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The Daily Canadian Jan 9, 1908

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Array WW rftCTW
.loyon laltiiik Water,
lalcyon Llthla Olngo. Ala.
!,lcyon l-lihit, Lemon -lour,
���rom pure carbonated Halcyon
���_ ^���Vaia-r. When yo,l ask for Haloy-
Bui'*  yaau get It.     Salltl ill  all ho-
��� cafes.
OtVUH 2.    No.  i!*i-i
_% ��ailtj gfana
I    .Ajfic.g*.*"
daily Canadian
Will be delivered   every evening   st
your door for
*tu f Meeting Will Be
=     Held Tonight
writer of lhe letters, anal said the question was whether they contained
threats a,r msnae-a, ,,
Vo��� Veitheim was tried in Johannesburg on tha* charge of murdering Solly
Joels brother, but was acquitted on
the ground that he acta>d in self-defense
Col.    McClure,   Soldier   and    Journalist
Reaches Four Score  Years.
too* Work Done and All Expei.di-
ttwe let from Ordinary Revenue
���No Liabilities.
-v. The annual   m.-.tiim  of tin*   Nels/,n
-aoard of trade will I... I,a-I,l in tha- eourl
/louse tonight iii *>:'.". ..ill, .i.s fur r.'"*-
*VII1 be elected an.l la-pa.its l.n- l'.">7 will
"���e presents*.
The folMwIu mi. in.-ni ..I :,*���<���...ani
or the past y . ��ii; i*.. |.n-.-.-iit.-d. Al
bough severiii    in. nil,, is   hav.-   mil   y. i
aid their fea..   tia.-ra-   is   ;.   iiala   in
and. the. flrsi   sina-a-   tin-   inaumiraiitan
f the board.     Ctv.-n  ;a  fa va   ui-iit'   in, in
ers   It   looks    as    though    ill    Uu'   na-iar
Uture the ba.   il   might   l.<- nl.l.- I" carry
.Bits  WOrk   lilauneiull*    ..n   tha.   raea-ipts
i   rom ItS meiiil.- i -lii|. f<<s ini.l tba- na-fas
>^lty; for OOCasi..niil   spea-lal   l-i.ll. a-tiuiis I.r
i.ttsm Receipts.
alance In bank ::ut  Ilea*,  rjnis t    l.itl
106 subscriptions       N	
107 subscripti-.ais  iimi.im.
enUls ireca.lv...i  is;.."."
iirnlturejaaii.i  us l'"
pedal   OOl).'.li..ll.    pivsiala-nt    to
Fernle        ins.""
* liisiii      i.s."
ToUl    *:il!'
Og���flfSretiii >   i ra-iasuia-r         $HH.
jdson'e L.i*   ,*oi,i|i.i,��       si"
>ntal .......        i_"
Eleaeenger sa-rvia-.- 
,07���-Salai*  -.-i-iat.ii > ir. .-isn-. r.
��� January  i.,   Mn>	
1,000   ClUll   I..1    s.ri.liil*.   Jul,a-
to Decani.. i    	
ibSCrlptlOll     \    --..a-iiil.-.l    11..ill.Is
resident to ! ��� . m.	
olephone, lung ,iisiai,<-,-	
'   elegrams 	
emoval of  fin niiiira-	
astage !i	
essenger si-,-, ic	
���wank e��<*lan-a-	
-neral ikponses	
Br>- ���
���^���_h In han.I and in bank.
? Total  
���  Uh In hnii.l and ill bank .
 npgld jtsenilia-rship IV.-s. .
. I949.S6
$ 22
I   Liabilities���None.
Audita! anal  found a-ann-cl.
hargesTllst  He  Was  Employrd to Try
���[Assassinate Kruger.
___, London,   Jan.    '.,.    Carl    I.ualwig   von
���-elthefnT, alias Frank Kurtz-a-. who was
Treated  ln   1'aris   three    nuanths    ngaa
nd   extradlti.al   on   Dec-.   -Kth.   rharged
1th    attempting    in    blackmail    Solly
il, S South   Afrla-an mining  magnate,
as again t>.-f<>,-��� ��� tin- tsuiiiibaii  p,,iii-.
iurt today,    n.- ims ai,-c-L,,-.-ii iii,. .in. i
-iwsd him $.*>",""" tin   nn  i-\|�� illtiim  h.
lade   tO   til.'     I rausvilill    t-a   aargiiul/.,.    11
lot SgSlnsi    I'l.-siil.tit   Kruger's   life.
Mr.  Joel   I.'still.. I   laaalay   lhat   III-   hail
������In   the   prisoner   except   when
Hm In   the  dock  nt Johannes
CoWtael   ri'.-ail   iu   eourl    :l   b-ll.'i-   writ
i'��n      ^_n Veitheim, which  forms flic
a  of  thi"  charges  agalnsl
.Hows:   "I  dare say you will
forgotten   the   writer   and
teal   accounts   between  us.    I
iseiy delayed -iiu' Inevitable
^w tin now becaus,. I intend
.uch to be a worthy issue bi'twa>en us
111 satisfied unci, lor all with a purely
Inanclal settla-ina.nl, provided you ac*
:ept my declHlon promptly nnd frank
y. Let me naaw s,'i> ir vim hava> learned
'rom the past or not. an* again regret
avhen It Is too late. There will he nn
hreals miula- anal naa further letters.
inly a bill drawn against yaau and pn-
lented for payment, which yaau can ra-
fuse to honor II yaau choaise. In the Ira I
ter case, 1 can only assure you (hat you
will hare full opportunity fa, loll an. pin
sonally your reasons why you hava- re
Another  le ��� 11 <*,-,  t'cfa.rring  laa Ilia,  first.
was   SlffSb   pail,      t'nims.'l    a-aana-!,,ala-al   h\
answering   thst   the   prisoner   was   the
Philadelphia, Jan. 9.���Governor Stuart, Oeneral Mill's, Admiral Schley.
Admiral Coghhin. P. A. B. WIdener,
anal Senator Penrose ara* a few of Ihe
hundred aar more notables who win ga-
tha-r about tin* banquet board at the
Hotel Majestic taanlght to do honor to
Colonel Alexander K. McClure. The
affair is designated ns a "Four Score
Symposium'' dinner and has been ar-
ranga.il In cela.bration of Colonel Mc-
Clura.'s birthday.
Colonel MoClure is the Na*ster of
Pennsylvania journalism, and for two
ga-na-raliaans he has taaaa-n Ihe friend ana!
-confidant of nearly every American
statesman of any prominence. He was
born In Perry county, this state, and
received his education In   the   public
schools. lla*raara- tba- Civil War ha> sorv-
aul in tha* legislature anal occupied several other public aafha-a-H. During tha-
war he served as an assistant adjutant-
K' n.ral. He wus admitted taa tlie bar.
but soon abandoned tha* law fa,r jaaur-
nalisni. Afia-r serving an apprenticeship on several smaller papers he became chief editor aaf the .Philadelphia
Times and continued In lhat position
for twa-nly six   years.
Ambitious   City   Will   Own   and  Operate
Tramway,   Quarry,    Hospital
and Exoosition.
Knit William, Jan. it.���The City or
Port William Is anxious lo own and
operate Its street railway. It has, thorp-
fur'*, given notloe thai it win promote
a hill at tho next session of the h mishit ure, empowering it "to construct,
equip and maintain" such a system, "upon such highways and public places mo
the Council, with the assent of the ratepayers, deem advisable." It Is proposed
to issue B0-year debentures to meet the
cost. Fort William is at present served by a railway belonging to the City
of Port Arthur. The hill would empower the city to enter into an agreement with the Fort William Car Coin-
any, nnd issue $50,.mm. dehentures to
arry out the pact. The construction
t bridges over the Kamlnlstlqula, MLs-
siou and McKellar Rivers ls contemplated, the cost to he met hy 40-year deb-mures. Authority Is also sought to
permit the acquisition of sites for
municipal docks and wharves. Fort
William wishes to take over a stone
(marry near Mount McKay, and to construct to it an electric road connecting
with the street railway. For ihls purchase. It wants to issue dehentures for
$25,0U0. The city also wishes to purchase for $20,000 15 acres of land Adjoining the Imperial Steel and Win-
Company's property: and to acquire a
fair ground at b cobI of $10,000. Finally, the hill provides that the miintei
paiitv may guarantee the bonds of the
McKellar'General Hospital, to the extent of $80,000.
City of Lansing Stricken in a Night With
Strange   Epiden ic.
Detroit, Mich., .Ian. !�����A special
from Lansing, Michigan, says: "Whether from the flight of bacilli over the
city, from deleterious matter In the city
water or from s.tme ot!:er unknown
cause Lansing was seised hy a strange
malady some lime during Tuesday
night,   thousands    being   stricken   with
extreme names accompanied by acute
Internal trouble. From midnight until
morning and all during the forenoon
culls for physicians were incessant.
Whole families were stricken. Two
hoys were found lying In the street too
ill to make further progress from the
disease, which most physicians attribute to atmospherical conditions. Fifteen city teachers and hundreds ol
pupils were ahseni from school. -Stores
were short of help. Secretary Sehum-
way of the state hoard or health suspecting ihat. something was wrong with
the city water supply, took steps to
nave an analysis made bul it was not
Completed today. It was learned later
las) night that outside the water worl.s
/.one the disease was Quite as prevalent,
Among several old and feeble or very
young persons, serious conditions have
developed hut no fatalities have so far
resulted  In consequence of the strange
New Belgian Premier.
DriiBsellB, Jan. 9,���M. ScheUaert, president of the Chamber of Deputies, has
been apppolnted minister of the Interior
to succeed M. De Troos, who died December III.    It is possible that M   Schel-
laert later may be appointed premier,
which office M. De Troos also had.
Fifty Chnts a
Many Important Bills to
Be Introduced
D* W. Bole Wants to Safeguard Proper Uses of Alcohol -General News
of Parliament.
Ottawa, Jan. 9.���Recently the parlia-
inr nt of Australia voted the sum of
fl��,600 for the encouragement of literary persons who are poor. Mr. Gauv-
reau will ask If the Dominion govern*
men   proposes    lo     establish   a similar
An important private hill Is to come
before parliament looking to the creation of a Dominion body to govern the
profession of architecture in Canada.
Col. Hughes will submit a resolution
declaring that except for extraordinary
reasons, to be determined by the railway commission, and under very exceptional circiinistaiii.es, no long haul
rates for Freight and passengers over
Canadian railway lines should in the
aggregate in Canada be less than short
hauls for the same class of trutne.
Hughes has another resolution declaring lhat steps should lie taken whereby
labor, not only upon public works bul
also in private or business operations,
should be distributed as evenly as possible throughout  the entire year.
1). W, Hole. ML P. for Winnipeg, who
is general manager of the National Drug
Association in Canada, will move for the
appointment of a commission to inquire
into and report, upon the method by
which iilcohol can be used In legitimate
Scientific and industrial operations without increasing the danger of Its use as
a potable spirit.
''Black   Hand"   Headquarters   Located���
Factory for Explosives.
Clleveland. O., Jan. il.���That Cleveland Is the centre of so-called "Mack
Hand" operations, is the declaration
made lasi night by is detectives from
several cities in the United Slates now
here searching the city for members
of that organisation. Chief Humphrey
of Baltimore, who is trying to extradite
John Scallata, wanted In Haltlmore on
a charge of dynamiting, has seven men
with him and officers from Huffalo. Syracuse, llarrlsburg, l'ittsburg. New York
and Wheeling, are assisting the Haiti-
more   detectives.
The wholesale manufacture of explosives, it is claimed, have heen conducted in Cleveland by Mack Hand men.
The police claim to have obtained In-
tomatton showing that several bun
died "dangerous" Italian*, have lately
found asylum heie. Through the secret service men. it is said, it is learned that letters demanding large sums of
money have been received by local wealth) Italians. Arrests are expected to foi
low in a few days.
Insurance  Expert Dead.
Wost ley, Mass., Jan. 0.���Frederick L.
Cutting, for 10 years Insurance commissioner of Massuehussetts and oue of
the leading insurance experts in the
country, died of paralysis at his home
Iiibi   night   aged   66.
Loan for Salvador.
San Salvador, Republic of Salvador.
Jan. 9.���It Is announced that tbe government has obtained a loan In England of $6,000,000) President Figueroa
has given the newspapers full liberty to
discuss the accounts of  public officials.
To Meet on the Mat.
Haltlmore, Md., Jan. 9.���Considerable
Interest is manifested in sporting circles lu the wrestling match tonight between Frank Gotch, the American
and "Americas," the champion wrestler of Maryland. It Is to he a handicap
match, at catch weights, Gotch agreeing to ihrow his opponent lu one houi
or  forfeit  (he  purse.
To Entertain Bluejacketa.
Rio Jnnelro, Jan. 9.���The expected, arrival   here   tomorrow   of   tho   American
battleships   under  Rear  Admiral   Kvans
has aroused tlu? keenest interest among
all classes. The thousands of American
bluejackets will be given the freedom
of the city and nothing will be left un
done to contribute to their pleasure. For
the oillceis of the fleet there will he a
continuous round of official entertainment from the time of their arrival until their departure. The functions for
uhich elaborate arrangements have already been concluded will Include a
rflnner by President Penna, a banquet
by the minister of foreign affairs, and
receptions and dinners W be given by
Irving II. Dudley, the American ambassador, by the minister��of marine and by
the Naval Club of Rio Janeiro.
