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The Daily Canadian Jan 25, 1908

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 I   ASK   FOR
The  l,  Hfch   of  table  waters..   The
same S    Bft time.,   it's bottled at th
migrate Problem Chief
THE  DAILY _*______*!
Will be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
overnment Will Stand Firmly for
Folfilm���t of  Promises  to
Canada and America.
v.     Toklo,   Jan.    -S.      ''li.        pnmrnmui.
-f today's session ail , I..��� >ii.-i. ���--. in.n in
ludee the speech limn l-'oi.ii^n Mi,ther Viscount Hayashi. m-kuhIiuk In im
migration question, v. a:. *.11.1.i* ia 1 >  i-liuu
ed and the speech ;������".< i *l until -Ian
0, when It Is exp. ,���...; iba, \ i>.-..in,
iuyuahl will outln     .i- pi.-.u
f tbe goyemmci. H" i.n..n
i' tinmlajreiias*. i ������ i >>.'".! s ...-:
nd {.imr*t   it i:
���oatpoMtnent ��-..    ,u,.   '    ii��� - ���
. reply from tba- i i.i - o hm--- p.*. m
nent to the meni"
xpected to be han.l.-.i n. Uu- .i.a|..aii....
'oretgn olllce thi    a:uin..oii
Evidence ot tha- d.-,���-, ii.nu.t i-.i. ot  th.
apaneee  governm. m   i:    sln.wii   l.>   an
itHclal    order   Ibsii. al    io    i aigruilun
tompaniee today. ��ln-r.iu ail .m.m..
ion   to   the   Haw..;in    I -hiii.l.     i.*-    ulisu
utely probibiteii ��� ���������.-. ,"  m ������'���*.   "'
���elatlvee of. .Jepai.- -- : * * a * .., 1 - i-.- i.l.;.-;
Toklo, Jan. 2S, Visioiini \..i.i. .-\
Vmbaaaador to tli. I ni;. I Stales, lias
irrived  here. .
���~Xe*ta*ral** #repar.ltia>a,E   for   Wedding   of
Oladys Vanderbilt  to   Hungar*
I    Ian   Count.
ew York, Jan. JS,    M raiii;.-ni,nl_ lor
marriage of Mis*. CSlaaias Viinih-riiil;
Count    Ladlslu*     S/.i-i���Inna i      w*',v
oompleled todu*
deuce of the I. ��� '������     ''*"
nullus Vanderbi ,-,.rn.-i oi l-'aiii, .i..-nu.'
3ind Fltty-elghti
Simplicity hn      * ��� '    ;; *l   ."   in   ih'
niriinceassats, Im   ii  "li -oi e.-ou.
simplicity.   It **������'���  ��� *���;
ihe wedding wa.i   i
���fair,    lt waa sai-     ;
~~tations woaWbe i    I   i.,,'  ;;    H"   '>���'''
npproached these pi, ns we,-.- a-ii,iuK<-*l
nnd the number of iuviiailons was tlxa-al
at 300.
All  thiB Week   mechanics   anal   ,li.-an a
tors,  mllllnOrB  and   s.-nmslu-.-.*. i-.   a-Uii
ers and ebats  In.*.'  I " hard   at   %*..;!.
preparing (or Hi- >>��� ������biun- Tin' sump
4 i toons browns!on.' limn.' ,,t tl���. Vnnd.'i
v'Mlts. lor man>  > ��� ;r    ..,,.���       ihe ���;..**
plaCCB   Of  FifH> ���uie li.i:       passa-il
through    an   llnl.-rnal       l,an..Iiii mai ion.
)E and has left il     hand'   ..i  ....   |....n;. ;
docoratorsan.i "en-'   " ��� ��� ���   i  beau;,
'5 nil   than ever
The cerellioii* **;li ml.' i.l;."' m 'l"'
ballroom. U will i.e i.,ii..��eii l.\ a s.a'
��d breakfast, which 'ill !"��� ser\e,l In
the sitting room, Hn loai-t hall and
the breakfast room Th,. iioml ileeora
tions Will be lliii'in. . a*. ,.< si'laa-me and
Color. Pink lints will h, |n. .I..lnin .in
Palms Will ba- lurni'l, used in lhe .la*
coratlons of >'���>��� hall and wii: he so
grouped In banl.s ol a'iya.:i!ii!t<'iiniin_ as
to transform   anil   i'ln-   Ih.'   a|i|iear:,nee
e1 ata eoiiityin    ; anleii    'II," marl.i.* ml
MS Work on   ,1,.*  I'.rand  slailease   will   !..
.ped   Willi   reins,   haiil.ed    with   plait
JrellOW   a-rysanilii'iniini'.   and   edi;.-.!
��� roses   ol'   de.-pel    pilll.       'I'll.-   mini
^IWlumii".   duoi I.null"   ami    u ainsi'ol
B)e bunked with pink nnd whin
The dining  room also  will  lie
���I entirely   in   pink  and     while.
Bid.  s     tabic     will     he     hanked
Its  etllll'e  Isngtb   will,   lilies
Of       Hjvalli ;.    und   white   orchids.       In
Ihwwiui' ; n   an.l   i.in. ;   looms va
aoi -ftlleal   villi   rare   iin   lloweri    will   I..-
placed Oil   iii"   leiilil"!.  ; iiii   on  liriieU.'i--,
llcb Will  he hanked    wilh     pink    and
White crysaiiiheminii:
There   will   l>"   11-.   Hail   I'.'ivtilt.ny   ami
S^^pstanl  service. Theri' will  be no
iithor than the one conducted
slgnor  M.  .1.   Lfivelle,  rector of
-Wick's   Culliedral,   nccordlng   to
pe'isniion granted by Archbishop
Tlie bridal party will be larger
win be proceeded by her brtdesmalds,
MIsh Kuth V. Twomby und Miss Dorothy Whitney, and Miss Flora Whitney, her niece, who is to be the flower
At. Uie temporary altar there Ih to be
placed at one end of the ballroom,
Count Hzechenyi and the best man,
Count Anton Sigruy, will await the
bride. At the close of the brief ceremony Frunko's orchestra will play
Mendelssohn's wedding march. Immediately afterwards congtatnlatlons
will be in order, and the wedding breakfast will be served. During the serf.
lug of the breukfttst there will bs B
miscellaneous orchestral concert under
tlie   direction   of N'ahuu     Frunito.     The
programme will Include many American
ami Hungarian airs iu compliment to
both  the bride und  tlie bt-ldegroom.
Many rumors are current as ,o who
will and who will not tat: present at
the Wedding. Miss Gladys ls the Hist
oi the late Cornelius \ underbill's
children to s.-la.-ct a foreigner lair a Hi.
mate. All her brothels mania.al Americans, so did her slater, Mrs. Hairy
Payne Whitney, und it was hoped by
them that she would follow an their
footsteps, lt was said that a...me of the
members ot llle family were su deeply
disapiaoilited at Iter choice Unit they
waaulu not attend the wedding -Those
wlao are in a position ,o know, however,
aaaen that all ol iin* family will be
present ut the wedding, inclualing besides the bride's mother, Mr anal Mrs.
Aland Q. Vanderbilt, Mr. and Mrs.
Reginald Vanderbilt, Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Payne Whitney und Mr und
.vira. Cornelius Vanderbilt The family
uf the bridegroom will be represented
by Count and Caaunteas lliaui.. s S/.eeh
enyi. Count Stephun Szccheuyl anal
Count Baterbars. Other guests will include the leading members of the so-
called Vanderbilt set uf New York and
Newport. The entire staff ol the Austrian embassy will come trom Washington io uttend the wedding. Handsome
apartments ut the Pluzu and St. Regis
hotels have been senured for the ac-
cnm. idut ion of the guests from Washington and abroad. It is now reported
that Count Snellen, i and his bride will
spend a few daya at Newport before
leaving for ilia* Count's estates in Hungary
**���* NELSON. B. C. SATURDAY, JANUARY 25, J908.
Fifty Cents a month
Sir Julius Wernher Bought as Manufactured  Jewels of  His Own   Mine,
l'uris,.lun. 15.���There w*as u sensational development last night In the
case of Henri Lemoine, the "diamond
maker." which was being heard before
the magistrate, Mr. Da lluan. a diamond merchant, testified that several
aaf ih. diamonds which Lemoine gave to
Sir .ltilius Wernher, of the I'a' Beers
Mlninn Company, alleging (hem to have
been   manulaciui'i'il,   bad   been   sold   to
Mme Lemoine by De Haan. Th.. witness has selected these stones from
some wbii'li were produced in court
last  night.    Immediately following the
disclosure last night the prealdenl of
ilu. jewelers' association of iranc*. lodged   a   uamplalnl   Of  fraud   against   I.e
moine. The morning newepapars say
that ib- diamond mystarj has been
proved to be a comedy of ledflcrde
muine and  Interpret  the  Identllloatlon
aal   llle Stones b]   Mi.   lla lla.in   as  an  ov
posure aaf Lcmoina'. Interviewed !���> one
of ihe newspapermen  "��'  ii":"'    said:
"ThS   lil'.'.iaaing   paaS-at     Is  that     the   alia
momSs I Bold Mine. I
Warnher'H  own   min
moine came from
ut    Jaggersfon-
Ross Rifle Company Gets
Money Easily
Cost of Coinage Multiplied by Seven
Exclusive of Big Capital Outlay
���Parliamentary Notes.
Costume  Exhibition   in  London. '
London, .lan St.���Umler tin* patronage ot the Duchess of Maryborough, the
Duobesa of lleaulori and Other Utiod
in.ii.s. iii.. London and Parts dress ea
lilbltlon opened In Karl's Oburl today,
to continue for tour weeks. The exhibition is h.v nn tlie mosl brilliant affair
of lis kind ever attempted here. The
���roul exhibitions palace has I>.-<*1> Iiiiiib-
formed Into a land of shops, where my
lady may see and admire, and purchase
ir she sii desires, the latest dresses and
gowns suitable tor every occasion, I'roni
the l.i.II room io the bathing beach. One
day during the course ol the I'-aliibltlon
a representation will ba given <.r o oourl
presentation al Buckingham Palace. The
whole oeramony will be portrayed, manikins wearing tlie mosl costly court
dresses acting us debutantes. Another
special feature will be an Aseoi .'.i-.'ii"
Introducing hois..*;, jockeys and a du_
/Hug throng of women, who will t-tthibit
nil the mosl dainty modes suitable (or
ihls fashionable gathering. There will
also he ti realistic hunting scene, to allow of an elaborate display of riding
Ottawa, Jan. 2S.���The Iloss rifle con
tract was before the public accounts
* iinimiUa*.* this week. Col. Wurleie, on
whose certificates the gpvernment has
paid I'.auo.OUO in progra-ss estimates on
uiacaimpla'tt'd rilles, wus examined by
Mr. Northrup und testified that most
of those oerttfieatea were made by him
while lie was ln the pay of the Hess
company. It was not until last summer that ha* became an Inspector of the
alepait lua'UI aud Under its control. Also
it was shown that while under the ex-
ta-nsiaan time given to the company in
July last the contractor was to furnish 16,000 rilles between that time
and the 1st of January 190S, the number supplied aud accepted down to th *
last day ol December 111,17 was ouly
4,500. Tha- ctatit rat-liar has n*ca>ived advance payment*, t" tha extauu of about
1360,000 on rilles that were to have
been delivered before tills yuar and
had not been received by the governmenl at tin- end of Peoember.
Wallace .Nesbitt. K. ts.. made a remarkable statement to the committee
on behalf of Sir Charles Hose. He ale-
cliired among othei tilings that there
was a ,'onsi.lracy of the laic ritle manufacturers in F-ngkind to crush out the
Rdss Industry and -smarted that he hini-
sa ;i bad been notified hy a person not
now in Canada, but presumably an associate of the conspirators, that the in
spectiou would be suck hereafter us to
prevent tlie acceptance of any rifles.
Mr. Nesbitt Charged that English ofli*
in the t'anlidian service were ale-
taarmined to ga't rial ol the ltoss rille
at any cost and contended that th. department or Us officers were blaackiiig
the delivery as a result Of this conspiracy. Since the department has paid
a third of a million dollars on these
runs, or three Quartan of tbe contract
price, ihls hold up. If there is one, Is
an  expensive  business.    1,   remains  for
sir Fred. Borden und the government to
cl. ar  up  the matter.
The Canadian brunch of the Royal
mint is giving fresh surprises every
year. In committee of supply on Friday tin. minister of public works stated thut tha- building and plant will have
cost I.* the end of March 1464,000. Mr.
I'ugsley is raking lor IJS.OOO more in
the main estimates, and says he will
place 180,000 more in supplementary
estimates, all to be. spent In the year
beginning in  the  year or  April.
This   bringing   tha   total cost  up to
|609,000.   while   the   annual    aip,.rutin,l.
maintenance and Interesl charges win
b.. at bast {lS&.OOO a year. Than is
a startling contrast between these figures ami thoaa given to iba- house in
Mr.Fielding, when the wank wus undertaken. The finance mlnlater ln.im*.*,i
parllamenl to aaoapl the projeol by stat-
Iul; that Hie 00��l of tin' building anal
machinery complete would not be more
than $300,000, and the untiual outlay
including Interesl less than 174,000s
Dr. Ita'id. of Cri'livllle. Mr.  llrlslol. aaC
Toronto, and Mr. Bennett, of Blmooe,
reminded aVlr. Fielding and Mr, I'ugsley <>r these promises and gave them
un unpleasant afternoon and evening
over the matter, lt wus shown thnt
this annual outlay nf (136,000 or more
is not only nearly double Uk* estimate,
but involves payment aaf $186,000 a year
to do the work of coinage, which for the
Inst leu years bus cos; the oountrj anal
average ol' JlS.-lllll a year.    The yearly
cost will now ouuni the previous outlay or seven yenrs. A stone tenoe has
been built around the mint. With gates
nnd n guard house the fence Ir costing
$47,000,   Mr.    Fielding   estimated   the
a'l.sl   .if tills   fence al   $14,000.
