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The Daily Canadian Jul 26, 1906

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Array i i
5U*tlg  Ccmatocm
r.  No. 45.
Fifty Cents a Month
Dssible to Form Sat-
(factory Conclusions
thing is at Sixes and Sevens���
Issian Securities Decline at
Home and Abroad.
eteraburg, July    21!.���The  gov
is using every  means ut   its
ii   in create   the   Impression,
gt, in me and abroad, thut the crl-
lies'ii successfully  passed,  nnsl
insliulslllty of ii general up
na   disappeared.    The    boiuI
less is filled Willi comforting
i> iimi  the  governmenl    now
ni lisilil of lhe slliliiliiin.    uml
Mtiisn of the opposition forces
united acl ion impossible.Mere
��� ssliicisil reissrtB seek to create
ferei son that there has beeu
���, us,tig   the   masses   to
fti issr a general strike as a pre-
' to an universal uprising, The
|   so ,i   Lhe   olsl   methods,     the
ent cunlldently    assorts,    has
landed ihe most dangerous ol
dera behind the bars, and much
laid on tlii' importance of the
nf a  number of  rouilutionary
m. which, as ll turns out. was
|ssilt of information  obtained ut
of tlie capture of the officers
Misla here.    Among the papers
felted,  the government   claims,
jthe complete plans of a revolu
military  organisation,    which
M  ihe authorities to close    the
[tlonary channels Into  the array.
government's    excess  of    optl-
however, is  really traceable  to
crnatton  over the disastrous
If Russian    securities    at    homo
Slsrssasl.    The   second   installment
;:n negotiated prior to tbo
fiiihng of parliament is due   on
hi,I lhe outlook lu Russia
���sliis-nesl  the holders Into  refus-
pay in any further cush.    The
11   lias     evidently     caused     as
larni among the linanciers who
rote the  loan abroad as It   has
treasury here.
us'    Minister    Kokovsoff    bus
bombarded   by  telegrams    from
is Is.  English   anil  (lerman   hankers
' "ii him lhe necessity of    sup-
-: Hu, market   This accounts for
ctlvlty of the governmenl  hank
|n bidding up prices on the Bourse
���  and   ut   Moscow   yesterday,   a-s
us. for the rosy view setu  abroad
ii s'liicial telegraph agency undo**
.'. knsiiff's inspiration.
n matter of fuel, the government
hardly be blind  in the tact   iVal
Iivink over n  volcano,  nnd    the
" 'if an eruption is far from end-
IJuring the last 48 hours the cen-
committees of socinl  democrats,
revolutionists, peasani    league,
' '! mens' union and telegraphers1
fn ami the military committee have
onferrlng  both  separately    ami
I'i;, wiih the parliamentary groups,
only on lhe question of calling a
'''  Btrike,  hut  actually    on    tho
s'i'sn of attempting a counter coup
''y settinK up n provisional gov-
No until deolston has   yet
'sen. hut  prucllcally nil the or-
nis, Including that or tin rail
' 's"ii. with ilie exception of   the
iTaiiherB, have already pronounced
"vor of lho step.
|l" members of the group of loll
social democrats of the outlawod
liinienl believe (hut another course
>i'��� a. and  are  Irrevocably  commit-
ihe surface with  the const Hu
Indignant Denial to Report that
He   in  a   Grafter.
ork, July 20.���The New York
"Id has the following ln a special
; lhe .statement of Major Dompsey,
mnatl, in expressing his oplu-
1 '"' His' alleged shortcoming of Ihe
[v��llon Army has created a stir In
1 ;; it can readily he Imagined
11 ;| furore It has causesl In Bng-
", 'he home of tho Army. No.words
""��� friends of Oneernl Booth fitly
'''���'"' the Indignation which Is felt
1 '"e accusation that 'he leader
not boon disinterested in his work
" " making a kooiI living out nf It.
���,,;'"���'"', the nnlnrul result of tiio
has heen lo drnw from Geu-
���l a denial that he Is rocelv-
pecuniary beneBI from his po-
IS lhe head of the Army. Uo
13 "ie assertion as an "absolute
an, ridiculous falsehood." He savs
hat Instead of gamwg anything, iio
has given everything he possesses to
the  work. .
General Booth lives at Hadley Wood
in a house built for him by the Sal-
I,ar,,��? y'    " l8  not an  "nPOBiug
structure, nor is it furnished in a
manner which would suggest extravagance. General Booth BupplementB
his denial with a Btatemeni ibat ho
Is only enabled to live at the house
In question through the kimlncBS of
friends. He shvb he does not make
enough from his work to keep him in
shoo  leather.
il  Bi
Chicago Wins Millions In Decision on
Field's  Estate.
Chicago, July 28.���The three-corner
ed controversy between the hoard of
review, tlie executors of the Marshall
Held estate and the clly corporation
came to an end yesterday, when the
taxing body decided lhat the Field
estate should he taxed a total of $180,-
000,000, this amount Including hack
The decision means that the executors of the estate will he forced tss pay
the county (2,800,000, which Is moro
than the total amount of property on
Which Mr. Field was taxed (luring the
lust year of his life. Tss this sum will
be added the following tier cent, inter-
est fixed by tbe law to be collected In
all cases of this kind. 'Ihis Interest
amounts in 1482,900. The personal
property uikiu which the estate will
he compelled to pay taxes for this
year was placed at $25,000,000.
Dreyfus Slapped  in the  Face on  First
Appearance at  His Military Club.
New York, July 20.���A social cable
to the New York Herald from Paris,
dated Wednetitlay. says that just after
being honored by President Fallierea
al the Klysee palace today, Major
Dreyfus was publicly insulted in the
Cercle Mllitaire, one of the most exclusive clubs in Paris, by a commandant, who slapped him in the face. It
was at a reception at the Cercle Mil,.
laire to the Thirteenth regiment of
artillery that Major Dreyfus and Commandant Targe made their first appearance In a military gatneriug sincu
the recent court verdict.
As soon as Major Dreyfus came into
ihe salon an officer, whose name is not
yet known, ran up and slapped him in
ihe face. The major did not reply.
Jnstanily there was almost a riot in
the club rooms. Two groups were
formed of sympathizers and opponents
of Prey is.
It u,)poa:v that tho incident was
prearranged- and the officer who in
suited DreylUK is declared to hnve de
dined to fight n duel in order to bring
opprobruim on Major Dreyfus aud
;orce him to retire from active service. Several other disagreeable in
ajdentfl are said to have occurred in
ihe club rooms tonight, nnd a greal
crowd is in front of the doors, which
have been closed.
Paris, July 20.���An official denial
denial was issued today regarding the
tumor that Major Dreyfus had been
assaulted yesterday by a brother officer at the military club. The official
statement says u denial of the most.
formal kind is authorised concerning
lhe incident-, which it is rumored occurred last night during a dinner Ht
which Major Dreyfus was present.
Tho facts are as follows: According to custom, the officers of the first
cavalry division gave a dinner to two
newly appointed lieutenants, and the
minister of war authorised the ofll-
cers, upon their unanimous request, to
invite Major Dreyfus. The dinner occurred, nnd was marked throughout hy
animated sentiments of the most per-
feci good nature. The officers sopa-
rated to their homes without the occurrence of anything which could give
;lse lo ihe rumor put  In circylntion.
City   Hall   Condemn��d.
Snn Francisco, July 20.���The city
hall, which cost $7,000,000, was formally declared unsafe ut the meeting
of tho hoard of public works yesierday, and notice was served on tho polite department lhat its s<ntion in the
building must find other quarters. The
entire building was condemned.
A Lake Catastrophy.
Cleveland, Ohio, July 20.���In a
heavy fog the steamer C. W. lClphike,
of the (lilchrlsl fleet, crashed into the
new section of the east breakwater
last night aud sank. No lives wero
Great Northern Fir-;.
Leeds, Eng., July 20.���The Great
Northern hotel here was practically
destroyed by fire which broke out
lust night, but the firemen prevented
if he flames from spreading. Loss,
Discusses Socialism and
Politics at Greenwood
Liberals and Socialist Leader Walk
Round a Circle and Repeat
Ancient History.
(Special  Correspondence.)
Greenwood, July 20.���It was R:S0
Tuesday evening when J. II. Haw*
thornthwaite, M. P. P., accompanied
by his chairman, F. llazlewood, Duncan Hoss. M. P., and .1. H. Brown, M.
P. P., took seals on the platform at
the Auditorium. The hall waa fairly
filled, quite a number of ladies being
present. The chairman at once introduced Mr. Hawthornthwaite, intimating that at the conclusion of his
address Mr. iirowu would speak for
naif an hour. Then Mr. Ross would
be given a half hour, leaving the conclusion  to  Mr.   Hawthornthwaite.
M r. Hawthornthwaite tost no time
getting Into action. He started out
with explanations of the meaning ot
tho terms Conservative and Liberal,
tradng them back through the earlier
Tory and Whig designations to Tthe
original of "Robbers" ana "Sour Milk"
parties. On this as a text he built up
his ariaignmoat of both parties, showing to his own satisfaction that the
Conservatives stood for the capitalistic class, while the Liberals, posing as
reformers of the capitalistic clas3,
failed to reform, and hence both parties were in league with capitalism.
He claimed ii was impossible to re
form capital; tho only thing to do a as
lo abolish it, and to do tliat was the
mission of socialism. His efforts in
the local legislature had been directed
entirely towards the amelioration of
ihe conditions of the working classes
in the direction of tho reduction of the
hours of labor, the protection of life
in betteiing tlie workers' surroundings and iu widening the iranchise.
Matters of taxation and land were of
little moment to him or the party he
represented. Tho socialist has liltle
or nothing to pay taxes on, and few
of them own auy land; hence the
greater the taxation tho better it was
for all, as it fell directly and most
heavily  on  capitalism.
The land question wns of no moment to Socialists; it was held by and
for the capitalist. Until the time
came that the Socialists took charge
of tho mines, mills and factories, they
need not worry about lands and laxes.
All the Socialist and laboring class
had to sell was labor, for which they
got In return the lowest value possible for capitalism to place on it.
In reference to the claim of the Liberals tbat be and his party held the
"balance of power" in the legislature,
and that they ought to assist the Liberals in turning the Tories out, he very
ingeniously insisted that the Liberals
had no claims on his party, because
when one-half of the measures introduced in the legislature in tbe interests of labor had been defeated, the
Liberals must assume responsibility
therefor If his party held the balance
of power.
In recounting what he had done in
the legislature, he referred to the
election day holiday, the Workmen's
Compensation Act, the coal mines regulations, amendment to the Trades
Unions Act, the smelter bill, woman's
franchise, reduction of candidates' deposit, etc. He showed where the Liberals, and particularly Mr. Hrown. had
stood on all these questions, and arraigned him as a traitor to the workingman  and  his  constituency.
Mr. Hawthornthwaltc's speech was
characterized by shrewdness, bitter
ness and even vulgarity,
In his reply Mr. Brown adopted tho
defensive, speaking in great moderation and directing his remarks to ex*
planailon and defence of his acts in
the legislature. He criticized the gov-
ernment's action on the Schools' Act,
the Kaien Island transaction and Columbia and Western land grant, and
showed Mr. Hawthorthwite's attitude
on these und other matters. He described Mr. Hawthornthwaite as one-
tenth Socialist and nine-tenths apologist  for the Conservative government.
Mr. Ross, who was in very good
form, began Ills address by remarking
that Mr. Hawthornthwaite was the
greatest "political curiosity" Jn tho
country, and ended it by declaring
him the greatest "political fakf ' In
tlie country. He directed his remark's
more particularly to Mr. Hawthornthwaite in an arraignment of his attitude on all matters vital to the Con*
servatlve government, and showed him
a time-server and apologist for Premier McHrlde nnd his party. He resented  the  Insolence    of    Mr.    Haw
thornthwaite in charging Mr. Brown
and himself as being the repreaenta
tives of capitalism, and contrasted Mr.
Huwthomthwaite's attitude as a Socialist on the stump and as a defender
of capitalism and corporations ln the
legislature. Mr, Robs also dealt with
the question of railway lands taxation
and the history of the Midway and
Vernon railway project, in each of
which he scored Mr. Hawthornthwaite
rather severely.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite's reply opened up little new ground, being chiefly
a reply personal and in explanation
and  defence  in  matters  criticized.
Extract from Speech of Speaker Sutherland  at  Winnipeg.
Hon. R. Sutherland, speaker of the
house of commons, in opening the fair
at Winnipeg, said among other things;
"The time was when one could but
hope and predict as to the future of
Canada, its west, and Winnipeg���-
when optimism occasionally faltered
and prophecy wa_ flnged with doubt.
Some in those days n��w gone did see
ahead and read the future, as, for example. Lord Dufferln, who expressed
in his' eloquent, and hopeful way, the
prospect before Canada, which,
Like a virgin forest in primeval wood,
Canada still walks in unconscious
beauty among her golden woods.
And   by   the   margin   of   her  tractless
Catching but broken glances of her radiant,  majesty, '
And scarcely recks las yet of the glories awaiting her
In the Olympus of .nations.
"Now, however, she does reck and
"Now all days of doubt are past.
"Now optimism Is abroad in the
land from Nova 9l>otIa's misty coast
to far Columbia's  shore.
