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The Daily Canadian Aug 21, 1906

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 5-atli) (jfomahian
I.   No. 67.
Fifty Cents a Month
Chilean Officials Deal
Wi Prisoners
Icnuous Efforts to Repair Damages and Afford Relief
to Sufferers.
Aires,   Auk.   21.,   "���'���  n.   in
Isunilai  last, August 19, there ��tl
���second   convulsion   ai   Valparaiso
I,.!,   produced   a   lurlhi-r   lianif.     A
|.:n t.i    I    Santiago    today    an-
Incwl that  I'rofeasor    K.    Preet or
not  Illtzcu are proceeding
accompanied   b>    ihe
slss. interior and    of    war,
tperttae the relief work.
telegrams from  Saniigao  pub-
morning announce the
there    from     Valparaiso    of
in Gana after a terrible
iplished   partly   on  foot
horseback.    He confirms
:   threat   destruction  and
lotto issss  al   Valparaiso.    The
iai minister of    the    Interior re-
K ttit ilu- railroad from Tiltil  to
siklng  regularly but   lhal
nilll i" Santiago it is not work-
41 Oo Ina, Haiseo and Tiltil the
sail buildings   have  ull   lieen   ilini    Military  engineers  are   now
ring the  railroads and  telegraph
��� authorities at Valparaiso are or-
ting distributing centers where
and medicine will be served out
Ithe earthquake sufferers are dials . great patriotism and courage.
Jr.. parlies ssf convicts who escaped
su Chile have been cap-
t'll ssissl siitiiniiiiily dealt  with.    Up-
li'l.-. ssf 50 have  I n   publicly  shot.
Hi" public bodies in Chile.are co-
prating  in  the  relief  work  and  the
finn    the    disaster are  en-
ii    repairing    the      damaged
Bl-lngi  and  the  telegrnph   and  rail-
V I 8.    It is   reported    that    the
f il an   Kisverntuent   will   Introduce  at
Chilean eongren a bill providing
11.1  In paper notes. The pro)
I also proposes a ns'W tiatiisnal loan
"iistlile the govei'iinii'tit  to meet  all
rn rgenclM,
*���( 2:20 a, in   yesterday  there were
further cstnvulslons    at    short In
Santiago hut  (hey    did no
|mage    (ifriclal   ami    private corre-
sissies' arrived here yesterday Irom
FlpBraiso and other points north and
iili ol thiii point.
Santiago, Aug. 21.���Only now can
*' rlousnesa of tlie catastrophe be-
tu be appreciated. The majority of
houses are unsafe for habitation
J"i i" authorities huve organised a
���nciiil corps to guard the tottering
killings. It ls not safe lo walk in
I" streets owing to falling debris,
[aiulago resembles a camp. The pub-
I'' squares and the principal avenues
(re crowded with people Sleeping In
Mien All kinds of carriages and
p    have been requisitioned to sleep
'"  eveu  under them.
"s    nlghl or August    IC    wan    rem
Ireadful  by  lightning and   rain,
" electric enhles and wires enapplng
' �� result of the constant  movement
earth,    causing    the    greatest
nation,  which   was   heightened
"ie tolling of fire hells announcing
!" ahlng  out   of   llres   In   various
'i  the city.    Bftch  shock  was
Dunned   b>   walls   and   prayers   from
'"' l>"onle, who were kneeling lu the
11 I he  rirst  great     shock    lasted
minutes and Ml seconds.      Such    a
""'���'- shuck had never occurred before
1,1 ,('''  ntory of any one.    li caused
'" Mis of (he churches to swing In
11'is mepplei, and pictures swung out
"iss sin. wtills nnd (here wus a great
'"">'"    motion of the ground.
.' v '   say   that   the    only    thing
Fnicli snvtSd Santiago frotn complete
riiln sins ||,���| n���, motl__| was circular.
'"" principal shock was trom Valpn-
raise is, Santiago und Murlpellu. with
u�� 'viii, r m Llmaclie. The two last
mentioned towns were destroved, us
���w ��ero Qulllim, and l.laillul. Tho
���al',*""ui Hum the approach of tho
vnV WB" announced hy the na-
iiis ."''""""'"IT    at     Valparaiso   two
'U'lor  tsi  Its occurence    is    con-
tn, .
The news was published In the Ohll-
I'm i,ii, I,,., ������ vVednesdiiy. August   15,
" lay  before   the    earthiiuake    oc-
l",l"'1     Santiago  Is  still     practically
���,"""'   telegraphically, rrom all oth-
Parts  nf Chile, hut   an   Improvised
'' 'o lam Andes, province of Anoco-
gana, connecting with the European
cables, Ib working.
No really definite newi hai yet
been received here from Valparaiso,
excep tthe governor's official report
to the priBldent outlining the situation
and adding that he earnestly requests
reinforcements o troops, which today
were sent to him by forced marches.
The governor says that the only illumination of Valparaiso Is thai furnished by burning buildings. Then' Is n
terrible scarcity or drinking water and
dificnity is experienced in burying the
b idles s.i ii,,. dead, adding to the panic
prevailing. The authorities of Valparaiso have also to contend with serious difficulties in succoring the
wounded, owing to the tact thai all
lbe drug stores apparently were de-
slroyi'tl. ond ilial some time elapsed
before medical supples rrom other
places reached tbe stricken city.
The slate of nrralrs existing ni Valparaiso funllSh-S n serious oulionk
for Banttago, since many of the homeless people, at the former place win
probably make iheir way here and
there is nm sufficient accommodation
and rood In this city ror the destitute
people or Santiago.   The lighting ami
lie! question ls ulso gelling more serl
mis here, since no coal can be brought
to BantiagO owing in the railroad being damaged north and south ol this
The uncertainty as to what Is occurring elsewhere In Chile and lhe almost complete Isolatbsn of Sniitiago.
combined with (he continuing earth'
qiiakeR, render Ihe people almost desperate. As the oorrespondenl closes
'hi- dlspat-h another slight shock
made (he building In which he was
working tremble lo Its Inundation.
Explodes  the  Whole  Story.
London, Aug. 21.���The cable dia-
patches received by English rirms interested in Chilean trade continue to
minimise the damage done to the business section ol Valparaiso. Thus rar
uo English rirms have suffered any
heavy loss to their business premises.
Some of the buildings were damaged
but none of them were destroyed.
Duncan Fox A: ,.0. are In receipt of
tlie following cable dispatch rrom Valparaiso:
"The earthquake caisel little damage beyond Ulan, Eartnouakes and
ires have ceased. The militia control
is perfect. Every effort ls being made
to resume work as soon as posslhu
Banks will   reopen  today.
Another London firm having a
branch house In Chile has received
the following: "Santiago dnmage Is
bul   trifling."
The hanking ririn of Muth & Co.. an
important Importing house or Velpa
ralso, have received the rollowlng
from lhat jtoint. apparently filed there
"The town from Victoria square
cast to Brail] avenue is completely
destroyed. The commercial portion
suffered less. Ii is premature to es-
tiliials- tin- damage done. A rough estimate places the number of killed at
over .000. In our estimate on the
damage done hy the earthquake here
exceeds the damage done by   the  fire.
Santiago has apparently suffered much
Private cable dispatches from Valparaiso say:
All the steamers on ihe ooasl are
Still  Other Cities.
Uma.   IVru.  Aug.    21��� There    was
another heavj  earthquake   al    Valparaiso lasi night   According to the latest  reitorts  received    here    from    tilt
scene or tlie earthquake the town ot
(jullloia, situated about 16 inilua from
Valparaiso antl bnvlng a population '-i
some iu,non people is   completely de
stroyed.   At Lima ibis mor g th-ru
waB a sllghi shock, and the city waa
shaken  by au earthquake yesierday.
Santiago, Aug. 21.���The report of
llle governor Valparaiso informed the
president that he has ordered the con-
struclioli of Bheds on Itrazll avenue lu
order to shelter lhe homeless families.
lie estimated that the quantity of provisions ou the wharves anil stock on
hand would be sufficient to last a
month. He calculated that iwo weeks
must elapse before traffic will he restored on' some of tlie streets.
A dispatch received here from 1.1
lllltch says thut lull bodies tilers' re
main iinburied ami thai the authorities
have only been able to bury .uu. ��� The
villages of San Francisco und l.imaidi"
have been totally destroyed. Including
lhe hnspitals, churches and nil the
public buildings. The strain on the
Itllthurllles became eased today on ue
couiii of tlie tact that telegraph aud
telephone   oommuuloatlon   was   re-es
Inblislietl between Valparaiso antl San
Hugo. In enabling the governor of \ al
paralso to consult al length with the
authorities here. .Nothing definite up
pears to be known regarding the num
ber ol people who lost their lives us a
result ol' ihe earthquake und rirus al
The authorities there only mention
having taken Gil bodies rrom tlie ruins
People wiio have arrived here from
Valparaiso, however. confirm tlie
alrmlng reports td the extent of lhe
catastrophe, hut they declare that the
local authorities have tuken tin' most
energetic measures to prevent piling'
Ing or robbing, being shot on llie spot.
The people arriving here estimate
that s^ pet cent, of the buildings in the
Terreuioie district huve been destroyed
bs lire. All reports agree ill saying
thai lbe Aliuendrlii and the southern
districts of Valparaiso suffered the
most severely. According to some ot
the reports Valparaiso may he said to
have been totally destroyed, it being
ascertained thai nearly ull lbe houses
which remained slnnding have been sti
shaken by tremors thut they musl bu
pulled down.    .
One of the   travelers   who   arrived
here today sayB that more than 30(
persons were killed ln that part ol
Valparaiso known as the "Port," and
lhat SOO persons were Injured there
But it is Impossible to verity his state
Martial la wcontinues at Valparaiso
An arr.bulanc ctraln left here today foi
\ alparalso. having on board a large
supply or medicines, provisions, etc..
and a detachment of medical students
Supplies of food and medicines have
also been sent lo other afflicted towns
Preparations are being made to re
sum ei ratling on llie stock exchange
and the principal financial houses are
Inking steps to guard against rinanelai
panic. In the midst or so much dls
tress a laughable Incident occurred. A
detachment or carbineers while on Its
wny lo Valparaiso made a halt tor refreshments. While the cavalry were
dismounted their horses bolted toward
Valparaiso and the carbineers were
CompeUed to make their way to Ihe
city on fool or on any vehicle which
they were able to requisition at short
Harriman in Control.
Seattle, Wash., Aug. 18.���Harriman'.",
control or tin- Chicago, Milwaukee ������
St. Paul Is accepteb In Wall street
circles as n certainty. The details td
the transfer ol sufficient stock to give
Harriman absolute authority In the
road have not been fully worked oul,
but ln a general wa" they nre under
stosid. William Rockefeller, lhe lars-
esl simile holder ol St. Paul stock, ir,
agreeable to the plan antl this assures
iis success.
Saskatchewan Club.
Princ eAlberi. Sask., Aug. 21 ���
Prominent citizens here have formed a
club to be known as the Saskatchewan
club, incorporation (o he applied for at
next, silting of the legislature. The
club commences with a good member
ship and prospects, the necessary
quarters bavin, been obtained.
Chief  Jams   Proposes  Association   foi
Mutual  Assistance  and   Cn-op-
Chief \V. ft. Jams of the city police
(Qrcp if. t'luk'iivming io orsunize a police association for Kootenay for mil-
tuul assistant*,, which will render the
work in each city and disiriei caslei
and morq elTicient.
Seen Today, on the subject of the
invilaiioii to him to attend the convention of Canadian chief constables to
he held in Toronto next month, which
was read last night at the council
meetirm and referred to the police
commissioners, the chief remarked
that he bad no expectation and little
desire tu attend, He doubted whether
Hie experiences of Kastern chiefs
would he very helpful to Western policemen on account of the gfe&t
differences in conditions.
Tht* chief lien disclosed a project
he lias bei-n cursing for iwo years.
He BboWBd a Circular letter he bus
prepared t<> be sent to the chiefs of
the provincial police forces in each
district. The substance of the letter
is contained in the following sentences:
"I propose asking the chief of police of each city lu tbe Kootenays and
also the chief coustahles of the provincial police, lo attend a convention
here during the time of the fair In September, for the purpose or formint. an
association for mutual assistance iu
police matters.
���'I suijKfst that the first meeting
sliould take place here and afterward
periodically at such places as may be
agreed upon by those present.
"1 believe that such an assoeiaiion
would he of great help to the police in
the whole country.*'
The organisation of such an assocf'
ation aud QO-OperaUon among its mem'
hers, lhe chief points out, would, withoul any cosl, greatly reduce and expedite lhe work of all.
One of the most tedious and unsatisfactory tasks o il.e police in Kootenay
is that of keeping ttggfftl-U and sns-
pi eted characters on tlie move. I'tv
der the present condllions such persons ar-> merely sent from town to
town, and Nelson as llle center receives lhe largest. As it would defeat
the object of each city force, which is
merely to get rid of them, to give any
warning to lhe authorities (if the town
to which they are sent, no such warning is given, and tho cure is merely
Chief Jarvis proposes such co-operation anjong ���l'*' police, civic and provincial, of the county of Koolenuy, as
will make o man "known lo the police" In any one town or disiriei
known everywhere by appearance.
Character and record, and that (he
movements of all suspecls shall ho
promptly reported.
lie believes that any extra clerical
work involved In the ' undertaking of
such correspondence would be far
mott than compensated hy ihe great
reduction nf work in identifying nnd
locating  undesirable  visitors.
