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The Daily Canadian Jul 16, 1906

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INDAY, JULY J 6, 1906.
Fifty Cents a Month
Enterprises Started
in Canada
irkpatrick. of Allis-Chalmers-
ock Co., on Machinery Demand in the West,
illwnyfl and nimurs of rail-
v i|M moHl consploooiM feat urea
,i(l industrial and sconunorclal
ii- ui Canada, and especially
i |.niiiic attenUon i�� to some
irariiMi from the enterarlsea
, tjiiii Importance which foi
n wake, nail an* in tael en1-
linn of  a  railroad.  b( allien
amount of labor, skill*
.ill. il, am) supplies for tht-rn.
jn-at demand for mate*
h bas io be specially
L'il     The   railway   in    turn
tht! growth of    new
. ;.i   iragefl new euit'iprlscb,
tarn crt-ato a new  tie-
hi : material.
:. Mliertn. near the British
ninilary Une, a large plant
nstructed for the maiiufac*
���m. Probably the fact of
. ami even the name of the
|v. n where the plant i�� locatorf,
aw io many readers.
, Kirkpatrick, Of Montreal, repre-
the Ailis-Chalmers-Bollock Corals in  the cily today.    .Mr.  Kirk-
Ik rtsltlng tlie various agencies
prapany in Canada and looking
le Beld of new enterprises.
tentative   of The    Daily
an  Mr.   Klrkpiiirlck  said:    "The
in Canadian Industries Ir uoth-
ts  than   phenonxnal.    The    lust
:ars  have    Been    an   Immense
Before ihat  time  machinery
i amounting   to $5,000   were
verj considerable; now $100,*
verj  ordinary amount.
development it* not confined to
section.   It Is general thrnugh-
ada.    li    is probably    due in
SHBure to the number and mag-
I new railway enterprises. Oth-
required to manufacture mate-
them.    Then the growth, presto" prospective, Of new towns has
ojectton of plants for sup-
;  light   anil   power,
i   town 'it  Kcnora. formerly    Rat
|e, la   putting   in   a   large   power
ThOlr history parallels Nelson's
!!����� extent.    A  private corporation
ipUnl for and obtained an Interim
itlon against the municipality, Hy
coincidence our company   is
ring thr hydraulic machinery foi
A large part  of it   has already
hlnk the biggest new enterprise
��� wrst, and probably tht' least
lily Known, is the Western Can-
I'lncui and Coal Company's plan'
diaw, Alberta, the next slatinn on
I'  It. east of Banff.
will have a capacity of 8,000 bar-
11 day when It Is In full operation.
Indicates  that  the  management
unlimited confidence in the (level-
11  d( the Went.
haa several very notable features
Its magnitude.   It will have tho
I steam turbine installation in
11, consisting of three 1.000*kHo-
nrhines ami generators, Kor the
facture of cement there will he
be  mills.
he machinery will be operated en*
I h> electrical power,    ll will Cost
$��� .000, aud win be wpplled i��
Krupp company, of Germany, the
ilow company, Of ('anion. Ohio, and
a 1 is-Chalmers-Bullock company.
'he   plant   Is   designed   by   Messrs
II -1 in I Hassan, who are also the
P'H'fs of the plant  of the Interna
!   I'orlland   Cement   Company     at
lilch also has a capacity oi 8,000
;i day,
' company was formed by Joseph
"��� who is now managing director.
���"'������iiilford Klemlng Is president. The
"rfwH   of   Bordeaux,   France,   are
interested, and It is from them
'���    place has been nameil.
1  '��� n  very  large enterprise for a
������rv no thinly populated as Western
lu Htill Ih, ami Indicates unbound
'���li In the future   of Alberta   and
'�������� Columbia."
r Kirkpatrick also tells of the Iron-
i'l trials of his company,   which
II In great measure (ho frequent
'"'i   delays In tlie delivery of ma-
'"' company has thousands of men
mploy in various plants In the
J1'1' Sintes. At present many of Its
1,11 tn'Q closed down on account of
"���"Hitlers' strike In Chicago, which
ptuiae the company a loss esilmat-
'.' machine shops,   Mr. Kirkpatrick
."'��������  are not   affected,   and   the
V' Will not interfere with the com-
'".ll and shipment of the hydraulic
1 ""fry for the Nelson power plant.
"" company is trwiBferrlng its staff
ami works up rapidly as possible from
Chicago to West AUis, a suburb of Mil*
waukee, because Chicago has attained
the distinction of being tho worst centre of labor disturbance on the continent.
St,    Petersburg    Populace    Resort    to
Usual  Demonstrations.
Bt   Petersburg,   July    10.���Sunday
night Witnessed the usual collision between workmen, police and gendarmes
iu the Industrial quarters of the capital.
The most serious affair occurred In the
Si hhisselburg road, where a crowd of
3,000 persons attacked a steam street
car which ran over a drunken soldier.
The crowd stopped the car with obstacles placeil across the track, with the
Intention of lynching the engineer and
conductor, bul were finally dissuaded
by tbe pacific counsels of a workman.
Tlie nobles having large estates, under the leadership of Count [gnatlff,
Former governor of Kieff. Prince Ma/
Hilt kin itolnvsky and M. (iolovin, president of the Moscow semstvo, have
formed an organisation for the mutual
protection of their property, both
against expropriation by law and do
spoliation  by  the peasants.
llialystok. RuSBla, July IC���The "Si
berlan  pest,"  which was lirsl   reported
al   YekatoyuKlov. bas appeared here.
Many Properties to be Placed on Ship
ping BaslB Early this Fall���
Lodge Officers.
(Special to Thi. Daily Canadian.)
Grand Porks. July in.���Pathfinder
mountain Is at present al tract Inn con
slileralili- attentlssn, owing doubtless to
ills. bonding of the Pathfinder mine by
Ihe Oranby company. This company
has already done over 800 (eel of cross-
rutting, anil ore can be found In all tho
wssrklngs. It Is the Intention to have
Ihe Pathfinder on a shipping basis by
October 15th next, when the first payment of the $llu.unn bond will be slue.
The bonding of ihs- Pathfinder has
brought other notable properties on the
same mountain Into prominence, such
us the Tiger, which is a mammoth body
of low-grade ore very similar to the
Pathfinder ore.    ll  Is situated  directly
above ihe Pathfinder mine, and wus io
cated prior to the Pathfinder, it is
owned by W. tL white, an old-time
prospector of this district.
The Little Bertha is also considered
to in- a property with a bright future.
It Is n high-grade free gold quartz prop
oailion. The ore, which is In a sciini
some two feel wide, assays over $1110
In free gold.
The Diamond Hitch property is also
among the favorite properties of Pathfinder camp. It is a high-grade gold
and Iron property, running in small
Beams from six Inches to two feet wide,
and bus an extension location culled
lbs- Oyoma, which shows a strong for
million of a ledge containing ore identical lo ihai or the Pathfinder. The own
ers of this claim are now busily engaged In stripping the lead and are
meeting with gratifying results. Besides those claims mentioned, there are
fully half a dozen other properties that
possess excellent Indications of being
mines. It is claimed that when lhe
Pathfinder bond is lifted this fall, and
the Great Northern railway is built to
ihs- mine, there will be over a doien
other properties working on Pathfindei
mountain this coining winter, Path
Under mountain is over 1.5110 feel high
and presents a vast acreage of highly
mineralised ground.
The miners at the Pathfinder mine
have formed a rllle association, and are
having regular practices.
ai a meeting of the Qrand Porks
lodge or Knights of Pytblas held here
last week, the following officers Wero
elected for the coming year: C. 0��� S
T. Hull: V, C. 0, I. MoKensle: Pre,, P
l.aihain: M. of \V��� W. Ilndden: K. II
8��� u. I-'. Petrle; M. of P., 0, Chappeli
M. of BI., A. J. Btendali M, of a.. H, Q
Miller; I. 0., B. Stuart; o. G��� 0. 0. Bin
Invasion of Hop Pests.
Regret will lis- tell generally al the
presence on the sir , Arthur Stepney
ranch nt Aggnaslz of Ihe hop fly beetle,
which has this year totally destroyed
to acres of the 250 acres on tills ranch.
As soon ns the presence of the Insect
wns discovered, Ihe provincial authorities were not Hied, anil Thomas Cunningham, fruit pest Inspector, was soon
in the scene for Ihe purpose of discovering. If possible, some remedy ror the
eradication of Hie pest. Mr. Cunningham believes he has found n spray thut
,-.111 be successful, and lhat further
lamage win be prevented.
A meeting of Ihe Cricket Club will
bo held this evening nl 11 o'clock nt Iho
secretary's resilience. IntoreBl in
Thursday's match wiih (CoKanee is very
keen. iiolR already amount to $1100.
The ranchers nre confident of winning,
but Nelson hns plenty of backers.
Finance Minister on Provincial Progress
Additional Statistics of Lumbering
Industry and Agricultural
Hon, It. (1. Tallow, provincial minister of finance, and Hon. U. F. Green,
chief commissioner or lands ami works,
visited the annual meeting or die board
of trade nl Victoria hist Saturday.
Speaking on the annual address or lhat
body, Mr. Tallow said it was lhe third
occasion that he had had the pleasure
to speak at the meeting) ami this time
hi; canie accompanied by the chief com*
mlssloner of hinds and works, but he
had to apologize for ihu absence of tho
premier. Personally he said ho. would
have liked to have the premier present,
us the report contained many references to matters that he was interested
Regarding the Question of a bridge ut
Seymour narrows, he said it wus a very
Important matter, and ho was pleased
to see thut Hon. Mr. Templeman hail
promised that ut the next session of
the house of commons a grunt would
be made to carry out the investigation.
Although the report did not reier to
their connection with the Dominion un
der the title nl "bettor terms," he saw
by the report that they had dealt with
the matter, and was pleased to see that
Hritish Columbians were realizing that
it was necessary to huve "better terms"
without having to go into the question
of any iioliticul influence.
Regarding the financial position of
the province, Mr. Tatlow said he must
heartily agree with the clause in the report dealing with the subject, and he
thought that their position was such
that they might be able to carry oul
the suggestion*. He pointed out thai
the bureau of information was in a
manner in a good place to give all in
formation, and he stated that during
the pas! year they had received moro
applications for information than ever
before. He referred to the trip of the
provincial minerulogist, and hoped that
the information gained by the party
would lead to the settlement of the
Peace River section, and it was very
likely thut the surveys would be made
to define their share of the 3,000,000
acres. He also referred to the survey
parties on Vancouver island anil Hulk-
ley valley, and said thu' they hoped lo
have Bulkley ready for settlers when
they began to come in Referring to
tho agriculture outlook for the province,
he said that the provincial supply was
increasing at a very fair ratio, hut although they had produced over $1,000,
000, 'hey had sent out $4,000,000 for
butter milk and cheese. The produces
for the past years havo been over
$6,000,000. He hud groat satisfaction
in saying that the good financial position of tho province was largely duo to
ihe exploitation of its natural resources.
Lumbering had greatly increased; licenses nnd taxes' receipts so far this
year were an increase over the same
period last year, and although they only estimated a revenue of $826,000, they
had produced over $500,000, The actual production for tho mills last year
was 510,000,000 loot, and It was only
aboul half their capacity, which was
steadily increasing. Tho nominal con
ditiou is also good. Tho revenue produced was $88,000,000, all tho ore being smelted in the province. New smelters were being erected ami old ones
given a larger capacity, and ho was
proud thnt the output was being handled in the province.
The revenue for the province was
ahout $50,000,000 for 2i)(),()()0 people,
which was a result ihut all should he
phased with, lie was of the opinion
thut tho country had entered on nn
era of prosperity that ll was luiposslblo
to say where It would end. nml hoped
lhal the people would continue to work
together In tho future as In the past.
Did Not Need Assistance.
Gibraltar, July 10.���The salvage
Bteamer Gibeltarlk, which was sent to
Spurt el upon receipt yesterday of a report that the New York schoolshlp St.
Mary's had stranded al thai point, returned today and reported having
found the schoolshlp at sea. When
sighted she wus bound for Gibraltar,
und rOQUlred no assistance.
Sad Drowning Accident.
New Westminster, July IB,���Word
hns heen brought to this city of a particularly sad drowning accident, which
occurred at Hope's Slough last Friday
evening, in which Miss Annie Jackson,
of ('hllllwack. wns the victim, nnd her
companion, Miss Kathleen Robhlns, had
a very narrow escape.   The two gtrls
while t
and al
to acra
nate g,j
named P.
ig got beyond their depth,
���h 'MU�� Robbing managed
mil-ore, the other unfortu*
nk; out of sight. Their
: tfcelp attracted two men
iar4*on  and    Perdue,   who
were in lite-vicinity. They immediately
wen: to the rrfceue. Mr. Perdue had
to dive several times in water li feet
deep before ho reached Miss Jackson.
Although both men made a hard light
to revive her. idie died a few seconds
after being brought ashore.
Assassin of Kozlov Thought It was Tre-
St. Petersburg, July IC���Additional
details of the'\iHsjissination of General
Kozlov, of the headquarters staff, in the
park at Peterhof on Saturday, prove beyond question that the murderer believed he was killing General Trepoff.
The tragedy occurred at 9.20 in the
ovening in the presence of several
thousand people who were listening to
lhe rausle in the English park below the
Grand Chateau ndjoining the park of
Alexander palace, where the Imperial
family and General TrepOft reside. A
young man. dressed In the clothes of a
workman, gazed long and earnestly at
the generals, and then took a photo*
graph from \\\h pocket to compare it
with General Kozlov's features as if to
make sure of his Identity, The man
drew a pistol and fired four shots point
blank at Kozlov who fell mortally
wounded and expired on the spot- The
assassin started to flee but Prince An-
dronorott seized htm and turned him
over to the police. When he was
si arched Trepoff's photograph was
found in his pocket, leaving no doubt
regarding the identity of the person he
intended to kill. The assassin refused
to give his name although he openly
avowed that he was a member of the
social revolutionary organization, and
the police have not yet been able to find
out his name.
Ymir Mine Seeking New Source of
Power from Dumas Creek.
Manager K. M. Hand, of the Ymir
mine, is in the city today. In reply to
the usual questions, he said:
"There Is nothing ImiHirtant new. Developments in the Ynilr and in the
Goodenongh aro giving very satisfactory results.
