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The Daily Canadian Jun 22, 1907

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 I.UMK 2.    NO.   17.
bin's Professions for
ioluiion of Douma Followed by
5lcr:i   Measures   to  Check
Action of Reformers.
I Pi'lcralKii'K, Juno  22.���Tho bIiiiiiI-
_n< appcurnnce of Uio Hague Con-
aud tlio disappearance  ol  tho
aro two facta which the Czar's
! al Peterhof think all the world
xignlze as being perfectly oar-
;.   They are BUre that all the
Itru-x assembled   at   tbe Czar's In-
oa lo advance the cau.se of pouce-
ruiiress will agree with thmo Uial
ij national assembly, even though
el by a viust majority of the uoo-
Ifleairc to Interfere  with  ihe Sevan's  autucratlc  prerogative, 11  not
iii Its till consideration Irom the
congress, which lhe Czar's re-
atatlve* opened,  but  that  its ob-
enable members should bo deprived
those chivalrous,   humanitarian
leuions, which Count Nelidoff said
a  Hague it   was  the  Ideal  of  his
11 10 give lo combalauts through-
le world.
ti  i*  tho  view of  tho   men  who
again seized hold ot the Russian
inn. nt.   They are willing that lhe
.11 large should  talk generalities
International peace, but tor true
tin- iii-Ht rule of orthodoxy Is
puasata 11 nib and suppress errors.
^llcallon uf this rule to destroy
Hiu rcint Ui,- Czar'a autocratic will.
value of this open declaration
clears the air.
Be .election ot the preBent date for
lluiiuu aaa t>robably right from the
ol  view of  the  Clerical  Absolu-
Although they have uo real Inl
|ik among ibe nations outBlde  the
ul    govcrnmant>paid    employees
itlvocatea   lu  tho   forelgu   presB
convinced them that the world at
regard tbe   Hndlcal  majority   in
JJoiuna as a band of unarchlats.
|e emissary  whom the Czar chose
ruuinl Europe lo issue the lnvila-
1 to the preseni Hague Conference,
Maartene,  wrote   on   hlfl   return,
' an audience with bis master, tbat
lad often   been   asked  abroad  his
|on on the Douma.    He could not
ir them, but he was now permitted
it was a dangerous body, lncap-
|of useful work, and agitating for a
Ititiuii. and that It ought to be dts-
f\.   That was two months ago.
number of recruits  which   this
rom  the sovereign   has   secured
|g the bureaucracy of all sorts Is
fr bj Count Witte's energetic volte
His oration  against Introducing
nil elt ment in the Czar's noiuln-
enato summarizes the argumentB
I the old guard In Russia.    He Bald
tli-   power of the government ln
{when in' was premier, wbb very
and could afford  lo engage In
|sk of reform, but now It was weak
It would be a dangerous thing If
Tislims were made.
.hole country  Is ln a ferment.
���hole youth of Russia believes It-
���tilled upon to  reform  the  State,
Spends nil |tfl time In  politics to
scl  of  the. productive   life of
puutry.    Measures mtiBt be tnken
i��l the Increasing ruin Of Russia
I ihe revolution Is Inflicting.    The
|r�� of the starving arc Increasing
I'lllon*.    Illoodshed   Ib chronic In
Mh. ns.    Therefore the Council of
p"i|ilre has more Important  work
"iislilerlng the reform of tho lm-
I��lly. Count Wltte declared himself
pi in favor of his old enemy and
M.  Durnovo,  who has  been
tiling power ln tho political police
tiiHtrntlon for twenty years of re-
'"11.    Thus all  schools of official-
jliave closed ranks ugalnst tho com-
eniy, the Douma, which the snme
tldom, In tho panic of the general
after the Japanese war, conjured
I the secret hope that it would soon
fade Impotent.
*"s  Invited  to  Guess   Number  of
Dominion Day Visitors.
1 20.000 Club has decided to con-
a KiieKsIng contest In connection
I the Dominion Day celebration. Its
J object , of course, Is to rnlse revc-
|for tho club, but It Is alBO calucti-
1 to roiiBo nubile Interest In attract'
[visitors to the city, which Is after
li" chief advantage  derived   from
��� celebrations.
I? subject and conditions of the con-
��� aio as followa:
���Competitors must purchase a post
curd entitling ihem to participate���
I't'lcc 25 cents.
2. Prizes will be given for the nearest
guess as to lhe number of persons visiting Nelson on Sunday, Monday and
Itiesday, June :10th to July 2nd, 1907.
���'I. Mrst prize, 25 pur cent, of proceeds; second prize, U> per cent.; third
prize. 111 pSr ,.,,���, pr|ze�� may be selected by winners at any retail store In
���I. The IlgureB as to numbers of visitors shall be those given by the C P. R
otllclals and the (i. N. R. officials as
those for passenger* arriving In Nelson
by steamers and trains on June 30th-
JulySnd Inclusive. Persons entering
Nelson by road or small bout not to be
taken into account
6. Post cards duly filled In must be
posted to the secretary of the 20,000
Club not later than Saturday night,
June 29th, or win be disqualified
li. The decision of the entertainment
committee of the 20.000 Club shall be
Voting cardK may he purchased al the
principal hotels, cigar shops and barber
U. S. Senator Dead.
Leavenworth, Kans., Juno 22.���Former United Slates Senator tlaker died
today: he was born In Fulton county,
Ohio, ln 1846, and served ln the United
States senate from 1895 to 1901 as a
Republican. He was wounded in a fight
with D, R. Anthony and never fully recovered from the wound.
Provincial   Fair   Directors   Will   Send
Best District Exhibits to Winnipeg Exposition.
The directors of the provincial exhibition at New Westminister aro repeating Uie offer they made last year to encourage district exhibits aud are adding
sume new und Important features.
Capt McMorrls, secretary of tho Nelson fair, has received a circular which
cuntains   the   following  statement:
To Induce dlBtrlct or agricultural so-
cllies lu the different portions of tho
province exhibiting, the directors, desiring to asslBi tbe different localities In
advertising tbelr agricultural capabilities, have endeavored lo be as liberal as
possible with their prizes, and trust the
districts or societies will take advantage of these offers to UBe every endeavor to make creditable exhibits, as
Ibey have done In the past
Tho society will provide cars to send
to Manitoba und tho Northwest, the district exhibits taking the first und second
prizes al this year's exhibition, paying
all expenses of transportation for two
men representing each dlBtrlct, to disseminate information. This Is done for
the purpose of advertising what tbe
province of liritisli Columbia can do In
the way of argrlculture aud horticulture, und should be tbe means of the
different districts of tho province making a special effort to capture the liist
and second places.
The management of the R. A. & I.
society are of tho opinion that there is
no better or more economical manner
la which to make a collective exhibit
illustrative of what the particular localities of the province can produce,
aad trust the different ilisirleis or agricultural societies will assist them In
their efforts.
For the best district or agricultural
society exhibits of fruit, grain, grasses,
dairy products, roots and vegetables;
the products to be grown within tlio districts entering the same for compettl-
First prize, 1500 (carrying Challenge
Shield, presented by Sir Thomas Dewar,
with diplomas). This shield Is In perpetuity, and will have engraved ench
year, the district ranking first in this
Second prize, $400, with gold medal
and diploma.
Third prize, $300, with silver medal
and  diploma.
Fourth prize, $260, with bronze medal
and diploma.
An allowance of $200 for expenses Is
offered for all district exhibits which
do not win a prize.
Resolutions of Condolence.
At n meeting of the l.lbornl-Conaerva-
tlvo Association held Inst evening, the
Becretary was Instructed to forward to
Mrs. James A. Kelloy tlie following
resolution of condolence:
"Whereas, Is Iibb plenBed Providence
to remove from our midst our faithful
and devoted friend, Mr. J. A. Kelley,
we. Ihe executive committee of the Nelaon Llbernl-CdnBerviitlvo Association,
In mooting assembled, hereby extond to
the widow and family ot tho late departed, our heartfelt sympathy In their bo-
roavoment, nnd to express our sincere
sorrow with thorn in tho irrepa ruble
loss sustained; nnd further, to express
the hope that the Divine Ruler will nf-
ford sufficient grace tu comfort and sustain thorn In their time or affliction."
Passenger Rates Reduced.
Chicago, Juno 22.���The Inter-Ocean
today paya: "PasBongcr rules on all railways of the United States will bo reduced to two cents n mile. The lowering of the prlco and complete abolition
of the old three-cent rales will begin
on July 1st."
Fistt Cbnts a Month
Portugal Roused at Rule
by Decree
Tour of Premier Lads to Fierce
Fighting in Streets and
Worse Is Feared.
New York, June 22.���A despatch from
the Times today says that despatches
received there last night from Libson
by way of Madrid report that popular
hatred of the system of government by
decree Instituted by Premier France
after tho dismissal of parliament In the
beginning of May has had as Its outcome In barricade fighting between the
troops and the people, and much bloodshed. The premier made a Journey
from the capital to Oporto in the hope
of obtaining po| .ilar endorsement of his
policy, but at every station between
Lisbon and Opouo crowds hissed and
hooted the train as 11 passed. O|��rto
received the premier with crepe banners lu pine., of flags and Insults Instead of hoped for cheers. When the
dictator returned to Lisbon there was
a furious riot outside the railway stay
tlon. Cavalry charged the mob and infantry fired Into It. The officers' commands were drowned by cries of "Death
to the dictator." Revolvers were freely
used hy Uie crowd und a young officer
was mortally wounded. A neighboring
square was filled with killed aud wounded, laid out In rows. The principal
fighting occurred under the windows of
the Hotel Dux Angle. Several English
visitors witnessed the struggle. It Is
said that the people fought for hours
with sticks and stones against the soldiers who fired volleys. Women with
their aprons lilted with slimes supplied
missiles lo the men and urged them on.
Republican leaders harangued the pen
pie to revolt. Ilnrrlcadcs were built and
the cafes were Invaded, the mob breaking up furniture for their extemiiore
fortifications. The chief Lisbon cafe
was completely destroyed. The mob
fought with great fury, undismayed by
the volleys of the troops. Thursday was
a day of mourning for the dead. All
the newspapers appeared with deep,
black borders, and on business offices
and private houses flags were flown at
half mast and windows were draped
with crepe. Last night the troops were
nagln firing on the people In the public
squares. Most serious events are expected. The spirit of revolt Ib widespread.    The  censorship   Is strict.
