lee Mong Kow, lo a
"Mote" that appeared in the World or
the 27th ultimo, and which the legal
rirm rererred tu Buys reflects unjustly
on their client. The "Nete" was writ-
Ion In connection with the alleged
purchase of a provincial newspaper
by rich Chinese merchants, one of
whom it ls said was Lee Mong Kow,
who Is lhe Interpreter for the Domon-
Ion government at Victoria. The
World has received from a source
which cannot be disputed a positive
assurance thai Lee Hong Kow is not
Interested in the purchase uf the newspaper, and upon thut assurance we
unqualifiedly withdraw the statement
thnt he was engaged in a conspiracy
to subvert the laws of the Dominion
and express regret lhat the "Note"
appeared In these columns and that
Injustice has been done him."
Bryan in St. Louis.
Si. Louis. Mo., Sepl. 11.���A largo
number of Missouri Deniucrals turned"
nu! today to gra'i't William J. Hryan un
his arrival in St. Louis, A recepllon
committee met the Nebraskan at the
union station und escorted hlm to the
Hotel Jetfbraon. Shortly before noon
Mr. Hryan wus escorted lo the Mercian ni's exchange where he was enthusiastically received. Luncheon
wus tuken a| tlu- Jefferson In company wllh a party ol prominent St.
Louis Demoorats, Mayor Wells presiding. The artei-noon waa divided between a visit to the Jefferson club and
an automobile rid.' ulxiut the city.
The committee in charge of arrangements reports a large demand fur
tickets ror the muss meeting at the
Coliseum tonighl .when Mr. Bryan Is
to speak In behalf of llle Democratic
.������'late ticket' and incidentally touch
upon tbe national Issues nf twb years
hence. Naliunal Committeeman William A. Kolhwell is to preside at the
Coliseum meeting.
Chairmen   of  Committees' Busy Time
���Entries  Close  on Saturday-
New Exhibits.
The fourth annual fair of the Nelson Agricultural and Industrial Society will open one week rrom tomorrow
Thi' steady wink or the directors
during iin- year has materially re-
diics'd the usual pressure of ilu- last
week ami all arrangements are well
forward, sun the managing director
and ilu' chairmen nr committees have
a strenuous tint.' ahead.
W. B, I'l'tisrcy, chairman of the poultry committee, Is busy today superintending the equipment of the new
poultry building,
Tho work of decoration began today under Chairman Morley.
.1. C. Cordon lias lakon charge of
tlu- bench show, Chairman M. S. Parry being called 0111 of town,
The work on the track Is almost
complete, and it will be In perfect
condition for the horse and pony
O. P. Wells, secretary uf the Mountain -lumbermen's association, has
kindly undertaken to prepare an exhibit.
W .0. C.lllolt will put In n display
of manufactured lumber In the form
of doors and sashes.
Intending exhibitors nre ngliln warned that nil entries must be made not
laler than Snturday, the Kith Inst.
Shah Favors Reform.
Teheran, Sept. ll.���The shah hns
signed the reform ordinance demanded by the clergy and hns dismissed
ills' 'ex-grand vizier, Ainend Dnwieh.
This aclliin hns put an end to the agl-
latlon nnd business Is to be resumed.
Storm ci Terror and Blood'
shed Lulls
Wholesale Arrests and IndiscrimiL-
ate Slaughter by Mob oi Intoxicated Soldiers.
Warsaw, Sopt. 11��� The correspon-
eut or the Associated Press Interviewed u refugee or Siedlce UiIb morning.
Tlie  man said:
I'l was staying Saturday at the Ku-
plcl hotel iu Siedlce. Ou Saturday at
a o'clock In lhe evening I heard two
shots which wore at once followed by
a volley. In a few minutes a number
of Jewish women and children rushed
into the hotel, pursued by soldiers.
The shooting continued for an hour
and then it came to an end. Then thu
only noise from the streets was the
crying and moaning of the wouuded,
At midnight several soldiers passed
through, singing martial songs. 1
learned lhat troops had been searching houses in an effort to discover
members of the terrorist band. To
ihis end they went through the WI-
kotjar hotel and pillaged the wine-
room. They got drunk rapidly and
coming out on to 'the Btreets, began
wholesale murder and  plunder.
"At 2 o'clock on Sunday morning,
some who were defending a street,
threw a bomb at the soldiers. Batteries were at unce brought Into play
and bombarded houses on Pienkna
and Warsaw streets. The hotel where
1 was staying was destroyed. Refugees were fleeing through the streets
and aa they ran soldiers were con-
smutty firing volleys at them. 1 ran
with the others and managed to reach
a porch of a church In safety. Here
:100 fugitives, most of them wounded
already, had congregated.
"This wus at 4 o'clock Sunday
morning. 1 passed down Sokole street
and found that the market place had
been ruined. At the end of two days
lack uf fund and water forced the refugees in this church lo leave it. We
made our way through streets covered
with debris. There were many dead
bodies and wounded people lying
about. We finally reached the village
01 Huskos'/,.
"Mosl of the families of Siedlce who
barricaded themselves in their houses
out of fear of Ihe soldiers have now
been three days without supplies. Tho
wounded have not been cared for, as
the soldiers will not penult physicians
to enter the town."
The refugee would not give his
name, as he fears persecution at the
hands of the police. Other refugees
declare thai the principal plunderers
were reservists who passed through
Siedlce on Sunday on their way home.
It was learned here loday that the
rclgn of bloodshed at Siedlce has
ceased, at least for the time being.
Troops are being camped ln the
streets and a systematic search of
houses nnd persons is being carried
on. The authorities have opened an
inquiry into the events which led up
to the outbreak. There Is a Kren!
need for medical assistance for the
wounded. According lo the best Information the number ot persons killed In Siedlce Is about 100. The number of houses burned reaches 2?
Many persons managed tu get out ot
:be clly nnd flee to neighboring villages.
Warsaw, Sopt. 11��� In a search for
terrorists made here lasi night some
���juii houses, looated in different purls
of Warsaw, were ransacked by troops.
About iitiin arrests were made, most or
tb.- principals being jews,
Many children were taken Into cub-
tody. They nre emplnyi'd by the tor-
roiiats i>i execute attempts upon gov-
"I'limi'iit officials, because the move-
ments of children do suit awaken any
suspicion, ns they nre not liable to
H'lpitnl punishment. The authorities
have ordered lhal nil suspects bo expelled from tbe city.
Kamtahtn, Sepl. 11,���The arrival
here of Iho governor and a strong
toroe uf troops from Saratov has resulted ln Ihe subduing uf the uprising.
The 'town hnd been given over for two
days lu fighting between the police
and lhe mob. Tuklng advantage ot
Ihe absence or most of the garrison
to suppress disorder In Nloholalevka,
lhe revolutionists organized n revolt
ou Sunday. They ,freed n number of
political prisoners and throw barricades across streets which they held
wllh success against the police. The
number of persons killed or wounded
has not been established, hut In one
hospital there are 20 wounded. The
disorders In Nlcholaleva also hnve
heen subdued.
Stravopol,  Sept.  11.���It  Is reported
hare hy telegraph that the village ol
���hulguti haa heen bombarded by artillery, in oonsoiiutnce of disorders
which eommanced there, following the
arrest of M. onlpko, the psasant leader of the outlawed parliament, who la
to be tried by court martial for complicity ln the Uprising at Cronstadt
last July, The Inhabitants of the village fled and their houses were destroyed by ihe artillery, which, according to report, Is now moving
against   the village of  Petroffsala.
Positive Confirmation.
Havana, Sept. 11.���What appears to
he positive confirmation of the report
that Alfred O. Zayns, president of the
Liberal party and vice president of
the Cuban senate, ls among the men
who bave Joined the Insurgents out-
side Havana, has been received. The
mayor of Moron, lu the province of
Puerto Principe, reports a fight In his
vicinity between rural guardsmen and
volunteers and a band of rebels. The
latter were dispersed. The casualties
of Ihe affair are not nown.
Increases 1 Per Cent.
Shenandqah, Pa., Sept. 11.���Under
the award of the anthracite Btrlke
commission, United States Commls-
sioner of Labor Neill haB notified the
mine operators and officials of the
United Mlueworkers that the wages of
the men In the hard coal fields for
September, compiled on the average
selling price of g4.CS per ton at tidewater during August, will be 3 per
cent above the baBls. This Is an Increase of 1 per cent over last month.
Capitalize at a Million.
Fort Wllllaim, Ont., Sept. 11.���The
White Tyee Mining & Milling company Is organized here with a capital
of 11,000,000. The Incorporators are:
J. A. Gilbert of Detroit, president;
Colonel J. H. Uuxton, vice president
and general manager; T. B. Taylor,
secretary treasurer. The company ls
to carry on a general mining and milling business. Active work has already started on the company's mine
near Atlkone, Ont.
Stensland En Route.
Gibraltar, Sept. 11.���The Bteamer
Prlnz Adelbert, which Is due here ou
Wednesday .will call at Tangier to
pick up and take to New York Paul
O. Stensland, formerly president of the
Milwaukee Avenue State bank of Chicago. He was taken into custody In
Celebrate Golden Wedding.
Boston, Mass., Sept. 11.���Surrounded by the members of their family
Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Goodwin today
celebrated their golden wedding. The
celebration took place ln the home In
East Milton presented to them by
their son, Nat Goodwin, the well
known actor.
Prince Has a Stroe.
Berlin, Sept. 11.���Albrecht, prince ol
Prussia, regent of the duchy of Brunswick, has had a stroke of apoplexy,
and as a result his condition is dan'
Engineer Rose Purposed Quitting Life
on Railway for Farm Near Nelson Next Spring.
J. E. Annable recsdved letters from
Medicine Hat last night which add a
pathetic chapter to the story of thu
Ir.ighl wreck near Dunmore Junction
ou the morning of Saturday, September  1.
On the 24111 of June last two men
entered Mr. Aniiahle's office and In-
quired about fruit lundB. They had
Been a lot already but nothing that
exactly suited. Mr. Annable made un
engagement with lheni to mot Ihe 8
o'clock train with hlm lhe next morning and visit land near Thrums belonging lu W. Gibson.
The trip wub made nnd the visitors
were satisfied. Mr. Oliver left tlir
homo that night. Mr. Hose remaining
to complete a deal. He explained to
Mr. Annable that he wits a C. P. H.
engineer running out of Medicine Hat.
Mr. Oliver was also ln the employ of
the railway company at Cranbrook.
Oliver was Hose's  wife's brother.
On account of the uncertainly and
peril of railway life Ihey had decided
to take up hind und turn farmera.
The property wus held al J2500, but
ufter some negotiation .Mr. Gibson
agreed to accept $2100, a small payment down, $1000 on September 1, and
the balance ln a year. The bargain
was struck; Mr. Rose arranged for
seed for next spring and returned to
dut   ��: Medietas Hat.
The letters rec:Mved by Mr. Annable Informed him that his two clients
were klllesl lu the collision at Dunmore a week ago last Saturday In a
fa'allty of the same diameter aa those
that had turned his thoughts to the
Mrs. Rose, who lost at. one stroke
her husband and brother, and has no
living relations, asks to be released
trom tho purcliati. contract, A draft
tor 11000, due on September 1, hid
b-eti bought by Mr. Rose but not tor'
warded. It will be endorsed to Mrl.
Rose by Mr. Annable and the amount
paid at the time of the bargain will
probablv also be returned to the widow by Mr. Gibson.
The d-alh of Engineer Rote was the
most peculiar of all the fatalities. He
was not Injured ati nil ln the collision
and walked back to the caboose. Bit
he had Inhaled the escaping steam;
acute Inflammation set in and he died
of suffocation.
Weekly  Tramway   Receipts   Regularly
Exceeding   Expenses.
The weekly returns from the city
tramway nervlce continue well above
the margin of expense of operation.
The direct receipts for the wcekB
ending September 2nd and 9th were
respectively $205.85 and $219.80,
against $111.35 and $123.35 tor the corresponding weeks of 1905, a total of
$425.C3 againBt $234.70. The returns
for the year to date are $4,782 40
against $4,098.50 to the same date last
Another week's returns will bring
the total to ahout $5,000, the estimated
revenue for the whole year.
The Indirect revenue from advertising Ib clear profit to the city, as the
company has no Bhare tn It.
The plans for Nelson's new
courthouse have been returned
to Commissioner R. A. Renwlck,
with the final appro 7al of the department of lands and works.
A Gazette notice attached to
the plans .dated September 8,
calls for tenders for the construction.
Mr. Renwlck ls conferring today with Mayor Gillett as to the
removal and disposal of the
present building.
It is likely tbat the request
informally made for the gift of
the present btiililldg to the city
will be granted.
Paymaster General Oetires.
Washiugton, D. C, Sept. 11.���Brigadier General Francis S. Dodge, who
haB served as paymaster general ot
tho army during the paBt two years,
wub placed on the retired list today,
having reached the age of 64 years,
the limit for active Bervice in the
army. General Dodge Is a native of
Massachusetts and served during the
Civil war as a private In the Twenty-
third Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. At the close ot tbe war he was
appointed a lieutenant ln the Ninth
U. S. cavalry. From 1807 to 1875 he
served ln Texas, and during the three
years following he was stationed at
various points in New Mexico and Colorado. Ho was brevetted major and
awarded the congressional medal of
honor for gallant, services in action
against the Indians near Mill Creek,
Colo. General Dodge is succeeded as
paymaster general by Colonel Sniffed,
who was private secretary to General
Rev. A. E. Roberta' Loss.
