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The Daily Canadian May 18, 1907

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 9% gktiltt  ���anabian
��H I.   No. 2*93*
itee of Seven Will
|pt*..uas Office bot Resigns
| Authority���Will Obey
New Ruler*.
mncisco.    May    18.���Nolwllh-
.*.:;> cssnlrudlctor)' stories
*!..  .sssjss* and power of thc
��� .... ii, it in now generally
that   Die    administration uf
uRaiss, here is to aome extent
| m its handa.    In    a    written
Mayor   Sehmttz  has   bound
carry uut any request which
:-,u*s*. maile up of rcprcscnta-
|s\t Is-adlni: commercial organ-
1 mil make of hlm.   Thc com-
TlMCy hau began an Investlga-
|r> lss.lice di-partiiicut and will
sx'.s-nd  the scope of lta  ac-
]-.hs- wsirkts In surd, street depart-
fe.) ss-Isst  branchcB of thc city
'���    i>nriH>He Is to make a
Inquiry   Into   tb'-  '-oti'llllnrifc
lut lu various branches of thc
s-ruini'tit   and   to   make  such
in personnel   and  method   as
_.* Judged wise.
Bissiil Bchmtti't written promise
��� out ihs- -tvitfa-sa und Instructions
I its administering the
ss! slss- sity.    said   P.  W.   Van-
a membei ���t the committee of
I     terda)        The   committee's
������ut wuii Mayor Schmltz Is short.
f'���������* :. llnaa of writing, bul
V's.-s Iiis steeping promise to act
i* s aod completely as the com-
W    *       Mayor Schmltz has not
1st   If ws* demand the removal of
V: ..: [nils,  ur commissioner, or
I'ijl connected with the city gov-
i. he musl remove those whom
isnate i.r In- will go back on his
Hat Solved  Problem���Recipe
for   Solution.
t-itlzens���and they are not a
" .srs- afraid of the destruction
lawns by dandelion, the follow-
*ti< SpsikcBiuan-Rcview will be
s* and value:
!���*"��� dandelion upturns Ita smll-
'mwelcome face to the sky in
hereafter   the   long-suffering
aers can be ready for It with a
foe bath of deadly liquid to check
ro*'h uf the pest.      Experiments
"�� made with a mixture that it
��ed will kill the dandelion cheap-
effectually.   It haB already been
a'itli some measure of success
J"1'' tests are in operation.
p* slays ago a report was received
er, Col., of a comiKsiind as-
buvs-   a   blighting   effect   on
jllnw weed, and giving the formula
Several chemists of the city,
|* Ihem C. M. Fusaett and I'rofcs-
IS Clukey  of tho high  Bchool,
I admitting that the "dopo" would
l��lv kill th,. dandelions, were doubt-
ic wliitlier  lt  would havo  tho
'"''I un tho graSB.      So a trial
< prepared, under tho direction
f- Clukey, and on Tuesday after-
I *U applied to a patch of dando-
well aB to thc few blades of
�� 'lint had had room to grow ln thc
"j* Wednesday noon the graBH
H'Jll green and vigorous, while the
���������rutins hail died u quick death, bo-
'*d "I> and withered, and In some
g> actually eaten away.   If In u day
|"lure ihe grass Is still In thc land
living, It will have established
r-xli-iiuliiatloii fur the arrogant hur-
fr uf Hprlng.
IJ "' the principal polntB ln favor
���oe new   mixture  Is Its  chonpnoss.
"gradients nro sulphate of Iron,
mir add und water,   lf bought In
��"��e�� the sulphate of Iron  would
"��>ul two cents u pound, and tho
.','","r """oo oonts a pound.   If It
lu, i      '" lni>c��lMc a small piece ot
r   ,' "1Kttll"n of water Is taken and
IK, a?" "f lron H'l'nhato added. This
lal, i?i",-'VM '" the w��l��r. h'uvlng
par i quid.   Two and one-half ounces
����S ,nB   ��    Sl*"ha^,��   o��erlor will
Z't'il m^e, '"���r''>'B��"n���t8 to apply i
sn phu le acid In large quantities to ihe
ubiqultlous dandelion.
Searchlight Attistt in Saving of Would-
be  Suicide.
New York, May 18.���A spectacular
r>-wiic by search light was effected in
the twirling waters of Hull Gate early
today when Prances Horr. aged IT
years, was saved from suicide by drowning by three young men after a hard
struggle. The girl, brooding long over
her troubles, threw herself Into the
river. Then the love of life temporarily
overcame her desire to die, and she
screamed lustily. Joseph Lazarus,
Michael Flynn und Valentine Sealand
heard ber cries uud ran to Uie water.
They could nol see thc source of tbe
appeals for help. They could not see
any one, and were about to leap blindly
Into the river, trusting to chunce to direct them, when the search light of a
passing steamer revealed the struggling
woman. They dived In the direction of
the light. Lazarus reached the girl first
nnd was nearly throttled by the would-
be suicide, whose deBlre to die returned
with the prospect of rescue. His companions reached them Just In time to
save the pair from drowning and the
girl was borne ashore and removed to
a hospital.   She will recover.
Kuroki in New York.
New York, May 17���General Baron
Kurokl of Japan, will give a luncheon
at the Hotel Astoria today to Invited
guests. Most of his staff will spend the
day visiting fellow countrymen resident
here. Tonight the liaron and other
Japanese officers will be the guests at
a sub banquet given by representative
Alnerli-sns at the Hotel Aslisr.
<* "eld nro mixed In and Iho
"l" lii ready,   it can ho appllod
' an ordinary -sprinkling can.    For
ed i��� ','   "tiun ""-' higrcdionlB are
n ti '1��� Proportions.
"���*"������'���   siecretary of tho  150.000
a city beautiful
,    . ���-��� Bomo tests of the
���Me. and lu cnse thoy terminate
E* .... '���"���������-lontally'
J'!"1'"', la having,
P��a_S2..* "'"��� "' <*"
'ss"" lisrllv tl,��� ���
io Ionic ...       "ommitteo or citizens
"">* after the embellishment and
Disorders  Sternly   Suppressed   by   Authorities���Strange Story From
Simla, British India. May 18.���Although no further disturbances have occurred, ths- marked unrest among the
Hindus continues and the government ia
determined to check Its spread.
An extraordinary Ibsuc ot the Official
Gazette today contains a proclamation
of the viceroy, the Earl of Mlnto, prohibiting meetings for the discussion of
public affairs without a week's notice.
ingleslde, 111., May 18.���According to
Saint N. Slug, a journalist, born ln
Rawalpindi, India, the town whicli has
taken the lead tn antl-Hrltlsh rioting,
the revolution which threatens to engulf the present government of India,
will be bloodless, though lt will Insist
that India muat hnve autonomous government, that India shall be for the imjo-
ple of India. There will be no blood
spilt, becaiiBe England will meet India's
demands without obliging her iieople to
press tho matter nt the point ot fixed
bayonets. England gave autonomy to
Australia, Cape Colony, Transvaal and
Canada without blood demonstrations,
and she will deal with India Justly.
Plant  for  Dealing  With   Lethbrldge���
No "Vacations."
Calgary, May 18.���PreBldeut Sherman
of the United Mine Workers of America, District No. 18, was ln the city
As soon as he returns from llankhead
and Canmore, he states that thc district
board will confer with the operators of
the Gait coal mines nt Lethbrldge, who
have expressed Iheir willingness to
enter Into a new agreement with the
miners without the Intervention of a
conciliation board. 	
"I do not look for any trouble, Biild
President Sherman, "although there
may be some difference of opinion between the operators and the miners,
owing to the desire of the company to
Ignore the union as such, and deal **lth
the mlnerB ns Individuals."
President Sherman  suited   thai   this
was the only element of tro.ib e the
anticipated In connecUon with   ho obtaining of a now agreement nt Letn
br*-i!Tthat ovent, however, tho men will
appeal ns a union, for a <W>ttWg
blind, according to the' "'""* ��' "��
new uct ln nny event there will bo no
MtfM of work, which Will proceed
as ffsual In either event.
This Is President Sherman a official
Statement of tholr plans foH-ethbrtdge.
Ccown Prince Alfonso.
Madrid, May IB.-Tho baptism of the
heir to the throne, Prlnco Alfonso of
the Asturlas, who wns born May IWI,
took placo in the private chapel of the
palace bore at noon today.
French  Rulers' Holldsy.
Paris,  May 18.-President    Fallleres
capital on Monday.
Judgment of Court Sel
Dominion Government Assisted
Case oi Deliberate Theft by
Forgery and Perjury.
Ottawa, May 18���Mention has frequently been made of the Blairmore
townsite. The story of the transaction,
which should be told in full, ls a record
of traud and perjury perpetrated to
gain valuable property ln the gift of
the government. The crimes were discovered and exposed, and yet as a result of these methods an estate valued
at $21)0.000 has come Into the bands of
an active Western politician through
the favor and connivance of the department of the into! ior.
Mr. Malcolm MacKenxle, barrister,
member of the Alberta legislature, ls
the owner of the townsite of Blairmore.
This town haB a population of about five
hundred and Is beautifully situated on
the Eastern slope of the Rocky mountains, where the Crow's Nest Pass on
the C. P. II. line broadens out on an
elevated plateau. It is near the well
known mining town of Frank.
Mr. MacKenzie, who was the government candidate in the last Dominion
election, received his patent for the 160
acres of land comprising the Blairmore
townsite in July, 1901, when the place
had a population of two or three
hundred people and had become extremely valuable. Mr. MacKenzie had
himself valued the estate before that
time at some (50,000, and he paid the
governmenl Just (480, or $:: an acre for
Ihe property. This was the selling
price for ordinary farm land at the
Mr. MacKenzie obtained the grant by
taking an assignment of tbe right of
an Italian named Montalbetti who represented himself as the first Bquatter on
the land. MonlalbetU's claim, and his
affidavits supporting It, had been prepared in Mr. MacKenzle'a law offlce at
MacLeod, 45 miles away, and MacKenzie obtained at the same time the right
of the Italian without paying him any
money for It.
The ltallu.i's claim was absolutely
fraudulent lt wbb based on pure Inventions, supported by a series of perjuries.
This fraud was made known to the government before the patent wns Issued,
lt was proved before a court of law,
and ln fact established by the confession of the Italian himself.
Another man was ln occupation of Ihe
ground before the Italian. Ills name
was Lyon and he came from Ontario.
He built on the premises the flrsl
structure Intended to be permanent,
went Into business and kept a shop
there, and made a claim as a Bquatter.
He was truthful and his statements
were never contradicted. As between
hlm and the assignee of the Italian,
Lyon undoubtedly had the hotter right,
and lf Lyon's claim as a squatter was
not technically sufficient to entitle him
to the splendid fortune contained In
thiB land, the property should have remained with the people of Canada, who
had the original rights to tho $100,000
or $200,000 profits out of It.
The story of Hlalrmore begins ln 1808,
when Monlalbettl came there aB C. P. R.
secllon foreman and Lyon nrrlved ns
local agent for the railway. The Italian
put up a tent on tho townsite nnd lived
there while tho company was building
hlm a section house, und Lyon, with
the assistance of Iho railway company,
put up n log shnnty on tho townsite.
This wns also a temporary affair. Both
men ufterwards had llttlo gardens on
the disputed territory. So fur their
claims were equal. But Lyon gave up
his railway job and wont into business
und built a store on tho townslle. Tho
llrst claim lo the land was made by
Lyon, who tried to obtain It aB n homestead and was Informed thut It could
not be homestendod as It wbb an odd
numbored section. His Bloro was the
llrst permanent building on the land.
In June, 1901, Montalbetti applied for
the right to purchase tho land, each
claiming priority as n squattor. Mon-
tnlbettl's claim wub assigned to Mr.
MacKenzie, and Its promotion was
thence forwnrd In the hands of lhat
politician. In his famoiiB affidavits tho
Italian falsely stnted that ho had a
garden on the land In 1898. Ho made a
false statement about building a Btablo.
He made a falso atatoment that lie kept
a cow and other stock on the land In
1898. In fact, all tho statements on
which Miiiitnlhi.il I supported his claim,
or rather MuoKenile'g claim, were
The government ordered HonieBtend
Inspector Stewart to go to Blairmore
and report on the claim of Lyon, Montalbetti and others. The property was
then supposed to be worth about $50,-
000.. Before Stewart's report was received by the department of Interior,
the politicians got alarmed and had a
more suitable commissioner sent. This
was Land Agent Nixon, a strong party
man who afterwards had to give up his
offlce as land agont on account of defalcations, and then was appointed to a
better offlce. Nixon was a party assocl.
ate and fellow-townsman of MacKenzie.
They hud done campaign work together.
N'txon knew that MacKenzie owned
Montalbettl's claim. Nixon and MacKenzie went up to Blairmore together
and came back together. Nixon told
MacKenzie what reiiort he was going
to make before he sent it to Ottawa. Of
course he reported ln favor of MacKenzie. Meantime the report of Mr. Stewart had been received. He had found
the Italian claim unfounded.
This was in June, ln July, Land Commissioner Turiff,. now a member of parliament, a gentleman who has been
much connected with land deals In the
West, and has become suddenly rich as
bave some of his relatives, took up the
case at, Ottawa. Of course he paid no
attention to the petition for delay from
Mr. Lyon, who was forwarding evidence
of tbe frauds. He decided in favor of
Mr. MacKenzie with astonishing promptness, if is not often that a patent ls
issued in such a rush as this one.
Mr. Sifton went away after this, and
while he was gone Mr. Lyon asked for
the cancellation of the patent on the
ground of fraud. Mr. Fitzpatrick, 'minister of justice, saw the statements In
support of this demand and at once
authorized a hearing by the exchequer
court. The judge of that court commissioned Judge Wetmore of the North.
wost to go to Blairmore and ascertain
the facts It did .not take Judge Wet-
more long to find ont that thc Montalbetti claim, whioh the government had
recognized, was fraudulent and utterly
worthless. The Italian confessed to the
falsehoods. Judge Wetmore reported
these facts. Acting upon them Judge
Burbrldgc of the exchequer court was
proceeding to judgment cancelling the
patent. Then the beneficiaries of the
fraud got In their'work and the minister of the Interior interposed. Mr. Sifton stood by Tariff, Nixon, MacKenzie
and the perjured claim.
Mr. Sifton began to write letters to
lhe minister of justice and had the
case stood over. He got a second delay.
He consulted with Mr. Turlff and suggested that the case be withdrawn. He
wrote to the department of justice saying that the Interior department was
not anxious to set aside the patent.
Finally Mr. Sifton asked the judge to
dismiss the case.