Story of Lat* A. J. Mark* Told Before
Supreme Court.
The case of Annie J. Marks vs. Susan
E. Marks was heard ln the supreme
court on Tuesday before Justices Irving,
Martin and Morrison. A. J. Marks, over
whose will the suit arose, was for years
a resident of Nelson, and waB well
known ln thlB city, which he frequently
visited during the last seven or eight
years of his life. This was an appeal
from tho judgment of Hunter, C. J., ln
un action on the construction of a will
tried before him at Nelson on the 31st
of October, 1906. In December, 1873,
the plaintiff, Annie J. Marks, then uged
21, was returning from a visit to Detroit. Whilst waiting at the Windsor
depot she made the acquaintance of tbe
deceased, A. J. Murks, then a widower.
After an acquaintanceship with the deceased, Annie J. decided to go with him
by train to Stratford, during which time
the couple became engnged. She did
not return to her home In Kincardine
but waited for a few weeks when she
received and accepted a request from
him to meet her at llranlford. They
went Ihence to Buffalo, whore she contends they wore married. After a short
absence they returned to Kincardine,
where they kept house as man and wife
until the spring of 1870, when he sold
the furniture, kept the proceeds and
left her, but. returned ln lhe fall of 1877.
During his absence he did not provide
for her support. He lived with her until the spring of 1878, when ho left for
Winnipeg. They apparently parted on
friendly terms: she did not request to
bo tnken with him; they did not corre.
spend with each other: she made no
demand for support from him. and ho
gave her none. Some four years ago
he returned to Kincardine but did not
visit her, although he visited her
mother and sister, nnd mnde Inquiries
concerning her. He died in October,
1004, but commencing in January of
that your, be opened a correspondence
with her; nil of these letters were produced at the trial by her. In all of these
communication he addressed her us
"Dear Friend," and she replied In the
same way. In the year 1888, she lived
wiih a man named trunk Bonner lu
Michigan, assumed his nume and weut
as his wife.
For the purposes of tbls action she
had visited Buffalo, but was unable tu
discover any record of her marriage.
She gave evidence to the effect that
uo public records ot marriage lu Bulla-
lo were kept before 1878. She could not
truce the witnesses; lhe hotel where
she wus married having been destroyed,
and the minister having died. She also
gave evidence to the effect that the deceased had taken possession of her marriage certificate lu 1878, but hla son
swore that he had learelied through all
his father's papers in vafu for certificates, or any evidence that tlie plaintiff had been the wife of A. J. Marks.
ln November, 1903, neurly two years
after his marriage to the defendant,
Susan Elizabeth Mirks, the deceased
wrote to plaintiff, mule, staling that
be had obtained he] address from her
sister, lie then addiessed her as "Dear
Friend," aud this correspondence continued unlllAugust, 1904, she sending in
one of her letters her photograph, with
"A. Frankenboner" written on the back.
In a letter from the deceased he epokc
of the time "yo'i and 1 were one"
at Tift House In Buffalo. This Is the
only reference to ttelr former relations.
At tbe trial plaintiff's sister and cousin
swore to having seen the paper supposed to be the marriage certificate, but
neither witness remembered the con
tents of the document.
Deceased married Susan lu March,
1902, at Nelson, B. C, prior to his opening up correspondence with Annie, and
during this period he also, when absent, wrote to Susan, but always addressed her as "My Dear Wife," and
signed himself "your loving husband."
He made his will at Nelson on the 6th
of May. 1904, leaving to "my wife" $50
per month during her lifetime, payable
out of his estate.
It Is on this clause In the will tbat
action was brought, It being contended
that the marriage to Susan was a bigamous union, and that the legacy ought
therefore to go to Anne who set up her
alleged marriage In 1873. The learned
trial judge came to the conclusion that
there was nothing ln the evidence to
displace the presumption that the deceased had not committed bigamy in
marrying Susan ln 1902, and dismissed
the action.
Plaintiff appealed, and the appeal was
argued before the court constituted as
above.    Judgment was reserved.
Japan's Board of Trad*.
Toklo, June 22.���A Joint meeting of
live chambers o; commerce was called
for today to consider and pass resolution on the American question, but owing to the Inability of representatives
from Kioto and Kobe to arrive on time,
the formal meeting was postponed. The
absentees are however expected early
next week. The chambers of commerce
to be represented are those of Toklo,
Osaka, Kobe, Kioto and Yokohama. It
Is expected that though commercial re-
latiosn might come up for discussion,
It will not assume any definite form.
Most careful deliberation is expected
before any resolution Is given final
Prince   Fushlmi   Delighted   With   Trip
Through  Mountain*���Off for
Japanese Imperial Train, June 22.���
Before leaving Glacier the party witnessed an evidence of Prince Fushlml's
kind heartedness and evident fondness
ror little children. Noticing a little girl
on the plutform with her parents,
guests of the hotel, he walked to the
rear end of his car and beckoned the
child to him, presenting her with a
beautiful doll which he had concealed
behind, him. The delight of the little
one seemed to afford him much pleasure.
Leaving  Glacier on time, the train
is halted at various points of special
interest, Albert Canyon Gorge being
among the chief, until darkness overtook us. At frequent intervals during
the day, working gangs of Japanese
truckmen were passed and ln every
case these men lined up nnd stood uncovered while the train swept by.
At Revelstoke a considerable number
carrying the British and Japanese Hags
formed up In rear of the car Cornwall,
were addressed by the Prince. The
party retired early, with tho evident
intention of breakfasting early this
morning ln order to enjoy the magnificent scenery along the Fraser river, and
see something of this wonderfully fertile district during the tew remaining
hours on the line of the Canadian Pacific railway. The train os sharp on
time and the weather Is ideal this morning.
Vancouver, June 22.���This, the last
day ot H. I. H. Prince Fushlml's trip
across Canada by the C. P. R., broke
gloriously fine and the grandeur of the
magnificent scenery of the Fraser
canon waB brought out in a manner
that elicited tho most exuberant expressions ot delight from the whole party.
The train arrived here sharp on time,
and thus ended His Highness' Journey
by rail.
Bought Fruit Ranches.
J. E. Amiable yesterday disposed of
two fruit ranches located at Burton
City. One was to George H. Hales, station agent at Crow's Nest, and the
other to J. W. Watson, of Cheasing,
London Election Horror
Holds the Floor
Ottawa b Storm Centre���Whole
Country Roused to Reed of
���   Purifying Public Life.
. Ottawa, June 22.���The various scandals of the last sessions, and the protest from many religious bodies, are
still the feature of the political situation, and most Interest attaches to the
London election conspiracy.
Much other evidence was given before the magistrate and much more is
understood to be forthcoming. It is
interesting to notice that Mr. O'Gorman
was not wholly neglected by his friends
after tbe London by-election. He came
to Ottawa and naturally visited Transportation Commissioner Reld, formerly
of London, brother and partner of the
accused. Mr. Reld sent him to Mr.
Ogllvie, purchasing agent for the Transcontinental, who Btraightway gave
O'Gorman an order for the envelopes
at $3.76 a thousand, when the regular
price asked by the firm which made
them was $3.25. It is also worthy of notice that an Ottawa contractor and capitalist who rented to the government the
building occupied by the transportation
commissioners, took occasion to go to
London during this by-election and hand
to Commissioner Reid's brother $300 to
contribute to the election expenses.
This Mr. Cory bad at that time a contract under Mr. Hyman for building a
wharf. James White, another government contractor, went to London from
Ottawa at the same time and he also
contributed $300 besides paying the expenses ot some Ottawa campaigners
who had been attracted to London at
this time.
And bo the matter stands. The) great
Liberal triumph ot 1905 ih London Is
now understood. It was all in the interest of Mr, Hyman, and though he
says he knew nothing about it beforehand, it is probable that he paid a
large part of the bills. The whole affair was managed by his intimate political friends who would not have done
anything to give him offence. Nor does
it appear that Mr. Hyman, while he remained a prospective candidate for London during last winter, did anything to
show a withdrawal of confidence ln the
managers of the campaign of 1906 .
The final retirement of Mr. Hyman
recalls the remarkable statement made
by Sir Wilfrid in the house on the 26th
of March last. The premier waB speaking on Mr. Bourassa's "wine, women
and graft" resolution, and said: "There
have been a great many rumors against
my colleague, Mr. Hyman. There Is
no use to deny it. . . .The atmosphere
was thick with rumors, and last fall,
about September or October, a certain
rumor came to me and I spoke to a mutual friend, who is now ln this house,
and bears my words, and I said to him:
'I have been a friend of Hyman for
many years; you are still more of a
friend of his than I am; I have heard
this and you have heard this also; go
to him and tell htm he must let me
know what truth there Is in this.' That
rumor was In connection with a certain
person. My friend went to Mr. Hyman
and Mr. Hyman sent me word that there
was not a word of truth In the rumor."
Mr. Hyman therefore remained until
now a member of the government.
Ex Judge Henderson, of British Columbia, will be the next chief commissioner of tbe Yukon. It was thought
tbat the government might respond to
a strong demand from this district and
appoint Dr. Thompson, M. P., who represents the element demanding reform
In the administration and the suppression of graft and extravagance. Dr.
Thompson was elected by the best element of both parties against the Dawson ring and in the Commons has stood
up for the interests of the Yukon wfiile
maintaining a non-partisan attitude ln
other matters. Mr. Oliver discussed
with him the question of his taking the
commlsslonershlp and seriously considered the appointment, *lut he has been
obliged to bacAf,.)* noWoofore the demands of the W,MKn'e and the appointment made in line with the old system.
Judge Henderson waa a machine politician before his appointment to the
bench. When the Laurier government
and the Grand Trunk Pacific exploiters
combined in the attempt to drive Premier McBrlde, of British Columbia,
from power .the two men called to lead
ln this attack were commissioners Mc-
Inness from the Yukon and Judge Henderson from the bench. The Judge was
nominated at a party convention while
holding court nnd continued to decide
cases after the nomination. But the
combination failed. Both the ex-governor nnd ex-Judge were burled under
tremendous majorities. The McBrlde
government still lives and Iho Grand
Trunk Pacific speculators failed to get
their land deal.    Then something had
to be done for Judge Henderson, and so
he Is to be made governor at Dawson.
