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The Daily Canadian Mar 13, 1907

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Array DI.UMK I.     NO.   239.
\M I�� WW
Fifty Cents a Month
lipase Government Aid
to Immigration
ants Wages Kept High at Any
Cost to People���Proceedings
of Yesterday's Session.
I isiissdal to The Daily Canadiuii.)
Victoria, March 12.���Today'a   session
_B uneventful.   The debate on the ad-
ended    ** Parker   Williams'
les-cli, ami  th     .ddreBs waa adopted
ftliisui dlvlaloi      \ telegram from the
pin   returnlni      Hcer unuounces  the
Isy    a<     mutlon of Provincial
���eretary  Young.
[Parker   Wllllama'   speech    was   not
sn seriously,    lie criticised the gov-
^ins-ill for having  permitted the eni-
yuis-nt    of    Plnkerton   detectives  at
Imloopa last fall, and took the oppor-
bily    of    denouncing  the  Plnkerton
leiicy as a tool of capitalists for the
nissston of the poor.
lis- then atackeil the proposal of the
|iv;iissin Army scheme of assisted imni     He   objected  to  this   whole
and   charged   that   It   was  un-
soys' of the euemy.   Tho capital-
bad askad for It and the govern-
|is* lisssl taken their statements uh tu
i, is   of labor, without  consult-
* c ignlaad    sources   ur   iuforma-
He eoinplalned thut the arrival
���ti;,*r>* laborers In the tirovluce would
lfollowed by "it slump In wages."
Thi- addreaa wus then adopted.
Hsmtliornlhwaite      Introduced      an
���eodmiml to the Workmen's Compeii
lion Act, nnd  Olivet u new  Ditches
pi  Winer   Courses   bill.    Each    was
given its first reading.
Tl!;.. government hills, the tnter-
t-iiitiiiu act amendment, and the as
ssmcul act amendment, and the bill
il'ssrisiiug the H. C. Veterinary Mod-
kl association passed their first read-
i I    Drumomnd Will Leave for Cobalt
���North   Fork   Land   Boom.
I'siiiud Porks, March 13.���A represen-
������ meeting of the various land own-
up the north  fork of Kettle river
a*- held here yesterday to consider a
opo8ltlon  made by a Winnipeg syn-
|i*;ss>- in pureliase severul square nill'is
(arm lands up the north fork.   It is
derstood   lhat   al    this meeting nr-
|ngement8 were made to have the land
irveyed at once. From present appear-
lce�� nil available land lu this valley
fill lis- In great  demand this summer,
purchasers being chiefly from sMaul-
fh-i ainl tlle western states. The bulldog ol the Kettle Valley Lino Railway
His* north   fork has  Increased   Ihe
pirn*   of   tho    lands in that district
I1 i"i- cont.
1 'Hie  local   lumber stealers   In  Orand
Vks are authority for lhe statement
'at there will  be an Increase In the
t'ii'i- of luinher this summer of nt leust
Iv.   slsillars per thousand on all kinds
|l  material  nml   the increase of  price
iv possibly  go us high as $S on all
esses of  lumber���added  lo  this  the
ruaaed   wagi's   of  carpenters   for   u
orl slay of eight hours will pracllcally
'ks* all kinds of building prohibitory
|M*ept a certain class of buildings thai
absolutely necessary.
Word has reached here from Cobalt
iai the directorate of ihe Ntplaalng
tins* at  that  place bus practically de-
hlesl io appoint Thomas It. Drummond.
"*al manager of lbe Dominion Copper
ompany,  lo  the  position of manager
f< the Mplsslng property.
Seveal properties at Kock Creek are
reported  to  be working,  among
Fhlch Is the Badger group which was
I'.nie lime ugo bonded hy a Spokane
lyndloate   for   a  sum   reported   to   be
It Is reported today on the streets
���hal Wallace Chalmers, of the Palm
Irsill store, bus bought out lhe fruit
puslnoss of John Donaldson, a pioneer
sldent of Orand Porks and one or the
pity lathers.
The  Lumber Industry.
Tn give somo Idea of the development, of the lumber industry    In    the
frnle district. It may bo stated that
\ti,. output in tho vicinity of Pernio this
ear  will   total   something   like  nlney
o one hundred million feet. To thin
pay bo added the output of the mills
V .ialTray, Wardner and Cranbrook,
and other mills In the Cranbrook dls-
J'Ht, which will show that the lumber
Industry lu tho Interior Is In a very ac-
and H,,j"l0n- HelWee" one ''""'l"'"
.. hm, V ���IT hU"dre" mllllun (Mt
Irl.      tl' Wl" b'   """' U"1 0f *��" I'"*
trlcis Ihis season.
Bridge Collapsed on Pennsylvania Road
���Train Crew Ddrwned.
Pittsburg, March U.-Threc men
drowned, a railroad bridge washed
��way, a county bridge In danger ot falling, the railroad bridge over lhe Alleghany river damaged, an engine and
live freight cars In the water, are the
first resulta of the rapid rise during the
night of Deer Creek, near Harmcre
fill, on the West Pennsylvania road.
The dead are: J. U. Mlsknell, engineer
2s years old, Alleghany; W. J. Cant-
well, fireman,.!,. Darlington, Pa.; .1. M
Jones, brakeman, 25, Freeport, Pa.
About 4; 25 o'clock this morning a
freight train eastbound, entered on the
bridge but had nol got farther than the
second pier when 11 suddenly gave way
llefore engineer, fireman or brakeman
on the front part of the train could real
lie what had happened thc bridge weni
down, carrying the engine, trainmen
and live freight cars with it. So rapid
ly had Deer Creek risen dining the
night thai it had attained a height ol
IB feet Instead of Ihe normal 4 to I*,
feet. So great was the force of the cur
rent lhat one of the five freight cars,
heavily loaded, was carried down thi
creek over a quurter of a mile. The
lis. man. engineer and brakeman weri
dragged Into the roaring current and
Jerome  Attacks  Evelyn  Thaw's Story
of the Statements that Drove Her
Husband Mad.
New York, March 13.���James Clinch
8mlth, Stanford While's brother-in-law,
una called again as a witness in the
Thaw trial this morning. Mr. Smith
was tardy In arriving and Mr. Jerome
summoned Abe liummell tu the stand.
Iliniiin.il had hardly taken his seat
when Smith put ln his appearance
liummell had answered two questions
by the district attorney. He said he
knew Evelyn Nesbitt Thaw and saw
her ln tbe offlce on Oct. 27,190,*), following her return from Europe.
Mr. Smith was questioned by Mr.
Delmas fur the defence, having been
recalled to testify ae to the cablegram
he receleved frum the district attorney-
early ln February, summoning him to
return to this country.
New York, March 13���At last the
end of the Thaw case seems to be In
sight. The prosecution hns practically
finished Its rebuttal with the exception
of Its experts, and District Attorney
Jerome will have examined all of his
witnesses except three or more alienists who will be called to show by their
answers to a hypothetical question that,
lu their opinion. Harry K. Thaw was
sane when he shot Stanford White.
This morning Mr. Jerome will call Abra
ham liummell and his clerk, Snicker,
In an attemtp to secure the admission
In evidence of a copy or the affidavit
making charges against Thaw, whifli
Evelyn Nesbitt Thaw says she was
tricked Into signing.
The court has repeatedly ruled Hint
no evidence tuny he Introduced lo show
the stury she told her husband was
not true.
Mr. Delmas, who In the ourly days
of Ihe trial, stated ln open court that
the defense would not take advantage
of that nils*, but would allow the district attorney* to go as far as hi- liked
Into the truth or falsity of Ihe story,
has. sine Mr. Jerome began offering
evidence iu rebuttal. Invoked the rule,
nnd yesterday when Mr. Jerome demanded that he stand by his waiver
and offered lo prove lhat Wlille was not
where Evelvn Thaw snys he was on
lhe night of the alleged criminal ns
sault, Delmas made no reply further
Ihan to Invoke the rule of law which
shut out  the offered evidence.
Lasl night Mr. Jerome did not know
of any other wltnosses lu he called today, Mav Mackenzie, Evelyn Nesbitt
Thaw's chorus girl friend, and Mai-jlc
Folett. her chorus girl enemy, nre both
under subpoena for the prosecution
und both of them were tn the courl
building yeaterday, hut It is doubtfnl
if either of them will he called, ll
seems likelv that tsnluy'H session of lie*
court wil he a brief one and that an
early ndjournmenl will In* taken su that
Mr. Delmas and Mr. Jerome may agree
upon the exact language of the hypo
Ihetlcul questions whicli Mr. Jerome
will read to his first export on lliurs-
Mr. Jerome spoke for more than nn
hour today In contending that Hum
men's testimony Is ihe most vital In
tho case. "It would show,** he declared,
"that this woman, who was Evelyn Nos*
bltt. swore under lhe solemnity of an
oath that she had been beaten by
Thnw in Paris because she would not
sign papers which lis* had prepared ��'"
which fasely accused White of her
drugging nnd betrayal. ���
"If she did nol tell that story, concluded Mr. Jerome, "then the cnse of
Associated Boards of Trade in Session at Greenwood-Addresses of President
and First Vice-President Record Progress and Improvement.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Oreenwood, March 13.���The Ninth
Annual Convention of the Associated
Hoards of Trade of Southeastern British Columbia, opened here this afternoon at 3 o'clock, President G. O. Buchanan presiding.
The address of the president and first
vice-president were as follows:
G.  O.   Buchanan.
President G. O. Buchanan remarked
that 11 was lust six years since the association met ln Greenwood #nd that
In the Interval many prominent members, J. H. Robertson, J. B. McArthur
and T. C. Thompson, and others had
died, and many more had moved to
olher fields.
Generally 1906 had been a good year.
The staple industries, mining, smelting
and lumbering, had suffered many vicissitudes, waste and loss, but the trying years, he believed, were over, the
oountry no longer depended entirely on
supplies of foreign capital but was creating wealth which would be available
for further development.
The condition of the wage-earning
classes, the best criterion, compared
well with that of other countries.
Wages in the district are higher than
anywhere else in Canada, and many Increases had heen made during the year.
In lumbering and agriculture there
is a great scarcity of labor, which hampers both industries, and probably will
do so until the advent of a class of la
boi* not uow available.
Mining and smelting Interests and
lhe country generally have suffered lost;
from strikes, notably the strike in the
Crow's Nest Pass coal fields.
Mr. Buchanan referred to the arrival
of 3,000 Sikh and Punjabi laborers, but
said that their adaptability to British
Columbian conditions was still proble
Reference was made to the tempor
ary exclusion of Canadian zinc from
the United States owing to a ruling���
since overruled��� of the secretary of
the treasury. The Frank Zinc smelter
had beeu closed down, and the conditions generally had seemed to justify
un appeal to the Dominion government
for aid by way of a bounty.
President J. R. Robertson, in 1900.
had predicted a Coast-Kootenay railway within two years. Such connection
was. at last in sight with the C. P. R
and G. N. R. both in the field. The
buards now advocate lines from Golden
to the Crow's Nest Pass branch and
from Gerrard to Arrowhead.
He had attended the meeting of the
Dominion Forestry association on be
half of the boards and was pleased to
report that the boards' recommendations had been endorsed by the association.
He recommended that the watersheds
of the Columbia and Kootenay rivers,
of 4.000 feet altitude or more, should
be made a great national game preserve
and protected from rire, from game destruction and alienation except for mln
Ing purposes. Such a reserve would be
n great attraction to tourists and there
fore a most valuable asset.
Reference was made to Enrl Grey's
Investment In Kootenay orchard land
and   lo  the  greatly Increased  orchard
Ihis man's Insanity disappears and the
questions on which the learned experts
for the defence based their decision
disappear. I claim the righl to show
that Evelyn Nesbitt herself has denied
the story she told the Jury."
Annable Buys More Land.
J. E. Annabele returned Inst evening
after a week spent In the'Arrow Lake
district. Ills visit there was In connection with some blocks of fruit land
near Burton City. After enreful lnves
ligation, he found that the lund was
all that It had been represented to be,
nud us a consequence, he purchased
from settlers between Burton City and
Nakusp several blocks, aggregating in
all 3,000 acres. The land is n clay subsoil, quite level and absolutely free
frum stones, but In most cuses covered
with small timber, and admirably
adapted for the cultivation of fruit nnd
vegetables. He was suprlsed to find
so much arable land along the lake
shore. This has been chiefly held by
pre-en'.ptors, who held 320 acres each.
On uccount of the great demand for
land and Ihe steady advance ln prices.
a largo number of the owners are selling off a portion of their land along the
Prices ef Metals.
New York, March 13.���Silver, 68%c;
copper, 24%c; lead, $6.
London, March 13.���Silvor.31 ll-16d;
lend,  ��20.
area. He hoped that very soon all
necessary nursery supplies would bo
produced at home.     *>
In all Industries the cost of production fs steadily growing on account of
the scarcity of labor and consequent
high wages.
To the address was appened an estimated value of minerals and lumber
produced during the year In Southern
Kootenay and Southern Yale:
Gold, 210,603 os } 4,213,060
Silver, 2,243300 oz     1,603,346
Copper, 37,079,000 lbs     7,416,800
Lead, 26 389%   tons       1,847,269
Zinc, 3,000 tons         60,000
Coal, 721,000 tons      1,442,000
Coke,   189,000  tons    .'..      473,600
Total   Mineral $16,954,975
Lumber,  200,000,000  ft     2,536,000
Total     ..i..... J19.490.975
Gold, $20 per oz.;, silver, 70 cents per
oz.; copper, 20 cents per lb.; lead, $70
per ton; zinc, $20 per ton; -coal, $2 per
ton; coke, $��.50 per ton; lumber, $12.80
per 1,000 ft 4*
M. A. 8taH<ey.
First Vlee-Presldent Starkey's address was as follows:
Under the division of duties as between the president and myself provided for at our laat session, I have thc
honor to report upon two or three matters that have arisen during the year.
