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The Daily Canadian Sep 27, 1906

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_aihj   _anafci<m
MB I.    No. 99.
ionization Meeting to
He Held Tomorrow
&nch of Anti Tuberculosis Association Being Formed in Nelson-
Province Needs Sanatorium.
1 evening at S o'clock there
|;   ,.   held  In  'lie city hall  thc or-
meeting    of    lhe    Nelson
ihe     Allll-TtlberellloslB     so-
irltlah Columbia.
siiblic meeting on September
sssis  addressed  by   ltev.   Ur.
svsis resolved that the so-
ild    consist    first of  ropre-
,it nil other hodli|s, /roll-
iternal,  social    and    philan-
|l,,. loiiowing   circular    letter   haa
to  BUOb   boilles  by   Dr,  Ar-
-.   Ihis so far acted aa organ*
��� Dr. "Pagan's  request:
., I'lililic   meeting   held   lu   tlie
bouse, Nelson, on September 14,
resolved  to organize a brunch
tun Tuberculosis    society    of
na sledded to ask every cliurch,
Is in and fraternal soclely to
ine  member to  represent it  ln
netting uf the representatives
��� In l.i in the cily hall on Fri-
eptember 28, at 8 p. m., to or-
��� !/.!'
fl'lii- prevention and euro of tuber-
1 matter of vital imitortance
leraon  in   Hritish  Columbia.
rsfssrs', ll   in   hoped  lhat  your so-
ir will  inks   sin   active  Interest  In
local organisation  and  appoint a
inr 10 represent It.
I;. case any    society    should    not
'c ;i ini'siing before the 2Mh Inst.,
persun   in  whom   this  circular Is
1- I- s|is.'.sis'il to be present."
Arthur wishes to explain that lr
society has been omitted it is be-
bc lis' did   nut   know  the name of
president or Bocrclary and ho de-
* lhal  either    or    both    shall  be
fill'- iletlnlte  object  of  the   surli-iy
assist   In   raising  funds  for  the
|-lillshnicnt, equipment    and    main-
* "f n sanatorium   in   Britiah
lliiniliia  fssr   imisiimptlvotj.     Already
is promised;   $lil.n(in by  tie.-
hiiu Governor Dunsmuir,  $511011  by
ff provincial government, and $511110
' ''is- C,  l'   It   company.
1*1  lenal  $50,000   Is   required   herore
1 'in  he m'ndo.    It Is obvious
sssi'i'sssi  musl come from oiti-ons
I Hi'1 province nt  large.    Dr.  Pagan,
fcretarj   ol   ihe   provincial   board  ot
���Ith,  iiini  has  led   the  crusade  for
le, "lm has led    the crusade    for
ears, has declared  lhat he  pre-
frs  inn   subscriptions   of$l   each   to
uf Jlnlt, iiituuso they form a guar-
" nf  lhe   Inlereat, sympathy   and
Pniss'ii s.f sn many more Individuals,
|��ii'l!<li Columbia now contains 1000
In various stages nf oonsump-
I" spite uf, or rather on aooounl
h�� iiisiL'iiiiii'i'ul   ellinate,  Ihe  mini-
' '    rapidly  increasing.    The Inter-
I al Hi" provlnoa especially Is noted
't.i��ii,.I,, ror the salubrity and peo-
" affected wllh Inhereiiliisls come
"'" "II parts of the world.
II ""Hiii is,, inhuman to attempt to
f"'linls' Ihem. Their presence brings
. danger of Infection In lhe resl
��� ""' 1 ilatlon.    Such, In brief, are
H'lis-uiis ihnt lunke it imperative
"'aide facilities shoulil he pro-
"' caring for such patients, and
1 Sl"'li iiiiiiiner thul [hey shall not ex-
p;",""""' is. dung,,.
1,    '���'"' ' 11 ileiiinnslrnli'd Ihnt tuber-
I'M* is both oural ind preventible,
P.��� ir Paga- hft- underiaken In do
,. . "I;" 'un he done to free llrlllsh
jjiiinlilu rrom  It.    Nelson  has  taken
iil'ii""' in iiiiiuy movements, M |H
I?"1*' desirable Ihai 11 shoulil not bo
I """I ill sneli a cause as this.
Severn Scorched.
'"''"i". Ont., Sopt, 27.���Fire nt noon
1 ""tilay wiped out  Iho bUltnMS BBC
|i?."r Ull�� Village,    The lolol loss Is
"" ��� with Insurance of 114,200.
Settled It Amicably.
Montreal, Sept.  27���At  a  meeting
l'"��'"i'ii i|���, attorney of SlrW. C. Mac-
P"1'1 '""I lho Wm. Oracc Co., con-
HOr��. It  wns arranged   today  thai
Fifty Cents a Month
the \Vni. Grace company should Immediately give up possession of all agricultural Implements at St. Anne de
IJellcvue to the owner, leaving their
plant and materials In his posseaslon
3 .v . _" ttnPleting construction
of the buildings.
This arrangement leaves  sir  Wm.
Macdonald   free  i���   pieced   ,���,, t,
wllh work on Ihe buildings unsl he
takes possession ���r n,u Billm. ������|U..
i bis means thai the buildings win be
completed before the wintry weather
and mil delay In any way Sir Wil-
Hums plans (or t|���, opening of ||���. 1���.
dumtria. sch , September iif next
J'",1''    T iiilJdingH  win  require an
mil lay of a million dollars, Sir William  eiiiiiplnlneil   ihat   Ihe   cent ratlins
were delaying completion of the job.
ForeBters Were Swindled In Kamloops
Land Purchase.
Toronto, Sept. 27.���At the insurance
Inquiry yesterday afternoon, sieven-
son, supreme councillor of the I. o. p.,
said the Union Trust compuny had
gone out of the lumbering business,
liming sold the Kamloops Lumber
Company ul a price which will repay
principal und Interest, with $75,000
profit. In addition to which they expect to recover $05,000, out of which
Stevenson said the I. O. F. had been
swindled iu the purchase.
The actual proflta of tlie I. O. F. on
Northwest land and HrltiBh Columbia
lumber Investments were, according to
a statement submitted by Mr. Stevenson. $052,000, which, when the remaining lands are sold, will be Increased
lo $750,000.
Peter Ryan, after much persuasion,
admitted thai .Mr. Fowler, M. P., had,
months after the transaction, informed hlm that he had to divide up the
$55,0iU), the difference between the actual price paid for lhe Shields-Ryan
property and thu amount paid by the
l!nlon Trust company to Mr. Ryan.
Mr. Ryan refused to give the names
of tlie parties mentioned by Mr. Fowler as sharing In the amount, on the
ground lhal the statement was slanderous and he did not believe It, but
thought  Mr. Fowler got It all hlmseir.
Mr. Ryan was given until Monday
morning to make up his mind whether
or not he will give Information.
Carbarn Conflagration.
Huston, Mass., Sept. 27.���The car-
burns of Ihe Boston & Northern Street
Railway company, Washington avenue. Chelsea, were burned early to-
day, together with ahoul SO cars. The
loss ls estimated at $:;00,000.
Big Mine Near Camborne Showing Up
Well   on  Development���Visit  of
Manager E. Balllie.
Kdwnrd llalllle. manager of the
Mammoth group of mines on Goal
mountain, nenr O ome, has returned lo lhe city afler a trip to Ihe mines,
tuning been absent aboul   HI days.
or ibe Bummer's work on the mountain Mr- llalllle says:
"Everything is saUstaotury and
preparations for the winter's work arc
well forward.
������one shipment of about 20 tons is
now on lhe way out and another will
follow later.
"Since Julv the work bus been mainly surface work, open cuts, and short
exploratory tunnels, We can work in
lhe tunnels In Ihe winter, BO far
moil sif lhe work bus been done on
th,,   Sirdar   and   Umpire  claims.
"Eight men were at work until a
week ago today, when Ihe force wus
reduced lo lhe regular winter crew or
lines' men. , ,
"Supplies of pnivlslons ror lhe winter are iill "P. and lhe packers are
now busy Hiking up fuel and bringing
down lbs' ore already sacked.
���it's a big tusk gelling In supplies,
nn ibis trip I took elevations hy aner-
  readings.   Where the -limb begins
we are 1886 feel above sea level. Al
,,���. b|, trestle .... Hm trail II l�� 89B0
teat; al ihe lowesl tunnel, No. 4, bmo
r,.,'i: Hi,, long tunnel is 600 feet higher No - is another w>. nml No. 1
another 800; lhe hlghesi work Is CO
,',,,., more, giving an elevation "f B880,
���   nt iv.'i'  a   mile   higher   Hum   the
beginning. The peak of float mountain
Is KT.r.r.  feel. -  ,,
"I'h,. precipices are bad loo. Quite
lately a horse slipped on lhe trail and
tell  sheer  SOU  feel.
���We shall pul In a tramway as soon
������ our develonmenl warrants it The
situation Is Improving all the lime,
hns [ i'iin'1 say yel lhal we know ex-
���.nv whal we have. We have a big
ilssswliig of ''I"1' In No. 2 tunnel and
;,���v number "t small rich veins but
We un' nol yel sure of the exncl loca-
Hon of our main ore body.
"This winter's work will he done In
���,,, long tunnel. It Is now In 300 foot
-m.i will mi another no" r<"*' i"!fl"'"
spring. Nexl sinlng we shall open up
(lie -FnO ill No 8.
"On Ihe whole we are more than
satisfied wiih Hie summer's work and
lis resiills."
Collided With Athewan in
Ottawa River
Athewan  Steams  on Her Course
Rendering No Assistance and
is Not Heard From.
Hudson, Que., Bept. 27.���One of the
worst accidents in the history of navigation on the Ottawa river occurred
about 1:30 o'clock opposlie here this
morning. The steamer Athewan collided with Ihe steamer Maude going
In the opposite direction, smashing
Into the hitler right to the wheelhouse.
The Maude sank Immediately, her top
dock only rtsmalning above water.
Captain Humbler called the alarm to
all those on board, but, nevertheless,
three were drowned. Miss Uensou of
Ottawa, a lady's maid, fell Into the
wreckage and was never seen again.
The engineer and an unknown passenger were lost. The engineer's name
Is not known here. The passenger
who was drowned died beside his
horBe. None of the bodies have so
far been recovered. Eight horses and
all the cattle perished.
The officers of the Maude claim
they gave the proper whistles and put
the blame on the Athewan but as she
continued her course nothing has
been heard from her as yet.
Carloads of Meat Condemned.
Chicago, Sept. 27.���Two cars ot
cold storage chickens and over 10 carloads of meat were condemned yesterday by Chief Food Inspector Murray
and his assistants, to say nothing ol
15 carcasses of diseased cattle and
four calves.. Thc condemnation of the
chickens was due to private advices
received by Murray from Canada.
When he learned that the lot had escaped him ami was ou the way to
New York he notified tlie authorities
there, so that they can catch the shipment at its destina.tion.
Solving the Mystery.
Minneapolis, Minn., Sept, 27.���I^nto
last night a woman was found dead in
lhe tileuwood hotel, and was Identified as the wife of Harry Sussman,
a newspaper photographer. They had
been married about a year. They separated aboul two months ago, the
woman returning to her parents and
the husband leaving town. A few
days ago Sussman returned nnd he
and his wife went away together. The
ppltce are  looking lor the husband.
Holy Smoke.
St. John, N. II., Sept. 27.���Centenary church, the finest Methodist
church In Lower Canada and one of
Ihe mosl beautiful edifices ln St. John,
waa badly damaged by fire today. The
church ls Insured for $60,000. ��� Rev.
Howard Sprague Is pastor. It Is believed that the fire was ol Incendiary
origin. Oue of lhe firemen was struck
on Ihe head by a falling beam and
seriously injured.
No Longer Jealous.
New York, Sept. 27.���Willi their
heads nearly severed and their arms
slushed with a razor, the bodies or
Bluest Swenson and his wife wero
found at their home on Topklns avenue, Brooklyn, lust night. Bwenson
wus 32 year sold and a machinist by
Odoupation, Ills wife was 24 years
om. They wore married last April.
The husband Is said to havo been
jealous of his  bride.
Canadian Coach for Cambridge.
Now York, Sepl. 27.���James C. Rico
of Toronto was yesterday engaged to
coach Columbia's crew next spring'
Rice's experience iu teaching has been
extensive. Is most conspicuous work
bus been done tn Detroit, hut here in
American rowing circles he Is now ua
well known and well regarded.
Cut Off Nose to Spite Face.
Perth, West Australia, Sept. 27.���
Tho commonwealth assembly today
passed a resolution lhat the union of
llle state with the rest of tho commonwealth  was detrimental  to tho Inter
ests of Western Australia and that
the time had arrived for submitting to
the people the question of withdrawing. The premier said that this vote
was due to the rejection by the commonwealth of a proposed survey for a
transcontinental railroad.
Strenuous    Convention    Over���Jerome
Refuses to Talk.
Iluffalo, N. Y��� Sept. 27.���At a session which began at 7:55 o'clock last
night aud which continued until 2
o'clock this morning, the Democratic
state ticket waa nominated with William Randolph Hearst at its head.
Hearst was already ln tbe field for
governor of New York, as the candidate of the Indi'pi'iidi'iiee league, of
which he was the organizer. The Democrats also took from the Independence league Its nominee for lieutenant governor, Lewis S. Chandler, and
John S. Whalen for secretary of state.
For state comptroller Albert Glynn of
Albany. The other nominees have no
place on the Independence league ballot. Mr. Hearst was nominated with
309 voles, only 228 being necessary
for a choice. The announcement of
the Hearst nomination was received
witli a great cheer.
Iluffalo, N. Y��� Sept. 27.���The party
leaders and delegates who had gathered here for the Democratic state
convention which, after the most remarkable sessions In the history of
the organization In this state, adjourned at 2:20 o'clock this morning,
are leaving today for their homes, fatigued from the hours of strenuous
conferences which preceded the convention and the long .turbulent session
which murked Its close. It was fully
3 o'clock when most of the delegates
got back to their hotels this morning,
after having been lu the convention
hall from 6:30 o'clock the night before.
Delegates were late in rising today
and the party leaders showed no disposition whatever to comment at this
time upon thc ticket named last night
or upon the character of the proceedings. District Attorney William Trovers Jerome, who entered the race for
the democratic nomination, because of
the 'disgraceful" conditions which he
declared existed, returns this afternoon to New York. He was asked this
niomlng if he had any comment to
make on the nominations. Mr. Jerome
did not atleud  the convention.
I will say nothing for the present,"
he said. "Later 1 may make my position and my views clear, but for the
present 1 shall give out no statement."
Mayor McClellan of New York this
afternoon gave the Associated Press
the following statement: "The Democratic state convention have nominated a ticket all Democratic and of
course 1 accept Its action."
Hearst  Doing  Tall Thinking.
New York. Sept. 27.���W. It. Hearst
had nothing lo say this morning concerning his nomination by the Democratic state convention. He was engaged in preparing a speech which he
will deliver a* the county fair In
Poughkeepsle this afternoon, and It
was not expected that he would make
a statement concerning his nomination.
