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The Daily Canadian Jun 19, 1907

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Array *3V gtailg  CanaMan
Ll'MH  2.     NO.   14.
FrosL No Drought lo
Spoil Fruit
wind or hatred of government and Ood's
Hoclal ordi'i-, while ranting cant of
lulnL.'d money 1�� IWlvlAg an old form
of pharisalHin."
an    Statesman    Reported    Slowly
Snking���Moved to London.
|y to Coast and Interior as Far
i Okanagan, but Not to Garden oi British Columbia,
j fruit crop of British Columbia, ftr>
1 to W. J, Ifrandrith, secretary of
|h(isli Columbia Fruit Urowert.' A��-
will  be away  below  average
Mr. Ilrandrith, In an Inter-
! accorded  to  a   Vancouver  paper,
I that there will not be au average
��� n of apples. He goes on to dia-
I other crops, cherries,  pinna  and
Bmall fruits, and uaya that they
luffi red even more than tin* apron,    early   I rimta  and  continued
fcht."   He 1 Kplains that Ma remarks
generally to the "lower mainland.
|t country  and Vancouver  Island."
efflea Oknnagan aa one of the din-
where frost has done Ha deadly
obvious 'ii.it  Mr.  ilrandrith has
ant any part of his  remarks to
u Kootenay.    Mr. Ilrandrith does
lulge in recklesa talk aa a rule,
Del visited Kootonay Uiis Spring,
certainly   cannot   have   been   into  any  responsible person that
Dndltiona be deacribes  prevail in
���" >��� 1   to bo regretted that Mr.
nili did  not mora definitely  aud
daily explain   thut   his  estimate
t apply to Kootenay, us the publi-
it  his  statement   outside   the
"lain  to convey the lm-
lliat h" waa  speaking of tho
provinoa as a whole.
remarks  do  not  properly  apply
i)* al all.    The crops lu this
t this year of all  kinds of fruit
tslillah a new record.    The yield
vhole will l��o above the average
'������ la far more land under cultl-
atnl many more trees In beating
���vi   before.    Bvery   resident   In
irict  knows   that   Kootenay has
��� in lhe slightest degree from
roal or drought.
���roaontaUva of The Daily Cana-
��� asked the opinion of local fruit
on the subject, and the replies
��� caae are reaBsurlng.
11 ���>  states that the  berry crop
��� the best In the history of the
The yield Is greater than ever
ind tho quality liner. The same
Mr Morley says, of other small
)   liuio*.
Black Call that the expressions
Mr. Ilrandrith or at least the
in which they have been pre*
u the public, mar/ do harm. He
1 is possible that the yield of
[wr tree will not be quite so
*t year's, but It cannot be
md there are far more tiees
The total product will be
than ever before.
Pda pears and peaches the
be surprising. There has
anything like them. The
heavier lhan last year's and
magnificent As for the
nilts tho yield will certainly
than ever before."
p McHardy had not seen any re-
i��r Mr. Hiandrith's statement, but,
K informed of Its purport, he
*><>i it certainly can't be meant
'0 Kootenay. There have been
1 or drought here to hurl the
n'in my own garden In the city,
Went Valley and from Klre Val-
h 1 have lately visited, I OOUlfl
plenty of evidence that this
"'���> will be the record to date."
isy has no desire to ilocelvo 011I-
-" to Its advantages for fruit
snd certainly no desire to em-
occasion at, accidental dlsadvnu
other sections of the province,
tnnot accept u share In a gen-
Iouination which has absolutely
cation to this district.
New Vork. June IU.��� A special cable
to thi World from London says: "A re
port was current lu the House o! Com
mens last night tbat Joseph Chamber
lain is dying. Mr. Chamberlain was
brought to his London house yesterday
from Highbury, his place near Hlrming-
ham. Since his return from abroad
he ha dshown Increasing loss of nervous
and mental power and It was desired
to have him wilhln reach of the beat
medical advice that London affords. Austin Chamberlain, his sou, wus with him
all day but inquiry at Mr. Chamberlain's
residence gets only the stereotyped reply that he bore the journey well, Mr.
Chamberlain la 70 years old.
Fifty Cbnts a Month
Irish Nationalists Will
Renew Fight
biggest majority that Is ever likely to
be seen In the House of Commons. If
no more could be had from auch a government what likelihood la there of another government* giving more'"
lis la,
Jersity Chancellor Sees  Only  Ruin
Before America.
lacuso, N. Y., June 19.���Spenktng
"ramenoement excrclscB in Syrn-
| university, Chancellor  Day closed
Mmlitlc review of tho political and
|l condition* ln the United States
Blows: "Ours Is the government hy
111 ��8lons.   Ii Ib nol possible to wol-
1 s'"u to the Institution of Washing'
ami Jefferson, of Lincoln and Me-
v"ii nre lo go oui Into one of
confused stale of tilings known
: intelligent and self-governing pep<
1 '" times, and the Infatuation
People  l�� a burning  fever  tor
only ana-febrile la an appal-
���.,,"!'''���,  financial   and   political,
wnioh there Is little hope of ea<
lm k.   ��wln5 t0 diarchy and So-
F"> has brought the reaping whirl-
I dial
Scope   of  Public   Utilities  Bill of   New
York State���To Curb Corporations.
New York, June l.\���R<-passed over
the veto of Mayor McCUIlan of New
York and now signed by Governor
Hugh* a. the Public Utilities act will
come Into force iu the state of New
York, mm will come into force on July
I of this year. It has been described
correctly as one of the most far reaching reform measures ever nasaed by au
American legislature and it certainly
subjects the system of public control of
service and utility companies to a
searching test. The act places under
itfttt control every public service, great
and small, iu thu state of New York, except the telephone and telegraph. It ln-
cludea all railroads, street railroads, express companies, car companies, sleeping-* ar companies, freight companies,
pipe line companies, and all gas and
(���lectrlc companies, not only doing Imsl-
ncs.s exclusively iu the state, hut all
railroads and other common carrlera
entering the stale al any point.
For the purpose of the act, the state
is divided into Two districts, each with
a commission of live members. The
first district includes the entire city of
Greater New York, the other comprises
the rest or the state. The commissioners will be named by the governor, with
the consent of the set ale, and power is
given him to remove them after trial on
Charge*, of inefficiency, neglect of duty
or misconduct iu olilce. They will each
receive a salary of $15,000 annually, and
each commissioner can appoint counsel
at $10,000 a year, and a secretary at
$t!,000 a year. Their duties, as sum-
DUUiied by the New York Evening Post,
are to compel all corporations to give
safe and adequate service at just and
reasonable rates, prevent all rebates and
discriminations in rates between different classes of shippers or passengers or
kinds of traffic, compel all common carriers to have sufficient ears and motive
power to meet all requirements for the
transportation of passengers aud property which may be reasonably anticipated, and to see that every common
carrier Is held speclllcally liable for Iobs
or damage due to delay in transit, occasioned by negligence.
Very Important are the restrictions
the act ph.ces on the slock manipulation of the corporations under the Jurisdiction of the commission. The 1b-
sue of stock, bonds or other documents
of debt, running for more than twelve
months, arc limited to the acquisition
of property, the construction, completion, extension or Improvement of futilities, or the Improvement of maintenance of service, or for the discharge
of lawful Obligations, provided an order
from the proper commission has been
obtained. Neither commission may authorize the capitalization of any franchise in excess of the amount actually
paid to the state as the consideration
for lhe grunt. The capita! stock of any
merger must not exceed thai of the consolidated Companies, at the par value
thereof, or such sums as are actually
paid In cuhIi. No contract Tor consollda-
liou or lease may be capitalized, nor
may any bonds he Issued against, or us
si Hen upon, any such contract. No corporation may purchase or hold stock In
another corporation unless authorised
by the commission, and no corporation
may purchase or hold more than ten
per cent, of the slock of any railroad
or common carrier unless the stock Is
transferred or held as collateral security
with lhe consent of the commission.
The act,   beyond rtnuhl   Is   the   most
comprehensive attempt io regulate the
private working of public Utilities In the
public interest that has yet been devised,
and Its operation Will be watched with
keen interest., But it Is evident that
regulation on this scale, If fully practiced, represents no greater quality of
abilltv than would be required lo operate the same utilities directly for the
public behoof, state regulation of public workings Is more complex and cum
brolll than direct responsibility for eftl
clout conduct on the part of efficient
officials, and to this, (be World Is satis
lied, the system of regulation must ultl
mutely come. One thing Is clear enough
���ihe day of unlimited freedom to run
public franchises for private Interest,
and without regard for the common
good, has icone forever In the United
Threaten Campaign of Disorder and
Obstruction���Must Have Heme
Rule or Nothing,
New York, June 111.���A special cable
to the New York Herald today from
London says:
���'In Offering to Ireland a first instalment of Home Rule, the great Liberal
party has  with  Its eyes open steered
straight on to the  rocks.    The  manifesto which the Irish nationalist lead'
ers have issued is the end of an era in
the   political   history   of   England   and
opens a new set of  problems fraught
with  direst  possibilities.    The government's attempt .o grant Home Rule hy
grudging Instalments after hungry parleys had an unm-uulng compromise, will
create a deadlock in the English legislature such as has never been witnessed
before.   Henceforward the Irish Nationalists arc pledged to Injure and weaken
the present government to the utmost
of their power,   Their action at the pub
lie convention ln fiercely rejecting the
first instalment of Home Rule has, they
say, been a gigantic success.   Mever he-
fore has their policy received a sanction
from the Irish people.   The manifestation Is u declaration of war.    The Nationalists intend, without any delay, to
start   mangling   lhe   business   of   the
House of Commons hy sheer force o!
lung and muscle.    In   their manifesto
they make it perfectly plain that they
wl��l   not   accept   anything   less   than
Home Rule, which  the Unionist   party
was formed to oppose.    They say that
unless  they  get  a  thorough  grant  of
real   self-government   they   will   wreck
the Liberal  party lor 20 years.    They
intend to have uothing else than self-
government for Ireland by Irishmen.   In
other words they have resolved to insist that  Ireland must  he governed by
a parliament sitting in Dublin controlled
by  Irishmen, according to  Irish  ideas.
Disorder in Ireland and obstruction In
the House of Commons Is the prospect
which the Radicals have to face as the
price of their 2o  years'  alliance  with
the Irish party.   With the Irish aud La
bur members the government had a majority over the Unionists of 1154.    Now
they have B6 Nationalists and 51 sympathetic Labor members working against
them, in addition to the Unionists, who
number 15S.   It is perfectly patent that
tho House of Commons, If It is to live
as the governing power of the British
Empire, must become n systematic and
constant user of Ure closure as the ordinary Incident of every meeting. There
are some  Liberals who think that an
energetic resolve of this kind would give
heart to the majority and would keep
them as close as a phalanx.    Hut such
tiemeudous discipline cannot be maintained   indefinitely   under  interminable
delays and galling attacks,    if C. H.'s
vast majority is asked to lie down to
be peppered like a battalion of soldiers
surrounded hy an angry enemy. It will
lose discipline,   confidence   and   everything else.   The Nationalists Intend to
lose  no  time.    Thoy  have  decided   to
commence   their   warfare    by   voting
against  the  government  on the  third
reading of the Territorial and Reserve
Forces bill, which Is now being considered by the House of Commons.   At the
first bye-election since the split off, the
Nationalists Intend to put up a candidate by drawing votes from the labor
representatives and the thick and thin
supporters of the government.
Government members are already
talking about passing more Htringent
rules of procedure In order to carry on
business of the nation. Thoy know that
the parliamentary business of the Empire cannot be carried on while 811 Irish
Nationalist! are always eager to wrerk
them by obstruction and legislation. Unionists are predicting that, with an extraordinarily active and Ingenious section such as the Irish Nationalists bent
on mischief, the government must very
soon "become a hopeless wreck. In the
parliamentary lobbies, there are rumors
that the premier Intends to act like n
lawyer who has a bad case, browbeat
the opposing attorney, not being able to
bring a measure of Home Rule be Intends to bully the House of Lords. Some
of his followers are In favor of the Intro'
duction of a full measure of Home Rule.
They Bay: "Make it part of the Liberal
programme, ln order that, rejection of
the bill will be Instantly followed by the
suppression of tho upper chamber.
"That game would he too transparent
for the people of England, who after
all nre prone to respect the social and
local Influence of great ancestral wealth
and pub>ic activity displayed by so
many members of the upper house. Mod-
erale politicians prnfohs to see In the
present situation Home Rule visibly dls-
appeatlng Into u bottomless pit and
their chief argument Is that this Irish
convention has refused tho utmost the
Nationalist lenders could obtain from a
Radical government supported by tho
Theosophlsts   Disagree���Annie   Besant
Speaks Her Mind.
Chicago, ^une ly.���War, civil war,
none the less bitter, because Is has been
carefully concealed from the public,
rages within the ranks of tile Theo-
sophfcal Society.
The strife, which became known
through a reprint mode by some Chicago members of a circular Issued by
Annie Uesant, president of the society,
and sent by her from India, threatens
to disrupt the society.
The cause of the trouble is the feeling
aroused by the expulsion from the so*
clety of Charles Leadbeater, the Theo-
sophical lecturer, who was ousted from
the organization on the charge of lm
It was claimed at the time that several Chicago members were among
those who made the charges that
caused Leadbeater's expulsion. Mrs.
Besant's circular reveals the fact that
30 Chicago members of the society
have been threatened with expulsion
for their refusal to answer Inquisitorial
questions, evidently In connection with
the Leadbeater affair.
The [��int at issue Is the attitude of
Mrs. Besant concerning the general
question of expulsion of members from
the Theosophlcal Society. Mrs. Besant
declares that, Influenced by the caae of
expulsion of one Mr. Jlnarajadaaa from
tbe organization, she realized that liberty of opinion in the society was imperil-d. She, therefore, appealed to Col.
H. S. Olcott, then president of the society, and also wrote an article for the
Theosophlcal Review on the general
principal o fexpulslon. This article, written last January, was not printed until
April, and was then represented aa a
defence of Leadbeater.
Mrs. Besant, declaring that she had
been grossly misrepresented ln the
Theosophlcal Review, which appeared
with her name on the cover as editor,
announces that she considers that it will
be best for her to sever her connection
with the paper, of which Mme. H. P.
ltlavatsky left her tbe copyright, as she
dots not care to remain legally or morally responsible for such Issues as those
lhat have recently appeared.
