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The Daily Canadian Sep 25, 1906

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 4%\)z Qaitu  _ anaMcm
I.   No. 97.
Fifty CentsIa Month
i Mine Output Taxing
Mill Capacity
101) ORE AT 1,000 FEET
get- Tells of Satisfactory Outlook-Scarcity of Hen and
Mining Machinery.
,1,], ,1,11   mining dlstricl in Knolls t'Ulier Nourishing or reviving
i,,n  districts   arc  winning   their
rapidly ln lhe    Iront    rank. It Is
iiKyiisi: i" li'iirn  Ihut after ni'vcral
- ol ill fortune Ilu- Ynilr mine Is
steady  Imptovetnenl  snd In-
iin I'liufidi'iicfi of its owners.
>r) oilier   big   Industrial con-
ihs Wesl at present the Ymir
Ids   inconveniences   Imm   tlii'
��� -    Labor is scarce.   Muchlii-
elayed  because manufacturing
������ have more orders ihan they
t inland, manager of the Ymir,
111 the  Strathcona last   night.
��� - morning he replied  to the
i.'isirii'B ahout the mine:
chlel irniihle now  Is  with our
-..'���>     We have been shipping
iTrml   ! 1,,   ,1,1.   n-"   merely   held
have made arrange iQi-"nt_ to-
the  shipment  to   Everett   of
now have on hand, about 300
|vitliin a fortnight, I hope, the ltail
imelter will be In a position lo
'lis in.    (.ike ourselves and 6V��
|one else   ihey have been hamper-
ik nl lalxjr.
��t'.- hsve b'-eii rotarded In our work
bj lack ssf machinery. It has
ordered for months, but no one
i alsls. in make delivery of any-
"i. time We need shoes and
'nr the >: simps. We are having
fssr temporary use cast by thu
11 linn wssrks.
ir bins an.  full  and  our chutes
| full.   We should have 40 stamps
Ier nl! mir    troubles    arc    told,
'er, I am glad to    say   that Ihe
Itself Is ln good shape.     We are
glim wry gsiod ore al the 1000-foot
|1- all In new   ground.    We  havo
F'v In sight.      All  wc want Is fa-
I    fssr    treating    lt on  a  large
snd I hope lo have them soon.
��� 'In- flume  from   Pumas creek
Meted   satisfactorily    and    we
us- plenty of water.
ii'- are  not  doing  anything  al
1 mi the Ooodenough,    There is
r ��� itian enough to he done on the
'sell lis employ nil nur available
ll(l  machinery."
|na-ian   Engineers   Make   Investment
in High  Grade  Mines.
I-pedal to The Dally Canadian.)
enwood, Sept. 25.���Several of the
n_ members of the Canadian cn-
fi-crs'  party",   which   visited   Grcen-
M ��n Saturday last, became lilentl-
f ��tth the high grade mining Indus-
"l Hie lown.    The visit of about
f His- parly lo the l'rovldence and
lluniiie mlnep will  doubtless  re-
���' in calling the attention ol Bastern
"i'i' t.s ih,. camp.   Every attention
shown the parly by the clly conn-
���""i n committee of gentlemen in
insure representative of ihe mining
|(' J l.unily id Midway has secureil
'ml rucl for I.nil,Hiss- lhe ditch ami
'  In  connection   wllh  the   NorrlB
iiiim enterprise,   The plan of Ihe
etori Is to put water from Kettle
ami   Rock   creek on  aboul   B000
: nf   land   uiltiilnitaly   ailaplt'd   lo
���j" culture.    Mr,  Norrls, who Is Ihe
"'Hug spirit In the matter, has made
���'���� In  fruit raising In the  val-
|!   iiiiliiiiu  an   assured   water  supply
be feels confident tbal with plea-
of water thu lands taken in will
Hii rich returns, The purpose is to
Jlnlivldc lhe property Into II nnd lu
lv tracts, suitable fur the small
niicr. The enterprise means much
'   Midway and  Ihe  llouiidnry.
To "Boost" Northwest.
(Spokane, Sept. 25.���if onthUBtastlo
"1 earnest effort on thu part of Us
fn'ii'isl oltlsens will attain the doBir-
B"lts the Pacific Northwest cer-
���Inly win receive a "boost" from the
"""'nt Inaugurated ��' Pacific
Pftliwost Business Men's conference
j-ie Unlay. The iiurpose of Ihe gnth-
r"i>i Ih in unite uiHin a plan for miik-
fr. Uu. entire  world  acquainted  with
wonderful natural resources, the
f"wih and progress of the territory
^ilirucod   Is   the   states    of    Oregon,
Washington   ���,���,,,_.   a^
ea������^U.l!:"U' ,l")l|r<-'�����"'tlves of the
leading cities of all four states and Uie
Canadian province were present at the
opening of the conference.
Formslly Opened by Premier McBride
In Absence of Governor,
Victoria, Sept, _S.-The annual ft
'libitum of ih,. British Columbia Agri
cultural society opened today under
most favorable auspices. The display
of agricultural products and live stock
Is particularly notable this year. A
three-day race meeting, a "broncho
busting" contest, outdoor Bports uud
hand contests are features oi the elaborate entertainment programme. The
city is already Oiling wiih visitors,
Hun. it. McBride, premier, opened
the exhibition at 3 o'clock, he having
Consented In do bo because of the absence or nis Honor R. Dunsmuir,
wiih the vice-regal parly at Vancouver Ills address was au eloquent and
masterly review of the prosperous
conditions existing throughout the
A party of 200 members of llie Canadian Manufacturers' association Ih
BOW  III   the  clly.     They  were  given   a
public reoepllon ai ihe Parliament
buildings lasi evening ut which Premier McBride and Mayor Morley
The liar association is preparing to
give Hon. Lyman I'. Duff a banquet
previous to his departure for Ottawa
to go on the supreme court bench.
Picked Up Stranded Survivors.
New York, Sept. 25.���The Itritish
steamer Hosefleld, Captain lllackmore,
which arrived here today from Mexican Gulf porta, brought four Mosquito
Indian! picked up at sea on September
16th. The men nre the survivors of
lhe Mexican schooner Morales bound
from Campeches for Tuxpan with a
cargo of salt and lumber. The men
were clinging las a number of loose
boards which were uot lushed and
were held together only by their
weight. One man was cra-ed from
drinking salt waler and had lo he put
lu a straight jacket until he recovered.
When they were able lo talk it was
found that the schiHiner had foundered
In a hurricane about two o'clock that
morning. The captain, matas nnd three
men were drowned.
General Meeting of 20,000 Club Tonight
Philharmonic Concert Company's
Suggested Programme.
The fair and the summer season
baring ended together the 20,000 club
will ut tonight's general meeting arrange for its tail campaign.
The club Is organised not for a
Single season bul until its object Is
attained, Plans for activity next
Binlng are already In order, and lhe
entertainment oommlttee, which is the
chief provider of funds, will keep at
work through the winter.
So tar as known to the secretary
this morning ihe advertising oommlttee has nothing new lo report.
The chairman of the entertatnnwnl
iiimnilllee, .1. B. Taylor, has received
ih,' following suggested programme
from ii- Von Turner, manager of lhe
Philharmonic concert company, which
will appear here on Friday, October   12:
Part One.
1. Hungarian  Dunce���D   major   ....
RnbyKtat.  Karl  Rledelsberger,
Raymond l-ehr.
2. Soprano  Solo���
lal "Serenade"    Mosknwskl
(bl "The Years in  the Spring"...
 Mrs. Beaoh
Fanny Ferguson.
3. Violin Solo���
llll  "Qypsj   Dunce"       Nachey
tbi "Serenade.'.,  Bohubert-Remenyi
Karl Rledelsberger.
1  Cornel       ISnlu ��� "Sempllcc      Air
Varie"   Wadsworth
Raymond Lohr.
5. Violin Solo-
la) "Bohemian Cradle Bong*'..Kaatn
no "Muziiriaii de Concert"...Mustn
Karl   Rledelsberger.
Part Two.
t, Soprano Solo���
"F.lsa's  Dream,"   from   Uihcngrln.
or'"Song Of Iluih   (lounod
Fanny Ferguson.
7. Miserere from "II Troviitore".Verdi
lliihy  King, Karl Rledelsberger,
Raymond l-ehr.
s. violin Bolo���"Dudxlass" 	
Karl Hiedislsherger.
tl. Cornet   Solo���"Columbia''   	
Ravmond Lehr.
10. Soprnnu Solo���"For All F.lcrnlly"
ivioiin obligate)    Masoheronl
Fanny  Ferguson.
Since lhe cancelling of Ihu Huaclnns'
engagement this concert is the next
musical event in Nelson,
Al Ihis evening's meeting the regular monthly election of directors will
take place. The meeting will bo held
ns usual In tlie board of Irade rooms
at 8:30.
Blacks Id the South Dave
Insane Fit
Whole -South Stirred Over Conflict
Between Police, Militia and
Colored Fanatics.
Atlanta. Oa., Sept. 25, _:-0 a. m ���
It has jusl been decided lhat Ihe negro students, 50 in number, who live
in the campiiH of Clark university, are
responsible Tor and executed the attacks upon Die ufflcers in South Atlanta last night. The military authorities have sent 15(1 soldiers under the
command of Colonel Clifford Anderson to the scene. Tliey expect lo surround the campus, capture and search
all the students aud punish the guilty
Atlanta, Oa., Sept. 25���Following
the killing of police last night ln
South Atlanta, the force which accompanied and which was not disabled
Ul the light, pursued the negroes.
They captured 10 of the attacking
party, while four escaped. Six were
put aboard a stretcher under the
guard of the police and deputies and
were started for the county jail in the
centre of tho town. A waiting mob
Stopped the car in Great street and
two ol the prisoners made a bold dash
tor liberty. The mob caught them in
the front yard of the house occupied
hy Mrs. Thompson, a white woman.
The negroes were cut and beaten and
left fur dead. Mrs. Thompson fell
dead from heart disease during the excitement. The police succeeded In
locking the whole four negrocB lu the
county jail.
Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 25.���One negro
was killed in Browns,'ilie, a suburb,
by the militia early today while trying to break through tbe lines. Two
hundrediand fifty-_even negroes have
alreadv beeu arrested in Brownsville.
