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The Daily Canadian Mar 16, 1907

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Array ���
���rMK I.   No. 242.
Fifty Cents a Month
[llill BLUE WINS
tambridge tasily Defeats
|i:. * v 1-uurth Annual Contest, Though
Not Close, Attracted Usual
Keen Interest.
iit.y, March ig.���Cambridge uui-
, wills prflottoivHy tin.' Huiiu- orow
one whicli defeated Harvard men
(all, today btsut Oxford by 414
its over lhe Haute course, from
utile} tn -Mini lake, a dlsluucc of
tout finir and a iiuurter mllen, iu Ibeir
uii annual boat ruce. The time Mats
its* ssli,,i Blow, a gusty wlutl ami rough
ulei iis-.-iissylng all chances of beating
is record uf the course, IH inliiueK
Boconda, MtabllShfd by Oxfurd
IHS4, and equalled by Cambridge in
Tils  Oxonian* won the Iohb and Qhose
ii   Surrey nlile of the river which, lu
. ss .it tin- strong HiiuthweBterly wind
"ssiiss, experts calculated wan worth
io  lengths.     Even   wllh   thin  advan-
ssss* tin- Oxford  crew  hud  nu chance
.ssiiss1    C'uinbridge,    which    probably
iiis   InieHt   UrltlHh crew that ever
idled in an "eight."
lis-* race tutlay wuh u procession.
Cambridge  got  away with  a  stroke
II ie Oxford's 4U and quickly )iusBft!
'lis   irunt and ut the half-mile itust
fell   ln   tbe  lead,   passim:   uiid.i
instil   Itrldge,   abuut   1 -%mllen
us   start, Cambridge had a lead
��� ngth and u quarter, aud soon arts'. Oxford's ahi'll took water- The
i'>   this time had been reduced
Iur  Cumbrldge  und  'ill for  Ox-
:<i    Rough  water off Cbeswlck Eye-
I. ubssut 2%  miles from the sturting
ilnt. wub troublesome lo both crews,
peclally Oxford'B, on whom the strain
Ran  iu  tell, considerable    spluslilug
i.s   s.s.s-tt.     Passing   the   three   mile
ssl    Cambridge    was    from    4 to  5
i.   I.s. lis front and kept the Bame lead
 nd,    The Cambridge men were
innaratlvely frcBh at lbe finish, bin
serai ul the Oxford crew were badly
ItauBled. The ollielal lime was 211 mill's- L*i; seconds, while soma of the
7i wus taken off the keeness of pub-
interest by the general opinion that
��� resuli wus n foregone conclusion,
ere was little diminution iu the Blue
'is. crowds present M^Hses of ipso-
lors lined the banks at nil
mis of vantage along the course and
* greatest  enthiiHlusni  prevulled.
Kind Words for D. R. Younij.
li  It   Voting hUH left Vernon fur Vic
"ins.  where  he  will reside  In  future
f'l'li" Vernon News Iiiih the following
I,.is,I word to say of that enterprising
citizen: "Mr. Young's departure from
Vernon will he greatly regretted by n
���ge number of personal friends, ns
|we|| ub by the  grenl   body of "nr clli
���iis. who appreciate lln* fnci tbal his
Jfuteslghl  nnd faith  in tbe disiriei. lib:
energy antl enterprise, have been very
tiurgely responsible for tin- remarkable
,"!��� ss'isspnieni ilini intB taken pla-ja in ihe
���'���sn nnd neighborhood during the past
hrne years,    ll wus Mr. Yuung whn lu
ituigiirnted    Hn*    policy of subdividing
I huge holdings, nnd of extensive ntlver
iis ing. whioh hns since been adopted by
"ilier local real estale men nml wlilrli
I'ii" rendered possible the presenl oon
lllnnous Influx of population Into the
I Okanagan. in fact, during IiIb residence
among iib, Mr. Young's name litis ul-
viivb been associated wllh measures ot
progress, nnd he has done much more
nn his full shnre towards advancing
ihe besi Interests of the city."
the near future. Wholesalers and dealers can hardly expect ins- to strictly enforce the uct in Question sgutnst local
growers unlesB tliey are prepared to do
Iheir purl lu complying with the Dominion regulation!."
Owned the Train.
Saskatoon, March IC���A boy was
burn to an emigrant couple on the
northbound trnln yesterday. The
mother was given the smoking department In the first cluss conch. The pas-
nengers on board raised a purse of
money for the Infant.
Inspection of Fruit Marks.
MJtxwell Smith, Dominion fruit Inspc
���tor, is after the const dealers who are
violating the "Fruit Marks Act." Inter
vU'ws'd by u Victoria paper on his ro-
Inrn from Nanaimo thiB week he said:
"Al Nanaimo and also ln Vancouver, 1
found evidence of a number of violations of the Fruit Marks Act on the
purl of some Victoria wholesale frull
dealers, The matter will probably re-
seive offlcla lattentlon at my bands in
P.ioaengers   on   Pennsylvania    Railway
Delayed  by  Floods.
Chicago, March If..���Thirty-four passengers on the Pennsylvania 18-hour
train reached Chloago nine hours late
yesterday after varied experiences, Including a rebate of $5 from lhe rull-
ruud oompany fur Its Inabilliy to make
its schedule. The train eame over the
Panhandle route from Pittsburg. Its
I rouble begun BO miles west of Pittsburg, where a freight wreck was en
coitntired. It reached Plltsburg In the
midst of rising waters. Ten miles west
uf Pittsburg It ran through water 11;
inches deep. Ahead was a stretch of
live miles uf tleeper water, which wns
rising rapidly. A second engine was
called for and tba train wbb pulled
back lo Pittsburg through 25 Inches of
v.uier. Al 4::iu In the morning. Instead
of 11:40 the night before, the train
started wesl over lhe Panhandle route.
Manufacturer and Christian
New York. Murch 18.���John Noble
Stearns, founder or thc .lerry McAuley
C't-emorue Mission, nnd a prominent
EpiHcopul layman, died Thursday at his
home here uf apoplexy. He was 77
years old. Mr. SleaniB was the pioneer
silk manufacturer of America, was
president of the A. Stearns Silk Manu
fscturing Co., with mills in mnny cities
of the country.
Funeral Oration by President Fallleres
Over Soldiers and Sailors
Killed st Toulon.
Toulon. March IC���The victims of
lhe exploBlon on board the battleship
lena. on March 12th, were given an Imposing national funeral today. All
liiit'.iness w'as suspended, the public and
olher buildings were draped in black,
and the llghled street lumps were covered with crepe.
The procession was extremely long
The cnfllns were piled on a quay carriage draped In the trl-color Hag ul
Prance and almost the whole population of Toulon was dreBsed in mourning along the route. At Place d'armes
President Fallleres, in the courBe of a
touching oration, in which he expressed
Ills high appreciation of the devotion
of sailors and soldiers ready to die for
duty, recalled Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg speech. Baying:
"Like Lincoln we usk the glorious
dead whom we salute with sorrow tn
our hearts and tears In our eyes to
strengtheiien us In the religion of coinage  and   love   uf  duty."
The cabinet ministers, representatives of all countries, and many depu
lies and semiters and officers of ull
arms attended lhe funerals. The president conferred *t number of decorations
on the Injured men of the lena In the
coarsen!  a visit which he paid to tbe
Should Invest In B. C.
C. F. Caldwell, the Kaslo mining man,
hits Jusl returned from the East, ln
an Interview with the Kootenaian. Mr.
Caldwell remarked. "There Is all kinds
or eastern money looking tor.mining
Investment." he said," hut just now It
is confining its attention chiefly to Co-
bull, ln thut Bectlon there are mining
companies   putting   money lu a hole
win re llii'ii' Is nol even a ledge to jus-
lily it, while others are waiting around
wllh a big wad of money, ready tu
throw li Into the lirsl wildcat offering.
Some ure almost begging for u chance
ti spend tbelr money. It Is hard tn
understand why there is such a OtSSS
t.i Invest in Uml particular seeilou. The
chances for nn adequate return are far
better here. I do not know of any
country where there are so many good
and worthy propositions waiting for
capital as there are in the neighborhood
of Kaslo. nut I do not think we shall
have lo wait long until cupllal comes
for their exploitation. The revival of
ihe mining idustry lu this Beotlon will
be permanent when II does eotne."
Col. McDougall relurned last nlghl
from Kusln where lie wub laid up for
two days with n bad cold. He leaves
tomorrow morning for Fernie, and, after holding the examinations there, he
will return to headquarters at London.
The subjects of Ihe sermons to he delivered by the pustor nl the Methodisl
church tomorrow evening will be:
morning, "Preparation for the Journey."
Evening: "The Stranger nnd the
Angel."' The choir will render Stalner's
anthem, "Saviour. When Night Involves
the Skies": solon will be sung by Mrs.
Christmas, Mra. Thurman, Mr. Benedict
and Mr. Sullivan.
Spring Activity Already
Reports oi Progress irom Kootenay
Camps���Stock Affected by
New York Panic.
The week in mining hus been marked
by no HenaaUanal changes but the reports thai have been received from various quartern are all eucouraging.
The lessees of the Mother Lode
group on Sheep Creek, F. F, Drummond
and F. F. Honob, .u.ve completed their
work. It'-siiii-f, muiting handsome profits foi- themselves tliey have substantially improved the property by demonstrating the existence of a very large
body of $100 : .--.
The chie. of the week in AinB-
worth camp 1 been the beginning ut
actual work i a_ long tunnel of the
Highlander u....jt the supervision ol
George Harnhart.
Work and shipments at the Queen
Victoria are proceeding satisfactorily.
Not the least important event Is the
rehabilitation of the Ymir Mines Co.,
the settlement of all outstanding liabilities and the beginning or u new und
vigorous campaign of development.
The stock market for the past week
has been very dull and heavy with
tradings light. This condition is due
to the money stringency in eastern
centres, aud has affected all western
mining stocks.
Alberta Coal sold off several poluts
and displayed a weakness, with no iu
threBt being taken. American Boy
ugain declined, but this drop was in a
measure due to the calling of another
assessment of 2 mills per share.
B. C. Copper made a low record during the middle of the week but towards
the close strengthened a little, but is
still quoted below its normal price. Consolidated Smelters and Canadian Gold
Fields were also weak, with no demand
or sales reported. Cariboo-McKiunoy
dropped, and will in all probability go
lower owing to no reports from the
projierty. Dominion Copper also
touched the lowest point since last fall,
and towards the closeof the week did
nol recover, but on the contrary seemed
even weaker. Denora Mines seemed to
be almost off the market, no trades being made fur sume weeks. Diamond
Vale Coal, since Us last flurry, is in but
little demand, consequently ls weaken
ing  with every Quotation.
Granby, too, declined a few polntt*
but seeme dlo withstand the general
conditions better than the balance of
the securities. International Coal . rid
to an extent, but at very low prices
llambler-Carlboo remained almost unchanged. Sullivan also changed, hut
Blightly, and was not traded in to any
extent. Western Oil was in good demand und sold freely al firm quotutious.
Following are the approximate quotations for tlte week ending today:
Asked       Bid
Alberta Coal   $      .34    I      .29
American   Hoy 01%        .00^
B.   C.   Copper          7.60 ",'.\U
Oon.   Smelters      135.00      130.00
Carlhoo-McKlnney    ..       .08 Vfc
Dominion  Copper   ...      &.50 D.26
Denora   Mines     .10%
Diamond Vale Sl .29
Oranby      tac.oo     12B.QD
Giant    08 -02
Inter.   Coal    fil .87
La   Plata  Mines 20
Monte  ChrlHto 03 .01 .��
Futhllntler       03
Rambler-Cariboo 30 .28
Sullivan    OH .08
Sullivan   Bonds     56.00
Stewart          2.90 2.60
Telkwu  Mines 15 .10
White Bean  (As.)   ..       .05 .04
West.   Oil   Con       2.00 1.80
Arts and Science  Student! of Toronto
University in* Frae Fight.
Toronto, March 16.���The university
elections at the gymnasum in Queen's
Park were rudely Interrupted at 1
o'clock this morning when the achool of
science Btudents stoned the polling
booth, For nearly an hour they completely blockaded all doors, preventing
voting during thnt time. The school
of science elections were nearly finished
at midnight and opportunity waa taken
to trouble the artumon. Not content
with preventing voting the aggressors
entered by the tower windows and u
five fight occurred in the basement.
Arts prisoners were captured. After be
ing rolled in mud they were released.
The arts men retaliated with a stream
of water from .the fire hose from the
upper story window. The police put
an end to the proceedings about 2
o'clock thib morning.
Home of Co-operative Socialist Colony
Destroyed   by  Fire.
Englewood, N. J., March 16.���Selicon
Hall, the home stt Upton Sinclair's Socialistic colony, was burned to the
ground, (ollowlng an explosion about
dawn t<*->ay, which tore the front part
of tlie building away and sent the
flames to every corner of the structure.
The 55 peraons who comprise the settlement .including the .author of the
"The Jungle" and his wife, were shut
ln by the flames and jumped from the
windows in their night clothes and
caught in the arms of men and women
or In blankets held by them. A number of women sustained sprains, bruises
uud cuts. A workman named Briggs
was said to be missing.