Market Must Be Found in
Cauda Cannot Use Whole of Product of Kootenay���American
Tariff Is Prohibitory.
in blocks, etc., 18,427 cwts.; spelter, 46,-
465 cwts.
"Although there Is shown a healthy
Increase In the home consumption during tbe last decade, tbe course of the
statistics is indicative that It will be a
long while before Canada will be able
ti consume all the zinc which British
Columbia alone la producing, that la
about 12,000 tons of spelter annually.
For a long time a large portion of the
zinc ore or speller produced In British
Columbia will be exported. The spelter
cannot enter the .United States because
the American tariff of 1.5 cents per
pound Is prohibitive. The prospects
are, consequently, that Europe will necessarily be our market for both ore
and spelter, but It has proved to be a
market of great possibilities."
Baby Murderer.
Baltimore. June 19.���The youngest
murderer in tbe history of the local
criminal courts was tried yesterday and
convicted of manslaughter. He Ib Sydney Hollis, colored, aged 9 years. He
shot and killed Wm. II. Griffiths, another negro lad of 11 years, on June 1,
after a quarrel over a game of marbles.
Mollis did not display the u.ghtest concern ln the court room today and during
the trial he fell asleep several times.
Sentence was suspended.
Coal  Miners  st  Canmore   Hsve   Many
Suggestions but Nothing New
or  Important.
Banff. June 18.���The miners employed at Canmore have presented their
views to tho coal commission. They
made the now time worn suggestions
of a compensation act and eight-hour
day, giving the usual reasons to support
their contention that these laws would
be beneficial to the miners and not injurious to the employers. In discussing
a compensation act oue of the witnesses
declared that the owners of the Can-
more mine did not even bear the burial
expenses when a miner wus killed.
The men charged that the means of
transportation in and out of tho mine
was very poor, nearly an hour was occupied in walking In and out. Hy the
time a man reached his working place
he was too tired to work. The witnesses
claimed that tho passuge of an eight-
hour law would compel tho owners to
furnish transportation In and out ot tbe
mluu In order that the men would not
lose us much time as at present.
The witnesses claimed that the only
store at Canmore was owned by the
company, and it was impossible for a
man to secure permission to open a
competitive business.
As a result .tiny argued, Ihoy had to
pay whatever prlco the store iskecl.
From tho evidence it appeared that
tho average 'wage was $3.60 a day,
though Ihe pay hud run as low as 91.50
a day. A witness Bald legislation should
be pusBcd compelling u company to pay
at least $3 a day all the year around.
He thought that would overclme the Irregular periods of work they had to put
up with at present.
Fir* In New Ontario Mint.
Fort Frances, Ont., Juno 19.���The
Olive gold mine, situated about Ave
miles from the mining centre, was gutted by Bra yesterday, supposed to have
been started by a spark from a train,
damage to tho extent of 19,000 being
done. The largest stockholder Is W. A.
Preston, M. P. P. There wore also some
hundreds of ties belonging to Porter
Elliott destroyed.  *   .  ,
Ottawa, June 19.���The investigation,
results of which are embodied ln part
in this report, was undertaken in re-
po.ise to petitions from tbe Silver-Lead
Association and Associated Hoards of
Trade of British Columbia, and no effort was spared by the government to
make It productive of results. The commission was headed by Walter Kenton
Ingalls, editor of the Engineering and
Mining Journal, of New York city, a
recognized authority on zinc. He was
assisted by Philip Argoll, M. B., of Denver, Col.; A. C. Garde, of Nelson, B. C,
and officials of the geological survey.
The report Bays ln part:
"The beginning of the zinc industry
In British Columbia was practically contemporaneous with Its origin in Colorado, tbe first shipments having been
made in 1899. The exportation of zinc
ore proper from both the Lucky Jim and
bosun mines amounted to 1,600 tons,
which went partly to Antwerp and partly to Ellesmere-Port, on the Manchester
ship canal. In the summer ot 1901, the
Lanyon Zinc company, of lola, Kan., began tc purchase British Columbia ore
and they were followed by other American smelters, so that the exports of
British Columbia ore to the United
States in 1905 reached 8,561 tons. The
total production in that year was estimated at from 12.000 lo 13,000 tons.
"Up to the end ot 1905 the zinc ore
produced ln British Columbia, it will
be Been, was chiefly marketed in the
United States, the smelters at Pueblo,
Col., and at several points in Kansas
having been the principal buyers. A
comparatively small quantity ot ore was
exported to Europe. In February, 1906,
the United States treasury gave a decision which has had considerable influence on the zinc industry of British
"in all of the European countries
which Import zinc ore, It is admitted
free of duty. In the United States the
Dlngley Act provides for tbe free admission of 'Calamine.' Blende, the ore
which British Columbia exports, is not
mentioned, and consequently it was,
alter a dispute raised by American mine
owners, declared to be subject to a'
duty of 20 per cent, ad valorem.
"There are certain mines in the West
Kootenay which are essentially zinc
mines. The best examples of these are
the Lucky Jim and the Blue Bell, ln
each case they were worked originally
as silver-lead mines, but asfsuch were
probably unprofitable. After' being allowed to remain idle, the Lucky Jim began to produce several thousand tons of
zlnce blende, assaying 50 per cent, and
more in zinc, broken out to a considerable extent from solid bodies of tbe
mineral and shipped ln lump form without any culling. The majority of the
mines of the West Kootenay are, however, silver-lead mines, ln which zinc
blende occurs as an accessory ore.
"The method of development in the
mines of the Slocan has been such that
at the present time there Is comparatively little ore tbat can be estimated
as biocked out. After elaborate calculation, Mr. Ingalls estimates that 15,000
tons of zinc ore would be a liberal estimate of the annual productive capacity
of the Slocan.
"Thoro are many mines and prospects
in other parts of British Columbia,
which, according to many accounts, contain zinc, and there is an undoubted
wide occurrence of that element. Their
usefulness as sources of metal depends
largely upon their situation with respect
to railways. The conditions must also
be recognized by tile railways. Zinc
ore from regions so remote from tho established smelting centres of the world
will not stand high freight chnrges. A
broad policy would be the making of
a through rate from the concentrating
mill whore Ihe ore originates to the
final destination of the ore, such a rate
to cover milling in transit at the enrichment plants.
The following figures of Importa correspond to the consumption of zinc in
its  various  forms,  In Canada,  In   the
years named, the last column being the
aggregate imports  of zinc  and  manufacturers of In all Its forms:
Zinc In    Spelter In
Blocks,        Blocks    Total
Sheets, etc.     and Pigs.     Zinc
11102 $141,560     $ 80,757     $229,054
1903   ....  142.827       110,917       263,524
1904   138.057       164,751       316,873
1905  141.514       206.244       369,670
1906  158,438       290,686       462,053
1907 (9m.) 126,221       269,044
Slow Fighting.
Brazil, Ind., June 19.���Mike Donovan,
of Buffalo, was awarded the decision
over Joe Walcott, ot Boston, at the end
of 10 rounds of slow fighting last night.
The decision of Referee Hugo Kelly did
not seem to meet with the approval of
the crowd.
James A.  Kelley, of, Fairview,  Die* ef
Lingering Illness���Sketch of
Active Career.
At 10:15 last evening, in his home ln
Fairview, James A. Kelley passed away.
Tbe deceased has been a sufferer for
many years with diabetes, but his
strong will kept him up till the last. It
was only last Saturday he summoned
up enough strength to drive to the city
to attend a meeting of the licensing
board for Ymlr district, of which be has
been a member for many years. The
effort was too great a tax on his
strength, and shortly after he returned
home he began to sink, and it was apparent to those who were with him that
the end was near. But even then the
will power of the man was manifest. He
spoke in a cheerful manner to those
around him, and never once murmured
a complaint. Every attention shown to
him was acknowledged by a cheerful
smile of recognition. His mind was per-
lectly clear to within six or seven hours
of his death.
The deceased was born near Coburg,
Ont. When a young man he engaged In
business ln that town. Leaving Coburg,
he took up his residence ln Brighton,
and a few years later moved to Mus-
koka, where he lived for some time. In
1899 he came to British Columbia with
a party interested ln some mining properties at Woodbury. He lived ln the
latter place for a year, after which he
came to Nelsou, where he has resided
ever sliice. In 1879 he was married to
Miss M. E. Wolfralm, who, with two
sons, is left to mourn the death of a
kind husband and indulgent father.
' As a boy and man the deceased took
a great Interest in politics. He was a
follower of Sir John Macdonald, and
during an election campaign was a
Btrong force in politics. Even as late
us the campaign of last winter, Mr. Kelley worked night and day for the success of the Conservative candidate in
Ymir district. James H. Schofleld.
In the East he took a deep Interest
ln municipal matters, and tor several
years sat at the council board both as
councillor and reeve. Since coming to
British Columbia he has been engaged
ln the nursery business, and Is well
known throughout the interior. He has
lived rather retired, due greatly to Illness, but most of his leisure moments
were spent In cultivating his beautiful
grounds In Fairview. His flower garden is one of the most attractive ln the
Interior. He was tond of children and
many a youngster in the neighborhood
of Mr. Kelley'a home will miss the
cheerful smile of their friend as he
passed to and from the car. As a neighbor he was hold ln high esteem. He
was hospitable and obliging, and ever
willing to lend a helping hand to a
friend In need. Deceased was a member of the Masonic lodge at Colborne,
Ont., and the Masons of Nelson will
take charge of the funeral service tomorrow. For this purpose the brethren will meet at thei: hall at 1:30 and
proceed to the home of the deceased,
where service will be held by Rev. J. T.
Ferguson at 2:30.
Slate's Case fill Close
Friday Night
Will Hove for Dismissal oa Ground
Hut Haywood's Connection With
Crime Is Not ProrctL
"The quantities were 26,141 cwts. of
Zinc and 24,462 cwts. ot spelter In 1905;
24,462 cwtB. of zinc and 60,137 cwts. of
speller ln 1906. For nino months ending March lust, the figures wore: Zinc
Chinese Contractor Look* To Company
for Peaceful Possession.
Grand Forks, June 19.���John F. Lin-
berg, the Hosslaml contractor who Ib
cutting a large quantity of cedar poles
near Grand Forks for eastern companies, is highly indignant over a statement
recently published in the Phoenix
Pioneer "That he, Liuberg, has a number of Chinamen employed In cutting
timber on property or a mineral claim
owned by one David Oxley In Welling,
ton camp." Mr. Llnberg says that he is
neither directly or Indirectly Interested
ln the working of the Chinamen in Wellington camp, and positively has no connection with them whatever. On the
other hand It has been learned on authority that Wah Lee, a well known
Chinese contractor, purchased the timber in dispute from the C. P. R., and
that he now looks to that company to
put him ln peaceable possession of the
Boise, June 19.���Secrecy is the watchword of the men who are conducting the
prosecution of W. D. Haywood, charged
with compassing the death by assassination of a former chief executive of the
state, and mystery surrounds every
move made by counsel retained by the
Western Federation of Miners to defend
their secretary. The case has reached
the stage where every move on the part
of the state's attorney 1* closely
watched and reported on by scores of
sleuth* employed by the defence in
order that counteracting evidence may
be secured in the points, in the four
or live Western states, where the alleged conspiracy culminated according
to allegations of the prosecutors, ln half
a hundred murders, as to who played
the parts, and from which the state*
the prosecution is producing witnesses.
While the state ha* its data ln court,
another score of detective* watch the
employees of the defence ln the hope
of uncovering some new move by which
counsel for Haywood hope to clear their
client. In the last few day* during
which the state hope* to clinch and corroborate without a doubt the story told
by Harry Orchard, the self-confessed
conspirator, with Haywood a tremendous activity 1* apparent and witnesses
for the state am constantly arriving.
The witnesses for the defence to the
number of 150 or 200 will be here by
the end ot the week. Colorado supplied
tbe larger number of these, but California, Idaho and Washington will send
The witness on - the stand' at the
opining of the court this morning Is
Ed Boyce, now a wealthy man and one
of the owners of the Hercules mine In
tbe Coeur d'Alenes, of which Orchard
at one time owned a sixteenth share.
Boyce was several times the president
of the Western Federation ot Miners.
He Is Identified with the Miners' Magazine, an official organ of the organisation. It was, In fact, started under his
direction while president. With the
opening of court this morning the light
turns on the introduction of copies of
the magazine. Those which have been
offered In evidence contain a number
of articles commenting on former Governor Steunenberg. Some of the articles
are over the signature of W. D. Haywood, and the state hopes to get them
in as proof of the animus that existed
between Haywood and the governor who
had driven the federation out of the
state and whose example had been followed by the governor of Colorado. The
state now expects to close Its case In
direct by Friday night, when It is probable that the court will adjourn over
until Monday. The opening of the defence will probably take one day and
then will begin the attack on the story
told by Orchard. Counsel for the defence will, at the close of the state's
case, however, move to strike out Orchard's entire story on the ground that
the state has failed to link Haywood
with the murder of Steunenberg, with
which he Is charged, This, under
ordinary circumstances, It Is said, by
counsel for Haywood, might be a somewhat perfunctory matter, but tn the
present case they hold that the state ha*
not so far made good its case and they
ask Orchard's story to be stricken out,
in which case, they say, the caae agulnst
their client will fall to the ground. Counsel for the state say their case is not
complete and the defence has no means
of,knowing the amount of corroborative
testimony to come.       ,
Orchards In Bloom in Manitoba���A*pl*
Blossoms for Waddings.
Mot-den, Man., June 19.4-Orchards are
in full bloom, the apple trees having the
best show of blossoms ever seen In this
district, and as the bloom Is late, there
Is little danger from frost. The apple
and plum trees are greatly* overloaded
and the blossoms have to be thinned
one-halt. They are being used extensively for weddings Instead of orange
blossoms, but many are going to waste.
The orchards look lovely with the profusion of apple, crab and plum blossoms,
some thing like a bit of transplanted
Prle** of Metal*.
New York. June 19.���Silver, <n%c;
copper, 22%<.:: lead, $6.75.
London, June 19.���Sliver, Sid.: lead.
��20, IDs.
�� ! The Daily Canadian
== STORES       '
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TESTS   i I    i !!l and wf'fhts
OVE = iLLS s-3  .'LMPERS.
LSDEr ,VEA9   a?   s     :- :;s
F-.- = -.- ���: P-.j-oi.
c:x    M   ���S    ate     e-:
BPOCE*.   15   l'i   MWVWKMK
HAV.  FLCLR  jni   FEEO.
