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The Daily Canadian Jul 16, 1907

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IB   2.     No.   36.
NELSON. B. C., TUESDAY, JULY 16, 1907.
Fiftt Cbnts a Month
il Yamamoto Talks
War Scare
JKKK Visitor Discussed Question
.  Fwely With New York
' Newspaper Men.
W  fork.   .11 j I >    in      Mi..   |.;.vc.lli'iic>
IMI Bari'ii  Yalnamulo, .I;i|jliii.s  iiiln-
CBrine during the Russian war.
1 the   present   war  talk   i.s   aii
Want p..ace.*' were Ilia words 1..
Oat ���Re���       "We   caul    forget    that
Hhas shown our country friend-
if        ^BHor ninny years.    Thla cannot
tUm   l<>   a   iiasslng   storm.     The
���HMM are   nut   thinking   a.-   yen   an
alrul   was  not  slumped  either
HM by the newspaper men what
0��H Would he ill Japan el  the  I Hi
tei'lMW Bending a  large  II. .t   in  lie
Bstluu is entirely one of your
 �����_ry."  he   repllel.     "It   is   not
tor ma -^ipruH. my feelings.''
QMilltlled ii'gai'llng a puhli.shed re
,fOTt la ilk* Tokio II.m In Shinhun .pint
IM Admiral Sakuinuiiiolo in the e-Heei
tbat AMtHtOan llaval officers made good
bSVUroOaa -.flenr.-s. hut lacked courage,
AdVlrM "YamuinnlM said: "ll is i-idien
lota*. Tt* admiral Is n man uf tun
great aUntlDg and  too  much dignity  in
VOloa atftdha Hrml nt.   Naval  etiquette
WOttM *ao4ftolei;ii'- stieh utterances. Yon
���MIT >��<t|T. li   li lie   never   made   Ul.
ramarka attributed to him. The- newa-
pafer that Is said to have pulilished the
TOpOrt In Japan <> nut une uf high man.I
t*af. It la -Winn you call here���yellow '
Admiral Yamaniuio was un the staff
ol* Prlao* Fushlmi during the latter*
stay la ���nslund. The admiral ami his
CoatlBffJant   were    given    (le-nulssiun    hy
ap ���oeamment to make a little visit tu
a United Stales un their way homo.
All handa will he entertained uu Friday
Ujr President  Roosevelt at Oyster Kay.
"I want to impress upon lhe editors
Of tlM newspapers thai they cannot he
too oarefUl   what   they   write,"   said   Ad-
intra! Yamamoto.      ihey   .1   under-
ataad the cumntinns ><r u,.. un ���un
riee      thoroughly       l���fore      they       write.
,Th*>ra are many sensational newspapers
Ih Japan as   well  as  in   America,  and   it
I fe pity that He y do nnl attempt to
���lutein*!"!    collilltinns   Ip.-fi.l ������    Illey    pill
liMB down   upon   paper.     America   is   a
MBltfy which lung  has  I n mi friend
ly     llatlons  Willi Japan.     The  Meaty  he
SI the countries was sinned aliollt the
| was Is.111 In fuel, the friendly
Bfc are of such lung standing thai
I blah tills passing slorni should be,
thrown   lulu   the    waters   uf   Ule    I'ai'illc
Detail* Of   Explosion   In   Turret   of   Bat
tleship    Georgia.
Boatea,  July   111,   -or   1:1   men   Injured
aa a reauii nf the ignition <>r a hag ur
ne)wder Which  was lielng can-led  tn one
If the gUIIS III the after turret ul Ihe
battlaaftlp tieornia while encage,I In tar
(Ot poetic, Iii t'ape I'uil Hay yesterday,
three, all liuiirli alive today, were- he
UeVOd to have hut ...mall chance id re
���mtnajrft The 1:1 injured are In the lulled
Matea anvil Imspilal at Chelsea, where
f ware taken limn lhe ''������orgia alter
SOrd-lneakiiir. nip I'roin <ll<- cape.
Tha Hree men whose lives are tie-
"Tof are' Kdwnrd J. Walsli. n sea-
^fm I..vnn, Mush., whose chest nnd
badly burned: Louis 0. Moose.
n, Ohio, an ordinary seaman,
lace, arms ami chest were
and James I*. Thomas, ordln-
jnan. or Brooklyn, n. y., whose
|ms and cbest were burned. At
Ipltal lhe authorllles reported
falsi) and Tlionuis might live
tho tlay. Tbe cause of tbe ac-
Brns Ihe falling of a BpitrU, pi-oiiu-
JWn rrom one or the Cleoigla's
stacks on a liag of powder wlilch
Ir was carrying to a gun In the
|uperlniposed turret, which was
In target practice. The powder
Ito flames and enveloped the 21
ho wore penned lu the steel cage.
Killed Each Other.
Petersburg,   Vli., July   Id.���In  n  pislol
duel  late   lasl   night.  John   Wheelbouse
,'   Waa *hol   and   Instantly   killed,  and   his
Richard   Wheelbouse,   perhaps
WQUnded,     The   light   between
aid nephew was the culmination
imily rend of long slniidlng.
Was Safer in Manchuria.
Petersburg,    July    16.���General
llolT, governor general or  Kiiiais,
whose rigorous methods of suppression
in Transcaucasia had brought down
upon him the enmity of tbe revolutionists, was killed by a bomb at I! o'clock
this morning as he was returning to his
home front bis club. lie was seriously
Injured by a bomb at Horjam ou May
'loth of last year and his recovery was
lu doubt.
WORK   ON   G.   T.   P.
Russian Organ's Attack
Contractors Building Bridge Over North
Edmonton, July It;.���The May Shurjx
Construction company Ih completing the
firm pier for the Grand Trunk Pacific
bridge at tho crossing of the SaHkatche-
wan river, some 11! miles from Kdmoa-
ton.    Over 150 men are employed by lhe
Rapid progress has been made by the*
contractors on the grading of the G. T.
P, between Saskatoon and Kdmonton.
About 1,200 men and i#oo teams are employed on the work. Seventy-live miles
are graded from Saskatoon west and
with the large force It is expected that
over 100 miles west of Saskatoon will
be completed by August 1st. Then the
large force of men at work east of Hat-
tie River crossing will be moved up between Battle River and Kdmonton. This
addition to the number of men already
* -ni ployed on this section of the road
will ensure that the line to Edmonton
will be finished during the present year.
Chief  Business Before  Council   Meeting
���Many   Petitions for  Sidewalks,
Mains and Sewers.
The council transacted all its business last night within an hour, due
chiefly, iu the opinion expressed by several members, to the fact that since the
last meeting there had been no communications to or from the school
board. The matters discussed, in addition to the changes In the police
force, renderered necessary by the retirement of Chief .larvis. were petitions
for  water.  sidewKlks,  and  sewers.
Tbe council met shortly after eight
o'clock with Mayor Gfllett and Aldermen Hume, Selous. McMorris. Hose and
Irving present. The minutes of the last
meeting were read and adopted. The
finance committee reported recommending two small payrolls which were
The pottos commissioners reported
ths aooeptance of Chief .larvis' resignation, the promotion of Sergt. Pitctiford,
of Constable Wightman to the position
of sergeant, and the appointment of W.
H, Melieath aw patrolman. They recommended tbat in token of faithful services Chief .larvis be paid in full for
On motion of Aldermen Selous and
Iluiiie the report was adopted ami the
mayor was Instructed to write the retiring chief expressing appreciation of
his services.
A petition for the opening of Latimer
street from Kootenay to Falls was referred to the city engineer for an estimate of the cost.
A. Carrie wnote, on behalf of J. A.
Mara who contemplates erecting a stone
and brick building on the corner of
Stanley and Maker streets, asking that
the sewer level at that point be lowered
to permit   connection.
.1. Hell v rote reminding the council
of a former petition for I sewer to tho
corner of Kootenay and Gore streets.
The work was authorized.
H. and M. Bird wrote that the C.P.R.
laud commissioner declined the city's
offer of $1600 for the lots where tho
court house stands. The company adheres to  Its quotation of $2700.
A case of indigence was reported by
Aid Irving to which the mayor promised
Aid. Irving also drew attention to the
complaint that the street watering cart
does not go far enough tip Stanley
No reply had been received from the
acting city solicitor in reply to a
reference on thi' duties of the city medical health officer.
Aid. Selous wns told thai there was
no further correspondence with tho
board  of  school trustees.
Aid. McMorris presented a request lor
a Hldwnlk on the north side of Victoria
street east, which was referred lo the
city engineer for an estimate of the
cost, and  of the grade.
Aid. McMorris was told that one Inquiry about the school debentures had
been received since the lust meeting of
the council. 1
Aid. McMorris drew attention to tho
nuisance of horses running at large.
Aid. Hose was (old that no word of
the pipe ordered fo" main extension had
been received; and also that no permanent damage had been done to the
flower  plant   by  Sunday's  storm.
The city engineer reported tho repair of the Mill street main, and also
that he fount? many links honey-combed
on the under side by some peculiar
chemical or electrolytic net Ion which
ho thought should he Investigated for
guidance In avoiding future damage.
Mr. Lawrence also repotted that
Chinese were damming a creek that
crosses Heasley street, for Irrigating
purposes,   causing   occasional    Hooding.
Nicola Mngiio'H application for water
for his lot on   Hoover street  was favorably   considered  nnd  will   be  granted.
Aid. Irving gave notice of R rate bylaw.    The council then adjourned.
nn France
Reactionary Party Aims at Closer
Relations   With   Germany���
French Encouraged Douma.
St. Petersburg. July 16.���An open attack on the French government and
Ambassador Hompard appeared today
in the Novoe Vremya which a week a^o
began reviewing and tentatively condemning the Franco-Russian alliance.
It is supposed that the paper in this
instance Is serving as the mouthpiece
of the powerful court party, which is
working in favor of closer relations with
Germany. The editorial Is couched in
Intemperate and offensive language, aud
seriously compromises the position of
M. Hompard at St. Petersburg. It says:
"Tactless tu the point of impudence has
been the behavior of the ambassador
In urging unasked tor advice on Russian
international affairs upon which he is
a perfect Ignoramus. The French government has also treated official Russia
strangely, almost hostllely. The French
official press and the official utterances
In the chamber of deputies have indicated all along that France was anxious
to engage In negotiations with tbe new
born douma over the head or behind the
back of the government. Such Insincerity and double-dealing is calculated
to give open encouragement to the Russian revolutionists who claim that
France Is more attentive to their voice
than the voice of the recognUed and
responsible representatives of the Russian empire." Simultaneously the Noeve
Vremya bitterly complains of the confusion and incapacity of Russian diplomacy.
Commission      Forbids      Discrimination
Against     Canadian      Towns.
Ottawa, July 16.���The railway commission today promulgated an order
which will have an important and far-
reaching effect on the commerce of the
Dominion east of the Great Lakes.
For many years it hns been a cause
of complaint agalnBt the railway companies that their freight rateB from
Windsor and other western Ontario
frontier points to the eastern Canadian
markets, have been considerably higher
in many cases than the rates charged
to thfl same markets from Detroit and
other cities on the opposite side of the
boundary line. ���
The order of the commissioners
abolishes this discrimination and makes
the Detroit and Port Huron rates the
maximum to be charged from all points
east to Halifax nnd Sydney. The same
re-adjust ment Is to he made at the
Niagara frontier except that In conse-
puence of tlie position of Huffalo relative to Detroit the rates from the Niagara peninsula, while considerably reduced, will still be Bllghtly higher, in
some cases, than from Huffalo, but this
could not be avoided without n disarrangement of the whole plan of the
In order to produce uniformity of
rates at the frontier, a uniform classification became Imperative. The Canadian freight classification will, therefore
apply from Detroit, Huffalo, and on all
American traffic into Canada through
those gateways lnstend of tho United
States official classification as heretofore.
This important ortier Is tho flrst. It
Is understood, of a series which will
be made all over Canada in order to
protect tho interests of the Canadian
shipper against his United States competitor, where the latter has been receiving a handicap. Freight rates will
be kept uniform.
This bold stroke on the part of the
railway commission caused a flutter of
excitement In railway circles here this
afternoon. Merchants welcome it as a
tremendous help to the Canadian producer.
Restoring Law and Order.
San Francisco, July 16.���According to
latest accounts tho*uow  mayor of San
Francisco will be elected late this afternoon.    It is said  that tho members o?
the prosecution have agreed upon a man
to head and organize the new government of the city.
Young German Officer Starts on Voyage
of Arctic   Discovery.
Tromsoe, July 16.���The young explorer, Lerner. has sailed from here for
Spitsbergen with the object of mapping
out the northeast coast of the main
island. He goes first to Walter Well-
man's station, where he will observe the
preparations of that explorer until the
ascent of Wellman and his men. Lerner
will leave on bis own expedition later.
He hopes to extend his expedition to
the interior of Spitsbergen, an exceedingly difficult task, as It Is only partially known. Until recently the northeast coast was doubled by the Norwegian hunter, toiling Carlsen, who has
described this part of the coast as "an
uninterrupted Ice wall." Some time
later Lerner ano Professor Nathorst
doubled the Island but had no opportunity to may out its east coast. Lerner
Is accompanied hy Count Poninsky and
Herr Von Boeck, both lieutenant
colonels In the German army. He is
well equipped, having all the scientific
instruments necessary, including a new
one, the phototheodollte, which, it Is
stated, can make topographical measurements by a photographic device. The
expedition wll also carry a balloon for
tbe purpose of making atmospheric observation.
Lerner will endeavor to double Cape
Triell at the southern mouth of the Hue
lopen strait. He plans to continue next
year the exploration of the sea between
the Spitsbergen archipelago and Franz
Josef Land, and to remain there during
the winter with headquarters on the
Seven Islands, and to proceed In the
spring to the mystical Gilsland or to
the archipelago which is thought to exist between the two groups of Islands,
Spitsbergen and Franz Josef. It Is believed the scientific features of the effort will give It an Important place In
the history of modern, arctic explorations.
Japanese   and   American   Sailors   Visit
French   Port.
Brest, France, July 16.���The coincidence of the arrival here of the Japanese squadron under Vice Admiral Sir
Gero Injuln, due July 22nd, during the
stay of the special service squadron of
the Unltea states, comprising the Tennessee and Washington, in..u>r u,,.., \{\.
miral Stockton, is attracting much attention. M. Eponsont Minister of marine, has telegraphed to the maritime
prefect to organize a series of fetes In
honor of the two squadrons.
False Witnesses on Both Sides Marked
for  Punishment���Alter  Falls
to   Find   Ball.
Hoi.se. July 16.���It Is possible that the
prosecution in the Haywood case will
close the rebuttal this afternoon, Imt
more probable that another day will* be
given to this feature of the case. If predictions are verified, however, arguments should begin by Thursday. Aller,
the former ticket agent at Cripple
Creek, who has been arrested on the
charge of perjury, nnd whose bonds
were fixed at $5,000, was locked up in
the county Jail last night in default of
ball and will be given a preliminary
hearing today. He insists that his tesl-
mony was true, but admits that he may
have ben mistaken in the matter of
dates. D*r. I. L. McGee, the other wit-
nes for the defence who was arested on
Sunday at Spokane, and whose extradition reached Boise yesterday. Is a man
of considerable property and prominence, and Is not uneasy about the matter of ball. Prosecuting Attorney Ko-
elsch says that be has ample evidence
to prove the case; he has watched the
progress of the Haywood case closely
and makes tho positive statement that
every case of perjury on either side will
be prosecuted vigorously. The rebuttal
evidence todny will go Into the Colorado labor troubles.
Psychic Phenomenon,
Now York, July 16.���What appears to
bo a remarkable psychical experience
has just been undergone, It la said, by
tho Rev. Henry Rollings, now taking a
special course In the Now York Homeopathic Medical college in that city. He
saw as in a vision tho death of his father, although 3,000 miles separated father and son nt the time, moreover, the
deathbed scene us the young clergyman
saw It in his mind's eye was corroborated In eevery detail In a letter two
weeks later.
