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The Daily Canadian Apr 9, 1907

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 attje pxily  Ccmafckn
Volume I.   No. 259.
Fifty Cents a Month
Council Will Pass School
Loan Bylaw
Majority Agree With Trustees That
$60,000 Is Needed���Busy
Night at City HaU.
The city council was In session lust
nlghl lm lull iwo houm, no part of
which was wasted. The request or thu
huaril or school trustees lor a loan by-
lav in raise |60,000 caused most dls.
cusslon. Amendments offering ��50,OUO
nnil $56,00U wisris disciiHSi-d und rejected
wui His* requeBl  was finally grauted.
Reports irssiis tbc polio* comiuisBlou
ers, chlel ul the lit*,* department, ami
Us, im. water and light couiiulitut*,
lurnisbeil considerable business.
The resignation ssl  Uie clly engineer
1 .1    accepted,   and   ins   sueeessor   up
poiMed, m *,.m
1 outran rn expectation lhe esiimuleu
Uu   nu* .s,.ss   were a^ain  uelened.
,\i s.16 only Aldermen Hume, Selous,
Annable uissi Irving wen- present. Aid.
t)i*iisus wus eleoted iu Lhe chuir. The
minutes oi tlii* lasl iiiet-.liug were read
mid approved. 'I in- inuyor then uriived
and Look Lhe chuir.
The finance committee reported rec-
uiuniendlng payment or electric liglu
cjustructlon puyrsill, $171.Iiu: suoeis,
|161.0Sj sidewalkH, Sis,, total, |8B8.6(i
ilie n-pori wut, udoptud und payment
The police eomniiBBlon'ers reporlod
itieonmieinllng ilie passing ol a vugrun-
ej and drimktsnntsH**, by-law, und Uiui the
j "-,i-    s-ri-heil with ns*. un.issin_��
lln* report wuh adopted.
I'he Iin., water anil light committee
report-ad recommending:
ill Thul electric power rates be
charged, on the basis or a ten hout
Has, according to the rute�� tlxed by
ths by-law, and 'i'i 1-3 per cent more
Is.s ssss-rtltne.
s.s That light rates lor offices and
stores that close at 0 p.m. he charged
l�� meter rates, equal to residence
'Si Thai Leslie Steel be appointed
pcnnanenl line mun ut a salary or I10U
p- r month.
'is Thai 1,000 copies or the (Ire pre
*"      by-law  be distributed.
(6| Thai the salary or the chlel or
tin Tu- department ba Increased by
In* a niniitli from April let.
'" That an Inspection or all build
Ings csstis ted ���ith tin- city water eye*
lens be mails- al once, and rates Trom
April Isl readjusted by the city clerk.
(71 Thui a flat rate ul $35 per month
be charged the Nelton Brewing Com*
puny. $2ii is, the Kootetuy 8'eam Limn
dry and $2 per month ror all beer
(8) Thai *i. isitv Install lights In the
basemani s.i the public school.
'"' Thai a 6-inch main be laid
through Fairvlew to Ihe C. P. R. shipyard, mi'l shin 26 per cenl extra be
chargod beyond (he clly limit
report  was luken  up clause by
clause and adopted.
Ihirliu* the discussion Alilermon Me
'Moms and u���s,. ���,Tived.
tn s IT clll"f" r<*l|"rl ttli rend anil
'**'i ihe only matter not already pub
, '."" w?f,l"* BUtemenl iimt mn nre
curing his Incumbeney was "dm- to
Bti'i-r carelessness.'
A lettai  (rom |)r   Arli,���r w������ renn-
,' i timiiy ri*i|ii,.,,tinK ()n hphair or the
J ""'���   '"���'���'������'������   ii   loan   liv-luw   to   raise
tw.im lor n new school bnlldltiK.
a dlsoussiou began on the old famll
ll"* IIiii-k   Ml
Ss l,,iis arguing lor reduc
tlons.    and    ..marking:   "I   want   Uie
l*'11'"* I'n' iiii iih olmnplv nB possible.
"".'���"��� expensively ns pnaslhle."
ni'* mayoi and Aid. Irving explained
truate "'" "'""" of lhe *el'"0'
Il WU moved by Aid. McMorris, sec
ended by ,\i,i Annable, thai the request
ui* Knititmi
ondert i*' '""s ""'Vl'c' I" nmendment, see
i,��� ...       vl''   Hume, thut the iimonnt
'"'   ''ilias'sl lo $60,000,
...���',   '* "cMorrls huIiI llinl the council's
'    l'*HeillnllVes  un   tlie   Joitll    committer
inn n m',''1 """��� llle 8cll(>"1 bollr<-' ,hnl
'," ����� neoessary.
*����� Annable thought ll absurd thai
with M ","' '"'ur'' fhould be charged
liinii,.v' '' ,0  "lunndcr  the  city's
$ii'i!li'si, "my"r stQk"J  bla opinion  that
nlii.'      ��*���* not '""cesslve for a credit
"""  building.
the is ]n!"K niovpd an amendment to
that      '"���""'nt, Seconded by Aid. Rose,
*���>���*"- sl.''l,'*','i",(1dml bB "X0<1 "' ���r'G*(,0��*   "
orlei'nni"l">".'.'mont wnB nlan I""**-   The
ri, d ,"' mo,lon WM ��'cn pnt and car
<   ui  the rollowlng division:
l-'lii'.  ���, *, I',"���""1 McMorris, Annable.
���Selous n,        "mv"r: Nu-VH: Aldermen
"' '"UB, Hume and RoBe.
l0il"'b.v.|i'iw-M��",S   gUVe   n0tlco   of thn
miii/itti K"V0 noMce of �� d"'"k
��b mid vagrancy by-law.
16 nni"181 fond tax by-law wae then
read three limes und lluiii notlve given.
NiHIce of uu interpretation bylaw
wiih given.
The clly engineer reported rccorn
iiu'iidlug n drain and catch Inmin
across  Victoria street.    The work  was
A. I.. McCulloch'!! letter or realm*
Hon wub nsud. issklui; (hut It take eSMI
at once.
Aid. iisiiiii' aaked ir nil work in hand
were oompiete,    On  being told that It
wus not, lie thought timt tin- engineer
Bhould  ri'iuulii  In  office  until ali  work
fu bund was oompiete.
Mr. McCulloch explained thut tbe
work reiunlnlng In connection with tbe
city's |H��le line right of way wan sur
veycr's work, tost engineer's. All oilier
matters be undertook would be oon
plcied by hlm. uni] uIho slated that he
would be In Neleon and available for In-
formation nt uny time. He offered tn
to do the Burvey work remaining loi
$:ifi(i  ir allowed to do It ul his leisure.
The offer and the n-slgiiiillon wore
W. P. Dickson asked for three
monthf* leave of absence during lhe
Bilinmerp rovlded tliat lie- wnrk of his
department fs in good condition,
As Mr. Dickson did not want an Immediate answer the mattfr waB left to
rhe ni'Xt meeting.
Aid. Rose presented a request from
Gus Erlckson for jscrmisslnn to place a
standplpc in the extension to the Grand
Centrul hotel, (or flre protection. Permission was promised on application.
Aid. Selous presented a request for a
crossing on Vernon street near Willow.
The mayor thought the city wharf required attention, and thai a charge for
lis ubo be exacted, and, that ln the
meantime more plunks be plaoed on It.
Aid. McMorris asked why there were
no lamps DD Latimer street Mr. Dickson replied (bat ull di'ficieneles were being made good as quickly as possible.
The mayor suggested another line of
lights on west llaker Btreet. He thought
it would be w*ell for the city to place
them even outside the city limits.
The council then adjourned to April
Ful  Text of A. E.  Watts'  Defence of
Coast Association���Attack
on   Regina   Witness.
The full text of A. E. Watts* speed.
lo the pkilliinii'ntarr* committee lnves-
Ugntlng tbe alleged Pncilic Cobb! Lumber 'Combine,*' ls now to hand. The
brier summary previously published
hardly docs Mr. Watts Justice. The
speech was as iollows:
There is a serious nutter 1 wish to
draw your attention to and that Ib the
fact that one honorable ini'iuhor, Mr.
Lancaster, puis answers into the
mouths of witnessed uud when the aame
go on record, It will appear thst the witnesses have made talse stats'tnents. or
course It Is understood thut Mr. Lancaster is trying to make his reputation
aud to qualify for the attorney generalship In the next cabinet, but 1 would
suggeBt that he use other means than
those generally adopted by "jack knife"
lawyers to discredit the evidence of
men ol repute.
Mr. Lancaster attempted to show yes
terdny, by patting an answer Into thc
mouth ot Mr. Lewis, who is deal, that
Mr. Heaps, tit Vancouver, was mistaken
in the evidence he had given���in plain
words, just lied.
Now 1 say that Mr. Heaps was not
mistaken uud IiIb evidence was perfect
ly correct, the trouble being that you
were all mistaken, or could uot understand Mr. (leaps, who Bald that "there
was no agreement amongst the coast
manufacturers to meet regularly." Mr.
Lnncaster dlBcovei-ed a mare's nest In
lln minute book where he found It recorded that they met every week. (Aud
even you, Mr. Chairman, remarked tlial
"there Is another case for Mr. Watts,"
referring to my application to your coin*
mfttee to prosecute Wilkinson for giv
ing false evidence.)
The explanation is simple, nearly
every manufacturer being connected by
telephone with the secreury's office;
(here wus no need tor agreement, the
secretary Just culling a meeting when
he deemed II necessary after consulting
with Ihi* members over the phone, so
that both Mr. Lewis and Mr. Heaps
were correct. In any case. It Is only a
matter of splitting words, ami you can-
not place such gentlemen in the same
category ns Wilkinson, or Iteginn. who
inmlit to be prosecuted ror either per
Jury or cotiBplracy or both.
You will remember thut Mr, Wells
also llatly contradicted Wliklnsim's
evidence, with regard lo his Statement
that he could not obtain lumber (rom
the inaiiuraclurers. He stnted that In
December, 11105, he bought luinlioi from
Sparwooil mills 100 per cent cheaper
Ihnti he cun now buy lt for. I chnl-
lenge this sluleinenl and and say II is
distinctly untrue. Wilkinson said (hat
In 1901) be bought (or $18.50 and that he
cannot buy for less Ihan $30, whereas,
loday'B wholesale price f. o. b., Regina.
Tor No. 1 common lumber ls $23.60 to
$2i per thousand.
Whilst on this subject I mny state
thai there will shortly lie a famine or
lumber, for from the Interior of llrillsh
Columbia, we could not at the present
time ship 60,000,000 feel of lumber, and
we have about 80,000,000 of orders on
our books and orders are pouring In at
tlle rule of over 100 ciiih per week. During the laat week I relurned orders for
60 cara as I have more orders on hand
llian I cun supply.
Add to that the Impossibility of obtaining cars to ship lumber und you
have the situation ln a nut shell.
Dramatic Recital in Thaw
Council for Prisoner in Sensational
Murder Trial Seeks to Move
Jury to Pity.
New York, April il.���Not Bince the
duy when Evelyn Thaw gave to the
world the Btory of her life has Uie court
room, where the final scenes of the
Thaw trial are now being enacted, been
bo crowded as It was today. The at-
traction wbb Delpblne M. Delmas, the
Sun Krunclsco lawyer, who, today, continued his summing up for the defense.
Mr. Delmas began his linal plea yesierday allernoon and after Bpeaklng lor
two and a hall hours, his voice became
so husky as to .li-cessltuie an adjournment. He Wai lu good voice again
when the proceeding! were rusumeu today and ai the ouibbi promised to be
even more effective than yesterday.
Despite the Inclement weather, a
snowstorm without, the courl room wub
besieged an hour before the time tor
(he opeulug, a large percentage of the
spectators being women. With much
dillicuily the police succeeded in keeping the crowd to the actual seating capacity, bo that although every available
bit of space w-bb occupied, good order
prevailed while Mr. Delmus was making
his appeal to the Jury.
Memoers of the Thaw family, as uau-
aj, were among the early arrivals, Evelyn Thaw was a trifle lute, but arrived
In time to hear the opening sentences.
A new llgure appeared in tbe Thaw-
group today, lt was Mrs. Edward Thaw,
who accompanied her husband and bIb-
ter-ln-law, the Countess of Yarmouth.
Mr. and Mrs. Carnegie also were present District Attorney Jerome waB
again absent today during Mr. Delmas'
When Mr. Delmas aroBe to resume
his argumeut he told the Jury he would
endeavor to be as brief aB possible in
order not to tax their patience and to
relieve them of their onerous duties aB
Speedily as consistent with the responsibility resting on him.
"When I am done." said Mr. Delmas.
"I shall give the rate or my client Into
your hands with every confidence."
Mr. Delmas said it would be necessary fo cast a rapid glance over his re-
murks oi yesterday In order lo connect
the threads ot his argument. The state.
Mr. Delmus said, had attempted to set
the scene tor the last act in the tragedy
upon the flimsy basis ot an affldavil dictated by a felon, a man convicted of
perjury. Mr. Delmas quoted briefly
trom the speech of District Attorney
Jerome when Abraham Hnuiniel was up
for sentence at that time. Mr. Jerome
urged the maximum penalty of the law
Upon Uie ground that Hummel had been
a menace to the community (or 20
Or the story or Evelyn Nesbit, told
upon the witness stand, Mr. Delmas
said: "You know, gentlemen ol the jury,
thut no human Imagination ever Invented such a story. You know that uo actor could have alnod as Bhe did, unflinchingly, all the tests known to
skilled lawyers to ellcli the truth, un-
Is-ss she was tolling absolute truth.
"I shall now proceed In an effort to
depict to vou the effect or this story
upon the mind of Harry Thaw. 1 bIiiiII
prove this to you without using m^'
language of my own. I shnll tell you
the story or Evelyn's words, the words
you heard her uho Upon the stand.'
Mr. Delmas then read dramatically
the voung woman's story of Thaw's action" while In Paris in 1003, she (old
him Ihe story, how he walked the tloor,
tilling his nulls and scowling. Ho also
rend (hat portion of her Iswtlinony lit
which she had refused Thaw's offer ol
marriage because she loved him so
much that, she would uot drag him
" 'Subflme renunointlon,' says the
sneering district uttorney In an effort
to make you believe that, this story ls
noi true, that it was Impossible. But
I shall prove to you thai it ia (rue. 1
ahull prove to you beyond the Slightest
doubt thai she did relitse hlm, and re-
rused him lor that reason alone.
"Man. lt may be. hus not that great
power ol retiuclalion bul in Ihe senile
breast o( woman, do we find 'hat paat
girt or Cod, and in tlie breniil of this
little girl existed this great strength
timt. enabled ber to put aside her own
love when she knew 11 was tor fhe
good or (In* one she loved."
Arguing along this lino he further tlo-
monsLrated Evelyn'B sublime renunciation. Mr. Delmas referred lo and read
abstracts rrom the letter which Thaw-
wrote to Attorney Lougtellow ln Beptember lu 1903, In the letter Thaw
wrote ilini he had proposed niurrlage
to Evelyn, but she rerused because she
Bald It would shut me oul fnnn my rei-
"The genuineness of this letter," Mr.
