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The Daily Canadian Dec 13, 1906

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Array _-SBBSH_HH
ISubcuminittees of Religious Bodies Convene
jlicans and Baptists Return Non-
: Committal Answers to Proposals
For General Union.
:s���!���   I !.���Ono liiinilreil rep.
jtniiiivs. ol sis-- .v sli'ssiim. l'i-i ��_y-
ItKiuii an.l t'oiigngullonal elnirelies oi
Ide Dominion assembled in the school
uini ut   Hi-- Metropolitan    Methodist
���.untl toiiaj in ciintinuo their consul
kiwis abonl .1 basis of eliiireh union.
|[lr. Albert Carman  presided.    In  view
action taken tsy    tin-    general
leoDinitss.,  at It. lasl  session  lu  l.on-
b. li was ilt-elilct] to iiiiimliil u coin-
Is si.   ol   lour   Methodists,
ssml  two Cungregu-
|: : Iui I   ii'-gsstiatlonH wnn
. Angiliaii ssiisl llapUSt ohurchel re-
ptiliu tie  I-" nihility ur the HuptiKia
ud Anglirais   accepting an Invlliitiou
l Uii- [sail in  tlie  confercncca.
: Tlie Hi|,ti *   wished tbe unluu inove-
mt a tie.!  speed,   bul   did   not   say
hMiier iiirs would at present )nm it,
|.-  "��    s - ol all Angllcas  bishops
(cordial and hopeful, bill as n gen
nl ijiimi nt ihu riiurch of England
���nil not mi'1 until    liius   no    action
I**! '���- tale si   by   the   church   until
r               inssiii-rs  were left   with-
I disru..M.ni in tin- hands or lhe nun
I Tit report s,r the subcommittee on
Wine was presented by the secre-
ir/,He, s 1 lloyd. Kew alteralluns
-:--��� i- I from   thnse suliinllteii
��Pt-v|,.u-.|v.   ���!,, .    |���.|I1E     raero      veroal
t- '������'* nothing fundamental waa
ll"- reporl on  ehnrrh    policy    wns
j*'1    ' thi   secretary, llev.  wm-
|�� Murray ,,1 Dalhouale university, N.
Ii likewise contained few altera
���*>��" and these were not fundamental,
[ Tbe subcommittee on administration,
< ��lui:li In k i). Maclaren Is secre-
to, reported lhat three conferring do-
JWnations have tbe following num
ft of ordained ministers In Canada:
ptbodlsta. Is'.ssi; Presbyterians, lbue;
"jfreBatlonallsts, 100. There are U
petbodiai colonies und six Presbyter-
P lis- Methodlsta have 52 ministers
|��ra-*"l .,. : . i.ssnrs, editors, etc.;
PJIirslivti-rinns 11. and the Congru
^"'nalisia 4,
Will Amend Sunday Law.
Montreal. Dec.  13._When thc legls
commitlee met lu the city hau
����� morning, Alderman Lapolnte gave
f mmmary ,,1   amendments  that   tne
2 *'!h<'" "l*"1'* lo the new Sunday
lt*u ih,, opinion of the com
���* ibai 11 was unnecessary for tne
F,h" lo acl-  ,
I   ���      ask |,,r  ,|R,  ,,riV||nK(,  ���r  publi-
1    ""��� as a general law would  likely
,   'i,l;��'"i i,s  the legislature tor tbe
V"]r I'ravlncp im t|)e m\c uf Sunday
���     lepers.   An amendment   ns    ab
I !'"'' by the committee reads ns lot
���lOWsS'  '������,,_
I         '" i" mill nn Kimdnvs certain
���y.    '* menu   or   recreational
iu,":''l;:;1, of terry boais between
Itn,, 1 :""' st Helens Island and
.'"*"*- ami villages In the neigh
"'""l rn Montreal."
'" Memory of Washington,
fredeiicksburn,    Va.,  Hoc.    1:1.���To-
���.   "    '"'lag tho anniversary of tho
lisiiii! "' l'"";'' Washington, the Mn-
|i() "''���'���" "' 'his place hns arranged
lla ,''!'* "s eu8,omttry tribute by pinc-
|ot>! ! *''"""' 0' lowers on the toniu
liiisii'" """ '""'"���"���'���'U at Mount Ver-
*H", W!'S '" llre Fredericksburg
��� ��!���,' ":" l'"'1"'1'1*1 Washington wns
l|llc.''' M*'s  aim   the   old    record
tin* lodge containing the mln-
meeting ai which Washing-
*'l   hiH   degi
lhe lodge, r
Ms,    "'""'' rallca of
Ins,, m   .-*! "'" b'dge, ns well ns n num-
IWaaon "'"r8 ��r Washington ns a
,r��l mi,'
I "IHiieii
I nuspi,
Seattle Horse Show.
Wash,, nee. in.���Seattle a
"M't nt a real horse Bhow was
'���"lay  nnd  to judge   rrom  lho
Fifty Cents a Month
.0 classes in all ami the entries include valuable tborougbbreda from ,-,
uumlier or stateB. The show will continue,  through   the   remainder   ot  me
Rebel  Forces  in  Chinese  Province on
thc Increase Daily.
New York, Dec. Kl.���A despatch to
the Time* from Huuktiw says ornciai
telegrams from Chang Shal Indicate
that thu dlsturbancei In Hunan province are becoming Increasingly serious.
'Tbe rebels, whose object ls anti-dynas-
tic, are reported to he several thousand strong and well armed. They
have attacked the town of Uu Yang
nnd the orilclals tear that unless
checked they will move on Chang sua,
where the government military lore, is
Viceroy Chang t'hi Tung despatched
20011 foreign drilled troops with sis
horses and iwo guns. Tills force is
' X|n-i t"il iu reach Yon Cha today.
iork Daily News, died at his country
isom- in ureal Harrington, Mass.. early
today. He was tit yeara old and haa
Been III lor marly two years. Ilngnts
disease was the cause or death
i'-'ii','���,'.'"   "Polling   *tho    nffnlr    will
'"���''liHiiiii.'"?1*1"' "ven beyond tho ox-
"* of lis promoters,   There nru
Enforce New Grain Contracts.
Merlin, Dec. 13.���In consequence 01
tlie International movement anums
buyers of American grain b compel
American sellers to change the t.-miH
ot the standard grain contract, reports
or tin- Qennan, Belgian, Danish, Swedish and Dutch chambers ot commerce
met ou the bourse here yesterday to
consider taking common action. The
conterence voted to recover the American com certificates, altogether and
demanded the Introduction or a new
grain contract, the torm or which was
discussed and agreed upon.
Another Liberal Comment.
Mr. lialllher, M. P., has been telling
the Toronto News thnt tho uew tariff
will give general satlsractiou In Hritish Columbia, The canners will De
pleated that there Is no duty on tm
plate; the miners would rejoice that
certain machinery which Ihey use was
placed ou tin- tree Hat, and the lumbermen were doing so weil that they
would not care ahout the refused to
make lumber pay duly*.���Westminster
Contestants  in  Six-Day  Race  Increase
Their Speed���Bad Spill With Skull
Fracture���Record Unbroken.
New York, Dec. 18.���With the beginning ot the lourth day ol the bicycle
race at Madison Square Gurden tne
riders began setting a taster pace,
with the evident intention or relegat-,
lug lo the rear the weaker ones of ine
contestants, lly 7 o'clock the average
hourly speed had been raised to more
than 19 miles, as agalnsl Hi yesierday.
Few ot the men showed any serious
traces or the terriric struggle In which
they have taken part, and trom appearances today lt looked as If all mlghl
laBt through lo tho rinish. The attempts ot Wlilthour ulnd, Uedell to
regain the lap they are behind the otn-
er Vi teams remains the chief point 01
The Oarden was crowded again last
night aud thousands ol disappomteu
persons were turned away, the police
having stopped tho sale ot tickets at
0 o'clock. At daybreak this morning
trom uooo to 81101) spectators remained
cheering the riders. Oue ot the worst
spills ol the race occurred at 7:2b a.
m. loday, III or Iho ill riders going
down In a smasbup. It came alter a
mail sprint aud occurred on Ilu Twenty-seventh street and Fourth avenuo
corner or ths- Garden. It is known as
the hoodoo    Stretch    ol  lhe  track, as
most or thu sensational accidents nave
ocourred there,
carl Vanonl, or the French-Canadian
team, was thrown over tho protecting
fence Into one of lhe boxes. He bus-
tinned pnlnftil Injuries, including a
gash on his thigh, and llolllster was
sad to be suffering rrom a possible
nurture ot* the skull. Tho race was
.suspended ror a while an.l the injured
were carried lo Iheir quarters, At ��
o'clock thc score was noted down. The
lirsl 12 tennis had made 1-121 miles 1
laps, nnd Walthour and Bedell were
credited with one lap less. The record
Is 16117 miles ll laps.
All or the riders wllh the exception
ol* Hollister nnd Vanonl wero able to
continue wllh the race, which wus resumed alter a delay or one hoar ano
a hall' 'I'he partners or the Injured
men continued on the grind nml It was
thoughl both llolllster and Vannni
would I"* able to resume nfter two or
three hours* rest. At 9 o'clock the
score was 14115 miles and li laps ror all
the teams except Walthour and Bo-
dell who were one lap behind, mo
leaders were 1S3 miles behind tho roc
Former publisher Dead.
New    York.    1><*<*     HI.���W��"��ni    U
Brown, formerly publisher of tho New
Splendid   Pereroimance   by   Roacians���
"Bohemian  Girl"  Tonight.
"Said I'asha" affords- splendid op
psiriuniiies lor scenic effects, lor brilliancy of costume, lor uctiug, ror solo
aud chorus singing. No cumpauy lhal
has ever visited Nelson has made so
much of the opportunities aa the Hob
ciaus did lasi night. Tbe house waa
Isuly well rilled aud it is certain thai
uo one wub dissatisfied.
ll is difikull 10 distinguish in prais
ing lhe members of the company. Miss
Wisnlfred Crowley lias sps.-uai claims
to lhe favor of Nelson audiences, llul
presentation of Hassan Hey was laull-
less, aad her solo, "My Violet,** was
rapturously encored.   Miss Luda Nola
was splendid iu  the  role of Aiti,   lhe
beautiful adopied   daughter   of    the
rajah. Miss Carrie Qodfrey as Hulali
Wajah was superb. Miss Godlrey is
probably ihe best comedienne who bus
ever appeared in Nelson. Miss Irene
Palmer as the pasha's daughter, for a
time disguised as a sailor boy, gave
ttu excellent presentation of a petted
aud will ul girl.
The "mere meu" also deserve full
share or praise. Frank Waiters has
captured Nelson hy the Richness 01
his voice, on his rirst entrance last
night lie received au ovation. Carl
lioiiman and John Dawion, as rastia
and Kajah, respectively, were uiagnm
cent iu performance as in appearance.
Messrs. Dewey aud Flavelle kept the
uuiii.-nce constantly amused all the
while Ihey were oh tlie stage.
The Bohemian Girl." with its wealth
ol beautiful solos and choruses, has
appropriately been reserved ror the
closing performance, ll will be pre
sented tonight.
W. s. Drewry, I*. D. S., will open ins
ofllce on llaker street near Kootenay
tomorrow morning.
One vagrant appeared iu the city police court this morning and was remanded until this morning.
The entertainment commitlee or the
2(1,000 club are already making arrangements tor the club dauce the eve
umg of Janupary 11.
S. A. Wye has gone to Spokane on
an interesting mission, which has
nothing to do with the requirements
of his plumbing establishment
The owners of the bobsleigh referred
to yesterday are gratified at tne
promptness wllh which the advice to
return It was obeyed by its temporary
The tramway returns ror last week
were $11)7.411; for the corresponding
week of l'JOS, 183.60. The returns ror
fhe year, with three weeks remaining,
are $6543.60, against $5183 lo the same
date of last year. The estimated returns for the year were only I60U0.
Samuel Walker, J. P., of Cariboo
Citv, Is in town, u guest at the Madden House. He will attend lhe meeting of the hoard of trade tonight and
present the grievances of the settlers
along the Arrow lakes between Nakusp and Deer I'ark in respect ol the
winter service of the C. I*. It.
Fraternity hall, which has been leased for school purposes by the hoard 01
trustees, will probably be divided Into
two parts by easily movable partitions,
nl rirst ror easier and cheaper healing.
nnd Inter lor extra room. One additional class will he required In January and probably another at Easter.
At the annual meellng of Nelson
aerie. F. O. l'l., Inst evening. Ihe following officers were elcole.1 for 190Y!
W i>.. Mdgar Mason: w. V. P., Julius
Kletterer; W. C, .1. B. Taylor; secre,
iary, R. Howe; treasurer, .1. A. Wriok-
son; J, g��� c. Johnson; o. fl.. T. smitir,
trustees, .1. H. ttlngrose, ll. Orosoy,
Dr. W. O. Rose; physlclnn. Dr. Itose;
conductor, C. Walmsley.
Last evening Nelson lodge,  A. F. ft
A. m��� elected iho following offloers
ror the ensuing year: VV. M., Gs'orge
Kunz; I. I*. M., Or. Hall; H. VV.. W.
Spry; .1. VV.. George Steele; treasurer,
John Hamilton; secretary. George
Johnston; chaplain, ll. Weir; auditors.
Bros, Gordon and Wnlker: lyler, Chas.
Mallhv. The new master will make his
list of appointed officers before st.
John's dny.
Ami! llurnelt. late mrcman or Ihe
Josie mine of the l.e Hoi group, arrived rrom Kossland lusl night, lie win
be foreman or the Queen Victoria cop
per mines. He has gone nut to tne
properties today with N. ,1. Cavnnnugn
and .1. Cronln. Mr. flnrnett Is n native or Kentucky and slnnds li reel 2
InehoR���wherefore his sobriquet has
been tho Moonshiner Kid. lie Is already ramlllnr with the properly 01
which he Is to tnke charge und hns ns
much rnlth In It as its owners have.
Dismissal of Ambassador
Was Justified
Certain Fact* Carefully Suppressed
by Complainant���Makes General Denial of Charges.
Washington, 1). C. 13.���President
Koosevelt has made public the letters
addressed to Secretory of Statu Root,
giving correspondence between tne
president and roriner Ambassador
Storer at Vienna, and Mrs. Storer. 111
whicli he says that Mr. Slorer in re-
rusing to answer his loiters and the
publication or various private letters
Justified the ambassador's removal;
tbat Mr. Storer's publication or private correspondence waB peculiarly
uugentlemanly, and that he (the president! hal stated with absolute clearness bis position,, that It was out of
the question for him, as president, to
try to have any archbishop made cardinal, despite bis admiration for Archbishop Ireland, ae well as for leaders
of olher religious denominations.
