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The Daily Canadian Sep 24, 1907

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i/OLUMH  2.     NO.   95
Fiftt Cents a Month
police Imbroglio Referred
To E. A. Crease
;; Meeting Devoted  To Con-
| sideration oi Vacant Offices���
Motor Rales Discussed.
Bi mis Inevitable thai   all  tho  city's
^ dould ...in.- to tho surface at
. rl  meeting.    Th.a con-
|. t the j ..li ������ iorce Ib noi  pro
|a-.   within  ilia-   council's   sphere   but
Selous a ����� .1 and obtained panda-
i I., dlwuu li snd make a sugges
J,,    Thi   resignation of the city elec
y   a   Smith, and   Its reciMlon
.   , . ra  of  the  council  pro-
tdthe mayor to ilireaien a veto,  but
|), ntrri" actio- was rendered
Tha- i-aiuiH-ll    met    shortly     after    S
|l.i.k wiiii Mayor Clllett In the chair,
Ud    Selous,   Amiable,   .McMorrls.
In. and Rom present    The minutes
the  tail   r ling    were   read   and
*.������ ���     i:.   Snanoa  isiinnilttaa's re-
unendlng   tba   monthly   pay-
i was adopt, al iunl payment ordered.
Br... water an.l   light  committee
tinvi recommend*���g lhat the t'ana-
|     Msr>..     Works  be  charged  for
��� for sh..[i use by meter rate, that
a. iis.-rs whose motors are
.   horSO  power be chargeil
feirjr power rates from July 1st; that
Intel motors of more than one horse
:. '   nri..:.'il and pipes sealed.
; a Hat rale ot f.u cunts be charged
I]  wi   bl . I. .nl.- Irons for domestic
I ami |IJ50 (or i ..mmeralal  use.   Tho
I clausa- was amended by the aildl-
i of "when   ��� la-tric power has be.*n
|_U**sd lor witter.".   The report waja
..���s was Instructs, to advertise
[rat.s for electric lrous and to prose-
iiln. use them without  until
. letter from U A. Campbell notlfled
irunril nun th.. agreement for Joint
of ilia- substation by the city and the
|K  1' ;,n.| | npany would expire
Dd of tlra- ya-ar.
fiiaiiu ��. O'Shea irrota presenting the
my s.ili.iiiir's bill of costs In oon-
Von with th. power plant litigation.
llr letter was referred to the present
V sjUdtor.
jid UeHorrls caller] attention to the
jocnuioii ol Ibe oemetery i.y .-hil.li.ii
- clerk was Instructed lo notify the
Smith wi.it.. ra.signing his posl-
lily I'Vctrlciiin, the  reason  us-
I difference, of opinion as to
action, last Saturday a.vening.
���'.''���  S. Lu , nun,.,i tliot  It  tnki   effect
Woe an.i timt i,. steel he appointed
�����' in conjunction with tha city en-
'���'���'. in temporarily  tilling the imsl-
Tlils   wrrs   ths   motion   Hint    the
ror intimated he might nnd it neoee-
9 in veto     Finally   ll   was  decided
it 'I" temporary filling of the position
'������ft in tin' mayor, and Hint the city
'���* advertise at once for applications
""��� position ui |18E a month, appU-
Joni ,,, i���. In ,iy October list
"J 'i Belous, having reoatved leave to
���r,r*s ih,. police Force sltnatlon, in*
T'"'l thai the advice of Magistrate K
.tease be .'..mniii for both partial.
ii" mayor welcomed the auggeatlon
Intimated     thm     ,),,,   police   cm
Bsimiers would   certainly reconsider
ft decision   ir   ttn<   public Interest
��rni.l to require it.
Ai.l Irving was Informed thnt .1
���fj> rum ii McGregor were engaged
jnporarlly M patrolmen.
I1"" council then adjourned to Oct
T '"'"r ih.. mayor appointed J. li
get temporarily to the place of F. A.
Episcopal    Biding.
!Niagara Palla, s*,,pt 21.���lilahop ing-
���""��� of London, bade farewell to Oan-
10 l��*l night lie expected to hnve a
'"'' 'linn In the United States but
i-.i io leave Canada and bring to an
11 Un. most gonial and enthualaatic
��"���" of moatlngi he ever addrssied
' ''''r"rr'*'i to tha evidence ot Canadian
m anrfh. ''"*���"""*������   "PPi'i'i'latlon   of
.*"',. ""'1 Us  work.    He   thanked
the clergy for then.
lie hail
IliiiihT'T''""m "f"'* "'������ ��'" P����
���r      "or   (lanada, ami in farewell
"I- 1 lo (-niiiidn.
I I"' lllll       f  ,1 -.--..   ...   a  iniiLi.il,   I1U.V
In and i.,  '" rnoH1, -)re��P����-u_i) chriH
'"��� nappy nations In thu world."
Wu   Ting   Retained.
Wants to  Found  a  World Wide University   of   Humanity.
St. Juhu, Sept.. 24.���General I too ih and
hlH stuff Left here last night for Halifax.
A feature of the general'*- programme
here yeaterday was hla address before
tho Canadian club. It was the Htory of
the Salvation Army'a work, aud closed
with the following announcement: "I
have a Hcheme ln my head which for
want of a better name 1 will call the
university of humanity, and I hope to
hoc It eKtablUhed. It should have two
headquarters, one on each side of the
Atlantic, with affiliated colleges in
every land. In tbem should be taught
how to alleviate the miseries of the
people. You have colleges of all kinds
for higher classes, colleges of music,
engineering, geology and all other
oiogles. I want a university for men
and women to deal with broken hearts,
to teach how to reclaim the criminal
and drunkard, the children of daughters
oi ���heme, and all the miseries of the
human rare. It will be very costly,
but I am trusting that some millionaire
or j*t-veral millionaires will come to me
and say "General, you shall have It."
When that time comes 1 shall be ln-
c'lned to say, "I_*ord, now ,|et Thy servant depart in peace."
Railway to Canada'a Fartheat Northwest
Projected���British Capital  Ready
to  Finance  Scheme.
Winnipeg. Sept. 24.���To construct s
railway which will penetrate a country as yet absolutely undeveloped,
reaching from Uawaon City to Edmonton, an approximate distance of 1,400
mllea, 1. tho latest project which -vlll
come to the fore tn the history of rail
way development ln the Canadian West.
Indeed, so far hss the scheme already
progressed that the promoters are now
un the way to New York to obtain the
assurance of sufficient capital, which by
the way will be contributed entirely by
the monled men of English financial
centra's Within two weeks' time in
attempt will he made to get the Dominion Government io make endorsatlon of
the Imnda. If successful ln this another
year will .ea> the beginning of operations In tho building of a railway which
will ultimately bring the fartheat corn
er of the Yukon within fourteen days
communication days communication of
ibe Hrltlsh Isles and continental Europe.
R. A. I.nwther. London. England, of
the firm of Lawther. Lntta and Co. la
the representative of the financial interests which are devottpg attention
lo tha' project. For several months he
has been tn the weat nnd the Yukon
coll.-ctlug Information on the iioBstbll-
ltles In carrying out such a scheme and
though the matter has been for some
time under consideration reports obtained and submitted by Mr. 1���iwther
and others Interested ln the vast enterprise Indicate that they believe the
matter feasible. O. M. Gllibs. manager
of the Ciituiilian Hank of Commerce at
Dawson Clly. who Is now a visitor to
the clly lias been In touch with Mr.
l.awtber. nnd reached Winnipeg on
Monday, a few days after the latter had
passed through on his way to New
York. The Interested parties, he says,
obtain all possible information on
the route and general conditions of
have taken Immense precaution tt.
the country and ore satisfied with the
feasibility of the undertaking. Accordingly. Immediate attempts are being
made to secure the necessary capital
and as soon as this Is completed the
promoter* will wait upon the government offlclala at Ottawa. Endorsatlon
of the bonds will be usked for, and
following this. If successful arrangements are made, preparation- for placing more exports lu Ihe country and
securing more data will ensue. Then
active meusureH preliminary to actual
construction   will   take   place   and   the
beginning or a lo-eme which win penetrate ti. the fart-eat regions of tin* north
will   be  comma.need,
Mr. Lawther is already heavily Interested In the Klonilyke Mines railway,
where two millions lire Invested. The
proposed route of the lino will cut
through the Slewuit Kiver potmtry,
He-in... acraiss tha* mountains and down
to IO.liin.iiti.il, through n prairie country
which Is claimed to be exceedingly fertile. Through this latter seven hundred
tnllea It Is claimed iliul with tho presold rate of Immigration and advancement of agricultural Interests, a railway Hue would be Mil supporting from
lhe moment lt would be placed In operation.
Tho promoters of the present project
liavo nlso plaoad lnliieriiloglcal exports
who   hnve   travelled   through   much   of
iho remaining country,   and    reports
submitted claim thai the country Is Ir-
exhuuatihly rich In minerals and tlmbei'.
whoso richness oven surpasses the
wenlth of gold of Ihe Klonilyke or the
limber resources of Iho coast districts.
As staled before, the money for the
scheme Ib to bo entirely of llrllisli capital. No subsidy is to be llskeil and
Within a few days the llrBt actual negotiation! will be Inaugurated wllh
the Now York   representatives   of n
number of large London firms.
P'ekln. Ben.    .,,     _.
* Wu ti        *'.���The reappointment
��� minisi  ' '',l"K '" u" ���nrl,K'"��� POrtttoB
""������������'"'i today*"" at w"-,hlnKt0'- ���*���<"-
Hopes For Advantage in
Moroccan Crisis
Expects fo Gain Cor cessions Elsewhere in Return for Withdrawing Apparent Objection.
Ex-Consul Dead,
flrldfeport,   Conn.,   Sept.   24.���Thoo
Wnlilrou Drowns, former United BtAtH
ul at Quoboc, died here yesterday.
| eon
L ondon, Sept. 24.���Fur those who are
interested to know how Ihe game of
diplomacy its played there Ih a strikinK
object lesson in the attempt now being
made to secure the agreement of the
European powers on a policy for dealing
the Moroccan crisis. It la obvious to
anybody that the limited powers given
to France and Spain by the Algeciras
agreement to police the coast towns
without any Interference with the sovereignty of the Sultan are utterly inadequate for meeting th* present emer*
gency. It Is cl��-ur that executive military action Is necessary to suppress
anarchy and restore some semblance of
It seems simple enough to obtain
general consent to the adoption of
these measures under proper restrictions and guarantees. The need of
prompt action is pressing, because the
season of bad weather Is close at hand,
and as soon as the storms come, the
warships which are anchored off Cusa-
blance and other points, must leave, for
the harbors exlBt in name only. This
is the opportunity for which the fanatical Moors are waiting. They know that
they are powerless within the range of
ships' guns, but they have little fear
from the small land forces located at
most of the coast towns.
France and Spain, after consultation
with Great liritain, soon agreed that
the only thing to be done was to send
a sufficient force to each town to hob)
It against attack without the aid of warships. This plan was then submitted
to Germany for approval, her consent
being the only point In doubt. Now
diplomacy never gives anything for
nothing. This at least, Is one of the
tirst principles of the game as played
in the Old World. Germany's answer
was very disappointing to France. It
was not a refusal. There was .indeed,
full approval of the proposed policy,
provided the situation was as represented. But Germany seriously questioned
the French hyix-thesis. quoting her consul at Tangier, and other authorities,
to tbe effect that serious danger did not
Now Germany Is on better terms with
France than at any time since tbe Wur
of 1870. Moreover, she wants to make
her relations still more friendly. She
has other negotiations pending with
Paris, and she secretly desires to have
her funds dealt in on the Paris Hourse.
She also wants French assistance in
certain Persian loans, and building the
Uagdad railway. Why. then, should she
be willingly, apparently, to risk a massacre this winter in Morocco, and also
to offend France by her reticent attitude? Really, she has 00 Intention of
doing either. She Is perfectly willing
that France shall hnve a free hand In
Morocco. She is simply trying to get
the  most she can out  of the  cards she
German public opinion has been educated into great suspicion of French
designs on Morocco, and this must be
placated. Germany's refusal of her consent to the Morocco programme has already accomplished this. It has called
out from France and Spain renewed
and swoeplng avowals of self-abnega
Hon. They have given fresh pledges to
respect Moroccan Independence under
all circumstances, and that troops shall
confine themselves to police duty as de-
tlned in the Algeciras convention.
Under these circumstances, nnd
when other points ponding between the
two governments have been quietly
talked over. It may be expected thnt
Germany will gracefully give way.
France will get what hIio wants, Germany will havo gained n point or two
ln other directions, and everybody will
he happy, Such Is diplomacy up-to-
Singer and Princess.
Leghorn, Sept. 24.���It Is declared here
that the Countess Montlgnose, the former Crown Princess of Snxany and the
dlverced wife of King Frederic August,
has written a lettor to a member of the
aristocracy announcing her approaching
maniuge lu London to an Italian singer
named Toselll, who waB hor daughter's
music teacher. Tho princess says she
will not mind losing the allowance paid
her by the Saxon court as she has n
million of her own. This allowance will
be Htoppod when she re marries. It Is
believed the marriage will take place
the Jatm-stown exposition races, will
conic u;> with the opening of the Hamilton, O itario, races tomorrow, when the
association there will, if it is to work In
any association with the jockey club,
be compelled to get another starter ln
the place of William Murray who had
been engaged for the position. Murray
has been doing the starting at Jamestown and comes under the ban of the
jockey club, which affects starters as
well as riders and trainers. However,
the Hamilton folk, like the other associations in Canada, have reciprocal
relations with the jockey club and laat
night the association wired to New
York to know the standing of Murray
under the conditions. A representative
of the jockey club that the ruling would
surely be operative in Murray's case,
and it is safe to assume tbat he will be
superseded by some other starter at
Hamilton. Starter Dare is Idle at the
time, though it was assumed that he
would do the work for the Brighton
meeting next week.
Conservative   Speakers.
When R. L. Borden appears in
the opera house Saturday night he
will be accompanied by two provincial premiers, ont ex-premier,
and a prominent French Canadian.
The party will Include besides
Mr. Borden. Hon. R. McBride, Hon.
R. P. Roblin, Hon. F. G. Haultain
and Mr. Bergeron. It Is not yet
decided how many of the party
will speak at tbe meeting in
Commlaaion   Appointed    in   New   York
Declares That They Increase Conflagration Risk.
New Yory. Sept. 24.���Investigations
are being carried on by tbe Commission
on Limitations of the Areas and Height-,
ol Uulldtng-., appointed by the Building
Codes Revision Committee ot tbe Board
of Aldermen, of New York City.
This commission Is bearing architects,
builders and insurance writers on the
question of limiting tbe height of skyscrapers, and one of the strongest arguments for such regulations was made
in the Commission a few days ago by
George W. Babb, president of the New
York Board of Fire Underwriters.
Mr. Babb prophesied that some day
the roof of New York's financial district will be swept off by a devastating
lire that would lead from skyscraper to
skyucraper, hundreds of feet above tbe
li.'.nls of firemen. He pointed out that
there ;is nothing to prevent much . u
catastrophe, and with the increase ln
the number of Bkyscrapers, the possibility of loss is being magnified each
year to tremendous proportions.
