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The Daily Canadian Oct 29, 1906

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Array _________
ME I.     No.   125.
Fifty Cents a Month
leeches of Counsel in
;,j Lumber Cases
|V. Bodwell, K.C., Claims Method
of Clearing Essential to Economic Railway Construction.
*, i-s'ii.iwii niai ��r the Are dam-
,:, . Is now Iii i ; final stage,   '���'������
|ll,!ss,]i. K. ('., counsel for Stewart
,., began tils address tu tins jury
iiiissiilng.     The    atlili'i-sses    will
|,::i,i. end mi Wednesday mid a list
���.-nulls, win then bo submitted 10
lie Ihreo Bfljlent points   if   tlm
in' i,;ss already been disposed nf
court's ruling that the railway
ij nre responsible f(,r the oonse.
ol tbe acts   uf   their   agent,
Iffs, ihs- sub-contractor.
s<* nus remaining points are;  (I)
the   tires complained  of originate
I lalffe's portion ot the   right   of
.���ml wa�� their escape From It duo
-ligsnce?      (-1     If    su, to whal
are the plaintiff lumber com-
es entitled?
[Indwell's speech, up to the tlnin
he Canadian's going to press, was
its '1 exclusively to consideration
he lis-i question.
i' ii..��^i Interesting feature of tho
-- today was the opening charge
complete change of front  by  llle
nis' couusei since the beginning
e  trial, anil  Ills charge thnt  tha
Iptanco uf his  view uf the respun-
|ttl''K  of   railway   contractors would
si ��� ihe possibility of railway con
s'-ii iiis- supreme court opened this
ling 1,1   111:110   for    ihe    fifteenth
.s.s   in one of which have lieen de*
1o   in' trial of the soils for datn-
hi liy the lumber companies
(tins:   near    Ferule   against    the
- N's'st Southern   Railway   com-
'ssssl   Its  contractors,   K.  V. Hod-
K. t\, iss'gan his address to the
on behalf uf the defendants, Stew-
W. Co.
|i   Bodwell asked thc jury to ills.
iis-ls Rteadlly  between   what    was
'i 1 whal was conjectured.
��� ; ' s attention tu the plaintiffs'
nai 1 atement of claim, which al-
I 'i' gligence, not in setting oul
bul in watching them anil caring
liln 111. 11,. jifiked the Jury to con-
Iheli attention to that charge anil
i' any deviation from It.
'Viewed .Mr. Davis' opening and
sl niun he called a complete
���" sii rront, frum allegations or
gence In doing a pruper thing to
nii'sii- ui doing an Improper thing
vine fires al all on a right of way
'liy season.
Hi" second  view    prevailed,    Mr.
\'il   argued,   railway   construction
|inish Columbia would he made Inline.    In   the   enso   under   review
fid. Stewart & Co., for   a    $5000
act,   would   hnve    been Insuring
than $1,000,000   worth   of prop-
|ferring lis ih,, method of clearing
[��e(i. .Mr. nC|,iwt,|| mbmitted thai
were Justified by many .sears ol
"���iui experience.
claimed that lumber companies
to s-ps-eiiii rlshl to protection from
������'   ''"ii in .luiy nf mui ihe plain-
'"mis would certainly have lieen
'���sl over hy sume 0f Ihi- ninny fires
0 '"strict   iu, remarked thai they
extremely unfortunate In having
in III,,, Stewart & Co. to attack.
reviewed   Mr.  Davis'  alternative
estiona, ni olearlng only   in   wet
'"''��� of burning only   pile   at   a
"' leaving   |i|R   i(,KH    untn. the
��. mnl argued thai  Ihey were not
economically   Impracticable, but
'"  reality far    moro   dangerous
ll1" method followed.
'emphasised   the  Impossibility  of
Filiating n dangerous wind.
_\ declared Ihnt    Qualffo   took all
''uu! even  ninny   unprecedented,
���atttlons  which, in  normal  cli-cum-
es. would have   ensured    perfect
I contended that no negligence, or
commission,    trail    been
*" mi iho pun of Quaiffe; that, on
""iilrary, every possible effort was
to control Ihs' llres.
Hodwell resinned    his    address
I      llll'
noon recess, going carefully
ihe niiiiutesi details of the port
���'"g  ovideiicn   of  the   various 'wit
"s- as to the oxtenl  of the rires,
number   and   distribution, their
nhlo origin and progress, the gen-
|iii!ss of  the efforts  made  to  pro.
and  afterwards to control and
o Hum.
argued  thnt It was not proved
lhat flro from lhe right of way at anv
iimi' reached a point farther ihan 2110
feet   from Its place or beginning,
Mr. itndwiU's address win probably
hs' concluded tomorrow.
Witnesses  Testify  to   Seeing.   Preparations for Bloody Resistance.
Buckingham,  Que.,  Oct 29.���Direct
evidence leading up to anil hearing on
the movements of a vehicle from which
the strikers are alleged tu have re-
oelved weapons on the day of the riot
was one of the features of the testimony at Saturday's sitting of the Inquest on the bodies of Helauger antl
One witness swore that In Masson,
three miles from Buckingham, at 10
o'clock on Monday morning, he saw
Charette and another man sluing In
a vehicle whicli contained some eight
or len rifles. About 115 minutes previously to this he had ��:'en the men
driving from Buckingham in the direo-
t on nf Hasson. A second witness tcs-
llni'd lo be; ,.- 'is the meeting the strikers held on tsie morning of the riot
anil hearing talk among the members
about taking anus wllh them. Later
he saw some arms being placed In a
vehicle In a yard directly behind the
ball, A third swore that after the parley between the strike leaders ami the
police he saw two or three men come
��� ���nt from the ranks of the strikers,
lake rifles from lhe vehicle anil distribute them among thus.' In the rear.
Keyser Wins Roosevelt.
Paris, Oct 29.���The Roosevelt prize
for the three-mile run was won yesterday   by   Keyser,  a  l-'rench  athlete, at
the Racing club of France.
From the Province.
The criticisms of Mr. McBride
In the matter of better terms, the
objections to his course, are not
based on reason at all, but on
men- iHilltlcal prejudice, It is a
Kliaino lhal this should he the
case, a shame that we should not
have sufficient loyalty to our own
interests to stand together as one
man and IiisIbi upon Justice being
done. Is It a fact that any con-
sills-ruble pin tion of our people
care more for lhe squabbling and
tuiid-sllnglng of |>olltlcs than for
the rights and wrongs of a great
question which nffects friends
and foes, and people of all shinies
of psslillcul thought alike: a alios-
tinu which affects nur pnckels,
nur prosperity, nur materia! do-
velnpmeiit?- Surely this cannut
be the case, lr It is���well, If It
Is, lt ls too bad to say the least
of it. But The Province does not
believe thnt the people of British
Columbia are quite ns lnsnne ns
some of tho iKilltlciaus would
Advice to Kootenay Farmers Given by
an Expert.
Thc West Kootenay Farmers' Institute was In session twice on Saturday,
afternoon and evening. There was a
good attendance nt both meetings, especially of members from out of town.
The speakers were J. ii. Anderson,
deputy minister of agrloutture, and
Professor D, it. Lake nf the Oregon
Agricultural college,
Professor Bake delivered two addresses, or rather one address In two
parts, ills subject was, "Commercial
Fruit Growing." lie congratulated ihe
men of Kootenay on the brilliant success already achieved.
As the foundation of their future policy a close study of the London niasr-
ket and adaptation uf methods tn- suit
Its requiretnenls.
Among the favorite and most profitable apples he recommended the Spitz-
bergen, Fellow Newton Pippin, Northern Spy, Rome Beauty and johnathan.
Ills lectures were Illustrated ami em-
praslsed hy many humorous reminiscences and anecdotes.
Mr. Anderson, whose remarks wero
largely sit a general nature, took occasion to warn his hearers against
trusting to lhe assurance of n local
nurseryman lhat trees from Stone &
Wellington, Toronto, were exempt
frnm Inspection  mt Vancouver.
Tlte meetings were considered very
satisfactory ami thanks were tendered
In  Mr.  Anderson  nnd   Professor Lake,
Beware of Matches.
Augusta, Me., Oct. 20.���After locking
themselves >��� their little playhouse,
the two sons of Thomas Qulrcen, aged
l 'iml o plnved wllh matches today
nnd started a fire which burned Ihem
to death    The house was made mil of
d,T K is hsixes ainl burned sn quickly
Hint, the children were deiul before the
structure could he lorn apart.
Searching for Body.
porl Arthur, (Int.. ('et. M.-A special
train   wllh  20 citizens of Poll   Arthur
went out on the Dulttth extension (his
morning to Whlteflsh lake, to join a
parly there 111 searching for lhe body
of Mayor Snyder of Dayton, Ohio, who
v.as drowned several days ago. The
search with grappling hunks and dynamite is still being continued, Upwards of 50 dynamite shots were ex-
ploded today, but with no effect, so
fnr. In raising (he body. The hal nf
the drowned man was fnund floating
wiih ihe sweatband missing. Two diving outfits went nut this morning.
Knits were being constructed ami tomorrow the bottom of the hike In the
vicinity nf th,. drowning will ho seach-
ed'.   Tin. council or Dayton have of-
fered $20110 reward fur Ihe finding of
the body.
United States Military Approach From
Five Points.
Omahai, Neb., Oct. IB.���The departure took place from Fort Robinson,
Neb., yesterday of four troops of cavalry, which lu all makes Hi troops ol
cavalry, or a total of 7ti5 officers and
men now enronte to round up the band
of renegade lite Indians supposed tu
be ln camp on Powder river fn Wyo-
Colonel .lacnb Anus gues with the
detachment which left Fun Robinson,
and as senior officer will be I lire
command or the expedition. No move
will probably be made against the
Ute's until the fnrces are Joined.
"It is hoped by the display of a
strong force to overawe Ihe Indians
and prevent u fight," said Major
Noyea, military commander nr the de-
pnrinieiii uf the Missouri. "They are.
however, well aimed and very sullen,
and it Is hard to say what will happen. There are about 350 Indians in
the party. Including women uud children, bin I don't think there nre over
150 righting nii'ii among them."
Butte, Mont., Oct. 29��� A despatch
to the Miner   rrom   Sheridan,   wyo.,
says soldiers are now approaching the
band or renegade Utea from rive dir-
ferenl points and lt Is only a ques-
linn nr time until the redskins aro
either (breed to surrender or are annihilated, Cavalry Irom Fort Keogh
are approaching rrom the north. Two
more troops from Fort Ms'.-ide, in the
northwest, two from Fort 'Robinson
closing In from the southwest, two
from the same fort advancing from the
south and two companies nf infantry
from Fori Mackenzie, In the west. The
Indians are making direct for the
Cheyenne agency, across the Big Powder river, lt now looks ns though the
several' bodies nr military will arrive
in the vicinity ol Ashland, (10 miles
nnrlh or here, by early Tuesday al.
least, in which event a battle win probably he rmight In the valley ol lhe
Tongue river, nenr thai place. Ashland Is 12 tulles Irom Ihe border or
thc Cheyenne reservation.
Autos Resume Traffic.
New York, Oct. 2!).���A determined
attempt to resume business wns made
by the New York Transportation com-
pany, whose chauffeurs went out on
strike several days ago. Fifteen electric cabs, operated by non-union men,
were started out during the forenoon.
On the sent with each driver was a
private detective, while a policeman In
uniform trailed the vehicle nn a bicycle. No atlempt at violence was
Price of Metals.
New York. Oct. 29.���Silver, 70%c;
copper,  21%c;   lead,  $5.75.
Loudon. Oct. 211.���Silver, 112 <l -led:
lead,   .C19  10s;   zinc,   .C2S.
Quebec    Husband,    Crazed    by    Drink,
Shoots Wife    in    Presence of His
Daughter���Is Not Sorry.
Quebec, Oct. 29.���Sending a revolver bullet tearing through her head,
George L-eoouteur, aged fi., killed his
wife on ihe Esplanade on Sunday
morning about 10 o'clock. Tin- murder
was committed directly opposite the
Garrison club, where the vlcilm wuh
sitting on u bench directly opposite
the St. Uniis gate, Death wan instantaneous aud she never spoke afler the
lata! shot wan fired. Looking coolly
for n moment on the prostrate form of
his wife, before the eyes ol his daughter, who was a wllneas to the murder.
Lecouteur said to the people who had
hurried to the scene on hearing the
report of a- revolver shot: "Yes, 1 shot
her and I don't deny It. I am not sorry. 1 am prepared to surrender. I
want a drhik." Turning, he walked
leisurely down the street aud into the
St. Louis hotwl, Where he secured a
drink, nud was arrested on Garden
street shortly after  leaving the hotel.
Husband and wife had not been getting along well for some time owing
to the drinking habits of I.ecotileur.
On Friday morning he slruck his wife
while she was preparing breakfast,
knocking her to lhe floor. Her
screams brought assistance. hntt
night Mrs. Lecouleur slept , at lhe
house of her married daughter. The
husband, who had been drinking heavily during lhe night, returned early In
the morning nnd destroyed mosl of his
wife's belongings. Sunday morning he
apparently started lu search of her
with the intention of killing her.
Triple Car Trolley Train
Goes Through Bridge
Bodies Imprisoned in Submerged Cars
Show Signs of Horrible Agony
Till Relieved by Death.
Atlantic City, N. J., Oct. 29.���By the
wrecking of u three-coach electric
train on the West Jersey & Seashore
railroad  yesterday  afternoon,  at  least
50 persons perished and tlu? list may
reach the appalling total of 75 when
all Is known. While crossing over a
drawbridge spanning the waterway
known as the "Thoroughfaire," which
separates Allantic Clly from ihe mainland, tbe train left the track and
plunged into the water. The passengers in the first two coaches, wi^h
few exceptions, were drowned. Up to
mldnlghl last night 25 bodies had been
recovered and it is believed that at
least 25, and possibly more, bodies are
still in the submerged coaches.