He says he thinks lt well that tne
members of the cabinet should know
certain facts, "which bo (Mr. btorerj
either suppresses or misstates." lie
Bays lie did not resent the action 01
the Storers "until ll became evident
thai they were likely to damage American interests. He says Mrs. Storer
urged him to give ber husband a cabinet place, and thnt she stated that Mr.
Choate, at Loudon, and Oeneral Porter, at Paris, were not proper persons
to ue ambassadors, and suggested ner
husband relative to those posts 01
Tbe president incorporated a letter
rrom Postmaster General Cortelyon
contradictory to the statement that
President McKinley had commissioned
a gentleman to ask the pope "as a personal ravor to him*' to appoint Archbishop Ireland as cardinal. Mr. Cor-
telyou says that tbe late president
never made any such request, 'the
president dt'clares that Mr. Storer's
statement that he authorized any
such message to be delivered to I'opo
Plus Is untrue. He says that he
never received a letter rrom Ambassador Storer giving au account or his
visit to the Vatican, and the message
he personally gave the pope on Denati
of Mr. Roosevelt.
The president's action last night tot-
lows the publication of "the confidential pamphlet" which Mr. Storer last
week sent to the president, the cabinet and thc senate foreign relations
the country ostensibly to bet on Inside
Information on New Orleans races.
The evidence showed that tenB or thousands of dollars were sometimes net
dally by tho association.
Customs Returns for the Month of November���Pitman   Mine.
(Special to Tbe Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Dec. 13.���The customs
receipts from the various dlatrlct customs offices for the month or November, as received by ll. It. Gilpin, tne
chief collector at Grand Forks, are as
follows: Grand l-'ssrks, 18162.67; Phoenix, *l.'sol.k_; Greenwood, 132MI.M;
Midway, $960.33; Sidley, $498.50; Oso-
yoos, $482.34; Cascade, $l**6.6i!; Keremeos,  $7.80;   total,  $15,040.56.
Word has Just reached hero that a
Spokane company, represented by U.
Voorhees and II. Stephens of that city,
have acquired the Pitman property
near Keremeos lor a sum reported to
$50,000, wblch will be made in substantial payments extending over a period
or some 18 months. The new owners
huve already slatted an aggressive
torm of development work, which win
bu continued during the life of the
bond. The Pitman property ls situated on Keremeos creek and Is only a
couple of miles Trom the Greal Northern >raok.
Horrors of Russian Prisons.
New York, Dec. 13.���A London despatch published here says a correspondent at Odessa, describing Instances ot police repression there,
writes of one man who has just finished a six-months' sentence in jail for
a political offence, who throughout his
Imprisonment, night and day had a
phonograph lixod in his cell by tho
police, which unremittingly guve out
ihe Russian national anthem, "to teach
hlm patriotism." He is uow a hopeless
Idiot. Olher prisoners hnve bean eon
fined In cells illuminated wllh a blind
Ing blue light, with the resuli thnt
they were made Imbeciles within a rew
Socialists Active.
Nanaimo, Dec. 13.���Following tho
nomination or j. 11. Hawthornthwaite,
M. P. P. Tor this constituency, loom
Socialists announce thai at the recent
convention It wns decided lo place
candidates In Newcastle, Saamlch, Cow-
Ichan, Comox and Alberni constiluen-
cles According to those in tho know
the local Socialist parly Is going* to
carry on a vigorous campaign al the
next provincial elections. Advices
Irom Alberni slnte that II is generally
apposed that Mr. Cartwright win bo
the Socialist-candidate Ihere.
Fraud Where You Expect.
Now Orleans, La., Dec. 13.���A. u.
Collins and J. F. llnn-ow, of the Ctt
operative Turf association, wore yesierday found guilty of using the malls
with intent lo derrutid, 'llhe assooin-
Hon procured money trom all parts 01
White House Dinner.
Wushlnglon. D. C, Dec. 13.���The
season's programme of dinners and receptions at the White House opens tonight with the dinner given by President and Mrs. Roosevelt ln honor ot
the members of the cabinet and their
wives. It Is understood that Ihe social
events at the executive mansion this
winter are to be confined almost wholly to those formal functions prescribed by custom. A few muslcales and
informal dinners probably will be the
only additions to tlie list ot receptions
and dinners wblch established precedent compels the president to give in
honor of the cabinet, the diplomatic
corps, supreme court Justices, members
of congress and officers of the army
and navy.
Belgians Evacuate Outposts.
New York, Dec. 13.���The Heralds
special correspondent at Alexandria
says news has reached here that the
Uclgians bave evacuated the disputed
poBts of Hahr Elgazal, which are now
occupied by two Soudanese battalions.
Sheikh Abdul Rahman Ben YousBet
and 10 members of the Suareg tribe
have arrived in Cairo on their way
back to Ihe Herjaz. Thia man pre
tends to bo sheikh of the Moslems In
Beirut. He arrived by way of Tripoli,
bearing news that in August no Turkish or French troops were in the Bums
Echo of a Royal Scandal-
Brussels, Dec. 13.���lt is reported
that M. Andre Glron, the young Belgian tutor who about four years elopeo
with Princess Louise of Saxony, at
that time wife of the preaent king 01
Saxony, bas married the sister ot a
well known Belgian violinist. 'ine
princess, It will be remembered, was
afterward divorced from Giron and is
now living under the title of Countess
Canada a Haven.
Montreal, Doc. 13.���La Presse makes
an appeal to the French Catholics to
come to Canada If they find the exist
Ing conditions In France too rlgorouB
On behalf of the Canadian nation II
invites them to Canada, where resources ror Immigrants are Immense
and Ihe French of Canada are blood
relations lo them and where religious
liberty la or the broadest.
Decease of  Deputy.
Montreal. Dec. 13���The death occurred last evening at Ihe Royal Victoria hospital or Kilts C. Watson, deputy minister or marine and fisheries
for Newfoundland. Deceased wae connected Ihe iBland government for many
years. His son ls now a member ot
the Newfoundland legislature.
Wilson Coming Home.
Honolulu, Dec. 13.���The steamer Ao
rang! left thiB forenoon for Vancouver.
Among the passengers nre John Wilson, "superintendent of c. P. R. tele
The Great McEwen.
The world's master magician aud
tsiromosl hypnotist, the great McKwen,
will shortly play an engagement here
under the direction of C P. Walker ol
Winnipeg. Mr. McEwen, long known
aa the "King of Scottish Entertain
ors," is presenting this Benson a pro
gram of unusual excellence and variety
and will Introduce many wonderful
feats ot magic, marvellous and mystifying Illusions, clever vaudeville by a
large supporting company, and scientifically amusing demonstratlona 01
hypnotism. Al) new and special scenery will be carried and a performance
of great merit la promised.
Contemporary of Bright and Thackeray
I^ndoo, Dec. 13.���Rev. Prebendary
Robert Moro White, vicar of Churcn-
stoke, .Montgomeryshire, who Is known
aa "Father of the Church of England,
received numerous congratulations today on the celebration of thla nlnety-
111th birthday.
Born In the same year as Thackeray
and John Bright (1811), Mr. White Is
one of the few clergymen now living
wbo were ordained In the reign of William IV.. and one, too, who has lived
In the reigns of five English sovereigns. One of his earliest memories
Ib that or seeing Queen Victoria as au
iniani in her nurse's arms at Hognor
In the year 1819. He was present, too,
on the historic occasion when Edwaru
osl'ord fired al the young queen and
Prince Albert as they drove up Constitution Hill on June 10. 1840. soon after
Iheir marriage. Another or hla memories Is that of travelling on the Liverpool & Manchester railway upon its
tlrst opening, September 15. 1830.
Superstitions  Concerning  Spelling.
New York, Dec. 03.���The Thirteen
club bas decided to throw the welgnt
of Its Influence in ravor of the Roosevelt-Carnegie movement for simplified
spelling. The club haa decided to devote Its 27ftth regular dinner, to he
held at the Cafe Liberty tonight, to a
careful consideration of "Superstitions
Concerning      -Spelling." President
Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie and Brander Matthews nave
written their views to the archlvlat ot
the club, who will present their letters
at the dinner. A replica of the 010
blue back speller of .50 years ago, eonlaliilng, however, the 300 simplified
words approved by President Roosevelt, has beeu prepared as a- souvenir
of the occasion. The club points out
that the most discussed of these words
���tho, thru, thoro. program, catalog-
are shortened by the omission of Just
13 letters.
Koolenay River Ranchers
Address Minister
Several Churches Make Application In
In Conformity With New Law-
Police Report Infractions.
PariB, Dec. 13.���There was an impressive response this morning to the
clergy's appeal to their parishoners to
attend tne first masses celebrated outside of the pale of the law. A correspondent of tbe Associated Press visited a dozen churches, including Notre
Dame, Dame deB Victories, St. uer-
niain, and Le Auxerrols, where the signal for the massacre of St. Bartholomew was given out.
in St. Roch everywhere the trout
gates are closed, but worshippers entered through the side porch. Buildings were well filled and in several
places there was music, but nowhere
was there any attempt to interfere
with tbe services or create disturbances, There were three policemen
standing outside the porches of the
churches to prevent disorder, while policemen in plain clothes on duty Inside
simply noted the Infractions of the law
with the object of making reports to
the Justices of the peace.
Formal chargeB were entered wbere-
ever mass waB celebrated, except at
tho churches or St. Jean l'Evangei-
Ique, St. Blaise de Charonse and Pere
Lachalse. where parishioners made applications last ovening to hold services under Ihe laws of 1888. Tne
vicar of St. BlaiBo le Charonne. when
asked hy his parishoners to take the
step, said. "Whatever the consequences, I regret nothing. 1 am as Frenchman  above  everything."
County Court Chambers.
Three applications were made to and
granted by his honor Judge Forln in
chambers Ihis morning.
In Wilson vs. Ferguson. W. A. Macdonald, K. C, for the plaintlfr, applied
for a speedy Judgment os a specially
endorsed writ, H. A. Stewart contra.
The order was granted.
In re Estate of Teresa Atkinson, J.
O'Shea obtained an order for the discharge from ihclr honda of the administrators and sureties.
In Ilex. vs. Pratt (nee Margaret Duffy) an order waa made estreating the
sum or $50 deposited by the defendant when released, aB security for good
Prices of Metals.
New York, Dec. 13.���Silver, 68 l-8c;
copper, 21 7-8c; lead, $.75.
London, Dec. 13��� Silver, 31 6-Sd;
load, ��19 17s lid.
Hon. R. F. Greta Asked to Consider Reeds of Agriculture-
Want Road and Bridge.
The next forward step in the career
of Nelson as a commercial centre u
admitted by all wbo have given tne
matter attention to be the Improvement of means of access for the already large and fast growing agricultural population In the valleys of the
lower Kootenay and Slocan rivers.
Railways alone have never been
lound adequate for communication ano
transportation of the character required  for short distances.
Already a fair wagon road extends
westward from the city on the souin
bank of the river for over nine miles.
Whal is now required is a similar
road on the north shore for tbe balance
ot the distance to the Columbia river,
with a branch road up the valley 01
tbe Slocan, and finally a bridge across
the river at the Granite Narrows to
connect with the present road.
The improvements are urgently needed and would afford a splendid stimulus to the agricultural Industry of tne
Tbe prospective development of the
Uuoen Victoria copper mines, aud 01
valuable timber limits In the vicinity
of Beasley Siding, afford additional
reasons for the immediate construction of such bridge and roads.
A petition to the Hon. R. F. Ureen,
chief commissioner or lands and works
asking for such work to be done ae
early as possible has been prepared by
C. D. W. Bellamy of Thrums, and has
been ln circulation since November 2B.
The signatures of all the land owner*
whose Interests are affected, and of
many Nelson business men, have already been secured. The petition is
practically certain to receive tbe unanimous endorsement of the Nelson
board of trade at Its meeting tonight,
and will be forwarded without delay
to Victoria.
The petition is as follows:
"Whereas, ai very considerable number of people have settled In the Kootenay valley between Thrums and tne
city of Nelson, and
"Whereas, There is no means 01
communication (except the Canallan
Pacific railway) between these two
places or to any of the numerous
ranches situate In the valley mentioned, and In consequence thereot
great difficulty Ib felt In carrying on
business;  and
"WhereaB, A good hlghtway would
obviate this difficulty and would facilitate the transaction of business In the
district alluded to, and as nothing contributes more to the Improvement 01
trade and commerce and to the prosperity of the people In any country
ihan the means afforded by good
"We, whose names are appended
hereto, respectfully request you to he
so good as to give this matter attention as speedily as nosslble wltn a
view to having the said road commenced and completed as early as It can
"onvenlently be done."
Presented Dark Picture.
Home, Dec. 13.���Immediately after
his arrival hero today. Mgr. Montagninl. the expelled secretary of the papal
nunciature at Paris, went to the Vatican and conferred with the papal secretary of state. Merry del Val, to whom
he made a long report on the situation
In France. The report of Mgr. Montagninl will be used for a protest to
tbe foreign powers against the action
of tbe French government. Mgr. Montagninl then went to the pope, who was
much agitated anl asked for minute
details of the secretary's expulsion
nnd of lhe documents seised. Mgr.
Montagninl presented dark pictures 01
the situation.
Bank Clearings.
Winnipeg, Dec. 13.���Bank clearings
for the week ending today arc $13.-
419,271; 1905, $10,176,684; 1904, $7.-
980,150. Calgary bank clearings lor
tbe we%k are $1,559,341. Edmonton
bank clearings are $849,635. ��M,.u sm*
The Daily Canadian
 STORES ____=
Cool nights arc now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dieains of
We hnve plenty of tlieiu in red and blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
Those blankets are Justly celebrated fssr their excellence. Wo alone oarry
tlsetn lu lliis city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Coc-forters, Gloves and Mlt��, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectora' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and prices surprisingly Low,
Imperial Bank cf Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .*4,!'00,0OO REST $4,1100,000.
D. K. WILKIE. President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-Presideut
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed at highest current rate from date of
openiiiK account, and compounded half yearly
nbi.soin branch ��J��   IVI���   LAY,  iV-cina-ger.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,310    Reserve	
Total  Assets $41,860,353
Accounls or rirms nnil Individuals opened on tho most ravorable terms.
Thirteen  brandies  in  llrlllsh  Columbia.
Special  attention   to out of town business.
T. B. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. L.  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Irony is lhe dell-ate aroma ol insinuation which has been tlle disgrace ol
ihe opposition since lt came to be called by that naine. Om coniempoinry
does not, it Is true, indulge In billings.
gate, hut it should remember that unwarranted assertion is no less reprehensible because Us language is
Clothed in the choice verbiage ol tuu
college graduate.
in response to the challenge ul   1 tie
Canadian to give  the  names    ul    llio
friends or Hon. k. i-. tlreen who profited bv the "'majestic silence' ul tne
thiet commissioner ot lands and wonts
Il contents itseir by Insinuating mat
the name ol Mr. James Anderson is
Buftlclent. it is well known that An-
dersou was an employee ui Larsen ana
that he was al work surveying ami
Making lands lor Larsen In the viciniiy
Of 1'orl Simpson for years before the
ii. t. p. terminus was thought ol in
connection with Kaien Island. .Moreover, It has yet to bo shown, uud we
Challenge the morning paper lo show
that Anderson staked any lauds or secured any locations lu the vicinity ot
Kaien Island because of Iiis connection with the U. T. P. project.
