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The Daily Canadian Aug 2, 1907

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 <3��Jje  JtoiUj   -tKcmoirta
IB  2.     No.   51.
Fiftt Cents a Mowth
Fleet's Strength
..S*****.      -:
Greai Hritaln and Italy have no armored coast defence vessels, and
France haa s. KuHRla 2, Germany 11,
United States 11. and Japan 1 Great
Hiltaln hf ��� 8 scouts built, and lhe United Slut building. The other jk.w-
��*rs ha.      ���***?>.
New Canadian   h-_
tion   of   Tea   Diet
*/ >  v JAPAN.
aod Germany Combined Great -
Exceed Imperial Navy in
| Effective Ships,
Auk    �����.��� Thu admiralty   has
_B��turn which shows that Great
BrUafft, to point  ul  .inmln-i-s, is not  nnly
UlttW  tfc**  two*|Miwi'i'   stamlanl  nf   sal'.*
t7,'bot tkat   iiiiin>   (ihsnh-tf   Ituiih'Hhip:-
�����;        Hlncludod    in    the    effective
���tttiftCtft-*f th<   navy       ih,.  rt'tiini fcivr.s
��� lUtOftt*  n*i'.-tH  nf  l.n-ai   liiitaiu   an.l
���tMiOVS 1-feMWlRn count ri.-s, (in- !it.*iir.*s in
jfclyn   bulh   hutlt   and   building
^ Mfc> battk'HhlpH,  un  which   lhe
WT ��tundani is Ij:.k��.<��   tin- ft-guru-H
uiih   conn
118     Ini
 15 2
flguruH   it   will   be   Been
Ireat   Hritaln   has  only   65
ullt   and   building,   France
combined have bl  haul*-
^preponderance over Hrltisli
dob, but not bo overwhelm'
appear from the table. In
t^Hfece,    the   return   of   Hrltlith
^���Ot go beyond  the ships he-
der the   1906-07  programme
ord  Nelsons and   the  three
which are  uhortly  to  te*
mantion  Im made of tht;
t)  Dreadnoughts to be laid
the 1907-08 programme.
other   hand,   the   French   re-
i the lena, which was badly
tht* explosion in the maga-
ptune,  which   will   probably
fl, and bIx ships ordeted to
lln 11*06 and on which work
pin. although It is uncertain
els have been actually laid
returns of shipK   building
Ersatz Bach sen     (of    the
bt type), which has been be-
��� gistei ship, the Krsatr. Hayern,
l'*'to be laid down about April.
two  other   Dreadnoughts  of
1*46   programme.     Hut   even   If
: French  ships  referred to and
"���German   Dreadnoughts,   which
Wet been begun, are excluded.
It Mtmln   .still  shows   au  inferiority
NtjUt of numbers, the actual  figures
HSeehips built and building tn-ing
������eat' Britain   	
[ 33���71
���Ml �� Witter  of   fact,  however,   the   i
' ie'^IBUleuding, inasmuch as it   fails
t��   tfethMTUisb     between    effective    and
vessels.     For  instance,  of
^^���kttleshlps   built,   five���the   An
. OiiftP^rdiiwii.   Hetibow,   Howe  and
re not   kept tn readiness for
%tt\tB  HBnse,   as   the   secretary  of the
��   explaituM   in   the    House   of
last   November,   they   are   to
IOT*d to the sail list  this year.
����� live or the  Itoyal  Sovereigns In-
Kthc list are laid up with skele-
Bl. and   are  destined   to   be   re*
Hfn the list of ships (it for serv-
The   other   three   are   used   for
purposes.     Tho    Kenown   lias
terned   into  a   royal   yacht   ami   is
m, and  the  Edinburgh,  Thunderer
-��*4   peV��Hlatinii     all   nf   them   Included
! fee !Ut     are also laid  up.     There are
mXAmt eeeles!.   ships   meniioned   tn   tlie
..It, the  total   number  being   21.     Tims
ajOm eAftCtive   battleships   built    number
oatfl-mlnHtend of tio.    In regard to gun
*lhe (ieitnati  Dreuduoughis will be
._._   powerful   than   the   llrltlsh.
Thp-'fOtiirn   of aiMiored  iruiseis   built
Httldlng   Is  us   follows:
Britain    30
y        ��
���tatei  12
f 10
__JBrltlBh     cruisers    Include
three   invincible;..      which    are    of
pr-eedBOUght   type,   and   have   recently
heeA  |ftunched.   Ureal    llrllaln   is   thus
4"Of    ,H,1h    France   and    (lermany
Wned    tn   armored    cruiKets.       Hut
|fi*ln the  return is mtsleadlng, as
tolfer than  Ift crulHers are worlbless
:wer purposes,    indeed, the secretary
to     m admiralty  has himself  admitted
UMoey were    available for subfildiury
,   hulks   uud   vessels   for   sale,"
er   vessels   the   returns  nre   as
Ottawa. Aug. 2.���Canada's n�� * rust-tuns regulations, ma king more stringent provisions ;:gainst the .importation of adulterated teas are not regarded favorably In Japan. Reporting on
the subject to the trade and commerce
department, Mr. Alex. MacLean. commercial agent In Yokahoma, says: "The
regulations given effect .lune 1st by the
Canadian customs authorities providing
against tlie Import a lion and sale of
adulterated teas upor^ being placed before the exporting houses here have
evoked criticism as to their practicability
It happens that the hulk of the Leas exported from this country to Canada are
deacribed as low grade and It is mainly low grade of cheap teas that are effected by the regulations in question."
The objections are concisely staled by
one b adlng firm and are forwarded for
submission to the cnntoms authorities
and (hev are regarded here, the regulations subject the exportation of tea
to Canada to the delay involved In examination, testing and possibly chemical analysis, before the product can pass
the customs and to the delay and cost
of return transportation in case of such
qualities as may he rejected. It is represented that the trade cannot be carried on under these conditions. At the
present time shipment Is actively going
nn and the trade as to manufacture and
export is at the height of its aotlvty
for the season, contracts have been entered Into and are being filled and the
putting Into force now of regulations,
however salutary, not anticipated when
the season's trade was being negotiated,
may prove very embarrassing to the
��� xp.'i't   i-   and importers alike.
Management   of   British    Railways   Refuse  to  Recognize  Any
Walking  Delegates.
lx>ndon, Aug. 2.���Ix-rd Claude .lohn
John Hamilton, chairman of the Great
Western railway, and Henry Cosmo
Hi nso:i, chairman uf the Southeastern
railway, s|waking tit the annual meetings of their respective companies, both
emphatically refused to recognize the
Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants, the executive committee of
which had demanded the right to represent the railroad employee! in an effort to settle their alleged grievances.
A conference of delegates, representing all grades of employees of every
rail read In Kin; land nnd Wales, was
held last November and a programme
was drawn up which Included demands
for an eight-hour day, increased wages
and the recognition of the(Amalgamated Society hy the companies, hast May
there was a series of demonstrations
throughout the United Kingdom by employees and resolutions were passed favoring a strike In August, should tbe
men fail in Ihelr efforts to get concessions    from    the    railroad    companies.
Both the chairmen declared today
that ihelr directors always were ready
to discuss grievanc.es with the employees themselves, hut they absolutely
declined to permit the Interference of a
ibird party. Lord Hamilton asserted
that he Intended at all costs to preserve for the directors of his company
and the staff they employ "the right to
continue to enjoy the privileges of free
citizens, untrammelled by the coercion
and tyranny of an outside, Irresponsible
body of men."
It ts understood tbat the management
of all the railroads In the United Kingdom have slmilnrly agreed to refuse to
recognize the Amalgamated Society of
Hallway Servants as an intermediary
between  the directors and  the men.
Protected  bouts und
Cruisers.   Destroy'b.
. Ti
. .. 26
Tug Turned Turtle.
Chicago, Aug. 2.���Coming into the
harbor with a heavy tow last night the
tug Chicago keeled over off tho Kush
Htreet bridge across Ihe Chicago river
turning turtle with four men on board.
The crew grabbed boards of wutever
else they could find as the vessel partly righted itself and kept atleat until
(hoy could grab lifelines thrown from
the steamer Fleetwood. Captain James
McGinn, of Milwaukee, who Is nearly
70 years of age, had the narrowest escape, lie was imnrlNoued In the pilot
house when his craft went. down. He
climbed through an 18-inch window
while under water and wns badly injured In doing so. Tha wreck was witnessed by hundreds of people on outbound excursion docks lying close at
the docks. All traffic was Hod up for
an hour. Tho sunken vessel lies directly across the river, practically undamaged, watting to  lie pumped out.
Will Be Greeted by Mass
�� ta Will Not Participate���White
Horses Will Be Symbolical
of Innocence.
Denver. Aug. 2.���Practically all the
unions cf the city were represented at
a meeting last night which had for lu
pur|K>se the perfecting of plans for
honoring William D. Haywood, secretary-treasurer of the \Ventern Federation of Miners, who was acquitted of
Ibe charge of conspiring to kill former
Governor Steunenberg of Idaho.
Haywood will arrive in this city
from Salt Lake City next Saturday
evening. A popular demonstration will
be made in which it is estimated by
unionists that between 25,000 and 50,-
000 people will take part. Huywood will
be met at the union station and will
ride to his hotel in a carriage drawn
by six white horses, symbolical of his
Innocence of the crime with which he
was charged. An effort will be made
to have Haywood address the people
somewhere along the line of march, and
also to submit to a reception when all
who wish  may  shake his hand.
CharleB H. Moyer, president of the
Western Federation of Miners, co-defendant with W. D. Haywood In the
conspiracy charged, will not come to
Denver to participate in tbe demonstration now being prepared for Haywood
on his return to this city tomorrow. Although Moyer is released on bail he
takes the position that it would be ungraceful for him to participate In a celebration, the keynote of which is the Innocence of another who once stood
charged with tho same offence that he
(Moyer)  is yet to be tried for.
International    Congress    in   Session   at
Boston���Many  Addresses.
Lumbnrmen Quarrel.
Calgary, Aug. 2.���A stormy mooting
of the lumbermen of Calgary was held
yesterday when tho question of selling
below fixed rates wiih illsciiHHed. K;irh
looal mt'tubfi- licensed Die other of
underselling and Ih.. meeting broke up
In il*sor.lei*.
Boston, Mass., Aug. 2.���Distinguished
zoologists from all parts of the world
are to assemble In Hoston the latter
part of this month to take part In the
Seventh International Congress. It wll]
be the first session of the congress ever
held In the United States and as a consequence It has aroused considerable
The association exists for purely scientific purposes. The coming meeting
will be carried on In the general ses
slons, which will be devoted to addresses and discussions on scientific
subjects, and in a large number of section meetings for the discussion of various branches of zoology.
Tbe convention promises to be of
the utmost Interest to the scientific men
of America as well as to the large number of foreigners who will be lu attend
anco. Every possible attention will be
paid by the American committee in
charge of the entertainment of the delegates   wliile   In   this country.
After the sessions of the congress nre
concluded In Boston the foreign delegates will visit a number of other cities
to inspect education and scientific In-
siliinloiis. In New York tho visiting
scientists will inspeci Columbia univer-
ty, the American Museum of Natural
HlBtory and the Marine Laboratory of
the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and
Sciences. Two days will be spent In
Philadelphia In the Inspection of the
zoological gardens, the Academy of
Natural Sciences and the Institutions
connected with the. University of Pennsylvania. A stay of several days In
Washington will be followod by an excursion to Niagara Falls, Toronto and
Ihe University of Toronto. Returning
to New York about the middle of September the scientists will sail on a
week's trip to Bermuda before disbanding.
Silly Report Disproved.
London, Aug. 2.���That the Hritlsh
hoad Is shrinking and muscles are degenerating, as recently charged by certain scientists, was refuted by evidence
introduced at tlie meeting of the British
association at Leicester. Records for
tho last 20 years at Marlborough college show thut the 14-ycars-olds there
average five pounds heavier nnd nearly
nn Inch taller than those of 1885. A
halter who furnishes hats for bIx
schools vouches that hats of 21 1-2
Inches circumference formerly were
rarely demanded, while now hats 22 1-2
inches io circumference are needed continually. Sir Victor Horsley proposed
a motion at the meeting urging the government to institute In connection with
the medical Inspection of school children a system of periodical measurement.
Russian     Terrorists     Persistent     After
Grand Duke  Nicholas.
St. Petersburg. Aug. 2.���One of the
"accidents" thai occur frequently while
members of tbe imperial family are
traveling happened today while Grand
Duke Peter Nlcholacivitch, cousin of
the emperor and one of the leaders of
the reactionary group at the court, was
en route to St. Petersburg from Peter-
As the train was within ten miles
nf St. Petersburg a petard, which had
been placed on the rail, exploded. The
force of the explosion, however, was
not great enough to derail the train
and no one was hurt.
A short distance outside of St. I'e-
tersbtirg, on April 10 last, an attempt
was made on tbe life of Grand Dukes
Nicholas Nlcolalevltch and Peter Nich-
olaievitcb. who were returning from
Tsarskoe Selo by train. No one was Injured.
Another attempt on the life of the
Grand Duke Nlchulas Was made on
February 27. when a workman was
found preparing an Infernal machine
to blow up the train on which the grand
duke was traveling.
Special Cabinet Meeting
on Morrocco
Spanish Co Operation Will Be Invited
as Provided by Algeclras
Indictments by  California   Grand  Jury
Referred  to  Supreme  Court
of the Stats.
San Francisco. Aug. 2.���The question
of the validity of the many scores of
indictments returned recently by the
grand jury baa at last been submitted
to tbe supreme court of California.
Theodore Halsey, the "outside" man of
tbe Pacific Coast Telephone Co., now on
trial on a charge of bribing Supervisor
Lonergan. filed a petition yesterday
with the supreme court appealing to
to that body for a writ of prohibition
restraining the superior court and
Judge H. Dunne from trying his case.
A similar application Is made for a writ
of prohibition against Judge Carrol on
behalf of one of the six carmen indicted June 26 by the grand jury on a
charge of felony alleged to have been
committed in a street car riot. This
decision will apply to all six cases. The
attorneys for the Indicted officials of
the United Railways also appeared in
the chambers of the supreme court yesterday. After the filing of the Halsey
petition, it is announced to be their intention to file sljntlar briefs. The petitioners tln praying for the writ rely
largely upon the opinion given recently
by Judge Cook on a motion to quash the
Indictments in tbe case of the strike
rioters. In his opinion. Judge Cook held
that the acts of tbe grand jury since
the new grand jury panel was drawn in
February 1 is null and void. Judge
Cook refused, at the same time, to set
aside the Indictments suggesting that
the whole question be passed upon by
the Bupreme court. This question is now
before that body and the Indicted ones
do not desire their trials to proceed until  a decision  is  rendered.