"Now Canada is racing to progress
and prosperity. Now this great Canadian west is the cynosure of all eyes,
and the Winnipeg of today, great as
it is, marvellous as are its gresent
growth and progress, is conceded to
be but the precursor of that mighty
and Important metropolis which the
future will develop and disclose. The
local situation is here, the times and
conditions are propitious, and that
public-spirited, progressive and capable men are here no more practical
or powerful proof can be offered than
this fine and famous Snir.
"Our position ns a part ot the great
British empire at the present time, besides being so free to govern ourselves as that within a week or two
past Chief Justice Brewer, of the
United States supreme court, said:
'ue speak of England as a monarchy,
but Canada has greater power than
our individual states'���is at the same
time a conspicuous and enviable one.
Canada seems to be attracting more
attention at home than any other of
the constellation of young na I Ions
which in uniting with the motherland
comprise that empire."
Failed in the Attempt.
Warsaw, July 20.���A plan to kill
General Kritnitsky was frustrated yesterday. The would-be assassin, who
was heavily armed, resorted to bribery
and then to force in order to remove
the guard from the route by which
the governor-general was to pass, but
New Strike Rich.
Greenwood, July 20.���The rich ledge
struck In the workings of the Strath
more mine is now about a foot in
Width, some of the ore running around
$200 per ton In gold and silver.
Bryan   and     Members     of  the   Inter-
Parliamentary Conference  Have
Royal   Audience  Today.
Ixindnn. July 20.���William J. Bryan,
who was Introduced by Ambassador
Whitelaw Hold, was received In private audience by Kins Edward at
lluckitikhum palace today. Mis Majesty having notified Mr. Rind that he
desired to meet Mr. Bryan. The Interview wa�� Quite informal and was
marked by tlie pleasant cordiality
which the Kins is accustomed to show
Americans ln whom he is Interested.
Only the King, Mr. Reld and Mr.
Bryan were present. The conversation largely turned on peace, and the
conference of the Inter parliamentary
union, with the objects of which Ills
Majesty showed himself to be thoroughly In accord. Subsequently the king
received some eighty members of the
Inter-parliamentary union in tho
throne room.
Price of Metals.
New York, July 2C���Silver, 66; copper, 17 3-4; electrolytic copper Btock,
18 1-4 to 18 3-8; lead, JS.76.
London, July 2C.���Silver, 30 HCd;
lead,  ��10 ltis 3d; zinc,  ��27.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On  time.
Slocan train���Half hour late.
Spokane  train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
���Hour late.
Flathead Valley Awaiting
R. I. Kirkwood's Account of Journey
in by Way of Montana���All
Work is Still Retarded.
Probably the most urgently needed
public work in the Interior of British
Columbia at present fs a road into the
Flathead valley from a point in Brit
iBh Columbia. The district ls undoubtedly rich In oil and timber, and already the provincial treasury has re
oeived considerable sums for licenses.
But, although appropriations aggregating JC.000 have been made by the legislature for a road into the valley, tho
work has not begun, ami is apparentlf
still awaiting the determination of the
best route.
In the meantime the hundreds of
locators, many of- whom are citizens
of Nelson, with considerable sums already sunk in expenses of staking aud
exploring, are waiting with what patience they can muster for an opportunity to go ln and develop.
Before any real work can be done
large sums must be spent lor machinery, drills and derricks, aud the only
route by which they can be taken in
now Is by way of Belton, Montana, a
road only passable in winter, and difficult eveu then.
At leasi this is ithe opinion of R.
I. Klrkwood, of Slocan, who has just
returned from a visit to the valley
with I. N. Dally. Seen at the Hume
today, Mr. Klrkwood said;
"We had to go in by way of Belton.
It Is a long, roundabout and hard road,
hut the only one possible at present.
The road from Plncher Creek Is the
best in summer and fall, but it ls dangerous until the water has gone down
alter the spring floods, it is merely
an Indian trail, and follows the beds
o[ creeks and rivers. They are all
fordable later, but they are no good
for hauling.
"The road from Belton Is very
rough. iN'othing has been done on It
except the clearing of timber; even
the stumps have been left, it is 60
millet) from Belton to the boundary
line. The Flathead valley, south ot
the boundary line, has been an Indian
reserve, but it has just beeu thrown
open for settlement, and we met a
number going iu to locate. It is good
land and heavily timbered, but as far
as anyone knows yet, the oil fields are
entirely nortb of tue line. No indications that 1 have ever heard of of tho
presence of oil have been found in the
valley below the line.
"I visited my own claim. It is not
one of the disputed properties. I have
done very little on it yet, and can't
do much until there Is a road by
which I can get machinery in.
"No, there is very little work being
done in the valley. We met a few
men, but they were merely looking
over the ground, us we were. Ab 1
say, nothing can be done but wait until there ls a road.
"We visited the Sage Creek country,
where the large seepages occur. The
country was burned over last fall and
the heavy timber was completely destroyed. The ground Is covered deep
with dust and ashes, and we had some
difficulty finding the holes that were
bored there a couple of years ago In
u.e first days ot the oil excitement.
"I am not familiar enough with the
district lo express auy opiniou as to
the best route; but Mr. Dally, who has
been interested ln Flathead valley for
over ten years, ts convinced that a
roasl from Morrlssey would be the
best, giving the shortest distance to
u railway aud a very easy grade.
"Certainly British Columbia ean't
afford to let two foads, one from Mon-
lain and one from Alberta, bo the only means of access to a rich���probably.
one of the richest���areas In the province.
"My idea is that a road should he
cleared from Morrlssey, or Fernie, or
Elko, wide enough for a sleigh road,
and then gradually improved with a
good wagon road as fast as money Is
available   for   the   purpose.
"I am going down to Victoria on
business soon, and I intend to cal] on
the minister and urge the matter on
their attention. I think the locutors
ot Flathead valley oil lauds have been
as patient as any men can be expected
to be who know the*, have rich properties and are kept waiting for
means and opportunity to develop
Dr. P.  G. Clark  Ducked  by  Subjects
Under   tils  Own   Influence.
A story  illustrating the  dangers or
hypnotism  comes  from  Slocan   river.
P. G. Clarke, formerly of Nelson, is
there pursuing the double vocation of
rancher and magnetic healer. His operations have attracted a great deal of
attention and Interest
Last Sunday night a party of lumbermen appeared and asked for a
demonstration. Mr. Clarke obligingly
complied, and soon had six stalwart
loggers ln a row under his Influence.
But the end was a surprise. While
in the franee, ansl of course Irresponsible, the subjects seized the doctor
an.s Immersed him ln the chill waters
of Slocan  river.
Exciting  Sunday  Evening   Race  From
Halcyon  to   Nakusp.
An exciting boat race disturbed the
calm of last Sabbath evening on the
Upper Arrow  lake.
Harry Mcintosh, proprietor of the
summer resort at Halcyon Hoi
Springs, has lately purchased a new
and speedy gasoline launch for the
diversion of tho guests who flock to
the springs. It was held as an article
of faith by all that the launch waB the
fastest thing afloat In Kootenay.
Lost Sunday evening R. Bulger, of
the C. P. R. fleet, appeared at Halcyon
in a steam yacht. He was leaving for
Nakusp at 7:15. Harry got his launch
in order and waited. The wharf was
lined with spectators to see the yacht
It was a very pretty race, hut Harry
got only second money, and Ihe men
who chaffed hfm over his defeat were
forbidden the ladies' society for the
next 24 hourB.
Commission      Suddenly      Terminated
This Morning Because Hlg-
gins  Wilted.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, July 26.���The investigation
into llhe World charges against the
lands and works department is concluded. It proves the charges against
Hon. R. F. Green to have been utterly
false. Hlgglns (World editor) now
admits that the evidence alters his
opinion, but atatee-that at the time
the charges were made he would have
believed any charge agafn6t the government.
Commissioner Peters did not press
Hlgglns to give the source of his information on the latter saying he was
not hdldlng back a material witness.
The commissioner withheld his decision, but the universal Impression is
that the government will be absolutely exonerated.
Commissioner Peters roasted the
Times for improper comment in the
editorial columns of that paper. He
"There is no evidence before this
commission that any person was enabled to investigate the waste paper
basket of the lands and works department and to secure therefrom any information of considerable or of any
value to himself. That statement is
absolutely Incorrect. The only piece
of evidence that could be considered
ln that connection at all ls a piece ot
evidence with regard to the production of some plan���a plan of this lot���
which Mr. Anderson had said he picked up on the floor of tne lands and
works department. I think the evidence very clearly shows that tho plan
was not got there, but it was got from
Mr. Murray, who had copied it from
some other plans. At all events, It
was shown that tho document was of
no value whatever, because it merely
contained information that could have
been obtained from any plan of the
town of Victoria. It was not Information that was in any way private, or
that existed only in the lands and
works department, but It was information that could easily be obtained
by any person; so therotore I say that
these remarks are not calculated 'to Interfere with the proper course of this
Investigation, but they lack the essential element of truth. I think, having
made these remarks, I will let the Incident drop."
Annual Acquatte Contest
of N.P.A.A.O.
Kalgoorlie Gold Mines Are Annually
Robbed by Officials.
New York, July 2C���A Cable des
patch to a morning paper from Sydney, N. 8. W., says; In consequence
of a circumstantial statement that the
Kalgoorlie gold mines suffered a loss
ot .',5,000,000 worth of gold by theft,
the minister of mines employed a de/
taetlve to investigate. Ho confirms
the story of enormous stealing, which
amounts to some hundreds of thousands of ounces, but Bays the robberies
arc smaller than alleged. He adds
that certain men who are generally regarded aB upright and honorable, are
living luxuriously wholly on the proceeds of stlen gold they receive from
the actual stealers, who are mostly
officials. A district magistrate confirms the detective, l.niislsiii officials
of the Kalgoorlie companies say the
estimate of the officials Is greatly exaggerated.' The total value of gold
stolen does not exceed $350,000 yearly. The utmost vigilance fails to prevent the stealing.
Nelson's Chances in Junior Fours
Considered Excellent- -Long
and Varied Program.
The annual regatta of the North Pacific Association of Amateur Oarsmen,
Ihe second to be held in Nelson, will
open tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock.
A very attractive program of boat,
canoe and launch races has been prepared, and the city hotels are already
tilled with visitors from other Interior
cities and towns, eager to witness a
spectacle that can only be seen at
The program for tomorrow Is:
2 p. m.���Launch race, handicap; 17-
foot class, three miles with turn.
3 p. m.���Lapstreak fours, mile
straightaway, first heat
3:20 p. m.���Indian canoe and Chinese
3;40 p. m.���Junior singles, N. P. A. A.
O., mile and a half straightaway.
3:50 p. m��� Ladies' singles, inrlgged
4 p. m.���Lapstreak fours, second heat
4:20���Junior fours, N. P. A. A- O.
4:45���Double paddle canoes, mile and
a half straightaway.
5���Launch race, handicap; three
miles with turn, 21-foot class.
9:30���Mixed doubles, with cox.
5:46���Junior doubles, N. P. A. A. O.
6���Senior singles, N. P. A. A. O.
The entries so far received are:
No. 1���Launch race, handicap, 17-
foot class, 3 miles with turn:
Pellee, J.-. McPhee owner, 1 1-2 h. p.;
race colors, white and black.
Isabel, J. S. Carter, 1 1-2 h. p.. black
and white.
JoBle, R. E. Lemon, 1 1-2 h. p., red.
Mums, C. D. Broadwood, 1 1-2 h. p.,
white and yellow.
Lurllne, T. Morley, 3 1-2 h. p., white
and green.
Blue Bell, T. Weeks, 3 b. p., blue
and green.
T. M. Sturgess, 1 1-2 h. p., grey.
F. D. Arundel, 1 1-2 h. p., black.
No. 2���Lapstreak fours���1st heat, 1
mile  straightaway:
No. 4���Junior singles, N. P. A. A. O..
1 1-2 miles straightaway; E. B. Har-
ley, P. R. Ci J- R- Pemberton, P. R.
Ci N. C. Sawers, V. R. C.
No. 6���Inrlgged skiff, ladies' singles,
. Z mile atraightaway.
No. 6���Lapstreak fourB, 2nd heat, 1
mile straightaway:
No. 7���Junior fours, N. P. A. A. O.;
B. E. Loomls, stroke; A. C. McMlck-
en. 3; J. H. Star,, 2; A. A. Allen, bow,
P. R. C; J. R. Nlckson, O. C. Sawers,
F. H. Godfrey, I. J. Waite, V. R. Ci F.
Nott, N. Mcintosh, R. Sharp, A. Bishop, N.  B. C.
No. 8���Double paddle canoes, 1-2
mile straightaway.
No. 9���Launch race, handicap, 21-
foot class, 3 miles with turn.
Arthur B-, J. A. Gllker, 4 h. p., green
and black.
'inree Sisters, O. A. Hunter, 3 h. pt,
red and white.
Klondike. P. Nelson, 3 h. p., yellow.
Anona, Carl Larsen, 3 h. p., blue.
Minnehaha, W. Davison, 1 1-2 h. p.,
blue and white.
Alrey, C. E. Miller, 4 h. p., yellow
and black.