Al the end of discussion a few ques*
aiaans from Dr. Daniel brought oul n
statement thai would otherwise have
been withheld, Mr. Fielding admitted
tbat th*' $600,000 estimate did not Include n refinery, which the mini authorities rouulrod. This building with
machinery  will. In Mr.  Fielding's opin
ion, cost $25,000, which estimate like
the other will probably require to be
doubled. Mr. Fielding on further questioning made the Interesting admission
thst the authorities desire an official re-
sida.nca* for the Canadian master of the
mint, to enable him to live on the
grounds. The finance minister believes
lhat this resilience would cost $20,000.
The forty-seven thousand dollar fence
will have to l*e taken down and then
carried around the master's house, a
rather serious matter, seeing that this
wall coBt the astonishing price of $20
per foot. At least $10,000 worth of
fence will be require^ to seclude the
master of the mint.
Mr. Cockshutt, of Brantford, on Wednesday moved a resolution declaring
against the paymaant of bonuses hereafter to agents or companies for bringing ln Immigrants. The motion also
demanded the strict enforcement of
laws shutting out persons who are physically or morally unfit. In discussing
this motion i\lr. Cockshutt exposed a
rather mean trick of Mr. Oliver. Two
or three years ago one oT Mr. Coek-
shutt's constituents, who managed an
emplnyment bureau, wrote to him to
say that there was work at Brantford
for a number of mechanics and asking
to bave the information given to the immigration department. Mr. Cockshutt an
requested sent the letter to Mr. Oliver,
wiin kept It, and two years later, without giving the member for Brantford
nntia-a'. read it in the house to try anal
make it appear that Mr. Cockshutt was
in favor of artisan immigration. Ab a
matter of fact Mr. Cockshutt as his resolution shows, hold* the opposite
views, and had merely performed the
ordinary service of a member hy forwarding  a  communication.
Having shown up this trick, Mr.
f'aackshutt produced a letter written to
htm from Scotland asking the secretary
of the manufacturers' asstaclation to
supply the government in the old country with lists of mechanics and artisans needed. The writer, John McLen*
nun. is nn immigration agent, and said
thnt he was writing as representative
at Aberdeen of the Canadian govern-
ment. This !a*tler w r, sent to Canada
at a time when the government was
proclaiming that It was discouraging
tlie immigration of skilled laborers. It
is another sample of the deception ex-
poaed last year where Hugthe-Ma*
aiiinePreston ln the Immigration office
at London was giving official assistance,
and the use of bis offlce file* to Leo-
l*old's business of engaging strike
breakers and other mechanics for Canada, while his department at home waa
declaring that lt was opposing the immigration of mechanics.
It was quite In keeping with this
spirit that Mr. Cockshutt's motion was
beaded oft* on Wednesday by a government amendment.
Situation in Camps Unchanged���Market
Dull   but   Prices   Firm���List
of  Quotations.
The mining situation generally shows
little changa* for the week. The stock
market has been rather inactive and
trading limited lam prices have held
vera llrm and in many cases uhow a decided upward  tendency .
The following are the approximate
quotations for the week endlug today:
Asked.      Bid.
Alberta Coal *.- Coke $   .sts     $
11. C. Copper        603*4
COO.     -.mailers      110.00
Cariboo   McKinna'y..        .04
Can. Oold  Fields 04 %
Ditmnitiioti   Copper:.       2.1i2Mi
Diamond Vale Ooal.       .its
Diamond r���ni fi��
G.ranby       66.00
(lulhrslth   Coal 2S
Ititea-nlitionul    Colli... .Nf,
La I'lata Mines 13
Nicola  Valley C. *;* C. 100..-0
Important Proposals by
Mr. Pringle
Resolution in Parliament Advocates
Sweeping Reforrns���Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Ottawa, Jan. 25.���Pringle, M. P.. Stor
mont. gives notice of motion thut in the
opinion of the commons this is an o|a-
portune time tu consider the advisability of umeiiiling and revising the Bank
Act, and the following among other
amendments, should receive consideration: 1. To provide for government
inspection. 2. To provide more stringent regulations as to circulation. 2.
Thai all chartered bunks shall provide
special reserve funds for security of depositors. 4. To make provision as to
the percentage of capital and reserve
that may be loaned to any one borrower. 5. To make provision for percentage that a bank may loan to its combined directors. To limit the amount ol
interest or discount that banks may
contract for. 7. To revise the powers
of the bankers' association.
Toronto. Jan. 25.���Officials of the Sovereign Bank are besieged with letters
from shareholders trom all over the
oonntry anxious as to tlie fate of capital invested iu shares of tbe hank. Tliey
ask for information as to the ultimate
value of their stock holdings, hut the
reply sent back Is that it is impossible
at present to state witii any degree of
accuracy whal dividends will be paid
when  the usBets are  liquidated.
Orillla, Jan. 25���East Sinicoe Conservatives have nominated James I. Hart
for the legislature.
Toronto, Jau. 25.���Owing to great distress tn Toronto a conference between
the board of control and representatives
of charitable institutions was held in
the mayor's offlce yesterday, when the
situation us to the unusual number of
men out of work, and the resultant dis
tress tlierel'ium. was discussed at
length. It was decidaad that the organization should rairniulate some scheme
for the division of the city into districts
and better provisions should be made
for looking after the deserving poor.
The city will increase its grams to
those institutions if necessary.
Ottawa, Jun. 25.���An interim report
made by Mr. St. Laurent, engineer in
chief of the Georgian Bay canal survey,
shows that the approximate estimate of
the cost of canalization of Frencli river
from Georgian Day to North Bay. a distance of SU miles, Ib $18.70*0,688. Tha-
plan conU'iupluted is a ship canal of n
depth a>r 22 feet and provides faar the
creation of ilira'e reaches between
Ca'airgian Buy anil Lake Nlpissing by
means of locks and dams, lift of locks
varying I'roin 22 In 24 feet. A full re*
purl Is prnmlseal faar March.
Nicola Coal   Mini's.
\'orlh   Star	
Rambler Cariboo.
llnyal Collieries..
Sullivan   Bonds . .
Tel Rwa   Mines ..
White Bear	
Western   Oil	
.07 V,
Art Thieve, in London.
London. Jan. Sir,.���- Three valuable
miniatures aaf lhe Duchess ���r File, tlie
1*1 ta aaf Norway and Princess Victoria, all belonging to Queen Alexandra,
have been stolen l.y bunglers from the
studio or an engraver in London, to
which they bad been sent lor reproduction.
Insanity in Washington.
Waahington, .inn. 25.���it. w. Reed,
the proprietor of a Bnloon on Massachusetts avenue and North Capitol
streei this city, wus stabbed to death
at his place of business early laiilay
by  un   unknown  ninn,  who  escaped.
Ottawa. Jan. 25.���Sir Robert Bond,
premier or New Foundlutiil. has nntllled
the government thai he will shortly
visit Ottawa to discuss relations be-
twean thni colony and tin* Dominion, it
is umlerstood that the chlei sub'SCt to
be   considered   is   lhe   reference   lo   the
fishery dispute with the United stui.-s
to the Ragus tribunal, it is thought ad*
vantage will lie taken of Bond's presence  here to consider the question  of
Newfoundluntl I'titering the Dominion.
Calgary, Jan. 25.���Yesterday morn
lug Robert Chapman wus found lying
in the street opposite the city hall In
an unconscious condition. He was removed to the general hospital where
he died last night, never having regained consciousness. He leaves a wifa
anal four small children. /
erable extent owned and controlled by
Canadians, and our lake and ocean
carrying trade should be carried on by
our own people as far as possible ln
Canadian ships owned by Canadians.
He said he knew lt meanB some sacrifice on the part of certain interests,
but It does seem there could be no more
patriotic aim than to endeavor to keep
Canadian trade in Canadians channels.
Lanark, Ont., Jan. 25.���Arthur Leger,
accountant of the Cortlcelll Silk company's works here, committed suicide
yesterday by shooting himself. No reason can be assigned for the rash act.
He was 41 years old.
Toronto, Jan. 25.���In da'scribing the
situation in India Rev. R P. McKay,
secretary of the Presbyt-.rian foreign
missions, in an addreBs before the Empire club, said:
"The people in India wish to get rid
of the British. The reason for this is
not easy to state. The most evident
cause Ib the common desire of all people to govern themselves. But there ls
a.ioitier element and that is the Englishman himself. The Englishman, though
just, is not lovable. He is supercilious,
less than courteous and treats the natives a conquered race. This is now
resented by men who nr.ve become highly educated and can fairly claim social
recognition if not equality."
Itev. McKay, however, does not anticipate un Immediate crisis. British
rule has been" just and while the natives
wish to rule themselves eventually, they
are not yet strong enough and they do
not wish to be rid of the British until
they are able to stand alone against any
possible invader.
At the instance oi the fruit division
of the Dominion department of agriculture, Messrs. H. E. Groff and T. D.
onderdonk, a,f the firm of Groff & On-
derdouk, Trenton, have been fined for
selling Illegally marked and packed
apples. A. IS. Brown and W. iMiron, of
Northumberland, buyer and packer respectively, were convicted and fined the
costs of the court.
Nelson  Won   Again   From   Rossland   In
Slashing   Contest���O .me   Marred
by  Many  r-juls.
Tho Nelson hockey tuum won ita second victory of the season over the Robs-
laml leuni on RoBsland ice last evening
in a game characterized hy excessive
roughness, for which a single member
of tlie Rossland team was almost exclusively to blame. The offender, Neal,
is a fair hockey player, but so far he
has not played hockey. His one aim
apparently ls to disable his opponents
and he spares no effort of hands, stick,
knees   and    feet. M.   R.   McQuarrie,
manager of the Nelson team, stated today that had one of Neal's swings with
his skate at Joe Thompson landed
where it was lutended the Nelson player would probably have heen killed.
Rev. Father McOullough, of Rossland,
who refereed the^ game, repeatedly
warned Neal nnd twice sent him to the
fence for foul  play.
When the teams meet next week in
the championship matehes in connection with the annual carnival, Nelson
will iuslHt on neutral officials with experience as such, for referee and judge
��.f pb-y. u*ul also on three time keepers,
one neutral, instead of two.
Tbe teams were: Nelson.Goal, Harry
Bishop; Point, Patrick; cover. Thompson; rover. Hoods; right wing, Ihmn:
I. ll wing. Kemp; centre, A. Hi sho p.
Kn-sslund. Goal, MeCreurj : point, Donahue; i-iiver, Allen; rover, Uilnnce; right
wing. Neal; loft wing, Dickson; centre.
Ai half time the score stood 1-0 ln
Itossliind's favor. In the second half
they could add only two to tho visitors"
Manager McQuarrie Rpenks highly of
th** splendid work or Patrick whose
rushes were mainly responsible for
three of the goals. Joe Thompson play,
ed ns well as over In his life, while
\ichie Bltfhap, Hood nnd Dunn all con-
trih-yted hard, skilful and useful efforts.
For tba Hc.ss.nnd temp Dickson played
tho best hockey, though Neal annoyed
Nelson mist. McCreary in goal pluyed
splendidly, stopping shot after shot
from the always pressing Nelson line.
The Hossland team. Mr. McQuarrie
thinks, has heen greatly tmde.estimated. Its members are all good players
and the combination is excellent.
Collingwood. .Ian. 15,��� Addressing tin
Cnnallun cluh here on the malntennnci
of On mul inn trade in Canadian ������l.unnels
Hou. Mr. Pugsley said it was a question
which involved the problem of trans-
poviation by water as well ns by land,
and this work should be doin- by Cann
dlans. The railways of Canada nre
managed by Canadians and to a consid
Many Hard Fought Games
Are Played
Prices of Metal..
New York. Jan. 25.���Silver. r.r.UjC.
I.niiilon,  Jan   86,���Silver, l!6%d.
Opening   Copper  Quotations.
New York, Jan. 25. 1901
(By MCIlermid & Mcllardy.)
AsKed        ���  Bid
Omnia.*'    Jftn.OO        ��S5.00
Dominion  Copper ....    S!.Ci2Vt        2.50
B. C. Copper     5.25 5.00
Play Improving Steadily���Many Keen
Contests Ahead���Scores in First
Three Competitions.
The bonspiel Ib now well under way.
There are eight, visiting rinks, two each
from Rossland, Greenwood and Cranbrook and one each from Kaslo and
Phoenix. Nelson surrendered the All
Comers' contest to the visitors who
must now "play down" for it.
Of the other competitions three are
in progress, and four others, for the
Tuckett. Walkerville, Hudson's Bay and
Burns Cups, are not yet begun. The
Ice is still in good condition and with
tomorrow's interval for strengthening
there is every' prospect of good conditions next week.
ln the Grand Challenge event three
rounds are almost completed. The results have been:
First round���Blackwood 11, Mor in 12:
Forln 12, Hodge 10; Bird 13, McCaUuni
Second round���Buchanan 11, Wells
12; Renwick 9, Richardson 15: Wallace
11, Walley 9; Fox 11, Morln 8: Dill 4,
Pretty 10; McMynn 12, Bunyan 11;
Hogarth 12. Jones  11.
Third round���Wells 6, Richardson 10;
Wallace 13, Fox 8; McMynn 13. Hogarth
In the fourth round Wallnce Ib to play
Richardson, and McMynn meetB the
winner of Pretty vs. winner of Bird-
Forin.      *
In the B. C. Corllng Association event
the results are:
First round���Walley 17, Green 6;
Pretty 17, Wells 3.
Second round���Jones 13, Hodge 12;
Richardson 9, Morln 8; McMynnl4, Dill
9: Pretty 11, Bird 8; Cavanahgh by default from McCallum; Renwick 14.
Blackwood  11;   Wallace 15, Hogarth 4.
In the third round the fixtures are:
Richardson 9, Morln 8; ^.cMynn 14, Dill
Walley - Bunyan: Pretty - Cavanaugh;
In the Oliver Cup contest the results
First round���Bird  23,  Hogarth  4.
Second round���Richardson 19, Hodge
3; JoneB 5, Buchanan 11.
So far Pretty of Rossland and Richardson of  Nelson are undefeated.