Tbe majority ol them were heavily
One other negro tried to get away
and was shot. The raid started shortly after 6 o'clock. Negroes were
searched for anus und every one armed was placed upon the cars to bo
seiu to the iKilice barracks. One of
the first urrested wns L. .1. Price, the
negro postmaster, who ls charged with
supplying ammunition to the blacks.
Negroes who Irled lo break through
the lines were fired on, halting
promptly. Captain Wilson had a conference with lhe president or Gammon
seminary on the siluat in. The negroes nre held in check by lhe militia.
Members of the governor's horse-
guards and mounted county policemen
lire anxious lo avenge lhe death of
Officer Beard und the wounding of
oilier members of the force. The negroes ure badly frightened.
Knoxvllle, tenn., Sept. 25���Twenty-
five negro prisoners rebelled against
lhe jailer at the Knoxvllle county jail
lasi night, refusing to go from the corridor inlo their cells. F or two hours
they kept the officers nt bay. The
jailers turned the hose on the refractory negroes, but this treniled Ihem.
Tliey finally captured the hose and
turned it on tbe officers and attacked
Ihem wllh bullies, plates, cups und
saucers and with hroouihandles on the
end id which open knives were fusion-
ed The arrival of Ihe sheriff and police finally quelled Hie disturbance,
The trouble Is said lo have resulted
from Ihe negroes reading of thc Atlanta riot.
from the Americans ln the Manchuria
valley, saying that 500 men ot the
force under Gulzlmsn have looted a
number of stores and that anarchy
prevails.    They  asked for  protection
Atlanta, (la., Sepl. 25.���Two negroes
were killed lodny In a fight with ofri-
ci rs mounted on bicycles. Thc negroes
had barricaded themselves ln n house
on tho edge of the city. Thc offlcers
were not wounded.
Stenslsnd Wants to Rsturn to Chicago
and Clesr Things Up.
Duke Flt-james Dead.
Paris, Sept 25.���Thc duke of Fits-
James died yesterday at the Chateau
de Montjiistln, department of tho
Haute Solnc. Ddouard Antolne Sttler-
Ino, sixth duke or Fttsjames, waa
horn In Paris Juno 21, 1828. The
Fltzjunios family Is Indirectly descended from the Stuarts ol Scotland.
New York, Sept. 25��� The discomfort of a night In a narrow and bed-
I-bs cell which was experienced by
Paul O. Steuslaud, the former president of the Milwaukee Avenue Stale
bans,, of Chicago, who was returned
from Morocco last night a prisoner,
on the charge of wrecking that lnstl-
union, was followed today by additional unpleasant details of examination at police headquarters. This ordeal over, Steuslaud was removed to
the department of the Beftlllon system, where he was measured in accordance with the plan ol that system. Ills photograph was then taken, to be placed In the group on file
at police headquarters.
An early visitor to Stenslaud's cell
was bis son, Theodore. The former
bank president spent a sleepless and
a wearing night. The strain of a night
ln a police cell, followed by the un-
pleasant examination, told heavily on
him nud he was in a condition ol
semi-prostration. He tottered rather
than walked from bis, cell to the various offices and leaned heavily upon
the arm of his son.
Stensland during the night told one
of the officers who were watching him
that he wanted to go back to Chicago,
and would have done so had he not
been arrested in Tangier.
"1 want to straighten out matters,"
said he. "There Is a good deal behind
this case and 1 want to show the public that I am not the black sheep that
I have been painted"
At the district attorney's office thc
detectives and their prisoner were
shown into the office ot Assistant District Attorney Lockwood. The extradition document, which bad been
signed by the governors of New York
and Illinois, was placed before Assistant District Attorney Lockwood, and
that oflicial proceeded to waive the
rights ol Ihe state of New York to
hold Stensland and formally turn him
over to Detective Sergeant Kinder of
Stensland made a voluntary statement to Police Inspector McLaughlin
loday. Trembling with emotion, and
with tears tailing down his cheeks, the
ex-bank president said:
"I made some bad Investments and
ihey not react as quickly as 1 thought
they would. They were not paying.
The man under me���the cashier, 1
mean���took advantage of the situation
and he took more than I. All I got was
$500,000, but I don't know what the
other man got. The money 1 went
away with was a few thousand dollars
that 1 made in real estate speculation
last summer. 1 had always heen in
hopes ol paying the money back, but
I suppose all is lost. 1 want, to get
back to Chicago as quickly as possible."
Taft Fears Disturbances.
'Havana, Sept. 25.���Secretary Taft,
rearing Iho disturbing effeots of the
landing or American troops, has decided against such a Btep and instead
he has appealed to the leaders of the
Insurgents to furnish guards for Amer
lcun property within their lines. A
messenger has arrived at the legation
Republicans Demoralized
in New Jersey
the importance of the forest lands to
mining and forestry ln relation to
railroad supplies are some of the subjects scheduled for discussion during
the three days' session.
Equal Taxation, Limited Franchises
and Railway Regulations Fought
Out at Primaries Today.
Prayers Solve Race Problem.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 25.���At a
meeting of the National Negro Baptist
Preachers' union of Washington and
vicinity, resolutions were adopted condemning mob violence by whites upon
innocent negroes, and assaults upon
while women by negroes, the dual
crimes in Atlanta, which are a disgrace to our Christian nation, and
calling upon all negroes in this vicinity to assemble In their churches on
Sunday, October 7 and offer prapers
for a peaceful solution of the race
International   Complications Over Wireless Telegraphy  Decides Question
of Ownership of the Air.
(lheni, Bept, 25.���The Institute of
International l-aw yesterday dlseussod
questions relating tu aerophones and
wireless telegraphy, passing resolutions which will be adopted at thc
next meeting, II wns decided lhat the
air Is not ireo In time of war but peace
as certain states have recently Insisted upon the necessity of an understanding which will guarantee the security of the slates, ln thc default of
Bpeclal arrangements the regulations
governing ordinary telegraphy shall
apply io the wireless, Every state
has the right to oppoBo thc passage of
Hertslan waves over Its land as far
as opposition is practicable, whether
transmitted by the state, by private
apparatus, or from an airship or balloon. In the cuse of ono government
prohibiting the wireless exchange lt
must nl once advise other governments of Ihe steps.
Price ot Metals.
New York. Sept. 25.���Bilvcr, f.8%c:
copper, 18%c; lend, $5.75; electrolytic  copper,  10%c,  strong.
London. Sept. 25.���Sliver. 31 ll-10d;
lead,   ��18  10s;   zinc,   .-27  10s.
Trenton, N. J., Sept 25.^-The political contest that ls being lought out
in the state primaries today has Btlr-
red New Jersey from Cape May to the
New York state line. The contest is
one of the most interesting and exciting that this state has seen In
The Republican party Is divided Into two hostile factions, very much as
the party Is divided ln Wisconsin. The
"slalwarts" In New Jersey this year
are called "regulars," and the "halt
breeds" are known as "Colbyltes,"
"reformers" or "new Idea" men.
The "regular or organisation Republican leaders comprise pretty much
all the office-holders���Governor Stokes
and other state house officials, United
States Senators Kean and Dryden, and
all the representatives in Congress
from this state. It ls sustained by
every member of the state committee
and by efficient organisations in every
county. In short, lt Ib a powerful and
well constructed machine, ln good
working order.
The reformers, as the other faction
are pleased to call themselves, are led
by three men who have for the past
two or three years been conspicuous
figures ln New Jersey politics. They
are Everett Colby, senator from Essex
county; Mayor Fagan of Jersey City,
and George L. Record, corporation
counsel of New Jersey. There are
two principal planks ln the reform
platform. These are equal taxation
aud limited franchises. The reformers claim that the railroads are paying a ridiculously unequal share of the
taxes. The reformers declare that the
Republican organisation has for so
many years been the close political
ally of the Pennsylvania Railroad
company that tt does not dare compel
the big corporation to come forward
and assume its just share of the tax
The two factions fight tt out at the
primaries today. The reformers have
put George L. Record forward aa their
candidate for United States senator,
while the regulars are generally tor
John F. Dryden, who has served part
of oue term in the senate and desires
re-election. The reform factions have
aiBo nominated candidates for the legislature and for congress in some
What both factions seem to fear Is
that neither will honestly abide by the
reBUlt of the primaries, but will secretly knife the ticket that wins In the
primaries at the coming election.
Though the Republicans carried the
state on the assembly ticket last year
by 57,987 plurality, It Ib believed to be
within the possibilities that the Democrats may capture the legislature this
year and elect as their senator former
President Grover Cleveland. He has
been talked of a possible candidate for
lbs- senate, hut those best familiar
with the situation believe It would be
Impossible to persuade him to become
a candidate. Former Senator James
Smith. Jr., though th�� fact that he
bolted Iho Hryan presidential tickets
may militate against his chances, Is
still believed to be the most prominent among those mentioned as the
Democratic  cnndldatc   for  the senate.
Westminster Volunteers Place Wreath
on Tomb of General Grant.
New  York,  Sept.    25. The    rifle
team of the Queen'B Westminster volunteers, which will shoot against a
team from the Seventh regiment New
York National Guards at Creedmoor,
L. I., October 2 and 8, placed a wreath
of English oak and laurel entwined
with the Union Jack on the tomb ot
General Grant at Riverside drive. The
wreath has the Inscription, "To the
memory of General Ulysses Grant,
rifleman, statesman, patriot, from the
Queen'B Westminster volunteers ot his
Britannic Majesty Edward Vll��� the
peacemaker. Let there be peace.
There Is a peace between all the
Anglo-Saxon races; may It endure
ln the international match at Creed-
moor range the Seventh regiment
hopes to regain the Sir Howard Vincent challenge shield, which lt lost to
the Englishmen last year by a narrow
margin. Captain Montague Shattuck
is in command ot the British team.
An Island for Sale.
London, Sept. _5.���Lundy island,
with which the reading public has
been made familiar by Charles Kings-
ley's popular novel entitled "Westward
Ho," was put up for public auction In
London today. Tho Island Is situated
In tho llrlstol Channel, ls about three
miles long and has an average width
of about half a mile. For tho last
seventy years lt has been In the possession of the Heaven family, which
acquired it In 1834 for ��45,000. Ub
value is plnced at mnny times that
figure nt the present time.
Forestry Congress Meets.
Vancouver, Sept. 25.���Of moro than
usual Interest, because of Its representative character, Is the forestry congress which begun here today under
tb. joint auspices of the llrlllsh Columbia Lumbermen's association and
tho Canadian Forestry association.