In all the<=e lines we offer  excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
ax once, ibe ;r*\vaitionaJ frtesor
; -   ; - ���:_.   :.:   :   ��� -  :-:-"   .-..- --.������.:.
��� s _  . - >,- rs   ? ���    -���   ..:���,��� ::.-.
.:.  ���     : ..',:...;:.-
his of a mtH/avertiat ���
",L- ...:.-  v :..:...'>������. :-: ������..���-:.��� :..;  '...���
���...i.--   i  ^ ;   a- i u..- ; ���   - bid
I Is preparing - K ���   -   -   exhibit Urn :he
ih ga*o*ak[ raccive ercar] ;��� i
I sib* assisu^ncc from lite auxens. *Ukd
^peciaJiy,   from   ibe   owners  of
_ Ul tile \asi two fam
hi ��� has attained fame as the
of a. Craft p trie*, and
l a large amount of Winnipeg capiiaJ has
j been   diiec-ieJ  ibis  way.    The  exhibit
{ this year must be proportionate to Nafl
1 boa's growing repatation.
Tbe Dominion Day celebration is now
|mi ' --". I I :"���...-h*t away. The various
��� . ���-��� x: .������- - - .-��� ; - :..-. -. :.. ;-:���:%>::���
ing tbe details. Tbe celebration should
be a h-gi..y saccessful one. Nelson is
-- . \.er cos:mne of green, and
ttmHj ihe most attractive look:L- -
in lie interior of British Colombia. A
hove s.t*endancc  Jrom the neighboring
:;~e :l_ :._-R2; maj   ; BfldaatH   -  BJ
Imperial Batik of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
D. K WTLKIE. Preedici.
BEST       H-rsc.ooo.
Bnathu in British Cohuniu:
Dppcdts r*oeiT��<: and bfcntf s1It*-����1 at highest   current rate from dale of
rptnuyj of account, and ocnnp'jzjic.ed quarterly-
nelson branch ��J��   JVI.,   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
King's Cup Stolen.
Ascot. Kng- June 15.���A mysterious
:::":~rv ocra/red during the races yes-
*.r:ii; Various trophies were on eihi-
bition as usual on a table behind the
���tasd ta charge of two officials. While
Ike attention of the officials was rao-
���KLataifly dHertad, presumably by an
accomplice, a gold cup presented by tht
King was stolen. The cup weighed 65
ounces and ��'** valued at more than
I: ; H was to haTe been nan for tomorrow.   There is no trace of the thief.
Savings Department
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Publishi-l ilx aayt t weex ny tfc*
nawamaw rnniiwmnan cOKfANi". Ltd
Baker Bt.. Mmi* B. C.
stnoacriptioa rau-i, yj c*:.t�� a month delivered
la tbe cut, or *���:������..' a year -.; sent oy i~ ... wben
paid ii* aa ranee.
advertising rates on application.
al] monies pai'i in wtlitiDi-n: of Tbe Dally
Can ad Ian accounts, cUber lor subscriptions or
ndvartlttng, must i-e n-i-eipied for ou i;.c printed
forma of tbe Coispacj. u:her re ���i:;* nre not
Wednesday, June 18th, 1907.
Thii1 instructions issued yesterday by
Prvsidem Rooaerelt to the United States
district attorney uf San Fianci.^co .show
an entirely piaiscworthy attitude. Tne
district attorney is instructed to lend
every assistance in his power to the
Japun--.se who may have claims against
the city. Such instructions are must
unusual iu cases uf local disturbances,
but the circumstances of the case are
peculiar and the tooea Involved arc
grave. The president is evidently determined that the Japanese residents ol
San Francisco shall have justice, and
that their tieaty rif;ht.s wfl] be KCttret.
to them as far as the federal govern
ment can enforce them against a so*
ereign state.
If reietfonj between the United Statet,
aud Japan grow jt-as cordial than thej
have been, it will not be the fault ol
President Hoosevelt So far he has l<yn
ever) thing in his power to previ Ir
justice to Jajjanese, and to punish H
when too late to prevent. There is rea
son to believe that all sectiuns of Japa
nese thoroughly appreciate .1." prad
dent's attitude and conduct. No state
ment of grtevaaoe by the oppotftion
party in Japan has expressed anything
but respect and friendship for President
Unfortunately, however, the \>-
ties of the American cenft.tutlon make
the matter a very difficult one for the
president to deal with, or even aj>preci
abiy to influence. The doctrine of the
rights of sovereign states was not de
stroyed by the civil war. Every right
but the right of secession is stlli
claimed and exercised. It i*j one of the
problems awaiting so'ution by American
statesmen how far a state may goin
resisting or modifying the domestic or
foreign policy of the Union.
It U idle to treat tbe offences of '
which th(- Japanese complain as the act
of street hoodlums, purely local, accidental and insignificant. The overt acts
might not untruthfully be so described,
but they are symptoms of a malady that
has long affected and still affects the
whole Pacific coast, it is not confined
to California, nor to the United States.
It was long ago the fashion to consider the Chinese as lower animals and
to treat theft as such. The white laborers of the Pacific states and British Columbia were apparently unconscious
that in agitating for the exclusion of
Chin- se. or at least for such restriction
of Immigration as would have practically the same effect, they were in reality
paying a high compliment to the superior economic efficiency of the Mongolian race.
The Chinese are a proverbially peaceful race. Their peace traditions go back
a thousand years. It may be said of
them as of the Jews, "Sufferance is the
badge of all their tribe" It was safe to af-
iront and wrong them, to hedge them
about with oppressive laws and deny
them all rights of free men.
But the Japanese are different. They
n tenable th*- Chinese only in color. Th-y
are proud, ambitious and aggressive.
The discovery that in war they were inferior to the races of Borons was
t-uoueb to set the whole nation for two
generations to the arduous and self-df-
nying task of learning to fight in the
manner of modern powers. Japan has
never forgotten that that self-sacrifice
was forced upon her by tht- aggression
; f Western powers, and the most conspicuous aggressor In Japan's case was
an American commodore.
In the last fourteen years Japan has
waged two wars. . One with China was
on'y exercise for her army, especially
for her oncers The war with Russia
was as complete a demonstration of
nii'itary superiority as that of Germany
B*er France In 1870.
Since the conclusion of that war
Japan has been received on terms of
equality with France, the prescient
genius of the late Lord Salisbury had
;ed liritain into alliance with Japan
eves before the Russian war.
America has entered into no special
al lance with Japan but has long been
on terms of cordial friendship. There
Is no reason to believe that such relations are st ail unwelcome to the great j
majority of the American people. But,
unfortunately for those relations, the |
mates nearest to Japan have inherited I
Man's Mental Attitude Toward the Progress of a New Truth.
A great philosopher observed that
'the truth is always objected when it
comes to a man for the first time"
First he says it is rank heresy.
Second, he says it really amounts to
nothing, anyhow.
Third, he says���well, we always believed It feasible, possible, and right.
With men the Semi-ready tailoring
idea has reached the third stage. It
has reduced friction, worry and expense
for the man who is most particular in
his dress.   Civilization U an evolution-
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yaie-Kootenay Ice, Frtfit,
Fuel & Poultry Co*, Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and
Ward   Sta.
3 Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To Charles G. PimntwD. �� ��ny other penoo
to whom he m*>? htTe trunile'red hit Interett Id
lhe "May B.o**v.ra'' miiK-r<i claim. ���!lusted on
Br-wu MouQtain, two aui a half m.lei touth-
w*��t of Ymlr. ln (be��'K>u Mlnirif nt rift on. of
West Kootenay iMntM'-t, an.l mordj-d in the
Recorder'* i SW, t^t tbe Xel'on Plvliton.
You and each of you are hereby notified thai
I have expended t��o hundred and fire doliart
(3Wi.U)i in labour ai*d trnproTenienu upon the
above mineral ciam. in order to holti tbe aame
under tbe provial?Qi ol the Mineral Act. and if
within nlUftr day�� from'be date of tht* notice
you fail or reiuae to contribute ftmt porloo of
the expenditure, (which ii one hundred and two
flftv -loliar* (ItvJ-Se) tor tbe iwo yean ending
���ith May. \%'t) lofcth-r wlih ah co*u of adver
tulnr, your icu-reat lathe fald claim will be-
Um proi-erty of the- undt-ritgned under
Sec i of an Art entitled: "An Aci '<' Amend the
Mineral Act, *'-*������ '
Mate.' at Ytcir. B. 0 . l��th May. 1WT.
IN THE MATTER of the issuance of an
indefeasible Title to F. W. Howay
and R. L. Rcid to Lots 2 and 2,
in Block 12. City of Nelson.
Whereat* trie document* hereinafter mentioned
ar* ii'.i I j the poaaeetton of the aloreaa.d Howay
and Rei-1;
And wb��re*�� pr^Iu^-on ol them Ij required
an \m the "1*aJM Keri��..rjr Ac.";
TkIu- noti e that |U Bf any pervotu harini
tht'*e document* in their poa��e*tloa or bartof
aur in-erevt in the aame art rttjolred to product
tbe Mme to the biuret Kcctmar of Und Tltlei
at Nelton, B.C., on or t-efor* tht 10th day of JuIt,
Conveyanceln Fee, from A. Barrette to Alexander
Carney, dated z>i. October, ltffl.
Mortrag-e in Fee. fa/jm A. Carney and A "arrette
to M   M. :���.��� ��� - and P. Butu>. dat*?d the j'������!**
ol November, ItlfL
Conre>ance in  Fee  under power   ol   fi��le ln
Morifage from Maioln* Mdnnuand r*. Burnt
to A- U. Buchanan, dtte-i i7th of N'orambe;.
Conveyance in Fee, A. li. Buchanan to the Bank
of Montreal, dated the 2Mb of a ux-uil, IBM.
Conveyance m yw, junk;.,* Kontrta.1. to Koae
Marv Hea'hiio'e   an*'   "���H-pb   Ifeatheiin(ton
H   -   -  Hat*** 1HL N^reciber. lSd��6.
Conveyance to Pee, nl an iindlvided one-quartei
from Kate Mary H^xtS'wte to 1'aul Johnaon.
dated t:ic?.'th"f i'e��-*-nil*r, 14W.
Dated thli -->tfa day of Maf, A. !>.. 1907
B P.aUaXaOp.
Dit.rirt BafMraf of Und Tltlra.
So is- Sen.i rvad;.    ?. '  ��� ��� ~ -   -: ���'
today than it was two yrars ago, for
bebtnd it are itta sho h.-..    Aei
to recognize ability.
Fof Sale Cheap
One  feMocfa  diameter, by  1���'t    Rb
.ong.   underflred.   return   multi-tubular j
;���    ��� :.   jn   fair   conditiun      Eighty-two ���
%%-tm   tabes.   I 14x1 l-��� in.   steam
dome.   Boiler is good for tesane to \5v j
lbs. per square inch, and a workiL*.
fure of S'j to 1*0 lbs.    Mountings (
of   safety    valve,   stop   valve,   water !
ftaagaa,    try cocks,   sludge cock and
che<k valve, set of fire bars and beart-rs
One S4n diameter x 14in. stroke, high
pressure,   variable   cut   off   expansion.
valve engine with governorAFly wheel
and belt pdKey are those not original.y .
supplied with the engine but are suit- I
able for ordinary requirement   Engine ���'
bas  been  used  to drive  electric light
at the matter and is in good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhauet
steam heated feed-water beater, 4 ft.
tigh. lO^in. diameter with openings
for 3-in. exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper tubes inside through which the feed
arater passes. Stop valve, drain cock
Bad safety valve. Apply ;o
The H*ill liming k Smelting Co- Ltd*
Free Lessons in Art Needle Work���Conticelli Silks
Miss Lodovoad. ir. *?��Dt?!-cti teacher in Fancy Art Needle Work, will commence a series of class
Knijhts cf Pythias Hall. E.ery lady in the city is especially invited to avail herself of these lessons
Fo-    further    information   apply to Fred Irvine & Co.. who have a complete atcck of stamped goods and    ���
2 p. m. to ���* p. m.
Kotix* U iterebj given that I Till apply, at the
next Medac of the Lioeme CouBisuPLen. for
ta* ��� ::t t.; HajtasB. io have tae liquor licenae of
the Xo Rate Ion. traD*ftrrtrd from Archibald
Ferroaoa ��� e d to myaelf.
Duted May ��tn. 1*1. Wi 0088BU,
By Power of *lUnmey.
IN THE MATTER of the "River* and
Streams Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company, Limited.
Notice is hereby given that 60 dayi after da.e
The Canadian Faclflc Tin* u;' ���mpany. Utnite>i,
lnten-it to lubralt to tbe H��noraMe Chief Com-
aUsfconer of Landa and Wt.rti a fr po��*U under
:he piovlaionaol tbe "Klver' and t-trtami Aet"
aai araecdmentJi thereto, for the rtjrh'. to improve Trout creek and it* :ribnt*rle* from the
source* nl men creek and tri binaries to tbe point
where the mme Cows Into Trout lake ln tbe District of We*: Kootenay, and to remove cbftnic-
tion* therefrom an4 make the aame It for driving, etortug. tortlnc and booming loart, rafu and
cratta. t.nl the Humlnc of lumber thereon, also
for the ruiht to collect tol.c thereon.
Tbe lands affect* 1 are Crova Ian'4.; and I��tj
770, TS60. 7��1. 772. 771 70. T6J and 1��. all ln
Group 1, Wrft Koolenav.
Pated tha X*th lay of Ma;   ;_���������
bf their eolteltor. R. M. Maedonald.
Certificate of the Registration of an
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companies Act*   1897."
I HEREBY CERTIFY that the "Kinncy-Mjiler
��� ��� . i- Company,*' hs.< :hi* day been registered
as an Extra-provinca: Company. uDOer fbe
������Companlea Act. l*c to farry out or effect all
or anv cl tbe ob)ecu oi the Company to which
tbe legislative anthc-rry ol the Legislature of
British Columbia exten U.
The head office of the Company is situate la
is? Cltv of Spokane, ia U.e -'.*:��� of ���'<*..,:.,::.
D e A.
Tbe amount of the <apital ot the company ;i
fifteen thouaand dollars, divided into one hundred and fifty shares of one hundred dollars
The head office af the com pan r In this province is situate at ��'tv��?on, and A'liliam ileury
Crawford, .iiercbant. whose address is tbe same.
is the attorney for the company. (Not empowered to issue and iranfer nock )
The tint of Um existence of theci'mpanv i*
fifty years from the 6tb day of March, 1W7.
