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The Daily Canadian Nov 12, 1906

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Array ���V, i
I.   No. 136.
Fifty Cents a Month
lenjiiiKllanil's Premier
Puis Up a Case
���owed. Nothing has occurred wattiim-
ing a suspicion that the Berlin government ls disposed to Interpose difficulties. Tho organization of the state
bank Is proceeding as rapidly as possible."
iony Will Resent Special Conces-
Isions lo United States Under
New Modus Vivendi.
. Nov. 12.���a despatch in
rom   St  .lssllll-1.   ,\.   I-*..   ,;,,.
Sii  liolierl   lisind, premier of the
as. haa taken the law Into IiIh own
Is ausl. despite lln- niiiduK vivendl,
I sis   iiiiii- ago lii-tween  Eng.
Isl ainl   Lhe   United   State.,  haa   or-
���!  I1!,    nrrest   nf   American  fi.*-:her-
fssi violating the bait act, un or-
in,- ni u.   Newfoundland govern'
ii    Sollcltoi   Edinburg,  acting  for
eut, baa gone to ihe Hay
lands to cause proceedings to bo
*:.:1, sis, re Is general sympathy
bugbout the colony with lhe stand
|Li- 1 mih 1 n gardlng the modus villi;, la.- action In Ihe present in-
uned aa being preeiplute.
Iii'-. however, lliere Is no feeling In
pfoundluod adverse to the United
ili-r, is a strong sentiment
'ini; any of the Interests
111- |sssi|,;. ,1 the colony to acquire
got.il will of any nation.
-vi oontenda that any
Its granted lo  American  fishermen
1 ate to the lawa governing
"f Newfoundland; that tho
1     -a are Isound to   observe    the
��� km,��n as the bait act and lhat
ion Is really one to enforce that
s Hie official stand ot
it, 'here Is a feeling
oul the country lhat the ac-
really Intended lo test the exits' iiioilns vivendl and try to
roan- Hi. provisions which grant
rights 10 American fishermen.
���al present enjoyed by
colony's own fishermen and were
after years of negotlu-
'���'" off from Uie French fisher-
ol Sl Pierre and Mlqnelon. Sir
*rt llond'e action, therefore, as-
s International importance anil
sail fssi delicate diplomatic nego-
ns, Ism tin- premier is deter
I I" is-- the law at once.
Company Will Bring Fre.h Summonsss
to Expel Tenants.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
I'Vrnlo, II. c, Nov. 12.-<jn Saturslay
Mr. Eckstein applied lo Judge Wilson
to set aside the ejectment proceedings
taken by tbe Crows Nest Pass Coal
company against Mary Palmer, a tenant at Coal Creek. The court, after
bearing Mr. llerchtner, counsel for the
company, granted the application with
costs. In all lhe other ejectment cases
proceedings were withdrawn, 'i'he com-
however, does not propose to let the
inatier rest here ami will brfnj fresh
summonses, which win he heard here
0,1 the 28tii instant. n is significant that these ejectments were framed
on tbe Ird Instant while negotiations
were supposedly being made Tor a set-
ll'-mnit. 11 looks as (j nK, (.���m|lauv
bad at that time made up lis mind to
retuss- a settlement
Coal cannot be had here at any price
and wood Is scarce Al Michel the
coal company owns all thc wood which
It Is claimed It has forbidden the Inhabitant! to touch. Th same prohibition against taking wood has been
made against the miners at Fernie.
Thp fire In the mines at Michel Is
reported to be out. The men fought
this fire during the strike and at great
Ejectments will |>e launched against
all tenants at Michel. As Michel is a
closed town, the coal company owning
everything both in town ond for miles
around It, the difficulty of securing
places to move to is an almost Insor
mounlabie one.
action of President Roosevelt In discharging three companies of national
troops from the army, saying that be
had departed from hie position of
holding open the door of hope to the
Boiler Explodes   on    8outhern Paclflo
Sunset Express.
San Jose, Cal., Nov. 12.���Two men
were killed and another fatally injured
nud many passengers more or less
shaken up aud cut by broken glass In
an accident which happened lo the
Southern Pacific Sunset express, east-
bound from San Francisco to New Orleans, opposite the depot at Sargent's
: nation, S7 miles south of San Francisco. Tho dead are Engineer Gillespie and Signalman (ioodfellow. Fireman Garvey was badly scalded and
both legs were broken; he will die. It
la also believed that fuur or five
trumps riding on the platform or underneath   the first car,  wen-  killed.
The accident was caused by the explosion of the engine boiler, the forco
of whicli blew Uie depot lo pieces, tore
up the track for 100 feet on both sides
of tbe place und turned over the first
four cars of the train. The sleeping
carB remained on the track and most
of the passengers in tlie cars wero
Fraie Makes no Dlscrim-
htion Against U. S.
Bank (France Duplicates Offer to
Hel-Bank of England as in
Baring Failure.
Parls/IoV. 12���The
informs be Associate
refusal i    discount
must in: be regarded
Hank of France
1 Press tlial Its
American bills
as directed par-
At tlie city iKilice court this morning one drunk was fined $.'- and costs.
There will be an ordinary meeting
of the city council this evening at 8
p. m.
(ding Snos*5torm  and  Fierce Gales
Encountered In Gulf.
|ontreal, Nov.    12.���Thc    Dominion
Kensington, with 75 second and
1 '*- ragi   passenger! and B080 tons
��rso for Quebec nnd  Montreal, ls
���r'* "fl Matane, below Quebec, and
pai.lc nshiiH's indicate that she is
l'��]y damaged,
T"  Ken Ington  lefl   Liverpool  No-
lkr 1    In lhe gulf and the lower
(Imi uf the r|ver very heavy wenth
*���* In rlenced,  the  remnants  of
Kali- yet  being evident,
irner afterward  ran Into
"f snowstorma.   It was during
I'H'liim snowstorm that   lhe vs-sss-1
Wound  al   5  o'clock  yesterday
There Is plenty    of   assisl-
'isii   Us.-    Bteamer and on  the
"'" steamer Qaspeslan took off
I ','������
Currency Commission Meets,
"""'"gton,    ll.  C,    Nov.  12.-The
"'""' '' mission appointed by the
"'-���t'-' Hankers* Association at Its
1 convention in St. Louis, assent-
���*' Hi" Wlllnrd hotel today for Its
"""ling. aIkis in nl tendance were
*r�� of the New York Chnmber of
l'1"1'" currency committee
''' "�������� through ii���
commission a concrete plan for lm
currency win |���,
s 'bis winter.
It Is
deliberations of
adopted by
u" -'.landing I, Reached.
iss,      \-,,..      ...      _
. '    ���   "���Foreign   Minister
"' ��** Interview loday regard-
the ,,!!s'.""T""-K""atlon* l,ecli"-��l
s.,, -���^-'-is. is, iweh TTSBS*'
ruing the measures to
in M
"<*co was now complet.
terms of tire
'""''*���"���  "'ill be slrlctlv
Vesuvius Swallowing Itself.
Naples, Nov. 12.���At noon on Saturday Mount Vesuvius aud the surrounding villages were shaken by a kind of
earthquake. Investigation showed ��������-"
a portion of the crater had fallen in.
Tlie  phenonienen  caused great alarm.
Dredging Company Finds Year's Operations   Highly  Profitable and  Will
Build Larger Machines.
Prince Albert, Sask., Nov. 12.���Dr.
Roughscdge, of IloughBedge & Ramsay, has stopped work on the dredge
for tlie winter. Tlie company has been
operating most successfully during the
summer a few miles west of Prince
Albert,*and the output of gold has far
exceeded their expectations. The doctor will spend the winter In San Francisco .Seattle nnd olher coast cities In
tlie Interest of gold dredging generally, returning to Prince Albert alHiut
March to begin building three other
larger dredges than lhat now operating.
It ls the company's purpose to erect
next season a large building in whicli
the final singes ot extracting the pure
gold from the concentrates will be
curried on.
Not only gold but platinum and precious stones are found, and the resells
of this season's work more than justify the judgment which led to the
building of thc first dredge.
The first shipment of eoneentraies
of gold in commercial Quantity was
made today from Prince Albert.
A Real D. A. R.
Woroeator, Mass., Nov. 12���Mrs.
.Inaniia Bowman Fletcher, one of the
few surviving Daughters of the Revolution, relelirnteil her ninety -fifth birth*
day at her home in this city today.
Congratulations came from chapters ot
the D. A. K. In Boston nnd olher cities
of Massnchnssells. Mrs. Fletcher has
heen totally blind for twenty years, and
except for this affliction her faculties
remain unimpaired.
At the Methodist church yesterday
services were held commemorating
lhe eleventh anniversary of Its establishment In Nelson. In the evening
the service was particularly choral and
so large was the congregation that tbe
church was packed. Rev. R. Newton
Powell gave an address divided into
ihree heads on the value of the church,
(1) to the community;  (2- to tho Iran
butions, wblch were to be devoted to
paying off the church debt, amouuted
to |600, and as the debt was only 1400,
the church is not only out of debt but
bas a considerable sum in hand toward future expenses. An announcement will be made this evening of the
exact allocation of the funds received.
A'rthur Ilickling fs in Nelson on his
way to Englaud, after spending some
time in Rosslend aud the Boundary,
where he has extensive Interests. He
is developing the Princeton coal mines
iu anticipation of the arrival of the
railway and putting in a water sysletn
for Princeton. He expects that the
railway will Ire open for traffic by tills
time next year, or possibly earlier. He
anticipates being aide to supply Ross'
land and the Kootenay entirely with
coal. This coal Is similar to the Lethbrldge aiiicle and very good for domestic and steam purposes. The price
will probably lie less than that now
paid for Lethbrldge nnd Crow's Nest
coal, as the distance it lias lo be hauled Is less. Mr. Ilickling will spend
Christmas ln England and expects to
return to tills country early in Ihe
tlciilarl>agaln��t   lbe   Culled   Suites.
The re applies to all foreign bills
to whlclless than two French signatures ur attached, and was designed
to prole the French market, where
money lint 3 per cent., against the demands o foreign markets where the
rate Is 5 .o 7 per cent.
'The Aeociated Press also secured
conflrmatin of the offer of the Hank
of France to duplicate its loan oper-
allou to tie Hank of England and ou
tho occasioi of lhe Daring failure In
1S90, when 115,000,000 wns borrowed
by the Dans of England on exchequer
bills guarwleed by the Rothschilds.
It is not considered likely, however,
that tlie lank of England will, unless
extiemly hard pressed, again subject
Itself to llie humiliation Unit that crisis evoked.
Washington. D. 6, Nov. 12.���Secretary of tbe Treasury Shaw today said
that he saw no present need of going
to the assistance of the money market, and that, as before stated by him,
he would adhere to his Intention not to
refund or buy bonds or increase deposits.
Two Men    Punished    for    Committing
Breaches of N. 8. Election Act.
,-iled   In
Whole Crew Perished.
Chlcbuclo, N. H.. Nov.   18.--_.t_* days
of offorl   rescuers today sue
boarding the wrecked    bnrk
The only signs of life aboard was lhe
ship's cat.    The effects    of the
were found  wrapped  in  bundlei
ticketed.    The entire crew of 1'
perished ln nn attempt to come ashore
Criticize   Roosevelt.
Cincinnati, O.. Nov. lH.-Tbe   Union
Republican club    has   condemned
This evening Ihe Indies of lhe Methodist church will give a High Tea in
the church and schoolroom from 5 20
to 7:30 p. m, after which there Is to
be a fratental entertainment, of which
lhe following Is Ihe program: The
chairman win be F. M. mack: solos
by Mrs. Shanks. Mrs. Christmas, Rev.
F. II. Graham, Captain P. Mel,. Forln;
selection by male Quartette; fraternal
greetings by Itevs. J. T. Ferguson. F.
H. Graham, E. 11. Shanks; Mrs. W. W.
Baer win be the musical accompanist
The word fraternal ns applied to this
entertainment has more than au ab-
stracl meaning, it will be Been by the
program that lhe ministers of the other churches are taking part, so that It
Is a union of good fellowship amongst
all Hie Beets, which Is a most desirable
Mining Records.
Locations���Copper Queen, W. C.
Reed, seven miles up Midge creek on
north side; Copper King. .1. W. Falls,
sume locality; Last Chance, John Cul-
laghnn,  mouth of Whiskey creek.
Certificates of Work���Morning Sim*.
.1. A. Tlzo, Tyno, Anni'oiiilii, Jessie, Ed
Peters, agent.
Halifax, N. S., Nov. 12.���Justice
Townshcnd filed bis decisions in the
Annapolis election cases, of Davidson
vs. Hail, antl Davidson vs. Armstrong.
Davidson Is the Conservative or
Both cases have reference to offences under (lie Nova Scotia election
act In the form of bribery committed
lu March, 1908, during the by-election
In Annapolis county for the local
His lordship found the defendants
guilty and Imposed the amount fixed
by statute, $400, giving judgment ln
plaintiff's favor with costs. In addition, both defendants are disfranchis
ed for eight years.
The Daily Crash.
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 12.���A special to the News from Valparaiso, Ind,
says a head-on collision between two
passenger trains on the Baltimore &
Ohio railroad was reported early today at Woodville, 10 miles north of
here. Reports bave five known dead
and 2fi Injured. The local officials of
the II. & O. railroad claimed later In
the morning that only one man. an
unknown Italian, hnd been killed Id
the wreck.
Niagara's Power.
Washington, D. C. Nov. 12.���The
hearing regarding tlie Niagara river,
ami ihe transmission of electrical power Inlo tbe Cniled Slates from Canada,
wblch wns to have lieen held today,
lias been postponed a week because of
the absence of Secretary Taft, before
whom Ibe hearing is to be held.
Will Mix Them Up.
Montreal. Nov. 12.-^Tbe Eastern
Canada Hockey association at the annual meeting Saturday night, decided
to allow amateurs and professionals lo
play together. The association will lie
comiiosed of lhe same six clubs as last
Prices of Metals.
New York. Nov. 12.���Casting copper,
21  3-8c;   lead, $5.75;   silver, 71  it-Sc.
London, Nov. 12.���Lead, ��19 5s; sil-
Iho I yer, 32 IGlOd.
Vatican Is Supreme.
Rome, Nov. 12.���The valleau aulhor-
Itli-s,  through Ihe  arohbtahop of  Ath-
<���.���   i-.o,... ,,rn���i.iii,,  .,--..1........  ...  si...
ter will willingly accede to hla request
and will follow the same ceremonial as
observed at the time of the visit of
King Edward. HU majesty win be received with royal honors at the Vatican.
Eyewitness' Description of Impressive
Ceremonies at Cremation.
The ceremonies connected with the
cremation of the body of a Hindoo at
Port Moody on Monday are well described in the following letter to Chief
Constable Spain from Dr. lientley of
Port Moody, who was requested by
the New Westminster officials to see
that the burning was carried out ln
decent order:
"Last evening about balfpast seven
o'clock, with six or seven others, 1
went witli the procesBion of about 50
Sikhs lo tho funeral of Poona Singh.
