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The Nelson Canadian Jun 20, 1906

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Array ���l.r.MK
I.   N.
/oiling Evidenceof Savagery Remains
Ifernors  General   Have   Imperative Instructions to Suppress
Further Outbreaks.
We have tolled to clear up whether a
policeman or an anarchist! threw ihe
bomb. Our InveatfgaUona only demon'
Hirair that tie real Issue of ihie and
smaller tragedies in the position nr tbe
Jews, which makes the Ignorant Rub-
sums consider tnem to be Pariabs, out
nlile   the   protection   of  tbe   law.    .lews
everywhere nre now organising societies   for  self-defence,  and ho  soon    us
they show the slightest resistance to
prosecution they win be treated by iho
troops and  Ignorant poimlac
iutlonisfs  for  whom
m rovo-
.^.^.^m��� ,i simple (loath is
too good*   Parliament must insist u
(ho punishment of tho tfiiilty
Proof of tiio obarge of tho
waa  prepared  In  odvanci
claim that the keepers ot the govern
mem wine niiopa recelv
day   before   the    outbreak    to remove
their  cash   from  thi
The  .lows
of Its American service, ami, as a beginning, contracts have already been
drawn up for the construction of two
new turbine liners larger than the Virginian and Victorian, lately hunt for
Canadian truffle
d notice    the
to rem
shops   to safer
no,   Russia,  .lune  20,���Owing   to
lusal  of   tlie  ( SOI"  al   l.kilvslok
nit the free telegraphing of toe
nl tlie Investigation or the mas-
.1 .lews there, the eorrespondetil
Associated I'rss came here. The
ivlsh rioting at Bialystok is now
the troops are in full control,
outcry, it in maid to
authorities win not
horrors recent'
West   Kootenay    Power   Company   Extending   Its   Lines.
vU w of thl
lain lhat th
In1   i rem wnl of
in  sod ai   llialystok.
entire region is greatly excited,
m   tho   fear  that   tho  llialystok
i  ,vaa only the signal for a gen-
mi the .lews throughout iho
and In Poland;   but  if any such
acy exists, it is too late fo curry
fill'   plans, as tho most imperative
io  prevent     further    outbreaks
��� in issued to the governors and
��� I ReueraJa from St. Petersburg,
'in' oorrespondenl    arrived    at
ok on Sunday morning the worm
ready over, bul on all sides there
���voliing evidence of savage  bes-
on ihe part of the blood-drunken
ivho sacked ami burned tho Jew-
Blouses, shops  and  stores.    For   Tl
with a  slight  abatement   during
ij   time,   the   mad  orgy of  blood
pillage went on uncontrolled,
iring   the  rioting    tho   Jews   wore
ed  down by furious  pursuers, who
le majority of cases were not eon-
wilh killing more victims, but tore
i  to pieces like wild animals, and
��� this  was in   progress  tho troops
t Btood Idly   by, or, as  wus more
lently  the case,  fired   into houses
shops where Jews were concealed,
r   the   pretext   that   they   believed
io de revolutionists, but really In
��� lo make  way for the  murderers
plunderers who followed    in   the
li'th'   wake.
Phile it  is Impossible to give exact
tlie visits of the correspondent
|li'   hospitals and cemeteries enabled
o approximate    the killed at   100
aud 20 Christians.    The Question
llit* origin of the mass-acre was care
vestlgated.    Although   many of
s denied     tbat     a   bomb    was
hun at the orthodox procession   on
gitMlay  in   honor   of   Corpus  Christ!
'he fact ihat  a bomb was thrown
established   beyond  a doubt,    but
question of who threw  the  bomb
;i    unsettled,    The  accounts    of
iriial  witnesses, however,    demon-
lo   thai   an   insulting   cry   enraged
.lews,   who   attacked   the  religious
essloti;  ihen from one end of tho
to 'he o*her lhe police spread  tho
it of the attack, thus fanning the
i'nis fanaticism   of  the  Christians,
selling  loose   the  worsl   elements
'ho .lews, on  whom tbe    crowds
fhlng   lhe   procession   had   already
I     The Jews at first  fought  with
ers    and     bombs.    With     those
ms the majority or the Christian
i   were killed.    The  Jews    were
orwhelmod and fled for shelter
ellnrs or    arlos,    The    soldiers
���I the chase and butchery, some'
laughing   with   indllTerencu,   bul
falling lo lire into houses where
sometimes to the number of 100,
making a Btand against their ns
The soldiers said the    Jews
ievolutionists, and that was Iheir
|;-tii lor firing on them,   The author
��� ho wanted   io  do something     to
'ho massacre, with lhe police and
fi'M in open sympathy With the mob,
"illerly   powerless, although   it   Ib
[ \  charged ihat  tho higher author!-
b 'i llialystok deliberately organised
aero;  or if (Ids was not    the
was carried  out   under   strict
from Bt, Petersburg.    There is
vldonco to support either charge,
'���ding io ihe  Investigation of tho
filamentary commission, whose mem-
especially anxious to eluol*
(Special to the Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, June 20.���Tho West
Kootenay Power and Light Company
are experiencing great difflonlty In securing stonemasons Lu work on their
substations at Qrand Forks and Greenwood, and, although (hey are paying %\\
a day, they are (breed to work short-
banded. This company is constructing
a model pole lino from Itossland to
Boundary Falls, a distance or Go miles.
Their [lower Is carried hy three wire
cables about half an inch in thickness,
tho combined capacity of the three cables being 90,000 VOltS, or three times
tbo capacity of tho Cascade Power and
Light Company's plant. Under the
present charter the West Kootenay
company can only go as far west as
Boundary Falls, but expect to secure a
further extension of their charter at
the next session of the provincial leg*
IslatUre to enable them to operate anywhere in the county of Yale, when this
line will be extended further west. This
company contemplates supplying power to dozens of mines, in addition to
tue various I owns, for domestic use.
The line of 00 miles will cost over a
half  million dollars.
There is a ripple of agitation in this
district. Just now over tho necessity of
mjne-owners Umbering the underground
workings of their properties. There
have been ninny deaths In the last few
months in this, district from rock falling on workmen, causing agonizing
scenes. The recent death of Charles
Petersen, at the Strathmoro mine. Is
the latest fatality from this cause. It
is understood that steps will be taken
to bring this matter before the attention of the provincial minister of mines
at an early date,
Btvan Ovens, an old resilient of Qrand
Forks, but now of Spokane, has been
spending the lasi few days here. Since
he resided in Grand Forks some seven
years ago he has amassed a fortune of
a quarter of a million dollars out of
various mining interests near Hurko,
itight-of-Way Agent Andrews, nf the
Kettle Valley line railway, is paying
out the cash now for tho right of way
for his rnllway. Big. fat checks were
paid out this week to W. (Irnnville and
J. Graham for right of way through
their farms north of the town, Mr.
Graham will alBo be allowed a side- j
track on his farm.
Tom Hardy, an old resident in the
Boundary and un ex-mayor of Greenwood, Is contemplating starting a general mercantile store at Franklin City.
W. H. Coverl, of the Covert fruit
farm, has just returned from a two-
weeks" trip to tho farmers' convention
at Pullman, Wash., and the Masonic
convention at Spokane. He speaks enthusiastically regarding both these conventions, and added tbat al the Masonic convention there were 1,800
badges, nnd then they did not have
enough to go around. Mr. Covert predicts that the farmers' convention at
Pullman will do much towards advanc
Ing the agricultural industry  throughout Iho west,
British    Columbia    Product    Preferred
Above All Others.
Winnipeg, June 20.���Cherries, straw-
berries and gooseberries from the Pacific coast province are arriving in limited quantities, and by Ihe middle of
next week will be fairly plentiful. The
first shipments came from Mission
City; the second point to ship was
Port Haney, thou Chiliiwack and Ke-
lowna. Cherries were of a lurge, red
variety, the llavor was fine, bul there
is still more care required, in packing.
Some of the .shipments came In ordinary ten-pound crates, and these wore in
very fair condition when they arrived,
Others wore In small strawberry boxes,
and were considerably bruised, uml
looked unsightly. In ten-pound cases is
lhe proper method of shipping cherries,
ami one that will meet with most approval in this market.
The strawberries are very fine, being largo, even In size, and of a rich,
waxy red. The packing of this fruit is
decidedly better than last year, but Is
not all that it ought, to be yet, as small
boxes are nol faced, as are "Hood Rivers," nnd therefore there Is more bruising.
Winnipeg will take every strawberry
British Columbia can send, as the demand is very strong for them. They
are preferred over every slrawbeny
except Hood Rivers. British Columbia
fruit growers should eo-opentie and secure a regular fruit car service. In
this wny shipments would o
ward more regularly and in a n
form condition.
King Carnival Will Reign
for Three Days
Misses Broadwood. Fernau, Blakernore,
Skinner, Macdonald, Annable, Thorn.
Tea and refreshments���Mesdames
Beer, Miller, Hamilton; Mioses Irvine,
Wilkinson, Elliott, Hipperson, Ebbs
and Jackson.
Beauty and Talent of Nelson Joined
in Offering Music, Scenery
and Drama*
Chicago   Loses  Five   Members   of   Its
1 uni
Steamship Arrivals.
Sinsconsett, Mass., June 20,���The
steamer Teutonic, from Liverpool, was
in wireless conimunicalion with the
station here when LOO mile1* cast of the
Nantucket lightship at 6 a. m. today.
She will probably dock about 7:30 a.
ni, Thursday.
French  and  British    Embassies
Members  of  Norwegian
I'm point.
Hfplln, of Odessa, a member of
""mission,   Bold:    "Wo    wlHlied
���������iriy i��� i,finK home ilie respon-
'���' ine government ir ihe mas-
�����������; organised In ai. Petersburg,
"'''lusloiis nre flmf   It   wns    nol
'" St. Petersburg,    Neither do
I  I Proof u,ai chlej of Polloe She.
" ��r Bialystok wu ��� |mr���. ,()
'    '. ���wever, the   responsibility
,   "' 'ordinate!, together with that
���,','!! '",',') '"" "r ""' l",llcp   ami
,     "o military officers, who imug-
"���'' 'I'o system ���r v..n PlehVe and
'"" not ended, Is |��� question.
Trouble With Turkish Troops.
Oonstanllnople, Juno B0.���Marshal
Keizl, piiMlm oommantllng the Turkish
troops Iff Yemen provlnee, whose bunds
nie already full hi attempting to aub<
due the rebellious Araba, lifiN been oonv
polled to deplete his slim stock of am-
munition in employing his artillery
uguliiBt his own niiillniius soldiers.
Whole companies of regiments, anxious
io gel home, mutinied nnd decided lo
proceed to the coast. A stubborn iighi
between the loyal and file disaffected
troops ensued, The latter Anally were
vanquished by ihe (ire of lhe artillery,
and surrendered nfier sustaining heavy
Constantinople, .lune 20.���The Per.
Kinn ambassador has complained 10 ibu
Turkish government of tbe further despatch of troops ami ammunition to
the Persian frontier, pointing olll Hull
it constitutes danger to the good rein-
lions existing between tho two countries.
Allan  Line a  Rival.