Tlie suggeHtion has been siilmillied
to Ihe chiefs i��f poller. ,,f several cities and has met with Iheir cordial an
On Duty For Officers of
British Warships
Is Sentence Imposed on Navigation
Officer and Commander of
Portsmouth, England, Aug. 21.���The
court-inartial which tried Captain
'1 nomas B. S. Adair and Lieutenant
James H. Dathan, respectively lhe
commander and navigating officer of
the British battleship Montague, which
went ashore on May 30 _, has reprimanded Captain Adair and dismissed
him from his ship and has severely
i*' priniander Lieutenant Dathan, dismissing him from hig ship and depriving him of two years' entry.
The verdict is regarded by all the
Loudon morning papers as just and as
Ueiug inevitable, hut great sympathy
is extended to Captain Adair and
Lieutenaail Dathan on account of the
-idmittediy fatiguing circumstances of
the case. They are considered to be
the victims of ill fortune rather than
carelessness. Bod were officers of
excellent record and the evidence
showed that they were tired out by 48
hours more or leas incessant duty.
Numerous suggestions are made as to
Uie outcome of the disaster to the
Montague, the first being that the fog
signal a-! Lundy appears to have Inadequate range, and into this the hoard
or trade inquiry will probably investigate. The second suggestion is one
that a single navigation officer on a
man-of-war is not sufficient. Captain
Adair's orders were to carry out important wireless experiments, and lhe
evidence showed that he was almost
constantly engaged in the wireless
ln some quarters it fs suggested
that the judgment is a concession to
the public disappointment over the loss
of the battleship, and the Standard
complains that the government has
taken the moment when the nation
has been deprived of a first-class battleship to still further cut the naval
Pique and Resignation.
Secretar of Slate Justice O'Farrell.
who was acting as secretary of the in
terlor, has resigned from the cabinet
This action was due to ptque, because
President Palma criticized him for not
being in close touch iwlh the insurrec
tionary movement and for not slrongl>
grasping the situation. This culminat
od in the appointment yesterday of
General Rafael Montalvo secretary of
public works to the dictatorship of lhe
military operations against the insur
City  School   Board  Requires  Non-Resident Pupils to Help Pay for Their
Education  in  Nelson.
The adjourned    regular   meeting ot
the board of school trustees was held
last night iu Dr. Arthur's office, those
presenl being Hr. Arthur, Ur. Hall, H.
3. Steel and F. W. Swannell. The minutes of tbe last meting were read and
approved. The salaries for August
ami small accounts totalling $5.55 were
ordered to be paid.
The salary of Miss Wade, the new
appointee of lhe teaching staff of the
public school, was fixed at $50 a
mouth, the minimum rigure.
Dr. Arthur reported recommending
$0 ami $'J for short and long terms respectively as lees for nonresident pu
pils, based on the per capita cost ot
education in the public school, exclusive of tlie government gram. Tbe report was adopted and Ibe fees for the
fall lerm. $<i. were made payaible to
Ihe principal on enrollment.
There being no other business the
board adjourned.
Edison's New Battery.
Montreal, Aug. 21.���The famous inventor, Thomas A. I.dlson, staled here
today that the perfection of his accu
tnlll a live storage battery may mean a
great deal to the Canadian West. He
adds that the battery can be applied
lo wheat harvest machinery and thoroughly believes harvesting will he operated in this way ln the near future.
Mr. Edison also believes that the electric fertilising process just discovered
by a German professor on the Rhine
will in the near future be successfully
applied to the worn out lands ln Eastern and Western Canada. Being asked
if he thought Marconi would span the
ocean with his wireless system he replied that the Italian would have succeeded ere now, but he went ahead
and got married, thus delaying the
trick, it will come, however, tn the
near future.
E-fforts to Float Manchuria Are So Far
a Failure.
Honolulu, Aug. 21.���The efforts to
float ihe Pacific Mail steamship Manchuria, which was stranded of Rabbit
island haivlng failed a cable may be
sent asking for tugs from San Francisco. Another attempt will be made
to haul the liner off the reef at high
tide today. The Manchuria lies unmoved and there is no immediate danger of her breaking up, but It fs believed it will be impossible to get her
from her present [Hisition. It is reported that the steamer is leaking and
thart the pumps are at work.
The steamship company made arrangements for accommodations for
the night at Waimanalo and the plantation managers threw oj>en their
homes lo many of the passengers. The
road io Honolulu from Wadmauola
over the mountains Is a difficult one
and has heen rendered much more so
by rains. It Is believed that the passengers will not arrive here before
Still Throwing Bombs.
Warsaw Aug. 21.���Cap   Golchew   of
Siedlice was killed and two policemen
were wounded today by the explosion
of a bomb al Giedlice.
Citizen    Suggest.   That   Cars    Might
Serve as Traveling  Letter  Boxes
for Collection.
A suggestion which merits consider-
iiiimi by lbe tramnvuy committee uf the
cily council has been made by a cltl-'
zen resident on the rar line. It is
lhat the tranicars shall bo eqnliiued
with letter boxes .for the mailing of
letters, and that Iheir contents bo
turned into the postoffice twice a day.
So far as known to the author of the
suggestion, Berlin, Germany, is the
only city where such a system Is now
in force. But that need not retard the
citizens of the progressive capital ot
It is pointed out that the cost of a
letter box on each car would be insig-
nilicaut and the extra work lnvposetl
on conductors practically nothing. All
letters for mailing must, of course, be
lully stamped. Clearing ut Lhe post
office need only be done twice a day.
nt li p. m. for the coast mail, and
rrotn the last car al nlghl for all
The street car service is dally be.
coming more popular in Nelsou, and
the parcel delivery system Is greatly
appreciated by the merchants. "Why,"
asiks the proposer of the performance
of another utility, "should they not be
used to carry letters to the post office
when the cost in time and money
would be trivial?"
The Inspiration of the suggestion
was utterly commonplace, and is probably a familiar experience to nearly
every married man ln Nelson. As told
by the mover:
"About 11) o'clock last night my wife
asked me if I were going down (own.
I said I was nol. She told nie lhal
she wanted a letter mailed lhal nlghl.
So 1 had lo go down although I hail
no olher object In going. As I went
n car passed me, and I thought, 'Now,
why couldn't the car carry my letter
and save me from walking half a mile
or more und bank?' "
The Rpheine. If adopted, would undoubtedly be widely Imitated antl
would spread lhe fanis' of Nelson ln n
way lhal would gladden the hearts of
the 20000 club toilers, and withoul
"It ls now "up lo" Aldermnn Amiable
nnd his colleagues of tho tramway
Strikers Offer to Submit Grievances to
Macon, On., Aug. 21.���All care of
Ihe Macon Hallway & Light company
were called In last night, the few men
and conductors who remain loyal to
the company finding It practically Impossible lo oporulo tho cars. Hundreds of people, the strike hands and
their sympathizers, paraded tho streets
rejoicing In the calling In of the cars.
There were several small riots, a
few peopln Injured, hut none seriously.
An exploding torpedo laid ou lhe track
by one of the strike sympathizers hit
1'ollco Officer Lavender   und    he was
taken home In an ambulance in a aeri-
OU6 ao_.dlt.on. The strikers ottered to
leave their ooatentlona with an arbitration committee and the company at
midnight agreed to this. Mayor
Brydget. Smith will Issue a proclamation today calling for the regular op-
"ruling of ihe cars, ln default of which
the franchise will be cancelled.
Valuable   Asset  of   France   In  Case   of
The ultimate fate of the grent Eiffel
tower in Paris has been ln doubt for
some time, but it is not likely now
that it will ever be pulled down, says
Winnipeg pajier, as the lease held by
the proprietors from the municipality
has been extended from 11110 to 1916,
and It Is unde'rstood that long before
the expiration of that period the |>er-
manent use of the structure will have
been determined. Whatever may be
decided, it Beem secrtain that the lofty
edifice in itself offers advantages
which It would be foolish to throw
away. To begin wllh, It Is a huge
lightning conductor, capable of guaranteeing a great part of I'aris against
damage by electricity. There are in
struments on top of it which register
all sorts of atmospherical impressions,
and give the local weather prophets
much valuable information. Moreover, it might be a valuable asset in
the national defense. If France were
at war on the eastern frontier her
armies might be directed from Its
summit. It would become the central
signal.-union from which all the wireless Instruments would be directed.
From it the head of the general staff
could direct the movements of every
army corps In the field. If Paris were
again besieged the Eiffel tower would
be the eyes and ears of the place, a
practically unassailable means of communication with the outer world. Even
If wireless communication were interrupted. It is said that visual signals
could be read 80 miles away, or as far
as Rouen.
Particulars of the  Recent Fire Which
Devoured Midway.
Special tn The Dally Canadian.)
Greenwood. Aug. 21.���It Is evident
tlial some burglar was responsible for
the fire which burned the townsite office, the pnsiofi'if,'. Ham & Co.'s
store and au empty building owned by
Norris in Midway Saturday morning.
About 2:-U o'clock several people were
awakened by a shot or explosion, but
could not locate it. Nearly an hour
later JameB Bush, one of those awakened, discovered the tire. It is supposed that some. blankets or other
goods placed on the safe when blown,
either caught lire or the burglar fired
the building in resentment for finding
little of value in the safe.  .
The po-toft'lee Is in Ham & Co.'s
store, but the safe is seldom ' locked
and Utile of value left In it. Friday
night the [mstinaxier'ss partner, liutt la
the building, inadvertently closed the
sale. It was ouly utter the fire waa
over and the ruins cold enough to explore Ihut the discovery was made
lhat the safe had been blown.
Later tn the day some articles ot
merchandise and some small matters
from the safe were found by the river
a half mile away. Hani & Co. owned
one of the store buildings the firm occupied, on which aiud their entire
stock they carried J2000 insurance.
The stock would Invoice about $6000
and their loss be over $-000.
The postoffice building carried $500
Insurance In the Western, and* was
owned by Mrs. Mary Munro.
Municipal  Light Pay*.
Calgary, Aug. 21.���The Calgary electric llghl plant Is a little more than
paying expenses at the present time,
ami long before the lirsl of the coming year sliould be paying handsomely.
Hy April 1 Ihe plaint was paying ordinary expenses. During the mouth of
June Ihe plant paid ordinary expenses
and aboul half of the charges upon Interesi and sinking fund.
This year, according to tho estimate
at preseut, which esiimute seems more
than likely lo be realized, the plauc
will pasy for ordinary expenses and
have qulle a neat little sum over alter
lhat. The business; being done is increasing rapidly. With the addition
of the new plant, which will be Installed ln a few weeks, the earning
capacity of Ihe planl will be doubled,
wlille the only additional expense outside of the coal aooount will be inti't-
esl und sinking fund.
Dauphin, Sask,. Aug. 21.���Oil li. free
quantities was struck on the farm of
11. 1'. Nicholson at lhe foot of the Riding mountain, south of litis place, last
week. Tlie quality of the oil Is goosl
antl Mr. Nicholson will organize u
company to further prospect. Pennsylvania oil men state it Ib the real
thing.        __j *..i(|iW
Varna Lenora McLeod, infant dangh
tor of .1. It. McI*od. of Hoover street.
tiled this afternoon. Funeral arrange
menis announced later.
Trustees Interview Hon.
R. F. Green
Chid Comissioner Expresses Approval of District's Request For
Better Facilities.
The trustees of the Hume school
took -.Wantage of the presence of the
chief commissioner of lands and worka
lu the city yesterday and waited on
him In the government buildings at 5
p. m. to present the case of their district for a new school to be built at
the expense of the government. While
the minister was noncommittal, the
matter not being directly connected
wlth his own department, his reply
was not unfavorable.
Messrs. G. Gilchrist and G. H. Playle
represented the district, E. A. Crease
the third member of the board, being
absent at the coast Mr. Gilchrist
briefly stated the requirements of tha
district, referring to the utterly unsatisfactory nature of the present accommodations, and to the steps that
were taken some time ago lo provide
new ones, including the acquisition of
building lots.
Mr. Green explained that in the
matter of school buildings the department of lands and works invariably
acts only on the recommendation of
the department of education. He was
not ln a position to make any definite1
promises nor even lo explain the poat.
pouemeut of the decision to build.
But be assured Messrs. Gilchrist and
l'tayle that be would oommuni-aste at
once with the minister of education,
Hon. F. J. Fulton, and secure for them
at least an early and definite reply.
The trustese thanked him and withdrew.
Later, to a representative of Tha
Dally Canadian, Mr. Green said:
"While I could not make a definite
promise on behalf of a department
other than my own, without consulta.
tion wllh the head of that department,
"l may say that, personally, 1 am la
favor of building the school at once.
"1 really don't know why it haa
been deferred; I presume that the tenders, or some of them, were too high,
or otherwise unacceptable. AU the departments of the government exercise
the strictest economy.
"But I quite appreciate the situation.
The residents of Hume district really
need a new school building, and 1
think, under the circumstances, they
are entitled to have it built for them
by the government.
"I have no doubt thnt it will ba
done within a very short time."
Mr. Green left for Kaslo this morn
Brave Workmen   Risked   Their
to Save Their Fellows.
Pittsburg, Aug. 21.���Three men are
dead, two are in a serious condition
and nine others were rendered unconscious by a blowout of accumulated
gas today at the Eliza furnaces of the
Jones & Lauglilin Sleel company at
Soho, this city. The dead are: Geo.
iMursley, Andre wMarsley and Michael
The men were engaged ln dumping
ore Into the furnace from the top
top when there was an explosion of
accumuluted gas. The flames enveloped
Andrew Marsley and he fell over unconscious. His brother George went
to his assistance, but he, too, was
overcome and Michael Boise, who followed him, was also rendered Insensible. In spite ot their realization that
the same fate awaited them, each of
the eleven meu remaining attempted
to succor those first attacked, and every one in his turn v.'as overcome. By
this time notice ot the accident had
reached the workmon below and the
gas was shut off. The men were then
rescued and taken to the Companions'
Emergency hospital. The three named
died. The others were promptly re-
Bucltated but only two. John Marsley
ami George Olu, were able to go U>
their homes.