The Pythian Shield says; "It will
come as a painful surprise to a very
large elrofe of friends and acquaintances, to learn of the death, on Wednesday last, of the bekvved wife of
Hev. A. E. Roberts of Victoria, secretary of the British Columbia Methodist conference. Brother Roberts
julned the order at New Denver and
has been an active worker in the
QOUge at Enderby, Nanaimo and Victoria. Mrs. Roberts waB a most estimable lady and the hearts of Pyth-
ians go out In loving sympathy to the
sorrow-stricken brother and his motherless Utile ones.
They Can Stand It.
Winnipeg, Sept. 11.���The MaBsey-
Harris war.'house and several buildings ut Pilot Mound, In tho hUBinesa
lection, were destroyed hy fire early
this morning. There Is no fire apparatus in the town, but Cryatul City
sent their brigade and afler hard efforts the Queen's hotel antl Ihe storehouse were suved.   The loss ls $20,000.
Will Complete Arrangements.
Now York, Sept. 11.���Among the
passengers arriving today on the
Bteamor Kaiser Wllhelm was Colonel
Sir Howard Vincent, honorary colonel
of the Queen's Westminster volun-
t��er8, who came to complete arrange-
in-nta for Ihe rifle enntest nl Creed-
more wllh the Sev. nth regiment N. G
S.   The tea mwlll come later.
Columbian Group of Sheep
Creek Properties
Bonded From Nelson Owners by New
York Capitalist-Preparing: to
Install Ten Stamp Mill
The future of Sheep Creek valley aa
one of the most important mining districts in British Columbia is now assured.
For several years the rich properties ln that district have been developed by men with small capital. Al
though splendid returns have been obtained, the work could not have been
done on a large enough scale to really demonstrate the wealth of the
A company with ample capital Is
now engaged In developing a group ot
proved mines which are admitted, even
by owners of neighboring properties,
to be at least equal ln value to any
in the valley.
The Columbian Mlnen ot West Kootenay ls the name given 10 the group
comprising the Nevada, Aberdeen and
Columbia, located by J. G. Devlin
and owned, half by the locator, half
by Messrs. Amas and Pool, of the
Bell Trading company. They are
now under bond and lease to Charles
Olmsted of New York for $60,000, and
funds are already provided for taking
up the bond.
The group lies 1000 feet south ot
the Kootenay Belle; 1200 feet northeast of the Queen, and 204)0 feet south
west of the Mother Lode, all rich producers.
On tbe. properties are three parallel
fissure veins, diagonally Intersecting
all tbe claims. Two of the veins have
been opened up and there ls reason
to believe that the whole space between them, 75 feet wide, is mineral-
One ledge is 10 feet in width, and
the largest, the middle ledge, averages
40 feet.
Blx men have been at work on the
property for two months, and enough
development has been done to show
an immense body of ore actually ln
A tunnel on the lower vein, called
Ihe No. 1, Is now ln 40 feet. Al 75
feet it will cut the vein at a depth of
100 feet. From it a crosscut into the
No. 2 will give a depth of 250 feet.
The ore Is all free milling gold.
Eight assays have been made of samples taken from across the whole
veins, The returns show values averaging $30 a ton for all the ore.
Mr. Olmsted says that'for the present only the highest grade ore, which
runs over $100 a ton will be shipped.
There ls enough of It already ln sight
to maintain shipments for a long
Of the ore of $30 value, tbe general
run of the mine, there Ib enough actually ln sight, in the opinion of the
mine foreman, R. Fltzwilliams. to keep
a 10-stamp mill in operation for 10
years. Preparations are now being
made by Mr. Olmsted for the construction, equipment and operation of such
a mill.
The mincB are located on a steep
slope. On the middle ledge the ore
crops out for 800 feet, and with a
width of 40 feet, cutting the quartilte
formation at right angles.
As a depth of 300 feet is already
demonstrated the present owner ot
the mine Ib confident that he has one
of the biggest , and most valuable
properties lu the province.
Mr. Olmsted has been ln Nelson and
the vicinity for over two months. He
was Interested In Sheep creek by F.
al. Chadbourn, and spent many weeks
visiting and thoroughly exploring the
property. At last, thoroughly satis-
led and more than satisfied, he has
i-ilien ihe bond nnd Intends to acquire
full title.
s.s rapidly aa the ore bodies are
opened up the working force will bo
Increased. Buildings aro being put
UO and tireparatlona made for winter
work. The Columbian mines of West
Kootenay have come to stay and. within 0 year, will he treating their own
Well Known Divine Diss.
Hamilton,   Sept.   10.���Rev.   Thomas
(lenhcgan. rector of St. Peter's church,
died last nlghl.
Oregon Awakening.
Salem, Ore., Sept. 11.���Drawn together by the common Interest In the
welfare and progress of their state, a
large number of representative citizens gathered here today for the annual convention of the Oregon Development league. The double attraction of tho convention and lho state
fair now In progress has resulted in an
unusually large attendance. The league
will he In session three days and will
devote Itsolf largely to a discussion of
the best methods for advertising
Oregon and Its resources.
M The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now iu order.    They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Ws- havi plenty of them iu red untl Uue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing abrut 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,    -    S.50 per pair
These blank.;.- an      itl   cell ���    ���    .   exceDenos   We alone carry
them In this city.
and   Shasca   ���s,u    saiaiiwi*.    ���. w....    ....    .
Best  quality  and   prices  surprisingly Low.
PublL-hed Hi dayi �� ����� -a by the
Biker St -   NolSOU, B. C.
fcubtcrlptioD rates- BO i.dui month delivered
in me city, ur 16.00 m year ll ttatl by mail, when
pal<i Id -;���'-- ���
AdrerUJiDK rales on appii'-atiou.
a:i nonlaa paid in   ���ettlemeni oi Th* IJ��il>'
fana-lian *.���><��� ants, eittaei f>.i rubicrt]
sdvertieing muill   receipted Ior on th< prl
forms of the Company,   other receipt! en :.
SfiMTI-MBLIW 11. 1*xw>.
������ Bt one wonl we are sometimes Jodged to be
wil* "and t>y oue wom iomellin��� judged  to bo
foolish.    1*1 us  therefore   be  careful   what   we
Mr,M_coi Ftcir^	
Keir HardL-. the Knglish socialist
leader, is n-inirted to have said in the
course of an address delivered ���>
Hiakburn on Monday of lasi .week, referring t<> Russian conditions, that be
condemned ihe "hureautraiie butcheries" ond said "his honor am) respect
went out to the men and women who
threw bombs and gave their lives for
the  liberties and  lives of others."
Keir Hardie is known, of course, as
one of the most radical of Uie English
leaders of labor and socialistic LhOUghl
and if he were living in some other
country than England be would, as his
words indicate, l��* himself a bomb
thrower. It is just such utterances ..-
these that make the sam- and rational
element in society dread the advent
to power of the radical anl revolutionary elements of society today.
The public speaker wh<j. in the old
country applauds tho use of bombs
and in this country says If the ase et
the ballot is Insufficient )*-[ us have
recourse to lhe bullet" are, if sincere,
dangerous members of society. There
is as a result, a growing fear that only
the established usage- and the volume
of public opinion, act as restraining
influence*! on many r*.f.olutionary
members of society, who, if conditions
were altered, might exhibit a contempl
for law and order and even human life
that is to be dreaded u ;t menace to
the body [Kjlitic.
The use of bombs and the resort to
bloodshed can never be Justified when
the purpose of their adoption is lo
shatter tiie system of government
under which ihese acts t;ik,- n\&
it autocratic, monaicbial or republican.
We do not believe tha; the day oi em-
anticipation or Russia ..- ;������ Ing ai :>i:
hastened by tin* atrocious assassinations which have been perpetrated i>>
the revolutionary mombera ol socletj
there. On tb.- other hand, we believe
quite the contrary, that th.- aggrei
sive tactics adopted by the revolutionists will deluy the liberation of tin-
people by Inciting sterner repressive
and oppressive mea-sures. We think,
therefore, that Mr. Keir Hardie, for
some of whose qualities of mind we
have undisguised admiration, makes a
serious mistake when he applauds the
practice of hurling the engines of
death, and that his sympathy I* misplaced when he glorifies (hose, who
themselves die in their efforts to
bring death ami destruction to others.
*    ���    ��
Having said this much, however, it
Ik but fair to state thai this is not the
conclusion of the matter. We are
given to decry dynamiting and such
lawless acts as are sometimes resorted
to by those who have a grievance
against society and the prevailing
social conditions. We are in the habit
of expressing horror when a bomb does
Its deadly work, but we are strangely
inured to the silent and long drawn out
death of tho.se whose murder is no less
at the door of society because of social
and enonomic conditions which are the
-   <>f just.   Too often our sympathies turn to the pampered monopolist
a.ii'l oppressor of the wage earning
class when ��*��� protect his property he
calls out the militia and sees his em-
ployees shot down as in the shambles.
We appreciate the sternest tfaforav-
ment of the law and applaud any re-
pressive measures that are adopted to
-tay the hand of the anarchist.
The fact is, both sides are wrong.
Conflicting Interests, unnecessarily so.
blind the eyes and fill the mind with
prejudice till each side looks ou the
deeds "f the other with the feeling ot
revulsion which is so natural and
human when class interest is seeking
the iu;.stery.
Keir Hardie was right when he denounced the bureaucratic methods that
instigated the revolution and incited
th.- act.- of mistaken bravery he eulogizes. Xo denunciation of bureaucratic methods can be too strong but to
applaud the assassin Is to infuriate
the mind already unbalanced by a
stmse of i's oppression. To encourage
the murderous spirit in Individuals is
to do them as great a wrong as is
done by their oppressors, and the same
bing is done when the murderous
spirit is aroused in the soldier or pa-
trotman or "special" who is called in
to suppress a riot and who takes advantage of his position to shed blood
In Russia the bomb throwers are
; iw and iheir successful attempts on
buman life are comparatively rare,
while the steady -Tind nf the oppressor
is constantly doing its deadly work.
In the more advanced nations the
wrongs ar.- uot BO great but the nccas-
sional rumblings of artillery, the sharp
crack of the rifle or the stab of the
bayonet, all tell the too sad tale that
society is taking the wrong caurse by
both its antagonist elements, in seeking to right the wrongs.
If righteousness reigned in high
places, if the rich were always just,
if tli<* masters were always men. and
tii.- relations between the so-called
were discharged from a high
sense of honor on the part ot the upper classes there would be some excuse
for resort to force when the worm
turns. Let those who depreciate the
'blowing of bombs, as horrible outrage* on -society, consider what steps
can besl be taken to deprive the in-
san ��� from using them and wp shall
more rapidly advance In the emancipation  ol  the  misguided  members  ot
OUr   race.
A rumor was ourrenl  iii Toronto last
i���!. that a meeting of the leaders ol
the provincial opposition in the pro*.
ince of Ontario bad been held to dls-
cuaa Mi" question of a new leader for
the Ontario Liberal parly. This Is not
Un* first time the question has come
up ami while the discussions have
taken place with an unusual degree of
secrecy there Beems as yet to be no
satisfactory solution or the difficulty
Tor some lime the name of Hon A. B
Aylesworth was suggested, perhaps in
the hope that he could be induced to
desert the newly tasted sweets oj
office in the Dominion cabinet, but ap
parently this hope had to be abandoned
The Mail and Empire is authority
for the statement that the name of
Rov. .!. A, Macdonald, the editor of the
Globe, is being discussed aK now the
most likely Cincintmlus to leave the
plow and scissors of editorial and
journalistic life to lead the hosts of
Liberals of the gently rolling slopeH
and vine clad valleys of Ontario to
further   political   conies*.     This   sup
position may nr may not be correct
but it must be apparent to the average
I reader that it will require something
] more, than good generalship to rehabilitate the estates and fortunes of
the Liberal party in the old time banner province.
It was not because of lack of qualified leaders that the Liberals went to
political perdition in Ontario. It was
because of the hopeless corruption that
had seized the rank and file of the
patty nrgaulzers, because of the operation of the spoils syBiem in many ways
and of the generally demorallied condition of the party as a result of its
long continuance in power, and of its
confidence in tb.- well known Crit
loyalty of Its following. Ontario Is
essentia, a Liberal province but the
abuse of power by the l^'^s henchmen
drove even the Grit party to shame
and they hurled their leaders into oblivion.     It  will  take the  leaders of  the
Liberal party mon* than a few years
�����> r.*st.ire tin- confidence which was so
rudely shattered, especially as it hati
held on su long in the hope for butter
Whoever cornea forth to challenge
the government there will have hard
work to convince the electorate that
Ihe upright, capable ami progressive
administration of Premier Whitney
calls for or will aford excuse for any
. hange, Wh. rever ibe Conservatives
are in power they are giving old-time
evidence of the Bticceas of thir policy
and while the <lull Limes of '96 afforded
the people some* excuse for saj hi-
tliey would give th" Liberals a chance,
tin- country is wiser now and the Conservative party is more strongly entrenched in the confidence of the
people than ever before.
It will be gratifying to the citizens
of Nelson to know that tenders are
being called for looking to the erection of the new courthouse and that
probably operations will commence
this fall, in the removal of the present
building and preparation for the work
of laying foundations for the new,
early  next  spring.
