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The Daily Canadian Mar 30, 1908

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Array ASK   FOR
L  monarch  of  table waters..   The
all the time..   It's bottled  at  the
LUMH  2.      NO.   258
lean Settlers Pour
Into Canada
Ie than last year
Irxg May Buy Out Street Rail-
ly lompariy���Canada From
Ocean to Ocenn.
peg, March 30. -The tide of Im-
in from hu' United States has
1 earnest, Tlie number of lund
Ulers crossing the bouu-
|ai   ni 1 kci ss  of  last year and
I In   say   this   will   be   the
,..,:   .mil   will  exceed  any   pie-
L-ai b)  I-"' or 2o per oent.
March   30.���Privates     Cole.
j(.    iii    Tierce,  have  been sen-
���     days at hard labor by
I hu   desertion  from the
L;,-., barracks.
1 March 30.���The plumbers
I . . Utters1 union, by un over-
| ':iiy, has decided to con-
���   ��� which has been lu pro-
Ifor the past  eleven months.    El-
out auotber conference
f: Mi.is have failed through
��� is   refusing   their   con-
Igston. Mnrch no.���.lames Douglas,
J v. V irt    as subscribed flu.OOO toil'   I.   1,000   endowment   which
k'hool  of    minim;,   affiliated   with
university,   has   lately   under-
In  order to qualify   for
.iidatlon funds.    Dr. Douglas
;: :ii' ut bridge builder, who sonic
.'-   was  made  a doctor of  laws
1, Out.. March 30.��� Dufferin
lUonlatfl huve chosen K. .1.
farmer, as a candidate for the
1 ���   ;it  the   next  elections.
��� ton,  March 30J.  T.  Regan  was
1   by   South   Wentworth  Con-
���-   tor   the   legislature   at   the
I' '       "US.
ito, March 30.���Nicholas Lznola,
-   'I'I. bas been arrested In consult the shooting of Yeo Mllo-
ii-' Monday night.
���ii, March  30.���The coroner's
Hare returned    the    verdict    that
M.  Hrennan,   who   was  found
ii store In the north end of the
|t��o weelfa ugn. died from  natural
1 ii.'  body   had  been  exhumed
request of his mother who bus
toul  play.
Ior'iit''.    March    30. ��� Customs    re-
��'ta: 11 this port for the period. March
���how   a     decrease  of    $1142.-
lompared  with the same period
il,    .March    30. ��� Mrs.    Cyril
PssU, -,: years of age. who was bad-
burn.-ij  m her  home  on  Boundary
Jw lasl   Sunday   night   by   an  explo-
F of (mil on amj gasoline which was
'ii the  stove   by   her   husband   to
��� ' lhe lit... died in ihe hospital yes-
iiii nrteen month! old dauah-
I'*���>  -lie bad  In  her arms at the
also badly binned and Is still
ni condition,
1 -'aw, March 30.���Thomas Scot 1.
,f age, was Instantly killed
by a yard engine while driv-
tbe   track   below   this   city.
from Pettoiia, Ontario,
* c
��ll   tl
'Ht iv
Match    30��� The   trial    of
; Terraoe, a young English
'"��� charge of murdering  Wll-
near Brampton on ihe night
,"' 1;is  Day   last,  takes   place   nt
H'nliiiil assise! opening tomorrow.
loti'u'm'"'" Maron B0C-A big proposl-
[."iii come before the cltv council
I'l'iii','!"''"'1' tonight The Winnipeg
l,r' .'' s"'"ei railway has made an of-
Iii*.       wh"u> of 'heir plant in Win-
I'siill ,'!v"lvl"�� millions of dollnrs. It
���city "ITl'r Will be accepted by the
i,8*"!!   Sti.
-,ri,li'l  tVSi
Marie,   Ont.,���John    Me-
ilK killed   while  logging  on   11
claim     across   the     Minnesota
}'    He was riding with bis son
!    ""''' tnnii on a big load of logs
erted 11 !''   w'l'"letree   became   nnloos-
""u Ibe load unturned, McDermld,
aJ-aiUj (banaMcm
Fifty Cents a  month
who was sixty-eight years of age and
do quick enough to save himself, was
burled under the great  mass of logs
child in
March 80, - The mystery smth. bailing of th,, body of a
culvert at Pottersburg has
been cleared up, it was a ittll-born
child, and was buried by the raiber, an
Knglish Immigrant. Not being able to
dig :i bole on account of the ice on 1 in-
ground, be placed a box with the body
in a siiowiiiiii Intending to bury it in
the spring.
Stealing    of    Regalia    and   Attempt   to
Blow  up  Lord  Ashtown   Still
Unsolved   Mysteries.
I      1
Dublin, March 30.���Ireland may be
said to have two llrst-class mysteries
on hand at the present moment One
Is the celebrated case of the missing
regalia frum Dublin Castle; Uie other is
known as tbe (lleiiabiry outrage. Speaking In tlie house of commons the other
day, Mr. Hlrre.l, the chief secretary for
Ireland, announced that the government
hail nothing to conceal in the CHenahlry
matter, und that if both sides waut a
public enquiry he is willing to oblige
them. As both sides evidently desire a
full Investigation, It Is probable that
one will be held. In that event the
whole- question of Irish lawlessness will
be up for discussion.
Cable despatches at the time gave a
brief account of tbe Glennhlry outrage,
and in this column the matter was discussed more fully, but it la necessary to
briefly review the published facts, on
which there is not disagreement of public opinion, before touching the controversial Issues. To begin with, a bomb
was exploded at Lord Ashtown's shooting lodge, at Clenahlry, County Water-
ford, on August M last. Some slight
damage w-as done, but fortunately nobody was hurt. On Sept. 22 and 23
Lord Asbtown made his claim for compensation to the country. It was contested bitterly, but In the end Judge
Fitzgerald awarded Ixird Ashtown L140
and costs. The Judgment was appealed, but Mr Justice Kenny has Just re-
cetiily confirmed Judge Fitzgerald's decision.
The case was regarded as Important
because it was a fight between Nationalists and anti-Nationalists. Ixird Ashtown has been one of the sloutest of
fighters   against   the   Nationalists,  who.
in disputing tbe claim for compensation,
put Iii testimony designed to show tbat
the sn-called outrage was committed by
Lord AShtown himself, with a view of
inflaming opinion against the Nationalists. It was on this ground that the
case was first Contested nnd later ai>-
pealed, but both Judge Fitzgerald and
Mr. Justice Kenny, a Human Catholic
who was formerly solicitor-general for
Ireland, declared emphatically that this
charge was "���absolutely baseless." The
second decision took the wind out of
the Nationalists' sails, and was a vindication for Lord Ashtown. Hut the latter
is nut satisfied, and In parliament he
has pressed on the government bis demands for an Investigation. Tbe Nationalists have also declared their willingness to make-good their charges,
with the result thai Mr. Hlrre',1 bus half
promised a royal commission.
The most Important witness for the
Nationalists at the trial, the appeal,
and in the Investigation yet to come Is
District Inspector Preston, nf the Royal
Irish Constabulary. At the time of the
outrage he was In Ihe north of Ireland,
hut he was summoned to investigate
Ihe matter. On Sept 7 he made a report
of the ease, which wns forwarded to
ihe authorities at Dublin Castle. It
was deemed of such a startling nature
lhat Preston was summoned before the
undersecretary and the Inspector general for examination, That the report
was Inspired by un earnest desire to
blacken Lord ashtown seems clear, for
the Official had fur exceeded bis duties
In offering opinions and suggestions.
and In inserting alleged facts that did
not   come   under    his    observation.     A
si nd report was made at the Instance
of the undersecretary. In which the
opinions nnd extraneous matter were
omitted. The content! of this report
wire communicated to the press hirer the trial, a piece of Irregularity
strongly condemned by the trial judge.
Obviously tbe reason for this leak
was a desire lo Injure Lord Ashtown.
and the government disclaim! all responsibility ln the matter. lint al the
trial of ihe appeal the detective Implicated the Inspector-general of the Royal
Irish Constabulary, sir Neville Chamberlain, lie declared thai it wns at Sir
Neville's command that he had signed
tbe document, although he did not believe Ibe charge he had Insinuated
against Lord Ashtown. lie was supplied wilh "beads" lor Ihe second report
he says. These Implications are denied by Mr. Blrrell, who explains Pros-
ion's remarkable testimony on Ibe
ground thai be was confused iii cross-
examination, In the house of commons
tlie Irish secretary wns unable to explain why sir Neville Chamberlain had
refused to let Preston's original report
go before Ihe appeal Judge, on the pie!
thai it would prejudice tbe public service In view of the fact tbat Is has now
been issued as a parliamentary paper.
Summing u|> 'he case. It Is plain Hint
some olllcliils In high places In the Irish
executive are unili'i' a cloud of suspicion, and that It will require a thorough
Invest'gal Ion   t
, 0
How Pledge of Economy
Has Been Kept
Contrast of Conservative and Liberal
Records of Taxation and
.     16,037,001
.     83,277,641
.     44,096,383
restore   limit:   roputa-
Ottawa, March 30.���The budget ls
still one of the chief topics of intereBt
in the capital.
The liscal year ends with this month,
and the minister of finance should be
able to figure out closely the financial
statement of the twelve months. The
following are substantial facts:
Total tevenue for 1907-08..$ 96,500,000
Total taxation for 1908.... 73,500,000
Tho latter sum may be compared
Taxation   for   1905-00 $
Taxation   for   1896   tCon.)..
This shows the pace at which the
burdens of the peojsdfl have Increased
during twelve years.
Current expenditure 1907-08.$ 77,500,000
Current expenditure 1905-06 67,240,142
Curt ent expenditure,   1895-6
(Con.)        36,949,142
To this must be added the following:
Capital aud spoclaj expenditure.   1907-08 $33,000,000
Capital   and   special   expenditure,   1905-06	
Capital  and special  expenditure,   1896,    (Con.)	
Adding these we have:
Toial   expenditure   1907-08.
Total   expenditure   1905-06.
Total     expenditure,   1S95-
6    (Cop,.)   ���	
Increase     of     net     debt,
1907-08 $12,000,000
Estimated Increase of debt next year,
Increase   in   1906  S18.81J
Increase   In   1896-6        5,422,505
$.'.0,000,000 to $40,000,000.
In only four previous years in the history of (he country has there been so
large an increase to tlxe debt, aud In
one of these It was due to a readjustment of the accounts of the provinc.ee.
Notwithstanding this enormous Increase of debt, Mr. Fielding claims a
surplus of $19,000,000 on current account. Next year he expect** the current revenue to fall off $6,5*0,000 or
more, not through reduction of taxation, for no change in that direction
has been made, but through a falling
off In trade, At the same time, Mr.
Fielding expects a large increase in current expenditure, so that the alle&ed
surplus will be alimut wiped out, ami
most of the capital outlay added to tho
debt. On the Transcontinental alone
the government exisocts to spend $30,-
000,000 next year; $5,000,000 will be required at once, and another $5,000,000
later for the Quebec bridge, and probably $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 for other
enterprises. So, on Mr. Fielding's own
statement we ynny look for an increase
of some 140,000,000 to tlie debt next
year. This la more than the total In
crease during the last ten years of the
Conservative administration.
