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The Daily Canadian Jun 1, 1907

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 5U*tl& tomoMan
Lib I.   No. 304.
Fifty Cbnts a Month
In, E. Lee's Address
lo Veterans
World ia Effort to Discour-
Siavcry���Not Responsible for Civil War.
Va , June I.��� Iu a speech
1 -ssslon ol the Confeder-
tthich aroused the conven-
sis formed the most Import-
ssf  lhe   reunion   thus  far,
I Robert E. Lee, Jr., said:
is. ],iiriii)n(s of this occasion wo
ti, 1 w   ths-  African   slave   first
:,..i unhallowed feet on Southern
���1, ugh  the  South  had at one
Inconsiderable career of marl-
.������isiiies. no ship or master of
ever in a singl" case been lm-
in    lip-    Illicit African slave
Jht greatest DUO always mainly in be the most danger-
|l:.s*tll  ill Ills*  rolllltry.
nla, in October, 1778, and Geor-
������ i*,used m's prohibiting the
ion ol slaves. ThuB, to the
ng s redll ol the South, upon
' voted beadi the vluls of holy
ive Ins is bo unjustly iioured out
-jipogatlng, tli��* leads the world
earnest attempt to prevent thc
ng nf which she Is accused.
ssion waa not preached for thc
ins- in lln* aouth. lt was threai-
iti llss- Nssrth four limes
Soutli Caroline seceded: First,
Col. Timothy Pickering of
.cliiisi s.'s,. opposing tho acquisition
lulslans; second, from JoBlah
. ssl Hassachuselta, over the pro-
admission ssi Louisiana as a
llilrd. frssm id, Hartford conven-
|n which candidate! were elected
��� dissatisfaction occasioned hy tho
ith Ureal Britain, nnd fourth, from
��� vi.-iisiiii,'   of   Massachusetts   be-
ii was proposed to annex Texas
��� ff-'ls-ial unlou.
hen Ills* red curtain of war went
i the American stage It revealed
simiry in anus ready and willing
lend all Unit makes life worth Hv-
|lhs' future of the country, the honor
1'i'ui'ls.. anil the sanctity of thc
f* Secretary of State Says  Forces
Are Only for Defence.
1'ta, June  1,���Speaking tonight at
Pile banquet given In honor of the
l��g llrlllsh JournnllBts, Herr Muhl-
I, nniler secretary of slate, referred
P"' mistaken   Impressions   of Ger-
I: s Intention!   conveyed   by   many
flu newspaper! which he deplored.
P'llliii! "the  talo  that  Oermany Is
Jatenliig or imperilling the peace of
���worlil.** he said, "The Gorman army
it'1-i'ii abroad with a suspicious eye,
' war engine ono day  destined  to
���*< loose to spread disturbance and
it over the world,   lt Is true that
piny lias a great and gallant urmy
f'hich we are Justly proud,, but can
jbssily prove that this army since the
PHihment of the Empire has been
1      That    we  have  frivolously
Jl*il lhe lives of our sons."
I'Millug ihe    German    navy  lletr
plhcrk    remarked:      "1  read suite-
F" especially    from    your country
*"' conceul our  pi-ogramme, cast
er our ultimate alms.    1 am ul
_      Lo understand  this.    Our  pro-
���mm,. |8 apeg t0 ||���, world. The terms
TUr naval law of 1900 cannot be vlo-
i'l by lho executive,    It gives dell-
P>* ansi clearly the programme anil
Paled strength of our nnvy.    When
���pared with that of lhe British nnvy
P<* cannot   be   a  doubt   loll  in   the
���"'�� ssf an unprejudiced observer that
��� navy is Intended for Ihu protection
l"'ir shores und seaboard t ratio.   VVe
TV|* Ior nothing else, bul for this we
F,,! wllh all the rights of every pro-
Isslvs- and honor loving nation."
I'll ove
|"< With New Assistant Traffic Manager, w. P. Kenny.
'islenlay    afternoon    the    visiting
'**���'��� H. officials wero taken for a trip
I the lako In u. c. Travis' fast launch.
i*y were accompanied by F. Starkey
f, T. c. Procter.    A run of 6 miles
I1' buck was made.    Tthe party had
8��l Into the bnathouse when the
P��� '""""e.   They remained in shelter.
Uu'J* flnnlly sained ���;���,.���_,, Mr, Kenny
|n��rked, 'Til feel safe when I got on
lls'iV""'" 8lreet "Bain." Just then tho
l��nouM platform yielded to tho com
bined weight of himself and Fred Star-
key, their figures being somewhat similar, and both gol wet feet.
At the lliiuie, ufter h��� had quite recovered, Mr. Kenny Buld:
"I felt a little shaky, hut I enjoyed
the Irlp. I ihlnk 11 is the prettiest luke
In America.
"Nelson Is better known ln St. fuuj
anil Minneapolis ihan any other clly In
Hritish Columbia,
"We lulend lo do all we can for Nelson anil lor Kootenay generally. Wl
hope io improve our service very considerably In lhe near future. The business Is here. 11 only needs developing
anil better facilities. VVe expect big
shipments of zinc as soon as the uppeal
from the customs appraiser's decision Is
heard and Hus muller Is settled."
W. P. Tlerney, Railway Contractor, Reports Progress of Construction.
W. P. Tlerney arrived home from
Grand Forks last night and will remain
In the city llll next Tuesday murniug.
Asked as to the progress of hlB railway building operations In the valley
of the North Fork, he said:
"We are now at the 20th mile of grading and making guod progress. Wo
have laid 12 miles of Irack, and are only
waiting for the completion of the bridge
at the second crossing to bring the
track-laying up to the grading."
Successful Students.
Bert and Ed Wallace, sons of J. H.
Wallace, arrived from the East last
night to spend their summer holidays
at home. Itert haa finished his third
yiar lu medicine at Manitoba university. Ed has finished his third yeur In
arts at Toronto. Hoth have done credit
to themselves and to the Bcbools of
Shipments Still Restricted���End of Labor Troubles���Quotations on
Stock Markets.
The week In mining has been without
Incident. Thc labor troubles in the
Boundarj have been the chief feature.
Developments continue but the volume
of shipment ls still relatively small.
The stock market fur the past week
has been rather inactive with prices
but very Utile changed from last week's
quotations. Traaings In Cobalt securities are heavy and the market appears
to bo sold out, Spokane Is much ln
lhe same condition as the local market; business being ralher quiet.
international Coal after its rapid tIbo
remained steady, with almost no fluctuations, but a large number of trades
recorded. Alberta Coal &. Coke was
stronger and In more demand than
since being listed on the market ,an advance of from 3 cents to 4 cents taking
place. H. C. Copper was very steady
at from 18 to J8.60. Dominion Copper
held firm around $6. These two stocks
still hold the attention of the Investors,
and will undoubtedly have a sharp rise
In the near future. Western Oil Consolidated was firm though but few sales
were recorded. Consolidated Smelters
changed but very little throughout. Sullivan ndvanced a point or so, but such
advance failed to bring out any of the
stock nnd therefore almost no business
was offered.
Following are the approximate quotations for the week ending today:
Uld.       Asked.
Alberta C. &C *     .81   I      33
American Boy 0!%
II. C. Copper      8.00
llreck-Lund Coal 56
Belcher          ������'������* '''
Cons. Smelters   110.00     125.00
Diamond Vale   ..
Dominion Copper
.24 .26
6.00 6.25
Denora Mines *��' ���������
Furnace Creek 87**. l.U]4
Giant ���* *",**
International  Coal   ..       .TO .1*
Lucky Friday 08 .10 V4
'.lit .11
.03 .06
,83-H       .34
.08 K        -09
2.00 2.25
2.92 2.93
1.70 2.25
3.50 6.00
Lanlenu Mines 	
La I'lnla Mines	
Nicola Conl Minos
Rambler Cariboo ..
Tel-Kwa Mines ���
Western Oil Cons.
Western Oil Ffd. . ���
Al the conversazione td be given in
the K of 1>. hall Monday evening under
lho auspices of the Ladles' Aid of the
Baptist church the following programme
will be rendered:
��ano .election  M^h��nks
g��nK ."Mr.  Sullivan
Sollp   * ucv E H. Shanks
Hectlon      _. Mw. Brlgg!
Sow      Mr. Drown
Song ������   mias lloyen
Recitation   Mrs. Briggs
UvTngmoio-ites/Mrs. Shanks,   Misses
Kills  and   Ncwcombc nnil   Messrs.
Brown, Sullivan nnd btocks.
The attractions In addition to the mu-
.leal   programme will be varied.    Ke-
eshment. Including IN."gf'-Sffi
cake, sandwiches, tea and coffo, will he
Nothing Doing at Prince
Alleged Northern Port Scene of Idleness���Land Question Still
Vancouver, June 1.���Prince Rupert Is
at the present time the deadest village
on the Pacific coast. Business has not
altogether stopped, but the people who
are living there are putting in time
these days waiting for something to
happen. The suicide ot Mr. K. G. Hub-
sell, the first executive agent of the
Orand Trunk Pacific In the West, was
simply an outward mark of the general
confusion of the situation.
Today 300 people are living ln the
village; when the last sleamer lelt for
Vancouver, 50 ol the!! were engaged in
clearing land. The others are assisting
in local surveys or looking on.
The failure of the representatives of
the compauy to come lo terms wllh the
Indians lor a part of Kaien island for
townsite purposes Is blamed for a good
deal of Uie delay. And the bargain wltb
the natives stands ln much the same position as It did ten months ago. lt la
just as likely as not to continue ln the
same position lor another yeur, though
lhe recent understanding Lhat was come
to with the provincial government may
assist the situation.
Subsidiary companies In which
friends of tho Urund Trunk Pacific and
the government are stockholders and
directors handle everything that is
worth handling within many miles of
Prince Rupert. This Is true of tho commercial as well as the real estate side
of the question, There ls a supply company for lumber, another for provisions
and so on and these control all the
business, lt is stated that for lhe privilege of handling any kind of ajbusinesa
project at Prince Hupert, 45 per cent,
of lhe profits are pulled dowu by tlie
companies which have the northern
business In hand. Mr. Russell, Bince
his removal from the position of executive agent of the railway company, had
his hands full of the affairs ot these
subsidiary companies of which he was
a director, and It was the tangles of
business, when he had so many for the
moment of unsuccessful Irons ln the
fire, that brought about the worry which
caused him to shoot himself. He waB
a straightforward, clear-headed business man, but the game he tried to
handle In the north was almoBt beyond
human endurance. And ln the meantime, with Ihe new town tied up as It
Is, there Is a period of quietness lu
store for the subsidiary companies In
which local people are interested.
Last year It was announced that this
season lots in the new townsite wodld
be placed on sale. Now It is stated on
the best of authority that there can be
no sale this year, for the reason that
clearing has not advanced far enough.
The proposed excursions for would-be
purchasers of townsite lots ln the north
will certainly not be held this season.
Hume School Report.
The attendance during Mny was as
follows: Dlvlalon 1, enrolled 37, attendance 31.13; division 2, enrolled 37, attendance 31.; Total, enrolled 74, attendance 62.13
Tho percentage of regularity was 84.
The following pupils mude perfect attendance:
Division 1, Miss K. 11. Bate���Freda
Bullock, Helen Balding, Mny Bate, John
llnldlng, Leone Engel, Augusta Engel,
Edwin Graham, Bruce Gilchrist, Edith
Gilchrist, Ruby Gilchrist, Frederick Hurry, Tony Habegard, Roy Hodgan, Ethel
Jackson, William Hodgan, Elizabeth
Lynch, TeleBphore Marquis, John Marquis, Rhoda McOregor, Charlotte Ring-
rose, Violet Bullock.
Division 2, Miss A. McLennan��� Day-
rcil Bate, Ella Brown, Alonzo Engel,
Vera Gilchrist, Walter Gilchrist, Ksther
Habegnrde, Freddy Hartwlck, Bessie
Horry, Farquhar Hodgln, Leonard Jackson, John Jerome, Thomas Jerome, Joseph Philbcrt, James Ringrose.
Flood In* Fairvlew.
At an early hour this morning residents of Fairvlew wore startled by the
discovery ot a new stream flowing
through the suburb. The water took ns
Its channel a depression usually dry,
which Is always filled with snow ln winter. It Is shallow nnd could not contain all tho water, and consequently
thoro wns an overflow.
The stream was near the residence of
G. G. McLaren.    While the volume ot
water sud the rate of flow were considerable It stayed fairly In its channel
and did no damage.
The only possible explanation wns
that the flume from Anderson creek towards the city reservoir bad burst.
Word was sent to the clly at once and
City Engineer Lawrence set out for the
scene of the break.
The scene of the break ls one mile
from the Mountain ilepsst. Workmen are
busy., repairing lt today. In the meantime Ihe supply of wuter Is considerably reduced.
Prices of Metals.
New York, June, 1. ���Sliver,   67%c;
copper. 2314c; lead. JO.
London, June l.-r-Sllver, 31 l-16d.
Nelson's First  Merchant  Succumbs  to
Pneumonia in Northern Town
���His Career.
There was universal expression of
grief today umongBt old-timers when it
was learned that George A. Blgelow had
recently died at Port Essiugtou. The
information came from the Port Easing-
ion Sun, and it was stated that Mr.
Bigelow had died at that place on April
23rd. It appears that he had been recently appointed collector ot customs at
Maple Bay, and while in the discharge
of his duty he contracted a chill which
developed into pneumonia. He was
piaeed in the hospital at Simpson, and
rapidly Improved. He left the hospital
apparently fully recovered, but he took
a relapse and shortly passed away.