Mining Records.
Four locations. Including one placer, threo transfers, and certificates
of assessment work were entered ln
the Nelson mining office today.
Fannie Z. Miner recorded the Hill
Side, located September 24, on the
north side of Gray's creek, five miles
east  of Crawford  Hay.
D. It. Hrncknian recorded the Summit and Mary O. Hrockman Ihe Sphinx
holh located September 24, on Gray's
Creek, near the Hill Side.
N, N. Nntlstud recorded the Wnlla
Walla placer claim, a relocation on
Salmon   river,   made   September   17.
c. r. wiison of Salmo transferred
lo Fred Adle of Wnnetu a one-sixth
interesi In Ihe Scerro Verde, for a
nominal consideration.
m. /.aiitiiu transferred in ,1. Menara
fur $165 a half Interesi In Ihe Ties,
aud the other half for a similar
amount to A. Bona. The Ties is on
Tond mountain, adjoining thc (exchequer.
Cerllficates of work havo been
granted to John Lengrell, on the Sun-
nyslde, Fairvlew, Lust Chance, Sum-
mil, Hen I Iur. Old Dominion, Climax,
Virginia, Pocohontaa.
Last Cricket Match'.
The last crlckel  match of Iho year
In Nelson Is being played on Iho recreation grounds this nftorinoon.
Tho tournament team is represented
by Coppen. Orelg, Crozier , llourke.
Marks, Klvery, Tregillus, Wade, Dill,
Hodge, Tongue and Steel.
For the Slay al Homes the players
aro Hardcastle, Hell, Ley, Paddon,
Mason, Wood-Taylor, Partington, Cecil
llourke, Mauilsley, and Rev. F. II.
The Slay-at-Horaes wentln first and
at 3:15 had lost six wickets for 35
runs, not a promising start.
United States Revises Naturalization Laws
Prospective Americans Must Be Able
to Speak English and Renounce
Polygamy���Other Conditions.
Washington, Sept. 27.���Fewer naturalized citizens will vote at the coming
elections than at any time ln many
years. This is one effect of the new
naturalization law, passed at the recent session of congress, and which
goeB Into operation today. Under the
new law the Indiscriminate conferring
of citizenship Just prior to an election
Is no longer possible and the standards
are higher. From the time an alien
desiring citizenship enters the United
States until he recelea his final papers
he practically will be under the supervision of the federal government
Should he fall to possess the qualifications specified by the law he must remain a foreigner and be denied any
privileges of citizenship. He must be
able to speak English and be of good
moral character.
The new law Ib more discriminating
in Its selection of courts designated to
naturalize. Inferior courts are no
longer permitted to perform the function of conferring citizenship upon
aliens. The only courts having jurisdiction in citizenship matters will be
the federal, circuit and district courts
and only those state courts that have
a seal, a clerk and jurisdiction at law
or equity. All the courts having jurisdiction have received specific instruction as to procedure and the necessary
blanks. The papers are to; be uniform
throughout the United States and the
certificates of citizenship Issued will
not only be uniform, but will be numbered consecutively and a record kept
of them In Washington.
The provisions of the new act as to
qualifications for naturalization are not
materially different from those exlBt-
ing heretofore, except that the applicant must be able to speak the English
language. The duration of residence
Is the same as that provided liy the old
law. Under the new act the witnesses
must be American citizens.
One of the striking features of the
new law is the requirement that all
|H-litlons for naturalization shall be
filed at least ninety days before a
hearing. Under tbe old system the applicant could be heard the same day
he filed his petition. The delay will
glve administrative officers an opportunity lo Investigate those cases
where there may be some doubt as to
the moral qualifications of the applicant. The new law provides also that
naturalization shall not be granted
within thirty days of any general election. The new law deprives clerks of
courts of the power to grant certificates. Certificates must be given by
a judge after a hearing In open court,
and the government has a right to op-
poBe if It chooses, if lt notifies the
court that it is opposed to the granting
of a certificate the court Is forbidden
to Issue that certificate until after
thirty days, thus giving Ihe government thirty days' time ln which to Institute proceedings against naturalization. The law also provides that the
applicant must be of good moral character and tho piiiper authorities are required tn make Investigation on this
point  before  the certificate Is Issued.
Applicants for citizenship will find
thai. In addition to the so-called "anarchist clause" to which they are required to subscribe, they must awear
that Ihey are nol pnlygnmlstB or believers In polygamy. Another Interesting provision Is that If any applicant
does not take out his second papers
within seven yeara after he has taken
out his first papers, he must begin
again. The price of Iho final certificates goes up from $2 ln some courts
nnd $2.50 In others, to $4 a piece, a
fact that Is calculated to dlscournge
politicians from putting up the money
for the papers In order that they may
get the votes of the citizens they help
to make.
Heavy pennlties aro provided for
Ihose who practice fraud In getting
certificates for themselves or othera.
Forgery of a certificate Is made a
felony nnd Is punishable by Imprisonment . for not more than ten yeara or
by a fine of not more than $10,000, or
both. Similar punishment Is provided
for engraving a plate from which certificates may be made. Clerks who
Issue certificates to persons not entitled to lheni are subject to Imprisonment for not more thnn five years or
by a fine not exceeding 5,000. Imprisonment for five yenrs and a fine not
exocedlng $1,000  ls  provided  for  the
punishment ot a person having in his
possession without law!-' excise any
blank certificate of citizenship. Failure
by a clerk to aocount for every certificate furnished him makes him subject to a fine of $50 for each certificate for which he falls to make proper
There appears to be a misunderstanding as to what Is required of state
courts under the new law. Such courts
are not required to naturalize aliens,
lt Is left discretionary with the presiding Judge and lt is understood that
the government will be perfectly satisfied If state courts tn certain sections
refuse to take up tho work of naturalization. This will permit more efficient administration.
Premier   Will    Be   Accompanied   by
by Colonist Editor.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, Sept. 27.���Premier McBride goes to Ottawa on Tuesday next
to attend the_conference of provincial
premiers arranged for October 9. He
will be accompanied by K. E. Gosnell,
editor of the Colonist.
Mr. Gosnell haB made a study of the
case of the Injustice done British Columbia for years by the federal authorities, and it is certain that the
British Columbia government will
ma.e a very strong presentation of
its claims.
There waa a record-breaking attendance at the big fall fair today.
The weather is beautiful.
American Fratricide Confesses to Murder
White Pass Railway a Scene of
Seattle, Wash., Sept. 27.���A despatch to the Post-Intelligencer from
White Horse, Y. T.. says that the
steamer Columbia, owned by tbe White
Pass company, has been burned near
Five Fingers, on the Yukon river. The
chief maite, Joseph Welch, and one of
the firemen are missing. A cabin boy
named Murray was fatally Injured.
Others were badly burned and all on
board had narrow escapes.
New Phaze of Revolution.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 27.���Further
disquieting information regarding the
agrarian situation comes from the
provinces ot Saratov and Tambov and
the Lower Volga region, where sert
ous disorders are anticipated when
the recruiting canons open in October-
The populations of .many communes
have adopted formulations discarding
the authority of the police and clergy.
The rural police are resigning ln great
numbers. Land owners are disposing
of their estates at any sacrifice and
land once valued high has dropped
from $800 to $50 per acre. Details of
the uprising at Malmulshvtatka state
that the Knagorodsk have disarmed
the police and proclaimed autonomy.
Mississippi Valley Hae Damaging Hurricane and Floods, and  Communication With World Is Cut Off.
-auisvllle, Ky., Sept. 27���The gulf
storm which began to show itself laat
night has destroyed all communication
with Mobile and New Orleana. The
storm has been general between Montgomery, Ata., and tlie boundary of
Mexico and west to the Mississippi.
There has been no communication
with New Orleans since midnight, the
last word from there being to the effect that the suburbs have been damaged somewhat by tbe wind and by a
sudden rise of four feet ln Lake Poni.
The water is reported to be four feet
deep ln the streets of Mos,point,
Miss., the high wind blowing the water in from tho lake.
At 2:40 this morning communication
was restored for a moment with Mobile, where it was reported a gale was
blowing, with rain railing In torrents
and the barometer falling rapidly.
Heavy rainfalls are reported at Vlcks-
burg,  Miss., and  Macon, Ga.
I/iulBVllle, Ky., Sept. 27.���Communication was had with New Orleans for
a few minutes at 10.45 a. in. The telegraph operator there reported that
the wind was blowing about 48 miles
an hour, but that the centro of the
storm wus east of New Orleans nnd
that the city had nol. Buffered any serious damage, nor had there been any
loss or life reported. The wire failed
at this juncture.
General Manager Evans of the Louisville & Nashville road has received reports Indicating a very serious storm
south of Greenville, Ala. The wind has
blown trees across the tracks, destroying telegraph wires and Interfering
seriously with the operations of trains.
New York, Sept. 27.���Reports of severe storms In Louisiana. Mississippi
and Georgia were received here today.
One Bays that there Is 14 Inches of
water In the streets of New Orleans.
Heavy rainfalls are reported ln Mississippi and Macon, On. Telegraph service to New Orleana Is badly crippled.
Is Excuse Offered For   Horrible
Crime and Mutilation of Us
Relative's Body.
New York, Sept. 27.���Almera Ash-
Jain, the Armenian who was arrested
last night and charged with the murder of his brother, Markarlan. confessed to the police today that he
killed bis brother. He said that he
threw his brother's head into the Hudson river.
A part of the dismembered body of
Markarlan was found ln a pit near
West Thirty-sixth street on Sunday.
The head, legs and part of the arms
were missing, and as the head had not
yet been found the Identity ot the
body was unknown until Tashjain
Tashjain withstood the ordeal of
the police Inquiry system all night
with fortitude. This morning he waa
first arraigned in the Tombs court and
then taken to the morgue. On looking at the parts of the body of his
brother be broke down and said, according to the police: "I want to tell
aU. I did it" He then made a confession to Police Inspector McLaughlin. He said that he killed his brother
because he waa the "meanest and
stingiest" fellow he ever saw.
Laat Saturday, night he said he quarrelled with his brother over money,
Almera told Markarlan that he wm
too stingy to live; that he would ba
better off dead; that he made a god
of his money, and that when he died
he would try to Uke lt with Um. "I
made up my mind to kill - him that
night," said Tashjain. "He went to
sleep and I stabbed him hi the neck
while he was asleep with that knife,"
pointing to a knife found by the police. "I wanted to get rid of the body
so I decided to cut it up," continued
Tashjain. Between 12 and 1 o'clock
I had him cut up. First I cut his head
off, then his arms, and then his legs.
I wrapped the trunk up, left the house
with It, and dropped It in the hole
where It was found. Then I took the
legs and arms and threw them into
the cars. About 5 o'clock ln the morning I put the head In a black colored
valise with a piece of iron and threw
It Into the river.
"I took $65 of my brother's money.
I am glad to tell you all, for it worried me a lot.
A Lean Takes New and Larger Quarters for Queen Studio.
Allan Lean, artist photographer of
the Queen studio, has taken a lease of
the premises of the Elliot block, adjoining J. J. Walker's jewellery store.
He will fit them up in a thoroughly
modern way, with reception room,
work room aud studio all separate, and
conveniently arranged. He intends to
make his new establishment equal to
any In the province and a credit to
Mr. Lean began business In Nelson
In a small way seven years ago, and
by the general excellence of his work,
has gradually established himself in
the favor or a large number of patrons
In the city uud throughout Kootenay.
Mr. Lean has taken part In many
enterprises for the advancement of the
interests of Nelsou and his value as a
member of the advertising committee
of the Twenty Thousand club, and the
gratuitous work he haa done for It,
are thoroughly appreciated by Us colleagues
Name the Weekly.
Now York, Sept. 27.���A special
cable despatch from London to tbe
Times states that the heirs of one of
victims or the Grantham disaster
have received $10,000 Insurance which
was effected at a cost of one' penny.
The nsured was a regular subscrber
to a London penny weekly which insures its readers against accidents and
death. The day of the disaster he sent
his bag containing a current copy of
the paper, duly signed, to the hotel at
Redford, where, he expected to pass
the night. Within 1 few hours or his
death the claim was examined, allowed and settled.
'  I
1 The Daily Canadian
= STORES ^=^
Cool nights are no .  in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
\VV have plenty of them in red and blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing: about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing abou: 12 pounds,    -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are Justly celebrated for their excellence. Wo alone carry
them in tills city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillown. Comforters. Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Clothing. Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices  surprisingly Low.
Published six tiny*- h week by the
Baiter St., Nelson, B.C.
Subscription rates, 50 centa a month delivered
In tb. ritv, or 15.00 h year if lent by null, when
paid in uuvauce.
AtlvertlsiUK rate*-, on application.
All  monies paid  in   settlement  ut  The Daily
Canadian acootinti, either foi lubf-criptiona or
advertising, must be tee.iplcd [or on tbe printed
tornu ol the Company!  Other receipt! are imi
SEPTKlMBKR 27. I Wife.
" By one word we are sometime-, judg.d lo be
wise and by one won! sometimub jiniged to lie
foolish. Let us therefore be uarelui what we
The morning paper publishes under
the above caption a long excerpt from
a Colonist editorial which sets forth
in enthusiastic terms tho business like
enteriirise or timbermeii anl lumber
manufacturer-! in securing leases from
the provincial government tor timber
limits on Vancouver island. The article in the Colonist, though ill advised, was written to boom the resources of the vicinity of Victoria and
the editorial writer who penned it was
excusable if he waxed slightly poetic
in his statement of the case for the
country contiguous to lhe capital. We
have said the article was ill advised,
not because its purport would be generally misunderstood by the public,
but because thu Colonist should have
known that such an article would be
seized upon by the frenzied Liberal
press as a drowning man catches at a
Btraw, to support arguments which
have no foundation in truth. The Colonist article concludes with the statement that "It will not be long before
all the timber land on the island lias
been taken up" und the Daily News
remarks sententiously, of course that
"We are told that nearly all the available timber limits on the mainland
have been secured and that there is
now a scramble to secure the timber
limits on Vancouver island and. finally, thut it will not be long before all
the timber on the island has been taken np.
"In view of these statements, emanating from a strong government or-
Ban and one in a position to speak
with authority, will thinking men, hnn-
fstly desirous of seeing wise use made
of the assets of the province, contend
for one moment that the -strictures
The  Dally News has passed upon The
McBride  government's timber  policy
are unfair or uncalled fort"
The Dally News goes on to state the
Conditions under which Umber licenses
may he obtained, showing that, west
of the Cascade range, an annual license fee of $14') must be paid and
enHt of the Cascades an annual foe *>t
$lir., but it follows its usual course
of attempt at deception by leaving the
reader to suppose that Immense timber areas can  be secitri d   liy h|m-cii1ii-
tors for the paltry toe pt" limit above
Tuken in iheir entirely the statements of The News are unreliable and
misleading for several reasons. In the
first place it is not true that all the
timber limits available on the mainland are in the hands of operators or
speculators and that the investor is
driven to Vancouver island for what
limits he may desire to control. Ii
that statement were true what has become of -the immense ureas that are
within the railway belt which is entirely under control of tlie Dominion
government? Have these immense
tracts also passed into the hands ol
speculators? If so, the Laurler government is worse than the provincial government for it has been but a few
years In   control   of  the   railway   belt
and bas lost no time in frittering
away the puhlle wealth in its timber
resources. If there is still timber area
available In the railway belt it is not
true that Vancouver island Is ull that
is left in the way of timbered wealth.