All-Red Route Considered
Only Government Support From Few
Liberal Imperialists���Cobden-
ites Will Prevail.
London, July 16.���Rumors are in
circulation to the effect that the government is inclined to abandon the proposal to create an All-Red route. The
special committee appointed to consider
the scheme is, however, still sitting and
the reports, therefore, can scarcely be
justified, though, as the Glasgow Herald
states, the reported action of the Australian government may cause a hitch.
The Chronicle, Liberal-Imperialist,
finds It difficult to understand the point
of view of those who question the advisability of the All-Red route and warmly espouses the proposal, remarking that
it would be a calamity for inter-imperial
relations and also a serious party disadvantage to the Liberals If, after the
emphatic pledges given by the ministers
at the Imperial Conference, son^e way
of carrying their alternative policy lo
the preference into effect be not found.
Convictions to Be Followed by Appointment   of   Receivers.
Washington, July 16.���A new method
of attacking the trusts, which may
prove to be the most effective weapon
in the handa of the government, has
been decided on by the department of
justice. Unable to break up trusts,
which, when convicted, merely have
paid fines and continued as before, tbe
government will ask for the appointment of receivers to take over the entire business of lhe combines. If this
is done the trusts will be dissolved, the
water squeezed out of the stocks and
the enormous profits reduced under the
direct charge of the government.
It is proposed to* continue the busl-
mh *>f the avoat corporations In a way
which will protect tbe stockholders and
at the same time dissolve the trusts
into independent companies which will
compete for business as they did before the mergers.
This method will probably be tried
in the case of the tobacco combine. Assistant Attorney General Purdy, who
has charge of the trust prosecutions,
has decided upon this plan of action,
after discussing the matter with the attorney general.
It has been found that while the
Sherman anti-trust taw was sufficiently
strong in prosecutions brought against
the combinations and the government
experienced no great difficulty In securing Judgment, the results obtained have
not been ut all satisfactory. The prosecutions to date have not resulted In
breaking up any of the trusts that have
been attacked.
Officials of the department of justice
are louth to discuss their purposes in
advance of an open move In court because of the danger of embarrassing the
government's cases, but it is known that
the decision hns been reached to ask
the courts In some early case for an injunction restraining the trust to be attacked from violating the law. It Is
not expected that the Injunction will
have any more material effect upon the
methods of tho trust than has the prosecution to date. Then, after showing
the court that the trust has not respected and complied with the injunction, the*government will move the appointment of a receiver to operate tho
business of the trust as contemplated
within the law.
When the business was proceeding In
harmony with the statutes he would
proceed, in the regular way, to ask his
discharge and the return of the business
to its owners. Competition of the independent companies would thus be restored, the water In the capital stock
would ba squeezed out and the enormous profits would be reduced to a fair
basis. One result would be lower prices
for consumers.
The proposition opens up a vast field
nnd undoubtedly will be fought on tho
part of tho trusts with a fierceness heretofore unknown. In the case of the
powder combine, proceed lugs against
which, have been on the eve of beginning for some time. It will bo shown to
the courts that this combination Is composed  of   what   were  originally   nearly
100 independents and competing concerns, but that now there is no compe-
tlon. prices being fixed by one central
authority, and that almost anything Is
resorted to in forcing out of business
concerns that try to begin business independently.
It is the strong belief of Attorney
General Bonaparte and Mr. Purdy that
the injunction-receiver procesrf will do
more than the imprisonment of officials
ot the trusts. It is pointed out that the
combines probably would be able to
find many men who would not object to
a jail sentence if well paid for their
martyrdom, and the business would go
on as before under new heads willing
to take chances.
In the case of Standard Oil before
Judge Landls at Chicago a test cannot
be made of the latest propsition. That
case Involves violation of the rebate
laws and the punishment prescribed for
guilt Is a fine in each Instance. If the
Standard Oil is made to pay fines Involving millions of dollars it will assess
the Iosb against consumers of Its product and continue as before, but If It
can be caught in Injunction-receiver proceedings and put in the hands of an
officer of the court evasion of the law
would be out of the question.
Robbery and Murder.
Cherry vale, Kans., July 16.���Two robbers held up a St. Louis& San Francisco freight train five miles east of here
today, shot and killed C. Brown, and
seriously wounded Otis Taylor and Harvey Ohands. "
Delegate to  Hague A*k�� for Definition
of War���No Agreement on
Formal Declaration.
The Hague, July 16.���The French
propositions regarding declarations ot
war and the opening of hostilities and
the amendments thereto were discussed
by the sub-committee, to which the
propositions were referred. The BritlBh,
American and Japanese delegations
gave the adhesion of their governments
to the principle of the French proposal
which was to the effect that there shall
be a declaration of war before the opening of hostilities.
General Horace Porter said that while
in accordance with the constitution thu
right to declare war belonged to congress, he did not see any obstacle to the
adhesion of the United States to the
French proposition.
Senor Queseda, in the name of tbe
Cuban delegation, declares that as the
constitution of Cuba enumerates among
the powers of congress that of declaring
war, the Cuban delegation could not
subscribe to any Instrument not reserving to their congress the right to determine the form and conditions of a declaration of war.
Colonel Tinge (China) expressed the
wish that it be determined what constituted a war, - as several European
countries Invaded and fought China
without admitting that they were engaged In war. The amendment Introduced by the Netherlands proposing
twenty-four hours delay after a declaration of war before the outbreak of hostilities, was rejected. The flrst article
of the French proposition, that a declaration of war should precede the opening of hostilities, was then approved.
The second article regarding giving
notice to the neutral powers of an outbreak of war, was also approved and a
special commission was appointed to
draw up a definite proposition on the
subject to be submitted to the confer-
ence. -
Disappointed    at   Collapse    of   All-Red
Boom���Bouras*a a Dliturber.
Ottawa, July 16.���The leaders of the
Liberal party here are vexed over the
political situation. Letters which have
been received from Sir Wilfrid ljiurler
ludicate thnt he is thoroughly "downhearted" over Ihe failure of his "All-
Red Route." It is understood here that
Sir Campbell-llannernmn has thrown It
down as Inconvenient and it Is no
nearer fruition than when Sir Charles
Tupper and Sir John Macdonald
launched it.
Mr. I'onrassa's proposed campaign In
Quebec Is the climax. It seems to have
been known at headquarters for some
time and this is the real cause of Sir
Wilfrid's oarlier return home. To cheer
the drooping spirits of the premier consequent upon the failure of his over^
seas scheme, the Indications of at least
the partial defection of Quebec and the
terrible exhibition of themselves which
the members of his cabinet have made
In the eyes of the public, n brave reception will be given him. It has fallen
somewhat flat in Ottawa, where, an effort was made to make of It a civic affair, but the proceedings at Montreal
and Quebec will be more splendid.
Joseph's Brethren.
Dublin, July 16.���Richard Crokcr has
declined the Nationalist nomination for
East Wlcklow to replace D. J. Hogan
(Nationalist), resigned. It Is believed
that Arthur Chamberlain, a brother of
Joseph Chamberlain, will permit his
name to placed before the convention:
being prepared to take the pledge ex
acted from each Nationalist to become
u declared Home Ruler.
Alarmed at Progress With
German Expert Says Fatherland b
Five Tears Behind in Science
of Aerial Navigation.
Berlin, July 16.���The successful flight
of the balloon Hatrick, the first craft of
its kind buit for the French government, which sailed over Paris a few
days ago under perfect control, has
brought about an extensive discussion
In the German newspapers, with frequent allusions to Germany's being behind France tn the matter of navigation ol the air.
Major Von Parseval recently waa permitted to resign from the army to become an airship engineer and study the
subject ot airships thoroughly, and a
company was organized at the Emperor's suggestion. Major Von Parseval
said that the German army ia in no position to show aeronautics, the equal to
what the French army have. "The
French have five years the start of uti
in experimenting with airships adaptable to war," he declared. "However,
we too are working energetically on an
airship suitable for war purposes. The
general staff had not taken much Interest in air navigation as an auxiliary In
war until recent months, or rather since
tbe Emperor began to show an Interest
which eventually brought about contributions from several Berlin capitalists
for the purpose of investigating tbe subject and organising a company, and an
appropriation from the Reichstag to assist Count Ferdinand Zepheling in his
airship experiments. Intelligence has
reached the general staff that France
has between 50 and 60 balloons mSde
by the Lebaudit brothers, already In
their frontier depots. The question of
the airships has been discussed within
the last three months in the most serious manner by various public men, especially by Rudolph Martin, formerly
an official in the department of the Interior, who, in a brochure just Issued,
speculates on the airship idea, which
has been burlesqued very amusingly in
an anonymous pamphlet entitled, "Our
Future Lies In the Water."
Starving Russians Again Resort to T*r-
rorist Method*.
St. Petersburg, July 15.���Extensive
peasant disorders have broken out In
the eastern part of St. Petersburg province and In the northwestern section of
Novgorod province, especially in the
districts traversed by the canal connecting the Baltic and Caspian seas.
A pitched battle was fought yesterday
at Bialozero, between troops and peasants lead by a village schoolmaster. The
autborties fear that the agitation will
spread to the entire northern part of
Russia and seriously Interfere with the
transport of grain, oil, coal aid wood
to St.  Petersburg.
The recent Introduction of tugboats
on the Mary canul, to rsplace the tow-
lines hauled by peasants, occasioned
great excitement. Bands of peasants
Btrung ropes across the canul and threw
stones at the tugboats in efforts to Interfere with the navigation uf the waterway. Rural guurds dispersed the rioters with Borne loss of life, and troops
were detailed to patrol the canal with
the result that traffic was continued as
usual. f
The failure of the attempts or the
peasants to drive away the tugs was
followed by a strike of the entire force
of laborers employed on over 300 miles
of the Mary canal. All movement of
freight along the canal Is at a standstill.
London* Building Collapsed.
London. Ont., July 16.���The building
occupied by Retd's Crystal Hall, Long's
clothing store, McCallum's photograph
store and Drewster's five and ten cent
stores on Dundee street collapsed today.
Several are reported killed.
It Is variously estimated that from 30
to 100 are in the ruins. Several are reported killed, but It Is impossible at
this time to state definitely. Tile building Is a complete ruin.
Prices of Metal*.
New York, July 16.���Silver, 07%c;
copper, 21V,c;   lead, $5.26.
London, July 16.���Silver, 3H4d; lead,
��20, 10s.
% The Daily Canadian
===== STORES "
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR   at  ail  prices
From 8 to 12 Pound*.
SOX.   MITTS,   etc.,   etc.
HAY.   FLOUR  and   FEED.
In all  these lines  we offer   excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital   Paid   Up    $4,825,000 Rest    $4,825,000
D. R. WILK1E, President. HON. ROBEKT JAJVFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Colombia:
GOLDEN,       1 ���>-*T.,soN,      REVELSTOKE,       CRANBROOK,
Deposits received and interest allowed at hiphest   current rate from date of
opening of account, and compounded quarterly.
NB1.80N ��ranch ��J��   JV1��   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated   A.   D.   1SG9.
.$3,900,000      Reserve   Fund.
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  Banking  Business.
8PECIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savi tgs Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large. Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch. G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published tlx day* a week by lhe
Baker Bt..   Nelson, B. C.
SuoBcrlptlou rate*, ao 0OMI a month delivered
lu lhe city, or **. ���>��� a year if ���. ut by inn.ll, wheu
paid Id advance.
Advertising mn> on application.
All inutile* paid in -settlement of The Daily
teuadiau accounts, elttier for Mibt-ATipiintit- oi
advertbuug, mum ba loctipU'd for on the printed
loriub of tne Company, uilier receipt* are not
Tuesday.   July   16th,   1907.
Hritlsh Columbia has extended an enthusiastic welcome tu her premier, Hon,
Klchard McHride. Willi a to* Inslgntfl-
cent exceptions prMi and public havi-
united to honor the statesman who baa
secured for tbe provlnoa recognition by
the Imperial government, and ba
tubiished an Important constitutional
praoedent in tba BSmplre.
In u lew daya more Sir Wilfrid Lau-
rier, premier "i Canada, win arrive al
Quebec, and win be tendered public "'
caption! in that ntty. In Uontraal, and
In Ottawa.
To hucIi honor no Conservative ills
pules Ui title, There la dq reason why
Conaarvativaa abould not join with Lib
eralu  in   welcoming   huiiu    in    man  who
for eleven yeara has  been  1 11  i
ter or the   Crown   in   Cunmla      This   b
not tlie occasion io remember dtffi i
annas. Between Sir WUfrld Laurlei and
the CoiiBorvativc party an mau>
Hrounds ol qunrrel tu be settled later
hut none are personal and all mn\ I"
forgotten for the moment
It is just HU yearn since Wilfrid Laurler wai taken into the tttiKensie oaW
net In the second to last year of Its
brief tenure of office. Tbe next year
the Conservative party was returned to
office   with   an   overwhelming   major ji \.
and Wilfrid Laurier'a uexi ten yeara
were passud as a member oi tha Opposition In the House of Commons, over-
shadowed In the country hy Sir .John
Macdonald, overshadowed in his native
province by Sir Hector bangevin and
Btr Adolphe Chapleau, and even in his
own party in the House by Kdward
Blake,   David Mills   and    sir Richard
His grace of language and of manual
made him always a pleasing nnd popular speaker In the House, and in the
country he was doing more for lhe ultl
mate triumph of his party at the polls
than all his colleagues together, in winning the electors of his own province of
Quebec from their old Conservative al-
legfanoe, and in forming (he organization which has, in three successive campaigns, returned an almost solid Liberal phalanx from that province.
The campaign of IsHl first brought
him, as Liberal leader, prominently before the rest Of Canada. In spite of
the handicap of a slightly alien accent,
and still more of the hold on the imaginations and the hearts of Canada that
half a century of illustrious public service had won for his veteran adversary,
Sir John Macdonald, the personal triumph uf Laurier was immediately acknowledged.
The next five years of Canadian hid-
Lory saw the death ul the great premier,
.saw the Conservative party torn by divisions among its leaders and defec
lions of the tank and hie The OSUSea
uf (be Liberal victory of 1 St��C ure mat-
U : ol history now, but nunc need or will
den) Lhat It was largely due to the organizing ability and the pleasing pei-
BOnality Of Wilfrid Laurier. The pet*
honal esteem and regard in which he
Waa held even by his opponents was ad
mlrably   and tanaroualy expressed on
ihe eve of his departure for l>indon in
L897 tu attend the Diamond Jubilee, by
,'ii Charles Tupper, who said Canada
��� uld find no more dignified or graceful
representative for such an occasion.
In   the  years  tbat  have  followed   the
personal esteem for sir Wilfrid Lenrter
mil. not declined. He has been acknowledged a dignified and courteous leader
ui tbe House, aud at all times a stately
representative of ihe Dominion. He is
now In his 00th year. Canadians, Irrespective of parly, creed or race, will
unite iu welcoming him back lo his native country, and wishing him long life
and happiness.
John I). Rockefeller declares that Chi-
oago I'nlverslty, In spile of all his ex-
iravagant endowments, does not turn
out successful men. A member of the
faculty says It U the finest university
in the United States and eijual to any
in Hie World, It Is Impossible to ngn*.
wlth either juhn I). Rockefeller's Idea
Of success is as hopelessly narrow an
Andrew Carnegie's. The lives of both
have been devoted to sordid money get-
ling am] even their recent lavish expenditures have been ostentatious aud vul
gar. It Is impossible for either man to
form a rational Idea of what success
means. On the other hand the claim
that Chicago is the finest university in
the Dnlted States will not he admitted.