Vital    Organs    Transferred    From    One
Animal to Another and Normal
Action   Restored.
New York, Jan. 9.���A remarkable
story of transplantation of organs from
one animal to another, suggestive of
ihe promise that some day animal ergons may successfully be placed in "iu-
man beings, Is told hy Dr. Alexis Carrel,
of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical
Research, in this month's issue of the
institute's journal, which phy-nci-ns
have received.
Dr. Carrel succeeded in transfer ing
the kidneys of dogs to other dogs, oi
eats to other cats, and In one .^-stance
placed a dog's kidney In a goat. He
accomplished feats lhat have been vainly attempted by surgical wizards t ir a
Ills work, which was widely discussed
yesterday, physicians thought, brought
much nearer that cherished hope of
years: replacing diseased parts of human anatomy with healthy parts from
TheBe particular experiments, doctors
naid, give rise to the belief that the time
is not far off, perhaps, when Brlghfs
disease and diabetes, present scourges
of mankind, may be banished from the
existing list of ills. If the kidneys of
an animal may be changed to another
animal, the doctors speculated, and still
Operate healthily and normally, why
would they uot operate as well In a
human body?
"I believe the time will come, as a
result of such experiments, when"*T!_e
cure for a diseased liver, kidney or
heart will be a new liver, kidney or
heart,*1 said a conservative physician,
after reading of Dr. Carrel's experiments.
Dr. Carrel first experimented on a
dog. Ho removed from a healthy animal not only the kidneys, hut the blood
vessels, nervca and nerveganglia associated with those organs, which In Itself is a delicate piece of surgical work.
All the removed parts he laid aside In
a \essel of isotonic sodium chloride so
Those parts, naturally, were then
dead. They were absolutely away from
any connection with living tissue or
Other life-giving material. It is, to the
lay mind, one of the marvels of the
experiment that they should afterward
receive  life again.
ln the meantime, while these parts
were laid aside,- the body of the other
iininial���called "the host," In the (ech-
nlcitl descriptions���was prepared. Similar parts were cut out, hut. flaps and
Idng ends of flesh nnd arteries were
carefully left, so that the organs of No.
I might be sutured or grafted in their
proper places in the body of "tho host."
This was done. Within a few hours.
In every experiment, the organs adapted
;hemselves to their usual functions In
the new  body.
Dr. Carrel later discovered thnt cals
wire better subjects for auch experimentation, and his later tests were
made with them. More than a score ot
cats had new kidneys installed, and in
Ids summing np. Dr. Cnrrel says:
"We may conclude from these results
ihat the functions of the kidneys re-establish themselves after transplantation."
It is considered no drawback to the
success of Ihe experiments (hat most
of lhe animals subsequently died. They
lived lor various periods���one cat for
thirty-six days���and then died from
causes not directly allied with the trans
plantation. Peritonitis killed most. Rut
during their lives afler the operations
the action of the transferred organs
was normal.
Dr. Carrel makes no mention In his
report, which is a dignified professional
writing, of possibilities of transplanta
tlon from animals to humans. Hut it ls
along that line that his experiments are
Last summer, in Chicago, in conjunction with Dr. C. C. Guthrie, he succeed
ed In transplanting veins and arteries
from oue animal to another, and in
making veins do the work of arteries.
This experiment wns made with the
idea that perhaps in time veins may be
transplanted In humans and a flow of
healthy blood diverted to impoverished
or diseased parts.
In accordance with the custom of tht
Itockeieller Institute workers, Dr. Car re-
will not discuss his experiments, except
through the medium of the Journal ot
Bxperlmeniul .Medicine. Hut the fact
that he has set them forth there Ih regarded as another triumph for the in
BtltuUon founded by the Standard OH
The latest two notable achievements*-
recorded from the Institute were the
discover*'' of a new anaesthetic in th*
shape of common EDpSOm salts, hy Dr.
S. W. Metlzer, anil the discovery of n
serum for cerebrospinal meningitis by
Dr. Simon Flexuo, the Institution's head.
Many Industries Closing
Reports of Cessation of Work From
Many Centres���Canada From
Ocean to Ocean.
Toronto, Jan. !).���At a meeting of the
machinists' union last night It was reported that the works of the Collins-
wood Shipbuilding company are closed
down owing to difficulties with the employee... The company Ib said to have
notified the men that wages will he cut
fifteen per cent., whereupon 140 platters,
rlyeters. tool makers and carpenters
went on strike and the company then
decidPd to close down. About *!5II nun
are idle as a result.
Windsor, Jan. 9.���Because 18 or 20
derrick engineers struck work, five
hundred men employaad on the Michigan
Central railway tunnel under Detroit
river will be thrown out of employment
for the remainder of the winter. The
men declare their wages were cut from
forty to thirty cents pel hour, nnd they
will not resume work until the old
schi'ilule of wagaas Is resumed.
Ottawa, Jan. 9.���The Dominion gov-
arnment has been formally asked to
undertake the work of conserving the
head waters of the Ottawa river ln order to provide an ample anal steady flow
of water at all seasons of the year for
the purpose of lumbering, power production and navigation. Favorable consideration is promised.
Toronto, Jan. ��.���After an illness of
soma- years, Alexander Noble, principal
of the Dominion detective agency, died
at Western hospital last night from
heart trouble. He was for many va-aais
connecled with the I'inkerton detective
agency and nt one time was special
agent for the Great Northern railway
at St. Paul.
Hamilton, Jan. 9.���A new company
has been organized to take over the
Hamilton Sta.el and Iron eompnny hut
the name will not be changed. The for
ination of the ���a-w oompanj wus an easy
way of Increasing lhe capital stock ol
the old compuny. New stock will In
divided among old shareholders praa
rata. The capital stock of the new
company will be $5,000,000.
Calgary. Jan. 9.���The bank clearing*
for the week ending loalay were $1.-
856,668, a decrease of J21.7I1 over the
corresponding week of last year.
Toronto. Jan. 9.���The annual state
m���t for the Dominion Bank for tin
year ending December :51st. Kill", show,
a profit Tor the year after deducting
charges of managa-ma-nt, etc., anal moating provision for bad anal doubtful debts.
ot $686,28*, added to which is $1188,466
premium received on new capital stock
anal $28,798. balance of profit and loss
acio'unt for 1906.
Winnipeg, Jan. 9. -Fire did OODSlder
able damage last night to the men's Tur
-nishing store aaf White &  Mnnaiian aan
-Main   street.     Tile   damage   taa   Hla* slaacl*
was mostly by water, and will amouni
l*i shout $35,000, partly covered lay in
Montreal. Jan. 9.���Settler Oooksan,
member of the Montreal board of trad,
and commission merchant of fills city
for the past forty years, also being a
member of the firm of Klrkpatrlck C
C'ookson up to the time of his death, was
killed by fnlling under the wheels of the
Orand Trunk passenger train In this city
yesterday, while on his way back te
business from lunch. He lived In
I-ongueuil anal was 66 years of nge.
rteston, Man., .Ian. 9.���About midnight
lost night flre broke out in the barn of
J. II. Irelnnd, completely destroying I,
and the contents Including eight horses.
Implements and fecal. The loss is estimated at $2,500. The cause is un
Montreal, Jan. 9.���About 000 employ
cos of Thomas Davidsaan. manufacturer
of enamelled and tin ware, struck \va,rl.
today because of a reduction of I'm per
cent,   in  wages.
orphan asylum. Prompt action of the
sisters in charge saved the lives of 140
Utile children who were Inmates. The
flre caught In an upper storey and as
soaan as the alarm was sounded the sisters marshalled the little ones, whose
agaas run from 3 to 7 years. All were
gotten out in safety. Fireman Vlau was
suffocuteal by smoke and when found
was unconscious.
White Star and Cunard Lines Fight for
Passenger Traffic.
Liverpool, Jan. 9.���The White Star
Line today announced a reduction In
its second and third class passenger
ratis fr-ani Fnglish ports to New York
and boston. This step Is taken because
of the traffic which hus been deflected
from tha* vessels of this line by the
Liisltanlt and the Mauretania and to the
refusal of the Cunard company to concede differential rates for vessels or the
Baltic class. The second class fares are
reduced by from $6 to $7.50 and the
third class by from $4 to $6. After this
announcement was made the Cunard
caampany Immediately said lt would
meet the cut made by the White Star
campany. It Is believed that other companies will take similar action.
Edna Goodrich Subpoenaed by Defence
���Introduced  Sanford White to
Evelyn Nesbitt.
New York, Jan. 9.���The work ,of securing a jury to try Harry K. Tha wfor
the muraler of Stanford White went for-
waral today before Justice Dowllng
Three temimrary jurors were secured
at the morning session and when the
luncheon recess was ordered the box
was tilled with six permanent and six
provisional occupants. Immediately
after recess all of the six provisional
jurors were excused, leaving six places
to Ive filled.
Just before the beginning of the morning session or the trial of Thaw today-
attorney Daniel O'Reilly announced that
a subpoena for Ihe defence had been
sorvaad on Miss Edna Goodrich, the ac
tress who is playing here this week in
supper of a well known star. Miss
Goodrich ralleal to appear in response
to a subp ona last year. Mrs. Evelyn NeB
bltt Thaw on the stand at Ihe first trial
declared that it was Miss Goodrich who
llrst Introduced her to Stanford White
and took her to luncheon with hltn. A
messenger from O'Reilly's office sat in
the audience of the theatre where tht
young actress Is playing all yesterday
evening and last night and finally served the papers upon her.
Young Mrs. Thaw had to make her
way through a group of several hundred
people which stood outside the criminal
court building when she came down
town for the morning session. Several
policemen had to be called to clear a
passageway  through  Ihe   throng.
Canadian Missionary on
Present Situation
Rev. Dr. McKay Says Japanese Influence Is Predominant in Asia���
All Races Are Roused.
Toronto, Jan. 9.���That there is unrest in India is stated by Rev. Dr. McKay, secretary of the Presbyterian foreign missionary society, who has jUBt
returned after a year and a half visit
:o the east.
"It Is felt everywhere. ,t talked about
everywhere, and It has caused much
nnxiety however Britishers may whistle
to keep up courage.
"It ls another phase of the new life
that is stirring ln all lhe east. India for
Indians, China for Chinese, and Japan
for Japanese. Great Britain is educating India away from colonial up to Independent status and it ought lo be said
Great Britain is doing honorably. The
Japanese have great influence in all the
east, even In India, but Japan cannot
control China. Tho Chinese hate the
Japanese, and the fact that they do not
resist Japanese aggressiveness more
vigorously Is due to the fact that they
are afraid. They are not ready to stand
up for their rights. But when the day
comes there will be a struggle unless
Japan modifies her politics.
Over    Relations    Between    Japsn    snd
United States.
Paris. Jan. 9.���The Matin today, referring again to the Amcricr.n-Japaiiese
situation, declares that President Roosevelt sjaoke to a diplomat in Washington
a few days ago In the fallowing words:
"All wilt be arranged ln the most satisfactory manner. The last memorandum
ra-celved from Japan was expressed In
the most conciliatory terms and there
is not the slightest apprehension of conflict."
Furious Gales In Baltic, North snd Mediterranean Seas.
London, Jan. 9.���Thomas Noah, Mnn*
cey. Indian, is on trial before Chief Justice Meredith on the charge or murdering another Indian at a dan, o on tin-
reserve on May Slrd last hy driving a
knife into his skull. The alternation
arose over a jealous quarrel hetween
the two men over an attractive Indian
New York, Jan. 9.���It fell to the lot
of John Dehart temporariy to fill tht
last vacant chair In the jury box. Mr.
Dehart said he had known Stanford
White in his life time nnd that while
sauvlng on the jury waauld probably em*
harass him in his prolession It would
��� ,aai otubuiass bin, personally. As a matter or opinion as to guilt or Innocence,
Mr. Dehart had one which started from
timi" io time. As a juror he declared
he woulal make up his verdict according
to tha. manner in which the wlluess impressed him. With the tilling *,f the
jury box It was deddi 1 at 12.S10 o'clock
to take the luncheon recesB baton re-
ipiiiing the attorneys to proceed with
their challenges.
New York, Jan. 9.���Willi half of the
Jury that will try Harry K. Thaw, on
the charge of murdering Stanford White
secured, the trial was resumed this
morning with lOO extra talesmen summoned. Out or this number antl an-
Other 100 ordered to report tomorrow
morning, an attempt will be mnde to
s.-einv the other six Jurymen neces-
,ary' for the trial. Thiers are still
plenty of peremptory challenges left to
both sides. It Is at 111 ajVen possible that
-aoine of the men who have been sworn
in as jurymen, may be excused before
the actual hearing of the evidence
The venire having been exhausted
ther* was no night session last night.