For the rost, Mr. Fielding admits
a large Increase of imports and decrease of exports In the year now closing, and looks for a future decrease in
both. His address was a remarkable
contrast to that of previous years,
when he boasted of expanding trade,
of   Increasing   activity   In   matiufacttire.
of the high nnd Increasing pi-ices or
Canadian securities, and of great ppis-
perlly in all branches of business. This
year he had lo tell of special govern
ment assistance to Unanctal Institutions, of curtailment of credits, of business anxieties, of Industrial contraction, and  of his  own struggle  to  meet
maturing obligations.
He had a rather pathetic story of
the Issue of treasury notes, short term
loans, overdafts ln banks, nnd other
devices suggestive of the late Mr. Mi-
oawber. The year after Mr. Fielding
look office he floated a lonn in London
at two and a half percent. Interest
Last May a four per cenl. loan Boated
by Sir Richard Cartw-rlght thirty years
Ago and extended lit 1904 again fell
due. Mr. Fielding gxil a new extension of time at the four per cent. rate,
'dving Ihe creditors the option of tnk
ing three per cent, for thirty years,
the government giving a note for ��105
for each   ��100 due.
In August last Mr. Fielding borrowed
$2,500,000 for a year at four and a half
per cent.
In December last, he borrowed $7,500.
000   for   five years    at   four per  cent.
In January he borrowed $5,000,000
for a year ai four   and a half  per cent.
Last month he, .borrowed J2.000.000
ln France for a yos.r at four per cent,
He has completed negotiations for a
$15,000,000 loan for tony-two years at
three   olid   a   half   per   cent.
During part ol last year Mr. Field
lug wus paying us high us six per
cent, to thu Huns of l-.iigiaud ou over
dialts umountiiig   to  $l,i>uu,ooo.
Muanwuile the Canadian depositors
iu tlie saving.- bank, irom whom tho
government has $90,000,000 borrowed,
aie  receiving  only   three  per cent.
In Mr. Foster's ub.e review of the
budget tbe following were unioug other
lu the last Ave years of Conservative
administration nearly $22,000,000 of tax
ei were 1 emitted. That was the rea
son the surpluses were uo small.
This government continues to In
crease the  taxeB.
The Liberal party was pledged to
reduce taxation, and has' more than
doubled it.
It was pledged to reduce expend!
lure  and it has mure  than doubled  it.
The expenditure in 1896 was $114,
000 a day.    It is now $303,000 a day.
If the present government had not
increused the taxes It would have increased the debt by $15u,000,000 ln
eleven years. If the Couservutlves hud
collected in taxes the amounts thut are
now taken they would have paid oh
more than half of the national debt
iu  their   last ten   years.
Tbe cost of the Transcontinental on
tbe  piesent government estimates  will
(be about double the amount stated by
Lhe ministers when the contract wus
Mr. Fielding's estimate for the section from \\ innipeg to Moncton wus
$28,000 a mile. Already there bus been
expeuded $26,000,000 or $14,U00 u mile,
aud the vote for next yeor'B expenditure brings the amount to $56,000,000,
winch Is more than the nuance minister estimate. The road-bed will not
then   be   holt   completed.
We are to pay over $100,000 a year
above the previous cost of coinage for
the privilege of having a initiL in this
country. ,
The Yukon was to pay for the Yukon, the government boasted, but that
district has cost nearly $4,000,000 more
tnan the revenues. The Dominion is
paying $1,400,000 a year to govern that
country, with only about 6,000 people
ln It, and producing last year $3,000,-
000 worth of gold.
The government has made Canada
a paradise tor middlemen. It has distributed the public domain with royal
magnificence among its friends, but has
forgotten   the   common   people.
We imported last year $104,000,000
more than we sold.
We have imported in the last three
years  $190,000,000  more  than  we  sold.
We bought last year from the United States $85,000,000 worth more than
they bought from us. whereas in 1896
the   difference   was   only   $19,000,000.
The Increase in the value of Canadian trade iu recent years is largely accounted  for by  higher prices.
Higher prices, with the duty based
on   value,   means   higher   taxation.
At the same rate of duty the consumer would be paying at least one-third
more taxes on the same article as he
would  pay In  1896.
A large part of the additional taxation drawn from the resources of the
country has been expended in unproductive works, or wasted In extravagance,  or  stolen   by  grafters.
Lake  Service   Restored.
Coast connections will be resumed via Robson, with train 45
leaving Nelson tonight. Passengers, mails and baggage and express from the coast will arrive
via Slocan City tonight at 21.30.
Train 45 tonight will connect with
a boat at Robson going north.
v  -^
Dark Bluea Improving.
Putney. March 30.���The Oxford-Cambridge boat race, which a few weeks
ago it w us believed the Cambridge crew
would win without great effort, on account of which Interest ln the annual
event lagged, ls now thought likely to
be a close contest. The race will be
rowed on April 4 and this reversal of
feeling Is accounted for to soma extent
by the secret trial rowed by Oxford
Friday over which the coach of the
crew shows great elation. While the
figures are not officially given It Is
understood that Ihe dark blues made
the distance in 19 minutes, 37 seconds,
and were going strong when they reached the finish. Cambridge on Saturday,
however, did a better trial than this,
covering the course In 19 minutes, 16
seconds, but the light blues had the advantage of being paced and with more
favorable water conditions.
Chester Gillette's Sermon
Before Death
Murderer of Grace Brown Confessed
and Died Calmly���His Mother
Urged Him to Speak.
Deadly Umbrella.
Moutreal, March 30.���Killed hy the
point of an umbrella handle being Jabbed Into the corner of his eye and pene-
trutlng his brain during a row on the
platform of a street car early yesterday
morning, Frederick Kaiser, who was
employed as a stage hand at Ills Majesty's theatre, lies In the morgue, while
Louis Lufanime. bartender, ls held by
Ihe police to await the action of the
coroner. The row occurred on St.
Catherine's street. I.afamme. who wns
arrested at his home Inst night, claims
thut he was attacked by the deceased
and another young fellow who he believes wns his brother, and during the
mixup that followed the point of the
unhrella handle accidentally stuck In
Kaiser's left eye.
Auburn, N. Y., March 30.���Unmoved
and without showing the faintest Bign
of emotion of any kind, Chester Gillette was put to death in an electric
chair at Auburn this morning. The
electrocution was the most successful
lhat ever tpok place in the local prison. Uut oae coutact was made to curry
the mandate of the law into effect and
when that was over the murder ot
Grace or "Billy" Brown had been avenged and the slayer had paid the penalty,
giving a life for a life. Only one contact was necessary. In every way the
electrocution was a success and the officials of the prison, all of whom had
ieared that there might be some untoward event in connection with the
execution were moro than pleased. The
electiocutlon was marked throughout
with celerity and the mlnuteBt details
were curried out to ita culmination.
The man was declared dead by the oi-
liciuls at 6:18, but by the watches held
by some of the newspaper reporters it
was two minutes after that time when
the warden announced it to witnesses
and the attendant gentlemen, that the
physicians announced that the man was
dead. The contact that was necessary
for the man to be killed was of ISOo
volts at 1% amperes and it was held on
three seconds more than a full minute.
When this had been done careful examination of the man's heart was made
but there was no sign of life.
Witnesses assembled at the warden's
office at six o'clock, and the inarch from
the office door through the south wing
oi thep rison to the death chamber was
started. This was quickly over and at
6:12 o'clock when the state electrician,
Mr. Davis, made his test of the machinery the witnesses were all on hand and
had their seats assigned. The word
was given and the door leading from
the death cell was opened. Gillette
walked firmly and looking neither to
the right nor to the left, walking briskly along the row- into the chamber. On
either side of him was a minister of the
gospel. Captain Herrick was on his
right and Mr. Macllvray on his left.
It wns 6, 12, 35, when the little party
entered the chamber and the work of
strapping the man to the chair was
quickly over. The official time made
this 6, 12, 50. The contact was put on
at 6, 14. 03 and switched off at 6, 15,
06. Immediately after Dr. Shltzka, the
noted alienist, made an examination of
the henrt. Other heart examinations followed and at 6.18 the warden made the
announcement that the laws had been
Gillette made a confession to his
spiritual advisers.
This reach Is contained ln a statement that the clergymen gave out after
the electrocution. This reads as follows: "Because our relationship with
Chester Gillette was privileged, we do
not deem It wise to make a detailed
statement and simply wish to say that
no legal mistake was made In his electrocution." (Signed) Henry Macllvray.
Cordelia Herrick.
Although the statement as to the confession was not In detail and came to
the world through the signed statement
of the ministers. Gillette had a word to
say to the young men of the world.
This was a communication that was
handed to Warden Benham last night
at 1 o'clock and was given out this
I morning as folows: "In the shadow of
death. It Is my desire to do everything
that would remove any doubt ns to my
having found Jesus Christ, the Personal
Saviour and unfailing friend. My one
regret at thlB time Is that I have not
given him the prominence ln my life
while I had the opportunity to work
for him. If I could only sny one thlnn
that would bring men to him, I would
deem It the greatest privilege granted*
mo, but. all I can say now. Is, I know-
In whom I have believed, and nm persuaded that he Is able to lteep that
which    I have    committed    unto    Him
against that day. If the young mctn of
this country could only know the Joy
and pleasure of a Christian life, I Know
they would do all ln their power to be-
comme earnest active Christians and
would strive to live as Christ would
have them live. There ls not one thing
1 have left undone which will bar me
from facing my God, knowing that my
sins are forgiven, for I have been free
and frank in my talks with my spiritual adviser and God knows where I
stand. My task is done, the victory
won."     (Signed)   Chester  Gillette.
Mrs. Gillette made the following statement: "Though it Is a very hard thing
for me to feel Chester was responsible
for Grace Brown's death, yet it was the
wish expressed to him continually by
me that if he was guilty 1 wanted him
to suy so before the world and that In
bis triumphant death 1 feel that God
has answered my dearest wish and
prayer, and I am also thankful to know
that he did not strike Grace Brown, as
described by the prosecution. A full
account will never be given out, but he
did not strike Grace Brown."
At this point Mrs. Gillette broke
down and sobbed, so that she was unable to speak. When she recovered
her composure she roBumed as follows:
"I leel that he should have had another trial, at which he could have had
an opportunity before an unprejudiced
court and jury and where fair statements could have been made and considered, but my boy was ready to go,
and 1 have nothing to say against Governor Hugos' decision. I think he decided what he thinks ls just, but he has
shown no mercy. I trust that there will
be a strong protest against capital punishment ln this state, that a young life
recently given to God has been cut off
by the law, when it might have been
spared to be useful to the world in one
of the darkest places of that world, a
Successive  Explosions  Due to Gas and
Coal Duat Cause Death of
70 Miners.
Cheyenne, Wyo��� March 30.���Between
60 and 70 men, it developed today, lost
their lives in an explosion last night ln
coal mine No. 1 of the Union Pacific
Coal company at Ilaiina. The explosions were cused by gases and coal
dust and each was followed by fire. The
first explosion .occurred at 3 o'clock in
tlie afternoon killing 18 miners including superintendent and three bosses.
