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The Daily Canadian Nov 1, 1906

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iH ME I.    NO.   127.
Fifty Cents a Month
(iHsis Cosily Experiment
in London
ttions in British Capital Controlled by* Socialists in Spite of
Record of Extravagance.
,s      Nov.    1.���Thfl    municipal
I 1.hiss in London wori held loday.
Iili'ta returns inilnt to a victory
issiiiiiiiinot'of power for the? Pro-
i.'tt,    notwithstanding    tho    fuct
sis-  campaign  against  them   thin
|t  Is.is  been  mors' hitter than ever
Recent developments indicate
mkubly  that there la a growing
nl for municipal reform, hut evl-
ilis' people hnve nol  yet lieen
,1  sufficiently to    oust    the soil I'rtigresslve party from iwwer.
; i.- is matter of common knowledge
in every borough where the Pro-
isivi-p nre in  power the rates are
|ilily ansl rapidly Increasing because
vlsh and unreasonable Socialistic
iditures.     EnormoUB    sums bave
Bjient In the jiast few years by
Progressive,   for   libraries,   baths,
ug schemes,  iiarks, music, street
��� ���ins ini.   street   lighting,   tram
ami other things, so that the av-
nu rate ln London has been In-
|ss.| about 60 per cent, since 1890.
.suits    prove   that    municipal
|lns.- means municipal debt.    A re-
1 el urn  shows that the total  net
ssl Ixsnsloii 12 months   ago    was
������7,2"ii.   Of this tremendous total
ns ihan $241,488,096,    or    nearly
lluiii', was in respect of tramways,
Tcnien's    slwelllngs,    water   supply,
ftrit- li^isi and  minor so-called  "re-
.-railve"   undertakings.      The tax-
ssf London |iay close upon four
|iiin iHiiinils sterling "every year In
'   upon  and  repayment of this
An   eminent  American   soclolo-
J has published a volume in which
���lirs-slieis bankruptcy for    London's
|iiiii;isil enterprises, and au equally
iiii'111   Italian  sociologist,  who  re-
l! v sislted London, states that the
is;  propensities of the metrop-
��ill sooner or lator bring nbout a
|!iiiiiis; example, of wasteful munlc-
expenditure are to be seen on ev-
lisihl.   Hut recently a new building
opened by lhe borough council in
Seisin.   It is fitted up for billiards,
|Melle, chess,  draughts    and  other
-     Tlie cost of Ihe building and
ainlenanee will come oul of the
I's'Pliir,  tbo    most    rate-ridden
'���i nt London, Is another glaring
���mills- of ihe Ineffectiveness of mull"'! 'railing.   Despite Its rate of 12
|"n-'s-  in  Ihe    pound    the    district
I-.11511,000.      Sixteen    yenrs ago
ImrotiKh's  Indebtedness   wns   only
1,1    This  virtual state of bnnk-
'V has been brought about by the
us lis erection of handsome baths,
"''���* and oiher publlo Institutions,
1'i'lliur. appropriately enough, n mag-
Br'tish Steamer Ablaze.
"iistown. Nov. 1��� The   steamer
more    from    Baltimore, October
Liverpool, pnssed Klnsall Head
inrnlng and signalled that she
i" Hritish sleamer Nomea. aband-
"i'l on flro In latitude 51 nortii
11 HIndo 16 west. Tho crew of the
1 "iih the exception of Iwo men
1 1 lust, wero taken on board the
more. The llrlllsh ship Sulvanla
'"Sion, October 24, for Liverpool,
1 ���ported hnvlng seen the Nemen
1 in about the same position,
1 about two hundred miles off
"st of Ireland. The Nemea left
���m. N. 1!.. October 16 for Man-
1 She was commanded by Cap-
��nw, wub of 2.259 tonB net reg-
"iis Unfit at Port Glusgow and
by w. Thomson & company, of
New Zealand Exhibition.
Huston, N. Z��� Nov. 1���Tho great
^national New Zealand exhibition,
[""lish tho government has spent
f" "urns, was formally opened al
I itchuroh today. All parts of the
fish empire, Including the Dominion
Tjinadn, nro well represented at the
���"'I'lor, one of the Interesting dls-
T ii-. . . Maorl "action, Illustrating
I ire, iiabiis and Industries of the
''Mnes. Another striking feature Ib
the display of fine native woodB that
New Zealand is just beginning to ex- |
plolt    The exhibition win continue six
months and Is expected to draw visit
ors from all  parts of the world.
Midway M Vernon    Financial  Difficulties Are Now Adjusted.
(Special to The Dally Canadiaa.)
Grand Forks, Nov. 1.���Word has
leached here today that tbe adjusting
of Ihe financial difficulties of the Midway & Vernon railway aro about completed. The delay in arranging matters is reported to be due to certain delays between the KngllBh capitalists
and the railway company's New York
agents. The question of paying off
some of the heavy creditors of tho railway company Is now being taken np,
among whom Is tho Okanagan Construction company, which has n claim
of over $90,000. It Is fully expected
'ihat lhe next 30 days will see the Midway _: Ve, .111 ��� ystem in full swing
again, winking weBt of Midway.
Thomas 11. Drummond. tho genial
manager of the Dominion Copper company, who has been a victim of typhoid fever for the past few weeks,
being confined to the hospital, has
gone on a visit lo the coast under the
direction of his physician.
It Is reported today that In the event
of the cold weather setting In before
the first lil-mlle extension of the Kettle Valley line up the North Fork Is
completed, the work will not be retarded on that account, arrangements
having been mnde to push the construction Irrespective of weather.
Information has reached here today
from Carml, In Triple camp, up the
West Fork, that work on the Carml
proiierty has been discontinued and
the miners under Foreman George
Thurston have ail come down to the
Boundary country. It Ib also intimated that the Sally pro|>erty, another
shipper, will also close down. The
reason given for these properties ceasing operations Is Ihe fact that thc hauling of the ore to Midway will be a
very difficult undertaking, as the
roadB aro now getting Into a< bad condition.
Nelaon Agricultural and Industrial At-
aoclation Elects Officers This
The annual meeting of the Nelson
Agricultural and Industrial association
ls being held this afternoon In the
board of trade rooms. The chair was
taken by the mayor, Mr. Gillett, In the
absence of tie president. Twenty-five
members were present. The secretary,
Captain McMorrlB, read the minutes of
the last meeting, which were confirmed. The managing director here IF.
Starkey) being called upon for his report, referred to the secretory, ln the
absence of the treasurer (J. Kirkpatrick). The secretary read a report
showing assets of $:i925 and liabilities
of 11660.
Some discussion of the various items
arose and It was explained by tho managing director tbat owing to the absence of tho treasurer, further Information could not bo obtained. Finally
the report wns held over until tho accounts could be audited and put In
P. Milc-s called the attention of tho
meeting to the damage done by wandering cattlo tinder the present law
and asked for some representation to
be made to government to alter tho
presenl regulations. Upon tho suggestion of the mayor a motion was
passed referring the matter to hlm.
Tho meeting then proceeded with
the election of officers. B, W. Husk
wns    unanimously    elected    president
Mr. Hcor moved thnt Earl Grey
should be asked to nccopt the position
of honorary president, and Mr. Johnstone said he had already communicated with his excellency on Iho subject
nnd It would be well to awull bis reply
Mr. Hughes was then unanimously
elected vice presldenl, Mr. lleor treasurer, and Captain McMorrls secretary.
Sir Thomas ShaughnesBy was elected
honorary vice president.
For tho election of directors 25
nnmes were put in nomination, and ns
only 16 were required a ballot was
taken, which resulted as follows.
Messrs. Illack, Emory, Plercy, Shannon, Irving, Starkey, Kirkpatrick,
Traves, Johnstone, Hunter, Malone,
McPhee, Proctor, Rutherford, Annable
nnd SeioiiB.
Tho lady members of the committee
wero elected: Mesdnmes T. O. Procter,
Rutherford, Rose, Nagle, H, Bird and
F J Denno brought up tho matter
of the district exhibit, which at the
recent show led to a protest from Kas-
'lo It was no wshown that the association hnd rules which could not be
lived up to nnd ho recommended that
a committee should now be appointed
to revise the rules and regulations.
Outside people wero looking to th s
meeting for an expression on thii
matter, and something should be done.
Tho discussion was proceeding as we
went to press.
Head of Terrorists Now
Free Moo
Other Escapes Highly Probable as
Terrorists Have Money and
Sympathy of People.
St. Petersburg, Nov. 1.���Cerschumln,
one ot tho most famous terrorists and
head of the fighting organization during Ihe Slplugune and Von Plehve regimes, has escaped from Siberia, concealed in a water cask. His disappearance Is a serious menace to personages
whose lives Ihe terrorists are uow
seeking, as he Is a akllled organizer
and one of the most remarkable men
tbe revolution has produced.
GerscUuinin, who Is a Jew, was condemned to perpetual Imprisonment for
complicllly in the assassination ot
Sipiagune, late minister of the Interior, and the attempt on the life of
Pobiedonostoff, ex-procurator of the
holy Bynod. He was sent to the Siberian mines at Akatul, on the Mongolian
frontier of Siberia, when the Schlus-
selburg fortress was closed as a prison for political offenders on February 12.
Oue of Gerachumln's comrades, a
man named Melnikoff, escaped from
the mines two months ago and the governor of Akatul aays he cannot guarantee tbe sate keeping or Sassonoff
and Sikorskfsky, the other terrorists
Implicated Id the assassination of Von
Plehve, because the revolutionary
agents who arranged the escapes of
Cerschumln and Melnikoff were supplied with money and have the sympathy of the whole population.
Lieutenant Dalgelff, of the Kushka
regiment, has been sentenced to 12
years' Imprisonment In the mines for
organizing a mutiny at the fortress of
The provincial poll tax collector Is
now making his rounds. It costs just
|3 to enjoy the glorious climate of
Hritish Columbia.
Several prospective fruit land buyers from Moose Jaw came in last evening on the Crow boat. They are being shown around today by a well-
known real estate agenl.
Among the new members of tho
Rosciau Opera company is Miss Anna
Robinson, a granddaughter of the late
Sheriff Robinson of Nelsou. She is
rapidly rising In her chosen profession.
S. S. Taylor, K. C, will leave ror
the coast this evening to attend tbo
session of tbe full court. Other members of the legal profession will leave
for Vancouver next Saturday.
Chief JtiBllce Hunter left for tho
coast this morning via Spokane. He
will reach Victoria Saturday evening,
and be present at the meeting of the
full court at Vancouver next Tuesday.
The registration for householders
closed last night nt 12 o'clock. The
exnet number of declarations was 268.
This does not Includo assessed owners,
who as a matter of course will ho
placed iipssu tho municipal voters'
Last night was cold, hut the I cm per-
niiir,' did not prevent the usual mischievous prnnks which custom nllows
children to perform on Hallowe'en. The
damage done is not great, but often it
Is exceedingly annoying, sometimes
expensive to repair, nnd always sense
Alex Lucas, provincial assessor,
camo In last evening from Crawford
Hay. He was greatly surprised at the
amount of development In fruit growing now going on in that district.
Within a year or so tho country
around Crawford Hny will be literally
covered with fruit orchards.
The police yesterday received a wlro
from Grand Forks telling them to bo
on the look out for two runaway boys.
The youths were at last located and
left on the boat for Cranbrook. armed
with a .22 calibre rifle to carry on
war ln East Kootenay. Word has been
sent to the train officials to bring
them back this evening.
With the Roscinns ont of the way
the Harold Jarvls concert In Ihe .Methodisl church this evening should score
a phenomenal success. Both tho note-
tenor and his elocullnnlst assistant
are well known throughout Americn
as first-class entertainers nnd, contrary to the usual experience   what la
advertised of these entertainers will
be made good. The sale of seats has
been grastlfying and there will not only
be a large attendance but an evening
of pleasure and profit of unusual merit for those who are present.
The Zinn Musical Travesty company
at the opera house produced "The Sultan of Morocco" last night. This evening the bill will be "Courtship ln Japan," tomorrow, "The Telephone Exchange," and on- Saturday evening the
"Sultan of Morocco" will again hold
the boards, and there will be a matinee
aa well.
In spite of the Inclement weather a
bumper audience filled the 20,000
club's home last night to hear "Cav-
allerla Rusticaun" and "Pinafore." It
was not the fault of the performers
that the entertainment turned Into a
frost. The principal parts were all
well sustained, but en 1 piano and one
violin are not cnounn for any theatre,
especially such 0 one as the Exhibition Imlldtng makes. All the stage arrangements, including the lighting,
were crude ln tbe extreme and, although numerous fires were burning,
the audience were not too warm. The
play Itself Is lugubrious in the extreme and certainly required something like "Pinafore" to lift the audience ont of the gloom Into which the
more ambitious piece bad cast them.
The principals. Miss Lucia Nola, Miss
Winnlfred Crowley, F. W. Walters,
Hllllard Campbell and Miss Carrie
Godfrey must be heartily congratulated for doing so well under such ad
verse circumstances.
Premier Shows Fight.
IBpeclal  to The Doll Canadian.)
Victoria, Nov. 1.���The Colonist
is authorized to say that if the
leader of the opposition or anyone else desires to meet Premier '
McBride   in   public  debate   upon
tlie question of better terms and
the course pursued    in    respect ,
thereto by Mr. McBride at Ottawa
and will name the time and place '
for the meeting, every effort will '
be made to accept the invitation.
It will give the government very 1
great pleasure to meet Mr. McDonald or any of his supporters ,
at a public   meeting,   at   which
these questions con be fully gone
Into. '
This statement fs made because
of the wish   expressed   at    the
meeting of the    Liberal    associa- ,
Hon that there should be such a
Hon. R. G. Tatlow, minister of
finance, stated ln an Interview
today that he believed the Iegis- 1
latlve assembly would be summoned about the middle of
Freak Called Missing Link.
New York, Nov. 1.���A despatch to
the Sun from Loudon says that the
"missing link" has been found. According to the Melbourne, Australia,
correspondent of the Chronicle, Professor Klabsch has discovered an aboriginal woman at Port Harwell, In the
northern part of that continent, with
feet like hands. The professor regards
his discovery as being of tremendous
biological importance.
New York Athletic   Champion   Police*
man Patroli Sixteen  Hours With
Cerebral Contusion.
New York, Nov. 1.���The World today s.-iy*. Dial Pollcenmn ,1. ..liter,
Gbamplon all-around athlete of the police department and winner of many
medals In running, jumping aud sprint-
ing in the Canadian games this summer, w;ih taken to Mellevue hospital
in a critical condition last night, after
having patrolldd for IG hours out of
24, (luring which he was suffering
from cerebral contusion and a prolt-
ahle  fracture of  the skull.
