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The Daily Canadian Nov 5, 1907

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You csn pay more, but can not
buy a purer or better minkkai
WATER than
2.    No. 130
JUxiliJ Canafctcm
}~=��� =�� _w^ _
Will be delivered    every evening    at
your deor for
lor Next Year's
ICooncil Transacts Routine Business
and Discusses Schools, Streets,
Light and Other Matters.
Tbe work actually done    hy lhe    clly
night's     meeting    was
large]; routine.    The chief Intercut   ut-
id, i.iti.in  oi   piihllc
it niu 1 li.- left to next year.
.mil mil shortly after i* with
I     ihe  chair anil   Alder-
ScluUI   ami   Irving   pit-scnl.
Annalild   ami   Hose   ealiie   In
���let      111.     minutes   nl    lhe    last    tcgll-
.... adjourned  meet
tap *��� i' !��� ...i .nel adopted.
luinlttee    reported    ro-
��� n - !���-   and    wata works
were  passed
11. .u-v    repof\od   for   Oc-
ttnes   Tor   Infraction
il Ui.- tie- I., law, minor changes In the
III,    l.i made,     ami   r.-eoill-
Bit]  1 . ih.   liieineiiB   sickness
. r..I .!��� ,rli I.. 1.-Iii land.
.tnmendatlon    was    referred
iii.-. water ami light com-
el   the    report    waa
tack 10 the
Must    Tn
A-.' ���    from 1;   It  Oulton asked lhat
for   sewer    CtJll-
Iaec'iiin to 1. ii.-.. on Kasi   linker
.���   1 was referred 10 the
I I ....1 ks.
..1     |.,..,K.rty    on    uore
I . ....   , ;,sl     ot   Stanley,
I;. 1: ���  extension of the sow-
h through    lhe    alley     Is.iween    the
Stanley    to    io���phina
I ������ ��� ...    remarked lhat Hie per
robabl]  meant Innia street In-
lhe petition wus re-
I d-ri.-l to 1...:,..l  or  works.
tented a petition for the
extension ...   il...    water    service    one
liinrk up I'm.' street   Item High  street
in in* Hum., addition. The petition was
iii.. chairman of    the    fire.
v committee anil the city
siiti [..iwer to ml.
ported that he hail re-
" a.-ii 11 voucher from the bOArd of
irliiHil trustees to A. Carrie for $1125
(1.1 il>.- pli -.-. and specifications for a
new imblli i-hool lie hail reserved it
lor 1 In- .       Ideratloo or ihe council.
Tn  Mil   Irving  the  mayor said that
h.- 1I11I in.1   think   an   architect was  en-
until a contract  was lei.
ilntlon authorising the board
pend $ir,nu r,,r proexir-
1     p. 1 ill.-aliens   was   read
��i "ii- i. qui   1  ..I   AM    Sclnils
in:    who   moved   the   resold-
linn remind. .1 the council thnl the $l.".no
Im.l I"' !       ��� .pi. .1 as an advance.
Alii  Avium  in..Mil thai lhe city clerk
ii.   school board for full
P.  Iculnn    1    t., ih.. services remlereil
hi. 1 what guarantee, If any. the board
sad 'Inn 11 .   plans Would tie servleeahl".
Aid  Hume seconded.
. 'I    \nii.ii.i.. moved  In    aiiieniliiieiit
[����i ih'1 vixirhei he paid,   Bpeaktag to
'���n  he sulil  thai  nothing could
ii li) dolay.   The board bad an-
ihorla, .1 il,,.    architect    baring    ilu-iii-
'''"    I" ��� H iniihorlsed by  the oonnoll
1'   i'i J ih .1 ii.' was ashamed of Net
ciinoi    accommodation     ami
It Hie duty or the council ami
';" ���'Hlii 1. in ;, sisi unit support ihe
'I     It..:,.,   sei'linileil    the    llllielllllliellt.
* 'I 1   hi   supported ihe original mo*
'""    ii'   was 111 favor uf the aohool
"���'">���. '"'ill   nnd   or   Mr. t'arrle'a   being
<*��� i"n he wanted information.
mayor stated thni he hmi done
nail was still Doing his  beat
"'���'���ll the debentures, hut round It Im
le  hi  lhe   present     Btnte     of     Iho
irkol without lowering lhe llg-
"liiiinee nr raising Ihe rale of
hi. be
Ols "I SCO
stroct car hail lost three trips during
he day owing to Un- failure ���f power
He ..Ih,. shIiI that a steady light could
never lie secured without a governor
Ihe loss or lhe draught tube hail added
to  the difficulty.
Aill. Hume Ruggesleil thai a frontage tax be authorised for the construction    or   iiermanent   sidewalks.
The mayor said lhat an even more
argent matter was a retaining wall under the  linker street  bridge,
The city engineer reported no further
negotiations regarding the cltv wharf
API.    Alllllihl, The    work    w'e    might
lay out lor next year's council would fill
a  nice  hook.
After further Informal discussion the
council  adjourned  to  Nov.  18th.
German Awarded Prize.
New York, Nov. G.���Oscar Erhloeh.
of Germany. last night received the International cup which marks him as
winner of the I.allium race which started
from St. Louts, October list The pros-
entatlon took place at the rooms of lhe
Aero club of America. Al Ihe same
time it was snnoUneed that a siieclal
prize had neon prepared lor Leblanc of
France, who was second In the race
anil who broke lhe record for the time
in the air. The official record for the
race gave Brbloeh, in the i'ommern 87.-
1T4 miles, anil U-blanc. In the Isle de
���Trance, M,M9 miles.
Bill Miner Again.
Battleford. Nov. 5 ���Mounted policemen of Battleford, In the province of
Alberta, have arrested a supposed desperado who they believe is mil Miner,
the train robber, who esei,|..il from
Westminster penitentiary two months
ago. Bergeant Wilson ���r the mounted
IMillce, who arrested the uged desperado
last year, after the Kstnloops holdup
on the Canadian Pacific, has b*.*-n sent
for lo make Identification certain.
Toronto  Preacher's  Viewa on Problems
Created  in   West  by   Influx  of
,...,,u,u, ,,or. 5���a,M,���..i���. ,v-������
isterlal association on the question of
Asiatics In America yesterday, llev. E.
B. Crummy, pastor of llathiirst Mcth-
iHllat Church. Bald the method being
adopted at present In western Canada to
excllo animosity against Asiatics and to
secure their exclusion did not commend
themselves to a serious student of affairs. Crummy, however, pointed out
at the same time thai there Is a very
grave problem behind these defective
"This problem," he said, "is possibly
no less lliau a struggle between two
civilizations to prove which Is of more
value and between two races to secure
the world's liulustrlnl supremacy. We
forced the gate ol the east for our own
pnriKisos ami we owe Iheni In Justice
admission at ours. Regulation, however. Is perfectly Jusl and need not he
offensive, as Is also civic regulation for
lhe pretention of Chinatowns In our
titles, bul every vesllge of offensive
legislation should be removed from our
statute books."
Notoriety    Seeking    Preacher    Already
Socialist   and   Anti-Christian.
Al|l- Antmhla had no objection to n
"���lineal t,���. tntoi million hut saw nnlh-
UK to he gained by delaying payment
"���"I  Beioii. agreed thut the account
21m., '"'   I""'1   '""    thought   they   wore
".""i '������ InformaUon.
""' ' Hy  clerk  pointed  out  lhat  the
'''"'' m .was hardly lu  order,
u'i   s. inns offered  io    raalta    any
""'" '" 'he original motion thai
"."'I 1'"' lhe a ui  nl,, .nt  It, order.
'"" original root) n was carried.
nl ii """"' asked : Ihiui the survey
in., city', rlnlii ..r way lo tho power
'" ��� II" thoughl II should he com-
'"H Kir.,,,,  ti,,,  ,,,.,.H0���t    council  re
Fiptt Cents a month
days date a second article which gave
a new method of treatment r���r locomotor ataxia. Dr. Dsnslow reported
ten cases where the disease had been
cured anil there have ben no relapses
even lifter the treatment has been stun-
ped for two or three years.
Dr Oenslow finds trial there is always
an Irritation of some pan of the body
other than the spina] chord, and lhat.
when this Irritation Is removed the
changes In the spinal chord are checked
ami the dlsesae is arrested.
This morning Dr. Den-low by Invitation demonstrated his method In Dr
Brtssaud'a ward In the Hotel bleu Dr
DenslOW will return to New York next
Washington   Unmoved   by Elections  in
State. Today.
Washington. D. C, Nov. 5.���Official
Washington to all appearances was not
greatly interested In the State elections
today. Even the small amount of interest usually manifested in the off-year
contests appeared to be lacking. The
national capital. In common with the
rest of the country has been so absorbed In the financial situation of the past
week or two that polities has been al
most lost sight of for the time being. It
is not believed that the panicky sym-
loms will affect the election result lo
any extent whatever, nor is it thought
that the balloting today will afford
any reliable Indication as to which way
the wind may blow la the national election  next  year.
In other words, the contests that end
at tho isiils today have boon fought out
on purely State Issues. Of the six
Stales that elect (lovernors only half
are In any doubt as to the result. Massachusetts is about as certain to reelect its Republicaa executive as Mississippi Is to choose Its Democratic
candidate, and the latter has no opposition. Hhode island may go either way,
though the chances seem to favor the
Democrats in the Governorship, hut in
any event the result would not be regarded as of any political significance
beyond the borders of the State itself.
New Jersey is living up Io her repu-
rfltfllh ���tho'ffR'ff'-trTe KeTmnVicdns ���predict
success bv a substantial majority. They
are also putting forth confident claims
as to Kentucky and Maryland. They
have put up an unusually strong fight In
those two States, bul to the unprejudiced onlooker It appears that both
States will remain In the Democratic
column for the present at least. The
fusion of fight of the Republicans and
the Hearst followers against Tammany
In New York City Is really attracting
more attention here than any of
State elections.
in. city dark said A. LV, MoGulloob
.,,' '"Id him lhat he had praellcally
,.,) t , ""' ""-wy- He. was Instruct*
Israd        '' l'1""" completed and  regis
Th.. mayor reported that    lhe    new
iiiiai engineer would arrive Tnsi
iJiin'l    '' "ml "lK" """    Mr-    '/M^U
"' j'riivo aiui eniienvof to remove
"llli-uliles with lhe light and power.
report  i 8m'tn'  "cling  superintendent
mm ,i    """ 'hlngi wore gelling worse
u ll"-' limit  waa nt  lhe  plant.   The
London, Nov G���The Itev. Reginald
John Campbell, ih<- famous preacher or
the City Temple, occupied a Socialistic
platform tor tt��s Brsl Urns Friday night
when. In an address to lhe Kablaii Society on "The rtlth "( Old," he said
thai' ihe Old Tsatamsnl prophets were
ib,. Bernard gnaws and the K��r Hur
diss of their time. He also announced
his belief In Christ und JotW the Baptist as social  reformers.
John the llapHsi i."lay. he said
would be called a revolutionist, anil
would  Illlike soelallslli- spoiles III llV'le
Park    Christianity, he declared, inteda-
le.l Christ, who never subl any thing "'
neve, advanced I new Idea. Not even
II (1 Wells, the novelist, hid heen
more grossly miaouotsd than PJhTtat
It was one of the Ironies of life Hint
religion had taken its present form,
which was absolutely Individuals'lc
since a man ground down his follow-
man all Ihe week and then gave largo
sums to the church as paying up "
tontine Insurance potto] tor his rntiire
,,���,���.at Dr. Campbell proclaimed Mm*
self ll Socialist, bill Hill'l that ll'' '"'I
nol   believe   Hint   Ule   present   general '"l
would live to sea lb" I'l.lllh.io." '���' ��>o
Socialistic  idea. -ai,*
a discussion r.diowed In ,��M''\
Qsorge Bernard Shaw. II. C. Wells, und
other lending SocIiiIIhIs who were prS*
,.,��� took i.nrt.a lelle.-ni'e which was Mf
tliely dlffirenl  from iho usual custom.
Discovery Announced  In    Paris  by  Dr.
Den.low of New Vork.
Italian State Trial.
Rome, Nov. 6.���Much Interest Ib taken throughout Italy ln the trial or Sig-
nor l.uco Nasi, formerly Minister of
Public Instruction, which begins here
today. Slgnor Nasi Is accused of the
misappropriation of public funds while
in office and he will ho tried by the senate silling as a high court of    Justice.
The Unusual  pro lure adds to the Im-
IMirtance of the occasion and also lhe
OUrlOUS Interest of the people. The
government has taken every precaution
l��� preserve order for It Is certain lhat
there will be serious demonstrations
in ravor or lhe aroused man. With
Slgnor Nasi, Slgnor Uiiubardl. former.
ly Nnsl's secretary. Is under Indictment
Though he Is suffering from pneumonia
he will appear before the high court
and  he  declares _ will  fight   with  his
lasi breath to prove his Innocence and
that of Ills triend and one time master
Managers Deny Refusal
of Money
Financial Guardians Explain That
Advances Were Withheld Only
From Speculators.
pie who wanted to know all about Mr.