National and provincial forest policies
tho lumber Industry   and   the   forest,
Young Man Goes Home
Laudanum and Carbolic Add Found
by Bedside of Dead Man-
Crazed by Drink.
York State Democrats.
Buffalo, N. Y., Sept 25.���Delightful
weather greeted the delegates to the
Democratic state convention when
they arrived this morning to prepare
for what many believed would be the
most momentous gathering ln the history of the Democrats ln this state.
Midnight conferences ot party leaders
followed last night's session of the
state committee, which did not adjourn until nearly 12 o'clock. Politicians and visitors were late getting to
bed, but 8 o'clock this morning found
the corridors of the Iroquois hotel
again busy with the convention gossip. The building In which the convention Is to be held Is on Vlrglanla
street, about a mile and a half from
the hotel district lt was formerly
used as an armory by the Seventy-
fourth regiment of Buffalo. Admirable
arrangements have been made for
seating'about 6009 people.
One Murder Trial���Actions   for   Dana-
ages From Forest First   Chief
Justice to Preside.
The Fall assises will begin tn Nelson next Tuesday morning. Although
no official word has been received It
is generally expected that Chief Juc-
lice Hunter will preside.
There will probably be quite a gathering of counsel, litigants and witnesses in the city. E. P. Davis, K. C, of
Vancouver, and A. H. MacNelll, K. C,
of Rossland, will appear ln several
The docket is far from complete as
yet, but several Important and Interesting cases are already set down for
The only criminal case on the docket Ib that of Laughlln Bruce, charged
with the murder of Hugh McGarvey
at Creston.
The following cases on the civil list
have already been set rown:
The Fernie Lumber Co., Ltd., vs.
Crow's Nest Southern Railway Co. et
sl.; D. G. .Marshall for plaintiffs; A.
H. MacNelll, K. C, for the railway
company, and L. P. Eckstein for
Elk Lumber Co. vs Crow's Nest
Southern Co.; W. R. Ross, K. C, for
plaintiff; A. 11. MacNelll. K. C. and
L. P. EckBteln.
Union Bank of Canada and Cedar
Valley Improvement Co. vb. Crow's
Nest Southern Railway Co.; D. O.
Marshall. A. H. MacNelll and L. P.
Marks vs. Marki;-- Aiinli. i.Iane vs.
Susan Ellznbeth; R. W. llaniilngton
lor plaintiff;  J. O'Shea for defendant
The cases against the Crow's Nest
Southern Itnllwuy company are for
damages arising from forest fires for
which li Ib alleged the company Is
Murks vs. Marks is an action for
title to property loft by tho late A. J.
Marks Thc claimant resides In Michigan and claims to be the widow of
the deceased.
The case of Pierre vs. Pierre, an
action for divorce, will probably also
be Bet down.
Blowing Things Up..
Helslngfors .Finland, Sept. 26.���An
unsuccessful attempt was made early-
today to blow up the police reserve
barracks here. One man was slightly
injured. There ls no clue to the perpetrators of Ihe outrage.
Stockholm, Sept. 25.���The American
legation, although not the direct ob
ject of the planned outrage, had a nar
row escape from being blown up by
the Finnish refugee revolutionists who
were arrested hero September 23, and
wub only saved by the timely arrest
of the conspirators.
News reached the city this after.
noon of a shocking suicide which occurred at Vernon late last night or
early this morning. A young man,
aged about 36 years, named H. C.
Thompson, was found at an early hour
this morning in his room at one ot tbe
hotels with a bullet bole through hla
right temple. His body was dressed
and great pools of blood saturated tbe
Thompson had only been in town a
few daya and had come ln trom his
ranch at Okanagan lake. He had been
enjoying the celebration ln connection
with the annual exhibition and lt ls
stated had been indulging freely ln Intoxicating liquors.
Thompson comes of a well known
and highly respected Ontario family,
and one of his brothers is manager ol
a sugar refinery at Toronto.
The deceased had served ln the
South African war on the Strathcona
horse and waa a member of B squadron. He afterward Joined Major Oat
Howard's scouts as a sergeant and put
in some time.
There were empty bottles of carbolic acid found ln his room and soma
laudanum was at his bedside. An Inquest will be held.
No Exceptions Will Bs Mad* In Russian Manifesto Prosecutions.
St Petersburg, Sept 25.���By order
of the governor of Tver, three of the
most prominent constitutional democratic members of the late parliament,
Ivan and Michael Petrunkevltch and
Dmitri Yakolevltt, the latter secretary
of the agrarian commission of parliament, have been suspended from their
functions tn the provincial semstvo
because they are under an indictment
for promoting rebellion by signing the
Viborg manifesto. Corresponding action has been taken by members of
the nobility against A. Von Rutsel, M
Aherkoff and V. A. Takushukln, ln
addition to Prince Peter Dolgoroukoff,
vice president ot the lower house.
This Is taken to Indicate that the government ts determined not to abandon proceednlgs against any one of
the 211 signers of tbe manifesto.
Policeman's Tragedy.
Concord. N.* H.. Sept 25.���Whitney D. Barrett, a policeman, entered
an electric car at Penacook today, fatally shot Miss JuUa Chadwlck, one ol
the passengers, and then turned the
revolver on himself. Miss Chadwlck
died at an hospital soon after the
shooting, and it Is believed that Barrett will also die. Barrett is a mar
rled man, 50 years old: Miss Chadwlck was an employee of the local
telephone exchange, about 30 years
old, and the daughter of John Chad
wick, a prominent citizen of Penacook.
The shooting ln the car followed a
meeting of Barrett and Miss Chadwlck
In a coal dealer's office at Penacook.
At that time Barrett threatened to
shoot her, but was disarmed by the
coal dealer. Barrett expressed sorrow for his action and was given the
revolver and left the place.
Increased Tax on Gin.
The Hague, Sept. 25.���Tbe taxation
reform bill was Introduced ln tbe second chamber of parliament by the
minister of finance. It reduces the
tax on sugar to 10 florins per 100 kilograms and increases the excise duly
on Holland gin from 83 to 90 florins
por hectolitre. The bill Increases tbe
revenue by 8,000,000 florins.
Will B* Strictly Applied.
Ottawa, Sept 25.���The Japanese
customs authorities have Issued notloe
to the effect that on and after October
1 the regulation respecting certificates
or origin will bo strictly applied with
regard tu imports under the conventional treaty.
Found th* Money.
Melfort, Sssk, Sept. 26.���The money
taken from the safe In tbe attempted
robbery of the Bank of Commerce ut
ivlnlstlno has been found under tlie
stairs in the bank.
w   i
1 1
i   1
-J The Daily Caradian
Cool nights are now in order.     They will invite
p'.easant dreams of
:' ::.-::. bs red anal bane.
3 1-2 Points, weighing absut 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,        8.50 per pair
These blankets are JM
celebrated fssr their excellence. We alone carry
them in tbis ci'.y.
LUMBERMEN.���PsI'oas. C.-^'crters. Gloves and Mits. Socks. Shirts and
Underclothing. 0:1 C'ctnsng. Sweaters. Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Robbers Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best  quality  and   prices  surprisingly Low.
Publ-shea] tils 'lay. a *<���-* by tbe
Baker St.. Stlson, B. 0.
Subscription rates, So c-nw a month delivered
la lhe cut. or l-.OO a year II lent by mail, when
paid la advance.
ASTertlsms rale* on application.
All monlm pal'l In settlement ol Thai Dally
Canadian accounts, either fs.t subsa-rlplions or
advertising, musl be receipu-,1 inr on tbe printed
forms oi the Company, other receipts are nut
SEPTEMBER 28. 1906.
" By one word we are sometimes Judged lo be
wise and by one word sometimes ;sidged to M
souls.is Usi us therefore be carc-iul whai aae
ssf puislic benefits. That this recent
action will give the C. P. R. an advantage over rival lines will po without saying. It may even force the
general adoption of insurance of goods
iu transit which will be of immense
advantage to shippers It is a question which the rival lines will have to
consider but in the meantime the shipper will reap the advantage and the
C. P. R. is not ex|aecting too much
when it anticipates a generous appreciation of its new policy.
The announcement made iu tbe columns of The Canadiau yesterday that
the Canadian Pacific Railway company has determined to Insure at iis
own expense, thc goods in transit
over Its lines, is evidence of the foresight, enterprise und ambition ul this
progressive company. The strides
that are being made by this company
will elicit the admiration of Canadian
people If not that of the people of the
whole American continent.
To recall the steady advances that
have been made, necessttaled as they
were by the rapid expansion of Canadian foreign trade, from the time
when the transcontinental trains ot
the C. P. R. came Into their terminals
with more or loss irregularity to the
Initiation of the Imperial Limited service of a couple of years ago, and to
further follow the development through
the doubling of this service lu the
initiation this year of ilu- "Overseas
Limited" with Ihe successful bid for
the fttBt mall service to lbe Orienl is
to make the heart uf th- Canadian
This latest and newest Innovation
ln some respects far eclipses all former undertakings nnd will withoul
doubt revolutionize lhe conditions under which freight is transported between objective points Cnili-r lbe legal obligations a railway company Is
liable for losses occurring in transit
for which the negligence of the company or its employees is responsible.
In Illustration of this lt may be stated
that a train running inlo a bush fire
or even through a trestle burnt mil bj
Buch a conflagration, Ibe loss utilise-
quenl on these condlUons would nol
result ln legal liability fur Ibu ''um-
pany. If on the oilier band, n train
crashes over an embankment because
of a broken or defective rail, tin- legal
liability of the company ls established
Similarly goods delivered and housed
at a terminal, if accidentally consumed, ure mil chargeable under tbe Inw,
to the company, and In such cases
only when lhe direct responsibility
can bo fixed by incontrovertible evidence can ihe company in- held.
This hns frequently led to serious
loss by shippers and Consequent litigation between company and consignees. The Canadian 1'nclflc now
voluntarily undertakes to Insure, al Its
own expense, the goods In transit anil
litigation will be nt an end so fur us
matter Is concerned.