The explosion seemed to have occurred ln the ballroom, and was of such
force as to be heard a mile away. As
it was not caused hy the boilers of the
heating plant, suspicion was aroused
that It was fha deliberate work of some
malicious pe**son. The fire followed the
explosion almost at once and quickly
spread through the lower part of the
building, slitAttng off the escape of the
occupants, wbo at first rushed for the
stairways, but were turned back by the
flames. As there no fire escapes, the
members of the colony began to jump
from the second and third story windows. The men threw out the blankets
first and then used them to break the
fall of the women and children who
were dropped into them. Mr. and Mrs.
Sinclair, who occupied a room ln the
front of tho building, were thrown
from their bads by the explosion and
jumped out df the window.
The Sinclair Co-Operative Colony was
established laat October, and Included
a number of educators and men and
women engaged In literary pursuits.
The co-operative servant plan was
adopted, the meals being served ln common in a large dining room.
On lnvcstb*. Mon Jk was found that
the explosion was the result of leaking
Forestry  Association   Urges   Dominion
Government to Guard Source*.
Winnipeg. March 16.���The Canadian
Forestry Association passed resolution yesterday urging the government
to take steps to preserve the forests on
the eastern slope of the Rockies so as
to conserve the mater supply for irrigation and other purposes for the Alberta plains, to take active steps for
tre planting in Manitoba and the west-
tents to reserve 10 per cent, and upward for a wood lot. The president of
the association is H. M. Price, the vice-
president, W. B. Snowball.
Report, from European Grain Growing
Countries Unfavorable���Wniter
Waa Very Severe.
Washington, March 10.���The European crop report of the department of
agriculture, which has Just been issued,
shows that throughout the greater
part of Europe, the autumn bowu crop.
have lulu during February under a cov-
erlng of snow. Serious injury ls believed to bave been thus averted, the
weather everywhere having been more
or leBB severe.
The report adds: "Unofficially lt ts
reported that In the United Kingdom
the condition of winter cerealB is fairly satisfactory; In France and Germany, however, no little anxiety has
been felt over the frequency of reports
of winter killing from unproteced localities. In Australia, Hungary and the
Balkan States confidence is felt that
the erupts have wintered under snow,
but late reports indicate some deterioration in conditions. Official reports on
clop conditions will be awaited In many
countries this spring with more than
ordinary anxiety."
More   Municipal  Ownership.
Toronto,   March  16.���The  city council passed a resolution today ln favor
of    the   expropriation ot the electric
light company's plant.
Rhodes Scholar.
Wolf-Wile, N. S��� March 16. Arthur
Esty, of Preilerlkton, has lieen awarded
tho Nova Scotia Rhodes scholarship
for this year. He ls a student of Arcadia, class 1906.
Prtoes ef Mstala.
New York, March 1�� ���Silver, 67i4c;
copper. 2-Hic;   lead, 16.
London, March 16.���Stiver, 31 5-16d-
Investigated in Committee
of House
Accounts Questioned by Auditor Gen-
real Withdrawn and Ro Record
Kept���Imi ormation Refused.
Ottawa, March 16.���A startling state
ol* affairs respecting the Grand Trunk
Pacific finance haB been disclosed but
not yet fully investigated ln the public
accounts committee. If the Liberal majority ln tbe committee continues to
head off inquiry Into details the pubic
may uever learn the full particulars.
But here are some of the facts so Iai
lt will be remembered that the government guarantees 75 per cent, of the
bonds covering "cost of construction'
of the prairie and mountain sections to
be constructed by the company. Aboul
$16,(100,000 of bonds have been issued,
tbe government paying tbe company aB
their expenditure Ib certified. Last year
the company presented a claim foi
$026,293. The accountant of the rail
way department went through the
statement and struck out $162,000.
These were accounts for legal outlays
and general expenses which he would
not recommend for payment, aB they
were not "cost of construction." In regard to $55,000 of the bill there were
no vouchers explaining the accounts or
showing what money was paid for.
Notwithstanding tbe accountant's
adverse report the chief engineer of
tho department certified to the whole
bill, saying in his letter to Mr. Emmerson that be had consulted the depart
ment of Justice on the matter. The department of railways having approved,
the whole claim went to tbe department
of finance. The deputy minister of finance heard Mr. Shannon's statement
and consulted with his minister, with
the result that the account wae held up
for a month. It may be supposed that
Mr. Fielding did not think these bills
would look very well in the auditor's
report. At all events, the department
did not pay. The Grand Trunk Company asked for the return of the ac
count, and all the papers certified as
correct by the department of railways
were bundled off to the company's office aud no record Of them can be
Meantime the company had submitted a second statement. This time
some $70,000 of the claim was abandoned and the company tried to get the
remainder. Mr. Shannon again refused
to pass the Items that he had rejected
before. He seems to have kept a copy
of the last lot rejected, which includes
$6,421 to an Ottawa lawyer, $5,591 to
another law firm, $3,500 to a third lawyer, fees to directors in Londou, and
numerous other payments which are
hnrdly cost of construction. The other
amounts which the company withheld
from their second statement are doubtless more interesting and more objectionable, but all recurdB of them has
disappeared from the department.
There was steady and vigorous ob
Jectlou on the part of the government
supporters to any inquiry Into theBe
items and any attempt to see accounts
that hod been taken away. Notwithstanding the fact that these accounts'
were certified by the officer, on whom
the country relies to protect the treasury, Chairman Oeoffrlon ruled that the
committee had nothing to do with
them. When the motion wae made that
the Qrand Trunk accountant, who ts
to give evidence at the next meeting,
Bhould bring with him the accounts for
his $162,000, the motion was voted
down on a straight party division of 10
to 13, Mr. Fielding voting with tho res*.
for the suppression of the information
When lt is remembered tbat tbe Gov
ernment will probably endorse thirty or
forty millions of bonds for the two
western sections, it is a rather serious
affair that the company which spends
the money Is to be allowed to put ln
all kinds of bills, get them through the
departments, if possible, and if the attempt falls, may carry awr.y all the
record, so that no Parliament or committee or government may hereafter
discover any trace of the transaction.
It ts pretty well known that money was
freely spent during the time that the
Grand Trunk Pacific bills were before
Parliament and while thc company was
promoting and floating Ub propositions.
We now Bee that a large part of these
"preliminary" expense! were passed by
the department of railways as a legitimate charge against the government
guarantee,   How much more there la
which the company would not dare to
present to the view of an auditor like
Mr. Shannon can uever be learned. It
is perhaps convenient for some of the
parties that Mr. Shannon has been removed to another position ln Moncton.
Firemen  Gain  Control   After  Struggle
With   High   Wind.
London, March 1ft.���Three big warehouses ln the finest part of London's
business district centre were destroyed
by fire this morning, causing damage
to the amount of about $1,000,000.
Starting in Featherston Btreet, ln the
premises of Peacock It Co., hat manufacturers, the flames, fanned by a
strong wind, Jumped the street and enveloped the establishment ot Maxim k
Co., wood turners, and spend to the
adjoining warehouse of Oreen MS Co.,
shoe manafacturers. Owing to the
strength of the wind lt appeared for a
time as thought the whole block of
adjoining property would be devastated, but after three hours' hard work
the firemen gained control of the situation.
Accidents of a Day.
Hamilton,    March    16.���Daniel    Mc
Isaac, who was run over by a street
car last right and lost a leg, Ib not expected to live.
Goderlch. March 16.���Police Mails
irate Humber fell down the stairs ot
his bouse and is not expected to recover.
Toronto, March 16.���W. Kerr, O. T.R.
brakeman, was killed yesterday at
Bronte while working between tbe engine and tender of a freight train.
Takes New Portfolio of Hallways and
Telegraphs in Reconstructed
Manitoba Cabinet
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Winnipeg, March 16.���James H. How.
den, who defeated Alex. Dunlop in tht
recent election ln Beautiful Plains, hat
been taken into the Roblin cabinet as
minister of railways, s new portfolio
Mr. Howden will have charge of tel>
graphs and telephones. It Is under
stood that the government will con
struct 1,000 miles of telegraph lints-
during the current year. Mr. Howdei,
practices law at Neepawa, and la wel'
known throughout the WeBt as a caps
ble man.
Premier Roblin Will Go South.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Winnipeg, March 16.���Hon. R. P. Rob
Uu will leave Winnipeg ln a week or
so for the South, where he will take s
rest after the strenuous campaign.
"Made in Canada."
(Special to The Daily Can-adian.)
Ottawa, March 16.���In committee of
the senate on the bill respecting the In
spection of meats and canned goods
Sir Richard Cartwright said there had
been objection by lobBter scanners air'
salmon canners to the provision provicl
ing that each pacaage must be marked
with the name and address of the pack
nr and a statement of its contents. Sti
Richard said he thought the time war
coming, if lt had not already arrived
when the word "Canada" on any pack
age of food would be desired by thr
buyers and consumers. The bill was
Fire In St John.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
St. John, March 16.���Fire last night
practically destroyed a four-story brick
building on Prince William street, or
cupled by A. D. Smellle A Sons, Jewel
era. The stock wbb largely vaulted
and escaped with little damage, but the
building was reduced to a shell.
Send-off for Gen. Booth.
'Toronto. March 16.���General Booth,
who has been In Toronto for the past
week, left for Montreal last night
About 2,000 Salvationists lined np wltb
torches and escorted the general to
the station. He was in .. large automobile. The parade waB witnessed by
thousands of citizens.
Serious Railroad Accident
Detroit, Mich, March It.���The Chicago flyer on the Grand Trunk railroad, due here at 7:46 a. m��� ran Into
an open switch about 7 a. m. at Bancroft and 20 persons are reported to
have been Injured. The engineer and
fireman are said to he fatally scalded.
The train was running two hours late
when the accident happened.
Liberal of Course.
Ottawa, March 16.���R. D. Gunn, K.
C, of Orlllla, li appointed Junior Judge
of the county of Carleton, In plaoe of
Judge O'Meara, deceased.
Archdeacon Neals Dead.
Toronto,     March     16.���Archdeacon
Neals. of Woodstock, died thla morn,
lag ot peritonitis.
Legislature Making New
Record for Work
Trades aad Labor Congress Asb tct
Eight-Hour Day on Government
Contracts-Other Wants.
(Special ts The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, March 16.���This morning
the cabinet received a deputation ot the
Dominion Trades and Labor Council,
which urged several questions npon the
Immediate attention of the government,
the chief of which were: free text books
for pupils ln public schools, and ah
eight-hour day for workmen on all public -contracts. The usual promise of
consideration was given.
Unless the Liberal opposition and the
Socialists find something highly controversial in the later part of the governs
ment's programme, or else make a vigorous onslaught on the budget, thla
will be the leaat eventful session of the
provincial legislature on record. The
close attention to tbe business ot the
hour and the self-restraint -exercised
by the orators is aa creditable aa is is
Several bills were advanced a stage,
two were considered in committee ot
the whole, and an amendment to the
County Courts Act was Introduced.
Tally Parr Again Distinguishes Hlmee I
by Committing Forgery.
Tally Parr came up before the po .l
magistrates   of   Vancouver I   t,
aud   received   two   sa.*t.._..
months, to run concurrently,
passed   bogus   checks   oo    , __..
firms.   In   addition    th-re .a a   -
charge   pending   of having pas-.a
.orged check, which will come up ia
The report says that Taliy ac__,o
edged two of the charges, bu. . .-*
innocence of the third.   WUa
a little harder on the forget  ���
he had served time on a _._i.._
A. Y. Parr, or   as   a-     ������ -.
known, Tally Parr, starle*
reer of crime In Nelsou.    .s_
was incorrigible, and waa s-tfvaval
in the police court.    On oue ":7..
hia    father   was compelled to  pa:
heavy fine for bis son's misdctnai.
left here, but returned aga.n ,_
For a time he worked on the sta*;   *
the Nelson open house, and cal e'. ..si.
self Harry Hsstings.    But tl:
in the name had not Improved in. civ
duct   On the 22nd of November of i hus
year he forged two checks, which wero
caahed by D. G. Porter and Nap. Mallette,   respectively.    The forgery was
discovered the following day, but the
offender had taken his departure. He
waa captured and came up for trial
on November 26th, and sentenced by
Police Magistrate Crease to two years
and six months ln the penitentiary. A
comparison of dates proves that young
Parr had not been long out of the penitentiary when he committed the crimes
ia Vancouver,
Broken Cable Kills tt���Firs Damp la
Cause ef 66 Deaths.
Baarlouis, Rhenish Prussia, March 16.
���Twenty-two miners were klUad this
morning at the Oerhardt coal mines.
They were descending one of ths shafts
tn a cage when the cable broke near
the top and the miners pinged down
several hundred teet They all met with
Instant death. The mine belongs to the
Prussian government, which haa al
ready begun an official inquiry Into the
RoorBach, Germany, March 16.���As
explosion of Are damp In ths eoal mine
at Klelnrosseln, near hate, laat night
-caused the death of 61 miners and In
Jury to 11 others.
The explosion occurred la a small
gallery In which 80 miners were at
work. Three of them are still missing.
The Immediate cause ot the disaster
haa not yat bean established. The mine
belongs to Herr Wente, a National-Lib
eral member ot ths Reiachtag. ���*���>*���
H    '
The Daily Canadian
Two Cars of the Celebrated
A, B. C.