T' e company is Umltad
Given under my band and teal of offlo* at
Victoria. Province of British Columbia, this 2lst
day of May, one thousand nine hundred'and
(Ut,] 8. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Tte object! for which this com pan v has been
established and registered are:
1. Tosvouaireln any lawful manner, manufacture and tell or dispone of any and all kinds
of cedar and other timber:
1. Toaojalre in any lawful manner timber,
whether standing or cut. timber iaads or other
Lands, log*, poles, piling, potts, lumber, cbingle*,
*.ninrlt bolts, and any and all kind*, of timber
pro-lui:. to manufacture any end all inch, and
to di��jK>seof same m any lavRll manner:
3 Toacqnre la any lawful manner stores,
implt-metai', aad any and all kinds ��f merrhau-
d!s* or prv<perty not in violation oflaw,an��3to
difpote of same ln a:*y lawful manner:
4- To build or to acquire in any lawful manner roads, tramways, or other m*ansof trans
Ixiriaii'n necessary rr convenient to the other
Eurpotf "f ibe   Corporation, and to o'serate,
���aae, or dispose of bne as may be deemt-d ad
rlaable: provided the ��.ai3e l��e prfrsUg ways and
niadtonly. and provided further t"aD this article It not Ui autaorlw the (Vrporatlon to operate or maintain any public or toll road, nor anv
public aerrlng transjaortation ��}eteu, nor to became a rontnon carrier:
&. Tomanufa/Miire any and all kinds of ar
titles and pn<ducUas may u- deemed desirable
and not in violation of law. and to tell and
ttapam <���'. **mt ta any lawful manner:
(. To do any ard all other acts and things
neceasart w e��i*-li-,Dt f"T rarrving on (he busl
I***** of th^ i orrtfanT as hereinbefore set forth.
>*otlce Is hereby given tbat sixty da) i after dftte
I iDtend to apply lothe Hon Chief Cr.mmiwtoner
of t.andi aad Works for perml*��lon lo purcha*e
tbe following de*crirw>l tract of land situate in
West llootenay district:    Commencing at a ,*.��:
SUnted about one-half mile aortb from forks of
nmmlt creek, raark'-d Jean ���-arneron's 1 W
coraer, ihence east W chains, then** north 40
chains, thence west 40 r-htlst. thence touth K
cbatat to place of commeacement
��rd May. 1��T Jiaji t^UCtatW,
                       flUlAg Baa-sort, Agent
Notice is hereby given tbat sixty days after
date 1 Intend to apply to the Honor*.!,:* ���'blef
* ommisstoner of Uuds and Works for permission to purchase the following described tra��j of
land, situate*! in Weat Koot*nay district: Com-
mi-nfiug at a post planted on Summit froek
about one-half mile norlhw-it from forks marked J.8. McL>K E.eorner, thenre west 40chain*
thence south 40 chain", thence eait 4Vi cbaint'
thenee north 40 chains U> place of commencement.
2lrd May, 1WT. Jour; a. >( Urniux
     aiu.iAii Big'-ora. Agrnt.
Notice is hereby given tbat t�� data after date 1
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of slaads and Works for permission to piirchas*
the following described tract of land. Mtuate In
West Kootenay dittricr Commencing at -. : -���
planted on ��� ��������� ��� r r�� -1 near m confluence �� r:.
Summit ���"reek, marked Margaret Mclati- hlHti'��
N �� corner' iheri" aoutb 4r> (l.ai'i*. thenre west
W chains, thence norlb 40 chains thence east frj
cbatns to place of commeaceraeut.
9rd May, UP,. Maioaarr McLaichuk,
WflslslaM BaaaoCB, Agent,
Sr-;s . -���!;::*. *s.^' i"-- ��� < .
isictl:   l;; Kna   rable:. t    i.rft*o-
mlatsooer oil* i ��� ��� **   ��� i ,-:*;. *���
; -���  ..��.'- -     ;    .��� ���>::������.'        ���-���
��� .:.*.>:���'���*-*: *
*:  i  ;��� ���: ���  . .---.���   l
Coeac*  w;;:.  a ���    i     r --i*      -��     -a =
Barbour t  N   * ���   -. *    -li *- cl--:ti.
tbene* e*.��: +     : ��� i- -       ��� '   +    ' *���
lieL^ W..;v ������!_.���:. ���.:���.:  f..'
2JrdMs:   BH *:v.:im Bxtxcx.
Notic* u iMtawf given tis: ��� :i?i ��.:urdate I
intend lospr.y to ii��e Honors:.- -..l- I blai '"oa-
mli*noner or laajsda aad Work* tat perattaloti
to purr-base tne fo'lowing d*#eribe*i :ati t::_at��
:n West >. U3UJ .*:r��ci: Commea-iii i: a
post plant- d at the �� est t.>Eadary ,--! Lot %> oi,
aoi ��:���  ;: :   .-.t    - - :- ��� ���'
of tne righi-oi way of ifie B   '-   - '     *
w��v, |M -arte' P A P't Km"bea*t eonwf.
; ���_ - -��������� . ��� -�� L' ::.t- ��� z<>:\t :������ it-. ��� -'-
V _L;t-T .: - �����'...: *r��y of B. C. fiootkera
ralisray. thence Uuvtaac t*.:! batsjj |an ���:; aaj
right-of-way ia aa eatter.y direetjoo to tbe we*.
boaadary of Lot X2 ul. theace sooth to pi*-.* i
eonmencement. co2"��:nicg WO aeres. more
DaTed this 14tb day of June. ISOT.
*'.  i *' .- ��.
Selsoa Land Distort.   District of West Kootenay
Tale -o:        '..t.-       il  Ptiibert   of  Nelsoa.
".���' '   '   �� c"Crut*'.x-n  s*. 03 keeper, in- j
tends n ap;iy In i��-rmiMH>t* to purrhat* tae
lollowlng   ��� mci . ��� - -.    ���... =iZ.-L<:ng   a: a
post planted on tbe north ban*  Lest crtsak.aad
lboui two and one ,aar.er mi.es easterly from '
tte fun;tion oi U; ..-reek; aad aaimoa river, il
the Nelson Ian I iittrxi, thence aortb *sj chains, '
theace west &. chains, theace toatb 90 chains.  <
snore or lea*. M Lost creek, tneace east following -
said ereek \o j- Lai o: comseiremeat aad eon- ���
taia.ng **.* acr**. more or less.
Dateo Jul* Itk, 1VJ7. Jornt Philiiet
The Hall Mining and Smeltaj
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry (fa j
\Vhoie��ttii* Provisions,
fniducc, - Prult.
Nelson Lac-1 It*:nct. Distnci at Waal Eootenay I
Take aottec Ifeai frank MeL-^caid. of Botna
flritish COtasajMa. errupation miner, tateads to
apply for i^rml>sion to p'-rvtaee ;he following
deacnfc^l *��-���:��     Commencing at s post planted
on the Dv.-.: t*i;k of Lost '.reel and about one ���
mile easu-rly from the fttnesJon cf Lost creek ;
and Salmon ritcr. ln  the Nriaon land district,
tbenee norib C# chains, '.hence east 40 chains. ,
tbenee iowJJj H tbaias, theace west 60 chalas \o
point o' comraeacemeat,   aad   coatalning jtk> i
acres, more o: leas-
I��ate-i Jusr 5th. 1>.T. FsUXK McDoniLD
Governiaent QttKPmWf Ous-VoutA lineup receired we**Uy frt��h from tai||
chart.,    for sale br all leading grooen.
OfBc*? And Mrarehouse: Houston Block,   Phone T9.
Josephine Street.       ...       Nelson, B.C.
SelsoL Land District   District of West Kooteaay
Take a- -.i'e :hst Edward Peters of Ymir, Brit-
lsh<    .. ���   up��iioa. miaer. ittrnds to ap-
Jly for permission to purchase the following-
escribed land: Comnienciag at a post planted
���a the aortb bank of Lost creeg, about three
miles easterly from tbe inaction of Lost creek
aad Salmon'mt-r, in ike >rl*oti land district.
;:.. - - north �����' chslns. tbenee wei: 6o chains,
tbenee soath * chalas, more or leas, to Lot:
creek, tbenee east following said cree* to point
oi commencement, aad containing 4/JO acres,
more or less
Dated June ^h. 1907 Eawiao Vmtj.
District of WV*i Kooteaay.
Take notice tbat W"i.;.am Davi-t Anderson, of
Bb IW| '.ecu pat ion br:dgeman. intend ito apply
for permission to purchase the following described land*: Commencing at a post planted at tht
aortb aisle of eummit creek, marked H. W.,
thence north 30 chains, theuce east 40 chains,
theace aoutb a) chain*, theace west 40 chains
to point of comaencement.
William Darn Amd*tx*ok,
w  j. Ocorr, Ageat
Take notice thai Harry Wiuiamt of Nelson,
B C, rancher. Intends to apply for permission
to purchase the iollowlng described lands in
West Kootenay dlitrlct:
Ccmmeacing a: a ,- -' planted adiaceat to the
sor.'.beast corner of Lot tli thousand aiat hundred aad eighty-hve (6��>o), Group one (1), ia this
district, ihence south twenty (*UJ cbaint, therjtt
west one buadred aad sixty (160) chains, theuce
aortb twenty (.!') chains, tbenee east or.r- hund-
red aad sixty (160) chalas to the poll*, ol commencement and containing ��20 acrea more or
Dated the lilh day of May. 1907.
Ha��*t Wiuisun.
1. the undersigned, after 60 davi intend to apply to the Hon the Chief CommiMioner of lands
and Works for permission to purchase lhe fol-
loaiag described land: Commencing at a post
marked N. K. C , ��ltuau-d on tne west shore of
Lfl -an lake, atout twenty milet from Slocan city,
ii.-.*at* west 40 cbaint. tben'.e south 80 cbaint,
thence ea��l 40 cbaius, tbenee north along tbe
shore of lake do chalas to point of com me ace-
Lfieat>>l May 4th. Bern .^HAif,
Baicg White, Agent.
Sixty day* after dale I purpose masing appll'-a-
tlon to the ('hlef Commissioner of land* and
Work* for jtrmission to purchase tbe following
described land : < <>m*nt-n< :ng at a p-.��t blaaw
���t the north west corner of iol 4!*4*< 1 and marked "F McC* s E cora.r post." running tbetic*
* chains north thence �� cbaint west, UM�� B I
chain* (outb, thence fViljalns tatt, *o point uf
oommeacemeat, containing 640 acres, more or
���a ������
Dated thli 6th day of May, 1WT.
(Sirn-ij i'rrgfc MrtTiLocii.
per D A. M(.Ci'LU-m. Agent.
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply to ihe
Honorable the Chief Commltilooer of Lands and
Wo'k* for '-'.-ir.:-- ��� %.** th'.'following
deacrltsed land' in West Kootenay district: ��'om��
meacing at a po>t planteil on the south sh--re of
Kootenay iak*. and a'joining C. J/ K Meek No.
iO. and narked "Tt\m '.urdon s northwest coraer
: itnee toulh 4o chains, theace rait 40
chains, tbeace north **. chains more or leas, to
Ut> ."hore. thente west 40 chalas to point of
Dated thli*tb of April. liW.
Ton *;o*u��w��
Sixty days after date 1 intend \c applvtotbe
Hon ' r.ief Coramlatioaer of I^ad* and Works
for permission On purchase the following described land ia W't��t Kooteaay district: Com-
meucing at a post marked A- CL B t northwest
uoraer pott. *uan:ng *-' f-balas eaiter.'y along
the bouedtry of iiaiUr licence No *��V��, tbenee
southerly Hi chains, tbea'-e wester.v 40 chaina,
tbenee L'or.hcrJy bd chain* along the C. P. R.
track to tbe place of commencement, containing
two hundred acres, more or lets.
Locateo this Hb day ol May, 1>.C.
A. C. BcrH. Locaior.
Sixty flayt afterdate . intend to apply to the
Hoa. Chief Commitaloner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to , tbaae th foliowiag -: dm \
lan'isadjoiniLg the Arrow'axe* 1d West Kool-
c-ntr. ' ommeLclag at a p>j��t planted at the
H. lA'. corner of J. II. doner's pre-emption, and
marked E.W'sS.W corner pott, ;hen<e*��ccalns
a<-rth aloag lake shore, tneace j> chains east,
.r'-nce 2. chain* aoutb. thence * chains west lo
place of beglaalng, coatalaing 40 acrea, more or
April 1*. 1907.
KriLTw Wats*)),.
J-ixtv daya after date I intend to apply to tbe
Hod Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works
to purchase 80 am-*. o! land locate-', about 3miles
southeast of Barton: commencing; at a pott
planted at tbe soatnwttt corner of Lot B161, and
marked <j A Hunter* to-jtheast corner, thence
north 40 chains, ihence west 3t chalas, thence !
south 40 rhaios, f hence east �� chalas to place
ft t- *.'.:. l.g
Located Apri. ��tb. 1S07 <,. A Hrmi,     f
per A, Ktfxaa, Agent,
Notice It hereby given mat 60 aayt ar-: :.'
in lend to apply to the Hon. Chief ComEi**;"nerd
Lands and works. VI na. kw psMmttad in topur-
etase the following described land : ' "mmeaelDg
a; a post planted on tht ���tsajti ��� ��� ��� - ������ an lake
and about two m!lt* north '���( Kvan* . rets, and
xiarkrd ci. u. O't toutheast r<-rner f**u tbenee
���ortb following short- Of iai IV latixM Uivn< r
west 6t�� chains, ibcnit- *���  ilh ^   if, thence
MM 6   -.nains to point of comni��aremeat, ����
acres more or If**
Located April M. Ii*C.
geo B i.AaarTT, Iiwalir.
W�� CUM ..h. Ageat-
mi ly .lay i alter a ale l intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commisau-aer of Landtaoo Work* to
purchase tbe following dctcr1r*ed land U*cated
ia Fire valley dittrtct of W>��t Kootenay: Commencing at a post plauivl at lb> If I aai
J��bn Bangs'pre-emption. thearetoutbMcbains,
thence west 4u chain*, thenm north B . baii>*.
thence east 40 chains to place ot beginning, coa-
���nJjxUun acres.
Ucated March 14th. Vf.
