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The Daily Canadian Oct 22, 1907

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Array Provincial Llbrarv,
You can pay more, hut can not
bnva purer or better minkkai.
Jateb than " HALCYON."
-/OWM** 2.    No.  119
��l|e l^txilu tifanotf
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
Fiptt Cbnts a month
Ifontracl on Power Plant
p_"or and Aldermen United in Effort
to Compel Completion���Business Sessien of Council.
"be chiel iuI eel ol discuaaiOD at lust
|. II me<   In ; .'.ns Uie omtlnll-
Knilr f Ur.- Allii. 1'lirilini'rn-lliill.Krk
I |0i.,,,, i. ;. lu contraol Cot the
I, ; In ta l.riir.n of iiiurlilnery for
tbr rii. power plant.    The mayor HI*.
furiiy dismissed   tha excuses   put   for-
nrd mi  behalf ul  tio-   company,   and
11   di 1, lis   to  wilful   neglect.
I tt.,    ', lii,ll>   wiih tin* in;i> nr
nil;.' subject and tiie tinnier waa left
������ iii,' mayor and the city solicitor to
-such me-Burea aa ure feaalbla nnd
to :".,'��� the company to fuim
'll-srrish.'.I      si'l'i'   III."
I'rrirvlew,   ci'liltectl"lis
.nrlhr,Ira::     the expe.rliency of rcpalr-
hfttie Whitewater dome, urnl Una linker
r . ��� " r   > M.'llSiotl.
ri,!,, 1   ol  Ul,'  .'.mileII   wan   III
and   iii..    bualaaaa waa all
ran*.,,'��� rl it; a little over un hour.
Th,' council in--! shortly after s wllh
IHi'irr allien in Hi.- chair, and Ald.r-
I. ���. McMorrla, Irving. Anualil..
liml S. I'll, slso present. Aid Eloaa enin.-
lln lil.r. Hi. tnlnutaa were reud und
Hu ' l) clerk reported thui the note
III thf Hank of Montreal auihorl/.ed at
I lhe ta.-t meeting waa not necesshry yet
[Iti might be needed later.
Tii" finance committee  rapOTtad   ra-
COffilll.Il'lilrrr     pa*, mils     and     ticcounts.
passed and ordered  to ire
��� I "1  works  raport������ rccom-
'i���'��� repair of the Whltewnler
cosi noi  1,1 , tceed 1100, but
HttHoed te recommend the .'xtenHion of
ftt Baiter streel sewer al a ooot of $-110.
���  discussion n waa resolved
tl palra to the Whitewater
JlBtie mlghl i���   safely furlher dc-rerred.
Tbe rapon wai Bled,
'* ,;'! rrom ii. o. Hunts to the
"���'""���". wiii, I, lias boon previously pub-
"*"-, ��.is rend, lu whleh Mr. ltullls
���m-lilne-l <.r the failure of Iho olty eti-
I *-""���" irk,  provision for the placing
"' il"' draught tube,
": Btated Him ilnoa the wrlt-
""i "i ill. lottei ihe draughl tube bail
woken ��waj altogether, lie character*
���"! Mi Bullls' Btatemenl ns to the olty
���Hineer'i neglect, as "abaolutely raise.''
T"1"' Rose the mayor sni.i be thought
''"if rn Bve i, el ,,r draughl tttoa would
j��ample, ii,. alao aald ihat the AUIs-
Chalmera-Hulloch company.'! onglnaari
��� ��� lured A I. Met'ulloeb that the
"��r dii ,*T concrete was ample aala-
t";'"1   H"i"* i""l l n drilled  in  ibe
l|i;'"-'l" tube bill rn lh,. Uma of lnnlnlln-
''"" "" "nter was too deep to allow of
""' -ork i���r���;: ,i,������'.
**" '"���'"'- li is just a continuance
" "���"Ir I'.'iiix of trying io laddie the
oi)' -Hli ti���. responsibility. It'l lime for
"l" ''"iiipany to nel busy.
"'" M'u"i   As ii matter of fact they
���" ,'1"" '  iiirni the nix months
I Mked to ,iin i,, :l m,w ganarator,
|���,"i ''���'���'"|V'' govornor  |H b"1   l*��-  "bl>
I in. Rales are not working prop-
""�����    lbr  added!    "I   think   before   we
''"" "i "ill.-,' we should iiihIhi on tha
'Id Belou
out I'll.'I."
suggested a rafaranoa of
matter to ibe olty solicitor.
���*���- Hobo and Annable lupported
iii,!m '"'"l" :""' " *va- "Wived that
di 0| '"' I'f| i" tlm mayor and the
��� "oiloltor I,, ii
���I*, ii.,,,;,
11 ibl was
ipli ii protaat lo
risked    what    wub to he
1 connection wiih the new
.���,'":''" through   Knlrvlew.     It was
' -iat conneouoni should be made
"'""���'*'��� Doulble.
hydnnu",  ttlB0 "���'���"ibineniieii three
III,.,,', '* " ������'���'l"'tow. rrl the sell'.ol, al
*���-��,,��� otChath___* itrael ami Nelson
���������,���.';;���";;     -Ho    Hhliiyard.      Thin
'MIS   1,'fl    (,V(,.
���tiin'i'i,!,'";'." !'"'w ""''iiilon to the fuel
Is   !.'"��� *; I'OWer IraiiHnilHHlon line
'ho  Qranlte Irani  line
era by touring off the buckets, lie
Ihlmghl the mailer sliniilil be renieille.l.
Investigation was promised.
.1. I'lndley IfoLaod aBked for lhe
privilege of u stand for the sale of
oandj**- popcorn and peanuts ut the
corner of lluker and  Ward streets.
Aid. Irving opposed the raqoaat us did
several others, und the reipiest wus not
Aid. McMorrls complained of ihe electric lights on West Vernon Htre.t. und
also of certain streets being overgrown
with brush over the sidewalks. Attention was promised to boih manors.
Aid. Hose drew attention to the darkness of Front street from the Home
hospltul to the eastern clly limits.
The council then adjourned for one
w.'.b, to Oct. 28th, to oonalder applications for Ihe position of city electrician-
Is   Forming   Company   in    Manufacture
Cutlery   at   Soo.
Sault Ste. Marie. Ocl. U.���-It la rumored In ihe Canadian Son" that F. H.
t'lergue, ut the head of a German company, has secured an option on lhe
l-'erio Nlckle smelter of the Lake Superior corj>oration, now under course of
const ruction, and. If the scheme goeB
through, will operate the smeller in producing white metal for the maiiiifaciure
of cutlery,    ll is BUid thut the company
a,paiila to priMiiic.. iinisb.'d cutlery lu
the "Soo." The metal is 80 per cent.
ooppar nnd 211 per cent, nlckle.
The Prat option on the smelter expired on Oct. 1st and waa renewed until
the 15th Inst. It cannot yet be learned
ub.'ib.'i' the option wtt�� ugain renewed,
dating from ihat time, as Mr. C'lerguo
hns left for ('crtnuny.
Nihilists   Caught   Undermining   Railway
From St. Petersburg to Palace
at TsarskoeSelo.
St. I-otersbiikg. Oct. Ti.���A supposed
plot agalnBt the life of the Czar has
In,'ii frustrated by the accidental discovery of preparations to undermine Ibe
railway near Tan(koo-selo. Reports
differ iib to details but the main facts
are that general Krlsll was hunting In
the Ochotnlchy "forest IS milea from St.
I', i.'i'sburg and cIobc to Tsurskoe-Selo
when his dogs stopped and began scraping In the earth about four hundred
yards from the I'avlowsk railway connecting St. 1'etersl.urg nnd TsarskoeSelo. General KrlBtl's curiosity was aroused and he had his huntsmen remove
Ibe soil which showed signs of having
recently been disturbed. They found
beneath Uie Boll u quantity of straw
which covered planks. These were removed and lhe entrance to the tunnel
wns disclosed. The huntsmen descended Into ibe tunnel and found two
men engaged In driving a shaft towards
the railway. They were arrested. The
prisoners had the plans for the mine
nnd a telegram asking how the work
was  progressing.
Gen. Booth Rallies.
New York, Oct. U.���CoL 1'iercelleld.
s.i'i.'iury ol the Salvation Army In thla
clly. Late last evening be received the
following telegram from Commander
Miss Booth, daughter ot General Booth,
ih,. ,.,,iiiiniiu.lei'iiiiiii''r. in regard i" !"���''
lather  who was  reported seriously ill
In Ch'.cugo, where she bus been attending blm: "Oanaral'a condition ipille satisfactory, Improving in such a manner
that we expect  he  will  be  able  t<> <>"
ull engagementa."	
Within Four Miles.
I'arls. Oct. 22.���Mr. Kaprerer, pilot for
airship Vllle do Pni'la, bus won the regular autumn competition of tbe Aero
Club of France. Four balloon! sailed
away trom Bt Cloud Sunday In this com*
petition. Before sinning each pllol
banded to the seereury of Ibe club a
Healed envelope ill vThlch was Ibe name
oi ibe plaoe he propoied to land, the winner lo he Ihu man who came down near-
cbi hla objective i'"''"- *4r' K��P*orer
landed within four miles of the plaoe
be  ludleiil.'l.
"B I'eriii,',,. 1K
nvy Iohh lo tho own
Emperor Not  as  Well.
Vienna, Oct "2.���Bmperor Fraud.!
Joseph did noi pass as good u night iih
ris.iril. owing to I'rerpi.'iil attacks of
coughing. He rose before four o'clock
and when he wns examined by his doc
tor* ii"'>' found that tho catarrh iymp-
loins were unchanged, that there had
noi been lUfflOlenl expeclorutlon mill
Hint bis slreiiglli was less satisfactory
than yeiterday, but he wub not luBei*-
Ing from fever. After the doctori examined him. Ills Mnjealy attended to
bis iiBiial work.
Frosts and Storms Strike
the East
From Ontario to Atlantic���General
News of Dominion From
Ocean to Ocean.
Halifax, Oct. 22.���A fierce blizzard
���wept Nova Scotia yesterday, and last
night the frost was hard. The storm
wan acc-ompanif-d by a heavy downfall
of rain und occasional snow flurries.
Three schooners are ashore and one will
be a wreck. The snow storm and frost
have alarmed apple growers in the fruit
region of the province, lt is estimated
that one-sixth of the crop remains unpicked.
St. Catherine"**, Oct. 22.���Frost yesterday did damage to fruit aud garden stuff
in this viciulty.
London, Oct. 22.���The thermometer
has reached 22. All outside flowers are
practically destroyed, antl it Is thought
the celery crop is badly damaged.
Montreal, Oct, 22.���A blinding snow*
sturm with northwest wind prevail--' today in the Straits of Belle Isle.
London, Oct. 22.���Chas, Doyle is dead
and Wm. Patrick is dying as the result
of an accident in the International Harvester company's wirehouse last night
Doyle and Patrick, in company with a
man named Tiuville, were descending
in the elevator. A board which was left
lying across the opening at one floor
stopped the elevator, but the cable continued to unwind. Turvllle stepped off
to ascertain the cause of the stop, and
the same instant the bourd broke und
the elevntor dropped, carrying Doyle and
Patrick down with it. Hoth men were
taken to the hospital but Doyle died
shortly after entering.
ed, are sending their filthy lucre west
for Investment purposes, and they
grumble if they don't turn over In a
month. The report of wet-tern missions
was read by .John McNeil, Toronto. It
ls stated that while there had been progress all along the line ln western fields,
yet   the   Increase   in   offerings had   not
-been so great as the importance of the
situation    demanded.     The   committee
"itself Is face to face with lack of means
to enter Into the field, and even sometimes to hold those already established.
Montreal. Oct. 22.���-lames Robertson,
21 years old, brakesman on the Grand
Trunk railway, was run over and crushed at Lu Prairie yesterday afternoon.