"Fire experience has taught tbat a
high building uf great area nurses tif.'
hottest fires," he said. "It is not only
not beyond the range of possibility, but
the flre underwriters fear that there
is a very strong probability of a fire
starting in the uest of firescrapers and
beating across the street from tho windows on the top floors of other build
"All n* st-'tns of sprinklers and all attempts nl fireproof would not avail in
the least in u flre of this sort. The
firemen away down below could do
Mr. Babb's recommendutlons were:
For noli-fireproof buildings to be used
for commercial and manufacturing purposes, a height of 55 feet and an area
of 5,000 square feet, to be Increased it
lltte when the building extended through
the block ur wus situated on u corner.
In fireproof buildings equipped with
automatic Hiii-lnklers and designed fm
office use only the area could be extended to between 20,000 nnd 30,000
square feet and a height of 125 feet
could be periuHU'il. Any area or height
above these figures Increased the flre
risks to exceedingly dangerous points,
Mr. Babb said.
Some of the mlddle-slscd cities have
already tukaMi steps toward limiting the
height of building-, anticipating that
some day thoy will be regular New
Yorks In magnitude, and will then have
lhe skyscraper question to deal with.
So far ns Detriill Is concerned, no
attempt bus bean made to regulate the
skyscraper, principally for tho reason
Ihut lt is not a city of skyscrapers,
it Is not nt all Improbable, however,
that this type of building will be rather
numerous there somo day, and ln the
natural course of events thla subject
will uml.. ul. le illy attract the same attention that the other cities are giving
Lusitanla In a Fog.
On hoard S. S. Lusitanla, 8ept. 23.���
10 p. m., by wireless via Cape Rnie,
N'f'd��� Sept. 23.���At 10 o'clock the
I.unltaula was on the easterly edge of
Ihe grunil bunks of Newfoundland In
longitude 46.30. The fog Is -hick. At
reduced speed the steamer has covered
210 miles since noon yesterday. We
bave passed Cape Race which now
bears west northwest from here.
Steamboat Company's
Fire Equipment Poor
News of the Dominion From Ocean
to Ocean���Party of Mormons
en Route to Utah.
Toronto, Sept. 24.���There was something of a sensation last night before
Coroner Wilson ln the police court,
when James Kane admitted that he had
accidentally set the steamer Picton on
tire Saturday afternoon, when George
Kleski and Miss Minnie Hatch lost their
lives. Kane was engaged at the noon
hour before tbe flre as a cleaner, and
while filling a torch at a coal oil barrel
In the engine room, flame came ln contact with the tap and flre resulted.
Kane said that everything happened so
quickly tbat lt was found impossible to
render assistance to those on board or
save the boat from great damage.
Kleski, according to the crew of the
boat, met his death in an heroic effort
to render assistance to any on the
Bteamer and Miss Hatch was overcome
in her cabin below, ln which she was
found dead. The jury found that
Kleski came to his death by suffocation
and that the fire was accidentally caused by Kane who, they aald, was an Inexperienced hand. The Richelieu and
Ontario Navigation company was censured for neglect in falling to force
discipline in their fire fighting apparatus. The steamer has been surrendered to the underwriters. She was insured for 160,000. The cargo loss is expected to be about 135,000.
Montreal, Sept 24.���A party of fifty
Mormons, mostly women, reached port
yesterday on the steamer Dominion.
They are bound for Utah and left for
their destination last night. They were
for the most part recruited In the British Isles.
St. John, Sept. 24.���-Rev. W. G. Gay-
nor. Catholic priest, assistant to Rev.
Chapman, who was recently degraded
by Bishop Casey becauses of charges
affecting his moral character, In an interview says there Is no truth ln the
reports In circulation, and he clalmr.
that the bishop has not complied with
his request for copies ot the evidence
on which he took action.
Toronto, Sept. 24.���President Austin
of the Lambton Golf Club, has arranged
for a team of twelve Canadian women
golfers to go to Chicago and meet a
team of western ladles four days before
the national tournament. The players
will leave for Chicago on October 12th.
Toronto, Sept. 24.���The funeral of the
late H. C. Patterson, postmaster of Toronto, took place privately yesterday
afternoon, according to the expressed
wish of the deceased. * Archbishop
Sweatman conducted the services at the
Toronto, Sept. 24.���A consultation of
physicians was held yesterday regard
Ing the case of George O. Grant, M. P.
for North Ontario, who has been seriously HI for some days in a private hospital here. It was decided not to oper
ate for a week.
Portage, Sept. 24.���J. J. Grant of In
gelslde district, threshed 1,500 bushel.,
of wheat from fifty acres. The grain
was an excellent sample and graded
number one northern. Tbe same outfit
put through 4,263 bushels of gradeil
mixed grain Saturday during eight anil
one-half hours of actual work. Many-
farmers report a shortage of labor anil
although as high aa $2.30 a day is offer
ed a number of gangs are not complete
Edmonton, Sept. 24.���It is authors
tively stated that about half of tho
block of ��675,000 city debentures, for
the purchase of which the city called
for tenders some time ago, have beet
sold and the remainder will be dlsposeil
of ln a short time.
Reglna, Sept 21.���AlphonBe R. TUT
geon, well known for many years as
partner in the law firm of I.run..m ��
Turgeron, of Prince Albert, was sworn
In last night before Governor Forget a*i
attorney general of the province to succeed Hon. J. H. ���amont, who wns recently appointed to fill the vacancy on
the supreme court bench by tho Do-
tnlnli.n government. As a members of
the firm of Lament & Turgeon of Prince
Albert, Mr. Turgeron was well known
In the northern city.
Toronto, Sept. 24.���A Btrong plea fo*-
export duty on Canadian pulp was om
of the features of President Henry
Cockshutt'B address to the Cnnndlar.
Manufacturers' Association at their an
nual meeting at the King Rdawrd Hotel
this afternoon. Mr. Cockshutt stated
tbat 2,500,000 cords of pulp wood went
to the United States every year. "By
allowing this material to leave our
country ln Ita unmanufactured state we
are simply contributing to the unbuilding of our greatest industrial rival," he
said. "The imposition of an export
duty would unquestionably compel Investment ot United States capital in
Canadian pulp mills, would provide employment for thousands of Canadian
workemen and would ultimately open
the door for the sale of Canadian pulp
across the border."
A*    '  Oil   Company's   Ledgers and
/<*'c/4/   Books Not to Hand.
New Yorn, *>, -M.���Two books
which it is suppobv the state
transactions by which __. -tandary Oil
Company of New Jersey took over control of nineteen other oil companies,
formerly all with the Standard Oil Company of Ohio, cannot be found. They
are wanted by Frank B. Kellogg, the
government's counsel In the proceedings against the Standard Oil company.
They are the ledger and stock book
kept by John T. Bensinger, the transfer
clerk in  the employ of the company's
1899 when the re-organization was effected.
Mr. Kellogg hopes by the books to
prove that the Standard Oil company of
New Jersey is really a re-organization
of the company, which was prosecuted
by the government fifteen years ago,
for alleged restraint of trade. Ben-
singer has testified that he left the
booka in the vaults of the Standard Oil
Company building at 26 Broadway in
liquidating trustees  between   1892  and
1900 when his services were no longer
required, but none of the counsel of the
company who offered to search the
transfer department of tho Standard OH
company for Mr. Kellogg could be
found, nor could Wesley H. Tilford,
trustee, nor Charles M. Pratt, secretary.
nor Wm. G. Rockefeller, assistant treasurer of the company. Mr. Kel'ogg does
not know their whereabouts.
Stricter Observance of Decrees of Council of Trent Wanted by Pope
Rome, Sept. 24.���By a recent decree
of His Holiness Pope Pius X., the marriage laws throughout the Roman Catholic world have been made uniform, so
that every Roman Catholic in the world
ln whatever diocese he may be, will
be on the same footing as far as this
particular sacrament is concerned. The
official communication from the Vatican
has not yet reached America, but It will
shortly be promulgated In the churcheB.
The following Is the ruling of the
Council of Trent, on which bishops have
based their decisions:
"Those who otherwise than In the
presence of the parish priest himself,
or of another priest acting with the
license of the parish priest or of the
Ordinary, and In the presence of two
or three witness shall attempt to contract matrimony, the Holy Synod renders them altogether incapable of contracting marriage thus, nn| decrees
that contracts of this kind are null and
The Encyclical comments thereon:
But ln the meantime the same Sacred
Council prescribed that the said decrees should be published tn all the parishes, and was not to have force except
in those places In which it had been
promulgated. It has happened that
many places tn which the publication
had not been made have been deprived
of the benefit of the Trldentlne (Council
of Trent) law, and are still without It.
and continue to be subject to tbe doubts
and inconveniences of the old discipline.
And even ln places where the new
law has been enforced all difficulty has
not been removed, for often there has
been grave doubt as to the person of
the parish priest before whom the marriage was to be celebrated. The canonical discipline decided that he Ib to
be regarded as the parish prii-s.
tn whose parish one or other of the contracting parties has his or her domicile
or quasi'diimii-il.'. But on account of
the difficulty of judging of the existence
of a quasi iloiiiii'il.' a number of marriages were exposed to the danger of
nullity. This happened more frequently ln late years on account of the Increased facility of intercommunication
between the different countries. Consequently the Holy See was petitioned
to make Borne changes for the advantage of all concerned.
It was also asked by a great nuinliaT
of bishops, especially those ln Kuropo,
that provision be made to prevent lh..
Inconveniences arising from "spon-
srili.-i," that ln mutual promise of marriage, privately entered upon, explaining
lhat experience has sufficiently shown
the dangers of such "siionsalia," first us
being an Incitement to sin, and causing
Ihe deception of Ini'xperlenced girl:.,
snd besides giving rise to inextrlcabl.^
dissentlons and dispute.
Accordingly the Holy Father Instructed the Congregation of the Council t.r
make full enquiries into the whole matter and issue a decree applicable to tho
whole church.
Now the decree of tho Council ef
Trent, cap. 1, Sees, XXIV. de refi Mr*
Matrlm, which made ample proTlsIrn
against the rash celebration .if (__*._.-
tine marriages, will be proiuulgv.j,| i-i
the entire Roman Catholic worlu, ti.t
will not go Into force till Rxiter, 190*.
Gen. Crude Given Greater
Moors Plead To Keep Anns For Self-
Defcnce���Slow To Submit To
French Forces.
Paris, Sept. 24.���The Matin today
says it understands that General Drude
has received Instructions which permit
him to "sleep out." This means that he
iB not to return to the main camp at
the close of each day's operations, as
the tribes who have not accepted the
French terms of peace have retired to
such a distance that it would be impossible to reach them otherwise. The correspondent of the Matin at Casablanca
telegraphs that the delegates at the conference yesterday refused for a long
time to surrender llieir. arms. They
urged that they would be at the mercy
of the other tribes, but Anally their objections were overcome by a few concessions. M. Malperthuy, the French
consul at Casablanca, ts of the opinion
that the three tribes may be allowed to
retain their arms provisionally to preserve order in their territory and force
the other tribes to submit. After the
conference, which lasted three hours.
M. Malperthuy gave a banquet to tlie
delegates and lodged them ln the city.
The correspondent of the Matin at Tangier telegraphs that the famous consignment of rifles at Magazan has been
Carried off and that the weapons are
now on their way to Morocco City. The
empty cases were left behind. The governor will be held responsible for the
disappearance of the weapons.
R.   F.  Or.en   Thinks  British  Columbia
Will R.turn Conservative Phalanx
to Ottawa.
Hon. R. F. Green, ex-commlssloner of
lands and works, arrived ln the city
last evening and this morning left for
Kaslo, where he will spend some daya
visiting the Kootenay Lake Fruit Fair
and attending to some matters of private business. This is Mr. Green's first
visit to the Interior since the provincial
campaign, and being an enthusiastic
champion of the Kootenays, he is natur-
rally pleased with the progress of the
interior and particularly the development of the fruit growing Industry.
While Mr. Green Is no longer in politics he has no hesitation ln discussing
the political situation generally, and he
expresses the belief that, from all he has
heard from various sources, British Columbia will return a solid delegation of
Conservatives at the next general election. The time Is propitious for the
Conservatives to make their stand, and
Mr. Green agrees with the best Informed authorities that British Columbia
lias nothing for which to thank the government at Ottawa, but very many
reasons to condemn Sir Wilfrid Laurier's unfair treatment of this province.
Mr. Green will return to Nelson ln a
few days and will be present at Mr.
Borden's meeting in this city next Saturday evening. It is understood that
Mr. McBride will Bpeak at Mr. Borden's
meetings at several places ln the province and will probably accompany the
Conservative leader as far east as Calgary.
Kootenay lax* Fair.
(Special to Tho Dally Canadian.)
Kaslo, Sept. 24.���Kaalo's second annual Fruit Fair, which opened today, ia
a wonder. The exhibits this year are
far superior to that of a year ago. The
display of fruits Is expressed by ttiaiiv
to be a world beater. It Ib simply niag-
iillii'.ni and utmost impossible to be
beaten anywhere. Flowers and vegetables are on a par with the fruit. The
tastily decorated armory is a grand
sight. Entries aro numerous and the
display of fruit Is said to be superior
to a year ago. The exhibits are a
pleasant surprise to the many visitors.
The competition for the district exhibit
Is between Grand Forks and Kaslo but
the award Is not yet made. The Boundary hus certainly a magnificent exhibit
and is greatly admired.
Tecums.h. Start West.
Toronto.   Sept.  24.���Phillip     Queri-ie
tendered    a    dinner  to  the Tecumaeh
lacrosse team before they left for their
Pacific coast trip last night.
Shrubb'. Sporting Offer.
Toronto, Sept. 24.���Shrubb has challenged laongboat. 8herrlng and the 1-Bt
third man that can bo secured to a '.en
mile relay race.
I i
'�� 3-.
. ii:;
���   "i
I    5
*; .
i r;
-#! *1 srr
The Daily Canadian
"Will close at 1 p. m. on the
Wednesday and Thursday, but
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital   Paid  Up         4,830,000
He.t         4,830,000
D. R. WILKIE. President. HON. ROBERT_JAFFBAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit andcreditedquarterly.
1NBL8ON branch aJ*   W\m   LAY^  Manager.
dispute   that   threatens   to  demoralise
the city police force. All parties concerned have perfect confidence in the
sincerity and fairness of Mr. Crease
and citizens look confidently to hi in to
find a solution of tho difficulty which
will involve no sacrifice of principle hy
anyone, and which will enable the city
to retain the services of the force. Incidentally, there can be nothing but re-
Kret that in some quarters the interest
of the city was so far forgotten that a
threat nf public) slander, possibly partially relevant. If a certain course were
not pursued was anule. It is noi by
threats and abuse that harmony is restored but by respectful forbearance to
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  18
.$3,900,000     Reserve   Fund %4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kind, of Banking Business.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published t\x .i-<y*. a week  r.y Ibe
Baker St.. Nelson, B. 0
Buoscrlptlon rate*-, 50 cent* a mohth aelivered
iu the city, or $6.00 a year lt sent by mail, when
paid In advance.
Advertising rates on application.
All  monies paid  lu   settlement ol   The Pally
Canadian accounts, either for subscriptions or
advertising, must be receipted for on the printed
lortnB of   the Company.   Other receipt- are not
Tuesday, September 24, 1907.