To  Discuss  Religious  Education.
Washington. Jan. 25.���The preparations for the fifth general convention of
the Religious Education Association, to
be held In this city next month, give
definite promlBe of an exceptionally rich
and well arranged programme The Indications ure that thiB convention will
be easily the best ever held by the association. The general theme will be
"The Relation of Moral and Religious
Education to the Life of the Nation."
Dr. Henry Churchill King, of Oberlln
Colk.ga1. is president of tlie association
and will preside over the sessions.
Among tin* prominent speakers to be
heard are the Rev. George HodgeB. D.
D., of Cambridge. Mass.; President W.
H. P. Ftttinoe of Brown University,
President Charles Cuthbert Hall of
I'nlon Theological Seminary. Rev. LeB-
ter llrndner. Jr.. of Providence. *ft. 1.;
Rev. Washington Gladden. D. D.. of Columbus. Q-j Walluce N. Stearns, president of thi* WeBley College of Norih
Dakota; Prof. Francis W. Kelsey. of
the I'nlverslty or Michigan: President
William O. Thompson, or Ohio Slate
I'nlverslty; MIbb .lono Adams, of Hull
House, Chicago, antl Bishop Charles E.
Galloway of Mississippi.
Famine Situation Not Acute.
New York, Jan. 25.���Replying to the
message h.v cable Inquiring as to actual famine conditions in India, and tendering help ir desired, l^ord Mlnto,
Governor-Get.eral nnd Viceroy, has Bent
the following cable despatch to the
Christian   Herald  of this  city:
���'Calcutta. Jon. 24.���T.Iost Cratelm ror
g. inrous offer. Will distribute any
help America sends but distress not yet
bo acute ns to appeal lo her liberality.
Letter iollows.    (.Signed)    Viceroy." HUDSON'S BAY
Clothing,    Gents9   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you tbe best value ever offered in the city.
In tbe meantime it will pa}- you to await their  arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CsdIUI Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital  Paid Up S.4,860.000
Rest   $4,860,000
D. B. WILKIK. President. HON. KOBEKT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Colombia:
Interest  allowed  on   deposits   from date of deposit aud credited quarterly.
_vbi_hoin  bkanch *J-��   IVi.    LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A.  D.  1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund     a4.390.OOO
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  Banking  Business.
iavings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
(iavings Bank Accounts.
on Application. ,n Large. Medium
or P-icket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published iix days a -wee* by the
Bui er 9X..   NelioU. b  v.
ttaMOrtpUOD rat,***, bo cenis �� month delivered
in tht- city, nr Vluu �� year U sent by mill, when
pi in 111 H'lvmi.'i'
Ad va rUH ii* rotet ou application.
All tuoulew paid in settlement of 1. h.'..;.
Canadian acoounts. elthei foi ���ubecrtptioai oi
a.<tv��_- r11 -1114-. must be receipt- printed
forms' ol tho > ompany    othei receipts are nol
Saturday.   January   2b,   1908.
Hon. Senator K. W. Boott, secretary ot
���tat   ni Hi'   i"  ��� ��������� o vet]
old man.    li<* la in. i: I  of llis
age and tiie 61��l ol  bia parll&mentar,
Tlie Scott Ad "ii which hla tame
waa  [��aaaed  38 yean   ago.   For  mans
yeara  past   the  ipeecbdi   and   i
Senator  Scott  bave  betn   paaaed  over
with an indulgent am      a    tho*   oi b
dear old man in his to-run*, childhood,
Normally tin- Canadian  lecretai
-state ba    few Important duties to per
foi iu.    Were II othei ri i   B >nator Scotl
WOUld   lini-lly   hnlil   lln     portfolio.     I'-'it
ii<* doei aoi wlab to retire an; more
than those otbei genii1 survivala-, sir
Richard Cartwright and lion. Mr. Pat
arson.   Beald< amln-wtly re-
apeetable name and in tbe preaenl state
ol affair.*, sir Wilfrid Laurier can ill
afford to dlapenae with one man ot clean
Therefore Senator Scotl remains and
th.- effect "i hi oooaalonal childlah in-
diaoretlona are minimised as Cai
Bible by his coHes
We arc glad thai iii iateal Cam pa
waa provoked not b) s Oonaervative
but by a Liberal senator on whom tbe
somnolent atmosphere of tbe upper
chamber has not produced tbe de Ired
in reply to b question of EtonatorBoi
nick nn ih<   reservation or the Bowser
bin Senator Boott is reported as saying:
"The matter was brought np In conversation and SoOstt asked whether tbe
act. would be aasented to or reserved;
McBride answered, reserved.
"Though  he had  no  reason   lo doubt.
he afterwards thought be would make
euro and on April 88, presumably the
date of MfBride'H visit, wenl .-��� telegram
us follows: 'Your Premier Mcltrlde as-
ysurtxl DM that biU to regulate immlgra
tlon lnt" Bj Itlsfa ' ���
for con-
lerat a Ire-
1.   on  tbis
i  naked  Dunsmuir  to withhold  -assent
was received
Tow   telegram was received;   bill  will
not red
''Th owed l*.   .< letter savins
��� i Ihi bill appears in .��� modified form
in have been times already disallow d, und should it become law
might serlousM Interfere with interna-
tional and federal interests 'I thought it
advlaabl. to n serve ii for the governor
g< ii- ral.' "
To which Seuarur S<--jf sent no reply,
and the pleasure of tbe governor-general
has uev.'i   yet  been indicated.
Tin- only   really  material  words are:
< an I rely on this assurance?"    Sena-
��� �� Scotl o mplains that those words
hav i"������ tvi ted ' to make it appear
thai hi  asked toi Lhe reservation.
' *��� the; . oa Ibly be twist >��� to mea_
anything else? is there any other pos-
stble In tor p rata tlon of tbat simple queatlon? Ii"- it not plainly Indicate that
I COUld  not   re|;.   i*n   what   had  been
told Um, some action moat bt taken?
what action?    Obviously tbe same as
lia.l   heen     taken     many   times   before.
either disallowauos or instructions t.<
Our contemporary's editoi tal des*
>��� - i from Ottawa seldom oontatn
anything   to  admire,   but   ihe   laleSt   is
magnificent    Here 11 is:
"The Conservative opposition nre evidently bent upon wasting time of parliament in their effort to manufacture campaign material. Being Incapable or unwilling to criticize tlu* policy of the gov*
��� ���' anient   on  broad   lines, to discuss  the
larger measures intelligently or to indicate by their comments upon the governments programme any definite policy
ut tbelr own, they are taking up a great
deal of time and giving ministers snd
their deputies endless labor, by asking
all  kinds of frivolous tines.ions  and   h\
discussing seriously [natters of no mo
���A striking illusl rat lot. Of Ibis sort of
thing was   the   recnt   attack   by   Ames,
Conservative member from Montreal,
on the department of the interior for
the non-production ol original copies <>r
certain documents Mr. Ames by a direct complaint could have Hecurcil sill
be waated in live minutes; as it  was,
1 ~~ Daily Canadian
being anxious only to oonstruct a
'charge' against tin' government, ho
would nol take the proper course *>r
stuting plainly thai ne .iiii nol believe
the t'oni.'s ol originals supplied the
house were correct."
if tin' government has any policy on
nny large, nol  to sny larger, measures,
I in.-,, it buried the programme ol  1893,
II ims never taken the country into Its
Mr. Ames' requesl is Justified by the
frauds that have been committed when
original documents bave been withheld,
and by the nets ut sir Wilfrid Laurier
himself iu denying the existence ot
documents which were afterwards i""-
duced The demand is supported by the
whole Conservative party and by even
Independent newspaper In Canada.
jobbing  promptly  attended  to.    Plans
and 1-stiniates.
Apply 415 Hall St.
Box 385.
Take notice that 1 will, on the 9th
day of March. 1908, apply tor a transfer
of the liquor license for the Silver King
hotel, situate on Lots Seven (7l and
Eight (8). in Block Ten ll"). on the
south side of linker street in the City
of Nelson, from Robert Dalziel to myself.
Dated at Nelson, T-. C. this -JOth day
of January, A. D. 1908.
Notice is hereby given that all taxea
for tbe year IHO***: under the Assessment
Act 190S and amending acts, and under
the Public Schools Act, are now due
and payable.
Collector of Revenue. Nelson, D. C.
N- Ison, B. C. 2nd Jan.. 190S.
Certificate   of Improvements.
���'Red Point." "Vernamn," "Oreanwood Fractional," "*��reenwoo'l an.l Jack i'ot Fractional"
Mineral ('lairas. Minnie In the Nelaou Mininn
DtvtfdOD of Wasl Kootenav District.
Wh.r" lot���.ted:���On Hagle ("reek above the
Poormau Mine.
Taae  u<iti.-.-   that   1.   John   MeLatc-hte.   of  the
CUj ol Nelaon, actiiiR ns agent fur Jons   P. Bwftd-
-       ret-   Miner'*-   t'erti.icate    Nn    1*7475   anil
iIuisob tree Miner's Certificate Mo B838,
im-nd   s__t*f   'Uy   trom   lhe  ilate   hereof to ap-
ply lo the  Miuintr  Kecorder  for Gortifleatw  "-1
UDpraromenti* for   the   purpose  of   obtaining
CrovD <��rant*> of the above claims
And  further take nolle**  that action,   umler
.-*-+-< tinn .i". uiiim be oommanood  before the ih-
l lancOOf inch -'i-rtitii-ai*-** Of ImproveinentB.
lJat����l thlhrJthday.of September, A   I) , 1907.
In the matter of an application for the itntue of
a ilupllcati* < i-riliieatc ol Title for lots -1,6, 1*. 11,
19. 25, an.l 12, ut lot 891. Oroup Oue, in (..*.
I'iMrlct of Kootenav (M up 898).
Notii-i- li hereby rtTen that it in my iniention
to tftnie at the expiration of one tnotiih after the
'lr*U piibli��*ation liereot H'lupllcatc r*t tne Certificate of 1 itle for the ab>ve mentioneil lotN in
the name of Kicbar.l Ileliiu-, Which U��rtlQe-te "f
Title in datci the 2-11h day ol November. 1906,
riii'l   nuinbere-i 631f)A.
I^nil KeRiotry Olllce, Nelson, B. ('., Jaiiunry
17th, IMS.
"H   F. MA'l.iton,"
i>l��irli*t KeKlvtmr
Cancellation of Reserv*.
Ni't.ee 1*. heri-t��y (rivi'ii that the re*>er��7e over
certain laml** |_ tlouth-Xaat Kootenay, lint),*.- ,.t
Wblefa nl-yenre.. tu t * c Hrtll**h Columbia Q-Mtette
ol the Uth of An_*mm, l-y.m and bore ��latu of Au-
i-i,-; uili. 189", |l IitiIi; ctiiii cllcrl Tin* above
mentloued lands- will bt- open foi location under
the LaBd Act on March 10   1901
I.-rmt. ''inriinu*.i<iui*r of Landn ani Works
Landn and Work* i*eparim*nl.
Victoria, ii o . Deoember l'th. ioo7.
Nelson Land iMntrict.   District of West Koo'enuv
lake  ii'-tit"    tuat   i'i:-      I i-i,--,     ������' i..-.   -���;
It    ���    . ofeui>ation   prnspii tor, iotcuds to apply
|ir O nyt'cia- UnMI    icenee over   the   folluwin**;
de-erib*'d landi*;
LowtlOD N'i I. ���'ommciii iiik at h poxt planted
about two mile*- west of the ('ohm-bin and
Western .iii'im * rlRhl-of-Aay and at-out one
Bile north of the northern boundary ot f: p. It
lot 2wn. and west of Do* ereek, north of Farron,
H.   0 .   helm-   the   initial   pOtl    ftditUWDl   to   the
north wh- oornor nl timber in enoe namboi t37.r.t
��� iii) iimrltcd J. Fisher *��� N R enrner, thenee
soulh 8-1 ehiittis, thenee west *i chains, thenee
north 8> chains, thetice east mi eh our* to the
point    of   '���oinmciicement    and    OOttteiDlSg   640
acres, more of lew
liaied Decemta-r 16th, l'NJfi.
Jamfh FlsitBH. locator.
Location No i Commeaftiarate i������t rdHtit��d
at the MUtheeei oorner betti Use mitir.i post
a,ljni.-li( i" the imrthwest OOmtl of timber
llceuce No. i;.7 4 and adlacent to lie- uortln-ast
eorner uf J Fisher's Nu 1 locati m ant marked
.). Flrdier'u B K. enrner, theuee norih wi chain*',
thenee  west Ho cha in**,   thenee aotith -HO ehafii**,
thonoo eait 00 f-biini to the point of oommeneo-
tnent and contalnlnt- Mo arret,, ition or li--
baied Deoember loth, i'.""
jamks FiMHKit, looator,
I^oeatt'iti No 0. CommencliiK at a post planted
at the suuthweM corner about one mile norih (f
hi uiuthcra boundary of '' 1". K lotlrtM, a*"l
aiiout -"miles west of Umber licence No. IH7.r��i,nu'l
h Iniiil hnir inll��" west of the Columbia Hint
Western   Itallwiiy.   north   of   Farron.   I*. C, and
adjoinliiK J Pieber'i No,9 [004tlon on the north,
belli*   the  luiliiil   poNt   and   marlo-d   J    fisher-
H  W  corner, theuce north Ml chain*., the  0M1
BOoh���lDl< thence south 80 chains, thence wmt
*-i i-l,i. .ii- lo the polut of coiuti.eliceiiienl and
eon i hi to iik MO acre*-, mon- or less
Dated December lfitii, iw7
i*vi ��� FisiiHit, locator.
I.i-'i'iini No. -1. ' "in rm in io- at a post planted
at the northwest corner PeiiiK the luilliU post
adjacent to the southwest Corner of .1 Fisher'*-
Ni* I loentlon and marked J. Fisher's N W.
eitrtnT. thence cm t li Hi, t Im ins lo I In- in.rthern
boundary  of  C.   I'-   It    lot   200H,   tli, lie,'   ,*,..t   si,
chains, thenee north M chain-'   Lhenoe westwi
chains, to the point of eoinineucemeiit and eon
lalUK (Vl'l acres   more or lens.