Vi*.   3-e-j'c^*;*^   *���;���-   H zdet*   T--_is_.,-t
V*et  Witi  On;y  Fa.i-r*  sr*_
t.?�����T*a CJe*   talk
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head O&c*:   Toronto.
s:__?itjll paid or    -m i s.- m r&_t ..k sm*
D K 'sril.SIS. Pr-neif' as. He..-. X!_s6__K_ ;._r-"=iAT. Txe-PwiBtleijj
���ts:_ts.n     >'i___^>-    Ek-rrsL^rosE
TAX DOCTSB     Tr'.-rosiA.
Tes:.i*:'* rw-ir'-fd *_-i sr^r*^?-* <__���-���--*.���_ -nrr-c*; *nrs?s* ^.nn iisy Ti jpen__u ,-f
J.  M. L.-VY, M
The Royal Bank of Canada
l-N-^OSsP-O-R �� rt_D  NH
:-:-. gr:-:^ of six years
--.-*"                      -                                       Ce~-*,:-                                      Tjtji Assets
$5,700,00:             5: _. xxt, mc             5 :".>���:��;. :cc
.     >>.._.;.000    .         5 5--i.e.;*;.;         .    *._._;_. ;,;..,;���;
|aM  ;:;��"-- -   aat   ';  . I ..       11 Maataftn
 Nelson Btaacfa. G. A. SPIXK. .VUg-tgw.
riftriflti .n_: �������> * M I   :������* Mi
:_u��i_JLi> -��� ���:i._--L'*'f m.
3n*-.tr mt,  Sntwm. 3.  :,
aaeatataatm -smart, ���_ renm . mn .1 teonamd
.n \D.t tag ,.- *.* * etem t *a. if imA afta
pnul tew
��� : -���./"-.��..1*4 ~\ ;:- ^ t-if.   1     .:
��..   Bun.'-i  pntid    -":   ���   . *- - 1
.suniiuj   m hum r-3Ciin�� ir
WTnr-'-iKit*. x-i*t j* naafBcnd Cbr in ::���-. u-a Hi
nrau ii  -at    .impma.*     .r_:trr rowtipo* ������� int
* 3�� jq�� **(jr��i n-y ��ra mouciw .um =-.
��������_�� *a>i m na nmri iiiiiuwiuiii fadgnd eq 1*
Uroitaa.   ���t* U  tean   *:   BMtal  tw. �����������*
THE   NSW   5      3   .       ^:a^��.
��� ' '.   ' ���'   - 1     is to Ac Eagfiab ki
w����   lasa   laataaM li lta titan"
1 : 1Eft   -mi :��::^v, -jm-
!' - MBfaaai   wtioi-e-
���" -���: hi '������< *" ���-    mate *a Ata
��� l "*'r !    ::������'::      ; 1      ���*.     -  ...
��� 1 ���-���   ��� |&ftMBM Ln Kiia
WBli -*:         fti    . :*;    bb ��� ��� : vh ar*^-
; ���*      ka     v     M }c.
B j;.4i:  BM   )��  -i.i_i.is "J  BObM
ha Utaal 7-^-^ - ��� .: 1 1 MM BM
3 j. po*;r wa? :c hegto a wi-iuiu* _J^n*
-'"^mstnir aj yinm x ?awr ic tlle
���Obbbb meat ..p. Mlliiimm ���..- tka warn
������ bmAbe ritaBiaa i; ia puBMnAa ���
IE  'i-V i':  ggopfli  ii ^ih pn
Pur-suii-i*.  ".:.-.'���;   I :... |
Sore  tie  5U_nmoninj4 at Eft
ftBCBBiMB   "-'    nateBBDU    IM    fmsWC,   __t
..* .        . is _t*aa BOtfi *        :*
ttnaa ai ft���nnn ifeM a.e ad
*.���.-���, . ���:���-'���
bbb Bd "') bbb Ctac; tftfl     -:
_ in a_n<:!a<i-
H..Q-.   DB   mmm*S   pHtl    ,*
-.ijertcj   - ������-.:��� dnaaeW  :���:-
i ��� -��q  *.:.e  Duminica   .ii,;    j
3rja:n''-^   Ii"     Mft>  :
T*i-?    reiaciaas    wtncii     Sir
���WJBHfl ' .* ftarn BlBBl fnr -lit; fiTnir^. na
'a tfaai ami analr.erai>te i*-
���:.uc!:;.'   'i*.'!***1  wriiiiii   wna   :       ���     <;   .
'e<t o(  M-   M * M ftl
i -      - jffereii ro   .
bia   a   ruasi-:-  ;   * . -
dhBHBBttBMBB    - ;     >       ���
year tor a peri��.Hi ti      - *      -
Ail ptatftM :a Bntisil Cuiuaiau
BntajflMBt     UkBBBk     jn<:     BMM
:       tot-sftmd Ab iSh ��� .-   *���   .
ad<.<4uate.    There ia ad BMBBft   laajiim&y
01  *..fl3r   s*i ;;�����;-.'  Ji  t\\W*\**\   *twi   M       .    I
. BftuMt CMtoasa
Sir Wilfrid bas iiMbiiIID nM)
DiiaU    to    maK"  '!ie  at.t'r::       i**
tlle BVpBOfl M       "���-������>;'  *
13 pra<rticaJ!y forced fea fcftttl Itep (>y tfta
tftMBMB   '-'"'    QBftfta* aad i.fie hm ���
provinces, aad be 11 I B
duu.br. o.'rrectiy. :ba- be ��tt BUN
iw opputfiUon  fron.   BBMfttft  Columbia,
rwprwieiitatives in the Dominion Partia
meat.    He  ba^   n.i.!   jm,j'-; Bf^fl I
Li take ttfl BMBMi   of KftflRB ientlemen.
U m ci^ar tbea tbat :h-i -itrugjcle !'or
BritiaH Columbias nzii^ uviat be tnade
It tha people of ttfe province tlirougii
Ta��i i.    p    -    I Me LasA Di
M  I    K&ftBOl ���-:;���:     M
ii".oa :n 3r.r:��a Orikn m%.   ���*  !0rtBB
.   mil nm 111 :i Ab u   Ti-    mb
:-;���    :'i^e    ;q   :je    ;rn      y,     a v
BUntti ltal Ab i*:r ta aaai   1
ti  Ma*   hr;   inndtatfri   BBtaaaa   ibb
laa     BB     B0OBB    M    H    -Ki...:':. r.
I -    A |oU o(  av ���-��� .
I --       ������ Bl :  d :���-   .*-   pa  1 .   ���
:���    :.:..-��� M    -   .    ;   ������
:���:*���-   HBBB|   hfl   a.        . :     * ftl   I  -
tn    ibe  aieunr-me *a-    ���
."��� 1 .!*: ta  Am b .l'-* i.
:      !      HBB    ftBBB "i      i.-   1 .    .-
���1 -1 ���    ���   inn Ata tad Ab
1 - ������ ���   -j.  ���:    fi  ne    1     : -  Ljrd i   Du
.UBaoce.   One Banta fta^ taAftg trntj
i     :- Bag   fta    H
1     Eka  LBasta iBBBsananft, I
I   jj  .:   BBb   la.i   lafti   BMBBM -1    I     I
��� ' .     ..   noil   :a.:r  ������: rian
��� ������" Kg    v.m    tetnttlB   md BM
abeoluteiy iiseleaa as a nme-piece.
There :.-* bavftA aow in LaiK-r .iad
SMh ts* riaka at tbe coast. Toe can*
di'ia:es who were made ndicuious. aid
tomodk&Baa who tai *iie iepostes,
���'-���ei and ap<ai3 tataH "Jiat they have
kBBB betrayed by the rani and lie
many al whom must have vyred ta
CMlMiiatH* can.iidat'is. The trouiiJe
'��� S������ ���' 1 ft i.f '.'rm could lot
Itaftl    he :;rvsrfure.    When a iu ft
Mftdta fhe IrifttaM wa^es he cun ?ei
am ltal SB -a.-x and higher (bb b
*ver gut be'cre. worm on term.-i tba
tated by fttaastf, t*tm the proper ka
he -wns constantly and rapidly increasing in value, with every prospect of
��� ��� ' i :p ��� conditions coatin��iin*c. he
may Btta&d BoctoftM BtaAftA vftftft bob
ta uio'isly ���resofTe" that he is a
down-truddeo i;ave. but he is M Utot
cnoiigJi to vote for a cinaije.
Ed     ���   Lv..v  t..vra^iaji���The  iwtval
IfBBt  it 0?<^i  Wtaft  n:    ft a--
bftftf uMfl . in ��� -
va: .u: accoiin. ii recea:  .ti-.i ::  _._:-
���i��r.2 Atal ftAta '-e Bl IBMBBB
Sftvaaal   rvata   agft   the  -iciuia-aiBt
��� _ -   ��� -   ���     ."���.*->    -
I  Hlttn Bftmed   Ha
���a.:   .
he was .a poaai-sston ;:" Cacts irocjae��e*ei
fta ftUfag place al Aa eta 1
els ot SI anaam,
a   WBBBBM   .<.:-'
Gettysbars.    Htaifc--;   MOJ I I
ai Cclanihia and immediately aaaMBta
���������::.      ���   " -    :     . -   ��� -. :-a-.i  .���>��:
��� 1  to Ab BftftflABBflji o-i      ���-
��� ��        j.r    island  X2..:   asearth   in . d
���tata     Hh j':ry  *aj ftftBtaft   .     BftA
ftBC,ajftBaai a.- 1 Aa  ftftci Aaft
2-   was latioru'cd   :      : -.   _\    tTiizitox.
Cosca    .-'.. :it  :���:   iear*:;     .       ..and
* :.:_! iii :���--.*_:  - -   .
Bfa BftlB3 ;n :ner. was as t-clio-vs:
a ta BBcarftts Aa ftwailftfthai o�� tire
i  : : z place :��' tie ;   i    �� he     -.ceeded
." - 1 Rtea nft AAbbb4 "i-? -sovera-
men*: *���; :; "\ a ���: : :.. _ -__:e island tn
i    :..s.z-:v *. i ��� ,x : :���-���.     ;    .-. :. .*,;;;
���v   -t  a   :���' ���. "'-���;   :���.     i-id  was  nee   .
."���. ramn   *���: .���: lent  nam^d Getssier.  who
iwei- :a tne :s-'anc  l ��� -: his   v :-. Geis-
j.er  was alsu  constantly  fea.-::    .
tile seusx-e and ���*::.*���:-���:   -
���Aft   iz;  BtaA    The  papers an Hn*
-<:-:=    i.ss'_-is_i_-a snowed   ua: a   rross
^a.-i.-;    _.t  j.i'.tt -; :_:- .;_we ..:   ������ :.   ;
Me treasures w~r-:   ;-.-..   ���:     .    ���va_.  i
iniall cruss 2e'*.n jut  af the i
������  . ;    n       ���     . .z :   :.   1  _ ���- -sen   a.���.
.a-   *:_   ;���:- _;. . narss in   the
lei _u 3orh,oed i"-"i:_i^ Geissler. ^xe
���fc area-ir ;-������.*���; -���: z- :av*= ind feasi
-���; Ml r n :c Wamrrr- p.. : and :. -
ver He was airaid ;j :;u��:a ar
On the reram ;." .: - man-ot-war Hand-
. -: -jailed foe .'���-���: - Bica, ��� nftBR tiie
boy   on Ai banal Bd
.r .��� .aniiiy. Constder'j^    :: ...
. ..-r.a   Bica   tshonesc,   :.    %
ieer-et ant;  *a;.ed 'j:c  Br::.sa    .    .z* :...
to *nteresc nn Jt 1.3 vww tatfl Ift lta
anearthin^ oi '.:-.   ::���::..
^^erai meetings wer>= held a Vic-
v:r*a ata BtataBBBBfll ran Ju^o. i<;me
jC tke parties .2 -���--' d '-,..--.
fi--*jer   e-vience   uan   '.-
" ��� : .���: vi   :.    >:a_i.i-*;r ���  _ia.;     * .
m iti'Zidtid tt ftavastltaA AftttM     ~
induced      H^z:    ��� i-:c.:n:,:an
kta   :c  i   :'���   :   .     -   .:     -.;        r*;ads.
1 :        In    MftftaB   tata Bjanaal Hn
nm  izi'i   zu..:-.   a   ftna>B8ft  Ti+zdr-.z
.      ; cumeats   tae re in.     Si itence   was
found of oie trati cf Handford's sonry
bb  rar as Baa consent  al tne BBaaaa>
nen:  and  :_ne atal ':   ftftfl  fefttai   -
tawtewnasft    Hie   .-n.y  -tuesuoo   n
m*nd   jc  -,,a**r  oi  tile ji erested   ....
was :iie  .an::    ;f ;-.a.:._  -:   .*:.  teste��i
i joe :a    i_m  ftman BaaaAaa
"he  ex-soldier  was  a     tna .     1;   .d.-zv
The   **rst   waa   naii.   ...    lis   manner:
taaftX    you axe eitlter BflftSlBfl   *
:oaridence  game bb a._e   rrazy
ttanaBaaal Aa jewels wh_y did
n   )r;:i_cn.��   BBBBJ   and   a  -ima.:   ;ac.i
-u-i. Bflaaaajft la aatfi i Kta na -,:f your
own"' He Uftftad Bft and replied:  "Tae
Cfta a Baana nnftj ban BBartata bbb,
and I want a crew of my own coantry-
7i>rn   :  pi -v-.u an ������ ���BBaftV He left
-ne    naatas "^   Aa  BanjadMn  Afl
AftBBfljfc BB  ta as the ;a.-r:es -Jien fta
taaafead an namaniaif      Altai    a
wee*    tataAnft    Btaaaaftcd    iaBM_ta
paatj   n tne .-jearrh. He bbb   fl 1 d .���.������-���:
ft! lAntari i   taAai
..." aaft mBBBftaftJ ;n aatajtai    .