He argued that the Crown was the
only party now Interested In cancelling
the patent as Lyon waa not legally a
squatter. The department did not desire lt to be cancelled. Finally the Judge
dismissed the case by request of the
Crown, which was the only party in the
suit against MacKenzie. The government paid the whole costs. MacKenzie
obtained his $200,000 worth of property
for $480, though, according to Judge
Wetmore, there was no evidence that
he ever paid the Italian a cent for IL
Judge Burbrldge's judgment declares: "lt Is very plain that the defendant, Mr. MacKenzie, obtained the land
In question t hn sigh fraud, but owing
lo the action of the Crown, which I
can hardly understand, in withdrawing
from the case, I am forced to find that
Lyon has no legal right to cancel the
patent of MacKenzie. But had the
Crown remained in the case I would
find that MacKenzie obtained the land
by fraud and Immediately cancel
the patent. However, I have no alternative ln the matter but to dismiss the
case without costs."
That wns Ihe way Mr. MacKenzie became rich. There ls no doubt that the
government made Itself a party to a
gross fraud, both against Lyon, whose
claim was honester and better than
Mackenzie's, and against the peoplo of
Canada. In tho beginning the homestead Inspector reported against Mac-
Kcnzle's claim. Judge Wetmore found
It to be fraudulent. Judge Burnridge
would huve cancelled the patent had the
government allowed him to do so. Mr.
Fitzpatrick, now chief justice of Canada,
in the absence of the head of the machine, set in operation the legal process
which would lgivs- redressed the wrong.
But thore haB always been Influence
enough on the side of the grafters to
prevail even against so strong a combination as this.
The same forces which carried
through tho Saskatchewan land deal,
the Galway Grazing lease, Ihe Grand
Forks deal, tho Robins Irrigation job,
nnd all Ihe others of their class were
on the side 6f tho Blalrmoro claimant.
Mr. Lake, M. P. for Qu'Appelle,
brought up In this cuso ln parliament In
April of this year. The matter was
clearly set forth. Judge Wetmore's finding was read. Tho Btatement of Judge
Burbrldge quoted above was produced.
A resolution condemning the deal and
steal was moved. It met the fate of
all thc other resolutions ngnlnsl grafting In the western domain of the people of Canada. It, was rejected by a
straight party vote except that a number of dece>4 Liberals took occasion to
he absent when tbe names were called.
Ontario Town Burning.
Finch, Ont., May 18���Finch Is again
on flre. The stort occupied by J. W.
Low, general merchant; W. Potrio &
Co.'s general store, R. M. Arhuthnot's
drugstore, D. Nephew's grocery store,
the Munro block and several dwellings
aro burning. Tho Central hotel Ib In
great danger. The business part of the
village will bo completely dostroyod,
with nearly half tho dwellings, unless
the flre can bo got under control. The
estimated loss up to the press.nt Is
Waste Anatber Week for
Proceedings ��t Boise Drag Helplessly
���Newspaper Padding About Orchard Discussed ia Court.
Boise, Idaho, May 18.���With five peremptory challenges exhausted out of 20,
with 32 talesmen to be examined, 11
talesmen In the box watting peremptory
challenges, and one still under examination tor cause, the case against William D. Haywood, charged with the murder of former Governor Frank Stuenen-
berg, opens today with small prospects
of a Jury being completed before the
end of next week. The storm raised
over the published Interviews with Harry Orchard seems to have almost sub.
sided. The public prosecution, to whom
was entrusted the investigation Into the
liability of the newspapers responsible
for the interview, is expected to submit
his report to the court at this afternoon's session. Counsel on both sides
are willing to admit that no poetlble
cause for contempt proceedings against
the newspapers Is likely to be found.
It is pointed out that In the flrst place
an Intent to prejudice must be shown
as also in the second place that the
Jurors examined at yesterday's session
admitted they had not read the papers
and If they had done so they were not
Influenced by the report of the interview. Thla will depend upon the scope
of the evidence brought ln by the prosecution. It ls probable that the defence
will reserve the opening address to the
Jurors until after all the evidence for
the prosecution haa been offered and
the state has doted.
Baron Kuroki Over-come by New York't
Effutlvt  Hoeplttllty.
New York, May 18.���The strenuous
life of a distinguished visitor Is beginning to tell on the hardy constitution
of General Kurokl, according to report,
and he has Informed his aides and the
American companies who are directing
his Itinerary that tonight must be devoted entirely to rest. Ever since his
arrival In this city there has been almost a steady stream of callers at his
apartments In the Hotel Astoria, and a
deluge ot Invitations for the Japanese.
Although the genoral and members of
his staff did not go to bed untill well
nigh morning the itinerary tor today
got them out early, and he was on his
way to Governor's Island, the army
headquarters ot the department of the
East, before many New Yorkers had
breakfasted. At the battery thoy took
thc Governor's Island ferry boat and as
tho visitors approached the Island post
saluting guns boomed out a welcome to
United Railway President Charges Conspiracy Against Him.
San Francisco, May 18.���Patrick Calhoun, president of thc United Railways,
whoso name has been mentioned In con-
uocellon with the Investigation of bribery of officers ln this city, issued a
statement yesterday. He denies that
nny officer of hla company over hrlbed
any one or authorised Kuef or any ono
else to bribe anybody or know of any
bribery or approved of any bribery. Calhoun charges the prosecution with having prostituted the offlce of district attorney to further the plans of private
malice In tho Interest of thc meu who
organised the municipal street rullwny
on the 17th of April, I00H, tho day before the earthquake and flre, with a
capital slock ot $14,000,000, of which
$4,500,000 was subscribed by Claus
Spreckles, James D. Phelan, George
Whittle, Rudolph Spreckles and Chas.
R. Wheeler. Ten per cent, or $4SO,000
was paid ln cash as shown by the affidavit of Ihe treasuer, James Moffat,
duly filed In the county clerk's ofllce.
Prices of Metals.
New York,  May  18.���Silver, 66%c;
copper, 24c:  lead, $6.
liondon.  Mny  18.���Silver, SW%il.
Revolver Champion.
Now York, May 18.���According to nn
announcement made by Secretary Williams of the United States Revolver as
sociation, Wm. G. Krelgh of Chicago,
won the recent In-door revolver championship In the national tournament
with a total of 464 out of a possible 500.
Ontario   Minister of   Education   Leade
New Movement
Toronto, May 18���All the provln-ces
have declared their sympathy with thc
project of securing a system of national
text liooks for the Canadian schools. In
an Interview this morning, Hon. Dr.
I'yise, minister of education, stated that
he had been In communication with the
education departments of the various
provinces of the Dominion and that all
had expressed approval of the project.
The minister aald tt was probable that
the matter would be fully dealt with at
a proposed Inter-provincial educational
conference, which will likely take plaoe
In the early autumn. The time and
place tor this conference have not yet
been considered.
International   Convention   In   July   of
Christian Endeavorere.
Seattle May 18���Announcement was
made here today of the programme of
ot the 23rd international Christian Endeavor convention at 8eattle, July 10th
to Hth. Dr. F. E. Clark, president and
founder, will preside, routine business
will be first disposed ot at a meeting at
the Hotel Lincoln W-ednesday afternoon, July 10th, including the election
of officers, afler which there will be the
annual meeting of the board ot trustees.
Cuban Statecman Dead.
Havana, May 18.���General Carlos Bo-
Ufa, treasurer of Cuba, died today at
Operations Are Delayed by Backward
Weathtr���Quotationt From
Stock Markete.
Backward weather la still delaying
mining operations ln Kootenay to a
great extent
In the Boundary several deals have
been concluded during the week, eome
ot them at least promising early development.
Rumors of negotiations still come
rrom the Lardeau, rrom Sheep Creek
and trom the Slocan, thla time rrom the
neighborhood of Silverton.
The stock market for the paat week
has been steady, with quotationt only
slightly changed. There haa been no
feature of Interest, the market being
rather heavy and uninteresting.
International Coal, upon a reaction,
advanced rapidly, and told at higher
figures than conditions warranted, but
towards the cloae dropped again slightly, until it It now standing at lta usual
M. C. Copper fluctuated a point or ao
each way during the week, but on the
whole changed hut very little. Dominion Copper was also steady and changed
but very little. Consolidated Smelters
were firmer and In more demand, telling about $7 above their recent low
price. Western Oil Consolidated continues to be tn demand at advance figures and will undoubtedly go much
Following are the approximate quotations for the week ending today:
Bid.       Asked.
Alberta Coal & Coke $     .29   $     .S3
American Boy        M\_
B. C. Copper       7.87V4     8.12H
llreck. Lund Coal  ��3
Con. Smelters     116.00     130.00
Cariboo McKinney  ..       .02 .04
Diamond Cale Coal ..       .14 .26
Dominion Copper ....     6.87%     7.00
Furnace Creek       1.26        1.60
Granby     130.00     146.00
Giant Hi .03
International Coal ...       .64 M%
La Plata Mlnea 17 .19
Nicola Coal Mines ...       .06 .06
North Star 10
Rambler Cariboo 32H       .34
Sullivan     .07%       .08-K
Stewart       i.12tt     2.76
Snowstorm           2.87 2.90
Western Oil ft Conl ..     1.86    '    2.26
White Bear (minus.) .06 .06
20,000 M at list Wei
CoutitvtiM uti hfhsn Adopted���
FtaaocUl Stttttioa Fully
Paris Corretpondtnt  of   Rutt Dreamt
of Secrtt Coalition.
St. Petersburg, May 18.���The Parlt
correspondent of tho Ruts In a despatch
to his paper published today, announced
that he had obtained Information from
alleged authorities to the effect that the
Franco-Japanese agreement, now In
course of negotiations, contains a secret
coalition applying to the eventuality of
a I'hirnponn war and binding Japan to
place at the disposal of France 800,000
men, while the British will land a contingent of 100,000 to 160,000. Great Britain and France, It Is added, not only
guarantee the Inviolability of Jananese
terrllory hut also engage to float aeveral
loans. The statements made were received with Incredulity ln diplomatic
clrcl s here.
The 20,000Club at a fairly attended
meeting In the city hall last night adopt- .
ed a constitution which provides agalnat
the slightest possibility of unbusln-eee-
llke methods, a fact which should restore public -confidence In the dob,
which It must be admitted haa not
hitherto enjoyed a large measure of lt.
The financial situation waa also
placed fully and fairly before tbe club.
The cost of the 20,000 folders, halt of
which have been received, will be
$1,117, the proceeds trom them $1,197,
a profit of $80. But of the proceeds
$266 haa already been expended on current account, so that the club bus now
a deficit of $176 and a current liability
ot about $100 a month.
Aa against this tbe club will toon
have an office which will cost nothing
and may be regarded aa an asset.
However the air la cleared aad the
outlook la fair. Tbe club It now really
In a position to do uteful work, tt only
remains for the cltisens to give lt tuch
financial support aa will enable the
work to be effective.
The meeting was called to order
shortely after 8:30 by E. F. Gigot. vice-
president, others present being P. G.
Ebbutt, -secretary, A. W. Dyer, J. B.
Annable, F. A. Starkey, R. G. Webb, W.
H. Jones, P. Lamont, T. Deasy, A. Lean,
J. Johnstone, W. G. Gillett. 1. M. Lay,
E. K. Beeston, F. J. Detne, I.G. Neleon,
E. W. Wlddowton, D. C. McMorrU, H.
O. Ooodeve. The minutes of the laat
meeting were read and approved.
. The building oommlttee, through B.
K. Beeston, reported tatlafactory pto-
greet; lumber and other material had
been promised by the Yale-Columbia
Lumber Co., A. B. Wattt, W. C. B.
Koch, A. O. Lambert, and W. G. Gillett.
The committee believes that the building will ooat the eluh practically nothing, and will be completed at an early
The report waa received and adopted.
The tecretary reported that 10,066
folders had been received and 6,600 had
already been distributed. The total requirement ls 19,960 according to the
subscription list Therefore at leant
another 10,000 are required at once.
Thu total amount subscribed It $1,197,
the cost to date $1,117. The amount
subscribed so far Is only $429. The
first 10,000 cost $860, the next will coat
The 6,600 so far distributed have been
allotted as follows: Real estate men,
2,100; other subscribers, 2,176; agent-
general, 600; Tourist association, Vancouver, 260; Tourist association, Victoria, 260; C. P. R., Vancouver, 1,000;
Sundry deliveries, 260.
The extra requirements are for: Real
estate men, 12,860; other subscribers,
Further disposal ot the pamphlets,
ordering and distribution, waa left to
the executive committee.
The draft of the constitution and bylaws prepared by the committee were
then read by the secretary. It was then
taken up clause by clause.
The more Important clauses provided
as follows: Annual general meeting
on the 4th Tuesday ln January, general
meetings on the 4th Tuesday of each
month, eight days notice of apeclal
meetings, fortnightly meetings of the
executive on the lat and 3rd Tuesdays,
automatic resignation of non-attending
members of the committee, prescribed
the usual duties of officers and committees.
The conalttutton and bylaws were
adopted with but ono amendment,* but
the debates on many ot the clauses wore
animated and entertaining.
The offer of F. J. Denae to publish the
constitution and bylaws and print HOO
copies tor $10 was referred to the fly
nance committee with a recommend-/
tio i for its acceptance.
James Johnstone stated that a local
syndicate was prepared to put up another hotel If a licence could be secured.
He suggested that the continuation of
present licences be made conditional on
Increased accommodation.
F. Starkey endorsed the suggestion.
He thought that nr-|.-> accommodation
of the best class was required before
Neleon cun attract (tourists tn large
quantities and before the transportation
companies will route tourists through
The meeting then adjourned. The Daily Canadian
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS In all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR at all prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX.  MITTS,  etc..   Etc.
In all these Hues we offer excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
newspapers and perodicals for every
one bag of Canadian publications carried by the I'nited States postal service.
From a business point of view, the arrangement hitherto prevailing was in-
admissable since it meant considerable
loss to the Canadian postal department
without   corresponding   advantage.
No justification can be found for assisting the cheap distrunition of United
States perodicals at the expense of the
Canadian public, and lu competition
with Canadian publications, lf Uni*ed
States publishers attach enouph importance to their Dominion circulation,
they can do as so many I'nited States
manufacturers have done���establish
plants in Canada and add to the number of Canadian industries. Any alteration of the new convention in the way
of restoring the old privilege in another form should be resisted, and the
World is clad to see the postmaster general clear in his determination to embody the provisions as adjusted in the
treaty as drafted.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....*A,730,000 BEST   ��4,:S0,O0O.