He died before reaching the city from
loss of blood.    He leaves a widow.
Sault Ste. Marie, Oct. 22.���The advisory union of Algoma municipalities has
decided to send a delegation to Ottawa
to request the opening up of the Indian
reservation at Garden nvor. It is claimed that considerable valuable farming
land Is being reserved for Indians who
are not taking advantage of the action
of the government in giving it to them.
The Indians refuse to engage in agricultural pursuits for which the land is peculiarly adapted.
Toronto, Oct. 22.���The divisional court
has granted permission to Bdward
Smith, merchant, of Prescott, to renew
action against .loseph Steel, contractor,
and the MercluuiB' Hank of Canada for
alleged conspiracy in connection with
the possession of certain lands in Prescott. Smith claimed $20,000 damages.
The case was dismissed at the Prock-
vllle usslzes last June owing to the
plaintiffs non-appearance.
Peterboro, Oct. 22.���Word reached
hero yesterday that George Hefferan.
aged lit, son of Frederick Hefferan. had
his legs cut ofT iu Turner's lumber
camp on the north shore of Lake Superior, and expired shortly after being
taken to the hospitul at Blind lliver.
Lindsay, Oct. 22.���Albert A. Murtha.
a young man living at Kingswharf, Jumped ofT a straw slack, and alighted on the
upright handle of a fork. The handle
penetrated his bowels, making n gaping
wound He I* BOW in the Hosh hospital
here In ;i  precarious condition.
Woods took, Oct. 22.���At the convention of Ontario and QuQbQO Hrtp'ists yesterday, General Field Secretary Daniels
complained of meagre contributions in
I lie western missions, und declared that
there were two men lu the convention
who had spent twice as much money
thenuelVM as had been contributed lo
western missions by tin' denomination.
Ontario und Quebec Paptists, he declar-
Provincial   Undesirables    Removed    by
Favor of Laurier.
Montreal, Oct. 22.���The nature of the
long-expected shuffle in tbe Quebce cabinet was announced this afternoon from
Quebec and has occasioned a great deal
of surprise In political circles. The appointment that has caused the greatest
surprise is that of Mr. C- R. Devlin,
M. P. for NIcolet, to succeed Mr. Jean
Provost as minister of mines and fisheries. The promotion of Hon. W. A.
Weir to be provincial treasurer and the
appointment of Mr. L. A. Taschereau
to succeed Mr. Weir as minister of public works and labor are generally acceptable to the Lili'.'ial rank and rile,
but the taking of an outsider to replace
his rival has caused a great deal of dissatisfaction and is generally regarded
as a sign of weakness on the part of the
Gouin government.
Mr. Devlin's appointment Is generally
ascribed to the influence of Sir Wilfrid
I_aurier, who, it is rumored, has long
been anxious to befriend Mr. Devlin;
but Mr. Gouin's followers believe thut
the federal" premier should have found
Mr. Devlin an office at Ottawa instead
of at Quebec, and many members of the
legislature are strongly, opposed to the
move, so that the appointment instead
of strengthening the government promises to weaken It in the support of its
Mr. Devlin, lt Is announced, will im-
mediattly vcesign from the^Commons
and seek election for the legislature ln
NIcolet, the sitting member, Mr. Mar-
childon, having resigned.
The Rossland Miner.
In its issue of this morning, the
Rossland Daily Miner announces
that the dally issue would be discontinued and hereafter the Miner
would be continued as a weekly.
The reason for this is manifest.
The Daily Miner has been a losing
enterprise for years. Continued
Industrial depression led to retrenchment In business and continued curtailment in advertising
patronage. For years the Miner
had been in the hands of an incapable manage, and when Mr. Esling
assumed control the paper was a
wreck. Mr. Esling made an heroic
effort to restore confidence In the
paper, but bud times combined with
other causes rendered the attempt
futile. The Rossland Miner is another instance of the fallacy of trying to successfully conduct a $2,000
a month paper In an $800 a month
town. Rossland will never have
another dully newspaper, and it
will altogether depend on the generosity of the business men of that
city whether or not the weekly edition can he continued.
Clarence Venner Tries to Recover Small
Sum From J. J. Hill.
Depositors Rush to Draw
Washington, Oct. 22.���In the sitprcim'
court of th- I'nltetl States today an appeal was tiled in the suit of Clarence Bt.
Venner of New York to compel .lames
.1. Hill, president of the Grent Northern
Railway, to restore to tho plaintiff as
owner of :1IH> shares of the Great Northern stock, as well as to the other stockholders of thnt company, the profit of
$10,000.0(10 which Hill Is alleged to have
made by puic'inslng in 1900 and WOl
125,000 000 of Chicago, Hurltngton and
Quiney railway stock at an average of
$150 a share and selling them to his own
company for $200 a share.
The supreme court Is asked to remand
the Hull back for trial to the suprcni.'
court of the stnto of New York, where
It was originally brought in May, 1907.
At that time, on petition of the defendant the suit was taken to the circuit
court for the southern district of New
York ou tho ground of advene citizenship.
This court dismissed the suit on the
ground thai the plaintiff did not own
his Interest In the Great Northern company at the time lhe Injury complained
of occurred. II Is alleged thai it ls not
necessary for this showing ln lhe state
courts of New  York.
Knickerbocker Trust Company Is in
Difficulties���Banks Try to
Allay Excitement.
New York, Oct. 22.���"New York city-
banks are all right. If there was any
danger it has passed, and other state officials and myself charged with the cus-
today of public moneys feel confident
that fhe large sum the state has on deposit ln New York city is safe." This
statement was made by Martin li.
Glynn, controller of the state, concerning the local financial situation.
New York, Oct. 22.���Financial bankers, brokers and business men generally
came down to their otBces early today
to prepare for whatever further developments there might be in the financial
situation. The feeling of relief and satisfaction with which these men began
the transaction of business yesterday-
was succeeded by considerable nervousness today as a result of the developments concerning the Knickerbocker
Trust company. The news made public
last night, and printed in the newspapers today that the National Bank of Commerce yesterday gave notice that It
would decline to act as clearing house
agent any longer for the Knickerbocker
Trust company, aud the resignation of
Charles T. Barney of the presidency of
that institution, served to unsettle sentiment more than the Morse-Heinze developments of last week. The magnitude of the business transacted by the
Knickerbocker Trust company with its
deposits amounting to $60,000 gave a
much more serious aspect to the changes
made in its management than did the
changes in the relatively smaller Morse-
Heinze concern.
W. H. Havemyer, newly elected president of Uie National Bank of North
America, said this morning: "I can
state with assurance that Chas. \V.
Morse at present owes this bank nothing. The bank's holdings of Consoli
dated Steamship bonds are insignificant."
There was a run of depositors to withdraw money at the main office of the
Knickerbocker Trust company when it
opened for business this morning and
also at the branch offices of the company at 8 Broadway and In 125th street.
At the office there were about 75 persons in line and others were constantly
arriving. Many of these who came to
withdraw their money were women. At
66 Broadway there was considerable ���_>
elleineut. A line of about 50 persons
had gathered and made their way to the
paying teller's window to withdraw
Second Vice-President Allen, who was
In charge of the down town office, gave
out this statement: "There ls nothing
to be alarmed about. We have $8,000,*
000 in the vaults and are prepared to
meet all demands. The company ls perfectly solvent." Mr. Allen Bald that the
fears of alarm created by Mr. Barney's
retirement from the presidency of the
company would soon be allayed.
Shortly after the main office of the
Knickerbocker Trust company at 84tfa
street opened for business, depositor*,
began to arrive in still greater numbers
and at 10.20 more than 150 persons were
before the teller's window. Muny depos
iters came in carriages anil the carriage
line extended for over a block. There
was a short run on the Bronx branch
of the Oompany when it opened. It
was promptly stopped by the arrival of
two wagons from which were unloaded
In front of the waiting depositors big
bundles of specie and currency. The
clearing house committee went into session shortly after til o'clock. 11 was announced that the debit balance of the
Mei-ehants' Bank and the National Hank
of North America were ao small that
neither required assistance at the clearing house.
Bonds of the Consolidated Steamship
company, controlled by 0, W. Morse,
showed weukness in the curb Btoeh market today, lhe opening sale being 12V*
as compared with 15, the closing price
last night.
At 11 o'clock there were over 200 persons In line at the Knickerbocker Trust
company, on 31st street, and the paying
tellers were paying the depositors off at
the rate of 40 an hour. Several customers of the company who came to deposit money, decided to wait a whili
when they found a run was in progress.
State bank examiners today visited
and started an examination of the accounts of the Knickerbocker Trust company. The presidents of the trust companies of this city met this morning at
the office of Oaklelgh Thorne, president
of the Trust Company of America. At
about 10.30 a. ni. the Arm tone In the
market disappeared under renewed
heavy selling. Union Pacific broke to
112%, a decline of 4*S_: Reading fell to
80V4, a loss of 5%, while Sa. Paul sold
at 109, a decline of 4% from last night.
N. P. sold at 112*4. a decline of 6 points
from last night.
The Knickerbocker Trust company has
stopped paytTient of money to depositors,
the statement being made that the company could not obtain currency rapidly
Government Engineer Reports on Wing
Dam System.
Edmonlou, Oct. 22.���Mulhoitat, of
Calgary, government engineer, has just
returned from the north from a tour of
inspection of tlie wing dams under
course of construction at Lesser Slave
Rapids. The dam exceeds a distance of
20 miles, and there are ahout 50 dams
in all. About a dozen are already completed, varying In length from 50 to 400
feet. The wing dams are being built
vert the current, into one channel so as
from both sides, the object being to di-
to make the streams easily navigable.
The aim is to nieet the requirements of
shallow boats drawing three feet of
water. A barge lias been completed and
a derrick erected on It with a large
dredge which scoops up boulders, etc.,
from lhe stream. Big���ty men have been
employed all summer at this work,
which' w*ill continue as far into the
winter as possible, and begin at tbe
earliest possible moment next summer.
Contribution    to    American    Telephone
Journal by G. C. Hodge From
Notes on the Spot.
The American Telephone Journal has
published as -its flrst article an account
of the telephone service in Japan In
three parts, written by G. C. Hodge, of
Nelson. The article was written by Mr.
Hodge in a very casual way. In clearing
a desk he came across some notes he
had made while on a trip to Japan a year
ago. As he was about to destroy them
it occurred to him that what he had
learned there might interest other telephone men, so he proceeded to put his
notes in order.
The article deals with the system In
Tokio, construction, wages and cost, and
general conclusions.
Mr. Hodge's o"inlon of Japanese efficiency, as well as the style of his article
may be gathered from the opening paragraph:
"In Japan the telephone system is operated by the government. Telephone,
postal and telegraph services are all
under one head, being controlled by a
group of offlicials who form what is
known as the department of communications. Although this department has
only had a lew years in which to build
up the telephone service It has made
such progress as to put the Japanese
system in a condition which makes it
so much superior to others in the Easl
that it is not tu/r a moment to be compared with them, lu fact the Japanese
telephone nnn have adopted many ideas
in connection with the building aud operation of their plants which show that
they could give valuable poinlers to
many Europeans iu charge of telephone
systems under, government control
Their progressiveness, for example. In
the use of telephones to aid army manoeuvres ls known to the world. It ls acknowledged everywhere that tn the late
war with Russia they developed field
telephone service to a point of greater
efficiency than has beeu reached by any
other al'ltiy."
British Military Scheme
To Be Tested
Territorial Forces Experiment Only*
Hope of Country's Escape
From Conscription.
London, Oct. 22.���Mr. Haldane, whose
territorial forces bill is now law. Issued
instructions to lieutenants of counties,
who are ex-officio presidents of the new
county associations, on the steps to take
to carry out the act
Each association will be responsible
for the organization and administration
of the units of the territorial force within its border, but not for their training,
which is the duty of the general officer
commanding. It will provide and clothe
the men, supply horses, drill halls,
ranges, and look after their families
when embodied. It will receive an annual grant for these purposes.