The disaster is the worst that has
happened since the rerrlole .meadow
wreck of July SO, 1896. The train,
made up of three heavy vestibule electric coaches, whicli left Camden, N. J.,
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, carried
probably 88 passengers, as that number of tickets are held by the conductor. Ho is uncertain, however, just
how many passengers the train carried, and until all the bodies have
been taken out of the submerged
coaches it will not be pq-sslble to give
even an approximate estimate or the
As the sickening details of yesterday's terrible wreck on the electric
line of tho West Jersey & Seashore
rialrood developed during the night,
the disaster became more appalling.
The total number of persons whose
lives were snuffed out almost instantly is probably 66, with nearly a score
injured, several of whom it is thought
will die. Forty-eight bodies have already been brought to the surface.
There were .1 persons on the train, 15
passes and 76 fares. Twenty-five of
this number have been accounted for
which, with the bodies recovered,
brings the total to 73. This leaves 18
persons not accounted for and who are
stipiKtsod to have been drowned. It is
possible that some of these may never
be found, as it Is believed by some
that some of the bodies floated through
the broken windows out into the thoroughfare and were carried by the swift
current out Into the Atlantic.
At police headquarters this morning
it was stated that the effects found
on the bodies were not sufficient to
permit of Ihe identification of more
than six, mid that further identification will have to he made by personal
inspection. The police officers, worn
out by their vigil, wont to their homes
early in the day, saying they would
not return to headquarters until after
1 o'clock. In the meantime all of the
bodies are being embalmed. The early
morning . trains brought persons from
Philadelphia and other points who
were anxious to learn if a dear one
had been swept lo death by the awful
The wreck occurred at the drawbridge Iu the thoroughfare, which
Bpans a small waterway about one
mile OUtstda <>f Ibis city, just on the
eastern edge of the meadows, aud was
directly due to the failure of the
bridge to close properly after the fishing schooner SHubur had just passed
through. As she wns entering the
draw an electric train of three cars
came in sight, across the meadow In
the direction of I .easantvillo, nnd before tho bridge swung back Inlo
position the train, running at a high
speed, dashed upon the trestle. With
a lurch Uie forward car left the rails
and dashed Into the guard rail, the
other cars following. At the point
where the cars jumped the track ti.e
trestle is nearly 20 feet high. Hnd the
ears been open it Is doubtful If any
of the passengers would have escaped
because ihey must have been stunned
by the dropping trestle.
The first two cars were instantly
submerged, but the third car caught
on an abutment aud remained suspended. It was this aw from which nearly all of the injured escuped. The
news of Ihe nwful disaster was quickly telegraphed to this city and in less
than oi hour the work of rescue had
At the time of the accident the tmr.
which rises ahout 10 feet, was running In and thc work of tho divers was
necessarily slow. It was not until
several hours later the divers were
able lo make any progress. Then the
awful  evidences of    the    disaster be
came more apparent. When the two
cars struck the bottom of the waterway they slood almost on end, and
first man to descend reported that
the victims were packed In the lower
ends of the submerged cars bo tightly
that it was difficult to move them.
Tin* bodies of men, women and children, many of Ihem badly cut and
bruised, bore evidences of the terrible
sufferings of the victims.
One by one the bodies were carried
to a walling train and laid side by side,
later to be borne to this city and placed In the old Empire theatre, which
was used as a teni|M��rary morgue.
Thousands of persons quickly gathered
at the scene of the disaster and a score
of boats soon surrounded the spot
where the cars disappeared, but they
were unable to render any assistance
and could only await the arrival of the
At the morgue the scenes were pa
thetic. Persons who had friends on
the train crowded about the entrance
and were with difficulty restrained
from forcing their way into the building. . One of the most heart-rending instances was furnished by Frederick Renckert, who lost his entire family, a wife and two children. Benckert
was not Informed In Philadelphia of
the accident until too late to catch a
train, and he hurried here In an automobile. When he saw the dead bodies of his wife and two little boys lying side by side on the floor, he collapsed and had to be carried from the
building. Renckert had Intended to
accompany his family yesterday, hut
was unable to get away.
Walter Scott, the dead motorman,
lost his life through his anxiety to
spend a part of the day with his wile
here. It was his custom to run only
as far as MUlville, but yesterday he
swapped runs with another motorman
and his terrible death was the result.
General Manager W. W. Atterbury,
of the Pennsylvania Railroad company,
which company owns the line on which
the accident occurred, is here, but has
declined to make any statement with
reference to the wreck. He Intimated
that a statement might be looked for
later fn the day.
R. Angeuroses. a member of the
Royal Artillery band, who Is reported
among the dead, is safe here. He did
not accompany the musicians yesterday, but loaned his coat (o a member
who was without a uniform. He was
drowned and Angeurose's cards were
found in  the  pockets of the coat.
At 11 o'clock today 51 bodies had
been recovered from the two cars of
tbe electric line of the West Jersey &
Seashore railway, which dashed Into
the Thoroughfare yesterday, and one
of the cars, thfc first to leave the rails
on the trestle, had been, brought to
the shore. Of the dead 42 bodies have
been Identified.
How many, if any. remain in the
second car Is not known, but with the
aid of three divers who were brought
here today from Philadelphia on a special train. It is thought that the see-
before noon. Tlie fact that some bodies were recovered outside of the III-
ond car will be completely surveyed
fated cars leads to the belief that possibly not all of those drowned may he
recovered. The current at the point
where the accident occurred is very
sirong, and it is probable that some
bodtas may have been carried away
a*. I -,-*]] eventually be swept out into
the oc-an.
Calefy I. O. O. F. Will Erect Temple.
C 1 -ary. Alta., Oct. 29.���A committee of Odd Fellows has been looking
around this week for a diserahle building site for their proposed $60,000
Temple building. The Odd Fellows
own a 50-foot site on Stephen avenue
nearly opposite the postoffice, but they
want a corner site in a central location.
Second Performance    of   Westminster
Glee Club  Disturbed  by  Hooligans
in the Gallery.
The Westminster Abbey Glee club
closed a short but very successful engagement In Sherman's opera house
Saturday evening. Every sea', ln the
building was occupied and the verdict
of Friday evening's hearers was fully
Mine. Marie Hooteu was in distinctly better form than on ner first ap*
pearaaco. Her Scottish songs: "Ron-
ie Charlie's Oone Awa," "Whistle and
I'll Come tae Ye, My Love," and "I'm
Ower Young tae Marry Yet," delighted all her hearers.
Master Albert Hole was again the
first favorite. The applause or tho
audience earned au extra song from
hlm,  "Love  Was  Once a Little  Roy."
The other members of the company,
including Mr. Harry Ivlmey, fully sustained the standard of excellence
which has earned them golden opinions everywhere.
It Is to be regretted thai the director, Mr. Hramscombe, found it necessary lo remonstrate with boys In the
gallery who made a noise by eating
which disturbed the singers. Animals
whose feeding Is so noisy should certainly not lie admitted to a theatre.
Hut why Is eating tolerated In a theatre, aud why does the management of
Ihe local opera house permit the sale
of candy and pennuts during the performance? A theatre Is not a circus
ground. Decently bred people will not
eat there; others should not Ih* permitted. The manners of Nelson's Juvenile
st reet    population    are    unfortunate;
they needn't be directly encouraged by
Ihe management of the opera house.
The sale of souvenir programmes by
members of the company during the
performances ls rather an unhappy expedient.
Nelson Firm Will Establish Branch In
the Boundary.
Information has just been received
thai the Nelson Iron works, of Nelson,
contemplate starting a branch lu
either Greenwood or Anaconda. Some
time ago representatives of Uie firm
visited Greenwood and looked over tbe
ground, lt is understood they approached the R. C. Copper company
and the Dominion Copper company to
ascertain to what extent they could
look for support.
At the present time both the copper
companies are obliged to send their
repairs to Nelaon and other cities,
causing much Inconvenience and loss
of time. The mines, also, and all other industries using machinery, find It
necessary to send their work out of
the city. It is not known to what extent the Nelson Iron works have laid
their plans, but some steps have been
taken toward the selection of a suitable site and the plans for the building
are expected to arrive In a few days.
���Houndary Creek Times.
Will Pay Up.
Berlin, Oct. 29.���Some of the German fire insurance companies which
have not paid the losses sustained
as a result of the San Francisco earthquake have now determined to do so.
Good   Results  Prom   Development   Re
ported From Camborne, Ferguson
and Trout Lake.
(Lardeau Mining Review.)
W. A. Skinner returned Monday
night from the Steamboat group on
Lake creek. This creek Is noted for
its mammoth showings and the Steamboat is no exception.
When asked about the width of the
lead Mr. Skinner was very reticent,
stating that lt would hardly be believed If he told the exact width. We,
however, found out from a reliable
source that It Is full 75 feet across the
lead, and naked to the eye for the full
distance of three claims. While the
ore is not of a high grade, the values
run from 11 ounces in silver and 42
per cent, lead, to 46 ounces and 62
per cent.
It is a big concentrating -.proposition and with the present price of
metals would be a good profit earner.
The group consists of five claims
and is situated about four miles up the
creek from the Lardeau river. The
trail built hy the government this year
runs very close to ft. The property Is
owjied by Messrs. Skinner, Daney and
Foote, of Ferguson.
The ore from the Mammoth has all
been brought down. There Is ahout
1.80 sacks In all ready for shipment to
the smelter. This ore will average
fully $150 per ton. The supplies and
wood are all ln for the winter's work.
Joe Verschoyle has charge of the work.
The Menhlnnlck brothers and a crew
of men have gone up to build cabins
on  their Scott creek property.
Tom Wells is expecting to start up
the Del Ray in a few days with a crew
of men.
The Eva is working about 15 men on
development. The new machinery
for the 15-drilI compressor Is expected
daily. The pipe line is completed and
the compressor is in readiness for the
The repairs to the mill are about
Amnesty May Be Granted.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 29.���A feeling
of uneasiness pervades all classes ln
anticipation of demonstrations expected tomorrow on the the anniversary
of the decree last year granting a
measure of self-government to the people. Many rumors are current in regard to possible strikes or other disorders. It is reported that an imperial manifesto wiil he Issued granting
pari iai amnesty, abolishing the sum
mnry court martial and granting to all
political parties freedom to bold meetings. Meanwhile measures are being
taken to prevent any disorderly demonstrations.
Warned to Keep Quiet.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 29.���On the eve
of the anniversary of the publication
of the Imperial manifesto giving a> constitution to Russia, on October, ..0, the
prefect of police has ordered the city
to be placarded with proclamations
warning the public that In case of dls*
orders, demonstrations, or even the assembling of crowds, armed force will
be used with all the vigor permissible
under the rules of "extraordinary security."
Paris, Oct. 2D.���A despatch to a
news agency from Odessa says that
elaborate military precautions have
been taken In view of the possibility
of exciting events tomorrow. Foui
thousand Cossacks are ready for In
Btant action. Quick firing guns are
posted at a- dozen points and the
streets are closely patrolled.
Moved Up to Vacancy in
Supreme Court
Author of Work on Constitution of
Canada Row a Text Book in
Law and High Schools.
W. H. P. Clements, of Gran tIForks,
has been appolnteil to tbe position on
the supreme bench made vacant by
the promotion of Mr. Justice Dufr to
the supreme court of Canada.
Hon. Mr. Justice Clement, though
perhaps not well known throughout
the province, his residence not being
of long duration, has a high standing
at the bar and is a legal author ot
high repute, says the Rossland Miner.
Young in years and having received
the highest legal training, he will add
strength to tlie supreme bench of tbe
province. He was for many years a
partner in Toronto's leading legal firm,
Messrs. McCarthy, Osier, Hoskln, Plum
& Creelman. The head of tbe firm
was Hon. Dalton McCarthy, one of the
greatest lawyers that Canada ever
produced and one of Its ablest and
most Independent parliamentarians.
The second member of tbe firm was
B. R. Osier, undoubtedly the greatest
criminal lawyer in Canada, and who
reached the zenith of bis fame In tbe
prosecution of Blrchall, the murderer,
who killed Benwell for his money. The
third member of tbe firm was tbe
great equity lawyer, John Hoskins,
and the official guardian of Infants,
Idiots and lunatics who were wards of
Trained in such an atmosphere, It
was to be expected that Mr. Clement
wonld attain a high standing at tbe
As an author his work on the cost,
stitutlon of Canada showed his ab.l.'.y
as a legal writer. His .work is now a
text book in all of the law curricula
of the provinces as well as a text book
ta some of the high schools. For many
years he had an official position In the
Yukon territory. Shortly after his return from Yukon he settled at Qrand
Porks, and after tbe death of Jndge
Leamy he was appointed county judge
for the Boundary, which position he
held up to the time of bis present appointment to the supreme bench.
It Is to be hoped that Mr. Justice
Clement will conform to the oft-expressed wish of the people of Inland
British Columbia to have a resident
judge In the Kootenays.
Skillful Robber* Make Off With Large
Haul of Booty.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 29.���The plunder from the amazing robbery committed in this city on Saturday, when a
number of highwaymen got away with
$193,090 frum a wagon which was conveying the cash from the customs department of the srtfte treasury, has
been stowed away, apparently beyond
danger of recapture. Today the police arrested 21 persons. Among the
prisoners is the driver of tbe cab in
which rode a woman whose part it
was to carry the leather bags containing the booty to safety. A man who
was with this woman in the cab has
been captured and identified. Three
customs officers who were in charge
of the vehicle conveying the cash at
the time of the robbery have been arrested. The investigations are beginning to point toward a conspiracy In
the customs service. The house porter
who was wounded 1n tho shooting has
since died.