George Blgelow was bom in eastern
Oular.o, and came to Holland, Manitoba, while yet a boy. There he kept a
store, bul met with disaster, his premises being burned ouL Then he followed the construction of the C. P. lt.
and amassed considerable money. He
had charge of the C. P. It. store at Donald. In 1890 he reached Nelson. He
came down the river on the steamer
Marion, which was loaded wllh iron and
olher supplies for the Columbia Western. On the same steamer were John
A. Gibson, now postmaster, and John
Nolan, whose unforttnat^jteath two
sears �������, 7au*-��� 3acli t^ft^.t George
and a few ofiiers walked from Sproat's
Landing. Al that time he had $7,000 in
cash, which was a great deal of capital
in thoBe days. He immediately started
a store, and for a time did a lucrative
business. He also, a few years later,
started a store iu Rossland.
lu those daya George A. Blgelow was
the leader in everything that had to do
with the advancement of Nelson. He
was chief of the first flre brigade, and
his store, now the building occupied by
the Bodega saloon, was a general meeting place of old-timers. It might almost
be said that In that building
were planned the schemes which determined Nelson's greatness. Mr. Bigelow was a public-spirited citizen, and in
partnership with John Houston, he
built the Victoria block, the best building up to that time in Nelsou. When
this building was sold ln later years,
George Blgelow received 110,000 cash
lor his share in the investment.
The deceased was one of those who
took a deep interest in the foundation of
the flrat board of trade. The atory of
how 40 delegates arrived from Kaslo
on the night boat and tried to carry off
thc board of trade to Kaslo has been
told many times. Bigelow was one of
the men who started out to rouse the
citizens, but he could only get half a
dozen or so together nt that late hour.
The late Robert Lemon was In the
chair, but he refused to put the motion
for the removal of the headquarters of
the board to Kaslo. He left the chair
and tho meeting adjourned until the
next day. In the meantime the Nelson
membership had increased miraculously,
Blgelow and others putting up the (10
fee that wub required as qualification
for membership. When the meeting
was called the Nelson men outvoted the
Kuslo contingent, so the headquarters
of Ihe board remained here. All that
remains of thut organization now ls the
desk In Cnpt. McMorris' ofllce.
"Those were great days ln Nelson,"
remarked an old-timer today, when
speaking of Bigelaw's death. "As a matter of fact, George Blgclow's jokes were
on everybody's tongtio. His Dominion
Day programme waa a choice piece of
humor, ao much so that tho only remaining copies of that programme aro preserved In the C. P. R. offices ln Montreal."
Bad speculation, coupled with Indifference to business, caused George Blge-
Iow'b downfall. He loBt heavily In a
sawmill he built at Creston. Then he
Invested In mines that never paid dividend.. During the panic of 1893 he had
some money in a Spokane bank, but he
lost that. In the lato '90's he mado
heroic efforts to regain his grip, but
without success. Then he left for the
Slmnlkameen country, whore It was
understood that he wns recovering his
fortunes. Only a few know that he had
aettled at Port Ksslnglon.
The deceased was a perfect type of
the Western man. Shrewd ln business,
but generous to a fault. As one ot his
earliest friend, today remarked,
"George Bigelow was his own worst
Tale of Extravagance and
Hundreds oi Thousands Paid in Ad-
rance for Weapons That Are
Proved Unserviceable.
Ottawa, June 1.���As the Incidents of
the last session are calmly reviewed In
detail the fact becomes more and more
apparent lhat the public money has
been recklessly squandered.
During the last session the Public Ac-
Counts commute began un inquiry
into the Ross rifle contract. The evidence taken was largely concerned with
the character of the rllle, the defects
in workmanship and material, the adverse reports of commissions of inquiry,
its condemnation by the mounted police,
and the other features and Incidents
bearing on the question whether the
weapon was serviceable. The financial
end of the transaction was hardly considered, but stands over for next session. The papers brought down are,
however, decidedly Interesting.
By the contract with Sir Charles
Koss the government agreed to pay
flit each for 12,000 rllles. This contract
was made on the 27th of March, 1902,
the contractor agreeing to deliver the
12,000 rifles before January, 1904. A
second contract was made in 1904 for
20,000. A third contract in 1906 and a
fourth one were made for additional
numbers, all at f 25 each. The Domin-
ion government had been buying the
Lee-Enfield rllle, which ls the weapon
used in the British army for (17.59. One
of the principal small arm manufacturers ln Kngland has offered to supply
the Canadian government with the new
pattern British army rifle and bayonet
cumplete for (20, as Ur. Worthington,
M. P., stated in the house. The American magizlne rllle with bayonet ready
for service costs $16. So it would appear that the Rose company had a fine
But there were other concessions. The
contractor was ollowed to bring in all
the materials and machinery free of
duty for his factory at Quebec. He
was allowed to purchase in the United
States or elsewhere such finished or unfinished parts as could not be made in
his factory and to import them free of
duty. All the raw material was also admitted free. Thus the contractor has
not been obliged to establish a factory
for the manufacture of the complete
rifle. He makes such parts as he finds
convenient, imports other parts, some
partially finished and otherB entirely
finished, completes the manufacture at
Quebec, puts the rifle together and
hands lt over to the government.
The first 12,000 was made In March,
1902, and all the rifles were to be delivered in that year and the next. The
government   began   to pay   ln   March,
1903, and made the following payments:
March 26, 1903   * 25,000.00
August  6th,   1903        37,971.92
February 4th, 1904         25,000.00
March Sth, 1904       33,703.88
March 12th, 1904       40,558.60
July  26th,   1904        60,000.00
July 26, 1904         2,568.11
Total   ��224,S02.51
By the time these advances were
made It was nearly seven months after
the date when the whole 12,000 rifles
of Mark I. order should be delivered,
but not a single rifle had been supplied,
nor was there one for more than a year
after this last payment. Thene amounts
were only ?200 less lliun Ihe full 75
per cent, of the price of tho whole 12.000
rifles, yet It was not until Auguat 26th.
1906, that Ihe first rifle came to hand,
and It waB a year later before 9,000 had
been delivered. The other 3,000 have
never been supplied, although three-
fourths of the price of 2,960 of them
was paid ln thc summer of 1904 .
Some Mark 1 rifles were served out,
but were sent back to the department
and returned to the factory for alterations or repalre. The contraotor was
paid |ir<,000 extra for replacing the
sights of theae rifles after the original
eights had been accepted.
In 1904, a year or so before the first
rifles of the 12,000 order had been delivered, and while the contractors were
drawing pay on the first lot, a second
contract waa made for 20,000 of Mark
II. Advancca were paid on thla order,
and the contractor had received over
$200,000 In advance on the second order,
before they delivered the first rifle of
the 1902 contract. Altogether $426,000
had been paid the contractor hefore he
delivered Ihe first rllle. The total payments on the second order In advance of
delivery of any rifles under that con
tract was $375,000, or 75 per cent, of the
whole price. The first payment on this
order was made on February 24th, 1905,
and the last on December 7th of that
year. This waa very nearly a year
and a half ago, and 3,000 rifles of this
contract remain to be supplied, notwithstanding the provision that no payments
are to be made more than a year before delivery.
On the third order six payments have
been made amounting to $272,441.04.
The first of theae was made February
16th, 1906, more than 15 months ago.
Not a rifle has been delivered under
this contract though the contractor haB
received his three-fourths of the price
of $14,530.
The second and third contracts are
for Mark II. rifles, so-called. There is
a fourth contract for Mark III. rifles and
the lirsi payment of $11,250 on thla waa
made last December, Of course no rifles
of this order have been delivered or
need lo be expected for a year or two.
Altogether, the contractor had delivered when the House prorogued 26,000
rifles, a large number of wblch are
stored away as unserviceable ln their
present condition. These are all paid
for. Seventy-five per cent, has been
paid on 3,000 of the first order not delivered, though the last payment was
made nearly a year and a half ago, A
sufficient payment has been made on
the third order to cover 75 per cent,
of the cost of 14,530 not delivered, and
of the fourth order full 76 per cent, payment has been made on 600. The total
payments to the company, Including extras, amount to $1,087,000 and the advances at the time the House prorogued
were $400,000.
Not one of the rifles so far furnished
has been wholly made ln Canada or by
Canadian workmen. So far as is known
not a single order has been filled on
contract time. The contract was altogether in favor of the contractor and
has been varied to his advantage. The
country has not acquired a factory
which in the event of war would be able
to supply a complete rifle, but is dependent en t>���� United States for the
more dedicate pur.! n. of the rifle.
Mexico  and Central  American  States
Stand Ready���Guatemala
Still Disordered.
Mexico, June 1.���Bl Diarlo de ia
Tarde In Its edition this evening prints
a special message from the border town
of Tuxtila Guitarei which saya that
Guatemalan troops are throwing up entrenchments and mounting artillery op
poaite the town of Oces. This Information cannot at this time be officially -confirmed, the government knowing nothing of the Incident. The special mes
sage  follows:
"Tuxtilla Guiterei.���We have just re
ceived in this city a message from Ta*
pochula which says: 'The Guatemalan
forces are actively throwing up entrenchments and constructing fortification on the line opposite Oces. Pieces
of artillery are being brought trom the
Republic of Guatemala and mounted.
The 25th Infantry has arrived here and
Mexican troops are daily arriving and
being placed along the border.'"
Guatemala City, June 1.���The correspondent of the Associated Press has
interviewed the foreign diplomats ln regard to the arrests made ln connection
with the attempts on the life of President Cabrera. The Spanish minister,
Senor Garciajova, said that two Span-
lards were on trial on the -charge of
conspiracy against the president. The
minister declined to make any further
The Italian minister, Signor Carlo
Magar, stated that he was watching the
eases of the Italian citizens alleged to
be Implicated, and he felt confident they
could make a good defence. The Italian
colony is now assured that every opportunity would be given to their fellow
citizens to prove their innocence when
the appeal is taken trom the findings of
the military court.
Count Von Schwerin, the German
minister, said that only one German had
been Imprisoued, and he had not been
tried. The minister had sent a physician
lo examine this man, who had been declared irresponsible for hie actions.
A enilleate to this effct has been
Hied with the authorities.
The Mexican charge d'affaires haB
also given him a Mexican lawyer. In
view of Irregularities ln the proceedings
against Mandoza, the Mexican charge
d'affaires haB requested the foreign ofllce to furnish him with a copy of the
testimony taken. Mr. Brown, the American charge d'affaires, snys he has not
taken any action ln connection with the
Imprisoned men, but Is watching the
proceedings and is interested ln the
prisoners' welfare.
He added that all the men sentenced
by the military court had appealed to
the higher tribunal. Mr. Brown would
not take part ln any concerted diplomatic action.
While the majority of the diplomats
refused to discuss the matter it was authoritatively stated that no joint action
In connection with the case of the prisoners would be taken.
Change on the Flre Brigade.
John Ellis has taken the place on the
flro brigade vacate by W. A. Grelg,
who goes to Van-couver. Mr. Ellis has
been on the brigade before and ls regarded ni a first-class fireman.
sf Powers
See Ro Reason for Isolation of Go-
many and United States���japan
andSovth America.
London, June 1.���The European poll-
cy in the Far East and the friction be- :
tween the United States and Japan la
engaging the attention of the weekly
reviews of London. The Spectator thla
week comments upon the absence ot
America and Germany from the system
of alliances now embracing Oreat Britain, France, Russia and Japan and
after dealing with the various reasons
that animate America and Germany ln
holding aloof, the paper aays one,object
ot these alliances ls to enable Europe,
plus Japan, to press' Its advice on China
with Irresistible weight. This, however,
as a means of preserving peace ln the
Far East will not be possible unless Europe Is united and the Spectator therefore urges that Germany Bhould be
courteously Invited to enter the European ring, and that inquiry should be
addressed to Washington asking
whether America intends to await
events or Join Europe and Japan in a
scheme for securing in the Far Eaat a
long period ot opportunity for peaceful
and fruitful advance.
The Saturday Review in an editorial
article dealing with the relations between the United States and Japan
draws attention to the great sympathy
of Latin America towards Japan as indicated by the welcoming of Japanese
Immigrants to South America and the
fostering of trade and commerce with
the Island empire. ThiB review then
dwells upon the assumed identical
ethnic origin of the Japanese and the
Indiana of Latin America and says that
perhaps among the surprises ot the future will be the development of a widespread Japanese Influence on the Latin
American continent, based on unsuspected ethnic grounds, which may terribly upset "that manifest destiny" of
supremacy over the American continent
which the American statesmen have
been proclaiming since the early daya ot
the republic.
Big Tract Nur Orand Fork* Acquired
by New Syndicate,
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Qrand Forks, May 31.���One ot the
very largest real estate deals ever recorded ln the Boundary district has
just been completed here, whereby a
syndicate of Chicago and Winnipeg capitalists have acquired some 10,000 acres
of wild farm land on the North Fork
ot Kettle river. The amount paid for
these holdings aggregates 110,000,
which num ls being distributed among
some 25 Individual owners. This newly
acquired land is chiefly covered with
timber which can be marketed and will
in several cases net the owners more
than they will have paid for the land.
It is the Intention ot the company to sot
to work at once to clear this land, when
a great number of men will be employed on the works as well as several
modern stumping machines. As soon
as the land ls cleared it will be planted
with choice fruit trees and subdivided
into 10-acre lots and placed on the
Quake    Somewhere.
Washington, June 1.���A special bulletin issued by tho weather bureau
shows that the seismographs of the institution recorded a distant earthquake
beginning at 3:47 a. m��� today. The
earthquake probably occurred several
thousand miles from Washington and
consequently the amputate of the motion was comparatively alight. The total duration of the tremors was slightly
over an hour.