Ii. L. Borden will address the people
of Nelson Saturday nitfht on the political Issues of the day. That the meeting will be well attended and that the
Conservative leader will be eagerly listened to, may be taken for* granted.
Mr. Borden is not what is vulgarly called a "spel]|j|nder." He has never yet
appealed to the prejudice or ignorance
of an audience. He becomes animated
In debate In the House or when replying to unfair innuendo such as the latest
ebullition of Hon. A. B. Aylesworth,
but as a rule, on the public platform.
his method Is calm persuasion rather
than   rhetorical   appeal.
His purpois on his present tour has
not l-een especially to kindle fighting
enthusiasm in his own party, which unfortunately Is the object of most political tours, hut to take Uie whole pub
lie Into his confidence, explain his proposals for the present nnd ids ideals
for the future, and to awaken in all an
intelligent and honest interest in public
affairs and to Inspire the electorate
with a desire for cleanness iu public
By the adm ission even of his enemies Mr. Borden's appeal has been
made from a high level. He has not
stooped to appeal to special interests
or prejudices of any kind. He has om
doctrine for all the provinces and al:
classes. Of the tone and conduct of hll
campaign the Toronto News says:
"By his Ontario tour Mr. Borden a;
least has shown that he regards politic;
as worthy of the serious attention ot
the elector!. Government is to him U
matter of public concern. Politically bl
is in the tirst place a student of gov
eminent, and he pays his audiences tin
tribute of believing that they wish t'
understand the science of politics. HI:
tour has been educative. He has deal
Kith policies of adiniuislrutloii  and iX:
Our contemporary publishes copies of
the telegrams that passed between Hon.
R. W. Scott, secretary of state, and
Lieut.-Gov. Ounsmuir. We cannot see
that they throw any new light
on the subject exceiit as to
Senator Scott's original use of the
word assurance and perhaps ns to
his anxiety. Has our contemporary
forgotten how dangerous telegrams may
become in careless hands? It ia not a
year yet. since our contemporary startled
the world with the information that a
gentleman in the north "wires down
that, he cannot communicate."
velopment. and has illustrated his argument  by  facts drawn  from the history
of  the   present  administration   and   his
own party.   He has met the elector's and
fully explained his own position.    As a
consequence  the  discussion  of   politics
in Ontario today centres round Mr. Borden's Ontario meetings.    He has forced
his   opponents,  and   he   has   persuaded
his  own  following, to do some Berious
political thinking.    Finally, it has been
political   thinking on   the  higher   questions   of   administration.     It   may   perhaps   be  an   advantage   to  the   country
that   Mr.   Borden   does   not   believe   in
dazzling his  audiences  with  eloquence,
nor in captivating them with a display
of his -eVn personal attractiveness. Both
these methods of appealing to audiences
are of value in their own  place.    But
Mr.  Borden speaks   to  the  intelligence
of   the   electorate. As  a   politician   who
believes in solid argument, he is stimulating a   demand   for   sound   political
exposition which is of infinitely greater
worth than    the oratory of    the spellbinder.
Neither political party tp Canada can
claim ihat the other has been the only
one to adopt planks from platforms
which they were not tho first to build.
Ii would be folly for Conservatives to
deny that they have not approximated
in some respects to the traditional policy of Reform. Reformers may not believe theoretically ln protection, but
that cannot be discovered from their
government of the country. The present administration at Ottawa has not
reformed' the Senate, Mr. Borden's
Halifax platform displays all the characteristics of having been framed by
a party In Opposition. Will he be able
to convince the country lhat his party
would carry out the same policy if they
were in power? It Is true as was pointed out at the meeting in lieaverton,
that the Halifax platform is on parallel
dries to the Whitney policy, and that
that receives the general support of the
Conservative party in Ontario. It is
true as well that when electors become
convinced of the wisdom of adopting
any political jiolicy, they do not ask
if the party offering it has had it on
the premises for any given number of
years. Their chief concern ll with the
present. But the public is not as easily
convinced as it used to be that politicians will stick to Op|K>sltlon policies.
To justify tills policy and io impress the
electorate with the finality of the Conservative party's adherence to It, unless the altered circumstances of the
country should justify any change form
Mr. Borden's present task. He has reason lo be gratified with his reception in
Ontario. Conditions are not identical
in the WeBt, and the character of the
impression he makes there has yet to
be seen."
Careless Murderer.
Seattle. Sept. 23.���The body of an unknown girl about 18 years old. was
found in a trunk yesterday on the beach
about two miles south of Elliott Bay.
In tha trunk were two letters, one of
which may lead to her Identification.
This letter was written on a letterhead
of the J. B. Covington Fuel, Feed and
Hauling company, St. Paul, Minn., and
was  signed Kdith.
For Sale
Ground Floor���Hall, library, parlor
(bpen fire place), dining room, conservatory and kitchen.
Upper Floor���Five bedrooms and
bath -room.
50 ft. Lot���Good garden with fruit
trees, woodshed and chicken house.
The house is well situated and a short
distance from  P. O.
Terms and prices on application.
F. B.  LYS
Real   Estate  and  General  Agent.
315  Baker St.,  Nelson,  B. C.
In the matter of an sppliraliou tor the tuna of
a duplicate of lhe Certificate of Title fur lot ���**-",
an*) ttie -.re-it half ot lot __,, block til. in the Town
uf Nelson.
Notice tl hereby given that it la my intention
to lame at the expiration �����( one month alter the
fi rut publication hereof a duplicate ot the certlllcate of title for the above lands, tu tht- name of
Lydla Shields, which certlllcate Ih dated tbe 21st
day of December, 1900, and numt>ered 3991 K.
*-H   P. MacLeod,"
District Registrar.
Notice i- hereby given that the undersigned
have submitted io ine Lieutenant Goveruor-iu-
Councll a proposal under the provisions of the
"Rivera and streams Act," for clearing and removing obstructions from n River ami Meadow Creek, in the District of West Kootenay, anil
for making the same tit for rafting and drtv
ing thereon logs, timber, lumber, rafts p mi crarts
and for erecting and maintaining booms for
holding, sorting and delivering logs and timber
brought down aaid creek and river, and for attaching boom** to the ahore of said creek and
river for sal.- purposes.
The lands to be affected by said work are: ���
Lots 163, 5187, 4B92, and sub lols 1, fi. 11 IS, 14 and
Ut of Lot 4MB, QtQUV L Kootenay District.
The tolls proposed to be charged are inch as
mav be fixed by the Judge of the County Court
of West Kootenay.
Dated 31st July, 1907.
Thk international Luhbrh tb Mkhcantii.-* Co ,
In the matter of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate Certificate ol Tit!.- tor part (40 seres)
of I-ot Ml!.''roup one, lu the District of Kootenay.
Notice is hereby given tbat ll is my futentlou
to Issue at the expiration of one month Irom the
first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of 'J ltle for tbe above lands in the name
of Andrew Morrison, which CertiOcale of Ti this dated the 5th  day  Oi March, 1900, and   num-
bared RMK,
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B. C.,September
II tb, 1907.
-*B    P. MacLeod."
Dlatrlct Registrar.
Notice Is hereby given, for the Iralormalion of
intending settlers and others, that selection has
been made of the "VjOO.OOO acres of land situated
In the Peace River Valley, Province of Hritish
Columbia, granted to tba Dominion Governme"l
under the provisions of Hvctlon 7 of "An Act
relating to tin* Inland Hallway, the 'iraving
Dock and Railway Lands of the Province," and
such land Is not open to entry under the land
laws of the province
The block selected Is described as follows :-
Commencing at a point'.';';, miles south of the
Pca-o Kiver on tbe 120th Meridian, being the
���Attorn boundary ol the province, thence west
7.ri miles and 88 64 chains, thenee uoitn T2 miles
and B6JDH chains, thence cast 7lj milea aud 88. fit
chains, thence south to the point of commencement following the 120th Meridian and containing approximately 1400,000 acres.
Notice is also given that, wllh a view to
facilitating    settlement    In    the   valleys  ol   the
Peace, Pars nil) aud Pack Rivers, the following
belt of land l miles In width and extending
miles on each side of lhe   Peace, Parsnip ami
belt of land   .0 miles   in   width aud   extcndln
.     _   .'I'ui'i', Parsnip an..
Pack Rivers has bo-ri reserved for actual ���ettlcrs
It was a happy suggestion of Aid.
Selous to auk the services of K. A.
Crease ao a mediator in the regrettable
to be accjulred by preemption only under t
land Acl, such land not being open for sa,_.
lease, licence or other alienation under the said
Act except by preemption:
Commencing at the intersection of the western
boundary of tlie block of laud selected by thu
l omlnlon 'iovernment with the Peace river,
theuce following the Peace River and Parsnip
River to their confluence with the Pack Kiver
and thenee following the Pack river to the
���'i.iii'"' where said Pack River leaves McLeod
Lake, and extending for a distance of 20 miles
on each side of tald Rivers and approximately
170 miles in length.
All lands outside the boundaries nf tbe Dominion Government ('rant aud 'the reserve
AD0T0 described are open for location under the
laws of the Province.
W. J    BOWBKIt,
Acting Chief Commissioner of Lands and Work'
LhihIm and Worn* Department,
1    Victoria. "September uth, 1907.
Nelson I-and District.   District of West Kootonaj
Take notice lhat K. 8. t, Siuyih, of  l'm�� ur. B.
O., occupation lumberman, Itu-mls  to spi'-y for
a ���pedal umber licence over the following de<
scribed lauds:
No. 1. ('ommenclng ata posl planted near the
northeast la'oriicrposi oi Lot *>o _&_8, OU uAU-Oll
Creek and marked ti. ti P. Smyth aouthweel cur-
nerpoat No 1. Iheuce 40 chums norlli more or
less to about midway of lhe south boundap line
oi timl.er liceuee No. MOB, thence ho chalna east,
thence 40 chains south, thence 4" obaini OASt-
theiuc 40 chains south, ihence N chain-* wesl,
more or less lo the southeast corner ot aforesaid
Lot No 2048. iheuce 40 chains nortb. theuco 10
chains wc-l to the poiut of minniem .nn nl
Dated -��th July, [907. k. ���*. r ->mvth,
Henry Bi-lchrrl, Agent.
Nelson Laud District.   District oi West Kootenay
No. 8
Take notice that J. K. T. BtewArt. ol Colling-
wood, out., occupation lumberman, intends to
Apply for  a special   MmU-r   licence  over the following described lauda:   Comment lug   At a p.>sl
planted about .v, chains souiii and 10 chaina west
of post No. 2, marked J. R K. Btewart'a N B. corner poit, Ihence south ISO chain*., then, c west til
chaius, thence north 1W chains, thence 888-40
chains to place of coniuiciicciiicnt containing '"-40
iuri',1 more or lean.
July -,4th, 1W7. Jamu If.   F. Sikwakt,
Nelaon Lam! Dlitrict   Dlatriot of Wait Kootenay.
Take notice that Henry Reich, rt   ol   Nelson. B.
('.prospect r, lntendi to Apply lor a apeclal n-
c. uce lo cut anil cairy away Umber from the (ol-
lowing deaeiibed lauds:
No 0. Commencing at a post planted near tho
lioithcBhl corner post of 1'i'llbel Licence Ho  'J-Wi
ami marked Henry Keichert uorthweet corner*
post   No   6, theuce So ciiaius  louth, tbanee 80
iiirtlUH eaai, theuce HO chain*, norm, thence HO
chaius west to place oi eonimemeiuolil.
Dated July 26th, liW7.
No. 7 Commencing At A post planted near the
northwest corner poat of tlmbei Hi enoe No it26b
and marked Henry Belcher, a. west corner post
No 7. iheuce lfiO ehalna Bast, tbence 4o chains
north, thence 100 ohalna weat, theace 40 chains
south to polut of commencement.
Daled July _��lth, 1907.
No. H. Commencing at a poal planted on Monument creek about 70 chains more or leiss from
-.-.here Monument creek elliptic* into 1-cmon
creek and marked Henry Relcberl northeast cor*
uerpoat No H thence 100 cbaina souih, iheuce 40
chalus weep theuce 100 obaina nortb. thence *J0
i ...'in*, east to place of commencement.
Dated July _iith, l'JO" liKMtv Kkichkbt,
I oi alor.
Nelson I_and District. District ol Weit Kooteuay
NoUoa is hereby given mitt K' days after date
1 intend to apply to the Chief ' ommlssiouer of
Lauds and works for jHTmisslon to cut and
< arr* away Umber from the following described
No. 4 Commeuelug at a po-t marked II. A H.
N. W corner, 200 chain-.-.-���ir.i ol tbe N. E. corner
of lot No H12, post marked K. ti. M. S. corner,
'.hence east HO chains, iheuce touth HO chains,
theuce west HO chains, ihence nonh Hi) chains to
place of commeucemeut containing 6+i acres.
No. &   Coinmenclug at the   N. ���**. corner of II
���.*- B. timber claim No   4, tbence north HO chains,
Ihence east 80 chains, thence south  HO chains,
theuce west HO chains lo pl_.ee of comnit-nc-incut
ui location post No. ft, coiiit-iniiig &4U acres
I     O.   K UKHVi..:!''   -.*���.   l...i'1-.tor
*_eo   Huscroft, Agent.
Dated July Hlh. ltA**..
Nelson Lund District. District of West Kootenav
Take notice BbAt iunl August Pauls- n, of Kitchener, B.C., occupation lumbeimaii. Intends
to apply fore special umber llctnce over the follow ing ���!.���-.���: 11.. ���; In lids: Common-lug at a post
planied at iho Boiilhwest corner of surveyed lol
1221 tti thence south to the northern boundary
of timber licence No. 701R, thence west to Ibe
northwest corner of said timber licence, theme
south to the northern boundary of loi Hl2. thence
following said boundary, of said lot wett to the
right of-way of the tirltlsh CoiuuiL.a Southern
Railway, ttience following aald right-of-way In a
uorth-easlerly direction to place ol commence-
meikt, and containing 6.0 acrea, more or leas.
Dated Julv 2nd. 1Wj7.    PAUL Ai'ucbt P_,uu>on.
Notice ts hereby given that 00 QMJ* alter date 1
intend to apply to the Hon. i/hief Commtssloner
of LandB aud Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands, situated iu West
Kooteuay district: Commencing at a post marked by name as initial post of the South Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the junction of
Lost creek with the south fork; theuce one-
quarter mile to the northwest corner poat, thenca
oue mile to the uoriiieait corner post, theuce
one-quarter mile lo lhe southeast corner post,
theuce oue mile to  the place of commeucemeut
June 27, 1007, Located by Wat. CONNOLLY.
N- i nil Laud District. District oi West Kootenay
Take nollce thai Moore, Kepple A- c o., of Oar-
land, Peuu , occupation lumbermeu, intends to
apply ior a special umber licence over the lollowlng described lands : Commencing at a post
planted ou Mosquito creek, ou tlie west side of
Arrow lake, and about one half mile west ol the
southwest corner of Umber limit No. 4877, thence
north HO chalus, thence west HO chains, tbence
south Hu chains, theuce easl Ho chains to point of
commencement, and containing 040 acres, more
or less.