This work, with the construction of
the new Hume school, will afford
some considerable increase in the
building operations in  the city.
How jealous some i>eople are about
the climate of Nelaon, just as if it
couldn't look after itself. Morning
paper has a moribund thermometer
that is insensate and doesnt know a
frost when It strikes it. All the same
we saw the morning paper going
homi about :. a. m., rubbing its hands
and blowing on its thumbs. It was a
frost this time, alright, alright! 'lhat
"black eye" on the front page looks
well, now.    Bee Judges v;20.
If there is any truth in the report
that an ignorant hunter fired upon a
couple of citizens, mistaking them for
bears, the fellow should be brought
into town and thoroughly horsewhipped. Some smart Aleck with his rifle
who is too careless to distinguish between a human being and a quadra-
ped is certainly not a safe creature to
be at large. He is more dangerous
than  the beast.
CEAI-KP TXHDBSS, inperscrlbed "Tender (or
^ Bcbool-hotise," will be received by th* under-
ilgned np '<> noon ot Thursday the auth September, 1906, (or :oe erection Met rompletion ol a
two-room Frame lebool-hoose ��i Hume*. Ymir
Electoral DUtrlet
Plan., specification, contract mnl forms of ten-
iter may �����*��� men on end after tbe Itb Beptember,
1906, ai  the offlce of the 'o.vernmem Agent,
Nell m and fit the Laud- aii'l Works Department, Vl-torla, B.C.
Kh.Ji proposal must be accompanied bveashrt
an accepted bank cheque or certificate ol depoell
on a chartered bank ot < mads, made payable io
Lhe undersigned in tin- sum <���( 1100, whirl, -iin:i
be forfeited it the party u-n-h-riiig decline to
enter Into contract when called npon to do to.
The caah, cheque* <>r certificate ol <l��-|n��sii of nn
-ii..'.���fill tenderer! will in- returned to them upon tii.- execution of the contract 1 be racroaifn)
tenderer trill be rr.julr.-l la furnish a bond, hi ni-
���elf and two sureties in th-* sum of ll^uoeach,
for th- due fulfilment..(the work contracted for
to Uii lattsfactton of the Honorable Chief t out-
tntiilonei Upon tbe execution <���( the bond lbe
<*a-ii, cheque or certificate of depoell of shore
mentioned will be returned tothe contractor.
Tendera will not be considered unless made
out on tie- form.-. snpplh-1 and signed with tin*
actual ...mature oi tbe tenderer.
Tin- lowerst  or  any  tender  not   ncctssarilv ac-
Deputy Com minloner of band* and Works
l,au<is an.1 Works Department.
Victoria, B.C., list Auguit, 1900.
>_,   1 ���**���"'���   ���;'*_   -a_**]tts
MoUoe li her��_rg|-.ii thataCourt ..I Revhrlon
mis! Appeal lair llii- Bchool Ill-Tin. isl 'IreatoB,
Hums', rtalino uml Vmlr, will be lislsl lis the
Oontl IIOUM Iss t|���. I'Uy n| N,-l�����n, II. II , am
Ms-mlsav, list- nils -lay ���f Hs-nminln r. I ih, aai Use
issisir of lOflOo clock in the Ipi-eiioon.lo beer and
determine sill ssi,ik���i- Irom toe aa.ewi_ent. inside
111 lhe ill,,.vi'  Ii'lsiii'il Vi-h-n] Him  leu ,���r ,|,_
ypiir IWO, und. r His- "l-iiMle Hchoola Acl "
Dated at Nelion, .. u , Nils Mih day ,,| AUg.lt,
ll. S I.KSNIK.
.1 usage ol I'sisirt ssl ItevUlssii sssssl Appeal,
Nel.mi Aateunent Dlatrlet.
Vice-Governor Succeeds.
Manila, Bept 11.���General Jamea T.
Smith,"vice governor of the Pliiii|>
plnes. who Is to Bucceed Governor
General Ide, arrivt-il yesterday on ihe
transport Logan.
Notice li hereby given that fO dayi after date 1
intern, toapply to the Honorable the Chief' om-
miiiiOatmrrif Landi and Works to ptirrhan- the
foll-iwin* described landi, a*i a.-res, more or lew t
��� -.��� ���., acini nt �� post planted fm the wesl t-ank
of Cpper Arrow Islet' at a point about 7 miles be-
tow Nakn*p,and marked Q.A H H..N B corner
po**t: thence 80 chains west: thence 4" i balni
south: thi*ii''��' i*o chains eest tnoi ���
ihore; thenee *i<>n*_: lake ihore to point of he*
DstedthilOthdarof 8et��t..lSOI,   Q a. fi. Hall
*>d**.! after ilait* I lOteUd lo spply to the Honorable th.- < hief Commtuionei oi E_andJ ind
Works, ���* li-toria. H 0 ��to [urohaw tin uttet f
lati'l iltoate wt'si of Arrow lake on i he ����� it lide
of Whatchan creek an.I ;oiniuv tha north boundary of h. J Annable application to purchase.
('oiiunen*.'tn)t at a p^-t marked K I. E.8. I ���
ner and runninn wm HI chains; fence north kj
etiaius; tiit-ncr east ��> rbalns; thenee MUtfa lo
poini of eommancement,
September Ind i-W6. K. J Euior.
Kotiee li Metehy riven thai BO daya after dale 1
Intend to ** pi'ij lo the Honorale ' blel < ommis-
lioner of landiand Works tor perralsalon to pur
chase the following dea rlbed lands, iltuate In
tbe West Kootenaj district; starting from a noel
planted at Lhe N. X oornerofF w. Rohlnaoo'i
Application to purchase, thence40chaini east,
BO chains south. IS) chains weat, * chains north,
tt ehalni west, W chains uorth, 20 chains eaat, w
��� hai ii* in.nh to polntof oommencement. containing UO aorea.
Dated imIi -lav ol August, 1906
H. C. K. Knki--"V
per Eunai W Kobikbok, Agent.
Kotfcela hereby given tbat ilxty dayi after
��� lat��- I Intend to apply i" the Honorable the
i hief Commlaaioner of l-an-l- aud Works for permission io purchase the following described
IriiKl on ihe weal shore of upper Arrow Lake and
joining J. H Ptoeney's ]��������� fmptlon: Running
vest lo chaini; tbeno north t chains, thence
east -Wchains, to the shore ���>! the Ink.*; thence
���outh following the lake -:��� ��� to polnl of commencementi containing 3_)u seres more oi leaa.
Pated August 19,1*908.
II. K. Mn , BOD
J J   Kli i.y. Agenl
Notice i*- lu-re by glren that
date i Intend to apj'ir to tii
Chief Commissioner of Landi _.
mission to purchase ihe fol
land on the weat aide of Low.
{pining the Moth line of the li
Running west ki ehaim; then
them-e east 130 chains, tu the ���
theuce norlh following tl
point of commencement, co
more or less.
l>ated Angus! 3D, l-DOS,
ilxty dav- after
������ Honorable the
nd Worki lor p i
Sowing de-. lined
- Arrow   Lake ami
iiau Reservation:
e M.uth 80chains;
lore of the lake!
. tke shore ;������ tbe
tainlng UO acres
W. li. Ma- ; BOO
Kelly, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thai 1 Intend. 60 'layi
after -late to apply to the 11 onorablt theCoief
Commissioner o[ , anus ami V. nras for permls-i-ion
to purchase the following deacrlbea lands in
Weil Kooteuay district, sbonl live mile- -.011111
of Burton (Uy, commem-ii.^ sl a p.'M planted .>u
the eas�� bank of tract C. K., and inarkcl "W, H
Huiuilt.in'h S W. C. poat," aii'l runiiiiig ui.rth *sj
chains, thence easi BO cha ��� ihenoe sonth SO
chains, thenoe West SJ ( haili�� to place of W-gln-
ning. coutaiuing 640 aire. 01 land, more or lea*.
I'ated thii 22nd day ol August, 1906.
W   H  Hamilton.
Notice i�� hereby given that 60 days after data 1
Intend to apply io the Honorable 1 hlel Lommts-
iloner of I^m.is and Works for permission to
purchase the following deeerlbed landa. sltnate
in West Kooteuay district; Commenelni at a
jH.-t markt.l "H. Conkey'i N W ,orner posl," slt-
iint.- nesr the N K. corner oi IsOd applied for by
I: k. thenee aonth 60 ehalns, mora or lan; tbence
cast *ochains;  theme north 4u chains, more or
lev; thence west SOcham- to point of commencement
Salmo, August 11. 1.M".
T. H Atkinson, Agent.
Notice  is herb} gtren that OU .lays after date 1
intend. toapply to the Bonorable the Chief Coin-
mi.siouer of I-aU'.- anl Wotki for pennlaelon to
piircliasethe foilowiag.lof.cntrt.-il lsii<l����ltuate In
West Kooteinv .li'inct* ' oiniiieming ata p-.-'
inarke>l '*K. RoBS'l N.W ������������riier post." sllliata
near the N K Corner of laml applied for l��y A.
Mdy-an thence nuth I" chains, more or leas;
th-nce easl B0 .hains; theme north to chains,
more or le*s; theme west ��o 1 bains to point of
Salmo, August 11. 1900 K   I:"--.
T. H, Atkinson, ArenU
Notice i- hereby given that ilxty days alter
date 1 Intend t<> apply to the Honorable the
Chief CommlMloner Of lninls and Work- f"t
permission to purchase the following described
lands iltuate in West Kootenay district: Commencing ata pmt marked '*A.McU*an's N W,
corner [x.��t."situate near the N.K. eorner of land
appli-d for by A M.-Uugblau, tbence Booth 10
chalm, more or leu] thence east HO chains:
ihence north 40chains, more or less; thenee we-t
BO chaini to point of commencement
Salmo, August 11. 1906 A. M.I.kas.
Notice li bereby given that 60 .'ays aftf r date I
intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Ccmmiasioner of Lands and Works for p��-r-
mlr.��on to purchase ih-following describe*, land-,
situate lu Weal Kootenay district: Commencing
at a po-t marked "A. McLaughlin's N. W eorner
post," Mtuale near the N E. comer of land applied for by P. McArthur, thenee south 40 < hain-,
more or less; thmce ea-t &) chains; tberic- nortii
to chains, more or lass; thenoe weat 80 chains lo
poini ol commencement.
Salmo, Augnsi ll. 1806. A. M. Lai<.hi.av
T. H. ATKlN-oN. Agent.
Notice is berel.y given tbat 00 dav* after date
I Intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and uorks for permission to purchase
the following described lands, situate in We. t
Kootenay district: Commencing at a post mark
ed J. McArthur'. N W.corner post." situate near
the N. K corner of land applied for byr A rnrner,
thence south to ehalni more .,r ]���������-; then eaal
ao chain-; tbenee nortb60ebalna, mote or leas;
ihence *rert ko chaini t" ptitntof eommeneement.
Haiuto, August 11, 1906,
f   Ui   .Kiin v.,
T. If  ATtlTSOir, Ag< nt
Noili a 1- herehy glren that 60 dan aft.-r dale
I Intend to apply to the Honorable Ib< ' hlel
Commtalonei ol Landi and Worka for perm is-
-n.u to eurcbaae the followlnjtdeserlbeo landi,
iltoate In tbe We��i Kootenay district: (^mmeu-
.���Ing at a jh.-I mark-������!   "A. J u-ii.-t'. N. .\   .
poel." iltuated at the N. K corn." of land applied for by B mewart, Ihenee sonth 61 ehalns
more 01 less: thenee easi (R>chains; ihence nortb
40 chains, oon or las; thence west *u chains to
point of oommencement
J-almi.. H  C , AiIgUM 11   1906. A. Tl SNKH,
r if ATsnaoH, Agent.
Notiee li bereby riven tbat 60 dan after date 1
Intend toapply tothe Honorable the 1 in. f * om
mlssloner of l_aodi mil Wurks for permlaslon to
purchase lhe following described land in Weal
Kot.-nay  District  about seven  mil-s  south  of
Hurton en*,: Commencing ai a jmjsi planted on
the east bank of Trout creek and marked Mrs.
W   H    Hamilton's  8,   W.  Q,   Poll   nnd   runnifig
north 60 chains; Ihence easl N chains; tbenoe
 th nchains; thence west60 chaini t<. plaee
of ia-gtnniiig, containing 640 acre-, more or lea
I'ated tbll32nd dav .,; Aogimt, IB06.
Mn- W. II. Hamilton
W. h. ELum-Toa, Agent
Notice Is hereby given that 60 dayi after date I
intend to apply lo the Hon. the Chief Commli-
sioner of Land-  and   Works  f..r  jxnntssioii   to
pnrahaw tbe following described lands in the
��est Kootenay dlitrlet: Bogtnolng at a poal
marked it. Ik-lVs B.E. corner, about two miles
east of the Salmon riv.-r, and half a mil'* from
the Pend d'Oreflle river, thence-SO chain- no rth,
40 chains west, m chains south and McbalM cast
to place of beginning,
Hated 27th day of July, 1906, R. ll. Hki.I..
