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The Daily Canadian Jan 6, 1908

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Array ���II ti ���<},.
Ill il   ll-M-i   I      >������'*���-���.
Ink Halcyon ttthU Water,
Ink Halcyon Llthla Ginger Ale
ink Halcyon Llthla Lemon flour.
{de from jiure carbonated  Halcyon
ia Water. When you ask for Haley
the sure J*0_ get it.    Sold at all ho
and cafes
e 5-ttiljj
UMK   2.      NO.   iSl
th Division To Be
Improvements to  Heating Arrange-
its in  Central Public
School Buildirgs.
"loitirtt; .'i
>r, ���.Tl...
J    The public  anal   11 lull   schools  of  Nel-
-sun reopeue.l    ll.is     timming  afta-r  tha-
-Christmas vacut      'i in-  in..initio si**
-iloa   waa   ht���ni   in   ..i imni/iiik   -lasa-.-s
-and aaslgnin..   w.nk.     N..  rl.i.s.-s  ;u..   ill
.eaeifla. this .111. i n...ui
:     At  th*  1,111 l>    Sill'...I   .'III*     1ST    pupils    pre
iettttad   tli'-in-.i I. ' >.   i.   inn I    ol   llius.
?rom Ottt ..I   lnwn   te.I  IniMim >.l anueil
The alten.iiui'- t-u tlie him will pioi.
��bljr lM Ola-.a,r   I.-
1 Thar* ".e- ;. siiniliii- e..ii.lin.,ii .it lln
juhtfc a��-l  ini'  He   ...na .'i ..ii'.iiii/.ii
���*.lO* Will   HH.. ���   e.,11.-1,1, I .III.}    la.nga-r.      'llll
~tchool  d;i linn    e-   .i   I..l1ni..li'.  is   ill
owed al th,- I.. ,-iiiiiiiiK rn ...en lenn I'll
ha   ndnii--si.ui   ..I    I.-��- _* 11 a a a��* i .*-       Al    U-asl
UUl   that    lillle    Will    ll.l*.     ellipse.1    lleplle
"Tlnclpal Snl.ival, *Mli l.maw ah,nil ll.iw
Uany Pllpi..- "I llial l-lai-s lllele Will lie
l*hen Oil   lie-   Pii.-li    "I   llnll    nnlnli. I   t lie
ll,r_ona- ...ii  I-- ..in.in./.' .1      il's e,.n
Itloa   Is   i'i-      .vet}    li.ill   y.ai    llllt   II   Is
urther emnpli. ..,< .1 >.n ihe pi. :<ii' .,<���
aslon b}   ih-   :���" '   i'lii   ���'  i" '*   -li*i-i.'ii
.   IO iW   "I .'..IIH-'  'I        I'  >a*   ,a\a-|. ',,,��,,
,g IU   S.   .'I,'     ..He  I
r,   Tb��     tern'lle'S      lie,      ell     Hie     stall      III'
rvrlaMPU1    A    raiillla.iu.   -illss.i      \     S. nil
m^-M   -s     lie    it.nl.   1.     Tin.in.i*.    M     I.
>1.  Wade,  M.   Ma-Vla-ai.  M    lav
B. Idllllgan anal  .M. tatam.
Iltaletll    '< ehes.s   I      ipa.ll lele.l   111   II"
igh sehOa.l   hull.Hn,..   Mm-   .M illie.m *   in
tie baaem* in   ,.i    ihe    luipiist   . hut.-h.
UaiaeS    Ha \ I. ills    ami    I.l.lilts    111    I'm
entity hull,   ihe   ..in.is  in   tin-   ii-iiinil
'   .ullding.      Ih'   i.n.li.il'    -e I..i   llle i-la--.au
lasses WHl   he   li*el    I
During    Ule    Vile.,11..11 ������    iinpn.ve
, iieota ha*.   i��� it..i..i       ''eh  will
'  enstor the . ein ml Inn ilnie a en-    ""���'
.early ha1'"alii'' '���"  '''e wnu.i   u...ailis.
it tb* ri'Mn. ' i ..i lie  i...iii.i. s  a   *.*.>������
I,ad*   an   .Miinlii.i i   >.'    lhe    ha-aims
, Allint n-ai   i. ,���', l- ai   lliat   while   the   Iiii
V��o* Wada i   in.    I.mi   stun >.'.!   suae	
night b* ii." -1  I."   " sli.nl   while human.
elhe   COStdlti""    el    Ih.     nlhei     was    null.
��� opelesa  ami  lha,    11. ������   e\p.n.l..l  in
ItemptlnK repairs weiil.1 he waste.1.
'he Use ot the s.'.uii.l lurnnc-e is 111.-rear* dlaooiillliue.l.  ami sieves   have heen
.stalled iii ihe iiii..  . i,.uml ti..ni 1....iin-
OOUfjled I        Hie   . I.e- "'      "I   Misses    I'I i-itll
lellnttai.ii  i.e "      ii"' jami --'I
-���^-***\l tlu- .saving elTeeu-a during
r will aiffs.-t I li..* Oust oi ihe
the old furnace's consumption
jeiui in tin' axt*���a*. Bul tlm
kain is nt [ar leas Importance
.^^^Bfai*!   thai   tha* alas-   renins
OW b* fca'pl W.ll III Willi..HI I" HI-' llll. .I
'IU.  tit*   Bhl'lke     I    ee.ll    I'.l  '    Will'  ll    I.'I
vetai wlntsn lias *ndsng*red
_f taachars ami pupils
ii beginning now "*��� th. best
rear tot the regular work
l.    Between now  ami thi
aster bollallivs beginning on fSaaaul I'M
-y. April 17th. tin te are 1 fa vn'.'Us uu
rokeii by a sin_..e ii-Kulai   li.ilnla.v.
seinii.i funds on demand. Tlm Indicted
parsons will he arrested and placed un-
der heavy bonds.   Tha.., ar* already tm-
tier bonds for the original trial hut will
have to provide ha-avy securities.
Berlin Horrors Renewed.
Berlin, Jan. 5.���Another mysterious-
"ripper" erlnie was committed last night
in the siihurb of Charlottenburg. A
little Kill four years old was enticed into a hallway in a huitse anal fatally stabbed In the abdomen. She was Injured
in exactly the lame maimer as that employed hy the man who las, July startl-
eil the city hy a series of stahhlngs aaf
young children. No trace or the criminal lias heen found.
Tommy Burns Says Account of English
Spectators' Disapproval is Wrong
in All  Particulars.
.span  Is  Not  Calling   Home   Army   Re
'���' _servist.   a.   Reported.
I   lirsshllll      H    ' '       Ml    Ml.vaiika. In
(hargeot tin   Jul "* einhnsse.,   h.i.
isday auih.'i i. .'-I ���' haniial at. nial m a
sport trom Viim.inver thai thi' .lapan-
1 se gOVbltiinetil is recalling to .lapiii,
tie army reserve men mn Iii ilie I'nlted
tat**. Or. Mlvoalii, snis thai shell ac
IO* s*OUhl    mil     he    lain li    wlllnnil    lhe
|>. ait ths embassy and there has
the  least   Intimation of any
. on the purl of the Japan
i  call  for ihe return  to
buhl necessarily ha- pr*0*d*d
ay a contlld.-r.thla- linn, hy an order im
Ue   maalalll. a 11..,,   or   the   resell es   in   III
ian, which lias not hea-n iHstted.
Sour Financiers Arrested.
Portland. .Ian. I'. II ll re|... ' "I ll.'ii
tpeclal In.Ihi in.nis are ilhd ngin.ist
lUOb ej*. Hie li.lluwiiu; nllleeis of all,'
.Ittl* Qtla ra nl''' mill Tins! enuipaiiy hi
M.trlCt     \ 11. > i' 11 ��� Mainline,   litis  all.'
lOOnt   Pra'shhlll   .I    Thulium,   Itnss.   ,'il-e
PrOHldaBUt    1    Hill.  S. er. Ian   .lohn   II
Mchlson, and Treasurer T   'I'.  Illirlilnul
The fovjr ln<lli-t,.i<*ntH ate  laat- rea-eivhn:
>li*|H,sltS  airier   the  hunk   was   Known   le
'��Jbe laiOhra-iit :   lauiverslon   in   lln-l,- own
/US*   0<  pul.II.     money;     loanirm    pulillc
mon*jri''luici'ity hy neglect lo pay over
Toronlai. Jan. fi.- -A totter rerr-ived
here from Tommy Iturns in.llcales thai
the Associated Press ra-port was wilfulli-
allstnrled. Of his treatment in Lomialn
lltirns suya:
"The rdpoii sent fraain here to Hearst
papers almut my hairiK hissed Is a ii...
I never trla-d to make a speech In the
ring, and In all my appeurances at the
National Sporting cluh ] bave always
met with the ba>st reception, and es-
p.cially th* nlKltt of the contest. My
frienil anal manaca-r. Billy Na'ail. had tny
tiiotti.y. toga-ttaer with his own. ana] mad*,
tliem all aittlt hiTtlng. However, - l stic-
ceealed in geltlttg a gaaod sum al n at
aadds a,r fi to 4. Ma.lr favorite. 1 want the
wh-ale world lo know that I hava-nevaT
had a cross wot d with any of lhe National cluh mi'tiiha-t-s and pronounc,. then
the faln-si gwntlamsn I have ev*r met,
nnd   will   never   forget   their   kimlness.
II looks a, preseil! as if I will hava- to
tight Jack Palmar aT l-Sngland. also Jem
itoche of Irelanal, se. 1 alo not know* wha*n
1 will he hack. But you can rest us
silreal  I will glva* you all a call wha-n 1
ti'iiirtr   Thi'ta' is always a warm place
in   in>*   hi'arl    fair   Toroutaa,   and   many
towns i�� Canada."
Japanese Visitors Study Industrial Methods and at Once Are Successful   Rivals.
I'erlln, .Inn. 6.���No utterance.*; of n
rnler, diplomatist   or  politician have of
���ate caused rooh Kcncmi comment aa
ihe Jingo Hpeech of fount Okuina, the.
Japanese ���tateetPftn, hefore the niem-
liers nf the Kolie chaiiiliet ol" commerce.
All the merchants concerned In Ihe
Oriental trade assert that bull new has
Hiiffered dnrinK the year under Uh; expansion of .1 apanese trade and ocean
trafllc. It Is a well known fact tbat
the machinery industry especially has
Kieatly suffered, as no protection is of-
fared  to    foreign    Inventor- ia Japan.
Ma< hincs whleh proved of value to the
.lapam se were imported ;uid simply reproduced without the consent or perinis-
.-don of the original owners.
tlerinau manufacturers will never for-
set while the present m*ner.ilion Hvt s
the e\; ci iciw-cs of manufacturers in different   Induvirles  who a   lew  \<;us  ago
peruiitted a delegation of Japaneee stu-
d< nis and InisiueKs men lo visit thetr
planls. expeetln-a* hig orders Irom the
emiHsaiies. The Kood-In ailed (.crm.ui
inanulactiiieiri BbOwid mV9t*f detail of
their plants  ami  (he   proc >ss  employed
to ���eonre certain rosultSi b it few ordera
were ever placed, and OOOXt nftur it was
dit-acovered that the Japanese marmlae-
tui'cd wares, whleli fonnei ly were import' d hy them in large quantlttea un-
der the inetluals and prooeaiei employed
Tho tending of three hundred students aud tradesmen to Surope or the
linlted Slates every your for the purpose of studying modern iudiistrinl
methods   was one  of the  greatest  acts
of statesmanship in the history of the
Japanese empire.
Hut.   (jormaiiy  has   other   grievances.
Some years ago the government nor*
mltted trained men to ro to Japan, nol
only to train the Japanese soldiers iu
the art of modern warfare, hut to introduce the Kiiropean system Into .lapanose
Industrie!   in   (he   bope   that   a   market
would he created for German exports
in machinery and the material branches.
No greater mistake could have heen
committed. That action was responsible
not only for Ihe .lapanese victory over
Kussla, hut for the annual loss of millions of dollars to lhe export trade.
In Inter years one manufacturer pointed to the fact that a uumher of Japanese In 1901 studied the lOuropean ithuu*
industries here and in Auslria. Recently
It was announced that a glass plant employing 2.000 men had heen opened In
Japan, and since thai the Austrian nud
Belgtab export trade In glassware has
fall-on off Blxty per cent.
Protests Were Over-ruled
by .Ministers.