Glasgow, .lune 211.���Tbe  Allan    linn
has decided on the acllve dovclopmonl
Trouilbjeni. Norway, June 20.���The
French armored cruiser Admiral Anbe,
carrying tbo special French embassy
to Hie coronation of King Haakon VII.,
arrived here at 9 o'clock this morning.
Immediately afler she reached her anchorage she tired a salute, to which
the Norwegian men-of-war and shore
batteries replied. A spunking breeze
swept the harbor, causing tlie (lags ami
binning (o llutter In a lively fashion,
and raising a sea lu which file launches
aud cutters were tossed about like
corks; but in spite of tbe breeze, 11
dense fog prevailed near the entrance
of the (lord and delayed the arrival of
lhe other warships and steamers, ln-
eluding the British royal yachl Victoria
and Albert, having on board the Prince
and Princess of Wales, convoyed by tbo
second-class cruiser .luanii. 'Ihese vessel! are anchored outside the fiord, bul
will not arrive al Trondhjeni until the
The members of the French embassy
landed al 11 o'clock ibis morning. They
wero tried and trusted oilicers of file
royal household, and were given a
guard of honor and were driven to the
palace where King llnakou lives. The
embassy und Hu- king thanked them
and their nation tor their presence here
oti the occasion of bis coronation.
The lending member! of the Norwegian cublnel, headed by Premier Ml
ebelsen. will leave ('hrlsllanln today
for Trouilbjeni, Trondbjem continues
to fill with visitors, nnd crowds throng
(lie streets. The palace and ealbedrui
tire lhe centres nf Itlteresl.
Ignore C. A. A. U.
Winnipeg,  .Mine  2(1.���Tile decision  of
Sourls lo Ignore the ('. a. a. 11. iii playing the Shamrocks for the Minto cup
will likely huve the effect of absolutely
removing all Influence of Hie union 111
western Rpnrts. Sourls has practically
lhe silent, If not Ihe active, support of
various sporting organisations In ibis
Sick   Man's  Fatal   Leap.
Washington,  June    20.���Clarence  M.
York, secretary to Chief Justice Fuller.
of iiie supreme court of the United
amies, was killed today by Jumping
from a window of (Inrlleld hospital,
where he was undergoing treatment,
Kirmess. the big three days' carnival
ai which half Nelson will enfertaln the
olher half, was formally opened nf 3
0clock this nflernoon by Mayor (illicit,
who briefly referred fo the library as a
useful public insi Hut Ion. and hoped
that the magnificent effort made hy (ho
ladies on iis behalf would meet wllh a
generous appreciation by tlie people of
Nelson generally.
This afternoon Ihe various booths of
the nations, English, Irish, 8cotch,
Welsh, Canadian, American, Japanese,
French, Dutch nnil Turkish, the Gypsies' and (he lea booth, were thronged
with visitors. The ladles in attendance
are all costumed appropriately to (he
nations they represent, and the color
effect of dresses, booth furnishings and
the general decorations of the building
is bewildering in its brilliancy.
This evening's program will begin
promptly at S o'clock, and all Ihone taking pari are staidly enjoined to be on
hand and read| before lhat  hour.
The Ilrst event will be fhe grand
march of nearly a hundred performers,
which wns rehearsed faulllessly last
A theatrical performance of "Dearest
Mamma" will begin at 8:30. Thoso
taking part are: Miss Fernau, Miss
Carlotta Fernau, Miss Skinner nnd Mrs.
C. Cummins, .Messrs. F. D. Arundel, H.
S. llodnier and J. M. Eaves.
Ine children taking part In lhe
(lower drill are: Flossy Johnstone, Rica Starkey, Evelyn Fernau, Bina Toy.
lor. Marian Bnrnbart, i.ollie Annablo,
Mildred Irvine, Dawn Hume, Barbara
Cummins, Lola Bennett, Grace Smith,
Mildred Sharp, Ella Madden, Noel Irvine, Winnie Ellis and Fay Brown.
In the French minuet are: Misses
.Marian, Flora and Greta Macdonald
nnd Annie Sturgeon, and Messrs W. H.
Swnnn. II. Gallon, li. Johnstone and E.
In the tambourine drill are Mrs. Melville Parry, Mrs. Chrtslmas, and Misses
Ida Johnston, Nellie Annable, Hazel
(Jore, Clarice Blakernore, Gladys Blake-
more, Eileen Robertson, Grace Lynn,
Christina MacKay, Dorothy Cummins.
Dotty Gigot. Helen Macdonald. Mabel
Mncdonald, Betty Johnstone, Ida Hanson. Miss Thomas, Miss Irwin and Miss
Fernau. Mrs. Parry will sing "Merrily
1 Roam," and the opening chorus of
"The Bohemian (lirl" will be given.
Tho sextette will include Mrs. Parry
and Misses Clarice and Gladys Blakernore, Miss Skinner. Miss Hanson and
Miss Nellie Annable. and Messrs. Arundel. Gillum, Walker, Johnstone, Cran-
fiird nnd Benedict.
The city band's services nre given
grails, ns nre also Huso of the piper,
G. M. Guun. Altogether tlie program,
lu quality and variety. Is unique in Ihe
history of Nelson entertainments,
The undertaking hns involved many
weeks of hard, self-sucrlliclng work on
lhe pari of many of the ladles, nnd they
nre eertninly entitled lo (be most generous und general palromige lhat enn
be given.
Those In charge of the booths nre:
Canadian ���Mesdames Gore, George
Johnstone, Mclnnos, Starkey nnd niako
Wilson: Misses (i. Blakernore, P. Cummins, M. Cummins, l>. (llgni and D.
English--Mesdames Cummins, Davy!, Applowhalto, Goopel. Renwlek,
Aslley and Kelly;  Misses llroinlwood.
Irish���Mesdames Rose. Drew, Rutherford und MoDermldi Misses i.yun, Ellis, MacKay, Niokenon, Irwin, Peacock, lioyce nnd Stephenson.
Scotch���Mesdames Ferguson, Robertson, Misses Whitney, Campbell nud
Welsh���-Mesdames Cummins, Heath-
coale. I.ennle: Misses Gigot, llenwlck
nnd Cummins.
Amerlcun���Mesdnnien lllblel. Fuller-
Ion, Rasoii: Misses Macdonald, Robertson and Nelson.
Japanese���Mesdames Green, Clement!! Misses DeBoni Cummins, Johnstone and Gore.
French���Mesilnnies Maedonnld, Misses  Mncdonald, Sturgeon.
Dutch���Misses Johnston, Hanson,
Hipperson nnd Steolo.
Vlllngo shop���MeHdnmcs Buelinn,
Cuninili\s; -Misses Fernnii, Wood-Taylor.
Turkish���Mesdames     Jameson    and
Gipsy���Mesdames   Purry,  Christmas;
Chicago, June 20.���Five members of
the faculty of the University of Chicago resigned (heir positions yesterday,
and all the resignations were accepted.
They are: Thorsleln B. Veblen, assistant professor of political economy: Dr.
Oliver B. Thatcher, associate professor
of history; Dr. C. C. Guthrie and Alexis
Carroll, of the physiology department,
nnil Charles A. Huston, Instructor In
Commenting on the resignations, C.
L. Hutchinson, treasurer of the board
of (rus(ees, said: "When other universities offer larger salaries, we cannot
expect to keep our men. We havo; al-
ways been hard up, as is proved by our
annual deilcit. When the professors
develop iheir powers, and the chief
chairs here are full, they go."
Professor Veblen and Mr. Huston
will go to LelAttd Stanford, Jr., University, Dr. Carroll will join lhe Rockefeller Institute in New York, Dr. Guthrie will go to St. I^ouls University, and
Dr. Thatcher to Europe.
Dominion Day celebration program will
bo the association football mnlch on
the afternoon of July :ird between the
tenuis of Coleman and Nelson.
The Coleman team Is the best in the
Crow's Nest Pass district, and Ihe best
in Alberta wllh the exception of Pinch-
er Creek. They will certainly prove
worthy competitors, and will give the
local men a good, bard game.
The home team will line up as in the
match on Empire Day, but strengthened by more than a month of regular,
systematic practice and vigorous training. The members have been put on
their mettle by the beating Ihey received on that occasion from the Pinch-
cr Creek (earn. They still look forward
to turning the tables on the "bunch
grass" men, but in the meantime they
are not likely to underestimate any
opponents, anil will take no liberties
in preparing to meet Coleman.
FiftyCents a
Negotiating for a Shorter Haul
Revision   of   Views  Concerning   Treating Treatment by Dr. Lorenz.
Earthquakes in Manila.
Manila, ,Iune 20.���A series of earthquakes occurred in the Northern Islands
yesterday and today. Tlie most per-
ceptihle was felt in Manila last night-
Severe shocks were experienced in the
northern part of the Island, but no
damage was reported. The shocks began at 7:25 last evening, and continued
at intervals through the night, until
0:15 this morning. The Manila observatory reports that the earthquakes
probably were more severe in the Babuyanes islands and Formosa.
Floating Drydock Sighted.
Peland, Straits Settlements, June 20.
���The drydock Dewey, bound for the
Philippines, was sighted today in the
Snails of Malacca. She reported all
Many Candidates for  Entrance Examination���Provincial   Convention  Next Year.
The high school entrance examinations began in the public school this
morning with 20 candidates present, 22
from the city, three from Ymir and one
from Salmo.    They are:
Nelson���Winnifrede Baer, Clara
Barkley, John Darough, Richard Ferguson, Harry Ferguson, Lottie Fish, Irene
Gibson, Percy Grizelle, Edith Manson,
Annie Mastberg, Ernest Matthew, Hazel McArthur, James McCandlish, Edith
Middleton, Isabelle Montgomery, Nora
Paterson, Mary Rutherford, Henry Svoboda, Robert Swartz, Cyril Thorn<-
crol't, Myitle Traves, Walter Truswell.
Ymir���Alfred Clark, Vera McLeod
and Edward O'Neill.
Salmo���Rheta Bennett.
The schools will close on Friday at
noon, and most of tbe members of the
staff will leave the following day to attend the provincial teachers' institute
meetings, which will be held in Victoria next week.
At tlie high school promotion, examinations are tn progress from the first
to the second division of the Junior
grade. F. Uiring Is writing on the matriculation for Toronto university. The
school will remain in session until
Juno 2!Hh. and the education department examinations will hegiu on July
4ih and continue until the llth.
Inspector Wilson will attend the convention anil preside over the sessions
of the senior public school division,
and will then return to conduct the
high school examinations in Nelson,
Rossland and Grand Forks.
New York, June 20.���The statement
that the Armour child is again back at
Dr. Lorenz's private hospital in Vienna
may mean much or little as to the success of "bloodless surgery" In her
case. The congenital malformation
from which she suffered seems to have
been of an aggravated type, difficult to
cure with any variety of treatment,
bloodless or otherwise.
She may have returned simply for
an examination as to results, or for
further treatment in continuation of
the original replacement. It certainly
seems improbable that, if Dr. Lorenz's
treatment was considered a failure by
the family, they would continue to pat*
ronize him. The widespread publicity
which attended the Vienna surgeon's
visit to the United States gave currency to some rather absurd opinions regarding the efficacy of his so-ealled
bloodless surgery.