The coffin was carried, the rest of the
Hindoos, each carrying an eight-foot
stick of lumber 4x4, and Borne planking. We arrived al tbe place chosen
lu the woods on the side hill a little
off an old skid road, between the C. P.
iniiis aud the station. The pyre was
built aboul 2>_ feet high, Hie coffin
was placed on this, head to the south,
and heavy planks were placed ou the
coffin aud the sides built up with faggots; under all was light wood. A
service waa chanted by the two older
or head Sikhs, the other responding,
aud toward the end bowing toward the
coffiu���a most impressive service���
then the under wood, which was very
wet, was saturated with coal oil and
lighted. In a short time there was a
very hot fire���and after tbe coffin began to be consumed the bulk of the
Sikhs left on each casting a twig of a
tree Into the fire. We who remained
could hear them chanting on their way
to their bouses. About five or six
Sikhs stayed to watch. The top of
the pyre with the coffiu gradually
sank into the centre of the fire. At
no time while I was there waB there
any part of the body exposed to view,
anH    o    nssmhor   nt   .lln    _fhlt��   .__w..ft��-��
expressed themselves on the decency
and sanitary proceedings. I left about
10 o'clock. The chief Hindoo reported
to me this morning tbat the ceremony
was finished. The ashes were gathered up and cast into the sea, the teeth
and end bones of the fingers only being brought away to send home to relations in India, there to be cast into
the holy Ganges river, and thus was
tbe body of Poona Singh cremated according to the rites of the Sikhs. 1
visited the spot today and find nothing but a little decalclne bone and a
few ends of charred wood. Ail is clean
uiu] decent"
Fifty Millions Subscribed to Build Rail
way from Canton.
Victoria, Nov 12.���Charlie Yip Yun,
Chinese agent and customs interpreter
at Vancouver, says he has raised $50,-
000,000 for the construction of the Yat
Ho Railway Company in the Canton
district, China. The line Is eighteen
hundred miles In length, aud runs
from Canton to Uaugkow, thence to
Chinese in Canada have subscribed
$2,000,000, Vancouver, Victoria, New
Westminster and Nanaimo Chinese are
represented as being on the list. He
also raised a big sum ln the United
States, and was engaged at Los Angeles when he got a cable to hurry to
China where work hns already begun.
Yip Yun sails on the next Empress, nnd
expects to finish the rallwny before
1911. It will be an electric road, and
serve a great congested district now
served by a line of river junks. The
whole scheme originated with Lun Yat
Yung, a Chinaman of this city, and
bis father, Lun Dat.
The Daily Blaze.
Mobile, Alas., Nov. 12.���Fire early today along the river front destroyed the
sawmill plant of Hleronymus Brothers
and the mill of Ihe Mobile Hardwood
company. Several other buildings wero
dumaged. The loss la estimated at
$250,000. Traffic over the Mobile &
Nashville, whoso trucks run along the
flro zone was blocked lor several
king of Greece visiting King Victor
Emmanuel on November 23, and remaining here four days. If King
George desires to see tho pope tho lat-
Chicago, Nov. 12.���The docks of the
Lehigh Vnlley Conl company here were
burned today causing a loss which Is
placed by the company's officers at
fortune of about $30,000,
to ber by her husband, t
cler, to Individuals whom
era worthy.   It will not I
churches nor those who wr.
000 bequeathed
he late fl'nan-
she consld-
e to endow
'te begging
Norwegian  Royalty Visit Brltlsl
at Windsor Castle.
i King
Portsmouth, Nov. 12.���King Haa.
Queen Maude and Crown Prince C
of Norway, who arrived off Spllhe.
late last nlgbt on board the Britlt
royal yacht Victoria and Albert, land
ed at Portsmouth this afternoon on a
stale visit to King Edward and Queen
Alexandra. They will spend a week
at Windsor castle. A series of festivities have been arranged for their en-
The Prince of Wales welcomed King
Haakon and Queen Maude on behalf of
King Edward, after which the royal
party landed and took a train for Windsor. On arrival the visitors were met
hy King Edward and Queen Alexandra and mosl of tbe royal family. The
route from the depot to the caetle was
lined with troops and the royal travellers received a splendid welcome
from the inhabitants of the borough,
the baby crown prince coming in for
a full share of the applause.
Swindles Total $3,000,000.
Chicago Nov. 12.���Charles Whitney
Norton, said by the police and postal
authorities to be responsible tor swindling operations aggregating $3,000,000,
was arraigned for a hearing today before the United States Commissioner
Foote. It is claimed that Norton victimized people In all parts of tbe country. His method, it ia alleged, was to
obtain bonds, stocks, mortgages or
���other negotiable papers to sell on commission. He would sell the stock, the
police say, and keep the entire proceeds.
A False Report.
London, Nov. 12.���Persistent rumors
���_-_ _rio_t on Sunday both in London
and Paris tbat King Alfonso bad been
assassinated on his return to Madrid.
There was no truth in the report, the
king and queen both being well.
Young Oregonlan Takes Law Into His
Own Hands and Avenges Wrong
Done Hie Sister.
Save Your Appeale.
New York, Nov.    12.���Mrs.    Russell
Sage will  give away  the bulk of tbe
Portland, Ore., Nov. 12.���Shortly after 8 o'clock today Orlando S. Murray,
aged 31 years, son of an East Side
physician, shot and killed Lincoln O.
Whitney of Hubbard, Ore., at the
home of the latter's sister, Mrs. Porter, at East Third and East Harrison
streeis, and then boarded a car and
went to the office of Sheriff Word,
where he surrendered  himself.
In a Statement to tbe police young
Murray said he killed Whitney because
of the latter's persistent refusal to
right a wrong done Murray's sister.
Young Murray was extremely self-possessed while malting this statement,
and said that he killed Whitney after
pleading with him for three-quarters
of an hour to right the wrong done
Miss Murray.
In the room at the time of the shooting were Mrs. Porter and her young
daughter, both of whom, when reallz-
Izlng the Intent of Murray, rushed between the men to prevent Murray firing, but he pushed them aside and
fired a bullet into Whitney's bo&y,
killing him instantly.
Resident  Raises Complaint  About the
Local Postoffice.
Nelson.  Nov. 9, 1906.
Editor of Tbe Daily Canadian: I, as
well as scores of others in Nelson,
would like to know what Is the matter
with the Nelson poBtoffice? Very
often letters are handed out that are
not only days but weeks old, and,
worse still, some aite never handed
out at all. I have only been here a
few months, but tn that length of time
moro of my mall hae been lost than
has been lost In 10 years before, so 1
cannot help thinking that the Nelson
postoffice Is to blame.
Why can we not have better ser
Beretford Promoted.
memorandum issued on Saturday announced the promotion of Vice Admiral
Lssrd Charles Beresfortl to the rank of
Transvaal the Scene ol
New Disturbances
Colonial Police  Force  in Pursuit
Delayed by Sandy Roads and
Lack of Water.
(j apetown, Nov. 12.���Several Boers
eute ""* th*9 northwestern part of Cape
Coloi '>' a ,ew da>*s ago and surprised a
police ' camp in the vicinity of Wilkop.
Two t foopera were wounded and a corporal i aptured. Led by a man named
Ferreln ** ,,}p Invaders marched to Med-
der, gal "'"8 some recruits through a
story tbi '' a" uprising ln the Transvaal is ln tmlnent. The colonial government has adopted strict measures tn
end the dl:  _**_��.
Capetown. ��� Nov. 12.���The colonial police force w. hlcb Is pursuing the Insurgent party t inder the Transvaal Boer
Ferriera was within fives miles of the
raiders, but t *>e scarcity of water and
the sandy con ntry render the pursuit
difficult. The fugitives have gained
several recruits ���
The Boer ral d in the northwestern
part of Cape Co. 'ony occasions no anxiety in governmt 'nt circles. The parliamentary Becre, '-*T of the colonial
office Informed th e house of commons
that the governme nt was taking aH
the necessary steps and it did not think
the assistance of tl <e regular forces
wae necessary.
The government ol' German South
Africa had been reqi tested to capture
the raiders if they . returned to German territory, with th e view of extradition on charges of m urder and theft.
Grand Forks Resident ft lakes Unfortunate Disposal of P roperty.
On Tuesday night Mn ~ S. Young,
wlio lives on Fifth Street I "etween Victoria and Riverside av. nues, was
awakened by a burglar ath 'mptlng to
pick'the lock of the kitchen door, says
the Crand Forks Gazette. Ml *a. Young
being somewhat alarmed for tl'e surety
of soit-e valuables ln the hous-3.. secreted a tox containing some land deeds,
two goli! watches, a note for I. 00 and
some meney, In the oven of the coolc-
Ing stove. The burglar succeeded In
opening the lock, but the door was
bolted on the inside and he gave up
attempting to enter by this way, and
tried the w.'ndows. Mrs. Young then
lighted a lamp and the intruder made
a retreat. Vv'hen MrB. Young's son
came home In the morning from work
he started the fire and it was some
time before Mis. Young remembered
placing tbe valuables in the oven. The
deeds, notes and money were totally
destroyed and the   watches ruined.
Raised Tha lr Wages.
New York, Nov. 12.���The demands
of the engineers emplsiyed by the Delaware, Lackawanna ft Western Railway company were adj usted today ai
a conference between President W. H.
Truesdale and the reprt'sentatives of
the engineers. The eni'lneerB were
granted a 10-hour day an, I increases
In wages aggregating for the 000 engineers (30,000  to  $35,000 a  yi'ur.      '
Found In Junk Shop.
New York, Nov. 12.���The bronse
tiiiilet which was stolen from a<e Slocum memorial monument has beeu
found in a Brooklyn junk shop smashed
to fragments by the thieves, who sold
It to the junk dealer for $14. The lale
let waa valued at $4130. Seveu men.
were arrested today on suspicion of \
having stolen it.
Merely a Freak.
Toronto.N ov. 12.���The Fruit Growers' association has received a report
from the committee appointed to inspect the Spencer seedless apple. The
report condemned the apple, and said
there was a great  loss of flesh and
Ihni-  lh_ -...11^. 4_tal_.,i was a PCCCptwLis.
for Insects, and recommended the purchase of trees only as a curiosity.
Many   persons   who   really  have  an
aim In life are too lazy to shoot.
��� tl' ���
% The Daily Canaan
 STORES =r -'
Cool nights are now iii  order.     Tliey
pleasaut dreams of
-vill invite
unsatisfactory results may b
tea.lily adjusted  without the probabll- I prophesied bv th,
Ity of excuses, such as damage In ship-    Immediately 'take place
meat  and  consequent  delays  and  Un   '     ��� '
the more
should  suffer defeat    the    catsms
.f them in r��*<i ft'
31-2 Points, weighing about 10 pour idS( J7<50 p��r pajr
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds   p   .   355 p.r    jf
These blankets are justly r.'k-brated fssr thei
them in this city
: cicellence. We alone carry
HEADQUARTERS,    FCi*   CAMPERS.  I     ,,,___.   �����,-.--
LUMBERMEN.-P.llows.   Corr.fort.rs.  Gle      *,INERS-pROSPECTORS  AND
Underclothing.  Oil   Clotlng.  Sweaters,   f    ,   ' a?d Mlts* Sock8* Shirts and
and  Shoes and  Rubbers;     Groceries   and     *,'ners . a���   prospectors*   Boots
Provisions..   Everything  of  the
Best   quality  and   prices   surprisingly  Lo
man) such thai ore afforded lo foreign
niirs-rymt'D in case of failure or com
plaint with cuu-Ignments.
With the enormous possibilities that
are before the interior in its fruix pro*
ducing capabilities, the immense area
of the Kootenays, the Houndarv e.'tm-
iry, the Okanagan. and the available
empire that exists between the Boundary valleys and through the- Siiuilka*
tneen to the Preset roller, there should
be, simultaneously with the development of immense orchards, the development oi! Immense nurseries, so thai
tues may have frnm their start have
the best chance, being native to the
With an eye tu these things from
the start our resources in the matter
of fruit culture may soon place the
province at the forefront on the American continent.
Imperial B; ink of Canada
Head C rfifce,   Toronto.
CAPITAL   .\rTHnpi7f--Li       ;���- ,.
'     Kii.    [���'���"'"' O^tXAL PAID UP.
D. R. WILK1E. Pr��isJo_t. H0N.
f I 180,000.
ROEKKT JAFFBAT, Vice-President
:s in British Columbia:
Deposit? raostred and int   rm Biinu-.-i ��ft.~ "���"-1*' *
nt aud cre.iit.-d half-yearly. ��"u��m at currant rates from tlate of owning bo.
J.  M.  I_AY, Mann,
count ana cranial uau-yearij
The %>y>,zl 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up  ' 3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4>092M3
Accounts of firm
T. ]���;   KENNY
and individuals opened tin the most favorable terms.
' Thirteen   branches  In   Hritish   Columbia.
S pecia!   attention   to out of town business.
I'r es., Halifax.        K, I.    PE/tSE, General  Manager,  Montreal.
��� a week hy the
Pntsli-bed El
B*k��   _t��� Nelaon, B. C.
.JmS*''H'i'T, t* IM* M "onteamouth flelivereA
pi,'n,'i'/v..ir, ��  ����" r"*r" "*" '"��� """��� *���""���"
AdTertWnt r .ie�� on application.
All monlei -^ai-i iu  letUement ot TheDeJlli
CiiiiH.ii*.:. en ounte, cither toi lubtcrlptioni _��.
advert icing.  Amt be receipted loi 00 th      ���
forms ui  Uf ( Co
1 ompany.   Other receipt*
prll   :-���!
era ool
NOVEMBER 12. 1<*>(_.
" By CH��e wort WO Ue   .mtlinw fudged    to  tM
wi*e (tu.l tij-od. word soiiielfiuos judge 1  lo tie
foolish.   l*t  us therelore  bt careful  i.-j,i we
The publication in The DaJ ly Canadian on Saturday of a Utter fI()m Mr.
Thos. Cunningham, provinc. al fruit inspector, will serve to throw Hume light
on the cure with which ti,_ inspection
of fruits and fruit trees coming into
the province from oul'.jde points i.->
carried on by the local 'officials Some
few years ago. when KUo appointment
of an Inspector for this office was
made, there w&t BO_q e demur by those
who did nut al that time fully realize
what the future of the fruit industry
will mean to Britf/ifa Columbia, but the
results of the apn liutmenl hav.* bo tar
been  more than   amply justified
Not only lias Mr. Cunningham dl*
charged   hi.    dmios   _t'li   B   I-aal   that
"'���i' oom mi ndabte, bul he has at
all times ber n the man for the place,
and he has erred neither on thi side
of leniency,* ilur of severity, In some
Instances, /where large shipments have
been condemned because oi disease in
trees or fruit, there hav.* I.* i ��� recrim-
inatinm,. but the Branew ol the Inspected and his subordinates has
stoorj between the growers or importers of the country and unscrupulous
shippers who have sought to flood 0U1
markets with inferior fruits.
Some of the American shipper*?, in
particular, have utterly disregarded
the welfare of this country and have
attempted lo dispose of their products, unsalable in their own country,
by sending them across the line. Canadians in their shipments of fruits
and cheese and other exportable prod-
��nets have wisely pursued au entirely
"Trtfu���itt-t"p-JSCy. "in men* 'suipmeuls to
I'ngland, wfth few exceptions, they
have selected  the best and have kept
tb-* second Class products for their
own consumption. It is by ihi.*; means
that an enviable reputation has l>een
built up in the old country for Canadian products.
The care and self denial of Canadian
producers and shippers will, however,
soon be completely nullified if American shippers Ik- permitted to infect
and infest our orchards by the shipment of diseased fruit or of infested
trees. So that with an eye to the future, when British Columbia shall take
her place at the front of the fruit producing provinces of the Dominion the
present stringent regulations and Iheir
strict enforcement must be fully commended.