Ordcr-in-CouDcil Set Aside Lnw and
Advanced  Large Sums Years
Before They Are Earned.
Ottawa, Jan. C.���It fs now established
that the auditor-genera! last May stopped the advance payment by the Militia department U> the Koss Kille Company. Government organs contradicted
this statement when was made, but the
auditor's report showed that the statement was true. The auditor found
that the contractor bad received serwi-
ty live per cent, on the contract price
or rifles two or three years before he
delivered the goods, and was still obtaining large udvanee payments and
making very slow delivery. Knowing
that the contract did not permit advance to be made except on HHes to
be delivered within a year he thought
this generosity had gone on long
enough and brought It to an end. There
was a prolonged controversy, with tho
resuli thut an order-in-council was pas-
BOdi extending the time of delivery and
allowing payments to go on as before.
This was July *Yi, V.oil. At that time
6.0UU rilles remained to be delivered of
the 10,000 that were to be supplied In
lima, while none of the 10.000 to be delivered in MiOO or of tbe 10,000 to he de-
Uvered In 11-07 had been completed. Hut
advance payments to the amount of
$860,000 had been made on 25,000 undelivered   nnd   mostly   overdue   rifles.
The order-in-council extending tho
time bee-tame a new contnact, under
which the remaining 5.UO0 of the 1.105
delivery order and the whole of the
10,000 originally to be delivered In 1908,
15,000 in all, were now to be delivered
In LOOT. The 10,000 originally to be delivered In 11*07 were now to be delivered in ihe llrst six months of 1908.
At once advance payments were resumed aud the government in September
and October of this year paid the contractor t-98,283, in advances on rifles to
be  completed   next  year.
Hut tho contractor has done and is
doing no better under the new contract
than   Under  the  old.     Between   the   liisi
of August and the end of December he
was to have delivered  L5.OQ0 rifles, or
8,000 a month. The minister stated on
December 4th that 4��00 had been delivered by the IMh of November, instead
of 8*000 in August only 500 were delivered, lu September 1,800, in October ��,-
100, November 000, It is certain that
less than G.000 will be delivered al the
end of the year instead of LK,000, By
thut lime the contractor will havo received part payment in advance Cor ail
i ilies ordered and not then delivered.
For in spite oi tbe efforts of tbe auditor
to close up the business, payments iu
advance keep going on faster than final   puyiuents.
The effect of the order extending the
time has been to slill further delay the
completion of tlie titles and to enable the
contractor to receive another $100,000
on unfinished stock alleged lo be in the
shops. The government Is thus lending
without interest these large sums, for
two or three years to Its contractor
while paying 7 per cent, interest on Its
own large overdrafts.
What the auditor-general thinks ofit
all is shown by the following extracts
from his published letter to the Militia
department    After stating his opinion
lhat no advances shnul^lie made more
than a year before deli-very the audllor
"If this rule is not adhered to it will
lie possible for the contractor, providing
he receives orders, to go on purchasing
raw material and manufacturing parts
of lhe rifle that will not be delivered
to tlie government in the form of completed rilles for a number of years, or
pi rlmps not delivered at all. It Is possible for your Inspector to certify that
payments have been made lo the full
extent of 75 per Cent on all orders given which it Is Impossible for lhe contractor to complete within two or
three yearn  There may be Included in these progress estimates of la-
hour expended, an accumulation of man*
���'"���ietuve<l material from tlu* t'me the
work wns commenced, which Is ahso-
���'������"iy oi no vaule lo ihe government.
Tho department may And itself lu pes
��� ������ .inn of material lo bo consigned to
the junk heap for which large advances
have been inndo.... I cannot consent
to any further advances being made on
progress estimates unti; these matters
are placed on a satisfactory basis."
"'Whither are we drifting ? Does
your department intend to advance 75
per cent, on 10,000 rifles for 1907 delivery' and receive no rifles, 75 per
cent, on 10,000 rilles for 1008 delivery
and receive no rifles und so on ad infinitum ?  Holding those views I cannot consent to your letter of credit being used for the purpose of making
these  advances."
"Tho situation apppars to me to be so
serious that I intend reporting to the
Treasury Beard tor action or decision."
"While progress estimates are certified to by the inspector he has informed
mo that he Is not certifying of his own
knowledge but on tho strength of a certificate made hy Mr. Ernest Wurtelle,
a chait'-red accountant at Quebec. Mr.
Wurtelle may he competent to make a
certificate on behalf of the contractor,
but as he Is not in the employ or under the control of the government  bis
certificate cannot be accepted     If
advances have to be made on the
strength of those certificates aggregating over $:i00.000 I must say that it is
not only unbuslriess- like but also Illegal."
The Trea sury Board, which is a committee of ministers, got around the auditor's objections by promising to change
the method of insjtection, and making
the aforesaid flew agreement extending the lime of delivery, which agreement has also been disregarded, while
advance payments have gone on even
more recklessly   than before.
Tho minister of agriculture is slill
showing Canadian farmers how to got
rich by fattening poultry. Here Is the
result of his operations at seven stations last year:
At Andover be paid $200 salary in
four months and |13 sundry expenses
to tlie superintendent, who fed his
chickens $4 5 worth of provender, and
rc.eived I10JSJB for chickens sold, making a net loss of $155.
At Bondvttle the manager received
$200 salary and $-'*4 expenses. H<*
bought $4:,6 worth of provender, paid
$1:: for boxes anil sold his produce Tor
$:;s0. making a net loss of $:t:,2.
At Howmanville the man in charge received $200 for his services, paid 8139
for provisions. $49 for coal oil and incubators, over the amount received for
eggs, and sold his produce for $52 making a not loss of $:!3fi.
At Chieoulimi the expert was satisfied with $lfi0 for his four months work
PVred cost $1fif��, and his sales amounted
to  $17R. leaving $141  loss.
At Holmesvillo, Ontario, the manager
received *200. other expenditure was
$:ifi and lhe sales amounted to $90. leaving a deficit of $146.
At Vernon River tho manager was
employed six months at $300. His payments' for feed amounted to $141, and
the proceeds of his sale $146, leaving a
deficit of $295.
The Brothers at La Trappe. who probably know more about this business
than tho dep**'''ment of agriculture,
were tho only managers of the seven
who produced a favorable balance. They
came out $46 to the good.
Governors   of  Toronto   University   Are
Reviving Old Title  to  Raise
Needed Revenue.
Toronto, Jan. 0.���It Is the purpose of
ilu; University of Toronto governors to
enforce un old agreement made with
the clly In 1889, whereby the properly
owners on Collegs between Henry St.
and VonKe St. on the south Bide und the
easterly limits of the university property and Yonge Street on the nortb siale
will have to pay for the privilege of
leaving or entering their homes.
Prior to 1899 College street was a
pilvate road I***lng to the university,
with iron gales at the Yonge street entrance. It was bunded over to the city
wilh tbe undeastatiding tbat lt he preserved as an uvenue, but in order to en-
BUM the street being naed only for rest
deittlal purposes the governors retained
ownership or about a foot of land on
either side of the street.
The university Is now demanding
from $5 to fU a root from the property
owners ior the privilege of leaving their
own premises to use College street.
These interesting factB came out Sttt-
uralay in an arbitration proceeding he
fore His Honor .litdga* Winchester over
the refusal of the conservatory of music
lo pay |18 a root ror 92 feet 9 Inches ol
frontage on Oollega streei, belonging to
property which was recently purchased
rrom the estate of tbe late Wm. Wilson
lor the sum of $31,000. Mr. Wilson bad
the right of Ingress and egress during
bis life but when he died it lapsed. The
hearing was naljourned sine die.
Many already have licenses, and the
prloea so far paid nre as follows: To-
ronlo Athletic club, tl.000 for 127 feel
frontage; Conservatory of Music, $f.00;
building owned by Sons of I'Sngltind nl
the northwest corner of Yonge and Col
lege, |1,I60: Dr. Palmer, lsr, feet six
Inches frontage, ��780: Mr. .1. Irwin. 117
Inohes frontage, *7S0; Mr. J. Irwin. 117
feet frontage, 11,160; Mr. .1. McQee, 66
leet three Inches rrontage, $!��90, and
Mr. II. .1. Wood, ..Sl feel frontn��e, $150.
The other property owners within the
limits mentioned will be sued to re-
rover Ibe value of the right, but the
Sick Children's rfospltal will be exempt.
Shipments of Grain Ahead
of Last Year.
Report of Inspector for Last Four
Months of 1907���Canada From,
Ocean to Ocean*
Winnipeg. Jan. 6.���During the months
of September, October, November and
December, 35,827 cars of western Canadian wheat were Inspected by government officials, according to a statement
tiled wiih the Grain exchange by David
Horn, chief grain inspector. The figures
showed that the season's crop movement
to date has been heavier by about 1,000
cars than that of last year. The amount
of wheat moved this year showed smne
failing off as compared with lartt year,
hut this deficianoy is more than made up
by tiie big increase in the movement of
the coarser grains.
The detailed figures are as follows
showing comparison with last year:
1HU7 1906
 29.708 30,492
 3,718 2,829
    1,499 1,078
       895 411
7 15
3 I.S55
St. John. Jan. 6.���A report from Halifax says that two steamships inward
bound are off llrieve Island^ There are
gnat hopes that one is the"Mount Royal,
long overdue, with four hundred souls
on board.
Winnipeg, Jan. 6.���The striking committee of the provincial legislature will
meet tomorrow to strike the various
committees of the legislative session.
Montreal, Jan. C.���George Kampf, assistant manager of the Automobile Import company, when ready to sail for
Bktrope. was charged yesterday with a
breach of promise of marriage, to Nellie
1). Ellingham, a lady's talloress, who
claims $].2o0 damages. Kampf was released on $400 bail this morning and left
for Kurope.
Winnipeg, Jan. 6.���Tho school beard
will at an early date advertise for tenders for the purchase of $200,000 of 4
per cent, bonds. The issue of these
bonds was authorized about a year ago,
hut on account of the financial stringency they were not placed on the market at that time.
Minneapolis Brokers  Used   U.  S. Mails
for Illegal  Purposes.
Minneapolis, Jan. 6.���Dusiuoss methods of the Superior board of trade were
explained at some length today tn the
trial of George W. Wood and other alleged officers of the Wisconsin Grain
and Stock company, accused of having
used the United Stales mail for fraudulent purposes.
Byron Kimball, who was manager of
the clearing hoi. ,*_. f, . \ugust, 1906, to
July, 1907, Jvas called to ."he stand by
ihe governmenl and testlfleu hat iu his
capacity a.-, manager he had charge of
the distribution of the money at the
cIobo of each  day's business.
He received checks from those who
had lost and gave checks to the traders
who had made profits. The stub portions of his checkbook, vouchers, bank
deposit slips, bank books and clearinghouse records were received In evidence.
George M. llrack, teller of the St. Paul
National Hank was called to the stand
by the government, and brought with
htm books of the ban!*; showing deposits
to the credit of members of the Wiscon
sin Grain and Stock company. His evidence was to corroborate the statements
of the wltnes/es who had testified that
they had paid for their stock wiih money
that had been deposited in the bank to
their credit. The deposits were to the
credit of H. 1*. Kinsberger, secretary;
Clinton IJ. Phelps, president; Martin T.
Qulgley, treasurer of the Wisconsin
Grain and stock company, and others.
.Most of the deposits were made nn .April
12 and withdrawn from the bank soon
Prices of Metals.
New York, Jan. 6.���Silver, fif��%c.;
copper, 12-VjC.;  lead. $4.76.
London. Jan. (1.���- Stiver. 25 3-16d.
lead,   Lit. 10��.
Opening   Copper  Quotations.
New York. Jan.   . ., 1908.
New  York, Jan.  4. 1908.
(Uy McDcrmld & Mel lardy. 1
Asked Hid
Granby    $80.00        $70.00
Dominion  Copper ....    1.87H        1.75
B. C, Copper     4.12 M       4.00
Frederjctonians Indignant.
There are about a dozer former citizens of Frederic ton, N. B., Hn Nelson
who arc indignant at an Uem'pubHBhed
in Nelson, stating that there were 25
case-a of drunkenness in the New Brunswick capital on New Year's Day. Fred-
ericton has at>out the same population
as Nelson. The item really referred to
St. John.
* Work for 1200 Hands.
Woonsocket, R. I., Jan. 6.���The Mill-
ville plant of the Woonsocket Rubber
company, which has been closed for a
number of weeks, resumed operations
todny. The plant gives employment to
about   1200 people.