Ethel, F. E. Morrison, 3 12 h. p..
white. ,.
Muscat, H. Bird, 3 h. p., blue and
Nanoya, Leslie Hill, 8 h. p., black
and   green.
The Gray, H. E. Macdonell, 8 h. p.,
yellow nnd green.
Buster, H. Ewart, 4 b. p., red and
Rambler, J. J. Campbell, 3 h. p.,
green and white.
No. 10���Ladles' and gentlemen's
mixed doubles, Inrlgged skiff, 1-2 mllo
No. 11���Junior doubles, N. P. A. A.
O.. 1-2 mile straightaway; J. A. Dilla-
baugh, stroke; N. C. Sawers, bow, V.
R. Cl  Harley, King, P. R. C.
No. 12���Men's single paddle canoe
race, 1-2 mile straightaway.
A banquet will be tendered to the
visitors Saturday night In Fraternity
hall. Tickets may be obtained from
any member of the boat club committee.
Owners of launches are especially
requested not to run during or immediately before the boat races, as even
a slight swell has an appreciable effect.
Two barges will be run by the boat
club, one for club members and tbelr
out of town friends, which will leave
the club house, and one for the general public, which will leave the city
The winners of N. P. A. A. O. events
will be announced by the raising of
the colora of the clubs, the winners
on top, the others in finishing order.
'������'���- is!
Y   ''".1
IV i
',��; i1,',
s ' 'iStl;
PYM: The Daily Canadian
__= STORES -
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $1.00
CrOWn Gem JarS, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per doz., 1.50
Our stock has just arrived, Secure
your requirements at these low prices
before they are till gone.
Published Nix Oayi a woek by tho
Halter rit., Nelion, B. 0.
bui'srriptitiii mtt'H, 60 coots ii month delivered
in the my. or $6.00 a year if icui by mall, wheu
|inl<l In advance
Advertising rates on application.
All monies paid in wttlemoni d( Tho Dally
Canadian aucoiints. either foi iiubicrJpUoni or
ad ver tiling, musl he rucelpted ror on lho printed
funiiN nf the Company, other receipts are not
JULY   26, I900.
���' By one word we arc ioineUau-1 judged to bu
wise aud by oue word ���unwiiin-ui judged to tn*
fooltib. i ui un therefore be eareful whal we
In iho columna of Tuesday's Canadian will be found a reply to the contention of the Calgary Herald tbat ihu
price of lumber supplied to the purchaser in the prairie provinces is in
advance of what should ht; legitimately charged, and a copy of the Herald
has since come into ilils offlce containing the criticism criticized by us.
While little need be added to whai
has already appeared In onr news
pages, the article in the Herald is nol
only manifestly unjust, but equally offensive to the Lumbermen's Association of British Columbia ami others
not as directly Interested in the lumber trade.
We hold no brief Tor ihe Lumber
men's Association, Inn we should as
soon think of enuring upon the task
of criticizing the cost of producing
foodstuffs on one of the farms near
Calgary, and basing an attach upon
the character of the tanner or stockmen there, as to place any value upon
the tigures submitted by tlie Herald
as to ihu cosl of producing lumber in
British Columbia. Tbe scale of wages
submitted by the Calgary paper as
that being paid in this province is as
absurd as the arguments based upon
it. While we have no positive knowledge of the rale of wages paid to the
various operatives engaged in ilie lumbering and milling Industry at the
last, we can safely aaaure our Cal-
ary contemporary that in the interior
'alone it would be possible to place 500
men ut work in the woods ami mills
at an average of ten dollais per mouth
more than the scale of wages quoted
by Uie Herald, ami even al thai advance the mill owners ami ope aiora
would feel that capable men weie being secured al an advantage u\\'.' the
prices now paid.
When the Herald undertake lo tell
its readers  what  ii  costs  the  manufacturer to  produce  lumber  per  thousand feet, it is taking an unwarranted
liberty   with   the   BltUallon,     Just    as
readily mlghl a mill man Undertake to
tell  the public what   It   costs  the  pub
Ushers  of a  paper   to  produce  that
very essential commodity, and we fancy that his technical ignorance of the
subject   would   lead    him   no    farther
BBtray than it  would seem the Herald
has   wandered.     The  cosl   of   lumber
can  never  be  estimated   till   the season's  work  is over and    the    output
known.    Not  until   then can   Ihe cost
per   thousand   be   more   than   approximately known  to anyone, und. ns hns
been so often found in the past, to hazard  an estimate  before the season is
over has proven to be fatal to the existence of more  than  one  milling enterprise.    The  estimates   ot  the   Herald are therefore quite unreliable, and
a single quotation will be sufficient to
show  our renders  how  willingly  that
paper  hazards   the   facts     in   its     re
marks.    The   Herald   says:
"The largest mill  in  the Kuutenayr
can una out its product for ahout $!>
a thousand. Taking the average sell
Ing price at $17, which is an exceed
ingly moderate quotation, the profit Is
Uu  per cent."
Bul the chief objection of the Cal
gary paper to the action of the Moun
lain Lumbermen's Association Is
summed up in the following paragraphs:
"Bul the assoriatlon has helped to
stiffen the prices. It placed another
restriction upon building in the spring
Of this year that has in many cases
prevented prospective builders from
going on with their work.
"Formerly the solicitor of a lumber
company 'dickered' with a price, and
there was a healthy rivalry.
"Now he shows tbe dealer his price
list, and they are all alike. Tho advanced prices are tied upon all, aud
there is no redress. The association
is  law."
We doubt very much ff any prospective builders have been prevented
from going on with their work because
of the cost of lumber. Such conditions could obtuln only to a very limited extent, and In view of the fact
that American lumber Is for sale on
the prairie market���lumber which is
cut under very much more advantageous circumstances than that cut in
the mountains of the interior���there
must be other contingent conditions
which have had a deterrent effect upon  building operations.
Thy Herald utterly fails to consider
ihe advantages resulting from cooperation among the lumbermen, such
as the more even selling and distribution of the woody products, Ihe equalization of both price and supply, and
the general advantages which invariably result from proper organization of
the various branches of any manufacturing industry. If there is no longer
any "dickering." it is to the advantage
of both seller und buyer, for then both
contracting parties know just where
they are, and an even, steady commerce  must   result.
The city of Nelson Is favored this
week In that it has been selected as
the place for the holding of the annual assembly or summer school of
the Baptist churchmen In British Columbia and  Ihe Pacific Slates.
With the advent of the regatta and
the long list of attractions that are
advertised from time to time as attractions, and Tor the holding of which
In Nelson every effort is put forth, it
would seem a pity If the gathering of
a large body of religious workers in
the cily for the closer study of religious questions ami the development
of religious life should be overlooked
or even underestimated. While there
Is much value in recreailo.i.s. and ul
ways a vast amount of public Interesi
In such contests as are made by professional and amateur sportsmen,
there Is a much greater value iu time
spent in prosecuting the studies and
exercises which have to do exclusive.
ly with the development of the higher
That the local church has displayed
great enterprise In the arrangements
made for the summer school will he
readily admitted, and that the program prepared for Ihe three days' sessions of the school Is an excellent one
will be apparent. The Baptist denomination Is putting forth heroic efforts
for the advancement of religious and
moral sentiment in the west, and
church people especially should offer
every encouragement to any branch
of the Christian fold that Is endeavoring faithfully to maintain the standard in public morality and private life.
While it Is not likely thnt lhe exercises  of  the  sessions   will  appeal   to
every element in the community, there
are enough people in Nelson to make
the assembly no) only a successful,
but a popular one, ami we bespeak for
ii the attention thai ft so heartily de
Lord Kelvin, the greal scientist, celebrated his 82nd birthday ahoul two
weeks ago, ye! he was fu his |>lace lu
the house of lords a few days before,
and delivered a Speech which lewa'od
remarkable vitality and mental alertness. It is jus: sixty years since he
became professor of natural philosophy In Glasgow university. Il is forty
years since be was knighted, on the
successful completion of the Atlantic
cable, while in 1892 he was created
a peer in recognition of the Incomparable work be bod accomplished in pure
science The crowning recognition of
his career, however, came In 1800,
when the jubilee of his professorship
was celebrated. Never before had
such a gathering of rank and science
assembled within tii.e walls of (ilas-
gow university. Some 2,500 guests
were received, and the library housed
for the occasion an exhibition of tho
Instruments Invented by the veteran
professor, together with his certificates, diplomas, medals, etc. Lord
Kelvin was born In Ireland, but bad
carried oul   his  life-work  in Scotland
This Bnglfsh designer of clothes for
Dncle Sam's soldiers will never give
the American army such a dressing as
ii got al Queenston Heights and Lun-
dy's Lane.
(This   paper  is   not   responsible    for
opinions expressed by   correspondents, i
"Nelson, July 2.". 190G
"Editor Daily Canadian-Sir: In
your article in yesterday's issue regarding the price of lumber and the
cosl of production, there is, one other
Item which might be mentioned. Ten
years ago horses were practically unsaleable In Calgary. Now teams are
selling in the Northwesl for $f��un
which In 1000 could be bought for
$250. The lumber companies use a
large number of teams. The Calgary
Herald might make a note of this.
Yours,   etc., LUMBER."
j (Af i/p (/'//'is
miii%S ikdrttfrw spirits in dilifjht
\��tywM biMcfduam-r)cmcR(Q(tl4\\
���i.'^-l     '
thai tiit* drink* ��ervwl atour Bods Fountain
ha<1 tonic properties bei<tlci refreshing?
Wc u enn'y real fruit syrups ol ihelin.m
limn ty Fountain, counter, glaaiei and
receptacles art kept nroputously clean
liiiks.rHlrs.-sM, Nelss.sli. B.C.
40 Acre Farm
A valuable fnrm for sale, situated In
Ihe heart 'if the fruit growlnn country.
'0 unrcs, I! acres well cleared ansl about
7n frull trees planted, are bearing some
ihis year. A good cabin, rool house ami
stable on the property, also a nice
spring. The lansl is of the very best
quality, and can be all worked. It Is
beautifully Bituated mi Bowser lako,
West Kootenay, one mile from posi office and store and two miles from C. P.
it. branch to Troul Uiko, Splendid
farm for potatoes. There have been
four crops In succession withoul manure, and the last crop was as noosl as
the first.
$800 QsfrTakes It
Apply .��� jpHN CANNING,
(Irand Porks, B- O.
Or to Win. Simpson, Hsiwseu.
Kotln is horoby given lhal DO day* aftor date, I
intend to iiM.lv totho Hon, rchlofnommleitoner
of Until ana worki for permission to purohaae
the following described mut of land situate in
West Kootenay District: Commencing al tiio
RouUnvQit cornor m i.ot t,:k^; thenco run ing
wesl +i ehana; thonce north jo chains) thenoe
west 40 chains; thonce north SO chains: thonce
������list 80 ehalns; thonco south w chains to polnl
of commencement, containing mi aores, more nr
Dated at Nolson, a c., thin 28rd day ol July.
���W' Makv PCANUK,
 per F.u.Owjon, Agent.
Notloe Is hereby given that 00 days after date
��� Intend toapply to tho Honorable the chief
Commlslonorol bands and Works for permission
to purohaae tho follow log dQScrlbod lands in the
West Kootenay District; Commencing Mi a post
murk.-ii 1'. ic. Fronoho's J-md s. g, cornor placed
near C.U. poynti 9, w. corner, thonco east w
chains, thence nortii W ohalns, thenoe west m
ohalns, thonoe south 40 ohaini to plaoe of oom-
Dated 20t|l dny nf July (006,       T. It. Fkkn.ii.
My Anmikw AniK, Agent
Nottpo In given Unit (10'Invu afler date 1 intend
toapply iii thfl Honorable tin- chief comtofs-
sloucr of Lauds and Works lor peruilnlou to
purchase .the following described lands In tbo
H'eal Kootenay District:  rumii Ing ai a posi
marked a C. Poynti Und A i   Corner placed
near the Pond d'Oreille river ai n idary ereek
east side of Salmon river, theneeemu BO chain*
along the international Bnunil'irj une, theuce
ii..rili in ehains. thence weal ��i chaini. Ihence
south 40 ohalna to place of coiniucucuiucnt.
Dated the juihui July 1900.       *   <   Povwn
By Anpheh  inifi, .gent.
Notice is hereby given thatsixtj days aftor
date l Intend toapph to the Hon. Chief t on >���
sioner <>i land.- and Works tor permission to
purchase thefoilowlngdosurlbcd lauum'tuateln
West Kootenay district, adjoining the international boundary line, about fiiur miles canto!
tlir Columbia river, oommcnrlug ��' �� poal marked "L M. I"-' B. W oorner." situate on tho International  ndary line, ai ihe southeast cor*
ner of J. B.C, Crater's land; thence eaat 80 ohalni,
thence uorih Ou ohalns, them u west W> chalna,
theuce south On chaius lothe place ui commencement, containing 4& < aores mi>r< nf less,
Dated25 thJune, 1900, I.hki M. iiu-n:,
I- j.o'K. lly, Agent
Notiee is hereby given tbat slxtydays from
date i Intend to apply tn the lluu.ChlefC	
miaslouerof Landa and Work" for pcrmtan-m
to purohaae the foi In whig doner Huh! lands Minute in Wesl Kootenav Dlitrlet, between thfl
Peud d'Orolllo river an.I the International
boundary line, about three milea from the Columbia river. Commenolng ai a posl marked
J,8.C.y* 8, \V. corner Minute on tlie Interna
tional boundary line, about half a mile ea*M ot
ihe oasi lioiin.larv ot the N. A K. 8. Ky. lands:
thouoe nonh in chains, thonco oasi su chalnn,
llienee south 40chains, thonco weal Bhchalna, to
the place uf commencement, containing ittoai res,
more or loss,
Da I ed Mth June, 1906. J, S C. KlUflKJl,
F. J. O'Reilly, .gem
Notice liihurob) given thai sixty dajs from dato
I intend toapply to the Hon Chlel C'oiumiaaloner
oi Undsand Works for permission to purohaae
itn- following described lands Bltuatu in Wosl
Kootenay District, adjoining tlie International
boundary lino, aimut Ave mlloicoatol tho Columbia rlverj commenolng at a poal marked It.