DelniUB urged, "cannot be denied. What
did It mean when Thaw wrote to Mt*.
l^ingfellow that Evejyn would not mnr-
ry him? Is il not true thul she had
refused hint, thai he wrote thul she
(bought first and then rejected his ot-
Ter? Yob, Bhe thought. She looked upon tlie man she loved, yes. looked upon
her own past, and she did nol want to
bring reproach upon the man who
would hnve married her. Down in her
noble heart, she aald: "Harry, I love
you, and because I love you, 1 do not
want to link my unfortunate existence
t'j yours so thut people would point the
(luger of scorn at you. I want to
leave you free and the moment that I
think lt Is best for you I wfl] go my
way. I will go back and earn my own
living and you shall be free and honored. Go back to your noble mother
and dear sisters, and I shall go down
where bo many others have gone before
me and disappear from the world.'
"Yes, Bhe thought. The sneer of the
district attorney is unjust and thellt-
(le girl did sacrifice herself, did rise
to heights of sublime renunciation."
Mr. Delmas read from Mrs. William
Thaw's testimony and then went on:
"Did that venerable gray haired mother
come here to perjure herBelf? Did she
invent this story which she Bays her
son told her? Did he tell an untruth
when he confided to his mother und told
her that he loved thla girl and wanted
lo devote his lite lo her? And all the
time that girl was going along using
the talents. God had given her to make
u living ror herself, refusing to marry
the wealthy man who loved her and
whom she loved, because she thougbt
It was best for him? Oh, sublime self-
abnegation !"
Mr. Delmas, bitterly denouncing Stanford White, said that Thaw had
snatched the girl from the old lecher,
who saw In her but a toy lo grattry a
moment's lust and then he cast aside
to go her way down the paths or fallen
Ii'lnias called attention to the fact
that as late ae May. 190(1, Stanford
White told May Mackenzie he wonld get
Evelyn hack again.
Mr. Delmas read from Evelyn's testimony regarding the portions of her
story In which she told the effect of
her story* on Thaw's mind: "Such was
the condition of Harry Thaw's mind
when he parted rrom Evelyn in Europe and sent her back to New York
ahead or him. There, gentlemen, you
have the flrst dawn of the mental condition which manifested itself three
years afterwards. The foundations of
his reason were undermined. The storm
had not burst, but tbe clouds were
gathering from the four points of the
compass and from them the lightning
was to burst In three years and aBtound
the world." Mr. Delmas turned again
to young Mrs. Thaw'B testimony and
repeated that part of It In which she
told of having refused to see him again
after he had followed her from Europe
because of "the dreadrtil things,"
Mends or Stanrord White had told her
about him. Evelyn told him what had
been related to her regarding the putting of a girl in a bath tub and turning
hot water on her and tying girls to bedposts and beating them.
Thinks   Time   Ripe for Another Campaign of Education���Will Charter
Whole  Train.
New York. April 8���The Herald tomorrow will Bay: "Jacob Sechler Coxey,
of tbe Coxey Army of 1894, ls planning
another great national crusade on new
and sensational lines and he may commence operations the present year. It
all d.pends on the outcome of his Invitations. Since he went through bankrupt}- two years ago, following theh failure of the Bteel mill which he had built
nt his home in Mount Vernon, Ohio, he
has beon engaged In retrieving his fortune.
"Mr. Coxey was ln New York several
day ago and said: 'I am preparing to
take up my campaign of education
where 1 was forced to leave It several
years ago. I bIiiiI] conduct this campaign on new and original lines, nnd
In it way thnt Ib certain to attract the
attention of the nation. I will travel
with an entire train of cars and a tent
capable of seating many thousands.
This country Is becoming ripe for Just
such a movement."
Flre In Navy Yard.
Philadelphia, April 9.���One of the
targe buildings in the League Island
Navy Yard, containing a saw mill, joiner shop and pattern shop was almost
entirely destroyed by fire today. Tbe
loss Ib estimated at between $70,000 and
JI 00,000. Many patterns tor the equipment of the navy were burned and will
be difficult to replace them.
Litigation Over Sport.
New York, April 9.Elmore Smlthers
will retain the gold cup won by his
horae Major Delmar, iu a ruce with
Lou Dillon in 1004, as the result of a
verdict returned today by the Jury lu
the suit brought by the Memphis Trotting Association.
Laurier and Borden Speak
on Scandals
Liberals Provoked Charges Through
Three Sessions, Then Refuse Investigation
Ottawa, April 9.���The chief topic of
the political conversation in the capital
Is the contrast between Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and 'Mr. Borden In their attl-
ludes towards the scandal charges, as
shown in the debate on Mr. Bourassa's
recent motion.
Sir Wilfrid Laurler declared that
what Mr. Bourassa asked was impossible. It would turn parliament Into an
"inquisition." The premier asserted
that all members were honest men, and
had a right to walk with their heads
erect until their character was taken
aw-iy by a charge made by someone
with authority and proved by an investigation. He had previously explained
that he had not yet made up his mind
that anything ln the Insurance report
or the insurance Investigation amounted to a charge against any public man.
In fact Sir Wilfrid's whole speech was
a rebuke to his own followers, his own
colleagues and his own press. Yet until
Mr. Fowler's language and Mr. Bourassa's motion brought the matter to
this direct issue, Sir Wilfrid regarded
these attacks with complacency and apparently with approval. It was only
when lbe matter got home to his own
political household that tbe premier began to deprecate "the tittle tattle of
the streets" and the "gropings in the
gutter" which he attributed to Mr. 3our-
But evidently Sir Wilfrid himself had
already taken some reports seriously.
Here is his own statement: The atmosphere was thick with rumors, and last
fall, about September or October, a
certain rumor came to me and I spoke
to a mutual friend, wbo Is now in this
House, and I said to him: I have been
a friend to Mr. Hyman for many years,
you are still more a friend of his than
I am; you are more intimate than I
am. I have heard this, and you have
beard it also���go to him and tell bitn he
must let me know what truth
there Ib in this. That rumor
was in connection with a certain person. My friend went to Mr.
Hyman, and Mr. Hyman sent me word"
that there was not n word of truth in
that rumor. I have to take the House
and the country into my confidence; 1
wlBh it were otherwise." It will be
seen that Sir Wilfrid's investigation,
even when direct charges against his
colleagues -came to his ears, were not
very thorough of extremely judicial
Mr. Borden made good his pledge
that he would be ready at any time to
give all possible assistance during investigation of charges reflecting ou the
honor of any member of bis own party.
Mr. Bourassa's was not in the terms
that Mr. Borden would have preferred,
but the opposition leader refused to
stand upon terms aud phrases or to re
gard technical objections. The motion
could not he amended when brought iu
ab an amendment to supply und must
be taken as it was or rejected lu lull
Mr. Borden was prepared to take it as
It was and go into the Investigation.
So were all the Conservative membera
against whom the Conservative piesa
and miutsterlul membera have been so
free with their Insinuations. Mr. Foster
who spoke later In the eveuing, announced that In any case he proposed
to take the House into his full confidence and go into thc whole Inaurahce
question, not only to bIiow that ho himself was free from reproach, but to
prove that the report of the cnimuls
slouers wub unfair aud against the evi*
As to the other branch of tlie charges
Mr. Borden said:
"I entirely agree with the prime mln
Ister that it would never do for parliament to constitute itself Into an Inquls'..
tion with respect to the private con*
duct, either of members of parliament
or ministers of the Crown. But I aso
agree with what haa been said by the
prime minister nnd also by Mi*. Foster.
that private conduct may be of such a
character as to amount to public senn-
dal. whicli would cull ror the Intervention or the prime mlnlslcr himself, The
prime minister himself ls. In the first
place, the guardian of honor of parliament, but he Ib something more than
that. He Ib the guardian of the honor
of bis cabinet as a whole.
"The flrst minister has referred to
rumors���rumors uround the corridors
at the house, rumors circulated ln the
public presB, rumors circulated throughout the land. Therefore, it seems to
me thnt we should have a tribunal aie
pointed before which any of those
charges could be made, and any man
who hus anything to say against any
member of this House or of the cubinol
should go before that committee or forever ulterwitrds hold his peace."
As to the premier's plea that the In
vs'iitlgalion which Mr. Ilournssu proposed Into the conduct ot ministers and
members charged by public rumor with
various debauelierieB would be a mere
Inquisition. Mr. Borden made this
crushing reply:
"The right honorable gentleman say��
that this would umount to an inquisition, and he fears very much the ire-
sult of an Inquisition. Let me tell him
thai the Inquisition proposed by Mr.
Bourassa���and the prime minister has
the majority of this House at his back-���
even If It bad all the characteristics
which the flrst. minister suggests,
would not be one-tenth as cruel and
ruthiesB and imsparing as that inquisition which set out and which investigated private affairs of honorable gen-
tlemen on this Bide of tbe house.
"When the right honorable gentleman
tells us tbat he shrinks from the cruelty
and injustice and Inquisitorial power
which could be exercised by a tribunal
of this kind, I ask him to reflect upon
the proceedings of that commission
which had for four or five weeks my
honorable friend, Mr. Foster, before
them,without even vouchsafing to him
the privilege of going upon the witness
stand and telling his Btory. I venture
to think that under tbe circumstances
we, on this side of the House, at least,
cannot very* much appreciate the high-
sounding phrases uttered by the prime
minister tonight, when he has declared
to us that he cannot venture to agree
with Mr. Bourassa because lt would
amount to a political inquisition."
Placer Mining In City Streets Net General���Claims Staked In Front
Vancouver, April 8.���Mr. R. J. Skinner, who issues licences ln the court
house, fs sadly grieved over tbe fact
that the finding of gold on tbe east side
of Westminister avenue did not come
a few weeks later, when the revenue
from placer mining claims now pouring
Into the city would have been Increased
five fold. Now they are only fl, but
after May 1st they will be f5.
lt seems strange that level-headed
business men could be so carried away
by lhe thought of the red, red gold,
that they are leaving profitable businesses to stake out mining claims. Report even goes further. It Is stated
that even real estate men, anticipating
richer harvests in placer mining than In
their accustomed employment, hare put
up the shutters and will soon be seen
with a dish pan under one arm and a
pick or sbovel in the other scuttling
along the street toward the supposed
placer strike.
The localities of the supposed strike
were visited yesterday afternoon by a
representative of the News-Advertiser
but there did not appear to be any unwonted excitement It is an undisputed
tact that some overgrown stakes have
been driven in the front yards of householders in that neighborhood, bearing
Ihe legend that certain individuals gave
notice that they had hereby staked 260
feet under tbe right of a placer miner
to the "Nugget" claim or the "Maple
Leaf, etc.
One individual, however, was seen
with a flat pan half.ull of dirt, which
he had dug Irom an open lot in the vicinity, seated on the curb panning the
surface ground with tne water which
he scooped from time to time out of the
It Is understood that several names
have already been added to the Hat
who have obtained licences from Mr.
Skinner, but it will doubtless * ool their
ardor ln the search for gold when they
become cognizant of the fact that there
l.i a law which clearly states that the
surfuce or the ground must not be disturbed or broken unless a previous
agreement has been entered Into wltb
the owner ot the property, as to compensation he ahall receive for any and
ell damage done to the property.
Library Meeting.
The meeting announced tor tomorrow
at 4 p. in. In the city hall In the interests oi the Nelson library is intended
to be In every sense a public meeting.
All are invited. After many years of
desperate struggling for existence the
library hae seen, thanks to the promoter? of the Kirmess, one year of comparative financial ease. The library and
reading room have both been greatly
imiroved, nnd the Institution is now
filling a general und genuine want. It
Is felt by tlie,few who have borne all
the burden so long that the time has
come for broadening lhe bases of support by enlisting the Interest of all the
citizens lu Its maintenance and im
pro erne its.
get Speed
One Dajr of Scssioa Waited by UV_
ml Hist Uentenaat���Preater
Bay Be Delayed.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, April 8.���Today's session of
the legislature was devoted to the
budget debate.
OUver made a long speech, travers- <
ing the finance minister's claim that the
Increase of the revenue was due to general commercial aad Industrial progress. Oliver contended that the Increased receipts from crown lands and
timber were entirely due to speculation,
and the government waa directly responsible. He alao declaimed against
expenditure by authority of the council
without consulting the legislature.
Taking full advantage of the licence
allowed in the budget debate Mr. OUver
fairly covered the whole field of provincial affairs. He advocated the abolition of tolls on the New Westminister
bridge. He charged that grace favoritism to government supporters waa shown
ln the apportionment of public expenditures to the various constituencies.
Finally he moved:
"This house regrets that the government hns not abolished tolls collected
upon other than railway traffic over
New WeatralnlkMr brides and that the
government kas not introduced legislation reserving agricultural landa from
sale except apon conditions of actual
residence and settlement," -
The premier replied briefly, denying
Oliver's charges, aad defending the
emergency expenditure.
Parker Williams -contributed the
grievances of hla constituents of Ladysmith.
Oliver's amendment waa rejected. He
has already given notloe of the follow-'
ing resolution:
"That, whereas the railway commission ordered S cent fares on the C. P.
R., which road is national ln character
and haa been aided liberally and Its
building waa one of the reasons tor the'
union of this provlnoe, that the government of the Dominion and the railway commission be addressed to the
end that aa favorable freight and pas-
Benger rates may be.granted in thla
province as ln other parte."
Hss Served 21  Yeara of Lite Term���
Muat Avoid Publicity.
Topeka, Kan., April S.���Governor
Hoch today granted a conditional pardon to WilUe Bell, the quadruple murderer, who has been te tbe Kansas penitentiary alnce 1888 serving a life sentence. The principal condition of the
pardon ls that Sell must not take the
public platform or ln any way exhibit
himself for the purpoee of nuking
money. Governor Hoch promises to find
Sell a home an dhelp him -start Ufa
The murders were committed on
March 7,1886, evidently for the purpoae
of Robbery. J. W. 8ell, aged 45, a farmer an dschool teacher, lived near Erie,
Kan., with his family, the wife, a eon,
Wallfe, 19 years old, a daughter of IB.
and a son, Willie, 16 years old. The
family were murdered at night, all four
having been cut and slashed In a horrible manner. Willie stoutly maintained
bis Innocence and declared that the
murder had been committed by a man
who had attacked the members of tbe
family while they slept. He had awakened while the man was finishing his
work and chased htm from the house.
In defending Sell, bis attorneys srgued
tbat It would have been a physical Impossibility for hlm to have committed
the crime, as he waa sickly and developed no more than a boy of 13 years.
Dual Applications.
Oold Commissioner Wright has several cases before him where two persons
have made applications for the same
land. Tbose cases will be heard In a
few days, aa lt Is urgent that a settle
ment should be reached at once.
Prices ef Metal*.
New York, April *��.���Silver, 65V.c;
copper, 24Mc;  lead, ft.