81. Petersburg. Oct. 29.���Among the
21 persons arrested yestordnsy on suspicion of having been concerned In
Saturday's robbery, several have Ijpen
Identified as members of the band. No
truce has been found of the booty, the
exact amount of which ls $188,8211, or-
of the woman who carried the money
away. Plans for several similar robberies were found in the rooms occupied by ono of the persons arrested
anil several bomb laboratories were
discovered. The cashier, his two assistants and several other customs employees hnve been arrested on suspl
clon of being concerned in tbe plot.
Lowering Okanagan Lake.
The matter of lowering Okanagan
lake is being taken up by the Kelowna
board of trade with a view to Impressing its necessity upon the government
through the district's representative.
This is a question of vital importance
to Kelowna. but scarcely more so
than to Penticton. Extensive tract.!
of land would be much enhanced in
value by Improved drainage, apart
from the fact that a large amount of
land would be thereby redeemed. With
a fall of l-l feet between Okanagan
lake and Dog lake, tho lowering of
the former is not a serious proposition. The Daily Canadian
Coo1, nights are now in order.     They will invite
p'.easam dreams of
���'. than to nA an _ . In-*-*
31-2 Points. weighing about 10 pounds, 57.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing ak-Wl 12 pounds,    -   8.50 per pair
7: ���������.-���
'  - ih'-ir exc.-llence. We alone carry
theni in ibis city.
LUMBEftMEN.*��� P llo tt C_.--:orters. Gloves and Mits. Socks. Shirts and
tinder.l?i" n-;. C* C ��tt ng. Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Bocts
and Shoes and R-b^e-s Grocer.es and Provisions.. Everything of the
test  qu.'ty aid  pricei  gBrprttngly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED .. V  ������   ������ CAPITAL PAID OP....$1^80,000
BB8T    ...J-,..-MUX'.
D. B WILKJK Prwident. HON. EOBKET JA. "FRAY. Vice-President
Branch., in British Columbia:
De-pa_.it.**- r_o*-iv*. _i and tatmtt iDowsd at currant rates from date of opening ac-
J.   M.   LAV,  Manager.
count and m-di*-*-*-. bail-ve-ar-v
T/k ^oya/ Bar.,, o/* Canada
ASSETS.  $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3.b29,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts ol firms an-! iriiividuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thin**!! branches In British  Columbia.
-.   ftttentfon   to out ol town business.
T. B. KENNY, Pre-. Halltax.       K. L   PEASB, General Manager, Montreal.
Published in dsvt. a. wees ���
Baker In.. Nelson, B. t
Bubscription rates, _u cents a nu ml ��� ���
in the cut, or |6jO0 a yea: 11 KOt by mall  aheii
paid in ad-tance.
A-lvertibirje rate.' on application.
All monies (������i! it.  x *.*
Canadian scoonnta, eitl ei I
adYertletng, n ui be receipted foi   nthej rlnu I
-fornu i-i (he Company,   on.-��� receipt
UCTOBISR _!���'. I'**..
onl we are fcometimt*. jUJittd to be
J by out word aomeUmei judged t. be
Let m therefore  t-e careful woat we
The local ai��olo&ist for any-ojd-ihing
suffers conniption fits every fewa days
that must be amusing if they art' not
painful to the members of the liberal
party who are obliged to recognize it
as the Kootenay organ of that august
aggregation. On Sunday morning,
commenting on a report of .Premier
Mcli ride's speech af. Victoria which
cun ui nod the following: "The only
position for Hritish Columbia to assume is to insist on simple Justice and
If need arise to do so in order to obtain this, let tu cany onr claims to
the court of last resort," the local apologist for any-old-ihin�� say.-: "Doubt-
less a Victoria audience did cheer this
high Bounding phrase with wild enthusiasm, but we question very much it
anyone fn the audience knew what the
premier meant. And we are quite
sure that the premier, in usint tbeM
words, if he did use them, and we bave
the authority of the local McBride
a|��ologist that he did. simply used them
for the purpose of temporarily enthusing his auditors."
Its own "specially" telegraphed report of Mr. Mcllrlde's meeting at Victoria contains the following paragraph:
"In no public address ln this city has
Hon. Mr. McBride shown himself so
largo minded a public man and Liberals as well as party friends aro prompt
to give him his due and congratulate
him sincerely upon the evidences given of maturing judgment, toleration,
fairness and good temper."
That is only a small part of half a
column of fulsome adulation of the
premier which The Canadian would
have hesitated to publish in its own
columns for fear of being called a sye-
Yet wc sn told that the lo-
'... apologist for aay-old-thiug "quea-
Uooi whether anyone in the audience
knew what the premier meanL" Alas:
The** poor deluded Liberals in Victoria who "as w.-ll as his party friends,
are prepared tu give him his due, etc."
Certainly it is contrary lo all traditions of the Liberal party to give anyone not of themselves his due. A
serious mistake has been made by tbe
Liberals of Victoria who should have
had a Nelson mentor with them to instruct them as to what the premier
mean) so that they would not make
the idiotic blunder of giving blm
"his due." The pity is that the Liberal party seems to have so few people in its ranks who know what the
premier means, that is, tbat he means
business in his request for justice
for the overburdened and wronged
province of whose government he is
the bead. While we would naturally
'pared for any _Ort of insult
that might be hurled at the Conservatives <���;" Victoria who recognize in the
premier a man of the hour, we can sec*
no need for this same insult to Include thi ��� ���- of the fold of the
faithful who, for once, seem to have
above party feelings and gave
honor to whom honor was recognlzedly
"due." Th*- frenzy and madness which
cannot distinguish between friend
Inds us of a famous eveni
in thi earl] history of civilization,
an avenl In which tha soldiers of a
largi army, utterly demoralized and
defeat attacked each olher,
till the historian records that "not
knowing each other In the dark tho
BO ���_:��� :. struck madly at their own fel-
-  and slew them."
The concluding paragraph ol the editorial article in the local apologist for
any-old-thing is worthy of serious criticism because it Is one of those rare
specimens of journalism which writes
a paper down as either one thing or
tbe other. Headers will no doubt supply both adjectives and nouns. The
morning paper says:
"It fs attributing too great a depth
of stupidity to Premier McBride So
assume for one moment that be wished his audience to understand that
British Columbia hal not been treated
Justly at the conference, or that there
was any claim that could be taken to
Downing street. Premier McBride
knows, as we all know, .hat British
Columbia has no grievance that can be
taken to Downing street for arbitration.    He   knows  that    the    imperial
government would not Interfere in a
matter of this kind, and, wnat IS more,
has no right to Interfere. Premier
McBride Is only Trifling with the question when he even suggests BUCfa a
possibility. And it is this attitude of
the premier's that calls for the severest rebuke. ii<* is attempting to create an entirely false Impression and
in ho doing risks the possibility of
stirring up whollj unnecessary and inevitably  hurtful  factional  feeling."
In the above paragraph is evidenced
either crass stupidity or blind and Incapacitating rage, When the Liberal
apologist for, etc., says "IP* (tbe premier) knows that the Imperial govern'
un in would not Interfere tn a matter
ol this kind" it attempts deceit. A
glance at the facts will show this
clearly. Tho situation is that, Sir Wilfrid Laurier pleaded, as one ol ihe excuses for nol granting special consideration to the claims ol British Columbia, that such special .grants would be
in contravention of tbe terms ol the
B. N, A. Acl and would have to be re-
fern d to Downing street II Is true,
Sir Wilfrid did not promise to refer
the matter to Downing street and perhaps the local apologist, etc., knows
that Sir Wilfrid does not intend LO do
so, but supposing that be does so refer the matter���as he undoubtedly
should do���would not Hritish Columbia
then have a right to appear, lu the
person of lis premier, or some oilier
duly accredited agent, to argue tin** special conditions of this province und
place Downing street in possession 'of
the facts in the case so that such new
adjustment of federal relations might
be upon a lair and equitable basis?
We trow yes. And moreover, anyone
who kuows anything about the case
will trow likewise.
On the other hand, if Sir Wilfrid
refuses to refer the matter to the Imperial authorities, after having himself
appealed unto Caesar, would not the
premier have the very best of reasons
for carrying his case to the "court of
last resort"? Without a doubt, and if
such an appeal becomes necessary Mr.
.McBride will be supported by every
intelligent Liberal. Only the hidebound partizan woulu withhold his endorsement
The pretence thut Premier McBride has made mistakes or tactical
blunders ,as is so hotly urged by the
Liberal press, will not bear investigation ami iL is poltroon politics to try
to deceive Uie electors who for the
most pari look to the press for guidance and instruction on those complicated questions of international or imperial relations.
Hut then, it is becoming quite a common occurrence to read editorials In
the local organ of any-old-thing that
are contradicted, either before or after
the event, by news items which inadvertently creep inlo its columns.
Wanter���A censor or a mentor.
The Canadian judicial system ln its
application to elections is, in Ontario
and Saskatchewan furnishing food for
reflection to all those who are interested in the operation of election laws
and the conduct of elections themselves. In Ontario the Ilyman case is
engaging the attention of the Toronto
police courts and voter after voter Is
swearing that he took bribe money
while agent after agent is swearing
that he passed it. An attempt, in fact
several attempts, have been made to
move the place of trial from Toronto
to London with the object no doubt of
dulling the edge of the sword of justice by removing the scene of its ex-
ecu: ions to a field where the moral
sense of the community has been debauched by familiarity with flection
The object of the attorney general
of Ontario is avowedly the punishment of the bribers, with their principals and the consequent purification
of future elections. It matters not
tbat Hon. C. S. Hyman Is complacently
holding the seat which It is now admitted by everyone was corruptly obtained, Not until the court of last resort
decides against him personally will he
vacate it and in this determination he
has the support and example of other
ministers of the crown in the Laurier
cabinet. The keen sense of honor
which was once such a distinguishing
characteristic of Canadian politics is
seemingly a thing of the past.
' But while the Ontario courts are ferreting out the facts with respect to the
debauching of the OnUrlo electors
with the obvious determination io punish every purchaser of votes, either by
fine or imprisonment or perhaps by
both, the Saskatchewan full court has
given a decision In a case entirely different that has for tho present put all
possibility of punishment for fraud or
the unseating of dishonestly elected
members out of .the range of expectation. In the Sasktechewan case it has
been decided that stolen ballots are
not criminal ballots and that though
an elector may, by the self-confessed
knavery of an agont, be deprived of
his franchise, this, In the eyes of the
law is not a criminal or even a cfvll
We have thus the amazing spectacle
of a courl in one part of Canada taking proceedings agalnsl agents and
bribers for purchasing votes with a
view to adequate punishment, while in
another province of the Dominion we
have a court deciding ibai II Ib no
barm to steal ballots and vote them
The situation is anomalous In the
extreme. In tbe one case votes were
bought ainl paid lor according to ������
schedule prici  previously agreed upon
by   the  "operators'  or  "machine   rm ii
as  tbey  may  be fitly  called.
On the other band q straight steal,
iu which the ihb*ves were nol onl)
caught red handed bui afterward oon
teased the theft, is declared to be be
yond lhe pale of the law. Justice In
this latter case musi be noi onl) traditionally bul actually blind, ll there
is no law in Saskatchewan by which
a ballot thief can he convicted whose
fault is li? Siuvh the Cramers d! the
autonomy bill were shrewd enough to
di vise proper legislation, it is Incon
celvaible thai In the framing ol laws
for new provinces ihey could bave un
Intentionally overlooked such important legislation as would guarantee
the purity of elections. Vci this is
the spectacle with winch we are cun
fronted. Blither by accident or design
there is no statute upon the calendar
of criminal offences to prevenl the
stealing of seats by corrupt candidates
and their agents, It is a crime to buy
votes and honestly (?) pay for them
ai their market value, but to steal
them by whole constituencies Is nol
a crime or an offence.
If such an omission in legislative enactment had taken place under a Con
Bervatlve administration we are sure
that the earth would ring with declarations of corruption and venality
against the Conservative party hut, as
it is. the Laurier organs have nothing
to say upon the question. Comment
upon tho extraordinary situation seems
scarcely necessary. ���
From   the  London    election    revelations  it is surmised   thai   Mr.   Liberal
Worker signed   his  requests   for   your
vote and influence as follows:
Lib. Worker
His mark.
The Montreal Herald says that
Laurler's name Is not always able to
win elections. London, however, finds
It goes well In double harness with a
$10 bill.
Blxty days After date I purpose makin*r appii-
ration loth.* Hun Chief Commissioner of Undi
aiiri worn for permlnion to purcbue tht* (ollowlng described Undi: Commencing nt the
northwest corner of tJ A. Create'! application to
I'liri'iiiiBi', marked "W. <;. i;'a. ���_) w corner."
running tbence 80 chnins north; tbence B0
chaini eut; tbence B0 chains south; thence BO
chains west tu point of commencementi oontainlng M0 aorea, more or leu.
Dated th. i-ih day of October, Ifli B.
  Per J. BHIBLL, Agent.
Blxty dayi afu-r date! purpose making appli.
c��tion to tlu* Hon. Chief Commissioner ol hands
and Works fnr permission to pun-base the rol'
lowine described lands: Commencing at tbe
northwest corner of v. Pndd's- application to
purobase. marked "C.L. lis N. g.corner," running thence so ehulns Honth. tbenee ���**������) chains
westi tlience BO chains north, thenc-.* so chains
eait to tlu* holm ���t commenoement, contalnlni
fiio aorei) more or less.