Both district attairney Jerome and Mr
Littleton, Thaw's counsel, are doing
all consistent with their duty to curry
out Justice Dowllng's wishes to hurry
the trial and their examinations arc
being conducted rapidly. When the
court, opened this morning there were
three men ln the box ln addition Ut
Ihe six sworn jurors, who had been
passed for cause but who are still subject to peremptory  challenges.
Paris, Jan. 9.���The storm on the English channel, along the west coast ot
Europe, and on the North African coast
is still raging, and many fishing boats
already have been lost. A des|��tch received her from Tangier says lhat two
native passenger boats foundered off
Elaralsh, Morocco; forty persams were
drowned, including some Europeans.
Kiel, Jan. 9.���A violent northeast
storm has driven the waters of the Baltic in shore and the low lying districts
ot the city are flooded to the depth of
six or seven feet. Many casualties to
Ashing and other small crafts are reported. A similar driving sea is occurring a, all the coaBt towus. Guns have
la, an Ureal all day from the Lubeck Tor-
ira-ss lo warn villagers that the sea is
rising nnd likely tea lloaid the country
;.nal that they should move. Inland. The
scheduled manoeuvres ol the German
fleet have been |H,stponed on account
of tho weather.
Due to the Irish.     	
Rome.   N.  Y.,  Jan. 9.���Wm.   K.
Montreal, Jan. 9.���Flro this morning
, did damago to the extent ot $500 to the
Counsel for Harry K. Thaw have re*
Quested the Associated Press to deny
absolutely a staary which is said to hava-
been printed to tba a ITa-ct thai Thaw
uiv.l bis wife 1- ��� I - ."-... trad at the luncheon hour totla . The* declare the story
Is absolutely without any foundation.
mond or the British house or commons
from East Clare, and brother of John
Redmond, delivered a lecture ln this
city today on the progress of Australia.
He described this country as being more
wonderful than America, and said the
fact that political liberties were greater
antl the rights of the people more advanced ln Austinlla than In the I'nlted
Slates was due to the circumstances
that Irishmen formed the nucleus aaf the
Australian   population.
Tunnel Service Begun.
Now York, Jan. 9.���Service tn the new
tunnel by which New York subway
trains were run to Brooklyn today for
tbe first time was more thnn ample to
carry the early morning rush or passengers rrom Brooklyn to the offices.
Throughout the rush hours night cars
were run at Intervals of about three
minutes. Not a pns.-aenger waa compel-
bal to stand up in any of the rush hour
trains. Most of tb.- llroaal.iy passengers
left the trains sl thi* down town stations
In Manhattan afler a short ami fast trip.
Ask for Reca.iv- .
Omaha. Neb.. Jan. 9.���Petitions for a
receiver for the property of tha- Chicago
and Great Western railway In Nebraska,
was tiled In tbe United States court in
Otiinliu this morning, but nt, action has
yet been taken by the court. T . Patty CanadllMP
Clothing*    Gents9   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in tliese goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered iu the city.
In the meantime it will jay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Officse:   Toronto.
 $10,000,000     Capital  Paid  Up  " $4,860,000
Rest    $4,860,000
D. R. WILKIE  President. HON. BOBEKT JAFFKAY, Vioe-Preeident
CsplUI Authorized
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
!nbi_boin brainch ��J��   IVle   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A.  D.  18C9.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  Banking  Business.
savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published Btx ���m;,'. i. weei by the
Baker Hi..   NHnou, B. 0
Stioncrtpttoti rates, ho ceuti* a month delivered
in tin; eltv, or ���tf.uo tt year 11 acut by mml, wheu
|t�� i'. IU mivaiice.
Ad ve rum im tales* on application.
All inutile** paid in aeltlemeut of The Dttily
Cauadliiu   eocounU,   cither   Im  hiil,neription*.  di
advertiMui;. inuil *�� reoelpted for mi t iif printed
form** ol the ' uinpHiiy. Qthot receipt* are uot
Thursday.   January  9,  190K.
Hon. Etodolphs i.< tnieux, poitmaiti r
genera] um. minister ol Labor, and
BpeotaJ ,iih!,, .. ii'iiii ni Canada to Jaspan,
tun passed Winnipeg on hla was east,
presumably, In a te* days wt shall .be
told iin- result ol his nlssion I ndi i
the t_rcumsta_ow the talreal 'Wng to
do is io Buapend judgment until m are
told what .Mi. i.i'Iiihini believed bi has
iichi- rved
Mr. bemieu- hub u grleranoa agalnai
the Assoclatt I Pn ������ Wo bona u i
well grounded, in Winnipeg be u* n-
ported as laying: "You bear no talk
of war und DO CTOS aver HilnkH of it."
Sir Edwin Arnold and Latcadlo Hears
livi'd  tor yean In Japan, lived  In the
.lupanctse wav   and  id.iiiillfd i hems- -l\ !_S
hh eloseh with tbe people,
Both regretfull) _. land thai the
thought! ni their Japanese friends re
untitled si .-.euleil lioul. io lluni. I.ut oui
Mr. Lemieux attar a brief official v_d1
_m Boivt-d ilif Oriental mystery. It le
earnestly to be hoped thai the reporter,
not Mr. Lemieux, i.** reapojislble rot thai
noiifcenuieal  .statement.
Mr. Lemieux also statei that "eeon
otnkuiiiy they are In a very pool
condition." How he oould Learn thai
from a few weeks in Tokio, meeting on
ly Japanese ofiicialB, we cannot guess.
sir Thomas Butherland says thai tin
yapanase maroantile navy has almost
driven tin- great Peninsular and Orten
tal Hue out of the trade "i tha aaatern
Meas.    CJenniin  iiiHiiuiact urers complain
thai Japanese Industrial competition hai
killed their trade wilh the Orient. Still
we have It on the high authority of Mr
Lamieux thai "eoonomicaUy they are La
U very   pour condition."
ir that Ih the wiii Mr. Lemieux usual
ly   taikM  td  press   represestatlves  hit
giound of (luarrel with the Asaoclaled
J'reiiH is nol apparent.
Ho urevei   ins  reaentmenl al the state
iiMiii thai his mission wns a Failure Implies mat heal 'east does nol consider
ii a failure.    We may therefore wait in
pleasant    anticipation to  be  told  thai
"sunny ways" have prevailed and thai
there Will be no further reason for complaint.
But, even while we arc waiting, there
can be no harm speculating on the purlins.* of the special embassy.
We bad and still have a formal treaty
with Japan into which wc entered of
our own motion with the avowed purpose of Improving our commercial relations with that people, l.y that treat}
Japanese, of all classes and in any numbers, are aa free to enter Canada as
Canadians are to enter Japan, far freer
il �� am nt Stories of Japanese alien labor
Lawi be true, We have, Indeed, been
told Lately on the authority of Hob Me
PheraoD and Sir Wilfrid Laurier that
Mr. Nosse, Japaneae ooasul-genera-l*
gave a verbal promise, ou his own antfa
<.n-:\ apparently, that uo advantagi
WOUld be taken of the treaty by Japan,
In other words thai a formally signed
treats was modified, in part abrogated,
by Informal verbal undertaking. Sven
without Mi. Noase's repudiation, thai
story was greeted with laugh lei all over
_ the governmenl were to listen t'��
the loud oomplainti of Asiatic exclusion-
lets from the Pacific coast, to which
their own members lenl their voices,the
only thiiiK to In dune was to give notice of abrogation of the treaty. Hut
lhat would be m admit a mistake, which
Of course Sir Wilfrid couldn't do. Neither
did he care to antagonize his spporters
in liritish Columbia���though, of course,
he knew that be could rely on the votes
of l heir representatives. So the Idea of
doing something to gain time seized
him and the Lemieux mission was
Two months have been gained during
which ministers had u decent excuse
for silence. Possibly that is the accomplishment that redeems the mission
from failure.
Want Mississippi "Dry."
Jackson, Miss., Jan. 0.���Snoouragad
bj the recent ���uooasi of tha [Prohibition
movement tn Georgia, Alabama and
Other southern states the untl-saloon
forces of Mississippi are about to enter
upon a vigorous campaign with the oh
Jeet of landing this state iu the "dry"
column If It cau be done.    -Leudeia of
the hlMv-H-JbHll from tti\ pnris of lite
stale are gathered |_ Jackson Eoi ���'���
great mass convention in be held tonight. Irddessee will be made by u_-
melons Prohibition leaders and a plan
of  campaign   mapped  out
Cotton Federation.
Manchester, Bug . Jan. 9.���The in
'��� rnationa] committee on federation has
decided '" bold its next congress In
Parla, beginning June 1. it is expected
thai a bug, delegation of cotton gros
era will attend rrom -America. The Brt
tlsb memben of the federation bavi  ap
p< iin ted   h   oom nu t lee   to   take   piebniin
aiy  steps  in  the Formation of a com
pany which will have control of the cot*
ton   plantations   it   has   been   decided   to
purchase in  ihe  Cnited  States
Notice is hereby given that the untie- signed have submitted to tbe Lieu-
tenant-Covernor-in-Counci; a proposal
umler the Rivers and Streams Act tor
the clearing and removing obstructions
from the Duhamel Creek (otherwise
known as Six Mile Creek! In the District of West Kootenay. Province of
Hritish Columbia, and for making the
said creek fit for rafting and driving
thereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
the said creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding
sorting aud delivering logs and timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth of said
The lands to be affected by such work
are Lots 7S7, 788, 7601, 777:!. 4.I1-4. Mil
and 8418 all in Group One, Kootenay
District, and other lands not Crown
granted, occupied or improved.
The toils proposed to be charged are
such as may be Oxed by the Judge of
the County Conn of West  Kootenay.
Dated the 28t_ dav of October, 1907.
An cxtenMon ot 10 daya within which lo coml
m DOS publication granted by me tlila date
December .Hint. 1907. Harry Wright, A-saiBtaut
���Uoinmlssiouer of Laud-s aud Work*.
Weet Kootenay Land I'Utrlet. District of Weat
lake notice that I, J. I". Jansen, of Hitokauc.
Wat-.!... occupation tlmbermau, loteiid to apply
fur a npecial timber licence over the following
(leneribed Ian,l-s:
1 Commencing at a post planted at the H. W.
corner, about 1 mile from Kvtu .lohURtout* F I K
No. 000. . �����. '. j".cs belug placed on the International boundary Hue, thence north 40 ehainn.
thenee eaat 1G0 chains, tuence -south 4Uchalnf>,
thence went 16u chalun to point of commencement, oontalnlni mo acres.
Dated DM  in ber 3rd. 1907. J. G   J_S-_I.
2 Commeuviug at a post plauted at the B W
corner, about 40 chains north from tlie S. W.
corner of location No. 1., thence north 40 clialns.
:l,,':i*'i- t-ti-t i*.'* clialns, theuce south 40 chain**-,
ttieiice wt'Kt l'rfi chalus to point of commeuce-
mtrit   containing -A0 acres. J  O.JAVSSV.
a Commeuclng at a pont planted ai tlie H. W.
corner about 40 ehaini, north from the b. W
corner of location No. 2, theuce north 40 chalni.,
thence east 160 clialns, theuce aouth 40 chain��,
ihence went 1G0 chains to polut of commencement, containing Wo acres. J   C    i*N**EN.
4 Coiameu-'lug at a pout planted Ht the **>. VV".
corner, about 40 chains north from the H. W.
eoruer of location No 3, thence north 40 chains,
thence eatt 160 chaln-s, theuce south 40 chains
theuce w. *-t 160 chains to i��oint of oonuneno*
ineut. containing 640acre--. J- O. JawniN
5. Commencing at a pout planted at the H W.
corner, about 40 chalus nortli from the B, W.
corner of location No 4, thence north M ChatM,
thence eat-t 160 clialns, theuce south 40 chains,
tiienee wofil -ISO Ohaini lo point of coin ini���_cement, containing 1,10 acres.
December lib,  1907. J   C. J-UnSK.
6. Conimeiicing at a post planted at the H. W
<;orner nt*out 40 chain*) uorth from the H W.
corner of location No. 5, theuce north 4U chain*-,
theuce eant 160 chaiu-', thence aouth 4n ehulns,
thene* wait ISO chaiuh. to polut of commence-
ment, conialuiug 640 acrea.
December 4th, 1907 J   0, JaKBBN
7. i '"ii in. ���. - si .- at a post planted at the N. W.
corner and adjoining the N. _ eoruer of lot XSVl.
tli.nee east 4<i chalim, thence soulli 10 chitiiiK,
thence east 4i> chalun. thenee south 80 chains,
ihence weM HO chains, thence north loo clialns
to point ot I'oiuiiieucemeiit, eoutalnlug 640 acres,
Pecemoer 4lh. W   H   Shi eg.
*. Coiniiieiicing at a pont planted ni the N. VV
oorner, aboot '., ol a mile in a southwesterly
direetion from the south fork of Salmon river,
and aboul 7J-*j miles from the mouth, tbonoe
south 160 chuiun, theuee east 40 cimiu**, thonoa
north Itn, elm ins. thence west 40 chniui lo point
of eommeucemeut, coutaiuing 64o acres.