London, April 9���Silver, SO 3-llid.;
lead. ��19, 12a., 6d.
^^ The Daily Canadian
Miners' and AU
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR   at  all  orlces
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX.   MITTS,   etc.,   etc.
In all these Hues we offer   excellent quality at very
jreasouable rrices.
KUiah them. The Con.servatlvos linvo
not wholly lost It: to the Liberals it Is
not only loat but forgotten.
The Week, u sinnll publication issued
In Victoria, devoted nuiinly to comment, |juys The Daily Canadian tlie
Compliment of quoting liberally from
both Its news and editorial columns.
Tlie Week proclaims itself Conservative. Thc Conservatism was certainly
not obvious. Apropos of The Daily
Canadian's comment on Sir Wilfrid
Laurler's altitude toward the colonial
Conferences and Imperial relation generally. Tho Week protests against our
views on Sir Wilfrid's loyalty to Hritish
[deals, and closes its introduction with
the remark: "This is not journalism, it
Id guUer-sniping." We arc not Familiar
with the word, but wc are credibly in
formed that the editor of the Week ia
an undoubted authority on "gutter-
sniping." As to the merits of thc case,
we still maintain our opinions, and we
could, if It were worth while trying to
enlighten the Week, show that the
same views are now held by many Canadian Liberals, and by many in the Old
Country who once were proud of Sir
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... ,��4,?80,000 REST  H.730,000.
D. R. WIIsKIE, President HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits rerpived and Interest allowed nt highest   current rate from date of
opening of aoooontj and compounded quarterly
NEI-80M BRANCH ��J��   M��   LAY��   Mtinager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Capital $3,900,000    Reserve Fund	
Sir Wilfrid Laurier mnde a notable
speech at the banquet in Ottawa to
Hon. James Iiryce, British ambassador
to the United States. Sir Wilfrid was
most unusually, and quite commend-
ably, frank in voicing Canada's complaint ai being so long ignored by Hritish statesmen and diplomats. Amid
general applause he declared that never
again would Canadian ministers go on
pilgrimage to Washington. Sir Wilfrid
has a good memory. What if a phrase
of his own, of 16 years ago, had snd
denly recurred to him? Kor years he
abused tlie national policy and declared
that he could get reciprocity if given
an opportunity to try the "sunny ways
of conciliation." Then came the Joint
High Commission ��� then "darkness
again and silence."
15 Branches io British Columbia.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
DopnBlts of $1.00 nnd upwards IjBcelved. Interest allowed thereon nt highest current rate, and credited quarterly. Depositors are subject to no deiay
whatever in the withdrawal of the whole or any part of their deposits.
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.	
PuL'.tsiH'il ilx dayi a week hy ihe
Baker Bt.. Nelion. B. 0.
SnOKliptlOD rates, 80 cents a month delivered
iu tbe city, or 45.00 a year II sent bj mall, when
paid In b.ivauol'.
Advertising rates on application.
All monlea paid in settlement of Tho Daily
Canadian accounts, either fur mbicrlptloni or
mint bo receipted for on tbo printed
Company,  other receipt! am not
APMIL **. 1907.
No patriotic Canadian can view with
any feeling but profound regret the decay of either of the great political par.
tlea to whom alternately the government of the country must be entrusted.
Experience has shown that party government ia the best and most efficient,
if not the ouly possible, form of constitutional and representative govern
ment. Parly government requires and
postulates the existence of two strong
organizations, each bound together
more or less closely by common princi
pies, ideas and  traditions.
For many years iu Canada that con
(lition was fulfilled. From Cop fedora
Uon the Conservatives under Sir John
Macdonald, and the Liberals under
George Hrown, Alexander McKenzle
and Edward Illake, and even for a time
under Sir Wilfrid Laurler were strong
.and united parties with definite principles and purposes.
The Conservative party, though it no
longer contains, as it formerly did, a
large group olF strong men, strong in
ability and in conviction, such as the
last cabinet of Sir John Macdonald,
men like Macdonald himself, the Tup
pers, father and Hon, G. E. Foster. Sir
John Thompson, Sir Hector Langevin.
Sir Adolphe Chapleau, and \V. IJ. Ives,
ls yet true to its cardinal principles
enunciated by Macdonald, of loyalty to
British connection, and development
under the shield of a protective tariff.
of Canadian industries.
But the change in the Liberal party,
both in personnel and in principles,
amounts to a revolution.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Mr. Fielding and
Mr. Aylesworth are the only members
of the present cabinet who are credited
even by their admirers and supporters
Wltb auy ability at all, and they are
feeble successors to Alexander McKenzle, Edward Blake, David Mills and Sir
Richard  Cartwright.
But the change in the spirit of the
rank and file of the party is even
greater. Their utter indifference to Liberal principles, or indeed to any princf
pies, constitutes the gravest danger now
confronting the Dominion.
For years the Liberals as a party
advocated free trade, or the lowest pos
slble tariff, for retrenchment in national expenditure, for provincial rights
agalnBt Federal encroachment, for civil
service reform, for purity in elections,
and in the public service.
It is superfluous to say that every one
of these principles has been cast to.tho
winds bythe Liberals In their ten years
of offloe. Free trade is impossible without the co-operation of all other countries, and any material reduction of the
tariff was soon found impracticable for
The Autonomy bills by which Saskatchewan and Alberta were created
showed how little respect the Liberals
retain for their ancient idol of provincial rights.
Even without (he object lesson of the
'Salary Grab," the annual expenditure
shows a new view of retrenchment and
economy. In spite of charging many
items Improperly to capital account, the
national expenditure has more than
doubled since 189G.
But it is in relation to the public service that the greatest change has been
made. The public service has been
made a haven of refuge for the lowest
type of professional corruptionists, even
of men who have been convicted in
election trials.
When every avowed principle and
purpose of the pary has heen thus openly and cynically discarded by the party
as whole, it Is not unnatural that the
Individual members should feel that
they are bound by nothing.
The utter decadence of the Dominion
Liberal organization has had Its effect
upon the party in every province. There
Is now no principle for which Liberals
stand. Their sole object is to gain
power and hand over the control of
every province to the federal party organization.
There Is no hope for the regeneration of the nation and the restoration
of high ideals of public duty until both
political parties learn again that loyal*
ty to principle which used to di-atin-
The acceptance of the resignation of
the city engineer without provision being made for the appointment of a successor raises an Important and serious
question. That Is whether the council
is justified In doing without the services of a permanent city engineer,
even for a short time. The flood which
occurred at the corner of Baker and
Ward streets reminds us that other
emergencies may arise which would
suddenly require the services of some
one thoroughly conversant with the
city plans and works. In the event of
any trouble arising might not the city
be put to very serious loss and Tisk
through the want of such an official?
John Oliver, after a few weeks of almost rational behavior, has subsided
again into township politics. He resurrects the ancient complaint that constituencies represented by opposition
members are unfairly treated in the
matter of public expenditure. It Is certainly not true of the Delta. Neither Is
it true of Nelson or Rossland. It is unfortunate that the patronage system exists at all in Canada, and that public
expenditure should depend at all upon
political influence. But it cannot be
honestly denied that it has been far less
In evidence fn British Columbia, during
the last three years, than In any other
part of Canada,
Ex-Governors of Colonies Must Not Engage   In   Business.
London, April 9.���A circular Issued
by the secretary of state for the colonies, the Bar! of Elgin, advising ull
former governors of colonies to refrain
from engaging in commercial enter-
prises In the territories wlilcb they for"
nierly adininsltcred, has resulted in establishing the fact thai there had been
an Increasing tendency of late years
on the part of retired governors of the
smaller   colonics  to   take  a   prominent
part in the management of companies
which have obtained profitable conccs
sions In such domains.
A number ol question on the subject
were asked In the Houbq of Comflions
during the past session, some of them
Intimating thai ex-governors hnd .; i
Iheir political pull to secure nine*.-.
Brand New Art Be!! Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
B. C.
It Is gratifying to note that the only
division in the council on thc school
loan was as to the amount required.
All agreed to the extent of $50,000. The
division was caused by the extra $10,-
000. It is also gratifying that the majority of the members of the council are
slowly learning to appreciate the fact
that the school board is not composed
of imbecile spendthrifts, but Is a legally constituted body, responsible to the
people and as thoroughly representative
of them as the council itself.
Instructions have been issued by the
British Colonial office warning governors not to engage in commercial enterprises In the colonies they have governed even after their terms have expired. Had such a rule been in force in
Canada in the past ten years, some lieutenant governors and Dominion ministers would have been seriously
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A. McDonald & Co,
Dealers in staple and fancy Grocerl;!
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Notice is hereby glvfln tliat at n nfOStlng of thc
Board of License uommlsslooeri, to be bald nfter
the expfrniiou of 80 ilaya. 1 Intend to ��pi >Jy for a
transfer of my hotel lincensefor the Grove hotel,
at Fairvlew, lo E. (i Borden
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. oor. Baker  and  Ward  Sts.
Notice Ik bereby given tbat f will apply et lhe
next mooting of the Licence Commlnlonore for
the City of Nelson to have the lienor licence of the
Btrathoona Dotal   transferred   from myself to
Be-glnalfl George Webb of the City ot Nelson.
Dated il:;- '.'fi day of Mareh, A.It , 1907.
Certificate of Improvements
"Ariro" mineral claim, situated tn the Blocan
city Mining Division of West Kootenay
Whare lo'ated:   On Springer Creek near the
Arlington Bawmill
Take Notleo timt i, Frank 0,Green, acting u
agent foi the Arlington Mines*. Limited1 Free
Miner's Certificate No. B46Q8, iniend, sixty dava
from dale hereof, loupply to t'*e Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of improvements! for the pur-
pose of obtaining a Crjwn Grant Oi the nbove
And further take notice that it-tion, under
lOCtlon    If?.    must   be   com in en- ed  before lbe
Issuance of inch Certificate of Improvements.
Dated thin l'jta ney of December, IWO
F. C, GnaW, Nelson, B, ('.
Easter Millinery
Wc have just received another shipment of American Pattern Hats which were too
late for our display but arc uow ready for inspection.
v/e invite inspection     FVecl Irvine Sz Co'y
F. C. GRHEN      F. P. BURDEN      A. H. (iRF.EN
Gvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Bisx 145   rhone 241 B.
Take notice tliat hlxly dues after data
I Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chlet
Commissioner ot Lands and works for permis-
sion to pnrchase the following desoribed land
silnated In the West Kootenay dUtrtet: Commeneing at a post plauted at the southeast
corner of Lot 123, vti the south side id the We*-t
Arm of Kootenay inke. theuee HO chslns west to
southwest eorner of said   lot,  thenee 30chalus
���OUthi-thence -*0 ohaini  east,  thenee 20 chain*-
north to place of eommeneement, containing 1C0
April .'nd, 1907, Cll.tKl.KR RoHBKTsof*,
per Kknest W. Homnbon, A^cut.
Certificate   of  lmprovum<nta
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
Une of Japanese Goods now on sale.
AU kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. Patterns,
Rto Tente, Orinoco, Queen Victoria hrao tional
and Ornoco Fractional Mincrul Claims, situate
In the Nelson Mining Division of Went Kootenay
Located on Queen Victoria   Mountain,   near
Beasley Biding.
Take Notice that 1, Frank t; .'ireen acting as
airent for Michael K*nn, Free Miner's Certificate
No. BtffMntend, sixty (layi from ti.e date hereof,
toapply to the Mining Recorder for Certifies tei
of lmproveiu'm's, for the purpose ol obtaining
Crown CrantH of tlie above claims.
And further take, notice that action, under
section -37, must he Commenced before the
Issuance of such Certificates of hnprnvemunls.
Dated this'2-oth dny of January, J007.
F. C, (illKKN, NKI.SON, B. *C.
Certificate of Improvements
"Portia," "Amos, * "Jtait Side No. t" and "Bet-
tlua Fractional" mineral claims, iltnated in
the rilocan City Mining Division of Went Kooteuny District
Where located: At head of -SpringerCreek, near
the Arlington mine.
Taky Notice thatl, Frank 0. Green, acting tM
agent for the Arlington mines, Mm Ued, Freo
Mlner'a Certificate No. lUfiOfi. Intend, sixty davs
from the date hereof, tonpp y to the Mining lie
corder for a CertlAcetoof Improvement*, For the
purpoie of obtaining a Crown Qrftht of the above
And further lake notiee thnt nelion, uii'?or
teotlonl? ��� must be commenced before tbc iisn
ance of Much Cei ttlh-uteof Improvementi.
Dated   hfi'mh duy ������' December, IWI.
K.C. Okmh, Nelson, li, ���'
Notice if. hereby given that BO days alter date I
Intend to apnlv to lhe Honorable the Chief Com-
mlsslonor ol I.-md-** and Works for permission
to pureba1"'nbout !"���*> arret of land, munie near
the i'end d'UrelUe river, West Kootenay district,
and deserlbed as follow-: Conuneooing at a
post marked tl. X. 1 bomton'l N. W. eorner post,
iltuated on the south boundary and 'to ehnins
from s. \\ post ol Lot 71M, thence south about TO
cbains, lbence i ast about 36ehsJIUI to a point ou
the wes1 boundnry nnd StOchatUS from K, W. post
o(I,ot77H, thence norlh 70 elmlns and theuee
west ift chains to tbe plaee of bctffuulUK-
BBtb March, ltfu7. G. B. Thomson,
A. (.1. Lun), AKeut.
Sixty days after date I intend to npply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landl and Work**,
Victoria, 11. C, to purchase the follou int; described land. Iltuated in he West Koolenay district: Commencing at a post plauted oil the
west Bide of Kootenay Inke.  nenr  Rhinoceros
point, and marked J. MoElnuon's &B.corner
post,  thence  UiHt 60   chain*,   theuee  nortii  40
chains, tbence eust HU ihains more or [eu to lake
shore, iheoca along lake < bore to point of commencement
Signed J MoErmtoir,
Sixty days after date I intend to anply to the
lieu, the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works, Victoria, for permission to purchnse 100
acres, more or less, situated in West Kooteuay
didtriei: Commencing al a post planted midway
on the north botin<1arv of Lot 7011 and ndjoining
B. W corner of I^it HOW, ihcnce north 16 chains,
thenee wi *t 40 ehalus, thence .south 40 chains,
then: eeast SO chains, thenee north 2-1 chains,
thence BOSt 20 chains to poiut of commencement
Located Mareh 90th, 1907. 1. J. BCAMUM,
Sixty days after date I intend to spply to the
lion, the  Chief  Commissioner 01 Lands and
Works lo purchase Ibu following described
lands: Commencing at a post planted on the
cast side of Lemon (reck nt the mouthofthe first
north f<��rk nnd marked "K. Cooper's MUthesst
com'r," running Iio eliains west, north 40chains,
east HO ehnins, and south 4o chains U> place of
I'ated Mareh '-"Oth, 1907. R.CooreR,
J. T. TliTlNo, Agent.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Cblef Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purchnse the following described
lands': Commenclngat a post marked "L A.