The second explosion occurred at 10.30
o'clock last night snuffing out the Tives
of from 40 to 50 men including Inspector D. M. Ell. The names of the men
killed in the explosion are shown on
the company's books but none of the
names of the rescuers were kept. The
wildest excitement prevails at the mine
where hundreds ot persons are congre-
gregated, including widows, children
aud other relatives of victims. Men
and women are running about crying
while many little children separated
from their mothers are sobbing with
fear. When the second explosion occurred, additional appeals were telegraphed to all surrouning towns for
assistance. One.train ls rushing west
trom Omaha carrying officers of the
Union Pacific railroad and of the Union
Puciflc Coal company.
The regular force of men employed
at mines Nos. 2 and 3 were pressed Into
the rescue work, which ls extremely
difficult. The bodies of 4 of the IS men
who lost their lives In the first explosion were found last night, but owing
to the increasing volume ot gas which
treatened to explode at any moment,
no effort was mude to remove them to
the surface. Fire started In the colliery
lust Sunday. Since that time attempts
at regular short Intervals were made
to extenguish the blaze. Yesterday It
was deemed unsafe to send the miners
down and they were told not to report
tor duty. Superintendent Brlggs with
the best and most experienced hands
went Into the mine, but at 3 o'clock the
lire reached the gas and a terrible explosion followed. ln a few minutes
many men volunteered to enter the
mine to reBcue any survivors. The fire
hindered the rescuers, but they made
some progress. After a long struggle
the volunteers got well Into the mine.
Those on the surface had begun to expect results from the Intrepid daring ot
ihe rescuers, but at 10.30 o'clock the
> camp was startled by a second explosion that partly shut off the shaft of
the mine and most likely killed the
volunteers.   The victims nre below the
enth level and It ls probable the flames
have consumed their bodies.
New Chairman of Railway Commission
James Dunsmoir Calls on Premier���
Earl Grey Patron of Cathedral
Music���Notes of the Capital.
Ottawa, March 30.���Addressing the
Canadian Club, Hon. P.. Lemleux spoke
strongly ln favor of tu continuance of
friendly relations and .ie treaty between Canada and Japan. Canadians,
he said, should never forget the interests of the mother country and should
be slow to take any step which would
result In the breaking 01 her ties with
her strongest ally. A combination of
the greatest powers of the day. Great
Britain and Japan with una United
mates as silent partner, guarantees
peace and just dealing with China and
ivorea as far as Russia is concerned
and that in all matters concerning the
Pacific ocean there was opeu door to
Gieat Britain, Canada una uie otu.eu
tiuites for trade, commerce and the nee
gospel. Japan held the aey to uie lar
east and should be the natural u.iy 01
every true Briusner.
A conference is to be held next month
oi representatives of various South
African colonies at which it is expected
that preliminary steps will be taken toward federation of all those colonies.
The Canadian trade coiun..saioner ol
South Africa, in his report to the trade
and commerce department, says it is
stated there thai there are prospects of
the South African colonies reverting' to
the original ten per cent customs tana
which obtained two years ago. Prospects are also that the free list will be
extended and a system oi modern protection established to afford assistance
to such colonial industries as demonstrate any prospect of permanence.
Hon. Judge Mabee, the new chairman of the railway commission, arrived
in Ottawa today and will take over his
duties at once.
Lieutenant-Governor Dunsmuir of
British Columbia, who is on his way to
Europe, was In Ottawa today and called
upon Sir Wilfrid Laurler.
Ottawa, March  30.���His    Excellency
Earl Grey has extended his patronage
to the festivals of cathedral  music  to
be    sung    by    the    church    choristers
throughout    the    Dominion  under the
conductorship of  Sir  Frederick  Brid!
of Westminster Abbey.   The celebratl
Abbey   organist    leaves     England   f��
Canada April 19th.
London, March 30.���The condition 0
Premier Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerma,
shows no marked change for the worst
today, but the disease is making gradi
al inroads upon his reserve vitality. Th)
bulletin Issued this morning says: "Th.
prime minister had e quiet day yestet
day and a fairly good night. He con
tinues weak, but there ls no marked
change ln his condition."
Insanity and Suicide.
Montreal, March 30.���White apparently suffering from a violent fit of insanity, a young English Immigrant glr.
named Eliza HIckey, made a determined effort at suicide last night which may
yet prove successful. She put In the
day quietly at her boarding bouse,
Alexander street, but in the evening retired to her room, where she waa apparently seized with a fit of Insanity,
for she tore most of her clothes up and
then tore up her bed clothes and window curtains. Then she took a big dose
of carbolic acid. The girl is now in the
general hospital ln a critical condition.
Kaiser Takes It all Back.
Berlin. March 30.���Emperor William,
having been fully advised us to the attitude of President Roosevelt and ths
feeling of the Ameriaan public In regard to the alleged refusal of Ills Mn-
Jesty to receive Dr. Hill as American
ambassador to Germany ln succession
to Mr. Tower, has recalled all the expressions of disapproval he recently
sent to President Roosevelt and would
be pleased to receive Dr. Hill as ambassador. The emperor has caused
this view to be communicated to President   Roosevelt,
More Unemployed.
Toronto, March 30.���Two hundred
Immigrants trom the old country arrived In Toronto this morning. The Immigration authorities are arranging
places for them on farms ln Eastern
Ontario, but not more than one-third of
them appeared willing to leave Toronto.
Another batch ls due this afternoon.
Brothers on Trial.
Welland. Ont. March 29.���John and
Frank Drudes, Poles, and brother, are
under arrest here, charged with having
stabbed another Pole named Drusanky.
Another man was concerned in the affair, but he escaped. Drusanky will recover unless blood poisoning sets in. 1 .3 Daily Canadian
Important Notice to Newcomers and Intending Settlers
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Ranchers', Miners'. Prospectors',
Lumbermen's and Railroadmen's
Supppiies   and  the   Leading
We keep the best of everything, and the best only.
Our Immense business and practically unlimited capital give us sped:
advantages ln buying, so that we can   sell,   and   do   sell,    HIGH    CLASS
GOODS at prices generally charged for INFERIOR  ARTICLES.
Flour, Bran. Shorts and Hay Always in Stock
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized    S 10,000,000     Capital   Paid   up $4,925,000
Rest    $4,925,000
D. R. W1LKIE, President. HON   ROBKKT JAFFBAY, Vioe-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest allowed on  deposits from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
J.   JVI.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.   D.   1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund ,  S4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  klnda of Banking  Business.
SPECIAL   ATTENTION   given   to  the
avinga    Bank    Department,   and
Merest    credited    Quarterly    on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, In Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six days a wees by tae
Baker St..  Nelsou, B. c
HuoscrljiUou rates, Mi cents A month delivered
lu the city, or S5.UO tt year It sent by mull, when
paid la advHUi'e.
Advertising rates on application.
Al) moult-* psld In settlement ot The Pally
Cauadtaii urcouuls, either for subscriptions or
.dvcrtlslliK, must be receipted for on the printed
forms ot the CumpHiiy. Other receipts are hot
Monday,  March  30,  1908.
There seems to he a general expectation that Sir Wilfrid Laurler will reorganise his ministry before the next
election campaign, which is probably
equivalent to sayiug immediately after
the present Session ot parliament.
cauuot be said thul tin  Wilfrid has
particularly fortunate  In his col-
���sgUM at any time, and the later liud.s
have been as a rule Interior to the early
ones.     Of  the   cabinet    formed   in   the
summer of   1886 only   Sir  Wilfrid,  Air.
Fielding,   Sir   Hichrad   CartwiigUt,   Sir
Fred. Borden, Mr. Paterson, Mr. Fisher
and     Senator     Scott  remain,     Among
those who have beeu lost to the cabinet
by    death,    promotion  or resignation,
have been Sir Oliver Mowat, Sir Henri
Joly,  Mr. Ulair, .Mr.  Tarte, JJou.  David
Mills,   Sir   Louis,   JJavies,   Mr.   Sifton,
Air.   J-'iizpatrick   and   a   host  of   lesser
lights,    lu most cases their successors
are Inferior men.
Of the cabinet as it now stands the
only men whose names are any Strength
to Lhe party are Sir Wilfrid Laurler,
Mr. Melding, Mr. Aylesworth and, possibly, Mr. Leniieux. The efforts of the
premier to strengthen the ministry by
going outside of parliament for material
have nut uvalled, and the only name
that would occur to any one as a cabinet possibility at the present time Is
Mr. Sifton.
It is Impossible not to sympathize
with the premier's difficulties. He came
into power with a strong, united and
svnlhuslastlc party.    There was then nu
dearth of capable men to choose from.
Now, alter the lapse of hardly a dozen
years, the party is almost bankrupt iu
ability. Some of the men who have
sat in the Dominion cabinet council,
aud several who are there now, are not
Iltted by ability or judgment to sit in a
village council. The claims of race,
creed and locality sometimes restrict
the choice of the leader. He must make
his cabinet to some extent representative of all elements. The only reason
lor the choice of Mr, Pugsley, for exv
ample, was that -Mr. Kuimerson's porl-
lolio was recognized as belonging to
New Brunswick.
Uut even if there were no such restrictions, if Sir Wilfrid had the whole
Duminiou to choose from ior every vacancy, his tusk at present would be
hard. The reason can only be found lu
tlie recent hlslory oi the parly. In 1883
a Liberal convention, representative of
the whuie Dominion, drew up a notable
programme and begun a campaign ol
education. Every young Liberui knew
the programme, some ot its features
were flagrantly dishonest but the rank
und file were probably unconscious of
it. Such declarations as those for
purity    of   elect ions,    provincial    rights,
civil service reform, honesty ami
eoonomj in administration, were well
calculated   to  inspire  enthusiasm  and
morul earnestness. Thousands of young
Lloerals worked lor their party iu the
election of JSiid, absolutely convinced
thai their cause wus the only righteous
N'olhlng of that remains. Those
young men are twelve years older uud
wlBer now, and they have uo successors. They have seen provincial rights
trampled upon by their own party as
never before since Confederation, tkey
have seen the civil Bervice degraded to
an instrument of direct and open bribery, even the bench not being spured;
they have seen electoral corruption on
a scale never dreamed of before, and
they have seen those most guilty of It
rewarded by appointment to the public
service; and Instead of retrenchment
they have seen the annual expenditure
more than trebled.
The party has. In fact, been false to
every pledge that inspired the honest
and earnest devotion of the young Liberals from 1893 to 1890. There is only
one way in which they can recover It.
The "barnacles" will drop off the ship
in the cold fresh water of opposition.
Remarkable    Reversal    in    Bye-Election
in   London���Interests   United
AgainGt Government.