The surgeons at the hospital were
amazed at the endurance tbe man displayed and say it was the first time
in their experience that a person was
able to keep his feet for 24 hours with
such injuries as the athlete had received.
Kilter received his hurts In a collision between a patrol wagon and a
street car at S o'clock Tuesday night.
After going to the station to lay complaints against his prisoners, he went
back to his post and patrolled until 5
o'clock yesterday morning and reported for duty again at 6. He patrolled
until noon, slept until 6 In the afternoon and went back on duty at 6
o'clock again last night.
At 9 he went to his station house
and told the sergeant that he waa feeling III. "I've got a pnln In my stomach, and I think it comes from my hurt
in the collision last night," he sold.
The sergeant was about to reply when
Killer reeled and fell senseless. He
was hurried to the hospital, where the
surgeons said last night that his condition was critical.
Alberta Establishes Gov-
Will Be Proved With a View to
Culture of Hardiest Varieties
of Suitable Products.
Edmonton, Alta., Nov. 1.���The beef
coramlsBfon recently appointed by tbe
government of tlie four Western provinces of Canada to Investigate tbe
Western beef Industry are holding
their first meeting today In Calgary
and making preliminary arrangement..
Hon M.r Plnlay Is In attendance.
J. B. Olrdlestone, general manager
of the docks of Bristol', Is a visitor to
the city today on a sort of missionary
expedition, preacblug the gospel of the
Bristol route for the Canadian trade.
The department of agriculture ot
Alberta sent out circulars to everybody ln the province known to have
tried large fruits, asking them to give
a list of the trees they had tried and
what kind of success tbey had met
From these reports and other sources the department has selected a list
of what appears to be the hardiest
trees for the province and has decided
to carry on a number of experiments
in order to be able to give settlers authentic information on tills Important
matter. The orchards are to be of
about an acre ln extent and will be
distributed at seven points, possibly
eight. The places selected are those
which are considered le be the moat
suitable of the various elevations and
climatic conditions prevailing ln each
province. They are Medicine Hat,
Magrath, Demings, Okotoks, Didsbury,
Wetasklwln, Edmonton, and possibly
In another year one in Vegrevllle or
Edmonton county.
About 80 trees will be experimented
with at each station. The planting and
operation Is to extend over two yea-re.
A consignment of the planting material, has been received for this fall,
with the view of having them burled
over winter. These will be duplicated
next spring and planted directly, when
the two methods will be compared.
Six varieties of standard apples, two
of crabs, aud two of plums will be ex.
pnrlmented with.
Judjsllftit  Rendered  Yesterday  in  Favor of Defendants.
After 12 hours' deliberation the jury
brought In their verdict at 10 p. m.
lust night, wiliest closed the suit that
has been engaging the attention of the
court for 24 days. Ei. V. Bodwell moved that the actions be dismissed with
.lists, which was granted. Following
are the questions put to tne jury, with
their answers:
1. Were the plaintiff companies in
possession aB owners of the timber
claimed for respectively when the damage sued for occurred?   Yes.
2. Was tlie railway company then
owner of the right of way in question,
aud was Stewart In possession by the
authority of the company?    Yes.
2. Wore Quaiffe and his men engaged ln clearing the right of way at such
time under (lie authority of the railway company and Stewart?   Yea.
4. Were they using fire for such
purpose with the knowledge and aa-
sent of both defendants or either? Yes,
fs. At what plnee or places did the
fire or fires that did the damage original!'? On the right of way at or near
Station 020.
8. In whal way did such fire or fires
originate?    We do not know.
7. Was the damage complained of
wholly or partly caused by such fire
or NroB escaping from tho right of
way; and if only partly, specify to
what extent?   Wholly.
8. Did the fire escape from the
light of way by reason of any person'a
negligence; if so, whose, nnd what
was the negligence?   No,
9. (a) Did the wind rise suddenly,
nnd was It tlie cause of the spreading
of the fire from the right of way? It
did not rise suddenly.
Hi) Whether sudden or not was Jt
such as could not reasonably have been
anticipated? It could have reasonably
been anticipated.
10. Assuming the defendants are
liable, what damage do you allow to
(a) The Fernie Lumber company?
(bl Tho Elk Lumber company?
(c) The Elk Lumber company, ns
representing tho Insurance company?
11. Did or did not such fire or fires
originate from fires set out by Quaiffe
or his men in clearing right of way?
We do not find from the evidence that
the fire originated from the fires set
out by Quaiffe.
United States Mutt Find Another   to
Negotiate Commercial Treat*/.
New York, Nov. 1.���A Berlin de-
despatch to tbe Times says that the
German government has been Informed that the plana to send H. C. Stiles
of the United States state department
to Germany as one of the American
experts to try to find a basis for a
new commercial treaty bas been aban
doned. Although the American state
department gives another reason for
the withdrawal of Stiles, It. Is believed
In Berlin, tbe despatch says, that the
Germans expressed opposition to -his
appointment. It Is Impossible to obtain confirmation of tbe report, but
tbe officials In Berlin intimate that Hr.
Stiles' coming would not have promoted the tariff negotiations.
A Washington despatch to the Times
says that Stiles was one of the Americans selected to go to Berlin to endeavor to find a basis for tbe negotiation of a new commercial trade treaty
between the United States and Germany as a means of settling the tariff
difficulty, that greatest of all American trade regulations which are so objectionable to Germany. The modus
vivendl under which tbe two countries
are at present operating and the agreement which staved off a tariff war
last spring will expire next summer.
Result of Abolition.
London, Nov. 1.���The abolition of
the export duty on coal which became
effective at midnight was the signal
for tbe sailing this morning of hundreds of coal-laden vessels bound for
foreign ports. Fifty steamers left- the
British channel alone.
Warship Ashore.
Shanghai,    Nov.    1.���The    Chinese
warship Chin Wa la ashore at the entrance of  the  river.   Assistance  has
been.sent to her-
British Manufacturers Send Delegation
to Investigate Future Supply and
Arrange Combine.
New York, Nov. 1.���The committee
of British cotton manufacturers sent to
this country to investigate the future
supply, In a broad sense, of the raw
material arrived on tbe Cunarder Caro-
llnia yesterday. It consists of H. W.
MacAUlster, tbe chairman of the committee of six that came over ln the
spring, and W. J. Orr, who waa also a
member of tbe committee. These gentlemen are this year accompanied by
A. N. White, three secretaries, and B
P. Hollings, son of a large manufacturer, who ls accompanying the committee on bis individual account. The
visitors will probably remain here for
a day or two and, with American spinners, will then start on a systematic
trip throughout the South to watch
the picking methods and round out
their practical Investigation of growing
problems wblch began during tbe
planting season last spring. Mr.Mc-Al-
llster quite frankly and fully explained the object of his visit yesterday.
The supply of raw material was, be
urged, the question of most Importance
to the British cotton manufacturers,
and the manufacturers he represented,
15 in number, were trying to Inform
themselves In a practical manner of
th econdltlons affecting the production.
He continued: "What we really desire Is to go about our Investigation
very quietly ln a private manner. We
arc not seeking and do not desire notoriety. We made preliminary Investigation last spring and aro now trying
to compute our education with a view
of securing concerted action among
spinners looking to the Improvement
of the methods of production, of handling and transporting cotton. These
are points upon which there has virtually been no Improvement during
the last 20 years. Methods in all these
cases seem primitive and the absence
of the application of modern methods,
lt seems to us, Is a direct handicap
not alone to the manufacturers who
use the cotton but to the cotton growers as well. It Is hut reasonable to
suppose that the cheaper cotton can bo
produced the greater the profit to the
growers, notwithstanding that the manufacturers share in the benefit and receive their cotton at a lower price. We
deslro, therefore, to make a very close
study of the labor question."
Mr. MacAUlster said also that the
handling and the railway transportation would also be looked Into.
Jacob Dover Is home after an extended trip through the Okanagan. Mr.
Dover made a careful Investigation of
the fruit growing possibilities of that
district and ls convinced that It standa
next to the Kootenay as a prospective
producer of high class trull.
Sheriff and Posse Uncover Gang of Robbers
Youths and Ex-Convicts Conspire to
Hold Up Northern Pacific Train
and Burglarize Stores.
Spokane, Wash., Nov. 1.���A special
to the Spokesman-Review from Pros-'
ser. Wash., says there was a desperate
battle near Kennewlck yesterday between officers and burglars who robbed two stores in tbat town Tuesday
night. The offloers were led by Sheriff A. G. McNeil of Prosser .who came
on the robbers unawares ln tbe bush.
Tbey were five or six in number
and at once commenced firing. Marshall Mitchell of Kennewlck was Instantly killed and John Halsey, his
deputy, was fatally wounded. Sheriff
McNeil was shot twice but not dangerously hurt. After being shot the sheriff emptied his gun at the robbers,
killing one and finally wounding another. '
Tbe gang of burglars Is thought to
have had a rendesvous at Kennewlck
for the purpose of holding up a Northern Pacific train. The captured robber says he ia Robert Layton, aged 16
years. He revealed tbe Identity of the
dead desperado as Jacob Lante. recently a convict in the penitentiary at
Walla Walla.
Layton says his home was formerly
In Florence, Colo.
Prisoners Identity Discovered by War
Department Order.
Washington, D. C, Nov, 1.���A curious result of the recent adoption by
tbe United State* army of the system
of Identification by finger prints, haa
just been reported to the war department In the discovery tn the person ot
a soldier at Fort Leavenworth of a
British murderer for whom the Soot-
land Yard authorities bave long been
looking. The man waa a prisoner in
the United States penitentiary serving
a five-year sentence for a military
crime. In prison he was well behaved
and liked, but when the warden, following tbe general order to take the
finger print record of all the soldiers,
attempted to secure an impression of
this mans digits, he met with violent
resistance and hla assistant waa
knocked down and roughly handled.
Suspicion tbat the resistance waa baaed upon the mans previous knowledge
of the use to wblch the finger prints
might be put and tbat hla record waa
bad, the warden sent copies of the
prints to the police authorities in a
number of cities. Within a comparatively short time Scotland Yard reported that the man had committed an
atrocious murder In Mortax, and tbat
he had been sentenced to life Imprisonment aad had eacaped to America.
Salvation Army, Emprise.
Boston, Mass., Nov. 1.���What Is
claimed to be tbe largest lodging
house In the world was thrown open
to workingmen today. It is known as
the People's Palace and was erected
hy the Salvation Army In the Soutb
End at a cost of $260,000. It Is four
stories in height, contains 287 lodging
rooms, a reading room and social
room, a swimming pool and baggage
rooms. Attached to the hotel will be
a free labor bureau for the registry
of the unemployed, a free legal bureau
for the prosecution of petty cases fol
tho poor nnd a free dispensary.
Calgary Cuatoms Increase.
Calgary, Alta., Nov. 1.���Calgary customs receipts for the month of October
amounted to $36,651, an increase of
$1(1,4:1.1 over tbe corresponding month
last year.
Kdmonton, Altai., Nov. 1.���Bank
clearings for the week ending today
were $696,960.
Harrla Will Compete.
Montreal, Nov. 1.���Dr. Charles Harris Intenda taking his philharmonic
chorus of 300 singers to Ottawa to
compete for his excellency's muslca"
and theatrical trophy In January.
Pries of Mstsla.
New York, Nov. I.���Sliver, 70 6-8c;
lead, $6.76; casting copper, 21 3-8c.
Ixinslon, Nov. 1.���Sliver, Sl Mid;
lead, ��18 tt.
._____. m
The Daily Canadian
 = STORES ===
Cool nights are now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We havs- plenty sit' tlis-ni In red and bine.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets nre justly celebrated for their excellence. We alone enrry
lheni in this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows, Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers., Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices surprisingly Low,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED... ,$6,000,000. CAPITAL PAID UP... ,$4,880,000
RBST $4,.80,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received nnd Interest allowed fit current rates from dute of opening fio-
count and credited half-yearly.
(VEHL.SON branch _JL   JV_U   L#AY,  Manager.
The 'Royal 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS, 539,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
AccouiHb of firms and individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen branches In Hritish  Columbia.
Special  attention   to out of town business.
T. K. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       B. L.  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
Published ilx dayi a wett by lhe
Baker Ht., Nelson, B. C.
Bubscrlptlon rates- B0 centi a month delivered
in the city, or (.'..00 a year If **eiil by mail, when
paid in advance
Advertising rales on application.
au monies puid in aettloment of The Dally
Canadian accounts- either lot subscriptions or
advertising, musl be receipted for on the printed
forms of the Company. Other receipts are not
fd we are ���.nuiclimei* judged  lti be
Ine word sometimes judged to he
I us therefore be careful what we
In a recent paragraph in the Toronto Sun Professor Goldwin Smith discusses briefly the causes of suicide
but as is usual with thc professor in
many uf his scientific discussions he
passes the matter over without that
full and thorough deliverance that so
serious a subject demands,
The article ls however sufficiently
suggestive to wan-ant some further examination of the subject. Professor
Smith says:
"Every reader of the newspapers
must have noted the increase of suicide. Some of the cases, no doubt,
are not so much cases of suicide proper as of euthanasia, iliat is, culling
short the pains of death. It cannot be
thought that anyone whose case has
been pronounced desperate, and who
has made his will, is bound to he kept
on the rack for a death of lingering
torture. If Providence has sent the
suffering, It has sent also the means
of escape. Mut apparently there is an
increase of suicide proper arising frum
Intensified sensitiveness and a craving
for happiness unfulfilled There are
many persons, it is to he feared, for
whom life may seem not worth living,
if this life ls all. If the present life
is not all, that materially alters ihe
case. Otherwise all thai can be said
apparently is that the dark mood may
pass away, that the future may have
better things in store, that at all
events life fs short, and it is better to
leave it without scandal."
Euthanasia, when self-inflicted is
certainly a sort of suicide and while
there have beon many cases recorded
in which the sufferer has asked that
some noxious drug be given to end the
extreme torture of physical suffering
endured, it must be admitted that in
Ruch cases the physical torture has
been of such a character as to temporarily unbalance the mind. The love
of life in  the normal human being is
sufficiently polent to refuse putting a
period to sufferings so long as they
do not unbalance the mind, and ft may
be seriously questioned whether there
is not in every case of suicide, evidence of mental derangement.
Usually suicides belong to one of
more of several classes. They are
either melancholy, enraged, jealous, despondent or reckless.