Police Killed.
Lodz, Russia. June 1,���Five terrorists
yesterday made a street attack on a
police officer and two aoldlera. The officer and one soldier was shot dead
while the second soldier was wounded.
The terrorists got away.
Avalanche cf Ashes.
Maples. June 1.���A very heavy rain
has caused several avalanehos of ashes
and cinders down tho sides of Mount
Vesuvius. Much damage resulted, especially at Torre Del Greco.
I  *
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The Daily Canadian
which the campaigns of the future will
be fought.
The Conservative party will consist of
those who wish for organization of the
British Empire and who do not shrink
from the burdens and responsibilities
entailed by it. The Liberals will include French-Canadians who naturally
have little or no enthusiasm for the
British ideals, and those of British descent who care least about such things,
acd who are willing to continue to receive benefits and make no return.
The Issue is clear and inevitable for
the two parties and cannot be clouded
or escaped by leaders or by the rank
and  file.
Imperial Bank of Canada
H����4 ntti-A..  t .-
Head Offlce:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... ,��4,730,000 BEST  $4,730,000.
D. B. W-LKIE, President. HON. BOBERT JAJFFBAY, Vice-President
Brandies io British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed at highest   current rate from date of
opening of account, and compounded quarterly.
J.   M,   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six days ��� week oy tbe
BsLAerSt., Nelion, B.C.
���miwAiT-.f-iiiiH ti.'-*.**-, -*j cents i month delivered
in tbe cut, or (5.00 a year If seat by mail, wben
paid ln wvtfr
AdvertlslUK ri-.ii on application
Ail monies paid iu -settlement of The Dally
Canadian accounts, either for subscriptions or
adTertliing, must be receipted for on itu* printed
formi of the Company. Other receipt** are not
calld. ___
Saturday, June lit, 1907.
Tbe London Times, commenting on
tbe Imperial Conference just as it had
ened, concluded that while itsdeiinit>\
practical achievement was nothing, it
marked a great gain iu feeling aud
showed a solidarity In the Empire
formed by the growth of common Imperial sentiment.
Sucb an effect the conference undoubtedly did have, in Hritain. It would
a dull imagination that would not be
stirred at the spectacle of a gathering
of Hritish statesmen, two of them representing nations with area as great as
The sitting fn London of representatives of all the self-governing colonies
may be an inspiration and an education
to the home-staying Hritish. It is there
that tbe principal change must come If
the Empire ls ever to be organized.
Uut to all colonial Imperialists, It is
to be feared, Lhe conference has be^n B
bitter disappointment. If there were no
bope of change lt would be more disappointing still, It would mean dlsllluslt n
and the beginning of the end of
It was a poor augury for achievement
or progress when the Canadian government shrank from the use of the
words. Imperial Council, because they
seemed to Imply a much closer relationship than our government desired.
That timidity about words and hesitancy and reluctance to take any forward step, or even anything that nlghl
lead to a forward step, was evident
throughout the conference.
Four premiers had gone to the conference with definite ideas and aspiration, Mr. iDeakin, Dr. JameBon, Sir
Joseph Ward and Sir Robert IJond.
Their ideas may not have been harmonious or even wholly practicable in them-
selves, bnt they were all Imperial. They '
were ready to assume new burdens If
necessary for the  Empire's sake.
It was undoubtedly a bitter disappointment to them to find so many
doors closed. There were certain subjects that the British ministers could
not discuss.
It is not sufficient defence for that at-
tltute to say that tbe British people
have decided for free imports. The
men who led them to that decision must
face the responsibility for that decision
and all its consequences. Hut the tariff was not the only point on which an
understanding was sought. It did not
even take flrst place in the minds of the
Hritish colonial premiers.
What they sought first, and failed to
attain, was a voice in decisions on matters ot special interest to Individual colonies. In the year and a half that has
elapsed sfnee Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman and his colleagues took offlce In
Britain, ihore have been three glaring
instances of Colonial Offlce interference
with self-governing colonies, in Natal,
Newfoundland and the New Hebrides.
The premiers of Uie colonies wished
that some arrangement might be made
whereby their views might be made
known before similar action should be
taken again by the home government
Canada has suffered more than any
other colony, more than all other colonies together, by having her interests
sacrificed in arrangments between Great
Hritain and other powers. It was surely to be expected that Canada's repre-
srntattve at the conference would warmly rapport the efforts of the other pre-
pr*'miers   in this   direction.
Sir Wilfrid did. Indeed, refer to the
matter delicately at a banquet.
But in the conference be entirely
Agreed with the home ministers that
the time was not ripe for eo decisive a
forward step. He feared that lt would
impair ihat local freedom and autonomy which he prized so highly.
We quoted yesterday a short passage
from a Canadian correspondent of the
Times who described Sir Wilfrid as the
sjtecial representative of those who
���"f fa red the conference," as a body
"chiefly formed by but not identical
with, the French element."
The Times' correspondent had probably no other motive than the enlight-
ment of his readers on the attitude of
Canadians to the conference and to the ,
Empire generally. But his decision has
admirably indicated the line of cleavage
between political parties in Canada on
The recent announcement by Brigadier Howell that the immigration department of the Salvation Army would
supply British Columbia with agricultural laborers, was welcome news. The
fruit lands of this province contain
room for homes for millions. All au
thorities agree that there is no danger
of markets failing. On the Canadian
prairies fruit growing may be possible
in favored localities but will never be
profitable. The filling up of the fruit
lands of the province and the growth
of an agricultural population will do
more than either mining ot lumbering
for the permanent prosperity of the
cities and towns. Nor is there any
reason why British Columbian skilled
laborers should fear the influx of new
settlers. It will but create a greater
demand for their own labor.
The boom in Kootenay fruit lands
seems to be greater this year than ever
before, and It has at last begun to affect the values of Nelson city property
Many transfers of dwellings have been
recorded within the last few months at
prices that would have been impossible
a year ago. When the building operations which are assured for this year
are fairly begun the demand for dwellings should be greater still. All signs,
indeed, point not merely to a busy year
but to substantial and permanent
The people of Kaslo, if, as we do not
doubt, the Kootenaian reflects public
opinion, feel grateful to Nelson for its
people's share In making Kaslo's Empire Day celebration a success. Nelson! tes had probably no Idea of earning
gratitude. They have always enjoyed
the holiday trips to Kaslo and will continue to do so. But the Kootenaian is
right in urging that past quarrels be
forgptt^ij and that the two cities on
Kootenay Lake should be not rivals but
was closed. They were going to oil the
hinges, so that it would open by and
Mr. W. L. Grant, of Nova Scotia,
thought the best teachers might be
given an opportunity for travel as a reward of good work.
Mr. Harnett, of the board of education, said the board was prepared to
consider a practical scheme for a common certificate.
It was decided to appoint a committee to draft a scheme of interchange
of teachers and consider the question of
mutual recognlrion of certificates.
The resolution was confirmed at the
afternoon meeting, when Prof. Sadler
estimated the cost of exchanging a
total of 800 teachers at the yearly sum
of ��13,000.
Mr. J. R. Inch, of Now Brunswick. ,
said he yearly had nuuu-rous applica- j
tlons from teachers in Britain who
Wished to go to Canada, yet. owing to
the narrow policy of the various provinces of the Dominion, they could make
no reciprocal arrangements, even among
Commccdnj MonsiaT,
May 20th. an-i continuing for 4 Aavs. wc will
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One 9-In. diameter s I41n. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut. off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Engine
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Notice u !-.�� r-- > c:t.:. *.:.��: ���>��� '.ay* i:*.< - '.��:<
intend toaPp'.y to ibe Hi r. Chit/Commiw.onerof
Undsand Werfci, Vletorts. totpertejaetca wpur-
eh a*-**.** the following described laasl : Cora-men' leg
ai * poit pltnted on th�� weat tUe ot blocan lake
and nbout two mile* nonh of Kvan�� creek, anl
marked <;. n. o> southeast rorner poii, thence
north following shore of lake tOG -.balni. thence
matin chain**, thence with IC chain*, thence
east 6' chain* to point of commencement, �����
acres more or 1pm.
Located Aprii A), I9UT.
Olo B. '��������..".rr   locator,
Wm Clocgh, Agent
feisty <uvs UW aate I intend to applv to th.*
Hon.thief Commissioner of Landsand Worki to
pu rebate tbe following described land located
in Plr* Talley district ol West Kootenay: Commem mg tt a po��t planted at the s. ����� comer of
John hang*' pre-emption, tbence toutb 80 chalnt,
theace west +j Chalm, ihcnce north 80 chtlns
tbence east -toe-bams to placeof beginning, con-
tatning S;v acres
Located Marcb lttb, 1907.
I* A. McFHie. Locator.
J J  KXU.J, Agent.
Take notice that 60 dayi after date I intend to
-apply tu the Hon- t nief Commissioner of Land*
and Wurks, for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at tbe
southeast corner of lot 6306, thence met lu
cbains. theuce south 03 chaini. :*.������:..-��� east ���
chaiui!, thence north .-"chains, theme west IU
chains to point of commencement, -containing
4u acres, more ur Uss
Pated April 16th. I* " P   J. Bjunury.
w. w. Baaounr, Ageot.
I, the undersigned, after ft. days Intend to apply tothe Hon. tie Chief Commissioner of Until
and Works to purchase the folk-wing described
land: Commencing at the N.t. *l. of lxtt 7639
U. I., tbence west 40 chains, thence north 20
chains, tbence east 4w chains, theace south 20
chains to point of commencement, containing su
acres more or km,
Located March .Sib, 1!WT. W. A. Mills.
Takt- notice tbat slity nay* after date
I intend tu apply to thc Honorable lbe Chiel
Commissioner of Unds and Works for permla-
aiun to purchase the following describes, land
situated in the West Kootonay district: Commencing at a post planted at the southeast
oorner of Lot rii, ou tbe south side of the West
Arm of Kootenay lake, thence sO chains west to
southwest corner of said lot, tbence 20 chains
south, tbence sO chains east, thtnVe A) cbaini
north to place of commencement, containing It*)
April Jud, 1907. thsK'.r- RoBkRi-sos,
petattxtatW, BOtxataa, Agent.
For Further Information Apply to
London, June 1.���Lord Meath presided at the meeting of the Federal conference on education. Speaking of the
question of exchange of teachers, Mr. J.
L. Hughes, of Toronto, hoped that educationists would set an example of unity
to the Empire, ln Canada they were
going to keep on rapping the door which
Notice la hereby given that I *��] apply, at the
next meeting of the License Commissioners for
the City of Xelson. to bare the liquor license nf
the No I'lace Inn, transferred from Archibald
Ferguson Me d to myself.
Dated May 29tb, I��T. W* GOSNELL.
Ry Power of Attorney.
For Sale
$450.00, 2 lot* on Latimer ttreet.
$325iX>, 1 lot on Latimer and Stanley.
$200.00, 30 ft lot on Chatham near Pine.
1175.00, lot on Carbonate near Park
1450.00, 16 Iota on Innei ttreet.
Notice is hereby glsen that thirty Jars alter
dale I Inten s to apply to the Bn*nt of Llcerss-e
CommlMloDerl for the Vmlr dlatrlet lor a trailer nl the llcenee held hy me lor the Fort Sheppard hotel to t' Adle.
(Sl|ned) A  SI. SHUIM.
Waneta. B. C . Sfny 1st, IWT.
Notice Is hereby given tbat at a meeting of the
Board of Licence Commissioners, to be h**ld after
tbe expiration of thirtr days, I Intend to apply
for a transfer nf my bote! licence fo* the Creston
hotel, at Creston, to George Mead,
15tb May. J..: g. J. MlI.LER.
sixty days after date I intend to apply tothe
Bob. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Wurks. Victoria, B C, to purebaae +> acres ot
land : Commencing at a post planted at the City
of Nelson'i S K- corner po��t, ou K'��otenay rlrer,
lbence 'A) chains south, thence weat 'A) ebalns,
them-e nortb A) chains, thence east'JO chains to
point of comuu-uieuieiit.
Nelson, B. C, April 24, 1907.        E. J. CiHRix.
Sixty days af^r date I intend to apply to Hun.
tbe Chief commi&slnner of ..**.:.���'.. ana Works for
���permission to purchase the following described
lands in Kootenay dlitrlet: t ommenclng at a
pott marked Bruce White's N.W. corner ihsi,
situated at tbe northeast corner of ?. K 30 about
a mile east of Slocan river, thence south X
cbalna, tbence weft 90 chains, lbence south 6o
chains, tbence east *o chaius, thence north to
chains, tberffe east -tu chains, tbence north 4u
obalns. ihence west t*< chains to point of com-
meneement, containing ���*;������ aeres, more or less.
Located March 1Mb. 1*7. BatCl Whiti
��� II. il I I J, NELSON, B. Cj
The Hall Mining and Smelty
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores]
Whoit;*i��i�� Provisions,
Produce, - Hrult.
Weet Baker _V___. NELSON, B. C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit,
Fuel th Pooltry Co., Ltd.
N. E. eor. Baker  and   Ward  SU.
Notice Iss hereby glvtsn [hat I will apj.ly at the
oext mi-ettDg ol (he Licenae t'onimla.lonens,
lor the rity ot Nelion. to have the lliitlssr license
of the Silver Kits* Hotel translerresi /mm ttt.-
aell lo Robert Pali sel. oi the l/iiy of Nelion.
Dates! tsslis Tth siay of May, 19t/f.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
ToCharleiO. Ptrip-sod, or any other person
to whom he may hare transfetr-ed his interest in
tbe "Mar Blossom" miners] claim, iltuated on
Brown Mountain, tw<> an\ a half miles south-
wem of Ymi-, In the Nelson Mining Pulsion, of
West Kootenay MitrM. and recorded In the
Recorder's * *"��� -   for the Nelton iMrlMon.