London March 30.���The most extravagant hopes of the Conservatives regarding the Peckham election for member of parliament were eclipsed by the
actual result. Their Candidate, Mr.
Gooch, polled 0,970 votes, and the Liberal candidate, Mr. Gauntrey, 4,470 The
Liberal majority in 1000 was 11,339.
Uoth parlies concentrated their efforts to elect their candidate, aud the
result is of great significance. No British government in recent times has
Buffered such a humilitating defeat so
early in its career. It signifies a reversal of the political situation in the
country at large, for Peckham is a representative metropolitan constituency.
The figures have naturally carried
consternation to the Liberal leaders,
and can scarcely fail to cause considerable modification of their programme.
The Licensing Bill, especially, will
probably be amended, and no serious
effort to carry the Old-age Pension bill
in any form is likely. The Suffragettes
claim uo small part of tlie credit for
the reversal of Peckhasni's Liberal majority.
Not since the notorious Mafeking
night has any part of London witnessed
such a scene of delirium as occurred in
the Peckham district after the result of
the polliug was announced. All the
main streets were packed with parading
thousands, shouting, blowing horns and
The scene In the house of commons
when the result was announced was
equally uproarious. The Unionists
cheered frantically, yelled "resign!" at
the government, waved hats and han-
kerchiefs, and gesticulated like school
boys. The Liberals and Laborites retorted with contemptuous shouts of
"Beer, beer, glorious beer," in allusion
to the big fight by the liquor trade In
Peckham, in view of the licensing bill.
The Conservative newspapers generally see in the election an indication of
the country's hostility to the government's Socialistic tendencies. They also
read in it a verdict in favor of fiscal
The Daily Mail avers that the Radical-Socialist Goliath has received a mortal wound. It contends that if the government, ln face of this condemnation,
pushes on its confiscatory measures the
house of lords will be fully Justified In
rejecting them. It. and not the house
of commons, now represents the sentiment of the nation.
The Telegraph declares that the Interval of Radical ascendancy Is over.
and that the march of Socialistic spolia
tlon has  been stopped.
The Morning Post construes the re
suit mainly as sanctioning tariff reform.
The Liberal and Radical newspapers all make the point that the Peek
ham district was always Conservative
until the general turnover last election.
and that it has merely returned to ils
old allegiance under a strong appeal
to the eslflshness or the Individual elector by the powerful organization of
the liquor trade.
"Beer is triumphant." Is the shocked
cry of the defeated party.
The Moderate Liberal Chronicle deplores the fact that various threatened
vested interests, namely, the liquor
trade hy the licensing bill, coal users,
by the Miners' Eight-Hour Bill, and the
Church, by the Education Bill, combined under the banner of the brewers.
Their victory. It declares, is an evil
The Radical Morning Leader, taking
a similar view, sees a grave warning
and says the purity of public life Is
The Daily News declares there will
bo no alteration In the government programme.
Candidate Chosen.
Brampton, Ont., March 30.���Conservatives have nominated S. Charters, editor of the Conservator, Brampton, as
candidate ln the next provincial election.
Take notice that thirty days after
date, I. Harry Rhymell, Intend to
apply to the License Commissioners of
Ymir district for a license to open an
hotel in Kitchener, B. C.
Dated this 25th day of March. 1908.
Cancellation of Reserve.
FOR SALE���160 acres on the Pend
d'Orellle River, and outside the frost
belt south of Nelson, containing 100
acres of natural meadow land, balance
open land, easily cleared, part Improvements.     Price $25 per acre.
For particulars of this and other
propositions  reply
BOX   987,   NELSON,   B.   C.
One-Way Colonist
Rates to Alberta and
British  Columbia
Notice li berpby given that the re-nerv* over
certain in mln in South-Etui Kootenay, notice of
which apyeared ln the British ('-Oiiiinbla Gazette
of the 14th of August, 1840 and bore date of August 12th, 1890, ls hereby cancelled. The above
mentioned lands will be open for location under
the Land, Act on March 30, 19>��.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Worki
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, P 0.. December 16th. 1907.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Meal* 35 cts,    Rooms from ii. eti, to I).
omy White Ueip Kmployed
Baker St.. Nelion Proprietor!
Most comfortable quarters      NetsoD
Only tbe best ofLIquors and olgars
Grand Central Hotel
LONDON $46.05
KINGSTON   50.10
OTTAWA    51.40
OTTAWA via Chicago 62.45
QUEBEC 56.00
Tickets on sale Feb. 2!��th, April 29th,
1908. Corresponding low rates from Intermediate points.
For further Information aa regards to
rates,  etc.,  apply  to
O.P.A., Winnipeg
ii P.A.. Nelson
C.r A.N.lson, B.C.
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. itoomH GO cents upward Tbe
dining room ls unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court I tons*
and Postofflce, Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. C,
Lanr.  snd  Comfortable   Berlronm    and First-
olaas liinliiic Room.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE,  Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a Day House in Nelson.
The Bar is the Fluent.
White Help Only .Employed
Josephine It.
Nolnon. B. C.
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and 11 Ml a Day.
Special Rates to lingular Boarders.
Fred   Irvine & Co.
We will hold our   Annual Spring and Easter Millinery Opening in our show
rooms on second floor
and continuing for the remainder of the week.
A splendid stock of Imported French and American Pattern Hats and a large
number of Model Hats, trimmed and designed by our own milliner.
Any shade or design in Hats made to order in any shade.
We invite inspection of our stock and you will find our prices right.
Fred Irvine & Co.
3 I 3 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
ed th* w��i..r ZF,ltat;' fV'1   'np town"ltl! "' lor' M"1Ion on "owe Sound, 26 miles from Vancouver, and MOW
,        nf^,r '?��'?,,?/, ,'a',ny ,IHVt'r,\<Vhlch '. C""'"'1" "' ""Velopins from ^000 to 6000 horse-power, for the lo-
Ji      ,"t,��"r nian"n" n Plant for the manufacture of newspaper, build Ine   paper,    wrapping   paper   etc., the
operation bVyeNoyaPl?C|908 t0n" ��' fln'8hCd "��* "* WeUK ;  the <;��""iany hope ���T.���Cp Plant la
We now offer for subscription the balance of our first allotment  of    Preferred    8toek    In blocks    of 100
sharea  at   $1.00  per  ahare;   each 100 aharea entitled to a bonus of 25  aharea of Preferred.
,.,.���,  aSSS Pnr���Cffrried 8t��SK '" c'n!UI,od,to " divl.li.nd of 7 per eont commencing  November  1.   1908.    The  7 per
cent, dividend Is due and payable before any dividend Is paid upon tba common stock.     After 7  per cent, has
���.|,al/l,"�� preferred both stocks thereafter participate equally.   There ls no good reason why the prefer
red should not pay from U to 60 per cent, dividends. twmmtu kuj ��,�� v
watf.r..dh^nei,km0f^n^r0,r""r't",n are "P"n,a.t anv,,l"lr> f,,r ��'" Inspection of tho general public. There Is no
watered stock   no Inflated valueH. no ground Hour plan, or huge promoters'   profits   In   the   enterprise.     Unlike
,X.-,rn.;''rTr'H' ",H"'"" "f fl"",r!"K 'VV5 Per 0Wlt f,,r &*����&* ��* sale of stock the entire commission, literature, newspaper advertising, brokerage, olll, xpenses, etc., Is limited to 10 per cent.
it.. ���.Th", I',,!,1,t: "'������'^���-.llall.v invited to visit our demonstrating plnnt. 313 Cordova street, and wltncsi
the manufac uro of pulp and pap, r from refuse material, ���,���_.,, a, B|UUH| dlscardod shingle bolts, etc., that Ib
now   being   burnt   at   the  local mills. -a.
Captain II. A. Mellon, J. P., American
Lloyds Agent, etc.
W. H. It. Colllstor, Manager Albion
Iron  Works, Vancouver.
Francis .1. P. Gibson, British Columbia Trust Corporation.
J. C. W. Stanley, formerly tiiinral
Manager West London Paper Mills,
London, England.
Col. T. ii. Tracey, M.C., Boo, C, B��� P,
L. S��� D. L. S., Con., Mug., former City
Engineer of Vancouver.
Frod Smith, member of Smith,
Wright tf- Davidson. Wholesale Paper
Co., Vancouver, U. C.
II. M. nurrltt, Western Manager Cor-
ticilli Silk Co., Vancouver, B. C.
EiiHtnce 11. .leims, Ilnrrlstier, etc., Vancouver, B, C.
Oeo. B, Cates. Cates Shipbuilding
Co., Vancouver, ll   0.
Creely Kolls.foi m"rly General Manager Pacific Coast Codn Co.
When You Buy Fruit Land
DON'T he altracted hy cheaper.  Inferior or  Inaccessible   ln���,ia   .I.,  v.
. but g.t the  best.    Take advantage of a double select,, '""8l 'U *��� **>****��� �� elsewhere
I.    Our selection  waa  made wilh  the  utmost  ,.����� ,.,  ..  ,,
uie  utmost tare at  a time when  we had the whole district to pick from.
:     Your   selection    mude   from ours���thus vnn �������! 11,    i
tnus >oti get the benefit of a double  and  cumulative selection.
FURTHERMORE,      remember  that   to   be  BUflflaaafnl   il,.  r   ii      ,
no successful the following five qualities are absolutely essential-
,,,.    Title;    (2).    Soil;    (3). Water;   (I,. Accessibility;   (D). Transportatio,,.
WE SELL OUR OWN LANDS.    We own over 20,000 acres, title perfect.
THE  SOIL ls deep loam  wit), clay subsoil, free from stone.
THE   WATER on these lands   Is   pure  and  abundant  both   ...   running streams and numerous springs.
THE   MARKET  for your product  Is  right  at your door on ex��a(l���g ,ill(.8 or transportatlon.
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the comfort, of civilisation CO��bln*d with the  pleasure of a profitable, hea.thfu. and beautiTu,rTal home.
TERMS-$10 Ca.h and |10 per Month    for 10 Acres, with  liberal discount  for   ,arger  payment..
Write  or  call for  Map.,  Photograpns   and  all   information.
Kootenay Orchard Association
British Columbia
lou can not diuc on FROG LEGS every clay.    We furnish the
|Beef,   Pork,    Mutton  and Veal
Hams. Bacon and hard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality iu glass aud wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Casio, Rossland     NELSON,  ��3. C- Boundary
|*tjon Und Dutriou District of west Kootenay
lk'' i ������ that Born Bird,of Nelson, oceu*
pit...D rwKl estate. ��Kunt.  Intcndi  to apply lor
tnaittiou to purcaua the following Oontfbod
'-'������ Com lending au pout plauted itt the
���twMII oornor �����( Lot 373, thence running
ns, thenoa wem **o chaini.. thence
���QitiDihainr atOTO or leu, to the northerly
���oui.U��ry of Lot Tit, thc.net' following uorth
taitmtrv L.t 871 to point ol eoinineuccimiit
sMilnlnf Kl B"r.'ii, more or lees.
