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The Daily Canadian Nov 8, 1906

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Array jtwtmm ___n
��h^JPa% Cmtafcicm
|*OI.I  '"<
I.   No. 133.
Irecedenis ior Provincial
iiiijlits Claim
lie Writer Breaks Down All Argu-
I ment of Opposition on Question
of Better Terms for B. C.
\ ws , ...1 ���'���" writer publishes n let-
j |,| Hn. Victoria fs'i.'siisl fhisv.'! ig
-> nm- nl ilss> maritime provinces car-
fll is ..,,[..:. 1 i..r holler terms to the
isss-riiil niiiiicll anil secured an enor-
uiis- increase In Its federal subsidy.
slisisi- n parallel between the slmi-
r case uf Hritish Columbia and nr-
111,   Irrefutably    that    Premier    Mc*
s 1 iss well taken.
|/li Uiia letter will not appear In thc
;tl ins;,.is nl the niiiHstdtion It ls re-
isslsii.i! 111 Use Canadian, and will
iiw thnt there are other thinkers In
(cissiiss 1 -iii" It. I. Urury and Sen-
ii, tt*. .1 Macdonald.
'Ih,. leltei Is as follows:
Sir: Those writers who are asking
to bi 1 .,��� that the consent or thu
si,.. : 1 ls government! must bo so-
p,\ in-fine any change can be made
Un- financial arrangements existing
mnii an\ one of the provinces und
n, are certainly showing a
til of knowledge of tlie history or
isssiiss .-iiii,- confederation. We havo
best 1   1 <ni in tbe world for cialm-
lis; rtain thing    can    be dono
��� is ss. [mini lo tho fact that it has
[-11 linn, uu many occasions. Un
If ;i slsszen siccasltius the original li-
>>! s'liufi'di-ratlon have
-n changed and In none of these Inns';, ws-re sli-- various iocal govern-
111* called together and consulted,
: >; nn smcudtnent made to tho
X  A   Act.
Hi" lirsl Instance of this la of spo
Inters       11st now, Inasmuch ns it
s case almost    padallel    to
|l province  at  the  present
"Isi- was tho readjustment ot
i' tii in. nf union which gave Nova
' known as 'better terms'
lS(tt. ssss that occasion the province
I'lil'il in iho hiune government in
Itlatiil ami she laltor body used Its
' and  Inrliience    with    tho
iiTiiin, in ,,i Canada, urging It to Bat-
Ihs   isesipln of Nova Scotia so far
Us-1: iis in suds might bo found Just
'I f"��f SM.-.    As a  result of that
pral 11. iv mis placed lo the credit
Nm ������ Scot la 111 Ottawa the sum of
IM.,765. i.- nn additional debt allow-
fe. upon ^ which the province hns
''���ssi drawing Interesi at 5
'"���nt. ns sm addition lo the subsidy
in*"! in sis,' original lernts of union.
b'li thai change was ninile there WM
tui-i-iliui ,,, Hi,, provlnojsl premiers.
Kevernnient. neither was auy ameud-
'���" "f 'ii'' " N*. A. Act necessary,
'<|��' sir tlie various read
'���""���'"'- ii'i'i- In iho terms of union
h* oliaii!-';. which, with Ihe one al-
' ' ''I Iss. have given the prov-
1,1 ullowaocoa aggregating $.11,
i';i iin- occasion referred lolhe
�� Sesi'ia kIiowciI that
*re dissatisfied with the flnnn-
V icrniH ,,r confederation. They
pvni nus i,y electing a legislature
'J* WJ Helically  unniilmuus  (3(1
-1 in favor ssf better terms or a re-
11 "' Hi" inilim; they curried Iholr
I1'1 '" li" runt ur the throne, nnd
wa, successful. Tho lesson which
""-''I' ni leaches oughl 1.1 he slg-
','*."" '" "'1'  people of llrlllsh Co-
I iin
"ie present lime.
'" ' *s'iKKesis Itself. If wo nro
t thss ". S|"'1'1"1 eonslilerallon  fmni
I    "'���* forward, and this hns been
,,,'',",," '-iiiliily should havo had
'1 lhe provlnoe entered into Ihe
'in   -.nus. physical oondttiona
1  nen ,-is now, (he Rame rtlfflciil-
iwil���s, .",       '"-erconio In Ihe con-
|rv  f ,,""1�� and bridges, and In
Iiis-,, '",', "" v"rl,*"�� "liter public
> si. , , lk" rensonahle, there-
. * "���" '���'hiiieve. this province Is
���>.,> ,, -, ,,on,*etorth, owing t��� lis
���,,,''" , Pltyslcal conditions. It
t * imv. i���,,��� receiving during the
*    ""���"*    Even at $10,000 a year,
(nu 11
'.  "i��*'*i*'d the'Dominion"
/,'" ""�� willing i'��� gi'vt."the"prov-
"���I'Viiisii'".!,',^' J.1.,*���'*1  ammm*
which al lho 6 per cont,
(il all,,,',',," '' Provinces on exlra
> 11 ve, '"\ wonW ��lvp u�� $70.-
������!h5' In addition to the $40,000
".'"1.1 .",,*. T,,i"   Movli give tis
en ,-,,"��� . '"''"' " >�� as nu ex-
I c,������n     ' of "'"-, exceptional phys-
����   1 t. ,And  *vh" ��n��n�� us
I'll Iss mi "" ',,,,<*,l?
|r��tlnn   ,',. ,'"  egretled lhat the
1.   The    ' . '!    mnilB    �� political
i��� 1 ,. '"' '",v" ""���<����� II 10 are
in ���.,, '.,, ' '"' "J nolliics, and per
.���,,.,;,���"' well, but -iheir coiirs,
ins. .   ��� "���,'�� rlotlo, I, is n0| ,|���
I.'1'  will  l,,,id"i'o'
I'8 for ilu. ,"'" ,"'"" ln lbe best ro.
l"flll��l 1  f��� Cnce*    " the People
*,-,.���,'������'"rnbla would   stand   to-
JN'"V" Scoi'i  ' ,'.'.""n* "R �������� P��#��
|l' "i llie    ,',   ' ''*   ","''*r   l'l��   '""der.
1 K��*at   statesman, Joseph
Howe, the battle for Justice for Hritish
Columbia would be a very easy one to
win, now that our right to exceptional
treatment has been conceded.
"Victoria, B. C, Nov. 3, 1006.
The Dally Blaze.
Chicago, Nov. 8.���A fire early today
In the moulding plant of Angus & Mc-
Kay, 1704 West Madison Btreet, spread
lo several adjoining buildings before
it was got under control, nnd caused
a loss of $200,000. Among the buildings destroyed were the lloby hotel,
lhe structure occupied by tho Leida
Printing company, and the dry goods
stoic of H. .1. Home & Co. The gnosis
of the Itoby hotel escaped without injury. For a llniL- llie l���wls lliadllite,
which is across the street from the
buildings burned, was threatened with
the flames, bin was only slightly damaged.
Made Haul of Furs.
New York, Nov. 8.���Some lime between midnight on Sunday and day-
break on Monslay morning some one
broke Isito tbe fur store of Harris &
Co. and cnrt.si off in a truck $ir,,000
or $20,000 worth of furs. The police
have boon working on the ease for
Iwo days hut have made no arrests.
Thc goods aro ali secretly marked and
Ihe police think they will get the
thieves when they try to dispose of
their booty. The fur trade has beon
PUns and Objects of the Trip to Panama���Chief Executive  Will  Per
tonally Inspect Canal Works.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 8��� Willi
cheers and good wishes resounding at
the Washington navy yard, president
and Mrs. Roosevelt and other members
of their party this afternoon boarded
the naval yacht Mayflower and began
the first stage of the voyage to Porto
Ulco nnd Panama. Among those at
the landing to see the party off were
many friends of tiio Roosevelts, Including several members of thc cabinet
ami their families.
The Mayflower conveys the iiarty to
a iMiInt off the mouth of the Rappahannock river, where the magnificent battleship Loulslna awalis them. Immediately the presldenl and his party are
aboard the Loulshna will put to Bea,
conveyed by he Rlster ships the Washington nnd thc Tennessee.
The presidential quarters on tho
Louisiana are situated aft and consist
of seven staterooms and three bathrooms. The large cabin intended for
the occupancy of a flag officer has
been converted into a large dining and
rsceptlon room. The chief of (he
staff's cabin Is to lie used ns a sitting
rosini. while the space around the after
turret has been specially prepared as
a sort of general sitting room for the
presldi'llt and Mrs. Itoosevelt, Ur,
Rixey, Secretary I.atta and other members of (he party. The admiral's
stateroom is lo be occupied hy President Roosevelt, while lis.- captain's
quarters have been set nslde for Mrs.
Roosevelt. During the Journey captain
Couileii of Uie Louisiana will occupy
the emergency cabin on the bridge,
while the other officers will he located
lu quarter, below.
The sole purpose of the president in
going to Panama is to familiarise himself with the conditions on the Isthmus
as they relate to the construction or
the isthmian canal. The stop al San
.loan Is to be merely a courtesy visit
designed to show the interest of the
president and the nation in Porto Rico
and its welfare. Four days nre to be
spent on the Isthmus, nmi if present
plans are carried out they will he exceedingly busy ones. Immediately alter landing at Colon, where they will
be received by President Amador ol
the Panama republic. Chairman shouts
of the canal commission ami olher dignitaries, tin' presidential party will be
(aken aboard a train and run slowly
nei'ssss lhe Isthmus to l,a Hocn, giving
Ihe presldi'llt n casual view of Ihe
towns, the canal nnd a parade of lhe
native school ohlldren, At l.a Bona
there will be an Inspection of lhe terminus of Ihe old De Lcs-seps canal and
of the Panama railroad, Lunoheon win
be served at Aiicon, followed by n trip
around Anron hill nasi a' visit lo lhe
hospital, The remainder of Ihe day
win be given by President Roosevelt
to the government of Panama* On
the afternoon of thai day the presldenl will deliver one of Ihe two set
speeches which he Intends 10 make
while on the Isthmus. This will bo delivered from n sliinil in lhe public
square of Aucon and will be In reply
to llie formal welcome   of    President
Amador. At nigin President Roosevelt win be entertained by Presldenl
Amador al dinner. The chief officials
and many of the leuding oltlsens ol
Panama will be In attendance, together with the officials ul Ibis government In charge of tho canal construction. The dinner will be (ollo-jed by
11 reception and ball. The night will
bo spent bv the presldenl and Mrs.
Roosevelt  nl  Ilk*  Hotel Tivoll.
The  noxl   day   Presl it   Roosevelt,
accompanied by Chairman Shntits nnd
Chief Engineer Stevens, will go by special  train  to Culebrn cut, where the
Fifty Crnts a Month
greater part of lho day will be spent
in Inspecting this famous section of
the canal, and also the barracks, tbe
machine shops and other features and
accessories of tho engineering work.
The next day the president will go
to Gatum. where there Is to be a great
dam. Kroin Oalutn the president will
go to Cristobal by train. During tho
afternoon an luapeoilun will Ik. mado
of Cristobal, Including the present and
proposed terminals or the railroad and
canal and of tho hospitals of Colon,
in the evening there will be a receu-
tlon ami ball at Cristobal, and on this
occasion tho president Is to deliver tbo
second of his addresses. The ono Sunday (bat is to be spent on the isthmus
will he a day of rest for the presidential parly.
The stopover Rt San Juan, Porto
Hleo, will he of only 24 hours' dura-
lion. The parly will lie the guests or
Governor Wfnthrop. The president
will spend all of his time in making
himself familiar with the conditions in
Porto Rico.
Unless something unforeseen occurs
lo prevent ft ihe president and Mrs.
Roosevelt will be back In Washington
In time to eat their Thanksgiving dinner in the White House.
It. C. Rlblet hns purchased the Mulo
ranch. This property is In the vicinity of the fishing pool at Slocan Junction and immediately nortii of J. E.
���tnnable's ranch.
An effort will be made to organize
an athletic association fn Nelson. The
mayor will be asked to call a meeting
of those interested In athletic sports
to carry out this Idea.
F. M. Illack's ranch has become one
of the points of Interest for sightseers
and visitors to Nelson. Real estate
men conduct prospective buyers to
this ranch with a view of Instructing
them into the fruit growing possibilities of the country.
The Grand Central hotel is undergoing many internal changes Ihesednys.
Tlie office in future will be on the opposite Bide of the hall to where it has
been In the past and the old office
room haB been enlarged and changed
Into a reception room.
There are now 21 prisoners in the
provincial! gaol. This is slightly below the average, which was 214 for
tho year ending October 81. Just now
the prisoners are engaged iu sawing
wood for the winter, and today will
have completed 67 cords, tho amount
required for the year.
Dale, the man who is supposed to
have committed two murders in tho
neighborhood of Greenwood, is expected to arrive at the provincial gaol
wllhln a day or so. He attempted sul
cido and has been fn the hospital for
the past two wekes.
H. E. Macdonnell ls back from Spokane, where he has been spending a
few days. He reports business as very
active In our Southern neighbor.
Freight is now being hauled Into S|io-
kane by the combined C. P. R. and
Spokane International lines, Iho latter
branching off nt Yahk from the Crow's
Nest line. He saw several old Nelson
men while (here. Sharp & Irvine nre
among the number and nre doing a
good business.
Tlie Dally News of Tuesday last
publishes a statement of F. R. Ross,
of the Minnesota Sliver company, lo
the Koe'enalan lhat, owing to the attitude of labor In the Sloean he cannot
stnrt up work on the Ivanhoe. Ilruco
Whits' Is our authority for stating that
he knows of no trouble whatever
among the miners of Sandon, and be
thinks It a pity to publish reports of
this kind, which can do nol good nml
may do a deal or harm.
There will lie a meeling of the
board of trade this evening, when sev
eral matters of importance will be dls-
cussed. Among the most impoilanl
questions to come up for consideration
will be lhe matter of petitioning lhe
Dominion government to plaee several
letter boxes In various pnrls of (he
city for Iho convenience of the citizens. It has been suggested lhat II
would be well to hnve Ihese boxes
aiong the street car line, whore Iho
conductors on tlie street car conhl
gather up lbe mall nt certain hours In
Ihe day.
Canada Zinc Company.
A good denl of comment hus reeenl-
ly lieen heard along the Btreet relating
to certain works in progress cloae to
tho C. P. R. shipyard. In connection
therewith n representative of The Canadian interviewed Robert Irving of
Kuslo, who is in town, and (lie only
statement he would authorise Is the
"The Canada Zinc company Is doing
some preliminary work in Fairvlew In
the way of preparing some experimental work In connection with some of the
zinc producls of our mines.'
Conflagration in Canton.
Hong Kong. Nov. 8.���A despatch from
Canton today says that a Conflagration
Is raging on the rlvor side, opposite
the European quarter or tho Islnnd
Biiburb of Shameen. A strong wind Is
blowing and over a htmdrer homos
havo already heen destroyed. The
European sottlement is said to he in
no danger.
Crew of Foundering Bark
Have Narrow Escape
Huddled Together a Day and Night
io Momentary Fear of Being
Washed Overboard,
New York, Nov. 8.���KeBcued when
they were abonl to drop Into the ocean
I j mn their swaying iierch, six men of
the crew of Nova Scotlan barkentlne
Whitewingd and her captain were
brought to this port yesterday by the
(Jerniiin tank steamer Mannheim which
arrived from Shields. The men were
Captain W. J. Mclx-od, Mate Alex. Liis-
combe, Mortimer Sewer, the cook, and
H. H. Wade, Gus llrown, Moule Fusco
and Sinclair Wilson.
With bulwarks just awash and
her cargo of 400,000 feet of lumber
littering the ocean the barkentlne was
discovered drifting across the steamship track 200 miles east of Nantucket
early Tuesday morning by the flare of
her signals of distress.
Captain Schau of the Mannheim at
once bore down on the foundering vessel and made out a half dozen figures
crouching ou top of the forward deckhouse. A boat was sent at once although a heavy sea wae still running.
After a struggle the boats crew brought
back the survivors, whom they found
drenched to the skin by the wash that
continually swept, the deck house.
