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The Daily Canadian Mar 8, 1907

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Array ��ttje gktUjj  ��cmabian
llJME I.     NO.   235.
Fifty Cbmts a Month
(w Case Suffered an
Unexpected Collapse
dc Threat end in Case Thaw b
Icntenced���Mrs. Wm. Thaw
Is Dissatisfied.
I    Yurk, March 8.���When court OP-
1 ilm. ninrnlDK 'or tin; further lieur-
If ihs* Thaw case the defence, In ac-
wlth   the   decision   reported
���yesterday, announced  that lt has
Isl   und all  the  evidence  which It
||,i's| will save Harry K. Thaw from
i trie chair ia  ln  the  hands ol
1  except  what may he given In
I.    Distil*    Attorney Jerome, as
musl   persons   who   have   fol-
the trial  closely, were suprlaed
luddan determination of the de-
ii s-ad Us caae, uud as the district
;. Is nsji tiulte prepared to go on
|liis. rehutlal testimony, tt Is likely
will ask Justice Fitsgerald to
lone Uie trial until Monday.
I Mr. Ur. Delmas, chief counsel for
, ia ascribed the lateBt move. Per-
j In- was impressed with Ihs- tes-
s Kiven   hy  Mrs.  Wm.  Thaw on
esday, ami ln thinking of his fu-
Jjlalis, thai  night there Hashed Inlss
ii.iml llie thought that, with this
tlie grlct-strlcketi mother on
|iiiie��a siansl fresh lu the minds of
mis. ll was u good place lu close
is ol lln- defence.   He knew lhat
r.s men hasl had a aurfelt of ox-
-liinsiny, and as that was about
-.Ull had to offer, he deemed II
It,sal It should be eliminated.
ft, aud his relatives are said to be
ssl wllh  the decision of counsel
uli the prosiwcts of tile prisoner.
IWm. Thaw was reported to he (tiled thai, she was nol allowed on
mess sland to toatlfy on the ques-
|o: hereditary insanity in the Thaw-
She    wished    to  explain  the
punts made during the trial that
irs of the Thaw family have been
insane asylum.    Mrs.  Thaw,  it
|m,us-,i, felt that a greal injustice
sen   done   the   Thaw   family  by
statements, hence her desire to
Jcls deny them.   With this subject
llinl. Mrs. Thaw sent for Clifford
artrtdga yesterday and he had u
|ri'iice witli her tailing   nearly three
sluring whicli time she told him
|if she could not tell her story on
ptaiul, she would tell her side of It
newspapers. Mr. Hartrldge, how-
is believed to have denied lhat
a mother was displeased, and said
lis- was utilised with everything.
_. lhe   lawyers   explained   as   the
plying  reason   for tlie  manner ln
Ji  her   testimony   was   restricted.
*lit   Attorney   Jerome   is   still   re-
Iiik muny threatening letters which
��� Iiini for prosecuting Thnw. Some
wrltera threaten if Thaw Is con-
Isl to blow Mr. Jerome into ntoms.
1 him nl oil, lo shool him and du
cruel things.
Yssrk. March 8.���When court
���ns'd Tor the Thaw trial today Mr.
as announced lhal the defence had
mi's- evidence to Introduce, Court
inied until Monday when Jerome
begin rebuttal.
len Justice Fitzgerald had as-
.'il to lhe bench ansl Clerk Pennlc
called lhe Jury roll, Mr. Delmas
* and said: "The defence restB."
lerome Ihen said he would have to
for an adjournment of the case
Monday morning,
lien court adjourned last Wednes-
veiling," he said, "I had no reason
peet it would not be continued by
���ts. Yesterday evening Mr. Mc-
called upon me wllh a letter trom
Delmas saying Ihe defence had
ged Its plans and would call for
lure witnesses. Under tho clrciim-
lea 1 musl ask for an adjournment
have no witnesses available today,
y experience with the hypothetical
lens framed extemporaneously has
lhat they require a long time in
asking and are subject to more or
discussion. I had expected the
ng off the questions would require
f today*! session."
(Mice Fitzgerald turned to Mr. Del
and said: "There is not tho slight-
objection on our part."
"slice Fitzgerald then ordered the
urnnient until Monday, admonlsh-
the jurors not to discuss the case
anybody, and above all, not to
His* newspapers. District Attorney
uss snlsl he was not prepared to add
"lm. further to his statement of
"iglil   lhat   the  evidence he   will
to offer ln rebuttall will be be
fore the Jury by Wednesday.   He added
I the case sliould go lo the Jury by Friday night.
Mra. Kvelyn Nesbitt Thaw was in tho
witness    room- loday  when courl ad
Joimied and she Immediately went to
[ tlie Tombs lo vlelt her husband.
Russian  Circumttances   Duplicated   In
the Orient,
Victoria, March 8��� UnlesB the Chl-
MM famine sufTereres In the district
nnrth or the Yangaie river receive Immediate relief, the lives of len million
of them will be endangered within a
few weeks' time, according to reports
received per the Kmpress uf India.
The famine in North China Is the
mosl terrible known to the world. sS'ol
even the great famine of India can compare with It. The slrlcken area extends
for over 40,000 square miles, and the
number of people effected Is said to be
10,000,000. Supreme elturtB have been
made to relieve the distress, but not
a fraction ol tlie demaad has been mel
An appeal to the Chinese throughou:
lhe world will probably be made, anil
it Is altogether likely that an extra effort will be made by the local colony,
lliuugh already a large sum has been
forwarded to the Chinese Ked Cross so
ciety, having its headquarters at
The Bltuation moreover haB been complicated by the activity of tlie revolutionaries. They have taken advantage
of the disorganization which has at
tended the famine to forward theii
propaganda it is largely the students,
Lhose who have been studying in Japan,
who are responsible, and there is an
elemenl in China which asBerts tbal
these revolutionary activities are being
fostered by Japan in order that she may
have-  an  excuse   for   interfering.
Visit   of   Ameer  to   India   Results   In
Welding Ties Which Interpose Between Russia and India.
Cnlcuttu, Marcli 8���Aller more than
a two munihB' visit to ludia, the ameer
or Afghanistan has again reached the
frontier of his own country and has
Marled for Kabul. His majesty un
mlstukahly enjoyed every day of his
slay In India. He was for the first time
officially designated as "your majesty'
In a telegram of welcome from King
Kdward when the ameer entered India
whicli was regarded here as significant
While no proposals of a political oi
military character have been made on
either side aud no modification of the
British-Afghan relations as established
by the treaty of Kabul, In 1905, was suggested, the visit Is regarded as a furthei
welding of the ties which make Afghan-
istan a buffer state against a posslbli
Kussian advance on India.
The ameer during his slay in India
went up in balloons and became a keen
motorist as a result of which he has
made Beveral automobile trips In Afghanistan, developed an Immense liking
for playing bridge whlsl and made the
Afghan court learn the game that he
could play al Kabul.
The ameer seal trom the frontier a
menage, the original of which was
written in his own handwriting, which
has caused marked satisfaction among
the Indian officials. The message be
gins; "In the name of tiod," and goes
on to declare that during my short
tour of India, I have made more true
friends' of Afghanistan than could have
been made In 20 years if 1 had not
paid Ihe visit." The ameer concludes
wllh expressing the significant desire
lhat his "message be published in the
newspapers" for the information of tho
whole world. 	
Liberals Win Bye-Elections.
Montreal, March 8.���Complete returns In federal bye-election ln L*As
somption and Klchelieu give two Liberal victories yesterday. Dr. Laurler
defeated Lemare, Conservative In
LAssomptlon by 216. The contest drew
a good vote as both candidates had a
strong following. The Liberal policy ol
Dr. Laurier, not lo speak of his family
name, proved inviclble. In Klchlle
there was no Conservative running and
as often happens, two 1 Iberals wanted
to go to Oitawa. bul Mr. 1 Lanclol.
the government candidate delealed Mr,
Rondeau, independentjLlberal. riie later, In fact, had no chance of Winning.
as the popular feeling was on the side
of lhe regular nominee.
The Dally Blue.
Toronto, March 8.-Firo last night
did about $20,000 worth of damage to
the store room and machine shop of th"
J. J. McLaughlin company, sodu water
makers, on Sherbourne street blocking
Iho Kelt car Hue route for about two
hours. ^^^
Hill Abandons Plant.
Calgary, March 8.-The Albertan
says it Is Informed on authority that
seems to be of the most reliable nature
that though thc Oreat Northern railway has abandoned If* proposed Canad.
Ian transcontinental line for the present, at. least, that it Is at present making plans for a line which will come
Into Calgary.
Contrary to general expectntlons the
new line will not come In by way of
Lethbrldge. The Hill line does not own
the line running into that city and has
a lease upon ll. The Hill line ends at
Sweet Grass, Montana. The new line
will come In by wny of Fernie, and will
come by lhe shorlesi route. It is believed that It will run rar lo lhe west
or Calgary and Macleod road.
Oreat Northern men have been in
Ihis city recently Invetlgatlng condlUons and seem to have been satisfies!
with Ihe outlook.
Nlcurguans and Hondurant are in Fatal
8an Salvadore, March 8���The National assembly yesterday decreed the
republic of Salvadore to be ln a state
or siege. President Stella of Nicaragua,
has issued a violently-worded proclo-
ination against Honduras, Guatemala
and Salvadore. Previous reports that
the Honduran troops are triumphing
over the Nlcurguans have been confirmed.
Managua, Nlc, March 8.���It Is reported here that General Manuel Bo-
nlllii, president ot Honduras, personally
witnessed his forces attack on Wednesday the Nlcaraguan positions at Nama
squio in Honduras. The Nlcaraguan
forces were routed and many Nicara-
guans were either killed or wounded
and made prisoners. Yesterday the
tSlcaraguan forces captured the Honduran position at Tuguare after a hard
fight, many prisoners being taken in
this engagement. Tuguare is not fai
from Cholute and was the strongest position held by the Honduran troops.
Ouerto Gortoz, Hon., March8.���Ad
vlcea received here loday confirm tht
reports that President Bonilla of Hun
duras, defeated the Nlcaraguuns al
Namasijue, Honduaas on March 6th.
and again defeuted them on March 7th
at Yisugere.
Every  Public   Utility  Mutt   Now   Pay
Tribute to Caesar.
Edmonton, March 8.���The Alberta
legislature yesterday passed unanl
mously Premier Rutherford's bill foi
the purpose or taxing corporations. Tht
bill provides lor taxation or all con
ceivable public utilities and financial
concerns. Street railways will" pay $200
per annum and $100 per mile on every
thing over 20 miles. The telegraph
companies pay $1 a mile lor every mile
of line, telephone companies pay 50
cents per Instrument In cities ol 100,000
and 25 cents in cities under. Gas companies pay $500 annually, electric light
companies $500 ir. cities of 10,000 and
$100 ln twons and $25 in villages. Ex
press companies pay $500, corporations
taking money on deposit $200, banks
$100 for each head offlce and $200 per
branch.. Private banks $200 and $25
for each branch. Insurance companies
1 per cent, of the gross premiums,
trust and loan companies $100 on each
$100,000 of capital.
The bill has passed through all com
mlttee stages and Its becoming a law
Is now only a matter of formality.
Work for the Hague.
Brussels, March 8.���It was learned
here yesterday that among the issues
to be raised al the next peace confer
ence at the Hague will be the question
whether a nuetral power should permit
a belligerent power violating Its territory, to utilize railroad material belong
Ing to It, and whether or not a belligerent power may utilize such material
brought by belligerent into the terrl
Brussels, March 8��� Because of an
adverse vote on a question of international affairs, the .members of the Hell-
ram cabinet have virtually decided to
proffer the resignations. King Leopold
returns to the capital.
Antiquarian Find.
Anaconda, March 8��� Workmen dls
covered two ancient tombs of extraordinary value and interest here yesterday while excavntlng for the foundation! of a hospital. These tombs date
from the third century before Christ.
They contained some beautiful silver
vases, a pair of gold ear-rings set with
emeralds and a gold ring set with a
carved stone. Orders have been given
that search be made for other antlqua
An Ambassador's Salary.
Mr. James Bryce will be given a
larger salary as British ambassador at
Washington than any of hla predecessors. He is to receive $60,000 a year,
and In addition be granted $10,000 to
defray the expenses of settling In thc
embassey. The post at Washington is
now the beat paid ln tho British diplomatic Bervice.
For Associated Boards of
Special Betting Last Right Endorses
Opposition to Lord's Day Act-
Delegates Elected.
The Nelson board of trade last night
elected delegates to the annual convention of the Associated Boards which
will open in Greenwood next Wednesday, and considered the list of resolutions. The board's delegates were generally given a free hand.
Among the matter tbat will come up
are public ownership of telephones, the
Lord's Day Act, fruit inspection, car
and labor shortage and Kootenay river
land reclamation.
The board met at 8:30 with the following members present:
F. A. Starkey, in the chair, G. O. Buchanan, 8. M. Brydges, D. C. McMorris,
G. Nunn, D. M. Macdonald. S. S. Taylor,
I. G. Nelson, J. M. Lay, It. It. Hedley,
L. Hill, H. E. Douglas, A. Lean, 13. C.
Wragge, W. Irvine. L. B. DeVeber, T.
Morley, W. H. Jones, A. W. Dyer, M.
H. Farrar, F. J. Daaa*.
The notice calling tke special meeting was read and the motions were
then taken up aerlatum.
As T. Morley was not present aud his
resolutions have already beeu covered
b) the Kaslo board, no action was
taken, as these motions will bo
brought up:
"That, owing to the divergent conditions existing In the soils and climatic influences of the Kootenay and
Houndary districts as compared with
those of other parts of British Columbia, or the Dominion of Canada, lt Is
expedient ln the interests of the rapid
development of the fruit growing Indus
try that an experimental farm be established ln some portion of the Kootenay or Boundary districts and that the
Dominion government be petition to
take means to carry out this object."