McBride, and it is safe to say tbe reputation of Ihe British Columbia statesman did not suffer at the bands of R.
W. lluiiniiiL.ii.il. Like others, he believes that If Mr. McBride made a tour
Of the east he would receive a welcome
such as has not been accorded a public
man in Canada In recent years.
Toronto. Ont. Nov. 5.���Emphatically
the heads ot the largest banks in Toronto deny teports to the effect that the
crops cannot be moved because tbe
hanks are unable to advance the usual
and   necessary   funds  to grain dealers.
D. R. Wllkie, president of the Imperial Bank says there is no rarmer in the
west who wanted to market his crop
who cannot get cash for It.
C. Bngurt. general manager of the
Dominion. Bank says the hank is doing
every thing possible to expedite the
marketing of the western grain crop.
W. I). Matthews, lhe well known
grain dealer says he thinks the banks
have been giving in a very liberal spirit
and it will be found that the only restrictions the banks have heen placing
upon the grain business thi b year is in
regard to speculation.
E. W. Baid. of Crane and Bald, grain
dealers, also stated that he knew of no
cases where the banks had refused legitimate assistance.
Machinery Here.. '	
erected by the "Porto Rico Lumber Co.
has srrlved, and work on the foundation of the new mill will proceed at
Hotel Transfer.
Ccorge Harrison has sold the Lake-
view Hotel, which he purchased a
couple of years ago from Gua Thomas,
to J. Campbell, who takes over possesion at once.
Wanted  by  the  Police.
A well known character around town
has been aking himself obnoxious, and
the police are now on his track. He
hna been missing for some ten days.
but his belongings are still at his hotel,
and he will probably be gathered In
some of these days.
Mayoralty Candidate.
There has been a persistent rumor on
the Btreets the past day or two that Dr.
Hall would offer himself as a candidate
lor mayor at the forthcoming municipal
election. Dr. Hall's Intimate friends
state there is no foundation for the rumor, but others who seem to know
something about It are equally as persistent In claiming that tho doctor will
run for mayor.
They All Want Fruit Lands.
A gentleman who has recently returned from the east states that wherever he went he found people who were
anxious to learn all they could concerning the fruit growing prospects of British Columbia. It may Interest dealers In fruit lands to learn that with the
opening of spring there will he hundreds of prospective fruit growers here
from the east, all ready to buy fruit
Ten  Years  in  Business.
J. O. Patenaude will have completed
his tenth year in business in Nelson tomorrow. Mr. Patenaude has been wonderfully successful In business, and his
extensive salesrooms today compared
with what Ibey were len years ago. Is
an evidence of what genuine merit
backed up by enterprise will accomplish
in a few years in the Kootenays. No
Jeweller in British Columbia carries a
higher class of goods than may be
found in the store of J. O. Patenaude.
Undesirable Characters.
There are quite a number of undesirable characters loitering about Nelson
at the present time. They do not appear to have any visible means of support, and the only reason advanced for
their presence here is that the re|iorts
recently appearing in the Daily News
led them to believe that conditions in
Nelson were such as rendered this a
desirable place of residence for men of
their class. Last night one of these
vagabonds was observed loitering around a house in the outskirts of the
city, and he only left after having been
Informed that his presence in the neighborhood was not desired.
Death of a Pioneer.
The death of William H. Ladner, a
British Columbia pioneer, one of the
most widely known and respected citizens of the  lower mainland,  occurred
��.��   Kin   K.......   Sp,    t.S'.n.  l*-* J , * - -,-
exhibited marvelous vigor and was always able to get about and oversee bis
business until a few days ago, when
he was taken to bed on account of
stomach trouble, which bad been gradually growing on htm. An operation was
performed by the family physician, but
the extreme age of the patient made
him susceptible to the weakening influence of the BUrglcal ordeal, and he passed away Friday morning, surrounded
by several members of his family.
Superintendent  Smith Will   Retire   To-
Paris, Nov. G.���There wns a develop
mint In the medico surgical WOrid 01
Paris on Saturday which may revolu
tlonl/.e one  branch of the treatment   '��"
human victims
Freight for Chri.tma..
Now York, Nov. 5.���Several of the
Blenmshlps that have arrived hero from
Kiiiope dining the pasl few days have
boon veritable Santa (iaus ships. Their
great holds have been filled with thousands of oaSSS of toys sent over hy lhe
Herman and French luanuraeturers for
the Christinas trade In America. Included In the cargoes have hen whole
crates or mechanical leys, automobiles,
engines, swings, mimical lops and trumpets in siiv iiiilhlng of dolls sufficient
lu number, variety anil allrnrtlveness
to satisfy the desires of thousands or
mile girls, und whole .eglmonts of
lead soldiers for lhe Utile hoys. A
huge pari ol these toys are lor the western trade,    a month hence   n.oy win
cover the counters ol Ihe groat stores
throughout the Middle West und Canada.
Taft's Plan. Changed.
Manila. Nov. B.���Socrelniy of War
Tart. II Is reported, wlil abandon his
Eiiropenn tour and return directly to
the Pacific coasl. He will leave Manila
on Nov. ii on the American flagship
Rainbow for Yokohama, where ho will
Hike passage by the sleainur for Snn
Francisco. This report has heen verl
tied though owing to the absence of Mr.
Tart who Is out or town visiting the
new waterwords, ho cannot ho Interviewed upon Ihe political situation und
Ihe conditions prevailing at Vladlvos-
lock, which It Is reported are tbo cause
of his return to America.
Sporting Offer.
In Informal conversation last night
after the regular proceedings of the
council wer over. P. A Smith offered If
the city would take over the power
plant, even as It Is. without governor
or draught tube he would undertake to
run It and give a light lhat would nol
fluctuate hy more than two per cent.
Belter than lhat he aald wan Impossible
without a propers-governor.
New   Sidewalk.
The new sidewalk constructed hy the
Provincial Government from Cedar
streel two blocks In the direction of
Mountain station Is proving a great convenience to residents at lhat point. II
the city would now build from Latimer
to connect with the now sidewalk on
Cedar street towards Hoover they
would plane the residents there under
a   debt of   gratitude.
Fire at Moyle.
Moylo had a fire Friday morning, nn
old log building getting completely do
strayed, The building waa put up by
McMahon Bros, ten yours ago last summer. It was then occupied us a hotel
and Btoro. und wns the largest building
In town. Of late years It bad beeu used
as a lodging and rooming house. The
building cost pn.bul.ly between $1200
and SI GOO.
wonder many citizens of Nelson feel
themselves under a debt of gratitude
to Superintendent Smith. He may have
Indulged them with a good service to
the extent that they may he too exacting ln r.itnie. but he will have his reward Iii carrying away with him the
good AiP of every' man- woman and
child who hy reason ol the location of
their residence were called upon to use
tbe street car service  regularly.
Foreign  Money  Markets    Depleted
Relieve   America.
New York, N. Y., Nov. G.���Currency
of all denominations in varying stages
of crispness poured into the offices of
several brokerage houses In Wall
street from all the nooks and crannies
of New York. Hearing that 2% and 2hk
per cent, premium was being paid for
ready money, men and women, brought
their savings to tbe financial district
and exchanged -them for certified checks
with the premium increase which they
deposited forthwith in the banks. In
one of the brokerage offices a lad appeared with $200, his savings from tbe
sate of his papers and periodicals for
three years. This, too, he exchanged
for a certified check, including the premium.
Mackenzie King To Kike
Full Inquiry
Deputy Minister's Coniffllssioa Extended���Hews of Dot_nltn
From Ocean to Ocean.
Buneos Ayres, N ov. 6.���Nearly five
millions of pesos In gold which several
hanks here have withdrawn from their
conversion fund has heen shipped to
New   York.
Portland, Ore.. Nov.���Balfour Guthrie
and Co., grain exporters, have engaged
in London .500,000 in gold for shipment to Portland. One half of this import was shipped Saturday, the remainder is to start Wednesday. It is said
that other shipments will be made from
London to  Portland.
f   disease.
Legriind   llinslow,  of  New  York
hntssm   nr.lell,   which      WI
September, w. -i-   lu  the  "urrenl   Issue
after a preliminary article which    was
publl.n.a In   lhe  Biogres    ModWa     '"
September, wrote In the current   I
;,f I lit* same periodical of   hist    Sattir-
lius Thomas returned to Nelson Ibis
morning to settle up some unfinished
business. In eight or nine days he will
return  to Tncoma  to reside  there pei-
Home Again.
R. W. Hannlngton and Mrs. Iliinnliu-
ton returned last evening from ti prolonged visit to their otd homo ln New
Brunswick. While away Mr. and MrB.
Hannlngton Visited St. John. Dorchester, Hoston, Chicago and St. Paul. They
enjoyed their visit very much, but nn
luiully are glad to return to Nelson.
Mr. Hannlngton notes that there Is
a great deal of Interest taken ln British Columbia in the east, nnd his lengthened residence ln this province placed him in a position to give a great
deal of information concerning tho resources of the province In genorul and
the KootonnyB In particular, another
thing thnl Interested him a groat deal
was tho number of people who are talking shout Mr. McBride as a political
leader.    Wherever he went, he met poo
R. B. Brown, the electrician recently engaged by the clly, is expected to
arrive from Calgary this evening, and
will take charge at once. Mr. Brown
Is regarded a capable man .and if he is
given full control of the work he is engaged to perform he will no doubt prove
a capable and efficient city servant. II
will be the duty of the council to aid
Mr. Brown in every way bo that he
may better render tho service required
of him. if he Ib hampered In any way
bv any section of the city, he will not
be able to do credit to himself, nor perform his work efficiently.
Im mediately on the arrival ot Mr.
Brown, the present city electrician. K.
A. Smith, will sever his connection
with tho civic Bervice. For the past four
or five weks he has continued In control
of the lighting and power service, in
order to give the council board time to
secure a man ln his  place.
Mr. Smith came here last spring
when the Blreet car service was completely disorganised. The two can.
were out of business and there was not
an armature In the car ham. The cars
had not been running for months and
It was Iho general opinion that regular service would not be resumed for
months to come. He at once went to
work und within a couple of weeks he
had the big car running, and Shortly
afterwards the smaller car was ready
for service, and since that time tlie cars
have not missed the regular tii|w more
than a dozen times.
When It Is considered that for three
or four years previously It was the exception   rather   than   the   rule   Tor   the
enrs lo pass one day  without missing
���more than one  trip,  lt   will   be  admitted thnl Iho retiring superintendent ban
accomplished   wonders.     Then   no   one
was sure  that the  car  would  bo   run
nlng;    under    Superintendent    Smith's
control Ihe patrons of tho line felt certain that tbe car would pass a certain
point   on   time.      As   n  result the   car
service   became   popular  with   the   pat
rons. When a hllc.h occurred ln the Ber
vice Mr.  Smith   was the   first   man  on
the spot, nnd the brotik was repaired at
once without any stoppage of the cars.
Before that lt  was considered the  proper thing to lay off the men for a few
days until the matter could be Investigated.    Thon tho break was fixed, and
the cars would run for a day or perhaps
two  daya.    Certainly  no  longer.    If  It
happened to snow the cars stopped    nl
once, much to the disgust of those who
were  compelled  to   walk   home.     As  a
rule the   cars stopped for two or three
months In February and March���for repairs.     Those   were   tho   two   months
In the year when the cars would have
boon .most In demand, hut that did not
null tor to the nuthoiitlos.
All those things considered, lt Is- no
President    of American    Federation of
Labor  Likely To  Be Returned
Washington, D. C, Nov. 6.���At the
general headquarters of the American
Federation of Labor in this city the officials are busy preparing for the annual
convention to be held at Norfolk next
week. Apparently no one at headquarters is worrying much over the story
sent out from New York last week to
the effect that a fight Ib to be made at
the Norfolk convention to knock out tbe
re-election of President Gompers and
the present members of the executive
That there is some disaffection in
the ranks of the labor organizations affiliated with the federation is not denied. But it is believed to lie confined
almost wholly to the socialistic element
which has always been more or less opposed to President Gompers and bis
iwllcles and which some thirteen yeara
ago succeeded ln affecting hie removal
from the presidency for a year. The
present revival of the mcrvement is said
to be due largely to the action of President Gompers and the executive council
In suspending lhe United Brewery
Workers of America for ignoring an order to surrender Jurisdiction over the
engineors. firemen, coopers and drivers
Is the United Brewery Workers. Several other labor organizations, especially the unions with German members,
have declared their sympathy for the
Brewery Workers and have formed a
league with the avowed Intention of
getting President Gompers' scalp If possible.