While we can scarcely give the 0,
P. R. company credit for pure philanthropy in this matter we cannot restrain a note of admiration lhat such
a measure should be adopted as a
straight business policy; one which Is
sure to pay In the end. The C. P. H.
has Initiated many new policies for
purely business reasons which have In
lhe end worked great convenience to
the people and advantage In olher
ways which brings Ihem Into the clnss
The story, told over the wires yes-
terday, of the acquittal of Desire Brothier at Vancouver and published in
The Canadian is probably the concluding chapter in ibis remarkable
series of events in the administration
of justice In Canada. Notwithstanding the tact of his immediate re-arrest
we may as well accept the inevitable
and conclude, that even if a case
-should be proven against him on tbe
very modified charge on which he now
stands accused, thc sentence will be
so trifling as to be equivalent to an
utter defeat of Justice.
The reiiorted ]ec|ure administered
by Mr, Justice Henderson in acquitting the accused is worthy of record
anil suggestive in the extreme. "Sounded the lowest depths of human degradation" and expressing the hope that
iiis life, even if reformed "would not
be spent under the Canadian flag" areas caustic and severe as anything we
can recall in the annals of ihe Canadian  courts.
The case will go down in the history of Canadian Jurisprudence as one
of the moist unique which lias ever
disgraced our history, and will be one
of the few cases that will bo recorded
against us as a foul blot upon the
pride uf our judicial system. Wc have
lbe case of a man whose vices were
so open, brazen and full of affrontery
thai In- Immediately attracts tbe attention of llie police of Vancouver as
a suspicious character. So shallow
were the coverings of his shame that
the first stroke of the pick of official
investigation revealed a depth of criminality ihat shocked the men of law,
acquainted as they are with the ways
nf thc vile. No sooner is he arrested
than lie immediately offers a bribe to
Un- policeman who had him in custody In order that he might effect his
escape. In every court where he has
appeared be has been denounced by
tin- magistrates and Judges as a pe-
soii loo vile to be at large, and the
series of proved offences upon which
his sentence of seven yesrs was based
were of n character, which in their
combination and helnunsness were
Ihe flrsl of such gravity In Canadian
Y'-t after having served but a modicum of bis term he is pardoned nut
of penitentiary and released from custody by lln- department of Justice at
Ottawa, and Hint without any of the
Usual appeals or petitions for executive clemency. So seriously were these
actions) ssf the department criticized
and so emphatic was the protest raised by Hie mil raged community ul
which the depraved mortal had been
a resident, that the member for Vancouver, Mr. II. O. MncPhcrson, hastened to square himself with his constituents by denying that he had connived al Brothler's release and he was
even forced so far as to characterize
the nelion of his superiors as a monstrous outrage In words which have
thai  effecl.
While Ihore have been some things
done by thc hoatlH of the department
of justice  in  former yenrs that  havo
li-en mysterious and ich did not
wtien explained, altog er meet with
the approval of the people, this is the
first case we can recall in the administration of justice���or rather iujus-
;.s,���when thc depanment has scouted the outraged sense of public decency by failing lo offer a semblance
asl explanation.
The only conclusion that can be arrived at���and it is a painful one indeed���is that, since money was.ol-
fered at tbe very moment of his arrest, money has done the magic trick
all along the line. Just where it was
most effective will probably never be
known but we join iu the expressed
hope of Judge Henderson, so vigorously expressed, that the remainder of
llrotbier's life under any circumstances will not be lived out under Uie
Canadian  flag.
And yet why not? The highest judicial authority in Canada gave him
his liberty and thereby declared his
fitness to live among us. He must
therefore be worthy. If not there are
still other speculations which will not
The story that Sir Charles Tapper
denounced as destructive of industry
the Fielding tariff when it was intro-
siuced. yet lived to find out that the
tariff was not so very bad. Is revived
fur the ninetieth time, it Is a true
story���in part. The fact is there were
two Fielding tariffs. Sir Charles denounced the first inlrosluccd on April
83, I-'.<7. After the work of Mr. Field-
in- had beeu examined some business
men of the Liberal party took the tariff out of Mr. Fielding's hands and
prepared another, which was introduced on May 25, 1S.T. and was not so
bad as the first, which the muddles!
politician had announced. The losses
to industry' under the second tarlif
were not nearly so great as those we
should have experienced had the first
Many a man has his leg pulled because of his anxiety to put bis best
foot  forward.
Dttdcr&nd by virtue of tlu* power* of sale contained in -_.ctTt_-.iii ir.orlRane which will Ih- pro-
dnoed et the time of iui, there will be offered
for ret*..-- by public auction on Satuplav the Mtb
<lay ..( Oct-.ber, 1906, at the hour of l_ o'clock
noon, at the Hotel Hume, corner of War', ami
Vernon streets. Nelson, B. C , by Messrs.Charles
A. W., term* n-t To,, the follow nig property, vli:
Lots numb-ris fifteen Ot) and sixteen fUJ), both
in Block number len (P.). beln^ pari ot the sub-
division of _ot number ninety nix. Group one,
ln tht- .itstrul of Rootenay, British Columbia,
and known as the Hume addition to Kelion.
B. C, according to a map or plan deposited in
the I-and Registry offl'-eaii-l numbered 384 b.
1'iKjn the Uld land Ib erected a large nnd commodious dwelling house in first-class order, with
city witter. Thll property tl not f��r from the
btulnea portion ,,, the city.
Term, and condition* made known at the time
of sale or in  the meantime upon upplicatlou to
MortKiiL'ne'- Alienor.
Hated at Nelson tbe 17th day of refit. 1 06.
TAKK NOTICE that an application has been
made to register It. <i. McU-od as the owner in
Fee Blmplt, under a Tax Halt* Deed from P.. J.
Stenton, deputy asse��sor and collector of tbe
Slocan Assessment Distr'ct, to It. O. McLeod.
bearing date the StStb dav of August. A. I). P.r_:.,
of nil mid singular that certain parcel or tract of
land and premises situate, Ivlng and being in thr
ttMrict of Kootenay, in tbi- PrOTlnCe of llriti ���
Colombia, more particularly known and de-
scriU-il as    all minerals, precious and base,(save
ooal and  petroleum) under l>.t 'kW>, Group 1, in
the iiistrict of   Koot.nav. ���Bjirtii-t" mineral
Vou and each of you arc required to contest
the claim of the tax purchaser within fourteen
days Irom llo-date of lhe service of Uii- notice
iit-on yon.and in detenltof a caveator certificate
ofltsoendeni being Bled within inch period,
you win in- forever estopped and debarred irom
s iting ni. any claim to or in reipeet ol tbe mid
land, and I nball register It. '.. McI>-��h1 as the
owner thereof.
Iin led at Und Registry Ofllce, Nelson, I'iov-
im ��� of Brltllb Columbia, this 2Btn day of February, A. D.lWG.
District Registrar.
To RPhard Seem an.
Notice is herehy given that sixty davs after
dale I int.nd toapply loth" Hon. Chief Commls-
sion. r  of  |j_ud* and   Works  for  )scriiii--i.-n  in
purebaae the lollowlng deicrlbed land-, in
Weil Kootenay Dlitrlet: Commencing at an Initial post plar tad al the southeast comer ol Mc-
i n\'- pre-emption, Ibeii'e _0 .-bains west lo east
boundary <���( Im tltti 'hence following said
boundari iouth to muttiesit corner ol said lot;
tiniM-' iu ehalni wee*-}; thenoe SO ehalni Mutb;
tbencencbalm eutj tbence ji chains norih to
lontbwral oorner ol ho ���.���; thence following
west in.tindary of I��l XS2 to initial poat,
���September n, pjot>. i>. a Woirt,
]*T   EllflgT tt. ROt;IN-ON
Mxty davs after date I Intend tu apply to the
Hon. chie. t'"minUsi..ner ni Landi and worki,
Victoria, i" purchaie M acrei ol land: Com
mencing it a poit planted at is <���''Uy ol Kelson -
power plant lot k k comer post, on Kootenay
river, thence 20 ebalni iouth, thence west a)
chains   theuee  north  JO ehain"   theuee east k)
chains to point nl comni'-in*. ment.
Nelson, B.C., Aug.e, UK. K
J. crp.RAS.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days fr.un da:.- 1
lutein! to applv to the Honorable the (hie! i .-m-
missiouer of lauds and Work* for permission
to purchase the following described In nds situate in Weti Kootenav District:  Commencing
at a poit marked ���* jf, Stewart ���* N W. oornei
post." situated DMT the JottOtlOO of Loll creek
and South Fork of Salmon, tbenee WUth (0
chains, more or less; tbenee eaai ��0 chains;
thenc.- north -til chains, more or Letli thenoe
west (h* chains to point uf commencement.
Salmo. August llth. 1906.
T. II. Atkin-on. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days after date 1
Intend to applv to the Hon..rahle the''htef Commissioner ol Lands and W.irki to pun hns- tlie
follnwing described lands.Xki acres, more or less;
commencing at a post planted on the wesi bank
of Coper Arrow lake al a point about 7 miles below Naku-p.and mark, fl '.. A. II   H.. N  K comer
poet; tbenoe BO chain- west; thenee 40 chaini
south; thence h) ohalni <-ast. more nr ten to lake
shore; thenee along lake shore  to point of beginning
Hated thisjth dav of Sent.. 190b.   G. A. B. II ALL.
60 davs afterdate I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissi.mer of Land- anl
Works. Victoria, B. C , to purchase MO acres of
land situate west of Armw lake on the Weil side
of Whatcban -Tcek and joining the north boundary of EL J. Annabh' npplhation to purchase.
Commencing at a p-i-t marked R. .'. K. H. K. corner and running we.-- w chain*; tieine norlh 80
chains;   lbence east to chains;   thenc-  smith   to
point of commencement
Beptember 2nd 1906. R. J Bllidt.
Notloe 1- bereby given that 00 days after dale I
iniend to apply lothe BoooraJa Chief Commls-
sioner of Laud* ami Works for pcnin>siou to purchase the following dt-rlbed lands, situate in
the Weft Kootenav district, -tarting frnm a pOfl
planted It the N. K corner ol P. W. Robinson'��
Application to purchase, thenee40chains eut,
*_. chains south. 20 chains we-t, sW chains north,
40 chains west, 20 chain- north.'JO chains east. 10
chains north to point of commencement, con laiu-
inglW acres.
Dated lMh dav of August, 1(08
II. c. K. Rohinson,
per Ernest W . RootXMK. Agent.