Furthermore, The News would have
its readers believe that just as soon
as a license fee is paid ihe timber
limits are the property of the licensee
in lee simple and are quite out of the
control of the government as producers of revenue for the treasury. The
News knows, or ought to know that
the obtaining of a special license at
the tees it quotes is but the first step
in the process of producing revenue
from tiie timber limits. It knows that
as soon as a licensee begins to cut
timber he begins to pay royalties on
whatever class of limber he cuts and
carries away and it parunthetically admits this. It knows that the government has the right at any time to increase these royalties to any figure,
that the laws of supply and demand,
which regulate the value of rough timber, may warrant. It knows that the
government has employed a staff ot
ci imp. lent and experienced timber
scalers to prevent any advantage being taken, and that every log will have
to be paid for by those who manipulate lt in the process of converting it
into wealth.
The News is also well aware tbat
its cry of anguish about the timber
resources of the province falling into
the hands of speculators is a canting
Cry and absolutely without sincerity.
It knows that the government has the
control of the whole situation and
from its past record there need not be
any fear that the interests pf the province will not  be full concerved.
Was it not the McBride administration that placed an export duty on
logs and spars and other rough timber, securing thereby the development
of tin* timber resources within the
province? Did not this legislation add
immensely, both directly and indirectly to the Income of the province? Who
can be harmed If a speculator chooses
to nay for a special license to cut and
carry away timber? The News fears
that these licenses will never bo paid
and states tl nt tbey rarely are. That
is a false statement ou its face. A
man must pay application and regis-
I ration fees before he can obtain n II-
Oense. lb* must pay royalties as soon
as timber is cut and these royalties
may he determined at any time by the
government in power, as to their
amounts. No man may begin to cut
limber anywhere without the payment
of his license'fees and the whole fabric of the  News* article tumbles to the
ground becauso of lis inconsistency
and iis iippurcni  sophistry.
It is this method of political war-
tare that has gained for the News a
reputation for unfairness thut Is de-
plored by its political friends and foes
alike, hut that is none of our business.
Wc reproduce in another column an
editorial article from the Vancouver
World on the present state of the
Chinese labor conditions which apparently obtain al the coast. The article
by implication, makes grave charges
against the authorities of the Immigration department at Ottawa and If
the statements contained in It are true
the country is face to face with a situation that will not tend to bring
peace of mind to those w'ho are struggling for the emancipation of white
laborers from the competition of the
yellow coolie.
It is true  that  the Chinese popula
tion has not decreased, notwithstanding the fact that Uie prohibitive head
tax of $500 has practically eliminated
the customs entries of Chinese immigrants, and if it is true that there is
an increasing number of Chinese lads
unacquainted with the i-higlish language and customs applying for situations as domestics and other servants, there is something that needs
to be looked Into.
This latter statement of The World
can be verified right in lho city of
Nelson where the supply of newly Imported and unlearned Chinamen has
Buffered no diminution and where, despite tlie absence of tbe paid Importee,
the population in Chinatown is as
large as ever. That many Chinese
have left the country since the tax
was raised to $r>mi is well known and
how their ranks have been recruited
witli newcomers without the customs
offices having corresponding knowledge of the increase is suggestive of
the existence of un underground railway as the World submits. VVe dislike however to carry the suggestion
to its conclusion. Such a course would
only reflect, aud perhaps unfairly, upon those who are supposed to stand
"as sentinels at the gateways aud admit only those who avow their determination to become Canadian citizens
in the fullest sense of the term and
with its full responsibility." The fact
remains however, that the Chinese are
with us, that they go away, and never
come back and that the number, if not
increasing Is at least not decreasing.
Will some authority well up in such
matters as the purchase of newspapers
by the Chinese and other vital and essential affairs of tlie Orientals please
take the country into his confidence
and tell us where tliey come from?
The Victoria Times says: "There is
noi a law upon the statute books designed to eliminate corruption from
elections that had not its origin In Liberal sources, and any amendments the
Conservative leader may propose with
the object of improving and Simplifying
the election laws will receive the cordial support of all Liberals in parliament."
The Times might have gone farther
and truthfully stated that there is not
a law on the statute books designed
to eliminate corruptlod from elections
that has not been broken repeatedly
and persistently by Liberal candidates,
cabinet ministers, and their agents
during the last ten years. The reflection is entirely upon the sincerity of
the Liberals.
It would be B good thing for the
province if every available timher
limit were applied for and the license
paid thereon. The "speculators" voluntarily take all chances on the increase in royalties and as the Conservative government will remain in
power a long time there is no fear
that the country's interests will be
neglected. The revenue from these
licences even if the limits are held
for speculation will soon amount to
enough to pay off the public debt,
"reduce taxation, Increase expenditure
and slill show a healthy surplus."
TAKK NOTICE thai an application haa been
made to reglater ll, Q, .McLeod ai the owner In
Fee Simple.  andW a Tax Hale Peed from   li. J.
Btanion, deputy lueuor ami collector ul the
Sloean  A-sc.smeut   IMitr'ct,  to K. (J. Md I.
l.rartiiK date the '2Mb -lay of AngUlt, A. 1). tabs.
of all and .-insular that certain parcel oi tract of
laml iui'1 premise! Iltuate, lying ami being in the
Dlatrlcl ol Kootenay, In tbe Province ol Hrtti-h
Col um M a, more particularly known ainl de-
sc-rlbed ��- -all minerals,precious and banc, (save
coal an-) petroleum) under I/it .KhH, Oroup 1, ln
the District uf Kootenay, ���* Unmet" mineral
i-l Aim.
Vou mid each of you aro required to contest
the claim of the la.x purchaser within fourteen
days from the date of the service of this notice
npiin you. ami in default of h caveat or certificate
01 Ilk pendens being Hied within sm-h [ic'lod,
vou will bt'  forever estopped and ih-bnrreil from
Ratting up any '-1111111 to or in respect of tin- snid
land, and I ahall register it. <-.. McLeod as the
owmr thereof.
Dated at Land KcKlstry Ottloe, NelHon, Province of Hritish Col um Dls. this fflth day of Krl.ru-
ury. A, t). Jyoti.
District Registrar^
To aichi-.ni Rceman.
Under anil byylrtuool r i... poworiofi.lecon-
iii.iis.i 111111'lTiniis mortgage nrlilcb will bopro'
��� in 11,1 Hi.'Hmi' ul nli'. lli.ro trill boo-oro-
lor sslls'  I.y  public itui-llnll nil Hullir.lsis Ills, .sills
,l��y nl October, IWo, ssi tho bour ssi la o'olooii
noon, ssl llii' II I Hum-, OOtnoj <>! Wht.I >,n,|
Vernon itrettfi Nelion, is is , bjrM-un.Cbarloi
a. w���i,T aiCo.,tbe lollowlng pr ,rty.tu:
IMs. number! Bit.on (I'll llll.l ��IXtSS.'ll (Is,), bmb
in uiiii'lt iiissiti.sT ten (Hi. in ini; I'Hii <sl Uss- Mil,
-iitississii s,i im niiiisiis-r ninety iix, oroup mis'.
Iniiii' sllMni'l ill K'.ssi.'iisiy, llslllib risl is sss 1,1��,
iill.l  kiiusss   n..  lb,- lln,,,,' ,1,1,lit;,,11  In N.'1-..ii.
":.ri_":.v,;r.V_v.,;-.v*..,,,'1..;:,*\c,*:r..7.i..v.-*!''.e^'Vi*1 "���
tlie Land Kcicixtrv iillh
Upon the snid land
I Hug I
 unberi'd-W. B.
reeled a large and coin-
lauuiuwiuwvinui mum* HI flrft-oUfl older, with
<ity water.   This property is noi   fur from Ihe
business portion of theeitv.
Terms nnd Condition! made known al the time
olsa'eor in tne meantime unoo application to
Mortgageo'i "Solicitor.
Dated at Nelson the 17tb day uf Kept. I'Ofi,
Notice II hereby given thai (dxtydayt. after
flats 1 Intent*! to apply to the Bonfchfefaom.
mllllonerOl Lands and Works for  nermlsslon
to purchase the lollowlng OaMrttisdludaii
uatu In West Koolenay  District,   ('ommeiielm.
at   a   post   marked "A.Hlrseh'l  B. E   COrna?"
planted al tho B.W. corner of Lot mt, ubout 7
miles north o| Burton Qlty and about :1 of a
mile westol the Columbia river, thenee north
80ohalni] thei west 40 chiins   theuee hou
Wehiiiua; thenc-.-east 4o eliains to point of cm  '
meneement. containing 820 aores.
Dated thin nth flay of September, IQ06,
..    r, ,.    A* Hihim'H-
Per Rami 8j.yk, Ageut,
Sixty davs nfier dale I intend lo apply to the
Hon. Chiel Commiaiioner ol Undsand Works,
Victoria, to purchase 40 acres ol hind: Commencing hi h post planted at tLe City of Nelson's
power plant lot B. K corner post, on Koolenay
river, theuee 20 chains soutli. thence west -tl
-hains, tlu-nce north 30 chain*-, thenee east 'ki
E. J. CrmuN.
chains to point of commencement
Nelson, B.C., Aug. 6,190C.
Notice is bereby given that 00 days from date I
intend to apply to tne Honorable the Chlel Com-
mlsslonei Ol Lands and Works for periniisioii
to purohaae the following deaorlbed landi situate in Weat Kootenay Distriei:  Commencing
at a post marked  ���' K. Stewarts N W. corner
post,' 'situated near the Junction of Lost creek
and South Fork of Balmon, thenee souih 40
chains, more or lc-s; thenee east Sli chains;
thenc north 40 chains, more or less;   thenee
wesi so chains to point Df commencement.
Salmo, August llth, 1008.
E. Stewart
T. H. Atkinson, Agent.
Nolle, u hereby given Unit 60 flays after date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable the chief Commissioner of Lands and   Worki. to purchase the
lol lowing described Lands,820 acres, more orlest;
Oommenelng ut a post planted on thc wesl hank
of Upper Arrow hike at a point ubout 7 mllei below Nakusp, and marked 0. A; B.H., N B oorner
post;   thence  Ml eliains  west;   thence 4o chain-.
south: thenei mi chaini east, moreor lose to lake
shore; Do-nee along lake shore  to point of beginning.
DatedthiBfith dav of Sent,. 1006. G.A.B.HiU.
60 dayi afler .lale I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commluloner ol Landi and
Worki. Victoria, B. C, to purehaae 640 acres of
land situate west of Arrow lake on the well side
uf Whatehan i reek and Joining th.* north boundary  of S   J.  Annable application   to  purchase.
Commeneing at a posl marked K J. K. ri. K. corner and running wes* f*> eliains; thence imrlli to
ehulns;   thence east SO chains;   thence  south   lo
poini of commencement
September .ind ItNHi, It. J. ELLIOT,
NotlOC Is bereby given that 60 days after date I
intend to apply to tlie Horn.rule Chief Commissioner of Landi and Works for permission to purchase ihe following described lands,situate lu
the West Kootenay district; starting from a posi
planted at the N. K. corner of K. W, Robinson's
Application to purchase, ihenee 111 chains cast,
Ho chains south, 20 chains west, k* ehnllis north,
4o chains west, 'ki chains north. *_\) chain- east, 411
'hfiiiiK north to polut of commencement,contain*
I 18th dav of August, 1906
D. <'��� B. Robinson,
per Ernkht W. Robinson, Agent.
Ing 160 acre
Notice li hereby given that sixty dayi after
date  i   intend   to  applv   to  the   Honorable  the
Chief Commlnloner ol binds and Works for per-
mission  to punhasu ihe following desoribed
Ian t on the west shore-of upper Arrow Lake and
joining J. II. Keeuey's pre-emption: Kunning
west iu chains; thenee norih Bu chains* thence
east m chains totho ihore of the lake; thenoe
south following the lake ihore to point of commencement, containing $_tiacrt- more or less.
Duled August IB, 11)00,
H. P.Haclmd
J. 1. Kki.i.v, Agent.
Notice is herebv  given   that  ilxty days  alter
date 1 intend to apply to Um- Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Land* and Works for ner-
mlasloB to purchase the following described
land on the west side Of Lower Arrow Lake and
joining the south line of the Indian Reservation:
Running west 20 ������hains; thenee iouth so ebalna;
thence eaat 80 chains, to the ihore of the lake;
thenee   north   following  the  lake  shore to the
point of commencement, containing 160 acrei
more or less.
Dated Augusl 90,1900. W, it. Mai i.eou
J. J. KSLLY. Agent.
Notice Ii hereby given that I intend. 60 days
after date to apply tothe Honoreblfe the Chfal
Commissioner of i autlsand Worst for permission
to purchase the following described lands in
West Kootenay distriet. about live milts south
of Burton City, commenolng a; a post planted on
the east bank of tract 0. R-. ana marked "W. H.
Hamilton's B. W. Q, post," and running north to
eliains, thence east to chain- tbenee south 80
chaius, thenee west 80 (hams to place of begin-
iiiiii., containing 640 acres oi land, more or less.
I'ated this -2nd day ol Augnsi, l'AKi.
 W  H. Hamilton
Notice Is beiOby Riven thai 60 days after date I
intend to apply lo the Honorable ' hief Commli-
���loner of Lands and Works for permission lo
purchase the following described lands, situate
in W.st Wootenay district: Commencing at a
post marked "B. Conkey'- N W. comer post," sil>
uate ruar the N K. comer of land applied for by
R.B.I thenee south 40 chaius, moM Or less; theuee
east Mi chains; thenee north lu chains, more or
len! thenee west W chains tc poim of commence-
in., i it.
Balmo, August it. 1'JOfi. B. Conkey,
 T. H. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice is herby given that oo day-, after date 1
intend, to ajiply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
miiislouer of Lauds and Wicks for permission to
purohaae tbe loiiowing described land*, iltuate in
West Kootenav district:  Commeneing ata pent
marked "K. Ross's N W corner post." situnle
near the N. K. corner of land applied for by A.