"We aro beginning a new water ditch
from Dumae i1��� ,k in Wild Horse creek,
a distance of 2,50b feet. When H Is
completed we shall be able to run 40
stamps instead of 30, if we can keep
the ore .coming fast enough.
"Our chief���almost our only���difficulty now is the scarcity of good mine labor.
"Apart from that everything Is encouraging. We have a lot of outside
and not directly profitable work to do
this year, but we are making good pro
gress with it."
Richest Man in London Controlled Gold
Output of the Whole
London, July 16.���Alfred Bell, the
well-known Souii Africun financier,
slied today. He hud been ln bad health
lor some time.
Mr. Belt, who wus born In IS";! in
Hamburg, was a life governor ot the
He Beers consolidated mines, a partner
in Ihe firm of Wercher, Beit & Co., anil
a director of the Rands mines, Rhodesia railways. Hei-hiiana Land, Railway,
Trust and Consolidated Company, the
lliilifoniein mine anil ihe Itritish Chartered South African Company. He wus
reported to have been Implicated in the
Jamleson raid, and testified before the
Jamteson rommlsslon,   resigning from
lbe board of directors of the British
Chartered South African Company, but
his resignation wns not accepted nt the
lime. Later a suit was brought against
Mr. Bell sm the ground of eomplicily
in the raid, and his prosecution wns demanded by Dr. l.leyd, ihe representative of lbs- Transvaal In Kurope, und In
1890 bis resignation from the board of
directors of tin- British Chartered Bouth
African Company was accepted,
When Cecil Rhodes died In tfll>2 It
was found that Mr. Belt was appointed
one of bis exsiesttors, and the hitler
thereupon returned to the board of directors of the British Chartered South
African Company. Enrly In 1908 Mr,
Beit had an apoplectic stroke nt Johannesburg, and It appears that he never
fully regained his health. Since lhat
time he had lived in London.
Mr. Belt, who Is said to hnve been
the richest man In London, nnd who
controlled the output of gold In South
Africa, wns at one time alleged to be
forming u "gold truaC In which the
names of prominent American financiers were mentioned. Mr. Beit gave
lltrge sums of money to the Red Cross
and other institutions, and recently do-
natedisMfJOiOOO to a university at Hamburg.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Slocan train���On time.
Spokane train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
St. Eugene Management
Changes Hands
Interesting Reminiscences of the De.:
velopment of Hoyie From initial
Hand Drill Prospect.
Thirteen years ago last month James
Cronln, in company with Father Cocco
lo and an Indian named Peter, staked
the St.. Eugene property. Then the
work of eonvs-rtlng the prospect Into a
mine was begun. There was no rail
road, no Moyle and no Cranbrook then,
and every pound of grub and supplies
had to be packed from Fort Steele, 30
miles away. Cronln and Pete Oleson
comprised the first working force. They
each took turns at holding and hammering the drill, as well as doing the cooking, sharpening the Bteel, etc. Then
payday would come, and Cronln would
pull a roll of bills from his pocket and
pay Oleson for his month's work. There
were no labor troubles or grub strikes
at the St. Eugene in those days. Then
the force was increased, and Peter
Lynch, W. P. White, William and Jamea
Mills, the Hamilton boys and John
Bakke were hired. White is now superintendent and Bakke is a foreman.
Now, after thirteen years of continuous management, Mr. Cronln has tendered his resignation, which the company haB reluctantly accepted. Mr.
Cronln took the St. Eugene when there
was nothing but the cropping of a ledge.
He leaves It the second largest silver-
lead mine on the American continent,
and he has made for himself a reputation as a mining man that anyone might
envy. Not only that, but he has accumulated a comfortable fortune.
Thursday be was arranging his Ashing outfit, had two of his dogs tied, and
was ready to go on a trip with J. C.
Drewry to the Old Man river ln Alberta,
when a representative of this paper
called on him.
"Yes," he said, "it is true I have resigned. I did so some time ago, but it
Is only now that 1 am able to get away.
1 was never better pleased with the St.
Eugene, and 1 am holding all of my
stock in it. Being still a director, I
shall come to Moyie quite often, probably once a month, and look over the
property. The mine Is in good hands
and will run very nicely without ine.
R. H. Stewart, consulting engineer for
tbe company, will have charge of the
affairs here, but of course Mr. Aldridge
Is general manager."
Mr. Cronln's family is living In Spokane, and ho will spend most of his
lime there. It Is said that he nnd his
family Intend taking a trip to Ireland
this summer.���Moyle Leader.
English Railway Company Sets Exam-
pie for World.
Salisbury. Eng., July IC���With the
resumption here today of the coroner's
Inquiry Into the cause of the wreck
causing tho Iobs of 27 lives, counsel for
the London und Southwestern railroad
announced that the railway accepted
the full responsibility tor the accident,
and all the legal consequences result-
lug from it, and adding thai he hoped
this statement would reduce the time
occupied by the Inquest.
There Is an improvement In the condition of Robert S. Orttchell, of Chicago, w.ho was seriously injured in the
wreck. The body of Edward W. Sen-
tell, or Brooklyn. N. Y., who succumbed
to his injuries July H'th, has been embalmed, und will be tnken to South
ampiou and shipped to New York with
Ihe bodies of his wife nnd three children, who were killed ut the lime of the
The guard of the express, Harrison,
testified thnt tho ill-fated train was
running at the rate of at least fifty
miles an hour through Salisbury,
whereas the proper speed Is from 30 to
40 miles an hour. The company issued
Instructions In February regarding the
speed al this particular point, hut the
instructions wero subsequently cancelled.
Major Prlngle, representing the hoard
of trade, said his investigation showed
thnt the speed of tlie train between
Wilton nnd Salisbury was over 00 miles
nn hour.
Fight With the Ladronei.
Manila, July IC���Lieut. Costello of
the constabulary reports that on July
15 he had a fight with Ladrones under
I'un-Leton VUlefuerte, at Case Quran
In the province of Abny Luzon. VUlefuerte was killed during the fight nnd
lourrlllcs together with much ammuni
tion was captured. Thi provincial
treasurer was arretted and held prisoner at Case Quran awaiting orders from
the Insular authorities. VUlefuerte was
a brother of Ladrone, leader cautured
some time ago.
Hydraulic Machinery for Power Plant
Will Come on Time.
J. O. Qlllice, district manager of iho
Allis-Chalmers-Bulltick Company, Is authority for the statement that ihe shipment of hydraulic machinery for the
city power plant will be made on the
dale named In the contract made on
behalf of the company by F. W. Chi.
Mr. Gllllce Is In receipt of considerable
correspondence from Montreal on the
subject. When It is complete It will
be handed to Mayor Gillett.
II. R. Kirkpatrick, who is In the city
conferring wllh Mr. Gllllce, thinks that
part of the machinery Is probably al-
reasly en route. The company's engineer, who is to stiperinti-nd the installation, will not arrive until the conditions
necessary for the work obtain, so that
he may accomplish It ail without unnecessary delay.
Price of Metals.
New York, July IC���Silver, C5 3-4;
copper, 17 3-4; electrolytic copper
stock. lMils 1-4; lead, $5.75.
London, July lfi.���Silver. 30 7-lGd;
lead, ��11! 8s fid; zinc, ��20 15s.
Colonial  Preference   Tariffs   Are  Subjects of Universal Comment
and Enthusiasm.
London, July 16.���Hon. Mr. Chamberlain Is today decidedly better In health.
He came well through the most remarkable series of demonstrations ever
given to a public man in this country.
It is all the more to be regretted that
an attack of gout prevented him from
the fulfillment of the desire of the colonial delegates to give the final colonial
touch this week by a united trtbute to
the indomitable spirit by which Chamberlain had, made the Imperial reciprocal lift? TIsT1 MMU *Ms*M~
of the hour.
The joint Canadian, Australian, New
Zealand and South African committee
had been formed to arrange a luncheon
on Snturday in Mr. Chamberlain's honor, but it had to be postponed at the
last moment. Now the delegates aro
dispersed throughout Europe, but it is
hoped that Mr. Chamberlain will find
an early opportunity to deliver his intended speech on the colonial aspects
of the movement.
The postponed annual school meeting
of the Hume district will be held tbis
evening at 8 o'clock at the residence of
E. A. Crease.
The city band gave a very enjoyable
concert at the old park yesterday afternoon, which was attended hy large
Machinery for the Referendum mine,
on Forty-nine Creek, has arrived to
the extent of 70 tons, and is being
shipped out today.
During last night's storm a tree on
the lower peak opposite the city was
struck by lightning, and blazed furiously for a few minutes.
Joseph Sturgeon took over the Club
hotel at noon today from Mary Curran,
to whom the license has lately been
transferred from Joseph Currnn.
C. W. Busk hns Invited the members
of St. Saviour's church choir to a picnic nt his place on Weslnesday, August
8th, He will convey the party thither
lu his launch.
The Cranbrook Prospoctor says: "Mr.
A. Sullivan, principal of the Nelson
public schstol, was visiting Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Reld this week. Mr. Sullivan was on his way ensl to act us a
juslge in an elocutionary contest nt
Snult Ste. Marie, Ont."
Tho Italian known as Romano, right
name unknown, who was Injured at the
Hull MlncB smelter last week, died
Sunday morning ahout 1 o'clock. The
funeral took place this afternoon at 3
o'clock to the church of Mary Immaculate, and thence to the cemetery
The following players leave for Rossland tonight to play lacrosse there tomorrow afternoon: F. Oreyerblehl, W.
Davison, A. Bishop, .1. Thompson (cb|>-
tain), L. Steel, W. Steed, R. Ball. R.
Bell, A. Perrler, B. Davison, E. Carroll,
H. Millibar! and A. Jackson.
The friends of Purser McKlnnon, of
Ihe Bteamer Kaslo, will be pained to
learn thnt he has beon obliged to go to
Spokane to undergo an operation tor a
malignant growth on tho bone of the
left jnw. The surgeons say that If he
had neglected this a week longer tetanus would hnve resulted, and probably
death. The latest reports from Spokane
Indicate that he Ib making rapid recovery.
f.P.R. Co. Not Anxious
to Enter Held
C. E. McPherson (feneral Passenger
Agent in West, Thinks Nelson
Fairly Well Provided.
C. E. McPherson, of Winnipeg, general passenger agent for tbe C. P.. R.
western lines, and E. J. Coyle, of Vancouver, passenger agent for the Pacific
division, arrived in Nelson early Sunday morning by the delayed train from
the coast. They will leave tonight to
continue their tour of Kootenay.
Seen this morning, Mr. McPherson
explained that his visit was a regular
one of inspection. In answer to various
questions, he said:
"We find everything satisfactory and
business steadily expanding. Tes, the
passenger traffic is even heavier than
it was at this time last year. The Influx of settlers into the new province
is not declining, but rather increasing,
and that, of course, Increases traffic of
every kind. Additions to the permanent
population creates new business of every kind.
"Yes, I think the travel through the
Kootenay shows a great expansion. The
practice of travellers to th* west ot
going out by the main line and returning through Nelson, or vice versa, is
fast becoming established. We encourage it, of course. It doesn't materially
relieve the main line, but it Increases
the attraction of the road to have two
routes, both with great scenic attractions, for the choice of travellers.
"Then, besides that, there are a very
great many people travelling through
Kootenay this summer, taking advantage of our reduced ratea to look at
your fruit landa.
course. That Isn't quite ln my depart-
ent. It will be tor the executive to
"But 1 don't know what yon Nelson
people want. I'm staying at the Strathcona. That Is a good enough hotel for
anybody. The Hume Is a good hotel.
You don't need any more just now.
"We are not in the hotel business.
Our hotels as a whole don't pay directly. Indirectly, of course, they do. We
had to have them to accommodate our
patrons. We don't go Into established
places If we can help IL Our hotels at
Banff, Glacier and North Bend do not
compete with anyone. When we built
in Vancouver there was no other accommodation, and we had to have a
comfortable house for the passengers
tor or from the Empresses, who were
then often delayed.
"We are building now in Winnipeg,
but a new hotel was needed, and our
building was part of a deal for other
facilities. The same explanation applies to Montreal.
"Our new hotel at Victoria will not
be finished till next year. That, again,
is required by the traffic along the
coast and across the Pacific. The Vancouver hotel has been overcrowded every summer for many years.
"The Victoria hotel will be larger
than tbe Vancouver Is now. but the latter will be added to again very soon.
"A tourist hotel on the outlet here
would not be likely to pay at present.
You have no large centre of population
rrom which to draw a large tourist
traffic. Spokane Is the only big town
near you. All the little places around
have attractions of their own. and
tnose that are on lakes or rivers all
aim to be tourist resorts. That ts true
of the coast aB well us of the interior.
"To make a special tourist hotel a
succeBs you need a big population near
nt stand. Thut will come in time. It
Is coming fast now. But you can't create It nt once. You can't draw from
Winnipeg. They havo Lake Winnipeg
und Lake ot the Woods near at hand,
and many of the citizens have summer
houses ou the shores of one or the other.
"As Nelson and the neighboring
towns grow, the prospects of tourist
travel will Improve. Tho railway company will never stand In the way of It;
we'll encourage and assist It In our own
Interest. It will add to the attractions
of the line."
Mining Records.
Six locations and four certificates ot
assessment work were recorded In the
Nelson mining offlce today.
F. P. Drummond recorded the Montezuma, and C. E. Bennett the Bonanza,
both on Sheep creek, located June 'JUtli.
Edward Branigan recorded the Bridge
Boy, on tbe north side of Kootenay
river, located July 2nd.
F. P. Drummond and C. K. Bennett
recorded the Daisy, Golden Belle and
Beaver, on Sheep creek, located June
Certificates of work were granted to
J. R. Unimex on the Clarendon, Legal
Tender, Gordon and St. Louis. The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $1.00
CrOWn Gem JarS, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gal. per doz., 1.50
Our stuck bas just arrived. Secure
your requirements at these low prices
before tliey .'ire all gone.
I'lililiflhcti aix daya h week by thu
Bakurrit., Nelson. ��. 0.
Subserfptlon rstei. W cents a montb delivered
lu Hie ruy, nr fj.00 u year 11 lent by mnil, when
I'ui.t in stdvaofts.
AilvtTt.nliiit ratt>.* un application.
Alt moolei piii.i in settlement ot TbeDally
Canadian Seconals, either mi subscriptions or
advertising, mual '"��� receipted tor on the printed
(urmi ui the Company, uiht-r receipt! nn nm
JUL.Y  ir��. I**sk>.