It will be no surprise to the country
that Mr. Foster has received the unanimous nomination of an enthusiastic
Conservative convention In North Toronto. Thhe attacks made upon him
through the Insurance Commission have
failed in bis own constituency as they
did In parliament and will in the country. Thu value of Mr. FoBter'B work In
exposing government maladministration
Is pretty well understood throughout
the Dominion. It has been found that
neither Blunders nor threats can close
his mouth or deprive the country of the
benefit of his experience ln public affairs. Some government writers appealed to the Foresters of Nortth Toronto to object to Mr. Foster. But the
Foresters know a worthy public man
when they have him, and personally
they they are not complaining of the
manager, who, in five year*, made more
than .half a million profits for that organization through the Union Trust
Forest Fir** in East.
Utica, N. Y., June 22.���Forest fires
are reported to be raging along the line
of the New York & Ottawa railway In
the Adirondack*. A bridge 100 feet
long bas been burned out near Moira
and traffic delayed. Fires are also reported between Meno station and the
Blue Mountain House and the little
hamlet of Spring Cove near Malone.
Caledon and Santa Clara sent for held
Negotiation*   for  Local   Proptrti**   In
Progress���Quotation* on Mock
Negotiations for mining deal* continue to be reported hut no transaction
of any magnitude has been concluded
since the bonding of the Hewitt. Th*
fields in which the next big transfers
will be made will probably be Alna-
worth and the immediate neghborhood
of Nelaon.
Saidon remain* a quiet camp but in
the Slocan district generally- there are
now more men working than for many
years past.
The stock market for the past week
has held firm, with occasional flurries
in several of the stock* and tradings in
consequence active. Spokane exchange
reports a large volume of business with
great activity among the stocks of the
Coeur d'Alene. Cobalt securities remain Inactive and heavy.
International Coal waa probably the
feature of the week's trading, advancing
from 68c bid to 72c on yesterday's market, with unlimited buying. A rumor to
the effect tbat a 6 per cent, dividend
would be paid by this company hereafter was possibly the reason for this
advance, and should this be substantiated, a still higher price will be asked.
Alberta Coal & Coke continue* to
hold its quotation though with little
business offered. Western Oil Con*,
showed signs of weakening with more
stock offered than tor some time. Until
this company's arrangement for financing this property is completed and work
ou the property commenced, there will
be but little change. Rambler declined
and sold as low as 31c, with a probability of a still greater weakness being
shown. Sullivan sold off a point or so
the first of the week but advanced again
and Is now holding Arm. B. C. and
Dominion Copper showed but little
change throughout the week.
Following are the approximate quota
tlon* for the week ending today:
Bid      Asked
Alberta C. & C $     .33   $     .36
B. C. Copper        8.00 8.37ft
Breck.-Lund Coal 65 .60
Cons. Smelters    110.00     1'5.00
California     .06ft
Cariboo McKinney  .04 ii
Can. Gold Fids. Syn. .06 .07ft
Dom.  Copper   ...:...      6.62ft     6.07ft
Diamond Vale Coal .       .18 .21
Denora  Mines 07
40-Creek  Receipts   ..       .06
Granby      120.00     130.00
Giant 02 .03
International Coal   ..       .72 .73 ft
Krao    40 .50
La Plata  Mines  .17
Nicola Coal Mines ..       .04 .05
Rambler Cariboo  ...       .30ft       .31
Sullivan    10ft       .10ft
Tel-Kwa Mines 16
Virginia ....    """  >-    .0 2 .04
White Bear         .04ft       .06ft
West. Oil ' j.     1.60        1.85
Ynle-Ke ...       .08 ft       .09
~VvT,f*M��*t at Cranbrook.
The Alberta Press Association will
hold its next meeting at Cranbrook
some time in August, probably about
the latter part of the month. It Is a
pity that the meeting had not been arranged for a few week* later, then the
Alberta editors could have visited the
Nelson Fair. The president of the association is tbe genial Fred Simpson, of
the Cranbrook Herald. No doubt tf
proper representations were made to
the president he would use his Influence to fix the date so thnt the editors
could come to Nelson.
Garoen Party.
The members of Bt. Saviour's branch
of the Woman's Auxiliary announce a
garden party for Tuesday afternoon nn
the grounds of Mr. liiirnhiirfs reel'
deuce, west Bnker street.
Dig Hostelry Purchased
by 6. P. Weils
Possession Passes on Dominion Bay
���Belville Tompkins Engaged
as Manager. *
The transfer of the Hume hotel from
J. Fred Hume to George P. Wells waa
completed tbls morning, and the necessary legal documents were signed,
sealed and delivered. Mr. Well* take*
possession on July 1st and will place
Belville Tomkins, late manager of the
Strathcona, in charge aa manager of the
Hume.   The purchase price la withheld.
Mr. Wells ha* no announcement* to
make of any change* at present ln the
hotel, Its equipment or staff.
The Hume Is one of the beat and best-
known commercial hotel* ln British Columbia and baa always been a favorite
with the travelling puollc. It la not
likely to lose anything ln popularity
under the management of Belville Tom-
The Hume has been ln the possession
of the Hume family since It was built.
It waa purchased by J. Fred Hume from
hla brother, Horace, ln 1201. Mr.
Hume has many other Interests and baa
long wished to retire from the bualueaa.
The management of hi* poultry ranch
on the north shore now takes up most
of hi* time. He will continue to reside
ln Nelson.
The sale Is one of the biggest transaction* recorded ln Nelson for s long
time. It was negotiated directly between the principals without the service* of any agent.
F. C. Elliott Is Back From Masting of
Lardaau Mining Company.
Fred Elliott returned on Friday last
from St. Paul, where he had attended
the annual meeting of the Seward Mining Company. \
He reports the meeting as being
large attended and harmony prevailed
all along the line.
The directorate remains the same,
with the exception of John Morton, who
resigned, and whoae place waa filled by
the election of Mr. Elliott
'The finance* of the company were reported ln good shape and the predominant opinion waa to "push work."
To tlti* end it was decided to let a
contract for 600 feet, and Director
Elliott waa Instructed to gat the work
under waa aa quickly aa possible.
This proposition Is one of big mining. The company own* some 28
claims, situated on the south fork of the
A number of lead* have been opened
up on the surface in which there are
good ore showing*, both In high as well
as low grade and the present workings
will cut them ail at good depth. The
tunnel la now tn 1300 feet, and soma
good ground has been passed through,
but no cross-cutting has yet been done.
It has been demonstrated, however, that
the surface Indications are proving up
at depth and It la fully expected that
the present proposed work will cut
through a couple of good sized ore
shutes whare been opened up by sup
face work.
Tbe directorate 1* composed of good,
solid business men who will see that
the funds of the organisation are Judiciously and economically expended.-���
Lardeau Mining Review.
To ������ Started by Labor Organisation*
of Boundary.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, June 22.���It Is announced today tbat the labor organisations of the Boundary district are about
to start two large co-operative stores,
one in Phoenix and the other ln Grand
Forks. It Is said that these stores will
curry heavy stocks ot general merchandise and will sell at greatly reduced
prices from what can be obtained at
Joe Taylor, who has been a resident
of the Boundary district for the past
16 years and who was one of the early
trail blazers of tbls valley, Is now lying
In tbe Phoenix hospital critically ill
with a severe stroke of paralysis.
It Is now announced that the city
board of llcenslnce commissioners have
practically decided to grant a conditional renewal of the licenses to the'
Grand Forks and Square hotels, providing tho proprietors of theso houses set
to work at once and make the necessary changes In their promise* to comply with the law relating to hotel license* In the city.
j The Daflv CaruKfan
===== STORK =
�� Otmpers' Supplies
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imperial Bank of Canada
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The Royal Bank of Canada
Savin:s  Department
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Coal! Ice! Wood!
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Fret Lc5*>:-i5 _z Art Needle Work���Conticeiii Silks
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The Hall Mining and Smelty
Company, Limited.
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!**���;������*��� ?���������*'* ����� > ciman. -lutitnaBtKiift
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-""1''    "���1 '"' **    *i    ' l;t- :r     ..:������������: 1    tin-   ;   *
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iit--:> �����-.������! .       :u.a..ii* mil   Bfl^i Mmi ���
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tan-aj* wi-.. u itttiu.' h: iimanrni:*-"*1"* |
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.1  ������   an im ui* irA.n**i. J"7 .   j^..^-;
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n.ItnT-mi;   r-arrlifft   11.I1; ,,ilum ai::nr   1    1
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' i    ft.   J'.    V     ;:!!-:,..-   Jairp .���  ,;     .    . \    : .       ]:���
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1-ti.i.niritn t im. in :. n : , u.     , . ,,... .
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-   : ra.rrut.it U.t   ��� M"   ��� S^,wiiim��>:i
,      -    ���ta -i  ul.m     ran   t-nt   W*'   ��-"     -;�����>���
*-., .������,,       vui-^t..   .t... V,* -^r
I   Dtt ���(���-'���     V -   ���'       '        .���    i-��2P
t- ��*   .. = .....nun... w iif'rt     ������;*;_ h  --���**���
mr I.     :..���)   * *i ���������ut.'.m I**"-   ���'"   .,a,r����"|
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MJ btvm TJiim rr rtamt.
atam*�� sw ��a> a��? ii" --^ -'y B aa***
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inr*-IIBBt ail Bl-t.  If   iW-��.   ������'^^bi *^*
Ofmawmrnir mi * v<>: v,lv%iX v   bi^*" 2
: ,���..���..   pan   -I'   rilimaa,  amOm��aBf����*m
tman  11   l��t-l^2t. _- -Kmiiir* 'B*1
Jturun. ajttX **-���Jx juaotB. *��>?��*
:   ,'i'     !. ���'      t-h J* ll,"t'
. All Bt~(* D    imm- The Daily Canadian
)ominion Day Celebration!
Base Ball
TRAIL       KASLO       NEL80N
Caledonian Sports
Foot Ball
Lawn Tennis
by the
Pony Races
Gun Club Tournament
Log Rolling
Launch Races
Fire                   Firemens'
Worka           Tournament
Sunday and  Holy Days of the Week���
Services in Nelson' Churches
for Tomorrow.