Hut in the opinion of practically all
those well Informed aa to the situation
President Gompers is too strongly Intrenched In hlB poBition to be ousted by
the diagramed element. With the exception of ono year he bus tilled Ihe of
flco of president of the American Fed
eratlon ot I,abor for twenty years and
on (he whole the vast army of workers affiliated with the organization appears to he well satisfied with the way
in  which he has conducted its affairs.
Ottawa, Nov. 5.���An order in council
will be issued this week extending Mackenzie King's commission so as to permit of the extension of his Inquiry to
the whole subject of Japanese immigration into Canada.
Ottawa, Nov. 5.���Hon. A. B. Ayles-
worth leaves this week for a couple of
weeks for treatment for deafness.
St. Thomas, Nov. 6.���Leo Dolan, a
well known steeple chaser, and his son
Frank Dolan, engineer on the Michigan
Central railway, in this city, were killed
Saturday in Chicago while switching in
the Michigan Central yards in that city.
Leo resided most of his life in SL
Thomas and Windsor.
Ingersoll, Nov. 5.���Harry Rowland.
veteran journalist and founder ot the
Oxford Tribune, is dead aged 71 years.
He has been ill for some years.
St Thomas, Nov. 5.���Jabes Robinson, ex-M. p., for Weat Elgin and deputy minister nf nubile <_���*.. n-v,	
Ottawa, Nov. 6.���The statement of
tbe post office savings department for
September shows deposits during the
month of .9x2,553 and withdrawls of Si,-
117,946. The. balance of deposits is now
$47, 762, 848:96. Deposits ln Dominion
government savings banks in September amounted to 8168, 964,97 and withdrawls $250,547,79, leaving a balance
outstanding of $64,796,768.41.
SL Catharines, Nov. 5.���Edward Lip-
trott, employee of Whitman and Barnes
manufacturing company, was killed yesterday afternoon. He was working on
a ladder which slipped throwing him
on a revolving belt, was wound round
tbe shafting and crushed. He leaves
a widow and two children.
Toronto, Nov. 6.���Hon. N. Monteitb is
to consult with the Dominion authorities as to measures to be taken to prevent overlapping of the provincial and
Dominion Agricultural departments.
Oakvllle, Nov. G.���A Blight epidemic
of small pox, prevalent for the past six
weeks baa been entirely overcome.
Church  and  8tste   In   Italy Take  Step
To Guard Objects of Art.
Rome, Nov. 6.���Tho Fine ArtB Department Issued a circular recently regarding tho preservation of ancient
monuments and objects of nrt now In
the churches and hence kept by the
clergy. The Vatican evidently considers the circular a threat and Mgr. Ben-
Iglnl, Under-Secretary for Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs, has written a
pamphlet containing practical InBtruc-
tlons to tho clergy for the presevatlon
of ecclesiastical documents and monuments.
This Is more complete and more prac
tlcal than any Issued by the Pine Arts
IK*partment. lt Is therefore probable
that tho urtlstlc and archaeological
treasures of the Church will not only
be better catalogued and preserved In
the future than thole of the State, but
better Illustrated.
Every diocese must have a apodal
commission to carry out the Instructions. Special lectures will be given
nt the Seminary and members of the
clergy will bo requested to examine,
study and illustrate the different monuments nnd artistic relics tn their diocese. The Vatican library will he entrusted with the work of repairing and
Interpreting old manuscripts and books.
Quarrel About a Woman Between Two
Men of Advanced Years.
Ijondon, Nov.. 4.���A strango assault
case, arising out of Jealousy, was beard
by Justice Grantham nt Cambridge assizes. The accused was John Tolllduy,
an agricultural laborer, who has reached the mature age of 74, and the prosecutor waa Thomas Wakefield, who Is
sixteen years Ills senior. The parties
live in tho village of linpington, und,
according to the evidence, quarreled
over a female neighbor named Smith.
The latter is 46 years old.
When Smith's father was alive Wakefield wus a welcome guest at tbe Smith's
fireside. The two old men were about
tho same ngo, aud they loved to talk
over the" good old limes." Rut after
Mr. Smith's death his daughter, who
hod always been friendly with Tolllday,
asked Wakefield to discontinue his
visits. But he refused to do so, and, lt
is Bald, when Miss Smith began to lock
her ooltage door tho old man started to
call Tolllday nick-names. Al last, according to the evidence, the latter
snatched his stick away, and beat him
bo severely with It that he broke the
elder man's arm and inflicted u number
of wounds.
Wakefield, a sharp-eyed, alerf, little
old man, told the story of the asBiiult
with wonderful clearness. The accuaed,
he said, "splashed away at him as if he
was knocking a bit of wood about."
Tolllday was sentenced to three
in,.nibs' Imprisonment. ,
Griffin    Retrenches. ���
Edmonton, Nov. 6.���Yesterday 125
men were laid off from work on the
Griffin Packing house outside the city.
The step wsb taken by the contractors
of the May Sharpe construction company as a result of a wire from the Griffin Packing company of Winnipeg, on
Saturday night. Tho financial atrln-
goncy and lightness of the market la
given as the cause for tho cessation of
. -.- I M ���,.; __
-*-r '    *     I   I
,:' :
��� '������
tne Daily Canadian
Clothing.   Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In tlie meantime it will pay you to await their  arrival
before making your purchase.
......... ���������������^���^������^���������������������������^���������������^^���^���^������.a. ����������������������� ���
We carry the finest lines of
Worsteds, Cheviots. Venetians,
and Irish Tweeds In the west.
Every garment is guaranteed, to be in
the   most  coned  fashion.
1 NELSON, B. C.	
Imperial Bank of Canada
has greatly overestimated the power
and Importance of his own personality.
Mr. llourassa first came Into prominence In the autumn of 1900 as the uncompromising opponent of the sending
of Canadians to South Africa to fight
for tbe Empire. Although he has since
become the censor of dishonesty in high
places and especially In the adiniiiistra
tiou of his native province, the suspicion has never died and probably never
Will die, that his guiding motive wus
notoriety at any price. He will probably return to the Dominion house but
his measure la already taken. As a politician he belongs to the same class as
Israel Tarte and Joseph  Martin.
CaplUI Authorized
D. B. W1LKIE. President.
Head Office;   Toronto.
..$10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up         4,830,000
"Best           4,830,000
HON. KOBEKT, JAl'FKAY, Vioe-President
Branches in Biitish Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits   fr. m date of deposit and credited quarterly.
inri.soix BRANCH ���'.   M.   LAY,   iVlanajrer^
The Royal Bank of Canada
i*^-,.**- 'ac'irmiailiil.,A._lJ^lS.ca. ���
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking Business.
;CIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six ilays a week by tbo
Baker St..  Nelson, B. 0
SuDScrlptlon rates, ��i cents a month delivered
In the city, or S6.1XI > year n sent by mall, when
paid lu advance.
AdvertlKlua rates ou ,.;-; I i- utlon.
All monies paid m settlement ol The Dally
Csuadlan aiii-ouiils, ,-llli.-r lor snlis. rtptl.ins or
.dverttKthk*. must b. rMalpted for ..11 the printed
tonus ol the Company.   Other receipts nre not
Tuesday,   November 5,   1907.
Aid. Annable aptly remarked at last
night's council meeting thai if all the
work that might he done by lhe council
for 1908 wen- laid mil now ll would lill
a nice book.
While iin- suggestion that one board
of aldermen should nol .-in.-mjii to dictate a policy or programme to lis successors is perfectly in order, it Is btgh
time that the municipal electors shou.d
consider lhe duties of in-xi year nnd Hie
men to whom they may moat  safely  I s
Kirs! in urgency oomea the tjuestii ,i
of  the   clly   power   plant.     Kli-mnh   li..-J
already been expended upon It, and I
city'B credit pledged deeply enough to
���warrant every ratepayer In expeotl ;
ami demanding a satisfactory .supply . .
both light ami power. Ai present they
me getting neither, The difficulties ol
ihe situation will be conceded al one
The present council has probably done
all that can  lie done by way of reiiion
strance. Harsher measures, if neces
nary, should he takeu at once. Tin
Allis-Chalinersllullock Company's contract should have been completed long
ugo. It is still hoped that this year's
council may be able to put an end In
the long protracted annoyance.
The provision of adequate school ac
coiunioilatlon Ik hardly 11 lens urgent re-
quireim-nt. ll is satisfactory lo learn
even ut this date thai the failure In soil
the school debentures was not due lo a
regrettable Quarrel luiivi  the council
and school board. Probably not even
the moBt earnest and united effort on
the part of both could have sold the debentures in the state of the money market of this year. Bul the fact remains,
as tersely slated Ills! night, also hy Aid.
Annable. Hint the present school build
Jogs are a disgrace lo Nelson, as well
as a source of danger to the children,
and It Is the duty of every citizen to do
his hest to secure the neded new buildings at. as early a date as possible.
The need of repairs to, or of renovation of, the Baker Street bridge, to
which attention was drawn by the mayor, is another matter which cannot admit of long delay. Possibly money
siient on repairs would he wasted. If bo
permanent works must he made before
another year passes. The preservation
of the Baker street bridge suggests another need to which Aid. Hume called
attention, that of provision for permanent sidewalks to be paid for In part by
the property owners. It will probably
be found lhat permanent walks are
cheaper in lhe long run than plunk
walks whose life Is necessarily short.
These aie only ti lew of the many
problems to be solved by the men who
will sil 111 next year's council board.
They call for the heal administrative
tnl.-nt available. Nelson has been ambitious from lhe beginning and has already provided Itself with many things
1I111I linger towns still hesitate to undertake. Hut there is no I inning bark.
Tin- only direction in which Nelson can
1 li Ink of moving Is forward. What Is re-
required for naxl year Is economy, that
Is, wise expenditure not mere refusal
in spend, One form of saving Is the
worst   kind of extravagance.
The lessons of yesterday's bye-elec
Huns in Quebec is only thai Quebec
constituencies still prefer to be rears*
senieii by ministerial rather than by
opposition candidates, in which of
course I bey are not unique. The election In Belle Chasse has a special les-
son perhaps for Mr. llourassa, thut he
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frail,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co,
. Baker   snd
Wsrd   8ts.
erean, Devlin and Danjou easily defeat
Conservative opponents." line of the
Conservative opponents presumably Is
Mr. Henri Bourassa. V7e cannot charge
wilful misrepresentation, but we wonder
sometimes if such crass Ignorance be
not a greater vice than lying.
Joseph Martin is nothing if not sensa
tlonal. There are several home truths
���and of course some nonsense���in his
latest ebullition. Tbe continual passing
of the Natal Act by the provincial legislature has produced no result and can
produce none, and Mr. Martin knows
that as well as anyone. But be was undoubtedly right In maintaining that Sir
Wilfrid was entitled to assume from
the silence of the Solid Seven that British Columbia bad no objection to the
ratification of the Japanese treaty. Mr.
McPherson's chattering during tbe pasi
summer only emphasizes hlB Bllence at
the time when he should have spoken.
Mr. Borden's report on the condition
of the Conservative party in the Western provinces, as "strong, confident and
aggressive" Is a terse summary of conditions that can be recognized by all.
Tbe one danger ahead of tbe party is
that in the desire to    win  it    may  in
_, ��� r���n from the high Ideals of its
its opponents have made themselves a
tiatioual  reproach.
Quake at Guatemala.
New Orleans, Nov. 5��� An earthquake
at Qnatemala City, ami covering a wide
territory in Guatemala, on October IS
and 1", Is reported by passengers arriving on the steamer HI11.fi.ids for
Port Barrios. The Blueflelds' passengers said that a large number of buildings showed ragged cracks afier the
quake but that they did not hear of any
Our   morning   contemporary   informs
us Is a headline that "Turgeon, Ta-sch-
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have submitted to the Lieu-
tenant-GovernoiJ-in-Council a proposal
under the Kivers and Streams Act for
the clearing and removing obstructions
from the Duhamel Creek {otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) In the District of West Kootenay, Province of
Hritish Columbia, and for making the
said creek fit for rafting and driving
thereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
tbe said creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding,
sorting and delivering logs and timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth of said
The lands to be affected by such
work are Lots 787, 788, 7601, 777.t. 4.J94,
8411 and 8413 all in Group One, Kootenay District, and other lands not Crown
Granted, occupied  or Improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such as may be fixed hy the Judge of
the   County   Court   of   West   Kootenay.
Dated the 28th day of October, 1907.
Wharf 6 a. m. dally for Kootenay Land
Ing and all points enst. Close connections for Spokane. Returning arrives
City Wharf 7 p. m.
TRAIN NO. 45 for Hossland and all
Coast points, connecting with Steamer
Kuskanook leaves C. P. It. Depot 715 p.
m.   Wharf 7.40 p. m. daily.