"By one word are are sometimes judged io ie
wim-uii'i i-y nin* wur.i someilmt-i judged to i��-
foolish, ictus therefore u.* oareful wnat we
Now thai the Dominion parliament
ami senate have passed the Sunday
observance i>iil, the question will naturally arise as to what amount of attention -should be paid to the new law. We
have noi seen the hill in the form in
which it finally passed, bul we insist
that the observance of the day of rest
commonly called Sunday is nol so much
n matter of law as ii la of spirit. While
we would fain see a more puritanical
observance of me day than is common
In the wesi, we readily admit that such
observance is to be brought ahout not
so much by legislative enactment as
by tbe more genera] recognition of the
higher needs of man's nature. Thu day
of rest, as such, should be guaranteed
lo every man by law, but the manner
in which he shall observe that day
must he determined by himself so long
as, in the exercise of bis liberty, he
does nol trespass upon tlie righiB of
others. While we do nol claim originality for all the observations that follow, they exactly express our Idea.1;
upon this subject, and WO requesi that
they he road for the good Uicj may do
in Inducing a more gentraliy proper
use of the day sel apart as a day uf
How shall one use this day of privilege to the best advantage, for himself,
for his family and for society?
Not by attempting to go bacl; to the
Puritan idea as ii is expressed In the
Westminster Confession of Faith; nol
by a resolve to be "taUen Up the whole
lime in the public and private exercise.;
ot worship, and in tlie duties of necessity and mercy." Any such continuous
oncentratlon of the mind upon one
erne is equally destructive of resl ami
' spiritual culture. It is psychologically impossible, and is inconsistent alike
with the teaching of Scripture, with
reason und with experience,
Nol by turning tho day into ono of
mere merrymaking ami Junketing, a
day of frolic and games: not by consecrating It to golf in ihe morning and
fiutomobiling in the aliernooii; not by
converting il Into a weekly composite
of Thanksgiving Day and First ol
July. This is not to give either body
or mind the best resl; it is not to give
the life any teal Inspiration; and II is
generally to purchase b mure than
doubtful pleasure by depriving one of
needed res; and refreshment,
* * ��� * 11 * *
Make It first of all a day of rest. Ks-
oapflj from the cares ami worries of life.
Lay aside the current problems. If you
lake a Sunday paper, do not read it until evening. At least leave politics and
.the markets till .Monday. So live on
Sunday as to prepare yourself to take
up the week's work on Monday with a
fresh mind.
Make it a home day. Give it to the
wife nnd the children. Remember that
you cannot make il sacred to them unless you make It dear lo thorn.   "Call
Hie Sabbath n delight." says Isaiah. He
who would make the Sabbath .sacred lo
his children musl know how to make
il a delight to (hem.
���       a       *       ���       *       ���       *
Turn the thoughts pari of tho time
to public and private exercises of worship, if possible, do this with others
in a church service. This is sometimes
impossible. Sometimes there is no
church accessible. Sometimes there is
no church that can be made inspirational, attractive, or even more than
barely endurable, Even when the
church service is barren and inadequate, rest, inspiration and joy may often he found In ihe endeavor by one's
presence and co-operation to improve
it, And there is always possible the
church in the home. Where the service
of song is possible, It fuses the hearts
of the family In one experienct by uniting their voices In one voice.
Further than this one cannot pre-
j scribe for another, We certainly can
give no Sabbath rules. We cannot say
that gulf is right and tennis is wrong.
or that riding is right and boating Is
wrung. One may make nature a sacred temple; one may make the church
a secular meeting-place for the per
fonnance of an irksome duty. The
Church choir may be a burden; the bird
choir may be an inspiration. Vet he
who has human sympathies should find
his spirit uplifted by sharing his penitences and his aspirations with others
fe an hour. If one has no such sympathies, we cannot advise him. A worship which is un pleasing to the worshiper cannot well be pleasing to God.
We can only say Unit the Sabbath is
ill Bpent if it sends us back to our weekly work Irritated, wearied, reluctant;
and the Sabbath Is well spent If it sends
us back refreshed In body, mind and
spirit to take up a round of daily du-
lies and unselfish service with a new
inspiration of courage, hope ami patience.
A letter comes to this desk In this
morning'fl* mail which contains the following statements:
"In your Saturday issue you speak t.f
a retraction published ' by the Daily
News un the Columbia & Western laud
grams, bul you do not intimate what
is ihe nature of that correction. Though
I am a Liberal, I have long ceased to
read the Daily News, and am therefore
ignorant of what it says in this case.
I am aware that that paper has for a
long lime heen making absurd charges
against the .government, hut I should
like io know the truth about the (*. &
W, matters. Vou must remember that
you have a large circle of readers who.
like myself, do nut see Hie morning paper."
Our correspondent Is rl.,''";. We had
almost overlooked the essential fact to
which he calls our attention. We are
pleased to state the "truth" about the
aforesaid land grant, and we do not
know thai we can do It in belter language than that nr our morning contemporary, Our correspondent will
pardon us for reproducing In these columns what has already been published
In  the News:
"The company did nut apply fnr ihe
land grant Tor section 4, and the legislation of Insi session had nothing to do
with lhe land grant for that section.
"The land applied for and granted
was the balance of the grant alleged
tu have been earned lu respect of ste-
tlonfl 1 and II. a total of 1,008,818 acres,
of which 794,4411 acres had already been
granted io the company, leaving n balance of Ht)X,872 acrts.
"The provision In Ihe original subsldv
act dealing with ihe bind grant reads:
���Provided, however, that the land earned by the company shall be granted In
the company In Hit following manner:
When section ;i of the railway is completed, the land earned under said sec
tion shall bo .granted '" the company.
Wln-n section ." of thi railway is completed, the land earned under section '���'<
shall be granted to me company. When
section 6 of tin1 railway is completed,
the laud earned under section i shall lie
granted to the company. When aection
6 of the railway is completed, the land
earned under sections ���'< and 0 shall be
granted to the company.'
"Sections I and .'! have been built, and
the company claim by the terms of the
Subsidy Act that they are entitled to
the land grants fur those sections,
"The company were given a grant of
794,140 acres, as stated above, and last
session applied for the balance of the
grant. 808,872 acres."
From suph an Infallible authority as
the morning: paper that ought to settle
tho question.
When Mr,   J, 11.   Hawthornthwaite,
the leader ot ihe Socialist party of
Hritish Columbia, was In NelBon recently, he announced thai it is the in
tention of that party to have a candidate iu each of ihe 12 constituencies ol
the province, This will mean thai in
addition to the Conservative and Liberal candidates in Nelson, we shall
have a Socialist candidate. It is learned unofficially thai Mr. George Fleming,   the head  of the grocery   firm of
Fleming A:   Soils, ol   PogtlStOWn, is lu be
the local Socialist select-man.
A wise man once said, "It' Bomo folks
would lake the same trouble to get
busy lhal they do lo appear lo be busy,
Ihey would be a good deal busier than
Ihey are."
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.
And Builder
Sols- agent fnr tin- Curtis Hii-o Liiiii1.it
Oo., Ltd., rs'lisil yurils,
Rough ami dreaiod lnmsbor, turned wnrk
mnl braokote, Const lath mnl slsisijilos,
sissli uml ilnoi's.
Dement, brlok nud linn' fnr solo, Auto
inutii' griucler,
Yard ar.d f.ictr.ry Vernon. St.,
eut of Hall.
Ti.ii'phnsn- m. Nelson, B. C.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
I'rii'N niniie iliiily throughout Kelson
ml Un suburbs, Phone iin.
40 Acre Farm
A valuable tarn fnr sale, situated in
tie heart nf tin- fruit graving oountry,
���iii aorei, :i acres well oleared and about
70 fruit trees planted, are bearing some
ibis year, a good cabin, rool bouse nml
sttililo sin tin- property, nlso u nloe
spring, Tin- liinil Is of tin- very besl
quality, anil run In- nil worked, II Is
beautifully sltunti-il on Bower lake.
Ws-st Kootenay, one mile from imst utiles- and store and two miles from 0, I',
n. branch to Trout Lake, Splendid
farm for potatoes. There have been
four crops in Buocesslon without manure, and the Insi crn|s wus ns good as
lho llrst.
$800 Cash Takes It
Apply... jOHN CANNING,
Uruiitl Fssrks, B. C.
Or to Wiu. Simpson, Howsuu.
Thirty days after dute 1 In teed loapply to the
Commissioner of .bauds anil ���*- oris, victoria, for
a special lleensa to out ainl <urrf away Umber
inn ���*��� �� l"'*1 marltod J. E.A..B- WjVortier, plant-
creek Intersect* tbe easl i.< m lol W17 aod
rudnltiK uorih lOOobalns. *-E    >" chains.
Commencement, ak
Jntie/'th ItW, S
Notice i-- bereby given lhat, tblrt/qpys aftor
date, I internl t>> npplv to lbe Honorable Hit'
Chlel Commissioner of tends and Works tor a
special license i<> mi and carry away Umber from
in- following described lends, situate on Union
creek in the district of Wesl Kootenay: Commencing "' h post planed on .Lemon cro-k,
eleven Ul) mUes from Kootenay Uke, adjoining
l.m J64S, marked "ii. W's e*. K. turner post";
thence forty (���)") chains west; thenco eighty (n )
south,' ihence forty (to) chain* eait; theme
eighty (Si" I'liniiiK north to point of commencement, foniaimiift three hundred aud twenty (M0)
acres, moro nr leas
Dated the aoth day of June. A.P . l-nw.
_____ Bat t k W'iuti:
Notice I- hereby glvBn that sixty day* after
date I Intend to apnlj to the Chlel 6 i~
Bloner of Lauds ami Works mr wjrm.ssfnt, to
i.nrchnwu the following uWrlboil laudss'tiiatcln
Weal Kootonay dlatrlct, adjoining thclntorna
the Columbia river, commencing ai a po*i marked "I. M   !���'���> 8. w porner," nltuat- ��� lu-
tematlona! > ndary line, hi the southeaiil corner ol i. s c, Crnscr'a land; thence east so chains,
theuce mirtli ffcj chains, thunco nest 8u chains,
thence south on chains to the place of commence
iiii-iii. containing i.m acres moro or lew.
Dated .'-'.iii June, Iflua, i,��m \i Phaser,
r J. O'Hdlly, A go ut.
Notice Is hereby given tbat sixty davs
from dote i Intend to apply to ihoOhlt-from-
mifwloiicrof Unds ami (Vorks for nermiiwion
to purchase the following dcscrlbcfl lauds sit-
intii- in Weal Kuotenaj hlstrlet, between the
ivmi d'Orullle rhcr mut ih.' International
bounder} lino, alwut three miles from tho Columbia river,    c mencing nl ti |��osl marked
J, 8. C. P*a 8. W. corner situate nn the International boiiudar) line, auoiit ball a mile <-u-i ,,f
the easl l ndary of tin- K. A V. 8. Ity. lands:
theuce north m chains, thcui-t>eMl Ml chains,
Ihence south 10 chain*-, thence weal ki chains, lo
the iihrnt'ofcommencement, eiiiitninlng-l-Uacrfa,
more or leas,
UalodSMtli  IflOO. J.K.C. PtAsRB,
 K.J. O'UclHy, \geut.
Notice   Is  l��. ri-l.j    i-jit.ii (,m.i  .|\h ,!*-,*. irom
date i Intend toapply tulhcchit-M ommlimfoner
nl l.iiii.l- mut Works for |.,rini" to |��urchaac
iin- following described landi situate In Weat
Kootenay District, adjoining the Internationa]
boundary lino, aboul Ave miles wul Df the Col*
uuiIjjh rlvi-r.- commencing hi u post marked it
UiH.i\. ourner. ou the International boundary
lineal I-aura M. rraeer'ssoutheast corner, thenoe
north nj chalna, thenoe eaal 10 chalna. thenoe
south 8i ehalns, thenee wesi fi chains to the
[dace of commencement, containing no acrei
Halm GlUJHPUt,
inure or less.
I'HL'.l _*��.|ti June, ma;.
Notiee is hereby Kiven thai sixty days after
date I Inteud to Bpj.lv to the Cbfef Commissioner of Unds aim Works for permlulon to
purchase tho following deacrlbed lands In
(In- West Knitit'iiay dlatrlct, smith of the I'end
<l Oreille river; Commencing ut a po.-t iiiHrked
c. ll a s. B. eoriier. situated on the trail near
Bear creek al.oui a mile from ihe International
boundarj line, thence west tto chalna, tbence
norih io chalus more or leas to the I'end d'Ureillo
nu-r; thenco following tho soutb bank of the
I'end d'Oreille river sontbeaai ifu chalna. more
or leas; thence aoutb 'JO phalus, mure or less to
the place of commencement, containing S5o
acres, moro or lest-.
Datedftth July, im*. Cuaelbs Biibkl
K. J. O'HIelly, Agent.
Notice is hereby given tliwt sixty itajsH.'hr
date 1 Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Landa and Works for penniaslou to
purchaao lhe following described lands, in
uie Ueat Kootetiay Uiatrlct, ea>i of hu<i adjoining James N. Maokeusie's land; Commotio*
Ing at a poat marked A.S'sS. E. corner, mi tin-
m.iiU, i.ank of the ivmi d'Oreille river, just
above tbe i nil ..f the Halmon river, theuce
irest 80 chalus, tbence north mi chains more or
lis* to the ivmi d'Oreille river, thenee following
the south bunk ..f the said rlve'rln aiootheaat-
erl) dirtetiou to tlie place of commencement,
coustalnlug 260 He res, more or lesa.
bated (III July lftW AHTIMIl ,-'i IIXKII.Ki:.
Notice Is horeby given thnt sixty daya after
date! Intend to apply to the Commissioner ���i
l.mids hiuI Works lor tiermJBilon to purchase
Lbe following deacrlbed hinds in Weal Kootenai
Ulsttlot eonth of the I'end d'Oreille rlvor. Com*
tnenclna at iposi marked B.T. H'a, N. K. cornor
un tho south bank ol the I'end d'Oreille river,
aboul m mile nnd b half oaal of the month of fish
creek   theuco smith go , hnlns, thonce wesi wi
el ���, thonce north 40 chains more or lots to
Mo- Pond dO'reille river, tbence following the
south bank ol tbeaaid river In a northeasterly
direction to the y\nvv uf commencement,containing 4��i acrea, more or less.