Tipnlng's southwest corner post" and planted
near BT t), Curtis'! land, ubout half mile from
Blocan Clly, running north 40 chains, east '20
chains south 40 chains, west '20 chains to place
of commencement
Dated March Hth, 19"7- L. A. TxtTOtO,
3. T. TlH'INii,  AkciiI.
.Sixty dnys aller dnte I Intend to nnp'.y to thc
linn,   the   Chief   Commissioner   oi   Landl  an4
Works to purchase the [ollowlng deaeribed land
located iu Flre VaUey dlstrlst of west Kootenay:
CornmeneiUK at a post pis nlcd nt lhe S, W. corner
id  .Inim   Bnug'  p|exemption,  thenee   fill   chains
south, thence 40 chains west, tbenee 00chains
north, tbence 40 chains east to place of beginning.
BtCBAsnKxrn. Looator,
��� J. J. Kki.ly, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given tlm' 60 days alter dale I
Intend to make application tothe . onorable thu
Chlol Commissioner of l.nnds nud Works, at Viciorla for oermissl'iii to purchase the follriwIiiK
dese ll-cd lands:   Con.im*ncin_r at n post plauied
at the southeast corner of lol 888, group i, tbence
Bouth 26 fhuln-., thence cast 80 chains, thenee
north 28 ohalnii thenoe west 60 chains to point
of commencementi containing 168 acres, moreor
Kelson, March -J7th, 1907.        ANN1K L. Waiii.
P. Wadx, Agent.
Nollee Is herebv given lhat f>0 days alter dale I
Intend loapply to llie Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lnnds and Works, Victoria, for p��r
mission lo  purohau   the   following described
laud;  Commencing nt a post at the Intersection
of the south   boundnry   of  lot 8398,   and   enst
bonndary of "Golden Queen" mineral ciuim,
thtnoeeast 10.D8ohalni,moreor less, to iouth*
ensl corner   post of  lot b'th.1,   Ihenee  north  90
chalnijmore or less, to northeut oorner post ol
lot...M, theuce en.-t 40 chaltis to the southeast
corner ptjstnf lot  VA*, theuee  south  40 chains,
thence weal 00 chains, more or loss tothe east
boundarv ol the "Golden Queen" mineral claim,
thence uIoiik east bouudaiy "tioldeu Queen"
mlii'-ral claim to point of eommeneement, lo
chains, more or less.
Nelion, B.C , March 33,1907.
Per Wm  Ioixinotok, Agent.
Blxty days aftei date 1 Intend Loupply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner Of Lands ami Works
for peiinli-.-iion to purchase the following dc-
se-lbesl property nt a post marked "(1. M . h.K.
corner,' Ibenee lo chnins north, Ihenc-. 40elialns
wc.n, inettee+0 chnins south, theticMO chains
cast to po ut of commencement, a relocation of
the abandoned pre-emption "in of w c Knapp
aod i- tne cunt half of llie northwest -quarter,
ami in* wesi ball of the northeast quarter of
see in: 7, township 70 West Kootenay disiriei, on
the   WWst sbon nf the lower Arrow lakes, con-
toinlna uio aoret, more or lew**..
March Jst, l%7, QSOMI -Milton,
M. K. MOQttARftll, agent.
Hlxty days afler date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon.tneChldf Commissionerof Landsand Works
Victoria, B. 0 , to purohoie 1V-0 acrea of   land
situnle in Kire valley, West Kootenay, arid de-
idrlbed ns follows: Commencing at the northeut
corner of Lol 7Hi.f>, aa i running north oo ehalns,
theuce east 90 Ohaiai, tlienco south CO cbalm,
thonce wist 20 chains te place oLbOglnnlUg.
March 4th, 191/7. W  V?, HKthl.IT,
J. K. AKNaiilk, Agent.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Hlx'y davs afler dute 1 intend loupply to th*
Hon. Chief CommlSSlonSt of Lands und  Works,
Victoria, to purehase 820 Mrei "f land in w*-��t
Kootenav, described es follows: Commencing
at a port planted np Mosquito creek, about ejitbi
miles from the month and marked BS. Crops' H W,
corner, thence norl-< fo chains, thence 40 Ohalns
east, theuee 80 chains south, theneo Vi cbains
west to [iho-' of beginning
Feb. 16th, 1907. K. 080H,
J.K AJfXAltf, Agi ill.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Slxtv  days after dale I Intend tonpply to Hie
Hon- chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works,
Vlelorln, li C��� to purchase '240 acres of land, In
l*lre Valley, described an 'ol ow*: Corn roe iiclng
at a posl planted JJ chains west uf Waller Hull's
N, ... eorner ami marked J. W Holmes' Jr. N. K.
corner ptal, and runninglouilHOchains, thenee
west80Chains, Ibenee north 40 chain*-, tbence
east GO chains to place of heKinulliK, and l.elnn a
portion oi Beotlon as, Township il, West Kootenav.
March 5th, 1907. J. VV. Holmks, Jr.
Sixty days after dete I intend to applr U '.he
Hun. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
to purehase 3'20 acres of land in i'ire Valley, West
Kootanay district and desoribed af follows;
Commencing at n post marked J. ��.'*. S. K
corner, end runultiK north HO chains, thence
west 10 chains, lbence sou'h to ehalus, theme
east lo elmlns lo place of l'i*Kiiiijiiii;, and Isinjf
the Wttt, one-half of lhe B, K, oti��* iimirter nod
tbe east ulie-hnlf of (hu K. W. line-quarter, and
lbe west one-half of the N.K one-quarter, mid
lhe east ene-half ol (he N, W. oiic-quarier of
Section HI, Townsblp 71,(1. 1.
Manh 80th, 1807. John Knnkst.
Sixty days after date I inieml to applv- to the
llon.ChleM'ominlsstoiierof Landsand Works to
DUrchaM the following deserlbed land located
In rlre valley district of Wcsl Koolenay: Commencing at a post planted at the H. K. comer of
John Hangs' pre-empt lon, thenoesouthSOohalns,
tbenoe wesl 40 chains, theuce uorih Ml chains,
theuce east 40 ehalus to place of beginning, con-
tain log no acres.
Located Mareh Hth, iwi.
J). A. Mcl'UEc, Loealor.
J. J Kklly, Agent.
suty days altar date 1 Intend to apply tothe
Honorable the Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
W���rks for permission to purchase the following
described lands lu Kootenay district: Com-
i. ': MY, at a post marked J. It. Annable's uorth-
ea"t comer post, said post being on the south
side of the Lower Arrow lake, about two milei
below Iturton City, thence south '���'��� ehaim;
theneo weal 20 chains; thence south Ji ehains;
thenee west tf) ehnins; ibenee north Xi ebalm
sod 'io links, more or \o*s to, the lake shore;
tlience easterly along lake 10eliains, more or lew,
to the place of beginning, containing 106 acres,
more or less.
l)alcd thii Mb day of November, U08,
per K. L. BuKKfrr. Ag.nt.
Sixij- days after date I Intend to apply to the
lion the Cblef Commissioner of Landl and
Works. Victoria, to purohaae 840 acres of land in
West Kootenay, described as follows; Com men ���
��� ing at a post planlcd about eight miles up
Mosquito creek aud joining K. Cross'application
to purchase,  and  marked  C.   M's S  K.  coniur,
thenoi north ao chains, thenee west80obalns,
ihence south to chains, them t> cast 80 eliains lo
placeof beginning,
Feb. 18th, 1907. C. Makbuai.l,
J. E   A.SNlltl.K,
GO dan after date I Intend to upply lo thc lion.
Cblef Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria topnroltasi 180 acres Oi land In Kire Valley,
West Kootenav district, and described as follows:
('ommenclng at a poll marked W fi Wright'!
8. K. corner, and running north B0 ehnins, thenee
west'A) chains, tbenee sonth 80 chains, llienee
east *JO chains to place of beginning, nnd being
the west otie-hall of tlie S. K. quarter of Section
M, and the west half oi tlie S. t, otie-qiinrler of
Beotlon 88 In Townihlp 71 G. 1.
March 30th, 1807, W. II. Whioiit.
Notice ll hereby glTOO thai slxtv days after da to
I intend to applv to the Hon Chief Commission-
id  Works for the   right to purehase tlie  following   described   lauds:    ('orn
er of
inenelng at a post marked "M. .1 Cnineroli'n
N.VV. corner post" planted at the S.W. corner of
the K. and b. block, No. S0.'l, runulu�� east llll
chains; tbence sou h l.o.io feel, moreor lens to
the CYh. lino, theuce west 190 idmlns Io Die
Arrow Lake; thenc- north 1000 feet following
the shoreof the Arrow* Luke to the point of com
Dated this llth day of February, 1907.
M. J.' oiHi'sv,
J. M. CAMKroN, Agent.
Sixty days after dnle I intend to apply to tbc
Chief Commissioner of Lands anil Works for
permission to purchase the following described
lauds in Koolenay District, about three quarters
of mllo from Thrum's siding: Commenolng nt a
post placed at thu S. f?, corner of L 088, group
1, V.est Kootenay District; thonce westerly
lollowlng the north boundarv of L 4MH, 40
chains; thenee north 10 chains; tlience Oil! 40
ehalus, moro or ]*���-���*. t 1 lbe N. W comer of
18808: Ihcnce south lollowlng the west boundary
of MW98 LO chains, more or less, to p-lnee of com-
iiietn*.-in-ill. conlnlniug 40 acrea, morw or less.
Dated Ihis Bth day of December, 11*0(1.
H. II. Pitts, locator.
Notice is hereby given that ID days after dab* I
inteml toapply to tbe Hon. the ('blef Commissioner of Lands and Works Victoria, B.C.. for
fh* i'ii-' ion to purchase the following described
unds lo West Kootenay district) Commenolng
ata post planted at the aouthwest corner Of lot
7701, group I, uud ruuiiln�� 90 Ohalni to the southeast corner of lot 1708, group 1, ihen in an easterly direction 90 chains, then  north   90 chains,
then we��t no chains to point of commencement,
containing 40 acrea mere or less.
Looated February nth, imn.
I'mi.ii' Waok, Locator,
Sixty days after date 1 Intend to appiv lo the
Hon. Dllle. Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 480 acres of Innd.ln Kire
Valley, WestKootenny.and desoribed ni (ollows:
Commencing at n poit planted at Waller Bull'i
northwest corner and marked A, S's 8. B, corner,
and running uorth 00 Chains, thenee west 80
ehnins, llieneo south CO chains, tlience ensi ho
ohalns to placeof beginning, and being part of
Sections 84 ami 85 in Township 71 nmi a portion
of Sections 1 nud .' in Township OD, tlroup I.
March 8th, 1807. A.Bipsj,
J. K. Annahlk, Agent,
Notice Is liereby givon thai 80 davs nfler dale I
intend tonpply 10 the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands ami Works for permission lo pun base
the following deioribed lauds, situate In W< st
Koolenay dlsirlct: Commencing ftt 0 post marked .1. L. Porter's N. W. corner, tb'nee N,uth to
chnins, following thu caslom boundnry of II.
Selous -application to purchase) 'lieiiieciisl 40
ehains;  lliem-e north ""chains; Ihence west 40
chain* to point of commencement, con mining
81O acres more or lesi.
Dated thll llth day of March, 1907.
J. L, l'OKUK.
fti day* after date I intend to apply to the flon
Chief Commissionerof Lauds and' Works, Victoria, to purohaae wo acres of land looated in
Fire Valuy ami being a [Hirttoti of tedious if,
and 18 In Township89sua described an follow*:
( souiuicncfiit; at a post planted at the loutliwent
corner of the southeast oiiarier of section lb
Township  'ill   and   niarked  J. U. H. K.  corner,
thenea north 40 ohalns: thenoe weit eo chains*,
thenee south in chains; thence eaat 60 cbalni ta
placeof beginning.
November S8rd UO0.
IlMEPIf (��II��0!��.
J. K, Annahlk, Agent.
Sixty davs nfter date 1 Intend toapply to thi
Honorable lhe Chief Commissionerof landsand
Works, VI. torla, to pureliase R40 acres of land,
iltuated oil the west side of Arrow lake, and de
sortbed ns follows: Commencing at a post mark
Od J. H's N. K corner and plaoed at the soulb-
west comer of Lot ltm% flroupl, West Kooterim,
and running west to chains, thenee south m
chains, tlience cast to eliains to (he lake shotv,
tbence north along tlie lake to place of beginning
March Hth, 1W7. J IU10111,
J. !���:  Asvaiu e, Agent.
Blxty days situ date i intend toappiy to tbi
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of l*nds ami
Works. Victoria lo purchase U* acres of land 1
in West Kootenay. ami described as followi: I
Commencing at rs post plauied ou Lbe eail lldl
of Arrow Lake at lhe southwest corner of L"fi��d
and marked "J A. K's Nft, eorner," thence
cast 21 chains, tlience south 40 chains, tbence
east ��> chains, ihenee south 'JO chains to Half
helmer'i pre-emption, tbenee west ;u chains t��
Fauquier's application lo pureliase, thenee north
4ochains theuce wes' -_o chains to lake shop*,
thenct' north along thu lake ihoro to plaee ol
Marti. 1Mb, 1907. J. A   KKI.LY.
Sixty days afterdate I intend to abply ta am
Hen tlu; Cblef Commlnloner of Lauds and
Works, Victoria to purchase the followlug de
scribed land: Connm uclng at a post Marked
M H's S. W. OOt-nOT, and planted near llie northwest corner of lot Wi, about one mile west of
Slocan river, and running east 40 chains to Lol
HI, then, fl norlh 40ehalns, (henee wesl40chains,
thenee south 40 rhaini to place of bcginning-
UarOh 'Jib, 1907. ItlUU llaoca,
I'At'l. IIatck, Agent.
Sixty days aller date I intend to apply to the
Honorsbie tbe cblef Commissioner of uudsand
Works, Vietoria, to purehase the following
desoribed tamln In West Kootenav district;
Commencing at a post plauted at the .** K coiner
of Wm Lovett'l purchase L76'.K aud marked
"K. M.S's N.K eorner," and running SOUth00
chains, theuee west 40 chains, thence north 80
ehnins, theuee east 40 chains to place of beginning and containing ..'to acrea.
March 6th, 11)07. K. M. BHAW,
SUty days after date I Intend to apply to the
Hon the Ch leT Comi.ilssioner of Landsand world
Victoria, to purchase 040 acrea of land lu Wesl
Kootenay ill strict: Com mencing at a ]*,���*���;
planted about �� miies from the mouth of Mosquito creek and about one mile west of tha slid
creek and murked  "II. II. K's ri-W   corner." and
running north 80 chains, theuee east ho chains,
thence sonth S chains, thenoe wast 80 ohalns to
plan ol beginning.
March Iflth, IH07. II. II. Hun.