U'sH, W   eorner, on tlir nth rnnlioniil boundary
lineal Laura U. Prosor'ssoutheaaj cornor, thonco
north 80 chains, thenee eaat 40 ohalns, tlienoo
south m chains, thenco west m ehains to the
plaee of commenoement, containing ������-���j aores
more or less.
Dated Wth Juno, [DM. Ralph Uiuj&pik.
Notlco is horoby given Hon sixty daya niter
dato I inieu<I tn apply to the Hon. Chief Cummh-
sion.-r ol Lands and Works for iwrmlsslnn tu
purchase  ill.-  following   described    lands   in
the   .Ve-t   Koolenay district, SOHtll Ol   tin   Pomi
d'Orelllo river; Commencing al a poil marked
U. U's 8. K. corner, situated on the irail  mar
Hear.-reek ahoul a mile from (lie  International
.boundary line, thenco weal so chains, thonoe
norih an .-hains -eor lesato the Pend d'Orolllo
river-  llienee following the nouth  hank ol the
i'eiui d'Orolllo rli'or southi-am so chains, more
or less; tho south 20 chalus, moro or leas to
tlie plaee of coUlineiirf ineiil, eon Iui lli lig 650
aeres, more nr less.
Dated '"tii July, ntts.. Charles Birsbl.
I'. I O'ltlelly, \.:. ni
Notiee Is hereby given thai sixty daysa ter
���lute I mlend toapply totho Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Work* lor perm la* Ion to
purchase tho following described lauds, in
the West Kootenay District, easi of and ad.
Joining James N. ftfaokensio's land; Com moneing at a pout marked A.S'sS. K. corner, on the
south hank nf the Pond d'Oreille river, just
a bo vo tho month nf iho Salmon river, thenco
west i�� chains, thonco north 60 ehains more or
less to the Pend d'Orelllu river, thence following
tho south hank oi the said riv.-r in a southeasterly direction to the place ol commencement,
containing 2M acres, more or !."�����.
Daied MM July iooo Arthpb Si iikridbr,
Notlco is hereby Ki von that sixty days aftor dato
I Intend tounplt tothoHon.ChtefCommlasloner
of Lamls nml Works for permission to purchaao
the following;described laud* in Wosl Kootenay
Dlstrlol south of tin- Pond d'Oreille river. Com-
mencing al -iposl marked K.T. M's. n. k. cornor
on tbo south Unk of the Pond d'Orelllo river,
about a mile ami a hall east of ti,,. month of i--j*|,
ereek thenee south Hn ehulns, thence west so
ehains. thenee nortii -In chains more or less to
tin- Pond dO'rellle rlvor, theuce following tbo
south bank of the said river in a north.-ast.-rlv
direction to tho place of commencement, containing _t aores, more or loss,
Haled 2nd July PJhO. Ki.i.A T, Mackknzik.
Notloe In bereby given thai (todays afterdate
l intern] to apply to the Chief Commlsah -of
Lands ami Works tor perm laaion to burohaao tho
following described lands, situate In West Koot*
emu District -outli of the Pen.! d'lireilh- river.
Com mencing at a poil marked a. B. M's. N. u.
eoriier situate Hi   tlie   KOUtl)   hank   <<f   the   I'eml
d'Orelllo river at Miu i. MacKenale'i north easi
corner post, thence south mi chains, thence east
mi chains, thence mirth ni chains more or less to
the I'eml d'Oreille river, ihence   west  60 Chains,
following the hunk of lhe said river to the pluce
oi commencement) containing fitu acres, more
or less.
Dated and July 1000, a. m Uackkkhs.
AliTUI H SrllNKMiKIl, Agent,
Notice in here r,y given that slxtv .lays after .lute
I Intend to apply tothe lion Chief Ooutmlulon*
or of Lan.i-umi Work- (orpermission to purchase the following described lamls situate In
Heat Kooteiiuy District, south ol the pen.I
d'Oreille river, commencing at a post marked
M. U's N. K. eormr, situate on the south hank
of the Peud d'Oreille river at James n, Slacken-
tie's southwest corner, thence mmth uni chain-,
thenee west SO chains, thence imrth 70 chains,
more or less lo lhe I'eml u'Orcllle river; thence
following tho iouth hank of the aald river in an
easterly and northeasterlydlrootlafi to the place
of commencement, containing 040 acres, more or
Date Srd July, iW>. MARGARET It.vii. oiht,
 Ariliur Schneider, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thai six tv days after <l...,
I inien-' to apply to the Hou. Chief Commissioner
..f Landi ami Works lor permission to purchase
the following described lamls in Wesl
Kootenay District, south of the Pond d'Orelllo
river, commencing at a post marked J N.Ms
s. \\ . comer, situnlc.l on the south hank of the
Pend d'Oreille river, opposite tho mouth of lfi
Mile (reek;   thenee east Sll chains, thence north
���in ehains more or less to the Pend d'Oreille river
thenee follow iui: the south hank of thesai.l riv.-r
tu a westerly ami southwesterly direction to Ilie
plaee oi ei m-ncemciit, containing :;^4j acres
in.ire or lees.
Dated 8rd July, )<nhi.      Jambs \. SlACKBNttB,
Arthur Hehueider, Agent.
Notice i-here hy given t hat alxty da vs afler date
I Intend to apply totho llon.Chloi Commissioner of Undi ami Works for iwrmlMion to purohaae the following described lands in vVesi
Kooienaj District, south of the Pond d'Orelllu
river, commencing al a posl marked A. I's N. W
corner, siiuaied at the southwest corner of l*ot
1426.0. I , ihence east So ehalns, theliee ,-oulli 0(1
chains, thonce wesi fri ohalns, thenco north '<<
.-hains to the plai f commencement, contain
log480 acres, more nr leas.
Dated 29th ,uno, Pin;. Ahhih Kraibr,
V. J.O'ltellly, A Kent.
Notiee is her-h>   given  thai ui ,h,\- after .Ihi,-
I i nl. inl loapply to lhe H Ullof Comnilsaioiier
of Lands and u -rks for permission to puroha-e
the loiioiving described lands In West Kootenaj
district, south of tho Tend d'Oreille rlvor, oaal id
Kishi creek, commenolng at a poi irked P. W,
H'iH W corner, ahoul hull a mile ea-t of the
imrihca-l eormr ol  Lol 1428,0, I., Iheiice south
II ohalns. thonco east so, halm, tlienoo north i
ehains,  thoUCO   west  hn chains  to  the pla. f
J'" mcmeiit Dtalnlng 82U acres, more or
Datod 2nd July 1000.        i-'hkd w. Harcotjrt
Artuur Schwbidkr, Agoni
Notice Is hereh> given llial sixtvduvsKfter dale
I intend to apply to the Hon. i hte/Oommhwion.
���rol i.uuds and Work., for porraisiion to pur-
phase lhe following d.scrlU-d lauds In West
Kootenay District, iouth of the i'end d'or.liie
rlvor, commencing at a poit marked i> n m*s.,
N VV. oorner. sltuaton on tho south bank of tho
I'end  d'Oreille   riv.-r  al  James  ,N. Mnckonalo'B
south wosl corner; thonco east 40 chains, thei	
south in chain*, tbenco wesi 4u chains, thenco
north Hi chains ion,.-place of commencement,
coiitriniug Pin acres more or less.
Dated 8rd July vm*:.    Honai.p k Ma. kbkxix,
 Ainnrii MiI'M.vKii-Kit. Agent,
Sixty days aftor date I Inlcnd to apply to the
Commissioner ol Lamls and Works to purchase
urn aoros ol laud, near Burton City, commencing
hi a post planted ai the south east corner of Lol
No. Him, and marked J. D, Mo's south went corner
and  running   north   In   ehains, Ihem nat 41)
chains, thence south 10 chaius, thenee west III
Ohalni to place of beginning.
July 18th, 1900. J. II. MrCi'J.l.oCii,
 A. A. Hurt.m, Agenl.
Notice In hereby given that Iwo inonllis afler
date I intend to applv to th" Uonorahle the
chief Commissioner ol   Lands ami  Works (or
permission to purchase the following described
hindnsltualcon the west arm Of Koolenav Lake
In the Dlstrlol of West Kootenayi   Commenolng
at ii pnst marked "William Kuerhv's N W. post;"
thenee   went  twenty (2m chains; thenee  south
twenty (20) chains; them ast twenty  (20i
cluilns; thenee north twenty (8f��) chains '(., the
point of commencement, containing forty (in)
acres, more or lesi
Hated July 7, ltuti, 1, u, Nelso.n.
Midsummer Bargains in Prints, Muslins and Ladies' Ready-
To-Wear Goods.
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Fred Irvine Sz Co.
Notloe is hereby given tbal 00 days irom date I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Commissioner of Lands and Works for mrfnliilou to
purchase the foiloumg described l��mln, situate
in Mir Wesi Kootenay District, Starting from a
poit marked " iiinim Ernest Davison's h. k. spoil
ahoul  two mil. s easl of Doer park ou the Arrow
Ultes them c luubatus muth, theuce in chaiioi
west, thence 40 chains north,Uionooeast to point
ol' I'oiiiin,'iii-cin. nl, cotitsltiing ahout 100 acres.
Dated this Mil day of June, 1908.
William Brnkst Datmok,
Noiiee is horeby Rlvon thai 00 days after .late I
inlcnd toapply to the Honorable thoChlof Commissioner ot Undi ami Worki foi permission to
purchase the foi lowing deicrlbed landi in the
Wesl Kootonay district; commencing at a poil
mark cl "Nathaniel Molntyre'i S, ft. eoruer,"
planted on tbo wesl side of tho Columbia Klver,
ahout t miles moth of burton City, and 80 chaini
north of the south wist comer of Lot tffS, tlonee
nonh ho chains, theuce west 80 chains, thence
south B0 chains, thonoe cosl 80 - hains lo point of
commencement, containing (Wi acrei.
Datod mis 13th day of June, i!*��.
Nathan tn HcIktyrr,
T. c. Makinsoii, Agent.
Notice is hereby glveu that 00 dayi after date I
Intend lo apply to ino Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works for permission lo
purchase the following described lamls: Commencing til a post piaeed on the north -horv ol
the west arm of Kootenay Uke, al tho northeast
corner of John Btranks' pre emption, thonoe
west 10 ehnilis, more or loSI, to the stOOtboOSl
corner of Lot No. 7406, thenee norlh m chains,
thonce east lu chains more or less, thence nnrlh
40chains to the point ol commencement
Mated June Ifith, 1008,
f). n. Arn.KTos.
Notice is bereby given thai I Intend BO dan
afterdate toapply lo the < hief Commissioner ol
Landi and M orks for permlulon to purchaao
the followiiiK deserlbod lands*iltuate at Plre
valley, Kootenay 'Msirict. ('ojimenciug ��t a
poit (markea I. Qallagber���iouth west corner)
placed al the south well comer uf sectiou BS,
township60 thonce norih bOehalni to the north
wesl eoruer of raid M-eimri :t't; tbenoe cast 10
ohalni, thence south wi . hutns i<> the south
boundary of laid section 88, and tbonce welt to
chains io the plaee ol beginning containing 930
aeres. and being lln- westerly half of gal' Motion 88, township 0B.
Dated at Nelson, B ('. June 'nh I90fi.
Noitee i> hereby given Unit no days after date I
iniemi toapply to the Uonorahle the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works lor permission to
purchase the foil,.wing deacrlbed landi,situate
in the Wosl Koot nay district] Commencing at��
post marked M. Meu. B, W. corner, planted 40
chains wen <���[ j. c. Morrison*i uorthweal comer
ol hii brown granted land in fife Valley, running 'in chains east, to chains north, m chsiim
west, lOchalm south to place of oommencement.
M, MttA.Mit.idii, locator.
W, A.i Ai.iiKii, Agent.
June juth. "*�����.