Its very name suggests material wealth
and that only. Harvard and Vale are
honored names in the world of learning. Situated in small towns they have
been able to create for themselves the
atmosphere essential to reverent learning. That Is something that will never
be possible in the city of the Tit and
the Jungle. The university professors
boast betrays as low an ideal as the oil
The results of the examinations in
rural schools for entrance to higli
schools cannot be regarded with satisfaction. Only 40 per cent, of the candidates have been successful. Granting
that examination results are an utterly
inadequate test of the value uf teaching,
and thai the rural school which never
sends a candidate to an entrance examination may still be doing useful
work, the issue Is still unsatisfactory
It seems to be, and certainly should be,
accepted as a part of democratic policy
that education, at least to the end of
the high school course, should be within
the reach of every child. It cannot be
said that such conditions obtain when
only 40 per cent, of those who try can
pass the test, especially when in nearly
every case the candidates are already
carefully selected, and form only a
small proportion of those who should
be ready. Either the tests are much loo
severe or the work is poorly done. If
the latter explanation be the true one.
the nexi rellection is that even very Indifferent work is a fair return for the
insulting pittance paid to teachers, less
than half of what is earned by unskilled laborers.
The resolutions of the Toronto branch
of the Navy League, published yesterday, represent the feelings of the great
majority of Canadians on the subject
far more clearly than the reply of the
premier at the Imperiau Conference lo a
similar proposal. Once again, as in the
early days of the lioer War, Canada is
to have lhe humiliating position of trailing slowly and with apparent reluctance
behind all the other self-governing
List    of    Candidates    From    Kootenay
Rural  Schools  Who  Passed
Entrance   Examination.
The results of entrance examinations
in rural schools are to hand. Of .354
candidates only 143 passed, barely 4U
per cent.
The results in Koolenay and Boundary are as follows:
Cranbrook���Number uf candidates,
]4; passed, li; Kuih A. Harvey. 621.
Charles  A.  McCowan,  551-
Creston���Number of candidates. 4:
im��B**n. �� . ��� u - ���. -*��� *r. n-micron, . 14 ;
Vera Huscroft, Gitl.
Fort Suele���Number of candidates,
1;   passed.0.
Grand Forks���Number of candidates,
] ;   passed, 0.
Moyie���Number of candidates, 1;
passed,   0.
Golden���Number of candidates, IB;
passed, 0; Charlotte Armstrong. 798;
Charles O. Dablquist. 700; Dorothy
Hambly, OSfe: George Farson, G74; John
Rutherford,  053.
PoadWOQd���-Number of candidates.
7:   passed,  1;   James  It.  Galloway, oh.".,
Midway ���Number of candidates, 4.
passed, 1;   Barbara M. Jackson, 5C7.
Phoenix���Number of candidates, 1;
parsed, 0.
New Denver���Number of candidates,
4; passed, Ij Joseph M. Turner, 635;
RlO-hard  S. Turner,  031.
.-' Ion    Number    of    candidates,    1,
passed. 0.
Hlocan���Number    of    candidates,    2;
passed.  J    Adolph Heck.
���   ������ **".���...���_ -1        i   -
Fot Sale Cheap
One COlnch diameter, by IGft. 8ln.
long, undttrllred, return multi-tubular
boiler, In fair condition. Klghty-two
ai^-ln. tubes. 2 1-3x2 1-6 In. steam
dome. Boiler Is good for testing to 150
lbs. per square Inch, and a working pressure of SO to SO lbs. .Mountings consist
of safety valve, stop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, sludge cock - and
check valve, set of fire bars and bearers.
One 9 In. diameter x 141n. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Knglne
has boon used to drive electric light
at the smelter and Is In good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam   heated   feed-water   healer,   4   tt.
blgh�� lovfcin.  diameter  with  openings
for 3-ln, exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper tubes Inside through which the feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and nafety valve. Apply to
The Hall Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.
Allowed   to   Return   to   Seoul���lapanese
Intervention   Feared.
Seoul, July It;.���Information has
reached the palace from Japanese
sources that Prince YI Chung Olg. once
pretender to the throne and for several
years an exile in Japan, has reached
Fusan ami has the imperial permission
to return to Seoul. His coming, following on the return of Prince Uak Tang
HI, Is construed by Koreans as significant of all sorts of possibilities. While
no stop has been taken, the Ebnperora's
people still fear his dethronement,
hence the return to Korea of the two
men looked upon a^ possible pretenders Is regarded as Indicative either of
such a step or a scheme to precipitate
a conflict between the contending
forces of Koreans which might give the
Japanese an excuse to exercisi their
force, In view of tho uncertainty all
the leading Koreans are afraid to give
expression to their views.       	
Take notice that Henerv Johu Jobnion. Poet-
nutater ot Ferule. B. C, Intends to **pi*ly for a
special limber licence over the following dea-
.Ttbed lands;
Ko. 1.���Commencing ��t a pom planted-la the
Dlatrlet of West Kootenay, about (wo m:lea north
of the Internatloual boundary line ,*i about
one mile west of Boundary lake n.I mining and
between licence* No H074 aod tn*9. thonce south
���M chaina. thence west 8U chain*, thence north SO
thence rut HO chain* to place of commencement.
Dated June 3, 1907.       H. J. Joavaoit, Locator.
AND- HiiKtn, Agent.
No. 2��� Commencing at a post planted about
one mile north ot the northwest i nrner ol 11. J.
Johunun'8 No. Itlmber claim, thence *oulh W
chain*, thence eaM HO chain*, thence north nu
chain*, thence west no chains to place of commencement
bated June 3, 1W7.       II   ���'   .IohnhoH, l>ocator.
AWD HacKETT, Agent.
No   3���Commencing at a   post planted   at the
northwest corner ol 11. J  Johnson'b No. 2 limber
claim, thence south t**" chain*, thence   went so
chains,  thence north tw'ehains, tneuce  taut (to
Lain- to place of comuu-ucvuient.
Dated June 3, HW7.       H. .'   JoHPftN, Locator.
Am-. llAiitKTT, Agent.
No 4.���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner of II. J. Johnson'* No. 8 timber
claim, thence north ho ehaius. thence went no
ohalus, thence south BO chains, thence east HO
chains to place of eommeucement
Dated JuneS, l!*r7 H   J. JuHNnoN, Locator
AMD. >U( Km, Agent.
No. 5.���Commencing at a post planted al lhe
northweat corner ol If J Johnson's Nu 2 timber
claim, thence north (tu chains, thence ea*t Ho
chains tnence south au chains, thence �����-*. -
chains Ut place of commencemeut
Dated June 3, U07.       H. J   Johnhon, Locator.
AXb  Hai kbtt. Ag.ut.
No.fi ���Commencing at a post plauted about
sag mile north ol the north west corner ������>( H. J
Johnson'* No. 6 timber claim then.-e ninth 80
chains, thence ea*t HO chains, theuee north HO
chsins, thence west 80 chains to place ol com
Pate*. June 3, i'��* II. J. .'������us-   *-���   '.-,���.������
And. Hack Err, Agent.
No. t. ��� Comment*ius atspotl planted at the
northwest corner of II. J. Johnson'* No ti timber
claim, thence sonth ho chsins, itiemi' mttSD
chain*, thence uutth 80 ehaius, tbeuee east 80
chains Ui place of -������*.* i:i.-jn'��-r-. n*.
Dated June 3, 1907.       II. J. Johnson, Locator.
And- 1U< h.*tt, Agent
No 8.���Commencing at a post piante-1 at the
northeast corner of li. J. Juhusou't No 7 timber
claim, thence north ao chains, thence west ho
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence east 8o
chalua to place of commencement.
Dated June s. ': ���** M   J. Johnson. Locator.
and. Backbit, Agent.
No. a ���CouimencltiK at a post planted at the
northwest corner uf II. J Johusou'x No ti timber
claim, thence north 8(> chains, thence east no
chaina, thence sauth ho chains, tbence west 80
chains to polut of eommeucement
Dated June 3. 1907.        II. J. Johnson, locator.
No. !('������CommenciiiK at a post planted at thi
northwest coruer of timber licence nif74, thesei
north 80 thaius. thence ������%��������� no chain*, tbence
south 80 chains, tSeooe weetSO chain* to place
ol commencement
Dated Julie 3, 1907.        II. J. Johnson, Locator.
 Ann  1Uc^kjtU--*'-w*"V
Take noliee tli#t ����*" ��iTer7 prospector, of
ina.. V �� . irttrTvT* to apply for ��� *pecial timber
liceuce over the following described lauds:
No. 1. ��� Cnminenclng at a post planted In the
district of Vet Kooteuar, about eight mile*
west of the Kooleaay river near the north bank
of Boundary creek and oue mile north of the in
lernatlonal boundary line, which claims are described a* follows: At the northwest coruer ol
timber licence No. HO-V7. ibenee north 80 chain*,
thence east 8o main*, thence soutb 80 ehaius,
thence west 80 chains lo place of i^mmenceuietit
Dated 1st June. 1907. DaN Bakkk
No 2 '-.-*��� :.-.- at a post plauUtd at the
southwest corner of Dan Baker ��� No. 1 claim,
tbence north (*' �� hains, thence west 80 ohalus,
thetiee south 8o chains, thence cut 80 chains to
plat* til commencement.
Dated 1st June  1907. J " ������ Bakkk.
No. 3.���Commeueirig at a [i-ost planted at the
northwest corner ot Dan Haker s N-- 1 -laim,
Ihenee north *0 chains, thence eaat 80 chain*,
thence south 80 chain*, ihehee west 80 chains to
place of comrntiM ������ment,
Dated lat June, 1908. Imi Bakkr.
No 4 t'ouim.u��� iijk at a P��isl planb-d at the
northeast corner   *f   Den   Baker's   No 2 claim,
tunee north >*���< chelae* th��ne�� west ho chaina,
then M K>utb ���u   chaiae< thenee east chain* to
place ol coin inducement.
Dated 1st Jun.-, 19H7. Dan  IUkii
No. ft, -<'oiriniencii)g at a post planled at the
northwest <->rio r of timber licence No HObv,
thenoe nortli ** cilHttis, tbence rasl ho ilmln*
ihenee south Ho '-l.aiua, theuee weat ���% ��� chalua li.
place of ��� 'ronr.i !. itnent.
Dated June Hi*, i*/7. Dan Bakkh.
No A. -Coinimm lug at a post plaaicd at the
northwest corner of Dan Bakers No .'> claim,
tbence nortli " < :ialu�� iheuce ea*t ho chain*
thenoeeontfa - -m. tn.io .- ��c��i -v. chain* to
place of oommem ���   i��ui
Dated June 4th. Vjtfi. Inn Bakkk
No. 7.���Cotinnenclng at a |x>st planted at the
liorthi-ast corn, r of limber litftice No ms.o
ihenca ���.'-��� * i - - - .:���*. thence west 80 chains,
thence soulh M" ��i, ains. thunce eaat 80 chain* to
point of > oiniro I.- ��� 'nielli.
Dated June tth. 19(17. Dan Bakkk
No. 8 -Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner of Dan Baker's No 7 claim
the tic uorth Ho *<lmjiis, thonce west 80 chains,
thence south - - * . n>i thence east 80 chain* io
placi of coiiimeiitement.
Dated June 4tn. 1907. Dan Hakih.
Notice Is hereby Klven mat 80 days alU-r
O I I-Till    If i   ��� 1,1.1   1     P..    il.a   U..nnssl,l,.   Oi.     II...
Notice Is lierebj kIvcii that 80 days alU-r date 1
Intend lo applv to the Honorable lhe Chief < om
:���.: ���!���.(,��� i of ' ��������� .- and Work* for a *pectH]
llMBte to Mil and carry awav timber frtiui th��
followluic <!<���*' r ii.. t lands III Went Koolenay dl*-
wiixum wai.mhi.ey, Loestor,
Jamkk iu io ���. i ���   a* Agent
Nelson Land Dlslrici.   District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice   that George Alexander, of Kaslo,
( * I 11 I.  I, ���!.      In     aiii.lt     fur     a     �� t.i-i  (.. !     I i ... I..   .
theuee south about :v> chsins lo the easterly
batik of Kootenay rher; thence southeasterly
alonir   Koolenay   river   bank   about no ciialns to
the "...io  bounder*? of leotlon IS, Towmblp 7)
thenee easterly al. nit ,Vi chalua lo lhe northwest
corner of l-��it *M\ i ence north wi chnin* along
the we*i boundary of Lot Mi; tlicnce west 80
chains to the point of conunruceuieut, und nun-
tallilng 810 acres, more or U "*
Dated July I, 1907. Oborue Ai.kxanpbs.
Bargains in
Wash Belts
100 Doz* Fancy White Wash Belts
W&tt 25c Each
Furniture Stock and
Premises for Sale
TENDERS will b^ received by the
undersigned up to i - o'clock noon u��
the iftth day of July, 1907 for ihe pur
chase (if tbe stock In trade uf carpets.
Furniture, etc.. belonging to the estate
of the late Juhn K. Wood uf HevelHloke,
and also for the purchase uf the property lately occupied by him uu a furniture blur* and rooming house, situated
on lot 26, Block -���'.. Plan 686A-, Bevel-
sink- Separate tenders may be made
for the stuck in trade and for the real
estate or tenders made fur the stock
and real sstats together.
The highest or sny tenders will not
aeoeaaaril] be accepted, stock lists
and the property i i be iold may be examined on application tu the undersigned
Revelstoke.  June   12th.   1907
official  Administrator.
W.    Q.    QILLETT
Clint mutor   nnd
Sole airfiit f'.r the J'orlo tttOO l-umlifr I'o., Ltd..
retail yar'le Kouuli ami tlr��-��*.��id lumber, turned
w(,rk ami hra< k.-t��. <��aM lath and -^ nn- :��� ��, *�����-!���
auil dotirn. tiuit-ut, urick and llmt (ur aale.
Yard and la< Uiry ; Vernon rtt    eait of Hall
nni"���fTPI'i   >*- C3.
P. O   Box 2X2. Telephone 178
Corporation of the City of Trail.
City Clerk,   kmmmot,   *.'oli��*ior.   I&*iH��ctor of
Bsaltb and kremlMMi. luij>ecior of Llcen��ei.
PrOVtaolal ��'oUital>Ie, Chief of I'olice, etc.
IN THE MATTER of the "Rlverm and
Stream�� Act" and amendment*
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company,   Limited.
Tlis- i;ana*'1 mi I'm inc > tintx-r ' 'i un [*au) LltnlUrd
mteiiil** to -'.i.mt* Ui the Honorable Chief Com
n-ilkR'ROfter of Lauilt and Wurki a rr'-jHtaal un'ler
tht- provUinna of the -River* and Hlreaini Art"
ami amendment* theret-o, for the rluhl to improve Trout creek ami iw trlbutarle�� from the
umirrei* nf imcti creek and trlliutarlei tn the p��>liif.
When i hi- **iit:n (luwn into Trout lake tn the IM��
trut ol Weit Ktmtenaj, and to remove obntruc
tloDI iht-retrotu  HtiU   mak<'  the >auie fl t for drlv-
Iuk. utorinic, ���Olttni auu t in t,g lOMA raltg and
rrHlta, and the flumln-f of lumber thereon, alue
for the  rlaht to collect Uilln thereon
The laudn affi-ctel arc CSrown Ia��d�� and Ix)t��
770. 7��i0. TM1, 77'2. 771 7Ctf. 782 and 1K0. all ID
'���roup l,  Went KooteoaT.
DatSd thU lOth day of May, 1(KT7.
by their noiicitor. K. M. Macdonald
Notice ii* hereby vlVSS that after the expiration
offUty   uayn   frotO   the   date hereof the  Patrick
I.uiiiu-r Oot&patiy, UuiiumJ, miendi u> nuinnki u>
the Honorablel hiel comuii.-: i . oi laixii ami
Work* n  propoea]  under the provi*!on* of ihe
"Klv.r* an) Hiri-am* Act" and AuieudliiK Acta,
for the riwiit to improve tbe Hio< an rlv< r from
the mill ��'. ���>( aald t ompany (���ituaLr almut
Ihre-p-   Dl||M   above   (he   Junction of   hald  H)(M-ail
rife j m lib thi Kootenay rtv-wr.) to the month of
the Lit I ��� si. 11 an river, ami to Improve ihe Little
Hlocan rher aud  branch*-*   thereof to the north
era boundary of *ub lot 2, lot 71*1, and *ub lot i,
lot T1 i. 1 -group one, ( <���<���<��� nt) dlatrlet, atei to
liiipnive the Irlbularlea of aald river*; and re
new oh*tructloni from aald river* and tribn
lat i.> hi,,] to make iheaauit- fit for drl vlnu. *toi
i>i|f. ������*.-.-,��� DOOnlai and ratting loa*. tlmhcr.
lumber, raft*, and craft*; al*o for the right to
I toll! thereon.