Tomorrow will bo tho fourth Sunday
after Trinity. Monday will bo the festival of St. John the Baptilt and Saturday the festival of the apostle, St.
, The life story of St. John the Baptilt
1b one of the Baddeat in the scriptures.
It Is typical of the lives of ail great
moral leachcrs, especially of reformers,
a life of renunciation and austerity, a
short career of successful appeal, and
an eaily und violent death. St. John is
the 0XOhetype of the apostle of reform,
the "voice crying in the wilderness.."
St. Peter was usually the leading
spirit among the early disciples, being
a man of hold counsel and quick resolution.    When  the death of Judas left  a
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
he BACON We Sell
It Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and Smoked.    Our Hams Are
Excellent Also.    All  Are Canadian
Goods.  Pure L:ird in All Sizes.
\ Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nulnon Laii'l Dlltrtpt.   Dlatrict of WeatKootinay.
Holloa '* hereby jrlvtm that thirty .lay. alter
dale 1, J. I'. KwedWrK, of Nel.nn, ll. C , miner.
Intend tn appli to the Hon. the Chief i:omml.
Himier of Luti.l. nnd Work., at Victoria, for .
.pecial UeeiiHe to cut and carry away timber
from the following (lcw.Tlbe.Uand*. Ittnaled ou
Summit creek, ln the Went Kootenay dl.triut:
No. I.��� nmmenctug at a )>o*t marked J. P. S'a
timber limit, northeast corner post, located on
Walt lork ol nummlt creek, abirtit '1 mile, from
main creek, theuce ruuullik aouth SO chain.,
Ihence running weit ill chain*, thence running
north 10 .liinii- thence weat 40 chain*, thence
north Ho chain*, thence running ca*t.u chains,
thence running *outh III chain*, thence ea*t 40
chain* to place of connn'uceiiieiit.
Iiul.il u,i. Stli .lay of June, l��07.
J. I'. Bwrobbru. Locator.
N*. 2.���''ommenclng at a pout marked J. P. 8'.
timber limit, iiorihweKt corner po*t, located on
west fork of Hnmmll crecK, about two mile* from
mini creek, ilieiicc running nouth 80 chalm,
thcuce running east no chufn*. thence running
north 80 chain*, thence running we.t 80 chain.
tu pla e of eiimmcucemeut
Dated the lib 0*J of June. 1107.
J. P. Bwsdbbbo. Locator.
vancancy tn the ranks of the apostles,
It waa St. Peter who addressed tha followers of Christ, the whole church of
that day, to move for the election of a
successor. His words of address, "Men
and brethren" convey one of the greatest distinctions between Christianity
and the earlier religions, the recognition of the brotherhood of man as well
as (he fulherhood of Ood.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow ln the churches of Nol
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica street.
Fourth Sunday after Trinity; holy communion, 8 a. m.; morning prayer and
holy litany, 11 a. in.: Sunday
school. 2:30 ii. m.; evensong, 7:30 p. ro
Jlev. P. II. Graham, Rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Im
maculate, corner ot Ward and Mill
si recti:: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mars,
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Allhoff, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. in.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. in.   Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. in.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R. N
Powell,  pastor. ���
Baptist church���Stanley street, neai
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. in.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. in; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting; at 8 p. m.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street. Nelson. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedroom, and Flrat-
cloeaDintng Boom.  Sample Boom, for Commercial Kan.
MRS. X. O.CLABKB, Proprletreoe
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
snd Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tf emont House
Xnropean and American Plan
Meals 26 eta.   Booms Irom 26 eta. to ��1
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St.. Nelaon
Propria ion
No I. Notice la hereby given that ��0 daya
niter 'In!'' I lutein, t" apply to the Chief Com-
mlKitoDttr, of I.iui'i anil Wi>rku, for ft apeeial
llceDM to out mi'' carry timber (rom the follow*
lag described Unda, minted ou the ���out.io.iwt
Hide uf Balmon riv r lu the district of Weat
Kootenay: <Jomim>m-lfi!jf at a pout placed about
A*) yardH went of Bqh U>af urei-k marked "K. M
Kecves'a uortliwum roruer," theure no chaina
south, thence M> rhalDH cast, tbenee SO chaina
north, (),���',.,!��! ho chulna weat to place of com*
Located uii the Uth day of June, 1W7.
K  M. Rativtg, Locator.
No. 2. Notice li hereby given that So day*
after date 1 luteud to apply lo tbe Chief Com-
luissloner, of l-and* and Worka. for ft -pecial
lleenae to cut and carry timber (rom the follow*
ma described limdn aituated on tht: nouthcaat
*idw of the Halmou river, in the dlitrlct of Weit
Kootenay: t'oinmi��nt:iiig at a poit placed about
At) yardi weit of liner. l.'ni creek, marked ��� K M.
Kecvea'a No. 2 somhweat corner," thence 80
chalni north, thence 80 chalni eaat. thence 80
chalm aouth, then e UO chalni weat to place o(
Located ou the 10th day of June, 19U7.
U. M. Kbevm, Locator.
lUii-l Dlatrict,   Dlatrict of Went Kootenay
Jootlea.   that John   I'liilburt, ol Ncle.ni.
ColnmbU,   j-alotm    keener,   Intends  to
iraapccUl   timber license over the fol-
Imeribed landa;   ('ommenclng attWitt
aboul  three in I lea  up   the firm rltrht
audi of U,s\ creek and  about live mllca
���fiii'llu n  MititlipititerW  direction  from   |
lion i.i p,Hid \AM%, creek uud tbe south
nlin.itj nver In the Nelaon laud dlitrlct,
no-tti no chalni,  thenee  eaat NO chaina*
ou lb ftU chalni, theuce went Nl chaina to   .
iimmanoementi   and   enniitiuiug '-to  i
ire or leu. j
Jiiii.-Uih, lfltrt. Jons I'HII.l'.KBT.
and DlNtrlct. District of Went Kootenay
mtiee tint John I'hllbert. of Nelion,
('"liimtm, Kitloon Keeper, Intendi u> !
r h r-irfi-iul tliiil*er lleenae over the M-
leacribed landi: Commenting at a J****
<in ihe north Itdeo! uOal creek about
I dlatani .iih! In mi easterly direction
t junction of l.ottt creek and the south
ilnjon river lu the Nelson Ittnd dlMtrlfit.
cim BO clminrt, tbenee nonth 80 chaUe,
���at mj cbalUL,  thence  north KO chain*
of eommenoemenL and continuing **���
(re or leu,
Juan uth, 1907. John I'hilb��kt.
l Uinriet. District 61 Watt Kooteaay
lea   thnt   John   I'hllbert, of  Nelion,
���'-I'uuhU,   fHloou   keeper,   lntei.ua. to
"in! Umber lleenae over the  folded  landa:   Commencing at tV VOI ���
_-- -Jie north aide of Lost eruek ebout
������'���"li-iNiit ami In  an enaterly  dlroction
! Junction  (iffmlrl   I/>��t creek   Hit-I   the
HkuiHaijn,,,, rivorin the Nelion \*���<* *U��-
MiNifhalna, ihcneeioutb BfteJMAii
pint *ic|ini,lf)t ibtncc north 80 etminii to
: ������ - .: .'iiifiit,   and   eonUlnlng 61tl
- , ��� or leu.
P J""c 12th, 1907. John 1'h n.iti' iu .
i.'iMntrict. Dlatrlot of West Tootenjij ���
l" t'-.iit John I'hllbert, of NeUon,
"iiilla, aaloon kaeper, lnt��?ud8 to
peoleJ tf in tier llccuse over the fol- |
'ibed lands: Commencing at a pOft
ud une-balf inllCM up the lint right
> ���<[ Lout creek, and ancnt four milcH
ii< iirioutheaMterlydiruiitloii from tho
aid i.i int cock unit tlir si,mil fork of
Hi the Nelson land dlatrict, thence
mi, thence east 80 chulna, thenco
Ina, thenoe wist fco chains to point
emottt   and   containing 040 acrci,
e 12th, 1007. John I'hm hkiit.
Land District. DUtrictof Went Kootenay
notice   that    lohn   I'llbert,   of Nelson,
1 olumbla.   saloon   keeper,   intendo to
t h *p.<clnl  Umber llcerihc over the fol-
dCBorlbed Landit   Commencing nt n post
about   two  miles up ihe right band
'>f Lost creek nnd about four miles dlaid In a soutliot.8terly direction  from  tho
"��� of laid Lost creek  and  the south  fork
Don  liver in  tho  Nelson   land district,
���outn HO ehalns, thenoe cast HO chains.
north 8(1 chains,  thcuce went 80 chains to
id euiniiieneeiuonl,   and  containing 640*
���innre or less.
Tu June Uth, l(W7. John I'niLBaBT.
l Land Dlatrict. District of West Koo'enny-
lotlM that John Phllbeitiol Nelson,
olumbla, laloptt keeper, intends to ftp-
n. ipoalal timber llcenco over the fol-
aiurlbed landa: Commencing at a
utited on tho north side o�� lAist creek nnd
four milei (Hslant and in an easterly
on (ftm the Junction ol said Uwt creek
mi iRaftiWa.01 adHinn river in the Nel-
">d dlatrict, theiiomaai 80 chalni, ihence
""eians. llieuco west Hi) chains, thence
ehulm to the point of commencement
uvuitug HO acres, more or less.
fd Juno Uth, lotn. John j?hilbkrt.
Notice Is hereby given that -Vi dftys fromdftte
I luteud lo apply to the Hon. chief Commissioner
of '.tiu.ls and W'orks for ft *���,���"> inl license to cut
and i-arry tway timber from the following do-
|   cnU'd lands in West Kootensy district:
Oomjuaneing at a post planted on tbe north
bank of lu-MUe creek, about one mile and a half
front Miiam lake, marked K Strand's northwest
corni*r post, thenee east 100 cbalm, thence south
4u chains, thence west let) chains, thence north
40 chaius to point of commeucemeut.
Dated this 21st day of March, 1907.