Dated 15th, July, l'JO".     Moobi, Kutlk A Co.
John R CaI.ki.nh, Agent.
Take notice tbat 30 OMJt alter date J intend to
appiv to the Hon. lhe Chief Commissioner of
l.iiii-i- ami Work., Victoria, lor permission to
cut and curry away Umber frofh the following
described laud, iu ������ ��� ���: Kootenay:
No. l. Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest comer of Umber license H646, theme
wesl HO chains, iheuce south b0 chains, thence
east HO chaius, thence north HO cnalns to place of
Daled May ill, l'J07.        J.T. fiuKUEMH, locator.
J. W. i oi.ui un. Agent.
No. 2 Commencing al a post planted at the
souih east corner of appl] cat luu -NO. 1. thence east
HO cnalns, thence norlh HO chains, thehce wesl HO
chains, theuee south au chains to place of commencement.
Dated May 81, 1_*07.       J   T. BUROKsa, Locator,
J. W. Colbokn, Agent.
Wa* will a xhllili In our -.how riiauii on   hlcihuI   llonr.  0-_UD��n_U���|  Tut-mlay
n.xl  it luiu-nilli'iin display uf Imports-  Trll B_  und  Pattern  Hum. IiicIuiIIiik
all the vairj  lrii.1.1 French and New Yurk style* and  creations In  Ladles' head-
wear in ihe leading  up-to-d-ta lb-dee.
Wa- Invite the ladles to cull and lane���t  our Immense _S_0f_tD___ of  Fall
.���mil Winter Huts. New  Furs, Mantles, Skirts anal Fancy nnd Btapls Dry (!.m.,|h.
\V_-   Have   NothlnB   Of .Miilli)i-Uci-��l'i-,���nnl|
Qi__-_r_lone_blo t_��iuiilt>' AttenUwti "i <>
Nelson Land District.   Dlsu-.ci of West Kootenay.
Tako notice that George Alexander, ol Kaslo,
B C, iuteuda lo apply (or a Bpe< nil Umber
licence over the following dew ri bed lands:
Comment-lug at a poat plauted tti the northwest
corner of Suction IS, iownsh!p7, Koote lay district, being about oue-lhlrd Of a mile south Ol
the sotith boundary line of the Indian reserve;
thence a.,uth about :4b rhalns to tin-easterly
bank of Kooleuay river; 'liemMJ - oithi-asterly
along Kootenay river hank about B0ebalna to
the south boundary ol Bee loo 12, rownsblp 7:
thence easterly aboul ho chain - t" tba northwest
comer of Lot nl; I hence aortb HO cbatna aloug
th�� west boundary ol i-oi BU* tbenoa mtfl
cbains to the point of commencement, and con-
tiUnlng 010 acrei-. more ur leaa
Daled Julv 4. I*-**/!. (JXOMI AI.KXANnBB.
Nelsou I and DUttlOl    LUatr.' I ol Worn) Kootenay.
Take uotice thai I mi McClelland Krnscr, of
Fernie, B. (', clerk, tntebda tu ��i>|-ly for a special
licence   over   the   following    deaeiibed   lands:
Commencing ai a post planted at-out s*-ven
mllea west of the Kooiruav river, and abOttt one
mile north of Uie nretnational I OUO lary line,
ami abOnt ont; and a .-uarter iiorUi-.-a-'Uarly from
the north easi ��� orner oi Umber licence No. "*V��7,
thence aouth HO Clia us. th-nLC w-i t JO chainm,
them ������ north HO chains, thenc-. t-a-t to chains to
point of commencemeut, ami couialuing '���in
il   .i .-. mttre or less.
L��Kaak.Ml Ulh, of June, 1907.
KVAN McCl.Kl.LAN   Klt_-vii
Dated thlsHth of July, 1S07.
Take notice that C. C. Clark, ol Nelson, B. C,
saloon kteepex, ll-jpnrtl to apply lor a special timber licence over the following described laud .
Commencing at a  pnat    pl-iuted    on    Morning
Mountain, about oue mile west ol Smelter creel.
and   adjoining C. C   Clark's IcM-ation  for   timlwr
licence No   1. aud about one mile south oi Nel
sou.   tbence   west   ho   chains,  thence   south  ho
halns,   theme   east 80 ehains,   theue��   north HU
halns to place of beginning.
Dated July Pith. ly07. f'   i'. ('mill,
David Booth, Agent
Take nonce ihat John Koss, of Fernie, B. C,
hotel-keeper, lulemls lo apply for a ipeclal Umber licence over the following described lauds:
U Commencing al a post plauted In the Dlstrlctof Went Kootenay. Neliou MluliiK Division,
on lhe north lork ol the no.uth l"rk of Lostcrw.-k,
about 6ve mile'-up creek from where two foiks
meet and ahout six mllea north of the Interna
tlonal Boundary Lino and about twenty-eight
miles west of Kootenay Kiver, thence east HO
chains, thence north 80 chains, theuce westHO
chains to bank of aald crock, thence dowu stream
to place of eiiiniiii'iiceuieut.
i. Boss, L'�� iit.,1,
2. Commencing al a pCft plautecl at the southwest corner ol i. Koss's No. 1 location. Ihrnce
west ho chains, thenoe north Wl chains, thence
east HO i halns more or leas to bank of said creek,
thenee down stream lo place of commencement.
J, Kohm, I-ocator
8. Commencing at a post planted ator near
the southwest corner of J. (loss's No.I location,
thence westHO chains, thence south HO chains,
thenoe cail BO cbaina, more or less, to aald creek,
'hence up stream lo place ol beginning.
' * f. ItOftfl, Ijocator.
4. Commencing at a posl planted it or near
the southwest corner ol J Koss's No. 1 location,
thenee east HO chains, theuce south HO chaius,
theuce west HO chains, more or less, to bank ol
said creek, thenee up stream to place of com*
mencement. .   ���        ��
J. Ross, Locator.
b. Commencing at a post planted about two
miles south of the southwest corner of J. Koss s
NO. 1 location, OD the north (oik of the souih
fork oi L st creek, and about lour miles up
stream, Dom where the two forks meet, them-e
east HO chains, thenc* north B0 chains, tbanoa
west BO cbatna, more or less, to bank of said
creek, tbence down stream to place ol commence-
meut* J. EtOOt. Locator.
��.   Commencing at a post  planter) at, or near,
the southwest oorner <���/ J- KoWa No fi looatlon,
on Lost oraog, thence west 80 chains, thence
north HO chains, theure (*Qchaim east, more or
less, to liank of said creek, thenco down stream
lo place of commencement.
Located jftih June, 1007.
J, Rons, l/ocator.
Time for advertising  extended by the Assistant
Nelson I_and District.   District ol West Kootenay.
Take   notice  that Thos.   o\  L. Logan, ol  Bon
ner's Kerry, occupation painter Intends to appl!
-.    ���_,  _. plant
on the* ni.b side of Houmlary creek, about in
miles west of lh" Kootenay liver, thence wesl hi
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thenc,. uorih MOchalns to the polntof
'iimiii.-iicuuHiii, Hnd eoutaining 040 acres, more
or leaa.
Dated July otb, 1907,
ner's Kerry, occupation painter Intemls lo apply
ior ii special limber licence over the follow i*
described lands:   Commencing; at arBOOt planied
-Iio-MA" K, L. hOOAtf,
Nelson Laud Dlitrict.   District oi West Kootenay.
Tak-* notice that I, ti. F. Wallaci*. ol Kernle.
B ��'.. hot��l-kee|>cr, intend lo apply for a special
Umber licence over the following described
lauds :
1. i'ommencing at a post planted about lour
miles west of the Kooh-tmy river and OU0 mile
uorih of the iuieruatioual boundary line, tbeuev
south 80 chains, Ihence QUI 80 chains, thence
norlh 80 chaius, thenre west to chains to the
point of commencement, coutainlug 04o acres,
more or leas.
Dated July zird, 1907.
2. Commencing ata post planted at the north
west corner of location No. 1, the-ice south ho
chains, thence west 80 chains, them-e north 80
chains, theuce east 80 chains to the point of
commencemeut, containing 610 acres, more or
Dated July '23rd, 1907.
3. Commencing at a post planted at norlli
west cornerof location No. 3, tbence north Ho
chains, thence west ho mains, thence- south hu
chains, theuce ea*.t ho chains to the point ol
commencement, coutaluiug t>40 acres, more or
Dated July 23rd. 19U7.
4. Commencing at a posl planted at the northwest corner ol No- 1 location, tbeuee north ��u
chalui, thence rail 80 chains, thence south 80
cbains, thenca treat 80 chains t o the point of
commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
Dated July *��(rd, PJ07
5. Commencing ai a post planU-d ahout two
miles north an l '<_. mile east of the northwest
corner ol location No. 1, thence south HO chains,
ihence east Bo halns, thence north HO rt_alns,
thence west 80 -.halns to the point of comnieuce-
inent, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Date,) July KBrd, 1907.
0. Commencing at a post planted at northwest corner ol location No, 5, theuce south 80
chains, thence west 80 chalus, thence north 80
chains, theuce east 80 chains to the polut of commencement, containing G40 acrei more or lei��.
Dated July 23rd, 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner of 1 oration No S, thence north 80
cnalns, thence west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, tbence east HO cbains to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or lesa
Dated July 23rd, 1907
8 Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner of location No. 5. thence north BO
chains, thence ,-rtf.t *c- chains, thence south HO
chains, thence west Hfj rhalns to the polntof com
mencement, containing 040 acres more or leas.
Dated July 23rd, 1807.
V. Com men ring at a post planted at,out .'
tulles west of the northwest corner of locatl-Hi
No 6, thenre smith HO chains, thenee east Hi)
chains, theure north Ho cbains. them-e wesi no
ehalns tn the point of commencement, aud containing 640 acres more or less.
Dated July 24th, 1907.
10. Commcnciug at a post planted at tba
northwest OOtnOI of location No. 9, them-e noi th
ho c halns, thence east HO chains, theuce south to
ehains, theuce west 80 rhalns to the point ol
commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
Daled July 24th, 1907.
11. Commencing at a post planted al-out i
l., miles west of lhe north went cornerof location
.No 9 and aboOtU "-"e ���"Uth thereof, tbence
south HO chains, tnence east Hn chalus. thcin-e
north HO chnins, thence west 80 chains to iIn*
point of commencement, containing t>4u acres,
more or less.
Dated July24lli, 1907.
IU, Commencing at a post planted al tba mirth
west corner of location Ko 11, theme north BO
chains, thence east 80 chains, ihem-e South Ho
chains, thenee west HO chains to the point of
commencement, containing Old acres,   more or
C(>aU��d July Mth, (007.
18. Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner of location No 11, ihence north BO
chains, thence went 80 chains, thenee south 80
ehalna, thence east HU chains to the point Of
commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
Dated July Mth, 1U07
14. Commencing at a post planted It tha northwest corner of location No. 11, thence south HO
chalus, thence west 80 chains, ihence norlh HO
ehaius, theuee east 80 chains to the point of
- - muni'* cnicnt, containing 640 acres, more or
Dated July24lh, 1907.
lfi. Commencing al a post planted about two
miles north of northwest corner of locution of No.
11, theuce south Ho chains, Iheuce east HM chains,
theuce north 80 ehalm, Ihenoe west vi chain-,
to the point of commencement, cuiitalning MO
acren, more or lesa.
Dated July 24th, 1907.
10, Commencing alapost planied at the northwest corner of location No. If,, thenre north HO
chaim, thence easl 80 chains, the nee south hu
chains, theuce west 80 chains to the point ol
commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
Dated July 24th, 1907.
17. Commencing at a post planted Ht tlie uorlhweat corner of location No. lfi, them-e north "0
chains, thence west 80 chains. then"e south 0
chains, ihence east ���-��� i chains lo lhe jkiIii). of
commencement, containing i.to acres, more or
Dated July 24th, 1907.
18 Commencing nt a post planted at th"
northwest corner 0l lora Inn No 15, thenre south
80 chains thence wesl HO chain*, thenee north to
chains, thenco east 80 chalm to the nolm of commencement, eoutaining Mo acres more or leu
Dated July MM  I'JOl.H P. Waiia<k  i.���..,.| ,r,
Juiim Uko-.N, Ageut.
Nelson Land Dlitrict. District of West Kooteuay
Take nollce that Moore. Kepple .t 00 . of (Jar
laud, I'i'iiii., occupation luuilx-ruien, intend to
apply lor a s|>eclal tlml-er licence over the following described lands: Commencing at nt-nut
planted on Mnw'tiito creek, * n the west ntde of
Arrow lake, and nboutoue half mile .-.���*-*.,) ihe
aonthwoat oornor of ttinbor limit no. -u-rn. tbenoa
south to . halns, theure west HO chains, thence
north HO ehalns. thelice east HO chains to point of
i nmmcnceineut. and OOnt-tlM-H MO acres, more
or I.--*-
Da led 1Mb July, 1907.       MooHK, K ri i I I .'.   Co
John K. ('alkikb, Agent.
Nel-on I-and District District of West Koou-nay
Titke  notice   that   William    Andrew    Koss,  of
fertile. B   C ,   hotel keeper   intend* to appiv lor
b apaclal tun l-cr licence over thi following des-
ribed   lands:    Commenting   at   a  po-H   planted
'limit six in lies west of the Kootenay river, ou
urn > reek, in lhe District of West Kootenay
:���'-..-   about six   miles  north   of  the  taiter-
rutl Mial    boundary    line,    and    situate   at the
iiorthenst corner of WiJHam   Andrew   Koss' No.
I timber claim, tbanoa north ho chain*, theuce
iroat IS chains,   them-e   south Ho  chains,   Iheuce
eard mi chains, to the point of commencement
Located July Mrd, 1907
Dated thcHth ol Aug   1907
Williah AMiarw Koas
Nelsou Land District.   District of "*���"*���--! Kootcnay
Tnke noiice ihat I, Kvan Kraser, of Kernle, B.C.,
clerk, Intend to apply (or a special Umber license
ov.r the following dcMTtbed lands;
1. Commencing al a post planted at the N. K.
corner about I1*, miles north of the International boundary line and al-out 11 miles west ot the
Kootenay river (about one mile north of the
north boundary of I* L No 8072) thence 80
chaius south, lliri.ee -*i chains west. Iheuce 80
chains uorih. theme Hu chains east to the place
of heglnnitik.
Dated July -Ut, 1907.
2. Commencing at a post planted at the N. K.
corner of location No 1. theure south HO chain*,
thenee east 80 chains, thence north *-) chaini,
tbence wesl to chains to the place ol  beginning.
Dated July /lst, 1907.
8. Commencing at a post planted at the N. K.
corner of locution No 1. thente north 80 chains,
iheuce east to chains, them-e south ������*-> chalus.
th. in .* wesl HO chain* to place of beginning.
DatOd July 21st, 19H7.
4. Commencing at Uie V. ��� corner ol location
No. 1, thence north HO chains, thenre wesl 80
chain*, thonoa south _DChalna* ihence east ho
cbains to the '��>ice if beginning.
Dated July Jlst, 1907.
5 Commencing at a po��t plauted one mile
east of the N. K conn r of location No. 3, thenre
south 80 rhalns, thence west 80 rhalns, theoce
north **-i chains, theure easl fWchaina lo the place
of beginning
Da(M July 21st. 1907.