I��eM-mb-.r fitb, 1907. J��   J. Krooh
Nelson Land District. Dintrict of Went Kootenay
Takenotlea that W. A Hudson, of Hpokane,
WMhlngton, D S.A., ooonpatlon limber erulner,
lutend to ai ply for a special timtier licence out
the following dcMTiUed landn' Commeneing al
h poll planted ou the north batik ol Corn creek,
ul the junction of the north folk of Corn creek
with tiie main ntreaui, about five miles In a
westerly dlrclloi, from the OOOfltlsnOB of laid
�� orn creek with the KoottliBV river, th.-ine
north 40 chalim thence weal 160 chains, Ihence
south 40 chains, thence east UO Ofitini to point
��� >[ coiitmeueement, contaiulug 640 acres, mure or
Dated November 7th, 1907
William a. Hci-aon.
Take notice that f K. C. Otln. Intend to apply
fur a ipaoUU llciiM- ���<, oni and carry away limber from M0 acrei of land: Commencing at a
jtosl planted about four mllea west of the Kootenav river, on a small creel flow lug from the
south Into Corn creek and about one and oue
half mllen south of Corn creek and wen Hiid
adjacent to timber licence No 1W24; eonnnen-
ctiit; nt No 1 pout marked K 0, Otln northeaat
corner pott. thence eti-hty clmlns south, lb. nee
eighty enalOl went, thence eltrhtv ch-xlim north,
thence  -eighty   ehainn eant"'o   the   place  c.i   !��*.
Kin ning e.,nt Mining 640aen_ mora ot laaa.
Dated November _., 1907.    K  0. OTU, lOQatOf,
a lUcKgrr, went
No 2. Post marked B O, Jagow north-p-unt
comer, thence eighty chains s uth, thence
eighty chalim eaat, thence eighty chalim north,
theuee eighty clialns weal to place ol beginning
(soiilalnlng 64U acre**, more or lenn. nud wesl and
adjacent Lo lluiUer licence No 160*21.
fluted November 2 at, 1907
B. <'. JaooW. locator.
A. BACSSIT, agent.
No H. Post marked T, F. Jack man sotitheaat
corner, thence eighty chains north, theuce
eighty chains went, thence eighty chains aouth,
thence eighty chalim east to the place of beginning, containing 640 acres, more or leaa. and
'���a*-1 and adjacent to W. A. KoM No 1 poal on
Corn cruck.
Dated November 'Jlnt, IWl.
T K. jack-man, locator,
A. Haiskktt, HgCIlt.
No. 4.   post marked Tom  Lsrsalla lonthwaal
corner post thenee eighty clmlim north, thence
eighty dial un earn, thenee eighty chalua south,
thence eighty chains w< at to place of beginning,
containing 640 acrea, more or leas, aud weat anil
adjacent to timber licence No K-U24.
Dated November 21at, 1007,
Tom I,a visa i,in, locator,
A. MACKisn, ageut.
Nulion Land District District ol Weat Kootenay
Take notice Unit l, Y A. Hhaver, Intend lo ap
ply for a special Ihence to cut and carry away
limber from M0 acn n of land : Com me net ng >n
a poat placed on the tmrthwoKl oorner markd
F. A. Hhaver. No 1, thence eighty chaius aoulh.
thence eighty chains cast, thence eighty chain**
north, tuencc eighty chains went to the place ol
beglnuiiiK, containing 640 acrea, more or lens,
and about three tulles weat ot the Koolenay
river and about oue mile aoutb of Uoru creek.
����������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������4<M
I Dry Goods, Millinery and Fancy Goods!
Ill order to make room for new spring goods now arriving- we fa
will sell entire balance of winter goods at Slaughter prices, as it is 1 1
against our principles to carry stock over from season to  season.
You may depend on Immense Bargains.
ii Coats cm hand, regular price,
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Ladies' Dress Skirts, regular
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ati'l aoutb and   adjacent to timber  llcenc*.   \xr.T,
Mii,l eaal and adjacent to timber lieent* IWXX.
Ixieated Novemb. r .Uat. iwr7.
!     A. Hhavkr, locator,
A. Ha�� Krrr, a*-euU
Nelaou Land Diatrict, Diatrlet ol Wuat Kooicoaj*
Titkc nolle* thai I, I- W Hhaver, intend toap
ply for �� NjH'cial UotnflS "o cut and carry away
timber from 640 aerea ol land: CommcneiiiK al
>i pool marked L. Vt Hhaver, north-went corner
theuce eighty (hutun amilh, thene** , u M -.
ohaliu ewt. tb��mc-a Bints' ehaina north, thence
eighty chalua weal to place oi l����dtuulug, con
taiiiin-jt C-4U acrea. more or baa, aud eaat and ad-
ju'cni t<> timber licence 1.W24 aud alao aouth
and adjaoeiit lo timber licence No IfiOSi and alao
-outh aud adjacent to Y A. Hhaver ttmb-ur limit
No   1
Dale.;   November 42lnl, 1*J0*7-
L. w. HHAVRK. l(K-aior,
A. II*   ki-ii, aguut.
Fxtenalon of one week within which .lo advert Ue i* ran led. MarrT Wright, Aia't. Com-
nnaaiuner of Land and wurka.
Nelson Und Diatrict. Diatrict of Weal Koolenay
Take nothse lhat I, T. L. E-Of���0. of Botmera
Kerry, Idaho. DOOUpallofl palulcr, intend toap
ply for ftIJMOltl timber licence over the following deHcribed lands: Commencing at a poal
iilautc'l al the ���-.���.!* . iihi corner of tlmlaT
licence No. 1MW, thence eaat HU chalna, thetice
north Wi chalua, tli.*nce W09t MO ehaina, thence
Konth HO chalua to point of ooniniencemenl,
t.or.talnltiK MO acn-*-, more or tout.
Dated Novcmbei Jlat, lt��07. T   I.  LouaK,
1 ni.ir; smith, ageut.
NelaoH Land Diatrict.   District of Weal Kooteuay
Take uotlee thai 1, Chariot-: Dutcher, lulcud
lo apply for a aiie*-i��| timber licence, lo cut and
carry away timber [rom 04M acrea of land (Join*
manotng ai JNo 1 pont about 1'X mllea weat of the
Koolenay river, ou the north Hide of |botiudary
creek' and north, mi,| adjacent to limber Iicenaea
16496. and one   mil,-  north   of the In teriiatloual
-boundary line: oomnunolna at a pon markfd
1 IbttrlfM Dutobor'a aouth wen' corner, theuce KU
chalna north, thence (Ml chalna eaat, thence W)
clialu-v Moulli, ibeiiee HO (shalna went to the place
of bi-t-liiii !���'!' cinittiitiing Old acrea, more or leia
UiCated NovciiiInt IHth. 11107.
No. 2. 1 "iMni'n, in,. ,,! ti pMct marked t-harlua
Dulcher'a a iiitlieHHl eoruer, theuce HO chalna
north, tiienee -������> chalna weat, theuce HO ehaina
aouth, thence hii chalna eaat to the place ,,t he-
glnnliiR, and weat and adjacent lo number one
timber limit, and containing M0 acrea, more or
Iriiealcd November IHth, 11*07
��� n,i 111.v;*- Dm 1n.11   laocator.
No. 8. Commencing ut a poal marked f'harlon
Dulcher'a ti'Tthwcat corner and about 16 mllea
weal of the Kooteuay river on the uorlh aide 01
ll'iiindary creek am) north and adjacent to timber linen we HW14H.. ihence aouth HOehaltia, thence
1'iiat HO chalna, thence north Hqibalna, theuce
mat BO ehaina lo the place ot beginning containing 040 acrea, more or leaa
Loch km I November IHth, lWr7,
1 ha in I-.- DirrciiKR, Ix>cii or.
No. 4. Coniuieticing at h poat marked t.'h rlei
DiUclici'a   iioMhcait    corutir,   lUum c loulU   HO
chalna. thence Weil HO ehaiua, thence 11 i-tbM
chaliiH    tbeuce  OpOt W�� chalna lu vn.    p H.e ,,r b��-
giuiiiiiK. �����..!, :���suiriK 040 acrea, more 01 k-aa
lalinoftll November IHth, 1W07.
(   HAi-.l l*     Dt'TCItBP,  I ....'.,��� .
No fi.    -Jomrnencing al a jMiat   mnrfcsd Qbfcrl*W
DuUher'a  noutheaat  eoruer,    thence   HO chain-
uorth,   thence HO chalua   went,   ihence no chalna,
aontb,   thence M ehainn eaat to the  place of be-
Kiunina, conlaltnng HO acrea. mure or lean.
I.'-cated November IHth, lur,
1  11 ��1    i     Dl'Ti t'.n    Uicntor.
No 6 ComuieiKdng at a post marked ( harlea
Duicher'a noulhwcat coiner, th-nce north eu
chtlna. theuce eaal HO chalua, Ihence aoutli H\>
��� in,in- thene-* weal HO chalna to the place uf be
KtunlUK.   coitalnliiK MO a' nn, more or leaa.
LoOHSd November IHih, ]��-..
CHAKlJta  Dt'TCHEH. Ux-alor.
No. ifl     Wtnt fork, rife creek.
Nelaon LaUrt Diatrict.   IMiUui of Weal Kootenay
Take uotlee that I, Joa-'ph I'atrlek. of Nelnon,
B C . occuiiation lumberman, intend to apply
for a apeclal timbei licence over the following
dencrllHMl lands: CommeiicinK al ��� po**l pUinl"!
about ft mllen Up the weal lork ol Flic creek,
and about IU chalim from the bank Of aald weat
lork. and marked Joaeph Patrbk'a H K. (*orner,
theuce went Ho chalna. theuce north no chiilna.
thence cant HO elmlun. thene*' aoutb tM> ehaina to
point of -lommeni-ement, coutnililng bio ��erea.
more or leia.
Dated December fith, 1*'".      'ohkcii  I'atruk,
I    J, LlH'A,  tn*'  ni.
No. 14     Weat fork, Fife creek.
Nelnon Land Dlnlrlcl-   Dlnlrlcl of Weat KootSnay
Take uotlee tbal Joaeph ratrick, of Nelaon,
B <; , occupation lumberman, intend** lo apply
for a apeclal timbei licence over the fOUOWltlf
dencrlbed landn: Cominenclng al a potl piiuit-d
aboul two ObStni dialaut, and in an eaaterlj
d I ruction from location No. 18 and marked
Joaeph Patrick'a N.K. corner, thence noulh HO
ehaiua, thence weat HI) chalua, thetice norih HO
chalna, theuce enat 80 cbalnn to point of com-
mciieeineut, contaiulug MO acrea, more or lena.
Dated DeetmWerfHh, Uttn       Johkcii Patkick,
I   J. Lucia   agent
No  16-    Went fork. Fife crutk.
Nelaon Laud DtBlnct.   Diatrict ol Weat Kootcti 1 >���
Take notice thnt 1, Joaapb Patrick, of Nelaon,
B.C., oecupalion lumberman, Intend to apply
for a apeclrl Umber licence over the following
deacrlbed landa: Commencing * 1 ,1 poxi plant' ,1
about Ho chalna dlatant and In a westerly direction from the weat fork of Fife creek und aboul
5 mllea from mouth u( creek, and marked Joaeph
Patrick'h H F. corner, ihence weit 100 Obalna*
Ihence uorlh 40 chaiio, theuce aaal 1<��' chalua.
theuce aoulh 4U chalna to point ol commenee-
iii.-ni   contalulUR 040 acrea, more 01 Ic *���
Dated December 6th, iwn       .I'.-n-n Patkhk.
1. J, Lot ia, agent
No  16.    Htevena creek.
Nelaou Laud Diatrict.   Dinlriat of Weal Kootenay
Tako notice lhal i, Joaeph Piitrlrk.oi Nelaon,
It C'��� occupation lumberman, Intend to apply
for t nneclul timber licence over Lhe hd lowing
deacrltied landa:   Couimenclng at a poat. plauted
h i .''a mllea up Htevena (;ruek   and in ii N. K.
direction from mouth of creek, aud marked
Joaeph Patrick'*- N K corner, l hcime aouth H1
chalua, thence went ho cluilua, Ihence north ho
chalua , Ihence cant tKl chalna to tne point ol
commencement, containing Mil tic run, nunc or
baled December Ira. IWl.     Joa-tri! Patkick,
1   J. Liu*   u|*eni.
v..., om liny ��� 10-scra Pruil itinn-ii  in (lu i��.��'  trail maawins fllstrlot __\
111   llrillsh   I'aalumlila   I,a    |,,a\li,K   $' ���' ,1,,1111,'H al.iwn  una!  (III  p,-r nia.ii-1 MM.
I-Sva-n  uh an inva-Hlina'iit   ihifl is worlh conulala. ritt|a,n (**'
Krult  Laa* Iiiib in 1,1, .1 In  value within the year.   What will It do navt ttEm
yearn* Msisu
~ lor J.
Lumber, Shingles*
to thi
Lath, Alf >ulcJinxs, Doors, VVIridovv^-bttS
Turned Work unci Hincki In.
VISI-riNOfN HTHKUT    -    -
Mail Ordatl promptly ntt* sad**!