J. K. Annahlk, Agcit.
Sixty days after dale I Iuleml to apply in the
Hon. (be Oh Of Commissioner of f*uils aud
Woiks, VlOtorlS, tO purchase 830 aerei of Ued, lu
West Koolenay. described as follows: Commencing at a post planted about 8 miies up
MuaquttO Creek from the mouth and marked
"A. tl." N W, corner, thencu aouth HO chains
thence esst 40 chains, thenee north BO chain*,
thence 40 chains west to place of beginning
���February Uth, 1907, A. ttR*HAa,
J. H. annablk. Agent
sixty days after da'e I intend  to apply toll*.'-
��',n, ''v: ('hief Commliiiooer of Landi and
Works, \ ictoria, lo pm chase MO seres of bind, in
West   Koolenay,   describe I   as   follows:     Com-
mencing at a post marked "D. B." N k. corner,
and being at the N.W. corner of A. liraiinm'**
application to purchase which Is about H mllM
un Mosquito Creek from ihe mouth and run
nloi: ho chains souih, thenee  HO  i halus wtm.
tbenoe 80 obalns north, thonoe ao chains east to
placeof beginning-
February 16th, UOT. D. PurtoN,
J. K. ANMUiK. Agenl'
Sixty days nfter dale 1 Intend to apply to lhe
Hnuorabie lb. CMuf Commissionerof Lands and
Works, Victoria to purchase Nn neres of laud
located on lhe wcsl side ol Arrow lake and de-
dexnbtd   at   follows: (fcmineuHng at   a poit
marked P. A'i N. B.corner,and planted 40ohalni
north of the southwest corner of Lot 7104, Oroup
1, Wo.it Koo'cnay. and running south 40 cbains,
thenoe WSlt 30 chains, ihenee norlh W ehalns,
Ibenee east 90 cluilns lo place of beginning
March Uth, UOT. T\ AKHlwa,
J. K Anwahli, Agent.
Sixty days alter dato I Intend toapply tothe
Ilonornble the Chief Commissioner of Laudsnnd
Works for permission to purehase the following
described land In West Kooteuay: CouiUieneing
at n post about one and a quarter miles, QJtf) from
BayonnO Landing, and  marked,BtVm  Hrndlcy'a
S. r corner, thenee nortb 'Jo ebalna, tbence west
'JO chains, ihence ... nth -Al chains, lbence eastW
chains to point of commencement.
March Wnd, IWI,     (Signed) lima Bbam.iv,
t Uoiikrt PtOBIKSOK, Agent.
Blxty days after date i intend to apidy lotbe
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for ncrmisslon to purchase tbo following
described land In West Kootenay: Commeneing
at a post planted ou tlm north bank of Bummlt
oreek, about three qutrteriof a mllo from moui-h
of ereek, and marked Kva Cull's S.S.corner,
thenee ri'Tih 80 chaini, theneo wost40 0hsini
tbence Miutb 2(1 Ohalna, tnenee cast 40 chains lo
point of commencement,
March Bud, 1007. (Stgrud) Kva Cull,,
ROPMBT Kobi.nsoN, Agent.
���Hiily days after dale I Intend to apply to tha
Hon lho Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works fnr peru,Psion to purchase the following
deeoribod land In Wesl Kootenav: Common*]**
nt a post planted 011 the i.oulb bank of BttOtilll
1 n ek, a1 mil ne mile fnnn month of (!ro"k, nnd
marked "It. ItoblnflOO'l N W. eorner." Ihenee
BOUtb lt', chains, tbnron oust 4o Hinting, thenee
noi tii wicbe-.ns, Ihenco west 4i) chains lo pdnlo':
March Bndi 1U07.
(tiljiawi) Konsat ROBIMIOA Special for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
The Very Best of Canadian Goods
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
;s-i|.| Iss
. hereby Klv.-n thnt.'W davs after dale I
ipplj io tio* Hon, the Chief I ommls
Undi and  Works,   .Ictoria,  for   pcr-
YimJiiu to eui and carry a*ay timber from the
lollowlng described landi tn West Kootenay:
i   Commencing ata poft planted abont eighty
chalm weit "I tbc mouth of eureka creek, where
ii flowi iiii" Harncs creek, and 00 the north
bunk al t. in ka in i k, and marked H. A Laurie's
toutbcasl eorner poit, theuee west eighty ehalns,
thenc norih eigbty ohalns. thenoe east eighty
chllni, tli'Nc    south eighty chains to p<Mut of
eni iiciaciit.
Dated Jau aath. ItOt. Q a. UpJUB, Looator.
2     omiaeni ing st  a DOll planted easl of and
a itoiiiint; ���>  K  Laurie'i looatlon poel No. 1, and
marked G, A  Laurie'i southwest corner post ol
\n  ��� loealion, Ihem ��� east eighty chains, tlience
: dtv i halm, thonce weel eighty ehains,
thi ii" wuth ��� ighty i balni to point Of commeu-
Dated Jan. 28th, 1807.   <��- A. I,a.-rik, Locator.
S.���C-ainraencIng at a poll planted about eighty
rhalni -���< ith ol kureka ereek where It Hows into
Barnes ereek aod marked (J. A. Laurie's soulh-
,.,,1.1 corner post, on location *o   :i. thenee east
eighly obalns, thenee north eighty ebalns, tnenee
weiteigbi) chains, Ibentu southeighty eliains
to point oioommeni ement,
lilted Jan. (ftth, 1*307    U. A. LACKS. Locator.
4    Commencon ai  * i��i-l  planted   -south of
and uiiolnlOH U   A   Uurle'i location Ko. :i, and
marked li   A.   auric- n.rtliwcst corner post.
thenc isttW cbains, thenee iouth   mi ihains.
thenee wesl BO ehalns, llienee north to chains
lo point "i commencement
Datad Jan ttth. l-WT. U A. I_ai:kik, locator.
�� -Commencing at l poit planted eighty
cbains east and forty chaini south of location
post No. 4, ind marke*] w 11. Page's southwest
rorner post of location Nu '., thenee cast eighty
cbilni, ihcnce north eighty chains, thence west
eigbty chains, tbenei -outh eighty chains to
point of commencement
Haled Jan  ��th,lWI,     W  II. I'aok, UamtOf
i.   Oommenelng nt a poet planted south of
and adjoliiltur location bo   tt, and marked W, II.
Pages northwest corner poatoi looatlon Ko 6,
ihence easi i*i-abt> chains, ihenee south eigbty
chains, thene,. vest eight] chains, tbenoe north
eighty chains t.i jtoint of eommenoement.
' bated Jau. Uth, 1WJ7.    w. ii. i**ok. Locator,
1 Commenolng ai a post planted eigbty
chalm east ami twenty ohelu south of location
p.-t No li.aiid niorked U. A. Laurie's lOttthweet
corner poat Of location No, 7, theme east eighty
' bains, thenee norlh eight** ehalus, thciicv wesl
eighty chains,   theme   south   elgul)   chains to
polul of commencement
Mated Jan.atJih.JW7;  t;. a. Unu, Looator.
I   Oommenelng   at a post   planted  eighty
cbains east and eighty chains south of loealion
po-t No T. and   marked (,. A   l-auric's southwest
i-ortH-r    p..-l   of    location     No.   a,   lbence   cast
: iaihi, thenee north eigbty obelus, tbenco
it; chains, thenoe south eighty chains
to point of eommeneement.
Pal d Jan Mth, 1007.   <). A. UVRH, LooatOT.
\ -Commenelni at a -post planted eighty
rtiains east ami algbty cbHins iouth of location
Nc >, tod maiked Q A. Uurle'i southwest
corner of location No. 9, theme east 160 chains,
men ��� north M chains, thence west L60ebalns,
thenceiootb40cbaiualopolntof commencement
���'"'��� ' 'an  Wih. 1907.   ii  A. Lii-hik. locator.
Neilc��� || hereby given that thirty dayi after
date I intend to make application lothe Honors'..' hlel I oiumiwoonerof Unds and Works at
Victoria B.C., (or a special license to ent and
earn swsi tlmbei Imm thu following desoribed
iau-h in Went koolenay district:
��� puiaenritig at a post plauted about two miles
and a auirter  up a southern irtbutarv of the
Little Blorau rlvei, on the creel commonly
known M��onld*rcreek, and a quarter of ��� mile
���*���"��� lhe Porks, and marked a L. Hlewarl's
tuiitliw.v ,   ,,*,-,    ...i, ihence  norlh HO chains.
i..e. , ,-,-t �� <lHllllK nn-nce south to ehalns,
lh:Ii:'  *V "'"M to plaee oi eommeneement.
baled lit d0) of April, 11W7.
A. L. Stiwam*. locator.
The Daily Canadian
intend ������������ >ppl, lo in. UoBor.blr thaOslal Com-
���;'"i*si. I .-I Uii.l, nnil Wortl Inr ��� Fius.-lal
'',,'"' '" rm -isl sarry awny llmlier Imm Hie-
[��u��wlni deioribed: Unit, m tint Kwtanaj .11..
��� '���"������'"���"���"��. ll ,. p ,1 plant**) ��i��������� i������,n,l
'''"'���f mllei  up a ...silhurii irll.llli-uy ssl llss-
_'.   ;   '     ������*���'   on ti���- ortet oommonly
'��������� a. his.I sskisit ai|Siartssr s,f
.     ,'  ���   '"' "'S I  Tkis, sssssl lusirk,.,] A.I, tlMtntl't
,". ] ���-'���! r po��, thenoe until UO chain,,
ti!,.!!," ""',"' ':  ""��� tbenca  nnrlh  ICsdohaliiss,
"isi , ,i ..    I'! '!"""'" *'"" " "' s-'soiraolu-oinolil.
""en till, IM ,lay o| A,,ru ,,,���
"     A. 1. KTSWA11T. IxHsatssr.
!r!��'".l!"!'.,'.r *:nS."Ml **"��;�� sarterilato 1
'  lanifi, '.lisiiitu.i in"i'lic-*"viiir,-y of
>��� ^t&Wm*hfes^
ncHhi(1.t,,"""1"',"',n*t ���*** pu** planted at the
claiming_i' .",r"'A* "���' biistie's pre-emption,
���TTofA11 ,lHUi ,lh "loni ����� test bound'
60 chain's in Vi I'r,'-einptlon,  Ihenee east
Hue    thann    J..?  Hl"'   l'',,rl    -**heppll[ii   SUIVUV
��� u;..;1 !;;, ,",;i*l v"-?1""* "r��� ',"*llr
���"* -IikIiis. ihi-iice oaal 4t)
.. tsooniont.
I'-'Ir.l.lWt. J. 1', fl��*KDBIHU.
lis-, <���l,l'"''���'','!''y (tlvoll tliat ills naya alter ilato 1
1i*'ii   in applj, ���,-,,, 11, ,Jf,r.,,,_,{., .������,,..,_,.
.'        "i"   0     I.ssis,l8   ���,,,!   vv,,,,,  l���r . apcoHl
",   ^.'I'll'iii'ts'iirrytUnhcr Irsiin tho follow-
ti,,.,,.. .,'1' r,'M **- ht snn! rar
!.,.      ',"""������ *'',|,f1""* tll<*"��� "l**"
I-    1 ,'��,"'.'","' '"*'li:onioiit.
s*   n, ilMar, I, _-tr,l. 1U07.        J. p, Hwinum,.
"sissi'iii',..',",!""""'"""""  I"��t  Plantesl  nt tho
I    ��� *      '"" ' "I Issi'-itisili  N..I oil the eul
sis'! i'i,* ",' '.''A "��� ''Isrlsstlo'a proemptloii,
��� ���.��� ,,���.'��� J, l'""sii"srisith >loD| the enit bssiinil-
mehalna aai, r:"lfctsiii'B pre emptlssn, thonoo
s-'.s ..s'lits    11 * Ns-l.ssn 1111,1  Fort Hhs-pparst
slsisssi*. ��,.,',,'""''��� ""'hsslna, north, ihonoo ,o
1-iK-nU-d Mun.1,'."'^;.',',' J^'in.-I.ocment.
1.1'. SWEiiitRRa, locator
'" s'lsislv"!!!',',""!,1 "'Ifty slttynalter ilale I inieml
'���""���i-ii'iii tv'",* '""*tlic Chlel fiimmlaaliiner of
"eenie to ,,!!      ",' X ''*l0"��, H- t:., lor a ��|>s.<slal
1..1       .''  aiti]  , 1! 1 *��� v  t,,, ,1,- 1,,,. 1...,  I.-.....   tt...
.1,. ,11 . ,'"rr>' """)' tlinl'or Irom the
tomtnoneltn.        '"Ul1" "' *t-' Kootenny:
"I the sis,sit..'","'* 1'ssi.l plantesl 211 ohalna weHt
> heatl !  ,,    ''",r"rr "1 lAirttU, ami at the
'���t'Hsiiss,  thenca      "        l  ,7rt"*   tholis-u   oast  'Jo
clinln-a, tii,,,,    *""1'1 40 ishiilim. thenee eaat ,0
chaini it        ""' l'1 ohalna, thonoe oa*t mt
'''"nn-, thenn '"""i ���""'lielin, thenoo wont 1-JO
iiii'iss,,,���,..,, ,. , ^"'ilh -10 ohalna to plaoe nt oom-
11.,  s ,,       "'""""KtHDiioroamoroor leaa.
1 Um* "">. mm. 1'iiT.n tram.
. Noll,
��� ll hs-rel.y
ll��"* I Ins ���,,     * ,*""'" that thirty ilayis altor
''"tniii".!    !',,"l,*l"v.""|ie��onoi   **     *"
inioriihlo tho Chief
"iiiiisl..!,,,,,.. ;',���'.'. ,IK 'siiiiorni'iotiio inlet
"""Is-.l.in l��� *'""'" ""(1 work��, VloUirln, lor
li��- iiill���,viT���, , ll ''.i"1, '"itrry istvay tttnher frssm
lllltlct-     ' ''vxrll'osl hsis.la In \(*oat Kootonay
'���""It No t   n
'""irls-n ���s ��� ,*.'���,���''iiiiiioiiclu-,  nt  ���,.,,��!   three-
'*"��>'""I    i "!' tit*. Mllei'teoli.oil Koot-
''"""���i in'! i, ",1"1"!1! ""Ham Walmiley'i 6 K.
'''"'���i' sisiisi,   ,V ,"  '''."'"HU" weat, thoiifO *,
'''""i" 1" ll,   '., f. ,    ,",     . ell'il"" 0Bat, thenru 10
1 ������'^T^uT'"1"*'
William Walmilkv. Locator.
>'. hhshan, Agent
TakenoUoetbatSOdafi after flateltntendto
apply to thi Hmi   the Chlrl Commissioner of 1
Landl and Work., Vlotorla. lor a special licence
lo��mt and curry away timber from the IoIIhwiiie
desoribed land, in Wesi Kpotcnari Commencing
at a pOSl planted at Kolcauec Biding, on Hand
I'oint, on touth tide Weat Arm ol KooUnsj
river about la mlb*<ieasi of Nelson, H (',marked
"0.F  Walmilej-'s   S'.K. 001 uer  post," theiiu- BO
chains aouth, thenee BO ohalns west, thence to
ebalni north, thonoe tt ohalns to point of com-
meneemeni. conlainiiiK t-biaoris, mire or leai.