The main mast had gone by tbe board
and thc stern of the barkentlne was
stove In and partly under water. Only
the cargo of lumber kept the barkentlne from sinking.
Captain McLeod reported to Ws owners Messrs. Hutchins & Co., tbat he
left Bridgewaler on Saturday last with
a cargo for New York. On Sunday the
wind strengthened to a hurricane and
at 2 o'clock on Monday morning the
vessel sprang a leak. The pumps were
of no avail and the vessel sank until
two and a half hours later the decks
were awash.
A few articles of food were gathered
from the cabin nnd the crew huddled
together on the deckhouse, the only
place of refuge on the wreck. A day
and a night were passed In the momentary fear that all hands would be
washed from the deckhouse The
Whitewings sailed from Liverpool, N
S., and Is 4:10 tons burden.
Prices of Metals.
New York, Nov. 8.���Casting copper,
21  l-4c;   lead. 15.75;   silver, 71  l-4e
London. Nov. 8.���Silver, 32 7-8d;
lead, iin 7s 6d.
Money Is Firm.
London, Nov. 8.���The rate   of    discount, of the Hank of England remains
in-changed today, at 6 per cent.
Congressman-Elect shoots Comrade aa
Result of Heated Quarrel, but Refuses to Give Reason.
Union Rouge, I.a., Nov. 8.���Democratic Congressmall-Klect. Judge George
K. Knvroto Inst night shot and killed
his Ufe-long ansoelalo and seiioolmnte,
Dr. II. 11. Aldrlch, one or tho best
known citizens of Union Rouge. Hun-
slreds of persons wore near the scene
of tho shooting, but none knew what
had passed between the two men-
Judge Favroto refused to talk beyond
lolling It be known that the matter
was a private quarrel.
The shot was fired in a building opposite tho Isllii'uinii, hotel, out of which
a crowd of society people wero pouring, having Just left n reception.
Among tho women wero (he mother
and Bister of Judge Fnvrote, *
Jttdgo Favroto was arrested in the
building where he hold court. He Is
38 years old and at the recent Homo-
emtio primaries lie defeated tho noml-
iiini Inn of Mr. Robertson, who had bean
the representative ln congress for 20
What led ot Ihe shooting and killing of Dr. H. II. Aldrlch horn Inst
night, by his lifelong friend and associate. Judge George K. Favroto, was
still unknown today. Aldrlch's friends
offer no explanation for bis death.
Judge Favrote, after spending the
night in gaol, Bald nothing to supplement his explanation last night, "Thnt
he bad sufficient cause." It Is report-
ad tbat Dr. Aldrlch had been warned
that Judge Favrote would shoot hlm
on sight. Judge Favrote ls one of the
leading figures among Louisiana's
Democratic congressional nominees and
was on Tuesday elected by a majority,
demonstrating unusual popularity. Both
men were married and were leaders in
the social and professional life al
Hat on Rouge.
Twenty Thousand Club Fever Strikes
Grand Forka.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Nov. 8.���A muss meeting of the citizens was held In tbe city
hall last evening for the purpose of
considering tbe advisability of organizing a Twenty Thou'sand club for
Grand ForkB, and after some little discussion on the subject tbe followlug officers were elected: President, H. C.
Hannington; vice president, A. D. Morrison; secretary and treasurer, J. A.
McCallum, while a strong executive
committee was appointed composed of
W. K. O. Manly, Jeffrey Hammer, A.
I). Sloan, P. T. McCallum, L. A. Manly, A. B. Smith, W. Spier, J. B. Stephens, N. McCallum, C. Brown, D. McCallum, A. L. Clements, Mayor Frauk
Hutton and G. M. Fripp, president of
the hoard of trade. The Grand Forks
Twenty Thousand club will be a permanent organization and will work In conjunction with the board of trade In all
matters of public interest The executive committee will meet on Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock to consider
public matters.
Work on tbe new steel structural
building at tho Granby smelter will
Btart on the 10th Inst. ThiB steel
sheeting has all been prepared at the
local industry commonly known as the
Grand Forks Steel Structural works.
The Grand Forks labor union Is making preparations to give a mammoth
smoker on the evening of the 20th instant.
Proposal to Reduce Street Car Fares
Accounts for Adverse Vote.
Detroit, Mich., Nov. 8.���With but
one precinct to hear from, today William B. Thompson, Democrat, has defeated Mayor George P. Codd for reelection by the majority of 3341. The
vote against the proposed new fran
chlse for the Detroit United railway
advocated by Mayor Codd and generally accredited with causing his defeat,
was 28,828, with only 13,316 votes In
favor of It.
tinder the proposed franchise the
rates of fare would have been 10 tickets for 25 cents during the morning
and evening hours, and six tickets for
25 cents the other hours. To give the
citizens an opportunity to test the
proposed rate of fare , the company
several weeks ago pnt them Into effect on all lines. At midnight last
night they were withdrawn.
Dr. Cook and Party   Are   Safely Back
From   Alaska.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 8.���Dr. Freder
Ick A. Cook of Brooklyn, explorer and
mountain climber, was in Seattle yesterday on his way home after having
made a successful ascent of Mount
McKinley on September 16. The party
Included Dr. Cook, Professor E. R
Parker of Columbia university, and R
W. Porter of Boston, the photographer.
The expedition was a private enter
prise on the part of Dr. Cook, who was
a member of the Peary expedition In
The chief results of the expedition
are the verification of the height of
Mount McKinley. as given by the gov
ernment, and the opening of a hitherto
unknown region of about 3000 miles,
known as ibe Yentna district.
McFayden's Failure.
1/Midon, Nov. 8.���At a meeting of
the creditors of the banking firm of
McFnyden & Co., and of tho London
house of Arhuthnot & Co., bankers of
Madras, tho chairman announced that
the liabilities ln London amounted to
12,350,000, and that the assets totalled
lioo.ooo. Tho Indian liabilities, thc
chairman stated, exceeded |6,000,000.
The fir mof McFayden A Co. suspended payment October 20 and on the
same day the head of the house, P. McFayden, threw himself under a train
aud was killed.
Montana Goes Republican.
Helena, Mont., Nov. 8���RejiortB
from every county In the state indicate that the legislature which will
elect a senator to succeed W. A. Clark
will consist of 57 Republicans and '.'!
Democrats, giving the Republicans a
majority of it on point ballots.
All a Misunderstanding.
London, Nov. 8.���Knrl Stan, alias
Uiu, descrlbeil as a lawyer of Washington, IT. S��� was arraigned at the
Bow street police court today for ex-
trudltion to Germany on the charge of
murdering Ills mother-in- law, grand
duchess of Baden, at Baden. The prisoner declared that tbe charge was due
to a misunderstanding and asked the
magistrate to send him to Germany
immediately for trial. He was remanded, pending the arrival of evidence.
California in  Lln*.
San Francisco, Nor. 8.���The fuller
returns published today do not materially change the first showing and the
indications are that the Republican
party has elected its state ticket from
the top to the bottom. Gillett Is elected
governor by a plurality exceeding 13,-
000. A solid Republican delegation has
been elected to Congress, majorities
being ln some cases equal to those of
tbe Roosevelt year. The candidates
for justices of the supreme court were
elected by large majorities.
More than 500 hundred houses have
beeu destroyed, including all the restaurants, British hotels and gambling
houses, and the fire is still burning
fiercely. The marines from the for
eign vessels In the harbor have been
landed and are heroically fighting the
flames. No lives have been lost. Tbe
damage already exceeds (1,000,000. Tha
cause of the fire Is unknown.
English Education Bill.
London, Nov. 8.���With large opposition majorities and after further drastic amendments the House of Lords
last night adopted clause 4 of tbe Educational bill, which provides tbat the
local educational authorities may afford
extended facilities for special religious
Ambassadsr At
Washington Resigns
Diplomatic Circles Regretful Over
Sir Mortimer's Decision to Return to Private Life.
Castellans Divorce Suit Dwindles to a
Squabble   Between   Counsel for
Prosecution and  Defence.
Paris, Nov. 8.���Wben the hearing ot
the Castellane divorce suit was resumed before Judge Ditte in the palace of Justice today, Maitre Bonnet of
counsel for Count Uoul de Castellane
consumed less than an hour In concluding his argument He understood
his criticisms of Edmond Kelly, tbe
American lawyer for the countess snd
would persist in his demand for an examination of the witnesses In order,
he satd. to permit of the case being
probed to the bottom. He added that
in tbe event ot a divorce being granted, the count would ask for permission
to see his children two days each week,
and a month in summer, and that the
countess be enjoined from taking the
children to America without hla consent. With his consent so far aa money was concerned, nothing would be
much altered by a divorce. It would
only mean final financial rum for the
count. It was Impossible for him to
meet his outstanding obligations,
amounting to $540,000 a year. The remainder of bis ancestral Inheritance
would have to be sold. If his wife desired to present him in such a light before the worjd, he had nothing more
to say. Nevertheless, it seemed only
just that he should be reimbursed the
$2',000 whl.' ue pl/iOiOCd by li-. p��.f j
ui Ii'tt share o! ts..- ait.es'rai fore.l
Bueny, and viiieh ..us contribute- to
the household expenses.
Counsel concluded In asserting that
he was convinced that the countess.
If free to obey the dictates of her conscience, would yet consent to a recon
dilation and solemnly assured the
court of the count's respect, esteem
and undying affection for his wife.
Maltre Cruppl, for the countess, in
reply charged the cuunt's lawyer with
seeking to divert attention from the issue at the bar, by making an unprecedented aod baseless attack upon Mr.
Kelly, who, counsel declared, enjoyed
a standing in the United States and
France whicli made his defence superfluous, he being a member of tbe New
York bar and counsel for the United
States legation In Paris for tho past
20 years. Maltre Cruppl had a letter
from Mr. Kelly denying the charges
made against him and saying that until the names of the persons mentioned were introduced by counsel for
the count, he hnd never heard of thoso
he was supposed to have bribed.
Mnllre Cruppl thei/ produced what ho
declared to bo forged Instruments by
wblch counsel chargod that the count,
in July last, attempted to convince his
wife that Mr. Kelly waa concerned In
a plot to accomplish his political ruin.
At the conclusion of tho pleadings the
case wna adjourned for a week.
Several sharp passages between
Maltres Cruppl and Bonnet occurred,
one of them compelling tho Intervention ot Judge Dltte. Finally Maltre
Bonnet asked the court to postpone the
case for a fortnight In the hope of a
final reconciliation, but the judge refused to do so and adjourned the hearing for a week,
Tho court, after hearing the conclusions of tho public prosecutor next
woek, will announce Its decision, either for a divorce or for an examination
of the witnesses. The creditors' case,
In which Count Until, the Countess de
Castellane and George J. Gould, as
truslees, aro made joint defendants,
was called after recess today. This
suit, which Is brought by six creditors,
Involves $5,400,111111. Maltre Mlllnrdo,
counsel for the creditors, had not fin
Ishs-d his pica when the case was adjourned for a fortnight.
New York, Nov. 8.���According to a
despatch from Washington, Sir Henry
Mortimer Durand, ambassador of
Great Britain to the United States,
will retire from his commission in
Washington next spring. His successor Is not yet chosen, bat will come to
Washington to take charge of the embassy about March 1. The ambassador
yesterday told Secretary Root of his
coming retirement
As far as can be learned Sir Mortimer is not leaving his post here for
any other position, and after hla return to England he will probably retire from public life entirely. He entered the British diplomatic service in
1878, when he was sent to Persia. During the entire period between then and
now the ambassador has been on foreign service for his government with
'the exception of about one year. Ho
has been back to England for a month
or two occasionally, but for tho last
three or four years he has spent practically all of his time abroad.
There Is perhaps no more popular
diplomatic household official than that
of the Brltlah ambassador and the departure of tbe ambassador will be unwelcome to many both tn official and
social Ufa.
Mrs. Durand and Miss Durand tr*
among tho most popular ladles In
Washington society.
London, Nov. 8.���The retirement of
Sir Mortimer Durand, the British ambassador to the United States, will
take place at the end of this year. He
has been allowed to resign at his own
request and has been anxious (or
some time past to give up diplomatic
work. He Intends to leave the diplomatic service permanently and retire
to private life.
The foreign office has not yet considered his successor. It ls expected
that there will be an Interesting time
during the meantime as to wbst new
councillor of the government will be
Washington, Nov. 8.���Lord Curzon,
formerly viceroy of India, Is mentioned
in diplomatic circles here as a possible
successor to Sir Henry Mortimer Du-
snd_%2 jtm-i^^A.,^. , ���" i���rs>A    ftwis.^'
j**^.' ^-flK __ "his way to this
country lends color to the rumor of his
appointment to the Washington post.
In official circles here it is regarded
as likely that Lord Curson may be given the post because of his wide acquaintance in the United States and
his extensive experience in the British
foreign service.
A Modern Fagln.
New York, Nov. 8.���A lad, aged 14,
named Grossman, very Intelligent for
his ,,\���rs, but known to tho New York
defectives as tho cleverest pickpocket
In the city, when arrested by special
detectives on the look-out for him, was
found to be In possession of two gold
watches, a lady's silver watch, a heavy
walch with gold and silver chasings
and a sum of $9. When arraigned In
court tho youth wllh frankness and
candour told a tale that puts Fagln
and Oliver Twist In the shade. On tbo
death of his father two years ago he
went to live with a man named Stein
and his wife. For weeks Stein Instructed hlm In the art of picking
pockets before ho sent him out. He
had to practice Hours every day on
Stein and his wife, relieving them of
wallets, pocketbooks, watches and
leweilery until ho became so adept that
he could rob them without their knowing. If ho did Ihe Job in a clumsy
fashion Stein would beat him. Constant practice, however, mado hlm an
clover at the game that he was never
onii'tht until the present time. All tbo
booty ho got was handed over to Stein
and hla wife, the latter did all the
pawning and dealing with the "fence."
Stein Invariably went out with him
during the day and night and pointed
nut Intended "suckers," prosperous
looking men or women. Besides "capping" for the young "dip" Stein often
assisted by engaging the victim ln conversation or holding a newspaper In
front of him while the little thief did
the "frisking." Both prisoners were
ivmanded. Detective Wall states that
numbers of Stein's pupils are serving
sentences in the house of refuge.
���. ���
���$h The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are uow iu  order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We hav - pfaot-y of th-:u in red nnd bin***1.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
Thes-e blankets are justly celebrated tor their excellence.  We alone carry
them in this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Corrforters. Gloves and Mits, Socks. Shirts and
Underclothing. O'! Cloth-ng. Sweaters. Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers . Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best  quality  and   prices  surprisingly  Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED... ..Vs..,.....,. CAPITAL PAID CP... .11,280,000
REST $...*0,000.
D. R. W1L3LIE, President. BOH. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches ia British Colambia:
Deposits i^ceiTPd and tii'<
count and crvdit-ei. half-yearly
t ftllowt-d ot cum nt rates from tint*.- of opening ac-
J_   M.   LAY,   A_Hn��gcr.
The ^yal 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS. $39771,803
Capital Paid Up S3.629.130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms and individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  in  Hritish  Columbia.
Special   atts-ntion   to out of town business.
T. B   KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. L   PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
Pub*l_hed .ix days a week by tlie
Baker St., Nel��.u, B.C.
dubs-crtplion rate., 50 cents a, month delivered
in the ttttji or *..tt) a, year U w-ut by oiaiJ, when
paid to advan ���'���
Advertising ratea -,.. application.
All monies paid in Battlement nl The Da*.iy
Caoadlan account*, tit her for ���.ui-M-ripitoi.*- or
__.._...-ii   accounts,   timer  iui  mow i. j'.i��� ��� i; ��� ui
adrertlalng, must bo receipted for 00 the printed
the Com pan v.   uther receipt! art uot
fotnu of
NOVKMBUR ��* l<M>_��.