Nn   17.    Klevetia ereek
Nelaon Laud  Iilatnct     Dinlrictol Watt Knot,-, nv
Take nollce lhat I. Joaei>b Patrick, ol Nelaon,
Ft. t'. , occupHtlon lumU'ruiaii. Intend lo apply
for a apeclal I Itiihcr llccuee over Ibe ftllowlna
deacrlbed land! I    l "mini ml iik ill ii poal planlCM
ni,noi i miu in nn taatarly direction ft   l_a
tin,uth of r>t-\(tia cicek, where It emptica Into
OarlbOO lake, atid minted loaepfa Patrick'* h. w
oornar, thanoa north hu cin-iua, thence eaatSO
chalna, ihence   aoutb Ho   ehiitiia,   tticii'c   went HO
ehaina to poiui of BOmmsnosttsnl. oontainlnp
bio aCTQl. more or leaa.
Dated December 2ud, U07,     Joatrtu Patkick,
I   J, Lei ia, agent.
No   IH     HU'Veim cieek.
Neia-'u Land Dlatriot Dlatriot ol Wool KooUssy
Take nollce that 1 Joneph Patrick, ol Nelaon,
H, <-,, occupation luiubernian, Inlend lo apply
for a npe'lal tintlM'i licence over the toilnwiiiK
ilcsenbcil liilidr. : fominenclng Hi il poal planted
about '���> mllea up Hicon. creek, and nbont *!'���
ehaloa aontb funn IbO bank td lln* cie�� k. and
marked l,,��eph Pnlricl - N I' inrnei, Iheoee
aoulh no  cluilua,   llien-'    weal ho cluilua,   ihence
norih BOabaina, tbanoi   >*ai Oo obalna to point ot
commeiieeineiil, coiiln ting H'to acren, more or
Dated Dcccuiber 2ud, llHi,.     .lonrcn Paiiiick,
I   J. Diicia, agent
No  19     Htevena creek
NelBOtl Lund  Dintrict      l-lhlrlcl o( Weal  KooteiniV
Take not loo tbat I, Joaepb Patrick, of Noli	
'��� I , oci'iipetlou linn l-ei uiiill, Inlend lo apply
for a apcciii! t inther lleeiiee over the following
,cact Ibed In nd' I    < 'omnicm I uk al a poal platlteU
about 0 mil
location Nu
I'.itrh k>   N
"    " 'r
ip   Mevcun   cr-ack   and
on the aouth, aud Marked
cm-til i,   thetice  eaal   N'
Kouin   H0  ehinna,   ihilni weal H
north HO ehainn   to   point   ol   imiiiui' _~T*
i.i p. i M ir,,- Hio ncrea. more or let-**       Nelat
I December 8rJ, linn      Jomtrii I'atb   -faki
1  J. L-Dcia, iigcid   ooooi
No. V     Weat folk, Fife ceck.
Nelaon Land Diatrict    Diatrict Of Wo
lake uotlee Uml i, Jnaeph Putrled
B.C .occupation luuil-eriuau, llllei
for | apccln) timber licence over Hi
deacrlbed landa: Commencing at h
about X miles up ihe weal folk ��� Fif
aboul A) chahiri norih of Ihe creek,
Joaeph Palilck'n N. K. corner. Ihei
chalna thence went KOehaliiM, tic i
ehaina,  thence eant HO enalna
emenl, coutaiuing OH) acre
1   J.Li'
Dated December fitli, I1HI7.      Jonar
NelH'ii La
Weal foi
of Fife
r ek.
I Diatrict. Diairlcl ol Weal
'lake nollce that i, Jqa��pb Palrh k
It 0 , occiitiutloti IniiiberniMii, Itihi
for a Htieclal timber liienisc over tin
deacrlbed landa: rommeticitiK ��I �� I'
iibntil I mllen up the weal fork of Fli-
plaunuloii  the   north   bank of the If
marked Jomps  Patrlok'i s.n  com.
aouliiHO chalua,   Ihence  went HO che
nortb  Hit ebalna, thetice rind HO   Ohnlll
of commeuoement, eoutulnlng Mo �� f
Dated December 6th, 1W7.     .loa�� PS
hi uot
co mi
or lei
t a<
>. ��
eat I
lor j
l__a , f nj-
The bally Canaui
Inot dine on FROG LEOS every day.    We furnish the
 i,   Pork,    Mutton  and Weal
.Hams, Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat <>( Finest  Ouality in jj-lass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kaalo, Rossland      "NIEUSOrN,  B. G- Boundary
I Boh
NOW   IS   THE   TIME     TO     SEND      IN
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
Land Diatrict.   Dit-trh l oi Weal Kno'.enuy
mmOtaaOt   II,n'   Yd.   I   ,-*hiu limn*.,   aceiit   Ut
l-l-ea.j    Tanner,  ,.!   Ni'.-m,   uii'iiphtion   watch*
iaalrar   intend- i,, ���,* p ,   fur  piTinmhinii to pur
-rbeeetbe fc>th>"      ���   ���-���-ars,,,   !   ihh.I**:    i omiiien-
clnaatapoat   j-1���i, i'--i   about ." u mile*, cum ni
WtUoDereck,   il.- 11. ���    4*  rlmmi*.   In   an   ear-terly
dirat-UOB.   ibem-v    -t'   chaiu-     Miulh.   thence   40
rbalna taa a-*'.,-". <i i r<-< n..i., ihence ^leiiaiii*-
D��rUl tOt-r p-pilit -.1 ,',,111111' iieeliieiil.cnulKllilllx
Macrae. BMP
0sM-fe*.s!>ti.. i>^-
FHBimii'K rem Tanner,
f j Bait-OM) akcui
^^^^^^fc District.   Dlatrlel ol Weal Kootenay
TaSeDOUo   that    I'i.d.J    Saminoua.  hk*-u- ior
���.A    ���allard.   ol   i't,��M.ir.  oecupalion   rancher.
I���teada ibaptily Inr ]i*-ernii**sUii* to puri-lnwe tlie
fallow���If des,-rlbed inn-lr-: I 'ommellClllK at a
poat f>la��t��d h)>,<iiI I - imiL'**i'H.M ol M ilr.',,ti creek,
tbanoa eOUt l.i-. ��� ���      ���< * !min��    linn, c norih wen A*
thalBM.II_l   ll "  Sl"',-" I    I. Kill-,    thi   111  ��   Mill ill
aantSlcbali'-' t" i he ih,   ,-���: n] ,,l rmiini. n,-,-!iirni
nnntalnH��� 4(l ���*���' " *- i-mrr ,,i i,-._.
UatadMuv   ��� ii,   1 ���.-���-,
Aa< niliAi n  AMnaiON  UaI.I.AKI>,
n ��� '.-   Y   J    - 1 MM ONI
___B Dlatriot.   Diatnet of West Kooteuay
���e thai W.A, Hudaon, Umber eruifcr,
!-*pt>kaue county,  Waahington, one
1 Mtatea uf    merlca, lutenda to appiy
J   limber   .......    over   the (oMowiuk
Ulda:    Couimeuciu-x at a poat marked
ted ou the uorlb bank of (.lorn creek,
ittoti of   the North lork of Corn creek
Bain   atruaui,  about   live   in;In*   111  a
ion from confluence uf Htid  Corn
Uie Kootenay liver*   theuee north -to )
eat itio ehaiua: tbenoe aoutb *o
saat  ICo chalna to polut of com-   j
eotitaiuiuft AW in rea more or leaa.
adjoliu iliul-ei'   limit   No.1  on the   |
b- 1   liiult  No. H on the aouth, aa lo.
row Lake, on KeeqnlU. Creek) and 21 chainsI 9ft
link! aouth of the N W. C of aald lot, ru on'fig
theuee weat tm chalna, theuee aoulh So chalua,
thenee eaat 60 chalua, thence norih -SO ehaiua to
plaee of commencement, OOntatS-ng WO acre*,
more or leaa.
'   11 .!���. 1 ������  '1 ' e-'i ��� : :
Aireut   for   Hugo Caratena.
Dated n December 1907.
Nelaou Land Dlftricu Diatrict ol Weat Kootenay
Take notice that Tin Hera-man, or Altoua,
Man , OOCUfa Ion wife 1 C. Berajman, farmer,
Altoua, Man , intenda to .pply for pertniaaiou to
purabate tbe foIlowlM-jr, deaerllwd laud :
Comuiencint* al  a |kmi   plauled at the N   E. 0,
of I, 'ii*.   Carvtem
pli*���tion to  pure!,    |  and
no chains them ~*
running ihence weat *��l ehaina thence rib so
chains, ihence east *J chaius, theuce >uth H
Obalna _> hnka, thence east -40 c alna, hence
aouth 71 aba1118 7.-. links lo point ol commencement, coutalniuK t>0*l acrea more or leaa
<   IMI.: K-   MARSHALL.,
Agent   for   tins   Bergman.
Dated 2H December IWT.
Corporation of the City of
-OOatwTNo     t,  bei 7. I<ar7
W IL.1 UM A. ii' 1.* o.n    I ..cutor
Wttaeaead l>> I'Hinr. r -muc
Pel lis |l<<  and  uiKbcd hT the within named  W
A.���-���*_�����   or.   the   ������.Uh d��\   ol   November. A    D
1WT.   Iialari   mc   *>l   r-j..,l.Hi.''.    :���*-,. ,.k.r.!ir    ( oiititv,
���tTaihlnajteh   one of Un lisii.-il -u. tet- ol America.
Patrick 0   hhihb.
,d Dlftriel. Diatrict ol Weat Koolenay
i.* thai laabella I'tarce, ( Blra-st-burg,
married woman, in lend k to ,, *���*���: -.
uu tu pu rcbaae the follow lug * ���*��-*** ���
i' Commencing al a p',*-i plauted at
tiou ot the north boundary of Lot
e eaat  boundary   ot   Lot   No.   M*V..
 fie* ehaina, more or leaa, to the uorth-
__- OOttaOt nl 'Iiinh-T Limn No. Tt.71. thciue
Wirtb SSebain** U-tiut.* went At ehatlih, more or
to**** t# tbe him aide ot W hathhKii lake, theuce
tuttowin-f Bame IU a aoutlier'v ami wcalerly
direotlOB 10 1 chalun, more or leaa *o the inter
^^^^^M*th lot 8ia'i. tbence :.:*��� chain*., more or
rrliiK easterly   boundary   ol Lot ��!��.'> to
17th  'hiulH-r. l:ai7. I.iuks.u I'ikkcK.
jF   'I- KAUgi'irh. "Ken'.
���NatewaJjan   in-tn,������.   i'i* -.. ��� .������ v\,-i i,..     ..,.>
Tabeao'"    ���<-'������<   \h-. nci,-i   j    m. ���.���.;. ,,i
���Par     Hfcc . oeeupatlon clerk, intenda lo apply
Taion  to pnrcin.ee the (ollowlug dea
D:    C-ommeueinfl at a po��,t  plained 011
tru   boundary   ol B   C   Koutueru   Kail-
I way,   about  one  and   a  half   milea
1   the   liorthweal  corner  ul lot HVtti.,
oteuay,     theuce   aouth   W)  ehaiua,
I obalna. theuce nortb BQ ebalna to
ndarj of aaid rtifht of wa , ilntice
.- a Uuis; sal,I lOtkUbarn bouudary lo
nineiicemeni,   aud   coutalniuK *->"u
her Uth,
Malaou I-and 1'
Take uoiic 1
~ Iot J. U   Btifi'
_y ->i_ri.-J"''
n      ------��� *
triet. District ol Weal Kouleuay
al Y. I*, hurdeti, acitii** utfUl
. of   I'okiok.   hi. B.,  oecupalion
  ids  to apply for  pernilahlun   10
purcbaae the i"'.l"w mi: ili-M'i'iU'd landi-: Com*
MtenClnSfta pi��-l planted oil the eaelerly shore
of Arrow lake and about Hi chains north ol the
V. K. oorner ol lot Mfi.t, Ihence eaal 'XO chain*,,
j���tbeooa norih i" ��� ���niii-. mure or leaa, to the lake
abora, thence auulhwcsli-rl) hIoiik the lake shore
~-tO the point >d ������,, ,. no in, ut,   and   coiilallMUK
SO eSSSft Store or lost.
>������\    JantOU JHvm i)i''Ci  ,*-mh. ,l>|7   .Iamk.-H   H-vncN,
] F. P    BQS-Btf, A-coiit.
MOtooaLand Dlsim t.   District ol West Kootenav
Tak*  not I-.      thai     .lohn   Jamew   ('ameroii,   of
Fer��lB,lt&'ili--h   Columbia,   ��� ceupal bm   eoulrac-
tor,     Wtand-      to     applv      for     peruiiasioii    to
pumbaaa tin   luiioMis,^   n-- nt"'i  mul:   .on,
me_ataS   at   a   post    puuilcd    on    the    ..outlier
���*-*����� botoadaMof ���'-     "��� "   ��� '*"���"'  *-*-��-���----���*���
of  the   B :
    ������ ��� . Boat���ern rigbt-oj~*-**aj
lalua weslerlv   from   theN. W  corner
ip 1,   Kootenay,   thence tOUtfa SO
iliee  eaat   4o  chalna,   Ihenei.   uorth tilt
oiitbern boundary Di the aaid
'lice westerly   aloiiK aaid   aouth-
lary  of rlj-ht (if-way   lo  the  point
neiit, und contalnlhu MO acrea, more
'inber flth, 11K17.