Another Steamer Ashore.
Duluth Minn. Aug. 21.���The steamer
Frank 11. Peavey of Iho Peavey Steamship company, one of the largest of
the Inland freighters, is ashore at
Gooseberry river, on the north shore,
ahout HO miles from Duluth. The tug
Edna has gone from Two Harbors to
her assistance.
���'   ;
���mi The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, pints per dc*., $1.00
Crown Gem Jars, Qu��rt8p-.d��., 1.25
Crown Gem Jars, tMGai.p_eto_,, 1.50
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V'Mit ltqiiireiiientH at these Imv prices
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Baker St., Nelaon, a. c.
tubr��rriptlon ratf��. xi oeUU a molitti dellrert-d
tu itif city, or ifluQO i year if eeni t*y mail, ���**��*�����
i -.'.J. is ��� i ��� ������'.
Ad vert ni uk rate*- nu application.
All iDuniaa paid In Kttlement ol Toe Dally
Canadian accounts, triih*-: foi mot riptiom oi
���drtrtmij-c, mu��t t-�� receipted tot��� >�� tbe printed
forini oi the Company,  other recelpti nre doI
AUOUST   31, i��*jft.
������ By nnf word we are aometim*-** Judged lo be
win io . (.t one w.ri ...metlru- t, judged to be
/ooiuh i*i ui Uierefore bt .������.Mui wna; we
ln announcing in its Issue uf Sunday
th* uns-aiing by thf election court oi
tho Hun.  W. S   Fielding, finance minister of   Canada,    our    contemporary
breuka into a rhapsody over this greal ���
and good man, and of tbe unsmircbed  \
record ol hiin who in this case i.-> made  j
tu Bntfer in consequence of the "undue '
zeal'   ior political  parti]   of Ins India*
crtet supporter:;.    To  those  irtw have  [
r-sKid the said editorial and who have
followed the record of the Finance mln-  j
lster, it  will not   be B   mftttei  of surprise that we are nut able tu take the
view uf our contemporary of that po*
Uticaj   record  and Of  him   who is  the j
object of that rhapsody.    Our view  la,
however, entirely consistent  with  the
facts of the cas>_\
Onr readers will doubtless remembei
that a convention was held i:i Ottawa
iu 1903 which was attended by hundreds of protnlnenl Liberals from all
pa rth of Canada, Mr. Fielding iiichul
ed, at which various principles wei
enunciated as the fundamental principles of that party. Tiny are doubtless familiar with them, as they have
frequently appeared In print. And the
question will naturally occur to any
one who now recalls the resolutions
which were then passed, aud the Inter
veniug record of the government representing those who passed them, Is
there one, and if so. which one, of tbe
foundatlun principles then enunciated,
uf the resolutions men passed, to
which that party, or the government
representing it, has since that time
paid the respect of recognition ajid
obedience in the 10 years during which
they have been in power? The only
reply which we can make to this
question���and winch we now make,
subject to correction ii we are In error���is that each one of them has
been repeatedly, constantly and flagrantly violated, No effort, and latterly scarcely any pretence, has been
made to show that affairs of the country have been carried on by ihis Liberal government���the government of
which this finance minister wax a
member���in accordance with the principle! then enunciated. On the contrary, the government baa even gloried
in so doing. Is this a commendable
record ?
��� **���.*
As editor of the Halifax Chronicle,
the chief organ of that party iu the
province of Nova Scotia. Mr. Fielding
came Into prominence In the easly
confederation era as an anti-confederate, advocating annexation to tlie
United states as preferable to confederation for that province. Becoming
leader of his party and premier of the
legislative assembly, he managed to
secure control for his party of the local machinery, and hy padded voters
lists he and his party have retained
power in that province almost continuously until the present time. We
Inow whereof we write and the means
used by the Liberal party In retaining
power. The result may show "smartness"; the means used must have
been base. In the early 'Sua he and
bis party were sturdy advocates ot
commercial/ union with the United
States, of a fiscal policy which at the
least would discriminate against the
empire and would have resulted In the
annexation of Canada to the Cnited
States, as the Hou. Edward Blake admired in his famous Malver-g speech
of that time. He opposed the con*
struction of the Canadian Pacific railway, blatantly joining those who armed themselves against it by getting
u(i a bogus opposition company, their
aim In the matter being the defeat uf
the bill for that purpose which was
then before the house of commons, as
the leader of his party in the house
saw. and which he (Hon. A. Mackenzie)  voted against.
At the last election of the Dominion parliament, he and his allies
managed to secure the defeat of
Ji 1. Borden iu Halifax; but by what
means? By throwing into Halifax un
the eve of election a large amount of
money contributed fur that purpose
by Portland (Me.*���at the time stated
to nave been about ISu.uuu���for use
among the electors to defeat the lead-
���r ot the opposition, who had strenuously advocated the restriction in the
charter granted to the (i. T. P. Kail-
way company of Portland as the eastern terminal of the railway and making it necessary tu use an Eastern
l a ta llan port There is no question
that it was the money from Portland
which defeated Horden, un patriotically
made use of bj the minister of finance
and bis associates to further the interests ol a foreign  port.
Hm why continue to dive further
Into the past record of the minister of
finance? His record Is to us a
mosl unsavory one. Vet it js that
record which, to onr contemporary, la
so inspiring: To us, however, political tergiversation excites only opprobrium. If we worship at all, we greatly prefer that the object of that .worship be more worthy of It than such a
clay god.
presenl   instance will he    matter    for
general cnugratiilatioii.
While ii would not be politic to announce the amount of money the government is prepared to Bpend in the
('instruction of the new provincial
quarters here, at leas; before the tenders are opened and work begun, it
will b-.1 some satisfaction to read ihe
announcement that every convenience
Will be provided and a model building in every way will be erected. The
action of the chief commissioner or
lands and works In personally Inspecting the site, and in other ways hold.
Ini; consultation with those most interested In the new building, Is Another evidence of the bUltlltMhUKO
method* which QbgrftOMf-M the present
lhe plans orJftlllUl) BUfemflb tl win
i.quiiv but Bllghl alteration! ami when
completed "li, n ��������. oouuhouse will be
both architectural!j and In tho matter
ol ucuomnlodBtion our nl the Unesi in
ibe piovirtc ��� ���
We do noi know thai any pressure
thut Iiuh been Wrough I Lo bear <ui the de
part men I has had anything to do with
tbe Immediate determination to curry
out the plans ol the government Wo
ti.n read! I j conceive that ir funds had
been available earlier there would be
i veil now a creditable structure on the
new site. Bul it is a satisfaction to
know that the administration te-l iu a
|K)sltlon to give Nelson and the district
such official buildings as tin*., are entitled to, The visit Of the Hun R F.
Qreen has been a pleasure both to him*
51 ii und tu those of the members ot
both poiitieui parties who had opportunity io greet Iiini, and the Canadian
is authorized to announce .'at worn
will be begun almost Imuiediatoly In
the preparation of [he foundations.
Sume mailers of detail as to the ma-
ler.al of which the new building Is to
l>e constructed will have to be settien
before tenders are called for, but the
initiation of the work will not be delayed.
The visit of the chief commissionet
had uo  political  significance.
The announcement made in the news
columns   of   the   Canadian  yesterday
ihat  Immediate steps are to be taken
to commence construction uf the new
courthouse   for   the city and dlstrlol
will be hailed with  pleasure by every
resfdanl o the Kootenays,   The necessity   for  this  new   structure  has  been
feii for fl long time ami frequent comment on the Inadequate and unsuitable
quarters  in  which  his  majesty's  business  has  been   transacted    has    mure
than once been the subject of resolutions by the board of trade, the grand
jury   and   or  judges  themselves.    The
present   government,   while always  admitting  the    crying    need   tor  a   new
building,  have had  a general  linlnclal
status of the province to face and  it
has not  been until quite recently  that
the administration  could  see its  way
clear to provide the necessary hinds tor
the work.    We believe ll will be generally conceded that It has heen better to
wall   till   the   credit   of   the   province
could   be   re-established   and   provision
made for a building In every way agitable than to have taken earlier measures and to have erected a courthouse
unworthy of the city and the country.
There is always some  virtue ln  patience especially when it results ln tne
production  of   more   suitable  premises
than   more  cheaply   financed   ventures
could have    produced.      Thut  such  a
time bad OOtfle to the province in the
The Colonist says Sir Thomas
Sbaugbnessy has a nice sense of the
Itliess of things. He is sending a
handsome sterling silver cup to be offered us a Hpeciul prlfe for fruit at
the Nelson fair. It is to be made ol
silver mined, smelted and refined In
British Columbia.
The Victoria Week Bays: "There is
no eloquence like that of being silent
on another's faults" And there is no
more eloquent paper in Hritish Columbia  than  the  Week.
To the Editor of The Daily Canadian: The information published In your
paper yesterday that Dr, La Bail's
launch is the first to have been built
in British Columbia Is Incorrect. Nearly all the Nelson launches have been
built in this city and l>r. La Man's Is
tlr* second one to arrive from Vancouver this year. Stune Injustice is
done to local builders by such Incorrect
Btatemonts. W. 0, ADAMS,
Cont*rae*tor nnil
Bole acont (or itx- Porta Rim Lumber fo . Ltd ,
retail fardi Rough and dro sod lumber, turned
work and hr-eki-i-, i'-.h-i hi k anil Rhlnglei rath
aud door*. Cement, brick ��nd lima Mr sale
Automatic grinder.
Van! and factory: Vernon Bt . cum ol Hall,
P       U"T 282 Telephone ITS.
TAKE JfOTICBthal an application Iih* been
made to rerUter Tariff Mining Company u tbe
owner In  ree Simple, nn er t*o nreral lax
Bale l>eedi fr.un h J Steneon, licpniv a-.. r
audi ollertorol the blocan A��ewmeut bimrlct,
to Tariff Mining com pan). i^arm* -'an- tbe 24th
day  ..(  AUguat,  A   If.  IflUS,  at nil  an.I *<lri��itla.
ih,,-'.' certain pa reels ��� r irarU ot lan.i and prein.
[Kfltltliate,   IvItiK   uii't  being  In tin- M-irict of
Kuoleijfiy. in tin- Province <>f Brltlali Columbia,
more Mrtlnulorly known and described a-   Lota
S56 uml  ..'di.  Urpup   I,  District of Kootenay,
���Mituvr" and "Bobtail" mineral > Uiiu-.
You and -..a. h u) vuu are required to conical
tbe claim of the la*, ourclnuei within I -teen
dm* Irom the dan* ol tbe lorrice of t In no'lee
in...,i uiu, mid in .ltd. ult ul a eri veal ui certificate
uf li�� |..i,din- being  hl.-d w\thiu rpeli |-erlnil(
you ulil i��- forevereslopiwd and debarred ir	
"'���uiiij; tin huv  iniiii t,. or in resi eel i i ihe Mild
Jaixl.niid I sliailregliuer Tariff MlnlUR (*<>ll)|>All>
as owner thereof,
Dated ��i Land Reg itr> Offlce Nelson, Province
British "f Hrlli-li Columbia, tills 17l!i iIhv of
AiiguM, ... D 1900
n r mapLeod,
District Registrar,
To Kootenav Mining Company (foreign!
siiHf.r led,i and sii.tr Mining Company
Corporation oi ihe City of Nelson
BYLAW No. 111.
A By-La* to raise $50.0C0 for th�� completion of the Electric Light and
Power Plant of the City of Nelson.
TAKE NOTICE iiai on application haabcou
inn e tn register Clarence Harman ��* ho owner
In KeeSimple under a Tax Hale Deed Irom it. .1.
siiii.ioii, deputy assessor and w (lector of tbe
blocan Assessment District, tot Inrcnce Harman,
bearing da'e t e-ilstdaynf inly A D. IDO.ofall
and lingular Unit certain parcel of land and
prom sea ultuatc, lying and being in the Dlatrlct
of Kootenay, in tho Province,p| Itritish Columbia, mure [lariieuinriv known and described as���
Lol T'Ji. Qronp l. Di-trlel o�� rootenay, "Henry"
mineral claim
Vou and each of * nu are required to contest
ilu* claim of the i.iv "puKhasor wiih iii fourteen
days from the date ol the service ol tlilf notleo
upon you, and In default nf acavcai ur certilt*
pate ol lis noudens being i|i��d wl*hln such per*
lod, you will be forever eftuitpcd ami debarred
from setting up.my claim to or In roped of the
aa id lund, and I shah register Clarence Herman
as owner thereof,
Dated hi Lund Kt'ifiKirv Office Nelson, Prof In*
' f British Columbia, this 17th day of August,
A. D 1990.
h. p. Macleod,
_   _.        __        ��� District ttoglstrar.
To Oflorge Hciirv Harman,
Wilbur A. H'ciidrys.
WHERE 8 a petition hi- been presented to
ihe Municipal�� ounefl of the Corporation of tha
Cltjr of Nation sum*d by the owners of at least
od- tenth oi the value of tbe real projieriy in lbe
���aid city af shown hy the last revised a--.----m.iit
roll, ietiue*tlns thj said Council to :uirodiu*<*
"A Bvun to raise $-tf.O0.W for tfci. purpose of
completing theconitructlou of tb'-E eetrl" Light
snd Cower Plant now h**ing coni'trui'tci hy the
City oi Ntlson at the I'pper Honuiugton Fails,
Kootonay K.ver, Briilali (.niumbta.