I lo laicU to be affected are the following : (a)
Lot* Sffl 7 ��W. M.'ril, MM, HAI, M10, ftMV7,M'W, WU0,
' '*. 70H - - in.- ... . . i.r. 1 one. Koolenay
QlitrlOtl alM> laud* (Hiverwd by pre-cinptlnu*
teirnbcred   *>>.   lU'l,   lift,   ��� '��� ���    M:i   |i i ni>>t   ���.<���    al*o
Inu.in coverttrt hy limber HeeUMf* iiuinbure<l  ?>*[#.,
5AM, H
ViK-l, AAM, KM
by fun
.'���MM, bl
-.   and    .,->    al*o laud* of
Dated thi* 8th dny of July, lttlfl.
bf ft* ���oltclt'ir     It    W .  llAKNIMITUH,
WalsoaLaad Dlatrlat Dlstrlot of Waft Xootsnsy*
Take   n.itlt-e   that Own  Hturm,   of lllllinga,
Montana, t'. h. a., oooapattoni merchant, in-
tend* tn apply '<��r perml*H|ou to purchaae the
following dencrlhc'1 land: Connnetii-liiK at a
poul planted on the Wc*t ��horu of tfpptf W'hat
fhati (t larlbop) lake, and at Uie 1 ��� 1 1 iivii-i i-i,i I.,-t
of 1 oi fth'ttt, tlon..- wot irti chain*, theme *outh
4(i ehalDl, theme Mil #> chHlna, theiu-e north 40
chain* lo point of commencement, ��� 1,1 eoutalu-
Hiu MO hmi .    more or !. - ���
ing no acre*' more or 1
flay nth, Jinn
figofif'K Hturm.
NeUoit Land DUtrlft.   DlfltMSl of Went Kootenay.
Take notice that Walter McNeil, of HIU|nK*,
Moutaua, I'. H. A., occupation merchant, Intend*
toapplj for pt rtiilH*|ou to puri-haai'the following OMOrlDM Utitl: Com un-ue Ing ut a poit plant-
ad on the. went Mhoreof ' 1 j- 1 \Vhatnliaii (<'ariboo)
Ink", ami at lhe Uorthwcnt corner nf l.oi hl;i:i,
theme v.c*t VO chain*, thenre north HO chain*,
thentieeaat 2U chain*, thunce *oiith Hu chain* to
point   of   comiiHuiccmuut,   and   <��� lining   iflu
mre*, more or le**.
Hay Jt+tb, 1(W7. Wiltkh Mcnkii,.
I, the under*lgm-d. nflcr Ml day* intuild to apply to the Ifou. He Chief Couiml**lotier of Land*
and Work* to 1  1    ihe lollowlng -h*-' 11M
land: Coiiiim-ticlng at the N. K. C. of Lot fMl
ti. I., thence   wc*i   40 chain*,   thence  ntirlh   At
chain*,   11    ea*t   4n chiiiin-.   tbeuee aouth 21)
chain* lo ]H)iut of ( omineat emeu I, coutalning HO
acre* more tir l��i,
i-otau-   Match /Bib, 1907. W. A. Mm*.
The Hall Mining and Smeltit
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead. Copper and Dry Omf
Blxty <layt after date 1 purpose maklag appli
cation to lue Hon. Chluf t orami**iou��T ot 1.*���'���!���
and Wurk*. for perml**lon lo purcha��e the following .loaerlbeil land: CoinmeUflug at a poal
placeil on tbe welt Ifcofl of LoWBt W'hatanau
lake, about a '. mile (mm the outlel ol aame,
and markeo II W'a. N.S corner poat,*' run
mug thence If > chalua weat, ihenr*- ��� chalm
���OOtn, thenee W) cbalna eaat, theme*-' rhaiti't
north to point of comnii-ucemeut. contaiulng
MO a< too, more or lea*.
l>ated the ji. 1 day of May, IW7
(Mgm-.l) H. Waihik.
|xrK   ti. KaI^iiBM, Ageut.
SottO! 1* hereby given tbat 60 day*after dale 1
intend to apply to the Hon Chlsl * OMJataaSceM r
Of lAitd* ami Work* for pvintaalou lo purchaae
the following; deaeribed tract o| laud, MtUK Ul
WoOt kouietiay di��trht. Comrneiicing at * i*--*.i
l-.mil. .t on fLacercreek. near lu conflueto e with
".iiiiBill creek, marked Margaret MeLaaehl*B*l
N I corner* then-e BOVUl 4Uchalii��. thenee ��*e*l
HU ibalu*. theuee uorlb 4" chain*, theuee eaal Hu
chain* lo place ot coDimeuceuieul.
^3rd May.    ��� '���'��������.������ M. Lin iiuk,
Wiu.ua Bikhitk. Agaui
Hlxty day* after dale I intend toapply to the
Hou. the 1 hlef Commtkaiouer ot Uudi and
Work* to purrhaae Ibuai re* ot laud : < inuiinin lug
al a poal planted OD tie- WOOt ��l !������ Ol 6-Mlle creek
on tbe wagou road abtiut .,;, rnllea from Kootenay lake, and marked Nell McKeihute'* auulh-
weal corner poat, Iheuce we*t 40 chain*, theucr
uorlb 40 t halua, thence east 40 chalu*. thenoe
aouth ��u t-hain* lo place of ttctrluuina
Itocatetl th.* gird day of April. l*n
Kan m< k Kma
K   J   Kl.lloTT. Ag.nl.
1, theunder*lfliet1, Intend alter hi day* toapply
Ui the BOS  We Chief I ommi-taloiier of l.an-S n-nl
W'ork* for paflartonlnpnrrha**a th,- following
(leacrit>ed land . I 0111 mem in-,; at a |io*t uiark*-d
T M Sharp* H K t.locaie-1 on the we��i *bore
ot HliM'an lake, about twelve mile* from ihr head
of Hlocan lake, thelice weat 40 chain*, ihenee
north   t*   IThSlBl.   thence   eaat   *-���   chain*    UmOOI
���ouih   along   ahore uf   ������ 1.   lake tu tolul   ol
located May tth. T. M   Hhiec.
Hlxty day* after date 1 intend to ���pf>J
Mou Chief CutnwlHloDer uf !.*���>!.,.
for iterml*nioii to purchaae the follmta
aerlbad land in Weat Kooteuay dUtnn
inenclng at a [>oal marked A f Biaert.
HOrnet pu*t. running tu chain* cainr.'��
it,'- bonadan <-���/ limb#r licence Nt. *t*j
*outberly bO (halua, ihenoa weatcnj t a
mt:."   northerly se ���ham* along il* c-1
track lo the place of eomtmetn-etoeol. e
two hundred acre*, more or lea*
Ujobu--J thla -hi, 'lay ot May, 1W7.
A.C. Br��.l
Mity day* after date I latetxl loaffhtl
Hon I Met Cotnuil**iouer of l*D0i usi *M
to pOfOhOOe 00 a. r�� 1 of Jan-I h�� ated *U . J
anal of Burton: Commeu'liii u 1 ���
planted at the *outhweat corner nt Lal la]
tnarketl 1, a lluuler'a attuthraat corn*: ���
uorlh to chain*, thence weal Ai rtiaiM a
aoutb to chain*, tbence eaat   3) -..   ���
ol   t- gllllllltg
Located April juh. \*r. U A V ���
par A. Kn   n   I,,:    I
Noliee la hereby given that 60 tjart *fv��
iDU-ud to apply 10 the Honorable tat(1*4
-uilaalom-r <���! laiult aud Wdrka for mmmA
pun-haw the following deaarlhed trvi *���
��� ituaie in Wf*i Kootenay duirtn loud
at a |>o*l plafatod on PhftL-er creek. a*tin|
Hut u.e win, Hummll craek, m*rk*v. VT
Harbour'* N. W. corner, Ibence aoult M a
thence eaal 40 thela*. thence i.'-f'l 0*3
theoce Wral��o ehalna to place of o
ard May. 1OT. Willum I
Nelaon I-aud IiUtrli I I>lalr1ct of W>��t KiMtU-nay
Take uotlce lhat Kdward Peter* of Ymlr, Bril
lah Columbia. -���� upalion. miner, intend* to apply for permlaalon lo pun haae the loljowlug
d-narrlbc. land : Commencing at a |��>��t planted
un the Uorth bank ot l^��t creek, altout three
mllea easterly from the Junction (d Ia����i 1 rck
aud Haliix.u river, in the Nelaon land dlatrlet,
i**dm norib a*, ehalna, thence weat Go ehalna,
theme -.ouih HU chaina, more or Lena, to Loat
creek, iheuce eaat lullowlug aald creek to polai
ol coinmentM'-ment. and c<inuiniug 4HU acrea,
mure or leaa.
lialed June Mb, 1907 Huwaau rr.in.h-
!>l*inctof Wt-ii Ko.it��nay.
Take notice tbat William Davtt Ambraon, of
Blnlar, occupatiuu hrldgemaii. inteml *io apply
for tsernilftaloii to purcbaae the following dea<rlb-
M laud* Commeucing at a poal planted at lhe
north aide of Hummlt creek, mark, d H W ,
Ibeuco north JO chain*, theme woM 41) . haln*
Iheuce atmtfi ao chain*, theme weat 40 ehalni
to polnl ttf commencement.
wui.iAM DaemAraasBOK
m j loesr, Agem
Nelaon Laud Dlatrlet.   lMi.tri.tui ��e*i Kmdehay
Take   none*,   that   John   Phllbert   of   Nel*oo,
Hrlt|*h ' oluuibla, occupation, aaloon keeper   in
end*   10   i.j.piv   for   iteruilaaion  to pure haae nir
lollowlng ooacribed   la.no 1   Contnaaalai  at a
po*l platiteil .11 the north Wuk 1 ..-1 ereek and
abtnii two ami one (juarter niile* aaaterli rrom
the 111 n*Hon ol Ui��i creek and Salmon nvei lu
the Selaou laud dlatrlet, Iheuce uorlh Wi . hain*
Ihem* we*t OU 1 balu*.   theme   aouth   ho   ehalUf
store or leaa, to i.,,��t oroek, iheuce aaat followmg
aald cret k to point of   1 otnineucetneut   ami ,,,n
taming 4*�� acrea. more or
I'atci June *,th. iwr: John 1'niLiigaT
Nelaon |,aml l>l*tru i    ]it*trirt ol Wi-u Kootenay
lake m. 11 re thai frank   McDonald,  ol .Nelaon,
Brltlah ' niuuibia. ssoopatton miner, lntenda to
appl) for permla*lmi to pun haae the follow ing
dew rlbed land* Commemingal a n..��t planted
on Un tiorin 1-atiIt of Utft 1 reck ami about one
mile ea*terl> from the junction of I ������ t creek
and Halmon river, in the Nelaon laid -iutrlcl
thenee north ��i chain*, theme .-act Ao chain*
theme aoulh AO chain*, theme went 00 chain- to
pOtal of coiuineiicenicul, and containing a��>
a'-re*. more or leaa
haled June Mh, liar;. Kha*k   Mt Honai.p.
Noliee I* tieraliy given that ��o <laya allcr data I
intend toapply to lhe Honorable the < hie) 1 ,.m
mlaalouer of Land* and Worki for perinl**l<.n
lo purrhaae the following de*eribcd laud. *Ituatu
in WOMt Kooleiiay dlatrlet: Cotiiineming Ht a
Ptiai plant, d at lhe u��n boundary of L,it *l-j 1.1,
and abuul lu chalua *outh ot the*olilh boundary
uf the right ol way of the 11. c South, ru rail
way, and marked P. A. P'a aotKheaal corner
thence weat 100 chain*, Ihenee north In theaouth
houudiiry of the right of wav of li. c, Koiilhcrn
railway, thence lollowlng ...ii boiiudary of *aid
right-of-way lu au eaalerly -i 1 ��� ,, 1,, 11.,   u, ,,
boundary o( Lot MBQ1, them-e *oiith io pla..- of
couiiiiemeuieiit, couti.iulug loo acn*. more or
Haled ih la Mth day of June, 1WJ7,
1'A.ri, AtmckT Patiaok.
Nelaon Und Malrlt (.   Dutrlclof Wwl Kootenay.
Take  notice  that  Kdward Kra*er, of "
Molilalia,   U. H A . DOOOMtlOS   WOOl   D
-.   ... ... >.��,     v,  .���    n   ,    no 11 1 ill 1 ion     WWW     O'lJ'lir,   JI1-
lend* to apply for nertnlnaliin lo pur. ha*., the
following deaeribed html; ( omuienclug at a
Mgl planted on lhe we*l ahore ol I'pperWhai-
ahau (Cariboo) lake antl al lhe aoiilhcaat corner
of IaA MtlV, thence we*! 20 chain*, thence *..tj(h
��)f!��>aliia, thence nut Up cbalna, thetiee MOth M)
chalua, theuee eaa" 40 chalua, more or leaa, lo the
weat ahore of Upper WbaUliau (I 'arlhnoi lake:
thtume northerly ami weatcrljr along the m,i-i
ahore HO chalua, more ur leaa, to polnl ol coin-
meucemcul, and conlHlulug iiu iicre*. mnro or
May KBth. 1W07. EbWARli Pr4nrr.
Hlxty day* nftt-j ilaL�� I ptirpoHi- uiuklug uppll-
catlon to the lion, the Chief l oinmlaalouer of
lAiula and Work* for permlaalon to purchaae ihe
fnllmrlng deacrlbcd laud: Coini'M liclug at a
poal placud at the moth... ����� i-tuei i>f H. C.
"klnner'i ap|tllcallou to purchaae imnked
"R I'g, N. W. corner pyal" Iheuce following tho
eaalern ho- mb, ���-, ,,1 -ah| applloatlon SO t-halna
aoulh, thuntie running mi chnltiH en-l, ihi-m<cKo
chalua norlh to the aouthern boundary ol K. W.
Maiiuingion'* iipplicittloti lo iiurchaai-, iht-tma no
chain* weat along aaim- to point of couimetice-
nieiit, containing Mti acre*, moru or loaa.
lhtled -2nd day of May, 1V07.
(Hlgned) It.HlllKt.L,
JH-I  K.U    K*l Ul  IKK, AgcLI
Notice la hereby given tbat00dan*
latend lo appir t.. tbe Hon. t hlef tea
of Unlit an<i Worka for permia*loc k
the following deaeribed land In Weft I���
dlktrlct, on weat ahire of Lower Aire* it
a 1 joining L-oi No 4-Hi. on ihemalh: Utf
at a poal marked "Marry  McLaod'i M 1
!>ott and plauted on the ahore of Lewe '
^ke, at the *otithea*l coruer of t'apt ?���"
. 4'-��l*. thence we*t %i ehalna. thenn
thalua more or leaa to tbe north bouat
fullroorea P. H . thenre ��. rhaln* eaat 1
aald boundary lo lake, them** u-'MC * ���
lake ahorr j) chain*, more or let* U> I
t otnmencement.