Besides the president, chairman, and
vice-chairman, the army council will ap-
poin to the association officers representing all branches of the forces, and
after consultation, representatives of
local authorities, while members, may
be co-opted to include when possible
employers and workmen, but the civilian
members must not outnumber the members of the forces. The association will
appoint a secretary and treasurer, and
bold quarterly meetings, probably doing
most of its work through communlUea.
Lieutenants are advised first to call
meetings ot those likely to be in the
association. Lord Lucan will, if desired,
attend these meetings to advise. A
model scheme for the association is supplied, and changes on this to suit the
needs of each county should he sent ln.
The army council will then frame the
scheme, and Lord Esher's committee will
discuss it in detail. When the association is formed it will decide with the
general officer and the war office what
new units may have to be raised, or
what existing ones rolled up 'or converted.
Mr. Haldane, speaking at Blair Atholl,
said that the territorial force would be
organized on the same principles as the
expeditionary force, a principle which,
as arranged at the imperial conference,
would extend to the colonies. The battalions would be about 1,000 strong, and
there would be no distinction between
war and peace establishments. Grants
would be expended by commanders-in-
chief for camps and training, and by
county associations for maintenance and
equipment. The camp would last for
fifteen days, and the money saved by
the men who entered for eight days
would he applied to week-end camps,
lectures, and training at suitable times.
No onerous conditions were to be imposed on volunteers, and fines would
never be exacted where reasonable excuse was offered.
The members of the English committee, which included several Labor
M. P.'b, returned from Switzerland,
where they had examined the Swiss
military system. Probably a report or
reports will be Issued. Lord Newton,
who took part In the tour, was careful
to lay stress on the fact that each member at present speaks only for himself.
He described the great Impression produced on many memtbers of the committee by the fact that, the Swiss military authorities can, even in the opinion
of the foreign officers present at the
manoeuvres, turn out a finished product
after training occupying about as many
months as years In other nations.
French Officer Blamed.
Paris, Oct. 22.���A despatch received
from Admiral Phllbert, of the French
naval canimander In the Moraccan
waters, said the 5,00 Moors who attacked the French reconnolteriug party recently belonged to the army under the
command of M ulal Ilachid. Rachiil did
his utmost to prevent this attack hut hia
men could not be controlled. General
Drude, who came to the rescue, pursued
the aggressors for four miles and indicted severe losses Upon them. Col. Def-
retey, commander of the reconuoiterlng
party, is held personalty responsible for
the incident, as lie had gone beyond the
limit ol' operations fixed In his Instructions. The colonel has beeu placed under
close ill-rest for a period of thirty days.
Balloon Race Begun.
Mount Vernon, Ind., Oct. 22.���Two balloons passed here just before midnight.
The following message tn the associated
press was dropped by one of them. "We
passed Mount Vernon, Ind , about 11.40
p. m. Please notify c. J. Olid of Bt.
Louis, official starter No. 10 balloon,
C. Deforest Chandler." The second balloon passed one mile north at 12.07
o'clock this morning going ln an easterly direction.
Prices of Metal*.
New   York,  Oct.   22.���Silver,   6H4C;
copper, 12%c;  lead, $4.75.
London,  Oct.  22��� Silver,    28  7-16d.;
1 lead, ��18, 6s.
' f
���.1; .
��� hi I
X t
.    1
f 'J
. ' a
Hi .
___���' 1
__P   *
I               1
1 1
The Daily Canadian
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
I u about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, aad can promise you the l>est value ever of-
fereil ui the eily.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
Capil-I   Author ized
Kcst    .
lv K. wn,Kit*' Pnab-aot.
I10.00C.OCJ    Capital   Paid   Up   .
Bunches tn British Columbia:
10I.P1 N.        NKl.l'N.       KKYKLSTOKK
VANOowi i..   Victoria.
line- c   '    rr'  ... - .1   OCt
���VI5l.-_l>*N    I...-  V-SCM
,'.s   fr   n*.  .irllt- of depo_H andcr.-_lt_.l.-uartorly.
��>��    INI.    I-A i .   A\iir-m_rer.
The Royal Bank of Canada
I*...';v ',.,-. A     D     IM,
 M.900.000     Reserve  Fund	
Unexcelted fac,lit,t�� for the transaction
cf  alt  kinds of   ..-'-���":   Gusinea-.
-CIAL ATTENTION gven to the
__v��f_g_ P-.-*- C<pa-t*vent. and
Unerttt credited Quarterly on
:-j,  -;, Bail*. Accounts.
on Application. ,n Large. Medrurr.
or Pocket S'ie.
Nelson Br-tach. G. A. SPINK. Ma-o-grr.
- ���*��� .
... MM   1-t vJte
1*   iJ-r-J"   U
.     ���.             - - nc-sm .""i-CtTej-M
- * ,
��� ���
���. Van
:-. i -
*_*���_-*��� ot   the   Cs*-���I   psxij���t   '
fM a_rk-_ ia
-t___t came, oa la   t-
**��� -lornt.���t    crk-r���_
r.1    t-_t___   -., t _ *
._��<��� io h<-_-> <_a
c *.*���.   _____l r-l Ik.   ,._- -
��_L *-**   -> _-  l-lflHtJU-l.  ���**__ **���,
.. ���w tc.
be ���_  Utta, ' -a ***-   iBs-A___-r c.
..  .   -
��� ths* ctisirvf*    r_t���-er    (8-.an   to t__
-. .   .       .:.>_: ��,,��!
*��BM,. (Ire iv-vVpfec*.- r.r*_<--<"_ and. _i�� ���-
.* r*r__*fjw-r- III    *
- .  or.   awslrt
..t*.*4   b��H    s��*l,    wt-..
tmata M --�����_,��  <- turn** ��_<��>* I
VaSK-��wvr*r    B-����     .v
a-oaat-   v .*-_ I. f**H���jr <**'���'..-_ ��>:.     ** ��
��-rx-As-toaa|--  _a<J K-r_HM
ast-**.���ia ��.��** ta lavs* Is������- ��<*-- <>* ���_<
HUs���w. I* wan) ,vi <���<
K��>'.<-t. ."*r.a I an titles *��_ ������-���-_�� aa*
thr*rv -latino* lx- IBs* ��U|*!��*** ek*-**- thai
la lt>s> KT-f-rt <v ntty-a .-4 pos^atels-e bmk*
���boss* \-_v**-*.*_�� r*_a_r_l ai** *>r
����i- it-aa ��v An. ta Vumtm. _���
,-ama.   tew r-t-alta ����>  boaai K t�� �����
OjasMti-a natural
- -    ���    '.     - .: of Monv
ia ihus _pre_-__f bow inaav
a.lh<-->     -
- - n..:hlas-
' ...ia rh<   .-am.-  rea
"-alxw is RiTea rtw vart rslnt
- *h,--s*n in Vanc-.>u-.^r lh.* M,.rn..>n
v  . ns'...
���*>aB th<> BM-lrority  ,>f ns Imagine
.to*-, i: or*.
II   ��i:!  :��-  -stthta  tho   tvcnlloctton al
-    **-!KM   th���rjAttontion   .
> at
ha.! r<-> _oa ..   - ,..vq
**ra.-- ��� a;, and ihat th.
. '16.M ia th* Ur,
j bk���*  s-.tiioB-s.ai   n<_r them   -**-id  ono
iho B*����r futur-?. i��_-rv
��� nt'Unr- to tho Male     Tti.
���at aainistor of lb* interior .��_��
proa-. - Arable aa opportun!!.
��� th them, an- to
i4_.-��irt (be H__( at pnlitk-1 eonflr
���Hira to the a4her.au oa* <he Monnoa
cbatrreb. He aeemr-t-rv-i; took pan ia th.-
__-rwsio__ -a-ne to it a pelt*
���asl -ssure- ibe r-bllr tt.
MoratoBs were the be�� of s��-ttlers. thai
iw*"j-<r__-v _. aakB_-ra allium ibem. __*-
I haa* *alM bad ���___> allesatioB* to
I �� sln*-*l> n-alicai-vc (be
mwashers At aa c-nenreik*. s���<*o���-stat aa4
bt���bl*   a���ral co���tBtaaiiy.    t a-er tbea**
ss_usoaa   a -,.-i:ie��: _��p,-r: I
beea -rinwe to the -trM.wi-fmn. na-dh ooa
a Whw ol  tbo-e  who bad
-.1  it. tbe aald  l_=-.hbr-*-<���   rj-v_t*e-
_nea aitbdrea* (n-x __���  l_nb*r  I
l*o_  of   abai  lb*y   rv car-led.  at..
ooaiiase to re��Tar-,_-a Morar-oa aaeaare
rt altop.iber li-nm tbe qBe-tie- as
��    . ���       c)      .-.,.-.        ..."     -. ���
aasoBf tbe _��__�� ia Soa^herr. Al
bett-. that sx-ttseaaeat Is -asBrt-dly s~via_
IB _-�� aot dlilBBI f-tarv to redartre (be
s-.r4.M-s atteaM-oa of tbe _-_M la man,
re*|-e-.-<-- dM nx as hers ot* thai oo-a_ta_l'y
to be < aeryetic. iBda-lriowt, aober peo
11-*,. abd base ��� anal pr��**.>e-Y-_-s aett'e-
BKst. It la oa* tb* bos_adai*-*a of a blob
an- rj��i-_'- extea-ttnc -��Vba( la .-it
t-|4aK-a oMef.y asa-.-s It t���<_ a ���erto���t
aac-vaor Is that ta all sBauers��� -ecalar
a�� ���<-! as sacred, la -saHtiea- t-ssslssss-
as ��. as la cb-tre* man.
a��<n.!*c--s ��4 lbl* coolaaaut* la-rartably
at* a* a -all      T_o_s* tb*)  tak* tb*
.irlllr ut riM,'!'.i:lri.'.' to Urilalll. lliiv ttro
Bntl r,'in.nn tn all IntelIts ami purpoB���1
a foreign rntiittiiinlty, an Itiiin-i iunl In
iinpi'it,' They ar.1 not Blrltlsb Bubjecta
nr heart
on, ,.i tli.' two in ihr.'.. ��-l.i��-I objections win, h ai��* li.'ln?; ins.'il to Lhe itnnii
rr.iiii'ii iii I'ana.la ul Oriental- Irs Hint
ih, y arc not assiinilalil.v Thli is true in
tin. iiii'ir, i tiecree nt the B-Oimona. "riits
i*. Been In i'tali. In Mali..���in tlti Mm*
lunn oomtntinttl������ in botli of tli.-*..- stati -*
Tbe) -1" "ui am���!___���tte with -1.*- real
of Ihe ri'iriiiiiiiilty. They Invarlablj act
as a unit It is inark.'.lly in evidence In
Southern Mber-b, aoooi-lns to lhe ac
ooanta wrhloh reach ns. Rapidly inereaa-
tag there In iniiiii'.-is. ext���nding their
t.*rrllor> . we tliink that \v,' at,- not nr ik
ins ih.' condition of ililn.*;s there wore*
ilian ihey really are when we Bpeak ol
it as a Mormon me__���_ They remain
utterly alien in Hplrlt, no mora British
tiirm are Ihe Inhabitant- of���saj Kb���q*
_s9*r���raj Libera] organa In Kootenay,
taclod������f niir tonal contemporaary, are
kindly diatres-in. themes i->_ in otlerU-.
assistar.toB   to  the  Cons.ivaiiv.s  ot   Iha
n.tin-*, in i*hoo���ins a candidaUi f,,r the
n. \i  Dominion eto-tt���a.    Oa i*>'lialf of
the Conoet-yativee wa expreaa  _Ta
appreclattoa bul l*.'*; lo assure our t.ii.
era) friends    th.u    Kootonaj  Cona.
lives   have   many   u.hmI   in. n   BTatl
.���oitl.i in fact without  an>   .iifllculty  timl
s*T_a " |,r,'s.'ntativ. s Infinitely BUpKrlor
10   Hrilisll   Columbia  -   ;'r-,-s.nl   -fBlCtlOO,
and tbat in duo time a choice will Ih*
made without IroriMlti'* I.il,orals for
further a.lvi,,- I. ,,ntly rur Liberal
friends an* to liavo no choice al all Th.-
present member f*>r K.-nueiiay anpi an
to bare decided In tuccned hlmaelf aa
LlbeTal  ran'.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootcxiay  Ice, Frett,
Fo��l & Pooltry Co., Ltd.