It Is easy ror tlle morning sheet to
make these charges, but they are botti
dishonest aud dishonorable, and no
amount of word slinging will gloss
over lhe fact that this high stepping
aud purity lauding organ ut the opposition has stooped to make political capital out ot reckless assertions and
baseless insinuations which are unworthy of any paper laying claim either to respectability or to the confidence
of Ub readers. If we are wrong we
shall cheerfully apologue. In tiio
meantime we fearlessly assert that tne
Daily News has disgraced itself by descending to the very political methods
which but a few days ago It con-
ds-mned in such sanctimonious tones.
'Ihey now appear to have been assum-
ed for the occasion.
the Question ol public ownership oi
public utilities, the postal departments
ol the various countries having been
so frequently pointed out as affording
proof of the feasibility or public ownership, the proposal of Mr. Boyce, it
oarried tlllt, would doubtless pioneer
lhe -way for many similar projects
ulong other lines.
Peter Verlgln's (head ul the Douli-
lisslsisrsi mission to Russia was apparently not tully disclosed In the Interviews published last autumn. II. as,
the St. Petersburg despatches asserl,
he i.s sounding uie Russian government as tss the terms under wtiien
tliese "'pilgrims*' can lis- repau-iaieii,
ihe Immigration policy of the Ottawa
administration will need another over*
hauling. The country pulil haiid.-s'sino-
ly to bring the I'uukhniiuis to Canada,
paid handsomely lo support and suppress their fanaticism while they were
heie, and perhaps will nut be unwilling
lo pay to send them home. The Uio be
says, "Nobody will object" If Ihey are
taken back.
Piibllsshts-I isu slays, n weisK by Uie
Baker St., Nelson, H. 0.
Ksitssrrlistlssn niless, 6U OeatB a monlli delivered
la the city, sir |f,.CS9 it yssdr If seal by mall, wlu-n
paid lit itslvftuco.
Advertising rates on application.
All munis*! pais! in settlement oi The Dally
(*��uasli��n at't'sssmis, either fur subscriptions <n
sislt.t IImsis:   must bo receipted fssr on the prllitesl
formi ol use Company,  Other receipts are not
i>i;cij.Miii i- ia, iqoo.
" By one svnrsl we are sometimes Judged to be
wise and by ono wonl sometimes judged to be
foolish. 1*1 ns thereto��� be careful whai .v
For several days the morning organ
of the opposition lias been Indulging in
a Bpecies of literary pyrotechnics
which musl at least have convinced lis
readers of the fondness of that paper
tor moot liy and mealy sentences, lt
has thereby turniBhed a splendid modern illustration oi" that old adage,
"When tbe eat Is away lhe kittens can
play." Last week ills- Daily News
frankly admitted that the opposition
in the local legislature is Incapable oi
Initiation; that lis policy has been negative and destructive instead or positive and constructive, ami it furthei
alleged lhat new men ami ns-w isssits
tnusi be Introduced into tbe opposition
party it there is to be any advantage
gained by il ai lhe next election. The
Daily Canadian accepted Its confession at its luce value and pointed um
that it is the duty oi the opposition to
raise issues. We pointed "tn tlial in
1K78 Sir John A. Macdonald ralBed an
issue and carried the country and that
in 18116 Sir Wilfrid Laurier did the
same. We pointed out that the government would appeal lo the country
un its record and on such further issues as it may determine to raise. The
morning paper chooses to ignore tlie
last half ol Ihis sentence nnd lias for
two days regaled Its readers with ingenious specimens ol juggling witn
words and it's Illustration ot me
"good lord, good devil" method of political warfare Is Interesting if ni,i
In the same paragraph it commend?
nnd condemns, jt praises and blames,
It flatters nnil slanders, il compliments
and denounces, (ill the befogged aim
muddled reader wonders whether it
Is to be laken seriously or whether
the task ol being honest and advocating tlie cause of the opposition is, ul-
t-.-r all, an Impossible proposition.
in iis attempts to attack the record
ol' the government it displays a want
ot originality that must be wearisome
to its readers, it spends whole columns of editorial slush In at tempt mg
to galvanize dead Issues and to give
a semblance of new lire to old and almost forgotten matters which have
been threshed out oil tlie floor or tne
house, made tbe subject or investigations, made to do duty us the texts tor
slanderous editorial homilies In the opposition papers till the country is
weary ol hearing of these exploded
figments of ihe diseased Imaginations
ol the Liberal party or that section ot
It to which the local organ belongs.
It reverts to the Kilamuat land sales
and In doing so Is guilty of uu unpardonable anachronism In connecting tne
name ot Hon. R. F. Oreen with the
attempted Bcandala raised by the opposition  u long  while ago.
ii blames Finance Minister 'ration
foi the stopping of the work on the
Midway &. Vernon railway, whereas it
is well known that the claim of the
holders of that charter to the provincial subsidy wus in doubt until it was
Bellied i.y the courts, a shorl time
ago llie same paper railed al the governmenl im- implementing a contraot
and confirming a land grant that was
maile obligatory upon tho jiresetu government by its predecessors In orilce,
uue of Whom was the editor of the very
Journal In question.
ll revives the story of the Pendray
land leases alter that matter had been
fully threshed out under the critical
investigation ol a Liberal commission,
with the most complete vindication ot
the government at every stage or the
Its tiresome reiteration or old and
moss-grown Inventions of an Indigent
and frostbitten opposition are chlldisn
In the extreme and it is humiliating to
lind that after nearly lour years ln opposition nothing more original or up
to date than the charges of the morning paper are forthcoming as a criticism of the record of the government.
Underlying all its attempted veins or
The astounding offer of Mr. W. Lt
Boyce of Chicago to take over and operate the postal service of the Unlteu
States under government control will
strike the average business man aim
suggest a train of reflection whicn
Will not stop short at hasty conclusions. Tlie assurance that Mr. Boyce
ls backed by $50,1100,(10(1 of capital, a
sum whicli should appear ample, shows
that he and his associales have not
made the proposal in a hasty spirit,
but thut it has evidently been wen
thought out. Tbe guarantee to reduce
the rate ol postage o.i second-class
matter, to liquidate the deficit annually occurring in the operation of the
service, to wipe It out and afterwara
to pay Into the United Stales treasury
all the profits accruing over 7 per cent,
are projects which in themselves must
bave engaged the calculations of these
manipulators of high finance.
The further willingness to place tne
operation of the postal service tinder
the authority of a postal commission
which shall have, as far as lhat service is concerned, the same powers as
the interstate commerce commission,
is evidence of bona fides and but adds
zest to the query which will be askeu
nj to what Is defective with the management ol Uio service as now conducted  under federal  control?
We cannot well assume that the jiro-
posal is wholly philanthropies!, as a
corporation formed exclusively to enter
the realms of philanthropy even on a
national scale would be the eighth or
ninth wonder of the world. lt Mr.
Boyce is to be taken seriously it woum
appear that there is a growing distrust
ol those commercial methods winch
are essentially speculative in their
character, such as stock dealing and
the chances of ritictuating markets,
and it growing desire ou the part oi
many who are now more or less actively involved in these speculative
methods to find a field for their energies and talents in some sale and utilitarian employment which will yield
ample returns and afford a sphere lor
the indulgence of the greatest abilities
In the organization and direction oi
gigantio enterprises, We are often told
ihat the multimillionaire continues the
snuggle with the fickle goddess or for-
lune long arter the most absurd contingencies of lire have been provided
ugalnsf and all for the pleasure there
is in tbc game.
May It be that Mr. Iloyce and his
associates are about to Initiate a pioneer method or exploiting shrewd business faculties and that they propose
to open the door to a new sphere ot
enterprises lor those who have guts
for organization and manipulation lhat
are far beyond the common possession? Such an outcome or the proposal
would revolutionize modern commercial and economic lire, lt would introduce Into the present economic systems a new element which might appreciably hasten the dawn or nn entirely new set ol conditions among
men and between nations.
Apart altogether from Its bearing on
The estimates submitted by Mr.
Fielding give Toronto, tor harbor Improvements, $100,000, Willi supple-
ineniaries yet to come. Nothing Is sum,
however, about the snags and dead-
ers ln Kootenay lake. Out-west pilots
are so well on to their jobs that ordinary safeguards or navigation appear
unnecessary.   Where is Itig Hill'.'
Oltawa Is just now lu the throes of
an excitement over disease germs in
ihe milk supply. A local health ot-
llcer haB Inspected the dairies anu
unds conditions the reverse ol healthy.
How our own dairies are kept and too
purity of the lacteal supply might afford some interesting comparisons.
The Orand Trunk railway, when
pinched by the operation uf the law
requiring a 2-cent passenger rate,
knocks at the dour of the Dominion
parliament lor relief. And ii will <>i>-
tain lt, Under Lnurierisin, the people,
not the corporations, have to pay.
Placing gasoline on the rree list,
thereby eliminating the duty of .'.
cents a gallon, will allow the small
cran on the Kootenay lakes to have
a longer run ror their money; also to
bump a little harder Into the snags
and obstructions In the river.
Hyman's resignation Is not effective
yet. Falling to get Clifford Silton
back into the cabinet, will Sir Wilfrid
succeed in persuading Hun. C. S. to
withdraw the Irregularly tendered
leave taking?
Blxty flays alter fiiit" I Intend to apply to tho
Chief Commissioner of Landi and wnrks fur
permlulon to purchase tho foUowlng deaorlbed
lands In Kdiitt-ntiy District, about tliree-ipitirtirs
of mile Irom Thrum's siding :   Commencing at a
post placed at the 8. W. corner of I. 089S, group
1, West Kootenay District; theme westerly
following    the   north    boundary  nl L -i*.98, 40
Chains] then.e imrth 10 chains; thence easi in
'���Iniiii-,  mnre nr   lew***,   tothe    S.   W,   curlier of
l/.w.t.i; thence nouth following the west boundary
of L8S88, 10 chains, more or lesi, to place of commencement, fun tn in ii;.- 40 acres, more or less.
Hated this 6th dav ol December, 1'.W6.
n. n. Pirn, Locator.
6*0 days after date 1 Intend to apply tp the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Land*, and
Works, to purobase WO acres of laud: Commencing at a post marked 0. W. 8. N, K. eornei
boat and planted on the weht shnre oi Arrow
lake adjoining Lot 878 on the south side of said
Lot, thence west 80 chains along the southern
boundary of Lot .773; thence souih 46.63 chains;
thence east 80 ebalns mora or less to lake shore;
thence north along lake sbon to place ol beginning.
Dated Uth day of Nov. 1906.
Qbo. w. Stsbl,
J. E. Annaiu.k, Agent.
Hlxty days afterdate I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 130 acres Of land located
on the west side nf Armw lake mil lying directly
nortii of Lot 7976: Commencing at a post planted
at the tt, K. corner of Lot7970 and marked 'H. IJ
K.   K   corner," and   running   uorih '2ti chains,
thence west ra.chains, tbenee nortii 30chains,
thence west 20 chains, theme south 40 chains,
thence east  10 chains, lo place of beginning.
Nov. Mtb, 1006. Births iuuw.kv,
J. K. AJO-USLI, Agent
Hixly days afler date I intend to apnlv to Ihe
Hou. chief Commissioner of Unds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase Iff) ROTOS of land located In
Fire Valley, being part of Section*** 'Hire* and
Four, Township DB, and described a- follows!
Commencing at a pnst planted at William
Williams1 n.w. (rorner, nit*i marked *��������, _, tf't
N. K. corner,"  and   running   JO chalnn   west,
thence vu chalus soutli, ihence 30chains oast,
llienee tn chains smith, thence 90 chains easl
thence60obalns nortii to place of beginning
November Hard. 10/0. Hohk !���; wiluamk.
J. K. AHNABLI,  .gent,
iti day* afler dale I intend to apply tn ihe Hmi
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to purobase 830 aores of and located in Kire Valley being part of Sections 9 and 10 Township tin, and
described as follows:    Commenolng nt a post
marked F. W.J. B.S. corner aud planted at the
northwest corner of  Win. Williams'  pureliase;
theuee welt40chains; thence norih *u obalnsi
thenoe east 40 obalns; thenoe south 80 chains to
place of beginning,
November 23rd 1900.
I. Vi. Join-an,
J. E. Annaiii.e, Agent.
Notice is hereby given trial 00 days from date I
intend toapply to the Honorable the chief Commisaloner of Lands and Wnrks to purchase fill)
acres of land described as follows: Commencing
at a post planted on the nonh bank of ihe Llttlo
Movie river, ahout 2011 yards from mouth, uud
marked    "R.   McLean's   B    W.   corner   post,''
thenee cast so chains, tbence tmrih ho chains,
thenee west B0 chains, lbence south DO chains, to
plaee of oommeneement, and oontainlng 040 acres
more or lojtt,
LooAtOd 80th day Oct., 1906,      Rout. McI.kan.
NotlOc is hereby given that 6u daysaMer dnie I
Intend to apply lo the Bonorable the chief Commissioner of Lands and Works fer i-.crmls--.lnu to
purchase the following described lands situate
nbout 10 miles east of the City of Nelson, on the
south ahore of tho West Ann ol Koolenay lake,
and commeneng at n post placed aboul no chains
SOUth Of the southeast ooruorof Ud 3643, marked
"8 Thome**--. W corner," thence soutli 30
ehalns, thence cast DO chains, thenee north '20
chains, tbence west '2o chains to point of com
Dated this 6th day uf Nov., 1906.    h. Thomas.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days after daw I
inlcnd to make application lo the Honorable the
chief UommfiBloner of Lands and Works fnr ner
mission to purchase tho foUowlng deserlbed
lands:  Commencing at a post placed adjoining
the southwest enrner pnst ol Leon )\ui s Ap
plication lo Purobase, running BD eliains tmrln,
[hence 40 chains west; tbence m ohalns south]
tbence -in cbains oast, to point of commencement, containing 830 acres mure nr less.
Datod October 18,1006,
Bums w INTER,
By his agi nt, ERNBST, Vi. ItOBlNBO-
Notlce is hereby given lhat 00 days aller dale I
intend lo apply to Lhe Honorable too chief com*
mlssloner SJ Lands and Works for permission
lu purchase _W> acres of laml, situate on tlie Little
Moyle river ahoul l mile (rom International
Boundary and about I mile (rom Spokane International Uy*: Commeneing al a pOBl marked
P, drant's H. K. corner pnst, tlience wesl 10
eliains; Ihenee nnrth 40 chains; tlience east KO
chain*., thenoe north 30 chains,   Ihcnce east  IH)
Dhelns; tbenco south 60 chains to plnee of com-
meneement, coiila'iilng 380 acres oi land.