Itaftft     Tie   la*--    v.v-.r���i    1    ft
ftnaadaaa aatan anl aan      vaaftm 1
to ieuve when  Aoataaft  aai  ta   i.;-
'������ ta       taw  *!a43n:p md   incrher man-
��� 1 ���   taxleu   a ������ 1      i     -v    iay*a    u    r
Lamifonl and hia Vlctorai
I   :      '"'���-     -- 1 -;���   :     * .    -     -
.'and in -taft coaaaa -ml batata
':.*���:    *     '   :..   BB , :
cover zUti w*.a   | ;.,-.( ^a
* afta ftari   An  IA n  k n
RBaaaa   :f  Aa  aaaaattj   nl   ka  tata
nor    point   aaft    I la     a        ax   hob
asaaa Aa aaan BMAari Aa aaAnm
')   -ne  cave.    After ^0BI   ta
ing tor mm?  ftaya Aa iftaanft
--a     the  Bland     Handfoni,  v
"���*���:���;,   vere andeii ai a Suuth
��� ':-:m whence 'he V.ei<;nun n
Anad bank   I to apaM -bar Hand-
':   fed   :n  a  lun:.   |   I - Tzti
i.n-; uf Cocoa Is.aod did nor  ite   v
bta. a Aaftvaad irrrniwaniT waa *
araaaand    ta    atabn   laarafl    an
made,  fltaen in rhe company  -h:
:   1   ro-ernmeaf.  itflui ,    -
Afl itrer_- 5cl- Sli-a.
OHnvtiUr *ait pupil if Or   B teW i-^-.iu.   hrw*t��r !
i" irnncii v-,,ntge u m ;.-���,   laatneaQjat���wt
auniiwr ft pupiiain
taA *- ""-"��� ;--Ji:�� jr Jr 3uiU.      Jt.. nut.       .
--      - -    :   '���   _���   "'mi.   .: :   *   �����  ��� ..1:  '
:  ::���:���:    *��*-uJ   * .    -.;:    > i?
pare has*:.;
> -. ,i
B  -���
rataaal and an a
I     -  -. a.   j ���     ���
.    -
new    venture    aftnartAad   it   J
Island A a fttyth.
-      T*
sch-emes in aaattfe af had ���
\     ;     ]     - .      ',      -    -      -
���'     ..    ������-      i
New Spring
Dry Goods
We a*u *M* stowng a solendsd itock of Advance Style* in Ladsei'T
-���d Hati.   No* *�� the time to make aelectione while ttock   . goo. or
crsie-i for your EASTER HATS.
0 plic,
See Our Ladies' Blou.es at 75c and J 1.00 each
a. r .- as-wtment of Ladsei' Undermuaiim.  tail**'  Nsjht Orewe,
ta:-     Oi-a��es-i 50c pakr.    White Underskirt* $1.00 each.   A very large stack <
D-mj Mi::* ii        ���*.:: i  Organdsei. Lawnl. Pnnta. etc.. to l*!ect from
Fred Irvine &_ Co'>
"Co^p-an*** Art. '3S.V
.*���  i .!���:���.
-���:      .:..!.���*-:
?��� v Bh^tsh Oka
5o BS
.      .    I   - --;-.*
laatiss* ��� * -       s
.**��   Tt   tr.  .-. ���      ���
��� '���:.. r.    i  ������ net
i . ' .]���:   _   .
'toi. .-** ���
7':     :-���
cao n ^ ���.
.: i***. **wl
.   1    .���   l ;3>i.*>>:   - :.i
��� .        *Bni  ~t
��� * . '     - "   -     "
-   ��� i        i
���   .        . . ...    ��� * .       *     t
* -. D
i ' . t '���        .:������    Z      -I.,       i   : ���    : ; -.*: >���.
B     .    *~7- ,y
S��S'.Sf-t ��� .'-in, 1*2 ���tt.
* I    - *      otfnaf a*�� be��a
> i
i                        -    - :* :   *f   i:.-.ptw_n��f   :r
I-.-*- BU9Mi :'��������- i ���     *   ��� ��� ���    .tm.zu.  i:s-l;2J
i     -  >. ���**.:���: :i erne*
���      ' L --._-:
t : i .    .
t.-t-sr   h.:.   -- i
- te ���;.  ta-:    a
ill'Sl -a.-i-. 1 - i .      . ���. i.
���d -.i-i; :>f :; .   . .        i^    ���      .   *   .
���""���>-. ���n/v^ttftt
k__ta _:
i .-.'-.. |
j : : : mutt tTtp-pi.en.
; ml  bbAmm
i ::   - t    -
-���-.. i
-       .     *.
"-'���������;: *.-*.-
*atl   :<���-,- ...
,:���    .fpvfmce ���
tin -- --
��� ���    ��� .   |  -   i I :
*.���-������:.>. -..-���?  . ��� : ?    -
UIij -    ��� ���������������'.. :��_*--
Un jnT"!
S)  ������Jfl  i .:��� .                              .;.--   i i .
���ad hnn wi -   i
��� * t*�� j   t.i*:       ���   ���
* .    ' .��-���    a  ia-*  it du
-:*'--   i : ���
..    h       * :::inJ."
ta ���      I - ���
��� p��aai       i.
"���-  i.i    *-  I ���������������.      t ::; i .        j .
I -'rr.   hi -      ..." inn iuwi;
I " i   ���- :t. .!   *     "
kJv. :��, -- , *     .aU'lst ic >r_ir-r-vt.
-taut,:* %���tt MfMul ampnrtT *- ���
���'      i:::     > Ulii ;-.
. i '      r-  ..- . -
���"-     - on
:i .��a ������
���'     ���       ������
I ��� ���otaaoil ���>.--      q
... ....
rtne " *      -   i - ��� -T.1H : -
> taBQrpvni d   uhJ ����� i ���������]   -n.t ���    ���
-.. ���       ������-,::
i        - *   - it    ��� . St   - ,:: RU)
hkniu*. u ; ��� -1.
KMnfU : *   *��� *      :   i i      ���   -
)*t.i ���    ..; *     .i; ���    .-       .;.*-*.   -.     i   .
marwiaait  neartttsa   .*(" lona   mpu
"..���*..        .
**.*.���   ������ i ��� : * .
' *��.   '   L-     .  "        ���     ��� I       . -..        ,.n._t;.
mm m i. i-:t i- hn -a.n^ ud -.��
t.   an vnnwa ������       .     i    te        *el
.a um
i : :
��� ���
.      -
- I    ^-   . i . . ..-.*-
-.: i �����:-   i . i - taMa    t
.    *. ��    :   nMttnr*
.'   ���������-r-a^.*-  .-;     " *>���**.  i*'--. I ��       -i
������- i . .
14 3i>rii *��*u- -.-      ���     ��� ,
���  . . **.*���'   t     '.��:    -
i ������'������*;�����.   t
. .-. ; tM.  aa f.He aflrtii
ri l    mil Hi i���I
.���.:...* !-*.*
The HaU Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
. ea*H*~
��� I : :
��� ..-".tft'jjn to tin!
Man ^mt( (_m
KBK BOH    '
Sn:*: : -i ��      i
M :t��i��.
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Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Om
Full Stocks
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B. C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddics
Manitoba Whitefish
BEEF. PORK and MUTTON of Finest Qoallty.
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P. Burns & G)., Ltd.
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l,t.:t&t mMMm i.r,,i ?������ . ;:,$.   ^ v Satj^
mm*, fe tiss^tif frr.,n ui��t '41 s,, -, , ,   .
|UI��n.l -AiAmlT'ii-.M a.is,   ���>,- ��� -,,���_,".;
UU.II.4.TI Vsr.. ""ss_.ii,,, ,������f,.!
���n����  'Jt._:���,,,,w-.a*  ls-wrli.,1 ,,���,[,  ���
as- f _. Ls,,:. au ��� .ism -���. .
'!'".owl (or it �����.!,*
���.o.,..t tSirsw aiiT,- i
T.    ,,-  sly *!-   * "'-".      ",    . ��� '      . , j.   . ',,,,-SW
�����"���' * amai Jt sttalni ta *   * ���,.-,...   _\ ..,, *���
s" * ,     i.n,-.  ..   i���   ,.   -
'"���**���   "_".' *"nm.sns'._,t.nt. ,,,0,4,-   I
:a*s Itl4*!rwi af ,��u���. ai-'ra ,,r ;_,_ "* ^
*>ilwl ata *i��einli.r iisni.
I-��'4ls.'l jy ;_!��,;  _uc.
mrJuaai. rvr..H. j..���t.
sHUWnislsstm  *���  s:s>!   "'S'^   J "".Ip ����
.-..,'        *  .'.IS'll-'SJ' ;Qt    . ,,H
��� '   : ' ' .' ���'-4w�� r""*
1  -hirtavsm   '.iM.r -If *m   * '"���*rj ^ rhvl,
- ���          "'''.4]'s'W 1
i.,i its ,'ft4-Bi..  l.��assuw'ilnw        1
. , -s ..   : i   ia I
S.��..msivr -Ir-i :*���*. ^ g jiiinUl
t J. S-A^jt____tJ_
SwUiw It. a.rv"*   s ",?*������oi��l*
>     .  ui,l *'ir��.-i mr p��t*��i.*"2"Jrfoil*.
,   ,f | ._- hhI   s.i'l *���' "-SyiwH
munm M >  i l;'**; **s,miilWl
 -���������s-i'st* ;""���'��� ',"',:.:--    unnittl'Sl
'.sra.r'il   -" '.'tl .7 r ,��sw!l�� " ���?" in1"
��.t0��sa.. -Jl.sa.sii ...�� ��|,sll*!!i��' '-"J��� afi
tn��nis.-n,sn:. -sunramiUK l* *-cr";     ft-,yit. I
���MtfMa a, i��.       . gjjiait!*1
��� ��� ��� ��� i��*'*'"' ���*,i; '.',',*[&'tm
*. pu.���n���� :��? 4.1-h 'i' 'i*"1*   ",.���,'r*ul*li
I-.'.: ai��r��,-l 'I   if . * *-_<__[��� .      ,\a OlJB
���    'i   '  .  "���    k
���     s    s*.      :.'���.,- '       ���,';:."""'(���
s ,   ...ninW'f
������ jslst'.ot *������*
sU'S^s.. m,ss-'"sr !���',��. awmttt^**
owhi au i..- ',t ��J |1 g^JSMUl   | The Daily Canadian
Notice to Fuel Consumers
All orders uow standing ou W. P. Tierney s
or o��r books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
not be made.
Dated February i8, 1907.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
.   Company, Limited.
hereby k1v.ii thHt bu .uv- mi. 1 date I
ppl* ui iin- lion tiiu OblafUommii
r nl Ljiij*!*- hihI Worki, V Ictoria, (or jwr-
inn toeut aud carry n��af timl��r from the
*.*,.ng deacrlbed lamls in waat Koolenay:
l ommAielDg Ht t\ pout planted nbout eighty
it west nl Un* month oi /.iirekn creek, where
iw> ititri burin** oraeki aad on lha north
.I Kurekn creek, mil marked <*. A. Uiu ��������� -
1 cm 1 niiiiir [Hint,tbenoawentalan rchalni,
re north ������>.��� ���'.* oliaittii theneeraat eighty
,. iii'Mi- south eight)- ohalni to point of
ltd Jau i.lh. 1WJ7    <i  A. LiiHik. l.cH-nior.
nmmeoclng ut u \��mt |ijnnte<l east of nnd
miik' '��� A  Jeanne's |iM*HlIon {M.nt No. 1, antl
ni ii. \. Laurie'i iouthm-it oornar imsi of
i it utiuii, thenca aaat eigbty chains, thenc*
1 vigiitr cbaina, tnanfawaii - i^iiiy ohalni,
I.* iouth eigbty .iniiii- to point oi Boatman*
tut Jnn. 26th, 1SWJ.   U, A. LtUBIB, locator.
I     iinenclng nt h poat I'laiited nbout eighty
I*      Miuth ol v. . v ��u oraal where It Howh into
- ..i-i marked Q. A. I.-virli��� iutllh-
poet, mi location to ll. thence enat
il. 11 it-11 cc north I'lgh I y cha In*, thence
cbaina, thanoa now eighty chain*
Il'..int nl 1 "iTiiucnceiiicnt.
.d Jsn.zMh. HW7.   0. A. LatHif. Locator.
CommeDOUlg at a pout planted aoulh of
idlululDgQ A l-aurlc's lot-allon No, 'A, and
������! li A.inurle'a northwest co-ncr posl,
-eesitN i-hiiltiH. thence nouth ��> chalnn.
eneM su chatna, theuee north bu chain**
���botutui nimir.enceuietil.
~��U<lJan ttthtlwf*   Q. A* I-Ji'nia. MMNttor.
ommendttf nt a pout plauied ������ ��� ikJ11 y
i-eaitand forly chain* aoulh of location
.0 I,and marked W 11. 1'age'* K>Qthwe*t
il-.-i .-I location No b, Ihence cart eighty
ii.ltienro north eighly chalim, tlience went
'. in,   theuce  south eighty chain* to
���1   mmaooanaat
tdJtn Jtttli, 1W7.     W   M. I'aoe, Locator.
i.s. UiiliK  at a pout planted   nouth   of
���joining locntluti No  :.. and marked \V. II.