N. E. coi. Baker   and   Ward   Sta,
Now Is the Time
to  pr-r-ivare   for  comfort in  the  wirier
An Electric Radiator is cleanly, cheerful and labor savin-;.
- for vncs for *h.*-*e and all
..; .;. vie. s
t**-*f *-B_--X'.t��*f>-   H
���    .   ���     T*   -a
���  - *   -*   ��
f"      *
���   V | .
htOAx^f. kvum *-*���* -MmtlH \mg�� +���4 tmh-t
*��v-__4t kt _<wi m_u rrw-t tkmA rtret. mmO  tor al
t-wlt:^   tr^r-dtat.  te ib#  i_^.-r<t *M utkMl tne**,  %m0
-    -,. - ��
* r-M-ssM br mm w**t\ t\rf   -
-    t<��4fi. >m> i. *.. I-  11. M mmtO
���Vl*"l��    ��-r-fp-W4 ��    W 4-t.m.Tefft    ��-��     ��.-_._-*
���'   .    -   ,
t     -iiiv** .        *. ,      . . ����xa A XUb.-tTTsl *Y\_
T�� CentractO'-a.    S-r loera.    Canxnters
ard Mouse Asenta.
Il hav-.nf been b-v-sttrht to tbe noticr
of tb* Ci^y OoBBcii *.**.ai certala s-ecttons
B NaT. I i_* at* not aad
hare oo< been oJ- .    secttotts S.
�� aad   :  ol    Bj   aw     N    aad  ledMsi
:  aad  * of  l<> taw   15*  which  preside
tbat  prraata-iaa  of tbe   Ptte  Wanteos.
tbe City Ka-iaeei and IlaHdiar Insnec
���or w.atl Brst Ne obtaiaed aad i-aas de
'. with tbe BaiMlBtT iBspcctor be-
. i-ectfnc mi lutmiaps or addltkxts
or r-rn-lrinr. alter-i* or reBoralia* e.
Therefor*, aotis������ Is bow Saaly lasawd
tbat ob aad after ibis date aay petwoa
or [seraoo* aot c-nmr-lyinf with tb* baud
in** Bylaws o! tl t Ncleoa. i   *
Ryta-.   -.     ��� Tl  aad l_t alii be bt��--c
cate-* as pi-r>.-i,rled there!a     By Order.
W. t. WASSON. Cty Clse*.
Ne-soa. a C, October IX, It*:.
Certificate   of   Improvements
���M"tor.',,1 ' ��i,<t "gir-'ts','" UlaeraiClalnualtn-
Ml,'   in    th''    NHm.ii    MliutlK    I'lvrsr I   W.-^l
K",,i, n.l   IMslrl.t.
w i,, ri-l,*, Ht,,l     w.si Lrsii.-h ol north fork ol
Sainton rr\,r,  ,,ii   I'rsr-r   MiHrrrrnrrr.  ���!->ul   run,'
nrll,. n,,|,| Km. . II   r
ThI.. notice i list I. Altr.M truest Ua rpe, I'r,,
Miner's Cerilfleata No. Ben, tnt-n.l slit. ���!��.-
Iron the .1st,-   ban���*, t,�� applj to n     Ulnli.B
tr,,,���,,,���!'i r.'i ���  1,'iuii, ���r,. ni   Improvi     ��� r,r^, for
the purpoas ol ,,t,iMinl...; * r,,., a ',ihiii- ,,i rl,,'
St..'\ S  -iMllll-
An.l  tu.tli..r   Iske  n.illcc  u,sl   s.'lr"n.  under
s.-.-r, '.,  B*. moat !"��� i'..iiuii.'ir., t   r
ance of aucb I '.'rllli.-sl.' .,[ Improrrnient-.
Dal���1 thla If���h day ���I aaphsml      It-OT.
Kelson Ijhi.1 l>mtrtci,  Dlairiel ol Weal KootMiaj
Tnkt- no-lM thai B   WTIUluu, ooempattoD ran
ohari i. -*1 IfaalVim.mwiiniaiiiiii e-aptxlc-ani mul
ii s.r   -uiyth, ooeupaUon lumberman;  ��H ol
I'rtM-iiT, B-��.' , inti'iii to appli  for a ipadal   Ub<
b- r it- t'-u-o rner (li*.-   lDlfa>Wlug   desrrlt-O-l   '.mi'.**.
f .>iiH*u*n��-tiijE ai a i*-��*-i ai.-.m three mil' I aaal of
\\ ii-.-ui Crt-M oa aontb attortol  Kootenay  Lake
lhenoe aouth ho alutlna, thane-   eaatSQ ohalna,
Ihence north ho ohaloa, them a weft D     i aim ta
l-.tint ot ivramrui't'iiii'ni, ot*M*italnl**'g���***��� terot,
in*--*-* or leaa.
S>piomlb��r --Hth, 1907. H. ���Vii.mv-,
K. S   1
K   s.  I'   >m ��� 111.
Kelaon l^nd Dlatriot  l��Utri�� t ot Weal Kootaitajp
Taka aoUm tbat r. 0, *-. Bttyth, ol ��� roi or. ti.
C.. QQenpaU-BO luaiU-nni.ii   .
aapecial   tll-itK-r Ui-once   ovrr   lh*'   fi'i'fwiu-- Oe-
Bcrlbed lati'l**:
Ko i ri-mmetirlD-t ai tt r-***', planted near tha
aoita-aaal eotaarpoiwol Lot No -t on t_asnoa
Creek aact marka-t Jt B P. t-mjrth ��onthwaat oor-
nerpoal n<> 1, th-*ni-o ��k> chaini a* rth mora oi
.. -- to at-..iii niltlwiT ot th. munh l����ui..l��rj' line
ol i.m' tt htx-utf* No. 92t*t :: iina mat,
I'u'iit-f w ihaini eouth. theace 4*' cbaUu aaat,
|.i   fhainn  IDttth, theoce   10   ���hain- ���*-���*-*.
laaa la in*.' aovtheaai eornei '���( ��� fotaaaIrt
Loi   No  .-������iv UkaatN tt rhalni  north  tti. uc�� *��o
-  *-. .t to ttif pomt t-f. ommeni * aaat.
l-ate-l -��th Julv. i*A-: k  -  !   -*-*YTHt
Ri      .. r:. A rent.
Kolaoa i_*nj Dfartrloi       - *< ��t KBoiaaay
Take notice   that   H . i.   oi Nailer.
Idaho, ooeupaUofl '������������apply
htl a   >(-e-;"iaJ   tnnt>t r -.*��� wH*-��;
dea-rrtbed Und*. ob th< "tdi  ���    1-rieat rlvei
t'ommf-nrtitc at a ���*���*-. planted on the oa
���t rt-i-r. tara aa north
mu-rnational  hovndary Dork 80
chalna, than -e ���.���*>-i   * *-*n��th a)
�� hams    i   . -...    w- -��� - -   ���������   potnl   -H f"i .-
nwuivioiT,!. oontaii ��� lot le**
ii��t��*.i >< j.t. mu.:.- ' kihok r Bcitim,
K   W   -*_:th. Agent.
\,   -���-:���  i--,:::   i*.-U'.   I �� ��� **t X DQ���aj
Take noth-e that t   > ������   B  M.r'.ure. of Ki a
\\ .-.-:���. . oeeapatiaa  barber,  Inieade toaapl] tot
���. rvUst lan la: Oai ���
two aad a ti��;.' mH-ea ia*_*-r*aa--aa--l
booadari _- ata pool  plaut*-..
tare aad a halt Mile. attoaal
boaadarj   ;*ne.  :ti* -*    -        ,
���   I     balaa, thenee
���lehataato tha point ��i --.m_neuce_ii*_ni
n-.i ', . ��� :.:*      ne **0 ecre*. more or lea*.
I'ated Bet :. Kth, Utt CLTBfl t.   V IT raa.
K   ��   -arrn. Acenu
NelMtn I_an>: . ��� . -\ of "A,-.t Keotenay-
Take nouoe that Jay Bo- ��� tt'wh ,
-    ipaUot  ! -i. her. :D'.r-.i!*i' *:i j lni a ajar tai
Unbet   Ihm ���'<>*  orer tiie   iii.-1* tng   -.it -
It-t-di: oo   tbe  out   tOO
silted   one ami  a h��Jt mi.e*
nortr. thenre
.*>;>   rhatna. ihenei aonth -   mala*, thenoe
*��-ai   ���     -.:aii.��.   ::*..i..-     nO| - |  -   l�� tbe
P-'-.u; al    .'rameac-oe-it, cooUiu.ng MO ocree.
man - * aaa
i-au-d oopu Uth, is*.**:. Jav Boras.
K. W, "-aiTa. .-rent
s'  * I   ��   -       t Waal Caaaaaaj
-       - - .vet. thai ���-''Uj* a':- * vial,   i
-oti*_ P. Baedbei-g, tain ��� :nu-nd
10 apr '��� '     'r.mi��loner ct
_.     1 aad Wortu lor a *!>- tol   .ioeuce lo rut and
r��rry away uictx-r (*��� - *��� ;:�� <t e*w r 1 t��e-l
_e_a_usltaatod ou  s>.imm:i creek, in  the  Weet
Kootenay l*t*tr.v-t:
No. :.    ��� ��� r_:_oe_i--:DiE at ft poat  taarked J   l"   - *
-    .     - . -    -
we��l (. rk ot s.:tii*-r.!i ores'-:   at-ou: :���
mala creek,  thenoe   .-uamnr ��ou_h  Hi  <
loenoe  runctng -r-,-��t 4V eh* .nutiig
���   *   I      talma, theat-e
north **r rt��;��. the-see   rr.nninr ea��t ap cheins,
;hence laaalag aaathaj f^.a^c^   tbene. eaa 4d
cha.n> lo piarv ol OK-mmeuoexaent.
UKated oa the -fi-tr.  Ut ol Au��un. ItOl.
foaa V. ewni-iLK-b... ixarmtor.
per hi* t-c-iti Pmi*a M-.iVn.au>
I - <.V)ot_i--��*l_f ot a poat marked I F.Vi
itnt-rr lualt, aonhwaal corner poat. lor��ted on
-���e*i f.rk of Summit ereeh, aaoattwo mflaa from
-ftftin <T*ek. -bene* running fK��ath %
.-en-v r-jnutnr *��*t Wemaia*. theaee ��� main*
aarth CM ehatai- tbenoe mantns i��: < chnin*
w> piece of commeooeaeau
Uvaied oo the SKh dot- ot Aagtiei, vm
Joax _������  swtxmkcmi. Uv^et-x.
par ht* agent rajrx MclMs*>al_a.