This method of treatment has not a
few disadvantages and dangers arising
from the rupturing and bruising of the
tissues which inevitably accompany
tbe replacement of the dislocated
bones. It is further stated by the old-
fashioned surgeons that cutting operations are at least as successful' as the
Ijorenz method, and really less dangerous. Statistics regarding the results of
Dr. Lorenz's operations in the United
States seem to hear out these statements, his cures ranging from but 15
to 20 per cent.
The Justifiable conclusion, therefore,
seems to be that bloodless surgery is
useful in families where there Is a
prejudice against tho knife, possibly
also that in carefully selected cases it
Is preferable to the cutting operation;
but in the main its percentage of cures
of congenital dislocations or malformations is not materially higher than that
obtained by the older form of surgical
1900 Miles of Canadian Built Road
Will be Abandoned and
$100,000,000 Wasted.
Not  Supplied  With   American  Canned
London, June 20.���William Field,
member of parliament for the St. Patrick's division of Dublin and champion
of tho Britiwh meat dealers, who has
been so actively questioning the ministers for the past week, in reply to a
further question in the house today,
elicited the information from War Secretary Hallian that "an American firm
long established in the London meat
market" holds contracts to supply meat
to three military stations in the United
Kingdom. These contracts do not Include the supply of canned provisions,
but occasionally pressed veal Is issued
from tlie army reserve in order to in-
Btire n turn over of Ihe stock. The
proportion of frozen mutton is not allowed to exceed two-sevenths of the
mutton supplied to tlie troops.
Later News from Grodno.
Grodno, Russia, June 20.���The lales
of atrocities are Innumerable, and
while some of Ihem have been ex:ig-
geraied, enough hns been established
lo make almost anything creditable.
'Pile mob seemed delighted iff (offering
Iheir victims. Strips of flesh wire cut
from their bodies; children were taken
from Iheir mothers' firms and brained
on Ihe pavements before the eyes of
Iheir parents] nn oid .lew was beheaded, nnd the ghostly trophy was berried
all day at lhe end of a pike through
the streetB.
Earl  Grey  Telegraphs
the    Welcome
Good Contest Promised Between Teams
of Nelson and Coleman.
One of tho best attractions of
London, June 20.���Pourieen hundred
S. A. immigrants sailed for Canada
this week. Karl Orey sent General
Hooth a message as follows:
"Am glad to bear of another renlly
good seleeiion of emigrants for Canada. They will be heartily welcomed,
at- well as others of tbe same class, for
whom there Is plenty of room."
liramwell Month, speaking at Elision,
slated Unit the Army had kept its
promise, made last February. This
parly completed its transfer of 10,000
persons to Canada, not lo mention
what hud been done in Ihe way ot cooperating with Other' societies. Iu the
present party were 20 boys, sent out
paid for by Ihe London counly council.
The Day's Fire.
Los Angeles. C'al., June 20.���Fire early today destroyed the brick building
occupied by tho hardware firm of Hoi-
brook, Merrill & Stetson, and caused u
loss estimated at, about $160,000. The
building was situated in tbe heart of
tbe wholesale district, nml tlie entire
lire department fought the llnmcs for
Iwo houts before the danger wns averted.
Toronto, June 20.���There is considerable anxiety manifested here over the
spreading rejiort that the drand Trunk
1'acillc railway will not observe the
condition of Its charter, and that the
long line in the northern part of the
province to the Atlantic seaboard Is not
a business proposition. A shorter haul
will be secured through the United
States nnd the Georgian Bay waterways, and the immense outlay of $100,-
000,000 to be spent by Ihe Canadian government In constructing that part of
the line which is to be owned by tbe
country will be another waste like the
Intercolonial scheme. Commenting on
the situation, the Mall and Empire
"Announcement Ib made that the
Grand Trunk Pacific will connect at
Winnipeg with the Wisconsin Central,
of which road the Grand Trunk Ib acquiring control. With ihis arrangement
completed, the Grand Trunk Pacific
will have two exits from tbe west. One
will be the line from Winnipeg via
Fort William and the lakes, and the
other the route via the Wisconsin Central. St. Paul and Chicago. It ts not
surprising that the Grand Trunk should
seek to bridge the distance between its
present Chicago terminus and tbe Winnipeg end of its far western line. Business considerations make this movement reasonable.
"But what a commentary the opera,
tion Is upon the Ottawa politicians!
The Grand Trunk went to the capital
and asked for a charter to build Into
the west from North Bay, its present
northern terminus. A small subsidy
would have secured an all-Canadian line
from that point to the Pacific coast. In
addition, the company would have
agreed to turn over the business for the
Atlantic ports to our own line, the Intercolonial, at Montreal. Sir Wilfrid
Laurler took this proposal into consideration, and the result was that the entire project was negatived. A new
transcontinental railway connecting
the marts of Ontario and Quebec with
the western business centres, securing
traffic for our own line, and costing
very little money, Sir Wilfrid did not
want, and would not have. A substitute proposition was made by this celebrated 'railway expert.' We are now
at work upon It.
"We are building a $100,000,000 railway from Winnipeg to Moncton In New
Brunswick, and we are expecting the
Grand Trunk railway to use it as a
means of communication with the prairies. It is assumed by the political
'railway expert' that the company will
haul wheat 1,900 miles to the middle of
New Brunswick, and then make arrangements for the further haul to the
seaboard. While tbe country Is being
sweated for this folly, the Grand Trunk
Is looking after its own Interests in1 a
business-like way. First, it sidetracks
the Laurler line by getting a branch
to Fort William. Tho company ts not
going to haul its freight 1,900 miles
through the northern wilderness It It
can get to the lake and have its business transported by water to one of the
(leorgliin Hay ports. Secondly, tho
company is figuring in Its branch lino
profKisitlons upon n cut-off from the far
northern government line to North Bay,
Ihus securing for it the very line It
originally proiwaed. Finally, tho company Is making arrangements for a
connection between Chicago and Winnipeg via the Wisconsin Central.
"Apparently, the Grand Trunk will
do anything but commit Itself to tho
Laurler folly. Nor is this to bo wondered at. Whnt does the Grand Trunk
want with the Laurler line? It Is not
going to allow itself to be separated
from the business centres to please a
preposterous politician, who does not
know anything about business, and it
eertninly is not. going to choose, of all
the possible routes between the west
nnd tho sea, that wblch Is the most expensive to operate. The, Grand Trunk
Is out for business, and when we have
spenl our $100,000,000 on the fur ninth
ern road, to which the massive intellect
of Sir Wilfrid Lnurier has committed
us, the company will please Itself about
running trains over IL"
Tho subscription agent of The Dallj
Canadian Is now enrolling the names
of new subscribers. In case of failure
to -receive Iho paper regularly, subscribers are requested to telephone this
ofllce,  No. 324. The Dally Canadian, Jane   20, J906
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Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
Everything for the camper, prospector, hunter and
Pa bits hod six ileyi n week by llio
linker Ht.  Nplsfjll, B.C.
Subscription rates, w n m h month dellvcri
In tbe cuv, or (6.00 fl >cdr it .it nl by iiunl, win
paid in iiavRiiae.
Advertising rates on application.
All monies paid in  Belilcmenl ol Tho Dull
���--""- either lol subwrliUhins -
eeelptwl fnroii Hie print*
Canadian aeu>
forms of uit
"By duo word we are somotlm ��� Judged to I
trite aad by one wort] so mo limes judged to I
foolish. U't us therefore be careful what w
���ay. "���Confucius,
In a personal letter to the editor of
this paper, on eaateni friend who Ima
been n lifelong member of Lhe Liberal
party, and whose advice, when he tins
cared tu give ii. was always received
without discount, writes, among other
pungent things: "Many times a weet<
do I regrol thai I will nol have n chance
to publicly gel after some ol the things
tbat are ''ally coming up ai Ottawa. H
looks as it' honor had died in the rulers.
They have become mad with power."
Tin1 phrase, '"mad  with  pou er," and
coming from the Bource ii did, struck
us with its suggestiveness, and furnished us with a possible explanation of, il
nol excuse for, some of the remarkubh
freaks  which   have    distinguished   thi
late history uf the Liberal party.   II is
true that tho prosperity ot Canada during late years has been almost unexampled���wo mean in comparison with thi
earlier or middle history of the dove,
opment of the Dominion.    In com pari
non  with  the    develox>meui  of    other
countries, particularly  upon ihis continent, we do not know that It Is .1 parallel that can be Insisted upon,   The Liberals have  for  years   been  didoasedb
habituated to the practice ol  claiming
that this prosperity is due to tho Liberal policy and to Liberal administration.
The  "wise Immigration   policy   oi  ih.
Ottawa  government,"   for Instance,   Is
an example oi the campaign literature
of  the  Liberal  party.
The "wise Immigration policy of the
Liberal party"  lias  turned out, under
Itlie recent Investigation of Immigration
revelations  .11   Ottawa,  tu   be  nothing
more  than an    Immigration    sen.da 1,
Thai  the Dominion government  suuuUi
have boon responsible for   uch an immigration    policy    as  ihe   one  which
obliged     them,     by     tho    advantugi
ot     a    partisan     majority     in    the
house, to suppress all  Information ri -
garding iis Inuer workings, Is, to buj
iif' least, nol one for Lhe Liberals lo
go "mad'' over,    Tbe natural opportu
nlttes and advnntagOH nl  wi stot 11 I an
ada as a desirable Bold toi peoplo with
moderate means to goi a foothold upon
safe and secure    ground    was    in	
known to Hie world, noi  by  Hie Liberals,  bul  i��>   the  railwnj   companies
and  by  the  land  companies,  who secured large appropriations of territory
in  the Northwest.    We recall   Ih     lamentations of the    Liberal   parly between  1880 and   1886, when  tho ('ana
(Ilan  Pacific railway  wan  seeking   its
charter, nnd  when the  Liberal opposition In the house accused tho government    wiih   extreme   charges of scandal In connection with lhal charter appropriation.    It wns charged  that   the
government of Sir John McDonald proposed t" give away thousands of acres
of worthless landa in order to assist
n railway which would never be anything else than n  tax  upon  the rate
payers of Canada.   It was charged Hi if
the   railway  would   run  through  thou
sands of  miles  of unproductive  territory, and ihnt whal few productive sections thero uei-e would have lo pay the
cost of a transcontinental line which
could never bo of any use to Canada.
There was nothing at thai  time with
which    the   Conservative  governmenl
could not be charged.   While we read
My admit thai public sentiment has undergone a change since that time with
reference  to the  advisability of    land
grants for railway purposes, especially
In large tracts, the fact stilt    remains
that,   whatever  1I10    Canadian    Paclfli
railroad cost Canada In Its earlier history,  it   has abundantly made good in
its later assistance in the development
of the country.   It was the commercial
instinct,   the   business ability   .ami   the
wise land policy of the c. ['. it. company which made the Canadian Northwest,   aud   not   the later   Immigration
policy of the Liberal government.