Dated December ihu. IWI.
Jambs Fiiues, locator.
Local son No. ������ Commenolng ai a post planted
ht the sou the. *��� 1 corner beiun he iiiuioi posted-
jiie.-in to thi B W.cornerofJ Pwner'e No. 8 looatlon, ami marked J   Ftther'iH h oorner, thenoe
U'-rlli dti etiaiu.i, tiienee   west 8U   ehulns,   ihence
smith so ohalna, thenoe east so onalni to the
potnl of eiimmeucemenl. aud eouiaiuiUK MO
acrei, inure or less
Hated Deoambex tOtb, IWT.
Jahks kimikk locator
Looatlon No. ���*>. Commencing at a post planted
hi tm- northeast corner being the initial  posi
adjacent to the northweat comer of J.  Pl-iher'i
No   ���*  location   Hint   marked J.  Haher'i N.Jn
corner, thenoe south SO ohaini to the northern
b.uiudarv   of  C    P.   It.   lot   ���**".���.-*���,,   Ihence   wesl   ho
chalni, thenoe north so ehulns. thenee east so
chains to the point ot commencement and ��Oh
taining 640 aorea, more or i- u
Datoo Deoember 16th, 1007.
J.   KlSHKK, locali'l
Location No. 7. Oommenclng at a post planted
h;;Hi<* lOUthWeil corner heiUn the liiilial faiHt
ii'lj.nt'iii to the northwest corner of J 1* isher'a
No. 2 locatiou and marked J Fishers B W
oorner, theuce north mi chains, thenci- eaat80
ohalna, then e aouth 80 chalni thenoe wool so
, ,,iui> t-. ilu- point ol oommenoemenl ami con
tali oik oin aores, more or less.
Dated December 10th, 1907.
Jambs KisIikk   locator
Lo- iiliiiii N>>. B. Oommencihg at a \< .**��� planted
hi tin- eouthaaat oorner aud i>eiui* ihe initial
lmst adjteenl to tbe southwest eoruer ol J.
Fisher's .so. 7 looatlon and   marked J. Plaher i
S   a,, corner, thence north mi ehatus, thenee west
BO ohalna, thenoe aoutb 80chalnii thence east mi
, Imi II t<> ihe point of   coiuiiienceuicui   and 0OU
taming *i-iu acres, more or leu.
Date i Deoember 10th, 1907.
.  Jamkn fishbk. Looator.
Locaflon No. 9. Commencing at a poat planted
at the nuiuhwebl eoruer bet���g the initial post
adjacent 10 the northwest eoruer 01 J. Fisher's
Nu 7 loci tlon aud mark- d J Fisher's ti W.
corner, tiienee north 80 chains, theuee east MO
ciniius, thenoe south so chains, theuee west su
chains to the polut of coiiitneiicemeut and oon-
tAiniUK 640 acies, more or less.
Dated Heeember 16th 16U7
Jambs Fishkk. locator.
Location N'o-10. Commencing ata poal plauted
at the Miuttieast eoruer ii**iui* the initial post
adjacent to the nortn'-rtUl corner of J Fisher's
No. 8 locatiou an-i no. rited J Fisher's 8. E.
corner, th nee nortli 00 chain.- theuee west so
Chalni, thencr south SO chains, thence east so
chain- to the point of commencement and con-
taliiiuK 840 aires, more or lets.
Hated December 16th, 1907.
Jamk.s Fisher, locator.
An exte 11 ton of 10 days   within which to coin.
mi nee puMication   granted   by me this date
Deoember   *>'-t,   lt*07.    Harry   Wright,   Assistant
Oommiasloner A Lands and Works
West Kootenay Lend District, District of West
'lake notice that 1, I. C. Jauseu. of bpokane.
Wash., oceupatioii timheruiau. intend to apply
ior a special timber licence over lhe foilowiug
deaerlbed .hu is:
1. -Uommeuciug at a pout plauted at the ti. W
eoruer, about 1 mile from Kvm Johustous 1' 1 K
No. 64k', said post being placed on the International boundary   line,   theuce   north   -to ehaiua,
thenoe eaat 100 chains, thenoa south toehaius,
tho&oe west 160 chains  to  point of  commencement, containing 640 acres.
Dated Dee mberard. 1907. J. C. X_M-tf.
2. Coiutucuelug al a post plauled al ttie B W
eoruer, about 40 chains uorth iroin tbe ri. W.
corner of loeaiion No L, theuce nortli to chains,
theuce east Hi" chalus, thenci.- aouth 4u ehatus,
tiienee wesl IMi chains 10 poiul of commence*
incut, contaiulug 640 aeres. J   C, Jaksbn.
3. ....-���.���; ,.,��� at a post ; i.tM*- ��� at the ti. W.
corner about *������ chains norih from the ti. W
corner of lueatlon No. 2, thence uorth 40 chains,
tnence east 160 chains, thenee south 40 chalua,
theuce west 160 chains to poiul of commence
uuut. coulainiug 64o acres. J   C    Iansb.s.
4 t'ommeu'-'ing at a post planted at the ri. W.
corner, al-out 40 ohaini north from the"*,. W.
UnUI Ol location No :(, theuce norih 4o clialns.
��� ..��� ���:.'_-��� ��� ���.-' .1." chalun, theuee louth 1 cbalus
ihence west 160 cnaius to point of commencement. OOn lain ing 64o acres. J. (.*. j 1.-.-,.-���
5. Commeuclug at a post planted at lhe ti. W.
corner, about 40 eualus north from lhe 8. W.
corner of location No 4, theuce north 40 chains,
theuee east ItMl chains, theuce suuth 40 chalus,
lbeuoe west 160 chains to point ot coiutuence-
111. :ii- coniaiuin,- 840 acres.
December 4lh, 1907. J   C. 3AM9WU,
6. Commeuclug ai a post planU'd at tho ti. W .
corner about in cbalus uorth (rom the ri W.
corner of location   No. 5, theuce uorth 4u chains,
thenoe eaat 180ohalna, thenee south-to chains,
tnence   wesl Its' chains, lo point of  commencement , containing ��� -s��� ��� acres.
Deoember 4th, 1907. J  c. Jaribn
7 ('oinmeuciUK ai a post planted at the N. W.
eoruer an.l adjoituug the N. K corner of lot 8980)
theuce east 40 chalna, theuce south 40 chaius
thence en it 4o chains, thence south 60 chains,
theme west m) chains, theuce uorth loo chains
to point of i >i!-'i i.Mi.. euicir., eonlaluiug 640 Acrea,
December 4ih. W   g, riHCia
n. Commeuclug at a jk>ki planted at tbe N. W
corner, about ' * ol a mile in a southwesterly
direction from ine south fork of Salmon river,
and about TW miles Iroui ihe mouth, tbeuce
aouth 180 chaius, Whence east 40 chains, tbuuee
north 16*1 chaius, theuce wesl 40 chaius to polut
of t-oiillii.-ueeliieut, oon lalniug Mn ai res
Deoember6th, 1907. h. J. Kbooh.
Nelson I-Ainl District. District of Weat Kooteuay
Take notice lhat W. A lludsou, of tipokauc,
\\ psJiiugton, t ri.A., o--eupaiiou timber crulaer,
UtUnd tO a, ply fur a special timber llceuce over
the billowing di-seribed lands: -Commeuclug at
a post plauted on the north hank uf Corn creek,
al the juucltou of the north fork of Corn creek
wilh tue main stream, about lio- miles lu a
westeily direction iroui lhe iroutl ueucu ol said
i in ii creek wiih thi Kooteuay river, thenOi
north 40 chain- thenee west 160 chains, tbeuce
south 40 chaius, theuee east 160 ex.alns t., polut
ul commencement, contaiulug 640 acres, more or
ii aa.
Dated November 7lh, 1907.
wiluam a. Boneoe,
Neisou Land District. District or West Kooteuay
I skis uollce that I, L W Shaver, intend to apply lor h sperb.l In �� noe lo cut and carry away
t nn cr from trio aCTM of land : ('ommencing at
a post market L vv . Mhaver, northwest corner
tin-no*-- elghly i halns noulh, them-e eighty
Ohaini esM. tlieiie*-eighty chains north, thence
eight} chains west to place of beginning, containing MO acres, more or leis, and eaat am) adjaceut Lo   timbei   licence   i.-n-i    and   also   aouili
ami edjsoenl to timber Uoenoe No 18080! ami also
south and adjacent io F A. --haver   limber limit
No    1
Dated   November l-lsl, 1907.
L. W. SK-.VBR. locator.
A. Haikkti, --gent.
Rxtenalonof one week  within which to a.i-
verl'ae grallied- Harry Wright, Ais'l. Cutn-
unssioner of Laud aud  Works.
Nclron Laud District. Dlitrlct of West Kooteuay
lake- notice thai I. T. L. l-*ogali, of Bonuers
Ferry. Idaho, occupation painter, Inlend to apply (or a special llm b.-r licence over thu following deaorlbed  landi:   Oommeoetng at a posi
planted at the so uth east coruar ol t im l,>-f
lii-eiiee No IM9-I, thenee east HO chains, thence
north mi chalus, ttu-tice west 80 chains, tln-iicu
souiu 80 chains te point of commencement,
, on taining Mo acres, more or leal.
Dated November iJlst. \WI. T   1.    Lis.*.-.'.
Colin 8mith, agent.
Nelson Laud Diitriet.   District of West Koolenay
Take notiee that I, Charles Dutcher, intend
to apply for a ��� i ������ .������ timber llceuce, to cut and
carry away limber from 64�� ai res of laud Com-
ineiicliiK at Nn. 1 post about i ��� miles west of the
Kootenay rivr, on tin-north side of |Houiidary
oreek' and norih. ami adjacent to timber licenses
i..lini, and one mile north of the lnlertieiloual
boundary line: commencing at a poat mark",!
Charles Dutcher's southwest corner, tbence BO
chains north, then.e 80 chains east, theiieuSH
chains south, theuce ski chains west to tho plaee
of bui*inning, containing 610 acres, more or less
Located November isth, I1W7.
CiiAKi.le Dutcher, U>calor.
No- 2. Comiiicnctng at a post marked Charles
Dutcher's southeast corner, thiOOi SO chains
north,   tbence mi chains west, thenci* Hu chains
* be-
' Locaie.i November isth, iwn.
1 IIAHLBH     "TCHBK, Uicjitor.
No. 'A. CommencliiK at a p t marked Charles
Dulcher'a northwest corner aid sl i i ��� m Newest of the Kooteuay river ,,., the mirth ride ot
Houndary creek ami north and aitjacuut -lo timtier Uoenea 18880, thihee south mi chsins, theooi
east hd  chains,   thelice   north   ��.i chains,   theuee
west SO chains lo  the   place of beginning,  containing 6lo acres, more or less.
Uieaiud November ISth, IW07.
ChAHl.BS Dutchkh, Utcntor.
No. 4 Commencing at a post marked * i.arit s
Dutcher's  uortbeait   corner, tbence south 80
norm, ineiice mi enains wi-si. ineuce wi cnain
���OUtb, Ihence HO chains east lo the place of bt
Klnuliig, and wesl and adjacent m number on
timber limit, and  con in i n iiik  siu acres, moru <
Having just received a large shipment
of these lines, and having bought before
last advances, we are gelling tr.u. lot at
last season  prices.
This is a fine opportunity for hotels,
furnished rooms to stock up as prices
are specially low. We want your attention and  inspection.
lelaon I
Eleventh Annual
Winter Carnival
From    Tuesday    Night
Until    Saturday   Night
I'NIalSH    Tin-:
Rossland    Carnival
J.  S.   C.   FRASER
FEB. 4 to 8
Kor Information .appl* ,.,
A.   ti.   MacKENZIE,
Beer, un in* Oen< ral \i mac.
< hauipiohfhtp of  H   0
''hatiiplonshfp nl I anad��
i haiuplonnhlp of D   0
Championship of  the
oceu t
tor out
tho UK
8186, aJ
vnti o
le-s, U
I point
Da w
chains,  theuce  WStfOOhhtoi,   ihenc-   north an
chaius. theuce ca-t 80 ahalni to tha plana oi Darin���Inc. eonlalului* M0 acn s, mor-* or less
l--ocaled November lBlh. IWI.
oiaries DwtuiUi Logntor,
No. 5. tsommeneiug at �� post mars--' Charles
Dutober's lontheait corner, thenee BO ebalo"
north, thanoa80chains west, thane*89obalm,
aoutb.   thenee IK1 chains eait lo lhe   -dacu of be-
Kinning, containliiK 840 acres, moru or less
Located November lath, 1*<7
Chabl-kn Dun nas, Lecator.
ho 6 ("omraenelnK *������ 8 post marked Diarler*
Duicher'i southwest corner, ihfiice north ru
chun*- thence east ��0 ehalns, thence -muth ho
chains, thence west Hu chalua Ui the plac ��� of he
Kl mi ini*     conalnli'K M�� aires, more or leas
Localed November IBth, I��/J.
i ii.m i     Di'tchch, i    . ator.
(���q j.3    vvest tors, rife crcea.
Nelson Land District    insu i. i of \\ est Knot* nay
take notice that 1. Joseph Patrick, of Nelson,
B Q.i occupation lumberman, inlend to apply
for a ipecial timbei licence  over  the   followlni-
described lands:  l.oiiiimneti,K *1 a |m.si pla 1
anoul.S miles up the wesl fork ot Kile creek,
aud aboul iu chains Irom the bank ol sal'i Will
fork, an . marked Josepb Patrick's M. K. corner,
thence west an chains- thence north H*�� chaliiH,
tbence east N chains, thence south tn. chains to
pointof ���soinmencfinent, OOnfiBing <H0 srres.
more or lesi
Dated December bib, IWI.     joskcii Patsu k.
I   J. Li't'iA, 8|81ll,
No. 14      West fork, Kiln rr.'efc.