Vou aod each of you are hereby notified tbat
I bave expended trio hundred and flre dollan
f.��5.00i In labour ���,:.'��� improvements upon the
above mineral claltn ln order to hold the same
under tbe provision* of the Mineral Act. and If
witbfo bloetr dayi from the date of Ihis notire
jou fail or refuse to contribute your portion of
the expenditure, (which !��� one hundred am) two
fifty dollars flic;.iti) jot the two years ending
���".. May. : �� " together wiih ali routs of adver
tiling, your interest in tbe saM claim will become the property of tbe undersigned under
���-���<. 4 of an Act .-;,*.'..-: "An Act to Amend tin-
Mineral Act. M00.M
bated at Vmir, B. <   , 16th May,;    "
I, tbe undersigned, alter W days Intend to ap.
ply to tbe Honorable the Cblef Commissioner of
J. ��� ��� :* ��ii i Works for permission to purebaae ths
foili.wlnif land; Commencing at a *>ost inarkfj
A. i. 0, of Lot tttt, thei)' * west xu chains, thence
south 2(i chains, thencu west ifl chains, thence
south'JO chains, tbence west +*��� chains, thence
sou'h -to chains, tbence east Nj chalm, thence
north Ho chaini to point r��f commencement.
LOMt��d March rth, Wt.     MS. jIcNaCoht,
N. F. McNacuht, Agent.
Hixty dayi after date 1 purpose making appli
caiinu to the Uon. Chief L'ommlssintter oi Unds
and Works, for permission to purchase the following described land: Commencing at a post
filaced on tne welt shore of Lower Wnauhan
uke, about a l* mile from the outlet ol same,
and marked "If. W's. N.h. corner post,'- running thence Bo cbains weit, thence Do chains
aoulh, thence 80 chains east, ihence ��u chalm
���orth to point of commencement, containing
*���(���' acres, more or '������-*
Mated tbe 2nd day of May, IsW7
(ftlgneil) 11, WAMtha,
per F ti. Far-wina, Agent.
Government Creamery One Poand Ilrickii received weekJr fre*h fron the
rhnrn.   Kor ��Uo by all leading grocers.
Office find warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. - Nelson, & C*
Sixty dnyi aftej ilate f purpose making application lothe Hon. ihe Chief Commissioner ol
Land* aud Uorks for permission to purchase the
following described land: Commt-nclng at h
post placed at the northeast M rner of Ji c-
-k'uto-r'i application to ponhSM inarkeil
"K H'a. N. W. curiier post" tbencp following the
eastern boundary id said aptdlcttlon SO chain*
���outb, thence running wt ('bidtii ensl, thence ao
ehalus north tu the southern boundary of K. W.
Ha n nlng ton's application to pundiate, thenc* ft)
chaini wot along WM tojsdntof commencement, containing C4�� aire-v more or leis.
Uatcd tad day of .May, ; ��� :
(Hlgned) k.Pintt-L.
pM F.(i   KaI'SH'IH. Agent.
fliity days after date 1 Intend to aptdy to tbe
Honorable Ihe ( hief'ommlssloner of Landi and
Work" for permission to purchase tbe following
described laiKUln Wait Kootenay district: Com*
mencing at a poit planted on the south fbore uf
Kootenay lake, and a'Jolutug C. P. K ������:-*'..,.
lo, and marked "Tom (iordon'K uortbwesl corner
pust," theuce iouth -to ehulns, thenee i ast 40
elm ins. ihence north A) ehalni. more or less, to
Lake Mi ore, theuce west 40 chaini to point ol
Dated this Mh ot April, '���*'���.
Tom QOttO*
Sixty days after dale I intend to apply to tbe
Hnn. the Chief CommlMl-.ii.er of Landi ud
Works to purchase IfiOacrcmf land : CoiniiiPiiclnic
al a pft.it planted ou the ue-t Mle ��������� ������ Mile creek
on the wagon road about ."���> miles from Kootenay lake, and marked Nell McKeclmie's southweit corner poit, !h61)C�� west 40 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence eait 40 chains, thence
south 4u chains to place id herfuu 111a.
Unrated this *3rd day of April. Iftrf.
K. J  KllioTt, Agent.
Notice li hereby given that (to days alter date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commlisioner of Landi and Worki for permission
to purehaae about l~!t acre* of laud, iltuate near
the f'eni d'ureille river, West Koolenay dls.ri'-t,
and deicrilied ai follows: Commencing at a
poll marked O. K. Ibomson's N. W. corner *,--*.
situated on the touch boundary aud 'A>ebaiiis
from H, W pom uf Lot 71!H, thenct soulb about 70
chains, thence east shout 96 ch��lns lo a point on
the wwi bouudary aud in chains [roio H. W, post
of Lot 7741, thenre uorih 70 cbaiui and 1 hence
west its rhalni to tie pbvv ol beginning.
mih March. iW. ��-. K Thombojc.
A. G. LlM, Ageut.
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given by Mrs, Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College. Loudon, Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conser.
-..'������'.jr.- of Music for singing and piano
playing.       Address Bex 7H, Nelaon.
I, tbe undersigned, after W dat* intend to apply Ui the Hon tbe Chief Com mi*��"f oner of Ltnoi
and Works for permission to pu.cbase ihe following described land: Commencing ��t �� poet
rnarktd N.K.C, situated on Ibe wesl ihore of
Hloean lake, about twentv miles from Hloean city,
thence wett 40 cbulni, theace south ���*��� cbalni,
thenoe east -t* <hatni, thence north along the
ibore of lake SO chalm to point of commencement.
Located May 4th. Bmt *M*iMt
BlVCl Whits. Agent.
Sixty dayi after date I purpose making application 10 the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for ; ��� r:.*..-.. ���:. to purchase the following
described land: Commencing at a post placed
at the northwest eorner of lot 4f48Ci and marked "P. McC's S E curn< r tH.it." running thence
SO chains uorth tbence IM) chains west, theoce SU
chatm south, thence Sti chains eaat, 'o polot of
commencement, (ontaining 6*40 acres, more or
Dated this 6th day of May, 1W7.
jSigned) me* -tfdODUOOfa
per D. a. McCiluxx. Ageut.
ui^itpr.iy ks,* .._;; \r*vi,\i_",a*
Uxsaled IhU ��1U d.y ot Ma)-, Sn,
 ,  _>��� Iran, tw��ior.
VIolisMa, 10 , SSS S     , itl",' ""> w,"k<,
.najr:   i/nmmenriiiv a, �� ____*_��____*! K""l
north  lloni lake ,!���,"' ', ,",.Jr_fiff.*S��S!��l
Ihenrc au chain, aoulh. Uii.Sa.5 .���*"" ""-
ri.��� o, _,���������,���,, ��iffii582ji��_jw to
to purchase
southeail o. .. ,������.
planted at the louthweit
Pl.nted at &feM,$SfiLS 1^8
marked O. A ffSntS?riSffiS.0 U'{ ""l.Md
north 40 chains, thence w��t *s ''?""��� tbenoe
south 40 chalm, thence ewi ^ , J. V1'1' lh*o<*
ot beginning. ewi   ��� ��**UU to pi4Ce
Locate April aoth, IW. Q   .  H[.M_
lii-iai. .r.MmmmK%mm!m., * ,, >ini mitm
l, the underilgiied, sfter 60 davs intend   to ap-
fly lo ihe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of
and! and Works to purchase the following ���!.������
(MTibed land: Comineuclng at a [-oM marked
S. K (.", situate at the mniilh of Cove creek on
the west shore of Bloeu lake, tlu-nce eresl &>
cliaim, Iheuce south A) ihaiun, thence weit 'At
cbalni, thence loulli V0 chains, ihence west 40
cbains, thence south 4" chains, thence east St>
(Chaini, thence north -��� * t.ains to point of <-��m-
I��cate��t March _T7ih  UOT       .S, F MrNst'OliT.
I, the unaligned, iutentjai ter to dayi loapply
to the Hon the Chief Coiiiralsninuer of I-andnand
Works for permission to purchase the following
dewrib-cd land:    commencing at a post marked
T M ��ha-pn 1 B 1 , looated po the west abore
of Hli'can Iske, kboQl twelve mllo from the hia I
of Slocan lake, thenee went to (halm, theme
north 49 chains thence east 40 ehalus, thenre
���outb along *hore of Hloean lake to point of
Located May 4lh. T. M. S��AkV.
tVt day* after date I Intend to app-iy to the Hnn.
Chief Commluloner of Lands and Worki, Victoria to purchase '������������ acres of laud lu fire Valley,
WOSl Kootenay district, and 1. .- 11 r ��� ��� --1 %a follows:
Commencing at a por.t marked W H Wright's
B, K. ��*orner,an<l ruuuiug north (k) chains, thence
weit Hi chalm, theme rou'-h HU ���halm, lbence
east Am l,n,���.*-���*- (.,��>������ of 1 i-gluiilng, atul t>e1ug
the weit one-hall of the N. K .iuhiu*.- of -c tlOO
X, and lhe west hglf uf lho I f. olie-nunricr of
Meciion Ki in Township 71 (j. I.
March 90th, IW. W. H, WRIOHT,
rilxtr days after date I Intend loapply tt tho
Hon. Chief Commlniloiier of l.ai.-i- anu Worki
to purchase .W) acres of land in Fire Valley, West
Kootenay diitrict and described af follow-.
'.'ommenclng at a po*t marked Jr. Fl H. E
corner, and running oorth W) chains, thence
���-' ������ 1 ��� limn-. Ihence south Hu rhaim, thenc��
vast 40 chalm to place of beginning, and bofng
the weil one-half Ol the B> K. one (|iiarter SBO
tbe eut otiu-half of the H. W. one-gtiarter, und
the weit one-half of the N.K one-o,uarter, and
the east *ne-haif of the N. W. one quarter of
Section ':< Township 71, Q. 1.
March 30th. i-s-T. )"M> KNMatfT.
Notice Is hereby given that do -lays after date f
Intend toapply to the Hon. Chief fommiasloner
of Lands aim Works for permlt-wlnn to DttFOhMS
the following di^scribed lands, slluate In West
Koolenay dlitrlet: Commencing at a po��t marked J. L. Porter's N. W. corner, tlience south Wt
chains, following the eastern boundary nf II.
���Seloui application W Purchaoel th'UKeeast W
chalm; thence north (vi chalus; thence west 40
chaini to point of commencement, eontainiug
l�� acres more or lest. *
Dated thle Uth dey of March. 1907.
1 J.L. Poana.
Notice Is hereby given thtlttdaii sllerdsl
ietctid to apply to lhe Hon. Chief CmitniiMt
"M-aiidi, mtu] Works for perroJsiion to Wllf
the following de��Tlbed laml ln*'e��t��ie(
autrlci, on  weit sli ire of Lower Arrow it
Whining I-oi.So.4����.ontheiunth:  Beiiu
*t a posi marked "Marry McLeod*! N.K (�����
post and  i.lauied on the ihore ol Lover i'i
Uke.nt the southeast corner of ('apt FolIU*
'������*���'*��.  th*,n<*e  west  30 cbaiui, lbence **_
?*n" more or len to the north matstfU
mlttS*"'* ''��� K ��� thence A chaini eait Mr
said  boundary to lake, thence north alow jh
lake shore jo rhalni, more or leu l0|Nfl
May 'ind. 11107, j. D, Moon   \
___ Agent for Hsrry ��[^J
���ility days ufter date 1 Intend 10 apply !o'
��<m.   the   1 hief   CoiamlMiouer   ci  Und/'
Works   . ictoria. to purchase 130 s��*r�� ol *
���vMteO on the weit side of Arrow lake aui 0_m
directly north of Iyit797B: Commencing it ��!������
planted at the N. K corner of !>���[ rm awl warn
od  "li.Ji.ti.h. corner," and rnnulng nw�� P
chaiiK, thence west A) chains, thence SHUI
r|iain*��, ihence west Rl chains thenee 1*W*M
chains, thence easl 40 chains to point of Mf��|
"tug. ���
April BM, 1W7. IlKRTHi BkADLtt,
. J. K Ali^l^Al^..-.
Sixty days after date I mten.l to apply at,
Hon  f hief CommUsioner of Undi su��l ������*
Victoria,   H. ('.,  i��� purchase the follnalH'**
"crlbed land, situated in the Weil KSOlfStfL
trict:   Commencing at   a   |k">i plant*) "i'**
wit side of Koolenay  lake,  near Rhin<*��"
|H.int, and  marked  J. McK(mion'i \hh.nm
Ppet, theuce west so  chalos.   tbence DOTH1 ������
<halns, thence east ��' chalm moreor Icm wwi
���horo. thenc* along lake ihore to point**'
 Bigoed J MrKwies_____
Blxty daya alter date 1 intend te ippr"1 "Jjl
JJ��n    the   Chlel   CiimtnlMlotii-r ol  ^_____\_____\
Wo.-ks toparehuethe fcUowlMdewrlw"'*���*���
loceted in r_t* Va'.ley dlitrlst ol tfmt K��Wffl
I ''nuuenclngataposl planted at the H ��*-��JH
, 611 fh��ii
��� _.....���, ing al a posl pl_,��� _.���
'i John Hang' pie ..mptioti. thence "v,---,.
souih, lhetice 4o chains west, thence WcW
��uilb.lhrnct40chainseMttr placed iH'KtDDi*
RiCHAsnKirrK, L��*W.|
__     J- J. KELLY, A|iBt     I
Hlxly days after date I purpose making "WJ
cation to the Chief CortmluUiner of Unitm
works for nermlaslon to purchase the folloear
described land: Commencing at a pott PWL
��t tbo tmulbeast corner of f W <> ft__\\
application lo purchaie, marked "K.^'H
corner," running thence tkt chalne aorilul>*H
M�� chalm uasl, ihence so cnalm souih. *******
chains west to point of comment-emeu*. co'lUiri
lag MO acrea, more or leas. ���
I'ated the Vth day of April, JW7. ,���
 PerF Q.��AV*tvie*,__tf^}z^-
Hlxty daya after dale I purpose making appj*
eeiinu lolhe Honorable the Chief Cuimus*-^'*}
of Undi and Works for permiislon to ff_____f_\
ibe following deeerlbed laud: ComvabeUfl
a post piecedebOot one and half ���"������* �����!!��
Hllver Tip Point, on Whalshan Uke. n.sr tVJ .
