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The Daily Canadian Nov 2, 1907

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better than  most mineral
and its medicinal    properties
3Mje jJStug Canadian
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your  door for
OLl'MK  2.     NO.   128
tomment at Capital on
Borden's Tour
forecast of Progw.mme ol Sesslon-
Big Campaign Budget
!:��� Expected.
\    the  tlnii' of Hi**
Ion draws near ���
1,.   situation  owi-sha-
1     1 la the  splendid
di '1     appeal  to the
,,   ,,i country;   second   is
t Minium-  no  Tur as
, unci hi. il. and third in  lin
ugli |.. limps   Aret   In    Ho-
1 im which   it  l��  mentioned
,  weakness of the cubluet
I really    stronfl  nu-u
V . .I. . ran ilia nonen-
| reason of Uielr dla-
di oancles  of  life,  and
hth ilenl    i.-iiiiuiis   bops
I thi cabinet win meet
t year   In   u   sorry   eon
...  1 . :.i   that Ule Cnvi-rnni.-nl
ti ndered thi' lxindon con-
There was a labor candidate
In   wit   mil a Liberal, and
k ��� ���  party    in kIvIhk    him
V ���' appori was doing so on
p:           Th*. wreck "i  the iiiaebine lu
I :-..ni  of  the  tirlncl
|; ���',.   IIIkIii   uii'l   f*'ai*
liavi   thoroughly  stani|"-iled
|- w birtl at lite ball  k. :i
-: j,  majority of BOO
Ib London    This la a partial and Just
in.   Iniquities of the    past.
1   lie-   penalty   will   be
��� 11 .i.i.l curls anil llir-
allowed tin- in\osii-
IP        Mil London is   not the   onl>
Oovei amenl has in ,1 bj
- ;.-��
called   lor    N'liveniii.-i
1 ���  1 ban Inst year.  Very
u   done  last   year   be
holiday*     Mr. Field
budget  speei-h ei.nlain
��  '..-iff bill, which was then
'lr-'��" f      1111,1  heard  of  no
two   niunllia.    On  the
'! ": December tha   House    was    In
Chriatnuu    only tTTT,-
iiiiiii    iiiljiiiirnnieiil
-ni.   lime    this     vein
"""  ��''   I"   01       !��,, w.-.-eks work  tie-
ll   seems   hardly   wortli
Ihe   House   topellii r   Mini
!"  1'1-n tttnerj  foi so mile work.
���-    paj   of ihe whole l'ar-
'" ",;i! D    Whi 11 lb.. House
    in-.lil   lbiiuii;li  lln
plana because ihe em-
I - ...l>   Willi   public   bual
Hi.   Bscal    i.-ai     nlnoofl
"   '.nil   two  of  Hie do
wniiniiih   bavi   issued   their   raporl
��� .one tofetnar M
-  Ihe) win im ib.
''""  h��vi   ui fori   ihen the   blue
' ���      Should  have had op
l.n  lln niiulhs In.
;,'  p����smei   reason   thai    so
done In Hie early purt
"'   '""  I     'hat   the   Cover Ill
r��sdj  wlA iniBiiiesB. another
*">����� Hi- nrlvate liembers are obliged
1  u"   Irsl  lia.l of Ihe session oh-
'"'"'m: Infor
of lmnibUK. For a uood many years be
has been entertaining lln* people of
New Brunswick with vain promises,
nnd now be will carry ilia noods to a
wider Held which ll less acgualuled
with   their  value.
Mr. Aylosworth In In bad health and
has gone to iln- I'lirtim ���using, for a
bang rest aud Ireaimeni. He lias lie-
i-niiii- very dear lynl announces that If
tils bearing aluil* not Is- restored he
will resign h>3 office. The Toronto
Globe and ..tint- liiiv.-nimeni organa explain that Mr. Ayleaworth has been
overworked. It Is a tad that the whole
lii.i ilea of public speakinir. campaign
'work and parly organization In Ontario
lias been thrum upon him on account of
tin- Incapacity of his eoUejagues from
that .province. With Mr. Aylesworth in
office Ihe oilier Ontario ministers have
allowed matters to drift. With him
away the condition of the parly lu that
greet province will lie still more helpless than It Ih now Yet It will not be
surprising If the Minister of Justice
should be seen no more in the House of
Next week Mr. llorden will have Tin
lulled his (our of the ISimlulon While
Ills meetings in the Eastern and Central
I'riivinoc-. wen oonspiouonerji successful those in lite West were by far the
'in..-' largely attended, most enthusiast i*- and best from all points of view
of any eve] In Id area! of Luke Sup.-i
lor. It Is ti'.w Quite certain that there
wl!l be a meal political overturn In
Western Canada ul the next general
el.-, ���tut Instead of a solid British Columbia for the tloverntui 111 there is reason to exiH-ct an almost solid Cnnserva-
trra lepieeeiilallon In the new provinces ihe Cunservalives are sanguine
of electing a large majority of repres.-n
tatlve* They are taking bold of organ.
bastion work with a true western energy and iletertriiiitilon Manitoba was
Conservative In 1004, though the thin
red line steal gave the Cnverninenl
three or four seals that did not belong
P. It. and bo enabled Sir Wilfrid to
claim a majority. There Is a strong determination to prevent another such
outrage even though vigilance immrull-
tees and shot guns should be required.
Th. llallfav platform Is exceedingly
pivului  throughout  Western Canada.
Boston Professor Claim, to   Have Proved
Existence of War.n  Stratum
Above Cold.
-illation  I'm!  ought    to    be
I'm        wl"'" the House meets.    The
,  '"' A" i't�� Conunlt  oannol get
*"rl> mini  It  has tl,,.  Auditor den-
��� ii'i'uit. and ihe departmental hc-
""s *hloli 1,,,. obtained alter the ox
I- 1 "he Aii.litnr's    statement.
,1,,'';;" lntlS  Ihe session  Is    usually  t,
,.'  "v"'   ''"'""   the lliianciul  invi'Bll
Morn begin,
for t|'*. 1""1''''"'""'1   'hut   the   estlmiiteii
mini "  '"'Xl ���" ;"' wi" exceed  bv  ninny
'"ll'IIIK   |1,,,.
H,,, M' 01  any  previous session.
������,"''""' '"ost slrlklng and most con-
l��, 1"""1 "I'liiopt'liitinus will    us usual
����Won'   'u k ""  "'''"' ""'  ""cl  "r  ""'
fear "'"y ���*P��B'    nn    election
(||i| ^i'l'i)  bill, win,  wharvoK  where
||| ^       HO water,   post     offices     where
"'hi thor-'-���    ,",0!)le'     breakwaters
sldloa ����� " '"'" "" Hhlns. raltwuv hiiIi-
" "��ul 111'' "" """ Intends lo build.
'"minii, ' ' "" "'<' "siiiil extras of Ihe
>hn i;,,,'1  ":|i'iiuleH.
'vi"ks'1"i!'i',',",,'1"H " Minister of I'ul
"Wiled and adroit lu this kind
-' UovVi.,'. "'llBB'    ln at*.    Pugslej
llr iVoikJ,",'.'.'".lmH." Mlnlsler of I'lib-
New York. Nov. 2���That, a bnlloou
hns reached the lieighl of 4��.��S0 ft, and
there recorded n lemperalure of 1.11
ilegri is   below   tiro,     was   one   of     the
startling statements, reads in tha course
"f an addles., lu th, lost day's session
of the Aeronautic congress here itnlay
hy Prof. A Lawrence Unlche of the
lUuehill elis.-i \au.ry, lloston. Prof,
itotch told his own experience with
lninlalure balloons for the purpose of
testing air currents and obtaining tent
ii.iiitiii.s at high altitudes. The balloons an- modi of rubber and carry
stH-��-lal Inst ruments fin recording distance travelled, altitude, and tempera-
turn which are attached to a parachute
When al a great height the hydrogen
with which the balloons are filled expands to an extent where the balloon
itself explodes and the parachute carrying the Instruments and the records
made In the trip Honied down to the
When the balloons arc released they
travel upwards wiih great velocity for
about two hours and then remain nearly stnllonury for another hour before
ihe explode. The descent of ihe para
*-liut,��� requires alioul all hour more. The
longest lllght of any me of the balloons
was l.'.r. miles. I'rof Ilotch said that
his expeilinents showed that at a distance id about eiglii miles from the
earth's  siii-race  lu   the   tenipiiute  sons
Ihe leuiperallire reeoni   which  had   been
lulling at the. rale of about one degree
im each -HO or lino yards, began to sud
denly rise again proving thai there wna
a Htratiim of warm air above where Intense cold had been raoorned. These
Strata have alao been discovered by
similar .-\ pertinents tn Knropo, he said,
bin ut a lower altitude and in about the
Slme ultiliido 111 the Arctic reglotlB. Al
iti��. Blqttator balloons have been sent up
but at the highest altitude reached Ihe
wit'-m strata had no!  been found.
11 was announced Hint the United
Stales weather bureau Is continuing the
exnerlnranta begun by Professor Rooti
ut ft Bcore of places throughout the
country with a particular object of Investigating ihe action of storm areas
and cold waves. Other speakers Included Cortland Field liishop, president ol
the Aero Club of America. Captain
Charles Ii. F. Chandler, of Ihe Signal
Corps I'. S. A. and Oscar Krbslocs. the
winner of the recent   SI.  Louis race.
International   Chess.
London. Nov. 'J.���The London Chess
club, on behalf of the llrltlsh players,
litis     accepted     Ihe     cliullenge   til    Ihe
Brooklyn Chess club, representing the
American experts, lor Hie unnilal match
tor Sir (Uiorge NewneB' chess trophy
which was won from the Americans by
Ihe llrlllsh early Ihls year. The trophy,
until the defeat this your, hud been held
by Ihe llromclyii Chess club on behalf of
American for eight yours. The next
match will he decided In the spring of
British-Canadian Company
Asks for Land
Mackenzie ard Mann Project Will Go
.Ahead���News of Canada From
Ocean to Ocean.
Toronto, Nov. 2.���Hrltin )i Canadian
Smellers. Limited, have put In formal
application for u free deed to liO acres
of ground at AKhbridn*''K Kay for the
purpose of a gold and (diver smelter
Harrle. Nov. 2.���John Jeffries, convicted of attempted man.slaiiKhter. has
been .sentenced to two and a half years'
imprisonment lu the Kingston peuiten-
tiary. .leffri<-s shot Ruse l^atanvllle.
��llli whom lie was infatuated. In a
hotel in Midland on Sept. B. He was
found guilty but M-ntenee was dcleired
until the present until it would !���<���
known whether the girl would recover
or not.
WlnniifPR, Nov. 2.���Thomas Kellem,
ex-M. H. P.. a well known commission
merchant and former member of the
stock exchangp. died this morning. He
leaves seven  children.
Toronto. Nov. 2.���A. G. McKay. Lib-
eral leader, practically opened his Ontario campaign by an address lust night
before the .North Toronto Liberal Association.
Toronto, Nov. 2.���The auxiliary blacksmith shop, store house and stables of
the Toronto Klectric Light company, on
the Ksplande, was destroyed by fire
last night. The loss is about 95.000,
covert*d  by  insurance.
Ottawa. Nov. 2.���The report of the
Indian department shows the Indian
population to Oeiotier .!! to be 110,^45,
an increase of 1*15 for nine months.
Ottawa, Nov. 2.���John Haptiste For-
Uer fell from a building on the corner
of Frank and Klgin streets yesterday
and was killed. A fellow workman.
named John Severe, also fell, receiving
serious   injuries.
St. John. N. B.. Nov. 2���The city this
morning was enveloped in a dense^ fog,
so thick that it waa impossible to see
across the street. Transportation was
seriously interfered with and ferry
Rervlce tied up from G to 9a. in. Street
carB were obliged to move slowly to
avert collisions. For three hours It wiih
tho worsl ever experienced here.
Winnipeg, Nov. 2.���Two men were
ueriously hut not dangerously injured
In a dynamite explosion yesterday. They
were thawing out some dynamite in a
bunk car for use in the bullast pit at
llirdshlll, whep for some reason the
stuff was sei off, destroying the car.
Repented at Leisure.
New York. Nov. 2.���-Special despatches from l/uidon state that Samuel
Clarkson. whose reportSd elopiuent with
Miss Helen Maloney. daughter of Mar-
lin Maloney of Philadelphia, caused a
stir a month ago. has appeared in London and has settled down to his former
life in lodgings near his club iu Pica-
dilly. Miss Maloney, It Is stated, is not
wiih him and he refuses to lalk regarding her wbereabouts. It is reported in
London, urcoidlng to the despatch, that
the young woman has returned to her
father, who, with her sister, is in Paris.
Lucky Count.