Nelson Land District    District of Wesl Kootenay
fako notice that Joseph Patrick, ol Nelson,
B V, , fMTitpatiun luinberinati, DilendH to apply
fur a siiecial timtiei liccine over the Following
described lands:  Oommanaittg at a post piante i
about two chains .lir-lant, and tn an easier I >
diruetiou from location .No. U and marked
Joseph Patrick's N. *.. corner, thene.* south ho
chains, theuce west 80 chains, thenee north an
chains, theuce cast no chains to point of com*
meiiceinent, conlalnlim liHi acres, moro or lesi.
Dated DeOtmber 8th. 1887,       Josrrn Patkick,
I. J. Ll'tlA   UKeut-
No IA.    West fork. Klfe creek
Nt-lsonLaud Diilnct.   Dlsirtci ot West Kootenay
Take uottee   that I, Joseph   Patrick, of Nation,
B.C., occupation Lumberman, Intend to apply
(or aipe-clrl titnber licence over lha foliowiuu
.1, -'lined lauds: Commenclu*; at a post plauted
ahout Ho chains distant and ln it westerly 'line
ion from tho well fork of i :n creek and ah,nil
'' miles from mouth of creek, and inarsed Joseph
Ciitri 'k's H K corner, thenee west bin chains,
thence nortli I'i ('halio. thetice cum 180 chains,
thence sou ill 10 chains to point of coinmriicc
ment. containiui"' i - acres, more or I.-. **.
DatC'l   i'e, I'lulM  ' N,    IWI. JoSKI-II  I'ATHKK,
1. J. Lucia, agent
No 10.    Htevens crecs.
Nel nun Ualid District    District of West Koolenay
Take notice lhat I, Joseph Patrick, ol N0.100,
)'. O.i occupation limineruiau. intend to apply
for a special Umber liielice over tin- followm,/
descrlli'id lands: \ ommihOing al I POit planied
abpatftU miles up htevens creek and in u N, K,
direction from mouth of creek, and marked
Joseph Patrick's N K corner, thence south Hn
chains, theuce west no chaius ihciicc umlhHO
chains , theuce eait Mo chains to tin- point of
eoiiiineio'cioeiil.   uolllaillillK *>���"   acres,   uiojc   or
baled December 8rd, IWI.     Jonr.i n Patkmk,
1. J. Lucia, Ageut.
| Nelsui
Vou oan buy ���  10-*ct*a Frull  Ilanc-'i  In   tin* best   rrult   KrnwinK  ilisim
In   BrttUb   Colombia  l��>   paying   $in dollarH daiwi, and |I0 i*er nioniti
I'S'.'ii a�� an Invasini.-ni   Ihis In  worth consideration.
Krult. I.iinal Ina.-a ii-i.|,l..,l in   >. ;iI.i.   within tho ye-*.    What will It do nd
| F-fflMBT ������_-��-: -**suHa������������_b imi ii���iii i-awcir.. ymiiA*a��rei*aVi*
\N'/\MI�� M'I'PI*:IST
MANUFACTURERS    T     <L _ CO-' t    ���
AND DEALERS IN    LtfHiDCf f   OhltkgleSo
L-tatH, A^oulclinK**, Doors, Window*
1or J.
i iiciicJ Work unci hni..i.,ui.
vi_JRiv<>P��*i BTRBBT   -   ���
Mail Ordttli promptly ntt'
INIil-,Ml��lN. B- G.
So  17.    Htevena creek
Nelson  Land  hl.lnct     DtltliOtOl West Kootc.ny
lake notice   thai I. JOMph   Palrlck. ol Ki leoOi
n C,ooonpatlon  lumberman, intend  to appiy
lor a siM'iU.I limber   licence   oyer   the   f.llow-tng
described lands: Commenolngal �� poll planted
about i mile in un easterly dirMtioa f> -n, the
inoiiui ol Stivani cicck, when-ii emptlei Into
Cariboo lake I ma rked Joseph Pulii'k >-   \\
corner,   lloin.    nnrlh   Hu chains,   thenee   unst ��0
ohaini, tbenoe iputbnO ohalns, then,, west 80
ehalns to point of i oiiitncncemcnt, eon I aln i ng
*****i acrea. more or leu
Dalcd Decemher Jnd, 1807.      JotlFB PatKICK,
I. J, Li i |*i |fant.
No. IM     Mleveua creek.
Nflaon Land Diitriet,   District of W'cdl Kooteuay-
lake notice itin   i Joiipli   Patrick, of Nelsnn,
B.I . OOOUpatlon iumbcrmau, Intend io appU
(Or A site* lal Um ber   Ineint'   ovi    (he   followiu*/
deii rlbed in mis:   c. mclng ��i ��� poat planted
aboul .. miles up Htivani oreek, hu.i about40
ohaini south from thu bank nf tbo oraak, an4
marked loseph Petrlok'i N 8 comer, thanoe
-.outh nn chalni, thonro weitOO chatm, tbenoe
norih BOobalni, thene cast -v. ohaini to point. o(
coinnieiiceiiteril, coiiiniiiliij* 840 acres, more or
Dntcd Di'i'i-uihci iindi i'sii.     join-it Paiiuck,
I   J   Ll'cu, hkcuI
No, 10     Htcvelis creek
N'lhoi Land District    ' Islriet of West Koolenay
Tnke notloa that 1, Joaepb Patrick, of Nelson,
R.O., oooupatlon I um barman ��� inteini  m apply
for a special timber  licence over  the   IoIIowDjk |
ieicrlbud landi:   (Jouiiueuclng st u poit planted
aboul 8 mllo np MiVilli creek an I
tooatMn No IK on ihe SOOtht and nisr
Patrick'I N W comer, thence iMl
tin i.i e aouth no ahatMi Ihence ���Ace
thanoe north Kb chains lo point "I
ment. colltalllln.: HMi acres, more ol \t
Dated 1-ci ember 8ni, hsr? Joskih '1'V |
I.J. Ll'tt.t, ��K'r
No. 'Jii    West fork, Klfe creek. ,.
Nelaon Land Dlairlet    Dlsirfl of W cut K
I'ake nollce lhal 1.  Joseph   Katie-   Oli"
B. (J , oooupatlon  mmta-iian. Inteno H
loi ii IJWttlal limber   In.-nTc   oval   tbe. uo*
di Knbed bun]-    Gommeneini ai a i***"1',
about '2 miles up the west fork   d 1-'H**''*,,M   .,
nbont -ochalu.*-   north of the ervek. **�����' "���*,
Joseph   Patrick's  N.K.   corner. ih*me - ;
ehHltis    thence   west   KtlchahlM,   tlnii"   ''
chains,   thence  oast  HO ciiatu-t   to   l,-'ln" ,
 Dcement, containing 0\o acres. ������'*'���*' J' l1p|
Dated  Dc, ml,,.,   uh.1807.       JusH-H I ��"'
1  J, H'' I--. "����'"
. '.'I
W.-M fork, of Klfe creek
.ind Dittirlct. Dlstttct of *
ollce lhat |,  JoHt ph    Patrick,
Nuiiou Land DUirui.   District of Woti J��*J|
h t; , ooounatioh Lumberman
for a ape  iai ttinber   licence  nvcr   thi
deeorlbed land-.: Uonun iltu ��' �� '"
iihiniH tulles up lhe west fork of Fllu
[nuiiti'd on   1h<    north   balikoftl"'  *���'
marked Jpaaph  Patricks n. k  vurtt
lOUth 80   Ohaini,   thenee   west KtlcliHii
north   mm chains. ttpeiiceeaslHh chsin
imanti ion taining w -*|M
1  Kill
Dated December 6th, 1007
.losriii  I"*1* at
L J tool A-*c" ;
m*a*^*3M1*** The Dauy Canadian
1*011 cannot dine '>�� l'1'.-OC, I-EiiS every day.    We furnish tbe
plj Staples
Serf,   Pork,   Mutton  and Veal
Hams, Bacon and Latd
With all varieties of
itsh and Smoked Fish   -
in the market
leat of Finest Quality iu glass aud wood.
Pe Burns & Co., Ltd.
Casio, Rossland     -***4ELS01N1,  ti. G' Boundary
_���___���.,!. It'FI I ."��� ""      ! " = : !���! : ! ' " ���
[Bohemian Beer'
Tl*rfc  TIME
! The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
j l JUXOArtr j-i*irr>* * ������*���>���������.,^**~s*m*a*+*~*�� *******s*ia��a***t**i*f
i.laon US*, mnttei
ua. oat Ki
 _n��r, ol 1
Ik. tallow im
atayni Mtuau.-'.
��� eatak, man,"
an.Hhesee ��
 tnawtiMrl" ���'
lorU, lot***I*****?*���<"
i .ens, a**** *r Ua.
lamlrlaal o, Weal tCawteaiay
ad. I  a-aanaaaaalaa, aat'itl   ,or
*taon,  aCoapS-IOS   wala.la-
,..a   |,,-raaala.*.l..ii '" l"H-
rlt,a.".l   lau.la:    I ,.nai,aa*it-
���l-..il   ','���.   lllilias   .-ast  '.I
.1 cliatta.  in   an   easterly
laaiaia.    ...'Hii.   a'" "' '    "'
ui.too. 11 ohaini
Ka.aaaia K   PaanN TA-.M.B,
V. J   riAMMi.sa.   AK,.���l
 'Nelaou I*ad Diatrict.  Im-hi.   ..i **..-. i ,.....i,-i,ay
T... malla** that Fr*"! J    -.iuaii.ua.*    aK,.nl I. i
SSWStsA- A    Oall.nl, Ol   ftov ,......-��� . a,. -a I --.-..   aaua-li.-r.
'.Blend. tO .OMf lor pa-i i'11-M..ii I..   I'-ii. I.a..- I'.
 (olluwlo, dWKirtboal   I
pnat vl.uu.al .boa, l!.
th.nc aoulh��r��t��. ���
chain., th.oo. aorlli
���ntuta**)eUiiiesto**<��� '''
Pfooniointna *���--*-���.'.
a .aanan*.iia-.laa,
���aa, ... w'liaiiii .Tock.
.,..,. .- na.rlhaae.l l-i
���liana-, Hi. ii' aa Moth
nl ,,, t*otii,nenca,iai*.iil
jifl-.i.i. **��i*aaaO-, ball..,,.
Aa.ni K J ���man.
Nelaou Land Dlitricl     I'lNinci ������*  .*. ���.������.. Kootcuay
Take nottea that w. a. liud-oi,, i uhIhi ��� ������. ui��.-r,
ol Hpokane, ttvoaau   ...
of the UnttnttMnws ������' -
Waa_lUKtoil, oue
i. lu'.elld** to apply
^^^ iVer   the lollowiuit
_,���   "Comm"ii',t'.ia. "'   "  l""'   limiScl
On Vh<' ii"! ��� ii 1'rt.im
No. 9, planiaaon Ui-   u.>ii:i \-,n* >���:   ' om creek
at tne Junction ot th< *..iii: loi ���*. .-ft .to ��� i.-,-w
with tba main stream, about nve m)les iu a
waeteri-r-llraetitnh f r        ouQueucool sap- ~-***
��i-att WlfehllM Kootenay ilvvr;   llieiic.
than in nt *.**������ 	
row Lake, on Kpiqnlto t'reek) and 21 ohaini TO
Iinka ionUi of the n w.c. of said lot. r_nnina
tbence west 80 chains, theuce south no chains.
thence eait ttu Chains, thenee north no cbalus to
place of c-jmmeucemeut. eoutaluiii-- Mu aeres,
more or less.
Aicent   for  II u��u Carstens.
Hatcj*- 23 I'ocember 1907.
Nelson Land lli-ttrbsi.   I'l.trictot West Kooteuay.
Take QOttM that Tina Hcrxmnn.of Altoua,
Kan . oecupalion wile cl C. Bergman, lurim-r.
Altoua, Man . intend-- tn apply lor jK-rmission to
pureuase the iollowll)i* descrllied laud:
I'omiii-jiiisiiIR at   a [M)��l   plantad at lhe N. K  (..'.
ol u i.;a. Oaratani1 a|.piit*atiou io pa-robaae and
runuini* ibenee west mt eiiaius  thanoe  north ho
clialns. Hi* nc   east   it) ehalns,   thena    sooth   h
chains88  links, thence east iO c- ains,    hence
i-i-uh 7) chaifti7*  Iinka to poitii   ol  com-neuee-
metit, containing ts.7 acres more or leis.
I UAHl.ttH Mahmiali.,
Ageiii   fur   turn   -Uerginau.
Dated ��.1 Doct-mber I��W7.
Nelson I.aud District DUtrlctol West Kootenay.
I'akerolfoe thai LiTlUeOISi I'ayne, of Needleh.
B. 0,, occupation rancher, intends to apply fur
pcrirolH-don lo purchase tbe t- :������������������ sn, described
lauos: l 'ommenciiiK at a post planted aJt-Ontlfi
cbalus west of Wbatshan creek and M.814 chaius
south of the southwest curner uf l*ol No* 8848
runulUR thenee north HO chains, thence west nit
ehalns, thence -outti 1318C ttbainB, ilieiiceeast
22 .SHH ebaius. thence south 67 a**.'- ehatus, thence
87.418  chalus   eaat   lo   poiul   of  commencement,
oontainlui tti mt res, now rorveyed an lot 8186
Dale*I Mn January, Paw. Lavi i,i-oimjk I'avnk.
td land tad J"''
by me.
************ |d Corn
**th ���   |
cbatiu. tiienee tOOth  m
ehatus to point ol oom*
64U acre** mon* or leaa.
a tttntHT   ltinU   ��0  1   OU  the
nil No h on the south, aa Uf
fcr7, iw��.
^^^^^^^^���f IL ii am A   Ht'iKiON, lioeator.