Located March ICth, i0O7.
I'. HllKKAJr, Ajfeut.
1 alee nollee thai I intend thirty day* alter date
to apply t-> thu Hon. the Chief i.'oinmissionor of
Lands and Woiks for a special license lo eul and
fair? aivay limber from the following described
lauds, situated east ot Dor ciuek, In lhe dlsirlct
of West Koolenay; ('ommenclng al a pint marked '-The Houndary Lino ber Coin pany'i northwest
corner post " rdnnUd about a mile east ol tiio
Columbia and Western railroad, and about three
miles soulb of the Big Tunnel, tbeuce ih chains
���Onth, ihence 60 chains east, them-e in chaini
south, ther.ee IW) chains east, thence 4<t chalm
north, thenot SO Obalns weat, thence in chains
north, thenee IK) chains weat to Mini of corn-
Dated 4th Mareh, 1907. J (.inklle,
Agenl for Thc Boundary Lumber Co.
Tale notice that I lulend thirty davs after dat**)
toapply to the Hon the Chief Commissioner of
Unds anil Worki tor a apodal Hci-mu- to cot and
carry awav timber from the following described
landa, altuated on Dog ereek, in West Koolenay
dlitrlet; Commencing at a post planted on the
eail ilde of the Columbia and Western railroad,
on or aboul len chains east, and marked "The
Boundary Lumber company's post," and about
a mile and a half aonth of the Big Tunnel, tbo
rurthwesi corner, theuce runninjc south 10b
etalus, thene- east *k) chains, thenee imrth 160
ehalni, thenee weat W ehalni to place ol commencement.
Dated Mareh 4lh, 1B07. J OHBtt
Take notice that 1 Inteud, tblrtr d.,\> after
dale, lo anpiy to Ihe Hon the Chief ConimiiMon.
er ol Unds and Worka (or a h\nxlal lleeliie to cut
ann oarry away limber Lorn lhe lollowlng de-
scrllM-d lands, situated on Sandy creek, in West
Kooteuay distriet; Commencing at a post plant*
ed ou th ��� west side ol Haudv ereek and called
J. I'. H's southwest eoruer post, thenee running
east to chains, thenee norlh 40 chains, thence
vest A Ohalni, thenee north* ehalni, thenee
west 40 chains, thence luiith tifucbitni to place
of commencement.
Dated this Mti dav of March, WW.
J. 1'. HwiEiiiiEBO, Loealor.
.Notice i- hereby given tbat 'M days alter dale i
Intend to apnlv to lhe Honorable lhe Chief Commissioner ol Landi and Works Ior a special
Uopnse to cut and carry away Umber from the
followiiiK described landl situated on the west
side ol Big Hheep Creek Vallev: Commeneing
about three and a hall miles north of the International boundary line and about one aud a
half miles west of the Nelson aud Fort Hheppard
Hallway company's land grant In the district of
Weit Kooteuay:
No. 1.���Commeneing at a jsnt planted two
miles west of Big Sheep creek, known as the
southwest corner post, (Olttlng J. K, Crauiton'n
timber claim No. 1, claiming so chains nortlt,
tbenee80chains nsst, thence go chains south,
thence HOrhaiu* west io polntof commenceraeut.
Located March'Jlst, 1W7.
Ko 'i.���Commencing at a posl planted at Ihe
southwest coruerof location No. I, known aa the
northwest corner pott of location So. 2, elalnnng
DO chains iouth, llienee to chains east, then ��������� ni
chains uorth, thenee to ebalni west to polut ol
Located March :21st, 1W7.
No. 3���Commencing al a poit placed half a
mils WOSt Ol looatlon No .', known as lhe southeast corner, claiming so chains north, thenee to
chains west, Ihenee 80 cluilns south, thence 80
ehains cast to point ol commencement.
No. 4���Commencing at a post planted at thc
southeast comer of location No. .1, known us lhe
Dortheest corner, claiming IN chalus south,
Ihence tuchains west, theuce <6U chains north,
thence4ilclialtiB east to point of commencement.
Locoted Mareh Hat, YJtfl.
3.1". SwirmiBo, Locator.
K. T���Knqki.skjkn, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that M days from date
I Intend toapply to the Hon chief commissioner
ol Lands and W orks for a special license to eut
aud i-arrv r.way timber from the following df-
scribed lauds In West Kooi��nay district:
Commenelntt at a post planted on the north
bank ot IU Mile creek, about one mile ami a hall
from Slocnn lake, marked K Strand's northwest
corner posl, thenee east UO cbains, thenee south
���in chittiifl, theuee went b-i' chains, theuce north
40 ehalus to point of commencement.
Dated this Jlst day of March. 1907.
jt, htranp. Locator,
rated March Rib, linn
William^Valmiley, Locator.
1*. unaiuif, Agent.
Notice is bereby given that N days alter dfttS 1
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and W'orks, Victoria, S��r a
special license lo eut and c.a**ry awav lirnoei
from the following described laud in Weat Kootenay:
Commencing at a po*t planted about right
miles from the mouth of Coat creek, and where
It flown into the Slocnn river and nbout six
ohalni trom the ore* k upon the t-outh bunk, ami
Joining 0. B, Htttle'l location on the wcsl lint*
and marked K. Hatie's southeast corner post,
thenee west 100 chains, theuce north 4Q clwiius,
theuce ea-t lfio chains, thence south 40 chains to
point ol commencement.
Located March 28th, WOT.
per c  H. Hittle. Agont
8peaker   of   Saskatchewan   Legislature
Discusses  Achievements-
Making of Laws.
Winnipeg, April 9.���Thoman KcNutt,
of SuitcimtH, npeaker of tba legtslaturg
of SaKkutcliowun, waa in tho city yes-
tor lay, havlni; left Regina immediately
alter the prorogation adjournment of
iho asHombly. Mr. MoNutt Btated that
Uh sension of the leKiKlalure had been
murked hy lhe onnclmenf ol' coii��ldi*P
able ]egi��iation ol a conBtruelivo nature,
and Unit tho members of the House had
been well saiiKlio.i wiili the impress
made. During lhe latter iwo weeks of
Uie session, very bard work had been
done in order tliat Uie m-cashm dutioH
incumbent on ihe Bouse mlghl he dls*
charged before adjournment,.
The mosl important matter which
had lieen dealt with liy tin; House, in
the judgment of Ihe speaker, wan Ihe
enactment of the new law fur the tax*
ln�� ol lands for lhe support of.Kchools.
This law. as explained at the time,
makes provision Iur a Lax of one cent
per acre, the proceeds lo be used chiefly for the support of primary schools.
Eighty per cent of the fund soes to the
rural schools, ten per cent, to the secondary shcools, five per cent to the university, and five per cent to the agricultural college. NYcessary legislation In
connection with the administration of
justice had also been enacted, the district court bill ami the supreme court
bill having gone through.
So f��r as Mr. McNutl had learned,
the condition of the Hon. Walter Scott
was not perfectly satisfactory, although
a brief note received from him a few
days ago was most cheering in tone. It
Is hoped thut the premier will_ be back
in Kegina within a few months, completely  restored  In health.
Two members of the Saskatchewan
legislature, A. Champagne. Hattleford,
and W. Grant, I'l.nche, arrived in Winnipeg yesterday on iheir way home by
a circuitous route, after tbe prorogation
of the assembly. Their direct route
was by the (\ N. H. Prince Albert
branch, and the distance about 200
miles, bin no trains had left Hegina on
that line for iwo days, owing apparently to a slight snowstorm which prevailed for nearly a day. and no information could be obtained as to when the
service would be resumed. lTnder these
circumstances, Mr. Champagne and Mr.
Grant considered that their surest and
quickest way of gelling home was to
come on to Winnipeg and take tbe C.
N. H. Edmonton main Une, although the
distance they have to travel Is S00 miles
along two sides of a triangle, compared
with a base line of 200 miles. The Incident is a striking Illustration of the
straifs to which the public are put by
Ihe existing railway inefficiency.
Notice is liereby glTOU that BO days altor date 1
Intend toapnlv to the Honorable tne Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works, Victoria, ior��
special license toi ut and carrv away tlwla-r Irom
the following dOIOrloed lund in Vest Kooteuay :
< oniineneinK at a post planted ;il>-*ut six mild
Irom the mouth e( Ooal cre-'k and where it ilows
Inlo Hloean river, anil sbOOt 15 chilli* from lho
creek, upoV 'he soutli hunk and maraud C It
Illltle's southeast corner posi, thonco west IM*
chain', ihence north 4'-t ehalna, theuce eaat WO"
chains, th-nco south 40 ehalus to point ol com
Dated March _��th. 1%7.
0, R. HlTrbc, Locator.
Notleo is hereby Riven that thirty doys afler
date I intend to npply Io the Hon Die Chief!
Commissioner nf Unds ami Works, at Vict "In,
Ior a special license to cut mid carry away lini ber
Hum thc following deserlbod lamls in West
Kootonay, lhat Is to aay: ��� owmenelnB al
HitHcrnflH    and   ^ebermcrhorn's   post   No    S,
running thenoe east 80 ohalns, thenee iouth Iw
chains, tbence wesl��) chains, thonce norlh it"
chains to point of commencement poat No. 3,
containing MO acres of land, more or lean.
Haled at Creslou, B.C., this'-Und day ol March,.
A.D., 1SW7.
Cko. Hiisrnon*,
Notice Is herein- given that thirty dnys alloir
date I Intend to apply to thc Hon. Ihe Chief Coin--
raiasioucr of l-auds and Works, at Viciorla,.
for a special licciiHC to- uland carry away timber
from   ihe   rnllowliiR   describe I   hinds  in   West
Kootenay. that i�� to say: Oommenelng at ���>
p-ilnt N ohalns east of the northwest corner of
HuNcroUand .-v'lierineihorn'.i (Wit No. 1. runniiiK aoulh 40 chains to oosl No a, thence
cast to chains, tlience nortii 80 chains, theuce
west ��o chains, thence souih ao chalm to place ol
oommenoement post No. t, oontainlng ism acres,
more or less. , ,       ___     .
Pated al Creston, B.C., this Bind day of March,
flEO  HDirnoiT,
j, o gQuiniunHoa!..
Notice is hereby Rtvcn that 30 days after date I
intend to applv to the Hon. Chief lommissloner
id Unds and Works for a special license to cut
and carrv away timber from the following described lands, situated on Corn Creek In the
Uoat creek division In Houthwest Kootenay, B C.
"A"-CommenctnK at post "A'"plantcd ahout
120 chains went from southeast corner of Block
No lOSfi, and marked "*v.L Beekwlth by I J.
Lucia, audit, northeait corner post," about two
rhallis north ofthe stream, then west 180 chains,
Uien #) chalus loirh. then east 180 ehnins, then
49 chains north to post of-eommeneement.
Dat��d March 6lh, l��n. W. L Becmvitii,
by I. .1 I-ccia, Agent.
.���B"__CommeiiclnK at post "B" planted on the
south fork of Corn creek, about 60-hnins from
where tbc stream empties into Hie Main stream,
marke.1 "W. 1.. Beekwlth by I ' Lucia, agent,
northeast corner post," about three ch-dns east
���of Ntreiim, then l��)cbalns soutli. tl"n *W chains
wast, the:' Wi chain* north, then W chains east
to point of oommenoement
Hated Much Tth, WW W- t- PlCKwmt,
by I. J. Lucu, Agenl.
"C"-Commcnclng fit post "C" planted $0
ahaiiiH south of northwest corner of Block "B
(marked "W t, Beekwlth by I.J- Lucia, brcuI,
northeast comer post," about ten chains west of
stream northcasl corner, then 160 chains south,
then 4i chiilnn west, lien 100 chains north, then
Uohains east to POStal commencement.
Pal.d .^areh 8th. l'Afi. W. L. Beckwith,
by I.J. I.i'CtA, Agent.
Take notiee tbat :hirty daya aft-r date I intend toapply tothe Hou. Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works at Victoria, B. C , Ior a special
license In cut and larrv away umber from the
followiiiK described lands lu AlnSffOTth div Mon:
Commencing at a post marked Chas, V. �� alms
lev's southwest post, thence norih 80 chains,
tbenee e^st Ho chaius. thenee south Rflchains.
thenc weit 80 ebalns to point ot oommeneement,
th.* *ald land belli*  hltuttted on thc easl side ol
Casc.dc creek, about *._ miles south of the Lardeau river. __,
Located March Uth, 1*7 _
CHAi. V   W AI.MHLF.Y, I^'Cator.
1'. Sheran. Agent
���_;��� Commencing at a post marked Chas. F
Walmsley's uortW*-t post, theuce soulb 80
chains, thence easl W) chains, thenc* north 80
ohalus. thenoo west BQ nhanis to point of oommeneement, Hie snid hind being siiuste on the
cast ildo of Cascade oreek, ahout:''., miles south
tit Lardeau rccr.
Located March 18th, Wff.
Chas 1'. Wa!*ms:.ry. Locator,
1'. 8HEKAN. Agent.
s���Commencing nt a post marked Chu. J
Wulinaley's   soulhwcst   post,   thence  south   80
chain-,  thenee east HO ehnins. ihenee north 8'<
ohalns Ihenee west 80 QhaUti to polntof oom.
mcuecincnt.tlichAid land  being situate on the
east side of <'a>cadc creek, abom *M ""��> *UUlh
.i<I>ord.*rni river.
LOOated March Uth, IWt.
Cham F. Wauisley. Locator,
1'. H1IEBAN, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date I Intend toapply tothe Hon. Hie I hief om-
misHiom.r of i^iuds and Works, al \ Ictoria.
for a IPOOlal liccue.. to eut and curry   awuy   lm-
tarfrom thetollowlngdesoribed IkihIs in West
Kootenav,  ihr.t  is to say:   Comnieneing   at a
post planted <o ehains east of the norfteait
corner ol   Mock  Sl*..   (post marked 818 K   S,)
thonoe turning oast 80 onalns, thence w��tn80
eliains, lbence west to chains, thence north W
chains to   location  post No. 1. OOUtalnlng 6W
aeref of liiaid. more or less.
I'ated at .-restou, B.C., thia Wud day of March,
A'D'JM7, CEO. Iltmi'ROKT,
Take notloe that I lulend, ihlr'y days after
dale to'.Mily lo lhe Honorable the Chlel Co n-
UUSloner 3 Unda und Work., for ,l special
iTiiceti) eut and curry away   timber from the
llmving descrllied lauds, situated on Sandy
'reek, in West Ko.d.n.iy district I Commeneing
til tilt." Planted on tb- west side, of said creek,
nn marke "J- P. S's" northwest corner; Ihciov
running souih eighty ehains; then-o eust eighty
c n" theuce north eighty ehulns; ihence west
eighty chains tO plaee ol t'0������,'��^,��JnBRBQ(
I luted 1 his IHth day of February, HHff.	