Sixty days after date I intend to annlr to the
Commissioner of Lands ami Works, Wtorla, to
purchase 160acrea ol lntid,sitiiatcatid described
as follows: Commencing ata post planted on the
west side of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo City, al
or near the Southwell corner of c. Hatg p*ir-
chase, am) maik-d ""I. M, A..H  K. corner," and
muting norih 40 chains, thence west-40 ohalna
to Hi Annable - purchase, tnence south io chaini
more or less to the like shore, theuce along the
lake ihore to place of beginning,
Auguit 25th, 1W06. O, M Ann a 11 i.i
Notice is hereby gtraa that 60 dayi altei (aw '
Intend to ap] * Hon. Chief Conualaaioner
of Landsand Work- for permission to purchase
the -following   de* ribed lands, situated   in the
Kootena*. :-���' '- ' omnieneing at a p..*t i:.a:s
ed **HKW B.-E corner." planiedon the shore ol
lower Arrow laki about oue mile south oi
Gordon creek (Ji bniton creek.) theuc-e north m
chains, thence wnt �� chains thenee south to
chalm, ihen-'* sail W uhatni to point of commencement containing IW acrei mow or.eai.
snd comprlsiiiif ahaii'loned pre emption >o. 6-0.
Staked tbts Hth lay of August 1��*
B, K Wplvisto.",
A N. WoLvgiTO!*. Agent
Notice li hereby glren that ilsty dayi after
date I intend to apply lo the Honorable thi
chief Cotnmlailooei of Landi aod Worki for
pcrmisiion to purchaie the following deicrlbed lands situate in the Weat Kootenay
district, itarliug fmm �� I*"*t plantH 00 the
north hank ol tbe Korth Fork ol Dee
thence 10ehalni well /������ halni north. �� rhaim
west. ii'c",h;'i-north, i�� chains west, ��� aim
north, t) chaini weit, 3D ehalni nortb H chains
sail HO ebalni south, "> chains eaat, *'chains
souih. 30chalm east, tfch'lni Mnth to point of
oommsneement containing MO ���*��� n 1
Paled 1Mb ���!�����> of AiguM i��w
t-fsf-t tV turn om t
. ���,. rebj given ti
Intend to apply lo the Honorable tin Chief Com-
���   isionei of Landi and Worki for permlaskia
lo purchaie  tile   lollowinj   ��� 1 * -- r 1 t->*l    .all lr.   Sl!
uatelo Weil Kootenay District;   Commencing
at a po-t marked * R. Stewart's N W. comer
poit," - tu p i near the /uuctlon ��i i-"-t creek
an-i Houth Port "f Balmon, thenee south *j
ohaini, mora or leaa; thenee cast no chains:
tii.tic- nortii K) ohalna, more or leaa; tbenee
weal so cbalni lo point ol eommem en - nl
Balmo. Augos' nth, IDu6
i  Bntwin
r. li. ATKiNaoit, Agent
Notloe is bereb] given tbat ilxty dayi after
date I Intend to appl] io the Hon.�� hlefCommi*
���loner Ol Lands and Work- (or i-t-rmfaalon lo
purchase tbe follow ing described landai*lnate In
Weil Koolenay distn.-i. adjoining tho interna-
tional boundary   line,  attorn   four  utiles eaat of
thei olumbla river, oommenelng at a|x��-.i mark-
��� ���i -i. U F*i -*;. VI corner," iltuate on the International bonndary lin<*. at iio toutheaat corner of J.8.C. Kraaer'a land: tbeueceastOOebalns.
thence north 80 ohalna,thenee ncstSI ehalna,
thence soutli 60 chain- to tbe place of commenoement, containing 480 acrei more or leak
Hated 26th June, 1006. Uoai M. Kka.-RR,
K j O'Reilly. Agent
Notice  ll  b.-reby  given  tbat  - vtvdayi from
date I Intend to apply to tne linn, chief com-
mlssloner uf Landi ami Worki for permission
to pnrchase th-* following deaeribed lauds iltuate m Weat Kootena) Dlitrlrt, between the
Pend d'Orelllo river and lb. international
boundari line, about three miles from the Columbia river. Oommenelng at a pott marked
J. -. c. i-.- W. corner situate on the International houndarv line, aiiout hall a mile east of
the east boundary oi the K.A K.B.By,landa:
tbence oortb 40 chains, tbenei east BO chains,
thence iouth 10 chslns, thi nee neat ni chains, to
the place of comment emeu t, containing 320 acres,
more or leaa,
Dated Mtb June. 1900. J- ���-. (.'. Fraser,
F.J. O'Reilly, Agent
Notice lib) reb
I intend toapply
Of Landl and w<
lhe follow ing d
Kootenay Diiti
bonndary Hoe, i
umbia rlveri '
0*1 H. W corner.
Une at Laura M. t
Horn, ���*> chain-,
south Ba ehalni,
pla.-.- of commei
more or lesa
Haled _��lh .'in:.
r given that sixty dayi from date
* ' Hon ' hleiCoiuiiiis-ioiier
:��- ior [���ermiaaion to purr haae
-       '- 'I   land-   situate in  West
t. adjoiuin*< the International
ibout live miles east of the t'ol-
mmencihg at a (H>st marked K
>n the international boundary
aser'iioutbeastcorner, thenee
ll   nee east to chaini. ihence
- ne*   M BBl   U chant* to the
cement containing   .^JU acrea
Kn.m <-ii.i-_-hik.
Notiee ii herebj given that llxtl days after
date I Inteud to ��\t\ ;. tothe Hoii.i'lilel (.unmla
sioin r ol Land- and Works for i-eruiiasion to
pnrchase ihe ti ..���>���.*mn descnu-d land* iu
the Weil Kootenaj district, aonth of tho Pend
d'Oreille river; < ommenelttg at a j��ji��t marke<l
0. B'l 8. S. corner, bituated on the trail near
Hear creek abo it �� mile from the lute mat lunai
boundary line, thence weal i*t chain-., tbonce
north iai chain- mora or leas to the ivud d'Oreille
river1 tbence followlog tbe soutli bank ul the
Pend d'Oreille river southeast ��u chains, more
.Tie���: thence iouth 30 chains, more or leai to
tin- place of eommeneement, containing _^o
acrea, more or leaa.
Hat..j siii Jnly, ;i����. chaklks Ui_si..
P. J.O'Klelly, Agent.
Notiee i- herebj given that gfxty iit}>��:i��r
dale I intend to apply tothe Hou. Chief CommIs-
���tonet Ol Landl and Works for permlisiuu to
purobase the following described lands, in
the Wesl Kootenay Histrlcl, east of and ad-
lolning Jamea N. Mackenate'i land; Commene-
iiik at a )������>-���; marked A.B'l 8. K. corner, on the
���Miutb bank of tbe Pond d'Oreille river, just
aborethe mouth of the Salmon river, ihenoe
m its cha na, thence north N chain* more or
leas lo the Pend d'nreille river, thence following
the south bank of tlie said river in a southeasterly direction to the place of commencement,
containing B0 acres, more or leas.
Haled Ith July 19M Authir ;���< imaintx.
Notice Ii hereb) given that sixty dayi after date
I inteud to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Uuidi and Works for permission to pnrchase
tlie following described land- in West Kootenay
District tooth of the Pend d'Oreille river.  Com-
m. nciio: at t i-.-t marked K. T. M's. S. K ���-. rn- r
thi footh f.aiik of the l>nd d'Oreille river,
abonl a mile and a half east of the mouth of Flih
.reek thence aonth *vj chain*, thenee treat so
ebalna, thence north to chains more or leu to
the Pend dO'relQe river, thence folio-* iii j. the
south bank of the paid  river in a northeasterly
direction t" the pi we of eonflaeneearent-containing t**" acres, more or leas.
Hated -.'ml July l*J*fi. Kli.s T. Mackekiii.
Af.THIK fs�� HNBIIiER, A({ent,
Notiee I- hereby ifiven that fiu day* after date I
intend to applv to the Hon. Chief f ommtasioner
ol Lands and Works for [arrmission to purehaae
(he follow:m. deserlbod lands, situate in Wei
Kootenay Dlatrlet nonh of tbe Pend d'Oreille
rtrer; Commencing ata ppBtmarked A.B M> N.
W corner situate at thewnith bank of ibe Pend
d'Oreille river at Klla T. MarKemie'a north eaat
Miner poet, tbence aonth N ohalus, tbenee east
90 i hains, thenoe north so chain- more or lau to
tbe Pend d'Oreille river, thence ��e��t n chains,
follow mi; the t��nk of the said rii-r to the place
of commencement, containing tiio aeroi, more
oi .���--
Dated 2nd July 1SW. a. B. Ma. una
authir ^ Hvtnoee, Agent.
Not lie [ibereo] given thatilxty dayaafterdale
I intend io apply tothe Hon r h lef Commlailon-
er oi Land-and Work* for permission io pnrchase ii,.- following deaorlbed lands rituateln
Weal Kootenay Dutrlct, Mnth of lbe i'end
d'Oreille river, commencing at a po-t market
If, H'i '��� K.corner, situate on the _nntb bank
of the Pend d Oreille river at Jamei tt, Uackeo-
ale's -nitinve-1 corner, ihence toutb loo cbalni,
lbence  well so chains, tlieti.e  north  70 chains,
more or leas to the Pend p'Orellle river; thence
f.dlowiiof No- -outh hank of th<> -aid river in un
raster)) and northeaaterl/direction to the place
of commencement. coniiiliiiiiK ''.(0 acr.s, mora or
DateSrd July, liaifi.        llAUAKR HaH'OI-kt,
Arthur *-��� in.' Idi r Agent.
Notfol I- lo r. b) given that lilt) day-after dnle
I intent' toappli to the lion Cblel Coramladooer
of i.an<l�� and worki forparmlnlon lo purebaae
lhe       fol he.-* Iiik      dtfCflOM      land-      in      We.t
Kootenay District, nuth of thi Pend d'Oreille
river, commenelni at a i-o*t mark") j N M'i
s. w. eorner, situated on the south hai.k of ihe
Pend d'Oreilli river, opposite tbe month of 18
Ml ��� ��� reek; tbem ��� eaal *o chains, ihence north
vt chain* mora or lesi to thi Pend d'Oreille rlvei
tbenoe follow In* the south bank Of the said river
in a westerly and southwesterly direction to tbe
place of commencement, fotilaliniiK   -iki acres
more or lam.
Dated Brd July, imti.      Jamks N, Ma. xorxn
Arthur Behnelder, Ageni
Kotlce i- bereby given Umt two month* after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the Cblel
I ommlmloner of Lands and Works for h I*a*e of
all that laud |H-itig ih>- folMhoroadjoininginb*
dlVi**IOM L :i and   I of lot ��/J, Group oiied)
Kootenay, and being on the south ihore of the
Wesl Arm cf Koidenay lake, in the di-trpi of
Commenolng ��t a post mars..! "a, k Watts1
lontbeail corner p-.it": thence 00 cbalni west
th< 30 rhalni nortii; thenoe "i ohalnaeast!
thenee m ehalns south to do- ptaee of commence-
ment; the said land and foreshore to In- I*, nand
for sawmill purjM-ses.
Dated this ilst day of August, IM
A   B   Watts.
Notice [| herehy (.ivcii that Oodayi aft.-r data I
Intend toapply lothe Honorable the chief Com
mlllloner of l^nds and Work, for in-rm I salon o.
pnn-hare the following desoribed ESSE lltotM
in Wen Kootenai Dlstlct: Commencna ata
la.si mirked "P.JfcArthor'i s w corner umt
iltuate near the N i. corner of land appiied^for
by 8. McArthur thenee aonth -hi rhalni, more
fees hence east ��> chain-; ������.,���.��� ������_.,; r(
ciiaiiis, moo- or leai tbenee west m chain. .,.
polntof commencemeDt '   t,aU" *"
Balmo, II. <.'., August llth, 1.-A.
Pi M'Ahtfii a
T, H. Analog, Agenl.
Notice i* hereby given that (si dan after date I
intend lo apply to ihe Hon. the Chief CommJs-
doner of lands and Worka ior petmlmlon to mir
chase the following deaeribed land- in Wesi
Kootenay dlatrlet, province of itnti-h ��� oiuinhla;
< um mencing ai a post marked "W Ultam Tolling
ton's northwest corner poll."   said post being
Slanted at the southweit eurner of the "t_ueen
intra] Claim," and adjoining the eait line of
McPhsU's pre-emption, thence iouth twenty (Jul
chaini along laid line, tbence east forty .40)
chaloi, theiK-e norih twenty v&i) chalm, thenee
weit forty (to) cbalni more or len, to the place of
Datid lit 'av of Auguit. 1906.
willum TttUKnOtfj
Ry hii agent J E. Taylor.