���'��������' 1 )��� ; .- .��:> l.Hn. Ittutt Mark.  Hihh,
I'    C    UltlKN, Agent
I>*i*on Laml District. District ol West Kooleuay
^TaU notice that Fred. J. Sammons. agent lor
m J tanner, of NeUou, occupation watdi-
IT, iut< ndl to apply lor permission to pur-
���UiUU lollowing described lands: ( oruuivii-
�����iai��|,..M >iatm-d about tU mllei* eaat ol
"���'n-tw-k. uiiii.c -to chains in an easterly
wwtma, tbence 20 chain* nouth, thenee w
w��.niina ��.,.,.My direction, thenee 1*�� chains
*<' iL l.j the point of rouinieueemont, eontulnfig
*��'-t��. moro or less
^M Noi   2��ft\, 1DU7.
Fkrdrk k   Iohn Ta^nxr,
F J   yimiuM, Agent
<����I*and District  DUtrtciot Mml kooteuay
I^UDOt] ��� that   Fred J    Hainmons, agent nr
; ' ol Prootor. oooDpaUoo rancher.
K"m to appi) (nr pertnlaUloq to purchase tha
wniK   described   lands:     Commencing at h
P��P��ntsC aboiti 1'.. nn lea eaat ol Wilson creaJt,
���(bii   ,""!: ���'*"���' *����nalnt, theme north waa 1 n
'"'.ui.'i,.   uortheaatHOohiiina, mem* south -
'imiiii. to the ihe point oi commencement
ll, I'I!" "' "' �� *��� ��Ota or leaa.
Agent   F    J    bAMMONH.
1*^111,11,-1 Dlatrtct   District of Weat Kooleuay
It! JI,V""" '   !luU W   A- Hudson, lliuhereruUer,
eiHn".        '   '���'"kl*1"- county,  Washington, oue
���wliMtali 1 ' Vnl"-"l Ameriea, Ihtemla to apply
aaJS5i    '""'"r  Uoanai over the following
������'���"i iHis.u.    rniMinelii'liig ill a [Mint itiarke.l
, autcii mm Mie north hank of  Uom creek,
j .J""-llM" ol  the .North fork of Corn creek
*��lerlv..!linl"'���traajOi  ahoui   live   mllea   lu a
'uti.iit ii'1'".1'" tiom (xmOnanoaoi aald Corn
chain, ii       ' K,,"l,nay nvvr;   thoueo norlh -lit
ttlltii' Ti VWK|   1Wi chalnn; iheuce aoiiih  10
ttt-Ui',.,'.i "''","'���'-!   160 ehalna tO point ol com-
aitltl   Hi  """���""lug 040 ii.rea inuru or leaa.
*"itiiii     **U��ina timber limit No 7 on the
titHtip hi1'"''  llIllU No. 8 ou thoainilh.iia lo-
1 "ovembei 7, itMn.
VlttiHuH 1     ..     "*ILLUaj A. II i'Iwin, I.u.'iilni
Q jwby Patnok 0. abina
I A '^i.iMit "'", MK"ft by the within named \\
hj:, i,,, '  ueaOlh ��tay of November, A   U
' "'������liliiai.iii ,U MPokaue,   Hpokaue   Cotiuiv,
"""""'"'"���oltheLnlte.lHtateHof Ainerlci.
"^-w^^ 1'ATItll K 0, HUINK.
j    Tn      ~ r'^t'   DlltnotOl Went kooleuay
P" ��iM'in','.","IHl u��I"'Hh I'larce,   f BUmaibarfli
'��1  woman,  iuteuda  to apply
JiMlm,! '   ,!"  purchaae  tbn   foliowlng   oca
felnteriefiTi,, 01PIo��nolng al a poat plablad hi
!J��.and .1,. '" w }oo uorth bouiulary ol Lot
E^autMnSi DOWttdara 01 Lot No. MHb,
*[ "irn..r , ,' ,"'"?��� ,Ilt,ri' or less, to ibe norlh-
WOkmeh.in. lA",lH'r   '-bait   No. 7ti71,   then.
weat 20 ohaini.'moraor
S!""*iiiit Mon1" I ul Whmahnu lake, theuee
r^'IiiHi iu,, ,, "' ��� iOUthtflV and woaterly
r*lb��ij Wlll ,;7l'|'H- wore or leaa to the Inter
vfll(|llimiiiu I8180' tbenooaii chalna, more or
(."''"'���oil tm   '"M,'rI>'   boundary of Lot BUS i<-
llt,1-tiTt' ���l,:"n"-"i.
'  ����6b6t, I��I7. IHAI.K..I.A  PlatBOB,
l.jjj'^ __       h   *' Kapliuikh, *gent.
Tik,: Z','lMslrl1'1'    I'lmrlotof WcalKooicimy
0*n.iHi(1 ,'."��'   Hint    AloxHUtlur    J,    Mct'ool,   of
^'"���lMloii".''"I'Htlou clerk, lntuiula to apply
1 ..BUl��Hil-   v,?   P"r,'haau   the  followli.g   flW
��ull'i*ru hn,^m8noJnl Hl �� !H��it plaiilod 00
Boundary of U. c aouthern Kail-
way right-of-way, about one aud a half miles
westerly from lhe northweat corner of lot ;iy*3,
group 1, KmMenay, lhence aouth SO ehainn,
theuce eaat ho chalna, theuce uorili HO ehalna to
aouthern boundary of sapt rtghi of war, theuce
weat Bit chalna aloug aald uouilicrn boundary to
point of commencement, aud containing 600
acres, more or leas
Dated November Ota* 1903
Nelson Land District.   District ot Weat Kootenay.
Take iioUc��j that Tina Bergman, of Altona,
Man , occupation wife of O. Bergman, farmer,
Altona, Man , iutunda to apply for permission to
pun-have th e following described laud :
Gommunciug nt a post planted at the N. E. C.
of Hugo t'arateiia' application to purchase aud
running tbanea west 80 chains thence north ho
chains, theuce east 40 chain*, tbence south a
chains .tV) links, thenee cast 40 ci alns, (hence
���outh 71 chains 76 Ilnki to point oi commencement, 1 .ni in 1 iuii*i '"�����'��� acres more or leas.
Charles Marshall,
Agent   for   line   Bergman.
Dated 23 December iSin.
Waal Kooteuay Land District. District oi Goat
Take notice Lhat I, <Jeorge A. Hunt, of Kit.
cbeucr, occupation tlniberman, inteud to
apply for permission to purchase tbe
foIlowluK de��crfb*3d land: Commencing at a
poet planted about 40 ehalns, west ot Thompson
marked tf, W. corner, thence south 10 82 chains
theuce east 44.67 chains, thence north 31,46
chalna, thence west aloug B. C. Southern Kail-
way to place o( commencement, coutalulug 98.18
Dated January 8th, 1908.        Ceo rue H. Hunt
Nelson Land Dlatrlct. District of Weit Kootenay
Take nottea thai 1, Frederick Adie of Waneta,
H C., oeeupallou merchant, iutend to apply for
periniaalon to purchase tbe following described
land: Commencing at a post planted about 10
chains west of tbe N K. enrnerof lot 8622, thence
north 20 chains, tbence east 80 chalus, thence
south 20 ehalns, theuce weal 80 chains to point
of commencement, containing 160 aeres, more or
Dated January 21st. 1908.       FbXOERICK. Adie.
Nelson Laml District    District of Heat Kootenay
Take uoitce that F. I*. Kunleu, acting as agent
for J. 11   Burden, of  Hoklok.   N. B ,  occupation
mechanic.  Intends   to apply  for permtaaum   to
purchase the lollowing tlCh.rlhed  landa:    ��� om-
uieiulug at a post planted on the eaaterly ahore
of Arrow lake and about Hi chains north of the
N. K, corner   of   lot 8163.  thenee east 20  chaina.
theuce north i" chains, more or les*, to the lake
���.hot-, ilieine con I h westerly along the lake shore   .
to tin- i-otitt of commeiicvmeul,   ami  containing
BO acres, more or lest.*-^
1 ated NovcujIkt iMh, 1007   James II   Bcrden,
F. P    Ht'Kl'KN, Agent.
Nelson Land District. DUtrlet of Weat Kootenav
Take QOtloa that John James ranicron. of
Ferule, Hrltiah (olumbla, oeeupallou contractor. Intends to apply for permiaaion to
purcha*.- the following des rlbao )ud: (niii-
in. nei'ig   at  a   post   putiitc.l   on   the   aouthern
bonndar* of the it: 0. Bontbara nghtof^uy
aOOUl 40 chains westerly from the.N.W corner
ol lot HH.H,L troup   1,   Kootenay,   Ihenee a uih 60
ohalMi tbanoa eaat ti. chain's   thanoa north oo
i-It a ilia   lo   the   southern   bout) dm y   ol   the   said
right -of-way, thenre wcitti iy   along laid   souib
eru   boundary   of  right of way   to   the   point
.���oiiimeneciueiit, and containing  241) acres, more
or lesa
Dated November 9th, 1907.
  J lis 3Attn Camoqw.
Nelson Land hls'nct. Dlstrlctof Wail Koolcimy
Take nollce that John Shtdi. of Needles. B ft.,
OOOnpaUoD rancher, luteinl* to apply foi permission to purchase Uie lollowing deacrlbed
Irt'hl;    Coinmencing   nt   a   post   plnuteil    at   (he
northwaai  corner ��>r Lot nN, thenoa west *o
chains, thence soulh ho chains, thence ���������.<��� \ in
chains, thanoa norlh BO chiilna to the point of
euiniiicncciucnt. and conialuing M acres, more
or leas
I aicd ISth October, 1907. Jam** BUHL!.,
F. (1   I'M yt'irti. Agent.
Nelaon La ml Dlstrlcl    District ol West Kooleuay
Take notice thai   Aniens   Mei.tll, of Ibe City of
Nelson, occiipiitiou firemani Lntandi to apply for
parmlaalon la purohait Lhe lollowing dracrlbed
lands: I'mnniciieing al a poal planted ul the
IS, W.   cotner   L    ft.   Moirlsoii's   ranch,   In   Kir
W,  coiner   L    ft.   Morrison's   ranch,   iu   Fit
lay, tht no* north forty ii". obaiae, thane
holy   (l<>)   chains,   Iheuce   soulh      .   it)   (4o
alns, lhence west lorlj i. ll')   chaiio ollit 0
in miMiceiin nt,   and  .omaHiing   one  Luiidrcd
.i aii t\ 1160) a en s. more or lata.
Dtad Bapte nher 2nd.  1907.        AHOUI   MtGUL
Nelson Land Dislrict.   DlatliOtOl Weal Koolcnity
Take notice lhat   Hugo f materia, of WtnnlpaSi
Mun. ooonpatfon publlahari intends to apply
(or petmlatlon to purohaae the following de-
n riiie.i land i
Commt'iiclug at a post planted on tbe M'cst
oiindary of L *1976, <1 I, (about .'i mllea from Arrow Lake, on Moat)uDo Creek) am1 21 chatne 7ft
links south of the.N.W. ft, of aald lot, t unins.*
iheuce weat 80 chains, thence south 80 chnlns,
ihenee eat. 80 chains, (hence north 80 chains to
place of cnminciieeuiciit, containing  ii4o acres,
more or less.
i H . i'i i - Marhiui.].,
Agent   for   Hugo Carstens.