Turning to tbe  province of Ontario,
it   wns   the "mud   wiih   power"  policy
of   the   Liberals   that   brought   disaster
Lo thai  party in  that historic pari of
this fair  Dominion.    In  the  maritime
provinces today tho Liberals are literally mad with their power���so much so
in facl  thai the party papers are asking, In  view of the approaching elec-
tlons, "if it is worth while to have any
opposition?"   We all know the tremendous majority the Liberals have obtained there, nnd bo frenzied are they with
their   success   ihat   the   diminution  ol
thai  power by the election of even a
small  Conservative   membership drives
them Into hysterics.
We remember once hearing the late
Hon, Oliver Mowat���the lasi of the
prominent Ontario Liberals of tho lion.
Qeorge Brown school���say In a public
address before thousands of people,
that "Party governmenl is the best
form of government for our present
stale of society, A Strong, healthy and
vigorous opposition is the safeguard ol
any government." It is true these
statements were made after he became
lieutenant-governor of Ontario, and, hy
that office, superannuated from Lhe
sphere of active politics; but no one
would accuse Sir Oliver of uttering
such sentiments unless be believed
them. After forty years of public life
such testimony fa invaluable, especially
when given by such a witness.
All things go to show the madness
of power as afflicting the Liberal party,
and It Is worth while in ihis connection
io remember thai "Whom the gods
would destroy they first make mad."
sloner Green admitted under oath thai
be talked the Kafen Island details over
With Mr. and .Mrs. Anderson at a time
when the transaction was an executive
secret, andj that the firm were in possession of Information which was withheld from the house and every member
thereof for fourteen months Inter.'
"The News raaj look from cover to
covei of the evidence in the Kali 11
island Investigation, and ii will not lind
anywhere thai Mr, Green admitted that
he had discussed executive secrets With
Air. and Mrs. Anderson, or any person
else iintside of the members of the cabinet. The Hire,' statements referred to
in the foregoing are deliberate and gratuitous misrepresentations of the truth,
and are wholly unworthy of a paper of
the decent outside appearance of the
Nelson Liberal paper.*'
In spite of this calling down from
the Colonist, the News Is Incorrigible,
and returns i��> Its policy of misstatement and falsehood with apparent sesl
and enthusiasm, and In its Sunday
morning Issue repeats iis malevolent
falsehoods.    It  says:
"The admissions  made  by  members
of the government in connection wllh
ihe   Kiliuiaa'   and   Kaletl   island     land
transactions  di monstrnted    thai    very
careless methods bad prevailed in this
department,   to  place  n <  harsher con-
slriictlon upon ihe acknowledged facts."
We could have forgiven Hie News if
if   hail   In Mi n   Into   unhappy   error     in
these  matters,  bul   thai   i'  should  repeal a falsehood after hiving its attention drawn 10 it is not in its credit, nnd
will mil tend to establish for ii a place
in the respect nf the community,   The
News   has   followed   persistently     this
policy  ot wilful misrepresentation and
occasional    deliberate    poll! leal   fals<
hood.    And yet  there are people  who
wonder why a second political paper is
ne.'tied in ihis tipper country!   The Colonist,   in   regretting that   a  paper with
so good an outside appearance as the
News should have so much the matti I'
wiih iis inside, simply reminds ns of a
classical   quotation   which   says   something about things which have a "whited
outside appearance, but  within arc fail
of���but we shall forbenr.
Notice la hereby t,~\ei. u.,i: nu dayi from data1
nteml u�� apply to the Bono^bli the Chit-1 Com-
.-.Mo'M-roi Undi and Works, fornermi rtnn to
punmuo the IoINmwuk dcii'itbetl  amis, situate
^0 month of H.niiu.oMn.'t'toi. the Arrow
Irr  -   i       n,     VhI   "WtOUIJ   WslrlM      Aboutffl
wo 1        ''' commencing "' �� posl marked
,.'..,��������  ,,1p,Hl;lh'"' ""'"' W"hams,then-
1. oiwi ji chains, theuce conlli iu ohalni, thenee
Dated mis (th day 0/June iwa,
Wll.1 mi U .IMY Pi ttlW,
WILLI ,m J, ;,,���, ,    .,,., m
Mr. Andrew Carnegie continues to
pay equivocal compliments to Sir Wilfrid Laurii r. In opening one of his libraries in Scotland Ihe other day he
repeated his declaration that Sir Wilfrid was one of the Ave greatest men,
"wise, good and charming���a man like
Campbell-Bannerman." Campbell-Ban-
nerman. then, is another of the live,
and with Booker T. Washington, ihis
makes three now known. Mr. Carnegie himself no doubt is the fourth, and
Mr. Schwab, if he breaks the bank at
Monte Carlo, can fairly claim to be the
Clifford Sifton's r< markable claim
thai he founded the Northwest is no
doubt his justification for  giving    so
much of ihat country away.
Notice is hereby given thai 80 days f'oin date l
intend to apply (0 the llohotabl ibeChfcl Commissioner ol Landi nnd Works, fur permission (0
purchase 160 acres of luini ai Van ion tea creek
to tha arrow Lakes In the Wesl Koolonay Ms
trlot. Starting from a post mark'd A, '. 1. n W.
post, tbence I'1 chaini eait, theuce 10 Hiatus
HHi'ti. thenoe40 cbalm wesl, thence tn chains
north to point ofeommenoemenl
Dated tnliitb day of June ItWfl,
AMTiirit Johw Unto.
wn.i.MM J Toy*, Agent,
Notice b bereby mjn thai (todays a/tei date
we Intend io nnnlv to tin- lit rable the Cblel
Uommtsiiopei ol Undi and Work* al Victoria.
B C. for permission   to   purchase   lhe   following
duorlbealandi, ilr��ate In Weal Kootenay dlitrlet. Coram' nclug ut a poit planted al Thorn w
Jorome's N B. poit, ami marked Peter !>��� cell
iimi A Choquofte N- vv. Uornur; thence itOchatui
rail thenee 20 cbalm louth, thonce
weit, thence 2uch >fns north to thecommi uoiug
post, 11'iiiiiinitiK i<> how more or less.
Htit.it Mayas.
I' 1 -1 K1;   In*. '
A, CUOQI 1 vi i
W. A. JONBI, Agent
Noibv is hereby iilveu thai 60 dayi afb rdato I
lulend to apply to the Honorable the Cblel < nm
mliwioucrol Umisami Worki foi permlioioti Lo
purchase tho following tleacrlbed landi, nl ilwl
in the district of Woil Kootenay, adjoining lot
790 ou the Weal arm of Kootenay bake.    1-
niendng at an initial poit placed al the nouth-
weal corner of Un 79b; llieneo nortii to chalna,
thenee weal 10 ehalns, thence south HO chain 1,
thence eait iu elm ins tn point ol commcuei ment,
Date! May 28, 1908.
 .Iam. Kl: i/l'li
Notice In hereby given lhat sixty days after data
1 intend to apply to the Honorable tbe Chlel
Commissioner of Lands ami Works, Victoria, for
permission lonnrchase the following described
tan.ts in Weil Kootenay. Uommeneing it ��i post
marked Kdgar W. 1 yoeiBoaUi wail oojuer uoar
to darnel crock ami aboul t mile* sonth of Wo*
���lililo ereek unit nhniil -I mill's well of < oluinblB
Kivcr; Uience nortb ��*i chains, thenco t'��:i to
obaliu, tbence south so chains, thenee west !���>
ebalni to place "( commencement, containing
ffjoacroi, being the same more 01 lea.
Dated June-I. 1906.
Kdgar W. Dram.
v. i rraa Agent.
Notice in bereby Riven that 60days offer date I
Intend  to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission io pun-base the following described landi,
situated   In ulooan  Dfafrlot.  Commencing at
north east corner poil of i-ot 8&0, thence runn-
I0g sou ih HO chains, tbence .-.isi so ohalni, thence
nortb 40 chains, thenoe wesl so chaini toC. P. K.
right-of-way, following name south wesl   to n
polnl ititi'm-ptiiia u .ith out' ol ui 8820, thence
oaH to point of commencement, containing Mo
acrei more or lets
May 80th iwh
C. L. d.\
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gtrl for driving a picture nail Into the
Notice is hereby given 'hit! no (lays itftordatoi
Intend to miik*.- application tn tbe Honorable the
chief Commissioner uf Landi and Works 'ur permission to purchase the following described
tandsi Commencing m a post placed on tlie east
shore uf Lower Arrow Lake, adjoining J. Bates'
pre einpUon on tin.1 southwest marked "T v.'#
K. W. corner post/' Thence running 90 ciinins
east; tbence t��> chains south; thenoo 80chains
more ur k'sn, west to tlie lake shore; thenco following ink.- shore tu point .>f commencement!
con timing MO acres, more or less
Tiros Kjkahah.
Dated this 7th da? oj time, 19ttV
Notice li hereby given thai 00 ayi ah r date I
Intend to make application tu the Honorable tlie
Ojilef Commissioner uf Landi acH w orks fur permission to purchase the following described
lmiil.i; Cumu),Miciti�� nt a i>.'M placed on tlie
iio:iiii'wn rornor of r Kinaban's application lo
Purobase.msrked "H. T *��� cornerpoat." running
80 chains ea��t; thence so chalna south; thene. 80
fiiuins west; tbence f il lowing 'I Klnahan'i eastern boundary to polul nf coitameucement, eon-
lalnlng 840 acres, more or less.
l��iilCl tills Till -lay uf Jii!i< , I'm;.
Notice is hereby given that r��o days afterdate 1
itit.-ii'i io make application to tin- nuiiumM.- the
Chief Commlssionci of Linda and Works for permission to put chase tbe following described
lamix: Commencing at a poal placed al tin-iii-
te section ��>f tbo cist boundary of J. Bates' pr��
cinptiim inn! (he north boundary nf 'i' Kinaban's
application to Purchase, marked"T.K.Jr'sH w.
comer poat " Thence following J. Bates' eastern
boundary, i" chains north; thenco8ocbalnseast;
tbence 4o ohalna io the no'thorn bonii'Ury oi
Hannah, licrney's Appllcatldn to Purcbaae;
ihence following the northerly bouinhi-v oi same
and northerly boundary ol T. Kinaban's Appti-
I'atiiiti to purchase) to point of commencement,
containing 82o acres, more or less,
Dated this 7th day of June, IflOfl.
Notice i�� herbj given that r intend, 60 days
after dato to apply to lhe Chief Commis) Lorn rol
Lands and Wo��ti for permission to purchase the
fo lowlug described lauds situate al rtn- Vallev.
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now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NKLSON.
 B ���cir��, Kivcii thai l intendiK d&ya
afler dale, to npplv to the ('hiil Commlaaioner "(
I ands mot Works [or permission in purchase tlio
following dew Ibed lands, situate al tin Valler,
Kootenay District. Commsnclng al a posl (marked P. H. O'Connor south east corner) placed ��i
the north east torner of section 82, township &t\
tbence weal >���> < halna, thence north ni chains,
tbence east i(| rhaloitand tbence south xoehiuu-t
iu the place of beginning, containing M)aores>
Dated at NeUon, B. ('. Julie ".th UKKt.