Notice Is hereby given that ilxty dayi after
data I Inieml toapph tothe Hon. Chief''ommti-
BtOJIU Ol l-atiis and Works for permisaion to pur-
iha.se the  folluwiug  described  landi  situate In
West Kootenai district] I ommenclng at a poet
' ii \ ar.-'.. ii iLB corner poet iltuate
in rio Malmon Klver Valley, at a point adjoining
i Meecher1! land at western bonndary, thenee
mat SO chains, thsnoi north t" chains, thenee
l      un-. thenee south to chains lo point of
July Mtb, IM J ll. Vanron,
i   ll   Atkiii-oii  Ajenl
But] ���'��>- aft. r dato 1 Inland toapply lo tin*
Bon ' hlel ' ommlmloner .<f Lands and Worka,
Victoria, to purehase .*' tone "t laud    Com
mencing at a i-osi planted at u.e t'ny oi Nelion'���
i-o-acr plant lot 8. K conu-r post, on Kootenay
nv.-r. thanee S chain- lOUth, thence we-i _D
i ham-   tlnine  nortii   A'  'hams, thence east 'JO
chain* I.- i��dnt of oommenocmanL
Nelson, B c. Aug ��. ltwt. K J. Ovbian,
Notice is glveu that to "lays alter dale I intend
to apply to th.- Honorable ihe thief t oinials
sioner ot lauds and   Works for permls-dou  to
purohaae the following deaeribed landi in the
Wee) Kootenai Dlatrlct    I ommenclni at a i��>st
marked  f   C.PDmtl   land   S   l.   CorOOf   piaeed
ne��r tbe i'end d'Oreille rlrer at Bonndary creel
east si.).- ���i Salmon rher, ihence eaal B ehalni
aionv ihe International Bounaary Una, thence
n irth io chains, thence wesl mi eham-. thence
���outb #t chains to place ul rom meneement.
Hated the'.Mtb of inl] IMS. C.C PoVBTg.
 By Am > a aw Ami, Agent.
Kotlce la hereby given that two man thi aftoi
lan- I Inland to applv :������ the Houorahlc tn.'
i hief  '"tiimisaloiicr  ol    1 amis  and   Work-   for
permission fo parehase the following deacrlbed
[aodasltutoon the west arm ol Kootenaj l_ke
in the Histriei of West Kooteuay:  Com mend ug
a: a i-ost marked "WHIiatii iu-rby- N W |��iat;R
tbence   west  twent]   | :���     chain-; then,, tii
tu.'iiu   ,.iii chain**;  thence eaal  twenty   i_��������� >
chains; thenoo north twent) i'to) ehalna to tha,
polnl of comuienceineut, containing forty tut)
aiTcs, more or leas.
Dated July 7, las.. I. u. Nsuum.
Notice is hereby given that 00 dajs alter date. |
Intend to applv to the Hon   | hie) ('omtu iMtOOl r
oi Landa and Works for permlaslon lo purchase
the following  deaorlbed   tract   Ol   laud situate  III
Weat K(Mitena>* Dlstricl    Commandng at the
southweit eoruer  of   Ud T.'-wu; tlience runlnn
west m> chains; thenee north wchains; ihenee
w.-si 40 chains; thonce north an chalna: tbenee
ea-t Hi chains; thence M.uth 40 chains to j-oiul
ol commencement, containiiitt J40 acres, more or
Hated at Nelson, B C, this Sgrd dav of JuIt.
HU6. Mabv BCAJglAJI,
|  per K  C. Greed, Agenl
Nntice is herebv given Hut00daya aft.-r dat.-
llntend  to applv   to  the   Honorable  the  Cblel
Commlsloneroj Landi ami Works for permlaalon
to purchase the follow Iiik de��cr!bed land* In the
West Kootensy District:   Commencing at a *,���'���-'
marked T. R, Frniehe'* Land S V. eornai plaoi I
near C. C, Poyatl B. W, corner, thenre eaat Nl
chains, llienee north 40 chalna, thenoe west so
chains, thence south *> chains to place of commencement.
Dated JUlh day of July I9tjfi T. K. Yew* H.
 By Amobsw adib. A-geiit.
Notice is ber.-hy given tbat 00 -lavs after date I
intend loapply to lhe Honorable the Chiel < Dm-
minloner of l^nds and w orki for permlaslon to
purchase the following deeerlbed land- to the
Weil Kootenay dlstricl. near Burton t'lly | coin
meUcltiKBt a taist planted at the southeast corner
of i-eorge Hudson's pre . uiplioii claim, and
marked Harry ti, 1'cdlliigtoii'i N. K C, post, and
ruuulng south 40 chains, thence wesl 5o chains,
thence uorth W chaimt, thence eail Ji chain- to
place of la-KlIitilug, containing _U acres ot land,
more or lti*.
Hated this (Bth day of iuifijst, |gpl
 Hash. 0.Tou.nwT(m.
Nolhe li hereby given ihat 0o days alter date 1
Intend to make application to ibe Houorahle the
Chief '"omtuliiloner of landiand Worka for permission to purchase about &it aere* ol laii'l situ
aie-1 on tlie Salmon river, Weal Koolenay district,
 uuienciiiK ~t a ,���������-* marked B. K. Butter's N K.
'orner. planted on the weal bank of the river,
about 4% miles north of the international bonndary, thenoe west on ehalni, then'** B ehalna
���outh, thence eait ab-uul Mk) chalm t<> the river,
tio tie,  northerly along the river to place of OQdn
AtlgllSI lfith, 1101 ". K   BtTTfB.
 T^H. Atkinson, Attent.
HUty ilays alter dale I Intend toapply lo the
Honorable the Chief CommlMloner Of Land- and
Wor��s, Victoria, to pun-base 'OO acre* of land,
located   and   dcUTibed   aa   follows;    He Iiik the
northeaat quarter ol Her tion iwetity-iwo, and
the south half ol lhe northwest quarter ft-cllon
twenty throe, Towmshipslxly-nllie. And fnrthei
deeerlbed as f-dlows: Commencing at a posi
marked J J. N. W. corner, and planted tu chains
.���asl ol the northwest coi ner of Heel i on twenty-
two aud ninniiiK east tOthalm, theme iouth 5>
i halm, thence east 40 chalm, theuce iouth W
chaini. thence west M) chains, thence north It)
��� hains to place id beKlnuiDg.
Auguit 21st, HUH. James Joiissionk,
W. A. CsUler, Ajfent
Notice Is herehv given that oo days after dale
1 intend to applv to the Hon Chlel Commiailulier
of Undsand Work* for permission to purchase
tbe followiiiK deaerlbod lands In West Kootenay
district, south <>f ihe I'end d< >nille river, east of
rlibcreek, eommeoelng at a jK>st marked v. w,
HsN w corner, about half a mile eait of the
norlheast comer of Lot .i_S��, 0, I , thence south
Vi chains, thence east HU chains, Ihence nocth 11
chains, theuce uest m chain* Io the place of
commencement, containing ;Ui acres, more or
Haled 2nd July UKM. Kmki. W. 1! Mr ot KT.
AKTHta BcmrKiDnt, Agenl
Notice Is hereby given that sixtv duys after date
I intend toapply to the Hon.Chief Commlailon
erof ijuuls and Worka for |a-rmi**slon to pur
chase   the   followiiiK   described   land*  Hi   Wc*.
K.K.tenay Hlstrict. south of the Pend d'Oreille
river, commenelni at a poat marked A. r"*N w
eorner, situate.i at tho southwest corner of Lot
IU'., ti I , thence cast ���_, ehalns, thence souih III
chains, thence weet an chains, thenee north 00
Chains   to the plar [   eommODI eiiiclit. contiiili-
ltie4sMlscri*M, more or less.
Dated asm June, iws,, Amniyiusga.
                   P. J. O'Reilly, Agent,
Notice is herebv riven that 00dan altar date I
intend loapply to the Honorable Chief Commia-
ilonaj of (and* and Works ior permlaslon lo pnr-
..ha*.- tio loiinMinj; described lands,iltuate In
the W Ht Koot.nay dlsirlct. sUrtliiK Irom n p,,st
planted at the! Werner of KrutmW.ttoblnion'i
Application to I urchase, and on the north hank
of the North Fork of ''og creek; thenre in chain*
west, hi, ebalni nortb  I'm chains ea*t, mchHiii*
���outh, .111 hains We*!,*! chit 111* south to llitcrsec
Hon of north ilm-,,f y. \\ Robltisotrs Application
to Purchase, tbence 40 ohalna west mid .in i is
s uth io point ol commencement, nihiHiniug out
Dated LStb day of Augnat, 1000,
]-t Kn.vr.*TW, ROBUUKW, AfODt,
HUly days after data I Intend to iippiy to lhe
(ommlssi-'nerol Landl and Works, Hiorhi   to
purchase 100 acres ol land.   Commenelni at a
MSl planted 011 tin* west ihore of Arrow Lake nt
the south cast corner of J  .1   Christie's pun base,
running northi90'Chains, thence ensi in obiiini,
tnence sontb mebalns, tbeuce treat Bo chaloi to
Mace ol commencement.
Located May, ytli IJKMI,
A. Cahhik,
L. HAI.I.AOHBR, ha'Hlor.
Notice is, herehy given Unit fin days after dale I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Coin
mlssloner of  Lands nud Works, Vlclorla, In pnr
tone ��� aer f land, kltnate ah��ui one mile
-asl Of  Burton  Oily on the east  aide of  Arrow
lake, and deaortbtd as follows: Commonolnsal ���
post planted at the northeast comer of Lot6860
thence north 20 ohalna, ihcnce west |" chains,
ihem.. nouth 30ohalnij Ihonoo eaal 40ohalni to
place ri| I..-. irnniM'
Auguil 2 tll.IWM. J.K. HfNTHII.
Notice li hereby aiven that 00 dayi after dalo 1
""'"1 10 apply to fhe Honorable lhe Chief Cotn-
mlsdoiicrof Landsand Work* for pormlaslon to
purchase the following described lands: c.,m-
meiiclngHtii post m.iked "J. A.O, It'H. W. corner, placed ut ihe Dortbeait corner Of Lm till 1
r lU-Higf-ieimimi north; thence wi fliains *asl;
^obcewobriniiiuth) thenae BO ohalna west to
moMorlai! flnt' ,'',,lt��l,ll"K ������ ll,'rei
Hated the -I.i iny of July iinw.
J. A, O'lUiixv,
",������� -r ���' liSiU and Wor&S '"^Sfili
v"1 ��� foiioWI,llt ,i .,7rtrr.TL:M��f'-.?M
Koo,,-,,���> dlsir,.!, proM,;,.."^ ''Mn'-W
<om,���..,H-iug at ** V. Saifi*?*Ofia
J. J corner, on ihe WothttSTif A ltv��a
about two miles east of bq��� ,' !*r-*��^_?l
and st the norihwest oa_S__ ���'���' ' -_5l
Ul'i pre-empnon claim \vt u( ^-Uag_'I
thenee norA �� cha ', {"* ^'l-.&l
tbenee iouth 00 chalm 1, f?! n,e *t,t *ti5&_
oonutnlni MO aom mon SMS* 3 �����
Dated thli_4thdayof JJiyltw. *���
Noticcl7h��reby glviiT7hTri_rr*^-^SL I
intend to aprly to the IH SmSfffi e"-*rWl I
mMonerol Undi and w.^.T^'Cil
purchase the following n.��� ',b.3 ���^u*ul
Kootenay Hiiiric n)~,���,x J^ '��M <r.�����
RhrtonCUy . ..mm,,,. ,,^1,^ ^Jffl
lho out bank of ir r*5k ' n_S '
ohafnai thai ast io -u,.,.   I,,ln'Mtki
chain-; tbenei weat�� .   . ,
ins, oontainlng Mu ���, m ���< .,, '',! 0| leiiii
f'ated this .>_���d day ���| i!,!,*'^gj''��S?*\
w.n .
Notice   ||   hereby   |)TM   ..|���,tl,,. -|
date i inland to apply t��� 7, " ^ *������� iM
ChW CWmlsilonar W u,-\\,l'i+��**a
permission to pwrbase the M '' 1
"di eommenclog at a poit mar.    '
Mngton's   N   K c  ,���,.,   .. ., *.  *. I
Ol     J      tt      Me-,rude.      ,  SL
running south 40 chains to wSLmT1* ��-���_
(Jeo Hudson's pr, emi.ti.iiMiM,    . "     ""���-���il
,'is.i,,,; 11,,���,,'������,.,.�����,':.,';,''. I
'���ii��n" i" pi��. 1 .-..,1,111.11,,.;"_;        .-I
l>_ts*.l Usl, ill, ,l��js,,| AQ.QM, ...