6. Comraenrii,; Nt a poM planted al the N. K
ctirner of local!- .i ***o ...theuce south 80 chains.
theme easl 80 ��� l.alns. :���.������..������ uortn 80 chains,
theuce west 80 --hnin* to lhe pla< 8 of beginning.
Dated July .'Ul, Ia,!.
7. Coin -icing nt a i>o*i planted at the N I
cornet of H .lion No .r> then* ������ north 80 rhalns.
theuce n_.i to cbiiit.- then e south 80 ehalm,
thence   .est   o rhittii- to the pl-*o-* of  beglnulng.
Dan     Jul) .'1st, 1001
8. f "tnmen ing at a post planted al the N. K.
corner if location Ko 5, theuce noi lh 80 chaini,
iheiict   wait00ohalns* thonoi south ho chains,
thenre    -a*t H ' | li_m- to the   place of begliinltig.
Dated Inly Mat, 19-f7 I     I i , -ki,   1 ,., ���tor.
J- -ts    IgOWW, Ageut.
Nelson I-and Dlslnct. Dlstrlctof Weal Kootenay
Take notice that I, Kllsaheth Ferguson, of Nelion, British Col'imbla, occupation married wo
man. intend to apply lor permission lo purchase
the following desi rlhed land I Comineiielug at a
post plan ted.0 chains west of the southeast corner of section 22, Township 69 Kootenay, and
mnrked "K. K * N. K corner. " theuce west Ho
chains, tbence south 40 chains, tbence eatt ho
chains, thenre north 40 chains to the place of
commencement snd containing ��� *" acres more
15th Julv. A. D. WH.    KLIZAT8TH PTtaiii-LoK.
by W. A. Calder, agent.
Molaon l*aml DlgtnOt   District of West Kootenay.
Take mMlce that I, David 0 Kurtz, <d Nelson,
B. *'., oecupailon merchant, Intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following described
laud: Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest corm-r of section M, township 89.
Kootenay, and marked "D- <*. K.'s ti. W. corner,"
theme north H"j ihains, thence east 40 chains,
theure south ho chains, thence west 40 chalm
to the [mint of commencement and conlainlng
BO acres more or leai.
lftth July, 1907. David <i   Kt-rtj,
W. A. Calder. agent.
Take notice tbat I, Thomas Harry Wilson, Intend io apply for permlaalon i" pnrohtuo tha lol*
lowing described land : Commencing al a post
planted at thcH K. comer of lot 7-VlH and marked
."���*. k corner, tbence south In chains, thenee
weat 10 chnins, theuce south lo chains, tbence
west in ehalna, tbence souih 10 rhalns. thenre
Weat lo chaini, theuce Nouth in chains, theme
west 10 chnins, lbenee north 40 chnins, thence
east 4o chalui lo point of commencement ami
roiitalnlug !-*���' hi'' -, more or less
June 7, 1907 Tiiiimas Hkskv Wil->on.
William \  ���>��� ������" M ii.t-M. agont
Nelson Lgnd District.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice thai I, John Lang, of Nelson, 11. C,
oc upatlon   miner   Intend   to apply for   permission to purohaaa tbe following dtaeribod Uindii
Comiuenclng at a post planted at the N. K. of
U,t to'Ji, thenee easl 20 chains, thenee south 20
ehalim, thence west 20 chulns, theme north 20
chains to ]Hdnt of commencement, containing 40
acre*, more or Ics*.
August 2nd, 1907, John La no.
Notice is hereby given that Ml days alterdate, 1
Intend to apply lo the Hon. chief Coi-imissloner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following described inud Iu West Kooteuay
district, on west shore of I*ower Arrow I*ake,
adjoining Lot No. 4948, on the south : Beglnulng
it s posl marked "Harry HOMOd1! N.K eorner
post iunl limited on the shore of I^iwer Arrow
Lakt. at the southeast rurtiui of Opt Foslund's
14918, thence w��-st 20 ( hnlus, tbence souih 20
chsins more or less to the north boundary ol It.
Kullnmre's P. It , ihence 2" chains east along tbe
said boundary to lake, theuce north aloi:g the
'������*     shore 20 chains,  more or   less to point of
May 2nd, 1907. .1. 1>. Moor8.
Agent (or Harry MeLcod,
Nelson Land District, Dlstrlctof West Kuotciisy.
'lake notice th nl QoorgO Kuf us Carter of Hlrdar,
(H-i'iipatloii, brhlgetnan, Intends to apply for t*er-
mls-ioii to piui-hase tbe following described
land: Coniineii ing at (misI planted at the north*
west corner ol P. itnss'application to purchase,
marked K. W,, thence norlh 40 chnins, thenco
east 40 chains, thenre south 20 rhalns to A.
curry's preemption, thence west 20 ehains.
thence-touth 20 chains, thence --"-i " chains to
place or cninuiciiceiiicut containing 120 acrea
more or less.
Doted July 12. ioo7.     Ogoadf Rvpog GAtrafei
W. J  Mon, Agent.
acrei more or less.
Locate-" March 2Mb, 1907
tainlng 80
W. A. MlLU.
Take notice ihat I, Arthur ilex pitrhf���. _. 1
tend to apply for Mrmlaalon to purehsi?��
lowing dewrlbed lands: ('01.11.!,.,,^^
planted at the N. K. corner of Lot lEftS_i!
MH. K. corner, thence north 4Cch.i^��S
west "J. chains, thence souih 40 eh_ nl S2
easl �� rhalns tt,   point   ot   eolllI1!(*. * ^^
oontelntng ho aerea, more or ie**eno ""^ m
June 7, HNfl Ahthcsau. fnrmmi
William ai���,nioM,u_, \���^
Tase nollce that 1, William K. JsrrT^Z.*
t*. apply for permission to pun-has, thV S_?
Ing described lands: Commeiu |L_ 1. . Z
planted at the H. K corner ol Lot ;*;( ,_i J?
.tl northeast corner, thence weit �� r>Ti
Ihence south 40 chalus, theme ea. �� lv^
theme north 40 chain, to point ol .���0*_ii
ment. ami conUluiug 1W acres mon- nr j-T^
June 7, 191-7 William Rtui!.A_ll;ura
W 11 l UM Al    n/o Mil,.   KgtU
,wHlxt/.'1V *n,fr date I intend ioipW*.ttfto
Bpn. f-ble-T Commlasiuau-r of l*;,.i. ��5 g_S
VlOtoria, B.C., to pflVhase the l-iUos'-jfi
s. rlU-.l land, situated in the West Kuuttw J
trlct: t:��mmenclng ai a poit pUctui tifc
weal side ol Kootenay lake. Dear Et'-oow
point, and marked J. MrKinnon'* i�� Y ���
[K��*t. Ihence west 80 ������..���-,.. th��Df* tortt���
chalm, ihence east 80 thatni rnor-ri).- ;-_*�����;_*
shore, thence along lake ihure 10 polu: jf_T
Daled April 4,1907, Signed J grKmai
Nelson I-and District.   Dlstrlctof WatKoaim
Take   notice  that   Edward Frmier. of B__m I
Moutana,  1*. H A . iM-cupatioa woo] birtrfc
tends to apply  for permission to pu-r.wat [
following   described  land:    Connate--_�� g|
post planted on   the west shore of r-.*-*ra_a
shan (CaritKK>) lake, and at the soui.fu-ta
of   I.-it HIS9, ttu-nce -.c--. : ��� chaini, thr_--t*-_,
60 Chains, tbaSk- east Arhaltts, :; ������_���   ��� ���.���. 1
chain*. theii-'-t-T-nst 40 chsini,more<ir;ai.'4__
weat shore of  epper   Whstihso (t'sri-otlkta
thence   Uorlherly   and   west��rly �����:..��� ,-.< u,
shore 80 chains,  more or lets, tu po;_ii(e_��
meiicemeni, and containing -Ju sctat,Mgg
May roth, 19OT. Ii>w___.. ftt
Hlxty days after date 1 mtrn<l tti *..:������-,
Hon Chief Commlnloner ol i.��- ���.-.-.'. %*a
for pcrmlsslou lo purchase the lo^.-r.H b
scrlbetl land in West Koote at t -iitrlei. Q��
menclng at a jkmi mark,-*! a < n ��� 1. **_��_(
uoruer post, running 40 chsim ca->-!i timj
the boundary of Timber llreuce No ai **���-*,
southerly 50 ehaius. thenre we��f*nj a eM_a
thence northerly Vt cbalm ��' -:.t *- ��� ���" 1
track lo the place of commencem��_Lt��_aaf
two hundred acres, more or leu.
1.01 *-.:... 1 this nn day ol Msy, 1907.
A C. Briikoa
Notice ts nereoy given that eoUAyii��U8l
intend loapplr to the Honorablel_wt<__(�����-
ml*u��loher of Landi and Worki hi f��mata
to ptin-ham* the following ���!..���-'-:-..' t'���'���" 1
ln West Kootenay district: ioaatvtct 81
poit plant- d at the west Unjn.ii-7 A Ui **_,
and about 10 chalui south of thtw.l-^i.'^T
o( the right-of-way o| tbe B. 1'.8o-.v_����W- 1
way, ami marked V A I'1 wu-isii*-WW,
It POchatns,thenrenoft_u>-WM|9
t rlghi-of way of S C vtikr
foUowingisi'l Uoua-sry**��� el
boundary nf Lot 3fi2 01, th.-n �� watli lol'Mtt I
commencement    contnoiiin; 100 acres. �������� 0 J
Dated thla 14tb day Ol ��tt*M 1007
i-ALL, AroinP-oee
dary of the right-ol war of E C r*fi0�� )
ay. thence following ishl
right of-way In an__eaaterTy dlr
Nelson Und District.  District ol Wert tw��J
Take notice that I'aul Auamt fsulioa.ijDJ.
chener, B.C.. occupation lumbcrnan- v��"
to applr for permission to purchsw tht t-��
imi described lands: Commti run *_�� P
planted at lhe soutn boundary of l?" <V.
way 01 the British Columbia ���^olb,"1_'2
way and alniut *�� chain* weslerl* ln)mJ**��
b'2 on said railway. Ihence ��'��t* ^'���'���'S
eaat fi chains, thence smith H *-h* JM
east CO rhalns. Ihence north to the IWJ
ary of the right-of-way of tht Brllii** WJP
Southern Kallway, thence -esterlyjjj-
sald right-of-way to place ofnimBrtemen*
Dated this '2nd day of August, IW-
Paul AWtiif^,l
Nelion l_and Diatrict. PUtricloIWi_tK��J��
Take notice that George Stuna. ol -^-."f
Monlana. V ti. A., occupation. ��'��JJJfi
lend, lo apply 'or permUon U^JV,
following SMcrlbed land: ^������HSSNlP
post planied on the west shorn ol ^f* -
shall (t 'erlboo) lake, and st the ���"���'rth-^'J
of Mil 8180. thence wesl aO chains, ^��4
40 chalm. thence eaU A' rhsins, lIifB"'~___
rhalns to point Ol cnmmeucemenl. ��<*
lug Mu w-res* more or leaa- iimbbiW*
Ma> _9lh. 19J1. .________!���-*--���
Nelson 1-and Dlatrlct.  District ol W��l l<**+
Take notice that Walter   -erNelh^-fg
Montana. C. H. A. occupation <"'' ^-W
to apply   lor   iw-rml-slon t''f;!'^;, ,-rtt^_
logdaaorlbad land ��� commei,. > a ��� '  .a*
ed on the west *hore of I pprr �� h�� ' " ](,,-*
lake, and at the north weal rern" 9ttm\
ihence  west  X) rhalna.  thenee n"J"trlim%
them ast  '20  chains, th'iK-  "''!'',_,B1BI *
l>olnt   of   eommencemenl,   and '����������
acres, more or less u-.-tm NCT-*1-
Hay Mth. 1807 W*,L"     - ���
m vy_"n-..'*_v.7.. ,!*,.r.' ,* CI' ��" rV?S I
' maty days alter date I A \ih��J ��[%,V*\
ranobar, ol Burton city,   n end J^ffijVjj
chief CommlaalonaT ol 1' ��''���'Jn..._t*-*-i--i
tona. H ���' , to purchase the l(l l7_lmfDe.^b|
lands Nltusle east ot B"iri��n , 'Tri,r_�� *5|
poat marked -a  a   b "''���'������'*,"��� wfc... l��J|
planted nt theN w corner' ;��i"^ ��,rit�� I
running norlh (Wi chains, the '' .^nbilX"!
thence south M chains, thence w t"
place of com Uieneeuielll A   ftytV*
Auguat lat. 1907- ABTNOajt   _
N^UonLand Dlatrlct.   DlaUlet ol ^*3
Take notice that Mug" '���'"^ ' .pply <J
Manitoba, farmer, Inteu ��� '��ln| StacriJ*
rrmiss|on to purchase the f "'* ."tHl i��J
laad: Commencing st s P I liv, r*HJ
seven mllei from tbe ninu ����� �� ^nnA
at northeail corner ol ���".'." (iyruiinialSS
marketl -H. C. N. K oorner. ���M|SM,tog
Mo chains, tbence west W * "''",, ,H,|nt Ol"T
chains, Iheuce eUtfOt^OlW P
Kited .10th day of AuguatJw^ coaBO*^
-      to^i\
Nelaon Land Dlatrlct.  Dlstrlctof    ^ ,
Tako     nolico   that     Frant    r^,t ��
Altona,    Manitoba,   broker-  W\na*iU&\
lor permission   to  purrbas*��� ^ni1.^. pl._t^ j
erlbed 1"*^^^^
(orpermlaalon to p---^-'^1 ...pnii p'-*S<
irll-ad land: Comio��>"-l-�� fVppH-^.Sp
lhe aoutbeaat corner ol la >' ��y fr|tl tw ^
five mlloi Irom.the in-^di,^, ruuulnr^
rnVrkeirp k"h"h"K corner.
north M0 chains,   then
.;!iiuu����'"-fa 1
itW rbiinf-JTiiil \
,o1���0BO��.,_-.s-����*^��-5CB"       ,
>minenceineiil, <���*pnt�� 1 ��� 1����K v;^- '
Dated 80th day of Augiitl. IW  y.fiM*^   1
  .  %���(_|E'F I
Nelson Land Dlatriot-   M^^fiti
Take  nollce  thai. Voou'    '- ^��J% \
tona, Man., occupation '��r'",n,. t*\*l,"���Li
or permission  Io pugf"\\ JW#V  .
erlbed land :   Commencing a* ^ .   ,, a
Fiank K. HeamaU'sH-K;':     nlUK V'     iUi '
������'*   B.N K. corner," and "��,,_111.fc_iii*". --VLO
��C. B. N. K.oorner," and/'"/'* ..hali"";,?;,**
thenre south ftl ohalW. Jffl}lDf, *-��-",in'���
ohalns  to   nlaeo nf   '���*,'^",n" _.���,(.!.
acres of land, more or H-��-     wlI,ri B��J
Dated '28rd Augnat^j^0m%oo^ the Dally Canadian
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he BACON We Sell
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Cured aud  Smoked.    Our Hams  Are
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Burns & Co., Ltd.
i :.| ;. ������. Dutrirtot West Kootenai
ootid   thai Patrick Bbaran, ol Nelson,
proa] tor.  intends  tn apply
:. . i.  .-  OVOI the   follow lni
,. ...<.���   Commencing at a poat plauteil
f i    - poll ol lotMW, being Patrick
��._.-,-. S.  K   corner   post    niniunn   aonth  BO
l. .--i iii-tin-., thenoe north SO
J .,.��., cbaina to -mint ti( com-
k. - lug      tint. ISO?.        r-TBi.K hhkrah.