D. R. WILKIE, President.        HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-Prwidenl
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed at highest   current rate from date of
opening of acooniit, and compounded quarterly
nblsmn branch *J*   iVf���   LAY,  A'lanafger.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published ai\ daya it weM rty tae
Baker St., Nelion, B. C.
ttiMcripuon rates, 50 cents a montb delivered
iti Uie cut, nr 15.00 a -fear If seat br mall, wben
paid in advance.
A4T��rt)tlafi rateo od application.
Ail muQlet paid lu neitlcraent ot Ttie Dally
Canadian account*, either fnr Mib-si rlptlon* or
adTartlslns, muil he receipt"! for on tin* printed
forma of the Company, other reoetpU are not
On Monday next the property owners of Nelson will decide the most int-
imrtant question now confronting the
citizens, namely, whether or not the issue of $60,000 debentures shall be authorized for the purpose of providing
this city with decent and sufficient
school accommodation.
The question has been before the people for over two years and for the last
two months it has been before them in
very definite form. There has been
cothiag resembling a bylaw campaicn
for the reason that no one will publicly
oppo��e the hylaw Any opposition there
may be Is more or less concealed and
therefore Itl strength cannot Ik* exactly
The position may be briefly described
Nelson has & collection of buildings
called the public school It was built
piece hy piece, without plan, and inc.-
dextally without expen.se to thi* city.
Five years ago the responsibility ol
providing for and maintain.ng it* public schools was cast upon Nelson as
���upon all other cities.
In-the meantime the fciirti school bad
be-en built as a kind of psninc gift from
the provinc.al government, and the first
overflow class from tbe public school is
stl.l quartered there.
The city of Nelion has not yet spent
one dollar for school building, hut Its
bill for rent and repairs has been high
At present the public school contains
ten divisions, seven of which are accommodated in the central buildings.
one in the high school, one ln Fraternity hall, and one in the basement of the
Baptist church. This condition is not
by any means satisfactory- The basement is not a fit plac��- for children Fraternity hall is unsatisfactory, and even
the central buildings are defective ss
5*wSSg=.*r- ���-���-"���
regards light, heat and ventilation.
Nothing but a new building will meet
the requirements of the case.
Unfortunately the necessity has been
postponed to a time when tlie coat of
building Is very high. Wages and material are now at the highest figures.
That is admittedly unfortunate, but lt
Is not sufficient argument for further
The estimated actual cost of the building is |45,O00; necessary improvement
of the grounds, architects and superintendent's fees, removal of part of the
present buildings, and other expenses
including furnishing will take nearly
��12.000 more. The $60,000 debentures
will probably yield as proceeds about
$5S,000. Therefore it can easily be seen
that no amount less than $60,000 will
be sufficient.
Whatever any oae'g private opinion
may be on the subject of free public education, no one can deny that it is essential in the interest of Nelson "that
this city ofTer facilities at least
equal to those of the other cities of the
province of the same class.
One argTiment that bas been advanced
against the proposal is that the provincial government is dealing unfairly
with the city, that it should contribute
a much larger proportion of the cost of
education than it does, and that Nelson
should refuse to build a school ss a protest against injustice.
There is neither truth nor relevancy
In the contention. No other province of
Canada pays nearly &o large a share of
the cost of education as British Columbia. No protest against an Imaginary
injustice mill remedy the present un-
sat.sfactory state of affairs In Nelson.
B-Wy intelligent citizen should register his vote as soon as possible after
^o'clock on Monday to lighten the task
of the school trustees. The only danger
to the bylaw is from apathy or forget-
fulness of Its supporters.
The Toronto World in an editorial explaining the new postal regulation in
regard to .periodicals says:
Mr. Lemieux deserves congratulation
for standing firmly between Canada and
the United States, and jiarticularly because he declined to sanction the forwarding of United Staes perodicals by
freight or express for mailing in Canada
at domestic postal rates. As conditions
have hitherto existed. Canada has been
carrying  two hundreds bags of  these
Address Postmaster General and C. P. R.
on Reduced Service.
Copies of the following communication sent by order of the people of Silverton. bave been forwarded to The
Dally Canadian with a request for publication :
The people of Silverton and vicinity
at a mass meeting assembled, understanding that our daily mail service is
to be reduced to a tri-weekly one have
unanimously passed the following resolution:
Whereas, the Slocan country, just recovering from a long period of industrial
depression, and. whereas, anything but
a daily service by the C. P. Railway
company would be ruinous to the now-
increasing prosperity of this section.
and as they are the only common carriers from our supply point
Therefore, be it resolved, that we
most earnestly protest at the change of
service und respectfully ask you to reconsider and reinstate at least a dailv
service.    T.   H.  WILSON,  Secretary.
To J. S. Lawrence, Esq., Divsional
Superintendent C. P. IL Nelson, B. C.
The people of Silverton and vicinity
In mass meeting assembled, understanding that the daily mnil service is to be
replaced by a tri-weekly one.
And, whereas, the Slocan is recovering from a period of depression;
And, whereas, a daily mail is most essential for the business Interests in
this district,
Therefore, be It resolved, that a request be made to the post master general to reinstate the daily mail service
without delay. T. H. WILSON,
To the Postmaster General. Ottawa.
���Unsapy Lies the Head.
St. Petersburg, May 18.���Further details of the plot at Tsarskoe Selo
against the life of his majesty the Emperor came to light yesterday indicates
that the Emperor's escape during the
week was very narrow.
Brand New Ar! Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
Notice ti hereby flven tbat tbtrtv davi after
date I intern to apply to the boani of Licence
Commisilonen for the vmlr district for a transfer of the licence held by me for the Fort 8hep-
pard hotel to F. Adle.
(���Slfned) A  M .-mr::-**
Waneta, B C , May lit, i.-C"
For Immediate
Sale Only
Exceptional opportunity to acquire house situated on two of the
finest residenial lou in Nelson
Easy of access and on level grade
from business centre. Residence
contains hall, sitting, dining and
bedrooms, bath and kitchen pantry-
Large coal and wood shed. Electric
light, water and sewer.
Wert Baker Street NELSON, B. C.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to tbe
Hon. the Chief Comnlnlone* ot Landa and
Works Vopurebate iWacresof land! Commendnr
at ��� pc��t planted on the west Mde olS-Mile creek
on Jbewafon road about _*., milea from Koot-
f-r.ai lake, and marked Neil HrKechnle'i aoutb-
M corner po*t, thenc- weat 40 chains, thenee
nortl SO chaina, tbence eatt Mchalna, thence
aoutb 40 chaini to plaoe of berfnnlntt.
Located this Strd day of April. 1947.
NlIL M*-Kr*hs:t,
B. 3. Elliott, Ajent.
Slxtr day* after dat* I intend to tpply to the
Ron Chlet Comm lat loner of lands and Worki
to parchafte B0icre.of Land locate*! about Smile*
>. ��� vv. Mat; of Bnrton: Commenclnt at a po*t
planted at tbe aonthweat corner of Lot Bin and
marked U A Hnntcr's sou theaat corner, thence
north 40 chains, thenot west ao cliaina, thenoe
south 40 chalna, thence cut 30 chaini to place
of l*$.:.:v.ut
Located April tttb. 1907. G-A Hrnrtt,
;���>* A  Kiiiiit. Agent.
Sixty day* after date 1 intend to applv to lhe
Bon CMef Commissioner of Lands and Worn
to pnrehaae .-���>. acta of land, situate on the eaat
side of Armw lake, about two mile* from Burton:
Commencing at a pc>st plan led at the 9 ��.corner
of L &**���<?, and mark*d N T B'�� N. W. corner, and
running e**t s chains, tbenoe aouth ��� chilns.
tbenoe weat 40 chain*, thence aouth so chaini,
tbence weat 40 chafm. tbeoc* nurib 40 chains to
plaoe of ber tu til* I
 J* wd.MT
Burton. April 2
ffU-inT. BECa,
A. A. Brno*. Agent,
Sixty davs After date Llntend to rappl] to tbe
Hon ('hief Commissioner of 1-anJs ami Works
fur MrmlCiton to purchase tha following described laud in Wwn Kootenay diltriet: Com-
manetog at a post marked A.V. b's nortbweit
uorner po��t. Tunning 40 chaius easterly along
the bmiudary of Timber liceme No tttt, theuce
southerly SO cbains, ihence vestal ? 40 chain".
thence northerly .*�� chains along ibe C. P. K.
track to the plaoe of commencement, eontainiug
two hundred acres, more ur less.
Located thll 9th day of May, IW.
A C. Bish, .Locator.
.Sixty daysafier dnte 1 purpose making application io ttie ('hief Commissioner ol UU* > ID I
Works for permissiou to purchase the b>UowlBI
descritied land: Commencing at a poit placed
at the northwest corner of Cot -iH.^'1 and ir.ark-
ed 'T Mil"* �� E. corner posl," runiting th*H04
80 chains north theuce 80 chains west, weiioejo
chains south, thence 80 cbaiui east, 'o point of
commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
Hated this 6th da] of Mav, 1907.
(Signed) I'tTF.R VcCOUOCH,
per D. A. Mu'l LLoch  Agent.
Sixty days after date J }.jrpose making implication to thf Hon. Chief Cum mlssloner ol Lauds
and Works, for pemleMoo W purchase the following described laud: i ,.:nmenclu�� nt a post
Klecedoutbe we��t shore ot Lowi-r whatshan
ike, about a x, mile from tho outlet of same,
and marked "H. W's. N.fc. comer post,' running theuce tv. chains w,-t. thanee 8" chaius
south, thence 80 chaiua east, thence So chains
north to p.int of commencement, containing
640 acres, more or lesi.
Dated the 2nd day of Mav, 1907
(siguc!) H. WaUUDT,
perF O. Pit wcibr, Agent.
Sixty days aftea date I purpose making application to tbe Hon. the Chief commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to purchase the
foilow lug described laud: Com iiu-nc nut it ��
poet placet at the uortheast corner ol B.0*
���skinner's application to purchase marked
���*R 8's. S. W. corner post" theuce following the
eastern boundary of said application 80 chains
south, tbeuce ruuning 80 chmus oust, thenoe80
chains north to the southern boundary of K. W.
Hanninglon's application to purchase, thence 80
chains west along same to point of commeucemcut, containing Nfl acres, more or les*
Dated 2nd day of Mav. IW,,
(digued) K.Shiitl.
perF.G   FAt\l*lKE, Agent
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply tothe
Honorable the Chief Commlssiouer ol Lands and
Works for permission to purchase the following
deaeribed lauds iu West Kooteuay district: Commencing at a pt.ist Planted on the south shore of
Kootenay lake, aud adjoining O. P. R block So.
10, and niarked "Torn Gordon's northwest corner
post." tbence south 4U chains, lhetice east 40
chaius. tbenoe north 20 chains more or less, lo
Like ?bore, thence weat 40 chains to pcinl of
i ..in;.;���-:,.��� its,-!i:
Dated tbla 3oth of April, 1907.
Tom Gorlos.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, B C, to purchase 40 acres of
land: Commencing at a post planted at the City
of^Selson'sS K. corner post, on Koolenay river,
tnence 2u cbaiui aoutb, theuce watt A) chains,
theuce north 30 chains, thence east'JO chains to
poiut of eommeucement.
Selson, B. C, April .'4, ly07.        E. J. Cirran.
Sixty days afterdate 1 intend to apply to Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Minis and Wurks for
permission to purchase the followlug described
lands in Kootenay district: Commencing at a
postmarked Bruce White's N.W, eurner t<ost,
situated at the northeast corner of f. R SO about
a mile east of blocan river, thence south 20
chains, thence west 2u chains, ibenee south 60
chaini, thence east 40 cbains, thence north -tu
'���Ul:,-, thence east 4o chain*, thence north 4*0
chains, theuce west Go chains to point of commencement, containing 440 n ������ -, t .--re nr Its*.
Located March 18tfc, 1W7. Hate* WKRB,
I, the undersigned, fcttor 80 'lays Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief (-oramlasloner of
Lands and Works for permission to purchase the
[ollowlnc land: Commencniir at a post marked
S. h C. of Lol LStflj ihence west N chains, theuce
south 'At chains, thence west a> chains, thence
south "Jo chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, tbence east ���**���*.' chains, thence
north w chains to point of commenoement.
Located March 27th, 19iC.     If, S. McSaruiiT,
N.F. McSii'iiHT, Agent.
I, the undersigned, after 60 davk intend to ap-
������ to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol
au-la and Works to purchase the following di.
scribed land: Commeueiiig at a post marked
N. E. C, situate at the mouth ol Cove creek on
tbe west shore of Slocan lake, thence weit 20
chains, thence south 2V1 chains, thence west JO
chains, thence south 20 chains, theuce west t*
chains, tbeuce soutb 40 chains, thence east **.t
chains, thence north po chains to point of commencement
Located March 27th. I��i7       h F McNatoht,
Sixty days after date 1 inteud *.o apply to the
Chief Commiasioner of Muds and Works for
permission to purchase the following described
lands ln Koolenay District, about three-quarters
of mile from Thrum's siding:   Commencing at a
rst placed at the S. W. corner of L 6893, group
West Kooteuay District; theoce westerly
following the north boundarr of I. c,-�� 40
chains; thence nortb 10 chains; theuce east 40
chains, moreor less, tothe N. W corner of
LASM; thence south following the west boundary
of L6S93, 10 chains, more or less, to place of commencement, containing 10 acres, morv or less.
Dated this 6th day of i*-.-, emt ���-:. 1906.
H.H, Pitts. Locator.
Sixty days after date I purpose making application to tne Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purehaae the following
described land: Commencing at a post placed
at the southeast corner of r W (i Haultaln's
application to pun/base, marked "K. F's s,W
corner," running thence 80 chains nonh. tbence
10 chaiui east, tbence *i cnalm south, thence eo
chaini west to ;,*���" ::,: of commencement, contain
iif -M0 acres, more or leas.
Dated the Sth dav of April, 1907.
K. Fit'onn,
Per F. G. F.. CQCIER. Agent.
Sixty days after date 1 intend to appiv to tbe
Honorable the Chlet Commissioner o( Lauds and
Works. Victoria, to purehaae 120 acrei of land
in West Kootenay. and described ai followi:
Commenciug at a post planted on the east side
of Arrow Lake at the southwest corner of L76W
and marked "J. A. K's Sii. corner," thence
east 24 chain;, theuce south 40 ehatns. thence
east 80 chftln*. thence south 30 chatm to U(*e
heimer's pre-emption, thence west 31 chain* to
Fauquier ��� application to pu rebate, thence north
*ichain*, tbence wen*. A) chains to lake shore,
tbence north along the lake shore to place of
March i*th, l-xr:. J, A Kklly.