Located Oot. SOtb 1000.
Notice la herUDy RlVOn that 60 days aller dale I
Intend in apply in Ho* Uonorahle Chief Commls
nonor nf l-auds and Works f<>i permission lo
purehase the lollowlng desoribed lands, in West
KOOtenaV!   Cummriiring   at  a  pnst  planted  at
the northeast corner of lol 4896. Q i, marked P.
Fletcher's northweal comer, thei  souih ni
chains; ihenee easl   Hi chains, mnre nr  less, lo
the western I larv of Lot TOO, a I., tbenoe
norlh wi eliains lo Kontenay  river; ihence  west
following said river to point of commencement,
Containing 10 acres more or less.
Mtb October, IHOfi.
FltANK   Fl.KlillKIt,
Sixlj davs alter dull* 1 Inlcnd loupply lo the
Hon. -hlerCommlsslouoro! Landi and Worka,
Victoria, to purchase 160 aores of land, located on
lhe west side nf Arrow lake, al��>ut live miles below Burton City, and described as follows! I 	
mencing at a post marked "P.O. B'ssoutheul
oorner, "and being 30 obalns east ol tbe northweal
comer of Lol -Tin; ihence north40chains; tbenoe
west 40 ohatnai thence smith to chains; thonce
east 10 chaius to th" place nl beginning.
November 14th, ltfoo, F. u. Bigg,
[���er J. E. AHHABUG,
��� FRED IRVINE & Co. j
New Styles in Long Coats for Ladies    ���
6odays after dale i Intend to apply to the Hon.
chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works, Vlo*
toria, in purchase '.'in neres ol land located in
Plre Valley and being a portion of Factious LB
and li. in ToWUSbipOO and dosorlbed us (nllnws:
Commeneing at a poat planted al lh�� southwesi
corner of the southeast quarter ol section 1?
Township 60 Btid marke. J. -.;. H. K. oorner,
tbenee nortb 40 ohalns] tlience wesi eo chains;
llienee iouth 40 ehnins; theuce ea.-t io chains Ic
place ol beginning.
November 38rd i!��oo.
  J. E. Aknablk, Agi ni
Notice is herehy given that 60 days aller date
I intend toapply  to  the  Hoiiorahle the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands ami Works for permis*
sum to purobase the rollowlng described lands;
Commencing ��i a post planted on tho northeail
corner of Peter McNaUghtori's application lo
pureliase, running Wi chains -.vest along the
northern boundary of aame; thenee 80 onalna
north; tbence80 chains past; tbence ho chains
south, i-dnng the west boundary Of John Elliott's
application to purchase, to point of commencement, containing 610 acres, mure or less.
Dated Oet is, um. Tnoau Burro,
Ity his agent, Khnkst Vi. ROBtMHH.
Notiee i.s hen by given (bat 60 day* alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Cblel Commissioner of Landl and Wurks, at Victoria, H. C,
fur permlrslon tu purchase the following described lands,   situated   in  thc  West Kootenay
:-   The Latest New York Shapes.        Kest maa-tailored ���!
finish, in light tweeds and plain cloths. ���
��� Prices (rom $10 to $25 each T
s N. W.
district,"south' of Forty Nli:
at  a  post   marked "L. JI  CboquetU
ner," thenee 40 chains east,  (hence  HI chai
south, theuce lu chains  west,  tbence -HI chains
nnrth to the commenoement poet, oontainlng iui
acres, more or less.
Nelson, B.C, Oct. 16th, 1006.
W. A. Jonkh, Agent.
���Sixty days after date 1 purpose making Ippllca*
lion (n the Uon. Chief Commissioner Of Lauds
and Works fnr permission to purchase the following deserlbed land:   Commencing at a pnst
placed at the southwest corner of It. W, Manning-
ton's application to purehase, marked "L. M- B.
H's 8 fi corner post,'1 running tbenee80 obalns
westi tbence Bo ehalns south] tbenoe 80 chains
cast; ibenee SO chalus nnrlh to point of com-
meneement, containing M0 acres, more or leis.
Dated lhe 10th day nl Oetober, UM.
L. Hs B. Hannin-itun,
per K. SniKLL, Agent.
pixy days after date I purpose making application lothe lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands
aud Works for permlMlon to purchase the following described land:  Commencing at a poet
placet! on the north boundary of lot No. 864 ami
about two chains east of Wbatlbau creek, marked "M, S's. B. Vi. comer," running thenee 40
Chains east; thonce -to chains north; thenee 40
chains west; thence Hi chains sontb, to point of
commencement,] containing 160 acres mor** or
Hated the bub day of October, ISM.
m. Bantu-,
Per R. SniKLL, Agent.
Hixly days after date I Intend to apply to tho
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Undsand
Works to purchase Mo acres of land, located In
nre valley,on west tide of Arrow lake: commencing at a post plauied .0 chains weit of the
soutinveii corner of J. Robinson's pre-emption
and marked J. Ws H. K. comer, aud running
north an chains, (hence west 80 chains, thence
south HO cbains, lbence fast 80 ehains to place of
Nov. imu,. 1906. Janr vyh.lum*.
J. B. ANNAHLK. Agent.
Notice is bereby given that 60 dati alter date I
Intend toapply to tbe Honorable the Cniet Com-
mlssloner of Lands ami Works for permission to
purchase th * foibiwing 'lescrllwd lands: Com-
mi OQlng at pnst placed 2U o-uains west of the
southeast co, ner nf Lot 1642, marked "K.A.Bell's
norlh west corner," thence south 80 chalis,
thencecast 20 chains, thenre north 20 chains,
thenee west .fl chains to point of commencement,
containing .0 acres, more or leaa
Located thisfith dayol Nov., 1006.   R. A.Bku,.
Hlxty daya after date I purpose malting application lotbe Hon. Chief'���*"-'       -    -    ' *       *
nd Works fur permit
lowing described Ian
placed at Hie norih ea
application to purohi
ary of I
on i
mlssloner of I.andi
rchase tho fol-
u-'ing at a post
arked "H. H's N. w
icnce loiiowing lbe easl bouud-
balns v.otli; thenee running W
chains east) thonce 80 ohalni north; theme 80
chains wesl to point o| commencement, containing 640 acres mon- or lesi
Dated the 10th day of October, 1006,
h. Doudi
I'er R. FmKM, Agent,
BlXty days after date I Intend t<�� applv to tlie
Hnn   -bio] Commissioner of Unds and Works,
Victoria, lo purehaae  480 acres of laml, In Fire
Valley, West Koolenay: Commenolng ata nost
l.Uiitcd  DO chains west of  the H. Vi. eoruer of J.
Hubin s pre-emption, and marked W.W'i n.
K. corner, ami running west B0 chains, thenee
smith HI) chains,  Ihcnce east on chains,  theuce
horlh 'ill i hain" to place of beginning
Nov. 18th. 1006. WiuiAii Williams,
J. K. Annaiu.k, Agent.
BlXtyda��afterd-tte-1 purpose making anull-
enllon lothe lion chief Commiasioner o? Uiiida
and Wo ks for permission to purchnse the following desoribed binds: t ommenclng at the
northwest corner of B, A- Creme's application to
purchase, marked "W. O. Q'l, H W corner"
running thence BQ ObalUI north; thenee BO
chains east; ihence 80 ebalna soulb; thenc,. B0
chains wes*. tn point of commencement, containing 640 acros, more or lesa.
Dated Ihu Ulh dav of Oetober, lOcfi.
I'er J. Bhiei.i,. Agent.
Hixty (lays alter date 1 purpose making application to the Hon. chief Commiasioner of Lauds
ami Works for permission to purchase tbe following described land*:   Commenolng al the
northwest coiner of i>. 1 .iibl's application to
pureliase, marked "M. F's ��. Vi. comer," running
tlience 8u chains north; thenco Kd final ni. more
or lesH, to the west shore ol Whalshan lake, following vame 80 ehnins soutli; thenre 80 ohalns.
moreor less, east lo I ne point .if comment omen L
conlHintngtilOac es more or less,
Pated thel-lb day of U*. tuber, 191II.
M. Fa .-Quikh,
per .1. Hmifi.i,, Agent.
Notice h beroby given rhat sixty days after
date 1 intend lo apr-ly to tbe Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Wotkl for permission (o purchase the following described lands*
Commanolng at n posl placed on thenorthw si
comer of Albert Elliot.'.application to purchase,
running ia ohalns usat along the northorn
boundary of same) thenee W ehains north:
tbeuce ail ehnins wes*; tlfncc 8o cbnlns south, In
point of commencementi containing 640 acres
more or loss.
Dated Oet. 13, 1906. John ELLIOTT
By bis agent, ��rn__t W. Robinson.
Snow ?_s Here
WLV A Speede7sJ_d or Cutter
We Hav* Tt.-4.-ni nt All Prluaa.
Standard Ftt-.n_t.i-re Company
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Enibalmers
Uuon A Riieb Pianos,
Ontertiicnir Maltresses
Qlobe Wernicke BookCaai
Notloe is  hereby  given that hlxtv  dnvs nfler
date i Intend to apply tothe Hon. Chief Commls-
sinner of Lauds ami Wurks fnr permjealon m
purchase    tbe    following   described   lands,   in
West Kootenay Distriet: Commencing hi an initial po-t planted nt the southeast enrner of Me
Coy'l pre .���inption, I belli e 20 chains wcM lo rant
boundary of Uit 8199: ihcnce following mild
boundary south to wouihcast enrner of said lot;
thence lu chains west; 11)0000 BQ cluilns south I
tbeuce 80 obalns east; theme so ehalns nortb io
southwest comer of I-ot 933; theuce following
west boundary of Lot t��2 lu initial pnst.
September Si, um;. u. d. Wolst,
I��t Khnkst w. BobHOOM.
Kotlce is hereby given tbal B0 days alter date i
iniend to apph to the Honorable (he Chief Coin-
mlssloner ot Lends ami Worksj Victoria, B.C.,
b.r permission tO purchase the following deserlhed land, Iltuated in the West Kooienav district,
tm tbe West side of 1 uliamel (orHlx Mile) creek,
on  UPPer Bide of  wtgou  road,  about J1, mllen
fpui west Ann of Kootenay lake: Commencing
nl a post marked Mrs Hal tic Duck's ���*��� K corner, running 40 cbains  west;   thenee  90 chain-
soutbi tbenoe40 obalns east; ihence 90 chains
north, lo the iMilnt of Commencementi  eontainiug hO acrea of land, nmre or less.
Dated Hit* 17th November UMi.
Mm   Hattik DtH k,
John B 'Iavi.uk. Agent
Nntice is hereby given Unit 00 days niter date 1
Intend to apply to tba Bon, Chief Commiseiouerof
Lands ami Wnrks, victoria, foi permission to pur'
chase  the following described lend, situated in
the West Kootenay district, on the weet side ol
DubemeJ (or-Blx Mile) ereek, near wagon road-
about three miles from Kootenay inke: Com*
mt nolngat a postmarked "James J. Duck's s \\\
post," running 90 ehains cast, lbence *20 chalu-
nurth,  thenee W chains  went, thence 20 ehnins
south, to the polntof eommeneement, contain
lug 40 acres of land, more or less.
Duled 1Mb November, 1906.
Loeated byJastifJ. itrcg.
per John K   tXTtOft, Ageni.
sixty ilavs after date 1 intend to apply to the
lion, chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works.
victoria, to purchase tt acres of Und, situated
on the west side of Arrow Lake, about >W mllei
below Burton, and described as follows: Commencing al a p<��*t planted at tbe northeast
enrner uf Lot Turo, and running north 20 cbains;
tbence west an chains, tb< nee couth HO <-hnlns,
thencecast '.inchains m place of beginning.
Nov. llth, 1908. II   K,1)ii,i���
J. E Annahi.e, Agent.
Hlxty davs after 'late I Intend toapply to the
Hon Cblel Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Vietoria, to purchase 180 acres nf Inml aboul two
miles below Burton city, West Kootanar, commencing at a post marked "J. A. Irving'* east
euruer poat," said post being on the enMerly end
of an Island west 01 LotSM?, aud claiming all the
land contained In said lalend, belnt about one
mile In an easterly and westerly direction and
about Jn chains frmn north to south.
November nth, um. j. a. Itvnm,
 J_E. ANN ABU. Agent.
Notice is hereby given that GO days afterdate, I
Intend tn applv* to the Hon. Chief Coiamnwloner
01 Lamls ami Works fur permission to purchase
the following described laml In WestKootenay
dlstricl: Commencing at a pnst marked Mrs. v
A. Wilson's corner post, planted at the northeast
eurner of Section 17, Townsite 7, running south
40 chaini, Ihenee west 10 chains, thence norih -10
chaini lo place nf commencement, oontainlng 60
aeres, more or less.
Dated Nov. 29, 1900, ,    MRS. V. A. WlLSOH,
  J; Wilson. Agent.
Hixlydaysafierdatelpurpi.se making application to the linn, chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works (or permission to purchase the fulluwlng described land: Commencing at a pnst
placed at the northwest enrner of 11 Dodd's application to purchase, marked "It w. H'sB, w,
corner post,' running tbenee no chains north;
thencenchains east; thence no ehulns south;
thenee 80 chains west to point of commence,
ment, containing 640acres, nmre or lesa.
Dated this loth day ol October. 1MB,
R w. Hanninoton,
_      Bum-. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given lhatauty days alter
date  1  intend   to apply  m  lhe  Honorable  the
(hief Commissioner of unds and worka, i-.r
permlulon to purchaie ths following deioribed
lands In the Went Kuuteiiuy district:   JU-jc 1 iinliiie
at a post marked "James G laser'siif��_Srner,"
and named on the cast shnre of Whataban
(Oeribpo) iake, abo.n nu,. half mllo north ol
; bristle creek; thenco snuih -to chains, nmre nr
IBM, tO the north boundarv nf W. Secnmbe'sao-
j.iicAl on tn purchase; theliee heal along the said
boundary �� chains, more nr leas, to tbo shnre nf
the lake;   tbenee following   the -.aid lllOlQ In a
general   northerly    and   easterly   direellon   ao
onains.moraior less, in pomi pfeommoncement,
conuinlng 180 acres, mure or less.
Dot llth, 1908 ja .van. nun,
 f, h Hammond, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given (hat sixty days after
the date I lutend to appytotbe Hon iIhm.Vi .