'K W.t). H's. B.1 ���""'npr- "���'
tie creek niarked "K W.t). H's. B.1 comer, [fl
ninif thence SC ohaini weillo>oln land wtm
��')��� F. L. Hammond, ai AReat, then<-e NO <*�����
nortb, thenco 80 chains east, thence W ^," .
south  io iHiint of oommencemeut, cotitsmw |
��*�� acres, more or leas.
I'ated the Utb day of April, 1907. ,���
PerF. (i. raPQPllS,Ageaj __J
Sixty days after date 1 inteud to spplT��*S
Hon. Chhd Commiisloncr of Undi and ���"��
to purchase _'to a,.rei of land, situate M UJJJ
Burton, April 3rd, 3907.        tfRLHf* *
A. A. Buatoii, Agent rospectors
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|vcs Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
.iired and Smoked.   Our Hams Are
Excellent  Also.    All  Are Canadian
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Burns & Co., Ltd.
ten Ihat -HOrtavs utter dattt I
,- douorablfl the i no-t ('om-
���u*,:. .nd   Worki for a siiecial
i,      ,-������ away Umber Iron the
rlU'l landl in West Koolenay din-
siiiineucliig at a pool plnnted
nl itl icberry creek, ���boni
reek Irom railway track,
���ti, theuee ��**> chains i-muth,
I, tlience -it* eliniUH north,
i  ihcnce 1" ��� ii,-.m* north to
���  [..cticlug at a poll planted
..., rol Looatlon So l, thence
-, . mi chtiua north, thence
. i'< ehelni sonthi thence ho
(4ochains iouth to polnl ol
'ommenclng at a jxmt planted
l.il northeaal corner ol Looatlon
bum wuth. theuce iai chaina
iaini north, thenee 4tl chalna
laini iouth tbeuce 80 chalna
did me uco ment.
Kknmt Vi. Hosihroii^
siren that SO daya alter dat�� I
.the Hunorable the Chief Com-
)i hu<I Works. Victoria, lor a
p <<,i and ca'ry away limber
I     icribed land in Ihedlrlrlet
a pout about aeve-n mllei from
imit creek, in a weaterly dlrpc
M Benny'i norlheaat corner
liatni well, iheuce 40 chalna
cliaina weat, thenee 40 ehalna
i:n- ��� km, thence 4o chalna
cbaini east,  thenee 40 chalna
s'l '������nnii'.i-iiccttielll.
Till, 1*7.
ll. M   BSVSY, Ij.cHtnt.
\;i,t- i iRRiK, Agenl.
I'      glveu that SO daya aller date 1
lly lothe H rahle the Chief Com-
[ Uicli and Worka tor a s|rtMial
ind carrv away timber from the
Ibed land* iltnated on the Weal
. ��� j. < reek Valley: Commenciug
Ind a hall iiillen north of the ililer-
In-Ury line and alioiit one and a
ol lln* Selaon uud Fort Hheppard
}; lati.l grant lu the dlitrlet of
Taj .
' ii ini;   at   *. poit planted   two
pi Klg rtheep creek, known at the
)tn< r boat, Joining I. K. Crauaton'i
i No. l.elaltnlug �� chalna north,
���i-i   thi ii- e N chaini aouth.
real to point ol commencement.
���u-cfaUil Wi
] mencing at a poit planted at the
���atfou No. 1, kuown aa tbe
irw r poii nl Imaiion No. '1, clatmlni
ire M   halni eaal. thence HO
i   thence W ��� tialna weal to point ol
[arch '.Mil, IWT.
mmeticiug at a poat placed halt a
lw atlon No 2, known ai the south-
1 laltnlng ni chaina north, thence BO
Iheuce BO chalna aouth, thonce SO
Ui do lu | n( commencement.
J   I'. HwKiiRiao, Ixx'ator.
"   I   Kmiki.mkj**, Agent
���'��� bj glren that 30 daya after date
i[ i iy tn the Hon. Chief Commlaalon-
and Worka for a Bptolnl liceuie to
t] away timber irom the following
��:. :��� -Mtmnni mi the weat aide ol Big
l ���*��� alley, coin mencing about C*; milea
.*> 'ntiTuatioiinl boundary Hue, aud
Bill weat of big Hbeep creek in the
ftlinelng at a iioat planted about
��� ���' Dig Micep creek, suown a*, lhe
��� -��� poat, i Uitming BQ chalm aonth,
1 * ���*>>���[, theliee so chalm norm,
>: ��� '-a-*t to poiut of commencement,
������nn ing Ht a poat pltnted at the
"������'��� Mm atlon No 1, kuown aa thc
t:,. r [n���t, ilalinlng W chaina north,
���*�����>'������ 'n-i, ihonce SO chaiua south,
HDiwi -ito point ol commencement,
imencing at a poal planted at the
'teeroi looatlon No i, known ai tbu
' ��� -.nn...in- v chalna north,
' dm weal, lbence tt chllni iouth,
���*������*���*���-! to point of eoinmeiuemcut.
Ml iiili, latft.
j. c, HwKimKRfi, Looetot,
K.T  Ksoki.skikn. Agent.
ber Limit " o. 2 )
giren   hat ��> days after dale 1
the Honorable the Chief c��m-
U and Worka   for   a   apeclal
l ��� iw iv away Umber from the
'i liiinl, HiliiHtvd on Kooskauax
ilcnay diairlct:
at n poat plante * at the north-
I un tier Li in 11 No Iir.! 17, and matk-
>outllW6it corner   punt,   tbence
iv  theuce  rail HO cliaina, thence
* tin nee weatSOchattiH to polntof
ti28,1007,     ii. i> Ut,Locator.
im tor Notice No H)
��t�� poat tusnteo at tin- lontheast
111nit. and at ibe norlhweat coi hit
<���**������ No. 1DBM, tbem-u  north   160
��� Mt   40  chalna  to  well lino of
(*>o lostf, Followlni  Ine of No
��� ��� ciimiii-.   tbence followlug line
���'   No   limn 40 chaiua lo point Ol
'"���'���Ira, l��H.       H.U.LltA, Locator.
t Umber Notleo No. 4.)
��p hJ given that fit) dav��after dale I
T.y to iIn* Hon. Chlel Cominiaiioner
11,1 * "rim lor a Mpeclal lleenie to cut
���way Itmhei fnnn the follow lug ne*
i>i Minaled ou KooNktinux creek In
'���'���y uuirlct, and abom five mllei
�����i rnw like:
Iiik hi a [���,*-] planted on the norlh
[" ana about half a mllo from creek,
h'm !���'     lae'* aouiheaat coruor poal,
I ���> chaliiH, tliouco woit 80 chains,
���"�� ���>ehaim, Ihenoeeutn)ohnlu to
��� '^""���'"''���ui'-ut.
f Mnrch ;ti. iyh>7. 11 1) Ua, Locator.
[timber Notico No.ro
"k nt a poat markea H- d. i*'*'"
�����ei post, thence norlh so chalm,
"' ***\ line of No 4 loealion, theuce
������thenoe iouth ho chain*, thence
';'("imi ol c meiicoineiil.
"��n��i,��07,    ii.n Ua,Looator.
.(ll"iher Limit No.O.)
1"r''by givnii that iimy dayi after
II w appiv to tho Honorable the
'""mnei of Undi and Worki (ora
���lull,....." Vul Rl"1   ''ftrr>' ��wsy  timber
1 ! mWM^^lMdiiftttnWiSoot
ii tne t nptr Arrow lake ou Kooi-
���iieinu.i "' Ko',l("'ftvdlirlct:
lin.ni.u.  n. l",Kt t>lH��t*,d md marked H.
��� 'eu,'*   '"l','or111'' 9Q**t thonco eait so
"outh hii eiiHlni. thonce weal so
Jgw horth so chaiui to polut ol com-
|����ohM,low,     Il.D.LiA.Ucetor,
Timber Limit No. 7)
or"\i,ma,n ]'"n l,lft��l��<> snd marked II.
llowih�� ,��orn" I"1*1' thenee iouth W>
't *t\ ,.t   "' Wl'8t ,lnu ol Mp.6 limit,
���"IfcichaVi   '."' tlllMll;u nnrlli HO obalns,
Id ��u   . l��dnt of eoinmencunient.
' ,,Hr,,|,:,>.ltt"7.       II.n.Ua.Losator.
t'(l,1l'i'lv,|onlv,'i) Umt m ""J* 'romdate
'"'"I Warif.f     '" <:llt��'"ommlmloner
fl   hWlv   tlm I   r *."VW'I*��I   IICCUBO tO OUt
,u "wtKootenuydliirlot;
Loium > icing at a pi.at plKiitod on the north
batik of 10 Mile creek, about one mile and a half
from Hloean lake, mnrked K Strand's northwest
corner pont, thence eaat IWI chalna, thencu aouth
4 ehaiih, lbence weai lfio chalai, thence north
10 chaina to point of commencement.
Uited thla21it day ol March, l'J07.
      K- HTHiNn, Ixicitor.
Notice ia hereby given that 80 daya alter dato I
intend to applv io the Hon. the Chief CommU-
iloner of Unda and Worka, at Victoria, for a
medal lleenae lo ent and carrv iui timber
from tbe following deacrlbed Until tn Vale dlH-
No. I.-Commencing at a post planted about 10
chaina eaat of main Keltl- river and about one
mile more or leai nonh of C. P H. Itloek No.
tttl, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'i H. K
Wrner |>oit No. 1. thenee HO ehalni n rth. theuco
w chaiua wt-gt, thence 9�� ehalna aouth. thencu 80
chalna eaal to the point ol com me nee ment.
Uited Mar hlttud, lVM.
tii,,2.���t ommenclng ata poat planted about 10
ehalni can of main Ketlle rlvrr about 80 chnins
north o| Bouudary Lumber Co'a Loealion No. 1,
antl marked Boundary Lumber Co'a 8. Jt. corner
toil No. 2, ihence 80 cbaina north, thenee 80
chaiua west, thence 80 chaini iouth, tbenee 80
chaini eaat io the point of commencement.
Dated 'Atrti March, 1W7.
No. 3.���Commencing at a poit plinted about 80
chalui eaat of main Kettle riverand about 80
chilni north of Boundary Lumber Co'i location
post No 2, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'i
o. K. eorner pott No. 8, Ihenee SO chalm uorth,
thence 80 chaloi weal, theace SO chaiua aouth,
thence 80 cbalm ent to the point of commencement.
bated March 22nd, 1007.
No. 4.���Commene.ng al a poil planted about
10 chilni eaat of Ibe nmlii Ketlle river and abom
80 chalui nnrth ol Boundiry Lumber Co'a location poal Nn. 3, and marked Boundary Lumber
Co'i 8. K. corner poit No 4, thence 80 chain*
north, thliieo 80 chalm weil, iheuce SO ehaim
minlb, lbence 80 ehalni eail lo tbe point of eommeucement.
bated March 22nn, 190*7.
No A.���Commeuelng at a poit planted about
U (balm eait of main Kettle river and about
two iii Dc-* north, more or Urn, of Boundary Lorn
I..*.* 11'% \.->' rtiion No. 4, and marked Boundary
Lumber Co'i H K. corner poit No 5, thence SO
chalm uorth, thence go cbaini weat, thence HO
chaiua iouth. thence 80 cbaini eaat to the point.
ol eommeneement.
bated March 23rd, 1907.
No. 6.���Commencing at a poit planted about 2f>
ehalni eait of main Kettle river on C P. K. Une
block No. 2714, and about SO chatna north of
Bouudary Lumber ' 'n't-. Im-nUnti i��**--i >,,. ���,. and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i 8. K. corner poat
Nu. 6, tbeuce 80 ehalni north, following C. 1' K. <
line block No TM, Ihence 80ehalni weat, Ihence
80 chalus aoulh. thence 8o chalm eait to tho
point of eommeucement.
bated March .Mid. 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing at a poat planted about
16 cbaiui weit of the malu Kettle river on C I' It.
Hue block No 2714, antl about 8u chaini north of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poat No. 6, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co'i H. K. corner poit
No.7, tbence lfio chalui north, following C. F. R.
Ilue block No. 2714, thence 40chilns wen, theuco
ISO thalm iouth, thence 40 chaiui east lo tb)
point of commencement.
baled March 23rd, ion.
No. 8,���Commeuelng al a poit planted about
20 ,. iia'ii**- weat from river bank and about 3 milei
���outh, more or leaa, ol the Uit east branch ofthe
ea>t fork of the main Kettle river or about IS
nu t- north, more or leu, of C. P. H. Hlovk No.
2714, on eait fork ol Kettle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. W. corner |>ost No 8, thenee*
wi chaiua eaat, ihcnce 80 cbalm muth, thenee 80
ehalni weat, th ncc SO chalm uorth to lbe point
of commencement.
baled Maroh 26th, 1907.