Hated f.i Deoambar 1*17.
Nelmn band Uletrtot   Dlitrlotol Waal Kooteuay.
li kc notfee thai l.evl-.corgo Payne. of Needles,
It   c    occupalt nnclicr. Intends   to apply   for
Dermluloo to purchase the following daaorlbad
(���mils'    Commencing ��t �� posl   planted  ahOUt 16
ohaini west oi Whatenan .'reck nnd ffl.MI chains
, n      ,d   the aouthweat eorner of Lot No    H..IS
ruih ma ti.cncc north 80 ohalns. tbanoa west no
,    as Hence   lOUth   1^ 166 chalna,   theuee eaat
auSneWalni  thence soulh 67 m4(�� chains, thenee
Will chains eatl   to point  of comiiiPiicenieut,
contHlnlng 481 acres, now surveyed as lot 8186.
Dated 8th January, 1908. Levi ilaunaa 1'aymb.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that .Marion Isabella Crease, of the
City of Nelson, in tbe Province of British Columbia, occupation spinster, intends to apply for
permission to purchase tbe lollowing described
laud: Commencing at a post plauted at the
hlgn water mark of tbe Halmnu river distant
about 11 mile*. In a southerly direction from
.���salmo, B ft., tlienee north 40 chains, theuee east
10ehalna, tbence south 40 chains, more or less,
to the high water mark of the rialnum river,
ihenee west 40 chains, more or less, along said
high water mark to (he point of commencement,
aud coiiialntug KHl acres, more or less.
Located on tne 1st day of February, 1908.
Dated 10th February. 1908.
Marion Irarrlla <'kka-k,
F.dwaru Manly   I i i i:h.s. Ageut.
Nelson Land Dlstrlcl District of West Kooteuay
lake notice that James William tiallagher, of
the City ol Nelson, lu the I'rovlnce of British
. olumbla, occupation merchant, iu lends to apply lor permission to purchaae tbe following
lescrlbi-d la ml: Commencing at a post planlru
at the high water mark of the isalmou river dls-
iuiii anont 12 mllea lu a southerly direction from
ESJuinOj B. C , theuce north 40 ebalus, theuee
west 40 chains, theuee south 40 chains, more or
less, to ibe high water mark Of the Salmon river,
theuce t-HSt Ju chains, more or less, along the
said bleb waler mark to the place ol beginning,
foiifaituiiK Hie acres, more or less.
Utcaled ou tbe 1st day of February, 1908.
Dated Mtb February, 1908.
James William i.ai i ai.iiek,
Kdward Manlry 1'rtrrs, Ageut.
Nelson lamnd Dlatrlct.   District of West Kootena
Take notice thut I John Arthur "OOtti of Mono
c.mlre, lint., occupation farmer, Intend to apply for |iermlaslon to purchase the following du
scribed laud al the moiilb o( Summit creek:
Coiiiiui ui lug at a jtost plauled at tbe south-
���asl corner of lot >.78.( marked N. K., theuce
soulh 40 chains, thenee west 30 chains, thence
norlh 40 i lii.in-. tbanoa caai 20 chalus io place of
ciuiiiiiencenLetii (oUlitlnlng 80 acrea.
John a m ni n Scott,
W. J. Scott, Ageut.
Dated Feb. 18th, 1908.
Nelson Land District. Dlstrlctof West Kootenay
Take notice that 1 Christie Sent I, of Mono
''.niter. Out , occupation married woman, Intend
to apply for permission to i-im >i �����" the lollowing described laud near Summit creek :
Commencing at a post planted at tbe southeast corner of lot 8780 marked 8. W, thence
north 20 chains, thenee east 20 chalus, tbence
south 20 chains, thenee west 20 chains to place
of commencement coutalning 40 acres
Christie Bcott,
Daletl Feb 18, 1908.
W J.ticott.Agcnt.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kooteuay
Take notice that 1, David Johnstone, of Chilli-
waik, B.C., occupation rancher, Intend to apply for permission io purchase tbe following described laud:
Commencing at n poat planted 20 chains west
from a. Morrison's southwest corner theuce
ii��� ���rili 80 chains, tbence west 40 chains; thencti
south I" chains, lhence east 20 chalus, theuce
smith   10 chains,   lhence east  20 chains to  the
point   of   - nieiiee nt    nnd   containing   240
acres, more or teas.
(Hgd.)   David Johneton��.
March 9. 1908.
Something    About   This    Barnstorming
Of the new melodrama, "No Mother
to Guide Her," the Nelson Dally News
jpftaKi In the most laudatory terms. The
stock language of the advance agent la
employed to boost the "leading lady."
She, according to the News, is "a beautiful young woman with talents beyond
her years." The business of the company, so says the News, has been
"record breaking."
The foregoing is the opinion of a
paper that cannot possibly know anything about the show. The day after
the performance the News will follow
ita usual course of apology to the public for its exaggerated statements. Tbe
following is what the Spokane Chronicle
of .last Thursday has to say of "No
Mother to Guide Her": "Harry Dewey,
leading man of an aggregation that
lately invaded Spokane with a mellow
melodrama, 'No Mother to Guide Her,'
was released from the Tacoma jail Monday, for his conduct in running away
with Cora I-uft, a 17-year-old telephone
girl. It developed tbat the girl had
either grown tired of the ranter or had
been grown tired of, and was back
home, states a Portland report. Chief
Gritzmacher telegraphed on for the fellow's release, tn response to the frantic-
appeals from the barnstorming aggregation. Dewey got off by a narrow
margin, for efforts were made to secure
the fellow's arrest even after the whereabouts of the girl became known. The
city authorities were unable to act, and
the girl's mother, Mrs. C. Luft, of 875
First street, appealed to the juvenile
court. Inasmuch as the girl is nearly
six feet tall and declares that she is
past 19, no action was taken by the
Juvenile court, hence Dewey's release.'"
other members of the party in I,ady-
smith were also in attendance, and arrangements were made to carry on organization work In that city.
Altogether the visit of Premier Mc-
Bride and Mr. Wood worth to Nanalmo
was a pronounced success and everything poinU to a Conservative victory
here at the next election.
At a largely attended meeting of the
unemployed, a committee was appointed to interview Premier McRride and
present a resolution passed at the meeting. The premier stated In reply that
he would call a meeting of the execu>
tlve at Victoria to consider the demands
of the unemployed.
Chambers  Tomorrow,
His Honor Judge Brown will arrive
from Greenwood tonight and will hold
a chamber session of the county court
tomorrow morning.
Succesaful  Concert.
Tbe net proceeds of the St. Patrick's
Day concert amounted to $194.50. The
proceeds will be expended In providing
a new roof on the Church of Mary Immaculate.
Lots   in   Addition "A"
We are agents for most of the lots
ln the above addition, being agents for
F. C. Innla, Coats & Co., and the Nelson
Electric Tramway Co. .
i'oi full particulars as to pricea,
term.   etc.. apply to
H.   &   M.   BIRD
Premier   McBride's   Visit   Followed   at
Once by Revival of Party.
Nanalmo, March 30.���The visit of
Premier McBrlde to this city marked
the tlrst milestone of a grand Conservative rally to be carried on in this constituency. Never before in the history
of Conservatism In Nanalmo has been
seen such a large and enthusiastic
audience as that which assembled to
hear the Conservative leader, the large
hall being filled to capacity.
The premier dealt with the different
public questions and outlined the policy
of the Conservative government in such
a convincing and excellent form that at
the close of his remarks every man
present became an enthusiatic working
member of the party.
Mr. Woodworth of Vancouver, president of the British Columbia executive,
was also present and addressed the
meeting. He reviewed the work of organization which was being carried on
throughout the province, and urged Na-
naimo to organize and make a personal
canvass of the voters.
At the close of Mr. Woodworth's remarks a Conservative club was organ
ized and a committee appointed to canvass   the   city.     Mayor   Nicholson   and
3.  O.  E.
The next fortnightly meeting of the
S. O. E. will be held on Thursday evening next, April 2nd, In the K. of P. hall
at 8 o'clock. There are several initiations and a good attendance of members
is requested.
Time for a Change.
A gentleman who arrived from Vancouver states that last week he was offered a bet at two to one, that the Conservative candidate in that riding In the
next Dominion election will have a majority of not less than 1500.
Lieutenant Governor.
Edward the Seventh, by the Grace of Hod, of the
Doited  Kingdom of G-teat Britain, and  're-
land, and the British Dominions beyond tbe
Seaa King, Defender ol the  Faub, kmperor
of India.
To all to whom these presents shall come,���
W. J. BowBKR, Attorney General.
Whereas by Section 6 of the "Game Protection
Act, 181)8," aa re-enacted by Section 19 of the
"Game ProtfCtlon A t, Amendment Act, 1906,"
It ls enacted that It shall be lawful for the Lieutenant-Governor In Council, by Proclamation to
be published in two successive issues of tne British Columbia Gazette, to declare a close season
for geese In any part of the Province lor anv
period of time, and
Whereas our Bald Lieutenant-Governor, by and
with *he advice of his Executive Council, has
been pleased to direct, by an Order In Council
In that behalf, a close season for a-1 m- within
the County of Kootenay, until and lucludi <g
the 31st day of August, one thousand nine hundred and eight.
Now Know Ye therefore, that In pursuance
thereof, we do hereby procla'm a close season
for geese within the County of Kootenay, until
and including the 3ist day of August, one thou
sand nine hundred and eight.
In testimony whereof, we nave caused these
our letters to be made pavui aud the Great Seal
of the Province to b- hereunto affixed.
Witness, His Honor James Dunsmuir, Lieutenant Governor of our said Province of British
| .Columbia, in our City of Victoria, in our said
Province, this 19th day of February, in the year
of Our Lord one thousand u ne hundred and
eight, and lu the eighth year of our reign.
By command,
Provincial Secretary
Is now ready to execute   all
orders for Job Printing" on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
One of
The Best
In Fruit La'Ha now offering. 157 acrea
of choice land t tuated on Howaer Lake.
$20.00 per acre, easily cleared.. Muat be
eold at once.
For  full   partlc    ire  apply
If yoti want Good Land
McDermid & McHardy
m.T��JT-��a       A .��-���..��.*        ar-k *-m *W
You can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch ln  the best  fruit growing dlS'
ln  British  Columbia  by  paying  |1 0 dollars down and |10 per montb
Even as an Investment this Is wor th consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled In value wl thlu the year.   What will It do u
and uEiSm m Lumber9 Shingles,
Lath, Alou I clings, Doors, Windows,
Turned Work hhU Brackets. Mail Orders promptly attended
Certificate   of Improvements*
"Red Point,*-' "Vernamoi" "Greenwood Fractional," "weenwood and Jark Pot Fractional"
MIikthI Clalmx, ttUuate 111 the Nelson Milling
i'lvi��lon of West Kootenay District
Where located :���On Kagie Creek above the
Poorman Mine.