Hut the normal human being is never any of these things. Any one of
these conditions is abnormal although
there are many persons in society and
whose position entitles them lo respect
and esteem who are at times melancholy, angry beyond reason, jealous or
despondent though the degree of mental unbalance that may be termed
recklessness is  remarkably rare.
It is In fits of temporary abberatlon
consequent on or coincident with jealousy, rage or despair that by far the
greater class of suicides is to be
found. And the increasing number of
such self-murderers is indeed a serious
question for society.
it may be doubted whether thoughts
of an hereafter play any pan in deterring people who havo resolved on put-
tins a period to their earthly existence.
The mind which Is Incapable of correctly adjusting Itself to the conditions
surrounding this life is scarcely en-
liable of accurately calculating the possible adjustments In a life that Is to
come. When therefore, It fs sought to
find the causes of suicide, the answers
will probably be found to be as numerous as the cases who resort to the extreme  measure of sell-execution.
To find the predisposing causes
which lead Up to or induce the conditions of mental abberatlon which end
In suicide is a study that may profit-
ably engage the mind of everyone anxious to rid society of the scandal and
bereavement Incident to so sad an occurrence. Among these Professor
Smith has discovered a case In which
it was alleged that the reading of novels of a certain class had induced the
mental conditions which brought forth
their fruits unto death. The case cited by the professor, while a striking
one is by no means an unusual one
of its kind and It Is just such cases
as bring the discussion of this subject
Within the range of Interest and Importance to all classes of people who
are responsible for the reading done
by the younger and rising element in
society today.    The custodians of pub-
lie libraries and ihe parents in the
homes will, and should he held responsible for the murder of the young and
hysterical whose death Is self-induced
by the reading of such literature as
tends to Induce morbidity or develop
the false and fatalistic ideals of life
that are fostered by a certain class of
modern fiction.
Apart altogether from the dangerous
tendency of such false ideals of life
as is cultivated by this class of literal ure there is undoubtedly a grave
mora] danger to our youth even when
the results of vicious reading do not
lead to the extreme measures we are
discussing. The familiarity with Improper and vicious relationships in life,
ihe acquaintance with and suggestive**
D6BS of vice which is inseparable from
the perusal of this class of literature,
is as great a moral injury perhaps as
ihe injury resulting from such hysterical denoumeiits aa those which write
finis on the story of many a life.
The moral to be read out of all this
experience and testimony is thnt parents and guardians cannot too carefully supervise the reading of those
commuted to their care, especially In
their tender years, Xo unwholesome
books should be kept in the home and
librarians should purge them from all
libraries or at least refuse their use
to those of tender years. It cannot he
denied that the closing period of the
nineteen tii century and the opening
years of the twentieth have granted
to lhe youth of all lands too great a
liberty in this direction and it may be
that in some future time a scientist
will arise and show succeeding generations that the sins of the parents have
been visited upon (he children to the
third and fourth generations.
We were informed yesterday that
alarm has already seized the Liberals
of Victoria and that the impression
created by the action of Premier McBride has beeu so fatal to their ambitions that the leader has been hastily summoned to the capital to circumvent a stampede if that be possible of
achievement. There is no better place
for the leader of the opposition to begin his work of rehabilitating the demoralized forces of his party than in
the ancient capital for if he succeeds
there he may not unreasonably hope
to hold a portion of his followers elsewhere. Victoria people are peculiarly
volatile on any and all such matters as
better terms. A proposal to build a
new railway that will give Victoria ad-
dlUonal prestige and commerce always
has been a winning card with the people of the provincial seat and we can
conceive that such additional giant
from the federal treasury as the premier sought and in which they would
share is to them the promise of better
days. The experience of the city of
Vietoria, politically, with Ottawa has
been such as to make it naturally turn
to any champion of their inalienable
rights. They think and not without
reason that McHrlde Is the man and
are consequently espousing his cause
with nu enthusiasm Which is spreading
consternation in the ranks of the opposition.
Just what the leader could do or say
to prevent wholesale desertions is a matter upon which we arc not called upon
to speculate excepting as it may please
us to do so. That the premier did
wrong in insisting on special consideration being accorded this province
cannot be denied hy Mr. Macdonald
without completely revoking his resolution of the last session of the legislature. That the premier Should have
asked for more than he did cannot be
argued as all the Liberal papers have
already declared that his demands
were  unreasonable.
That the premier erred in leaving
the conference is a matter which may
he jauntily asserted hut it Is also a
matter upon which the opinion of the
premier, who was on the spot, is worth
the opinion of ten men who were not
there. Even if, for the sake or argument, it be admitted that Mr. MoBrlde
should have sat It out, It will be difficult to persuade the electors that he
did wrong In leaving, especially as it
was repeatedly declared in the conference that the request of Uritish Columbia could not be granted.
The Victoria Times, with its usual
perspicacity, foresees an early appeal
to the electors hut as it has so often
predicted this without the slightest
foundation in fact the majority of the
people will wait till there Is an authoritative declaration of that kind.
The announcement of the Times is only another evidence of the hysteria
wdiich is again afflicting the Liberal
ranks. There is no apparent bustle
anywhere among the Conservatives
and the assurance of the strength of
their position Is not from any overcon-
fidencc in the situation. It rather
arises from a thorough knowledge of
the temper of the electorate. When
the time comes for an appeal to the
country the men who brought the ar-
fairs of the province out of chaos and
impending ruin will face their opponents  with  unclouded  conscience and
an account of their trust that will not
be overthrown by any inventions of
the opposition. There will be but a
single plank in the platform of Ihe
Liberals and that one will he labelled
"A palpable hunger for office."
Because some thoughtless guy
shouted out "secede" at the premiers
big meeting iu Victoria last Friday
some of the Liberal papers are pointing out that this Is the effect of Air.
McBride's action. These members of
a "reptile press" do not tell their readers that the remark "secede" was
promptly and hotly repudiated by the
speaker, who by the way was not the
premier but Mr. D. M. Eberts.
There is one comforting reflection
for the friends of the government and
that is though the opposition papers
are shouting loudly to the galleries
there is apparently no response from
even the gods. Sad isn't it when even
the small boy goes back ou them.
The defeat of the Liberal candidates
in the recent by-elections in Kast Elgin, Nortb Renfrew, and Quebec are
declared by the Liberal papers to be
mailers of no political significance
whutever. In each case there was some
cause aidte satisfactory to them for
the slaughter of the victims they offered on the chance of a sacrifice. Put
now watch the Liberal press on the reelection of Fielding in his Liberal
stronghold, Qu.ens-Shel bourne. Now
we shall have a "Splendid endorsement
of Sir Wilfrid and Hon. \V. S." . . .
"A death blow to Conservative aspiration" . . ."Vindication of the policy
of Free Trade" . . . "A scathing
rebuke to the would-be election purifier" and as much more, ad nauseum.
See if we do not!
The musical critic of the morning
paper was evidently suffering in common with others in the audienco at
"Cavalleria Rusiicana" last night from
the depressing temperature of the
building. In ihe classical criticism of
the performance which appeared In
the early birdie the following sentence
occurred: "The intermezzo was not
sung at all." A slight acquaintance
with the opera as originally written
would surely acquaint the critic with
the fact that there are no words to
the Intermezzo, but that lt Is only an
orchestral arrangement designed to be
played while the peasants are In the
church. We are not surprised that
the company did not know the part.
Autonomy seems to be working very
badly in Saskatchewan. First it was
the election courts that were at fault
there being no machinery to unseat
corruptly-elected members of the Liberal legislature. Now It is the criminal courts that appear defective in
iheir operation aud an appeal to higher
courts is to take place. One might be
excused for wondering that with all
lhe precedent and constitutions of the
older provinces to go by, a law might
have been enacted which would obviate all this nonsense but It seems there
is still work for the lawmakers to do
on the prairie. And the laws when finally amended will suit Sir Wilfrid
It rained last night right in the middle of the performance of "Cavalleria
Rusifcana" and the amount of rainfall
was exactly .59 inches.
Notice Ih hereby given that W daye rafter dute I
intend to apply to tlie Honorable Chief Commissioner of Landa mid Works for permit.*-!*.!! to
purehaso the following described land*-, in West
Kooteuny: Commanofilg at a poit planted at
tin: northeaat oornerol i oi 489ft,Q, L, nutted F
Fid idler's   northwest  corner,   thence  south   SO
ohalni; tlience east 10 chaini, more or lei-s, to
tbe western boundary of Lot SCO, (i.i ; t lie nee
north 80 chain* to Kootenay river; tlience treat
following raid rtrer to point of commencement,
containing B0 aores mora or less.
38th October, 1906.
���Sixty dayi after date 1 purpose m-iking appli-
oatlon tothe Hon Chief Commissioner o. Unds
and wo rs for permission to purehase ihe following   descrlbeil   hinds:    i oniineiiring ut  Hi
northwest corner of EC a. Grease'i��
p��� '
running   thence  HO
Hm I ll1- ������'i-l;  Iheliec   __             .,,.,,
ohalns west to point of oommeneement, containing 040 aorea, more or leu*..
Dated the 12th day ol Uctoher, ItaO.
-V. G.liiu.m-,
,  i'er J. BHlltX, Agent.
northwest corner of EC, a. Qrease's application to
purchase, marked "W. ti. o*g, H   .v. corner."
hain--!   north;   tlience   ho
Hlxty daya afler date I purpose making application to the Hon, chief Commissioner of Lands
mid Works for permi.-i-.iou to purchase the following dosarlbefl lands:   Commeneing al the
northwest comer of V. Dodd'H application to
purchase, marked ".M. J"** H. ft*, eoriier," running
thence Ko ehulns norlh; thence 80 chains, mora
or lean, to the weit ihore of Whatahan lake, fol-
lowing tune 80 ohalns south: thence B0 ehalni
more or less, east to the point of comnienieinent
containing640 acres, more or less.
Hated the 12th day of October, L9C6.
M. FArgniKlt,
 per J. Siiiki.i,, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days alter date I
intend to apply to ihe Honorable the chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, to purchase ho aeres of land, situate about one mile
east of Burton City on the cant Bide of Arrow
lake, and described as follows: Commencing at��
posi planted at the nortbeut oorner of Lot6M0,
thence north 30 ehains, thence went 4^ chains,
thence souih 90 chains, thence cast 40 Cbalni Ut
place of beginning
August gth, lgg
J. R. Uhntkk,
Notice Is hereby given that fill days after dale I
ply to theHon. Chief d
.   tO  imi reha
tlie following described lands ai mated iu tl
lutend to apply to thc
f Landsand Works for permission  lo piireha
West Kootenay District)  Beginning at a posi
marked, ''Antoinette Hindi's N. K. corner," and
planted on the shore of Whatshan (Cariboo)
lako at the southeast corner of the. snld lake;
thence south 40 chains; theuce west 40 chains,
moreor less, to the shore of Whatahan creek*
thence following the shore line of said creek and
lake In a general northerly and easterly direction 80 chains, more or lean, to point of eommenoement; containing 160 acres, more or less
Oct. 18th, [900,
Antoinkttk iiins.-ii,
By f. L. Hammond, Agent,
Noiiee li bereby given ihat 60 da/i after dato i
Intend to make application to the Honorable Ihe
chief Commlnloner ot Lands and Worki for per
mission to piin-liHse Ihe following dcscrlbi'd
land*-;: Commencing al a post placed adjoiiiiii*.
the iouth weil eorner posl oi beon Waliou'i Ap
plication to I'urcbaie, miming hu chains north;
thence 40 cbaltu weit i thence ho chains south;
thence io cbalni -_at, to point of commence
ment ufnifiiiiu BIO acrei moreor less.
Dated Uctoher 18, 1900.
By his agent, Kr..mt, w. Rosihhon
Notice ts herehv given that 80 iIhvs alter data I
intend to applv lo the Hon lhe Chief Commissi,, net <>( Uindi and Works for permission to nur
chaae ilu* following deicrlbed lands tu West
Kooteuay dMri.i. Beginning m a post narked
"Otto ll'irnch's N W enrner" nnd planted on
the weal shore .d Watihan (Cariboo) hike, about
..lie-fourth mile WQBt nf lh<* niirroiiaof Whiit-lnin
lake;  tbenee south 80 chains! ihcnce easl 40
chains more or less in Uu- shore of the Narrows;
Ihcnce following the >ald shore lu a general
northerly snd westerly direction UU obalns mora
or less, to the point of commencement, oontainlng 830 aeres more nr less
Dated thisSih day of Oct . r��Ki
0_tO   lllll**' Hi
F I.  'UxMi'M'. Ayent,
Notice ls here by given lhat af sty days after date
i intend toapply to lbe Hon. Chief commlaslanor
oi bauds ana works for permlnion to purchase
the following deicrlbed landi in Weal R may
disiriei: llcgnining nt B poll maiked "K K
A Men's 8   K  corner," and planted  on the east
shore of   Whiibdi-iii  {I'aril )  lake,   nhout one
mile   imrth   of   the   southern  end  of  ihe lake;
thenco north hu obaina; tbenee west tu chains,
more or less, to tlie -bore of Whataban hike:
Ihence followlni* -aid .-Lore in a general south
eilv and easterly direction loochalus, moreor
less, to Hie point ol commencement, containing
;iJ0 acres, more or less
Hated this 8th tUvoi'Uci , 19T6,
)���:   K   ALUM,
       f i, Hammowp, Agent
Notice Is hereby given  lhal  sixty Mays after
date i intend toapply to ilu- Hon Chief Commissioner of Lands mid Works for permission lobar*
chase the following described landl lu the West
Kootenay distriet! beginning at a postmarked
1 Bertha Hirsch'i N B7oorner," and planted on
the east shore of Whatshan (Caribou) lake, at the
narrows of the lake, und about one mile south ol
Arrow take trail; thence south sn chain-; thence
west 8o ehalns more or less to the shore of thc
narrows;   (hence following  Ihe said shore In a
general northerly and  easterly  direction ISO
chains more or less to the point of commencement, containing 840 aerea more or less
Hated ihis Hth day of Oct., P.106
Bunts HiiS-B-
 K. 1.. Hanmonj*, Agenl.
Blxty days aller date, I Margnti Mcijimrrie.
iniend toapply to tbe Honorable the Chief Com-
mlssloner of  Landsand   Works.  Victoria, B. C���
to purebaae tho foUowlng described land, C. m
mencing hi a pOll marked M. Mi-Wuarrlc, on lhe
bank  of   Lower  Arrow   lake,  lbence   lo ciialti-*
west; thenco60chains north; ihenee 40 ehalni
cast: tbence 60 chains souih  to  plaee of com
meneement. said to contain !6o ueres more or
less. Covering ground held by <i. B. Anderson's
Dated this nth day of Beptember. 1000.