.atnescssed by Pntrn-k ��   r-huu-
^Jbeclared and aignd l.y th.- witbtn named W
toUudSon   On   thft 2lHli da\   ol   .Sovcml.er. A    D
MR,   betoie  IM  at Hnokauc,   Spokain    ( ounlv,
rMhln-|W��,oaaoi t 	
Wait Kooteuay lA*m\ Dlstrlet. Dlsinel of Goal
lake notice that 1^george A. Hunt, of Kit.
chetier, ... , .ij.niioii tiuiuerman, intend to
apply for permlsslo'i to purchase lhe
i. ,;.... imi. descrlbett l��i ': llumraeucinK at a
post planted about lu el o us, west ol Thorni-m-ii
marked N. \Y. eoruer. i, nee south 10 :i* eh a His
theuce east ii.ti" chains, theuie i.ortii 81.48
ebaius, theuce west alonK B. r. Souihern 11all*
wity lo place ol commencement, coniaDiiuc UH.1H
Dated January 8th. 190K.        Onumi 11- Hint.
rUnttOd Siatesof America.
PATan k 0   ���BSilB.
lai.lriai a
HM.ua 1
TO, nnllo��Hni '       I',..--
oa_tu aUoa aanto.1   -
tor HM*��.W to pur.
a-rlhoal Uaal,:   Coim
tho Ml
nail o
nortk --._______
i����, tor��a��a.i
' '��� wia*j��ai
aerate ol Tin.
l West Koou-uay
f rtrassbUTK.
ids  to apply
bdiownn* aaa*
in sn.; at a post planted al
���t the uorlb boundary of but
��� iMutitdary   oi   1-ot   No.   HIM,
more or less, to the north
ii  l.iintt  No. Tioi, thanee
^^^^^^    ce west 90 chaius, more or
���____-<���   of   Wbatabao
(OlloWing I        f__m   a   southerl*    and    weatarl)
���lireetiaOM     Ommmn.  more  or   .,���--   'otheluler
aiM-Uon with tOfWU    ��� oi-
lees, (ollowto*- ��nst< i n.iai*.   ��� i,    s *,-���.������
*     Ksiigt'iKii,  * Kent.
DiitrlOtOl 'Vt-ii Kooteuay
Alr.s indcr .1 McCool, of
Ion ch-rlt,  iT'-ieii'-- to apply
rnhiie the [oUowiug -ti-
ii,-uclUK al a post [Haniedou
ur> oi it I ttonthern Kail-
ii,oi)t   one  and   u naif  miles
nnrthweel oomax oilotKUS,
*���. thence Miulh HO chuln-,
i*.. th. nee   noiili M chains lo
of said rinhtof-WH . tln-.ici-
| t.at,l Kouiliern boundary to
���en��eui,    aud   coiiialuinK BOO
9th, 1907.
ALKXAMiFIl   1    llOOOOb.
i*t.   D.iinetot West Rotjleoay
Y. r. eurdeii, aoting aa agent
it I'okiok, iN. it . oooupatlon
lo applv lor permlr-t-ioii to
.Tina dcM-ribcd   lands:    i.oih*
i on tin* aaataiIj Khore
In chains north ol the
Ibenee   easi   90   chains,
inruiw metawaw*,��..-*illl'*1 'Miote or Ic**S,   lo th'' lake
ahoie, tbeuce iOUtti\M-si-i ly ,iI,mik ihe lak^slior.
to the -point otoomiiiciiceiioiit, an i couuauin--
i��o acrei* moro or less.
i-etc-d NoT-ambei  , ��� ���  ,    J.i-ik-II   Hi-kuks.
K. P   Hukiik.*', A nent.
tUitriOl ot West KooleiiHV
John   James*   camercn
' ***SIASVH-oSiS..;
Mellon Land DUtrli-1
Toko notloa thai
lor penalMton u, )>
Clltidl.oal:   Co...
0b rn
point ol  oooiwn
xaechanic, ��� _
purchase tUb����0U
uencingaTnyosi i
ol Arrow lahanni
N.K. comer of loi
tbenoe north 40ich
Wolsou Land Din11< '
Take notlco   ihm
VntniOi Brttisn rniiMni.!,!,       up-iium contra,
tor,    intends    to    apply     lor    nei mi-stou   to
purchase the   Ioiio-aih^   ,ic-   nl,c,l   i   ii.I      ton.
nsaneinn at . pi'*-1   pitntci  <<.,   \\m   >..nt!inn
bonndary ot tu<   o       .-��� h'ihth ri--bt *., ���My
OOOUlOSChaln*   *��� ���   o-i . ������    inun    I ne .'��� . W    corner
OtiO%8888, ero'  ;     I     I uhk.    ihence   *.   o'lii.n
^^^^^^���������lOe   cum   *lu  chains,   thenew  north fat
__ tO  the   *- h,sn     iiidiny   ol   lli��*    hui-1
rit-Ol'Way. lli-'Mi.' ����� ���*���:��� J ���������    "-"ii- su l.|   south
boundsi      ol   m,'Ui .,1  ��:t.    :���    in,    p.,iiii
fiillOim -'" '     " '  ' r   Xin acres, more
Shfreini'ci nth, pn;,
.1    UN   lAMRH OAWrHnK,
Dis-riel.   DiitrlOt01 Wesl koolenay
fc that John   Hhiell. of Needles, B.C..
niichur. In-tends  to  apply   to- per
nurohaae the lollowlng   daaoruied
InnoUtg   at  a   post   planted
corner   ol   Lot 7H"3.   l|^^H	
ni'c south Hn chalus,   Ihence   i*usl 40
^Pnce north Hii ehatus   to   the   pointof
nent, and containing BIO aorea, mora
est   -10
Mth  Dctob,
. PK7
JAM'S siiiri.1.,
Aigi'iK', Agent
_Bhd District    Dlstrli I oi Well koot.omy
notle,   Uiul    \ui.-u     Mc -III.   o!    ''ll\   ol
__^^^^^HtUpatlou tiiemmi, inteinls to apply for
Rirmblfrion I- P'UHihsc   |.,l l,o\ loi: -1 '.-��� ri'.ed
nds: -Ouini'i' if '' ". "' " i'-' pbititcd ui lie
fc.-W. cornel I f Moirsson". nn.cl,, lu Kir
(.,*������"_��� otloy, tin -��� nortli '"ii- (i"i ii'Hiiin, then,-
ni.**';_H ".Jo'ty ('I'-) ''lo-in in p.,, -oniii >tv (ii
i ii'��r*_B        ..lien..' v.," ��� ��� i ., nint o
f��ll<>-_H             IMSODh ���:: .                                           i.itc   I u ii died
ki iiia'-'Tfl    i^Hili) acres, more       h ft,
rriVt'-Wl'b'ilkapiic ni.-"' om: . n���i ���    i;	
'       JUilWlili-ll'"!!'.     I'i-   JL 1 of o ,.*���' I icmi)
-. !'"-���_ TattMEtti,-th.n   liiiKoi'n sti>ns, of Winnlpi ti.
^^^_H^nte�� i io"   ).ul.li<-lia i,   Intcndl   lo   upply
__ rob mo the  f�� liowuik-
lOing   ul   a  post plr.ntcd   on   th''   wi si
of L. 427*.- U, 1, ini,.phi b iniicM horn Ar*
Notioo is hereby given that the Kinney-Miller Cedar Company, an extra provincial company duly legiKtereiJ, as
such, and authorized to carry on business within the province of liritish Columbia, und having Its head offlce at
Creston, in tlie said provmce, nnimilac
Hirers, have by deed of assignment,
dated the Mth day of December, 1007,
assigtu'd all its personal property, real
estate, credits, and effects, which may
bo seized and sold under execution lo
me. Charles O. Rodgers, of Creston,
lit tt ish Columbia, lumber manufacturer,
for tho general  benelU of Its creditors
A meeting of the creditors will be
held at lhe olllce of H. M. Macdonald.
barrister-at law, corner Haker and Stan
ley streets. Nelson, li. C, at the hour of
three o'clock tn the afternoon on Tuesday, the 31st. day of l>ecember, 1907, for
the giving of direction, with reference
to the disposal of the estate,
And Further lake notiee thai all creditors nre required on or before tbe USt-h
day of December. 1907, to (ile wilh tne,
the assignee, full particulars of their
i-latins duly verified, ami the nature of
the security, if any, held by them.
And notice is hereby given tbat after
the |_tb day of December, 1907. 1 will
proceed to distribute tbe aSSQta among:*,'
tlie creditors of whose debts or claims
I shall then have received notice and  1
win not  be responsible for the assets.
or any   part  thereof,  so  distributed   to
any creditor Of   whose debt  or claim   I
shall   nol   then  have   received   tuitice.
Dated :ti Creaton, B. c, this nth day
of December.  li>07.
Auction Sale
Dent's New and Second
Hand Store
Saturday, Jan.  20
At 2 p, m. Sharp.
Graniteware, Tinware, While Enamel-
ware, Parlor, Dlningroom Bedroom and
Kitchen Furniture. Cook Stover, Heat-
era, and a large assortment of articles
too  numerous to mention.
Leper Cleansed and Centurion's Servant
Healed by Word of Command
���Church  Services.
DENT ��& CO.
Turner Qeeton Block. 606 Vernon Street.
Tomorrow will be the third Sunday
after Epiphany. No holy days occur
during the week following.
The gospel for the day is St. Matthew's account of two miracles of healing, of the leper cleansed with the
words: "I will, be thou clean," and of
tho servant of the centurion who would
not trouble the Healer to go to his
house, but ask'ed simply for Ills word of
In the first days of Christianity there
is no doubt that, belief in healing by
prayer and faith were general, and in
the Acts of the Apostles, as well as In
the Lives of the Saints, there are many
recorded instances of such healing.
Through all the ages the belief survived, often condemned us superstition,
always ridiculed by science, but. never
wholly eradicated. The last decades
have seen a remarkable revival of it
under various forms, the most familiar
Of which is Christian Science. Subjected at lirst to almost universal ridicule,
and in cases where neglect of ordinary
medical science was considered danger-
ous ti) the community, by Legal prosecution, the i:im bits persisted and its believers have increased in numbers and
in Intelligence and credit.
Quit*.' recently an eminent Scottish
professor of Divinity protested on Its
behalf that It was a revival of oue form
of Christianity which tin* Church had,
in his opinion unwisely, allowed to decay.
.Medical authorities explain most ol
the reported cures by therapeutic suggestion, Whose efficacy depends upon
such a conviction of recovery In the
mind oi the patient thai the whole will
power, even unconsciously is exerted
to that  end.
lt would even seem that Christian
Science may justly both parts of its
name, lus practices seem to conform,
in appearance at least, with those of
Christ antl His disciples, and science
admits some degree of truth in its
ciaim of healing by faith.
The following services are announced
for the city churclies fur tomorrow:
Church of Kngiand���St. Saviour's,
corner of Ward and Silica St. Third
Sunday after Epiphany, holy communion. 8 a. m.; mui ning prayer and litany, 11 a. m.: Sunday School
UO p. ni.; evensong, 7,80 p. ru* Rev F.
H. Graham, rector.
Human Catliulic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets; Low mass, 8 a. ni.; high mass,
10;SO a, m; evening service, 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Father Aithoff, priest.
l*resbyterian Church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets;
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, ^;;J0 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. ni.    Kev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist Church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets; Morning service, 11
a. ni.; evening service, 7.30 p. m.;
Sunday School, 3.80 p. m. Rev. R. N.
Powell,   pastor.
liapfist Church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. n).; evening service, 7.80 p. m.; Sunday School,
2:30 p. ni.    Rev. A. N. Frith, pastor.
Salvation Army���liarracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special
services for tomorrow. Knee drill, 9 a.
tu.; holiness meeting. 11 a. m.. a praise
meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation meeting
at   8   j).   DEL ___________
this  winter.     Sulphur   Springs   and   unexcelled   accommodations.     Rates   $2.50
per day  ana up.
Correspondence invited uml  cheerfully answered,
Call on or write
A.U.i'.-_.,VanoouTar. U F.A.,Nelnon
European Markets Are Supplied for Half
Year at Least���Very Early Advance  is  Unlikely.
The closing month of last year went
on record as a banner one for exports
of copper from this country, the quantity exported having been 8_,*ybU,ltiu
pounds. The only other month of 1907
or of any month of any previous pear,
that approaches this in exports, is November, 1907 ,when the quantity exported was 76,354 .J-jaO pounds. For the last
quarter of last year the copper exports
were altogether phenomenal, reaching
Cor the quarter the enormous quantity
of 224,681(680 pounds, equal to about
one-fourth of the entire copper production of this country for the entire
Again, If you consider the exports of
Copper from this country for the whole
year you have a still more extraordinary presentment. The total export.*, of
copper trom this country during the
year 1907 amounted to 511,134,400
pounds, or consideraoly more than
one-half of all the copper produced during the year. Neither the past nor the
present has anything to show that this
immense quantity oi exported copper
has gone into consumption abroad, or
Is in Uie hands of the consumers. It is
almost twice as much copper as France
can take frum this country and consume
in twelve months. Cor it must be remembered that Spain, Norway, Australia, Japan, Chile and Peru are also exporters of OOpper. Mention is not made
of .Mexico and Canada because practically all the copper produced in these
countries comes to the United States
and when snipped out is included in Uie
figures of this country's exports. Germany ts a large producer oi copper* bur
that country consumes theygreates portion, if not all, of its product.
The Question of what the future has
in store for copper in this country res'.Ives itself into this: Do not be governed by a belief that supplies of the
metal will be so insullicient as to create
a hunger and a thirst after it causing
consumers to bid against each other in
an efferi to procure all they think their
manufacturing interests require, and, as
the result of such competition, sending
[trices again skyward. There is not, it
is true, any considerable surplus of copper in this country, none but what a
revival of good business can take care
of, but It is well to not torget that
Kurope, by reason of the enormous supplies received from the (fritted States
dining the last three months, is well
provided wilh copper for a good half
year to come.���American Mining Review.
No. 331.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
I hereby certify that "The Kootenay
Cedar Company" has this day been registered as an Extra-Provincial Company under the "Companies Act, 1S97,"
to carry or effect all or any of the objects of the Company to which the legislative authority of the .Legislature of
Hritish Columbia extends, except the
construction and working of railways,
and tbe business of insurance.