May Jud, 1907. J V M��-*|
Ag.-Ul for lUrrrH -"
Mi it daya after data 1 Intend lo *[>�����' ��� I
Hon. the < hlef tommlaatoner of laaal
Work*. Victoria, to purchaae 1J0 (trie �� A
lot aied on tbe weat aide of Arrow laltai-1
.... ��i|..i on me aril auie m Arrow laai ������--
dtreetlr north of uu Tire   Commenrtni��
planted at the N. K. rorner of i ��� ' "/������-���
...I      ..It     tl     si*     W       ......   >s     .,..(     .Munini    t
���  :      i*   11   -   r.   corner," ana rtinumi
chaina, thence weal 20  chalm,  thcDte
chain*, theuee   weat 90 ehalna  thenr* 1--
��� -   i! . mc ��� a-t 40 chain* to potoi S "
April '.3rd. 1H07
. E. ASS USI a Afrtl I
Bixtr day* after date I intend u> iw tJ
Hon t'hlrf ComuilMloner of I-*uda ami �����!
Victoria,   B. C,  to purchaae the lolloetnl
ac'ibed laud, aliuated lu lb* Weal Kw����'l
trlcl: Commencing al a poat pi*"*"1 **J
weat aide ol Kootenay lake, near Khia"!
|Miint, and marked J. McKinnon* �� B���|
poet. Iheuce weal 10 ebataa. Iheur* n-'-|
��� halua, Ibence eaat io chalua i��tire or Mil "j
ahore. Ihem-e along lake ihore lo polo.* *
mencement. ,       _,���,
Dated April 4. lVVJ, Hlgne��l J  ���rkl'"
Noll. . I* tn r. - -. *t reu thai iiUj daya aft' '
I 1 litem) to app!> lo lhe Hon ' Id''" "nunli*^
of 1 .���,!.]. and VVork* b.r 1-ru.i"��>"
the following dearrlhed tract ol l*Dd ����^i
��.--,[ K.soieiiay dlatrlet: Ctimon m-inr ����� \
plained altout one half mile norlh Iron m*
fcumnll .r.t-k. marked Jean �� amemD ����� ,
corner, thvue(. ea*t 40 ehaiua, thmiene-
chalna. theme weat 40 chain*, tliftnf*0*1"
chain* lo place of coinmetieemt-ut       . __.,,b
W1U.1AN luanoia. Agiu
NotHe  ia  hereby  given    lhat   ��!'���'���   "*
dale   1   intend   to apply  to the Hnm-rai..<
�� om in I** loner of Umla aud "rtori* i^J
aion lo pun ha*,  the lollowlng 'I***'''!ITi   rJ
laml   alluated lu Weat  KoolauaV diatrlf      "
iiicnciiig   at   a   poat   plauted   on   f*,l��1��lJ. ,
about oue hall mile northweat ttnm I"'"
el J h Mel.'a N   K comer, theme weal *�����
th.tne  aouth   ��0 chain*,   thence QUI *�� ���
ihenee north 40   chaina to place of WOM
"'laid May, 1W7. JoWH H. Rl USSSS|
William fsBSSISt, Ait-Di
Take notice that Harry William* '< ^
H c , rancher, intend* to apply 'yM^Jjl
lo purchase Ihe lollowlng deacrltatl laa l
Weat Koou*nay dlatrlcl: .....n-nifi
Dated the ll'lh day of May, ''���'���
HAitar wiiJ-��-*|
I lhe uiideralgncd. after ��0 dBTI ,1,ltf��, i^
ply to the Hon tiiet'hlel Ciimiiil*"ioi'��'r'V,j
and Worka   lor   nermlaalou   Ui  PUrohB"J"J
lowing  deacrlbcd   land:    Commencing ��n
liihrked   N.K.C.   *ltualed   oil   Ih'*1'1',   fl
Hlocan lake, alxiut twenty ml leg frtrni to��� ��� l.JM
theuee weat 40 chain*,  thelice aoulh ��"       ��H
theuee  eH*l   40  chain*,   thence   north *"u".,
ahore of  lake HO chain* lo point of t*<>m
meiil, Ull.j: I
EewM m.�� 4ih. PfliSr i
Hlxl>.l��yss(l��r ilat* I pi.r|��4��m��tli.��jj|fjl
on   in   ili��� riiiui ,'.,,.,.,,1 ������  ��' '*n,���i
��� nsIII Uh, tlion.'f Hi. .'l.n.HH  PS...        ,'.rl1
t'oinliii.lli'fUl.'Ilt, CU..IK1I...IK MU s'-ri'-i. ���
Dttad this Ulli ilnr ol Ms), mn.        .,,.,,,
(Biiiiio.ii I'rrnt M'*1 ,
 |)��r 0 X. M,<:i'LUHt��Aj2l
HUly il.ya altar <l��t���> I IntolKl ','.'"'1,''? Wr'l
Hmi. riili-l (omiiils.liniiir ul Un"'""". r*
lo piirihnsv Jin .r���i ol l*li,l, ���lli.sH' "�� '.������ I
��HI��� ol Arrnw   ,ik.   ni t Iwoiu.l.'s '""", ,.��!
���om lll'lll4J.t�� o, .1 iilB.ili'ilsl I li.' "J1.,, A
ol I. IU.O, ,ni.| ,,,. . I. .1 N. T It's N. ^���.KfSi i
niiinliiK  *���*! *i <,|,��llis, Ilii'llMSOull. ���  ... ,���:
Ibinanii ��. Bh*liu, Itianoi ���SStfn7..l��l
Ihm wesl 4(1 chAlns, 11 o norln *" ln"
|il. n,i.i  h,,
Hurlou, X.irU'dril, Ml, ��*'-'".Z-l    ���
A. A. HU*'"",**"1 The Daily Canadian
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he BACON We Sell
It Gives Satislaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and  Smoked.    Our Mams  Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
n Land District.   MlMSt Df Wt-at Kootenay
e noliee that  ���tieorge   Alexander, of   KmhIo,
oeeupatiou mine uianaKer, Intend! i" aj<
ir a iNi-lal timber UMDM over th*�� follow-
I**". r.'..  I    lan<l:       ('iimuieiii'lug   at   a   poat
ed   at   lhe    northeaat   votuvr ot  l><��t   luufi.
a   1.   Kootenay   Dinrlfit,   thenre   weat   60
Una,   theBW  aouth   SD ehalni,   llieuoe  eaat GO
Una.  Ihenee  uorlh  40 ehalna  U>  the point of
jtin-ri.'i'i... !.:   and eoutatulug .:lo aerea, more
JSKle.l June T.. V*r. '.aoKt.i:  AlhaM-kr.
Laud Diatrict.   Dlatrlrtoi VeSt Koolenay
i,. -i-�������� that George   Alexander, of Katdo.
���cot nt i..*i mine utaoager, intends to ap
a ���pet :��� l timber licence over the follow-
ea*-:rlW<1 'auda: tdmuienelug at a poat
d    at   the   . iuthua��i   cornerof   Lot   lOUIS.
1. Kooteuay Diitrlit. tbeuee north ��0
i, thenee weat bw chaiUH, tbeuee aouth 80
,, thenee eaat H B ftf-ftl lopolat of coin-
ment,  aud   ��� --nta     id,    Mo aerea. mure or
ted June Ti, 1W7.
i.I.m...,     ,\ i,M7,K
aad IHatrU-t.   I'latrtrt of Weat Ki��. i  ;i��
Take notice that tieorge  Alexander,  of Kaalo,
A, C . <������< t.i-niioi! iniue manager,, in Urmia to a[��-
tfor a ape* lal Unii.fr lli-ei.i-e iim t   tl..-   fnlluw
d.--'-r.'- ;   laud
Ut. I   at   iht-
Bf>   1.     Kim He nay    DlMrli t.    thenee
rib MO
thence eaM fill ehaltm, Ihenee w.utli DO
. theuee ��.-M CO . hit iii*. to the point <>f
neeiueiit, ami t-outnlniUK 4H0 aerea, more
Bed Joue-T, 1��C.
Qb-okok Alii��>i>w,
Hetooii i an-1 i-i-mi- i   j.i.-.irj. t -.( w.-m K.rtitenay
otlfie that tieorge   AleXandri,  of   Kat-lo,
'Upallon miue manager,   Inteiiila   U> ap-
fjbr a np-1-.'iK.l tlttibet lleeuet* over the   foll#w-
^dea.Tlbi-,1    laloU;     < ommenellig    at    a   p-tut
*    at    the   norih-paal   rorner   of   I,ot 10H,
���*�����   I,   Kootenay    Diainet,   thenee   weal   40
ehallia. tbrutf   M.nth H>>      *..:.:.       th.       .    eaM 40
���aatna. ih'-ii'-*. ii. -nl. ito .iiunn-  i.-  tt..   i��dnt of
'    " acui'i-iii" ni   nii<l   i-uiiialulug Mo nerca, mure
Hi June
. laur.
pp I.Hi. l DlatrlOt   htalricl of Went Kootenay
ke notice lhat Geont*  Alexander, of Kaalo,
voceiii>aUi'u tnlue uiaiiagur, inteuda   lo ap-
r a aptiiial   ituitx-r   lu-euee over the follow-
*m ���   >������ ���'.   lali'ta:     l uinuienelng   at   a  poat
jkI at tbe   mmlliMt -l   rorner  of  Section   Ui.
ahlpT, Kootenay  l>latrlel.   thenre north 4u
' i the   aouth   bouudary   of   tbr   Indiau
theme   eaat   aU��ut   IU  chain.-,   to   lhe
iSea** corner of Mild Indian   Keaerre, Ibence
KeO chain-,   tbence  eaat   about 7u ehalna lo
jreal boundary   of   Lot  HI J,   thenre   aouth So
|��a. it,, ii it    weat   -"  ehalna   to  the   point   of
Batuct-ineut, and   coutainlug SOU acrea, more
ate    J-iiw /v. !�����'���;
ttlokUE   1.II.SI.M
on i.tin.i Dlatrlet. DtotrtatotW#atEaolawny
he notice that <>eo,*ge Alexander, of Kaalo.
Loc< ii-'aitiui nunc manager. luletidF to ap
��f a apeclal Umber licence ovi��r thr follow-
! -Seaeribed laud* t'ommenelng at a poat
A��rt at the lutcraeetlon of the north .Ine of
jjbg .'<.  T..uu*-lil,< 7. Kootenay    I'latrirt, and
 iSar' line of the Indian Keaerve, thenee voutti
MkaHi"   theme eaul about 7U cliatua lo the went
"JMdan,   of   l.oi hill,   thenre    north   m ehalna,
See w'eal about 70 ehalna to the pullit of com
���netnenl. aud containing MO  aerea.  no>re or
ated J u tic
. lwr:
Vela..ii Land iMMrl. 1 Dlnirlrt ol W,-m Kfoleuay
Tax. lo-lli'.' Hmi 'iniTKi" Alexander, of Kaalo.
B. C , orriipat Ion mine nntiiager. Int. I..In to ap-
���ft* for a ���perial lllillnl ll.rli.-r out (be follnw
Eg (icirll-H-d l*n I - �� omriM tulng at ap..-i
Hani. ' at the inirraertlon of the aouth line of
���action �����*, I'owiiablp 7 K.-otrlli. j I Out rial, nlid
|E ea��t Hue of the Iii'ilHii K.-erve, tht-nre eaal
fcaWJDnt 70 ���ehaiii" lo the weat  boiiudarj  of I-ol MJ,
aance ntirth 90  ehains   to tlie   aoutb   tiauk   of
Wit    rl*er,    thenoe    we��.terlv  ��0 ehatna  alona
^���nth bank of doal titer   to lhe weal line Ol "aid
SMtioti   li'.,   tloiu-e   aouth   n.  < halua to   |**��m'   uf
esnuieuremriit aiul   containing    ���**������ ��� "���*'��� -.   "���'������ ���*
limit'������'��� J'Mle .'7, i*.a 17 t.r.o-  S  Al lUM'Ol
SfeU-'ii Land |>uirh-1     l'i-trb ml Weal Kootenay.
KTake utitbe   that   George   Alexander of Kaalo,
WL\ C    oertii'-ali.'ii   mine  manager, liilcnda to ap
���J* f..r a Kp*" lal   timber   I ...in e . n .* U.r follow-
fllg    dracilb.d    laud- t omiiietieiug   at   a   poal
Maiited at ihr aouth weal corner of l,ol Mfi, < iroup
KKooteliav   dlatrlet,   theuee   aoulh   100 rballia.
tken. .- '*aat    ���"  ��� luiini- t<> tlo  nof theaat  m-r ..f
Se Indian n-wrvi-; i looi.*v n.-i t ii aboul :*Jchalua
C t...tit river; iheior w raierly along the aoulh
tank ..I t'.iai m.ii alx-ui 1 > ��� imiiia to the aouth-
mo*\ rorioT ol l-ot I'd, Ihenee Uorlh about "*'
��hali"* '��' tl e northweat rorner ol aald l*'t till;
them- raal alM-iit '��� cbalna lo tbr -oulliv\.x(
^Haer ttf U>t KVt;   thence   north about * chalua
a the aoulheaat corner of Lot Mil; (heme ,-. ��� al 40
ftlna lo the point of e��iumelicement, and t*on-
IMning 4io aorea, more or leaa
^>aled June i7, 1WU7. OaoHiig Ai.KXaHbgH
1   1.    Noltie   la   hereby    giv.-ti    lhat   ao daya
dale I lutein) lo   --���*��-
I- l>oili u ia nrrrii) gn.11 iiiai i*n imj"
dale I lutein! lo Mt'ly t" "'*' thief loin-
iiner. ot iJind and Worka. for a apt-mil
,e to cut and earrv Umb.-r from the   loil.m-
 "- - J    !������.,��� .llMll,   .!      Oil       Ul.        ��,.!, 1   I,,   ..'���!
I llth day of June, lwn.
K   M. Kk-cvKa, U>rator.
Mo. J.   Notice  la  hereby  given    that  SO <hiy
r  date I intend lo  apply   lathi   OhJSl   t't'iii
laalolier,   til   l.an-l-  and   Worka,   for  a  apt ci��
liar to rui and earrv  tlmbrr from the follow
t.-a. nl..-.i   laiida  situated on   I lie  aoiilheiia
ol Ihe Halmou river, in iln- dlalrlctof   WM
kvilcnay :    Commencing al a poat pltirud  uboii
:la weal of Itoae Lear ereek, marked "It   M
*a   So.   ;  lOUthwaal    roiner,'    Ibence  8
north,   theme HO  rhaina  eaat.   Iheuce H
aim aouth, thelueko rhaina weal to place ti
SOliiin.-in*. nonl
���Loeatetl on the mth day of June, liaa.
it. m. itgxvRa, Lsoater.
ni 1
et.   Dla
<-l ol Weat Knot.-nay.
Noliee I" berrhT given  lititt tlilily daya alter
lal- I    I'   .--.vrdWrg,   of   Nelaon,   H.C, llilli.i,
ftaiend to applv lo the lion the <h lei loin mho
���Ion, 1 of LiindH and Worka, al Victoria, for a
leelal liceuae to cut uud carry afu> Umber
the tollowiiiB ilcu'rlbed landa, alliiule.l ou
ill creek, 111 the Wen Kooleiniy dlatrlet:
. No. I- ��� oinmeuclug at a poal marked J 1'. H'a
Blmber  Mmll,   northcaal corner poat. located on
Wral    lork    of   Mi 11  rnrk. about 2 lillloi  Irom
fetaln Oraak) thenne rnuulug aouth HO chalua,
thenee running treat 4i> rballia, 1 hence running
rth-Ul chiilna, tbeuee w.-al 40 rballia. thciu-r
rth Htl rhallia, (heller rillililtiK eaat 40 cha Ilia,
ence rutinllig   aouth   to chnllia, tbence eaal   10
01 in** Iti pin f eomiiieiicrinellt.
Dated thla Mh day nf Juno, 11W7.
J, I*. Hwki'iiKHu, Uiralor
N".'J-    ''omtiiencing   nl 11 post iiniiketl J. I'. H'a
mher limit, northweat rnrnrr poati located on
I'Hl fork of Hummlt rrn k, about I wn m lira from
niu   rrerk,   ihrtlce   rnuulug   * h   MO   chaina,
iiniilng  ciial  hu rhiilnx, Ihenee 1 mining
orth   HO   rhiilua, (hrtiee runulng weal H0 ehKlna
I l>la   e ol eoiiillieui rliirnl
Dated the Mh day of tune, 111)7.