* *  "'>""��. A,,,,'
S,.n, ,��� 1. I,..,,.,,, "ss.s, si,.,,,,., -j
I H'I 1" llss... .|,|.l:s  ,��� .��� . A *''"', >��l I
uiliml s,   |,,ar. ,,--. il 1    ,.,,. ,., , ,' '">��l
-is.in-i��i��,.i ��� ,,,,,��� .n,,1l;,'"isr
|.lsiss',.|������ u���. .,,���||, .,.1.   0|  ll,,,,,,/'''^.*,!
iin- InUTiialliiii.l l��� |���rv u,���  ,        .    1
in lot eut Iron t_._a_u���_ n,,.r H,,.a_,.tJ*f
I-:   A.iiain-. i.u.siisi-n.1 csonwr." \\,.J.T__**_
als.s,,..   II,,,,,,.   ���,.������  K Ji
,niiiii iinlli. "'"-��� I
Dated IblaOth day of July, |*��     c nL
WgtJ   day*   alter   datel Intend UllMhkfl
Cblel Cpmmtsstonei  o| Landi an j "'*!,_
^'''[ll;'"o'. "" Wtowirrhut^ai
f l-��r,.Vl.--.t��iaWm_SB
1 il si loiiow-: Commencing at �� (_-tZ2"
���tight) *>> ebslM eail of lhe N ���* V.i_?S;
Biilk'.-r*. pre emption and marked"C 1 CSIS
cnier.'' and running eaal forty (ai-j ___.*j
Ihcnce wuth forty (t*., . u^oo, iLSS_\t
ehalna, thi noe north forty (in) .���ham.uiil'a'
U*i.in 11 ilia ��������������*���
July7.ftot. C.g.r-iiK-4 i
Notlte  ||  hereby given  that Mm ���hntmi
date I Intend to at.ply to the UonorabhtttH
' omiiii��sii'iier of fluids au.l W'.,fk# f":t��Tm f
to purehaae the follow ins deeerlbed trwSf
in West Kootenay district: HeKir,ninir,2 I
i.Unt.'l at tio- northwest corner of uMJCs I
H..(t (reek, thence iouth 40 chains, 1_mm I
Ml chains more or leas, thence le.rth la^ L
more or leaa, 'hen.,- ea-t to U_> Mi.aata I
place of beginning, the same ls inteBfedtai
bra<-* what is known ss lhe Hanson prt-rapn I
Dated JnlyO, i*��. OBakl
Notice  U  hereby  given  lhat .lit- ]��..
the date 1 intend to  apply tO the rh.��f<'��ta
-inner ol l_an<Vi ��t"i W orka \ letorti*, tatwt
sion to purcbaw the fullowins d-wriM ia
situate in  the district oi   Wml Iwnil.1
��� d <<roll 111a 11 1 reek Martins at a pulm 1
John White's t\ VV corner, platuci 1.
chains souih of J. Maloue's Miutii<a*i n
rnnnlng nortii :Kl ehaim, thenre east *d
ii>. ii<< aonth OO ehalna, theneewmtttdiiM
1" :.' of commencement. Jum Wirg
June I), 1**J6. i  f'l'ui.v.,
Noll. I Is iter, hy itl veil thai W* dljl ITDBlllt  I
intend to apply lo the Houorahlf ti.-i'.ifiia>
mlssloner of lands and Works, (���>: is-rawns
purchase tin- following deicrlbed .__.*���..t,..i> ;
in tnedlsirict of West Kuoiena>.*.|>sigf4
79U on the treat arm of Koolenay .��i- ncaa-
clngst tbe Initial poat plac-,1 at xhrxtttht
corner of Lot TV0, thenoe north '������(:��� i:wt
ires) ta ehaim, tbeuce sotuh _>>'t,w,'J_ati
ea��t ai chains to polnl of rommeoeeMB.
Hated Auk  l#tfi. ttOft. Jua-ulum
Notice li hertby given lhal to iIiti iltirbBl
liilen-l to spply to the HotninU. the CkM
Commissioner ol landsand WLrki I-*. fHtt-
sion to purchase the following ���lesrltssl itth,
Iltuated in llie W.-st Kootelta-, .hslrM.rlj.illl.
I . I. Paaraon'i on tha north 'ni-"ut nm- isias-
quarter mQei from the Pend d'Oreillertwaw
mencing al a t��o*t marked C P. CllderiPiU
oorner i��'st. thence D .ham* mirth,ih-wO '
��� hains we*t, thenee ni chains ninth, lb.on4
.bains east to place of eonimciiceineni
LoOatod the 1st day of August. l!��.
IlEM-iN K*_m,.tcnl-
Notice 1* bereb) given IhatOOdsyialurfaja] J
intend to apply lolhe HoiioraMc Hie ( hidfoa* *
mi--lot..-r ol Laud* and Work- fo? ptfaMmlMli
purchase the fnllnwing deacrlbed land in \t* I
Kootena) Hlstrfct aU>ut itx miies south H MM
ton Ciiy* commencing ata post pUutoi mi1 ih*
east bank of Trontonek and marked c.Lii*
er'- S w. c. post and running south B naofl
Ihenoe east 00 chalna; thence imrlli * ih��mi,
thence west 00 ehalns tothe place of cimartm
ment, con tain lug iVK'acres, more or less.
w n BajnuoMiAgut
Notice Is hereby given that Miiydaysaftrrd����
Intend to applv to the Hon. chiefoon��latm
.r.d Und* and   Works for permis'ieti o>^
obaae  the following described _o��j5_ffl
chase    Ihe    followiiiK   .le-cril* u  ian-.;   ;���  ������    ���
Kootonay District, south ol Hn ivmi -i "j"����
river. comineiicliiK al a i��.st market i> K a k.
N. W. corner, situated on llo illi l-awk "'  ��
Pend d'.irel le river al  Jam- ���N-��M*��J2
southwesi oorner;  litem a-, an-halir.  fee*
aonth 40 chain., thence wesl  i�� < ham-. 1 ;hm*
north *i chains to tho place ol rommM-Httsi.
contrfning 100 a&roajmore or leas.
Hated ;trd July tOQO,    Dogun B �������*
ARTHt'R S.HNKtI'1". AgflU-
Notloe is hereby given Hint 00 fltfl ���(JjAB
Intend toapply tothe Honorable Ihe I Bi,,') ''���
misilanero. Undaand Work- t,.t Ptmhemm
purchase the billowing described ian��.���<��
meoelog at a posi marie,1  *.i .\\   i" "���"''
Uer." placed on lh�� ess.   thOU  0    U*�� ��JJ
Lake at (he norlhwe-l corner of 1 ' Ufi" " ���'?��
plicaliott to Purchase, ruiiuliin ihence*> ��a��
tst; tbenoe80chaini north; ih<	
more or l��
t tothe lakeiho'fl
more or less, wc*i 10 wo- m*.'   ���      ��� ,.���11|lBi
loving lake ibore lo point ol cobhdboowhv
'litaluiuif :IH) acres more or I���s
Dated tho Mra day of-Joly, MOO.       Hup
Nolle Is herebj   given ll   .1  '-'   '^r.^/r'i1
"���'-���...it d-iyb.Hie ioi.....n..c io   J,
missioncrof Undi and w���ik* f. n"'"'" ^
purchase the   [ollowlng ilew-rlla-d  "''"'Sit
on the east-Ide of Arrow lake:  I -mm        ��
'he southwest   corner of A. AiiHuilO     I' ��
theuce south iwcnlj chain..  lh< i" -  '.'7      ur,i
chains, thei oortn tweoty .halDs [hrtrejj
twenty rhalni to point of comm?noama��w
'"!:;;;:", s';;';;,:���:r;':;;"s'"";..,-,s:>;^'"'
per N I'isis is-- -.K1"
n���ii,',. iss ,1.1.1. Kiu'ii missi f'"i'i;< "l!,,;i;.,'',w-
I,,,,.,,,!!,, .,,,,!,��� l��� lis.' "''"'""I'l;'1 '...,,,��� w
iiils-l..ii.'r..l lind,  Work.  " [     ���.,
purohuo Hi" lollowln, ilcKrllsnl,l����'���",j" ,,
isn lli.'i'HKl .Iiii-nl Arlsssv l.��:1,l;������Jnreb����
tha northeut corner ssi A AM "','���* ,.',, i���nr
tbenoa north  mny ch.ln,, ,"",','.,���,���,.. ,���>.!
I'luiiim, tbem "ii'i f"r|v '"'   ,'..,,,,.,11 ssi"'
Issrlv  i-lnilnii  lo lusliil "I nm" '""
issIiiIiik imiiiiTis-, moreoriMi-     ��� M,,-,���ns
,,   , .... 1,,,,,1111'riUI'1
Nisi Iss lissrclsy itlvi-ii Hull ��''''!" ",,-0-,i��-
I ml lnn|i|ily loth. ","";"",,,,1' ' "i, pW
isln ��� r-1 I.isusl. nlisl Work, Inr pen ii        IPI| sii
chut ihs' (ollowlnn .i.-��i-ni..-.t i�� '',.,1,-inf ai"
the eail ��islss ol Arrow .ats->���"'"'. ,h.-nr-
POII liiBrkes! A. Macleoil i '��'����"!.';.,,,(,s��l
n.,,11, I.Tiy I'liiiiiis-. followlna W-J1   ,,���s,i���ni
hi.iin.lary: llii'ii.'s* eaal allty ehal    ���    '.",.,���,���,;
o( iin-iisHisii I'ri'i'k; hence n n ,',,.(,,,u.ii'iii."
thenee eaat ���lit)' ch.lni lo point w_
iii.'iil, s'siiiiiiliiliis'iii.'iisi' rs'is. wore iif   .,A,.[.i:siis.
 ' V   HlU'l',l|f
Notice lis Issts'Isv all's',1,' llissl "'"'���,. |l'o��;
Inl I to apply I" lhe ��'���'!""'*       ,��� "'
inlsn.ls.nernl I.iiiiils-nml tt",;i��',|,,ll,.,.l'ill,l��
purehaae Use I iwlntj oicrl �����  "   ������'i, iii.'��_
Ir.iin is p.ss'i marke, ��.1 'anonii ''   ii��iif<
ss.si.iii in phalua.  nee eait ����� '.Kpolais
imrlli tn I'hnliiis. ll'i'il'i' ��"' "' '    ,,..,.,. iiissr.' ���
.'..is. m-eiiien ,  .'...Hn "'IK   f, ,    ,'i.l'P""'
[eul adjolna on lho eaat ol *.*����""'
iii-is lis juii- in, -��� . ,       , ,_,;
Dated thii imni day olAugml. "������� w T���i'i,
N. im��KBss, Agent- The Datty Canadian
���l���l  Liqueurs,   and  Canadian  Wine, anil ftfflkffl
,     , ������i,.ssliXKI,(slllel'sirl. Sherry, ri,rcl,Brno,|v, iil���, |lum Kv,. as,.,,.,.,,
,      . .- .   '  ���r any lllir.'iiaesl .|U��lillly yssu _��_?��." filr faiiall, lire uv mi
-iiom: _'>')���
P. O. BOX inao
mperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
��� PITAI,  .' THORIZBD....IMS.'000' CAPITAL V,\W UP ,,.14,880,000
m BIN,,. . |i,.sii,ooo.
p R ffll.Kli:, President. HON. KDBKKT .lAI'FKAV, Vine-President
Branches in British Columbia:
iilOWHI'-AI',      OOLDKN,     KKl.SON,     1;ICVi.l.rfroi.K,     THOUT  LAKE,
Deposits received nnd Internet iilliiwi'il i,l ooirenl rut.-H fruiii iliatis of is|.s-i,iii|/ no-
,nt and credited half-yearly.
NBL,soiN omainch J.   IVI.   LAY, Manax��r.
The Biggest and Best Ever.
SEPTEMBER 19,20,21,1906
Horse Races, Lacrosse Tournament and other attractions.
The Largest Fruit, Vegetable and Mining Exhibits
in the Province.
D. C McMORRIS,        J. J. MALONE,
'l"n lho  Qdltor "Dally Canadian,"
Sir:���To any one who was on one tit
the launches which met the Governor
General, ll was amusing to read the accounts ln the dally papers of tbe formation In which the launches proceeded. The fact ls there was no formation or order observed ut all; no one
knew what to do or where to go and
each one followed his own Inclinations. As a matter of fact the ilisoi-Ue-r
may have ha<l a inure pleasing effect
Ihan any more regular formation
would have hail.
We were told to start Irom the buoy
opposite .Mr. lllacks ranch, but when
the Kuskanook came up aud slowed
down near the buoy, the Commodore
uml Mr. Taylor's boats were somewhere in the smoky distance and about
at the shipyards. ,
It is also rather curious to see the
ineilley uf flags llown Uy the various
launches on ihe lake, ami in this connection the accompanying extracts
Irom "The Motor lloat," Uinilou, ol
.lune .Mih, may be of Interest lo your
readers. Yours  _,c,
1 average condition, compared With
1905. The condition of spring wheat
on the other hand showed a decline
of 3.6 points, or, according to the
produce exchange, 14,000,600 bushels.
The minor crops are as a rule satisfactory." 	
'. Burns & Co.
ich M.irketn in   HohhIiukI,   Trail,   Nelson, Kuslo,   SuwUm, Three Forks, K*8W
Denver und Slocan City.
fl''" by mnil to (hit brunch will have
unlit mill careful attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
ANHEUSER   r*"?���0"?"1
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Kootenay Lake Fruit Fair
,:r,i!id Display Ol Fruits, I'Tuwers
mnl Vegetables,
I'nirii'sislosiiSept, llth. SpeoUu
Hull's 1111 nil bouts nml trains.
J. WM. COCK Ull,
Kaslo, BX, Friday, Sept 14th,,
New Fall
Goods Arriving
���������npoi-ter of  IMnc
'���"Ullsh  (loodM
Jno. T. Pierce
P. O. Hox DIM
Nelson, B. C.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout I'aiiilils-i's- will lind it to their nil-
viintitg.i to nss' our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
Limit.. aJ.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Boom, are wall lur-labe.
ln Nelaon.    Bar in]
Tabla aa food as any
.. - PPlla. with too.
Ilounrian. clsari,
W. t. McOANDUSH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
European end American l'ltn
Mculfi 25 ctl.   Roomi from r> cl��. to %l
Only White H��lp Employed.
Baker Ht., Nelaon Proprietor!