>c-_or is !���.<�����. y giTca t*ai air'aen *_ver d��i�� 1
intend to appiy *_o the Hon. ChtelCoaamtit-looir
al i-and�� aad o ttota permtarioa to poixha��*
the !oi-_-*-t;ag _._-*-r.r-ev*. ;a_.d��. *liua:*-*- La *��*��i
Kootecb esceaetng at a p **t mftrt-
--. | v aoaai   ��--    :.. -���_.    ���-: ��� f no Baal &
broach, one h-.t_dred feet from tha boaeUaa ol
Lna-t r-fvea with the aoath *oek: taeaee on*-
^aaner mite to tae north wet corarr poat. thenoe
erne mile  to the aorthooit ooraer poat. thenoe
oae-^aarter ab.'.e to the aoatheaat ooraer t-oat.
thaaee aaa mile to the pure ot *eaa rmrai fat -
iaaei?. IftiC Lecned by Wi  C-3tnac___.T.
Metooa Laa-a l*-_ewvet   I-utnet of Wot Cooteaay
Take   e-etivv        ��,    ���*   .    -.   Roi-ea. of   fan
ar��#_- . ��e-Mtp*^on hotelier. taten-a�� ta apply fc-r
*   Umber Oettmee orer the  :
ertWd Sen _*   or.  th* eaet. aide of   Preti   -  ���-���
Ca-mmear-tna  at a  poet  pleavel ao* aad a hell
-the -oner    -
Ladle*  White am. rink Fhinm'iriu*  Nlghl   Pre���bb.    10 jx-r c<-ni iteeoml
on nil tty\ :* utd prtoB-t,
Children'i Fall ami  Winter OBfkti     Wo will MD  ��t  IS pwr ��'nt  iiisoount
oo uij ol them.
Bet    ottl   l.a-li.'*-*'   DrtSH   Skirts   from   |&00 each to $:*<i.00.
(im  Btnck ����f Fain y and Staple Lln-ftM, ('iishiutt Covatl, Etc. Ik moist com-
I*:  ti       Soo   i.s  tin-  dm**-  to make a m-lecllon.
Bei Un Wooli -ti bH ilutdes.
Special Discount on AU Ladies' Winter Coats.
You can buy a ioacre Fruit Ranch  ia   the best   fruit-j-rowinj- district
in British  Columbia by paying   Sio down and $ io per   month.
Even as an investment this i.s worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled iu value within on year. What will it do next year*
-ataraaifeaal baaa*
<     ���
.; !.- u '_-���   mm
i_mu_ -v eVataa.
\. *.        ,
���m-eai. ctaaialaiaf **e�� eeree-.
araaur. 1-o-rva.
K. W.B-m. Areat
��� no-;    l>m*net ol Weet Eooieosy
Rearr  Betehert.  ol Itkctera.
'- fa��j��
t k* a v*Mt aUated near B.
hi fM4U ��**-���� -aaa, oad
fnflal   oaathava-t    -neeaer
:*e   :.  fiafaa.
e-tsftitr*.    t,l(_,.*-e aeelh 19 ��
ohatai ���* petal ec -oaaaa
-11 -   '.. ��� *
��ee_  K .--Memar
r*a��*. laiaad _e
���  ��        t.
t-aaaaa la_td : mr-.n,   HiinwaayWeo-i K--vaeaay
Tele x-r^tkot that Vuitaai   Aadrvv    Bcobl al
Berate. * c
a kfteenteC itmher :irea-eee��ee
���OM    ���- ' -
���twet ota mllea veel el the K*��*eaemaf  river, oo
C-ara reeah    io ibe P_a_ut<*t e��t W��e-i  Ka-eaemay
ft��N*. f*r.__r ohcmtaO aattea aanh el the .___#--
aattr**aa'    bt<*oadare   SiT-e*.   aad   atuaaae at the
aeeWarutio-a Aad��--i   K-_*u
��� tSaON ri��*tm. themoe aorth 00 e-haiae. themra
a-eaa ta -*-.!_.���,, themce  oeath 0b <&____-*_.  iheeMw
tm** Ot eOtosttm. aa Che MWai al
Lerotoa frit S_bd   lOit
t-aat-i LVH--_Au|   ror
Specitil Discount on A.dN-ertistcl F*ri*_-es for Tomorrow
Cost $t5 to $30.      Now$7to$J6.
Worth $5 to $5. Sale Pr.c*.$2 to $4.
chalo*. thea-oe ea*t #��� eaalaa to patat
bat_M icc-H tut, tOOI. f*fc?ai ��. -i
Eiici #tft- -
Taae a*ocaee l-trnt Ira F. Teylor. ejerm of Arrow
_m**__. %.<:., totaadetaara-y lot ��� *|iex-Mi l;_-eora
_o   rot   umber   from,   the   h>lk>*li*-g   -.oenl-ed
I rs-._-art.im at a \mm* -ptaated 7*. hain*
atviaaoe la aa eeaaerty d-rertj-r-a inaa < antr-r*
iahe -earte*- -Ira F. laytar'a, w Parkjo. ���- ��
emmets haaaaed -aa the aoath t-y T L Ra -amt.
mm tae veaa hy r.U **. XT2. iteant aceth to
ra-ataa_ theaea e__*t tn caft.r_>. them-e aoath mt
ehataa, theace   ��eea at rhaia* to foiat at e��-m<
**-, ���    rats^a* ->�� r*��i l-tatelNfUtM
4w_bBmt-*- ��ad taat-aaerirl-rMli'a froa Cerlboo
_a_ke aaorhe-*! ***'   Parhiaw". Ira Y   1 t*fler . -   ��
e��*��raer aoic" aamaded aa tha wet* hy T. L utttr.,
aoath hylrm'* Tayia*f-�� aa��_  a    i'��.-i.r,
1 il-.ea-re  aeath t* ehelaa.  He-rare  OaM   _**
<a_uaa_ theaea aemth ��a ehaiae,  theacr   ����ea ta*
-_.ft.at to ixotat ol -_3aamea--emet
a   t  "--..��t__,
laa v T a i ua.
L__RD soncis.
!tf-_a Las- Ot��r_t. l>_���rtr. -f w-a, E-atmsa-
- _.Ka> tt-�� I. S*ts-_t_> F-rrross-,. �� K��
��� - ' ���
aasa. s����F_a ->a*fir ���_. -��rm__M�� w> s��r<-as.
it. UsTliialM ��snirT1*rn ���-- * ._���__-��.ii
pssm |���slel ���* *_sa��. _*-., -I Um- a_Bl_<_���I *��_*-
air at ����-.__* 2_ T_.��Ktt_la,��i. k,-���.-as. aa-
-r_r-^�� - E. T *s  N   _   ran*. " ���_-_*.t   .
!_��__��  ���_*_. _' f��_J_~ it.ass -au �����
uwk __n�� _><___��.- _t��
__aaaal .   ^
i���� JatT. _ B. MH.
____�� la������ Hsru-i   Piii Kt���ttrssa K��_as__r
T-���- asaar, u_. r*su_ra ->..����   ��* htas,
n-Ma |i. masts,. BKM. aaattt-
s_7 ��� .s-v-J  rn_tf��.r tsns*r�� assM ._��   rMl-sr.H
I A.surr ,lrf��� _sa���H rniwaralM.1 a |__. MaaJM
III-." ��_-MSr sas��_l__las_%si-ar 1*_U__
I r-a-raa. %. U. crm. M iaaaiir| aaaUl at
I   -��._.   ia_w    iii in 11ibb   -Maw emxkee
Ks-_a Laa-4 MMctn. IBsl.lr. at W_m Bn��as|
���satta. Us-. !. a-t-a Lax.
r�� -.rsat������- sssasss  JaH���- as .}���;.; tor Isiaa-
.-��_Bs-M_-s���� at a ^ss*  ,,lsau>* a. Urt- K  E of
���'.    lh�������-  ��_��  ��'   -r-alS-  UM-���S  SSIBia  ���>
.*���laa, _w_���t -asa ���. ,*_-*���. !___.*, s->ni. as-
ataatrs-al Uwacr-ta _M.__ar, ��   On, rwki-c_-
���.;   ol  UM  Bn.ua  .���_���_.���_. aeaUtera E
-Bairtnoa as a ml
'"���nd tie nckl-l-
-laastaa a--U���-rr, Ball
_s. aaa* ���*_-. larkalBs snurh trasa aaiar noM
~m _>����� r_i.srar. UMa-ssoaUs WkalBa, la-asn
n-_ _. rBalas. tb-�����* _���ita aft rssia.. t___���,
eaa, <* 'Bala*. Ihrac* swu lal*,-osu, boaaa
urafthc-nctilWaa-r ol ta, Brtuak r_loaahia
aesstl*���na Bsllssr. la.-** .�����*_.!, a���saa -a��
said ru.t-rl a.j '-r'-*T Tf r-Taas.arssasal
Ikaud -us to- -ar ot a_fa__ MR.
 *-aat. Anss-T ran���OB
-l-str t.n, ����_�� -sat t intst Aim Barrtaa.
TS^.'cJ* **!*��� �����*, taiaa-l u. attlr u> _w
< *.�����! .-om_.-__osnolta_J.aavd Cu Var
1-rta.B C . to kk.m. u,, lot-ralca <_-_~rl*_-
Eouw&ay |  -t^lsoa Laad l>uir
-. oi Ell-  I      Te*t a���tanr taal
rods B .' , oo-si_lk.s r
asi-n-BB���. tassaa.
laad: CoaaBM-a-ru
���tststansl I'm.
-���.a. L���mrof
B .' . u hkIm ih, UMait, aaniw
uaaa sttaat* osa* o, Barlaa     r_.__nr_ at s
s,<n mart.d     a   a   B   __aUka>__ oot_��r-   aa.
t-aai-d at th- ��   ��    '-ran ol M BsC ti   I. aad
... . r .
UMa. -s-aU. kr rBs-lrn. lt-_r�� _-��,. a    i.in. K
Bla<-r of nsaaar i a rraas lb t.
A-_ras, tat. taIS. Aa-rara a  Brarov.
. or k-_-.   li-
*.���:-.-*.     - .  -.
or laaa. to patla. .
MBacras, sasar* twr
Issust Stera laa. tw.
r.: 1..,^*
Taa*   aotanr   ia,
-aait-ba.    Una.
���u. W ' I B ��� '    -
r��n_ir Ueeaam.**^
., Ails
'..:.*  I ���-'
r .*-���-'  I
���rrra satin. Iri-s t_i sco--*
**���'��������� -aad l-tna INrstrats o! ar*M KaaWraaf
* Man--has Aar�� MrOt.i. a< ih*ctr>-i
Nr-sssa marpathsc lr.asaa. laBaaBs u. ajs-lr for
aaraaaavas u rn-sa, Uh, taUooitsr d." rltod
a* at a aaal ��_va_-l ai thr
��� -i*.T E  c   Bikm'. raara. ta Firt
.   a      :.   i   r->     ��  .
halaa. .ir�� ..wanitBi ,t_,r_. uasuia
- at,  aad casratsi���t _m* haaimfl
'   'MBlarma. aaorrorlaaa.
-aas-c taasl tsuu-^t.   Iwtotsiaoslrrsraa'
a'.*i*_J-__'W'K__.*-''- Earta, at ��*___.
**m***-1*--a n-r-ra���at. _._-���_ -aaaa-f- tm
���_-rsalaa��a tor.nh.i. thr h___rla_ri-Mn-w9
iaa_i !*->___, a, bbm t-aaUlal UM*
aMtfessr-i mrssrsi a.*a_-T -LlMssrusWB at I
Of, aad ��,_r-r_ -a??,^ .^SS-T-
rth Wi i-��a-JO__, i"
*0   **> i Lftiajft, i
Take    a*t*re   that    r
Jt-ioao.    Ma-it*la.   . r*��*
' ��� r *_��� r-e .���** j ������-    m   ;    - *
<_rthad Wsd ;   <U-amiarii
tha iiBoihiaia iiarair et i
���aa aaftoa fraaa  the m***m
man.��-i rftttl caemr
:*�����������- r__a-: ���     ft-M
�����--*_..-���      '
r-at��-J Mth -iftT a* Am*jv
���    I
i **:
�� sacaauss.Us-ara ��-_ at ra-.-. I
^J��*2J����*����aa_Bi aaat rsatalaan I
-������* tuna tt. Erarx. 1
a   A oa-arr a_--_t     I The Daily Canadian
II you knew you could buy
���(���-est  quality stamped "Canada Approved"  by Government
Inspection on every package, would   you trouble making it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
\\\* have it  in all   sizes to suit  families, boarding houses
,_��� hotels, 7, M and 28 lb. pails; 60 lb. tubs.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
NELSON, 13. C-
___���'_, Rossland Boundary
S^RK_E!Y^& CO.