TRAIN NO. 43 for Slocan, Roseberry
leaves depot dally except Sunday 9
n. m. Returning arrives 6 p. m. dally
except Sunday.
TRAIN NO. 41 for RoBSland-Boundaty
leaves Depot dnlly except Sunday D.45
a. m. Returning arrives Nelson 10.30
p. m.
dally except Sunday, leaves City Wharf
7 a. m. Lardo days: Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.
For further particulars call or write
A.O.P,a.,Vanconvar, D r. A., nelson
The annual meeting of the Nelson
Agricultural and Industrial Association
will be held in the Court House, Front
Street, Nelson, on Thursday, November
7, at 2 p. m.
Nelson. Oct. 20. 1907.    ^^
Notice of Meeting.
Cascade Water Power and  Light Company,  Limited.
Notice Is hereby given that an extraordinary general meeting of Ihe Cascade Water, Power aud Light Company.
Limited, will he held at the offlces ol
,v,��� .mnnanv ���n Saturday the 2nd day
o'clock in the afternoon, for the pur1
pose of:
1. Authorizing the Issue of a series
of debentures, aggregating $:i75,UOO.OO,
dated the 1st clay of May, U07, with Interest at 4'�� per cent, per annum, payable on the first day of May, 1940, with
interest payable semi-annually on the
1st days of May and November In each
2. Authorizing the execution of the
draft Deed of Trust, approved hy the
parties, which will be submitted to the
meeting, and made between the company, of the First Part, the Royal Trust
Company of Montreal, of the Second
Part, and the West Kootenay Power anil
Light Company, Limited, of the Third
3. Passing the resolution recited in
the said draft Deed of Trust.
4. Transacting sue' other business
as may properly come before the meeting.
Dated this lCth day of October, A. D.
By Order of the Board,
Geo. P.  Player
Office   Room   No.  2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
Nelson Land Distrifi.   DtHtlt Of Wetft KotttMWJ
Tnl.i' notice Mint II   William*;, occupation ran
rher; It H. HsUim*"*, occupation electrician; Hint
k h. p. Hmu.i, occupation lumbermen; hii of
I'roetcr, Br C��� intend to apply for a IMOIaJ Mm
JMT licence over the following described laml**.
Comtneiiciiiit; ��t a p-mi about three mllei east of
TTflnflOraai on south ���horeol Kootenay t*ke
thence smith W chains, thence east no ehelne,
thencenortli Hn chains, thence   wen. BO enalns to
point of commencement, containing640 Keren,
more or lens.
Hepteml����?r 38th, I!*/?. H   IVn.uahm,
K. H.  II A- I !-...   .
It   H. P   HMVTIi.
Nelson Land District. Olutrlct of Went Kootenay
Take notice that (t. 8. r. Hmylb, of Procter, H.
C, occupation lumberman, intends to Hpi��]y for
a s pec la I timber licence! over the following de-
scribed lands:
No. I Commencing ata pout planted near the
northeasi comerpoit 01 i.,,t No 8MB, on l>>moii
Creek rind marked K. S P, Hmylh southwest cor-
ucrpost No ,, thence 40 chains north more or
lens to about ini.if. m of the south houndary line
of Umber lloenoa No, 92M, thence 80 chatim oa��t,
thence 40 chaiim Kouth, thence 40 elmi ri'. .��������� 1,
thence 40 ehainn iouth, ihence 80 ohaini treat,
more or Ichn to the Houtheant comer of aforcKaid
Lot No 2543, thence 40 eliainN north, thence 40
chain* iv.-,i to tht; point of commencement.
Dated With July, I'jtyj. R. H. P. Smyth,
Henry Kelchort, Agent.
NeUon Land District. Dtnlrict Of West Kootenay
Take notice that Him on F, HchlfTel, 0/Nailer,
Idaho, occupation lumberman, intends to apply
tor a upeetal timber licence over the following
dcHcrlbcd lands; on the eant aide of Priest river;
Commencing at a pout planted on the eaat aide
of Priest, river, two and a half inIh-s north of the
International boundary line, thence nor h mi
chains, thence cast HO chains, thence sonlh K0
Obainij thence went HO chains to point of com-
menoemeuti containing 640 acres, more or less
Dated Hept. 14th, 1807, Himom P. BCatlVFgL,
K. W Hnith, Agent.
a Hpecl.
Nelson 1 ,<n<l ' latrlOt,   IMstriclnf Weat Koolenay
Take DOtlOO Mint Clyde K. McClurc, ot RJIlvillc.
Wash , occupation   barber, intends to apply for
lal timber licence over the following des
lands:   On the oast side of Priest river,
two ami a half miles north of lhe international
boundary Hue:   Commencing al a post   planted
two nn.I a half miles north 01 tho International
houndary   lino,   thence   eaat 80 chains,   thence
south Ho chains, thence  west M chains,   thence
north HO chains to the point oi commencement
and containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated Sept. 14th, 1007.        civim ��. MeCU'hic,
K. W. Bhith, -gent.
Flannelelle  Night   Dresses.     10  per cent    discount
We   will  sell   at   15   per  cent  discount
Ladles' White and I'I
on  all  styles and prices.
Children's Fall and Winter Coats,
on any of them.
Bee our Ladles' Dress Skirts from $:l.00 each to $30.00.
our stock of Fancy and Staple Linens. Cushion Covers, Etc. Is most com-
plete.   Ni-'v is the time '" make a selection.
Berlin Wools in all shades.
Special Discount on AH Ladies' Winter Coats.
You can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch  iu   the best   fruit-growin"; district
ill   I.,,,,,.,.,     s^v*. Wb. *-a     ,._s.:���0     AT, .  .1- ......... .1   .-..   j.^,.       ftiotltll.
Even as an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land lias trebled in value within on year.  What will il do next year?
WAHI)   *STRlii:
Nelson Lead Ms, not, Uiatrwl oi ��ci
ke notice that Jay Hovee.of Rita
it Kootenay.
vtlle, Waafa ,
rnpatton batcher. Intenda to apply fnraspccfai
Umber  licence over the   [ollofrlng   deeorlbed
land-; on the east nlde of flieet river: <'onl-
meiiclng at a p"-t planted one and a hnlr miles
uortn of lutematloiiHl hnundary Hue, thence
east an chains, thence south ho chains, thence
went Ho chains, thence north K0 ctiaini to the
point of commencement, containing i>lo acres,
more or lets.
I'ated Kept   Hlh, 1907. Jav Hovib,
K. W  HMITH. Agent.
Nelson 1.11 id District. District ol West g on ten ay
Notice Is hereby given that -to days alter date J,
joi.n P, Hwedberg, miner, of NeKon, h..: , Intend
to up ply Io the Hon the Chief com in ���.���.��- inner of
Lend and Works for a special Ilea���ce to cut ami
carry away timber from the following deeorlbed
lauds situated on Huinmlt creek, lu the West
KooUruty District:
No. I. Commencing at a post marked J V. H's
timber limit, northeast corner post, located on
wot fork of .Summit creek about Ufo mil-- lium
main creek, thence running south HO < halm-,
Ihence running west 40 chain*', thence r iiiiiiiik
north 40 chains, thence west 40 chit tits, tloin |
north ho chains, i he net* running eael 40 Ohalna,
'hence running south 40 ehulns, thence east 40
chains to pla< i' of commeucemeut.
Localed ou ih-   '.Mid day of  \- :������;������   : - ,
John .'. Hwf.i.iiaai., Locator,
per his agent ���'*'< k m< Donai.o
No 2.  Conunenolng at a peel marked .1 P, ���*���
tlm her limit, north west corner post, localed on
wesi fork of Hum in It crock, about tWO mllei from
mtiln creek, ihence running south BO chains,
l lie nee run 11 lug east Ml chains', thence running
north NO chains, lhancc tunning Weat80Ohalna
to place of coiiirnencement.
Located on the -".Mh d��v of August. l.sr<\
John P HwrnitKHo, Locator.
per bis agent Paint Mc'I >i>nai,h.
Nd-m I*nd District Distnciof Went Kootenay
Take notice that William Andrew Hosa, of
fernie. B C, hotel keeper tnictids lo apply for
a snteiHl timbvr licence over th** following described   lands:    Comtiiem lug   at   a  \> ������ 1   plautfd
��� bout six miles treetoi the _o*9tenej rtvcr.on
Oom creek, In tbe DtaferfOl of West Kootenay
ami being About nix mites north ot the Inu-r-
nail rial bouii'lnry line, and slliiatc al lhe
northeast corner of William Andrew Itoss' No
i timber claim, ihenei> north MO chains, thence
west ha eh��in��. thence south Ho .ham-, tbenoe
eaat ho chains, to the point of commencement.
f,o.'Mt. .1 July _jrd, r.*'7
Dsted the nth uf Aug   PJ07.
WllJ.UK   \M'K..vt  Kosi
Nelson i ..���> \ DUtriet    District or West Ki ii���v
'lake   notice   that I'atrlck w he run, of   Nels<-.n.
H. C . occupation   pros|M<ior,  luu-uds to ap
lor a special  timber Mecnrc over the  follow
v. ing
*d Janda:   Uommepolne_ei a jwwi plan ted
��� befog Vaericg
Notice Is hereby given lhat Ml -lay* niter dtite I
in lend to apply to the Hon. Chief <'nmiin**j..n<T
nf Lands and Works for permission to pun huse
the following described lands, siiualtd In   Weet
Kootenay district: commencing ��t a post marked by name as initial post of the riouih Cork
branch, one hundred feet from the luucttoti of
Lost creek with (he lontfa fork, tfiefn e one-
'liiarier mile to the northwest corner posi, the new
one mile to tho northea*t corner post, thence
oncf)uarlor niilo lo the soutbeasl corner post,
thenoe one mile to the plttce of commencement
June 27, 1007, Located hy Wji, Connolly.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice tha' Wesley linvce. of ItltzvlJJe,
Wash , occupation butcher. Intend! to apply for
a special timber licence over the following described lands; on the east line of Priest river:
Commencing ata post planted one ami a hull
mile* north of the international boundary line,
thence west HO chains, thence aoulh ho chains,
thence east Hi) chains, thence north hu ehulns to
point of coiniiienceuicnt, containing 040 acres,
more or less.
Dated Kept. 14th, I.M/7. Wknlky HoVKB,
K- W. Hmith, Agent
i spec
nt the N. W    corner posi of lot **Wf>:
Hheran's N.   K. corner post    running   south NO
chains,   thence   west 80 ehains,   ihence north so
��� hams, thenoe  east HO chains   to point of com-
men cement.
Dated Augusl 31.1, 1U07. P-TMl K Bt-UUV,
IWOI HtKAPii), AgQnt.
I'aae notice that Ira K. Taylor, clertt. of Arrow
head. B. ' . In tends Ui apply (or a special Licence
lo cut Umber from the following described
No I loinmen-lug at n p.i-it planted 70chalns
Olstamelu  an easterly  .Ureclloli   from   Caribou
Ukc marked "Ira K. Jayior'a. w. Parkins' h. w.
corner," bounded on the south by t. L No 7C��a.
on ihe west hy 1. L. l\n. 707?, thence north Ho
chains,   thence   east   HO   chains,   thence   south HO
ohalna, thenoe (real ho chains to point ol ootn<
men cement,
No. I 4'ouimemliig ala post plan led Huvhalns
d Islam-: and in a ���-���sti.rly direct Ion from Cat|h,,n
lake marked -'W. Parkins'.  Ira K   Taylor's H, W.
corner noet," boQtiaed on ihe west hy t. l 7��n,
��ntb by Ira Y. 'iavlor's am. W. Parkins'T. L.
No. 1, theme uoith 40 chsins, Ihence cast H-0
chains, thence south 40 chain--, Ihence west 100
chains to point of commencement
W. K. (mu.viK,
I HA K    I AVl.Oll.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Henry Keleuert. of Nelson,
H ��, , prospector. In fend lo apply lor a special
Umber licence over lhe following described
No. 1.--Commencing ata post planted near II.
W'. northwest corner post, lot No. 700H, and
marked "!Ienry Helchert southwest corner
poet," thence HO chains north, thence so chains
cast, thence HO chains south, thence HO chains
west to the point of commencement.
Dated Hept. tne with. :	
fiKNftv itgicifKitT, Locator.
Nelson Lend District. Dletrlctoj West Kootenay
Take notice that I, t-hsrles Hiduey Leary, Ol
hiirton City, H. 0 , occupation farmer, Intend to
apply for permission to purchase the following
deeorlbed land; Commencing n i a post plmiled
about five mllea northwest from   the  mouth of
MosijuiLo creek and marked "('. M   L's  iiicum
corner," thence south Ho chains, theme west HO
rhalriH, thouco north ho chains, thence easi HO
chains to point of commencement, containing
040 acres.