For the first time, ad far as I know,
in our history, our association and our
president were somelfhat severely
criticized in a speech in the legislature
by a gentleman representing one>uf our
own constituencies. The matter*-was
at that time quite efficiently dealt with
by the press of the province and*I nl
lude to It here only for the purpose of
putting on record a declaration which
will, I believe, b_ endorsed by all who
have in the past attended our meetings:
"That as an association we have been
free from political bias."
"That ln our meetings, all questions
have been considered from the standpoint, of public interest only."
"That all shades of opinion have been
given a fair hearing and due consideration."
We have had frequent occasions te
express ourselves ln opposition to the
actions proposed or acompllshed by
both the federal and the provincial administration, but, we have done so
without political hiss and without any
reference to the effect of our actions
upon any political party.
I may add that ln the matter which
apparently gave rise to the adverse remarks Ih the legislature���that of the
embargo upon the exportation of timber���the justice of our protest was admitted, and upon fuller explanation
and consideration, the objectionable
feature of the measure was eliminated
by the government.
A serious condition of affairs In connection with our fuel supply has developed during the fall and winter
months. The mines of the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal Company were shut down
for two months on account of labor
troubles. The stock of fuel at the smelters and In the towns ran very low and
as yet has not been fully replenished.
As they were unable to depend on a
continuous supply of coal and coke, the
smelters generally curtailed operations
and some of the mines cut down their
output to a minimum, and others shipped ore out of the country. Before any
stocks could be accumulated after the
settlement  of the  strike,    very    cold
Details of Explosion In Toulon Harbor
���Casualty List Will Not Exceed
155��� May be Less.
Toulon, March 13.���Minister of Marine Thomou arrived here today from
Paris. The roll of the battleship lena.
un which the disastrous explosion occurred yesterday, was Immediately
called, 475 men replied to their names.
Those of the crew who are uninjured
are quartered temporarily ln the naval
barracks. Twenty-four officers and engineers arc also reported safe, besides
there are 44 of the crew lying In the
hospitals serlouBly Injured. As the officers and crew numbered 630 It will
thus be seen that 165 arc not accounted for, but the naval authorities consider it most probable that a large number of these have sought refuge with
relatives or friends ln Toulon.
The entire town is in deepest mourning. Crowds are gathered at the arsenal and dock awaiting the announcement of the names of the dead. Hundreds of despatches asking for details
of the disaster have reached naval
headquarters here. Although the belief continues to prevail that the number  of  missing   will   be   reduced,   no
weather overtook us and a good deal ol
suffering and loss resulted. It may be
easily estimated that 'the loss to the dls
trlct represented by this association on
account of this fuel scarcity has
amounted to more than one million
A bill ls now before parliament calculated to avert strikes and lock-outs.
at least until such time as the matters
ln dispute can be investigated and
given publicity, and we certainly hope
that this mild measure will accomplish
its purpose.
An application was read during the
autumn for the exercise of our influence
with the Dominion government ln thc
matter of aid to the zinc industry, on
account of a ruling of the United States
customs, had been materially injured.
Judging the matter to be urgent, F. J.
Deane and W. C. D&lglish were commissioned to proceed tot Ottawa and
present the case of the zinc mining and
smelter men. Mr. Dean has returned
but Mr. Dalglsh remains at Ottawa
awaiting the outcome of the application. The funds for the travilllng ex
penses ot these gentlemen have been
contributed by those of the near interested.
For some time past, the Nelson board
of trade has been conducting an inquiry
into the condition of freight rates. This
is in furtherance of a movement to
lower freight rates tn this section of
the province, which, being high, are increasing the lost of living and hence
o,' labor.
Discrimination Is being alleged In
favor of thc coast and the upper country Is not equitably dealt with ln reference to such points as Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. Thc underlying
Idea of reform Is to have a mileage bas-
ls more strictly observed ln the various
schedules of freight rates. But, it is.
ln my opinion, of great moment, that
this question which affects the whole
of the districts covered by this convention should not be left to Nelson
alone to fight. The various delegates
may see their way to take up the matter before their local hoards, and in this
way bring a united sentiment to bear
upon the railway commission.
It will be noted that the Cranbrook
board is applying to us for an endorsement of its road and bridge improvements. I may say that Nelson has an
almost equal series of similar extensions, which, however, it is dealing
with directly. It ls also notoriously
true that roads, bridges and trails are
wanted ln every section of the districts
covered by us. So much is this the case
that the aggregate cost of such improvements is likely to far exceed any appropriation the provincial government will
care to make. It Is, therefore, my
opinion that It would be well to appoint
a committee of this convention dealing
with roads and bridges, which shall confer with thc delegates of each board,
and from among the various Improvements recommended select those of
most pressing Importance, up to an appropriation which is likely to be obtained. In this way, I believe, that
Kootenay and Yale could be launched
upon a comprehensive and Intelligent
scheme of opening up the country. iWth
the weight of the board behind such
recommendations, they would carry-
greater weight with the government,
besides giving the executive a definite
plan to work upon demanded by the
majority of its upper country constituents, than any merely local representation. Of course, roads and bridges
left out of the prpoosed scheme this
year would have the first preference,
conditions remaining the same, next.
more sailors or others have reported
their safety. The minister of marine,
upon his arrival here, consultetd with
the port admiral, after which he proceeded to the scene of the disaster.
All around the Missessey dry docks
were strewn pieces of shells, aud the
store sheds, and other buildings wero
pierced in many places. Cordons of
troops were drawn upon the quayB near
the hulk of the vessel, where relief
parties searched for bodies. Fire hoss-
played all night on the unsubmerged
portions of the battleship, whose Interior has been completely flooded. The
afterpart of the battleship is destroyed.
The officers' cabins are in ruins. One
of the officers, who escaped, said that
Ihe port hules of his cabin were open,
thus permitting the suffocating gases
to escape.
Later���Forty-one of the missing men
turned up. leaving 114 apparently un-
."^counted for or killed. Touching
scenes were witnessed at the gates of
the arsenal.
Borsano Fire Swept.
Milan, March 13.���About 2,000 per
sons were rendered homeless at Borsano today by a Are which destroyed
many houses. The only building left
standing was the church, whose bell
continued to ring for help until tho
last moment, which the peasants con
tidered to be a miracle.
South African Wreck.
Johannesburg,      March      13.���Adam
Jameson, M. D. ex-commission of lands,
was killed with 12 other persons about
midnight In the wreck of a train at
Alkamar, on the Delagoa line, due to
a washout. Eleven persons were injured.
Audience.Panic Stricken by Lightning
Bolt Saved by Comedian.
Chicago, March 13.���A despatch from
Newport, Kentucky, says that between
40 and 50 persons, principally women
and children, in a state of panic when
lightning struck the Grand theatre here
last night, were quieted, and many
saved from death, by the presence of
mind ot a comedian performing on the
stage. As it was, scores of women and
children were crushed under feet.
While the performance was in progress there was a flash and the theatre
was ln darkness. The audience rose
to its feet and made a rush for the
doors; walling women, screaming children and shouting men aroused the
crowd to an excited frensy. In the
midst of the whole panic, Albert A.
Dashington. a comedian, appeared on
the stage with a lighted candle ln hla
hand and began making jokes on
the thunderbolt and subsequent darkness. . His words soon pacified the audience.
Student Kept Bombs.
Karkov, Russia, March 13.���While
the police today were searching tho
rooms occupied by a student, a bomb
exploded killing an officer of the gens
d'armes, one policeman and two civil
ins.   Six other persona were injured-
Honduran and Nlcaraguan Forces Face
Each Other en Frontier���American Steamer Seized.
Porto Courtes, Honduras, March 8,
via New Orleans, March 13.���President
Bonllla, of Honduras, is conducting operations at thc front with the aid of an
automobile. Although hia troops are
two days' march from Tegucigalpa, the
commander is able to reach it ln a fev.-
hours. Tbe strategic positions of the
Honduran and Nlcaraguan armies are
described as follows ln the official -despatches from Tegucigalpa:
The army of Honduras haa taken a
position facing the Nlcaraguan frontier
and ls deployed ln a line including five
principal divisions, each occupying as
Important road. President Bonlla la ln
command of the line at Choluteca,
where he has nearly 6,000 men. Thc
strategic value of Choluteoa lies, in
part, ln the fact that tt Ib within a day's
march of Salvador, and that the army
of Salvador, according to the alliance
between the two countries, is bound to
aid Honduras.
Nicaragua's line of battle has been
pushed paat the frontier Into Hondura't
territory. It has occupied San Marl
cos de Colon, Trlano and Lamaslque
Within the laat two days, however, the
the Nlcaraguan outposts were driven
back from Lamaslque. Both armies
ahve thrown out an advance of 100 to
200 men each, and all the encounters reported up to this time have heen between these bands. The Lamaslque
fight was of this caracter.
Managua. Nicaragua, March 13.���The
American steamer City of Para, having
on board 1,00 rifles, destined for Ama
pla, Honduras, was recently overhauled
by a Nlcaraguan gunboat, which seised
the rifles. The steamer was permitted
to proceed to her destination.
Dr. Fagan Haa Succeeded.
The arrangements tor a sanatorium
for victims of tuberculoscls have at laat
taken definite shape. Dr. Fagan has
been Instructed by the government to
get out plans for the building, which
will probably be erected at Yale. It
has also been decided to build a number of small houses for tuberculosis
patients at Fish Lake, eight milea in
the mountains, south of Kamloops.
Doesn't Need the Money.
Washington, March 13.���The secretary of the treasury today announced
that the $30,000,00 which was deposited
In thc National bank the laat of November, to be repaid ln February, would
nol be called for at preaent.
Murder Trial Begun.
Fort Williams, Ont., March 13.���Man-
son Patterson, the man charged with
the murder of lieonard Armstrong In
a boarding house here on March 4th,
was called up today before Magistrate
Pallln for his preliminary hearing.
Kept Courts Busy.
St. Petersburg, March 13.���Statistics
published today regarding the drum-
head court-martials show that up to
March 5th, 764 persons were executed,
an average of almost five dally.
The Young Men'a union of the Baptist church will be at home to their
friends Friday evening at 8 o'clock.
Small-Pox ta
Causes JUarn
City Medial Health Officer Bas
Taken All Possible Precautions
to Keep Nelson Free.
A mild scare was caused laat night
by the circulation ot a report that there
were 13 cases of smallpox In Cranbrook. It waa also stated that there
are now 20 cases In Spokane.
Dr. E. C. Arthur, city medical health
ofBoer, seen on the subject today said;
"I have no official information on the
subject and could take no action If I
had. My duty and authority atop at
the city limits. Outside city limits authority ia vested in the provincial board
of health.
"I understand, however, that the
oaaes ln Cranbrook were all promptly
Isolated, and the houses from which
they were taken have been released
from quarantine. Spokane, I am told
haa not been quite tree trom smallpox
tor aeveral yeara. There la alao, I believe, a little at Kamloops, and at several points ln Alberta and Saskatchewan.
"I do not believe in secrecy in such
cases. When there la danger the public
ahould know of lt. If any caae of smallpox develops ln Nelson the press will
be told and there will be no request
for secrecy.
'Preparations have already been
made here, and any case that may be
dtacovered will be promptly isolated
and attended to. There la at preaent
no ground for alarm."
There was a blank docket at the police court today.
Silver suffered a further decline of
two points today on eaeh metal market
The caae of Hill va Hambly and
Yulll la In progress before the registrar today.
Preparations are now complete for
the Irish concert to be given Saturday
night in the opera honae by the children of St. Joeeph's achool.
Thla Is the statutory date for the
quarterly meeting of the board of licence commissioners but only one
member, D. M. Macdonald, waa preaent.
A picture panel which was exhibited
at the laat fair of the ladles' aid of the
church of Mary Immaculate, waa raffled laat night and won by Mra. T. J.
The second payment on the Kootenay Bell mine waa made laat night by
the Bell brothers, of Salmo, who are
working the property under bond and
It haa been dtacovered that the man
who gave hia name aa David McNab,
who haa been sentenced to serve live
years for stealing coins from the Vancouver museum, la well connected with
a prominent eastern family. The name
McNab Is assumed, and the prisoner,
who la a dope fiend, feels hla position
After playing the cities along the
coast for tbe paat three months, the
Claude Amsden Musical Comedy Oompany will return to Nelaon tor two
nights, Monday and Tuesday, March 18
and It. They will produce the old favorite -comic opera, "Olivette," on Monday night, and on the following evening
"Mascot." Several new membera are
now In the oaat, Including Eleanor Jenkins, prima donna aoubratte, Daniel Malone, tenor, and a chorus of pretty girls.
Beata are now on aale at the usual
A report from tne coast la to the effect that J. A. Macdonald, leader of the
opposition, haa grown weary of political life, and may accept a Judgeahip In
the event ot Chief Justice Hunter being raised to the chief Justiceship ot
the proponed appellate court It la admitted by all Liberals that Mr. Macdonald haa the first eail on the position, and will be supported by the Liberals of the const The provincial government will probably insist upon It
that one of the Judgea appointed muat
reside at Vanoouver. Why not hav* a
resident Judge In the Kootenaya!
.p si! The Daily Canadian
== STORES ���
Two Cars of the Celebrated
Ao B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP      $4,700,000 BEST H.700,000.
D. R. WTLKIE. President. HOX. ROBERT JAFFRAT, Yic-e-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Bepo-rits received and intervpt allow-?, current rates from date of opening of
��---ount, and eo:up>>nnd-5d qnart^rlj-
>8I.SO>*  BHA>CH
J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
_..-::-.* _-sj mam*.
Tot.1 Assets
Deposits of JI N as-l up-war :- :    - i
sld quart, rly instead of =.-:::*...:.:.
ved at highest cjrrs.!it rate and Interest
as heretofore.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
rZt.Jtt-'.   IU -��.-!  I ����I  IT li.
w��f" mam comi-.o-.-y. m
EUt: .'. , >'��:�����?:���.. B C.