"Thai, the Dominion government be
asked to appoint a fruit Inspector under
the Fruit Marks Act to be permanently
resident in the interior of British Columbia, as owing to the recent changes
In the Fruit Marks Act, increased vigilance will be absolutely necessary in
order to carry out the provisions of
the act."
A. W. Dyer Introduced the following:
"Whereas, there can be <no better
means of strengthening thc links of
union between the various parts of the
empire than by the freest possible dissemination of news; and whereas, the
present Canadian press bureau in Lon
don ls not managed on newspaper principles and is, therefore, neglected by
tho principal Canadian newspapers of
all shades of political opinion: be it
therefore resolved, that thc Dominion
government be urged to place the Canadian press bureau ln London on a
more efficient footing and to further
help the Canadian newspapers in their
desire that news from London for Canada should not be sent by way of New
York, and be in tbat manner tinged
with undesirable United States coloring."
Mr. Dyer spoke briefly ln Its support,
and tt was adopted.
Capt. McMorris then offered the following:
"Whereas, the telephone is of such
public untility that lt should* be owned
and operated as a government and municipal undertaking in order that It
may serve the people as a whole and
give to every person an opportunity ot
enjoying its advantages at cost.
"And, whereas, lt Is desirable that
tbe government of British Columbia
should construct long distance line and
have such lines duly operated.
And, whereas, the local systems of
telephones should be owned preferably
by the municipalities:
"Therefore, resolved, that tn the opinion of the Nelson board of trade It is
In the Interests of the people of the
province of British Columbia that the
government should enact legislation
providing for the construction, acquisition, expropriation, maintenance and
operation of a public telephone system
oi* systems throughout the province so
aa to Insure reasonable charges for the
use of telephones and the more rapid
extension of such telephone service
throughout the province or in such districts ss may be deemed advisable."
The resolution was passed for presentation to the Associated Boards.
Mr. Morley then arrived and consented to the substituting ot endorsement ot the Kaslo resolution for his.
F. M. Black's resolution was then
read, as follows:
"That tho government at Ottawa be
memorialized to conduct a thorough Investigation Into the shortage of fuel
supplies throughout the West, experi
enced during the winter of 1906-7, and
to adopt such measures as may appear
desirable, either by railroad regulation,
coal mine operation or by compulsory
strike arbitration, or such other means
as may be desirable."
Mr. Black was not present and as
HoBsland has adopted a similar resolution no action waB taken.
The matter of reservations tn land
titles given by the C. P. R. company to
settlers on Its land In Kasl Koolenay
wub then taken up. The commitlee had
made np report. S. S. Taylor suggested
lhat a short resolution should he passed
asking the provincial government to
take steps to eliminate all reservations
except those usually mado on crown
I. O. Nelson moved tliat that the provincial government be urged to participate in the Alaska-Yukon exposition at
Seattle In 1909, and give due representation to the upper country. The mo
tion was passed.
S. 8. Taylor then moved:
"Whereas, thc West Arm of Kootenay
lake is. from scenic and commercial
standpoints, one of the greatest assets
of the city of Nelson;  and
"Whereas, it is a matter ot vital Importance to the ranchers and owners
of summer homes along Bald West Arm
that the danger from Hoods be not in
creased in flood times or that thc water
ln said Weet Arm during thc fall, winter and early spring be not lowi 'ed tc
the slightest degree below the presenl
low water limit; and
"Whereas, in the opinion of many competent men the channel at Procter cannot be deepened or widened without
lowering the present low water mark ln
the Weat Arm at low water seasons:
"Resolved that the government be requested to refuse all requests for lgis
latlen In any manner directed to the assistance or authorization of any Inter
ference with the channel of the West
Arm at or near Procter or al or near
Grohman creek or elsewhere In said
Weit Arm."
Speaking of his motion Mr. Tayloi
said that the promised benefits were
for Idaho lands and all tlie danger to
British Columbia.
Leslie Hill, who msde the original
examination for Mr. Bailiie-Grohman In
1884, corroborated Mr. Taylor as to thi
possible benefits, but said that tbe results  were  entirely  problematical.
Mr. Taylor remarked that Kaslo's en
dorsement of the scheme had probably
been given without full knowledge..
tl. O. Buchanan asked if (he charter
to Mr. Balllle-Orohman was still in
force. No one could answer. He re-
ma'ked that that charter authorized
everything asked for except the lowering of the low-water level.
Mr. Taylor's resolution was then
On motion of D. C. McMorris the fol
lowing then passed:
"Whereas, the special reservations In
serted by the C. P. R. In all deeds issued by lt respecting railway grants In
Kootenay and Yale impose unfair and
onerous restrictions on purchasers, and
whereas, no lndefeasable title can be
obtained to such lands under such
deeds, Resolved, that steps be taken to
have all reservation eliminated in provincial land deeds Issued by the C. P.
R. company, as shown in -copy of deed
attached hereto, except wherein they
conrorm with reservations made by the
crown when disposing of similar lands.'
A copy of the title was attached to
the resolution.
The Btcretary then read the resolutions of the other affiliated boards.
On Mr. Buchanan's suggestion the
board's delegates were not definitely instructed on the majority of the resolu
The resolutions were then read,
many of them being repltlons of last
year's and not a few being duplicated
On the resolution In regard to the
Lord's Day Act, L. Hill and R. R. Hedley spoke ln support.
G. O. Buchanan said he spoke as a
member ot the Lord's Day alliance, and
expressed his belief that the provincial
attorney general's discretion was merely to ensure bona fides, that provincial governments had no jurisdiction,
and that relief must be Bought, It nt all.
from the Dominion government.
8. 8. Taylor disagreed with Mr. Buchanan's view. Capt. McMorris remarked that the question would be decided by thc provincial government be
fore the board meets.
R. R. Hedley and T. Morley were
elected delegates to the Associated
lioards, with 6. Nunn, Capt. McMorrlF
nnd A. W. Dyer ss alternates.
The meeting then adjourned.
Bryce's Fete Programme,
New York, March, 8.���Tho Right
Hon. James Bryce, the Brltlah ambassa
dor, and Mrs. Bryce, who will visit
Canada the latter part of tills month,
will be publicly and privately entertained here enroute. The Pilgrim's society will glvo a large dinner for the
ambassador, and he will be the guest
of the chamber of commerce at a special meeting on March 28th. He will
meet the members and will be given a
luncheon after the reception. The ex-
ambassador, Joseph H. Choate, and
Mrs. Choate will give a dinner for Mr.
and Mrs. Bryce on Mnrch 22nd at their
home, and on March 25th, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles P. Alexander will give a reception for the Bryces at their town
An Idle Dream.
London, March 8.���In the house of
commons Mitchell Tnomspon, Conservative, suggested that Foreign Secretary Grey utilize tho most favored nation clause of the Anglo-American
treaties with the view of securing the
admission  of British goods   into  the
United States on the same terms as
Cuban goods. The secretary, however,
said he did not believe that any benefit
would arise from such representation
at the present moment, owing to differences shown to exist In the views of the
two countries by exchanges of commun
Ications between the late (Balfour) government and the government of the
United States.
Assessment   Act   Amended    Reducing
Taxes on Land.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, March 8.���Late yesterday
Hon. F. J. Fulton, K. C, was sworn ln
as chief commissioner of landa and
works. For the present he will continue to hold the portfolio of attorney
general aB well. It ts understood this
arrangement Ib only temporary and designed to leave Hon. R. G. Tatlow free
from other duties than those ot mini*
ter of finance and agriculture during
the session.
One evidence of the Increasing revenue ot the province will be evident during the early days of the preaent session of the legislature in that the Assessment Act will be amended so as to
reduce the tax on land to three-fifths of
one per cent, Instead of one percent as
It now stands. A bill has already been
drafted for the purpose and will be presented to the house either today of very
early next week. There will -alio prob
ably be the same reduction ln the pit-
sonal property tax, the Income tax,
however, remaining as at preaent.
Chrit Roosevelt's Condition.
Washington, March 8.���The condition
ot Mr. Chris Roosevelt, the president's
son, who Ib suffering from a severe attack ot dlptherla, ls more encouraging
this morning thin at any time ln the
last 18 hours, though the patient Is still
In a critical condition. .
Negotiated at Lett by Explorer Amundsen Who Mikes Observation! of
the  Magnetic  Pole.
Paris, March 8.���Amundsen, the daring Norwegian explorer, who accomplished the Northweat passage In Iiis
47-ton schooner Gzoa, spending 19
months of his three years' voyage making observations ln the vicinity of the
magnetic pole, has been lionized ln
Paris. President Fallleres decorated
the explorer as a Commander of the
Legion of Honor. Amundsen has delivered lectures before the various
scientific societies and giving an imperial talk upon his experiences for
tho benefit of France's 40 "Immortals"
at the residence of Prince Roland Bonaparte, who has recently been elected to
the institute.
"Nansen," lays Admundsen, "was always fascinated by the Idea of the
Northwest passage, which had been attempted so many times before and
never found. Yet I saw It open before
my ship the first year of my voyage,
and would not tike advantage of the
chance because my programme was to
make observations at the magnetic pole.
In the end, lt ls true, I did navigate the
Northwest passage, though when I'
reached it, It was much more difficult
than when I saw it the first year."
Amundsen expects that lt will take
three years to work out the scientific
results of the observations he made
night and day for 19 months near the
magnetic pole. While he knows that his
observations prove that the magnetic
pole Is not stationary, nntll his figures
and notes are carefully studied, it will
be impossible to say whether its oscillations are regular. Amundsen says II
the same with his meteorological
ocean���graphic aud geographical observations. They will, however, have to
be studied by scientific men to determine their value. All he was able to
say In general was that the oceanic
bottom traversed by him was flat and
sandy and the old dreams, so long entertained by explorers, of a short Northwest passage practicable for trade purpose, was exploded. The route north
of the American continent which he
discovered, he says, Is only practicable
for scientific explorations. He earnestly
hopes, however, that his example will
he followed, or that at least, a station
will be established In the vicinity of
the magnetic pole and maintained there
long enough to permit of a complete
and exhanustlve observation.
Amundsen will visit the United
States this fall.
Canadian M. P. Dead.
Ottawa, March 8.���Kdward Cochrane,
M. P., Northumberland Eaat, died al
the Protestant general hospital this
morning. He was Buffering from cancerous growth In the throat and for
some time has had to be fed artificially.
He waB 73 years of age. He first went
to the comomns in 1882 and with the ex
ceptlon of one session, tn 1887, has rep
resented the constituency ever since.
Prlo-M of Metals.
New York, March 8.���Silver, t��*Mt;
copper, 24-tfc; lead, It.
London, March 8.���Silver, 31%d;
lead, ��20, ls��� 3d.
Second Reading in Boose
of Commons Today
Liberals Wbo Pledged Votes Got
Cold Fed After London
Election Results.
London, March 8.���The Women's enfranchisement bill whioh came up for
lti -second reading in the houae of -common!, ud which waa introduced by Mr.
Dickinson, Liberal, although practically
Identical with the meaaure introduced
by Mr. Kelr-Hirdle, -Socialist, last year,
baa evoked far greater general Interest.
The bill limply provides that women
���hall have the franchise on the ume
termi upon which it li now granted to
The house of commons waa crowded
again when the debates began, but only
women whole good behavior wis guaranteed by membera of parliament,
were permitted to enter the gallery.
The forcei Inside and outside the build-
ing were doubled and a apeclal detachment of police waa held ln reserve
In the neighborhood La .ylt- o' the fact
that the militant women had anbouLcea
that they would quietly await the vote
in the home. The suffragist societies
were ictive throughout the morning trying to Insure the attendance of all the
supposed supporters of the bill and
they claimed to have 480 membera
pledged to vote for it
All members who were -considered to
be in the least lukewarm ln the matter
were adviied by telephone or telegraph
thii morning that their seats will ba
endangered if they tailed to fulfill their
pledgei. It U admitted that many pro-
inliei to support the bill were given
by liberal! on the supposition that women, If franchlsed, wonld vote for Liberal candidate!, but the return of the
large Conaervitive majority at the municipal elections In London on Saturday but, In which the women voted,
tended to dispel this Illusion, and since
then many members of parliament who
prominently sympathised with the pro-
visions of the bill have been stricken
with a mysterious Illness that will not
permit them to attend the session at
the houae of commons.
There were no fewer than 60 motion
hostile to the bill placed on the table
while Just prior to the opening of the
debate a petition signed by 21 good wo.
men was preaented protesting against
granting parliamentary suffrage to wo-
men on the ground that lt would de-
stray their Influence in their inhere! of
After Iir. Dickinson's opening speech
tor the bill the premier announced that
It waa the intention ttt the government
to leave the question to a free decision
of the house. Pereonaliy, he favored
the general principle Intrusion ot late
yeara owing to the larger part of women who had taken to wage earning
and la the professions. On many questions continued the premier the opinion
of women wu equal to If not greater
than that of men. He stated he wu not
tn favor of the preaent bill became tt
would not enfranchise to the neceuary
degree, the working-clais women, and
workmen's wlvei. He would vote tor
the bill, however, u a declaration of
hla opinion that the exclusion trom the
franchise wu not expedient, but lue-
Unable u a political fight
Paper Prion Advance.
Toronto, March 8.���Advances In the
prlcea of pulp have caused a rapid advance In the price of all Unda of paper
of at leut 15 per cent. Coarser kinds
of paper, such u wrapping and building paper will he effected to the extent
of about 12 per cent, but ln the first
lines of printing paper the advance will
bii about 28 per cent. The cause ot the
advance la a scarcity of rags and of fl-
broua materials euential in the manufacture ot the latter grades.
Just Before Qeneroua.