Sixty davs after date 1 purpose making application to the Honorable the chief Commisaloner
of L��nd* aud Work* for permission to ptiirhase
the followlug described laud: Commencing at
a post plated about one and half milea ea��iof
Silver Tip Point, ou Wbaiihan '���-������:. near Christie creek marked *F W.G. H's. AK corner," runnlug thence K- chain* west to Join land located
by r L. Hammond, aa agent, theuce ht) cbalm
nonh, lbence 80 rhalni east, lbence 80 cbains
south Ui point of commencement, containing
M0 acres, more or leas.
Dated the ��th day of April, 1SC7.
P   W   G   HAri'ill*.
Per F G   Karyrtka, Ageut
-] t;v dey* after dale I intend to applv to the
Hon the Chief Commissioner of I.��nds and Works
Victoria, to rurchase 040 acres of land lu West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a post
planted about 6 mbe* from the mouth of M,*.
quito creek and about one mile west of the said
creek and marked '���H-H.R'sr'W corner." and
running north CO chains, ihence east fu cbains,
lbence south SO chalos, theuce west 60 chaini to
place of beglnulug.
March 16th. 1W7. H. H  Rom,
J. E. -i��'��M.F Ageat.
Slxt* days after date 1 intend toappiy to the
Hon. chief Commissioner of !*nd�� and Works,
Victoria, B. C, lo purchase HO aerr* of lajid, in
Fire Valley, described ai follows: Commencing
at a post plauted 20 chain* west of '���������< alur Bull's
N, W, corner and marked } W Holmes'Jr. N. E.
rorner p'-et, and running'onth 40 chains, thence
weat ft)chain*, thence nortii 40 chain*, tbence
eaat 00 cbalm to place- of beginning, and being a
portion of Section 3&, Townsblp 71, West Kootenay.
March Mb, 1*7. 3. W. Hoij.ts, Ja
J. E. ASMi'.I   AGR)fT.
Comr.i-sncins Monday.
Hay 20th. an-i -.ontinu-
ing for 4 days, we wil!
Sell onr stock of
Children's Wear at
Special Discount Prices
Special Sale of Children's Weat
Children's  linen  Drestes 'or
Children White   Dresses for  	
Children's White  Percale  Dresses
Children's White Undershirts   	
Infants* Slip  Shirts  from
Infants' Muslin Bonnets 35c each
Infants' Cream Coats from   S1.50
��� 75c each,
���ISO each,
��� 75c each.
��� M�� each.
25c up.
We invite inspection of these
Special Bargains.
Fred Irvine <& Co'y'
Soils* I, hi'rets-f firm ttstt SO a.fi ��it-r Jtie I
intensl t-��j.p.-M,'ii" H..n.l*tleft ommisiloneltol
UnJi.nsl WoVks. Vtotorta, lot pernssus, n to pssr-
eh.iw the followingdewrl*D**ll.nsl: Coicnenslnf |
.1 . poet pLntoi on tb, s��e<t ,;sle ot .-..���*,:, ���*.*���**
���uJ .bout iwc. miles north ol tr.ntcr-Mk. tnsl |
s-n.rked si. B. s,, south,.,! corner foil, tlsenc-e |
north lollowlng ihore ol like 100 ch.inl. thence
wet 6,i ch.lni, tlience KUlb UO chilni. thence
e.st &s eh.ln. to point ol sssanneueement. m
.eres more or les..
Locted April 20, mr.
tilO   B   SiARS-CTT, I-V.tOr.
WM. CUOOM, Agent.
BUtT ��lav* after date 1 intern! to apply lo the
Hon the (blef Commissioner of Undi aud
Works. Victoria, to purchase 6*} acres ol land in
Weat Kooienav,described a* follows: Commencing at a post planted about eight milea up
Mosquito crwk and joinin/H. ClMrappUsftUoi
to purehase, and markea C. M's S. E. corner,
thence north SO chaius, thenoe weat flu chains,
thence soulb sw chains, thenee eail SO chaini lo
placeof be-Kinuiiig.
Keb. 16ih. 1WJ7, C MHI��Hi,
;. e. uthAhia,
sixty aars alter uate l intend to *PP'r to the
Hon.Chief Commiasioner if Undsand Works to
purchase lhe following described land located
in Eire valiey district ot Vest Kootenay: Com-
mem-tug at a' post planted at the 8. E. corner of
John Bangs' pre-emption, tbence soutb 80 chains,
Iheuce west 40 chains, theuce norih 80 ebalus,
iheuce east 40 cbaiui to place ul beginning, containing 3*0 acres
Low-ted March Hth, iter,.
I' A McPHge. Locator.
J.J Knur, Agent.
For Further Information Apply to
Take notice that eo days after date 1 intend to
applr to the Hon. Cblef Commissioner of Lands
and "Works, (or permission to purrhas* the fol-
lowing '!��� -��� :���* 1 lauds: Commeuelng at the
sou theaat corner of lot 6305, thence west lo
chains, thenee south �� cbalni, tbener eail A)
chains, theme north ?o chains, theoce wett lu
chains to point of eomineneement, containing
40 acres, more or lesa
1 BVI W,  UII'IT Itl   twmm
Unci April 161h. 19U7 P   J. B**adi
W. W. Bjudliy, Agent.
��� il. iL rl 1 1 J, NELSON,
The Hall Mining and Smell
Company, Limited.
1. tbe under-signed, after (W days Intend to applv tu the Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner of Undi
and Wurks to purehase the lullowtiig dewrlt-e-i
land: Commencing at the N. E. v. of Lot 7M9
tr. 1., thence west to thalu**, thence north Al
chains, tbence east 40 ebalus. tbence aouth J1
chains to point of commencement, containing au
aeres more or less
Located March ��th, HOT,
W. A. Mn.u.
Take    notice    tbat   sixty   days   after   date
I intend to   apply lo tbe Hunorable tbe Chiel |
Commissioner ot Lauds and Works for permis- i
��� ion to purchase the following descrlbra land I
situated in the West KooU-uay   dlitrlet:   Commencing  at  a   post planted at   ine   -southeast
corner of Lot yi;. ou  the soutb ilde of the Weil ' '
Arm of Koetenay lake, Ihenoe b0 ehalni west to .
southwest rorner ot said lot, tbeuce JO chaiui
south, theuee M) cbaiui ca**t, theuce 20 chaini
uorth to place of commemement, containing 160
April Jnd. 1.90.- chulu Kobiktiok,
per EtNlffT W   KoBixtON, Agi nt.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ore
Whoiewfiic Provl-Blorr,
Produce, - Pruit.
BlXtT days after date I intend to apply to tbe
Hon. Chief Commiasioner of Unds and Works,
Vietoria,   B. C, lo purchase the following de- |
scribed land, situated in ihe West Kootenay district:   Commencing at  a  post plauted on the |
west side of Kootenay lake, near Rhinoceros
;...-.:. and marked J. McKinnon'a 8. E. corner i
post, ihence west S) chains,   thence north 40
< halm, thence east Bo chains more or leu to lake J
shore, thence along lake i hore to point of com
Signed J McKlNSON.
Hlxty dayi after date I intend to apply to the
Hnn. the Chief CommlMloner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, for permi.>slon to purehase loo
acres, more or Uss, situated in Wml K ���;.���>,-..
district: Commencing at a post planted mid war
on the north bouudary of Uit 7611 and adjoining
S. W corner of I-ot sOM, thence north lfi chalus,
thence west M chain*, thence soulb 40 chaini,
thenc eeast-An bains, thence nortb 24 chains,
tbence east A)chnins to polntof commen*.eiient
Located March 20tb, 1109, 1. J. Scanuk.
Sixty days after date 1 intend lo apply to the
Hon. the Chiel Commissioner of Unds and
Works to purchase the following described
landi: Commencing at a t-o*i planted on tbe
east side of Lemon (reek at the mouth of tbe flrst
north fork and marked "S.Cooper's toutheait
eorner," running 80 chaini west.norih 4uchatna,
ear-t so chaini, and south 10 chains to place of
Datod March 20th, 1907. R Coofir,
J. T. Tipping, Agent.
Sixty days after date 1 In'eud to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Undi and
Worki to purcbaie the followl-pl deacrlued
lands: Commencing at a post marked "L A.
Tlpping'i southwest corner pit" and planted
near HTD. Curtis'* land, nbom half mile Iron
Slocan City, running north 4tt chaini, east 2u
chains, south 40 chains, west A) chaini to place
of commencetnent
Dated March Uth, IM L. A. Tin ivo,
J. T. Tipnko, Agent.
Sixty days atter 'late I intend to app.y to the
Hon. the Chief 'ommlaslnner of Unds and
Wort] to purchase the followlug described land
located in Fir** Valley dliirlst of Vt ,*t Kootenav ���
Commencing al a pout planted at the B W. rorner
of John Bang' pie-atnptloti, thence fin chains
south, thence 4ti chains west, thence GO rhalni
north, ihence 10 chains east toplwwof beginning.
KlCBAlDKxm. Locator.
J. J. Kklly, Agtnt.
Notice li hereby given that CO days atter date I
Intend to make application to the Houorahle tha
Cble' Commissioner of Und*. and Works, at Victoria tor nermiisiori to purchase the following
descilbed.latHl*: Commencinir at a |m��si planted
at the southeast corner of tOtM,group 1, thenue
���south 2* chains, thence cast fiO chains, thence
north 26 chalui, theuce west fio chalm to point
of commencement, containing US acres, mure H
Nelion. Marcb 27th, Wl,        Ankib L. Wana
, P. Waba, Agent.
Sixty day* after date I lutend tn apply to the
Hon the Chief commlnloner of Unds and
Works. \ ictoria lo purcha<e the following de-
��rl,,,*',1cl,i2,1: ('omrnt icing at a post marked
M H s s W . corner, and pliuted near the northwest corner of Lot SS12, abom one mile west o'
slocan river, and running east 40 rhalni to Lol
S8I thence north 40cbains, tbence west *ichalns
thence south 40 chum to place of beginning'
Manh 9th, 1907. MunalUrra
                 PAtTl Hapck, Agent.
���Slxtr days after date 1 Intend b> apply to tba
Hon. Chief Commiasioner of Uiods and Worka,
Victoria, to purehaae ��J0 acres of land iu Watt
Kootenay, den-rlbed m follows: Commencing
si �����:���������' i.med up Mosquito crt-ek. about eight j
mllei from the month and marked E Cross' Iff.
corner, thence norti* So chalai, thenre 40 chains
eaat, thence So cbalm touth, tbence 40 chains
we>t to place of beginning
Teh. iith, 190*7. K. Caoea.
3.1 AsxiiLi, Agent. j
eixty dayi after dale 1 intend to appiv to the
Hnn.thethiefVommlMmncrofUm!/��n.. Work.
\ ictoria, B. C . to purchase 120 acrei ��f ;.n,i
S"^i0,Fi.e !**�� tt>*-'K^tenay..nn^
scribed asff-llowi: Commencing at the northeast
\pz����V^ SSK3H2SS
       1   t. AfiltAttLt, A(,-nt        '
SUIT tan .It-rsl.Kl IDlftl-l to��ptslr'~t.7lh��
Hcsn.-ihlUK.mrnsMl.s-ss,, ���t :.���,., ','J �������
to purrhMf ���� .rr-i-, nl ,n0 ln n��� ______ i.',
Kooten.t rtlitrlrt .nd dnrnUil .1 toiTiwJ'-    "'
I ..ir.t���ns<-l!is >t ��� pmi m���,__ ] _,. f ,.
roroer. .nd rtinntrj north Mi eb.ln.   tlif'nr..
M.I to cbalni loylAt;- ���l l���,sDniss.   .nd u?n��
the weit ssnr-h.fl nl tht t VS.',.*.,,., ."5
MtrehHsth.-Jiin. *     Jo��,K-flnK.
Gorernmenl Creamery One Pound Hnrjtn raoetTCd weekly fneli fran Ito I
tihurn.   Kor mle by all leading grocer*.
Offio�� and WBrehonw: HsDo��ton Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelaoa, B. C.
Buty .I.y. .Iter d.te 1 intend lo .[sply sn the
Honssr.ble the t'htet Commiiiloaer ol UdsIi .nd
��nr��>. Vlrtorll. to psirs-h.M the Inllowing
deK-rltsesI l.nd. In Watt Knofen.,- dlltrlrr
t nuimens-ln-j .t . ps,.t |,i��uss-.l .i the S.f rattier
ssl l-sin Lovetl, -.sirs-Is.,,- L76s�� .:. :.,���-..;
". , f ���*** K poruer.*' ��ud mnnine ��n-sth ft,
ch.ln,, thenco ��M K eb.lni. thenee norm eu
Ch.jni.theneee.itt0sh.ini to pl.ee ol U*Kin-
nltiB ��nd eont.lnlnj 2*s .ere.
M,-   ���     ���
��� rehSth. 191.
f.   M   ?H��W,
1.1 a>*k..li. Agent.
Notice li beretsj ilteu Ih.t ��0 d.n .Iter sl.te 1
Intensl lis .pr,iv u. the Uononhle Ihe Chlel rom-
mluloner uf Undi .nd Wnrk. Inr -oeruiUXon
to purs h.w ��i���.,,i it.\ ��� rei nl l.nd. utii.u ne.r
the I'eua sl*o,ell|e riv, r. We.t Ks.slen.v .li.trli-i,
���nd deicrlbed .. lollowi: Commenclnn it .
pssil in.rktsl (,. K. lhsssnion*, S. W. cornsr n.,.1
iilsi.ied on tht lontb bnond.ry an.l ��,.h,lis.
Irons a �� poit .sl Usi ;m. thence smuih .I��sin70
rh.ln.. lhen,-e e.,i .Usui �����, ch.lni in ��� i��,ini nn
Use sieit bosinl.ry ��nsl Jsss-b.ln, (risns I w |.,,s
ol Uitntl, thence nsmh JO chain, .nd ihen.*e
_'..'.'""" '" "it place of bi-glnnlni
���Mils M.rs-h, latn. si. k 1k���miok,
 A. 0. t.rw, Aient.
Slity d.y. after dau I Iniend le apply to iht
Honorabl, the fhlel C-mrnl��l���ner ,.| Us',1. and
worki, Mciorla. to purshaie -Mtssicre. nl lansl,
,ltu.i��l on the -��e,t it,:e nl Arm* I.ke. ansl de
issrtD-M tls lollowi: (-nmneneini al a p,su ns.rk
i . H ' * * K. f""*' "* flt<^l ���' tbi* .outh.
mat cornerul Lot I6H, sircup 1. Heit Ktsoten.y.
ami runnm, wen ao cbalni. thence iouth So
^;i��*^'",'iM, '", ? ri""1" l�� ">��� '���'' 'bote,
thenc. north alonj Use lake to place of b. (tnmni
March Mh, Ml, ,  ���.,������,,
       '��� I A*��!,.��l��, Agent.