Chicago  Newspapers  Busy  About John
D. Rockefeller's Movements.
Chicago, Aug. 2.���According to the
Record-Herald, John D. Rockefeller fell
Cleveland last night for Chicago, but
efforts made in the Ohio city to ascertain the purpose of this trip failed. Tomorrow Is the time set by Judge Landis
of the United States district court, for
passing sentence on the Standard Oil
company of Indiana, convicted of accepting rebates on oil shipments. Mr.
Rockefeller testified here recently Id a
hearing In which Judge l.andis sought
to ascertain the relations of the Indiana
company to the standard Oil company
of Now Jersey, but there does not appear to be any legal necessity for the
oil magnate's presence In court when
tbe  fine  Is  assessed.
Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 2.���At Forest
Hill, Ihe summer suburban home of
John D. Rockefeller, It was stated today that there was absolutely no truth
In the reports printed this morning that
Mr. Rockefeller would shortly undergo
a surgical operation. It was also denied that he expected to leave the city
now or at any tlmo within the near future.
New Steamship Line.
Seattle, Aug. 2.���President A. J.
Barling, of the Chicago, Milwaukee &
St. Paul railway. In an Interview here
last night, said that the railroad company will have a fleet of nine large
steamships plying between Seattle and
the Orient when the extension of the
road Is finished In 1909. A tentative
agreement hns been made with the
Osaka ShoBen Knlsbub to operate the
line. Nine vessels, eucli bnvlng a capacity of 12,000 tons are now being
built in Japan. The lutes! ship under
the agreement Ib to be delivered not
later than February,  1909.
Paris, Aug. 2.���An extraordinary meeting of tbe cabinet to discuss the Morroccan situation was held this after*
n.on. Foreign Minister Pichon expressed himself in favor of immediate
energetic action by France to secure
reparation for the murder of Europeans
at Casa Blanca and to insure the safety of the Europeans still there. In as
much as France and Spain were
charged by the Algeclras conference to
act together in the matter of policing
Casa Blanca, M. Pinchon advocated, as
a first step, proposing to Spain the immediate landing of French and Spanish
troops at the scene of the massacre.
The French newspapers, except the Socialist Journals, are unanimous In demanding tbat tbe government take decisive steps to enforce respect tor
France in Morrocco. Some newspapers
express tbe opinion that mere money
wljl not stand in the way, and they
think the time Is ripe to abandon M.
Delcasse's policy of "pacific penetration," which they contend has served
only to arouse the hatred of the Moors
for the French, and march straight to
Fez. La Republique Francalse says tliat
unless the head of Maclanin Pasha, the
governor of Casa Blanca, is obtained, a
genuine holy war is likely to be precipitated and this would endanger the Algeclras settlement.
Emperor of   China  is   35  Today���Still
Ruled   by   His   Mother.
Washingtono. D. C, Aug. 2.���The
dragon flag of the Celestial Empire was
displayed over the Chinese legation today In token of tbe fact tbat this was
the birthday of the omperor, Kuang
Hsu. Born August I, 1872, the present
Emperor of China, at thirty-five years
of age, is probably the least known, oi
the great rulers of tbe world, und this
despite the fact tbat his domain In extent und population has few equals and
his country Is a center of great attraction and Interest for the rest of the
Kuang Hsu is said to be popular with
the Intelligent element among his sub
jects, and It Is believed that were he
able to shake off the domination of the
Dowager Empress he would aid In bringing about liberal reforms In China. Foreign diplomats who have resided at Pe-
kin speak well^wf the young Emperor.
But so long as the old Dowager retains
her power there IB little hope of bringing about better conditions in the Flowery Kingdom.
American Sculptor Dying.
Cornice. N. H., Aug. 2.���Augustus St.
Gaudens, the sculptor, is seriously ill
at his home In this vllllge, and grave
fears are entertained that he will not
recover. On Wednesday night Mr. St.
Gaudens' conditions was such that It
was feared thrt he would not live
through the night. He rallied, however, and yesterday was carried to his
study where he criticised and directed
Ihe work of bis assistants.
Tasted  In  France.
Paris, Aug. 2.���It is reported that a
secret trial of the Wright brothers-
aeroplane Ib about to take place In
France as the result of some arrangement with the French government. Tho
aeroplane, it Ib understood has been
shipped from the United Stntes and or
dors have been Issued to the custom
niiihoiiiles to  pass the case  unopened.
Georgia Camp Meeting.
Convers, Ga., Aug. 2.���The annual
camp meeting of the Presbyterians ol
Georgia opened today on the grounds o(
the Smyrna church In this county, aud
In attendance will undoubtedly be oue
of the largest gatherings of Its kind
ever In this slate. The meeting Ib under
the direction of Rev. Robert T. Otis,
who is assisted by a number of prominent clergy and laymen from various
parts of tho state.
plies necessary responses and choral
portions of the mass in the absence of
a cbolr. It Is stated that when one record is finished tbe priest leaves the
altar to put on a fresh cylinder and
wind the machine before proceeding
with the service.
Report   for  June. From   Dominion   Department of Agriculture.
Ottawa, Aug. 2.���A fruit crop report
Issued by tbe Dominion Fruit division
says tliat the weather for tbe month of
June has been, on the whole, favorable
for fruit. The low temperature for the
first part of the month was succeeded
by warm to very warm weather for tbe
pas two weeks. The rainfall was scarcely sufficient for the best results In
small fruits, but serious injury from
drought was prevented by tbe heavy
local thunderstorms tbat have prevailed
the latter half of the month. British
Columbia and Southern Ontario have
suffered most from drought. Tbe season, therefore, though late, has been,
quite as favorable as usual for the pol-
Inatlon of the exceptionally beavy
The effects on small fruits, of tbe
frost up to about the 20th May are now
apparent, but the tree fruits have not
suffered to an appreciable extent except
In Japan plums and cherries.
Additional and fuller notes on the
effects of the past winter on trait trees
have been received with tbe June reports. Trunk injuries are proving to
be much more numerous than waa suspected last month. Thla is particularly true along tbe northern border of
tbe different fruit belts. Apples, pears,
peaches and plums (partlcuarly the Japanese) have suffered.
Casualty List of Pennsylvania for Last
Year Shows Total of Over
a  Thousand.
Philadelphia, Aug. 2.���More than 1000
were killed last year in the coal mines
in Pennsylvania according to the annual report Juat Issued by James Roderick,
chief of the department of mines; the
statistics show that of 557 persons
killed at anthrictte mines, 247 were victims of their own carelessness. 89 ol
the carelessness of others, 188 were unavoidable, and 28 resulted from accidents for which responsibility could not
be fixed.
Of tbe 477 killed in bituminous mines
307 victims died from their own carelessness, 10 by the carelessness of
others. 142 unavoidable, and 18 by accidents for which responsibility could
not be placed. The. chief says that the
figures show that two-thirds of the accidents resulted from the victim's own
carelessness, and that the remaining
third may be taken as the reasonable
percentage .of accidents to miners.
"It seems Impossible to adopt any
methods either by legislative enactment, or by special rules that will tend
to lessen the loss of life among the
mine workers. The accidents left
left nearly 100*0 widows with 3,410 children under 14 years of age. A great
deal could be done to alleviate the distress." the chief says, "If the age limit
for the employment of boys In mines
waa lowered from 16 to 14 years."
American  Regiments and  Military Supplies for Philippines.
San Francisco. Aug. 2.���Large quantities of merchandise, ammunition and
supplies of every description for the
use of the army In the Philippines, are
being forwarded to the islands. Within
the next few days four transports will
sail for their destitutions loaded to their
full capacity with military stores. In
addition, they will carry 3000 men of
the 25th and 29th Infantry and casuals,
besides u number of prominent officers.
Of this fleet, the Warren will sail tomorrow, the Logan on August 5, and
the Crook on August 10, and the Bur-
ford on August IS.
Mass By Phonograph.
Paris, Aug. 2.���The Curo of Lamartre.
In the department of Var, has installed
a phonograph In his church, which sup-
California Woods on Fire.
Vasalla, ('al., Aug. 2.���A disastrous
fire raged all last night among the foothills ten miles east of this city. The
lorritory devasted will probably amount
to 100 square miles. The entire population Is lighting the fire. The damage
will amount to many thousands of dollars.
New Brunswick Liberals
Sir Wilfrid Laurier's First Choice of
Hew Material for Cabinet
b Uaforttuute.
Ottawa, Aug. 2.���It la now said that
Sir Wilfrid Laurier has been forced
to swallow Ho*. Wm. Pugsley and his
record, and that the ex-premier of New
Brunswick will get the portfolio of railways.
ThiB hardly looks like tbe house-
cleaning that was promised some
months ago. but evidently Sir Wilfrid
has ceased to sare for the principles
which characterised his leadership of
the opposition and his early premiership.
The information at Conservative
headquarters that they will be able to
retain tbe seat of which tbe late Dr.
Stocton was such a distinguished occupant. The government has presumed
that a victory is a certainty for Pugsley, but there seems little justification
for the confidence.
Finding that their attempts to secure the portfolio of railways lor Senator Ellis seem to have failed, the opponents of Pugsley are making a determined effort to have Senator Dom-
vllle, of St John, appointed.
The cabinet will meet In a few days,
when It is expected an official announcement will be made.
Fire In Duluth.
Duluth, Aug. 2.���Fire which caused a
yoss of IllO.OtIK) broke out this morning
In tbe buiMlaC occupied by the Burgess
rissqih) company und Christies Lltho-
KraTattktmg company on west First street.
The cause Is unknown nd the Ions is
fully covered by Insurance.
Ah Quiet on the Range.
Duluth. Aug. 2.���All Is quiet on the
rnngi. this morning ani urge forces are
being set at work on ull sides.
E. F. Richardson Disgusted by Methods
of His Colleague.
Denver. Aug. I:���The Newa today
says that Attorney B. F. Richardson,
of Denver, who was one of Haywood's
counsel In the famous trial at Boise,
Idaho, has withdrawn from any further
connection with the defence of officials
and others of the Western Federation
of Miners, in cases now pending before
tbe Idaho courts. He Is quoted as say-
lg tbat he will not work with Clarence
Darrow, the Chicago lawyer associated
with him In the case, any longer.
"The whole sum -and substance of the
matter Is that I cannot endure Darrow's
methOSs," said Richardson. "I do not
sanction Socialism in the least when it
is coupled-with the trying of a legal
suit, and especially when that case is
a murder case and means a man's life."
Enterprising Prairie Town Secures Big
(Special to Tbe Dally Canadian.)
Medicine Hat, Aug. 1.���The rate-payers    of    Medicine   Hat   voted oa  two
money   bylaws   yesterday   and   passed
both  almost  unanimously.
The Western Canneries company
bonus bylaw gives to that company 10
acres of land for a site, exemption from
municipal taxation, and $20,000 cash,
for which, however, the city receives
stock of that value tn tbe company.
Tbe second bylaw granted $6,000 towards tbe building, equipment and
maintenance of a public hospital.
Ohio Legislators' Reunion.
Cedar Point, Ohio, Aug. 2.���The members of tbe Ohio General Assembly, together with many politicians from over
the state, gathered here today for their
annual reunion. While pleasure and
entertainment are supposed to occupy
the legislators and other visitors during
the two days of tbe reunion It ts expected they will find time for considerable discussion of political affairs nnd
It Is possible that developments of no
ll*gle Importance may result from the
gathering. Much Interest centers in
the reunion banquet to be held tonight
at which the scheduled speakers include Governor Andrew I*. Harris, Senator Kdward A. Ilafner ot Cincinnati,
D. J. O'Rourkc of Toledo*, and Freeman
T. Kagleson of Cambridge, speaker of
the house.
A Gentle Request.
Lancaster, Pa., Aug. 2.���"Surrender
$10,000 or be murdered along with your
sister," waa the substance of a letter
received by Charles It. Orubb, one or
Lancaster's wealthy men. It was nt flrst
thought to be a joke and no attention
was paid to it until yesterday, when
It was sent to Postmaster Miller. He
ut once expressed the belief that he
knew the writing. Tbe police are now
searching for the letter-writer suspected
aa they regard the threat aa serious. The Daily Canadian
i ii
!   ��� \
We are now
opening up n large
Hhipment of
Limoge's Elite China
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Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital   Paid  Up    $4,825,000 Rest    $4,826,000
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFPRAY, Yioe-Preatdent
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed at highest   current  rate from date of
.npentag of aooonnt, and compounded quarterly.
NELSON   BRANCH aim     IVIa.     LAY,    A^lanajf��r.
The Royal Bank of Cana4a
Incorporated  A.   D.  1869.
 $3,900,000     Reserve   Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Busyness.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six days * weef ny tne
Baker Bt..  Nelson, B. C
SuDSCriptton rates, 6U cents a month a dive red
In tha city, or ao.00 a year If sent by mall, when
paid In advance.
AdferUslng rates on application.
AU monies paid m Kottlcmcni ol The Daily
Canadian accounts, either for subscriptions or
a,4<rertl8lng, must be raQeipted fatou the printed
-forms ol  the Company.    Other receipts  are not
Friday, August 2,  1907.
ii. K. Green, late commissioner of
landa and works in the provincial government, and on the testimony of friend
nd foe lhe moat efficient head that the
department ever had, has railed in his
libel suit against the Vancouver World,
and the Liberal press of the province
with characteristic contempt for facts.
Is enjoying tiie "victory" and drawing   wholly   unwarranted   conclusions.
While the admirers of Mr. .Justice
Clement may regret that he should have
Adopted the tone he did in charging the
jury, and made remarks hardly relevant to the case even if they had been
justified by the evidence, there will
probably be no quarrel with the jury's
verdict. However much Individuals
may suffer it is probably in the public
interest that newspapers should be allowed the greatest passible latitude in
discussing the conduct of public men.
The offending article in the World
was based, by admission, on a mere
suspicion of D. W. Higgins. The confirmation he impudently claimed to
have secured from Sir Charles Tupper and Mr. Cowan, he had to admit
on oath, was only such confirmation as
he inferred from absolute silence. The
article was indefensible from a newspaper point of view, as Indeed was the
whole make-up of the World throughout
the campaign. Hut the scare-head, of
four-Inch letters, charging that Mr.
Green accepted a bribe, was protected hy an interrogation mark. There
was no actual affirmative charge made
The article was an offence against
every canon of newspaper ethics,
against good taste and public decency.
but It was not a statutory offence.
The statement insinuated by tbe
World was absolutely false. The .shares
offered by Sir Adolph Caron were not
offered at a time or In a manner that
would   permit   of   their  influencing   in
any way the concession formally and
perfectly legalJy applied for by. and
granted to, the  company.