No. 9.���Commencing ata poit planted aboul
20 chalm weit from river Lank, on the cut fork
of Ketlle river, and about 80 ebalna iouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poet No 8. and
murked Houndary lumber Co'i N. W. corner
poat No 9, tbenee so chalui eaat, thenc 80 chaini
aonth, thunee NO ehaim weit, thenoe 80 cbalni
north to thu punt of eotnmencemuut.
bated March .'..ih, pat.
No. 10���Commencing at a poit planted about
20 chalna west Irom river bank on the east fork
of Ketlle river, uud about 80 chaini iouth ol
Bouudary Lumber Co'a location poat No V, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. W. corner
poil No. 10, theuce 80 ehalni eait, thenee 80
chalm aouth. tbence 80 chaini weit, thence 80
ehalna north to lhe point of commencement.
baled Mareh 261 b, 1907.
No. 11.-Commencing at a post planted about
IS chalm weat from river bank on the eait fork
ol Kettle river, antl about HO chaini iouth of
Boundarv Lumber Co'a location boat No 10, aud
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N.w oorner poet
No 11, thenee *������* chalna eaat, thence 80 chalm
aoutb, t ence 8fl ehaiiiK treat* thenei 80 chaini
norlb to the point of commencement.
Dated Marcli 26th, 1907.
No 12.--Commencing nt a wnt planted about 12'
chaius weat from river bank an thu eaal I >ik of
Ke tie rher. ami nltout 80 chalm iouth of
Boundary Lumlier Co'i location poil No. 11, nml
inmkcd Boundary Lumber Co'i N, Vi. corner
in, i No. 12, thence 80 chaini eaat, thence 8(1
chaini ioulb, theuce 80 chaiua weit, Ihence 80
norlh to tbe point of commencement.
Dated March ^11,1907.
No 13. -Commencing at a poit planted about
12 chalna weat from river bank on the eail lork
nf Kettle river, and about SO ehaim iouth ol
Boundary Lumber Co'a location poll No. Ill, and
marked Boundary Lumber OOl N W. corner
n.tit N0.ll, theneo 80 clniitii call, theneo 80
chalm aoutb, Ihcnce BO chalm west, ihonce 80-
chaina north to the point of eoinmouccmeui.
Hated March 26th, 1907,
No li���Commendni atupoit planted ft boil I -
lo chalna w at from river bank on thu eait fork
of K utile river, ftnd about 80 chalna iouth ol
Boundnry Lumber Co'a location poal No. 13, and
marked llouiulary LumberCo'a N W. corner poat
No 14, thenue 191 chains eaal, Ihaheu SO ehalni
south tlienco 80 chaini weal, theneo 80 uhallil
norlh to the point t.f coiuineticomont.
Dated March 26lh, 1907.
No. 16,-Commeneing ftt a poil plftlitud about
10 Ohalni weit irom river bank on the cwi fork
ol Kettle river, ami about 80 chains south ol
Boundary Lumber Co'a poat So 14, and markeii
Boundnry Lumlier Co'i N. W corner poat No. hi,
lenee 8ft chatm east, thenee WObelM South,
thenco Hll chaina weal, tlioticu 80 chalm north to
bolut ol lomuieneeineiu-
* I'ated March 26lh, 190*7.
No Kt. -Commeneing tit n poat planted ahoul
8 chnius weal from river bank on the cast lork of
Kettlo river, and nhout BO chain* south of
BoundatJ Lumber Co's loealion uoat ' o. 16, and
5 lUndary Lumber.Vi N* W.wrnerM*
No   lfi. thence HOcl.Hlm eaat, thence 80 c a
iouth, theneo 8' ehalns wost. theuce 80 chalui
north to the point of commencement.
bated March'iMh, WW.
fio, 17.-C..minonelng ata poit Pjl"^*^
fi chains west Irom river bank On tho WW ��$
of Kettle river, and about 80 chalna si ���'��>
Efoundtrl Lumber Co's location post No. 10. end
marked boundary Lumbor Co a J- "t^JM
oil No 17, thence 80 chains eas , $M��B
Rutins south, thcni'osii chalm west, themwBO
nhaiiiH north to the point nt commencement.
baled March 2Mh, UW.
No. IB- Commencing ht a port;PjgS^J.f^K
nnd ma
The Daily Canadian
Parable of Lazarus and Dives and Their
Reward���8ervlces for Tomorrow In Nelson.
Tomorrow will the first Sunday after
Trinity; nu holy days occur during the
week following.
The gospel for the day Is the parable
or Dives and Lazarus, the rich man and
tho poor man.
The story Ih pure parable, of course
Except that one Ih rich and one iwor,
theft Is no explanation of the difference
In Ihe llvc-B of the two to account for
their different rewards.
It was, and Is. charged agalhit the
medieval church thai it Bought to prove
the eliStdnoe or Heaven by the neces-
Hlly of another existence lo right the
wrongs of earth, and thereby Justified
Its quiescence under evil political and
social conditions In the world.
The conclusion of the story Ib a rebuke to those looking for signs and
wonders to save. "If they hear not
Moses and the prophets, neither will
they believe, though one rose from the
The following services are announced
Nelion Und Dlitrlot. Districtof Weit Kootenay.
No. 1 ���lake notiee that (ieorge A. Laurie, ol
Creiton, B C, lumherman Intends loapply for
a ipeelal timber lleence over the fallowing de-
MTilii'd landi:
Commeneing at a post planted about one mile
���outh of the Lick eabln. nn tne Lick cabin trail,
on Inonakl in creek, thence north 80 ehaim,
thonce east 8o chalm, thence iouth So chaini,
ihenee weit 80 ebalm to the point of commencement and eontainlng 610 acres, more or lesi.
Mny lit, I'JUT. (iio A. Lai:nie.
Nelion Und DUtrlct. Dlitrlet of Weit Kootenay.
No.2 ���Take notice that <<eorge A Laurie, oi
Creiton, ll C, lumberman, intend to applv for a
special timber licence over the following de
icribed laudi:
Commeneing at ��� poit planted about one mile
iouth ol the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
on Inonakhn creek, thence iouth 80 chains,
ihence eut SO chains, ihence north 80 ehains,
thence weit 80 chalim to the polut ot oommencement and run tain iiu* CIO aorei, more or leai.
May IM, 1907. UKO. A. LairIK.
Nelson Land Dlitrlet   Diitrict of Weit Kootenay.
No. 3. -Take notice that W. H. 1'age, of Fire
Valley, H. C, eruiier, intend* to apply for a
ipeelal Umber licence over the following deicrlbed landa:
Commeneing at a poit planted about one mile
iouth ol thc Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
on Inonaklin creek, tlience iouth 80 chaloi,
thenee weit 80 chaini, tbence north 80 chalm,
tbenee eait 80 chaini to the point of commencement and conuinlng M0 acrei, more or leu.
May lit, 1907. W. II. Pane, Locator.
Gao. A. L&tiata, Agent.
Nelion Land Dhtrlct. Diitrict of Weit Kootenay.
No.4.���Take notice that W. H. Page, oi Flre
Valley, B C, cruller, intend* to apply for a ipeclal
timber licence over the following described
Commencing at a poit pla"ted about one ml'e
iouth of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin tr-V.l,
on inonaklin ereek, thence north 80 chaloi,
lbence weit 80 cbalm, ihence iouth 80 cbalm,
thence eait 80 chaini to the point of commencement and containing 640 aen i, more or len.
May lit, li*��7. W. II. Paoi, Locator.
QtO. A. Lai-rik, Agent.
Nelion Und Diitrict. DUtrlct of Weit Kootenay.
No. -. TK**e notice that George A. Laurie, of
Creiton, B. C .lumberman, in tend i toapply form
ipeclal timber lleenie over tbe lollowlng deicrlbed landi:
('ommenclng at a poit planted about one mile
���south and one mile west, of the Lick cabin, on
the Lick Cabin trail, on Inonaklin creek, thence
wen 80 ebalm. thenee north BOchalm, thence
eatt Sochalm, thenee iouth 80 chalm to the point
o| coin meneement and containing M0 acrei, more
or leai. ���       ,   _
May Ut, lfltn. Geo. A. Laueie.
Nelion Und Dlitrlet. Diitrict of Weit Kootenay.
Mo. 6.���Take notice that George A. Uurle, of
Creiton, It, C, lumberman, lnteudi to apply for
a tipeelal limber liceme over tbe following deicrlbed landi: *    ,   ,
Commencing al a i>oit planted about one mile
���outh and one mile west of the Lick caoln, on
the Lick Cabin trail, on Inonaklin creek, thence
weil 80 chalm, thenee iouth 80 chalui, thenee
east 80 ehalni, thence north 80 chalm, to the
point of commencement and containing 640
���croft more or leu. ,   .
May lit, IWI. Geo. A. Lannic
Neleon I and District. Diitrict of Weil Kootenay.
No. 7.~Take notice that George A. Laurie, ol
Creiton, B. C , lumberman, Intend*, tonpply for
n special limber lleenie over tbe following deicrlbed landi: .    .
Commencing at a poit planted about OM
quarter Of a mile In an eaiterly dlrevtlou from
l-iek eabln, on luonaklln creek, thenee iouth 40
chilni, thenee eaet IN Obalm, thence north 40
Onunii tbenoa wwt iw ohalni to the point of
commencement and containing 840 aerei, more
May lit, 190;, gko a. Lai'bh.
Notice li hereby glveu that fc dayi alter date I
lutein!   it  apply   to the Houorable the  Chlel
Commlnloner of Undi and Worki, Victoria,
for iMjrmlwlou to cut and carry away timber
from the following deicrlbed landi, in Weit
Kootenay :
No. 1.���Commencing at a poit planted on the
louthweit corner of mirveyed lot No. Tin HI,
thence coat 40 chalm, lbence north 80 cbalm,
tbenco eaat to the southern corner of laid ot,
tbonce north lo the northeait comer ol iald lol.
thence east to tbe weit bouudary of pro emplion
No. b<il, thenee ninth to tbe north boundary of
timber licence No. 85t8, Ihtnee wen along tho
mid boundary lolhe northweit eornej ol iald
lleenie, thonce muth lo the north boundary ol
timber lloenee No, 7018, tbenoe wen to a point
due iouth ol commencement, theuco north to
place of commencement, eontainiug M0 aerei,
more or lon
Dated May'25th, 1907.
P. A   PADUOMj Locator.
J. A. tfru.ivis. Agent.
No. 2 -Commeneing at a poil planted at tbe
iouth went corner of nirveyod lol No, 72*101.
Ihenco iouth tothe northern boundary ol timber Merino No. 7018, thenee won lo the norm-
weit corner of mid timber liceninl theneo iouth
to tho northoru bouudary of lot HO. ��181 tbence
following iald boundary of iald lot weil tothe
rlnlil of way of lhe IL C Houthern Hallway,
tbenee following iald rlght-of way in a norlh-
eaiterly direellon to place of commencement.
Dated May 2,1th, [907,
p a paulion, Looetor,
J, A. Ni 1.i.n an, Agent.
ay Lumber Co'i   iwau '    K""  "'���,-���
irkcil ftoimdarf I umber 101TOlJOT
noit No. 18, thonce to clmim eait, [bJJJJ ��
(balniiouth, tbonooWpbalni "���JftJJJSf1 m
ehalni norlh Jo iho polut of ^gBSH1,
for tomorrow la the churchea of Nelion:
Church of England���St. Savlour'a,
corner Ward and Silica Btreet
Firm Sunday alter Trinity; holy communion, 8 a. 111.; morning prayer and
hcly communion, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evensong, 7:110 p. m.;
Rev. F. H. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Altholt, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. tn.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.   It. t. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and"
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. rn.; evening service, 7:30 p. in.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R N
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
MIU: Morning service, 11 a. m.; even
Ing service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. B. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. ra.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Noli��� la liorcb-f ilvim tliat thirty ilaya alter
Hale I llitonsl to amiry Iss tho llssiisiralslc the thiol
Oonminlonir ol I-antla ansl Worka. Vls-torla, lor
lss>nsslaa|,sn to s-sit anil isarry away tlnibor Irssin
the lisllowliiK sleaorlhosllatisla: t'ssissiuisHislns at
a isoat markeii No. 1, K. Hi,nis., ssml jslatitesl nt
the northeaat isomer ol Lot MM0,1' R Woek.
near the weal fork ol Kettle river, Yale dlatrlct,
ll, ('. Hi,'iifi' runuliiR 80 islmllia oaat, 90 chnlna
anuth. HO s'hsslssH weal, HI) ohalna north to polnl of
pated April /Ith, 1907.
No. 2.���Commencing kt the northes.t corner of
No. 1. thence rsinntiiK eaat BO chalna, thonco
aoulh Ksi chalna, thonce weat HO ehains, thenoo
north HO chain* to noltit of commencement.
Dated April JT, lilt.
No. 'I Cimiiiii'iicliiK At a point about ouo hall
mile wett of the northeaat comer oft! P. K.
Itlsick No. H68H. thence running north HO chnlna,
thence woat HO ohalna, thonce .outh 80 chaini,
theuco enat HO ehntua to point ol commencement.
Dated April 2��th, 1907.
No ,.���Commencing at lhe northeaat cornor
of No. 3, Ibens-e running north N) chalna. Ihonce
wont 80 cliaina, thence aonth 80 chalna, thence
eaat 80 chaina to point of oommeucemeut.
listed April *>&, HOT
No B��� Commencing at a noat planlod north of
Coukllug creek, near woat lluo of Q, I*. K. Block
No tflU. Usenet' running weat HO ehalna, tbence
aouth 80 ohalni, theuee etat Ml chaiua, tbenoe
north 80 chalne to point ol commencment.