Notice  Is  herhy giv.-n  Uml I lliletnl, 00 dayi
after date to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Unds and W..-ks ror spermIsslon to purchase the
fu lowing deserlbod laiefs situate at Fire Valley,
Kootenay district. Commenolng at a post (mark,
ed 1,,-orge loutig North west corner) placed at
the nonh west corner of section M township Mi
thenoe east no .hains to the mirth eul oorner of
said section stS; tbenoe iou_ 40 ehalns, thence
wesl Hu chains, thenee north 40 i-halni In the
place of befliinlng eonlaliilng 880 acres am]
l-eiug the northerly hall of said section 2n, town-
ship 09,
Dated at Nelson. H. C, Juno 5th I0t*
Notice Is hereby glv;n that ftnlays after dale
we Intend to at.nlv*  to the Honorable the Chief
Commluloner oi Unds ami Works at Victoria.
lit . fur permission  to purchan<> the (ollowins
duorlbed lands, situate In West Kootenay district.   < onim- n.-itig at a post planted at Tliumas
Jerpme'i n B. pnst. nn.i marked Peter Desell
ami a Choquette N w. comer; tbence W ohalni
east   thenee 20 ehaiiie routh, theme $0 chains
west, thence 20 oh ilm north to the eoiiimcncing
post, containing in acres mure orleu,
Dated May 1!>,
A. Csoqutm
W'. a. .lusrs, Agent
Notice Is hereby given that aUiy days afler date
I Intend lu apply to thu Honorable tho Chef
loiiunlsHlon.rof Landiand Works, Victoria, lu'
peniiiFKioii io nnr.hase the following described
lamis in Wes. Kootenay. I ommenelng at a post
markea Edgar w, > yin-H smith wutoojner near
ta 'amot ereek and ahuiit i miles of Mm-
���ItUtucieek ami about 4 miles west of t'oiumhl*
Klver;  llienee  north 80 chains, thenee east 2
ohaini, tbenoe south m .hains, thence W(.hl ^
ohalni to place uf oommencement, containing
IM) acres, being the same mure or lesa.
Dated June 4, 1906.
Ejsjar w. Drmn,
_   V. PYTfM Agent.
Notice ts hereby given   list (iu rlayn afler date I
intend w make application to ihe It. ruble the
' hi.-f ( onunlMlouer oi Landiand Worki for oar-
mission to purchase  the foiiuwiug deacrlbed
lamls:   Commen.ing at a P- st placed un 'he eaat
���hore of Lower Arrow Lako, adjoining J Hairs'
Pi.-cmptinii on the southwest marked "T w -s
N-W.c iDirmt,"   TbeUPO runnlrg ni chains
easl; thence  Ho  ehali ithj Ihcnce SobalOl
mure or less, Weil to lhe lake ihoro;  th��-nc<- hd-
lowing lakj shore tu putm .,f cOmmenoomont
couuinlng 040 aorei^more or leu,
Dated this 7tl, dav of.I , M^  K'NA"AN'
Notice is horeby given that 00dayi aftpr data I
' hief 4 ommluloner of Undsand Wotki for Bar.
misshm tn purchase the followlug deurffi
laudsi  Commencing al a post placed on iho
northeast enrner ol r K iau'�����DDlii��a iaii_
Purehue.mirked "if. i  , li!"        ,
ehalns west: Ihcoe f .H���,vlll((  ,    K Uiaifiin'M. ,sT-
B8OT3AK**ai,M I���",l���(���,"l���
Illllfisl llllls7tll slHV s.f   Ins,,., 1 sMi.
Ni.lsrels. Isi-ri's.j-Kl,,.,, lls��i us ,.���,., ���,."""V" .
oiniillmi ssss.l ll,,- Iissrtl, I,   ,    . ,',.' , T ts     , '"���''���
ap s.11,,,1 io im, s ,���, ,/i. ,vv k';''.:'��:"
i irpo��i" ii, ,���;��� ,���i I," ,,,', LfviS?""
I .i.l��ry,liii-l,��i,,M���, ,   :  | JJi'J,".'", I""1""'
iiis-ii hum, is, ii, ,���", .,,"",'   '"'���""���
".I'.li.O.     "IT,.,.,-,    A ,,,|    , i    ' " , "'     ''"'V ssf
IlienralollowIn/thenorihoTli ,,,,   i��� ,l"*,l"'��':
1 ''s'llilllfSII's-liis.ut,
islllsstllillK Bll ll'Ts.s,
ssr I,..
I'sslisl llslinili slsijsol Jill,,., I
Nolle.. I. Isi.ri.l y ���ivi.ii i
T. Kl
chalm, 'tboDH
nlimni to th
_..!. ! "'��� inmpe weit *tt
ahd   thenee t,8Mt
north wiehniii
WO aoroi, ai ottig the .��  ,,',", "f; '''/"���fining
tiouM, m-.nihip08      anw"f halfotiaid ieo"
Dated at Nelaon, i.C'.Jt,ut) 5[hllJ(Vi
l*OUce 1�� her. by given Hiat BU davs afler dme I
Intend t> apply lo lho Bononble ihe chief
l  BlUlOl er of I-Miol- ami   Works   for   peiiill-
sloii to purchase the following described laud.-.
situate,I    Hi   HlOOan   lilsfthi.    fommeming   nt
north eaitcom*i |wsi of Loi HvO, thonoe ruon-
i jg iouth 80 chalus, thenee eui 80 chains, thence
nortii 40 Ohalni. th.nee vve.l  Si,'hains toi", |*. K.
right-of-way, followlug same smith went in a
poin i tnten epiinv n-ith lino of Lol BfCtt, thenoe
east lo point ol commencement, containing 140
acre more ur less,
ifaySOth vm6.
('. U li^NSNKH
Notice ii horoby ilven thai IB dayi alter dale l
intend toapply lo ino n<>norahie the Chlel f'nm-
mlulonor >>f Lands aud Works for permihsioii to
purchase the following described Uuda situated   I'i the   Koolenay   DlitllOt,    Heglnning al a
post planted on the north shore of the Cower
Arrow   Ijikc ahoul   lu cballll  Well   <d  lhe  weit
boundary of c.I'.B Lot 4509,klarked ll a w.
h K. corner, thonce wesi 10 chalus, thenoe north
80 chains, theuce eut 80 olialm  o or l*>u to
Ink.- shore, thenco in a south woitcrly direction
along lake ihoro to point of comineiiccmctn, containing UM) aorei more or lou.
Located June in, IWO,
H. A. Wm vnii-is.
A. N. Wnt.vKSToN, Agent.
Is  hereby given lliH
dale I intend toapply   ,   "   ,,'/  V
onm.^ioner ���f ^,,1 IrSV^Sfi
,!,,,, I,, |,,sr,'S.ssK.' M\ I,,,,,,,,, , ' ' tm
Ilini. ssl Is.���,| ,|r���sil��.,l ���. I,a,,,' "";' '-:��*
ssl I PO.1 islsssst.-.l ,.l Ihs. ss, ,",��,,'.'"H
1., Il-.llsjsjher'i, ��|,s,ll,.���  ,
t'lKlily (HU) s'hnlll
l-lKlily(l��l)i'h��lll�� H-.-S.I; ll���ii,|.,'.,J|ll"l"I��i
���s.srlli; Ih, ,.<���.��� ,ls,l,i, ,���, ,,, |,,"''. Ss,
������IkI.i;  (iui) S'ls.ln, ������,,���, ',��� si, ...���''��<��
"",���'"���'""���'".' "sI'H's,: .iv l���i���.|  . '.' S
(s.lll) ,,. r.M. si|,,n- ssr Is���� ' "*���
"I Jssly. I9D6,
Nollee is hereby given  that  tWO moli'hs lifter
dale I Intend io apply to the Honorable Chlel
Commluloner ol Landi nml Works lor permission to purchase six hundred and forty (o_)
aeres ol hind, duoribod U follows; Commencing
al a posi planted ai the northwest corner of L.
i.allagher'sapplleath.ii to purobaM In Klre Valley,  on   Ihe  west side of  LoWei   Ar ..w 1-ake. m
Kootenay dlitrlet, marked "W. A. Ci W. s coi
tier"; theme running eighty (80> chains west;
ihence .-ighiy (Hi) south;  theuce eighty (��')
chains east; theme eighty (80) .hains norlh In
plaee ol eoinniefn eiiieni.
Dated the .'ml day oi July, 1MB.
Notloe li hereby glreo tbat 80 .lays from date
I intend lo apply  u,  t|���.   Uonorahle  (he  Cblel
i ommissioncr of Landa and Worka for permli
lion in purobaM the r<>!iuwing duorlbed landi
tn tbe Wut KDotenor District, eail side ol Columbia Blrer,about I mlJu north ol Hunon city,
Commenolng at a post marked beoM winter's
B w.ooroer.at ttwM.W. oorner ol K. it amitb'i
preemption claim, them e n.rth 40 .hains more
or less tu the south hniindarv  of Miles t-wroH'i
preemption claim, tbenoe eul H ohalna, thenco
���outh tu chains trior,-or |��U lo the North tmoud-
ary of ft .ii ���ninth's preemption <iaim, thenee
west ifn ohalni to point of oottroenooment: contain Inn an acres nior.i ur less.
Dated this Had day of June, l��w.
I.*;o M, Wlimt.
Rai.i-u sSLTM, Agent,
Notl.e is he re by given lhat 1   Intend, SO daTI
after .late, to apply io th,. thief Commluloner of
Lands niit Works fur i- rminsloi, tu i un huse the
fpUOWlng described lamls, situate at Klre Vallev
Kootenay Dlitrlet Commencing at i is.��t (mark
ed iv li ir Co&nor south out i oraerl placed at
the north easl i orner o( Motion li township 88
thence wut 40 chaini, tbence north 80 chaini
thence east 40 chains,and thence south *i chains
tO the pin. e of heglnililig, euiltaililug ;lji tOru,
Dated at NeU.ui, B. C. June "-lli 1806
Qgosoi yoino. Agent.
Notloe is bereby given mat 80 dan from date I
intend toapply to the Honorable tne Chief Commluloner of Lands ami Works Im penniUlOU lo
pun has-- Ilie billowing  described  lands, in   the
wut Kootenay iJistrl't hand Island, m the
Columbia Hirer about 4 mllu norih <t Hnrion
' lly; all of said Man,) above high  waler   beloa
lOaonM more or leu.
Dated this 1st Day of June, 190a.
Khank NobTOM
T. 0  Maki.nso.n, Agent
Sixty days afterdate i intend to apply to tba
I umiuissloiier of Undi ami Works, Victoria, to
purchase 180 icrei of land.  Commencing at a
ppll planted ou the west shore of Arrow Uke, (li
the iouth easl corner of J. J  Christie's pun hue,
running north 80 chilne. tbence east jn obalm
thence south HUehains, theuce west BOehalOl lo
place of oommencement.
Located May, bth HWC.
,     . A. CaUUB,
_ L. (lAi.LAouKit, Locator.
Sixty days after date I Intend to apply i,. the
Commluloner ol Lands ami Works to purchaao
��'  acres ,,( hm,], Klluale M|l(llll ,������. Il|j((.       ,    .
Burton City, and described as rollowi: Com'
I'lemingatiipust planted on tbe uorthwoitcor-
55SA1 _tBB0itIld TlU,K *M| Wobalna, tbence
north io chains, thence easi 90 ohaini, thenoe
south uh.ng lot AM to pfaoe of beginning,
July Mb. I0W. JJUIfMKK,
1 -I
Notice is hereby given llu.t fo ,!,,.���. Vj
intend to make ap(l|. alim. u>tt,e -��S_
t 'lib'' ''..mmIssl,,t,er ,,f jJlli(|,,,, | u';:,r,"M
mission to purehase ,|,e ,���|.���1 ��� '^
lissul^;   I hssiiiless, Iiik  mi  ���   poll .   ".'
sKiriinis-flt corner nl Mahlo"., ,���
ti,,ii t,�� narclmu in fu, v���i],.
Mi   N   k 'msiht." rtninini i,,
s llsslss. m,sills, lis slisslsi. ,���.'[, in
pUtSO sil s iilllllli'llls-SSIs-SSt.
> M UsW.mti.ja
Jul-2nd, 1906. ���
Sol U li.-,l,s-<iv,si Usui i":lhsifc2i
sis', nd lis���|,|,l) l���tl���   ll,,,,,,,,!,!..,!*!*1
mlMloner piXudi and ii,,.i., in'i��
|.nr,ilssM-  tlsi' l,,ll"SS sssn ,lss.. rll*.l lu
III thi tts-M K s.sss dlitrlrtlCoaZ
i��.-t mi ih.. S-III.I rirfi, ssi i���ii,, i ,���t
Arrs.s,   Uke, s,si,l  iisssrk,,! '���.! J H^
corner." thence s'sssu svs si,,siii.,sh.a,
, t,.ss,., thenee w*��\ ��" eheini,it,,-,,
.hssiii- i,, iHsissi Df cnmnis
MJ acrea moreot lea,
Located June l��ils, !���.,;. j j
T II  His 11,��.���.,,
sixty ilu). satter -i.si.-1 it,s,���,i s���,j*i,s.