AM) WUBKKAl It if deemed cxp.diciit to
ft.mpiele ilie Uect-h* Llghi and ivwer plsnt.
AVD WIIKU-AH for tha purnoseia/uresaldlt
-���.ill n nrccifajy to borrow inr until nf rtltf
Thou.and Dolur* (f5<M<��.o0). bid to I iu ��� doben-
iurr. of the ciiy of ftellOO Wt ttt< porpoasol
r��tkiiisr tttit amount.
AND traSRKAfl ilia Wholeataouni otiht rai
side Und of the ��jii-l -fty, r.r.orduiu to tht*
all rdiM"! AsaHtmaut ttol., la ono million two
hundred find slxu tltrefttlfoutfintli Igni liundreo
aid lorty dollars (|l,sB1,Wu)
AMD ���AHKi-.KA.-*  it   Will   W   ri-uui-f t- to falsi
anntally by rate tile sum of Four I'litinsti.'d Une
Hiiii.tr.-.: aii.i Si-t. ntr Nine Dallers t$i.n\>oo) f..r
paying tile said debt ami InU-rfeat.
Now iltercfora tne Utlalclpal Council ol the
Corporal Ion of tin- nn uf Nelton euacts si
foil .�����:
l    tt shall and met be'awful for tbe Bl
tin*   urporatmu of ihe City ol Nel��>u :., btirroa
up in th< .-red11 of iti,- sHi.i t'orporatiun, by waj
,.i the debentures hereinafter mentioned, from
mi\ iht-oii or porsons, inch or bodies corporate,
uli ay Ih- will log to a vanoc tbe rumei-s
loan, a sum cf money nol exeeedins in lhe whole
ibe -11111 of Fifty Thomand Didlars (180,000QU.1
su i I., mn.,' nil meb sumi so raised or receh
io be pn i-i into i tic hands oi lhe Treasure! ot th.'
said �� orin.ration   for  the  purpose and Willi  lhe
object berolnbel "-��� recited
K.-it shaU be lawful for tbe Mayoi of the said
Corpora Ion io causa nnv number of debentures
l,i h- made, executed mi'l IsMied for such -'itn ul
sii'iis as may in- required loi the purpose an 1
obje-i i nforoaid, not exceeding however the sum
of Fifty Thousand Dollars(Sn.i��i00), each o(*the
said debentures Im-hu ol the denomination of
ou.* Thousand Dollarsrti.uw.uojand .,u im u dc
benturei shall i>e scaled with the seal ol ihe i ���<
porattou and 'lgned i>> tbeidayoi thereof
3-The said debentures shall beardate the 1st
��� im- ol October, Mi, Md shall be made pa>able
ni twenty year- from tbe ��ald date in lawful
mooej uf ��� aim'a at tbe offii ��� ol lbe Hans of
Mo'traal in Nelaon ��foresaid, which said place
of payment -hail be desigua ed by the said da
benlurea, ami -.hail have attacbed totheracoupons fur the payment of inierest, and the signatures io tbe Interest c upon* ma) he either
written, stamped, printed or lithographed,
4 -Tlie said debenture-, -hall bear Interesi at
the nrta of s per oent-from the due thereof,
which Interest shall bepaysbb i<iul-aunualtyai
said offloe ot tbe Haiu ol Mont <**i iu Nelson
af.rc-.id, in lawful money ol ' u ada, nn tbe
Drat da) ,.f *pril ami ti- r ,, of Uctober respee*
lively in each year during the currencs thereof:
Mini it shall i* expre ��������� >i in ��al I debenture! and
coupons to be so p yable
f-.���It shall \>e lawful for the Mayor of said C*r*
poratlon to negotiate ami sell the said debentures or any of them furl.��� t.'.an par, bill iu Iio
case shall tne said nebcntuni o' any of them in*
negotiated or sold for le���� i nn ntnety-flyeper
centum of their value including the cost of negotiating an i sale, brokerage and all other bidden at axpenaea,
6.���There ahall be rai-.i an I levied In eaoh year
���luring the curreney of mi! ���!��� beutures the mini
of Twenty-Ore Hundred Dollars (TW*fl) for p��y.
ment of Interest aod the iuuj of alxteen Hundred aud Berentr-nlne Dollars fjl 679 00] for pav
ment uf tbe said debentures hy rate infflclenl
thereloW On all the ratable land fu the said
7.-11 shall be lawful f >r Ihe said Municipal
Cuiincil to re-purcliH-e an) of the sh|,| del.ii
lure- upon such term* as may be agreed Ui'.ti
wiib ihe Jena, holder ui holders thereof or
an) part thereof, either ai Hie lime of asle ur
any Bubsequeo timer liroes.and nil debentun -
-., tv unbased iball forthwith be cancelled aud
destroyed ��nd no re-Issue of debentures so re-
[>ur,lia-cl sliall b-- made in COnSeqUeU f such
ie purchase.
a -This By-Law uball take effect un ur alter
llie.'.ih day uf September 1*8.
��.���TblaBy-law ma) beeitedfor all purposes
a- the i-ity of Nelson Electric Light I-uan *y*Lan
No 171. 1IW
Done and passed in Council Assembled this
��� ��� September iimi.
Take notice that ihe above is a trneropy ol the
proposed By-Law upon which the vote of ihe
Munlolpalfi) will be ukan at the i'tt\ of Nelson
onTuesda) ibe-ttli ilay of Boptember, nexi, Iw
iween the boursof9 o'clock a.m. ann 7 o'ciot'k
l-.m., f-u the East Ward m tbe Council i bnmb r
at thecornernf Victoria and Josephine streets,
andforthe West Ward ut tbe Hoard of Trade
Rooms st tbe corner of Vietoria un.l Kootena)
\V   K   U'AsisilN
i it) cicrk
I have disposed of mv Intereal in the Kootenai
Pb am Laundry to a Larsen, who will my all
claims against ihe tne I can nn longei he ueld
respouslblu for the obligalloni of the nrm.
Hlxiy .inn af it ��iat.* I intend to applv lo thp
Hon,, abt->the Chief Commls*lnnernf Landsand
Wor  s, Vie orm.  Lu  pure tut tie Jin acr. a ul laud,
located and de-cribed ns follows: Helcs tha
northeast quarter ni EWillon twenty-two au I
the sonih hitlf.-f ihe imrtiiwest quarter ftcctfon
twentv three, Township six tyulna And further
described as f Hows: Commencing ai a pist
marke'1 J ���'. N V' enrner an I uaniel 10 chaini
east ui tin- nor'hweat oo nar of Beotlan twenty-
two and r nntng ��� as- .u. h��ins, lbence smith M
chains thence ������*o*' <n cbifna, ihenee imuth o
i baiim, tbence wesl 80 ehalna, tbence noftb i"
cnaio* tn place of begl n nit
AngUlt ItSt, WW JAME.1 JoilS'sTONK,
W, A. Ca der, Agent.
Midsummer Bargains in Prints, Muslins and Ladies' Ready-
To-Wear Goods.
LADIES'  DRESS  SKIRTS,  vnorth  ��4.75   for	
LADIES'  DRESS  SKIRTS, worth  $5.75   for    '
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Ladies' Tallor-mad. Suit, regular prlcta Juit eut down to coit
All   Ladlai' Trimmed  and  Pattern Hit* at Half Prlea,
New Fall and Winter Good, arriving every week.
- 12.75
��� 1.71
���   4,7!
uui,irri|i:iii���' lo, Delineator for on
I. ,S' |] 00 In   1.1. .si:'
is' il I lol lltmrris. s',i
Fred Irvine & Co.
��� herebi given thai idxt) dairi afli r
nd uiai nli to ti,< ll hlefl un ������
t.Hiid- and Worki foi  r rinlwiu	
i.iim���bii-ethci,.ii..w)iiKd��*!.cril��-d laudaa'tuatelll ;
Weal  Kootenay iliatrfct, adj ni lhe interna
: D
Ml "I.
lit   fu
Notice ll her hy t; veil ilint BO davs irum ,lalc I
Intend to apply in ine Uonorabh the chief Cow
nii-Mio-e- of Uni, ,ni,i worka, for perml mi��h tu
ninrchaae ihe luiiomui; de-or I bed lan-n, niiiaif
In tne dlatrlct of WmI Kootonay, adjoin Ing l-ol
7lKion the *.*.*.i arm ol Koolenay lake,commencing at tho Initial poal placed nt the MOuthwc��i
corner ul Lot TW, ihence m.nli to chatm, thence
treat _N cimiu.., thonce loutli SOchaluv, thei	
eait HO chalm *u point of comma! ment.
Dated Aug 16th, ](IQQ, Jahw Kiumii,
KotlCC is her. by Klven Uml Wdsyi at'er ��Kt(. J
Intend t ��� apnly tn tba Honpratua 'he Chief
trommlulnaaroi Land**and worki for permitt-
���lo.i tu i urahaa? the f dlowlng daaortbed imnk,
��� ituiiied in the Wail Kootonay dli trial, adjoining
C. I- Paaraon'i on tlu* mirth, ubuut nne uml one*
quarter mllei from the Pend d'Oreille river, commenolng hi a poat marked c r. Caldwell'i B i;
euruer poit, theme hu chiiltj-. north, thenco .0
cbalni weat, Ihenci  hu chnin*' iouth, thenc,. m
obalm eaai to place ol commenci nt
Located the Ul day of Augnit. it* u.
Kotiee is hereby givon that 00 dayi after date I
lilt I   tO  it|i|dV   I" the Hull. Ihe Chief (  \\t.
iio ner nf Landi and Work;, for pi riniMiioij to
}.uiclu.se   tbe   lollowlng  described   lilllds In Ihe
Weat Kootenay district: hVtfinninK ni a pott
marked it. Bell'i B, K, currier, Mhuiit iwo miles
eaal of tbo Salmon river, and half a ratio from
the I'end d'<lrcllle river, Ihcnce 80 dm Ins north,
40 chalm weat, B0 chaini south and 401 luiin.** east
to Place ol beginning,
Dated LTih day uf July, 190fl. II. Jt. Hru,.
Notice in herehy given that six ty days after tlate
I tiiteiui tu applv iu the Hun Chlof t'ommlialon
oruf i.iimts and Works for permlaalon to pur-
phaw the loiiowiiif. deacrlbed lauda in Wen
Kootenay District, iouth of tbo Pond d'Oreille
nver, commencing at a post marked li it M's,,
n W. corner, situated on tho south bank of tbe
I'end d'Oreille river al .lames N. Mackenzie'*-!
BOUthwOSI comer;  thence east 40 oilftlna, theme
south 40 ehaim, thenoe west io chalna, tbence
nnrth -hi chains tu ibe place of commencement,
contrluhig Iflfl aorei mure or leas.
Dated Brd July 1008,     Donai.d I; Maikinzik.
Arthuh bchnkidkh, Agent.
...m.Ur,.   .
nubia rKer. ponimcm Ins ��i s p'-i mark*
���i i - - v ctiriier," sluiat'i un tbo initial boundarj line, ai lhe ������ aai cur*
,H.C, iTu-cr- laud j thenceeaitauchaius
tbence worth 6o chains, lbence weat 80 chalm,
thence sonth do chalm lo lbe place ol <��� mence-
uieiu > nnlaiuiug tiki acr ��� more ur lew,
Dated Sth Juu.-, 1900, I.iki M   I il.w:i*.
F .1  O'Ki III]    W' ut
Notice ii litre-1..  given tbal slxtydari n	
date i Intend loapplj to in.* Hon, < hie I Com-
mlaalonci dI Landi met Work- for permission
to purchase the foiluwiug described laudi ill
uate In Weal Kootena) Dlsirlct, between lbe
ivmi   d'Oreille   river  and   the International
boundari line, about three miles fr   lhe Col
uiu!,;'! nver, Oommebrlug ��i a i"-t nmrkc.t
J, 8. c. P*s H. W. corner ultuati on the Interna
tiotuii u.umlnrv Hue, about halt a mile easi nl
nie .-.i-i boundarj ol lhe N'.&F.B-K)  landi
tbence north in chalna, thei easi Bu cbalm,
llienee v,u[h 10chain*, thence weal &Ichains,.to
tbe |da< fcommencement,containingJ20acres,
mure .-r less,
Daic.t Mb Juno, 1900. J, s. r. 1 k urn,
r. i. O'Reilly, AgenL
Notice Is herebj given lhat sli tj daj a from date
I in ten.i to applv t.. ii,.' lion Chief i uinni.ssf oner
of Lauds a nu \v <-f k- for iiemifnilou io purchase
the folloHtug riesirfbed laud- situate In Weti
Kooteuay District, ndjutulug tbe iniernatlonal
boundary line, atwun live mileaeaatoi thei ol-
nmi., a river; ��������������� ituictug at a post marked K,
C'sB. \\ corner uu tbe International boundary
lineal Laura *>i i rn-, r'asoutbeaai eoruer, lbence
nortb W chains, theuce easi 10 ohalna, tbence
south B>i chains ihence weal to obalm to the
place ,,f commencementi containing S20 aores
more or less.
Dated *J6tb ' me, 1900. Ralph Qihuamt.
N".,ii,e i- hereby given thai sixty daya aftev
dale 1 Inteud lu apply to the Hon. Chief Commbja,
sioner "i Landi and Worki for permission to
purchase tin lollowlng dbacribed landi in
tne West Kouteuaj dlatrtot, iouth nf tba Pend
d'Oreille river; * ummenotng hi h post marked
U. B'a 8. K. corner situated on the trail near
Bear creek about a mile from tbe International
ta.iuii.inr*. lini thence weat bO chains, tbence
north BOcbainii more or loa to tbe Pend d'Oreille
river*  theme n,i,.,u nit  the rt.nith  bank of tlie
Pend d'Oreille river K>ntheaat nj chalna. more
ur lass; tbence south M chaini. more ur less tithe place "i commencementi oontainlng 000
aores, mer.- or :>���--.