Montreal, March 8.���The Proteitant
ichool commtulonera have decided to
pay Miu Sarah Maxwell's salary to her
mother for the reat ot the year. The
new ichool is to be called the Sarah
Maxwell Memorial ichool In honor ot
the victim ot the Hochelaga fire wbo
loat her Ute trying to aave her puplli.
Oklahoma Up to Date.
Guthrie, March 8.���A twocent. tare
provision wu made a part of the constitution of Oklahoma yeaterday. Thai
railroads which can ahow that they are
losing money at the two^aat rate, however, are exoepted.
;, :l! VT
.)',    *i
The Daily Canadian
Two Cars of the Celebrated
A. B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .14,.100,000 REST ��t,600,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
DepoBits received and intereBt allowed current rates from date of opening of
arxinnt, and componnded halt yearly.
nelson branch J��   M.   LAY, sManagtr.
The Royal Bank of Canada
CdPlt.l diid Reserve
Tot.1 Assets
Deposits of $1.00 uud upwards ivcelved at highest current rate and interest
paid Quarterly Instead of semi-annually, us heretofore.
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six days a week ity tbe
Baker St., Nelson. B. C.
Uuoscrlptlou rates, bu ueutn a month delivered
lu ttie citv, or y, t*' a year If sent by mall, when
paid ln advance.
Advertising rates on application.
All moniei paid iu settlement ot Tlie Dally
jiuadluu accounts, either Inr subscriptions or
urtiniiiKi muit be receipted (or on tne printed
�� of Uie Company.   Other receipt! are not
MAWCH tt. 1 ��H>7.
���'By one word we are unineiimos jurtg'sd to be
win* and by one word sometimes judged to be
Kwllab. Let uh thertffora be careful what we
say."���Cos rooms.
The experience of the Dominion government and the prairie provinces with
Ihe alien Doukhobors thrown an Interesting sidelight on the problem confronting Russia in the matter of popular government. While the free citizens of a self-governing country like
Canada will naturally sympathize with
the struggling and oppressed inhnbi*
bant of the czar's empire, the question
of the fitness of the Russian peasani
for a share iu constitutional and popular government may reasonably bv
doubted. In Canada the Doukhobors
have had every encouragement and
every inducement to demonstrate their
appreciation of freedom and free institutions, Their lands were given them,
they were assisted financially to reach
the country, they were settled In communities contrary to the customs of our
own people. More than this, they were
exempt from bearing arms and were
not even required to take the oath of
allegiance. They were granted religious freedom, that priceless boon enjoyed by all Canadians, and they were left
free from nearly all of the obliga Lions
which the native born Canadian Is
taught to respect as constituting the
bulwarks of his natural heritage. Liberty has meant for the Doukhobor more
that it. could ever mean fur a Canadian
and what most Canadians would in
Belf-respect, despise. They have proved
fanatical und unassimflable and even
these things have been patiently tolerated.
Yet the Doukhobors are neither
happy nor content. They have failed
to till their lands and these have re
verted to the crown and have been preempted by others. Now it ls claimed
by the more intelligent among them
that Mr. Sifton when minister of the
interior promised them that the regulations respecting residence upon their
lands would be relaxed in their case
and they would not be required to do
as other settlers in the Northwest are
obliged to do. The government ls consequently in a pretty pickle respecting
these petted aliens whose fellows in
Russia are clamoring for popular government.
We do not doubt that Mr. Sifton
made some such promise to these people. Nor are we disposed to harshly
condemn him for doing so. Without
doubt the Doukhobors were but a short
Lime in Canada when the government
discovered that it had, in their community, a white elephant on Its hands
and the specious promise dictated by
political expediency waa more easily
made than it can be carried out., It
may even be stated that the government could not ut that time foresee the
inriux of settlers in the west and could
scarcely anticipate the rush for desirable lands that hus since taken place.
If they could have foreseen this there
would be uo excuse for the assistance
given the Doukhobors and the tender
mercies shown them since. Without
reflecting upon the government which
for the sake of peopling its vast expanse or territory shows such unusual
favors to its proteges and places them
at such un advantage over our own
people, the lesson taught as to the character of immigration Ib an Importanl
one. The European who Ib un utter
stranger to lhe institutions of the west
is unfit for citizenship in this Dominion
unless he proves himself much more
adaptable than the Russian peasant.
And when this ls said it reflects another side of the struggle that is today
causing both the duma and the bureaucrats in Russia the serious apprehension that obtains, in so far as the
peasantry and the Group of Toll ure
contending for the overthrow of bureaucratic rule the American will syni-
puthize with the Russian civilian or
serf. But the ignorance, fanaticism and
general intemperance of the revolutionary elements in Russia's population
must strike terror into the hearts of
the rulers when un unbridled freedom
is contempluted. Here in Canada, a
middle class, selected from among tbe
Russian peasantry have proved utterly
intractable. Not h withstanding they
were surrounded by every Influence and
example that would teach them the
wisdom of adopting the customs of the
laud they have fuiled to make good,
Willi control of the government of Russia the wildest vagaries of these people
would be foremost in evidence and a
taste of liberty would inflame their already murderous passions till tire and
blood would visit swift retribution and
v�� ngence upon their old lime oppressors. Naturally our sympathies aie with
the proletariat but their is another side
to the questiou which it Is unwise to
Tbe visit to the Interior this week of
the superintendent of the Children1!
Aid society and the rescue of four children from unwholesome surroundings
serves to evidence tlie magnitude of the
work curried on by the orgonlzution.
This relatively young society ut first
carried on Its work chiefly in the coast
districts where its record is one of
philanthropy and benevolence unparal-
lelled in the province. Urgent pleas
from the Interior, however .resulted in
the extension of the society's operation to the Kootenays und the boundary. As is well known, the work of
the society is to obtain, by order of the
tourtB, the custody of children whoBe
parents ure neglectful, criminul or who
huve deserted their offspring. The
work of the society is carried on unostentatiously for the reason that it is
desirable, both for parent's and children's sakes to avoid the unpleasant notoriety associated with such humiliating disclouBures as often tuke place.
For this reason the magnitude of these
operations are not realized as fully as
If more fuss and noise were made in effecting the rescue of these children.
The children when once in the custody
of the society are sheltered in tbe association's home at Vancouver.
Such is the condition of many of
these children that medical attention
is almost the first thing nieceasary on
their arrival there. When they have
reached a degree of familiarity with
their new surroundings and begin to
evince the effect of the training they
receive In the home, foster parents are
found for them by the society and they
are adopted into homes where the credentials show their future will be prelected and their lives developed even
aa one'B own.
It may be of interest to the readers
of The Dully Canadian to know that
from RevelBtoke to Michel the society
has already secured the custody of 32
children, ranging in age from 4 to 14
yeurs. Of this number 10 are from Nelson, 12 from Fernie, 7 from Crnnbrook,
and 1 each from Grand Forks, Rossland
and Revelstoke.
The work of the socltey is supported
and carried on almost wholly by the
voluntary contributions of those who
have been seized with the sense of the
importance of this special clasB of rescue work. While other organizations
attack vice ln its more developed and
criminal forms the theory of this society is that a child saved from a life
of vice, for the initial stages of which
it may be in no way responsible, Is
much more likely to become a valuable
member of society thnn a restored sinner, to whom the paths of vice are always an open temptation.
The Daily Canadian is not asking for
an increased contribution to the Children's Aid society, but It may not be
out of place to remark that while Vancouver citizens are contributing liberally to the support of the institution,
the upper country has not borne its
relative shure of the expense inseparable from the up country work. We believe these conditions exist, not because
of any disposition on the part of the
interior to shelve Its responsibility
upon others, but because the extensive
work of the society is but partially understood. This must be our apology
fer an extended reference to the work.
The appointment of W. A. Qalllher,
M. P., to the committee whicli Is to
investigate the alleged lumber combine
Is u proper und pupular one. It is but
fair thut a member of that committee
should be familiar with the conditions
In the lumbering industry as they exist
in the heart of Hritish Columbia und
from u district us largely interested as
Kootenay. The committee is in no
sense political in its complexion nor Is
lta work of a political character. Familiarity with the conditions In the
West is, however, Indlspenslble, if right
conclusions are to be arrived at. and
Mr. Qalllher has now an opportunity to
look after the interests of an Important
section of his constituency. It must
not be forgotten that until two or three
years ago the conditions under which
the manufacture of lumber was carried
on In Itritish Columbia were the reverse
of favorable. The pioneering necessary to transform initial expenditure
into profitable enterprise was both
costly and venturesome. Nor must it
be overlooked that as soon as transportation and marketing facilities became
more promising the cosl of labor rapidly advanced.
The statistic* published in yeslnrday's
Daily Canadaln show but partially what
has caused the necessary and I'mpient
advance in tbe prices of building material. Tbe list might be supplemented
by the addition of u similar one showing the Increased cost of mill hands
and supplies, .all of which eoiisidera
tlons have obliged the manufacturers,
in self-protection, to raise the [nice of
the manufactured commodity, The evidence of actual operators will have
much weight with the committee bul
the presence upon it of one whose mini-
luai residence ts in the heart of these
condlUons will do much to secure the
impartial  hearing  the lumbermen  are
entitled to. So far as nny combination
iii restrain, of trade is concerned we
have little fear thai the mill men will
huve uny difficulty in proving un alibi.
lf ull labor leaders und presidents of
labor organizations would display the
same temperate and fair spirit exhibited
by Mr. Frank Phillips in his address
before the Rossland convention the prejudice aguinst Socialism and allied agitations would be materially reduced.
With the objects Bet forth by Mr. Phillips as worthy of attainment hy the
convention there will scarcely be objections from any Quarter, and entire
absence of abusive epithets and capitalistic recriminations In the president's
address will go far to give tone and influence to the proceedings of the convention. Mr. Phillips is to be congratulated! on his moderation, firmness and
tact in stnting the case for the laboring
She���What was that noise I heard
when you came ln?
He���-I really couldn't nay dear,
whether it was the night falling or the
day breaking.
You may drive a man to a Carnegie
library, but you cannot make him
You wouldn't  be so stuck up if jyou
heard all other people said nbout  you.
"Companies Act, 1897."
Phovisck or'Bi.msn Coh/suua,  \
No. 87H.
THIS IS 10 ITItTIFY that the "Nakusp Fruit
Landi, Limited," 1* sntborlaed and licensed to
oh ef on buslnui within tha provlnoe of British
Columhju, mnl tn carrv out cr eftect all or huv nf
the objecti of tbo ooapinr to which the leglda
tive authority ol tho Lagulatttre oi brittih Colombia extendi,
The head oflieeof the company ic situnle at thc
Citv of Winnipeg. Province ol Manitoba.
The annum t ol the capital of the company If five
hundred thousand do lans, divided into tuo
thousand five hundred whare*-- of ten percent
preference stock ol the par value of one hundred
dollars each, and twenty-five hundred share* of
common mock of Lhe par value of one hundred
dollars; each
The head ofllce or the company ln this province
lit * intuit: at the c ty of Nelson, and Robert Wet-
mote Haii ni nj: ton. barrister, who e address iB
the unti ll the attorney [or the company.
Given under my hand aud seal of ofllce, Victoria, Province of hritish Columbia, thll Kith
"lay of February, one thousand nine hundred
and seven.
[l.*.] B, Y.WOOTTON,
lleKin tra- of Joint Mock Companies,
Theobjeott for which the company has been
established and llir used are:���
(a.) Bu-lng, Helling, losiing or disposing of
coal in in-*.-, ������ml ii ml wood lands, fanning, grasfng
and fruit lands, and timber .units anu lo work
auil develop the same;
(b.) To carry on the business of Immigration
and colonization agent;*, make advances lo
assial settlers on lands purchased Irom the
company mid to secure the repayment of such
advances with luterusl on such terms and in
Hiteh maimer by way of mortgage or agreement
as may be mutually agreed upon.
(e.) Tu carry on the business of ranching,
br.*ed nu*. ���--: ,ui* nu-! dealing lu cattle, homes,
sheep and other livestock;
(d.) To purchase, sell and deal lu lumber,
wood, t'oal. mineral*, grain, provisions, ciothlug
and general supplies;
(\i.) To carry on trade as general merchants
and forwarders;
(f.) To Issue lu payment of any properly
acquired by the company, shares of the capital
stock of the compuny as fully paid up and nou-
usstibsahle or otherwise:
(g.) To carry on llie business of inmii.fneliirors
ami dealers in power to*iterators and motors {if
every description, to construct and operate all
classes of vehicles, agricultural implements,
machinery, bonis, steamers, barges and ferrys
iu whicli Lhe|>ald motors ar*-** used; to construct
and operate boal lines slid lo carry on the business of carriers, Outage and parcel deliveries,
lo own and operate omnibus lines and vehicles
and boats for hire; lo sou. lansc and supply
electricity; to Own and operate electric plains',
and generally to carry on any of the business
Uu-tdeiiU! to the aforesaid purposes aud objects
of the company;
(h.) To pureliase, taki* on lease, exchange or
otherwise uetpilre 01 dispose ot any real or
personal properly, and auy rights Or privileges
which the company may consider necessary
for     the    purpose*    of    thetr    operations)
and to sell and dl-pcwi* of any landl or other real
estate and personal property al any tinu* owned
or eon trolled by tin* company or any part 'hereof,
or any control therein, or claim I hereon, and gen*
erally to do all such things asare Incidental to
or conducive to the carrying OUt of lhe ohjoctl
of the company;
(I) To Oeeome shareholders in any existing or
proposed company, and to promote and assist in
promoting auy company carrying on a business
pert-lining to the object*, for which this com pain
Is incorporated, and which mav prove Useful to
this company, aud U) acquire, lake over and op.
eratfl the business of any such company or com
panics, und to enter Inlo an agreement for slmr
ing of profits, union of Interests, reciprocal con
cessions or otherwise, with unv person or rom
puny and take or olherwise acquire or hold
shares mid securities ul such company or OOfh
pan les;
(j) To acquire ainl hold lands hy g|f| or purchase or as mortgagees or otherwise as full v and
freely as private Individuals, and to sell, lease,
mortgage or otherwise alienate the same, and lo
exercise all the (lowers set out lu the several
Blxtr days aflei  date I Intend toapph* lo the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of uandi ami Works
lor permlaslon to purchase the lollowlng described property al a post marked "'J M , H K.
corner. ' thenee 4it chain- north, thenc---inchains
west, thenee-in chains soutli, thence 4(1 chains
cant to point of coninii'iicvmcnt, a relocation of
ttie abandoned pre-emption 7L!H of W 0, Knapp
SSd if the east half ol the northwest quarter,
and the weat ball ol the northeast quarter of
section 7, township 7u West Koolenay dlstricl, on
the   west shore ol the lower Arrow lakes, containing IB" acres, more or less.