4, Pi Hw-KUHBRU, Lo. a lor
Nel-oii Land Dlatrlet l��lnirlct of Weat Kooteuay
Take uotb-e tbat Walter Edwarda, of Ferguaon,
B. C. oerupation cook. UltauSg to apply lor a
WpOOtaX timber llrrner over the lollowni'f deg-
iTiud lund-: t'r.iinnencing at a poat planted
I'v mllea up a crock running Into tbe head of
1 ariboo lake, on the eaat aide of Cariboo lake
and marked "Waltei Edward'* northweat corner," ihruix* aoulh BO rhaina* thenre eaat HO
ehalni. thence north SO chaina, thence weat HO
rhaina to point of comuieuctineut, and containing 040 acrea. mon- or lew.
Dated April T1LI1, 1.-H7 WaI.tkk EnwARi*,
by hla agenl V. C. M . v.   .-..
Nelaon Laud Diatrict. Dlatrlet of Weal Kooteuay
lake notice that Walter BdWUda, of FerjfuiMin,
B C , occupation rook, inteuda in apply for a
���pedal llinbvr lu-etire over Ihe f-nllowlug dea-
crihed landa: ('oinmeuclug at a p.-ai ,: t mllas
up Htevena creek ani a l* mile eaal from A.
Evan'* corner poat No. V, aud marked "Waiter
Kdwarda 1 northweat corner poat," thence eaat
40 chalua, thence aouth 160 chaina, theuee west
40 chains ihenee north ifio chaina to point of
commencement, and coutainlug 640 acrea, more
or leaa.
Dated May 80th, 1907. Waiter i.j��� -a ���*. ;���:���-.
hy hla agent F. C Uanni.su.
MalSCn I<and Dlatrlet. Diatrict of W-��at Koolenay
'lake notice that Walter Edwarde, of Perguaon,
B. ('., nccupailuu cook, intend* to apply for a
��)���*-< ia! timtH-r licence over the following dea-
crtbed land* : tommcnelng at a \hjH planted
about a mile Irom the head of Cariboo lake and
one mile .���-.������! of aald lake, and marked "Walter
Kdward'a aoillhweat iroruer," theuee north 1*0
cbalna, tbence eaat MJehaiu*. tbence aoutb 80
1 hum-, ttieiire treat HO ehalna to |KdUt of eom-
uieiiceicent, aud coutainlug &40 acrea, more or
I'atid'May A'th. 1W7. Wai.tek Kim iki��.
by hla agent K. 0   mtAMMBtO.
Neiaon Uind Diatrict. District of Went Kootenay
Taxeuollco that Arthur K. Kvana, of Beaton,
it, t"., ooon patlon eru liter, iutenda toapply lor a
a|H't-ial t.mla-r licence over the follo-Alug dea-
crlbed landa: Commencing at a poat planted
about "' in iu-* up stevena creek running into the
oast aide of Cariboo lake marked "A. k. e.vnn*
���oathwaM corner (MiM," theuee north M) chaina,
thence eaal HO ehai-* thenre aouth SO ehalni,
ihenee weat lk) ehalna to prdnt of commencement, and cor.tainlug 640 acrea, more or leaa.
Dated May auth, WW. arthir S. Kvanf.
by hla agent F. C. MiNMMG.
Notice la hen'by given that thirty d ay I after
date 1 Intend toapply in the II ou lhe Chief Com-
miaaloner of I.kh-1- and W'orka for a apeclal 11-
eenne lo rn\ aud earrv away timber from the
following deacrlhed landa In Weat KooU-Uay
dlatrlet: Coinmeucititr at a post planted on the
Uorth bank of Ten Mile ereek, about one mile
and a half from Hlocan lake, marked H H Put-'
northweat curner j->-i. thence eaat 1W chain*.
thenoe aouth m chaina, tbence weal 160 ehalna,
theses north 40 cbaiua to place oI commence*
me 111.
Dated thia*J6th day uf June, 19W.
H. H. Fit-     Locator,
A. W, .-n tot-. ,\i   nt-
Notloe la hereby given tbat thirty daya ailST
date I luieud to apply to tbe HnnoraLle
Chief Commlaaloner of La.11 da and Worki at
Victoria, B.t ., for a apeclal llcenaetocut ant!
carry away timber from the following deaOrtbed
landa in Weal Kooteuay dlatrlet: t'ummeuclng
at a (Kill planted ou the weal bank of Smelter
creek, about oue mile aouth of the City of Nelaon,
thenre aouth HO chaina, thence weit HO chaina,
iheuce north ��o chalua. tbence eaat BO cbaiua to
place of couuneurvinent.
Dated IhJfl llth day of Juue. 1��W.
C. C. CLARK, Ixx-ator.
1'   It* "��� u. Ageut.
Nelaotl I ���<���, ������ Dlatrlet.   Dlatrlet of Weat Kootenay
Take  notice    that John   I'hllbert, of  Nelson,
Brltlah   Columbia,   aaloon    keep, r,    lulriida   to
apply   for a apoeial   limb, r   llceliae  over the foi
lowing de*crii��cd landa: Coinuieuclug at a |K>il
iilrtiiid about three 111 Ilea up the flrat rlithl
band branch of Loat creek and   about   tlvemlh
diataiiceaud lu a auutheaalerly -im-.tioii from
th** Junction of aald ' .--I creek aud the aouth
fork of Halmou river lu the Nelaou land dtalrlt t,
thence north *'cbalna. thenre eaat HO chalua,
thence aouth 80 chaina. thence weat 80 chalua lo
point of i-omiururrmeut, aud rouialulng 640
acrea, more or leaa.
Dated June lltfi, 11*17. Johk Fhildert.
Nelaou lOMQ Dlatrlet. Dlitrlct of Weat Kootenay
Take nt.tire that John I'lilltwrl. of Nelaon,
Biltlah 1 oluiiil.ii, aahaiu Beeper, Inteuda 10
apply lor a apeclal timber llrrnae over the foi-
lowliig deacrlbcd latida: <'0111 meiiring al a jaiat
planted on the north aide of Loat rick nl.,nit
aix mllea diataut and In an eaaierly direi*tlou
from lhe lu net Ion of I "-* creek and tbe auutli
fork of Halmou river 111 the Nelaon land dlatrlet.
Ho u.e weat Ho chaina, ihenee aoutb HU ehalna,
then* aat  no  chalua.   (hence   north   HO ehuitia
10 point of commencement, and containing (-40
am-*, more or leaa.
Paled Jon.* lathi iuo7. John I'iiimikkt.
Nelaon Lsatf IM��lrlri. Dlatrlet of Weat Kooteuay
Take notice thai Johu I'hllbert, of Nelaon,
Hilttah Columbia, aaloon krrjMT. lulcuda to
apply lor a aiM-i 101 I im li.-1 11.mar over the follow ing deeorlhed landa,  Uontmeaelai ��t a i����*t
planted ou tha norih ahb- of IaihX rreek about
four mile* diaiani aad In nn eaaierly dlrerlioii
Iron the j in. 1 ..n of aald lo-i rteek ami the
R.oith fork ol Halmon river in tht* Neltnil Und dla
11 irt I hem eWI at ho rhaina, Iheuce aouth HOchiilna
thenre eaal HO rhnlna. thenre north HO rhiilua to
point ol common euieut, and coutainlug MO
intra, more or leaa.
Dated June tSthi 1W7. John rilllSSSl.
Nelaou UUld Dlatrlet. Dlatrlet of Weat Kootenay
Take DOtlOa that John Phllbert, Of Nelaon,
Brlti-h Ctduinbin, aaloon k.u-per. Intend* tt>
npplv lorHapcclHliliiii.ri li'-niM* over thu fob
lowing dearribed iiiihIn ComtneiicUig n( a poat
alit'in one mid ouu-half mllea up the llr-it riubt
band brunch of Loat creek, ami about four miles
dlaliilit ami in Hantitheaaterly dhcctloli from Ihe
junction id an Id Uiat 0*001 and the aouth fork of
Salmon rivet In the N. laoii land dlitrll L thenre
north Hoohalua, lhence eaat HO ehalna, (hence
aoulh Ho ehHiua. tbeiire wral HO 1 hiilna to point
of roiniiielircinetil and coutainlug 64u arrca,
more or leaa.
1 >nied June Uth. IU07. John I'iiii.hcht.
Nelaon l*nd Distrlrt. Dlalrlctof Waft Koolenay
Take notice (hat hihli 1'llhrri, of Nelaon,
Ilrlllah Columbia, aaluou lli-epcr, lntenda tt)
apply fur 11 apeclal timber litHUiac over the following deaintird landa: Coiumnu'ttig al 11 poat
11I it 111 ft    about    two   inilra  up  thu  right  hami
hraurh of l<oa( creek and nl 1   four  mllea   d|a-
tnlil ami in 11 aoiilhrHslrrly direction Irom the
junction of a.11 1 1 ������ 1 ���.. k ami the aouth fork
of Hitlmon river tn (he Nelson iu,,l dlatrlet,
(heme aoulh HO chiilna, thence eait no ehalna,
tbence uorlh ���"> chaina, theme weat HOchalniK to
polnl   of comnicnuviiH'iit,    and   coiiiHlulug 040
('nnd June t-itlt, nan.
John i'Mii iikil'i.
Nelaon Ijuii! Dlatrlet. Diatrlci of Weat Koo'emiy
Tnke notice (hill John I'litlbel of Nelaon,
Ilrlllah Columbia, aalooii keeper, lntenda to apply for a apeclal Umber licence . ver tho following dearribed landa: Coiiitoiuiclug at a
poal plained on thr norlh aide of l^iat creek and
about lour inilra diaiunt iiml in nn caaterlv
dlrooilon from the Junction of auld Loat creek
hii.I the Miuth lork of Halmon river In the N.-i
aoii land dotrli t, thelice i aal R0 chiilna, thciicu
noiith Hu chaliit, thenre weal HO chiilna, Ihenoe
north HU rbiiliia to ihr |io|Hl ol roin liieiireinriit
hiuI roiitalulllg t.|0 acrei, more or leaa.
I'.u.'d Juuu 12th, ban. John 1'HiLBRaT
Says   Graduatea  of  Chicago   University
Are   Not  Successful   Men���
Professor Replies.
Chicago, July 16.���Disappointment
voiced by John D, Rockefeller over the
failure of the UnlverHity of Chicago to
produce more successeu waa Interpreted
as u Blap at the unlvernlty and since his
statement tttosa connected with the institution have slapped right hack at the
man whose gifts of millions made the
founding and progress of the Midway
institution  possible.
.Members of the faculty, In part, and
almost the entire student body represented during the summer course aired
sentiments as to the erroneous views
entertained by Mr. Rockefeller. They
combined the following  points.
It is impossible to interpret Mr Rockefeller's meaning of success.	
Nelaon Land Dlitrlct. District ot Weet Kootenay.
Take notice that William Andrew Koaa, of
Fernle, B. C. hotel keeper, inieuJa to apply for
a apeclal timber licence over the following del
onmd landa:
No. 1 ' in.11'lenciiiL' at a pout planted about
three ml.' north of the International ooundary
line, and about eight mllei weit of the Kootenay
river, and about two mllea north of the nortn-
weat corner of timber lloenee Ho. 006T, thence
north 80 cbalna, thence eait 80 chains, thence
aonth 80 chaina, theuee weit 80 chains to point
of commencement, aud 'Xinteinlng 640 aires,
more or leas.
Locat-ad 121 h June 1W7.
No. 2.���Commencing at e post planted st the
aoutheaat corner of VV illlnm A Ross's No. 1 claim
and about two mllea north 01 the N. W corner
��� >f timber licence No 8037, tbence north 80
chain*, thenoe weal 80 ehatna, thenee south 80
chains, thence eaat 80 chains 10 the point of commencement, and coaiAlulug tot acres, more or
Located 13th June, 1907.
No 8 ���t'ommenclng at a post planted near
Brldgw creek, about one mile east of the norih-
eaat corner of William A. Rosa's No. 1 claim,
and about five miles north of the international
boundary line, thence north 80 chains, thence
wi-m w chuini, thenre aouth 80 chains, thence
eastfOchalns to the point of commencement,
and containing &4o m   ���*-, more or leu.
UOSStnd 12th June, 1*307.
No. 4.���Commeuoiug at a post planted near
Bridge creek at tne aotitheait corner of William
A k..-- No 8 claim, tbence uorth 80 chains,
tbence east 80 chains, ihenee -south 80 chains,
iheuce w.-��t W chaina 10 the point of commencement, aud coutalulng G40 acres, more or leas.
Located 12th June,lwn.
No. b.- Commencing at a post planted near
Hrldge creek, at the aoutneast corner of William
A. Koas' No. 8 claim, tbence south 80 chains,
ihenee weat 80 chains, tbence north 80 chains,
.hence eaat 80 ehains to the point of commencement, aud containing 640 acres, mere or leu.
Lot*ted 12th June, 1907.
No. 6 -Commencing at a poit planted near
Bridge creek, al the aoutbeesi corner of William
A. Hoss' No. 3 ' bum, thence south 80 chains,
thenre eaat 8u chains, thence north SO chaina,
theuee weat SO chains lo tbe point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located 12th June, l*-7.
No. ".���Commencing at a post planted about
one inlle south of the southeast corner of William
A l...-s' No. 5 claim and about two mllea north
of the international boundary Hue, thence uorth
no cbalna, thancc weal SO chains, thence south SO
chains, theuee eaal So chains to the point of
c-ommenceuient, and continuing 840 acrea, more
or leas.
Located lhe 12th of June, 1907.
No. s,���Commencing at a post planted at the
souiheaat corner of \\ ilium A. Rues' No. 7 claim,
tbeuee norlh NO chains, thence east 80 chains,
thenoe south SO chains, thence west 80 chains to
polui of eommeucement, snd containing 640
acres, more or less.
UK-ated the 12th day of June. 1907.
Datetl this ..tb day of July. 1WI7.
William akduw Rose.
Nelaou Land District District ol West Kooteney.
Take notice lhat William Andrew Roes, of
Furule, B. C, hotel kee|>or, intends u> -anply for
a special timber licence over the following da.
crlbed lands:
No. 1.���Commencing at a post planted about
live mllea west of the Kootenay river, on Corn
creek, in the District of West Kootenay, and
being about six miles north of the InternatloUhl
boundary Hue, and about two miles west of tlm
ber liceuce No. 6645, thence south 80 chains,
thenre east so chains, tbence north 80 ohalus,
thenre west -**> chains to point ot commencement
nn-1 ruuiainlng 640 acres, more or less.
Located 1  :h ,'nnr, 1907.
No 2--Commencing at a j>ost planted at the
uorthwest corner of William A Rosa' No. 1 claim,
thence aouth HO chains, tbence west 80 chains,
thenee north 80 chiilna, thence east 80 chains,
to ihe polut of commencement, end containing
640 acres, more or less.
Located lr>lh June, 1907.
No H ���Commencing at a post planted about
two miles west of the northeast corner of William Koas* No 2 - Ik nn, ihenee aouth 80 chains,
thence eaat so chains, thence nor'h SO chains,
ihcuec weel 80 chalua to the polnl of commence-
uiciU. "ni rontalulug 640 a Tea, more or leas.
Located I .Hi Juue, 1907.
No. 4-Commencing at at a poet planted at
tha nnrlhvvcai corner of WiiMmn A. Roia* No. 8
claim, thenre uorlb 8U chains, thence weat so
chain* tneuce aouth 80 chalua, th-auce east SO
cbaiua to lhe point of commencement, eontainlnK '���'" acrea, more or less.
Locate.! IMh June, 1907.