Dated the 12th 'lay of October. 1306.
(\ L fUsMV'iTON.
 per J Sweu. Ac nt
hlxty dayi after 'late I purpose making appli-
cation u, tbe Hon. chief Commissioner oi Undi
and Work p. for permission to purohaae the following desoribed lands:    Commencing at iho
nortlieast tonier of f. J��� HiuiniiiiMon'- Hpi-llea-
tiou to pnrchase. marked "B. a. c _ B. E, corner "
run Mini, thenc*'mi cliaiu.- north, thenee BOcbalns
Vest,   tlience B0 chains  south, ihence 80 ebalns
east to point of commencement, cu-ntainiii*,- om
aeres, more or less.
bated the lmli day of October, 1900.
K. a. Causa,
,     per J. Sunn.. Agent.
Sixty .lays afler date I purpose making application to the Hon. Chief C(,ii]ini8t*ioner of Lninls
ami Works fur permission to purchase the followiiiK  deicrlbed  lands:   Commencing at the
iiorthwcct  eurner of  V.   Dodd's  application   lo
purchase, marked ���*... r* B. w. corner," runniiiK
tbeneeSoebafnsnorthj thenoe n> chains, more
ur ten, tn the tieM shore of  Whatshan lake, fol-
lowing -.anieHU chains south;  thei  so ehains.
inure or leai, east to the poim of eninnicnuiiu-nt,
containing640 acres, more or less.
Dated tbe Uth day of October, mii
. per J. siun.i,, Agent.
BUty days after date 1 purpose making application to (ho Hon. Chief Commissioner of hands
and Works for perinslj-loii to purchn-.e the fol
lowing described land-: Coiiumnelng ut ���
pOSI   placed   at   the   QorthWeSI   comer    of   **K.
a. Crease, application to purchase, marked
"__.Ua B.K.corner," rniiniiiK thenee bo chains
north, thence 80 chains wast, thenee go chains
loutb, ihence80 chains east to poim ol common
Cement contHimiiK fio acres mure or Ic-.
Hated the 12th dny ol October. IOoB
K. KoiikktsoV.
per J- BlIlKLL. Agent.
Sixty dayi liter data 1 Intend, to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands nml
Won *, Victoria, to tmreha-e IHti acres of land,
located on ihe we-- sfdeoi Arrow lake, ad J Infos
I>*t *18 and described as follow*.: Commencing
at a poit planted on the west boimdnrv ,,f Un
tilt, about J) Chains north ofthe B. W corner of
Mid lot,  thenee west 30 obalns, ihem-e lOUtb 60
chains, theuce east .to .hains to the western
boundary of on-emntion No.878, thenee north
60 chnlni to place of begun*.!.)**.
Located Oct 26,1906. M. K. Wai ley,
            K J. Kt.iJOTT. Agent.
Notice ls hereby given that 60 dayn alter date I
int-n-i to apply to the Honorable the chief Com-
rnisston.-r of Unds and Works, Vietoria, to pur-
chuw 80 acres of land, situate nhoul one mil,.
oaf. of Hurton City on the east ilde of Arrow
lake, snd described as follows: Commencing Bt h
post planted At the norlheast corner oi Lot 6H0,
thence north a) chains, thenco west )*> chains
thence iouth at ehains, thence east -tbi-huii-*. i.,
place of beginning
August aPth, 1��"1 J. H. Btntrot.
Kotiee i* hi reby given that-so .hv* Afterdate I
intend to apniy to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of hand" and Works for permission  to pnrebaie
the following described lands situated In the
West Kootenay District: Heginning at n post
marked, "Antoinette llircb's N. K. corner," and
iilanted on the shore id W'iiatsiiHn (Carit...,,)
lake" at the Southeast corner of the said Inke*
tbence .south io chains; thenee wesl +i el-Kin**,
moreor len, to the shore of W hatshan ereek:
thenee following the shore line of -.uid creek and
lake in n general northerly and easterly direction Ml chains, inur,. (ir [,.-.*, -,, point of MtU-
lin-riocineiit: containing I'-O acres, more or less
Oet. Utfa,1906,
P. L. Hammond, Agent.
Kotio li hereby gl?eu that ��� o dsis aftei date '
Intend lo inake application to tbe Honorable Lbe
Chief Commissioner oi l-ande and Works for pei
minion pi 1.1 ire haae tlm Mio-ving deserlbed
land*:   I iiiiinieUCing Cl a post placed  adj.lining
the souibwett eorner poit ol l-eon Watson's Ap
pi i eat I on tn I'tirebase, running ho ehalni north,
[hence io11.aim nest: thenc* ��> obaina iouth;
thence in chains nasi, to point ol eommenei
ment containing infl aen mors oi less.
Dated Ooiot** i i I, l-PO.
Hi n | W imI.i:
H ,. HgCttl,  I-I1M*>T. VV. I'uHl.s-.s
Notiee i- i" ��� ibj glvi ti that 80 days otter date J
Intend to apply to the Hon. lbe Cblel Commli
sinner nf I... it ll slid Works fnr *" HOlSI  tO Pur
chase tbe [ollowlng deacrlbed lands In wesl
Km tenay dlstrin Deglnnlng a' a punt murked
"Otto Hlrseli'i N W corner"' and planted on
iii. ureal ihore "i w stall an r cariboo - lake, ibout
one-fourth mih west of tho narrows of Wfaauhan
lake; tbenee iouth "��� chains] thenei   sail W
chains more nr leM t" the shore of the Narrows;
ihenee following ihe mid ihora m a general
imrtiierlv snd westerly dtreetlon l_o chains mon
..r ii ���-. io the polnl of coin mem anient, * on tain
ii,.i. i ihli Blh da) - f "* i   1908
Ol 10   II I Km H.
F   I,   'I kMJ-Joi-lJJ, Agent
Notice Is bereb) given that slxt) days aftei data
I lutend [oanpl. to Lln Hon < bl< I < ommlsslonei
o| Landi and works foi permission t-. purchase
the following described landi in Woal Knot, im;
dlitrlel Meginmng ut a poll marked "i K
Alden'i -> ��*  corner," aud planted .,n tin* east
shore ui Whataban (Cariboo) lake, ahum 	
mile  north  of  tbe  totitbem end of ihe hike.
ii io north 80 chains; thonoe wesl tf obalns,
 re or less, to in*   shore of Whataban take;
ihence lollowlng aald ibon In a general soulh-
erl) and caster.) direction 100 cbains, more or
leis, in the polnl ol oommeno ment, oontainlng
I! > . more oi leai
Dated iin- sti. day nl Oct . Wt
i:    K     M.f.KN.
i   I.  il -iMMonp, Agenl
Notice li hereby given thai sixty days attar
date 1 Intend to applj to the Hon chief Commiasioner oi lend! and Worki for permlulon to purchase tbe following de* rlbed landi In tbe weal
Kootenay district: Deglnnlng al a posi markeii
"ilertba Hlracb'i N   I   corner,"and planted on
the east shore of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, at Hie
narrow! of the lake, and ahout one mile iouth "f
Arrow lako trail j tbence south 8u chalnsi thenee
weal BOcbalns more nr lesi to lbe ahore oi tbe
narrows; tlu-nce f-iihnving tbe said ibore [n a
general norih.tK and easterly direction iw
chslnsmore or lesi to the point ol eommeneement. containing M0aores nmre nr Ihi
Dated this Nth day of Oct , 1908
BgKTHA HlHscn'
K I Hammond, Ageni
sixty daya aftor date. 1 afargrett McQuarrle,
intend to apply tO thc MntinraMc the Chiel Colli-
mlaslonerof hands and Works. Victoria,B.C���
in pureha.se Mm* following deteribod land, C<m-
iiien* nn: at a poll marked M. Mi-tjnarrte, on Uie
hunk  of   biwer  Arrow   lake,  thenee -to chains
west; tbence do cbains north; thenee -to chaini
east; thenee r.j chain- BOUtfa   tO  place of com
meneement, said to contain 180 sorai more or
less.    Covering ground held by Q, H. Anderson'**
Dated this Hth day oi Beptember, 1000.
W. 1., I'avsc Agern
BUty dayi after date l purpoM* maning applied tion '" tii*- chief Commlaaioner of Ltndi and
Wnrk- inr permlaalon to purebaae tbe following
��� I'*-nl.* ���! Iii.nl: Commencing at a posl marked
'K I -- V. e,,rner," and situate almiit oriomlle
from Bllvtr Tip Point, on Whatshan lake, and
near Christie creek, running theme ao chains
north; thence 80 obalns wesf; thenoe80 cbains
south, full, * wing ;he lake shore: tbence 80 chains
east to the point of commencement, containing
M0 acre*- mure, or less
Hated the llth day of August, l.W��,
K   Fu���yriia,
 Per K (1   1'Att.iiER, Agent
Notice t* inrcby given that 60dariaitardata
I intend toapply to the Honorable the Chl'.l
Commissioner of Lands and Wdrki fur i.rmii'
ilon to purchase the following deacrlbed lands.
Commeneing at a posl planted on the northeait
corner of 1'eter HcNaUghtOtt'l application to
purchase, running m chains west along the
northern   Isoindary  of same;   thence W| ebalns
north; tbence80 chains east; thence B0 cbalni
smith, along the west t-oiiudarv ������( John KIUolt>
application to purehaae, to pomt of eon_menee-
ment, containing Btfgeres, more **r lew,
Hated Oct 18, [908 THOMAS -with.
Hy his agent, Kumar w. Bobuowk.
Notice ts hereby given that 80 dayi after dale I
iniend to apply to the Honorable thc ttjOCommissioner of Xands and Works, at Victoria, H.C..
for permiMion to purehase the loiiowing described lands, situated in the Went Kootenay
district, south nf Forty Nine creek, commencing
at a poll marked "I,. II Ch,*-|uette')t N. W. corner," thence 10 chains cast, thence to chains
iouth, thenee40 chains west, theme tf chains
north to the commencement pout, containing iui
a.Tc, more or len.
Nelson, B. C , Oct. 16th, llHV*.
I.. II. CHo..rETTI,
w. a. Jowas, Agent.
Hlxty day- alter date I purpoiemaklog applies
tion io the Hon. Chief Commlnloner ol rand*.
and Works for permlulon to purchase the follow-
log deaoribed land: Commencing at a pout
pined ai theiontfawutooraaroi it. w. Kenning-
ton's application lo purchaie, marked "L. M. B,
H'sa S. corner post/' running thence 80 cbaina
wait; tbence B0 ehalna aoutb] thence hu chains
east; thence no chains norih to point of eommeneement, containing ''-to aeres. mora or lata.
Pated the Kith dny ofOftola-r, 1'Jur..
L. M. B. Ha.vvjn.ton,
i'er H. Sinn i.. Agent.
r-jixj- days after dale I i.urpose making application to the Hon. chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works lor permission to pnrehaae the fol-
lowlng deicrlbed land:  Commencing at a post
placed on the north boundary of lol No. Ml ami
abonl two chain- east of U'hai-hau creek, marked "M. 8*a. S. W. corner," running thenee -to
chains east; tlience tf chains  north;  thence tf
obaina weat; thenee m chains tooth, to point of
commencement, containing 180 acrei mnre or
Pated the 10th duy of October, 19l��'i.
   1'cr K Sninj., Agent.
By ;
Notice I- hen by given thatelxtrdajm after date
I itllend toapply [o the Hon, Chief Commission
erol Lands sod Works for permission to purchase ihe following deurlbed lands, 160aorei
commenolng a! a poal murked John Toye. plant
ed on Ihe east shore of  Lower Arrow lake, about
one mile north ol sunshine ereek. (bene* forty
ehalni east, theme fortj chains south, thence
forty chains west, ihenee  forty chalnn north
along lako ihore to i n of commencement.
Dated thii Uth dny ol Beptember, iwn.
John Toy a.
If ll!!*.-l   I.|]!miN,  Agent
Notice is herehy given lhat i"*o days alter date 1
intend toupi.lv tothe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Umls and Works for permlnsloii
to nurehii-e tbe/ollowfngdeiKTibed land, aftuatu
in hire Valley, in tho Wosl Ko< tenav district, adjoining W. A. Csjdefs pre-emption, -tuning at a
posl marked M, McQuarrle'** - hweat cornor
running*)chaini cast, tbenei m chains north,
thenee80cbaina wast thenee to cbalni -outh to
polnl ol commencement.
Dated Ihis llth day of September, 1008,
Mint HcQo-uuttit,
 J. K. Tavi.hu, Agent.
-ivl> dav-after date I purpose making appli
cation to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Undi
and Works for permission to purehase the following described land:  Commeneing at a post
placed at the north east er.rner of B. C ^klnner'i*
application to  pureliase.  marked "II, D'l  N   \\
oorner poit," thenee following lbe oaal boundary of same ho ehaln> south; thftnOO  running an
chains east! tbenoe 80 chaini imrth; thenre *>
chains weit to point ot eommeneement, containing 1*40 acres more or les*��
Dated the imh day of Ootober, 1906,
il Dono,
 ^_    Per It. Shiki.i-, Agent.
fio days after date I Intend to applv to the Honorable the chief Commlnloner oi Landi and
Worki. Victoria, H C , to purchase M0 acres of
land Pdtuftte weit of Arrow lake on the west side
of W'liatelian creek and joining the north boundary of S, J. Annahie application to purchaie.
Commeneing at a post marked K. J. K. 8. E. corner nnd running we.-* so chnins; thence north 90
chains:  thencecast SOehalrm;   thenee BOUtb  to
point of oommencement.