Datod Oth July, tuOb. Cbabum Bwil,
F.J. O'RIelly, Ageni
Notiee i- herebj given that sixty daysa'ter
tlate I Intend I >appt] io the Hon.Chief i ommis-
sioner .>f i.rm.i- mui Works fur periui--ii.ii to
purchase the following deacrlbed landa, in
the West Kooteuay Dlatrlct, east ol ami nd-
Joining Jauui v Mackenxie'i hmd. commencing at a poo; marked A.B'a 8. K corner, ou tbe
south baud nl the Pend d'Oreille river, fusi
above the uiuuih of the Balnton rner, tbence
woat 80 chaius, thence nortb 00 chains  re or
it---* to tlu* ivnd d'orellie ri\er, ihence following
Lhe south hank ul me aald river In a southeast
erly direct fun tu ihe place of commencement,
containing _F�� acres, more or leaa.
Dated tlii Jul) . ���- aktiiih ft u.tRiiiKR
Kotiee Is hereb) given thai ilxtj days afterdate
I intend toupph luthe Ilun. Chief i'������mini--i.>tu i
of Land- and Worka tot permissiun tu purchase
the billowing described landa In Woal Kootena)
District MMiih ul the I'eml d'Oreille river. Com-
mencinn ai , ik��i marked K, T. M'a. N. K. comer
un the aouth Lank ul the Fend d'Oreille rivor,
about n mid anda hnif eiuti of tbe mouth ,,i Plih
creek    Ihence south  *vi  chain-, tbence   West  vi
chains, thence north 40 chains more ur leai in
ihe Penddo'rellle nver. tlience totlowlng lhe
south hank <u ih,���md mer In a northeaster!)
direction to the place ui commencement, containing is. acres, more ur leaa.
Dated 2nd Jul) la-fi,        Blu T. Ma. kknzik.
-MiTHI i: s, IINKIIiRR, Agi lit
Non,. [j hi rebj given that 00 daj-a after date l
luieiui t'litppiv to ihe iluu. chief< om mlssloner
of Laud- nud Work-, for permission lo pnrcha-c
the following deacrlbed lands, situate in Wesl
Kooteuay District onth uf the Pend d'Oreille
river;Oimmenclngal �� piu.tmarlte.| A. M M's. V
W, comer iltuate <u tbe south bank uf the Pend
d'nreille rner al Klin l. UacKeiisic i north cast
corner \��<-i. tbence nouth 80 chnlus, Ihenoe eaat
mi chains, tbeuce norfti *> ebalns more ,.r less la
the Pond d'Oreille river, ihenee west Niehuimi,
following the hniiK of  the -aid river to Hie piiiec
../ commencement, containing 040 acres, mora
or loss.
Dated Snd Jul) 1900, A. it Maauonig,
N'oticeIsherenygiven tbatafxt) daysafterdate
l intend io Hpj.h [..the Hon ChiefUimmlaslon*
er of LkiuI-j.ii.i Work- for permlaalon t���� pnr*
cbaae lhe following described lands iJ.Uatoin
We.-t Kootenay Pistrict, south of the I'eiui
d'Oreille river, conHnounlng at a post marked
M.HiN.R.comer, situate on n><- south bank
ol the Pend d'Oreille riv.-r ��< James N. Macken-
lie'a southwest corner, thence south uni cimius.
theme west 80 chains, tbence north 70 chalna,
more or Ian to the Pend p'Oretlte river; thence
following ihe south hunk uf the aald rher In un
easterlj and nortboaatcrlj direction tu tbo plaee
of commencement, containing840 acre-, mure ur
Date :r.l Inly, bin;.      Majmuknt Hincotmr,
Arthur Minulder, Agenl,
Notice Is hereby given thnt*>lxtydH>safierdnle
l Inictif" toapph to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
..f undi and Works rori-orinlsslon iu pure haw
the following described lauds in Wosl
Kootenay District, soutb ,.f lho I'end d'Orelllo
river, ci tu lug at a post marked J  K.M'i
*-. W. curm-r, -ilnillcd on lhe SOUtb hai.k of the
I'end d'nrclilw river, opjKiSlto Uu- m h of IA
Milt Creek j tbeuce eaal Hii chalm, tbence north
in chaini more <��r Ion to tlie Pend d'Oreille nver,
tJieiiee following the souih l-tu.k'.| tlic-iiel nwr
in ii weatorly ami Hiuthwesierh direction tn the
plaee <��i eomtneueomont, oontainlng 830 acre-.
mora ur Ichh.
Datod 8rd July, [goo,     Jamm n. MAoutmng,
Arthur Hchnehler, Agent
Notice Is hereby ul v.n I but sut\ days nfier dnle
i Intend to applj tu the Hon chief Comi loner oi (-and*- nmi Works for permission t" pur
chase   the   following  .le-cribed   lauds  In   Was!
Kootenay District, south oi tin- Pend d'Orelllo
river, commencing at a poat marked A i'-N w
corner, situated nt tbe aoutliwest corner of Lot
ii-V.. H. L, thonco oaal ni chalna, tbenco muhIi mi
chains, ihenco went 8*> ohalns, thenco north 0'
chnins   |u lhe phl< f  eummeiii ciuetil, COUtafiling ISO ner.-, mure or less.
Duled j'.uh   une, 1906, Anno: 1'iu-kk
P. J, O'ttcDly, Agent,     '
Notice is herei.v given that 00 days after date
I Intend tu Hm.lv tot in-itou Chief Commissioner
ui Lands nml works for permlulon to purchase
tbo followlna described landl in West Kootenai
district, south of the Pond d'Oreille river, ooal of
Fish creek, comraenclng at a noni marked P w
ll'a N w cornor, abonl half a mile ea*t of the
northeaal corner of Lot442S, O.I., ihuncosooth
.-tubafm, thence eut 80 obalm, thonco north .'
Ohalns,  thence   WOSl  HO  ehnllis   |u   ||u> place nf
coromenecmeui n(alnlng B20 acres, more or
Dated 2nd July mm.        pnRn \V. Harcourt
 AiiTiirit Hi n.viriiKii, Agent
sixiy days after date I Intend to annlv to tba
         '""���"( Undaand Works to pitrSiMe
Kotln   II 111 Wbj  K-n.'i tb.it *���-��� da.-lifter .idle I
���pph ui ihi lion tlie Chief fmntnla
: Landsand Worka foi [xirnilsslon to pur
eliasr the following described Isudi in Wosl
Kiaitcnaj illstrlei, province nf British Columbia)
i nmmem lug al s |>osl marked v III lam Tolling
lon'i liorlhwcsl conur post," laid h'si U-lnK
phiuied ni ih. southwest corner nf ihu "tjueeii
Mineral Claim," and adjoining tbe eait lino of
McPhall'i pi> rmptlon, ihem-. noulii twenty (3i)
ehaim along said hue. thenee eU-i fort) (U'l
chalm, thence north twenty I'JO) chains, thence
wesl forty H") chainsmqre or less, lu Ihe plane <���!
, urn I ���> til .inciil.
1>. .i Isl ���In*, ol A(lgUlt, 1908,
V. Ill hm   I'..11 is..h.n.
By hlaagentJ K Taylor.
Noii.-e i- boreb) given lhal OOdayi afterdate l
intend to appl) io the Honorable ibe Cblel ''om*
inlsilonerol t^tndsaud Wurks for permlai i<>
purchase ihi following de-crlbed Undi illu
nle.1 iu Hi. Kootena) Dlstiict. llcKiniiliiK "t a
post planted on the north shore of the Lower
Arrow    Ij.ke Hh-.ut   Ml  chaini   WCSl   ol   lhe   WHl
boundar) of I l- k Loi IW Marked if t W,
H K corner, ihence wi*si K) chains, ihence north
i^1 ��� ion ii-, tn, in ������ eaal 80 chalm  I !���*-- to
like -bore, thence in s  wester!) direction
along lake shore to polnl ul nineneamant, containing mo mci. n more ur ,- -
Located June Bl, 1908
A. N   WoLl khioN, Agent
imi t
��"��'  "I I-.I..I- .ml IV, .      .'*���
.imi t., i.nt,'i.H��. ��i, itiitiii,,,!,;, .���"���I
,..'.,- .,1 land, 'l.-.i',il,..| .. (���ii���1,.7, ""'ST
hi a i"..i planud .1 11,,. ,i.���ii1,���,"*2j
1. imil.tfii.','. -i.|.i. ..it,.,, 1 ���.. ' 'yt
1.1 i.i.t
Itns itiTi-i ssf linn], ni'iir Iliirlnii
hi . pnssl islsiiiii'il sil  tin' MlullC-iVporn..
Nn. Wis', mnl isisirki'il J. Is. Uo'saoutltM i
mnl iiiiiiiltitt in,rr11   in ohalna   [hence oiui
ohalni, iiis'iiir issiitii ,11 ohalna, tho, no.   1
ohaini to plionot beginning, *��
Jul-Ultli,HOC, .1.11. Mtcn.utc,
A. A. Ilurlttn, Agtut,     '
' "���
Notice is hereby given thai twi n*hs after
date I intend to apply tu tbe Honorable Cblel
Commlaslfiner of Lands snd Works fnrpermls
1 Ion to nu'cbaae --iv bund ml and forty (040}
io-re- of land, deacrlbed ���*.�� full una: i Vm me m*i ng
nt �� post p'aiiu-d ai the northwest corner of L
Gallagher'sapplication to purchase in Plre Valley, "ii the west tide of Lowei Ar OH l-��ke, in
Kootenay dlatrlet, marked * ff. A �� - H. iv. corner"; thenoe runmnK eigbty (80) chains westi
ihcme eighty (hoj uuthj Uicnca eighty [80)
cbalm eaat; thenee eighty (80) chalna north to
Pla* ���   Ol ei.muu llceiut-ut
w, a. Cause
Dated the _i,.i day of July  1800
sixty tiny- after data I Intend to apply lothe
Commlaaioner oi 1-aud- ami Work-,, victoria, to
pu'f-haM.-I'M) seres  of   hunt.    I tunmeueing  nt  s
post planted ut, tha wosl fchort uf Arrow like, ai
Ibe aouth eaat corner of J J Chrlatlo's purebaae,
running north BOobalna, theuce eaal  ji clialnn.
thenoe aonth 80 chalna, thenei waat 80 ohalns to
place ttf euninu-lieement.
Located May, 9tfa U08,
A. Cahhik.
],. ',Ai.i.*i,iiKH. Uxsator.
Sixty <lays after data I intend to apptf lo Ihe
Commluloner of Uml*. mui Works to pnrcbaae
Mt teeret ot land, altnate about one mli�� easl of
Bnrton City, hiuI deacrlbed is follows: c(>m-
menclog hi a post planted on the northweal eoruer of lot 0690and runniK went ��J chalm, tbence
north i" ebalns. ibem-,- east ju ehalna.-thence
���outh along loi DB80 to place dI beginning,
July 'th. 1900, J   a. Hi mkk.
Notice i- hereb)  glren Uihi sltty dayiaftet
dnle I 111 leu.1 lo npplv  to the Hull   Chief)  1*
sioner nf Uml- nmi Works for permlnion to pur-
chaae tbe lulb-wiut* deserlbed lands iltiiab In
Weal Kootenai dlatrlct; Commencing -ti ,i p,,-i
marked J ll \ aiurtone's H B comer post, situate
Mi theSrtliiion Kiver \ alby, ��| ��� polnl ndhdiiiiiK
i Meeeber's land .it western boundary, thence
wcstSO chalna, ibenee uorth �� cbalm, thence
eaat BOchalm, thence south Wibnin-1.. |H,mi ,,f
eommencemen t.
July ���-'Hh. htti. J. II. V..S--1..W.
T. 11. Atkinson. Agent.
Noi ue ii hereby given that B0 dayi alter data I
Intend toapply to tin* -Honorable ibe Chief Com*
mi���nuier of Landi un.! Worki iur pormlaslon to
purchase the fidiiivriu* deacrlbed landi m the
Wesi Kootenay district: Commencing ��_t ,, i��,-t
marked M. McC. N. B corner nlmitcd .1, |,���iu-i
north of the aw eormr t.f w A, Cajdor's pre-
emption in Fire .'alley, running lOchalm eouih,
to 1 halm west, 10chaini north, 40chaini eaat to
place uf commencement
m .ei k Mcf'Asi.i.isii, Locator,
W   A  1 Aj.i.KK. AKi-nt.