Tate notice 'tint I, John McLatchle of the
City ol NcLkod, acting ns Agent for Jona P 3wed-
sMTf, Free Miner's Certificate No B7176 and
ijscur Johnson Free Miner's Certificate No B623
nn-ii.I sixty days from the date hereof to ap
ply to the Mining Kec-order for Certificates o
Improvements, for tbe purp se of obtaining
Crown ft rants of tbe above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
9votfon87, miiit be commenced before the ls-
sua .ceof nub Certificates of Improvements.
Dated i n i- JTtn day of September,   i   D , r��"T
Certificate  of Improvements.
April   Fool"   No.  8   Mineral    Cltim,    Mnmie
III  tin    Nc1m.I1  MinlllK I'll-let    It..I   Wr-SI   KooteilttV
v\ here toOAttd: Between Kagle ind Smidy
creeks and about oue ball mile from the oor-
niau HU]
alee n tlee that I, F C Oreen, acting a* ayenl
lor J. P Hwedberg, Free Miner's Certificate No.
i.Ti,.-., Intend, uixiy div- from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mliuuu B-corder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for tbe putpose of obtaining a
cruwu ��� .mm of tne above claim.
And further take notice that action under
socion St. must iV commenced before tbe Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this 28th day of Jauuary   A. D , U*07
F. U. (.RISEN,
����laoo. B 0.
Taae notice that Alfred Edward Watu, o(
Watisburg, British (olumbla, lumberman, in
tends to apply for perinlitsluu to lease t'-e fol-
lifWliiK described land, situate near rrocteron
the south shore of the west arm of Kootenay
Lake, mort.. particularly described as follows;
Commencing at tho northwest corner of . ot 4
of Lo'. XU9. ft oup I, "est Kooteuay Distrut,
theuce HMO feet (3ft 4b chalus) westerly along the
s .uiii shor�� line of the west arm of Kooteuay
Lake and being the north boundary ->f Lot I of
l...t ;n.-U(, the northwest comer ol Lot 4 of ..m
��� ;���-'. theuce 9980 feet (:t4 iv<chain*) along the south
shore Un of the west aim of Kootena} Lake and
being the north boundary of Lotlbot Lot ao6.
(���roup 1. West Kooteuay District; tbence north
189. feet (2 chains): thence easterly M0 leet
(iii) 00 chain*)) and parallel with the -i.iuh shore
line nf the west ���< nn of Koou-uay l.itk. ; theuee
���oUth VA2 (eet a chaiui*) to point of c*m euee-
i. i - ni. aud containing 120 aires, more or less
Dated this Liin day of February, A  D., ling
a   tt. WATTB.
Take notice that we will at the next
meeting of the License Commissioners
apply for a transfer of the liquor license for the No Place Inn on Jose-
I'lilne street, NelBon, from Pollard and
Wade to H. H. Moore.
Dated at Nelson, this 9th day of
March 1908.
VV.    a.    aiLLETT
Contractor mn*j
������Sole ageut for the Porto Kit-o Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Rout,~b and dressed lumber, turned
work aud brackets. Coast lath and .shingles, sash
and doors. Cement, brick and .ime lor sale
A u tomatlc grinder.
Yard and factory: VtrnonBt.. east of Hall
NB.U.SOIV.   M. O,
P. O. Box 282 T��.i..rhon��- 177
rsow ope,^
We have one English miliar, one
American Billiard and out   Pool Table.
We carry the best lines ot Cigars and
lu iu matte ol au application loi he iuue ct
.. duplicate of the Certificate ol Tilt* to Lois
.,.-.. aud to, ulock ii >el��iu i'y, subdivl-lon ol
cur ol I.... .mj, i ,|.ni(i ii.-, Dl irli.I ol kumcuny
i Map t<v>)
^utlee is hereby xiven that ii ii my ii>U)ution
to issue at thw expnatlou of out mouth after the
ur��i publication hureot a dujiitcateo. th�� Certld-
ate o Title to l e ahuve meuuoued ot* in tht
uameut Paltle Rhodes which Certificate Is daled
the 16th day ol May, 18W, ami numbureJ 1897-k
Lautl Huuirtr) uihce, .vulsua, U ft., Jauuar)
JMIi, lui'iv (IF  MacLkOU,
In the matter of an aprD atlou for a duplicate
Certificate "f Title ol au undivided one-quarter
Interest lu Lot 87, (iroup Oue, Kooteuay Dlsulul,
known as "Let -ier uo (iallagher' Mineral
notice is hereby glren .hat It li my tnteutloa
after tbi expirauou of one mouth lrom the Hist
publication hereof, to Im��u�� a duplicate Certifl-
cute of Hie ou tb* above e-ci'.tie i out.-quarter
liuere-tlu tht name oi Iohn F. Hievens, which
Certificate ol Title >�� dated ibe 6th April i��oo,
aud numbered .M.mK
..ami Registry office, Nelson, B. C. March 8,
a. F. MacLtcoo,"
District Keglstrar
inq nee.
Notice Is hereby given that the Oreai
West Hallway Company will apply to
the Parliament of Canada, at the present session thereof, for an act amending
the said Company's Acta of Incorporation by striking out tbe names of those
persons who. by Sections 1 and SI of
Chapter 167 of the Statutes of 1903, are
created Incorporators and provisional
directors of tbe Company and inserting
ln lieu thereof the names of certain
other individuals as such Incorporators
uud provisional directors; changing the
head ofllce of the Company from Nelson,
B. C, to Port Arthur, Ontario, and extending the respective times for the
commencement and completion of the
various lines of railway which the Company ls empowered to construct.
Dated Ottawa. 31st January. 1908.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
��� ~~8
Tne Daily Canadian
It is very important that Jewelry should be carefully examined, especially ring settings. Valuable gems are frequently lost through neglect of
having the settings repaired or replaced. It has been our pleasure to
remodel many fine combinations to better advantage thnn previously.
We guarantee to please you In style, quality and durabilily of workmanship.
Watchmaker and Optician
Bt*y Now
We have a Good Selectiou of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
Building Lots
Carbonate   St.   (23  ft.) *175
Observatory   St.   (50   ft.) $200
Latimer St.  <r,0 ft.) $750
Also excillent sirer, close in, for ap-
partment houses, residences, factory
sites, etc.
NOTE.���As an Inducement to build
up Nelson the city levies on Improvements a tax of fl In the thousand only.
Be\'SV!.��Real Eatate Agent
��15   Baker   St..   Nelaon,   B. C.
Fire Insurance
Insure your house and furniture in
Do not put It off. Delays are dangerous. Call at 322 Baker street, or If you
hare not time to call drop a line to
General Agent for the Kootenays.
Agents wanted  in all  Kootenay towns.
P.  O.  Box  534.
The Best 2 for 25c Cigar on
the Market.   Fresh Picked.
��� AT THE���
Queen Cigar Store
Rich,  Strong and   Delicious
Telephone 161.
Ul Kinds of Heating Plants ln Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera Houee.      Tel. 181.
Cor.    v*��r-nor�� and Ward   Street*.
.���VBUSOIN'..    B.t>,
E. E. Richardson. T. A. Brady, F. P.
Drown, Montreal; II. A. Small, Vancouver; R. S. Stewart, Seattle; D. T.
Sione, Kaslo; P. A. Paulson, Kitchener;
V. H. Carlton, C. Dillon, Ireland; .1 Me
Vicker, Napanee; F. J. Sammomls and
wife, Procter.
;'0MA   ll"��� ,    -        ,-
Corner of Stanley and Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
E. A. Sheppard. A. Hlarrs. Orilla, Out.
EC. L. Burnet, J, C. McCarty and sons,
Vancouver; F. W. Burns, Calgary; T.
Campbell, Miss H. Holt, Miss M. Holt.
A.   Campbell,   P.   O'Brien.   Moyle;   J.
Carson,    \V.   Davidson,   Boston;     F.  J.
Watson, S.  Marks. Fernie.
D. DuMontier, Hull, Que.: A. McPhall,
Revelstoke; m. Gardner, wife and child,
Strathern, England; .Mis. D. May, A. S.
May. Frank; II. II. McDermld and wife.
Robson; Miss Burchett, Alberta.
M Morrison, Castlegar; ,T. Dlott, .1.
McQee, Winnipeg; .1 Colyer, F. Somer-
ton, Kent,  England.
\V. .lames. Brie; W. Smith. Hewitt;
W. Harrington, Bonnington; .1. Bristow,
A. Welland, wife and family, Castle-
gar; a. Berry, Rowland.
Notice is hereby given that application will be made by the undersigned
at the next sitting of the Board of
License Commissioners for the City of
Nelson, to be held thirty days after the
date hereof, for a transfer of the liquor
license standing In the name of the
Estate of George Harrison (deceased)
for the premises known as the I.akeview
Hotel in the City of Nelson, situate on
I-ots 13, 14 and 15, ln Block 67, Sub-
dtviston of Lot 9.1, Group 1, Kootenay
d.strirt, to Napoleon Mallette of the
6aid city.
Dated this 17th day of March, A.D.
Administrator of the estate and effects
< f George Harrison  i il.-ceased.i
it vim want npholstenng or cabinet
wnrk (or tin- siring get it done now.
We have some choice quarter out oak
mill will i,mid vim ��� piece of furniture to
order at the price of factory goods See
us iur s- en,ni hand g<s.ds.
DENT <5c CO.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
A. M. Can. Soe. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Room   in,   K.-W.-C. Blk.    P.   O.
Box     4.14.
Baker St.,  Nelson,  B.  C.
Wall   Papers
Our new stock Is now ln.
Borders same as hangings.    Largest variety ever shown In Nelson. Sample
books sent to any part of the city on application.
I Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Born at the Home hospital this morning, to the wife of A. Flann, a son.
In Nelson, March 30th. to the wife of
Frank   Wilson,    of     Perry's     Siding, a
Council   Meeting.
'Ibe regular meeting of the city council will be held in the council chamber
tonight at S o'clock.
Metals  and   Stocks.
Sliver advanced one point today and
lead declined two points. Granby and
Dominion  Copper   weakened   slightly.
Boy  Lost and   Found.
The four year old child of Robert
Rellly was lost for a few hours on Saturday and found In Fairview by a party
of searchers.
Extensive Improvements.
W. A. Macdonald, K. C, is making
extensive improvements at his house on
Stanley street. The work is being done
by   W.  G. Gillett.
Voters'   Lists.
Today at noon the time expired for
receiving applications to have names
placed on the voters' lists. The court
of revision will sit in May.
New Westminster Booming.
More buildings are projected, or ln
course of construction ln New Westminster now than at any other time in
the history of that city. A careful canvass of the real estate men and architects by the Columbian the other day
revealed the fact that over 125 buildings
are in course of erection in that city,
many of them up-to-date residences
which will be occupied by the builders.