���cMCriF-Uon r.sm ic* ctnu _ taoLSli t3<*::T.rt--.
la Ih* eitj. or C (jo �� jt*.- ���_ _c_: it et..,.. wi-sers
A_Ttraj:-i rs��'^n c- ��-rrll-��'.:-a
Ail ttoalfc, p.i-S IE  *--.*.--.*_-:.'.    '   ttt *D__Ir I
Ctcfr��l&_ ..-*���:-:.���_. *:-.-..s      ��� s.:* r:j,-.jo-�� or ,
(fcj��rnfltf tt-ii-. w r��-e:pled lor oD-she prlaw^l '
form, ol ���*_,�� s.oap-of.  Uli,*: rtctipu _.-�� Best
MARCH  13. IQ07.
������ By on* sror-i we *.** K,n*i:m�� ;*a<-*-f*d to tM
wne ui-i by on* word losetict-i ;-jig*d to te
looltofi. Ut ul therefore Ia, cret-i: waa: we
If the speech made by Parker Williams in th^ legislature yesterday may
be taken as an Indication of what
course the Socialist members intend to
pursue during the life of the legislature, it Is rather an insignificant jsart.
It waa, of course, to be expected that
some member of the party wdtild take
part in the debate on the address: and
lt niliiht have been expected that he
���Mutld outline the Socialist policy for
the session at least. Hut Mr. Williams
did nothing of the kind, ills declamation against the employment of Pinker-
ton detectives against the Kamloops
train robbers was a poor Joke, or If
serious, extremely childish
But the chief contention In his
speech, that the government cont.'ni-
plates a wrong to the workingmen of
Hritish Columbia in Its proposed ftffortl
to aid employers to secure a sufiieis ni
and satisfactory supply of labor, ls
typical of the worst feature of Sssolal-
ism and indeed of labor unionism
Many Socialists, If not all of them, op-
'*nly rejoice ln the scarcity of lalMir.
nnil the consequent high scale of wages,
which Increases enormously the cost of
production In this province, and also
keeps Ibe cost of living very high.
That fallacy In quite coniprehi-nsllili*
from the character of the alleged economic writlngB that Socialists read.
But there Is another phase of the
question which shows a serious Inconsistency. The cry agulnsl cheap labor
applies not only against Chinese, Japanese and Hindoos, or even to whnt an-
arrogantly called the Inferior races of
Europe,    but ls now openly employed
acainst the unemployed British work-
n.en whom it is proposed to Introduce-
through the agency of the Salvation
The real complaint of the would-be
monopolists of labor Is now revealed.
The cheapness of tbe new labor has
nothing to do with the case. The objection Is to more labor of any kind.
This is an amusing contrast to the
reflation matter of Socialist oratory.
whose favorite stock phrases are equality and brotherhood. The very' basis ol
Socialism, its only excuse for existence
as a political creed is Its supposed aim
to uplift the toilers in every land. Karl
Marx, one of the early German leaders
of the sect used to cry: -Proletarians
of the world, unite:" The Socialist on
the American continent who pretend to
the -same unselfish, if unpracticalble. aspirations have substituted for Karl
Marx' battle-cry:
-Proletarians of other lands, keep
away. Our wages are high. You
mustn't, even if you are starving 111
home, come here to compete with us."
The war ln Central America attracts
strangely little Interest. There are several reasons for such apathy. Civil
wars and Interstate wars have been
chronic In the little republics since
their organization: their foreign trade
and foreign relations generally are very
limited, and their Importance lo the
world at large very little. The despatches so far received have thrown
hardly any light on the grounds for the
quarrel. The one significant fact Is
that the southernmost state, Costa
Rica, which adjoins the Isthmus of
Panama, and Is, therefore, nearer than
others to a point of International Interest, has kept clear of the conflict.
Very well. An Independent paper
says: Now watch Sir Wilfrid hand 11s
extension of our boundaries���right Ise
hind thc ear." Had such a remark
come from nn out-and-out Liberal organ
It might have been charitably ascribed
to tho temporary Indiscretion caused
by rage ami disappointment. As It Is,
II must be accepted as the deliberate
opinion of an Impartial and disinterested observer.
Never before has the provincial legislature got down to the real work of the
session so soon after opening. Including the mover's nnd seconder's there
were but live speeches In tho debate on
the address. The condition It eminently
satisfactory,   promising   as  it   djes.
���short, businesslike session.
The exclusive attention given by the
Toronto Globe to -some disclosures of
liquor licence manipulation in Torvmt.-*.
i< 3 high tribute from such a quarter ts.
the general honesty and efficiency of
���he Conservative government of that
The Associated Boards of Trade of
Southeastern British Columbia meet today in Greenwood. The a-ssoiiaiion has
���sometimes been called the Parliament
of Kootenay. Though entirely without
executive or legislative powers it has
frequently exercised far-reaching influence on both Dominion and provincial legislation. Its members are
p.eked men representing nearly every
district and every Interest in Kootenay.
So far they have never suffered lhe
political bias of individual members to
affect their deliberations, and. on the
whole, their advice to both governments has been wise and public spirited. It might be well, and would certainly be acceptable to both governments if other sections of Canada were
represented by, and could speak
through, organizations equally lutein-
tent  and authoritative.
Annual    Meeting   of  Hospital   Board-
Credit   Balance   Shown���All   Officers Re-elected-
The annua! meeting of the board of
governors of the Kootenay Lake General Hospital was held yesterday afternoon.
Secretary  Johnstone     presented   the
annual statements as follows:
Donations i   50.00
Government of B. C  I0S9JS
Annua] subscribers     320.55
Semi-annual   subscribers      30.00
Hospital Dues  7142.SO
Contracts   l>72.is'
Total 111,475.711
Furniture t   715.16
Stationery     24.15
Dry Goods  173.26
Fuel   7S6.95
Insurance   91.00
Crockery    22.25
Ice   -  5'...2>.
Advertising   19.32
Interest and Discount  1G.90
Spirits  30.85
Instruments    64.65
Printing    18.40
Operating Room    75.s'l
Soda  Water    19.00
Repairs   32-5.90
Light   190.56
Scavengering  27.26
Salaries     3.92S.95
Groceries   1,396.66
Maintenance     35.35
Meat     463.21
Milk   363.S0
Bread   160.30
Laundry    622.73
Drugs    717.29
General Expense  134.05
Bad Debts  177.50
Real Estate   500.00
Hospital Account  1 Profit!     312.41
.. .1 -t.eoo.oo
Real Estate 	
. . .   14.500.00
Accounts Receivable  	
...    1,906.70
Insurance iin advance) ...
Balance In Bank 	
Accounts Payable 	
...J     07S.75
Hospital Account	
..  20.9111.4i
John A. Turner having resigned from
the directorate with one year unexpired.
Fred Hume was elected for the balance.
The other directors with one year to
serve are: H. Byers, E F. Olgot, G.
Johnstone, T. G. Procter and C. F. McHardy.
The following were elected for two
years: W. G Gillett. Capt. Paterson. J.
M. Lay, W. P. Tlerney, W. C. E. Koch
an,l M. S. Parry.
At a meellng of the directors held
immediately after the general meeting
the officers were all re-elected: president. H. Byers; vice-president. K. K
Gigot; secretary, George Johnstone;
treasurer. J. M. Lay.
 *____-_��' UPWARDS
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist-   _Uk�� Strwt.
Hill Stmt V<-t SUitt.
Daughter ����<! pupil of Dr Torrington. director
Toronto College of tfuile. dulm ��� Hmiteo
number of pupils Id
Apply it residence or bj* m*U.      Bot 1109.
List of Orato-s for Clos ng  Dav of National  Peace Confess.
Province <>k Britimi Oi.cmma.  |
So r?
THI? IS TO C'KTIFY lb*: :h* MXtktvp frait
Und*.  Limn Af \$ autiw a   . *��*���*.
ca ry on business within thr pcortnea of Um.sh
Colli tub ia. esd ID carry out ur effect all nr 4.iy ,.f
the cl.Wits ot the comp nv i-> mn- h Uh      .. -
live author;! v ..1  tht-  i-e-gi��iitu*e ot ilil
umbia extend*.
Tht- t.t-K.1 efll'-eof tbe company ���>' mnate althe
Citv ni Winnipeg. ProTtm      I  Kfti Itobe.
Tin-unknot of thecapiii-:. el tbe' rrpany u five
hundred thousand do en, ihlded Into two
thousand five hundred *h��re- el ten per mit
preference s:ovt of the p*' rmlne <*f oar hundred
doll*r��eaeh. and twenty 3">e buodred shares ot
common stock of tbe par value of one hundred
dolisrs e**- h
The fcea.l t fiiee of the rorr.pnny in this province
is situate at the C tj- of Nr^-n. and Robert vwt
more Ilannin-rton, barn-:er who e address tt
the same, i? the attorney :,>r M-.v compUT.
(.tiven under raj* hand and seal olofltt, Vietoria. PrOTtMM of Brit:-:. I �� thi* IMh
ear ttt February, one ti. n - huodretl
anil meek,
B   -i   WuOTtOVt,
ReRistra- of Jolnl 4ttwk i t.mpanies.
TbeobjcetoforirUdi the company has bvtn
aatal llsbed a*-*-*.! Hennaed an
(a.) Buying, telling, toaatnf Of disposing of
ooal mines, coal and wood land*, fannlng. grazing
and fruit lands, and limUr limits, ana to wora
and develop the same:
(bi To carry on the bu*:m*i* ol immigration
and colonisation agents, make advances to
assist settlers on land; ; ore-hand from the
company add to secure the repayment of-UL'h
silvances with interest on men terms and in
such manner by way of sm.-r.cag? or agreement
as may be mutually B_rr,.,;
(c.) To tarry on tne bu'taess of ranch tar.
breeding, selling and dealing in cattle, hoisee,
sheep and other live stock;
(d.j To purchase, sell and deal ln lumber,
wood, coal, minerals, grain, ; ro\ i_.ionj, cjotting
and general supplies;
(e ) To carry on irade as general merchants
and forwarders;
(f.) To is��tie tn payment "f any property
acquired by the company, ahara Of the capital
stock of the company as fully psid up and non-
sss-eiMt'le or otherwise:
(g.) To carry on thebu��iae*sof Manufacturer*
and dealers <q power generators and motors of
etery de- rfption, to i oust met and  operate  all
cla<se** ol vet*kir*>, agrfenltaraj implement*,
machinery. Niats. steamer*-, barrel and ferrys
in which the J-��id motors are us-e-d; to eooatnv I
and operate !--at lines snd to carry on the business of carriers, cartage and parcel deliveries,
to own and "perate omnibus lines and rah] ������
and boat* for hire; to sell. l��ase and supply
eleetruity: t��own and operate electric plant*,
and generally u> carry oo any of tbe business
incidental to the afore*aJ! purposes and objects
ofthe company;
(h.) Tc* purchase, take nn le*ae, exchange or
otherwise aojuirc or tUsf-ooa of auy real or
(���ersonal ['i-ijirtj, and any rights or privilege*
which the company may consider n--'-��ary
for the purpose** of their operations;
and to sell and nuVOta ol apy lands or other real
eitata and personal property at auy time owned
orooaUotled by the company or any pwr: "
or any control therein, or claim thereon, anil generally to do all such things asare inci lental to
orconducive to tbe carrying out cf tho objects
of the company;
<1) To Deeome ibarBhotdara in any cztottng oi
propo��e'I company, an-i lo promote an<) as-.-t in
promoting any company c��rrying on a business
pc-mtning to the object.* for which this company
i�� incorporated. an*l which may prove ���_-.
;h.' i-'-mpaiiV. and to i*���.; :.rv. take over snd operate the business of any such company or companies, and to enter Into an agreement for *har
Ingot profits, union of interests, reciprocal . oo-
ct-stlons or others Im*. with any person or company an* uke ..r otherwise acquire or hold
���hare* and securities of such companv or companies;
(j) To acquire and hold lands by gift or purchase or as mortgagees or tftberwi*e a* fullv and
freely as private individuals, and to sell, lease,
mortgage or otherwise alienate lbe same in-! to
exercise all the powers set out in the several
Notice is herebv gl?eu that GO davs atter date I
Intend toapply to ihe Hon the Chief lommis-
������,on-��r of Lands and Works, Vietoria. for p-r
mission to purchase me following described
land ; Commencing at a post st the intersection
ol the south boundary ol lot 5*283, and east
boundary of "Gotdafl 'jueen" mineral claim,
tlience east l'j.Wchaii-s. mor-or less, to southeast corner post of lot iJS-J. thence north 3D
chains, more or le**. to northeast corner pe-st of
lot 52*.*J, thence east 40 chnins to the wutlieast
cor"er post of lot 2M6, ihence south *i chalm,
tbence weet W chains, more oriels tithe ea��t
boundary ot lbe "(.iolden tjueen" mineral claim,
thence along east l-oandary "'iolden Queen''
n.tueral claim to poiut of commencement, lu
chains, more or !e*o
Nelson, B.C., March 12.19r;.
John chikltoit,
Per WtL lOLLtNBTo.f. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given lhat 60 days after dale I
intend lospplv tothe Hon. Chief Commiasioner
of Lands and Works for |**rmission to purchase
the lollowlng described lands, situate in Weet
Ki-otenay district: Commencing at a post mark
ed J L Porter"* N. W. comer, tntnee south ��t
chains, following the eastern boundarv of II.
:*-elous appliratlon to purchase; thence'east tn
chains; tbeuce north *i chains; then- ������ ��-.*��i t��
chain* to point of commencement, containing
i *  ai rot more or less.
Dated ihli llth day of March, UWT,
J. L. PoitriR.
Saw   York.  Mari'h   13.���Earl    Orey,
goveruor-jit'iifral of Canada,    haa
eepted an invitaticm to deliver an :t'i- i
dreaa al  the publk dinner April lTth. J
which is to close the KUthM
txmgtvss.  Other Rpeakfira wfkt
dent   Ronsevoit,    Praaidenl    Qompi ta,
itaron  DaaUmraelea   De  Con-ataat,  of i
Franct1, W. T.  Steal, the  Baffllah  editor, and Sir \V. Ii. Crantaa, loi
vost of EdinbHrph.
"Companiei Act. 1897."