Haled 2nd JUl) 10 li. BUA T- UiCKEKIIE,
AhTJU'Jt SrllNKipKlt. Agent.
Notiee is hereby given thnt 00 days afterdate
I intend to H].|.h to tbe Chief Commissioner ol
Lauds and Wnrk* (or |.��-rmi-sion to purchase the
followlngdescrlbed lands,situate In Wesl Kool
��� nay District tOtlth of the   |Vlu| d'Orelllu   river.
coin inunclngataimsi marked A. li. M'g. K, \\
corner altuate al lho s-.uth bank of the I'end
d'Oreille river at KlU 'f MaeKcuzio's north easi
corner |��st, thonco south SOehuiua, thence *>mi
mi chalna, thence north ni chalm mora or leas to
lln- I'end d'Oreille river, thence weal wichuin-
fullowing ihe hunk of tbo aald river to the place
of commencement, containing iho acrea, moro
Dated 2nd July loofi. a, h Uacrxhiik,
AiniiiK BcHWBibKK, Agent,
Notiee is hereby given tbal sixty days alter
date, i intend to ap|��ly to the Chief Commission
er of Land-ami   Work-  for |ieniilss]ori to  i.nr
chase the following deacrlbed lands situate In
'  K nay  District,   south   of the  I'end
M. li > t
Her, commencing m a j,
��� corner, Mtuuie on th.- m-uu, i.i
d'Oreille river at James >'. Mack
orner, thence south luiu-im
l tbe I'end  p'lirellle rl
���Ulh hank of Ihe said rlvi
i ii.-irriy ami northeasterly direction to the place
01 ����ti ineement, coDtolnlng 04U aires, more nr
UatO -:r<t July, 1906.       Maiiuaukt Naiuoi-ht.
  Ai ihur Si-hii.-m.T. ,\ ���, hI
Notice  la horoby given thai M.xt. daya after
Into l Intend toapply lothuC'hiol i ummlsslonei
���n lo purchase
Is    in    Weal
.1 Lands and Works h,r
the    following    deserlbod
Kootonay District, ".nth of
UK at a post marked J   N. M1
latodon the sotitli imi k of tin
her,  Oppoa|lr>   Ilie tnOltlh of 1
B.W, Ill
I'end tion
Mile Creek
IU chains in
or le:
��� m
��� ����� the wiilb hanbof the aald river
iusierlv direi Hon to the
"I I'omnu-iieeim-iit, ruutunilug ;ui acres
DatOtl ::rd July, 1000,       Jahkm N. Ma. kkv/ii
ArthurBclniuldor, Agent
Notice   is    herehy   tflvoll   Hint   slxlj   dttli   l.lle,
date I intend toappTj to the chief 6ommfnliin-
iroj Unds and Works for permission to our
eliaae tbe following deserlbod lauds m Wosi
Kootenay Dtatrlct, south of the I'end d'Orelllu
river,commencing al�� poal marked a.kvn. w
eoruer, Minuted hi tho southwest corner ol Lot
I4��.ii. [..thenoe easl BuohaJna, thence south oo
chains, tbence wesi 8 chains, thonoe north fri
���mini to the place of commencement, contain-
iigin acres
Dated 20th
line, f.t
f. J. O'Reilly, Agent,
I   ,. ,        ,   ', ,"���'    K"en   ,11111 .-) 'III> s llller .lale
intend toxniilj i,, the Chief Commissi -i o|
Unds   and   Work-for permission i rchasu
Iho fpl owing described ffnOTWcii &"
d^ riel.sonlhoj lhe l'e,���| d'Oreille rii,-r, easl,,'f
���Isli ereek, enmnienfiiiL'  al  a i,o. i mnrbnH i-   \<
v ..  "�� ��i h paai marked I
..rs \\  corner, aboul half amfleoa-t of tin
nortb easl eoruer of Lot *H2��, G.1,, theuce soiitl
 theilfeeastsSllriiains, thenee  m.rth I
Wt  W eimiiis   tO  the plaee ���f
iliaiiiH, th
do tain Ing :m acres, more or
Dated 2nd July IflM, KKKti W. HaWOBST,
AltTtirii Si JlNKIhKH, Agent
Notiee Is heiehy  ���!��,.���   that slvty davs aller
 ' IJiitend to ainily to ihe   lilol L mlsilon.
erof Unds and Worl/sfor permission to fur-
iin-e the following described hinds in Weal
KooieiiHj  Disiriei, ti, ,,j the I'end d'Oreille
H'tiT'p mencing ai a post marked d. ft M's
i... i' ?f!ri1.��iirJl,,,Btod "" Ml" s""ni hah-- ol the
i .,, 1 ,lv"r Ht J' ��� N .Mackonalo'8
m.     hw.st eorner;   thenee east III t-| , thenee
rob h 0 chains thence weal in .hams, th	
>'"r h," ��-,,��l he plaee ol eon,.,
coiitriiiiiig I0tt acres more or lone.
Dated 8rd Jul) lOOfl.     DohauiH  HacKKNSIV,
AKTiira kjinkipkr, Agent.
Bargains   MILLINERY   Bargains
We will sell off our entire stock of Summer
' Millinery at Less
Than Cost Prices.
I.mlli-s' rt-aiiy tn-wi-ar Straw Hutu, worth $1,00, $180 aIU| $8 eacli
Hats worth 13.60, $1.60 and Jl.on for $2.50.
Trimmed Pattern Hats worth $5,00, |0.00 nml $7,00 for $3.5o.
Imported Patten, Hats worth $8.00, $10.00 and $15.00 for UM
Bargain! In Children'! Straw anil Muslin Hals ami Infants' Bun
These Hats on exhibition  In our store, anil will be on sale Krliln ���
All N0W CiixiilM nnd this
S0a*ion**J St>'U-w.
Fred Irvine <Sc Co.
Nothe i�� hereby given thai 00 .lays trom dale i
lateud toaiiply lotha umiorahie the Comtnts-
llDUor ol Lands and Work' lor |Mrniiw.ioii to
pnrchasr* the following deacrlbed Ihu-Is. sinuu.-
in the West Kootenay District,  Ht,triinjr lr.,m a
posl marked ** ilinnu Brueal Uarl 'aft r- posl
aboul two miles easi,.( Deer park ou lbs Anon
UkCI theliee 10 ChfllUS   smith   Ihelne   1 I  cllSfO*
west, tbence 10 chalus north, !houcuca��t to t u
ol cointncticement, routeInlng al t 100 a. res,
Daled tbllStb day of June. IIN-..
Willi tM ITHKUtT MaV|s'i\.
Notice li hereby given thai Oil days alter date I
intend loapply to tbe Honorable lho ('hief Commissioner ol Landsand Works foi nermls*  lo
purchase ihe following described lands u, the
Wesi Kootenay district; cnmmcucInK at a poet
marked   ������Nathaniel   Mclntyre's H. B. corner,"
|.laille.| nil the �� e-t side of I he I'oluml.la Itlver,
at 7 miles uorlll of Minimi i'il v. ami HU chains
north of the south wesi corner iifUu .178, tin nee
north HO chains, tbence west 8u chains, thence
-on iii IM chains, thei east m chains to point ol
emutneneeiiM ui, containing WO acres.
Dated th,s mhitn) nf June, \90$.
S ITll imi'i   Mi Im \ RB,
T. c. Maklnson, Agent.
Notice is hereby given tbal fiOdayi aflei daU> I
in lend toapply to ih,- Honorable tbo Chief Commissioner of Lau.is mi.i Works for permission lo
purchase the following described landa: Commencing at a [Hial placed on the moth shore i.i
ih, wt tl arm of Kootenay Lake, al the northeast
eorner of John b'tranka1 pre*emptlon, tbence
west iu chains, more or less, to the aoutbeast
eorner  of  Lot   No. W'-i). thenee  north 10 cbaiUS,
tbence east in cbalm mora or less, tbeuee north
40 chains to tbe polnl ol oommi ucemeni
Dated June I5tb, lfofi.
0, S. Arn.KToN.
Notice la hereby given that I intend 00 days
after date io apply to the I blel Commbuloner of
lrfimls and "' orks for net-infusion to purchase
tbe following (*escribed landstsltuate Ht Fire
Vaue/i Knot.:,ay i istrfct 'oomenclog at a
poit 'market L Uallsgher���aouth weet eoruer)
placed ��t the south weal eoruer of section n,
townihlp09 Ihence north nj chain* to the north
we*i eorner of raid section B8; ihence easl W
ehalns, thence south B0 ehalns to the south
boundary of said section 8, and thenee west to
chains to the placi ol beginning containing 130
aeres, and being tbe westerly half of mid notion -t-'L township 69
Dated at Nelson. B C. Stint 6th IWO.
Notice is hereby given i tint 00 dan alter date I
inien,i toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commluloner of Unds and Works for permission to
purebaae the foiiouuig deai rlbed laud>, kiiuate
in the West K.-ot naydlatrlet: Commencing ai ->
post marked U   Met!, b, w. corner, planted to
ehalns wesl of L r. Morns,m's northwest eorner
of  hl��  erowii granted land  lu Hre Vallev, run
mug 40 chaini east, m chains north, 40 chains
west, 40 chains south lo phueof commencement
M, UoCumbtSH, lAH.-at,.r
W. A. i AU.Eii, Agent.
June aoth.aaon
Notice i�� herbj given that I intend, 00 dayi
afterdate toappij to the Cbfef Commissioner ol
Uinls and Wos- ( ,r permlaalOO to purehiise the
following described lauds -ituate at Un- Vallev.
I'd <
oiiiment-lngHiH post fmark-
eu UsBorge l<miu:    ' orlh  went eorner) placed al
the north west corner ol seotlon3S townihlp Ni
thenee earn mj ehalns io the north eul corner of
Bai'i seetiou 28; thenoe sou'b 4�� cltalos, tbence
west �� chains, theuco north 40 chains to tbe
plaee ol beplnniug, eontainluK :i* aero am]
being the nnrlh. rly half of said section ��n, town-
ship 09.
Pated at Nelson, H. C. June 6th 1800
Qgogng yptrwo,
Notiee is herehy clv-n Unit OOdaji. after dale
we intend to aoolv to the Hooorable the chief
Commissioner of Liuds ami  Work, at Victoria.
B.C. for permission to purchass tbe following
ducrlbed lands, sltnafe in West Koolenay district, t*omm*uc4ng at a post plained ai Thomas
Jerome's N  E posi. Hm|  muted   l'et,-r   Desell
ami a ChoquetteN W.Corner; thence30chalm
eul    Ihem,   W chains SOQth, theme fli f-hHiu-.
evest, thence Wchiins north to the commencing
post, eoniHinhig w acres more ur lens.
Datel May 26,
Prrti iu.111
A. Cuoqi WTg
W. A. IoN|>. Agi nt
Notice Is hereby sjiTenthUslxty days after date
I Intend toapply to the Bpnorabls the rnief
Commissioner of Lamls ami Works, Victoria  for
permission to purchase the following described
lands in wui kootenay Commondng at a post
marked Edgar.W. i-ynei noth wesi etuner near
lo'.arnet ereek ami abOOl -' mflei south of Mos-
��� (Uito Oirwk ami about 4 miles ����l ���( , oluinhla
Klver,   thence  north  BO Chains, theiic-- east  lu
chains, tnenoe south 00 chains, thenee west 40
chains to place of eommencemetu, oonuinlns
WO acres. Wing the same more ���t Im,
Dated June 4, J906.
BiwiaW, Drm
V. DrOTM  Agent.
Notice is herob) given lhat W days after date I
htpodtomakeapi ion w the Honorable the
' hh-f' mnmlSSloner Of Lamlsaml Work* for iter-
mission to purchase ,!������ following described
lands:  u.mmem-nn-hi ��� poatnlaeedon the eul
sliore of   Lower Arrow Luke, ailiolning  I. BatoS1
pre-emption ou lbe southwest marked"T s/i
N.w.e mernost." Thenco running U chains
east; thenee no chains BOUtbi I ln-lii <- Hnr|iH|ilf,
more or leu, west w Lbe lake si,or.-;  nc(- f,,i
low,nj- lak-shore to point of uomme unent,
coi,t-luingi.|:iaeres, more or less
Dated this 711 ��qFJuna,Hioo!0' ********
Notice u hereby glveu lhal 00 day* Hfi- r <lat<> j
M;"';;io,,1Hke���|,|,lll-.1,lonlo,hef|I USS\\\i
Chief Comintsaloner of Lamlsaml Woiks for Dor-
mission   lo   pnrehase    the    following described
lands:  Commencing al .. posi placed on the
l'OM-hase,iu-rked ��U.'    s.o-iierpos   ������ ruiiiilfiu
Wchalnaeuti tbencoJUchainsmmil thencetB
,,,1,ll1"M wesi; (he fotiouingT Klnalian'scul
en. hoiimiay io point of Dommoneemcnt, eon
laming 040 acres, mart orleu,
UUfNAll 'IlKltNKV.
Dated this 7Ui day uf time, pjofl,
Notloe Is bereb) given Ilut00aa�� altei date J
;; '���'; iioi.iak.-api.i nation to Uio Honorable the
< hief ommlNsfoiHTof Liiiilsami ,V,irk. (,,, ���,.r
mission to purobase the following deinribed
amis: CommeoolSB at a post placed at the In-
te section ui ihe eut boundanrofJ Bates' nn
empllmi ami the north boundary of T Klnahan's
Applloatloi 'urcbase, marked(*T.K Jr"s "w
eoincr post'1   f li  nee lollowliig J. Hates1 eastern
boundary, 10 chains north] thence On chal nusutj
tli-h.e   In clunns to  the  i .r��� h, ,.���,,;
Hannah "iarnsy'i Application to ruMu
ihence following the norther)i Imunda-v m .���,���,'.
and northerly la.umlarv of T.^Klaahau'i Appil.
Notloe ts hereby giv n thsi aodsji aftoi data l
inl-'iul   to   apl'ly   lo  the  Honoralile  the   Cblel
L'ommlulooer of Land* and Works foi permit
���Ion to purchase the following described lands,
situated   In nloean   Disiini    Commencing nt
norih east Corn -r posl o| I^it -la u, <h> noe runii-
i ig sonth SOchslns, tbence eul B0chalna, ibeo' a
north -tn chains, th.nee weat 90 chalna to C I*. K.
right-of-way, following same sionjifa wesl to ���
point Inter, epilog moth une of l,,i tfuo, thenoe
eut io point of eo teneementsj containing ISO
aorei more or tens.