Hept. 7th, 1907. C'llAHUCs BlI>HSY UtARV.
Nelson Land DlgUlot.   District of West Kootenny
Take notice thai 1, BlUabeth Ferguson, of Net
���Oh. Hrltiih   i 'oluiiii'in   mi ��� n|.,, i inn   married woman, Intend to apply for permission to purchase
the iniiowing deaenbed land : Commenclni at a
jmsi planted 4u chains west of the soiuhenst corner of   section  :U, Township (Hi,  Kootenay,  and
marked "IB. jr.'a N   S, oorner/'thenoe  west ho
chains   thence   south   40   chains, thence  mil mo
chains,   thence   north -.0 chains to   i in- pi   of
coinmciieeincnt iittfl coulaitiing 090 acres more
1611] JtllV, A. D. l��(fl.    KUZATKTH KEIOIILOM,
by W. A   ('aider, agent.
Neltoii Land District, District of West Kootenay
Take notice that I, John Ming, of Nelson, B, C,
oci lipalimi miner intend to apply for pennUh
fcloti to purchase the following described lands:
toinuiciii inK at a post planted it the N. K. of
U,\m.u ihence east 20 chains, thence noulh 00
Ohalna, thenoe west 90 chains, thenoe north 90
chains to point of coinmcnceinont, coiilHlulng 40
acres, more or less.
August 2nd, Haw, John Lanu.
Nelson Land District.   District ol Weal Koolenay
Take notice lhat I, David <l   Kurts, of Nelson,
b. i ., occupation merchant, iniemi  to apply for
peiiulsslon lo purchase the following described
lailli'      I   ���.,il.w,..���.i���.      d.     .    . ,       a .      3      _.,      ..
tons. Man., or^upatlnn Isrmyr. IHUH.lii lo a|.plT
!.,r |-i-riiilisl..i! I��� |.un lis..- Hit- lullnsin, H��
. Ml. ���! I..i,.! ��� ..mini-uilliK sls|����t pl.n'M ��'
Krsnk K. Hrsnisli'. S K. ,i.,i,i-i. .1 ��� l-�� ���srW
,'l.'. U. N.K.,-,irlier."sinl riiiiiiliis ss.lNirli.iii,.
lheln-0 witllli s/i rhslii-. ...I-...lisln.. ��"""*
chains to plsce of iM-gllinlim. MntHSSSJ **
aires of lanil, iiK.r*. or I.-m..
tist��i am Au��ii��i,ii��n. roami-ir. bksi*
Nelson Iati.,1 Pl.trt,-.. I11.1M.-1 "I ��'!������' *""',*!!'!
Tski. notice that I'sul Aiijiii-l Paulson. n��ll-
oheiier. II. i:.. or,-ii|.all���ii InmiMTmsii. liU'M.
I., si-i ., for permlsslun I., punlis.*- Hi* l"'""
In. ,l,-s,-r��,s<l Is.nls: I ..mm.-, .-ins, ��' ��� I"".1
plant,*,! si Ihrunun iHinn.lsrj ,.l ,hl' "'",!.
way i.l tlm Ilrlllsh l ..l.unNs i*..nili,ni luu-
��.)��� au.l sls.ul M i-hslii, raurll Iresj mil. po"
S3 .fn ���i.i rsiu.r, iii.-iii-i- .....in -"'��� Usui..l>''����
���..!   M  el,.UK. II,.-... - I.   " """',;   "���?
...si CO ,-halu., Ihence in.rlli i" �� '��'" "'"?,,
sr>-..I ll���-rlk-lii nf ws, ..I im- BflHsk tetsssa
Sooih.rn  Hsii��sy. linn*.  ��.-i.'iy "i����� '��'
���si,I rl��llt-of way to pirn 1 BOSMWDMSMSS
Dated tills ind dsy of *iisu*i. [���    .,,,.,_.,
Sixty  dsy, slier .Isle I Srllnir Allen Hill
rsn. h,r. nl ii.ni..i- <lly, '"
I'lllef  r.iiiiml.sl.nier of I
' inland w ��n'i
ii.i ���/��-*���
.ran ' ���"-;
,','f lot "*lh   '"
MSI .orli.Ui'-
astiiis A   IU1STOS
torla. I. I'., In piin-linse tin
lands sllllslo easi .'I llurlnll
posi  miilked  "A   A    H    "i*'
piHim .1 at iiic n w aorn.i i
riiiiiiliia inulli ouelisltis,  II...,-. ,   u,
then,-. sn���tlill,.,.|.alns, llieii.e ��, ��l '" ' '-""���
place of coinmelleonieut
Ail.ust I.l. I-,.
Nelson Und lu.trlrl   lUstrl, I "1 ��'" h'""""'
Take ll.lllce lll.l  Anau.  MoOl"    "''
Ni is.,ii. ,���-,-,i|,��n,,i, Braman, nten. ��� "'"   , M
ir.nls.lnn Is purclis..- ihe '"';"��",���'  ���.',!,
ids:    Innn.i.iii-lna ol ,   poll I'I" '   " " ru
n, w   cnriier I,   0. Morrison's rsnoa, "
slley. Ih. -e��� nnrlh Inriy (4IU '' "ln"',,," (�����
��� at l���-i.y (���� elislns, llienee ���null' '""!., ���
.11,., iG.an.WMl InrlyHU) ''ll"'",,", '���.,!
i,ii,u-ii.-,ini    snd eniiisliniul '""' """"
M," HI
��� I sll ty (litll/seresV more or IMS
lu.-.i -i.-ri,i.nlicr��iii. mm.
Nelson l.snd lllslrlel.   Ulstrlci ������' w
Take notice thsl I'lilllp llr....k��l.��"��. ",.?.:.1
H. 0..���, i���iil,,n iHiicher
|.ti i. u*n  in |,.i.   ha-   *'
Ism! :    rmnineiicllia  oi  >���   r        ,    ',',',;���,. |Hk
t Kisilrnil
pl.ll I"'
the  lull..Winn '"
  s p.,-1 plKi.l, 1 .'
west sln.ro nl I'pper Wlialshan (' sri
IhoS. K. corner ol lo.sllW. thei >'-        ,.|���|���,.
theiico south im clislii". ""'","!,    *.��,.  llu'ii���
bslDS, "�����','.
more or le����, to the sliore "I ll"
imrllierly sIoiik lhe ��sld sliore ����
or less, to point ��f comlnclicciii'n1
1*H1 Hnrcs. lilnro ���r less-        ,,H..nK.HAl*
Haled (apt. IHIIi   "i"     	
, nan.   I'iiii.i.ii' i
Ooauashotng st a po,t pi
���ouifamal oorner nt ���ectiou aj, township no
pliuited   at   i'ic
Kimleuay, and mark.-d "u. ((. K's H. W. enrner,'1
tjioncu nnrlh SOobslui, thonco oast ,n chsins,
i.l��� mil sniitl,  HO cIihiiib, Ihenco west *U) chains
to tho p..nii i.f emu,,,.,���.,.������.���,������,| oestsTaUf
:l.:u acres ini.i .- or less.
II.Hi  Inly. IlKW.
luvinil  KiTnTz,
W   A.tlal.ler, af.nl.
Nelsni, l.an,l District.   Ill.lrlctnf w ��� -I ^'^
Tako untie,! that Una" ',''""!'.'.'"' UPl|l '"'
Msiiuoba. Isimer, liit<*ii*l�� '' ",', ,,\,i.-,l
periillsslnll In nurabBM lhe '"' "" ���,���| ,I��.'U
Innd:    llommcnclliK   ��' �� !'":', ���", ill,' I ra"*-l
seven miles frnm the mniilh "I >'  ��� .,.��� ml
al northeast   corner  nl thl��   spl     "   , ,01uli
marked "H. C  N. K. enrner,   ��'1,,1 ,','. '".""or.l,""
pnllll nl ��"*���
 it Mo  ,
this    sppllc'
ft.C N. K. enrner,"si
ehulns, thonco we��l sochnlic
,11,1111-.  thence oust ml chains I
meiiceineiit, emitalnliiK ���"" "
Dated -'Kith day of Ain-.n-*
"      rsnK! A��""'
, IWI7.
Nolsou iJind District. District Oi West Kooiciia,
Take notice that t'orutillus Il.rgman, of Al- 1
Nelson Land Dl.trlct.   DKlrl'l 0< w"" '''',',"'""
Tako     linlloe   that     ftSB*    F.   ��"jj   ,'|,|,l)-
Altnna,     Munltoha,  hroker.   I   U>     ",��������� .l,-.
for iMTinlsslmi  lo  pnrcliBsc lhe i"'"���|,���|,.,| ���
orlbsd laud:   .'ommeiicliill si "I'""1, ',,���,,, "
the soulheast corner of land urn ' ,,r,,.
live miles Iron,  the inonlli ol "',' ln, iiniu'i'
marked F K S.H. K.enrner," >��  '""',���," iln-iu'"
nnrlh so ehulns, thonco w.-sl ���' '   ��',   ,,���|,il nl
snulli HO chsins, theiico eu��l w    ��'"���
aoiliuienceinelil, cnlllolliliiK';'"""
D.ted ��0t)i d.y oi Align"!. !'���""��� y. nasal., : 1
The Daily Canatutu.
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We have it   i��� all   sizes to suit   families, boarding  bouses
nd hotels, 7, 14 alld 28 lb- PailsJ 6o lb- tubs-
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
NELSON, B. ��_���
Kaslo, Rossland Boundary
Starkey & co.
Wholesale  Prt.vlalt.ns,
Unveruuietit < Snmiiiory OnoPound Hrieks reoflived wonkly trM.li Irom the
churn.    For soli by all l.-ii.liii.' (rrocorH.
Ollinc, nnd warrhouse: Houston Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.        -        -        -        Nelson, B. C.
Subdivision or Appleton I.rothers'  tract.    Improvement-  on  every  block.
ll! ...  unco.
Tenders Wanted (or the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
<������   ret.In***  ���.,,  i_sj   un-lenda-ned.  at
 _. .,       ... a...  . *r...... U..I,
ft mum, In tbe ilty ol Nelson,
tie   hour  ol lo'OlOft-, In
��� l  nil the  u'   ��� ...
-t.- �� ������ ..I hmlay.  Novtmher 1Mb, l*J7,
o|    in.-      Tiaatrtam"   Mineral
(1ii:ii    hoi   .-.     i,roup   1.    KoOleWty     District,
vhieli wu.le. lareil to (re forfeited to the  - ru*n
ll cl I In thfl ���*ny ol Nelson, on the
���lb .1st oi  Sot,   IWtV   (or  ilelln.iueut  taxes up
"Ut.,   i>tS,    ami    OOam     The   upset
tb��  t.i.i-1   Mineral   Claim,  which   in-
���:     *.-.,.    nn ..I .l.-ii.iueiit  uti�� and  cost
H ui  forfeiture,  with  Interest,  taxes
wi i< ti in,, -ire p ��.trued, ooata  of  atlvertlslng,
*   ' rt'rowu   '.rant   (��.'.��i��i) is WI 45, whtrh
imounttbat  *Ul   be eousldered as a
hob  Mit-T   muat   be  aooomp*ule-i    by   aa
foi the toll   amount ol the   ten-
���'  ,-  ll  e lo   the   unler of tha   Deputy   lotn-
I Un i- Hii.l Works, at Victoria, 11  "
it par
In.,! Hi NcIsvod, H C , this Hth day of Or... 1901.
������'���,, t i . ,,-ii i Agent.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase oi a
Mineral Claim.
ir 1  1..  tho  iitidtirnlitntd  si his
> ' - ,ii llo.i��u. it, ttiv I'lty ,.I Nels.,ii,
���'",'' ."I   i|> till llte  hour  oil, o'rloos. 11.
'    '       -��� ��� I In U). No,-, into.   19U7, l���r tho
1,' L-. ,,| .,, iii.i Ab��" Mln.-r.l Claim, U>1
�����.'-i..,i|. I ...,i, n.y lllslrlrt, which was de-
.S , !"'"' '"".n.'.t to mo in.wii si  tin- ua
" ������������ i ii, ..I Nelson, on ll,v en, .!��> ..I
���,,, .'* Ill ,1. ;ii.-|i.t-nl l.x���s ���l�� 111 Julio
tail',. ' ' ' "*'"     rl,e li|*s,l  prltHi  uoou III.
\ '  .,.!:.'. Wl.ltli   III. 111.lo.  Ill,- stnoilllt
illsiosand oost allhull.no ot lor-
��i"i'.-.wiiii iouir.it, us,-, whioh hsv. siuee
'i .-...,..-.,1I..I  i... I..I I M.UII
.' '     I     I- -���    ,1.   ;���,!.. ..IIH
'"'���I" I :,., 1. r.-.l ��s s temler.