" By one word we are sometiin.i jjdged to t*-_
wlee and by one word sometime! j*i*>Jr*.-l te 'e
looltah. Lei ut therefore he careful That we
The persistency with -which the opposition press of thfl province resorts
to baseless affirmation to bolster and
defend their criticism of the premier's
action in the be-tter terms case is lhe
strongest evidence of their own conviction of the futility of such a method
of attack. No better example of the
attempt to becloud the issue can be
found than in the columns uf the Liberal organs, which, with vain fondness,
dandle the children of the fecund imaginations and exhibit them to th. wttn*
dering gaze of the  reading  public.
It has bean alleged repeatedly- in
fact, with wearisome rqpltfUOQ, tbat
Premier UeBl.de w.-nt tu Ottawa determined to make political CtfpiUl out
of his mission, and that he would
lather have a grievance then au uU\i-
tional riub.-si'ly It has been alleged
that the Conservative paper.-*, furnish
evidence of thiB, and while there is not
a tittle of such evidence rorihr_-i.ml.ig.
not a single line in support of the allegation being quoted by the opposition press, the brazen assertion of the
orgMtfl Lb assumed to be sufficient to
make the case.
If ft were necessary to answer these
effusions it would be quite sufficient
to point out that Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
who has been for years aware of British Columbia's claim lo better treatment, had so fortified himself beforehand that any solution of the problem
that would offer satiwfactlon to this
province would be iiujiosslble. He of
the sunny ways and wily smiles knew
that if the case could be referred to
the conference of premiers for their
agreement he at least would be kept
out of the debate and could evade any
. responsibility for the conclusion of the
| case.
It would be saying too much to suggest that Sir Wilfrid instructed his
f_i'hful henchmen, the other Liberal
premiers, to put an embargo against
the claims of itritish Columbia, but it
is not -saying too much to suggest that
Sir Wilfrid knew that the case could
be safely committed to their hands.
He knew that the claims of this province were so pressing and so strong
that the least admission on the part
of the other premiers would immediately necessitate a readjustment of
tbe  subs.,1
Sine,. ��� \\ ^^^^^^^^^^^
Columbia were not admitted any settlement accepted by the premier would
have been a sacrifice of the very contention which the premier went to Ottawa t*_> establish.
While there is no evidence that Mr.
McBride went to Ottawa to stir up political strife there is ample evidence
in the opposition press that if he had
accej ted the subsidy projmsed he
would *���**�� Uteri called .;*.**10Mtff
he would hav.* been scored as an easy
ma..:, and the province would have
been called upon to support the only
party that would stand pat on the
1-  -i.i) of provincial  rights.
The clean, manly, OTfll and above-
board manner in which the premier
executed tbfl coup uiM.n these sinister
intentions is what lias aroused the
fury and allotted thfl uncontrollable
ia,-.    -il   tbfl   opposition.    Some   allow-
musl b   made for tbs disappoint-**
ment of the opj-osltion when ihe whole
fbondxtfotll of the superstructure
Which they fniendsd to rear were ruth-
k'Ksly torn  bom  their  i>osses8ion.
If they chooSfl lo call Mr. McBride's
action a political manoeuvre we can
w.l! permit the spasm of their rage
to pass. We may even smile blandly
at their helplessness, since they will
have it that they are now helpless.
But wlun they attack the action of the
premier tbe case is different, for they
���noosed in doing so only by clouding
the issue and misstating the facts.
Artfully they represent that the
pi'ivince has lost $225,000 per annum
by Mr. McNHde'f. firm stand, when
th"y know as well as tbey can he callable of Knowing anything that $125,-
000 of this amount comes to the province anyway under previous adjustments of the subsidies. The offer of
the Liberal premiers in conference was
to increase this amount by $f��-,ouo and
finally by flOQ.Ooo ioi a specific term
ut ten years, at which time the province was to enter into a contract to
relinquish all farther special claims.
Thus, for a paltry million dollars, British Columbia, whose contributions to
the federal Treasury already amount to
$-_..,uu^ou-ii, was to sell her birthright,
and in this early stage of her development to bind successive generations
to an irrevocable pledge.
We do not see how any sane elector
can find fault with Mr. McHride's refusal to so compromise lite right.**, of
tne people, and Wfl are sure from par*
sonal contact with some of the wisest
heads in the Liberal party that any
fi eltnga other than of commendation
for the premier's action are farthest
from their thoughts.
It has been cheaply said that the
province has no case with which it
can go to the imperial authorities, but
the Loudon Times says that it an appeal is so made there will be an imperative duty resting upon the imperial house to hear and adjust the case,
The opinion of the London Times may
not be worth as much as the opinions
of a few iiarty editors, whose chief
Claim to a hearing is their ability to
distort facts, but we do not fancy that
ihere will be any difficulty on the part
of a discriminating public to measure
the relative suuudueses of the differing opinions.
The local organ of the opposition returns to the question of better terms
and publishes two letters, one by a
rabid Liberal, and the other by Senator W. J. Macdonald, in each of which
these gentlemen give expression tu
their views on the subject under discussion. While there Is wisdom in a
multitude of counsellors, we agree
with the remark of the local organ
that "Senator Macdonald has said
nothing new," while the same might
be the judgment passed upon Mi.
Drury's letter.
Tbe unfortunate predisposition evidenced by everyone who discusses tbe
premier s action seems to be one lhat
places false constructions on the premier's words. As an instance of this
the senator remarks that Mr. McBride
���promised o�� threatened to increase
taxation.' We reproduce lhat part of
the premier s speech, the ouly one, in
which the question of taxation was referred to.    It says:
As you know, ladies and gentlemen,
our taxes are pretty heavy. Our cost of
road building is a pretty heavy sum,
and there can be no question that
when the Grand Trunk Facific and the
Canadian Northern Railway companies
commence to open up that wonderful
section of the country that lies in the
valleys of the Stickine and tributary
riverH you will be called upon to face
expenditures there which will run away
ap fn the millions. You will have to
build them their roads, you will have
to give them their schools, and their
constabulary. You will have to care
for that country, and it will be a long
time before you can expect to receive
anything from that country that will
bo at all adequate to meet the expenditure."
While the premier pointed out that
the opening up of the vast territory
consequent upon the building of the
G. T. P. would entail upon the province the necessity for many years of
largely increased expenditure, such as
has been necessary in the opening up
of tbe interior of the province during
past years, we interpret his reference
to taxation as only another proof of
the strength of his plea for better
lt is easy for the senator to say that
the sales of lands and mineral should
afford a sufficient revenue to meet
this additional expenditure, but it Is
not the usual history of any country
gi|gr-V*��.^**i'^*��-.!t*'en the case.
The entire situation is an involved
one. Were It not for the prospect of
these enormous future expenditures
the ordinary revenue of the province
might soon meet thfl requirements of
the districts that are beginning to repay pust outlays, but with the Qfl-ces-
sity of keeping up for probable generations the extraordinary expenses incident to the settlement and d ������.*.,.
ment of such an intractable country
there is only choice between one of
two things; Either the taxes of a small
and over-burdened population must be
increased beyond the powers of endurance or relief must be afforded
from the federal treasury that Is being constantly enriched by these developments.
The local organ quotes approvingly
the shortsighted criticism of the senator probably because it is utterly incapable of seizing the situation. Its
only known slogan is decrease of taxation. Increase of expenditures on public works, and still a fat surplus In
the treasury. In this ft Is wiser than
tho Laurier government, which increases taxation as well as expenditure, but
still multiplies the public debt. It Is
a pity that local statesmen-financiers
could not. be called in to give Fielding
some instruction fn the matter of declaring dividends. The results would
be gratifying to the country at large.
The local organ yesterday received
sheets 1 and 2 of the usual night Associated Press service, reporting the
evidence given by Griffin in the Fow-
let-Pope land purchase cases &. tar.- D
at Ottawa. The import appeared In
The Canadian fast night. The organ
departs from its usual custom of beading these    "Special    to the  " and
heads them "C. P. It. Press Despatch "
The object of this polite fabrication
la obviously to make the people believe the C. P. It. sent out a message to
axon rata Powler and Pope from the
uncalled for reflection.! that have been
mads by the Liberal papers upon their
land deals while the caaea are still under Investigation and before the decision of the commission lias been
The evidence given by Griffith wus
decidedly favorable to Fowler, and
rather than lhat he should have the
benefit of the sworn testimony of a
servant of the C. P. R. land department the local land organ Invents the
sophistry that the C. P. R. sent out
the despatch. Thus a wrong is done
to the C. P. R., the Associated Press
and the public at large, to say nothing
of the deception practiced. Verily, the
newspaper business has fallen into
���strange hands.
"The missing link found'' was the
astonishing news published last week.
But lt had nothing to do with solving
the question, "Where did the money
come from in the Hyman election
The elation of the Liberals over the
result of the two by-elections last
week is the measure of the depth of
their fears.
Notice i. hereby glv.n that 60 days alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Cnlel Com-
nii-ii'iU' r of I-and***- and Work* fnr E-.-rmiiti.inij to
purchase the following ducrlbed land*: Com*
tntii'-C'R at a poel placed 30 chaini wett of ihe
southeast cornei ol l.-M tf-O,marked "k. a. Bell's
northwest corner." thenee lonUi U chains,
theme cast '20 (hain*-, thpn*_ north 'JO chnin',
thence wett _0 chaini to polntof com -meneement,
containing id eeree, more or Inns
Located thin 6tb day of Ko. ,1*906.  K. A.Bill.
Notice is hereby given that EO days after date
I intend, to apply to the Honorable th.I Chi i
Commlaaioner of ..an!*- and Worki tot permit-
sion to r-urcbaic the following described land*.
Kootenay dlitrlot: Commencing at a post
marked '-J. H Wallace'* northwest rorner poit,"
said post being on the eaeti.'iy ltdt of Lowet
Arrow lake, an-i at the ���oathweit '"mer of
Port! r- pre-emption claim: IbenceeUt -. chain*,
thenee sontb 2�� chaini. the-nee west M chain.,
thenee wuth '/n chain1*, thence west w chains
more or less to the Arr-.w lake, thence ;na north
easterlv direction GOcbaln*. more or less to the
place of beginning, containing 1W acres, more or
Dated tbi* -.tb 'lav of October. I**
By his agent, KmtBTfl I, Bunmr.
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply tothe
Honorabl*: the Chief '.'ommiisloiier of ban .�� ami
Wo'kr* for permi-sion to punhaie the following
detsW-lbed lauds In Knotensy district: Com-
mencing at a post tnaraed J. B Annabk''- northeaat corner post, said por-t fcelnt '���:; tbe lOQtb
sfdc of the Lower Arrow lake, about two miles
below Burton City; thenre south 3>i chains,
thence west 20 chains; thence south "JO chains;
thence west'JO chains;  thence north :_ chaius
��� nd 20 links, more or le-i to tbe lake shore!
tlience easlerlraloi^lake4-Ochaiu-. moreor less.
to the plaee of beginning, containing K_ acres,
more or leas.
Dated this Bth dav of November, PAKi
per K. I. Bir.net, Ag_-nt.
Mity days after date I intend to apply to the
Honorable the Cl *..-f <'<>mmissioner nf Lands and
Works for permlMlon to purobase the following
described lands in Kootenay district: Commen
ciug at a post marked "A. J. Dill's ���outhmit
corner post," said post being ou the i-or'.i.w*--t-
erly shore of the Lower Arrow lake and _���-. links
due east, on the northeast corner of I��t 9710
Group 1; thence north (0 chains; east -to chain*;
south-to chains more or leaf, tothe ItJteifa n
tbence following *ald shore in asoutbweeter j
direction GO ������.'tains, more or leai to the place o'f
beginning, containing I-Stf acre*, more or   less
Dated thu Jtb daj-of Borentber, I ��� i
A. J. Dill,
perK L. ��ik-VET. Agent.
Notice is hereby giTen that 60 _Uw after date 1
intend toapply to the Honorable Chief Cnmriih*--
Ijoner of Lauds  aud   Works  for  penntMi
pun-base the following deaeribed lands. In West
��� ooleuay: Commencing at a po*t planted ai
the northeast corner of : ot (MS, >��� L. merked F.
Fletcher'* northwest corner, thence eonUl -
chains: thence eatt to ehalns, more ur less, to
the weatern boundary of Lot MR, <> I ; tbenoe
north 80 chains to Kooteuay river; thence west
following tald rirer to point of commencement,
containing &) acres more or less.
J��lh October, 1906.
FlUMC \':x-.  ���-���,',i.
Not;, ������ is hereby given that sixty days after date
I Intend to applv to ihe Hon. Chief Coma
Oi Lands and    .'.>rk�� Urggrf.*'������,*. ���-'������     *--    -
'...,.....-.,.-������,; :....'.:".o lentil '.n *..*:- -A--*
kootenay district' Beginning at a pott marked
"J. 8. tjirnln'-o'i ft, W, * oToer/1 and planted abont
one-ball mOe east of tf,.: ibon ol WhatMhan
(Cariboo] lake ami abooi ] mi;.- nortii ol Lbe
narrowi ol the said lake, and at theS.1 corner
o. Arthur   Warren's   application   t"   por-hi,-*.
ibeno eaal -: chalna; uhmmi nortb S9chain.*;
tbenee treat Mehain. lo the northeaat corner -���'
a -'-.application to pnp-ha�� *���
balLJ      point of c.,Tnt*.*pecmeni. con-
tain inr eu) acres. *.   *e o* '  .-
>t. ; l/.ih. 1W). J. 8. Simimo.
f. l. Human. *fi dl
SUtj dayi alter date I pnrpoaa making appli-***-
inn to toe Hon I hii I ��� ommlMlonei of Lanes
and Works tor i�� nnlMlon to pur* ha*, the billow-
inn deaorlbed Jand: (omrneneing at a poit
placed at the northweal '������rn-r of H Dodd'aapplication to purch.se. marked "B Vi. II > -. W.
pomer put." running thence -90 chains north;
thenee���*>ebalni ���**'.. lhance to (hams south;
tbenee K cbaina west to point of commence-'
ment, containing M0 a- r. i  more of l.-aa
Dated thu 10th day of Ot tob�� It ft.
per H.HBIELL, Agent
Kotlce li bereb* given that 60 days alter dale I
inteud to make application tothe Honorable tha
' ' s-:.>-r nf Ij.nd* and Works for per-
mi salon to  pun base   the   following  d -
lands:   CommendlW at a post planted on the
northeast co ner of Peter McNangl.t'-n ��� ipplla
tion to purchas . lollowlng tbe east boundary i
same **i if;-*,::. -   -���   -I ;   ���... ::.-,   *���  ' lialn*. eao1
thcnceHo chains nortb! thence-.) chains veal In
point of eomnieneement, containing M0 acrea,
ij-i'.T"   *'f ,'���������
Doted Oct. 13, lone. Alkkkt BU40IT,
By hit agent t>.Mi-T W. RouiKt-ON.
Notice li hereby given that 60days afterdate I
Intend to apnly Ut the Hon. Chief Commtsaloiitr
of Ijtnd-*-end Works for pcrmlsaion t'i p'.r haae
th-* foibiwing deacrlbed Undi situated tn the
weal Kootenai dlattlot: Beglnnine at a poat
marked "O, I.' MbcMtr-kiug'f H, Vi.ntirnnr," aud
planted ������n lhe mai ihore ot Whatahan (Carll-xi)
lake, alxjut three mil.ji n-.Tt', ol the Upper Ker
rows of thcsaiil lak<* aiol ot-n. sib* Ihe Island In
tbe said lake; theuce soutli HO chains; thence
eatt 40 chains, n.or- <ir !���*-*., to the Ink*
tlience following the said shore in a northerly
and wi-iterly nireetion 1J0 I'halor, more or leaa,
to point of tiiuiuencemeiit, containing Hi. acre*,
more or leu.
Uct. 13. I'.sjO. O V MacMi��K1>o,
By f, L. if axmomi Agent.
Notn ������ l| hereby given that 60 days after date I
inteud to ina��-* Hppllraiion tothe Honorable tiie
Chief Commlaaioner of lands and Works for per*
mission to purehaae tin* loUowing '** * riotn
lands: Commenelni; at a pott piaeed ad
tbesoiMiiw- -- rnei poatol teon Wation'iApplication t.i _'un baae, running (W chains north:
weat; thence B0 ehain* south:
thi -. ���   i'i t, to point "f  com
n,.*!i'. contain!) -       I '���-- moreorless.