W. L, Payne, Agent
���Sixty days after dale I purpose making application to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase tho following
described rand: commencing at a post marked
*K F"s8 B corner," and siiiiate about one mile
from Silver Tip I'oint, on Whatshan lake, and
near Christie creek, running thence 80Chains
north; thence no chains west; thence ni chains
south, following the takeSbOTO] tlu-nce ho chains
east to ihe poim of commencement, containing
640 antes more, or less
Hated the llth day of August, 1906.
 1'erF. (1   F\r��naa, Agent.
Notice is hereby given tbat 80 days after date
I lutend toapply  to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner okLandi and works tot permission to purehase the roUowlng described lands;
.'omnieiicing ai a posi planted 00 the northeait
commencing at a post  planted on the northi
eorner oi   Peter McNanghton's  application
purchase,   running  80 chaini   west  along   the
northern boundary of same] thence ho chains
north; thenee 80 ehalns east;   theme 80 chains
south, along the west boundary of John Klliotl's
application to purchnse, to point of commencement, containing 840 aeres, mure or less.
Hated Oct, 13, I'M. Thomas s��iTn,
My his agent, Kiinkst W. Hoiiinson.
Notice ls ben by given that 60 days after date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Land- and Works, al Victoria, II. C,
for permission to purchase the following described lands, situated in the West Kootenay
district, south of Forty Nine creek, commencing
at a post marked "L. II Gboqoette'S N. W. corner," thenee -10 chains east, thence 10 chains
south, thenoe40 chains west, tbence 40 chains
north to lhe commencement poit, containing IU)
acres, more or less.
Nelson, B. C , Oct. lfith, 1*806.
L. if. CjKXjt'STTS,
W. A, Jum:-, Agent.
Sixty days after date I purpose jinking Application to lhe Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Work-- for permission lo purchase the following described hind: Commencing at a poit
placed at ihesoiilhweslcornerof It. W. Harming-
ton's application to purobase, marked "L. M.S.
H's -i �� .corner post," running tbence 80 chains
west; tlu-nce 80 chains south; thence 80 chains
east; thence ho chains north to point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Paled the loth day ufOctober, 1906,
h. ht. H. Hanninoton,
      _ tH'r__t fcHIEl.l., Agent.
filJty days afler date I purpose making application to tbe Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for Permission to purchase the following deserlbed land:  Commencing at a poet
placed on the north boundary of lot no,B6_ and
about two chnins east of Whatshan creek, marked "M. S's. S. W. corner," running theuee 40
eliains east; thence 40 chains north; theuce 40
chains west; thence 40 ehalns iouth, to point of
oommeneement, containing 180 seres more or
Dated the lot li day of October, 1906.
Per it. Hnikm., Agent.
Notice is herebv given that sixty days after date
I Inlcnd toapph- to the Hon, Chief Commission
erof Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described Undi, 160acres,
commencing m a post marked John Tore, planted on the east shore of I^iwer Arrow la'ke, about
one mile north of Sunshine creek, thenc. forty
chains easi, tbence forty chains south, thenee
forty chains west, tbenee forty chains north
along lake shore to polnl of commencement
Dated this Iflth day of September, 1806,
Hakiiv Hihson. Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days alter dato I
intend to apply tothe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of L.nds and Works for permission
to purchase the fol rowing described land, situate
in Kire Valby, jn the West Kootenav disiriei. ad-
Jolning W. A. (aider's pn* eiiipllon, Hurting at a
post marked M. HcQuarrle'a southwest comer
running 80 chains easi. tbence 40 cbains north!
thence ��0 chnins wesi   thence 40 chains south to
poim of commencement.
I'ated Ihis II (h day of Seplemla-r, 1806
J. K. TiXhQt, Agenl
Sixty days after date 1 purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of I-ands
and Works for permission to purchase Ihe following described hind: Commencing at a post
placed til ihe north east corner of B. c l-kiniier's
application to purobase, marked "H.p'i N.W.
corner post," thenco following the can boundary of same B0 ehalns soutb; thenoe running so
chalna cast; thence 80 ehains north; tbenee SO
chains west to point oi commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
Dated the loth day of October, 1006,
II. Coi.h,
 Per K. hhikll, Agent.
60 days after ilale I intend to apply to tbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works, Victoria, It 0 , lo pirehase 6*10 acres of
land situate west of Arrow lake on the west side
of Wbalchan ereek and joining the north boundary of H. J. Annable application lo purchase.
Commencing ata post marked ft, J. B, 8. K. eorner and running war ho chains; tbeuce north M0
chains;  tbeuce east BOcbalns;  tbence south to
point of commoncemont,
September 2nd IH06. R. J, Kmjot.
Notice Is hereby given thai 60 days after date, I
intend In apnlv to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission lo purehaso
the following described landa In the Wesl Knot
guar Distriet:   Beginning at a post marked-'W,
B. fclvidge s S \V corner," and planted about
one iiuarlcr mile west of tbe wesl shore of Whatshan  (Cariboo)   lake,  and ahoul ono and oue
puarter miles north of the southern curl of the
take; llicii'o north SO ehalns; tbenee east 40
chains more or less lo the shore of thc Whatshan
lake; thonce following said "horn In a general
southerly and westerly direction 100 chains more
or less lo a point on the shore due ensl Of thfl
postof coiiiineiicemeiil; thenee west ft chnin*.
more or less to lbe point of commencement, con
laluiiig :rju acres moreor less.
Hated this Oth day of Oct., 1008
W.H. Kivinoi,
F. L Hammond, Agent.
Ju.t received, a splendid utock   of   Stamped    Linens,   cushi
Covers, Tea Cloths, etc.   An elegant   Miortment   for lo' work r"" 1
Xmas presents. r 2
Wo aro also sliowlni! a lot of now Fanoy Tn|�� anil million Wirk
Sosi our allow  windows for Some novelties    wo havo   f���r   v .
trade, which we hail made to our order hy    the   beet   sohodn!
fancy work In the Montreal convent.    Now Is the time for ��,,  ,
make selections. ' u *��
��������������������������������� .�����������������������������������������4|
Noiiee Is heruhv given ihat iio days alter date I
Intend to applv to the Honorable '-'hief I'liminii-
sioner of Unds end Work- for permission topur*
chase the followlni deserlbed lands, situated on
the east  side  of Arrow lake: ���futiiinencluj; al a
post maiked  A  Hacleod'S hfcatliiii posl. ihcnce
soutli iru chains, following W. Toje's eastern
boundary; tbenco east ilxty chains, to easi bank
of Garibaldi creek; thence n* rth forty chains;
Ibenee east ilxty obslna to point of commencement, contalnlncSU aeres- more or less.
Hated Beptember i, WW, Autxa Maolkod.
Per n. Dumas, Agenl.
Notice is hereby given tbal N dari alter date i
Intend !����� apply to lbe Hunorable lbe Ibbf Com*
mlssloner id I ands and Works for permission to
purchase lbe [ollOtrtnR described lands, Situated
on the east side of Arro-H IsJce: Commeneing at
the northeast corner of A Anthony s pnrebaie,
theliee norih forty chains, theme wcsl forty
chains, Ihenee south lorty chains, llniice east
furty chains lo point of eomineiiceiiieiil, containing UK)aores, moreorless.
Haled September 1,1'Aii. .Iambs F, Macirop,
perN. DXKBtti Agent.
Notice Is herehv glTSfl thai sixty daysaftOI
<lal>- I Inlcnd l.i applv in the Hon. Chief (dniinis.
sioner of Laml- ami Works Inr permlSSlOD tO
purchase the following described lauds, In
Uest Kooienav District: Commencing al au Initial p-M planted at tbs southeast comer ol Mo-
Coy'i precioi.ii.m, tbence 30 ehalni wait to eait
boundary of Lot 6199; ihenee following said
I ndan south tO southeast  enrner o( said lot;
thenei*  IU chains WBSti theuee i*l ehain-south 1
theuce80chains easl] thenoe Uohains north to
louthwnt corner ot Lot 233; thenee following
wesi boundary ol i.ot i33 lo initial post.
Beptember it, 1906, 0, H Wolff,
per Kbmwt W. ftuniNHON.
Notice Is hereby given thai 00 dan afler dale, t
Inteud tn apply fo the Hon. chief Commissioner
of hands and Works for permission to purchase
ihe following deeerlbed lands, situate on tho
Bul shore of Lower I.akc, about one and oue
hall mile South of BdgewOOd, It. r and ad
fining J,T. -Seattle's application to purchase,
and oommenelng at a pon marked n<>nahi wu
son's South Wesl corner, lbence running North
sutv ebalus, thenee Last fortv chains, Ihence
South, sixty chains, thenee Wesl   forty chains (0
plan* of oommeneement! and containing _jo
aeres more or less.
HONAi.O  Wiuk-n.
M   K. Mi-Harris, Agent.
Dated this 96th day ol Beptember, ifloe.
Notice Is hereby given lhat two months after
date 1 Intend to apply to lbe Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Canal and Works for perniW-
���Ion to purehase MO acres of land, described as
follows: ' (.n.iiifiii���iiilt ��i a poel planted at the
southwest of '.. L Morrison's rail eh in Kire
Valley, West Koolanay district) marked "J. tf.
Munro's northeast oorner poat"; thence 80 chains
west;  thenee ho chains south;  thenee w chains
easi; thence so chains norlh to tbe place of commencement.
Hat.d llth day ol September, 1908.
J. H. HrttaoK,
W. A. cai.uer, Agent
Notice is herehy given that no days after date I
inlcnd to apply to the Hon. Chief ( ommlssloner
of i.Hiid-. and Works (or pcrum-siou to purchase
the lollowlng described lands, situate In West
Kootenay district: Beginning at a post marked
"Arthur Warren's R W. corner." all . planted on
the east shore ol Whatshan (t'anlxio) Uke, about
two  miles   north of ihe narrows ol Whalshan
lake, and at the 8. H oorner of W Beeombe'aap-
pllcatioii to purchase; lhetice ea-t 10 .hains;
tbence north HO chnins; thence west 4o ehalns;
thence south ao ehains to point of commencement; Containing NDaerei more or less.
Hated this *th dayof Oct, 1906.
P. L. Hamhonii, Agent,
BlXty days afler date I iniend to apply to tne
Commissioner of Unds and Works, Victoria, lo
purchase UO acres of land, slluate and described
as followi: Oommenelbt m �� p**-- planted on the
west side of Armw lake opposite Cariboo Clly, nt
or near thr sou.hwest comer of B, Hale purchase, and marked "O. M. A., ft, E, corner," and
running norih 40 chains, thenee west40ohalns
toll. Annable's purchase, Ihence south -to chains
moreor less to tbe lake shore, theuee along it,..
lake ahore io place of beginning.
Auguit 25th, 1W8. 0. M. Annahm.
Notice Is hereby given thai sixty days alter
dale 1 Intend to apply to tlie Honorable the
Chief Commissioner Of t_n_S and Works, for
permission to pun base lhe lollowlng described
lands in the West Kontenay district: Beginning
ftt a posl marked -James'. Krasers N.K. corner r'
and n anted on thfl east shore of Whataban
(CarlbOO. lake, about one-half mile north of
Christie ereek; thence south -it) chains, more or
less, io the north boundary of W. Becombe's application to purchase; tbonOeweStalong Ihesald
boundary 40 chains, more or l����s. i.. (he shun-of
the lake; thence following tbfl said shore lu a
general   northerly    ami   easterly   dlrecllou   Ho
chains, more or less, io point of commencement,
containing 100 acres, moreor less.
Oet  Hlb, lKMi JAMBSG, KttASBK,
F. L. Hammomi. Agent.
Notice || hereby given tbat sixty days after
lhe dale I intend to apply to the Hon, the Cblel
Commissi..ner ol Lamls and Works for permission to porebsse the following described land
In the West Kootenay dlsirlct: BOffinnlng ata
post marked "K. It, K.H's N.K i.inier,'' and
planted on llie shore of Whatshiin (CsrlbOOllatl
at the northwest comer of --ii I tiki; thenee Ro
chains west; IheuceiiJ chains south; Ihence in
* hains east! Ibenee I'tehaliis south; theuce aaa'
.0 chains, moreor less io (he chore of the said
lake; ibenee northerly along the said lake shore
wi cbains, more or less, to the poim of common-
cement, containing Ini neres, more or less
DatedOou 18,1m. k. it. km,
r. L Hammond, Agent,
Notice is hereby given that BD days after dale I
Intend to apply to thfl Hon. chief Commluloner
of Lands and Works for permission to oureha-w
the following described lands iltuated in the
West Kootenar dlstrloti   lie inning at a post
marked "William Kell'i N. w. corner " and
planted nhoul one lnlle t-outh  of the norlh en,I
of Whatshan (Or 0) b.ke.abou. Iwentf flfialUl
WWt Of the wesl shore ol said lake and on lhe
souih boundary of ft H, Kell'fl applies lion to
purchase; thence south BOehalnsi thenoo easl 80
chains, more or less, tn the ..id Inke shore;
thence northerly along the .���;,* ihore ho obalns
K��i.Vrii'C',s- fl' Ul{' ""I'l south boundary of
L;.kclls application to purchase; thenee wesi
W ahalns, more or lesi to ihe point of commence-
ment, containing 160 aores. more ot loss
Dated 0_t.i_._W Wii...a��Kkii.,
 By K, L Hamwonh, Ageni.
iiMen,|,toi��or,.'t?' Klr" ,',""' fi��"<l��y��iiTli'r7Kte i
intend to apply to the Hon. the .'hief Commls-
iloner of Lands ���iid Works [or i-wrmlulnn tn nur.
B&fefiSiff18! i^m i"l.d' , Test
Knolenay district, province of llrlllsh Columbia*
ion s nortiiiM'st comer Mat"   _.. _,. ���   ,���,���, i���i,r_.
!Ji Ifvli,"' "',"' ��'l ""'l"K tlm Mil line ���!
,.],ssl      ., I "������'���"'I'"'!". His-i ".'lllll twi'lily (in!