Nssllce I, hereb, alien lh*u��sjil, ttttt___.
Inlet,.! to .pnly to tb�� Hon. UfcWtlWtMHJ
ol Und., .nd Work, for ���prmuils11' topsitcl
tho followlni dMcrllsed lud In M*> ��"f*
dl.trlrt. on wen ih-tre ol U*�� .,_,*__
..IJoining UU .No. IHS. on thetou'.b   IHtr
��t . ps,t m.rke.1 -M.rry Meleosl't >.a ,
pns.1 .Usl tl.nu-d on the ^sirr ssl "is," '
Uke. .1 the suisnhesut cornel o|C,pt r,
l-t-'iss.  Ihence we,l 30 ch.ln,, ihence m
ch.ln, more or len to the north MMI
rnllmores, I*. K , tbeoca tf. ebatn, ew: m
mill Ixssind.ry to lake, thence norih su*
lake ih,ss.   10 s-h.lna, mssi-e or les. w|*
lomraen. siss.ssi. _
Hay tod, i��07. I l> "���*1
Ajent lor H.rn*"^
rrS-JV *"'.r '\'" ' '""'"' "��� *n��r to the Hon.
I hlel fomml-oloner ol Undi and Work.. Vic-
fh" ., 'iUV",l'1*i'',u"' '���eflnnlntt, UU) belnit
M '.?, ,',���**h,lrJ "'��* -s * ossarterolKeclto!
SjJiS'.rSS".'. '.���� '".' fV���ne.,u.r���r ..,
Sectionite in Townihip 71 li. I.
M.rch aoth. um. ��. h. w.,���i,T.
H?,eV?-h,J,.'"".A^u ' mtend to apply to tht
!'"���,''' ( ommlnioner ol Und. and Wnrk..
i.sSiVsn^,1 ",.L,"ve ,h <"��owin�� imrimi
landi adjoining the Arrow <>ke�� In We.l K.,.,1
markrf .* w-��i i-Fl* '"""'' P" e">Pll.sn. and
n���V,h .1... ', S. r("ner I*""- ""���>' eAscn.m,
north .long I.ke ihore. tnelis-e Js.h.lu, ,...1
thenee �� ehain, wuth. thenee �� ch.ln, weit t<
fe���       -^-Ulnnlni. conuinlng 40 .ore., more or
A��rflU,MW. EntXTK W.-raon.
,���1l'."!'t.'' '"'"^ ��lv**-*n "]" ��" Jar. alter slats- 1
,. I-llV.'W0-."', """* "Vt ''"���""""louer
n Undi .nd Work, lor ntrnlaloa ts. ourehut
lhe lollowlng dwcrlbed 'l.nsl,, .siu.te'si wJm
M J I for *l-'Cv ���i'n"��""-l"�� ��t �� IW t-tk-
V..J' Hffl"? N*w-eorner, thdi.e losslh ��
Sim?.*., ��""!' "" """���"> l*ol��'dnrv ol II.
rh.ln.* Fi'"'*1""1 ���" J��"ebai...; tbenteeait*.
fh. n,,  ihenoe north to chatm: thens-e ml ��i
.��,.?... ���** ?' ""nmeneemeni, containing
sk acre, rnssre or leaa. ���
Ualad tbi. llth day ol March. 1907.
         J. L. Po��tk��.
hSo'T-, .*1V*"",<I*W ' l��1*!1"1 "o *V**t to t����
ft'"' < nmmlailon.r .,1 U���,|. slnst Work-,
vilul ����� 1",I""1""' t*> ""' .1 l.nd. in Kite
r,���J;^^,,ft""1'!n,!'*l",���1',''*��^ll�����1 ����lollowi:
n,M,T. .,"* " * l""'PI"""-'"I Waller Hull'i
nnruwttl soruer .nd markeii A. Ij', s. K corner.
fh.snr.l'n,'l'n�� "o'tb �� ch.s,,,, ihcnc. we.lM
eh! _!*��� 't.��� *,'���__.. *"V*"I��'. lben.eea.1 S
���_-_u.i_f.tS ".'.*}"?""<: ��n.l l*lng |*rt ol
wloii.Hand te In Townihlp71 .nd a portion
JESRU ���VBt' "> Town.blpP��. oronp'l
March sth, 1907, A stria
i. I. ASK,BLI, Agtnt.
."Hty sl.c. after date 1 Intend to IN*"-
Hssu. Ihe lis el i-omissi- . ' �� urJ
worka, Vis lorla, tnpureh.<4*n'iir����"1
Ws-.i koolanay, deswrlbed a, folia"- ���
mem sssk at . prstt pl.nlesl aU-sit I �����
Mn.-jiilio creek Irom the mouth ml at
"A fi." N w, corner, thenc. mil
IbtOM ea,t �� chain., ihence DJtU JS
tbence *s els.lm weit to plas-e W b,c""^
February 1Mb,1907. Vm
fllty dayi aller sla'e I Intend is, ifP'_* "I
Ilssn   -he  chief Coinmliiloner nl ""*___,
Worki Victoria, to purehaae wo 1 ere"""���
Ws-*t   Kssotcn.v.  deicnbal   al 'ol.o*��
lai-netng al a ps.tt tn.rked  "l> r.    s.s.
aii'l iK-Ing mi tht W.W. eornirol a*"1?.
a|,|,llratl���u t,s purcbue wlsls-h H ���"*'jl
nis.M,��itisllo I'rcek from the ra"""!'"2
nlng us rlsalm *suth. then.c �� ,"*���J'
tlseus-e ho ch.ln. north, thenc, IB Mttm
,llN   ..,   1 S..I--
p itn
J. E. assismII ��*
.... ... . .., , ,,.,_��� oo,
plana .,1 beginning
February I6lh, 1907
Silly d.yi after datt I Intend 1st _t___\
Honorable thc Chlel fommlMloils-rol ""%
Worki. Victoria, to purchase ��� tttP ��M
mated on the we.t ilde ol Arrow -I'fUl
dcorlbul u followi: fomnsenssnt 11 'M
liiarkcl P, A'l W. K.eorner. ansl Js.��nlr;iw^
nn-ili n| the aosithwe.l corner ol s-et'^J
1, W'ct Koo'enay. and rsmnlng (tw _r_\
thenee melt 'At ch.ln., tbenee north ���*".
lhetice east ��t chaini 10 place of MffBanH
Mareh lllh. 19m. ' ��B
1. K AWKilssl,I___M
sixty dayi alter state I Intend lonfiB
llnnnrssl.le the l.'hlel (-ommuiloiser 01 VU
Work. Issr |H-rmll*lon lopurels.ie Use "a.
fltgoinnd land in We.t Koolenay: ' ssasi"j
.t �� p,��t .bout i,ne .ndaqssarlcrnsilcsi, -
ll.J-onue Unsttng. and in.rkesl.lb-lla " .
S. k. s-orner. tlsonoc norlh i* eh.ln,. shM"J
Xlch.lm, tbeuce wtilh ��chain', lb,-��""1
ch.lni ts- point ol commencement     n.,_a|
Mnrch Kiid, IM.    (Slgnesl) Bu ""''rl
Roisgai Robikks*. Al���� ���
Silly dayi afler date I Inlcnd 10 WL
llonorabli. the Cblel cotnmlsuloiicr ol lagj
Works, for i.t-ruil,ilun tojoirch.ic irse 1. ��
liesK'rlU-sl land In Weil koolen.r '""!m
.1 . MMI plnulcl on the norlb l'%"l.'__
oreek. about three sinirtenol a Bill Iffl
������< K"s*
ssf creek, and marked  Kva Colli
Iheuce norlb Al chaloi. tbeus-s* VaiS^B
ibenee ,011th JO eh.loi. tnence n" ���       i
point of cotntnenfetuent. ,, ,,, crAI
Mareh ilnsi. IW7. (Slgnfdl l"
Rotstai BsiaisMiK. *��*
SUly day. altar date t Intend to*t_tf__
lion the Chlel IssmralMl'sner " ''mM
Wssrk, for -vermis,sou to purtlsi" J!IJ53H
���Icerlbed lansl In Weil kootenay '."Jlj-dl
.1. pott pl.nlesl ssn lhe ioulb ',,,:._,,,A
. reck, .bout 1 ne mile from moutn '" ��� |HF��
m.rked "R. Roblnion*. X W* o"��' ��� ..M
.onlh to clsalm. lheni* eail *s' *'' _ ,.,'pslllil
north to chaini, thence well toehamn, r ���
ixsmmeneement. P
March and, mm. _   ____, B0,iis����
(Signed) RoaH' *<"^ The Daily Canadian
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
ie BACON We Sell
Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and Smoked.   Our Hums Are
Excellent  Also.    All  Are Canadian
Goods.  Pure Lard in All Sizes.
\ Barns & Co., Ltd.
,,-rrby Kiv.'ii ihat W dap _*t df tl 1
,phru   ���
fit ,f) dap alter da
_. llniHirablo tnu Chlof t't
/"uu.lit and Wurks. Victoria,  lor s
. '��� in eut and carry away limber
lowingdefcrlbad la��<i 1" Uw district
'���'iii*! a p'lut about tana milea from
i Summit oreek! In �� weaterly dlrec-
V,, m ltdiiiiy'H northeait corner
w balni WMt, tbence 40 chalui
.. t,v hnim weal, H" in.* 40 chalnn
rliain- '.!���'. tbi'iiee i" chalm
, h iti ns east, lbence 40 cbalni
i, 1907.
G. M   HrNNY. Locator,
ANODi < Yurie. Agent.
i giren mat ''<>��� dayi after dale 1
" ,* iimi. Chief Cummlailoner
���j- btraapeclal licenae to cut
: iber from tbe following de-
tu*ted on Corn Creek iu lbe
��� ,:. s nit ti went Kootonay, B.C.
. al poit "A" planted about
m loutbeait corner of Hlock
|*i1 uiarkt-d "W. L Beekwlth by 1 J.
t norilieasl corner poat," about two
;,t[ihi* Mr. um. then weit IW chaini,
iunnath, tben tuiat 160 ohalna, then
L.rih ii' iHMt ��f commencement.
blcbCth. IWn. W. U BlCKWITH,
br I. J. 1-l'CU, Ageut.
mg nl poat "B" plauteil ou the
_ jrn creek. almutW) rhalni from
Kimd empties Into tbe Matu ntream,
m LH.*i*liwltli t.y I I l.ueia, agent,
irofiT poat," ahout three ehalna eait
""rbalm ������nuth, then 4n ehalni
ilns north, then 40 clialnn eaat
1907, Wi [c BicawiTH,
by 1. J. Lucu, Agenl.
I tut   at   poal   "C"   planted   HO
a,i rth wee I eurner of Btook "B"
I        Ih-i'kwltta  by l.J. Lueia, a��-*ut,
���irtirr poil," about ten chain* weit of
��      ul   urner, ihen  160 ehalni ioulb,
ID* wot, u.en 16ii ehalna north, then
,.: to *.. ��t ol iiunmein*ement.
by l.J. U*cu, Agent.
lertbj an. n tliat ;*> daya aller date 1
|ait-; Ui iif Honorable the Chief torn*
nt uiisi. ami Worka  for  a   ipMtt]
ral and parry away limber from ihe
K-ribwl landi iltuated on the weit
���:. i      . Valley:   Commencing
< and <i hal! milea north of tbe luter
boumltty Ilm and about one and a
\ ���   -..ti and Kurt Hheppard
lomp��ii)'��liti-i arantln tbe dlitrlet of
���Commenelni it a poit planted two
f> uf Dig Kheep '-reek, kuown ax the
loruri *..������.. joining J. K. Cranston's
lm No !, i .turning 80 cbaiui nortb,
balm put, thenM 80 chaini aoutb,
tiait i veil to point uf eouimenecment.
I Mun li .w, l-xn.
ommcticlng ��i a poat planted at tbe
1 ,<Mi, i ni location No. 1, known aa tbe
It ,.s-ii,r |�� ���!,,( lucatlon No. 2, rimming
lwnth.tbcura 80 cbaina eaat, thanee ID
it'rtL, thenre ��> cbaina weal to point o(
' ���:ii*iit
-1. l'JW.
lame&Ping at a poat placed half a
f I-atlon No i, known aa lbe aouih-
Halmlng mi chalnn north, lbence MO
��� D ehalni -soutb, thence 80
io Mini of commencement.
J. I1. Bwidhkrq, Locator.
K.T  i '.i.r: -i, ' ���*���*-.'���. Agent.
���' ������'.���.������n thai '.*) daya after date
ippl] to the Hon. Cblef rumtnlastun-
Mi.l Work- for a special lieouae to
f) k*ay timber from the following
tndi Mtuated on the weat aide of Big
i Ulli.y, row inr net ng about 4*S mllei
I ttt-? international boundary line, and
Tfiile Weil ol  big Hbeep ereek in tbe
tfMi kootonayi
fiVmuniiiring at a poat planted about
'��o ol Hig Hlieep ereek, known ai lbe
���orner ,*��� -1, claiming (W chalm aoutb,
'Mtn�� wi'��t. thunee w chaina norm,
riling .-Hit lo point of commencement-
fOommencIng at a noli planted at Ihe
""���rn. i of lomtloii No 1. known an the
"irornir post, elalming HO chalm north,
tntln-i eut, thence m chalm aoulh,
rbilniweil to point of commencement.
"'���mini* in -iiik at a pout planted at the
corneruf location No, 2, known ai lhe
���""Nkt pom, elalming m chalna north,
ehalni west, thence 80 chaini iouth,
���wchKiiii, - n*i in point of commencement.
f*April r.ih.iwi.
J. i*. SwKtiHKMo, f.ocator,
K T KtmauaUM, Agent.
(Timber Limit fo, 2)
* hereby given   iml 60 dayi after dale 1
I1!1!'!) tn ihe Honorable lhe Chief Com-
' "I f-Hii.u KI1d Worka for a special
""il nml earry awny timber from tnl
I 'Imi rlbed land, situated on Kooikanai
rt"i Koolenay dlitrlel:
11 nt ut a imni plante' nl the north-
1,11,1 hiuiit-r Limit No 10947, and mark'
Leai -mnhwcst eoruer poat, thence
Phaltn, tbence eaat Kt) cbalm, Iheuce
���lln��i tlience weit 80 ehalna to polntof
I Marco DB, iwn.     11.1). Lit, Ixwator.