We think Mr. Cunningham makes a
good point when he says that fruit reinsert admission to British Columbia
should not be allowed to be re-billed
to Northwest points. It is scarcely
fair to our Canadian neighbors in the
prairie provinces to permit the dumping of fruit on them which has been
pronounced unfit for our own consumption. Altogether the province
has in Mr. Cunningham and his staff
a corps of comiK*_ents who will not
neglect tbe best interest, of the country, und in a few years the clean and
���\i, ilesome frull which will be so
abundantly produced will be one of
the matters upon winch the province
win pride iiseir.
Thi other point In Mr. Cunninghams
communication which we deem of Im-
portauce i* the necessity or wisdom,
wbeni v*>*i and wherever possible- of
purchasing fruit trees that are native
to British Columbia. Neither Oregon
fruit trees nor those Trom Ontario
have always given satisfaction, the climatic conditions being widely different
und, a period of adaptation being necessary for the imported trees, the results have not always been of the most
encouraging nature.
There are already a number of good
sized nurseries in the province which
are being devoted to the production of
the class of fruits suitable for culture
In the various parts of the province,
and where the varieties desired are obtainable at these it may be assumed
that the locally grown trees will give
the best  satisfaction.
Moreover, the shorter time Intervening  betWBOTJjSQJring, during -.limm-nt
The Vancouver    World   occasionally
has a lucid moment when dealing with
the   possible   results   of  an   appeal   to
people for an endorsement of the
policy and practice of the government,
o;, in other words, an election within
the  province.    Having  abandoned  all
proper  criticism   of  the   i>o!icy  of the
government it gets right down to busi-
ness   and   asks  a   series   of   questions
which  anyone  will admit  are straight
to the point and reveal  the necessity
for the existence of a capable government In British Columbia.   It u*ks, under the caption   'Suppose," as follows:
"Suppose  the  McBride    government
did appeal to the people and should bu
beaten, as they  richly  deserve to be,
what  would  happen-     Would   the  sun
cease to shine, the moon to rise,  thu
stars  to twinkle,  the  tide to ebb and
Mow, the grass to grow, the wheat to
head  out,  the  fruit to  ripen?     Would
people walk on their heads, horses go
mad. automobiles slop running and bicycles burst their tires?    Would there
be a geseral  shakin-   up  and  disturbance of nature in    which    the    earth
would Stop revolving    water decline to
run  fires to burn and    electricity    tu
With Canada so    prosperousnder
I-aurier's rule and because of Iitf ���
rule we can scarcely concefvt    th
great universe would tak.   ���
to pay much attention to a litturu
over in Hritish Columbia.   Cayour
fear* dear World!    There is   such
danger   imminent.     The   McHr gov*
eminent  is solid  with  the  pe. and
things win go on just as Bmoly as
ever.    You need not get tfco-Ptngs
hi repair yet awhile.     The   . will
keep oq shining without  ku-u you
are in existence.    And  the  wi   will
keep on runnl ig, the fire cosue to
burn and electricity to genes, snd
you  will  get   your share of    these
good things so N.ng ;1S you cum* to
pay your water, fuel nnd Ugtbllls.
Liberal papers are agaithrnwn
Into consternation over the rumor-
that an election is likely to tu placo
in the province almost at t time.
A little while ago it was "ported"
that the lieutenant governor mid refuse to consent to a diseolutic of the
house until the vacancies in m cabinet were filled. Now j, (alleged
that it is highly Improbable tai his
honor will give his consent fl a dissolution within so short a tlm as the
"reports" say is likely. All ( which
goes t0 show that the opposlth press
is in dire straits and does n know
what to expect. We were wrned a
few weeks ago to take little ock in
these rumors but to be readv. Moral:
When you see the uunouncaent in
The Daily Canadian you will how It's
The functions of a government are
herein shown to be much more far-
���caching than has been commonly supposed by ordinarily sensible people.
While anyone will admit that the uni-
might smile benignly on good
government and go out of her way to
reward righteousness In the rulers of
the peoplo It requires rather a stretcn
of the Imagination to "suppose" ihat
the universe will pay no attention
when the conditions are reversed.
While we are not prepared to assert
that all the grievous things would happen in case of a defeat of the McBride
governmenl that are enumerated by
the World we can still confidently
point out one of the curious phenomena mentioned that would be sure to
take place. When the question is asked, 'Would people walk on their
heads" if this were to occur, we unhesitatingly answer, "Not all the people, to be sure." Hut there are some
who would. The sudden elation that
would take place in the Uberal ranks
would completely upset some of the
devoted camp followers of that interesting category and they would undoubtedly stand on their heads, even
if they could not walk.
In the case of tne Vancouver World
we have no doubt that it would succeed in performing even that exceedingly difficult acrobatic feat. Our
warrant for this belief is that it has
already performed some equally strange
maneuvers In acrobatics, in fact, everything but walking the tight rope.
In the case of the World the feat
would be less difficult than In many
another case, because, supposing the
defeat of the Mcllride government, its
head would suddenly become so enlarged that it would afford a much
broaded foundation for the Inverted
superstructure than Its feet afford at
present, broad and long as they are.
Moreover, it is an axiom with nature that she pours favors alike OH the
just and the unjust and we can s ��� no
particular reason why she should re
w-rse ber old-time policy and suddenly put the check on her former generosity just as soon as the Macdonald
party come luto power.
We do not see, for instance, why
she should suddenly blot out the sun
in case of the Liberal accession iu
British Columbia when she has for 111
years been so magnanimous during
the reign of Sir Wilfrid at Ottawa. We
must not be oblivious to the fact that
lhe bountiful harvests of the past iu
years and the general prosperity that
Canada has enjoyed have all resulted
from the wise administration of he
Laurier government.
There can be n odoubt that the sun
has shone, the stars have twoikyd,
the fruit bas ripened and the wheal
has headed out, all because of Ui_ pull
Sir Wilfrid bas with the unlveitfJ.
There can be no doubt that the sun
It is now almost two weeks Ince the
premier intimated his wiUianess to
meet the leader of the opj>cition in
public debate ou the questia of better terms. The suggestion i will be
remembered, was made by tie Liberal
association of Victoria aftei the confession that Mr. Mel .ride hai made a
"hit." Mr. Macdonald hag been at
Vancouver, Victoria and titer coast
points for some time, but so far we
are not informed that he hes any time
to meet tbe premier, as desired by his
own friends and followers there. Wo
wonder why.
The Simiikameen Star heads a flaring coluumn with the words of an
adapted adage which says "Btarnal
We were under the impression that
the ancient maxim reads, "Eternal vigilance is the price of Safety." There
Is a slight difference, and however
mistaken they have been the Conser
vatires have been doing business under the original motto unamended by
our contemporary.
That there may be no misunderstanding we wish to announce that news
Items appearing in the columns of this
paper headed "Special to The Daily
Canadian" are sent us by our own correspondents and are not compiled in
our own office out of the weekly exchanges that come to hand and then
published as our own specials.
The Canadian must not be too hard
on the opposition for their shifting and
evasive course in respect to better
terms. As their leader, Mr. Macdonald. puts it, they do not know where
they are at.���Colonist.
Nnti- e 1- beftby cn.n thru BOd-uri tftti d��H I
Intend ��������� Duke application 'r> iiu- llontirtit'U-- Ihe
Chief ��� ommlwioner "i -Lttuli mh-1 Worki tor per-
..];-���:.,:.  *.   ;���**..���  the  toUowUu ae*crl-*d
lands:  ���   nunen Ingntspoel pISMo sdjolntoi
the eouthweet comer post oi I^eon WSUoi - ������
pUcatlon i" PorchMe, ruuninjc BO ehalni nnrth;
Ihence -*ch-alni net; thenee ni ohalm ���
thenea "��� chalm east, to i��oini of coalmen
ment! contalnlni  --' *��cr_- more or less.
Dated Oi to! ���      ,1_0
Bon* �� wna,
By hi* eft ������'.. KaxiBT, W. Roatto" N
(i .-;.. u bon by giTen thai iv dan attai ���*������������'��� I
Intend to apply io the Bon. lhe Cnlei Commli-
-    * ���    ni I-mn.l* m.l W.-rk-d-r jHTmlMinn 1" pur-
cbaa-fl the (ollowinj ���'.-- rlbed Un<i> in Weil
k,-. tanai dlitrlel: hot;tn 11 iiik at a, post tn��rke_
���Otto iiir-.ii*.". n * corner*' ami planted on
1 ireit ebort of Wauhan i-Cerlb-;*-*) lake, ab-mt
one-fourth mil. weit of the narrowi ol Whai.��han
like; thenee wuth SO chaini; tbenee eail I
chains mon it leai t*- the ibore of the Marrowi:
Lbence lotion log u I   ���-.  re In a 1
and weel
��� ���: cm, to the point of < ommencamenti eontaln-
fxu..! ihUSthday of Ocl , 1* _
1"   I    llAMMnNP, Agent.
tt) day*afterdate
l Intend loai ifaaloner
i.j Landi mui W ..rk*. for permlatti n to ���
���v '.  andi in Weal Roo-fc uaj
dlitiii i. Be-fInning ��i h poal marked "I K
Mden'i B k corner/' and planted "*i the eaal
ihore ol whatahan (Cariboo) lake. **t*��ni t mie
mile north of lhe wntheni end "f the lake;
then 1 north 90 chalm; Lbence weet -40 ehalna-
more ������: tees, to tb*. ihore ot Whatahan lake;
[Ollowlng aald ihon In a general aonth-
i-riy and eaaterly dlrw Uni  mon oi
leaa, to the point of comi nuiniiiK
S20 acrei, mon m  ��� ���
Dai   I thii Ith day ol Ocl , MM
B   K    AI-bE.N,
  I   I.   II -.������--���*-.    \_. ;.:
Notice li hereby glren that ilaty .tan alter
date l Intend to applj* to tb  Hon Cblel Commli-
tit mi. r of I-uii'ls nm! Wont*** fnr (���..���rmis.-ion to pur-
chaae the following deacrlbed Lau ia In tbe Weal
Kootenay dlatrlet: lti.gniiii-.ijt ni �� \- ���*���*. marked
"Bertha Blrach'i -N nTcorner," and planted on
��� ,-i -hurt.- of U'imt!*-han (CarlWo) Uke. at the
narrowi ol tin* hAc and aboul one mile wuth of
Arron lake trail; theno - -   thenee
well BO Cbalttl nmre or !��� ������ to th< ih ire of the
narrowi; thence rollowlng the laid ihon In a
genera]  northerly hii*1 eaaterl]   direction iai
���h-jin*. more  'T  U*-s  to  ".-   |
ment, oontainlng * U aeru m
I'ated this hth day of Uct . I �������
BUTHi   ll!'--   h-
 K   1-. IUmMom
Blxty daya after dato, 1 Uargntl McQuarrle
Intend toapply to the Hon-u-atde ^eChii
miaaionerol Lands and Worki, Victoria, B. C,
to purchaie the follow ing -������ - -���:* - I land,   I   11
ngata poel murk, .i M lleQnarrle, on tl
hunk  of   Lower  Arrow   lake,  thenee  to chaliif
weat; tbeuce 60chalm north; ihenoe �� chain*.
out; ihenoe (o ehaim aonth t.. place of eon
menoement, aald to contain ISO acrei non i r
len i i firing ground held hy o, u. Andenon i
Dated Ii.ir- 14th <!h    ���-: *-��� |.t. :   1 .*r. IMXi.
W    I    l'\1 ��� r   A...   il
Blxty dayaafterdate I purpotexnaklngapplication to tne Chief Commlnloner of Landi and
H'orki tor permiwlon t<> purohaae the following
��� i land: Commencing at a po*vt in��rk>*d
���K i"- B i- i orner," and iltuate abonl one mile
from Silvtr Tip Point, on Wh&t.-han lake, and
near ChrUtle creek, running thenee So chaini
north; thenoe 80 ch-alni woat; thenee SO cbalni
south, following the Ink.-, shore: tbenee BOChalm
aaai to the point of commi ni ement, i ������ntainiiig
wo aciei more, or less.
Dated the mh day df August, IW
k  pAuqtntx,
 Per F U  F.utji-iEP. Agenl
Notice Is hereby Kiven that 80 rUr'*- after date
1 intentl itp npplv to tbe Houorahle ihe t'nic-f
���UnmiiiisMoner of I_nnds mid Work* f*.r j��*ruii--
.luit n-ci-lvoil, a Biili-nsllil Itook    ol    Btampsd     Linens
elegant   a*8ortment   for tu' w_t|
Corera, Tea Cluths, etc.   An eleKimi   uwortmmt   for to' ��  S11''"1
xmas present-. rk '"'
\\'�� are also showing a k>1 of new Fancy Tap* ansl nilslnsn w*
Sec our  show  wlnilssws fsir some  novfilliea    wo  have    f(,r    y '
trade, which  we had  Dade U) our order by    thc    bs-st    ut.   ,   "*
fancv  wssrk iu Ilu-  .Montreal convent.    Now  In the Ilnsi ,, "'
make selections. ' 'ur ^ to
Notiee li her.hy gtnn that BOda/i rattti data I
tn lend t" apply i11 the Honorable Chlel Commli'
lionet nj l and. end Worki tot permlnion t�� pur-
chaae tii* tollowlng deeerlbed landi, Mtnated on
th. ,*..* Mt ol Arrow lake: Commencing at a
poit markrd a Macleod'i looaUon poet, tnence
���oalb forty ��� -imiii*. foih-wiue w Toye'aeaatorn
boundary; ihence eaal ilxty chain-, to '���a^t hank
of Garibaldi Creert thenee north forty chalu;
thence eaal it) noi to polnl of eoi
raent. contalnlni 2M ai r\ -. ui"r>* or Ion
Hated s j.i.���-.:;!������ r 1  imn..        At.��:.\* M -.' : nu*.
i'er N. DnOBt, AgenL
Notiee in hanky given that 60 dari alter date I
Intend to apply to the -Honorable tht < bfc 11 om-
minloner ol Landiand fforki For pennl
parchaae the following deaorlbed landa, ��� ��� I
ou the east Md-.-of Arrow Uke: Commencing ftt
the northeaat corner of A. Anthony ��� pnrehaae,
thonoi north forty cbalni) thonoe weit forty
chaini, thenee south  forty ehalna, tlit-m-e eait
forty chaini to point of eommeneement, oon*
t�� ini rig Ift) ��rre��, mon- or U-m
Dated aepttml-cr 1,1'jnf'.     JaMU V. Ma<   too,
porM, Ur.ute*., AReot.
Inn tt) purchase the  lollowltiR .ler-eribe'f lamii
Commencing ai a poal plant* a oo the northeait
eorner of 1't-tt-r HcNanebton'i apptloatlon to
pnrcbMO, riitinlng r" ehuim -..<������-[ along the
northern bonndary "f aame; thence **t t-nains
north: thenee ��o <*l"iain** eaat; thence ni ehalni
-.nuth. along the we.it boundary ol John Elliott's
ti|>|iiieation to pnrehaae, to (������int of eomtnencc-
nirtit, conininniK 840 acres, cnore or ten.