McLean, (hence south 4o chains, more-or less;
thence east 80 chalna; theuce nortii lu chalm.
more or less; thence west SU eliains tu point of
Balmo, August 11, 190��I. R. Ross,
T. H. Atkinson, Ai-cnt.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days alter
dale i intend to apply to the Honorable tho
('hief   Commissioner  (,f   l-ands and   Works  foi
permission topuxohase the loiiowing deaorlbed
lands sitiiHte in Wesi Kootenay district: Commeuelng at a post marked "A. McU-anV N W.
corner pOSt/'SltUatfl near the N.K. corner of laud
applied for hy A. McUughlan, thence south IU
chain*-, more or less; tnence east to chains:
ihenee north JOohSWS, moreorless; thenee west
hu ehalni to point of commencement
Salmo, August 11,1806 A. McLkan,
'!'. JI. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice is hereby glveu that B0 flafl after date f
intend to make application to the Honorable the
chief Commissioner of l-ande and Worki for per-
miason to pnrebaie the following described lands,
sli uate in West Kootenay disiriet: Commencing
at �� post marke 1 "A. McLaughlin's N. W comer
post," situate near the N K. corner of laud applied lor by P. McArthur. I hence south 411 chain-,
more or less; ihence east ni chains; tbenoe north
40 ohalni, more or lesai thenco Wtat 80 obaina te
point of commencement
Salmo, August il, 1008, A, McLai ohi.an,
 T. II. ATKINSON, Agenl.
Notice Is hereby given that W dav* after dale
I intend loapply to the Chief Commissioner ol
l.iiini- and Works for tMirmlsidoii to purchnse
the   following  deserlhed   landi, situate   In West
Kootenav district: commenolng ai a post marked .1. McArt bur's N. W, corner post," sit uate near
the N, K corner o( land applied for by A Turner,
tbenee south 40 chains mure or le*i| tbouos ea-t
Hn chains;   theuce north 40Ohalni, more or less;
thence we-t ni chains to point oi commencement.
Halmo, August 11, 1'JUti.
J, M.'Akthi'K,
T. H  Atkinson, Agent
Notice li hereb)' given that on dayi after dati
I intend, to apply to tbd Honorable the Chief
Commissioner  of  Lands  ninl Works (or perm llf
sion loiiuroimM* the followlna described lands,
iltuate i'i ihe Wi-m Kootenay dlitrlel: Common-
ring at a post marked "A.Turneri W. Vt. eorner
post,'1  Iltuated  at   tb<  N.K corner of  land ap-
pllad for by B. Stewart, tbenee aonth 4o ohalns,
more or less; thenco ea-t ho chaini.; lhetice norlh
40 obalm, more or lam thenoe weit 80 obalm to
polul of Oommi meiiieiil.
Halmo, ll. C , Augu-i II. I'jriO. A. Ti���rnkh.
T H  Atkissos, Aaeni.
Nollee Is hereby given that 00 da/1 after dab- I
intend to applv to the Honorable the t blef Com-
mis-  ..j Lands and   Works for permission to
nun base (he lollowlng described land lu West
Koolenay Dlstrlol about seven miles souih nf
Hurton < Ity: Commencing at a post planted mi
ihe cast bank of Trout creek and marked Mrs,
W II. Hamilton's H. W. C. Post and running
norlh Hi) chains; theuce cast HO chains; thence
south HO Chains; llienee west HO ebalns lo place
of beginning, eonlaliilng IHU acres, more or less.
Hated thiaaSOd day ol August. 1906,
If HI. w. II. Hamilton
w  11  Hamilton, Agent.
Nollee Is hereby given that of) days afler date I
intend to apply -to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purehaae the following describee, lauds In tho
Wes: Kooteuay district: ileglnnlug at a posl
marked It. Hell's I, K. corner, about two miles
east of the Salmon river, and half a mile from
the I'end d'Oreille river, Ihence HO chains north.
IU chains wesl, HO chains south and 40 1 hains cast
to place of beginning,
Haled '/Tib day of July, I'.KHi. K. H. Hki.i..
Sixty days after dale I Intend to apply to tlie
Coiniiilssl'iner of Landsand Works, Victoria, to
purobase 180 acres of land. Commencing at 11
post planted on the west shore of Arrow Uute, at
tbi south ensl corner of J J ( brittle1! pun base,
running north w> chains, thence easl k) chains,
thenee soutli ""���bains, thenee west H>> chains to
Plaee of com llienee men t.
Located Bay, Oth 1900.
L. UALUOHia, Locator.
For Unp-ii-1 Delinquent   Tuxes ln the Nelson Assessment District, PP,
of British Columbia.
1 Hereby give notice timi on Friday, the twelfth day ol Ootober, a. ii., inon, et tin; hour o( (weltsoN*l_eli Qoon,*t Use Qotm n *'
B. C, I k'ihII .sffsT f,ss sain by public auction tin- ImiilH herelneltor Ml out ol tlss- rM.r��,iiM in hhi.i llssi hereinafter isist nut, ior uu. .l.-ii,,,,,,-,,, .""**��� Kcl��ii,
hy aald penohe u he thlrty-Bnl day of December, U06, and lor lntereit, coin and i-isoim., Including coet ol adverlltlng aslsl mi,.",?" ""i*"
amount due ll not eoonerpaid: '    ttie sw.i i
Chestnut, K,l
Carlwu, I,. II...
Uallandalne, Bd
I'l M
Js,lsis.  K. W
Bs'SSSit. 111,11 M
LePaie, Louln
Burs,������.|i. Koch
Wriuiit. Harry
Won,Conrad- Dovnill
S1I1K,  Ks'l' 	
Kssii'ii.,  Hs-siry  	
Anderson, -mat
liS'lrssl, I'liitrliss	
Eldorade Mm,., 1.11,111,
. Co
McArthur, Wm
IlroHslli',,1, Kr.kltie	
Eldorado .Mm.*, t-ralted
AtllHliss.sss Vs'llSSS,  CO.
Huacroll, Uss	
'.si', .trllsisr          . .
Dick, Arlliur 	
I'llllsSISISSl. J        	
Ki'llv. A. II
10 aem In Bloei It, Lot 81., 11.1	
Ill,,ik I. UitHSl, O.I., ��mrr.	
Ill,,, k. 71,��. A UillllJ.il I . Inn acrei	
Block?, Lot Ml, Q   l.'ai'ri'.	
Illw'k ���, l.itwil. <l. I., toarri'i
Block 11, Lot aa, u.l., e.tSai'Hin. 	
Illssel  l'.l, l.,,l St'.tl', li   I , tH ."Tf.
CU ,������. sii Bee, -s asssl It, Tp, lla, .11.1 lee Sll. Tp, li., Ul I2WI. il I
1 acre In Beotlon ��. Tn 11, Lot ixn, 0.1 	
vim aorea In Beoton It, Tp. tt, LotlmO.l 	
;, arn-s. In Scclli.ii an. Tp. *i. LotlKB.O, I 	
I.Ill sis're. Its Beotlon ", IP tl, I sst utj. ii. I 	
t'.'-n aorei in Bectlon Tljt, n, M. T. 17,1..11111,11.1	
80.16acre, iu -action t, Tn 17, Lol IM3.G. 1	
is JSI hits'. Ill S'l'tliill 211. Id   17.  Utltfil    	
.1.08 acrei In-oollonM, Tp ai. un i-'ta, ii I	
47.8D acrea In Beotlon 13 Tn tt. Lot h'ia, a I 	
sit Waorei In Beotlon O,Tp 10, Lot MM. 0 1
Hi .11 BITS'. Ill Si'i'lliill I'.SHIi'l A. Tp  tn, bitl.lt, ti   I       	
M a acre. In Bectlon B, Tp ai. i.st -m,<i I	
7SS lllTS'S 111 I.it 104, l>. 1 	
t acrei ln Lot 538, G I 	
HlsH'k li. L.itiii!>.i, I.,6aorei.
Lol --J!",'. 1 ,1:11 ��st,.�� 	
Part Ut -.-0, I,   I., rsll hits'.	
-���slss. rs-ss In Lot nil. 'i   I 	
Taxv.     I   Inicrs-.i
n un
:i im
1. mi
r. io
t IN)
1 its
ll -if)
4 ttt
fi INI
2 1*
t IV,
li 1*
ie 7..
1, in
."����� .110
M Ul
1 01)
- n
, ,
J Ml
���J I.I
1 s.s
lu ti
i 1.1
J so
_��� IIS
11 a
Dated at Nelson, h c., thlifltb day of Beptember, 1806,
ColleetOf, NeliM.n Aiw-eMtu-ni I)
Kotiee in hereby given tbat two tnontbi alter
date I Intend to apply to the Ronorable Uhlel
CommlMloner "f Urni*. nmi tt'urk* (<<r iKTinh-
lion t" purehaae ��>a<> acres ot land, deaeribed ai
rollowa: commencing at a p"*'t planted hi tbe
iouth weal nl U c Morrlion'i nnoh in Kir-*
Valloy, West KiMiteiiav dlstrl-t, iiiHrkcl "J. tt.
Muiirii's nortbeut oorner put"; thenooOOehatni
irrtnti tbence 80chaini iouth; tbence80 chaini
out; thence 80 chaini north (<> tbe place ol oommencement.
nmed nth day of Sepl tuber, 1M6,
j. B.Kuxmi,
w. a. ('Ai.Mth. Agent
Kotiee ll herebv given Mini 00 dayi niter ilale 1
intend toapply to the Honorable the chief c���m-
mlailonerof Landi and Worki for permlaalon tn
purebaae the (..iinuini; deaorlbed laud-. In tba
West Kootenay dlatrlet, near Burton City; commencing ata p��m planted al Ci> Miutheasl eorner
of Oei>r��e 111!'!eon'.* pre-emption elalin, and
marked Hiirrv (i. Tolllngton'l K. K. C. post, and
running NOtb 40 'lutluh, thenee went ai ohalni,
tbenee n����rih 40 chatna, tnence eait W ehalni to
plaoe of beginning, containing80 aorta of land,
more nr lew.
Mated this 10th dav Of AniMlst, Itt*.
HaHHV  0. TOI.I.I>'((TON.
Notice ik hereby given thai OQdan ��ft*r date]
intend to make appiieuttiiu to taeSpaorable Hjc
Qilef Cninmi-e-iniier nf I-aiidHBiid Worki for rmr-
miialon to pnrehaae ah.mi lop aeru of land situ
ated on the Balmon river. Waal Kootenay dlatrlet,
oommenelng al a poil marked 8 tt. Butier'i N K.
Corner,  planted mi the went bunk of the river,
about 4-! mllei north oi tbe International 'jouihI-
ary, theme west 60 ebalni, thenoe 80 chaini
���outb, thenoe aaat about k) eh a in* in the river,
thenee northerly along the river to plaoa r>( ei,m
Atigiit-t 18th, 1W6. P. R. BOTftt,
T. II. AtkliiKon, Ageut.
Notice Is herehy glveu that iwo mon thi after
date I intend to apply to the Uonorahle the ''hief
Commlnloner ol Landi and Worki fnr a loaae of
all that land helug the fon-hhore adjoining Mil.-
divtiioni l. 8 and -t ol i-.it :m, Oroup one pj
Kootenay, aiul being on the smith nhore ol the
West Arm of Koolenay like,  in the district of
Kootenay ���
Commenolng it a poM marked "A. k. watta1
���OUtbeail  eorner  poll";  theliee 80 ehaim ffttt,
tbenee30 cbalm northi ihenee 60 ehaliiReaNi;
tbenoe to chalm aouth tothe plaee oloojnmenee-
ment; tbe Mid  land and foreshore to be be used
for sawmill purPOM.
Hated thll -HI day of Auguit, I9cS.
A. K. Watti.
Notiee In hereby given that 00 days after date I
in tend to appiv to the Honorable the Chief Commlaaioner of '������������- and Works for p. mh;--.��� *. tO
imrrhaae the following deserlta-d land in We.t
Kootenay Dlatrlcl about seven miles aouth ol
Burton city;  Commeneing at a poet planted on
the east hunk nf Trmit ereek alio marked Alex
Cbeyne'i K. W. C, Poat and running iouth 80
ehain--: theme east tu chalna; thenee north HO
ehaim.; tbenee west 80 CbalUI t<�� poal of  iM-ginu-
ing. containing 040 aoru of land, more or leai.
Dated thii und day of Aoguat, U08
w. ii iiamii.ton, Agent.
Notice ll hereby given thatilxty daya aft.-r
date   I   liilen-l    1,1   npplv   to   the   Honorable   the
chief Commluloner of Und*. and Worku, for
permlnion tn nurabaaetbe foUowlng deeerlbed
landi commencing hi a pom niarked George Toi-
liugtoiCf N. K. C. poat, at lhe Mouthe��i.t corner
ol J. O. UcOrede'l pre-emption elitlui and
running south 40 ehalna to anutbweM corner nf
ceo Hudaon'i pre-emption claim; thenee iraetao
obaina]  theuee  imrih   40 ehnins,  thence east 90
cbalni to place of lomnieueciiient, containing n
acrei of lund more nr lea-.
Haled thlx Hth day of August, UN*.
liKollUK Tnl.l.IMJTON,
A. A, Hlirtoil, Agent.
Notice (i hereby given that lixty daya after
date I intend toapply to the Hon, Chief CommlK
-dnij.?r of LaUlll and Wnrks Inr iierniiNsiou to pnr-
chaae the billowing deacribeu lands iltuate ill
West Kootenav district; i'oiiiinelielng at h ]mikv
markeii .1 H. \ niisioiie's s.K  i-orner post, Hltuate
in the Salmon River valley, at h point adjoining
J. Meecher'i land at weitern boundary, tbence
westao ebalna, thenoo imrth -to cbalni, tlience
eaat80ohalni, thence aouth 09ohalni to polntof
Julv Mtb, liNNt, j. ii. Vamrron.
t. M. Atklnaon. Agent
Blxty dayi after date. I. Hirgrotl MoQuarrle>
Iniend to *ppiy tn the uonorabie the chief Com*
missioncrof Latuli and Works. Victoria, B. d
io purohaae ibe following deaeribed laml, crm-
meiiciiig hi ii poii marki'i M. MoQuarrle,on the
l.unk  ol   Lower  Arrow   lake, theliee   |u ehains
weitttbence00cbalni north; thenoe 40 ohaini
en-l; tlience t'M  chains   iouth   to   place  of  com-
meneement,iald t<> enuiniu ir^i acrei more or
ie*--. Covering ground Bold by 0. fi, Anderaon'i
pre '���mpiioii.
Datod till-. 1Mb day nf Frptemher, 1000.
.Makohkti HoQliautll,
\S. I��� Payki, Agent
KoUce   l"  herehy  given   tlial slutv  dgyi tflaf
date I Intend toapply lo the Bonorable lheCblal
C( UaloneroJ f.ainiN mui Worku foi permlnion
u, ptirchaac the fnib.wing deeerlbed lamii Mtuata
;ij v.i -.1 Kooti'tiaviliatrlcl ;Commi lielng al a post
pbmt.d at Roberl fmieti'i norih sail corner
poll   itnd   murked   A. Ms   N. W, Corner   lb-ma
aaai 4u obalm; thonoe to < bains
len to tbo Kootenay river; them    	
almig llie Kooteuay rlveri theme hi ehain
north, iioh'i- or less, to   tin-   place  uf   i miniuMim
ment, ��� -t n. ������!��� iui aorei more or lei .
kepumher iith Ubo,
Aphu ICoou,
WjlJilAM MiKiliK a*- Ageni.