I -|. tf MikaM'. Altf.it.
ii Und Dlatnct   Dutrlet "T WOBl kootenay
...to do. 1     i thai   Peter  i.umi, ol
dear,B.C . occupation hiiiit-vrmitu. intemts
Spt-iv for aapecial Umber licence over the
a landa:   Commencing at a
[ al the north-eaatarli poM of lot si.-
m uh  of timber Iieem-e No. 7018,
L| baina, thenoe east -to chains.
i na, thenoe went 4o chaina
i        ������������.. mmeneement, ami coniatuiiiK
.    . .   ���        ���.;..*���'-
U.        ��� ��� VT.TKK 1.1-KD.
n-n Lan-i DiHrlcl    District of West KoOtettSJ
ji .. *. ...   Take notice that Peter Lund, ol
jr ��� ' atlon  liiini.'-rman, tntemls
L il timber Uoenoo over ihe
���bi ���'������      - lands:     iniuiai'iii'itiB   al a
i- d -.ti pail   biiiim.Kry of lot n\'2, loo
l��� ��� rib ani ������ 7011 -.ml .o chain*
iollocatlmi p���-! claim No. 1. thence north
ti 10 ebalna,   tbence south 80
Un-, tbence aeej 1*0 chains to the point of
��, ,. at, and contain lug MO acres, more
^i-M July Vh, 1W7. i'ETkn Lt* Hit.
S'tiUinl DlatrlSt District ol West Koo-.-t.ity
Ula Ko *���    no|    . that   I'eier  l.uuil, of
Maei I ' . occupation lumberman. Intends
ippiy lor a ipei lal timber lieonoa over the fot-
I ibed landa;   ''ominemiiiK at a pout
���Mon aa ea-l i-nindary of lol BU, so chalus
pholmy location poal claim No. r. thenoe
Dehalni 1 ance easl m ehelne, theme
. ���   ..,ot BO ehaans to point
Dt,    ami  coutalulUK  '���*"  acres.
ihK ttiAt Ira Y. Taylor, elera. ol Arrow-
1. B.r. lataudi to apply for a rpeoteJ Uoenea
|_t  t_mUr   from    the    following   tleacrlbed
CoauaenJlng atajKist planted 70cbnlna
n ��n i-i-t-riy  illreetion   from   Cart Im mi
ll --���        Irs y. Inylor's. W. Parkins'   8  W.
J .  loOth by T. I. No 7fi66,
|*i*   -*t '��� 1   1.    '1. 7'*".',thi'in'c  north HO
1. thenca eaai to 1 halua, thenos aouth so
.-���-��� M chains to point  ol com*
.1 UoBuenrfngeta p*��*t plantetl BO ohalns
�����.'-��:.<��� Inaeuterljrdlrootuni from Cariboo
irked "W Parkins'. Ira F Taylors H. W.
d on the west by T. I.. 7667,
rlraF. Tarlora and w. Parkins' T. u
h-nce north*) chains, thenee cant IH)
tbanee ���������,:., 40 d-alui*. iheuce weat 160
f - t ol 1 ommeni emen*
Jon Unrl District.   Disirtct of WoSl Kootenay
J arel v .iv.'ii that80danafterdate 1.
6 1- Baedben miliar, ol Nelaon. a.C... Intend
���jplj to tin* H.ni th.- i'bi��-f 1 ouimiaaioner of
TlAiid .\iirlm lor ��-.pei lal licence to cut and
tttbel Irom the billowing deacrlt-att
-11 "MinunU creek, tu fhe West
ill      ���
ing at a poit mnrfcod J P. He
r luatt, northeaat oornor host, located on
or�� nf hnminit creak at>out two mile" Irom
rrw-k, ii:. ,, ,.   Minil|ng  nonih   BO chalus.
P't- ruimiuK we��i �� chalna, thence  running
IP*! r->*'*'t, thence  west 40 chnins,  thence
a Nt balsa, thenoa   running past 40 chain*.
I  loulh MJ chains,  thence east W
��� I in ,.[, uiiiinctit-ement.
ated on the la* ,.1 Angusi, 1W7.
'--H-. p. BWKOOUO, locator.
I" ( hti agi nt Fbici McDonald
���^-Ooaunenclng at a post marketl J I*. S's
��r.it*-,it, u,.rtii*w-' corner i-oat, im-ated on
j^i'-.k elMnninil Break, about two miles Irom
ereek, thenea running souih *���*.> chains.
f ninnltig east to chains,  thence  running
ulna, thenoe  ruuuiug  west 80 chains
*"��� "i ootnmencsment.
jetted on the nth iai of Augu-i, iwn.
Jons P BwnnSBBO, Locator,
per hi- agent Puog McDonald.
fcu Laad District.   District ol Weal Kootenay
' notice i|lttt  J. It. F. KUjwart. Ol Colling-
"j*., occupation lumberman, intends to
'    Miiiner   ll-enee over   the   fol-
���-���������;;:..M   ��11(i,:    ininmenclng  alapost
won i> email itrnam about one Alls south
t t L "r"'"'1 *' u* K ^w-wri-B N. �� Angle
���>. uit-��i,. ,,���--,, i<f ,.llfnIifc( tnanos met 40
- -nt. 80 Obaina, lbenee   west 20
���   south   I.', chalna, theuce east MO
north u ohalna, ihence wesi BO
.���  _' ' commeneoment nulnlng
lAXm ft, r  Htbwart.
m* tend Dutrlot.  District of West K.iotenay
'n'''1"1" "-' ' ft. I'. Stewart, of Colllng-
,1 , '������"'l 'M'hIphi liinibermaii, Inletula to
\ '    i'"-jlt.,nb.',  ipvuce  over   the fol-
BSioTtilT     ' ' '"    Oommenelni hi h |h.,i
r     '   t lh.-,,,,,),   Bideei   a-inall   creek   due
ueSf   '���>''.  Meadow mine, abonl :����
|k��ti'N\ 1!" ''r,,,|i'- -reek marked J it K.
Kb ���nniiT j,,IlK' '' l""1- thenoe east 90 chains,
R'f h T. S-1*'1*1. then c weai .11 chnins,
Ml',     _-"baiuN,  thenoe west a 1 chains,
���"���"-.mi 1  ...V cJ--.lni- thsnee east SO ehains,
F^Ulni?_-a!_*i'B,W I'1"'' "( ��'omme,,ce
*7 2   h     irK ''���" "��'"���"'��-"��� or leaa.
'' Uiid District.   IMstrict ol West Kootenay
F"':.i��'r ,ci,u,il',1' -MfJ-t-B**!! QUlesple, of
V"-t  l.cei',,.        ' -l,l,,hd toHppIv lor a special
(**���.      w��ea   over   ti,,, loUowini deeorlbed
tethen_JSh .*��� 1",K,1 ^la,,,,,'- ��t thh oon*
Wu, r_*. 1?" ,' r ',,,,rV'f('"" erooh ��iin the
I'-**"** 11 , ",ri ' ff ohalns. thenoe wosi
F-Jna'ti^h2nl_!?iJ_S_r.nil,,i' lhMM '���','"
t "*- limn tot le��        lK,>---'""'K-   euulaiulug
5J��_jAugnai nil,, intn
, ,;;i;^;li'i: ;il a post punted on the bank
'���"���oiitlu-io.        '.������ ' r,',k nht.wi four miles
.    ������"-���-at s "    .o*"1' llM'   Main ertek, thence
I lbeglQn|V_Wen1?? '������"'I Bo chains to iho
f......      Bmning, eoutaining MQ acres, more
r;J Angusint)l>H-07>
���ni, f'.u'k ui"! " C��__ PlwW '�����> the bank
.  -     ���*o��Qoeni*��l_.V.ru ?ZwV "--"'it four  milen
I""',|"< i,   '' "���" Mh1" ,,r,*,,k- tbence
l!h *' I'll,,   ,;    ,' "ri"   *-''"-'   -Kichiiln-t.   thenco
K I  l''k-iui,h.J     "'V'.1"1 ���-"'���hallia   tn   ibe
-Vm,. smnmg, contain ing %to aores, more
ftetofl aiiKU��� Kllh ]!(|7
Au*-.hdb8 QabBSPin, Uoator.
A. HAtnuWT, Aguut.
,k'-' ��eti'c,.l,Mlr!''l "Utrlet ot wL.t Kooteuay
M,;!","*1"'' -Or, lnten!uLU,!t|,!,or.-' ,,f Nelson.
EX*0 "-nt hi d ,.V,1, "��� ,*���'-'l>, ��" * BpOOlitJ
f^u-*aesorlbsd^iJB'5w"' lt"ll-"r Irom the
fn��feW,atS(\W MfiM near the
f, ' V -It- <r* '���',,,"' ,tl"'>'cr licence Mo. 03M
''���"M lUm.V   '''"'-"i H��� w. comer met of
f "il ,,!'- feAa***"* '-n��on,U'k ,m
L,'tV'*-"<-i- ssi   . '���'  "nutbeast   corner posl
ti '..���"��������� 8., K.K_22^.__���� S nhalna
No. 10 ('ommenclng at n pom planted about 2V
chalua more or leaa south from the northwest oornor Ol lot wo *_M:i on malu Lemon
creek ami maraed Henry Keichert eaat corner
post so 10. thence 40 chain-north more or less
to about midway of thi* loath boundary line of
timber licence so. DBS, thenee KM) chaina weat,
thenoe 4() cbaint south, theuce 100 chalua eaat
to poini ol commencement.
Dated July _?7tb, lllu7.
so. 11 Commencing at a post planted on Monument creek, about 70 chains, more or lew, aoulh
from where Monument t reek, emptys Into Lemon creek, and near Henry Keichert northeast
corner prwt of timber location No   K, ami marked
"Honry ftotehortnorth-reet oomer post no. 11,"
ihem-e IHO ehalns  aouth,   ihence 40 chalne  east,
theuee 100 chains north, thOOOB   ���" chalus weet
lo the point o' commencement
Dated July *_7lh, PJ07.
HaHar Km. ukki. Locator.
Ncli-on l.i. r, i District.  Dutrlet of Went Kootenay
Take notice that I, Harold N. hd*. 1 -ombc of
Kernle, B. ('.. clerk, luteud 10 apply for a ipeclal
ttin'-.T licence over the following deacrlbed
'A. Commencing at a pott planted et the coo-
llueuceolthe north fork of Corn creek about
tutt mile, from Its conllucnce with tbe Main
creek theuce south 40 chains, thence weat 1C0
(halns, theuce north 40 chalua, thence east 1G0
chalua |o the place of beginning, containing 640
acres, more or leaa.
Located Auguat 17tb. I'��i7
9. Commencing al a \ ������-1 planted on tbe bank
of the north lork ol Corn creek about two mllea
from Its euutluenee with the Main creek, tbence
aoutS SO chains, ihence weet SO chalne, thenco
north Ho ehaius. Ihence eaat SO chalne to the
plee-* of beginning, containing 040 tcrea, more
or le��s.
Located August Kil,. 1 ii7.
.:. roinmeuclng at a poat planted on the bank
ol the north fork of Corn creek  about four milea
irom it�� oonflnanes with the Main orotic, thence
south Ho cbains, theuce ee-H 140 chains, theuce
north 80 chains, tbeuee weet 80 chains to the
place of beginning, conteluing 040 acres, more or
1 ...-lit. ���! August I7tb, 1907.
& Commencing at a post planted on the bank
of the north fork of Corn creek about 6 miles
from lu confluence with the Main creek, them t
north 40 chains, thence eaat ISO chalne, thence
south 40 chains, thenoe weat 160 chalne to the
(���Uce of beginning, containing 640 acrea, more
or leaa.
Dated August 16th, 190*7.
8. Commencing at a poet planted on tbe bank
ol the north fork uf Corn creek about alx mllea
from iu confluence with tbe Main creek, thence
-���outb SO chains, thence east 80 chalne, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 80 chalne to the
place o( beginning, containing i-iu acre*, more
or lens
Located August 16th, IW7.
7. Commencing at a post plauted on tbe bank
of the north fork of Corn creek about six mllea
from Its confluence with lhe Main creek, tbence
south so chains, thence west BO cbaina, them-e
north HO chains, tbouce eaet 80 chalne to the
place ol beginning, containing 640 acrea, more
or !��� ������
Located August lull,  l**<7
II. N. Ki-uetomre, Locator.
A. Hackktt, Agent.
Nelson Lend Diatrict.  Dletnct o( Weet Kootenay
Take   notice  that we, Archibald Bremncr and
 ut Young, both n( the city of Nelaon, lu the
Province of British Columbia, lumbermen, intend to apply lor epecial tlmoer llocneee orer tbe
following ���!.-' ni., -1 landa:
1 Commencing et a posl planted atiout 2&0
yards westerly from the Junction of the uorth
antl main forks nl Summit creek, a creek flowing
into Kootenay river aonth ol tbe eon-barn end of
Kooleuay lake ln the dt-irlct ol Weal Kootenay,
which Junction li about 18 or -���> mllee from the
mouth of euch creek, tbence aouth 40 chaini,
thence eaet 160 cbains, tbence nortb 40 chalne,
tbence west ISO chain" to the polntof commence-
meui and eoutaining 640 acres more or leaa.
Dated thli Mh dar ol Auguit, 1807.
3. Commencing at a poet planted about 260
yards weaterly from the main and uorth forks of
ftonunll creek, a creek flowlug into Kootenay
river aouth ol the aouthern end of Kootenay lake
in lhe district of West Kootenay, tbence aoulh 80
chains, theuce west 48 chaini. tbence eoutb 40
chaini, tbence weet 40 chains, tbence north 80
chalus, thonoa east 40 ehalna. thence norlh 40
chalna, thence cant t- ��� chalna to the point of commencement and containing ��to acree more or
l(l>N. tiBoaas Yoi'foi.
DbtOd thin '>th day ol August, 1807.
:t Commencing at a post planted about 200 feet
north Irom the bank ol lhe main Hummit creek,
ami about I mllee westerly Irom the Junction of
tin- uorih fork ami ihe main fork of such creek,
a creek Ilowtug nit" Kootenav river aouth of the
southern end ol Kooleuay lake lu the district of
West Kooleuay, theuce soutn to chalne. theuce
east HO chains ihence north 80 chalna, thence
west BO chalna to the point of commencement
und containing 610 acres more or LOBB
Doted this 51 h day ol Auguat. 1907.
4 Commeuelug at a post nlauted about.2 milea
on an unnamed creek flowing into Hummlt
creek from the south at aDo'il '22 mllea from the
month of Hummlt creek which latter la a creek
Mowing into Kootenay river south of the aouth*
em end ol Kootenay lake in the dUlriHof West
Kootenay, tbence north BO chalua, thence east SO
chains, ihence aoulh NO chalna, tbanee weal SO
ihains lo the point ot commencement and cou
tainlng B40 acres more or leaa.