The statement Implied was absolutely
false, but Us author was willing to declare on oath that he believed it to be
Hue, and that is accepted as sufficient
excuse  for  its  publication.
To say, as do some of the lesser Liberal organs, that the Jury a verdict com-
plely justifies the World, betrays a
peculiar   malformation  of   the   brain.
The completion of the C. P. R. fast
line from St. Paul to Spokane has rendered possible an Improvement in the
mail service between British Columbia
especially the southern interior, and
the Hast, which has evidently not yet
occurred either to tlie official! of the
Dominion post ofiice department, or to
the boards of trade of the cities concerned. It is not at all unlikely that a
strong request from Kootenay boards
of trade clearly conveyed would produce the desired  improvement at once.
The present post master general, although burdened with two heavy departments, has shown zeal aud ability
beyond most of his colleagues, and any
reasonable suggestion is certain of
sympathetic consideration by him.
At present the mall, letter and newspaper, from tlie Eastern states and
from all Canadian points east of Fort
William, comes to British Columbia
by way of Chicago, St. Paul and Spokane, to the Coast cities also by way
of Seattle. Until quite recently that
wa.s the fastest route and the people of
British Columbia were the gainers by
lhe arrangement. But a recent development of the C. P. R. service has made
possible a further very considerable
gain In time, and there is no good reason why advantage should not be taken
of it.
The C. P. R. flyer, from St. Paul
travels to Spokane In 40 hours, 5 hours
less than the Great Northern Hyer takes
for the same trip. Even by the present
route, if the malls were carried to Spokane by the new C. T\ R. train they
would catch the afternoon northbound
train of the Spokane Falls & Northern,
aud Eastern mall would reach Nelson
24 hours earlier than by present arrangements. That alone would be well
worth the necessary effort, on the part
of Kootenay hoards of trade.
But a still  further gain  Is  possible.
The new C. P. R. line comes part of its
way through Canadian territory, securing a shorter Hue and easier grades to
Spokane. It turns to Spokane from
Curzon .Junction, formerly Yahk. Curzon is actually much nearer to Nelsou
than to Spokane. Consequently from
Curzon to Nelson the mails are at present carried the two longer sides of a
triangle Instead of the third shortest
side. A transfer of the mails al Curzon
to the Crow's Nest line and steamer
would make a further gain of practically 12 hours. ' For example, the HJasteru
mall that now arrives in Nelson, by way
of the Great Northern, on Monday
morning, would, if carried by the C P.
R. by way of Curzon and Kootenay
Landing, reach Nelson at 6 o'clock Saturday evening.
Surely   the  gain   is   worth   any   effort
required by Nelson's board of trade.
If Joseph Martin, K. C, Is not satisfied with the judgments already expressed by the people of Hritlsh Columbia as to his possible public usefulness,
he Is quite welcome to learn again. If
he is correectly reported as determined
to make a campaign on the anti-Japanese agitation, he will deceive no one.
Every legislature of British Columbia
for the last ten years has passed the
Natal Act. Every British Columbia candidate for the Dominion parliament has
been pledged to support it. We have
seven representatives at Ottawa to protest against its disallowance. Mr. Bob
McPherson's mouth is strenuously active on the streets of Vancouver, but
It seems to suffer from paralysis���as
far as this subject is concerned���when
ft reaches Ottawa. The conflict between the interest of British Columbia
and the general policy of the Empire,
is a very large question, too large for
Mr. Mcpherson, but there Is only too
much evidence that our Liberal representatives are using it in a wholly dishonest way for political purposes.
Slaves In Chicago.
Chicago, 111., Aug. 2���The federal
grand jury which reconvened tooday
is expected to probe deep into the system of peonage which ts said to flourish
in Chicago. Evidelnce has been collected. It Is said, involving a number of
leaders of the local Greek colony, and
wholesale indictments against offenders
are promised by federal officials. The
system is said to be elaborate and extensive In its ramifications, with the result that thousands of boys are held
in virtual slavery. The boys are lured
to America by promises of good employment and after their arrival here are
taken in charge by the proprietors of
Greek shoe-shining parlors, ice cream
parlors and restaurants, who keep the
boys at work at nominal wages.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Batter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miner*' Supplies.
4S0 acres on Kootenay Lake, between
Balfour and Coffee Creek; $12.50
per acre.
Baker St., Opposite Queen's Hotsl.
Coal! Icei V/'mxI!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Frott,
Fuel A Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sis.
IN THE MATTER of the "Rivers and
Strearni Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company. Limited.
Notice li hereby riven that 60 dayi after date
The Canadian Pacific Timber Company, Limited,
Intend! to -submit to th�� Honorable Chief Com-
mUsson-cr ol I-anrtn and Worki a proposal under
the provltlom of th**- "KlTen ana Streams Act"
and amendments thereto, for tha right to lm-
'.irov ��� Trout ereek and it* tributaries from tbe
sources of such creek and tributaries to the point
where the rtme flows Into Trout lake in the Dlstrlot of West Kootenay, and to remove obstructions theretrom ami make the same (It for driv-
log, storing, sorting and booming logs, rafts and
crafts, and tbeflumlng of lumber thereon, alao
for the rlrht to collect tolls thereon.
The lands affecte! are Crown Lands and Lots
770, 79G0, 7W1, 772. 771 7C9, 762 and 190, all In
Group 1, West Kootenay.
Dated this 80th day of May, 1907.
t>T their solicitor. E. M. Macdonald.
For Sale
House, 5 rooms and bath;   close in $1600
16 ft. Lots on  Inrni-a St. for    $-150.00
6^4 Acres within mile of centre
of City, suitable for market
garden,    Terms  given
160 Acres on Kootenay river,
good springs, first-class railway   service $3,000
F. B.  LYS
Real   Estate   and   General   Agent.
West Baker Street. NELSON. B. C.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent forTruscott Launches
aud Peterboro Canoes.
Finest Lot of  Boats In B. (\
1-1.   L.   LINDSAY
Foot of Josephine Ht.      Tel   Al*
W.   a.    GILLETT
Contractor  and
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Rough and dressed lumber, turned
work and brackets. Coast lath ami -buigles, saah
and doors. Cement, brick and lime for sale
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St    east of Hall
r. O. Box 282. Telephone 178
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mr*.  Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Kng., fur theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing. Address Box 796, Nelaon.
Nelaon Land District.   District ol West Kootunay.
Take notice that William Andrew Koss, of
Fernle, tt (.'., hotel keep��r, internIs to apply for
a special timber licence over the follow .m; des
ci-ibel lands:
Ho. 1 ���Commencing at a pout planted about
three mi et north of tli" iuternatloual ooundary
line, and about eight mil-- went of the Kootenay
river, and about two miles north oJ the nortn
west corner of timber licence No. nobt, thence
uorth 80 chains, thence east W ��� limn-, thence
south 80 chains, thence west no chains to point
of commencement, and '.'oti lal nlng H40 a-rrt-g,
more or leaa.
Local wd 12th June \'*n.
No. 2.���Commencing at a i>ost planted at tb
southeast corner of -A illiam A Ross's No. 1 claim
and about two miles north ol the N W corner
<>f timber licence No S057, theuee north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence eaat 80 ohalns to the point of commencement, and containing 610 acres, more or
Located 12th June, 1907.
No. S.���Commencing at a post planted near
Bridge creek, about one mile east of the nortbeaat cornerof William A. Ross's No. 1 claim,
aod about five miles north of the international
boundary line, thence north 80 chaina, tbence
west 88 chains, tbence south 80 chalos, thence
eaat 80 chains to the point of coniinencemenl,
and containing G40 acres, more or less.
Located 12th June, 1907.
No. 4.���Comm-tinclng at a post planted near
Bridge creok at toe aoutheast corner ot WlUtarn
A Koss' No 3 claim, thence north SO chains,
thence east 80 chaina. thanoe south 80 ehalus.
tbence west SU oh��ln* *f> the point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or leaa.
Located 12th Juue, 1907.
No. 5.���Commencing at a post planted near
H ridge creek, at the noutneast corner of William
A. Roaa' No-8 claim, tbence south 80 chains,
theoce west 80 cbalus, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to the point of commencement, and '"iiiMii] i.,- 640 acres, more or lesa.
Located 12th June, 1907.
No. 8.��� Commencing at a post planted near
Bridge creek, at the southeast corner of William
A. Robb' No. 8 claim, tnence south 80 chains,
tbence east 80 ebalns, thence north 80 chain*.
tbence west 80 chains to tbe point of commencement, and containing MO acres, more or less.
Located I2tb June, 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted about
one mile south of the southeast corner of William
A Ross'No. 6 claim and about two miles north
of the International boiiodary Hue, thence north
80 chains, thsuce west NO chains, thence south 80
chalos, theoce east 80 chains to the polot of
commeneemeut, and containing 840 acres, more
or less.
Located tbe 12th of June, 1907.
No. 8,���Commenclng at a post planted at the
southeast corner of William A. Rosa' No. 7 claim,
thence north 80 chains, thence fast U chains,
thenc*! south 40 cbalna, thence west M0 chains to
point of oonnaeno-amenL and containing t>40
acres, ra-.ro or less.
Located the Uth day of June. 1907.
Dated this Mh day of July. 1907.
William Ani>rcw Roan
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days after date 1
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lauds and W'orka for permission to purchase
the following described lands, situated In West
Kooteuay dlstrlot: Commencing at a post mark-
ed by name ai initial post of the South Pork
branch, one hundred feet from the Junction of
Lost creek with the south fork; tlience otic-
quarter mile to the northweat corner post,thciic��.
one mile to the northeast corner post, thenco
one-quarter mile to tb�� aoutheaat corner post,
thence one mile to the place of commencement
June 27, 1907 Located by Wm. Conhollv.
Notice Ib hereby given tbat 80 days after date i
Inteud to make application to tbe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of I-ands and worka, Victoria, B. <:., for a special licence lo cut timber on
the following described lands in West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a post situated on
Blueberry creek, about four miles from Us mouth
and adjoining the N. W. corner of my appltt-a.
tlon No. 1, tlience south 80 chains, theuee west
HOchalns, thence north 80 chains, thenuu east 80
ehains to point ot commencement.
Dated May linb, 1907. I. .W KoaiNsow.
Nelson Land District.   District ol West Kootenay
Take notice thut Moore, Kepple A i o., of fJar-
land, Penn , occupation lumbermen, Intends to
apply tor a special timber licence over the following described tands: Commencing at a post
planted on Mosquito creek, on tbe weat side of
Arrow lake, and about one half mile west of the
aouth west corner of timber limit No. 4877, thenoe
north K0 chains, thence west 80 Untliis, ttatnoi
south 80 chains, thence east Ho chains to point of
commencement, and containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Dated 1Mb, July, 1907       Ifooa��, Kiiti.k a qq
John R. Camunh. Agent.
NeUon Land Dts'riOt    District of West Koolenay
Take notice that Moore. Kenple A Co., or Garland, Peun , occupation lumbermen, Intend to
apply lor a special limber licence over the following described lands: Commeucing at a post
plantud on Mosquito creek, . n the weat side of
Arrow lake, and about one half mile weat, of the
southwest corner nf limber limit No 4877, thence
south HOchalns, tbence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chaina, tbence oast 80 chains te point of
commencement, and containing MO acres, mora
or less.
Dated ]6th July, 1907.     Mooss, Kxitm A Co
Job* ft. Cauliki, Agent.
Bargains in
Wash Belts
100 Doz. Fancy White Wash Belts
Regular Price 50cta    /}*-Z-    U^   t*
We Se'l Them at . .    -**>2C    AZ&Ch
Nelson Land District   District of West Kooteuay,
Take notice that William Andrew Hum, of
Fernle, B C, hotel keeper, intend" to apply ior a
���pedal timber licence over the following des
erttied  Inn'is
No. 1 Commencing ata post planted about
80 chain*-*- *���-.-��! of the uorthcant coruer of limber
licence No. H i . aud about M)< tiatna north uf the
northern boundary of timber licence No. Aftt,
and aoout 12 miles went of the Kootenai river,
and about two and a half in lies north oftha.lu-
ternatlona! bound-try line, in the District of
West Kootenay, thence south HO chains, thence
west HO chains, thence north ho 1 hains, ihenoe
east 80 chaina to the point of commencement,
coutalulug 640 acres, more ur less.
Located 14th June, 1907.
No. 2. -Commencing at a pout planted at the
noriheaat corner of William A Ross's No. 1 claim
and about one mile north ol the northern iMiund-
ary of timber licence No. H-J7J. thence soulh HO
chaina, tbence ea��t *i cbaiun, thence north 80
chains, thence .���.*-���- chain* to thu point of
commcucetiu-ut, and coutalug 840 acres, mora or
Located 14th of June, 1907.
William an: hew Roaa.
I>i*l.��� 1 this 5th of July, 1907.
Nelson Laud District.   District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that "icorge Alexander, of Kaalo,
B C, lntenda to apply for a -j-*.*- i��l timber
���i ienoe over the lollowlng deeonbM lands:
('ommencing at a poat planted at tbe northwest
corner of Section 13, l ownohtp 7, Kootenay district, being about ��� .it thirl of a mile aoulh of
the south boundary line of the Indian reserve;
thenoe south *������������������. i &'> chains to the easterly
bank of Kooteuay river; thunce southeasterly
>��long Kootenay river bank about A0 chaina to
thu south boundary ot Hectlon 12. Township 7;
tlience easterly about &0 chains to the northweat
corner of I,ol ml! thence north HO cbalm along
tbe wen i>ouu.lary of I-���*. Bli; th-euce wi-ntH
chatus to the point of <-ommenc��uieul. aud containing 640 Kcrea, more or lesa
Dated July 4   1907. iiimnii   (:.n.*.ni.
Nelaou laud District.  District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice that Kvan McClelland Fraser, of
Ferule, B.C., clerk, Intends tu apply for a Spool*]
licence   over   the   followlug    deacribed   lands:
Commencing al a post planted about ��ev��u
mllea went of tlie Kitoienay river, and about one
mile nonh of the International bonudary line,
ami alKiut one and a.iuarter north-eaaurly from
the north eaat corner of timber llecuctv No. 9Ui7,
theuee aoutb 80 chains, thunce west 80 chains,
tbence north MO chains, tbence east *������ chains to
point of eommeucement, and coutatntng Mo
acres, more or less.
Located Ulh. ol June, 1907.
Kus   M.i   ;��.ius   FSASKK
lasted this BID of July. 1907.
Take notice thai C. C   Clark, oi Nelaon. B. C.
saloon a���-��� -.--r. inteudn to apply for a special timber licence over lhe following deacribed land.