May M.tb UOfl,
<*. I* Oaksnc*
Not la Is herebj given that oo days after dab I
in tend to applv to ine Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lamls m ,| Works l-.r pertnls*lon lo
pundiasu the toil,,wn,,: do*frIbed f*auds situ
ated tn the Kootonay District sBegiunlngata
postplante*l on the nortb shun of <i,,- flower
Arrow l��keaboul W chains weal ol lbe wesi
l>oundary n| C H K L,.i IWO, Marked II .* W,
.-I K. comer, tbence wesi to chains, thenee north
00 chains, thence eut w chains more oi l**si to
lake shore, ih, nee in a south wcsterl) dlnt-tlon
along lake -hole lo p..|r,l ..I ri>mpi,, ni ,-n,. nl, ��� ..n
taining loo acres more oi leas
stoeated June B, 1006.
II   \   \\oi vrinov.
A   N   W,.i.\ KBTOH, Agl nl
Notice \i hereby given ihat iwo months afb r
date 1 Intend to apply to the Ilonorabl, t:iili*i
Commluloner o| Lands ami Works forpertnls
sion to norchue sis hundred and fortj [fl-toj
a.-res nf land, described as follows: Common, ing
ai a pom planted at the northwest comer of 1,.
Oallagber'aapplication lo purchase in Plre v,,i
ley, on the west side of Dowei vr ow Lake, m
Kootenay district, marked "W. ... Ci N H col
ner"; theme runolng eighty [80) ehalns west;,
Ihence eighty (SO) tonthj [hence elghti fi")
chains euti tbence eighty (Boj chains north to
plaee of commencement.
W   A. CA! i g|
Dated the 2ml day of April. LOOO,
Notloe Is hereby given that 00 days from date
1 luieiid lo apply to the Honorable the Chief
I'ommissioticr of Uml. ami Works for permis
sfon to pnrohase the foltowlng deacrlbed lands,
In the Wut Koownay OfstrlCst, eaal side ol Col*
nmbia Klver,aboul * miles north of Burton t Uy.
Commencing at a post marked LeoN Winter's
B W.eorner, si the v VV.cornero1 k. h. Knnih's
preemption claim, them e north to ens Ins more
or lets lo the south boundan ol Mik- i uroii's
preempUon claim, thence eaal M chaini than, s
WUtb �� ehalns more or less ;,. the North bOUUd-
ary of k.ji Pmith's preemption claim, thence
west H 'haiiis lo jaunt ol-ommeiiicincnt; ,oo*
tain ins- *n seres mora or less
Dated this Jnd day o: June, 190T..
Uu m Wnrtma
Rai.i-II HlvK. Aaenf,
Nolle is herehy given that  1   inlend.iio (in^��
aflei dale, loapply to Lhe Chief Coinmi n, rol
Umlsamt Ws.rks for i-r,mIss,,.!L ,,,,,..
following described Ian,is, situate at Fire Valley,
."V.t,i'iM\-l^"lr|1 T ' """"���", Ing at" po��t(mati
���������i i .it ii i oinior south ea.i . ornerj plawd nt
tbe north eut lorner of section la townsblp oo
ihcnce wesi lo chains, thenee north 00 chains
thenee eaal c chains,and thence sonth BO chains
to the pia.e of hegitming, containing Oft sen i,
Dnled tt| Nelson, B. V. June Ml, !'.����.
P. H.O'CoKKoa
UBOkflg Ym HO, Aj-ent.
CHtloO lo Purchase, KiH-tef DOBmMWdE
containing 83ostores, more or lesa, ���'
Milled ihisTlh day of June   ,.,',,l(''"'" VN'- '�����
Notice is  herc.y given  Unit I Intoiitl Mi ,!,,..
after date, toapply to tbe Chb t (������������, 1(h_  ' JJ
Lands aud  Works  for pormifSlon i, '
the following .l-serii.-.f ��nda,iUuataPu sS2
valley, Kootonay Dlstrlol ��,.,,.," f,lr"
posi (marked  rieorge Voting nortbeS   L     '\
oi,..    ii,.- ,,.,,-n.  .."'" ""'��si eoincrl
lilnceil at the norlh
loWOShlp 001 ihence
east corner of said
I,..in-, Ih.-u.
riier  of seen,,.,   **,
WichHinslotheMtsi. t,
'���'���! wj iheiioo w*��t io
SUd  11,dice cast
40jchains to the p'ai f bcainnin-r
ftM acres, and being thenitori.- i,   I   ""f "'"��
tion S3, loins ill,     ,MM,r|y half of said wo.
Pated at Nelson, B. C. JutlOolh 1000
(igoBog Vot'No.
Notice i- bereb) given that00days from date I
Intend loapply to The Honorable the Chief Com
mlssloner ol iaiuisHml Work* for permission to
porcbase the followlof described lamls.;,, ihe
��cst Kootenay Distrb-t    Nod  Island, in ihe
Columbia BlVjU-aboOt 4  miles   north   fi   Mono,,
ity: all of s��,.| ^fand ebovs high water, Ih Ing
IU aons more or less,
Datad lhlsl.it Day ol Jum, I 00.
T. C   ICaKHmon, Agent
Hiny days aftor due I intend to enpij ,���n���.
Commluloner of Unds and Works, victoria to
purebaae 100 .ores ���r i,1M,i   Commencing at a
poat punux Lbe westabore of arrow Uke. al
ihe sooth east corner of J J Christie's pur, haao
ihenooffonthaochalns, Uianoo West N-nham- to
[���lace of comiiiLm einellt.
st-OOatsSd May, 'Jth IWO,
,    ���      ' A,  I'll I.IK.
L. (ui.urjiiSH, r-ocaiiir
""���'" ll'K"l��, I.I lull   ||���. ,���.nln,,.,;'���
!!',i,'i, i,',"kf'",1!1"' ,^"""", ���"" ���eliUm. lbs an
si ",''",'""'���..""���'"''���  '""  -"'InissiK. DM
Jalr��tt,lW6. j. ���. ���,,���.���
Ni.ll,.. || l,���.-l,y mi,.,, u1B1 ���,,|HV, H|,���r ,,     . j
""""""���' Ji I iss���i �����,k. t���r urn    ���,     ,
pnrahiH Uu- i���t owlni slwi-rlbcfl land    is,,.\, ?
.   .    "'', , 1m11'11"1"*, H.,-1,.-.- nssslh  W ,|,���ii���'
'"," ""' l,"l'sslsi��li.|s���|isi���|,������|i1���. ���,
Usslfil MHy '^ss. WM
  -Iak. Kiu/kii
NollCj I- Iss-nl,) SJt.ap Itllll HI,|���y��� (,���.��� ,,���,,. i
;;���"" l.i��|.|.ly ...ll���. ll..,,,,..,,.-?"!1    "| "   ���
I'llM  IIHse   Mle   fOIIOH     ig   ''���-i'l]  .ill    I,,,,,is.    .ii,...
ii hi iin in |,n|ii i ill mini,,,.,i,., ������.���|
Ussls-il llsli. lip ilny I,!.!,,,,,. t,m
...    V�� ll.l.Ul, ||���|IV  S-KTni..
HII.I.UH J. Tun:, h,i:m
Niiiiii-i, lierlb, utii-ii ii,���isai,|���v, ,ron.,. .   ,
sa i^^.8��jrfS ,; 'Dili
sii.siii issiiiiiniii,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,;,'.,,,""" '" ''.""�����
Hiiii-it Hit. tils airo(June usiiii.
/MsTlli-li John ,.iimi
Hll.l.lAM J  t0V��, AKilil,
Wesl  Koolenay district;   r,������     .  ,,    " ���i     .     .
maiL-.-il   M   \|,.V   w   i,- "mm, in nig ���Im���:.
pl^ffinS^a '"'""��� ""'-""
MinLl Mii:ani,i.i,���. i ���,���r
.1, mtli.iMi,;.       " A-''*i-i*a. -imni.
Notlco is hereby given lhal 00,<��� VM   n     i
ill'rV .mil" ,"m'!  I"" ""''> A   W 'nl'
l ""   ] "is, north forty chains lo placd
Notice is hereby rivaa n,�� .
J1 " i."-' ,'!��'"������ 1st i���,���'"V.,",*1���
e���.hi. is,,, , i   i. , ' "hsini m*___
" ni) l"fl ' baiui louth I.. ti��� t,i7
SSSMStt? Mff
Dated sin-s-ii,tnt A|iiii.i:...
I' i U
5 i ���
sVoluw nherebj |,��o u,��i ���,,i,���.,
"'' "��� , "'!���'��� "i'1'H'isii..i,i.,n,. ������'���
i lili' i nn.mi..],iii, , ���j l.,,���i.NII(, �� ���
IISlMlilU   Ul   piinl,.,..    ,|���.   ,���!,���     '"
issini,: s nintnonelni m �� i.���i ,-'
Imrtliwwsl nsrisri nl Hal ;.
u-.ii i" I-.,.- li.--   iii "IreValli-yTa
''""���, "I-   "'"'111 "-I. Ulr'sJSa
plaws ul in, i,i, ni
H  M   HO
.inly.-ii.l,,..... *  ^""".sp,
���"'"'���'���I' I 'bjraiTcn lls.iMn.ni
lliiili-l tnapplv I,, III.- tl i,l,', ii,,,
i" ��� totter ni i. i- nn.i \i   ,
l.iir.liiiM-   Its,   lullowili,   |,
ill III,- Knl K ll,,, .ll-lrl'i  i ������,..,
|n,-l   .,11   I Ik- s-ssh ,l,fs. ,,/ TtlllBlm-lia
ArruH   Ijits'. and uark.sl "J j "s.,.,r,tl��
'���iirsssT." Ilii-iii',. ,'.,t ki .'l���in,,il,t,rDrt,l
chalna, Ibanca ��,��s n t-halu,iiomsi3
-linlii-  In   (Hiltil  ,'(   i .,mi,,, :,,,-,,.. ruDt.s-
���." acres mors ot
Lmiilsil Jssni' tMli, I'M', J J %llxu
I   It   111,
'    I
Sixty ,l,i. ��n.i, data I iiiihu i,
''In. s ' "ihiiii.-i'.n. r "1 tjsspl, .:.
^.Ct'Tlii. I,,r [','iini.M.iii loparrhM
aosl -i.iv fii.ii ,cr. ...i laDd.kcausl
"!  "���   i"llii��,:   11 iniii'iii, ,1 ���
-itllll I-') ,1,1111 s ol   ���      '���   I
Hi,it, r*i pre caption nii-!m.,trt'T
comer,"   uss.l   rsslllilns;   , ..I  s,trst
llss-lsss- ..null ftirt*  tll'l tts.lM.li,
thi ii..' im th l.iilyl��ls'ls.isi
I 'ill.���
Js.H T. I'l
i   t.
Blxtjs iin>, alter daM,Inuodi"��pj,,ioi
' "" itoner "i Und. and n   .       .1'
pun im- ilin-' linii'l ..I andtai       )   -
Uml n.-.r Hisrtim ills, and ds ��� s
S'-ilIllllltl. ilSK HI SS |,.��l  I-InIiIi-I nl  !b(ll'ir.t,r
eornel ol H.it-I Bnlitii'* pn impii-aissisL
nt   "A. A. H',. H. W I urn. i." Hi,' I
chalna, thence smith Iwt, (*') ris.taiiP
i-H-t tort* (in) rti.lsiv ih, in.,-  north i
chain., thence sv.-i ristliiv (,
���iniiii twenty. (Ji)iii.sss, s.. pweflll '
Inly '.III li,,,.      A. Al
\..ll,',. s.  lsi-iitiT assisls tti.tisMia
date 1 lsn,-tnl i��� Kjiply in id,. II i,l*.(kO
I.'iniiii-.I'.iiitiiI I.mssi]n,!i>I U'.st,: 'S-s
to pun iin.-' tin- /'ilinwissir .1,'^rlWlu.,
 in Ki,.' \',iij. i .ii sin .. -s -ii'   Usml
l"ll    Ij.S\s..   Kli'il'11,.1   illMrl. I. liMfnW u j
Iowa:   s "iniii.'ii, ssis:  ssl  , l-'-t i-Uuti-l ,
norihweai corner ol n a ' aids
marked --a. UoL'a ...ssiin rper"
iliiiu-,. Inrtv (in) ,li,iij. real
' i,inn-  n.inti; thenee tort* f*.-, 'I'.ii-s.
thenee tort* (iss) ilsots uili in lis.,
 nn. Iii.-lliclll.   i-nliliitlilli, out-  Jllissilsa
llltj It'.', ssi'li, Innr.. mi ....
I'm.-I J ni,,- .���J. UH ,iv.i.M'I,ii.,ij
VV. A.s'.ii'Sisi. Acs:
s'iiii". ,, henbi riten tii" I irii.n-i.��*
alter dmto ia appl* to the Cole, Pi
' ssssil. ssssi, Wnri, (nr |,niit-i"ii '
tollowlng deacrlbed lands, and pn-i  ��
,1 Kir.- \a,'ey. KimH-ii.i In-nil   "' ' ���
Hi a poal ssimrlltHl f. H. sl's'iiuiiiir I'i'itt*-1
siit) |.Uii'.l at His-li'Tlli east -   t:  ���
.'1   I..,, ti-liun.'.!. iliiii.i. -'till'  K
well in chalna, tbence smnii <
northerly tumult, ry nf .��ii esectton -' ���-'���
���  ',-    li i Iniiii- In lln' pill's-  i-l
listislns.' Is'n is.-r... mi'l Im'Iiii.'tin'iinrlts was
quartl    'tl -nl'l -ti'll'.'i .'I   I'.iili-lill"'-
Nelaon, B. c. Jim., uii i����s. vl
lis I   V
r-lxlv il.y, nlt'-r ,lnl'- t tnti nl i" .i'l-1 '"
i'1-lnliil-t-li.iii'i nl Until isn't   ��"!.- I
i'lii'liii-'' I'l's acrei "l Und ��lu>
nt. f'titiiw,   i'.iiiiiiii'Ik Ins: ni
lb<leaal -linn, nl An.'iv Lust. "I'l-'-n i.'1
i.��ss'Iuik hi the ,.niili ��������!  ,",." \'V
D'Ksi.v', pre-emption and marked ' t ���; :
.'.riiiT'; then ut 00 chalm,thus    t
chaini, thenco weilOOchalm lo un Wr""!
ihence north along tin. We ihon I  .