E. Stkanij, Locator.
ini he.ret)y 8"iveu thattblrty days after
c.mVV1.10 **W. u> the Honorable
��ommissloucr of Lands and Worka at
i''";;",1"? "Peelni licunae to cut and
It t? Vnvurfri,m tlu' blowing deKOribed
V      1Kftl|,|,ay atoWMI Commencing
i't����       el "!' tuoweat bank of Him-lter
��� iiorii.M. i'" UH' ,,hcp-'!e weat B0 chaius,
. A c'>mmencemenHt. ^* M m *M" to
Nihil nth day of Juno, 1907.
C. C. Ci.AKtf, Locator.
D. Bom, Agent.
Nelion Land District.  Dlatrict of West Kootenay.
No. I ���Take notlee that (Jcorge A. Laurie, of
Creitoii, B C , lumhcrmna, iniendH io apply for
a special timber licence over the followlug dc-
��� i mIm-iI lands:
Commencing at a poal planted about one mile
-���mil oi the Lick cabin, on tne Lick enbin trail,
"ii Inooakl In creek, thcuce north 80 chains,
thenoe east 80 chains, thenee south 80 chalm,
thence west HO chains to the point of commence-
ment and containing OKI acres, more or less.
May 1st, 1907. UtO A. LAt'lIK.
Nelnon Land District. Dlstrletof Weit Kootenay.
No. 2���Take notice thai (leorge A Laurie, ot
Oraiton, B. C, lumberman, Intend to ��pplv for a
*tvcciat timber licence over the following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
Mm.i' of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
on luonakhn cieek, tbenee south 80 chains,
theuce easl W) chains, thence north HO i-hains,
theuce west Hlicliaiiis lo the polut ot eominence-
mrni and containing 640 acres, more or less.
May 1st, 1907. GKO. A. Laikik.
Nelson Land District   Dlstrletof West Kootenay.
No.l���Tako notice tbat W. H. Pan, of Fire
Valley, B. C��� cruiser, Intends to apply for a
special timber licence over the following described lauds:
t'l'M.n in Hut at a pi.-t planted about oue mile
south of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
���m Inonaklln creek, thenoe south 80 chains,
(hence west 80 chains, thenco north 80 chains,
thenee east 80 chaius to the polut of commencement and eontalulug 040 acres, more or less.
May 1st, 1907. W. 11. Paob, Locator.
Uio. A. Lai'rix, Agent.
Nr Hon Land District District of West Kootenay.
No. i -Take notice that W. H. i'age, ot Fire
VaL'ey. B.C., cruiser, lutendi to apply for a special
mnl'iT licence over tlio following deacribed
Commencing ni a poet planted about one uil'o
smith of the l.irk cablu, uu tho Lick cabin trail,
on Inouaklli] creek, thonce north 80 chains,
llieuco we.i mii chains, thcuce south 80 chains,
thenee east Hi) chains io the point of commencement and containing M0 aeri s, more or less.
May lit, 1907. W. 11, 1'aor, Locator.
tlKii. A   La cm k, Agent.
Nelaon lannil Dlatrict   Dlstrletof West Kootenay.
No. A���Tate UOtloe thai QeOrfO A. Laurie, of
Creslon, B.O .lumberman, intends to apply for a
special Umber license over thu following described Intids:
Commencing at a post planted about one mllo
south and one mile west, of the Lick cabin, on
the Uck Cablu trail, on hh.iuik in crock, thcucu
west 8o chaius thonce north 80 chains, thence
out Mehelm, tbenotiionth roohatnitottte point
of eomiiiuuccinent and eontatuing 640acres, more
or less.
May 1st, 1907. OlO. A. LaOBII.
Nelson Land District. District oi West Kootonay.
Ko.6���Take notice that "corge A. Laurie, of
Creston, B. 0., lumherniun, Intends to apply for
a special Umber license over the following described lands:
Commencing nt n post planted about one mile
aouth and one mile weat of the Lick cnnln, on
the Lick Cabin trail on Inonaklln creek, thenoe
wchI 80 chains, thence south 80 chnint, thonce
cast 80 chains, thenco north 80 chaina, to the
point of commencement and containing M0
ncreB, more or less.
May 1st, 1907. Geo. A. LiiiBIE.
Nelaon land District. District of West Kootenay.
No. 7.���Take notice that Ueorgo A. Lniiric.of
Creston, B ('., lumberman, Intends to apply for
a special timber license over tUe following described binds: ,    r
Coinmouetnir at a post planted about ono
iinarter of a mile In an easterly dlrentlon from
Licit cabin, on Inonaklln creek, thence bo nth 40
chains, thenee east im) chains, thenee north 40
chains, thonce west 100 chains to tbe point of
commencement and containing M0 acres, more
or less.
May lit, 1W7. 0>o, A. Lavbii.
Notice is hereoy given tint 80 Oars alter date I
intend to apply lo the Honorable tne Cnlet Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
license lo cut mid carry away limber from the
following described landi ln West Kootonay district:
Locfttlou No. 1 --('ommenclng at a post planted
on the south bank ol Blieberry creek, about
(our miles up the ere*k from railway track,
ineiicc 1'Ji chains eaat, theuce 80 chiton south,
thence 40 chains west, thence w chains north,
thence 80 chaius weat, thence 40 chaina north to
point i'f commencement.
April 6th, 1900.
Location No. '^.-Commencing at a post planted
at the northwest cot ner of Location No 1, tnence
UN chains west, tticuce 80 chains north, thence
tu i hi.iii* i-���.��:. tbenee 40 cbafns south, thence 80
chains west, thenco 40 chains aouth to point of
April Mti. 1'."*..
Location No 3 ���Commencing at a post planted
120 chains west of northeast corner of Location
No. 1, thenee 40 chains aouth, thence 120 chains
cast theuce BO clutlua north, Ihence 40 chalni
west, linnee 40 chains south thenco So chains
west to point of commencement.
April 6th, 1906.
Ken em W. Robinsok.
Only for Trout.
New York, June 22.���James J. Hill,
chairman of the Great Northern railway, with a party of five friends started
last evening for Canada for a trout
fishing trip which Mr. Hill has taken
every year for a long time. Among Mr.
Hill's guests this year are George F.
Baker, president of the First National
hank, Samuel Thorne and George Clark.
Mr. Hill, on reaching the St. Lawrence,
will board his yacht and fish for salmon
on the coast of Labrador.
For Sale
50 ft Corner,
50 ft. and Cabin-,
Houston and ward. $375
Mill/near park, $275
Notice Is hereby gtvftu that 80 days alter date I
intend  to apply  to tbe Honorable the Chief
ComroUllOQer ot Lands and Worki, Victoria,
for permission to cut and carry away Umber
from the following described lauds, in West
Kootenay :
No. 1.���Commencing at ft post planted on the
jouthweit corner of surveyed lot No. 72al Ol,
thence eail 40 chains, thenee north 80 chains,
Ihence east to tho southeast corner of laid lot,
thence north to the northoast corner of aald lot,
thence oast to the west boundary of pre cmptlon
No. 69��\ thence south to the north boundary of
timber licence No. 8518, thonce wost along the
said boundary lo tho north west cornej of said
license, theuce south to the north boundary of
limber lie-mso No. 7018, thence west to a point
due south of commencement, thenco north to
plueo of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or less
Iinted May -25th, 1907.
I*. A   1'aii.son, Locator.
J, A. ki'i.i.ivak, Agent.
No. '1 ���Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest corner of surveyed lot No. 72I1U1,
theuce south to the northern boundary of timber license So 7018, thence west to the uortn-
west corner ot said Umber license, thence south
to the northern boundary of lot No. Its, thence
following Mild boundary of said lot west to tho
right of way of tho B. C. Southern Hallway,
thenee followlug said rlght-of way in a northeasterly direction to place of commencement.
Dated Mayi-nh, 1007.
Residence���Centrally located, near station; six rooms and bath, electric
light, water, sewer.
Also business property, factory sites,
etc., etc.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tho Bar Is the Finnet.
White Help OUT Smplore*.
We have five desirable residences for sale. Call and make
us an offer for all or any of these
Brydges* Blakemore & Cameron* Ltd
3 Improved Ranches Fo* Sale
On Kootenay Outlet, between Nelson and
Procter.   Choice locations.   For particulars
Jocephlne St.
Royal Hotel
Bate* f 1 and 11.50 a Day.
Special Bate* to Regular Boarder*.
Moat comfortable quartern in Nelion
Only the belt ol Liquori and utgan.
F. B. *UYS
West Baker Street NELSON, B. C.
Piano and Singing Lcaaons
Given by Mr*. WlnUr Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter bold* certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London. Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 790, Nelson.
J. A
A   P.l'LMN, Locator.
Sut.MV.N. ARft"t.    	
Notice la hereby given that SO day* alter date 1
lolend to apply 1" Hi" Honorable the Chle! Cam-
SlaJlonar of Land, and Worki. Victoria. lor a
���pecial llrena
Iroin tlio follov
ol West Kootenay
to out and carry away timber
Ing described Ian
Nelaon, B. ('., June lota, 1907.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Ants
of the     .
Oioicea* Frott Landa in
��     Britta*. Cofambttv.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANN.ABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
A* McDonald & Co*
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
SEALKD THNDEK8 will be received by the
Government Agent, at Nelion, B.C., until noon
June 'Jtitli.   UM7, (or tuppUea of meat, bread,
Srocerloa, httrdware, boots and sboei, clothing,
ry Rooui, fuel, and rirnga, for tbe Provincial
Oroi. at iselion, B.C.. for one year from July
lit, 1907, to June SOtb, 1908
Forme of tender can bo had, and samplei of
clothing and dry goods soen at Jibe Provincial
(iaol, Nelflon, B.C.
Tne lowest or any lender not necessarily accepted.
Uovernraeut Agent,
1 ln the dlitrlct
Commencing at a pout about sevon miles from
ihcmituiliof 8iimmii��reok,loswoptcrly direction mark nl Q. M Benny's northeast corner
Mat then4a *> chain* west, thenco 40 chains
south thi-nce 40 ehsUI WMt, tnenofl 4�� chains
south tbenee ��0 chains I ant, thence to clia ns
north, thence 40 chains eRht, thence Wchalns
north to point of commencement.
Located May 7ih,l%7.      ��� _
O. M Bkvnv, Locator,
Annus i'l'KKit:, Agent.	