Commencing at a poat pl-anted on Morning
Mountain, about one mile weat of Hmtdter (reek,
snd H'*. ���ii:i;iit '' ' Clark's location for tlml>er
licence No 1, and atiout one mile south of Nelaon, tbence west no chains, tbence south 80
chaina, thence eant -> ebalUB, thenea north HO
chains lo place of beginning.
Dated July 18th, 1907. C. C. Class,
1>avii> Booth, Agent.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootenay
Take aotJca tbat Frank Flanagan, A H Klder,
and K. W. Hmlth, of Bpokane, Wash., oocupallon
ranchers, intend to apply for a special timber
UoeOOS over the following described laods:
Commencing at a posl plaoted at the southeast
corner, about six mllea from tbe Kootenay river,
on the weat aide, tbeuee north B0 chains, thence
weat M) chains, thence south HOchalns, thence
east 8b chains to }>oint uf commencement, aod
coutainlug ito acros, more or leaa.
I>ated July Kith, 1907. Khans Fi.anauah,
A   8. \.; ..ait.
K   W. smith. Agent (or Applicants.
Nelson Un.l District.   District of West Koolenay
lake notice tbat Frank Flanagan, A 8. Elder.
and K. W. Smith, Spokane, Wash., occupation
ranchers, Intend to apply for a special tuaiier
licence over the followlug deacribed laods:
Commencing al a poat planted oue mile north
ami one mlie eaat of poat Nn^J, which post is
about six miles from the Kooteuay river, on the
west side, thencu north SO ch.ins, thence weat HO
cbalna, thence soutn 80 chains, tbence eait mi
ehalus to point of commeneemeut, and containing 640 acrea, mure or leas.
Dated July lSlh, 1907. PBUB Flawauak,
A. 8   Fi.i.aa,
K. W. -a; <ii. Agent for Applicants.
Nelnon Land District.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice thai K.W. Hmltb, Frank Flanagan, and A. H. Klder. of Bpokane, Wash., occupa
tloo rauchers, Intend to apply for a ape��-ial
timber lirence over tbe following deacrlbcd
lauds: Commenting at a post planted at the
southwest corner, about eight mllea from the
Kootenay river, oo the wesl side, and about
three ml'e* north of the international boundary
line, on the west bank of Brldg creek, on the
norlh fork, ihenee north 80 chains, tneuce east
80 chalua. thence south 80 chaina, thence west 80
chalua to point of commencement, and containing fof) ucrps, mote or leas.
Dated July luth, 1907. K.W smith,
Frank   I . *���-�����*���.,
A. 8   Ktnsa,
K. W. mm int. Agent.
Nelson Land District    District of WeBt Koolenay
lake notice that K. W. Hmlth, Frank Flanagan, and A.H. Klder. of Bpokane, W ��"h , oct n
pation ranchers, intend io apply for .. special
timber licence over the following ileserlhed
lauds: Commencing ata posl planted at the
���OUtheeet corner, about eight miles from tbe
Koolenay river, on the west aide, aud about
three miles north of tbe International boundary
line, on the west batik of Brldg creek, on the
north fork, thenco north 80 chains, thence west
Mil chaina, ibence aouth 80 chains, thence eaat 80
halna to point of commencement, and contaln-
Frank Flanaoah,
A. S   feu.��R,
K. W. smith. Agent.
Nelaou Uml District.   Dlatrlet of Weat Kootenav
Take notice ahat I'aul A uguat I'auliu n. ol K It
������helier, 11. it,, occupation luiubeimau, intends
lo applr for a npecin] umber licence over the MI-
lowing described landa Commencing *i H posl
plained at the southwest corner of surveyed 'nt
ItaU-QJ theme south to the northern boundan
of Umber licence No. 7o]a, thODOS Weel to the
northweat cornor of aaid Umber licence, tbenoe
nou lb to tbe northern boundary uf lol M.! theUOS
following said boundary, of said lot wit to the
right of way of the Briu-.li OOlOJBtU Southern
Hallway, thence following Said right of m ay In a
northeasterly direction to pi ace oloommonoe
ment. and containing A40 acrea, more or lesa
Dated July *Jiid. I��n7     I'st-i. Arut'sT Pavumih.
.     i ommencing at a post marked William
Walinaley. planted at   Knkeoee ('nek Siding oa
"  extension,  ou  the west side at hot
William Walnslst, Loootar.
Jamss Hi'Sharij as Age"
N.ttlce la Ii.t*-: ;. gi.an tbat �� .lays alt.roat.,1
laleuil to apply *..   th. II.>n. 4'hlef ('uiArniaalnn.r
.1.11*1. aim Worka for paTlnlaalon to nurrliaa.
thi Inllowltii deacrltMHl land In Weat K.^it.oaf
lUatMct, on   w.at   shore  ol   !...��. i   Arrow   1...
a.'ji.inins; \.\ .*..     ii!.**...:r.>.     Il<*-Klnnlua
���I a post nartr.1 Marry w. l��.-i . *. ��� oorn.r
poat an.l plant..! on th. ihor��* of I.,...- Arrow
I-aa.. al th. ao..|h<ast inmai oll.pt i ,..iu., r.
HIM*, then*.*. w..t To rhaina, thonr. enulb JO
rhaina mora or leaa lo th. north boun.lary of ll
Kulitnorra Y. H . lh.nl �� ID .bain. ..aa: ....:,, th.
������Id I..-..I.*:..-.. to lake, th.nc. norlb .lour th.
lak.* ahor.  J)  rhaina.   . . ...   or   leas  to polnl ol
U'lulli.l.' ���-.:,��� tit
May 2nd. 11W7. J   I)   M.K.ra*.
               Alt.nl for Harry Mcleod.
N.laon 1j.ii l I.l.irl.l    liiatrl.lol wv.t Kuoi.nay
Tak.* nolle, that ...ora*. kulu. lariar of Hlrdar
orrupatlon. brt.ljr.man. Hiunde to apply for p.r-'
.111.'Mil     Ul   pur. I,a..-     Ib.    following      Ir*. rilJ-1
land* t'omnirn'-liia at poal planted at th. north
wr.l lorn.r of B. Rosa' application to pur.baa..
markrl H. ��., th.nr. north w chaina. thenc.
cast   to   rhalns.   tbeuee  so.ill.   JO chain,   to   A
l.urry'a   pr. ..mptlon.    i ..-   west  -ju   ebalua
th.ncr south JO ch.lna. thenre we-at * chain, to
Place   ol   * ..ii.in. mri.i    rout-alulii.   Ut   ai *. a
more or lesa.
Dated July II, ISV7        .is,....a Knars r.sTIa
W. J. kon, Agenl
Nelaon I*ii.] District. Dlalrlctof Weat Kootenay
VT^L'.'M,'^ J'"iK "���"*�����' Sturm, of Hill,a,,,
fl'.^t. '.,.,'.*���' ���"'���"paiu.u. iuercb.ni. fn
le 1*1. to apply fur ���permlsklon to purchase tbe
following .escribed land: I'omn.enrmi at ��
poat p anted on the  wi*at shore ol   EtawW5.fi
m..kii���. ���,.""""'��� ��'*al w ebalns, tb.nce south
40 chain., thence cast JU chain., then.:, norlb tn
in. ��',ac;^."i: ."' ^"""'...���ou.eul, and contain
'.lOBO! -it as.
Ing to acres' more or leaa
Bay Jtth. 190T
N.laon Land DIalrlci.  District of Weat Koolenay
Take nolle, lhat Waller   McNeil, of Hlllla..
toSS-V-.? ""**' "-���������"���*-���"������' '".rc'haut. IDtwSi
lo apply for p.rml..l.,u to purchase th. I til w
ing .Wrlbed land i 1 ommeurl ���g J,'. ,".st,, . n"
a.1 on lb. west ,i,or�� ol I*,.,��,, w h.t.uii iSait! ���,i
ake, and .1 the norlhw'c.t corner ol I* tu'-J.
th.nc.   MM a chain.,   thence north X, ciain!*
i'^T*.t,"1 5 *>������'���'". then" ���toiuhMtrh.",   ',;
May J-Jth. l��f* W.LTk. �����,���.
t, th. uocTeralgne.]. after 60 da.a ������...,. . .
.^.,.��morC<;,'rDf,���.;,������>'��'**-Jn������'���o�����<��� X&fiSij m
Locate." March Mth, 1907.
W. A. Mills
lug *>40 acrrs, more or less
Dated July l��tb, 1V07,
Take notice tbat 30 days alter date 1 intend to
annlT to the Hon. tbe Chlti Commissiou-ar of
Lauds and Works, Victoria, for permlailon to
cut and carry awar timber from tbe following
described land, In West Kootenay:
No 1. Commencing at a DOft planted at the
southwest corner df llmuer license 8M0, tbence
vest K chains, tbence south 80 chains, theoce
cast 80 chaina, thenco north HO uhalns to place of
Dated .May Bl, 1907,       J. T. HuwitM. Locator.
J W. Colbi'MK, Agent.
No. 3 Commencing al a post planted at the
southeast corner of application .No. 1, thenoe earn
80 ciialns, tbence uorlh HO chains, thence weat 80
chains, thence south 80 chaina to plaoe of commencement. ���  ��� .
Dated May 31,1907.       J   T. HcanRsa, Locator.
J. W. CoLrurh, Agent.
Nelson Land District. Dlstrictof West Kootenay
Take notice that l'aul Auguat Paulson, of Kitchener, li. 0., occupation lumberman, intends
to apply for a special timber IlOtOOl over the foi-
lowing described lauds: 'ommencing at a poat
planted at the aouth west corner of surveyed tot
Tttl-C.l, thoaoo oEft tO chains, tbence north No
ci.alni, thi-1 ice cast to t* a southeast corner ol said
lot, thoooa north to tho nortbeaat corner of said
lot, thencu eaat to the west boundary ol preemp
tlon No. bVi, tbence soulh to the nortb boundary
of timber licence No. 8MB, thence west along
said nortb boundary to tbe northwest cornerof
said licence, tbence soutb to tbe north boundary
of timber licence No 70|g thence west to a point
due aouth nf commencement, thence north to
point ol commencement, and containing 040
acres, more or less.
Datad July Hi4, i9(/7.   Paul auoust I'aulsom.
Dated Ibe Jul day ol May. IlwT
nrF   ,.    IM��,I"'>><    ��'.,.,K,
ol Land, a, ,   fc ,Hi),}!'".'_Si* ,   '���^tulaslone,
rhaln. to pfiS ScSImSSSS,    """" "*" "��
nrd May, IWf. ��.���,,.��� li,Un,*,,u,,
,      ""'ink Hamuli's, Ag.nt.
norih t�� ch.lna. then��� ,��t tVch.in,* ShS2
i^atadu.jut.. T.u.*man.
Nelaon L.nd Dlatricl. Dlatrlet of Weat KooWay
lak. nolle, lhat Kdward I'eUra ol Ynilr   I.L
mil.., easterly   Iron,   ���,��� JmoSSbVIJS  SiS
and Salmon rlyer, in the Nelaon land ,11,1,1.,
tSSm io��',u, m iT.'"*,""' *��M7*2SO fSSS,'.
in.ui*. soulli ao cbalna, more or leas, to I oat
or..k, thence eaat l���l|���wi���, ,,|,| croek l��� ������?,"{
mo""���""1""'  *"'1   "dil'lhl"!  U  �����|
Datad Jim. otMtOT. Kcwtu I'mu.
N.l.oriTI^,n7r.TFnir VBEBCa We.t Kooten.y
n?M.l .""i"1**, .lh*1  '"t">  I'hllhort  of  Nelson,
,, 1. ...   '""I1"*.' "c""Pallon, a.loon kcop.r, la'
loud, to apply  lor parmlaalon lo purchaae thi
Howlng   .V'scrlbed   land:    runiinenel   ,   a    .
ibouf I'-o".' ,'.i" Bf! n"".h b*n,1! '���"*" ���'-��A*��nd
tSSti '""���'"'"nf""."" mile, easterly from
I .lunation of (ant croek and H.i,���,���, rfver, In
10 rJ.l.on laud dl.lrlct, thenoe norlb ��, halna
lit.nc. weal no , |,.ln.. Iheuce aouth HO OhSSi
���ON or Ie... to u���t ,.r������k, thence ea.l following
l! Sn'.".*!1:'?  '"'"' "'���""""'""-���"���nt  and Jon*
.  .'5 .    ��.'.a. more or leaa
D.U-t Ju... 6lb. 1��07. J, ,���k hiitini.
Notice I. hereby glycn th.t alaty.l.ya alter d.t.
I lnton.lto.pp I. totli.lloli.fblofComtnla.lon.r
fk."l5fl! ���.'"' ^"'lO.trporiuls.l.tntopnroh...
Wt '''"""'"K described tract of l.nd altu.u In
n.st Kooteit.) dlslrici: I'omm. lulng at. post
planted .bullion. Ii.lfmlliiiiurlb Irom fork, of
Hummll croek, marked lean ..moron's H. W.
oornor, th.uce ...i to ch.iui, ihonoo nonh ��
ch.lu., then.*,  weat ��t rhaln,  -���
'>!'<"��� <" *****"iMmraSSL"""
JUr.l M.y. Ian ���J'
     WllAIAII B..��,.l"v
NoImo L��n,l DUlrlct.  DUtrtTufweTi
Hrlllah i.olumbl.. occupation B1JL, L
appl) lor nermlealon lo purrh��T��
dca,*rllK.d^anda: rommeueiin,;*.1
on tbe north bank ol Lost crsji ��&
mile easterly from tb. tagSaetlih
an.l H.lmou rlrer In th. B5S ESI
bcu.e uorlh 00 chain., th.be, ,��.*
hence aoutn on ch.ln.. thenc, tSgi
futlnt of commencement, an-1 mS
acres, mure nr leaa *
D.ted June Sth. 1��0?. raj.i ga
HUty d.ys .flor ���l.i.l*,,*,,*,..,
1 on Chi.f;io,umlMlon.r ol taal.
\ loiorla, B. C. 10 purcbaw Tt, h
. n... I laud, altu.tod In ib, wM] il
trlet: ' omii.enelHg al a nost s.u
wet .id. ol Kooten.y lake ,L",���
polot. and marked J MeKlnao",, 1
p,wt. thence we.t n chala, laaso.
ehalna. th.nce east ���> chala. too,", J.