New York, Nov. 2.���My affixing his
signature to a briel document yesterday
at noon. Justice MoOall of the supreme
court placed Miss Gladys Moore Van-
derbili. voungest daughter of the late
Cornelius Yuudeibilt. whose marriage
to fount Zsecchenl is to take place next
month, iu possession of a sum apOTOJU-
matin- Jl 2 000,000. Miss \anderbllt attained tbe age of 21 on August 21 lust,
and her mother's guardianship over her
and her trust esiale Venscd.
Gold Imports.
Now York, Nov. 2���Announcement
was made todav that the National City
Hank has engage.! $1,000,000 In D. fl.
gold" *'"'��a m Havana for import, that
Karris and eompuny of Boston have en-
iiared 1100,000 in g"'d In London, and
thai Geo. n  MoFaddon and Brooke have
���500 000 in g'��ld now en route to the
United States from ICurope on the
Steamer Lusltanla. These sums hrlng
lota! agreements up to this time to $28,-
sixteen-year-old Juliana Pott, who was*
posing for two years as the wife of
Adell Pott and living with him in this
city, committed suicide by drinking a
large quantity of carbolic acid. The
girl was found dead in her room by a
Newark detective who had arrested
Pott and who was coming back.to take
charge of the girl. The girl was a
foster-daughter of Pott and two years
ago he left his wife and two small
children. It was a long time before his
wife discovered the whereabouts of her
husband but when she did she took
steps to have him arrested.   -
Aid From Employees.
Chicago, Nov. 2.���Payrolls are not
among the cares today of Henry M.
Dawson, manufacturer of mantels. A
score of his employees, all worktngmen,
yesterday surprised him by ottering him
enough currency, about $6,000, to carry
him through two pay days. If Mr.
Hawson shall need more money before
the flurry in the maket Is a thing of
history, the men on the other side of
his desk will bring more. Last week
Mr. Dawson made several deposits
which would have carried him through
if he had kept the money in his own
Panic in Chicago Hotel.
Chicago, Nov. 2.���More than BOO
guests of the Plaza hotel, North avenue
and Clark street, fled from their rooms
early today when fire broke out iu the
basement of the hostelry. The build-
lug was quickly filled with smoke and
many of the guests hud difficulty in
reaching the street. The guests, most
of tfcem thinly clad, sought refuge in
stores near by. Alront forty women became exhausted and were carried down
the fire escapes by firemen. When tbe
firemen reached the building the fire
escaites were crowded with frightened
men and women, some of them jumi>ed
from the second floor landings without
waiting to be taken down. The fire was
soon extinguished with small property
Attempt   in  Ohio To Separate  Federal,
State   and   Local   Issues���Both
Parties Anxious.
John Redmond's Appeal
to Electorate
Two Prelates of Church of Rome
Have Repudiated Policy and Aims
of Present Leaders.
Infidelity and   Suicide.
Philadelphia. Nov. 2.���When her lover
was arrested last night upon a wurrant
sworn out by hiB wife in Newark, N. J.,
Columbus, O., Nov. 2.���Ohio will hold
her first election on next Tuesday under the new law-, which separates municipal elections from State and National
elections, and local issues, therefore,
alone engage the attention of the voters
and the difficulty uf forecasting results
is increased by the fact that in municipal elections the Ohio voter exercises
his independence lo a great degree and
casts aside his political affiliations.
-In "Cleveland the mayoralty contest,
which overshadows every other consideration there, is stirring and aggressive. Mayor Tom L. Johnson, the Democratic nominee, is up for re-election
for the fourth time and has for his opponent Theodore E. Burton, who resigned a seat in Congress to enter the
contest. If llurton should win it would
make him a formidable candidate for
Governor and increase his chances for
succeeding Foraker in the United
States Senate. A victory for Johnson
might likewise have far-reaching results, as It would probably make him a
possibility for the Democratic presldeu-
tial nomination.
The contest for the mayoralty In
Cincinnati is one of the most exciting
that has taken place in that city ln a
number of years. Mayor Edward L.
DempHey, Democrat, Is a candidate for
re-election. A considerable element of
the Democratic party, however, was displeased with Dempsey's method in securing a reuoniination, aud the result
was the naming of an independent ticket headed by Frank L. Pfaff as candi
date lor mayor. The split in the Democratic ranks Is expected to result in
the election of the Kepublicau candl
date. Colonel Leopold Markbrelt. Col-
Markbrell is the editor of the Cincinnati Volksblatt and it Is expected he
will receive virtually the entire Gor
man American vote.
The enforcement of the Sunday aud
midnight closing of saloons law is the
issue In Columbus. For the first time
In its history the local Democratic party
has presented a candidate and plaUorm
unequivocably for the enforcement of
these laws, and the continuation of the
"lid" policy of the present mayor, a
Democrat. It was he who made the issue and his party endorses it as being
In line with the sentiment of the people. The Kepublicau candidate for
mayor and his party managers huve
not specifically declared for the suppression of saloons on Sunday and their
antagonists declare they are being
bucked by tho brewery and liquor interests of Columbus. It Is uncertain
whether to predict a Democratic gain
or loss in Columbus. The party has
made a vigorous fight and claim that
their ticket will be elected by a substantial majority. The campaign Is to
come lo a close tonight with' a great
public meeting in Memorial Hall at
which Governor Folk will be the
The situation In Toledo is compllca
ted by the introduction of an independent movement, headed by Hrand Whlt-
lock, the present mayor. Both leading
parties have complete municipal tickets
In the field.
der  of  Manila     ^rom  the  time  Fin
was taken h\      **rovincfai i'm'*0"8 Su^
Jaun   Del   MonLt   _        *' H^nty,    '
American defences.
It is declared to be impossible that
4,000 prisoners, the number Hulruera
asserts were held by Filipinos, oould
have been kept in custody unknown to
the American forces. The Filipinos
took the Spanish prisoners and subjected them to indignities and slavery,
but these conditions have been remedied as rapidly as possible under American regime, and it is not believed here
that any considerable body of prisoners
have been held at any time in the Buhv
can province.
Timely Intimation by Heads of Chicago
Packing   Houses.
London, Nov. 2.���In Ireland at the
present time the Nationalists are busily
engaged in promoting an agitation
which is intended to frighten the British government into granting Home
Rule or an instalment of it. The idea
of the agitators is to convince the
English and Scotch inhabitants of the
British Isles that under the existing
system of government peace and prosperity ate impossible; but thai the establishment of Home Rule would magically cure the present disorders in Ireland. Next winter a number of Nationalist spellbinders will travel through
England lecturing, and their present ac
tivities are designed to provide then:
with some "awful examples."
It must be said that they are succeed
ing, for there can be little doubt that
the rural population of England will be
shocked to hear of the cattle-maiming
campaign that is going on; and that
everyone will be aghast at the assaults,
hoycoitiuus. and attempted assassinations that are commonplace in Gal way,
Roscommon and some other Irish
counties. The English audiences, however, will not be invited to sympathize
with the victims of the cattle-driving
campaign, but rather with Its authors,
who, they will be told, are obliged to
resort to these crimiunl acts In order
to call attention to their grievances. It
is hoped that an educational campaign
of this kind will result in English pressure upon English members, and the In
troduction of land legislation that will
put an end to the Irish cattle industry,
and hand the land over to the tenants
on terms laid down by them.
The present agitation Is designed to
be "strong and menacing," for as much
was promised by Mr. Redmond after
his failure to dictate an Irish policy
to Mr. Birrell. But one remarkable ef
feet of the campaign has been to draw
from Cardinal Logue and Archbishop
Walsh a repudiation of any Influence
over or connection with the Nationalist
party as at present governed. It is
plain now that the Hierarchy does not
wish to tie up the fortunes of the
Roman Catholic church In the agitation under way, and the letters of the
cardinal and archbishop will not be
without effect upon English Roman
Catholics, who have been taught to believe John Redmond is a loyal son of
the church, and that the battle in which
he is engagedis the battle of all Roman
Catholics. It may now occur to them
thut Mr. Redmond is a politician first
and a Human Catholic afterward.
Indeed, there is reason to believe that
the time is approaching for another disruption tn the Nationalist party. Mr.
Dillon's active participation in the
agrarian movement has been tempor
arily suspended; Mr. Healy is ostra
elzed and silent; and Mr. William
O'Brien Is developing a policy of hit
own. Mr. O'Brien has long resented
the Redmond dictatorship; and iu the
meantime the Sinu Fein movement
grows rapidly by catering to the bolder
spirits, who are almost ready to rise In
stark rebellion. A noLable exponent ol
Sinn Fein principles is Mr. Glnuell. M.
P., who goes about the country urging
the people to drive the cattle from the
grazing lands. As ah eminent judge,
in trying a driving cuse a few weeks
ago, said he could distinguish no differ
ence between cattle driving and high
way robbery, it will be seen that Mr.
Ginneli, M. P.. Mr. Sheehy. M. P., and
Mr. Murphy, M. P., are advising B
course that Ib apt to be cosily to those
who adopt it. Scores of ignorant peasants are In jail tor the offence, but so
far no member of parliament has been
laid  by  the heels.
Chicago, Nov. 2.���A general reduction
In the retail price of meats Is prophesied
for Chicago and the middle wesL
The first cut in the packers' prices
has been announced in Omaha, where
it was reported last night that Edward
Cudahy, of the Cudahy Packing company, had reduced the price of all meats
10 per cent., and that a still further reduction was expected.
In explanation Mr. Cudahy said he
believed that the time had come for a
general and substantial reduction In the
cost of living if the average citizen is
to share in the country's proBi>erity.
"I believe," he said, "there will be an
immediate decline all along the line of
produce and staple supplies necessary
to human life. For some time we have
been buying cheaper. The consumer
will get the benefit, as the retailers
have promised to pass the reduction
along. It will mean a saving to every
man, woman and child in the country."
Following the Omaha example, Sioux
City dropped into line with the same
cut, though the order has not been received officially in the packing plants
St. Joseph was not so confident of a
decUue. The general manager of one
of the plants said if there was a decline
it would come without any radical cut.
Local packers said that the low trend
of the price of live stock probably
would continue for some time, and
necessarily would cause a reduction of
retail prices.
"The price of live stock has been going down for some time," said Max J.
Sulzberger, vice-president Schwarzchlld
& Sulzberger, "and the price to the retailer has been less for beef within the
last few days. In hogB there was a cut
of 75 cents a hundred last week. l The
price to the retailer is based always
on the cost of live stock, and as I do
not see any prospect for higher prices
within the near future, I should think
a general reduction will be felt in all
meatB soon."
Louis F. Swift, president of Swift &
Co., said: "The trading in live stock
has been weak of late, and this has
caused a drop of about 25 cents on
cattle during the week. There has been
a large supply on hand at the yards and
the price has dropped accordingly."
Local   Market   Recovers   With  General
Financial   Situation���Latest
Stock  Quotations.
Fifty Cbnts a month
Lloyd-George Hopeful of
British Public O^i^ Oppwcd to
Railway Strike���Boft^HS^.. >
Discredit Spaniard's Story.
Washington, Nov. 2.���The bu reap of
insular affairs at Washington places no
credit In the story of Bulguera, the
Spaniard, who alleges he was held a
prisoner by Fillpiuos In Bulacau province.. Sun Juan Del Mome, which Bulguera refers to as an island, is not an
island but a mountain city on the bor-
As a result of the conditions
of the money market throughout
the east, local securities for the
past week showed an improvement with
each day's tradings. B. C. Copper had
u steady advance throughout th�� week,
rising from $4.25 to $4.75 on the asked
price, with probably a larger amount
of trading effected throughout the west
than ever before. Dominion Copper
fluctuated between $187^ and $2.12%.
showing but little change for the lust
week's operations. Alberta Coal and
Coke fell off slightly, dropping about 2
cents on the bid price, with very little
business offered. International Coal
and Galbraith Coal showed but little
change, remaining firm throughout.
Royal Collieries caused quite a demand,
and indications would point to a large
sale for tfiis stock. Diamond Vale Coal
continued inactive and weak. Canadian
Marconi advanced again, no offerings
being noticeable under $2.75. Consolidated Smelters and Cnrtboo McKinney
remained almost unchanged. Sullivan
and Rambler Cariboo were also Inactive
and uninteresting.
Following are the approximate quotations  for the  week  ending  today:
Asked. Bid.
Alberta Coal & Ccflfis $ ,88 $ .35
American    Marconi.    35.00 26.00
B. C. Copper       4.02^ 4.37Vi
Bieekenridge-Luud    . .55
Con.   Smelters   105.OU 95.00
Cariboo   McKinney..        .03% .02
Canadian    Marconi. .       3.00 2.50
Dominion Copper ...      2.12%        1.87%
Diamond Vale Coal..       .16 .13
Qranby        90.00        so.oo*
Galbraith Coal 28 .26
International    Coal.. .91 .89
La Plata Mines 11%
Nicola  Coal   Mines.. ,04 .08
North Star 12 .08
PanhamUe    Smelter.        .03 .02
Rambler Cariboo 24 .20
Sullivan     07 .06
Snow   Storm       1.15 1.07
Stewart     70 .30
Tel-Kwa Mines 12
London, Nov. 2.���The p rospects that
the president of the board of trade, Mr.