June 30th,10M
Notice Im hereby given thai 1^1 .lays lifter dale 1
Intend 10 make apptlonUon to the Honorable ihe
Chief Commlsafonerof I-hikIh nn.i works ror por
raUnion  tt. purohaae the following deserlbed
landa: Coi notng ��t a posl marke.) a. w. Uni-
��� b-r's southeast corner, section 13, Township Bg,
ruiiiiiiij. oaal twenty ehains, -.outh forty chnin-.,
��.-.t twenty obaina, nurth forty chnins to place
u f commencementi
Dated July I, isce. l.hn Banos
None,- la given that 00 daya after date 1 Intend
tu apply t��. the Honorable tbe chief Cora is Is-
sioner of   Lands  and   Work*  lor  permission   to
purchaao the following deserlbed lauds in the
We-t Kootenay District: Commencing al �� poal
marked C.c.Poynti Land B, B. Corner placed
mar the Pond d'Oreille river at Honmiary creek
east side of Palmpn rivortthenoe east wi chain*
along the international Boundary Une, tbenco
11 nh iu ehalna, thence wm D chnin., thence
south -rn chalna t" place ol commencement,
Datod the 90th nf July 1900, c. c. Poyhti
By ani.wkw Ann,Agent
Notice Is hereby gtven that tWO   DlOnthl   gftOI
dale I nileiul to ap|.ly tu the Mniioraldc the
Chlel Coiniiiii.sii.iier dI   Landl ami   Wnrk-  for
iieruilBslau to purchase the folluuing described
lands -Miiate uu lhe ues| nrm ,,1 Koolena)   1 ake
iu ihe in-triei of Wosl Kootonay:  Cnminenclm
al a pos irked "William Buorby's N u  pool '���
ihenco wesl twenty fiui chain-: thence  in
twenty 170) chnin-; ihcnce cast twenty (30)
chalm; thence north twenty (jni chalm In the
l""11' "'  neeineiii, cuntalulug furty Mm
aer��*s, more ,<r lr���
Dated July 7. IWrft
I <i. NglAOKi
Kollua is hereby given tbal 00 dayi after date 1
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner o( Landi nnd Worki fur p. imi-um tu
1 rchM. ..ie following described Taudi,altuate
in ibe ��,-; Kootenay diatrtct: Commcnelng at a
poll   marked   H. MoC, U. W.  corner    planieil 4D
ehalna weet of I C.Mot laon'a nnrthweat oorner
"i bis crown granted land in Kire Valley, run*
ning 40 chaini eaat, m chalm northi 10 chalna
wwl, 40 chaini south lo plaoe of commencomeni
m MoCahdlish, Locator.
V. A. 1 Al.liKH, Auetit.
June aotb, 2000.
Kotiee Ii horoby given tbat 60 daya after date, 1
"";�����'! 1-"PPJVIU the 1 ..hie, iuuMulssn.ncr
uf Undi antl Worki for perml-oloii m purchase
the following described tract nf hindsiiuate m
Weil   huolciiay  DlHtrlcl:    Cutninenelliu hi   the
Southwell comer of i.oi 7,:iuu; thenoo run Imi
woii 10 chaJhai iim-iic m.nli AJchnlnai thonco
W��t�� chain-;   Ihci north 20ehnllis; lbence
eail wi chains; Ihcnreaoutli toeiinitis to point
j"< imenoemont, containing nu acres, more or
imied ai Nolson, 11 c, this Mrd day of Julv,
'**'��� Mahv hcani.an.
_________        I"'r ������". c, (ireen, Agent.
Notloe li hereby given that OOdayi after dale
I Intend to apph n. ti���. Honorable the chief
umniMoiicruf I ���,���,!-,ui.l Wurks fur pcrrafsisiun
o purohaae tho following deaorlbed lauds in the
Wen Kootenay Dlitrlel:  Commencing ��t �� noil
iniirkedT. It, freneho'i l.-iud.M, ]���:. euruer phiced
near < ,u, t*nynti 8, \\. euruer, ihence ensi m
chains, thenco imrih m chalna tbenoe iveat hii
ItS&SR " ,,lll��"t """""-
Hated aoih daj n| July liKW.      t. li. Phrkiji.
lly Anpkkw Anix, Agent.
AT c'" 1 ,~'il "���'"V"'" '" B1"���
eigbly (80) chnin. ��","l;'Ke,ISul
north; then, eighty ftt) chalS'SJ?
Hgbij   (ii) chains iouth i��� ii���. M7,.' !'
mencemont, aun u In Ing sn imti.iLi   ���
(���.iu) acrea, more ur le-,.
iMicd ihetnd ofJitly, t��l
i��. a y
��  ������QAUm.Awg
Notice is hereby given thai -0f.ansln.__
Itltelld to UiHke appl |.-Mlioii l..llleZ,.U
Cble'C ntssloner of Unas sad vtSS
mlailon  lo  purchase  tlu- h.l!,.��i!,, ,u..���
landa: Commcncins ai ��� poll ,,|JJ,****
northweal con or of Mabic Mti.��u,ju,|,
lion to purehaa-j tn FUw Valley, uni
Mi   *>   8  corner/1 rnnnini in iiuil
chatna iouth, ���" ehaim east, au eh-.]-.
place uf luiiimcnceuiciil
B U McCsRDun I**
V ��� A   C*M,u tf.si
July 2nd, MM ' til
Notiee 1' he'chy (liven that M0ayi|_-M
ill ten.I tu apply l<> the IL.li>Tnt,let_H.^
iDlaatoner of Uinl�� and Worki lot r*ra-W
nurcbaaa the following iescrlbad _u��3
in tbe West Kuoleimy district: (oiniDrs��|
poal on ihe eaat aide of Tulip tr,.,t rtjJ
Arrou   Lake, and  marketl    .1   1 K'tuSffl
corner," ihem ast **> chains,tbes_��3|
chatna, Ihenee went an ebalni,ibtactn
chains  to  point of cuiiiiu-'tii, iiein.    ^
tUO acres mure ur lOtt, '
L...-nt.-,! June lsih. ]'*��; J J ta(
T  If- Wtn.t,��4-uv. ���,/)
HlJtty daj'B after dale 1 intend l-L
chief Conunlaalonet ��f ]ahui* su.
ViOl'.rlM, f,.r |H-nnliwlou lu*m
and sixty (iiio) aen-n nf land.looalaai
c,|   nn follow*:   Cutiirm'ncittg at ��� t
eighty {Ml)ebaln*.eNat Of  the x w .
Hulif. r'�� pro emption ami marked -
corner," and running bmi forty n.j ��
tbence south forty (I'd ..inim, tbtortrati
chain-, tbciue north furty H--��) rbaimttfjasl
iM-giniiliiK I
Julv 7.1808. ci. 1 rami
Notice is hereto Riven that N An
Intend to apply IO the Hon thick
stoiierof I.n ml- aim) Worksforp-rmwutaiia
��� liase   the  followiiiK   described  licit in te_\
Kootenay district, provlnoeol BrUttl
Commenolng at a i��ist marksd J .1 Bonail
H. \\   comer, on Uu- *oulh dide of < si.tnu
Mls.ut two rnilas east o) Burlos Ca/lsi
.nut at the nortlnvest corner .,(��.;.*�� Hdkh]
lit- pre-emption claim, itu-mv-si
thence n..nh 1*1 chain*,, thetie, n
lheni a sonth 80 sbaltti to the pi��**-.;t-*jiMHj
c.titnfiiluK -I*1 acres mure ,u lea
liatd tnlB-Mth day of July. 1st*
A  \  _
HallOtt Is  hereby given  lhal i��,.mo��'J*l 1
��� late 1 intend to appl V to the ILilinfat-lfHtSi I
ComwUsfonerof Landsamt Vurkil.Tp-nna I
to purchase tbe followiiiK .leserii**-.) iitvK* }
nie in Kin- Valley on the weal ridsol I*-*""*
row   1 sissj  Kootenay dlatrlct, .it-��*rtM a 11
Iowa:   c icm iiik  ai  a poal plsst^dL
north west orner of w a Calden i'����^a|
marked "A. MoL'l Sonthwcfl lurtw-fM; nam I
ih.-nce furtv (lu) cbnius east; UiHi(tl,.niW8
chalna north] thenee forty 1*11 iinian* I
llienee forty (inj cbaltu suuili m iht'P**M
commenoement. oontainlng oni iiua'niiiii
-Uty (IUI) acres more or leal.
|iat.-,i June ii, 1808. ANtiiiMrUnilW. j
W. A CjU.mi.A-;**01.
Notice la bereby given ihatiUt. ''���i'**!
date l intend  to apply to iii* ll��n;;��** �����
Chief  Coi11111is.sb.11er  of   Landl 100 **��*__
i-eruilsislou  to  i.iirehaselbe fu|i��alw*J'*������J|
[an.1- commenolng ai a post marked B��rn ���_���
llligtoii'H N. K CTpoat, at lhe Miiilht-aft wowa
ut J. O. Md.nole's pre emptloB rim 0*1
rntiuiiiK -ouih #1 chains 10 lotjiliHe-i ���'f"1'''"!
100 Itudsou'i pre-emption claim: ����*<"*���
chains; tbenee norlh **> chaini-. ilirti'*����J|
chains to place Of commencement, COBlslMH
acres ol I nnd mure or less.
Daied Lb Is 8th day of Auguat. lw
A. A. Burton, Afrit
Sixty days afl-r dale I Intend 18 IMg '���'���*
commissioner nf Lands and Wu-I��. H;'"n,JJ
purchase a-m aorei of Uml aiiuan- and di^rnaj
a- follows Commencing al 1 port v^'f*
^...     -  1.    _._,   ,.,.,,set   sil  JW��
1 ..ill.Ill,it
mti-iif Atrnw L-aooppwiw-Tiva
i^is.iniK ,,   lha ..'isiii ��s-.i ssissss-i s. am
ORlliv7. |sri'i'lii|,tinll i,i,l innili'l I '��� ' j
.'..ni.T;  lls.'lii'si .�������, IIO s'li.li... Ilss'li's<*��_*
.'Iinlli'.  Il.'f Wf.l m,'ls��llt- In IU' '���>'. '"j
Illllll-.- llnrlll ttlsstiK   Ull' Wte ��l'""' S ��"""
t'i'K ina-
/������f-Jtlll9l��. ruml
Vi. I'Al.IlEK, l.llW"; _|
N   I. IssTs'l.y lllvrn III. I'i!- ��'! _;','l! [
Inland If ipply lo llio Ho.n.mbi.- ,is-' w1" I
ii,l...l.,ii,-r..f iiini.  Wort" 's''r]"*f_J|
pnnhaw ihr fni]n��iiik i1��itI1��_ 1"!"i,,,_,l
'...nilisK .1 M,�����rk.'.IW   ����;��      J
pl.ntis.l ssl lln' N   W. fiirtiiT "I ��, ���' '���",
.r.-..���i|,.l���tt It,  Kin- VHll.y, rsiiinlwj'��;
nssrlls.   Itii'lsitlli.Hi'.l, soili.i"--"""''
Ball In Islitri- iid'nliiitti'lli'i'llH'I'l
VV   K  MriiMiii-��'l'"''w
W, A. CAl.tiKK. AKt'llt-
.,IIIII- .Mill. Ml'.
N .' 1. Ii.i..,.v Klv.-tl "li"",,"Hi,'^MM
ts.l.'ii.l ak, appl rail II"; ��!"""",,,��
r|,li-|l',,lili,il��lssllrri.l LisisLssI"!"'"1  ', '
million  i.s |s.ni'ii��.,'r,'s Hs't I �����''.,_,
sl'Hrloi ,.r Wim ��� ,,���i, isns.i 1 Jiwj
pi in ni.ni nu...mui mi.' ssi """"���'""';,�����
Ills-list.rniiliiiiiiil l.,,isiiilstr! I""''""'""HiM
III l.-ss i-flst Is  lln'Suit ins ���'��� I'"1'-' '    ��� I
B. Ailmiti, msitllii'ii.l 1 ..riK-r. ""','"' ,,,,t��
I'lissls... tit,'tlii- iiiutli m flialii-. Ill.''",1 ,���������
.1,11111. tu ��� .titiiii n ohalni 1 "I1"'1'
 '"""'��� E,.������'K A���.��..i-;>��'
,���.r 11. M. Itaavai Wl
Dlli-il llll.'Jill ilityot July.  II""        _���
1 .      .1 ..I. lis 1^.
Sixty .Iny. alter .Int.- I ii.I.-.i't '*'"','., n.rt'.
Hon, Ohio! Commlaaioner ol MW'J ,���..
VIs-liirlM. to l-ssrs'lsssis'  m acre, "5,���JSa_-,
Isii'Ili'llH ill 11 |��i.l |.Illllll"! m ��� .-*"," ,, k>'t'..
power liln.it lol K -  s'sstlli'l  I1""1;,' ',  ,���.,! .��
rlvor, thenee ai s'Ii.iii. umiis. ' '"' ,���.
sliBiitss, thenoe north m s'liHiiiis. ii'"1"
S'llllllllS tO Isilllll III I llOl'llli OH'"''
Krllon, B.C., Aiin.l's. l!l��. I- ���'���"
Ni.ti.-_,  I" liori'lsy Klvotl  tlsssl 'l,'|j,:l1"l,'i'hlsl
.latf 1 Intend toapplrto the Hono �� ' .r,(1,..i��i
1 innimi>alonaroll.ndi ans I worst, ion , ltt,
to issiri'ltHns' tho loflowlna dererl '������'''".,,��!
in HiHi Kiii.ifttay dUtrfet: Hs'itm i"��� "sM;,,.>
planted at tha north weat epnj'f"��� ffja ��jj
ll,ilf l'ro��k, llti'iifis ."litis tiii'li*1 "���'   loebul
;",..;��� iv.,,,:-,.-!.-"
...til   tiu^��,    1,*,;.a.-v on*..
411 I'ltiiln. tn.,1,' or lea,
snisro sir lata, tltt'lifi' s
place olbfflunlot, the -...������; -
l,r. what 1�� known a�� the Han. ~- m[n
Dated Julys, I*.": '���""' ~~rf%
ii"'"1'.''.!""!.,1,,:. .wi"'
I, in
,^ '
Notloe I. Isssnslsy ��lv
.Milieo   1-   ssi'ioM,   ,;,....   ' * * **' "nA,?!.","1**
iho .lute 1 Intend to apply '!''''  , i,,ri��,,HJ"?