Ukoroi Yiiim., AgenL
Notloe i- herebj given thai 00 dayi tram data I
intend to apply i<, [be Honorable tin- Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works fur permission to
purchase the following described hunts in the
Weal Koolenay District. Band Island, In tho
Columbia RIvorabouH mile- north of Huriun
i ity; all of ��ald Island abovo hK'h water, being
io sores more or Ian.
Dated thh 1st Day uf June. 1906,
Ptuxg Norton
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
OAP1TAL PAID UIJ....lt:i,!��jO,<��xi BBBT pm
I). 11. WIl.Kli:. Praddant, HON. ROBBRT JAFFBAY, Vico-Praiiital
Branches in British Columbia: \
AKUOWIIKAI),      11()M)KN,     NKl.SoN,     BBVBL8TOKB,     TlitlilT UH|
DopoBtts reofltved and Uttorari nllowtd nt nuvant tsttti bom dst6ofojMBhifl
fount nnd oreditod Imlf-yt'iirl.v. P
ni:i.siin BRAJNOH %J��>   M��   L*/\Vf  AAamijfcr,|
P. Burns <& Co
Bixty days afterdate I intend to apply to tho
Commissioner of Lands and Work-., victoria, to
purchase loo acres of land. Commencing at a
post planted on the wekt bbnre of Arrow I ake, at
Ibe south ^���H^t corner of J. t Chrlstlc'i pun base,
running north-90 chains, thonoo earn IB chains,
thence soutb 90chalna, thence west ��o< haint to
place of commencement.
Located May, 9tb 1900.
A.  I'.UtltlR.
L. QALLaOHBg, I^itntor.
"" " ""'" ��� ��� H .<-. .���,���..���. ,,.���. ,,,.. J
Dan7$r and plooan (my.
cornor) placed at
Tit<> Colonial hag had Bome troublt
lately in calling tho attention of thi
press nml people of Miitisii Columbia
im lhe glaring misstatement a of the Mb
oral papers nf the province, nnd par-
liculnrl) tho News of this city, in mh
Issue of tbo l lib lnstfa.nl tbe Colonist
"Our Liberal contemporaries have an
aptltutle for mlBrepresentatlon ihni is
appalling. So bare-faced iH li nt timps
as to amount tn positive lying."
Tii'1 Colonfsi then has n "scrap"
wiih tho News over roiiip of Iho local
paper's misrepresentations or eastern
polll lea 1 nut 11 crs, and n Iso over lis
bare*faccd fabrications aboUl tho alleged. Incompetency of the premier, Mr.
McBride, In connection with some mat*
tors related to his office ns minister of
mines.   It then goes on to say:
As a further instance of this penchant for perversion, the News quotes
from ihe Vancouver WWM the following dealing with the Kalen Island matter:    'in his evidence  Chief Coramls-
Hatns and Bacon
" Pre nn ier."
J. Y. Griffin & Co.
the I  ,	
ibetii.a hhi bu cooins to the nurih can corner ol
laid seotlon 28; tbence sou>h w ehalns, thence
west so ebatns, thence north 40 chains to 'he
fdaco "( beginning, containing ���i:'>| aeres, ami
��ing tbe northerly hall <-/ said section ss, town-
ship 00.
i ated at Kelson, B. <'. JuneSth 1008
Notice in hcrehy given tbat I Intend, 00 days
afterdate, to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
hands and Winks for permltflon to purchase
the fuihuviiiK described lands, situate nt >'ire
Vail.���>', Kootenay District Commencing at a
postmarked George !foung north easl runur)
placed at the ninth east oornoi "f section :t'.',
township09) thont'osouth ho< bains lo the soutli
oast cornor ol said section B'Jj theuce weal 10
(haitis, thonce nortb hi chains, aud thenco east
in chains to the p'aoe ol beginn'ng.cnniatnlng
Wo acres, and being the easterly bajfofanld sec
linn :u. ium nshlpOO.
Dated ut Nelson, u. C. June Gib 1050.
Ukori i Vut m,
Notice la hereby glvontbat t Intend 00 days
aftordutc to apply tu the Chief C mlaslnnorof
Lands iiii't " urkM iur pet mission in purchase
the (ulluwiiiK deacrlbod lands,alttialu nt Fire
\iiiley, Kootenay I'latrlct. I'onmonclng at ��
posl (inarkfi I. uallagber south ffost corner)
placed at the smiiii west rornor of notion tw,
township09 tbence nurtli hi chaiuv lo tlie north
weal corner uf rant section 881 thenco eaal 10
chains, tbonce south SO ��� imiuK tn the south
boundary of said section 83, and thenoe wesl m
chains to the place of beginning containing MO
acras.and bolna tbo westerly ball <���/ mii.i seotlon 88j township 09,
Jfated hi Nelson, 11
Notice is bereby given thai 00 days from date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Corotnut
sloner uf Caods ami Works f,,r permission to
pnrchasa the f.,n.,�� in* described IhikN. Mtiiat-
in the \Vi--i Kootenay District. Starting from a
post markod vnuhun Ernest Davison's����� K. poal
about two inii< i eaat ol Deer rark on the Arrow
hakes thence 10chains south, tbence 40 eimiiiN
west) thence 10 chains north,tin iter eait id |.,,int
of commenoi ment, containing a hum 100 acres.
Dated this 8th day of Jnite, ISoO.
William Bbkut pAVttOW.
Orders h>- mall to any branch will bav*
unr prompt ami careful attention.
Heid Office: Nelson, B.cl
Kootenay Agents
R. A. Rogers & Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
alter <1
Mil li
I     1-Hr
A. McDonald & Co,
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries.
Butter, Kkkh.
Ciunp nnd Ulners1 Snpplles,
 um i iiMi'ii'i, isii dnya
after dale to apply to Lhe Chief Oommfsaloner of
l ands and Works for permission tu purchaw? the
rollowlugdoacrlbod lands ami premises,altuale
ut Kire vni ev. Kuut. imv Dlslrlol    Cnmuiuncing
at a post (nutikcl I'. II. u'tr,iniiur m.ilh eait i'ui-
ner) placed at tho nortb eaal nornor uf section
31, township09: thenco -uuih t;> chains, thonce
wosl id ohalna, thenoo not lb t" 'haim- tu the
northerly bonod*ry of sin.l seel lull 21; nml t li'-ri
oo east lo ohalna lo the piece of beginning, con-
tnlnlng iro nores, and being the north onsl one
ijuarler Of Vftffl Section 21, toWflsblpOB,
Nelson, h. CJunoMh 1900.^
""p. H. O'Cownoh,
 Qsoyog vooMt), Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days from date
t intend m ki>r>iy to the itnnuruuie the chief
Com m lis Inner ol Undaand Works fur porinli
sfnn to purcbaao the following doaoiibed landa,
tn lhe WOSl Koolenay District, fast side nf <'ul-
li in I.la It I ver. ahull I l! miles mirlh nf llurlui) C|h.
Commencing at a post uuukeit i.m M \vitiiei\
h W,corner, atlbcN. W. aomerol it. If,Smith's
preomplloii ejnim, Llieneo north hi i'Iihihh more
nrk'SS totlieflouili bounilarj uf Miles Can-nil's
iire<ini>iiuii claim, tbenceoasi HO chains, thenco
SOtlth Hi Chaini mure ur less In Ihu North hniiiH-
��ry ol K. II   Hmith's preemption claim, ihoin*��
weal l'ii i'IiiiIiin to [loint of cosn noncoment; con*
talnitig 80 acres mors nr loss.
Dated this 2nd 'lay oi Juno, looo,
Kaij'H Hi.yk, Agent. '
Notice Is hereby Klvon thai 00days afterdate I
Intend to apply to Ibe Honorable the Chief Com-
mlsiloner "f Lands and Works for i��'riiiisshiti to
pnrchase Hie following described lumU in the
wesl Kootenay district; commonelng at a poat
marked "Nathaniel McIutyro,i B. B. oorner,"
planted on tin- west sldo of tbe Columbia River,
ahun( T mile,- north ol Muriuii t'llv, aiut Klejuiins
n,,rih of the sonth-wesl corner uf i^,i .17:1, llieneo
north *> chains, thenco wesl no chains, tbonce
south 80chains, (in ncccaal Mirhitin* Ut polnl of
commencement, containing Olo aeres.
Dated this 12th day nf June, IflOO.
T. '��� Miiktnsnn, Ak'iu.
Nun..- i�� herebj alven (hat ''l'ii lays after dale I
Intend lo,.j.|.h- to rlic Hotmruhle tin- Chlol Coin
mlssloiiL-ml Undi and Wnrh�� fur ponnlaslon lo
i ihoso the fnliowlng dcscrlbod lands: Com
meiieiiiK nt 11 1...Ki placed nn the north shore of
ih.' ^i 1 ium n| Kootenay Lake, at de northeast
corner of John Ptranks' pro-emptlnti, thence
wosl i" chains, more or less, tu Iho aontbeaat
oorner uf i.oi No.MOft, tlmnce north lOcbnlna,
ihei 1st to chalna more or low, thence north
to ohalni tn tbo polnl nf commenceinani
Dated Juno Wth, 1000,
(i n. ArfMrroN.
���jyjotlcc 1- horoby given 11
""le   I    ml   -
 iipiv lu 11,.- Ifonorabio 	
immlaslnncr ul Undi ami   Worka for
 mini ami   Woiks  for
permission to purchase the following described
iraei of land: -1111.11'' al Queens' Huv on ihe we*i
sjioroof Kootenay Ukc In Ihe I Istrfel of West
Kootonay, Province ol tiiiiish Columbia and
containing by admeasurement 194.180 acres I*
Mm- Rimo more nr Icsa, .Uiteh porool may bo
mora particularly ilcscrDwd hn follows, Commencing si a polnl "ii lhe westerly hoinuhirv ol
1.. T(i��o c<, i West Kootenay Disiriet, being iho
xouih cum cornor of I, PIN (I. li thonce westerly
following the southerly boundary of c. chki n 1,
wii'lumi-   re ur less  to He- south   uest cur
ner of HRhi   Lot UN O, li tlionce astronomic
soulll    10   ehallis   more   ur   less   In   tllO   linrlh
. ��� 1 v boundary   f D. n. Balloch's Aiipitcniiu
; Ihen ..Ki.-rlj'  follow I tig  I Im
WholeaalB Pi-���viMi���ntl,
P����-oduc^ 7      Hruit.
Dominion Gorarnmon. ... ~~        '
OffloeandW����,���,������.: ���������.������, lil���.k]
-iS'J!!^*-       ��� Nelson. B.C.
The Hall Mining and Smel%|
Company, Limited.
PurcharaLgd, Copper and Dry Ores.
Datod June if., 1000
T|,���,  "��� M. "lIVISiE,.
1 ml" or ..f Utnis ������ 1 w1 V" (W�� o iho
"��� ��l   locnietooiit        "">"���. \ i.i..,i���. ,���r
';"'" 'I"' iollowing ,!,.��,.   ,,'!,,���������.�� Uinl)M
' on Iho wosl l,,,,,!, ���| 0��yn,;o..; "'l'"rr' Pl'tnt-
crook Ifitorsoot. thooiis ��� '; ' rook wIi.t.. id,.