���.lef���U!",���';'"""" '""r,J "r ����������,0 ""�� >W* ��'
Ilalissl lal'l.jrolAuniui isjnf,,
  My lilnnjcntJ. E. Tnylor.
lini". \.,'* .1',",'!. I ",",'." ' '"">"���-'' m��H'l|I��Ppile��-
's,.k '���,",' V", ' ��m"il����l"iier ..1 I_M___
_>. ..ll. a'i. ���l��i on In pilrOhMt llie fnllmHn,
M,,.'! ('"iiiinssiii-iiiiMt ��� pottmtrke.
�� v is K, !'"'���'"" ��'- ''""i* Hm <s����t bound.
n s,J s .... I, " u'tP.1***"0.? l" l"irisl'����o, run-
mJi- ��� S   !t*2! norl,i; "inliTOKll.-hnlnii
Sssl's, I.T, . "*"*"" "'""''��� 'SeUMlOoEUM
sss rvss nn, is ssr li'Sits.
1 missl tho nth il . nt Aimim, 11100.
porF. U. l'Ai'sii'iKis,
Notlot 1�� liI'robjr Riven lh>| .l.usl,,. ��� u
ilme I Inteml in ��|,|.|y u, u���. n,,,;J,.W', "*��l
lo puroLju Use foltowlM .etrthwfCSSl
lltla in We.l Kns.lenriy I'i.ln.s , J'1'''*!
,ii �� isss.i nuirktf "��Rlne_'i g ��*��__i
plmiieiini ib,- 8. W.corner ���  ii,i T,i!"*l
issll.' rill ssl BiMlissi i-n,      .',ra.''>s��II
i I.+-II.1-,
frsiin it pn.l nmrki'sl W.'l
math ,n I'hnin., tbem
rill ,Slllln|llH, tllt'lllv
Hill., llnrlll isl   BUrion  i'ily  n',i.\
mill' svi-.l nt tins I'isliiinlsU rs
wis-iissiii.: Ihenco sve.Mss .i,,,,,. .
Ml s-bulis.; tbenee mumniji,,!,,. ,��� ., , "'����ll
]llens-s'lnniil,ri,iitalliltiK:l_ia,.r,.   '   lrlt'ss.|
llntesl this Hth ilay ol September, uot,
 l-erRAU.,, _{,^
Notice I. hereby elren tbal in.!.;. .Is,, ."~|
lllten.l lo apply In llle llnnnrabh- li, "l, Isl'vl'l
���nlMloner ol Uml, ami Wnrk, lo ,. , i., *l
surahMt the [oUos-Jti,^,.;!e..rii,,i i,K'S|
Y ' halls., lhn��|
-muieiicemen',  conialnliiK Hi ��,-,,,, KJ'jl
lion "; ,JmS'i/ai.   ' M * l AMU"l'^Xl
Haled thll Wh day of AiiRtnl, 1006.
N. IlEHXaa, A|lDL^
Notice Ih hereby irl veiuhai-dih.il. t. .fT7.1_J
Ilntendto apply toths.Hon. v,u(ot&��$M
erof L*Odl and Workiih.rp.riiilw.ioD ioT*
cheat- the .h1I.-hiiik dcserlhvil la��.|n, J31iL_
itartlnf at a posl marked Cuiin-rliicTiHf di
planted on  the eaal *hore n( !.,��.*r Arrn.k?!
near i-iiaiinuim- Oreek, thence to cium, mm
llo-nceHOchaiiiM nr-rth, ih<  .<> -cliaint. wt_t_afl
lake   ihore,   thenei) south  almi* !._������ ���.U.kl
poim of eommeneement.
Hated thla I.th day of September. ]-jfr,
lUHHV OlBSDM, Agent.
Notice ir* hereby given that m ilayi ail_rdat|l_i
intend toapply to the Ihoiorabi.- tin, iliWC-l
mlsn1oner.il Lands and Works for fH-nnbialoiSI
piirehane lhe hdluWlng dSSCTlbed iNixb i|[*iit3
on the cut able of Arrow lake:  ''omiui-ti-iwgl
the southwest oornerol A. a mhony s purt__��3
thence iouth tweutv elialUK, iln-iic* va*\nSM
Ohalns, thence north twenty chfllur-, ��� .:. , ,^|
twenty Olialns to point nf cominnieeuieni,(iw
ia in lug nj acres, more or Itm. P
Dated Beptember l. lucw     ntsuot V-fnoa, \
per N. Dusaa, Ageni.
<y tun mt]
 orkuhir p.*rroMi
to purclia.se the following deicrlbed Iid'Ii.iIm
ale In the Went Koolenay illatrict. ami 1.M19A
Paul Andre's preemption, slarlliijt il tjajm
marke.l A.J. bonf.|l< f. enrmr. ��n tbStSSt^H
ol 11.'.-..T Arrow lake, theuce _u chilli nil
lhetice 40 chaluH aoutb, thenc** ..* ��� ��� ; - :.*-k;|
thence 40 chains north to point nl .umM��|
men I. I
oat.d at N. iMin. U, (,'., thii Hth daynfB.N��|
Notiee In hereby given tbal itttT .li
date I intend to apply lolhe ii-..,.��� 1,.
OommlSSlonerof Land*.and ^   -,.-..- h
ber, 1808
Wm. 1'oi.uki*. Agent
Not it e |a hereby given that -;���*.*���. dayi iMr'
date I Intend toapply to the lloiiora.i. [tatCMfl
Commlss.oner.of Undsand Uorkvinrpemwl
to nnrebase the following iii*�� ni- ! i.v.u'f ���;��
In West K'M>tcn��yd!fltrlcT:rommi'nein-t_ti|ife
planted al Robert t'orletl'i norih eul ooii
j.o-t and marked A. M'i N. W. C.ruer tkM
eaat 40 chain*'; thence tOchalna *������"." ; ��������� ��
leai to the Kooteuay river; theme .'cliaiai-W
aloiiK ihe Knotctiiy river; ti.--ncp IU tkiM
north, more or lead, tu tht place of i-rnnmsarsn
inelit, colitatiiilig lou acrea more or Itm.
-��� pi  iiib'-r 14th I'.m'i.
Is.Mi; tootl,
Williau .Mooar MApst .
Notice laherebyglveu Mmi '������i.|-tv-i*,'t*."Ul**l
Intend   to apply  to the Hon. the ClilrM'oessJ
hloiier of 1-ands aud  Worku [or [h rmlwi'* t
purcliHw the lollowlng described laml-ll*
\\i-r   Kootenav  dlntrlet:   licuitiiilug iH|4
-marked fl. 1>. Hell and i:  H>���.: - -  K. enrnerwtl
about .' milea eaat of 11n-.-  ��� :, river iti*Jiw|
'., mile from ihe Pend d'Oreille river; t!������������
chaliiM uorih; thenee 40 ehalna Welti tittatiU
ehalni- aoutb; thenee 4ochalnn eail in ['hitsJ
beclnni g.
Hate.1 the-_nddayof 8epIeiiil.cr,l'.K��.
B. If, B88TBB. A|ttt
itedlbli6thdRvofflcnt.,t��'ii. <��� a HlUaI
Kixty dan after date I pnrpose imthi^ *_\
paUon to the Honorable thc Chief i-immfmisi
Df Lands and Worka for permission to 1*���J1
the (olloivlng deaerllad lalld: CuniiiH-ni'lM ������
a post marked "H. V* H. W.eiiriuir."BdJm��l8B
K. Kaiinuler'aappllcalion to piircliaN'.manW
Ihenee 80chains north; thence *) cliaini �����
thenee si) chaini muth; theme BO CttsIM ��*���
bi tho point of commencement, oontsOUH mU
acres, more or leu.
Haled lhe I'th dayof Ailguvt, I90S. .
' * J>. i'lEBX J
Per K. Q, FAtJQOlSS, /*��*_
Notice la hereby given tbal K) .1ny�� ��'"f,ll'?_|
Intend lo apply fO Ihs Honorable lliel'lilill*|
mlssloner of Landi and Worki to purehaae �����
rollowlng desoribed landi, 190 a. res. moi-tfgl
rommeneing mi H pnM planld 00 the ���������������
pf upper Arrow take ata poiniai.01117 mii��i��|
low Vakuap.mid markeii (!. A. ll. IL. N * fSM
poat; ibenee Hi chain*- weal; llu-m-e 4HthiSI|
aoutb ; tbence Ml chalna eaat, more or lfMMj"B
ahore; ihenee along lake nhore I" |-il"l��-**|
Notice la hereby given that Miiyda)*rn��JS
1 inlcnd to apply lotbe Hon Chiel Coinml��W��
of i.....,i. and Works for ponnUafoti m i"'""!!
th- following doaoHbed landi.iiarilnssis���
planted on lbe North West comer of H;'�����
tbence ruiitiing iwontj chai.,*- South, MM
twi-iiiy obalns Weet, Ihence fi.rivfiiaiwMJ*
Ihenee twenty chalna But, ihen,,* iweuirrWJI
Bouth iii iMiiui of commencement, snd tvaMfM
Ing 80 acres more or less, ���  ... j
VMHKtu K Bli-IU* .-
W. .1. ToVK.Af**!
Hated the lal day of Oclola-r, 1808
BUtJ daya afler dale I purp ^im,t^i
cation  to lho Hon. Chief Coininlvi"'''-''* "5T
mnl Uurka for permission i<> 1 h""' .wil
lowing deacrlbed land:   Commeii'lns 1 �����
pjaosa at the soulbwest oornerol M ""'''-.fl
plb-aMon l<> purebaae, marked "1 ' ��� 3fc
ner," iniHiiii,* ibenee m chaini nori ,;,.n'"^|l
chalna weat; lbence WI cbalii" south. "lC"^��f
pha ins easl to point of oommen_emBDl,oop^
lug 8Waorei more or leaa.
Haled lhe Kith day uf October, IflOO'- ���J
pcrR.SllllM-     1
Nollee ia ben by given lhat ��> day" ���|^r,,l'J|
ritetid   t.   apply   in (he Honoribh' w    -^i
lonunlssjooerof tstodiand worki 1*!,r.���imfcl
lion lo porch sue the following dow 'r!l"''!������'"iiil
In thfl Weal Koolenay dlalrb't: H< �� '""".Wl
posl marke 1 -Kleaiior UlrM'h'i 8 �� 'Ssl
and planted on ihe wc��t ahore of the Bin' j|
Whataban fCar|la.o) lake, abonl one son ;Ib|B
mtlBisouth Ol Arrow Inke trail; ih<��,1,,ni'^1
ehalna; lbence eaal ill chalna moreor i.*^ JjjB
ahore or the Narrowa; Ihenee f"l-"wl"Kj"lj|gf>|
Ihore In a general aoullicrly and wc-tenr  ^1
Hon HI ebalna more or leaa fa p 1 p' ������(,n,inf   f
meiil.eoiitninlng 180 acrea moW OI '^nn_d
Haied oet. Hth.iikai hi��wf ' r _
V h IIAMWOM'. *t_ -|
Nmlceia here uy given that alxtvdiiy*-��fl��fj
I Intend (o apply tothe Hon Cblel l oinmj*
er ofLatidamid Works lor nerini*- "" . W|
chaae the following dcacrlhcl hind- in1 ,*,-.���
Kootenay dlalrlct; Beginning ,l[''',,, %*!
"W.Hi.conibe'iH  K. co'iicr." 1U..I phi"^M
eaai shore of Whatsheu (Carl �� 'XhwiI
two milea norlh ol the uarrowi ol ""r*!*!
lake; theuce north wi chaliin: "V"1,. ihfii*|
rhalni, moreor lean, to the hike aho"; ,m.1
following the Mid Fhure III a geiietnl-��"���,,�����
andeaaterly illrecllon I-."' chnin*-, i"""'.,'.* I'l
the poini of uorainenoementi eontsini-   a
aerea, more or leaa.
Dated thii ��lh day of Oet , HMI.       fl|roWl.
K. L. llAMJlu**", -A-fIlt' _---_---_-__--_______i
;USCH...    Bud weiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sels in.
The Dally Canadian
.ELSOW       8",-A&.ru^liI(.,.-t""-    VICTORIA
Burns <& Co.
H<.BHlruul,   Trail,   N��.Kon,  Ktutlo,   Sandon, Three Fork*, New
liiiiiver nnd rfliK-un ( .ly.
n v branch will hare
lini attention.
Head Office: Nelaon, B. C.
ii.r iK-riiiicMi.-i lo piireliRm.- the fol-
i rlbed landa: Commencing Ht a poat
ill.* loutbwi il comer of J. .-i.i- IT- ap-
.. joirclmhc, niarked ��� K. H'aS K.cor-
liik' Ih.nce W chatna north, (hence Mt
t, thence M> chalna aouth, thence SO
to |. .!i* ot oommenoement- eontaln-
"���, more or lea*..
i.iih day of Ootober, I'Jon.
R. BfTOtu;
per J. Hhiii.i,, Ageul.
-���afterdate 1 nurpoae making appll-
��� Hon chief commissioner <��f Uutte
jforki for j."ii,i ���v-i.io to purehaae the fol-
g deacrlhed landa: Commeiiclug at a poal
-.lull! tbe northeaal corner ol it. Hhlell'a
itinn to purchase, marked "M. K U'aH. K.
" Miiniiug tbence SOobaLOS north lo the
boundary of T. L 880, thence 80 chalna
hence st chaiua aouth, lhetice W ehalni
point of - iiiniii-iirernein, conlalnlug Mo
mire i.r leal
i the Lllh day of October, 10U6.
per J.Hum,!,, Agent-
���.afterdate] pttrpoM making appll-
*   Hon, the Chief i ..iiinn-��.NiiuT of
'���'������'Tif Inr perniiN-'litn to purehaae ihe
l'-erlbed laud: Commeueiiig at a
tveatoftbe Junellon of Htirnea and
���     ���    .nud eaat   ol   ll. .1. KI Jj..| I 'a  ap
i pundian*. marked "W. N  l"a. 8. W.
lining thence HO chalna north; thenee
*t; thence 80 uhalns sooth; thence 80
to jnunt of commencement; contaln-
* more or k"*a.
b day of Outober. 1906,
w.n. Pools,
fer J. .-u ir;.i. Agent.
- nfler date 1 purpoae making appli-
lie Hmi the Chief (.omniffwltine-r of
tt - rk�� lor i-ermlaafon to purchase tin*
leierlbed land*': Commenolng at a
at tho southeast eorner oi ftl. k.Qren*
atlon   to  piiichft'e,   marked   "H. H'k,
' running theuee SO ehalna north;
i; tlu-nce m ehalna eaal:  (hence m
h; thence bd chains weat, to point of
nciit, containing Mo acrea, more or
i 1 the 13th dny of October, liWfi.
D H..DI.