New Spring
Dry Goods
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med Hats.    Now is the time to make selections while stock is aoort �� . Tr'"1' I
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\ . -   -       .,���-,*.:-,   tn        Mmi s-tt-er
��� j��t^ ��, -.-���������'  ''i'ttiniL��-
H    u for ft 1��m    f sll thftt
, Isal t-vlng tbs li��rv*hort ftd)otaia< thtr CftAftalftD
:* Isrft]   -.-..[Mrd  en   ihr watt,  i-��ri of
I iroapl,ftxn belttfon ihu soutb ��h-"*
of iht swt inn i'! KooVDsy UKe. lu tht <11s-
_ tte st thf nj-ith-er-
' ;*. oonm     . tittt ptmp ���; ihmw siuns the
i soota vaemTtj nonMftr; ol lot ION sn*l the e��*
:;.- ra ll   IB �� W rlh   ***<'*.lrrlT   .!.'��� I
! distance of 4��, fet-t; Un-nt* st ri��hi mclei to
EUKhrr insfouth westerly --lire*-tlun. s
��� -.1. non *��r le��. to (h�� north
euterlr boandarr of tbi Cltj l"��rk. (^ntinued:
thenc* p*r��:ie: iossi*i w*-*terlT txmoJsry of lot
n$i id s south easterly Ji ration, m  ill��unOe of
"���ii f-ci-t. mort <** .ek*   to the DortberlT   houD'^rT
[lotSU -;nc the northerly bound-
��ry of lo*. *>���'* *.r. a north MStorlj dirrt*itou tothe
point ol   MHUHDMKId   the  *re�� txMnf tM
��cre��. mt*:*
I>��T^t thiiTih -d��T of/aauftry, A.D., 190j.
���SOd****-*. aft��-r dfttS I lliten-,1 to ��pp.v to the Hon-
orftble the �� l:irf I ommi��toner of I-*nd�� and
Woritl, to purrhnie S.U mcTt* of l*nd: Com-
mtut'tne ��'. a. p.��t m��rked H. Vi 9 N. t* oornet
pott an J pl��uu-d on the we��t ��hor*r of Arrow
lake kd joining Lot ttt on the tooth tide of tald
Lot, thent'e wwtSO chftlM ftlonK the nouthi-rn
boundary of Lot 3T3; thenoe touth ���***. H chtlm;
thenee ea#t ftt chaini more or lew to lake ���hore;
thenre north fttoni Utl thore to pla��.e of be#ln-
Dated 2Snh d��y ol Not I9C6-
G��o. tt. ,-TML,
J. K. AjWftMJ. Agent.
BUtt? >Uy. after dau- I mun-t tonplv to the
Hon. Chief roEOtnluioner of Landt and W.��rk��
for penniwlon to purthate the followinit dete tbel properir at ��� pi��t marH��*.i ������0 M B.K.
eorner, ' il.t-\r p 4".*|iH1d�� n-./th. th.-nr- ffbaln*
wett. thenee 40 ahafni south, th��-D'fl0 eheit��
eatt li po-nt of coram"nr-ernent, a relocation of
the mbandooM prt-^rnpiiou T_M <(f W r Kn��pp /
aod w the ettt half of the northwett i|U*rtfr,
and the wett h*lf of the n-rtrthcatt qoottor ol
��wti"tj 7,towuJUp70 ^t-t KooteOA-fatotffet, on
th- w,-��i -t.i.:- of the lower Arrow lakes eou-
t��lttinn Ifrtarr.-f, more or l��w.
Marvh I-t, I'M.'. OfUm UtXJttm.
M   K, MuQOftMOS, Agent.
Notiee It herer.yitlTen thatilxty day* afterdate
llntend to applv to the Hon Chief ���I'omiriw'lon-
er of Landc and Worki for tbe right to pur-
fhai* the following de��>fibed landi: fom-
mencing at a po*t markeit "M. J Cameron'*
Nff rorner pott" planted at the 8.W. corner of
the K and 8. W'K-k. No S��, rnnnfng eatt 1��
ehaint: times ton h LM fett, moreor let* lo
the ftr R. line, thence wett ia�� t-hslut to the
Arrow Uke; thenc north 1000 feet following
the thore of the Arrow -Uke to the point of com
Dated thU Utb day of February, 1W7.
m j nsaaao%
J. it. Cimxiox. Agent.
Sixty dayi after-lav I intend to applr to the
Chief Commlaioncr of i_arid* andUorkt for
permlMlon to pnrehaa tn- following detcrlbed
land: Pi'uate-t on the e*tt tide of Arrow Uke
la ibe Wett Ktmeaet diitrict, about 5 mil**
ftbore Burton City, <*oni.-neLClng at ft p��-*t plant-
ed at the nonhwev ronw of C. Baiber'i pur-
thftae, tbence ea*: > rhaiot. thcu^- n-rtb ��)
'baliit. thence **-���'. 8 ��� haint, tbence tMith ��)
chamt to ("Oint of n.r.i;at-nc-ement and (-ontaining an a<*ret more or 1cm.
January It, Wto,
Wllcam Ki:: iik.
Sixty dayt after date I intend to applT to the
Hon. Chief Commt-Miouer of Landt ana Worki,
Victoria. t<< pu.-' asm IM acre* of land located In
Fire Valley, belnj part of Seetlont Three and
Four. Ibwitthlp f'-J and described at followi:
Commen'ic-s: m a putt planted at William
William-*.' N W, (vrner. an i marsM K E. W'i
N. _L comer, aui running �� chftim weat,
thenre X ebftlai K>uth. thence 'JV cbalni eatt,
thence **j ��ha:n. touth, tbence ;�� chain* efttt,
lbence (���'.��� chatu* noith to place of beginning.
NoTember m\ke\ 1���� KOdl I   WiUUM,
J. K. Asyvkeue. Agent,
Sixty day* after date I intend to apply to the
Honorable the ( hief CommiMioner of Landi and
Work* for perm Lotion W purchase the following
described land* in Kootenai* diitrict: torn
mencincat a post marked J B Annablc'i northeast ciirnt-r pout, tald poal being on the iouth
tide of the Lower Arrow lake, about two mltvi
below Imrtou City; thence south JO chalm;
thence wett A> cbalm; thence south A) chaloi,
tbenee we1-! .i1 chalnt; thenct; north 3*.' i-haint
and 30 link**, more or less to, the lake thore;
thence easieriy along lake 40 chalnt. more or leaa.
to the plaea ox beginning, containing 105 acres,
mor*. o* :���.-��*
Dated thlt 5th day of November. 1**
per K. Ca BomtBT, Ag.-nt.
Blxty 'lay* after date I Intend to apply to the
Chief Com mi** loner of Landi and Worka for
permlttlon to pur. ha*e the follow inr described
lati'1* in Kooteuy Iiutrlct. about thre��-((uart��ri
ot mile from Thrum'* iidlag:   Commem ing at a
r-t ptaesd st ti.e B, W. corner of I. t*wa, group
Wt--. Cooteney hi*trtct; thenos wetter!v
following the north boundan of I. i*V��. W
��� hai- ���; thenea n.>rtli io cbaiut; thence eatt w
ehalns. more or lew, to the N W corner of
! ��� thenoe aonth fo) low ine the wett boundary
li chalm. more or lets, to plaoe of com-
mencement, containing to acres, more or less.
Dated this 6ib day of December. 1906.
H. H   Pirn, l��calor.
Slity day* afler date I intend to apply to trie
Hon. Chief Com ml** loner of Laml* and Work*.
Victoria, to pnrcbate tun acrei of land, In Fire
Valley, Weit Koolenay: Commencing at a poit
planted GO cbalm west of the B, W. corner of J.
kobinson's pre-emption, and marked W. W's N.
E. corner, and running we��t *' chain*, thenre
sonth 80 chains, thence eaat Go chaini, thence
north SO chains lo place of beginning
Nov. ISlh, 1��*. Wiu.uk Wiu.uni,
J E. A3WAMJI, Agent.
Sixty day* after date I intend to apply to the
Uon.theCbicfCommltNjonerof 1-andtand Worki
to pur. bftSS U0 acres of Und: Commencing _i n
poal planted on the went *id- of -ix mile crcea,
on waeon road, about two and one half milei
from Kootenay lake, and marked "Nell Mc-
Kecbnie'i B. Weit corner poet," thence east 40
chalm, thence norih 40 ohalm, thence weit 40
chain*, thenoe soutb 40 chalm, to plate of commencement
Located thU 10th day of November. UM,
Kilt McKK'Hmi
.-Ixty ilsr* after date 1 purpose making application io the Honorable the Chief Commi��ftloner
of Laml* and Works lor permlMlon to purvhase
the fit-How lug described land: Commencing at
a po��t rlace'd *t the H. W corner ol Un MO and
marked "F (i, F.'s" N. W. corner, thence following the southern boundary Lot ��M>. ti, chains
more or lew east lo the weit boundary of Lot
6**1, theucp following lame sonth SO chalm to
the north boundary of Ixit����hf; thenee atw<ut 70
chslns wer-.[ alone nald boundary to the Uke
ibore; tbence north 3u chain* more or lea* following the lake shore to point of commencement, containing HIT acre* more or lesa.
Dated Itecember 17lh, 1W7.
F  <i   FAt-yfllS.
^otlce Is hereby given that 60 oars liter data I
inwnd to sptdy to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of lamls and Works, Victoria, B C,
lor poralMoa to ptircha*e the following rieacrlb-
ed land, situated in the West k ������,*������:���*���. dlitrlet,
on ll*** we*t side of I uhamel (orPlx Vile) creefc.
Ot) ui>-er il-le of w*gon ro��Oi al��out i1, miles
fro^ West Arm of Kooteuay lake. Commencing
ata post marked Mrs Hattie Dock's '��� E corner running 4<* chains west; ihence J* chtlns
���OHIO; lbence 40 chain* ea*t; ihence St chalm
north, to the po*nt of commencement, conuinlng ��W acres of laud, more or less.
Dated thc 17th >ovemW-r tM
Utv   Hattii Dreg,
Johk K 1 avion, Agent
Notice Is hereby given that iixty oayi alter
ilate I Intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commisaloner of Und* and Works, for
l*-*nnl.**lon to purchase the following deacrltied
Uh'U situ-nled In the Wett Kootenay district*
Commencing at a \��>*t   marked   **H    11   south'
vmi oorner.* and nortb ol a   b   Latere, pur
<ha��ecl*|ni,   on -Nan*!   OfMKI theuce north 4o
chain*; theuce cast an chains; Ihence south 4u
chains; thence J' chains wed. to point of commencement, containing 40 acrei, more or lest
DefeGib-er'A), 1"*��.
.,   , KaWMr HavniM,
M, R. HOQtUJUtn, Agent.
Sixty dayi after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commiasioner of Unds and Works to purchase 64t) et-res nl land, located In Uwer Armw
Uke, Waat Kootenav; f'ommeiH ing at tt ikwi
planted at the "VW. rorner of Ar��)W Uke
Indian Reserve": thence south 8�� chains; thence
weet n ehatns; thence north te chain*: tbenee
eaat no chain*, to place of beginning
Ix>calea *th day of December, ISO*.
Not We is hereby given that 10 den alter dale I
Intend toapply io ti.e Honorable the chief Com-
mlatlnoer of Unds and Works for nermlailnn to
purchase the f,tjloHiDg described fanda situate
about 10 iniltf east of the Cily of Nelson, on the
aouth ihore of the West Arm of Kootenav lake
ana rommeneng at a post placed abom ��� ehelaa
"9 Thomas h. V, corner," theme soutb ��
cbains, .ihence eait Al chaini, thence north an
cbalni. ihence weit *��� chalm to point ol COX*.
DtUd IhU (th d��T ol ��0T��� 1>M.     ��. TIKWU.
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ore
Full Stocks
B.C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddies
Manitoba Whitefish
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON of Finest Qm^.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Orders by mall to any branch wifl hars
out prompt snd careful attention.
He��d Ofllce: Nelwalfl
Hixty dayi after date 1 Intend to apply to me
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Unds and
Works for permlulon to p-irchaae lbe following
described lands in Kootenay district *. Commencing at a post marked -A. J DUI'i southwest
corner post," said po*t U-ing on the northweal*
erly shoreof the Lower Arrow lakr and IA links
due east, oo tbe northeaat eornur nf Ut .'.lt
(iroup 1; thence north f*> chalm; east -to chaini;
south W chains, more or lesa, to the lake shore,
thenca following said ihorv tn eeoatbweeterii
dlrwtlou 60 chains more or leaa to the place at
beginning, containing 160 aires, more or   leas
Dated thu Mh day of November, law..
A.J. Dill.
per K L. Bfiwrr. A��ent.
Notice la berthy giTen tbal flo day* etwt 'late I
intend toappiy to the BoDotebli tbe Chief Com*
mlMlouer of Landi an<l Works for |ierint*Bfon
to purchase '.OO acres ofland. situate on it,,. Utile
Moyie river about I mile from IntcTna'inna]
Boundary and about 1 mile from Bpefceve International Ry.: Commenting at a po*i marked
V. Urant'a H. E. eorner poal, thence well SO
cbalni! thence north 40 cbalm; tbence eait K>
chaini: theme north 30 cbalm; ibenee eaat 60
chains; thence south 60 chains to place of commencement, containing .-��� *  ������*-..I Ian],
Located Oct. 30tb 1 ������>
 ^_ DayriKLQKajfT.
Blxty dayi afur 'late 1 inien.i to apiily to the
Honorable tbe Chlrl t'omralaaioiitr of Unds and
Works, Virtorla, to pureha*e UVeeres of land,
located in Fire Valley and de*crilrt'l a* [i UoWiJ
Commencing at a poat marked (i. B. Mi-M �� N.W.
corner, end piftnled at tbe southweit comer ol
Lot >;'��� and running south 10 chains, theOM
eaat 3D chain*, thence uorth K) chains, tbenn
west A>chaln* Uj \ia .��� ot beglnulng
Not. Ulh. J��6. 7ifo. B. KoVUUA
J. E. AKWanLg, Agent
Blxty days after date I Intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief I'oramlssioner of Undaand
Worki to purehaae -MO acrea of land, located In
Fire Valley, on west aide of Arrow lake: 'om-
mencing al a post planlcd 40 chains we-l of Uie
aoitthwc*t rorner of J. Kobluson'i pre-emption
and marked J. W'�� H, E. corner, and running
north 80 chaini, lbence weit M chains, ihcnce
���outh 80 ehaim, thence easl W chaiua to place of
Not. ISth, 1906. Ji** ffttUAJU,
J, K. AXUAKL*:. Agent.