Notloe is herein* given tii.it ilxty dari after
date   I   intend   lo applv   |.-  the   Honorable  llie
cblel Commissioner of l-and- ami Worki lor permission to purchase the following dc.-erils-d
lau 1 mi the west shore of npper Arrow Lake and
joining J- H. Feeuey's pre-emption: Running
wesi to chains; tbence north �����| chains, thenoe
east tu chains, to the shore ol the lake; thence
south roUOWing the lake sbon- t-> point of nun-
meneement, containing _*_u acres more or less.
liated August 19, 1906.
J, J, Kkli.v, Agent.
Notice ll hereby given thnt -i\ty days after
dale I intend to apply to the Honorable tlie
Chief CommlMloner _u Lands nnd Works for permission to purchase the following described
laud on the west side of  Lower Arrow   Uke and
joining the ion th line of the Indian Reservation;
Running west 30 ehalni; thence south mi chains;
tbence easi 20 chains, lo tin- ihore of the lake;
thence north following the hike shore to the
point of commencement, containing P'o seres
more or less.
I'ated August 20, MOB. W. B, Macleod
J..I, Ksli.y. Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 1 Intend.'Kt days
after date to apply to the Honorable the Cbtel
CoinmisHoneroi . ands and Works for permission
lo purchase the following described lauds lu
West Kootenay district, about liv* miles south
ol Burton City, corn nie m ing at a post planted on
the eas- bank of tract C. K., and marked "W, H.
Hamilton's s .v. v. post," and running north N
chains, thence east to chains, thanee south 80
chains, theuce west to t bains to place of beginning, containing ivtu acres ot iaud, more or lets.
Dated this 22nd day of August, 1906.
W   H. Hamilton
Notice U hereby given that fio days after date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Com mln-
sioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purehase the following described lands, situate
iu West Kooteuay district:   Commencing at a
post marked "B. Coukey's N. W. corner post," situate near tbe N E. Oorner of land appl iis 1 for by
U.K., theuee south 40 i bains, more or less; tbenee
east to chains; thence north no chains, more or
lew; thence west su chains to point of comineuce-
Balmo, August li, ]'j06. B. Conkf.y,
 T. H. ATKtxsoy, Agent.
Notice is her by given that 00 days after date 1
intend, to apply to tbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landi end w'orks for permission to
purchase the following described laud* situate lu
west Kootenav district: Commeneing ata post
marked "R. Ross's N, W eorner post," situate
near ihe N. E. corner of land applied for by A.
McLean, thenoe south to chains, moreorless;
thence eait ftO chains; theme north 40 chains,
more or less; thence west 80 chains to point of
Salmo, Augusl 11, 1906. R. Ross,
t. H. Antnaow, Arent,
Notice Is bereby given tbat itxty day*- after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief  Commissioner of   Landl and   Works  for
permission "to purobsse tbe following described
laud" situate in W'.st Kootenay dl-lrlct: Commencing at a post marked "A. Mel-eun's N W
corner poet."Sltnate near the U.K. comer of land
appli.-d for by A. Mi Utigblan, thence south to
chains, more or le--; thenoe east wi ehain-:
thence north fl chains, moreor lean; thence west
8u chains to poim of commencement
Salmo, August 11, 1906. A. McI-Kan,
T. H. atkissos. Agent.
Kotiee is hereby given that 80 davs aller date I
Intend to make application to the Honorable tbe
Chief Commissi -rof Unds mid Work- lor p r
mi-son io purchase the following deeerlbed lands,
situat*- in West Kootenay district; Commeficuig
at a post marked "A. McLaoghlln'i N. W corner
jh'si," *tt uate near the N Z, corner of land up-
plied for by I*. MrArthur. thenoe south fl chsini,
moreorleesi thence east 00chains; tbence north
40 chains, more or less; thence west 80 cbalni to
polnl of eommeneement.
f-jalrno, August 11,1906. A. KoLaDOHU]..
T, H. AtkiSson, Ag.nt.
JOtfM Toys,
Hakkv QlUOKi Agent.
Notice is hereby given lhat six l v days alter dat-
I Intend to apply to the Hon. Otuttf Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to pur-
ihem the following described land*, HO acres.
Starting at a post mark.-d rath.-run- Tov.-. im-i
planted On the east shore of Cowtt Arrow lake,
near Uladstone Creek, thence M chains east,
tbenn to chains north, thence -40 cbalni west to
lake shore,   tbence south along lake shore lo
point of oommencement
Hated thii HJth dayof Beptember, 1506,
cathkhink Tort,
iiAitt'.Y QiBsoii, Agent.
Notice Is hereby gl.ven that sixty days aft.-r
date I Intend toapply to the Hon, Chief Commissioner nl bands and Works for -permission
to purchase thc following deserlbed landi situate in West Kootenay nistrict, commencing
lit   I   post  marked "A. Ilirsch's  B, K. Corner"
planted at the B.W. cotner of Lot ��78. about 7
miles north of Burton City and about ���, of a
mile west of the Columbia river, lbence north
80 chains; tbence west 40 chslns theuce iouth
80 chains; tbence east In chains to point of com-
meneement, containing &H acres.
Haled this llth day of September, 1906.
A.  Hllf.ru.
Per IUi.ru Blyi, Agent.
Notiee Is bereby given that BO days alter date
I intend toapply to the Chief ('ommlssloner of
Unds and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands, situate In West
Kootenay district: Commencing m a post marked J. Mi Arthur'-) N. W.corner post,'1 situate near
the N. K comer of land applied tor by A.Turner,
tbetlOl -outh fl chains more or lens; thenee east
wi chains;   thene.-north fl chain-, more or le*-.-;
thenee wesl 80 chain* to polut of commencement*
Balmo, Angus! 11, I'JOO.
J    McAU-HCR,
__________ T. II  ATKtKSOK, Agent.
Noti. e is hereby given that fin days altordate
I intend, to apply to th.- Bonorable tho Chief
Commlislooei OI Unds and Works for permission topur'hase tb.- following described lauds,
Iltuate in Ihe West Kootermy district: Coin men-
(-lug at a post marked "A. Turner*! N.W. corner
post.' situated at the N. K corner of laml ap-
piled  for by  K. Blewarl,  Ihence south 40ebalns,
more or less; thenoe easl Bocbelni. thenee north
40 rhalni. more or ).s-;   th.-nce west 80 chains to
[Hiint of oommeneement.
Balmo. B.C . Augnsi 11.1006. A.Tt knkk,
        T. il   Atkinson, Agent,
For Unpaid Delinquent   1 axe* In the N-l��on A88e��-.ment Dlrtrlct, P. ov,     I
of Briti-th Columbia. "'
I Hereby _lr, noil
:. lli.l on Friday lbe Iwelfth ilay ol Oetober, A. D., 1906, al llie bi.nr ol twelve o-elssek n.son, al lhe
-    I .ball oBer lor uie b, p-Wl�� -Mttoa ihe land,   ereln.ller K| ODt ol ilia- per,o���. lu ..1.1 IUI ba-relimlli-r set os.l, Inr lhe dell,,,,,,,-,,     -_ , .
thirty first day ,      -      ���    W- l..r Interest, t-oiu anil ,-.pen.,-., Inoludlng coat ol ��.lvirtl.lt,g ,M ..k., ��� , ������\
��� ssid personi ��-
noun! Sue li not Moner paid
1 tbe toy I
Chestnut, Kd
Carlson, I., ll
Uallandalne. Kd
QoaLfe, i ho*
Prueberg, Iteiie      	
Johnson, P. W
Benny, Olan M.
LePage, i-ouisa
Hurrough, Raebel M
Wright, Hurry
Woif, Conrad i\ l��cvauit, j. i ,
sing,  Kee 	
Keams, Henry       	
Anderson,  Oscar
Cadrat, ''buries	
Bldorads Mines, Limited
American Eagle '.. M.t'o   ...
McArthur, Win
llroadloot, Krskinc     	
Eldorado Mines, Limited
Athabasce Venns Co
Busi roll, Geo	
Qee, Arthur
Dick, Arthur	
lIllplllHIl, J      	
Kelfv. A. 11    	
lOscretin BbK-lt HV L*i "!.'. <*  1 	
bis-   It 1, Lol ��1    "    ' ���   l"��'-[��;	
Blocki '" 28, tt, Lol mk '��� I ��� 110 acrei	
Block7,Lot881,0  l.teeree	
Block -'-', LotSBl   0  ' ��� ����crei 	
Block 11 Lol "-' Q i - "-':'��' ���"'���* 	
5l��2n : .nir^'s.!.) J-TMi,, and tec :.i.Tp. i_, Ut Pm,(l-T
I u n In Bocll  Tp "��� I--'t l_37. u. I   . 	
���     ia,,  ...  :,,  .-."  loll    S-.  l|i   Vi.    I"l  I-'"    ''     I
���.���,-,.���- mS-null*, lr   ��    l.-'l l-'sM.lS   I
1 ..it ��,-res sss S.lliilsT.lls .17, l^st 1.IJ. I.   I 	
I,.7���� s.. sss Bectlon r. m,U,kt, r. 17.1...I l-.J. I.. I	
80.7J acres IIS aS.-ill"lH"i.Tli 17. Lol !��-'. il. I	
- Bum mention ��.,Tp >~- lfi l*g   ���������:	
..I i.- ��, I,-sss S-. Hull :ll.T||  II, Lot IM. 0.J    	
17 DKita In Beotlon BTp M, lal IM, 0
:I7 :..��, rs-�� IIS I-.- u���n sO.Tp   tk\U .1 llMI. '..I   ���     ,    ,
n B acre. In Bectlon 19_ndB,Tp :m, l.,i I-.-H, 1.  I	
J,.,'/.ere, in Beotlon ��, Tp JI, Lot 1881,0  I	
To .1 re, sis I..,im, 0   I
5 acre. In Lot 6M. d 1 	
Block I', Lol 619, -   I . ussrs-a
I.sl sf.pi. .I   I . Ill .ires 	
hurt Lol MSO.Cl  I.,fi0aoref.,
1M..-I.-. IU l.ilt'ti.'l   I
I     7.1
H Call
�� Ui
0 Ul
0 *0
�� Ul
i, mi
;i ..I
���i ta
. se,
11 7.'a
il eo
< Ml
. 1,1
:i ui
11 77,
IS s.s
12 Ul
1 .'s0
Ilssli-sl nt Nelsou, II   C. tlsl-s sssls il.j-ol-epl.-i.ili.-r, 1900
l,% I
'�� i
Itlllir    A. RKNWIISK.