Dated Oct IS, !-"_, Iio.ma,* R_UTH,
>       pltv hit" igctit, Khnf.-t \\'. Km inson
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Thief *f<iin'
mlssloner of UioIn antl Worka, ut Victoria, B.C.,
for permission  to  ourehiutf   iho   fni!-.-*-..-  -��-
permisiUiii to purrhwe  thc   following
sirihed lands,   situated in  the W"' "
dlatrlct. aonth Of Fortv Nine creek,
a! h  poll  marked ���'!.. II Cb
ner."  thence  tn chain*- eat*I
sonth, thenee Oi chalm
north to the
sixty flan after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. tht- Chief-'oui in is*-loner nf I-tind- aud Works
to purchase -M0 acres of land: (Commencing at a
jK����t marked "K.T. B'l aontheail corner j.'��st''
itii'i j.n-t hi-inir at the northeaat oorner of Qeo
"    *       "a  prB-emptlon  clatm, about  two  mile.**
t of  Hurton City, Ihen* 8 Weal tt 'hain*.
' ains, wMl U Chalna, north tu chaini,
���uth 'Jit chaini to place of com-
t Rootenay
jaett'*'*- N. Vi. ror-
'���H.M., theuee to chains
west, thenee 4u chaini!
. me commenoomont post, oontainlng 180
aerea- nmre or leas.
Nelion, B.c,oet. leu, 190_.
L. H. CHOQttmi-
 W. A. Josia. Ageut.
Hlxty day- after dnte 1 phrpOHlttlkllUf application to the Hon- Chief Commfssimie: of Landi
antl Wi.rkc for [-.rmifrsion to purehase the follow-
Ing deacrlb*d latjti: Commenolng at a pott
placed it theaouthwooloornerof it. W. Hanning-
ton'.-* Application io pnrChue, marked *1_ M. 6,
U's 6 ��. corner poM, niniilng theuee W rhalOl
west; theme BQ chalna south; thence SO chains
east; thence 80 chain** north to point of commencement, eontaining 040 acres, more <>r leis.
Dated the Huh day t.f October, 1900.
L. M..��. Ha.sm.notox,
wr R. Hhikll, Agent.
Nntice ts hereby gifon thai lixti dayiattef
datel intend to apply tothe Hon.i bid ( ommli
sit.uer of Uu'ls and tl'orki fi - permlnion to
purchan the followiog deoerlbed landi. in
Weil Kootonay Dfiti I Coi mencing at an Initial post pianteti at the aontheaal i orner "f Mc
Coy. pn emption, thi m e .-*������ * balm weal
boundary oi !-������. siSS; tbenn followlni nlo
. , ;... r aouth l law loti
18 chaini weat; thenc.* B0 chain-, too thi
0 - balni eait; tl ��� uo -���" i balm nortb t..
tl mil corner of Ij>i V2; thenoe following
veil boundari t.f Lot IB to Initial poat,
September B.UOS, 0, P. Wotfr,
per Ern-cht W. EouiyaoN.
Notice li bereby given that-tt d-an afterdate, i
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief ConminlottOr
1.1 Lands ami Works for p.-rmt*.��ion to pureha-e
the loiiowini dooeribod Landa, ilttutte on  the
-   i.re of Lower  Ijikc,  al-t.nl  one nnd one
half mile Booth t.f Bdgewood, K. ('. mi'l ad
Joining J. T. Beattle'i application to purchase,
an 1 oommedcing at a post market) Donald Wil
ion - Sonth Wnl corner, tbenee running Nortl
M.ty rhaim, them*-.* Kail forty phalot, then"
Booth, "ixty chain-, thenee Weet forty chains to
pla<_   ol  eommenoement, and oonfoinUig MO
m-r*- nn re or l--.*--
Ixjnai.d  Witaojt.
M, It   M.\JIAKR1I, AKtlit.
Dated this iftth day of Seplemb-er. IM-
Kotiee Is hereby tfiven that two month* aft.-r
tlate I intend to apply t<�� the Ilout.rat.u- Chlel
CommlMloner Ol 1jiUiI�� ami Works f.-r i~ riM--
sloli to j>up liiiw MO acres of land. dtM ril��ed as
follows: CoiniiH-ueltig at a |-"t pinnted nt the
aouthwnt of l. K, Morilsou'a ranch in Fire
Valley, Wool Kootenay dlatrirt, market] -*J b.
Itnnroi Dortheaat eormr poat"; ihenoe BOchalm
wee*', thence no i hains south: thenceB ehaim
east; thenee ��0 chain:-, north to the pia<v of commencement
Dated llth day of September, l��K.
J. II. MrsaoE.
W, A. CAi.HiH. Ait'iit.
Notice )g hereby Riven lhal 80 dan after date 1
j^ttiid to Hp[dv to the Hon. Chiel I ommlnloner
the follow]ok ..cmVii'^.I .��Tf.i-,Vn���,n'i;.'Vi,r'^r:V
Kootenay dlatrlcl \   lit-EirnitiiK at a poal marked
���Arthur Wamn'lB  W. comer," nml plant, d on
the eaal ihon of Whatahan (fai-ibo*-.) l��ke. abonl
tw-i milea north of the narrow.* nf Wimt-hitn
Ink'*, and at th.*.- i. oornorof W.8ocoinba'iap<
plication  to  Piinhh-e,   th.-ii"   en.-t   I'J iIimIiis-
thenee north 80 chalu: them*.- west tu rhalni-
thenoe aonth ho ehnins to i��.iut nf oommenc^
iBeutr ('ontniiiliiK BO acr-- inn*.* or leis
lay of Oct, U08
��. U IlAMMOM), Ageut.
preby ^iv
planted nt   thi
mUaa imrth oi
I ih>
date I Intend to apply t. , " t&ftj* ik
1 loneroj Undiand VffteS'SSS
10  pun-liajie  the  lolhmln,. df_MHk   ?0*��
Date  in  We-.tKoot.-nav   K-/   '.    ,      |      *
IH.st   mnrkt-1  -A   llir-i. ,'       .
\. W. eornei ol
���8BJS2 "�����> ��i..��. ft
i ' olumbm m. i
""-"���iii*: iiii-uee wi<��(4o i-i,.,,,.    , "O
��chalnn thenc,* .-nftti ,-i'o   .   [__*��� m
Dated thi. Hth dny of Sej.teuiu.fir],(
  I'" hi .,' :
Notice ia faenby given that80dan *������ .
Intend to apply to ihe KonorablatfiJS____
missionerof Inu-Uniitl W  - "w**
linn to pnrehan. 3 **^u' 1
Dated thii ath day of Aogtut, law.
Koti-MteherabyffiTOJithatiixtjda   .[_____���
Initcdtonppl) tolhoHon.Chfett!,����*
or of Undi ana Worka for peratarioat?
obaae  the following d.
starting nt a posi markedcatht
:    :: :!.:   eaal  ihun - I I
near Oladatone Creak, them, tu chitJ
tb; no lo ehalni north, thenei ��i**feir_t__��
inke ihore, thenoo lonth along lakiA
point of i onuatnoi mt nl
Dated thii Uth dayof September.IM,
Hajun Qi-uoo, AgaL   *
Noti-i* i�� hereby ilvon thai todanaittr.
Intend toapply lothellonoral
minloner oi I-amls and Works for [h'.-ilUui
pnrehaae the follow uik deeerlbed Uadial
00 the ea*l sitl*. ol Arrow lake.   ' at ��� .
the eoothweal eorner ol l Aiuist.n) .->u.ii-M
thenee aonth twenty ohalm, thmn '��::tf��ifl
ebalna, Uwnoo north twanty ehalni ���-., i-i I
twanty ehalna to point nf coiiimi'mvtDtDiH
tainiug >-> nerei. more or less.
Dated VeptemtK-T 1, lflOf.       Br_��*ti M.Srtm ]
per N. Duiaa Aitot
Notloe Is   hereby jtiven   Itm
' ii to applv tothe H.
ommlnloner of rAtoUaiid \\,
I intend to a
Dated this
pnrpon uaklni appli-
plxy days after date I      .,	
cation to the Hon. chief Commlaaioner of Landl
nwl Works for Permission to purchase the following deacrlbed land:   Commencing at a poal
placed on the north boundary of lot No. 8M and
ahfiut two Chain! east of Wh-it-hnij ereek. marked *M, S's. S. Vi. corner," running thence <0
Chalu eaat; thence to chains north; thenee 40
chaius west; thence 1<> chains south, to point of
i-iity days after date 1 intend to auj.lv p- im-
Commlnloner of Landi and Works, Victoria, to
purchase IMi acres of land, situate nnd deaerlU d
ai followa: Ctirnmcm-lug ata [H.st j.laiited mi the
west side of Arrow lake opposite 'arlt-ot. City, at
or near the southwest corner ol B. Hnig pur-
[���basu, and murked "0- M. A., S. K. corner," ari'l
running north to chains, thence weal fi chains
irehase, thenee iouth iu chalm
lake shore, thence along the
toll. AniiaMe's
more or less to the .--^ -uu.-_, .,
lake ihore to place of beginning.
r.tnmemement, containing 1G0 acrea   more or
Dated the h-th dav of OctoDcr, ISMS.
Per R. .Snti:i.L, Agent.
Notiee is herebv given that slxtv tl a vs after date
! intend to applv to the Hon. Chief ('ol
, .. , -,- - ��� permlanon to pur-
following deacrlbed lands, itx> acres
aonth SO
eaat 80 ehaim
meueement, containing 240 _
Located Hth dayof Nov. 1006
Notice is hereby given tha
intend to ---���   -   -���*    --
NettikT. Bam.
t >f' d��j> irom dnie I
tbenoe --'ist 80 chalm, thence north no ehnins,
thenoe wnt BOchalm, tbenoe i h --"hains, lo
pi io* of Dommencemi nt-and DontalningOWaorei
mi.re Ol lOM
L'wated 3-Hhday I)r
oi to apply t" the Hon. C
rof Landi nnd Worki for pe
iha.se the   following deseribed  ��.--_.,*w-M.it->,
coinmeneing at a pout marked John Toye, plauteil on the ens: shore of  LOWOX Arrow Inke, about
one mile north of Bonahine creek, thenei forty
chnins easi, thenee forty chains south, thence
forty chatm west, thanee forty chains
along inke ihore to point of conunencemo
Dnted tliis- l.-Jtli tlay t.f September, 1906.
H_UKV (jihmin. Agent.
"o. M. AayaatB,
Noiiee  fs  hereby  given  ihat sixty flays alter
date I intend to applv io ttie Bonorable the
Chief Commissioner of I-and-* aiol Works, for
i>ermi��<lon to pun hase the following dc-cribi d
lands in the Went Kootenay dlatrlct;   Beginning
at a poat marked "JamnO Ptaaer'aNJCeonier,
and panted on the east ihon Ol Wtintshnn
(Carl-boo) lake, alx.il'. om -half mile north of
t.'hrisiie creek; thenee south iOehaiiifl, more or
less, ui the north boundary of W. Heroin lie'a ajv-
idleation to purchnse; tlience west along the said
boundary to chalna, more or less, to the shore of
the Uke; theliee following the snid shore in a
general northerly ami easterly direction 80
ehnins, more or less, to point of eoininencemcui,
containing 100 acres, more or less.
Oet 13th, I ao.. Jinan O. KrasXR,
F. I, Hawjhomi. Agent.
-ity  ait ��
to the Uonoral   im -tti |
to purchase the following dew-ribi
atelu Ihe West Koolena) dlitrlet, amlaAflMtM
Paul Andre*i  pre-emption, itartfng ��t i-*-1���
marked A J. 1-oiig, N- K. coiiii r. i-n ttn-sntn .
of  I...iver  Arrow  Inke,   theme   Je ilultiiiatl
theuee  40 chain Mh.  ilonee W rhliuird
them-e -iu chnins north to point ef coanaoj
Oatl 1 at Nelion, 11. C, this sth da)-ol Seprf
ber, 1'XC A.JHaf
Wm. I'oi.LiRii. A-ftut-
Notue li hereby given Hint ��lxtT dipiMl
dale I intend toapply to the H..nor*Lie thrCWl
''nmint-.*i��.iot i.f Undsand Worki !'>r|.m__nj
to papcha* the ff.liowing deaeribed law If
In Weal Kootenay dlatrlet: ComnM inini^iaal
plKtiieil  nt   Hubert   Coriett'i north wl-Nl
1-     ...oi iB__b��_i a. m> i.-. w Comer tm_\
east 10ohalna! thence Ki chains soutli. mi
leu tothe Kootenay river; thenot t��rhuit
nlong the KiHit.-nay river; thenre 1* raOaW
north, more i.r leas, to the plnee of f'em___-|
ment, et.utaining Hu ures more or lea
Beptember nth ifloo.
AK5:i goon, |
William Uooal *�� Apiit.
Kotfoe is hereby given thatflOdayi-lua '��'��
Intend to apply tn th.- Hon. tbe Chief CaaiB
sinner of l-nnds and Works (or permwU-l ��j
j'lirehHfe the following d��� ��� *t r:U*d land* ll 8j
VV.   i   K.Kttennv   distriet:   Begin n ini,  it l M
marked 0. I��. Bell and k. Belraft K nm>    '
almiit 2 miles tail of the Kalmmi rivera��i
'- mile from the I'end d'Oreille rireri
chains north]  thence 40 chaln�� ���*"**���
chains iouth; theuce-tochains
betftnnli g.
Dated the 22nd flay of Beptember, I**-
i: Ku.
K. M. Ettrn Agent.
I l'l .il***-I
l-I-*ty davs nfter dnte I puri-..-   Batill iff**-!
eation tothe Honorable thei hM it.nimrwa-l
Ol I^uds nnd Works for purmlailoB te purua;
the following dewrilietl Und* CoinmenriMg
a poai  markeii  ������!). }*����� 8. W. eorner,"nljniilBJ
a  rauquiera applloattofl t*�� purrhaw, naabl'
tnenoi  90chain nnrth;   Ihem.*  -i vliaini _�����;
ihence80 ehalni toothi then" *t riintm iet.
lo the p.dut of eommeneement. euuialiilic O
ai-ri-a, more or loaa.
I'ated the llth day of August, VMM.
H rut-, i
I'er F. fi. FAf-wtiKl. AgeDt.
Nollee U hereby given that sixty daya after
the tlate I Intend to anply to the ifmi. Hie Chief
Commissioner of Lands und  Worka for pennl*
Notice is hereby given that 00 days alter date I
tend toauplv to the H-mia��� ���*-'- ***--	
ii i-ire V
tah Dd toapply to the Honorable" the Chief c.
���r of L��uda -������   ��*--���
Jolt '
. 1906.