��� oner of Undi and Works. V leiorltv "jy lwi
���  i��� poroban Use I ��;In* ''!" , ,���,. .*<
iltuate In the dlitrlel o ""���' k, ��� ,lt.rtH
ssliirssliiniiiil'rei'k: Htnrtl.,K��l ' '"'J ,��|U
John Wl.ltt". 8. ��'. t'ortti'r. p�� "��� ,,.mi.
ol.al,,, wuth "I J. Mel"".'",'.',",,', .irl��"i
runnina north aoehalna. >|' .'"1 ,ehai">u
thenoe aonth ao ohalM. fl"""''' wf"'J uniri.
pitlnlol I'ommenceuuil. ,.���.,��� i|Mt,
' Juno It, HOI. J.Huiaii'i" REMNANT SALE!
-f" =**������*,
20 Pfccei Brussels, Velvets
and Tapestry Less than Half
Regular Prices
From 10 to 23 Yard Ends
-.penal Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
|l \l, I'.Uli 111*... ,*8,900,000 BBBT f.,900,000
K WILT-IE, 1'resiiilent HON. KOHKKT JAI'TKAY, Vice-Pretiitleiit
Branches in British Columbia:
II,I.?its. receive- untl Intel-it iillnui' I ut current mtM frt.ni dale (if oponlu): M-
ttt.il sTs.lili'tl httll'vearly
liti.HON MWA.NCi. ��� !.   ML   LAY,   M��i,a){��r.
[he Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.
ftirchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
]oal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Itniil lliiililiTH will (Iml it to their iidraiitiiK- tti DM our Hitch.
felson G>ke and Gas Co., Ltd.
'. Burns & Co.
wich Market* in   HohhIiuhI,  Tmil,  NelBOb,  Knftlo,  Baudon, Iliree Forks, New
Di'iivtT nml Hlwan City.
[I""' by limn to any hnuifti will heve
1 "��pt and . ,iii-liii kttt-nilou.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
BUSCHe...       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
The Dtfly Cuudiaa
Ratepayers   A.ked   to  Approve   Borrow
ing of ��_0,000 to Complete  Power
Plant���Meeting   of   Council.
The date for the voting on the hylaw
lo auihorlze lhe issue of $.0,1)00 ol
city debentures has been fixed by the
city council for Tuesday, September 4.
The debentures will boar Interest ftom
October 1 and, tt Is hoped, villi ramble
the council to tide over lh,i financial
-iilngon.y for the balance of the y.ur,
uml meet all obligations on ROOOUUt ot
Hid power plant,
The tntnifii h regular meeting was
told in ihe elty hull last night at 8,
Aid. Selous In the chair, ond Aldermen
Annniil.', Irving anil Rose were pres-
'���in. The minutes of Hit) lust regular
snld on,' ��|iooiill Meeting wore raid ami
Tits- finance roniinltlrvs r<MM��l fec-
na*olo, Aldreman Selous was appointed
acting may or in tho asbaence of Mayor
Gillett, with thu usual authority to
bIkii e.iecks.
In reply to intentions of Aldermen
Irving ant! Rose, Cilny Engineer Mc-
Culltich reported that 73 barrels of
cement and olher material and apparatus no longer needed for power
cement and other material and ap-
plant construction were being sold;
lhe buildings are completed as far as
advisable, aud only four men are retained! after the machinery Is installed the floor and roof of the power
house win be finished. A car of eleo-
irloal machinery has nt length arrived,
consisting, by the Irony of fate, of the
; a fin Hint are needed last, the transformers and switch boards.
The council then adjourned to
Tuesday, September 4 at 8 p. nt.
Sesatiorsal  Dispatch.
Iluenos Ayres, Aug. 21.���Tho Nation
today publish-- a B_n-atton_J dispatch
fiturt Lapaz iioiivti,   announcing   that
2000  persons lost. Hielr lives as n re-
King Edward's Flyer.
New York, Aug. 21.���Union Pacific
and Southern Pacific stocks boomed
again on the stock exchange this morning and rose to new high records on
heavy purchases. The profits of Harriman and his friends, together witn
81r Edward Cassell, who has been doing a little business for King Edward,
were increased by several millions by
this morning's advance in both stocks.
King Edward's flyer ls said to have
netted him many thousands of dollars.
Union Pacific opened at 181% and
rose to US. Southern Pacific opened
at 89 and rose to 60%. Dull operators
predicted 280 for Union and 105 for
Southern Pacific.
Ovsr.oms by Qss
Pittsburg, Pa��� Aug. Si.���fourteen
men were overcome by gas In an Ell
furnace in the Jones & Lauglilin Steel
company at Soho early today. They
were removed   to   the  Hospital,   Where
three died.
Wholeaale ami it.-imi Dealers in
Fresh and Salted Meats
J "nips supplied ou shortest notice and
.'"' price, Nothing but fresh and
mil'* sm,, mentg lula- HU],pit,B kept in -took
��� 'si' orders receive careful attention.
E* C. TRAVES, Manager.
Certificate of Improvements
Olas-tto, Olaat,  Fit.i ciissn Chalialall, and
Twt't iv Mile Krsti'iiisn mineral claim,, nu-
mo in' Un. Nfi.i.n Mining Division oi Wen
Kisoti'ti'iv sllsstrlt't
Where locaton: "is Pundsetaountalni notw-sn
wild Horu and Bear Creelu.
"ike iislls'.' tlial I. .'..In, M.-1-..li-l.,-. "III"' CltJ
ofMljpn, soling ����� lumnUor Joseph 8'��'��W*'
Free miiutN .ortlfloste. So. MM, Intend,ilrtj
dat. Irom the .JatJ hereof, 1.; ssply to tue Mlnlr.4
lU-.iirsl.-r Is.r IVrtlni'sslcs. t.l liner yomenta, to!
tin- nurpoao ol obtaining Crown Qranu <si tne
ifnd lurtS-r tab nice thai aotlon.undot aeo-
Hon :ii, must bo commonood before the lunaiioa
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Sn&SranSS   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest estnlslislied Real Estate
l.usiucsH in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
u^K.���*-     S..y_l
The above is a drawing of llie front elevation of Ihe proposed new eourlhouse and shows the facade of the bulld-
Ing as it will appear as viewed trom Ward  street. Tomorrow   we  shall show how It will
JNIW" (appear :,s viewed from Vernon-street.
oramendlng payment of accounts npd
payrolls was adopted,
P. H. Choqtietle's request for permission to use city power to run a motor in his bakery was referred to llie
fire, water and light committee.
W. Shackletou'R request for leave to
move a motor was granted.
A oommunlcaUon from tbe convention commutes of lhe Firemen's nsso-
Olatlon askliiK that leave be given to
attend, was read nnul filed.
A letter from the committee of the
Canadian Chief Cohstable'a association,
which will convene in Toronto in September was read and referred to lbe
police commissioners.
A letter from P. Richards of Arm-
Strong, deploring the movement In favor of ailinitiiiiK Chinese liiboreiti,
farm hands for a consideration, was
and ottering to brim; out 1000 BngllsH
ro'crreil to the Fruit Growers' association.
A reply from C. P. n. Superintendent .1. S. Lawrence was read, stating
that the company would put In a new
Standplpe tor filling their tenders, ob-
Jectlng to the order to build to tanks,
and Instanoing Vanoouver as one of
lhe ninny cities in which Ihey were allowed to take water    from    'be    city
Aid. Hose's bylaws, 108, 169 and 170.
dealing with ihe regular annual payment of Interest and slnklm! fund on
civic debentures, nnd levying assessment foi- thnt purpose, were reconsidered, finally passed antl adopted,
Hylaw 171, authorising the issue of
$60,000 in new debentures, was then
road three limes and discussed In com-
raided by unanimous consent. The
preamble Rives Nelson's totii'1 assessment as $1,211:1.840. After tbo third
reading Aid. Rose gave notice for the
final  million.
It was Ihen resolved that the polling
shoulil lake place on Tuesday, September -I at the city hall and board Of
trade rooms, from 9 a. m. to 7 p. in..
City Clerk Wasson acting as returning
The city clerk was instructed to ml-
vertiso tho bylaw as required by statute.
On motion of Aldermen Amiable nnd
Irving the custody of hydrants wns
given to tho chlof of lhe lire department to report to the water commissioner ln case of any defects,
Ou tumion of   Aldermen   Itoso anil
still of the earthquake shocks and that
170 deaths roni the same cause occurred: at Limache, _0; ai Quillotia, 35:
ai Conchlllil; at Petarca, 9; at Labia-
cilla io. and ti at  Lacalerp.
Silver King Hotel
Bopt Dollar a day house in the Kootennys.
Rc-oiim nre well fur&ifthed.   Table hb Rootl im in*?
lu Ni-1-iin     Bar Mim.iU'd with good
ll.iiii.in hii.. ritrarn.
\V. E  McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Kurttpc.n .usl American flan
Meal, -i Dts.   Koom. Irom A Ota. to 11
Ouly White Help Kmployed.
Bate, Bt., Nel.nn Proprietor,
Battlett   House
ll_0. W. BAKTUITT,!
B-s,t Dollar-a-Day House In Nelson.
ThS Bar la tho Fluent.
While Help only Kinplnywl.
T<*�� Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good    Sample    Rooms,
Queen. Hotel
Baker Btt��ot, Nelaon. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Jftacptilne 81.
The Big Schooner TV,p    |f|r
Or "Ba-l-wd-jBalt"   Dttl   *UC.
The only GIiisb of Hood Beer lu Nelson.
Hotel sis's'ssititiiiitliiiiiiit. (tvt'iititl tss iniiii. in Hrli-
t.li Cislsilnblti. ItH.ei* St."", per ilay. speftsil rate,
lis nisinllily liis.rsltsr'. Only liiimf hsitfl ll) Nelaon
Lake View Hotel
ConiT IlaM ami Vernon,
two Uloi'kH tumi -.vliii ri
UKOKGK HARRISON, l^-oprietor.
Kalt-i fHW (lertlay Bilil ��i>
fc&a.'fe   NaElson, b.c.
Grand Central Hotel
.7   A. EKICKSON, Proprietor.
Large and Comfortable Bedroonta and Klrat-
claMt IiuiltiK Room. Sample Room, for Commer*
rial lien.
MRS. K. C. CLARKE. Proprletre..
The well known
TJ^%'|' L|'T        Our BeerGnrden is
tho Finest in tho
]. CROW,   ���   -   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and 11.50 a Day.
Sfieeial Rates to Regular Beanie���.
A. McDonald &Coa
Dealers iu Klnple nnd fancy Groceries.
Butter, Kkks.
Camp and Minor..' Supplies.
t'tstiirstllr l.iss'His"l. Opsin Da. antt Nlfhl.
Hiitnplu ami B*tb Btsoina Free.
Oppo.lte Court House and Post Office.
Coma Ward ul Vernon Streets.
West Transfer Co.
General Tesinisters and Dealers in
Oml tiurl Woo .   Express aud
I hkkiih" Trtiitsfer
Kp���.ri..- Office: Baker St.
^ . ���i>
I have for Sale tbe Choicest
Frait Lands in this district
Most of it situate on the West Arm and Main Lake.   See me before yon decide to locate.
S. M. BRYDGES, raragS.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Wiuuipeg Port Arthur
St. Paul,    Dnlntli,    Sion- City
Kansas City IS8.D5. St. Louis $.10.00.
Chicago $04 00.
On sale AururI. 7-8-0, Septenilier 8-10
Final limit October -1st.
Toronto ���JTU.Os").   On sale Septenilier N 0-10
Limit November -Oth.
Milwaukee |88.'_0    On sale Aupnst 7*9.
Limit October 31st.
Through rates nil gtntious���Ontario,
Quebec, New York, New Engluud, Maritime Proviuc.es ou application.
A.Q.F.A.. Vancouver. ii.p.a., Ntsison.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries mnde daily tlm mahout Nelson
aud i's suburbs. Phoue J48.
Thorpe _ Lithia
Thorpe & Co^,
��� ���
The Last of Eastern
On Sale September 8- X O
Winnipeg 1
8t Pnul | iBjjo
Dulnth *^
Port Arthur       I
Chicago $04.00
St. Louis fUO.OO
Kinnl limit October lilst.
On sole September 8-8-10 to Toronto $70 Bui
Limit November 30th.
Bntes to nil other eastern points
on application.
City I'nssi'iiKt'f Agent.
A (l.f. A, Sfstllu.
The Latest Modern .Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
For Everything Gooil
to Snioko.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Da You Know Thurmao's 5p��.i_.l Hlxturc?
1 whit The Daily Canadian
We are offering exceptional
value in Cut Glass.
For a pair of Cut Glass Salt
aud Pepper shakers. Sterliug
Silver Mounted.
j local and provincial \ Lest Ye rorget!
I Duffy
I 35 Cents a Bottle
I "The Store of Sweets."
Fruils, Confectionery _ntJ
he Cnr.tr..
Phone as. H-L.t St
NKI.StiV. H   0.
.   Tlie finest non-alcoholic
|    beverage aud Stimulant
i    ' -
{Bell Trading
m        Company
"<A Tip" for a
44Canadian Morning!
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you vsq" - -
(tt   tO   lliv   0   1
line of .'..,-.:.��� ���    -
kinds   of   Dt-Mrvmn * ���:_.   Fil
Need Any *^
Fftiit Jars ~
Wc tuvc the NEW Hison Scaler
with .he AH GUi5 Top.
No DMtal la -*^*t ilinr iad i-*.tmo.*d
Th*? tttott _:j-t.- ���.-.   �����-...������_-  oa thr i
market     lu pin. and quart >ii-->
Pints per Dozen SI.25
Quarts per Dozen  1.50
VV* ita h.i.e th.   Crotra  Jan .
pmti, quarts ud h-df g	
$1. SI.2S and SI.50 per dozen
���Joy's Cash Grocery!