1-iillea-tiir, NollOn Assa-s.niem i,lrtr1(,
'''"Is ���,a
i lm
2 01
2 110
2 10
2 0(1
2 0)
2 111
2 10
Notice is herebv Klven th��t 80 dnvs afler dnte
1 intend to -Applv to lhe Honorable the Chiel
t'omiiiisioiiernfl.atid-'ftiid Work.- for permission
to purehase the following deaorlbed lands in tbs
Wesi Kootenay Dlitrlet: Commenolng al i posl
marked t. k. Prenche'i lind *�� B. comer placed
near C. C. 1'ovutz  S. W. corner,   thenee  east  W
chains, thenee nortb in chnins, thence wasl BO
chains, thonoe sontb 40 ebalns to plaoe ol com
haled 20th I lay of Julv I90R.        T. K. PUircn,
By A.N'DBKW Aiiik. Agent
Notice u hereby elran that w> oars after date I
intend to applv io the Uonorahle tbe Chief Com-
missUiiier of Unds and Works for permission to
pnrchase tbe following described lands in the
went Kootenav distriet, near Burton t'lty; commencing at apost plan led at the southeast eorner
of (leorge Hudson'i   pre-emption claim,  and
marked Ilnrrv 0. Toillniiton's N. K C. post, and
running wuth 4�� ciininn, theme west an chains,
thence north 10 chains, thence eaat 30 chsius to
place of beginning, eontalnlng ��' acres of land,
more or lets.
Dated tin- -,,|!ii day ol August, laofi.
Notice Is herehy glren 'bat 60 days alter date 1
Intend to make application to the Honorable tbe
Chief Commissioner nf Undsand Works for permission to purchase about W*i acres of land situ
ated on the Salmon nver. West Kootenay district,
commencing sl a posl marked B k. Butter's N B.
Corner, plantcil on the wesi hank of the river,
about l'4 miles north of the internal lona! 1-mi ndary, thenoe weet 'j| nhaini, thenoe *> chains
���OOth, tbenee east ahout ao cbalni to the river,
thenee northerly along the river t.i place of commencement.
AugUSi lMlh, I'J06. H. R.  Bl-TTER.
r n. Aikinson, Agent,
Notice is hereby glren thnt two months after
date I Intend to apply tothe Honorable lbe Cblel
Commlnloner o( Unds and Worka for a Lease of
all tbat land lieing the  foreshore adjoining BUb-
dlvlilnns i, a and . of Um tot, Group one p.
Kootenay, and hi-Jng on tbe south shore of tbe
Went Arm of K.m.i. nay lake. In the district of
Commencing at a post marked "A. k watts'
poutheasi corner pint"; thenee bo chains west,
thence Jf ebalns north: tbenoe 60 chains eait;
thence an chains south lothe place of commencement; the said land and foreshore to be be used
for sawmill purposes.
Dated this .1st day of Auguit, 1MB.
a. E. Warn.
Notice is hereby given that Bo davs after date I
intend to spply to tlie Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase tbe following deserlbed laud in Weit
Kootenay District about seven miles sontb of
Burton Citv: Commencing at a post plumed on
th** east hank of Trout creek and marked Alex
Cherne'l N. W. C. Post and running south BO
Chains; thence east ho chains; thence north Hi
chains; tbence west hOihains to post ol beginning, containing BIO MM Ol land, more or less.
Dated this a.'nd .lav of August, 1906
AI.KX Cmkynr
W. H   Hamilton, Agent.
Kotlce is herehv given that sixty .lays after
date I intend to appiv to the Honorable the
Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Work***., for
permission to purchase the following described
land" commencing at a post marked Qeoige Toi-
Hngton'l N. K C, [tost, at the southeast eorner
ol J. 0. Mn,rnde's pre-emption claim and
running smith lochaini to southwest corner o|
Ueo. Hudson1! pre emption clafui; the no- weti k)
chains: thence north 10 chains, thenee east30
< halus to plaee ol coiuiueucellienl, Coulalluug Nl
in -res of land more or lesv
Daleil ihi- hth dayof August, 1*906,
i.kokiiE TotJ tSfiTov,
A. A. Burton. Agent.
Notice Is bereby given lhat sislv day* afler
date I Intend lo applv tothe Hon. Chief ( <>mm|s-
lloner of Land- and Works for permission to por-
chase the loiiowing described lands sltnateln
West Koolenay dlsirlct; I'omm.-nelng al a post
marked J. II. \ aiiMone'- B.R 'orner poet, situate
in the Salmon River Vail y. al ��� pomi adjoining
j Ueecher*! land at western boundary, thenoe
west -i chains, tbenee nonh tn ohalns, thence
east *o i bains, lbence south W.-halns to point of
Jul> .Hth, PJU6, J. H. Vasstone,
T. H. AlkttiNoti. Agent.
Blxty dew slier dale i intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief ' ..'-.miss'nuer .f Unds and
Wort*, Victoria, to purebsje JiO acres of land,
located and desoribed u follows: Being the
northcasl .|iiarter ol Hectlon   tweiity-l^o,   aud
tb-south half of the northwest quarter Beetion
twenty Ihree, Township-my-nine. And further
deserlhed as follows ' om menelug at a p->"l
marked J J. N. W. corner, and planted to chains
ea-t of tbe northwest .oilier of BeetlOD twenty-
two and running eas! Ml hains. tbence south B
chains, thence east 4u chains, theuce south ��i
chains,  thence  west  Nil ebslns, tlience norlh  10
chains to place of beginning.
AugUSi aill, 190f>. J AM ftt JoilNBTONE,
W. A. raider, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 80 dan after dale I
inlcnd to apply to thc Honorable tin* chief CommlMloner of GtjldS and Works fur |armla��loii
to purchase tbe following d<*H.-nU-.l land, iltuate
in Plre Valley, Iu tbe Wesl Kootena) district, adjoining w a. (alder's pre-emption, ���tartlng at a
post marked M Mi-.ju��rnc's southwest corner,
running KO chains east. Ihence i-i chain* north.
tbenee 10Ohaini west tbence 40 chains south to
poini of I'omineucem. nt.
Dated this llth dav ,,f September, 190#1.
MaKY   Mit.l'AHIllK,
i. E. Tavlob, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that BO davs after date I
intend tO apply io Hi.- BOO the Chief Commissioner id Unds and Works for permlHlofl to nur-
ohase the following described lands tu west
Kootenay district, pro-, mce of Hritish Columbia.
Commencing at a post market) A A. Hurt.m's
B. W. corner, oil the south Ilde of Cariboo BMOki
ahout lw��> miles east ol Burton city towiisiie,
and at lbe northwest corner of William M.-Dev-
itl's preemption claim, thenei' fast to . balm,
theme north 60 chains, tbence west 40 chains.
tbenoe Mouth B0Ohalni to lbe place of beginning,
ion tattling 2*0 ai-res more or less.
Dated this _Htli day of July. l'JUfi.
Notice is hereby given that no days afterdate i
Intend toapply to the Honorable tbe Chief Com-
mlssloner of Uu.is and Works for permission to
purchase the following described laud In West
Koolenay District ahout sevn miles south of
Burton (ity:   Commencing at a post plantcil on
tlit- I'Hkt   Imllt   of   TV/. HI     ,ir,...tr     ..Till     lilu,L-i.il     VI ru
Mrs. W. II. Hamilton
 .^l1- llAMnTON, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that to days afler date I
intend to apply to the Hon. the thief Commls-
sioner of Lands and Works for la-rmlsslou to
purehase the following described lands in the
West Kooteuay district: Beginning Hi a posl
marked It. Bell's EL K. corner, about two miles
east of lbe Salmon river, and half a mile from
the Pend d'Oreille river, tbeuce BO ehalni north,
40 ebalns west, ho chains south and -10 i hnlns east
to place of beginning.
Dated -Tth day of July, 190(1. R. B. Bei.I,.
Sixty days afterdate I Intend to iinply tothe
Commissioner o( Landsand Works, victoria, to
purchase UVi acres of land.   Commencing al a
riosl planted on the west shore of Arrow Lake, at
h** south easl comer of J. J Christie's pun base,
running north BO chains, tbence cattt m ebalus,
tbence south HU chains, tbeuce west ho'hains tu
place of commencement.
Located May, Bth l'JOfi,
A. Carbii,
L. Uai,i.a(,hkr. Locstor.
Sixty days after date, I. Margrett M.-.jiUrrle-
intend to applv to the Honoralle the Chief Com'
mlHSlonerof  Undaand   Works,   Victoria, Il  ft,
to purobsse the following descrlned land, i>m-
mencing at a posl marked M HcQnarrte, on the
hank   of   Lower   Arrow    lake,   then...   |o ,.hains
west; tbence 10chsini north; ibenee 411 chains
SSSt; thi :ie>- BO chains smith to plaee nl commencement, said to contain IM aires more or
less.   Covering ground held I.y ".. B. And.-r s
pre ��� uiptiiifi.
Dated ihi- Mih dav of Beptember, IBM,
m Anon kit HcQuiaant,
W. L, l'AYNK, Agl'Ilt
Nollte U hereby given that slxtv davs alter
dale I Intend to applv (O the Honorable (lie Chief
��� ilsslonerol Lends and Works fm |H>rmi��Kioii
to nurebaie the following deserlbed lands situate
in w.si Kootenay dlstricl; Commencing al h post
planted at Rouen  t orlett'i norih easl cornet
posl  and   marked   A. M's   N. W   Corner   iherne
eest40 ohalns; thenoe io chains uuth, more or
less to the Koolenay river; theliee lOcbalni WOSl
along   the   Kootenav   river;   tbenei.   in  |.|,H|.M
northi more or less, to the place of commencement, containing r��* scr.-s more or leas.
SeplDinber I lib 1006,
Antra M.s.he,
William Mooke a�� Agent.
Notice is bereby given  tbat sixty   ilavs after
date I intend to appiv to the Honorable the
chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works for
permission to purchase the [ollowlns deserlhed lands situate in the Weil Koolen st
dlsirlct, starting from a post planted on lhe
north hank of The Norih Kork of Dug creek'
Ihenee :ii ebalus west. 0 chains north   a) ohalni
west, -rn chains norih, JO chalm weil  SDcbalns
north, 2(1 chains west, 20 chains ���,..-���. _, shatni
east, M CbSlnS south, 30 rhftlu*  ea-t   40 c   a    .
ion-, SO ebalns out, 40 nh. nh to J, ,"
oommeneement, containing MO tcrei
Dated lhth day of Angus). 1'.**.