"Noilce is he why given that ��') days af ier'date
I KS to'y'ply1 io the BonoiubTo toe en c
hommlitloo^ oi Lands und W orji.^Victor a,fw
,. socciui llieneo tOCUt and curry uwu> tlmlier
*o, the following deserlhed pice- ... land in
��,s,t Koolenay dlstricl: Coinineielng ut a l iht
olu iled '20 ehu nn from lhe cast sbo.e ��.f Lppcr
1 ro uke und adjoining block 8W on hOSOUth
nml marked "OhSS. Mi's" northwest enrner,
V . ,'e outh 80 chains, there east to ehains,
SSSce porth 80 ebalns. thenoe west 80 uhuius to
polnl of commencement-
Dated the Itu day ol March, HN7 ^^ .^
Statement of Results Achieved by Careful  Picking of Ore  Before
Ore Burling iB usually aBBUinod to Iss*
exijenyive, and whuiu ore In turned over
by hand, It is undoubtedly un expensive
operation; but, as pnrt of a milling process In wblch the ore ls automatically
conveyed slowly on wide bells from one
machine to another, waslied free of mud*
und dust, and brought directly under
lhe ore (Otter's eyo, It is by no meant
expensive, ln fact there ure many
places where lt. pays to pick ore out uiu
rock and gaugue from the ore, and
thus increase the capacity of the cuu-
centralor, us weil us raise the quality
of lis output To some ll may appear foolish to attempt to sort out lead ore when
there ls a mill at hand where ii can be
concenlraLud lor u lew cents per ton
(Seldom less man 6U cents per tun,
however.) This alleged foolishness is
perhaps worth Illustrating, tu the end
lhat a proper comparison can be made
lu any given case.
Taking silver-lead ore only, with an
assumed saving by concentration of 75
per cent of the lead and Bilver ln the
ore, lt is manifested that for each ton of
silver-lead ore that goes througn the
mill, at heBt but three-quarters of a ton
of silver-lead ore picked out before milling represents 100 per cent of its value,
less of course the Increased cost of
picking, or sorting, if uny.
For the purpse of an illustration, let
Usi lake what 1 assume to be a very low-
grade mill ore for the Slocan.
(a) It is assumed tliat the net value
of one ton of silver-lead ore is $80.
lb) That only 2% per cent of this
silver-lead ore can be picked out by
hand from 100 tons of mill feed.
(c) That the capacity of the mill ls
Leu tons per hour, of which only 6 tons
pauses over the picking belts; these
latter would require the services of two
ore Boilers.
Neglecting the silver-lead mineral in
the flne ore, we need confine oru attention only to the 2>_ tons that can be
picked out by hand, I. e., 214 tons at
180 - J200. If crushed and jigged, 75
per cent of this can be recovered ln concentrates, or >150; while by employing
two men. together with a washing
trommel and picking belts, we can recover 2Si tonB, worth ISO per to!n or a
total of 1200, at a cost of $6 for Ichor
and 11.60 for power, repairs, etc., (a
total expense of $7.50,) showing 142.50
In favor of hand picking, which figured
back on the crude oro amounts to |425
per ton.
The same process and remarks would
apply to zinc blend ores, though of
course to a less degree on account of
the difference in value between silver-
lead ores and zinc ores. I will go fur-
ther and state, that in my opinion waste
rock and worthless gangue, when over
one Inch In diameter, can in Slocan ores
bo sorted out of the mill and feed cheaper than it can be milled, that is, crushed
one-quarter Inch or less, jigged or passed over the tables and slime plant iu
the mill. Then, by picking out waste
rock the milling ore Is partly concentrated, which results in a richer feed
to the Jigs, etc.. and a higher all-around
mineral recovery Is obtained. Furthermore waste rock can be picked out for
20 to 30 cents per ton, according to the
conditions, wheras if left In the mill
feed it will cost 40 to 70 cents per ton
to mill it���From an article "Ore Milling In the Slocan," In Mines and Miner
als for April.
I have just returned to Nelaon and
have opened up at the aame old stand.
and now ready to do ali kinds of
KALSOMINING. 8hop rear of Bartlett
I'BDNINb AND ORAfTINQ oreltilly ��tlonsl
edto. ADPly'
S1lvs>r Klne Histrl
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Bo-
Baker St., NELSON. B. C.
Notice Id hereby Riven thnt ihe WattBUnrg
Lumber company hai applied to Hla Honor the
Lieutenant Qovarnor In eounOtl, under the pro-
viptous of the "Blyori and Streams Ael." for the
right to Improve KykortH ereok in the distriet of
West Kontenay. British Columbin, by removing
the obstruction* therefrom nnd stitilghtenlng
the bunks thereof,mid ineoustruetdRmn, boi.ms,
���lldeiand chute-', nnd makesuch other Imp- ove-
mont* al may bo reo*wary tor tha driving and
mf ting of lo.'K \\Ttt\ tin* Hum ini! of timber tin* rei..
The lands to bo afleoti d nro govurmeiit lnndp and
Lots'?.'ii and2W,Oroup 1) fcootamy district, nud
the tolls thai an prnpfred to becoa*aodi if nny,
aretiuuh as mav be ilxed by a Juii-,;. of the county
court ot West Koolenay. ���
Datod this Itttb dny of March, A. 1) 1U07.
Th�� Strathcona
Nelion, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Neluon. B. C,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heatod by Hot Air
Largo and Comfortable Beilrooma ausl Flrtt-
ssli his istiiiisK Room,  issuflpk' Uoiima for CoEimer-
s-lkl   M.o
*MR9. K. S.C-AKKI. ProprlelreM
Grand Central Hotel
Tiiib hotel hag been ���winpletely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipment*.
Hot wuter heating throughout.
RATKH : Rooms,  Me.  uowards ; meals   "-Sc��;
ipeclal rates by the week.
J. A. EBICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Houae
and Poatoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European and Americans Plan
Heall tt Ota.   Booma Irom 38 Ota. to U
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St.. Neluon Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ls tbe Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
Helton, B.r.
Royal Hotel
moral irraaaB.
Ratm tl -and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Moat comfortable quartern ln Nelson
Only the. beat ol Liquors and i fgara.
Atlantic Seaboard
Kootenay Points
Effective for Trana-AtlantIc passengers arriving on or subsequent to April
from points in Ontario, Quehec, Maritime provinces, St. Paul, Chicago, and
United States.
Send For Yoar Friends
Full   particulars    on    application  (o
local agent or write
A.U.P. ...Vancouver. ���>��� P.A., Nelwn
WholcHtUo mnl "dull Healer* lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shisrlost notice aud
lowest pries-. Nothing lint fiv'sli nnd
wholesomo m tints nnd snppl-es kept in stock
Mail orders rooisivo carofnl' ntteutiou.
* * * *i*^'YY''-*vin-rii*r*--n>vv\Av
Ftuit Lands
section of tiis district.
or small tracts.
%AAj*MVt0WM*i mv
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With tearing orelinrds and running vrator on each property.    Then proper-
tis-s can bo pot-chased on reasonable terms if sold at once.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aem
Choicest Frait Lands hi
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one bloc*.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
For Quick Sale
and Two Lots
On Chatham SL Fin* location. Clow
to ear Una. Houm built of brick flrat
Moray.   Nlealy furniahad.
$ 29AOO
$700.00 caah,  balance  aa aaay terra.
Certificate of the Registration of An
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companiea Act, 18*7."
I HEREBY CERTIFY that the "Krso 811m
Lead Mining Company, Limited." hu thll day
been registered un in Hxtra-troTinelal Company
under the '-Coiniwnlee'i *ct, 1897," to earry ont
*ir effect all or aay of the object! of the company
to which the legislative authority of the Lef il-
latureot 1 ritixb Columbia extendi.
Tbe head office of the company Is situate at
Phoenix, Tciriiory of Arfiona, U. 8. A.
The amount of the capital of the company li
tbree million dollars, divided into six hundred
tbouaand shares of five dollars each
Thc head office of the company In this province
is situate at Kaslo, and W. ��. Zwlcky, mining
engineer, whose addrcis Is Kaslo, B* 43., Is tha tt
toruey ior tbe compuny.
The time of the existence of the company Is
twctiiv-tivt; years from the eighteenth day of
October, 1900.
���1 he company Is limited.
Given under my band and seal of office, Victoria, Provlnoe of Hritish Columbia, this 82nd
nay of March, one thousand nine hundred and
[L.B.] 8. Y. WUOTTOK,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The purposes for which this corporation Is
fTtued are to buy, hold, .eaie, sell, work, explore, develop anii operate mines an 1 mining
claims, and all kluds uf mining property; to locate and procure patents for mining claims; to
buy, erect, construct, or otherwise acquire and
sell mills, smelters, concentrator or other reduction I'lsnts, and to run aod operate the aame
in tbe reduction of ali kinds of ore, and the extraction of mint cal therelrom; to acquire lnany
manner all kinds of real e?tale net'issarv for the
economical and expeditious operation of its mln-
lug and -smelting anil reduction business, and
otner business Incident thereto; to buy and sell
and olherwise acquire aud dispose of any and
all kinds o( personal property, machinery, tooh
and merchandise, for tbe convenient and prac-
1 cal operation of its business ln an/ branch
thereof, and to that end to establish and eonduct
stores and merchandising establishments for the
purchase and sale ot all klndi of *> nods and merchandise; to acquire iu any lawful manner telephone and telegraph lines and rights of way; to
operate aud cuuduct suoh lines In any manner
necevsary or convenient for the operation of Its
mining and smelling and reduction business or
any branch Incident thereto; to build,construct,
equip, operate aud conduct railway and tram
iiucF wherever necessary un 1 convenient, to the
proper operation' of Us said lines of buslnrsa; to
liny and sell or otherwise acquire and dispose of
tho Murk oi other corporations which may in Its
judgment cotitributH to the su"ce*js of Its operations, or which lu its judgment may be (or the
benefit of its stockholders, to acquire In any
n.miner uud to dispone sii water lights, ditches,
lluincR, plpt) lines or i\!ier aqueducts, which
mny be ueccfsarv or convenient for supplying
water to ibu varlOUI plant* ot the company, and
to acquire in any manner ami lo establish ano
orerate plants and lines for operating, heating
orlightinK tho property or plants otitic company, and to hi 11 ti ire in any lawful manner, and
to dispose ot town-lies, or uny portion thereof,
and to hold, operate sell, and ditposc of water,
liKht aud heat for tbe purpose of htrhilng, heat
inn or furnishing water id said townsite or
lownblles, and each unu every portion thereof,
and geu<:ruliy to do auy und ali things and to acquire and hold and dispMu of ali ki> di of property, and to manage, operate aud eonduct any
and "ll kinds of plants and business whioh ln the
opinion of tho directors and stockholders may
bo 11. ������<-s*,,irv for the convenience aud successful
operation of Its business a* u mining and smelt
Ing and roductlou company. ,
"CompanlM Act, 1W7."
Provtji cb or British Columbia., f
No. ITO.
THIS 18 TO CIET1FY that tha "Columbia
Valley Land Con-Hay." ia anthortaad aad llet��-
sed to carry on business within tha protlaee rf
Brltlah Columbia, aad to earry oat or elect eU
or any 0! too objects of tha Ceaspany to which
the ltgislatlre authority of tho Lafialatnra of
British Columbia extendi.
The head offlce of tha Company m sltnate at
the city of Wlnnlneg, pgoytaao of Manitoba.
Tho amount of the capital ot tho aald company
is one hnndred thousand dollars, divided into
one tbouaand sharee of one hundred dollan each
The head offloe of tha company in tbla province la altuate at the City of Nelaoa. and Robert
" ., barrister, whose address
Wetmore Hannlnj
nlngton, .   _ 	
is Nelaon. B. c, ls tbe attorney for tho company.
Given nnder ny hand and seal of offloe at
Vietoria. Provlnoe of British Columbia, thla tth
day of February, one thousand nine hundred
and seven.
IL. a.) ^       8. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock C��
The objecu for which this company haa booa
established and licensed are:
(a) Buying, Belling, Uealug or diipoatur of
coalmines, coal and wood Unda, farming, graa-
ing and frnit Undi aad timber limits, and to
work and develop the aame:
(b.) To carry on the business ol emigration
and colonisation agents, make advances to assist
s. ttlers on lands purchased from the company,
and aecure repayment of snob advances, with
intereit, on such Wrms and In such manner by
way of mortgage or agreement aa may be mutu-
ally egree<       _._
(e.)  To earry on the busi
neea of ranching,
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
In the nm"! ter of .in application for the issue of
a duplicate of the Urtitieatc of Title of Lots 3 and
4, Block'-Si, l.oi !��. )Unck :i<t and Lot 1*2. Hioek fit),
Nelsnn city (Mup^J'<6 uud'J66A )
Notice ls hereby gWeu thu*. lt Ii my Intention
to Issue a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for
the above lots at tbe explratlou of oue month after
the first publication hereof in tho name of Fraas
Jacobvand -mil I'oltii which'ertiflcate of Title
ls datci the tth dny of January, HOT, and numbered 4*267 A.
h. r. macleod,
District Registrar.
Land R��gtstry Office, Nelson, B.C
4tb, April, 1M7,
breeding and aelllng and dealing in ogtttei
horses, sheep aad otber live stock;
(d.) To purehaae. aell and deal la lumbar
wood, coal, mineral, grain, provision!, (Joining
and general supplies:
(e.) To carry on tha trade aa general merchant. and forwarders:
(I) To issue lo payment of aay property ae*
quired by the company shares of tha capital
stock of the company aa fully paid op and non
assessable or otherwise:
(g ) To carry on the business of manufac-turara
and dealers in power generatori amfmotors ol
every description, to construct ond ngafafo all
classes of vehicles, agricultural implements, machinery, boats, steamers, batres and ferries la
which the said motors are ueed,; to construct aad
operate boat lines, and to carry on thf buaiaese
of carriers, cartage ead parcel dtllvervj to owa
aod operate omnibus lines and veblolos aad
boats for hire; to sell, Imm and supply >ower,
and to generate and salt, leaaofoad supply slectrl-
city; to own aud operateelectrlcplaata and generally to carry on any bugiMn incidental to tho
aforesaid purpoots aad owjoMaof the company:
fh) To purchase, lake or leaae. exchange c
therwlse acquire and dispose, oi any real o.
personal property and any right* bud privilege*
which the company may consider necessary lor
thu purpose* of their operations, and to sell aad
dispose of any lands or otner real estate aad personal property at any time owned or controlled
by tbe company, or any part thereof, or aay control therein or claims thereon, and generally to
do all such things as are Incidental or conducive
to tho carry log out of the objects of tha oompany
(1.) To become shareholders to anyeslstlng
or proposed eompaay and to promote aad assist
ln promoting any company carrying on a business pertaining to the objects lor which thla
oompany is incorporated aad wbleh nay prove
useful to this oompany, aad to acquire, take over
and operate tho ouslnost of aay sucb oompany
a over
or companies, and to enter into engagements lor
sharing profits, union ot interest, Joint adventures, reciprocal concessions or otnewlse with
any person or company, aad take or other wise
a*qulroand hold thano aad I
of such
Noilce U bw.brilf.il tb��t lm. H OoMMOUfh
hu m-Mle .ppUcUon uadar lb. -DroTUlou, ��l
tb. -Liquor sUc-me. Act, !,������," lor ��� boui ltelli-e
[01 Hi. WhlUw��t.r Hotel..t whluw.tir, ��nd tbal
Okltl LHawalMpMU,
Malwn,B.c,MthlUnk,im. !:* ti
l..i i)afly Canadian
BOX 157
I To Arrive j
For Easter j
Store will be closed Good Friday
(and Easter Monday.