End of Long Fight for Life���Career of
One of Nelson's Earliest and
Best Known Citizen*.
There was general and sincere regret
In Nelson last evening as the word went
round that James Neelands was dead,
although it had been known for some
days that recovery was Impossible. For
the last two days he had been conscious
only for a few momenta yesterday
morning during which he smiled recognition to Miss Neelands, who has remained at his bedside for several weeks.
He did not attempt to s-peak and soon
lapsed again into coma from which he
was not again roused. The end came
peacefully at 5.55.
James Neelands was born at Cree-
more, Ont., on, March 8th, 1S69, and
was then fore in his 39th year. In 1889
bo accompanied his brother, H. G.
Neelands, to Vancouver. They came to
Nelson two years later, and except for
short visits away Jim has been a resident of the city ever since.
Miss Neelands, his sister, and two
brothers, II. George, and Snm., were with
him at the last. The other surviving
members of the family are a sister in
Detroit and a brother at Edmonton.
A funeral service will he read by Rev.
F. H. Graham this evening at 7 o'clock
nt the residence of his brother, ex-Mayor
H. G. Neelands, Carbonate street, after
which the remains will be taken to the
C. P. R. station for shipment by tomorrow morning's steamer en route for
Creemore. Miss Neelands will accompany the body of her brother to the
place of his birth. The members of
Kootenay lodge. No. 16, I. O. O. F-, of
which he was formerly a prominent
member will accompany the body from
the residence to the depot.
"Jim" Neelands' death leaves a gap in
the ranks of the old timers which will
bo felt by them In every part of the
world as the word reaches them. He
was known to nearly every man who
lived tn Nelson during tho last 15 years,
and there Is no one of tliem all who will
not learn oi his death with sincere sorrow.
A man of stroug likes and dislikes
and always outspoken, every division in
the community was sure to find him a
prominent champion on one or other
side, sometimes in earnest, often in
mere love of combat. Hut he never bore
malice and his wit i.iough quick and
keen was never ili-natured. No struggle was ever embittered by "Jim's"* participation and he could always count
upon warm friends In the ranks of his
tempo.t-.ry opponents.
He was ever ready to take a hand in
any kind of game and he was never
accused of playing other than fairly.
In victory he was generous to a fault,
and he was, what all the west admires,
a "good loser."
Behind all his careless, good natured,
easy-going ways, James Neelands was
a man of quick intelligence and good
judgment, which might have carried
him far had Ihey been allied with ambition and persistence. Even without
such aids he wielded an influence in the
community, even in its politics, out of
all proportion to any position he would
even have aspired to. His good qualities
won him the esteem and liking of a
host of friends by whom he will not
soon be forgotten. His virtues were
helpful to many; his weaknesses injured no one but himself. Nelson will
unite in condoling with his brothers and
sisters and in regret for the loss of one
of its pioneers who was always a public
spirited and zealous Nelsonlte.
Second Trial of Harry
One Hemb-r of Jury Secured in Few
Hours���Women Rot Ad-
-itied to Court.
New York, Jan. 6.���The usual curious
crowds were gathered aboul the criminal courts building this morning In the
hope of catching a glimpse of Harry
Thaw as he crossed Ihe "bridge of
sighs" on the day of his second trial.
In the corridors of the court house there
was also a throng of.severs! hundred
persons who had come to witness the
opening scenes at this new .ehearsal of
an old story. A squad of 50 policeuien
kept the passageway clear. The arrangements were far better than at the first
trial when the crush to get In the court
room amounle to practically a riot. The
word that women were to be barred
had been given out and there were none
hut the newspaper writers on hand today.
bast year at the beginning of the trial
women predominated In the court lioune
and it was their Insistence which caused
much of the disorder of the opening
Before the Thaw case was reached,
Justice Howling charged the grand Jury
and attended to the other formalities
of the new lerni. Thaw was elated over
the fact that the day of his new trial
had arrived. Mrs. George I-auder far*
negle, his sister, and Josiah Thaw, one
of his brothers, called on the defendant
tin the tombs prison and brought him a
Sanessage or greeting from his mother,
fwhai Is still to ill at her home In I'iits-
'burg to come for the trial. It was the
, first time in several months that Thaw
'had seen bis sister and brother and his
-(greetings were affectionate. Mrs. H. K.
fThaw went direct from her home to tie
rourt house.
Charles ES. Gremmels. a ship broker,
.was selected as juror No. I In the Thaw
case   just   before  Ihe   luncheon   receaB
wits ordered.
At the very outset of the trial of
Thaw tho plea of insanity was entered
on behalf of the defendant.
Rioter* Overawed.
Muncie, lnd��� Jan. 6.���Cars on the
local street car lines began running to-
gan running today on regular schedule,
manned by local men and without
guards. There was no disturbance during the morning hours. The. 12 companies of infantry and oue battery of
the Indiana National guards are resting
In their quarters. The streets are patrolled by 300 business and professional
men who have been sworn ln as deputies. There was no disturbance of consequence at Elwood, Mariou or Anderson during the night.
Still Fight for Estate.
London, Jan. ��.���The perjury charge
brought ugulnst Herbert Druce by his
nephew George Hollamby Druce has collapsed but tho civil action for the recovery of the estate of the Duke of
Portland will be continued. This afternoon Mr. Atherley Jones, counsel for
Geo. Hollamby Druce, announced that in
view or the discoveries made within the
coffin of Thomas C. Druce, which was
opened and examined December 30, It
will be Impossible to proceed with the
Planned a Funeral.
St. Pa-torsliurg, Jan. 6.���Tho police nr-
rested nlna-ta-pn persons accused of conspiracy to miirili'r Ihe Dowager impress
Marie Fcodorovna uivin lu-r return from
abroad about three weeks ago. Tho ptol
was of the moBt Ingenious nature and
the consplrulorri were certain of suoo*ss
They Inserted an announcement In Hic
roSumns of tho Novoe Vremya, of Dec.
1.1, condemning "Marie Feodorovnu Do-
nianovn" and inviting friends to attend
a requiem mass.
Lonergarr Dropped Dead.
San Francisco, Jan. 0.���Former Supervisor Thomas r*. Lonergnn dropped dead
at his home this morning. He was one
of the members of Ihe baiarai of super-
vis,i.s who confessed to having received
bribes from Ihe United Railroad, tlie
Telephone companies and other corporations.
Unusual Divorce Case.
Philadelphia, Jan. 6.��� The supreme
court today ssfnsed lo penult an appeal
to be taken to that tribunal from Ihe
superior court In the famous Hartje divorce case. Aug. It'artju was refused a
divorce from his wife, and the decision
wuh atllriiieal by the superior court, -ftto
highest court In tin- state having refused to hear tho onse it is said Mr.
Hartje may take his suit to the United
Statea supreme court. T     Dally Canadl*.
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offstc-c:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital Paid Up $4,860,000
R��t    $4,860,000
D. R. W1LK1B. President.
HON. ROBERT J AFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  nllowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
nelson hranch ��J.   M.   LAY,   iVlanaKer.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund   *?,4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
javings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, In Large. Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published bix ������:..;��� *- a week by tlie
Baker Ht..   Nelnon, B.C
Suoaerlptlon ratei, 50 cents a mouth delivered
in ttie city, or *>."������ a year 11 scut by tuaii, when
paid In advance.
AdverllMUK rat*-* on    .      imilnii.
All raoiileu pal-1 m ���-���.���nlemeni ol The Dally
Catiadla.ii accm-ntt*-, < i;i., r foi t-uhKcripiinuh or
advertising, in'.-' i" ��� alpteti for on tbe printed
term*, of Ibe Company,    other receipti are not
Monday,  January 6,   1908.
NEEDS   OF   ���* HE   YEAR.
That L90-S is -0 be a critical year in
tho history ol tjelson no one ha.s any
doubt. Tli' po*ei plant must he com-
etud and pal into condition to furnish
|qiiiu. Ugh and power in a oatUfac*
way, am tba < ity'o title to all the
machinery ar-,) possession and control
or tin' plant must be secured without
�� ��� Tii.t   lank  i.s one lhat must not
in entru ed <���> unskilled hands. Its per-
i" :. i win require patience and in-
rajuigance, and ability to respect other
people's rights as well as zeal for Nelson's interest.
The building of a public school ts a
necessity also. That is not u matter
Involving any difficulty except in the
sale of debentures. But the satisfactory
sale of debentures depends upon th*'
city's credit and that In turn will be
materially affected by the policy determined   upon for the  year.
There are several other matters that
have to be faced at once that are of
very considerable importance to Nelson
and will seriously affect its Immediate
future. The city wharf cannot be allowed to go through another year without, substantial repairs, towards which,
It is felt, the two railway companies
whose, steamers use the wharf should
contribute. Permanent Improvement of
the Baker street bridge is a mutter
that cannot safely be further postponed.
The city's lea.se of the tramway system
will expire at the ind of 1908 and Its
future disposition will depend upon next
year's council.
To summarize the situation, tlie year
1908 presents Nelson with a number of
urgent necessities Involving considerable expenditure, if the growth at
tained in the last few years is to bo
even maintained. At the same time the
city Is beyond the first legal limit of
Its   borrowing   power,  and   the   rate oi ���
luxation is very high, so high that pro-
i" ; t.. owners are feeling ii burdensome.
Here is a situation requiring administrative ability ot a high order combined
with a public spirit not too common in
any community.
It is therefore surprising and disquieting that within a week of nomination
day no candidates are in the field for
ihe positions of alderman. It is generally known that nearly all the members
of last years council are desirous of
withdrawing. But none are coming forward to take their places. One is almost
tempted to regret the disappearance of
factions from .Nelson's municipal politics. While they lived two full "tickets'"
for the seats at the board were always
a certainty and, as a. rule, out of 14
available men seven of decent abilities
could be found. It is not pleasant to
think that zeal for a faction is a stronger motive than zeal for the city. There
is now no spirit of faction. Cannot .Nelson find a mayor and six aldermen of
ability and character who can be entrusted to administer the city's affairs?
It is a mailer that should not he left to
the hazard of nomination day impulses.
Some of the names suggested so far
can only be described as ridiculous. But
It ts obvious that if men of ability cannot he induced to stand the seats at
the council board will be filled by others.
It is the duty of every man with a substantial Interest fn the city to bestir
himself and assist in securing a civic
board that will command respect and
confidence in the city and on the outside.
Agreement Concluded.
Paris, ,Ian. 6.���The government has
been advised by M. Jusserand, the
French ambassador at Washington, that
the Franco-American negotiations at
Washington have been successfully terminated and thai the agreement probably- will- lie signed in that city today
or tomorrow.
$6,000,000 Damage Suit.
New York, .Ian. 0.���The $6,000,000
damage suit of the American Banana
Company of Mobile against the United
Fruit company was called for trial today In the United States circuit court
in this city. Parties In Boston, New
York and throughout the south are involved in tlie case, which already has
attracted widespread attention. The
suit is based upon alleged damage to
the American Banana company at Gado-
can, a port near Bocas del Torn that the
American Banana company is promoting, and also to the interests of the
same   company  in   Costa   Hi en.
Canadian  Mining   Institute.
nn January IBth, at j p.m. then- will
be convened at Nelson, B. C . a meeting
of the western members of the Canadian Mining institute for the purpose of
forming a Western branch of the Insti
tute, and also for the reading and dla
cussing of papers. The Canadian Pacific Bail way will sell reduced rata
tickets to Nelson and return to members and their wives when accompanying them. All members who expect to
attend the meeting should at once notify Mr. .1. .1. Campbell at Nelson, who together Willi other members in Nelson is
looking alter hotel accommodations, etc.
Corporation of the City of
Public notice is hereby given to the
electors of the Municipality of the City
of Nelson, that I require the presence of
the said electors at the City Hall, on
Monday, the thirteenth day nf January.
11.ON, at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose
of electing persons lo represent them in
the .Municipal Council as Mayor and Aldermen, and on the Public School Board
as Trustees.
The candidates shall be nominated in
writing; the writing shall he subscribed
hy two voters of the Municipality as
proposer and seconder, and shall he delivered to the Returning Officer at any
time between the date of this notice and
2 p. m. of the day of nomination, and
in the event of a poll being necessary
such poll will be opened on Thursday,
the sixteenth day of January, 1908, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. m., and
7 o'clock, p. m.. in the City Hall for the
Fast Ward, and at the office of W. P.