���hore. then,*, .long lak. ibor.n,
1,1. :.,*..���..:,I " ������
Daled April t. 190-1. aigt... j |
Nelson l^nd District. Dtalrlclol WotU
T.kc nolle* lhat Idward Fruei g|
Mont.n., I* H A , occupation ni,
lend, to api.i) f,,r Mrmiaiio. u ,
lollowlng do-rll"*! land 1 ontiw,
poat pl.utsad ou tb. w..t ahonaltw
��� ban (.ariboo, lake, aod al lltewatlr
of Utt sin, Ihcnc. SHI JO rh.l*., 1
6oe"Blna. then., cast JO cbalm ���-.-
chains, thenc. oaai ��uch.iaa.at,r.u
we.t shore of I'pper Wh.uh.aii'a
Ihenee northerly and westerly ti,
���bore go chains,  mor. or Ism,to,
*:*.!..,!'    .nd  conlalnln. 1
MaytHh.llm. Ic.inh
Hilly dayeaflci d.u 1 tturpow 1
,-stion to tb. Hon :!,. *!.;,.* .^,
LaVBdg and Work, for permtoalon to,
lollowlng deocrlt^d land: Cos
1 * ���: placed .1 the u.trtbea.1 e��
-klnner'. application to 1 ..*-:.����� ���
**R . . N v\ eom.r po.1 * thMc. Wlw,
.ut.ru bound.ry ol aald sp: .u��v:N
aouth. th.noo ru.olng W chain, aui H
ch.lns north to th. soutb.rn noanU-tf.
H.nnlngton'. .pplleallos loporrkMS.
eh.In. we.t along aajtie to point ol ass
nicut, eouuatnlng Mo acrw, m,.r.   :.��
Dal^l and day ol May, im.
xigcod Ik
_^      por f. U   r.rvnK igs
Hlity day. sftor d.l. I intend 10 ,
Hon     tlhl.t   ��� .,,ii���ilaal.,[,.r of Lsodll
lor permission to purchase lbs ha .
scribed l.nd   in  Wm k.attc..; tmra
menelng   at . post m.rkad A C HIT
uurn.r po.t.  running ��u ch.la. *m~
lhe tKiund.ry ot Timber Ueesc >.a
souibnrly 60 chstna. ih.ne. .Mur.fti
th.nc.  ii.rih.rl)  ot ehalo. si"=i us'
u a* a 10 the plso* of tenn,BM.SL rr-
twu :, .11 lr..| *o*,m, mora ar Im*.
J**** .1. -i tbla ��tb day of May. la*****.
A. C. ml
Notice 1. horooy gl.eu that ** aan c
Intend toapply to th. UoDorabi.llull .
mlulun.r of l.nd. snd Work, l-s ses
to purebsa. th. following daacrltaslsstf
in Weat Koolenay duul.-t .'
post plant, d a: tb. wsat t-mn !.*. ol
and about 10 chain, south ot ib.*awu
of the right of w.v of lb. H.I. k*<
way. and marked P. A P*> toa iaa
tbence weal l*�� cbstna, Ih.DO. nortk :
latundary of the rbxblof-w.r ol 1
railway, th.noo lollowlug said 001
right of.wsy tn sn osaterly dlrsciloB.*
, ,sl*l tatB&aST1
boundary of la.i 989 til. th.nc, soot*-' ���*���
coiumencement, containing IQBaersV.
I'si.j thla Uth day uf Jim., M*****
P.CL AwarJh**"
Notice 1. her, I,, glr.s Ih.t lull I
date I tuutnd lo apply 10 tha PfM9_
t'onimluloncr of Lsnd. and WQOjI.'Hl
��� lou ui porcbaae tb. lollowlng dwrrnos
land, altuetod In Wo.l Kootenay nava
lueuclng at a post planted 00 Hun***.
about one-ball mil. norlhwr.t Iron tat
ed J.H. McL*. N K. corner, tlearnf ��"*,
th.nee aoulh 40 ehalna. thenc. tajtn
thonce norlb 40 chain. 10 placet <*"
-���Ird  May.  I!.f| JOB. t 9H      ,
wit 1 i���� Haaaorl.lss|
T.ka nolle, th.t  ll.rry Kllll.��'"Jj
H   0M ranch.r, Intend, to apply **J
Ui   purchaae   th. followlug dar"
Wesi Koolenay district:
t.'nmmenclng SI s poat planted so**
aoutheaat corner of Lot Bl* thouatat l ,
rod and eighty.Use (Moo), Oroop���"��
dl.lrlct, lh.not aouth twenty (J��)'''��'13
west one hundred .nd BUty (1��)���=�����"'S
uorlb twenty (JO) ch.lna. tbrncrW���,*
red and alsty (1(0) ehalus toJMJJB
mrnram.nl and conlatbliig MO ���flw
Haled the lOlh day ol Msy. "'���   . ,
11.SIT "J-.
I. the undersigned, after no .Is" l��l��J3
ply to the lion the l-hleO'nnirulBil"?",
and Worka for permission hi r"'���r&
lowing described laod: I'oliiBanrlM'
marked N. K. S , alius:..! on th* JM
eloean lake, about twenty uill.-.l'.'���
thenc. woat 40 chaina. then.*,' ��'��-�� o
theno,. east 40 ehalna, Ih.nrr ����'���Z
shorn of lake HO chain, lo point 01 aaj
mini. nastlfJ
���i..*.u.dM..4th.  L_�����M
Hai. ��� Whits. I
Hlaly days after date I pnrposa niBll"!
lion to the Chief i:ominlBai..n"��',
WorkB lor permlaslon to purelia." 1 ������
deacribed lsnd: Ci.inmciuiii, at a I .
at the nortb weat corner of lot ���"���''..
ed "P. Mrli'a H K corntr post, '""'""
"I ehalna north thonce ��0 chain. *���"'���
ehalna aouth, tbence Hi chain; �����!* ?
commeneemont, oontolnlug *�� *c*^*
Dated tbl.dth day ol May^ IIW* wrtTj<
.1) I ins'-  a>v  -,
ay of May. >*"���      _j,
/Hlsne.l) !���""."S
Nelson Und District. Dlatrlet.."1'"' ""j
T.ke noliee th.t I'.ul Auguat rani" j
eheiier, B. 0.. oeeiip.llnn Iuni''��'��� ���������
to.pply lor permlaalori 10 P"""", ���
Ing .le.erlli.S landa: l:>immal.<lljl.
plained on Iho w.at boundary 1 il'"
and .hoilt 10 cbalna south el HgJxS
of the rlshtolw.y ol th. H"""
Houthern Hallway, snd marked r. ��
eaat corn.r," thenee w��.l 10V,?,. ,1
north to Hi. aoutb boundary of tn'���
of ih. Ilriiiah t.'olumble *""'i"|d
thenoe lollowlng said boundar),oi'
w.y, In .11 easterly direction ���������"
ary of lot No. 96'Jtl.l. Ihenc sooi"
commencement, slid containing aw
"l>*!"d thi. 18th day of M^y. !**���������
.>otio. I. hereby glv.n lhal RfffigM
Intend tn apply to ibe Uonor.h ��� "' ���,.*
mlBsloner oTUadl .nd Work" '"' *Sa
pureheae Hie following d��.rr he,,|0,sJ,
altuate In Weal Kootenay district* ^VH
st s po.t plsnted on TO-hM���"���SWg la
flusnoo with Hummlt cr..k, �����*'*���# J
Harl.oura   ^. w . corner, th.ncca        (a
Ihenee east   40   clialS.,   tne.,..,   *;, _mB��^
thence Wn.MO ehalna In place''! ,r "J t&
���art Msy 1HU7. "'""
WIHJi�� '
|je Prospectors
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
ie BACON We Sell
tt Gives Satislaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and  Smoked.    Our Mams Are
Excellent   Also.     All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
U Burns & Co., Ltd.
Uotlth Is hereby given that 30 days
,* I intciiii I., applv to the Chief Cnm-
f, of Laud and works, for a special
scut and run*.* t tni ber from the follow-
rtb'd bui'i- sttnatM-l on th.- ioutbcoht
lalmon river. In the district of West
Commencing at a post placed about
'Mt of Horn? Ijeaf creek marked "K M.
orthwest corner." thcuie HO chains
���DM ki chains OaMt, tlicnce HO ebalns
,oncc no  chains  went  to  place of  com-
I on the llth day of June. 1007.
it   M. Uaavaa, Locator.
ftotlrc U licr.-liv given Hint .*��� days
^llnwudio apply to the Chlel 0am-
I Of Lands and Works, for a "pedal
l and carry timber from the follow-
,i lands situated on the southeast
almun river, in the dlstrictof Weal
Commencing at a post placed about
at of Rose Lea* creek, market MK M.
, % aoulhwost corner," theuee M0
j, thence SO chains east, thence SO
b, theuee SO chains west to place of
t the 10th day of Juue, 1907.
K, M. Kikves. Locator.
Dlitrlct.  Ulatrietot weat Kootenay
_ that William Audrow Roaa, of
hotel keeper, Intends to apply for
ir Uoetice over tha following des*
���Uneuclng at a  poat plauted about
���H of the Kooteuay   river,  on  Corn
iMsinct   of  West  Kootenay,  and
Bllas north of tha luurnatioual
, _nd about two miles weat of i Im
o.  6646, thence   south  80 chains,
chaina, theoce  north SO chain*,
chains to point ol commencement
MOaf res, more or leu.
una, 1007.
Hieing at a poat  planted at the
r of William A Koaa'No. 1 claim,
_  ehalna,  thence west  SO chains,
���0 chains,  thence east 80 chains,
'-commencement,  and  coutainlug
or leas.
J ana, lttff.
iBOclng at a poat planted about
, of the northeast corner of Wll-
S elalm, thenea south su chains,
chains, thenee north HU chains,
chains to the point of commence-
taintng MO aeres, more or less.
June, 1KR.
lancing ai at a poat planted at
.'ornir of William A. Koss'No. K
norlb SU chains, theuc* west HO
aouth SO chains,   thence east so
point of commencement, contain-
���ore or lees.
June, I9ift.
menelng at a post planted at the
ner of William A. {-Urns' No.Sclalm,
��� ehains, theace west HO chain*,
���0 cbAlns, thence eaat HO chains to
immcncfiueut, and containing tV40
lune. lil-i'7.
imencirig at a pout planted about
alt of the northeant corner of Wll-
No. 5 claim, tbence aoulh 80 chains,
~ ehains, them i; north 80 chaina.
chains to lhe point of comraence-
ntalulng 540 acrea, mora or leas.
r June, 1907.
mencing at a post  planted  at  the
eorner of William A. Roaa' No.ftclaim,
" 80 chains, theoce east so chains,
MO chains, thenea west SO chains te
Lmencemetit,   and    containing 040
Uth Juue, 1907
_menclng ata poat pUntrt. about
ih of tha  northwest corner of  Wll.
No ��� claim, thence north no chains,
���0 chains, theoce soutb SO chains,
" chainH to the point of eommeuce-
ntalning 040 aerea, more or less
June. 1907.
mencing at a post planted about 40
Ah of the northwest coruer of William
. ft claim,  thenea aonth  80  chains,
SO chaina,   theoce  north   SO  chains,
iM*Mt8o< halna to the poln' 0f commencc-
t-LUHi containing M0 acres, more or lesa.
"wl��h June.1��/7.
BKl-Commencing at a post planted about
���Stop west of the northeast cornej of Wii-
DBbaa> No. 9 claim, tbence south HO chains.
^^Tt 80 chains, thence north so rhalns.
It 80 chains to the point of eommeuce-
contalnlug 640 uiH'h. more or less.
16th June, 1907.
.���Commencing at a post plsnted about
veal of the nortbeaat cornerof William
" claim, thence north no cbalna,
. rhalns. thence south 80 chains,
jt SO chains to the point of commeuciv
��ontatulng (-40 autae. more or leaa.
15th June. 1907.
^-Commencing at a post planted about
I south ol tne no rth went croruer of
A. Ross' No. IU claim, thenco aouth so
Ihenee west 80 chains, thence north so
thence east so chains to point of com.
Ht and coutainlug 640 acrus, more or lesa
IhXO June. 1907.
���^-Commencing at a post plauted about
fifift'aoiith ot the northweat corner of Wll-
Kftoas' No. 10 claim, tneuce north so
MlBtithemv weft no i-hahm, thence aouth so*
HEemw eastSO chains to the point of oomf
^^fant and containing 040 acres more or leas;
Httls blh day of July, 1907.
William ANnagw Boot,
Laml District.   District ol West Kooteuay
itice that Walter Kdwards, of Ferguson,
patb>n  cook,  Intends   to  apply  ior  a
ober licence over the lollowlng des-
jrts:    Commencing at a post plauted
up �� creek   runniug   into   the   head   or
ike,  on   the  east  side of Cariboo  lake
Walter  Edward's  northwest corn-
roe   south   80 chains*  thence east 80>
Jftnce nortli SO ohalns, thence weit 80"
bolnt of commeneemeut, and contain-
tea. more or less.
April imb, 19-17.        Waltkr EnwARna,
by hla agent V. 0. Mannino.
d District.   District of West Kootenay
itlce that Wiilter Kdwards, of Ferguson,
nation  cook,  intends  to apply  for  a
...jimr licence over  the fallowing dus-
iandn:   Commencing  at it pimi .'���',   inil*-��
ens creek  and a '��. mile east Irom  A.
corner  post No. 9, and  marked   "Walter
"a northwest corner post," thence east
, thence south 180 chains, thenco west
I thenoe north  1(10 chaina  to   point nf
iCement, and containing 040 acrea, more
May 80th, 1907. Waltkr Edwards.
by his agent F. ('. Mannino.
NcIhou Land District.  District of West Kooteuay
T����e u'lth-e that Arthur E. Evans, of  Heaton.
B. C*.. occupation cruiser, lntendi toapply fur a
special l.mber licence  over  the following  des-
erir.e.i   Inn flu       t -miiiii.-ricln.-   at a post   plauted
attout 0 miles up Htevena creek runniog into tha
eaat side of Cariboo lake  marktd "A. a.  Avar's
MMithwesl coruer post," thence north SO chain,
thence   eastSO (ihaUs,   thence   south SO chains,
thence  weNt HO chains  to   p .ini   of commeO(.*e-
uieiit. and containing Oloacres, more or leas
Dated May Both. 1WH. Arthuk K. hvahs.
by his agent F. C. Maknino.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days aft��r
dale! Intend toapply lolbc Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka for a special licence to cm and carry away timber from the
following described lands In West Kootenay
dlsirlct: rommenciug at a post planted on the
nortb bank of leu Mile creek, about one mlla
and a half from Hlocan lake, marked H. H Pitta'
northwest corDer post, theuee east 180 chains,
thence south 40 chains, tbeuee west 161) chains*,
thence north 40 chains to place of commencement.
Dated this 20th day of June, 1907.
if. H. Puts, Locator,
A. W. BTUBB**,, Agent.
Notice is hereby given tbat thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, B. u., for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following deaorlbed
landa in West Kootenav dUtrlct: Commencing
nt ,i poM planted on * lie west bank of Hmelter
-creek, attout one mile soutb of the City of Nelaon,
thenee soulh SO chains, theuee west so chains,
thunee north HO chaina. theuee eaal SO chains to
plaee of eoinmencement.