I'lsl.-I  l',,ssslislss.liills'l   ssl   l.,ss,,i ,
\ sosi.rtis, f,.r pennfaalon tnpun'hsus ssHkti
ail,I *l.ly (ls.il h.t t InSsA. I,-as,,|,si,j��3
,.l   ���.   I,,II,,s,.:   s'���ii,,ii.-ii,���;(,,,. ns , (..iMsafl
el��hty(HJ) chalna eaat of tin N frVmSfl
HsilK.-r', |,rs-i.|tii,|l,,ii ssss.l i.ihrJ.��� :     )   ,s,l
I'm-ns'S-."  sssi,t   rs liss:   eaat  (oft, ,s-, aatl
lis.'Sirs- lontli fnrly iliij s'lsnln*. th,     ,*a|
ebalna, thonce ss,,rii, fort, sts'i,i    ���
JsslvV. ls��.s t'.tr,
(ilzt- 'Issyss after date Ontensl lasnaesfl
Commlaafoner ol l^mls. ansl lust..'.nrM
purehsiae three bund od and tss- nss iit}seil
ls.li,I is, .r burls s. ' lis, hii,I,'
1 "i.'ii IHi: al ss |��,��l |.!rts,l,.| ,sl i,,,isAh]
cornel ol li,svt,| Bllleer. |,rs-,.���,|,s. Mjsart
s-sl "A. A. U's.. H. W I s.rli.T." Ill, fi,.<nsslaTfti;
chalne. llss'iiiT is,,sills  forts si,,),
eaal tortr li'il ,-li-liis., tl,,.,  n,.siiona5
I'lisslli.. lliflssT ss.-s   s-lKlsly !���.,) .hak'im
...nils twenty [atncbalni t,�� vivnot).
Issly Mis UU, .1 .1 1
House I, hereby t.lven that W dan alter data 1
Intend toapnly t��� the Honunble thaOhlefCem.
musilonerp! Landiand Wort,(or nnnlation to
pnrchaae t,,����� following deserlbod landi .iiii.s...s
in thedlitrlptol weit K.���,i,.������ ��� ,   ���i,   "",',
Moon the wen inn ���, k ���JV i,!,k,. ",\,  !
"'V'!""?,""",'iI"1""1 !���"��'i'ias-,1 at the routb-
\y.'S,l S'ssriisT nt l^it 7!.s; t|,,.|���.c   tWTlll   m  i|,,i|,|.
ss-iii-u ��...i 10ohalns, tbenoe  f K ihiiat
"ienw--.it iiuius. to |ss,i���i���i,.������,������.���,:,.���',"];;���
lisstsssl Mny 38,11W6.
 __^       Jah. Kssukii
Nssll.-,. I, hen by jItm IIihI 90 slny. frssiss slat,. I
miMlouerof Ij,ii,i��hii,i �����riiss. i,��� nerml'ilnn i���
Purohaae lha loIlowlDg dasorlbed an��� !n, ,
fl �� in nl Uutohl'on s'i.,-1. ob Uu Arrow
,���""?",",'"' ft"! K"" f I'l'lHi'l.   About80
"      p'W  ",'":;""'"i"i; fi �� I irked
,.      , .. , ';Poif,thei ii���iii40Miami,then-
 ft SO ehalna, .is.-, ,, s, ohalni   linn���
����t"oohaln,i mtol ,u���,JZl"u,     '
Datod thll.th ilny siI.Iiiii,. IHO,
Wll.l.lAJI  J. Tl.VK, .SSIHNT
Notloe is beroby rlnn thatHO dan fr,,,,, siaic I
iniciid to apply !,s the iis.ii .1111,1 the Ohlel <-,���,,-
mlssloner ofU, ������i�����rk�� tor Mrmlisinn u>
pilrs'liinie Hill iiiti'I ssl Issss.l ssl Vnls 'I,���ii,T��� ,.,���,,
lutii..Arrs,w Uke, in iiss> wen Kootenay i���.
trlii. Hisirlliiir frssm ss posl iiissrl. .1 a I.L N IV
I'sui   theuce in isli.in. ,,iMt. thfiis'i to ,.|,   ���,
inoih, thenee 8 ohaln, weaUbei to i ���  ,
ns.riis lo point isloommeuoamenl
Dated s Ills, tth day ssf Jssnc 1000,
AlsTllrn .Tonn UHn
  Wiu.ia�� J Toy,, Am in,
Notloe Is. hereby givmi that 00 .issyss ���ft,.r ,i���h. i
Intend to apply to n���. li rablo if,,- Chief     ���
mliilnnerot Landiand Works lor noriniiiion   ,
|'lir,-liss��s,  llss,  f svss r   I, ssl',' ll
lls-ssl Ksinli'lissy dlalrlntl   r ,.   '    ,,     ,
marked M.MnC n k i-,,,,i,., ,!,,,!, ..',',,
north "1 tl..-H. w oorner of ��' a  ',i,i .,!, ',',.
emotion In Pfro v��n,.y, r,��� , .���,.,       " >',' '
ioonalni weit, Wohafns uorth, sOeluSaa JmIo
platwoIoommenMmont '
Maisi.k MiI'ani,,.,,,,, u,.,,,,,,,
Jssss.��,M.        "   *'��*">����i Agent,
Nntiisis |> liurs'isy given lhal 00 dan after ,i,,i,. i
liiiisii.i tn malte appllmtion s  il"   , ���s,
iMH.il I'l'inini r of Unds end ' ��� rki i ,, ',
iiiioinii io pnrehoso tiio lollowini ttlSi-fhli
sIstss miiiii,,. ., corner.section   2 Tnwtuiiio  ,,
running ou.l  weuly cliolni inutb f,, s ,  ,     '
��<'" wenty c , ,���, i, n   ,  ,,',,' , '"'
Of coiiimeliconiciiL '  onotni lo place
UilnlJalyl,    1M, JOHNhANg,
Notice la h.-rch) given iiiai iw.-e-h
-Int.- I mt.-nd toapply to tho HonnMf I
CommlwioDcroJ LUDdiand iVortal ���>
to |>N'. btM the following 'li". rit-ci UOiifs-Ji
at.- lu Klre Valley on thfl west tHt-\ Unnj
row   Luke, Kootonijf rtiitrict, ,lc��riW*il
lows:    ('uiiitncm lug   at   a   po-:   rlnuii-i u��
northwuteoraeroi ��������� A.Ctlfleri i'f.*nipi*
tnarke.l "A Mil.- -.outli��,-i ...fiar": raiO|
thcuci' fortv (Hi) chains pint; lhiiatl��rt*(|
ehalns nonh; thence forty lie) I'htlni W
thenoe forty (to) chains loau ie Oi-pli��
<'iiiMii'lininenl. eonlaliilng ODI tiunJrdw
sixty (Iftl) acres more or less
Datod June33, iwn.        AMu'RHcumut
\V. A. r.��iiiKH..W"nL __
Noticeuhereby ritin toil i inirni.**
after date toapply to the t';>\rt ('..muUMi-efl
i amis and Works fur permllllOO In pitnlMKl
fulin\vlU(t descrlla'd lands and pn'in!�����-'i��
��l Fire Valiey, KiHilt'tiH)' Dlltticl    ���'fim""**
��t i posl tmarked P. H. U'Connof nortbnaj
ner) placed at the north eul cornw w i
21, townihlp IIS; thenoi eoath w < h**os,
west 4n ebHlns, Iheme north 4l�� cUH" ��
oortberly houmUry nf said N. lieu Oi udll
(���(���east 10 chains to lhe piece ���| Uf-inBini,n
uiuiug Uo acrei, and belni the nortii "��i*
quarter of aald wottonSl, townihlp*
Nelaon, B. C. June .'ith \VM.
V. H. OTtW*
flRORni: Vn
. Af-rtl
Slxtv davs after ilrttp I int. inl m ipjjf __}
eummlHSionerof ban.Is and -Vorlti, }__���_1
purchase :-40 bitch of Uml slluab i ;' J
as follows ('onimeiicing al �� l""! rS_~_ L,
the eaat shore of Arrow' JMeonpoelletvnm
Landing   at   lhe   fouth   WOli enrmT w J*��?
O'Rlley1! pre-emption an.' marked P.i f__\
comer: thenee east mi chain-. tllMM WWJ
. lialliN, tliHiiee west f*) chain* lo Itn- 1*1"''_"]:
thenee imrth along the lake ihon w !�������"
Jiinc Mil, 1900. pUJfflJ
W. I'Al.ni'H. I/srsslssl.
Notloe Is hereby gl��en tbat�� days alBriljjj
Intend toapply li Honorable tl '"*
misalonerof Undsand Work, lorpnawg
I'llrs'liisssi. lis., fiillsiwlng sIs-is-rllH'sl Issn'1* '*;
mencing .it ,s posl snssrt.'.i vv k Mc. 11 "*
pUnte.1 al the N w. corner of ��   '   ���!'
pro- Ptlnu In Fir,. Valley, running ��e��
iiissili. 10chainsw 00chain lib. ���"""'
S''ss*l lis plane ssl I'siIilliss'S in
W  It  Mss.sM.IMI. I"���1"'
W. A. I'.. I.I'KH, AK.-Nl-
Juno aith, nm _
Holla i- bereby given ih.tmiy ins)'i";'"(T
dato I Inteud lo ,. y lo lhe IfoofflJS
I i.s
I Work,
Sayon ��"*���
iii.iii.i "I'"
Is-f   t'nl Is..,!,,
pennlialon i.s purebaae i
Iracl ul iniiii: s<ltii>sli- ssl
s.inir.'..i Kootonay Uknfu Un' '
a. nny. ProTlnce ol !�����,,,-..
contali i by admoaaur m l'"1*',',���,,
il mo more nr leu, whli-li paj��l ""IJ
moro particularly deter - J11' '"U,,
iiii'ii'liin | tho ,,,-n sis I"11 "V
I.. 7iNi 0. I Weil K nay limrlet. '"'"J,
south sins.] earner nf I. OSWtl I! tbenee �����������
following the southerly botindarj s.f l-i *"
Do chains nx.r.- or l.'.ss us the kuii* "','.���
hit nl  ��isl,I   l.sil sailil  11. II llicnes! MM "JJ
���onth   10 olsalni  n or les ''',,,��
orly boundary nl is. ll nalloeh'i ait"" ".,,
I'urohaaoi Iheneo easterly following tJWffl!
erlyl ndary ol laid D.n.Ballni'h'1   i'l'1 ����j
in Purohaae 'X.:i~2 ebalns more ,,s ie.  d
..lis,,,, of Uueons' Ussyi si ce folio"MjJVB
nf Ihi'ssalsl .In
chains more o
,'f Mil ,  I.,,| TlDSSSl..
!wi ii-'
l^'chalnimoreVrTaai'li) pb��" "' '","""'"'
'"iiu'icd .inn,, is, iirnr.. ��.��.*]_
I. I'll Itl
N'sstiii' i. hereby itivcn iimi ���'"
dato 1 in��.���,,., i.,n|i|iiy in lis,' Honori
r.snini|.|.l���ii,.r.,fl,iiii.ls.ssii.l Wnrt-lisi'l"' ' ,,n,i
lo puruhnu the foliowlngd isi '""   ;,���.i
in Wosl Kootonny dlitrlet: n. e...r.."u��.r"|;'������
pisiiiii'ii ssi ihs, northwest corn i m '' ;;,, ,,,,1
bog Creek, thenee south loclssilii". {�� ;,,���,
in chain, moro or l��u, thenco noriM�����"|B
inssss' ssr lesi, thenee .-uh, to i''^'"11 ,,jt���,
I oof beginning, tie ��"";;��� l�� l,;,,;;;..,.l.,,'Pi!*
���>r,l<-.' What lis kiln* Ills- llsssis.,'1' 1"'    '"
liatod Julys, im;. ilm.. ����*_
.Nssticc is, hereby given thnt nlxiJ ''",���, ���
the date I Inland to apply t. ' ,ll',,r ���.rnir
kIsiisstiii i.isiisis. ssss.l Worki Victoria, njo ��j,
sion i��� i.sirs'liistii' lis.' (iillnsslsis; ",'-'','     call
u,        ..     ....     ...........    ..,      1,','U      k ,,, lH'll" > '    ...I
t....n- Iss the dlitrlol of Weil
"f (Irnhmnn Crook I Mnrilin;"' e !
John White's k. w. coflior.  pi"'
'���i".i"< �� I, ssi j. Mnloito'i ��""',���,,
runnlne nortii niHiulin, H"'1"''"'1   ���.|,.iini��
,""'1';","  �����> .'Iliiiu., ll"'"''""".',!-..!*
.mm of ciiiiiiiis'sis'i'insjiit. ,.,���ist
Juuoll. 1ISII. J.KIU��II,A����111'
l.-ul .
.i in I'll'.'".':
*>** The Daily Canadian
Canada Drttg ancf1
Book Co'y* Limited
|lie two  lntust  additions to the   Kodak line arc the
[No. jBQuickFocasKsodakfor^ x 5^ pictures.
Tins' $12.00.    And the No.4A. Folding Kodak
for 4^ x 6'A picturcs,\vit]i regular equipment, No, 2 B. & L. Automatic Shutter
and Double Combination Rapid
Rectilinear  Lens,  with  a
speed of f. 8.    Price
$35 00.
Wo havo flu' wlii'lf KsHlt'k tomfly, fr.un thi' nlil Nit. o
rigid  u|i tn tin' Nn. I A.    Alio all flu1 Supplies at
Toronto prices.
Our mail ili-jini'tUH'iir is lit your service.