Date-1 Octo!
BfFfl W;sTKfi.
By ).;��� '.���.���   at. El '������-:. U . RpBtl SOW
Kotiee is hereby given that 60 days alter -in''  I
intend t.i appl ������ ��� Don, die Cniel Coi
iloner of Landa and Worki (ot permlaalon I l
���...-��� the tollowin .-*.-���: Landa ;.. n ��� il
Kootenay dteirl ���- *'��������� gfnnloi ��' - poat marked
"Otto Htraeh'i N VI orner ' au*l planted.in
tbi treat ahore of Wataban [Cariboo) lake, about
one-fonrth mUe a itoltbi oarroanof Whatahan
:... - i    ; ��� ���   eaal M
re of tfaeKarrowi:
ihenee le I i!   re In - leneral
rlj and weil< rh dlrei m-h .-���<��� chain
to the polnl
I'.s.    :*;--��� ���
��� it:** Uiu h,
F   I.   IIawmoM     l*
. ,-        thatilitt) dayaafterdale
I nn. ii.; ton flon.Chicfi   mmlaali net
of band- an<! -Aorki d topori baae
the followlni described land. In Weal Rootenay
dlitrlet: Beflnn ng al a poat marked "t K
Aldan's B R corner," and planb ������ on ihe easi
ahore of Whataban (Cariboo) like, about one
mile north ol the southern end ol tbelakei
thence north M chalna; tbence well Mchalaf,
more or ie*->. to the shore of Whatahan lake;
th Followlni tald al tal south-
erly and eaaterly din ution tooi balni, more or
leai, u- the point ..f eon mei *i*tainiug
Kiu eervM. mon or Leai
Dated thi- .th ilav ofOct . 19rt
K   K   ALD��,
i    I.   Ha)
Notice is horeby given thnt sixty dayialtei
date I lnt��nd u*applv tothe Hon ' Isl-f Commiasioner of Unds and Works [or permlnion to pur-
cha>c tho lollowlng defc'rlla;d in:.*:.-*.: ' u"'-
Kootenav district: H-.*ginning at a poat marked
"licrtha Btracb'a N HT corner," and planted on
thr eait fhore of Whatshan (Car:*, ���*��� ���   ���
narrowi of the lake, and aboul one mile nouib of
Arrow lake trail; thence aonth a   ba
ireal BO chains more or Lett to thi ih<  f the
natrfMs-**;  thence following the -������'' - -    a
general   northerly  and   ca-irriv    ���'. :
chalus more or less lo the point <*f u.mmenee-
tnenti conlalnlnj M0 aerea more oi leai
Dated thi-talli dav of Uct    :���**������
IlKKTItA Hih*' B'
 f. L. IlAKKoNn, Agent
Blxty dayi alter -late, 1 Marvrett McQuarrle,
intend to apply to the Honorable Ilie i I ll * : ���
miaaionerol Uiuls and Works. Victoria,B.c,
to purebaae tha (ollowlng deaciibed land,  Crm-
meni Ina at a pOfl markeii  M. MiKjuarn*.-. on '
bank Ol  Lower Arrow lake, thence *o chains
wefct; thftue "nhains north;  ihi-io.*  +i >  ...   -
east; thence f-0 chains  -south  to  place nf  -
meneement,aald to contain 160 acre-1 -*-
leai    ' -ivering ground held by 0. B.AOd
Dated thll llth dav vt eeptenibcr, l'Jfti.
ft, I.. PaYKi, Agent
Sixty dari after date I purpose making application to the Chief Commli-BioQer of Unds and
Work.- for permlaalon to purehaae the [ollowlng
deacrlbed land:    Commencing at a pott marked
���K ;'- - t: comer," and Mtnate abont one mile
from Silver Tip Point, on What*han Inke, and
near Christie ereek, running tbenee Menalna
north; tbence -" chain-! weil: tbeneeS> cbalni
souih. following the lakeabore; Un nee **< chains
en--: Lo the point of commcncemeni, containing
61" hi-.-"" more, or lens.
Dated the Uth day ol August, !�����
K   FAfyfllR,
Per F. ft V\i\i-'.f.v. Agenl
Notice ls hereby given that M days after date
I intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Landl and Works for permission to purchase the following deeerlbetl lands;
Commencing at a poal planted on the northeaal
corner of rater KcVaOfhtOtt. application to
pnrehaae, running so eha;m weal along the
northern boundary of same; th-*ure *>**-. ehalns
north; theme 80 chains east: (hence "ti chatm
south, along the west boandr-ry of John BlttoU'l
application to pun .ia.-*e, to poiut ol commencement, containing 610 acrea, moreor leas.
Dated Oct H, '���'*���'��� THOkUa Stan,
 Bj*_bU aireut. Khkem W, I'.okisson.
Notice la hert-by given that ��0 dayi alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable lhe Chief Com-
mimioner of bands and Works, at Vietoria, B. ('.,
for permlMlon to purchaie the following deicrlbed land", situated in Ihe Weal Kootenay
district, aoutb Of lorty Nine creek, commencing
at a post marked "L. 11 Cho'uette'*. N. W. corner." thence IU cbaina cant, thence 10 chalna
aouth, thence*) chains west, thence to chaini
uorth to the commencement jiost, containing It*)
m -��� ���   :. ".-���  s : .....
Nelson, B. 0 , Oct. I6th, IKW.
1. H. CHOyrrrra,
    w. a. Iptrtte, Agent;	
���Sixty days after date I puri>osem��klng ��ppl nation to the Hon. Chief Commit.! >ner of Undi
and Works for t>ermts_lou to purchase tbe following deseriued land: Commeuelng at a poat
placed at the iouth weat rorner of K. Vi. Hanning-
ton'-application to purchase, market! "L Mn.
H'*8 t corner post, running Ihence Hi) chalna
wett: thence SO chaini south; tbence-SO chains
east; thenco 80 ebalns nonh to point of commencement, containing 640 acre**,, more or leu.
Daied the hrtb day of October, NMi.
L. M. a. ffjuntiMfw,
 n-*T h. Shiei.l. Agent.
-:�������� day** after dale I puri>ose making application to ihe Hon- Chief Commissioner of Unds
and vv'c.rka for ttermlaelon to purchase Ihe |ot-
lowlng deacrtbed land: Comujeoclng at a poal
placed on the north boundary t.f lot No. *f>* aud
all-mit two chains east of Whal'han creek, marked "M. :-'�� B. W. corner," running thence W
chalnx *-a**t: (bene*** -ll) rhiJ.p*..north; tb��nce W
-i, ��� tayTliehi ������ mj ebalna south, to point of
c��mment*cment. containing ICO acres more or
Dated the loth day of October, 190..
it. ?ntr.LL,
Per H. i-dHELl., Agent,
Notice is hereby given thatslxtydaysafter date
; ::.-��� nd i" applv to the Hon. Chief' ommlsslon
erof j.ands and Worka lor permlaalon to purchase thc following described lands, lit) acres,
commencing at a post marked John Toic. planted on tha eaal -hore of I��wer Arrow lake, about
one mile north of -"inshinc creek, (bene, forty
chains eaat, thenee forty chain* south, theuce
forty chains west, thence lorty chain-* north
ab*ng lake ahore to point ol rom_M nc-meut.
Dated this nth day of September, iwk.
John Tori.
&*mJU*'' T __)(��*. Agcn
.. _.tee is hereny glvan that M dayi alter dale I
'.<>-apply to the Mono rable th* Chief Com-
- of Undi and  Works [,ir permlislon
���ui i.'T   or i..u'is   an-i    nor**  l'ir perm Isslon
;._-*1cMT|be*l land, iltuate
in Plre Valley, in the W,*t Kootenay dlstricl, ad-
Joining w. a. Caldei - pre-emptfon. starting at a
..���.rke"! M. MeQttknie,l sodthwet , ..rn-r,
rannlneV ehalni cast, thenc* fr) chains north,
t*)0chalna weal tbenee �� chains south to
point o[ eommeneement.
Dated this llth da-> < r Beptember. tire
Mo -������   M't,r<f.'V.t.
 SJ[. Tarl/JB, Agent.
���Slaty days a.'ler dale I purpose making appll-
aeroi Unds
and Worka fo permlnion to purchase the following deacrlbed :��ri'i: Commendnj at a post
placed at tba north t*aat eorner ol B.< Hk inner s
appllrati* *   marked "'H D'�� N. w.
tbenoeloHowtnc the aaa. i-ound-
ery of same an chains t>ulh; thenre running -i
ehalna eaat; tbence (. chains north; thence h>
chains west to polnl oi i iiirimenecment, coutain-
Ii:���* ��� t'i n. ���*��� ��� more <������ '.��� -(
D-b.d the luth day cf October, I'*"',
[I   Dowj,
  Per It. Hhiblu Agenl.
W days aller date I Intend lo apply to the Honorable the Chief Commlfaloner of Unds and
Worka, VfefOlia- D C , to },urcha��* *_o acrta of
lan��l slluate west o[ Arr��.-.T lake on the west side
_f Whatehan creek aiol joining the north boundary of R, J Annable rpplkalion to pnrehaae.
O'liirnenelngat a posl marked K J K. 8. E. ror-
iter aud running wes* ht chains; thence north tf)
chatna; thence eaat w> < halm; thence south to
[���ijnt of commencement.
Beptember ind i9ofi. r. j. Elliot.
Kotiee I* hereby given thatfiOdaysafter date, I
Intend to apply to uu Hon, I'nicl Commlaaioner
of Im i>and Works for iternifsalon to purehaae
._<���-! 'ands in the West Root'
enay District: Beginning at a post mark. I "W
B ftrtdge'i H W rorner," and plaritefl al-fuit
oue quarter mile HC-M of the west shoreof Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, and about one anil one
f-uarter miles norU. of the louthern end of the
lake; then-c norlh Vi chains; tbence aaai t
chains moreor less to the shoreof the Whalshan
lake; ihence following said ���hor* in a general
Mrtttberiy and weatcrly direction Usi ehalni more
rn-less to a point on the iliore dtH eo*t Of tbi
pott of comment-*ment; tbenee west m ehaim
mop* or les** to the |v!;.t 'if eommeneement. eon
taintng i))aerea r. >reor Iui.
Dated this -th day of Oet , IVM
V. L. Hamhokia, Agent.
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S. *.,. giran tbat 6o>lays alter date 1
Intend lo applj t-i the Bonorable fhiel t'ommii-
iloner ol Lai la and W '���.- t,.r permlaslon to pnr-
t ;tfc,.. -.��� ~ ' * mg ���' '��� rlbed landa, situateil on
the east ilde ol Arrow lake: Commenenf al a
post marled A Macleod s loOaUpn pott, thence
���outh f*n> ebalna, lollowlng w. Toft'a eastern
1      .     - I \'.y chains, to east bank
of Qa.baldl Creek; theme north forty chains;
Mat sixty ehalna to point nf >-ominent-e-
ment, contalnlni UO a. rea, more or less.
Dated Bei b Ittt        ALexa Mac. rot*,
ier V. DkMEsa, Agent.
'. ��� tbat to dan attar date I
intend to appl) t.. the Honorable the ' blef- otn-
rol laril'Mn.l Works lor permlMlon to
- wing daecrlhed land-, ntn  led
on the east side of Arrow like: C-ummen- i.:d at
the northeast e-.rut*r of A Vuthony a pnrehaae,
thence norlh fort] batna, thence wesl forty
chalna, thente souih fortv 'hains, thence east
fi>rty chains to point of commencement, containing 100 act - Mr n
Dated J-eptembtr 1, HDL Jawts F. MaCLIOD,
perN. DnOtM, Aftent.
reby firen thai sixty days afler
date I iniend toapph w-the lion. Chief Comjala-
.  ��� ' ; Lands and  Works ior (-.rmiasion to
ni   d aexfbad landa, in
Weal Kootenai Dlatrlet:  i-'ommencinic at an in-
-  planted at the aontbeael i orner ol Me-
. - pre*��aption, tih-:n a _0 chains weat to eaat
t> '.ndary of Ia-i ttttl Ibenee foIloMtn|( said
b-!iindary south tox'it1 [ aald lot;
...::-���������' o i balm " nth j
.   .., .       i   ... - .ii chains north to
������    r ol  Lol   ES    Uli ���--������ I ;:..r
odan ol Lot 123 '.-, [nitlal
-��� i tembci it, 1908. D. D. Wot-IT,
per Emm Vi. boai-nox.
Notice lfi hereby given tbat cu days liter data, I
'i apply to the Hon. Chief (:otar:;
of Land* and Works for permission to pnrehaae
: -.itb,- laaerlbed lamia, situate on the
reoflAAwer I-ake. aUMit one ami one
half mil-* Booth <>! KdgeWOOtf. H C, Ud ad
jtiiniuif J. T. Beanie's application to purehaae,
and <->mm>-[icinit at a post marked Donald Wil
-.������-���    ���'���-;������ .  rnnnlAf Kortfa
m',j chains, thenee tan forty chains. tbesM
South, sixty chains, thence Weal f--rt> ebalni '.'i
place   ol tat,  and  containing -'to
acrea m<Te or leaa.
M. R. Mi-.l-akKl��, Agenl.
Dated thla 25th day of September, !��.�����
Notii*.; is hereby glren ihat two moir'hs alter
int.* I intend to appir to the Honorable Cblei
(.'ommlaaioner of Lands and W.��rk�� for permi.-
il'Hi lo pureliase 6*0 acres of laud, tlen rlla*d as
lollows: Commenclna at a post planted al the
southwest of i. t Mori ikon's ran* b In fire
Talley. West Kootenay dl-trbt, marked "J. e.
Munro's nurth cast corner ra -ft"; uenee_Di ini
west; thence-SO chains suuth: tbence 10cbaina
east; thenre W chains north to the piaee of commencement
1'aM llth day o[ J?eptember, 1.S*
J.B. Mi-Naoi.
W. A. 0___NK, Ag'nt.
Notiee Is hereby given that M dan alter 'late I
Intend lo applv to the Hon ihtef t (imrolsaloner
of Lands and Works lor permission to purebaaa
the following desrriU-d lands, situate In Wtstl
Kootenay district: Beginning at a post market)
������Arthur Warren's S \\ , corner," and plautH on
the Marl ibore of WhaUhan (Cariboo; fak.*. about
two miles north of the narrows of Whalshan
lake, and at the B, K corner ol W. s*t-ombe's application to purrhaae, thenee caM lo .hains;
thence north-viehalns; thence wt-st w chains;
thence south hi ehalns to point ol eommence-
���eni; Con tain ing _)��� acres more or leas
Dated Ihis sth day of Oct. 1906
Artih'h WaltaE-tf,
y. L Bajonem, Agent.
-lily days afu*r date I intend to ai.piy to the
Commissli'iur Ol I_inds and Works, Victoria, to
purchase 160 acres of land, slluate and described
aa follows: Com mencing ata post plant. ���! mi the
*est side of Arrow take oppoalte Cariboo City, at
or near the southwest corner of B, Kalg purchase, antl marked "O. M, A., S. E. corner," and
running north W ��� hains, thenee west tri chains
to H. Annable'* purehaae, thence south to chains
moreor less to the lake shore, tbencealong the
lake shore to pla- *��� uf beginning.
AoguitBth, '������* ti. m. Amuns.
Notice Is heretiy given that sixty days alter
date I intend to applv to Uu H��norable the
Chief Commusloner of Land* and Works, for
permission to punha-*e the following descrllj-ed
lands in thc West Koolenay district: RfgUtnlttl
at a p<*si marked "James t> Eraser's N.K. corner,"
and p anted *>ii the east shore of Whatshan
(Cariboo) lake, about one-hall mile n-*?th of
Christie creek; tbence south -tu- hains, more or
leva, to the north boundary of W. Nfotnt-* i ap-
plp'atlon to purchase; theuce weit aloug the tald
boundary -40 chains, more or lesa, lo ib'' shore of
the lake; thence following the laid shore In a
general norihcrly and eaaterly direction ea
chains, more or leas, to point of commencement,
containing Itn acres, more or leas.