D. A. M< Pule, locator.
J. i Kkut. Agrnt
Take notice tbat 60 d*��y* after date 1 intend to
apply to the Hon- Chief' iminjMoAef of Landi
and WOfka, lor periuis-ion :<��� purr has* the following described laud- I ��� :..i2>*u-mg at tht
southeast corner of lot <*����'., it-n'- west 10
chains, thence south A) cbaint, thtWog i %���: *w
chains, ihence north -������ ��� nam*. llMMI ��*���! N
ebaias to point ol coma.. r.i t-meut. o>nta:mi.g
4o acres, more or lata
Dated April 16th, 1907 P   J. i'n: lxt.
IV. w. RaaDLiT, Agent.
Sixty dayi after date I intend to ap, tj
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Laiioi ami
Works to purchase lAOaures of land: Coflll
at a pott plaated oa the areat j:dc oi f-Milecreeh
oa tbe wagon road abo-ui -���, niiles fr.n Kt*oi-
enay lake, and mark, . K��D wlathattifmUk'
west corner port, ibener weat 40 chains, tbenee
north 40 chalas. thenar east 40 chains, theace
tsoiith to chains to place cf bcclnnlaa
Located thittJrd da;-    ! April
NllL McKti HMI.
R J Elliott. Ascot.
I, the under*ign*-l. after 60 day* intend to apply io the Honorable lhe Chief Commissioner of
Landi aad Wort- { i pan r.**e the following described land '"otmri* ii. jug at a post markrd
tf. K. C, gtttUta ���: :��� in..uih of Cove creek on
the west shore of Sbxaa lake, thence weat 4)
chains, ihence aouth 2u chains, theme ��������' H
chains, thence tcrath *C cbalns. thfci* w'��\ *'
chains, iliea.e south 40 chains, thwaeatjsjttt *
chalas. tbeace north <�� chains to point of <��m-
Located Mafrb 27th, 19W       V F McNAroHT.
J, the under* icaed, 1 stead ai'.cr6ifdayt to apply
to th*- M..n u*c chief Commissi''.M-r of "ijand* and
Work* for permission topurcba**- the loUowtag
I :*ud: Commrn'itig ai a i<ost marked
T M Sban**| S E C . l.-H-ale-l on the west shore
of Soeu lake, about twelve miles from the head
oi .-I..>ran lake, th--nrv w.-: CD . nam*. U-m-'
n -ih 4* chalm tbenee east 4o rh-.it.- ���������:.������
south aloag shore ol tflocaa lake (o |>oint of
'ommni cement.
Located May 4th. T. M. huv,
I. the undertlgued. after *X< day* ieie*.d*>tj
ply to the Hon. tbe Chief Commisaiostrof U
and M orks to purchase the following i
land: Com men-lag at tbe >' li of L��tL
8. I . theace west 40 ebalai, ihence vtii
ell*.in*, thence east 4u chains, then'* Mai
chains to point of commencement. c*&uitt*jjl
acres more or leas. L
Located March ��th, 1907. V.i Uzilf
Takr   WMtm    that   ilxty   aavs  afitf i
���'   l��   apply  to ibe Hoonrabi* iVC.
iongalraiooer ot laads and Work* fcr r��L
tion top::n:.ase the folloaiag de��tr.l*a w|
situated in the Weat Kootenay   d    rid   -n-i
^H-nring   at   a   post planted at the mMI
rt-.r  ii'u>:*v.,��n  the too th tldeoftfeMl
Aria of Kootenay lake   thea-.e M< ntioiitslll
lUnrasU corner of sai.1 lol. tluawadaal
'��� .w., theac* m chain* east, tkeme JUcfitkn
1  north Ur place of commencearfi:,oiaiiiQin|tllg|
i. acre*. j"
April ind, 1907. rmui IIohitsok, |
per Kucbt W   Kosuan* Aicnt
_ .      .a afler date I intend H sp^j'WI
Hun    the   thief  Commlastoner oi Lands ti
sixty days i
Sixty day* after date I intend to apply to H,n.
the Chief Commlatloner of f^nds and Worki for
permlivloa to purchase the foliowiag described
lands la Kootmay .H.tnct. Comtnen- rt| at a
postmarked Bruce w;.,tt ��� N W". crin-r i o*t.
tltuated at tbe northeast corner of P K V g] oQl
a mile east of .��l->can river, thence south A.
cbaint. thence west B ��� bains. IhafSBa south *V
cbaint, theace cast tu chalas, theace north 40
cbata*, tbcoie east iv chains, theace north 4n
chains, thence we*t 60 chains t*i p- ir.t o| con
meat*meat, containing 440 acres, more or U-st.
Located March .-'.ft. 1901. Heici WHira
I. the uivTeYalincd. alter 60daya Intend to apply to tbe Honorable (he Chief ��� or n,t*��iorn ��� . (
Laads aad Work* for jn raiission to pun ha>< tht
foilu��inr Itad; t'ommeaclng at a post marked
S. fc C, of Lot I2SC. tbeace west xu cbaint, thraoe
aouth At cbaint, tbeace west .Vchain��. thence
tonth iM chains, thence, a-it to chains, thence
mfji *���< 'i,Bijj,i :heace east Ki chain*, theace
aortb fc-cbalat to point of dobmw i.<"��icnl.
Located March 71th. 1907.      M.a. MtNAioMt,
N. F. MciaAitiHT, Agent.
Sixty dayt after date I piirpoae making application to lb" Hoa. Chief Commisiioti.-r of Ijindt
and Worki, for permission to purchase the following described land: Commencing at a port
placed on thf we��t shore of 1-ow- r Waatsban
lake, about a *-. mile from tbe outlet of tame,
and marked "II. w>. s.h. corner port,' running thence 8o cbalm west, thence 90 chaina
aouth, thence 80 cbaint out. thence So chains
north to point cf comm<.uccme;jt, coaia.a.ug
64-' ac res, more or lest.
Dated tbe 2n& day ot May, 1907
Aigme ii if. wa��ki*.
per F  0. Fatv'irk. Agent.
Sixty dayi aftej date I r ii rpse making application to the Hon. the Chief Commltsioncr of
Lan-U and Works for permu^inu io purchase Ibe
foliowiag d<��crl.>ed laud: C;>mimni ing at a
pott placed at the nortbeasl oerort of li c.
"kinn.-r's ai-pllcatlorj, to purchase marked
"R *'*. N. w poraar poat" thfnc�� i.-ilomnc the
eastern boundary of .n*>d application Sfi cualns
south, IbeB'e running Suchiltis cast, tbeace yi
chains north lo Ihe toulhern bi.ir.idary ol K. W .
Hanulagton's applrcat.'on i>> purcha^a. ihence w
chains wesl alona same to point of commencement, con tailing 64o a rts. more or leas.
Dated ^ad day of May, 19U7.
perF.O FAi'gtiait, Agent.
Workt. Vietona. ��� C to parehase �� srwfl
land:  Coramenemg at * pt��t plantrilitikfUfl
--   1. ec>ssafwasM   ,s/j K.iotfiutrtvu
I  chaint aooth. Ubeace wnt 1 c)ua*J
th-:* v ���Mtnaa>cxtttg��  Urten- ra��tScsiWlrl
point of n>mraencesx*e>*rL. r
B.C. April %.W.        KJ.CrjUJt \
Notice is hereby pTen taa'.�� dart aiwtt
Intcsad to apply to the Hon. Chief Count*
of land* and Works for pemlssfoo ��H*
��� leg described taad in Wwilf
���>������'��� shsre of Lower Anw B
*'.    line L.-.t No.*9i��.oa*hcty>oth: B*fr
at a post marked   -Barry McLeoi s S.I <
CM and  -. iai.ted oaihethoreof liiwcf *
ke. at the southeast ccrnei nfCaft Foaf"
*' ���'��* ���    ��   '\ m chuint, thence ��
chkins more or leas to t&e nottk uu'iniiuTtL
Fclltaore'i P. R . thence .' ��� halD*cs*til����i
said boundary to lake, thence anrih tlMjII
lake snore a* chains, metre or lest I" ������i
May 2nd, 1907. J. D Moon. 1
 Ageat for Harry McU*|
iajl alter date 1 intend to tpplj wj
ll-a. th-- Cbial i.-ommiss:,*aer cf Iad**
work.. \ f't*->r:a. to purchase IJ" acw *
lot At* ' on UM west tide *if Arrow lafci-and
iy.t :*:��: Ci.CTntn^mjttm
pianledat the V. K. corner oi Ui ���^'��*!2a,
ad l; h - k corner.������ and running �������
BhalU, thi na�� west J' chair.*, .hence W��i
chaint. v..��� ., . irgsTta chain* tbenee ��
chaius, thence east 40 chain* to puint f
Apni am, in*.. Bnrin nt*t*it|
J. K, AXKAlLE, Agent
BlXtS days after date I intsnd toipW*!
��� ������i i "inmUsioncr of lands sn- ""���
Victoria, H C, to purrbase tne fcdlowng"
- rlbi and, Mtuaied iu ihe ��c*t k'cottWJ
tflet: ���'ominancing at a i--*i pI��B,r*J23
tfaal tide of K(*ulenay lake, near uWJ
point, and marked J. MeKinnon't i��� &*Jl
- !...- w,.l m r!.a;n*. lt^nce WfltJ
i hatnt, thence eatl 80chains DUTr or!***"^
shore, ibeuca aloag lake .bore topo:nt��w
Daled April 4, 1907. Signed J XclW
Sixty dayt alter date I men 1 ***&_.**
Hon    the   < hi.-f   lomiTHw^iwr "f UT_\Z
Works in ran Urn th.- u I^.wl��g detcn**-1!
locate.1 in Fir* Valley iin��tr:��i nl ��**! *?,,?
' < nil... i. ir>g at a tK.s( [dan'.til a1111*'   - .
of John  Hang- pa ,*mpi1ou. !*��**��� *
soma, thence 40 chain* w-s',. ttscnr* "^
uort h, thence 40chain*east t'c r'",+ *��� t*v^J_
Ri. HAxnKxrri. U*-W
j.j *tau^v*��*5
M��iy days tiirei dah 1 purix'*c B*��y*f|
c-ati-n to the CMef commissioner �� l**��2
�����'."��< (or iKTtiilatton Ui l,"",,,wt"^Kai
dp'i.Tlbed laud: Commencing al *. Vl*crtt?
at Um -otitbtasl corner o| s w. "r p*a
r.jph mi,.a to pun hate, marked ' ��>��� * _*
cor..cr.*' running theace f*i chain* nor a-jm
Mi-halnieaat, th*n<-e skJcnaln- *"^f; rLM
��� balnt aci to ;>oini of commen<-r-r0*n*,'~ ���
i*K M'i a< rr<. niorr or ir*- _--_____
Dated the ��h day of April, 1907     ^.^J
p,-r F '��� Firwrii^.Ar*,.
���________������ ���  ai** I
iMxlj dnyt after date 1 purpotc ��**l?J��
cauoa to the Honorable the Chief ^_M.
of lands and Works for permission Wgfl
lhe MIoming descried land: V, 7wt*2
n p.*; pU.fi about one and h��.i ���''^.ii*'
silver Tip Point, on Wha'slian '-����� i"*1-*
rank marked �������� W.fl H*!
niug thaaoeM chains weal io;
by F L. Hainni"nd. at agent.
north, uteaca �����. mini *  ���
soi.th  to poiul of commence!
M" acres, more or leas.       ^^^^h i
Dated tbe isth day of April- ly (. jj.^w*
I'erF. ti. FAi-yrikk-*^!: -'
nan  *__*^_W
SIxlv days after da-c I !��'���:.< ''\*'BJ ��at|
lion Chief' Commissi.'"" ,( un.',,-tw5*1
to pur-haae 240 acres of land, sit'i*7^f*9lf*
tide of Armw ltkc.at��uuttwr.:.iii. ��� ������ (.(<���*���
Commencing al a post plant*-, m ��� , . *������
of L 6/147, and marked X. Th^aoai-af^
.tinning cast ��-> chains,thence
thence ires: *i chai.-
tlience w-*sl 4*1 chains. lhe ce n-
place of beglnulujr. ����l:;iT "**
Burton, April ard. IJB^ mgjl|a* the Daily Canadian
amnion Day Celebration!
Base Ball
TRAIL        KASLO        NELSON
Caledonian Sports
Foot Ball
Lawn Tennis
by the
Pony Races
Gun Club Tournament
Log Rolling
Launch Races
Fire                    Fitemens'
Works           Tournament
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Cured and Smoked.   Our Hams Are
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'��� Burns & Co., Ltd.
. In. I.   Dimrii't of Weal KOOUIM?
that John I'l.tliH.-ri, of Ni'ltmi,
' U. Hiio'nt   katpi r,  Intoadi to
' ml   IUiiImt   hiTimt.' OTCf th*) fOl-
I  liindn:    ��'< miiieiniltU Hi I po*t
thrao mile*"   Dp   the  limt  riithl
: Loal creak a'ld about flTB miles
in loutbaamirlr dlnetloa from
mii-1 l*otl udU anil the Mm Hi
river in the 1 It-lnon land uiatrt" c,
"cbftlni, .home 0Ut wi cluilut,
'rhaiut, ibcncc wcnl ho clialiiN lo
.ncfaieut,   a lid   ci.ttiululUK ll1"
th, i��r;.
John 1'hiiiikht.
I Dlitrtot DUtrtct of Weit Konlenay
��������� tint John   I'hllbert.   of  Nrlmin.
lumbie, saioiio ueeperi fiitt-tnin lo
. ��� ��� ini iinibef lioiinM oeat the inl-
rlbeO landi 1 Cimim n��'iiu:iUii |iii"i
the north m<leol Uisl creek alum,
;-uiu i*ml in an canti'My dlraoUOO
in Ui'iiol Iaiki en* k aii<l the mnitli
ion river In Iho Ne r-.-n Ih!1<I dlltliOt.
������" chaina, thtDM loutb M ohelnii
no oheint, tneaoi   north BO chalni
���I'liiniireintui, an <1 eoniiitnliiK "'*u
Jims 1'nii.nKRr.
ir la
������ Uth. 1907.
I'lrlct.  Distrlrt 'if Weat Km.I.nay
that John Pallbert, <��f Nelton,
ihla, Million ki-'iKT, intendi to
'inl timber  llceti .��,*��� o\-or llie fob
���I laodn Cofluuenolng it �� wat
e  north utile of l> ist eMlk about
ani and lo t��n eeaterly airwtlou
iinti nfnHt'1 Uwi oreek ��ii-i ihu
tlinnii rivet ��i the Nelton Landdli<
-i w chain*, ihenoaioatbW)eht\Uu
'���ii'iiim, ihiooe north. 80 chalni to
mi ,.������muiit,   ami   coiilaiuiiiK &��0
John 1'hii.bitut.