Dated this Mb day ol Auguat, 1S07.
b Commencing at a pom planted two miles up
an unnamed creek (lowing tnli> Summit creek
trom the souih al about _*J miles from the mouth
of Summit creek, which latter is a creek flowing
into Kooteuay river south of the sou them eud
of Kooleuay like In the dlatrlct ol west K^-te-
iu.y. thence aouth *** chaina, thence eaat BO
chains, thence north HO chains, thence went B0
halns to the point of commencement and con-
DatOd this 5th day ol Auguat, 1W7.
fl Commencing alapost planted about one
ami a ball miles up the norlh lork nl Hummlt
creek, a creek flowing into Kootenay river south
o[ the aouthern end ol sootenay lake In the dlatrlct of   West Kootenay. thence east HO chains,
��� I a  south   10 chain*, theneo east 40 eh a ha,
lbenee   sotUh 40 chalne, theuce   wort 60   cbans,
.1 -e north id   chalne, thenee   west 40   chnins,
thenoe north 10 Ohaini IO the point Ol commencement and containing "40 BOTOB more or lejr^
Dated this Oth day of Auguat, 1907.
1 Commencing al a poet plantetl about one
iniieanil hal 5p the north lork Ol Summit
creek, a creek (lowing Into Kootenav river eouth
of the southern end of Kooleuay lake In the
dUtrlct ol Weal Kootenay, thenc*- north ����}��-�����,
Hence "vesi 40 chains, thonce north 40 chains
L co cast 80 chains, thence south 40 eh* ne,
the co eaet 40 ebalna. Ihence .oulh 4u chalne.
1 e co west mt eb-.ins lo the point nf oommence-
���i-nt and containing 610 acre-, more or leai.
Dated thi. 6th day of Aujrnet. Mg^ hmm
Dig at a post   planted    alaiut ;
.  . ...      I...        .till   li.irlll       lni*
f I" II.,
',')''"" ���"i.lli'.'lliiii'.'.' NO
 ,,1'ia   lia.rll.J*> irlulns,   lUa.lare a..sl  W   Jls.llis.
,    ..,���.,. s������tli HI a.li.llis, llioni-ai wiastKlall.llls ll
111!, polnl! ..I ....niiiiaiiriaimont. ud i-oliLliiln, ��M
'i<c'.'Jt"��!.l<t.'r,,ii.">ui.t<'>��y ���>' Al,��t,,'"'7.1>,l.
t.K.iin.K yoi'i...
I),  Uoiaiuonoluj ��l �� !����' pUtn*-*   -t"1" *
Struggle Between Mayor McClellan and
Boae Murphy Hoe Begun In
Party  Primariea.
New York, Sept. 24.���Far-reaching results with a must Important bearing on
the future of many prominent Dumo
cratlc leadern in Greater New York depend upon today's primaries. In many
districts It Is a straight light between
Mayor McClellan ami Charles K. Murphy, leader of Tammany Hall. U Is
the first time that the leader of the
Tammany organization has interfered
openly in the district fights, but in the
present case Murphy has not attempted
to conceal the fact that he is giving hiH
support at the primaries to those men
who have been brought forward against
the district leaders who are friendly to
Mayor McClellan.
Leader Murphy, on the other hand. Is
believed to have the fight ?f bis life
un his hands in order to retain cont<ol
of the Tammany organization. A gun-
shoe campaign for control of the organization haa been in progress for a long
ilme past, nnd so skillfully was it managed that few suspected that it had assumed such proportions as to convince
Murphy that he was confronted with a
very different proposition from the McClellan campaign of a year ago. The
fight has been conducted with a stud-
led avoldunce of publicity, and with a
skill wlijkyi convinced Murphy that
veteran* were engineering tbe plans.
The three principal leaders in the
McClellan fight against Murphy are
Maurice Feathersou, a veteran district
leader, Senator I*:itrick H. McCarren, of
Hrooklyn, and City Chamberlain James
J. Martin, who bus long been regarded
as suitable timber for the leadership
of Tammany Halt. The McClellan forces believe they have a good fighting
chance to win over enough districts
to overthrow Murphy. Whether or not
this proves to be the case the fight they
are making insures one of the hot-jet
primary   contests  in recent  years.
Gorman   Balloonista.
Hamburg, Sept. 24.���Among the  passengers sailing for New York  today on
the   Kronprinz   Wilhelm   are   the members of the German  team  entered   for
Nelion Land Dlatrlct. Dlitrict of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that Clyde E McClure, of RHavllle,
Waih , occupation barber, Intends to .pply for
a ipeclal timber licence over the followlnir described tande; On the eaet side of Prleat river,
two and a half mllee north ol lhe international
boundary line: Commencing al a poet planted
two and a half mllee north of tbe international
boundary line, theoce eaat 80 chalne, thence
aouth 80 chaini. thence weet 80 chalne, thence
north SO chalm to tbe point ol commencement
and containing 840 acrea, more or leaa.
Dated Sept. 14th, 1901. CLTDB K.  Mi-Ci.rnt.
K   W. Smith, Agent.
Nelaon I-and District. Dleltlct of Weet Kootenay.
Take notice that Jay Bovec, of Rltzvllle. Waih.,
occupation butcher, lntenda to apply for a special
timber llceuee over the following described
lauds; on the eaet aide of Itu-m river: Com*
inenclUK at a poet planted one and a bait milea
nortn of international bouMBary line, thence
eait 80 rhalna. tbence aoutb 80 chains, tbeuee
weat 80 chalne, thence nortb 80 chalna to the
point of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or lese.
Dated Sept. 14th, 1007.  . Jay Bovkb,
K. W. Smith. Agent
Nelaon Land Dlatrlct.   Diatrict ol Weet Kooteuay
Take notloe tha* Weeley  Bovee. of   Rltzvllle,
W*aeh , occupation butcher. Intends to apply for
a epectat timber licence over the following described landa; on  tbe eaat side of  Prleat  river;
Commencing at a poet planted one and a half
mllee nortb of the International boundary line,
theuce weet BO chaini,  thence louth  HO chnins.
.  thence e-let 80 chalne, Ihence north 80 chalna to
'point of commencement, containing 640 acrea,
more or leas. __,
Dated Wept. Uth, 1907. W ksi.ey I'.ovkb,
K  W.BMttm, Ageat
Nelion Land District.   District of Weet Kootenay
Take notice that Simon P. Schiffel, of Nailer,
Idaho, occupation lumberman, Intends lo apply
for a special timber licence over the following
dcNcrtt-ed landi; on tbe east side of Prleat river:
Commencing at a posl plantetl  on the eaet aide
of Prleet river, two anil a half mil* 1 norlli of ihe
International  boundary line,   thence  nor h  -*-"
chalne,  thence east HO chalna, thence eouth HO
chalne, thence weat HO chalne  to point of eoni-
meucemem, containing -MO acrea. more or less
Dated Sept. 14lh, 1W7. SitaoN P. Schiffel,
K. W SMITH, Agent
uarter of a mile westerly from the north fork
nl Summit cruek aud about three mllea up such
uorih lork from Its junction wllh the malu Sum,
Bit creek, 0 ereek flowing Into knotcuay river.
���touth of tlie southern end of Kooienay lake in
the diatrict Weet Kooteuay, thence weat 80
chalna, tbence north 80 chains, tbence east KO
chalna, thence loulh HO chalui to tbe potnt ot
commencement, aud containing 640 acres, more
or leai.
Daled tble 6th day of August, 1907.
Aat Hiiui.n Bkkmsbr.
10. rommencing at a post planted about a
.���uarter of amlle weaterly from the north lork
ol Summit creek and about three miles up aucb
north fork from Ite junction with lhe main hum*
mil creek, a creek flowing into Kootenay river,
south ol the eoutbern end of Kooteuay lake, in
the dlatrlct of West Knott-nay. thence west 40
chalne. tbence unitU 100 chains, tbence east 40
chalne, tbence not th 160 chalne to the point of
commencement, and containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Dated thlaJOth day of Auguat, 1907.
Arcuiiiai.]- Brimnkr-
11 Commencing at a post planted about half a
mile eailerly from tbe ���oulh fork of Summit
creek and about oue mile eo 1th of the main
Hummit creek, a creek flowing Into Kootenay
river souih ol the southern end of Kooteuay lake
in the district ol Weet Kootenay. thenco east 80
ohalna, thenoe aouth So chains, thence west 80
chalne, thenco norlh N cbaina tn the point of
commencement aud containing M0 acres more
or less Am 1.HAi n Hhkmnkk.
Daled tbla 2Ut day ol August, 1V07.
In tho matter of an application for tbe lame of
dupllcal-'e ol the CertlllcatfB of Title to lota 11,
l'l anil 18, group 1, Weit Kootenay District, alao
known ���� the "Kootenay Chief," "('omtorr* and
"Lulu" mineral clalini respectively.
Notice Is hereby given tbat tt is my Intention
to lasue at the expiration of one mouth after the
lint publication hereof a duplicate of Certlllcate
of Title -No. 6901a of an undivided 81-lOOthi lu
each of the a- ove lota, laaued ou lhe 17th day ol
May, A l>. 1HS6 In the name of John C Ainewnrtb,
and elio a duplicate of Certificate of Title No,
t..H>oa ol au undivided 19100the lu each of the
above Iota, latui". ou the 17th day of May, A. I)
1 ami, in the name of (leorge J. Ainsworth.
Land KcglKiry mllee, Ntlson, H. <*., Auguat 6th
"H. K. MacLeod,"
District Hi glitrar.
The -Bare0 Wear Only
would be enough to recommend our fine-
looking and easy-fitting Shoe-, but there
la a stylishness about them and a lasting shapeliness that is making them
very popular among "men who know."
They are made on the newest lasts, of
the best leathers, and conform to the
most approved styles In men's footwear.
We are ready to fit all feet, and at
prices that make Shoes look like a gift.
the international halioon races for the
James Gordon Uennett cup, to be held
at St. Louis next month. The team
are accompanied by Captain Hilde-
iirandt of the Baron corps of the German army.
President   Ends  Vacation.
Oyster Bay, N. Y., Sept. 24.���Several
pounds heavier than he carried here in
the summer and feeling in finest fettle
as a result of his outdoor life. President Roosevelt will take leave of his
summer home tomorrow, his intention
being to make a hurried trip to Washington hefore leaving on his visit to
the West and  South.
Though he has enjoyed his vacation
Immensely it has not been all play and
no work for him during the summer, for
it Is now known that during the past
five or six weeks he has nearly completed his annual message. The message Is practically finished and according lo report it is the longest of American presidential messages. It Is tald
that the message not only aims to ret
forth recommendations for the coming
session of Congress, but also lhe he-
publican policy for the campaign of
next year.
The summer has been a very restful
one for the President. In no summer
ln the past has he seen so few ;>eople.
He Is in the pink of condition for his
Western trip, which will be the last
one he will make before he ends his
term as President, unless Secretary
Taft should be nominated, in which
case lt Is not at all Improbable that the
President will make a number of
speeches in hie favor.
Where Life is Cheap.
Lodz, Russia, Sept. 23.���Seven workmen and two girls were executed here
today by shooting, without trial, for
participation in the murder of Marcus
Silberstein, owner of a large cotton mill,
who was killed by his employees Sept.
18, because he refused to pay them for
the time they were out on strike. Police
and troops, on Sept. 20th, made a sudden descent and arrested 800 of the employees.
We have them In 61b  and 8 tb  Sizes.
Quotations   given on    any  Electrical
Heating Device on the Market.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
.'���."��� r.t Inr Trusrott I-ftiinalu'S
anal raraerboro Canoes.
Finest 1 "i ol Boats lu B.C.
H.   1-.   LINDSAY
Foot ol .i.iM'phin,- 8t.        Tel. A18
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  Bcaley Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NELSON,  B. C.
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montreal'1 ami >*Qaebtp" KlnereJ ciaimi iitu*
nto lu the Nelion Mining Division, ol Weit
Kooteney Dtitrlot.
Where l(M*at��iI:-Weit branch of north fork ol
ShIqioii river, on '"ruin Mountain, about nine
mllei- Irom Krle, B. Q,
Tnke notice th��t L Ailn-i. Frneit(iallupe, Free
Miner'* CertlflOeta No. KM- Intend, ilxty dayi
Irom the ilute hereof, to appiv to the Mining
Recorder for h Or till rate ot Improvement*, lor
thepurp'-R- ol obtaining Crown Uranta of the
above ���.lain,--.
And lurther take uollee that action, under
lection fl. mnit be comruenced before the ii.��u-
anco of luch (Vr till rate of Improvemenu,
Dated this Uth day of September, 1 ���.���0*7.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and  Amendments thereto,
in the matter of au application for <hc linue < f
a duplicate of th-* Certificate of Tide lor I ���- ��
2301,380*1, and ���.'��..,   ('roup 1. Kooteuay   Di-trn .
Notice ll hcrchjaiven lhat It Ib my intentlou
to lRKue at tho expiration of one month from the
Ann publication hereof a duplicate ('ertlfli ate of
Title to the above de-icribed landa, lu tho naineot
.'rum'*. Roderick Robtrihon which Certificate -���
dated the ��th day of Angina, 18*98, and la numbered nivs-k.
Laud H"��lHtry Office, N.-l-nn. Hi'.. Slit Of
Auguit, 1907. "	
District HegUtror.
Tremont House
European end American Plan
Healu _* eta.   Booma from to eta. to W
Only White Help -employed.
sfcer fc.t.. Nelaou Proprietors
Most comfortable quarters      Nelson]
Only tbe best of Liquors anal cigars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, .60.   Opposite Court Houae
and Poatofflce. Nelaon. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baser BtiMI, Nelson. B. C.
Lighted by Klectrloity and
Heated by Hot Air
B_T-8 d  FIB DAT .
I���am and Comfortable Bedrooms and First.
classuinlng Boom. Sample Hooms lor Commer-
-lal   Man.
MBS. B. C.CLARKK. Proprietress
Battlett   House
Best DoIUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Ber la the Flneat.
White Help Only Employed.
/otephlce St.
Royal Hotel
Rates 11 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Ratea to Beg-lar Boairlr-rs
Paci fic
Rates to
The Coast
Greatest Chance of the Season.
See the Coast
at Its Best
Return Tickets  119.05.    On sale   Sept.
20th to 24th.     Good until Oct. 3rd.
Return tickets $16.55.    On sale Sept.
27th to Oct. 2nd.    Good  until  October   10th.
Tickets for Westminster Fair may be
destined Vancouver It desired.
For further particulars call of write
A 11.1'.A..Van...ill,a.r.
D. I'.A., Nelson
Piano  and Singing Lessons
Given by Mrs.  Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte pluying
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conser.
vatolre of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 7S-, Nelson.
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Cranbrook Conservative Association
Under the auspices of the Cranbrook Conservative Association  wil be  held
at the
New Opera House, Cranbrook. on Toes-
day. 1st October*, \ 907,
AT  THE  HOUR  OF  8  O'CLOCK, P.  M.,     To    Welcome    the     presence
amongst   us   of
R. U. BORDEN, M. P.,
Hon. Richard iWcBride,
This great meeting will be addres sed  by   Mr. R. L.  Borden,  M.  P., The
Premier and others.