Ladles'  Night.
The next series of lectures and debates ln connection with the Churchman's club will be given in the parish
ball on Wednesday evening next. April
1st, at S o'clock. "Woman's Suffrage"
being the subject for debate; four ladies
have consented to take part, representatives of Hume school versus Nelson
public school. In addition to the debate
there will be a vocal and instrumental
programme, given entirely by the ladies.
Back  From  Kenora.
A. S. llorswill, the grocer, returned
Saturday night from a short visit to
Ills old home ut Kenora. There is a
noticeable improvement in business
there and the people are looking ahead
io a revival of good times. The weather
was very cold during Mr, Horswill's
stay. He left here on tile 14 th of this
mouth uud wac away just two weeks.
His family will reach Nelson in a few-
weeks where they will reside permanently.
Moyie Telephone  System.
Th. Moyie Leader says: "P. F. Johnston wus ln Cranbrook Tuesday on
business in connection wilh Moyie's
new telephone system. A charter has
been applied for, aud a 50-phone switchboard will be ordered from Chicago at
once. Orders for 2b phones are already
in, und no doubt the whole 50 will be
In use within a short time after the
system is in operation. There will be a
central office, but Its location has not
been definitely decided  upon."
Back From Toronto.
It. M Macdonald and wife returned
Sal unlay evening after a short visit
with friends and relatives at Toronto.
On tbe whole Mr. Macdonald would
gather from careful observation, thut
there was a feeling of financial depres-
For Sale at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills Sts.
Phone  19.
8ETS   FOR   A   FEW   DAYS.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
A Trial will convince you
tbat T. and B. Tea is best tea
on the market.    Just try it?
Sold only by
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
With the disappearance of the snow,
and the advent of spring, the children
have again taken to out-of-doors.
The old game of "Ball" is always a
first, and prime favorite.
To have a good game you must have
a good ball.
That means not merely a ball newly
bought from the store but a ball newly
made���fresh from the factory, with new-
live rubber in It.
We have just opened up a splendid
stock of fresh new balls.
Double   Skin   Balls  from 15c   up
Plain  Gray  Balls from      5c  up
Colored   Balls   from 10c   up
See them  In our window.
W* G. Thomson
��???iao'$i-lR'aa   Nelson, B.C.
Phon. 34.
slon in the east, but the reason for this
feeling in Toronto was not only obvious
iu view of the way the city has grown
during the lest few years. What strikes
the visitor to Toronto, after an absence
of several years, is the great number
of beautiful and expensive residences
lhat have sprung up all over the city,
particularly in tlie outskirts. Hard
times do not seem to deter many from
spending money in amusements, the
theatres being always crowded. The
people are lavish in their hospitality to
old friends. The only Kootenay man
Mr. Macdonald met was J. L. Ketallick.
who wus stopping at the King Edward.
Everyone was eager for information of
the Kootenays. The mining, lumbering and fruit-grow lug industries were interesting subjects for discussion, particularly Uie latter. A great many Toronto people will visit British Columbia
the  coming  summer.
Quotations on   Spokane   Exchange   and
New York Curb.
Bid Asked
Alberta C. & C $      .15    $ .26
B. C. Copper       5.00 5.25
Chas.   Dickens 1714 .19
Can.   Con.   Smelters..    68.00 72.00
Copper King 03��4 .04
Dominion   Copper   ...      2.12V4 2.25
Galbralth Coal 20 .28
Gertie 04 .04%
Granby        90.00 97.00
Hocla          3.00 4.50
International  C.  & C.       .62 .72
Kendall           1.05 1.10
.Missoula Copper 11% .HH4
Nabob 03% .04
Oom   Paul    06 .07 V4
Panhandle    06% .06%
Rambler   Cariboo    ... L-:.", .38
Rex    13% .18
Snowshoe            -11%
Snowstorm       2.10 2.15
Sullivan 00% .01%
Sullivan   Bonds  67.50
Stewart 80 .95
P. A. Paulson, of Kitchener, Is a guest
at the Hume.
E. K. Beeston left Winnipeg lasl
night for Nelson.
W. A. Maodonald, K. O., returned
from  tbe coast  lost  night.
J. J. Campbell Is back from Victoria,
where he spent the past week.
M. G. Irwin, formerly of this city. Is
now  located  at  Albuquerque,  N.   M.
F. Burns returned laHt night from
Calgary and will lenve tomorrow morning for Mexico.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Summons have arrived from England and will take up
their residence at Procter.
. H. S5avlt*. district manager for the
AllIsChalmorH-Bullock company, will
arrived from the coast tonight.
K. L. Burnet, surveyor, returned last
night from Vancouver where he spent
the winter, and Is at the Strathcona.
W. A. Anstle, secretary of the Mountain Lumber Manufacturers' Association, returned to tbe city Saturday
Camps supplied ou shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing bnt   frv*h and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail ordert rweive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fuel Co.
N. E. CO.. Baker   and   Ward   SU.
Notice to Creditors.
In the  matter of the estate and effects
of  George   Harrison   (deceased.)
NOTICE ls hereby given that all
creditors and others haviug claims
against the estate of the said George
Harrison, deceased, who died at Nelsou,
IJriiish Columbia, on the 27th day of
JJeceuiber, l'JUT, are required on or before the iuth day of April next, to seud
by post, prepaid, or deliver to the undersigned, their Christian and surnames,
addresses aud descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, the statement
of their accounts aud the nature of the
secutltles (if any J  held by them:
Aud further take notice that after
such last mentioned dale the administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the parlies
entitled thereto having regard ouly to
the claims or which he shall theu have
notice, and that, the said administrator
will not be liable for the said assets or
any part thereof to any person or per
sons of whose claims notice shall not
have been received by him at the time
of such  distribution.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 17th day
of March, A. D. 1908.
Solicitors for the Administrator,
James H.  Harrison.
in lbs mattef nf sn applieatlen lor tbe issue oi
eaupuoate Certificate oi Tin,- iur t.its.,��,y, it,
1'J. �����>. anil SI. n| lot S1H, ilriiup one, In the
Dlattiot ul Keou-iiuv (afapaeg)
NotKit; u iivmby ifiv..n thai it is my intention
to issim si th.- expiration ol on. month .Her in.
Brat publication hereof ednplloata el tin- Car
lineal,- ul  : nil-  tor   ll,,. ���|j.in   in,.���l|,,,,,.,I ],,,��� ,���
Uih nam. ol ttlqhard BTelme, winch U.rtidoaM ol
Title Is listed the   24ih  ilny  ol  November, luoil.
.mi numbered hsioa.
Uud   Hi-Klstry Office,  Nelson, I). 0��� .lH.iiin.ry
nth, ns*. '
"II   K. Mai l.aon,"
blstrlet IteKlstrsr.
\lrANTKI>    A -<oi,il l,oy, umler 17  rears QiagS
M      to les.rn tlie Jewelry business. This ls tin
exceptional opportunity for the rlfbl kind of
s boy.  Apply lo l ' .. 1 ,... in... I. .   MailufHeturliiit
I7IOB HAI.K at n l.i.ifc-iilii or ixrlimite- for   Van-
eouver properly mi almost  new, modern In
every respect 13 roomed reshlei     l-ou bsse-
... ni u ,. I. .,.,..���-l.-ii   sullslile lor billiard   room
t ip lo-.ine stable ami earrings bona.   Two nice
lots lu the finest reslile.nl rurtl..n of Spokane,
'I lie owners III' Iness Interesls have tieen trniis-
ferreii to the COSSt,    For further patlOUlan write
l', 0. Box iaii. Vancouver, B. i:
Pricea   of   Metala.
Now   York.  March  .'1(1.���silver,  bb%c.
London, March  30. ��� Bllvcr, 'ib 9-lfld.;
lead,  a, 14, Os.
Opening   Copper  Quotations.
(By McDeruilil  &  McHardy.)
Now York,  March .'10, 1908.
Asked Hid
0ranby    $100,110        $90.00
Dominion Copper. '..,      2.12V4        2.00
B. C. Copper       6,00 4.7s
Wholesale and  Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
All shapes and facings.
These blocks are absolutely the best
material to be hat] for building purposes, foundations, retaining walls, etc.,
being cheaper than brick or stone.
Tenders given on all kinds of building
work.    Stock on  hand.
Head Office:  Baker Street, Nelson. B.C.
I.,  king bank, I see, I never saw before.
This Is the exclamation of satisfied customers.    Wo have fitted success
Fall]   stubborn eases that  others have   fulled   In.     Satisfaction   guaranteed
We make a specialty of line watch   repairing.     Mall orders   promptly
tended to.
J.  J.   WALKER,  Jewele,
\VI-iolta*Mii*�� Pravlslona,
Produce, - Hrult.
Government Creamery One Pound Bricks received weekly fresh from the
ehiirn.    For side by all lending grocers
Office aud warehouse: Houston Block,    Pnone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
behoove* every  man  to look after
in m     h. ad wear,   aud   now   Is  the
and here the place where you can
In   most recant styles and the new
'hades   In  nobby   Hats.    There at-
Hats   and   Hard   Hats���Hats  wlt'i
and high crowns, broad nnd namm
s.   bound   and   unbound      Mads  in
to lit all heads nnd suit all faces
tile  prices  will  fit  all pockets too
J. A. Cilker
This  Is  tlie  .* ason   of  the   year when  you  devote  your ar<r.nijnn ,��� th,,
household duty. We are prepared to meet your requirement* with a full line of
Ready   Mixed   Palnta,   all   color., Varni.hee,    stalne,    Enamels,
Alabastine,    Muralo.
Everything  necessary   for   the  renovation  of  your  houee.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
, Company, Limited.
Neleon Branch.
Fruit   Trees
Home grown fruit and shade
tn es. currants, gooseberries, grape
vines, etc., etc. One of our specialties ls our large field grown, ms.-.s
These will bloom tho first year.
Send for our descriptive catalogue and price Uut, and give us a
trial order. if he largest growers
In  H. C.
The Riverside Nurseries
"*��        GRAND   FORKS.
���*-*���*������������ ��*,<************, * *******
�� ****************
Pure and (heaj
We have luoo pounds of
wblch we will sell nt n bargain
5 lb., for $1.00.
Special  prices fur  larger lots.    Come
In  and   Inquire.
Clioquette Bros.
Phone 258.
THE   UotoDate  Baker.
F. C. 0REEN        r. ��. KUKPtri        A. H.GREEN
C'vil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. fl. fti�� 145    Phonr 2*1 fl.
Geo. P. Player
l-'O  ft   SMKI.TINO   CO.
Office  Room  No.   2.   ELLIOT    BLOCK.
Jobbing   promptly   attended   to.     PJm"
nnd .Estimates.
Apply 415 Hall 8t. 8o�� 385.
INBLSOiNJ,     -     E*. ft
We   make  a  apeclalty of
1 iardware Supplies
For  Ranchers
Send   iih  your mnll UlsssTI
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co


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