Daie.l this llth day of June, 19U7.
C. C. Clark, Locator.
1>. IL or ii, Agent.
'land District.   District of West Kootenay
notice that Walter Kdwards, of Ferguson,
Doupatlon  cook,   Intends  to  apply   for a
.timber   licence  over tho  following  des-
lands:   Commencing at  a post planted
i mile from tho head of Cariboo lake and
10 east of ��� Hid lake, aud  murked  "Waller
'*  southwest corner,"  theucu   north  SO
thence east SO chains,  tlience south 80
thence west so chains to point of oom-
cnt, un.l containing 0-10 acros, more or
May uotii. 1907. Walter Edwards.
by hla agent F. <U. M annimi.
Take notice that Henery John Johnson, Postmaster ot Ferule, B. C, lutends to apply for a
apeclal timber licence over the following dea*
crlbod lauds:
No. 1.���Commencing at a post planted in the
Dlstrictof Went Koolenay,atxiut two rnll��i*i north
of the International boundary line and about
-one mile weat of Boundary lake adjoining ana
l.elvr." ii licences No # . i aud 8069, tbence south
90 chains, thence west SO chains, tlience north SO
thence easl 80 chains to place of commencement.
Dated June 8, 1907.       It. J. Johnson. Locator.
And. Hackktt, Agent.
No. -' - Commencing at a post planted about
cine irille north ol the northweat corner ol H. J.
loiiii-.m-s No. 1 timber claim, thenc�� south SO
���attains, thenoe east 80 chains, theoce north SO
chains, thence west 80 chains lo place of commencement
Dated June 3, 1W7.       If. J. Johnson, Locator.
And. HacKCTT, Agent.
No 3.���''ommencing at a poat planted al the
northwest corner of if, J. Johnson's No. 2 timber
claim, tbenee aouth HO chaina, thence weat 80
-ohalna, iheuce north SO chaina, tneuce cast SO
-chains to place of commencement.
Dated June 3,1907.       H. J  Johnson, Locator.
And. Ha- ki:h. Agent.
No 4. -Commeucing al a post planted at the
northeast corner nlH J. Johnson'a No. 8 timber
claim, tbence north sn ebalns, thenea west 80
-chaina, thenee aoutb SO ehains, thence eaat 80
-cbalna io place of commencement
Dated June 3, 1907 H    '  Johnson, Locator.
And. Hackktt, Agent.
No. .V���Commencing at a post planted at tbe
uorthwent corner ol H J Johnson's No 2 timber
claim, thence north hu chains, tbence east SO
chain- thence aouth so chillis, thence weat SO
chattm to place ol commencement
Dalod June 8, I.mv 11   J  Johnson, Locator.
And. Hackrtt. Agent
No. 0 -Commencing ata post planted aboat
���one mile uorth of the northwest corner nf H. J
Johnson's No. 6 timber claim theoje aouth SO
���chain.*-, thence east SO chains, thence north SO
���ehains, theuco west SO chaina to place ot com-
Dated June 3, 1907.       H.J   Johnson, Locator.
And. Hii'fcKrt, Agent.
No. 7.-Commencing at a poat planted at the
narthwesl corner of IT. J. Johnson's No. 0 timber
-fJ-alm. thence south SO chains, thence west SO
cImlIus, HieiiA'c uorth 80 chains, thence east 80
-rt.aJUK to place of commeneemeut.
Stated Juue 8, 1907.       It. J- Johnson, Locator.
And. Hi. km*t. Agent
N�� S.���Commencing at a ttost planted at the
northeast corner of H. J. Johnson's No. 7 timber
claim, thence north SO chains, thence west so
chaina, thenee south 80 chalua, tbence east so
chain* to place of commencement.
DaU-J June -i. 1907.       H. J. Johnson, Locator.
Anii. Hack kit. AguuL
.No. * -Commencing at a poat planted at the
nvrthwest corner ol H. J. Johnaon'a No 6 timber
claim, thence north SO ohalus, thence east HO
chains, tbeuee aoulh SO chains, tbeuee west SO
chains to point of commencement.
Dated June ���*. 1907. fit, J. Johnson, Locator.
No- hw���Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner of Umber licence 8074, thence
north SO vhslns, theace east 80 chains, theuee
south 80 chulus, tbence west So chains to place
of eoinmencement
Daled June 3, 1907.       U. i  Johnson, Locator.
And. HAi'KKTT, Ageut,
Take uotlce lhat Dan Baker, prospector, uf
Klko, ft. 0 , lntenda to apply fur a special timber
licence over lhe following described lands:
Nn. 1���Cmnmoucing at a pest planted In the
dlatrlet of West Kootenay, about eight mllea
west of tli- Kootenay river near the north bauk
of Boundary creek and one mile north of the International boundary line, which claims are described aa follows: At tbe northwest corner ol
limber licence No. ftobt, ihenee norlh sn chains,
thence east Ho chains, tbenee south SO chains,
thence west SO chains to place of commencement.
Dated 1st June, 1907. Dan Bakkh
No 2.���Commencing at a post planted at tha
aouthwent corner of 'mi hakcri No. 1 claim,
tbeuee north SO chains, Uicnce west so ohalus,
thence south SO chalua, thence cast SO chains to
place of (commencement.
Dated 1st June. 1907. Dan Baker.
No, 8.���Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner of Dan Baker's No 1 "dalm,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thonce south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
place of commencement,
Dated lal June. 1906. Dan Baker.
No. 4��� Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner of Dan Baker's No. 2 claim,
thonce north HO ciialns, thonce west HO chains,
theuco south 80 chains, thenee east chains to
place of rninuuiucemunt.
Dated 1st June, 1907. Dan Haker.
No. 6.- -t'ommenclng at a post planted at the
northwest corner of Umber licence No. 80A9,
thence north SO enalns, thence east SO chalos,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
place of commencement.
Dated June tth, 19t)7. Dan Baker.
No-6,-Commencing at a ml planted at the
northwest corner of I'nn Bakers No ft claim,
".hence north so rhalns iheuce east 80 chains,
-thenee sou'h 80 chains, thunce west 80 chains to
place of commencement.
Dated June 4th, 1907. --an Baker,
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast norm r of timber licence No. sow,
thence north Ho chains, thence weat 80 chains,
thenee south 80 chains, tbenoe east 80 chains to
point of eommcucemeut.
Dated June 4th, 1907. Dan Baker.
No. 8.���Commencing at a post planted at tha
norlheRHt corner of Dan Baker's No 7 elalm,
them-n north no chains, thence west 80 chains
thence koiiUi 80 chains, thcucc eaat SO chains to
place of eommeucement.
Dated Juue tth, 1907. Pan Barer,
l   Hill      ��� ���   I ll
the fcajiy -fcan^an
 , ! , "
Standard   Oil   Company   Guilty  on   1462
Counts of Violation  of Anti-
Rebate   Law.
Chicago, Auk. 2.���lief ure another day
inirhapa the largest fine recorded In judicial history may be assessed by Federal Judge K, M. Uindls against the
Standard Oil company, In the cases In
which the company was recently con-
v1ct��'d of UBlng Illegal railroad rates.
.Judge LandlH has Hxed upon tomorrow
as tho day upon which hu will pass se-n-
ti-nce   on   the   company.
When, under the Indictment secured
a year ago, the Standard Oil company
of Indiana was found guilty of violating
the anti-rebate taw, the fixing of
flue for that ofTence devolved on Judge
I.i. ml Is, and as he had a free hand In
nssesHlng any fine between $1000 and
$20,000 un pach of the 1462 counts In
the indictment he was confronted with
a rather difficult proposition. He did
not know how much punishment the
company could stand, and this is the
reason why he summoned John D.
Rockefeller and others prominently connected with Standard Oil affairs, so us
to learn some of the financial secrets of
the company which its counsel were
either unable or unwilling to tell. The
judre found that Mr. Rockefeller knew
very little about the affairs of the company of which he Is president, and that
little he was not sure of. He divulged,
however, that the capital of the Standard Oil company of New Jersey Is
"about $100,0000,000," and that its annual dividends now are "about 40 per
No hint has leaked out as to the possible extent of the fine to be Imposed
tomorrow. The maximum fine for the
number of counts In the indictment is
something over $29,000,000, and there
are today predictions from persons con-
riaira No. 1
Nelson I-amt District.  DUtrlct of Weit Kootenay
Take notice that A. L. Beailing, or Arrowhead, H C, oecupatlon, carpenter, Intends to
apply for a special timber license over tbe following deacribed lands: Commencing at a post
planted 40 chains south of 8 K corner of T. L 7.-
M6. tbence aouth 80 chains, thence east 80 ehalna
thence north 80 chaina, theuee west 80 chaina ta
point  of commenoemeat.
f une 28th. lffOT.   AETHna Laibemce Rbaoiho.
Claim No. I.
Nelaon Land District.   Dlstrlet of Wast Koo'enay
Take notice that A. L. Head lug, of Arrowhead, B C, occupation, carpenter,lntenda toapply for a special timber [loenee over the tol
lowing described landa: Commencing at a
post planted 80 chains south ot A. I.. Reading's
corner poat No. 1. thence aonth ao chaina. thenea
��ast 80 chaina. thenea north 80 chaina, thence
wesi 80 chains, to point of commencement.
Jnneasth iwVl.    a at; nn a La-oaaitca Kbadinu.
Claim No. 8.
Nelaon Land District.   Dlstrictof Waat Kootenay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrow*
head, li t\. occupation, carpentar, intends to
apply for a special Umber Uoense over the fot-
lot-Mug described lands: Ooninienelng al a poat
planted oo chains aouth of N.K. corner of A. L.
Heading's claim No. 1, thenee aouth MO cbalm,
thence eaat 40 ebalns, thenoe north ISO chains,
i ii'-nce west 4U chains to point of commencemtnt.
June 'JBth. 1*07.    Arthur I.jvi hewck Keadimo.
Claim No   4.
Nelson l.��nii Dmrlct.  Dlstrictof West Kootenay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, ol Arrowhead, B. 0 . occupation, carpenter, lntendi to
apply for a special timber license over the following described lands: Commencing at a poet
plauted 40 chains south of N, H rorner of A. L.
Heading's claim No 3, thence south 160 chains,
thence east 40 chains, tbence north M0 chains,
thunce west 40 chains to point ol commencement.
June Mth, 1907.   Aarnna I.aVBENCI Kui>iro.
Claim No. 5. tm
Nelson Land Dlstrlet. District of West sTootenay
Take notice that A L. Reading, of Arrow-
bead. B. C , occupation, carpenter. Intends to
apply tor a special timber license over tha following described lands: Commencing at a poit
planted 40 chains south of N. E, corner of A- L
Reading's cla'm No. 4, thence south 160 chains,
thence eait 40 uhalns, thence nortb 160flbatns
thence west 40 chains to point of eomwciuT-
June 20th, 1907.   Arthur Lai'Rbnce Rkadinu.
Claim No. 0.
Nelson Land District.   DUtrlct of West Kootenay
Take notice that A. L Reading, of Arrowhead, B. C, occupation, carpenter. Intends to
apply for a special timber license over the following described lands: Commencing at a post
p!an<ed 40 chains south of N K Corner of A L
Haadlng'i claim No. h, thence iouth 180 chains,
thence east 40 chains, thence north lOtifoheins,
theuee wait 40 chains to point of commenco-
June 29th, 1937.    arthi k LaORRMCE RisniMO.
Claim No. 7.
Nelsou Lend District. Dlstrictof Went Kootenay.
Take notice that A. L. Heading, of Arrowhead,
B. t' , occupation, carpenter, intends toapply for
a special timber licence over the following described lands: Commencing ata post planted
70 ehalus south of N. K. corner of A. L. Reading's
claim No. 6, thenee iouth-80 chains tbeuee east
HO chains, thence mirfi 80 chains, thenee wust 80
chains to point of commencement
Juue 2*1*1 ii, 19*07.    Ahthi-r Laurence KBAnifto.
Take notice that Jnhn Koss, of Fernle, B C,
hotel keeper, lutends to apply for a ��� pec lal tim-
tier licence over tbe following described landi:
1. Commencing at a post planted In the Dlitrlct of West Kootenay. Nel��on Mtulua Division,
on the nortb fork of thp aouth fork of Lostcreek,
about five miles up creek from when'two (orki
meet and about six miles north of the International Boundary Line and about twenty-eight
miles weat of Kodteuar River, ihenee eaat 8u
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence west 80
cbalus to bank of laid ereek, thence down stream
to place of commencement.
J. Ross, Locator,
5. Commencing at a post planted at the aouth-
west corner of ���'. Rois'i No-1 location, thence
west 80 chains, tbenoe north 80 chains, thence
cast ko chains more or less to bank Of aald creak,
thenue down stream to place of rum mencement,
J. Roan, Locator.
8. Commencing at a post planted at or near
the southwest corner ot J. Rom's No 1 location,
thenco weit 80 chains, thence south 80 chains.
thenoe east 80 chains, more or less, to said ereek,
thenea np stream to place of beginning
J, Roaa, Locator.
4. Commencing at a poil planted at or near
the southweat oorner of J Rosi'i No. l location,
then e east SO chains, thenoe iouth 80 chains.
thence west 80 chains, more or leas, to bank of
said creek, thenee up itream to place ol commencement. _   ���
J. Roaa, Looator.
6. Commencing at a post planted about two
miles soutb of the southweat curuer of J. Roas s
No. 1 location, on tha north fork of tha aouth
fork of List creek, and about four miles up
stream, from where the two forks meet, theme
eait 80 ciialns, thenc�� north 80 chalm, thence
west 80 chains, more or lesi, to bank of aald
creek, thenea down stream to place of commence*
ment. . _
J. Rou, Locator.
8. Commencing at a post planted at, or near,
tho southwest corner of J Ross's No. 6 lo<**tlon,
on l.ost crewa. tbence west 80 cbaini, tbenoe
norlh 80 chains, tht iice tw chains eaat, more or
less, to bank of said creek, thence down stream
to place of commencement.
Located 2Mb June, 1907, J. Koss, Looator.
nected with the prosecution that this
maximum fine will be assessed. The
only excuse which a Judge may reel
called on to offer in imposing less than
tbe maximum in criminal cases such
us this Is a bona fide reason for clemency. On the other hand, such a huge
fine as $29,000,000, ir Imposed on a
company with a capital of only $100.-
000,000, would look disproportionate,
and would give the company ground on
which to make an appeal.
That in any event there will be an
appeal from the fine assessed by Judge
Landls is certain, and a final decision
may be delayed for several years. In the
meantime many other indictments
against the company for violations of
the Hiking law will be pushed to trial.