VVhole��ai�� Provlalona,
I 'r< >tl ti_t_,
t'livi-riiiin'irt Oream���17 One Pound Knots rneeivod weekly freah from the
cbnr-.    For -ale by all leading irrooert..
Otlinf nnd warehotu-e : HouBton Block,    Phone 79.
Josephire Street.        ...        Nelson, B.C.
6= __20-ACRE
gul-divislon of Appletoa Hi-others'   tract.    Improvement-, on every  block
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase oi a
Mineral Claim.
la   tin-   un-lernirned, at  lila
_*!  . H "iM*, in -tie *'it>- �����! Nelaou,
�� tbe  IiiMir of�� i.'Woca. In
tht  aittrii..        of Friday.   Norem.-er   Kith, 1W-7,
tin* "l'reaiili-nt"  Mlii*ral
llstm.   Uil roup   I,    K-BOleuey     IMMiicl.
_-.... ti waa        ,        tn be f..rIriu-<- u> tbe t rown
1 at tLc ia*. *.���*..��� bi I . iu the CUT ol NuLi-on. on the
H 190ft,   f.-r   '���."iiii'.ucul   tea.* up
:>_s,   and    f-jau      Tbe   upael
v ���   ���-.. ;   Mloera.   ' Ulni,   which   In
e'-'lr' Ui. an "!   H-li.juenl   tax'-a  aud  c.**l
�� -sir**,   with   lulereat.  Imxe*
�� ���������������;. ooeta ol  kav-*rti-.itii{.
�� -' - n     lain  (!_-�����������. in *��-.' tb, wlin b
amount tbat will   be eou aide red a* a
fc!   *��� ���
�����-- ml   U*   -uM-ompanteA    by   an
< ibe full  aimnuil ol ttic   IM
n del  <-f tb*   I-eputy  Com*
I au i- nii'l Worka. et Victoria. B. t
Certificate  of Improvements*
"T'olon" Mlberal Helm altuate lit the Nelion
Mining I��l\ l��ltiu. t.l tb*-*A'*it Kooleuay Dlatrlct.
Where located :���< ��n T'-*d Mouutaln two aud a
hall nillua irom Nelaoi., ti   ('.
I nt' iiotl'-e that I. w A Mai-donald. it<-tinjr aa
Mi'- i.i for Htiftb Kutbrrlatul. Free Mlner'a Cer-
iilW-ai-j* No. Bl.ri._*��*. luti-Dtl fto days from lhe dale
lu-reuf, to apply to tbe Miinn-. Rt-eurder Ior a
iVrttllnnU-of JtnproTi-nieiite. Inr tht- purpose of
obtelulng a .'rown  'iraul ol  tbe above t-laim.
And further take notice that nctlou. under
-.���< ' ..ni wt, muat be (-orauit-nred before (be Ii*-
auatit-e tif aucb Certificate of ImproTeiiicuti
Dated UU** _3n1 day of Kcptcuittcr. A   I ��� . 19(17
W. A    MACl>ONAl.l��
i par
mi. B l
thli Htli dav of Oei..l'.itn
HAKKY wi.n-.in.
UoeaRUkMH A*-ent.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
���  -��� l   tn  U.e  uiiileralKliril   al fell
(ft ���   i ' * '    in Houte, m ibi' Cltj �����( Helaon,
���"   "       lifer) up ol\ tha   hour  of 6 o'i-!iM'K,  lu
*    -' ��� ' ' I'llKi.Niiv.IMb,   1WU-. lor tin*
Hn-haat-of tbi     'H.l AUc"  Mineral   Claim.   Ud
i   "'i.-u.y   District,   wbi-b  waa ,<!<.'���
���    lorlelted   lo lite  ( rown el   UH Ut
ot Hi Laon, .-u the Clb day ol
.���in   laxii   up ill   June
:*       lln   iitwet   price   upon  the
���-aMllii-fainatm, which luelutlea tbaUBOUftl
ta *���-- mul  ooal   at the ttJM  oi W
1   taxei which htvtt unot
'   ���    adv-nrlislnc,  and ice lor *'rowti
���   .-*',...,. whieh U tlu- leaal imotinl
red   h- n  lell.ler-
tuml   be   hi t'liiiipauled    by   an
" ' ; ��������� -i'.'- tor the full   amount of lhe leu
    order of the D-aputi  Ooni
���wnhi i "! Units ami Worka. at Victoria, HA...
Mtedai N. Iwm, h | . u.ih l-iili fUy oM-pt., 1��*7.
ttovcrnineut A*-..*ut.
idcrs Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Cl un.
����., -1'1,'it, j
111,,.I        . ,        ��� ... t.'lllWBHIV.. as-        ��..
,,'",' ' '"' II"' lull   summit ..I tbi' t.l. -
I's'sl.li���  i���i|���. ,���,!,..  ���,   ,,.���   ,,,.,,,,...   .������..
".'l''i ���l I.,,
 ata    111(1     rtlllll lllll   tti   llll    It'll -
tui t.i.iii o, thi i��t-|itity Oom*
Ud" i.u.1 Worka, at VlCUm, B (��� ,
��� thin Uth due of Ocl., HI07.
(iovcrumeut A-^cul.
T*"i"s Wanted for the Purchase of a
Min* ral Cl-rim.
ll���' Ml,  '     "
.ililtTHl'.'lH.rl   sl   his
111.' Otv ,il N.-ls,
k In
(-���shtHM li,?.' Si"?,"?'   "av. IMh,   11*07. Ior Uu
"* ""'Ml'    V       "���"���rt"  Millirrnl  Olaln,   Lol.
*'*"*'l I.. I.    i',';""";    "lalru-t.   ����� Ir   wiib   ,1...
""'���'"I'll   ri     ''   ''*1'" "��' ':r,.wrr��l II,,'  ins
**"'' ""''  III ' '"".',',|"��lll    tBXI'S   t.|> till   Jlltll'
IM "'niral ri���i���    ,."' "I***11 prlus. upon tne
?','1-1 �� im-r li."l"-��-l'1l.-li liuilllil.-s  surorriil
ll'""'��nI. i...     ","'1 ">"���" "l tli.' tune nl tor-
;"���"     '-���   ,    ,;'"'',,"tl"   ��''l"l'   I""'* slu.v
i','"1" '-''".'ii. ,,,.',',.l|i��l"*r'''i"i i.*.- mi ' rown
J' "I" I.,- i'i ,.' .    -': wlllcl' '" ��'.'''����' amount
.'���.'���tr i .''"���"'��� ri'il ns ��� t.'lincr.
K,,|1";;1 ;���".���',.",',	
i>iMiir1,*'11' _'" hi
Certificate  of  Improvements.
������Blj- Hoi-e rraciloii-' Mlucrel Claim, situate
In   the   Trout   Lake   Mittluc    1'lvlalou,  ul   Wt*Ht
Kootanay Dlatiiet, I_t>e_.tt*d on   1'oplar   cre*-k,
Take nolle*- that I, <*. I'adlcy Free Miner*.
iVriiiUait No. BWi.*-.., intend Wdayi* (r*.m the
dale hereof IO anply lo the Miiutij- Kei-ortler for
h 1'rrtHieale of iBiprtMcineuU* for the purpt-m- of
olitaliiiu-. n OroafD '.rant of the above t i-tim
And  In rth it  take   uotlu* that   net ton   under
Sti lion   171    iuiim    Ik tnun-ui-etl     befon    the
1-o.uanc*' of kOoh Certificate of Iniprovfincuta
Hated thu- Mb day of October, HH"7.
��J   I'ADLKY.
ln the matter of an appltealiou lt>r the u-t-ue of
a dupt',.*Mte Certlfloate Ol TitU- for jwn (�� acres)
of Uil Bl_UOroaPone, in the l-i-trd-i of Kootenay.
Ni.iit-i- - herebv ptvi-n that It in my Inlentlon
to U��ui- at tlie i-xpiratioii of one month from the
firm publu-alloti hereof n luphi-Hle of lhe ��'cr-
utl- mi .'I i lln lor tlif above lundn luthi-nanie
o( Au.lrcw Morrison. \- huh lerTiflcate of Title
[| -lined iht- Mb day of Man h. UQQ. and numbered  .���-.���.-K
I .mi Kegialry Offlee. Nelaon, B. C��� .September
"II   F. MacUkid."
Hmtrit-l Keglstrar.
In III,' lustl.T nl all appl���atta. lor lire Issue ol
'ini'li'-iii.'s at Ui. UarUnoaUaol Till.. i�� lotsll.
i-i -.ml i:t, Kron*. 1. \v.,.i Kootaaar Diatrlet, alao
known as tit- "K,���,l,'iisy I'til.'l." "l'omIurl"au.l
"Lulu'' intu'-rsl i-lsliiis r-.slH..*tlvt'ly.
Notlre Is luir-'bv Klvt-il tlinl 11 is my lnti-ulli.il
lo Issue hi III.' i'.x|'lr.itli'ii ot orr.' rnorrlli .ilt**r lli*r
llrsl i���il,ll.'Htloll l.-rri-o! s ilnl.tiirali- Ol ' iTlilli'ttll.
,,l 111 If i>... .,'.. i, '" sir uri'llvl.l.'il Sl lisnhs In
aa- li of Hi,' I.' nrr lilts, Issu.'il on 111.' mil rtay ol
Msy, A   11. IKs.' in tlif r sure of John I'. Ainsworth,
hii.1 alaoadupltoaU ..I CarlBI���ila nl Titk- No.
I...Hsin ol   an   ulnllvt'1,',1 11' l'Slths In   -...eh oi   lh.'
sliovi- lots, Issued on tht'   17th risy oi   Muy, A. 1'
IKWl.lli the iismi'ol U.'.irp.'.I. Ainsworth.
land lios-lslry Utlli-.'. Nilson. II. I'.. August lilli
U. F Mai Laon,"
lllslrlel Keitistrsr.
hum   |
*b aoootr-paala. bv   an
"-��� lull an tn ���i th,, ton
""Irr ol the  ' .put- <rnm-
'""t Works, ��i Vli'lorla, B.C .
"��� B ''.this Mth il��volO.'t.l'.Kr7.
I'l'Vi'rrriuiini Agent.
In tne mutter ol sl. si.nlleatt.in lor the Itanaol
a.luiill.'Bl.'ol rhe l . itili'."i "' litlulor gtlB,
���ii,l rl" weal hrillol lot *1, liluek 111. in the lowu
" Notlet It liereby Blven lhat il 1" my Intention
lo ls.ue lit the . .-tmiitl'iii ol "��'' nionil, rilt, r Hi,'
liisl po 1,11, ul ion heieot H ilU|*ll.'Ble ul lhe eel lilt-
'iile.'f ll'l.'lor Ihe shove iHll.ls. in lhe nam., ol
1 , ,��� Hhlelits. whleh ,,rlillii.le Is .laUd UW -1st
.li, ol treieinlier, ^.^'^XZ'o^
lilslil.'i Iteitlslrar.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Regl.try
Act" and Amendmenta thereto,
i��� tha matter al an appltoauaa lor the issue ��i
,   i, ,11,.,   ,     I   ll* ��� I'ei ��� llleau. "I Tllle lor  Loll
Sail"��� i ���     iid_W.   '"""I' I. Koolensy   liftil.t
ill   M.'T'ls herehv��lTI>n thnt 11 Is  m,   lliti'l'll''"
���,,,���,.   ,���,. ,.,J,li���il���ti ol one monlh Irom the
T if I, 1     he. I .��'���' .les. rll.ed Isurts. in tire nanteol
.u,e!  1   l.'rli'k  K,,l,erlM,ri,whl,lr   CertllloaW Is
'lal.'l llii'lll  '"ay "lAiniust,  WK,  and   Is num-
'"Zn"��'^Mn  01***,  ��"���
August, i��n.