.,..!.   ,l'"'t'r   must   bo   seeotnpatite.l    by   au
 , Ih. lull  amount olttio ton
order ol ihe.li.-puiy I'om-
1 sad. sii.i Work., st Vlelorla, U.l.'.,
Dslsosl Ni     m, ii. i , ni. inh dsy ot o,.t.,l��n.
UAItllV W KlttHT, '
lloiurtiiuonl Aaenl-
fcders Wanted for lhe Purchase of a
Miicral Claim.
'��� " I'll KHd to the undersigned al his
��� fci'i.urt IlouM-, In theClty ol Nt-Isuii,
'  ��� iw-l ni> till the  hour of ft o'clisrk,   lu
"   "I Hit-lay, Nov.   IMh, Itan. tor ihe
1 "    ll Itudgur'*  Mineral  Claim,   \*>\
���l; I. Ktinieuay District, which was de*
"'��hirfolted   lo ihu Crown  al th*'  l
'������"  'Uy of Nelson, on   the   filh   "lay
.[or  -Ullnuueni   taxes   up Ull   June
I'Ji'oits,    I tie   upset price  upon   lhe
���lilViiiVV"      ""'������ "���>���'���' Include*   the amount
i-.it,,��I!'" 'l. 1**m and ooata at ihe lima of lur-
���et'runl tl ''"crest, taxes which have mneu
tifiiu ii!i,��� "' "''ver Using, and lee lor Crow ll
.,    ���       > *    i, ,-i ii'.   .......... ... ,,... ,,.__ ...��i
Kr��. i,",;';,,
'"���''I'.H ,||
*m ��, v, h'eh if, ihe least amount
L'lerod �����> a tender.
iihihi   he   atieompanled    hy   an
ho  the full    hi,imnn  ,,( the let)
,     the order  of  the   Deputy   Cm-
r"t Undsand Works, at Victoria, It C,
��t Nelhi.n, ll.C, this 14th day of Oct., 1IW7.
(ioverninelit Ai-.-nt
;��s Wanted for ^he Purchase ol a
Certificate  of Improvements*
"Tnlon" Mineral Claim situate In the Nelson
Mffilus DlTlslnn, of the West Kootenay District.
w Nrr.* !<>.'sti'<l:- tin i.iK��l Mountain two and a
ball miles troni Nelson, B   0.
Take notice that I, W. A. Macoonald, aetliiR aa
���MDt for HiiRh Hutherland, Free Miner's ter-
litlcaie No. Bl5._r9. intend 60 days from the date
hereof, lo apply to the Mining Recorder for a
OrliAcate of luproTements, for the purpose of
ohtainlns a Crown   i��raui  of  the  above claim.
Aud further lake notice that action, under
Section TI, must he commenced before the issuance ol such (Vrtincate of ImprovemenU-
Dated this 23rd day ol Huptetntwr. A   |��    1907.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
������Bla Hope Fraet
Id the 'irout l*k>
Koolenay District,
Take   notice   thf
Oartlftoata No. b��:
date baraoi to apel
a Certificate of Idi*.
obtainluR a Crown
And   further   taJt
Heetloii   -Ti,   inUSi
Issuabee ol such Ct
Dated this 5th di
ion"  Mineral  Claim,  sltnale
l   Mlntns   Division, Ol  West
Located   ou    I'oplar   creek,
.   1,  <'.  1'adley  Free  Miner ���
-������ intend 60 days from tbe
y to the Minion Keeor*ur for
"rovements lor tho purpose ol
��� ���rant of the above Claim,
e   not toe  that   action  under
bo   commenced     la-fore   the
���rtlfl>ate of lmprovementa.
y of ()cU)U.*r, 1*H.
' (J   1-AD1.KY.
In the matter of au application for tho issue of
a duplicate Certificate ol Title (or pari: (40 seres)
of Lot M-'. ..roup one. lo the District of Kootenay.
Notice is hereby Klveii that il U my intention
to Utiie at the expiration of one month from the
first pnblloalton hereof a duplicate of the t er-
llfleate ol 1 Ule for the above lands lu the name
ol Andrew Morrison, w blob Cerllfleate oil lUfl
la dated the  5th   day  ��.f March, liKM). aud   nutii-
bend MME, _*������___     .  -
Land B���111 11 Office, Nolaou, It. C.,Hep���mber
IHtb. IWi. .     ,
"K   K. Ma*���l.ion.
Dlstrlet Keglstrar.
In the ���matin ���f so ��|,|,n,-��iion (or tin* >���'"<�����'
.li,|.ll,.slisol tho  rirlllloausol  TlUe U lots 11,
ll .nd is, srou.pt, Wast lootinaj i>i��iri,-i,.also
know,i as iho -Ko nsy riilof. ' 'Coralorl   su.l
"l.ulu" nilnorsl ,-lsllils rospt'otlroly.     	
Nolle I. licr.-liy llT.O Ihsl II Is   '")- lill.ol    i
to Issiio st Ih. OM-li'ill"" "' "" "",' ! "','', ..   .
tlr.t pnbllrallon lion-ol s daplloat. ,.( I .rJWOSM
Ol Tills No. liuolaol III, ���.,.tl, I.1.--I ��',""1''"
usi-li ���f 111, ahovolots, tssiiml on the Wlh ���JJMM
May, A. 1>. !��>��'. Ill III,, Oslill' ol.lnhll < *,""*"V. '
an.t slsoHdiiplli-Bl.. ol I'.-rllll.-Hlo ,M I III,' J��';
��,U nl on undivided 19 lUO-llis tn ,��srli ��l the
abovo lot,. Ismio.i o.i the nth dsy ol Maj, A. n
num. in the nanioufilooraeJ. Al'",��"r.tl,-.1.1 .,,,
Laud Rreslstn fShoe, ni-i�����,i. h. O. Aii�����st��th
H. K. Mai-l.son."
Ill-lrli'l lleslstrsr.
in tl.. matter of ail ��Vl'l,,',,,tl",n1l-?,r1,t.h,or1"i���'i'M
. duplies,,..it IlioCrrtlflnii -��� "i   ImI.i.m   loi -���
��� if    Mil. id rillirsw   "i     ,,,.��...-.    ^--- ���.
'ihiill ot lot B, block SI, in Ihe Town
that il tsmy Intention
"'"'''iiiii,. .'""''.l" "'" imdorsianoil at hit
J1"'-i.,!,.';"     "'"""'. In Hie tlltv ol Nobson,
"i"slt��� ,   '">', 'HI   Hi', hour of f. o'elovk In
fl'i-li,,,. ���," I'd rrblay,   Nov. IMh,   Itsn, lor n���.
'^'"',,,11,    i,"   '""Ikirk" Mineral (Halm.  l*��l
""-1 ',, I.! I"",,,:ll'iy lllstrlel. ul.l.-l, was .1,-
,"':'.'"'1-1 Iii n '.'.,'���',."''' A', ""I tlrown at tho las
i��..iV,,' , '���111!'."' Nelson. .,,, ii,., nth day
' "','', si,', '"'"n.Ilium taxes up till Juno
���'; Jjt -il .,, | i .,"r,1"- 'he npsol prloo upon tne
f ' ii, ui ii , ' "hli'h includes U���. m ������uul
.r"   -ulli i'V " "'"I eo��t�� at lh�� Un.e.,1 for-
?,'" 1.1,,.,,,n'l'iest,   !�����,.,   whleh   havo  slllee
ik",llili'.i,i,,. ,?...v!',rl,",I,s.��"'l re. r��r drown
J *'" bo,', n.i .     ''t wl'l"h Is tbo i.,.���.l amount
.'���"'"' I,.,,...      "l'-r,-.l as a tender.
li','"'"'"! di������ i.",'""!, ,M. ��<'<'oi,,ln.,nlod   by    an
i, '.h>i��i..-1,. ,    "'? '"" ��ui"i'.nt oi the lea-
?,''""H,l ���l   ,,  , ' "ril,:.r, "I  the   .saintly  (lom-
st^,, Undl and Works, at Vlclorla. B.C.,
" Nul*ou. B*0��� this nth day ���lnet. 1907.
UowMnevt As.nt.
S1I.I   111      ..
i,I Nelson.
tofeS in';'SpirKlSs "."oue monf.,;s.lcr-iho
1 r,Tv   1,1 .'.H".. Ii.'"'"l ��� ''I"'11,'" V,'l ,   'l,.n o   I
lllatrlct Itcelstrar.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Rogl.try
Act" snd Amendments thereto,
a. ..     ���AND���
In ,h. .nailer o, SS^SSttm ���f^J'J""^
N.'.li   .'is hereby Klven lhat It la ml In'''"1     ",
E"r��fJli.Sa,5K -'���""���
A,.��u.t,JI>u7. Hbl*."leiBeiUtrsr.
Three Volume. Published With Approval of King Edward Throw Light on
Event,  to   1861.
(Jf th,.. volumes of hitters of Queen
Victoria recently edited by Arthur
BuiiHon and published liy Hpeelal permls-
Hlon of the King, the Toronto News
"These three spli-nilid volumes begin
In 18:t7 anil end In 18B1; they cover
therefore the rlBe of the Queen's glory
anil Its eclipse at the death of Prince
Albert. We are accustomed to ignore
l'rlnce Albert loo much. There can be
little doubt that from an early iierlod
���which *re may fix at the date of Lord
MelboUrBe'B political and mental
eclipse, say, about 1S42���the pen of
the Queen, in matters of Importance
was giiidei] by her husband. "We women." she wrote to King Leopold of
11,-lgiiim. "are not made for governing."
After 186] she was forced to alter this
view as she was forced to govern alone.
"The necessity for governorlng alone
created a curiously competent capacity
for rule. This was made clear In the
biographies of Gladstone, Granville and
Graham, and In the very remarkable
life or Queen Victoria by Mr. Sydney
Lee. the first edition of which forms
an authoritative basis for any attempt to
form an opinion of her character. She
nr.-e. Intn the use of "must" and "shall"
ln a truly royal manner. Ix.nl Melbourne" must" do this; Sir Robert Peel
Is "required" to do that; Sir John Russell "ought" to do this; Lord Palmers-
ton "must" positively on pain of dismissal do that; Mr Gladstone Is, peremptorily, requested to do something
else; and In our own recent time Mr.
(hililers Is "commanded" to do something very unwelcome. "Your Majesty
"must" go to bed." said Cecil to Elizabeth. "Little man. little man." said
lhe dying Queen, thy father would not
have dared to use such language to an
anointed Queen!" There are times
whin. In the language of Queen Victoria to her Ministers, wc recognize the
high spirit of her illustrious predecessors. "Thov shall know 1 am Queen of
England." she said iu 1841. "The letters of the Quen resolve themselves Into two main divisions; personal and im>
lltleal. We deal now with the personal
To Melbourne, who was her minister
when she acceded to the throne, she
was affectionately faithful beyond the
limits of the constitution. While she
was In command of his ministry she accepted his fatherly advice In an almost
filial manner. Wellington, with his
courage and strict honor, commended
Melbourne as "a man of honor." When
he fell In 1841 she still consulted him
Peel and Wellington generously permitted Ihls Irregularity. Stockmar finally put an end to It as Improper. Then
Melbourne had a stroke of paralysis,
and gradually faded out of life, looking
at his clock and wondering when someone would call to see Dim. The Infinite pathos of public life was never
more signally Illustrated.
"Beginning as a furious little Whig In
1R3T, the Queen's letters are curiously
violent against "the Tories." "The
Whigs." she says, in 1840. "are the only
sare and loyal people, and the Radicals
will also rally round their Queen to pro
tect her from the Tories." This was in
reference to the attitude of the Tory
party regarding the position of and subsidy lo Prince Albert.
Later on the Queen, partly under the
Influence of Prince Albert, becomes
quite a purtlzan of the Tory Peel, with
whom she at first quarreled on the subject of the Ladles of Ihe lledchaniber,
calling his conduct "Infamous." She
became so fond of Peel (who, as the
Duke of Wellington said, "had no manners")  that she hesitated about accept-
We offer you best fruit lands;
best, terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put lt Into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Frultvale you
miss the best ln B. C.
Kootenay  Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
Contractor  sand
Hole agent for the Porto R.ro Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Rough aud dreassd lumber, turned
work .mil brackets. Coast Isth and shingles, sash
and doors. Cement, brlok and lime lor sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Bt.. eaatol Hall
NB1.80IN,  B. C
P. O. Bos 283. Telephone 178
Ing Disraeli ln 1852 on account of his
conduct to "poor Sir Robert Peel" in
"The quarrel with Peel was quite
needless, as the Queen in later years ad-
mited. Peel's want of self-possession
and manners prevented him from understanding that the Queen did not
want to retain all her laides The Quen's
initial dislike of Peel prevented her
from understanding that Peel onty wanted the "political" ladies out of the way.