(Timber Notice No. a)
��'"''10| nt ii i���,-t iilrtiiied at the nnuthenat
"������o i limit, im.! at the north weat comer
;* li'iti-e No. lu-jM, tbence   norlh   toO
,'"''  rant   4(1  chalna lo  welt line 01
'"""' N" HKtt. fnllowing line of No.
''���[-M \r*\) eliHlnn. theneo following line
f 'I'rim,. No   iOitt, 40 ehaluq lo point >%
1 Man li BB, ]<xn.      II. D. Ua, Locator.
(I'lmber Notiee No,4.)
u beroby given that tvodtiyi afler date 1
������PP.1 Fta the Hon. Chief CommlNaloner
am] ** orka lor a IMoUl llceuae to nut
> taey timber from thfl following dc-
J*nam- iltuated on Kooikiinnx creek lu
"lenay dicirict, and about tive mllei
fl"'f ti row lake:
'''"IUK Ht a post planted on the north
"li i Vr k1i,1,u half u mile from creek,
ii, ,i " 1*ll,H lOUtOHlt corner poat,
��0 .iniiii-. ihenee weit 80 chaini,
elialiiN, thence eaai 80 ehalni to
... ,,       liccuii'lit.
^��treh8i,ifl07.    h.d Ua, Looator.
tHrabex Notice No. fl.)
"K   'it h pom markeii M.  D. L*l'l
��rner poit, ihenee north 80 ehaim,
"eait lino 0l No 4 loeatiou, thenco
���'thenoe aonth 80 ehain��, thence
ad m.    ,''"Itn "1 cotumoneemonl.
^Marohil.lWj,     �����'> Ua, Locator.
(Timber l.lmll No.��.)
',,,.,,'V1, ,y KiV'li !,,at Hixty daya al
1111 im    1    "',pl>'   '" tllu Honoralilo
Notice Ih hereby given that HO daya from date
I Intend to anply to the Hon Chief Commlaaioner
ol Landl and WorkH for a ipeclal lleenae to cut
aud carry awuy tlmher from tbe following de-
Hcrlltcd land* lu Weil Kootenay district:
���r,,in nom'1 iik at a poll planted on the nortb
bank of 10 Mile creek, about one mile and a balf
from Hloean lake, marked K Htrand'i uorthweit
corner poit, thence east 160 chalne, theuce iouth
i'i rl.ahif, theuce weat IG0 chalm, theuee north
40 chaini to point of commencement.
Dated thla -'M day of March, 1907.
K. Mraaj*D, Locator.
Notice la hereby given tnat 30 dayi alter date I
Intend toappU to tbe Hon. the Chief CommU-
iloner of Undi aud Worka, at Victoria, for a
apeclal lleenie to cut and carry away timber
from lhe following deicrlbed landi in Yale diitrict:
No. 1.���('ommenclng at a poet planted about 10
cbalm eait of main Kettle river and aUiut one
mile more or leu nonb of O.'P R. Block No.
;t6..7, aud marked Boundary Lumber Co'i H. H.
corner poal No. 1, thenee 80 ehalni UTth. thence
80 cbalni weat, thence 88 chaini aouth, thence 80
cbalm east to tbe polut of eommeneement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
N - 2.���< ommenclng at a poat planted about 10
chalm eait of main Keltle river about 80 chalna
north of .Boundary Lumber Co'i Location No. 1,
and marxed Boundary Lumber Co'a 8. Jt. corner
post No. 2, ihence 80 chains north, thence SO
cbalm weit, thence 80 chalm south, thence BO
chaini eaat to the point of commencement.
Dated 22nd Marcb, 19U7.
Nu. il.���-Commencing at a posl planted about 90
chains eait of main Kettle riverand aboul M
chalm north of Boundary Lumber Co's location
pout No 2, and maiked Boundary Lumber Co'i
1*. K. eorner poit No. I, ihence 80 chains north,
thenee 80 chains WMt, tbeuce 80 chains iouth,
thence 80 cbalni oast to the polut of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No. 4.���Commencing at a post planted about
10 ebalm eait of lhe main Kettle river and about
m chalna north of Boundarv Lumber Co's location post No. 3, and marked Boundary Lumber
co'i B. I. corner poit No 4, thenee M chains
north, Iheuce 80 cbaiui weit. tbenee B0 chalne
south, thence 80 chalm eaat to the point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No .1.-Commencing al a poit planted about
IS chains eaat uf main Kettle river and about
two miles north, more or leaa, ol Boundary Lorn-
her �� o'a Location No. 4, and marked Boundary
Lumber (Va H K. corner post No fi, thence 80
ehalns north, theuce 8) chains weal, thence 80
chaini soulb. tbenee 80 chaina east lo the point
of commencement.
Dated Manh xSrd, 1907.
No. 6.���Commencing at �� poal planted about 25
rhaim east of main Ketlle river on c P. R. line
bloca No. 2114, ami about W chalm north of
Bouudarv Lumber Co's location post fto. ft, and
markeii Boundary Lumber Co'i 8. K. corner posl
No. 6, thence 80 ckalm north, following 0, P. R.
line Mo- k No 2714, theuce 80chalm west, thence
80 chains south, theuce 80 chains cast to the
poini of commencement,
Dated March gird. 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing at a jmisi planted about
15 cbains west of lhe main Kettle river on 0 I'.R.
Hue bl ick No. 2714, and about 80 chains north of
Bouudary Lumber Co's location post No. 6, and
marked Boundary I.uml>er Co'i S. K corner poit
No. 7, tbence 160 chains north, following C, P, R.
Slue block No. 2714, thence 40chalm west, tbence
160 vhalm south, thenee 40 cbaiui east to the
polntof commencement.
Dated Mareh 23rd, 1907.
No. 8-Commencing at   a poit planted about
H1 hains weat Irom rlvOrbank and about 3 miles
south, more or leu, of tbe last eut branch of tbe
eaat fork of the main  Kettle river or about 18
mile" north, moreor 1l*sh, of C. P, R. Hioek No.
2714, on eaat lurk of Kettle river, marked Houndary Lumber Co'a N. W. corner posl No 8, tbenee
No ehattiN cast, thence 811 ehfltui south, tbence Hi
chaliiH west, Hi mv mi chains north to the point
of commencement.
Dated Marcb 25th, 1!W7.
No. 9.--Commencing ata  post planted aboul
90 chalus west Irom river bank, on the east fork
ot Kettle river, an.l about 80 chains south of
Boundary LumberCo's location post No  8, and
marked   Boundary   lumber   Co's   N. W. corner
pofcl No. 9, t hence 80 chains east, thenc  80 chains
south, thence 80 cbains west, tlienoe 80 chains
north to the point ol commencement.
Dated March 2Mb, 1907.
No, 10 ���Commencing at a post planted about
3D chains west from river hank on the east fork
of Keltle river,  and   about 80 chains touth of
Boundary Lumber Co's Iocaliou post No. 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W, corner
post No. 10, thenee 80 chains east,   thence   80
chains south, thence Hu chains west, thence Bi)
chains north to tlie point of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1UU7.
No. H.-Commencing at a post planted about
15 chaini weil from river bank on the eut fork
of  Kettle river, and about 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co's locntion poit No. 10, and
marked Bon ndary Lumlier Co's N. W corner post
No 11, them-e mi ehaim eatf, thence 80 chains
south, tnence 81 chalm we-t, ihence 80 chains
north to tne point ol commencement.
Dated March 25th. 1907.
No. 12.���Commeneing at a post planted about 12
cbalm west from i-lvor bank in the east fork of
Ke'tle   river,  and  about  80   chaiui  south   of
Houndarv Lumber Co's location poil No. 11, and
maiked 'Boundary   Lumber Co'e N. Vi, coroer
pn-t  No. 18, thenee 80 chair*- east, theuce 80
cbains smith, Iheuce 80 chalus west, thenee 80
north io the point of t'ommeuccment.
Dated March -jfitb. 1907.
No. II*���Commencing at a post planted about
12 ebalus west from river hank on theeastfork
ol Ketlle river, and about 81) eliains aouth of
Hoiindniy Lumber Co's location post No. 12, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N   W. corner
pnit   No Wi  theuce 80 chains  east,   tlience 80
chalus south, theuce 80 eliains west, tbonce 80
chains uortb to ihe point of commeueemout.
Dated MupIi .MIi. l'Ai7.
No. II,-Commencing ul a post plauted about
10 chains Wi at from river batik on the can fork
of  Kettle river, and   nhout tt chains south of
Houndary Lumber Co's locution post No. 13, and
marked Bounder! LumberCo's N W. corner poit
No. 14, theuce 80 cbains east, tbence tt cbains
souih, Ihenco 80 chains west, thonco 80 chains
north io the point of commencement.
Dated March 25lb.llW7. ......
No. 15.-Cominciii*lng at h pnst planted ahout
lOebalns wesl trom river hank on the eait fork
of   Kettle   river,  and about N chains south of
Boundnry Lumber Co'i POIj No 14, and marked
lloundiiry Lumber Co's N . W. corner post No, 15,
lbence 80 chains easl.  thenee tt chains south,
theneo 80 chain:'west, tbence 80 ehalns norih to
polul ol commencement.
Dated March 25111,11107. _     .   .  ���-..
No. lfl,~Onmmenclng nt a post planted shout
._. . .��� _..,..& nn (ht, eait lork ot
u  10 apply
iKxloiur of
i alter
, le the
1 Lands nnd Works tor a
Iu-ii.ii.,_. .ul n"(1 MWM "way timber
jeio owing described land, situated about
mil��� I" u ���?PM Arrow lako on Koos-
enptii ' ^"ol'inav ditt-rlct:
'     ii��k M n post planted uud marked H.
invest comer post, theuco enst 80
tttaatiM   ""1".h m "halni, Ibenro west 80
cnSIJJ ll1 "H'haiiiHtn point ol com-
tal����Pjh��,aW1 H.D.L.A, Locator,
Tm, (ninberLlmitNo.7)
i'i nor ," l",Kl lll,u,l,!*1 HI����* marked B.
1 followin- ?orIter post, tbenee Houth BO
iv,,, , V.m. Wl west Hue of No.O limit,
^'""iHnrinl1, "."' u"'��,'�� north 80 chains,
I.... .r^wwns to point of oommunnement.
II. D.Lta, Locator.
no l'l'   1 ** rlm'" >*""""���-���|'���,"<'��,���
Festival In Commemoration of Coming
of the Holy Ghost���Service in
NelBon Churches.
Tomorrow Is Whltsun Day (not from
White-Sunday, but from Whltsen Day,
from Gothic pfengsten, fiftieth) the day
of Pentecost, the fiftieth day after
Whltsun Day commemorates the descent of the Holy Ghost, the third Person
of the Trinity, the Guide and Comforter
of the church on earth.
Although uot officially designated like
Easter Day, Whltsun Day ls traditionally accepted as one of the three days
of the year on which every faithful and
dutiful child of tho church should be
present at holy communion.
As after Christmas and Easter two
other opixjrtimitles lire afforded for attending communion, Monduy and Tuesday in Whltsun week.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow In the churches of Nel
Church of England���St. Savlour'a,
corner Ward and Silica streets. Whltsun Day; holy communion 6:30 and 8
a. m.; morning prayer and holy communion, choral, 10:30 a.m.; children's
service, 2:30 p. m.; evensong, 7:30 p.m.
Rev. *F. H. Graham, Vector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, -corner of Ward and Hill
streets: Low mass, 8am.; high mass,
10:30 a. rn.; evening service, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.   Rst. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R. N
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, neai
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, weit of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. in.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
of fruit land, made a formal demand
for 300 inches of water ror their irrigation purposes and unless this demand is
granted the courts will again be resorted to. Great Interest is manifested
here over the settlement of this water
right question as it affects the most
valuable fruit ranch in the valley.
Word has reached here from Midway
that the residents of that valley will
plant out over 7,000 fruit treeB this
spring. These trees will be planted on
ground recently taken up by small fruit
growers.     ,
Manager W. C. Thomas of the Dominion Copper company, is at present
touring the Simiikameen district and inspecting the various claims in that section. It Is unofficially intimated tbat
should Mr. Thomas find any likely properties his company will invest still
further in the Simiikameen.
Chinese and Russians to Work on Railway  in   Mexico.
Mexico City, May 18.���A despatch
from Guaymas says that the steamer
Maori Jlng has arrived there. She had
on board 1,200 Chinese and 300 Russians
who are being brought to this country
to work on the Guadalajara extension
of the Southern Pacific. The trip from
San Diego, California, was without
interest. The Mexican government refused the passengers a landing because
21 armed American guards were aboard.
No comment on this phase of the case
was made at the war department, but
it is believed the laborers will be landed in a few days. During the trip
across the Pacific 20 Chinese were
killed ln a riot aboard the vessel.
More Litigation  Threatened in Respect
of Covert  Estate.
Grand Forks, May 18.��� The recent
decision of the supreme court of this
province giving W. H. Covert the flrst
right to the water on the Covert estate
over Vaughn and Mclnnis the defendants, by no means settles the water dispute on thiB ranch, for at a meeting
held laBt evening. J. L. Manley and
olher owners of the subdivided tracts
Alberta Farm Land
160 acre Improved farm in Alberta,
will exchange for Nelson residential
property or Kootenay fruit land.
Baker 8t��� Nelson.
Corporation of the City of Nelson
BY-LAW INo. 177
A by-law to raise $60,000.00 for the
construction of a Public School In the
City of Nelaon, and the improvement of
the ground! and appurtenancea In connection therewith.
Th* Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Room*.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Mellon. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Urge and Comlorttble Bedroom* and Flrtt*
cluaululus Boom.  Sample Boomi lor Commercial lf.ii.
���BB. X. C.CLABKX, Proprletreii
Grand Central Hotel
Tnis hotel hubeen completely renovated and
newly furnished with nil modern equipment*.
Hot water heating throughout.
RATES : Roomi, 50c. upwfcrdi; meali 25c. ;
���peclal ratea by tbe week.
J. A. EBIOESON, Proprietor
Telephone, 260.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelaon. B. C.
Tremont House
European aad Amerleaa Plan
Heail aft eta.   Boom, Irom US Ota. to tl.
Only Whlta Help Implored.
Baker St., NeUoa
Bartlett   House
Best DoIlu-a-Dir House in Nelson.
The Bar le the FUteat.
White Help Only Implored.
' ~"
loMphlne It
Royal Hotel
n.us,! HutMW_k_tm.m, m mlt pianMabo-gt
oiia'liiiiiiniili,Hi?'1��� .'r'','!.V,nss'.'sSisoliieBl.
JKlSi north plho pcsliii ol """f SSSffi*
ftta- M-in'l, ������"'JjWJ;, ���ou���j.r, Lumber Co.