Lloyd-George, may be able to avert a
general railroad strike by arranging &
compromise were brighter today. A full
meeting of the executive committee of
the amalgamated society of railroad servants was held this morning and it was
decided to postpone all action on yesterday's resolution in favor of a strike
until after the conference which Is to
take place with Mr. Lloyd-George on
Nov. 0, to which he has invited the
society to send representatives. Richard
Bell, M. P., general secretary of the
society and leader of the strike movement, will probably head the delegation.
A meeting of the parliamentary committee of the trades union congress was
to have taken place Monday next and a
joint meeting of the committees representing the general federation of trade
unions and of the labor party had been
arranged for next Tuesday. Mr. Bell
has written the secretary of the first
named organization suggesting that the
meeting be postponed, adding: "Owing
to the circumstances I do not think It
will be necessary to Call them together
at this stage."
This Is regarded as a significant step
because the two meetings were to have
considered what action to take in order
to support the railway men if they
The circumstances to which Mr. Bell
refers is, of course, Mr. Lloyd-George's
invitation to the conference on Nov. 6.
The plan of the president of the board
of trade U to form a permanent board
of conciliation with equal numbers of
representatives of the companies and
of the mon and of having an independent chairman. The railroad directors
apparently are willing to adopt the plan
but the question arises whether the men
having demanded complete recognition
of their union and direct dealings between the managers of the orders and
the unions will accept a substitute. The
partisans of the railways refer to yesterday's resolution as being a bluff intended to frighten the railroad magnates, but the supporters of the unions
say the amalgamated society of railway servants has cleared for action and
that while it has not actually declared
war It has given its executive a mandate for war.
Public feeling against the strike is
so strong that the men are bound to
go slowly so long as the comuanles
show any disposition to arrive at a
compromise agreement. Railroad shares
fell slightly at the opening of the stock
exchange, but rose later to their normal quotations, thus reflecting the belief in a peaceful outcome of the situation. The railroad men have decided
to hold a mass meeting at Albert hall
here on Sunday night at which deputations from ull parts of the United Kingdom will be present.
Daughter of   Russian   Prison   Governor
Held   by  Terrorists.
London, Nov. 2.���In the hands of
kidnappers, somewhere ln the heart ot
London, the eighteen-year-old Prlncesa
Barbara Lapouklne, of Russia, has sent
words to friends that she is about to
kill herself to escape ill-treatment at
her captors' hands. Since Thursday
night the Russian embassy has been
searching frantically for the young woman and today Scotland Yard's assistance was sought. No trace of the girl
was found.
As the prisoner's father was recently governor of the Russian prisons and
is known to have angered the revolutionists, It Is believed the daughter was
kidnapped by the terrori-its, who seek
revenge on the father through the
daughter's death or tortifre. The princess attended Aldwlch theatre with her
sister and a governess on Thursday
night and as they were leaving the
missing girl was snatched from her companions, bundled into a carriage, and
driven away before an alarm could be
The princess Is one of the most beautiful young women In London, where
she has been for some time completing
her education. Her father has left St.
Petersburg, and Is hurrying here to aid
in the search.
More Gold From London.
London, Nov. 2.���The Bank of England's stock of gold waa today further
depleted by ��220,000 in bar gold and
��109,000 In American eagles which
were withdrawn for shipment to the
United States.
S t; f
!    I
.?' ,;
1' s   \
. f
The Daily Canadian
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in tliese goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In th.; meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
beforeuja^g y0ur purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CaDltal Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up          4,830,000
Kest           4.830,000
D. K. WILKIE Prewdent.
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposit?  fr< m date of deposit andcreditedquarterly.
neusoiN r��a>cm *.!���   IVI.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated   A.  D.  1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
-CIAL ATTENTION given to the
Ravings Bank Department, and
interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large. Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. P.. SPINK, Manager.
Fubllnht'd six aayi s wi-t-s tij- Ihe
Buierm.. Kelson, B. (j
Buofu-rlj-n.ni mi.-.. HI oaBts. month fl.-llvtreil
In the city, or 1't.tAl a year 11 ��� I.', liy mail, when
pal<! lu sdvt.it.-.
Adveru.iiia rates on hi.t>11( allon.
All moi.i... paid .1, -. ;u t... ' 1 ol Tin- Ilally
Cauartitui aooonnu   etlhei  '--i subscriptions ...-
adverli.iui;   DUSt be I
form. ,.1  ii,-   - -   ��re not
Saturday.   November  2,   1907.
While -...   adhi re ;������ oui  i
seil oplDii a .- ,,, k Borden's
action for i
l.-. nili   .'. lit u rv   will   nt-v. i    h.-   |-i,
but  will die it natural death
i .1   Mi    Bmmei on, IWj   s    brief
- in. ni  ..:  'I.-   rn- - - w.l!  i,.   ..:
��� ���si in those ��ii" ���'<���  not readers of tha
Nineteenth, which Is one ol the leadli *
Urltlah  in- I-.
Tin-    Oi-l.tli* i   ii-iiiil.i r    nl    thi     Nil .
luniiiii  oonialni <  an artJi le    on
i'im-    Politics   ��� nii|,:iirii   in   *lanada
frillll    III"    pen    '.'     :i      I 1.1':  111   -ll    r> i. .     .
liroiulni-tit   nnd   reputable   I -      I
iiit'iM   anil    in..��� list     In    tin-    artlc -
whlcli Ik n i;iiri\ long one, Mi   !���'
Hi-rlln'il lln- i-iiiiillilons nl ('iiniiiliiin p !
ItlOS   im   tin y   im .   ttiil,   iii , ii  it]
iiiHlioni-siy. or ui    Immorality,    or    < I
i.oiii.  against  iniiiniiii ni   members    ��� [
; -till parties, freely bandied shoal in i
lorninl ronvt-it.iiii.ii, from  public    plat.
forma, in th*- presa, and STen on  tbe
floor or parliament,    These are oondi-
lions wliloli, (.'umitlinrip m;i,v deplon Inn
wlilnh tlii-y r-iintiol deny.
Mr.  Fyfc  Is  not  oonotrned   wiih  the
Iruili or iiiilrutli ol an]  ol thi   d	
Hi- |h detortblng tin- oondltlone, prlncl
pally for HrliiHii readers, even, possibly
forgetful or the faol i.lun bis article
win be read by thouaanda on thin nhii
of (ha Atlantic.
Towards the close ..r (ha article, oon
hIIiiiIIiih mi IntliiliiKiiiliil pari of II. anil
kIvi'h merely as an extreme examplei Ik
reprinted u passage from tha Calgary
Eye Opeasr, volet] Mr. Pyfe dMorlbei
uh n "witty but disreputable it Mir nheot,*'
Tiu- Dye Openor'a story of alhsgvd mis
(lt'iiiiiiiiorK of u rniiiiii'i minister bad
Kli.-n sir Fred. Bordea'i name umi nil
frftlrfllf Mr. Kyfo suppressed tbe liniiii-
(if the minister aud of the department
..i wi.ii-li in presides, bul retained
tbe siaiement that he bad been mentioned or to Lord
Strathcona in the office of Canadian
11i-:i commissioner' in London.
'! ii.- j-tiii*^ ui tin- article H'-k in tbe
-i,:n even without such abidance
every man in Cnnnda wiio in., tin- ex.
In thi Nineteenth, whether behad
. \.r seen ti,. originaj in ���.!;'��� Bye Open.
ii or not, would Instantly recognise sir
Fred. Borden as the minister i. !. n i
As ;i  matter of fact, loin.- before Its
publication in thi  Bye Openai the story
-i   from  Halifax  in Victoria.
Nor was ii by nni- minus the onlj    tol
Ol   '!.. .   ' I,.-,-   tn   Sir
-.   ly circulated
throughout in.- Dominion  Man) months
ago   i" ���   ���   thi   retin mem ot  .\ii   Em-
on from public 111 nf Sir
I'n ���;   i. irdi -, -    prh ��� i     life   ��ren
numerous and "i such s character thai
��� ��������� I. i..1.. mi journals were calling foi
i     .-sal.
|Ve an nni concerned with tin- issu..
oi in, minister's libel suit. Bverj
Canadian, Irrespective ol party, would
in- pleased ii in- oould establish the
falsehood "I the storiei concerning him
ami gravel] affecting his reputation. No
"llv  n-joiei's  iu  lit.-  J.ut.hi   .1  ���   ,.t   a
cabin. : mlnii ti r on such grounds. Hut
sir Frederick should have taken itepa
long  aim     Wo OOnOSda thai  II   was not
'or  him Iii iiiiln-.   miiI,  a  pub*
Hiation as iin- Eye Opener. Bul be
oannol bave been Ignorant thai thi
slander, If it tn n slander, has been
��� ini-nt in Canada tot over i year.   He
 ii have known thai even the papers
supporting t',. government of whioh as
��n n tn.-niii.-i werg nailing im- his retirement   Not n word baa been said lu
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale Kootenay   Ice, Fruit,
Fael &. Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   Bis.
We carry the I'm. si lines of Fancy
Worsteds, Cheviots, Venetians, Scotch
ami Irish Tweeds m the west.
Evi r> garment Is guaranteed, to be In
iii,-  moal  corn cl fashion.
******** ���>������������������������������������
his defence hy himself or hy any political friend on the platform or in the
As to Mr. Fyfe's use of an article
from such a sheet as tin- Bye Opener,
even lor iho purpose of an extreme example, that is a matter of Judgment anil
taste on which he. anil the editor of ihe
magazine which printed it. must ���>!
course  he their own authorities.
Gerrard   Man's  Application  for   English
Wife   Met   Generous   Response���
Only  91   Replies.
Four score and elcvon British maid
ens have by letter avowed their desire
to rescue from his pathetic loneliness
the settler in British Colombia who recently wrote to the Guildford Board of
Guardians to ask them to assist in providing him with a wife, rays the Ixmdon
Chronicle. How many others may hare
bad the desire but not the courau-- tn
say so, it is impossible, of course, to
tell, but Mr. Harry Newbury, who. In
hid bluff, frank way, stated his requirements and described himself, evidently
touched the hearts of many eligibk*
young ladies.
Mr, Newbury said he did not want an
anpel. bnt a nice, sensible girl, and
nearly all the fair applicants for his
hand and heart let it be understood in
their letters that whatever else they
might be they were at any rate sensible. One of them said she felt ashamed
of herself at writing:, but she wanted a
friend. A would-be bride said that she
was still as full of fun and mischief as
any girl who had just left school.
Another girl who asked to be intro
dtie. ii to the yonilg man said she was
not at all a "bad sort, very nice and
s. ri.^ilile, fair and dimpled." Another
appraised her charms rather highly,
slating that she was " graceful and ladylike, with a figure divine"; moreover,
she had a immaculate olive complexion,
aquiline nose, rosy red lips, and was
level headed. Once she had been I
pointed in love. but. she significantly
added, her capacity Mill  held  good.
More complete, satisfying and enjoyable
than tho.se prepared wiih supplies from
' this store. You'll probably want a few
'���extras" for the occasion. We have an-
tieipated this, and have been bui-y get,,
ling ready to serve you w. 11. Bomt) of
iii.' following ought lo inten-st you just
now: Cranberries 2 lb for '���'.'���'���: Henry's
Sweet Gherkins. GOc j*-r bottle, Daviea1
Bweei Relish, ur.c per bottle; OlUard'i
Relish, SSg per bottle; Tokay Grapes.
20c per lb; Aylmer Boned Turkey, Zi>c
per   can.
Joys Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine &���   Latimer Sts.
Tel.   19.   NELSON.  B.  C   P. O.  Box  ���37.
TRAIN NO. 13 for Sloean. Rowbcrry
leaveH depot daily except Sunday 9
i. in. Returning arrtvea 0 p. tn. dally
���xeepi Sunday.
daily exeepl Sunday, leaven Cily Wharf
7 a m. l,a?do daya: Mondays WednoH-
diiyH nnd Fridays.
For further particulars call  ot write
A'.i,.A,.Vaui'(iuvri. l> P.A., Melton
A girl who was good .r making things
homely, wrote that abe waa sure abe
would make a good little wife for ;i
workingman. Another maid*
hi r eharnis as "inclined to plumpn<
whilst a repreeentatiTe ol tbe Emerald
i.-ie said abe was erarytbing i:.t! waa
required and was remarkablt for her
good looks. From Walt com< letter
slating that the writer waa holding a
humble position, but she i id a heart
and was willing to comply with all Mr.
Newbury's wishes, and would send on a
character if necessary
A   young woman,   who  wrote  for  Mr.
Newbury's address,   said   abe   fett  BQTQ
that she could help him out   of his dir
ficulty.    whilst    another      strong    and
i . altby" wanted  a  husband, and could
not find one In England.   One who had
the misfortune to lose her intended recently, was now looking out for somo-
.....   .-!.-���<. in.u   men  ol   this  kiud   were
scarce where she  ua- iivini;
Tho father of a  young woman,  who
would  meet  ali   n ante,  said   lie
would send her out if the young man
would forward the passage money ai a
guarantee of good faith. ���
Notice of Meeting.