March 1st, IWir, geoshk M;,.i<..\,
M. il. McQt'AJtuis, Agent.
hixiv dayaaflardata 1 intend to sppiy w �����
Cblef Commissioner of Laud- and Worki ior
permisstuu to purchase the following �������
laud* HI usiedon the east ildeoi Arrow UU
1U tbe Wesl Kootenay district about 8 i ��
above Burton City, commencing st�� port prnni
ed ai tbe northwest corner of "'��� Bacberi pnr*
.���bus,*, tbence east W chains, tbeuce north ��
chains [inn- west U ehains, lbence loutn.��
cbalni to point ol com. -tinosment and containing B0 aorei more or less.
Jiiuuarv Ih, IW17.
WLl.ll.lK  FILLIM.
Slxtv  davs  nlleiilalel  Intend lo a)'ply  to the
Hon.OhlefCommlssioner of hands and Worn
to pureliase 187acrei oi land, commencing at ��
posl marked B. Bs K. B corner post Planted ai
the N. W corner of 0, W Steele s claim oil the
WOSl    ide of Arrow lake.ulamt  lour miles above
Burton city, tbence west40 obalm, theuee south
46.M chains, thclueeasl 40 chains, theme m.r'.h
10.631 balm to place ol beginning, oontainlng i��7
acres, mon* or IOM
Dated ltDth day of Nor.. UOS.  hykon hums.
J. K  AssaUI.I. Agent
Notice li hereby given mat two monthi "!,,,t
dan* we Inteud lo appl.  to tbe Cbtel i oromls*
sioner ot Landsand Works for a les  all ibai
land brimi the foreshore adjoining tbe < aiiadisn
Pacific Kadway Hblpyiird on the west, pan ol
Lot UA, group 1, and being on the smith shore
of the west arm ol Kootenay Uke. in the dis
rii*t of Kootenaj : Oommenelng sl tbi lootbi I
ly oorner of lot 70M, group I; tbenee along the
siontb westerly boundary of lot TOM and thi u
tension thereof, in a north  Mcsterly  direction  s
dials 'Of 4116 leet; thenoe at right ancles to
said houndarv  lu a south  westerly direction,  a
distance of B16 feet, more or less, to the north
eaiterly boundary of tbe City Park, continued:
ii *. parallel to laid westerly boundary of lot
70S4i In a soutb eaaterly direction, i distance of
. II feet, more or less, to the northerlv bOOOtUsTf
o| lot MA! (heme following the northerly bui nd
ary of lol f��t>\ In a norm easier') direction le lbe
point of oommenoement,  the area being UM
acres, more or less.
DatSd tins Tth dav .if .January, A.ft., UXh.
B0dayi after date I intend to apply to the Hou.
Cblel < ouimissiolier of Lands and \\ t.rk-* to pur-
obase 830 acres of and looated in fire Valley being part ol Sections'.' and lu Township iw. and
described as follows:   Commencing *' a pott
marked Y- W. J. K. K. corner end planted a( the
northwest corner of Wm, Williams' put chaae;
tbenoe wait40chains; thenoe north so chains;
thence cast 10 chains: tlience soutb HO chatna to
place of beginning-
November 88rd laws.
K. W, JuRiuJt,
J. E, ANNAHLK. Ageut.
BUSCH,..       Budweiser
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old
NELSON       ""'" ^..;_,,^!.J..,*rl,,"h    VICTORIA I
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
(Ht days afterdate 1 Intend to apply to the llouorable the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works, to pnrehaae Wfl acres of laud: Commencing al a posl marked U, W, h N. R. eoruet
post and planted on the west shore ot Arrow
lake adjoining Lot ;-n;*i on the south side of vald
Lot, theme treat80 ebalns along the southern
boundary of 1/it B7S; thenee south M.6I chains;
tbeuce east HO chains more or less to iake shore;
tbenee north along lake shore to plate of beginning.
Dated 2Mb day of Nov. J90C.
QBQ. tt.SKU&i
J. K, UOTAB-U. Agent.
Hixty days utter date I intend to appiv to tbe
Hon. ('hici ��� mninlnsioner of Lands and* Works.
Victoria, to purehaae ICO aerea of land located In
Fire Valley, bung part of Beetious Three and
Four, Township 09, aud deacrlbed as followa:
Commenciug at a post planted ai William
Williams' N. W. corner, and marked R. E. W's
N. K, corner." and running 40 chains weat,
tbence _.i enain- south, tbenee '."ti chains east.
theuce In chaius south, thenre J" chains east,
thence 80Chaini north to place of beginning
Rorember Brd, iw* Kuai E wh.liams,
J. K Annable. Agent.
Notiee is hereby glveu mat BO days alter date I
Intend toapply to thr Houorahle tlie t'nlet Cow-
inlssLiiier of Lands ami Works for permission tO
purchase lhe following deserlbed lands: Com-
mtncltig ai a post placed a> coaliis west of lbe
aoulheast corner of Lot gM2, marked "K. A. Bell's
northwest eorner,*" thence south Hn chains,
theme east 'A) ihains. theuee north aJ chains,
tnence west sti eh ains to polut of commencement,
Oontainlng ->(' acres, more or lesa.
I-ocHte.ltblsGlhdayof Nov , lyilfi.    R. A. Bei.:..
Hlxtv days after date I Intend to applv to tlie
Hon Chief CouiinlHsloner of Unds aud WOrks.
Victoria, to purchase 4��U aeres ol land, in Kite
Valley. West Kooienav: ('ommenclng nt a post
planted 80 chains west of tha U W corner of J
Robinson's pre-emption, and marked Vi. W'a N,
E. corner, and running west ttl ebalns, thence
south Ho chains, thence eaat 60 chains, tbence
north (W) chains to plaee of beginning
Nov. i��th. i��06. w [lliam Williams,
 J. B. Ahhablk, Agent.
Hlxty rlays afler dnte I intend to applr to the
Hon. the chief Commissioner of Landsand Works
io pureliuse LBOaoras of laud:  Commencing at a
post {dauied ou tbe West side of Kix mile crees,
on wagon road, about two and one balf milea
trom Koolenay lake, and marked "Nell Ste-
KeCbnie'l B. v\cs! comer poat,'' thence easl tt
chains, thenee north 40 chafiu. thence west 40
ehalus, thenee south 40 chains, to plate of commencement
Located this Hub day of NoTemher. 1906.
 Nti' McK SctiNIB
HUty days after (late 1 purpose making application to the Honorable the chief Commissioner
of Ijnids nnd Works for permission to punhaae
lhe following described land : Commencing at
a pn��t plared -it the H. W corner of Lot H9WI and
marked *'K. 0. F.'s" N, W. corner, thenee following the southern boundary U.t 6000. 6-r> chains
more or less east to the west boundary of Lot
tiUllI, tbenoe following same soutli 00 chains to
the north 1-oiiudary of Lot 680li theuee about 70
ehains treat along said boundary to the lake
shore; tbenoe north 80 attains more or leas foibiwing the lake shore to point of eommeneement, containing HIT aorei more or less.
Haled December 17th, lWTL
  F. <: FAt'urma.
Notiee ls hereby given that Ctl ilavs after date I
intend to npply lo the Honorable tlte Chief Commissioner ol Land>, and Works, Victoria, B, C.,
lor permission to purchase the following deaeribed laud, situated lu the West Kooienav district,
on thu wesl side of ' uhamel (or Hlx Mite) ereek.
on tipper lide of w*goii road, ubout '-"3 miles
frojl West Arm of Kootenay lake; Comineuclng
at a post marked Mrs. Hattie Duck's S E corner, running to chains went; theme 90 chains
south; thenee 40 chains east; thence SO chnins
north, to the point of commencement, containing wi acres of land, more or leas,
Hated the 17th November 1HU6.
Wkk Hattik Dock,
 John K Tavi.ou, Agent
Notice Is herebv given that sixty -lays alter
date 1 intend to apply it) lhe Honorable the
Chief Cuniinlsslotier of Lauds and Works, for
permission to purehase the following described
lauds situated lu tbe Weft Kootenav district:
Commencing at a post marked "tl " H south
west cornei," and north of A, B. Lucas's, pur
"base 1 U*lm. on Hand Creea; thence north tt
Chalm; theme east 'JO ehains; thenee south 40
chains; Iheliec 80 chains treat, to point Oi eom-
meitcement, coiitalliing 4(1 acres, more or lesa.
December 20, 1U06.
Hbnhv Haviirn,
     M- K   McCTAKiMK  Agent.
Hlxty days alter dale I iniend to apply to the
Chief Couiiiitssioiier of Unds and Works lo pur-
ohase Ott acres of laud, located m Lower Arrow
lake, Wesl Koolenay: Commencing Hl tl ,IC)|lt
plained al the "N.W t orner of Arrow Lake
Indian Reserve"; tbenee south HM chains: thence
west80 ohalnii thenee north HO chains; thence
easi HO ehulns, to plnee of beginning.
Lor-aleu aith day of December, VM*"..
Blxty days after date i intend to apply to the
Hon the Chiel Commissionerof Lands ano Works
lo purchase MO acres of bind: Commencing af ��
post marked "N.T H'�� southeast corner post"
��� uld post being ut the northeast corner of Geo
Hudson's pre-emption claim, about two miles
southeast o[ Biirlmi Oity, theuce west -III chains,
south'20 chains. \\,-M In chains, north 40 chains,
easl B0 cbains. south *_o chains lo place of com'
uieiiceineiit, coutaluing 940 BOW.
I/iioau��nHih tteyof Nov, UMJft. NkttikT. Hrkii,
Hixty dnvs afler date 1 inteml to applv to the
Ion. Chlol Commissioner oi Lands and Worki,
\ letoria, to purchase -in acres of land. slluated
on the west side of Arrow Lake, about ,*IU miles
below Burton, and descrlbeil as iollows* Commencing ai a post nlunled at the northeast
corner of Lot 7ir7o, and running north 30 ehains;
thenee wesl W chains,  thuice st uth Mchains
tbence oasi Mislni to pb.ee of beginning.
Nor. Dili, IWO, ji   K.liti.1.,
 J.K ANNAW.K, Agent.
Notice is hereby given lhat 60 (lavs niter dnle I
Intend toapply to,|o- Iloiioruble tdcetilef Com-
mlsi oner of Un,Ik und W'orks for permission to
purchase the following described lands situate
about ll miles eust of the City of Nelson, on the
south  shore of  the West Arm nf Kooienav lake
and comineiiciig at ��� post placed about mi chains
��;;'Hh<dibeHiuith,!Uf;,e.,riierofLof iM-. marked
���H   I hoi ins' N.   W    eorner,"   theuee   south   W
chains, .ihcnce easl 20 chains, thence north 30
chains, thence west 'Mt chalna to point of commencement.
Dated this etb day of Nor., 1B06.    g. Thomas.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
Full Stocks
B. C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddies
Manitoba Whitefish
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON of Finest Quality
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Orders by mail to any branch will hate
oui prompt and careful attention.
HeviOfiice: Nelion,!
Hixty days afu*r dale 1 intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of UUldl and
Works for permission to purchase the lollowlng
deserlbed lauds in Kootenav dlsirlct: Coimnei,
ciug  at  a   (Hist  marked  "A. i. Mil's southwesi
comer poii," satd jsist being on the north * eat*
erly shore of tht- Lower Arrow inke and ���# Jlnki
due eaai, ou the norlheast corner of l,ot 2719
Group 1; theuce norih 00 chains; eaat 40 chains;
south to chains, more or lean, to the lake short,
(beou* following said shore in a aouthwerUTlj
direction l*i chain*, more or leaa to the pUce <|
beginning, containing 160 acres, more or leaa
Dated till* ..tb day of November, 1906.
per K   L BOttV, Agent.
Notiee is hereby given that 00 day* alter dale I
lulend loapply to the flonnr-ahle the chief Commissioner of Liuds and Wnrk* for pcrmtssloo
to purchase __*u neres of land.siluat- on thi Li tlle
Moyie river about 1 mile from Intetuailonal
Boundary and fcpoal 1 mile from Bpokane inter
national Hy.: Commencing at a post marked
D (tranl'i H K. corner post, tlience west 40
chains; thence north 40 ciialus; theuee ensl to
chains: tbence north 'A) chains; thetiee eail fit)
chains; theuee south 60 eliains lo place of commencement, conta'ning WO acres of laud.
Located Oot, auth 19U6
lumsi. (Jkakt
Hlxty daya after dale 1 intend In apply to tin
Honorable tin- Chief < ommlssloner iif laindi and
W'orks, Victoria, to purehaae 100 acres of land,
located lu Fire Valley and described as follows*
Commencing at a post niarked <t B. Kell'i N.w.
corner, and planted al the southwesi corner nf
Lot 7811), and ruuning south Bfl chains rhenct
eaat 'Ai chains, thenee north *��� cha ins, thene*
wesl _'< i :inin- 10 place of beginning
Nov. IHtb, 1906. 7igo B, McMillan,
j. K. Annahlk, Agent,
Hlxty day* after dale 1 Intend lo apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landsand
Works to purehaae (Hit acres of land, located lu
Kire Valley, on west side of Arrow Inke: Commencing al a post planted -to chains we-i of the
soiilhwcst corner of J. Kobinson's pre emption
aud marked J. W's H E. corner, nud running
north Ml chains. Ihenee west fl) chains, thence
south HO chains, thence east 80 chains to plnee of
Nov. 18th, 1W6. Jane Wili.iawh.