"utrioti Dlitrlct of Weal Kooteney
o r.ut John i'hllbert, ����� NeUon,
inbia,  luoon  heeper* Intendi to
��� inl lim.iur   ItOenu over the fob
'"ill laudat Oommenqlna ��t a potl
i��l noe-hall laUatuptnep'tt rlaht
oi i i-t oreek.!end about (oar maoi
'I iimmlhiiitKU'rlyiliri'iHiiHi from tht*
nl i ohI . ��� ;<k ..ii') Hi*- mtiith fork uf
in tin- N> imiii Uiul illHtrlet, Mu'iu-u
ni. thenoe ft hi tin ohelnii thenoe
lu.theuue wtsibti ohftlni to point
���"'���lit   mill   4'0!.t(,iiiiu.: fill) uitoh,
,lui|\ 1'llll.KKRT.
Otl 1'litrlel.   DiNtrlcliif Wi'Kl Kontfiiay
ll|,<- ihni lohn Pilberi, of Nelion.
''"���uhiti,  HuUioii   deeperi  iuteiuti t*n
l'l Inl  Umber UOODie over the fob
���cribed Land*; CHimxnonolni ��t ft poet
���bout two milt��� up iiio right bend
bum creek uinl iiboni [our miles ilia-
n n HiullmnHlerly dinvlluti (rom the
' '''i i,urn -rv\: kiki the muiih fork
i rivet in !!.!��� N'ulMun huhI iliatrlrt,
"h Hi phiiltm, tbenee nmt 80 OhftltU,
���'ii BoobftUiB, thauue we*U80 ohnlni to
''miinenueiiuuil, ami cuuliiluliic i>W
o or luttit.
mil lJlli, 1W17. JOBX l'HILHKHT,
od iiiHirict. Dutriot of Weat Koo*antv]f
���tloo ihai John I'huiioit of Mellon,
'lumblft, utlopn keepeti Intendi to i*p-
Bpeolel Umber Uoenoe over thu (ol*
eaorlbod   Ihuun:    Ootnmenolni at ��
��d on the nurUi ulrlc pi IaihI creek nod
ir iiiiirti rtiHtnrit and lu ho etuterlv
���rom the Junotlou of Mini Loot creed
���tHli fttrk. *>r Huiinun river in the Neb
HMrli.l, ibeiien . ��,��t m clioiiiH,  tluuice
nana, ihence weat so t-h h iiu, thenoe
in*nt to the point of oommenoeinent
"JJine wOftoree, mote or lumi.
'I'iciith, 11KI7. John PHlLMBT,
�� in in
,lute in
' "mini
'toby given thaitntrty ilnya aftor
il    to   apply    I..,   (be    llniinreblu
luioner ol Leadi und wotii ��t
������. inr u ipnottv   UeenietQout end
lohor frtun the following ���lenorlhuil
Kooleimy dllttlCt: Commciiclng
'ten on ihuwuit bank of Hmelter
me inilem.utliof IbeClly uf Nulmo,
t�� obatni, thenco weittW chains,
1 ""eiiiiiiiH. thenoeeeet80ohfttmto
"Hi .lay of June, 1��K)7.
0. 0, jOual I*oeator,
!'��� H(,'tM ii, Ageot.
NotlOf 1" hereby given tout 30 daya rromdale
I tnleiitl to apply tot h��* Hon Chief Com ml aai oner
of Iau'Is ami Worki for a ipeofftl UeenM to cut
and carry away thubor from Uio following aft*
ctiU'it Uti.u in Went Kootenay dtltlietl
('(immencirur at a pint planted "ti the north
bank of 10 SOeoreek, ahon] one mile and a half
from Bine tin lake, marked E Strand's norlhwent
corner pout, them-*? eaat 160 cbaiiit. thenee aouih
webftlu, tneaoi well 180 eHeini, thenee north
tOobabu to point of oommenoement.
Dated this Jlat day of March, 1907.
k. .-ikanii. I*ocalor.
Nelson Ijind Dlatrlct.  Dlstrletof Wett KooU'liay.
No, 1 ���Take notice that fJeorgO A. Uurle, of
CMtoa, B O.i lumberman, Intendi lo apply (or
a ypeclal limtHir UcvUL-q over the following described land*:
(rimmeneliig at a poet planted abont oue mile
mmiIIi oi the biek cablu, ou tne l.lck cabin trail,
on Inoiiuki lu creek, thenco north MO ehalns,
thenoe eeet ho rhalut, thence aouth ttoehalnt,
thenofl went HOchalns to the point of eominencc-
ment and eontitiulug tiio acres, more or less.
May lat, 1907. uio A. Lac me.
Helton I'Hti'l Dltlilet. Dlstrletof West Kootenay,
No.'J���Take notice that QtOTgft A Laurie, ol
Creston, It O., iuimIk-i iiihii, Intend to BJM'lv lor a
special Umber licence over the following described lands:
Commencing at a poll planted about one mtu
-mi li ill ihe Lick cabin. <>u the Lick cabin trail,
oil Intiliaklili oreek, theuce south HO chains,
thenee east 80 chains, thenee norih ho ohaiiiH,
ttieiice weat HQchaltia to the point wl commencement and containing i.m acres, more or lens.
May l-i, 1907. ilK'i. A. I.AuatR.
Nelson Lftttd District   Dlstrletof Went Kooleuay.
No. 8. Take notlee that W. II. I'uge, of Fire
Valley, It. ('., cruiser, Inlenda <o apply for a
xpeelal timber lleeiicv over the following (lu.
scribed lands;
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
south of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cablu trail,
on Imihaatltn creek, thenee south HO chains,
thence went M) chains, thence north HO chains,
theuce Mil K0 chains to the polut of commencement mid containing 040 acres, more or less.
May i-t. 1UU7. W. II. Imok. locator.
Ulto. A. LAt'Ktl, Agent-
Nelson Lati'l Dl'lrlct. Dlstrletof West Kootenay.
No. 4.-Take notice Unit W. II. I'age, 01 Fire
Valley, H.c.,crnlhcr, Intends to apply for a special
timber   llpentVO  over   the   followlug dusi^rlbed
OommenolOl it a post pla"lod about one mile
aouth of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
ou luoiiakllii creek, thenee north HO chains,
theiicu west HO ehalns, theuce south ho chains,
ihence oi.stHnchai.il Hi the polpl of coiniiienee-
meiil and eonlalning 840 acn s. more or less.
klay 1st, 1UU7. W, II. I'aiik, Lm ator.
Ueo. A Laifiiik, Agent.
Nelaon Und District.  Diitriclof Weal Kootenay.
No ft Take notice that UeorgeA. Laurie, of
OreMDhi B��0 . lumbatniftn, intends to apply fur a
IpflOlftl Umbel license over the followliig des-
crtticd lands: 	
Commeiicing ot a post planted nbout one mllo
Kiitilh ami one mile west, of tho Llek cAblii.oti
ih*' Lb k t'ablu trail, mi Inonaklln creek, thenee
west 80 chains, thence north HO chains, thenee
BftitSoohftini thenoe loutb 80 chalni to tho point
olcomiociu'eiiieiit and eontaiiilng M0 acres, more
Hatikti 1807. OM' a. Umtie,
Nelson Land Dlitrh't. DlittiutofWoiitKootenay.
No 6 -Take notice that Ceorge A. Laurie, of
Creston, B. 0,. lumberman, IntoUQi io apply for
a iptqla, Umber lleenio over the followlug doa-
crllicil lauds: ,    , ���
OommenOlna ��t a post piloted about one mile
louthand one mile west id the Link cnoin, on
the Lick Cabin trail, on liiouaklln creek, thence
weit 80 Chalni, thence south HO ehalns, thenee
east 80 Ohfttm, thenee north HO chains, tp the
point of commencement and containing 640
acrea, more or less.
May 1st, iiW7. Oao. A. Upkii.
Nelson land District. Dlatrlot of WwlKootoniiy.
No 7.-Take notice that OlOtge A. Laurie,, of
(���rosion, It  (' Jumberiuan, intundi to ftpply for
aMiecbVi tlmbet Hoe Ma over the following del-
''rnmillenelnir nt a DOIt phmlol ftDOUt one
,.,,,   h.rof.uiillotu an easterly direction   rom
' ��eabii. on nonftklln creek, hence sou.. 40
Jil' n ii,. on ir,o chains, thcuce north 40
.to. thenoe twit LOO ohaini to tho point of
oommenc8n>��nt Mtd wmtalnlng mo acrea, more
wJufclW. oao^A. UPftia
Full Text of Proclamation of Dissolution
���Parliament Failed in  Duty
to  Russia.
Bt Petersburg, June li).���Following 1��
a full text of tho Kniporor's DUUltfesto:
" Nicholas II, by the grace of God,
Emperor of all thu HtiHHiaa, Czar of Poland. Krund duke of Finland, etc., declare to all our faithful subjects that,
lu conformity with our order and Instructions since the dissolution of the
first while Douma, our government has
adopted a series of successive measures
to pacify the country and establiKh the
affairs of stale in regular course.
"The second Douma convened by us
was summoned to contribule according
to our sovereign will, io the pacification
<if Russia, principally by the work of
legislation without which the life of a
slate and tho perfection of its atlmlnls-
Nolaon Land IMntnct.   District ot Went Kootenay.
Notice Ih hereby given tbat thirty days alter
date I, J. P. Swedberg, >>' Nelton, li. C , miner,
intend toappl* to the Hon. the Chief L'ommla
tinner of LuikIh and Works, at Victoria, for a
tneclal licente to cut and carry a*>ay timber
from the following described landi, situated on
Btunmlt Oteek, In the West Kootenay dlitrlct:
No. I ��� ommenclng at a poat marked J. P. S*s
timber limit, iiorthoritit comer poat, located on
welt tork ol Huinmtt creek, about 2 milei from
main creek, theuce running smith 80 chains,
Ihence running west 40 ehatni, thenee running
north 40 chains, thence went 40 chaina, thence
north wo nut inn, thenco running east 40 chaiiin,
theiici'running south 40 chains, thenre etist 40
chains lo plane of oonn^ncetnent,
I laud this 5th day of June, UM7.
J. P. BWSPBSaO. Locator.
N-1. '*!.���Commencing it a pott marked J. F. B'i
tlmoer llinil, n-irlhwest corner Mlt, located on
west fork olminuntt ereea, about two miles from
main creek, thence riliiniug smith HO chains,
tbenee running east 80 chains, theuce running
north 80 chains, thence running weitHO chains
to pla"e of commencement
Dated the 5th dsy of June, 1W7.
J. P. Swidmbu, Locator.
So 1. Notice Is hereby given that DO days
after date I Intend w apply to the Chief Commissioner, of Laud i>ud Works, for a special
license to cut and curry Umber from the follow-
lng deeorlbed landi. situated on the southeast
side of Balmon rh', r in the district of West
Kootenay: Commencing it a post placed about
200 yards west 01 Bon Leaf creek murked "U. M
Reeves's northwest corner," thenve 80 chalm
smith, thence *> chains east, thenee 80 chains
north, thence 80 chains west to place of commence ruent
Located on lhe 11th day of June, 1907.
K M. Raavn, Locator.
No. B, Notice ii hereby given that 30 days
after date 1 intend to apply to the Chief Com-
mlsttoner, of Landi and Works, for a special
license to cut and carry timber from the following described hinds situated on the southeast
-id.' of the Salmon river, in tbe district of West
Kootenay. Commencing at a post placed about
HU yards west of Hose Leal creek, marked "K M.
Kceves's No. 2 southwest corner," theuce 80
chains north, tbenee SO chains east, thence 80
chains south, thenre W chains weit to place of
Located on the 10th day ol June, 1907.
ft. M. HRIVBS, L'ictilnr.
Notice is hcreuy given that 80 dayi alter date I
intend to apply to ibe Honorable the Cniet Com-
mlaslouer of l*umls and Works lor a special
lleen*e lo cut and carry away Umber from the
following described lands In West Kootenay district;
Location N'o. 1.- fominenc'lng at a post planted
on the south bank of Bl icberry creek, about
four tnllei up the cre��k from railway track,
tnence 190 chalm east, tbenee SO Ohtine south,
tbenee 40 chains west, theoce 10 chains north,
thence 80 chalits west, thenee 40 chains north to
point cf commencement*
April 6th, lflOO.
I��c��tioii No. 2.���Commencing at a post planted
at the northwest corner of Locution No 1, thonce
1U0 chains west, theuce HO chHins north, theace
10 chains ea.l, thence 40 chains south, thence SO
chains west, ihence 40 chaius south to point of
April Mh. I'M..
Location No It -Com mcnclng at a post planted
120 chains west of northeast corner of Location
No. 2, theuce 40 chains south, thence 120 chains
east, thenee SO chains north, thenee 40 chalni
west, thenoe �� ehalns south tbenee SO chalm
west to point of commencement.
April nth, I'M,.
Ernest W. Romnbon.
Notlee Is hereby glren that 8X1 days alter date I
Intend f) apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands end Worki, Victoria.
for permission to cut and carry away timber
from the following described landi, in West
Kootenay :
No. L���- nminenclQg at a post planted on the
loutbwest corner of surveyed lot No. 72il 01,
thence east 40 ehalns, IhttttM north 80 chains,
theuce east to the southeast corner of aald lot,
thence north to the northeast corner ol said lot,
thenOI cast to tho west boundary of pro emption
So. 592, thence south to the north boundary of
tint tier licence No. 8518, ihence west along the
said boundary to tho northwest corneJ of said
license, theuce south to the north boundary of
timber llC'tise No. 7018. theuce west to a point
due south of commencement, thenco north to
place of commencement, containing 040 acres,
more or less
Dated May tfth, 1907.
P. A. 1'ai'LeoN, Locator.
J. A. Sr I.I.IVAN, ARent.
No. 2 ���Commenclug at a post planted at the
southwest corner of surveyed lot No. 72*1(41,
thence south to the northern boundary of tlmoer license No, 7018, thence west to tbe nortn-
VMl norm-rot said timber license, thenoe south
to the northern bouudary of lol No. 8iS, thenoe
following said boundary of said lot west to the
right of way of the B. C. Southern Hallway,
theuce following said rlgbt-of way in a northeasterly direction to place ol coiumeucenicut.