September Jnd Iflufi. u. J. Ki.liot.
Notice Ih hereby given that fa) dnvs after date. I
Intend to appl* to the Hon. chief Commissioner
of Landsand Work** for permlaalon to purchase
the following described lands in the West (tool
cnay District:   Beginning Ht a post marked -w
S Bl.ldfe'l 8 YV enrner," and planted about
otie-'|uar|er mile went of tio* west ibon of What-
shnn (Cariboo) lake, and about one and one
quarter miles north of the southern ond of the
lake; IheiKe norlh to chains; thenee east tf
chains more or less to the shore of the whatshan
lake; thenee following said ��horo in a general
souther! v and westerly direction 1-no chnlni more
or leas to a poini on, ibe shore due east ofthe
post ot commencement; thenee west _*����� chain**
more or less to the point of commencement, con
tain dig 330 acrei moreor lei*
Dated this mh dayof Oct., lis*
W, 8, Klvwoi,
V   I.   HA>i>:<'M.,,\g,-iii
;i  mpli di
llrf,   H<
I    Kt'ick      of
An ek-��uut
Just   rt-ci*..
Covera, Tea tl
Xmag prest nl -
We .ire also -
Si*��- our show   a litddvi tbi   loin
tiiuD*. whli'lt are bad nuld-t -<��� on
,. ���-��� : Mi,- ���*���
iw tw   work fo,
l^f*-? !_!  "f .'"'*.. K*..;   ^^ WbbonWoit  a\
order  by
we  hav..
""'   bei   schJma'
fancy work In tin- Montreal contenl     Horn Ik the Umi  ��� .. ���
make aelectioag. ' >l,u l" 41
���������������������������������������^��������������������������4^ j
Hotloe !> herebj given thai BO dayi aru r date i
Intend to apply to tbe Bonorable Obtel' o�� nu
���lorn : ci ijoid- and Works .'ur permui-i
i haas tba following di -"-'NtM-d lauds, al tasted on
tio* ...-��� md,* of Xrroarlalta  cotamencloa at a
[Mint marked  A. Mscteod'l Jocatimi poit. UUMI
south   f rty eh��lns, toliowlng W  1oye>-**a��tern
bounder) j tbeni a aaai sixty cbsum, to east tent
of iiarii.ai'ii Creeki tbenei nr-h forty chalna;
Ihenee east slaty ebalni to point of ew
mmi, contalnlneM aerea, more nr i. �����
Dated Siptembi r I, igbe.      Ai.m* maclud.
1 _r N. Dansaa, Agent.
Notice ii hereby given that tOOert alter date I
intend to apply tO the Uonorahle thi Cblel ' "in-
muslonerol lands and Worki tor permtsston to
pnrebaae tbe rollowlng deaerlbod land*. ��iiuau*d
on thu east ��lde of Arrow IsSe:   CoOUai
tbe northeaat oornei ol A* Anthony _ pontbaae,
tbenoe north  forty ebalna, thenc.* wen forty
chain-.,  theme couth  forty  cbalni. thence ea>t
forty   ebalna   to point of < "mmencemenl. containing (00 acrea, more or hi*.
Dated .-.plcml-er 1, UOB.     >f_Jlll F. Macleod,
perN  Iikj-kw, Ageni.
Notice  ts  hereby  given  tfiat sljty  davs a.'t. r
date i intend to appiv to the Hon. Chief i nam -
iloner ol Landi and Works for permlaefoo to
ii urchasc the lollowiiig daaerioad lands, in
Weal kootenay Dlatrlet; Comtnanelog at an Initial p's-i pltti'le.) at lhe southea-tt corm-r of Me-
Coj - pre-.mptlon, tbeni e B0 ehalna waff to '*a-i
Is-undary   Of   Loi   S1W;   then.-.-   I.,11..wing   aald
boundary aoutb to southeast '"nor of aald lot;
thenoe 10 chain- weat; thenee So ebalna aonth;
thenee 10 chains eaat; thene.- ji ehalni north to
south weat corner of Lol ttt\ thenos following
west iHi'ttidarv of hot f��i to initial pool.
Beptember it. way:. D D WoLrr,
per Ebnest W*. Boais-o.s
Notice is herehy (jiven that Ml days afterdate, 1
Intend to apply to tba Bon. chief CosamtasJoni r
of hands snd Works for permlaajoa to purchase
itie following deacrlbed landa. situat-* ..n the
Haai ���)h--r--oi Lowei take, about one aad one
half mil.* Ninth of Bdgewood, B C and ad
Joining i.T. B___tla_ application to purehaae,
and commencing at a poet narked Donald wn
soil" Booth West corto-r, tbenee running (forth
��nty chalm, thenc* Kast forty chains thenee
Booth, sixty chains, tbenee Waal forty chains to
place of oommeneement. ��nd containing '.Mo
acres more or Ian,
M. It. Mi-,-11 akrii. Agent,
hated thii .Bth day of September. 19u6
Notie, in hereby given that two month* after
date 1 Inland to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commiasioner of Uindt and Works for p. rml.-
llOO to purchase MO acrea of land, .[,-��� nl��.*d as
followi: Commencing at a p>*-st planted at the
r-outhw-.it of l . *_, Morrivins rali**n in Fire
Valley. Weil Kootenay diatrht. marked "J. a.
Monro*- northeaal oorner post"; tbenvjeioi hains
west; thenee ao. hains nouth: tbence_0ebalni
eaat; thence N) chains north lo tin plane dJ ��� om
Dated lllh day o[ Septemt*.r. !_������
J. It. MfMOI.
W. A. CtlbiK. Agrnt.
Notice is hereby given tbat 00 (Ufa af fa - date I
intend toapi.lv to the Hon. chief 1 ommlaaioner
of Lands and Wnrk*- for permission [���> p'tretm*-
the following deeerlbed landa,altuate in Weet
Kootenay diMrnt Heginning at s ixmt marked
"Arthur Warren's s W comer,"and plan tad Ofl
theeaht shoreof W'haiahan (Csrilx-o) lake, about
two mile- north of tlie narrows of Whstahsn
lake, snd at thc s, K corner of W. S*-roin lie's application to purehaae; theme ea-t lo chaini!
thence north r-n chain**;;  thence  west  ��> chsini;
tbeuce smith ho chains to 1-oint of commencement : i on tatning B20 acr.*-* more or less
listed thii sth day of Oct. IOOB.
AftTlft'R W A SKIN,
v. I.. lUMMoifii. Agent
BlXty days after date I Intend to ariplr lo tba
CommlMloner of landsand Works, \ ictorla. to
pur. base UH) acrei of land, mtuate and deacrita-d
as follows: Commencing ata p.��t planted ,.;i tl.,*
west Fide of Armw lake opjH-siU- Canla>o C|ty, al
or near the ���.onthwett corner n| B Halg pnr-
chaae. and marked "(I. M. A . S. K corner,'   and
running north tt chain., thence weat _0chalna
to H. Annahie i purchaie, iht-nce -outh R cbalni
moreor leis to the lake chore, thence along the
lake ihore to place of beginning,
Auguit aeth, 1906. a, m. AnuauL .
Notice || hereby given ihatitxtv davs alter
date 1 intend to apply to the Uonorahle the
Chief  Commissioner of   I-ands  and   Works,  for
permlaalon to purchase the following described
land.-, in the West Kootenav district: Beginning
at a post marked "JameaG Kraaer's N.K. corner."
an.1 r, anted on the easl shore of Whatshan
(Cariboo) iake, about one half mile north of
Christie .-reek;   thence south 40 ehalni, more or
lew. to th,- north boundary of W. Boeombe'a application to purebaae; tbenoe weat along ibe-aid
boundary 40 chains, more or les*. to the Ihora of
the lake; thence following the laid shore in a
general northerly ami etuttetij direction m
cbaina. more or leaa. to point of commencement.
containing b-o acre, mnre or leas.
o.t i.ih. iaw. Mima fiusib,
K. 1.. Hammoni-. Agent.
Notie* U herehy given thai sixty dava slier
the date I Intend to applv to the Hon the Chief
Commlaaioner of Landa and Works for permis.
sion to purchase the follow ing deacrlbed land
in tbe West Kootonay dlatrlet:   Beginning ata
posl   marked  "K.   I!, Kofl'l  N.B.  corner.'   and
plan ted on i he shore of w hatslmn (Cariboo) lake,
at the northwest  corner of said lake; thenee B
chains waat; tbence tt ohalni south; ihenoe ����� ���
��� ���hnlns east: theme 10chains south: them b eat1
K)ebalni, moreor lesi to the ihore of tin* said
lake; thence northerly along the snld hike thore
BO chains, moreor less, to th.  point of imen-
cemetit. oontainlng 180 acres, more oi los*,
DatedOot, ia, 1908, k. k. Kan.
K. I. Q-iMHOm, Agent.
Notice li hereby given that BOdgJI all. r ilale I
iniend toapi.iy m the lion, chief Commissioner
ol Unds an.I Works for permission lo unrcba-c
thc following deicrlbed lands Situated 111 the
West Kootena; district; Bcinning ���t A n,,��[
marked   "Wlllhim    Kcll'a   N.   W.   comer"   aiol
planted about .me mile south of tha north end
of W batahan (Cariboo) hike, about lwoo.7chaini
WOBt of the west shore of -aid lake ami on the
south   boundary  o|   g   K.   Keir- application to
pumhaee; thenee aomh no chaini; lheni aai 30
chains,   more   or   less,   lo   the said lake sborai
thenee northerly along the laid ihoro80chslm,
l!���,">.'\-,...ll"",��� !!' ""' ��W lOUth boundary of
B If. Kail'! applleatloil lo purchase; thence West
M chains, moreorless to the point of commencement, containing 180 acrea, more or lew.
Dated Oct. 18, I'M,. William Kkii..
       Hv F". h Hammo.Mi, Ageni,
Notice la hereby given that 60 dan attar date 1
Intend to apply Eo tho Hon. the Chlel Commli-
sioner ol Laml- and Worki for Dermllllon 10 mir-
chase   the   following   d. s.rlla'd   lands tn   \. ",1
Kootenay distriet, province ol itritiih ColumbUl
ommenclng at a poat marked ������WUl1��m Tolllug-
toa'l northwest corner post." said poil Iniiig
Planted at the southwest corner o the *'l ,,,.
Mineral Claim," and adjolnlftg the eaal lit... ,
Mel hail l pre emotion, thence South twentv (Lti
cha ns along said Hue, thenee (Ml forty 401
Chains, Ihence north  twentv (--ijihal.l     Ihciee
jmti��|Qrtm-^__t_M��ii_�� �� l��A to't^KSira
Dated Isl -'ay of August l'.W0.
_     ,        Wll.l.lAM   TOI.I.IMITON,
By his agent.I, E.Taylor.
! ti,uliK\o',,!he'1CMnl',r'' Pa/P"0makinganpllc-v
8.111. 0 nmlssbiner ol hands and
A,  ,-ri.    U.H f\rH n"  '" rtrohMi Ho- following
d-M   bed land;  Commencing al a postmarkod
mlwlt'S 1. '",.",'r":"lJ"<ulug the wil l.u...
ary olh |'|r.rOQ I app lealloii to PUKham run
"Ing thenee 811 chalna north!  il.cn'eifloSiiirJ;
aeiwn.loor.eii?���     htalning mo
Dated lhe lllh day of August, liHNl.
Kotl-W   ������:������������   x.  ������������ t   ...    ,    "I
date I  Intend toapph        *..' ,, ,���',','*)'ifal
���   rol Und. sid ��o_l* I
uate r��� WestK .   ,"'���,��"4||
ai  .   pu.1  markad -a' 11..J \'-\' "** ** "
planted ���(  the ���*���   -a   .   ��� ��� 1   '  .��� ' ��n
miles north of  Buru-n -    ,    ',''. *��� '��� -'-
l sbmt 1
"      ��� '   _. I oT
-nt. .-..ntaini* r   J, aiT,..   i"m<^
Dated thii Hth da, of (.   tteher.i-tt
1. her.lv gtv.-        ���-.:-������ . .
intend loapply to the H  1   rable th*. cut  "
missioncrof Undaand _..-tl (���!''" *
norehaae tbe f,  IU-S!___i
from a pnst marked W  rsBorthwiMT_l��..___i
 th  to -ha.ns,  then... ea-. *.-K.S_8
hafns.thea : -  lutffir1
mnimaBetnent, oon tain log ��* wm ��,!_���
U-o.Mhe.^tofA.A:, I
Hon tO pi: '   ������"   1
Datod this _s*tb day of August, 19��.
Kotiaelsberebyglrentbatiixi   ���
I Intend to apply to the Hon..
er-.f Undi and   Work   ���
following di
-nartlng ��t a posl marked tatliei - ,. . ���
planted on tt..* <_������ ibor , . ���
near Ula latone Crwek, ibcne. 10 .i,-*i,,"3i
tbpue. fi chains north, Utoic* S-fhainiIM
poini ,.f rota meneement.