          J. K. Annahlk, Agent.
Notice is herehy given thai 00 dnvs alter dale I
Intend loapply to the Hon, the ('blef 'oinmls-
���ioner  of  Lnnds and   Works Victoria,   U.l'    for
permission to purobsse the following descried
lands lu West Kootenay district: Commenelni
at a post planted at the south weat corner of fol
7701, group Land rtinuin*. SOob-nlnatn tin south
east corner of lot 77ir_., group 1, then in nn easterly direction 20 chains, then north M chnins.
then wesi *_n chains to point of commencement,
containing 40 acres more or leal,
LOfiftted Kebri'iiry llth, 1907.
    !*_______���* WAM, Locator.
Notiee Is hereby given that slxtv .lavs after
date I Intend to apply to the Hon the Chief
Commiasioner of Lands nml Works for permission to purchnse the following deaorlbed land
situated In the Wesi Kooleunv district: ('ommenclng at n posl planted ai lh;."N, K corner
nf L. I'orters's pre-emption," nud running
thence enst 40 chalus; tbence south in uhatOIJ
Ihence west It) chnins; theuce north 40 chums
to place of eouiineiieeincnt, containing 100acrei.
more or less
Deoember80, iwo.
hahhv ptrata, Locator.
M     It     Mll.tAltlUK.   Agent
Hixty dayh alter date I intend to ���)Tiy ((, ,hl
Honorable the 'hief'om mlssloner of f:Hl|1|h ������,(
Wo'ksfor permission tn purchase the following
described lands tu Kootenav district: Coni-
menoln-f ata post marked .1 ll Anioible's north-
eaat comer post, snld post being on the south
side of the Lower Arrow Inke, nhout two mllei
below Hurton Ciiy; theuee SOUtfa R) chains;
thenee weal 'ill chains; thence south 'M chains'
thence wesl ;_o ohalnii thence north ;�� ohalni
and W links, more or less in. the hike ihore*
tlience eaaterl V along lake40chnins, more or less'
to the plnee of tiegtmihig, continuing 105 acrea'
more or loss
Hated this Mb day of November, Mm.
.1   B, ANNAHLK,
 perk. L Uium-t, Ag.-nt.
Hlxty davs after date I Intend it) anniv Iodic
chief Commissioner of Lands and Work- tor
permission to pureliase ihe following deserlhed
lands in Kootenay District, about threcqaartari
of mile from Thrum'* siding: Oommenelng ata
poat placed at tlie B. W'. comer of L BSSJ erouo
i, West Kootenay District; thence westerlv
following the north boundarv of Ltftt A
chuins; theuce north in chains; ihcnce east <10
chains, moreor less, tothe N W corner of
L0898: thence aouth following the wesi boundary
of L008B, 10 chains, more or les*, to place of commencement, containing 40 aores, more or less
Dated this (ith day of December IBM.
  H. II. I'lTTH. l/icntor.
lee ls  tie-, i.y riven tlm* mij 'jr|
ue applies*
dnie I Intend to nmlie applicationicut-4
abb* Chief Commissioner ol Landi*sHT
Vietoria  H. t ,, tor permission lepnrfl
lowing deserlhed   ist id, iltuatr In hsM
waal Kooteuay district: Ccmmdinifsm
planted al the Miu'.b w.-si corner ol Iw
Insiiu's preemption, marked it.I KUM
pnat, tb'*iice 41Lchains wesl. thtuljl
north, tbence 40 chainsea*t teJwhnhflf
northwest corner, theme soitlliWddflf
of eommeucement, containing I6.it.
Dated ibis .3rd day of Not.. MX
00 davs after I	
Chief (ommlaaioner of Undi mlW
torfa, to pnrehaae 240 acres of :��si M
Kire VulU-y and being a pnrlum ���(-H
and It- tn Towiisblpeitand.Unrlbrt nj
commencing at a post planted ttlttiT
��� oriiet   of   the southeast .niarter ol ��L
:-*.:; i :i*   ti.  and   marked -! ������ ��� ���*������
thanue north *io chalm; iheucw ".,-. ���*��������
theuce aouth 40 chains; tbein-f caiiiC
place of ueglnnins.
��� ��� IR
NovetntHT jfitrd 1W6.
j. e AssAiai*
HiXt\ days after date I iniend to apply f(, ii.e
Hon, Chief Commluloner of Lnnds and Works
Victoria, to purchase Iflll acres of land, located on
the west side of Arrow lane, ahout flv. miles he
low Hurton City, and described as followi1 Com.
mencing ai a mtt marked "K 0. B'ssoutheuf
comer," and being JO i hains east of the northweal
coruerof Ut WIB: ihenee DOithW^lnaitESS
wert 4�� chalna; tbenee south 40cbalnsi ihenoe
eaat 40 chains to the place <,f beffinnlne
NoTomber 14th, 1906. *      _f\} BaB
perJ.K.AHHABU.    '
Notloe l* herehv given tnataBfliriff
lntentl Ui apply to the Honorable IMC
nilsaiouer of Lands aud  tt orgs to pa
acres of hind .leserlbed as (olluw** c<u
at a posl plautetl on the north t>*tU��*
Moyle river, about tt yards frotno*
marked    "K.   McU-au'��   a.   W    ''^1
thenoe eaal W) chains, theuee norulj
ihenee west ��i) chain*, theneeWttttJa^
plana of commencement.and iiniUlnar
more or lew. 3
Looated Mtb day Oct.. lSMi.    R��i l
^ixiv dav* aficr datelintapdata__
Hon Chiel Commissioner of Ui:!'��ttJ
Victoria, io purehaae 160 acre* ��1 l*!'-1'T
milea below Burton City, Weit KoeWJ
mencing at n past nuked "J.A-inj
cornet iNHit," said posi helm on tkeajj-
of an island went of LotflMl.SOd I WM
laud eoiilalned In said fllaed, MMP
mile in an eastcrlv and westerly oil*
about _t�� chains from north toietitn
NoveinU-rJllh, leuo. J *Tm
J E ANMid-1 ,Al*J
SUtvttay* afterdate  1  inleini '',,^fl
Hon Chief Commissioner ol UwHJH
Victoria, to purehaae VJ0 sewsaWT
00 the n cM side of Arrow take ami |rin'-
north of Loi WW: Oommenolni "���'���EI
at the N K corner of Lol 7Wti a"'1 �����*��� %
H. K .-orner," and ruiniiiii! Ilurl'.01
thenee wesi 3D chains, llictic* ",,r!fl*3
llienee wesl M chains, theuce "'"'���"."Q
thenee aaai 40 chains, to plaoeof Wl��51
Nov. Mthj woo. ""w.Sli-
"Hixty" days after date I Inteud U MJJM
Honorable theChlefCommiiiloMrw^a
Works, Victoria, lo pnrobaie����������
lOOated and described as folloWl
it a poat planted   at  the soutliwt-'*-   .
Kobinson's pre em plionlu I'i"���**l"!-���_
B*0  miles  from  Kdward   Lalidl��ll*.
Arrow lake, and ni"tked r. 01 *-N  '
ruiiulng we,.i (fi*. Mini**   than
theuce east Ml chains, the* -
tbenoe eaal 40 chains, thei
place ot beginning.
Nov mth. itt. ���* ,���m
(��aoiith S
,   witltli**
s north 9m
Notice Is hereby given lhal *&&}__&
Undsand Works. Victoria, Ier l��" " "'S
chase the following described WjJB|
lhe Wea, Koolenay  district, 0��Sm*am\\
Dtihnuiel (or Hlx Mile) er.-i*k. ni-"' ���" |
about Ihree miles from kooifiisi ^a
nienciuK at a postmarked "Jamc" ���' y_e
post," iiiiiulug 80 chains cast, i��' jjdf
north,  llienee W chatna wes'. ua"'      -
Hot oommeno��m��H��
Iiik 4" acres of land, more ... .
Dated 1Kb November, Itt.
per .Iohn 1'-  w
NoUOe is hereby BVnttft&TK, n
Intend to apply tn ihe Hon. < I " ",,,-iih
oi Landi ami Worka for \*tmffgSm
the following deicrlbed land f JJJJjl
district: Commencing at l PM '' ,.,,���,��"
A. Wilson's corner pnst, ptUMO lj �� ,
coruerof Hectlcii H,ToWMlWT, 1W*>|t
4lH'hnlns, thenca weal tft*WB!5fl
chains, thence east 4l�� chains 1i'l1"    t,
meneement, oontainlng w ���ortJ"*F
Dated Nov. 20,1906.        j ^"^oN.Agei
Notiee Is hereby given UintfUEfjg^S
1 Inteml to apply tothe Hon    .   ".j-biUfl
er of Lnnds and   Works for thi   J��     ,i
chase   the   followiiiK   d*��<Titn;*'   T^_*
inenelng at a   posl   marked     J ; �� fl*,-ct-faL
clsnln.: thenoo .ou is una Ut _*%_,W
11,- eru Una, tooe ��'.*��' J,',*., i���! _
Arrow 1.ISI.**, iiicnis   north IW' !",���iii��
Hiss Fhnrp ssl llio Arrow UlM '" "" '
isn-lnoiiionl ,, ,     .... isssfi. 1
Dolod Un, lllll duy ssl I'sslsriinr-j, . n,0
1. it.UiaBf,!"���"��� Notice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standing on W. P. Tierney s
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
not lie made.
Dated February i8, 1907.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit. Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
<A Meeting of the Employers of labor
in the mines and smelters, and in the
lumber industry of East and West
Kootenay and Southern Yale, and of
the representatives of the men employed in these industries in these districts,
will she held in Nelson on Thursday,
14th March, at 9 p. m. in the Board of
Trade rooms, for the purpose of considering the effect of the .Lord's Day
Observance Act upon these industries
ic hereby given mat EH) dava after date I
nn! loapplj to tlie Hon. the chief Commls
Vi ol Lands und W'urka, Victoria, for pcr-
itoo to cut ami carry a*ay ttmlajr from the
low ing deaeribed lands iu Waat Koolenay :
omtnenclnj at a post planted about eighty
_. i west.,(the mouth of eureka ereek, where
flow-   mt,,  Hnrncfl  creek,  ami  on  lhe north
of Lureka creek, anJ marked B. A. Laurie's
tbeast corner post, llieuee weal elghiy chains,
Tiw north eighty chains, thenc* eaat eighty
m>  thenoe aouth uighty chaini to point of
llad Jan Mb. 11)07    G. A. Lai kik. Locator.
' o i ii im-nc* lug at a poat planted east of and
lining <i A. Uurle'a location post No. 1, and
'ked ii. A, Laurie's southwest eoruer post of
- loeatiou. llienee east eighty chainn, tlience
fib eighiy ehulns, thence west eiahty chaius.
bee nouth eighty chalus to polnl ol commeii-
and Jau  96th, 1007.   ti. A. Lxt-BiK, locator.
' ommenclnj at u post planted about eighty
ins smith ol kureka creek where 11 llown into
ie*" creek, nud marked U A. Laurie's aotuh-
t corner poat, ou location "*��� o .1. tbenee east
dy ehalni. thenee north eiirhly chains, thenee
l eigbty chains, theme south eighty chains
jn ilm id commencement.
'ated Jan. rilli, 10U7.   U. A. LilBl*. Locator,
_ -Commencing at a post planted aoulh of
|'l adjoining U   A   Laurie's location No. li, and
kcil li. A.iatirie's northweal co-ner poat,
tcccaitM Ohalna. ihence soulb   ��b chains.
ne west mi chains, ibenee nortb uu chains
dm oi oommenoement,
ted .Inn  iith, 110.7,   li, A. Lai'RIR. Locator.
i "tiiincucing   at a post   planted eighty
ti-easi mid forty eliains nouth of location
���! No. 4, nnd marked W 11. Page's southwest
tier post ���f loeatiou No fi, thence easl eighly
ilm, llienee north eighty chains, thence west
i'iy chains,   thonce  aouth eigiily chains to
vim of oommenoement
ll'tttcdJan 2ftlh, 1W7. W S. Pau��. Locator.
1 oinuieneiiig at a post planted south of
lotjoiniug Itnatioii tte, ft, and marked Vi 11
e'i nortllWUt comer Mftol loealion No 0,
m<* rait eighty chalus, thenee WUth elghtv
His. ihcnce wosl elghly chains, thence uorth
Ji      chains ta p.uni of oommenoement.
|l��ated Jan. BOttf, 11W7.      W. II. I'aur, Uiculor.
��� t ommenciiig ui n post planted eighty
lalnseait and iwenty chaius south ot looMlon
����l No (>, nml murked ii, A, l^iuiie's Houltiwest
-rner post ol loealloii No, 7. theuce ensl eighly
tains, ibenee norlh elghly chains, ihcneu* west
pgbly eiinius, ihenee aoutli elgoly ehulns to
of eoniiueiicemeiit.
I Dated Jau.*AHh,HW7.   li, A.LAimu, Ucntor.
Ik Commencing m u \nm phuited nighty
���valns eaat and eighty ohaini south ol location
"*" K-t. 7, and marked lb A Laurie's southwosl
_ - post of locution No. H, thenee east
Uglily chains, theuce north eighty chains, theuce
Tesi elghly chains, theuce south eighly chains
">i polnl o| euuimomioineiit.
i l'ni:d Jan. Wih, iwi7.   u. A. Lauhii, Locator.