Notice Is hereby giTen that An days afterdate I
intend toapply In the Hon thsCblsf Comml<
iloner ol Unds and Works Victoria, in. for
permission to purchase the following ���>.-���������..
Undi In West KiHitetiay Mistrlct: C, num in tnir
a^i a posl planted at the southwest comer of lot
. -I group 1, and ninuln. JO chains tn tl,,. south'
eait corner of lot TJVi, group I. ihen in an ��*a*ter*
It direction B chains, then north M chains,
then ��e*t KO chains Ifl point of cotnmonccmeut,
containing fiacres mere nr less.
I-xated Fehrttwy llth, 1'JOT
  HULir Wsrt. loealor.
Notice li hereby given that iCtty uayi alter
date 1 Iniend to applj* to the Bon. the Cblel
Commissioner of Und* and Works for iiermla-
iloti Wpnrehees the following described land
situated In the West Kootenav district- Commencing al a post planted at th,��-N, I corner
of I. rorters's pre-emption.*' and ruuning
thenee east   4" chains; lbence ami Hi 4'�� rhaim;
tbenoe veet40obelnci thence north to ebeim
to place of comineticemetH, coiitaluilig UQ acni
mora or I(-is
December a), 1906.
Harry PlTIH, IxK-ater.
       M. R   MfgraBltn. Agent
Kotiee li hereby glren thai HrtJ _*$
date I Intend to make ��i ;;��������'..'     'u_
able Chief Commissioner of Ut*!n',! lal
Victoria B. ('., lor permission io ["V-uiiklf
lowing de*crtb��4   land, ittiiale la Fail*"
Weit   K*    ������ *.-*.   dlitrlel:   '   ���:.���������    jfid
X lante.1 at Ihe southwest i-orosr r.| Mtraff
luton'i pre-emption, markci ELI itilm
poet, tbence 40 chains west, tbtwie
uorih. thence i *. ;,au.*-���-���*���������'������ ..;..->
norlhweat corner, theni-e re.'itii +-.-*.ta��'i>^
of commencement, co jtalutiig l'';��imii
;���**��� 1 thii'.3rd day ������;'...;���'
k i.cnie|
6>'dsya afterdate I intend to apply ->
Cblel Commlaaioner of Uii'ls aad * ���
t'-ria, to purchase V*l acre* of in*1 lot.
Fire Valley and l*ing a pMttea ��� Ni
end lfi tn Townihlp te and -icwriw uk
1 oidiiieij.-jug at a post planted ll Uf
eorMr  of   the aouiheast uiiarter I
ToVMblp 6v and  marked I 'i i
tin rue north 4ochalns; then'* Ml ������
thence south 40 cbafni; theme eail *tt"
place of beginning
NoT��mUr K3rd lVOO.
3. E  AxKiiiLHStJ
Notice li hereby given that ��i days alter date I
intend lo apply to the ,i..i ,,-T , the inlet Commissioner of Uiidiand Works for perinlulou to
purchase the following dcaerllred   lnnds     Coin-
mtnciug at a poet placid tt ehelni weet oj the
���outheast corner of Lot *M2, marked "K. A Bidl'a
northwest corner," theme south R chains
thence east an < hains. lhetice north J�� chains'
thenee west w chains to point of 'ommenccmim
coiitaining 40 acrea, more or leas,
located thls6ih day of Not , 1��A.   It. A.Bgi.i..
Notice ia hereby giTen that 00 days alter date I
iniend to anply b�� the Hon Chief Commission erol
Undiand Works, Victoria, for H'rmi-lon to Dur-
chase the following described laud, slttiateJl lu
he Wesi k.Kitenay diitrict, on the west side ol
Dnbamel (or *HLx Mile) vreek, near wagnn road
about three miles from Kootenay Iske rom'
mrncing at ft poal marked "James J. Im.V* H W
post," running 20 cbafni eftit, tbence *jt> chains
north, thenee �� chain* wen. th-n.c a.ebain
south, to the point nf commencement, contain
Ing �� acrea of land, m^re or leas.
Deled l��h Norember, 100ft
Locale.1 by JiMtaJ. |,nc��
rJoHKE. TarLoe. Agent
Hixtv dayp after date J intend loapply to ths
Hon  Chief f'ommlsalnner of  Urol-  and  Works
Mctorla. to purahasplw acres of land, l<��nted on
the west side ol Arrow __*��� ,!,.��� flv��� ,���.,..','"
low Burton City, and deeerlbed a* follows*��� Com
mencing at �� post marked -F 0 H* *o.,'thi*aai
corner of Lot 2719; thence n-r-1, *��� ehain*-ihen..
weit �� chains; thenct nnth ��eh32f/SSS
eail SO chains to the place of b-ginnina UIW1W
NoTomber Mtb, i��A. K""1^^
tat J   K. AgK4gU<
Notice is hereby giTen tnaiW'tipf^*
Intend to appl) lo the HonOADlttMML
nifsaioner of Unds and M'itrk* to 1-airtM
acre* ol nnd .leaerlbed as follow* ' 'CSSC
st a p��-.*i planu-il on the n��nb bant of **
Movi,. river, about aw> yarJ�� bom m-Wj
markcl -h. McUsn'i -S W. c>tmW
th.not' east so chaini, thtner MWjl
tlu-nce a est �� chalna, thence WUth ����^
place of commencement.anJcoutiioW"*
moirorleaa. u,____
Located 30th day Oct..!����      Hont H^iS|
Blxty dayi after date 1 intend fcinjf*]
���Son chief i ommlssloner o( LandiM*"!
Victoria, io purchase l.'-o a< ni "I \w*mJ
miles b-iow Burton CUT,West��o<��W|
mencing at a post rasrked "J.* lrTl'l'.l
corner post," said poel being on thf-*"3S
ol au island weat of Un -..IT. sill claimiEgMJ
land conuiued tu said Wand, Wjl*"*!
mile Inan easterly and -aesterly dlrttvmaa
aUoit i. chain* from norih towutb.        |
NoTeml*rllth, 19u��. J ,11,   ���
J E AssWt*ttm\m*am
Slxtydayi afterdate I intend to ipfjf
Hon. Chief Commissioner Of Undi �����'
Victoria, to purehaae IJU acres ��f Ism ��
on the h est aide of Arrow lake awl ]v',llt__m
north of Lut7y;6: Commencing *} �� I*' T_fi|
at the N K corner ol Ut WW and HWP
8, S .-onicr." and run Blng ��n-rln.*lS
theuce weal JO chains, Ihence BMR"W
thence weil JO chains, Iheuce *>,,u*n *'Ta
thence eaat SO chaini. Ifl pl��sfj ""iSI
HoT.-Mth.im """".ill   I
Sl\n <Uys stu i dat. i inoi I '���* fl^.J
Honorable the chlWConii:ii��i''"^,,'J^Ta
Wo.ki.  Victoria.  tO  P"-cl.a*.*A��>��rW��"|
lo ��!.*���I and deeerlbed a* follow: CWJ
it ft poel plented at tho '',liU'*'V ItUtm
BobiijPon%�� pre etnptlnn in Fire **'�����?������'��� JJ1
H��r miles  from E-lwarl  LfllldfW- ��� 1
Arrow lake, and maiked f  n'-s        .
running weft W chains. IhSBceSMW"!
thence east *ti chains, tlulice ���"ll'n '
theoee cast *n chalm, thence ncirtn su*
P' "' Ixyinnlnn r,.��C
Not  IHth. 1IW r*l t��Bt
r\n vsiwj
uidiil' r
clmic W-i acres of and located in
Ins pun of fieetlonal and ifl i11"
de*cnbcd as follows:   Commenc
marked F. W.J.8 KtatM*a4VUN%3M
northweet eorner ol tV*w *^��_vM
Ih.-nco weat 40 chains; theme none'TjJHI
then.v east 40 chains;  them*
place of beginning.
NuvemU'r m**Q IB.*-
J. E. AHw'^^iSJ
mh to the Hon. t 'lfl  V ,'niire*
Notice la her
Intend 10 appli lo thi-.����� : , profundi an,! Work* for pstm^SESESm
the following descrlbeil Isnd in **R7SH
district: Commencing at a pMl "%|7orUfl
A   Wilson's corner post, plsnicd ai mjm
comer of Section iJ.TowmlteT. ru, "|, r>f
40 chains, thenct) went ��i��t:aln-. m   ��    ol(_tU
ibalns, llieneo cast ��chnin* i��> ''^or^
ineuu-mcnt, eontaliilng lw acn��. ��  ^|
I>.te��l Nov. 39, UN. . gft^^k
Hlxty d./s afterdate I lal*&$$[fl
Hon. Chief Commluloner Ol ^l^__
to purohen is: acres 0 land, <"">���"r M��i��
post marked M B'l N. K eorner "*��� ��� ��M
the N W corner of ti.W Steele J^.Mj
weils.de of Arrow lftk��.*J��g ff'i&S
Burloiicl'v. ihen.e ttc.HiirhHtti--*- ' ;!',,(*+
HSM istKifl's, rhenee cflit *o *'llHl""', ,wtDlM**l
M B9 uhalni t<. nlftM of bcgim"��K*,ollw
acres, mor* or leis. Bn0g nrrt* I
Dftted wth day of l^iJJUS �����* The DaBy Canadian
fotice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standiug on W. P. Tierney s
or our books for any amount or description of
conl must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
not be made.
Dated February 18, 1907.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
cA Meeting of the Employers of labor
in the mines and smelters, and in the
lumber industry of East and West
Kootenay and Southern Yale, and of
the representatives of the men employed in these industries in these districts,
will be held in Nelson on Thursday,
14th March, at 9 p. m. in the Board of
Trade rooms, for the purpose of considering the effect of the Lord's Day
Observance Act upon these industries
i* i* herebv given that 30 dava after date I
linai'pl)   io the  Hon. llle Chlel Commls
r ol Laiidn and Worka, Victoria, for pet*
���i i" i-ut and carry a*ay timber from the
rln| described lands In West Kootenay:
1 ommenclng at a post planted about eighty
* we��1 of the mouth ol l ureka creek, where*
*��� into Barnes creek, and on the north
>( Kurokft ereek, aud marked <*. A.Lauilc's
eait< orner [M-st. thence weat etgb y chains,
- imrih eighty chains, llu-nce east eight!
. thenoa south eighty chalm to point of
��� ti' cinent.
edJan ttthtslW.   0 A. LavaiE, Locator,
' ommeftelni nt �� i��->*m planted east of and
1111; <> A. I.H'nie'*- location poit No. 1. and
wl u. A   Laurie's southweat corner poal of
location, thenee ���*-���*.-! ,)*_liiv eliains, tbeuce
eighty chains, theuce welt citihly cbalni,
'��� -outh eighly chains to point ol eomiueii-
Uud Jau Sth, 1901.   ti. A. Lavhii, locator.
("miiieiiciuit at a i>ost planted about eighty
ni Houth ol r.tireka creek where it (lows into
"���"reek,and marked U   A. Laurie's south-
'���'���rner poit, on location so, \ theuce eait
I) ehaiiia, tbence north eighty chalus, thence
eighty eliHlns, theme south eighty chnlna
���Hit ol coinmencemeui.
ltd Jan. riti. 1W7.   U. A. Lii'Rl*. Locator.
CommenOjDg at a post planted aoutb ol
��'!j"lning(J A Uurle'i location KO.li and
i>"\ <t. A. ��� aurie's northwest co-ner posl,
ee eaat 80 i-lmtns, Ihence soulb HO cbalm,
1 e neat ��o chains, theuco north to chaini
Hii..[ commencement
lad Jan. Uiu, iwtf,   ti. A. Lavnii. EAOfttOT.
' -MN'-ri.-uig at a j"'��i plau'cd eighty
nieutftnq lorly cluilns south til location
bo 4, end marked w   H. Paie'i southwesi
��� r ;-��� ���*. of loeatiou No r.. theuee east eighty
ns, ihenee north eighty chains, thence west
if chains,   lbence  south eighty chains U>
t oicoinuiencemeut
ledJftn 2T>th, HOT.     W H. 1'au*, Locator
I oiiimeui-lng at a pout planted south of
adjoining location du. ft, and marked W. H.
* northwest corner post id  location Ko ��,
���'   -n��t elghly chain*, ihenee south .ighty
ii*-, thenos west elghly chains, ihence north
tj chains t.i jtoint of eominciicemunt.
led Jau. -Jbib, VMS',.      w. II   1'A'iK, lAicatur.
Comminolng at a post plauied eighty
hi oast and tweniy chains aouth ol location
No ft,ftnd innrked il. A. Uurie's aouihweat
erpovtol location No. 7, thence easl eighty
���in. thenoe north eighty chains, thenca weil
ty chains, thenee nouth utgoiy chalm 10
' ol commencement,
led -liiu.ji.th.itar;.   U  A. Lavkik, locator.
Cominenolflfl nt a pott planted eighty
n* east and eighty chains south ol location
No. 7, end marked ii. A Uurie's aouth west
*t post of locution No. H, tbeuce eaat
ly ��� io. in*, tbenee north eighty chalm, theme
Bight/ chains, thenee south eighty chains
���int of commencement.
��t d Jan, _Bih, UKfi.   -o. A. Ladkis, locator,
ComntanolSg at a post planted eighty
un east and elghly ehalna south of location
Bi and marked ti A. Uurie's ���OUthwW
er ol location No. :>, lhetice caul K*-0 rii.nus
"���'* north 40 ehalna, thenco weat 100 chaius,
ice aouth 40 chat iih to pnln toi co in meneement
| I'nied Jan '26th, 1907.   0, A. Laurib, Ucator.
-Commencing at I poil planted about six
BUM down Uariica creek frnm the moulh of
jureu creek where it flowi into ti*rn��i oreek
fa southeasterly direction, and marked U. A.