Oet 13lh, lft/i. ��� <'i-   I i���������*--��.-���
F L IUmmom*. Agent.
Notice :, hereby given that sixty days after
the date I Intend to apply to the Hon '.be Cblel
Commissioner of lands and Works for i-ermia-
sit-n to Lurcha.se lhe following described land
In the West Kiotenar district: Beginning alt
posl msrked "K. fl, Kttfi't N. X. corner,' aud
planted on -h*.*shoreof v,,,..--.,���.. *. ariix>o)lake,
at the northwest corner of said lake; thence *���><
cbain�� we-t-thence |o chains south; tbenee 40
chains east: thence 40 chains south; thenoi aaa*
40 chains, more or lesa to the ihore of tba -aid
lake; thence northerly along the Mid lake thore
W chains, more or less, to th-a point of�� ouiiuet,-
�����_...t ��-����-.-.__ j���     ior lew.
It. B. Kin.,
F. I.  llAXMoirn. Agent.
Nolle; Is bervhy given thai fio -lays afler date I
Intend to apply tfi lhe lf..n ' hi-l r itiumisj.Inner
ul lands an<l W-irk* fur pennfaHloil to purchase
lhe following deaeribed Ian t- situated In the
IfCtt Kootenav district: Heinning al a post
rnarktd   "William   K< iis   N    \\    corner," and
planted abool one mil*-south of ibe nortb end
0l Whatshan (Carib,-o) lake, about twenty'���hains
west of the west short'ol said lake arid nn the
south boundary of K It Kel!'* application to
purchas*-; thenee aouth BD chains; tb_n*M ���
ebalns,   mnri*   or   I.s.,   to   the said Ink'* shore;
theaee northerly along the sal<) shore m ebalna,
more or le���. to the said south Ixiiindary ol
K K K.-il'i application to purchase; ihence west
JO chains, more or less tn tin- p-dnt of i onuneiice-
Ment, I ��� ntainitig 1*90 acres, more or leu.
Dated Ott. Lt, !>_ William Kkil,
By F, I, RalOttsVO, Agenl.
Notice |s hereby given that 60 days after dale I
Inteud Ui apply to the Hon. the Milef ( onimis-
Itoncr of Jjinds nnd Wnrks for jm rmlWloQ lo [��� ��� ir-
chase the following dee- rlbed lands In wort
Kootenay district, province of llrltl-h Colombia;
Commem log ata jsisi marked -William T.ililiig*
ion's north west corner post," said post Ivlng
planted ai lhe souihw!��l corner ol the "ijtu-.-ti
Mineral Claim." ami adjoining the ensl line of
Mel'tiail'i pf ��� ������mpii'Oi, theiu-v aouth twenty (JO)
chains along said line, thence east forty (40)
chains, them-e north twenty V3i) chains, thence
west l. ni (lo) chains more or less, lo lhe place of
Dated 1st ''ay of Augusl, 19M.
Wtl.l.IAM Touutoit)!*,
By his agent J. K. Taylor.
nxlrdaraaflet date I purpose making application io the Chlel Commissioner of i-amii- and
Worka for per mlealon lo purchase ihe folio*., ing
deaeribed land:  Commencing av. a poatmarkeq
I i-- - w noiDer."adjoining tba east boundt
tryolO Pierce's application I'i purehaae. running tbenee **��� chains north; ihciirewrhalits
cast; th< ner Bo e(ain�� so'itii; theneeWehaim
W' "i to [win| of cnmroe-iiromeiit, contnlnlug Mo
acrei no eor less
Dated the lllh -lay of August, tflM,
1   I'lghck,
perF- ���'  1ai.*,i ilm,
Notice la hereby glren that ,lxtTdl
date I Intend u* applv ��. ti���. n, . V
missliitier uf 1-ands and Worki
10 parcbue the following descrilLlL
QaU in WdWK.-otrnay i...,,,"^;'
ai  a   pott   marked "A. Hir*. h's's  I
planic-at ihe n w eorner uttJt'k,
miles north of Burton i   ;    - ��� ���
mile west of the Colnmbia r
���NM-hfttii*; then-., h, .. j    .    .
tu chalm: thence east -l- rhhih. u, ^Jz-j-^tm
meix-i-mttui. containing ..$ a< r.- l>lt^i
Dated thii Hih day ofSepteickr lt��
FerRilj-H Slte
A. H.i-.,,
Notice is hereby riren lhat 60 dan aftei a,
Intend to apply lo the Honors. . , th. .      .V
missionerof Landsand Works for perw_i__s
purebaae tbe following deti-ril*-*. la: i7',*��-
f n im a iv nt marked W, T's nortbwe*t_5tt__
Kiuth f.i chains, thence easl -*
north e> chains, them ��� nm H   .'*.atmt*aM__
coinni! n* ,-iuen',   contalnine Ift acrea, mii31
leas; adjoins on tbe east of A. Ambonr'twa?..!
tton toporehaae. . *-spiugi^
Dated this 28th day of August, IBC��
 N. Drum**. Apst    !
Sot ice I* hereby glren thai sixty da nattttt���
I intend Io apply to the II. :
erof  Jj��n'.>  aiol   Works (or ;--���    -.   -  ;'VZ
chase   the following deserli-l iaadt, l_as*3
starling at a pen mark* 11 ,.'
planted on lbe east -hor. ��� i i. ,.: *,.- ', ���;
near <ila��lsU)ne Creek,   thenei   i       .*.,���.
���i.. nee H ebalna north, Uu nee        ��-. ,,,-^
take   ibatlt   thence south alone !ak�� itiwt-al
point Ol i nmmciicctiient. ���
Dated this Uth _a70flcpten.ber.ltft,
' Ati-.iaisiToTl 1
SAUTOimoit, tpm%
Noilce U hereby glren thai M Uii siterrkifl
Intend t" apply t.i the Honorable lb�� t'bitfC��al
mlaaloner vt Utndaand Works for pena_aita3
pun*base ihe following del rlbed lands dl
on the eaat sfde of Arrow Uk<     < ..-_.[_vwimj
IbeaonU-weel corner of a Anihonyt tamtam
theni-c south twenty ehain- tatt .-ap
ehalma, Ih- uee north tweuiy cbalDS. -__r��x?a9
baina to polntof comm.nc__aeat,2
tainiug ���*" acres, more or less.
Dated _cpt-mb_r 1.1*6       Kimn M l*tTA��,l
PM N DiMXaa, Ajent    4
Ns.-i-. |a hereby glv.-n that rixtj -lap i3
date I intend to apply lolln- M<-i,.>ral4et_tCi3
��� on 1.1 :-���:--11 er ol Lati-lsand Worki ���- �����
to purch��.-c the  following
ate In tbe West Kootenay dlatrlct, snia-jumf
Paul Andre's pre-eniptiou, starting at s te\
market! A J. I����g. tt. K. roin.f. on ihiantejai
uf Lowar Arrow lake, Uusea JJ i-baiu tat,.
thenr. 40 ehalni south, thenee ft '-i.Ainma
them-e tO chains north lo point of cohbcih
ment. I
nated at Nelson, B.C., this *.lh day olft*teiM
ber, 190C X..' 1.**, f
Wm. hkuunn, ..g*nL
Notice li hereby given that ttxtj dip a
dale 1 Intend toapply to the HonoraUi '.iwCU
(ommiMioio-r >d l.-itidsand Works forpr-mhifl
ti pun na*-- the following ilFseriU-d iindi-JtW'
in We��t Kooi'-nay dlitrlet: (ommencing sii|l
plurii, 1  ai   li.'U*rt   ( urletl'l  north 'U. ������
p..-t and  marked  A. M's N. W. Ci.rnef un
eaat tO chains; thcticv-tn chain* -
leal lo tht* K---t'*nay river; the:: * ��� ���*
along   the   kootenay   rlrer;   thence ie da)
north, mort or lew. In  the pis'.* ������! ���.-ift*!
Bent    'UMaiuing psi acrea more or lesa
Beptambef uth ix#.
Axma Koofl, {
WlLLIAH M -    >   s- *,.-���..
Notice ls hereby giteu that W Sayi inerdifc***1
intend to apply to the Hon ibe 1 h��*f *'����������!
sioner of l_sndi and Worki for TM-nolMwa It
purehaae the following deaeribed lands utR
Weat Ks-.tenay district: Beginning sl iM
marked O. 1). Bell and K. Bell's s l. ...ro'rs*
al-out 2 milea east of the-Salmon river anJimt
1- mile from tbe I'end d'Oreille river; ibeanft
chains north; thence 40 chains -a-rsi: t.tew.1
ehalns south: thence 41 chains tai-t H vU��w
b*-glnni  g.
Dated the 22nd day ol .September, ISOt
R   |C. Kriv
^ixty days afterdate 1 D i'i** ���
calion to th,- Honorable the Chlel
of ljind��arnl Works {or permi">:i  :
the following dearrlt-��d  land:   Com ... _
a post markH "D. P's H. W. rorner." *4&_m
K i ���*�� .-i'ii, r's application to pi;-������-���*��� *--!-"l|
tbenei -^���t-hatna north; dunce t '��� ttt I
ehaim aotttS. then,, -o.l��ibi��1
to the point of eommencemen'.,'"nisminisfj
acres, more 01 leaa.
Dated the llth day ot Augusl, l*& ���
D nnn. \
I'er f. fi.Fari.n-i. Agrat
Notice li hereby glren lhat to dart atietJtW
inteml to apply to the Honorable t "
mlssloner (d.^ands and Works to
following deacrlbed landi, WO acre'
eommenelnf aia post planted
~'" " rmw lake at a point al
Of I'ftfiss **���
low Naku-.ii, and marked-J. A. B I
post;  thence �� chains wesl;
souih; thenc*.* ao cbains east, mon
ahore; tbenoe along lake short
ginning. .^^^^^^^
Dated thUiihdavof Rent.. ISM>.   0 A.BIu*|
KotieeEabarebrrtTmitbatatzt] ���i*T',!ri,a.*S,
I Intend toanptj to the Hon Chief( ..niBiwW".
of Iaii'Is aiol \V.rk- for i-ennljalon lo ff^m
tha followlni deeerlbed faiidv-'ariingsiiiS
plantvil on  the North Waal rornarol !"*������*
lb.ur,. ri.nning   twenty ehsm ifb   ''"T
twenty ebalna Weat, thence lorn rbaim*'mg
iht-ricc twt.|,(y chains Easl. tbeni !-*,':i^f,"S
Wnth to polnl 01 connn. d�� man I snd ,-|,nI,iri
ing to acres mora or leai.
KumMi* e Bi����^u*
tt .1 1 ot 1. A**-*:
Dat��) tbfl 1st day of October, 1-W.
-Slaty 'lays after date I pnrposi makiaiW
alion to the Hon. Chlel * ommiulrnerolMj|j
 mthweat corner of M ����'�����
plication to pnrrbaae, raarkod I ' ' " ' ���
u��*r," ruiuiiiiK tbenee hi chains li< :it.;ihrt���3
ehalna watt; thenefl n tht ot ��� 'ib;**JS|
rhaltueaal to point of eommenn i.-ieui.e��*"*TB
Itlg 3T20 acre- more or leaa
Daied Hi. loth day ol October. IVH-_ wfl|
per K BHlUfc
lowing 1
placed a
I th.
Notice ll hereby glren that Ml days altef ���*
Intend to apply to the Holioiable Ibt*
Cominlsaioiier of lands and Works fori*
slot) lo punhasfj the following d* m rllaM
in thc West KooUnaydUtrlct:  H-ummn"
l<r����i marked "Eleanor Uirtch'i - **  ".'
and pliinud on tlu* we't shore of tire
K tliO*
Whatshan(Cartboo)lake,  -        -,-,.�����*���
mile uii.,( ATfow laketi '������'- __\
chains; thenee tut tt chains more -rlewW _���
shore of thi' Narrowi; thence (olio
"bore in a general southerly ami 1
tton 10 rliiiiiis mora or leaa to point "
ment, cnntaliiing liiu acres nn>re or 1","'.,l���lrg, \
hated Oct, Mh. ltl*l riJU-Wf I   ^    i
t  I.  Ham-mo! _
'lllfDCC I
, f w b
Notice Is hereby gl vent I. at d\u ���
I Ititcii'l to apply to thc Hon Chh 1
er nl land'and  Works [orperml
ehaae the following daaertbed lam
Kootenay nlitrteti   Heguniin-- aia
"W, RrMKimbe'sB  k eorner " ainl 1
east  ihore  oi   Whalslutii (Carlb
IWO milea   north of thc narrow
take) tbenco norih H ohalns;
chains, more or less, lo 'he UI-
following  the Mill  shore iu a ���-'���"'  �����     |rtIiii
aiol easterly dln-rllon l*Jo chains mon �����     g|
the   iM.irit   of   rotiimcii.emciil;  contain""
acres, more or less.
Dated this Bill day of ����ei , IBM.        HK1(1g*.-.
F, L. UAJiMo.""- A**ai'
: nd
i,*'ir ... ���'*
ANHEUSER    j** rHE ork���al
BUSCH...    Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
,t_-t __*��� _������-���_M" Boltt Auwntsa In Hrltlsah        \7T_r,'T_rir��T a
Burns & Co.
KriMsland,  Trail,   N(.hoji( Kaslo,   Sandon, Three Korkfl, New
DttttVtt Jind Sloa&n (.ity.
mill branch will hare
are) tl attanUoa*	
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
'(    ���!
tiati 1 purpoee maklDK apnU*
hief ( Miniiii.sioner (tf 1-andn
inn io parobaaa the fol-
. lands    Commonelnjt at a poet
;   .*   *.     . ni-stl orner of J. Hhi.dl's Hp-
,,,��� i��� mho ',,.-.*, inarkcl * K- S's H H. cor-
ruiiiiliiK 'I,- ii* ���   *l chains north, ih-ncv HU
���   Aii ehulns aouth, thence HU
tul , uniincnceineiit, contain-
..< lew.
Lai nl"< tober, JAM.
per J.Kiuau., Agent,
ill, 1 date I purpftM.* makiiiR appli-
h,,i, ( hief Pomraiaalonn of i*inii
��� ,   ���ini--ion to purchase ihe  lol-
: lands:    CommendUM ai a post
���v .���  iiurtlim-t 1 orner nl It  Hhiell's
������ 1,*.*..*. marked "M.I 0-7-3.8
< In di < Wl' halus north to the
.'   I. COte.  thence ho chains
���    ihains south, theuee HO ehalna
ilm nmencemaut. containing Ho
iai ol Ootober, i����.
11. cauwraLL.
per-I hiiiku., Affii
:*-.*.��� 1 nnrpoaa nuutftu appn
l hlel 0 mlflhioner oi
iui pt*niii-H��l-.n to purcha-e the
land;   CommaiMtng at a
ihe junction of Harnes aud
.       ; : eail ol It. J. BlUoU'i an
,.-.  markod "W. N i"a. a w.
r." ruiiniiii     s- ne ho chains north: thenen
iic< Botibalui south: ihence no
,*��[ [,, j... * * ,,f loiiiinciicemeiit; cnnlaln-
Ot* '���- !��� ,t le_b
.f 01 loner, iwc.
Per J. Rn imu.. Ageot.
1 lab ! purpOM inn king appM-
1 in tii-  linn ihe Chlel Oommuiioner of
1 ttiil *.*-.   rkf. fur p.riuiaalitti to purchase thc
���; landa:    < urn-mem-lug at a
J��s ,-< 1 ki tin   loutl eaat cornered M. t..run-
11   ot piiichasc, marked "V. I��'s,
*   iiuini. iheoce ni chains north;
Ih.*uee HO .-hains easl;  them* HO
���. *> 11 hains  woat, lo point of
���    * ��� ntalnlni 640 mrres, mom or
hdaj oi Oetober, itm.