Boar, Mi i..tan
it   ...   ,V! ,*S:vr a,--**1 intend to epp. '��� tbe
iMii.thei hieli nmmlaalonerol Undaand Worki
to pnrehaae 160 acrea of Land    < ,,,, ,,.n, ,,,.'
post Planted on th- wett Me o?8b?mtT* rt
froi" _BStnS$' u__0t 'V hn!j om' bH]i m~tei
irom   Kootena-,    lake,   nud   murked   "	
nechnie'i B. V.ebt corner poll
���hains, thence north  10 thai
Bbaina, thenee aonth io chains 	
Located this lOth day of November, IMM,
Kill. Mt ti-tt font
11   M,
lbence weat 10
thence east I'i
* plate of oon...
days after date 1
* the thief Com-
Notice is hereby given that fiodi
intend I'i apply to the Horn
minloner t.f Landi and Works for permission to
pnrehaae the lollowlng deacrlbed landi iltoate
about 10 miles east of the Citv of Nelson, on the
south shore of the West Arm of Koole-iuy ink**,
and t-nmmencng at a jiosl plmed i-.bt.ut -.il chains
vtiutli nf the southeast corner of Lot 884*. nmrbrH
"fl Thomas" N. W rorner," them
chains, thence east A)    '
_ .   south   20
.   .,_..,�� ��, .halus, thence north 20
ebalus, ihence weit 2'i chnlni to	
Dated thu tth day of Nov., rw
' point of coin
B Taoa.
intend toapph* ''-7*1-- "--   ��� - -���*-
nfter date I
dad jjlautfnj. all bespeak the arlvan-
ta.-rc of dealing with those near at
hand,  io  that  errors  in   rhijiment  or
ly repeated by the Liberal press that
a section of the people have resiHy
come to believe that It    Sir    Wilfrid j
Sixty days aftei tint
cation to tlie n
and WorkN for permission
��� following deacrlbed land, situate
in the Weal Kootenay dlatrlet, ad-
k "��� *. '"ahit r'�� pre t<m|.tlou, -ttirting at a
narked M. UoQuarrie'i aontnweal corner,
tilling W) chnins* eust.  tbenca 40 ejialiiw north,
tbence �� cbalm weal tbenoe to cha ins south to
point of commencementi
Dated this llth -lav of -September. VJOfi
 J. K. TlVUiB, Agent,	
I porpOte  making  appli-
_ ef Commlaaioner of Lmi'ta
tnd Worki for permlMlon to purchnse tlte fol-
low-iiiif deicrlbed land: Commencing ntAjiosi
placed nt the nortb eaat corner of B. <' Pklnner'i
application to pnrehaae, marked "H. D'l N. w
cornet poat," thenee followlna the ''ast boundary of aame 80 chalna aiutb; llienee niunllig ��l
ehalna eait; thenee 10 chains north] thence W
.*-t to (Miini ot eommenceiiieui, eouiHin-
ID .. ..(., ,|, r, . i���,,j,. or lesi
fiutod the loth .lay of Oetober, JfUjC.
H. DOM),
 Per R. finiPx, ,-*|oot.
to dayi after dnte I intend to applv to the Honorable   the Chief Cnmiiiisslnm-r nf   Landl nnd
lOi-Iiafns, moreor less to the shore t.f  \\lv ,Ki,\
lake; Ihenee northerly along lhe aald lake shore
Wl chains, more or leas, lo  the  point of 'oinnien-
eemeiit, eontaitnng <fnO acres, more or less.
Hated Oct. 13, lm K. K. Kan.,
F. I. Hamviinh. Agent
tfotfoa is hereb _  	
intend lo-t-iidv tb Ibe Uon. (
Of Landa ami  Work--  for pen
_ / giTen thnt 00daya nfter date i
intt.'iKi to applj to the Hon. chief Commlaaioner
perm Iai
unted   in   the
'Inning nt a poet
Worka. -Victoria, H c , to pirchaee 6W aerea ol
land situate welt t.f Arrow lake oil the weat -i'le
of Whatchuu ereek aud jf>inlug the nortb Iw.und-
ary t.f M. J. Annable Bpplicutlon to purchase-
Commeneing nt a post marked R. .f. K, s. K, corner and running wea'80ehalnii tbence north 80
ehalns; thence eaat 80 chaloi; tlienee south to
point of coiuuiem i-Tn.-iit.
Efa ptembef '2nd 1��J6. II. J. BLLIOT.
row*- oi tbTkaid I
the aald  lake
east  ���o chain;
ite the [aland In
ih R) chalna] thena
ami menu riv  <
to p<dnt of con
moreor less.
Oet. 13. 1-*..
i.  ii.    sat.i  gnore In u nnrtheriy
���etion j-* ehalna, mora or leai
nenooment, containing 8J0 aorea,
ny r. L. Hammomj. Agent,
Nollee Is hen te. ���_:*.. n thnt Ml days after dnte. 1
intend to apnlv to (be Hon. Chief Commisaioiier
of i.Hiots ami Works for permlaalon to pureha-ic
the following deserfi-ed (nuda In the West Kootenay Dlatrlct:  Beginning ��t a pool maiked "W
.*-'    BlTldge'a   .   \V   corner," ami  plnnteu  nbout
one-quarter mile weat of the west ihore ol Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, tind abont one and one-
qu.rter nub - north ot the southern end of the
fake] thenre north w chains; thenee eaai tt
chains more nr lens to Uo- shore of the Whut-han
lake;   thanee  following  >nid  ��h<��re in a g'-nernl
south'.-riv nod - ���-f-.-i'--"-"_*��-i--�� "�����*''���'��� -
the following deaeribed land
West Kontenny district:
marked  "V.iiuHm  Keii'i      ���...���..   .uu
plauteil about oue mile south  of  lbe iioltli ��� li I
t.f �� hntshnii (Can) ) lake, abonl twenty chaini
west of Hie  wetil b).ore nl  snid lake and on ilu*
souih bonndary of fc v.   KeQ'i applloatlon tt.
purchase: theliee south Wi ��� Imin*,; theuee ensl 'ii
chain", more or less, to the aald lake ahore;
thenee Dortherlr along the aald shore BOchalm,
more  ur   leaa, (O the said south   btmndnry  of
v, k. Keil's application to pnrehaae; ihenoe weal
ai chains, more or less to the point ol�� oiiimome-
mentj oontainlng uo �������_>��� *������'-��� ������
Dated Oet. 1*, 1
William Keil,
tth. Age
 , ,...�� *ut*k awdafa afterdate i
intend to apply to the Hon. Hit* < hief Coinnilh-
aloner of Candl and Works forpcnnis-lon to purehase   the   following   deaorlbed   In nd.- iii   Waal
*.*��� P. L Hammoxi), Agent,
tiee la hereby given that ��) d
Com in en
i pur-
plsiiik-.l ��>  ....
MltlSTHl   slHim
Hi'l'liill*. |ir.-^
I'lsftlliss   Rll,!||/
sslsilllis,, tlss.ii,.t.
"MU.irly (,!,,, |,.|,���m;**
i.i ,���,
���   ��;i'l idlolnlng u,e __.������.���,
i'l.' :l,,,'���."";,,,,'r'""" �����":,;|"��
in, ,      "'i-'s'-i- eut lorty (m
orkssn, isilli. pi,,.,.,,,
JJat_d lsst'lay nt AiikiibI, lWlfi.
Wll.l.UM   'I'fSl.l.INllTON,
By Ills a,S'llt J. K. Taylor.
BIXtY ilsty.Hflt-r ilnli; I |ssir[ss,.|. lusiklSli, Bjijsllctt-
si..1, (o the Chief CommlMl ir cf Undi en'
Uorks, fssr [ss-rliiifiiloil (ss pili-i-li.ssi' 111.- full.mini,
denrlbed lend:  Oommenelng et e.pottm-trkH
Notli-e li hereby glren thHt (SO >uy. e.terdatl;
liiusml to npply io tin- Bonorable ihti'bWO**
isilsmlmii.r of Umls Hml U'nrk, ui psirchMe *
lolloa-lug slis��rnbi��l leii.ln. jji ai ri* 111,-r. orlMC
oommenelt. nt a p,��nl plnntod ..:. un ����i*mI
nl I i,p..r ,\rr,iw lak,- ���i a point isMnst: snisn*,
1'ssr N��kii.|,.aiiilioarki-dii. A. II II . *> I    '��'
pouj ihenee m t-halm wet: u���.,i,, ��sb._
lonth 1 lli.'ni'.>Nii>iiei���a(._it, ni.irForln��uW>i
���non; thenoa along laki- .lsor. t,. iistwt oW
Isal,..llhln5tliila vol ,-s,i,l. r..,.   sS.A.BUlH
KofdooUherebj givs-n tbti nxij .irtT.fn'insW.
I llstssliiilnaiijily to tilts Hon Chll :- PHTllWM
sil l.an.1. an,] Works. I���r s.,t Ionn is."'"
the followlnidewribed l��u-i.-, >tariinj���'����
I;1"""' s ti,.. fforthWal rornerdWM
tnenoo rnntiini.- twenty i-iimn- South, torn]
twenty i-halii.   .em, thenre l..rii iliain>*��l
"' twenty ohelni But, thenMtweniyofl
-"Sills to ,,,,inl ol sssinineiiiiiiiiiis. ensl ��*l*|
HI,- HI a-Ti-. in,,ri. or l,-.s.
��..i ri.ii.*p��|
Deled the let d.y of Oetober. 1901,
BUty ,layss alli-r,lali-l i
satlun  to tin, Hon. rhir
end Unrkf f,��� |��.,���ii.h|	
Iiswlns, il, ��, rll.i.il  lanils   Com, ssii; .UP"!
pawiTal Hi... hweetoornerol u rtieiri��
pllsalltiu lo purchaio, merited "1     - - '   ,
ner,'* running n,,.- n ehelni noiib:iM"L
i'lain, ws-t; ihenoe m i-hiiin. n,ssili:iiss'",'*l
ebeltueeal topolotol .-...j.tn.-n,, nn-nt,s'ssn***!
iiik :i..|,,, rs-ss more or leaa.
I'sslesl the loth ilay ol Oi-lnhs-r, IWO.        ,��� ,
In I pnrisi,.i--iia��la|.l*gj
ilrir.ni i,.11,.-ij la>
1. hhiki.i-
< hnlin
 [Sinl  l-'liil i.n   sHs-   .l���,r"   dl
post of riilnineneenss isl; tbenee  si
Iisurs. 01 I," l-i tlss. pssllil uf i-i,llilni-���, .���,.-,ii, i-oll
lalniiiK :;���..' is- rsjss nnii'-ur I.-M,
Dated this mil nay ssf Oot., I'ji*
��*. S. KLvimg,
F. I. IIimxonss, Agent.
nnil!  llienee ,��� ,.|,���'| " ."' pnn-l.ase. rm,
""''��� ihei  m ebelni ",,',   '-   ,'"!"'*'*""i'��ni��
S��%rS%t!S **^fc_SI!a_CB
'���lesi the 111), ,!,y ofAnguil.llwl.
Nollee It herihy glren llinl us slny. alter' >���_
InUnd to apply io the BonorebU tbt '�����
CotnnUieloneroiIeu.de and ��'nrk> fa'PfS
��lon to iinrsliaae tbe following dasWrM '"fi
In Ihe Won Kootenav dlitrlot:   n-giiinlK ��!���
I*"",i niaik Kls-anss'r Hlrreh'H ��' '"'",%
"inl pleated mi the we.i ebon s.f the uerrmji
Wlial.han (Cerll Jlsike.nlioii "'Tg
"Ui ui,,,( Arrow l��io trill; iiis-"*'-""  ��
ohelnii Ihenoe eul m riin.t�� m..r.- ..r i.>' "'JS
���bore of the Renown thenoe i ��"" *"\S
�� lore ���, a general - sssil,.. I)   wealel-ljrjg
Hon n, ohelni more or leu top pi '���'""*
ins-Ill, ei.tiialiiliig li'.inere. mor 'ion-   ��� ..
Dated Del   Mli,l!.sr,. to-unoi Ht"* .
K. 1.    II .MM.,M-. AS.-'"'    J
Untei ply �� tho Hon Chlefii ;i**��
or of Landiand Work. r..r ,���-niii--i'-ii'" Jf���,
���-ham!th. miti.wi.iK deiorlbe. lend, '"""'".j
Kootenay .llistrl, t; lleglnuliig sis ,i i���i ""��� v
'*�� Beeoabe'iB r. oornor," ansl i I;,1'.,,s
sinl   aliore   ol   \Vli,il.,ls,in (Cariboo) llrflr;,,|,il
Inke; -tliem
balni, mon
innlli  m t-haloa;
or  Is:
to   II
.   asslsi ibore in a us
ssml eaetorly dlrootlon laoobaini,
tils'   point   o|   eoilllneneeinellt;
aeroi, inon- or ieass.
Dated Ihu Itl, day ot Ool , 1000.
w Bia**
r. L, IIauxoms, Agsiul jANHEUSER    -,AND THE original
IBUSCH...    Budweiser Beer
cali*:d()nian liqueur.
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
J^ELSON       �����*������  _Bl&l3_. r,t,-h    VICTORIA
Burns <& Co.
fc ich Miirk.'ta in   BonlAodi   Trail,   Nelson,  Kiisln,   Bftaflon, Three Fort., New
I .mvcr -and Slocan ('ity.
L-.       mi)] *����� imv brand:
r ���     refill attan
braneb will have
Head Offlce: Nelson, B. C.
date I purpose iiiekiuuappll-
1  t 1,!  1 r,.miiil"*-ioiier of I��ndl
I . ,.-.������ -I i" pnreluua the tot-
I Commeneliia ut a pom
a. uitwcM nonet ot J. Bblell'i np-
marked 'K. H> R H. cor-
I HO 1 iininr- north, thenei- hii
I . ,   'tt ehaitiH t.outU, then* m
utol  loiniiienceiiR-lit, eontaiii-
n oi leai.
ay of Oi tober, lfloc.
per J. hhiki.i.. Agent.
I j 1 rj���,..* na_.ni nppii-
II   . * *. ..������* < otantlailonor ol uitidi
1   loo to porcbaae tlie bl*
an :-     ConuQeneina at a po��t
���   li'irthoajd 1 orner ol It. Shleli'-*
:,.-.*.  marked "M, K l_> K. K.
tli< nn* mit haiim north to the
���   I   I. OMS,  Ihenee Ht) chain*
rhalni nouth, tlience Ni ehaltm
nmmeneapunt,     .t; o 1 r.,��, t* 1441
- dI i'i tolH*r, UOB,
It. k. 0_nr_u,
por J   ���" 1:i    Aaeut.
������ 1 purpoae BudUni nppii-
\ tin   Hon, in.   1 blef i'oiiiirii-'ioin r  of
��� i"*rmi--toii to pnrehaae lbe
��� -���rii-.*.i imid;   CcnuDtiielng nl H
��� mn' lion o[ llariitu and
and eul oi It. J. K.iinit'N an
��� narked ������w. x p>. s. .v.
-h. in.* 10obaina north; thftii-e
��� un m.i,inns Math; thenc<* Wl
1 tn iKfitii of romtne_.oea.eat; contain*
or Ira.     ���
��� "��� Loiter, lflOfl.
W.N. I-KJl.K,
I'er J- Hlliail., A-fent.
��� late 1 DUrpMO  inaliint.  appli*
|t; l- lie   II....  ttn* fcbtof <'orniin-.il.in-r of
\ iur i'1-rniiMiiou to purauun tbe
tM*d Undi:   Conune)K_na Ht a
-   tit o**-.-1 corner of M. K.<irell-
\ Ui put-chaw, marked "V. i��,
1 1 nn]na thence80 ehaiini liorlh;
**t chaini Mft,  thence M
nee 80 -ibaini treat, to point of
���1.'u.uinu  MO aenii  nmre or
ii] of October, 1*06.
V. I>onn
Per J. Sblell, Apent.
rel��] riven that flO d*Ma after date 1
P application to the Oonoraale tbe
uei ol l.nndr* nnd Worku for per-
*-*-   iii.   following daaonbed
ing  hi  a  poNt   mi  ttie   uorth
jrj nf Ut wi and atKKttSenalni eaut of
I running in ehain-*.-*a-*i: tbenee
f"!'!-- mirth; Llienee tO chains wett: thence id
'"titli. tn  point  of 1 mninencpjnetit, con-
- ��� inre or Icm.