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y, Limited
iperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
r.\I. PAID UP....��:i,,.IIX),(H)0 R?;ST ��8,!>O0,0O0
H W1LKIE, President HON. UOBEIIT JAFKBAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Bii'jsssslis received imrl interest nllowod ut current rates from dnte of opening no-
Inn.I credited half-yearly,
pi son BRANCH J-   Ma   LAY,   Mnnnccr.
ie Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
urchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
ioal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for PreservtaR Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Hunt Builders will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
Important  Victory  for   Banks   Won   in
Full  Court on  Appeal   From
Revision   Court.
'. Burns & Co,
Vancouver, July 25.���With one
stroke of Kb pen the appellate court
haB saved Uie dozen or more banks
doing business in this province each
approximately $1,000 yearly, and deprived the provincial treasurer ot that
amount, hy deciding ihat interest paid
out on deposits is an "outgoing or
expense" properly deducted from the
banks' gross income, and therefore
nol   taxable aH  Income.
While the victory Is a general one
benefiting nil the banks with head of-
llces in the easl and branches here,
the credit for lhe victory is chiefly
due to the Hank of Hamilton, which
carried the test action to the highest
court ln the province and won this,
lhe main question in ihe case.
The second point, upon which they
raited, wus the contention that they
were also entitled to exempllon on 1
per cent., representing the Hritish Columbia branches' contribution to gen
eral expenses, such as salaries, cost
of transmission of the moneys from
the head offices, etc. Their right to
exemption on this, the court held, had
not been sufficiently shown. Hut the
hanks hope to bring this up again
next year with the expectation, of
It was upon the first, chiefly that
the cast! was fought. The court of
revision had decided In effect that
the whole Income from the banks'
loans and transactions in the province
was taxable, which in the case of tho
Bank of Hamilton was about 7 per
cent. With this infant court the contentions of the banks had no weight.
The chief of these waB that they
were charged by the head offices with
3 per cent., which went to the depositors as interest, and that at. the most
only the remaining 4 per cent, of
their Income was taxable.
Against that decision the Dank of
Hamilton for all appealed, and now
Chief Justice Hunter, Mr. Justice Irving and Mr. Juki ice Duff have upheld
the banks' contention, deciding
against   ihe  provincial  treasurer.
artnsta in   Kosshmil,   Trnil,   K>l*On, Kaslo,   Sandon, Three Forks, Now
'Denver ami rfloenn City.
Victorian Decorated.
Victoria, July 2C���His majesty, Iho
king of the Belgians, has just conferred the Order of Leopold, with rank
of chevalier, upon Thomas R. Smith,
for the past 16 years Belgian consul
for British Columbia. The decoration
was awarded fur distinguished services, among the most important of
which has been the furnishing of Informal ion regarding trade and resources of the province. Mr. Smith
has expressly concerned himself with
obtaining such information, and stated
that as a result of his efforts It is
very probable that Belgian capital
may become interested here.
Thorpe's Lithia
is made
���y common Canadians.
Do you
consider that a fault?
If your system needs
try a home made
Thorpe & Co'y,
Phone 60.   Nelson, B. C.
Climate of Prince Rupert.
Spcuking of the climatic conilllions
nt Prince Rupert, A. B. Grren, inspector of liislissn schools, who Is a frequent visitor to the north, says that
it Ib most enjoyable. During certain
months in the spring and late autumn there ts consltlerafile rainfall,
but the summer anil winter are delightful. Early fall. Including August
and often September, the conditions
are delightful, he says. Following the
fall and early winter rains, the months
uf February and March are dry and
extremely enjoyable. Alter a few
weeks of spring rains," the Bummer
opens with charming weather. This
continues through this months of June
and July, and often into October. Reports from the men engages! in harbor survey and in connection with
the terminal worka is to the effect
that they are enjoying their life there,
and are well pleased with the condi
It was not Messrs. Thomas and
Brewer who circulated the memorandum re Fred Bosuuct's menagerie, us
stated by this paper yesterday. Mr.
Bosquet look the petition around himself at tho suggestion uf some of his
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries marl') daily throughout Nelson
and its Ruburba Phone 14S.
11 n.'.1. !"n".lonn>' branch win hnvu
��� '    ������'I'i nml ciiruliil ntlomtiiii.
Heid Office: Nelson, B. C.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit,
Thorpe's njoe cool drinks.      Lunches
put up a specialty.
r. J. Walker,   %&
West Transfer Co.
General Tesinisters and Dealers in
Coal nud Woon.   Express and
bus/gage Transfer
JftSffeS  Office: Baker St.
A fun line of Crockery,
Cliiii'i and (iliiNHwtiro.
Al��o Second Hnntl flood* ol Every Peserlp-
tlon,    Viv Iitivo pot th'' t'nM'l> mnl m'11 at
sUiweft Price* in 'I own
Bilker *���!., next lo r.p.K Ticket Office.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now irt use at this
And dblivbhed prbe
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Gait Coal
Term* Spot Cub
Telephone 265 Bnker street
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Rooms, are well furnlHhed.   Tnble nsgoosl su stssy
lu Nelssou.    Bar lupplled with Koost
llnii'sr. .ml curari.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Kuropenn and American Plan
Meali 'lb eta.   Konmf fr.tni 'A cU. to fl
Only While Help Kmplored.
Baker Bt., Nelaon Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day Home in Nelson.
The Ber li the Flneit.
White Help Only Employes).
Joeepblne Bt.
Ncl.nn, B.C.
The Big Schooner |> - -    f A-
Or "HaH-and-HaH"   DCvt    i UC��
The ouly Glaus of Good Beor iu Nelsou.
Hotel Atis-siiisiiiissl.sf i.sns sri-lsml to
none iu British Columbia.
Special Raton to Monthly Boarders.
The ouly Houie Hotel in Nelson.
Lake VieTto
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   TTJ      JB      l��l|      l>fOT\
and examine (iur list.    .!_���    Q&   1Y1*   13Uv-_J
Insurance.   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Olslest established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
>M^^^M^vwwyv^^.^w>^^v^v^wv��w��v����yvi (
I have for Sale the Choicest
Froit Lands in this district.
Most of it simate on the West Ann nnd Main Lnke.
foro you decide to locate.
See me be-
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two Mfx;k�� from
Rates tl.00 per Day
aud np.
Telephone 118, NELSON,  B. C,
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Pay and Night.
Sample and Bath Hooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Streets.
SHALKnTKNDKKS.irarked "Tender for Timber
Limits, Woodberry Crook," will tx* received
by tii** i][i'i''i-itMit'ii up to noon of Siiiir.liiy, the
11th day of Mipitst, IM*!, from any p.-rtum de.*dr-
niK h> obtain siK-eial timber llconooa to eut and
curry away timbt;r from the following de-scrlbed
Wiiils, Iltuate on the North Kork i.fffn dberry
Creek, In tlie Ain-worth Mining Uivi-sion of West
Kootenay District*���
Lot 1. -('< in niv ii Hug at a stake planted on the
North Fork of Woodberry Creek, about five
mllei fnuii Kootonay Uke; thenee south tto
chain*; thenee mimi W) chain*; thence north 80
ehains; Iheucc cast no chalna to the point ot commencement.
I...I .'    i.iiiuiH'iit lum nl ti vdikc p'nuifil on the
Norih Fork of Woodberry Creek about ��lx mile*
from  Kootenay Luke;   thenee smith Nl chains;
thenco weit K> chutnii thenoe north ho chain*;
theme easi 80 t'hatiti to ihe point of commencement.
Lot 8,**-Commonclna ,u " stake planted on the
Nnrlh Fork pi Woodberry ("reek, about Bcven
mil.- from Kootenay bake; thence nouth sn
chains! lbence west NO chaini; thence north 40
chains;  tbenoe oust Ho chains   to the point of
Lot 4 ��� Commencing at a stake planted on the
North Fork of Woooberry ireoa, ubout eight
mllei fnuii Kooteiiuy Lake; tbence south K0
Chalnil lbence wesi 8Hcba.ns; thenco north 80
chain*; Iheni-e eiwt 80 chains to the point of
Tbe person Offering the highest cash bnnui will
be entitled to spceinl licences covering the lim-
iis- renewable for twenty-one laceowtite years.
Bach tender mutt be accompanied by a cerli-
fled chciine, made payable nt par In Victoria to
the undurfllgned, for the amount, f400.0Q. of the
firnt year'* lee* for Mich kpeolal licence*, and the
pmount of the bonus tendered, and also a certified cheque for Ku 0.i for cost of advertising sa id
Deputy Commluloner ol 1 .finds and Work*.
Land* and Work* Ivpartinctu,
Victoria- B.C , July intii, woo.
Th<* Strathcona
Nelaon, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
We Wifl SeU....
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Baker Street, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Elnctrioity and
Heated by Hot Air
TAKE NOTI''K tbat I Intend lo npplv nt the
next sittings of the Board of Licencing Commissioners for the City of Nelson, for a transfer to
Ueorge Harrison of Nelson, II C. of my License
to sell fennenied and spirillum* Ibiuora on the
prom 1*01 known as tbe Lake View Hotel, Vernon
hired, .Nelson, II. C.
Dated thu 4th day of .Inly, IWhi.
Atiut'ST Thomas.
Witness, W. A. Macdonald.
Large aud Comfortable Berlroomi and First-
class Dining Room. Sample Rooms lor Commercial Men.
MRS. B. C. CLARKE,  Proprietress
PD-AlfU Tho well known
KmJ*X\\J V C Suburlmn
TJ^^'I 'IJT       Onr Beer Garden is
n\_J 1 X3fl_r        tho Finest in tbo
111   ;;   ������������������" Kootenays.
J. CROW,   -   -   Propriktor
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Winnipeg Exhibition
From Cranbrook, B. C.
Round Trip.
Ou Snle July 20th to 37th.   Good to return until Augutst ilnd.
And Builder
Sole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Ltd., retail yards.
Rough and dressed lumber, tnrned work
and brackets, Coast lath and shingles,
sash aud doors.
Cement, brick aud limo for sale. Automatic griuder.
Yard and factory Vernon, St**
east of Hull*
P. O Box 888.
Telephone 178.
Nelson, B. C.
First Clnst. lls'niiim PJiiiiIh und Modern
Ssinitisry Apiiliiinrs'ss.
Phone 181, Open Home Blk. Box 401,
\NeitSeHiv    E*Stem,
Dates  Excursion
August 7-8-9, September 8-10
St. Paul Chicago
Ontario t-jnebeo
Maritime Provices.
For rntes, Iwrth reservation and detailed
information apply to local agent or write
A.ti.l*.*., vanoouver. D.P.A., Nelson.
WlmU'siili' ninl Retail bt'iih'rs in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplitsd on shortest notice aud
lowest prici. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome moats and supples kept in stock
Mnil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manage.
Change of Time
Effective July 22nd
will leuvo Nolgon nt 8:80n. m.
will nrrive at Nelsou at 1:85 p m.
will leave for Knsln nt 0 :-15 p. iu.
will arrive nt Nelson at 1) :10 a. in.
City I'mssonkit Agent.
A il. r. A., Se��ttlc.
A. McDonald & Co-
Dealers in staple and fnney Oroeerie*.
Butter, Eggs.
Onnip nud Miners' Supplies. THE GREAT REGATTA
Is Ihe subject nf mosl local Interesi at present, nnil In order to enjoy
it thoroughly you need perfect distance vision. If your sight is ni all
detective, we cun correcl ii with perfeot-fltting glssses at low prices.
A pair nf BAUSCH & LOMB BINOCULARS will enable you to follow the regatta accurately. They ure lhe fines! field glasses made,
and we sell them ui lowesl market prices.
* Oor Store has Justly Won|
|        the Reputation of      ���
being the *
|Headquarters For!
��� VVe carry notliiue but tlie*
highest grade of all
lines of
-      {
Your  goods  are   carefully*
Checked.  Our name is    i
back of everything       ���
we sell. ���
|Bell Trading:
|        Company        ���
���<A Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning*
Kootenay Coffee
_ feed Any O
T*ti2t Jans ���
We have the NEW Mason Sealer
with lhe Al! Glass Top.
No iiictal lo get dirty anil corroded.
The most ii|i-lss-slats' sealer sui flic
market   In pint and quart sizes.
Pints per Dozen $1.25
Quarts per Dozen 1.50
We also have the   Grown  .lurs in(
pints, quarts ami half gallon
$1, $1.25 and $1.50 per dozen
! Joy's Cash Grocery j
Cor.Joflcpiiiiit;noil Mill Bti.    Phone 19
The Leading Ice Cream
Parlor of Nelson.
'The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone 85. Baker St.
Special attention to orders for
parties aud picnics. ,
c;-..-. V cm on HnU W.ird Straata,
iNstiUsoiN, B. �����
,T FRED HUME, Proprietor.
it ,i MoPhee, ii i Klrkwood, Slocan;
II Clothier, Cranbrook; VV H Wood
burn, Toronto; P W Yearsley, s I,
Oppenbelmer, Spokane; A M llurrls,
G it Green, T Unreel, N C Sawers. T
II Niekson, !���' Ii Godfrey, A E Ten
nam, L .1 Walte, Vancouver; B N Out
metie, A G Street, Roaslttnil; C Dick
son, Kaalo;  S M  Luilen. Portland.