No. 6.���Commencing at a jtnat plant.-.I at the
northweat coruer of William A. Ross'No Jclalm,
Ibence Booth Htl rhatmt. thtiDce weal SO chaina,
tbence north so cbalna, theuee east SO chains to
tbe point ������! commencement, aud coutalulng 640
acrea, more or less.
Located Kith lutie. 19(17.
No fl. Commencing at a post planted about
two iflllf went of the uor theaat Corner of William A. Robs' No 6 rialm. theuee south HO rhiilua,
thenoe SMI soclmlua, ihcucn north 80 chains.
Hi.-11. r weat so ehatna to the point of commence-
in. Mil and cotitnlulnK 64(1 ncrea, moru ur less.
CmMSS Iftlh Jnne.tHtn.
No 7. -Commencing at a poat planted at the
north weat coruer of William A. Ross'No. 6 claim,
tl unca north so chains, thence east SO chains,
thence aouth SO ohalus, Iheuce west 80 chaina lo
point of commencement, and containing 840
acrea, more or leaa.
1.0. at. .1 Uth June, IM9
No S - Commencing at ��� ]��>-t planted about
40 ehalus south of the northweat corner of William A. Hoaa'Nn 8 claim, thence north SO rhaina,
theme weal HU chaina. theuee aouth HO chaina,
tlo-iire eaat SO chaina to the polut of commencement, nnd rottlnlnlng 640 acres, more or less.
Located l.'uli June, 1907.
Nu 'J Commencing at a post planted about 40
chaina soulh of the nurthwcit corner ot William
A Roaa' No. 6 claim, thence aoulh 80 chains,
Ihenee weal so cbaiua, Ihcncs north 80 chains,
thSnOS SS8t &0 ShaUU 10 thS point of commencement, in.-1 containing 640 acres, more or lusa.
Located 1Mb Juno, 1907
No lo Commslielng al a poat planted about
two mllea west of the northeast cornuj of William A. Rosa'No. 1) claim, theuco south 80 ohalus,
tbence east HO ciialns, tbence north KO chains,
thence west 80 ehatna to the point of continence-
ui. ni ur.' ��� iiiiiiiiiini): '-i" iti'i-ci*. more or less.
Located Uu Juno, 1907.
No. 11. t'ommenclng at a post planted about
two mllea weat of the uortheast corner of William
A. Ross' No. 9 claim, theucu north 80 chains,
thence Mil k"" chains, thmice south 80 chains,
tbeuee west ho chalua to tho point uf commencement and containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located loth June. 1WT.
No 12 Commeucing at n poal uleuted about
20 chiilna antith m the northwest corner of
Willliiui A. Kuas' No lo claim, thence, iouth so
chains, thetiee west HO cbalna, theucu uorlh SO
ehalna, tbence east SO ehalus to point of com-
itiencemeiil and containing 610 acres, more or less
Located I'.iu Julie, 11X17.
fc'o. HI Commencing at a poat planted about
20 cbalna aouth ol toe northwest corner of W illlnm A Ko��a' No. 10 claim, tneuce north SO
rhaina, tbence weat 80 chalua, thence south 80
chnllia, Ihenee t-aalH() chiilna to the point of eoinC
niuncement nnd containing 040 acres inure or leaa;
Dated nn- 'Hi day of July, 1*1,.
Win.ian ANOUEW Rosa.
If success means making money���
probably not as many of the graduates
have been as succet-ssful as Mr. Rockefeller might wish.
In proportion to its short existence,
sixteen years, the university probably
tumB ouL as many successful men and
women as any other Institution in the
United Sates.
Making money alone does not necessarily mean success. The business
course Is most practical and In no other
university are the students given the
opportunity to brush up against so
many successful business men as in
Chicago. Theory, thoroughness, application to the duties and hard work are
taught���the primary principles that
should make graduates successful.
"I question Mr. Rockefeller's statement that the University of Chicago Is
turning out unsuccessful men," declared
Dean James Parker Hall, of the law
school of tlie Institution. Mr. Rockefeller is not in a position to state whether this is so," continued Dean Hall.
'Why, ask the president of any university In the country whether his
school Is turning out successful men������
uniformly successful, mind you���and he
will not answer you ofThand. It will
take research of days and even weeks
to ascertain the truth or falsity of the
One of the leading students, who naturally declined permission to use his
name, said:
"There is a well-defined reason In the
minds of many professors as to why Mr.
Rockefeller declared what he did. In
the first place, the preachments of various sensational professors at the university have been diametrically opposed
to the views of Mr. Rockefeller on the
subject of monoplfes, the Sandard OH
trust In particular. Time and again In
the class-room and in the university
periodicals have monopolies like the
Standard OH been assailed with Impunity by the so-called   radical* Instructors.
"Mr. Rockefeller, too. in return for
his millions laviphed on the institution,
has been made a standing joke In students' songs and publications, some of
which the faculty were able to suppress,
and some of which they were not. The
pseudonym of 'Oily John* came to be a
byword on the Midway a year ago. and
still the term Is applied."
Other students, however, made light
of the foregoing argument, and maintained that Mr. Rockefeller was not the
sort of a man to be bothered by trivial
Winston P. Henry, leader among the
junior organization, said: "In considering Mr. Rockefeller's statement, one
must bear in mind the fact that the
University of Chicago Is only 15 years
old. The first graduating class has been
out of the university only 11 years. As
the average of graduation is 23 years,
the men who graduated with tlie first
class would be only 34 years of age
now. Therefore, you could not expect
to find Chicago men occupying position
as high as some of those of some of
the older universities. Many Chicago
business firms prefer graduates of the
University of Chicago to those of any
other college."
Karl Wsla Dixon, president of the
philosophy college. <w-\*��-��<i*. **i cannot
agree with Mr. Rockefeller's statement.
In my opinion, the university is the
finest university in the United States,
and its graduates are the peers of any
college men in the world."
Strike in Spain.
San Sebastien, Spain, July 16.-���What
promises to be a general gigantic strike
throughout the northeast of Spain was
begun yesterday with the declaration of
a general Btrlke at a meeting of several
thousand miners at Bilbao. It is believed that the movement will spread
rapidly to the mine district of San Tan-
tier and Austurias. The labor unions of
Ihe whole of Catalonia are preparing for
a general strike. The authorities are
alarmed at the prospects and are taking in ou nu res to nssure a bread supply.
Notice la hereby giveu that 00 days after date 1
lutuud to apply to ih�� Hon. Chief I'ommisaloiier
of Landa and Works for permlaaloii to pimhuaa
the follow lug described lands, situated In Weat
Kootenav diatrict: Comment.-lug at a poat marked hy name an initial post of the South t-ork
branch, one hundred feet from the Junction of
Loat ereok with the south fork; thence one-
��� lusrter tulle to ihr northwest corner post.theneo
tine mile to tbe northeast corner post, thenco
one-quarter lullo to lhe southeast corner post,
theuee one mile i<> the plaee of commencement
June W, 1907.        Locatud by Wn. Connolly.
Nelsou Land Histrict.   District ol Weat Kooteuay.
Take noliee thitl William Andrew Runs, of
Ferule. H f., hotel keeper, luteuds to apply lor a
apeclal limber licence over the following des-
crli>ed lands:
No. 1.-���t'ommenclng at a poat planted alH.ut
HO chains eiim of tbe northeast corner of timber
licence No. H078, aud about HO ehains north of the
northern boundary of timber licence No. Wit,
and about U miles west of thu Kooteuay river,
and about two ami a half miles north of the ;iu-
teruatlonal boun-'ary Hue, In the Ulstrltit of
Wesl Kootenay, theuee south 80 ehaius, thonce
west HO ehaius, theuee north HO ehalus, theuee
east HO ehalna to tiie point of commencement,
coutHiultiK i*4l) nrrea, more or less.
I.oriited 14th June, 1907.
No. a. Comment lug at a post planted at the
nor theaat corner of William A. Ross's No. 1 claim
and nboul one tulle uorth of Ihenortheru bouudary of timber liceuce No. 8072, thence aoutb HO
ehalus, theuee east HO chains, theuee norlb HO
chains, thonce weat HO ehalna to thu point of
roinini nrrin. ui, and routitltiK (.IO acrea, more or
Located Uth of June, 1907.
William anukicw Koss.
Dated this Mh ol July, 1W7.
Nelson I aud District.   District of West Kootunny.
Take uotlce that Kvan MuClullend Krftser, of
ferule, U. I'., eleik, intend* toapply for a special
licence   over   the   following    described   landa:
I'omnienciuti at a poat plauted about seven
mllea west df tne Koolonay river, aud nhout oue
mile north of lhe In'crnetluuul houudnr) line,
and about one and n qSUtSf north-easterly from
tbe north eaat corner of limber licence No. H0.'.7,
tben-e south HO ehalus, thence west 80 chains,
Iheuce north HO chaina, thence oast HO chalua lo
pulnt of oomuieiicumcut, and ooutnlnlug e-lo
acrea, more or less.
Lociiird iJih, or June, 1907.
Kvan McCi.kli.an Framck.
Dated this Hth of July, 1907.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Lang, snd Comfortable Bedrooms snd Pint*
classDtnlug Boom.   Hsmple Booms for Commercial   M.n.
MRU.   I. C.CLABEE,  Proprietress
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled in lhe city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. EKICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Post-office, Nelaon. B. C.
Tf emont House
European and American Plan
Metis 3& els.   Rooms from 3& cts. to 11.
Only White Help Employed.
Baker Bt.. Nelson Proprlaton
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson*
The Bar 1* the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
Nelson. B. G.
Royal Hotel
Rate* tl and ���1.50 a Day.
Special Rate* to Regular Boarder*.
Most comfortable quarters In Nelson-
Ouly the best of Liquors end cigars.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries,
Butter, Kgga.
Oaiiip and Miners' Supplies.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner*
To Charles G. SlmptoQ, or any other person
to whom he may hare transferred his Interest In
the "May Blossom" miners! claim, situated on
Brown Mountain, two and a half miles south-
west of Yinl'-, in the Nelsou Minln-f Divlrlon, of
Woat K.>i.i.'ii-iy District, and recorded In the
Recorder's i dice, for tbe Nelion Division.
You aud each of you are hereby notified that
I have expended two hundred and five dollars
(-205.00) in labour atid improvements upon the
above mineral claim In order to hold the same
under the provisions ol the Mineral Act. aud If
within ninety days from the date of this notice
you fail or refuse to contribute your portion of
the expenditure, (which 1" one hundred and two
fifty dollars (1102.60) lor tbe two years ending
Mb May. U'-C.) together with all costs of adver
Using, your interest In the said (-laim -a 111 become the protH-rty of the undersigned under
Sec. 4 of un Act entitled: "An Act lo Atueud the
Mineral Act, 1WW."
Dated at Viuir, B. C, 16th May, 1907.
Notice is hereby glvcu that the Wattsburg
Lumber company han applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant t.uvernor In council, nmler the provisions of the "Klvcrs ami Htreams Acl." for the
right to Improve Kj-kertu creek. In the district of
We��i Kooteuay. Hritlnh Columbia, by removing
Ihe ob-Hlrui-ttous therefrom aud straightening
the banks thereof, aud locoustruct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, and makeiuch other improvement" as limy Ih- necessary for the driving and
rafting of logs and the Hum Ing of timber ibervou
Tne laiidn to be ufTei'lcil are govermeut lands ami
I ...ih ���.'..! and '2b2, Oroup 1, aoolenay district, and
tiie tolls tliat are proposed to ho charged, If any,
are such as may be fixed bya Judg -of the county
court of Wrtl kootenay.
Dated tbla J7th day of March, A, D. 1��07.
lu the matter of an application lor the issue ot
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title lor Lots
IU and 17, lilock .*'���, Tuwu of Nelson.
Notice Is hereby given that It Is my luteutlon
to Issue at the explratlou of oue month after tlie
flrst publication hereof a duplicate of tho Certiorate of Title fur the aho\e Lots In the name of
Frances tt Day. which Cerllllcate Is dated the
I*.��ili 8c|>tcmber, lmw, mid numbered ��15<>K.
Und Kogh-iry  Office,  Nelson, B.C. Uth  June,
11)07.                                                H. K.   MacLKOH,
 lumrt-i Ki-glmrsr
Coal! Icel Wood!
Phone 265!
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott.
Fuel A Powltiy Co., Ltd.
N. E.cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
3 Improved Ranches For Sale
On Kootenay Outlet, between Nelson and
Procter.   Choice locations.   For particulars
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Acres
of tbe
Choicest Frott Lands tn
BrtttaB Cowtmbta.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Have For Sale One of the Pfetttsat Homes to
Nelson, StjgatjSd to Fab-view, Close to the Car Ltoe
Larg* 7-room houae. Stone foundation and flrat-claa* cellar. Corn-
plate water ayatam. 10 lota under cultivation and planted In largo, bearing fruit tree*.   Thi* la a anap.   For particular* apply to
Something for th* i:n""���I man.
Just Invaatlgatcl���That la All 4 -
aak of you; and you owe that much
to youreelf.
Kootenay Orchard
on  1600   acre*,   aouth   of  Burton   city,
for aale.    Apply to
The M. & W. Land Co., limited,
A. M. Can. 80c. C. K.
Mining WorR a Specialty.
Office: Henley Building.   P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
To Winnipeg $46*20
To Port Arthur. St. Paul
Duluth. Sioux City
Chicago $84.00 Montreal W4.00
Toronto 178.50 St. John SM.00
St. Louie $60.00 Ottawa  $82.58
New  York $100.00 Boaton $88.50
Halifax $101.80
On Sale July 3, 4. 5.   Attstut 8, 9.10.
Scpiunber 11, 12, 13.
First Class Roond Trip. 90
Days Limit.
CorreapondlnK reduction* from all
Kootenay pointa. Ticket* available for
lake route Including meals and bertha
on lake steamer*. Through inter, quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces,  on application.
a.(I.I'.A..V��i.pouvit. D. P.A.. Kelson
AND IN THE MATTER OF the plan of
the Townslte of Rob*on, part of Lot
Three Hundred and One (301.)
Group One (1,) Kootenay, of record
In tha Land Reglatry Office at Nelson aa "626."
F. C GREEN       F. T. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
f. 0. Bex I4S   Phone 241 B.
Tako nntfre ilmt on tun until d*y ol July, A. D.
1007, .1 thu liour ol I0:*i o'clock lu the forenoon,
hi the Court Houso in the elty of H.lson. In the
l-roTiuee of ll.itli.li Column!., Application will
Im- iiis.l.i to the Judgo of the County Court of
West Koolensy, bv the Columbia and Kootenay
Hallway and Navitation Con.pany for an order
that the plan of the said Townslte of HolMon, of
teoord at Nelsou, In the Prorlnc* of British
Columbia, as *'��� 4 b. canoelled, aud that tb.
iippllcaul may enjoy the lands comprised with*
lu the said Town Bite free from any easements
or rights of any person to open any land or
lanes, strout or streets, square or suoftra*. **rk
or I'.trk. avroas, within or upon saidl*a��B*
listed at Ihe City of Nelson, In lb* IrToylace of
llrltlsh Columbia, this !7th day of June, A.D.,
Aienta for Loughoed, Bennett,  Allleon. Taylor
.t   MrLaws.   Hollcl.ors and asen.s lor th.
Columbia A Kooteuay Hallway �� Navigation Company, applicants.
To It IHCI.I. * COM PAH Y. The Daily Canadian
L>o You  Know What This Is    ���
It is the Royal Standard flying over al my camp. With a good, ordinary pair ol' eyes H is plainly visible. If you cannot see It come down
to  my office  and   get   fitted  with    proper glasses.
$15   to  $60.00.
Watchmaker and Optician
>0ur Stock is Complete
���J Here are t*o Soap Specials:
[25   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.50
���72 BARS GOLDEN  WEST for $2.75
X This Btcire will be Oloaad  Kvery TlnirMhiy  2
2      Afternoon in June, July and tVUgtut       ���
��� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������I
PRONINH AND (IK A FT INC. carefully attend
to. Apply
KII4MT  Kllm HolPl.