John .1-4
1 Camkkon,
1 Dlatriet. DlalrWd of Weat Koolenay
that John Hlilell, of Noedlea, B C.,
oe.i upetlOU rancher, Intenda to apl'ly for per-
lniaaiou te purehnse tl e follow it>K deacrlbed
, land; (laflUncncui-t ���i ��� ))()S| phmn-.i Hi the
liorlbweit comer of Lot IHVH, thence weal 41)
chalna, thence sonih mm chalua, lhenoe eaat 40
Obalna, theme north WI chains to the point of
oommencetii' in and coutalniuK $At aerea, more
or leei-
1 ated ISth October, iw��7, J-urvi simrli.,
K. 'I   KAt'gt'iKK. Aifetit,
Neleoi band Diatrict    Diatrict of Weal Kuotenuy
TakanStl"' lhat   Aukus  MiiWHI. of lhe City ol
Public notloe i�� hereby niven to the
electors of the Municipality of the City
uf Nelson, thai i requLra the preeence of
the Maid electors ;tt the City Halt, on
Mundiry, the ihirleenth day of January.
11MI8, at 12 u'<:lock noon, for the purpone
uf electing persons to represent them in
the Municipal Council as Mayor and Al-
derm-'n. and on the Puhlic School Hoard
as Trustees.
The candidates Bha" he nominated In
writing; the writing'shall be subscribed
by two voters of the Municipality as
proposer and seconder, and shall be delivered to the Returning Officer at any
lime between the date of this notice and
2 p. nt. of the day of nomination, and
in the event of a poll being necessary
such poll will be opened on Thursday,
ttu Sixteenth day of January, UM.S, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. m., and
7 o'clock, p. m., in the City Hall for the
But Ward, and at tbe office of W. P.
TIerney. No. 'i\o% Baker slreet. for the
West Ward, of which every person *is
hereby ret-uired to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominal ed
for and elected as Mayor of such city
shall be such persons as are male Hritish subjects of the full age of twenty-
one years, cud are not disqualified under any law and have been for the six
months next preceding the day of nom
ination (ho registered owner in the land
registry office of land or real property
in the eiiy of the assessed value, on
the   last   municipal   assessment   roll   of
    thousand dollars or more, over and
above any registered judgment or
charge, and who nre ot- irwlse duly
qualified us niunicip.il vn.i -s.
The persons qualified to be nominated
for and elected as aldermeu of such city
shall be such persona an pie male Hri
tlsh BUbfAOta of ihe full a^e of twenty-
one years, and are nol disqualified under any law and have bei i for the six
monthi next preceding thi day of nomination the reglstsisd own* r In the land
registry office of land 01  leal property
in the city of the assessed value on the
Inst municipal assessment roll of five
hundred dollars, or more, over and
above any registered jmlgtut nt or
charge, r.nd who are otherwise qualified
as  municipal   voters.
The persons eligible to be nominated
for and elected as School Trustees of
such cily shall be any person being a
householder in the School district, and
being a Hritish subject of Hie full age of
twenty-one years, and otherwise quail
Med by the PubllO School Act to vote
St an election of'School Trustees In
the said School District.
Olven under my hand at the City of
N'elson aforesaid, the 6th day of Janu
ary, 1908.
Returning  Officer.
11 pillion fireman, lutenda to apply for
te purobaaa the following daeribod
innicuclui* al a post plauted at Hilar -L C. Moirlaon's ranch, ln Kir
"ei. north hniy (40) chalna, Iheiio
(���li d chalna,   t ��� ��� 11 ���-���   aoulh it*.   (40
ir weal forty (-I0J  chains olut. o
nt,   and  coniiiinlin'   one hundred
more or lesa.
I     en', ��M."s    Mi   en 1
id Diatrict.   nisirictof Weat Kooteuay
Take nMltie thai 11 n��o di,-.-!. -us. of Winnipeg.
'Man.. OOmipnllon publisher, hucuIh to applv
lot   parmlas'1011   to    pur-luce  lhe    bdluwliin   de
""-'     "ic n-t   at   11   pod planteJ   on    the   weat
��i 1*. 4..H. ii. 1, -.about u milea Irom Ar-
If you want upholstering or cabinet
work for this spring get It done now.
We have some choice quarter cut oak
and will build you a piece of furniture
to your order at the price of factory
goods.    See us for second hund  goods.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
To Whom it May Concern:
Take notice lhat .1. L. Warner is nol
now nnd   has  not   been  since  tho   ISth
I day  of November Inst   employed   by or
ln nny way connected wltli the Hradley
1 engineering    and    Machinery    Co.    of
Spokane, Washington.
Prospecting   Party  Find  Continuous   Indications of Minerals and Splendid
Water   Power.
Toronto, Jan. 9.���Mr. Thomas H.
It rooks, trustee of the Trumpeter Syndicate, has received a -report of a trip of
a prospecting party to James Hay. The
party, which comprised B. T. Brooks.
Fred Fuller, A. D. Young and M. Slmp-
Bon, left New Ldsfceard pn July 29th.
Supplies were obtained al McDougsl's
Chutes, and the party then left for the
Bbftibl district, by way of Black River.
Throughout their journey the prospi-n-
tors were handicapped by wet weather
and adverse winds on the lakes, causing
considerable delay. Many portages are
on the Ahltlbl Itivr. which Is mostly
shallow, wide, swift and difficult to navigate. ,
Af Island portage on the Abilibi
Hi ver, the formation was found to be
the same as at Larder Lake, It being
promising quartz, with green stone. Th--
party intends to revisit this place next
season, with a view of doing some prospecting work. , ,
No traces of placer deposits were
found on the route from Island Portage
to James Bay. At several points, however, particularly at Little Otter's Portage, and at the gravel ridges and the
white washed boulders below New Post.
Abitibl. numerous colors were found
fiom the service, but lack of time prevented the making of a thorough inspection.
On the return jourae;-. which was
made by way of the Moose and Matta-
sgamJ Rivera, indications of copper were
discovered between Grand Rapids and
the Little Long Portage, on the Mat-
tagami. Good Indications of mineral
were also found at the head waters of
Lake Lomogomasi. and at Pigeon Rai>
Ids. where mica schist is found, the
same as at Larder Lake.
The party reported that for 60 or 70
miles from McDongal's Chutes to the
south of the Frederick1.house River, the
country is promising for farming, and
at other points mentioned above, there
Is every Indication that the country,
wlnn developed, will make an excellent
mining camp. In the vicinity of Blacksmith's Rapids, on the Abitibl. there
are several seams of lignite.
The country Is heavily timbered wiih
spruce, balsam and tamarac as far as
New Post. From there on the timber
is  small   and  valueless.
The Moose 'River flows through a
large bed of gypsum for a distance of
three or four miles at a point a few-
miles above the junction with the Mat-
tagaml. At Grand Rapids falls the bed
of the river consists of iron ore. which
will be of enormous value when suitable
nnans of transportstlon have been provided. These th posits aro about 100
miles north of the Transcontinental railway.
On the above river are numerons
waterfalls. any one of which is capable
of generating electricity sufficient for
the whole district from James Bay to
New  Liskeurd.
The party were told at the post of the
Hudson's Bay company, at Mattagami.
that they were the first white men who
had visited these parts in five years.
The prospectors agree in reporting
that there are indications that would
justify the prospecLion of several points
On the route. Tlie re Is every reason to
believe that gold exists in paying quantities  in several spots.
The directors of the Trumpeter Syndicate comprise Messrs. C. O. French,
Ur. Worthington and F. P. Buck, Sher-
brooke;  and  T.  H.  Brooks, Toronto.
The Nancy Helen mine has just shipped a car of high grade ore to Copper
CHfTe, and another car is being got
ready for treatment.
Notice Is hereby given that the Kinney-Miller Cedar Company,an extra provincial company duly registered, as
such, and authorized to carry on business within the province of British Columbia, aud having its head office ut
Creston, in the said province, manufacturers, have by deed of assignment,
dated tbe 14th day of December, 1907,
assigned all its personal property, real
estate, credits, and effects, which may
be seized and sold under execution to
nu , Charles O. Rodgers, of Creston.
British Columbia, lumber manufacturer.
tor the general  benefit of its creditors.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held at ihe office of R. M. Macdonald.
bin rister-at law, corner Baker and Stanley streets, Nelson. B. C. at the hour of
three o'clock in the afternoon ui Tuesday, the :11st day of December, 1907, for
the giving of directions with reference
to the disposal of the estate.
And further lake notice thnt all creditors are required on or before the ISth
day of Deoember, 1907, to file .vith me,
the assignee, full pat tlculars of their
claims duly verified, and the nature of
the security, If uny, held hy them.
And notice is hereby given that after
the 28th day of December, 1907, I will
proceed tO distribute the as. ets amongst
the creditors of whose debts or claims
1 shall then have received notice and I
will not be responsible for the assets.
or any port thereof, so distributed to
sny creditor of whose debt or claim 1
shall not  then have rectived  notice
Dated ot. Creston, B, C, this 14th day
or Decemb r, 1907.
'^COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
Province of Hritish Columbia.
No.  412.
This is to certify that "The Manitoba
antl Western Canada Land Company,
Limited," 1 e authorised and licensed to carry on business within the Province of Hritish Columbia, and to carry out or effect all
or any of the objects of the Company
to  which   the   legislative   authority   of
the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head offlce of the Company Is situate at the Town of Altona, in the Province  of  Manitoba.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is sixty thousand dollars, divided into six hundred :,hares of one
hundred dollars each.
'I'he head office of the Company In
this Province is situate at Neisou. and
W. A. Macdonald, Horrlsler-at-Law,
whose address is Nelson, B. C, is attorney for the Company.
Given under my hand and seal of of
flee al Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this sixteenth day of Novem
ber, oue thousand nine hundred and
Registrar of Joint Slock Companies.
The  objects  for which   this    Company has been established and licensed
are: ���
For the purpose and with the object
of buying or acquiring by grant, purchase or otherwise, and leasing, mortgaging or otherwise transferring or dealing with or disposing of real estaie
lauds, tenements, hereditaments of
���very description or nature, and any
and every right and interest therein;
developing, cultivating, forming, settling and otherwise Improving and utilising the same, and of pledging, mortgaging, leasing, selling and otherwise
dealing with exchange or disposing of
the same, and generally of carrying on
the business of a land and land improvement company; and to carry on
the business of ranching, farming and
lumbering; of aiding an dassisilng by
advances of money or otherwise, with
or without security, settlers and intending settlers upon any lands belonging to the company or in the neighborhood of such lands, and generally to
promote the settlements of land or acquiring, holding, selling, mortgaging,
pledging and otherwise dealing with
mortgages and charges In lands or any
interest therein, and of agreements for
lerest therein, and of investing and
lumbering: of aiding and assisting by
with covenants for the security of
the purchaseand sale of land or any in-
lending money upon the security of real
and personal estate, goods and chattels,
stocks, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes or kinds of security as
an Individual may; to take and receive
mortgages on real or personal estate, or
other security at. such rates of interest,
as may be agreed upon; to sell and to
assign such mortgages or mortgage the
same by any Instrument in writing or
agreement, subject to conditions and
with covenants for the security of the
money advanced thereon; to execute
mortgages on any lands owned or purchased by the company; to secure the
purchase price or. any part thereof of
any lauds, tenements or hereditaments
purchased by the company or for any
other purpose whatsoever; to borrow
money at such rate of interest as to
the company may seem advisable, and
issue deposit receipts, bonds, mortgages or other documents to the lenders
thereof, and to give mortgages or securities upon all or any of the company's assets for repayment of all. or
any of the money borrowed; and to sell,
assign, mortgage and hypothecate or
pledge any of the ecuritieg or assets
of the Bald company for the security
or moneys advanced thereon; to execute, sign. Issue, negotiate, transfer.
give and take promissory notes, bills
Of exchange, cheques, bonds, debentures and other negotiable instrument,
aud choses In action and evidence of
indebtedness of all kinds, and to pay.