All are cordially invited to attend.    Specially  reserved  seats  for    ladies.
By order of the Executive.
JOSEPH  RYAN, Secretary.
Flre, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability InstMrance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Fruit Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from  5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
*$UH)0 Cash and the balance on extended paymontawlll buy a six-
roomed house and five lots; good
location,   price $2,500
$C00 cash and the bf Uince on extended payments will buy an eight-
roomed houae and lot ^ block
from the car line, price... .$1,900.
$500 cash and the bulnnce monthly
payments will buy a six-roomed
house and lot on Silica street,
price $1300.
$000 cash and $25 per month will
buy a seven-roomed house and lot
on Victoria street, price... .$1800.
ww A
r; N
m: r
f     '4
The Dally Canadian
Our Alarms will never let you
oversleep. $1.50 and #..50. Tlie
very best.
is nu���ra'aoturad iron lae Bni-i t..i.��iao. ran-
ripened and aa���-a*r����ten*-    it's mild, luii-
tlavairaril anal  .-..a.l.    A tObaoOO you
ought to try
fobaccuai st    Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
IM.*:. co.. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
E E. Croadsdaile & 2*
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor|
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will And it to their ad-
vintage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
7-Rooms, All Modern, on Victoria St.
with two Shacks on rear renting $4
each. House good for $25 per
month.    Owner  going   to   Coast.
Only $1,800.      Good Terms.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves,  etc.
IM Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
Aa McDonald &Coa
Dealers in staple and fancy Cirocerina;
Butter, Egg*.
Camp aud Miners' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
a.11 kinds of Dlnnerware ln Btoek. Pattern-.
INEUSOIN,    -     B. C
���tor. V_.rr.or. und W_-*d Streets
.1. K. Daniels, Northport; F. B. Williams. Winnipeg: J. Peters, G. Wood-
house, London; Mrs. T. Trenery, Mrs.
.1. Leir, Three Forks; R. S. P. Smyth.
A. A. Ballard, Procter; G. B, McKay,
Ottawa; .1. H. Yauing, Victoria; C. O.
llodgers, wife anil son. Trail; A. H.
Living, E. W. Rawson, H. A. Clemens,
H. R. Harrison, .1. B. Jameson. Van-
COUVe; Miss Wilson. iMIss Williams, St.
Thomas; .1. .1. Kennedy, S. T. Pelleton-
Best  Located Hotel in Nelson
Unaltrr the maiiagi'tnent oi K  K. Noble,
late ail Taarouto, Ottawa anal
.!. W. Langerman, Johannesburg; W.
Hamilton, Montreal; Capt. and Mrs.
Turner, Lethljridge; F. W. Western. T.
Conlan. H. Henderson, R. B. Scott, F.
Hean. Toronto: F. Paul, St. Paul; E.
Rose, Cleveland; R. Johnson, Minneapolis; W. Anderson, T. Fitipatrlck,
Winnipeg; J. Grevllle, G. J. Booth, Vancouver.
Miss Armstrong. Calgary; Miss Reynolds, Chicago; Mrs. W. E. Bullock.
Miss V. Roth, Michel; E. D. Johnson.
Cranbrook; H. McCarthy. Comaplix; J.
D. Honsberger, J. Roohn, Mrs. G. S.
Moir, Grand Forks; H. Anderson, Spokane.
J. V. Purviance, Slocan; G. Long, L.
Brandy, K. Dumas, E. Dumas, Sllverton;
A. Erlckson, Sandon; P. H. Webster.
Whitewater; L. Patterson. Spokane; J.
Doyson, Boundary Falls: J. Mulhorn, A.
Purnell, Greenwood; C. A. VanCamp.
F. P. Wilson, N. McCallum, Bonnlng-
ton; R. Riley, Macleod; W. G. Water-
son, D. Bonner, Moyle: C. Mee, Eliolt:
H. Langley, Arrowhead; F. Erlckson,
S. Dodd, Cranbrook; T. Nicholson.
Shields; J. L. Doyd. S. W. Doyd, W. C.
J. Waters, J. Holmes, England; L. D.
Ford, Robson.
F. Williams. Blalrmore; E. Williamson, W. Thompson. Slocan.
.    aa      cmfwyp etaoln  shrillu  fwypp
LOST���A pair oi long, brown gloves, between
Victoria anal eorner ol Stanley anal Carbamate
Streets.    Keturn to Canadian Office.
GOLD a'HAIS, between Haiuver anal Vernon
Streets.     Suitable rewar.l will   tie pala] for Its
return.   KoDermld A McHarriy.
A 1-OCKKTBaniK Qont_UlUlg a Signed cheque n!
the Se.'im.l k.-llel Mining Coin pan >, payable
to O, 0. Wade, an.1 letters. Flmler kindly
leave st Nn Place Inn.
TWO FIKHT-tJLAMS KOOMH. ��te-,m healed
plT hou��e_-eeti��r. 3rd flat. K. W. Cblrw-k.
Reception  Day.
Mrs. EC. L>. Ireland will receive
Wednesday at her residence, HUT Stanley street
Will   Face Charge.
ll  is expected that  VV. Jewell will return to ttie city Umiyhl and b la nil  liis
trial tor assault.
Fair  Accounts.
The directors uf the Nelsou Kair are
busy passing accounts and prize lists
and ordering payment.
Young  Liberals.
The members uf the Young Liberals'
Association recommended to the senior
association as delegates to the provincial convention are V. W. Odium, A. M.
Johnson, C. F. McHardy and W. ti
Successful  Fair.
A report trom Kaslo lato this afternoon is to the effect that Lht1 Koou-na>
Lake Fruit Fair is a gratifying auccesa
in every regard. The exhibits are more
numerous than last year and the quality
is equal to any ever shown in the Kootenay ti.
Prize for  Lawn.
The prize offered in connection with
the Fair for the best kept garden and
lawn without hired help of any kind,
has been awarded to Mrs. D, C. MeMor-
ris. No award was made in the competition for lawns on which other help
was employed.
Coming  From Alberta.
The secretary of the 20.000 club reports quite a number of visitors and
enquiries from Alberta since the recent
snow storm east of the Rockies. Callers
have been in from Olds, Red Deer*, ln-
nisfail. Okotoks and Calgary, all considering the question ot seltling in this
district. On of the written enquiries
was short but pertinent. "Please state
temperature in Nelson for the past six
Rate Conference.
A meeting of the freight rate committee of the board of trade with F. \V.
1'eters, C. P. It. western traffic manager,
took place in H. E. Macdonnell's office
yesterday afternoon. Mr. Peters explained some of the features of the new
tariff now in course of preparation,
which will go into force on Oct. 15th.
He told of reductions in outgoing freight
especially. There was an informal discussion which ended In an agreement
that the board would suspend action
pending publication and experience of
the new tariff.
Crop Prospects.
J. E. Taylor, of Taylor & McQuarrio,
has just returned from a three weeks'
visit to Winnipeg and other Northwestern towns. While ln Winnipeg Mr.
Taylor came in contact with a number
of men who were in a position to form
correct opinions with regard to the
wheat crop, and he expresses the opinion that there will be a surprise in store
for those who have been led away with
the belief that the crop is a failure,
when the final reports come in. He is
convinced that the crop will be a large
one, and that the Northwestern farmers
will have no cause to complain of the
result of their season's work. While
there is not so much speculation as a
year or so ago, yet land values have not
depreciated in value, and there is no
reason to believe that there will be any
falling away in the tide of immigration.
WANTK"    A   K'-Hnbk* Olrt  or Youug Udy tor
Gent-r-tl lI'Mi-M-work.   A|.[ily Hck '-'. ' 'tn n bro'ik.
A   I'AKTNKR    With  $2,000  In    pnnhSM
run<"1j ic nr Nt-Uon    A good *[*������, iil-it'on
ner ntff. Tint be actively i-hi-h*.-���������' ou runch.
For parUrulnrt- Apply T. <i PEOOT-tfi.
We offer you beat fruit lands;
best terms; best locution; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
lu paying for land. We want you
to put it Into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to C000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
tht-se lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the best In B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
.1. ED. Daniels, customs collector at
Northport, was in the city yesterday.
F. A. Smith, who has resigned his
position as superintendent of the power
plant and tramway, will leave for the
coast Thursday evening.
Only   a   Misdemeanor.
Boise, Ida., Sept. 24.���The jury to try
United States Senator llorah was completed this afternoon. The government
counsel announced that they contended
Senator Borah's alleged offense was
only a misdemeanor.
Moved  to   Discharge.
Chicago, Sept, 24.���Attorney General
Bonaparte today made a motion in the
United Stales District court that the
special grand Jury called to consider
the connection of the Alton railroad
with the granting of rebates to the
Standard Oil company be discharged.
First   Test   in   Hamilton.
New   York,   Sept.   24.���The   Morning
Telegraph   today  says:   "The   first   real
effect of the jockey club rule, outlawing
any  person in any way connected  with
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccominend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
K. W. 0. Block . Phon�� 11.
If not you cau purchase one.
Are    Prize    Winners.       Price
Saturday $1.90.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
PHO.M.   7
The first Great English  Novel  that  has
appeared  in  the  Twentieth
Such is the term applied  to
By William DeMorgatL
"It Is a book, not of the last year but
of the last decade; the best thing in
fiction that has appealed since Mr. Meredith and Mr. Hardy, a book that must
take its place by virtue of its tenderness
and pathos, its wit and humor. Its love
of human kind and Its virile characterizations, as the first great English novel
that has appeared iu the twentieth century."
In   Cloth   Binding  only   $1.25.
W. G. Thomson
BTATi^'k1-"1 "ad   Nelson, B. C.
A.U Kinds of Heating Plants ln Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera Houae.      Tel. 181.
F. C. GREEN       F. F. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145   Phone 2.1 B.
Chinese  and  Syrians Are  Classified  as
Kingston, Jamaca, Sept. 24.���The In
flux uf Chinese here Ib a serious matter.
One section of the press Is urging the
government to take steps to prevent
their landing here as being detrimental
to local traders. Kingston's city council has adopted a resolution calling nn
the government to amend the pauper
alien immigration law so as to prohibit
lhe entrance of undesirable foreigners.
The resolution Is aimed at the Chinese
and Syrians, who. it is said, a-'i overrunning the islands.
Purifying Turf.
Cincinnati, Sept. 24.���The I.atiuilii
Jockey club yesterday refused to furnish raa-lng news to pool roomH and ra-
fused to allow the Interstate News
bureau to telegraph race descriptions
from the tracks. The officers of the
meeting say the stand taken is for the
purification of the turf. It Is also announced that other Information vain
able to raoe players would be withheld
until afier each race. Today's entrle*
were held back to prevent their posting
for lhe players of tomorrow's raoes.
Jerome Hespress, owner of a one-fourth
Inlerest In the I.atnnla Jockey Club,
yesterday sold his entire interest to
Geo. B. Cox, of Clnclnatl.
WhoIc.-ni.le mi'i   Kt-UU Pi-u'eiN in
Fresh and Salted Meats
< "jumps supplied on shortest nolii-e and
lowest price. Nothing but  fresh and
wholesome meats and supple*-; kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Is Renow/ied
Its Business Energy
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb  15c
Pears, 2 lb. for 25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Telephone 161*
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cot
tages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B., Daily
W.    O.    GILLETT
Contractor  and
Bole agent for th*; Porto EUOO Lumhc-r Co., Ltd.,
retail ���, ut-l- K-iiikIi and 'In-mni*. linnt.iT, turni-tl
work and bracket-. ''nw��t latti nnd -thln-df-*, ��n.*h
and iloon Cement, brick and 11m.; ior Male.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factor}': Vernon Ht.. cam of Hal)
>.! .1 .��*< j.-x.   M. c.
P. O. Box -W-. Telephone _7i-
The Silver Grill has opened un
der new management. White tabor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal  in the city.
Corporation of  the City of  Nelson.
Application**, for lhe jMi-sltinnn of Patrolmen on the NelMOit Police Force will In-
received hy the uiidernitfned ttp until .*��
o'clock p, in., Sepl B6- next.
Applicant-!  will  npply In   their  own
handwriting itottiig age, height, weight
and experience. They should be aooompan-
led by ut leoat three recent testimonials
City Olerk,
Transform your kitchen Into a chee ry dwelling house by installing
Th.il Ih ii factor you mum keep In, mlinl. und the new comer to BrltUh
Columbia �� s a stove thai hiiIu nil purpose.,   Burns any fuel; brighten*
the kitchen; make" cooking easy ami economical, Iluck'a Merit Range,
the beat for all cooking or beating; lire strongest,, the huudlout, moat de
���ronrlnlile and greatest fuelaaver.
^ Standard Furniture Co.
Complete Houae Furnisher* and Under-taken.
Agents  Mann A Riech Planet
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
Manuf-u turt-d  by  th*
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico Paragon Ribbon,
���in all colon and for
all make* of typewriter,.
Remtico Paragon, Red Seal
and Billing Carbon,-Of
different weight, suited
for all claaaea of work.
All  Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known at
the   Highest  Grade
Good* Manufactured.
Mall Orders Promptly Attended To.   Phone .1
Canada Drug & Book Co., Limited
8.   A.   ISAAC
bnoinbeus  aino contractoh8
pounders and
R.   VV.   HINTON'
K_ap..lrl.,|C   ,��!..!   .J��.r��t,l.,K  ..arw.il.al  a. It li   D��*pntuh.    M.ccl M.l.i
-.V.x-lc.  .Mioinu ..anl .Mill Mu-ililnwry.      Munulttctursrsul
Or*   Cars,   H.   I..    Caintrnctors*   Cars.
Telcpttt-D. I
Y 0 "Boi _a
The Hall Mining and Smelting |
Company, Limited.!
Purchases Lead* Copper and Dry Ores,
MA'IUFACTUFRRS    f  _._._-__!_,��.__     CLiamaJlam
AND DEALERS IN    l*VmMt9   blUnglM*
l_*/tth, iV\ou!<Jing-*s.�� Doors, Windows.
M ml Ordaara promptly umki* |
int���-(J Work  ..'id Ui-f.ckctN.
Whole-solo  Pr.ivl_l.tnn,
Uovnriiment Oreniimry One Pound Brick, recolved wm>_1j* freah from Uf
churn.    For siila. by all l'-ading afrocr,.
Ofl-N and warflhouao: Houato��� Block,    Phone 78.
Josephine Street.        *        -        -        Nelson, B.C.
Wo wouli] like to "co all our p-tro_S_*t__te*t-blS -Ms win'1'. �����"' ra " 9
tin ao wc havo In Htoirk Ilia. IichI aHH.irt nd   lino i.r heat'OS hI-m"'�� "*"'c
atovM and range* error before preaeated to tbe pui.iif In ttaet**V.
Wi. would lie iiliiiK.il in hIiow   you    our line anil before maklnK )
.liiiiie kindly sire what wu linvc In offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwart
Company, Limited.
N.laon Br*"*1-
for AH
Wo Curry nn AKHorl-neut of U"
KxUiiiHivianimH nnd Vnrii'ly
Tools, Builders* Hardware
Ranchers' Supplies, Stoves-
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co,, Ltd.


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