I'aie.l tin* llth day at September, Hi
' -""'    *: i
HiRsv i.ibMi;-. \f*tl
NoU�� .�� bi reby given thai eo -1 . I
Ultelid looppljr tothe ll..uoral .��� J
-11 of Uicli and Work, fo u-rmjuJa
porehaaetbe loUowingdew-ntwdIsndiiQ
OB the ea-l ddl .-f Arm*.*, |��J[, 1 r^Bo��___l
the sontb-a.-si  corner of A  Antl ,L
thence lomh tw*-ntr eiiBit .   ,������
ehalni, thence north twenty < Iij.il*. ib.0'i3w
iveniycbnini to point of comjaruMKatH
talritng *_' a. re**, more or b ������* I
!>aif*.| .s-piember 1.1*X��       Bam M troaj,]
per K   Dim ���  Ap;*.   ' |
Sntiic is hert-by (Iran that iti    tmg
dale I Intend toappiy tt.thellr.mirtt-lrlitQ
Commlaalonf r of Unds and W i.r_i ;.,r p-i__a__
to purebaa.* the lollowlng ���!��� ��� rlbed i.niMi��|
at. iu the w>st Kootenay distriet, arid ^juSI
Paul An-lr-.-'��� |.r. ejnpti-.n. -tarlinr it t~m
marked A J. Dong-, H (.OOtOer ��� .';:*,���.*��� ������>___
of Lower Arrow lake, theliee 41 rbaiDisn
thence 40 chalm south, thi nre Ju < liatD����(l
theme tO cbalni north to point af r-itnanal
natod at Nelson. H.c,, this Itb di   \tet
ber, ltwft A.llm,E
W'm imi u an. -trfflt
Sotica  ti  hereny given thai ililr diMllJ
datal Intend to apply to tlu n.-uurawf ihtcr
Cotnmlaatoner of Undi and Me-rli/'irrrermla.���
to pun-has,- the following described itudiuanl
In wm Kootenay dlitrlet: l ommrrj'intt aitaew
planted at Itobert Corlett'i Dorlb euieoal
poat and marked A. M's S. W Crner ftanl
easl I" chains; thenee 10rhaim iouth. nmfll
Usi to tha Koolanay river: theaa 1 H
a.onr the Kootenay river; thenre 10 rh_|fl
north, m-oe or i.-ss. to the placa ��� _
ment. containing ino acres moro or Icjs.
Septenilier ltth 1W.
Wiixua Moost uAfni.
Kottoe i�� bantqrglren thataodsyssttsf-sal
InU nd lo ��pi*iy to thi Hon lb  ' _\
��� imier of Unds anil nortl tot hrmi _iua Ij
[���i;n'(rt., the (Allowing dc��rfbea (andsnfl
Wr.t Kootenay dlstricl    Beclnnlni ��* * 7*_\
marked O. D. Adl ami It it. IN i K. cnrnrrsdl
si-out 2 miles east ol the Balmon river andiWl
', mile from the I'end d*0nfils rfrari lli-aij
chains northi thenre#ehalni weati Ibtwg
ehalni BOttthi ihenee SO chains east l<> sl��if
Jiated the Bnd dav of Beptember, is*
I! BU,  p
B. M. Karit- Agea*.
BlXty .lavi niter date 1 purpose makini igjI
cation to th<  Honorable tin* ch*. f c,-nnmti_*l
of Und*an<i Works for permission to v"***M
the loiiowing deaeribed lan-l. 1 outmetitttt _
a |��.si marked "D. P*a 8. fl corner." tit~M
K. Pauaular's applloattoii io purchsse ii:mbsw
U en< ���  N< hains nortb;   thsn-M 10 ��!o.im (�����
tbenco SO ohalni south; tbsnei _'rliaini��a^
to the p-tint of eommenoement,entatnlQ
acres, more or less.
fated the llth day of AuguM. 1*��*
I> l'iw-1
Per t.Q, I-' .lies, AgaH
Notice ts hereby given lhat f.i daVisfM?r1i��l|
intend to appiv to the Honorable tbeciiie(t-si*|
misalonerof Unds and Works to pun'h��rw|
following dew*rita**dlandii.l-nacns. merrrfW1'!
commencing at a post plauied nn *���������'"^rriM
of Cpp-T Arrow Uke m * [Miliit als'UlTnilWW-M
low Nakusp. and marked (.'.A. B II       ' I
l��.-t;   ihen,.* m chain* w. -:    ��� : T
���outb; ihen.,- ni chains east, moreorM "I
shore; thenea along lake ahore (0 pola*��*W
.'"ning- ��� ,1 ,. I
Datedtbla5ib<U.of8eDt..l900. 0 ��� ��� ,li!*|
Notfo ;-h.*re!.*. glwntlml-IMv.ia'-Ir'^W
I intend 10 anply to the Hon ('ble/comffllafj j
of Undi and worka lor p- rmlaaton
the following doacrlbed lands, startinf siag ���
planted on the North W-i eornern ��*TLm
thence ru uu log twentv rhalni Souih, '!"*���.���
twenty chai ns Weit, tbenee f��ti J
thence twenty chains Bast, tio*iiceiaestyrwsB|
south to iH.int of  inenc nt, mm n'au'T
mg m) aorea mor,* ,,r teas, ���  .,,
Puaama Bi"*"?_t-
W, J. imI--u'**|
Dated tha 1-1 day ot October, l��fl
sixty days after datal purpose rotf-BBfM
ration to the Hon. Chief Commissi ���������'���"**? ���
ami Works for permission io 1 ''����������� *"',jj|
lowing des.-ril.cd  land:   Coi ���'' -'"-''������, **
placed a I the SOUth West conic ol M ,':i1'   .'^,|
plication to purchase. Marked    I   ' ' ' '
ner,'' running ihence ki chain*- northi in"*���
chains wen thenee   BO chain-   -odtt'. H"'" __
chatm -asi to point nf commem ementi i*nni^|
Ing 830acres more or less.
I'ated the loth dayof October ^'nvVfm I
per R.-fHtiLt- ^|
Notice is her. by given that Wdayaalw^H
Intend tn appiv to the Honorable 'i'"'rB��.|
Commlaaioner0' undaand works '[".'.,-i-ni
sion to purchase the follow ing  ilc-crl'"'-     .,*,���
in the West Kootenay district: '���"���!!" .�����
post mark.* 1 "gleanor Hlneh's �� �� "���iti\\
alld planted on the WW I shore of till M '^ h,:||
What-han (CarilHto) fake, ahoul one ami,,!!
miles south of Arrow lake trail; ���l,,',"'l'' .ifltwl
chains; theliee cast Ot clinlii** more Or ";: , tt|li
Miore of Ihe Narrows: Ihcnce loJl��wlK5lB_i
shore ma generaPvotitbcrly ate! w��ienj' fir
Hon so chains moreor low to point of*ew��
ment.r'oiilainhig Imi acres moreor I. ->���     tfl)
Dated Oct Sth'lflOfl BU lNl,;
F. I.    H -M .
, Ai:ctil.
NoticeliberoDyglTonthstilxlj 'Hj-�� io)lll.
I Inteud to applv tothe Hon Chlelt-omm    j
er of Undsand Work- fornermlwion*1fi|
chase the rollowlng deaorlbed l��nd,'"tSiiM
Koolenay district I   Beglniilni: al '���,IM'. ](l)i iM
"W, S'Coml��-'s 8   K comer " ' I" ��� "f.' ,|khiI
eaal  shore of whatshan (Carll ' '��i-ii-haa
two miles north of (he narrows ol ,wH,,.|ii
lake; ihence norih ��U ehnllis; li'BJJ���, ibili
ehnllis, more or   less,   lo   ilie   lake Bll01���nnrJ|��l_
following  the aald  shore In a gc!ic:*.i  >        ������
and easterly direction ISOftbalm, teott m
the poim of commencement; oontawi"
acres, more or leal.
Hated this Bth day of Oct , 1900. ff ^^i,
t, L HANM'-M'i AK-"11' The Daily Canadian
Attorney-General  of   N.   B.   Recognizes
B. C'a "Special Claims."
Ottawa, Oct. 29.���Hon. Wm. 1'ugaley,
uttonK'y-gL'jioral of Now lirunawick,
bt itiK inU;rvfi!W_d on Ms return to St,
John front tho provincial conference,
Huiii the first thing which was very
notiOflble was the evident desire of all
we ni be is lo come to such conclusions
as would be satisfactory and just to
ilu* provinces. II was a matter of re-
grfll tint) It was not possible to make a
ii'Coiiiiiiciiilathui to tho OC-IDpletfl satisfaction of tin- premjer of Mritish Col<
Umbla, bill 'lie conference fell lhal thoy
cotiiii not advise a larger amount, al*
though Ihoro wero exceptional eoioll-
iimis attached to thut province. They
recognised the attitude of ihe Dominion government thai tho provinces
would havo io take iho responsibility
of any additional subsidies being given
iu any one province, because they had
the assurance, and they Were glad to
gel it, that the Dominion government
considered tbal the provinces had a
right t" a voice In respect to Ihe stih-
sidfi'H KiTtniod, anil that no exceptional
aid could In* extended as an annua!
siihsidy without tin; consent of all.
Semi-Ready Sack Suits, Double Breasted, style as photographed above, in the
famous Bluuoz Serge, blue or black, for	
$20 ���
Semi-Ready Wardrobe t
tun  always tell the difference when you tr)'on a Semi-Ready garment.    The distinctive style of good tailoring is supplemented by fine British cloths.
Look for the Semi-Ready Label ou every suit you buy���
for this silk label, sewn on thc inside pocket, plainly
stamps thc real Semi-Ready garment.
��� ���- lie*-**!**-, a I veil i hm GO dayi aftor data
"������apph tntiiciimi.ctilefC nlnioiie'r
.������ml Worka fnr pcrmlMlon to nuraliaia
������wii.K described Inudain Woal Kootenay
' i^sinnlim rn a |hiii marked, "Horn*
I ��� urnor," and plauied on ilu*
"'' "I tin' narrow, nf WhH^liiui (Onrlboo)
' ''"������   "' 'Hi   .Sll  chalfUi   (lllftlcc    ivi-l    in
��� - li -. to iin- ghora ol Whatalian
"���'tireioiiiiwiiiR said shore in h general
tij iinii cMvirrij shrcciinii t'Joohalna moro
rn iinoncomont: oontainlng
I   1!NT,.
10:i:miaii]i ItlRKH,
I'   I.. llAMMuMi, Ajreill
I IIH--II, _1nr 0'i
n| u
ni lands;
11 iiiircluiHc,
1 borebj (riven iimt sixty daya aftor
' apply ui 1 lie HonornbloOhlol
Hmi Worki lornorra.11
������*���" Un I'tiinutiiK dcarrll
'.'������in i"-i placod on the
" '���'Hou-application
1 ''��� '0-    PUl   HlniiK   III
' ; llionco m> ciiin-m norih;
111 koii; ih'noo80obalmroiiUu u
uioiioomont, contalnlni fltu at*rci
;- IW8. John Gl.LIOTT,
agent, Krkimt VV. Rownwk.
BUty dayi aftor data 1 purpoie making application i<> the Hon. Chief DomutUiIonor ol Landa
ami WurkB lor permission to pnrehaae the following dewr-bed land:   Commencing at a i-osi
|i)Hi*i'it ni Iiii* northwest corner of II hodd's m>*
plication to purohaie, marked "R IV. U'aB. tt*.
corner poat," riinnitii, thenon 90 ohalni northi
ihciKuHiMhtiin-i eaat. thonco wi ehalna aonthj
lbence 80 ohalna weil to point ,d commence-
nii'iti. I'oiitiiiniin; 0-iOaorci, moreor lou.
Dated lull lOlh dayol -Mober louA.
It IV, Hanmmiton,
per It. siiikii., Agent
Sixty dave after dato 1 purpose making nplication to tin- iimi. thf Chlel Uomnilpafonor ��>f
I.iiii.Ih an.1 Merits lor pertnwlou io ptirchaae tin*
r.iihmiiii,' described land; Commenolng nt a
���wit placed woat or the Juneiion uf Barnoa and
Whataban oreelta. and eail of it. J. KUIott'i an
plication in  purchase, marked "tt". \   l"s. S. VV.
corner." running thonco80ohalna nurth; tin	
Motor Cycle Races-
Providence, tt. 1.. Oct 28.���-F- I layi,
tho orack Springfield race*, won Lbe
in-milt- amateur championship of the
United States al the annuo] meeting
or ilm Federation or America Motor
cyclists al Gollttigwood Cove truck
yesterday, Boyt showed up in One
form and received ;i gold medal for
winning the contest There won* seven other races, nil closely conies toil.
������it 1
tat; ih
I'M In polnl nf
crea more or low.
1..1.1 day ot Qutobor. 100C
ont; oontain-
aftor dale 1 p
'   Hon. lhe 1
irpoii making appli-
ilof Uommlaaronci uf
11 permlaalon to purchaao tho
1 inml; Commencing m ��
inili n mih- weet of itan.es
v mil. nnrlh nl the motltli OI
J, B'i s w. oorner," ruuoii k
rth; thonoe hi chnins eaat;
nh in tht* imrih boundary ol
atin  tn ptirchaioj thenoo sn
lict'inclil; cniilitill-
��� "loreorloL,.
1 '-'Hi 'Ihv of October, 1006.
.1. S1I1K1.I.,
" prior date l purpose making appli'
" Hon. * -li iff t nmnilNiininr nf Lands
Un pormlMlon to purohaae ti.n fol-
��� r������.��.,! landi: Commeneing al a post
"'*��� aouth wont cornor of J. sliidi's ap-
" I'ur-tmao, mnrki-d ' R-8..S. B.oor*
'"k thonco sn rimiiia north, tbenee80
'; ihcnce m ohalna aouth, thenoo m
Im point iif cniiiinciu'ciiu'iii, oon tain-
���t, more nr lou.