H.l'.,   -Ill  ol
Dlstrlot Registrar.
National   Civic   Federation   of     United
States in Congreas To Discuaa
Induatrial   Combination.
Chicago, Ml,, Oct. 22.���More than ftvn
linlidi(.'tl f]i*l'*K;ii��H. a|ii��fiinl(-d by the
BOrernon ur 4:: statea, all men of earn-
eat thtm^lH, ili-voted to the bent llrtT
CBtK or their country, met toiluy iu convention in the Studebaker Theatre to
diactiHB the jiroblem of iruutB and cotn-
The National Civic Federation
brought them together 10 exchange
ideas and to recommend informally
BOOM solution. It iB by far the largeBt
gathering of well-known people ever as-
'.-���nililed in the United Slates for the
purpose of dlBcuBBlng trade combiua-
tions. In addition to the delegate.-, appointed by the governors the attendance
includes representatives of many national organizations, such as the American
Federation of Labor, the American liar
AsHociatiou. the American Hankers' Association, the Farmers' National Congress, the National Grange, the American Society of Equity, the National
Cotton Growers' Association and various wholesale trade organi2atiuns and
the commercial organizations of Indus-
Irial  ceuters.
The subjects outlined for discussion
faftag the three days of tiie conference
are   as  follows:
Government power over corporations
engaged in interstate commerce; tbe division of power uiader the Constitution
between the nation and state; power
concurrent in nation and state.
How should the corporation be constructed? Should there he national
corporations as well as Btate? The basis
of capitalization of corporations; their
internal control; provisions looking to
the protection of investors and the
stockholders, as well as fair dealing
with the public; distinction between
public   service   anl   other   corporations.
The just and practicable limits of the
restriction and regulation. Federal and
State, of combinations in trans-iorta-
tion, production, distribution and labor-
"Is the Tariff the Mother of Trusts?"
is another subject that will receive
much attention, and the discussion, It
is expected, will be participated in by
many of the Free Trade l_eague. Another interesting topic on the program
will be presented by J. A. Everitl, the
president of the American Society of
Equity, a farmers' organization with a
membership of more than __.*>0(r.000
In his speech Mr. Everitt will discuss
ihat organization's proposition to control prices of farm products. "The
White Paper Trust'1 and the "Labor
Trust" will atso be subjects handled by
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tt-nilt*r_ ��.!���!-t.*'M'il lo tht* umJernl'tnecl nt hl_
otlii't' iu the Court HotiNc, lu the City ol
Nl-Uoii, --ill be rect-ived up till tbe
hour 01 f> o'<*lork, in the tilteruoon, of Fri
duy. Novt'intHT lit, 1907. lor the purchane of
the "Anile" Mineral Claim, Lot '.���Mo. -.roup 1,
Kooteuay Distriet, which wan declared to be
forfeited to tbe Crown at the tax Kale held In thi
City of Nelson, on the 6th day oi November, 1W6.
fnr delintjueiii   luxe*  up till June 80th, 1905, and
The upnel priee upon the aald mlucral elaim,
whleh lneludei- the amount of delinquent taxei-
uiid conn- at tbe time of forfeiture, with interest,
tJixej* whieh have muet* accrued, cost of advertising, and fee for Crown t-i rant (US.00.) In I12.S.70,
a hieh Is the _M_M amount tbat will be considered
I.- a i. ii'l.'t
Each tender muat ba aooonpaBlaa by an ae-
eept.-d cheque lor the full amouut of the tender,
parable to the order of the Deputy Commtusioner
ol Land* and Worka, at Victoria, B. C, at par.
Daled al NeUon, B.C., this 27th day of Sept.
-"overninent Agent, N��lson, B. C
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"COMPANIES   ACT,  1897.'
Notice is hereby given that Wilton A.
Miller, of the town of Creston. lumberman, ba�� been appointed the new attorney of "The Kinney-Miller Cedar
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Victoria, British Columbia, October 27,
Herman Ridder of the New York Staats
A full explanation of the administration's attitude on the trust question will
be made at the conference. Herbert Knox
Smith, commissioner of the bureau
of corporations, of tbe Department of
Commerce and Labor, has been selected
by President Roosevelt to deliver the
speech and he will cover the subject
completely, describing the trust legislation now in force. "A hat has been accomplished and what tht administration
intends to do. Others who will be
heard along the same lines are E. E.
Clark of the Interstate Commerce Commission; F. B. Kellogg, special assistant attorney-general of the United
States in charge of the Government case
against the Standard Oil, and Attorney-
General Hadley of Missouri.
The American Bankers' Association
is represented at the conference by a
delegation of members, among them being ex-Comptroller of the Currency
Charles G. Dawes of Chicago and William Woodward of New York. The American Bar Association has sent a delegation headed by John G. Milburn of
New York and Moorfield Storey of Boston.
Still others of prominence whose
names appear on the programme are
Senator-elect Josepb P. Johnston of
Alabama, Gustav C. Pabst of Wisconsin,
Bartlett Tripp of South Dakota, Archbishop Ireland of St. Paul, Dr. Albert
Shaw, editor of the Review of Reviews.
Richard Watson Gilder and Nathan
Straus of New York, President Samuel
Goinpers of the American Federation of
Labor. Dr. Lyman Abbott of New York,
Notice of Meeting.
Cascade Water Power and Light Company, Limited.
Notice ls hereby given that an ex-
traorrlinary general meeting of the Cascade Water, Power and i-lght Company,
Limited, will be held at the offices of
the company on Saturday the 2nd day
of November, 1907, at the hour of 2
o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of:
1. Authorizing the issue of a series
of debentures, aggregating $375,000.00,
dated tbe 1st duy of May, 1907, with interest at *i_ per cent, per anuum, payable on the flrst .lay of May, 1940, with
interest payable Beml-aunually on the
1st days of May and November in each
2. Authorizing the execution of the
draft Deed of Trust, approved by the
parties, which will be submitted to the
meeting, and made betwoen tlie company, of the Final Part, the Royal Trust
Company of Montreal, of the Second
Part, and the West Kootenay Power and
Light Company, Limited, of the Third
3. Passing the resolution recited in
the said draft Deed of Trust.
4. Transacting sutrh other business
as may properly come before the meeting.
Dated this 16th day of October, A. D.
1907. �����
Hy Order of the Hoard,
Tremont House
Enrope..n kd<1 Ajnerlcsn Plan
Hei.li 30 ctr.   Koomi .-on. _e cu, to CI.
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President Murray Butler of Columbia
University, Seth Low. ex-Mayor of New
York. Congressman Richmond Pearson
Hobson of Alabama, President Carroll
D. Wright of Clark and CorneliuB K,
Bliss of New York, Melville E. Ingalls
of Cincinnati, Theodore \V. Noyes of
Washington, D. C, Senator W. Murray
Crane of Massachusetts, and Richard T.
Ely of the University of Wisconsin.
Mitchell Recovering.
La Salle. lite., Oct. 2_i.���John^lVUtchefi,
president of tlie United Mine Workers of
America, who underwent an operation
for appendicitis a week ago. is gaining
in strength, lt will probably be several
weeks before he can leave the hospital.
Thanks Nelidoff.
St Petersburg, Oct. 22��� T he Emperor has addressed a ietttr to Mr. Nelidoff.
who is president of the second peace
conference, thanking him for his services   at   The   Hague.
Then Why7
Paris, Oct. 2.���Mr. Iswolsky, th*-- Rue
slan minister of foreign affairs, called ai
the Toreigu office here yesterday and
remained for one hour in conversation
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7.30 p.m.
No. Sltf
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
"ComfaniE-* Act, 1897."
I hereby certify *.h-u the "Mil Creek Copper
MUtlnf- Company, Limited." ii��v this day  been
* ���.-���-iM-riM ii.. ��u f.si n.-r'ri*\ im-iui Company un-
iler the "CompanieB .Act, 1887," to carry out or
t-ffect all or any of the objects of the Company
to whleh the legislative authority of the 1-egls-
iature of British Columbia extends
The head ofllce of the Compauy ls situate at
ihe City ol Spokane, State of Wushiugton, U.S.A.
The amouut ol the t-apitat of tbe Compauy ls
one   million   five   hundred   thousand    dollari.
��� llvlded luto one mtiliou five hundred thousand
;u. i '.���*��� of oue dollar each.
The head office of the Company ln this i'ro-
vtnee ls situate at Nelsou, aud Michael C Mon*
i.u'hiiii, Miner, wiiii.*..' ad<lre_s is the same, is the
attorney ofthe Company
The time of tbe existence of the Company Is
fifty yeani Irom the 15th March, 1901.
Tbe Compauy Is upeeially limited under section 66 of the above Act-
-<iveu under my baud aud seal of office at
Victoria, Province ol British Columbia. Hub 15th
day of May, oue thousand nine hundred and
WW&. ���
[L. 8.] 8. Y. WOOTTON,
l-.i'*-i--t rat* of Joint Btock Compaules,
with, the Freuch foreign minislor. M.
IMiichtm. According to a (-statement given out later no political quesions vvure
French Actor A Wreck.
Paris, Oct. 22.���Constant Coquelin,
the actor, is suffering from acute neurasthenia, and his t'rieuds are most anx-
Lotlfl about him. Ho shortly will be taken to a sanatorium in  England.
Newfoundland Storm Swept.
St. Johns, Oct. 22.���A violent storm.
the worst of tba piiscnt seaaou, raged
all along the Newfoundland coast yesterday. Many marine disasters are feared
ai*. a large number of Ashing vessels aro
moving along the const from Labrador.
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f I
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:. ALL
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Tlwiil-i. ���*. -        7     H    H<sDa__u
Spar. ��� v-ia;   Rs>t
t-_____     S.  Mol:berad_
O_o: -. ���-._*-��*. G   IJ*t����jsoiu Cal-
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W. l_u -    1 C-ta-a
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Sin. Fertie . J. X. Mc
_Us.- I. Me-aci-m. Wi-tupet*
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P. i 7     H- Shei'
CK-BEii: W. lia���oa. F��x   OL MrE_*ctrre_-
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S..-- *.    - -    r*.
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Fork?: Mrs  S. M. 1**8ia|n��-i., St- S_*p-*tt:
Trethear*?.     La   Plata.     R   Mc
���    - -      V--c-   . ���-.:
���    *.V    r-oFen. W
*    H. Tbor;- --sn. Sk-craa:
C   M<rLa<Q_tiii- Wlmlav: Otl
-ri��*. Pboemix: J. SmilSie. J.  Rales. Bar-
u>: R Gr___m. Rloe Betl.
K    "sailii ���, K   R RamboM. Roaa-
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.��_-, J   Tunable. Spokane
W    tt   _n_tM_a.    Cranbrrok.    )    F.
Thompson. Fernie: ll  : -^ndoTi
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with   So  trees,  good   water,
first rate location, -$700.
Fother. r -**-.a��� R-tchie.
Ai Sl -f-aviours churcii. Nel->on
on Morday. - >  *   _   st      >  Etrfv   V   H
bam. rector, William Thoma* Ko*1.
ham of Ne_taoa    was    married  _.