Ymir Licence District
Notice is hereby given that the undermentioned persons have made application tinder the provisions of the Liquor
Licence Act, 1900, for hotel licences at
the places set opposite their respective
John Marshall, Marshall hotel,
Mrs. A. M. Shields transfer to Fred
Adie, Fort Sheppard hotel, Waneta.
G. T. Snow, Outlet hotel, Procter.
C. E. Burgess, Edna hotel, Paterson.
Archibald & Davis, Palace hotel,
J. W. Master-son, Ymir hotel, Ymir.
E. M. Peters, St. Charles hotel, Ymir.
John llreau- Cosmopolitan hotel,
G. S. Coleman, Waldorf hotel Vmlr.
Samuel Miller, Miller hotel, Ymir.
Louisa E. Mc Peak, Sirdar hotel,
C. F. Walmsley transfer to E. B. Borden, Grove hotel,  Fairvlew.
Malette & Johnson, Kootenay Falls
hotel, Stocan Junction.
J. R. Hunnex, Mersey hotel, Erie.
E, E. McArihur, Northern hotel,
Samuel Marshall. Valley hotel, near
George Mead, transfer from S. J. Miller, Creston hotel, Creston.
A meottng of tho Board of Licence
Commissioners will be held to consider
such applications, at the Court House,
at Nolson, on Saturday, the fifteenth
day of June, 1907, at tho hour of 2
o'clock in the afternoon.
Chief Licence Inspector.
Nelson, B. C, 16th May, 1907.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner,
To Charles U. Rtmmon, or any other peraon
to whom ho may have tmniifeTren hla Interest ln
the "May Bloaaoin" mluer*l claim, tltuatod on
Brown Mountain, two and a halt miles iouth-
wost of Ymir, tn the Nelson Mining Plvirlon, o(
Weat Kootenay nistri-n, and recorded ln the
Recorder's ofllce, for tho Ne!ron Division.
You and eaoh of you are hereby notified that
I hnve expetidurl two hundred and Ove dollara
(.o.r>.iMi) hi labour niiil Improvements upon tho
above mineral elalm ln order to hold the aame
under the pruvlmons ol tbo Mineral Act. and ll
within ninety duys from the ilate of this notice
yoit (all or refuw to contribute yonr portion of
Hit* expenditure, (which l�� om* hundred and two
tlliv dollars (I1U-MW) tor tbu two yeara cinliiif
sib May, Wl.) loRctli��r wllh ali could of adver
ttnitiK. vour interest lu the aald claim will become thc propony of the undersigned under
sec. 4 of an Act ontltlod: "An Aet to Amend thu
Mineral Acl, 190Q."
Dated at Ymir, ll. 0��� mth Hay, 1907.
Whereas tbe Board ot Bchool Trustees of the
City of Ncl��on has prepared and laid before the
Munioipal Couunclt Of tbe <'lty of Nelson an estimate showing that sueh Board requires 980,-
uOO.00 to meet an extraordinary expenditure for
tbe purpoie of constructing a public school in
the City of Nelson and the Improvement of tbe
grounds and appurtenances In connection therewith.
And whereas such estimate ba�� been duly con
sfdered and finally approved of by the said
And whereas for the purpose aforesaid it will
be necessary to borrow tbe sum of 160,000 00 and
to luue debentures of the City of Nelson for the
purpose ot raising said amount.
And whereas the whole amount of the rateable
land of the said city, according to the last re-
vttted assessment roll, is one million two hundred
and sixty Beven thousand seven hundred and
twenty Ave dollars i*.l.-*7,7*.V)
And whereas It will-be requisite to raise annually by rate tna sum of five thousand two hundred
and thirty two dollars and sixty cents (ia.2Ss.60)
lor paying tbe said debt and Interest
Now, therefore, the Municipal Council of the
Corporation of the City ot Nelion enacts as follows:���
1. lt shall and may be lawful for the Mayor of
the Corporation ol the city of Nelson to borrow
upon the credit of the said Corporation, by way
of the debentures hereinafter mentioned, from
any person or persona, body or bodlea corporate.
wlo may be willing to advance tbe same as a
loan, a sum of money not exceeding In tbe whole
the sum of Sixty Thousand Dollara ($MM)uO.O0,)
and to cause all such sums io raised or received
to be paid Into tbe banda of. the treasurer ot the
said Corporation for the purpoie and with the
object herein before recited.
2. It shall be lawful for he Mayor of the aald
Corporation to cause anv number of debentures
to be made, executed and Issued for such sum or
num! aa may be re .ulred for the purpoie and object aforeiald. not exceeding, however, the aum
of Sixty Thousand Dollara (|w,000.0o) each of the
said debentures being of tbe denomination of
One Thousand Dollars ($1,000), and auch deben- i
tures shall be sealed wltb the aeal of the Corporation and Mi nod by the Mayor thereol.
3. The said debentures ahall bear date the
first day ot July, 1907, and shall be made payable
In twenty years trom the aaid date, la lawful
money of Canada,'at the ofllce of the Bank of
Montreal In Nelson aforjrald, which said place
of payment shall do designated hy the laid debentures, and shall bave attached to them coupons for tho payment of Intereit and the signatures to tbe interest coupons may be cither
written, atamped, print .d or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear interest at
the rate of five per cent (fi per cent) from the
date thereof, which Interest ahall be payable
seiiil-aiminillv at tbe said office of the Bank of
Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, In lawful money
of Canada on the flrat day of July and the first
day January respectively in each year during
Uie currently thereof; and tt ahall be expressed
ln said debentures aud coupons to be so [payable.
6. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of the said
Corporation to negotiate and sell the said debenture* or any oi them for less than par, but In no
ease ahall the debentures or any one of them be
negotiated or aold for less than ninety-five per-
centum (tt per cent) of their value including
the coat of negotiating and ��ale, brokerage aud
all other Incidental expenses.
tt. There shall be raised and levied each year
during tbe currency of aatd debentures the sum
three thousand dollars (13,000) for payment of
Interest and tho aum of two thousand two hundred "nd thirty two dollars and alxty cunts
(|'2,2S2 40) for payment of the aald dubuntures
by raie stifllcfeut therefor on all the rateable
land ln the said Municipality.
7. It shnll U- lawful for the said Municipal
Council to re-purebnae auy of the said delicti
tures upon auch terms as may be agreed upon
with the legal holder or holders thereof or any
part thereol, either at the time of sale or any
Hubsequent tl ne or times, and alt debentures so
re-purchased shall forthwith be cancelled and
destroyed and nn r-e-lasue ot debentxrea ao re-
purrhHxed shall bu made in consequence of aueb
8. This Bylaw shall takeeffcot on, or after, the
1st day of June, 1907
V. This Bylaw may bo cited for all purposes
as the "City of Nelaon 1'ubliu School Ixian Bylaw
Done and passed ln Council assembled this
 day of I9g7.
Rates (1 and 91.60 a Daj.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Met comfortable quarter, in Nelson
Only the beat oi Ltquora and cigar,.
A. McDonald &Co.
Dealers in staple and fanoy Groceries
Bntter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Sappliea.
A Client Wants Us to Get an Offer for Two
Good Dwelling Houses on Cherry Si
Owner lives out of town and is anxious to make a quick
deal.    Call and see us for particulars ; we can
make it worth your while.
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Ltd*
FOR SALE   ^^^^
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orchards and running water on each property.    Theae proper-
tins can he purchased on reasonable terms if aold at once.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Actes
Choicest Frott Laad* in
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
40 Actes Fifst-ckss Ftait
Laad on Kootenay Lake I
Within Vt mil* of Earl Grey's Ranch.
14 milt lak* frontage. Fra* Trent reck.
Plenty water.   |I5 per acre, on lerme.
Tenders Wanted for tbe forchuc of a
Mineral Claim.
Examination for Assayers for Licence to
Practice in British Colombia.
An Examination (or Assayers will he held In
Victoria on the 27th Msj aod following days.
Kutrance (or any examination must be made
ln writing to tlit Secretary of the Board of (Examiners, at least ten days before the date sot lor
beginning of examination, and must be accompanied by the prescribed (fu ($15 )
Any additional information dtslretl may be
obtained Irom Herbert Carmlchaul, secrutary,
board ol examiners, Victoria
Minister ol Mines.
Department of Mines,
Victoria, B. C , 15th April, IW,
Tendera addressed to the undersigned, at his
offlce in the Court Houae, ln the City of Nelion,
will be received up till the hour of nie o'clock,
in the afternoon, of Friday, May list, UOT, for
the purchase of tbe "BUrer Champion Mineral
Claim," Lot 3438, Group l, Kootenay District,
which wu declared to be forfeited to the Crown
at tbe tax sale held ln tbe City of Nelson, on the
6th day of November, 1906, for delinquent taxes
tip till June 80th, 1905, and costs
She upset price upon the said mineral elalm,
which includes tbe amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with interest,
taxes which have since accrued, cosu of advertising and fee for Crown Qrant it&Oo,) is$M._*.
which is the leastamountthatwlll be considered
as a tender.
Eacn tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of tbe Deputy Commissioner
ol Land and Works, at Victoria, B C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this nth day of April,
VI. *���
Government Agent, Nelson, B. C
Take notlco that the above Is a ti'ue copv of
tho proposed Bylaw, upou which the vote of the
municipality will be lAken at the City of Nelson,
on Monday the aoth day of May. next, between
the hours of 8 o'clock a.m. aud 7 o'clock p.m.,
for the East Ward, at tho Council Chamber, at
tbe corner u( Victoria aud Josonhene Streets,
Hint for tbo Wost War.i, at the Ho nl of Trade
Rooms, at the cornor of Victoria and Kootenay
City Clark.
Notice Is hereby given that tbe Wattsburg
Lumber company hu applied to Ills Honor the
Lieutenant (.iovernor In council, under thc pro-,
visions of the "Kivers and Streams Act," for the
right to Improve Kykorts creek, in the district of
West Kootenay, British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
the banks thereof, and to construct dams, bo^ms,
slides aud chutes, and makesnch other improvement" u may be necessary for the driving and
rafting of loci and theflumingof tlmbertheryon
The lauds to be effected are goverment landa and
Lots ii>l and Wl, Uroup 1, kootenay district, and
the tolls that are proposed to be charged, lf any,
are suoh u mar be fixed by a Judga of the county
oourt of West Kootenay.
Dated this 37th day of March, A, I). 1907.
I have just returned to. Nelson and
hava opened up at the same old stand,
and now ready to do all kinds of
KALSOMININQ. Shop rear of Bartlett
Tenders Wanted for the Pnrchase of a
Mineral dainu
Tenders addressed to tbe undersigned, at bis
offlce in the Court Bouse, ln tbe City of Nelson,
will be received up till the hour of live o'clock ln
the afternoon, of Friday, May 81st, 1907, for tha
purchase of ihe "Bryan Mineral Claim.0 Lot
16M, Group 1, Kootanay I istrlot, rrhlch was
declared to be forfeited to tbe Crown at lh�� tax
sale held ln the City of Nelson, on the 6th day
of November. 1906' for delinquent taxes np till
June SOth, 1905, and costs
The upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which Includes the amount ol delinquent taxes
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes which have since accrued, cost of adver*
Using, and fee for Crown brant ($___.Q0.) Is993.31.
which ts the least amount that will be considered
us a tender
Bach tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for thc full amount of tba tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner
of Lands and Works, at Victoria, B, C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 90th day of April,
Government Agent, Nelson, B. O
Tourist Sleeper
Laad Registry Act,
Take notiee tbat an application bu been made
to register Hugh Ross Llnklater as tbe owner tn
Fee Simple, under a Tax Sale Deed from Robert
A, Henwlek, Deputy Assessor of tbe Nelson As-
Ncsinieut district, to Hugh Ross Llnklater, bearing date the 7th day of August, A. D. 1906, of all
and singular that certain parcel or tract of land
aud premises situate, lying and being in the
Town uf Halmo, ln the Province of British
Columbia, more particularly known and da-
scribed as Lot 19, Block ' 1V'��� Town of 'Salmo,
(Map 6*2), being a sub-division of Lot 30fta, Group
1, Kootenay district.
You and each of you ate required to contest
theclsira ol the tax purchaser within fourteen
days from thc date of the -service ol this notice
upon you, aud lndulaultol a caveat orcertlflca'e
of lis pendens belug filed within such period,
you will be forovur estopped and debarred from
setting up any claim to or In respect of the aald
land, and 1 shall register Hugh Ross Llnklater
as owner thereof.
Dated at land registry offlce, Nelson, Province
of British Columbia, this 21st day of February,
A. D. 1907.
H. F. MacLEOD,
District Registrar.
To Murdock A. Henderson
St. Paul, Dally.
Toronto,-Sunday, Wednesday, Friday.
Montreal, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Boston, Saturday.
Dally to Vancouver.
Dally to Seattle.
For berth reservations apply to
E. J. OOYLE,           J. S. CARTER,
A.O. P. A., Vanconvar. P. P. A.. Nelson
W.   a.   OILLETT
Contractor sand
Sole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Rough and drested lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and shlaglee, sash
and doors, Cement, brick and limn Ior salt.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. east ot HaU
P. U. Box aw.  Telephone 179
In the mHtts'r of ��n sppltostlon tor the lMue ot
si slii|slii-sit��,s( the I erunis-Meot Title ot LoUSSOd
i, Illock -a, Lot >, Block M nasi Lot 12. Uoek 10,
Melion Oity (Mapa-MS .nil MA )
Notice It, hereby Riven thst lt 1. my Intention
to issusic . slsspII.Hte ol 'the t'erllfits.te of TlUe for
the .hove lota .1 lhe expiration of one month alter
the flnt publication hereof ln the name ot Fran*
Jassolsy ansl -mil 1'ohll. which (ertiflcate ol Title
1. 'lates-v the 4th slay ol January, lart, and nnmh.
B. tt. U-CUSOD,
DUtrlct Bcflitrar.
Ua-i Reglatry oflloe, Nelion, B.O
��h, April, IWI.
CM1 Engineers, Dominion and Brttbg
Colombia Land Surveyors
r.0.Boxl��5   n��r*2tlB.	
In tht matter ol an applicationJlpr the laane ol
a duplicate of tho Certificate ot Title lor' aauh*
sll-rlsl.sl >,ol lot 4833. ,roup 1, In the diitrict ot
Kootenay (except part U.'J aero, thereof.)
"   Mt'
Notls-e liheredy alven tliat lt li my Intention
to (Hue at the expiration ol one month hilar tha
B ret publication hereol a duplicate ol the Certlfl ���
, ate ol Title lor the above mentioned Unda, la
the name ot Malcolm McCormlck, which Certificate la dated tht Mth September, 1(01, aad aum-
bored TMA.