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Wbolosttfl nml  K.-iitil Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Etiquette for Motor Boats.
on savant! oocaalons uring the
pilal two years The .Motor Hunt hus
published artlolea dealing with the cus-
iisins regulating the turn ol (lugs aud
other similar matters relaUng to motor
liuiiui bul there are, unfortunately, a
large Dumber or owners, or, at auy
rate, persons in charge, pi mptorboata
wlui appear to have no n aloll whatever ol the ordinary usages of boating
men alul yatelisilueu.
ii is, perhaps, only natural that the
men who have just taken up motor
Issiullng, und who have hud no previous training on Bea or river, should be
completely ignorant of the various unwritten rules which are bo carefully
observed by nil who have any ambition
to become sailors or watermen.
Misuse of Flags.
The greatest stumbling block of tbe
launch owners  Is the  correct  use  ot
The favorite flug Is, of course ,the
Union .lack, as often as not llown upside down. The users say it is the
British flag, ami they like lo have it
on the boat, quite regardless of the
tact that llie use or the plain Union
.lack Is ouly permitted to the army
und navy. No boal other than a warship or other vessel belonging to the
services is entitled to fly a Union Jack
It should lie olearly understood that
anyone flying the flag lo which he hus
no right is exactly on the par with the
man using a title or a coat of arms
which is false or the property of another person.
As 1 have already slated, at Bea the
luw Is very Btrlct on these points, and
the misuse of flags may render the
culprit liable to u penalty of .-.oo and
seizure of tile vessel. On the river,
however, the law Is never enforced,
but that is all the more reason why
all owners of ynehls and private boats
should endeavor to act up to what is
practically a point ol honor.
1 need hardly say thut a member ot
any yacht or bout club of good standing would be promptly censured by
his club If he were to commit a breach
ot the flag regulations, whether it occurred on Hen or river.
What to Fly and What to Do.
The flags which may properly bo
used on motor boats on the Bea ot
river are of three kinds���the ensign or
national liag of Ihe owner, which
should be llown on a flagstaff at tlie
stern. The Hag may be of fairly large
size, say 4x1'_ feet 111 lengih for a 25
foot bout, or, roughly, about one-sixth
of the length of the boat, tlie height
of the flagstaff should be only just
enough to keep the lower corner of the
ling clear of the surface of the water
when at rest and hanging down.
Unless the owner holds an Admiralty warrant entitling hlm to lly a
special ensign, the Plain Ked ensign
only should be used, us thnt is the
Only national llag to which every
Itritish subject Is entitled, In do case
sliould a fancy flag, burgee or trade
name flag be flown ai the stem or a
boat. The correct flag nl lhe mast
bend or stemhead of bonis without
masts Is the burgee of the owner's
If the owner does mil belong tn nny
club, or If Ibe bout Is to be used for
trade purposes, the only flags permta-
sable are the Red Knsign m the stern
and a small rectangular flag at the
masthead ssr stemhead, which mny be
of any color or wllh any device the
owner prefers; In lhe case of a trade
IiiiiiI  II  Is usual lo have the name or
Initials ni' tin' nrm in ihe ring.
Military Surgeons Meet.
Buffalo, X. Y.. Sopt II.���Tho Asao-
elation of UHttary    Surgeons   of   the
iiniied amies begun lis fifteenth annual convention In Buffalo today and
will roinulii In Session until the end
of the week. The medical depart.
mi'iils of the ii'i'iny und nnvy uf the
United states and of the National
Guard of lhe different slates .are represented ui the gathering, which will
be devoted to the rending of papers
nnd lhe dlseusKioii of subjects relating lo recent progress nnd Improve
ments In military surgery, hygiene,
Held hospital service, etc.
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing tat fresh aud
wholesome meals and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
Sealed TRNDBUS, properly Indoned, will be
received by the anflenlgnwl up to and including Monday, the fifteenth October neit, lor
the erection and completion of a Uourt Home at
Nation, u.e.
Drawing*, njieclticationH and conditions of tender and contract may lie Keen at the Public
WorkR Engineer'n office, Victoria, B.C., and at
the office of tbe Government Agent, Nelson, B.C.,
on an<l uftcr the llth Heptember next.
Each tender musl be accompanied with a
marked cheque for five (ft) per eent. of the a-
mount of the lender for the faithful performance
and completion of lln- work.
Tii<* iii- ������pic- of tiii-m-��--t���-inl Lcndererx will be
returned to them on the exeeuliou of the con-
The lowest nr any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
IawI* and Works Department,
Victoria. B C, nth September, 1900,
Battlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar Is the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josepli Ine Ht.
The Big Schooner TV^       |A
Or -Hill ind Half    DCCl    1 VV.��
The only GlasB of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hotel ns'ii,iisiisi���lsaiisisis second to none In Hril
lib Columbia. Ratisi IllKlpersiay. Special rate,
to monthly boarders.. Only home hotel ln Nelson
Lake View Hotel
OornT Hall ami Vernon,
two blocks from wharf,
Kates (l.OU pt>r day and up.
Plr��  >.sr>d
.nob.   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest iHtsiislislii'il Real Estat*
l.UHiiu-hH in Kootunay.
Nelson, B. C.
P.O.Box IM.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bath Booms Free.
Certificate of Improvements
Gig untie, (ilant,   First Chance, Cbahaials, and
Twenty Mile -Fraction mineral claims, situ-
��tt- In  iti-* Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenaj- district.
Whore lOwedl On Dundee mountain, between
Wild Horse and Bear CixeltK.
Take notice that I, John M<*Lntchle, of the city
of Npls.ui, atliiiK us agent fnr JotQptl Sturgeou,
Free Miner's I'citificate Wo. B-MO, Intend, sixty
ilny* from tlie date hereof, to apply tothe Mining
Itccoriler for Certificates of Improvements, for
tlie purpose of obtaining Crown (.rants of tbe
almvc claims
Ainl farther take notice that action,under neo-
Uon 8T, must be commenced before the ishitance
of such Certificate of Improvements.
Diito-l tills .list day of July, A. I). 190f��.
John McLatchi*.
Opposite Court House aod Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Streets.
Th* Strathcona
Nelion, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Froit Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample   Roonu.
TAKK NOTICE that hu application haa heen
maile to register Tariff Mining Company as tho
owner in Foe Simple, under two Heveral Tax
Sale Deeds from K J. StciiMin, Deputy AueuiOr
i��nil Collector of the Slocan Assessment District,
to Tariff Mining Company, bearing tlate the 24th
day of AukuM, A. D. UKB, of all and lingular
those certain piircels or tracts ol land and premises situate, mug and helnp ln the District of
Kootenay. in the Province of Hritish Columbia,
more pariicularlv known and described as���Lots
.Wi mid 858, Group 1, District of Kootenay,
"Shafer" and "BobtaU" mineral claims.
Von and each "f yon are required to tion teat
the claim 01 the tax purchaser within fourteen
dayi frnm the date of the service uf tM--notice
upon vou.and in default of a caveator certificate
of lis pendens being tiled within such period,
you will be forever estopped and debarred from
letting up anv claim to or in resoeet of the said
land, ami 1 shall reKisterTariff Mtninif Company
an owner thereof.
Dated at Land RegtltT) Office Nelson, Province
Hritish of Itritish Columbia, this 17th day of
August a. D. 1000.
U.K. Ma<:LKOD,
District Registrar.
To Kootenav Mining Company florolgni
Bhater Onld and silver Mining Company
Queen's Hotel
Biker Street, Nelion. B. O,
Lighted by Electricity ud
Heated by Hat Air
Large end ComlorUble Heslroom, and Pint-
ilaM Dalii-H Room. Sample Boom, lor Commer-
Hal Hen.
MRS. X. C. CLABKX, ProprletreM
September 14
The well known
Our Beer Garden iB
the Finest in the
-   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
American Grain Report*,
/Now York, Sopt. 11.���The Journal
of Oommerce today anys: "The tie-
partment of agriculture's Septomber
report on thu corea. aropfl wus a tie*
titled surprise So far aa corn waa
concerned, It indicated an improvement of 8.1 potntB on tho September
TAKE MlTlCK   Tluil   UU   ii[i|ilii'!itii<ii  lm-1-ivii
iiiR'ii* tn regUtcr Clarence iiitrmtui tis ihe owner
in Poe Simple, under u Tax Bale Peed from li. J.
Btemon, deputy wwewoi r*ud oolleotor ut tlie
Kli-rim Anscssmi'lil 1'lMi,ii*l. tnl'lun-iii'i-* ll-.nin.ti,
Bearing date ttto-Uit day at July .\ i>. ltt��,etall
und Hiiigiiini iimi certain parcel <>r inml nnd
l>n<m'**'-*. Mtunli*. lying und ln-hix in tin- IHslrtct
of Kindi'iitiv, in tlu* Province of lum-ii n.imn-
i>iii, more nanlenlarly known >tml deurlbed n��
i.nt T-HiDronp i, Dlitrlel ��>( Kootonay, "Maury"
mineral olalra,
���you and each o! vim Hn' required t.-. ountoit
the i'iiiim u( the tan purehatior ivitliln fiiurd'cn
daya from the date of tbaiarvteeol thll uotleo
nii'nli vmi.Hild In dffiuill  <>f �� 1'nvi'Ht or n-rtill-
oiteo|ll��pendotubeltiK tliwi within such period, you will be tortiver ettopped and debarred
frnm hi'lllnc up miv .-inim to or in rMpeul of the
Niiid Und nmi i "imn rogutar Clarouoo Herman
Dated ai Land Renlstrv Offloe Kaltou, l'mvm-
P0 of llritlfli Columbia, (lii��17lli tiny nl AiiKUHl,
A. 1��  IBM.
II. F. MAr*LK(H),
l>inlrli'l Ki-Kis.inr.
To Qeowe Henry HnrmHn,
Wlthiir A. HiMidryx.
Under and by virtue of the power* cimlnlned
tn n oartaln mortgage* whiohwlll bp prortut-ed hi
tin- time o( Hie hiiI��, there will be offered for bhIb
hy DUbllO motion by Kiclmrd T Kvam at tho.
Court limine, Ii the City of Holland, B I!., on
Monday, the Wlh dny of Sepitmibor, A D , 1WM,
nt th��' honrof noon, the oqully of redemption In
tlutt dfHlmblo lr*��t of Inml on the Lower Arrow
take, known xk Dour I'nrlc. ami eoiislstlUK of WW
nurex, more nr levH, and the major jnriof tlie
towimlto . ...
For further parllrulnrtt and U'riim nml coinlt-
""""���"""""""'""^.B. HAMILTON,
MnrtKmieo'ii s,,lls-l��isr,
Bank of Montreal Chambvn, BiMtil.rd, 11.0.
Duled at Bowl-nil, 1th Sept., 1W0.
Rates (1 iiini itl.50 n Day.
Siwcinl Itutim to Regular Bcaiden.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dciil.ru in staple nml fancy (Inxieries.
lltilt-r,  Kutts.
(Iiuup nml Minors' Supplies.
Up from Kelson
$J.80 Ret*""
On sale 18, 18,14 -fptember,
good to return till 17th.
S. 8. Kokani-e leave Kaslo 7:80 p m., Friday, Hth September, making all calls
between Kaslo and Nelson.
A.G.P.��..Vftlipiinva-r. I>. P.A.. Ni-l-on
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, F��el
tk Poultry Co., Ltd.
Contractor nnd
Bole agont (or the Porto ftieo Lambor 0o., Ltd.,
retail vnidn. Uonjcli nnd ilm-Hi-d lumber, turned
work nud bracket-., Cohki lalli nnd MbiiiKleH, mi-1i
nnd duois. Cement, lirlek and lime tor hale
Antomntlc grinder.
Yard nud factory: Vernon St.. east of Hall.
P O. Hox USa, Tolopboiie 17S.
West Transfer Co.
Qeneral Teamsters and Dealers iu
Ooal and Woo i .   Express and
baggnce Transfer
p^LVS Office: Baker St.
DoUverios Diade dally throughout Nalmm
nud itn auburbs. Phono U8.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
Single Fare
Round Trip
Kootenay Lake
Fruit Fair
On sale September 12-13
Limit 17th.
City Pfuucngor Agent.
A O. P. A., Senile.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -    NELSON.
For Ever
rthing Oood
Imported and Domestic Qgus, Tobacco*.
Do Too Know Thnimu's SpecUl Blt-K?
.Ill I
m I
,1 ��� I,-   ,
1 !.'!
Crawford Free Stone
\   Plums
In large variety are now 111 *
for preserving.
Buy while quality is
Bell Trading-
�� *
'cA Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning."
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
The Store of Sweets/'
Fruits. Confectionery and
fee Cream.
Baker Hi
Old Curiosity Shop
If you wanl tn buy or si'll anything,
go to ihe Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of .Inpunesi- tioosls now on sale. All
kinds of Diuut-rware iu slock. Patterns.
Cor. V.i-non and Wur-d Strtftfta,
N_5L,SON,  li. C
J   FilLla HUME, Proprietor.