V'lrie'a southweat corner pnit of location No.
Jj. ihenco eait eighty chaini, thence north eighty
iftlni, Ihcnce west eighty chains, thanee aoulh
gnty chains to point of commencement.
"sted Jau. Hth, 1907.    U. A. LiUBti, Locator.
H. Commencing at a post planted eighty
iHinseent of location No lo, and marked (T. A.
-siirle a aoutb weat corner post ol location No 11,
fraoi cast eighty ohalns, thence north eighty
'"siuf, theni;e west eighty uhftins, theuce ioulb
Vgbty ehaim to point of oomme*.,cement.
: "sted Jau. 28th, 1907,   Q, A. I.ADRlk, Locatur.
a fP T'/ommeiicliiBat a post planted iouth of an*
Pllfllning loeailon No. 11, and marked W. li.
ragos northweit corner pocf of looatlon No. 12,
thence east eighty chains, thence south eigbty
chalns, tbenee weat eighty chains, tbence north
eighty chains to point ol commencement.
Dated Jan. 'mh, 1907.     W. H. Paus, Lo ator.
IS���Commencing at a poat planted eighty
chitlus east and eighy chalui aouth of location
No 12 and marked Q, A. Uurle'a nortbweit
corner poit "I location No. 18, theoce east eighty
ehalna, thence iouth eighty chains, th' nee west
eight? cbalni, tbenee nortb eighty chains to
point ol eommeneement
Dnted Jan 2811), 1907.   O. A. Laurie. Locator.
14.���Commencing at a post planted north of
end adjulniiiK location No. It, aud being marked
Q A. Leorie'ssouthwest corner post of location
No 14, thenee eait eighty chains, thence north
eighty chains, ihenee west eigbty chalm, thenee
���outh eighty ehaim to point ol commencement.
Dated Jan- VMtli. uct.   G. A. Lai*an, Locator.
lfi���Commencing at a post planted eighty
chalm north of location No. 14 and marsea W.
11 fuse's southwest corner poet ol location No
It, tbence -a>d cUhiy chains, thence north
eighty chains, thence wcsl eighty ehalna, theuce
aoutb eighly chaini to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. ttih, 1907.     W. H. Psok. Locator.
lft.-Commeuclng at a post planted eighty
rah aim gut of location No. 1.., and marked 0. A.
Uurle'i luuthwett corner poit of location No.
Id, thenee eait eighty chalna, tbence north
eighty ehalns, theme west eighty chains, thence
aoulh eighty chaini li point ol commencement.
LOOfttftd Jsn. _S, 1007.    U. A. Laubis, Locator.
17.���Commencing ftt a post planted south of
and adjoining location No. lf>, and marked (i. A.
Uurle'i northwe-t corner poit of location fa.
17, thenee eaal eighty chains, thence south
elghtv chains, thenee west eigbty ehaim, thence
north eighty ehains to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. Stthi 1907.   U, A. I-Atmil, Locator.
IH.-Commencing at a post planted eighty
ahalni aouth ol location No 17, and marked W.
If   Pftre'l northwest corner post of location No.
18, thenoi eaal elghly chains, h ncesoulh eighty
chaiLi, thence west eighty chalm. thence north
eighty cli nm* to point ol commencement.
Located Jan. ��9,1W7.      W. H. Paok, Locator.
19-Commeuelng st   a post  planted   elghly
ohelni iouth oi location No. 18, and merkwi u.
A   Laurie's northwest corner poit of location So.
19, thenee eaat elehty cbalm thence south
eighty chains, thence won eighty ehulns, thencu
north eghty chain* to point of commence!!)' nt.
Dated Jan ��th, 1907.   <i. A  LAUBlft, Ucator.
g0_���Oon mencing at a post planted about
eighty ehams cast of the mouth of high! Mile
creek when- 11 empties Into luonoakln ereek,
and on tlie south Imnk of Inonoakln creek, and
marked "i. A Laurie's northeast corner poil oI
location No DO, tlu-nce iouth IM chalna, theme
wesl 40 chalm, Ihcnce north IW) chaius, thenee
��a<t 40 chalna to polul of eommeneement.
Dated Feb Und, 1907.    Q. A. l.Al'RlE, LOOfttOb
Jl. -Commencing at a post planted forty
ehaim wesl and eight] chains aoUln Oj lo IftUbn
No A), atld marked W\ II. Page's nor h'.i��t corner poil of location No. 'JI. thenoi west eighty
cbalm, thence aouth elghly chalm, thence out
eighty chains, theuce north eighty chains to
point ��� I '���oiniiiciieenieui. ,������,,���,
Dated Keb. Uud, l��T-      W. H, lUiiK. I-orator.
W.-ConDnene'ng at a post planlcd Wft of und
ndjotniiig locitlon No.flO, and murked il A.
Uurie's northwest corner OO I nl IftpfttlOQ No.
tt thenee south I0ii cIihI n��, thence ca HO ehains.
thcic north IW) Ohelni. thence west 40 ehaim to
Him of iwmmenoemont.    , _
Dated Feb. 2nd, 1W7.    Q. A. Lacrie, Locator.
'21-Comnienelng at a niisl planted forty tdialns
ea*t ol location No. H nnd markod W. H. Page a
norlhweat corner cost of location No. 23, thence
south 180chatm, ihence cai,t forty chains, theoce
north 100 cbaina, tbenoe west forly clmim to
polntof coinincnecineui.
Dated Feb. and, wfr,      W H. I'aur, LoOfttor.
M -Commencing at a poal nUn ted lorty clmlm
cast and eighty chalm south ol loratlon No. 28,
and marked U. A. Laurie's northwest cot *cr
poit of location No 24, ihenci south eighty
Ehalna thonce east eighty BbaJM, JJjJJg ttoM
eighty fbftlOI. tlience westelghty chain* lo point
ol cominenceinclit. __       ..._,.   , ���_,_,,���-
Dated Feb. 4th 1907.    G-*��� Lai'RIR, LoOfttor.
3R_t:ommenriiig at a post l'1*"1^ .��J��lllAy
chains eaat of loeatiou No. M, ftnd BUM J *���
Uurie's northwest corner posl "t to ���*��"" j���'
���2 thence south elghtv chalm, thence east
ilfhtyjGnS north eiglVy ehaim, thence weat
eighty chalui to point of commencement.
Dated Keb. 4th, 1W7.    0. A. UOT* Locator.
26.��� Commencing at a post planted about four
und one-half miles nowu inononklu creek, from
Die mouth of Klght Mile ereek where It flown into inonoaklu eruek, aud on the eaul hank of
Inonoakln creek, and marked <J A. Uurie's
northwcit corner post, thenee ���outb eighty
chains, thenee eaat eighty chalm. thenca north
ll. A. Laurie. Locator
'lake noilce thatl intend, M.ir y dayi after
date to apply to the Honorable tho Chief Com-
miEiloner of Lauds and Worka for a ipeclal
licence toeut and carry away timber from the
following deicrlbed lands, situated on Handy
Creek, lu Weal Kootenay district: Commencing
at a post planted on thc weit side, of iald creek,
aud market "J I*. BY1 northweal corner; thence
running south eighty chalm; tnence east eighty
ei.niiis thence north eighty chalm; theuco west
eighty chains to place of eommeneement.
I. P. ewcniiERo,
Dated Ihis 19th day of February. 1907.	
Take notice luat thirty days niter date 1 lutend to apply to the Cblel Coinmlaalouer of
Undi and Worki at Victoria tor permission to
cut and earn* away timber Irom the following
described lands lu Weit Kootanay:���
No 1.-Commencing at a post planted at the
southweat corner of limber licence No. 78*21;
ih'-nce eait (orly chalna; thenee north eighty
chalm; theuce eatt 1(0 chains, tlience Mouth io
northern bouudary of timber license 8.*>48;ihence
weit along aald northern boundary to
tbe nortb-wcat corner ol paid licenae;
then soutb to the nortbern boundary
ol Umber license 7018; theuce west to
a point due south of the point ol commencment;
thence north to tbe point of oommencement.
January 1,'ith, 1907
No. 2 ���Commencing at the northweit corner
of timber license 7821; thence south to the northern boundary of timber license 7018; lbence west
lo the north-wcat corner of iald timber .icense
thence lou'h to the northern boundary of Lot
812; tbence following iald boundary of aald
lot weit to tbe right of way of the B.C. houthern Hallway; thence following said right of way
In a north easterly direction to the place of commencement.
January 15th, 1907.
No. 3��� Commencing at a aoutheast cornsr of
timher license No. 7821,aboul fifty chains houth
of the right ol way of the H C. Southern Rail-
way;thence east 160 cbains; thence north forty
chalna; thence west 16o cbalm; thence south
forty chalm to place of commencement.
Jauuary loth. 1907.
Ko.4.���Commenclngat a post planted At the
Intersection of the aouthern boundary ofthe
rlgbt of wav of the B. C, Southern Hallway, aod
thc eaiiern boundary ol Lot &187; theme south
to the northern houndary of license application
No 3; lbence tasi 16o chains; theuce north to the
aouthern boundary of timber license No 7195;
tbence following the aoutbern boundary uf aald
license westerly about sixty chalus, more or lesi
to an eastern boundary of satd license; thence
south forty cbalni; lbence weat eigbty chalm;
then north to the rlitht of way of the B.C.
Southern Hallway, thence following said right
of way in a soulh-westerly.dlrection to tbe place
of beginning.
January 15th, 1907.
No 5.���' ommenclng ftt a post planted at the
southwest corner of timber license OM&t thence
weat sixty chains more or leas to a point due
south of the southeast corner of licenae application No. 8; tbenee north slxtr chalm more or
less to the s .utb boundary of license application
No 4; thence east to tbe southeast corner
of aald license application of No. 4; tbence
nortb to the northeast corner of said licenae
application No 4; tbence east to tbe southeast corner of timber license 7195; tbence
north forty chains more or less to Si point due
west of the uorth-wcat corner of timber license
��636; thence eaat to the northwest corner of said
timber license No. 6636; tbenco south 160 chains
to the point of commencemeiH-
JftUtiary 16th, 1907.
No. 6��� Commencing at a post planted at tbe
southeast corner of timber license 6635; thence
west to the southwest corner of license application No-5; tbence north to aouthern boundary
of llceuse application No. 3; thence west to tbe
nortbeaBt corner of liceme application No. Ll
thence south to the northern boundary of
timber llceuae &S4S; thence eaat to the northeast
corner of timber license 8548; thence south
thirty chains; tbence east to the west boundary
of timber license I&42; thence north to the place
of beginning.
January 15th, 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing at a boat planted at tbc
northeait corner of timber license 854**; thence
touth forty ehains more or less to the north
boundary of timber license 8546; tbence east 160
chains; tbeuce north forly cbalm moreor less to
a ]>olnt due east of tbe southeast corner of timber license 8548; thence weat 160 chaini to lhe
place of beginning.
January 15th, 1907.
No. 8.���Commencing at a post planted at tbe
northeast corner of Umber liceme No. 8516;
thence south eighty chains; thence east eighty
chaini; tbence north eighty chains; thence west
eighty cbains to place of commencement,
January 15th, 1907.
No 9,���Commencing at a (tost planted at the
southeast corner of timber license KS47; thence
north eighty chalm; thence east elghtychalns;
tbence north 1*20 chains more or lesi to the north
oast i orner of liceme application No. 7; thence
weit to loutheaat corner of timber license No.
8&I8; theme north to the southern boundary of
license application No. 6; thence east to
the weat boundary of timber license No.
8542; thence south to the southwest corner of timber license 8542; lbence west
loth* northwest corner of timber license No.
8,-Vis; thence south to the northeast corner of
tlmtier license No. 85*5: thence west eighty
cbains; thence south to a point due eait of thc
southeast eorner of Umber license 8547; thence
west to place of commencement.
January 15th, 1907
No. 10.���Commenclngat a pOBt planted at thc
southeast come? of timber license 8519; thence
south eighty chains; thence west to the east
boundary of Ut8t2; thence north tothe southern boundnry of timber tlbenie No. 7018; thence
east to the southeast corner of timber license
7018; thence uorih to the south boundary of timber license H5*9; tbence east to place of commencement.
January 15th, 1907.
P. Lord. Locator,
 Paw McDopoau.. Agent
Notice li hereby given that thirty days after
date 1 Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Undi and Works, Victoria, lor
permission to cut and carry away timber from
the following deicrlbed lands in West Kootenay
Limit No 1.���Commencing at a post Hires-
ouartersof a mile up Nine Mile creek, on Kootenay river, and marked William Walmsley's 8, E.
Winer post, thence 160 chains west, thence 40
chalus north, tbeuce 160 chains east, thence 40
chains to the point ol hcglnnlog.
Located March 8th, 1907.
William Wauislby. Locator.
P. Shiran, Agent.
Limit No. 2���Commencing ftt a post about
threc-(|uart��rs cf a mile up Nino Mile creek, on
the West Arm of Kootenay river, and marked
William Walmsley's N. E comer post, thence 160
chains west, theuce 40 chains south, thences 160
ehalns east, aud 40 chains north to polntof beginning.
Located March Sth, 1907
William Wai.msi.ey, Locator.
P. Shiran. Agent.
Tnke notice that 1 Inteud, thlrt* days alter
date, to anplv to the Hon the ('hlel Commissioner of Lamia and Works for a special license Incut
aii'1 carry away timber Loin tbe following deserlhed lands, situated on Sandy creek, in Weit
Kootenay district: Commenciug at a post plauteil on thc we*t side of Handy creek and called
J. V. S'a southwest corner post, thence running
east ���*������ chains, thenco north 40 chains, thence
west 40 chains, thence north 80 chains, thonce
west 40 chains, thence south VJn clmim to place
of eommeneement.
Dated this 9th dav of March, 1907.