Und Reglatry once, Nelion, B.C., April 3rd,
HOI. H. ��*. MacLtOD,
Tllatrtct Maal.trar
Notice I. hereby given that I will apply at tha
next meeting ol the Lleenae UoramlMloaera.
lor the City ol Nelion, tn havt tht liquor lleaaae
ol the Silver King Hotel tranaftrred Iran ta,.
aclt to Ksshett Daltlei, ol iht Cl�� ol Ntlaon.
Dated nils, 7th day ol May, IWf.
I. M. MoCAMPtftt. The Daily Canadian
It is of the utmoat importance that
you should attend to your eyes, and
have them properly examined and fitted.
Delays are dangerous.. Don't wait
until it is too late. The very best, and experienced expert is at
your service here at moderate prices.
m uvuPACTURma
Watchmaker and Optician
-SocsiallHt    Marty   tzt-t-.s   ..ssr*   Frso.sr
k at I \.  to . tn tfce Miner** Inlon Hall
All are invite-; any one ssjlowe-l t. take part lis
ihe sfet*!.,.   I   Austin. Srs-retary.
ri- v    ^"**���   m*^t_.-   ���      *.   ____     a
| Our Stock is Complete
{      LOCAL AHD GENERAL     j
The Iwel-all tounuuneui will be one of
the attractions, nt Greenwood, on Victoria Day. It ii expected six teauie will
take part.
Ou Saturday. May 18th, 1907, at St.
Saviour's Church, Nelson. B. C , by the
Rector. Rev. Fred. H. Graham, Refrinald
Edward Lanyou. of Larson, Idaho,
U. S. A., was married to Mist Hilda Mary
Penn. of Xelson.
X Here are two Soap Specials: a
��� 25 31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD %A.5C J
Z?2 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75 J
|M Trading Co.
PBrSI.Nw AM, OBisinira c-r.--!i*;Ir atWDd
tt to ��ppir
ftsl-s-cr Klsisr Hotel.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
Une of Japanese Goods uow on salew
All Unda of Dlnnerware In stock. Pats-
terai. '
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H, L Croadsdaile & Si
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Atl Wads of Heating Plants in Stock.
Victoria St, Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their ad-
T-into^e to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
A. B. McKeuzie. Rowland. J. L. Retallack. Seattle; J. Wells. Ohic-aeo: D. C.
Wilson, GiMUWOod; Mrs*. J. H. Donald,
Tacoma; R. Swain. Calpary; G. Ambrey,
R* J. Sniar on. D E. Hatt, Vancouver.
Cor. Varnon and Ward sitrewt-s,
���Mil-SO.V   B. C.
J. FRED HUME. Proorietor.
W. Haig-Suieilie, Procter; J. K. More,
Scotland:   W. Turuer aud wife. S.  E.
Wattsou, fcBT-arton; W. B Hill, Sau Francisco; B. Clarkeou,  Ymir; B. Birley,  R.
A. Simmons, Vancouver;   H.   A.  Small,
Sandon ; T. W. Storev, E. B. Hutchinson,
W. H. Millery,  Winnipeg; F.  Sclmiidt,
Toronto; B.   Weaver, P. K. Brew n, Victoria; M. Burrell, Grand Forks.
~W. ff. Blanchford and son. Wiulaw;
W. J. MsPhee, Winnipeg; G. E. Powell,
Slocan ; 9. Sproule, Todingtou ; J. Fernie,
Oa.sc-.idi> ; Mrs. F. Wilder Burton City ;
A. Campbell, J. J. Campbell, Boisisevain.
J. Jamiiison, R Fuller, Cranbrook; J.
Burke, Kaslo; A  Hill, Spokane.
8. Hayes. Rosland; G. Q. Blake, F. E.
Olemt-nt, Victorisi.
H. Ericksoti, Shielsis; T. J. Smith, Cascade; O. K. Gibson, H. Smillie, R. C.
Seedv, G. Mutter, Spokane; J. D. Patterson, Calgary; J. Miller. F. Pitt*, Slooau
J. W. Brown, Kamloops*.
W. H. Stevens, Grand Forks; J. Brown
H. Buby, Procter; A. Todd, Phoenii; J
Gibson, N-eedles; G. Stronaoh, A. Ander
win, Vancouver; G. H. Armstrong, T.
Campbell. Shields: N. Hattrie, London-
ds-rrv; B. Miller, Parry Sound
Wanted to Buy
We have a buyer for ft good house
in the district west of Hendryx St. and
between Observatory and Carbonate St.
Price must be right We have buyers
for houses in every pan of city.    See
Two BXA1T NTHMl ***%* rood ������*���*-
GOOD 9M.*~t MOY fordeliTery rl*rk *t C P.I
Teletreph office*    App!y t*\ once mt office.
'. COCKER SPANIEL. Wehtt hliUvfth
male pej.pj*.   Pc*il Office Box 6**
wmre*  to expert    A*Jd*e*i W, H    If rf-rfc-'ber
Nelion. B.C .or tell ��i tbe mill ft "
Fx:-i   food
B :*������.���:-
General Job Work. Chimney Sweep
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stoves, etc.
1*1 EMt Baker St Phone No. Am
*> ���     ��� -111��� ���������***- ��������������� i
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
COOK-Hoiel. tat   Walt mi ttt; si onta   Ptone
Voo'f man
fKHlUOD      Appl
nh eood off (it* experience *e**i a
yBox51ii..veUcn, B.C.
EbuEKMAX  aad a Setter Kt null at Mone
Apply at Mill or MK office Nelwn. horto liioo
TWO r!K.-*: . ���...**��� :.*.*���*��?   titan heated    Ap
ptf hooreke��ber. Ui imu E. W. C. biock.
Bl'NCH  OF   KEvR.    P-etcn. to ihmt. Lonf-
Tobacconist.   Biker Street.
BRA�� CORNET. Two Shuti h and a, w:*.
Qeas Tot Pric#. Apply M. J. V hex EH
I ���Hill, t Fdje-n-en I Tallymen and
'���rader*, 1 Foieman (a%ktj Cirrolar Sa��-yer.
'.*���:���:������' iL*i:aH-:t K ��� r. :: il and mill belp ol
a:: kinda Applr ^������'- P- WeUa, Box ut;,
ytsiton. B.C.
Baptiit Church.
A tele-pram has beeu nostrad fn��m B/ttt.
Mr Hatt, wjo WBfl to have occupied the
pulpit in the Bap;i*t Church to-uiurrowj
stating: that he could uot be here The
sen-ices will therefore be taken  by  the
Big Fruit Crop.
Kaslo horticulturists predict that the
yield in all kinds of fruits this year will
be extraordinarily heavy. A tremendous crop of strawberries is now assured,
which will compensate in some measure
for last year's partial falure. Judging
from the b'ossoms on the cherry trees
:he yield there will bt very heavy also.
Joves  Nodding.
Some amusement has been afforded to
local legal circles by the case of Rei
vs. Smith, accused of attempt to rape
at Ymir. The prisoner was allowed to
elect for a speedy trial, the case was
referred to Victoria, a crown prosecutor
was appointed and all was ready, when
Chief of Police Bullock-Webster returned and reminded judge, registrar,
crown prosecutor and counsel for defence that the offence was beyond the
jurisdiction of a county court judge.
The local authorities are rather glad
now that they have the deputy attorney
general in the same boat.
Revelstoke   Backed   Down.
The Revelstoke lacrosse team will not
play in Kaslo, on Victoria Day, as an
nounced. After all arrangements had
been made for the meeting between the
Revelstoke and Nelson teams, the former
telegraphed the Kaslo committee that
they could not come, giving as an excuse
thnt most of the players were away.
This, to the Kaslo Kootenian, sounds rather fishy in the face of the signed agreement, as it seems hardly possibly that a
written contract would be entered into
without calling a meeting of the club and
receiving the endorsement of the players.
On the strength of that contract the committee relied upon Revelstoke to carry it
out and the backdown is not very honorable to say the least. However, the
Kaslo committee has succeeded in getting
utMiittu play Nelson. Medicine Hat,
one of the best teams in the west, will be
on hand Victoria Day. The match should
be one of the best ever played in the
The Store of Quality
The Iron Food
A combination of the Protein
Phosphates, etc., of the finest
grain and vegetable or
Plant Iron.
Makes  a  perfect  and complete food for all.
Special for Today
25cts per Package
K. W. C. Block . Pbnn* 10
B. C.
Notice :' .'Wt c'.t *:, ihai at ��� meetlnc of the
Board ol L'.cf r, ��� * mi.- ���.*.. :--.:��� ������-��� :- ���..,���_ miu:
ibe expiration of thirtr daya, J intend to apply
for a tranifer M s.j* hot-el llranra Ior lb* Creston
sli:*. a: Craton. to George Me*4.
:ml May. UOT. .= J v i ��� *. ?��
A. M. Cu. Sm. C. E
Mining Work a ���poclatty.
0��<��: Btale-s* Building.   P. O. Box 434
�����k*r St- NELSON, M. C.
Something  new  for breakfast
Per Package
Kh.-.h'.s-Jt ����J R-rtall Ht-alert 10
Fresh and Salted Meats
Canipi sopplie-d on ssiionost nistic*. and
lowest pri��. Nothing but fresh &">d
wholesome nst-ats sind snpph* tepl in 1*001
Mail orders nvfive careful attention.
C* Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Qold Mould
And Edison Phonographs
Ws have just received a large shipment
of thtm.   Corns in and hear them.
We have made arrangements whereby
v,e can procure any record on the list,
on shortest notice. Call, phone <No. 341.
or write for complete catalogue including
new records issued to tlate. make your
selections, hand us the list and we will
deliver the records.
"Standard" Edison Phonograph $25
"Home" Edison Phonograph - $35
(With Recorder)
Edison SoU.,i Records, -   Each 40c
W. G. Thomson
KPt-SKS*"4 Nelson, B.C.
Phtsns, .14.
Piano .and Singing Lessons
Given by  Mrs. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conser.
vatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 796, Nelstn.
John L. Retallack and wife, Kaslo, are
In the city.
Mrs. John Ross, or Edmonton, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. S. S. Taylor.
Mrs. S. S. Taylor will leave Monday
on a short visit to Rochester. Minn.
M. Burrell, of Grand Forks, was registered at the Hume la6t evening.
Mrs. James Anderson, of Nelson,
spent several days In Kaslo this week.
Mrs. Thorncroft wil] leave on Monday
for Davidson. Sask. to Join her family.
Walter Shackleton is back trom Seattle, where he has lived for the past year
and a half.
R. A. Bethune has been appointed
manager of the Imperial bank at Arrowhead.
Superintendent Rev. D. E. Hatt Visiting
In Kootenay,
Rev. D. E. Hatt, M. *Y, superintendent of Baptist missions arrived from
the coast last evening after an extended
trip ih the Okanagan. He will spend
some days in and about Nerson looking
up the Interests of the church.
It ls expected that two or three new-
churches will be opened up In this district The new church at R.velstoke Is
doing splendidly and making rapid progress. There are a number of additional
pastors coming Into Ihe district within
the next few months. The new pastor
at Trail, Rev. F. E. Levey, is In the
field with bis family
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Foe! & Poultry Co.. Ltd.
N.E.cor. Baker  and  Ward  SU.
One of the Host Scenic Locations on
Kootenay Waters Is for Sale.
The property comprises about 13m
acres of timber and fruit land, having
half a mile of lake frontage directly
opposite Nelson.
The central portion of about 100
acres, with buildings, fruit trees, flower
gardens an living springs thereon,
will be sold as a whole, leaving an ex
tensive lak-1 frontage to the north and
south which 1 ���a'ill offer in acre sub
divisions. For price and terras appl>
at mv home.
Back From Westminister.
James Wigtunian returned last eve
ning from New Westminister, after placing Angus Macdonald In the lunatic
asylum. Macdssnald gave little or no
trouble to the police officer. The trains,
were late and ll was 12 o'clock at night
before Mr. Wightman reached Xew
Westminister. He had telegraphed to
the asylum authorities and when he
reached the depot there was a hack
waiting to convey him and his charge
to the hospital building. Or, Doherty.
who has charge of the institution, remained up till Mr. V.'lgh'.man arrived,
and showed him every courtesy. While
there inquiries were made with regard
to Dan Sinclair, who was taken to the
asylum some months ago. It was
learned that Sinclair showed no signs
of Improvement and his permanent recovery is doubtful.
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
Telephone 161.
Consignment of SLATER fine
Shoes for men, both in high
and low cuts, and we can assure you they are up-to-the-
minute in every respect
by Kate Douglas Wiga
THE PRIEST, by .... Harold Bigfc,
THE FLYERS, by -       -       Geo. Barr McCuche,
HALF A ROGUE,       - -        -       Harold McGn
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Lt
Phone 81
Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargains]
Oor Fancy Vestings Most Be Sold
This  Month  Regardless  of Cost.
You can buy Wash Vestings for 11.00, worth ��3.00.
Handsome Vests, double and single breasted, for $3.00, worth |7J||
See them and buy now while the selection is good.
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
I New Spring Goods Arriving
A complete line ot up-to-datt Soft and Hard Hats ti Stock.
Also a full range of Boots and Shoes.   "WALKOVER" our
m                          BAKUR S IHI  I_T,
2L-SON.                    I
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all I
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spade
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pniners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to  letter order*.
J. H. Ashdown Hardw;
Company, Limited.
HmpS��}2? ���"u,J"bbl"��.*??����ut-��<lv��lth I>..pntcM.  ah**t>_f
y-, ork, Mn,I... and Mill Mavhliurv.     Manulavtursn ol
0r** fc��i*a,  H.  U.   Contrtiutor-,"  Cars.
NELSON,    B. C.
Spring Stock lust Opened Up!
Carload Linoleums and Carp-eta
From Oln����,.w, Scotland.
Best Qualities at Uow Prices.
Standard Furniture Company
��-.*..'. Riarh Planna.
<*��'..tr. _- MaltrcaM*.
M��r��hall sUmurjr MallreaaM.
Complete Home Furnislw
Undutakers,    Emtutort
and dealers m Lumber^ Shingles*
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*!
Turned Work and Bracket*.
Mail Ordon pn>mj4l*r ��,M
MII.HOK. B. c.
Launch and Boat
Wa alwaya earry In atock and will be pleaaad to ���upP1*"
wants In
Suvh  fBN
Whl�� Wait*
���'���!:��.-I I'ainU
Herr) Bioa.' Boau Varnlih
Ktt., etc.
Albany <ir'*.,__1,
An Hi* W'r
Vatuom Sifr",' ' |   ���
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*, l&


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