" i-'ih dny of Ootolrar, 1006i
It   SUIKI.I.,
per J. HiiiKii., Agent.
ate I nnrpoio making appli-
''iiirf Commluloner ol i.mui^
* l"' pormtillon to purchaao tho fol-
1 nnad laml--: Coninteuotng at 8 poll
"'  Hi'' nuillifiiKiinroortifK -MiMi'd
1'" purchaio, marked "M. U Q'iB, ic
["jninn Ibenco80 ohalna north in tlm
Nl|"iy of t, 1, Dim thanee md ciiain*-
" 10 I'lnotiM Hiinh, tbonce80cbaltu
1 iniHinuiii'fiiH'iii, containing Mo
W. N. I'ool.K,
Pur J. Siiiri.i., Agent
I     Notice 1- hi'ivi.v given that BO dara Utter date 1
I intend to nmk0H_.|illi*_Unii tothe llouorable the
Chlol CommlMloner ol 1. 1- ami Worka ror nor
mission to porcheiu tin* lollowlng dewrlhed
landa: Comuionclog ��i �� poil plaooo nhont ono
in Mo nail of Whataban oraek mnl 'it.mii throe
milesaonili of wiiaiHhan lake.running80chatna
notiLli; tbonce80chalna woat] thenco 80 chains
norlh; thenoo ni chains anil, lo point of coin*
���notjc OUt I'niilniiiiiiy 010 iicrt's mon* nr 1-flU.
I ated October 18,1008.
I'KiKit McN.tri.irreN,
By hii agent, (Ebhut w. Roiunbom
Notice la hereby given thatifcttydayeafterdftto
I intend to anply to tboHon.ChlofOommlBilouor
���f Undi and Worki or nermlaalon -taburohuo
tho rollowlng deicrlbod landi in Oie Weet
Kootenay dlitrlot: in-ulmnm: at n noi marked
uj a. aiminco'i 8. W. cornor,*'and planted about
one-hall inllo eail of the slum* of Whatshan
(Cariboo) lake and an
l'io iith dayof Ootdbor. HWfl.
M, K. (lllKNKKII.,
PLT .'.KlilEI.I., AgUtlt,
r tin
A iiu- wild lake, and al Iho B, B, oorn
nr Warren'i application to purplno
iaat ho cliaina: thence north suclnon
treatsoohalna to tbe northeaa riier
south Wli-liains ���--���������
mining 040 acri
Oot. ttthi lau
I nf colllllirliccllll'llt, OOU
ro or loaa.
.1. 8. StMlfKOi
V. L, 1I.IMVONII. Altflll.
Nuiicc m horoby l-Ivoii iimt r*o.lay�� inter dute I
mi, Ddtoi   ��� u to Iho Honorable tba Ohjof'om-
,, ���  f 1  . iis.in.1 Worki tor permlwlon to
,_____ Lfollowliig deaerlbod landi In tlfo
v   , K.ni*.a- ditriot:   Beginning a  awst
BlmShan (Cariboo) lako, al liieS K.��nerof
liiM*h's  applloatlon   m  purolmaoi
hiti's, more nr leas.
Oct 18111,1900.
Alrxandbr ftuiiit,
K. l. I{iiutoNPi Agent
Butty davs afterdate l pttrpu
cation in the  Hun  itn- rhief
Landi ami w orki for pennliilo;
followlug aeierlhed (audi:
juelng at a
f M. k.uren
li.ii,.,. 111^    1,1-1 1  1 , n.-ii     ii.i.iin.        .    is, in  nth     '���-    ���
&oa( placed al lbe aoutbeail oorner of M. Ic.Oren-
I't-llV applloalloli   In   pll it'll use,   niHrkt-.l    'D. !)'��,
s. w. Corner," runiiinu thencoW ehalui north!
to T.I1.OO8R; the  80 ohalns east; tbenee sn
chains iouth) thoneo80uhalni treat, in point uf
cniiiinencciin.nl, containing 'H-' acres, ninri' ur
haled tholBtli day of October, IBOO.
D Dono
Per.1. Bhlell. Agent.
Kolloe is hereby givon tba
inteml in make uuplle.oioi
Chief C
aftt-nlalo I
llihi-   fi iimi lis,-, 1 iiii,   li.  i,,i-   i.i'i.i,
nlMl -1 01 lumls ami Wnrk
1 nu-1 i om in is-, i.i 11 er ni 1 .-. 11.1. iiiiii i.oraa mr pei -
million  tu ptmihaao  the rollowlng deaorltwd
bin.Is;    CommonClng at  n  pust   nu  the   imrth
boundary nf laitSUand Hboni It cbalni eaal of
Whulshati creek, running I" chains oasi; Ihcnce
40ohalna north! ihence m ojoalm west: thonoe40
chains lOUth, Ul   pnllil   nf tnminencoineill, onil-
l.llltili.r   ll'JI il..r..u   i.i..t-.i III-   !.,-_
Silver King Hotel
Bot>t Dollar a day honae in the Kootenaya.
Booma are well furulahod.   Table ai good ai any
lu Nelion.    Baraupplled with good
lln oorn and clgara.
W  E. McOANDLIBH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
Bnropeao and Amerlcao Plan
Heila 'ib eta.   Booma Irom Ift eta. to 11
Ouly White Help Kmployed.
mining n-n norei more nr I
Hated October 18, mm;
I.kuN Watson,
lly his agont, Khnkst W. ROBIMON.
Sixty dayi After ditto 1 purpoie making uppii-
oattoti io tie 11 nn. Uhief Commlvloner of i.an.is
mid Worki for permftoilon to purehase the fni-
lowtng deaorlbud land:  Oommonolng atapoit
iilaced ahniit   lim ynrds  nest nf Ilu'  Utialsliali
Inke trail and aboul  IW lies -"unlit  nf  What
shan lake, mnrkiw] "I-. l'. S'a N K. corner i��.-l,"
ruiinlii*,' thetlOO HU elutins sniilh; llienee Ml
ehnllis weltI thohooSO Ohalni  north)  thenee Ml
ebalni eait, to imtni nf commencement] oontainlng MO acres, more ur leaa,
Datod nm inih day of Ootober,MOB.
H C, skinnfr.
Per h. hioki.i,, Agent,
Notloe ia bereby given that 00dayi niter date 1
Intend tn innki- HpplleHllnn to the Holiorablo tho
Chief Oomralirdi nor of LAUdland Worki fnr permlaslon tn pUTUliaiO lhe fullnWlliK doM*iIlii'(l
Hindi: CniMMcnchi- ai u pnst planted nn lho
norihcast oorner of Peter MoNaugntonii application to purohAaa, Bellowing the oust bonndary of
fume SO ohalni suuth; ihenoe hi ehatns oaft;
tbence sn ehains north; ilioiiouft) ohalna west to
point uf commenoomont, oontainlng n-iti acres,
more ur l-.*****,
Duled O0t. I81 1006, Al.ltKHT BM.101T,
Hy IiJh ageftj Krneht W. Ruiiinhon.
American Opinion of Tenor Who  Will
Appear Here Thursday  Night.
If wo could road all tbe papers
what ti lot toe shouifl know.   Just now
wo should ho i-nthiixluHlic ahotiL Harold .larviH, America's -greatest tenor.
l-voiywhore be appears the papers toll
of delighted audiences, and of people
who wish lit- would oome attain. Hero
Ih a s&mpl'e Of what llio papers say.
"Washington, D. C���It is many years
since anything so enjoyable in Uie
way of singing was hoard. Nattiro has
done a great deal for Mr. .Iarvis. Ills
figure i*1- fn*--'. his address pleaoont
Ills voice Is powerful and sympathetic,
rich and resonant, swelling now to full-
toned thunder, sinking now u> gentlest
zephyr, and throughouL (he range entirely free from any harshness or anything unmusical. His selections wore
excellent. Certainly Mr. Jarvls has
made a place for himself in the hearts
of the music-loving people hero."
Harld .Iarvis will bo at Nelson Methodist church on Thursday evening of
litis week. Tomorrow the program of
the concert will appear In litis paper.
People sometimes stir up a lot of
trouble by telling the truth when it
would ho policy to say nothing.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
B.kssr HI . N'slMisii I'ss-i.rli'tssr.
Bartlett   House
(1KO. W. HAKTI-K1-.
Best Dollar-a-Day House io Nelson.
Tbo Bar In thc Pineal.
Whit* Help Only Km ployed.
JOMplllnft Ht. - - - N-.tr.nn,   H. (\
Thc Big Schooner Dy*^-, f A-
Or "Halfattd-Hilf"   DCCi    iWJLe
Tho only Glass of Good Boer in Nelson.
Hotel iiri'.iiiTiio.liiiiiiii-. *.������<������,i:<t to iinin* In firlt-
l-li Ci'hiiiil.iii. line- *1 i" |wr*l*iy. Hp��-i-lal rutva
Id mmi!lilv boarder*!, fitly boiin-bolell'i Nelion
Lake View Hotel
Coruor Hull mnl Vernon,
two iilo-'lm trom winuf.
Katen fl.00 per day and up.
Residence for Sale.
Price $1,000
TerniH flfifl mull
I'ulmis'- monthly inymentn-
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms and a large basement
and is well situated.
H. <& M. BIRD.
One of the Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale....
About 4110 Prqtt Bearing Trei'n; nlso Small Fruit. House and
Outbuilding!, Hay Shod, and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nice
Hay Meadow. Spring Water and Flue Lake Frontage. For
particular!, apply  to
P. O. Box 161.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. EB1CKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally I>xms<<l. Open Dmt toil Night.
Sample and Ball. Rooma Free.
Opposite Court Home and Post Office.
Coroer Ward ud Vernon Streets.
Th* Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O. ���
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The .Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity ud
Heated hy Hot Air
i i*i;i* and Comfortable Bedroom* and Fint-
!���!..-- ��� *i-iIjlik Boom. Bample Boomi for commer-
cuil Hull,
MRS. K. 0. CLARKE, Proprlvtreii
Canada Drug f. Book Co's
....Cash Stores....
Notice if herebj* rtven tlmi Ott <iuy* etter date I
Intend to r_|>t>iv to ttm lion. ChiefOoromtMloner
nl i<anda tuul Vl'orki for permliiloQ to horobau
I hi- f.iil.nMin: .l.'-.rril��.l IhikIs Hjlunti-il in thfl
Wt'st   Kiioliiinv dlitrlet 1     li'-uiiinmsr  at �� I��'-i
marked " Heriwrt ffarroh'a n- i-- oorner,**' nnd
planted oh tin- nr-tRtehoreof u inii-iiiincnrii i
Ink.*, nl".ni -'iiturliT mill' nortii or trie -.mih
fin end of tlie lakei thenee wetttsoehalni] thenoo
iouth w fiiHins; llieneo ctmi ni ciimn-. more or
irs.-,   m   uiiHtt'iiHii   ereek)   thence fuiluwhiK
north ..li-riu: thOOTOek ami Ink'' Bhdro #0 rhalltK,
moreor less, to point of nonuneneement,eon-
talnliif. fi.uiii'roH, more c>r Ivhh
DatedthU.tii dayofOetobor, IDOtt.
  V. I -J I a M m oso. Age nt.	
Notiee is heraby niven that N days afler date I
In ton a to apply to ilu* Hon. Ohiof Oomtninloner
of i.ini'i- Hii-r \\ urt.;. for permlnion to Durchaso
(In*   f<.II-mnn;  ilcm-rihcd  IhiuIh   silmitrd  m  the
Weil KnoU'iiAy dlstrloti Hi**^ i n nim; ut a poat
marked "<>. U. UaoMloklng. N. W. cornor." ami
planted hn the vreal shore ol Whatshan <>t .iribnuj
Inke, about throe tnlba north of Uie upper War*
rows of the said inkt- nmi onoosfte the (aland in
tin* Rah) labts tiu'ticc south m ohalnej Ihenee
������usi in ehalna, mhreor Ifiaa, to tlu* lake ahore)
theuee followi ng the aald ihoro in a northerly
tuul wrHieriv rilreotlon LU0 oqalni, more or leai,
to point of uommeneement, containingflsoaorei,
more or Wsh.
Oct. 13. IWM. O. IT. MahMukimj,
By F. I,. Hammond, Awriit.
The well known
Our Beer Garden Ib
the Finest in the
-  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rnti'H $1 and 11.60 n Day.
Special Katea to Regular Bctmlers.
Whole-nil* hu.I lii-rsil Dealem ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
OatnpH supplied on shnrh-rtl notice and
lowi'rif price. Nothing l��"t froah nnd
wholesome uienli nnd supples kept in htook
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES*  Manager.
Klxty (lava iift*-*r date I purpose making application tothe Hon. Cliicl ComiiilsHh .n*r of I.himIs
ami Worku for permlaalon to purchaio the following described iiuui��: Commencing ��t a |ir*ii
j>lin*('.l ahoul hn If n mill* wenl of the lower und of
WhaUhan lake, marked "V. D'ft N. \v .corner,"
run ni nt; iln'in*** mi i loii ns M>ii Hi: thoniv ni eliaiiiv
east; thence 80 ohalna north; tlience SO eluilmi
west to point of tioiumouceineiit, containing ihu
acrt"*, more or lean
nn in i the r-'iti day of October* mxi.
V. Ponu,
Per J. sinki.!., Agent.
W.   O.   GlULiETT
Contractor and
Hole agent for the 1'orto BlftO Luinher (^o., Md.,
retail yartla. Kou��li aud did'Hud luinher, turned
work nml hraeketN, I'nastlalh and shinties. -hsIi
and doors. Cement, hrlck and lime fur uate.
Alitninatlc grinder.
Yard ami faelory: Vernon St.. eail of Hall,
P. O. l��ox %Vl. Telephone 17S.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acre*
of tbe
Choicest Frott Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice
McDermid & McHardy
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in. .
Sol* Atf.tiH In BrltlMh
P. Burns & Co.
Brniis'h Murki'Ni iu  Ronaland,  Trail,   JiVlnou, Kaslo,
Denver uml Slocnn Oity.