"���*.'-.   ;:..���.*:. ���   M.j   *?U.       t'hotlf. ',
Gait Coal
TVrtu* f*(��>�� I Mh
Tvlephunr- _��.-
H.i   * Hirer'
Cur. Vernnn unit Warsl Nlreut-i,
>t-U_iO.>.  t>. C.
.1. PRBD BUMS, Proprietor.
W It Wfftaon, J Watson, Whitewater; .1. Dailton. Dundee; .1 A Slither
. rlaiul. W E Adams. Victoria; 1' T
Moore, ll 1. Godson, C A Millar. Van-
..���:��� .1 Mackenzie und wife. Misss 11
Sn. it;.,its-. Toronto; f~ I. Staples. C 0
Staples, St Paul; 11 C Tullv. Mem-
i.hts. S A Williams I.iino; A i>abor and
wife, l. A Cutting. Plncher Creek; H
A Murphy, Soo; M .McLean, Ainsworth.
A Lucas. Kaslo; E H Dingle. .1 M
Boyd, Winnipeg;; M Doria. Montreal:
N A Ilurrlt. Rosslflnd
Mrs G Williams. Mrs F C Nlvin.
Viet.'ria; A TT Watts. Wallsburg; II T
T��i__. T W Twi��g. New Denver; F s
Talley, Nellie M Talley. W W Talley
Tern- Haute. C I'adley. Lethbrldge.
A   Armstrong,    H    McDonald,    Fori
William; W A Mills. Silverton:  Mrs .!
Temple. Grand  Forks:    D    Woodcock
11  Harper. J    Chappell.    Hunter   V
W  Laaglajids,    11  E Berk-haw,
nnlngton;  s Waters, w A Vincent,
SBw ���   King mine.
T Kokamura, R Kodamlng.   Salmo'
W Roterts Greenwood.
J Dempster.  Eholt;  J  D Uunn. SU.
McAllister. Hull: J J I'ri.-st. 1.
St     II   d   N,.rihi��.srt:   Q   11  Cowan,
������   9     man. .1  Ii James. Vmir;   F Or
ang.. Fire Va
M  M  i-a>   J   Dennis, Q Ivnder and
���   -   Vernon    A    J    Feltham. Ms.iis-.
S ��� <.*:,-   H VI MIsQIa. Salmo:
M   Tail,  Ymir:    J   H   Harrison. Orr��-p
-  ������-    Granite;    J    BIloU,
Shields; J. Brown, Erie: J Itennlck. S
-rand Forks.    S    Hackruan. P
Paocrt-!:   \v ���<���;.-;
R tsVmaldson.    Greenwood:    M    Mc
-mir:   A Cookson.    Eholt:  J
-���       Koch's Siding;  A J  Henes
-    '.."Sdc-n. G .tOler, Jr. Toronto.
���; Brodectcfc. E F Hassan, Creston'
��� J   rvasley.
The docket at the city policsi c-ni,
this morning was a blank.
Born, ui ilie Home hospital v__ter>
day. io the wile ui J. J. Rl.liarU-.ii. a
son. s
Th. Young People's society of St.
Paul's cliurch will met iu tba chvib
hall shit iTenlni *'. 6 o'-lcc.,
Mlsiet Pauline and N'elllo A.C-b'e
will arrive home tomorrow njgat from
Moose Jaw, where they tinvn lieen
spending ihe summer wiih reUiiven.
After it�� big Jump yesterday silver
���I, alined n poini tmlav in huh London
antl New York. BlectrolfUc tupper
stock g-lned one point, bead Bud ��:ii<-
quotations are unchanged
Our Pure Maple
Syrup Is Going Fast
f    L��ve Your Order With Mc For
Cherries and
N. I. Metnm**-.. late mdnagsr "f tlu-
NelflOfl bnuiob of .1 Y tlriiTin ^ *'���.<���**
business! leaves tomorrow momlni toi
Qrand Forks, n here be lia*- acquiivd
tea Interesi In tbe firm of Hu.... * ��
K end rick, He will be succeeded >���������������
by Mi l*\'i!r riui,Iiaiii of Kurt .VUtuiti
Mr. uml Mrs Mclnnes havo made
many friends during their resldeuCi ip
N.i son ami their departure vlll u*
generally regretted.
The Interest ur..useil in Die i>:i\ ilu.,.
U.mces of the 20.000 club ssauies at
i. .i?i .\s larjie an attendance for Thar*.
]..- evening's c^ent .us fur those ii th*
two preceding weeks The lad* i ition
esses will be: Mesdames J, C ��Jor- r
Q, Procter, w. Macdonald, il. M ftn
lerton, J M. Pay, M S. Parry. "��� C
Driggs nnd S- M. Brydges. Ti i cor.tesl
this week will b.1 a umottlttche���
neiib r mil ary or Mij:hl.i��ii.- -l.ut jus!
s coninuin schotiische. Ju ig��_! all! !����*
choseu ihe night of the dance.
Nelson   Goes   Into   Second    Round   by
Victory  Over Portland���Sketch
Victoria Eleven.
It is botiled tight and will keep    Lay in
s Bnpplr before its too late.
Quart Jars   -   70c
1-2 Gal Jars $1.35
Now. ss the season is closing, snd I Will
see '.hat your order Is filled with the
best fruit to be had at tbe lowest market price.
We have the remedy I
expert optician is pvin. J
faction. VVe gua�� I
��fyyou,._ you give USa,J
Consultation Free.  A Visit S
J. J. WALKER, *ggjg_
C. A. Benedict
Cssrner syiea nnil Josei'hine 8ts.
Hatlewood Ice Cf-attl
'hone 206.
The Nelson cricket team won its
first match in coast cricket yesterday
l��> 61 runs, sooring 62 and -"5 to Portland v i* and 87, The small score Indicates a bowler's rather than a bats
men's wicket
Vancouver won frvun the Waslitng
to team, made up of players of Seat
tie and Tsconw, by an alnoings and
104 runs. '
Today Victoria and New Westmln?
ter meet, and Nelson Will lace the winners tomorrow. The Victoria eleven
is composed of L. O Q-arnett, capltatn,
g H. D. Warden. L. S. V. York. J \V.
a York. J. C. Barnacle, H. N. R. Cob-
hett, A. F. R, Martin. H A. (Toward.
T B Ty��*. F. \Y Ashhy. ami i> M
Rogers or 1..  H   Trim. ii.
t)f these the majority are formidable
players Tlu- York brothers ami H A
Ooward sre splendM bowlers, while J
C Barnacle, 1. York and A F R
Martin played on tin* Trinity (Toroti
. Iversitj team, and on the all
Canada eleven in International match-
i.-. and has s.i>rfHl many a century.
if l-felsoa can    win    from  Vlcaorte
the Driard cup win oome to Kootena]
���.���ii"*1 i "   **���      ���    ,-' ' ���
This is the season for
Watermelons.       We
have them iu all sizes
and prices.
"Highland Lineu," iu pails, .}
sizes, with envelopes to match.
in boxes, 5 styles.
Samples on application.
Bread    �� ��
Boards   fS
Only 25 Cents Each
The***1 an* the nicest pi*!-*, ever
shown, Tin* wood i- perfect;
the patterns tne latest and the
prices away down        l)mp in
mnl *���'-���' ti- nr mail us vour order
Nelson Hardware Co.
Canada Drug 8 Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
- -  95c
I   . (.Uiip'ftit
I "ll//. iui, :* tinefof spiritsindi/io/iC
A,' ii..'! '��� ���>ilium-DeMcaTtl:.'
' H_B^atf
[llll   Vl)l    KNOW
Ihat th.- I r:itkt> aerr-d at our SikIs, Fosintniti
Issil   ��� propserttol tutililci   r.frmlssiiK *
WftSgieonlT r, nl frull lyrupi ill this fitli-al
quality Kn.iutaia. counter. k1����s��s an.l
rtcupurtei   arc   kept   aiTupulously tleats
Worth if ������rn ti.xKt
I.. IJ '.'. each (or
Thompson & Douglas
^-AINII-Wji ������_,
SIk���   Writing  u   Bp.ulatt^.
\^ ul, t-up-r and Hurlup.
SSaS"."**"   -   NELSON
.'.l-I.ll.illr  Inl.
We have still s.uin> ol thi>se brusbea
left anil wc arc uudotu tn clear tliein
sjiii. They are high grade brushes,
genuine bristles and soiid backs, and
easily worth the "regular" prices given
W. G. Thomson
(pomtxtB tad   v_i - ...   ij  ,-
STATIONER .\el-Otl,   ii. L.
Priiin�� .IJ.
Price of Metals.
New York. Aug. SI.���Silver, 66  ...
cssjiiier. i-s: electrolytic oopper stock
1. l-.c; lead. $'..;...
London, \un. IL���Silver. 10  13 ltd
bad.  tn L's 6d; tine.   ��M (Bt.
$J0 Down
$(0 Per Month
will purchase to acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double iu value iu a
few months.
Are you grasping the
present opportunities?
Trams and Boats.
Crow boat���One hour late.
Slocan  train���On  timf.
Coast, iiniiTiiiarv and Roaaland train
-On Unif.
The Store of Quality
��� \.'U'*IVK prsv���r��r ���l itIIju* r*fr*ih-
��� (Mund, .unn> thr fail
ftli -s ..,..:.- !��.v..|    \...ptriluouiliouori
^:.s.| -i ant tritsWr no, nerea-
1       '   ' ��� '. - t.^tisf   f,.t   lull
IP-*) ^1.11 t.'n.lrr    ud | . .,
'   . , D '   MiMoaati. s��.m��M.
\    - i, Vftii-iiilumlan.l lodiulrttl Amtum.
Srlvll. Is  S     ..UfrUM ��. l%6.
I|.||>-   ill   f...nti arid b��lls:   (urnliht-t i-om-
1    nv^DWtrea   Par Icrtu tpidt
sll.'isi: IUb-DUiTU- PKOf-RTY tso Silica
yt; M_rn ro.snii; all t-tproventi-nu.   Tcrtna
��� I pi; l" y i' ��stiklrr.
HOOM8 Tss LKr.-Sicvly liiml.he.1 and elcanlv
t.'t>l r.H na t..r atetd] ail'"t. Ol Itaiuis-llU.  A|^
is Mr- alrUotbllt,onrl.err��. ullarttiap,
.*' MSN, at ssni., Ier work in thf wshs.1i.   Apply
t,. ��   ��� s ooka, uwtuiil. Kul���.
l.Ali\  -Ilv.K.KAPIIKR t..r iH.illt,,!, iii,.,,iiints
Oood   l,���iis,. wills t-inpl..yer'a lauttly.     Applr
Usi ��s . s .ntdun ,,i_.,
We want to clear it out at we haven't
r��m for a large shipment coming In,
and to do to we will tell it at
$M5 Per Sack
Men Who Are Posted
Say We've the
Best Clothing
in Town.
Ask any of lhe good
dressers you meet with.
Vi'ii'll find that they always favor this store.
Any particularly nice
thing you want to wear
you'll be apt to find here.    It wil] be right too.
I   SSg
Every tack guaranteed or monty r*
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Pb.sne 10
��� �����...
Repairing and Jobbing a Specu^l
Slnvtiiiftal Work, O-rtlllgi, llulltlent' Mnterial ami Uiiiinn and Mill Mai'ltia���I
tllliee uml Wnrl(�� Foot of 1'nrk Ht.
I'M.,,...     J<��t.
.MA N AC 1 KM.
&Co., ps*\te
W'IkiI.miiiu  I'riiviniiinH,
Iisiiiiiiiisin lisivs-riinifnt Crt^iiiirry l lui-Piuinil Hrii'lts NO-tred W-Bkl*M
fruiii thf t'linr...   Fat Mlfl toy till la-ding gnoan,
Otlii-i-tuul wiirfliinw: Ilssn.sttin lllm-k,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street.
Nelaon, B. C ,
Don't Forget
It your furnace in ihape to ttart the winter with?    If nrt, I
ll the time to have it repaired.
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., it
PLBA8B N'OTF���Wo will not lit' rosistinslble fur any furnaf- not tQg_qH
by October 1st, IdOfi.
B.  A.   ISAAC
,.u|iiiit-tti_ in,i, ,,.>,.,,li._ uxuisuttitJ wltH lltsupiilch.   Mh����tMtUl'tj
Wnrk, .Wlnliia nnd .Mill \,ii_��iin.r* .     Manulaisluraraol
t>r��s   ClirH,   IV.   U.    C..iili-,i_t.,rM*   Cum.
'""'    NELSON,   B. C.        Wfl_
Just Arrived!
A large -shipment of
Hart, ScbaiHer & Marx's
Lut.st  l'i,,l.rit.��, l.-tt.'st Slyli-s., ami All (loods GuamiHc"!
and dealers in Lumber * Shingles,
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Windovvs-
'lurnad Work and HritukctH. Mail tlnltm isnni,|>rly nttr
VBRNON. SIKlsin   .  .  .  NBUaONVBaC
SMALL COTTAGE on two 1ms, on Ooieslrrrtj
Garden in excellent shape and plauied with vegcj
tallies. For quick sale will dispose of same l��l
$700.00, part cast, balance ou easy terms.
McDermid & McHa-d]
Onr Mor-  of HANU  SAWS in  vary **n,!"W'
Inrlnillng frm.'s'i- to suit all requirement-.
If you wish n low printl ��,\v we ran supply .*���'""���
also rnrry tb,* Ivnt t]iiiiliinti made by
Wood-VaUance Hardware Co'y. ^
���: ���


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