I'er J. Shlell, Agent.
ki* I- hereby given that 80 dava after date I
i.i i Hike Hppiiciiioii lo the Honorable the
1   mmlaalonerof Landa and Worka for |x>r-
Ui   purchnse   the   fnllotrlng   described
��� nn mencing nt a jhwi  .m the north
larj id UtSMand about-J ehalna eaat of
-.bun creek, running 10 Chains east] thenee
ui' north; thence*icbains westi thenee to
������'utli.to [..mi of eommencemen I, con-
i�� \tn acrei moreor leaa.
��� -Hieiober 18, 1-J06.
LHOH Watson,
Hy bis agent, Kkkiot W. Uohin-hiN.
> daya aftor date I purpose meting appli-
'" '.*��������� Nim. chief Commlaaloiier ol Landa
** *rk�� tor I'criiiiasioii lo purchase the (01-
-.- b-ciiU'd Uud: Comineiiciiig at a post
I aboul 100 yardl weat of tbe Whulahaii
'nn nnd Hhiiut two niiU'M nouth of Whal
lake, market] "B. c.H'nN K. comer poat,"
ins lbence Ni ehalna aoutb: lbence HO
- Heat; thenoe80ehalni norlh;  thenee w
<��� eaai, to polntof oommenoement) contaln*
W acres, more or leaa.
",l "ie mui dny of October, 1��W.
K   < .  HKINMRH,
 Per R. SniKl.L, Agent.
I"- i** hereby given that BQ days after date
ni in a i.pi v tn the Bon. chief Com mlssloner
ii*i��and Works for permlaalon to purohaae
���leg described lauds in West Koolenay
["��� '��� ginning at a jwiM marked, "Hern-
ii ".bs s. !���;. corner," aud planted ou the
linre id the narrowa of Whatahan (Onibooj
Ihenee ii-nh su obalbB] iheliec H*cal 40
"in.ireor less, io Ihe ahore of Whatahan
���hence following said Hhore in a general
*' ) and easterly direction |_u chains more
'. hjp.dm i,i eommeneement: ooutalnlbg
rea. more or less,
' ' Ihli 8th dny of pot IBOA
UtiiMUliii  Ihu- it,
F. L, IUmmosd, Agent
"' i" hereb> given thai 80 day** alter .bile 1
* '������apii ly In,he lion. Chief Commis*.b.ner
���'' -nnd Works for periuiHalon to pnrehaae
.Mowing deaerlbod landi iltuated in tbe
i '""y district!   Ilegjnning at a post
1  ������ Herbert warren's R; k. oo-ner," and
"I "ti the w st shore of What shall (Cariboo)
'' "<iii ..lienonrler mile north of llie soutb-
'���'"I Ibe hike; lbence HeHlgUcltaliia; llienee
""eimiiis; tbenee easl 80 chalna, more or
"> Whatahan ereek; thonce follow Ing
��"mg Hie ereek and hike ahore 80 chalna,
���it-..ri ' tn P��**ht ">f eommoneemeiil, eon-
|tmgl lu acres, moreor leaa
IhlM Kih ��lny ���f ORtitber, 1-WW.
F. L. Uammuno, Agenl.
a hereby Kf veil that sixty daysaflcr date
Uo ai.p y lothe Hon. Chief Commlaaioner
, "-11,*1   ""rka Ior permission to purchase
"''owing  described   landa  In tho West
���lit. ii o I  ���"���'Ki'iuiiig ai a poat marked
uiuicoaH. \>. eonier/'and planted ahoul
111 mile  east   of   Ihu shore of Whatahan
>") bike and ahout 3 milea north ol the
,V   \},v ""hi lake, and at lhe H. K corner
"r   "nrreii'K   npplieatloii   lo   purchaiei
���m*e u.  , ��e y,,l,,11S   MieiH-e north 80 chalna;
l-i \v    w Ohalni to the northeaal corner of
In, _i,;?rV'""HI,l,I1,,atliiiilopurebaaei Ihence
iiiFiiin-     '" l'u|,il of eommeneement, con-
-itfh ����0��OtleS8i
 r. L. llAHHONI), Agent.
     '^ "Her date I purpoae making applh a-
I Work.'r ' ll,lf ^oinnil*. iloner of Uuda
��� dee,./ \,,J'rm,l!��''font*>Purchai- tho foilow-
Iceri;,, ,,'?' u", '' r'nnnieiH;ln�� at a poat
l-Miloi   .     ?or,"w��t corner of II  Dofld'S ap-
���norS. ?,-Pur��l>woi marked "it w. if. h. w.
Iiie, si.i'. ni""Hig thenco m ohalni norlh;
e a    ,'      {'*Ht'< theuee Hu chains south;
ci -iiiiii.. "M.''Kt w l,0l��l "I eoinmence-
1     il i    g 040 H. rea, moro or leaa
" 'his inn, dayof October ift��.
1-r It. HiiiBLL, Agent,
Notlco ie bereby given that 00 daya afterdate 1
inlcnd toapply lo the Honorable the chief CommlMloner of Uuda and Works for permlaalon to
purobase Ihe following deserlbed lands m the
weat Kootenaj' dlstricti Beginning at a poat
marked '���Alexander hraacr's N. W. corner," and
PUnted on the eaat shore of the narrows of
WhittMl.au (Cariboo) lake, at tbe H. K. corner of
H-rnhnrd Hindi's application to purehaae;
theme eaat *l chaiua; Ihence south 80 chain*.
thence WOlt 40Chains, more or lesa, to the ahore
of tbe narrows; thenco following the aald ahore
In a northerly direction W ehalna, moreor leaa
tothe point of eommmeemein, containing 890
acrea, more or leaa.
Oct. Uth, 1806. AUUUftDtt Frahkb,
hy F. L. Hammond, Agent.
Notice la hereby gfren lhat��) daya alter date I
Intend io apnlv lo the Hon. Chief Commlnloner
of Lands and Works for permlaalon to pnrehaae
the following deaorlbed landa Bituated in ihe
Weat Kootenay district: Beginning at a post
marked "O. V. MaeMtckliig'a N. W. eorner," and
planted on the weat shoreof Whatshan (Cariboo)
lake, alioiit three milts north of the Upper Nar-
rowa of the aald lake and onnoallc the Island In
the aald lake; theuce aouth 80 chaini; them-e
eaat 40 chains, moreor less, to the lake shore;
thence following the aald ahore in a northerly
and westerly direction UO ehalna, more or leaa,
to point of commencement, containing 3**_i acrea,
more or Icm.
Oct. 18. IMOfi. o. V. MacMicking,
, RyF.L Hammond, Agent.
Sixty daya after date I purpoae making application lo the Hon. Chief Commlaaioner of Unds
and Worka for permiMlon to purchase the following described lamia: Commencing at the
northeast comer of c. L. Hanulngton'a application to purehaae, marked "K. A. Ca 8. K. corner,"
running thenee 80 chalna north, thence K)chalna
west, thenee *��� ehalna aouth, thence Ho chains
eaat ui point of commencement, containing 6to
acrea, more or 1cm.
Haled the llth day of October, 1906.
E A. Chicasi-,
 per J __t__ Agent.
Notice la hereby given that mi days after date I
inteml to make application lo the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lninls and Worka for permission to purehaae the followlug deserlhed
lauds: Commencing al a post placet] about one
mile easl of Whatshao ereek and about three
miles soutb of Whatahan lake, running So ehalns
south; thence HO chains west; thenee m chains
north; thence ni ehalna east, to polntof eom-
mencyiiH.it, containing 040 aeres more or leas.
i ated October ia, i*��-..
 By hla agent, Ernk-tt W. Robinson
Sixty dava after daU> I ptirpos" making application (o the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lund- and Worka for permission to purchase tbe
following deacrltied land: fominencltiR al a
poat rl'" --.I about hair a mile west of Itarnes
ereek, and about one mile norih of the mouth of
the simm. marked "J.S's. H Vi. corner," running
tlience ��i ehalna north; thence hi chains eaat;
lb ���tic* 80 chains aoutb to the north boundary of
W. N. Poole1!application to purehaae: thence KO
(diaina weal to point of commencement; contain-*
Ing 1*40 acre, moro or Icm.
Haled the Mih day of October, 1006.
J. SlIIKI.t..
Sixty data alt- r dt.Lt! I purpose uitkftir. application to the Hon. (Idle! Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for permission lo purebaae the lol
low)nv described lauds: Commencing at a post
plaee . altout half a mile West of the lower end of
Whatahan lake, marked "V. D'S. N. W .corner,"
running thenee BO chains south ; thence no chalna
east; Ihence hu chains north; thence HO ehalna
weat lo point of eoinui.iicenioiil, containing av its
acres, more or less
Dated thc 12th day nf October, p.umi
V. Donn,
Per J, SiliRl.1., Agent.
Sixty daya after date I purpose making application lothe Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lamia
and Worka for permission to purchase the fol-
luwmr described lauds: Commene'ug at the
northwest corner of V. Drtdd'a application to
purehaae, marked "O. L. We N, E. corner," running tbenei! K0 cbains south, thence HO chains
weat, thence HO ebalna north, thenee 80 chalna
ensl tn the point of enintiieiieeiiieiil. containing
i'i iii acres, m��re or leas.
Haled the 12th day of October. 1806.
0. L. Hanninuion,
per J  HhiKI.I.. Agent
Hlxty davs after dale I DlirpOSS making application io the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unds
nnd Works for permalsion to purebaae the (ollowlng   described   lands:     Commencing   at a
post placed at thu northwest oorner of "K.
A. Crease's application lo purchase, niarkrd
"K.K'a 8. K.corner," running theuee Hi) ehalna
north, thenee HO chnins west, llienee 80 chains
south, liicneeKiichiiluaeasl to point of commencement, containing (to acres more or less.
Hated the 1'Jlh day of October, HMti
K. Robkrtson,
per J. Km km., Agent.
to tho
t f   .. jOd
Work��r'vVeto.la, to pnrehaae 180 acrea of land,
located ou the west alduof Arrow lake, adjoining
Ud M18andtlescrlbi!d as follows: Commencing
ata post planted tin the weal boundary of Lot
WU, aboUl 20 chains north of the 8. W. corner of
sHld lot, thence west .10 chains, Ihence aouth (0
chains, theuee eaal SO chains to the western
boundary of preemption NO.870, thenco norlh
on chnins to place of beginning.
UM-eted Oel-ift, 1900. M.E.WAM.Ky,
 K_J. Elmott, Agent.
Notice la hereby given that silly dava after
dale I intend lo apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission to purchase llie following described landa:
i "mintenojng at �� poil placed on the northw st
cor er [Albe-tKllimt'saPPllciitlon to purchase,
ri i nlng HO chains eaat along the northern
t.       lary  of  same;   thence   80 ehalna   north;
thincoSehilm westi th< nee bo ebalni wuth, to
point of commenoement. oontainlng Mo aores,
more or less.
n,..,n���i  iu  um John El.I.loTT,
D""' Slj i,l.'iSSl. KUNKSST W. H���NII.8�����.    _'
^"m-.i^Ti. hnrnlsv Klvtsn tlint fill slriy. Rltur 1UU11
i������      I,,m._. am. I'" l'�� l"11"* **' ",,l�� "",
..,,,.....ui lollowlng the east boundary of
llOll   tO   plllt.llllH���,   ''"''."''P.,,     UM     .1,-11,-   l.HHl*
 u,.  .,i,_. ,,.   t,, iiili*   Inline imi  i imiim cant,
sea _a_ ss; f-sastf vss:
ttsilnl isl I'lililllieiiri'liiclil' isollKillniig ws w-re.,
"RKiiflw'll   |..r, AI.IIKBTKI.LIOIT,
Baud om.Uj.JJi*, Uf,��� w.bo.h.10..
Hlxty days nf'er date I Inteud to apply to th
Honorable the chief Commlnloner of Lamia mi
Take notice lhat 30 dava after date we Intend
making application u> the Honorable the Chief
j ommlaalouerof Uuda and Works for a spet lal
Ih-eiiae to eul and carry Hway Timber Irom the
following described lamls situated on Ulaefer
ereek, West Kmitenay.
Commenolng at a post No. l. placed about n\._
milea from Dunean river, running theuee north
1W chains j Ihenci weal 40 chains; thence tooth
160ehaim.; thence last 40chains to polntofoom-*
No 2 -Cominenelng at a post placed about 14'-^
miles from Huiiean river, running thenee lio'lh
100chainsi thenos irertjo ehal'-si ihence south
160 chains; thenee easi tu chalus to point of com
No I -Comin-nctiig eta post placed near the
second  lork of  liiwler  ereek, running thence
east 40 ehains; thtnoe north 100 ebaiost tbence
wcsl i'j i-hi-ui.,; lln ue, Hoiilh looeiiaiiis   to  point
of eommenoement.
Hated this 2_ih tlay of Auguat. llajO.
Wattnbitiuj Liihkkk Ca
h J l>. TtrfiMsr, Agenl.
Notloe ii hereby given iimt 80 days after date I
iiiiemi io apply io the Houoraule lbe Chief Commissioner of Lund.- aud Works at VLUtria, B. 0.,
(<>r permission to en tend carry away Umber (rom
the following deserlbed lauds m west Kootenaj
dlslret: J
No. L-Coiuinenclnr at a post planted at the
northeast corner of I^>t 812, Weat Kootenay,
linn-e eaat 80 chains, th-uice north 80 cbains,
theuce wett 80 chain.--,  Ihence aouth  80 chalna
to the plaoe of eommenoement.
No. t -Commencing at a pout planted al the
northeast corner of Ua 819, West Kootenay,
thenee souih 40 chains, thenco eaal 1_0 ohalus,
thenee north 40 chalna, thenee west 120 chains to
tbe point of commencement.
No. 3.���Commencing at a peat planted at the
southeast (junior of No. I, thence east 80 chaiua,
them-e uorth M0 chains, ihence weat 80 ehalna,
iheiiec south ho cbni iis lolhe pUiy of commencement.
No. 1. commencing at a poat planted al the
southeaal corner of Nu. 3, ihenee east 80 ehalna,
theliee north HU ehnins, then,. west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chalus lo thc place of coin men cement.
No. [..-Commencing at a post planted al the
northwest corner or No. 4, thenee east 8 . ohalns,
thenee norih so chains, thanee west eo chains,
theuce aouth 80 chalna to the place of eommeneement.
No. 6.���Commeneing at a post planted at the
southwest corner ol No..., hence west 1% chains,
theuee norlli-to tbe British Columbiad: Southern
Itailway, thence easl UD chalna, thenee south to
plaee ol commencement.