[���"ilnliiK ii.mii, iu.,.1,,,'1,,; '.'I,'..','.'*'",.1""1"17 "ml
.   ' ��" Bohalns 1,. ,,."","' '" '���|'��iii��.
'|'| iii'imiiii '"���im in civ..	
���iiiiiuwii tone.
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
P^h, Creosote, Oils fo, Preserving Tlmb,r,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
J. K. AtWAtU,
�� Advantage to n��o onr Pltoh.
^!^l^l*ad Gas Co., Ltd. Canada Drtik and1*
k Co'y> Limited
|fi? ta^e a fet�� Slolto Goods and Odd i
Lines of stock that we wish to move    4
out this %>eek. Cost does not come
into the prices Itoe are selling them at.
SLAT HAMMOCKS, just the tiling for a
shady nook, raiii wou't hint them. Ori-
giual price $2.25, clearing at  each
|.|  LUNCH  BASKETS,   the  regular 4SC) 35c
nud 25c kinds, clearing at    ....each
BABY HAMMOCKS, regular price #1.50,
clearing at eac]j
regular 57.50, clearing at each$4.75 ^
b LACROSSE STICKS, regular $2.00, clear- ���
inSat     each $1.00
5 1 iur Pound Packets (4 J< quires) Cream Laid
Sui Octavo Notepaper, worth 15c per quire
Clearing at .'..... a packet    20c ^
piare or Oblong Envelopes to match, a packet       5c  ���
Twelve Inch Hand Bag #3.00, for    $I.5o  \
Fourteen Inch Hand Bag $3.50, for J.75  4
50c 4
75c ���
Sixteen Inch Hand Bags $3.75, for 	
Eighteen Inch Hand Bags $4.25, for	
Suit Cases $3.50 each, for    i.lo ���
Suit Cases $4.35 each, for     2.00  ���
Suit Case %5.00, for    2.25  ���
\44444444444X 14444444444444
Canada Drug and
oofc Co'y> Limited
[he Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
Hi'��.r- uml Hmilirs nf
i�� Lager Beer and Porter
Maiiiltai'tnrt'rs' nf
Every Fnown Variety Soft Drinks
AM the Celebrated "Red Ribbon Beer."
lil.l EPHONB  No.  2-4
��� ��>��� BOX JIM.
WM. GOSNELL, Manager
To the Members
of the
20,000 Club.
Patronise tho ISO00 9 Im ore
I"!'' now, ami we will
!��' 11 long way lo-
wiuil out goal,
Thorpe's Lithia
In ''<iun! iu any nporiont
iiiiH-i'liouuiiitlo wafers I lad  in
U10 United
11   1 Ml KUODgll or ll we
oiu support another
family in Nolsou.
& Co., Limited.
For Every thing Good
tO Bmoks,
Ned and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
���1 Ion Know Thuau'l Sp��l.tl Mlj|u,t?
Curiosity Shop
wont to buy or noli anything,
[  ,'     ow CurloBlty Shop. A ���w
I      iiipiuioso Goods now on mile. All
���   ui   uinnorwnro. in  mock,  Put-
bar I.hull. Kootthiiv lilttriatt" will bo ro-
calved by Ibo uDdersltned, np to uoou ol HHiur-
rlny. UlC Mth <liiy oi June, UnB, from nuy pettoD
doitrlng tn obtain �� -]i.'.mi Umber in ruse in nit
nnd carry sway tUuDer from Lot T^KQ.Qroupli
Kootenay tlutrioi sltnated near McNeill la*! t��i<i-
[nsr, on tlu' iin.- ot tin- crow's N.st Pass Railway
mo] oonialulns u.t acres mora or lois.
1 in- person offering iiio highest cftsh booui
win be entitled to a special tloenie oovertng the
mid lot, renewable ti>r twenty*ona SDCcsslre
yra r*.
Hacii tender tnuftt"be accompanied i>v a oertl*
Dad cheque, inacle payable el pm in Victoria to
iin- undersigned, for tin- amount. 111(1.00, ot tho
li rs t year's (CU for mull Spoolal llri>i.MMin<1 tin-
nmount of 'ho bonus tendorcd, ami uIm> u oertl'
n.-.i cheque forH*w.70 for eni w locating, idvor��
Using and inr^eylng ofeald lot.
DoptHy Commissioner of UihIh and w.irk*.
I li and Works Department)
Victoria, P. O., 1th June, WW,
Nelson, it U .June Mb, 1MB.
BKALKD  TKNUKRH will  In- rei-Hvnl   hy tlu*
Warden of the Provincial gaol, NotBon, n 0,
until noon Juno wth, r.<r hup|i)u*k 'or ono vi>..r.
from July 1st, MOB, \* Juno wlthi 1001. Heat,
broad,, groceries, hardware, i����oti aud shoos,
Olothlngi dry gothli. foe) and dniffR
KnrniH tor totidarand spoctflcations oan qq i.ad
at tho Provincial kkhI, Nclsmi,
Tito lowest or any tondor nol oeeeeaarlly nn*.
copted. k. K, i.kmon,
Ward fit.
Gait Coal
Terns Hpot t'eeh
Telephone Sflli Mnknr Blresl
The Dally Canadian, Jane 20, 1906
Executive  Committee   Mectind���Steamer Kaslo Secured for Frequent
Holiday Excursions.
T.V work of tho 30,000 ol
ready bearing good fruit   Tlu)
lural and minora!  resjourcea t|f Kooie
far oast
(Till   blllj-
nuy are now well known as
as Ontario, and throughout the
stat'oB. The folders on the so\
Jeotfi  havo   beoit   woll   circulated,   and
have been noticed in the press
Cities and towns.   The weekly
uf mineral output especially
traded attention, aud will cor
tract   increased   interest   in   l|
mining among outside investo;
At  home  the club's  only  pr
of many
lave at-
ainly at-
)blem in
that of ways and means ot raising mon
ey to continue lhe campaign. The pro
Ject of an excursion o�� the no1? st
er Kuskanook has had to ho abandon1
ed, hut the Kawlo will be secnrsd, probably lor frequent Thursday fljjternoon
The popularity contest  has proved
better revenue miser  than  wa|i anticipated by many.
The executive commiltee mlet last
Dlghl in the board of trade room;. Man)
members were absent, some out of
town and others at the rehearsal   of
Kirmess, but ail necessary business was
The meeting was called pronkptly at
K:.!0, with T. G. Procter, vice-president,
In the chair; others present were P, M.
Chadbourn. L. 11. de Veber, I. C. Nelson, W. li. Jones, W. W. Beer| nnd P
The minutes of the last cohimittee
meeting were read aud adopted, Ttte
Beoretary reported thai the min ng folders had been widely circulated, and
regular publication had been promised
in Denver and San Kianeiso. Tin
statistics have been published in ninny
w. VV. Beer, for the advertlsibg com
mitteo. reported correspondent with
the poBtmaater-general on the subject
of having circulars and folder.- placed
in postoilice boxes, as already leporti
in The Dally Canadian. He also stated
that steps were being taken to secure
similar privileges in boxes owned by
Mr. Beer thought thai good wbrk had
already been done in dlsseminajtlng far
and wide accurate information
the mining industry in Hritish
P. Lamont told of having learned that
Kootenay fruit lands are alroaiy well
known in Ontario, and rank iu Winni
peg as an investment second mly
real estate In that city. Ills authority
was u man from Ontario who came
west looking for investment, an 1 heard
so much about Kootenay iu Winnipeg
that  he came on to Nelson.
Continuing his report. Mr. Utter roc-
Ommended that the offer of the Henderson Directory Company for advertising
space he not accepted.
The secretary reported that of the
6,000 fruit folders 3,uul) have tbeady
been sent out lo whal are considered
the best centres for publication. He
was instructed to continue the wor
and send out  tho remainder
i. (;. Nelson, for the entertainment
committee, reported that uego'iationl
had been begun for an excursion
the Kuskanook on Thursday, Jure BSth,
but Captain Gore had Informed the
committee that the Kuskanook could
not lie loaned for lite purpose intii
was passed upon by tho government
inspector, who would not arrive before
July 1st.
li. io. Douglas, of the (1. N. it.
ny, hail  been  seen, and   told tlib
nilllee   that   the   sto.inior   Kasld
bo obtained any time by giving]
days'  notice.
T. tl. Procter stated thai the
liobk would undoubtedly be put
regular  route   ns   soon  as   it   w|ts
_ soon as  it
pected, and  would  therefore
available  for  excursions.    He
mended   chartering   (lie   Kaslo
cursioiiH on the Ann as often v
would  pay, nnd advised oxtensij
systematic advertising of them.
The committee was authorise
range for an excursion on Th
.lune 28th, and to engage Hie cit;
for that date.
Secretary Chadbourn    reporte)
the  revenue   from   the  popular!!
ibsi'to date amounted to fin.
'ihe secretary was instructed
vertlse the next general meeting
club  for Tuesday, June 211th,  h
aids on iho street cars.
The meeting then adjourned.
a  few
m  its
|not   be
for  ex*
s they
Toronto Prison Authorities Dlsci|ss the
Probation  System.
Toronto, June 80.���Tho lirsl
rles of conferences designed  I.
the   Introduction   Into   Ontario
probation and Indeterminate so
to ad*
f the
(1  se
>f Ihe
systems in connection with the treatment of offenders against tlie law, was
hold in the* reception room of the parliament buildlpgfl the other day. This
was done at the suggestion of the Hon.
Mr. Hanna. Warden Gilmour, in supposing the probation system, said a
number of people, including himself,
who had consistently advocated this
aud the Indeterminate sen'ence, had
waited on three consecutive ministers
of justice of Canada urging their adoption, without result. One minister had
written to him In reply to tho suggestion thai be did not propose lo Americanize Canadian methods, The definite
Sentence system was not a success.
Men who had served an allotted time
in tho Central prison had often said to
him in a most genial way when departing, "Well, good-bye, warden; I am going to got even." and that was tho spirit iho present methods seemed to produce. "The present ticket of leave
actf," declared Warden Gilmour emphatically, "gives a pull to a man who
ran hire an excellent lawyer, or who
has Influential friends at court. Men
have come into tho Central prison
cracking their fingers at me as they
came, and saying they did not care for
me, They had a pull, and would soon
he out. It was true, too, and they went
out crncklng their fingers at me again.
This was an injustice keenly felt and
bitterly resented by other prisoners
who had no influential friends nr money, and it increased the difficulties of
any real  reformation work."
And Builder
Sole agent lor the Porto Hico Lumber
Co., Ltd., retail yards.
Bough und dressed lumber, turned work
and brackets, Const lath and shingles,
sash and dootS,
Cement, brick nnd lime for sale. Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory Vernon. St..
tast of Hall.
Telephone ITS!    NeiSOn, D. C#
Yalc-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poaltry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
and its Suburbs, Phone 1-18.