Some of these, in the Northern District
of Illinois, are almost as voluminous as
the one on which the recent trial was
based. Practically the same kind of
evidence  figures in  all  the  cases.
Columbus'  Latest Rival  Didn't   Exist���
"Norse"   Anchor   Quite   Modern.
Readers of Tbe Daily Canadian will
remember the report published a few
weeks ago, of the finding near Crooks-
ton, Minn., of an anchor embedded In
clay, on which was founded the story
of an early Norse voyage, hy way of
Hudson's Bay and a lost southern Inlet.
The mystery is explained by th�� following extract from a letter by W. A.
Marin, of Crookston, written to the Toronto Globe: *
"After some Investigation by local
parties tt was discovered that this anchor was really a telephone anchor deposited In the ground by a local telephone company some ten or twelve
years ago, when they built a line be-^
tween Crookston, Minn., and Grand
Forks. N. D., this anchor being used to
brace one of the poles where there was
a turn In the line. When the new line
was built of heavier poles and the anchor was not needed, they found It
cheaper to leave the anchor in the
ground rather than to dig It up. A State
ditch happened to be dug right over the
place where this telephone anchor was
deposited, and when it was discovered
they could not understand how it came
to be there, and one of the local papers
jumped to the conclusion that it was
a Norse anchor, and its statement regarding the finding of this anchor has
been published far and wide. One of
the officers of the telephone company
positively Identified the anchor, so that
there is no question but what it Is an
ordinary telephone anchor and not one
lost by Lelf Brlckson. It Is somewhat
similar to the archaeological discovery
In 'Pickwick Papers,' with which you
are doubtless familiar."
Nelaon L*nd District. IUst -let of West Kootenay
Take notice that "David Henry Telford." Has
katoon, Bask., occupation lumberman, intends
to apply lor a special timber licence over the foi
lowing deecrlbed lands:
No 1 Commencing ata poit planted about!
chains north of the northweat corner of Timber
Limit HIM. weat branch of Little Slocan river.
Weit Kootenay, thenoa west so chains, tbence
sooth 80 ehalni, thence east SO ehalni, thence
north w ehalni to point of commencement had
containing tto aerai. more or leaa
Dated July ��th, loot    Daviu Hbhky Tii fohi>.
No. 2. Commendn* a poat planted on the aaat
bank of Cougar creek, and on the north boundary of timber limit SIM, weit branch of Little
Slocan river, tbence north 160 ohalni, thence
east *> chains, thence south 160 chains, thence
west 40chains to place of commencement, and
containing 040 acres, more or leas.
Dated July 10th. 1907. David Hkkrt tblfobi>.
No s Commencing at a post planted on bank
of Kuisle creek, about 20 chains aonth of tha
south boundary of limber limit8147, weat branch
���>f Little Hlncau river. Ihenee west 8>> chains,
thence south 00 chains, thence eaat Kn ehalni,
thenoe north SO chains to the point of commencement and containing MO acres, mora! or
Dated July llth, 1907. David Himky Tgtroitp.
No 4. Commencing at a poat planted about I
chains cast from east hank of Ruasle creek, aud
on the w��Nt boundarv of limit 8. ihenoe weit ho
chains, thenoe aouth 80 chalm, thenc j cast so
ohalim, tbence north So chains to point of commencement, and containing Mo acres, more or
Dated July llth, 1907. David Hinky Tsuwsd.
No. 13. Coinmenclug at a post planted about
00 chains west of Uoose CrceK and aboat six
miles from its mouth at Blocan River, said poit
(��� about 40 chains waat from D 11 Telford's timber application No. 11. thence eaat 40 chains to
timber application No. ll, thenoa norlh 160
chains, thence west 40 chains, thenoe south 160
ohalni, to polnl of commencement, and eontatn
in* MO acres, more or le��l
Dated July l"tb. 1907. David Ilmar tei.sord.
No. 14. Commencing at a poat planted at the
southweat corner of No. IS, thence watt 40 cbaini,
thenoe norih 160 ehalni, thenoe eaac 40 chains,
thenoe iouth 160 ehalni to point of commencement, and containing 610 acres, more or less
Paled July 17tb. 1907   Daviu Himiy Tn.roaD.
A  Milton, Agent
Queen's Hotel
Bsksr Street, Nelson. B. c.
Lighted by KleotricHj* and
Heated by Hot Air
Lara, snd Comfortable Bedrooms snd First-
olssslJlalna; Boom. Bemple Booms for Commer-
elsl  M.n
MBS. I. ('.CLAbKK.  Proprietress
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. BRIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Rouse
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Tfemont House
Boropesn snd Amsrlosn Pisa
Meals JS eta.   Booms from *J�� oa. to ��.
Only White H.lp Implored.
Bt., Nelson Propnstois
Bartlett   House
Best Dolkr-a-Diy House io Nelson.
Tks Bar is th* Plnost.
Whim Bslp Only Bmployod.
Josephine sH.
Royal Hotel
Rata* 11 and $1.80 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Moat comfortable quarter. In Nelson!
Only ths beat of Llqoors snd cigars.
In the matter of an applloatlon lor tbe laaue of
�� duplicate ol the Certificate of Title lor Lota
10 and 17, Block 20, Town ot Nolaoa.
Notice li hereby given tbat it to my intention
to luue at tha expiration of one month after tbe
flrat publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Tltla for tba above Lou in the name of
Prancea Jt. Day, which Certlfleete la dated the
lvtb September, tsu*. and numbered 38AOK.
Land Regtotry Ofllee, Nelson, B.C.,, 1Mb  June,
iwinuu, o.\  ., tutu    w
Dlatrlet Uasxiitrar.
Notice to Delinquent -Co-Owner*
ToCharleiU. Simmon, or any other paraon
to whom be may have transferred hli interest la
the "May Blossom" miner**! claim, situated on
Brown Mountain, two and a half miles southwest of Ytnl', In the Nelsou Mining Dlvlrton, of
West Koolenay lUstrtnt, and recorded In tha
Raoorder's ofllra. for the Ncliou Di*l��lon.
You and each of you are hereby notified that
I ha*ra expended two hundred and fire dollars
(VM.OO) in labour aud Improvements upon tha
above mineral claim In order to hold tha aame
under the provlsl -ns of the Mineral Aet. and if
within ntnetv davs from the data of this notice
vou fall or refuse to contribute your portion of
the ex pen-* inure, (which Is one hundred and two
fifty dollars (fl(U.5o) lor tha two years endlhg
8th May. 1007.) together with ah costs of silver
Using, vonr interest In the aald claim will become the property of tbe undersigned under
ftec. 4 of an Art entitled: "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, 1900."
Dated at Ymlr, B. C��� Mth May. 1907.
In the matter of an applloatlon for the i����ue of
duplicate of the certificates of Title for Lota 0,7,
I, and 17, Block 2, lowu of Kitchener {**��;> ��oi)
and I>ol6107, Group One, lu the Dlatrlet of Koolenay.
Notice It hereby given that It is my Intention
to Issue at the expiration of one month after tbe
first publication hereof, duplicates of Certificates
of Title of the above lots lu the name of Joseph
Walker which ocrtlflcales are daled Xhid day of
June, 190S and uumtwred 24H1 A and 2402a. re-
Laud Registry office, Nelson, B, C.,ttrd July,
"11   P.MauLpod,"
Dlatrlet Registrar.
Not ce Is hereby alven that after the expiration
of sixty days from the date hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company, Limited, lntenda to submit to
tbe Houo-able Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Works a proposal under the provisions of tha
"Rivers and Btreama Aet" and Amending Acts.
for the Tin ht to Improve tbe Stocan river from
the mill dam of aald company (situate about
three miles above tbe Junction of aaid Hlocan
river with the Kootenay river.) to the mouth of
the Little Hlocan river.and to improve the Little
Slocan river and branches thereof to the north-
urn boundary of sub-lot 2, lot 7100, and sub-lot 1,
lot 7101 group one, Kootenay dlatrlet, and to
improve the trlbutarlea of said rivers; and remove obstructions from said rivers and tributaries, and to make theaame St (or driving.storing, sorting booming and railing Iocs, timber,
lumber, rafts, and crafts; alao for the right to
collect tolls thereon-
The lands to be affected are the following: (a)
Lot* Mt, 7309, 0400, 6451, 64bt. 8610, 8007, Mg, 8609,
"VW, 7006, .'-IMO, 4812, all In Uroup one, Kootenay
district: alao lands covered by pre-emptions
numbered 66, 101, IU. 135, 148.164 and 670; also
lands covered by timber licenses numbered 1456,
VMS, bbS4, MOO. bbOb, &��87, and 6688; alao lands of
tbe crown.
Dated thla 6th day of July, 1907.
by Ita solicitor, K. W. H anninoto*.
Fot Sale Cheap
One 60-Inch diameter, by 16ft. 8ln.
long, iin.lertlred, return multi-tubular
boiler, In fair condition. Eighty-two
2M-ln. tubes, 3 1-3x2 1-6 in. steam
dome. Boiler la good for testing to 160
lbs. per square Inch, and a working pressure of 80 to 90 lbs. Mountings consist
of safety valve, stop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, sludge cock and
check valve. Bet of fire bars and bearers.
One 9 In diameter x Mln. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut oil expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Engine
tins been used to drive electric light
at the smelter and is in good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water beater, 4 ft.
high, lOViln. diameter with openings
for 3 in. exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper tubes inside through which the feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and safety valve. Apply to
The Hall Mining & Smelling Co.. Ltd.
NELSON, ���. C.
We Have Been Most Successful "D^^^iA.   T  ����J-
Recently in Selling Oof  FWittX   J^ailOS
W* sell only good stlsctsd landa ���and at reasonable prices.
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd.
Lots for Sale at from $100 to $200
Prices will be raised 16 per cent, after 1st August.    Buy while they are
cheap.   Terma one-third cash, balance in six and twelve months.
Large 7-room houae. Stone foundation and first-class cellar. Coat-
plate water system. 10 lots under cultivation and planted In large, bear
Ing fruit treat.   Thla It a anap.   For particular! apply to
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Acaca
of the
Chftt-rtgt Frott Lancia In
Bcttisn Colcunbia.
Gan sell any quantity from 5 acres to 3,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Something for tht practical man.
Juat Investigate!��� That la All we
aak of you; and you owe that much
to yourtelf.
Kootenay Orchard
WARD ST.   -   NELSON, B. C.
on  1t00  acrea,   aouth  of  Burton   city,
for aalt.   Apply to
The M. & W. Land Co., Limited,
A. M. Can. See. O. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Box 434
Baktr St, NELSON, B. C.
F. C GREEN       F. If. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Civil Enginetrs, Dominion and British
ColumbU Land Surveyors
F. 0. BOXI45   nsacMlB.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
to Winnipeg $46.20
To Port Arthur. St. Pad.
Doltrth. StoazGtr
Chicago SM.00 Montreal I
Toronto S7S.S0 St. John SS4.00
St. Loula $60.00 Ottawa  IStAS
New York $100.00 Boston *AoM
Halifax ��101A0
On Sale July 3, 4, 5.   Aogost 8, 9.10.
September II, 12, 13.
First CIam Rotmd Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay points. Tlcketa available for
lake route Including meals aad bertha
on lake attain"n. Through ratet quoted
to nny station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provincet on application.
B. J. OOYLK, J. 8. CARTER,   -
A.U.P. A..Vsncour.r. D. P.A.. N.laon
AND IN THE MATTER OF tht plan of
tht Towntitt of Robson, part of Lot
Three Hundred and Ont (301,)
Group One (1.) Korttnay, of record
in the Land Registry Office at Nelaon aa "t2a."
Tske notlc. that on the JMh day ol July, A. I).
r.Kn, st the hour ol 10:90 o'clock la ths lorsnoon,
st the Court House In the city of Nelaon. In tlie
Province of Brltlah Columbia, sppllestlon will
be made to the Judge ol the County Court of
West Kootenay, by the Columbia snd KooWnsy
Hallway snd Navigation Company for sn order
tliat the plan of the asld Townslte of Baboon, ol
record st Nelson. In the Proslncs of British
Columbia, sa "0 6" be cancelled, snd that lbs
applicant msy enjoy the lands comprised wltk-
In the asld Town Bite free from say easements
or rights of any person to opsa aay Land or
lane., atreet or atrcets, aqusr* or sansrss, park
or parks across, within or upon asld isada.
Dsted st the City of Nelson, In the I ror Inc. of
Ilrlllah Columbia, this '27th dsy of Jans, A.U.,
Agsnts for Lougheed, Bann.lt, Allison, Tsrlor
A sleljtwa    **Wiclu>rs end agen's for tba
Columns A Kootuuay Ksllwsv A Ksvlge-
tlon Company, sppllcsnts.
TO K. BILL '   COMPANY. ��� 1
I "    t.
! i
The Daily Canadian
Oo  Von   Know  What Thi*  Is    ���
It is tbe Royal Standard nylntj over al my oamp, Willi a Kood. ordinary pair of eyea ii i�� plainly visible if ymi oannol see It c.une down
tu  my offloi' and  r.-i   Btted with   proper gUttta*.
$15   to   $60.00.
,IRWHI.I.I!K      ���
Watchmaker and Optician
Soot*B,ll*at l��f,rt.\* in.ds every Fndsy
��� - i.nifr ut IS |< m . in uu- miliars' futon Hall
All arc Invited; any one allow.*.! to Like pari In
the 'U'bRtpa.   T. Austin, Secretary.
I Our Stock is Complete f
J Here are t *vo Soap Specials:
I25   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.5C
���72 BARS GOLDEN WEST for ��2.75 |
I Bell Trading Co. ||
1 This si..re will t.e Closed  Kviry Thursday  . >
|     ^Afternoon lu .lime, .Inly aii'l August       < ���
���pBDNlN-w AND ClKAFTINt; cnrelully attend
to. Apply
Silver  Kll.tf Hnt.'l.
Old Curiosity Shop
II yon want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A now
line of Japanese Goods now on sn!e
All kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Pat-
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
He E. Croadsdaile & ci*
Next Door to Bunk of Commerce.
tads of Heating Plants  In Stock.
Victoria 8t��� Nr. Opera House.      Tel. 181,
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Buildurp will lind it to their nd-
vintfip* to ubo our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Xaeneral Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
111 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
It mannfa'*t i*;i*<1  from the Ancisi  tobacco, imo-
ripened and dew-x-vreeteneil.    It's mild, full
flavored and cool.   A tobacco you
ought to try
1 -jfcwcconist.   Baker Street.
Cor. Vornon   ��st-��o Wesr**.  Streets,
C. J liauck. J. Greenwood. Seattle;
F. B. McKeehaii, Grand Forks: E. A.
Biker. J. Fiieshman, Vancouver; R. I.