["   -Gommonolng  at   it   poat   planted    eighty
II in inn eusl and eighly chains south of location
lo. 8, nnd nmrketl U A. Uurie's aouthwesl
xrner o| loealion No. ��, theuce mint IW chains,
Uiunee north 111 ehalus, tbonce weal 160 chains,
 iouth 40 ahalni to point of oommenoonont
I Datod Jan, _SUli, 11W7.   Q, A. Lau Hi K, Locator,
Mi).~(Jomuieuciug at a post planted about six
miles down Hnruea ereek from the moutii of
fureka t.ruuk when* it llown luto Uarnes ereek
Ha southeasterly direction, ami markeii ti. A.
aurie ssouthweat corner posl of location No-
'. tbenoe east eighty ohalni, thenoe north eighty
nuns, thence west eighty cliaina, thunee south
���Hk bty chains to point of commencement.
1 I'ated Jan. 88th. lwt*   ii. A. Lauhii, Locator,
J ii--*Oommenotni at a put planted eighty
���biuuseiiHt of loealion No lu, and marked <7. A.
.auric | Noutbwest corner post of location No 11.
pence east eighty chains, thence north eighty
���natns, theuce west eighty chnins, thunee aouth
'Kitty chaius to point of comuie...eeinoiil.
I'stoil Jan.'28th, 1007.   Ci. A, Laiiimi, Locator.
Li^(,;"l,imt,llp-lnK ttt a pnst planted south of and
P'lmining Imtaiiuu No. ll, ami niarked W. ll.
rages northwest corner poit of looatlon No. VA
Tte Daily CanUfen
chalna cost of location No. 24, and marked G A.
Uurie's northweal corner post of location No.
2j, tbeuce south eighty chains, tbenoe eaat
eighty, ihence north elghly cbaiua, thenee went
eighty chaius to point of commencement.
Dated Feb. 4th, iwr.    O. A. Laurie, Locator.
!*>.-���Commencing ai u post planted about four
and one-half miles down Inonoakln creek, Irom
the mouth of Klght Mile crook where it flows into Inonoaltlu creek, ami on the eaat bank of
luououklu oreek, and marked (J A. Laurie's
northwest corner pout, thence south flighty
chains, thanee eut eighty chains, thence north
eighty chains, Ihence west eighty chains to point
of commencement.
Dated Keb 4tb,l��07.     (.. A. UrniK, LoCatnr
'lake notice thnt 1 Intend, ihlr'y days after
dale toapply to the lli.oorable the Chief Commissioner of l.uiolh nnd Works lor a special
licence io cut and carrv away timber from the
following descrflHMl landl, situated on Handy
Creek. In West Koolenay district: Commencing
at a post plnnted on the weal side, of said creek,
ami market "J P, h's" northfr-eit comer; theuce
running south eighty chains; tnence eaal eighty
eliains, thence north eighty chalna; tbeuce west
elghly * iniiii- lo place of commencement.
I, P. ��� wkohkhi,,
hated this r-'ii ilay of February. 1M07
thence eaat eighty cbaina, thenee aouth eighty
chalm, theuce west eighty chains, thence north
eighty chains to point ol eommeucemeut.
Dated Jan. Silti, 11*07.     Vi. H. Paue, Lo ator.
IH���Commeuelng al a poat planted eighty
cbaina east aud elghly chaius aouth of location
No 12 and marked U. A. Laurie's northweal
corner poal ol location No. 18, thenee east eighly
chaiua, thence south eighty chains, thence west
elghtv chains, thence uorth eighty chains to
polul iif commencement
Dated Jan >ih. 1007.   li. A. Laurie, Locator.
H,_('oinmcnctug at a post planted north of
and adjoining location No. ia, and being marked
ti. A. Laurie's southwest corner post of location
No 14, theuee east eigbty chains, thenee north
eighty chains, thence west eighty chatna, thence
ioulb eight) chains to polut ol commencement
Dated Jan. Bth, IW1.   t��. A. Laurie, locator.
15 ���Commencing at a post planted eighty
ehalni north of location No. 14 andiuarseaW,
11   1'aiie's aouthwesl corner poet oi location No
16, theuce to*t elghiy chains, theuce north
elghly chalus, theuee west eighty chains, theuee
south eighty chains to point of eommeneement.
Dated Jan. fl>th, 1IWI.     W. H. Paoe, Locator.
IB-Commencing at a post Hauled eighty
eh-ilia ooal of loealion No- 15, ami marked Q. A.
Laurie's wntnweit oornei poet of location No.
U,   theuee  east eighty   chalus,   theuce   north
eighty chains, thence west eights chalus, thence
south eighty chalm to paint of commencement.
Located Jan. ta, 1907.     ti. A. Lai'Rie, Locator.
17.���Commenciug ui a post planted south ot
and adjoining location HO. 16, and marked Q, A.
Laurie'* nortbwe**t comer posi of location ho,
17, tbeuce eaat eighty chains, lbence south
elghtv chains, thence west eighty chains, tbence
north" eighty chaius to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. '-Mih, IW.   U. A. Laurie, Locator.
18 -Commencing   at  a  nos:  planted  eigbty
chains aouth ol location  No 17. and marked v,.
it Page's northwest eorner poet oi looatlon no.
IH theiiceiisl eighty chains,   h -ucesoutb eighty
abalnii thenee west elghly chulua. thenee norm
eighty chains to poini of commencument-
Located Jan, tv, 1907.      W. H. I'aok. Locator.
tt���Commencing at a posl planted eighty
chains south of location No. IH, and marked t.,
A. Laurie's uortbwesl corner posl ol location No.
10, theuce easi  eighty ohalni   thenee south
eighty chains, thence west eighty Ohalnii thenco
north e-ghly chnins to point tn commencement.
Hated Jan. Will, 1907.   tl. A Laurie, Locator.
_(��.-Commencing at a posl plauied ubout
eighty chains easl of the mouth of Klght Ml e
creek where it empties Into Inonoakln creek,
and on the south hank of tnonnann creek, ami
marked ti. A Laurie's northeual corner posl ol
locution No 90, tlience south lfiO ehalus, lbence
west 4ll ehnins, thence i.orlh 1W> chalm, thonco
oast 40 chains lu polut of commencement.
Dated Feb 2nd, 1W7.    Q, A. LAI'HIK, locator.
H.���Commencing at a poll plauted forty
chains wesl and eight) chains soum of lo atlon
No. w, nd niarked \V. 11. I'age's uonhcait corner post of looatlon Ko. ft, th hm wesi eigbty
chains, ihence nouth eighty chains, thenee eu-t
elglilv chains, llienee norlh eighly chains lo
polntof comineuccmeiU.
Duled Fob. Bud. IM.      W. H. I'aur, Loealor.
82,  -Commrtie ng nl u posl planted east uf and
mijoinlng looatlon No.W, and marked Q. A,
Uurie's norlhwesl corner portt nf location No.
22 thence south IflO chains, ihence en I -to chains,
thenoe north IW) chalm.. thence west 40 cnalus to
point of commencement-
Dated Feb. 2ml, iwo7.  Q. a. Lauhie, Locator.
23.���Commencing at R PPI* planted fortv ehalni
easi o' location Nu. tt and marked W. H. Page s
northweal corner post of locution No. IB, lhetice
south 100 chains, theuee eusl fort y ehulns, thence
north 100 chalus, thence woit forty cluilns to
polul of commence.nciit.
Dated Keb. anil, lihfi,      W 11. 1'aue, Locator,
24 -Commenclngat a post planted forty chains
cast and elghly chains south of lonilUm No tt,
end marked I A. Laurie's northwest coc'er
post of location No M. thenoe Math oigL v
chains ihence east eighty chalna, tbeuoe nortt
eighty chains, theneo west eighty chains to point
of ooitimeiiecmclil-
Dated Keb. 4th WOT.    O. A. Laubik, locator.
2&.-Uummouoiug at a post plautea eighty
Take notice that thirty day* aftor date 1 lutend lo apply to the Chief Commissioner of
l-auds and Works at Victoria for pcrmiaalon to
em and carrv away timber from the following
deacrlbed lands lu Went Kaotauay;���
No 1.���Commencing al a post planted at the
southwesi corner of timber lleuucc No. 7K_!1;
ilo-nee east lorty chains; thence north eighty
chains; (hence ea*t 140 chains, tbence south to
northern boundary of timber liceuse K>lH;thenee
weat alung aald northern boundary to
the nnrtb-west enrner of said licenae;
then nouth to the northern boundary
of timber license 701H; tlience west to
a point due south of the polntof coiiimencment;
tbeuce north lo the point of commencement.
January 15th, 100*7
No- "i.~Commencing at the norlhweat corner
of timber license 7821; theuce aouth tothe northern boundary of timber license 7i)lK; ihence west
to the north-west corner of said timber '.jceuae
tlu-nce MHi'h u, the northern boundary of Lot
��]-, thence followiiiK said bouudary of said
lot weat to the right of way of tbc B. C. Houthern Kailway; theuce following Eald right of way
iu a nortii easterly direction to the place of commencement.
Jauuary 15tb, 1907.
No. 8,��� Commencing at a southeast cornar of
tlmher license No. 7821, about fifty cbains soutb
of ihe right ot way uf the b C. Southern Kail-
wayftbeneeeaat lfto chains; tbeuce north fortv
chains; theuce west lfio chains; tbence south
forty chaiua to place of eommeucement.
January 15th, 1907.
Ko. 4.���Commencing at a post planted at the
intersection of the southern boundary of the
right oi way of the It. C- -Southern hallway, and
the eastern boundary of Lot 6187; tbence south
to the northern bouudary of license application
No 3; thence easl ItiU chains; thence m-rth to tbe
Houthern boundurv of timber license No. 7106;
thence followlug tne southern boundary of iald
license weiterly about sixty cbalni, more nr lees
to an eastern boundary of said license; tbence
south forty cbalni; thence-west eighty chains;
then north to thc ruhi uf way ol the B.C.
Southern Hallway, thence following laid right
of way iu a south-westerly.direction to the place
of begiuniug.
January lfitb, iwyi.
No 5.���'ommenclng at a post planted at tbe
southwest corner of timber license 6636*. thence
west sixty chains more or loss to a point due
aouth of the southeast eornv-r of lleenie application No. S; thence uorth sixtv chaiua more or
loaa to the south bouudary of llceuse application
No 4; thence east to the soutbeaat corner
of said llceuae application of No. 4; thence
north lo tbc nortbeut corner of said license
application Nu 4; thence east to the southeaal comer of timber licenae 7106; thenee
uortb forty chains more or lens to a point due
west of the uorth-west comer of timber lleenie
6a&; thence east to thc northwest corner of said
timber license No- 6636; theuee south itiu chains
to the polut of commencement.
January 16th, lWfl.
No. 6.���Commencing al a ]>ost planted at tbe
southeast cornor of timber licenae 6635; thence
west to the southwest eoruer of license application No 6; theuce north lo southern boundary
of Itu'iiM application No. 3; theuce west to tbe
northeast corner of license application No. 1;
theuce south tu the northern boundary ot
timber license 0M8; thence east to the northeast
corner of timber llceuae 8M8; thence south
thirty chains; thence east to the west boundary
of timber license 8612; theuce north to thc place
of beginning.
January 15th, 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post plauted at the
northeast corner ot timber license 8M*->; thence
south forty chaini more or less to the north
boundary of timber license 8Mii; tbence east 160
chains; tbence uorth forty ebalus moreor less to
a i��oliit due east of the southeast corner of timber license 8618; tbence west 160 chains to lhe
place of beginning.
January 15th, 1907.
No. 8.���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeait comer of timber license No. ��A(>;
thence south eighty chains; thenee eaat eighty
chalm; tbence uortb elghly chains; theuce weat
eighty Ohalni to place of commencement. ,
January loth, 1007.
No 9,���Commencing at a post plauted at the
southeast corner of timber llicense 8647; theuce
north elghtv chains; thenceeost elghtychalns;
thence uorth 120 chains more or less to the uorth
east iorner of license application No. 7; thenee
weat to loutheaat comer of timber license No.
8648; ihence north to the aouthern boundary of
license application No. 6; thence eaat to
the west boundary of timber license No.
8542; thence south to the southwest corner of timber licenae 8.>12; tbence west
to th northwest eoruer of timber liceiiBc No-
86i:t; thence south lo the northeast corner of
timber license No. 8646; thenee weat eighty
chiiiii*-: tbence south lo a polut due east of the
southeaal eoruer of timher llceuse 8547; thence
west to place ol commencement.
January 15th, 1907
No lO.���Coruniencingat a post planted at the
nathaaatearner of timber lloenie 85��>; thenee
���OUth elghtv chains; thence west to the east
bouudary ot Uit 813; thenc ��� north to the southern houudary of timber license No. 7018; thence
east to thc southeast eornur of timber license
7018; thence uorih to thc south boundary of timber license 8549; thence east to place of coin
January 15th, 1907.
P. 1,1'NP, Locator,
Dan Mff-DbOBAUt, Agent
Notice ls hereby given that HO days atter date I
intend to applv to the Honorable lhe Chief Commissioner of Ltiiub' nnd Works for a llceuse to
prospect for coul and petroleum over the following laud : Situated two miles north of the International boundary line and wesi of the Flathead
river, tttigluntng at u pout murked VV. Letiallais'
N. W. eorner post thenoi tfhchalus south, theuce
Wi chains east, ihenee BQ chains north, thence N
chains west to point of commencement.
lulled Nov. 14.1006.  Vi. L<tlAl,l.aia.
Notice ts hereby glveu lhat 6(1 daya after date 1
Intend lo upply to the Hon. Chiel Commiaalouer
of Lands ami Works for a 'icense lo prospect fur
coal and petroleum over thc followlug land:
Slliisted six milea north of the International
boundarv Hue ami enst of the Klathead rlrer.