Nutoe is hereby given tbat *i��iy dayi after
data i intend to apply to the Uonorabla the
Chief CommlMloner   of   I.amlH  ami   Works   for
permission   u,   purebaae  the   following da.
Wjribed lands situate In the West Kuoienay
district, sturtliig from, a post plantcil on ifie
north   bank ol  lb-  No.lb   Kork  of   l.,!g   rreekl
tbenoe90ohalni west, ait-haitix north, nehalni
went, 40 ohaini northi 20 chains wesi, ao obalm
nortb, SB chaini weit, BO ehalni north, n '-hains
.Km','i ^'���"h,''!",��,��"1' *> ��h��lni eaat, 40 ehalni
smith, Jf) chain* cHal, 40 chains souih to point of
commenoement, containing 840 acres
Haied 18th day Of Auguit, U00
Rknkst W. ItOHI-flOK
Noiiee in hereby given that fiOfiav-i iiltor (lain t
intend to make application to the Htmortble the
'li-lrisslsil W
I'l""1"' Hi" .'illlll Ilde ol U./i,ti.i.Vrv ;;ri''i'."i',"il
ii.s;is,i,r���,,i���,������i bounder, line,one ,������ ,1,
_'%'_______: s " riv.vr' p��*��d'*ffl.Su
���tata^tewMi. -doch.in.io, was
��-. ���K,:'I"1', r- *'>��"". l.s.silnr,
D.ted ,1,1. in, 5,..'-i.u,';ri'a.""AKL'm'
"^'"���"'dngal iVpdi't
Blxty days after date i intend toapply to the
Hunorable lhe Cblel < m isiioner of Lauds and
Wor-a, Victoria,  to  pUrcbaH  2*0 hi res of land,
located aud deeerlbed as followi: Being the
northeaat quarter ol Bectlon twenty-two, and
ilu-south half of tlie nortbweil quarter BecUpn
twenty Hire,-, Township six ty_lu��.    And furlhei
ducrlbed aa follows Commencing at a poet
marked J J. n. w , eorner, and planted tociiains
east uf the north west cm ner of Beotlon twenty-
iwnaiul riiiinlng cast 4i)ihaini, theliee aouth it)
chains, tbenee eaat 40 Ohalna, Hone.- smith '20
chains, tbence went hu ilnlus, theuce tlurtli -to
chains to place of ta'gluulug.
..���.-* '.'lit, 19Ut>. JaMKH JullNHToNR,
W. A. ('abler, Agent.
Notiee In !i-t.i.v given ihai to days after data I
intend to applv to the Honorable the chielCoro-
laisstnuer ". I.aini* and Wmks for ; ��� ��� :u--i' ���<
lu purchase the fnllowini: d.-��. rda-d laud. situate
tn Plre Valley, in tbe w,-si Kootenaj dlatrlet. ad-
joining W A. (alder's pre emption. starting al a
posi marked M. Metjuarrb-'s lOUtbweel corner,
running at) chains east, tbence I) chains uorth.
tbenoe K ebalni vreit thenee -to ehatns south to
poini of oommeneement
Haied this iith tiav ,-f Beptember. iw*"'.
Mahv Ma.fAHhir.,
J. K. TaVI-or, Agent
Nutiee in hereby given that 00 days after date I
Intend to apply lo the Hon Ihe Chief Commissioner of Ijtuds ami Works (ur perinlssiun tu purchase  the following   deaeribed   lands   In   West
Kootenay dlatrlet, province of Brltlah Columbia*
Commenolng  at  a   post  marked   A. A, Hurt.m's
h. \\. oorner, on the iouth ��ide of Cariboo ereek,
���t'.i.'iT two milea eaat of Hurton < v. ���. townsite,
and At Uu northwest corner ol William MeHev-
ItCs pre emotion claim, thenee eaal to chain*,
thence north 60 chains, tbenoe west 40 chain**,
thence aouth 60 chalus to tbe place of beginning,
containing 240 acrei more or lesi.
Dated thli'Mth dayof July, l!m6.
A. A. Bt'HTOH.
Notice is hereby given thai 6t) dan alter data I
intend lt> apply to the Honorable Chief Cnmmla-
aIoii-t ol IaiiiIn and Wnrks Inr p. rmi*s|nri tn purchase the fnllowing daKd-bed land*, situate lu
the Weat Kootenay dlitrlet, starting Hum a pOBl
planted at the fvW.cortier i>f Kriiest WKubtiison's
Appll'-atinn to Fun-hMe, and 00 the north bank
of the North Fork ol Dm erevk; theuce 40 -hains
west, an chains north, IWl chalm ea*t, 4<i chain*
auuth, 20 cbaina wem, jOebaiussouth to Interaee
Uonol north line of K W, Kobinsons Application
to I'urrhaae, thence 40 chain* west and au chalna
south to polnl of commencement, containing 040
Dnted 18th day of AururI, I'JoA.
per EkMUT tl', KoitiNaox, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that BO <iayii after date I
intend tn applv to thc Hon, the ( hief Commissioner of I~,m!- and Worki lor penninimi tO pur
chase the following dcs.rlU*d land* Hi West
Kootenay dlatrlet, province nl Hrlibih Columbia;
ComineucHiR ata pn*t marked "Wllllain Tnlllug-
lOn'l nnrthwe��l corner post," aald po*��l being
planted at the aouthwesl corner of the "Queen
Mineral Claim." and adjoining the <aat line of
Mcl'bail's pre-e��ptlon, thenc- south twenty (__Ji
ehalni Hong Ntid Hue, theuce east forty (40)
chain*, tbence norih twenty (*_��) chains, tlo-nce
west forty (40) chain*, more or lea*, to the place ol
Dated Inl 'lay ol Auguit. 1000.
WlLLMM Trii.l.iNiiTos,
By bliageulJ. E. Taylor.
Notiee la hereby given ihat sixty days alter
date I Intend tu apply to the Hon. Chief Commit*
sinner of bands and Work* for permission to
iitirebase llie following doaOflnd lands, In
West Kooteuay District: Commencing at au in
Ilia) ]���������������< planted at tho southeast cottier of McCoy's pre-emption, theme Bcbalni west to.-aM
l-miudary of l-.i r,Pr.r; tlience fnllnwlng snld
Iroiindary aouth to southeast corner nl said loi;
ihenee 111 ebalus west I ihcnce 4J cbatiM smith;
llienee B0ebalni eust; thence Ji chains nnrlh m
southwest corner of J.m 939] ibenee following
west Imiiiidary <-( U��i til to initial post.
Beptember ft, UM, D. H Wotfr,
l��er KaMtar W. EoaiWjOlf.
Notice 1s herebv given tbat Hi sty days afler dale
I intend io applv to the iimi. chief commlailon
ur of lninls ami   Works for permlMton to pur-
enaaa the following discrii--d landa, 100aoreo,
OOmmepelng at a post mark��d John Toye, jilant
ed on ihis east shore uf l-uwer Arrow lake, at t
om* mih- north uf Huiishllic creek, thence fort)
chains  easi,  theuee  forty chain* smith, tlience
lorty chain* weet, ihenee forty chain* north
along lake ihore to pniut -iff cumiueiiecinciit,
Dated tbi- llth day oi September, hmi.
John Tuva.
Hanky OlWOH, Agent
Noilce 1* ImTi-1,*, given lhal 00 days alter date, |
lni��ml I..,,-.; i- rn ii,.- Hmi Ohlofcommlaaioner
nl l.amls ami Wnrks i,,r permlulon to purchaie
tin- fi,|l..�� mi- descrlls-d iraet o| land ���    In
Wait  Kootena)   Hutrb-l.    C ueltig  at   the
lontaweil corm-r or l^u i;.m\ thenre tuuiug
well -Vi chains; (hence north Jo eliains; Ihenoe
west III ehllltls; theuee imrlli Jl chains; theuee
east HI) ohftlni; tbenee souih 40 eliains to point
ol coiiimeiicemeiit.colilBllillig M0 acres, moreor
Dated al Nelson, H 0��� this Brd day of Julv,
iwo Marv i-Vani.an,
���per K   C, l.reen, Agent.
Sot-lee Is herehv given that Oodeyi aller dale I
intend tO apply In the Hnimrahlc theulilel Com
i   i-   ii.ii.-i of I in,.I' ami   Works [or | i, in
purehan the following described lands  h.
IH    West   Kqptenai   District*    COO ncug   at   a
pust marked *T. McArthur'* N. W enrner posl
lltliate near the N R, 'orner of land applied fur
by H. McArthur tbence souih-Ui chains, more or
less;  theuce easl   an  chains;   thence   north   In
ohaini, more nr leai) thenoo west w ohaini to
I miit nf < nm meneement.
BalmO,B.C., Auguit llth, IttKl.
I'. Mc Ahtiiik
T. H. Atkinhon. Agenl.
Hlxty days after date I Intend to Hiinly to lhe
CommlsHiotier or lrftndn and Works, victorin, to
purchnse L80 acrei of land, lltliate and described
a* loihiwi: Commencing ata post planted mi the
west side of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo C|ty, ill
or near the aouth went comer of 11. Hnig purchase, and marked "H. M. A , BL, _��< corner,'' and
ruiiniug uorth io ehaim, thence wait40 ehalna
tu II. AllliHble'H nurehafie, theliee niilii lOehailin
more ur lenn to the lake shore, thence along ihe
lake ihore to place of beginning.
Auguit 25tll, 1000. 0. M. ANNAHl.K.
Notice la hereby given that .M daya after date i
III lend loupply lo the Honorable the Chief Coui-
mfuloner of uandi ami Worki, viotoria, to pur-
Chaw HU acres m laml, nUiiiiIu about one mile
east of Hurton City on the eaal able of Arrow
lake, and deaeribed a* follows: Commencing ai a
pnst planted at the northeut corner of LotflMO,
tlience north '20 chain*, ihcnce weal i" chalna,
thenee aouth 211 ehalna, ihence easl iOehatun to
place of beginning
Auguit 2ftth, I'JiHt. J. It, Hi'NTaa.
O.L PaUHtU'lon ill.- Ii'srsl, ssi,,",,,,;,,'',""!;
quarternllMrron ii..'Ivii.M'.i-,.,h,,���.,*]
iniiii'lim ni ii i.s.i nss.rk',1 s   i ,, ���,      '
.ssrli.T  |.,.l. ll,,.,,,- m dull,, i,,iii..Si{{l
U,nCity: <ffl��f-a*��ya^
t bank ol Trout creek n
er'�� n W.c, Poet and ronniDj 	
thenee i-ant tii ebalni;   Ihence  in,rth O rW
tbence weal w chains to the pU'-ref nmam
ment, emi tain log tV40 a_r��p, m .r. .: ...
Hated UtllttH dayof August, l��.
C. L Fsm
W. H. llAHlLTtn.ifH
Notice i�� herehy given that f-M.ri A��2
Inteud loapply lo tbe Hotiumhli- IMGttlflB
mlMl inerol l��mlnand w���rk�� u>t p-n&Nni]
pnrehaae the following deacrlM lin-ii
m*-u< lug at a poit   market     l M  !��� . * * v j
ner." placed ..u Uie cast ihore nf .surer iml
Ijike at the nnrlliwest corner of i I'.rUUt'iiaJ
pIlcatK'U to I'm. Iih-c. r'lliuli.K ���'.���������ft     Uh��i
can; them-e *u chalm north, theor*. -to b'
more ur !���**, WtttX to the lakctho'r. theDct |_|l
lowing lake ibore to polol ol r-oDtBcineali
coutHiiiitig >k) acrea more <>r let
Hated Ibu .'.:������! day uf July, \>*
J. v. tin.
Notice ta hereby given thatWilarniiurtol
intend I.- apply tn Ihe Honorable ibt^lr.'*.
inls*ioiier ol lunula and Worki lm |>mj_Nli
purehaae the following drierlted ,i!.;i,��._Unl
uu the easi side of Arrow like '""(.^n
the northeait corner of a. Anitioi;i'MR_.
theme north forty chain*, ibr-m n��hnj
ehalni, thenee south forty chili*'>ma*
forty chalnn to point of comm.MtHrd.iia
taming '*���" acres, more or Itns
Hate<l Heptemlwr 1. '*������ UtOt ' ���*<> '
Notice 1* hereby gifen ���;.��; i. :_-����� ������ i-:
intend to api.lv to the Hon Chief t'wc*J*��i<T
n( Und* and Works (or perml'siou to put���l
the rollowlng deeerlbed land*. miiuwJ nt��
k'iu.l*n_iv .K.IrO 1      Cniiii.iiiiiii .1 > C.-.I __i-
no-   lonuwing   ueMTiueo lanus, ���ini��*J 16-K
KOOtenay district:   t ,,mi:ic:i- t:ii�� ���'. ��)-������ =-irli
.   'IfiV 5T_ 1'iirner.��� plai'it'eTeD KmUm!
l-owrr   *-        *  "--      *-���" ���'-*-*-
'BKW H, K. corner, "planteil on *ti(��*-n*a
LOWn Arrow lake, about onr milt naU af
'.onion creek (Jnbililon cret k.) thenc* aort.*
ehalna, llienee weat X) ehalni, thene-nosi* ���
chains, thence eaal W ebalui lo p< .moltto-
meneeineA-L oontniniiig too lem nn>it��i��a
and comprising abandoned preewflaiaaP
iUked thlaMth da> of Augmt.lW.
A. N. Woi.vktos, A(teit
Noiiee la hereby given that *��dari ilttf ���** 1
intend toapply to the HoOOnbUCfcUlOmft
sinner of Uioi-an.i kfor_talorpenahaw��iv
��� base the fulh.wlng deierlbed lainli. HloiW ��  ���
the eaat  ilde  of  Arrow lake: Cetnm-liHnjlli
poil marked A.Haaieod'i b*-*ation|ion.i��a* ,
aouth   fnrtv chains, |olb>wingW T(.y.'��i*��l"�� I
boundary-.'llu-iiee eail ilxtv chain*. lortftUM j
o( iianbaldi Creek; theoei north lorty*-hiiM. ��
Ihenc. easl sixty chains le pointoknmwiK-** ,
ment, contalnlue.'iw acre*, more orU**-
i'ated Kepicmbar 1,1100.       AL��a Mme*.