June��aim ,,,������,
W ruin:, I"
N ���'��� I- li'-i'l'V Bll'li limn.' ���!-���'
IniCl ,.|.l, I'.llnll".	
mliilonerol 1 mnl, ami Work, toi i      "   ..
I'nrcl  it." I wine sloecrlbed '"'f^Z
 nclng nt a poet martod ��  ������� �� ,',,'.,
planted ..t the N ��. cornel "I �� A '"22
,s�� cm .11   In  l-ir.-  Valloy, nnml'i,"        -
north, hi'.Iniiii, in-i, in chain, moth, m"")
s-si.i iii [itai-r olcommoncomcnt-
w ti Mii'isnii-ii.I-;'"*-
W. A. ssl I'Kss. Aisin'
ul I'mnlilS'ii'i'i  ...
I'ali'il July ll, us.,,.
John Kami,
Julio aiili, IflOfl, _
N.'Si'v Ii ,1,-n ,iv Ktv.-T, ibntiml) ��� |
dew I Intiii.I in apply  lo Hu   ll';,";.",',ul
i I ttfluiralnloucr o, tainla an.l *;*,��l
pcrmlailnn to purchaao the follimlW 'l',"
Intel ol land: iltuate al Uuccm "" ""'
��ts"i't"i K nay Ukoli  '"-"''''V,* I
n tiny, Krnvli I Itnu-N *"���*"*" mA
s'lililatlilsiy  l.y   Hillili'li.iiri'iii'iil  l:'"' ,'!,., 1,1
Hi-' -ihhi' more nr Is-,,, wist Is pen* ,,��
iniiii. I".. I, iiiiuiv .I..,, ni".i '������
nil-mills.'n! a iti'llil nil Itir in-I' 'I'   '"V1     .   ,
l��� -ins il, I ��V��i  K ma,   Ulsslilsl. I'   _\
"null nu,i corner nt I, ratlin ll it"',"','1 /' ;',
Inllowliig the lonthssrly non " "',' ,    ��,
Kii'linlii, more or I be �� " "',,j.,
noi ni n.d  l,.i ..vi si. is si"  ",,,,,
-.null   Iii  I'liiiiii,  in,,,,,  or  lei , ' , ,i
ml, l'iiiiliiliirv-1 Is It  Dallncli'l   il'l""'; .,
I'nrcl ���: its, ociuslorlr lollowlni ;'
ori, boundary .>,,nisi D. It. Ballocls -   i'i"   .
Ill  I'liri'lin,!- Ji-,:171.' iliiilli, I"""' "r "Vi   .i*
���horooluiii-i-iin' Hnv; thence InllowIM '."..^
"Hiy ,., its,' ���sl,l ilsorts lis a I"""' '"":;; a
I tun iiii'liiiin, ri- nr li��� I" H' ,    i, i,ll,il
si.ro, ssssl i l."i 7HS.I... i: tin ii" i""ii"'r I'm
ng the wciterly boundary "i ml" [-'l '
ii��s�� i imni, mora or Ian t" I ��� "' '
i t .i.
,,����,, a. 11. Barn*
lis'rs-l'.v irlinsi tluil -iv1lv
, N   rs-l.y given Hull ''"{J^enl
'���""I  "' s.i'lyls. Hi.'  I"'"""1,���'��� ',',,..,.
1 "Sisiiil ��l,���i..rs.ll,iili.l,iiiiil ""'I--'"11     , i.ii'l
l"l'iis.'liii���. sIm liillinniiitilrn'iil '"   .', |
In Weel Kni'ii'tiiiv .llsatrf.-t: llcglnnl����,I'.",,	
-s /;
K I'si-
irtliwnlenru-r��, ""���,>,ffl
leae, tis.-i a,i lo.le*?.!!!!!
 "'   nr   ll',��,   llll'liri'   ,11,1   i"  "'-��� ,,���||,,|.
I o ol beginning, the niiih; Ii i��i��� ".' ,i,
I'm"" mnil li known a, the iliiiu"1" 1"'  ' '
Hats-,1 .Inly .-,, IMI'.. 0_   ' ""   .
Notls's' I, horoby gften that ��� ^|.'','','',,,",''���
si sin i im t il. appli-l '���   '''  rl,iii<
ll ml I ami, ninl Work, Victoria,   '"       j
"loll Ii, itiirnlui,,. tin- following ".'-'' '. , ,.,.!
-.ninl" Iii Ilm ill,lrli'l sit s.Vs',1 I-""1 i,;,|,'l
"I'Tiil s < T.-,-k : Hliirlliiniil ss I"'" l   |miII( :,
.("tin wiiiin', h. \v   corner,  I1'"","' , ,.(n ,
chain, Ninitii stf ., Msii'iiu", -"ll,h,'"ai,.iiiiii".
running north :mi-IissIfik. itn'in " .Aimm-n-
iiii-iirc .nntli no chnlni ������'��� ��!'"'",ui,t(.
imllit of I'liliiiiii'tn-fini'iil. "    , ,���iii
June 11, HUH. J.KlUKUt'1""11' The Daily Canadian
���anada Drug and
look Co'y* Limited
fnthet of the $150,000 Novels |
"The Man Between"   X
Post Paid, Cloth, 90c. %
A shipment ol S>
yal Vienna Hand Painted China ���
i>;,.,-,..��� i , t. j., ������ t
Pieces from 65c to $15.00.
The Very Latest in Ladies' Hand Bags    ���
12.50, $3.50, $7.50.
00 New Linen Papeteries f
"India Lawn," regular 35c Hue, at 25c
"Sylvaiinia," "       40c    "    at 30c
"Tudisco,"    -      '
50c at 40c a
the BARGAIN HAND BAGS left.    Selling  ���
at the Reduced price. ���
>������������������������������: >������������*.>���������������������
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y* Limited
iperial Batik of Canada
Head Offic. :   Toronto.
L PAID UP... .111,1100,000 REST 18,900,000
WII.K1K. President HON. 'lOBKUT .TAFFKAY, Vico-Prosident
Branches in B: tisb Columbia:
VIIKAI),      OOLDKN,     NKLSO ,'.     REVBL8TOKK,     THOUT   tiAKB,
npoalta rsi-s'ivi-il nnil Intern! allow 1 m cum-ni rats-K from il.'ttn of opening oo-
id credited ball yearly
i.sdm BRANCH ��J..   M.   LAV,   /VAantijjer.
ie Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
urchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
toal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils (or Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitc i and Paints.
llisui liuiiiii-rK will ilini ii ist iItoiradvantage tn dm onr Pit.-h.
kelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd*
. Burns & Co.
'"" li Mrfflteta in   Roulaud,   Trnil,   Kl llOU, KubIii,   Kuiii1i.ii, Tliren Forks, New
linnvi-r and sisH-iin Olty,
Purl '','   !""",'" "">' Isniiu-li islll Isssvs-
'   '.iss|ii sssssl ssirulsil sslll'llllllll.
He^d Office: Nelson, B. C.
Lands and Workfi Department
Tho Hcdley Gazette, commenting on
the lands and works department of the
provincial government, among a whole
column of good things, has ihe following:
"None of the preceding administrations could show a record for despatch
of public business that would begin to
compare with that which has characterized this department since the Hon. R,
F. Green took charge. During the incumbency of former chief commissioners, and particularly that of \V. C.
Wells, the length of time taken for the
issuance of a crown gram for either a
mineral claim or a pre-emption was
very much lunger than at present, notwithstanding the fact that the numbei
of clerks formerly employed was in excess of that comprising ihe prcsi-nt
staff. Ii now lakes only as many
weeks as il formerly took of month*.
Furthermore, ihe work of the department is uo longer hit (o ill puties and
underlings, but the ehiel commissioner
now insists upon knowing th'* details
of business that .comes before his department. Old sub-heads whose potc
terl&g caused ..undi of the delay in lho
past, and who considered themselves indispensable, have been removed.
"Perhaps the phase in which the delta rtmen I compares to best advantage
with that of former administrations is
the character of ihe work done pn public roads. So far as this riding is concerned, there are few even among opponents of the governmenl who are not
prepared lo admit thai one dollar under
It. V. Qreen lias been made to do as
much as four dollars under Mr. Wells.
On (he west fork of Kettle river the
comparison will show a difference of us
high as one to eight. There is now no
sinecure berth like that held by Killeon
tinder Wells."
Colony of Icelanders.
A colony of Icelanders is to Iin plant
ed at or near Ihe mouth of the St-eena
river, in lhe northwesterly portion of
this province, The Icelander is one of
lhe most easily assimilable elements of
a- non-native population, as he asily
adapts himself to almost any new conditions in which he may find himself
placed. His even temperament, indifference to hardships, experience with
privation and indomitable pluck all go
to make him an [deal Immigrant. Our
western coast is an ideal spot for this
class of immigrant, as it is most nearly
like that of his own home land. Bavtng
the barrenness of the soil and ihe frig
idily of the winters. Both on the fishing areas and on tho arable land he
will find himself quite ai home, and il
the colony in British Columbia gives
the same account of itself that Icelandic colonies elsewhere upon the
American continent have done, this recent one will prove an acquisition to
British Columbia.
A tu>( line of Crockery,
Chinn miu! GliiKMWum.
Al��o8cu>iu1 RUd flood* of Kverr Pepcrlp-
Hon,   WJ hnve col UlfiJ"0*>dlUK) sell Ht
unreal Prim ni Town,
baker Hi , tiiJtt tn e.p.K  Ticket OfflCS.
First lllnss Heating Pl.-uit.-s nnd Minlern
Sanitary Appliances.
Phone 181. Opera House Bft. Box 401
In the County Court of West Kootenay, Rolden at Nelson.
Wssiiis, DECEASED,
Takn Noiim lhal 3>i 1 Parker Turk. Offlolril
Ailuilalilretor lor the Co - >n ihi-i Vmir Electoral
DlatrlcUol Krilt-,. Coin in 1,1 -. Is-, iSretl appointed
A.iniiiiiisirsiissr s,l ih, ratals .'I Ki.Wn Wood, Uo-
i-iMu-i.iiv order ol II lull .JudsieFortn.dalod
lln- llth sliiy nl .inly, I9W!
Ami further take notiee thai all eredltonol
II,.- eetate must f.srllns III, liaml In ilii-ir < lisliisi-
lo ihe Official Admlnutnttor.
Dated at Helton tills 18th day of July, IWO.
In the County Court of West Kootenay, Holdeij at Nelson.
-mill -
Take Kotlee that Samuel l-nrk.-r Tuolt, oifi,-ial
AilsmssslNls-sslsir lisr llss- .m-Im.si sssssl Vsnlr Kls-s-lor-
���st isi-si 1,1- ni iiriiiKii luhi i isss-s been ap.
isolnled Administrator ol tin- kmhii-nf Q.K. 0,
ii'isriKs-iiii, doeeara.1, by ordol nl Mix Honor,
.In,In, ,-,iriii,,lsili-il Hi.' l.-ll day nl.)nlv. INK.
Ami I'lirllisT liiki- IIOtTeo Unit nil iri'ililnl's isl
tin- -��iil s'.-lssls- lisn-t lurlliitilli liimil 111 tlii'lr
s-IssIssik I" Hit- iitlli-lul AslsnltilMristisr.
Datod .st Notion, ii. i', tilts, mui day <���( Jniv
TAKE WITI'T llinl I Intend Us apply nl Ih,-
n. -xi Minims, ill ilm Hoard "( l.lri-iiiiii�� Oomsnli-
Mnlli'ii. mr III.-I'lly ill  Nil.,,is. Is,I-is Irsilssl,-!   tn
Qeonre Karri, r Ni-Im,h. ii r. ,,i my Lu-cnio
toaeli 1,'iiiit'ins'ilandiplritnntia iiiinnrsi sin His-
proinlaca kumiss sis ti.n Lako Vlow tsoii-l. Vernon
btreet, N��, H.t'
Dated llss- itls sissy sit July, iimn.
wllneiis w. a macuonalu.
Noik-e la herobv t-lven (bat B0 dayf after flute 1
liiteiul to appl? to tbe Chief CmniniUfilrmiT uf
Lam In ninl Wnrkf f'ir h bpsulal iiffllBc Ui ��:ut and
o rrv hwuv ttmber frum the following dMCfibM
landi in w��*rt KootentiT Ajitrtett
Nu. 1.���' u mine in in;,' ut n, poat markd'l Ola
Oberg'B iuntbirwt earner i��ost, ami pUnted oo
the t-afit ilde of hunean river, ibftbl ten inilen
POlibcoil ot West Fork of lmiik-uii river; stbeOGfl
-ii chains south, theme SOnlmiiih emit, thenoe W>
i-hiiiti- north, theiiw 80 chains meet to point of
No. 2.���t'ommeneiug b! a post maike.1 Ole
Ob��rg'(i -loMluant po*i ami planted'-n the eait
hiileo' Duncau river, about 11 miles rortheait of
Wthi Fork of Duncan river; theuce SO chaini
north, th' n*-* wt chalna cant, thence H chaini
louth, tbenea 80 chului weit to point of tom-
N;0> 8���ComiiH'ticlnff at a pout marked Ole
Pbeni'H northeait corner pout, and planted on
th�� iaBl nide of I'uncan river, aboul 11 mik-a
ii'-rtht-Kii nf Weit Fork oi Duncan river; theme
���fi (.'halni weat, thon'-c Hi*' chains north, theme
iOcbalnieast, theuce.i6Jchalut south to point of
So. I,���Comnunetng at �� post marked "i-
Obers'i ioalhwit comet poit, and planted on
(he sail itde ol Dum-nn fires mid ubout i'2l -I
iiiilt-f* nortlit-MMt uf Weal Pork oi Dimcmi rivci;
tbenea *> cbalm tiurth, thenco So chalna eait;
ti,.-!i.',- ��ichalm -'iinli, 'hence wit-liainn w,-et to
pout ol '���i>inmuic.-iiH'nt.