Heginniug al B post marked tt. H. llurd'a N. \V
corner po��t, thenee 80 ehaliiH south, thenco HI)
Ohalni east, thchcr 80 chains north, theuce HO
chains west lo point of commencement
Dated Nov. IB. iwofi k. H. htibii.
Notice Is hereby given that at a meeting of the
Hoard of Llceuse Commissioners, to be held after
the expiration of 80 days, I lulend toappiy for a
transfer of my hotel llneense tor the Grove hotel,
at Fairview, io K. O Borden
���i IP.ES
A collection of all the Latest
Shapesand Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.  Baker Street.
Shortage   of   Labor  and   Hig h Wagaa
Will Raise Price.
As tbe year advances it Is becoming
apparent tbat tbe price of copper must
gis blgher. Unless a miracle .happens,
this year's output will fall below tbat of
1906 while demand ls Increasing steadily. From all quarters, now, come admissions of the fact, long ago evident,
but accepted with reluctance, that tbe
world has entered upon a new era of
industrial development In which electricity and copper must play thc leading parts. The aluminum ghost has
been laid. The Iron wire bluff haa been
called. Consumers have settled down
to copper and common senae.
Yet with a market that ls ideal from
lhe producer's point of view, copper
production will almost BUrely show a
marked decline. *lf this were the result
of falling ore Bupplles, there would be
serious cause for alarm. On the contrary, lt may be safely Btated that there
is now vastly more ore In Bight than
could be claimed a year ago. Traspor-
tationB difilculties wil] be responsible to
nn extent for decrease of copper output, but the true difficulty lies In the
labor situation. There are not enough
miners. It follows that there Ib uneasiness. Demands for higher pay have
occurred and are likely to occur again.
Strikes and shutdowns under such circumstances are not improbable. With
2000 men laid off at Butte and 1200 at
Misbee, there can be no maintenance of
copper output at last year's rate of pro
The copper market has been stationary for some wekB, but a further advance seems Imminent. Quotations are
made by dealers for instant acceptance
only. Demand Is growing for useB
where price Is, comparatively speaking,
a minor consideration. No one seriously expects copper to go below 25 cents
this year, or next. It may well go to
30 cents before 1908.���Los Angeles Mining Review.
Items of Interest to Readers Who Keep
Tab on Inustry.
The Ohio State Federation of Labor
complains tbat the state authorities are
not enforcing the Wertz law. restricting the employment of convicts ln competition with free labor. The officers
of the federation are pressing tbe matter and intend to take it to tbe courts.
It Ib said that more convict-made
goods are produced 1 Missouri than In
any other state.
One of the most sweeping labor decisions ever rendered ln Massachusetts
was that recently handed down by
Judge Gasklll of tbe superior court. He
holds that a labor union has a right to
fine any member who does not accede
to the demand of the union and quit
work in an establishment in which a
strike is in progress.
Approximately, seven out of every
eight children reported last year as
mine and quarry workers were employed as soal miners. The occupation
of the textile workers or the needle
trades furnished employment to 36,070
children between 10 and 15 years of
ago, of which 6136 were boys and 29,-
934 were glrlB. ,
New York police want the eight-hour
day. Several hundred of them held
meetings recently and decided to organize all the men on the force and
then make a stand for the tbree-platoon
A labor union at San Francisco composed largely of former soldiers has
passed resolutions strongly favoring the
restoration of the army canteen "in
Ihe Interest of men, not theories."
The new Btate of Oklahoma has
adopted what Ib kn -wu as the standard
child labor law, which is similar to the
laws ln force in several of the eastern
Rich Prize Offered.
One of the richest prizes offered to
aeronauts Is that of a London newspaper���J60.000 for the first machine
that can cover the distance betwen
London aud Manchester, allowing two
slops for fuel. Another $50,000 Is ottered by n Paris journal for a flight beginning at 10 o'clock in the morning
and reaching London ln twenty-four
Mining Notes.
Wildcat promotion ls not a pronounced
feature of mining districts that produce
no successful mines. It may be found
In those camps where success is greatest, and where activity is most not!-
Hydraulic -mining under favorable
conditions Is the cheapest method of
bold mining known.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
H. E. Croadsdaile & Jt
Nest Door to Bsak ��( Commerce.
Tfc Stfathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
BsMr Street, Neliou. B. O.
Lighted by El-Botxioity uid
Bested by Hot Air
Imtm* snd Comfortable Roslroomi sod Flm-
ciM. InuusK Uoom.   Mmple ttissus.s, Inr s.omioer-
llll   Hon
Utlll. E. i: (st.AkKK, Ptoprtatre-M
Grand Central Hotel
TnlH hotel baa betm completely renovated find
newly lumlifted with all modern C(|Ulpmenta.
Uot water beating throughout.
&ATE8 : Boom*, 60c.   upward* ; roealfi   2&c. i
ipeclal ratea hy the week.
J. A. EKICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Houbc
and Postoffice, Nelson. 8. C.
Tremont House
Inropean ud American Plan
MmIi �� eti.   Booma from !tt cti. to tl.
Only White Help Employed.
Baker et., Heleon Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best Doflar-a-Day House in Nelson,
The Bar la the Placet.
White Help Only Rmployed.
Joeephlhe Bt.
Royal Hotel
moral trn-it..,.
Bates |1 and $1.50 s Day.
Special Hates to Begular Boardets.
Mssssi comfortable quarters, in Kelson
Ouly the beat ol Llquons and Usarf.
Pacific Coast
Leave Nelson 7:30 a. m.
Arrive Vancouver 11:50 noon.
Arrive Victoria 6:46 p. m.
S* S* Princess Victoria
S* S. Princess May
IlerthB 11.00.   Can be occupied at Nel
eon Union Depot at 9 p. in.
For rates, folders and tickets apply to
local agent or to
ftt. J. COYLK, J. 8. CARTER,
A.��.l'.A..VBliC(nivor. D.P.A., Nel-.t-.ti
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor and
Solo agent Ior tlie I'orto EUoD Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retull yards. Bough aml-ilre-neil lutnlwr, turned
work mnl brackets, Coast latb and uhlugiee, cbbU
���unit doon. Cement, brick and Ume [or Bale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. east of Hall
NBLSOIN,   e. C.
P. O. Hoi aw.            TtrtenhonP IW
All Kinds ol Heating Plants la Stock.
Victoria St, Nr. Optra Houm.     T.I. 181.
Building Lets for Sale
H. & m7 bird.
Has every class oi Real Estate and Buildings in Nelson
ior sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Frdt
I Have 10,000 Acres
of tbe
Choke* Fndt Lands ia
Can sell any quantity irom 5 acres to 3,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
NOTICE In hereby given tbat an application
will be made to tbe Legislative Aaaembly of tbe
Province of Brltlah Columbia at Its next session
for an act authorizing tbe Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to place, construct,and maintain,
a dam or dams, booma, piers, alides, and otber
works in and across tbe Kootenay river ator
near Thrums Htatlon (about opposite Hub-lot IV.
uf Lot 45W, Oroup 1, Kootenay distriet); and In
andacroas the Little Blocan river; and lu and
acroae the Hiocan river at a point or points below the mouth of the Little Slocan river; for the
purpoee of driving, rafting, sorting, holding, and
manufacturing, nw-logi and timber; to occupy
the surface of the aald rivers where necessary rar
the purpoetw aforesaid; to clear. Improve, and
remove obstructions from the aatd riven lor log-
driving, rafting, and booming purposes; to levy
and collect tons and due* on lon. timber and
lumber of peraona using or profiting by mob
worka, clearing or improvements; to enter upon
and expropriate lauds; and do all otber things
necessary, incidental or conducive to the exercise of auy of the above powers.
Dated the 10th day of Deoember, 1906.
Solicitor for the Applicant   ,
In the matter of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1-8 of Lota a, and 8, Block 12, Town of
Notice Is hereby gives tb 1 ut la my Intention
to luue at the expiration of one month from
the first publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the ibore landa ln the
name of Florence M. Hodgtna whleb Certificate
ls dated thc 28th day of December, IBM, and
numbered W5C1K.
H. F. MacLBOD,
DUtrlct megii'.mr.
Land Registry Offlce, Nelaon, B C
January Mth, Itffl.
Certificate of
"Empress," "Climax," "Horseshoe," "Queen,'
"union Jack," iltuated in Nelion Htnln*
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notice that 1, Frank Fletcher, agent for
the At"tve t.ioid Miuing Company, Free Mlner'a
Certificate No B822GU Intend, 60 days fr m date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvemenu for the purpoae of
obtaining a Crown Orant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
Section 87, muat be commenced before tbe Imu-
ance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated Nelson, 13th Dec, 1M6.
Kiuinc Ft.
Certificate of Improvements
"Aran" mineral claim, situated ln the Blocan
City   Miuing   Dlvlalon   of   West   Kootenay
Where lo ated: On Springer Creek near the
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notice tbat I, Frank C, Ureen, acting as
ageut for the Arlington Minos'. Limited' Free
M iiicr'n Curtiflciitc No. B4606, intend, sixty davs
fmm date hereof, toapply to t*e Mining Recorder
for n Certificate of Improvements, for tbe pur-
pone of obtaining a Crown Qrant of the above
And further take notice that action, under
miction 87, must be common od before tbe
Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this loth nay of December, 1106.
F.�� (IMMt. N'elaon.B.C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fn*,
Fuel tt, Pool-try Co., Ltd.
N.E. oor. Bator and Ward Stt.
F.CGREEN      F.r.NJSDH!      A.I.6REER
Civil Engineers, Domtatat iai Btttbh
Columbia Laid Swreyots
r.o.��oxi4s n-MMii.
Tenden Wanted for tte Pwduie of a
lineal Claim.
T.nsJ.n -tddnned to the mictoTilf n��d, ��t hlf
ofle, in tbe isontt bonte, Id tbe City of Nelwn,
will be reoelved op till tbe hour of 6 o'clock In
Ibe Afternoon of Monday. Heroh Utb.ian, for
tbe purchue of tbe "Oerfield" mineral elelm,
lAtttm. s.rosspl, Kooteney Dlatrlet, which wm
declared to he forfeited to tbe Crown nt Ik*
tax aale held In tbe City of Neleon oath* tth day
of November, IM, for delinquent taxee np till
June 1Mb, not, and tab.
The npeet price upon the eald mineral elalm.
whleb Include, the amonnt ot delinquent taxee
and eoata at the time of forfeiture, with 1
taxei which bave alnce accrued, ���mete of adver-
tlalnt, and lea tot crown -pant |*��U��) ia BI.70.
which u the lean amount that will be conaldered
ae a tender.
Each tender muit be accompanied by aa accepted cheque for the full amount of the -leader,
-      -   totboo ���   *
 j and Work,, et Victoria, B. 0., at jar.
Dated at Neleon, Be, thii Utb day of fibrn-
payable to the order o( tbe Deputy*	
of iande and Worki, at Victoria, B.C., at
ary, IMI.
Government Agent, Nelion, B. C.
Tenden Wanted for the Pochase of a
lineal Claim.
Tenden addreeeed ts the undemened, at kit
offlee In the Court Houae, In tbe City of wa___n,
will be received np till the hoar olive o'clock
In the afternoon of Monday, March 1Kb, VMI, tat
the pnrehaae of Ihe "No. r mlaeral elalm, Lot
31*0, Group 1, Koolenay Dlatrlet, whleb waa da-
Glared to be forfeited to tbe Crown at the lax ealo
held In the Clly ol Nalaon oa the ath day of November, 1106, tor delinquent taxee np nil June
nth, 1106. and -mata,
The npeet price npon the eald mineral elalm,
whleb inoludee tbe amonnt of dollaqnont taxee
and coale at the Ume of forfeiture, with Interact.
tas.ee which have llnce accrued, ooeta of adver-
tlilnx. and fee tor Crown Grant (*s 00,) u MMO,
which le tha leaet -amount that will be eoneidered
at a tender.
Kaon lander muit be accompanied by an accepted cheque for tbe full amonnt of tbe leader,
payable to the order ot the Deputy CommlMloner
of Land and Works, at Victoria, B Cat par.
Dated at Nelton, B C, thle Utb day of February, WI.
Oovernm.nt Agent. Nelwn, B. C.
^rf���fuDC&te oi
"Bay," ' B.C.." "Blralbroy," "Joy." "Joy Fractional." and "John D.MiMm<"inmMI0lalm��.
iltnated In the Blocan city Mining Dlvlalon ol
tbe Weet Kootenay Dlatrlet.
Where located l-Northitf Tw*Ve ���Be-��*reek
about one and a half mllae up.
Take notie > that 1, H. JI. Jorand ot Rloeu k.u.
Free Miner'! certificate No. Bmuo, ae aaent tor
Horace G. Van Tnyl, Free Miner t ceruleata No.
���Ml, intend, ilxty daya trom tbe data hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a CertiBeate
of Improvementi. for tee purooee of ontaining a
Crown Grant of the Mid mineral c'	
And further lake nollee that -action under
-Notion tl, muit be commenced before the ��iu-
ance ot luoh Certtfleetee ol Imm
Dated tbli lid Dsey of January, IW.
-Cmr-tin-amta at Itnprovementa
Hlo Tenle, Orinoco, Queen Victoria Fractional
aad Ornoco Fractional Mineral Clalui, altuate
In the Nalaon Mining Dtrlalon of Weal Koolenay
Located on Qneen Victoria Mountain, near
��� Notice thatl.Frank C -Sreen, acting s
nt tor MMbael Bean, Free Mlner'i CertlSea
Beaaley Hdlng.
Tabor  -
No! BtU.lnund, ���ii'ty dayiYrom the date hereof
to apply to tbe Mining Becorder for CertlBealee
of Improvementi, for the purnoM of obtaining
Crown Graateof L _._	
And lurther take notloe thai aeiloa, aador
Mellon 17, moat ha commenced baton oka
luuanoe ot inch Certificate! of Improvamoati.