���Uiv-vesl comer pontnl location No fi,
iai| eighty eliainx, thvuee loinh tlithty
. tlniiee waat eighty ehaim, thence north
��� liaiui l.i j...)!! 1 of loiiiiiieiiceiiieut.
\ )sled Uo aSth) 1W7.      W. H. pABB, locator.
immenetoa   nt   a   post pianie*!   eighty
Bu Iui eail and tweniy chainc nouth o( Iocaliou
��i No 6, Mini tnorkea 0. A. Laurta'a aoothwaat
irntrpoMol location No, 7, theuce enit eighty
i* n��, '.Inn. ,* north eighly clialliH, tbenOl went
ghty cbalni,  thanoa *onih eigt.iy chain* to
im id. ounneneentent
I'ated Jan. JStb. ]��W7.   u A. Latum, Looator.
���   Commenolng  at a i����t   plnnted tight*
i*lni eai| mnl eighty chainn nouth ol loealion
��tNu.7,and marked <i. A Utirle"s southwest
rner [Hint ol location No, 8, tlience enit
|Ut) chnlni, thence norlh eighty cbalni, thence
"I eighty chalnn, ihence nouth eighty chalnn
["���un i>r i-Mii--!]>-ti< t'iii<.-ni
Itii.d Jau 'Jdth, 1W7.   ti. A. Lapkit, locator.
'"Tiinicuciiig at   a  i'o-t   planted   ettfhty
ilm eaat and eighty chain* *<iuth of location
v   ���:. i   marked U   A.   Laurie'*  ntuilhwenl
ner of location No. D, ihcme cunt Hit) chalim,
nca nonh tu chain*, ihenco ncitl l<ki chains,
��� :i, i". h��liinto |...ini of ininm. in t*ni'*ii*.
tied Jan  JOih.lWI.   0. A. laraia, locator.
Commonplna atappat planted abont aU
>������> down  bnrnt'M creek   (rom the moulh ol
Bturtka creek whe.e it Bov/a intoBatnea eraak
nioatbeaalaHy dtrootlon, and marked Q.A,
lurle'gioutbwaal cotuer poit of looatlon No
il,.in*,. ,.,��t eighty chalm, thence north eighly
hlini, tbenoa went eighty chalnn, lbence nouth
li'ity chalm lo point olcoiumencemeut.
i>��iedJan.38th, lvu7.   a. a. i.at-hib. u>cntor.
11. ''ommenclng nl n post planted eighty
uiDieaitonoeattonNo lo, and marked*..A.
���uurle'i nouth went corner poitol location No 11.
henee eaat algbty chalim, thence nortb eighty
him-, thence waat eighty chain*, thenee aoulh
Ighty chalim to  point of commebceiuent.
1 ��ti*ii Jan.atth, mi7. ��. a.Lai'kii, Loaator.
!-- Commencing*) a tnnt planted aouth of nnd
"''Iuihr loca'ion No 11, and marked W. II.
'ige'i northwcit corner poat Of locution No. Ii.
henee eaat eighty onalna, thence nouth eighty
.iHiiM. thciuc went eighty chain*, tbence norlh
11 Ighty chalim to point of eommeneement.
Hated Jan. 88th, 1WU7.     \V. H. I'Aua. \a, ator.
I    l*<    GommenplUB   at  a pont   plemcd   elKhty
|< ''iiiimcHnmutl einhy chain* wolllh ol hn-ailou
I v" i'i mnl mi rked o. a. Uurle'* uorihwcnt
���   *"i.fr |hihi ol locution No. 13, thenee ea*l eighty
'"turn, (hence nouth el?hty  chalnn, Ih* uee west
** 'il'' t'hniiin,  Ihence north eighty chtUuH  to
i'"'iit of commencement
l-tatad Juu iwth, iwi,  Q A. I.ai'bik. Umatnr,
I    n   nommonalngal a ihhi plantad nonh of
R|i.l adJuiiuiiK ItH-dtiou No. IH, and tielna marked
I '. a, Laurie'i louthweit oorner poatoi location
i   No II, thencu rml algbt| chalim,  ihclice   uorth
I  ��'Uhty chain*, lhetice went eigbty ehalni, thencu
iouth eighty chalim lo polut ol eoiuineticviiieut,
|     Dated Jan. 88th, 1807,  0. A, Lahbik, Looator,
is   Commonotng at a poit  plantad eighty
���' uiu*. ih nth of lm mi,,n No. 14 tin.I niiimed W
II I'Hdi-'n Houihwi>*t corner fioBtot locution No
n, Lbantw -ut algbty Ohaini, theuce north
alabty chain*, thenee wi*i clchty i hain*, thence
""nth eigbty chaliiH to point of eoinintiieetnent.
Dated Jan. tutti, ifti..    \v. H. 1'aok, Locator,
Ift-CominciieliiK   at   a  pout   planted   eighty
yiuini cam of looatlon No le, and marked 0. a.
'UiiIc'h nonthwcf-t corner p. it of location No.
II. thatlOfl cant eighty chain*, tl ciicu north
'���'Khty chalm, thence went alabty elmlm, theuco
-outh olgbty chnlitM tn point of comiiieneeiiient.
���cated Jan.'i��, IWJ7.     tl. A. I,aphik, Loealor
Dated Jan. tttb, 11W7.   tl. A. I Atmia, Locator
lfl:-Commencing   nt   a   poit   planted   eighty
hfflim loutb of Inc.Hon No 17, and marked ��*���.
1   I'lKe'*  norlliwesi eornor po*l of locution No
11   1
18, tl
' '"Ke* norlhwcht corner po*l of locution Nn.
"J. lheiicua*t einhty idifttnn, h QOOtontb eighty
nan i, tbenco went eighty ohalni, thence uurtb
���guy eimiiiH to point of commencement.
Located Jan. 89,1W7. W H. Paor, Locntor.
1'J-Commencing at a pont planted Blgbtf
'J'Mimmiulli of locution   No IH, nn I marked ll.
a. Laurie'i northncal oorner poit of location No.
'��,   thence   cunt   ukhty   chaliiH    thenee  aoulh
,,   ,;y ��'1"nii tbence went einhty �� hain*, ihenc-
norm 6'ghty . h.iii,. to liolnt of conimcncein nt.
"atudjnu SUth.lWn.   Q.A Utiaia, Ltwitor.
J"-   ' oiuineiiciiiu  nt   u   pont   punted   nbout
'K"'reha nneuH of the  uioulll   of   Ulghl MHO
"  where It  empties Into  liiomnikln creek,
" ' i on ihe nouth hank .f Inonouklii oreak. ami
""ikeiMi, a  Laurie'i northuimi corner |m��t of
I ' "lion No 20, ihem-e ioulb 100 chain*, theuco
we*t 40 chaini. ihence north 160 Chaini, thenee
eait 40 chaini to point of commencement.
Dated Feb ind, )IW7.    (i. A. LAMI*, Locator.
3L���Oommenelng at a poit planted forty
ehalni weit and mghtl chaini aoum of location
ao.-ai, and marked w. li. Page'a northeaat �������
uer pnit of location No. 21, thencu west eighty
chain*, thence ion th algbty chalna, thenoe cut
���Ighty cbaina, tlience north elghtv chaini to
[mint of commencement.
Dated Keb. "ind, 1907.      W. H. I'auk. I^icuior.
S3-���Commencing at a jkwi planted cast of aud
udJoliiliiK loenllou No. _W, and marked U. A.
Uurle'n northweit corner pont of loeatiou No
tl tbenoa aonth U0 ohalna, tnenoaea ten obalm,
thener norih UQ chains, tbence WMt 40 ehain* lo
point of comiiiuneemelit.
Dated Keb. 2nd, WOT.   ti. A. I-acru, Locator.
2..-('ommeoclng at a post planted forty chalm
east of location No. 88 and marked W. H. >*nge'��
northwest corner wnt of location No, 'i3, thence
iouth Iftl chalnn, theme cant forty chains, thence
north Ittl chaini, thencu weit forty clinlm to
polntof commencement.
Dated Feb, and, i*<7.    W. H. Pauk, Locator,
it ���Commeitelngat a poal planted lorty chain*
cut ami eighty chains south of location No. n,
and murked i, A. I-mui. '- northwest col ier
post of location No 94, tlience nouth elgi.ty
chnlni thence eait eighly chain*, thence north
eighty ehaion, thenee weitelghty chalnn to point
of commencement.
Dated Feb. 4th   111(7.    <i. a.  La miik,  Locator.
2S -Oommenelng at �� post planted eighty
chaiua unit of location No. i4, and marked t! A,
Laurie'* northweit cornerpo*t of lo<��tion No.
I', Ibenee south tlghty chaini, theuce eait
elghly, thencu mirth elgh'y chaini, lbence went
eighty chaiua to polnl of commencement.
Dated Mxtth, i��n.   u. a Uoaia, Looator,
Uv���Commeneing nt a po��t planted ahout lour
and one half miles down Inonoakln creek, from
the i uh of thflit .Mile creek where it flowi Into luonoakln creek, and on the ea*l hank of
Inonoakln creek, and marked U A. Laurie1*
northwcit corner i��ost, ihenee iouth eighty
chalnn, thencu eaat eighty chain*, thenee norih
eighty ehaim. thence went eighty ehalni to point
of commencement.
hated Keb 4th, 1W7.     Q, A. LAt'ntK, Ixn-ator
Take notice thatl Intend, thirty dayi after
dale tonpply to the Honorable the Chief t'om-
ininloiicr of Laud* and Worka for a ipeclal
licence to cut and carry away timber from the
followlna deicrlbed land*, iltuaU/d on Sandy
t'tftk, In We*t Kootenay district: tlommenetti);
at a post plniit.'.l on the weat ilde, of said creek,
ami markel "J. !'. H'n" Qortbwoet eorner; theuce
running south eighty chain*; tnence east eighty
chnlni, thence north eighty chain*; ihence west
eighty chain* to place ol eommeucement
'. F. rwiDHiao,
Dated Ihis 1Mb 'lay of February. 1W7.
Notiee li hereby given that 30 dayi after date
I intend toapply to the Honorable the ''hief
Coinmlmluuer of Laud* antl Works, Victoria, for
a specia*. licence toeut and carry away tlmher
irom the lollowlng described plee- ol land fn
West Kooienav dutrleti Commencing at * Bolt
planted 90 chains tTOtt the cast shoe of Upper
Arrow lake and Hdjotulng block :l��n ou the south
antl marked "Cha*. nhl'i" northwest eorner.
thence suuth B0 chalm. then e cut ���> > ehalus,
thenee north 80 ohalna, thanoa jreatSDobalni to
p.-iui o! commencement.
Dated the 4tn day ol March. 1W7.
CHAI. Kill..
Take notice that thirtydnyi nfter date I Intend
to apply t" Mo* 'lon the chief Commissioner of
Utidiaud Wnrks ut Victoria. R.C,, fomipeclnl
license to cut and carry nwny timber from the
following dc*crlt>cd landi In We��t Kootenay:
Commencing ai a poet planted BOebalnaweat
of the northeast corner of Lot US, nnd nt thc
���oiithemt eurner of 1 ot 7786, theuce east '��>
chnlni, theuee south 40 chaini, ihcnce earn ie
ehalni, thence norlh 40 chnlni, thence can no
chatm, thence north 40 chatm, thence weit 190
chnlna, thenee south 40 chaini to place of commencement, containing >H0 ncrei more or lew.
Daied March nh, 1907. Prraa two,
Christ's Disputing In the Temple With
the Rabbis���Services In City
Churches Tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be the fifth Sunday In
Lent. No holy days occur during the
following week.
The gospel for the day is St. John's
account of the controversy in the temple- between Christ and the Pharisees.
The dispute is metaphysical; Christ
Bpeuks of His Father, of spiritual life,
of His own existence from Ihe beginning; Ihe Jewish doctors understand
nolhlng of such matters, they think
dimly of Jehovah as a tribal deity, of
life only-as matcriul, and they fall utterly to recognize the Messiah in the
lowly Nazarcne teacher. "Which of you
convincoth (or convicteth) mc of sin?"
Is the only proclamation by Christ of
his sinless nature. Hut Binlessness
meant nothing to the Pharisee; he was
learned In the law, he knew all the
ctremonial required, he was trained In
tlispuiatlon, his chief glory was ln
neither profaning the Sabbath nor suffering others to profane it. Beside
such righteousness as his, truth and
love and faith semed to him poor and
unworthy, and certainly no attributes of
the Divine. *
The following services are announced
fer tomorrow tn the churches of Nel
Church of Enrlnnd���St. Saviour's,
corner Wartl :tnd VMca streets; Fifth
Sundny In Lent; holy communion 8
a. in.; morning prayer and holy communion, 11 a. in.; Sunday school, B:80
p. m.; even song, 7:SO p. m. Rev. F. H.
Graham, rector.
Roman Catlif -���Church of Mary Immaculate, corn * ->f Ward and Mill
streeis: Lov " i, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.: i v ig service, 7:30 p. ra
Rev. Father A I'h ,(f, priest.
Presbyterian , .surch���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m : evening service, 7:30
p. ra.   Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service. 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R N
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; even
Ing service, 7:30 p. ra.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. G. H. Shanks, pastor
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m ; holiness meeting, 11 a. in.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m. 	