So. ft.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i oortbeait comer pout, und planted on
the  east  side ol  Duinan river mid about 13 1-4
mill* nortiit-iutt nf Weet Knrk of Dtufan river;
thenee *' chalm weit, tHenee B0 chain* north,
tbenoe B0 chains eut, tbence 80 ohalns aontb to
point ol commeooeinont.
No. ��.���CunmeiieiiiK   nt  a DOSl   marked   Ole
Obera'i inirthi'Bft corner post, and nlantadon
Un-i- ll -id<- ol  Duneaii   rlv.-r,  and  ubout Hi 1-1
infles nortlieait uf Weet Pork of Donpan river;
thence W cbalm west, thenee80chains north,
(hence wi ehalns east, thenee 80 cha.Uu sonth to
polnl uf commencement'
So. 7.-<*oiii!iieiieinB at ii post marked OUj
Oberf1! wjuthwest eorner poit, and planted on
tin- i-Kt-i hide of Donean river and abont IIW
mllm northoastoftheWeetPorkoIDuncan river;
thence wt chains eawt, tbence m> rhutriN rantn,
thence8oChalm west, thenee BOchalm north to
iHitiit of comroencsoment
No. ��.���Commencing at �� pout  marked "le
Oberg'i t-outhwesf eorner  post,  and   planted on
lhe east side ol Dnncan river, and about Mil
mflci northeast ol the Won Pork ol Duncan
river; tbenea no ihtiinw east, thence hu chains
south, thence *"i ehulns wesi, thenee80 chains
norlh to polnl ol commenoement.
No. 9.���Commeneing at ��� post planted on the
eaal sldeol Donean rivoi-and meritjd Ole Oberg'i
���uuthsesst corner post, an>l about 14 it miles
northeail >d w��-st pork ol Dnnoan river: thenoa
Bo chaini wast, thenee BO chains nortii, thence w��
ehulns east, thenee ��0 chains south  lo paint of
No. 10.���Commencing nt a post marked Ole
Oberg'i southeast corner post and planted on
the east side oi Dnnoan river and about 15 i-t
miles northeast of West rark ol Duncan river;
Ihence 80 chains west, thenee 80 ehalns north,
thence80 chains oust, thenee 80 chains south to
point of commencement.
No. U^���Commencing at a p"--t marked Ole
Oberg'i Southwest comer post und planted on
the east side ol Dnncan river ami about i.r> 1-4
miles northeast ol West Fork ol the Dnncan river; thence 80 chains eaat, thenee MO chains south,
thence 81 chaini vest, thence 80 chains north to
polnl uf c.imt'ieneement.
No. 18.-*I'omnu-m In r at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i northeast  corner  oust  and   planted  on
lhe eut side of Dnncan river and about u; 1-4
miles northeait ol West Porkol Duncan river;
thence .so chains weet, thenee ao chains north,
thence 80 chaini eastt thence <B0 cbaln.1 south to
jtoint uf commencement.
Ko. 18.���Commencing at a post  marked Ole
Ot-e g*lloatbWett corner post uml planted un
the eait able Ol Duncan river about Hi 1-1 iulien
northeast nf the West Fork of the Duncan river;
Ihence 8u ehains east, thenee SO chains south,
thence 80 ehalns west, thenee 80 chains north to
point of commencement.
No. li. - Commencing at r post marked Ole
Oberg'i stoustbwest corner post and planted on
tbe east Ilde Of Duncan river and about 17 1-4
miles northeait from the West Fork ol Dnncan
river; thence 80 chains east, thence 80 chains
lOUtb, tbence so chains west, thenee SO ehulns
north to point uf Commencement.
Ko. IS-���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obctg'* northeast corner post and planted on
the east side  of  I'umuu river and  about  17 1-1
mOas northeast ol Wait Fork oi Duncan river;
thenee &) chalm west, thenee St chains north,
tbence So chains east, thence 80 chaini south to
point of CsOmmencement
No. 18.��� Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg's soutliwcst corner post uml planted on
the eait side ol Duncan  river iiik!  about 18 1-4
miles northeast of tbe West Fork of Dnncan river; thenee ��" chaini cast, thenee80 chains sonth,
thence84 cbstlni west, thenee80chaim north to
pomt ol commencement,
No. 17.���Commencing at a pout marked Ole
oberg's southwest oorner post ami planted on
tbe east side ol Duncan river uml about MM
iiiik-s northeast Oi the West Fork of "UbCan river; Ihein-e so chains east, theliee yu chains south,
thence 80 chains west, thenee80 chaini noth to
point of commencement,
Dated .lune 81 h l'.*" Oik (UiKito, l.ociior
Notice is hereby givtii that 8b days after date I
intend to apply tu the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Wontl for ii Special license to cut ami
earnrawav timber from the following described
land's. Bltnated in the WV-sl Kootenay district:
No. i. t'oninieniinK at a post merited O D.
Hoar's sonthWCll cuTncr post, and planted on lho
��� ast bank of Dttncan river and about ^i 1-4 miles
northeast of west fork of Duiicun river; theueoSO
4-htilus ettst. thenoe Al chains Routh, tbence Ml
ehains west, tlience SO chains north to point Ol
No. 2.���Commencing at a post marked O. D.
Hour* northeait corner post, and planted on the
east side of Duncau river, and about 'Al 1-1 mllei
northeast of wesl fork of Duncan river; tbence HO
chains west, thenee Bo chain* north, thenoe 80
ssnalni east, thence 80 chains south to point of
No 3.���Commenolng ut a post marked <>. Ii.
Hoar's BOUthWBSt corner post and planted oil tbe
east side of Duncan river, ami about 'Jo 1-1 miles
northeast of the west fork of Duncan river;
thence *���� OhallU north, thenee 80 chains east,
theme So chains ;outh, ihence SO chains west to
point Of commencement.
No 4,���Commencing at a post method o. b.
Doer's southwest corner post and planted on tbe
cast bunk of Duncan river, and about -'i t*4mllei
nortbeut of the west fork of Dnncan rive ;
them-e so Chsini north, thenee So eliatui cast,
theuce SOeh'iilisiouth, thence SO elialm west to
point of coi.-Ti.. tu-iiieni.
No. s - OomtnoncJng at a pout marked 0, D.
Hoar'-' southeast corner )>oit und planted on the
eu-it side of Duuc*u river, and abOUt'<U 11 miles
northeast of weft fork of Dnncan river; thenc-su
Chains north, ihcnce 80 chains easl, thence 80
ehulns snath, llieneo Rut-lulus west to point of
i uinmen- i-ment.
No 0, omiiiciictiit* at a post marked t>. D.
II ���!. r- soulbtiisl curmr posl and planted on Uncus! side of tbo Duncan river, and about '-M 1-1
mil s northeasl of the west fork of Duncan river;
itii-nce so i hums north, ttience80 chains ea*t,
theme Bo chaini south, thene   m cnal.n wi ��t to
ptdiil of eouiint'iieemeut.
No. 1.    Commencing  at a  post marked 0. II.
Hour'- southwest corner post and plante<l on the
east s de ol Duncan river, ami abu.it -"J 1-4 mil- k
northuaat Ol the Wu��l fork of Duncan rirt-r;
theme 80 ehulns eait, thenee Hii chaini south,
theuce 80Ohelni weit, theuce s-i chains uorih tu
point of commencement.
No. K. -Commencing at a post marked 0, D.
Hour's northeait corner post aud planted uo the
easl side of Duncan river, and ubout >\ l-l miles
southeast of west fork of Dnucaii river; tic nee Bo
ehulns west, thence 80 elmiun   north, theme Si
chains east, tbence so chaini louth to point uf
No. v. Commencing at a poit innrked o d.
Hour's southwest corner pusi uml iilanted on
lho easl sideuf I nncan  river and  alioui 28 1-1
miles northeast of the wesi fork of Dtinean river; Uienoe 80 ohalns east, thenco 80 ohalns sonth,
Ihenco HO chains WOSt, theme so chains north to
point of commencement,
No. 10.���Commencing at a pmt  marked  o. n.
Hour's northeast ner posl und planted on the
cast side uf Duticuti liver uml ubout Ti tl miles
linrtheuM uf the west lolk of the Duncan river;
theme ho chains, west thence Htl chnlni north,
Utenco 80 chains eut, thonce 88 chaiini houHi to
poiui uf commencement.
No. U,���t'liiiuiletietug et a a post.marked O. D.
Hoiii' s Southwell corner post and planted on the
easl side uf Duncau river and about 2:11-4 miles
muMieust of the wesl fork ol the Duncan river;
lliclic, ��i chains east, llieneo, 80 chnins south,
t hence Ho chnins wesl, tbence fto chains north to
point of commencement,
Nd   Vi- -Commencing at a post marked 0, D.
Hour's iinrthcusl curlier post nud planted on the
east slue ni Hum mi river und about '.MM tulles
north cost of ihe west fork of the Duncan river;
theme so : Imni, went, theuce wi ebului norlh,
thence Wl chnins east, theuce 80 chains south to
poltlt of cullllnemeliieut.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Boom, are well furnished-   Table aa good at at*
ln Nelsson.    Bar aupplied with good
llaunn aud clean.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprintor.
Tremont House
*      mui
Furopcau and American Plan
Mt-ul* ib cu.   Kootni from 26 eta. to 11
'July White Help employed.
Baker Ht., Nelaon Proprlelor*
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar Is. lha Flneat.
White Help Only Employed.
Joaephlns- 8t.
The Big Schooner T}oatt  i A-
Or "Hilfand-llall"    DCCl    I \JL*
The only Glass of Good Bssor iu Nolson.
Hotel Aci-oinniodiitionB es3cond to
none iu British Columbia.
Special Rates to Monthly Boarders.
This only Home Hotel in Nclsnn.
Lake Vieto
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two block* from
Rates $1.00 per Day
aud np.
fiftSA.      NELSON. B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Looatttd. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bith Rooina Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vonon Streets.
Ti* Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelaon. B. O,
Lighted by Electrioity and
Heated by Hot Air
lArge and t'ssinlortatile Pedrooma nud Ftrat-
elaisss lllnlnit Hooni.- Painpl,- Rsioisia for Commercial Men.
MRS. K. C. CI.AHKK, Hroprlotrcaa
Tin- wi-ll known
HOTEL    Onr BosatGwden is
i    i     !,,        ,, the l''ini'st in the
���^-���*������""���"��������� KsHsts-nuys.
tr~ -\
West Transfer Co.
(Is iiii'iil Ti'iunsters and Dealers In
Coal nnil Wood,   Express and
liiiKitiiun Transfer
K'ta'm  Office: Baker St.
^ ���^
No. is,���t'oiiuiH-iii'iiif* m ii post marked o. p,
Hour's Miutliweat ronii-r poit and blantod on thu
saatildoof the Duboan rivet and about ii i-4
iniU'�� northeast ol the weit fork ����l the ibinran
rher; thenee �����> --tiHinn onm, thenee tvt i-imttm
MMitb,tbonocBO iiiuiii- wi-t, thence BQ tiiuin-
iinrtb to point of comiiifrn-t'ini'iu.
No. 14.*-CoinmtMiclUtf ut ii pout niiirki'il O. D.
Hour's iiort)iw<>��t corner post mid pluntuil on the
I'UHt Htilf o/ Omii'iui rl it nnd about ttl-ltnlli'H
ii.ii'!li.',i.-i ni ibi- went forkolllu' Dnni-uii rlvt-r;
tlu'iu-i' HO I'loiiiiH wrsi, ihi-in-,- *-������ ��� ,-itiiins north,
Hiuniri'Hfd-liMlnH PiiKl, thfiia'Mi ohalni MUUl  to
point of commencement,
Dated June Vtb HHW. 11 V. HoAK, Locator.
Hy his Agunt, Ulk UBUto,
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
l^ire  arid  Aucldwnt ____ *f   ___    __     . _*_   mmt     ��
iinsumaincb.   Keal estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
01.ls-.st eafebUahed r���i Estnto
BnfJnSM in Knotenay.'
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Froit Lands in this district
Most of it Kiiiinti- on thr West Ann nnil Main Luke.   See me be-
fore you deciile to locnte.
S* M. BRYDGES, inpeSSck!ank
' MMsAAAs^^s^sMs^sAs^s^s^sMAA^s^As'^i'^'^^s^s^MWVWMMsWsMMVMsVWMVVWWyMSs'
We Wifl Sell.
20 Marconi-Canadian, for $60*00*
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of tiie
Choicest Froit Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B.C.
Winnipeg Exhibition
From Cranbrook, B* C.
Round Trip.
On Sale .Inly 20th to 'JTth.   Good to re-
turn until August 2nd.
��� .������.    Eastern
Next Selling      _ ,
Dates  hxcursion
August 7-8-9, September 8-10
St. Paul ChiciiRo
Ontario tjur'.ni
Mtiiilinif Provides.
For rnteR, lmrt-h reservation nnd rietnil,-d
int'iiniiiitiiiii apply to Ideal nKi-nt sir write
A.II.I,.��..Vnlii-iniviT. U.P.A.. N.-Ikssb,
Wholesale aixl Ketnll Oealora In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oiuups supplied on shortest notlco and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mali orders i��:eive cnrefnl attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
90 day Eastern Summer
Good going Aug. 7, 8, 9,
Sept. 8, 10.
Stop-overs   allowed  west
Missouri River.
St. Paul
Fort William
Kiiiifos Oity
Chicago      84.00
St Ixinis 00.00
Toronto 8M.H0
.M.siilri-iil 100.00
Ottawa.' 100.00
New York 100.00
For ratea to all other
points apply
City Pasacnger Agent.
A 0. P. A., Sesttlo.
A. McDonald & Go.
Dealers iu staple aud fancy Orooerlea.
Batter, Egga.
Camp and Minora' Snppliea. The Daily Canadian
MrmtMiMMmnr\Kefrv.\^M*,Am^    ��� '���^~
-r ��� ���''���"*""-���""���' "" '������^���������'������������������-���"'���^������-���--Yr**'-*-'-'
The finest stock we have yet shown.    It includes some
special pieces iu  new  and  beautiful designs.     Iu
smaller pieces the prices are quite as attractive.
Finely cut Nappie and Bon-Bon Dishes at
$3.00 and $5.00 are our leaders.
I     Refreshing j
I     Drink I
X    To one quart rather sweet!