Nelson Land District   Dlatrict of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that Walter Edwards, of Ferguson,
B.C. occupation cook, tnteuds to apply ror a
special timber Uecuce over tbe lollowlng described lands:    Commencing at a post planted
4W1 lulss upaereek running into the head of
Cariboo lake, on tbe eaat side of Cariboo lake
aud marked "Waltor Edward's northwest corner,"   Ihence   aoutb   *U chains' theuce east 80
chalni. thonce north 80 chains, tbenee west 80
ehalns to point of coinmciuvinenl, and containing $40 acrea, mure ur less.
Dated April'J7tb. 1007.       Waltkr Edwards,
by his agent P. C. M anninu.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to tbe undersigned, at his
ofllce, in the Court House, in the City of Nelson,
will be received up to the hour of five o'clock,
in the afternoon, of Friday, June 28th, 1907, for
the nm chase ol the "Tamarac Mineral Claim,"
Lot mi, ttroupl, Kootenay district, which is
declared to be forfeited to the Crown, at the tax
���ale. held in the city of Nelson, on the 6th day of
November, 1005, for dallnu.uent taxes up UU
June 8uth. 1906, and coals.
The upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and costa at the time uf forfeiture, with Interest,
taxea which have since accrued, costa of advertising, and fee for Crown tirant (826.00) la IU0.90,
which In the least amount that will be conalder-
ed as a tender.
Each tender must be accompanied by an ao-
cepted cbeque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner of Landa and Works, at Victoria, B. C, at par
Dated at Nelaon, B. C., this 29th day of May,
Government Agent. Nelson, B.C.
Fke Valley Fruit Lands
We offer 1(0 acre* of first class s��l*ct*d l*vel fruit land In th* famou*
Fir* Valley District, adjoining a highly cultivated property. Oood water nip-
ply. Wall located. Fruit grown In this diatrlet has neurad several flrat
prize* at Nelaon and Winnipeg Fair*. Fin* fishing and hunting. Oood tram-
portatlon and market*.
Price en bloc $20 per acre.    Terms 1-4 Cast, balance 6,12 aad 18 months
Kootenay Land & Investment Co*
Prion. 147.        P. U. Box 443
Notice Is hereby Riven that tblrtydays alter
.-.    a . "-'o the Honorable the Chief
�� and Works, Victoria, for
date 1 intend to appfy to the Hnnorab'lo tlie Chjef
ir of Land]
permission to cut and earry away timber from
the following deaeribed landa: CommcHclnK at
a post marked No. 1,K. Kloux, nnd planted at
lhe northeast corner of Lot 3688 C-1' R. block,
near the west fork of Kottlo rlvor, Yale district,
U. 0., thoneo running 80 chaius oast, 80 chains
south. 80 chains west, 80 chains north to point of
Dated April 27th, 1007.
No- 2.���Commencing at the northean corner of
No. 1, thonce running east 80 ehalns, thenco
south 8n chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated April 27,1907.
No. 3.���Commencing at a point about one half
mile west of the northeast corner of C 1'. K.
Block No, IS688, (hence running north 80 chulna,
thence west SOoualua, theuce south 80 chains,
thence east mi chains to point of commencement.
Dated April 2Dth. 1807.
No 4.���Commencing at the northeast corner
of No 8, thenee running north 80 chains, thenco
west K0 chains, thence south 80 chains, tbenee
east HO chains to point ufcummuticeineut.
Dated April 29ih, 1907
No 6.���Commencing at a post planted north of
Conkllng creek, near west line of C. P. It. Block
No. 270a, thence running west 80 chains, thenoe
aouth 80 chaius, theuce east 80 chaina, thence
north 80 chalni! to point of com in en cement.
Dated May 1st. 19OT. K. Eiorx, Locator.
Nelaon Laud Dlatrict. Dlatrict of West Kootenay
Take nottco thai Walter Edwards, of Ferguson,
11 C, occupation cook, intends tu apply for a
upecial timber licence over  the fellowlug described lands;  Coiumonclng at a post 5l,t mil's
up Mi'veim creek and a '* mile east from A.
Evan's corner post No. V, and marked "Walter
Edwards's northwest corner post," thence east
40 chains, thenoe south IttO chains, thonce west
40 chains, thence north H'<o chains to point of
commencement, and containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Dated Hay 80th, 1907.        Walter Edwards..
by his agent P. C. M anninu.
Nelson Land District. Dlatrlot ��f West Kootenay
'lake notice that Walter Edwards, of Perguaon,
B. c, ouciipatlou cook, intends to apply for a
apeclal timber licence over the following described landa:   Commencing at a post planted
about a mile from the head of Cariboo lake and
one mile east of aald lake, and marked "Walter
Edward's southwest corner," thenoe  north 80
chains, theuce east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, theno west 80 chains to point of common cement, and containing 640 acrea, more or
DatedlMay auth. 1907.        Walter Edwaids.
by hla agent F. C. MatiNlNO.
Notice is hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company has applied to Ills Honor thu
Lieutenant Governor ln council, under the provisions of the "Rivers and Streams Act," for the
right to improve Kykerta crc.k, in the district of
West Kootenay. British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
the banks thereof, und to construct dams, bourns,
slides and chutei, and make such other impiove-
mem* as may be necessary for the driving and
rafting of logs and the 11 uming of timber tboruon
The lands to be affected are goverment lunds and
Lots251 and 252. (.roup 1, Ifuotenay dlatrict, and
the tolls that arc proposed to be charged, tf any,
are such as may be fixed bya Judge of the couuty
court of West Kootenay.
Dated this 27th day of March, A, D. 1907.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Taxe notice tbat Arthur E. Evans, of Beaton.
B. (J., occupation cruiser, intend * to apply for a
special timber licence over the following described lands: Commencing at a post planted
about 5 miles up Stevens creek ruuntng Into the
east side of Caribou lake marktd '.'A. a. t-van's
southwest corner post," thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains tu point'of commencement, and eontalulug 6*tl acres, more or less
Dated May Suih, v.x-7. Arthur v. hvans.
by his agent F. C. Manmnu.
In the matter of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate of the Ccrtlncates of Title for Lotall
and 12, Block 31, Town of HHverton (Mftpr>74);
the south _4 of Lot8, Block 6, Town of New Denver���and Lot 1, Block 81 aud lot 8, block 86,
McUlllivrav's Addition to New Denver (Map 567);
Notice is hereby given that it is my Intention
to issue at the expiration of one month from the
tho first publication hereof duplicates of the
Certificates of Title to the above described landa
ln the uanio of Henry Sheran and Harrv Sheran,
which Certificates arc dated the 17th /une, IBW,
the 4th of October, 1894, the28rd July, 1895, and
the 19th January, lHittt, respectively, and are
numbered 2021K, 10447A.782C and 88t>K, respectively. _
District Registrar
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B.c
������rath. May. 1WT
In the matter of an application lor the issue of
a duplicate of tho Certificate of Title lor Lota
16 aud 17, Block 26, Town of Nelson.
Notlee la hereby given that It la my intention
to Issue at tho expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certlfl -
rate of Title for tbe above lots in the name of
Frances K.Day! which Certificate la dated the
19th September, 18!W, and numbered 2850K.'
Uud Registry Office, Nelaon, B.C., 16th June,
1901. O. F. MacLKOD,
Dlatrict Kegiatrar.
Something far th* practical man.
Juat investigate!��� That ia All we
ask of you; and you owe that much
to youraalf.
WARD ST.   -   HELS0N.B.C.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52.50 '
To Winnipeg, Pott Arthur.
St. Paul MutiLStoox City
Notice I. hereby given thai thirty dan alter
date 1 loten i to apply io tlio Board ol Licence
Commlaaloocr. lor the Ymlr distrust lor a iran.-
fcr ol the licence held by me lor the Fort Stoop-
panl hotel to F. Adie. ��� ��� 	
(Signed) A M. SnlSU*.
Waueta, B. C, May lat, lain.
Chicago ��64.00 Montreal $04.00
Toronto 178.50 St. John *HM
St. Lou I* aeo.00 Ottawa $82.55
New York $100.00 Boston 885.50
Halifax: $101.80
On Sale July 3.4.5.  August 8.9.10.
September II, 12.13.
First Class Rocmd Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reduction* from all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route Including meals and berth*
on lake steamer*. Through rates quoted
to any station ln Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime province* on application.'
A.O.P. a...VaneouTai. D. P. A., H*Jmb
W.   O.   QIL,lwETT
Bole agent lorUmftortsAleo Lumber Co., Lao.,
retail yard.. Rough tad dr*Md lumbar, torn**
work and bracket., Coaat lata and ahlngua, e*aa
and door.. CaMtt,' brick tad Um* Mr mm.
Automatic grttidiipaT^^^^^^^^^^^^^���
Yard and li
r. u. Bo* m.
factory: VernonBt..*aatof 1*11
NBL80N, B.O.
lv**pb*f*H( ���>     1
The Dtuh Canadian
\ just a Few
: are Sh crwiisg This M:"Zii
HUM  M  Kfl �����.��
HHMJ. 5  UWS1   r-^  PCT�� tr* table tttso^attvr.  ract d.D[
_ :i--i.    uDDaeDe���itsi
Fi'-'i'.rj.ifirU   n*   pnn**.*���*>**���   pOHl
laan   9m
Bij tmmt c~ fmmML
���.       ���        ���   : ' ���-
\~   mi[   Hurt tn   ?'-"   intiicuit  ai  lmufi-
...-p*  ttrrg  H   :-u:.
r*   i  ar���.wE  r>*
W'lmiWtat- -lit.   keu.1  Inmier* It
Giilard's .SauceFr��Sh ^j^* MeiIS
.        .    :.     :-..-������ 4  ..   n.
PiUmXt mr. ***,-*.
.   .        ;.
i ��� ���
25: and 45c
Oaniw ��nrrpii-c H siurr* I bbNbi um
inwfst pnnt ]SnuiiUf but  tretiL aiic.
vniuttsnn.* meiiTivuiit >=t:ii;iw l-v: jxaiEicjt
liul artier* rwievt  airafri. MHoflm
af    fTVJ*     it      . .
r UTre"B   "Dmt)',"p*
imam   dB  Hh    .
Hiii    men    "ui.-    |tesi    inn'""   I    I
���:,,'i   Bnft ���    :���-   .. rmaska.  n: Oh   "  I
Ma Of Eatpiem.
trt'inrnwrf t.x=u-��inr.