Tierney. .No. 'Mn\_ Baker street, for the
West Ward, of which every person is
hereby required to fcake notice and govern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominated
for and elected as Mayor of such city
shall be such persons as are male British subjects of the full age of twenty-
one years, and are not disqualified under any law and have been lor the six
months next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner in the land
registry office of land or real property
iu the city of (he assessed value, on
the last municipal assessment roll of
one thousand dollars or more, over and
above any registered judgment or
charge, and who are otherwise duly
qualified as municipal voters.
The persons qualified to be nominated
for and elected as aldermen of such city
shall be such persona as are male British subjects of the full age of twenty-
one years, and are not disqualified under any law and have been for the six
months next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner in the land
registry office of land or real property
in the city of the assessed value on the
last municipal assessment roll of five
hundred dollars, or more, over and
above any registered Judgment or
charge, and who are otherwise qualified
as  municipal  voters.
The persons eligible to be nominated
for and elected as School Trustees of
such city shall be any person being a
householder in the School district, and
being a British subject of the full age of
twenty-onp years, and otherwise qualified by the Public School Act to vote
at an election of School Trustees In
the said School  District
Given under my hand at the City of
Nelson aforesaid, the Gth day of January, 1908.
Returning Officer.
Nelson Land District.   District of Went Kooteuay
Take notice   that W. A    Hudnon,  of Spokane,
VVp-shfiigton, I' H.A., occupation   timber erulner,
Intend to apply for a special timber licence over
toe following described lands:   Commencing Ht
a post planted on the norih bank of Com creek,
at the junction of the north fork of Corn creek
with the niHln fit ream, about five mllen In a
Westerly direction from the confluence of -mid
Corn oreek with the Kootenay river, thenoe
north 40 chain** thence wpH 160 chains, thence
nouth 40 chalna, them , > t'-i IfiO Cbalnn to point
of commencement, containing M0 acren, moru or
Dated November 7th, 1907
William a. Bunaon.
Take notice that f K. C. Otis., intend to apply
for a special license tO cut and carry away Mm
da t ['..u: ������id acrei of land: Commencing at a
print planted about four milea west of the Koele-
nay river, on a small creek flowing from the
nouth Into Corn creek and about one and one
half miles nouth of (.'orn creek and went and
adjacent to Umber licence ****-o UOMj commencing at No 1 pont marked K. C. Otin north ast
corner pont. thence elghly chains nouth, lh��-nce
eighty ebsatni wrest, ihence eighty ohalm north,
thence eighty chains east *o the place ot begin u lug. con tal ii ing M0 acren, more or b sn,
Dated November 2\, \WI. E O. Otis, locator,
A Hack kit. a-j-em
Post marked B. C. Jagow north-vent
thenee eighty shales s-uth, thenee
halns east, thenee eighty cIihIiis north,
Itrhty chains weat to place of beginning
No 2
eontalulng 640 acren, more or Jess,  and went and
adjacent to timber licence No. 15024.
Dated November 21st, 1907.
B. 0. Jaoow. locator,
A. Hack err, agent.
No .1. Pont marked T, F, Jackman southeast
corner, tbence eighty chains north, thence
eighty ehaina went, thence eighty chalna aouth,
thence eighty chain*- east to the place of beginning, cxmtaining 640 aeren, more or lent*, and
cast and adjacent to W. A. tto**** No. 1 post on
Com creek.
Dated November 21 Ht, 1907.
T F. jackman, locator,
A. Hack kit, agent.
No. 4. Pout marked Tom JLavealle southwest
corner post thence eighty chain*- north, theuee
eighty chHlnn east, thence eighty chalni aoulh,
thence eighty chain*, west to place of beginning,
containing G40 acrei, more or less, and west aud
adjacent to timber licence Vo UDSM,
Dated November 2lit, 1907.
Tom Lavkai.i.k, locator,
A. Hacks-it, agent.
Nelnon Land Dlitrlct. Dlitrlctot Went Koolenay
Take notice that J, F. A. Hhaver, lutend to apply for a special licence to cut arid carry away
tlmher from 040 acrei of land: Commencing at
a poit placed on the northwest eoruer marked
F. A. Shaver. No. 1, tbence eighty chains south,
thence eighty chalni eait, thence eighty ehaini
north, thence eighty chalni went to the place of
beginning, containing 640 acrei, more or leu,
and about three milei weit ol the Kootenay
river snd about one mile south ot Corn creek.
��������$>��������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 4>*>ti JJ
\ Dry Goods, Millinery and Fancy Goods j
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and nonth and  adjneent to timber   licence   10727
and eaat and Sdjscenl to timber licence 15023.
Localsd November Ust_1907<
F. A. SH*VRE, locator,
A. H v ,- ki ���, -ment.
Nelson Land Dintrict. Dlitrlct of Weit Kootcoay
Take notice that I, L W. [.haver, intend to apply for a special lloenee 'ocut and carry away
limber from 64U acres of land : (.ommencing at
a pont marked L. V* Shaver, northwest corner
thetice eighty chains nonth, thence eighty
ehaini east, thence elghtv chalna north, thence
eighty chains weit to place of beginning, containing 040 acrei. mote or lesi, and eait and adjacent to timber licence 16024, and alio loutta
and adjneent to timber licence No IMSB, and alio
-a 1 j t 11 and adjacent to Y. A. Shaver limber limit
No 1.
Dated   November 21nt, MM,
L. W. Hhaver, locator,
A. II a, .-.ni "i. agent.
rhlcb   to  ad-
Aii't.   Com*
KjctensHion of one   week   wilhln
vertHe   granted.     Harry   Wright,
miailoner of Land and  Worki.
Nelfon Dand Dlitrlct. Dlitrlct of Weit Kootenay
Take noifee that f, T. L, Logan, of Bminen
Kerry, Idaho, oecupalion painter, intend to apply for a special timber licence over the following deaorlbed land*: Commencing at a post
planted at the aontbeast corner of timber
Roenee No. 1MM* tbenoe 8Mt 80 ohalna, tbence
no-th 80 chain*-, thence weat 80 chains, thence
""nth 80 chalni to point of oommeucement,
-co .twining 040 acren, more or lean.
Dated November 21st, 1907. T. L Looaw,
COI.IH HHITH, agent.
chains,  th--nce  weit HO chaim*, thence   11   rib no
chatna. tin i.r-.- eaat 80 chains to the   1 ���>,.*��� ul be-
ginning, containing 610 acres, more or leia-
Located November IHth, IWl.    *-.
CitAft! em Dm-nft, locator.
No. 5. Commencing at a post mark-*<i -Charlea
Dulcher'a aoutbesit corner, ihence HO chain*
north, theuce 80 chalni west, thence no chalni,
iniilh. thence 80 chalni sut to the place nt beginning, OontAlnlng MO acres, more or leu.
located November 18th, l*t7
Chaki.k* DM' hir, l-ocator,
No fi. Commencing at a posi marked l harles
Dincher's louthweai corner. ih'Mie-j nortli P0
Ohslns, thetice eaat ISO cbalns, thence south 00
chains, thence weal 80 chalni to the pi act- of be
ginning,   conalnlng 040 a. res, more or leia
-Located November IHth, 1��*7.
cni.Hi.>a DUTO Hut, I-orator.
Nelaon Land Dlitrlct.   Dlitrlct of Weil Kootenay
Take notice that I, Cbarlea Dutcher, intend
to apply for a aiiecfal timber licence, to cut and
carry away timber from 64-41 acrei of land ("ommencing at No. 1 post about 12 milei weit of the
Kootenay river, on the nortli aide of |Bonndary
creek' and north, and adjacent to timber llccmei
I 'I'm;, and one rath* north of the International
boundary line: commencing at a poil marked
< 'harles Dutcher'f-; KouthwcK corner, theuce 80
chalni north, thence 80 chalni east, thence 80
ehaina south, thence 80 chalna weit to the place
of bcglnnlui', containing 640 Min, more or leu.
Located November IHth. 1007.
* ll.WtJ.K-*   DUTCHEH,   LoCHtiM.
No. 2. Commencing at a poit marked Charlei
Dutcber'a southeast corner, theuce 80 chalni
north, thence 80 chalni west, theuce 80 chalni
loutb, thence 80 chalna east to the place of beginning, aud west and adjacent to number one
timber limit, and containing 640 acrei, more or
Located November 18th, 1907.
CMABI.El Din in k. laocator
No. 3. Commencing at a poit marked Charlei
Dutcher'! northwcit corner aud about 16 mllea
west of the Kootenay river on tbe north ride ol
Houndary creek and north and adjacent -to timtier lltven.e 10660, thence muth 80 chalni, tbence
east 80 chalnis, thence north 8-n chalni, tin ncc
west 80 chalni to the place of beginning, containing 640 acres, more or MM.
Located Novomber 18th, 1907.
* if a iiik**. Dim: ii Kit, Loral, r.
No. 4. Commencing at a poit marked Onirics
Dutcher's northesit   comer,  tbence loutb 80
No- W-    Weat fork, Kite creek.
Nelion Laud DlSlXIOt   Dtittl.*l ot Wesl Knot, nay
Take notice that I, Joaeph Patrick, ot Nelson,
B.C., occupation lumberman, intend to apply
for a ipecial timbei licence over the following
deicrlfted lands: Commencing al a post planted
about 6 milei up the weit fork ol Kile oreek,
and about 10 chains from the bank of said wesl
fork, aud marked Joseph Patrick's s. K oorner,
thenee weat 80 chalnr-. thence north 80 chains,
ihence east 80 chalni. thence south 8* chains to
point of lommeucemont, containing 0io acres,
more or leu.
Dated December 5th, 1*907,      Johki'H  I'-.tki<k.
1. J. Loci a, agent.
No. 14,   West fork, Fife creek.
Nelson Land District-   Dlitrlct of West Kootenav
Take notice that Joseph Patrick, ot Nelson.
B 0 , occupation lumberman. Intends lo apply
for a ipecial timber licence over tlie following
deierlbed landi: Coaunenclng at a poit planted
about two chalni dlltant, and in an easterlv
direction from locution No. i:i and marked
Joseph Patrick's N. li corner, thence aoutb 80
chalni, tbeuce weit 80 chains, thoQOS norih HO
cbalm, thonco cast 80 chains to point ot commencement, containing 640 acres, more or leu.
Dated Deoember -'Mb, I'.Hfl.      Jonii-h Pathkk,
I. J. Loci a  agent.
No  16.    Weit fork, Fife creek.
Nelson Land District.    Dlstr��;l ol West Kootcn ay
Take notice that I, Joseph Patrick, of Nelson.
B.C., occupation lumberman, In tend to apply
for a ipeclrl tlmlaar licence over the following
deicrlf*od lauds: ('ommencing at a post planted
about 3o chalna distant and In a westerly dlrec-
���ioii from the welt fork of Fife creek ami about
'���> miles from mouth of creek, and maraed Joseph
Patrick'! H K comer, Ihence west 160 eha-in**,
theuce north 40 ehulns, thetice east llio Ohalna,
thence aoutb 40 chains to point of commencement, contaiulug 840 acres, more ot lets.
Dated i'.T.-nii>"r t.th, r.'o;.      Josktii I'athick,
I. J, Lucia, agent.
No 16.   Hlevotil creek.
Nelion Lund Dl>trlct.   Dlitrlct of Weit KorUenay
Take notice that I. Joiepb Patrick, ol Nelson,
H 0m occupation lumberman, Intend lo apply
for a special timber licence over the following
described landa: Commencing at a pout planted
about b\*\ mllea up Htevena creek and in a N. K.
direction from mouth of ereek, and marked
Joseph I'm rick's N F. corner, th-Mice aouth 80
cbalm, thence west 80 chaim, thence north 00
chalni , tbeuce cast 80 chufni to tbo point ot
commencement, containing 610 antes, inoie or
Dated December 8rd, 1907.     Johii>h Patbiok,
1. J. L_g_L mm
Y'*u ran liny n 10-ftore l-'iuli liana.h   ln   Uu laest  fruit  (roving  dlitrlct
in Hi-mull Colombia by  paying *i 0 dollar! down andTlO per month.
Kva-n as an Investment   ihiaa laa woi'ih oaanaldcratlon.
Krult  l.and hau trebled In value within tha year.   What will il do nc**
MANUFACTURERS    T  _^_^l*_t.s____      C_��i_-_~f,__. "��
AND DEALERS IN    i--t*-llbe*t   dlUflgleS, ��
Lath, Mouldinifs, Doors, Windows, tg
Mail Onion- promptly ntlrnuYi-i mK
mj.ni >rx. Is. g* l>o
turned Work  iiii-lI ItnickctN.