Thus a change of government was actually prevented for twp years, on account of the misunderstanding. It
seems Impossible ina circle where tact
U supposed to have permanent residence.   Yet It was so.
"Towards Disraeli the Queen was at
first hostile, on account of his bitterness to Peel. His efforts to please her
In 1852 and 1858. by writing her epigrammatic letters are very Interesting.
Inded the general tendency towards
adulation is very remarkable, lt used
to be said ot Lord Chatham, that at
the King's levee his hooked nose could
be seen from behind, between his legs,
as he made his bow to tho Royalty. In
all the letters of Peel, Palmerston, Wellington, Melbourne. Disraeli and Gladstone, the courtier-like language is curiously alike. Disraeli had the finer
touch; he sent un air of romance and
of wit to even his most formal letters.
The Queen recognized the artifice,
laughed, wrote to the King of the Belgians about "Dizzy." and, like a woman,
was pleased at the flattery she laughed
at. So easily does even royal human
nature adapt Itself to circumstances
which are a recognition of its superior
place ln the order of nature."
Forger Sentenced.
Orangeville, Nov. 5.���Wru. Hanlon,
charged with swindling banks here by
means of forged cheques, has been sentenced to three and a half years ln the
penitentiary. Hanlon used the name of
Patrick Qarrlty, a prominent Caledonia
township farmer.	
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
T*emont House
Knrottesvn ind American Plan
���Mia 36 cf.   Koomi from at cu. to tl.
only White Hei�� Kmptoyed.
Batcr St.. Nelaon Proprietor*
Most comfortable quarters       Nelson!
Only the best of Liquors and Cigars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining reom Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Rous.
snd Pnstofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity Slid
Heated by Hot Air
Large ,od Comfortable Bedrooms and Flrat-
claasDtDlng Room,   sample Booms for Commer*
clai  at.n.
MRS. B. C.CLABKB, Proprietress
Battlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar U the Fineui.
White Help Only Employed.
Joeephlne St.
Royal Hotel
Rates |1 and 11.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular ISoardnrs
Tht Silver Grill ha* opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The beat 35 cent
meal in tho city.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tendera addreMod to the undcralened ftthlii
oilier in tbe Court Honae. in tho City ol
Nelson, will be received up till the
hour oi A o'clock, in the afternoon, of Pri
day, November 1st, 1907. for the purrhaae of
the "Anne" Mineral Claim, Lot Mao, Group 1,
Kootenay District, wlilrh was declared to bo
forfeited to the Crown at the tax aale held In the
City nf Nelaon, on the 6th day nl November, 1906.
for dellmiuont taxes up till June 80th, 1906, and
Iho upset price upon the aald trrtneral claim,
which Include*! tho amount of dclinuuent taxoH
and coats at the time of forfeiture, with interest,
taxes which havo since accrued, cost of advertising, aud fee for ' row u brant (f-..00,) ts ll'23.7(>,
which li> the least amount that will be considered
as a tender v>
Kacb tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of tbe tender,
I'livsiilc to the order of the Deputy Commissioner
of Isaiidsand Work*, at Victoria. B.C.,at par.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this .mh day ol Sept.
Government Agent, Nelson, B.C.
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montreal-' and 'H'nebec" Mineral Cialmaaltu-
ite in tho N��'i-.on Mining Division, o( Weat
Kootenay District.
Where lot's ted :��� Weat branch of north fork of
."���'timiin river, on Craig Mountain, about utnc
mile* from Krto, B.O.
Take notice that I, Alfred Krncnt Gallupe, Free
Miner's Ccrtlilcate No. Bt.1,9, intetul, sixty days
from the date hereof, u> apply l���� the Mining
Kecordcr for a Certificate ot Improvement**, for
lhe |nii'piisi of obtaining Crown Grant* of tho
above vlaltiiH.
And further lake nntlcc that action, under
section R7. mual Im> commenced before the laau*
it ii.'*' nl mii'Ii i'i* tt ti) i'��ni' of Improvement*-,
Dated this 12th day of rieptemher, 1907.
No. 310.
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra Provincial   Company.
"COsti'ANiiw Ait, 1897."
I hereby certify that tbo "Falls Creek Copper
Mtulng Company. Limited," has thla day bocu
H-Klitercd as au hxtra-Provlnclal Company under the "Companies .Act. 1807," to carry out or
effect all or any of the objects of the Company
lo which tbe leglalatlve authority of the L-egia-
lature of British Columbia extends
The head office ot tho Company is situate at
the City ol Spokane, Btate of Washington, U.S.A.
The amount ol tho capital of the Company is
one million five hum.re.I thousand dollara,
divided Into ono million five hundred thousand
shares of one dollar each.
The head office of tho Company In this Province is situate at Nelson, aud Michael C Moo-
Hghnn, Miner, whose address la the name, t* the
attorney of the Company
Tho lime of the existence of the Company la
fifty yearn from the lftth March, 1907.
lhe Company la itpcclally limited undor section ���'>���' of the aoovo Act.
Given under my hand [and aeal o( ofllro at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia. Ihls l,'��lh
day   of May, one thousand nine hundred aud
14 ItiJ S  Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar ot Joint Slock Companies.
Lake Frontage Subdivisions
We have been instructed to offer
for sale the following properties having first class frontage on the west
arm of Kootenay Lake and within
easy reach of Nelaon. There Is
plenty of water on the property and
railway and steamboat communication with Nelson.
8 acres ot level fruit land, $500.
SO acres adjoining the above,
   $45 per acre.
93 acres $24 per acre.
82  acres,  price $2500.
10 "4 acres with two-storey house
outbuildings $2250.
H. & M. BIRD
A great many sales have been made of lots In this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few hest lots are lefL ' ~   t
Are in a class by themselves. Large, level benches.
Magnificent soil. Unexcelled transportation facilities.    NO ISOLATION AT ROBSON.
For Price and  particulars apply to
McDermid & McHardy
���__3l      (Bta���'r�����sJ       __        J-�� eF
7 rooms and bath, 50 ft. corner lot,
centrally located, one-half cash,
balance  on   terms $2100
5 rooms aud bath���excellent repair,
electric light, water, sewer, 1 1-2....
Silver King and  Granite Roads,  Kootenay, Salmon and Slocan Rivers,
Arrow and Kootenay Lakes, etc.
Carbonate St., (26 ft) $ 150
Latimer SL, (50 ft.) fenced and cultivated,    $ 450
Park, near Vernon, (52 x 142 tt.)$ GOO
Ilobson SL, (150 ft. corner) $.450
ralrvicw,   (4  lots)   cultivated, fine
view of lake, near car line.
Houston SL (50 ft corner) $ S76
Also building sites on Vernon and Baker
Real Estate Agent
���15 Baker St. Nelson, a C
AND DEALERS IN    Lt��mDef|   s>__ngieSf
1U���th, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets..
VBRiNCM-f 8TRBBT   -   ���
llatl Orders promptly attended to.
Boots at Cost
You can buy hoots and shoes at your own price.   The McLaren, Dallas
and Marsh Boot reduced from $5.00 to $.'..75.
Worklngmen'B Gaiters from $1.95  to $2.15, usual price $2.75 to $3.00.
411>/a Ward StreeL \j
A Shoemaker wanted to take over Shoemakirrg Department.
\ I
' i
I*- *. f|
'  '1
' j
r-l    1
'       V
k   ������;
���i*H;  .3
i ���-
t   ��� J
��� ��� i
'��� j
;.,i   .   ;���
it' -
��� t'li'fe
���' :'    \\
Auction every Saturday evening. Auctioneering at1v���-er
He Sales. Cabinet work and upholstering, and all kinds of ru1 ft
tresses made to order.
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Notice is hereby glvf-n that the mi'1erslgno<i
have submitted lo the Lieutenant Governor-tn-
t'oumMl s proposal umler the provisions of the
"Klvers ami streams Act," for clearing atnl re-
moviuR obstructions from (ioat River and Mea*
!u\v ('ri'.'k. In the Dlstrlet of West Kootuuay, and
for waking the same tit for rafting and drtv
ing thereon logs, Llnibt-r, lumner, rs lis snd crafts
nnd for erecting and ranlutatnlng booms for
holding, nortlug and dHtvcrUtir logx and timber
brought down said creek and river, and for at*
taohiug booms to tbe shore of said creek and
river for said purposes.
The lands to be affected br said work are:���
Lots ;.iv.\ MS7, 4.WJ. and sub lots 1, (t. 11. IS, U and
i ��� of Lot i.'.'.'.'��� r.nip 1, Koolenay District.
The tolls proposed to be charged are sne-h as
iiiuv !������ ti M',1 by the Judge of the ro.mty Court
nl West Kootenay.
Dated 31st .Inly, 1907.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
CO to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line ot .lapanesii Goods now on sale.
All kinds ot Diuuorwaro ln stock. Patterns.
F. C. GREEN       F. F. BURDEN       A. B. GHEES
Qvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Surveyors
T. 0. Box 145   FhotK UI B.
INEI^SOIN,    -    B. C
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, csrpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean.
Ing Stoves, etc.
11 Esst Baker St. Shone No. AIM
MHM���MM ^~*- <:>
i ���
! Hi V
i    !
The Daily Canadian
so all busy people, we are sure we
can save both time and money for
you if you will come now and in
spent the different lines nl goods
we are showing for the Christmas
Selections will be HkHy tu prove
far more sallKfaelory if made now
than if left for your busiest days.
Watchmaker and Optician
The very   newest and best
goods in Wash Silks, Liberty Silks and  Chiffon
Taffeta Silks.      All
the very newest
styles at
$4, $5, $6 to $10 Each
AJl Over Net and
Lace Blouses at
$6 50to$t2.50
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Gmdsdaile & c=_
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will iind il to their ad-
j,. vsniuf. to use our Pitch.
"Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Limit �����J.
of s
.,|        BUSH  &  MATT HEW, Props,
C     Phone   9. P.   O.   Box   672
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealera iu staple aud fancy Orocerius,
Butter, flggl.
Cuinp and M ..ht>    SuppliuH.
A. M. Can. Bee. C. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Saker SL, NELSON, S. C.
The Best Hunt GO���I on trie market
1 Stunk hctd Brl-
The  Be*-l   Domestic I'oal.
West Transfer Co.
Cor. Ve--.i-t.oj.   �����....; xvar-_ .St. r_*st��
JNEL-SOIN. _��. C.
G. Winoheflter, Spokane; H. M. Stevenson and wife. Ainsworth; A. McLen-
n;tn, Balfour; L. Till. H. Gibson, M.
Brandle, Winnipeg; J. M. Doyle, Spokane; A. Garland, Kaslo; N. F. Mc-
Naught and wife, Silverlon; J. K. Allison. W'anwanesa, Man.; C. Sherwin,
Ainsworth; Mrs. K. Allen. Winnipeg;
H. Qlegerieh. Kaslo; A. VY. Davis, San-
don : R. A Simmons, Vancouver; \V.
K. Spankie, Kingston; B. Crover and
Wife, Revclsmke; K. Brttce, Wflruer;
D. R, Tail, Greenwood.
The tourist hotel of Nelson,
coiner 01 Stanley and Victoria
Streets. Two blocks from depot.
J. H. Parker, Yokahoma; J. a. Mach-
nay, W, a Gardner, Winnipeg; F. Math-
. s.m, Cranbrook; W. H. Armstrong, To-
ronto; R. A. C. McNally, Montreal; E.
Tait Toronto; G. .1. Booth. Vancouver.
M. 11. Allen, Medicine Hat; J. Mc-
Callum, Yinli ; .1. Holmes, Five Mile; J.
A. Currle, Slocan; ft. H. Harvey, Vancouver; T. E. Kelly, Moyie; J. Curtis
iin.l wife, Five Mile; ('. Evans, Boston;
E. Mills. Oreenwood; .1. Arciier. J. Argil,-. Kaslo; A. Smith, Rowland; W.
Glllls, k. Mcintosh, Oreenwood; G.
Smith, Nakusp; 0. llagau. Phoenix; D.
McDougail .Trail; M. A. Thornton,
F. W. Aill.-. j. r. Ryan, Wanctu; Miss
I.. Mlnnls, Silverton; ll. W. Popln,
'I In... Porks; A. .1. McLeod, Fertile;
M. Mable, SI John; E. Boyd, 0. K. D.
Ewar, Wlnniped; V. A . Macdonald.
\.. aoouver.
II. Btsinton, D, HoLeod, Trout Luke.
Q   Hall,    Cranbrook;     B.  I.    LaRoy,
Grand Forks;   it.  M.  McDonald.  Ross-
\    W   Young, Rossland;   \V.  E.   Edwin   Hanoi  Bask,; J. Martin, jr. D. Mo-
Donald, Winnipeg; V  Holland. P. 0. I.