Mstl,*,' lis Isrrrlsy kIvi-,, Uml Uiirly days. 4ltor
<t4le I lnltnsl to 40|sly tss the Hwinralile llie Oblsf
OaaunlaHoast ssl ..md. ��n s works, vuusru, for
MrmiUttin  to cut uu.i s-4rr>- SWSjP Umber from
lhe following sle.erttsed lands ln weal Koolen*)*
Limit No Iv-uonuasnfitnf ��i . psnt tnrc-
saarters ola islls an cine Bimwhi Koot-
s'ti4>' river, and marked William Walinsley'sB a*.
I'otner ihihI. tlielii'e IM rlidllns went, thent'e 40
, li.iss. ttorlls, tti'tis'e 160 e>i4lnss earn, tlseupe 40
C1S4II1. to llle polsll ssf tValtllllug.
I���'i'��l.'.l Mar.'h Mt, 1!M7.
A 11,1 SAW \\ 41 MSSl.KV   l.'fKtssr.
I'. SI1BR4H, Agt'tlt.
1,1 -r It No. 2 ���t'omtneni'lns ��t * pout about
Ilirei'iiinuHris ,1 �� BUS up Mno Mllecreeli, on
tbs Wsst trin ssf ksioteiiKy river, 4111I msrken
Wlllias.ii< Wnltnaley'a N. I. oornoi posst. Ihenie 160
clialliH wt'ssl, lltetit'f 40 s-lsalna aotuli. tl.ens's'a HsO
eliali.a i'i. 1, ansl lOi'lialtia norlh 10 pislnl ol be-
Located March Mh, ls��J7
Will i.s.  H A 1 ���M-.i.KV, l.'",ll,,r.
P. IlllBRAM, Agent.
Take niith'c U14I I llllelid, Ihlrl. sUrsi alter
date, to ��|s|slv to lhe Hon tho find ('otiiiutsssiiuti-
er of Landl ansl W'ssrka foraa|��sclal licenae to ont
aii'tcarir away llmlier 1.0111 Hie lollowlng de-
acritscsi lands, sltnatsd on Bandy creek, In weat
Kosstenay sllatrlii: i:c.iiiiiimioio�� at a po.l plant-
c.l sin Ih ��� went aide "I sansly creek ami called
J 1' ri'a aoulhwcal cornor poat, lliem-e running
eaat ftl chalna. Ihenco llnrlll 40 chaiua, thence
weal ill s'hallta, thence titsrth HU chalna, tltcni'e
weat ill cliaina, thence aoulh KM chalna to place
ol commencement.
Haled thla tth 'lay ol Mars-h. I��I7
J, 1' kwkkiihk ij, lascator.
"ska notice thai l intend thirty daya aller date
to alHilv 1    III* tlOK. Use Chlel Oi.lnmlaal,user 01
Land, ninl ��'��� k. rm is ineiilal MeenM to cut oust
a1 ��� , av llmKr ss..,,, ill. lollowlng dcacrlbesl
siisll iluislid cssal ,.l tb* creek, In Hie .llilrlcl
���l West Kssssts'Ssay: I'oiislncnclliB at a pss-l ssiark-
e'l * The Bouudary LumberOom-panj'ioorthweil
corner poal " planted about a mile eait ol the
foluml'la aud Waits'11 r.sllroi.1, ausl about three
mils', assiilli, I lh,s Big Tunnel, theuee W chalna
?, h, llieiicc f-o Ohttlns eaat. theiise-111 chaiua
aoutli! Uier.cc UAl chalna eaat, theuco III cha na
norlh, Ihence SO chaini neat, theneo 10 chaiua
nisrth, thenoe N chalm weal lo point ol com-
Tatffffli'lUrol., m. ���      . J pjwgj
Agont for Tho ItttuiuUry Lumber 06.
Tnke nui'co tlmt I IntenH thirty day* after date
tn npplv to tho Hon tho 0Wflf CommMraw ol
Until nnd Work! f<" n nrerUl llOettM to cut nnd
HrnifH ilmlwr from &JtoMuMJjd
���>rtnt (it i��nf tho Co unit* n ����'! " "'MvTll ra In ��0,
m'nrnhtMit Mo thaloi y��V2lBW;SB
Boun-hiry Lumber oojfcprJ j^jjnj ��� oont
H milt) nnd n hi li wutli of the WffToUMl, Uh
SSfaw��i oornar, ��>��ooo ruonl^ ��oth }W
���hnln��, thouiH mil 40 ulittnii Uienpe u��riii i*��
SEalni! Hionw wen in i-hetne toplweol coin-
nu'iicumoiit. . ,..,.,...
Dated March 4lb, 1W7. J OwiLLE,
Tnke notice thnt thirty dnyi nftor date I in-
tend to apply to the Chief Conimlmioner ol
Landi nnd WorVsnt Victoria for pertalnifon to
eut and rnrrv awny timber frnm this following
deacrlbed landa in Weat Kontnnny:���
No i CniniLH-iu'iui! nt n fioat plnnted at the
aouthweat corner of timber licence No. 7821;
then<M eaat lorty chnins; thence north eighty
cbnlua; Ihcnce eait IrO chnlna. thence nouth to
nortbern boundnry of timber licenae &M;thence
west nlong snld uortbern boundnry to
the uortb-weat corner of laid license;
then aoutb to tho nortbern boundary
of timber licenae 701K; thence went to
a po'nt due south of the point of commencment;
theuce north lo the poini of commencement.
January IMh, 1907
No. 2 ���Commencing nt tbe northwest corner
of timber llrenae Vtttl; thence south to the northern boundary of timber lloenM 7018; ihence west
to the north-west corner ol snld timber .it-enst
ihence sou'h to the northern boundnry of Lol
���Mi.: thence following snid boundary olnaid
lot west to the right of way of the B. C. Houthern Railway; tbence following snid right of wny
In a north eaaterly direction lo the place of commencement.
January lrdh, 190*7.
No. 3 ��� Commencing at a Houtheut corner of
Umber license No. 7��il, about fifty chains south
of the right ot way of the B C. Southern Railway ; tbence east 160 chalui; thence norlh fortv
chatna; thence weat 16" chains; thence south
forty chalui to place of commencement.
January 1Mb, 1907.
**"o. 4.��� Commencing nt a poit plnnted nt thc
Intersseeiion of the southern boundary ofthe
right of wav ol thc B. 0. Southern KallwMy, and
thu eastern boundary of Lol &187; theuce south
to tho northern boundary of license application
No 3; ihence tani 160 cbalni; thence nrrth to the
southern boundary of timber license rso. 71t*f>;
thenee following tne southern boundnry of nald
License westerly nbout sixty chains, more or les��
to an eastern boundary of satd license; tbence
nouth forty chalui; theoce weit eighty chnins;
then north to the ri.ht of way of tho He
Kouiberu Railway, thence following Baid right
of way in a soutli westerly direction to the place
of beginning.
January IMh, 1W7.
No fi.���'ommenclng ata poat planted at the
southwest corner of timber license fl6S&: thence
west sixty chains more or lena to n point due
south of the southeast corner of license applh-a
tlou No. 3; thence north slxlv chains more or
less to tbc a null boundary of licenae application
No 4; theuce east to thu southeast conic
of mi id license application of No. 4: thenee
uorth to the northeaal corner of nald license
application No 4; thence east to the aouth-
ensi corner of timber license 71��fi; tlience
north forty chalus more or lesa to n point due
west of the north-west corner of timber license
OtiU-5; tbuuco east lo the norlhweat corner of said
timber license No. <W>; them-e south 160 ehalni-
to thc point of eoinmuucuincrh-
Jauuary IMh, 1907.
No. 6 ��� Commencing at a poat planted at the
southeast coruerof timber license 66.H6; tbencc
west to tbe soutllwcst corner of license appUca*
tion No A; theuce north to aouthern boundary
of llceuae application No. 8| thenee weat to the
northeaat corner ol licenae application No. 1;
tbuuco boh lb to the northern boundary of
tlm i>cr license 8&4B; t honce east to the northensi
corner of timber license &S48; theuce south
thirty chains; theuee eaat to the went boundary
of timber license ao42; Ihence uorth lo the place
of beginning.
January 1Mb, 19H7.
No. 7.���Commencing at n post planted at tbe
norihcnst eorner of limber license rt.M��; theuce
south forty eliHln* more or less to the north
bouudary ol limber license B646; thence eaat 100
chnlna; thence north forly chnlna moreor less to
a polul duo east of thc southeast corner of tlm
ber license 8MB; tboncu west 1C0 ehalna to lhe
pirn-col beginning.
K January 16th. 1907
No. *.--Oommenelng at a post planted at the
northensi corner of timber license No. 8&4II;
theuee aouth elghly chaini; tbonce eaat eighty
chnins; theuce north eighty ehalns; thence weal
einhty chnins io plnee ot commencement.
8   ' January 16th. 1907.
No 9,���Commencing at a post planted nt the
southenstcorner of timber fieeuae 8S47; thence
north eighty chnins; llienee ensi eighty chnins;
thuuee north l_ti ch"ius more or less to the north
enst < orner of licenae application No. 7; thence
wcbI to southeast corner of timber lleenie So.
H51B; thence north to lho southern boundary of
license application No. 6; thence eaat to
tlm west boundnry of timber licenae No.
Hfil'J; thenct* aouth to the southwest cornor of timber license BM2; thence weat
loth- northwest eoruer of timber license No.
KM;!; thence south to the northeast euruer of
timber license No. 85*>: thence wont eighty
ohalus; theneo south to a point due eaat ol the
southuaai corner ofllmber 11 eusu 8ftt7; thonoe
wuat to pluec o." commencement.
P. Lund. Ixwator,
Dan MclHH-sGALL. Agent
W. T. Shatford & Co., of Vernon
have disposed of their general merchandise to MesBrs. Cooi*cr & Christian.
J. O. Patenaude'B western window
has been beautifully decorated, In green
of course, in honor of St. Patricks
John Hepburn, the Nelson contractor,
has taken up his residence in Victoria
He came to Nelson in 1896 and has re
sided here continuously since that date.
W. A. Thurman found a pair of gold-
rimmed glasses last evening near the
post office. The owner can recover his
property by calling at Thurman'B cigar
store, proving property, and paying for
this announcement.
The champion mean man now resides
In Cranbrook. He amuBod himself the
other day by throwing hokey pokey on
a Newfoundland dog. The dose was bo
large that the dog fairly went mad. and
It was believed at one time he would
Kaslo haa already celebrated the 24th
of May, but this year Bome of the citizens are seriously considering the advisability of dropping the Victoria Day
celebration and uniting in two days'
celebration at fair lime. It is suggested
that the fair celebration would be of
more practical benefit to the city.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel &. Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker and Ward  Sta.
"Companiea Act,  1897."
Tn�� Stfathcona
Kelion, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
oanada, \
Province of British Columbia, j
No. 375.
THIS If) TO CERTIFY lhat tbe "Columbia
Valley Land Company." is authorised and licensed to carry on business within the provlnoe < I
Brltlab Columbia, end to carry ont or effect all
or any ol the object! of the Company to wblch
tbe Uglslatlve Authority of tbe Legialatura of
British Columbia feiteuds.
Tbe bead office of Ibe Company u situate at
tbe City of Winnipeg, province of Manitoba.
Tbe amount of Uie vapltxlot the said company
Is one hundred thousand dollars, divided into
one thousand shares of one hundred dollars each
The bead office of the company In thispro*-.-
lnce ia situate at the City of Nelaon. and Robert
Wetroore Hannington,  barrister, whose addresa
la Nelson. It. C, ls tbe attorney for the company
Given  under my  hand anil seal of offlce at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, thla Ith
day of February, one thousand nine hundred
and seven.
[L. ��.] 8. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Tbe objects for wbleh thla company haa beeu
established and licensed are:
(a) Buying, selling, liaalnf or diapoeln* ol
coal mines, coal and wood lands, farming, grating and fruit lands and Umber limits, and to
work and develop the aame;
(b.) To oarry on tha business ol emigration
and colonization agents, make advances to assist
settlers on lands purchased from the company,
and secure repayment of such advances, with
interest, on such terms and la such manner by
way of mortgage or agreement as may be mum-
ally agreed upon.
(c.) To carry on tha business of ranching,
breeding and selling and dealing ln cattle,
horsea, sheep and olher live stock;
l-l.) To purchase, sell aod deal ln lumber,
wood, ooal, mineral, grain, provlsloni, clothing
and general supplies:
(e.) To carry un tbe trade aa general merchants and forwarders:
(1) To lasue ln payment of any property acquired by the company shares of the capital
siock of the company as fully paid up and nou
assessable or otherwise:
(gj To carry on the biiiioesa of manufacturers
and dealers ln power generators and motors of
every de��cr1��Uon, to construct and operate all
classes of vehicles, agricultural implements, ma
ohloery, boats, steamers, barges and ferries in
which the aald motors are uaed; to construct and
operate boat lines, and to carry on the business
ol carriers, cartage and parcel delivery; to own
and operate omnibus lines and vehicles and
boats for hire; to sell, leaae aod supply power,
and to generate and sell, lense, and supply electricity ; to own and operate electric plants and gen-
erally to oarry on any business hie Mental to the
aforesaid purposes and objects of the company:
(h ) To purchase, take or lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire and dispose of any real or
personal property and any rights and privlletes
which the oompany may consider necessary for
the purpose* of thru operations, and to sell and
dispose of any lands or otner real estate abd personal property at any time owned or eon trolled
by the company, or any part thereof, or any control therein or ulalms thereon, and generally to
do all such things as are Incidental or conducive
to thecarrylng out of tbe objects of the company :
(I.) To become shareholders in auyevistlng
or proposed company and to promote aud assiht
In promoting any company carrying on a business pertaining to the objects for which this
company is incorporated and which may prove
uhpIuI to this oompany, and to acquire, take over
aud operate the business of any such company
or companies, and to enter into engagements for
sharing profits, union oi Interest, joint adventures, reciprocal concessions nr otnewlse with
any person or company, and take or otherwise
ae.) litre and hold shares and securities of such
company or companies.