Nu   17     HtrveiiH creek
Kelson Land District   Dutliol ol W��t Roota_*|
Take notice    that 1. Joseph   Patrick, ol NellOB-
H. ('  ii-piillon    lumberman,   lutetil   to  apply
for a special timber licence over the Ml.nviliK
deierlbed laud":   Uommtnolng al ��� j.on planted
aboul i mile in iiii easterly dtreotlofi from the
mouth of Stevens creek, where It empllea Into
Cariboo lake, nnd marked Joseph Patrick'l B, W.
corner, thence norih ho chains, thenea east 80
ehalns, thenoe aouth ho chain*-, tbenoa *.v-'niho
Uhalm to   point  of  coinincUivincut,   cuiitnliilii-i'
Mo sores, more or lees.
Hatcii DoeemberSod, 1907.    Joseph Pi-ntto���,
I.J.   I.III.lA, ftK"Ut.
No. 18.   BtOTOII creek.
Nelion Land District. District of Weil Koolenay.
Take notice   that I, Joaeph   Pain. I-    ot Nelaon,
B. Ot, occupation   InmtHirmati,   Inlend    lo apply
for a special timber licence over tha rollpwiai
ilcMcriDed IiujiIm : Coinmcni'lni* at a poat planted
about T, mllea up ntevciii creek, nud about-lo
chalni aoulh fiom the bank ot the creek, and
marked Joaeph Pitlricl* n i; comer, thence
south '��! chain.' tbeii' weal 80 chains, I hence
north HO chalni. thence - ast HO ehalns to point ol
commencement, couta. iIiik Mu acren, more or
hii ted December '2nd, Ml,     Joi-tii I'athick,
1  J. l-irctA, m-cnt
No  10     Htevena creek
Ne*ion Land District   District ol Wool Koolenay
Take notice that I,   Joseph   Patrbk, of Nelum,
U.( occupation   lumberman,   Intend    to apply   ;
for a IDedjU timber licence over  lhe  toliowing j
ITllled  lailllS:      Q______tMtam al  ���   nml nlinlu,)    *
about ft miles up   Htevciis   creek   and   n.l"
lout Hon No 18 toi the south, and marked Jnw
Patrick's n W. corner, thence east m rim
tbeuce  south   8il  cIihiiii,   Ihence west 80 elm:
ihence north M ohaini 10 point of cnmiiieii
ment oontalnlni! wh- acrei more or lean.
Unletl Uot ember 8rd* i'MH       Jonech Patiu' I
I, J. l.wiA, oganta
No. BO     West fork, Flfo creek.
Nelson Und DlltrlOt,   DIStriOt o| West Knot- i
lake nollce that 1, Joneph Patrick, ot KeD
H. C . occupation Inmbermaii, Inlend to hi
for a IseoiSI timber llccuee over the follon
deicrllicd lands: Com_lenolnj al n DO*t plan
aboul .- mllen up the weal folk tl Kite creek. I
nbont -.ii ohaini north of tlu- ereek, and marl
Jo-eph I'alilck'i N. K. corner, tbence snuH
chiiltia ihence weit 80 chains, tht ncc not"
chains, thence east 80 enalna to point of ra
meiiccinciit, containliiK OK) acrei, more
DatM Dccemlier 0lh,UQ7.      JoaSi'H F   "
I   J. lalil'U,  ny.��� nl
No. 21      West fork, of Fife creek.
Nelson Land Dlitrlct.   District of Weit Kont
'lake notice that I, Joaeph   Patrh-k, ol Nc
II  0.1   put i,hi   lumtu'riiiHU,   inlend   toap
ftir a special timber licence over the folio."
described lands: Commencing at a post pll
about i miles up the weit tork of Fife creek
plained on the north hank of the atroam.
marked Joseph Patrick's N. R corner, th
nouth 80 chalni, theuee west 80 chaim. th
north 80 chains tbence eait 80 chalni top
ot commencement, lontalninK M" acrei, tool
Dated Deoember 6tb, 1907.    Joonru pATBlQj
ft) The batty Canatu
aunoi iliiie on FROG LEOS every daj\    We furnish the
 i Staples
���Beef,   Pork*   Mutton and Veal
Hams, Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
'Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest (Juality in glass; and wood.
P. Barns & Co., Ltd.
; Kaslo, R'
The Nelson Brewing Co'y* Ltd.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yak-Kootenay  Ice, Ftttlt,
Fed _ Poaltry Co., Ltd.
.Baker   and   Ward   SU.
nd Diatrict.   Diatrict ol West -ooUMiajr
Botue   that Kred. J. Hhiuuious,  b|(*u1   Inr
r. of  Kelson, oecupalion   walch-
- to apply   tor   pcrmn-slon to pur*
A'lng  tlesciibcil   lands:    Comnien*
1-lanted    ..I".ni   x\Xi   miles  cast ol
���A,   ilieuct*   M  chains   iu   au   eaaterly
^^^^^^ tbence   TO clialns   loutb,  theu't* 40
_shala_l��'a "���"���I''! *   .lir. - li.,n.   lh< -nee '-*-'��� i < -bains
trtrthtethe pom! <,f ei.iiimeiHtsiiieiil.eontMinlUK
iaerea.ssor. >,r te-.-*
J  I>ate4 Mov j..ib, iwi.
V Fasnan a   Iohn Tankih,
l   J   KAHMoNa, Agent
mliafiiu   to
latlon rancher, intends to apply to- per-
ptarohitl the followIn** described
land; Coiaiticncins at a posi plautetl at the
imrtbwest corner ot Lot .1103, Ihence west l"
Oh���ine. thanes f-inilli Ho chains, lht-ii--c chi-HO
enalna, theuce uorlb so chains t- the |>oliit of
commetie*jmeul, ati'l eoiitalntiiK -**-0 acrea, more
or lena
I  oi. -I  18.h  ' -el. >)..���:. IHU7, JAMFK hlllEI.L,
K. ti. FAi-giMSM. A|*ent
Nelaon Laud Dlslrlct    Hlatrlct of West Kooteuay
Tike notloe that Angus Mcuui. ot ihe city ot
Nelson, occupation f I rein hii. Intend*' loapply for
ix*rmissioii t*�� purchase the  followiiif-  o*H'-rlbed
lands:   Uontnlenolnsg Ht a p��,��i plum-.",   tt the
N. W.  corner  L.  C.   Ifoirison'l   ranch       D   Kir
alley, Ih.Tce north   foiiy  (-iu)   chain  .   thene
ast   fo-ty   (40) chains,   Hud  ���    South Hy  (40
alns, thence west forty i i- >  chalni olnt o
m m,��� n i*e me nt,   antl con lain in if   one  huntlret]
d sixty (ItiO) ac-Tei, more or leaa.
Died lepte A her lad. IWl.      a worn  m<- ciii,
Ai* ��� Men- ion ot I" ilny wilhln which to coin*
lB.f-.nee publication granted by me this date
Deceml-er alii, IWl. Harry Wright. Assistant
Conimisiloner of -Lands and  Works.
*A. A  JtSTsr.l.   ..I   I'ni.-l.ir. ...-. upall.tu   rancher,
���InteSat. I* .,.,.   ���   I..a  ["���'[".-*:"(. t.. |.nr,*lia*e tlaaa
tollowtag  .i.
 kid District,   Dlitricl 01 West Koolenay
Tafe*-Otlr<-   that -Yrvd .1    -Miniiionti,  agent lor
peri _^^^^^^^
.- rlbed   lauda:     CommeUcitiK
ibont I'j m llec easi of vt ittton creek,
eeet OP tlirtlns,  thence northwct-l 00
r* Qortheast nohalns, manos aouth-
to ihe the polnl of commeucement
acres, more or lesi.
-ii'th. 1W7.
_ ASlltIIIAl.il   A-l'Kls     .*-   I'aII AK1>.
Agent K   J    MT'inNv
^Nelson Laft'i District. District (it Went Kootenay
a TakeMnUcc that W. a. Hudson, timbercrutier,
foi Hpokane. Spokane county, Washington, oiu-
jol the United Htateaot Amerlra, Intel*.It* lo apply
fforasnaetal limber HeeUM* over tho followiu*;
^^^^^^^smli: Commeneing at a [Mist marked
on the north bank of Corn creek,
drib lork otCorn creek
,, about five milea In a
___ i continence o( said Coru
t tbe Kootenay river; theuce north 40
west 16n clialns; theuce south 10
eaat MiO chains lo point of com-
sitalulug 000 acm more or leu.
joins timber limit No. 7 OU ihe
i- limit No - on the south, an Uh
?No. 0, plant"! on Uo' nort
1st. the JtUlcli.-ii ,*( tbe No
fwtUt t���� main   stream,   a
Weat Kootenay Land Dlstrh't. DUtrlot of Weit
lake uotlee that I, ���. 0. Jalisco, of Bpokane.
Waab., oceupatton ttmlK-rinan, Intend to apply
for a special timber llceuce over tbe following
descrioed  ianda:
1 Commencing al a posi planted at the H. W.
corner, about I mile from Kvin Johnstons I' < K
No. MO. said post being placed on the International boundary Hue, tiienee north 4o chains,
thenoa east 100 chains, tneure  south  40 chains.
thenoa well )60 cbalm to   polnl  of   n ttienee-
iii, in   containing 610 acrei.
Dated Dec inber 3rd, 1907. J. C   Jak-en
'-* Commenvlns at a rosl planted at the s W
corner, about 40 chains uorth from the H. W.
corner of location No. 1., theuce north 40 chains.
ihence ���:������-.-( .'ii ohalns, theuce south 40 chains,
thence west 100 chalni to point of commencement, containing 00D acres. J, C. Janhi_n.
3. Commeuclng at a post . .*nle*" at the **.. W.
corner about 40 chains north froLi the ri. W
corner ot location No. X, theuce north 40 chains,.
theuce east im chalni, tbence sol < ��� ,-j eh a*, m a,
ihence west 100 chains to |>olnt oi luuimeuce-
meut, conlalutng *>�����  acrei '   C    IaHsen.
4 * nis.no ii "Aug at a post planted at tbe IS. W.
corner, attoul 40 cbalns nortb from the-- ��.
corner of location No I, tbence north 40 chains.
theuce east 1-fiO chains, tbeuce south 40 chalni
thanoO wesl 100 chains* to point of comment*-
ment, coutaiulng 000acrei. I* C Janhen
6. Commeuclug at a post planted at the d W.
corner, sbmii 40 chaius north frton the 8. W.
corner of location Nn 4, tbence north 40chnlns,
theuce easi liiu chains, ihence south 40 chains,
thence west 160 chaim lo polut of commencement, coutaiuitiu 040 acrei,
December 4th, 1907. J. C. Jansen.
0. Comincnelug at a post plant.-.! at the s W.
corner about to chaius north from the 8. W.
corner of locatlou No. b, theuce north in ehalns,
Iheuceeaat lOOtshalns, theuce south 4-q chains,
tbeneO   weatltto chains, to point of couiuience*
ember?, iwi.
Wilham A. ItI'D.soN. Locator-
Patrick C. Rhino
id signed by the wlllilii named W.
________      i   the --Will day of  November, A   D
(07,   feOOort    ni"   nl   i-i-okanc.    Spokuiie    t oiinlv,
/aa-l_��l011. olltoi Hie I   IHU-'I  >Utestif AliHTli'H.
1'ATBtl K C    SHINE.
|Nclion Land
. Takenotb
loocn atlon .
If or perm twi
lerlbed land-
���the intersect
HUM, and ti"
Itbeuceeaat *,
-e-ul oorner
north 00 chain*, tin
le-i, io the ��� ���  ' "tdc
lllrlct.   Dlotrict ot Weit Mu
hat Isabella TUr.e,    f Mtra-
mi,  i   -Aomau,   in., n s-   to
to   purchase   the   followiu.,
OommsnolnB Si a posi planted �����
u  ol  the  iter lb   boundary of hot
ail   boundary   ot   Lot   No.   Hla*.,
���halns, more or loss, lo the norlh-
-llmber   Limit   No. 7071,  thence
:e weal TO ehalns. more or
[   WhitlHhah   lake,   tbeuce
.   in   a   loutherlv   and    westerly
talus,  more or   leu io lhe inter
it Hia'i. Ihence I ��� cbalns.   more oi
easterly   bouudary  DI&DtOlOOtO
tober. tool.      Isaboula pikrck,  ,
K. *i   KAi'sji'ifit,    gput.
ment, con laluing ���������m ucrea
^^^~ ��� , 1007 ^^^^^^^^^^
,ug at a post planted Hi thu N   W.
mberathj i��iv
J     C.    I.I-SKN
corner ami adjoining tlie .N. K corner of lot 2HW.
theuce east 40 chaihs, Ihence south 10 chains,
thence east 40 chains, theuce south ����o chains,
llience west HO chains, thoucc north lou chaius
to point of commencement, containing 640 acrea,
December 4th. W    i    Stlfcs.