IvrN.I'iarjtf, Agent	
Nntice t* hereby given lhal fio day* afU*r-W<l
intend 10 applj to tlie Hol.onbb* Ibel hh-M-*
missinnemf Undsand Work, lor permwiM1* ,
purchase thc (nllowltig delcrll-c.l limli. ��\*im
Irom a poll marked W T's iu.rlliui*alp��l.tbf*W
smith to chalna, Iheme ea-l N chllBl.��'""
nortii 4u chalna, theme wesi Ni.lialii* h> h'1"1*
eommencemen*, oontainlng M0 gena. ��������
leas; a.ljoliis mi 'he east ol A. Aiithxuy IW"
lll'll   III   pUH'llll-e
Dated HU* 2Dtb day of Aiicnst, Wk\       ^^
N. iHMKas. a im i. ._
Nollee is herehy given that siuvdiivs��li'*f'|��''
I Intend to apply u> the Hon. chif  "H"*
erol band* and Worki for i*erml��ioiiioP��J
ci,a*e the following d-^rjbm jnd..*��*3
-tnrtlug at a poil marked l iih��',IJ_1"J:Ut,
Plauied on the oaal   re ���| l-oayr   r   �� *
near t.ladsbme Creek,   Ibenee ���> ''""',.IW
ilonee 10 chains north, thenre airliaw "
lake   shore,   tlience lontli  abma ��l'' ,n(
point oi eommeneement.
"������������"'in. i-.i nrfStp^fSiSSiiw,
iumn tiimai. H'Sii-
 usl s��� iiwily to Hi.- Hptiorible il��'' " '    K
issl-l ..'ll.;.,,'! W-rh KgCffiU
|s���r,l,��... lis.' lollowlnl Uwc-rlbcl I. ,,
..u ll,.- .'ss.1 .1.1.',,I Arr.i-s I..I-. ,'".' , ��� i,,k.
,,,....,,, I, ���,-i  s',,rll.r���l A  A  ll, hi i    I       h;!
Hi,'tii',' ���>isiii twtmy i'ii.us', i1""" ,,,..,���.,,���\
Oh.ltl., lis, ni'i' imrlli twi'lll) ' 'i'""- , ���, ,,���i.
tWItll) ,1   Iii  pol-tol  ssissi,<lisii"'
i.M,i,is. s��s gen., in,,,,- or lm        ., ^��� lKr,
*��* �����"������"���;;;���* i'i-m
Ns'.i.'i'i r..t,>- .iv,.,, ii,.,. ;'^,il;"ii;:,S!
il.iisi (!^4_l_��;j5j.'.1x���'���rJ5���,'^rB _
r.ininili��liiilar.il Ijils.l.siii'l 11 ���tl���     /,���,|,, .llll'
to i.i.rili lis.'  fol '��t.?"L_dlffl��~*
ill.'Ill I l.i' Wp.l Ksiisl.'ssss) -Ull"' ��� ���""" ', |���l
I'aiil Aii.lt.''.   |srs-.'iiil is.   -""" ��  " rt
s������rls,"l A.J. _on(, N K. .���;""','"',"���.l's- """'
ssl I.iswit  Arrssw   lilt's'.   InonW -,,.,���,.-.I.
thai to .'...in. .."I"'' tl '���",- '.."ims-iii.
lllOlll'l'   10  I'llHllllS   ...Tl I.   l.i pull""1  """"
thon��**��� oiSai "-.Tt.ti.i 11.<"<*',","SSHaM
thu io .'iiiiii. nortii '���' P"1'" "' "
mi'llt. , ,   ���,,, .���. ,,4 s.-nli't't-
i.,in"imNi'i.i.11, ii.'.. ihiianitjlj,;,��.
*""'lm w���  |.,���i,i,...U"'.'l       .
. t   ��� ui sii., trow il*f
Nolli'i. I. hor.li)' Klvi'ii Ilnsi "   ��>" l-i,,,.!.'..!-'
itenii to.pisi-ui nu; ��;,";���.'","   ',.,,,ww"
-'-nor ol Uml. ��na *""'���.',, (.,,,1. -	
���i. the r.,,1.1 wlrm .1.--.-rlt��-.l !���
sii.trii't ..I wi'.t .i.."'.1:::"*''"1'
ir.'h��.i. tho lnlliiwllllti.il'"'"_'"' ,"| ��� sisiii'l'"
III llii'ill.trli't ..1 W.'.l K.H.t.-ii��)."J is-
71HIU1I til.- WMt nrm ssl  KOOttnl    ii" ;,,���,!,��.-I
t'lnit nl Ihi' llllllnl  |i"��l  I'1'"':, .,,.,,Us.. Ill''1"*
roriiiT s.1 Lot So, thenee north -,,,.,,���,�����, them-*
WI'Sll   'JO  I'llllllIK,   llis'lll'f  -"i"" " , |.
outaoph-i-.i iiHi'ii'. '"'i ��s. in
imis'si Aim. mih, mm. ""
mi'llS'llllt lit II Isss.i initi."'"     ,"' '������,,, ���1 1.31 TT,
nur,"isiii.,',1 ��i ih.' notlbMit cow.' ,,,.
rsitiiiliiitKi.'linl.i.iii.rllsllli '^|N,ln. .s.|��
ihonii. nnI'liain. wnith; i"���"',.,���ij, �� "m
poim iif  oisn.'uiiit'lit, s'siiilini"i��
inisreiir le... , , ,   ,,..
Dits.il thu 'JUt iliy ol July ""'j A 0,B(|0.t WHOLESALE
Carry ��� complete Itook ol Foreign Wlnei, Beer. Liquors
and   l-i'iueurs,   ainl   Canadian   Wine*, und Whlikkii.
v ONK bottle Fort. Hherry. Claret. Hrandy, 'Hn, Bom, Bye, -Scotch,
ileVrVtoul or any increased quantity you desire.    Por fiunllv use try our
[PHONB 2i.<>.
P. O. HOX loa.)
per iai Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
1..1   \i THOBIZBD,...18,000,000. UAH1TAL l'AID OP..,.$-,-80,000
BBBT 14,880,000.
11 WILED-, Pnwiilcnt.        HON. BO BBBT .TAJ-'KKAY, Vioe-Preridnut
Branches in British Columbia:
I    poult* ns' ivi'H itml tntonmt allowed lit irarpint ratal from dato of uponinK a.-
X,,���i 11,'sliisil half-yearly.
^i.son huanch ��J_   -V__,   LAY,  Manager.
Burns & Co.
i Sl-Tkets i'i   UoBHlftiul,   Tniil,   Nclwm,   Kaslo,   Sandon, Three Forks,  Kow
Denver uml BIOOM City.
,,;.!.. uny branoli win ha
;   b:i ! i art-Mil atteilllou.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
t-USCH...       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
ew Fall
oods Arriving
Irnpartatr ttt  I'lnu
���   "i_h-.li   * I, mkJm
Jno. T. Pierre
Baker Kt. INelMon, B. C
.'I n llNliKUK. proper)! iii.liii-iil.iilll be
' ��� "��� I  liy  sin- iitl.ler.lKiii'.! up ti. s.ii'1 in
< M'.ii'l,.), lis,- ilfi,.,iilli Oiiisl.'t ui'Xl. I"r
 I ssll'l ,.,,ssS|llftl's|l ssf H I'l,Sill llssllW til
1 . |.'S III,,,11,,,,. |,1|,| ,'���l|,llll..ll��s,l li'll-
I '"Silrs.il   iiihv   Is.-   Mt'is .1   lln' I'lll'lti'
I 1,.'111,1 ���.'�� ,,m',i'. Vl-lorl*. II. i'. hii.I .it
ri'.-l llii'tlovtromctll Aus'Ssl. N.'liMsii, B.C.,
1"' s Slsr lllls Si'i'li'iiihs'l Ill-Hi.
'' ii'l'T  isiii.i   be   ,i,.,,,iiii���inl'"l   null   "
1 'ii.'iui' i���r ihi' (M psT fi'iii  of tba ���
"i iin- ii'D.li 1 I'll itn- isi iiii iiii perl iMii..'
WI isl lis. iv.rk.
 III.' IMn-MBf-l H'li'l >��� will '"���
'" Ill nil  llll' I'.i'i'illiisli "I  ti.i'.'.su
"i nr nny irnskT mil BBfle-Hrllf
' W.,ik�� |i,'nirl
p  I    IHMHI.K,
Pnblio w.sik. Kisniiif'T
i'l's't, i'ii'Iht, It
Certificate of Improvement!
'���iHiil, Pint rlitiii.'.', ��).-, 1...IB1". unsl
ll Mil" Prwtlon iislniTHl rl��lln��, .ini-
11  Ills'  Ssl.,,11   MllllliK   Hill-lull ill ��i'��l
.""S's'l     llll IlllMll.'l'llSitlSllllllll. iH'llVH'll
 I Itl-ssl'tlri'l-kB.
'llir lliiil I, J,,Iiii M.I-ilrlil.'. "Hill' -III
��> mm ii.iiK.'iit (ssi Jo-oph fllurgfop,
"i �� .'s'tlllls'HlS' Nis. HM", lllli'llsl. ssl.ly
1 llis'ilHli'lsi'is',,!, I,ssi|.|.ly li, III.'MllllliK
I'i I'l-rllll.'sili'. nl liii|.r,.viiiii'lii'. inr
 f sitilsiliiliiK DroWQ lSrsslll.nl "si-
'S Iss'r Inks' 111.tin' llintiss'tloll.liinlsTHi'1'-
m.l lis' I'ssiniiii'iii'i'sl Isi'lssns llll' Ik.iii.iisi'
' sllli'-H 1 llisisrsiss'liss'l.l.
III. HU! iin. ill July, A. II. IIKHI.
JilllN Ml I.ATClttK.
The Daily Canadian
Tetidan Rddnffed to tbo andorUfned. m bti
ofllott lp iin* rmiri HmtWi tn the City ol Notion,
win Ik- recelvoa an Mil Uu< hour i.f flw o'clock in
Hicnlu-rniH f ,Mi)ii.la\, iMohi'i   l.Mh, 180ft, (ur
tbo purobMootUie"BlUfl Byed NolUo'' Mineral
I'lmiu, UklttM, wlti.lt  w*k ili'i-larwl (orfoltad lu
lho rrourn ftt the Tu Bole lul-l tn the '.ttt o[
tivPi.u mi ih.- iiii. day of Kovomber, moft, f(ir ,it..
Ilnuent taxes up till June :.Utli. LDOft, Mill OOetM.
The upoet pRoe tipon the ->ai��l iniueral chum,
uhieii iiiiiiH.e-. the aiiHiunt ol dnllnqtwnt tenet
aud roob ol Hn- tintii of forfslture, with Intoraoti
bum ttblBh hnve kIihm- tieirueil; ami fee fnr
orown n: i'ii. ih l&St-Oft, which in lhe leant aiiiuuut
iiiut will be oonaldorud **, ��� lander.
Koch tender mui in- omomponjed by hu mv
oepted oheque, payable la ilie oodar n| tin* Hepu-
tv t'ummiialimerol Landa mi.l Work* ft. par at
Vleiiirlu, B.O, Iur tlie amount leiuleieil.
HtlllKItT A.  -U:.\\VH k,
Qnvornromii -Vgent, Keloon, B. C
Doted ai Neloun, H 13 , tlii" UIU
iin*. uf Se.|>ieinher, ISM.
nf .ale
rtnier ond tty virtue ui tbo ,	
tallied III II eel In ill lllili IHlirr s.f   M.  : *_*.*- r- - . Wil fell
will lie prodUtY-4 ttl th" nine 1 i Mile, tin-re will !,�����
old on i-i ni��v. oetolwr BUi, loua, at IJo.ciook
noon, t>> t'liHt, A   Win,-rmnn .V io, ii>i��-ii.in..-r���.,
ill Slratln , li.iiel. 111 ll lly of N,-Imui, In (he
Province of iintinii Columbia, ihe h>lh>wiiiK
luii.istiiiii prtwitoeo, na fin
hn*  I. kt, VI. _l, ond m. m Hlmk '_. A.l.liii..11
���A," In tft.-HniMiivlnt 1 lltblritl l,ot IflO.Hrotlp
I, Wen iiivi-i(.ii ol the Kootonay lUetrlet. aeoord*
inn in H Iinlli ur plan  ol   llie mi|<I SuliillvlHh'ii lie-
(Ki.-ileil Iii Hie Lmul ltei;l*iry OlHeeHliil nnmlier-
eil 111'.",
U)l   I  U VHri-.nl.    Ob  Loll IHN I here ta aald to
ba a i��ii-tiioiv Knuno Dtraulns, oJio a -Tonto
Tormi ainl ipiiiillllotts of  aale will In-   mail.
known Al the time of ante.
l*'or Hinher partlaularl apply Ui
Voildor'aStllritura, lla-IHiKa ��t.,
Vaitemiver, B, t^.
Dated thll lath day DtSoptembar, hi��.
The Vancouver World says, editorially:
"The trades and labor congress, skiing at Victoria, has pronounced
against th.- Hindoo invasion and has
passed a resolution recommending
that the head tax on Chinese be raised
to $1000. This last proposal Is Intended as an answer to the agitation in
favor of a repeal of the head tax altogether .recently started in this province in the interest of certain large
corporations and the Chinese merchants. The reply Is decided. It may
not produce the desired result; it Is,
nevertheless, a fact that lhe $500 tax
has (apparently) barred the door
against tbe admission of Chinese altogether, since no revenue from the
head lax source is now returned from
tin* custom! house. We use the word
��� apparently" guardedly, became it
may be that there exists a hack door
or underground railway  through whieli
Chinese are still   admitted   and   by
ineaiiH of which they get In without
contributing a dollar toward the revenue. The fffOO lax has been In force
ahout three years. Coincident with itH
litHHisiiion revenue from that source
ceased eniirely and no Chinese have
heen passed through the customs
house except those who were legally
entitled to enter. Hut the most casual
observer must have beeu struck with
the fact that the Chinese population
Is not decreasing as rapidly as the
railing off in that class of Immigration
would seem to warrant. The Oriental
resorts are nearly as full as ever and
the supply of very young Chinese who
require to he instructed in the Knglish
language and the aVt of cooking and
pther housebdld duties appears to be
never ending. Whether these young
fellows enter under certain exempting
elause.s Is not clear; but they do get in
and monopolize positions which white
men and women would be glad to fill.
There may be no underground methods
through which these men gain admission, but the fact remains that they
are here and the public is interested
in knowing how they got here. The
Hindoo Invasion Is another serious
matter. Either It must he stopped or
within a very few years every industry will be monojiollzod hy these tur-
baned strangers, many of whom carry
In their clothes or In their persons the
germs of that foulest and most deadly
of all diseases, the bubonic plague.
The plea Ihat the Indians are Hritish
subjects should not be suffered to
weigh n feather in the scale with the
Notiee ia hereby -given that80dayi afterdate I
intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief Commls
olonet ot LaikIh and Worka for a ipaolU Hcenee
to cut and '-in-- v uv. nv timber from Hie followine
di-aeribed landa, altuate lu Weat Kootenay dlatrlet: Commencing at a post on fiobinoon ereek,
three-quarters of a mile north-went of Harelier'a
are-einption, thenc. weat .0 eliaina, tlience north
I chains, theoec-triuit 8U ebalna, iln-m-_ aouth tu
cbaina to polntof eommeucement,
Located July 26th, 1006.
Ueo. HennkumiN, locator.