Notiee is hereby given that no dav* ali-r ,iHte |
intend to make application to the Hononbla tl...
Chief Commissioner uf Und- ..mi WorkiTforiS!
mission to purchase 640 acres of hind in till,
distriet of Wat Kootenay, rammeni Sat a n I
nlamed on the sooth sldi ol Boundary lte\PSn
lhe Internationa] boundary in..- JI,, \ ,,''
m-iesea-tfrun, the Wmon river, i������,.,.,i ������"
K   Adami,  southeast   luri.er,"   II, ,.,.,. '   (ir: '"'
da ns, ihenee num. an ebalns, thenceeastB
chains, thence south m chalm toffiW
ineiicemeiit. v ' l<""-
KLiim k Ajtetu. Looatoi
Dated this Ittl&Wrt^lBL" AiWt
Notiee Is brrehT given that fio davs alter date I
intend toapply t<> the Honorable Chief Corneals**
llonrr of Unds nnd Works tor permission to pur-
cbase the following desortoed lands, sltnate tn
th. West Kix.teiia) dlstricl, starting from a (��wt
plantcil at tbeH W.cornerof Kniest W.Hoblnson''
Application to I'lir.'ha*. . and ou the north hank
of the North Fork of "og creel.; thence to < bains
west, *o ebalna tiorlb. K*' ehalna east, to chains
south, .A) chains west, to chains south to inters, i-
tion of north I in.* of K w. BohUuon'i .ppllcatlon
to PnrahaM, tbenei- to chains wet and -in hains
goath to ]Milni of i-muineiicerncnt, containing (V40
Dated 18th dayof August, 1��*>.
9   W   RoKlNisoH,
'  per BUfMt W. RobIsson, Afttt,
Kotiee Is herehv given that W davs after date I
Intend to apply io the Don. the Chief Commli"
sioner of Unds and Wurks for permission to purchase tbe following described lands in West
Kootenay district, province of British Columbia;
Commencing _i n |w.*t marked "William Tolllug-
ton'i northwest eorner jvist," sal.) |Mi>t being
planted at the soothweel corner ..f the "Queen
Mineral Claim," and adjoining the .asl line of
MePluili's pre-empllon, theuce south twenty (JI)
Ohalni along said luic. theuce east forty (to)
chains, tbenei- north twenty i_n) chain-, lbence
west forty (to) chains more or less, to thc place of
Dated Isl -lav of August, i*.*w
William Toi.i.inotoh,
By his agent J. K.Taylor.
Notice Is given that 80dayi after dale I intend
lo apply |0 the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for ia-rml<wloii to
purchase the following described  lands  In  the
Wesi Kootenai Dlstrlol:  Comnenelng ai a post
marked C, v. PoynU Und H. K. Corner piaeed
near the Pend d'Oreille river ai Boundary creek
east side of Salmon river, thenee easl ni ohalni
along lhe liilcrnatlot.al Boundary line, thenee
li .nh tn chain*', then.-e   we-l   Nl ehalns. ibenee
soutli *l chains to place ol commencement.
Dale.I lhe SOtb of July 1906. C. C. I'oVNTX.
By Asi'KKW AniK, Ageni.
Noiiee is hereby given that two mouths after
date I Intend lo apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of bands and Worki fof
permission to purchase the following descril^d
lands situate on the w.-vt arm of K"ol.-nav Uke
iu the District of Wesl Kootensy; Commeneing
ata postmarked "William Kuerby's N.W. posti"
tbenoe west twenty pk*t chains; thenee south
twenty   rk))  chains;   thenee   cast   twi-nlv   (Jn)
chains; thenee norlh twenty ��30) chain', to (he
1-olnt of cominenienieiil, coiitslitlng  forty MO)
seres, more or less.
Dated July 7,1Mb 1. U. tUUOX,
Notice Is b.-rel.y K| veil I hat 90 da vs aft.-r date, I
Intend toapi.K t.. [he Hon. chief Commluloner
ol Landi. and Work- lor permission to purchase
the lull..w lug descrlls-d tract ul land situate lu
weil Kooteuay District- Coinmoiiclne hi the
lonth WOSl corner of bit TJMOj lbence runinu
WOSl   -Ul chain-; thenee norlh Jii chains; thenee
(teel in chains] thenoo nortb SO chains: theme
halus; tbence sontb 40 chains to point
containing M) acros, mon-or
of cuiuiiictici
Dated at  N.-ls  It  C���  Ibis __lrd day of July,
,,J0,i- .Mahv KJUfl AN,
p.r f, 0.Qreen,Agent.
Nolle.- Is hereby given lhal fio days afler date I
Intend tO applj fo the Honorable (be ebl.-f Cm,,.
ml*-.-.,,.ner of Lands and   Works for permission to
pitrahtse the followlni described lands iltuate
in  West Kootenav Dlitrlet:   Conunenoni at a
poll marked ���*.' McArlhnr's N. W. corner posl
situate near Ihe N. I*;, corner of land applied   for
h> .-. McArthur thonoe soutb 40 chains, more ���r
less; lbence ensl BO chains; theuce nnrlh In
chains, more or less; thenee west ni chains lo
point of i meneement.
Salmo, II. <:., August lltb, U00,
I*. Mi Akthiiii
^^^^^ 1. II. Atkinson, Agent.
-I .(y days  aller dale I Intend to ani.lr to ihe
' niissioner of Lentil and Works, Victoria in
purchase ll��) acres of laud, slliniteatld described
as followi: Oommenelng ate post planted on the
west side of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo Cily, at
0t near the SOUthweil eorner of H. ffalB pur
chase, and marked "(i. M   A. H. K corner " and
ruiiiiiiig north m ohalni., thonoe wost40ohalm
toll. Annable s purchase, ihcucc south Ulebiiiiis
mortar leii to the lake shore, lli. iic.-ah.ii-.; the
lake shore to place of begin it ing,
AugUlt -Bth, MOO. O. M. ANNAIH.K.
Notice I* hereby given that fio days after dale I
intend to apply fo lhe Honorable thO Chief Commissioner of bands an.) Worki, Victoria, lo purchase 80 arret ol bind, situate about one mile
eust of Burton City on II isl ilde id Arrow
lake, and described ..s fullows: CommcncDiK al a
post planted at lhe nortlieast comer of Ud t-Yil),
theliee north '20 chains, Ihelicu west 4'i ehulns,
tbenco iouth aichaiiii,  thonce easl 40 chains to
place of bei inning
August Hth, iwift. j. h. Burnt*,
Notice ii hereto given that wa1TI|B-.MJ
Intend to apinv to the HqbQ__Z%W
commusioni r of Unds and Worfa i,,, USI
sion to purchase the following dm__r__
c. L I'carHon-NonibeiiorUi.ai-imi^^Ji
quarter mllei Irom the Pend d*0 Wile rtnTii
inenelng at a post mark-d > P < i|.| J'.Sw
comer |H��Sl, tbeliei* tO ehalli- mn\. ,^5|
chalus wesl. lhetice ��H < ham. ������(l)l'aJZJl
ehain- .asl to nluce ol .-.,lillii.-1���,.,,,,,,,1 ar,,i
l^H'aled tbe 1st day of Angitii, lam
Hirma-s KtAra^
Notice is hereby given ��� ������,,��� ������'���-..,.,^, |
intend toapply to the Honorable iiclwal I
inisilolier id Unds and Uurk> !���.- MsMalf
the following described iiiutjl
������"���*��*. le-1
Kootenay Distriet shout n
ton City : commencing at it poi) liin^-n,!
east hank of Trool creek and insrir. * l\%.\
er's N  W. 0. Poet and running nnlt ��� -Mjrl
thenee east S ehalns; thenee n-.r:!: ��'Uarl
thenee west WI chains to the plsee nf mn
me lit, containing '���(<> a_rei. nmre or Ira
Daied this .'-'i. 1 day ot Augusl, 1<*A
r Lhtmi
W  H  IU*llT05.ApK.
Nollee is hereby given thitM livi tittttM
intend to apply to the Honorshle the''
misslinerof Undsand Wot-BlorMmM
purchase the following dlseriUsI Un.li: \
in.���!.- nu at a )Hiit euurked "J W Up - l |l
tier," pi a i I'd on tbe east ilion- ol b.irtr ?_H
Uke al the northwest corner of J Cbrlillrwl
plication to I'urchaie, *������.ii:,;;,. ; ��� -. . i .__W
east; theuce Ho chains north; th��*nn' *��� rimm
more or less, west to the IsJtoibert; !tt*_��il
tOWlDI lake ibore to J������ -lnt nf rnQbrltsM|
contalultiK ;(��*.) acres Ulore or leu
Haled lhe .'ir-' d.j  of July, \nt
I. * hm
Notiee Is hereby given that M.l.Tiiikfilrtl.
Intend to ipplt U> the H..!i..rabl.-lLei_.C_w. I
mlssloner of Undsand Works tm*tt*m*t {
purehase the following d. ����� ni-: jjAitart I
on tlu> east side of Arrow Uke: Cgsmt-fll f
the northeast corner of A Ani.*Mr-��*>���. |
Ihence   north   forty   i hsliis,   thf��� WtWl L
ehatns, thrnee south forty ehitn.4s__I
forty   chains   lo point ol <���iiinm.M��S-iL<* 1
lain ing 101) acres, more or lees.
I'nfe.l SeptemUrl.ltss;.     JasisF Miosa
pt-rN. )���>--������ .��:-:'-
Notiee is herehy glren thstflUiTt-Wh*] |
Iniend to apply to the Hon Chlel (onrMiee
-f Unds and Works for perinls^m loWthe I
the following described Undi, i:tu*wawi
K.mteusy district: Comiiienctni sttpsiun-1
,-d "BRWB, I. eorner." planted on tttitar���� |
Ixiwer Arrow lake, ahout one mi* ��m * I
Uoidon cnek (Johnston creek.) tbrteiMraai
ehains, thence west 20 ehaiDMhtir��w��tt��|
chains,  thence east ** rbsiw to P5"1"���
meneement, oontainlng no sen-* nn1������'*!
and comprising abandoned (������������
Staked this .Ith day of AuKu...l*o[Tirflfti
A. N. Woi,vtRTo��.At-nl.
" Notiee U hereby given that ����� Jy**??^!