��� lemonade add one tumbler of j
Pints 40c. -   Quarts 70c \
Everything to tempt the ap-J
petite will be found at     |
this store. ���
Bell Tradxngf
Company        |
44 <A Tip" for a
44 Canadian Morning.'
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177. a        BAKER ST,
j Joy's Cash Grocery]
If yon don't liki- ��tale
ileal where Hit- Undo la so bride Unit,
fresh supplies nn- received
every day.
tome of the Nice Things
Today are:
Homo Oookod  Bollod  Hum,  j*
pound 8S0,
(Visum- * Blnokwoll's Potted I'MkIi i
1 uml Mi-nts.
Hiii'ilinrK- S|MsrfMiu-ji, King Osoar,
mut Bassatt.
Fresh Strawlierrfas nnd Tomato
J.-llii Ios Criniin Powders nnd Orosse j
& Hiiii-liwi-ll's Kennel Tnlileis.   Also J
Liquid Rennet! for making ourds I
nud whey.
JOY will meet you at
the door.
Coi. Joai-pliltiL-Hliil Mill Sin.     PhOOO ll'
Bargains in
���The Store of Sweets/
Ftuils, Confectionery And
Ue Cream,
Phone ~.v>. Buki-r St.
. Vsrtsuss 1111J Wiird  8truoti4,
INfcSLSOlN.   U. C.
J  KKKD HUME, Proprietor.
v Robinson, T u Campbell, .1 .1 Thro-
keld, W 0 Kyio, W II Strathearn, Kas-
to; W N Brayton, Spokane; 11 .1 Smar-
don, W W Montellus, H H (illmour. .1 T
Martin, .1 P Doble, Vuneouver; C S Miller, Malm; J J McManus, Toronto; 11 s
Btroebel, New York; H Rushton, New
Westminster; w Wattermonti and
wife, Ingereoll; Miss 0 Clayton, Vlcto-
rla; a M Harris, J D Scon, u E Roome,
Vancouver; D b Fotherlnghanis A Lald-
lnw, A I- Anderson, c: B Legg. Sim
kane; il )) Buchanan, P H Celsas. Toronto; C Ross, Hamilton; W S Wyatt,
London; A It SJiewan, 0 Shewen, K C
Thorn, ll 11 Kirkpiiii'lrk, Montreal; A
W Nietman, Chluago; K Lautor, Clove-
land; R A tiralmin, T \V Btfirsy, W I.
Poole, Winnipeg; D 11 Carey llinl Wife,
.Mrs. F Psilloli. Coleman; I' it Corson,
Toronto; Q Drquhart, Rossland; J Q
Billing*, Nakusp; Mrs. RoBeborougband
snn. i iini;i'hi    P MoPherson, c Q
McPherson anil wife. Winnipeg; E ,1
Coyle, c ic Curtwiiifijt. Vanoouvsar; L
Pratt anil wife, Sandon; K .VI Hand,
Ynilr: I) Black, I'inelier t'r.iejj; A H
Ufackensle, A tl Crt-elniun, RoMjand;
P A  Hill. Si-allle.
W ii Dehoon, Winnipeg; W Harris,
Slocan; 1) Black, Plncher Creek; ,1 A
Vsirli, Eilnionion; C King, Vanoouver;
J Norton, D v rJorbes, si. Paul; it Bell,
Salmo; S I, Roberta, L L Young, Spo-
kane; il E liriHltlis, Blocan; T .1 lira-
iiani. Kamloops; IV E Gray, Trail.
R Taylor, Kaalo; .1 Rs-d/y, Bonnington; R Ellliil, lianklii-ail; ll Warren,
LAKE VIEW.   ���
.1 Harrison. Creston; John William.-*,
Koch Siding; .1 Nlklouch, Coleman,
W II Martin, il A Whai'lii, Calgary;
I." A Thomas, Vancouver; Mrs, K Bur-
.���iiai ami child, Greenwood; w itniiiji
sssn. Quebec,
T Leavlok, W Bennett, Ymir; s .1
Blaylooke, W Logan, A Llpart, Trom
Lake; c Porteoua, Camborne; N Fraser, High River; P Donahue, Minneapolis; V I'ni'iii-si. ,i Hammond, it Fiizwll
Hams, Salmo; .) I) Campbell, Moyle; w
.i Cobb, Wallace; D M Gener, Halcyon:
C V Anderson, Vanoouver,
-I Boyd, Spronle Creek; F ll Baoon,
Spokane; V P Brown, Newport; Q 0
Graham, T Kirk, Bonnington; l> li
Sweddon, Rossland,
C McBachern, .1 w Hurry, Bonnlng
ton; .1 Cornfield, Markdale; ll ciiiiis,
Trout Lake; II Conslneau, Calgary; It
King. V Laldlaw, Bonnington.
We are receiving strawberries
direct from the rachers. I'lace
your order for preserving
at once as the)- won't
last much longer.
Telephone Ull.
For Everything Good
ts, smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tdbaccos.
Po You Know Thurmin's Special Mixture?
There was no Besslou nf lln
lice court this morning,
iiiy i"
A resident on Silica street announces
that he has a ripe tomato in his garden,
Silver  advanced    slightly    today  to
65 3-4. but all other metal quotations
J, Honeyman leaves luiilglii for a
trip to Ihe consi cities. He will return
iilioiit the middle of August,
A chamber session of the OoUUfy
court of Went Kooteiisy will lie held by
Jiiiltje l'-isrin tomorrow ut  11 D   in.
Jlldgd IV H. Ciirey. of Colville a
nienitsei stf ihe Bdllrefale conn of filasl
Waslsiisgisiii. was ai the Htlme yesterday,
The recently >-l<-.i���-,i olBcors of Qui on
City Rebokah lodgo will be Installed al
lhe regular meeting of the lodge tomnr
row evening.
P. Ryan, of New York, sssn of John
!���'. Ryan, of the Equitable Life Insur
ance Company, was in ihs- s-liy y, sis-r
daj nn his return from a visit lo Prank
Iin camp, where he lias mining lnl��r
II. S Taylor, representing lln- .Mining
World, nf Chicago, is in tin- cily begin
ning n lour in Introduce tlie paper tn
British Columbia mining inon. Incl
dentally Mr. Taj lor is gnlhorlng news
nl Kootenay mines ami si inlying condl-
The advertising commitlee of tlie
Twenty Thousand Club meets in the
secretary's niili-n ihis oftornoon nt 5 in
consider ways ami means nf en-nperat
ing with the Kootennj Frull Growers'
Association In making the exhlbll at
Winnipeg successful.
Louis Pratt, id Sandon, ami Mrs.
Pratt are at the Strathcona today, ami
go norlh tonight. .Mr. Pratl is nn his
way back from Victoria, where arrangements have heen completed fnr
renewing operations at lhe Last Chance
mine, which win in- reopened next
The Baptlsl aonveqtloR which mot ln
New Westminster last week pusseil ll
strung resolution urging upon tin- pin
vlnclal governmenl tn take steps Immediately fnr ilm establishment nf a
provincial university ami asking that
nni-fiiiiiili of lhe lamls beld hy the
province for educational purposes lie
set aside fm- ilie realization "I Use
scheme. They also appointed a com
niiiiei* in wait upon ilie minister nf erl
uciitlon ami urge the movement.
A   new   Mi-lhoilist   chnreh   is   In     he
erected in Vancouver in Hint pun nf
the city known us Mounl Pleasanl The
contract was let last week tn a Victoria
contractor, and involves tin- expenditure nf 120,600. The church will he a
modern nm- with several new architec
tural iWniiires, and will he constructed
with a liiiseniKiil for gymnasium pur
poses looking toward the adoption of
tin- institutional scroti idea.
Judge Clement, of Orand Forks, has
signed an award under tin- Workmen's
Compensation Act In tin- case of Nicholson vs. iiie Providence .Mining Company, giving ihe plaintiff $1 To nt once
ami Jin a week until tho total amnunts
isi J1.600. Tin- plalntilf was in the company's employ, and Insi both eyes by
an explosion in tin- mine. J. O'Shea. of
Nelsoq, as-iisi for the plaintiff, and A.
M, Whitesldq, of greenwood, for the
defendant  company.    Niclinlsnn is in.
tally  blind.     He  Is a   lull   m; f    line
physique, and is 20 years nf age.
The Store of Quality
Do You
Want Bometliing
Very Delioato in
Packed  hy  ourselves,    Every   package boars our own name, thai being a
guarnnti r purity.   Nn dearer than
sillier leas nf inferior quality, For Hint
reason we ask you in try it. won't
ensl yon n cent if you don't like It.
R��d Uabwl SOe
Blue L*4b*l 3So
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phsine if)
Gait Coal
Termi Spot <'hhIi
telephone vwi itmtnr nirm-i
Wagstoffe's Kllgiisi,."
Fig and Lemon Marmalade
This Is something good, An old
reliable article, But new nn this
25cts. Each
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica ami Josephine Sis
i'iiiim: 7.
is not complete without n gosssl
We hnve a full line of them al prices to
Buit your purse.   Al<s. Wash Boards,
'inlis, chuiies Pius, Clothes
Lines, Pulleys, Eto.
Nelson Hardware Co*
PHONB li,      NKi.suN, i: c.
>>���*> A
Doll Chance
We have snme Dulls we want hi clear
uut, so that nre won't have u lot
of uhl stock tn show ut
$2.00 and $2.00 Dills for $1.00
$2.00 and $2.50 Doils (damaged) for .75
$125  Dolls for 75
$1.25 Dolls for 50
50c and 60c  Dolls for \   .25
40c and 50c tinea for 26
?5c to $1.00 llncij for   'oo
$1.50 lines for (i.oo
W. G. Thomson
sffiffiSffiE* """ Nelson, Ii. C.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or s-ll anything,
go lo lho old CuriiiBiiy Shop, A pi ,v
line nf Japanese Goods now nu sale. All
kinds of Dlnnorwnre In slock. Patterns.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's nice bool drinks.      Lnuohes
put np II speciiilty.
W.J. Walker,   gS
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Now, us the s.-iiHun Is closing, und I will
see that your order Is filled with the
best fruit to be hud nt the lowest market price.
Hafclewood Ice Cream
Phone 206.
Thorpe's Lithia
is made
by iiiimiiisii Canadians.
Do you
consider that a fault ?
If your system needs
try ;i home made
Thorpe & Co'y,
Phone 60.  Nelson, B. C.
Cm up c/tiii<
mliltiii Oh ,i/���.'iiti/s/i//ifsi/tiiiiit/lii
Bcp.dli, it/si tfiinitm-lkti'iUciitlhstt.
r>a> VOV k.now
ihssi Hiss drink, iomsKl mour SmU PounuiD
Isssil h,i.i prnpertiM !.,����� ,1,�� relroihinil
Wb sit,,niy rssnl lniit ivrupl of ih-tlii^Ht
quBltty Kniintiiiii. s-.snsitcr, glum and
rocoptaolei ..r,   u.-j.i lorupulously iis-ssn
linker Street, Nelsou, D c.
Thompson & Douglas
|ii:co^a kikm
slum Writing i, -Spucissii.,.
Wall 1*1.pur iisiil Burlap.
SHOP UK WARD ��Tr;.T 0/-����r
sTiiKKT.... ���    NELSON
Applications win in- rooelved by the
truatees nf the Hume school district,
Nelson, fnr n teacher for the ensuing
term.   Salary, $7r, per i h,   Address
OHO. ii   PLAYi.B, Bocrotary,
These are the days when a man's
Shirt is the all Important part of his
make-up���both  for   looks and   comfort.
We've Everything that's good
in Summer Shirts..*.,.
We sell shirts from the best of shirt makers in Canada���makers
with a  reputation.
Watches! Watches!
'1 hi- lxvst grades in American movements.   Prices
Iss ouu pete wiih Eastern houses, Fine watch
icpairiuK and nptics onr specialty,
MANl'KAI'll'KKRa OF THK O&AWfOBD        B.���, ,. ,,
aerial thamway. Kepairing and Jobbing a Sd��i ik
Hheetmetal Work, Oastlnss, Builders' Material and Minlnu m,s un.
________ �� ��"u Mill |__4
Ofllce und Wnrks Fool of Park St,
Phiins  J<)4.
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, jj
i l>-i,|i- TO K. KKIriTKRKR si I ll.
Hi. in i-..,i.i Botiler, iii
Fine Lager Beer and Porter     |   Every Known Variety Snlt%
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
I1, si. IIOX   304,
&Co., &Ais
7        Limited, Wiaajpeg,
Wholesinle I 'rovltilona,
ProduM,        ���
Dominion Qoveruuienl ('renin.-n- One-Ponnd Brinks roodvod weskhk
from tin- .���hum.   l-'ssr ->.-.l<- l.y ull tadlnR groonrs.
(lilies- uml wnrelliiu-e:   I [sJDStOn Hlissk,    I'iiiim-
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
** w^/%/v^A
I. E Ashdown Hardware Co., Ll
We would invite yon to insp.-ei ssur lur(;e und vnnnl .ti, k of
Nn need tn (nffer from hint if ys.u
will only eail ami ask
TZZ Hot Weather Requisiti
Sstore (��|m-h fri
in 7 n.in, to ii ii.ni. every day SXCOpI bolldajl and Snmlar*
Wc-nMiri,,,, ���,,j Jobblna sntoautod with DMjHItcli. ***** MtM
>\...k. Mlsilm, sand Msll Mssthlnurv.      ��fi,iuslssiliir��r�� ol
ore eara, R. iv.  c,.s,t,-.i"ct,���-��.' Bar*.
1NELSOIN,    B.  C.
fmm&i ���.     ��� -. ��� 	
I The Latest Arrival at J. A. Gilker's is the |
Superior in make and quality.
MANUFACTURERS   T f Cl t       1
AND DEALERS IN   LVmfotf dhfllgleS*
Ltith, Moulding:*, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work una lir,1(Jkct���. Mail Orders promptly ��tw��J
. viiKiNON STi<i;ii-|- . . .   NHUaOKf, B. O.
have deraonstrated to ns, and if you will let ns mnkeyon
one suit we'll convince you that tlie clothes we
make are superior to all other makes
in every detail of
fflgh-Olass Tailors. BftJ*j Sfc   Nl.U[llu B.0.
Carpet Sweepers
Ar��  Asiknsswludiiuil   to   he   Without   >>   Klv" '
%v<;   Hull  ilssiin.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y. ^


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