No. 7.���Commencing at a posl planted at lhe
southeast corner of No. 4, theuee east 811
chains, theuce uorth 80 ebalns, thence wesl 80
chaius, thence south 80 ebalus to the place of
No. ��. commeiiciiii* at a post planted at the
northeaal corner of No. 4, theuce eaat-So ehalna,
thence norlh 80 chaiua, thenee west ao chalna,
thenee aouth 80 chains tothe plaee of eommeiice-
No. 9.���Commencing at a post planted at the
aoutheast corner of No. 7, tlience east 80 chains,
thence north eighty chalus, theuee west 80
chains, theuee iouth eighty ehalns to the plaee
of commencement.
No. 10.���Commencing at a poat planted at the
Southeast corner of No 8, thence east so ehalns,
thence north 00 chains, thenee wesl KO ehalna,
thence aouth HO chaiua to theplaceof commencement.
No 11- Commencing at u posl planted nt the
southeast comer of No. 3, lhence south N) chains,
thence eaat HU ebalna, tbeuce uorth 80 chalna,
thence west 80 chains to thc plaee of commencement
No. 12. ���Commencing at a poal planted at the
northeaat eorner of No. ll, thenee south 00
cbaina, tbenee east 80 ehains, theuce north 80
ehalna, theuco west 80 chains to the place of eommeneement.
No. i:i. --commencing at a post planted at the
northeast eoruer of No. 12, thence aoutb 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence nortb 80
chalna, thence west 80 chains to tee place of commencement.
No. 14���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeaat corner of No, 13, thence south OOehalns,
thence eaat 80 ehalna, thence north 8*1 chains,
theuce west 80 chalna to lhe plaee of eommeneement.
No. 1.1. ���Commencing at a post planted at the
norlheast corner of No 13, ihence nor h 80
chalna, thence east 80 chains, theuce south 80
chains, thence west so chains lo the place Of
No, lfi.���-Commencing at a post planted at the
northeaat corner of No lo, theuee south 80
chains, thenee east 80 chains, tbence norih 80
ehains, thenee weal 80 chains lo the place of
October 10th, lOOfi. J'rtkb UtWD.
Notice Is hereby given tbat thirty dayi after
dale I Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lends and Works for a apeclal
license to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands: Commencing al a
poet marked 'John Mdiarry'a norlhweat corner," plauied about a mile weat from Bearcrrck,
and about fom miles from lis month, which in
six miles west from Nelson; thenee east SO
chains, thence soutb 80 ehains, ihence west 80
chaiua, theuce norih 80 chains to the initial post.
Located October 22nd, 1'JOfi.    John Mc-Hakhy.
Notiee la hereby given thai ft) dava after date I
Intend loapply to ihe Hon. Chief Commiasioner
of Lends and Works for it special license toeut
and carry away Umber from tho following de
sorihid lumls: Commeueiiig at a post marked
������y. T. Morrison's southeast comer," planted
about a mile west from Hear creek, and about
four miles from its mouth, which ia alx miles
west from Nelson; ihenee west80chains, theuce
north 80 chains, theuce cast 80 chalna, thenee
south 80 chains to the Initial posl.
Located October 2_od, 1000,   F.T. Kormbom.
Notice la herebv given that 30 dava aller date 1
Inteud to apply lo tbe Honorable Chief Commls*
aioii'rof Lands mid Work?, lor a special license to
cut and carry away limber from the following
described laud-: Commencing ata ftost marked
M. C Monaghau's southwest corner, nl-tnted
about a mile west from Bear creek, and about
(our miles trom ita mouth, which Is six milea
weal from Nelaon; thence north 80chains, thenee
east 80 Cains. Ihence south 80chains, thence
west 80 ehalna to the initial point.
boosted __nd October, IWO,   H C, MoKiOBltl.
Notice ia hereby given Dial 00 days after date I
Intend to apnlv to the Honorable the chief Commissioner of Ijiinis i.nil Works for a special
license toeut aud carry away timber from tbe
following d scribed lands: Commencing a( a
postmarked **T J. Hcaiilan's northeast eorner,"
planted about a mile west from Hear creek, and
about four miles from Its mouth, which It six
miles west from Nelson; thence west 80chains,
Ihence south 80 ehains, ihcnce easl 80 chains,
thence north 80 chalus to the Initial pomi
Located October Wnd, 1800,       T. J. Pcanuk.
Take notice lhal 30 days aller dale we Iniend
making application lo lhe Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Landsand Works for a special
license- toeut and carry away limber from the
following described lauds; Commencing at a
post near lhe aoutheast eorner of the K..t8
Kal'way, Lot 820, near Little tilacler creek,
running thence north 100 chains; thenc*-* cast
40ehalna; thence south ISochalna; theuce weat
40 eliains to polnl of commencement.
I'aled, Hepteniber 18lh, IKOfi.
WATTBlHUtil  LlTMitltK G  M'iHV,
Daniel Tuouky, Agent.
Notice la beroby glveu that, thirty days after
date, I Intend to apply to tbe Honorable lhe
('hief Commissioner of Lamia and Works for a
spec inl Heeuae toeut and carryaway limber from
the following described landa, situnle lu the
West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a poat marked Fred Atkinson's
northwest corner post, planted about one mile
eaat of Upper Arrow Ink.* and joining LotMl;
thenc.* curst 8u chalna, llienee south _Q ehalns,
iheliec West MO chains, lhetice north HO chnin.-. to
polnl of commencement.
Haled this 4th day of October. UM.
ClIAfl   Kill.
Noilce Is hereby given that 30 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief Commls
sioner of i.n ml** and Worka for a spec al licence
to cut nud cany a.* ay timber from the followim
described lamls, situate In Wesl Kootenay district: Commencing at a post on Kobinson ereek,
three-quarters of a mile northweal of I-archer'*,
Sre-emption, thenee west 80 chains, thenee norlh
I chain*, thence cast 80 chains, thence south 80
ohalns top- tntof eommcueeinent,
i-oealed July _..tb, llHJSl.
Hbo. HxNustuoN, Lorator.
Victoria Writer Discourses on Timber
Under the caption "The Forest
Wealth of Hritish Columbia," Agnes
Deans Cameron, formerly of Victoria
contributes the following article to the
Winnipeg Free Press:
"Second in th_ list of Hritish Columbia's economic products lu the forest
wealth. We bave 18_,7hO,000 acrea of
forest, and lhe largest, compact area ot
iiijiii. -timi.'ly available merchantable
limber ln Uie world. Thc *-nmst abundant, as it is ibu most valuable, tree in
Hritish Columbia, is the grand Douglas
Hr (Hseudolsiiga Douglabii); Us range
exLendlng from the const to the summit of the Rockies, with its best development ou Vancouver island. Here
it oitt-n towers -Uu feet into the air,
having a base girth of i>. feet; the best
averages, however, are 1&0 feet clear of
limbs aud 0 feet lu diameter. Douglas
fir Is our staple timber or commerco
It bus about the same specific gravity
as oak, with great strength. To every
quarter of the globe it is exported as
dimension timber, lumber, spars, masts,
piles, and for ail structural  purposes.
"Our next most important tree is the
giant arbor vitae or red cedar (thuya
glgantea), chiefly used in the manufacture of shingles. The wood of the cedar
takes a very brilliant polish, and so
great is the variety of Its shadings that
It is well adapted for interior finishings; like all cedars it lasts well underground. In addition to its export
value, the cedar is the friend of the
settler, Inasmuch as out of its straight-
grained logs he can build his house,
make his furniture, and fence his farm,
and this wllh the use of the most primitive of tools, only au axe, a saw and a
rule. It is out of the cedar that the
Hydah Indians build their wonderful
war canoes, some of which (hollowed
by fire and rough axe out of a single
tree trunk) have an eight-foot beam,
are iiu feet long, carry the whole family, and safely stem the heaviest seas
of an open ocean.
"Our third most wonderful tree is
the spruce, the king of all the woods
for the manufacture of paper pulp.
"When we see how history Is making
today, it is with a feeling of intense
satisfaction that vfe view our goodly
forests; a world's increasing demand
for lumber in its endless forms, for
shingles, for wood pulp, and millions
upon millions of acres of primeval forest waiting to supply that demand. It
is Indeed a matter for congratulation.
"One feature of the forests of the
coast is their density. As high as
600,000 feet of lumber has been taken
from a single acre, which seems almost unbelieveable to a lumberman of
the east, where 20,000 Is considered
not a bad average. Nature has made
us essentially a timber country, atmospheric conditions are especially favorable to tree growth, and the mildness
of our winters admits of operations being carried on throughout the whole
year; on thc other hand, labor Is high
and the sawmills in British Columbia
cost on an average of $700 per 1,000
feet of daily capacity, 10 hours running.
"One of the most promising of our
new Industries is that of the manufacture of wood pulp, and when we consider the opinion of Professor Macoun
that Douglas fir as well as spruce is
a good pulp tree, the possibilities of
the industry In a province where Douglas fir is the dominant conifer, are obvious. Another possible opening for
tbe timber industry Is afforded by. the
greatly increased demand in the mother country and elsewhere for wood
blocks for pavements. The manufacture of indurated ware, of cabinet
woods, of turpentine, of varnish, of
tannin, of second rate structural material, of charcoal and other bl-prod-
ucts, suggest valuable potential trade
"Hut when it comes to wood markets, the world is our oyster. Contiguous to us at the east Is the great
Northwest, the empire's granary. To
possess that land the brawn of Europe
antl the brain of the United States is
pressing in, and all these people must
be housed nnd warmed. Looking to
the future of the pulp trade, the Australian market will he the most Important. There are no suitable pulping
woods on tbat continent, and no water
powers, so thnt Australia Is dependent
upon outside sources for its supply of
paper. If preferential trade duties are
arranged between Canada and Australia���a**, may bo possible In the future
���Hritish Columbia will occupy a- position of great advantage in competing
for the Irade; for British Columbia is
geographically the centre of the empire, and facilities for our shipping will
be materially Increased by the building
of the Irnns-Canadian line, and by the
completion of the isthmian canal.
Certificate of Improvements
"Spyglass" and "Qiobo" mineral (deltas, situate
lu 1 .mil I.-ikr- MllllliK I'l*. Iiiloti.
l.-icai-'il on Poplar creek.
Ta<le Nollee tbat I. Bruce White, arting ai
ageni (or tlie Spyglass Mining ��� o., nee Mlocts'
OertlMata No h MM, Intend, Mum from tbe
date hereof, to applv to the Mining Kw-ordor for
a Certificate nf Improvements for the purpose of
obtaliilui; a Crown drant of the above claims.
Ami further take noiiee that action, under
Hecllou -'.. mu at be commenced before thu issuance of inch fcrtiflc.it*' of Improvements.
Dated 2 th October, m*\. BaiTK White.
Certificate of Improvements
���'Krlipse No. 8," "Vevoy," "Happy Medium,"
���'liilernalioiial" ami "A la Fractional" min-
-eral Claims- situated III the -Slocan City Mlulng
Division of West Koot.-uay district.
Where locatedi���North of Twelve Mile creek,
about iwo milea np.
Take notice that 1, II. H. Joraml, of Sloean, B,
0., Kret* Miner's * cillllcale Nu. 1178:100, as agenl
for L. A. Cole, Kree Miner's Certificate No. rJ-tftll,
Iuteii.1, -.ixtv days from the time hereof, to app y
to tbo Mining Recorder fur a Certificate of fin-
prnvuMPtitH, Inr the purpose of obtaining a Crown
(Irani of sabl mineral claims
And further lake   notice that action, un-ur
Section JI7, must be commenced before the Issuance of Hiich CertIUrate of Improvements.
Patod this -Uth day ol September, num.
H. K.Johano.
Silver King Hotel
B-Mt Dollar a day home in the Kooteuays.
Boom, are will Isirnlihed.   T��ble -I food u ���_���
in Nelion.    Bar luppllod with food
llcisior. and clxan.
W. E. MoTIANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
JCnropMD and Am.rlcan Plan
alt ��� eta.  Boomi from �� eta. lo n
onl- White Balp Implorad.
Baker Bt., Nelaon Proprietor!
Bartlett  House
But DolUr-a-Day Howe in Ntlson.
The Bar l. Ihe finest.
White Help Only Kmployod.
Josephine Bt.
The Big Schooner nA -_, |A_
Or-Half-and-Half--   DCCl    I UC��
Tho ouly Olasa of Oood Beer iu Nelaon.
Hss;..l afK'nmmodatloliN second to noil's fn Brit-
is-li rnliiiiil.la Hist,'ss .1.1.1 f--r,l_v. Bpes'ial ratea
to monthly boarder.. Only home hotel In Nehson
Lake View Hotel
CoriK-r HaU and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Katea 91 00 per day aod up.
&_&%.      NELSON. B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. EKIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Bample and Bath Boom. Free.
Opposite Court House an. Post Office.
Coner Wird ui Vernon Streets.
Tfce Stfathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good    Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelson. B. C,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
I.R.ss's and Comfortable Bedrooms and First-
cl.-. I'lssluf Room. Bample Rooms for Comm.r-
vim M.'si.
MRS. K. C. CLARK*. Proprietress
The well known
Onr BeerOarden ia
the Finest in the
-   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rate* tl and 11.60 a Day.
Special Ratea to Regular Boarders.
Wbole-Mle aud Retail Dialers la
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oauipti tmpplied on shortest notice and
lowest prico. Nothing bat fiiss.li and
wholesome mcatsHud snpples kept in Minsk
Mnil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES. Manager.
w. a. aiuuETT
Contractor and
Solo agent for tho Porto Klco I.timbor Co., Ltd.,
retail ynrdi*. Roti-gli mnl drt*��mni lumber, liirm .1
work hiii) brai-ki'ta, Coast lath *nd Kblnjtle��, r&ah
and doom. Cement, brb-k and lima (or sale.
Automatic Krlmliir.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. cut of Hall,
P. 0. BOX 9H, Telephone 178.
West Transfer Co.
(tsshs'i'hI Teamsters and Dealers in
Ooal aud Woo-.   Express and
baggage Transfer
'.cWr.S? Office: Baker St.
Residence for Salc___
Price $1,000
Terms $150 cash
balance monthly payments.
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms and a large basement
and is well situated.