I r ll, iwo.
it- bin ag< nt, HnsK-fT W. Kubismin.
_ ��� dale 1 purpose man tna appli'
\ ���  (htef Oummlationefo. Undi
I """Mtiriiernilmiion to pnnbaae the fol-
��� land:   ('omnienctuc at a pout
rardi weat ol Ibewhatanan
���' and about two miiet untb Ol What
.narked   H 0.8'aW  K. corner ***\,-'
I ���   cbalni  aonth;   tbence ni
L'un? 80 ebatai nortb; tbenee w
(Hitu. '���( oonunenoanienl; eontain-
���""'��� "r leaa.
���MUielOtbdaj of October, 1906.
Per R. sitiKi.i., Agent
���f r,i   .1 "    '   lHl" I latand toappiy to tin
Ra v. ,     ' '"''' """'H^ioiier of Und*- und
I-J,, J',M"' '" piirtiiiihe inn aerea of land,
"tie weal ifdeof Arrow Lake, adjoining
��<1 'lew-rlbed an follow*-:   Comineiietna
Iai-,!V,"';' '"' Lb8 *** wmadary ol Lol
1 "JWI _ 1 , haim north of the B. Vt. eorner of
1 *cii bo chaini, thanoe aouth m
. inenee t.W|  ;ri r|1HtriH tn the western
"I Pre-einntloa 1.0.89, thenoe north
, , ' Uinntng.
1    '"'""������'���l'"' M   EC. Wam.iv,
it J. Ki-i.ioTT, Agent
1 ' ��� ih, 11 Lhal DO dan after dale 1
I *    tppMcatlon to the Honorable the
I    iniiifMioiier ..i Undi and Worki for per-
T"..*   purehaie the followlni dwrlbed
"Mtapoati *t*d 1.1 1 one
��� Z11. \l,"lv,""�� t'wek and aboul three
������ liHtuhan uke. muiiing norhinn*
��� lifim weatj thenoo nu thaina
-J' chalm oait, to polo
;," ������"���i.tiiiiHiiL-i-,lo,,,*,��.-, iNoreorle^,
uilnber l -. !���-..
I'BTKlt  M- NAIdltTl'N,
"l'l". KltMWT Vi. ItoniNM.N
'I?   In
I .' ��������������� Siven that 00 daw alter date 1
L '" '7 '", Honorable the Chief Com-
.     ,  *n*taaad Worki, Vlotoria. to pat.
I       ,    ,,      "'  '"'"l. Iltuate nhout   mile
l*����tliles.rtl   !l ...'J",,""' ea$  ,ifl8��i  Arrnw
t i-L.t 1   ,, "s h'liowf: 1 onunenelng at ��
IS omi *.,l'h!' ,l,,rlll"^i oorner ol LotOMO,
iwii-Bi i���'1 thentw wettMobalni,
"'���JMinnin!     ' 1*oen��Beaat40obaina In
MC '!'u'r _.ato
"'hM.i,. 1 ���,, ottV P��pPow making appli
*."\\ hTT-  ^'ifeininliiionororLande
is* -i. .,,,', l��nnl*eilon to purehaio the f..|-
Illl""k' 'ni.'   !rmi,:i c��n��eaoWg ut ibe
Ik iii.'ii,,1 ir     ,U'L.H'iN,a,oornor."ran-
I'- Hieiie*. wi ..i1,"' H,,lllh' -*eatW ��tl chalnn
r"1'!"*!,,,;     ,' '", "ortbithontxao cbalni
IM"r"-* nii're or ioiSomm8Ua Monl- OOBlalnlag
I '""I"!-nl October. HBfi.
per J KiiiKi.i., Agont
i'u ""^''"iIi'm  n't ,' >/."rl>"-  imiKItiK  apph-
I    "u In    .1 ,  iMlonerol Landi
I.""! 'ie*--., .1, 1 'T'"1.*"1 w PotebaM Lbs foi-
���'���'��� n]>o- .'.I v'n"H"Nl ''"'"-t ��i "*:.
1         " f crni-t - l'lireliuKC.   iniirk-d
I '��� >)>ei hu ei', .i'""11'":: llienee BO ehuliia
i    ''""" ^.,1 ",,M* lh,,,1,,�� ����chitiii��
'" ��<iy of Ootober, I9uj)
per J, hiiiku, Ageut.
Notice la hert-by Rlveii tlial��) day�� alt^r date I
inland to applj lo the Honorable th8 Chief Oom-
mm onorofUndiand Worki for permlaalon to
purchaie lhe following deeerlbed landi in the
wi-i Kmrtenay dtatriei: HeKimiiiiK ��t h iM)gt
tnarbed "Alexander -"raiefi W. w. twrnar," and
plained on the eail -bore ol the narrowa nf
JMiutjhan (Cariboo) lake, at lhe H K, corner of
ll-rnhard Hlraih'j. applicHtion to purehaae;
thenee eaat tu ehalna; Ihenee aouth HUehainn;
thenee weat-tu cliaina. mure nr Ic-, to the ahore
of lb! Oarrowii  thenee folltiwiu-e the said ahore
In a northerly direction hi* ebalna, mora ot leal
to tbe point ol ooaunenoenieat oontalnlna NO
acrea, more 01 lata
Oct. i.ith.i'jir.. alkxamikk Pauaa,
by P. L Hahmoku, Agent
���sixty dan aftei -late I patpoM making appli-
datum tn the Hon. 'hief ( ominlMioiier of Uiula
and Worka for lariiiisktoii to purchase the fol-
lowlng deeoribed landa:   Oommenelng at the
northeaat eorner of r. \��� llantilnnloirh applic��-
liiin to pur.-hafe, tuarki-l "K. A. C _ B. K. eorner,"
run n I na thenee wi chaiua north, tlience BO ehalni
weat, ihcnce m ebalai wutth, ttienoe00ehalni
eaat to iKitnt of coiiimeiiiemeiit, containing 640
am a, more or lean.
Dated the Utb day of October, UOB.
E A. CnKAaf:,
per J. Bannx. Agent
Kotiee la hereby glren tbat 00 daya after date
1 Intend toanplv u> the Hon Chief Commlaainuer
of l^ii'l" ami \.��rk!-for i-.rnilsr.Jon to pnrobaie
the following deaeribed landa in Weal Kootonay
Dlitrlet: Beginning at u poat markeii, ������Bern-
hard llirsihi-s. K. corner.*'hihI planted on the
ea-t pthnre of the narrow* of Whalahati (diril-oo)
lake; thenee north hn ehalni-; theme weat 10
chaiua more or  itn*, to  the ahore of Whatahan
lakoi^benoefollowing laid ahore m a ���_���-���[,���:��;
���ontSeriy ami eaitarly dlreetloi] IDOebalni more
or leaa, to point  of eommeneement: eoutaiulii);
njuai-re*. moreor leaa.
lialeii Ihi* Kth dayol Oct. UOB.
incmi.j:;. Riaacs,
F. I.. Hammomi. Agent
Himv daya after date I purpoae making appll-
catlon to f-e Hon. the rhief Commltatoner of
UmU and Worki f��r permlnion to pnrehaae the
followlni; deaoribed land:   Coinmenalna hi a
poll placed about half a mile weat of flarne.^
ereek, and alxiut one mile imrth of the mouth of
tlte aame. marked *'J. 8'a. 8  V,, eorner." running
thenoe80ebalni north: theuee h.> chatna eaetj
Ihem-e -���  *   -nvir aouth to Ihe north boundary of
Vi. N. Poola'iappUeatlon to purobaaei tbenoe B
chain-, weal tti point of i-oiiiinetii-eiiienl: containing -IP acre* more or leaa.
Dated Hie l-'tlh 'lav ol Oetober, liUKi.
J. Kiukm..
Hlxtv dava aflt-r ilale I purpose iiiakltii; application to ihe Hon. Chief I'oiuiulssli'uer of I_nu!s
and World for petmlmlon to purchase the fol
lowing deaeribed lands: ('oinmeurlatr at a poat
placed about half a mile west of the lower end id
Whatahan lake, marked "D. D_7N. W-eorner,"
riininiiK thence ml chains soutli; thenee*HO ehains
BUt; theme 80 eliains  imrlli;  llu-m-e -KI i-haina
weat to p-.itit nl eoiilluwiieeinent, contaiiiiug  <A\i
acrea, more or leal
Duled the l-'th dav of October, 1'JOS.
I>. Doim,
Per J.SniKt.l,, Agent.
���s.jtvday-. after data! purpoie making appn-
eaiiou' to the Hon chief CommlMloner Of I-uml-
ami Wo li- for p.-i unts: *ii to purchase the following deaorlbed landi! rommeneing al the
northwoit oorner pi k, a Ctaaae'��� application to
purehaae, marked "W. Q, Q*a. B VV. corner,"
runniiiK ihenee BO rhainw north; tlience BO
chains east; thenee 80 ehaim south; Ihence ��0
chalna west to point of com meneement. contHlii-
ing 840 aorea. more or leaa.
Dated the 12th dny of October, tlkf>.
vi. G.oibunr,
Per .J. HitiKM.. Agent.
Blxty daya after data 1 purpose making appli*
cation to thc Hon. Chief Coinminaioner of Landa
and  Works for perinlHlon la purchase the lol-
loaittg deeerlbed landi:   Commenolng al the
northweal corner of !>. Uudd'a application to
purehaae, marked "M. I-"s S. W. corner," running
tlience Ho ehalna nortii; theuce HO chains, more
ot leaa, to the well ibON of  Whatahan lake, fol-
lowlng tame80 ebalna aoutb 1 theuce 80 ebalna,
iiiore or lets, eaal to the point ol i-ouiiiieiii>ciiiciil,
containing OM acres, more or leaa.
Dated lhe Utb flay Ol October, IWO.
M. i'AiyriKH.
per J. BHIBLb, Agent.
NOtlee la hereby given  thai   sixty day* after
date I  Intend to npplv to the lit rable Chief
Commluloner of Landi and Works forperrati-
slot! to purcloise the follow lllg described landl I
Commencing m �� poil pla 1 on thenorihw.*!
Cornet Of Albeit Klliott'si-ippllnitloil to purchnse.
running ��" ehalni  **t\ along the  northern
boundarv   of   shiih*;   thenee   80  ehiillii   north;
thenee HO chnins wes'; th-m-i* BO chainsaouth, to
point of coiiimeiieemeiit. contatning NO aateg,
more or less.
Dated Oct. IB, HOB. Jl"fN Blliott,
By his agent. KliNK-T Vi  KoiilVaoN.
Notice is herebv given thai M dayi attet date 1
inieml to npplv to the Hon. Chief Comiiifssioner
ol bandiand Wotki tot peraUiilon to imrchaae
the following deaoribed landa iltuated In the
VVwl Rootenay district: Beginning ��a,P��**|
marked " Herbert Warren'i R. B. comer, and
planted on tbe w it shored Whauhang ulbop)
ake.nl t oiie-tpiarter mile OOtth of.mfOUU-
otn end of Uielaltei thenoe woit 80 obalnil then oo
aouth HU chains; thence eust hi 1 hains, 1 . n or
less to Whatahan creek: thence following
o ih ilVug   he CMek aud lake shore HO chalna,
moreor le&, to putnl 0! oommonoamont,eon-
tntniilg Mo acres, moreor ttfl
b.a_le��_inoroaoggWl vatmi
V. I, Hammssnis, AkssisI.
n,���i���.s is, isi-ss-isyKiv.-.. 11..11 <*��:j''y�� "*';;*,:|��;;;,;
,�����rl.,.il,"A..l..lli,-IU*lllr.*li*    V B,.1   rn. ���   ��
of Whataban creek;
in- line of said creek and
"thence south iQ i'ln
mure or leas, lo lln-   - , ( ,.,., (; llt;
.::,i!:;5s:i��- "*�����-
OOl. UtU| !����'��� ANT01KK1TK BUMB,
11) F. I JOMMONU. At-euU
The Daily Canadian
i., _.,t        ht"��bJ Klvon that co dayi alter date 1
.__   ���    " .'1ily t(:t'"' Honorable the Cnlel Cora-
,r. ol ,V' j*mIhh'"1 "tkoiaf p-tntlMlonto
ptirelusethe following deacrlbed Undi: Com-
Tui _. " IHt . ^?___ "Ohalni weal of lhe
sou heaat connT of f.t *.. _, marked "K. A. Ilell'a
lortiwest corner," thenee soulb B0 cbaina,
lemi-east 2(1 (halna,  thence  imrlli  90 Chaini,
. .'n.'!', w,,M(;'",',,Ml'",tf>P��>fni of eommeneement,
oontainlng 10 aorei, more or urn
l-oeited thliOtb day of Nov., 190fi.   K. A. Bau.
Klxtydayaafter date 1 Intent,  lo apply tothe
Honorable the ChlelOonunlationer of Landiand
worgjiter natmlnlon to purchase the following
dH**erlbed lands lu Kootenav dlatrlet: Com-
mencing at a post marked 3. li. Annabie's north-
euat coiner poit, aald pom being on the aouth
she Of lbe UlffU Arrow lake, about Iwo mllei
-clow Hurton City; theme aouth 30 chalna]
Ipenoe weti 211 chains; lbence aonth 2U ehalna;
ihenee west-i'i chalna; thence nortii 82 chaiua
and   DO   links,   more or  less  to the lake IbOtOI
heme easterly along Inke 40 chains, more or leaa,
to tin* place of beginning) oontainlng 105 aerea,
mure or lesa.
Dated ibis Bth day Dl November, UOB.
.1  B. Annaui.k,
I��er K. L. Hi'P.nkt, Ag���'iit.
Sixty days nfu-r date  1  Intend to npply to Die
Honorable tbe chief Commlu r ��.f Candi and
Works for parmimon it. pnrebaie tbe following
'leserlhcil lumls in hooicnay dlstricl: Commencing at a post mn rked "A. Jf, Dill's aouthwesl
1 orner post," snld  [mimI  U*lng on Ihe northwest-
eny more of the Lowet Arrow lake and 80 links
due cast, on the northeaal comer of Utl Sfftfl
liroiipl; theme nortii Ui ehalns; eaat 40 - hums;
south 40 chains, more or lesa, lo the lake shore,
Ihence following snld shore  In a southwesterly
dlrecl  fiti chafna. more or leas to the place of
beginning, Containing  UO acres,  more  or   lean
Hated thU.'iih dav of November, 1008
A.J. Dill,
per K L. Bi-hkkt, Agent.
Noiiee la bereby given thai GO day* afterdate 1
Intend toapply to Du Honorable Cbief Commia-
iloner of Landi and Worka lor pern_la__km to
pureliase the following deaeribed Itinda, in Weat
Kooteuay: Coinm<*nclng at a post planted at
the northeast corner of . ot 4K6.Q, 1.. marked K.
Kletcher'r_ northweat corner, theuce aouth MO
chains; theiu-e eaat 10 chain*, more or leaa, to
the western boundary of Loi -'(06, ti. 1.; thence
north W chains to Kootonay  river; theuce  weat
following naitl river to point of oommenoement,
containing HO acres more or Ichh.
a��th October, ltUfl.
Fkakk Fl.RTlHEK.