Dated May 1st, 11107. K. Kioi-I, Loca'or,
Details  of  Qrand   Forks  Tragedy���No
Serious Ground of Quarrel Between the Sisters.
(Special to The Dally Ctnadlaa.)
Grand Forks, May 31.���The particulars of the sudden death of the late
Miss Emma Donnan, which has cast a
gloom over this entire community for
the past 4b hours were as follows: The
deceased young lady and her elder sis-
ter, Bella, were engaged yesterday
morning in doing their general house
work when they got into a dispute about
some trifling detail pertaining lo the
work; one thing led to another until
Miss Bella Donnan, not regarding the
action as serious, threw a small stick
of wood at her sister, striking her on
the neck; the injured girl, shortly after
she was struck, fainted, and although
Dr. Kingston was at once summoned
all efforts to discover a spark of life
utterly failed. Both these young ladles
were daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
Donnan, highly respected residents of
the West End of the city. The deceased
young lady was 23 years of age and a
school teacher, having taught school
some two years ago at Eholt. She was
a member of the Presbyterian church
here and a prominent member ln various church orders, while Miss Bella
Donnan, who committed this fatal mistake is some three yeurs older than her
sister. She has been suffering from
nervous disorders for many years, and
it Ib generally believed that she ls not
really responsible for her act In causing her sister's death. Great satisfaction is felt here at the result of Coroner
Kingston's inquest, which was held last
evening, when a verdict was returned
the purport of which was as follows:
"That the late Miss Donnan came to her
death by being struck by a stick thrown
liy her sister, Bella, but not with intent
to kill."
The funeral of the deceased young
lady will be held tomorrow to the public
cemetery. Never In the history of
Grand Forks has a deatl^ occurred under
such extremely painful circumstances,
as hoth sisters were particularly attached to each other nnd were so highly
respected In fhe community in which
they have lived for the past eight years.
W. G. Thompson says his carbon papers are $3.75 per dozen, instead of
$3.50, as advertised yesterday.
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce: Bealey Building.   P. O. Box 434
���aker St., NELSON. B. C.
F. C OREEN      F. F. KJRDEH       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Box I4S   Fhooc HI B.
The Strathcona
Nelion, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Baktr Btreet, Kelson. 8.0.
Lighted by Electriolty ud
Hented by Hot Air
L*rte sad Comfortable Bedrooms suid Flnt*
clMauiulng Room.  Bstiuple ksishss. lor s-ummei.
-Ul  Wen.
MRS. I. C.CLARKE. Proprletreu
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Kooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. KBIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelaon. B. C.
Tfemont House
���nropean and American Plan
HmIi 96 cu.   Booms from 16 cu. to U
Only White Help Implored.
Baker St., Mellon ProprUton
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House ta Nelson.
The B��r u tba Ftaett.
White Help Only Implored*
JOMphtQ* Bt.
Royal Hotel
Batea tl and fl.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Begnlar Boarders.
Mont comfortftble nturterfl in Nelson
Only the beet ot Liquor* snd tlgen.
mtammtmmmsami^ "
A. McDonald &Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Batter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Notico li hereby riven th��t (.wirge Hun won
hu niRile JtbpllMHOO under tbe provUlOOIol
the "Liquor Lleenie Aet, 1900,"foruliotul lloenee
lor the pr<.intiei wbleh he proponed to erect at
OntOtnj Valley, about two mllei northweit of
Plocau .function. ���
Tlie application will be considered at the Mftt*
lar maplttit! ol the fioard of Licence comminMlon-
era. at the Oourt House at Nelion, on the IMh
day of Juno, IW, at the honr of eleven o'clock In
the forenoon.    w ���. m,u,0l,K.WKB���rER,
.'list May, 1007. Chief Licence Inspector.
In the matter of an application for the tsaue of
a duplicate of the Certlfleatei of Title for Lota 11
ind 12, Block S4, Town of Silverton (Mnpft.4);
the aoutb V_ of Lots, Block fl,'town of New Den-
ter-and Lot 1. Block 81 and lot 8, Hlock Si,
McUlllivray's Addition to New Denver (Map 6IW);
Nollee la bereby given that It la my Intention
to laauo at the expiration of one month from the
the flrat publication hereof duplicate* of the
Certlflcatea of Title to the above doicribed lt.nds
lu tho name of Henrv Shoran and Harry Rheran,
which Certlflcatea are dated Ihe 17th .Mine, 18W.
the tth of October, lH.n, tbe xSrd Julv, lSVTi, and
tbo Wth January, IBiw, respectively, and are
iiuiiiliered2����2lK,"liiinA,7i��C and SWK, reaper-
Dlatrlet Heg latrar
Und Registry Office. Nelion, B 0
W, Kay. IWI.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addreaied tothe undersigned, athli
office, lu the Coart Houie, ln the City of Neleon,
will be received up to the hour of Ave o'clock,
lu the afternoon, of Friday, June 'iMh, 1907, for
tbe puiobaae ol the "Tamarac Mineral Claim,"
Lot 8802. Uroup 1, Kootenay dlitrlet, which Is
declared to be forfeited to the Crown, at the tax
���ale. held In the city of Nelson, on tbe 6th day of
November, 1U0&, for delluijuent taxes up UU
June Both. 1W6, and costs.
The upset price upon tbe aaid mineral claim,
which includes the amount of oolluouent taxes
and costs at tbe time of forfeiture, with lutereit,
taxes which have since accrued, costs of adver-
tisiiia, aud fee for Crown Orant (|'2.V00) li fi_U.no,
which li tbe least amouut that will be considered as a tender.
Knell tender muit be accompanied by an ac
ceiited cheque for Uie full amount of the tender,
imj aide lo tbe order of the Deputy Commissioner of Landi Hnd Works, al Vietoria, B. C, at par
Dated at Nelson, B. 0., this 2fHh day of May,
Onverumcnt Agent. Nelson, B.O.
Notice la hereby given tbat tho Wattsburg
Lumber company has applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant Governor ln council, under tho provisions of tho "Rivers aud Htreams Act," for thc
right to improvo Rykcrtscreek,In the districtof
West Kootenay, British Columbia, by removing
the obstruct inn* therefrom and straightening
the hanks thereof, aud lo construct dams, bodma,
slides and chutes, and makemich other Improve*
ments as may be necessary for tbe driving and
rafting of Ioks and the fl timing of Umber thereon
Thu landi to be affected are goverment lands and
LotsSA1 and 26'J, Uroup 1, Kooteiiuy district, and
the tolls that are ptoposed tii be charged, lf any,
aro sueh as may be fixed by a Judgaof tbe county
court of West Kootenay.
Dated this 'J7tb day of March, A, D. 1907.
I have just returned to Nelson and
have opened up at the same eld stand,
and now ready to do all kind* of
KALSOMININQ. Shop rear of Bartlett
We Have Two Very Desirable
"Victoria Street Residences
For Sale
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Ltd.
TWO LOT8 AND 8-ROOMED HOUSE, 40x22, baiement and flrat
atory brick and atone. Hume Addition. Price 12,500. Terma
one-third caah, balance on time.   Apply
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Acrea
of tbc
Choicest Frott Lands In
British Cokunrau
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
We Have For Sale One of the Prettiest Homes to
Nelson, Situated in Fairrtew, Close to the Car Line
Large 7-room houae. Stone foundation and flrat-eliat cellar. Complete water ayatem. 10 Iota under cultivation and planted In large, During fruit tree..   Thla la a anap.   For particular, apply to
Kootenay Land & Investment Co.
NOTE.���W. hav. moved Into our new oflleea, Aim block, Ward SL
W. have ume good .nape In fruit landa,
FOR SALE.���Flv. roomed Hou.., Stanley etreet   Ch.ap.
TO LET,���Furni.hed Hou.., 4 room., kitchen, pantry, bathroom,
Hoover .treat.
Phone 147.        P. U. Box 4MB
IN THE HATTER of the issuance of an
Indefeasible Title to F. W. Howay
and R. I.. Reid to Lota 2 and 3,
in Block 12, City ot Nelson.
Whereaa tbe document! hereinafter mentioned
are not In the poueaslon of tho aforesaid lloway
und Reld;
Aod whereai production of them la required
under the "Land Reglatrj \et";
Take notice that ull or any persona having
ihese document! lu their poariaalon or having
any Intereit lu the aame are required to produce
the tame to the Dlatrlot Heglatrar ol Und Titles
At Nelion, B.C., on or before the IMh day of July,
Conveyance in Fee, from A. Barrette to Alexander
Carney, dated 2tfth October, 1891.
Mortgage in Fee, faom A. Carney and A Rarrette
to M- Mclnues aud 1*. Burns, dated the Mth
of November, 1892.
Conveyance ln  Fee  under power   of   Bale In
Mortgage from Malcolm Mclnnis aud I'. Burns
to A. tl. fiuchauan, datod 17th of November,
Conveyance In Fee, A. H. Buchanan to the Bauk
of Montreal, dated the '14th of Auguat, ISM.
Conveyance in Fee, Bank of Montreal, to Rose
Mary- Heathunte   and Joseph  Heatherlngt-on
Howes, dated Uth November, HWfi.
Conveyance tu Fee, ol an undivided one-quarter
(rom Hore Mary Ilcathcota to 1'aul Jolinmni,
Mated thu until of tJeci'inber, IM!*.
Dated this .mth day of May, A. !>,, 1907.
n.F. MauLKOD,
Distriet Registrar of Uud Titles.
IN THE MATTER of the "Rivers and
Streams Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company, Limited.
Notice Is hereby given that CO daya after date
The Canadian I'aclfle '��� Imber Company, Limited.
lutenda to submit to thu Honorable Chief Com-
mlssRoner of Unds and Works a proposal under
the provisions of the "Rivers ana Streams Act"
nnd amendments thereto, for the right to improve Trout creek and Its tributaries from the
sources of suoh creek and tributaries to the point
t-fhttre the >ame Hows Into Trout lako lu the Dls*
trlciof West Kootbnay, and to remove obstructions tlu'retrom uud make the same Ht for driving, storing, Horttntt and booming logs, rafts and
crattB, and the fDinlM of lumber tbereon, also
for the i iif lit to tollect tolls thereon.
The landonffefttpl are Crown lands ana Lots
770,   7M0,   79&1.   773,   771 7��9, 763 ana 190, Sll iu
Croup l, West Kootenay.
Dated this ��uin day ot May, 1907.
by their solicitor, R. M. Macdonald.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52.50
To Winnipeg, Port Arthur.
St. Paul, Duloth. Sioux City
Chicago M4.00 Monti-Mi 184.00
Toronto 178.50 tt. John 894.00
St. Louis $80.00 Ottawa 882.88
New York $100.00 Boston $88.80
Halifax $101.80
On -Sale Jane 6th, 7th, 8th.
First Class Rotmd Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route Including meals und bertha
on lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station in Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces ou application.
A.O.P. A..V��ncauT or. D. P. A., Meliwn
W.   O.   OIUL.ETT
Contractor ��nd
Bole agent for the 1'orto ftlou Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yards. Hough and dressed lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and shingles, rash
and door*. Cement, brick end lime lor sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Bt.. aaat of Hell
NBUSON, B.O.       ���*
r. U. Box m TMevkoae 171
~'ii"��.'.''"[';����� sJWii..
staass '
The Daily Canadian
We have  just  received > line  of   Fine   Canadian  Cut
Glass of Excellent value.    The shapes and designs
are new and the prices remarkably low.
se gg wgrow DISPLAY.
jBwaCuaS: '*l>u        *        Watchmaker aad Optfciar
S<>uial(*t    Party   r- ���*.-
�� a: * -������     -       -. ;Hi:
alWwvd io trak* p*n lc
Our Stock is Complete
T Her. are t��: Sea: Srec'alt:
��:5   3!b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD  *^.K
m Ti.i .vtrt -.ill I,. Closed Es en n
+     Afterawa In Ittat, tn _ ,-. *  I   .
��� i - ______ __________________ ____^____^________.
*mmm * . . . -..������������������ ��� -.���..-....
-��or. Vinson and War-d  Sti-ttts..
J PEED HTltE. Pro-o-t^r.
C   Mel- -i!:   T:- :.-      7   H   Nettie-
B Salmo: L. Hanoi. Kaslo:
U D. Bir-j. H. EiEitsfc.3. R. A. Creech.
L -..::    ���    ,*.--:   -*. - :
nCKIMr AND C-_LUTISG tartfo'.lT .iwnJ
_ u> App'.y
ssi,,. tin H.it.1.
Old Curiosity Shop
II jou want to buy ssr sell anything.
(so to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Gooes now on Bale-
All klnda of Dfnnerware In stock. Pat-
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
C. L. Morgan. Winnipeg: R. F. Francis. A B Frauds. London: D Morriee.
H. Lau.-troa. Montreal: B. Summers.
Toronto; A  .Maciunald. Port Hope.
R. A. Hi.ton. New Denver; W. Sodow-
sky. Lethbridge: T. Brown, H. L-ineas-
ter. Greenwood.
E   Evans.  D.  Miller.  Cranbrook:   H.
Hcllaater, Kaslo; A. Lawrence. Pt-rnie.
I.   A   Potvin. Creston:   E. Chlsholui.
Racitu-i'  A. F. Vuill, Salmo:  T. S. Patter, m. Huntington; R. Rounds. Procter
J. Milrey. Che-saw.
G. Stroul.   Montreal:     L. Grant,   D.
Fraser. Minnesota.