 1 day 0-f January, IM.
^^fftOSCASK Ok
"PorlU," "Amoa," "Beat Bide *o.t" aad "Bat-
Una Fractional" mineral claim., iltuated la
the moean City Mining DlvUlon of Watt Koot-
enay Dlrt-rlel
When looated: At bead at BprlagerCnek, near
ie ArUwan mine.
TakeHotlee tbat I, Frank O. Green, aatti
��� ���-- 'lie hereof. -     ������*���**
hbflag a
from tha data hereof, lo apply to Ike
eerder tor a Cartileele of Improvem, ,	
aurpooo of ohtaaJlag a Otawa Grant at tho above
And! urthor taka notice that acttsu, *****
���ecaonlf. mut be commenced before tke baa
i *. %
4 I
7-ti ���
��    1 I
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For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Cor. Vernon and Ward Street,..
J. FEED HUME. Pronrietor.
P, 0. Creed, Halifax; T. C. Clarkson,
F. Clarkson, Ymir; T. H. Stiles, Seattle;
II. Eagleson. T. J. Mclntyre, J. R. Williams, F. W, Tresham, J. Kendall, J.
li. Morris, H. F. Peters, Vancouver; O.
N. Koss, Fernie; Ethel Payee, Macleod;
S. lialfour, Hamilton; F. J. McCrohan,
F. Robinson, Winnipeg; T. G. Mitchell,
Victoria; R. Hanna, Trout Lake; C. C.
Suowdon, Calgary; J. Marshall,
F. W-. Guernsey, Trail; E. W. Kelly.
Spokane; J. M. Knappen, Chicago; W.
H. Allen, N, L. Padsenow, J. Thomas,
,1. G. McKlnnon, Toronto.
J. M. Farrell, Mrs. McVlcar, Slocan;
J. Rogers, Seruuton; S. A. Dixon, Spokane; F. G. Cnthro, Calgary; J. R. Edmonson, Procter; J. B. Wlnlaw, Wlnlaw; H, F. Rankin and wife, Armstrong; A. M. Brown, Seattle.
J. Emerson, Silverton; P. Hauck,
A. D. Harris, T. II. Harris,, Leth-
bridge; ll. McMillan. J. Terry, H. D.
Lea, Slocan; A. L. Allen, E. S. Haydcn.
Tees; A. D. Lough-sad, Salmo; B. P.
Hardcastle, Vmir; J. Bourdon, Cranbrook; Mrs. T. Williams, P. B, Blakle.
Procter; ,1. Bonner, Winnipeg; F. Ran-
.lull. K. I. Ilallet. Fernie; W. McDougall, Grand Forks; A. II. Dorman,
M: Harry, Klmberly; II. A. I.add,
Wlnlaw; B, S. Frotopp, Arrowhead; G.
Ileunet, Seattle; J. F. Adams, Wycllffo.
A. G. Barnes. Willow Point; O. Falk.
Farron; G. Clacey, J. H. McDonald, Duluth; G. H. White, Deer Park; A. Sher-
i-att, Greenwood; D. Stewart, Carman;
H. Wheelan, Slocan Junction; J. H.
Smith. Procter; W. H. Cawley, Salmo
We have just unloaded a car of
Purity Flour
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without a
doubt It ls the best Hour on
the market. Money refunded
if not satisfactory.
Telephone 181.
Hall Street, Near Silica.
Daughter tod pupil <ti tit, Torrtogtoo, director
Toronto College of Music, oealru a limited
Till HI I'll nl pllpilti lU
Apply Ht ruldenoo or by mail.     Boi no*.).
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Bo:
Baker St., NELSON. B. C.
A. McDonald & Co.
Diallers in staple and fancy Grooerio-
Butter, Ekkb.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
tss tiki- ilissrs:' s,l little girl of threa >*i*sir�� his,I
aflnlst -Willi islsiin isss,-,ll,-w,irk. iiiii lsal preferred     Apply Madame Wdbb, Htr.thi'ona Hotel,
WOMAN BKCOlli COOK, HO.IXI   Waitress. tffi.UO
At mice   w. Parker,
TWO KIF.H-r-CI.ASB KOOMS, iteam bealcit,   Ap-
l>lr houMkw-Mr, 8rd flit, K, w. C. block
Arguments In lhe Jackson Mini's ease
will probably be concluded at the iicni
chamber session of the country court
Monday, March llth.
In the city police court this morning
Magistrate WasBon lined a "drunk" the
usual live and costs, and gave a vagrant
till 2 p. m. to leave the city.
If the weather leaveB any ice nt tho
skating rink there will be a hockey
match between thu teams of the Hudson's Bay and Mel! Trading companies.
Xewitt & Co. have been ordered its
vacate their present premises by April
1st and will otfer their stock for sale al
greatly  reduced  prices until  lhat dale.
At the gun club meet tomorow aftssr-
noon the first shoot for the U. M. C. -Co.
trophies will take place. The series will
continue every Saturday till the first of
The Londou price of lead rose another point today. It Is now ��20,ls���
3d., the highest point reached since
1900. Silver also advanced one point on
both markets.
At a meting of the Nelson liar association held in the offlce of Galllher
und Hannington yesterday afternoon,
R. M. Macdonald was elected president
ln succession to W. A. Macdonald, K. C,
and R. S. Lennie was nominated as a
bencher in  succession  to  John   Elliot.
At a meeting of the Nelson Dramatic
society held last night it was decided
to produce "The Private Secretary" on
April :ird. Rehersals will be held every
Wednesday and Friday evenings at 7:30
over the Bank of Commerce. R. H. B.
Butler will prepare the advertising
matter. The proceeds will go to St.
Saviour's church building fund.
The March meeting of the Nelson
University club will be held In the club
parlor tomorrow night at S o'clock. The
committees on the programme for the
year and on the provincial university
will preBent reports. W. J. Ilaird, M. A.,
will read a paper on "Parly Govern*
nient." All Interested are Invited to
Mr. W. II. D'Arcy, general claims
agent of the C. P. R., slated the olher
day lhat it had cost the C. P. R. about
$12,000 last year to meet the claims
made by the owners of cattle killed on
the track. The present system of reimbursing the stockmen for cattle killed seems to be un excellent one and thc
C P. R. is to be commended for the
prompt manner in which all just claims
are met.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Coast and Slocan train���On time
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
Made Haul of Jewels.
New York, March 8.-���Central official
detectives and representatives of a prlv
ato detective agency are making n
thorough canvas among pawnbrokers
and dealers In precious stones throughout the city in search of diamonds
worth $50,000, which were stolen several days ago from the J. J. Sweeney
Jewelry company of Houston, Texas, A
reward of 110.000 has been offered for
the return of the jewels. The authorities In Houston believe that the thler
was a New York man and that he will
probably attempt to dispose of his
pluder here.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafers  10c
Lemon Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafer*     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlspo Ginger Wafers  10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk Toast  10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakes (Stilted)    15c
Put up ln packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth It.
K. W. tl. mock . Phnn<> 1(1
PHONING AND OKArriNO carefully nln-ml
esi to. Apply
Sliver KlUf Hotel.
Ackuowledged by critics to be
Best Hleuded and Most Suited to the waters of this
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
MHONl! 7
Wholeuttfi mnl Rutall DwUn In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Red Cross Drug Store
for your Pretcriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
Baker St., near Josephine, Nelson, B. C
Threatens to Give Out France's Diplomatic Secrets.
Rome, March 8.��� Authorities of the
Vatican deny with emphasis the charg*'K
contained in a semf-otflcial statement,
issued in Paris that Mgr. Montagninl,
the expellefl secretary of the papal
nunciature, was active in trying to prevent the visit of King Alfonso of Spain
to Paris. In commenting upon the
status of the conflict with France, they
explained that the Vatican could retaliate readily [or the action of tin, French
(lovernment in malting public part of
the documents sequestered at the time
of the expulsion of Mgr. Montagninl.
It would be easy for the Vatican to
publish documents exchanged before
the rupture of the Concordat, showing
the anti-Italian and tin- anti-lirltish attitude of the French government, ns
well us other documents, dated subsequently which tended lo create em
burrassment. for the Holy See.
Strikers   in  Straits.
Sydney,  X,   S.,   March   8.���The crew
the    Oceanic Steamship  compan's
steamr Sonmona, who were sentenced
to a month's Imprisonment a( hard labor for disobeying commands which
delayed the vessels departure for San
Francisco until a crew of non-unionists
were shipped, are in a destitute condition following their release from prison
as they forfeited the wages due them.
The seamen appealed to their brotherhood in Xew South Wales and to thc
American consul general here, but they
both refused to help the seaman, the
consul holding that his instructions only
permitted him to grant assistance to
shipwrecked men and not to strikers.
Bold Bad Man.
Hartford, Conn., March 8.���Thai Win.
P. Walker, the defaulting treasurer of
the Savings Bank of New Britain, is
nlso a forger to the extent of several
thousand dollars, is now asserted, and
the grand jury at its session on Tuesday will consider this charge. The
state attorney says he is in possession
of evidence that will show that Walker
forged notes payble to himself as trsin-
urer of the Baptist convention, and by
doing haa been able to cover up his
stealings  for several  years.
Most   detectives   knit    their   brows
while trying to unravel a mystery.
Oampfl supplied on shortest DOtioe and
lowest price. Nothing but t'renh and
wholesome meats and supples kept iu fUx*
Muil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES   Manager.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Builder! will find it to their ad-
vantage to uho our Piu-h.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
4 Books
Which Are Almost
to  almost  everyone  living  in, or doing
business in Canada.
This is ;t now work, Juki published,
Contains New Customs TarlfT; Customs
Regulations and Treaties; Ports anil
(imports- Credit Reports ami Collections, Full Commercial Information
and Hints to Trader*; Hanks; Railways;
Bblpplng Companies, express, Cable,
Telegraph and Postal Rates, Hoards of
Trade Register; Municipal Registers.
Pull up-to-date Statistics. Mining Laws
or All Provinces. General Legal Information. Special articles on Trade with
Japan, Cobalt Silver Camp, Grand Trunk
Pucltio and Prince Rupert.    Price $1.10.
Por tin' use of luisiness men, farmen,
mechanics ami others In Canada, Contains plain and simple Instructions to
all classes for transacting huslness ac-
oording to law. with legal forms for
drawing necessary papers.    Price $2.25.
lly Hunter, Price $4.75.
lly S. R. Clark, Price $5.50.
W. G. Thomson
^a^mmT"0 Nelson, B.C.
Phono 34,
Pressfeeders Get Advance.
Xew York. March 8.���The Franklin
Association of Press Feeders and the
Typothatae agreed on a new wage scale
yesterday, averting lhe threatened
strike In book and Job offices. The
wages of the feeders on cylinder
presses aro raised from $1-1 to $111 a
week of 64 hours, until January 1st,
190!), when lhe eight-hour work will go
Inlo effect.
Death's Harvest.
Ottawa, March 8���Col. R. p. Mcl.en
nan, ex-M. P.. who far a time repre
sented Glengary in tbe bouse of commons, died at Cornwall this morning.
He was a successful contractor who hail
done much of lhe construction on the
Canadian   Pacific   Railway.
We have notice from our landlord to vacate our store hy April 1st. In
order to reduce our stock before moving we will sell goods now In slock
at greatly reduced prices. If you want bargains In Clothing and Gent's
Furnishings drop In and see for  yourself.      .
2S9 doz. Ulnen Collars To He Sold at
$l.SO per doz.
Fifty Cent Hand Ba
They are beauties at the price,
Telephone .t.-t.l.
Starkey & Co.,
S��Atepay VI
Limited, tyinnipJ
Dominion Government Creamery One Pound Bdoks received weekly k
from tbe ehurn.   For sale by all leading grocers.
Ofllce nnd warehouse: Houston Block,   Phono 711.
Josephine Street.      -       -       -      Nelson, B. C
Wate* Bottle Sal
2 Quart Water Bottle $1.00
3 Quart Water Bottle $125
2 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.25
3 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.50
Canada Drug <& Book
Wu nni
Just in Booetpl nf a Carload of
These are thi- Jineat grade "f ore Sacks iu tbe
market ainl OU prfoei arc ri-uht.     If yim an' in
need Ih us hear trom jon.
J. H. Ashdown Hardw
Company, Limited.
KwpMlrlt-iir Hnd .JohhlnB t-.s-vsilcsl >���* II tss II��sMputs,h.    Sheet >
Wssrk, Mining nnil Mill Mnut-tlnury.     Munutacturtnil
Oro  Cara,  I..  I..   Cimtnwtora'  Cara.
NELSON,    B. C.        W_}
IKi.sinuNN man,
Working men.
Mmn In UrwHM uttlre,
Sporting mwn,
HnnJiioma men,
Mun tluil'm full of flr��
UNITE nnd sing that   the imptrtalxxl
John T. Pierre aro (he proper thi* |
My hint full ihipmeot hnn jast firmed. I
them and pluno'��ur order early for-\niii*
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor I
^s"Lkof Fine Eiderdown
From $6.00 to $35.00.
fteo Our Varluty of ESOO I Met ui-ch 1'riimed I" *ho
l.iituMt -Style**,
Standard Futtiitute Compafly|
Complete House Furnislios
Undertakers,    Embataw
MiLMisn ,_ I: i..,��� i, I'immss.
OnKTimwr Mmirmn
Miss.liisil ~i,iii[���, s Multm
AND DEALERS IN   LtlOlDef f  Shitigl^l   I
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*!
Turned Work nnd Brackets. Mnil Ordrm m*nmistly Hi
VBKNON STHHIiT   .   .   .   IVIll.NOIN, B. C.
Galvanised Iron Wort
��r_ ""'quailed In the Kootenays. If you require ll��'Jt*
���moke Stacks or special work of any kind call or _*_*___]
Wood-Vailance Hardware Co., Limits


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