H. & M. BIRD.
One ol tlie Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale...,
About 400 Frait Bearing Treea; also Small Fruit, House and
Outbuildings, Hay Shed, and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nice
Hay Meadow, Spring Water and Fine Lake Frontage. For
particulars apply to
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Acre,
Cfaofccst Frott: Landa tn
Brtt-A Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
500 International Coal     -       65c
10 Marconi* Canadian    -   $2.75
WOO Yale-Kootenay Ice     -  9 I-2c
id~& McHafdv
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
EAST from Medicine Hat
ST. PAUL, Dally.
TORONTO, Wed., Ftl., Sun.
MONTREAL. Tue., Thur., Mon.
BOSTON.   Saturday.
Weit from Revelstoke
Daily Standard Sleeper
For berths,  rates or detailed  Information apply to local agents or write
B. J. OOYLB, 3. 8. CARTER,
A.il.l'.*., Viiiii-ouvisr. D.P.A.. Kelson
Nsstl.i' is Iss'ss'lsy Kivs-ii that Uie partnership
liercUifure nubM-tliis ls_lweeii na, thc uiiileralgn.
rsl, as hotel keepers in the town of Klu.ll, Ilrltlab
Ciiltinihla, liss-s this day been dissolves) Ly mutual
Dated this -ills day ol October, MM. .
Witness:   Ales. Human, Philip P. HcCsllum.
Old Curiosity Shop
II you want to buy or aell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on aale. All
klnda ot Dinnerware ln flock. Prt-
TUrty-xcml Annul Cmnrealion
American Bankers'
St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 16-19,190.
Komi J trip ratei to at. Louis
and Chicago od Sale October
12th to l ath.
&,Lo!,li Sto.0t
(._iieat.o  ^QQ
Going i ran sit limit ten dnyi
from date of Dale. Pinal return
limit November autb, 1906.
Round Trip Rites to Southern
In effect October isvth, iam, on
���ale dally, limited to _t motltbn
from date of sale.
on Augelen and smiin Barbara.. StS.tO
Taxadena g_j0
Santa Monica  n_jp
Rlveraideand Han Barnaralno.... teto
Bedlandi Mmtjt)
For Further Information Apply to
Oity raasenger Agent.
A U. P. A., Seattle.
We're particular to hare only plpea
that we can guarantee���OBD, BBB, JE
���made from the finest French briar,
curved or straight stems, amber or vulcanite mouthpieces. All slses: $1.00
W* c4. THURM*iN,
TotacconUt.  Baku* Street. u
The Daily Canadian
New Season's Pack
Mackerel    ;
Herring      \
|Bell Trading;
Coal and
Telephone 265
Do you remember that
I'he apple you took from |
the tree when you were a]
How nice it tasted then.
has some just like them.
Come aud sample some.
JOY will meet you
at the door.
! Joy's Cash Grocery;
(.or. Jo��-.-iihtnpRinl Mill Itl.      Phono I'.'
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils (or
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Huilil. .8 will tind ll tss Heir itd-
raatage to us. our Pttcb,
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
��� ���
I lb. box   -   50c
1-2 lb. box -   30c
Tlieiflvoodj nn* iis due a*, the more oxpontiTO
kjti.1^. the only difference is the piickaKt*.
TB_ a nox.
Phono 25. BakiT St.
Next P. Burns & Oo.
Cos-. Vernon und Ward  Ssscsst.-,
INEUSOIN,   t��. C.
,1. FEED HUMK. Proprietor.
T. C. Johuson, J. Shasgreen, ,1.
P.vfe, T. H. Late, Mrs. W. A. 0, Hamilton, .Montreal; D. P. Kaius, Kaslo; N.
F, McNaught anil wife, Silverton; J.
Ward, Kosciaiis; K. \V. Turner, Toronto; H. R. Cramer, W. Morris, J. A.
Preston; A. .1. Hurton, Vancouver; it.
McTaggert, Koch Siilins; It. J. McPhee,' Slocan: T. Jones, Frank; C. C.
Bnowden, Calgary; H. Church, Seattle;
tl. Skinner, Moose Jaw; \V. C. Sprague,
J. Ernes, E. J. Fleming, ,1. D. Score,
N. R. Allen, Kaslo; Miss Nola, Miss
Crowley, E. Flavelle, s. v. Wegener,
Rosclans; J. Patrick. C. L. Patrick,
Montreal; J. E. Burchell, Bydney; R.
Helllwell, w. e. Wlntermute,   D.   E.
McClltcheon, J. A. Preston,   Vancouver;
W. Anderson, Cascade;  G. II. Lowerv,
W. E. Adams, E. U Borstal), Victoria.
F. W, Wallers, E. Horton, H. Clare-
tnont, B. Thornton, E. Wood, J. F. Lo-
_iu. ('. Hoffman, i. Palmer, Rosclans;
T. Ii. Woodcock, Slocan; Miss X. Eastman. Kssch Sidlm;; D. J. Rusta, Cranbrook; G. D. Wheeler. Seattle; F. B.
Shafs r, Qreenwood; Mrs. J. W. Ross,
.1. II. Bydney, Montreal; R. R. Brown,
Ymir;   T.  Pollock,  Alnsworth.
C. M. Barnes, Seattle; F. U. Sherwood, Greenwood; 11. E. Beech, Van'
E. H. Currey, II. c. De|ier, A. Gran-
slis'r. .1. Dewey and wife, Rosclans; J.
II. Wade, Winnipeg; F. Leighton, Montreal; J. Mclnnis. Phoenix; .1. F. Tait,
New Westminster; 0, McCormlck,
i.. McNeill, Bonnington; K. II. Park,
It.   I-'.   Iliillock, Revelstoke.
J. Atkins, Bonnington; M. n. Lynch,
Regina; T. J. Tait, Ne ^Westminster;
W. A. Calder, Fire Valley.
Thomas Ellis, Quarry; W. Falre,
Mayvllle; Adolf Holnisieln, Oskar Ok-
sanen. Selnw Oksniien. Finland; E. II.
Parnell, Slriilhiny; \V. R. Donaldson,
Peterboro; A. I). Clark, Truro; R. s.
Barter, Frank; J. J. Grady, Spokane;
P. Shamler. Creston: A. J. Ralnvllle,
Six .Mile; B, Peoord, Ferguson, Barney
Halgsten, Pemoka,
best.     Try' a pound witli
your next oidcr.
Money  refunded if  not   satisfactory.
]* A* IRVING & CO.
Telephone 161,
AT "N'K   I SI'KltlEXi'Kli   WAITRESS  .Blurs-
fsm.Oss.   Hotel Hume.
,VJ MKN, ut s��ntv. fnr ussrli lis tils' wisssslis. Apply
tnW.K. r.uikc. rau'liilll. Kaslo.
1.AHV siKSllUHAI'lItli l���r psisuion In country,
siisos honM wllh .'lupl'iyrr's lanslly. Apply
itox W .. I'aiinsllan siffiss'.
BisiiMKX.Msii HutdiindLoninrContncton,
nlso KuKliis'.-r     WAttabQt. I.iiiiil'i-r fo., near
1'ralil.rook, P. G
COMPETENT   NTRSH    (1I8L.    Five   I'lilMrell.
Apply tsox 613.
Uiil'SK AXIi TWO lorn on Carbonate silrccl.
Apply II. 0. Neelands.
There was again today a clean shoot
at the city police court.
The trial of the Fernie fire case lasted 24 days and the costs will approximate 120,000,
Out of 376 pupils, the average attendance for ihe month of October at
the high and public schools was IU4..5.
The Itosciau Opera company will
leave this evnlng for Hevelstoko.
where they will sing ".Martha" tomorrow evening.
Henry Huseroft and Maria Wlggen,
both of Creston, were married yesterday afternoon at the Presbyterian
manse by Kev. J. T. Ferguson.
The many friends of Charles McAnn,
the Kaslo barristed) are sorry to hear
that he has heen compelled to visit
the Bast, where lie will undergo a serious operation.
Two mining deals of considerable
importance were reported this week,
but for certain reasons the details will
not be given to the public through the
press for a few days.
All old-timers in Nelson will remember little Mystic Lind ley, the precocious daughter of tho veteran comedian, Harry Lindley. Little Mystic is
now a full-grown young woman and is
travelling as loading lady in her father's company, which Is now touring
J. E, Annable has returned from a
visit to King's Gate, the new town on
the Spokane International railroad,
connecting Spokane with the Crow's
Xest Pass at Curzon. The line ls now
open for freight, and passenger trains
will be running in a month. On his
trip ho met Senator Lougheed of Calgary, to whom he sold a fruit ranch.
The selection will be left to Mr. Annable, but the location must he on tho
Arrow lakes.
Bowling Tournament.
The tournament which ha-s been in
progress at the bowling alley was
brought lo a close last night and was
won by Mr. B. Meyer. The standing of
the first five players for 27 games is
as follows:
Total Pins.   Aver.
Meyer     4038 150
Busty     4028 149
Lorsch     4002 14S
Salter     3.25 145
Perrier     3862 143
Mr. Meyer won the first prize, $10;
Mr. Busby won second prize, a fu pair
of shoes donated by the Royal Shoe
store; Mr. Lorsch won third prize, a
$2.50 pipe, donated by the Cabinet
cigar store.
Trains and Boats,
Crow's  Nest   boat���Two   hours late.
Slocan    and    Boundary    trains���On
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear out this line
we aro re hieing the price t-o
40e. We only have a limit .1
quantity .so don't dl lay ordering if you want any.
Rob.M. Hood&Co.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fael
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries mndo daily throughout Nelson
nnd iih suburbs Phone 1-1K.
Potter & Cummings
Fresh, Crisp aud Appetizing.
25c per pound.
This is a fine line.
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Mere Are
Two Snaps
A Parlor Billiard Board
\^SefSX $10*00
A Large One
BftxBft. $20.00
Worth 445.1)0, l'or ^     ^*
Those Boards are good value at tho
original prices, hut tliey are too expensive to sell, and we have pul ihoso
reduced prices, which aro away below
cost, on them, to sell them. In all the
range of parlor games then* is nothing
lo equal these Billiard Hoards. They
are as well made as n regular billiard
table, and you can play practically as
good a game on thorn.
The  more you  play  it  the more it
fascinates you.
W. G. Thomson
fffffiSP "* Nelsou, B. C.
Phone ..-..
Thursday Evening
of This week
Reserved S-^at Plan Rutherford's
Drug Store
The Dress Coat Suitable for Any and
Every Occasion,
Xo costume that Is at present in
general use by men presents more advantages than tho frock coat. It
shows off a good figure to advantage,
while concealing the defects of a poor
Because they make 100 frock coats
every week, the Semi-ready frock coat
is better made than any custom tailor
making 10 in a season can possibly
make one. For $25 one can buy a
Semi-ready frock coat, vest and trousers, made In fine black cheviots. Silk
linings and facings make the suit cost
a little more. Dress suits and Tuxedo
jackets made by the Semi-ready Company are ..qtmlly good and reasonable
in prico.
A.  Gilker,   the   pioneer  merchant
ol  Xelson, has secured the agency for
thi> incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
Cornet  players soon  get  wind of a
new tune.
How   About   Your
Guns tind
We bave Blsy's, Kyimok's, Winchester, and OogswoU &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's. Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Huntinjr Knives, Wading, Belts,
Coats, Puuta, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box ��>.*���      Nelson, B. C.
Sherman's Opera House
Change  of  bill  nightly.
Ztnn's Merry Musical Travesty Co*
aod Famous Dancing Girls.
Friday���"Telephone   Exchange,"
Tiio great-sit jlrl ihow you ever saw.
Prlcei 50c, "���><���, ti.no.        Matinee tfc hd-i fioo-
Bale now on ��t Butiiertord'a.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple nud fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp aud Miners' Supplies.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug & Book Co's
....Cash Stores....
Talking nbout It will neither put a
piano into your home nor bring back
thfl days���valuable AtXJt���your daughter Ib wasting. Let Ul tell you how
enR.v we will make It Tor you NOW lo
give your family (he piano tbey bave
wlwhed for so long.
���"Acts .Not Words"
Swell Modern 6-Room Cottage for Sale
Close to centre of city, all modern
conveniences, one of the finest properties in Nelson.
*T*f\\7J2   JDL    C*f\        FRUIT LANDS and RKAL KSTATK
tyJTEt <3C KjiKJ**. BAKER ST.      NELSON
A new range of  these good just to hand.    The very low
prices will interest you.
J. J. WALKET^W^y^ffi!
Telephone  ��.��.*..
Starkey & Co., g&g
VVhoie-niio ProvUlom,
I 'i-ocliiuc.
Donilnion Government Oraaauety One-Pound Bricks recniviil weekly {ml
from tlm rliurn.   Iwir snlo by nil lemliiiK grocers.
Offio. nml wateboose I Houston Rlock,   Phono 711.
Josephine Street.      -       -       ���      Nelson, B. C.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty |
Sli's-inii'iiil Work, O&fltingS, Huilders' Mnts-riiil und Mining nnd Mill Miirliinei- I
Office nml Works Foot of Fnrk St.
���I....1U    _l>4.
NuIhiiii, ll. c.
A Word to the Wis
Thin year we Imvt! appreciated the want(-�� of ourn
tomera uud )mvo patwed into Block the
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This f.tu\o i- Hii-ipt-d for hard cool onl j, aad Iff
auteed to give ttUi.sf��ctioi).
]* H. Ashdown Hardwan
Company, Limited.
Repulrlnu and .ls.lil.ln_ tusul _<J with Dsupnteh.   Shout Metil I
Work, Mining Hnd Mill Muuhlnary.     Munufnctur-r*. of       *
Or* Ci..-..  H. U.   C.iiilrsss.l..iV  Can.
0orwr.I_.il <���_     INEL.SOIN,    B��   C. l-VT,a\
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Itriporter of  i-lne
ICii-_[HmIi   OoolIm
Jno. T. Pie_re|
Maker ��t.
INelMfni, li.C*!
1 Just Arrived!        A **_ co^\
<"?1 ' ment of
AU Sizes ninl Lowisst PrioM
j. a. qTlker
MANUFACTURERS   f ^ �� ct *       t
and dealers in -Mjmbe*, SliiQgles-
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Bracket.. Mnil Onlem promptly ntK-n^I
 vbhnoim ��n.i:in  . . . inhlsq-v, h. c.
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famoue Kootenay Range?
Became we cannot procure a better, taking In'" "'
count  dealgn, workmanship, cooking qualities and pn��
We will be pleated to ahow you Ite good points-
Wooct-Vallance Hardware Q>fl\
��  SJS.UI.
... ,._-���._i f. -    ..���-.* s-v-s-^f i>i!,fV j.'.T .**;'.���


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