J. V. HwKKDitEfu, Locator.
'lake notice thatl lulend thirtydays afterdate
toapply 11 the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands aud Wo*ks for a special license to cut and
cairy away timber from tho following described
lauds, situated eait of Dog creek, lu the district
ol WeBt Kootenay: Commenclngat a poet mark-
e-1 'lhe Houndary Lumber Company's northwest
corner post " planted about a mile east of the
Columbia und Western railroad, aud about three
miles south 11 the Big- Tunnel, thence 40 chains
soutb, tbeuce 60 cbulns east, thence 40 chains
iouth.ther.ee loo chains east, thence 41) chalui
nortb, thence 80 chains went, tlience 40 chalna
north, tbenco 80 chains weat to point of commencement.
Dated 4th March, 1907. J Osnklle,
AkciiI for Thc Itoundary Lumber Co.
Take noCcc that 1 intcti'i thirty days after date
to apply to the Hon tho Chief Commissioner ot
LandB and Works for a special license to cut ftnd
carry awav timber from the following described
landB, sltuftted on Dog creek, lu West Kootenay
district: Commencing at ft post planted on the
esstslleof the Columbia aud Western railnmd,
on or about ten chains east, and marked "The
Boundary Lumber company's post," and about
a mile and a hslf Houth of the Hlg Tunnel, tho
northwest cornor, thenco running south 160
ohains, thenc" east 40chains, thence north 160
chains, ihonco west 40 chalna to pleci of eommeucement.
Dated March 4th, 1907. J QiNM.ll.
Life Ruined  Merely by Aeeutatlon of
Murder���Saved from (follows to
Suffer 40 yeirt  Mliery.
Portlanil, Me., March 13.���Shunned
by society and pointed to -with scorn
by the very children on tbe streets because forty years ago he was accused
of a murder of which he was acquitted
by tbe confession of another on the
very day he was to hang, Luther Ver-
rill, a feeble recluse, 80 years of age,
once rich, died in the poorhouse last
Verrill'a death was the climax to one
of the most remarkable stories in
Main's criminal history.
lt was forty years ago���to be exact
January 19, 1867, that one wintry morn-
roads ling after a great storm that piled
the drifts high in the roads ln a little
house tbat still stands on the West
Auburn road, the neighbors found Uie
mutilated bodies of Mrs. Suaanah Kinsley and "Aunt" Polly Caswell.
Arrest followed arrest. Two or three
men narrowly escaped being enmeshed
In circumstantial evidence. Finally
Clifford 1. Harris, a negro, and Luther
J. Verrill, an Auburn man and wealthy
shoe dealer, were arrested. Harris
confessed and implicated Verrill. Harris asserted he met Verrill on the road
and Verrill told him they could go and
get money. He related the awful details of the crime. They were tried on
June 4th, 1867, and the trial lasted
eight days. County Attorney E. O.
Bicynell and William P. Frye, then attorney general, were the prosecuting attorneys. The prisoner waa declared
guilty of murder ln the first degree.
Verrill was sentenced to be hanged.
The chaplain was ln Verrill'a cell giving him the last words of spiritual comfort, and the gallowB were being prepared when Harris, the negro, overcome
by remorse, confessed that he alone
murdered the two women.
Verrill, though a free man, never recovered from the blow, he had lost all
his money, and had no heart for business and made a poor living doing odd
jobs. He shunned social intercourse,
and to his last day lived as much like
a hermit as was possible for a man who
had to have some business relations
with his fellow men.
Secretary   Reports   All   Debts   Wiped
Out���Trainer's Advice.
The annual meeting of the Nelson
Boat club was held ln the board of
trade rooms last night, E. C. Wragge
In the chair, ln the absence of President Whealler and Vice-President Dr.
Secretary Teague reported that the
club Is out of debt and has a small cash
balance. The chairman announced that
two new boatB were ordered and en
The election of officers renslted:
honorary president, Capt. Gore; president, Dr. Hall, M. L. A.; vice-prealde4t,
E. C. Wragge; captain, F. Nott; vicje-
captaln, A. Pool; secretary-treasurer,
J. Teague; extra committee members.
C. H. Longhurst, W. H. Smyth, T. D.
Desbrlsay, N. S. Fraser, N. Mcintosh.
Trainer Desbrlsay addressed the club
urging hard training and resolute efforts to win the junior championship
thiB year. He announced gymnasium
classes every Monday, Wednesday and
Thursday from 6 to 8 p. m.	
Colonist Rates
Kootenay and
North Pacific Coast
Ontario, Quebec,
Maritine Provincea,
St. Paol, Chicago,
aad United Statea,
On Sale Daily Till 30th April.
While the rates are low. Full particulars on application to local agents
or write.
A.Ci.r.A.. Vnnnnivcr. B.P.A., Neluon
Notlco I* beroby given tliat 00 sl.yss alter date I
Intend to apply to ilie Uonomblo toe Chief Com-
mluiouer of Lands, ind Worki (or * lleenie to
fsrssispesst tor csonl aud -petroleum over the follow-
iiK land: Situated two mllei north of tbe International bounslary line and weit ssf the Flathead
river. I's'rIisisIisk at ft poit marked W. LeUftllail'
N. W. corner poit. thenoeSOchfttnllouth, thence
SU chalm eait. ihence 80 chaini north, thence M
chaini weit to point nf commencement,
tlatod Not. lf. 190S. '
w. liqallaii.
Notice li hereby given that SO dayi after date I
intend to applr lo the 'ion. Chlel CommlMloner
of Unda and Worki for ft lloenie to proapect (or
coal and petroleum over the (ollowlng land:
Situated ilx mllM north of the International
boundary line and eaat ol ihe FUthead rlrer.
Begiuniug ftt ft poit marked 1, U. Hurd'i N. W
corner po.t, thenee 80 chaini aouth, thenee SO
chalui eait, thenee oo ehftlni north, thenee 80
ohftlni weit to point of -oommenoeme&t
Dated Nov. li.ltM.
Nelson Aefie, F. O. E., will meet this
evening for the transaction of general
His Honor Judge Wilson arrived
from Cranbrook laat night and ls In the
city today.
Ben Hur Sanctorum of Humility and
Perfection will hold their usual Moon
Feast tomorrow evening.
The coDJmltt-ae of St. Patrick's society will meet in the city hall tonight
at 8 o'clock sharp for final reports.
The public meeting in the board of
trade rooms tonight to discuss the
Lord's Day Act will open at 8o'clock.
The speakers will be W. M. Rochester,
V. W. Odium, F. Phillips and W. Ebbs.
James Johnstone returned last night
from Victoria, where he attended the
meeting of the Central Farmers' Institute. He brought with him the silver
and bronze medals of the Royal Horticultural society, London, the former
awarded to his own exhibit, the latter
to that of the Kootenay Fruit Growers'
association. They were brought from
London by R. M. Palmer.
Contractor snd
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Bough an<_dre*a��d luinher, turned
work aud brn.-keta, Coast lath and ahlnglea, -*aah
and doors. Cement, brick and lime (or aale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eait of HaU
NELSON,   Fs. C.
P. O. Roy VfL Telephone 178
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fctel k, Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker and Ward Sts.
Th* Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
BakM Btreet, Nelwn. B. 0.
Lighted by Eleotricity and
Heated by Hot Air
L*rge and Comfortable Bedroomi and First-
cImi inning Boom.  Sample Boomi (or Commtr-
ctal M��n
MRS. I. C.CLABKK. Froprtetrwl
Grand Central Hotel
Tula hotel his been completely renovated and
newly furnlihed with all modern equipments.
Hot water heating throughout.
BATES : Rooms, 60c. upward! ; mefcla 25c. ;
���peclal rates by tho week.
J. A. ERICSSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont Hotise
European and American Plan
m-mh *�� ou.  Boomi trom �� on. to tl.
Only White Balp Employed,
Baker It.. Kelion Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar -a-Day House tn Nelson.
The Bar It tha Fluent.
Whlta Balp Only Employed.
'iwt* phi ne St.
Royal Hotel
Ratea fl and fl.50 a Day.
Bpeclal Rates to Regular Boatdnra.
Moit oomlorlable qaertere in Nelion
Only tbe bell ot uquon and cijan.
I have PRUIT LAND for sale in
every portion of this district
and I am selling it easily
without the aid of
S* H. BRYDGES, Imperial Bank Block
Fine Bttflding Site
Ch��ap��st Buy
....In Town
120 Feet x 120 Feet.
One-half block south from Baker St.
Only $4,000, on termi.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aetes
of tbe
Choicest Froit Lands in
Draw i_4HoinouL.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. G
City Properties
Timber Limits
A Specialty
Baker St
Oppoait. Cumm Hotel
Improved aad
Frait Lands
In tbe nutter of ��n application lor tbe laine ol
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1. of Lou 2, and S, Block 12, Town of
Nsstl.-c Ii bereby given th rut Is my Intention
to Issue at the expiration of one month from
tho first publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate pf Title to the ibore lends ln the
name of Florence M. HodgIni which Certificate
Is dated tbe *28tb day of December, I8W, suid
numbered ��MIK. _.���__
H. r, M��cLEOD,
District Keilstrar.
Land Registry Ofllce, Kelion, B C
Jsnsnry 28th, 1907.
Certificate of Improvements,
"May," ' B.C.." "Btrathroy," "Joy," "Joy Free
tissual." and "John D.Mib'.ey" Mineral Claims
Iltuated In the Slocan City Mining DtTlHon of
the West Kootenay Dlitrlet.
Where located:���Nurth of Twelve Mile Creek
about one and a balf miles np.
Take notlo > that I, H. B. Jorand of Sloean Mv
Free Miner's certificate No. B7O00, ai ag.nt for
Horace 0. Van Tuyl, Tree Miner s certificate Nto.
BI821, intend, sixty dayi from the date hereof,
to apply tn the Mining Reoorder tor a Certificate
o( Improvementi, for trse purno-M of obtaining a
Crown Qrant of the laid mineral claims.
And further uke notice that ictton undei
Section 97, must ne commenced before tht lieu
inoe of such Certificates of Improv-smenu.
Dated this ltd Day of January, 1*301.
Certificate ot Improvements
"Bmpress," "Climax," "Honeehoe," "Queen,*
"Vision Jack," altuated In Nelion Mtnlna
Located on Porcupine oreek.
Take Notice tlial I, Frank Fletcher, agent for
the Active (told Mining Company, Free Mlnssr's
Certificate No B822&V. intend, CO days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for i
Certificate of Improvemenu for the purpoie of
csbtatulnif a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that aotioa, under
Bectlon 37, must be rommenoed before tne lasu-
ans-c ol such C-erttfloate of Improvementi.
 --->., HM.
Dated Nelson, Uth Deo.,
Paawa rinrnia.
Certificate of Improvements
"Argo" mineral claim, iltuated la the Slocan
City   Mining   Division   of   Weit   ��� oounay
Where lo ated -. On Springer Creek near the
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notice that I, Frank C, Oreen, acting as
nscent for the Arlington Mines-, Limited' tn*
Miner's Cerllllcate No. BUM, Intend, Sixty days
from date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
(ssr a lertlils-ate of improvemenu, forth* purpose ot obtaining a Cr ssu Grant of th* above
And further take notiee that action, under
section 37, must be cssmmen ed before the
Issuance of such Certificate ot Improvemenu.
Dated this Hth nay of December, MM.
F. C. Oaaan, ll*Uon, B. c.
F.CGMEH     r.r.Niuni     A.EGHW
Oil Endows, Danteta aod British
Colombia Land Sorrtrots
P.O. Box US   rVs.tJ.lB.
PRUNING AND GRAFTING sinfully attended to. Apply
BUt*r KlrailaU.
Tenders Wanted for the Porch-isc of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenden addressed to th* undersigned, at hie
oUceintsseoourt bouse, In th* City of Nelaon,
will b* received up mi th* hour of ��� o'clock la
th* afternoon of Monday, March Uth, MR, (or
the purchase of the "Garfield" mineral elalm,
Ut49i��. s-roupl, Kooumy Dlitrlet, whleb waa
declared to b* forfeited to th* Crown at th*
Ux aale held in Ihe City of Nelaon oa th* <tk day
ot November, IM, for delinquent laze* up tin
Jnn* nth, HM, and coata.
The npaet price npon the laid mineral elalm,
which Includes Ik* amonnt ol d*linqu*nt taxe*
and costs at th* tlm* ol forfeiture, wltb Interest.
uxes which hav* llnce accrued, eoeU nl advertising, and fe* for crown grant {Ml U nn/70.
which U the lean amonnt that will be eonslwiredi
m a tender.
lach Under mut be emwpanMd by u accepted cheque f*r th* full amonnt of th* under,
payable tn tha ord*r of th* Dapnty Commissioner
of Landiand Works, it Victoria, B. Cat par.
Detedat Nelson, It, this uth day ol Febru-
Government Agent, Nelson, B. C.
ary, HUJ.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenden iddresied to th* undersigned, at ki*
ofllee ln th* Court Home, ln the l liy ot Nation,
will be received nn till the hour of five o'clock
ln the afternoon of Monday, March lllh, INI, loi
the purchase ol th* "No. X' mineral elalm, Lal
UIO, Group 1, Kootenay District, which wei declared to be forfeited to th* crown at th* tax aai*
held In th* Ciiy ol Neleon on tb* tth day ol Ho-
vember, IM, tor delinquent uxes np tlu Jan*
Tb* npMt Price upon the said mineral elalm,
wblch includes the amonnt ol delinquent laxia
aad coeu at tb* Um* ol lorfellnm. wllh mureet,
tai-M wbleh hav* line* aocrued, coeu ol advertising, and lee for Crown Grant i*�� l��.) u MMM,
which ta th* least amonnt that WUI be considered
as a tender.
Eacn under muit be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount ol th* Under,
payable to thoorsler of the Deputy Commiislonsr
of Land and Works, at Victoria, B C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B C, thll Mih day ol February, HOT.
Govtmmt-nt Agent, Nelaon, B, C.
C-vr-tM-oavt*  of Improvamanta
Rio TenU, Orlsooo, Qu-sen Victoria Fractional
and Ornooo Fractional Mineral Claims, iltnate
In the Nelson Mining Dlvlaloa of Waal Kootenay
Louaud on Quiin Victoria Mountain, a*ar
UaaiUy aiding.