Cascade  Water   Power and  Light  Company,  Limited.
Wharf i; a. m  daily for Kootenay Land
ing and all points Beet,    close oonoei
liom lor Spokane       Returning   arrives
City Wharf 7 p.  m.
TRAIN NO. 45 for Rowland nnd all
Ooael polnti, oonnaeting with Bteamer
Kuskanook l�� aws C |* R Oopot 7.1H p.
m.    Wharf 7.4H p. m. dally.
TRAIN NO. 41 lor Rossland-Botindary
leaves Depot dally except Sunday D.4C
a in Returning arrives Nelson 10.30
p. m.
Notice is hereby given tliat an ex-
traordinar>- general meeting of the Cascade Water, Power and Light Company,
Limited, will be held at the offices of
the company on Saturday the 2nd day
of November, 1907, at tbe hour of 2
o'clock ln the afternoon, for the purpose of:
1. Authorizing the Issue of a series
of debentures, aggregating J375.000.00.
dated the 1st day of May, 1907, with interest at 4Va i>er cent, per annum, payable on the first day of Maj. 1840, with
interest payable semi-annually on the
1st days of May and .November in each
2. Authorizing the execution of the
draft Deed of Trust, approved by the
parties, which will be submitted to the
na et.ing. ami mad- reen the eon-
j.any. of the First Part, the Royal Trust
Company of Montreal, of the Second
Bart, and tbe Weal Kootenay Bow. rend
Light Companv, Limited, of the Third
:i. Bashing tho resolution recited In
the said drart  Deed of Tru-'
4. Transacting such other business
as may properly come before the meet
Daled this 16th day of October, A. D.
By Order of the Board,
Geo.  P.   Player
Ota   H   S.MKI.TING   CO.
Office   Room   No.  2.   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
N. Imui I.��ri<i Dutrleis lUhtrK't of Wimt KfM>u-ti��j-
Takt noUoi that n wiilum��, oooapanoa rancher; ft P fllO-tlORt ii''t tlpHtl.Ki i'i.-' irli-mn ; tall I
H H. *'. Sum Hi. ....-u|>ntlou loinle-rr.iKu. nil of
Procter, ft u., Intpud U>appl) lor a tpeolal tlm-
i.cr 11* ��� ti.'.- orvt He' fcfllowuBi tla* riii���i  imidn.
Oommenrlai nin j��.at ��i i LbraanUwautof
Wilion Creel on iouUi ihoraoi aootsway I^ki-
Ibanee mmhIi sn cbalns, tbenoe t'lmt mi ebatoi,
thenoe north tu chftioa, thtmoa %*t*M *��> ������fm.n* i
point <>r <'iniiiKii. <-iie nl, . oiiLaviiout: NO ftOTW,
more or Iri*.
S.J.I. tlltIT UUl, JVOT. II    WlMJAM",
H. M.   IlAfTIN'-f.
J.    t,   P,  f-Hl  ill.
Nolnon band DlstrteL   PlitrK-t of west Kool-nay
Taa�� Dotlne thai it h. ��-. Hmj-th. ol Ttoau r, B
<: , ���"���'���uiKln.ii liiiiil,rrifir.n, lnl"MiIn lo api'ly for
n. ���"[�����! nil llinl.tr ||.,ii<i- over lln- followlTi*; >l.-
mTiln-d IhthU
No. 1, Oonnunoloa "l a ,������������ t planle'l nirir tin-
llntthffitit i-'irii. ip.ift ul Ixit Nn BtMS. OO l-rmtHi
"'�����''. mi'I niKtk.-i K   I   I'. Hmytt. �����nthivf��l i-fir
:,���']���">��� No 1, tbenos40 obalns m>rth   mora ��r
Why- l<. nl...ui iuMm ny uf tin; ftftolh hotilnUry llin-
Of timber Ucenou No  !�����'����., thenoe HOchaln-   ennt,
thono&ei ' imtiiH ioDtbttb��nofl 4o ahaltu Mats
Id.'ii- ��������� Id  i halo*,   atiuth. ttiUDCf  W  chit I tin went,
men  fir ].������������   Im I Ik   --t'Uh.-ie-l ourtKT of a let'Mil I
I^it   Mo UMI, theno*  4tt ehalna   north, theiire 4i<
'���lui.ie- west Io T tie point of font iu' t, ��� ������ t:i. i  i
lo.U'l anb July, I��07. K. H. P. Hmvth,
Henry KelrlUTt, A|{eiit.
NelMin Land I'lrUrlct.   Uliirlct of Wafct Kootenay
TakanotlM that Himon f. Hchiffel, of Nafler,
Idaho, OCPQpatlon liirril.eririnn, ttiini'li- to apply
for a upe.-iii]  limner |i.*ni-e   over  Ihe lol IowIiik
Ifwarlbed lutiflu; on the vhv\ Htde of I'rlem riven
' niiiitif iifio:' t.i h  juift   pin tiled   ���)! the eat.1 Hide
of Prlwd rtvor, two and a Imlf int'     norih ol thi
tntr-rrin i leiinl   h*.unduly  line,    ih     m-  nor h   ho
Ohatnft,   tinwv eift  M-iehalni,   u>    .'<��� r-outlihu
idiKlim.  thei.cf   vM'HlHuelmlni  to  )  tint ol eotu-
HH>net-iiH*iit, eontaloliiK '���*���' ai'rif. inn re  oi  I��-mh
fJuted Hept. 14ih, lUtr7, HimoN V  KeHiphm.,
K    ff   hMMII, AjiiMlt.
Valaofl i.mid Dutriot  Dfjanai ol w'��"'1 Kootenay
Ti.ke notloi t tin t <lyde K. MoCIurr, of KllBvlllii,
U'y.l .������ II !.>....._        I.. I Is.   I.,   ssssila    f..��
I jut.-  sa,. rain  hit, sri niiat .. ,���-,
liirher,  hileridH to apply lor
a hiii-cmi timber Itoenai ovei tha u>lu*vt\uK de��-
��� iii'.il   Inn.In;   On the eaal   nldu  of   I'rleat   river.
'1     lllll'in,     'Ml    Ijjlf   t't��"l     BIUU     UI     ��   ��� M-P
two and ii tin If in tUi-ss north of the intermiiloioil
houndarj line, Cmiiiiieri'inu ata pom nun - i
two and a Imlf mllfu north of the interttel lotm)
houndary ltnt>, thence cant HO ( haln*, thi'ine
Hfinlh ho . liiilioc. thenoe weal HO ihiilie. tlulicp
north ��i ehuliiH lo the (Milnt ol roiiitneiiii'iiu nt
and oonuunlnji 640 aoree, more or lo����-
Baled lent. 14th, 11W7. civmK M-�� :i i-ir,
K     W. SHITM. Agent.
I'i:- vVhlti '���'! Plub Flanmlette K]ght Dresses. 10 per cent dlseounl
on  all -iylea and pwU ��� ,
Children'a Flail and Winter Coate We will sell at 15 per cent discount
on anj ol them.
So.   oujr LauUea'  Dreea BWrta from 18*00 each to KtO.CKL
our Btoch of Fancy and Staple Unoaa, OuanJoe covers, Ktc. is moat complete     Now is the time iii make a sen etion
Bei 'ni  U'iMds in  all shades
Special Discount on All Ladies' Winter Coats.
You can buy a io-acrc Fruit Ranch  in   the best   fruit-Krowinu district
iu British  Columbia by paying   Sio down and $10 per   month.
Even as an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled in value within on year.  What will it do next  year'
N el una I��ii<; lilt-  net   OinlM.-i of w(>! Ki>m< nay.
Tak'- DOtloa that Jay Hover, of kitirvlUe. Wa-h ,
ooi upatloa btitfher. tstendi toapplj for a ifteeleJ
UB ' ��� enee over the lollowmjt deeorlbed
land*.; im tin- eael etoe ad Krtaet  r.v* r    Com>
menrlng ���: n jhixi plaBted   one and   n hall uilU-i
norti ni UiternatlonaJ Im>i;u iki>��� line, theooe
eaetn t halna. thanoa aonti. w�� rheim. thenoe
weet u 'in. inn, iheni-e north *> ohaini to the
"iRiiiH'iaeiin nt.   .on Lalnlnic  W0 arrea.
tlli'i'   or lean.
Datedeepi. nth, 1W7. j>^ loran,
K. W   Hmith. Agent.
.\t imo lieti'i Uieuiet, Dutnct oi w ��� -*t ���b>otenay
.N'.ii*. ti hereb] kuhi that IP day* after dateTj
-n.i.ii I', f-nc.iu-ri;, in in. r. ������! Si >oti, ti i .Intend
to apply in t l,i Hon the e|u..| ( , ,i,. *ri .��� s .-tut of
Land and Work* fur a (pedal 1<> - Dot to < ut -oil
earry away titular from ihe lollowlng 'leM-ribed
Intel- -It Ii ����� I'd "ii .^w in mi I erit'k, 111 till? U'eMt
KooU ri��> I'lutrUt-
Nfi. i. * nmiaenning at a pott marked j. p, ���*���
LlmlL, northeaet oorner j��i--t Looated on
���reel fork ol Bummli oraea ai.oui ttn mth i [rom
main creek, thenoe nuuitu Math eo i beta*.
tn. nee niniiinir weel 40ohaini, tbeaoa running
north in ehaiiiK. then..- weet e0 ehelne. thenoe
north S3 chelae, thenoe ranedag eael w ofaelne,
tlniui'   rnniiirig   BOVth OO   ehallif,   th. uei  00*140
'���Ji i. He- lo pile e <d ' ouiite le I'liHii'
laOClU-d OO tile ?.>M.  >la\   of  Align*)        "'
(ohmPftwanoaao, laooator.
|>er hi* agent ('mi i  MriroN.il n
No 2.    ('eiiitiH'ii.-ing at a pOVt niarieil J   |', H'a
timber limit, borthweal oorm r poet, located on
well fork otaummtl creel about two mtlei from
mum ereek, thenoe nnininir ooatfa to ohelai,
Ih   ner   ruiininu OMt Nn hain*.   Ihete ������   I'iuihiir
oorlb SO chaltu. thenoe running weet 801 halna
t.. pleoa oi oommen* ��� ment.
i.'m i.ie<t on the /-Mi. dor or Aoenei  190]
John y t �� onei ru, Isorator.
|MT hi" agent   I'KHK .M< IhiNAI n.
NOttoa If her-tty given toil on flan alter dale I
lnii-ud to apply to fhe If��� >n Chief < ointui*Honer
ol I*iidi and wdrkti lor permlnhion to port line
tlie I..IU.wing derorlhcd lande, cituated In \\Cut
Kooienay dlatrlel < mimih nn m- at a pool mark-
od l<> niine hk Initial poll of the Hoath Pnrb
branch, one hundred feel from the luiicllon of
l^i^l   ereck   with   the  foulh   fork;    thanna   one-
���i oarter mile to the north weal oorner po*i. them *���
one Oillc to the northeast corner pool, t hem i
oii".|uarler   mile   to   Ihe aontlieaf
thenoe one bum to tha place >���/1 oi
Uicated hy   Wm
J fine '��!, 1907.
triici   po*t,
Ne] nn Laud l>i*tnct. I'lnlrlclol We*l Kontciiriy
Tiiku iiettfM! the* Wetdej Hovoe. of Kltrvlllf,
W ��-li , occupation butcher. Intend* lo npply lor
a npt-clal timber licence over Ihe following ilea-
Olined land*; 00 the eaat ride of Hrleel river :
Oommenalni al a po��l plantetl one nnd a half
mltei north oi (be Interna t tonal I on tela ry line,
thence weal Ho challia,   the lice   ,.,,,,, t,   m ehalua,
thenoeeeet80ohalne* thenoa north soehaiuaio
point of I'omiuerieeinent, oolilalnlng M0 aeroi,
more or leu*.
baled Kept, Hill, IHOe Wk*[.KV  MoVCI,
K   W. hMtTH, Aveul
HajlOpa Land bialrlrt. Diatriet of Weal Kooletiay
lake notice ibat llemy Hi ichcrl. ot Kalaon,
M ��� , prnip.cior. In eiul p. a|>ply lor a Ipeelai
liuili't liei-nee over the following deacrllied
tl -nl'-
No. 1 -('otnuienelnr al a po*l planted near II.
w. north weal corner poet, loi Wo, 70tw, and
marked "Henry Kclcher) aoulhweat oomer
poav' tlience MO (iu. in- north, thenoe MO ehalm
eial, thence ho thaina fonth, the one HO obalni
wehi to (he point of coinii.ciii emeul
Dated Hept. tin' Hth, law,
hrmit iteiciigirr, Uwatei*.