Charge-, and collect Interest thereon,
and to give and take chattel mortgages, bills of sale, and receipt notes, lien
notes, hire receipts, orders for goods.
chattels or money, warehouse certificates, bills of lading, warehouse receipts and other securities or chattels,
machinery, goods, wares or merchandise; to improve, cultivate, erect build
ings and make other improvements on.
or survey and subdivide any portion
of the company's lands; to lend money
and take mortgages on real and personal estate as security therefor and from
time to tintc to discharge the same; to
take and hold real estute In trust or
otherwise as security for such loans,
and to take and hold collateral and
other security therefor or for debts
which may become due to the company;
to collect rents, manage esta'es and
buy and sell property on commission,
and to act as valuators, financial
agents, general and special agents, and
real estate brokers; to carry on the business of buying, selling, manufacturing,
making or otherwise acquiring or pro
ducing any or all kinds of material
used in construction, maintenance and
repairs of buildings or other struc
tures. including lumber, stone, brick
and plumbers' supplies; to acquire, construct, equip, own. maintain and operate
warehouses, elevators, factories, mill; ,
���BW-IttUlS and Hour-mills; of buying aud
selling grains of any kind whatsoever;
of buying and selling implements, buggies, waggons, sleighs, machinery, and
engines of any kind whatsoever; of buying and selling goods and merchandise
of any kind whatsoever, and buying and
selling safes and vaults; to contract with
individuals or corporate bodies In regard to any undertaking and to sue
and be sued in tbe name of the company In respect of the same and, subject to the provisions of Section 68 of
the Munitoba Joint Stock Companies Act
to unite and amalgamate In whole or
tu part with or purchase the business
of any other person, corporation or
private Individual engaged in any of the
businesses above mentioned, and, if so
agreed, to Issue therefor paid tip stock
In this company; of carrying on any
other business which seems to the company capable of being conveniently curried on in connection with the above or
which may seem to the company cul
"tilated to directly or Indirectly enhance
the value of or render profitable any
of the company's properties or rights.
No. 810.
"COMPA-NI1CS   ACT.   1897."
I hereby certify that the "Falls Creek
Copper Mining Company. Llmttod," has
this day been registered as an Extra-
Provincial Company under the "Companies Act, 1897," to carry out or effect all or any of the objects of the
Oompany to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
Tin head office of the Company Is situate it the City of Spokane, State of
W'.'iHb.ugton,   C.   S.  A.
The amount of the capital of the
Compmy is on*- million five hundred
thousand dollars, divided into one million five hundred thousand shares of
one   dollar  each.
The head offlce of the Company in
this Province is situate at Nelson, and
Michael C. Monaghan, Miner, whose
address Is the same, is the attorney
for the Company.
The time of the existence of this Com-
panv Is fifty years from the 15th March,
The Company is specially limited un--
���der section   r��G of the above Act.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria. Province of Hritish Columbia, this luth day of May, one
thousand  nine  hundred  and  seven.
Registrar  of Joint   Stock   Companies.
The objects for which the Company
h:is been established and registered ai-
restricted to acquiring, managing, developing, working and selling mines, mineral claims and mining properties, and
the winning, getting, treating, refining
and marketing of mineral therefrom
and   are: ���
(1.) To obtain by purchase, lease,
hire, discovery, location or otherwise,
and hold within the Province of Hritish Columbia mines, mineral claims.
mineral leases, prospects, mining lands
and mining rfgh-ts of every description.
and to work, develop, operate and turn
the same to account, and to sell or
otherwise dispose of the same or any
jf them, or any Interest therein:
(2.) To dig for. raise, crush, wash,
smelt, assay, analyze, reduce, amalgamate and otherwise treat gold, silver,
copper, lead ores or deposits and other
minerals and metallic substances and
compounds of all kinds, whether belonging to the Company or not, and to render the same merchantable, and to buy,
sell and deal in the same, or any of
(".) To carry on the business of a
mining, smelting, milling and refining
company in all or any of its branches:
(4.) To acquire by purchase, lease,
hire, exchange or otherwise, such timber landn or leases, timber claims,
licences to cut timber, surface rights
and rights-of-way. water rights and privileges, mills, factories, furnaces,
for smtltlng and treating ores
and refining metals, buildings, machfn
ery, plant, and other real or personal
property as may be necess*ary for ur
conducive to the proper carrying out
of the objects of the Company:
(5.) To constuct, maintain, alter.
make, work and operate on the prop
erty of the Oompany, or on property
controlled by the Company, any canals,
trails, roads, ways, tramways, bridges,
and reservoirs, dams, flumes, race and
other ways, water-course, aqueducts.
wells, wharves, piers, furnaces, sawmills, crushing works, smelting works
concentrating works, hydraulic works,
electrical works and appliances, warehouses, buildings, machinery, plant,
stores, and other works and com*, n-
iences which may seem conducive to
any of the objpects of the Company,
and. with the consent of the sharehold
ers in general meeting, to contribute to,
subsidise or otherwise aid or take part
in any such operations though construe
ted and maintained by any other com
pany or persons outside of the property
of the Company, and to buy, sell, manu
facture and deal in all kinds of goods,
stores. Implements, provisions, chattels
and effects required by the Company
or Its workmen and servants:
(6.) To build, acquire, own, charter,
navigate and use steam and other vessels for the purpose of the Company:
(7.) To take, acquire, and hold as thi
consideration for ores, melals or miner
als sold or otherwise disposed of, ot
for goods supplied or for work done
by contract or otherwise, shares, deben
tures. bonds or other securities of or In
any other company the objects ot which
are restricted as herein aforesaid, and
to sell or otherwise dispose of the
(8.) To enter Into any agreement for
sharing profits, union of interests or cooperation with any other person or com
pany carrying on or about to carry on
any business or transaction which n
company specially limited under set'ion
,r.6 of the "Companies Act, I897,"of British Columbia, Is authorised to carry on:
(9.) To purchase or otherwise acquire
and undertake all or any of the assets,
business, property, privileges, contracts,
rights, obligations and liabilities of any
person or company carrying on any
part of the business which a company
specially limited under Section 56 oi
the "Companies Act, 1897." of British
Columbia. Is authorised to carry on, or
possessed of property suitable for the
purposes thereof:
(10.) To borrow or raise money for
ihe purpose of the Company, but so
that the amount so borrowed or raised
shall not, without the sanction of a
general meeting of the Company, exceed one-quarter of the amount, of the
paid-up       capital       for the time
being, and for the purpose of
seeming such money and interest or for
any other purpose to mortgage or
charge the undertaking or all or any
part of tbe property of the Company,
present or after acquired, and to create,
Issue, make.di aw, accept and negotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or
debenture stock, promissory notes, bills
of exchange, bills of lading, warrants,
obligations, and other negotiable aud
transferable Instruments:
(11.) To distribute any of the property of the Company among the members
in specie:
12.) To sell, improve, manage, dt-
velop, exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of. turn to account or otherwise
deal with the undertaking or the whole
or any part of the property and rights
of the Company, with power to accept
as the consideration any shares, stocks
or obligations of any company the objects   of   which   are    restricted    under
Section   56  of     the     "Companies    Act,
1S97." of Hritish  Columbia:
(18.)  To do all  such other things as
arc incidental or conducive to the attainment of tho foregoing objects.
��� 11 l( ia M_a
We have for rent the office ln the
Mara Block over the Royal Bank, lately
occupied by Mr. E. A. Creaase.
^���1-V TO
H. &. M. BIRD
A great many sales have been  made of lots In this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few hest   lots are left.
If yon want Good Land
McDermid & McHardv
CAPITAL,   1(25,000.00  in   25.000   shares
of ��10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crozier W. Bourke.
OFFICE, No. 322 Baker St. (Croasdalle
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed in the
Standard   Furniture   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS for stock are Invited.
PARTICULARS and forms of Application may be obtained at the Company's office, or from H. A. Stewart,
Solicitor. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
-Cnrooaan tnn American Flan
Meals 8'* ctt.   Koom* from ** ott. to II.
ouiT White Haip -Kinpiofad
Ootet St., Nelaon Propneion
UK��lt AND
Mesa, cna'aarlsbte qaasrl.-rs      Nelson
Only (he ba-sl of liquor, sod > a.srs
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward The
dining room Is unexcelled In tbe city.
House heated throughout with hot
,T   A. KRIC12SON. *-*roprletor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Rous*
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker streei. Nelson. B. c, S
this  winter.     Sulphur  Springs  and   unexcelled  accommodations.     Rates  $2.50
per day ano up.
Correspondence Invited and cheerfully answered.
Cull on or write
A.H. H. A-.V-ancoiiTer.
l> Y.A., Nei**on
Irfu-fe  ���nd   ComfortMble   Bedroomi  aud ���Flist-
olaaa Din lug Boom.
MRS.  E. C. CLARKE. Proprietreaa.
Bartlett   House
Best DoIlar-a-Dar House in Nelson.
The Bar a. the Fln����t.
While Help Only Employed
losopblne Pt
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 and 11.50 a Day.
Special Bates to fibular Hriar-rt*_i>.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
All Kinds of Heating  Plant, ln Stock.
Victoria at., Nr. Ooera House.     Tsl. 111.
W.   O*    QILLETT
Contractor   mntt
Sole agont for the t'nrtu RUs-o Lumber Co.. -Ltd.,
r.-iHil yan1n. Kou*-h and iiri-nv-i lumber, turnad
work aud brar>ici-i*<. Coa*' uth and fllitnfti-aa, iaa_
��� n.i ��irw>n*. rr-tnontp brick and lime tov aala.
Automatic arlndar.
Vard aaa im-iory: Vernon Bt.. aaat of IIall-
INQLSOIN,   W9. G.      ���
1 * ��i M M !S=^*cS
tne iially CtnadtiH
If  Your  Eyes  Trouble   You
We can give you perfect examintion.  glasses and  fittings at  moderate
price,  and   guarantee  satisfaction.
We  grind our own lenses.
\       J. O. PATENAUDE
S    MAMrAt:nwi>a . Watchmaker and Optician
Bargains in all lines
of Dry Goods. Millinery  and  Ladies*
__ Ready-to-Wear
iSee Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Ooadsoaile & _t
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
$1.50 to $10.00.
Welcome Nugget Smoking
Queen Cigar Store
BUSH  aSa MATT HEW. Props.
We have just received a shipment of Heinz Goods in following line.
14-oz.   Bottle   Sour   Mixa'll   PlCatl**.
14*oz.  Dottle Bwsal   Mixa.,1   Pickles.
14-oz. nottle aherklnj Pickles.
Pint Bottle Ketchup.
Oor.    V��f-r��on and Wht-sI   Streets
���VJ.__l_,V. F�� C.
C.   F.   Caldwell,   Kaslo;   .1.   S.   IIoRUn.
Hamilton;   W.   S.   Dwry   and   wife,   F
Buckley,   Calgary;     .1.    Waxel,    K.   K
Pleser, Victoria; <i   Beetb,  I   P. (.'lark.
Vancouver; A. P. Brooks, Seattle; Mis
Laird,   Balmo;   C.   B.   Simpson,   Wash
burn, Wis .   I". W. Under, Bpokane;  11
L   Edison,  San  Francisco.
_,'..���    f *
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from D pot.
G. TIerney, Qrand Forks; CI. H. Harris
Victoria; Mrs. Thief all, Q. v. Clove,
Vancouver; T. M. Caunt, Tientsin,
.1. Foster, He-sina; A. C. Hutton. V.
Campbell; .1. N. .Mc.Ma.ster. Kocn Biding,
a. C. McKenzle, Denoro; .1. u. Gasooyne
Alberta; K. P. Ploren, Edmonton; D.
Nicholson, Vermillion; .1. I*. Hell, Erie;
.1. Morrison, Fernie: W, It. MoLsaac and
wile. <;. Q, Peters and family, Ymir.
.1. T. Ryan uiul wit**. Toronto; U. Cun-
Ingbam, Sandon; A. Pier, F Q. ETellows,
i'. Tupper, C. A. Dunraine, Calgary; W.
li. Yates. Beltdrk; Miss Mabel flaw,
Miss Mildred (law, Grand Forks; .1.
iiiMon. Arrowhead; P. B. Austin. Match
F. Rindler, Salmo; A. Peterson. Mar-
��� us. Mrs. W. It. Hood, Spokane; .! E
Bingham, ���* A, Miller. Kaslo; .1 Webb,
Gildhill; J. Luca ,. Ore il in . F. Boyes,
W. F Irving, K. Irving, Summit; G. F.
Bullis, Wetaskiwin; .1. Holmes, M. B. W.
Mearfl, .1. Yonney, W. B, Williams.
Ft nit vale.
ii. ii. Brown, Rossland; D. Monstfty,
Nakusp; H. Roberts, Bpokane; .I. Jones.
A   Davis. Ainsworth:  L. Dyson, Marcus
Telephone 101
Real Estate Agent
315   Baker  St.,   Nelson,   B. C.
Cancellation of Reserv-*.
Notice U barebyglran thnt tba rf.ai.Tv-. nvur
'���������ruii. in nil.- n -until -hint Kootanay, aottet <>'
wJil-Wi ii|> yen re. In tOO Srlttlb Columbia (in/ctli-
of tin* Mtii ��if AiiK'ist, sUMO ami In,re (lute ol An
glial 12th, iH'.m. tl bflMby MnOOtlld Tin; abnvi*
mentionf*<t lnn-l** will boo|**_.Ti lor locution umler
tin* Land Ael on Mnn-h 80, ','���>������
Dspntv CommlMlonw of lanudu una worim
Lhii'In uml Wnrks heniirtiiifiit.
Victoria, H l'., liecembur IbUi, 1-BU7.
No toilet table is complete without an atomiser,    We keep all varieties
al all juices.