Ma:J Florence Riichk-, ol K
New Crttsges-
w   G   Thooiaua bas srivon a eont)
*   erec.,on of iwo ctv..-   -
ta    *-oeni.y pnrchas<--_ "by him la
view.   Work will i-_*ei__ ai once an-:
will be ready for occupancy in Nevem-
Nf s*r- Choral Society.
The Nelson Choral S��-X-iety had qui'e
a number ai praciice .a_>i e**-.-nin,__ The
ns--**eiines   will   be *     Monday
eves-dag in Fotora in ihe K   of P. haiL
Members are  particularly   requesied   to
CfM-achmsMtfi Cub.
The  Churchman's  Club    will    bold a
eociai :he parish hall tonaor-
row en - -���-���:-��� o'clock. All
men who are o>nnect��t*-d with lhe Church
of   England  are  cordially  invite-d  I
ini evening is assured.
>:Tmksers   and   new-comers   to   ih-
are particularly inrited, and
Sunaay School  Conventton.
The Union Sunday  School con'-
-  in the I-abtist church loni-
ans.    Me_ho-di-=*<
and   Ilap.ists are   [*anicij*aT;: _
Muirheal  of Okoioks.     orsaniiinc
Ired   in   the   city  last   :   -
Addrv*-- *x>roe will be de'.
by Mayor  Gfltett  and   Rer.  T.  T
ruson-    The conrention will last  until
-   _.   -
L -*-�����  Meeting.
N- ".-j_��n  Libert.,  Asw> :    *
:.:eht    and    arranged  for  regular
t.s,s on  the third   Monday of each
. -
_.�����_    Dr. Ar- -rosoa
and H. E- Douglas were appointed a com-
.re   a   prc-CTamnoe.      Ac*
cording to a soraetime-s reliable source
of information, the feature of the even-
_����� an address  by  W   A. G;-.
M   P.. not on political principles or on
'���''-���   :-���-���..--     '������-���:.- :.-*������;:...:      s
-: -he co*__-n_t___-ntry at the next
���*:���.   N* sse--S-_fie  Company.
n-nder a miwiag sagned by    Lewli  A
.   Manager  Xetaon-Brnoe   Co..   an-
nrwimrinc  |r**a}a ' I *_.   and  >t__.
rini-M   ye*terday   in   The   Ikiily
. i- : -: ���--  ���--    :;   --*��� _        :. _:.-._- *
*  '-*_*.     ��� -       - *-. :     .-*-    - - .-  .
tax as be is cjo-nceimtd the annornnee-
'. -_.- ������ ����� i .. _____w_h -.1--; thai Bow-
i N-.'.- i ������ i. .. - ��� :._ - * . - -.- - _.: *:.-.*
CU_rord Lane Brace is flaying an east*
--_.-:-._---_.- ���;. - : _.- -:.--- .- z.
Xe-1--D_a-Brnce Coeopaay Mr. HorMead
ecck��*e* a letter from the Western Canada Booking Bureaa- explaining that
the Brace contract is cance.ied and re-
: _  ���- ---.:-***��� ..-  -   *
K     7    .
Ea; e��   S-voker.
The s-nnbing concert ander the aaa-
F   *'    V.      __  - r -
opera honae tonight cannot  fail to be
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Ram Lai Tea
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an Be Bought for
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Corner Silica and Joserhne Set.
PMOM*   7
Fine Leather
Holiday   goods   are   ai living  and   we
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Tb- sixmIs  are
aaid more 1- U wtr. an.1
���ck  make-*    .
- ro* ing.    It
thinking  about   0 I    iking
a mental note of >-
and Uh       ----- are to be found
W. G. Thomson
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Pure Ontario Honey,
5 lb. Tins,
���*->:_��� -tf^nt tar i
������*���-���..     - -   -
-   - ���. ��.   - - - *.   . ���
, U   Box 2S-.
fTeiephope 161.
. -   ; : :.    i -   -">
Las: rai riears ai
-        '.- r'.ctare empany.
r,.*t -All-, f  r-- -- ������ . -    -
Bastu.s������ : .. *    ��� ,-r..B(
-s   h>t .-icai   ���.:
I    -*. T.. .'ana-ran
in inttre<*,ing a: - -    W
A- Galliher. M. P.. G��)- Horstera-l. Frwl
Starkey. r*r Re*-* 5 S Taylor and T
G. Proc-t-r -ill officiate in variotts t-a-
I���*cides.    I. ta  anil b*  *-?rTed
-foK-r .    . by tbe chairmen.
-ill iscln���e: co: f E   Ma���on:
res-itaiicc by  Mr- B   Gria-
-elle;   ���c*nc.   A    rl   Taylor;   if.- r -    S    A.
by   an     UQlaoa-a;
sot_c. B���otcfe   daaciftt;:   raotto-
!ot*-e. JL Do-giaa: sir- :.   and
tkree  t..*i-ir? n_*;cbes.
-T :.,.--  sa-  7r
-   r ��� ��� . ;-".-���       i -    . -
...*.rr i
li*. Ofi-. sad ts��> hot I
Irr -r-rf
- >:: * ..i-foU-it-Mi1
^>;t ai K   ;���   H.a. aa a^hi ef *-.h
F*.aAcr a-I-s_e rrtsin to  Pajksr'. jljb-
|,laj .at a. ���a-ea-ry sat itsrrs-iTe rearai-i.
-   -     la      s-nilai_��- rssar-l mUl   tw pal-* l-r iu
MeH-r-r-ro* 1 * KeHa
-=e= s :-.-���..
James Cro���in came dav_ from tiie
Larde-*, las* nigiiL
Mr. aad Mrs. H-jr Smellie are In
htm :-- -   ; ��� ���������-1
Mr axii Mrs R. H. L��-.-r are in town
from Die Bl-
J���hn Keen, of K__r*o. euw do-ss last
night and is a- the Home.
R   G    Webb    late   rj-rroatrietor
S���rathcona Hotel,    returned   last night
������  ���     .' .-. -
_f B ���*--���*_ arrii-e- from Kaslo last
nit���it aad left on the Cro-' boat en
rente to Dakota.
J*re_   .-.die  of   Wane-la.  district  fruit
pen inspector, is. in Ibe city conferrln-
T. C-nnina-han_ the pt-orrinrtal in
J. S   F   Gi'.iHiE left this morn:   .
Greenarood to take tbe position of ae
eon-tant   in  the Bank    of    Montreal's
ri:.  :.  -.-��� it
L:j*.   Man   Founts.
Packed in
It Is Grow
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our* Reputation on
the Quality and Reecommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely ihe Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
Cart-_?!��. S_u-k_  Oei_  22.���-White
rene-rre farm matmrtor. J. A- St-
wbo diKar-5��fared soooe t-en day- *#o. was
focmd  working    on    a threshinc outfit
aonse ftfiecn milea sooth o* Carlisle.
K ST-KJOC r-^at4_inlnf a. t_c��e_l raeqae of
ta * StecctuA  Oatilet  "Miniair C-*_B_i��-.a��. iMTftM*
io f. v*    W��.-**r    _.ix_  Jei'rfrt.     tit
iftt-r ��t So Ku
TWO n___>T--CL_fti*-*** fcOt>M&. _t>-_L_a ba
Mr au��� li 11 ii r ltr-3 g-q. _.   m   CaUi
tD~T_* Kaftan hvFtr, T��ta
*---   �� -        all ��nu emx I
rtrizc Apply   to temeph
*-*-**--..���       CrUs-*'*-
���ta t-T Ynnaj S_*��*-tvt_ifta (mar
���   t  ���   ._j-,hi_i    * i ptrieneeO
tn-H   __Qd   t-Mrit  U-.<i<-      JUMttM
A   PiiTMl   ���ttft  *_:..������*.  tr   fiilmi   .
nvmeh memr Sehmm   A pmmS ��pi-r*aUtit-:
a-t-r meet* mot he mtUremj e-njt��*<*���-. <--n ntw-h
���    -  : ��� * --* ��� i      -7 J -.       '.M.
"�� K\rLl*~ l^teertrleimm. ��;_*;_.��   m
-rmu *ii_��u<i-i in iBntl-t'.io- i * *        ,.- ���   ���{,,
AldT-**-** H   ��    &_ IH:
a ft_m i>   FarlUftn-ui _��. *-at* momOtmm lor
��  - i    -        s   ���    c *x_    **r_.c.l-r.  shM  t�� <_A__i
tmm\ime~   AoArtm O. *   - a
a A I > T �� l*����� Purrdb-UM �� Cmem C��_a. C ��_>:
ApfktT i   ft    X.. (*�� UB*. (>___**��.
Threahiny Accident.
Lomaden.    9nsk..      Oct      ;_ - :
Bamea, while threshins a* John Siuairs
���tth a a-hprinu* aecidenv    A plup In
the boiler wa* blown ont fitrikinc falui
on tike forehead, t-mashinc his ski.
r__-^ap steam acnl-ded his lace.
!-e  ner^saarT ho   .-.3>ovp  the franare-d
porti<-n of the *kn.l. ab ���  of a
loOer. io save iv
Oaln-t to *.ti incr. aaing bualnesa in
the regular lines of Drugs and Stat,on
cry we must have more room, and will
have to close out several of our "aid*
lin.-.-r " ���*a commence with CHINA
WARE. Our new stock is all In for tbe
*___M tra-ie. and lt all goes In at our
Clearing  Out  Pnces-
A visit to this department will inter-
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD.
Phone  81
B    A.   ISAAC
__ W. a Bloak  . FkoM  U.
Boots at Cost
Ton ran buy IV**-** aad Sb*---^ a: yott- own price.    Tbe e-r'.el-rated McKeen
��� -������-         -   .--���-.: ----  ;- ���   !���            s - :���:
The Mel-art-n _-  rta'las Koot reduced frotn I'             15.75.
-":��*. :-���;   StreeL
A Snoemaker ���-anted to take over Shoen-ak.ng Department-
ft  W.   HINTON ���
i*c|-.iiinm:  mul .lohhlng �����������*._in��.i ���*��> lth�� (>��i*p.it.h.    8h<Mt Metal
Work.   Mmiin*   iii-s.1    Mill    Mii-hinvrt .        ������ lit t. .-ft�� ^ t ._*-_- -*_ . ,|
On��    wtit--.    tH.    $*-     *._:- tint rn_ t t .1--**-,"    Crtiria
that it fashionable ars a.-it-e cj- :���
bought now at a pre* fa*. % _*--. ts
tempt you. Winter styes at ttOM
ihown. Come quick ana otx tf-t p ;t
Shirts, Cc-ars and Cuffs :;:**��� Uei-
ium and Heavy Weight Pa..a--as ��***-!
S.ght Shirts at prop��f p*- :ei Pa*-! :-j
lar people will be pleaire-*: -. :- :.* :"e-
Places to have your pi-eic- ?* '**i *
But to have them prcpe**:. a-s :_-*���**���*'
compounded    ot    your    p* it ; ;*
���_es   o**.ng tt-em    ts tie    Popular    Store.
Pooie-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
iker and Josephine Si*
\V-f -ro-iicl like to tiee all oar pat mns oomrortabk1 this wlntf-r and I* otOer ��
do so we hare in stock the b**-at _u��-ort ed line of b��*atjn*? atovtrs aad c-aoKiJ
Etore�� and  ranpea ever before prt-seated to tbe public in Koo-enar
We -Tt-uld be pleaj-ed to ahov yoa our line and before ns^-UftC row oor-
chase kind'y aee what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
St ar- Br>-'-L
Yon can always get what
you want in all kinds of House
Furnishings at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Fvtnitvte Company
Comple-le  Houae  Furn.aher* and  Underla-era-
W.  make    a    *
l-i-ola.  Pic-te.    Pbovir-
llanin��*r��.    Car,-X**-
*=-.-*���������. ���!-, lo tar-
l'.rt.-irf*r-or or _m< '
_-a��t La  SurP'.*  ) ''"r
Ifl-lr in n* llrn~
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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