KelaOD Lninl IMatrlr-l hlatriei o| Weat Kootetlljr
lake nollne thu I, ( harlen Hlduey lottery, of
lln r ion City, Ii. C , occupation fanner. I Men. I lo
Hpph for peimiiMion toptircbaic (he roliowing
dolor I bed laud :   ('ommenelUK at a no*)   plniitfi]
I.Uo.it   I; \e    Inll-a    llortllWHll    ttol.l     the    llioulliof
���'"..,���: ,i    and marked "('. H   l.'a norllieaat
corner," thence aoulh ho . halna, the nee weat 1*0
thnlna. tbunee north ho chalna, thence eait HO
rhalua to point of ('omineiteemeut, oonuiiuiic
bept.Ttb, 19U7. l.HABLoi Iiuihy Laaar.
sfaleoo L*ead Daotrtol   btetrloi of eTeel Keeeoeaf
Take  notlnr   that   William    Andrew    Bona,  ol
Pernio, B C . boo! k.-.-|^-r inieada feo applv for
a ineelal Hint, r , . t, I ,,��et thtt I'dlowlng del
��� ribed iand* ( oiiinn-uetug at a |h,ni planud
about an mile* u.aiof Hit- Kootenay river, on
'���.-ii creek, lo Lhe ln*triel of Weal Kmiienay
and bslug alum! ill rut-** north of the min
nali rial Im.uii '��ty Hue, and aituaU- at the
loirlheaat eorn.-i of William Andrew Koaa' No.
S tlmU-r ��� laitii. th'-nee uotth NO chalna. thence
weet aoehaina, theaee aouth a>i chain*, ipoaoa
eaat no ohelai, to th*- poial of oommenisaaient
Isooatad July ard, bar;.
I'at. .1  the -ti.  ,>l  Aug     1VXJ7 .
William a*>i>rew howi
lit ran a ^     r..   corner   poal    ruliuiiig    *i.iiih   NO
betne, thenoe wool 80 obaine, thenoe north a*<
Mini, lie lite  eaat  HO t halna   t<> jtoltil   of  emu
!���    iU   ���   IllL'Ot.
IO    IH   ���    lllfllt.
baud Augilll 31it, l��n. I'aTRteg Hut**.*,
KRira hikAKU, A,'.:.i
1 ake notlee (hat lia P. Taylor, con. of Arrow
head, IL < , iniuiida ts> apply for a apodal licence
i>> cut umber Inmi the lol low log deecfibed
No. 1     ''urnmen dug at a |>oKt planted 70i-baliia
.    .  in  an 'ahleily   direction   from   f aill	
lake marked   "Ini F   laylor'a, W. Patklua-   I   w.
...nor.'  bounded on tabe eonth byT.L No hm,
.ii   the  weat   hi  i   L.   f-.i itn, thenoe  north HO
��� halna, theme ea-t HO i halna, thence aoulh MO
Chelni, thenoO wal HO ehaina to |��oilil ut '���"iii-
iii. le . lltl III .
No 1 ' "tnmencliig at i laial idiuted Wlahalna
dlalane- and In a eaalerly dfrrrtlmi from (arllioo
lakumarkod"W    I'aikina .   Ira Y    Taylor ��� H  W.
irnei poet,*' l...nu.it l oil in. weat by T. I. 7M7,
....   W.   I'arklui'T. I..
aonih   by Ira F.   I'aylor'a at
No. I,  lhence   north 40  cha
tnna. Man . oreupellou larni.r latJOdl U'apply
for M-riiilwIou tO pumheei thr lollewiufJlav
er1!��'d land Commencliii: at a |k��i pirn a*. ���'
Frank F. tVatnan a n. E. rorni r al a I-*; m��r��,i
,���<���. B. N.K.corner."end ruuuiug wMiMirhiiH,
tfaencceouth Ht'iliains, eaat a��eiiaiM. o����li��-
ehaina   lo   place   ol   iM-giniiini.   ceil lam m�� ���"
anree of land, more "* lam, -   ���
Ualed at>\ Aiuruil.lwr;. rohMilfa �������>�����"
AlTMllA    Hl'ITOK.Ara*
PUty deri ifU-r date l arttai *<JJ_u*'gSl
ranehar, oi Hurton ��-|tr lotentl '; I'i' ' V|1.
OhWckMamlaeioneroi Lend. a��id W
winner oi   i amir *..������<   ������   ���     rliN
i..ri��.n o ..���....,.i s. "":;;';',,..
laud, .llnslr MM ol Burl ''''"'-..J
,�����il m..k...l  -A   a   ll   --��'���',;'!?'l.as��
|.lslil.-.l al lb. r   ��'    r..n..r ..I ...i ""1-       ,,.,���,
ninnlnanoribsorhslu.. the "'' '..,,���,��,
tl,|.|lrr...ulh l.-.h.ll.., ll.*-".'*   ".'I*1'"""'
alas. ot...i!iint.n.-*.mt0l          ,���,..,   u.-BTOll
A.i.ll.l 1.1. linn. ASTHI'SA   HI'S	
. Imlhtt,  lli.-li.-.- ...tilh *l iliaIn.,   thi'lii'i.   wi'St lfl.1
.-.     II.   tl.  |Kllllt   III    Ii--  In "in.   '
w   F noil.via,
la. K '1 .TUNL
��������� ������-������> I*nd t>la)rlcl     IMatrlclof Weat Kootenay
Take notice thai I, Llltalteth Feiguaon. of Nel
ami. Ilrlll-li   < oluuibla, oecnpuliou   married woman, Intend lo apply for i- u  to purchaMe
lln- following deeorlbed land : Commencing al a
poal planied lu ehaina weat of ihe aoiitheaHt Our-
imr ol eaotlon ?i. 'lowiir.hipi��t, Kootenay, end
marked K K.'a N b corner," thenoe weal Ho
chalua   Ihence   aotith   40   clmlui, thence  ua��l ���
ohaioa, iboaoe north tOohalaato the place ol
coriiti'rmement and   eonlallillig   .'IJO  aeiea moro
1Mb  IlllT. A. ll   1*17.    Kl.l/.ATBTH Fct or boa,
by W. A    (alder, agent.
Nel-on Land Ulalrlct.   Olatrlcl of Weat Kootenay
Take in.oee that I, John bang, ol NelaoD, B.C..
oot u potion miner Intend io apply lor pirnoa
alio,   lo piirchaae lhe billowing deacrlbeit  lailda:
Oomi O'gat   a   poit   plnlile.l al   lhe   N, K. of
Lot Hir.ij   ihence eaal iki  chalua   lliei.ee  aoulh  JO
chain*, thenea weat ,;o ohaioa, tneaoa north at)
rhalua lo |m|nt ol conoto m-emei.l, conlamliig 40
fir re-   more or lull.
Align*) 2nd. 11*07, Johh Lano
BJaleon Land btairicl.    blatrtcl ol Well Kootenay
Tnke notice that I, Pavld Q   Kurti.of   Nelaon,
B. C . oooupatlon   "., ,��� :. intend   to apjdy for
pciuils-p.u h, purehaie the billowing deeorlbed
land Commencing al a uotd planted at tho
louihweai corner of aeeilon ��4, lownahlp ��i��,
Kofde ay, and marked ������It. Q, K 'a H. W. ooriiur,'1
ibeice noilh an chalua. thence eaat 4'l ehaina,
theme aoulh Ho chalna, Ihence wtilt 40 chain"
Lo the p-dnl of commencement Mid eontalnlUR
nan oorea more or leaa.
1Mb July. IWn. IllVtliO   KHBTX.
                   *   A-Welder, agent.
Nelaon L*nd iMitrlct.   D.itrnil of Weat ftOOteaa*
Take notice thet Cornellua Bergmen, of Al-
MeUon teed biatnrt   Dtatii)' ol ��aal WJ��J
Take notice thai  Aafm   MpOill   ';' '''',.. m
Nclaoo. iHcupatlon llrcinai.  ;"'"'''  ,,,!, t,M
tH>rmiaaiou la purohaae the '"! "* ' ;lr,i ai i��''
lamia      loui m-ncliuf  al  a   [nasi ' " '.   "���   K,-
N.  W.   corner   I    I      etorrl    '��J �� '     ojoa
el ley. thence norih f"ri>  '*' '"''    ,, ill
���at n>t�� ffiehaina, "oure *. <'���  ;r(iiU110,
Una, thence wee   lorty (4i 1     �����'      '|||111,,f���
inmeneemi nt.   and oon tain 108
d aill) (ItlO) acrca. more . i '���'������"���       u.tiiiL  -
Died rfeplejib.-r tnd, IKo-.       AVIV%MW      _
Nelaon Land blairtet    I.lalrb'lof ��>���< JWjjT
Take uolloe that I'hl If) ,ir"'|,^'r"lV ��P|.lt '��'
. 0��ooonpatio0 rm-oraar, i'11*1"'' , dprn'*'1
���'��� u* ptin ha A' tlir   Poll^"JjLS ,,u tU-'
>T."7Cr,��lUM ,	
IS,-l...ti l��lnl 111.nn I     ln.lrlrl "",'p" j���'n ,
rata ami��� iH.i ",'"!",���',r'ii'.   ipp'r ..lUi
M.nlli.l.s.     farm".      Iin;;"  ;���,��������� .1 '
,K.rmli��l"tl tn ,.i.r.-lia��i. II..'    '"       u;���,.,i JJW
ii,i     -    ���.���.���'ink  ���' - i-;;-.���-,
��-vi.n nillvs Iri.m Hi. "���","   ','.' ������i���
at   ii.tUiisnI    I'l.rli.'r   (.1 I",'."     .' ' ,
,���.,k,..|-ll   0   N. K '���"''"���'���"""
-   . limn-    lli*.lli'l' ��<�����! * '"'",���   ,���,
���iti.iiis. iii.'ii imi.-iisiM. !���; I
llNl.-'l Will <lsy
siiiuis "*" "-���
Helaea Least Dfetru
Take     liiill.i-   Hist     fis
aii..n>.   Hsnlloba, brj��.
���������    "       ,�����1.11��1
���' Idf��..-,-
All,.I...     M,.l.ll..l.��.   MOSW. (..II..."*.   .1
(,.r ,,,'rml..l..n   ui   fini'l ������'   '". .������, ),l����''     ,
,-,ii.',.i Kadi   < ..in,... "i'i'��,",;,h.-.l "" ',���l
II llirs-l ���rii." "' l�� " ,,"Sl,...|ill��". '������
Or. mil... Ir    Ill*  m'"   ",. ,' ,d riMitilnl    ' ,.,
marsi"! r  K H M  K >��<"���������''��, ilinl'"'     ���  ��.
11,.. 11. SOi'liallis.  jhSBM  " "wmIihI1"1"'
aalMisA- BUS""" X
The Daily Canadian
It you knew you could buy
I quality stamped "Canada Approved"   by Government
"inspection on every package, would   you trouble mak-
ing it. particularly when it will Cost You Less.
W   have it   in all   sizes to suit   families, boarding  houses
lihotels, 7, '4 and 28 lb. pails; 60 lb. tubs.
P. Barns & Co., Ltd.
NELSON, B* t*>
;      land
\\'holea��i�� Provlalona,
fkrranunenl Onwmery One-Pound Bricks reeetvnd weekly freah from the
hun.     For sale by ail leadluR grocer..
Offlni. arid warehouse -. Houston Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.        ...        Nelson, B. C.
[SPECIAL,   snaps
6_ 20-ACRE
���ii   .f Apple-ton Itrothcra' tract.    Improvempnta  on every  block.
leaders Wanted for the PurcKisc of a
Mineral Claim.
:,,.���   undrriiglied,   et   hl��
Huuae, in the < uy of Ni-U'.n.
a . ,   bear  -������ ��� �����'�� "M��-'��
s .v. mt-ei    H'tl'i ttai,
Prestdent"   eUnereJ
ii   i,   Kootenai    iM-irut.
...  ti.ff. ued lo ib*  < rown
ami  .V ..    . ���
...      .nl    loaia.     lln    DpOOl
. -si   i lalm.   Hliitti   in
,. nl   '��� I'"   ��utl   ,'��"t
ti     wiih   luw-reet.  taxea
ttrbba.f Mil"   *.. ��� ���   .-.1    ixMtl   ol   ail vt rlUlilg.
i|.',ui> l* IM iii. which
thai  mil  be ccmaldered e�� ��
[ Ii ��. c ..ii,[iaiiU-tl     bj"   an
L    , ,   aiitoiinl ol ibr   two-
*������ pei bl  I lhe   I>t|>uly  C
Certificate  of Improvements*
: .1. lhe OUT a, Nelaon. on the
>       loi   -lelin��iueui_te.Bee up
(Work*, at V K'Url'i, B. 0.
���     Ibti Mill da j of (>el.,lWT7.
II -\ Kl.Y   \\ KUtHT.