V. Dot*
Per J. Bblell, Afceul.
alren lhal fiO davs after Oatd I
spplli atlon to the- Honcirahle the
ul l.iiiid- aud Works for per-
:��������� the following aeaenbed
lii| at a post   on the  norlh
I tM and  ahtnt J chains east of
sSliaD ea-tik. running Hi ehains cast: th.licc-
riif lo ehalns wesi: llii-nie 40
;   ::.! "I i* iinineiic-emeut. con-
* -.'nre or less.
October):', ivsuf��.
I.r.os WataQM,
Bj 1    I.*.:-���nt, Ktaettn W. Robinson.
r dato 1 purpoae tDsuutfni appii-
'��������� ���������*����� Hon ' hief ( .tiiiinlaainn. r nt Unds
*' irks loi |*ermlsalon to purrhaac lho lot-
mi'1 1 oinnu-U'-iuK at a post
1 itumi IU ardi treat -��f Ufi Whatshan
1 iui two miles smith of What
���������  tosrki 1 "B. t\ H*�� N E- corner post,"
��� '  --hi-tiii*   south:   thence  Ho
t'nee80chatna north; thrnce HO
i' ini ,.f oommenoamtQ-tj c'liitiiiii-
mon -ir less
daj of octnber, 1*906.
II  ('. HKINKIh,
I'er K. HtilKI.I., Agent.
*AkJ\ -'��� ���' inic I inteml toapply to tho
rsMethi �� lu.f 1 onnuis-ioiirr of Lands and
���htit'torla, in purchaao IHO a-f-res or land.
11 nideof Arrow laSe. ad J. lnlng
rllwd as lullowi;   LVmmenclng
II and tl
'hnlns norlh of the S. W. corner nl
wosl DO chalna, Ihcnce .outh 80
*'  "'"'"    easl   :to ehalns  to  the  west-rn
-.���-'��' I"'iniiii 11 N,i 178, tbenoe north
i"M;ip[,.,.���f|1,.<i ���K.
1MB M   K. Wau.ey,
It J. Ku.iorr, Agent.
������I iven ihat i_ dan after date I
���" ������-"���**' uppllcatlon lo the llonoral.h- the
w'lnwisainiioi nf Undaand Worka (or per.
".'" ' "���'   ""' loiioaing deacrtbed
t at a poal placed ,il,<mt ..ne
*   " WhMiihan oroek and aboul three
* haUban luke runiiiiiKHoel.iiliia
1    aeal; thenee ho dial ai
1 hitis raat, lo p*��liii el
! <ii>:
ij-m, '���"tiialiiiua Nbacraa monor'feaa.
 ��� ������ 1 it, P.tmV.
M     . , 1'KTKIt  Ml NAIOIITOK,
:' "IK'lil, KHNR8T w. Robiwom
1 '"["-rei.j vlu-n that 00 daraalter date I
��������_! ,vV    illM) Ho"o��Ua ihe i hief Com-
1   UinU alid Wnrks, Victoria, lo M*
,, I.",'' ' ! ,,,M'1' "liuate about one mile
'Isstsl,.,!  ssi  tl,
"lllss-ssssl I
' Isiss nt !���
 s.i Lotsafio,
.-" sum., tlienoe srai (Octaloi,
-n.,,,,;;;^:"1"*' ,�� ��_t��.-___, n
J. k Bonn.
""X "!'���'���' nli;,1,!""'"','"' '����*>l>:����l'Pll
1   '. -.I'   lli|,K
"*l I H'.l:.��i
* Ins.  ,,���,/
1  " i'i' .s.,l���������r���fUi���l��
>r ,"��,.    , TV""*!''"" I" lilirsl.Hss' tin- I'sl-
     ,,,,'' '''"''sss   Cumiueuouii ut ilu-
"'"". 11 ,,-k. 1",,, ,  ,,W"!> ssl'l'll'sillisn   tsi
ll,,.,,!;",*1    "'���!.. ll*�� N. K. ,i��rii.-r," run-
"lis i,,in    '!"""  "Li "���>�����', 1
���1,..,,!, ,,!,,'���';[.^""����,*,,i-.-,ni!iii,,-i.iiui
""' ISUi (lay ol Ootober, DM,
pflf J Hi
VrJ hhiki.i.. Agenl
.-,..���.     ii..il.iiiK   Hppll-
"���  ''"'^mmliwlouerol Unds
niuion 10 piirohaH Uie lol-
UClllg     lit    H
,��� l'Ml"";  landi
"       '  ,n  lha  nonh
Notice li hereby given that W dari afler date 1
intend to apply to th*- llononihle the Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works for permission to
purchase  Ihe following  deserlhed lands in  the
Wp��i Kootena? district:  Beginning Ht a pod
marked "Ah aaiider hraser's A. VV. corner," and
planted oil ihe eusl shore of the narrows nf
Whiilshan ��.ariboo) lake, at the ri. B. corner of
H.rnlmrd Ulrsch's application i�� purehaae;
iham*4- east 40 ehalni; theuee south 00 chalna;
thciH'w west-to chains, more or less, l., the shore
of tin* narrows; ihenee following lhe said shore
In a northerly direction ho chains, more or leas
lothe point of eomm. uceiueiil. containing :;:o
acres, moreor lew.
Oct. Uth, laofi. ALixaviiRk *__u___b,
by P. L. Hammomi, Agent.
Hlitj' davs after date I puriK.se making applt-
eallou u�� lln* Hon. chief ( ominisshiner of Landl
und Works for iM-rmisslou to purehase the fol-
lowfng deserlhed lan>ls: Coiiimeneinx nl the
northeaal eornet of r. 1.. Haniiliiiclnii's applica-
I ton tO purohaae, murked "K. A. C*s B. V.. corner,"
run n Hit* thence HO chains north, tbenee KO chalna
week ibenee Hi chalus wjulh. Iheue^ HU ehalns
east lo point of collinii-uceincnt, eoiilainliig Mo
acres, more or leas.
I'Hi'-d the lllh day ol Oetober, l<MJfi.
K A. ci-eam:,
per J HHIII.L Agent.
Nol Ue is hipd.y given that ��l days after date
I intend loapplv lothe Hon Chief Commissioner
of Landi ami worka Ior permiaafen to nnrobaae
the following di'-crihcd lands in Wcsl Koolenay
Diltrfot: ll-��gluiiitig at a plttl marked, "Herri-
hard KlrachaS. K. _ornert and planted on the
eas| shore ol the narrows of Whalshan (Cariboo)
lake; thence tic*rth HO chain*; thanee west 10
chains more <T leaa, to the shore of Whalshan
lake; Ihence following said shore In a geueral
southerly and easterly direction l*_oehains more
or leas, lo point of coiiimeui'emeiil: [uititalnlng
'.tM aires, more or leas.
Dated this Hth day of Oct 1-***.
V. 1.. Hammomi, Agent
BUtJ days after date I purpose making application lo t'-e lion, the Chief Commissioner of
1-aiids and Works for permission to purchase the
following dtierll-ed laud: Cniiiineiicltii; at a
jKist planed ahout half 11 mite west of liarnet-
���nreek, and about One mile north of the mouth of
the aame. marked "J. B'a. K W. corner," running
thence B. ebalni north; thence BD ehalns east:
thenoe B0ehalni south to the north boundary of
W. N. Poole's -Application to purchaie; tbenoe HO
chains west to polul of commencement; containing "-to acres more or lesa.
fluted lhe 13th dav of October, Itm.
J. Hill ELL.
Slaty daaaaflTdat. I purpose making apph
ration to the Hon. Chief Comiuissictier ol Lands
and Work! for permission to purchase the foibiwing described lands : Commencing at a p )al
placed ahout half a mile west of lhe lower end of
Whatahan lake, marked "IJ. I>'h. S. VV .corner,"
running thence HO chains woith; theuce BO chains
east; theuce HO chains north; theuce HO ehalns
west Ui point nf ci.muiaucemeiil, containing -Mo
acres, more or less
Dated the 12lh day of October. 1D06
Per J. SniEi-L, Agent.
B ity days after date I purpoae making application to the Hon Cblel ComuiiHKloner ot Lauds
and Wo ks for permission to purchase the fol-
lowing deacrlbed lands:   iommenolo| at the
northwest corner ol K. A Crease's application to
purob-ue, marked "ff, Q, G'J. 8 W. corner."
running thence HO chains norih; thence HO
chains cast; thence HO chains south; (hence HU
chains west to point of commencement, containing i'rtot acres, more or less.
Dated the Pith day 0/ October, UOB.
W. U.till.LETT,
Per J. Hinru.. Agent.
Sixty days after date 1 purpose making application lothe Hon. Clilcf Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permlasioii to purchase tho following described lands: Commencing at the
northwest corner of D. Dodd's appilatlou to
purchase, marked *'M !"*s H. Vi. corner,1' running
th.-nce Ho chalna nortb) thenoe BO chains, more
or less, lo the west shore of WIihIhIirii lake, lollowlng same HO chains south;  theme ho chains,
more or less, ensl to the point of comiiiciiteiueut,
coutalnlng (ilil acrea, more or less.
Dated the lilh day of Oetober, IW H.
M, FAiyi-KR,
per J. BlUBU-i Ageut.
Notiee is liHreby given   lhal sUty days alter
date 1 Intend to apply to ihe Honorable! nwi
CommlMloner of Landl and Works for iK'niiis-
���lon to purchase lhe following dceril.ed lali.ls:
Commeneing al�� poal placed ou thenorlbwaal
enrncrof \lhert hlliotf- applH-utluli to purchnse,
panning Bu cbalni eaal along Uia BorUiern
bouudarf ol same; lhetice at) chali.l north.
Ihenc Hd chains Wes  : tll'li-e Ho eliains south, lo
point of oommencement, oontainlng eeo acres,
more or leu. ���
Dated Oct. 13. It"**. ���. J,,,IIN S":10"1
By his agenl. KBKtrt W Kobinson
Notice Is hereby itiven thai M &ep alter dale I
Intend to appiv I ����� Hon. Chief on..,.laalo.ner
ef ..ands nndworki (or pormttalon to *^��*��"
tha   foUowlng described  lands sll.i-U..    in  t    *
West Kootottf dlatrlct!    Hcdtmiou nt    N
marked  �� HerWrl   Warren s N.���*���*��'"J,'���    "
nlantedon lhe w-si shoreof w liHi-hmi < HniHio)
k a .01t 1e.1n.1rlc, mil' north of the south-
���ru end   f he h,l!c; Ihence w.-alfti.l.alii..: thence
L     il. s,i ,.i i- ���  lbence east 80 ihains, more 01
i;.'        S    \\ hail hi      reck;    Ihence  (ollowlng
nTih Song the S-Kk .md lako ihore w chains,
innrcilr��� hi! to point of commencement, con-
laming 6*lo aereft, more 01 -less
F. [1. Uahhoho, Agent
���������-'���: i*.,.,,!!.",. '"   lo   Purchase,   marked
'��� Uiauci. s.i ,.,'   ."'"������I-'.  thenee Ho chnins
, , ���   ti. Kouunox,
Isi'l J. NlUKLL, AKt-ut.
NnlllSI' ll. ISl'I'S'l.y KiV.-ll Hi"1 "> '"I" '<"'! ,l1"'' '
.   .      , .        .    . .., ,l���, 11,sss  ChlOi Isssiiiiili-slislil'r
llll'UsI IssHJsj'lS  Is' Ills' 1 - -   "  nurchttlfl
���M...ii.li.s.l.<l Wi.rkK f..r |..;iss s*-' ���"      .,"���"     .
11,,. roii.ssvhiis .i.-.TiiM-i 1.  '���*;",   ," ,!�����,
Wett KiKili'imy Dlitrlel:    is'Klsi��."���""���'
ninrkusl, "Anl'.iis.'lU' lli..;s --VI- , ri .;���*:,,
planted on il,,- thore      J1;     .", , kl.
lBklSKltlll-  SSS,llll..'ss-l      '*' ,,..''���.'.,   U  ,.|,���|�����,
thoDO. lontt in';'��',,;���."��)'�� 1 ">*'*k;
nnsro or ls'ssss, to tins I ss'rs     ' fc       t
tls.sn.'.- lollowlnl tl'�� J'"']-,1' '    ,"',, ��� rly sllri'i--
l.kolniiBCiieral ni.rll.i-r    ��"   '��   ���   ,,	
uon no c.aiii��, mow1 or lo"��� ��"       ���r lM,
meneeineiil itiiliiU'B lw ","��'""""
By F. L. mnm"<", AjenU
The Daily Canadian
Notice U hereby KiVen ihat 10 dayi alter date I
ntend to apnlv to ihe Hflnorabla the OhiClCom-
BWOnu of Lands and Works for a speclHl
Kens.* to cut and carry away umber irom the
tulluwlov dserlbed lands: C<imnieiicinB a* a
post marked '1' .1. ftanlan's northeast corner,"
p anted about a mile west from Hear creek, Hnd
about four mile*. itom iis mouth, which ii six
ones wesi from Nelson; ihence weit Hu chalet,
lhence souih HO chalna, ihence eaal ho chain*,
tiieno north m chains io the initial point.
located Oetobergatnd, ltot      t. j. muimr.
Take notice that 30 days alter date we intend
iiiHfcui-e application to the llouorable the Chlel
Oom miaaionerol Landsand Work* for a special
in ������'isi-toeut and carry awuy timber from the
ioiiov.110; *i. ������ ,;'������.1 lauds; Comuienciiiir at u
("���si near the Mi.iiheasi corner ol the K.A-8
Hai'way, l^u m, near Little 'JIacter creek,
run 11 Iiik   tbenoe north   llio ehu'ns; thenee east
4*1 chains; tbenoe aonth Uo chains; thenoe weet
-Wchaiusio ptjint ���f comti.eueuinent
Dtted,September ihii.. iwki
lisNiai. Tvotttr, Agi tn
Nollee  |a  hereby yiven tlial, in lfi v dm'��� after
late, l intend io apply to iho Honorable the
' hief Commiasioner ��1 lands mid Work* for u
simcial lloonu to cut aud curry awuy timber from
tbo following described lands, situate In ihe
Wesl Koolenay dlatrlct:
Commeneing at a poal marked Fred .iklnaon'H
northwest corner post, planted about one mile
'���asl of I peer AlTOa lake and Joining tot-94-j
thonce uun BO ehulns, theuee aouth 80 chains,
thence we*"t HO chains, thence north HO chains Ui
point of commencement
Dated this tth day of October. 1U06.
KRen. Atkinson,
      Chai Ehl.
Notice is hereby Riven thHt thirty dayi aft. r
date I intend to apnly to the Honorable . ie* Chief
CommlHKloiier of Liieis .n,i Wml. -n n specliil
license toeut and curry away llmb.r front the
lollowliiK deserllx.-d lands: Commencing ��i .
post marked -'John UcOatry'l northwest cor-
n-_r." planted about a mile west Irom Hear creek,
and about four rules from li*. mo'ith, which Is
six miles wett from Nelson; tbence fll>i so
chuiiis, theuce south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, ihence norlh W chains lo lhe Initial post.
Loca'ed October Iftfod, 1D06.    J oil s H____[,
'lane nolle�� tnai;_) days alter dale we iniend
making application to the Honorable lite Chief
��� ommlBsloner of I_suii* ainl Works for a speiiHl
I lee Lhe to cut and carry awav Timber iruni the
following deecrlbCd lands situated ou (iliieler
creefci West Kootenay.
Commencing hi a posi No. J. placed about i2'_.
miles from Duncan river, running-thence north
160chaiua; theuoa w��et 40chains; thence souih
i��o chains; tbenoe eait 40 chum,, to point of oom-
in, 11 cement.
No 2 ���Oommenelng at h post placed about 14W
miles from iMiu.-itn river, niuuin^ llienee no th
llo ebalna; thenoe we-t wchni-s; thence south
IG0 ebalus; tbenoe east-IO chalus to point of eommencemen 1.
No8.--ComtnetictiiK ��t a post  plaflod  near  the
second fork of (heeler creek, running thenco
eaat4flebalna; tbenoe north 100 ebalna: thenee
mat 40 chalna j ibsneeaontb Wo onadni lo point
of com in eii cement.
Dated :ln- 24th day of August, l'JOO.