Notice Ih hereby given that 90 day*, after date I
Intend to apply to the Chief Commlaaioner ol
Laiidf> and Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following described
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
east of Uonansa biding and about one half mile
from thc southweat corner of E. C. Hooper's
claim, and marked "J. K. Hooper's nortlieast
corner," tlience south K_ chains, tbence west Hi)
chains, thanCO north t'.t chaius, tlience east HU
'im iin to Hie place of itummeuceiit, and containing i-i" acres, more or leas.
J. F
Unifi.ti, Ijorater,
Silver King Hotel
Bust Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Roomi are wssll lurnitbed.   Table u good ai aof
In Nelson.    Bar supplied wub good
lid uon ami clxari.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
Xnropean and American Plan
Meals 25 eta.   Rooma trom 2ft Ctl. to fl
Only White Help employed.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Notice la hereby given that 3li daya after date I
Intend to apply Ut the Chief Commlaaloucr of
lAnda and workH for a apt-clal llt-eime to eut and
carry away Umber off the lollowiiiR deacrlbed
Com mc u<*| nc at a poit planted on lie- imrlli
Hide of HamUlcr-Cli, about two miler. eaat of the
Canadian I'adflc Hallway, and marked "K. (.'.
Hooper'*, nortbeaat corner," thenee wcot WI
"���liiuir, thenee aouth 80 chains, thence eaat >U
chalna, llienee uorth to chalnn lo Hie place of be-
glnnHifr, nnd containing f.10 acrea, moro or leaa.
Dated the _Dtb day of Augiud, U0&
E. C. Hooper, LoMfor,
 J. F. LiMtniHU, AgenL	
Take notice that 1 Intend to apply tothe Chief
Coin in lardo uer of Luii-H and Worka for a apeclal
Hrenae to cut and carry away timber from tlie
following deeerlbed landa altuate on the North
fork ol Kettle river, in the dlatrlet of Yale:-
nunim-iiclng at a poat planted Hfclialno aouth
from MrKarlane creek, maraed "1. (i. SelMin'a
tiorthweat corner poat," llienee BO clmlua south;
thenre to cliaina eaat; thence ��0 chalna north;
thence *J cliaina weat to place of beginning*.
Located this LSth day of Augtiat, vm\
I. H   Nfi.w.n. No. I.
 Charlea Farnell, Agent.	
I Take notice that 1 intend to apply to the Hon
orable tha Chief Comnilaaioner of Land, and
Works for a special llOBl.ee toeut and carry away
t ruber irom tbe follow tug dBKtdbsd landl situ-
ate on tlie North Fork of Kettle river, In the district of Valet-
CotiiTueucIng at a prst marked "Heorge Munroe'a southwest eorner Dost," being 80 cbaius
weat of tin* post markeii "I. t). Nelson's northwest corner poat No 3," ttictir-e no'th 10O chains;
thence eaal 4o chalna; theuee south IftO chains;
Ihcnce west iti chaliiN lo the place of beginning,
containing 1*0 acrea. more or leas.
Located this 13th day of August, 1U06.
 Chas. FartieH. Agent	
Take notice that I Intend to apply to the Honorable tbe Chief Commiasioner of Lands and
Works for a special license toeut and carry away
timber (rom the following described lauds, altuate nu the Nortii _*ork of Kelt)a* river, in the dlatrlct of Yale:���
Commencing ath post marked "Agnes FanieH'a
northweal corner poaV and being 80 chains
north from Hie poat marked "I. tj. Nelaon's
northweal corner p"s�� No. j); thence aouth 80
ebalns; theuce eatt Mi chains; thence north BO
ebalus; thence wvnl hii cbaina to tbe place of
0l)atcd (bis 13th day of August, P.**:.
igittm FAHNKI.I.,
Chas. Farnell. Agent.
Baker St., Nelaon Proprietor!
Battlett   House
Best DoIUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar li the Float.
White Belp Only Kmployed.
Joeephloe Bt.
This Piano Won the Diploma Yesterday     -A
D. J. Robertson & Co., Local Agents
The Big Schooner TV^    |A
Or ������HaH-ind-HaH"   DCCl    ��VL��
Tho only (iliuw of Oood Beer in Kelson.
HoUsl aci'oinmodi.tltiiiH wisond to none In Brlt-
l.h ColmnbU. I'.sii. . 11 ... i.sr ilsty. Hisetsial rated
to iii.'iiUil y bisiiril.'i'.. Only home hiit.l lu Nelaon
Kiu��AN��a_   Real EsUte *xnd Mining
an lots aud fruit lahds a speoalh.
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Nelson, B. C.
OldeM established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Kates fl 0Q per day and up,
p.o. box ih. MPT SON   R (
Teluphonelta. iVXlLOViV^   *Om %***
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. KKICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Lorated. Open Day and Might
-ample and Bath Rooma Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Streets.
Tfc Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample   Room*.
Dominion nml li.i|H*rla. Kovornnu'iilH.
The country atandia In need of labor,
but not or this cheap and naBty brand,
lt needs white men and women to
build ap ami occupy homes, to Till
our workshops, till OUT fields and open
ottr mini's, This class of Immigrants
will bcttome permitnent resident.-, and
useful cilizens. The Orientals-will remain only long etuniKh to RCQUlre a
OOtbpetenoy* and then ble themselves
to their own countries to enjoy the
Wealth that our own people should
have acquired and which they would
have retained here.
Certificate of Improvem.nts j Old Curiosity Shop
.'ss. j," "Vi'vuy," "Happi Medium,"
ii'.inil" nml "A tn Kiiii'iliiniil In
ii*..lliiati-il In tin- Kliss'iin Oily Mliilnil
"i w.s.i Kiss.iisnay dlatrlot.
"'ssli'.l:   N.srlh nl 'liM'lvi' Mils'sTi'isk,
I ' Mint I. II. K. Jisrssliil.nl Uliss'ini, H.
iiior-n ��� isiniii'Hii' No. mum, utniit
'le, I'li'i' Miller'. lU'rllfli'iili' No. blilill,
sly slsiy.-fr tlsi'slHli'ln'ri'iif, t<�� ��.|��|, y
sissst Hi'isiislcr Isss- h I'erllllratoiil lm-
��. lor I tits |sisr[>si.i' nliililiiiiiliiK ii I'niwn
eral 1
is.T liske niitli'i' Hint notion, lin'i-r
si".I Ins I'llliilili'lll'i'sl  Isi'dsre the Ii.hh-
> i 1'ilillisatis sil liniiriivsiiiii'litH.
i 'Jllli ilny ill HolitomIht, IHOII.
If you want to buy or nil "f^W;
ko to tho Old  Curiosity Shop. A new
Hlnila   of   Dlnnct-ware  lu   _tO-K.   '��'
Moilri. I. Iiiti'Iiv Hlvi'H dial Ilia AsiiiiiiiH'i'iii;';.'!
�� ,, nli,,l 'I'lH- _��0  Ml'��'��. Mmll.-I.w " '���''
.'It, p, 111.
lly i.r.lsT,'	
W.O. BAYLY,-ecreUry.
Notloe iHlu-n'l.y ilvon lb>l :��> <Ih vs Hft.Tit.iti' 1
iiii. ii.t toHjifiv to tin- n.in i.i.- tiii> Chtof Corn*
ininKl'tiiiT nl  ..HiitlN mnl  Worn  fur u ipooUl
llOtnH Hunt  iili't  ihii)   IWU   Itiulicr from tin*
itiiiitwitiK aworibod lenAt, -v.uhu- un hu miu>
OMk.ln Ute diitrloi ol Vfeei Kootenk) i
No. I. r.oiiniiclii-tiiir Ht ft in*.*-1 plullll i! Mil SlK
Mtlo t-rci'k. Hli'iiit  m'vi'li  mI'm  fnnn   K.���>���! -ti.i%
ink-\ mui marked m p m-.-.uiih-h-: roraer po��,
tin-nt** riiiitiiiid mi . 'i.ii'i- iiordi, tbenoe >��>��� Li.ih-
veit.tbenoa Bo ohalni iouth, thott-w tui fliuiii��
���-���ihi to point nl mencemont, nnd ��� otttfttnlng
lV.il hitch intiri- it li-r-
it��n-i tin. i'-'iii iIhv iii Aim'tiNt, LMt,
tt, h. HIOHTOMi
JMT Bruci WllITK, Ajt.'lli.
Nn  ���_    CiKiini'ltitlirt ul h |>unt  |i|pii,t,',i   nn  Fix
Mil.-. n-i k .ii.mii nJnomilea trora K.-.i.-nm i.,--,-,
.. iii ni tried li   ii. ������'���    n.ittiHiiK ruei tn*ti
thi-ii'i' riniiiii'i! mi Dhelni weeii Ihenee hii . innii-
rduwi thonoe hu ohelna bmi, Ihenoe WH-iiHinn
iiurili In tin-1".nu m( Dominonoementi ftMiiuiniiiK
litl) H.Tt-rt pOrO >T )l*KH.
Diitcti tii in un, duv oi AuuiiKt, \'.t.i:.
M. li. MlilHTON,
Nn. :t���Ootnnt-tnolni etepoel  nUntwd on Six
itiit> ereek, nijnut ten railoi irom Kootenay in*-.��,
im.I mit'ki-il H. II. M's nortli��t'it cnriHT jiiifl,
Hi.<ti<i< riinntiiK HOeliiitiiN vHHt, theuce sn- imtns
Miuth thenoe 80 ohalm weet, thenoo 80 ohalna
north to |m|iil n| fniiniifiii't'iiiflit, ninl ctllituiii-
ii.i: ..in n.i.,- mure or I. -*������
n.nr.l tlitH Utii <lny ol AufUIti l.-K*.
B. II. Mkmiton,
fwr BROCI WHITI, Agvnl
Nn. -t.-���Uommenotng at ����� poat planted on six
Milf OroOk, ubout II iiiilvi* from Koottimy lakv,
mui ntarkod p. B mv aootheul oorner pimi,
llienee nitmitiK HnrliultiH norih, thciict-HUclutliiH
went, tbenoe *�� ohalna aouth, tbence80 ehalni
rn-!   (O till' poitlt nf i nm lilrli' rlllllll, IMI'I I Illlll-
hiii '-in ivrv*. iimn* nr I.���-.���*.
Diitud tIiu l'-lli day of AukiibI, HHMt.
B. It. MtllllTON,
per BitrrK WlitTK, Aninit.
Ska notloe Unit 60 iUy�� alter date we lnl��nd
lilikltlK iipplleiitlotl tu tin- lion, thi* t'iitff t'oin-
li'l- MiiiT of Lumls mid Woiks for u HpecUl
lloenao to cut Hnd carry away timber from ilia
[ollowinK deserlhed landn: ComintairitifK ataiwim
planlid near tbo imrth bntiitdary nf I-ot IU0*.,
��"sl Kinili'inu'illsltirl, in li ni li*.: iliflUT llVUi-li-Jtna
north, thence in ebaltlH went, thence 1W vhatitH
snmh. tbunce -lu i hnlns eail to point of coin.
in> iicement,
Dnu-d MinvbHth.itKai.
WATl-HUllIHI litiMIlKK Co.
D. Tcombv, Ageut.
Take notiee that 1 in'end to apply to the Hon-
nralile thu Chlol ' omuiR-doiicr of Landl mid
Works for a ipeclal UOeUe to OOt and carry
awav tlmher from tbv [oIIowIiik duKiTilt-d landa
���Unite on the north fork of Kettle Rlrer in the
DiatrliM of Yale: ('ommeneliiK at a poll marked
"It. t*. HarhrleW's -.oiithwest Oorner noiti" planted at tlghet Farnell'M nortbweef vomer post,"
thvnev hti vhatna north; ihem-p 8(1 ehaiim vast:
tnence 80 chatna south [ thenoe80ofcauhia west to
plait; of  i-onimeiicemciit, voutalnliiK tVfOavreK,
more or leas.
Dated this IM h day id AiigiiKl. VMO.
It. l'. Bakhkhk
i'HAa. Farmi.i., Agent.
Take liolivv that I intend lo apply to the Uonorahle thi' Chief rommlssioner of l.aiidx ami
Worka fur u IPeoie] lleenie lo cut aud carry away
llml.fr from the followiiiK deacrlbed land-, -ii
iiatfolithc North Kork of Kettle river in the
IMnlrlct t.f Yale:
OotnmeuolnB at a t>ost market) "tieorge
Young1! aoutlieaat comer pOlt," phinlcd alotiK
Mi|r the |>oat mitrketl "J. Mcltonaid'a imrtli��,-t
OOrner poat Ko.ll" thence wcNlNU-hallix; ilu-nr,.
iimi lli ni rluiin-; thcni-v east WI chillln; tlu'ino
Koiilh Kitt-haina to the  place id  ta-glntlhlK. eiin-
tainiiiK t'*-t'i aoree, more nr leai.
Haled this l.tth day of Aogtllt, l*Mt\
���UKO. Yni*Sd
('has. Kaknu.l, Agent,
Take Notice that I intend to apply to Ihe Soil-
oratile thu I'iiu i OommUaioDer <d i.hihU and
Worka for a ap-clnl lleenitf to cut and carry away
limber M.oii Die followiiiK di-Ncrli<ed landM, -iiu
ale on the Ninth l'ork of Kvtth- river. In the ��� III-
trtct of Yule: T
Commenelni: ��� i a post miirkcil ".1. McOinald'H
northciiHt eorner poet Nn ll" plami-d tut chain-"
north from tin* poil marked "I. ti, NvImoii'h
noriliwcsl corner post So. I;" thenee 10 chalna
wot; thonoe80ebalni south; theuee Hit elmliia
eaat; theuee Hit ehain- north In the place of coin-
inciicciiient, containingMOaeree. moreor Imi
Dated this |8tfa da) 01 AUgUlt, 100B
.1 MrDoNAI.n
CitAH. Kahnki.i., Agent.
Queen's Hotel
Baker -treet, N.Uon. B. C.
Lighted' --y -ae-trioi^ "��*
Heated by Hot Air
RATKS n PB�� !>����
olaaaPlnln-R-om. flample ����i->�� lor tommer-
*1*1 ****    MRS. _. C. CLAKX". rroprl.tr_l
The well known
Onr poerGardeu is
the Tiiimt in tho
J. CROW,    -    -   PROPRIETOR
Royal Hotel
Raton fl and $l.f�� ��_p��T;
Special Raton te RegiJar Boarderg.
Take nntlee that 1 futonil to apply to the Honorable lhe chh i CnmmlKMlon.r nt 1<audi and
Worka (or a apeclal license toeut ami carry away*
tlmher from the following tl,-.*-ilM-il landa, iitti-
iilt- on tlie North Kork of Kettle river, lu thu din-
trht of Yale: -
Oominenolng at a poit marked "I. t}. Nelion'!
northavNi corner pout No K," btdnK to ehnins
north from tbo poat marked ".t Mehoinld'a
tiorthweat cornor pnit No. t." tbeneo aoutb tU)
chnins; thence eaal HDebalna; ihcnce nortb to
chniio.; tbciHt. weat *t ehulns to Ihe place of Iks
Hltinltiu;, contalntiiK ttttt acrea aom or leaa.