Klrkwouil. Slocan: F. E. Sirie. Revel*
stoke; B. .McDonald, Winnipeg; M.
Smith. Victoria; M. McDonald. Orovllie;
P. D. McTuvish, Calgary; J. Greenwood,
Seattle: C. F. Sbcrwln, Blue Bell; A.
(iroen. J. D. Wells. Victoria.
Patooobcd by Eirl Grey lou Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel lo Nelson
AiJurtiii.niA Klegant.   Culalae Cbolceat
Civility an.l Cleanliness.
Bopervlaad by proprietor and wile.
F. SI. rialr, wife and child. Procter;
M. T. .Murphy, J. F. Clark and wife. .1.
H. Doherty, Winnipeg; J. B. Henderson.
H.iiiningtiin; K. F. Strong, Spokane; It
Peais in,   c'algary.
H S. Goodman, Crawford Bay; L. B.
Crowe, G. Wilkinson. Moyle; W. Law
rente, Rossland; S. T. Moopen. Strathcona; H. IJudnrd, wife and daughter,
.Moose .law; E. Efchapar, Seattle; W.
Bachard. Winnipeg; Miss A. Klavenau.
Miss K. Klavenau, Spokane: Miss Roberts, Blue Bell; J. B. Stewart. Toronto;
.1. A. Brown, Victoria; E. H. Creelm-tn.
.1. Dev.irt, wife and children. Grand
Folks; IJ. Davis, J. .McMillan. Medicine
Hat; C. Gooch, I.. H. Delcer, Vancouver.
M. Wright, W. P. Gordon. U. Mcin*
tyre, A. Bland. C. H. King, Kaslo; W
L. Lounicr. Winnipeg; J. L*��eavett. wife
���mil children, Toronto; A. Robinson,
Greenwood; .1. McGregor, Crawford
Bh> ; H. A. Breakell, II. C. Robertson,
Phoenix; W. Croy. Cambus: .1. M. Lau-
i*l. r. Noftdport; L. W. Atkinson, Say-
<*:.   K.  Trevor,  Ymlr;   J.  H.  Thefusls,
Siiret* King.
.1. A. Rankin, Vancouver; J. P. Mcln-
type, Winnipeg;   A. Lakes, Denver.
A. G. Barnes, Tarrys Siding; A. O.
Hughes. Willow Point; W. H. McDonnell. P. MacCarthy. P. Gavtlnnd, Koote
naj Landing; C. TunnclliTe. Liverpool;
II. Conk, Revelstoke; J. Ryan, Rossini.I; F. Brown. V. Satnins, Montreal;
.1. Bournmer, 1. Mattlee, Ymlr; L. C.
McDonald, A. McDonald, New York; W.
F.   Adams,   North   Point.
3 to Consider
24 LOTS, an excellent block. $500.
Easy terms.
������.ROOM HOU8E. Hoover St., splendid
garden-, fruit trees, etc. (1,500; one-
half cash, balance $15 per month,
6 per cent.
6-ROOM HOUSE, verandah, garden, one
and a half blocks from car line.
$3 50; $375 caah, balance easy.
.'OLD CHAIN, between Hoover and Vernon
Streets. BultaMS reward will be paid for Ita
return.   McDertokl A Mel-lardy.
A 1'KARI. BfN-IlfHBT PIN. Finder return to
thisotllae���Reward Offered.
A I'OCKETBOOK containing s signed cheque"of
theSeoond Kellef Mining Company, parable
to <������ 0. Wade, and letters. Finder kindly
leave at No Plaoe Inn.
TWO FIR8T-i;I.AB8 ROOMS, atssm heato.l
nlv housekeeper. Srd fist. K. W. C. block.
A p.
1   f'AKTNRR   with 12,00(1 to   purchase a foil
ranch near Nelaon    A good speculation.   Part
uer need not be actively engaged on rsueb.
For particular! apply T   0. PSOUICB.
Bom, in Rroaalaud yesterday, io tht*
wife of Knill A.  Kwert. u mm.
The  memberi  of St. Saviour's  Si
day   Hchnul   Ki'atefully    iii'kuow ledge
i;ift of three baseball" aml bats of t
oollent quality from Gilbert Stanley
prises for the  pronic contests.
Foresters'   Meeting.
Tht> regular nuM'tfng of Court Kootenay Uell No. 72:!. l. o. P., will i><-
b��'ld in the K. of P. hull tonight There
win be several Initiations for this evening and a full attendance is requested.
Hro.  Muir will iis.sist  in the work.
Serious Mishap
Yesterday a machinist at the Oranby
smelter named A. MoCane by some mla*
hsn f. 11 thrdugh the roof of the converter room and fell ;>0 feet, fracturing
h's collar hone and two ribs. He was
taken to the Grand Forks hospital tor
Moose Jaw  Exhibition.
The secretary of the 20,000 club will
be glad to receive contributions of flow
ers and irutt on branches tomorrow,
Saturday, afternoon for forwarding to
Moo.-e Jaw fair. This opens on Tuesday next and will complete the series
of fairs Lp which the Kootenay exhibit
has been despatched.
Progress at tho Coast.
Captain Gore, who has recently re
turned from a trip to the Coast, says
that every city on both sides of the
border is growing very fast. The local
trams- are crowded with passengers and
freight for the suburban districts, which
include thousands of acres of ranches
of various kinds and orchards.
Recovering   Barges.
Of the two C. P. R. barpes than ran
on the rocks on the west side of Kootenay lake below Procter an Wednesday,
one was brought to the shipyard this
morning, only slightly damaged, nfter
all its cargo had been saved. Most of
the cargo of the other has also been recovered and Captain Gore expects to
be able to raise the barge.
Eiler's Big Show.
W. A. Eiler presents Ralph D. Richardson in a new sensational flve-act
\\>stern play, written expressly for
him by the well-known author, Hal
Reld, entitled "King of the Cattle Ring."
The scenes are laid in the mining regions of the golden west, the play is
rich in pathos and fairly bubling over
with fun. mirth and merriment. The
scenery and al! accessories are appro
priate, and nothing has been neglected
which may have a tendency to Insure
the success of the play. "The King of
the Cattle Ring" will be presented at
Nelson on August 5 under a big tent.
Stopped   Grading.
Contractor W. P. Tierney. of the
North Fork extension of the Kettle Valley Line railway, has discontinued grading operations on his contract to Lynch
creek, owing to the fact that the making
of tlie railway grade at the Granby
smelter lake bridge will take some two
weeks' time yet. As soon as this work
is completed the work of grading to
Lynch creek will bo resumed. In the
on aii*ini*- all thu graders have been
discharged and Grand Forks, tn consequence, is full or railway laborers who
will not wait until the same work starts
up again but are looking for new employment.
A  Fine  Billiard  Hall.
The Victoria billiard hall Ib now in
full running order. This establishment
is one of the best of Its kind in Uritish
Columbia. It occupies the whole basement of the K. W. C. block and is fitted
Up in the most attractive manner possible. There are seven tables, all the
latest make, and from the world-renowned Hru ns wick-Hal kof'ol lender Co.
Every modern table Is to be found in
the establishment In addition to the
l IIHard tables there \t a tobacco case
In which are kept ft'l the best brands of
tobaOQOS and cigars. Comfortable chairs
are provided. To give some idea of
the spue�� occupied by this room it may
be mentioned that It takes 44 8 c.p
lights to supply th�� n^crrflsary lighting
at night. The Victoria billiard hall Is
conducted by Messrs. Walter and
Reuben McCandMah, and already it has
become popular as a resort for lovers
Of billiards and pool.
J. Roche & Co., House Painters, etc.
See me for prices. General Delivery,
Post  Office.
The Store of Quality
$2*00 pet Crate
Fresh In every morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preserving fruit at a moderate
Rob. NL Hood &Co,
K. W. C   Bloek . Phone to.
Whn](>Nnli> md   K-ntmll Dealer! lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Puffed    Ric�� 15c  pkg.
Toasted Corn Flakes ��� 15c pkg.
Shredded Wheat Biscuits ��� 15c pkg.
Malta Vita .... 15c. pkg.
Grape     Nuts    -    -    -    -    2   for   35c
All Cooked  Foods  Ready  for Immediate Use
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Joeophlne 8tfl
PHOMi   7
76c 1 ioc.lt.a* for 2Rc.
2Sc Buoko for 2 for   2?c.
The**-.' hot days one wants i.. BTold
undue- I'xwtlon. either mental or phy
slcnl. That mean! that you want a (pod
supply of reading to pan tbe time that
might otherwise be occupied more actively. It also means Hint you want
mostly light reading
for summer
tastes.     At
of Just the sort you want
reading. Hooks to suit al
the prlceB we offer them, you don't need
to consider U)e question of cost. You
can afford to have all the books you
We have a large accumulation of current copyrights, TSc books mo cheaper
editions published). To reduce our stock
we offer them at 25c each.
We have also a large number of regular 25c editions which we will sell for
the next two weeks for 2 for tSe.
W. G. Thomson
Nelsou, B.C.
I'ho.ia ,x.
R. J. Klrkwood I8 down from SI..ran.
He report! Improved conditions In thai
.1. F. Clark. Dominion railway wrecks
inspector, was a guest ut the Btrathoona
last night.
W. A. Macdonald, K. C, and Mrs.
Macdonald have sailed from Knulnnrt
and are expected home about August 8.
P. D. McUavlah arrived from Calgary
last night and is al the Hume Mr. Mc-
Cavlsh Is nn enthusiastic member of Ihe
Canadian Alpine club and look part in
this year's outing in Paradise vnlley.
K.Igar B. I, IJewdnew, for many vears
teller In the Rowland branch or the
Hank of Montreal, and well known In
Nelson tennis circles, has been appointed accountant in the bank's branch at
Prof. Sherman, of Chicago university,
and Mrs. Sherman, who Is also prominent in Chicago ".iu<*ati.ui circles,
spent yesterday In Nelson in the course
of a vacation tour. They left on the
Boundary train (his morning-
St.   Saviour's   Picnic.
A very enjoyable and well attended
picnic was held at I'rooter yesterday
by the scholars and congregation of St.
Saviour's church. A largo number went
on lhe steumer at 9 o'clock nnd others
followed on the train at i o'clock ll
Is estimated that about 350 weru present. The pleasure was somewhat marred
by a severe thundoratorm and heavy
rain that lasted about an hour and
Beveral people got very wet but the sun
soon shone again for the remainder of
Ihe time. In the afternoon running
races for mixed teams, swimming races,
and a diving competition took pface.
and there were the usual scrambles for
the youngsters. After an enjoyable suj.
per under the trees the party returned
by the steumer Moyle, arriving home at
9:30, all pronouncing the event an unqualified success. The number, who at-
teniif.'.l. oyer 350, cpnMtltutuB the picnic
record for t(|e Boaspn.
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but  fresh and
wholesome meats nnd supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful ntU'ntion.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Is Pemoymed
lT5 5CErtEi?Y
Its BusiriE55 Energy
Telephone 101.
King of the Cattle Ring
Under Canvas 30���People���30
B. C.
Healed tender! will be recelvod by the
undersign. .1 until II o'clock noon Monday th.* 5th Inst, for making repalra to
the Drill Hall. Specification may be
seen nl my ofllee.
lii'rcljjr given   th��t   the  ������ :i*l. i ��� \mi-.\
it,.'    Mr i :��� nitn f  (*���(,���.. .-.-ii.  r   in
b*T�� MitmiltU-tl to
Council * propOMl under 'he \tT..\\*\oo,n ot th
"Hlran Atui Htmim* Act," lor el-paring au-1 re
iimviriK oixtriiirtion* from Goal Hirer on& M-ml-*
dow Creak, lo tnelHalrlatpf Woat Kootaoaif, m,.,
i.i Minting   lliBHirnullt   for   rafting   nu��l   rttiv*
1112 thereon log*, Umber. Inmberi rule end ornfte,
mti.I for erecting m*.l iniilntnlnlng hoonm for
bold I Of, nort ing nn-l ilehverlng logH ntol Umber
( ��� 'ifhi down Hiilil oreek ,.u-\ river, tin] for nt
tii.liliig boom* to the shore of ���.aid creek and
river for said |"> > p <*<���'���
The IhihIk to be attested break) work are: -
laOtl Ml M87, 4bV2, Hlld mili-lolb 1. U. 11, IS, M and
lb ot Lot -t.'.-fj. Qrottp 1, Km..:, up.v DlHtrlet.
The .Mln proponed to t��u charged are Mich as
inuv he ilxert by the Judga of the County Court
'���f Went Kooteimy
I' .1 ������! *l.l -lulv, V.tnl
of  LONBL,mS   In
Vnlucs nt
tlB.OO, *18 oo.iiao 00 to I3B.00,
All one Prioe
EMORY & WALLEY,     K$SS����:
=========================   (Fresli Stock Twice a W��k I
Tliis is the season (or taking photos of
Kootenay s unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,   We can supply you witfi
anything in  the  Kodak  line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd
COn   BAKER   and   WARD.
Phone 81
^��-��~a^^^^~v^ B.  A.   ISAAC R.   W.   HIIMTON'
Us pi.u ln��   nod   ���!�� ��l*>tvl tt K  usucutu-U  tvlth   1 >c*pnt ��� li.     Nhwt Miu
Work.   .Vltnlitu  ond   .\tlll   .Mnv till itur-t .       .Mniuilio.tur��rtol
Ore   c'iip-h,   W.   I.'.    iiMiti-uci.ua'   4\Zmrm.
Corfier ol (Ul and
Piuijt Htrveti.
and sealeb n Lombe-f-, Shingles.
L.ath, iVlouIdinK-H, Door��, Wlndowg,!
I tir-iisjcl Work Mini BruckctM.
vKwyoiM STRKirr -  .
Mail Orders promptly i
>i :i .��������>*n. it. c.
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry (tel
THE LAST CrriUfT    DC A nV   2-PIBCESin5|
W'huHiamiB ProvUloir,
Produce, - Hrult.
Uoreniment Oreauiery Onn Pound Brmlis ntreired woekl-f fresk ftomaVj
churn.    For snlo by sJl leading |p-ooers.
Office and wiirphonse : Houston Block,    Phone 70.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C
Our shipment of these has been delayed in transit but we I
them now, and in order to clear before the season is too
far advanced we are selling them at prices that
should place one in every home.    Call and
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Harcfardti
Company, Limited. nsho**. '
Galvanised Iron
Our facilities for turning out Galvanized Iron Work of**"
description aro unequalled in the Kootenajra.
Eve Troughs, Conductor Pipes. Sook*
Stacks and Furnace Work, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited


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