Warrant;!.)-- I.r��n_R Co.
N ]  __ 'I'i omkv, Aceut.
Notice is hereby jfiven 'bal :*i days alter date I
intend lo apply to 'he Uonorahle the Chief < om-
i.,i--i..ii,*r "i I...U :- .,..*i,] Works at Victoria, R. 0���
for permlaalon tocnl and carry awar timber from
the folboni,-., descrllied lauds lu Wesl Kooienav
diatr cl:
No. l.-OinimencInK hi r \hho planted at the
northeast corner of Uii .112, Went Kooteuay,
tbanfe east -so chalna, thenee north hii ebalna,
theuee west NO chains, ihenee soutn tWl (halus
to the place of coiiimciu eiiieni.
No. t -Commencing Hi a post plnuted al the
northeast corner of Uit Hl*2, West KiK.teiirty,
thence sou'h -to chains, theme ea*l 120 chuiiis,
theiiee norlh -Ki cbHins, theuce weet 120 chains to
lhe point of commencement.
No. 3.���Commencing at a posl planted at thc
southeast corner ol So. 1, thence east 80 chains,
thence north HO chaius, Ihence west HO i hains,
thenee south 80chains tothe place of commence-
No. 4.��� Com men c lug at a post planted at the
southeast corner Of No. :i, thence east H0 chains,
theuce uorih Ho chain*, Ihenee west 80 chains,
thence south 8o chalus to lhe place ol commencement.
No. it. c.iim:icin-i!in at a poat plauied ai the
northweal comer of No. 4, liieuee easl Ko chain*.
thenoe north hq chains, ihence west BO chalna,
thence south ko chatus to the place of commencement.
No. 6.���Oonime D cl DC at a poii planted nt the
south went corner of No. ;>. bene.* we.i. lit chains,
thenee north to ihe British Columbia A- Kouthern
Kuilway, thencecast l'JO (IihIiis, thence south to
plnee ot commencement.
No. 7.���Commencing al a post plauteil at the
aoutb east eoruer of No. 4, thenee east HO
chains, theuce north 80 chains, ihcnce west HO
chains, thonce soutli 80 chaiiiB tothe place ol
No. 8.--Commencing Ht n post plauied at *he
northeast corner of ho. t, thence east H:j chalm,
thence north 80 cbaina, theme west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chai us to the place of eommencemen t.
No. IK���Commcnclng at a post plauteil at the
southeast corner ol No. 7, thence ea*t BD chains,
lbence north eighty chain*, thence wett 80
chains, theliee south eighty chain* to the place
of commencement.
No. 10. -Commencing at a post planted at the
hou theaat eoruer Of No 8, tilt-nee cost BO chains,
thenei* north HU chains, Ihence west so chains,
theuce south 80cIihIun lo the place of commencs-
No II.���Commencing al u post planted at tbe
southeast eorner ol No. 8, thence south 80 chains,
tbenoe eaat-BO chains, (iiei.ee north ho chains,
thenc�� west 80 chains to the place of commencement
No. UL���Commencing at a poel planted at the
northeaat corner of no. II, tbenee houiIi ho
chalus, tbence eust 80 ehain*, tbence north HO
chains, tlience west 8o chains tothe place of cumin en re ment.
No. 13.���Commencing Ht a post planted ut the
northeaat corner of No. ii, tbenee south ho
chain*, Ihenoe east HO chains, thence north so
chains, tnence treat 80 chains to the plnee of commencement.
No. 14- ('Oiiimeiii-1'g nt H post plan led at the
northeast corner of No. ht. thence south BO chalna,
thence easl 80 chalus, theuce north Ho ehulns,
Ihenoe west 80 ihains io the place of eommencemen I,
No. IB,���Commencing at a post planted al ll
ortheast corner of Ho. is. tbenoe uorih '
chains,  tlience easl 80 chalnn, LbOUCe souih ho
chains, theme  west HO chain*  lo  lhe  (dace of
No. ic -Commencing nt a posi phum-d at th'*
northeast   corner  of   No.   lo,   Ihence  kmiiUi   8t>
chains, tbenoe MCI HO chains, tbence nonh ho
chains,  thence  wcsl  HO chains  lo   the place of
October lt'th, 1.9M. I'ktrk U-nii.
Notice is herehy given thHt .Todays afler dale I
intend toapply to the Hon thu Chief Commls
Honor of Umds mui Works for a *|��ec'a| licence
to cut and carry a** nv timber from the fulloivliu
deaerlbod lands: Cuiiiiiieiicitig m a posi marked
"T. J. Boanlan'iaoutheaat oorner," plan ted about
five miles i.ji iiro.iiH.i creek, which Btnptluoabout
nue mile treat of rfWaonj Ihence weal U)ohalna<
thenee north Uo cbalnti theme out4ucbalnai
(hence south 100 chain* to point of commencement.
Dated Oct ���"(������. l'.nw. T. JMotHUKj
Vi. .1. McKWill Agent
mi fie
Inl.- I iniend to Hpply  to Hie
ier of hands ami  Work*
Thirty day
Hon, Chief!	
for a ���'pedal license lo cut and carry away Mm
ber from Hie following described land: Commencing hi h p, si murked "(leorge M. liunn's
southeast eoruer." planted about three miles up
(I rom an creek, which emptlei about one mil.*
weet of Nelson; Ihcnce wcsl 10 chains; Ihence
north 100chalhi; Ihence cast lo cIihIiis; ihcnce
south lini chain* to point [oommenoement.
Dated Oct SO. 1!"J0. CBimiiK M hvkn,
Vi   J. MfKlUM, AgelK
NoMce ia hereby given that 30 duys after dale 1
inteud to apply lo the lion. Chief Commissi,mor
of Landl nnd Works for h RiH-eliil license to eul
and carry awuy limber from lbe following ile
MTlb<-d 'unds: Commencing al a post marked
"K. T. Morrlaon'H *outhr_*t corner," planted
nbout a mile wesl from Bear creek, and about
four miles from lis mouth, which leafs miles
wesl Irom Nelson; ihenci'west HOehsins, ihem-.-
north 80 chains, thencr east 80 chains, theliee
aouth Ho chains lo tin* iiiiltul post.
Irficwtcil OcIoIkt 'liud, 1 *.nm��      K. T. Mohiuson.
notloe i* bereb* given thai flbdayi alter dele i
inteml to appl) Ui lhe Wonorttble Chief (muiml*-
sloii-iol Ijilidnand Work* for ti IpcClal liueuafl io
eut und carrv hwhv timber from tin* lollowlng
denrlbed land':  Com mencing ata popt marked
M. 0. MouhkIiimi'* southwest corner, plnle-d
Hhout a mile west Irom Hear creek, nnd about
four mill's irom it* month, whicli Ih six milea
wett Iron Nelson; tbence north 80chaini. tbence
eail Hi) e utii*, Ihcnce south KOelnlus, thence
wett 80 chains lo lbe imi ml polul.
Located rtud October, 1W0.   M. C. Monawiun.
Revelations of Chicago  Put  Blush on
Chicago, Nov. 8.���Chicago Ib arouHed
over the discovery of baby farms, so
culled hospitals and homes which iral-
fic In lives of unclaimed children who
fall Into their clutches, ll Id asserted
lhat pretty boy babies can be bought
in Chicago for a quarter and pretty
girl babies can be purchased for OU
cents. The denunciation of the Institution wa. made by Dr. Virden.
He claims that there are several
hundred of ihese baby homes in Chicago, and gives the following facts:
One���Inslilutions of thU sort are ordinarily   conducted   by  quack   doctors.
Haltiois taken Into them are poorly
cared for or starved. Children not
wanted by parents ure often diBpOMd
of for as little as 20 cents. There is
uo guarantee that the family whicli
lakes lhe child in any case Is fit to
have It.
Two���Children so purchased, having
been adjudged sound by their purchasers are subsequently sold to other
parties as drudges or slaves.
Third���A certain percentage of children coming into the hands of these
so-called ho-apital authorities disappear
I have seen vats of quicklime In these
institutions. The proprietors will explain thut vals and lime are used for
sanitary purposes. They lie. These
vats are sufficient evidence to tie a
rope around a man's neck or send him
lo penitentiary for life.
Four���Courts of this state and other
states will have to become guardians
of homeless and deserted children. It
is the first step toward the elimination of crime. As matters stand at
present, our treatment of unclaimed
children is lhe ghastliest in the world.
Hastingi H. Hart, superintendent of
lhe Illinois Children's home and Aid
Society, to whose care scores of children, otherwise homeless, are turned
over ln the course of the year, safd:
"I have a beautiful little girl whose
name need be nothing more than Josephine. She is now in good hands. A
few days ago I took her out of the
hands of a woman who had bought her
from an alleged sanitarium for $2 and
a malting canary. I believe there Is
nothing more apjialling than that slavery on the Congo."
Dr. Virden has enlisted the active
co-operation of the state authorities.
A    New   York    Artist   Delineates  the
Correct Style for Men.
Iu the book. "Manner.*, and Modes
fnr Men." there appear.*--, a reproduction of an oil painting by a New York
arlist, showing the front and back of
the new frock coat as produced In
Semi-ready tailoring. Frock suits, silk-
faced, are sold for $25 and $..0.
Frock coats are the bete nolr of
most tailors, for few of them can give
the easy flow nnd yet retain the correct fit. It is easier lo make a tight-
fitting garment than an easy-fitting
The Semi-ready Overcoats are worth
seeing, too .particularly the new French
Chesterfield in the |8(i and |30 patterns of "Semi-ready."
J. A. Oilker, the pioneer merchant
of Nelson, hns secured the agency for
the Incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
No Color Line.
New York, Nov. 8.���Marie Jane Williams, a negro servant who changed
jobs only once during her 70 years of
continuous service, was buried beside
her mistress, the late Gertrude Lef-
ferts Vanderbilt. the authoress. In the
Vanderbilt plot in Greenwood cemetery on Monday. When Mrs. Vanderbilt died four years ago she asked that
the old negress be interred beside her.
and Mrs. Vanderbilfs family Baw that
the request was carried out.
Yale-Kootenay Icef Frott, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries iunde daily throughout Nelson
tuul its stihiirl'h Phone UK.
Certificate of Improvements
"Bpjgl-tt" nnd "fllobe" iniiifrtl ciiiitiiM, hitintte
hi Ti-.ni i.ni,- Mining Division.
IJowiod on Popiu orook-
Ttd�� Notiif thHt I, Bruce Whlto. MtUlg n*.
HKfiii f����r Hit* BafKleMt Mining ��� ��-. Kree Mim*iV
C.Tllfic'iUe No ii WW, Int.nd, I'Odiiya Irom tin-
���lute hereof, to npplv to [i>,< MinlilK KewraM lor
n Certificate ul I i**.]u **\ i-im-n I*- Iur tlie pm pus-* of
obtainingn Drown Grant of tha ni>*>i,* i-inun**-.
And further taka noUoa that mciuiu, under
Button -fl. uiiisi ba cominencod Whir. tht'if-Hii-
ano. oi kili'li <Viiiiic.it*** ol Improvt'iiii'litK.
DatedlMh October, iww.        Bancs wiutk.
Certificate of Improvements
"K'linw No. a," "Vi'vcy," ''Happy Mi'dlum."
"InUiimlloiiHl" nnd "Ata Knu-lloiiul*' Mineral claim**, -imni. .j in tiicHioi-Hii ciiy Mini uit
Dlvhrion ni VVoat Kootenay dlitrlot,
When liM'iili'tl:--Nnrlh of Twolvt* Mile fruek,
nliiiut two inik'K up.
Taka notice timt ), n. it. j.-rand,-��f h..(*hh. b.
f.,Kri!0 Miner1!   irtiflmti! Ko. 1178300, hm kkuiiI
for I.. A. Cole, Fnv Mtni'i'.H QerMficala No. ts4ftH,
Intend* -slxiy iln>*. hoin tho date hereof, to himi y
tOtne Mil.im: Recorder for a ''ertlflcittitofini-
provemaatii lor lhe jinrnom*of ubietnlng ��i:rown
lin'lj! Ut --ill-! II! jitl-IHl i'1-L'Iti*;
And fnrtlter inVn nollee Hint action, nn-cr
Keellnn !fT, milfll '����� eoniiiHtiici'il before thu 1k..ii-
aiu'u or Biit'h (VrliJleaieof linproveineiits.
Pated thi.-i J.iih day Of Septomlier, ltfl>i.
U. H. JocASn.
Silver King Hotd
IiUHt Dollar a day home in tbe Kootenay-.
Koomi -re well furnlihed.  Table M food u tnf
lu Nelion.    Bar Runplted with good
Uusn,r�� nnd c_e_n,
W. K. MoOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Kuropea,n and Amertcen Plaa
St tait ib ete.   Eooma from 38 cU. to 11
Ontr White Uekp Emplored.
Baker Bt., Nelion iVij.-ju'-.ri
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in NcIsob.
The Bar li the Fluent.
White Help Only Bmployed.
Jofephiae Bt
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two Mocks from wharf.
Katea *i 00 per day and up.
Telephone U8. NELSONt   B* Cm
Grand Central Hotel
J A. KRICKSON, Proprietor.
Ceutrmlly [>��� ,s[-l. 0)sen lis.1 s.iss1 Night.
HamHe ansl Malts Room* Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corair W��r4 ud Vernon Strttb.
Tfc Strathcona
NelBon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The .Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Room*.
Queen's Hotel
Bftk.r Street, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
L_rtfe end (tomfortable B.drooma end Flret-
sslu, Tsjiiing Boom. Bemple Boomi for Commer-
ssIkI Hun.
MBS. B. C. CI.ARKB. frnprletme
f* D fWf^ The vfell known
tjISXJ V C Sulsurtau
Onr Beer Garden ia
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
P.oyal Hotel
KateB fl and ��1.00 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Bcardoni.
w hull-mi.! nsssl Ketell Doelen In
Fresh and Salted Meats
CiiiupH snpplied on shortest notice aud
lowest prioe. Kothiiifr but fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in fet-ock
Muil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
W.   a.   OIUL.ETT
C����i-trftct����r  Hnd
L-ul Icier.
Boleafeol tot the 1'orio Rloo Uumbcf Co., Ltd.,
n'liiil ynrdti. HoiikIi mnl drt^Nud Intnl-'T. turned
work nn-1 LrtK-kHs. CoMt lalli Kiid hIiIdkIi^, khhIi
ilii-I doom, (ciiifiil, lirlt-k and Iliiiu (in auto.
Aiili'inntic Krlmli r.
Yard nnd Ihi lory: Vi-rnon -Hi., cast of Hull,
P o. Box m, nlephofie 178.
West TtansierfCo.
GE0KCE F. H0TI0N. Miiutet.
(ioniriil Toanulen and Dealerti in
O.-iU ami Wooi',,   Exprowi aud
iHiKffnKfl Trantifer
1*. O. Il.si llll
For Sale....
���^SoStS.tSLA Modern Residence
and part of three lots in a good position on Josephine street.
These terms only hold for a short time.
h. <& mTbird.
J. II. NlokorMD uud J. II. Howarlli have this
day entered into i-o-rai-inerMliip tonarry on the
Juwclty mid ontliHl lniMtn-fHiii Ni'l.soii, undur the
linn uniiifdf Kli'liiTMin ._ Howiirlh,
Dated tlie lUlli day pf "'-tober, 19UG.
TliHidtlriK my ciiHloni-frs .<>r imtroiiaKe In the
prtM and hoping lor a mm iiiumi-*-.- of the aaino tu
Ih** new linn, Vouib truly,
One of the Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale....
About 400 Fruit Bearing Trees; also Small Fruit, House and
Outbuildings, Hay Sheil, and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nice
Hay Meadow, Spring Water and Fine Lake Frontage. For
particulars apply  to
Choice Fruit
I Ham 10,000 Aem
Choicest Fratt Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
WOO Yale-Kootenay Ice
- $2.75
- 9t-2c
McDermid & McHardy
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lad, Copper and Dry Ores.
EAST from Medicine Hat
ST. PAUL, Daily.
TORONTO, Wed., Fri., Sun.