Notlco Is bereby given tbat HO days alter date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a license to
Firospect for coal and petroleum over fhe follow-
ng land: Situated two miles nortb af the International boundary Hue and west of the Flathead
river. * ch inn log at a post marked W. LeQallais'
N. W, corner post theuce 8��chains south, thence
DO chains eut. tbsnee 80 chains north, thanee 80
chains west to point of commencement.
1 ated Nov. Ji, 1906. W, LttULUls.
The Leading Hotd in the
Qood    Sample    Roomi.
Queen's Hotel
Bakar luwl, ttelton. B.O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Ail
lata. And UomlorUble Bedroom, And Pint.
olA��, IiidId, Room. BAmple Boom, lor Commer*
tlAl  Vmi
MRU.  K. C.CLAKKK.  ProorMtreH
Grand Central Hotel
This hotel has been completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipments.
Uot water beating throughout.
HATES : Booma, 60c. upwards ; meals 2te.;
special rates by tha week.
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Notloe ls hereby given that 8t�� days after date I
intend to apply to the on. Chief CommlMloner
of Lands and Works for a inense to prospect for
coal and petroleum over the following taud:
Kitu-ted six miles north of the International
bouudary line and east of tbe Klathead rt.er.
Beginning at a post marked a*. H Kurd's N. W
corner po-t, thence tM ehatns south, thence go
ehain* east, thenoe 80 chalu north, tbence HO
ohalns west to point of commencement
Dated Nov. It, IM s\. U. Kobd.
Tremont House
���uropMD ud AmeriCAsi PUn
���nli > cti.   Boom Irom *�� ou. to 11
Oolr Whlta Balp Implored.
Baker St., Helioa Propnaton
Battlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Ndson.
The Bar ls the Finest.
White Help Only employed.
Josephine SL
Royal Hotel
Ratea fl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Ratea to Regular Boarden
Most comfortable quarter. In Nelion
Only tbe beet of Mquora And clgare.
Colonist Rates
Kootenay and
Nortii Pacific Coast
Ontario, Quebec,
Maritine Provinces,
St. Paul, Chicago,
and United States,
On Sale Daily Till 30th April.
While the rals-s are low. Full particulars on application to local agentB
or write.
A.O.P.A..Vancouver. D.P.A.. Nel��on
have for sale Good Fruit Land
in every part of this district
Certificates as to quality of Soil and my
Personal Standing furnished by
Responsible   and  Reliable  Parties.
S. M. BRYDGES, ImperUl Bank Block
Fine Building Site
Chaapaat Buy
....In Town
>20 Feet x 120 Feet
One-half block south from Baker St
Only $4,000, on terms.
Wholesale *ml Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampa supplied on ahorteat notloe and
loweat prim. Nothing but freah and
wholMomo meats and aupplea kept in atook
Mail ord-ora reoeive oarefol attention.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Frait Lands in
British CoHMnbfau
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 3,000 in one bio.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices
Nelson, B. C
$1300 Cash
Will  Pll   ,b   v   2(
on KOO   E
at the mouth of Grey's creek
and free from rock.    800 f*.e  laki I   nt!
of the most ideal s-pot- for a fruit, ra r.c   on
Fishing and shooting unsurpassed.     * ;>;> *
In the mi'tter nl an application for the Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1-8 of Lot* 11, aud 3, Block 12, Town nf
Notice Is hereby given th 1 tit Is bit Intention
to luue at the expliatlon of one month imu
the first publication hereof a duplicate of the
certificate of Title to the above lands ln the
name of Florence M. Hodglni which < ertiflcate
is daied the Mth day of December, MH. aid
numbered HfllK.
H. F. MacLIOD,
DUtrlct Meg ist rar.
Land Reglitrr Office, Nelion, B C
January 'Jath.lWT
Certificate of Improvements.
notice 1
"May," ' ��,0��" "Btralhroy." "Joy," "Jew ��rae
tional," and "John DMablev" Mineral Claims
situated tn the Sloean City Hilling Dlvlelon ol
the West Kootenay District.
Where located:���North of Twelve Mile Craek
ahout one and a half mllei up.
Take notie. that 1, U. R. Jorand of Blocan h*\i
Free Mlner'i certificate No. B7MUU, as ag nt for
Horace O Van Tuyl, Free Miner i certificate No
hiffiti, inteud, sixty days from the date haraof.
toapply tothe Mining Reoorder for a certificate
of Improvementi. lor tne pnrooaa of .roaming i
Crown Grant of the aald mineral elalma.
And further take notice that action nndei
Section n, must t>e commenced before the Imu
ance of such Certificates of Improvement!.
Dated this Ird Day ol January, 1*07.
Tendera Wonted U: tne Purchase ol
Miami Claim,
Tenders addrcaed t�� the und-.'stgiici. at hU
easre In t e ���'ourt bouse, ln the (Ity of N'eiaon
will h* rauelveo up tl.l tbe h��ur of so'elm-k in
the afternoon of Monday. March Ultb.iw?, fo
the purehaae of the "Garfield" mineral claim
Lot Mt. - roup 1, Kootanay Dlatrlct, which we-
declared to ba forfeited to the Crown at the
lax aale held la the City of Neleon on the Mh day
of Member, 1Mb, lor delinquent taxes up till
Jum 1Mb, lftft, aad coata.
Uio npaet arte* npon the eald mineral claim.
which loelndae the amount of delinquent taxaa
aad rosti at the time ol forfeiture, with Interest
Certificate of Isnproremeatf
"Impress," "Climax." 'Horseshoe," "Queen,
"union Jack," iltuated In Nelion Mini*
Located "�� Porcupine creek.
Take Notice tbat I, Frank Fletcher, agtnt for
the Active Gold Mlui g Company, Free Miner'*
Certificate No Bttlftt intend, 60 dayi Irom date
hereof, toapply to the Mining Recorder lore
Certificate oi Improvements for tbe purpoee of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
btalnin. _.......-    ...       _
And further take notice that action, undet
Bectlon 87/ must iw ��oinmenoed before int imu
ance of such (-ertiflcate of Improvementi.
Dated NclsnO, 18th Dec., ltbt
Fmwx FiaTcnat-
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Certificate of Improvements
"Ano" uilni'rs.1 i'l��im, ���itii'ito. la Iht aioasa
Oil;   Ml-ulni    IMvitlon   ol   WhI     ooua*7
Where lo ss.ti.c1: Oo Sprluger Crwk Bear tht
Arllngloo Sawmill
THke s-ssiti-ss tbtt I, Frank C, Ureen. acting u
ageut (or tin- Arlflsslou Mine* , 1 lmlted* Free
Miner's ii.tllinise No. B-M0I, Intend, ,1-ltjs da��
(romilalehereof.tnapply tot eMinln,Rtrorder
(or a Cerllllcate o( Improvements, for tba purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tht above
Antl further take notice that aotioa, under
section 117, muit bt commea ed before tht
Issuance of such Certificate of lmprove-aaata.
Isslt'il Usl. mn nay of December, IM
F. c. Oaaw, Nelson, B. 0.
F.CGUZR      r.r.BUTOQ!      A.E.6WCT
Chril Engineers, Domintoa and British
Columbia land SsrrcYors
f.O.Bo��l45   IWMI1.
WfOfflliB AMD OKAFTINO carefully alta*)-
ed to. Apply
iior Xlaa total.
uata which hart since aecru d, eaau ��� f advtr-
U-riaa, aad it* lor crown giant (Mioo ) It mto
which u Ut Itaat -uaoont fliat will bt ssaaaMattd
at a ttadtr.
lack lander must bt aecoavaatad by aa sac
cepted cheque for tht Inn amount ol tht ttadtr.
payable to tht ordtr of the Deputy 'ommtasl Mr
of Lands and Worka, at Victoria, ��� C , at Mr.
Dated at Nelaon, ��� c, thla Utb day of Kbru-
ary, UOT,
Government *|tat, Nelaon, B c,
Tenders Wasted for Oe Purchase of a
lineral CUm.
Ttndtrs eddrt.etd to tht nnlervlgnad, at hi
offles- lo tht Court Hroat, la tht l'l y of vtlaon,
wl 1 be -received up-tlll tht hour ol flvt o'clock
In tht afternoon of Monday, March lash, l��tl, foi
the pnrchsue of tha "Nor' mlaeral .lata, lot
11-10, Oroup 1, Kootenay Dials let which was dc
clartd to ht forfeited to tht Crown a' tht tax tait
htid ts th- citv of Ncltoa oa tha ath day ol November, ML for delinquent taxes np tfll Jiae
Mtb, im. aad' oata.
Tht opael brtot npoa tht aald mlnfal clatm.
wblch inolndta tht amount of delinquent tu-n
aad costs at tht Ume of fo.ftilnrt with latcreal
Uvea wbleh have since accrued, coata of adves-
lltlng, and Ite tor Crown Grant B5 00,) la MM.*,
which ls tht Itaat amount that will bt conaldtrtst
at a tinder.
Eacn under maat be accompanied by an accepted cheque for tht foil .mount of tht under,
parable to the or ������ er of the Deputy Commissioner
ol Land aad Worka, at Victoria, �� c , at par.
Dated al Nelson, fe  C, thll Ilk day of Febru
ary. 1*91.
Ooverom Bt Agent, Neleon, B. C
Cwsrtlftoata ol ImpravtnMnU
Rio enu. Orinoco, Queen Ictoria eras-lions I
and Uraoto Fractional Mineral clal a, sliuaiss
la the kelson SI laing Division of Waat Koouna r
Located oa QnttB Victoria MouaWB, near
Btatlvy aiding.
Taa. Notice thatl. Frank C Clreen acting s.
went tor Michael Egan, Fr.e Miner's < erulces ���
No. BaiCintrnd, slaty days from the dale here, .
to apply to tha Miuing Recorder for lerildcst.
of lmprovtmen a, I >r tht purpose of obaloli, :
Crown Granu of tht above elalma.
Aad further take aotle* that acuoss und-
stc'lon tt, most bt commtn ad befo-c D-
linianoa of such certifloatea of Impru-ements
Baud thu Hth daj ot January, UOT.
F o. uaaaa, Nataoa. B c
Csttfficatc of ImptofWDtntt
East Bid* No. I" and "Be
U- lotaa city Mi
���aay Dlatrlet
WhanlttaMt: At headeflprlnfarCreak,naar
i Fractional*' Matral e alma, sltuaud I
looaa city Mlalnf Dlvlaloa oi Wm Eoo
Ue ArllBsgtoaimUtt.
Maim tkal I, Fraak 0. Oreaa, aaMuat
'rr 1 ; >:
j-l ���
i;     5
'    !
��   '
ft    <
ft '
Tht Daily Canadian
Good Fortune
attends those who wear the:-* b rthatonea
arrti for tni* month we have mm fine
__  _   _     ���_    ���       BLOOD STONES, in various ezee- suitable for nngs which we car mount up
for you in any style deseed.  Wny net have a look at our stoc* of loose
stone*.    They are excellent   value and  we   have   many   s1.23es.ons  to
make as tc  their  mounting.    Our  gold  qjartz   cut  ready  for   mounting
may interest you.
Of tt '������**:i- ������������
mtw* a It     aad 1     -   in
C-f'tirteci   Ooods
We CAiTj nu.y
Tartan   Brand
will convincs*- yvt  that wo
oany a foil stock
Table  Fruit
Pie    Fruit
.Maple Syrup
Same  Price as Inferior
Bell Trading Co*
��� > * *�����������>
A. M. Can. Soc. C   E
Minns w=rk 1 Specialty.
Offlce: &&.'.?* Building.   P. O. Bo:
Baker SU NELSON.  6. C.
25 Feet Frontage
cr-. Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Cor. \ .rtlssn ttrta   W*��t-U   Mrsscl.,
MUON,   fcJ. C.
J. YHLU HUHE. fropnewr.
Mr nd Mrs McXaugnt. diiverton
G Millar, J. A. Tepoorten. G. R. Green.
Si. C fc.aifoar, J. Steven-son, Yanccu
re, Mrs. Hall. C. F. Lucas. J. A. Mc
Leaa spokane; J. L Wh-uaker. Calgary, W J i! ��-.>.-.. Winnipeg; Mrs
li. Hartin. Kaslo: A. W. .\ick_j__L. K
Hanna TormXt k H. Tuttle. Ymir.
J .-��� McLean. Edmonson: H. A. Small.
Vietoria; R. C Campbell, Marie; K.
Btevart, CWna Creek; :.|t> I. McKane.
1. Batea, Cranbrook; vv. H
Duncan and  wife. Regina.