Commisaloner of Unrfsami Works hi'\*m��
ln,nie\l'e:;'lJ-,S,',,h',f';lll,rt,l,,>{ i��CTlWa   laud
in the weat Kootena) district: BeginnIni ata
post milked ��K it, Keir*. n k cornar" an*,
planted onthe shore of Whalshk! tSnhhonSS,
at .he norlhweat eurner of sail i,k. - t. V. ,.-_',
ohtdns westi tbence *i Sbains wuU^Km ��
Chains out! thence ..i chains southilhenceoaS
ID chains, moreor less to the ..hor. nf . ...1,1
bike; ,!,,,��.,. nnr.l.erlvalnng't, '"     ,   1 a      ,b
SohalM.moreoriDss.to iC. ,H,i,   ���.,,������ en
y*ie_oct.i_li9W, K,K. kf.il,
1*. L IIammonii, Agent.
Notice Is herebv given that Co dnys after d7le I
cli   .hi " ks'",r!"'nnlHslnnioi..ir-
KonTeti i. I'.'S8 ,l,'M'r""',l lands In West
Ot i man -in ^'";',f,n:vi,1,,f; "'"--Iti^'Columbia;
t 'I i. i u- ",,,", ,l"lr:^''',1 "William Toin.iR-
_______ it M?f     .',,,'r P��st'   *��W P,,N' being
, |      ��� ,   :" '" "i"' " '* smiil. tsu-.sly (ail
��z fe i::;i,,lvir.*.���fr��.,..ai':x__
"iin,,!cmU,���,,,,;''"'',"'n''r'J "r ll"��*'" tl"-* Pi"" 3
Unle.J Ist.lay ol A.IK.Mt. 1EKMI.
.__  "J* "Is ngent J. E. Taylor.
*t,*_t ::;is^9___l__S..
Irom Tt Smm * ilte"' t'\" t is'" isssii mlloi
Ks'-lii,^.'. B ! "k''* ","1 "'sirks-sl "Nell Mi"
slssslii . thpn��� I ,',',"",!;'' I,'"",'*" ,l"*"1"'" '*���� KI
'���l"".i 11", ', , , , ,ll���;l�� >"l'��'ns, lluslis-,- west 10
iiis-ii.'ssini-iii Olimnii tisiilaicol ossiii-
Wslosl ilil, 10th fl,, ���, N���vt.mt),r| ,������_
Nm HvKiciiNit,
following das_rii^^v_r;rt_,wrM
Wes    Kontenay dlsirlct:    BeginniMM .
marked "O. C  MHcMleklng's N? W. i..ri"ef '.;_.-���
oi��ntci on lbe wesi shnreof Whauh^MCarihtef
mUlS llnrlll otjtiM] ;i,.:*.,f"
" Ininl ii
lake, abc
rows of the said Inke  and i
the said   lake;   thence muth no i Ui*.,* I
east 40 chains,  moreor less, to " ���
tbenoe following ihe .ni,i K|lur,
and westerly direction uo cbalni i
ion* in h riortbtri. ���
**oj^lnt of Mmmenoement, contaVnini wmS
Py F. L HAMMOMn, Agent.
mure or leaa.
Oct. 13- I-J06,
Notloe Is hereby given thai ilxty days
dine 1 intend to make application to the II
ilm I
abb-chief Commlaaioner of Landi ami vt_i_ I
Victoria, H.��: f(,r iHTmission lo purchue Hut* f
lowing descrlbeil Uml, altuate it. Pin VafS l
West koohuay district:  ronim.nrinK iu n>tt I
planted at the southwest eomei of Jiiimi "���
insun's pre-emption, marked It. I K'ltj v .urn* s
poet, tin nee iu cbains wcm. theuce 10 I
nnrth, thenee lOohetnseaal loJoahoaRubbusnl
northwest enrner, thence south i"chatmlot.Uit
nf cummeucemeiit, con tainiug b-'acres mort or 9
less. ���
Dated this 38rd day of Nor., U08.
It   I. KlHKWOrm
Sixty   days after dale I Inieml   n. ipp|t u>ll*
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Utulinut I
Wo'ks,  Victoria,  to  pureba*��� .isi hi re�� ei liod I
loeatodand deseribeaaa follows: c<anm<.ni-iuI
a' ii poet planted at lha MnthWMt corttsr^TI
itobinson's nre-entpifonin Kire Valley sodsksi
live mile-, from Kdward Landing, trmtkTu
Arrow Uke, and maiked K  O's N   I csffiWlM
ninning west 60 rhalni, thanee south IS   StM
thence east w chains, thenee sootli ���_____!
thene.- east to eliains, thenee iiurth 4U chilm w
plaoe of beginning.
Nnv IHth, 1908.                      Frank Onset
 J   K. Annaiii.e, Agent	
Blxty days after date i intend to apj��ij tot..
Honorable the Chief Commission-*-*! of Undi ind .
Works fur permission  to purchase ths followm. I
daeerlbdd  lands  in   Kootenav  district:    I7>ts  |
mencing al a pnst marked J. li. Annahlt'i nortlieast corner poat, said pust being on llie mmb I
side of  the Lower Arrow lake, about two ir.iW I
Ub.w   hurton   city;   thence  south 80 rhalni:
Ihence west  a) chains;  thenee souih MrlniBi;
theliee WCSt '20 chains;   theliee   north U tbtlM I
��� ml   2o   links,   more nr  less  t.' tin* lski ���!.* n, \
t hem.* easterly along lake Wchalns, taor. nrldi,
lotbe place of U'Kinuing, con tain lug V& aem,
more or less.
Dated this 5th day of November, I��*.
J. B. AMtMX,
 i  per K^L BO-MIT, Agtft.	
���Sixty days after date I Intend to apj-Lv loIkl j
Honorable the Chief Commisslnner of uiuli isi I
Works for permission topurcba-eiho f,i]i<iwtng |
described lauds in Koolenay dlsirlct: Commen-
olng at a post marked "A. J. IHU'i *jciiili����t
corner post," said  post  being on th*. tmrtkwwl*
erly shnre of the botttt AlTOW lake aad Kllntl
due east, on  the northeast corner el Lol JIW.
(iruup l; thence norlh tO ebalns; end �����_*��"��; [
smith 10 chains, more or Wan, In the lakeihare,
tbenoe following said shore in a sontht_iteit| |
direction 80 chalus. more or less to the place ol f
beginning, containing 160 aorea, mere or laa j
Dated this Bth day of November, 1906
A.J. Din,
per K  h. BniKBT, Agent.
Notice is herehy given that ro days after dstt I
I lulend. lo apply to lhe llouorable tin* I IW |
Commissioner Of Landl and Works forJ-rmli*
sion to rurehaie the following de��<*rlk*tllin<li.
Kooteuay disiriei: Commencing at * port
marked "J. H. Wallace's norlh west t orner port,
mhIiI post la-lug on the easterly side ol Iwr
Arrow lake, and at tho aou'bwcst corner ol
I'ortor'a pre-emption claim; tbence east��chalea,
thenco iouth al chaiua, tbence west Jirlnioi,
ihenee south _o ehalns, thonce west M ckllsi
mere or less to lhe Arrow lake, ihenci* 1 u �� north
easterly direction fiOchains, more nr Wa* to im
place of beginning, containing ho acres, moraw
Dated this 90th day ol Oclobcr, I��*���
J. ||   WiLLiCI.
By bis agent, Kk.-i.vkth 1, Hchnht.	
Hlxty days alter date I Intend to apply.to**!
Honorable the chief Commissioner nl tMii'h*^
Wnrks, Victoria, m purchase liai acn*s nf l**"'1'
located In Klrr Valley slid deserib.dll'fell':"'"
CMiimeiieiiigat a pOSI markeii*.;   ��. M'M'S":
corner, and planted ��t the BOUlhwestrornM-fl
Ini -.Ml^, and running smith *�� t-hHiiiP. tb""*
cast ai chains,  Ihenee nnrlh  W) ohaini, ���fm
west 'Ol ehain*. to placo uf beginning       ,   , ���
Nov.lHlb.l'.SNi. ..Ko  ��  M<MILU .
J. H. ANKAtH-f, Agent-
Hlxty days after ilale I purpose making �����*''���
eatioti tothe linn. Chief* ommisilonerolUS*
uu.i Wurks for permission to purchses vutt
lowing described  laud:   Commenting al*!""
placed at the suiilbWest enmerni M W-Wy*
pllcatiun to purchnse. marked "K P'��_ ������"E
ner," running Ihenee Wrlialua north! IM08 ���
chains wost; tlienco m chains souih; thin"*
chains east lo point of oommeUMmeut, com"8
ing g_0 acres niorc or less.
Dated the lOtb dny of October, 1006.
P. Facoi'II".
per B.BH1SU;
Blxty dan after date J nurpose ".^iug ��i'g;
Cation tothe linn. Chi. f ('nmiiiis-iniier of l-*-T
aud Works for perinsision (n purchasa IWJ*
lowing descrlbeil   lamls:    Commencing ���%
post   placed   ni   the   norlhwest  oorner  ot
A. (.'lease's   applleatfoli   to    piirchin*.,  "'��r'
"K.K's M.H.cArner," running thenco��chi���
north, ibenee m chains west, Uiance �� fl��J
SOUth, theneu H0 chains ea��t to point OJCOIW"
Cemebt, Oontainlng HO acres, more or leas
ltatcd tha l'-th day of October, ^^^^k,
 per J. BiiiituL-W'^_���
Sixty dava after ilntel Iniend toftPPlfj?.}}!
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands ana ���
lo purchase 187 Acres of bind, fiommenciDf'a
post matkcfl It. B's N. K. eorm-r post, p sin '
tho N. W. eorner of G. W. Hteelc's claim <'' '
wesl side of Arrow lake, about f""r ���""____\k
Burton city, thence wesi -to chains, tbence -   (||
49.62 chnins, Ihence eaal 40 chains, thei,r","Bi(|
�� 62 ehnins to nlace of beglnnlfiK. Containn_
acres, innr" or loss. . nnaWg,
Daied 20th day of Nov., 1000.   Brnow h0~
��rs alter d����!
Nniipo la herebv given that SO days a ina    ,h#
Inlcnd tn make application to the J on;' ���       r.
Chin' Commissioner of Lamls and . orsi'�� (^
sion   to   purchase   thc   following  o "     ���ie
Is:   Commencing al a posl r1'"1 . ,,.,,,||,*s*
theaat co iht of Peter MoNaugl'ton*' <      l(
i to puruliriH , lollowlng the easl W  '      _^t)
B so chains sontb   llienee B0 < nvins    [()
mission   to   pureba!
lauds:   Communcltiir al
lbence Hn chain** tmrtb; thenc,
point nf oom menoement, containing
moro or teas. ., ���������_. Kl, ���nT,
Doted Oct. 18,19C4, .A,J ""Ts-siv
By hla agent ESKMT W- Konihso��-
"    Wli aen'". mm
m ma
' 0 DAYS ggjg 'XMAS |
= -t
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'Xmas goods. Our Stock of Irish Ltoen
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HANDKtllCHifcFa   Iur   eliilur.'ii Ht 6c, or ti tor 2bc.
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Ierr & CO.
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I BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       ���****��� A_..i'J,:.l,.���,.,r,t"*h    VICTORIA
. Burns & Co.
ta-h Market* m   Rowland,   Tmil,   Ni-lmn,  Kwtln,   Sun-don, Throe Korkn, New
Denver and Slocan City.
'��� lo hit brunch w;ll have
���   ���renil -.Mention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
��..,,1' ti" '-���'���  ' P��rpOM nmkloi! sppll-
tti'i"; ""'���' ' Islet Ci siUsloiH-r ul Unsl.
"��il> Sos |..ti��� ,..,,,���  ,,, po-oluM  ||���.   |ol.
* .I   !���      I isiilliii-lli-llii! ��l > |��i��l
���1 iis. .liinii,,,.., eorner of J. ihlolTsup-
':' l"in-hs��i., in��rks-.l ' K. N*�� H. E. Oor-
���11, 1.,"',"'���'"'" **" rlnlns liisrlls, lli.-ni-uSO
��� '..'.''       ��J 'lis.ni. .. .ssli, 11,. so
.,.,'   " I' '"' '"iiililplirelui-Ill, rislslKltl-
P1*11'Hit sl.j 1,1 October, W06.
|s.T J. SIIIKI.I.. Aftlllll.
���'".'���' Use l|,���,
Vvt' if
I . i'|. .... uiakliiR appli-
'    . iiiiiii.-i.su.., .,f Iasi.I.
I "is In psirs-lssssss' tlssi lol-
l.i.    .     -     i���m!���,-n,li,��.l.p���.l
li.v.i; "" "*"ili'-i>i>Uiiroi-rnlVi<lileir��
ll,-.'"I* "       ������ iss,rk,.,l-M. K (i*.H.K.
lis I..,,'.!""1' iit'tuaMchains north to ths
La,.!;; 'H ��� *'��i. thenoe Mohalni
is,s ,.,.���;     " "S'l" usssuli, llienri-Kli-lnliis
l��.isis.i,     '"""I'ss-iis-s'iin-in, oonulnlni Ho
Ptad �����
1      niOoiobet.lWO,
II, I. iSisKvsml .
per J hhiki.i.. AroiiI.
K"ib"'!r,1 ��� ��� 1 ���������in 1
fl'.im �����;!'"   Chlel C61
('"Ills' .!,.....,'! 1-sTlsslssslrtli tl
��� '���,,., I'.sslisi.s..  iniirk,
I 1 '���      "'"J iii'-ni's-wi cha
I -���.., |,  , "  -" s'lisins easti
��� l���  ' "', Ih '   Ml ..I...I...     .    ,
initkiiiK appli-
'i,iniiilM,lisisi-r ssi
'���" l-.-rii.lM.Hlr..i to pssri-lmss- thss
li . " 1 iin.l:   Commenolng ut a
fcl-li��.|,.���'*l,|is" jiilU-11,,11   nt   llrtnss-B  1111,1
1  1 easl ssl  It. .1. Elliott's ap
-'  marked "��". N l">. s. ��".
I ' il . HsiiliHtiis, nssrlli; ths��IKT
1 "'"'"s"" 1 .-halmeolith; thenooao
' s"iiiiis>'ii(-,-siis-iii; oontaln-
' *-i'.l-,,,,,s.
Vi. N. I'imiI-k,
I'er J. Hhiki.i., Agent.
in lj'l,H 'i'i'.'1"'!' ' (""rpoKi' iniikltiK appli*
Jt.T-J.e-) \\    ,, ,     '   ""'   t'lliff   ('OIIIIIiIkhIoII'T   of
uMin ���%-. rii "ir |*urmtMioii to purohu. llio
|Hi.,'i si,,       i'tti.1-:   Commcnplog el *
"ItH nn '."   """'I'Ml eorniTof M. K.dri'ii-
'" l"in*ha-e,  murk.-I **V, D'a,
"-��� llieneo   .�� .1,0 liih  imrlli:
tlK'UI*.   wt
... tn i-niit   of
��t��ining inn iwrt'H, mora di
V Routs
--_  for J. sSliloll. AKCIlt.