-.,: | -mII        m     hi-.i.r    niuu*    M
an >���:   I      ...   - ���        ...:    ban   :iui
���������-- .Liu-:   ISM &n�� Ens ���**. ���
���faa uuf boa  Bnl hi m  Baj  i������ -
Our Stock is Complete
in* MDMA. LYE   Etc
Here a** ! *: Soar &;-e- ��<i
rj &AP.6 &0-DEN  ��EET fo- C"i
J FiiE-' HI KX   Prmrwior
H  D   Qflfiba.   L        ���
2    B    -:';i.-L    Ber*   l��.'l ' "���      .     .'    LctB
Hit. ISantvea    L   .���������
i  w a   i'   a .   :  v
: ...
!.- Is i-!    3   E .-
��� nog Dm nfl    *  B   Btg Lf.l
��� nn    - ..        wwinaai*
��� ��� - ������.,.-:    f   BoUnaxBt
Ponaaill    7 #   Lammx   aVln1ij7.BE    -
I     -.  ' QaaaBI   FallMliajl."     '
2atn ���                         ' -
:-     -      M  Bi      L    ft*******
��� ��� ��� ���>��� . ���     -       - ���   ;.." ami
BellTradingCo.l   The Strathcona
1 caHa; ���
���aa      ��
Mir*'I*<�� *^.^;��� ^U-FT^i.- taarelui ?   at��a��fl
0 it. ���* )'P .'
kULSEt v
 -  w-'rt- r-iir "ift"
Old Curiosity Shop
th 1 :.i ���'  '
J ner. Kwnr:    Qui,, n' lunait
Oilr. *jir r*r.niiiirr
rFiii -ii.-: ��� *: :
1 [ 1
If ynt *t*tv: *.c Iiut or stL exniinft.
at' u. tb. BU Our,us:'.T Msaj a m*
���Bi *J JaiHUietrt- G:k,qc PL1** ^1 fct.t
HI ianUr o; Uniiifr* nr. it Biatt. rw-
.See Us
For Good Fruit Land
:o Acre Plnrl r to Soc
Acre Bioch!-
BoitocJa Rooea.
Earv Terms.
E L O'Dadsdaile & St
No: Iw^r -.: hi^uL 0) Ou^Jl.-.rw
A.L HuiQ. ir* HfcatMir ?ianu ui Bt'jct
yiston* Bt. Nr. Ontri Hsu**.     TcLIBt.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tet. ?;u:h,
Creosott. Oils for
Rreaovaaag Timber.
Baaafaag Pitra, and
Pain is.
&ow cVnildm wi^ tuc U to a*��ar ad*
TTtiitu^ v. nw trcr Piv^.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Mr*   <���.  L v.-.-;: ant h,.:   -:, | - ...
L   ���       i.-  :'.       Bala*aaB*J    Ifl   i-ljC >'-i
'it't'i    L:..i:.:     ���    ��    r-i-it'Jir
1 ������ la   a. ."   \v   paa-a
N    C     .'V ::.(.:     1    ���l"L^'-:>
."-.tats   Ixaaa anal   *T  a K-...
i^.:  vtt   lama B**c*bbi   R'.,b.
.tii. :-: f-rrn Ct-f-t-T.
sun an - pa, ���  : oravai r
���      :    ;--:'.. :.:     7    Ijl-::iu:   7    HLr-
*c] y* tic Wrt A.;.-r Pa**nafl*PBr; Ii
..'..- t ���: ^aanaM A I ^ifc:u�� Cted
:-.-.i.    ,'   a   Iri-.-L. B   I   *���*������>   ���
:  1 ���   :. ���ssiairfi
B.   V\V:i    5   Iifct-.ab.'L   C**aaa*i
De-hnri.   aTaSaai    X   MrHaiili    V
tamaXD cevteal
a   Toting   Grant!  Park*:   C   BUBr*
V'nifc-jc   a  G-tvei.--  aaina   a. Ma-
tb--uj 5;��uEtDt- P Wfc'-T4'.iL r- . ��� ���
J    Mc<T>-i:  ��� -i-v I   ������    Saj        F    E
Bita-iit:it: FaaJi J Culbiu,*: ������-���
*-c��t��f3- J. h Str-juw. Near W^f:::. aai
lai ." C Min Vtacuv. ��� ," a Laaaj
���.. W. Aduiiir. Edc^'V cicid: B Cttanef
_ g___ Bear*** K K.
B*~aaa 1 fc'tlKniLic feaiiu; A Yttuiis
C'ULC   i :'"Et
E. rirartWriTi   B   Anamk. v   K   Daa
l>5   Rossland: J   I"-i'. 1    apnaaag    B  2
Bed*.Ban  - ������ ������ i.
F  LanpiU. P. McCtrtlj.--. Tmi:    I   .*
GruOv  Trustor:: C  McLetiS. Koct , Sit.
i-t-   I Bnan* Kata*i>: D atifliiii   B
. ���       -.-.   ��� ������!      -.   Baaaaoaes,   K
"lULK1^    A     -  ..   i        -.   ��� ���'    v ��� . l.      F
Lsamuut    ��    ���Ur'biuri     G*"-T4r(!     D
��� ���   oar. 7  Nolat   "   Bpaaaa  ���  H
Balmi    ."   tBoanac, J-iwem-: J
K      ";������������       .., 1 1.,.       j       j .
Pfaf.i^ii:i    N   Wattt'*:
Cniin-cr 1   DOMMsat
thm  1 Q ������ ��� "        te ajtoen 3b
1        ��� ���-��� ,'.      -������; i  ��� mi-sat1
:   : .    . DM .-     :.       iLtrru:
:i.ii  ri   .. -       :.- ��� -   '���" ��� -   i-    MmbbloI I
_m\mW hnmr
i>rrr:iti�� ftcap.-  tw* tn*  ionter.
"':;���   Eaft  baai IBBB Lm pta arn u
.:   ��� USbBd.  in*   -li-   ���j��ii.iK,;;i!;ii
1     ��� to 'i  ���   B 'ii.::.. a  Rlpj     "ih ilEK-
'.i...;.:    :.*   :��� : -   ;������  ������      bfi.   ttw
pitta '"-i b '. rj.Kit
��apt!c-  ir-ii'rm
���i .��� ���       ubA    33h  iwhImi   Bm   M:
BfatUatal     dfejjl    11:-:    BBattBB    uu-l    uer*
Bar     - ���   .a ^uiid*:   �����;:   if*
jkL-   K    Y\ UVA--1UL.   Munt-
Hj      11 ���    -.- p   1    :..     ': -.:��� ���   ��� ���   :..
Eb    ���     ���  Ih   IflM '
Upada     bcr-a-.^fct
: -     : . *��� ���'.     ���'   .vlf*   inmiacuiait 1
K*.  hf-    ;i:t,Ii-.i;   ji:   - I v ���      v       |��   ji-**t-
-:    i.  :i   :   - ��� ��� ta wm     Bfltoc
I  i.i   BM   :-   v |    pmmmmmt  flu   ttta  rf
: ��� OaTM a:   u.ii-   (Am     I   "li*   m
''���'.-    u-      Hn niti-xur*    of  tbf
-.: urci   v     :.-   ; ---h-:-:   ..   .: -   iiisin.ii
.---'    11  I - '   I Lata!     >:rt.  iio:!, v-;;
StaMaTaffj]     . ..   ^untt"  dur:!if  fa
.?���-���*���  |    :��� i :     ��� -y.'j-cL
C A Benedict
'���.tv- Bilia. anr    .-    l :!���   ���':���
f^*crvE *
See Ottr Display of
AE Prices iroa: &Sc
SJ.OO *na $1.25
Up to $20
E   C  TR.^-^"ES    ^^apgT.
A il   ::m. S��t C E
s. bvi ���: a
Wininc Wd-i  .  SDeclalt*
fiflirs    i.'Eii"  liuiiduii:    -'
ttakB- tv_  *VE-.S0K   E. B
AnS nr ->c-t  ca-   Sr    Hipcrtcd   into Canaaa aftw ^UBUr . I
The Americanized Encyclopedia Britbnjn
In Tec Volumea
fecial a
IH   F.LL  CLOTH  eiNDIMG t2Z.it
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.!
E i > E P   an:   *V I P. 0.        P-hont  f
t��T  Act CT*mp1;:!r.
LfjH out! annit  ���
- ���������in   dwtJJmr;    : . D(   Hliftir
tm "*
ii    p**-emininL    an    Bbbvs- ���.
..:���.���     BIOCXLL I-,;.'   IM     j
���ri**aaTI     B*w      bTMbTMI
For a Stylish Sup
���������'���        ��� .-^r��  r^)^ K��^ It* Snajw Sol (>JB> ijh Fan
���VTwi  T>t  Winj  h   Ii:   A.   :>   T:=rt       .^i   ji   XMi br
I. * l��cvr��Jt*a, u�� &>ibajk TaateK o! 17.txr.raar,'
*: a: i.1t   utis'actior   }u��rarr��eo    ��r   ment*   rrlunaat
Hiijh Cfaaa Tailors. BaJce St, Nebtm. &C
*���*���^*^*���^** ** * M --*-���*�����* *i* *i*rViv^n^^iVLrLVvxrcnjv"L>v
W, G. Thomson
l5 f?EM0W/,ED
BU5lr1E55 Eft EITGY
Summer Qothtng	
$7.50 to $10]
All .-
h'i:>r*;r - L* aoiC   v L', ,���.
i 44.
Matte's Ar��-Bmayet.
Tii*   V. .i..���>���:.L.i_i   . :*'- -v***  liiu;    ���
:   "- '��� -������ -    ���' ;--��� i   :.:  .1. i_i'   ;;L-i/i
i_-i-* Ictcalitj ���..��� any ptiruliifj aCvuuuLpei-
:- BM] jt.iBhetit. n ;.-':'v*--;?ii_ |aj BUl
���-���:;���"'.-, Kit*!. :���*->;���-* i_-fr litt uu'.l
ptjafcOB Tii-.' W*t Mriti MBMSS um:
liitf b�� j����-r ;t asjaj Igof m_c u it iru:
nnajfj -LL' be] rodtaK ftt laci. Katts
��� ��� l ���oacWta fc.iic .ia.*- bueiitirj *iij
m ll; i.rj.t !���* - ��� U0BI Liii :.-���-���
ii>txjUK  umii B.A.  ji��   nttiH*   .-���    :���   - I
Lr\    l      ink tiHWAwi  Spring i^ Here
awn Party rrwMW��� .