J. W. Cockle, G   \V   Hughes. Kaslo;
- t Rlckard, A  P. Stevenson. Fernie:
A   .Mi.-yu-.,-:..   Kamloops;    J. G   .-.
I :. E K--.;>-. Spokane; Lt.-Col. Macdougall, London; G. 0. Buchanan.
Greenwood; E. 0 Kamm and wife
-Voj-Je; K A. Graham, J. A. Loeppky.
S;  J. Pearman. Chicago.
W. A:..--- :.-:aon Creek, H :*..:.7
: - Slocan; H. D Query, J. E. Laid
well, Calgarv, a E Drees, D. L. Dalb;.
T. Elkins. J Ms, :��� Vancouver: G
Campbell. Fernie; J. Rolf and wife. Pic-
ton; J G Milne. Regina; G B Deac.
H. J. Wng:.* -.. aai rth; M. Sillis.
Gerrard. J Morgan, Ymir: D. McKJn
non, Denver; T. H Harris. Lethbridge:
H. Eriokscn. Shi*-id.- E. H. Whybrun.
t*   U'hedon.  Pboenlx.
E.  Cooper.    B.  Eastwood,    Winlaw;
C Coates, Kaslo
G. G. Edwa: .-   Miag F. Morris. Win
G. a White. Deer Park: E. Dempster
Cranbrook: J  Enaiem. Calgary-; T. Bea.
:    Ymir: F   C   Larigan, Spokane:  L
- V-'   '������    ':
Price $2,000.00   SODAS
H. E. CroadsdaUe & *��
Ner. Dc-or to Bank ef Concert*
A:i Kindg o! Heating Plants in Rack.
Swiss Cream Sodas
Fresh from tbe
Virter.a SL. Nr. Oserj House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bow Builders wili find it M their advantage to use nur Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Telephone 161.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
co to the Old Curiosi'y Shop. A new
ine of Japat'-se Goods now on Bale
Ml kinds of Dinnerware ln stock. Pat-
General Job Work, Chimney Sleeping, Carpet O'eaning, Fixing and Cle?n
Ing Stoves, tte.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. A"
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer*, in staple aud fancy Grocerie-,
Batter. Ejjjrs.
Camp and Miner-*' Supplies
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
'���  *.. ��� l- hereby given that I will applj at ibe
I next mwttmc "f (be Usenet ��'uiiimiMu��iw*tMu'
tl - - * Ityol Kelson lohSTC (be Jfijuorlii.en<?e ()f the
Htrmtbeona Hotel   tr*DBferre<l   (rom roywlf to
B.-f m��l-! ���.-.Tni- Webb of th.  CUT of Nelson.
Dated tbfl ttb .lay <-f Man-b, A.D., 1907
.���,      B. ToifKrv*
to lakt* rt-nrft. ���f mite (flrl nf three rear* unci
nulM ��i li plain _*.__U-work   mu iral prefer-
red      Apply M-ulame ��>bb, Strathcona Hotel.
WOMAN BXOO��D COOK. WO.OD   Waltrew ttttJK
At mice      U   I'ttrkt-r.
TWO F1HHT.(I.\M- BOOHR fteUO heatet     Ap
PIT htmap Keeiipr  trrl flat  K, W r hl<��tr
.'���J POOL TABLBH mid u..e Combination KU-
tanl  uud  P.*.I Tat p*.    f'verTthlnit eompl^k-
nd in good court|tion     s. J. Mlghton, Tuber-
.ililat, Craiibiook. B. C,
{   LOCAL AAD PBJVDOAL   j I     OC   L3
Sprat   mMataA a tartibtf tocBw    I
two points od both me:al markets lo
v - Baitfak of Kasio. catne down
last evening and is registered a: the
Mrs.   E.   C.   Wtm\fgt    aid     o.
le'urned itu>* evening from Toron'o.
wht-rt they spent the win-^r ��:*r. Mrs
Wragge s relative*.
The family circle to be held after
this evening's service in the Methodist
church will be led by Mrs. George
Nunn    Mrs   Walley will sing a solo.
The   steamer   Kuskanook   wi'I   leave
Nelton tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock
for Kootenay Landing on her first trip
of the season.   The Kokanee ����
Ior Kaslo a; h o'clock.
There wus a pleasant private dance
at the Hume last evening, givtn by several of the boarders. There was good
music and everything passed off ia a
manner to give pleasure to those in at*
Everything is now in readiness for
tbe opening of the Hume school next
Monday. The seats have a!l been placed
in position and all other requirements
attended to. The children of Fainnew
will appreciate the change.
The appearance of the Amsden Company at the opera house nex' Monday
night will arouse considerable interest
among theatre-goers. Mr Am.^den is a
favorite in Nelson, and his performane
of Coqullicot in "OHiver?*-
to provoke much amusement.
St. Patrick's Day will be observed
b> the members of Nelson St. Patrick's
Society and a!i other Irishmen ���
district, by an informal banquet in thf
Knights of Pythias' Ha'.\ next Monday
evening at 8:30 The set toast list wfl!
be short, but short impromptu speeches
will be numerous. All the music wil)
be Irish���the refreshments cosmopoli
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Packag-**
Graham Wafera  10c
L-tmon  Cream    10c
Vanilla Wafen     10c
Society Tea   iOc
New England  Ginger Snap 10c
Krifpo   Ginger   Wafera    ...10c
Butter���Thin   10c
Milk Toaat   10c
Dainty City  Soda  (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakea  (Salted)    15c
Put up In packages? and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth it.
Rob. M. Hood & Co.
K. W   C   Block     Phssne 10
11 ^"^ UPWARDS
A collection of all the Lates*
Shapes and .Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
W.   (j.    CilI_.l_.ETT
Lfintnittur  and
Boll eteat lor the PWta Rh-u Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yurrlti Ro'.i��b ��n*1 ���te "*'t hint ber. lumed
work aud bracket*, Cout iath and nhingleii, raah
uud doors. Omeiii, brirk end lime (nr u*m
. ��-: aud factory: Vernon tit., eut ol Hati
P. O. Box %%t Telt-pbone iTn
Notfi ��� li benha Kiven that at *\ meet in? of i_v
Hon to at LIi-chw Comm)fl!*ionerf, to be held after
iht- expiration of ao dayi, I tn'end to app v for a
trai ifer ol nay hotel line-en*** for the<>rove hotel,
a: fairview, to K   L. Borden
Notiue in hereby given tbat John Mrfheraou
Ul made mpltarami under the prcivlMlom of
the '-Litjuor Lirttne" Act, >9tfV" for a hotel licence
for tb�� Ja'tkaon Hotel, at Wiiltewaier, unci that a
meeting of tbi Board of Liceoce Conimm��ioner8,
of tha Aiinworth Lnviif imric-t, will u* held
to eooiider nuub application, at tbe Ka.-lo Hotel,
at KaMo. on I m^day, tbe 2nd A prfl, 1-D7, at tbe
hour of eight o'clock in tbe afternoon.
Chief Licence lQBi>ector.
Ncbou. B.C , i.rd March, 1-907.
Acknowledged by critics to be
Best Blended and Most Suited to the waters of this
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine 8t*
���^honi; 7
D-tcorations Novelties
Cards and Pest Cards
Wrtafses and Visits of l<y. Violets.
Mac. Leaves. Rests, ic. ��t 15c. 25c.
^Oc. ^5c. and 65c each.
The newest things Ifl NOVELTIES a:
from 20 to 50c each.
And   -
at 5c eacf- a"d up.
W. G. Thomson
BOOKlsJILLtB tad    Volc-n    R   P
Ph,,n�� ....
There will  be  a meeting of N-ala-oc
cricketers    some   night  nest  weel   *
make arnngemeota   for   tke   cominej
���season s sport.
r_    QARWES'S   c-
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
": * ���
upon a perfect 8f and perv
wh-u  * B  $15 to
i. . i   *
20th Century Brand
win fu::; ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ���
lad your bd
*     : : nsach  ns
7 thai m* !:od iu the i
:_*..': prat*
J "i :' ys>u will but gire us
the opportunlty
J18.00 St/le and Value for ..$13.00
S20.00 Style and Value for ..$15.00
Boys'   Su -s   at   $2.   $1   %i   and  $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's   rcjj a'  $4.00  Box  Calf
Shoes   for $3.00
Eoys' regular $2.50  Box Calf
Shoes   for $2.00
Clearance S.le of Mens' Underwear  at $'. $:.50 and $2 per  Suit.
Men's Cash st ere and Wool Socki
at 25c a pa Ir c- 5 pairs for $1.00.
=���=...���jama. Opera House
Thr Irish concert by the children of
St   Joseph's school. ��iich will be held
'pe.-a  !ious~   thii  -RVenfOS, *'���''.
...   \r.   attraettri    tbe pr-Dgramme in-
_ <ongs. instrumental muaic. reci-
:.-  ,s-jd tabsfcaui.
Wm. Irvine. Provincial Grand Chrin-
cellor of the K:...-:.������ uf Pjthiaa, ��,,'
lemre tomorrow morning on a ������ ���
the lodges In the Okanagan. While
a��a; Mr Irvine will visit Vernon. En-
derby. Ptuticiion and Kelowna. He WIS
ia- absent nine of ten day.
The ladies of The Woman's .',!.,--."-.
ary Society of the Methodist chuch will
give a social in the parsonage ud Monday evening, under the mle. "Some-
thing for Everybody." Hesides a programme of musical numt,--*> :���;:-.-:.
ments. etc., there will be a story-telling
contest, and a "Story in Souk competition.
One advantage the residents ssf Fair
view would reap by being annex-<l to
-Nelaon would be fhe protection provided against stray cattle I.������
this nuisance prevails to the greal annoyance of those who bave planted
shade trees, etc. Chickens also are allowed to run at large and ietttoy stisall
fruit, vegetables and flowers.
Monday and Tuesday,
March J6-J9
Claude Acsd.n Musical Company
3<>       i't_opi_t_       ao
Monday, the comic opera success, by
Prices 5s.se. 75c, Sl ""
Sale of scats at Rutherford's Saturday   l'l a. m.
Red Cross Dreg Store
for your Prescriptions. Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
Baker St., near Josephine. Nelson. B. C
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Coast and  Slocan train���Twenty.flv
minutes late.
Boundary train���On time.
Hotssland train���On time.
Kaslo conn-action���On time
The Razor that requires no honing, and is sold on
au absolute guarantee. ,
Canada Drug <Sr Book Co.
We have notie- from our laudlord to vacate our -.tore by Anril 1st In
order to reduce our stock before moving we will sell goods now In s-otk
at greatly reduced prices. If you want bargains In Clothing and O'-n's
Furnishings drop  in  and see  for  yourself.
Fifty Cent Hand Bags
They are beauties at the price.
Ulvphont  8-8-8.
&Co., P'tVtt
**���   **~1       Limited. VbJZ
Whole-title l->i-ovl��ion*��,
Prod-use*:, - Pruit.
Dominion (.k-svenuiient ''r"iinis"rv One Pound Hnekn rweivwi wmHtjJ
from lhe'hum    Kor sale by ull leading gnK��n.
Oftiee and warehouse: HousUMi Block.   Phone 78
Josephine Street.       ...        -       Nelson, B.
2Rl> it.yr.. I.lrien CollrirM To Hv Sold lit
$1.50 per doz.
W�� are
Ju^; m  Rs.eijst ssf a Csirl'Md of
__etm are tin BbmI irradc of on- Sack- iii %W
markft H��d <"ur pdOHSn riitht. If too up- m
ncwi l'( u- h'*ar fnnn jou.
J. H. Ashdown Hardw^
Company, Limited.
R.   W.   HINTON ���
-{���pairing ����t,U ,l,,l>l,,,,_   _ .__.,t^st .. UM  I tmtmml *- It,    Mhe.thMttl
\Y.��rU. Mlninjr Hsssl .Mill  Mut. is i ,,*-r. .      Mi.i.Lst..w l vss-.s-i* sit   ���
On.  LZnr-m,   he.   ti.   Ci'iiti'ssVlnrs.1  Ws,r..
llUMltiUNM mtn.
Working rr����n,
M��n In Orvm-n nt I Ir-v.
H[-*of*tln|{ f-ttvt-t.
HundMum* m*n.
Men that's full <>f flrw
I'NITE tuul mug thnt   th'*  iiiii-ftatimI
John T. Fimv im; tin- pRqarfll I
My Itwt f��U ���iilfMMMii luw* jnut nrrifrf
ttMU uud jilm-v yuur unl��'r early fori'ii**
JOHIN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
w'c"'y*rf Fine Eiderdown Quilts
Large Stock <
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Hmm Our Vi.rktv .��< ,v m PlotiU^M ���S't-umwJ i" lh,v
l.llttNt     SlVlUM.
Standard Ftifnitttre G>mpafly|
Complete Hoiuc Furnishers
Undtrtakers,    Embalm*-*-"
*���*,.-    .v Ks., i, Piaaaa,
ls.l,'risi.H.r HaUfflsSMa
Sir.  -,.., . - M.'.tr'*
and MAias in Lumberf Shingle**
Lath, MouldinKS, Doors, Window* j
Turned >V'orlc and liracketa. Mail Orders xiroitiptly nlM*11^
VEKNON ��TRI-:tiT   .   .   .   W.UION, ����� O.
Galvanised Iron Work
are unequalled in the Kootenaya. If you require jMl
amoke Stacks or spec al work of any kind call "-""".EE5
Wood-Valiance Hardware Co., Urn*
w holesAle


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