H. Commencing at a post planted at the N, W.
corner, about ', of a mile In a southwesterly
direction from the south fork of -Salmon river,
and aboul fjfj mllea (rum the month, theinu
aouth 160  chains,   thence   caul 40 chains, Ihence
aorth lOoobalDSt theme west 10ohaini to point
nt commencement) couiaiulug 04o acrei.
H.-eelilbiT .-lb.  Is-OV.        _.  J     KHOtiH
,_d Dtsirtci.  DUtrlot ol WestiCwu-UMiaj
HiKt    Alexander   J     McCool, til
atlon clerk, inn-mis to applv
. ... purchase the fnllowl. B de-
Coinmciiclng at a post planted on
boundary   01 B   0   BOUtnerB   Hall-
       ray, aboul   one  and  a half  intlcs
IBironi   the  northwest corner of lot  ;:'*.;,
\.    Kooieiovv.     thence   nmtli   Hu   chains.
Kit ho chains, lln uce  noith ho cbulns to
daryofsatd   right ol-wa,   thence
along said lotuhern bonadary to
mencemeut.   and  containing (HH>
..mborOth, lWr7.
Al,rs*,vio*u J   McCoota.
^^^^^^ 1 Dlitrlct.   Diitncl of Wesl Kooivii**.-*.
Tske UOtle,   Ihm K, I'   "nrden. nellug n*> agent
��'<"'  for J* H   Burden,   ot   i'oklok,   N. It.,   occupation
mechanic,  intends  lo  applv   tor  pcrmliHion   to
iti'K,   purchase th<* lollowlng described  lands:    Com-
' ueucltiK at a Iiost pUnicd on the eaaterly ahore
of Arrow lake ami nboiil  10 chtiltiH north o| the
, ,, tt.H.oorner of  loi nidi   ihence cast _u chalua,
J '       thenee norih IO cbilns,  more or ten, to the lake
,,   ilioie, tbet '��������� Houlhwcstcrly nlong the Ukeshore
i "' i'i tOtbJB'POD I ���'��� '''���   neemeiit,   and  containing
V' ,'.,' Boaeiei, n ore or 1pm.
In       iBt0a^o^clnl'l���l iMh,i!sJ7. JamkiH   H- "l*N,
'��� i[^,' Y. f   IttiRiiKN, Agent.
,',','!!!���! KOUOflOXautl District.   District of Weal Kootenay
,'f ,,'1 Take notice    Unit    l..|iu   James  Cauternn. of
,r  1'"' -Ferule.   Brill**--!.  CoIihiiI'Ih,     cciipntlnn   contrac-
iiti h, tor.    Ittteinl**     lo    apply     for     perinlislou    to
��� purchase i in- following ,lca-lilied Nnd: coin
inetiolng ill a post plained (iii the -oiithern
tountlary   "i   the   B:  c.   Houthern   rlght-of-wiiy
oteti'. aboU-tJItch'ilns westerly   from   the IN. W   corner
*o I-.' <,f lotOOO't, a-ncip   1,   Koolenay,   ihence n.nnh ��l
'��l'r    chalni, thin ast  40  ehiilriH,   thene--*   uorlb (Ut
1,,'Miii ��halna--fo   the   southern   boiinilarv   of   the   said
In"1' right-Of-Wuy, lli-iii" w.-slerlv   tilongsuhl   south
������*. ���''' ern   hBnndiiiy   oi  rfuht of wuv   to   ihe   point
i.   ���" oommO&Ci-Miehl, aii'i couiHliilug 2-U) acroi, more
lln ti" or le-a.
lb"' DBtOd-NovcmberliUi, P.m7.
,  pOlB .1    IIV    lAMts***   l"...rt,n**.
G. N. R. Company Appealing to Supreme
Court  Against $15,000 Fine.
WaHhlniiton, Jan..6.���Mirny irnii-iriaii!
cuhoh nit' on tho (bii'kol for early hear
Dm fu thi- I'nlted BtAtei OUpTBUlO court,
which eonveneK today after the holiday
One of the mod Important of these
tastr-K Iw the rehatu case ttKulimt the
(Jreat .Northern, hi which the company
Ik under Hcntence to pay a fine of $1j,-
000. This Ih the ewe In whleh the company rettsta the lOlklna law, under
whleh the line wuh fmpo-sc-d, on the
ground thnt It was repealed by ihe rail-
mad rale law at the la��t weHalon of con-
Another 0OJ90 on the docket for hear-
hiK thiB week i�� that of the United
Stales vb. Adrain 11. l.arkln. of New
York. Involving the poRsesHion of Jewelry belonging to the late f'assie I-.
Chadwick. The governnn'tit a'tempted
to eelse the jewelry on the ground that
It had  been sniugRled.
Still another case to be taken up it**
the suit involving the question as to
whether tenants on land owned by the
University of the South are subject to
taxation under the laws of Tennessee
The ease affects nearly all Ibe residents
of tha town of Sowanre, Tenn., where
the university is located.
Ohio   Legislature   Divided  on   Local  Option and   Election   Laws.
Columbus, O., Jan. tj.���The legislature
01 Ohio convened today with ull indications pointing to a busy aud important
session. Much untlnisbed business wan
left over when the session adjourned
last April, and a number, of additional
measures ol Importance are to be introduced.
Among the measures whleh come
over from the last session are two of
first imjiortance. One is the Rose county
local option bill which Is now in the
hands of the senate committee on temperance. The fight on this measure will
Ik* made in the senate, tne friends of
temperance are decidedly In control on
the house side and the liquor Interest,
appreciate the fuct that if the measure
Is defeated it must 1��* accomplished in
the senate.
Next In Importance la the primary
election law bill, which was hung up at
the last session. The opponents of
primary election reform considered tho
disposal of the bill at the last session
as a victory In their favor. The advocates of the measure, however, have not
accepted tbe defeat and intend to press
vigorously for the adoption of the
measure at the present session.
Other measures of Importance that
will probably receive attention at the
present session bear chiefly on questions
of taxation, public ownership of national monopolies aud home rule for all
.Notice is hereby given that the Kiu-
ih> .Miller Cedar Compuny, au extra provincial company duly legistered, as
auob, and authorised to carry on business within the province Of liritish Columbia, aud having Kb Ik ud offlQe al
���Creston, in the said province, manirfac-
turera,   have   by    deed    of   assignment,
dated the uth day of Deoember. mo:.
assigned all Its personal property, real
estute. credits, and effects, which may
be seized and sold under execution lo
me, Charles O. Hodgers, of Creston,
British Columbia. Lumber manufacturer,
for the general benefit of its creditors.
A meeting of tbe creditors will be
beld nt the olllce of it. M, .Macdonald.
burrister-atlaw, corner Maker and -Stanley street*, Nelson, M. C, at the hour of
three o'clock in tbe afternoon on Tuesday, the .list day of December, 1*607, for
the giving of directions with reference
to the disposal of the estate.
And further take notice that all creditors are required on or before the 28th
dny of December, 1007, to file with me.
the assignee, full particulars of their
claims duly verified, and the nature of
the security. If any, held by them.
And notice is herebv given that after
the 2Sth day of December, 1907. 1 will
proceed to distribute the assets amongst
the creditors of whose debts or claims
I shall then have received notice and I
will not. he responsible for the assets,
or any part thereof, so distributed to
any creditor of. whose debt or claim I
shall  not then have received notice.
Dated at. Creston. 11. ('., this 1 I tli day
of December,  1007.
Indians in Council.
Pierre, S. D., Jan. 6.���A council or the
Indians of the Cheyenne Klver reserva
tiou lias been called to meet at White
Horse today to discuss mutters of com
mon interest for the year now begun.
With the question of throwing open the
surplus lands of the reservation to settlement now before Congress, the subject of allotments will probably he the
most important matter to receive the attention of tho council.
Taft's Tour on the Stage.
New York, Jan. 0.���The new musical
OOmedy, "Funabashl," by Irving Cobb
and Baffort Waters. Is to have Its Initial presentation tonight at the Casino
The piece is built around the world tour
of Secretary Taft, and takes Its title
inun the name of a Japanese town In
which the incidents are sup
ed to oc-
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897.'
HolSOB Lan 1 Ulsuui.   1'islinioi Went f-.ooleii��y
To Whom It Ma? Concern:
Take notice lhat J. L, Wnrnr-r la not
now nnd has not been since the ISth
day of November last employed hy or
ln nny way cinnecled with tho Bradley
Engineering    nnd    Machinery    Co.   of
flie Legislature of Btittab Columbia extends.
The head Offlce of the Company Is situate* at the Town of Altona, in the Province of   Manitoba.
The amount of the capital of the
Company it* sixty thousand dollars, divided Into six hundred :,hares of one
hundred dollars each.
The bead olllce of the Company in
this Province is situate at Nelson, and
W. A. Macdonald. >b,.rriater*at-I.,aw.
wIiobc address Is Nelson, B. C, Is attorney for the Company. *
Clven under my hand and seal of offlce at Victoria, Province of Hritish
Columbia, thin sixteenth day of November, one thousand nine hundred and
Registrar of Joinl  Stock Companies.
The   objects  for which   this     Company has been established and licensed
are: ���
For the purpose and with the object
of buying or acquiring by grant, purchase or otherwise, and leasing, mort
gaging or otherwise transferring or dealing with or disposing of real estate,
lands, tenements, hereditaments of
every description or nature, and any
and every right and interest therein;
developing, cultivating, forming, settling and otherwise improving and utilising the same, and of pledging, mortgaging, leasing, selling and otherwise
dealing with exchange or disposing of
the same, and generally of carrying on
the Iiusiness of a land and land improvement company; and to carry on
the business of ranching, farming and
lumbering: or aiding an dasslsilng hy
advances of money or otherwise, with
or without security, settlers and intending settlers upon any lands belonging to the company or in the neighborhood of such lands, and generally to
promote the settlements of land or acquiring, holding, selling, mortgaging,
pledging and otherwise dealing with
mortgagee and charges In lands or any
interest therein, and of agreements for
terest therein, and of investing and
lumbering; of aiding and assisting by
with covenants for the security of
the purchaseand sale of land or any in-
lending money Upon the security of real
and personal estate, goods and chattels,
slocks, bonds, bill's of exchange, promissory notes or kinds of security as
an Individual may; to take and receive
mortgages on real or personal estate, or
other security at such rates of interest
as may be agreed upon; to sell and to
assign such mortgages or mortgage the
same by any instrument in writing or
agreement, subject to conditions and
with covenants for the security of the
money advanced thereon; to execute
mortgages on any lands owned or purchased by the company; to secure the
purchase price or any part thereof of
any lands, tenements or hereditaments
purchased by the company or for any
other purpose whatsoever; to borrow
money at such rate of interest as to
the company may seem advisable, and
issue deposit receipts, bonds, mortgages or other documents to the lenders
thereof, and to give mortgages or securities upon all or any of the company's assets for repayment of all or
any of the money borrowed; and to sell,
assign, mortgage and hypothecate or
pledge any of the ecurities or assets
of tbe ssid company for the security
of moneys advanced thereon; to execute, sign, issue, negotiate, transfer,
give and take promissory notes, bills
of exchange, cheques, bonds, debentures and other negotiable instrument.
and choses In action and evidence of
Indebtedness of all kinds, and to pay,
charge, and collect Interest thereon,
and to give nnd take chattel mortgages, bills of sale, and receipt notes, lien
notes, hire receipts, orders for goods,
chattels or money, warehouse certificates, bills of lading, warehouse receipts and other securities or chattels,
machinery, goods, wares or merchandise; to improve, cultivate, erect buildings and make other Improvements on.
or survey and subdivide sny portion
of the company's lands; to lend money
and take mortgages on real and personal estate as security therefor nnd from
time to time to discharge the same; to
take and hold real estate in trust or
otherwise as security for such loans.
and to take and hold collateral ami
other security therefor or for debts
which may become due to the company;
to collect rents, manage estates and
buy and sell property on commission,
act    as    valuators,    financial
7,300 Go Back to Work.