'I'luy. K||,,r   1 	
is'",''1"" ""is 1"il'iM,rllrl����.*uiaklnj, appli-
lrk. (sn 1 . ommtnlonor or Landl
'*' *l'��'sil,..|   '"I"'""  I" pnri-liaao tho Inl-
i11*--!'"���., ,,,: '''siiiisseiiising at ibe
',"*��� ''.iiki'Ii ���-,- 1 .."flt't appflBHqn to
."''"" ws rii,,. " * *-'���,,: owner," run-
; """'"s' ws , V """is. tbenoe ��o ,:hiiin��
i�� ii,��� ,������,,! "��ins north, thenoeB chains
,',?��� "ith s,p|MJom,nenoemeiitl containing
'" ""'day ot October, KM.
,  0   I.. llANNINISTON,
��� ��� I"*'-1  ��IMHU��� ABCtlt
",''''" "I'l'iv'n, fs',1'',1] """ "���' .lavesrierdaUsT
1 sl*'11"' ����� k !,',""��� .,n�� Oonuniseloner
.""ins ii,.,,.���' ' Wralselon lo nurohaso
,V""'*'in<  11 '  !'''   l",1."1" "Ililaleil in ll.i'
"���"Am.; ,,   ,','.': , ".'Rlnnlng nl a pn��t
!"; 1'   '''iiin-ii*. n. k.oorner?"and
,'" "�� >'ss  I, ,"',r" "'  "''"""hi'" (l-iilhssn)
'" I, 111 ....*',".   "S'llicr ol the s���s,| |as,���.
ills lis
'i ,;.
nl slss- said iui;,
>, uieooe west �� isiiains,
"".���/sl Wbateban i-reok:
"""]��� Hm- nt said i-reck anil
'"'-. is ".���;.' *' ,'' "'"' eaiterly .llro..-
:'"'"'teinln. im": '" l'��1"1 "' '*'""���
!'.����   """ng IW aeri-ss, more or leas
1 .   K  I.  ||.���_"",Tnl����'Ti HI1IBIH,
Notloe Is liL-rs-liy kIvsmi mat 60 nays alter date 1
loli-n.l lo apply to llss- Hsslionsltk' the Cblel Com-
iiils.lonssr ol Uttstn sssisl Work, lor permisfllou to
liuinheae llss- lollowlng deeerlbed lansls In the
West Kootenay .1 ti.tri.-t: Beginning at a post
mark,-,! "Ala-ander rra.er*. J., w. comer," and
plsnleil   sm   the s-a��t   ilsors-  s,l   till' narrow, is
Whataban [Oarlbool lak,-. at theB.B. eorner ol
it rnlsar.i Rtnob'i application to nnrehMe:
tbanos cut m chains; thenoe sooth ��) chains;
thenoe west 40ebalna, mssrs- or leii,te the ibore
ol thr narrowi; thenoe following tin-said shore
In anortlts-rly slirei-tloli ssl s-hrtliiB, more or lrv-
tss the point ot oommenoement, ootnoHung* mt
aorei, more or less.
Oct. 18th, I'Jirt- alkxamikk Khascr,
by F. I., il.aaoi.is. Agent.
Kljly slayss aftet slats-1 purpose making applt-
eatlon to llie Hon. Chlel Cssmnit.slisiier of Uiuls
ami Wssrk. Ior pennllllon to pnrrliase the following described lands: t'ommi-iirlug at tbo
norlheast i-omer ol 0. I.. Ilannliiglon's appllsa-
lloii to pun-has.., iniirkesl "K. A. I*'b H. K. eorner,'
iiiiiniiig thenee to cbalni north, thenoe Wohalni
we.t tlienee Ssl s-lsalli. south, theliee 80 Ohalni
eait tss point Ol sosismeni-eiBent, (-nntaltilng Ml)
Dated ihe tilth day of Oetober, tone.
|H-r J. BBXgLL, Agent.
���ii thai'".) slav. alter date 1
Hon. cblelConunlailoner
r is, rmlulon to norohue
sl landl -itssisii'l  in  the
at:   Beginning ut a j,.^t
tr  R. It. oorner," and
oreol Whatahan (Cariboo)
r lull,' north ol IheeOllth-
is.. sn -s Mi' ssnsii-. tbenee
e ea.l Sis ,-halns. more or
s-res'k: tbeiis-e is.llsswliig
Uld lake sllsTI* an I'lsBlliss.
sit iiinsiiieneeiiienl. s'sssi-
ssr less
Oetober, toon.
IlkllllKlir  W'AllllKN,
I, HAHKtnrn, Agent.
Nolle,' Is hereby glr
Iui. isl lis apply If. lha
ol i.an.t.>s sm I Works l<
Ihe f,.ll,'���..ins:   l- - nl
West Kootonay ii'.sirt
isiarkesl " llerlsert Ws
nlaisls-sl ssn ths- wilt .1)
lake, illsoiit sssss--s|0art,'
rn I of Ihs-lake; tin
.-..Hiii sn eliains; llieln
less,    to    Whalshan
ssssrth along Ho- crook
moreor less, I,, polul
tiilnlnt: IVIoaeriss, nsos-.-
Dated this Sth slay ssl
Hilly slays siller dnle I Intend lo apply to Ih,
Honorable the Chlol Commltiiooororlsenai and
Works, vii'iorta, to pnrobaie iwi aoreeooano,
locale, on ilu' west Biiloo! Arrow laks-. adjoining
i.it .sins .ni.i doinrlbod sss ioiissws: Cqnunoneing
at a noil Planted s.i, tin- svest bonndary ot bo
ISM. abont *.D s'lsalns north ol thc ��. W. comer nl
salsl lot, thunee wesl SU ehnins. Ilusn s.lllh ��o
eliains,   tli.-li.-c easl 10 chain" lo th"   western
boundary sit pre-emption No. tun. tisnioc nortb
_chaini to ntueolMglnnlng. ���
laisale.l tls-l. 1\ law.                  M  K. WaAUT,
It J. KI.I.H-TT, Agclri.	
' Noli��� Is liercl.y ���!"*" ��'��' A\'ll..t sifter ,1" lo I
Illlcml lo make ap|sll,.-alls's. lo Use Itoliiireble 1io
tshiof Oommlisloner../ in.nia anl w.srks tor nor.
mission is rcha��,. the fs.li.swing dojo'lhed
land.:   Comtoonolng at " pMt pln.wT al   si   Otie
mile can ol Whatlfia ���� ��"d ,"1"'"1,.,'*'   '
iniiesss.siih ..f wh.iil.aii lako, running *j    �� "��
soutliithenco*ohaini westi Un  "" pnalni
north- Uie  sn cliislits oolt, Is' poim "' """-
menoement, rontaliilng MO acres more or less.
"""""" ":'*"rf-    Pgrkl, M.N.l Kit,
By lib agent, k��si*-**t ��'. ll nss.n   _
Sixty days a'ltor il'alo t ?iirpns,- ma|tlng "PI*
rattnii to ike Hon, Cblel flommtMlonorslum
and Work, lor per,,,l"�� *"(,*'���, I_*_�� ���' r_J
lowing (lesisrllseil  Unsl.   ''*'"",,,., wi,���i��h���u
iilaoosf about 1110 yardi woft o the w |'��'""J
nko trail anil nhoul tw, mllei ��" '' "J ���_Y,
shan lako, marked "B. t). B'l N. I*--'""___*_
cunning thenoe m ohalni "��*'��� ___\ _
eham. wesi: tlienoeSOtnalni northi tl '',;1���
Ine IHO enrol, moreor 1��m. _
Dated the loth slay m .is'isshso*,!**. utmUl
Per It. Siiiki.i., AR.-lit.
The D___y Canadian
Finance  Minuter  Tatlow   Makes  Con
tract  With  Army.
The lltm. H. (j, 'fatlOW, minister ol
agriculture, Iiu arrived at the truo so-
lu'lon oi the labor dirilculty In Untinn
Columbia, aud has had the eagaoity
ami oourage io kIvo eKeot to hln Judg.
ment uy common consent, tne one
HiiiiK which, more than any other, ib
delaying the development oi the prov-
l"��* Is shortage or labor. Tlicre wus
,| um.' when lack ol caplial was the
orylug evil, bul that time lias passed,
Ibanka largnly to the ailnilnlsti-alivc
"inn or the provincial government, ano
perhaps particularly to the sneciai
ability or iho minister who has so sue-
tu iilully solved her riuanclal iiroii-
lenis. . . . uy ��� detlnlto eiiiiiraet
with Commissioner Coombs, the wai-
vniliiti Army has agreed to bring oul
and hsi'uie in Hritish Columbia some
thousands or suitable -Sngllshmen, who
will be avuiiuiiie either us hired laborers ssr in gome Instances us settlers.
In addition the contract provides mr
a supply nf female domestic servanta.
uy this double-barrelled arrangement
Hi" moat pressing needs nr the labor
market will be supplied, tor in-xt to
the demand rm- manual labor in the
various Industries the greatest m-en
undoubtedly Is r.ir suitable help In tne
iinnies oi" the provlnoe. it Is the absence nr this which hns Furnished the
���trongeel reason I'm* retaining John
Chinaman, and ir Commlaaioner
t'nisinlis Is nlile to Furnish, ns he should,
jusl as ninny domestlo servants ns are
required, the subjecl of Mongolian lulior in Hritish Columbian homes win
have received its quietus.���Victoria
For the Man Who Evidences the Wish
to Be Correctly DreSBed.    " ~~
Uood tailoring is necessary tor satis-
tactory results In u (rook cunt, ine
costume depends tor its effect on us
absolute correctness, uud u man who
wears a frock suit evidences his wish
lo be smart!*/ dressed. Kew lullors
have mastered the difficulty because
orders lor Truck stills are few nml tar
between. A lulior may make only lour
or five In a season.
Bemi-ready tailoring is the only way
io get one absolutely and gracefully
correct ln the prevailing mode. II is
much better to do withoul a frock it n
Rood tut ami make .'aiiitni he gotten.
The coal ami all lis appointments musl
be correct ns they are In the J^ft untl
t.'lu frock suits in the Semi-ready
Wardrobe. More than loo Irnck Runs
are finished each week ill the Semi-
ready tailor shops, In Montreal.
J. A. Gilker, 1ho pioneer merchant
of Nelson, has secured Ihe agency for
the Incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
Job was a sorely tried man, but it
in addilion to his own troubles he
illiln'l have lo listen to Ills neighbors
he hail something to be thankful  tnr.
Nutlet* in hereby Riven that 30 ���lay*-* after ilale I
Intend BUJtinn application to tin* Hono-mlili- tliu
chlel ConuaJnlontr ol Landi anil Works for h
���peel*, license to cut ainl remove timber from
llie followiiiK ileseribed lands HltunU-1 on the
Skaget river:
('iiraiiieucinn rahm-l 60 ehains north of the
mtttheut corner of Lot ���2.'2, Yale illnlrlct: thencf
i miu im. ...-I forty (10) chains; ���outh one hundred
ami Klxty fifio) rhains; west forly (40) chain*.;
north one hun-lred and sixty (MO) cIihIiis, to
liln.-i' of commencement.
I Dated Ootober Uth. 1906. n. H. Telford.
Blxty 'lam afterdate I purpose nisklnfr application'to the Hon. I"hief Commissi*-ner of Lands
and WorkN for permission to purchase the fol-
lowtLc described lands: ComtneiiclnK ��t a post
placedeboqt half�� mile west ol the lower end of
Iviiatshan lake, marked "1>. I''***. N. W .corner,"
rOOQtni thence 80 chains soutli; thence SO < bains
eut; thonoe80 chains north; thence ��0 chains
west to point of commencementi containing o-io
acres, more or less
Dated the l'2th day of October, 190G.
D. Dom>,
Per J. Siiiki.i., Agent.
Notice is herehv given lhat six ly days after dnte
1 in tend to applv tothe Hon. Chiel Commissioner
of Lauds aud Works for pcruiiNtiion to ptirchamj
the followititt descrlbeil lands In the West
Rootenay district*. Beginning at a poil marked
"J 8. Blmlneo'l S. W. corner," and planted about
one-half mile cast of the shore of Whaltdiari
(Cariboo) lake and about 2 miles norlh of the
narrows of the said lake, and at the & h corner
oh Arthur Warren's application to pureliase;
thence east Ko chains; thence north W Chain*!
tbenee west80 ebalna to the northeast corner of
Arthur Warren'i application to pun-baM*; ihcinv
louth wi chains to point ot commenoement, con-
UtnttiK (M0 acres, mine or less.
Oot. 18th, U00, J.8. Kiminko,
F. L. Hammomi. Agent.
ice is hereby given lhal 00 davs after dale I
I lo make application lo the Honorable lbe
Commissioner of Landa and WorU for net*
,n to purehase lhe following described
���   Commenolng hi a post uu ibe uorth
(���rt of  l,ot ftiWnd about J chains east ol
than crn.k. running 40 ohalni eaat; thence
illlS north; thence-tu chains wesl: thcuec-lll
n .south, io polnl of nimiiii'in'i nicnl, con-
io iui acres mnre or less.
cd October IS, U06,
fly his agent, BRXMt Vi   ttOBTRSOM
it) ten.
Hixly daya after time I purplish making appli-
dalton to t'e Hon. the Chief t^ommissioiier of
Landa and Works for permission to purchase llio
following deicrlbed land: Oomm-anolng ai a
mi*-i nlaced about half n mile west of llHiiiea
,*rr.k and ahoul one mile norlh of the uioiitli ol
the vimi. nnirkcil "J. B'S, H Vi. eoruer," rURhlog
'!���..���*,. 80chaini uorih; Ihence BQ chains cast;
thfncc so chains ninth lo the norlh boiitidnry ol
\\ n Poole's apnlloatlo i to purchase, tbenoe 80
chains wesl lo point of coiiiiuencemciit; contain-
inn UIO acres more or less.
Dated thu IHlli dav of lletoher, 1906.
.1. SillKI.l'i
Notice la hereby gll��n that tv�� dnys after date 1
intend to npplv to Hie Hon. Chief Commissions!
ol Unds anil Works for permission to purchase
tbe following described lands situated in tho
Wist Kootenay district: He inning Bt ij post
marked "William Keil's N. W. corner,' and
���planted about one mile south of the norlh end
if Whalslmti (Cariboo) lake,about Iwcttlychains
west of the wosl shore or said lake and on the
aouth boundary of k h. Kelt's application io
Durnhase: thenee south BOobalns; thoni oeast jo
chains more or less, to tbo sshl lake shorn;
theuee northerly along the said ahore KO chalus
more or   less, lo the Mild south   boundary  of
v it Keil's application to purohaae j ihence west
ai chains, more or less to the point of commence-
ment, con l ii in in g 1���� acres, more or less.