UOVI 'i   ,i    .,;. Ill
rTcndcrs Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
I La   I'm'   utideral(Mie'l   al lita
f* .���.���-. it. me ��� iiv oi Neieon,
pi thi   i.'Mit ol :��� o'oiooa, m
r'ritla)   Koi   L'tb.  WW, tot "������*
a ..      MIDI rnl   t latin,   l-.t
- I'lli]    I��imrn't.   v.bt'h   waa ,ilf-
| Ml to ibi I roera at  ihe u*.
?��� .*. Leon, on lhe eih day ol
. lueni   taxei   ui.  Uil   Juiu<
���    ' ; b< Lipeet  ptiojB  "|m���� th*'
' which im looee ttu amount
oel   at tee time  of lor-
Hi'in.wul.   ,i,t,;..'    lam   which   liave   MDOO
'��� -   ..    and t.-. loi Crown
* i.i. h th Ute loaat amount
I ..   i tender.
niimi   u-  accompanied    hy   a��
till   lull   a uiil   Of UlO M'U
..,,:  He   Daputy  Qpm
.'  " Un      and Unrka.el Victoria, lit..
��� *. Ml
I kwu N,      .  i, ,    u i, uthdei oi Ool ,,����.
I.   M   I.   *    W  l.i'.ll 1 .
iMiveiumeiii agent.
|Ttndtrs Wanted ior the Purchase oi a
Mineral Claim.
���'*"-. ... ii,.'   undersigned   at   hi"
i. ihe.-|ly of   Nelaon.
'   ��H Hli nil Hi-   hour ol '.o'clock,   tu
'* ���""nn.on. ..I I rtdey, Nov.    IMIi,   imfl.  lor tin*
',   'll1" "'   ���!���'   "Hadger"   Mineral   t'laltn.   Lot
���Uih/s.1!   ���k""1' ;'"��    1'u.tiii'l.   whleli   waa tie
1 "i 1   In the  'Town   at   the   io
,:,  '    ' �����! Nelion.on   tbe ekh   nay
Kith la.\: , '  ,lt,liii��(��eui   inxea   up till   June
B'mS T1 ���   I >�� upeei prloo upon tbo
Sd.ii ."^V |R""   wliittli Include*   tl.e.iinouul
i,     "'-'""v.   i    ���    iiduoeteol ii.e time ol for.
,-,,.,,',.,* ; '��� vi ������ t... i.   liXOl   Mhleli   have   UBOO
;��� ".���'-."..u.-iiiMiiK,aml  lee  lorlrowu
iau��        " ,M '"��� ��'������<���> ii tea Seal amount
U, hi ", J;,0ll,l,lered M a t.'tnler.
������'.'..��� '������..',,,i.:.; ���i"-:���s;:,"S,.:7.r
'���"1''"lSll�� B.I   thi, Ulli day olOi-l., IKS.
11 MHO   �� IUl.HI ,
llovi.rllliii.nl   ., . nl
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Min T,i! Chim.
"sililrpH,, , ,
"i"*, hi,11^.".'���""'"" ' i" U"' '.nili.rMiKiH.il al hi.
"lib, ������.���'""" Il""�� . in iliu rnv nl Ni.l.i.n.
""���Iii'iiu.i i, ,'i1' "" U"' li<'iir nl I. i.vii.i.k In
f��"ii.��,.���i ".'"I'm,i���i. NclMh, iihii. tor ii..-
"''ii'iiiil I ."""""rl'" Mlm-rsl I'lallii. I."I
,l,:' ll.. ii, I"",   ""!   "I'lrua. wlili'l.  wa�� it
"'"���-I in n ''""' '"'in' osewaatta. is.
*"". io, , ,"> "I NiiiHiin, ,.ii iho .mi .my
''l>lmi,     -1''1 '���".no.tt ism up till Jan.
"I'I u
i in. aps.1 prlei utmu tin
��i lii.li  liii-lii.ltis llir aim.mil
ma I-...!,, nt ih.   time u( lor>
1     'ii *�����>   Hllll-I.    llHVII   SlIMUl
��� ' ll.In.. Hint tun lor Grown
"llll'll I. till,  l.-MKt  I. 1,1. ... 1.1
im loil   by    an
.11    lllll.iM.ll   ol th.- tl.ll
-  I'-r  ot  tin.   I i.i.uty  Clin-
���J*' ' '"'I Works, si VliiLorla, ��.<!..
""ii. U. v., ihls nn, d.y of Ool. mr).
uuvarumuut Af .nt.
...'���',';'' ":'"i"'"';,!:'V''"* '
������I'nlnn" Mineral tlaliu nltnate In tht* Nclanu
V-ining IM\ icloii, of ibe Wool  IvouU-iia)  DiHtrict.
tthrn' iif��:"'l on Toad Mountain two and a
bait mile*, trom  Nel����>n,  H   C.
I rah' nolle- tbel 1. W. A. Macdonald, actlni ai
succiil for Mutrti Hulherlaud, Free Mlurr'i r.ei-
Itnoau- No Bi;..ort*. inteiel wi dayn Iroin tbe date
hi-rt-ol, io ai'i't) |o the Mttilii|{ Kvcorder lor a
OrllncaU-of Improvemeuta. for tbe i*urpo*�� > (
obtalM  ' .  a ( r.ivt h       -..v:   of   tbe  above claim
And liirlhcr lake notior that artiou, utiiler
Si-i tt'.n .rj,   tjiiint   hi    i-oinineliee<l   t^ lore   the  la-
��� 11. i. Gerttflooee of IsBBroveaeerBta
l>al��4 ll.ln itr,i ,1a. ol MriiietnU i, A   l�� , lWrT
W   A. MAt:iX)NAU>
Certificate  of Improvements,
"RlB Hope Krertiou ' Mineral rialm. nltuetc
In tbe Trout ..akc Mininit 1'ivit.ion, ot Wpat
KiMit.-tiay I'lntrlcl, lxa-ali-il on Poplar creek.
Take uoliee that 1. i . 1'adley Free Miner*
Certificate No Kn.h'. inn-lid mi deyr* Iroto the
��� late hereof to apply lo the Mining Keeonli r lor
a rertlti.-alc ol I in j.re vein, lit* lor IM' ptirpniH' o[
nbtainttiK a Crown i.rant ol the above Claim.
And further lake DOUOO thai action under
teetloO :n. mun U*' e.i nunc need la* lore Ibtj
laiuenee oi nuch Certificate of luinrovcmcitu.
bmted iblK Mb day of October. 19U7.
0   1'AIU.KY.
i the matter of an BJIpUpotlOP for Ihe Imue of
ipltootO Cerllfleate ol Title ft>r |mrt (*.i BOfto)
ot B12. (iroupolic, 111 the Plain. I of Koolenaj
mice it. hereby ole* n ibai u u my  uiteniiou
MU1 at lhe ciplrallon ol one intuilh ftolu lhe
. puhloalloii hereof  odnpllao.10  Ol  ihe  Cei
a). ..( i Itle for Ihe ebuve lan.lh in lhe name
tnlrew Morriiton, h hlch Cerllfleate ol Title
nted the  Mb   day   "I Minh, 1��UU.  and   tiinn-
.1 atatK
ind KeKUdry (.ifth't. Nelnou, ll C .(viilemlKT
���M   h   Ma. l.B*m."
Dlntrlel  I.. .,���  ; in i
In the mailer of U) OBBlteeUoa (Of thi- tBBMOj
��� llil'lli.atei ol the   i  ���������nr,   ,.'. ���  ..!    1 ill.- to   -I.I
II Htni iB.fftmp 1, wool Kooteaoy Dletrlot. oloo
known an ihe "Koetcuay chief," "Comlort'' and
������|,uiu" ininernl Oleini re��|-cctlvtdy.
N..!iie ia berebj Blvon ihm n if my intidiiioii
to iHHiie al tbe ei|>lriil|oii of one moulli aftertb*
llrr-l publication hereof a dunllcalc ol c.-itifleate
of TlUo no UqUoI an undivided hi iouiIih in
each of the itl'ovi- lobs, hjaood on the ITih day of
May. A 1��. UH m the Ofttneol .lobnc. A inn worth,
ami alNo a dii|>Ilentc ol CeiltOcatr of Title No.
l-ltima of nn undivided 11' Itmth* in each of the
above lola, huncd oil the ITIh dn\ of Mt.v, A. I>
lHHfl.lu   lhe name ol '.eto-fte .1   A llin worth.
I.and  1.1,'i-in Ullbc, Nilaon, H. C-, AukDhI IHh
H. V. Mai LOOP,"
I'I   -II   l.   I    I-.   (Tlr-ltMl   .
In tho metier ol an ��� p-- ation lor tha i> ��� -i.- of
ii -hiplii-iiit i-i the C< i lillcatir of Tlllelor lot XI.
and ihe welt hall of lot ji, block ill. in the Town
nf Nelaon.
Notice in hereby Riven that it Ii my intention
to Inhuc al Ihe en pi rat Ion <���! one moulli iifler the
iii' i onblloBtloD bereol >��� duplloote of theccrtiii
calo of   Dili'lot  (he above liindn, III the   name ot
l.ydia HhleldH. which certltlcHte b. diited the Vint
day of I'eicmbwr, U*KI, and iiuin l��*tc.l :umi a.
"II   K. MacLkoi.."
Dtitrlet KeglHtrar,
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and AmendmenU thereto,
In the tn ii it i'i ol in application lor the ltomc o(
iv .Itipllcaleof the fettlflcale of Title lor l "l-
aai. ntB, anil atiKi,   (.roup 1. Kootenay   District
MoUoe i" berebj riven ihm n in my Intention
to Ironic nl the cxjdniHoi) id one uionlb (mm lhe
Ural pnhllcallon hereof a duplicate Corttfii mc ol
Tlili-io tbeebovi-d��Hctihcdiemu, Inthonetnool
.Iiiuicn Uodet Ick Itohcrthoii, Whlldi OortlflOAte In
dated lhe mh day ol Aiiriihi, lHim, ,,n ��� m tium-
bored HIK'-k,"
laHttd Keolitry Ofloa, Nuinon, lie, nut ol
Ammt, lwn. it. K. M A.i.noi���,
luetrict HeKliirer.
First Word of Relation, of Church and
State���Services in City
Churches Tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be the Twenty third
Sunday arter Trinity. No holy days occur during the following week. Th e
gospel for the day contains St. Mut-
thew'B account of the attempt of the
Pharisees to entangle Christ with his
civil authorities by the question, "Is it
lawful to give tribute unto CaeBar?"
The answer "Render unto Caesar the
things that are CaeBar's, and unio God
tlie things that are God'a" Bilenced the
casuists who put the question, and It
also contains a lesson for all time.
Caesar stood to the .lews of the time of
Christ as the embodiment of constituted civil authority, whom they were
bidden to obey In all things within the
province of lawfully constituted earthly rulers to command. The early Christians, as the records of the first centuries show, fatlthfully obeyed the com-
miind. They would not because they
could not. worship the gods their Roman rulers were already neglecting, but
In all matters t"-'rtalnlng to their duty
as subjects of the Roman emperor,
i-v.-n lu respect of military service,
they were no less obedient than their
pagan fi'llow-Bubjects. Authority of
earthly rulers, however. Is uarthborn, it
Is the creation of a race or nationality,
derived from the iieople and dependent
upon its consent, willing or compelled.
Kvery attempt to ally the authority of
the Heavenly with that of the temporal ruler, by whatever church or religious body attempted, Greek, Alexandrine, Roman. Anglican or Puritan has
involved disaster to the state and at
least danger to the church.
The following semces are announced
for tomorrow ln the churches of Nel
Church of Enflsnd���St Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica street
Twenty-third Sunday ofter Tr inlty. holy
cuiiiiiiunliin 8 a. m.; morning prayer
and holy communion. 11 a. m ; Sunday
School. 2.30 p. m.; evensong 7.30 p. m.
Rev   F. H. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Marr Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass, Ham.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening Bernca. 7:30 p. m
Rev   Father AlthoC. priest
Presbyterian church���St Paul's, cor
oer of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m ; Sunday
school, 2.30 p. m.; evening service,
7:30 p. rn. Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
J.is.-phino streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:31 p. m.; Sun
day school. 2:30 p iu Rev. R N.
Powell,  pastor.
BsptUt church���Stanley street, nesr
Mill: Morning service. 11 a. m.; even
Ing service, 7:30 p. in : Sunday school,
2 30 p  n>.    Rev. C. Padley.
Salvation Army���Barraxras on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. in ; holiness meeting, li a. m : a
praise meeting st S p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
*10 DOWN
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. Tou
don't have to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put It Into development We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fmitvale you
miss tbe best tn B. C.
Kootenay  Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
VV.   a.   QIUUETT
Contmctor*   and
Bole agent lor tbe i'orto Klco Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retell yardi. Rough end dresstid lumber, turned
work and bracket*. Coait lath and nhlnglLi, aaib
and door*. Cement, brick and lime (or aale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and lector?: Vernon Bt.. eaetof Hall
P. O   Hox 2B2. Telephone .7*
The annual meeting of the Nelson
Agricultural and Industrial Association
will be held in the Court House, Front
Street, Nelson, on Thursday, November
7, at 2 p. in.