Reading, Pa.,   Jan. 8.���The   Roiling
mills Of the American Steel Manufacturing company in Lebanon and this city
resume operations today, giving employment to a total of abOUl 7,1100 hands.
The plants have been shut down for
three weeks.
A. H. Can. Soc. C. F.
Mining Work s Specialty.
Offlce:  Dealey Building.    P. O. Box 484
���skat-  at..  NELSON.   ���   c.
Province of British Columbia.
No.  412.
This is to certify that "The Manitoba
and Western Canada Land Company.
Limited," I c authorised and licensed to carry on business within tho Provisos of Hritish Columbia, and to carry out or effect all
or any of the objects of the Company
agents, general and special agents
real estate brokers; to carry on the business of buying, selling, manufacturing,
making or otherwise acquiring or producing any or all kinds of material
used in construction, maintenance and
repairs of buildings or other structures, including lumber, stone, brick
und plumbers' supplies; to acquire, construct, equip, own, maintain and operate
warehouses, elevators, factories, milts,
saw-mills and Hour-mills; of buying and
selling grains of any kind whatsoever;
of buying and selling implements, buggies, waggons, sleighs, machinery, and
engines of any kind whatsoever; of buying and selling goods and merchandise
of any kind whatsoever, and buying and
selling safes nnd vaults; to contract with
individuals or corporate bodies in re-
gard to any undertaking and to sue
and be sued in the name of the company in respect of the same and. subject to the provisions of Section fiS of
the Manitoba Joint Stock Companies Act
to unite and amalgamate In whole or
in part with or purchase tho business
of nny other person, con-oration or
private individual engaged tn any of the
httStSOSSeS above mentioned, and. If bo
agreed, to Issue therefor paid-up Btock
tn this company; of carrying on any
other business which seems to the company capable of being conveniently enr-
vied on in connection with the above or
which may seem to the company calculated to directly or indirectly enhance
ths value of or render profitable any
of the company's properties or rights.
No. 310.
"COMPANIES   ACT.   1897."
I hereby certify that the "Falls Creek
Copper Mining Company, Limited," has
Provincial Company under thd "Companies Act, 1S97," to carry out or effect all or any of the objects of the
Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of liritish Columbia extends.
The head office of the Company is sit-
in te it the City of Spokane, State of
Wa* .iigton,   IT.   S.   A.
The amount, of the capital of the
Company is one million five hundred
thousand dollars, divided Into one million five hundred thousand shares of
one  dollar each.
The head office of the Company In
this Province is situate at Nelson, and
Michael C. Monaghan, Miner, whose
address Is the same, is the attorney
for the Company.
The time of the existence of this Company Is fifty years from the 15th March,
The Company Is specially limited under section  56  of  the  above  Act.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria. Province of Hritish Columbia,   this   15th  day    of     May.     one
thousand nine  hundred and seven.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The objects for which the Company
has heen established and registered are
restricted to acquiring, managing, developing, working and selling mines, mineral claims and mining properties, and
the winning, getting, treating, refining
and marketing of mineral therefrom
and   are:���
(1.) To obtain by purchase, Jpase,
hire, discovery, location or otherwise,
and hold within the Province of Hritish Columbia mines, mineral claims,
mineral leases, prospects, mining lands
and mining rights of every description,
and to work, develop, operate and turn
the same to account, and to sell or
otherwise dispose of the same or any
of them, or any interest therein:
(2.) To dig for, raise, crush, wash,
smelt, assay, analyze, reducp, amalgamate and otherwise treat gold, silver,
copper, lead ores or deposits and other
minerals and metallic substances and
compound:; of all kinds, whether belonging to the Company or not, and to render the same merchantable, and to buy.
sell and deal In the same, or any ot
(3.) To carry on the business of a
mining, smelting, milling and refining
company in all or any of Its branches:
(4.) To acquire by purchase, lease,
hire, exchange or otherwise, such timber lands ot leases, timber claims,
licences to cut timber, surface riirhts
and rights-of-way. water rights and prl
vileges, mills, factories. furnaces,
for smelting and treating ores
and refining metals, buildings, machin
ery, plant, and other real or personal
property as may he necessary for or
conducive to Uie proper carrying out
of the objects  of the Company:
(5.) To constuct, maintain, alter.
make, vork and operate on the prop
erty of the Company, or on property
controlled by the Company, any canals.
trails, roads, ways, tramways, bridges,
and reservoirs, dams, flumes, race and
other ways, water-course, aqueducts,
wells, wharves, piers, furnaces, sawmills, crushing works, smelting works,
concentrating works, *hydraulic works,
electrical works and appliances, warehouses, buildings, machinery, plant.
Btores, and other works and conveniences which may seem conducive to
any of the objpecta of the Company,
and. with the consent of the shareholders In general meeting, to contribute to.
subsidise or otherwise aid or take part
iu any such operations though construe
ted and maintained by any other company or persons outside of the property
of the Company, and to buy, sell, manufacture and deal In all kinds of goods,
stores, implements, provisions, chattels
and effects required by the Compan>
or Its workmen and servants:
(6.) To build, acquire, own, charter,
navigate and use steam and other vessels for the purpose of the Company:
(7.) To take, acquire, and hold as the
consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or otherwise disposed of, or
for goods supplied or for work done
by contract or otherwise, shares, debentures, bonds or other securities of or in
any other company the objects of which
are restricted as herein aforesaid, and
to soil or otherT.ise dispose of the
(8.) To enter into any agreement for
sharing profits, union of interests or cooperation with any other person or oom*
pany carrying on or about to carry on
any business or transaction which a
company specially limited under section
58 of the "Companies Act. 1897,"of Hritish Columbia, is authorised to carry on:
(9.) To purchase or otherwise acquire
and undertake all or any of the assets,
business, property, privileges, contracts,
rights, obligations nnd liabilities of any
person or company carrying on any
part of the business which a company
specially limited under Section 56 of
the "Companies Act, 1897." of Hritish
Columbia, Is authorised to carry on, or
possessed of property suttabic for the
purposes thereof:
(10.) To borrow or raise money for
the purpose of the Company, but so
that the amount so borrowed or raised
shall not, without the sanction of a
genernl meeting of the Company, exceed one-quarter of the amount of the
paid up       capital       for        the time
Being, and for the purpose of
securing such money and Interest or for
any other purpose to mortgage or
charge the undertaking or all or nny
part of the property of the Company.
present or after acquired, and to create.
Issue, make,draw*, accept and negotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or
debenture slock, promissory notes, bills
of exchange, bills of lading, warrants,
obligations, and othor negotiable and
transferable instruments:
(11.) To distribute any of the property of the Company among the members
In specie:
12.) To sell, improve, mannge, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise
deal wltli tho undertaking or the whole
or any part of the property and rights
of the Company, with power to accept
tm the consideration any shares, stocks
or obligations of any company the objects of which are restricted under
Section 56 of the "Companies Act,
1K97." of Hrltloh Columbia:
(ISO  To do all auch other things as
are Incidental   or  conducive  to  the ut-
We have for rent an ilnto-date house
In ii Kood position, containing three bed*
room", dinning room, parlor, kitchen,
pantry,  bathroom and stone  basement,
$25.00 per month.
!y..,l(     -  ,..,-,       WAER SERVICE.
A great many sales have been made ot lota In thla charming suburb
ot Nelaon and only a tew best   lots are left
If you want Good Land
McDermid & IVIcHardy
CAPITAL,   (25,000.00   in   25,000   .hare.
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crozlcr W. Ilourke.
OFFICE, No. 322 Baker St. (Croaadaile
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed ln the
Standard   Furniture   Co.'a   window.
APPLICATIONS for stock are Invited.
PARTICULARS and forms of Application may be obtained at the Company's office, or from 11. A. Stewart.
Solicitor. Nelson. S3. C.
Tremont House
BnroDaM-.il ud A_terlc-tB Plin
MaS-.li 83 ett.   Boomi from X otr to O.
omy white Hup _aiplorsd.
Otter St.. Nelion Froorttton-
Most ooralort.ble aaaisrt, rs      Nelson
Only the best of Liquors .nd ctgsr.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
JT. A. ER1CKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 160.   Opposite Court Room
and Poatoffice. Nelson. B. C.
this  winter.     Sulphur   Springs   and   unexcelled   accommodations.     Rates  $2.50
per day  ana up.
Queen's Hotel
Baku -Street, Nelson. B. C, M
'same  snd  Comfortsbl.   Bedraaome end First-
clssa Dialing Room.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Sir u the Flout.
White Hslp Only Employs*
���"OTODhiue at.
rorrispotulcncf invited und cheerfully  unsweroil.
Call 00 or write
5. J. OOYLE, J. MOB,
KM. P. A.aVanrouvcr. I> H. A.. Nelson
Royal Hotel
From $10 to $25.
Rate. $1 and $160 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boantecs-
All Kinds of Heating Plants Id Stock.
Old Curiosity Shoi
Vlctorls St., Nr. Ooera House.     Tel. 181.
w.   a.   OILUETT
Contractor  and
Hole scent tor the Porto Ht--o Lumber Co., Ltd..
relMl v-tnl* Kmifth antl dreiMKl lumber, turnod
work uiu-l bracket*., Cosit Uth aud slilQ-flei, swst
.nd rt-r*-**--**** '������������������������nt, brick snd lime for tale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard antl factory: Vernon 8t.. eait Of HslH
Ek 6. t ���*. nally &nidfai��
If  Your   Eyes Trouble   You
We can give you perfect ex.nmintion.   glasses and   fittings at  moderate
.   prices   and   guarantee   satisfaction.
We grind our own lenses.        \
Watchmaker and Optician
Bargains in all lines
of Dry Goods. Millinery  and  Ladies*
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Ooadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
$1.50 to $10.00.
Wdcome  Nugget Smoking
Queen Cigar Store
BUSH  &  MATT HEW, Props.
We have just received a shipment of Heinz Goods in following line.
14oz.   Hottle   Sour   Mixed   I'ickleB.
14-oz.  Bottle Sweet Mixed  Pickles.
14-oz. iSot'Sc Gherkins Pickles.
Pint Bottle Ketchup.
Telephone 101.
���s/*2&, *-������
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from D pot.
C, F. Hooper, Spokane; R. B, Price
and wife, T. G. Colvin and wife, Cranbrook; C. IJ. Leathley, Hanley; G.
Cleave, Vancouver; P. Strandell, Victoria.
sj-Js*   /
Cor.   V.rnon anal WaaraJ   streals
Mrs. Ii. N. Dalglish and child. Swift
Current; I.. Pabst, Y. S. Shyward, Lethbrldge; K. P. Scott, North port; Q. Munro, Creston; ts. McGinn and wife, J.
Morgan, Cranbrook; N. Punis. v. is.
Roberts, Calgary; BJ."McCallum, \v. Mc-
I'alluni. Regina; W. W. Btumbles, Ottawa; C. It. Simpson, Waslibuiirn, Wis.;
I*. W. Tinker, Spokane.
Y. Kallo, W. McPhall, Morgan Hill,
Cal.; .1. A. Williamson, Kamloops; w.
it Pawkes, H. Taylor, Vancouver; .1. A.
Edwards, Revelstoke; U. J. Steel, But'-
falo; A. Li. Laaugheed, Salmo.
G. Campbell, Fernle; E. .lackson, Miss
M, Nicholson, Moyie; .1. Krouse, J. P,
I'ollins. New York; A. Kennedy. Winnipeg.
W. R. Smith. T. R. Hood. Slocan; J.
S, ...- . Moyie; J. Reid, Frultvale; .!.
Leslie, Greenwood.
T.   Wilkinson,  Fernle;   H.   J.   Sands,
Kitchener.  F. ,',. Butler, Spokane.
ll. Carrie, Westley; P. Fanton, T.
Tyler, Silverton.
Jobbing   promptly   attended   to.     Plans
and Estimates.
Apply 415  Hall St.
Box 385.
Real Estate Agent
315   Baker  St..   Nelson,   B. C.
Cancellation of Reserv-j.