Dated Oct. 18i WW. Wit.UAM km,
By f, L Hammond, Agenl.
Notiee is hereby given that a eourl of Ru vision
ami Appeal, under the p-ovistonsof the ������Aaess-
lnctit Act," IMS,'1 and Anient) Ing Acts, and the
"Publlo BobOOll Act" will be held In the eourt
house, lu ihe City of Nelaon, on Thursday* December ���_Tlb, 1006, at the hour of 10 O'elflCk tn the
lorenoon, for the Nelson AsscMuneiitdiitrict, and
the Hume Kehool District, Ymir-School District,
Balmo tObOOl DiMtrlet, and Crest ou Hehool DIh-
t'let,contained therein.
Judtfe of Court of Jtevislon and Appeal.
Dated at Nelson, B.C.,
lliis 4th dayof December, 1006.
NOTICE is hereby tlVen thai the court of ?�����
vision lo eorrccl mi'l rtvhelhe Vtders' List for
the year 111.7, |r,r lhe Haiti City ol Hmidoii. as pre-
paied by the Clerk to the Council, will matt fu
lhe Council Chumber, Clly Hall, Kandon. K 0 ,
on Krlday, December gist, fflOB at H o'clock. r> in.
Dated Itrindoo,D-d Doosmbor mtb, woo
C. K. I.YONH, i ,M.(J.
TAKK NQ'ICK llissl a Curt sit Itevliiloii ssl this
Vsstt-rss' Llll r,f tht-,'lty nl Ksuslss will s.11 ssli tla-
21.1 rtssy ���l lltssscinlss-r, Itltlfi, lit t'l.-s.-ll uVltii'lc,
si. in , (liiiisl time),and oonilntie li'imsiay t���,inv.
il rs-,|ii|.lt> , Ht tin- CotlOell '  li.siiil-r. itt tins isl;
ol Undo, II. 0,
I,,,ts sl i s,i- toil, slay nl Deoember, UM.
Wil.I.MM  K   III ililil.II.
cis-rk ssf tits- Municipality.
TAKK NGTlCf. thu!   a Court of Revision of
the Voters' I leto( the City of Cranbrook will sit
ou theSIs! day of  Pcceniber, UM,  al 11 o'clock
(local lime), and Continue irom day to day, If
reiitilHlle, at  the Council ChnmberH, Cranbrook,
hated tin- c.ih day of December, i��w.
Clerk of the MunieipuHty.
Certificate of the Registration of An
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companies Act, 1897."
I HKRKUV CKUT.FY that "Tb�� Umlsley
llrolhera Company" hua thin day been rcglnlered
aa an Extra- Provincial company under the
"Companies Act,i-N_7," to carry outore-teet all
or any of the objects of the company to which
the authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
Tlie heat! office of ihe company la situate ut
the Clly of Portland, in the county of Multnomah, nlale of Oregon.
The attiouut of capital of the company Ih
twenty live HioiiHaiid do'laii, divided Into
into twenty-five hundred -bun-*- of 11-11 iliillars
The head office of lbe company iu this province
in nftuale at Kelson, aud Kdward A. Lludsley,
��� crctary, whose address IS Selaull, in the attorney for thc company,
liiveti under mv hand and Heal of office at
Victoria, province of British Columbia, Ibis 6th
day of NoveinlHT, one thousand nine hundred
ainl six.
8. Y. wtiorroN,
(L.��.) ItcKlstrar of Joint Hioek Companies.
Sixty davs aftOT dnte 1 intend to apply to ih,*
.tlie Chief Cumin'    '  ��� - ���*   " ' ( ���  *"!*'
lli.n. llie Chief ConiniisMoncrof Lnrnls and t�� orks
toiuirchaae Jin acres of hmd: ( omnieiciiiK at a
poll marked --N.T B _ southeast
��� Mil I IIIIM    --���" "��� .vn ���      - - ��� 1.   -- -    --
���t marks-,1 "NT B'iiMititli.-i.it s-.sriu-r iiisisl,"
 i.i isisst bs-inB at the norllioitit oornot olJJoo.
Uudlon'l iirei'iiilHI la',". "IJ""' twss inlliiis
.iiiHhs-nst sil Burton t:ity, thenoo well W oIn.ins-,
,,���ill, aiiliainis, viral ��> ,'hillii. isisrtll 111 ilinlm,
MUI t.1 S'lsalllSI, ISSSlltll  .1 I'llllllllS tss islivt-ss ssf nun.
iis.-tsss-s.ti-sii, isisutalilliiitMO ai-rra.
toottsil 8th Hty ol am. IK*-   NITTIK T. BIKR.
Silver King Hotel
Bunt Dollar u day boose in the Eootenays.
Rooms are well furnished.   Table as good as any
In NoImd.     Bar supplied with good
Uouors ana dears.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
The objects for which tho company has been
ctdahllfihed and registered are:
1. To engage iti and conduct any and all
branches ol holiness for the sal-t and manufae
turr, of lumber and forest products, ties, piling,
poles, posts, logs, lumber, timber, wood, shingles;
aud to engage and ��� ottduot auy and all branches
of maunfacturinkf into tlie finished product of
which wood, iu any of its forma, may enter
wholly or in pari; aud lnc!ij;aK�� in, conduct and
carry loi the general or common business of the
manufacture of lumber iu all iti branches.
'i. To engage in and conduct a general logging
business in all Its brunches, aud to purebaae or
otherwise dispose of, and deal in stumpagc
right*** of every description:
;t. To rnannla* lure, purchase or otherwise acquire, sell i'i,.i ln-nvi..* dispose of, and deal in
togs, lumber, wood and fuel in any and all their
forms, conditions aud combinations:
4. To purchase or otherwise acquire, sell or
otherwise dispose of, aud deal in raw materials
and commodities of any and all kinds;
5. To be ami act as agent for others in the purchase, sale, handling and traffic of and in logs,
lumber and wood lu anv and all their forms,
condition, snd combinations, wh ther crude or
manufactured, and other eoinmodill-* :
6. to engage in ami conduct the business of a
warehouseman in all its branches, and to store
commodities for hire:
7. To conduct ageneral merchandise business:
8. To purchase, or otherwise acquire, lease,
rent, construct, build, hold, operate, - onduet aud
maintain any and all manner of lumber mills lor
the ma'iufacturc of all kinds and descriptions of
lumber, and any aud all docks, booms, piers,
wharves, yards, warehouses, mills, factories and
any and all other buildings, structures and enclosures of a.1 binds thatmav be required,or that
may be convenient or desirable lor an*, of the
purposes for which this corporation la formed,
and lorent. lease, sell, trausfer, convey, or In any
manner dispose of the same, or any part thereof,
as may be desired:
0. i" locate, to acquire by purchas'., lease or
otherwise, to possess, operate, and drspese of by
���ale, lease or t.therwise, aud to convey timber
lands, nml. coke, oil, and aspbaltnm lands and
deposits, and lodes and veins oi gold, silver, hou,
copper, stone, and all other minerals and mineral
lauds, farming aud oilier lands, city ur town lots,
mill sites, water rights and privileges, aud other
rights, privileges and property, real or personal:
[o. 'lo acquire by pureliase, lease or otherwise,
10 erect, build, operate, maintain, possess and
dispose or by sale, lease or oilier-*-Ise. and to convey Humes, roads, railroads, tramways, steam
boats, and all oilier boats, scows, barges and
vessels; uml to carry freight ami passengers on
anv and all such transportation lines, aud to
charge and receive tolls and compensation therefor:
it. To purchase,'easa or otherwise ncuirc,
and to erect, bul Id operate, main tain and possess,
and dispose o( bv sub-, lease.or otherwise, and
to eon *, c\. nit-fhitiery for the produe
lion or general Ion ol st.aiu or steam power, elec-
tneilv, electrlo power, ami any oilier power
known or bet ner to i*e diseorere-3, ami to usfl
sell, lease or otherwise dispose of, ami to convey
Hich idea in, electricity ami power for heating.
lighting or other purpose-, and lo erect ami eon
st net pides, wire*-ami siibwajM, or oilier 0OCCS-
sar\ or proper means uml appliances for the
oooduot of electricity or electric power h��r any
oi ibe purp ��esaforesaid:
li. To siib-crll*.-. for. purchase or otiierwise
acquire, own, told, possess, sell or otherwise
dispose of, and to convey shares, slocks,  bonds,
or other securities or assurances of 11* own or
unv other oompany or corporation, and to guar-
an ice or otherwise secure thfl payment of dividends on sh-res or stocks ot its own or any olher
company or carp ration, and thrf Interest or
principal of bonds of any company or corpora*
18. To make proiuisory notes, bills of exchange ami other evidences ol indebtedness; to
borrow or to loan money on bonds, debentures,
or otherwise; to secure, in such manner as to lt
may seem proper, tbe payment of any promissory notes, bonds,-debentures, or other evidences of indebtedness of .tho corporation-, and to
mortgage, pledge, or give or convey in trust any
or nil of its properly, real per.*-, ual or mixed, to
secure lhe payment of such promissory Holes,
Iannis, debentures Or other evidences ol the corporation:
l-l. -To buy.purchnse, own, hold, acquire, vend,
sell, barter, donate, mortgage, encuinboi, lease,
manago ami dispose of all kinds of real and personal property. ���
io. TpDUiM, construct, maintain and operate
lo poSSCtS and own by lease, agreement or other
wise, ami  lo lease or dispose of   lhe   same  by
garoomonti sale ot otherwise, all telegraph ami
telephone lines and all olher menu* of eom-
niuiili-aifoii, and to charge and receive tolls aud
compensation for the same:
lfi The business ol l ceorporuUonorany portion thereof, may OS transacted in the states of
Oregon ami Washington, or in cither of aald
states, or in any .ither parts ot' lhe United "taten
Tremont Hotise
Kursip��,ii ��nu Amt.rlci.il Plan
Me&li '_*> cu.   Rooma lrnm 26 oil. to 11.
Onl, White liiip Implored.
Biker Ht.. Nelion 1'n.r.i
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson*
The Bar Is- 'it Finest.
White Help Only Kmployed.
of Aineilcii, or itsdeponilfcncicfl.orinany foreign
" or all of such
-pendencies or count les:
To do ami perform any anil all other mat-
country or countries, or In nuy <
dales, dependencies or count* les:
ten and th lints necessary, proper or convenient
for the amniiplUlmicnt of all or any ol the objects herein'leforo specified.
Josephine Rt.
Lake View Hotel
t'oruT Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Kates |1 IX) per day and up.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. EBICKSON, Proprietor.
Building Lots for Sale
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bath Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Street..
Th* Strathcona
Nolson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooma,
Queen's Hotel
Biker Btrael, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity aad
Heated by Hot Air
Large mnl Comfortable Bedroomi and Flnt*
cIh.s, bluing Kossin. Bample Boomi for Commercial Men
MKU. K   I). _LA��.1��E. I'roprielreu
Royal Hotel
Bates |1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarder..
Mont comlorlable siuartcrs In Nelnon.
Only the bent of Liquor! and . igara.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitc_T,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Htiildet-8 will find it to thoir advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Wlinl.-si.Ii- aud Retail Deulera lit
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps KuppluMl on (shortest notico aud
lowest prion. Nothing bat fresh and
wholommo muuts nnd supples kept in htoek
Mail orders receive .-.ireful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,   Manager.
W.   O.   Q1UUETT
Contractor nud
Bole ftRi-nt lor Ihu Porta It loo Luinher Co., Ltd.,
retail yariln. limijrli mnl dr.* snd lumhor. turned
wnrk anil lira<*k(-ts. CaMt lath mnl "1iiii���1-,;h, rush
ami doom. (Vniunt, brick mid lime for Halo.
Anii'iiiiitii- grinder.
Yard uud factory: Vt-ruon Rt.. east of Hall,
INBU-SON,   -U. C.
P. O. Box ��!_. Telephouo 17B.
H.  &  M.  BIRD.
��T .       .1        rrt, ���      ��� TO  TAKS OUT  AN	
JN0WlSthelimeAccident insurance PoUcy
I Represent The Railway Passengers' Company
The Oldest Company Doing  Builnen In This Lint.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Frott Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
New Year
Tickets on -aalt. at all Canadian Pacific
Railway Offices, Port Arthur to Von-
ennver, nnd all in...nm .Hnte branch lino
point", December 21. 22, 23, 24, 25; also
December 28, 29, iin, itl, nnd January 1.
Good Return, g Until January 3, 1907.
A..GJ*.InVlp< .1UV.T. D.H.A.. Nt>W>ii
Certificate of Improvements
"llalUui" mineral <>lalin. t*lluttinl In Hip NfttOQ
M in i iik Division ol Wist Kootonay rttstru't.
When looated:- (>n Toad mountain.
,Tak. Nollco Dial l.Johti HoLatOblt   MttSg an
HKimt lor (iconr*.* A. Cam|tti��ll, Free Mim'r**. I'er-
tihcate No. D7U77, Intcu'l, sixty 'lay*, from llie
dato hereof, to api1 y to tint Mlninr*. llei-order for
a ('-.Tt ifl rn ii* of liM|'riH*ciiii*iitK,forllii'pnri��'M* nf
obtaining a ('rowu Orant of tbo abuvi* claim.
And further t��k�� notire that .action, un'er
Heetbui ��7, most bo (-nnimcnced before tbo I.hhu-
onco of ��uch rcrtiiicHtc of Ini|>rovetneiitK.
hated thin I7tli day of November, I9W.
John McLatchir.
Certificate of Improvements
notice.    -
"SjiyRlaan*' and ' <i!obe" mineral claims, stlnale
in Troul Lake Mining Division.
Looated on Poplar creek.
Tade Notice that f, -Drmo White. Acting aa
Hgt-nt for the HpyglasH Mining - o., Free Mimrs'
OerttflCatB No B tiit, iniui.l. f.iidrtys fnnn thu
ilale hereof, M applv to the Mining Keeorder for
a Orliflcate of Ituprovemeiita for the purpose of
obtaining a Cniwii Hni.it of tho above c I alum
And further take uotlrc thnt action, under
.-Vclioii ;.. ni'isl hv eomineucud before thc |��r_u-
aiioc of mucIi Oertli5o.iiij of EniprovoiacRUi
Dated 3flth October, 1IH10. -��ri*ck W'iiitk
IMirNIN-Jl ASH liltAI-TIMl larefully attended to. Apply
Silver King Hotel.
Excursions to
Eastern Canada
Oriental Limited
With through tourists car to
To Toronto, Montreal
and points west
ST* $78.25
Corresponding low rales to
points east of Montreal.
Tickets ou sale Nov. 24th to
Dec. 31st. Qood (or three months
with privilege of extending limit
Going via Sault Ste Marie
stopovers allowed east of St.
Paul and Duluth.
Going via Chicago stopovers
allowed east of Detroit and
Port Huron.