Old Curiosity Shop
II you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new-
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dinner-ware in stock. Pattern*.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Jedrock Prices,
iasy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Hank of Coramerco.
All Kinds of Heating  Plants  in  Stock
Victoria St., Nr.Ooera Hou��e.      Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils  for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat liuiMers will find it to tlimr u'l-
vs.iti.ne to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep.
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning  Stove*,  etc.
111 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
In   niM.iiiliirtuir*!   Initn   the   lliieM   CObWMOi *1ti-
ii[i.-n.'l ninl ilow KWi-Pt-riu-il.      Il> mll'l, full-
SftTOTM HH'I  0OOl<    A toliiKTO yoli
f obacconii L   Baker Street.
.<_���...<--. F����rty meets every Friday
evening at �� p m.t-iii too ai inerts' Union Hall
Aii art- Invited; any one allowed to take part iu
the iicbi'.tes.   'i'. Austin, Secretary.
Patronized by Earl Grey ani Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel in Nelson
Apartments. Elegant.   Cuisine Choicest
Civility and Clet.Dl11.6H.
Bapervi*Bd by propristor and wife.
R. S. Francis. C. S. Mornan. 13-Mile;
\V. Wilson. Vancouver; C. H. Brown.
Minnoaiiolis; K. (1. Jackson. Toronto; A.
Winslow, Boston; \V. H. Hamilton. H.
U. Richardson. Winnipeg; G. O. Buchanan. Kaslo; .1. M. Neice, New Westminster; L. A. Dodd, Arrowhead; II. Clancy,
Qrand Forks; C. .1. Hooper, Spokane;
Col.  Holmes, C.  Hughes, Victoria.
Cor. V*rntin   and IVartl .Sire.t...,
11. WoolSOQ, Victoria; F. Jackson. O.
t\ W'luion. wife anil daughter, Miss BL
Tweed, Calvary; \V. P. Uoblnson, P, .1.
Brown and wife; Miss I CoUttS, Greenwood;   W.  iluldwin. Salmo;   H. Leliman,
C.   ll.   iiosi.  Spokane;   w.  .1.   Devitt,
Trail; J. I'.hilh, Chicago; \V. H. Sluuger-
baught, Philadelphia; F. Jackson, Calvary; ('. O. itodgers. Creston; D. S.
Robb, Winnipeg; J. M. Callow, salt
Lake City; L, 1-* Clark, Si. Paul; Mrs.
\Y. B. Tnwilseinl. Greenwood; Mr. and
Mrs. A. F Dudgeon, M. K. (loniich, M.
Heel, M. W. GarnlBh, H. P. Dudgeon, F.
A. Estorly. Revelstoke; J. Price and
Wife, Rowland; R. Claikson, Ymir; G.
1. Pattle, Seattle; C. K. Wlllard, Spokane; Mrs. A. Conway. Bellingham; M.
Dnoner, Chicago.
C. Y. Conville and wife. J. R. Dawson.
.1. II l.anerly, K. A. Powell. Winnipeg;
K. Herb, Minneapolis; 11. B Smilh, J. G.
Deniaon, ll. Blair, Rossland; w. Win-
day, J. McCalltini. Cranbrook; G. R.
Howard anil wife. Carman; Mr and
Cameron, Toronto: J. Bennett, Fer-
u.  li   Burden, Crawford Bay.
N.   Ai insllong.   ltegina;   J.   Clark,
Eliint;   A.   Thompson;   F.   Smith,   Van-
0 luver; I'*". Volbralth, Vernon; J. II.
Deaoon, 0 ll. Wilton, Crawford Bay;
E. Woodsfiles, Winlaw;   A. Adainson, I'.
o. Buer, g. Robertson, Mrs. t. f. Pox,
Sandon* a, Jonnson, Blooanj 0. H.
Drown, B. I'. Walds, London; J. Q, lie-
war. II. Stevens. Hall: II. McDonald. A.
McDonald, A. McDonald. D. McDonald,
T Dickey, Yiiilr; C. S. A. Kt.wk, New
ii. Pnc!in. Arrowhead;  R. White, s
Mills. Ymlr; A. It. Knowllon. l.ancas-
ier: W. (i. Britselle, Si. Stephen, N. B.;
M. ll   Band. I'lncber Cruek; S. Osborne.
1 While. 10. Norlh. Ainnworlli; W.
Langland.  Bayoniie Mine.
p   w.   Knight,    Edmonton;    L,   M.
Sampson, Calgary; J. IB. Tliompson,
Glasgow; J. Dalton, Winnipeg.
tl, A. Pellet, 0. Jensen, <t!).Crook; A.
Melllllls. Koi-h's Siding' A. Bird, Vancouver: it. MH.eoii, Alns worth 1 P.
Ueluoreek, Kuslo; o. Mattbewa, Salmo.
50 acres In the Crawford Bay Settlement. A part or lhe old locations and
one of Ihe best,   ��(ir>.00 per acre. Terms
Geo. g. McLaren
11 il-cr St., Opposite Queen'* Hotel.
INEUSOlN,     -     B. C.
PAH} OK KAItK ni.l'K i-im.oI.KH, nn Raker Ht.
Will llii.lcr plMM lesvo llipin at thu Hudson's
ii,.y iter* ana noslT* $*>reward.
niiin employed . Mrs. R. H. {.entile, Hnnver HI.,
belween u ,i. ni   and 1 l>. in.
TWO KI KST-cLABH HuOMB, steam boated.   Apply liiiuBi-k eetwr. Bri! Bat, K. W, 0. block.
R. M. R.
The annual inspection of No. 2 Company. R. M. R.. by Col. Holmes. D. O. C,
will take place at the armory tonight.
Tasteless   Advertising.
Public   attention   is   again   being   directed to the nuisance of glaring advertisements in yellow  paint on tlie rocks
on (he shoies of tho Arm.
New Chief of Police.
Chief ol* Police Arthur A. Pitchford
has been in tbe service of the city for
many years, first as a member of tlie
tire department, and since as constable
and sergeant of ihe police force.
20,000  Club.
Owing to the absence from town of
several members, the meeting of tlie
executive of lhe 20,000 Club, called for
this evening, lias been postponed till tomorrow. Wednesday, at 8:110 p. m.
K. of P.
The Knights of Pythias will hold their
regular lovlge meeting this evening at
7:80, to be followed at ll o'clock by a
public installation, to which all Knights
and their families are invited.
Boat Club Smoker.
There will he a boat club smoker in
the boathouse tomorrow night. This is
given in the way of a reception to the
crew that recently visited Seattle. An
enjoyable musical programme is in
preparation. AH members of the boat
club are specially requested to be present.
The City Park.
Many suggestions have been made as
to schemes for improving tbe new city
park. Probably any private enterprise
will receive favorable consideration
from tlie council, but It Is quite certain
that neither the council nor the 20,000
Club has any money to spend on improvements this  year.
Union  Picnic.
The Industrial Workers of the World
will give a moonlight excursion to Procter on Thursday. July 18th. There will
be dancing in the new pavilion. This is
the ilrst union excursion In Nelson. The
boat leaves at 7:30 p. m. Music will
be supplied by the Nelson city band.
Tickets. $1.0ll; children, 50 cents.
Brandon Old-Timer*
The citizens of Brandon will entertain
the old-timers of that city on July 24th.
This is the 25th anniversary of the Incorporation of the city. The seerettiry
of tbe association Is Hugh R. Cameron
and a member of the Dally Canadian
staff was honored with an invitation to
be present.
Lawn Social.
The  annaul garden  party   under  the
auspices of the  Altar Guild  of  St.  Sa
At  Winnipeg.
Secretary Ebbutt today received a
telegram sent from Winnipeg hy J. lly-
s!op, In which ho .mys that all flowers
have arrived in good condition and they
are making an ettectfr* niaytaj. He
also acknowledged a line show of rrult
on branches, together with a good supply In boxes, forwarded by F. M. Black.
arid a good Consignment of berries from
J. McPbce's ranch, which arrived today.
Dance Gilchrist, of lhe postofflce staff,
is enjoying his holidays on a tour
through  lhe  Kooienays.
Col. Holmes, D. O. C, and Captain
Hughes returned from Rossland this
morning and will Inspect No. 2 company, R. M. II.. tonight.
O. O. Buchanan arrived from Kaslo
this morning and leaves tonight for Victoria, whence he will proceed to thi'
west coasl of Vancouver island.
The Store of Quality
$2.00 pe* Crate
Freih In evory morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preserving fruit at a moderate
K. W. O. TIlocV   . Phone  Id.
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mr*.  Winter  Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds oertlflcato from
Royal Academy for planoforto playing
and singing. Cerllllcaln from Trinity
College, Loudon. I'lng., for theory of music. Hcholarshlp of the London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Addraas .Box 799, NeUon.
We have the nicest
assortment of
in town.
25c per lb.
C. A. Benedict
Corn--'  Silica and Josephine Sta.
PHOM1   7
Owing to delayed shipments our lines
have been low for some time but
we are again able to hIiow a complete
line of the Boxes and Tablets that have
earned for themselves such well merit'
ed popularity, viz.:
Fabric finish, per box 35c
in cream, pearl grey and Swiss
blue    50c
Fabric finish,  cream  and  tints.   65c
Fabric finish 65c
We have also a very beautiful line of
Children's Boxed Stationery at BOo and
85c a box.
W. G. Thomson
8\��A��T%KA1EiK*u'i   Nelson, B.C.
Phon�� a-4*
Firet Step Towarda Compromise at Cobalt��� Wai Closed Tight.
Cobalt, July 16.���Thoman Mrkftt. nf
Ottawa, president of the City of Cobalt
Mining comijuny, arrived here today.
The cUrtCton met and decided tu adopt
the miners' schedule with a nine-hour
day as a compromise between v\\t,\\\ and
ten hours and tlie men will rutur** *���'*���
work today. Tlu; u��.*-���� ""> (,,,m-
in������y i�� reported tonight as having
agreed with the miners and the men
will also return to work. Cobalt Uako
worked 85 men today, hut the reports
of men working in all the milieu are
false; many mines are closed tight; a
few are preparing to finish Insiailing
plants, but practically no mining is either being done or attempted.
Brief Spell of Freedom.
San Fruneisco. .July 16,���James
Courtney, alias "Leadviile Jimmy," upon
being discharged yesterday from Han
Qucntln penltcnilary, where he had
served sentence for the killing of Po-
Ileman K. C. Robinson five yearH ago.
was immediately rearresled. Adviees
from the police of N'i-w York say Courtney Ih wanted for the murder of Clhr*'
Knglehardt In 1801. Officers are ex
pected to arrive in a day or two to take
the  prisoner Bfttt
8trange Effort at Blackmail.
New York, July 1��--The body or \\\
D. Wines, an aged and reilred merchant
of TJrooklyn, was found in the wchhIs at
at Mt. Klsko, ty Y., today after his son
had received a Black 11 unci letter demanding ihat a ransom of $:-t,ooo be paid
for his futhfr. A searching party found
that the writer of the letter knew nothing of till* father'*-*, whereabouts, tint
made use of his absence to try to ex-
tort  money.	
For Sale
50 ft. Lot and Cabin on Mill St., $275.00
16 ft. Lot* on Innl* St. for $450.00
t% Acres within mil* of centre
of City, au I table for market
garden Term*  given
160 Acres on Kootenay river,
good srirlncjs, first class railway   service $3,000
F. B.  LYS
Real  Estate and  General Agent.
Weat Baker Street. NELSON. B. C.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
W h-.I.-i-il.* .ninl   H.tHll Ponluri lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice aud
lowest price. Nothing but  fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES.    Manajrtw.
Is Pemow/ied
Its 5cE/i e&y
Its Dusimess Emergy
3 to Consider
24 LOTS, an excellent block. $500.
Easy terms.
���'> ROOM HOUSE. Hoover St., splendid
garden, fruit trees, etc. $1,500; one-
half cash, balance $15 per month.
6 per cent.
6-ROOM HOUSE, verandah, garden, one
and a half blocks from car line-
$8 50;  $375 cash, balance easy.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
AKi-nt inr 'i ni.riiii LaenebM
an.l IVUrlmri. (*siio.-b.
i ui. -i ixn iii Musis iii ii g,
Foot nf Joseph tne Ht.       Tel   A18
j Garden Party
Umler the AuHpicon of
St Saviour's Altar
WED,, JULY 17/07
J K' M<li-ir .- nf W   Irvino,
Silii-ii Stniit
Band in Attendance
Musical Programme
Maccabee* of the World.
Detroit, July 16��� with I00( d��|��nu*.
preeenl rrom all lecUfm*; <.r Km Dnltad
Btatea and Canada, rfptaacntlsg :��>��,-
000 mamberi of th�� Tilfiiniui Uuvlew nf
tin- Supreme Tout of tin- KhIkIhh of thu
Macoabeei of tht World, opanad h.-ro
today, One of tlie nioal Ltnportanl mat.
li'iH Him will be eoiiHlii.iriil ilurliiK tin-
review is a proposition wliU-1. him hi'on
thai .ill oi iho ratloni organHatloD* of
Macoabeei be ooniolldated Into dm
ureal body, Inoludlng tin- iwo orgaataa-
HoiiB or the i.u.iii'H or iho Maooabeei.
Bupreme Oommander n. p, Markey
utatea Hun iho uonlblllty or iuoh n oon-
Holliliiilon win ho llioroiiKlily dlHniHBcd
iliit-lim the hohhIoiih of Uu- i-gnvi'iiilnii.
A propoaal that a Iioiiio ho oroctod ror
aged inoiiihoiH uud llio orpluiiiH of tho
iinniiioiK will iiIho ciiiiio up hot'oio I tic.
di'l.miiUiH for conaldoratlon.
Telephone 101.
And All Accessories!
( Fresh Stock Twice a Week)
This is the season  for taking photos of
Kooteuays uurivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,  We can supply you  with
anything in the  Kodak line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone  81
For  a Stylish  Suit
limit to Kit tin* Biff-on ftOd  Eeap Its SlmjH* Not Only the Vint
\\\-i'k   Tot   Wtar   It,   Hut   All   thfl  Time       dot   It   Made  by
Tayi.uk t&  Mc-yiAKitii:,  t lit'  Ki-hulilr Tailor*, of Koot-enay.
Absolute   satisfaction   {ju a ran teed    or   money   refunded.
High Class Tailors, Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
IIAKKUSIklll. \CI..S()N.
WholuMiiitt  Provision*,
tiiiviTiiini-iii OmbdU rjr Oiif Pniinil . no*" n��-ii|t��l wesikly freab from tb*
i-livii I.     For Hiilr by all IiiuIIuk (crocem.
Offl��� nnd wari'lums)!:  iIimk.hu I*]..k,    Pbone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson
. B.C.
Spring i*s Mere
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all the
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.   Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Folks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt  attantlon  paid  to  letter  order*.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
  Company, Limited.
���. A.  ISAAC
R.   W.   MINTON
""'Vi!'"'"."   "������>�����   ������"hhltlH   ��S*4lUl*U  V4-UH   iMsiMluh.      MI1..I
Woi-k, .Mli.li.u ii,,a Mill .M��.4..4l.,4.-f> .      MmiulMulurvr*
<>������>  Ui.i-st,  IV.  u.   Cuntravlnr*'   Ussrai.
and dealers in Lumber, Shingles,
Untli, Moulding**, Doors, Window*
Turned Work iintj llrnuketa.
VUKNOIN .siuiili    .   .
Mail Orion, pn.inptly ntt.md.Hl to.
Galvanited Iron
Our farllllli'B for tUTnlnj nut tliilviinUcil Iron Work of every
ileacrlptlon un. uiiouunlled In llio Koutenuya,
Eve Ttoaahm, Conductor Pipei, Smoke
Stacks and Furnace Work, etc.
WoodVallance Hardware Co., Limited


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