Dated tbta Kith day ol AtiKUat, lflOtf.
I. U, Nki.sos,
cbaa. Karnell, Agent
Take notleo tlitt I Intend to apply to the llonorablo the Chief Connntaaioner of Landa and
Worka for a apuctitl lloonao to eul and carrv
awuy timber from the lollowitin iloaerlbod landa
atttiato'iit tbe north fori of Kettle River ln the
Dlitrlet of "Yule: Comiuouclng ata po��t marked
".I. MeUotiuld'a nnrthwtat corner poat No. I."
planted tw obaina north fr-'in the .mn marked
"I, U. Nelaou'H nortbweit comer poat No. t;"
thonce HO ebalna aouth; tbence80 ebalna eait;
thence ao chat im north I tbe mm 80 chains wexl to
the plane of i oniiueiieement, oontalnltiK li'11
acres moro orlctiH,
Dated thin lHth day of Augtut, 1900,
Chai, Parmill, Agent.
Wboleiale and Retail Deolern In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Onion, mippliwl on rinwlf-t oottoo nnd
lowiwt inlio. Nothini but fnwh nml
w liiiliimiiiii' imsiit* nnd irap{"*P kept it. ht��sk
Mi.il orilera rooeivo careful BtUintio...
E. C. TRAVES.. Manager.
W.   a.   GIlXETT
ContrHtttori ��an_l
Solis aai'iil 10J lt�� l'sirln llli" ������"'iilii'i 00 ,1.lil.,
retail yanl.. Boniih nn- dro> _. I,"1,",b,,r: "" n*7
work ami isra.'ks'l" CoUtlalh ami sliI.ikI.i.,.K��l.
ami iloi.r..   iViiivnt, l.il.'k a'"! ll��'�� *>r Mle
A"Y_S.��,��,'...V��;!r...: Viirniillll." o��.t.,.H.U,
p o. Bo, mNBU80N��� B* *��i��P..����" "�����
West Transfer Co.
Qeoeral TonuutorB nnd PeiUors in
Ooal nud Wm .   Kxprtan nud
I!ukk��k>' Tnuurfi*
JtlS'iS Office: linker St.
Choice Fruit
I Have ,0,000 Acre*
of Hie
Choteeat Fmtt Lamia ta
Dcttlu Cotctinrau
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
British Columbia
New Westminster
New Westminster or Vancouver
On sale September 2-th October 3rd
Incluaive.   Return Oct llth.
Por (ull particulars and berth reservations apply to local agenl* or write
A.(l.P.��.,Vaui'OUVer. D.P.A., N.'1-..li
A. McDonald k Co.
Dealers in nlnplo and fancy Groceries.
Kntter, Errs.
Gniupaud -liners' Supplies.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe 4 Co'y,
Spokane Interstate
September 24th to October 6th, J 906
Going Sept. 24th, one day only,
return fore will be
Going September q.-26-_6 _7-28-
20-8O and October 1-2-8 fare will be
All tickets limited to Oct. Tth.
Each ticket has one admission
coupon to fair.
Provtoc��*1 OCT. 2-_��
Exhibition,  ULI* *��
New Westminster $16.55
On sale Rentember 38th to October-nil.   Limited October 11 th.
Only one night on the road.
City Pttfuenfar Agent.
A 11. P. A., SM.tle.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.    -    NELSON.
For Ererything Oood
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigar., Tobaccos.
D> Yoa Imv Tksnua'i -petal Rbrtar.1
I    1
. The Daily Canadian
Precious Stones. If you want to make a good investment put your
money into a Diamond. Now is the time before the price gets higher.
Our selection of stones is the best.
:Book Ahead For!
x Preserving Pears:
Th*1 right kind are scarce.
Wc i
#   have a nice lot of  local Hnrtlctts ^
J  and Flemish Beauties to nrrive ���
T      Lowest market prices guaranteed. T
| Bell Trading j
Gait Coal
Term, Spot Cash
Telephone _��6                       Baker Btreet
MALT and
75 cts. per Gallon ]
Wis Want Fr_sb Ktfrs.   Will give tho <
EQgheal Market Price.
! Joy's Cash Grocery j
Cor-Joli'lslslliiiiiisi Mill Bus.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
T "^ Paints.
Bom BnUden will Snd it t<> their advantage lis une our PiU'h.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
'The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone -���"'. Baker St.
Cor. Vernon hiii, Wnrsl  Street-.,
.���M-LSOM.   B. C.
.1   EKED HUME. Proprietor.
C. F. Caldwell, Kaslo; C. C. Poynti,
Deer Trail; W. E. Ross. Jessie Oppen-
heimer, Vancouver; C. Paddon. Craw-
ki! i Bay; II. H. Hess, T. A. Seranton,
Toronto;  11. C. Parker, Cranbrook.
.Mrs.   Dempster and daughter,   Ross
land:   W. .1.  Robertson,  Montreal;   C.
L.   Fis-hsT. Rev.  Dr.  Bryce, Winnipeg;
O.   Cameron,  Cranbrook.
W,  H. Farrell. Vancouver;   F.  Dick,
A.   Stewart,   Slocan;    .1.   1!.    Wlnlaw,
Wiulaw;   E.   U.  Sullivan,  Toronto;   J.
N. Currie and wife, Winnipeg.
G. H. While, Sussex; J. lluish, Scot
11. Hradwood, Bonnington.
J. Rose, A. Bradley, Moyle.
J.  Armstrong,  M.   Armstrong,    Bonnington, G. C. Clarke, M. Killam, Spokane;  Mrs. II. Pearson, Kaslo; A. Mis-
wald,  Erie;    0.  L.    Richardson,    La-
cssmbe;  A.  Larson, Fori Steele.
L.  Overall. A.   Brett,  Rochester;   H.
Carson,  Harris.';   !>. Caslon, Moyie;   H.
Mason. Alnsworth.
C. G.    Haffner,    Walla    Walla;    A.
Brett Oraugeville;  H. Carson, Battle;
E.   L,   Ralvs'iy,  (!.   Sherman,  Creston;
W.  W.  Slump,  Sand  Point.
W. Craig, Kaslo;  G. Clark, Bonnington;  J.  D.  Irby. Spokane;   N.  H. Gil-
lispie,  .1.  Foi'tegal.   Poplar;   11.   Sharp,
Salmo: R. McLeod. Alnsworth.
Received daily fr_ the
Coldspriiig ranch ou
Kootenaj- lake.
201b. crates $1.25
Telephone llll.
(i/ic sip fftili
Wti!ttt/>e Ihi ilmpir.it spirits in tit light
fyxudlk Uni (fdnum-He iiixculttslci
tii*; lln* fil-OklterrWl atmirBn'Iii Ftiuntfllii
had umii- jirojitTtloK bexl'lee rclriahlUK t
We u\p 'tjj!y n-fll fruit r-yriijid ol lhe fluent
(lUBllty.      Fountain, OOQOtcr, planKe? mui
rooaptftotw *r>  ttpj��t nropuicnUly QUao.
B-kar Street, n.Imiu. B.C.
._ MKV. nl ouce, fssr wssrk In tin- wssisslss. A|,plv
Is, W   K. f',���,k,.. Missisisll, KksI,,
,'..MSV .-I KNIii'llM'lll'.ll Issr |imllliui lis ...nilliy.
,'.ii,sisl lisisiis' wills s'lsslslssyiT'. iHlnlly. Ajs|sly
-WI W., l.nssssillHU is-lc-.-.
Bl _ii_u;n, Mill H_a-����iiilLowingContt-otoit,
ssis" JSiU it--.'.    WAttsburi l.iimiji'i Co,, uiinr
l ruiilirinsk. II. I
In thu city police court this morning
two alcoholic wards of the court were
adjudged fit to be set at liberty.
The applications to be placed on tlie
revised voters' list for Nelson number
119, exclusive of transfers from other
A. W. Hayden, Western representative of the Canada Paper company, is
in tbe city today, taking orders for
his  firm     ���
It is definitely announced that
Chief Justice Hunter will preside at
the fall assizes, which open here next
!!i!.KI> HELP iur ftpUM ou Observatoryrtrttt.
J-*Hiiiily oi iwo; mi cfhlldraoi o��n ileep at homo
it preferred,  Aj>j��1 y lly.. Unrt,WuuemtHoti*l.
SllVBT declined tour points today in
London and five in Xew York. Lead
gained two points on the LondOD market, reaching ��1S 12a 6d, a new high
mark since 1900.
Thc local manager of the Allis-
Chalmers-Bullock company has been
informed by telegram that the erecting engineer for the hydraulic turbine
for the city power plant left Milwaukee
for  Nelson yesterday.
Dr. Arthur returned from Hell's Siding yesterday afternoon, after giving
permission for the burial of the body
found in Slocan river on Monday. It
was identified as that of Miss Amy
Watson by thc father and brothers,
who recognized  the  clothing.
At the meeting of the advertising
committee of the 20,000 club, held in
the secretary's office yesterday afternoon, it was decided to call for tender's
for   the   printing   of   10,000  or   80,	
pamphlets, according to specification*,
tenderers to state the time at which
they   will guarantee  delivery.
The series of summer weekly halt-
holidays ends with this afternoon. In
spite of the inability of merchants in
some lines to participate, the institution has been a decided success. Except possibly in September it bas not
interfered  wfth   nnv   linafnesQ   nn*.  has
sit    t
Dod k Te   d
The First of the Season
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica anil Josephine Sis.
The specimens you have seen exhibited at the Fair will give you an
idea of the beautiful work that can
be done in Pyrography. It is so easy
to learn, too. You can pick it ap
yourself in a very short time.
and a large assortment of articles in
wood for burning.
OUTFITS   COST $4  AND  $5.50   EACH
Wood blanks come with designs
stamped, so that all you have to do
is outline and shade them and burn
in the background. Tbey are made in
almost every conceivable article���
Paper Knives, Match Holders. Ash
Trays, Nut Bowls. Steins, Tables.
Waste Baskets, Glove and Handker-
ehief Boxes, etc., etc., and at prices
from 25 cents up.
If you live out of town write us
and we will be pleased to send you a
fully Illustrated catalogue to select
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug $ Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
W. G. Thomson
IMS* "", Nelson, B. C.
Phone 34.
His honor Judge Forln will hold
chambers on Saturday at 11 a. m... not
on the following Me..day, as he is going to New Westminster.
The court of revision for the district for the hearing of appeals from
assessment, is in session today in the
office of R. A. Renwlck, Ii. S. Lennie
is the revising officer.
.1. O. Gillice, district manager for the
Allis-Chalraers-I.ullock company re-
'quests the publication of the statement that his letter of .August 10 to
Mayor Gillett, published in The Canadian of August 11, attributing the
delay of tbe hydraulic machinery for
the power plant to the moulders
strike, was formally and officially authorized .by the company,
.1. Fred Hume has lived across tbe
lake all summer. Yesterday be decided to pick the apples from the trees
in his orchard up the hill, which last
year yielded 15 boxes. When he
reached tbe orchiird, however, he
found that he had been saved the labor. The intf resting young hooligans
whose parents are horrified at the
mention of a police court, have stolen
the whole product of the orchard.
WANTED���Dining   room   girl   at  once.
Apply  at  Silver  King  hotel.
Deliveries nuule daily throughout Nelson
nud its suburbs. Phone 14b.
How    Ahout   Your
Guns and
We have EleyV, Kynock's, Winchester, and Ooffsweli &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives. Wading, Belts.
Coats, Pants, etc,
Nelson Hardware Co.
Him  631       NcIhssm, B. C.
Price ol Metalt.
New York, Sopt. 17.���-ttlver, 117-y.c;
copper, l-*j.o; lead, ?r..7r,.
London. Bept .".���Silver, ,11 7-ifiii;
load,  ��18 12a Gil;  zinc.   ...7 f,s.
Tr.lni and  Boats
Crow boal���One hour lute.
Blocan train���On time.
Coast, Boundary anil  Itossland train
-On  time.
Many a man Roes lo Ihe bail becauM
if his s-ffssrls lis |.sss- as a Komi fejjOW.
Out Piano Tuner,
Mr. James R. Muir,
Is in Town
i.kavk siIUiki:- at ROOM h, iin.snvs dav BL.0JC,
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Two Goundou on Mill street, completely furnishwl.   Ten minutes nissiullir.1,
Price complete |1800, wm-_.
CottaKi' on Bilioa street, oloso in, all modern conveniences.    Prion ��ssi n ,m
hixny terms.
Cottle on Mill street, line loention.    Everything nls.mt tin- plnee is ai-icii.
up-to-date,   Krnit trees.   Cool shod.   Price $1 SOU   Can give terms,        *'nu'J
at good city lotB for sale.    Price per lot 4-14.00.
Watches! Watc��*|
We are Headquarters for t_��� ��_.
American Watcho manufactured \*
are making ever, effort to mi (
requirements of railroad men      ""
J. J. WALKER, *^Pv^ncu,
Repairing and Jobbing a Spccultr
Sheetmetal Work, Oaitingt; Huildera' Material and Mining and Mill Ifou
Ofllce and Works Poo' of Pnrk Ht.
 Netaon, n,c
I'l..,no   Jin.
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agenti
R. A. Rogers 4 Co,
Limited, Winntptj,
VVhiiletioiu Provl-iltmo,
Produce - l-i-uit.
Dominion Government Creamery One-Pound BrickH received ww-kly !r...
front the churn.   Fornle bf ill lending grocers.
Offloe and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phoue 79.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B.C /
. wnAAm
Don't Forget
la your furnace In shape, to atart the winter with?   It not, HOI ]
li the time to have it repaired.
L He Ashdown Hardware Co., Ll?
PLEASE NOTE���We will not lie responsible for any furnace lot Iiii*
by October 1st, 1900.
Kwpolrli.ic unit JobhinK uxuisutvd with. _>����pnt��;h.   SI1..1 M.l*1
Work, .Mi.ihiif mid .Mill  \lsts.lsiis.-ri .      MiinutHCturirl ot
Oro   Can,   I..   M.    .iintr.i-tiis-M'   C.r-.
NELSON,    B.  C.
We Will Sell
500 International Coat
10 Marconi, Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice
9 lie)
McDermid & McHardy
Just Arrived!
All sjiz.-s nnd Lowest Prices
KeaacltK Ltimbe*, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldrnsr-s, Doors, Window*
Turnttd Work and Hmcket.. Mail Orders i.rnini.tly ntw*1 ""���
  VERNON SI'WI.IST   -   .   .    NllLaDN. I��. C-
Our stoek of HAND  SAWS is  very WiP11*'
Innlnfllng grades to suit ull reqo-reini nu, ��(
If you wish a low prioed saw wo -BU BiiplllJ,>" '
also oarry tho lx-st qnalities made by
Wood-Vallancc Hardware Co>^


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