***'*���*    *    *���** "/    | _J . H t have preparee for this season
B. C.
Deatr e* A. J. RainviUe,
Tl* t.jijtryD'fiiiiJia txiireuK^L yesier-
Bl ��� t ��� ��� ., :,-���:.- ..I:l: hatU J :>"-
n.LL A .' Marfh u* Ui- Bania
miii*. ThurBOty mcx.\ vai man nerl
���ju; flna inri npaaal *-it* bucL-;- oaa-
tnuetj tH>! l^cl- aaaal aaaaj :���' L.r
dta'�� retciifcc Ah 'j;:y Tiit Iffnffriha
���ai   mmms  HMaanal  llc tr   .1-  -1
Li,Ul"   '���; -   ���:,.    :   ;-    i ��� ; ���    .:..   v     . ���
aaa Mai aTayataaaaal aari ".l* tu-Lmr:
" B :��� ;��� la* l-;i: 0H aatai ;l Bh
��� :.l* u: iioiliBr aaau BaiaafBf llc
lujotiier oehc*L'j^c. li aH ���BH $tft *.���.���*
;iunijHii�� r; 1 aaataiaai af*.BBi Bato
rli*- vat laaaaal iiittj Ac l*aflbaj �����*.-
"t"    Blid    B��i.C*eL    IC    0����LL        Hit   BQ    ;i'
���     '������::������:        ������'iLTtdei-of vha: Jxatj
:.l; ;������:.-;    ll:   La   via  ���rfatal   N     .'-
rtfaK     I^.���y���:..i,r pyBEibH  p Lr  -j ���:.-
'   '   :  '��� :   BI    ; -' pBM       ��� -       -���:
��� - ala] Aaa :l^ dbI at: Hi M'l:
uiic huLQt van aai bbbbbI :*. it yrt-
sumec .Lu* Im Im I Bm raac uiic
tried v. taanj ak a Bm aaaai Hit r��>
ladaai 1 feH Imm taaat aai ��� v ���
ii-   fturaer iu  ytr   '-���������-   ���    - -.-���:
Al]  Uit-tDbt-rfc  of PsOBmbbI   ��>rtter of
'���-   H nl tMttoj aaal ���
nan aai ll^aaaaa, are ivBaaaM
artpiifi Bm fuiicru: mt tit- Lata Bn I ���
Hf-'-Gtrs'.:. awuii l- Frt>mr.i Hul
ai IB a. ai bbmi  ?^iiL;  ;_���. I ���:
a. A BOWE,
.-��� ��� tatari
CM Eag:^t*rs, DocaiijM iad B.*Tlish
C^lncibu Lia�� SarTtrrors
ODjT .TICTOKa * tOCT25AT 5T5-. FH305.1. C
 y.o. i��ci :*���: t^utt w t	
fti.r.tra1 Jot Work. Chmrrf/ &weep- !''��������� Kav ��.- Tire T��*��- th^w-fif* tf
in Carpet leaning. Fuong ��nfl daaiv | . -;\ ^ *���� a ^ :-^,i^u -
tag tt��rt-a,  etc. ..    ���'.-	
~* '������..   -. r.V��?;        rc*;:*.u.'T    A:;-.t rW-^d
Ifl Eaat Baker SI        Phcne No. AV4
The Store of Quality
LNDEP THE *. SsP :e��
op ar. aaviOLR's bp.anch
of nac
���VOHEHC5  i. *ILiAPY
WILL  BE   -ELD ON  T^��
GP.OUND6 [t MRS   iEOft&E
BAftNHAF-    EA^EP   ST.
Tuesday. June 25th
Cammcncaif ��: 3 p. tl.
St*tu�� ���.: n****** Esye't.
:   Lf:i   :���-.   .ina��  -: ��� . ���;.
Btaaai uf Tiitimit F. bt,��t.-d larru.-
MBaj ST.b'fci *a**aaar, lam^r aaanaaaj]
al ajat*; too BaS tn.btst.i.i:.r al .:.
.-- ������. i:i.:e, i: Mjt C.'ur: u! St ."lc,:s
��'hi ui-- ��� . . . v: .:> . ��� ��� g
���aSsat oereUKmiet Et-Preeidttut Ore*1-
er a.Tti*ij,a u, trbw* ctbiiic: K- ;.l.<
tro ��u( ���es**a*q  .' aaaai tic v.-    i
���'-   :       uLliaBBadar u  Oreki Bri-
itm. dfciivered Uie tiratitai
Tit CU::Ur IF   ,'.ffif(-S ��: W��ifilllWli us
SfaaUcross .vetae*. kt tit aatssaaai f.
KxLl'ji: y-u-L iii ;-. ��L! i-rt :.ll: u.t
wren��ia�� oJ iiK- otj trt,-* t>rid is lie
;i:*nenc>e o! * Jtrfr Et:ieriL�� list u,-
��� '..a-: if.' Li>d c:t; ofttiiit and otbe:
������:  r-a?fj.    Jodtt &*org��   ������-:
i..dti:    tio   Lf:t:   ij   ;*i.-r    :       . ..:
-- 1LUZ. IfM aa*ias*rf*Bj :���
B ��� a**a*aal Tbe >x presiidtii ppc.t*
fanaatjit | a| Bm Bh Mi BBB*a*aa*j of
Mr iitt-iirt: h.ut d��'eM esiiermlT rptu
hi. di*.tUiFanJl*d iwnit*t ��� . stale*
nuki tne d;iiu]Lkt!Ei.
Tb' i:-::i ni ������t:o�� ��tl modeilnd
br Mis. Elte S'-innau w.��- Mr* Wii
i'jtXL Eitcii*'. uf Ltaudtm alG asaj aaa
a: brwtae ftrouCrr la Ent;lki,d Ii u
tbciir. Bev��L !*?�� ii Lel^t: kijc ��� ���
k-o'j Mr. Brjard :l a bb**b*iaatjal ���
J��:wt vrti a ' iiLi 'J. "trrjj :ae* '.li. L-c
t:.-. t '���:..  :���' ;jfc;^- ::. :.l> c,tb*-T IisijC
��VE *PE  PEJE   >   ^-1
Fresh   Local
N t have prepared for this sea.s.cii by passing into stork a!! I
reqnaites lor lie rancher, gardener or boustbeuctr. Spades,!
ShoveX Raies. Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pmners,
Tree Sprayers. S=i."'. Garoer "ools. Etc
Prompt attcntior   ;.* c  tc   itrrte-  p-der*.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwai
Company. Limited.
a   A  1BAAC
tad New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St
Another  Snap!
PINE t-ROOM HOUSE *�� turnwher)
noatly. electnc ligh; and crty Mttr. T��
aood loto level. ': 'r^it treea *plend:d
a*roer. aio i����vn. Larot thed for cti.c*.
em. HX casn t>a>*nct I' 3CIG.X t2S pe'
mpr-tr.. i per cert
K  W.  H1NTON '
Rvpatrln* ��r��*a .l..r.K.,t oevut*K] *. it h E.a^pat.h    ��r.*��t M^al||
W'tw*, M,r��ir,a and .M.tl .%ia&hln��r,.      M��nut.c1ur<*r.(N
Or. C��r-e,  u.   H.   c<mtni;tt>���- Can.
"'V '"l\i
X.    A    ChTtipiHii      ii    L    [j.|
- -L 1 - :.i   : ������ i
A   Lucaii.  :��� raaata    a*aaB*BI   t*.a,.
tl   '���   :���   . L.       i.'    :
Sc"'-I '    '      '.   h till  : nd     .   :.   tin
I p      ������ ���
owar io Paacaai itr i v�� aani
��� :   a   ftaaaaj   aaj
���������-.:.i.    ;���    ,,.:.���.,    ���   ���..���,.....
���  Bski " ri B 1  McPnee
��' If Ma SB ���   :  ���  ,i taacj ;...,.
' "��� ' an (he
'. " v "' " ��� N  o��b:
������ ��� r ir ullllsuiu���.,
7"Aree Show Cases
^and Two Counters
nwwr ���**.!.*m *.:tre��* r��T
- FIEiTT^Llse KOOUi. . :.,r mm    a��
��� t'Q**k^tt��r. Sri S.u E. W  C. tlta-a.
Made on)r br tbe M*;Je Tree Pr^-
���j --">   Ass Tli ���_'..!.. WturlKi  C;ae!*<
fobaaootst  Sato Street.
Blue fOESE!. Jvo et.Ll* !��� aa; .. aaa.
<>��.     For Pnoe.  Aj.(.r X   i. I   Km .'m.
: ErXiMli"' HOrst. . tot* ��ti b*��r;ii�� l..-.:i
ir*��. oxmrttlon str*.*. 2 it*>ri Iron. |T(k.u,i.-
... r.&t 111 uopci aaaaia. 7v0 a**l ks.jo.t
���!*,.. Aorngj'*. ton ii. r.,��* k-r .ft>*.. rrnt
fU �� v��r n*o��Uu Ir^. i 0*. Eater ��tr��n.
>��� >:i B.C.
gflirnxient Juki e*i*tie^ uj. aid poarac-
teed the ber eter broopht lstc Nelscn.
%. W. C Bloek . Faoa* It
We have just received
a '""jftisaqtf of the
for -which we are sole
agents  for this   city.
Ever trv
a pa:rr
"The Royal"
Spring Stock lust Opened Up!
Carload Linoleum* and Carpet*
Prom (iliiaijuw. Scotland.
Beat Qualities at I^ow Price**.
Standard Furniture G>mpatiy|
��� tdMiI a. tllK I   f^Wbm.
C'fnern.faia* Vt;;-^*..
af fcmfcl       M        .t-i   |*JRtl
CampkU Hphu FomiibcK
m i>ilnss a Lomber* Shingles*
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window**)
Turned Work nnd Bracket**. Mail Ordnr* tirfmp'J.T sJ*""*1]
                VERIOM STRBIfT   -   .   .   VELSOX. B. c
Stimmer Necessities
Door and Window Screens
Wood-Vallai.ee Hardware Co., Limi


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