To Whom It May Concern:
N0TIOS is HEREBY olVKN thai application
win (JoTnadototliopreildlog Judge of x\w So-
prcme Court in Cham ben hi the Ihw Courts,
hastit'ii Square, Victoria, B.Con Friday, tho
��jtii ,liiy of June, W0B, tu 10.80 o'clock In the forenoon. f"r nn nnliT rwmlMii; tin- litii,- nun!  Hit'
Huhiiiiv of July )(W, for registration under the
"Coinpanlea Act Amendment Act MOB" of a et-r-
tniu Di-ed of Charge dated the 10th day <>f Hay
Wrfl,made betwoon tin-Hull tflnbui "inl Binolf-
lng CompanyJdmltod.ol tho one part, and I'liiu
Itnui^iv Hint BntoBl Prior Ashley,of tlie other
partiWttoroby the said Company declare! ttuo
f/)ta 3361, ;ii'>i, ISM, 8385, K333, W86, Wffl, *Jlj:i, BSM,
RZMi.iWO, purl of U\\ siiMmrt of l.,,i 3087, Group
I, Kootenay PlaUlot l^��is i tolM Incluslvo, Bloaft
07, l,,t 18, hikI I,oIh 1 to |3 liiiliisfvc, hi Itlork M,
town ol NYlson, bits 9 ioi.I 10, Bloek B, I ,.|- fl
,in.l 11. Bloak A, Ait.till,,ii A M,i|i BIO B iu ��� ,i.i
Kootenay DlHlrlct, kIuiII stuint onaraod wuii th.
imvim'Utni till l-rliM-limt niuiiles uiul i r.-Mn,
�����- to i io on,- hi nuptial of dobantunw io tln<
ininl iimo ni of C'm.iKKi luued by tin- sold Company in 1'iiooi.oi.iof tin iuilt-iituri'di.n-il UiolTth
JuhC Iwl, belwwn (he Mnil Mines, I ImmM, ,,f
ilu> tlml Mrt, 'not AUiortoii ICilwud Ajhley, ol
die second hart, and Wiin.uii Cnnin Wuni'iuol
William Uiorgo Joffereyi, of ihe iliird part, nnd
ilie Bald Hull Mining aud Smelting tompauy,
Liuilie.l nl Hie foilrln |iuri, uml James iioi- n-
Brovvu iin.l I'llnt Ituiiisuv, ..I Hie fifth |>urt, being
aTruil I'eed lo lecui* the said dobcnturoi.and
an thai nnoli ebaige shall Iw h M thi ounrgo upon
Ihe tald pioperiv
Bolloltor for said Kail Wining a Smelting
I'omi'iiiiy, him 1 tod,
Dated al Kolwm, B.O., this 18th day ol June,
TLtrty days after dfltfl 1 Intand making applt*
entien io the Honorable iho Chlof OommisLlooof
nfiiouiiandworkvforaipeelsl license toon!
and carrr away Itrobor from the fotlnwinj: des-
erti.nl lands Commenolog at r post placed on
the southern boundary of Ttntbor uieensa No.
iSSTS, nnd ��bout 10 eh sins n rth of the n. w. oorner of lOtSWU. I, West Knocoiiv. running Mhmu'c
wort ho einiiiiN, ihcnce simtli hu elinliih, Hienee
out 8ocits nn, thenee nortb so Ohalna to point ol
Iiiit-ii I'Jth April IWlii,
Daniii, Tt'OIIKY
BSAIJSD TSNDKIISmarkod ������'IVinlors for Mln-
irtu H,(...|c-- will ,..��� n Ivt'il l)j- tfic uililcrslKiii-d
ui. iii 19 o'diH'k M nf Tlmrsiliiy tin. Jlst Jim,, in-
slniil, (or biiK- nl MM sliuri's lu llu. Houli.l.iiy
Klkliiim Minim: iiunimiiy, l.lmlti-il. Tins I'mii-
imny'N property is sitimlt' nt i.riH.nwiiiHl, fl. O.,
mill iiiljului. tin' l-rovlitettne, nml is IiIkIi srnili'
lirnporly. ll Ih h slilppvrttml 'U'vulitpmrnt work
l< In Iiik I'linli'il mi I'Minshi'ly. Tl,,. hlghi'st nr
liny li'll'fl'V 'mt Mi'i'vMSmilv nrri.plodi
UuluUal iiinml Pnrks. 11.1!.,tlio tilthttnc, 1900.
OfflOlU Aiimliilstrator.
Silver King Hotd
Best Dollar a day house iu the
Rooms urp woll lurnttihed
in Nelson.     Bar 80
li'iu'.n. tu.
Tuhle as (jood nn miy
pplled with good
u i if urn.
\V. K. McOANDUHH, Proprietor.
Ttemoiit House
Europenu and Atcerlcan Pino
M:-nl; '.'-' cU.   KiM.nih from 2S cts. to |1
Only White Help employed.
Baker St., Nelson Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar is the Finest.
White Help Holy Km ployed.
Josephine flt.
The Big Schooner n.^^  fA-
Or "HalfAEd-Half"   DCtl    \ vL#
Thfi only Glnsf* of Good Boor in Nelson.
Hotel Accommodations second to
none iu British (Jolumbin.
Speda) Bates to Monthly Btjarders.
The only Homo Hotel in Nelson.
Lake Vielb
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blr.rk�� from
Bates |1.0d per Day
and up.
No Chinese Help employed.
&&��&.%      NELSON, B. C,
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. EIUCKSON, Proprietor.
Oentrally tsooatbd, Open Pay and Night.
���Sample and Bath Rooms Prop.
Opposite Court House and Post Office*
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Toiukins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good    iStiinplu    Rooms*.
Queen's Hotel
llHlti-r Rtrn.t. Nolson. It. V.
IilKlit.il l>y Kleeirieity and
Hooted by Hot. Ait
l^tiKe .ml roinfortHblti Li'ilrooni anil First*
i'Ihsi (iliiliij: n.iiuii tiAinfiln HiKiitis lor Commer.
Mil M' ii
MIIH. K. 0, il.AHKK, 1-riinrlDtross
Tlm well known
HOT-EiL     On�� BoerGardon is
the Finest in the
West Transfer Co.
(Jeneral J'eMURlers nt.d Dealers iu
Unal and W.h> .   Kxpress nnd
I ukkiiko Tmnslor
IWu^m  Office: Baker St.
Choice Fruit
58 Au.
50 Acres.
������������ Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
OlenriiiK lifflil und noil exeellent.
Very easy terms on payment eun bo arranged.
Phone M7.   Olllco next (Canadian I'.unk of Oommerce.   P. O. Box 6UI).
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale ou the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   Tf     J��      WW     *p��f>TX
and examine our list.    JL JL*   OsV   lfi*   JDAXVis^r
insurance!   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for tbe Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Kstate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands io this district.
Most of it i-uumtr on tho West Arm nnd Main Lake.   See me before you decide to locate.
S. M. BRYDGES, mra��&��Arat
We Will .Sell.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have 10.000 Acres
of the
Choicest Froit Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
WIioIomIo ami Retail Doalora in
Fresh and Salted Meats
OmnpH mipplicd on shortest; notloQ and
Lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
w bolosome tneatn and mm \\>\o* knpt in stuck
Mail ordew ivwivn nareful at ton Hon.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Thompson & Douglas
s>aiintB��h nnd
8I1111 Wrltlnst 11 Hpucliilly.
Wall pnper (mil Hurlnp.
First Olrow H.uttii'j; Pltml�� and Modern
Saiiitiiry Appliaitoes.
90 Day Round Tt'p
JLciol ....
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Duluth, St. Paul.
Phone 181. Opera House 61k. Box 401
ThrouKh Excursion Ratea
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York,  New England
on application.
Dates or sale : June 4, C, 7, 23, 26;
July 2, 3;   Aug. 7, 8. 9;    Sept. 8, 10.
Tickets subject to usual variations of
route and include meals and berth on
C. P. B. steamers on Great Lakes.
Full particulars from
D. P. Agent, Nelson, B. C. The Daily Canadian, Jane 20, J 906
Jur Souvenir Spoons are the
Best You Can Find. ^
We haVeabout M different kinds,
in Stirling aud Euamelj ranging
dd most of ilu'in are new dejigua
its, Paper Cutters, etc., we Imv
Ison Souvenirs.      If you ore
,\i oannol fail to suit you.
nl attention, Phone 808.
.���.������������.���.������,..   *": "The Store of Sweets."
|_oi<()( e^im
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
1 Wash Day
! Labor Savefs
��� FELS NAPTHA ���   3 Bars -  25c
1 GOLDEN WEST -   6 Bars ��� 2k
| GOLDEN WEST ��� 72 Bars $2.50
��� GOLDEN WEST 144 Bars   4.75
We carry a lull stiH-k of
everything needful for
V/ashday. Every leading
line nl' Simp nr Soap
Powder will In- fo.tnd at
our store.
Bell Trading
Phone SS. Baker .St.
NI-JLSOV, lj   0.
<cA Tip" for a
' Canadian Mom ing*
Kootenay Coffee
jjoy^fash Grocery
14 Pound Boxes 7Zc per pound
28 Pound Boxes 27c per pound
JOY'S Cash Grocery
CofeJoMrphineaad Ifill Btt      I'hoiw io
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest in the Land.
C .1-. Vvritoii and Ward strewfs,
MiLSON.   It. (J.
.1 FRED HI Mr;, Proprietor.
.1 s Hogan, li s CiufT. Vancouver; A
Carney, Kaslo; W Haig-Smelli. aud
wife, Procter; F Robinson, Wlnlaw;
\ s Macdona .1. Rossland; J M Turn-
bull, Trail; 1) Campbell, Ymir: R Ar
Him. Cranbrook; .1 Balfonr, Calgary;
'I Laurie, Creston; R E Mi Phen I
Guelph; T II Smith. A Wlieailey. Ti-
I A Whitier. Sandon. F T McCuliocS,
r I' Hayer, W A Sc iu. Spokan.    T H
'I'm Ih. wej', La PlaU; Mist G D in I   :.
Vancouver; Mr;  T S Emery, H
lyde Baker, Cranbrook; Mrs .1 s
Taylot Camborne; W A McFarlanc,
P  McRae, Coleman;    John  Mufiett,
Spokane;   Rev.    S   P Curnow.    Cornwall
A N   Wlnlaw, Wlnlaw;  Fr.  D Jean-
nolle,   Sail,Ion;   Mr.     and     Mrs,     H   I.
Brown, (fraud Forks: A Berry,   White
G   Beattie, Slocan; A  11 Simpson, A
Howard,   Rossland;    1)   llaldane.   f'l'.in.
c   T   Leilrli,   Tally's;   .1   \v  Gibson,
M .1 Hughes, Ymir; P Bedford, riiiu-
brook;  A  Btalpe,    Grand    Forks;     ll
Brotherton, Custlegar; .1 c Macgregor,
(I Holmes, .Movie; E Little, M Kernan,
���I II  McLean, Sun Francisco;     E    lJ
Curran, Bonnington;  .1 B Ciark. Ymir.
E Mathews, Kaslo;   F Edwards, Wit-
verley;   w Neelands, Slocan Junction.
I   II   Wallace,  New   Zealand:   V     r
Blown, Hong Kong;   A  Griffin, Slocan
Junction;    .1    McCarthy,    Sirdar;    I)
WaddB,    Crawford    Bay;    W    Jewell,
Sherman's Opera House
Monday. June 25th
Maharas' Mammoth Minstrel
2K ��� Colored Stara ��� 3��
ProaeiiMiig tbocleveresl featomof
Miiisiielsy, Operaand Vnud.nlli.