Notice Is here by given thai alxiv 'lavs after tin te
l Intend to applj to the Hon. chief commissioner
of headi and works forpermlnlon to pnrebaie
Ihe following described lands fn the West
KtM.teioiy district: Beginning at a poll market)
"J. K. Bbnlaeo'lB. W. corner," and planted about
otie-bnli mile ea��t of the ahore of Wbalahan
(Cirlltoo) inke and about B miles north of Ihe
narrows of the aald take, and at the B, K corm-r
ofjArtbur Warren'i application to purchnse;
thence easi  Ml chaiua;   thence  north 80cbalmj
tbence weil BO cbaina to the northeail eorni r of
Artlni' Wf.rn*n'aappllcatloii to punhahe; thence
���Or       - chains to point of comineiiceinent, contain    .. IHO acres, more or leaa.
Oct. Utb.lBQB. J.S.StttWBO,
F, L Hammond, Agent.
Hlxty days after'late I putpo��e making apidica-
tion to the Hon. ("iiief Commlstioner of Land!
ami Worka for p.-rmfaaiou to purchase the following deeerlbed land:   Commeneing at a poll
placed al ihe northwest coiner ot ll Dodd'l application to pnrehaae. marked "H w. n*a8. w.
corner poet," running Qtienee B0 ohalni north j
1 hence no chains eaat;   ti    Hu chalna aonth;
thence   BD chalna  west  to point of coiuuieiice-
ment, eoiilainiiig <'I0 acres, more or leaa.
Dated thfa 101 ti day of October lltnO,
I>er K.Bhiku., Agent.
Notice ia hereby given lhat BO dan niter date I
Intend to make application lothe Pmiorahle the
Chief Commissioner of 1,-hm- antl Worka for permission  to   purchase   the   following   described
landii Commencing at a post planted on the
northeaal00 mr of Peter UoKaagbton'i application to pnrehai . lollowlng tbe east bonnaary of
name ni 1 halus south; thence hu chains east;
thenee80chains north; ihence so chains west to
point of commencement, containing 640 acrea,
more (>r leas.
Doted (let. 1.1, l'JOfi. Auikrt BlUOIT,
Hy bis agent Kkmist w. Rojunmon.
Notice is hereby given that GO dava after tiate
I intend, to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commlaaioner of landa and Worka forj��ermis-
sion to purehaae the following deaorlbed lands.
Kootenay dlsirlct: Commencing at a post
marked "J. II. Wallace'a northwest corner post,"
snid post being on tlie easterly aide of Lower
Arrow lake, and at tlie southwest corner of
Porter, pre-emption claim; thence eaat .k) chaiua,
thenei --oiitli .11 chalna, thetue weat a' cliaina,
thenee south X) elinius, thence weat f<0 chnins
more or leas to the Arrow lake, thenee In a north
easterly direction fie-chains, more or leaa to the
place of beginning, containing 11�� acres, more or
Dated this 20th day oi October, UOB.
J. II  Wai.i.aik,
By his agent, Kenneth L Huknkt.
Thirty dava after tlate �� inteml to apply to fhe
Hon.chi.'i Commisaloner of I-andsand Works,
Victoria, for a special licence to eut and carry
away timber from the following trad of land]
situated 011 the N. ��. B. railway, in the Weal
Koolenay district I Com mencing at apt>stpl ;nt-
ed near the N. K corner of A. R. PlnglJU-d'l
i; I* !.>*! claim, tbenoe westHUehHlna, ihence north
HU chains, thence e st so cbalni, thenee south -so
chains to point of commencement.
Nov. Bth, ISOB, P. J. (iAli-AunitB.
Notice in hereby glveu thnt BO davs after date I
lutend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Coiu-
mlwalimcr of Qandl ami Worka for a specinl
license to eut and carry away UuiI.it from the
following ihscribed lamls: Commencing nt n
posl market I ' T J. BcatdanM northeast corner,"
plnui<-l about n mile west from Hear creek, and
about four mile- from its mouth, which 1�� atx
miles weal from Nelson; thenc*. went 80Ohalna,
theuce aouth HO chaiua, thence east BO chains,
thenee north HU chains to the initial point.
Located October Bad, 1900,      t. J. p-tanuk.
Notice ia beteby given tlial 3U daya after dale I
intend to applj to the Hon. lha Chief Commli
sioner of l-auds and Works for a special licence
to cut nnd carry a ��� ay timber from the followi inr
deacrlbed lauds: Commeueiiig at a posl markeii
"T. J. Scaii'iin'sMouliicasicorner," planted about
five miles up Qroman creek, whicli empties about
one mile west of Nelson;  theuee west 40 chains,
tbenoe nortb 100 chains.* theme eaat 4oehalni;
tlience Noutn Hit) cliaina to point of conimeuee-
Dated Ocl ���'". IBOBi T* J. * 'ani.an,
W. J. MeKlMM, Agent
Take notice thnt ilU davs alter dale  wc  intend
mnkfng application to iin- Honorable the chief
Commissioner of l-auds ami Works lor aapi-id.il
license to cut ami curry away  limtier  from   the
following deeerlbed lauds;  Commencing nt a
post near thc soiilhenai corner Ol the K,,l*H
fcal'way- Lot BB0, near Little Qlaolet ereek,
riinuliig tbenoe north 100 OhalUlj theuce ensi
40.���hains; Ihcme south lllochnlns; tlu-nce west
40 chaiua to point of commencement.
Pated, September 18th, 1900.
Wattmu'ru l.rMiiKK 0 H AKY,
Daniki. TTomfcv, Agenl.
Notice is hereby given that, llilrtv days after
date,  I  Intend  to  npplv   to  the  Honorable the
chief Commlnloner of Landiand Works for a
special license to cut -and curry awuy timber from
the following deicrlbed lands, situate ln tho
West Kootenay district:
Commencing al �� poll marked Fred Atkinson'**
northwest corner poal, plautetl about one utile
OUl of t'ppe-r Arrow lake and Joining -Lot80S|
thenee easl 80 chains, tbenoe south BU chalna,
thence west K0 chaiua. thence north80chain-, to
point of commencement
Dated tins 4(h day of October, I'.KM.
Iraan. atkinwin,
chas Knt.
Notice ta hereby given that thirty dayi after
dnle I iu lend lo apply to the Honorable I lie Chief
Commiasioner ol standi and Works for a ipeclal
license lo cut and curry away timber from the
following tlesiTilied lands: Commencing at a
post marked 'John MeUnrry'a northwest corner," planted abou< �� mile weat from Bearoreek,
and about four milea from Ha uunth, which la
six mllei west from Nelson; theuee cnat -SU
chains, theuee BOUtb BO Chalm, tlience west w>
cbaina, theuce north SOchains lothe initial post.
lAica'ed October Wml, Haiti.    .'oilN Mcd'AHUV.
Notice is hereby gtveil that 30 days alter date 1
Intend toapply 10 the II.uiorable Chief Coiumh-
���ion rol Latldl and Works for a special license to
ont end oarry away limber irom ihe following
M. 0. Monaghnii'a somhwcHt corner, pl.nted
about a mile wist from Bear creek, nud about
loin-milea trom its moulh, which i*- *i\ mil.-a
weat from Ndson; thence north HUchiilns, thence
east HU chnins, thence south 80 chains, thence
weal HU chains lo the initial point,
���Located t_ud October, liwti.   M. C. Munauhan.
Delegates From United States, Canada
and Great Britain Welcomed.
Minneapolis, Nov, 12.*��� Tan-.* wllh
leading delegates to th. tweniy-sixth
iinniial convent ion of the Anieilcaii
Federation of Labor, which nn-��r.c*.l in
MinncapuliH totlay, Indicate clearly
that the foremost isrstie of the convention fs the question as to whether .hi
fedi ration shall continue active in politics, as recommended by President
Qompers. Mauy of Ihe old wheel*
horses of the federation, men who will
remember tnat it was its entrance tn1 >
pdUtlOS thnt wrecked lhe Knights of
Labor when that orgStdCftttOO was in
tlie prime of Its strength and influence,
are strongly Opposed to the (Joinpern
Idea and make no secret of their in-
U-niion to fight ll on the convention
floor if necessary.
Norman Hall was crowded at 10
o'clock this morning when the conven*
lion was called to order by President
Gompers. About 500 delegated were
present President Qompers called to
the platform D. J.^Sbackletou, M. P., a
fraternal delegate from the British
trades congress, and Samuel L. Landers, representing the Canadian trades
congress.   ,
Prolonged applause greeted the appearance of President Gompers, Secretary Morrison and other officers and
leaders of the federation. Addresses
of welcome and responses were first
on the programme, The presentation
of credentials and lhe appointment of
committees occupied Uie greater part
of Uie morning. President Gompers
delivered his annual address to tho
delegates and Secretary Morrison and
Treasurer John Ii. Leunou presented
their annual statements.
Bankers to Be Tried.
Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 12.���The
present -Week tn the federal court hero
will attract attention by reason of tho
trials of the eases growing out of thu
ri cent hank defalcations in this dV*
trict. The officials to be place J 0.1
trial include Alexander H. Chliholm,
charged with violating Uie ba._ laws
as paying teller of the First National
bank; \V. L. Sims, a broker, an.I
Gordon Dttbose, formerly presluoa. ol
the Knsley First National  baiik
Army Officer Retires.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 12.���Col.
John Pitman, of the ordnance department of the army, wan placed on the
retired list today, having reached tht*
age limit for active service.
Some men have so little to worry
them that the operation of getting;
iheir hair cut lakes a load off their
Certificate of Improvements
"Bprglaat" and "Glpba" mineral claims,situate
lu Trout Lake Mining Division.
Ijot-at'-d on Poplar creelt.
Tade Notice that I, Bruce White, acting an
agent (or the Spyglass Mining ��� o,, Free Ulnars'
Cerillieale No 11 V4M, intend, 00dan from the
date hereof, to apply I" Ihe Mining ItVcorder for
a Cerillieale of Improvement--: for ilie purpose of
obtaining a OrOWtl 'Irani tif the SbOTS Claims.
Ainl further take notice Unit action, under
Beotlon 87. most he commenced before the iwui-
anoe Of snell Certificate of Improvements.
Dated SBtb Oetober, i��t��.        Banc* white.
Certificate of Improvements
"Eclipse No. 2," "Vevey," "Ilappv Medium,"
���'International" ami "A'ta Fractional" mineral claims, situated in the Slocan city Milling
Division Ol West Kootenay distrfrt.
Where located :~ North nf Twelve Mile creek,
about two I'lili-*- up.
Take notice that I, II. U. Jorand, of Slocan, B.
0��� Free Miner's ��� erttfieate No. B78900, an agent
fur L. A. Cole, Free Miner's Certificate tfo. S_J84,
Inteml, sixty davs from the date hereof, to app y
10 the Mining Kerorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the piirposeof obtaining a Crown
Grant of said mineral claims
And further take notice that uction, under
���Section 37, must Ik*- commenced be-fore the latui-
anc. of uni] certificate of Improvement:..
Dated tblsflOU. da. of September, ivot.
H.  K. .1" IKANI).
Thirty days after tlate 1 Intend to apply tothe
Bon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a-Special license to OUt and Carry uway thither irom the ftdlowing desoribed land: Commenolng at 11 pt-st markeii "George M. ilium's
southeast eoruer," planted aboul three miles up
Uroinau ereek, which emptle�� about one mile
west of Kelson; thenee west IO chains; thenee
north IM Cbains; Ihence <***si   In ehaliie; thence
mi inn wt chains to point .commencement.
Dated Oct :��l, UOO, OBOROS U, -HtlNN,
W. J. McKiMJt, Agent.
Notiee is herel.) given that 'W ilavs after date I
lutend to applv to the Hon. thief ( .numisidouer
of Lands aud w,,rk.s for a Bpeclal h.eiise to cut
and carry away timber Irom the following de
s. rili'il unnls: Coiumcuciug at a pool marked
���I". T. Morrison's sotithea-.t corner," planted
about a mile west from Hear ereek, and about
four miles from its mouth, which is six miles
west from Nelson; tlience west HO ehalns, thence-
north 80 chains, tbeuce ensl su chains, thence
south wi ohalns to the initial post.
Located Ootober 32nd, 1900.   f. t. Uokbuoh,
Take notice Unit TO tlays utter dale we intend
making application to the Honorabl-* (he chief
Commissioner of  I-andsnnd   Works for a Special
lleenie to cnt aod carry away Timber irom the
following described lauds situated on ulaoter
ereek, Wesl Kootenay.
Commencing ata post No. 1. placed nhout ItU
unlet** fr..m Duncan river, running thence norm
lOuchalUSI lheni" went lu ciiftlm*; llienee Kiittlt
UO chains; tlience 1 asl 40 chains to point of commencement.
Noi! ��� Comiiiencing nl a post piaeed about W_
from Dnncan 1 lv�� r, niiii.iiir "	
W0 chain*1; Ihein
100 chiIni J t
ng tlie
-HO dial >Sj thene..- u
east _o ohalns to point ole
sueoud  fork of  Carter  creek, runiiiutTUietieu
cast-tu ebalus; theuce north ICO <ha'us;  theuee
west 40 chslns; thenoe south hiVietinins to point
of commencement.
Dated litis lMih tlay of August. I1HM>.
Wait.-ur it.; I.ithhrii Co
N 1 D, Tuuhkv, Agent.
Silver King Hotel
Befit Dollar a day honae in the Kootenays.
Kooms are well furnished.   Table as good u any
in Neliou.    Bar supplied with good
liquors and cigars.
W. E. Mc-CANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
_iirnpts.il ausl Amerlcee l*ltu
tit'., 'a cU.   Boom. Irom T, cte. lo 11
Only White Help -mploretl.
fieker Hi., Neleon Proprletore
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar li the Finest.
White Help only Employed.
Josephine Bl
Lake View Hotel
Contra HaU and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Kates 11 oo per day aud up.
ki.pi.i'1-.e%.      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
(Ytiiruliy b��*Hit"l. Open l>ay and Night.
Sample and Bath Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office,
Comer Ward and Vernon Streets.
T*fc Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Tlie Leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Beker Btreet, Neleon. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Ail
Leree eod Ctsmforteble Bedroom, eud Pint-
i les.. Olulae Koom. Sample Room, for Commer-
cl��l Mnu.
MRS. K. C. CLARKE, Proprletr-H
The well known
Our Beer Garden is
tbe Finest in tbe
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and <1.50 a Day.
Special Ratee to Regular Boordeis.
Wboleaale and Retail Healers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
OanipH supplied ou shortest notice aud
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
-wholesome meat-sand supples keptiu htock
Mail orders receive careful iit.-ei.tiou.
E. C TRAVES.   Manager.
Cuntrnutur nnd
Bola HK.'tit tor tlm Porto Rico Lumber Oo., Ltd.,
niun > ur.is K.ui-v'ii und drn-*twii liiiiii.i-r, tiirned
work iiiim bnu-ku-t*. CoUt lAlli nml hIiIiikUik, -m-h
ninl doors. Ci'-nniil, brink tnd liniu fur hrIu.
AiildinHtli' urindcr.
Yard ami fuctury; Wi-tinn St.. east uf HaU,
p. 0. Box 983, Telephone 178.
West Transfer Co.
G��0RG�� F, NOTION, H_na-?rr.
General Ttvimsters and Dualers iu
Ci .il nml Woiid.    Kxpross tuul
Ht*4_i.t>K'-* Transfer
Irelepbone as
���P.O. Mux in;
Office: Baker St.
.1. II. Nli'ktTNOti iiiiii J. il. Mmi-Hiili  have thin
day entered fni-n ito-ptrtuembtntocerr-y mt tim
Jewi-Uy nndpptlnivl btuUlBUlUAelwn, under (lie
For Sale....