Sandon, Three Korku, New
Order* by mall ti> any brans'h will hare
our prompt ainl r-aronil >sl isssn lisss.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Certificate of Improvements
West Transfer Co.
Gouoral Tflamstera and Dealors in
Ooal aud Wouo.   Enpretw nnd
haggtiKO Tnuisff-r
RWayi Office: Baker St.
"K(?llpso No. 2," "Vevoy," "Happy Mivllnm,"
"Internntioiml" hihI **.. m KrHctloiiitl" mineral I'lniiiM, r-itimlfil In ilu* HIochii City Mining
DI.II16U ��I WMt Ko��touay ilistrlct.
Wllero looatodt���North ol Twelve UUe oronk,
about two milea up.
Take notice that I, H. It. Joratul, of BlOOftn, ft;
p., Free Miner'** ertllfeutt) No. I.7KUHJ, M anenl
for Li A. Cole, Free Miner*! OortlfloaU ho. m6_4,
Intend, Hlxty ilayH frum tlie date hurvof, to ap|�� y
to tlie Mlntim Kcenrder for a (.ertllleate of Im-
|iruveiiii*iit^, lortliepiiri'i'si'ufiililHiiiliiK at'nuvn
tlrant of .aid ini tie nil clilnis.
And further take notice that action, un er
Section 1*7, must bo commenced before, (lie itutu-
Hlli-i* Of HUCll I'lTtlllCatC Of Ill'l'liiVi'lni Ills,
Haled lhlN_Uth day uf September. 1D0H.
Municipality of the City of Nelson
Any male or female, beitift e Prltlfih mibject of
Un* in't Kite of '.I yeert, who ban paid all tbo
rnieKiiud taxes for llie current year, and ban
coittlntiouHly renbled wilblu the Municipality
Kinco lhe first day of January, I'M*',, mn) who Ih a
boiiMcltolder or li.'U8c holder within tlu raunt-
1 ijnil I ly, may register na a rotor for tbe year 11*i7,
if tlie m-i-essiu v declaration li depoBited at this
ofllceonorbcfortitOct.Sl nnxt. Punons qualfy-
liiK ns linen*, holders, who are pot property
owners, must attend lo registration of their
names on tbe Hal. Persons who have become
property owners within the municipality since
l>ec. :ilit, I'Kki, are requcHled to Inform the undersigned tit once.
W. K. WAMHON, C. M  C.
City Clerk w ofllce, Nolson, B. C, Oot 18, ttofi.
 _J I
The Daily Canadian
\\T~   A../.   ftfl/>_...-..   Better Value thau ever, with
We  Are  Uttering  a great variety of designs in
Cut Okiss, China and
It Is not too early to buy for Christinas, and we can help yoi
making your selections.
u out in     >
*************************** ftf f A
.m    _    ���_ p J\Chocolates
J New Reasons racKi1
Bell Tj. acting J
Company        ���
Coal and
Telephone 265
Do you remember that
The apple you took from,
the tree when you   were i
How nice it tasted then.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pilch and
Bout Builrlsirs will tind il lis then- advantage tn usis nur Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
��� ���
l lb. box   -   50c
1-2 tb. box-   30c
Thenc goods are u tin** ni tbo moro exponit.o
kinds, ibe ouly difference i*- tlie package,
I'linim SS. Bilker St.
Next P. Burns & (!o.
jeeW~ '"'
i~ur.  Ve i-s i' ��si ..set Wis .-d   Sti'.stlM,
.1. FRED HUMK. Proprietor
best.     Try a pound with
your next order.
Money  refunded if  uot  satisfactory.
Telephone 161.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
nnil its suburbs Phone 148.
Potter & ummings
Born, In Nelson this Aoroinff, to the
wife ui' A. ii. Qracey, a* daughter.
Frnfi'asor R. it. l-iike is In Kaslo loday, addressing thu giuit growers of
tbat district.
Dr, K. C. Arthur left this morning
im- Kaslo, where he will remain for
some time on professional business.
The  tegular  fortnightly  meeting  of
ihe cii.v  council  will  he    held    In  the
council  chamber  tonight at  _  o'clock.
The /.inn's .Musical Travesty company will hold the uuuids ai Sherman's
opera bouse all this week with a
change oi program every night,
f. !���:, Simpson, editor *U' the Cran
brook Herald aud Libera, organizer tor
Kootenay, is in town. "Dad" (h nothing ii nut an enthusiast iiis present
excitement is tlu* Rosclans, tie s;i>*
thai they are "Magnificent! Superb!"
und thut tliey took Cranbrook by
storm. *
.1. It. Anderson, deputy mi nisi er ol
agriculture, leaves tonight via Revel'
sioke for Calgary, where he will represent itriiish Columbia at a conference on the cattle trade. Manitoba,
Saskatchewan aud Alberta will also ho
lenresented. The conference will open
on November l.
The ladies of St. Paul's Presbytorlan
church have arranged for an afternoon
tea tomorrow from 3 to 6 o "clock, and
an Hallowe'en At Home In the evening from _ o'clock, to be held in the
hall at the rear o\' the church. In the
evening there will he music adapted
to the Hallowe'en occasion, while tea.
coffee, candy and other refresh men is
will be for sale. The affair is lo be
informal and homelike ami the ladies
invite their friends to participate in
the entertainment.
Musical and Spectacular Treat Assured
for Wednesday  Night.
"Cavalleria Itustfeana," the famous
one-act grand opera by Pletro Mas-
eagni, and Gilbert Ai Sullivan's comic
opera, "H. JI. S. Pinafore," by the Kos
ciau Opera company, will be given at
the Exhibition building Wednesday
evening, October 31. As the curtain
rises on "Cavalleria Husiicana" the
outlines of the public square in a Sicilian village are faintly discernible.
On the one side is a cathedral, opposite is llie inn or tavern, ami in the
centre is one of the typical tenements,
or mean houses, as they are frequently
called in the Sicilian vernacular. Dawn
is just breaking ana as the shadows
gradually fade, groups of peasants are
observed winding their way to church
this Blaster morning, The opening
music is sung by the village fop, Tu-
riddii, followed by the wild strains of
Santuzza, the rollicking selections of
Alfio and the cooing interlude of Lola.
Trains and Boats.
Crow  boat���One    and    a    quarter
hours late.
Slocan train���On time.
Coast,  Boundary and Rossland  train
���On time.
The Store of Quality
Tlie Latest Modern Appliances
now iu use at this
And  r>l-l.lVL5iyl_L> FREES
Baker Street.     -   ' NELSON.
AT 'l.VrK-KXl'KIUKNI Kls   SVA1T1IKSS -ssnlnry
mo.00.   HisSt'l Hume.
.VI MKN. nl isms-, fur wssrk In ttiss svisss-lss.   Apply
io W. B. Cooke, sawmill, KmIo.
LADY STKNliiiU.wllH: fssr isssssltlisii Iss s'ssiisslry.
(iisosl home wllh employer's fiijnlly. Apply
ssssx IV., ssssnisiili,)) siflise.
BUSHMEN, Mill iisssssisaiisi Logging Contractor-,,
sslssss Kujriiseer     WsstlstsisrK l.suntser Co., near
Crsiulsrissjk. il. G
OOMPKTBNT   NUSSlf   I.IM,.    Five   isMMrcis.
Apply box fio'.
| HOUSE AND TWO   LOTS on I'sirlsoimte stierl.
Apply JI. is. Neelands.
40 Cents pet Pound
In order to plenr out this lino
we ure redwing tlm price to
40c. We only hnve it limited
quantity BO don't delay ordering if you want any.
Rob.M. Hood-Co.
K. W. R. Tilock . Phssno 10
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or soli anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shoji. A new
lino of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. Pft-
'resli, Crisp aud Appetizing.
25c per pound.
This is a line line.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
H.iw    Al...ut
Ouiii-i tind
Ammunition ?
\Vs> have Bley's, Kynork'-t, Win;
ohester, nml Oogsw-U A
Loaded Shot Shells
KytMjil.'.i. Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knivi.-. Wading, Boltl-
OoafcB, Pants, rk*.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631       N'cIhoii, I.. C��
We have just received a consignment
of N'ew Records, hnth Cylinder and
Disc. This shipment was selected personally and ovary record i^ a choice
Disc, 10 Inch    each 65c
Cylinder each    35c
Cylinder, gold mounted. . .each 45c
W. G. Thomson
_&���___* ��� Nelson, B. C.
Phono ,_-t.
Thursday Evening
of This week
Reserved rit-at Plan Rutherford's
Drag Htore
Sherman's.Opera House
MONDAY, Oct.29th
Change of Mill nightly.
Zinn's Merry Musical Travesty Co.
and Famous Dancing Girls.
Tuesday  -riii' Jolly Musketeers."
Wednesday "Tlie Snlian of Morocco."
1 lsi> i:rs-,s!s's.t Klrl -"lsssss you ''svr saw,
rn. ��� s ..... ii*., tt.iso.       Matinee Bo and .''�����
Bala open, Saturday iiisiruliii; hi Rutherford'!
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer,--: iu staph* and funny Groceries.
Bntter, Kk*.1**
Ciunp and Miners' Supplies.
We're particular to have only pipes
that we can guarantee���GBD, HUH. JK
���made from the finest French hriar,
curved or straight stems, amber or vulcanite mouthpieces. All sizes: ji.oo
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Talking ahout it will neither put a
piano into your home nor hrlng hack
the days���valuable days���your daughter is wasting. Let us It'll you how
easy we will make it for you NOW to
give your family the piano tliey have
wished for so long.
"Acts INot Words"
The Annual Meeting of Ihe Nelson
Agricultural and Industrial Association
will Iso held In the Hoard of Trade
room on Thursday, November 1st, 11)011,
at 2 o'clock In the afternoon.
D. C. MoMORRIS, Secretary.
Notice i*. bereby given that tin* panoerahlp
heretofore Mit-Msiin** bL't.vcun ub, tlie uimIltktotted ��� m hotel keener* In uie town of Bholt, i*riti��>i
Coitimbla, hu Ihttdey been(IIhhoIvmI hy mtituHi
Dated thii 27lfa day of October. 1006.
Wftni.su:   Ale*. Stewart, Philip 1'. McCallum.
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
The Greatest Shoto in the History of Nelson
I Auspices of the Tiventy Thousand Club
-ONH .XKltlT
'Double 'Bill, Grand and Comic Opera, iv the
Perfect Hi .uinu tin.] Henthit*-; ol Huh .in-,'. M.nliui Ktcvtilwl Hnuv
with Aiinm Hiiii Boondins Poarda. I'lmi open ui Ixuighnrsl'i n
ii. m.. Thursday,Oct.2_tb   no WOttSR.
Reserved Seats $1,00.
General Admission 75c
iu* offlcen ol tlit* Twcniv Thousand Club guarantee tbe moi
public the mualoal treat ol the leaeon,
Swell Modern 6-Room Cottage for Sale
11 �����" | AmEm���ZESEESSSSSEESLm ^��.^~-.-----i-
Price Close to centre of city, all modern
d��*j i t^O       conveniences, one of the finest properties iu Nelson.
���***T*'fV,8_ri_?    ft.   /"���/*"%       FRUIT LANDS an
1 -UYJC. & \JJ** BAKER ST.
dEEAL estate
_wF[r' *V-v ���������'
am*tfj_MB/K'r. ^al
3||'j&-,, '��
__fV �� Uf if
Hilliard Campbell
Principal Baritone
with the
Cavallieria Rusticanal
Starkey & Co., S_S
wiidi.miiiu Provision*,
I^i-otluce, - Prult��
Dominion Qoronunanl Orea_nar** One'Ponnd Brioli reoelred weekly U
fnnn (he r'hurn.    For snlo Isy nil leading gTOOSn,
Olllce nnd wurs'housc: Houston Mock,   Phone 70.
Josephine Street. -       -       Nelson, B. C.
Repairing and Jobbing i SpeciaJnH
SheetinetiU Work, OnHngi, BnUtoi' Itaterisl uid Mining and Mill m��h_J|
OdloH nnil WiTks Knot of l'nrk St.
-hontss   2*M.
>'vjlH.,n, ||, dl
A Word to the Wis
This yi*ar WB hftTfl Bppradated the wmit.*- of oarn
tomen nnd lutve pund ini" stock thf
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This Btore i> adapted tor hard .-ml only, &ndfc-j��|
anteed to give latiifootioiL
]* H, Ashdown Hardwa
Company, Limited.
'B. A. I8AAC
R.  W.  HINTON '
RepMirinte and Jobblria ���x��out��d -with OvHpniuh,  she��t >i_uu
\Vork. Mlnlnic nnd .Mill .Mnchlncrv.      MiintMiictiirt.-f.-nl      '
Opu  Chi'h,   l_.   IV.   OorttrAOtOra*   CnrN.
3ULS! '    INEUSOIN,    B.  C. r*
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Impnrtttr of   l7itie
I   .ll|fllMll      (1'IIld.H
Jno. T. Piert e|
lluk.r *--t.
NelMi�� . H-H
I Just Arrived!        A lar��e m^
ment of
All SiziiH nnd Ijowcst PrlOOfl
AND DEALERS IN   LtHllDef *  Shiflgl&t
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Windov. * I
Turned Work and l.rnckets. Mail Onion, prompt. ��������"*"���
 VKWINON STRBBT  -   .   .   INI-I.SO.N. B. O.
,f ;
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Koot.nay FUn9e'
Because we cannot procure a  better, taking '^".I't
count  deBign,  workmanship, cooking qualities anapr
We will  be pleased to show you Its good po'"18-
WoocJ-Vallance Hardware Co


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