Take Nolle* that 1, Frank C Oram, acting aa
agent lor Michael Igan, Fn* Mlner'i Certificate
No. BMMnuud, Italy dayi Irom the dau h*r*ol,
to apply to th* Mining Recorder lor Certificate!
ol Improvemenu, Inr th* purpose ol obtaining
Crown Graott of th* abov* claims.
And further take notloe that notion, nadar
mtion tn, must a* commenced b*tor* tb*
lasuano* of such Certificate* of Imps
Dated thu Mth dur of January^"
*, Na
Certificate of Improvements
"Portia." "tmoa." "laat lid* No. r aad "Bat-
Haa Fractional" mlnir-al claims, situated la
th* noeaa City Mining DlvUlon ol Wnt Koolanay Dlitrlet
WhenJoouatjAt bead al Springer Creek, aaai
I, Frank C. Or**n, aetluaa
lb* Arlington mln*.
Take Notiee tbat
agent for tba ArllL.
Miner's C*rtlte*l�� No. _
Irom tb* dau kiraot, to
sn mines, Llmlud,
sly to tb*
F.O.Gl-all., BlMaas,B.O,
V: :
_, r
The Daily Canadian
Good Fortune
attends those who wear their birthstones
and for this month we have some fine
BLOOD STONES, in various sizes, suitable for rings which we can  mount up
for you in any style des<red.  Why not have a look at our stock of loose
stones.    They are excellent  vi-lue  and  we   have   many   suggestions to
make as to their mounting.    Our  gold  quartz  cut ready for  mounting
may interest you.
*�� *
��� Of  th,-   difli-rriK-.-   Isi-jv  U        X
��� between  ist. nnd tss*   in       J
��� ;
t Canned   Goods���
��� ;
f We carry only ,
X       FIRSTS       ���
One trial of oar
JTartan   Brand}
���       will convince yon   that we       #
2       carrv a fnll stock ���
��� ���	
��� Table  Fruit
��� N'egetables
X Pie    Fruit
Maple Syrup ���
Same  Price as Inferior ���
_______ *
Old Curiosity Shop
II you want to buy or sell anything.
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dinnerware in stock. Patterns.
! During Lent\
Some People Fiat Fish.
Some Do. Some Don't.
For those who don't
can sell them some of
I Shift's Bacon and\
And JOY Will Meet You
At the Door.
)Joy's Cash Grocery
���."'*-;-:-.:.' Mil! Bti      Phone 11
Cor. Vamon unu Wui-U  Sirasita,
.���NELSON.   B. C.
J. KKED HUME. Proprietor.
L. B. Reynolds. Trail: J. Jones, C. H
Pollen. S. F. Tolmie. Victoria: A. C.
Lochead. F. R. Phillips. C. E. Allen. H.
Arnoldi. A. J. Bates. Vancouver; G. W.
Waistell. J. C. McClelland. Vancouver;
\V Henderson, J. J. Kennedy. Lethbrldge; J. A. Loeppky. Winnipeg; P.
Ptpps. Altoun: S. H. Martin. Omaha:
R. Campbell. Moyle; C. F. Lucas. H.
Merry. Montreal: T. Ii. Hirminsham.
\V. is, Gomm. Sandon.
.1. L. Retallack. J. W. Cockle. G. O.
Huchanan. Kaslo; P. E. Wilson, Cranbrook: E. A. Kamm, Mrs. A. P. McDonald. Mrs. Manning. Moyie: T. Alien. W. J. Lind, G. Stewart. F. E. Wate-
man, Toronto; S. T. Beattie. Greenwood:: A. E. Green. Vancouver; W.
Mathison. Brandon; J. S. Maxwell and
wife. Morden; T. S. Freeland, Delo-
raine; E. A. Gage. J. E. Cation, Phoenix; H. W. Joslin. Alberta.
J. Hughes. Toronto: M. M. Krans.
Winnipeg: R. Reid. Walla Walla; D.
McLean, W. Maths-son. F. G. Borden.
Cranbrook: W. Fraser. A. Fraser, Lon
don: J. Noriss and wife. Victoria; Mrs
Anderson. Camborne: D. L. Milne. Van-
c silver; J. G. Milbum. Regina; A. N
W'mlaw.  Winlaw.
T. A. Mason. W. Cooper. Creston; A
Taylor. Kaslo.
M. tt Shepard. W. Winslow. Camborne; H. D. Lea. Slocan; F. Gagne.
.1. X. Bough. Kaslo; W. N. Jacobe. M.
J. Lloyd. Vmir: D. McCulloch. A. G
Williams. Edgewood.
J. G. Kramer, Spokane:  A. Gravink
Trail; D. Morris. Rowland.
J. Walgren. Northport; S. D. Bell-
rr.aine, P. Prime, A Mclntyre. Cran
brook; D. Skeliy. G Switzer. Procter;
A. W. Joslyn. Valley City.
Swiss Cream Sodas
Fresh from the
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Boat BtMlslera will hnd it to their ad-
v*uta>:e to ua,- our Pitch
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Telephone 161.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining WorK a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. 0. Bo-
Baker St.. NELSON.  B. C.
i.   A.   Kelley   left   for  ihe  coast   this
The C. P. R. boats are now rimnins
to Burton City, and may get down as
far as Deer Park today
The Lady Maccabees will hold a
mteting this evening to initiate can
d.'dates and attend to general business
Ernest Hurrop, the 13-Mile point merchant, is in the city today, attending to
certain matters in connection with his
H. Crotier Smith, of Clubb's Landing,
will leave for London Friday morning
Hi* will reach St. John. N. B.. in time
t> catch the Empress of Ireland, which
sails from that port on March 22nd.
Bttthbfl ii Pitts have sold the McPherson ranch at Thrums to W E Harvey, of Pretoria. Man. Mr and Mrs.
Harvey have arrived and taken up their
residence on the ranch, where they will
engage  in fruit   growing.
J. C. Brown, of New Westminister, ex-
postmaster, ex-mayor. ex-M. L. A., and
occe, for a month, provincial finance
minister, now editor of the News of
that city, and a Liberal war-horse, has
been summoned to Ottawa.
J. T. Russell, of 9-Mile point, is preparing to greatly increase the output
of his jam and jelly factory this year.
Besides continuing the manufacture of
the lines already familiar to his customers he purposes making a specialt>
of elderberry jelly.
Dr. \V. E. Gomm. of Sandon. arrived
from the nonh last night and left for
Sjokane this morning. He has retired
from mtdical practice, and will devote
his energies to developing the Ya-Ya.
whfch he says will be one of tho best
mines in the country-
It is suggested that Mark Eagleson
elected fn Lilliooet, will be allowed to
sit on the floor of the house during th-
session. but will not be permitted to
vote. He is said to be technically dis
qualified, having taken governmenl
money for conveying a patient to th*
provincial asylum for the insane.
Melville Parry is in communication
with Herr Steiner, now of Attaint City,
with a view of arranging for the production of an opera at an early date.
Mr. Parry has the score of Robin Hood,
an opera which has not yet been given
in Nelson, and one admirably suited to
the talent of the local operatic society
A. McDonaldi Co.
Dealers in staple nud fancy Groceries
Butter, EggB.
Camp and Miuer-s' Supplier
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we r-ecommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package
Graham Wafera 10c
Lemon   Cream    10c
Vanilla  Wafera     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlapc Ginger Wafers   10c
Butter���Thin   10c
Milk  Toatt   10e
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga  Flakti  (Salted)    15c
Put up In packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and tbey
prove themselves worth lt.
K.   W.  C   RlorV      Phone   in
N.pt!��*e in hereby k.vhi iui i will npnly *i the
next meeting ot tin Uoenea < "inmi"i..n.**- < *
tin* Ciiy of -Nelson in litre ilie liquor licence of ine
BlratbeoiA Hotel tnuuferrad irom entail lo
K.-L-iiM.M qsone Webb of tba city oi Neleon.
Dated tbliVtn ��i��y ol wtrcb, a P., ik/7
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price ��000.00
H. L Croadsdaile & ��__
Next Ixwr to Bank of Commerce
Wb.:��_.le _Dd   R.U11 Dessslcn 1Q
Fresh and Salted Meats
Acknowledged by critics to be
Best Blended and Most Suited to the waters of this
Camps supplied OO shortest notice and
lowrst pri<*v. Kotttng but frtth aud
wholesonu- meats nnd ��upplt*s kept in stock
Mnil onieri re��vivp careful attouhon.
E. C. TRAVES    Manager.
Cm Am -Benedict
Corner Silica ami Josephine Sta.
Post Cords
We have just opened up a large consignment of Vie*' Post Cards. They
comprise a beautiful n lectiOD of Canada's beauty spots. Including a number
of (*.. C. scenes. They are beautifully
Wc Sell Them at
3 for 25 cents.
We are also receiving new things in
Comic and Novelty Poet Cards almost
da'ly. Our assortment of Picture Post
Cards is not only one of ihe largest, but
one of the be*t selected stocks in the
W. G. Thomson
^^R 'cd Xelson, B. C.
Phone .-!-��.
Red Cross Drug Store
for your Prescriptions. Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Addrets:
Baker St., near JosM-phine, .Nelson. B. C.
A E. Ga?e left for England via the
C. P. K. ibis muniing.
A meeting of the by-law committee
of ihe Knights of Pythias will is.* held
in W, Irrtne's office Thursilay night al
8 o'clock.
Dr. S. F. Tolmie, provincial v.-i.-rin-
ary Inspector, arrived from Victoria
last night and left for East Koolenay
this morning.
The manaes-rs and employees of mines
smelters and sawmills, the Churchmen's club, and the local branch of the
Lord's Day alliance will all debate the
Lord's Day Act tomorrow night. \V.
M. Rochester will address the last
named meeting, which will be held ln
St. Paul's church hall at 8 o'clock, and
he offers to answer all questions and
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Coast   anil   Slocan     train���Half-hour
Bounslary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
You bare .. perfect right tss insist
upon a perfect tit and ps'rf.-ct style
When >"u an isaying frssm $15 to
$-.> for a suit.
20th Century Brand
will fulfill ys.-.ir highest expectations
and your most exacting demands.
They are th.- nearest approach to
perfectissn that we And in tin* uilisr-
ing world We can prove these
facts to yssu if you will but give us
the OH-ur'unity.
$18.00 Style and Value for . J13.00
$20.00 Style and Value for. .$15.00
Boys'   Suits   at   $2.   $3.   $4  and $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's   regular  K00   Box  Calf
Shoes   for $3.00
Boys' regular $2.50  Box Calf
Shoes   for $2.00
Clearance Sale of Mens' Underwear at |1, $1.50 and $2 per  Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Socks
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
Sherman's Opera House
Monday and Tuesday,
March >8 19
Claude Amsden Musical Company
a<>       PBOPLJB       20
Monday, the comic op���ra success, by
Prices 50c. 75c, $1.00.
Sssl,- of seats at Rutherford's Saturday 10 a. m.
Hollas !��� bTt-ts-f siren thst .1. m,-.tinr ,,f the
m>��M ,,(llwss OsnimlMlooet*, to I* h.jil .tier
the eiplr-tsnn ���f aj slsyi. I :,.���.,'. Ut ���: ; y tot .
trits.Ser of my h'stel ,:-, ,nm (or th**ir,,v. hotel
st F,lrTl,w. to K  si Borden
CHAS. \___M_t 1.M8LKV,
The Razor that requires no honing, and is sold on
au absolute guarantee.
Canada Drug <S: Book Co.
Fifty Cent Hand Ba
They are beauties at the price.
Jeweler q .
Telephone  .333.
&Co., ftSSJ
**���   ^v*'        Limited. WCI
WI.ols--s.uin_; Provlalong,
Produce, - Pruit.
Domiuion Govcrnuicnt OrwMR On.' Pound Hncim noehad Koski. ul
from thc chum.    | sir ����lc hy ijl leaditiK RKMn, ^*
Office and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street.       - -      Nelson, B, CI
2BO ��Jo-.:. I.lnen Collars* TO U*u *��old ut
$1.50 per doz.
BAKBR SIRlsl-T, *\l_l_SO.N.
Wc are
Juet iu  Rei-.i|it of t, (,'nrlond of
Then are His- ttsmt K"uW nt nr.. Sacks in lhe
nmrks-t siissl siur fttom are rinht. If you up* la
need ht HI hear fmtn -sou.
We bav* nodes from our land lord to vacate our store hy April }��_ In
order to reduce our stock before movlox we wil] ��e!| f^yjn now \n Modi
at greatly TOdOOod prices. If you want  Ijargalns in   Clothing   _M   (,* ���,��� ��
FurnlshingR drop fn and Mi for   yourself.
J. H. Ashdown H&tdm
  Company, Limited.
Repairing .ns] _fol--.t-.lng ��m��vut��cl wltH t>-����pa(tuh.   -Sheet v
Work, Mining an., Mill Mauhlnary.     MBnulKtunn'
Orm Cr.,   H.  ti.   ContrnctnrM' Cnrs..
BuslnvM mvn,
Worklnir mwn,
M��n In Ur��M attlru.
Sporting mvn,
Handnumi men,
Mwn t hHt*M full of tlr*s
UMTK nnd fiiiR that  the impniu���
John T. Pierre nn> tbepnparnW
My List full shipment Iin* ju��t anind I
Iht'in nnd plnre your order curly fur An**
JOHIN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailorl
WcCi"v'., Fine Eiderdown
Large Stock <
From $6.00 to $35.00.
flota Our Viirk-tv ttt ,��M> l*lctur*M iVnmcU I" thtf
I.HtiHl   Ht> Ium.
Standard Fismitute G>mp^)j
*��SSS*B�� ,*,.���o.. Complete House Fufnisb<��
SSKHfUSTSyEm--. UnderUkers.    Embta��
K f^KJ L��mber, Shtogfo
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window**!
Turned Work and HmcUcU. Mnil Orrtura promptlT nl1""1"I
VBRNON ���TRBOT -  ���  ���  NHI-SON. B. c.
Galvanised Iron Wot*
��re unequalled In the Kooteniyi. If you require illj IM
���moke Stacki or apeclal work of any kind call or���"���TEE(l
quotations SATISFACTION   GUAR*"      II
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co.,


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