Ornamented Chocolate Eggs.
Blue Bird  Eggs-    Cuckoo Eggs.
Robins'  Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducks  and
Chicks all sizes.
Make your selection* while the  atock
is complete.
 Phone 206.
first-class repair; one block from car
Price $J,400
*)500 down, $100 In six months, balance on mortgage.
H. L Croadsdaile & <___
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
All Kinds of Heating Plants in Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Bnilders will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stovea, etc.
121 East Baker 8t. Phone No. A1K
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Ssss;i���il,Hl    Rarty  im-ssls even   Friday
STBOlns at 6 n m . in tsst- Miners' I'nissn iiiiii
All sirs.- lssvltsssl; tiny .uiu allowed lo take part lis
tlie debates.   1. Austin, Secretary.
Cor. Veriissis untl Ward  StreetN,
J. FRED HUME. Proprietor.
T. McLeod, Slocan; A. Murdoch, E.
C. Ryan, Winnipeg; It. E. Iiaird, To
rcsnto; F. L, Layer. C. A. Peterson, H.
U'right, Viinvcouer; S. J. Short, Edmonton; I-]. A, Booth. oMntreal; F. L. Mer
ry, J. D. Anderson, Trail; F. E. Aroher,
KukIo; R. A. Clioquetto, Calgary; F. E
Coombe. Wincardlne; A. H. stiles. F. L
Stiles, Seattle; \V. H. Hanschiltl, Mill
neapplis; A. O. Creelman, T. Ward
Grand Forks.
*-.\L *. i; v .\
.em. *&A*\m
J. G. Hopper, Areola; J. H. Tripp,
Oxbow; 0, 3. Aylwin, .). Grant, J. Park-
hill, E. T. Ross, Winnipeg; W. E. Almas, Souris; G. Suiems, Lowell; Mrs
J. W. Cockle, Kaslo; F. G. Benson, Vancouver; J. A. Wright, Montreal; R. A.
C. Loynette, Calgary; D. Wilson, Vic
R. Lawrence, Rossland; J. E. Elbrett
anil wire, F, Elbrett, J. Elbrett, A. Elbrett, M. Prilllps, Lacombe; T. P. Mo-
ran, Procter; N. Gaskeger, Pittsburg;
J. T. Bealey, London;   D. M. Sullivan,
F. B. Morrison, Revelstoke; Mrs. Four*
ner,   Crawford   Bay;   A.   N.   Wlnlaw,
Wlnlaw; T. Gough, Granite; P. H. True-
uian, Vancouver.
J. Terry and wife, Spokane; F. McKay, Victoria mine; M. McKlnnon,
Procter; R. E. Rhodes, H. A. London,
J. Thompson, Wolseley, Sask.; A. Bremner and wife, A. W. Slubbs, Vancouver;
R. W. Miffln. Salmo; W. J. MInnlsh,
Slocan; J. McLeod. Alnsworth; W. M
McDonald, T. Henderson, Medclne Hat;
G. Taylor, cliand. Forks;; C. H. Kins,
*��V. Hunter. Greenwood; J. E. Werner,
A. Jack, Three Forks.
R. Hansen, London; F. J. Orange, J.
Marshall, ullrton; A. Hill, Fire Valley.
D. Corry, Creston;  J. R. Cook, Lan
caster; W. Cameron, Moose Jaw; G. G
Brown, London.
A. C. Dale, Greenwood; E. S. Currier, Chicago; F. Shumbc, Alrington;
A. S. Gray, Kokanee; A. Sherratt, Slo*
can; J. G. Haker, .1. Laker, C. W. White,
Clay City; T. R. Mallory, 11. F. Maliory,
Eggs for Hatching
Pure bred S. C. Buff Orphingtons,
Buff Leghorns, and White Wyar.do.tei.
$2.00 per setting. Nine chicks guaranteed or order refilled at half price.
D. WADDS, Crawford Bay.
Hume Unto).
'.'OK-Hotel, JW.  Watt nus (*tf; nt onc��   Phone
You  jt man  with lOOd offlOfl experience secki a
puNiiiun     Apply Vox 51H, Nelson, P. (J.
* POSITION A-* * LKKK. Uy a book-keeper wbo
Imiulek mi i aei'iinilea** flt-rnres.   Aiidret* 8yd-
".v F   Hn", ik>x jWj. Keg tiH.Hj��k	
W'tMA.N shi.'O'* 1> TOOK, HU.UO   Waltresi 135.00
At once     W. i'ark'T.
TWO FIKHT-cuAoa KuO(*a, iteam heated,
ply hotinekuevfir. 8rd Hat. K. W. V, hlonk.
(QQ8B0PPLIED Irom the leading' Tarietles of
Pure Brad Poultry, Kuamnteed true tn nam-,
Apply .J Q Imxoii llox 170, Vancouver���Bet'y,
-if tlii'- Vn'imnv-*" P"iii'rv and P   Anwoi'lation.
Ta*. i".uL tauLKH and ono Comlilnatlnn Bll-
llurd uml Pool Table. KvervthJnj? romplele
Mi.l in good eoD'lltlnn. 8. J. Mlghton, Tobac-
"i*il��t, r'ninfitook. It ('.
K   TAN    TO   MNO      OCKT   ItOOK
New Cigar Store.
E. J. Curran wil open a cigar store
on llaker street two doors west of tlie
Canadian  Hank of Commerce.
Boat Service.
It is expected that thc C. P. R. will
start the daily boat service on the Arrow lakes on or about May 1st.
Hospital  Board.
The regulur meeting of the new board
of directors of the Kootenay Lake (len
oral hospital was held thfs aflernoon at
4 o'clock.
Coming  Home.
Mrs. Harry Wright and son, who
have been visiting friends in New York,
are expected to arrive tonight by the
Spokane train.
Will Visit the Coast.
Alfred Hebden and Mrs. Hebden will
leave by the Great .Northern for Vancouver tomorrow morning, and wil] not
return until the flrst week in May,
Fruit Lands in Great Demand.
There is considerable activity in fruit
lands on the Columbia river and Arrow lakes. The land in those districts
is particularly adapted to the cultiva
tion of fruit.
Fair Directors.
The directors of the Nelson Agricultural and Industrial Association will
meet tonight in the city hall at -S
o'clock. AH subcommittees will report
their recommendations for the revision
of the prize lists for this year's fair.
1. O. O. F. Anniversary.
Friday, April 26, will be the 88th anniversary of the founding of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, and tlie
occassion will be marked by members
of the order in Nelson with due ceremony. Oa that date Nelson Kncamp
ment, I. 0. O. F. will hold an at home.
On the following Sunday Kootenay
Lodge will hold service at the Salvation Army barracks, when Capt. Johnstone  wil   deliver   an   address.
Finder return w thu omi.eaad receive reward
Death of Mrs. Handcock.
Mrs. Mary Hanna Handcock, wife of
William Handcock. of Hume addition,
died at her home this morning at 8:;.U
o'clock. Deceased has been suffering
for some time with bronchitis, and for
some days little hope has been entertained of her recovery. She was born
in Galashiels, Scotland, nearly 38 years
ago, and resided in Nelson for the past
seven or eight years. Besides her husband, she leaves six young children to
mourn her death. The funeral will take
place Thursday at 2 o'clock, and the
service will be conducted by Capt.
Johnstone, of the Salvation Army.
The Boy Nuisance.
An informal discussion arose among
a group of representative citizens last
night onthe subject of the destructive
and predatory tendencies of the boys
of Nelsom In. addition to habitual pilfering and housebreaking the juvenile
hoodlumns have developed a fondness
for the sport of breaking electric light
lamps. One citizens who complained to
the police admitted that one of the offenders was his own son. The efforts
of the police to deal with the matter
are hampered by the parents. A few
exemplary fines might convince people
that it does not pay to allow children
to grow up on the streets.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafera  10c
Lemon  Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafera     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlapo Ginger Wafera   10c
Butter���Thin  10c
Milk Toaat  10c
Dainty City Soda  (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakes (Salted)   15c
Put up ln packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth lt.
K. W. O. Block . Phone 10.
For Sale
In Fairvlew, 2 Lota, a corner and
adjoining lot. Enclosed and cultivated. $350  cash.
Garden and Flower
All fresh seeds aud guaranteed
to do the business.
C* A* .Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
If you are a
anil would like to keep In the Front Hunk
of your oalltng, you must keep yourself
posted as to thu bust methods relating
thereto, and also on Uu- nuw Improve*
ments anil discoveries. This can bust
and most readily bu done through the
medium ol' books. We have on our
shelves a very extensive list of lhe
latest booka, ami latest editions liy the
highest reoognlsed authorities, on all
these BUbJects. Cume in and look
through ilium. Wu have Jusl prepared
a list of Ilium which wu will bs- pleased
to send yon if you will apply for it.
Drop us a card.
We   can  procure   for   you,   on   shortest
notice, any book published.
See Display of Them in Oor Window
W. G. Thomson
BOOKSELLER and   VT-I---,    T)   p
STATIONER. INelSOD,  fl. t_.
Phone 3*i.
If you want to turn your property into
cash or your eaeh into property see us.
Five houses and six building lots sold
in the past 30 days and we  have customers for more.
Tho Dramatic Society meets at 5:45
p. m. today to rehearse the third act of
"The Private Secretary."
Another Sale.
Wolverton & Co., real estate agents,
yf-sterday disposed of the Thorpe residence on Silica street to Mrs. Dawson
Churchmen's  Club.
The members of the CruhHimeii/s
Club entertained their friends last
Qtght at a very successful At Hume and
card party.
Fraternal Order of Eagles.
The regular meeting of the Eagles
wil! be held in their hall tomorrow evening, when nn interesting session i*
Lacrosse Meeting.
All interested In the national game are
invited to attend a meeting to be held
this evening in Alex. Fife's barber shop,
when organization for ihe season will
ho perfected.
Baptist Preacher.
Hev. F. I.. Norton, D. D., of Grace
Ha-iitist church, Spokane, will arrive Id
Nelsou tonight and address the Bap
list Young People's Union. He will
also remain for several days. Dr, Norton la chairman of the side-trips committee of Ihe Baptist convention which
will meet in Spoknno this summer, Mr,
Shanks hopes to have nn excursion te
Nelson arranged for.
To Meet In Nelson.
Managing Director Fred Starkey, of
the Nolson Fair Association, Is considering a proposition made hy the flro
chiefs of British Columbia regarding
the holding of the first, mooting of the
British Columbia Association of Flro
Chiefs in this city during tho fair. II
has "been suggnnted that a firemen's
tournament form part of the programme In the fair grounds and that
the police chiefs hold their annual meet*
ing at the same time.   The formation
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
You have a perfect right to insist
upon a perfect fit and perfect style
when you an* paying from $15 to
%'J.o for a suit.
20th Century Brand
will fulfill your highest expectations
and your most exacting demands.
They are the nearest approach to
perfection that we find In lho tailoring world. We can prove these
facts to you If you will but give us
the opportunity.
J18.00 Style and Value for.. .$13.00
$20.00 Style and Value for...$15.00
Boys'  Suits  at $2,  $3,  $4  and $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's   regular $4.00  Box   Calf
Shoes   for $3.00
Boys' regular $2.50 Box Calf
Shoes   for $2.00
Clearance Sale of Mens* Under,
wear at $1, $1.50 and $2 per Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Socks
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
W. Baker St.
Sherman's Opera House
Uy  Bpeclal Request.
The Fletcher Concert Co.
Scottish  Prima Donna.
Italy's foremost Composer and Pianist.
Celebrated Cornetist.
Prices 50c, 76c, $1.00.
Seats on sale at Rutherford's
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
Telephone 101.
of the Flre Chiefs' Association Is now
under way and It Is expected lhat every
chief In the province will he present.
The toncer. Last Evening.
Then; wus a very good attendance nl
the concert given last evening by the
Jeanie Fletcher Company, and thoBO
who were fortunate enough lo be preH
eni were delighted with Ihe entertainment provided. iMlss Fletcher haa a
pleaaftag voice, and rendered ninny old
Scotch songs In u manner lo win re-
riculc 1 ountbursls of applause. The
piano playing of Pnola Glorza was ar
tiistlc, and fully sustained the reputation of thai gentleman. Mr. Impala Is
absolute master of thu cornel, and well
deserved the applause with which each
of his numbers was greeted. Tonight
the company will give another perfor
mance, anil no doubt the patronage wil)
be bommonsurate with the merit of the
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On Ume.
Coast und Slneun train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo boat���On time.
Seed Time
Lot us give you quotations on your seed order. You
can save money.    Buy your seeds in bulk and secure
the best to be had.
Special Prices to Market Gardeners and Ranchers J
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.]
Wholesale Pruvl��lon��,
Government Creamery One-Poand lirieks received weekly fresh from tbi ,
chnrn.   For sale by all leading grocers.
Office and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C
2A<> doz. Linen Collars To lie Sold at
$1.50 per doz.
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all thc|
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.  Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware]
Company, Limited.
Rapnlrln-g ninl Jobbing vstcctsUil -with Duspatch.   8h..t Metal
Work, Mliilnlt anil Mill Mu.hlnery.     MissisilucturvrHsil
Oi-u Cnrai,  ,e.  te.   Cnntractora'  Cara.
P.O. Box IOM
Spring Stock fust Opened Upl
Carload Linoleums and Carpets
From Ulu8|;ow, Scotland.
Bust Qualities at Uow Prices.
Standard Furniture Company
Miimih _ much f'tftiioi.
Ontermnor Mattreimeii,
MKihhnll HanlUry MntireHiei.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
MANUFACTURERS   T 44^.t.Am    QUimm^tnac
AND DEALERS IN   l'tttliDef *  OJUllgleS-
L,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Mail Ordism promptly att<*ml��l��|
Turned Work and Brackets.
Launch and Boat
We always carry In stock and will ba pleated to simply P"
wants in
W-tte Walla
Mixed P-tints
limy iiiok.' Iloiiu Vnrnluli
Ktc, etc.
Albany flreaw
Arctic <'up Uri-imi
ii,.Inline Oil ���������,r0f|
Vminiim MMlne ��f����ir����|
(In i)ll<- gallon cen��.|
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited


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