Nelson, Oct. 26, 1907.
Bishop of  London   Found  Church  More
Democratic  and   United.
London, Nov. 2.���The bishop of London in his sermon Sunday at the Church
of thu Holy Trinity said there were
Hvveral lessons he had brought back
from America.
"There Is far greater generosity, love
aud trust betwovu diffcrt'ut Uniles of
Christians and between schools of
thought in tht* saint: church in America
than here in Kngland." said Dr. lugram.
"It waB going into another atmoBphere
to pass from the wrangleB of Croat
Britain into an atmosphere where they
era unknown. It was a great lesson to
lit- present af the gem-rul convention of
the churches of the Cnlted States, highly instructive to see a millionaire from
WhII street silting side by side with u
working man. both representing New
York.    It was true democracy.
"There are no parlor cars in the
American  church.
"And then, what services we had out
there. Talk of lively services. Talk of
merhunlcal ritual. Why, 1 have beard
the rafters shake with praise, and there
was no sneaking home afterward, dis-
plrited  and  discouraged."	
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Tremont House
JEuropem and American Flan
Maala 86 cu.   Room.! from 'Jt eta. to 91*
omy watte Ueip employed.
Bat* r Bt.. Neieon Proprteton
Most comfortable quarters      Nelson!
Only the best of Liquors aud Cigars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thororifrbly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the clt3'.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Rous.
and Postofflce. Nelson, B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity end
Heated by Hoi Air
_ ojad Comfortable Bedroomi and Pint-
jnlDg Boom.   Sample Booma for Commer-
MBS.  K.  C.CLARKK.  Proprletreoi
Bartlett   House
Best Dolkr-a-Day House is Nelson.
Tbe Bar li the Flneet.
White Help Only Employed.
JoeephlDe St.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and li.no a Day.
Bpeoial Rates to Recrnlar Boarders
The Silver Grill hao opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The beet 35 cent
meal In the city.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tender* addreried to the undenleticd at hU
office lu Ihe Court Houie, ln the City ol
Ntlwii, wilt be received up till the
hour oi IS o'elork. In the afternoon, of Frl
day, November lit, 1007, for the jrareheie of
lhe "Anne" Mineral Claim, Lot KSBo, Group 1,
Kootenay in-triet. which wai -let-lured t�� be
forfeited to the Crown at the tax aale held in the
City ol Nelson, on the 6tb day nt November. 1906,
for delinquent  laxei  up till June 90th, 1W5, and
Tbe upset price upon the Bald mineral rlalm,
which tueluderi the amount of uYltixiuent tase-
aud coin al the time of forfeiture, with lntereit,
lit \ en Wli let:  tu. \ i ��� Mliee   KferlU'il,   COlt   Of   adver-
'.i.-iiiK. and fee for Crown (-rant (92&.O0.) l*ir2i.7U,
which lr. tbe leant amouut that will be considered
nn a tender
Bach tender rail it be accompanied by an ee-
������' pi'-l cheque for tbe full amount ol the tender,
pri\riii|f totheorderof the Deputy Commi����loner
.if l.i.ii-1- mi 1 Work*, at Victoria, B.C., at par-
Dated at Notion, B.C., thi* .nth day of Sept.
Government Agent, Nvlion, B.C.
Certificate   of   Improvements
"MnntrMl1' and 'MleobtO1* Mineral ('lalmniltu.
ate lu the Neliou MluiUK Dtvlilon, of Weit
KiMitenay Dlnrlet.
Where located : Went branch of north fork of
sal in "ii river, on CniiK Muuniatn, about nine
mllea from Krlc, H. V.
Tako notice thai I, Alfred Krneittiallupe, Free
Mluer'i cerlllleate No. BM9, Intend, itxty dayi
from the date bereol, to apply to the MtnkiiK
Recorder for a Certificate ol Improvement*, tor
lhe purpoii of obtaining Crowa. Granti ol thu
above uln i tit-
Aud flintier take notlre that action, under
lecllon S7. m nm be commenced be lore the Iimu-
an- e of nob Certificate of improvement*.
I'Hi-'l thin i-'ih day of Meptember, 1W7.
No. 810.
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
"Companiki Act, 1897."
I hereby certify that lhe "Falli Creek Copper
MiiiinK Compauy, Llmitoa," hai tbli day been
rcglitered aa au Kxtra-l'rovlnelal Compauy un
tier the "Companlei |AtU. 1897," to carry out nr
���'ffeel all or any of the object* of tbe Company
to which the legislative authority ol the Leuii-
lature of Hrllt��h Columljla exleudit
Thf lieatl office of ttie Conu.auy in innate at
lhe City ol Hpuxaue, Stale ol Washington, U.K.A.
Tbe amount ot the capital of tbe Company 1*
one million live hundred thousand dollari,
divided mi" one million live hundred thouiand
shares of one dollar each.
The head office of the Compiuv in this Province is illuale at Nelson, and Michael C Mou-
sehau. Miner, whole address Is thu mi me. lithe
attorney ol lhe Company
The time ol tbe existence uf tbe Company In
fifty years from lhe 16th March, 1907.
The Company ii ipecially limited under iee-
llon fifi of ihe above Ael
Given under my hand laud seal of office at
Victoria, 1'ruvllice ��f Krltlih Columbia, this lHb
dav of May, one thouiaud nine huntlrt'd aud
it. I.) f��. Y. WOOTTON.
Keglitrar ol Joint Stock Companies.
Lake Frontage  Subdivisions
We have been instructed to ofTer
for sale the follorlng properties having first claBH frontage on the west
arm of Kootenay Lake and within
easy reach of Nelson. There Is
plenty of water on the property and
railway and Bteamboat communication   with  Kelson.
1. 8 acres of level fruit land, f500.
2. 50  acres adjoining the  above,
    $45  per acre.
3. 93 acres $24 per acre.
4. 82  acres,   price $2500.
5. iny, acres with two-storey bouse
and   outbuildings 12250.
H. & M. BIRT \|
A great many sales have been made of lots In this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few hest lots are lelt.
��� T        agen/neITon c^l>P*'^OVEMENTC��:
Are in a class by themselves. Large, level benches.
Magnificent soil. Unexcelled transportation facilities.    NO ISOLATION AT ROBSON.
For  Price and   particulars apply to
IVIcDermid & lYIcHardy
^T^USON, B. C^
7 rooms and bath, 50 ft. corner lot,
centrally located, one-half cash,
balance   on   terms $2100
5 rooms and bath���excellent repair,
electric light, water, sewer, 1 1-2....
Silver King  and  Granite Roads,  Kootenay, Salmon and Slocan Rivers,
Arrow and Kootenay Lakes, etc.
Carbonate  St.,  (26 ft.) * 150
Latimer SL, (50 ft.) fenced and cultivated $ 450
Park, near Vernon, (52 x 142 ft.)$ 600
Robson SL, (150 ft. oorner) $ 459
Fairvlew,   (4   lots)   cultivated, fine
view of lake, near car line.
Houston SL  (50 ft corner) % STE
Also building altes on Vernon and Baker
Streets. Hsaaaaaaasl
Real Estate Agent *1S Baker St, Nelaon. B. C
AND DEALERS IN   l*VBlBetf  dllULgieSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors* Windows.
Turned Work sand Bracket*.
Mail Orders promptly attended I
���   NBLaON, B. C /
Boots at Cost
You can buy boots and shoes at yr'ir own price.    The McLaren, Dallas
ami Marsh Boot reduced from $5.00 to $3.75.
Workiugmcn's Guiters from $1.95  tn $2.15, usual price $2.75 to $3.00.
411i , Ward Street. \|
A Shoemaker wanted to take over Shoemakin-g Department.
 1  at
Auction every Saturday evening.      Auctioneering at Pu\t��ng
lie Sales.    Cabinet work and upholstering, and all kinds of mat-lar
. ver
tresses made to order. sui-
���������-___^��� ���'������"���
try and
trn Bul-
��� tor-
-__-==___========__==s-a_ a,ly
1.CGREBI       F. r. BURrjES       A. H. Gr"*ni!l0"
.    Rus-
avil Englneas. Dominion and P treaties
Columbia Land Surreyors w from
5 Russo-
t. 0. Box 145   none 2.1 B, ur*
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Notice li hereby given thai the nniieralgued
tiave inbrnlttetl iu tlie Lieutenant Oovernor-ln-
' miiU'il a oroiHtiHl uutliT the prnTtiloui of the
������Rivera anil fllreami Aet," for clearing anil re-
"itivinic obitrni'Hotii Imm <Jo��.t Klver and Moa-
low t'reek.lu tin- DlHtrlet of W;i��t Kootenay. and
(or making the baine fit for rafting and* drlv
lug thereon logs, timber, lumber, riftiind crafti
nnd for erecting aud maintain Ing boonii for
holding, lortlug and delivering luKs and tlm W-r
hrought down aaid creek and river, and for at-
iit'-hiiig boom* to tho ihore of Bald, creek  and
l.ota its.;, M87, t.'.��.:, and iub lot.- 1, 0. ll. 13, 14 and
V' nf Lei r>i'j, i in.up 1, Kootenay Dlatrtet.
The tolla proiH'iud to be charged are inch ai
may be Axed by the Judge of the County Court
of Weit Kootenay
UatodSlat July. ltW7.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or ael] anything,
so to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Ooods now on sale.
All Undi of Dlnnerware In stock. Pat-
INELrSOlN,    -     B. C.
General  Job Work, Chimney I
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning ���tuves. ata. i..i..yed at tue
tl East Baker St        lite
i    i
' ���  -.' '-' ;l    -'J
' ' -��� '  -1
���   k I    ���
���  -i-'ff'.l
1   '  ;��� |yf! J
4 :.. '���! hi
r    j
'j'' i
i  i H
��.'   :iV, '"" 1
i   :
I    ;
;   i-: ;
The Daily Canadian
so nil busy people, we arc- sure we
can save both timo and money 1- t
you if you will come now and inspect the different lines of i;o-.��ls
-we are showing for the   Christmas
Selections will bo likely to prove
far more satisfactory if made now
Hum if left for your busiest days.
s^TtiHiNa . Watchmaker and Optician
And Belts
Fancy Chiffon and Silk
Collars with or without tabs
at, each, 50c, 75c., $1.00 to
New Elastic Beaded Belts.
New Leather aud Silk
Belts iu all colors.
See Us
For Good Fro it Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & 9k
Next Door to Hank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use mix Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
I        QUEEN
n p
I tics
Im'   Phone   9.
P.   O.   Box   672.
McDonald & Co.
floor o
Horns W;
which ���
,n v       WHOLESALE
Dealers in staple and fancy Grocerio-
Butter, Bggg.
Damp and Miners' SnppllM.
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
gum w,??'n.'n8 Worn a Specialty,
details.   Mr. t  Building.    P. O. Box 434
nf the minima;*.., NELSON, B. C.
Thu Boil H,iri Coal on tfte mar-
Iliinkhead tirl-
Tho Best Domeatto I oil.
West Transfer Co.
Ool*. Vernon   nnd Word Stre*at��.
C. P. Bell, t'ri'sinn;  W. W. Stewart,
Ottawa;   E. ll. Kidd, L. Bremer, T. A.
Trlniinl.il.  Miss  Ciirkliurn.  P,   K.  Small,
ll G. Small, a. .1. Burton, w. A. Allan.
I-'. <:. Robinson, Q. \V. Adams, .1. W.
t'ollis. Vancouver; W. D. Burk, Kolt
anee; P. Q. Fauquier, Needles; W. A.
Lawaon, Victoria; M, Salomon, B. P.
Pry. Montreal; C. O. Douglas, J. Mo
lieariiiiil, Toronto; .1. ll. Methal, Ottawa
The tourist hotel of Nelson,
corner of Stanley ami Victoria
streets. Two blocks from depot
F, L. Benson, W. C. Bowles, W. A.
Ulen, Q. Hill. Vancouver; i'. Lavllle,
London; F. Schneider, Winnipeg.
M. \V. McWhinney, K. .1. Mowatt ami
wife. it. ii. Fitzgerald, R. McPherson,
Trail; T. P, Hall, Slocan; .1. Sueeley,
Ctescent; D. Anderson, London; C. M.
Wallace, Parron; A. Burnell, R. Martin,
fteglna; .1. I.Lawrence, R,.Coatea,Montreal;  P. Larse id family, C. ll. Ron-
nark, A. II. Fryberg, F. Glade, W. Smith
anil family, N. Smtth, F, Reckash, Winnipeg; E. E. McArthur, salmo; A. F.
Reld, Miles  Ferry.
(!. Crowley, Castlegar; .1. Sersa, Yralr
ii Matthews, Salmo; J. Dler, Kaslo; F,
Hi���> Dorthe, Salmo; F. Smith, Mrs. W.