J. Anderson. Phoenix: T   Rock. Wan
eta; R. McLeod. Ainsworth: II  Empson
Burton City; W  Haywood. Kaslo.
AU Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
O. K.
Fine 5-room, all modern, close
in, Latimer St.,
$1,500      $300 CASH
Victoria 8t, Nr. Onera House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bom Bsiiden wili fi_d it to their ad-
ruiag-e ;., use our Pii<~n
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Alberta Farm Land
.60 acre improved farm in Alberta.
will exchange for Ne'.tcn residential
property or Kccter.ay fmit 'and.
Baker  S*.     Netso
B. C.
ftaneral iot Wont. Cri.mnry Sweep
lag. Carpet Cleaning. Fixing and Ciea->
t*} Stc.ta etc
Ill Eut Baker 8- Phone No. f: ;
I 51'��ll
.    ....     ,- ..
I ll   -v    ;.-;
-<*KT  ���
*t*mt it ...tt ol6.   Apply et
MM, asx��i ..*.-
lot dellverj- r.erk ��i C P. R
Aypty al oa_t a\ r.fflae
- >:-Hc��).����  mtlmm OS: ���lout*   Pboot
To��-e -aaa wltk rood (sCce rxt*nenr* mtt, .
p-M-lika    Apj,-r>ol Mi, Selacsn. B. C.
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
lob���cueist.   Bate Street.
TWO :fIR?r.. ���_*--# s-i..-.'Hss. ��te��si betted    Ap-
���tf fcsmswlwtsjr lr, flat, ft, w. c. block.
PtNCB OP KE1S.    Retcm to Cbts   Lon_-
���:.'.-���  .    r.XET   I-..-  fl.st. b ��n.i .. �����.,:
(.;�����*      For trice.  Apply  M. J. V. Box lifts.
: (skiiiih HOt'SE. j lou wiih bearing trull
tr-re*. Obeervaiorj Stt-*-..:. 2 sloor* from Koolen.
a., reset |ll's*p-i msoh. Tiro Osood Room.
- .sir offl,.. ju.t ir.e piece for offlrc. rent
lu, so -owr iiionUs lorejj Co_ Baker cilreel,
>rlKsa, B C.
St.  Saviour's.
Rev K C Or.**
.ake mominj and
.?:   Saviour's tomor
Pense. Sask-. ��fB
��� r.:ng  ���WTt-CWi  at
Council Meeting-
Tbe regular fonnigh:!y meeting of
tbe city council will be held in the coun
ci; charnoer Monday night at i o'cloci;.
K. F. G. A. Director*.
Th* directors of the Kootenay Pruit
Growers' Association will meet in the
secretary's office Monday afternoon at
; o'clock.
Summer Sunday  School.
The Sabbath school of St. Pau';'? Prvs-
by.er.an churc^ will meet during the
summer months, beginning tomorrow at
11:30 p. m. instead of 2:30 p. m.
Baal Club.
Serer-al races have already occurred.
..zi ������ :-: ���.-,. -^:: ; - : for tomorrow
Tht ctafe eiecutive U trying out a number of men for Natal crews for the
N  P A  A  0  regatta.
Cwaaaaa and  Inland Revenue.
The customs collections at Xelson for
May   amounted   to   131.SOS.23.    Inland
revenue coitions were: Spirit.-, $.
15. mai:. *5T'j; raw leaf tobacco. ffMf;
cigars. ttttJt;  total, $3^*2.93.
Cfalkp'ate   Picture*.
The Kaslo Kootenaian is making a
great success of its chalkplate pictures.
The last one is a clever outline of the
heading events of the Victoria day celebration a: Kaslo. and shows that the
..:".-: is -'v.ii:y ;n.;*n.*ving in his work
T*c Men Scalded.
By an accident in the boiler house of
the he Roi Mining company at Kossland yesterday, Robert Petrie, the master mechanic, and Walter Cross, employed in the boiler room, were scalded
by the escaping steam, the latter so
badly that a physician spent several
bom in dressing the scalds on his
hands and neck.
An Artistic  Window.
Robt. M. Hood -ic Co.'s window took
the Canadian Grocers' second priae in
tha Eastern competition for window
dressing. The last issue of tbe Grocer
contains a photo-engravure of the window, also a picture of D. C. Wilson, who
dressed the window. The same paper
speaks highly of the artistic taate displayed In the arrangement of the goods.
Altogether is is a great boost for Robt.
M. Hood & Co.
"Peck's   Bad   Boy'*  Coming.
Those who are wise enough to lighu-n
life's burden with the uplifting force cf
heartj laughter, are reminded that
"Peck's Bad Boy." the catchy and convulsing farce comedy dramatized from
ex-Governor George W. Peck's famously funny book of the same name, and
which during the past 20 years has
scored thouiands of the happiest hits,
will be presented by a notably competent company at Sherman's upera house
Death of Father Donckele.
Father Althoff yesterday received a
telegram announcing the death at Victoria of Father Donckele. The deceased
priest had lived on tne Coast for a number of roam and was a very intimate
friend of Father Althoff. They bad been
college mates and had been engaged in
missionary' work together for years. It
���waa the latter's intention to leave for
Victoria today to visit hii old friend,
but win not cow go. An examination
three weeks ago disclosed the fact that
Fatht-r Donckele was suffering from
cancer of the stomach.
After Many Years.
A case that fitly might have been entitled "After Many Years," was heard
before the chief justice in Vancouver
Mordicai Reynolds, erstwhile of Brandon. Manitoba, sued P J. McPbalen of
Vancouver, for the recovery of a mortgage given in 1S***6 in the province of
Manitoba. The plainuff alleges that the
defendant purchased from him a team
of horses on which he gave a mortgage
of $S00. McPhalen then left the country, and was located by Reynolds in
Vancourer 20 years later. Reynolds
therefore sned for his |S(>0 and for interest, bringing the bill up to about $1,10*0
altogether Judgment was given in favor
of the plaintiff, but Mr Taylor argued
for a non-suit on the ground that at the
time the mortgage was given Reynolds
had a partner named Tripp, and it was
Illegal for him to sue individually for
debts owing to the partnership On
thii point judgment wm r^erved.
The Store of Quality
Specials Today
Strawberries per Box 25c
Cherries per Pound 35c
Jelly Powder per pck. 10c
AU flavors iuslusta*.- Port, Sberrj*, CUrtt
Fresh and Salted Meats
There may be others as good   ;ow-*_t ..-.* -���      ��- --��� ::"���'- v
but there are no others        wJid-wots-f mian*m ���iipim ttt*
better than
cMcLAREN'S E.  C.  TRAVES    .Sbtnagef.
Ct      a      r% f,   .  0k of ic Isl Scpk Ltata on
. A* nenedtu    E c^ *^icr ^k
Tit   ;r   - -
:. .     :   ��� -
I half a mile of !-=.
;���--���   N    *  :.
7- *���   -'
*:ih tmildincs. Ir.r
��� ���     .7      :.:���-���:    -        .���        ��� -������- 7
I will t�� sc-'ij as a ��: -.- an ei-
*..-zf:ve lake froniage to the 7.7-Ji aad
-   .*:.   -...:::   1   wfM   . I '    *
-   ���     t ��� ;. rte�� s7i Imn ��� ..
at my boire
First, Foremost and AU tht Time        N.   HOOVER.
Corner Silica and Josephine Ste.
Every thing
For thc Office
It is our pride aod aim to keep our
s=tisck as trompleie as j-osisible in all th,-
various lines and artic.es r-equired its
-.he offic-e.
TYPEWRITERS. We are sole agents
for the -EMPIRE'* Typewriter.
I1C5.0U of ralue staking price of
other high-grade machines as a
standard!   for l-V. '.:
Papers, highest -.-rasi-- in the mar-
ket $3.7-3 per box
TYPEWRITER PAPER, in special manl-
fulding paper we offer the Mfigi ti
value to be had anywhere. Write
or phone us for special price in
standard high-L-.-.t le Ribbon, $1.00
each. $10 ptr dozen.
Spring���Soi.. }: "���':   lib..  $:.;5 up.
Balance���$1.00, $5 60 and $900.
A full assortment,.! Ink.s'ands. Letter
Baskets. Waste Bask.-:.-. Files of almost
efery description, etc.. etc.
W. G. Thomson
BOOK3EU.EB. .nl    V=l<.���-     D   r>
CTATiosEa. kelson, U. L.
Phon�� TS*.
L Hanna, Kaslo. was reglster-ed at
the Hume last evening.
His Honor Jusit-e Fonn held chambers
at Ross-land y-s'^rday.
H. M. Stevenson came down from
Ainsworth  this moru.ng.
A. B Williams, chief game inspector,
wil; be in Nelson early this month.
E. K. Beeston and Mrs. Beeston are
spending the week end at Procter.
E. K. Strachan and wife will -return
this evening from a holidav trip to the
C. L. Morgan. Winnipeg, was In the
city yesterday and registered at the
J. S Rear and wife, who have been
spending a few weeks in the Kootenays.
have returned to Vancouver.
D. C. Coleman, the new superintendent of the Kootenay division of tbe Can-
adlan Pacific railway, went over to
Rossland last evening in his private car
One of the largest life insurance companies desires to secure ifce service* if
a first-class Distric; Manager for t��-
Kootenars. To the proper person a contract wil! be offered that will result fn
building up an Increasing income each
year and an income that will continuv
for many years, eren though the representative severs his connection with
the company at some future date. You
have never heard of a contract of this
nature. Address "Insurance," Daily
Lipton's Teas
We are in receipt of a shipment of
Lipton's Teas direct
Half Pound Tins  No. 2  25c
One Pound Tins   No. 2  50c
Half Pound Tins   No. 1    JCc
One Pound Tins   No. 1    60c
Ainswoi-th  Mission.
W E Aitken of Knoi college. Toronto, has arrived at Alnsworth today to
act during the summer as missionary
in connection with the Presbyterian
Far-rsers' Institute.
The Fanners' .Innitute meetings will
be held on the fidlowlaj dates. Nakusp,
June lOtb: New Denver, June llth:
Slocan City, June 12th: Nelson. June
13th; Procter. June 14tb: Nelson. June
15th. Tarrys June 17th Speakers and
subjects will be announced later.
School Attendance.
The enrollment at Xelson high school
during May was SIS. attendance 33.4],
percentage Ml; at the pubic school, en-
rollms-nt. 376. attendance 341.SO. per-
cen-age 909: total enrollment 413. attendance 3T5.��1. percentage 90S. The
Wilson banner for reetnari'v was won
sy Miss Thorn's cla-ss.
Telephone ML
Sherman's Opera House
First Canadian Tour of the Original
Peck's Bad Boy Company
The greatest of all faste comedies
with an added specsal feature. "Butter
Brown, the Bad  Boy'l  Chum."
Prices 50c. 75c. $1.00.
Seats on sale at Rutherford's FYidav
Methodist Church.
At tbe moruiiig service In the Methodist church. Rev Robert HuBf.es ��iii
be the preacher. Tbe sacrament of Ihe
Lord's Supj>er will be administered at
the close of the service In the evening
R-v R N. Powell will preach on The
Lifted Veil '*
Will Open Monday.
The Poole-Lonnhurst corn-pan-. wtU
open for business Monday mornini; The
store has been completely overhauled
and will be conducted as an ap-to-date
drug store. Mr Lon-ehurst will m0ve
his confectionery and fruit store Mon
day evening.
K. W. C  Bloc*    Phtme 10
Workingmen's Shoes
The workingman's shoe should be
made strong, honest and In a pslnstak-
las manner. The stock should be durable, and they should look well and at
the ssme time be comfortaVe.
Our shoes meet all these rwjulreinents
royal, I ANDREW I Co.
i   'tOtim,'.tmn;.-.a
by Kate Douglas tyi,
THE PRIEST, by .... HaroldBW
THE ELVERS, by -       -       Geo. Rarr McCucl
HALF A ROGUE,       - -        ���       Harold Mc(
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, ]i
COR   BAKER  and  WARD. Phone  81
ij Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargain
Out Fancy Vestings Most Be .Sold
This  Month  Regardless  of Cost
You can buy Wash  Vwtings for $1.00. worth $3.00.
Has-sds-jme Vests, double and single breasted, for $3.00, Until
See them and buy now while the selection is good.
Baker St., Nelson, B.C.
A. & G   FR  EBERG.
�� Summer Clothing	
All Sizes.
$7.50 to $11
se-=*-:��*"*s <*-r*��s_?--*,x*v���: - \-
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock sill
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spaa
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spadh;g Forks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hareta
Company, Limited.
R��|>alrlns ..,,,, .Isshhls,, einsutad wit h Dsrsnnts-X.   8h����t M��
Work. .Mlnlns ""t! Mill  ��B.hiiskr.,.     Manulacturers ol
Or*  Cisrsi.  R.  U.   ��j..i,t,-actors'  C��r-��.
NELSON,    B. C.
Spring Stock lust Opened Up|
Carload Linoleums nnd Carpet*
From (jIohkow, ��>cotlan<J.
B��_��t Qualities at Low Prices*.
Standard Fatnittire Compaflj
AUI-.N . H |
W>�� A Ruch Puno��-
����r��t.��.j fmnnarr .*.U:*,r.*��. *
Complete Honit FnrnisheH
UndcrUkm,    EmtuliKfs
sTmM^m L��mber, Shingles,
Uath, Mouldiriif��, Doors, W'indo>v<|
Turned Work eind BriicketH. Mail Orden prompilT '""*
^^^^^        VBRNOM sthkbt . . . NBUON, B. c.
Summer Necessities
Door and Window Screens
And SPR*VE���� [
Wood-Vallancc Hardware Co., Li


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