MONTREAL., Tub., Thur.. Mon.
BOSTON,  Saturday.
West bom Revelstoke
Daily Standard Sleeper
For bcrllis, rates or detailed Information apply Ui local agents or write
A.O.P.�����V��DSVlllT.r, U.e.A.. N.-lnnll
N.itlso In lMTi-lsy Klvissi Ihnt lins |>Hrtn��srs-lilp
lifll-S-lf.lsi' ssslisl-llllsl lls-ISVl-l'SS llss, llll' ISllil-'S'sJiStl
s-sl, is- Is, ,1.-1 1sst|si[-s ill lln- l.iss Si nr KL'sIt, ISrll Is-ls
1 s,liiiisl,lii. hast UilKilRy betsmllMiislvi-il by inisliisil
issiis.ii llili -J71II .lay of Oistuber, luuti.
J A MEN IL MssslKAllE.
Wlllipi-:   Alev. Nlesviirt, l'lilll|s l'. M.-rssllum
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or soil anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods uow uu sale. All
kinds of Dinnerwure in slock. I'M
TMttr-xcmd Annul Conrt-llon
American Bankers'
St. Louis, Ho., Oct. 16-19.190.
K.iiiinl trlii rutcH to St. Louis
hii.I   CblrAgo  on   f-'tili*   Ortobcr
mh to nth.
Ht. \At\h\....
(<(>iii(t traimit limit t-fii dnys
in.111 riut.- of sulr*. K111H! return
limit Novetnbnr Wlh, IMM.
Pound Trip Ra.�� to Southern
In etttei Dctuher SStfai lUfrfl. 00*
CHI- ilHil), liniil-il tn II iimmitrs
from ilftlc ft stilt*.
<m An*j(olf*J Rtnl Smiia HnrlmrA    SSS.t-0
rAwmlL'ti*. fa to
Hmita Monit'M St.jO
Ulvt'ruiili' initi Sun Hurnar.iino..., 89.10
Kcdlmnis  S9.70
Fur Kiirtln-r liifiirniuUuu Apply lo
City PHSKOilfTfr An**iU.
A 11.1', A., Rentll..
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking aud most satisfactory pipe.
W* cA. THUR-WmN,
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
���___��� ; J1
The Daily Canadian
.17      A..-   CitC **'.*. n  Better Value than ever, with
W��� Are Ull-_HI_g  a great variety of designs in
Cut Glass, China and
It is not too early to buy for Christmas, and we can help you out in
making your selections. ^^^^
my w ww ww w ww
New Season's Pack
Bell Trading
��        Company        |
J lb. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box-   30c
;*..- j***. ���!- tn u But ��- thi moretxpamlTfl
klndt, tht only dUTereoefl t* thfl I'lu-fcagc.
Hums lit. Baki-r St.
Nr-st P. Bnms & Co.
Coal and
Telephone 265
Do you remember that
The apple you took from ,"
the tree when v ou were a;
How nice it tasted then.
has some just like them.
Come and sample some.
JOY will meet you
at the door.
! Joy's Cash Grocery!
Cor.Jnm-phliJi-ainl Mill fi's.      Phr-.nr- 1
Oor. Vertsssrs nnil Ward  StreetH,
MiLSON,   U. t.
J. FEED HUME, Prcijsris-tor
II. P. Dickson, Rossland; Jaa. Cronln. Moyie; 0. E. Fish. A. II. Bancroft,
Bpokane; Mrs. .1. C. Dunck. Cranbrook;
A. i: Thome, Toronto: K. .1. Mitchell,
Pinche. Creek; A. T. Garland, Kaslo;
A. J. Ilarrt-lt, Montrael; A. Weir. Winnipeg; H. Wrighl, R h. Richardson,
Vancouver; J. McDoualsl. Atlin; It.
Church, Seattle.
C, Dempster, Rossland; A. B. Watts,
Wattsburg; C. 1*. Schiott, A. B. Hawkins-, New York; J. S. Cluto, New Westminster; J. Patrick, Montreal; J. A.
Griffith, Trout Lake; J. L. UeiallacK.
Kaslo; W. Anderson, Cascade.
Mrs.   Matlieson,   New   Denver;   Miss
Hicks, Spokane;   MrB. Fournier, Crawford Bay.
J. Miucar, Phoenix; W. Peters, Grand
.1. S. Macdonald, Bonnington; D. EaK-
1ns, Sisokaue.
Mr.  and  Mrs.   Lennox,    J.    Stalker,
Winnipeg;   H.   Ellsirnn,  D.  Jones,  Arrowhead; .1. McCauley, Ymir.
.1. D.    Pearce, Windermere;    F.    E
Clamant, Victoria.
II. Greenwood, .1. Braslshaw, J. Bennett, City; J. McLeod. Montezuma
Mill; R. H. Hartnian, Slocan Junction;
.1. Smiley, Arrowhead; G. Johnson, M
Bemliira. Ymir: L. Gallagher, Eureka
Mine; R. w. Bull. Edge wood; A. Piet,
C Ni-wconibo, Phoenix: 1.. Meucliam.
Kansas, Alta.; Thus. Wills. Camborne;
E. E. Mnbbs, Gerrard.
J.  Reynolds.  Bonnington   Falls;    J.
Ferguson, Spokane; F. Mora. A. Winn.
Vancouver; R. Young, Gerrard.
Sherman's Opera House
Week Commencing Monday, Nov. 12
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders, will find it to thoir ud-
vautage to use our Pile!-.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Monday���A   Soldier of   Fortune
Tuesday���Facing   the   Music.
Wi-dni-silay���David  Garrlck'a Love.
Thursday���Thc Virginian.
Frlsiay���Tbs- Merchani  of Venice.
Prices, GOo. 7r,<- nml  |1.00,
Plan  opens  at  Rutherford's  Friday
P/">4._>t>  St /"..mm<nnre
best.    Try a pound with
your next order.
Money  refunded if  not  satisfactory.
J. k* IRVING & CO.
Telephone J01.
There were no caiafl in the city po
lice court this morning.
Lettrrs have been received from H.
E. Croasdaile announcing his safe ar
rival in Ireland.
C. Ws Husk Is down from Kokanee.
He reports the work on the new road
along ihe outlet as progressing favorably.
A court of revision of the provincial
voters' list will be held by C. D. War k*
wood on Monday next, ovember 12, al
the courthouse, at IU a. in.
Work "ii the Eureka mine is progressing satisfactorily. Stuart Camp
boll, who has chart,v of the work, announces that the mine is shipping ore
in large quantities.
Martin Burrell has spent the week
Interesting Kootenay lake ranchers in
his nursery -stock. He has made many
sales, and left for Creston this morn
ing on the same mission.
Alex. Lucas, the provincial ass* ssn!*,
U the latest to express his confidence
in fjuit farming. He has taken up
400 acres in the Lardeau and hopes to
plant 1000 treos within the next year.
Thos. G. Procter has just completed
the sale of 2000 acres of land in Eust
Kootenay. The land ir-j in the vicinity
Of Fort Steele, where there is now
considerable demand for farm property.
An Inspection this morning of the
premises of the Ashdown Hardware
company, where Xhe small blaze occurred yesterday afternoon, shows that
hardly any damage was done. The
fire wad subdued by the appliances on
the premises before it got any hold.
Stuart G. Campbell came down from
the Eureka minj this morning, and
upon his arrival received a telegram
announcing the death of his mother,
which sad event occurred at Sydney,
Capo Breton, ou the 3rd instant. Deceased was 66 years of age and her
death was unexpected.
A. E. Watts Is in the eity today. His
mill at Procter is cutting lumber tor
the use of the company, and will be
ready to engage in the export trade in
a week or ao. The plant Is modern In
every respect, some machines being
the only ones of the kind in use on
this continent While here Mr. Watts
purchased a team or horses and other
stores lor the Procter mill.
PBtMUfG ASP (iUAFTINti carefully attend.
ed to. Apply
Silver King Hotel.
The teamsters working for V. E.
Koch, who has the contract for hauling the ore from the Molly Gibson
mine to the landing, have quit work
owing to lhe state of the road. The
trouble is not expected to last long, as
already there are two feet of snow on
the upper end of the road, and it will
not be long before the whole road is
Wm. Yule, well known in Nelson, has
again joined forces with the Harold
Nelson company. Mr. Yule first came
here with Mr. Nelson and made a particular hit In "Richelieu." Since that
time he visited Nelson several times
with the same company, but afterward
organized a company of his own. HiB
many friends will be pleased to see
him again.
Anniversary services are always red-
letter days wiih Methodists, and the
occasion next Sunday promises to be
no exception to the rule. The pastor,
Rev. R. Newton Powell, will preach
special sermons, while the choir will
render agreeable selections of music
throughout the day. The high tea on
Monday is an event among the Methodists that is always looked forward to
by all friends of church activity, and
next Monday will eclipse the former
records If excellent preparations are
any indication of what will take place.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order tn clear out this line
we nre rednotng fli***- price to
(OO, We only have u limited
quantity iodon. delay oriar
ing if you want nny.
K. W. C. Block . Phono 10
���Vj MKN, ��t onre, (nr work In ttic* wnnfls.   Apply
to w. k. Cooke, wwrnlU, x_.ii.
LAbY BTKNOGRAPHKB for pra-lil-iii in country.
'irM.r| [mmi' wllh -.-n-jployi-r'* family. Apfily
ttox Vi., ('miadUn office.
BUSHUKN, If fl] Hw_��tndU)KlOKContr_c_or
aIro Ktif-rip-fMT    Wii 11 * burg LiwiU-
t'ran brook, B. 0
iber Co., near
COMPBTKHT   KUK8I   i.lRL.   Five  obfldrsn
Apply box 613.
BOOM ANP rwo lots on CarboiuU rtreet
Apply it 0 Nt-t'landit.
TWn F1SCT-CU89 IllKsMH, Mi-sun heated,   Ap-
|>ly lioijielm-lwr. Sri] Ilil. K ��'. ft block
Good Tea
If you want a cup of
real good tea try our
T&B Blend
at 50c per pound.
Our 35c blcud is the best ou
the market for the niouey.
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica anil Josephine Sis.
Here Are
Two Snaps
A Parlor Billiard Board
2 ft. 7 in xf.fr       $10.00
\\ orth t}?> TiO. ftff   -L 	
A Large One
_ ft. X 0 ft.
Worth $40.00, for
These Hoards are good value at the
original prices, but they are too expensive to sell, aud we havo put these
reduced prices, which are away below
cost, on them, to sell them, In all the
range of parlor games there is nothing
to equal these Billiard Boards. They
are as well made ns a regular billiard
table, and you can plaj practically as
good a game on them.
The more you  play it  the more it
fascinates you.
W. G. Thomson
BISOKSr.l.l.KR unsl    W.I   n        T>    p
btat; S-.KK. .seisou, is. v_.
Phorw -i-i,
To Visit Us Next Sunday
It i-* our Church Anniversary. Morning
-..nl Evenms.
Monday  Hven.t.tf.      HO uit.
Methodist Church
Mining Records.
Bills of Sak���Juno mineral claim,
Kiitherlne McEvoj* to John P. Hell,
one-sixth interest, dated July 17, 1806;
Second Chance mineral claim, John
McElroy lo John P. Hell, one-sixth interest, July 17, 1905; Second Chance
mineral claim, Joseph Bernard tnKutn
erlne .McEvoy, one-sixth interesi, June
18, 1905.
Certillcate of Work*���Cornelia mineral claim, io L. E. Macfarlane.
Location-���Qold-Copper, S. U Myen
11 miles from Brie, adjoining Cooper.
There was an Improved attendance
ai tin- Boptltt church last evening at
the public service, where the music
was Inspiring and the address full of
wise counsel. The meeting this evening wil! again be addressed liy Rev. J.
C. Padley, who will apeak on "The
Second Coming of Christ." There will
iss- gi-y.-rnl BelecUogj ssf adapted music.
Hssw   Ahout   Vssur
Guns and
We hnve Bley'a, Kynook'e, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
KyisiK-k s. \Viiulis-3ts-r anil
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Kmv.->. Wading, P,s Its.
Ci nits, Punts, etc
Nelson Hardware Co,
Box f>Jl      Nelaon, I J. C.
Two Books
Worth Reading
.$20.00   M
The Invasion of IDIO"
LORD ROBERTS says of this book*
"The catastrophe that may happen n
we still remain in our present -State of
unprejiuredness is vividly and forcibly
stated in Mr. he Quex's book, which
1 recommend to the perusal of every
one who has the welfare of the British
Empire at heart."
Rudyard Kipling's New Book
"Puck of Puck's Hall"
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Trains and Boats.
Thr Crow's Nest boat is lour hours
The Slocan and Boundary trains are
00 time.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in (staple mnl fanry Grorerie..
Hutts-r, Egg*..
Camp and Miner." Supplied.
The Harld Nelson Company.
Harold Nelaon anil Clifford Lane
Bruce, with their supporting company,
will ojien their week, engagement at
Sherman's opera house Monday evening, November 12. This year the company is aald lo he the moat talented
ilnsi Mr. Nelaon has hail aaaoclat-d
wllh him during his tours of the West
and will be sesn in a repertoire of
clauto and modern drama. Clifford
Lane Brace, wins lias been with Mr,
Nelaon for the past five years, takes
a leaslinR part in ihe play anil will
also be seen In stellar roles on alter
nate nlshts. The supporting company
Is larfie and includes Wm. Yule. QeorgB
Dayton, OrycS Desmond, Pear! Iteesor,
Lucy Thayer. Victor Traves. Ollmour
llrown, .Jackson Rigby and eevara-
Talking about It win neither put a
piano Into your home nor hrliiK Isaek
tbe daya���valuable days���your daughter la wasting. Let ua tell you how
easy wa will mnke II for you NOW lo
Klve ><>iir family the piano they have
wished for so long.
"A<_;ts INot Words"
WE SELL     i
The Best In the
.Mrirket untl l**_pver
Out of _-.ls.eM.
Koyal ShorStwe
A new range of  these good just to hand.   The very l0w
prices will interest )-oii.
j. j. wAi__io^i^_aa
Telephone -333.
Starkey & Co., sg^a;
Wliolu.Miiii; Provisional,
Dominion Government Creamerv One Pound I'rinks reoelved weekly fink
from the churn.   For sale by all lewliiiK grsseers.
Ofllce ami warehouse: Honston Block,   Phone I'.i.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Shcetmetal Work, Castings, Hnildeni' Material anil Mining and Mill ll-vhinny,
Offlee and Works Foo*. of Park St.
Phisim   _i>��.
.%-Ih.>n, 11. C.
A Word to tlie Wise
This your ���*-<��� bars ipppoofated the wmota "f nurafc
toman nml mitt pftAw.l iuto stock the
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
Thi�� stovi* is adaiit.il for hi-ml ro.il only, <i!)diip_f
mitt.*! to g[\o hatbtluctioii.
}. W. Ashdown Hardwan
Company, Limited.
Er.air.EERS and contractors
Mepi.l.-lnif and .l.ihlsiiin _xvs..it_.t with t>����pHlcli.   SIkuI M^lal
Work, Mining *<>..! Mill Mnuhinvry,     Munutactur��rs.ssl
Or* Cnri.,  R.  ki.   CsiiitrHutiin.'  Cars.
romi-rn-���*,.,.���_        1MELSOIN,       B.    C.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importer ttt  l"lnu
IJIUHmII      (i<HM|M
Jno. T. Pierre
I taker Mt.
NelH.so, �����&
! Just Arrived!
A large consign* j
ment of
All Sim find LoWMt PriOM
in__________________lB_____H_l -j^'-^_*,^^-7^tf?R*uwwsN_:v5*v^ * "t*iv?_3
AND DEALERS IN   Ltfttlbef*  SiliiigU^i
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Bni.kctH. Mail Oriinni imnni>t,j* h"'"^
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we  handle the Famoua Kootenay Rangt'
Because we cannot procure a better, taking in'0 jj
ount design, workmanship, cooking qualities andp"1
We will  be pleased to show you Its good po'nti-
Wood-Vallance Hardiware Col


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