Have you seen our new supply of    hot   water    bottles   and
"if it'.s to be bad in town wo hftve it," is a motto we have earned by
our complete and up-to-date stock.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
K.  F. G.  A.
Thr executive committee ol the Kootenay Fruit Growers' Association ��ill
meet In the seoretary*e offloe tomorrow,
!'t nla>. at li  p. ni.
Metals and Stocks.
Bllver    went    tumbling again today,
dropping  i*   points   on   the   New   York
market Lead also declined tour points
in London, it. C. Copper stock made i
SU IB antla]   advance.
Lunmbermcn's  Ball.
The finishing touches to the decora
tions lor the lumbermen's ball will be
given to the Alice roller rink. The dee-
orationa will be unusually elaborate and
all other arrangements In keeping.
Pythian   Sisters.
The local lodge of l'yihian Sisters
will hold its regular meeting In the K.
of P. hall tonight at S o'clock. A
special meeting for Installation ol ol
Doers will be held Monday evening. -Jan,
lith. /
Churchman's   Club.
Prizes for the progressive whist last
evening were won by the following:
First prise, gentlemen, F. Deacon; first
prize, ladies. Mrs Cummins; booby
gentlemen, Mrs. Douglas; booby, ladies.
Miss Round.
Mountain   Lumbermen,
The regular meeting of the Mountain
Lumber Manufacturers' Association will
be held in this city tomorrow. A mfel
Ing "ill he held in the court house in
the afternoon at which addressee will
li ��� delivered on forest conservation followed by a debate.
Mining   Engineers.
Responses are coming in steadily to
the invitations t-> mining engineers oi
British Columbia to meet in Nelson on
Jan. Ifith, to form a provincial branch
oT the Canadian institute. Ll is likely
thai some form of entertainment, probably a dance, will be arranged for tlie
Buried at Santa  Rosa.
A Santa Kosa. Cal.. paper of a recent
date tells of the funeral of U. D. Hunter,
who died at that place ten days ago
The funeral was under the auspices of
the ���Fraternal Oredor of Eagles, and the
paper referred to states that although
the deceased waa a stranger in Santa
Kosa a large number accompanied the
corpse to the grave1.
Masonic  Ball.
At the regular meeting of the Masonic
lodge last night it was unanimously resolved to give a hall during the winter
Q W. Steel', p. w. Gordon, a. Carrie, c.
Hale, W. H. Deacon and W. S. Peaic>
were appointed a committee, with W. s.
Pearcy chairman, to consider the time
and place and report recommendations
to the next meeting.
Hockey   Tonight.
The Old Timers' and the New Comers' hockey match ut the skating rink
lonigh. will begin at S o'clock. C, Dud
i.\ Blackwood Will referee. The teams
are: Old Timers���goal. H. Bishop:
point, W. H. Deacon; cover, L. Bteel;
rover, R. Bell; right wing, J. Thompson; left wing. .1. Belrose; centre. A
Bishop. Newcomers: goal, J. Harding;
poin, W. Wilson; cover, L. Patrick:
rover, A. .Jameson; right wing. R Kent ;
left  wing, H. Newton; centre, A. Hoods.
The  Minstrel  Maids.
This company gave another performance ai tin* opera bouse last evening to
a good audience. One of the most pleas-
Ing features of the performance was tie
absence of long waits between the dtf
Cerent numbers. Just as soon as one
turn concluded another began, and th*?
result was tin* audience had no time to
study the weak points of the performance, Mr Wolff has with him a number
of clever young girls, bin tin- show will
not stand repetition ;is often as the per
Formances   given   by   the  Juvenile   Bos-
Curling   Club.
A meeting of the Nelson Curling Club
was held at the rink last night, Presl
dent N. Cavanaugh in the chair. President F Starkey ot tin* Kootenay Curling
\ssociatbm reported good progress with
Btry Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps ior
investment or for a home.
��� AKER   8T.
.lobbing promptly attended to    Platte
and  i-SMiniiit.-.
Apply 415 Hall 81.
Box 38D.
INELa-fiOIN-,    -    B. C.
Sweet and Juicy
Oranges ere better unv.  than ut  any
other season of iba- year,
AppetUIng,    dsllC-OUl    hcullliy    t'aaaail
All  Prices   25c    to   60c   per
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts
We   h.ive   some   of   those   Fancy   Floral
Calendars  left over.
They are, of course, no good for another season, so to clear them out we
have marked
15c   ones  down   to   5c   each
25c   ones down   to   10c  each
Those caendara an* all very pretty,
and make a pretty decoration for the
walls.    v
At these prices it Ik worth while buying a tew of them just for that purpose.
W. G. Thomson
ggtaSS*"4    Nelson, B.C.
Phon* -3**.
A   M. Can. Bos. C. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Room   1��,   K.-W.-C.   111k.    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker  St.,  Nelson,  B.  C.
Geo. P. Playei-
Ia\Q   &    SMELTINQ   CO.
Office   Rooar,   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
an an^.'ina'nls for tlu* annual honspii-l.
Skips lor rinks of the local club were
I. iin a*h<asa-Il, Lfi aaf last .veur's skips ha>-
ItiK r,*-el*-cted, namely: C. D. Black
woo, .1. H. Fox, .Indue Forln, J. G Hun
.van. J. H. Wallaca., K. W. Drew, N. J
Caranansh, A. Carrie. H. Bird. Dr.
Hawkey. L. II. de Veber. A. T. W alley
F. A. Starkey. II. Mclniyre and G. P.
Wells, and the faallowillK wa-re adda-ai:
W. A Mucdonulal, W. H Jones. Dr. Arthur, s. G. M. Campbell, ll. ll Pitta. R
M   Mini, A. .'   1)111 and Cii|at. Itolx-rtsou
.1. W'aixel ban returned from a trip to
the coast.
C. F. Caldwell a:ame down fraani Kusla,
A. H. Kelly l*;ava*H tonlfrht for Hpo-
kalia* After a couple of weeks there- ha-
will Kaa to New Vaark and probably vlait
1,1k oiai home in n.'w BriuiHwii-k before
returning to Nelson.
Prices of Metals.
New Yaark. Jan I,.���Silver, DBc.
a-.ipp.T. IS! lie:   I''"'!. 14.75.
London, .Ian. B.���Silver, 2B 15-16,1.
lead,   AS 14.
Ooening   Copper   Quotations.
New fork, Jen. t, liios.
(Hy UoOermld ��i Mcllardy.)
Asked Hid
Grnnby    |!,iu,n        Jkn.no
Dominion Oopper     1.8714       1-7E
II. C. Copper      5.(10 4.50
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
Maud: Monday. Thursday, and Baturday evenings.
Mornings, afternoons und evenings,
without hand, children l-fic adults 25c,
Including skates.
Kvoulugs with band, except Saturday
evenings, 40c, Including skatee.
Saturday evening, hand and special
attractions, to 11 o'clock, 60c, lu'iuding
dkates, spectatoro 2&C
WlHil, h',li     ,111(1     Kt'tltll    I'.ttltTH   In
Fresh and Salted Meats
damps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but   fresh and
wholesome meats and suppleo* kept in hHk.1i
Mail orders rooeive careful attention.
C.   TRAVES,   lV_nag-*T.
t ********
FROM  H22.00 AND  UP.
[Standard Furniture Co:
Complete House Furnishers.
Undertakers and  Embalmers.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay  Ice,   Fruit   and
Fuel Co*
N. E. cot. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
F. C. GREEN        F. P. BURD-EN        A . H. GREE
Ovil  Engineers, Dominion  and  Britisb
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Boi M5    1'hoii. 261 B.
Anti-Foreign Riots in China.
Shanghai, Jan. !).���Rioters at Kin Pua,
a town in the province of Chi Klaim,
have burned the Protestant chape] and
school there. The official residence of
the local ninj-ist rat��> a.mo was destroyed,
The foreigners at Kia llHini; Fail an
safe. Thcii* has been considerable unrest recently In this province bul the
disorders have been directed principally
again.st the dymiHly The Preflbj trrian
church in the t;nlted Statt I h(U main
talned a misHionar> establishment at
Kai llHing Kua since 1806. In 1903 then
were three missionaries and their wlvefl-
ntii1 woman missionary, aud several n;i
tive workers at  the station.
Card   of   Thanks.
Mrs. Berber. Douglas Hunter destrei
to thank very sincerely the many
Mends who have shown her such greal
kindness aud sincere sympathy during.
ihe prolonged Illness of her late husband. To especially acknowledge the
���great kindness of the local lodge oi
"The Ragles."
L. O. L. 1692
The regular meeting of the Loyal Or
ange Lodge 1699 will he held in tin
K. of IV Hall on Friday evening, .hum
ary 10. at s p. in. Visiting hietln.i
NICKERSON, the Jeweiery Manufactur
er's Agent will sell you goods from sam
ides at 2-G per cent, less than regular
prices direct from the factories, In Y
days from order. Everything in llu
line.    Order now.
Wantkk (loud buslnsu prodnosistowrlti
ISUUsTSnOfl nil nil klmlN Of live Hlo'..:
HKHiliHt death frnm OUfOOOBO, BrltUh Aiiiitmn n
I.e.,    Slonk    Ass,���-noi,in.    VntKMiiiviM,   H    V,..  or
W. J. Wnlkur, ii-,i... Dotal, NelMn.
ANTKD  -Olll'i', Miik.T  Hlrui't   k*"<""i��I  fl""i
pridnrrird.    box brXl (IiuihiI Inn .
QlXsROOUBD iioi'sK, (nrnlabador unfnrnlah
n   cil     Apply lo J. iMieiy, conior Voriion   anil
JOMpblDS hi i ,-,.|M
I I'KNIHtl lla   ROOM���flood   I..".,11am.     A.I.Ira-.*
II. la.lly l-aataaalliaii
IWli FlsUr,'-a;i.*iMH IKaliMH, alaanaaa lisuUaal.   A|a-
a^plr boossksspar, Ird Usl. It. W. 0. blosk.
Careful Repairing
.an  all  watches und clairkH.    ti,,. ,
.la Inula,   in act-amis**]     will     I..      11:sia
win,  expert  ���klil.    Every  wuti-li n-
uml riKiilniiiit; olios In ia wlili.   to i
ii  in ihsi oleaa oondltlon    Ws kiu
ii-i- ..ur  work   to   i���.   tbe   m:.;i
pn. ss era uiin,i-iiv..]v moderate
Mull orders promptly attended to
VV'lwicsHie  Provlalorm,
Ooramment Uroui���a*ry One-Pound Brinks ns-*ivmi wiaekl. irmh from ib,
���km,    Fur .Ida* lav ull laa,al,nt grocers
Olliar* nnd wuri'liaauw : BoostOS Block,    Paone 7H.
Josephlr.e Street.        - - Nelson, B. C.
a  reotproully    nf   ro<m1    wish,
vi-ll   aa.il   11    ll;i|a|,y   N.av    V.a.,  ..
(eel iron wish ,,�� the same, ii
wish im something else, uml thai
Hi opportunity .>r prorlns to ..
exceptional vuln-B ni nor ftnsdj ti
Stilm uml Orerooata. In materli
style, I., ami nnlsii ��,. defj ,-.
ti, n. uml our new 8ia,,.k Include.
ail tin- vry  lula-s,  and  UlOHt   fua-lll
fabrics uml deelagns Ymi n Barn ly will liny better K.i.aai.. bei,
vita Wa
nent i
nine ��
nent ,
\V*a u.iiilil llki- li, na-a. all our patroUHa.-orxirorlubl,.. this  vaini.-i  anal to oral
do^io w.   Ini-.,- In utaaa-U tha- laamt aasiart ed   line of lia*ntlliK Htoves  anil ����
stoves ami ranges ever buloro presented to thr- public in Kootenay.
We would be pleased to Hhow  you    aaur line aud Iwlore makini; yaw
chaKc kindly so," what we hava- ,o aalfer.
be foi
be ch,
. ohust
- Qo��
ir, A.
s. A.
J. FL Ashdown HardwatC
Compauy, Limited. N.i.on c"-'Sj|^
*, the
-ed l
id In
in, li
���Ml efl
e ml
'all a
jto t
io pn
R. H.  EWERT      r
Wc  carry   everythuig   in  the
liuc of
From   40c to $ I per lb.
Choquette Bros.
Phone Z58. THE  Up to D.ite  Bakers
e ! ���������-
Albi-rti, Creamery batter In lib., 7 Ih.
uiul H ih. blocks at B7c per pojisd.
For Sale at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine mid  .Mills Sts.
it ln
.rly i
e no
I'lllii'iiH, Aim.ui.Is,  Walnuts.
Chestnuts,   Appl,*   Older,  North,
apples, Baldwin Apples, Jap   <
i'Ikh. law layer, California
and Malaga Orapee,
..   llirK,"   i)HNort,n,.���t   of   SCnai
Wholeaua and retail pries pa.,.
S* H. Seane):
Phone 20a.
out .
i tbe
i exr
id oi
'a. i
���. in
Ik bd
S. ��
P. t
he w
H. ,
1. Pn
all your wantt* lu
Wood-Vallance [{Hardware  Col
l. 8.
r"*Ji WT*


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