Por  further  Information  call
on or address
<*ity Pasjengor Agent.
A (kP. A., Soalll.s.
_..'____ Ml^gM���_-M
i*r-**-l>J UPWARDS
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking aod most satisfactory pipe.
W. c4* TiWRiVAN,
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Notice is hereby given that- at a meeting of the
-Hoard of LloeDH <' muni*-, inm-rn, to be lio'd >n
ihu chief CouBtuble ��� ofllce, Neliwm, od the l.-th
Mee-Mnber, lftWi, I lulend tonpply fie a tranafttr of
uiy-liceujc for UtQGrova Hotel, Fairvl.w, Nc1mi.ii,
tftU V. Walmnlej
Dated IStb Nov., I&Ufl. J W CROW,
' pc- Wm npsXKI.L, Attorney.
No Ice lr** liorahy ��ivt*u that at a meellng nf tbo
Hoard of Mr-onee CommtBH'ouui'-., to be held in
Thief Constable'it ofllce, at Nelson, on lMh Duerm-
b��r, UM, I Intend i. apply for a tmimrer of my
hotel lici'ti-.*' for tho Palace hotel, at Ymir, to
Archibald A* Davli
llth November, loot. MITCHELL TAIT.
I   8 - .Httye. ii
The ) _ily Canadian
Cut   Gllil   Bonbon   Dsshes.   eacn $2-25, Y1.1W
Hand-Painted  China Cups and  baucers,   each    JZ-50. *3.50
Sterling   Colfee   Spoons,   per   set $2.75. $3.00
Sterling   Souvenir   Spoons,   each $1.25. $1.3b
Sterling Photo  Frames,  each $1.25 to $9.00
Back  Combs, each      ���   ��1-00
Fine  Leather  Bags  and  Purses, each $1-25 to $25 ou
Silk   Umbrellas   Silver  and  Gold Mounted   Handles,  each $5 to $20
Electrsc   Lamps,   each  $14.00 to $25.UU
\ lb. box   -   50c
1-2 lb. box-   30c
TDM gootfa are a.�� flne-M tl**- more eipe-iintte
kinO*, the ouly difference u tbe pMdtifO.
% One of the Christmas Luxuries
��� Cheaper and Better Than Ever
*J Fancy Natural  Figs   15c
��� Very  Fancy.  Mb. baskets 25c
��� Something   Extra���Tartan   Pull-
9      ed    25o
��� 7-inch Smyrna  Figs    25c
| Mb.  boxes    $1.00
J 10-lb.   boxes   . . ...$1.75 J
I Bell Trading Co. s
Coal and
Telephone 265
W*_t   Hnv��   ii    Spci-i/illi
HsUluctcd  Si..*.!-,   of
for   XmH-fi   Trade.
Stoneware, Crocks. Uean Pots. Tea Pols, Eic.
Munroe & Nelson
Order Your
Fruit Cakes
We make them in all sizes
and designs
Choquette Bros.
Phone 25. Baker St.
Next P. Burns & Co.
Cor. \'_>r-non and Ward  StrsMttm,
Nt_LSON,   13. C
J. FKliD HUME. P.-oisi-ietsir.
C. H. Flood, Phoeuix; H. K. Simmons, F. A. Quittley. o. A. Richardson,
U. P. Downey, L. L. Kamsay, Vauecsii-
fer; Manley Chew, N. G. Chew, E. Bug.
Hah, Midland; S. C. Thlele, Jas. Oro-
um Mrs. T. Hedsslon aud daughter.
Bpokane; Miss Pichard. Frederleton:
Mi-ss Harvey, P. J. Qlea&er. Ymir; .V
F. MeNaushion and wile. Bllvertoa;
Mrs. Oscar While, Sandon: .!. H. tila-ss,
London; J. fu. wmte, victoria; t-.. .1
Hangs. Cascade.
W. S. Cone. Bay Cily: Ed Kelly,
Bpokane; F. W. WeBtren, Toronto:
Ceo. H. Harte, Vancouver; H. T. Ward.
John McDonall. Kaslo: A. N. Wlnlaw. Wlnlaw; Mrs. W. A. Creelman.
Sssuris: T. P. Mason. D. McLean. CraTi
brook: Otis H. Anlerson. Spokane; c
C   Muin.1t. McEwen Co.
c. A. Harrington, Castiegar; .1. .u.
Fairell. 1). A. Doupill, H. S. Lea. Slo-
cun: Alex Peterson. Chas. Bweeney,
Moyie: J. 1-*. McLeod, Ymir; .Mrs. A.
Cowing. TtOUt Lake: Henry Buggies.
A. R. Copien. Spokane: P. Sweeney,
McComher. R. Williams. R. Samson.
Blue Bell mine.
VV. C. PaterBon, E. Stevens, Vancouver;  ,1. McKenzie,    Greenwood;    John
Kennedy, Qerrard.
G.  Saunders. Salmo;  .1.    T.    Ballon,
L.  B.   Webster,  ftmenix.
C W. King, New Denver; J. H. Pai-
tof, F. Miller, Vancouver; s. iiuanu.
Sandon; H. Williams. Thirteen Hue
VV. Swaidliguar. Grand Forks; j.
Peacock. Phoenix; A. Hume. Ferguson:
c. Dumpntay, Wiulaw; w. H, Mclleatn,
Bonnington; .1. C. Robertson, Moyie;
K. McNeill. Ymir; G. B. White, Deer
Park; E. H. Wheelden, Forty Mue
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pound Cans     90c
(0 Pound Cans $1.75
Telephone 101
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new-
line of Japanese Goods now ou sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware ln Block. Prt-
DM BMAKIKO   AND   SEU'INli.-Mni.   BurllsB
iVcl-h. above Royal Bank ol Canada.
fsis MKN', Ht once, ls,r work In tha wrissdH.   Apply
Is, W. K. Coiikc, Niwmlll, Kasl.,.
LADY STKNIIURAI'HER Issr psilslt'ssn In country.
s-ss'sst  htstui- Willi i-nipUiyer's tulnlly.     Apply
>��,i W.. i:nl,a*lan_oHli.. ________
111'siimkn, Mill lland.and l��KliiK(:ontraL-Uiri,
silsss, Bngtaoer    Wattsburi Luiiihtr Co., near
s'riisslsrsss.k. B. (*
TWO FIKST-CLASS UOUM8, aloam boated,
ply hiiuaeknipet, 3rd Bat, K. W. c*. block.
[j____^���!!_iu SWEET   IGIFIj,
11' C        tt-i-l.-IIlM -.-J-       _r___.1l. -MMaamw ^^     ll���   ���,*'*****, ^m*w
W.   E.   Zwickey.   of   Kuslo,   maiia;
ol the Rambler-Cariboo, American Hoy
aud Krao mine?, is al the Stratncoua.
Sliver is down today at Stftfcc; tne
lowest quotation tor several montns.
Lead ia up again in Loudon, to Lti*
Ts tid.
ihe jjurclia-ser of Q, (J. H road wood s
ranch is Mr. llaker ol Mimu&uta. n
is understood that lhe porehaM price
was |HO0 Mr. H road wood will probably  remain in  KootaMJ.
Tbe board o( trade meets lu the
hoard rooms tonight at _ ;80- Many
mattersS ot first-class iui|>ortance win
be brought before the board. COM*
quently a lull attendance ls looked tor.
The Canadian Order of Foresters
will hold their regular meeting lonigm
in the K. or R hall. A lull attendance is requested as nomination ana
election of officers will take place at
this meeting.
Herr K. R Steiner, who conducteu
many of the productions of the N-dlfiOO
Operatic society, is now a resident ot
Brooklyn, N. V, He has written Melville Parry that he is growing weary
of the strenuous life of the Easterners
and  may  return  West   before long.
The members of No. _ Company, it.
14. it., met last night to complete ar-
i angements for their New Year's Hive
entertainment. The concert by The
Polma-tter Sisters will be followo'i by
a dance which will last at least a lew
Hours into the New   Year.
Wallace lirown and lamlly will leave
ror Victoria Saturday morning, where
ih*y will reside In ruture. Mr. Brown
has lived for nine years in Nelson ana
has many friends who will be pleaseu
to learn from time to time of his sue
cess   in   his   new   home.
At 3:_0 p. m. Manager Horsiead received a telegram from the business
manager of the Nelson-Bruce company
announcing thai owing to a delay m
securing the costumes lor "The Bns
oner of Zenda," that play would hnve
to be postponed until Saturday nigni.
"Arizona" will be the bill tomorrow
Nelson theatre goers are to have
their appetites for diversion fully gratified for a while. The Roscians close
their engagement tonight with "J he
Bohemian Girl." The Nelson-Hruce
company will present "The Prisoner
ol Zenda," "A Soldier of Fortune," and
"Arizona," the second as a matinee
on Saturday. Monday evening Professor McKweu, hypnotist and magician,
will appear.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Poand
In order to clear out this line
we are reducing the price to
40c. We only hnve a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries.
Butter, EgfES.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Ship Your Christmas Presents
by Dominion Express Company
Cheapest, safest and quickest means
of forwarding packages of merchandise, valuables and jewelry to all parts
or the world.
It is strongly recommended that
shipments be sent so as to arrive at
destination some days in advance,
thus avoiding the rush and ensuring
most careful handling. Arrangements
can be made for delivery the day before Christmans wIipt. desired.
Special attention given to shipments
for Great Britain and Knn.pt-,
For further information apply to
company's office on Baker street.
Phone 113.       O. E. FOKD, Agent.
Ter Gallon.
Cm A* .Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Bis.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frart,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
Boys' Coasting Sleds.
Spring Runners, 90c,
$1.25 and $J.50.
Dolls, Toys, Games
All   issu   ss,>--.:>   unsl   prlOOfl   low.
l\0d���CkS��   IVvs-lss-K-n.
Albums, Stamp and Post
Card Albums.
All tin- .Wu Hi-siks* ire her*���
lussiks to. iii*- jroun. in s-y-tv
ooacetrabte ��W*���Qlfl Boola,
H'-auilfsil Hooks in blndtnt iin-i
letts rpreu. All tii>- ne�� uungs
in llciinii.
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Don't Forget
No malter how many other things
tliey may get, Xnnis is never complete
Without a pretty Picture Uook tor tne
little oue, or a good Story Book for the
boy or girl.
Our stock of books this year is very
complete, and includes
All the Most Popular Writers of
Boys' and Girls' Stories.
They range in price at from 2bc tor
a full sized cloth bound Book to 40c,
60c, 8bc and  up to $1.50.
Also we have
Boys' Own    $2.25
Girls'  Own   $2.25
Chatterbox    $1.2b
Sunday    J1.25
Chums    J2.25
Young Canada  11.78
Insure   against   possible    disappointment by doing your Xmas buying early.
W. G. Thomson
______!B 'M Nelson, B. C.
PHone .34.
West Transfer Co.
GEORGE f. MOTION. Manjftr.
General Tetiinsters and Dealers ill
Coal and Wool.    Express and
BiiKgane Transfer
I^bTSI  Office: Baker St.
On Hnd aftei DMUabaf 1st my hcaiiiiR uud
plumbing bailout will   t* I.k-hUhI Iu my new
���hop- twodoon cum <>i open htnut, oa Victoria
Td. 181.
Trains and Boats.
Crow  boat���Two hours  late.
Coast and Slocan train���On tiiin-
lloundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On lime.
How Ahout  Your
Guns and
We hswc Eley'H, Kyuoek's, Winchester, and CopswWi iV
Loaded Shot Shells
Kyurxk's, \Vinchest��'r and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Coats. Pauls, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
liox 631       Nelson, B. C.
Sherman's Opera House
Commencing Monday Dec. J 0
Tonight���"The Bohemian Girl."
Prices���CDs, 76c, }1.00.
Plan at Rutherford*. Saturday.
Commencing Friday, December Uth
and Saturday Matinee.
Hot urn Engagement
Nelson-Brace Company.
Saturday Matinee���A Soldier of Fortune.
Saturday���The Prisoner of Zenda.
Prices���61)0,   7.rsc,   $1.01).
Plan at Rutherford's Thursday, Deoei
ber 18.
Commencing   Monday,
December  17,
The Great McEwen
And  hla .Company
Prices���76c, 60c,  26c.
Bffttj al  Rutherford*! Saturday.
Something for Xmas
Nothing more acceptable by any
member of the family than a pair or
Slippers. Whether it be Warm Slippers or Fancy Slippers we wish to say:
"We can show you a swell assortment.
The ROYAL Shoe Store
R.  ANDREW  &  CO.
Fifty Cent Hand Bags!
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone .��...��.
&Cr\     E0.. e5aY V"***
WhoietMiie ____________
Produce, ��� Fruit.
Dsuiiusssn Government (*re.uuii*rv Due Pound Hrieks received weekly fn-��li
from the ,-huru.   For sule Isy all leading grocers.
OhVe nnd warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 7|i.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specially
Shs-eiuietal Work, ('ustingu. Hnilders' Muteriiil and Uininn and Mill Kaohlnor,
Office and Works Foot of Park St.
Phonu    _[<)4.
NelMMIl,   B.G.
A Wofd to the Wise
Thi* yiiir an have HjijinviaU-*! tbe wanta nf our mm
tomen and have pi__M**d into :������ i tlit-
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
Thla -store if adapted f����r hard ooal onlj.aiidtapBj
uiiUt-d to give HutiKfiurtinn.
v^ )* H. Ashdown Hardware!
Company, Limited.
Ucpitlrlnu and .lohl.l.iu ueuutw] witli Da-putuh.   MhMl Mclssl (
Work, Mining anu Mill M���uhln��rv.     Mai.ufKClurs.rs. ol        (
Oi_ Can,  R. u.   Cuntructora'  Kara.
Corner ol Hall ass-l
Fro 1st BlreeU.
iNELsors,  b. c.      1-,'rc;-*
f3Ua��ln<_M*�� men,
Work I n y trit.-ii.
M��n In dr-dM attire.
Sport ina mwn.
rlandtMjme men,
M��n tlmt'N full of fire
UNITE aiirl m_u that  th.  Impartatiooi &
John T. nana are tbc proper thiug.
My laat fall h-hipiiH-ut has j_t��t arrivp-d.  S��
them aud place your order early fnr Xinucsuil*
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now in the imn*
feO Imv vour
Winter Orerooal
AU Prices from $10 to $30
J. A. gTuker
i  -
MANUFACTURERS   T tL Of."       1   ��.
and dealers in LVtiiDztf _>ningies.
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turnwd Work and Uracketa. Mail Orders prcmiiilly atteni-ll
VKRNON 8TRIil_T   -   .   .   M2USON, B. O. 	
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famom Kootenay Rang''
Becau��e we cannot procure a better, taking i"10 .*'
count design, workmanship, cooking qualities and pr|C
We will  be pleased to show you Its good points-
Wood-Vallance Hardware Coy


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