Notloa ll  hereby given   Mutt   th��:  re.-e.rTe over
(���'TtRiu iHinlh tm Sautli Kiint Kootenuy, aotlM   ul
which opyeotoa iu taa Brlttto ColtunblaGssatta
of tho Uth of  Aiij-imi, 1M0  snd bore d-tte of Au-
Kiiwt   lull, W.*\ is hereby cancel It-el.     The tbovt
mentioned inti<in will be open for location nndsr
the Land Act on Mttrch 80, 1BU8,
Deputy Commissioner of Landa ��ud Works
Lands and works Papartaiant,
vlotorla, h. 0., Daoant-baz iflth, \wi.
take your choice of three widely known    and    recommended    preparations, to be had only at this sto re.
Syrup of Licorice. Tamarac an d Turpentine 25c.
Syrnp of Linseed, Licorice and   f.'hli rodyne 50c.
Italsam of Aniseed 50c.
It is risky to trifle wilh a cough.    Any of the above preparations are
sure, certain and speedy.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Raffle Saturday Night.
A raffllo will be held at  the Queens
hotel on Sal unlay  evening.
St. Patrick's Society.
Members ot st Patrick's sa>a*ia.iy ol
Nelson will :ittt-iial the fun..ral of the
lata' James Neelands tonight.
Sisters'   School   Opens   Tomorrow/.
The Convent school will be open to
morrow, Tuesday, Deo. 7th, at 9 a. m.
Choral Society.
The regular practice of tha. Nelson
Choral Boclety will be held In tha. nan
tlst church tonight at the usual hour.
Skating at the  Rink.
The Ice al the Stanley street rink is
reported  In good  oondltlon   today and
the rink will lie opa-n to skaters tonight
W.  H.  A.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Women's Hospital Aid society was held
at SI p.   in.  today  in   St.   Paul's  church
Churchman's Cluh.
a meeting of the executive committee
of the Churchman's club will be held i"
the parish ball this evening at ** o'clock
Lent Late This Year.
Nelson���and other places of course���
will enjoy an unusually long social season ihis winter. Lent does not ha'gin
till  March Uh.
Sleighing   Parties.
a favorite form of social entertainment which seems likely to have an
unusual vogue this winter Is the private
sleighing party.
Building Fund Committee.
The regular quarterly meeting of the
building fund committee of St, Saviour's
church  will  be held  in the parish  ball
this evening at 8.S10.
Funeral   Service.
Friends and acquaintances of ihe late
James Neelands are invited to attend
the funeral service tonight at 7 o'clock
at the residence of his brother, 11.
George Neelands. Carbonate street.
I. O. O. F.
All members of Kootenay Laodge, No,
1G, 1. O. O. F., are requested to meet al
the Oddfellows' hall at 7 o'olock sharp
this evening for the purpose of escort-
ing   the   remains  of   their   late  Brother
James Neelands to tbe depot.
Wrong   Bundle.
A prominent citizen 'if .Nelson who always ri'siioiids lo appeals for charity
has suffered a loss. Some time ago an
appeal was made for clothing for a few-
poor families who found themsa-lves in
straitened circumstances and facing the
winter. A bundle was Immediately made
up In the home of the gentleman referred to and w-as placed on a back veranal-
alah t*i be called for. So was the family
laundry. The collector for charity arrived first and took the wrong bundle.
When the owner, surprised at the nonreturn of his laundry, made inapiiries lie
learned that it had been distributed to
the needy.
REPORT  OF  W.   H.  A.
Hospital   Aid   Accounts   Presented   and
Officers Elected.
The report of the annual meeting of
the Women's Hospital Alii was received
this afternoon too late for publication
ln full.
The disbursements during 1907
amounted to $507; the society has $.r,ll
on hand, $:'.7.S7 In hunk, nnd $200 on deposit in Savings Dank. The proceeds of
a dance and of the booth at the Fall-
aggregated $142.25. Tha- total credll
balance  at   the  beginning  of  ions   is
The    officere    elected    for  1908 aret
Bay Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
INEUSOiN,    -
B. G*
It you want upholstering or cabinet
work fair this spring get it done now.
We have some choice quarter out oak
and will build you a piece of furniture
to your order at the price of factory
goods.    See us fa,r second hand goods.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
In Bulk:
Dill Pickles 50c per doz.
.sweet Mixed 50c quart
SoMr Mixed.  40c quart
Chow Chow  50c quart
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine -Its
Over 200  Volumes.
This lot of books covers a wide range
of the  most  popular standard  books  in
t_agU_b literature.
Vmi   can   see   some   of   them   In  our
W. G. Thomson
aSg&SBK*"4    Nelson, B.C.
l'hon-4 S4-
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
Band: .Monday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings.
Mornings,   afternoons   and   evenings,
without  band,  children  15c  adults 2uc,
Including skates.
Evenings with band, except Saturday
evenings, 40c, including skates.
Saturday evening, band and special
attractions, to 11 o'clock, 60c, [SlittdJng
skates, spectators 25c.
l'r��-sideiit, Mrs. Lay; 1st vice-president,
Mrs. N. Cummins; 2nd vice-president,
Mrs. Isaac: secretary, Mrs. W. A. Macdonald; treasurer, .Mrs. A. M. .Johnson;
Buyers, Mesdames Graham and Starkey.
D. .Jeff Steele arrived in the city last
night and is at tlie Grand Central.
C. II. Leaihley. editor of the Herald,
Hanley, Bask., is in the city looking
around, and before returning to the
prairies will visit Olmnagnn valley. Mr.
Loathley says that a very large number
Of the old prairie settlers will move to
liritish Colombia this winter. He finds
the prairies a good place for making
money quickly but not a desirable place
for permanent residence.
Llent. G. 0. Morris, formerly of tlie
Ilrd Loyal North Lancastiere Regiment,
with which he saw service in South
Africa, has left the staff of the Nelson
branch of the Imperial Hank to accept
a commission In the Canadian permanent forces, with headquarters at Wolse-
ley Barrackl, London, Ont. Mr. Morris
will be missed from the Nelson cricket
Club to which his ability as a bat was of
great service last summer. We leaves
tomorrow via Spokane and Chlciur"*
ANTKDOnqa, Hak.ir  Btrax-t   m id Hour
preferred,   "'.a ui-j. c-susatisn.
We   carry   everything   in  the
line of
From 40c. to $1 pet lb.
Choquette Bros.
'i��**ril''***>^ii'l>.'<�����*.'�����a,;'' I 'li ���jj i ��� -"*-, '.*__ -a_-
Phone 258.
THE  Up-to-Date Bakers
Wuolesalo an.l   It. ii.ll I'i.sla>rs In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oomps amp;,lie,I on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but  Crash and
whola-some meats, and supples kept in Mock
Mail orders receive careful attention
E.  C.   TRAVES.   -Manager.
Filberts, Almonds, Walnuts. Mrnzils,
chestnuts, Apple Older, Northern Spy
apples. Haldwin Apples, .lap Oranges.
Figs, large layer. California Oranges
and Malaga Grapes.
A large assortment of Xmas goods.
Wholesale and retail prices   per quantity
S. H. Seaney
Phono 20a. BO814 ltaka-r St
Standard Furniture Co
Complete House Furnishers. ���
Undertakers and   Embalmers. X
Alberta Creamery butter in 31b., 7 lb.
and 14 lb. blocks at 870 pet pound.
For Sale at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills Sts.
Geo. P. Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
F. C. GRZEH       F. P. BURDEN        A. H. GREE
C'vll Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Box 145   Phone UIB.
NICKERSON, the Jewetery Manufacturer's Agent will Hell you goods rrom samples at 26 per cent. la*ss than regular
prices direct from tha Factories, In 8
days from order. Everything in the
line.   Order now.
1,101'NP -A fa, 11 aaTaa a 11 pen, aaai a-niKNlllar  lii-twei-n
*     I'usi "Hi.',. 1111.1 llianaa.   II.al,...    Owner  may
r,..',,\ .-1 lit thi. ..hi.'.' l.y iihnf ilviui' an.l   , .��� . >,,, -
for aa.l v.rl imih.-ih.
WANTKK (laanil QOSlnaM |araaal���rsrs to wrlla*
lii.-.ir.iii'.. nn sll lain.I. of llva- slaia'k
SKaln.l -I.'..Hi fr..ii. sny a'aaiiNi-. Ilrl.lah American
l.tv-e Htnilk Aannailatlula. Vaiiinanivair, B, ,;.. a,r
vv. 1. Walker, II um.' Until, Na.lama.
ANTKD���TWO   kjf|ia<rif>II(-a.'l Hslcai l.salla.K for
the laotldsys Kraial Irvine A Co
Kt'RNIHHKU   KOOM    Ooaaal   locution.     Aalalrc-rs
II    Ilsll} . 'iiiisatlian
SI WO PIKHT-Ol-Aatt, Huoiaaa*. ateaan liealtad,   Ap-
a PIT bouukMner. Srd list. k. vv. U. block.
Careful Repairing
mi   nil   wuirbet,  nnd  clonks.    The  ..
aJa.licnii. mechanism    will    be   bandied
wlib  expert  H_klll.    Every  watob  need
and regulating once In s wi,n.- to :.,,
11  in His, ,-inHH condition,    Wi guana
1 nir   work   to   lie   tba   IIK8T.    o>,
prloea ara attractively moderate
.Mail orders promptly attended to
VVhoicsniii   Provlalona,
I *r< iduuv, - Fruit.
Uovernment Creamery One Pound Brisks received weekly fresh from tb.  ij
churn.    Eor sale lay all l.-intm,. Krooers l*Wa_l
OSes and warobamsB: Houston Block,    Pooue 7B.
Josephine Street. - Nelson, B. C.
R.   W.   HINTON ���
Rwpa.lt Iiik  aa,.,,  ,,.,,,,,,,,k-  eaaajuIaH, with  I ><sis| aaa, ,_ ,..     sh-ul   M. , a,
\V.��t-k,   .Mla-ala.lC  Ha.aJ   .Villi   \*.,aa- I a I it.-i-a .        .M.a aaaafaaa-a -aa*��ar �� aa,
Oa*.   Curs,   W.   W.    Cntraawtaara'   Caire,
NELSON,    B. G*
P.O. 11..> 11
>e ban
A  raclproclty    of    Kooal    wlahi
wtah  va.,, a  Happy   New   Va-ai. s
r.-.'I    yaau    Wlaah    UK    III."    .sailia*.    I.i
wish for Bonia'tliliiK cIh.-. anal thai tl li-L
ih-. opportunity of provhiK  to jfon tb-a
uoeptlbn&l traloaa of 'mr ftandy i��� Wwil
Hulls anal t)vera-iia,.*j. In mat.iiai. cull
Rtyla-, nt anal finish wa- al.-fy i-..!ii[m.i.|
tla-n. and  our new  staack  lnclu.l. - a
a.f  tha.  va.ry  lala-st  anal  niaast   fnslllntis	
fabria-a   and   iI.sIkus.      V,,ii II   I.n.l   1. '.'l��faBatl
niiaia.y    ull!    Inn    hi'tliT   k.i.i.Ih   !.. ,.    .'III.'.   When
. lB.whero. ictloB
 1                        uratry
 <at thi
rmn a
8lr T.
, a* a
ed r<
chase kindly nee what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
We would like to see all our patronsconirairtalile this winter nnal In onia-r i��*P
do so we have ln stock tho best assort eal  line of l,,*attii��  stuvi'*; n,n!  cai.-Kiaiu,,!^
stoves and  ranges ever before present ed to the public in Kootenay. lly wai
We would be  pleased to shaiw you    our Hue and before making you, inr eps to
, drive
11 gen.
One I
ut Jap
Nelson Branch., fewe
������i���=** ore tbi
id woi
*.e gr*-i
.Id ant
ured <
me of
Tha A
as. la
Your Xmas List
ih not coai|>]ott' onlotfl yon have on it a
)mir nf slippiTH fnr ootM member of the
family. Tin* L_rj?B��t and Imst mniz" of
idlppen we have evar shnwii are for your
inHpcction this wfwon. Gr-entlernen _
lions*' nlifiprrs in ftini-y l*'iittiers.     LfUllei'
Dri'HH ilippet-, Felt Hnnii'os and bedrooin
slippers. All kimla of -dlpperfl for cliil-
The Royal
R.   ANDREW   &   CO.   Proprietors.
While thanking our numerous customers for their increased patronage during the past year we wish the whole
community a bright and prosperous New
Wood-Vatfance  Hardware  Co'y
Wholesale ia-.sUUMO.N _,>., J?rf��.'.'
ire 101
the 1
. atnn
e new
nn ai
nda '
n oft*t
���nl pei
'he* 01
tin a*o'
ly sue
'en tl


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