Dated Msv '.Villi, 1907.
P. A  Psi'LiON, Locator.
 J. A. Mri.LlVAN. ABflltt,
Notice Is hereby given that 30 nays alter date I
intend to tpply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works, Victoria, for a
special licens ��� to cut and carry away Umber
from the followlug described laud in tho dirtrlet
of West Kootenay:
Commencing nt a post about seven miles from
thu mouth of summit creek, in a westerly direction, marked U. M* Benny's northeast corner
post, ihcii-' 80 ehalns wesl, thenco 40 chains
south, thenee 40chains west, thonce 40 ehalns
smith, thonce 80 chains east, theuce 4o chaius
north, thence 40 chains east, Ihence 40 chalni
north to point of commencement.
Located May 7lh, 1907.
u. M benny, Locator,
AHQtia Quanta, Agent.
Notice is hereby slven that thirty days alter
ate 1 Intend to apply to tho Honorable tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, for
fermissliin to cut anil carry away limbor from
he following descrthod lands: Commencing at
t poit marked No, 1,B. Kloux, and planted at
tbe northeast corner of Lot WI88 0. P H, block,
near the west fork of Kettle river, Vale district,
B.C., thonce running ho chains east, 80chains
south. 80 chaint west, 80 chains north to point of
Dated April 27th. 1907.
No. 2,���Commencing Bt the nnrtheari corner of
No. 1, thenco running east 80 chains, thence
smith SO chains, thenco west ho chalm., tbenee
north HO chains to point ol commencement.
Dated April 27,1907.
No. :i.-- Commencing at a point about oao halt
mile weit of the northeast corner of C P. It.
Itlock No, i)6S8, thence running north 80 chains,
theticn weit 80 chains, Ihence south 80 chains,
thenee east 811 chains to point of commencement.
Dated April 29th, 1907.
No 4,���Commencing at the northeast corner
nf No 8, tbenee rnniiiiin north 80 chains, theuce
west 80 chalni, thenco south SO chains, ti.onee
east 80 chains to point of commoncomout.
Dated April 29th, 1907
No f),���Commencing at n post planted north of
Conkling creek, ucar west line of c, P. H. Block
No. 2704, theuce running west 80 chains, thence
south 80 chslns, thence cast 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to point of com me a cement.
Dated Hay lit, 1W7. K. Kiopi, Locator,
tratlon Is Impossible, next by an examination of the budget of revenue and expenditure which HHsim-h regularity In
national flnancett, and finally by the national use of thu right of addressing Interpellations to the government with a
view to establishing everywhere truth
and Justice.
"Entrusting these tasks to the elected
representatives, the nation placed upon
them by that trust a heavy responsibility
and It was their sacred duty to use their
rights in wise labor for Ihe welfare and
the strengthening of the Russian state.
Such were our ideas and desires when
we gave to the nation new principles
for the life of the state.
"To our sorrow a considerable section of the second Douma failed to justify our expectations, it was not with
the will or desire to strengthen Russia
and protect her new administration that
many of the delegates of the nation set
to work, but with a manifest tendency
to augment, her troubles and assist ln
the disruption of the Btate.
"As a consoquene of the activity during these periods of the Douma, which
constituted an insurmountable obstacle
to fruitful labor, a hostile spirit was*in-
tinduced Into the Douma itself which
prevented the union of a sufficient number of Its members desirous of working
for the interests of the country. For
this reason the Douma either failed to
discuss Important measures that were
drawn up by her government, or delayed their discussion, or else rejected
them, not even recoiling from the rejection of laws which punished the open
support of crimes, and particularly the
disseminators of trouble, having evaded
condemnation for assassination and acts
of violence.
"The Douma did not lend Hh moral
support to the government in the restoration of order, ami Russia continues
to suffer the shame of an epoch of
crimes and disorders.
"The examination of the budget created an obstacle to the timely satisfaction of many of the vital needs of the
people. The right of interpellation was
transformed as a means of fighting
against the government and exciting distrust toward it among large classes of
the people.
"Lastly, an act was committed unheard of In the annals of history. Tbe
judicial authorities discovered a plot by
a section of the Douma against the state
and power of the Czar, but when our
government demanded the exclusion,
until judgment had been passed, of 66
members of the Douma Implicated in
the crime, and the arrest of those among
them most compromised, the Douma
failed to carry out immediately the lawful demand of the authorities, which admitted of no delay.
"AU this compelled us by ukase to the
senate to dissolve the second Douma,
fixing September 14th as the date for
the convocation of the new Douma, believing, however, in the patriotism and
national spirit of our nation.
"We find the cause of failure on two
occasions of activity in the Douma in
the fact that owing to the work and imperfection of the electoral law, the
legislative institution was composed of
numbers who were not truly represen-
lives of the needs aud desires of the
people, consequently, while leaving tn
force all the rights granted our subjects by manifesto of October 30, 1905,
and the fundamental laws, we have decided to modify the procedure of choosing elective representatives of the people to the/duma in order that each section of people may have Its own representatives.
"The duma was summoned to
strengthen the Russian state, and ought
to be Russian in spirit. Other nationalities forming part of the empire ought
to have representatives of their needs
In the duma, but they ought not to appear, and shall not appear in such number as will make It possible for them
to be arbitrators on questions which are
purely Russian.
"Within the confines of the state,
where people have not attained sufficient civic development the elections to
the duma must be temporarily suspended.
"All these electoral modifications
could pot have been introduced in the
customary legislative way by the duma,
whose composition Is recognized by us
to be unsatisfactory by reason of imperfection to procedure for election of
members of the duma. It Is only to the
power which gave the first electoral law
���the historic power of the czar���that
the right of abrogating that law and replacing ft by a new law belongs. God
has given us the power of the czar over
our people, it Is before his throne we
shall answer for the destines of the Russian state. Believing this, we have
made firm resolution to carry on to lhe
very end the great work begun by us of
reformation of Russia. We give Russia
a new electoral law and order Its promulgation In the senate. To our faithful subjects we look for united and vigorous service In the direction indicated
by us for lhe country, whose sons have
been In all times the firm support of its
strength, its greatness and its glory.
"Given at Peterhof.
(Signed) "NICHOLAS."
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
Nelson, B. C��� June 10th, 1907.
BK.\Llt.> TKNUKK8 will be received by the
Government Aeent, ��t Mclmn, B.C., until noon
June 90th.   1907, tor auppltee of meat, brand,
Sr't'erH's, hardware, boom and shoes, duthlng,
ryeooai, fuel, and drugs, for the ProTlucial
Unol, et Nelion, H. C , for one year from July
1st, mi, to Jnne 80th, lwus
Forms ol tender can be bad, and samples of
clothing and dry goods seen at It In? Provincial
0*01, Nelson, B.C.
Tne lowest or any tender not neecsisrlly accepted.
Government Agent,
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. O,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Lane aad Comfortable Bedroom, and First*
olaaaDlDin* Koom. tsample Booms (or Commercial lf��n.
MRU. E. C.CLAKKE, Proprietress
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ER1CKSON, Proprietor
Telephone. 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postofflcc. Nelson. B. C.
Tfernont House
European and America* Plan   *
Meals I* eta.  Rooasa from �� eta. to fl.
Only White Help Employed.
Baiter St., Nelaon Proprietors
Battlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day Hottse in Nelson.
The Ber is the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt
Royal Hotel
Bate* fl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Bate* to Regular Boarder*.
Most comfortable quarters ln Nelson
Only the best of Liquors and cigars.
A* McDonald& Co*
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Batter. Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to the anderslened, et bis
oillce, in the Court House,-in the City of Nelson,
will be received up to the hour of live o'clock,
ln the afternoon, ol Friday, June *Mth, 1007, for
tbepuichase ol the "Temarac Mineral Claim,"
Lot38U2, Group l, Kootenay district, which is
declared to be forfeited to the Crown, at the tax
sale, held ln tbe city of Nelson, on tho 6th day of
November, 1906, for delinquent taxes up till
Jnne 3-th. 1906, and costs.
The unset price upon the saM mineral claim,
which lm link's tbe amount of (.���Miiuiuent taxes
and costs at the tliue of for.'el'ure, with Interest,
taxes which have siu?e acciued, costs of advertising, and fee for Crown Urant (fc!.voo) U |i*.iw,
which Is tbe least amount that will be considered as a tender.
Kach tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for lhe full amount ol the tender,
payable tu the order of the Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works, at Victoria, 11. C, at par.
ill ..inula niiii   iiuiai.it  > ii.ii'i in, u, u,, ��*,���, ma,,-.
Dated at Nelson, B. C., this 'J.'tli day of May,
Government Agent. Nelson, B.C.
Notice Is hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company has applied to His Honor tbe
Lieutenant Governor in council, under the provisions of the "Rivers aud Streams Aot," tor the
rlLbt to improve Rykcrta creek, in tho district of
West Kootenay. British Columbia, by removing
tbe obstructlout therefrom and straightening
tho banks thereof, and to construct daniK, booms,
slides und chutes, and makesuob other improve-
mentxasmay be necessary for the drlvlugand
rafting of lots and the ii umlng ol timber t licruon
The lauds to be affected are go vermeil t lands und
Lots 261 and ivj, Group 1, Kootenay district, and
the tolls that are.proposed to be charged. If any,
are su��h as nmy be tl xod by a JudgI ol the county
court ul West Kootenay.
Dated this '.17th day of March, A, D. 1907.
In the matter of tin application for the issue of
a duplicate of the Certificates of Title for Lots 11
and ri, Block it, Town of Sllverton (Map 674);
tbe south \i ol Lot 8, Bloek 6, Town of New Den-
vcr~~atid Lot 1, Bloek li and lot B, block :��,
McGHIivray's Addition to New Denver (Map 667);
Notice I* hereby given that it is my Intention
to issue at tha expiration ot one month from the
tbe first publication hereof duplicates of the
Certificate1, of Title to the above described lands
in the name of Henry Sberan and Harry She run,
which Certificates arc dated the 17th itine, 1HW,
the ��tb of October, 1894, the iSrd July, 1896, and
the 19th January, 189tf, respectively, and are
numbered 2031K, 10��7A,783C and 88KK, respectively
H. P. MicLKOU,
District Registrar
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B C
In the metier ot an application tor tbe Issue of
a duplicate ol the rerlltlcate of Title lor Lot.
1C and 17, Block 20, Town of Nelson.
Notice Is hereby alven that It Is my iutentlon
to Issue at tlio expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of Ih. Certiorate ol Title for the above Lots ln the name of
Frances a'. Hay which Certificate Is dated the
loth Heiilcmber, lavs, and numbered HSOU..
Und Keilstry Office, Nelson, B.C., 16th June,
1907. H. F. auction,
District lagUinr.
We have five desirable residences for sale. Call and make
us an offer for all or any of these
properties. ^
Brydges. Blakemore & Cameron* Ltd*
3 Improved Ranches Fo* Sale
On Kootenay Outlet, between Nelsoa and
Procter.  Choice locations.  For particulars
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Actes
of the
Choicest Pratt I sans ta
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C. j
We Have For Sale One of the Prettiest Homes ��a
���' '���    ' ���������mi      1   ���������������.���������*������~���mm���mm���mammm���mm������1���mm���-ma~���^
Nelson, Sitwated to Falrvif w, Close to tte Car Line
Largs 7-room houn. Ston* feundatlsn ind flrat-clia* oallar. Complete water ayatem. 10 lot* under cultivation and planted in larg*, bearing fruit tree*.   Thi* I* a snap.   For particular* apply to
SlTtt        D_���   D _.*v    Wh*n you can **cur* a good horn* at a *���
Tl uy    Jray   I\*S0t Reaaonabl* coit, on good terme   ��T
Well built 11-room houee, Carbonate StrMt, 15,850, half caah, balance) mortgage, 7 par cent.
Five-room hou**, Ronton at., $1,700  half caih, balance on* and two yeara.
Six-room houee, Carbonate St., S3.300, half caah, balance mortgage.
Four-room houte, Silica St., 11,500, half each, balance 120 monthly.
Six-room hou**, Josephine St., $2,500; $1,000 caah, balance 135 monthly.
Kooteaay Land & Investment Co*
Phone* ,47.       P.O.Box 44a
Something for th* practical man,
Juat Investigate!���That le All we
ask of you; and you owe that much
to youraelf.
Kootenay Orchard
Notlee Is hereby five* tbat thirty dan altar
date 1 Inter, * to apply to the Board ol Lloenoe
Commissioners lor the Ymlr district for a trnia-
(er of tbe licence held by me for the Fort *hep-
pard hotel to F. Adie.
(Mined) A M.Saiaua.
Waucta, B. C, May let. Bin.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52.50
To Wtan.pt��. Port Arthur.
Chicago SS4JM Montreal M4.00
Toronto S7SS0 St. John SMS0
St. Louie IW.00 Ottawa W2.55
N.w York 1100.00 Boston 1*5.50
Halifax S101S0
On Sale Jsly 3.4.5,  AsrutS,*, 10.
September II, 12.13.
First Class Rocmd Trip, 90
Dsyi Limit.
Correapondtng reduction* from all
Kootenay point*. Ticket* available tor
lake route Including meal* and bertha
on lake steamer*. Through rate* quoted
to any station tn Ontario, Quebeo or
Maritime province* on application.
A.Q.P.A..VanoooTer. D. P. A.. Hetso*
nm s ii  s��B��r***��**a��****��
w. a. oiui^ett
Oontrvator end
Bole .gent lor th. Porto Moo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yard.. Rough and draseed lumber, iisrnea
work and brackets, Cowl **tk aid ahingiee, sash
and doors. Count, brick awl Has. for ail*.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Hi., eaat ol Hall
NBUeON, B.6.
f. O. Boim M**a*a*��*
���      ,:
; ��� ���'
''A I
! *,'
i t
The Daily Canadian
Iffcf    "3    FVw   ot  " e  ^'��n-v  Attractive Articfca
IUM    *��    1 CW '.rare Showing 7h:s Mcsth
^      LOCAL AM) GSERAL     }      SAUCES
C:=.   '���:   SETS 	
5 _ . E =   5 i * E  as-^ES
SVALL  5  L . E -   r E - '���   r '
     ��-: x
�������� x ��� -: s    :���:
*: - -3: ; re:;rat t-   ���*:- ii X
~. .    ::_  .   -     :.-��� :.     ���--   r   ���������
_     -- -     ���    :     .It       ���-   ��� -    :���-
.:   :-t  >Ti.-
gad a M. Br-   -
g frees a ri*i: to
- - -     :.tLj    - ���
oa their tr.p. bat
Gillard's Sauce
25c and 45c
Fresh and Salted Meats
Watchmaker aai Optician
Our Stock is Complete
He-t are '.mz ��-:��:  Sttz a s:
25  31b.   EARS   HOMESTEAD   V-5Z
72 BARS GOLOEN WEST ��=- 12.75
Bell Trading Co.