.1    Scott,   w.  Wallace,   Winnipeg,
F. Shatter,  Ainsworth;   G.  I-aney, J.
i.an.-,.  Spokane;  .1.  Settle,  Blalrmore.
Of electrical work finished and Charged
for  from  this shop  will  show  you  how
���tjimrely and honorably we conduct our
Those Who employ ns need not worry
about our charges and us to workmanship they know it. Is the best.
Repairs to machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly   attended   to.
P. O. Box 1615. Phone 227 A.
Ladies' Guild.
The new Ladles' Guild of St. Saviour's Church will meet in the parish
ball this evening at 8. o'clock.
���0.00u   Club.
There will be a meeting of the executive of tha 80.000 Club tonight at
S o'clock. The regular monthly meeting of the members will be held at s SO.
Winner of Raffle.
The raffle for the ownership of J. C
Gordon's fox-terrier, ".Tarty was decided last night, the winner being H. F.
McLeod. "Tuff" will spend the winter on Capt. Paddou's ranch.
Cleaning Recreation Grounds.
Among several minor matters laid
over for consideration at the next council meeting was a proposal of thee ity engineer for further improvements to the
recreation grounds.
Heavy  Shipments.
Over 100,000 tons of ore have been
shipped from the Granby mines in exactly five weeks last past, making an
average of almost 3.000 tons per 24
hours  for that  time.
Will Meet Tomorrow.
The arbitration commission will meet
toworrow. Witnesses will be brought
from Phoenix to testify as to conditions
in that camp. The general opinion is
that the session will be a short one.
Canadian   Bank  of  Commerce.
The office furniture for the Canadian
Hank of Commerce has been placed in
position in the new building. Contractor Burns hopes to have everything in
readiness for business in a couple of
Experience  Social.
An "Experience*' Social wil be held
in St. Paul's Church tomorrow night,
at which those who have heen raising
money for the church funds by various
"talent" enterprises will tell how they
have done it.
University   Club.
The November meeting of tbe Pnlver
slty Club, the last meeting of the fourth
year of the club's existence, will be held
in the city hall Saturday evening at S
o'clock. A report as been promised
fiom the committee on Provincial University establishment and endowment
which will meet some evening this
week. The programme will consist of
the reading and discussion of a paper
by Dr. E. C. Arthur on University Endowment.
"A   Western Girl."
"A Western Girl" is not a great play,
and it seems as if the company now ai
the Opera House should have chosen
something better for their opening
night in Nelson. This country has had
enough of this type of play, and it is
about time the public got a well-earned rest. Miss Scott has won a good
reputation for herself in the western
country, and she should not sacrifice
that reputation by presenting such
pieces as "A Western Girl." In many
respects she has a capable supporting
company, but they were at a disadvantage last night. Some of the company
have been seen here before, and the
public wlIJ not soon forget the clever
acting of Victor Travers in "The Virginian." Mr. Travers is with Miss Scott,
but his part in the play last night was
unworthy his merits as an actor. Joseph
De Stephani, the new leading man, will
be seen to better advantage In "The
Egyptian of Pompeii" tonight. The
other members of the company will
probably be able to do something better than In "A Western Girl." Tonight
Miss Scott and her company will present "The Egyptian of Pompeii," and
by all accounts this is a piece adapted
to bring out the best that Is in the
If some stores were lo advertise to
sell regular bang-up 50-cent tea for 40
cents what would you say? If you happened to read the add at all you would
say: "That's a fake." And in a good
many cases you would be right. It Isn't
what ib said tn an add that makes It
true���It's who says It.
When Joy says that for the balance of
the week you can come here and buy
a pound of regular 50-cent Tea for 40c,
you can depend on It being so. So come
for this Tea. Joy will meet you at the
door at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine & Latimer Sts.
Tel.  19.  NEL80N, B. C. P. O. Box 637.
Tenders Wanted.
In pursuance or the order of the Hon
Mr. Justice Morrison, dated the 10th
October, A. D. 11.07, tenders will he re
celved by the undersigned for the purchase of lots 51.4. MO. 717, 1848, 1849,
2:14:1, and 598, known as the "Ulue Jay,"
"Hlarlight No. 3," "1.BBI Chance," "Silver
Cord," "Blizzard," "Little Widow,"
"Starlight Fraction," and "Galena"
minerals clulms respectively; one hundred tons more or less of zinc ore.
whereof sixty tons are now lying at
Kuslo, and forly tons at the mines; and
all other the assets or the Last Chance
Mining company. Limited.
Such tenders to lie made ln writing
to me on or before the 1st day of De-
ceniber, A. I). 11.117.
The highest or any tender will not
necessarily be accepted. Further particulars of the property will be furnisher! un application.
Hated the 17th day or October, A. I).
Official Liquidator,
The Last Chance Mining Company, Lira- .
Ited, Sandon, British Columbia.     '
2 lbs. 25c.
15c.  per lb.
Corner Silica and Josephine sts
We  have  just   passed   into  stock
splendid  range ol    Accordions,    also
nice assortment or Violins. Violin How
and   Autoharps.     \\V  hav
at  $4.50. 14.90. ��r,.L>0. $.",.".
$7.80, js.75, J10.75.
Violins   at   $4.25,   $5.75
$10,25,  $1,5.00.
Violin  Hows at 50c. 9Hc. $1,011
$1.50, $1.75, $1.90, $2.75 and $3.50.
Autoharps at $5.no each.
We have also still got two mandolins
und a guitar that we arc tillering al reduced prices to clear.
$12.50 Mandolin for $ 5.75
$ 9.50 Mandolin fur $ 3.95
$25.00 Guitar ror . . . $15.00
$5.11",  $0.2.".
$s .....
Ws G. Thomson
fr^o^f:B*nd   Nelson, B.C.
Phonn .4-4.
#.11 Kinds of Heating  Plants  in  Stock
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera House.      Tel. 181.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897.'
Notice is hereby given that Wilton A.
Miller, of the town of Creston, lumberman, has been appointed the new attorney of "The KIuney-Miil, r Cedar
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies
Victoria, lirltlsh Columbia, October 27,
Rev. father AJthoff is visiting in the
Houndary district.
A. T. Garland, oi Kaslo, arrived in
the   city   last   night.
Nell P. McKay, M. L. A., of Kaslo.
came lu last night.
H. M. Glegerlch, of Kaslo, was a vis
ltor  to the clly  last  night.
Randolph Bruce, formerly of Nelson,
arrived from Wiliner last night.
F. J. Deans went to tlie hospital lasi
evening suffering From a severe attack
of neuralgia.
Fred Adie. or Wanetu, spent vaster*
day In the clly conferring will. J. R.
Anderson, deputy minister of agrloul
A. C. Gun!., cam,, down rrom the Ar
getila last night The mines are Btlll
closed down 1,ui win probably reopen
lu 1 he near future. ���
Dr. W. K. Spankie, or Kingston, arrived rrom the coast last night and lefl
for the Boundary this morning to join
his uncle, Or. .1, B. Spankie, of Green
Joseph Genelle, now residing nl Dai
cade, returned borne this morning after
spending a day 1,1 two In the city. Mr.
Genoll.. Ik gelling out lies on Ills llmlls
at Cascade.
N. F. MoNaugbi and wife. Sllverion.
were In the city lust nlghi and register
ed at the Hume, Mr. McNiiiighi makes
It a point to reach Nelson when there
In  HoiiH'lhlng on at  the opera bouse.
WANTK-ll TI. Makers the Tma In be Kir, Tan.
arack 01 I'm,, wl.l cm. I! Hall uu.'li Intl..'
strtriK. ���ll J/.....I 11 tu he r Apply lu J.,s,.f.li
'ii'li.-ll-, Cases','.
VVANTBIi Slliisllnri l,y Ymina; Hentsmsn fmsr
Med) Willing to tsekle ....vtl.ii,r. esperlene.-l
in arneery,   wine   and spirit   trade.     Andres*
1). 11., Dally Canadian Onto*.
A   FAKTNKK   Willi   $2,000  to    purchase   .   Irnll
ranch near Nelson    A good speeulHllon    Partner ,.,-e.l not be actively .nsassd on ranch.
Kor particulars iipply T   11. PROU'I KK.
LOST- A LADY'S IUHKH.1,1 with gold rluiuie.l
hau.lie    left  al   K    1'    11.ill.  ou   ulgbt ol 2MII.
Kept.    Kinder  please   return   to   Parker's   run-
ployuiem Ai-.i.c aud leeeive reward.
I'oinfortable Home for s Young l.ady, would
liter ,<���'
 ss lu
a nor.
/\ suit ellher sell,.ol   lea. her, or  young l.wlv In
 ii.'" iii   the clly.     Address   k.  II. Il.illy
TWO KIKMT-U1.AB8 HOOKS, ...Kin healed
Plv tWBMkSSBSr, Ird B.t, K  W.l' block.
Wholesale snd  K. lull Hosiers lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camp* lappliod on KhorU-Ht notice and
loweM  uriee. N-'tlmiK hut   tnsh  and
wholesome nieatkund supples kept in r-ttxk
Mail orders reeoive eareful Attention.
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Manaow.
.T5 5CE/.E&Y
Its Busihess Energy
AMD       1
$L0O per Gallon
(Telephone ltil.
Sherman's Opera House
"Egyptian of Pompeii"
Prfees 50c,  75c,   $..00.
Wednesday. Nov. 6
McAuliffe Stock Co.
In   a   repertoire   of   High   Class   Plays.
Wednesday.   November  6th
Prices:    25c,   50c.   75c.
Street   Lights  Went   Out.
About   balfpsal   .-Ikih   last   .renin*
ihe    street    Heats    gran.)    out    Bonn
tAOUghl   lhat    II     C    Bullis   "as   ci.n.III. .
Ing  further experiments  at     Hi.    i un
station, i.ni I.i'.i developments .1. 1 lo
��� 'i   m.i   la. 1   thai   a   portion of  Ihe  ma-
chin,-ry  there  h��i   1..coin,   useless for
a lew mlnutss
New   Habitat.
The Slocan Mining Review, .1 J. At I.
-non. editor, has removed from Ban-
don 10 New Dearer on the Invitation ol
ih,- Improvement club of the latter
town. Saiulon's loss is New Denver's
gain 'ih. Btooan Mining Review is a
bright,   newsy.   Intelligent   ami   always
public Fplriloii   weekly.
Appointed Architect.
Tin,..,. Hooper, or Vancouver, has 1
appointed arohltaol  for the new  bul
Ing in In. creeled hy ihe Method
Church in Nelson. The building win
brick and stone, and work on oonstri
lion will star! early In lhe spring. T
present sits will he used And wl
completed Hie church will be one of 1
Ones!  In  lhe Kooicnays.
Cleared,    cultivated,     planted
with   80   trees,  good   water,
first rate location, $700.
OOJVU3 and *si :i:.
Chinaware Clearance Sale
Ihls w.ek we have put Inu, B1���,.k
two lois of Royal Vienna Chins, coin
I.l. Hug our X'nuiH Importation Th,.������
wc have pin In with the other lines at
the Clearance  Sale pries.
Sp.clals this week In Slaph-s Tumblers,   regular  price  il.50   par  doz.  ui
Willow   paltern   cups  and  saucers   per
doz    ��1.30
willow  pattern plates par <inr.       . go
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER  and   WARD.
Phone  81
���a. A.  ISAAC
.-s-,,..,, ..,,.��� ,,,,,. .l����.-,.,l���ir aaaiasqursajl wilt, l>��sr���uh     >ii
\V��.,-f*..   Mlni..t  ,�����*!  .Mill .Mnchln.ry.      Manufavtu
<>*-.,   KZ;rm.   to.   to.    *^. >,,. .-,��,_-1 ����,-.�����   Cars.
u,.;lwltl, DwspatOfrs.   Hhsst MsUI
rNELSOIN,    B. C.
that Is fashionable and durable can b,
bought now at a price that Is sure to
tempt you. Winter styles are being
shown. Come quick and get the pick.
Shirts. Collara and Cuffa galore. Med
ium and Heavy Weight Pajamas and
Night Shirta at proper prices.. Particular people will be plea.ed with our offer
scribes, bring them    to the
Places to have your prescriptions filled.
But to have them properly and carefully
compounded    as    your    physician    pre-
Popular    Store.
Poole-Longhurst Co., Ltd,
Maker and Josephine Sts.
We would like to see all our pntronscorarortahle this winter and Id order In
do so we have In stock the best assorted lino of heating stoves and cookitis
stoves and  ranges ever  before presented to the public In Koolenay.
We would he pleased to show you our line and before making y<wr liur'
chase kindly see what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nel.on Brancri.
You can always get what
you want in all kinds of House
Furnishings at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Furniture Company
Complete House Furnl.hers snd Undertakers.
We   mako   a  specialty
g, oils, such  as
So that a vIbII lo our store
y< u.
in* houi
will W
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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