The head offlce of the Company is situate at Portland, Cumberland County,
The amount of tho capital of the
Company is one million seven hundred
and fifty thousand dollars, divided into
seventeen thousand tive hundred shares
of oue hundred dollars each.
The head office of the company in
this Province is situate at Nelson, and
It. S. Lennie, barrister-at-law, whoso
address is Nelson, B. C, is the attorney
for the Company, not empowered to issue and transfer stock.
The Company is limited-
Given under my hand and seal of office  at  Victoria,   Province    of    British
Columbia, this eleventh day of January,
one thousand nine hundred and eight.
Registrar of Joint  Stock Companies.
The  objects  for which   this    Company has been established and registered are: ���
To acquire, hold, improve, lease and
sell timber, farming, grazing, mineral
aud other lands, and the products thereof; to mine or otherwise extract or remove c.>al, ores, stone and other minerals and timber from any land owned,
leased or occupied by the company, or
from any other lands; to buy, build,
construct, maintain anil operate plants
and ivories for the development of
such lands, and for the handling, preparing and rendering commercially
available of the various products thereof: and to buy, or sell or otherwise to
deal or to traffic in wood, timber, lumber, coal, stone, ores and other ma
terlal, aud any of the products thereof,
and any article consisting, or partly
consisting, thereof.
To engage in trade and maintain
To buy, build, hold and lease or Mil
all kinds of houses and buildings, and
the lands on which the same may he localed; to buy. own and hold, with n'
view to its improvement and sale, any
kind  of  real  estate.
To breed, raise and deal in cattle
and live stock of all kinds; and to manufacture, buy, sell and otherwise deal
in   all   kinds of  dairy   products.
To construct docks, slips, bridges, machinery, ships, boats, engines, ears and
other     equipment,     elevators,     water
works, gas  works,   electric  works,  viaducts, aqueducts and other waterways,
and to sell the same, or otherwise to dispose thereof, or to  maintain and operate the same; to construct and to maintain  and operate  all  trams,  railroads,
spuds,     switches,     locomotives,     cars,
[trains ami equipment for the purposes
| of   tho   Company   only,  and   not   as   a
1 common carrier, that may be necessary
or desira--.' iu transporting logs and
other minerals to the mills and plants
of the Company, and in transporting
the manufactured products of such
plants to the markets; to log and
drive streams; to construct and operate
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, --mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of any bonds or other securities or
evidences of indebtedness created or
issued by any corporation or corporation, association or associations of the
State of Maine, or of any other state,
territory or country, and, while the
owner thereof, to exercise all the rights,
poweri  and   privileges  of ownership:
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of shares of capital stock of any
other corporation or corporations, association or associations of the State
of Maine, or of any other state, territory or country, and , While the owner
of such stock, to exercise all the rights,
powers and privileges of ownership, including the right to vote thereon:
To aid in any manner any corporation
or association of which any, bonds or
other securities or evidences of indebtedness or stock are held by the corporation, and to do any acts or things designed to protect, preserve, improve or
enhance the value of any such l>onds
or other securities or evidences of indebtedness or stock:
The business of the Company is from
time to time to do any one or more of
tho acts and things herein set forth:
and it may conduct its business in other
States, territories and possessions of
the United States, in British Columbia,
and in foreign countries, and may have
one office or more than one office, and
keep the books of the Company outside
of the State of Maine, except as otherwise may be provided by law, and may
hold, purchase, mortgage, and convey
real or personal property, either in or
Ottt of the State of Maine.
All the powers of the corporation are
vested in the board of directors, who
may make, alter, amend or repeal all
by-laws of the company, except such
by-laws as regulate or affect the election of directors and officers, and except when the change of a by-law or
exercise of a power is made by stat-
U'e expressly dependent upon action by
or consent of the stockholders.
Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorise the corporation to transact business in any other state, territory, or
foreign country, contrary to the provisions of the law? of such state, terri
tory or foreign country, and that nothing in these purposes shall be construed
to give the corporation any rights, powers or privileges not permitted by tho
laws of the State of Maine to corporations organized under Section 6 of
Chapter 47 of the Revised Statutes of
the State of Maine, and the following
corporate purposes shall be exercised
only In stales and jurisdictions other
than Maine, namely, the construction
and operation of railroads, or aiding in
the construction thereof, telegraph or
telephone companies, and gas or electrical companies, and such businesses
are to be carried on only in states and
jurisdictions when and where permissible under the laws thereof.
Tremont House
Kiiniu-*-**." and American I'lan
Meal*- 3) m.   Boomi (rom *_ cu. to ft.
only White Heip Kmploy-p-1
Baser St.. NelRoo Propi-teion
Maaal iionifaarlatale quarter**      Nelaaan
Ouly tha" beat .. I l.i.g .,.,,-* auai . i���arfl
Grand Central Hotel
ThorouBhly renovated and refnr
nisli..a!, llooma 50 cents upward The
dining rwum Is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
.T   A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Ilous.
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Qtseen's Hotel
B.aer SOeol, Nelaon. B. C.
Large   -nd   ,lom,'*rtabla*   Bvalraaoma  ata.l  l.lr.1
claaa, Latum,, Koom.
MRS.  E. C. CLARKE,  Proprietress.
Battlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ll lha ~tn��i*t.
Whiii'  i!*-ii' Only Smployo-i
lofephiae hi
Royal Hotel
We have for rent the office in the
Mara Block over the Royal Bank, lately
occupied  by  Mr. E. A. Crease.
H. & M. BIRD
FOR  BENT���Office on Haker St
FOB  SAnE.���Residential   Lots  in city and suburbs.
Fire, Accident, Liability, Fidelity, and    Life   Insurance   agents    for   the
strongest companies operating in Canada.
If yoo want Good Land
MeDermid & McHardy
t-.TI.-M       ��� '-t,IVI __    ���"I-���** OW
No. 310.
"COMPANI--S   ACT.   1897."
R:tt��*s Sl anrl ill 5(1 n IVnv
Qjaooial Rales to Sia^-nl ar BiMriiaars
I herehy certify that the "Kails Creek
Caliper Mining Company, Limited," has
this day heen registered as an Extra-
Provincial Compauy under the "Companies Act, 1897," to carry out or effect all or any of the objects of the
Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of Hritish Columbia extends.
The ha-ad office of the Ctmpany is situate at the City of Spokane, State of
Washington.   U.  S.  A.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is one million five hundred
thuusautl dollars, divided Into one million five hundred thousand shares of
one  dollar each.
The head office of the Company in
this Province i�� situate at Nelson, and
Michael C. Monaghan, Miner, whose
address Is the same, is the attorney
for the Company.
The time of the exlslence of this Company is fifty years from the 15th March.
The Company Is specially limited under section  5G of the above Act.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria. Province of British Columbia, this 15th day of May, one
thousand nine  hundred and seven.
Registrar of Joint   Stock  Companies.
The objects for which the Company
has been established and registered are
restricted to actiuiring, managing, developing, working and selling mines, min
eral claims anal mining properties, and
the winning, getting, treating, refining
and marketing of mineral therefrom
and   are: ���
(1.) To obtain by purchase, lease,
hire, discovery, location or otherwise,
and hold within the Province of Uri-
tish Columbia mint;;, mineral claims,
mineral leases, prospects, mining lands
and mining rlgbta of every description,
and to work, develop, operate antl turn
the same to account, aud to sell or
Sherwlae dispose of the same or any
of them, or any Interest therein:
(2.) To dig for, raise, crush, wash,
smelt, assay, analyze, reduce, amalgamate and otherwise 11 at gold, silver,
copper, lead ores or deposits and other
minerals and metallit- substances and
compounds of all kinds, whether belonging to the Compauy or not, and to render the same merchantable, and to buy.
sell and deal In the same, or any of
(3.) To carry on the business of a
mining, smelting, milling and renulng
company in all or nny of its branches:
(4.) To acquire by purchase, lease,
hire, exchange or otherwise, such timber lands or leases, tlmher claims,
licences to cut timber, surface rights
and rights-of-way, water rights and prl-
vlleges, mills. factories, furnaces,
for smelting and treating ores
and refining metals, buildings, machinery, plunt, nnd other real or personal
property as may be necessary for or
conducive to the proper carrying out
of  the  objects  of  the Company:
(5.1 To cons! net, maintain, alter,
make, vork nnd operate on the property of the Company, or on property
controlled by the .Company, any canals,
trails, roads, ways, tramways. brldg*.s,
anal reservoirs, alums, flumes, race and
other ways, water-course, aqueducts,
wells, wharves, piers, furnaces, sawmills, crushing works, smelting works,
c"nc"ntrating works, hydraulic works.
electrical works nnd appliances, warehouses, buIldingH, machinery, plant,
stor s, antl other works and conveniences which may seem conducive to
any of the objpects of the Company,
and. with the consent of the shara-hold-
ers In general meeting, to contribute to.
subsidise or otherwise aid or take part
In any such operations though construe*
teal ana! mainlnined by any other company or persona outside ot tha* property
of the Company, and to buy, sell, maim
facture and deal in ull kinds of goods,
stores, implements, provisions, chattels.
and effects required by the Company
or Its workmen and servants:
(G.) To build, acquire, own, charier,
navigate and use steam and other* vessels for the pan-pose of the Company:
(7.) To take, acquire, and hold as the
consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or otherwise disposed of, or
for goods supplied or for work done
by contract or otherwise, shares, debentures, bonds or other securities a,f or in
any other company the objects of which
are restricted as herein aforesaid, and
tu sell or otherwise dispose of the
(8.) To enter Into any agreement for
sharing profits, union of interests or cooperation with any other person or company carrying on or about to carry on
any business or transaction which a
company specially limited under section
56 of the "Companies Act, 1897,"of liritish Columbia, is authorised to carry on:
(9.) To purchase or otherwise acquire
and undertake all or any of the assets,
business, property, privileges, contracts-
rights, obligations and liabilities of any
person or company carrying on any
part of the business which a company
specially limited under Section 56 of
the "Companies Act. 1897." of British
Columbia, is authorised to carry on, or
possessed of property suitable for the
purposes thereof:
(10.) To borrow or raise money for
the purpose of the Company, but so
that the amount so borrowed or raised
shall not, without (he sanction of a
general meeting of the Company, exceed one-quarter of the amount of the
paid-up capital for the time
being, and for the purpose of
securing such -money and Interest or lor
any other purpose to mortgage or
charge the undertaking or all or any
part of the property of the Company,
present or after acquired, and to create,
issue, niake.draw, accept and negotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or
debenture stock, promissory noteB, bills
of exchange, bills of lading, warrants,
obligations, aud other negotiable and
transferable instruments:
(11.) To distribute any of the property of the Company among the members
in specie:
12.) To sell. Improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise
deal with tho undertaking or the whole
or any part of the property and rights
of the Company, with power to accept
as the consideration any shares, stocks
or obligations of any company the objects of which are restricted under
Section 56 of the "Companies Act,
1S97," of British  Columbia:
(13.) To do all such other things as
are Incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. B.
Mining Work ��� Specialty.
Office:   Room   10,   K.-W.-C.  Blk.    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker St., Nelson,  B. C.
All Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Oners Houss.     Tsl. 181.
W.   a.    GILLETT
Contractor   -***n*_i
Solo itgent tor tb*> I'or to Rim> l.unab-sr Co., Ltd.,
retail yaMs. Knugh-tuil tlre^'wl Lmnbtf, tunied
work .in-1 urn- K'l-.. OaMsU lath aufl Miiii*. Ie��, *��**b
au.l rionrf, ���tv.r.f.in, brick and itnu* fur aale
-���Miti'm-iti.   '.rtnilt-T.
Yard and bus-tor**: VeruonBt.. eait of Halt**
NULSOM,   ts. C
Y.   0. Box *\A2 'luicpuotv- 175 Tne Oaily Canadian
Hall Clock, C ft. high. $iss.0u I."' J-,;     ���
Hall Clock, 6 ft. high, *26. r ! .r    '
Mission Clock. SUin. high, **6.00, for * **���'.�����
The above strike hours ota cathedral gongs. _,,,������
Bron?.   and Marbli   Cl, I     "  -''��� 118.00 and $20 00.
Pin,   Blectrl,   Lampi    f6.00, $9.50, $10.00. $i:,.00.    The-?,' are a few of the
bargains.    Come In and we will t ell you about  the rest.
Watchmaker and Optician
Bargains in all lines
of Dry Goods, Millinery  and  Ladies'
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For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
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H. E. Ooadsdaile & _;
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Telephone 161.
^'^nTx- -'Vr._inl-'
Corner of Stanley  and  Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
II. J. Wilson. Richmond; G. O. Buchanan, Kaslo; W. R. Williams, Phoenix
R Bowman, Vancouver; A. Young, \'ie
w   >.  .     \ unaaan  ����,..     ^\'��rO    titr*��wt>*
is. W. Orchard, Spokane: S ll. Qroen,
O. Strathearn, Kaslo; J. T). Doble. H. C.
Martin, C. E. Mellish, It. A Creech,
Vancouver; IS W. McCallum. R. S. Ait-
k. as, li I. Johnson, Cranbrook; R.
;.   -ers, Toronto.
Ii.   Nicholson,   V. : million.   IS.   McDoii-
gall,   Mrs    11    McKenny,    Cascade;   T.
Madore   i   Davis, Creston;  F. P.  Drummond, salmo; J. W. Nicholson, 1'Srie; l'.
E. Green, Ymir;  11   Buxton, Hongkong;
.1   Cook, F. Murray, Ebolt;  F. Tyrell. f;.
Allan. Rossland;   S.  Blaylock,  Virginia.
L.   M.   .lohn.     13-Mlle;     Mrs.   D.   W.
S   lai     .v -.   Denver;   .1.  .1.  Goldsmith,
l;.  Goldsmith, Calgary;   C. Oooch, Van
H.  I.   French. Rossland:  W. Johnson,
Shield!. A   Mi la an, Rlondel; T. Doyle,
Eon;   Mrs    A.   Ibbottson,   Ymir:   \Y.