Mahara's nhalleuge Band and Orchestra
Waidi for Big Sn I Parade
v^vw-i���'\w>v~vvw>^-j   jjave changed Our Firm Name
lint we haven't ohanged the
T.&B. Brand of
Tea and Coffee.
They oan't Im< beal und the luunewont
hurt tbe goods,
Born Tuesday eight, to the wife ol
Allan Forrester, corner Cedar and Hoover streets, a son.
a. ii MacNeiU, K, C, of Rossland, is
in the city on professional business,
and in at ihe Strathcona,
Tlie moose head raffled at the Nelson hotel was won bj Archie Reld, and
will adorn the parlor of No Place.
Airs. Harry Williams was taken tu
ih.- Kootenay Lake general hospital
this morning to undergo an operation,
E. U. Sheppard has b< en appointed
io ihe staff oi ilie i ustouu bouse in
Nelson to the position made vacani bj
the i   [gnation or a. K. Wattle,
Silver again advanced a potnl in thr
metal markets. Today's American quo-
tatlon is C6 l-:' bents an ounce. c<u>-
per, lead and zinc are unchanged since
y. Bterday
In the city police rourt this morning
two young men, both Ptrangers in the
city, were tin. : *'. and costs [or telng
drunk and disorder!} mi ihe st- In
last  night
According tn a local medical practi-
tinner, -he last six children born ;:���
Nelson  aie  boya    and    Liberals      \-
���n\v older and wiser,  ihey may
live j- dmvn.
Tbo Dominion  Day celebration  c^ro
������    ���     will meet this evening   it i
in the city hall to bear final    ���  -
from snboommfttees and complex
��� :.* ss  that may   :��� q
Th.- b     ers of seai :. tu roir.j'Jimem-
ary tickets to Um  K Irmess are n
b time ih*
" /jar  admir-ii:
' -"      ���-   ���        -   charged.
A  special  meeting  of  :bt   hoard    of
-- es  will  be held ihis  i ran
ing    ��� ��'k in ihe office of ihe sec
leiary. Dr. Anhnr. to consider the
question of providing Increased school
accommodation in August if necessary,
as seems likely.
During the rehearsal of iho Kirmess
program in ihe Agricultural hall Inst
night an electric wire was cut. and
about half 'he lights wenl out. A scam
pering of children's feet outside betrayed the cause of the accident. Some
of ihe children of Nelson are worthy
examples of the homes in which they
are taught  manners and  morals.
The managemet of the Kirmess wish
to announce thai the grand march will
begin this evening promptly at s
o'clock, and that those of the performers in Hiai item of the program who
are noi there at thai time will ho left
on; of ihe performance. Punctuality
is I'V he one of the sirnnp; features of
each performance, so as to leave ample
time hu ih' proper rendition of each
pan of Hie program.
Annual   Service  of   Intercession   in   St
Saviour's   Tomorrow   Night.
Soda  Fountain
in town at the
Hazlewood Parlor
Always oak for T.&B. Brand and you II
gel ihe best. Hold only by
C. A Benedict
Coraar Silica and .t*.��.-i��i.i,t,��� sis
Hand Mirrors
Iu great  variety, and   to suit
every taste.    \\ e have them
at almost any price you
want to pav, from
2,sc to $3.
Our Heavy Bevelled Edge
3x5 for 25 cents
4x6 for 50 cents
Is a Leader.
5=0 urn winikju
W. G. Thomson
Try out Doable Jersey
A Fine Assortment of Frgits,
Nats and Confectionery.
Phone 206.
Is 11 iiuc'i'SKlly 111 ivory well n-KiifuU'l home.   OnrOlopki nlili���.u.,,
,,f iirsiKu null uiisuiiiii- m-'-iiniry u�� ume-kMpers. we Invlli in... ,' '
.,f uiirl'liH ts III.-yiiii. here lii|ir.-iil vmlrly Dfatflw- frimi . ,],, ���.,"'!���
hii.I nlnrm, ul   M III'  I" ll"- li"" uiip.irlv.1 linos.      Wi. n|M, I,,,.    ,|,
tuu.i.iis littleniiinii oow Kiniiiv tn.wi. Oome in i...i���r
A full tinm ��>f Cr.itktry,
CIiIiih and ('iiiHswitru.
Alw Bwond Hand (ioodi oi Bvojj Dcarrip-
Mini.    Wp Imv.- p..t Hi,-);.!,!.!   ti lie) noil at
Lowci iMrt-f in Town.
BOOKSEl i t r.
Nelson, I). C.
Phune .t4.
Anothtr  Alaskan   Bsundary.
A spoond Alasknn boandar}' haa now
loomed up. and preaenta n xitiiniinii re-
plete with AJyerstonjai) poaslbilltlea,
There is a dispute between ihis .country and ihe Ragle as to the whereabouts oi the Hist meridian.
li wns supposed in In- a settled nnd
established thing, ihe location ot ihis
Important line, until the l\ S. broughi
its topographical knowledge to beai
upon the subject. The D. S. said, ".No;
flu- meridian Isn'l here ut all. lis over
there, and this strip of territory belongs
lo US."
it' the meridian isn't lured away in
ihe meantime, ii can be discovered by
surveyors equipped wllh the necessarj
implements.   This country is ready to
join  in  the search.
 T- ��|
CM sip r/ fins
II--"';"'. .'    ti:,:.:., ipilt.lttlttilM
uiij vol   KNOW
tbat the drlakisenredetour Bode Fimutiiiit
hud ttmla properties Ih-sIiIo* rL-in-siiiiiK-.'
\\,, use imiy rini fruii eyrape ol tin- ttiiL-st
i|iiuiiiy Foiiuteln,Doanter. Kinssi-s.ini
reeepuclee er�� kept si-nijiiiiousiv clean.
>''M-'-      CHOQUETTE BROS.
'tri-M, NHmui. B. ('.
j Standard Farnlttire Companyl
X   m,��"'SiSfianM Complete House Furnishers and Undaukm. |
T     '��� I'si^rnnii.r" Miitin'si.,
T    i.IiiIm- w.iiii'kt- Hu..1. fin ens ' eaee end niuu- Purattuni
..Klllnl. TKAMWAV
'""    Repairing and Jobbing a SpcciiJ
Sheetmetal Work, < 'nstitiRs. Builders' HatarisJ nnd Mining and Mill Mis-bnJ
1 iffloe nnd Works Pool of Park st.
I'hoiK    2tt4.
I E Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltl
We would invite you to lugpeot our lurpt' nnd viiriitl Btook 0)
No need to Buffer from haul if you
will only mil iturl ii*k to ne on.
��Hot Weather Requisili
Store o|K'ii from 7 a.m. to ll p.m. every .lay except linlidnys und Sundiiy.
Usual prices.   Senls on Bale ut Rather
liii'd's Milnriluv.
hnve Juki received a ahlpmonl of
lis Jolly Powder in the following
I .union
Wild tihtsrry
IMnt; Apple
Telephone nil.
Tomorrow, June 21st, is the day appointed tbroughoul the EJngilab-speak-
Ing world tor the annual service of in
terci-ssi f the Oirls'  Friendly Socio
ly. The Nelson chapter's service will
In held in St. Saviour's church tomorrow evening at s o'clock.
The flit-Is' Friendly Society has iis
headquarters iu England, and branches
In all the colonies. lis object Is to care
for lis members every where and lo
Kin-round them with home influences
wherever they may go. For lhal purpose a close correspondence Is maintained among  all  branches,
The officers of the Nelson chapter
are; Mrs. It. l(. Hodley, Mrs. Harris,
Mrs   Saunders and Miss Cfawsnn.
Brandon is Booming.
Winnipeg, June an.���The assessment
roll for the city of Braudon has Jusl
been completed by Assessor Hugh H
Cameron. It shows an increase of
(2,821,180 in assessment over 1906, although ihe buildings this year wen assessed to only on per cent., while in
I!"'" the assessment ran as high us 7f,
per cent. The total assessment for
Hint; tor land and buildings Is I0,446>
1160, while for 19115 it was 14,124,820.
Tbe business lax assessment by the
new roll Is $220,340, an increase over
the previous year of $81,480. The population iB placed at II.SIIS, being an increase of 1,808 over lust  year.
Experience is one of the fi-wt things
ihat never find iheir way to tbe bargain
The Store of Quality
QBtl SOME OP oiik
Boiled Ham
Sliced Thin.
Per pound 40o
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Plu  to.
A mnn bus reached the limit of self-
importance when he is sulislii-il with
his own society.
Some men would lie happy II they
iKissossed tbe ability to do others us
others do them.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's nice cool drinks.      Lunches
put up ii specialty.
W.J. Walker,
Good Marlln rllle for sale cheap. Apply ni Athabasca saloon.
One Pierce Launch, complete; two-
horse power engine; boat house and
berth.    Apply to Fred Irvine.
Mining Records.
The only entry at the Nelson mining
recorder's ofllce today was a certificate
of assessment work granted to Ernes!
lie Boy on the Mountain Rock claim,
situated in tbe head of the north fork
of Sixteen-Mile  creek.
Price of Metals,
New York. June 80.���Silver, (ir. l-8oj
copper, is |.s; electrolytic copper
slock, IS 8-8(8 18 6-8; lead, ��6.76.
London, .lune 80.- silver 80 r, In.I���
lead,   Elfl 16s; zinc.   E27 Ills.
The business or being a gentleman
win admll of no vacation.
Comforta ble^S h J rts
juawto, comfort.  i������ m M ,.X|JI���1I !n JUt.��;;;;:
We sell the comfortable kind.
&JghU? near lighted lwtay(
Morn tomorrow.
,.nZVi,u.."''XTr'1,'', ll''', ''"���"'"n.'.'r
Jl'.WELLKH      and      (JM'IOIAN
Mupiilrlisu nn.I ,l,,hhlns ntuiltil ullh fiv>|,���M>.   Sliucl M.lsll
\**ork,  Mmii.i- find  .Mm Mnuhln.-iv.     M11iHif111.l111-1.-rH of"
<J(-c  Ciii-k,   sv.  R.    Ciintriietor-M*   Cm'm.
 '&��& '     NELSON,    B.  C. 28SH
fi Don't Forget we are
MANUFACTURERS    T 4 c?4,       f  ���
AND DEALERS IN    -LtimDef y   i>llIllgl6Sf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
I timed Work nnd Mntck��stM. Mail Orders prompU, nttrndnij
 VBRNON ��TRBBT - -  - ivci.MOrV, B. C
have demonstrated to us, and if you will let us make yon j
one suit we'll convince you that the clothes we
make are superior to all other makes
in every detail of
High-Olnu Tuilnru. o.T^;. a.    v..i    n r
linker Bt,   Nets  H  <'
WASHING Machines
If yon wish to pui-cliiiw u Wringer thai vtOI l"J
mittafnetiiin  ,,, ,.VITV W||J, ,)t]y
^ WcnlH., Ii.nidle their i-elelirnteil M-ACTINO WA8H6^
Them! hnve the InrgODt Sols ill nulittiln.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Cop^
JNsUUBON * ,"'t""


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