S Wharton, P Urquhart, .Montreal;
_ v Tolmie, victoria; k L Klrkwood,
Blocan; L. Hind, Three Forks; J ll
Balfour, Hamilton; Dr and Mn 0 11
Wright, Portland; .Mrs! W II Koss, 0
l; L ndsey, Pemie; J Fleishman, Vancouver; Miss W Logan, .Miss 11 Logan,
s I) Willis, N s Liosiock, victoria;
C N .1 Qaler, Coleman; C Olmsted,
sicd, New York; W B Drewry, New
Denver; A 11 BeYis, C C Campbell,
Montreal; ll V Win-hell, Minneapolis; Mies Alice Traver Spokane; Mrs
Fauquier Needles, W Ui-luuii. Bran
E li RohertBon, II Kelly, Procter;
u ll Trereman, T Shortreed, Vancou-
.it; ,i ii Wlnlaw, Wlnlasw; E A Root,
lis v, Istoke; It II Bell, ll 1) Bell, Sal
uio; II McDonald, Kaslo.
i) ll Brockman, Spokane; J I. Dee-
mlchei, Snn Francisco; W I. Bridge-
ford, Deer Park; Mrs Hitchcock, Win
F A  Smart.  Deer Park;   W   House,
.1 li McDonald, H Bennett, .1 Lewis,
Moyie; <; Graham, Salmo; B HUberg,
New Westminster; Mr ami Mrs Paul-
Bon, Alberta; E While, it Barnett,
Hatlleybury; Mr aud Mrs Francis,
II    Fraser, Wiulaw:    A    ('    Black,
' Qrand  Forks.
.1 O'Hara, Bandon, T Marshall. Fvr-
i nie; ll Duvlne, Slocan.
Mrs  N  Eastman, Koch's Siding;  P
1 F Poulton, I'niiiiiiaii niine,
n Spencer,  Summit;   .1 Q McHugh,
JMaking Dependable
Fortunate is tbe store that \m* the
reputation for dependability     Fortunate in tlie public tlitit bas buoIi �� j
Btort! in itn midst.   Fortunate confidence betww _ it store nnd its Imyiuij <
PnbUo means growth    This store 1ms
i grown, and la growing on just these
lines.   No ambition higher than pa*
���eating yoMOonfldenod���other things ]
are bound Ut come.
We want .���very trade transaction to
be witiH-'uetorv, uud il' il is nol we
want you to Ml us about it.
If you have not tmu^lit from US,
���end us a trial order,
! Joy's Cash Grocery!
Cor.JuMtphiuf hikI Mm hu.    Phone 1
Received daily frr>Ul tlie
Coldspring ranch on
Kootenay lake.
20ib. crates $1.25
Telephone in,
"Maple Leaf" Brand.
I'NIKOKM  Bl'KKJNU   Ik   the   BJOll   itn-
pnrtaui factor urban blasting on a large
wait*.    "Maple   Left!"   brand   ll t-lulmed
lttp_A*10r in tlilf ri'upt'i't,
I'liininiriniii.1- with Other nnil;-.**- invited.
Sols AVasiit.  IS-Ihoii,  11.C
$ JO Per Month
will purchase io acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double in value iu a
few months.
Are you grasping the
present opportunities?
-i MKN, sst i ,
Sn VV    I..  ir.
I.AHV SJ'KNsss ,l:.\I-]l f H ti.r l>..Kltl..ll ill r.i'aII1 iy.
linisii borne null  ployer'i family.    A|>i.,
Us- W., Callaaslluli ss-lss..
Our drunk was iu the city poli-OO
Btalimi this morning, but aa be waa
nut in condition io appear hla case
waa remanded until tomorrow.
If any citizen has a large portrait
ol President Roosevelt he is requested
to lend It to the board of trudo for
Thursday evening's  banquet.
Tho mi-nil marked rtfflJdfl very
high. Silver lost one yolnt today;
lead und cooper are unchanged, and
zinc has recovered from its last do
Paul NlJWfl of the Nelson Steam
laundry found $1nu hi bills tied up In
a shin belonging to a gttflBl at the
Hume, The owner was verj grateful
toi* im return.
Mrs. W. S, Rlblet, Mrs, H. S. Rib*
lei and her daughters, and Mrs. Jameri
lefi for Spokane ihi- morning, AV. S.
Rlblet tins left for a business trip
through  Idaho.
There Will be a meeting of tho
Women's Hospital Aid society tomorrow (Wednesday) al 4 o'clock al the
residence of Mrs. ll. Bird, Baker
Btreet, West, to make arrangements
for the lunch counter on the days <>t
the fair.
\ carload of sheep shipped from Republic, Wash., passed through Nelson
today consigned over the C. P. U. to
the stockyards at Chicago, it is not
unlikely that this route will be more
<-xteiisivcly used In future The sheep
wero from the ranges in the Ol.anugun
Broadwood states today that
some of his tomatoes wore destroyed
by fmst yesterday morning. Other
ranchers also report slight losses.
Most took the precaution Sunday night
to protect plants intended for exhibition at tho fair. Tbe frost was not
seven1 but was felt generally throughout  the district.
Those who wish to attend the banquet to be tendered Thursday night
tn the members of the Spokane chamber of commerce are requested, if they
have not been called Upon by tbe cooi-
mittee. to see S. M, Brydf.es, srere-
iary of the board of trade. It is
hoped tilnt there will be a fair at-
t<>ii',a**iC" of Nelson ladies, as there are
aboul 26 ladles anjong the visitors.
The executive committee of the
20,000 club will meet In the hoard of
trade rooms this evening at 8:30. A
number of matters of importance will
come up for consideration, including
the visit and entertainment of the Spokane chamber of commerce, the entertainment of the Canadian Society of
Civil Engineers, the club's booth at
the fair, and the progress of the new
folder In preparation by the advertising committee.
The Rev. Dr. Moore of Ottawa, the
secretary ami lecturer ol the Canadian
Association for the Prevention of Consumption and Other Forms of Tuberculosis, will deliver a lecture on "The
Cause and Prevention of Consumption," In the opera house on Friday
�� veiling. September 14, at S o'clock.
tus worship the mayor will take the
chair. At the close of the lecture a
collection will be taken in aid of the
Sanatorium building fund.
A letter has been received from Professor .lames Austin, MOSCOW, Idaho,
by a well known Nelson citizen. Pro-
fessor Austin hopes to be in Nelson
for ;i couple of days during the fair,
lie has hit on luck in securing an appointment as leader of the band and
orchestra In the University of Idaho,
as that |K)sition Is lo be added to the
faculty of the institution this fall and
Mr, Austin will teach all hand and
string instrument performers. The
letter is full of matters of private but
not general interest.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Slocan  train���On  time.
Coast, Boundary and  Rossland train
-On time.
Price ot Metals.
New York. Sept. II���Silver, GR l-4c;
copper, IS  B-lBc;  lead, $5.76,
London, Sept 11.���Silver, 81 5-8(1;
lead,   CIS lis fid; zinc,   UTt   2s (id.
The Store of Quality
Now i^ tlie time to buy peaches for
preserving Tbey are at their
\t"A now and theprtosUas low
as it will be.
We have n fresh stock of delicious
Bartlett pears on hand.
FOB JELLY. We have reoelved
the whole shipment from one man
and can supply your wants in
this line.
Are couiint' In now in good condition.    They won't last long,
We also have fresh
CnnltiloupvH      Klpe Tomtit at;*.
Hiiiiuiiit*. WutiirmuliitiN
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Ul.ck . Phone 10.
The Daily Canadian
-..___-T.���. _ ,      ���_���  ,.  --ssr-.-r- T-rnwrrnf
is" '-"���'������""���''
10 cent Packages
15 cent Ptekttgga
And i\U\ you gee the big package* of BodoB
90 cents per yard:
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
A Snap
From the factory to yoar
home direct. Cat-id-.'- High-
grade Piano.
We ar, offering special inducements
during the fall months to intending
You save alt commissions to agents,
travellers, tuners and warehousemen
by buying direct.
Loose Leaf Memo Books Canada Drag I Book Co's
....Cash Stares....
The advantage- nf tii.- I se leal
ssyst Uiu old  style  memorandum  are
tiKi well known to need any telling.
We Have Too Large a Stock
anil to reduce It we make lliis offer
Size   3x43i,  open  tide 90
size   3x4?-4,   open   end, 90
Reduced from $1.50.
Size V/txb'/t. open end  $1.00
Reduced from $1.85.
Size   4x6'4,   open   side  $1.25
Reduced from $2.25.
W. G. Thomson
BPOK8BU.M .,.. Nelsonj b. C.
I'll.mt; ,.-i.
Ou sift (fim
Ytllbatk (hidmiing spirih indi tight
ttiHi tin* drinkilerveri atourSods Fountain
ha<! tonic properties Ik.*im<.i.* refreshing.
We ufe only real fru)i tyrant ui Che fin-tii
fjiiHllty Fountain,counter, (lufe-i nml
receptacles ete kept icrupulouslj> (dean.
r..'.K....v  CHOQUETTE BROS.
Baker Btreet, holsou, h 0.
Gait Coal
Term* B[-ol Otth
Telephone MB
Get  F0R Sept
Busy    First
One Eye at a Time!
That's! tlii" way we te��t
Usually tho cyen diflVr la .i���hl.
gloss which suits one injure, ft���.. **
and ultimately both reft.,      the 01h��.
We uie modern apnlianc*. ,����..
greatest oare to avoid a_��' f__��
would hurt your eye, R__ mt ^ff��
Twiuphonu aaa.
Select Your Requirements earl)' for Grouse
To Save From Degradation.
New York, Se]il. 11.���Tin' Times
says a commfttee of tlie Colored llaii-
list Ministers' conference will call on
the mayor today on behalf of Ota
lleiiKa, the African iilgmy who la be-
hiK exhibited with ihe monkeys at the
Bronx Zoological park. The ministers
will ask the mayor to save the little
African from what tbey term "the de-
grot-tug exhibition of a human being
in a cage disporting himself with
apes." This decision was arrived at
yesterday afler a conference al the
.Mount Olivet iinpiisi church. The
committee is headed by .1. ll. Gordon,
superintendent of the Howard Orphan
asylum In Brooklyn.
See Oar Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sportumon'-I H'wlqunrteris,
PHONE 15.       N1I.SON. B. O.
Hurrah for Hearst.
N.w York. Bept il.���The Independence league convention was called to
order at 1 p. m. by Chairman Ihinseii.
Every mention of Hearst's name waB
enthusiastically cheered. The cheer-
Ing followiiiK the first reference lasted
fully five minutes while several delegations marched cheering around the
Datee of the  Fall  Fair**.
Kaslo���September 14..
Nelson*���September lit. 80, Sl,
Vernon���September li*. 80, 21.
Kamloops -September no, 27.
New   Westminster     Provincial ���Oct.
2,  7.
Mason & Risch Pianos
it hen been said more than once ilm. tin* Individuality of these lustra*
ment.* ond thespeo.nl Improvement and Inveurtoui found In them from
lime to time have been a source of ��� mulattos thronghont tlie piano in-
dustry. Call at our show room and learn about our easy terms of purchase
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
We have for sale a piece of Nelson property, io miuutes walk frou
po-tottiee; eoiitfliim 60x130 fOOt of gTOUUd ;  two Himill COttOgOl] coin
pleiely tarnished I uWo IB Trait trees and OfOp of vegotftble*.
Price $1300
1 \J \ UL OL Kj\J*9 BAKER ST.      NELSON
J. J. WALKER, 55Bg��
���Sm ���_���_������
Repairing and Jobbing a Specially
KlH'Ctnii-tnl Wnrk, OMttOgl, Huilrt.ir��' M.iinriiil nud IUa_Og nnd Mill Miuihiiitrj
Olfire nnd Wnrks Foo' of Pork St.
���I.....O    .(M.
rsuiMoit, h, c.
&f* Kootenay  Agents
I   0 R. A. Rogers & Co.
VrfV*��        Limited. WinnipeR.
WhOIMBM l->rt��v__��i<��n_i.
I >rodUM|
Duiiiiliinu (iiivs-rniiiiiit I 'n-iiiiii-rv I >i>.- Psiulid Briokfl n-ci'ivi-d w.-a^kiy fa*b
bom theiliurii.   Kssr nie isv iiii loading groom,
Office and woishouo: Hdoiton l.l.M-k.   Plume 7it.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
le your furnace in ahape to at_rt the winter with?    If   net, NOW
le the time to have it repaired.
I. He Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd
PLEASE NOTE���We will not bo responsible for any furiuve not Iu shape
by October 1 st, 190C.
_-.*Nl_l!Nl_BRS   AINI)   UlNTHACI'llkS
B.  A.   ISAAC
Uupt.lM.iu   ...iai  .lialaliia.u  .ssuwilta-al \\ H ll  | )uM|i.tt ksll.    Slucl  M��tfll \
Work, AII.iI.ik .....1 Mill MHa.hl.tvry.      MlinulncUsrMrN.il
Ore  CfarM,   IV.   I..    CiiiitniastsirM'   CurM.
We Will Sell
500 International Coal     -      65c
10 Marconi, Canadian     -    $2.15
1000 Yale-Kootenay lee     -   9 I-2c
McDermid & McHardy
1 Just Arrived!   ��� A^ jrs! 1'
Bj �� Hart, Schaffier & Marx 8 M
Llltesl   I'litt.-rilM,   l,nl.-Kl  Style",   and  All   Hoods  Clillll'Ullli'i'il
AND DEALERS IN   *LtttJl^t9  SmUglCSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
'I'urned Work and I trntkct m. Mnil Orilurs ptompU-/ iilf''"''"' '"'
VBRNOIS STRBBT  ���  -  -  NBL,��ON. B. O.
Our Itook  of HANI)  WAWf. is  v.-i.v  0��P��*
lnoloding KniilcK to suit nil requirements-
If you wish u low priced miw w�� oaa su|i|il.v i'm
hIho nirry tlm is'st iiuulilii's miitln hy
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*y�� W


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