Montgomery, Calgary; L. it. Hutton,
Crescent;  P. Mi Donald, A. Pette, Phoe-
W. <;
,    Hams
P. Hay-
W. Cal
nix: A. Sutherland, Ainsworth
Hopkins and wife, Rugby; T.
mead, R. Parsons, Regina; D.
den, Elgin; B. Han. Slocan; T.
lii-lil, li. Reecaatle, Winnipeg.
W. McDonald, B*. P. Walton, Waldo;
L. McClure John, A. W. Gllston, 13-Mlle
.1 iv Brown ami wife, Vancouver; .1
Bennett, Cranbrook; .1. Turner and nif>-
0.   li.   Dean,    Sainton;    .1.  McCollIn,
Yinir;   ll   Cale, J.  Parrot,  Douglas;  c.
Illiirk,   W.   Daei-r.   tniaiva.
>on,W.  Bailer,    C
Phillips, ll   Phillips, Blue Bell; C. Weat,
R.  Harris. W. Phillips, Silver
Cameron. Silver King.
Notice is hereby given thai the nu-
deralgned have submitted to the l.leu-
I. nan. Cm. inrtrt in-Cuiilu-il a proposal
und. r the Rivers and Streams Act for
the clearing ami removing obstructions
frniii the Duhamel Creek (otherwise
known as six-Mile Creek] In the Dls-
trlot nl' West Kootenay, Province of
British Columbia, and for making the
said creek lit tor railing and driving
thereon logs, Umber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
Iho said creel:, and for cnisl ruel Ing
and maintaining booms for holding,
soiling and delivering iogH and limber
He-icon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the moulli of said
The lands to be affected hy such
wink are Lots Ts;. 788, 7801, 777:1, 4:1114.
mii and 8418 all In Group One, Kootenay District, ami otin-r lands not Crown
Granted, occupied or improved.
The tolls proposed io ho charged are
such   an  mny  be fixed   by the .Indge of
the  County   Court   of  West   Kootenay.
Haled   lhe  L'Kth   (lav  of October,   IIIII7.
Council   Meeting.
The regular fortnightly meeting ot
the city council will he hold in the
council chamber Monday evening at s
.   (   ink.
W.   H. A.'
The members of "the Woman's Hospl
lal Aid will meet In thu parlor of tin
Presbyterian church Monday af tern do
at 3 o'clock.
Funeral   of  Mrs. Gallup.
The funeral of Mrs. Gallup, whose
dtaih occurred at Hal lour yesterday
morning. wlU tako place from St. Paul's
Presbyterian church, Nelson, Monday
morning at  10 o'clock.
Methodist Services.
After the morning services in the
Methodist church tomoi row there will
be dispensed the sacra men t of the
Lord's supper, ln the evening Rev. K.
N. Powell will preach on "Ilarahhas or
o. o.
The filiation and installation meeting
of the Nelaon Nesl Order of Owls, was
held in Fraternity ball lust night. Nearly all the charter members were present. After the business was transacted
a social evening was spent,
Train   Delayed.
The Great Northern train which
should have reached Nelson early lis
morning arrived al !.l" p. m. The
whole delay was suffered at Summit
Biding, where the engine broke down
aud also got off the track. No one was
injured and beyond a delay of \'l hours
no damage was done.
-A   Western  Girl."
After an absence of two years Miss
Helene Scoit will be seen at the opera
house Monday evening next, in "A
Western Girl," supported by Joseph !><���
Stefan! and a capable company. Tin-
play portrays lite on the western plains
ami ihe situations are said to be humorous and pathetic. Tuesday evening
"The Egyptian of Pompeii'* will he presented.
The   McAuliffe  Company.
This company will he seen for the
for the first time in Nelson next Wednesday night, when "A Daughter of the
People" will be presented. The company has played lor several years In
the Maritime Provinces, and comes to
the west well recommended. The management claims thai it is necessary to
carry a carload of special machinery to
properly stage their pieces, and thai no
Local settings are used during the en*
gagement, a special feal ure is made
Of   the  electrical effects.
Charity   Bali.
J. J. Walker, who has taken charge
of arrangements for the bait to be
gives in aid of the funds of the Nelson
branch of the provincial Anti-Tuber
(miosis society, announces thai the ball
will be given in the armory ihe evening
of Friday, Nov. 29th. Mr. Walker fur-
ther announces that no invitations will
in-  issued  but   a  general Invitation is
extended lo the public of Nelson to
spend an enjoyable evening and at the
same time contribute to a worthy cause.
The best music available will be furnished, and refreshments will he suitably provided. In respect of dress the
dance will be Informal.
The  Howard  Company.
Another Rood house greeted the Howard company last evening on the occasion of the presentation of "A Gold
Mine." The piece has a simple plot,
hut Quite enough to sustain Interest
throughout. The principal character is
that of Silas K. Woolerul',. ;i California
miner and mine owner. This pari is
taken by Mr. Howard, and it must he
Confessed that in any one else's can
the role might prove uninteresting. Mr.
Howard gives It life. The other parts
are those usually employed to construct
a comedy drama. The laei that the
various members received generous applause f�� the best evidence "bat the
production     was     thoroughly    enjoyed.
Pure Ontario Honey.
5 lb. Tins,
}* A. IRVING & CO.
{Telephone 101.
Cleared,    cultivated,     planted
with   80   trees,  good   water,
first rate location, $700.
RAKSTD    ST ���
2 lbs. 25c.
\ 5c.  per lb.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
We nro slowing the largest and besl
line of tally cards tha' wi- have
ever inul. unci thai is saying n good
The firm we buy our Tally Cards
from loads tho world la the beauty and
originality of their designs, as well as
In tho extent of the line they put out
Yon don't have lu pay any fancy price
fur them either.
We can give yon some very noat artistic- cards for 15 cents a dozen, and
we have them at all prices from thai
up to 70 cents a dozen.
They are displayed  in our win.low.
W. G. Thomson
BBT>a,T?oKNIk'kKK "na   Nelson, B. C.
Phone ��**4.
Of electrical work finished and charged
for from  this shop  will  show  you  how
squarely and  bonorably  we conduct our
Those who employ us need not worry
about our charges and as to workmanship they know it Is the best.
Repairs to machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly  attended  to,
P. O. Hox 155. Phone 2i'7 a.
This   afternoon   tho   Howard   company
aro kIvIiik "The Aral.Inn Nights," and
the bill 1..1 tonight Is "Hello, Bill," snld
lo he a very funny comedy.
w. a. Lawaon, ot Victoria, arrived in
Nelson last night,
V. (I. Fauquier, of Needles, came In
lasl  hIkIii  and is al   Ihe lluiiie.
II. ('. Brlggs arrlver last nighl from
th.- ooasi and win leave tomorrow for
Kasi Kootenay.
Miss Annie Rath, who has spent pari
nl ihe woes with her sister, Mrs. Hamilton, win return to Roeiland tomorrow
W. C. Howies, niiccesHor lo II.  K. Mac
d ll.  as  C.  1'.  It.  divisional   general
freight  agent,  arrived  from  the  coasl
lust night
Hr. -I. II. Hamilton arrived from
Itevelsioke   last   rdghl   and   Is   spending
the   day   al   home.      He   leaves   for  the
north again tonight.
Capt. .1. c, (lore returned leal nlghl
from Victoria where he spent tin- last
week. While there he saw Mr. and
.Mrs. John A. Turner who sent greetings
to Nelson friends.
Pittsburg   Imports   Gold.
New York. Nov. li.���The engagement
rn' |EO0,000 Iii Kohl Iii London was announced by the I'lrni National Hank of
Pittsburg today, This Is said to ho lhe
first direct engag nl of gold for Import   hy   Pittsburg   hanks.
Relief for 8an Franeleco.
Francisco, Nov. 2.���Tho llnlled
government came to the assistance of the Hau Francisco hanks yealer*
day, announcing through a telegram
thut It had taken steps to expedite Iho
Wholi'snK: iiuii   Hi-lull Ikulerw in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price Nothing but  Creab and
Wholesome meat I and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
��� **r*.      'i        '��������**���
Sherman's ��ym House
Prices 26c, 60Ot 7*50.
Beats now on Bale at Rutherford's.
Monday, Nov. 4
Monday ���"A  Weatern Ctrl."
Tuesday���"The    I ���:.-���> pttan <>|" Pompeii."
Tour  ninhr  ile- direction  of   Harold
Nelaon and Clifford  Lane Bruce.
Trie. |  BOO,   7.V.   $1 00.
Wednesday, Nov* 6
McAuliffe Stock Co.
In   a   repertoire   of   High   Class   Playr*.
Wednesday,   November   6th
Price.:   25c,  50c,   75c ,.,,,
\II Kinds of Heating  Plants In  Stock.
Victoria St.. Nr. Oo.ira House.      Tel. 181.
LOS! \ I..U.V- I M IHU l.l.A Willi it.,I,I rlliim,.,l
IihikIIi. left at K r Hall. i.ii in.-!. .1 .-Mh
Sept. I lu.l.-r pl.-us. return ... Tinker'.. Km-
i.lovmciit Agjaaej mi'' i.-.-.-lvi- retiiiru.
TWO KIKKT-Ol.airt Kl.OMri, .t,.sm BSStad     An-
nlv h(.ii*i|.k..��>i,*>r. Hrrt nal, K. W. (I, blooK,
WAN'IKIi I i,. kfajarl lln��� Tics m I..- Kir, Tain
Bra.-k ..i I'm,, wi 1 Kin- ll chum aaob In the
-iiiiiii. all Kit.nl   timber      Apply   i.. Josoph
WANTr.n   BltnaUon br Vouny Scotsman (msr
n.-.ll w IIIIMK I., tackle anything,  <ijH-rlciieeil
III uniccry.  Mil nl   .1.1.11   li.i.lc      AiMicms
I), ll., Ilally l.'aiiiiillau Oltl.-e.
A   l'Alt'1'NKH   wllh I2.WKI to   [mrahssfl n  Irnlt
m.icli neur Nelson   A good .peculation   Inn.
II.T lice,I ll.lt In- it. lively ellKHKl-ll .in r.itich.
r.'t [..nil.-Ilium up,.ly T. (1   i'HOC'l KK,
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
Notice Is hereby (riven thai. Wilton A.
.Mill- r, of the town or Creaton, lumberman, linn heon appointed Iho new at.
lorncy or "Tho Klnnoy-Mlller Cedar
itnKiHtrar of Joint siock Companies,
victoria, liritisi. Columbia, October 27,
I (107.
shipment of coin to tbe Pacific count.
Thfl a.-lloi. wiih tbe roHiilt of an appeal
by  local  lltianclorH to Secretary  Corllo-
yon of the treasury department. A vimt
Bum, HItid to ho nearly $l7,'l(lli,llllll, in to
in- transferred hy the governmiiini for
lhe iiho of iho San Pranclsoo savings
banks. The government hau coin in
San Kranclsco to lhe amount of $;i-l,-
Chinaware Clearance Sale
This week wo have put lnu, Htocik
two liiiw or Itoyal Vienna China, , ,,,,,.
pletlng our X'mns Importation. Theno
me have pm in wiih the other Unas ut
th.- Clearance sale prices.
Specials   this   week   Ii.   Staples  T -
iiiera, regular price 11 .no per dos., at
willow   pattern  oupe ami saucers per
doi     $1.30
willow pattern platas per doz.      ,m
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Phone 81
���*.  A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON
l.t-ltnliiiik ,.,i.l Jobaalnsj L-.uci.i��tlMllli DMpatch.   Ml.uct M.i.. ,
Work.   Ml.i.nii n,.U  Mill Mnchln.ry.      Munulatljrar.i,l        '
����r��   s.'��,-m.   s*.  U.    Uontrautnra'   Cars.
rncr ot Hatl Slid
..tu Hire. I..
NELSON,    B. C.
that  Is fashionable and durable can bs
bought now at a price that it mra t, I
tempt  you.    Winter    styles   art basj
ahown.     Come  quick  and get the pick.
Shirts,   Coll.iri,   and   Cuffs galore.   M.j. I
lum   and   Heavy   Weight   Pajamj, in. |
Night  Shirts at proper price,.   Partita-
lar people will be pleased with our otler-
scribes, bring them    to the    Popular    Store.
Placet to have your prescription! filled.
But to have them properly and carefully
compounded    as    your    physician   pre-
Poole-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
linker and Josophlno Sts.
Wo would like to see nil our patrons comfortable thin winter find In ordnto
do so wo have in stock tho beat assorted lino of heating stoves and oooklsl
stoves and  ranges ever before presented to the public In Kootenay.
We would ho pleased lo sliuw you our lino and before making your pur-
chase kindiy see what wo have to aJTor.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelson Brsnrh.
You can always get what
you want in all kinds of House
Furnishings at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Ftirnittite Company
Complete House Furnl.hers and Undertaker..
Wo  make  n specialty "f '"'"
irnoils,  such  as
So that a vlsll to our store W
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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