A  Campbell, Chicago;  I'. Shea, Burton;
\Y. Williams, Edgewood.
1-S   Bro ilu  bj    Sloe m; D. W. Greer, T.
I la ��� ��� I,   Bi .-'   R, i d, Creston.
BAR i'l.l-STT.
W.   Sharpies.   HoSton.   Eng :   C.   Hai*
kane; W. Sinith. Erie: J. Clark. London
Ha . .th.
$1.50 to $10.00.
Welcome Nugget Smoking
Queen Cigar Store
BUSH  &  MATT HEW, Props.
We have just received :i ship
ment  of  Heiiix Goods  in  following Hue.
14-oz.   llottle   Sour   .Mixed   Plokles
14-oz. llottle Bweel  Mix,,i  Plcklea.
14-oz. llottle Gherkins Pickles.
Pint Bottle Ketchup
NICKERSON. the Jewelery Manufacturer's Agent will sell you ^...ni- from sam*
pies  sl   26 oenl   lent  than  regular
prices direct fr-.m th*- factories, in S
days rrom order Everything in the
Iin--.    order now.
ll'ANIIF ���...::_.-  pro.tiia-er. tn write
fl      in-iiraiia-e    on   ai;    kin<1.   ol   llva-   .t.M-k
It death from say caoM. Bri*lib Ainaria-an
I...    -....������    A- --    . . ana**., irer.  H    C. or
W. J. Walker. Hum.   Hot... Kelson
ANTKD���"Hii'.-. H��k. r  Btratl   .round floor
prelerraI     Box UB. Canadian
UIX-ftOOMIl r    ���   . let iinfiirnl.li.
apt- ...... Vernon  an.l
��� . . <-
SHED  H....M .<   i,
1!  Dally Canadian
IV\>. ,-" 1 KM l-a.,.AW, Ki.alMS, twain he.Vxl     Ap-
    I ���....-.. .,     V    V.     .-..:,_..
Buy Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 t<<
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra suaps for
investment or for a home.
Thai al our sum you will find .al. ��� lut, 1. pure anal fresh dru#f. poliU
attention, ami prions that are as lov, a. sre consistent with the quality of
the goods we sell, W a. keep every thi ig tint one has a right i�� expect In
a thoroughly a>(juipjia-<l pharmacy.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Moyie   Replaces   Kuskanook.
Th, steamer Moyie will take the
Kuskanook's run to Kootenay Landing
tomorrow, ior the day only.
Hockey Team's Return.
The members of the Nelson hockey
team arrived home ihi** morning many
aat them badly bruised  (rom ihe hospi
table attentions of tin
Rossland stick
Eighty-Third   Birthday.
Mrs. Miriam Squires, or Fairview,
celebrated her eighty-third birthday lasi
Wednesday, anal tin. old lady has t)<.-<*i,
receiving the congratulations of her
many friends.
Education   in   Curling.
Crowds of Nelsonites assemble ai the
curling rink to watch tha* progress of
tha' bonspiel. Their occasional remarks
Indicate a growing acquaintance
the line points of the game.
Metals and Stocks.
Tin- only change in metal quotations
today is and advance of one point in
the price of silver. Among (lie stocks
li ('. Copper made a slight Improvement, Uie other stocks are unchanged.
Council   Meeting.
The second regular meeting of the
city council will he held in tin* council
chamber Monday night at *s o'clock. U.
11 Zavitz will again attend the meeting
anal a report will be presented by tho
committee to confer with him.
Salvation  Sleigh Drive.
The members and followers of the
local corps of the Salvation Army arc
enjoying a musical sleigh drive this
afternoon, the hand being established
in tin- leading sleigh and strong lunged
Children bringing up the rear.
Methodist   Services.
The services In the Methodist church
tomorrow win be commemorative of tht?
bicentenary ot" tne tiirtb or Charles
w esley. The subject oi" tlie morning
sermon will be "Charles Wesley, tin*
Poet of Methodism"; tin- evening,
'Charles Wesley's hymns" Willi musical
service illustrating.
Subversive  of Law and  Order.
The present Dominion government
has always been suspected of a lurking
desire to subvert the authority and dignity of the liritish crown in Canada,
but seldom has the desire been betrayed by any overt acts. One has been
committed in Nelson. On one of tha-
streei mail collection boxes the royal
coat, of arms is Inverted with tha- result that the lion and the unicorn, those
venerable defenders of the monarchy.
are represented in most undignified p, >.-���
K. of P. Bonspiel.
So many public dances of unusual . x
.. Ilella-e   have   l.eell   beld   in   Nelsain   this
winter that It is difficult to vary descriptions of them. A high Standard wa;*
set early in the .s.-ason and successiva*
committees have taken care not tti fall
below il. In spite of (he rival attractions of the bonspiel and the hookey
team's excursion to Rossland. the Nelson lodga- <jf tha* Knights of Pythias entertained over 300 guests a,t their annual Ai Horn.- anil Dance lu the Alice
roller rink last night. The big hall was
; raatilly decorated with part of thi'
material that graced the lumberman'!
ball, Irwin s orchestra furnished ac
ca.ptaMa- mii-ic. Tha- supper arrangements supervised t*. W. Irvine, were
excellent, enabling l.'.u guests to alt
down at once. Very little service was
required as everything require*! was
provided and conveniently arranged la-
for*-I.anal. Th*- evening passed bo
pleasantly that It was well after two
o'clock this morning before the earliest
guests ta-ok their departure. The al
fair was a  brilliant, success  fraani  ever)
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
Hand: Monday, Thursday, anal Saturday evenings.
Mornings,   afternoons   and   evening",
without  band,  children   16c  adults 25c,
Including skates.
BV, nings with band, except Saturday
evenings, Me. Including skates.
Saturday evening, band anal sfeti.il
attractions, tn 11 o'clock, 60c, in udlnp
akat'-H, ipectators 25c.
Wholesale ami   K-*.aU Dealer** ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on  shorteHt nntier ami  |
lowest priow. NothuiK but   irvhl) mul
wIntU-mmif iiiiiiic unil supple**, kept in stock
Mail oi-ders receive careful attention
Knur   masons   \vli>   our   I nis .news   bftfl
doubled   wit-bin   two   years,      Your   orders   solicited   and   entire   satisfaction
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine JIU
pmiini; 7
Passe Partout
Complete   with   Glass   and   Mat���Passe-
Partouted  and   Ready  to   Hang up
We have just opened up an exceptionally bright line of l'asse-1'artout plo-
They consist, of "Life" humorous
pictures in Hlack and White and in Color, Toasts, and Quotations from Kavor-
i;p' authors;  beautifully Illumined.
Prices are  25c, 35c  and  60 c each.
To see them is to buy. You can't resist them.
See  them  in our window.
W. Ge Thomson
Neisou, B.C.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
Anyone having a good farm for sab*
in Western Canada may find cash buyer
by writing a' once, gtlillS price and
description, to Buyers Co-Operative
Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
point of view and fully sustained the
high reputation for hospitality and en
ti'itainment  previously acquired   by  the
Junior  Hockey.
Tie' junior hockey match at the Stanley street rink this afternoon between
Lhe junior teams of Ros&land and .\'<_sl-
son, resulted ln a victory for the h j.ne
team by 8 goals to none.
0. I! Btrathearn, of Kaslo. arrived
In  the  city  last  night.
M nnd .Mrs. .1. T. Martin have returned from an extended visit to the coast
O. B. McCallum arrived on last night's
Crow boat last night with the second
contingent of  Cranbrook curlers.
Mayor (Jreen of Kaslo, came down
last night in reponse to the urgent appeal of G. U. Buchanan to curl for the
honor of the lake city, and will skip the*
Kaslo rink alternately with Uie fatuer
of curling in Kootenay.
Railways Recover From Panic.
Chicago, Jan. 25.���That freight traffic coudltlous are recovering from 11
nanclal stringency, was the statement
of several traffic managers and other
railway ofliclals yesterday. Tin- im-
liiovetiien'. ls said to be particularly
noticeable in.the trafllc of tbe railroads
ol thi- BllddJe west, whete heavy grata
shipments, almost suspended while the
stringency in the money market was at
Its height, now air belUK made. While
the statistics of all roads throughout
tin- country for tin- lasi week showed
that UUO.Obo or '/* per cent, of U/..O0,
000 freight cars In service throughout
tbe country were standing Idle and In
couse.pe nci- thousands of men had
been I brown out ol work, railroad ofliclals expressed the belief that the
crisis had passed and lhat no further
reduction of the numbers of workmen
will   bo   necessary.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Diamonds and
Precious Jewel*,
a beautiful sssortnu
diamonds, smaralds, sapphires
pool is. winch ��.' ara ,>rr. i:,
due, ai pi-tea. it la i, pleasure i,���
hIioh- KiaaialK. ('all ami Inspect
'lull orders raoelve oar promm
Jeweller  and  Optician.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay  Ice,    Fruit   and
Fuel Co.
N. Ceo,
. Baker   and   Ward   St.
Who It; ..tut:   s*-��ro>-I��ic.r��**,
ProUuue, - PrulU
Uovprnnia-nt (Sn-nma-ry On.* Pound Brftofts n-celvml weekly tretb trom is.    .
ihurn     Kor Nila-h.v all loadiUK Krocen, UrWt ]
Notice is hereby given tliur tin- un
dersigned have submitted to tht* Lieu
tenantt.overnor-in-CounL'L a proposal
under the Rivers and (Streams Ac. foi
the clearing and removing obstructions
from tiie Dun&mel crt-ek (otherwise
known as .Six Mile Creak I in the ! -is
trict of West Kootenay, Provtn-ei pi
Hritish Columbia, and for making tfle
said creek tit for rafting and driving
thereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
the said creek, and for eoastructtni
and maintaining booms tor holding
sorting and delivering logs aud timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth of said
The lands to bo affected by such work
are Lots 7S7. ~HH, 7601. 777:;, 4:ii*4, 8411
and 8413 all In Group One. Kootenay
District, and other lands not Crown
granted, occupied or Improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such as may be tixed by the Judge "'
the County Court of West  Kootenay.
Dated the 2Sth dav of October, 1907
Ottice and wnrehouH**    HouMon Hlork,    Pnoue 79.
Josephine Street.        - - Nelson, B. C.
!_ /'   .   ������ ��� ^m^i'^.^-.-,-,
A   ra'Clprnclty    of    si,m\    �����
wi-tl    v. II   u    Happy    N.-w    V, .,;
i"- i   >��� .,i   wish   na   Un
wtefa laai   s.una'thin,; ..|s.    .ml y
I ii opportunity a,r proving i.,
���xeepiiaanul valiiPH of our Kcadj
Bolts unal Overcoats. In mai.
style, in .and finish ��. rlerj
li*��n. an.l our iia-w stock ,na:-,.
..f  lha- y.-rv  lnt,'SI  an.l n.,.-' 'a-
i.ain .... unil designs,    i
money irtll  huy ha.ticr Kooda _
��� l.-.-wh.-r,"
eral C
bas a,
the pt
-ect o
ni.uu .
the be
bis al,
Wa frotUd lilts i" see all aiau pal I .inauimftii I shla thla winter an.l ,b
il.. ma w,- hav,- in shack tha- laesi aaaort ed Hua* of ha*atlnK slaavaiH anal
staves anal  ranges ever bdtdre prsasntad ta, tha* public In Kamtenay.
We  would  li.'  plsassd  ,,,  show  yon    nut line and before inakiuK f
cha.*... kindly nea- what we have taa ofT.-r.
-    We
tive a
THE NELSON J. H. Ashdown ��Utdw&t
Company. Limited.
CAPITAL,   ��25.0O0.0O   in   25 000    shares
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crozler W.  Ilourke.
OFFICE, No. 321' Haker St. (Croasdalle
& Co.)
SEE tlie cement block! displayed In lhe
Standard Furniture Co.'s wlntl.iw
APPLICATIONS for stock are Invited
PARTICULARS and forus of Appllci,
tlon may be obtained at Ilia- ('..in
pany's office, or from II. A Stewart,
Solicitor. Nelaon. II. C.
Geo.  P. Player
ING   &   SMEI/TINC*   CO.
Office   Room  Ne.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK
F. C. GREEN       F.F. BUR11E1"        A. H.GREEN
CJviI  Engineers, Dominion  and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
f. tl. Boi MS     I'hi.nr 2(1 B.
Pure and Cheap
Wa- hav.-   I  pounds a,f
WhlCh   a*,    ml!   -all   a'   :a   la.iiiaaln
5 Iba for 1.00.
Special    l.llies    fair    llllK.-l    hats       Caallli-
Iii und Inquire.
Choquette Bros.
Phone 258.
THE   Ud to-D.ite   Baker*
rNELSOIN,     -     B- C.
To Whom It May Concern:
Tuke notice that J. I.. Warner ls nol
now mid has nol been since tha I "III
day of November last emplnyeal by ol
In any way conna.-cteil wilh the Itinallaa
l-:iii'.iii...'ilu;' anal Muchlnery ('a,, ail
Spokane. Washington.
Albert* Oraamsry hnttei in in,. 7 1 ��� >
anal  11 lb   hl,,a*ks ul He pet iiound.
For Sale st
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cot    Insi'i.hlii.' an.l  Willi Sis
1 ensu
Pllherts. Almonds, Walnuts,  *i
chesinuis. Appi,. cidar, North**
aiaph's.   Iiuhlwln   Apples,   lap   �����
F'Ikk.   tail*   laya-r.   Calir.ini        I
ami Muluna (Irapa.s.
A   lnrse   usKiirtment   ol   X
Wholasale ami  retell pHots   i��t I"*-
S. H. Seane;
I'hauie !*����.
Rsal Estste Agent
116 Bsksr St,  Nelson, B. C. jt���
Wa.   hay,,   slill   a  lnrK.   *__.
in*.111   ���l   lia.aiers  I,, cl    I,|,: a i|J
AIhii a few odd slaiva's wlili'l' *' in
will  sell  AT COST durum si"1* | U
We would  like yam to ooll
liispea-i   our Block.
Wood-Vallahce Hardware Co��


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