���JSLStSf^SLA Modern Residence
and part of three lots in a good position on Josephine street.
These terms only hold for a short time.
h. & mTbird.
One of the Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale....
About 400 Fruit Bearing Trwa: alao Small Fruit, House and
OutbulldliiKB, Hay Shesl, and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nice
Hay Meadow, Spring Water and Fine Lake Frontage. For
particulars  apply  to
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Frott Lands ta
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from J* acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
1000 Yale-Kootenay lee  9 I-2c
Insurance, Fruit Lands, Real Estate.
McDermid & McHardy
The HaU Mining and! Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Dated the mh dtyol Ootolwr- ttoo.
Th&nkliiK my QUstotnofl (<>r pHlruimKO hi the
!��ao( tuul hoping .ora<-.mtftiiiati<. or llio num. to
ih. new firm,        Your-, truly,
Ontario, Quebec
Maritime Provinces
and the Old Cotmtry
Tickets on sale daily Nov. 24 to Dec. 81.
Go."d for three mouths, with stop-over
privileges east of Fort William.
Pincher ..
Fernie ....
Cranbrook ..
Kaelo   ....
Neleon ..
Rossland ..  .
Grand Forks
Phoenix.   ..  .
. .956.25
.. 62.25
.. 67.45
.. 7&25
.. 78.25
.. 79.55
.. 81.55
.. 83.45
To Montreal
and all p.siut_ west theroof
OorrOBponditigl*/ low ratea froin nnd to
other THiints
SLEEPING OARS, Htandur or Tourist,
Halifax, St. .Iniiii, Montreal, Ottawa,
For detailed Information, sailings for
ocean Steamers, first class or tourist
sleeper rtufc'rv-tiiin.. apply to local
agents or write
J. 8. (lAHTJ'IK,
II. fji.. N'i-Imsii
Notice Ik lif-n'l-y k1v<-ii tliftt the |utrtm-nilifp
hit re toll -ru HiibniNtltiK between tic, th�� uniUrNinn-
H, a- hotel keeper* Ln tho town of Khult, HriiiNh
ColumbUi hns fli Ih day been (lis ho I veil hy iniitii.il
Dniiil UllaSTfli dny of (Ic tober, liKiil.
witnffs:  Alex. Btewart. Philip l*. MoCallatn
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to tho Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese Goods uow ou sate. All
kinds of Dlnnerware in stock, interns.
m-owm-mau-. w-k
Thirty-second Anntul CoDvraUon
American Bankers'
St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 16-19.1906
Round trip rrfttvn tu Ht. LouiH
and Chiengo <>n H*le Oetober
l'ith to Mill.
st. Lonti..
doing transit limit ten ihiyK
(rom -Ute of _t_lr. Kloal rt nu n
limit NovemlrtTiaith, 190B.
Round Trip Rates to Southern
laetfttl Ooiobn -��th, looo,on
miI'_- dally, llitittetl to t nionlhn
Irom dnte uf Mb-.
on Augvlu-i and Santa Harbara . SSS.tfi
Ptmd-dfut t st>.io
Kantn Monleii $t.30
Klvernhlc and San llarnaruiuu 89.10
Kedlundn 39,70
Fur fnriher Information Apply lo
City l.i��..'tip.r Apent.
A II. P.A., tsksettli-.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most sat-
lstactory pipe.
Tobacconist,  baker Street. i I
Another Shipment of China and Cut Glass
Just Opened Up.
Salt and Pepper Shakers at 75c per patr
Scud in your orders while they last.
* *
���iNew Season's Pack|
I Bell Tf aciing J
���        Company        ���
Coal and
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body
Has Said:
lu England they raise fine
horses, in Scotland they raise
fine men.
In England they feed their oata
to horses. In Scotland they feed
their outs to men.
Feed  yourselves    and    children '
B. & K. Rolled Oats
and then wateh the results.
B ft K, Rolled Outs in 81b, 301b and '
401b sacks for sale at
! Joy's Cash Grocery!
Cor.Jnm-piiUu'iiU'l Mill hi*,      .'hour-. U
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Rooting Pitch aud
Boat Bnilden will find it to their advantage to tiss- our Piti-h.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Potter & Cummings
I lb. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box-   30c
Tbowgoodi eta u One u tbo more expeoilvo
klodi, tin* only difference i- tin* inn-kiiHo.
Phone 86. I-i-kor -St.
Next P. Hums & Co.
Cor**-. V-on .on and Waril  StruutM,
>ui_sor\, ii. c.
.). FRED HUME, Promietor.
Ij. Vineborg, Montreal; Miss IliiftVy,
Phoenix; A. V, Verender, Calgary; G. E
Piah, Spokane; Geo. P. Fry, Montreal;
M vetter, Spokane; A. H. (rmtfrey, Van-
oonver; A, molding,Rowland.
A  \V   Olenland,  \V,  1*\ Gunl, Cran-
brook; W. Bomerton, Frank; Mrs. A. K.
A. Shipley. Iv tr. Watson,  Spokane;   M.
L, Wilson, Crreeuwood.
J. Obnrohlll,  New   York;  YV. Hoiirne,
Revelstoke; (J. McOloan, H, Kaiudsan, J.
Hickiy. E Petersen, Hossland.
F. Soklenker, Cranbrook; 8, Fibsgeraldj
Movie: \V. L. Bridgoford, Deer Park.
W. Patterson, Kokanee; (-., Mnlier, H.
Greenwood] Salmo;  Ed.  Wheelden, -lit-
M. Robwn, U.Kiim; W. Yule, D. Pater-
boUi Harold Nelson, Clifford Lane Bruce,
Geo. A. Day ton. Miss Pearl Heeson, Miss
Thomas, Miss- Goodrum, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Ronneelell- Victor Travers, Geo. Good,
Harold Nelson ('ii.; Miss Long-, Creston ;
,1. G RobSOn, Port Moody; T. A. Spinks,
(.rand Forks.
11. Kisaaok, J. Sharpies, Sandon.
M Fleishman, Vancouver; J F. Henderson, \V. Fryer, Glenhoro; Hryee Desmond, Jackson, Rlgby, Detroit; Gilmour
Brown, Denver; Charles Leltoy, Karl
Derr, Chicago; .las. Darling, Spokane; 0,
Y, Hundley, VV. C. Hayward, Ymir.
John Punter, B. Marco, P. Guiseppe,
Wardner; A. K. Leonard, Winnipeg.
Sherman's Opera House
Week Commencing Monday, Nov. 12
Monday���A  Soldier ur Fortune.
Tuesday���Failing  tbe  Music.
Wednesday���David Gnrrick's Love.
Thursday���The Virginian,
Friday���The Merchant of Venice.
Prices, 60c, "iic anil $1.00,
Plan  opens  m   Rutherford's  Friday
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pound Cans     90c
JO Pound Cans $ 1.75
Telephone 181.
.Nn in* ih bereby ghm timt ai a meeting ot the
Honr-i of Llceiue Rommliitoneni, to lie held in
CMefCnnitab.e_o_.ee, at Nelaon, on J5th December, lWfl, i Intend i-i Apply f->r n tfaoaferof my
Ar�� lill.aM (fi llnvin
_th Korember, 1908.
Walter Smith, of Ilu* Pay"1' mine, left
for Montreal this morning.
W. R. MeLenn, of Thorpe & Co., is up
the Crow's Nest line on a bn___tt08B trip.
The regulur exeeutive mooting of the
90,000 Cluli will be held to-morrow even-
Ing at the Board of Trade rooms at 8.80,
W. A. Maedonuld, K. C, returned hist
evening from Vuiieouver, where he had
been attending the meeting of the Full
His Honor Judge Porln this morning
sitting in Chambers granted un applioa*
tion in Travis v. Knowles iV  Hell to pay
out laonev.
At the Court ut Hevisiou held tins
morning uo objections were received, and
OOnseqneutly no alterations were made in
the Provincial list.
The only change in to-day's priees of
metals is a Blight falling off in the quotation for easting copper. Lead and silver
maintain their prices.
An examination of the pole line to the
new electric power plant is being made
with a view of turning on the light fiom
this end to aid the workmen in the wheel
D. A. Isaacs- Of the Nelson Iron Works,
and family will leave for the Blast Thursday, aud sail on the C. P. H. Royal Mail
steamer Lake Manitoba for Kngland.
The sale of work under the auspices of
the Catholic Ladies'Aid will lie held on
Wednesday, '.1st Inst., in the premises
lately vacated by the Queen's Studio, on
Baker street. Lunch ami dinner will he
E, W. Monk and family will leave hy
the O. P. Ii. l>oat to-morrow morning for
Montreal, Mr. Monk will sail for Glasgow December 1st on the Empress of Ireland, and his family will remain in Montreal during the winter months.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clenr out this line
we are reducing the price to
40c. We only have a limited
quantity so don't delny ordering if you want nny.
K. W. C. Block . Phnne 10.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Foel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made slwily fehroagliotit Nelson
nnil itfi Biilmrtss Phono HS.
BOOK-KKRI'KR Experienced lad; book-keens
wants ]is-isissiisi'iii position. Addrosi K. i..,
Dully s-aiiii,imn ni)li>i>.
Ul MKN, Hi ours-, li.r work In the wssssslss. Apply
Iss W. K. ('sinks', .sssvmil'. Kasslis.
I.AIiv BTKNOQBAPHER for pssmiinn In country.
(issss,i issiini! -villi employer', [unity, Apply
isssx W., ijiiiiuiissii office,
BUSHMEN, Mm Hind�� and Logging Contractor.,
alssss Bnglnoer    Wattlburg Lssiiitar Co., near
('raiilinssili, tl. 0
COMPETENT   NTRS"   lilRL,    Klvc
Apply Isssx 613.
IfltSK, .lose 111.   Apply JOHN ItOOHK, KelnnnJ
TWO FIRST.!'I. ASS 1100MS, silcam Isssiitcd.   An-
ply lissiiM'k,','psr. :snl llal. K  w. i:. I,l,ii'k.
PARCEL���Iron  1
wagon, aiiiiri'sH -
Urns., Winnipeg, Rewgra for rsstum tn Bxpre
inn   BxprUI Company1!
wagon, addraned t<s.MlMs R.Tfissln, frssm llt-isry
rutmiNii axi
ri-ms -*iTjrr
RAFTING i-ari'fsilly attend-
silver King Hotel.
The Daily Canadian
Good Tea
If you want a cup of
real good tea try our
T&B Blend
at 50c per pound.
Our 35c bleud is the best ou
the market for the niouey.
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica anil Josephine Sta.
I'llOXU  7.
Mere Are
Two Sn��ps
A Parlor Billiard Board
A Larj^e One
8 ft. x tut.        $.20.00
Wortht4B.00, for ���	
These Boards ure good value ut the
ui.Kinal prices, hut ihey uie ii"i expensive to sell, aud we huve pul these
reduced prices, which are away below
cost, on them, to sell them. In ull the
range of parlor games there is nothing
to equal Ihese Milliard Boards. They
ure as well made ns a regular billiard
tabic, and you can play practically as
good a game on them.
Tin*  more  you  play  it  the  more it
fascinates you.
W. G. Thomson
fgOgB^W. and   Ne]son) B_ C.
Phom ..4.
Who   Appears  as  Sir   Rupert  Tonight.
The neeounts ol' the enter.Jtinnient recently giyeuat tho Agricultural Hall by
the 20,000 Club show receipts -$4UH .5 and
disbursements $416.80, leaving n defloit of
���$9.60, nnd it is possible thut there may he
n fow outstanding accounts not yet- received.
Tonight at the opera house the Harold Nelson company will play A Soldier of Fortune." This company us
Is well known, has a high standard of
excellence and well  merits support.
Trains and  Boats.
The Clow's Nest boat is four hours
The Slocan and Boundary trains am
on time.
How   About   Vsiisi*
Ouns tind
Ammunition ?
Wi- have Eley's, Kynook'B, Winchester, nnil Oogiwell &
Loaded Shot Shells
l-yiioclt'ti. Winohettar nml
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, lli-Hn,
Coats, Pant., eto.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 03I     Nelaon, l��. C.
Two Books
Worth Reading
"lhe Invasion of 1910"
LORD ROBERTS says nf this hook:
"Tho catastrophe that may happen ll
we s-iin ri main in our present state of
unpreparedness is vividly anil forcibly
stated In Mr. Le Quex's hiKil;, which
I recommend to the perusal of every
ono who has the welfare of the Mritish
Empire at heart."
Rudyard Kipling's New Book
"Puck of Puck's Hall"
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
A. McDonald & Co,
Dealers in slnpln and fancy Groceries.
Htitti-r, Eggs-
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Fraternal Entertainment
Tea 5.30 to 7.30
50 cents
Talking nhout it will neither put a
piano into your home nor bring baob
lln- days���valuable days���your daughter Is wasting. Let us lell you how
easy we will make II for you NOW lis
Rlvi- your family lhe piano ihev have
wished for so long,
Acts INot Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
The Best In tho
sVlurkct ond Never
Out of Sixes.
Royal Shoe Store
Christmas Stock
Arriving Daily
Watches, OlookH, Jewelry, Silverware, Qui (ii
ami Novelties    Our stock of Manic'nte Sci,"*
Ib snre to interest you.
Watchmaker Jeweler
���       ���     ��� ���      ������ ,--v _r   -_>  ���*r *>'"*s/l%/W\
v j_S2L_a
���*t       Limited, Winnta*.
Wli< >l_.../.li_  I *i-<)\ iMi.inx,
Dominion Oovemment Orenmorr One-Pound Brioks raoeiTod ws-i-kiy fn-nb
fnnn tbe i-hurn.    For wile liy all leaitini,' grooen.
Offlooand warehonsei Houston Mock,   Phono ?lt.
Josephine Street.      - -      Nelson, B. C.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Bheebnetal Work, OaitlngS, Builders' Material unilMiniuK and Mill Mn.lii.inr.
Office ami Worku Koot q^ Park St.
I Mn.m-    -(14.
NoIniiii, n. c.
A Wotd to the Wise
TbiiT-aarwo bara appreciated tin- wauta nf our��.<
toiiHTK nml liavf pamdl into Itook tin-
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This stove is adapted for hard eonl (inly, .ind Upw-j
imiiH'd tu give satiisfactinn.
]. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
���^^ '^B.  A.   ISAAC R.  W.  HINTON"
\>��rk, Miislii. unsl  .MIIIMisclilni-ss.      MiiiiulHCtul-t-i-��iil
O��� CJu.-M.   R.  M.   UsintrnUiK
Corner ol Hill ind
Kritnl Slrs'i-tK.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importor nt   !���...��
I-oi:Ii��ti   (iut)ilM
Jno* T. Pierre
I inker -St.
Nwl.srm, B.C.
I Just Arrived!
A large consignment of
All Hi/.oK nml Loweat I'l
MANUFACTURERS   �� ~**a*W. C*L��       t   ~
AND DEALERS IN   LlI-OlDe*,  SHlllgleSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets.          Mnil Onion, promptly Btteiid��l|
V^I*I>"'N ���**��"<���"!���'��� ��� ��� . iNi.i.Mors. h. c. 	
=������ ���*t=MZ**J
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Range?
Because we cannot procure a better, taking into >''
count design, workmanship, cooking qualities and pn����
We will  be pleased to show you Its good points.
ft'oorf-Val-ance Hardware Co'y


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