Charles Murdook, J W Hickman,
Montreal; 11 Jones, Seattle; .1 R Mo
AlllBter, Greenwood; \v vv Moore, Oi-
tawa; Brooks Adams, Boston; .Misses
Hammond, Australia; T I. Hartley and
wile. Winnipeg; C II Moss, Spokane.
A .1 Illrteh, Spriiigtlale; P Genelle,
.1 II Feeney, M H McMahon and wife,
W 11 McFarlane and wife, P II McMahon, Cascade; .1 VV Bennett. Silver.
ton; .1 E Houghton, Crawford Bay;
Mrs Fred Elliott am) daughter, J a
Griffith, Trout Lake; VV Harris. Slocan; T S Wilson, Livingstone; C 1]
Patterson, Neepawa.
E  vv    Farnell,   Grand    Forks:    n
Kiaiiiils, Cranbrook;   A   Murray,   Summit Lake.
G   Young. Salmo;   H .1  Doyle.  R  VV
Black, .1 Cssusln. G Moore, Kaslo.
T Clark. Shlelils;  .1  I, Farwig,  Van
couver; Trail baseball team.
A   TolgeBtrom,    .1   Earlson.     Revel
��loke;   A  Thompson,  Phoenix;    A    E
Stewart, -I Cassidy, Spokane; J F McMillan. Creston.
A Wilson. Medicine Hat; E McFad.
den, La Plata; .1 Cirillin, Chewalah; D
Webb,  Revelstoke.
D Bain. .1 Marnlch, Arrowhead: Q
liniilerick and wife, A Lafontalne,
Creston; A HnorUhlk, s Power, N
Rusyekl, Shields; .1 Babbilt, Woodberry; H McPhee, Qrand Forks; C. W
Mossre. Ssatlle.
Telephone IUI,
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want lo buy or sell anything,
^o to tlie Old Curiosity Shop. A new
!ine of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dinnerwuro In slock. Pat-
Applications will be received by lhe
trustees of fhe Hume school district,
Nelson, for a teacher for the ensuing
U nn.   Salary, $"5 per month.   Address
GEO. 11. PLAYLE, Secretary.
Front .bedroom in nico cottage,, on
Mill Btrp��t, nnar Jnsophtne. Suitable
for two gentlemen; references required,
Apply flt Cunsidian office.
Yon can now secure fresh live min
iiuwh regularly at Lindsay's Boat House
The Daily Canadian
K. .1. McPhee, ssi' Slocan, Is In   tbe
citj to lake iii ihe regatta.
!���'. (l. Lorlng. ssf Nelson high school,
lias passeil the matriculation examin-.-
tion tor Toronto university.
Nelson ami Trail Junior baseball
teams begin piny on the recreation
grssinists this afternoon at " p  in.
Mayor Qillett lias compiled with a
general request and proclaimed Friday and Saturday afternoons civic holidays on account of tbo regatta.
The Nelsou board of trado Is ih
session this afternoon lu the board
rooms in ranging to receive unit outer
tain  ilie  Washington  correspondents
Dancing ��iil begin al lhe pavilion
tonight at 'a o'olook, wiili ilu- band or-
cbestra In attendance, Gentlemen will
pay a dollar; ladles will In- admitted
Launch owners' attention is called
i.s the earnest request of the regatta
committee to keep i loar of tlte course
and mollonloss before unit during tne
lisisit   races.
Metals are fluctuating rapidly today. Silver lias declined throe points
on each market Lead gains a polnl
in London,    Electrolytic copper stonlc
is  up a   polul.
A statement is mails' in the Bportlng
columns of the Victoria Colonist thai
the presence of a team representing
Kootenay during tho crlckol   week  In
.'siigns:  is assured.
a. ('. Ptttcher, ssf Ihe Royal Hani,
here, left this morning "ii a two
weeks' holiday trip to the s nasi. ft. c,
Cummins is over rrom Itossland in nil
lli.s  place as teller.
F. A. Davles, of London, Hng., Is at
the Strathcona today, Mr. Davles has
purchased the ranch at Procter ad-
joining S. S. Frascr's property, and
has brought out his family to make
their permanent  li'ime in Kootenay
Two straying cattle eases, both second offenses, were beard by the mag-
isirate in the city police court this
morning. In each case a line of $ln
and eosls was Imposed, Two more
offenders are summoned  for Monday.
In lbe window of the Hudson's Hay
Cinupniiy's sion- liiere is a new and
Ingenious advertisement entitles]
"Watching a good thing." The bull-
'log, familiar In the "What ws> have
we'll hold" pictures, Is chained al a
kennel door gazing Intently nl a bottle labelled  "A.  M. C."
The sessions of ibe Haiilisi summer
assembly held yesterday were largely
attended. Today's program Includes
a Ilihle lecture, given at 11 a. m. by
Rev. H. Loclie ICeinpton, of Penile
This afternoon asldresssss are being
delivered on "The Spirit of (he West"
by Rs'v. n. M. Mclntire, of Plncher
('reek, and Rev. F, VV. Auvacbe, of
Grand Forks. This evening ai 8
o'clock Rev. D. Gooddeld, of Cranbrook. will speak. Tomorrow morning
Rev, F. w. Auvache will take tbe ni-
ble lecture, Rev. H. Locke Kempton
and Ri'v. (',, ll. White will speak on
"The Devotional Lin- of the Home."
ami lbs' evening address will lie ilcllv-
eri'd hy Rev. .Isibn McLean, of filas-
gow, Scotland.
Mining Records.
Two locations nnd three certificates
sif assessment work were recorded in
'he   Nelson   mining  omen   today.
F. Dnfrted recorded the Red Star,
located July 18th, on Shci'p Creek,
about 15 miles from Salmo.
A. 0. Shaw recorded fhe Blake
Fraction, located July 21st, on Forty-
nine   Creek.
Certificates nf work were Issued lo
A. J. Shlngran, on the Viking, in R. 11.
Dougan, on the Homestalte. and to .1.
Murphy, on ihe Canadian flov.
Legal   Notes.
R. S. Lennle and .1. O'Shea, barris
ters, leave for tbe coast tonight to
appear on the hearing or the appeal
from the taxation of costs In fhe case
nf Star vs. While. The appeal will
���ic heard in Victoria on .Inly 80th by
chli'i' Justice Hunter.
It. S. Lennie. solicitor for flyron N.
White, has made applicallon Tor an
Increase 'if security for costs in lho
appeal of the plaintiffs from the de
rislnn of chief Justice Hunter ill llle
Star vs.  While ease.
The Store of Quality
Its Quality that Counts
That's Why
We Sell More
Than aty otner Tea tn cur store.
If you haven't tried it you don't
knom) <what you are missing. It
has in be tested to be appteenfed.
The ncx' Tea you buy see thai it
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phono 10
I'm-,, old
 an Li-
Fig .wd Lemon Marmalade
This ir* something flood, An <��M
reliable article, Inn uow On tins
25cts. Each
Q A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sis,
Leave Your Order With Me For
Clicmes and
Now, as Ilie si asnii Is dosing, and I ��i"
see lhal your order Is filled wllh the
best fruit lis Iss' bail al lho lowest market  price.
We Sell	
We   execute    orders     promptly   and
give you quick service.
Pocket Slata  $6 50
Walghl in ounces.     Niokle plnte-1.
Mukt'N impr.tisinit \\_ in. diameter.
I.nrjju DMk Slar.<a A0.0O
With Low Handle.   tmprcMlon i-N
in. ���Muni' tor.
W. G. Thomson
fflfX """ Nelsou, B. C.
This is the minnow season.  VVe
have a full stoek of
Pails at $1.00, $1,50, $1.75
and $2.00 each.
Ha*.!ewood Ice Cream
I'hone 206.
Thompson & Douglas
Sign Writing a Specialty.
Wall Pap��rand Burlap*.
I'sir Everything (ismsl
t.s .Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thuraun's Special Mixture?
Wa havo tin- .greatest variety of Spinners
ovar shown in any tin-klc storo.  Drop
in and looh iinnmil. tuid set! i'nr
Nelson Hardware Co.
Public Auction
Notice li hereby rven iimim punuaoceol thi
letmi nt a cliaitlr moriKtiK*'. a copy whereol will
Ih' produced ni the time >-f tin' wle, wo win rwll
hy rublle Auction an bloc, on
Tuesday, the 31st July, 1906,
at2:90 in tbe afternoon, on tbe premiaea known
u K KergO'on .t Co'* itore, Vernon itreet,
Nelaon, B.C., the wholesale ihiunr, itook-ln*
trade, nnd trade Dxtureiol theiald K. Perguaop
<ft Co., iltuate on -a ni pretnlaw,
hss per ���topk taking s,f the ami July, iwsfi
General ^t...-k sssssl Plxtttnu  ts.wj.',
s'itoir,.  shim lis
Ooodt.in Dond fCiiftoroe)     i^.\,i
Qoodj ln Bond (Inland Bdvenae) tMM4n
lit.jtu in
rurllisT liil'-risiislliiis  is.hv be Obtained Al Ills-
sniil premise, "r  -.si  ���i,]-Ii.-,,t.....   t.s   Ms-.r.
Msss'l slsl A llssl!. snlieltnn fnr tlie nominee
The si 1, sssii in m.til luhject to hu upiel
prfOe ini'l   lisiss   In-iisHtiei'teil ssss Ills'ssis.rllilis.' i.i
the day ot the .ale.
I I ssl Nil-ns,, B.C., Use '.lirsl day ssl July,!'.����
NELSON, !! ('
Syitem Continues to Earn Profiits Under   City   Management.
The tramway returns for last week
n;;nln alio wnol only n very large in-
crease' over the corresponding week
of last ysiir. but an absolute profit ssf
about $00 for the week.
Tlii' receipts for the week are
$S77.0B, against $151.80 for the week
last year, a gain of more than 50 per
cent Return! Tor I lie year to ilale are
$3,193.05, iiKnlnst $8,030,40 to Uie same
dale of 1905.
The weekly return;! for looo on the
actual time of operation show nearly
50 per cent, advance over the return:;
of 1905.
Friday, July 27th,
Mr. C. II. ClblioiiH presents
Norway's  representative singer,
iisKistcil by
Gina Smith, Pianist.
Prices 50c. 75c, $1.00.
Seats on sale at Rutherford's Wednesday,
All changes for adrertlsi ne nts must
reach The Dully Canadian business
office not later than 10 o'clock In the
morning In order to insure Insertion
In Iho Issue of that ilny.
These are the days when a man's
Shirt fs the all Important part of his
make-up���both  for   looks and  comfort.
We've Eveiything that's good
in Summer Shirts	
We sell ahirts from the best of shirt mak'jrs in Canada���makers
with a reputation. t
Watches! Watches!
The best prudes in American movomeuts.   Prices
to compete with Esstnrn houses. pjn6 Watoh
repiiirinn ami optics onr Bpocialty,
Repairing and Jobbing a Sp��J
Sheetaaetal Work, Castings, Builders' Materia] and Mln
'"" ""'I Mill B^
:si-i; I
Offloe anil Works Riot of Park St.
"'. II. (
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Li
BSJOCBKM Iss It. Ill I      SUMS ,v I'll.
Hrs'Sis'i- ssss.I IIiiIiIst, ssl
Fine Lager Beer and Porter     |   Every Known Variety Soli ty_M
And Ihe Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
TUUBPHOsNB .%...  JJ-4.
I>. <). HON   Jill.
&Co., pszte]
\j*,   vjv*t       Limited, Wlnnjjjfl
NN'lioli_-.Hiile   I 'nivUiiins.
Dominion Govornmnnl Orenmerr Onn-Pomul Uri.-kK reeeiml wivkhu
from the ehnrii.   For sole by nil lending grocers.
Otties'ami wareliiiii-s': llssu.-toti I'liK-k,    I'lisiiic Til.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C,
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ll
We would invite yon lo Injpeol our large ami varied ntwk ol
r__ Hot Weather Requakl
No need to Suffer from beat if you
will only eail and iwk
Store niieii from 7 a.ill. to fl p.m. every day BXOOpt holiilays nnil .Siuiilij!
"���-���i'"i'ii'i: >��"ii sjobblns cNCLiiivj witi. Daapatoh. 8HMtMl9
Work, Mlnlmc and Mill Mxiohlnary.    Manufaoturvraol
<j.-o Sara, i^. i*.  Contractors' Cara.
M'Mk-si.: ,.
| The Latest Arrival at J. A. Gilker's is theg|
Superior in make und quality.
MANUFACTURERS   T ^��-      QUi^evUc
AND DEALERS IN   i^tJlllDer,   Oaitlgl^t
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, W'ind.Qvys.
'I'urned Work end Brockets. Mnil OnlsTs iironiplly nlt."'l"ll,l
have demonstrated to us, and if you will let us makeyoo
ouc suit we'll convince you that the clothes "c
make are superior to all other makes
in every detail of
Hlgh-OIam Tatlon, linker St., Niton. H "���       JI
Onr Btook of HANI>   SAWS ii  votj comrl*]
Inolndlng grades tOBolt nil requirement!!.
if you wish n low prieed n wo can supply J"00,
also eiu-ry the hunt .iiialitieH iniirto hy
?.tli!f.._* PglTRIOH Md PI88TON;
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y*Lti
��� __M . *Mmm___m


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