So^ialaAt    Part>    -
:   -;  t.  ���   .    r       I I   I -���
The Strathcona
~"  '*���'"���r"   "
-" : ��.5
Si*  Sva��. re -r-.e*.
u-i. rriwbenie*  art-  bfgitnina; lo
a Use rnara>: todaj.   J. A
''ipai cite Sunflower
nack as  t-MBe PoiSL     Ther are ex-
-   - ���:  .-_   : .i  ���      *::  ;^'   ; .:-:. :  :
:.  :-    :. ,   ������.-.:
?1    -r   -I.        V!
rk; V. ��
La:~csve V, ���-  ,i-a..f
TJ>? s,c-t* <n remittee of lie Dominion Day ceoeirarjoo tUTe bees fortunate
eK^sS io arrange witi tie Vanconver
iairosse testm for two gajse* to be
plareal during tbe cerebration. A game
; -.-"e-d eacfc afternoon ind
-;-:: I.~ i ir-  p&.: a:irac-joa.
"-;   V:: -   ~*-\   r- ;
tr.p   on   Tnarsdar   evening.   Arrange-
:;.-  tk;::;;:
imnRt) ASD GEATnM, t��r*;-.:.T *-.".��(!
lis- i;t^r
haist nuxaja
Htm ��� Klski Hotel.
Old Curiosity Shop
If rou wan: to tray or sell anything,
go to tbe Old Curiosiry Shop. A aew
Hue o? Japanese Grodg now on sale.
All Und* o.' Dinneraare ln stock. Pattern*.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easv Terms.
Gor. Vernon and Ward  Street.*,
win wmsj   b. c.
J. FEED HUitE. Proprietor.
Mrs. H Dion. Paj-.oa Valley: J L.
P^rise. Salt Lake: .' F P^itb. Pkartaaa-
ia Prairie; S. S. Arnold. Toronto: F. E.
Veraon. Mrs. Whiteside. Vancouver; C.
H. Ha: .J ��~i:-..:. G R. Thompson.
Cascade: P. J. Gleaier. R. Clarkson.
Ymir: W. J McMillaa, St. Paul.
J. Edr-Jjcson. Procer: O. H. Hurden.
Cra*-furi Flay; c. X McLeod, M Barn-
ban. Winnipeg; H. Soott and wife Halifax: P. A. Bell, Fernie: H. A. Simons.
C. Ratacell, Calgary: F. H. Hales. G.
Turner and wife. Cranbrook; C. Gooch.
Grand Forks; W. Williams and wife.
J. Wright. B Cresswell. Argenta; J.
Xlcbol, Kocb Siding: J. Cbism. Poplar.
J    L    Butterwonh.   Cranbrook;    A.
Gray.   North   Dakota:   J.   Smallwood.
Beaslr; J Johnston. Shields.
H. Darts. F. Pitts. Slocan: W. L. Wii-
liams. Krebs: J. Boyd and wife. Trail:
A Hoodie. Jaffray: J. Quinn. 13-Mile;
W. McDnnald, Arrowhead; B. M. Hut-
t; n. Ronser.
T. S. Grant. Bonning-on: J. R. Mi'ls,
Kaso:  F. Monly. Spokane.
H. L Croadsdaile & & Anothef   Snap I
Next Door to Bank of Commerce. *
All Kinds of Heating Plants in Stock
Victoria 8t, Nr. Oner* House.      Tel. 181.
FINE 6-R00M HOUSE, all furnished
neatty. electric light and city water. Two
gocd lots. level. 15 fruit trees, splendid
garden and lawn. Large shed for chickens. $3C0 cash, balance $1300.at *25 per
month. 6 per cent.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boa: ?,z\i-i*n w.:. find .t to their ai-
Tsnt��ir*' to u*- '.ur Pfta r.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Mm lag
B. C.
���saasavaa ;eb work. Chimnt, 8*ee;-
t��>3. Carpet C'ean.rg, F.xjftg ��na Clearv
l*��3 Sv. ':   etc.
If Ear! Ba.f' Bt. P*-one No. A1U
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
F. C GKIEJ      F. P. BCKDES      A. H. OKIES
Gri! ��-jitecrs. Dominion ini British
G)!ambia Land SmrtTors
P.O. hi It:   Pboo. }(1 B
roCM Ha�� ��t-ji Tsr,. I .-.   Ka
r-    I   l*r~I-.r.   W.ou    W-rs   I.-3
Hear: H-apitai. Gre.evoo4.
HoC'EUErUlU KnoMS. or Hm.ll f3rnUh��d
Hou.    V. W . Daily c.aadlan.
IWtl ^MART BOV*-i*UadT *ork; foo-! ��s*tt
A;^1t v^��rr,r OC^e	
' oo��-Ho:.;.,
W.itnsss tS; stooce. Fhou.
folatxoaut   Bikes SituU
; nro riWT-tj^avise koon itMm tt*i*a   ad-
Mt hna��*jiie*i*r. Ird tAt, K. VV. C. block.
I   3RA��  CORSET, Two Slj.aki b ��d ��, Wltfa
j     f.iwe.    For Pnc��, Applr U. J. h. Box UM,
: BOOM**. HOCSH. *- :ou *1tk bnrisr *����
:��������**, "-..^rv*:'.*,! Strwt, 2 dooti froa ifrxit��?a-
���T. rent fU no per mr,ti:t. T��o oood K*v>mf
��� lv>r��. n^r r*flr��, Jott the pl���� .orr-lD����. n-ni
US �� p��t mtotb. Tore ���! Co., B*ke; i*ire*t,
itljon.B C.
Giin.   .-
The Silent Watch.'
A: :i.-= c iv--:.;:.:. :' ti* \- :;n iodgt
N'o 25, Kjugb's of Prthias, held last
evenini;. Bro. Dr. Samoel Pete.-sJKy was
el-rcted UBaaimo-islj" to tie office of
outer guard. This office was anavoid-
ably left orer from last meeting. In
acorjUng the positioa Dr. Peteraky
3;atird .hat he considered it a. grea:
honor to be O. G. of this lodge and
order." t'Lder the revised rules
from the supreme iodge K. of P.. the
brother holding this office must be thoroughly efficient.
McLain. the Outlaw.
Thr> have an outlaw bver in the
Okanagan and his name is McLain. He
ii only 27 years old. and he conies of a
family that distinguished themselves for
���awlessness and murder a few years ago
in british Columbia. His father and an
uncle both suffered the death penalty
a =eore of years ago for murder near
Kan^oops. This fellow is strong and it
is said that in every way he bears out
the meanness thar is portrayed in his
face. Already he has nine murders to
his account. He served time in Walla
Walla, and at the expiration of his nine
years' sentence last September, he was
me; at the gates by two deputies fnun
Concully and was arrested on a charge
of horse stealing. He evidently suceed-
ed in evading the charge. He has
served three terms in the penitentiaries
o* Idaho and Washington. There is not
a person who does not shudder at the
very mention of McLain's name, as it
is a known fact that he thinks as little
of murderine a human being as he does
of killing a fly. In 1904 he killed Judge
aad Mrs. Lewis at Almyra. Wssh.. and
the year after he murdered "Broncho."
one of the wealthiest Indians in Idaho.
In Montana he is wanted for train robbery-, having held up a passenger train
near Bear mountain and succeeded in
getting away with a quantity of booty.
In British Columbia he is wanted by the
authorities for a dual murder committed
across the border.
Committed for Trial.
Ottawa. June Hi���-Today John Boyd
was formally committed for trial ou the
changes of murdering Ed Wlndle last
Tbe Store of Quality
Hade onlr by the Maple Tree Producer.' Association. Wa-erloo. Quebec.
Cauups tsqajabtd oa a*sarK*l asmc
lowoR i*��> X.Miser b�� Ires.
N     ;;'�� do* as good as Lea *  Per-
rtn's. btst oo.j cate-hal! the price.
C A. Benedict
Comer Silica aaal JoseplLBe St*.
PMO.XE   7
.tost Card
'ong .ocked for Albums have
���ft Our full stock wont
11 the fall, but those to hand
f a good assortment, and by
ia early selection you will have
ange :o choose from.
Albumi to  hold 200 cards. 40c.   50c.
and 75c
Albums to hcid ZOO cards. 90c. Ji.25.
|:.75 aid ��1.90.
Albums    to    hold    400   cards.    $7.50.
Albums    to    ho!d    500    cards,   $1.75.
E. C. TRAVES    Manair��.
S   I'ashtonrti
And no more  can   be  imported   into  Canada  after At
  *JguBt i|>_
The Americanized Encyclopedia grittam
In Ten Volumes
jET^al_Cerine p.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y,
COR   BAKER  and  WARD.        Phone 81
For Sale
50 ft. Ccrrer.   Houst:-   s^d v*a^d, $3'5 i
50 ft. and Cat -.  H -    'iar park. $275 ,
Residence���Centra'iy !-cated. nar station: ix ^;tj ard bat1., electnc
lig^t. *a'.tr, tAmmr.
Also t-s -ess crope-t/. factory s tes.
etc et:.
For a Stylish Suitl
P.zCt to Fit tbe Figure and Keep It* Sbarj* Kot Onlr the Pint
Wee*  Too Wear It. But All th* Time      G*t   It  JUd.br
TiTLi'K & McytiRKiE, the Keljat.!.- Tailor*, of Kootenay.
Arsc'jte   satisfaction   guaranteed    or   money   refundtl.
High Class Tailors, Baker St.. Nelson, ftC
Stimmer Clothing	
All Sizes.
$7.50 to $10
W. G. Thomson
SSSSSS" "*  Nelson, B. C.
1'honf 34*
West Baker St'Mt NELSON. B. C.
-:i.s.;-. |
Jan>t��� T Martifl, l^fesvoa*. is registered
at tit Hotel Alan, Rotilmd.
Mrs. Hal!, wife of b: Hail, It L. A..
aas returoed from a mit to the Coajt.
Paul S. Couldrey, of the Le Rol N'o I
company, came over from Rossiand last
Wm. Henderson, Dominion resident
architect, went over to Rossland y��-
E. S. H. Winn, law partner of J. A.
Macdonald. K. C . of R'iss:and. arrired
in the city las: nighL
Fred    Sfluire.   a   delegate   to   the
I. O. O. F. grand lodge at Vancouver, re-
u.-ned home las: evening.
Charles Keiley came over from Spo-
iane last eveniT-.f His brother. Harry.
wiJ arrive tonight on the midnight
W. E. Zwjciey arrived from Kaslo
last night and is at the Strathcona today. He reports nothing new at either
the Rambler-Cariboo or Krao.
Piano and Singing Lesions  SpHng   IS   Here
Given b)   Mr*.  W.rter  E.e-/ Saturday
Mrr. WWer holds certificate from
Royai Acttsterxy for pianoforte playinir
and aiuging. OrttBcaie from TriLi;>
Coliege. London. J->g.. for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conser.
Tatolre of Music for smgtng and piano
playing Address Bo." 7��6, Nelson.
A M. Can Sec. C. E
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Box 134
Baker St, NELSON, B. C.
Will Pern-it  No Obligation  Contrary to
Duty���Defence  Fund.
Denver. June lit.���Among a number of
resolutions confirmed at the convention
of miners today was one for a general
assessment of I- on each member for
the defence fund for Moyer. Haywood
and Pettibone. Another resolution
amends the constitution by stating
that uere shall be no obligations which
shall be contrary to a member's duty
lo his God. his country, or bis fellow,
_ 160 Acre pre-emption. 2 acres cleared.
H trees and some small fruits planted
| A S-room dwelling, house* and  ?'.���:-
; for 40m chickens $35,) *>.;..
A pre-emption on Beaver Creek
1 Little Slocan | |f
Baker St. Nelson.
Ontarc P oneer Dead.
Plcton. June 19.���John Pymer. of
Bloomfleld. the olde�� resident of Prince
Edward county, died la*t night in bis
104th ye��r He was born In London,
Edf. in April. 1844, and came to Can
ada In the early SO'a and performed
military duty at the battle of the Wind
mill near Pre*cotL His occupation was
that of a farmer and for a number of
years be was a resident of Rose Hill
but subsequently waa employed on a
farm in the Burr settlement, township
of Haliowell. He raised a family of IS
children.   His wife died Is years ago.
Fresh  Local
Telephone 161.
Empress Signaled.
Cape Rare. Jnne 19���The steamer
Empress of Britain, from Liverpool for
Quebec, was In wireless communication
with the Marconi sta'lon here when 15"
miles east of this point at t:M
June ISth
Shipment just opened up and guaranteed the best ever brought into Nelson.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
I The
1 Slater'
I Shoe Is
We have just received
a consignment of the
for which we are sole
agents for this city.
Ever try a pair? '
"The Royal"
We have prepared for this season by passing into s: -��;k all
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder   Spades,!
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Foiks, Tree Praters,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to lette- crder*.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwarj
Company, Limited.
B.   A.   ISAAC
R.  W.   HINTON '
Repairing an J Johhlns ccuttsl *. ith [)..tvntch.   Sh.*l *,-*l
Work, Mini,,, end Mill >tat hlner,.      Mnnulacl ur��ra ol   ���
OrT.  Car.,   U.   *y.   Cutitrutiirs'   Car..
.NELSON,    B. C.
Spring Stock lust Opened Uplj
Carload Linoleum* und Carpet**
From Cil(i��ii<,\\ , Swiitluml.
Beat QuulitiuM at Low I'riccn.
Standard Furniture Company!
Compktc HcmM Fwnul��n
Underukcrs.    EaUtf
and dealers ln Lumber, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turn*Kl Work HnO lirnckets.
Vail Onier* aMBftsI ��*>
rim strr**. h. e.
Summer Necessities
LAWN M0��E����
Door and Window Screens
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., m
UV>.,> 1\JS*I    alOV aW


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