Iniend to applv to lhe llouorablet hi.*M��s��I
sioner of Unds and Worki foi penelnm htm
.base the Mlowtai deeerlbed t^^ffM
lhe  cost  side  of  .^rowlsk,   (���-iiim.*^w*H|
postmarked a. Meeleodl oo^UftjS
south f-rty ebalna, fblk>wieeW.Tiij������
boundary; thence-as. lilt) ehslw, toesithj I
Of isa-itiabli Creek; theliee linrtli lorirrbOjl
11,.,,.,. .-asl sixty ebeltll to |a>lniofroniw����l
ment. coiiuinllieJ*�� acres, mure'.r '" f
,,.,,,. S.,,,.,,,l,rl,l��.lN|p|-��^^J
noii.,-i. h7,,.i,,-Kiv.-is "SM".-UT..n;;-;��|
pnnkui Un- l-fi-wlM -i--"''11*'1'".;., _!_���
Ir.im ai laanl lil��rk.,l�� r��""'15J':V',���t'|b��H
M.iitli III .--.Ins. Ilii-iin- '�����_,"' ,," ������,,iil|
laa; .-Join, b. Mil nli. Anl r"��"   I
Usui tss |ssirs-liiis��. ,        , ,_-
ll.l.-.l this Will slay ol Allk-usl, I* ^ -__
Mxly  slays  safls-r 'l��la- I ��""'"
.���111.-,   IsslllllllssllllIlT   SS|   1.
Vioiisrln, l.ar p.-rniU.I"" '<��� l' ,.'?, l �� s,1 slw*
.11,1 .Isaly (US) MfMOl l.ll'l-''" ""'' "'., X3|
{-   .>   Issllssia-.:   r���i,.l.l.-Nilli�� ��' ".1"   ,[.,41-
,.|.l,ly(l��s),-l,��l... 1" IthjS ,Vr!V��-
BsilK.-r-. prs- ,.|ii|.ll..l..sss-l nn 'v ,'...   |si) r-.l_j
t'll.ltlSt, llisl.
''.[n.lnsssssl.sa.- -a-l  '"1,',���--IB I
VT'ioti; (���)___���
mill.. Ill'1'
Julv 7,
I llssll
�� lm I
.. k riiisoi.
'(���.!' Ms*
N..II.C l�� li.T.l.y nli   -,
,':.',v -i..'. ,*.*.; ~.7'i'-*; .���.:;-''.;'.,,,..,.
punliMoUu li ����� ''';","'."",'���,���,'
���iltl,s-.-.��ls|.lsi|.l Atr.sas I"1' '
llsi-ssasllliin-.l  , ssrlll-r "I *  A     '   .;
Ilinlli-ii .Illllll iwa-lll) sI'.S'i-    '"'
Ohalni, llii-lli'i rlli I sail i'),,",.,;
lal-sMit) i lii.sis.  10  iss'lnl "I '"'"""
iniiiitm an H.-r... iii"/.- or in"        M s,i..i,
ii��il.,i.-,-pi,.,���i..-.ri*r"N pJJS .i���.i,s     |
|M IS| ill
.illl ll.K< |
ll ivrpnir
��� ��� '"* |
,-nl. mn- f
Null,-,. Is li.-r.-li. Cv,,',',1'!,l||(,",|,V.'i.l's-'k'_i1l
Ante i iiii-nsi i.'��iM'i):'',i|',',,ll::,;.i"r,s.-rsssi����i
���������  ���.���V3s?S.__S\l =.tr-< t ' ��-���"������
Comm ulonarolr-""'','",,.., ribad W���
,., pur. lias..- Hi.- (..Iliiwl'i*.'.1'*."
-..'ill tiio Wi'sl
Ins,I Ais.lr.-'.  |sra.-in I'l''1 ��� ,.,, ili.ss.-i-l'-.
Illiirlmsl A.J. LOng.N, ��. ' m , lialts- ���� I
���f Cower Arrow lam-.  >!'' '���rjii,-li.l��'��*|
'"a,. ..IN....,,,. II- .���-..���". MMMM fjgt
Issr. I'm'' ,i ,.i..Hl..-H-S'"1   ..
Nol I. Iimby Klvi-ii .is.! ��;;;'��� 'ffflU
Itm ..II llss- iai-Bl urns sil h -, ���, IM
ivoki �� i-iiiuiis. IlifiP���. ��������.ne��nua_.__
���MIX chain, lo l��ifiilol
liKia-il Auk- i.'.ili. H"'
li's-lili-111- ,���
.,  nmi syi.lisias I     . -,
iiit.-nsl lo ssi'i'ly I" "i  ','������,, lot i"-"",. Yon-
liil.Hlolli-rol hsiiuls'snil ,   .    -
Int. ml to nl'l'iy ','"'V\v���ik�� I'i' I"'", ��� I-.SIH-
���"i����|| ' '< '-""i1",;' , i,,,-ni��-.i tgnm
puri-ha.1- tin- W'OWim   ' ���j A n H'V0
m.-lirlilK nl �� PMl ���'��'�����,, ,,���sis-rs'l .. ,���ll
mi-lll'lllK na a 1--',- ",- ,,,,���..|
llvr." pin- I "'    ,   n.,
riinnliiBHii..h,.lii��no rlh.""
lUntico toclitlni inutlu i ���
noiui ol ooniiiinow ni.
.... ���i"i;''"���:;'S i
l.l-ll* '" .' m-iittiniiii
The Daily Canadian
Carry a complete stock of Korelgn Wines, Beer. Liquors
nn*I   Llouenili   aod   Canadian   Wines mut  Whlskl.-s
can buy ONK bottle Port, Bherry, Claret, Brsody,(iin, Bud. Bye,Scotch,
,r Stout, or any increaned quantity you deilre.    Kor family um try nur
P. O. BOX 1020
Lperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
,,.   \i _HO_-IZ-tD....l_0-0,000. CAPITAL PAID UP.... 14,180,000
'      ' REST |l,.80,000.
B WILKIH, President. HON. ROBKHT JAEFBAY, Vice-President
Branches In British Columbia:
ikssisilss iweived and interest allowed nt current rate" from date of opening ao-
J.   M.   LAY, Manager.
Immunlilng Theory Applied In Treatment of Patients.
I, H,���l,,,,liti-<1 half-yearly.
��. Burns & Co.
iTUrketa in   Rofwlnnd,   Trail,   Nelsou, Kanlo.   Sandon, Threo Forks, New
Denver and Slocan City.
��� any branch will haye
iraftU attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
That it la possible to Immunize tho
human body against attacks of typhoid fever and that the ravages of
the disease once on its way, may be
checked In SO per cent of cases, is the
BUbstance of a report recently made
by a committee of investigation ln
This committee, composed of some
of the most eminent physicians of
Great llrltaln, was appointed by the
llrlllsh army council "to investigate
llie practical, therapeutic and prophylactic value of methods of immunization against typhoid."
Its report, recently published iu the
Loudon Lancet, Is 'strongly ln favor
of vaccination with the therapeutic
Agent that has been found especially
eulcaclous ln combatting tho activity
of the typhoid germ.
"A Btudy of statistics of 1904," the
report BtateB, "shows that typhoid
fever among thoBe who had heen inoculated waB reduced to at least one-
half of what it waB among persons
who had not been Inoculated. A similar reduction was found in mortality
nf those contracting the disease after
Inoculation aB compared with mortality among the non-inoculated.".
Such resultB almost at the beginning of the scientific campaign with
vaccine methods, ar eamazlng. It Is
well known that enormous loss of life
Is due lo lliis disease every year, and
ll Is especially sweeping In lis ar-
taclts ii|Kin armies In the field.
Disease during and just after the
war with Spain carried off 2556 American officers and men, or nearly 10
times as many as well before the bullets of the enemy. Nearly 13,000 British succumbed to the disease during
the Boer war���Boer statisticians assert that the number was nearer
In both instances "disease,"    in a
Vegetable! and Fruit Produce���W.
H. Colvert, Grand Forks,
Dairy, Home Baking, Jellies, Preserves, etc.���H. H. Ross, North NelBon.
Manufactures ���W. G. Cornish,
Greenwood;  ,1. N. Hopkins, Thrums,
Floral���.1. G.  Palmer, Kaslo.
Fancy Work, Fine Arts and Children's Work���Sister Superior, St. Joseph's school.
Mining ��� Professor R. W. Brock,
Dogs���Charles L. Lundy, Seattle.
for   Yale-Cariboo
Moat Plaualbly.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day bouse in tbo Kootenays.
Roomi are well .urniibed-  Table ai good aa anr
ln Neliou.    Bar luppUed with good
llanori aud clears.
W. B. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
luropcan and American Plan
HmIi a�� ota. Boom, trom a ou. to u
Only White Harp Implore..
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
Duncan Ross, M. P. for Yale-Cariboo
paid a short visit to tho cily last week,
Interviewing his henchmen and concerting plans for the future, says the
Vernon News. It la understood that
Mr. Ross was not at all prepared to
eat humble pie on tbe score of bis
notable failure to press the Interests
of the Okanagan upon the attention
of the government during tbe past two
���sessions. Instead, he carriel matters
wltb such a high hand that his faithful adherents were fain to swallow
their grievances at a gulp and "take
back water" ylth almost ludicrous
celerity. The plausible Mr. Robs then
salved their somewhat ruffled feelings
with a glittering array of promises, appropriations for a canal through the
"Railroad," a Dominion public building at a cost of $25,000, and the extension of the telephone to Lumby.
Baker Bt.. Nelaon Proprietor*
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
ew Fall
IGoods Arriving
Importer *.��<  l?ln��
1 !nBltati iiimhIh
Ino. T. Pierre
I taker St.
ISulxon, B. C.
Hamilton Race Meeting.
Hamilton, Sept. 25.���The prospects
for the fall meeting of the Hamilton
Jockey club, which began today, are
for one of the very best race meetings
ever held here. Though new stables
have been built during the summer the
accommodations are scarcely adequate
for the unusually large number of entries. The horses have come back to
the autums races thoroughly seasoned
afler the summer's campaign, and the
quality of the thoroughbreds will make
the contention for the stakes and
purses .the keenest in the history of
the local track. The meeting will continue until October 3.
Battlett  Hotise
Best Doliar-a-Day Hotise in Nelson.
The Bar U the Finer...
Whit* Help Only Employed.
Joiephlne Bt.
Nelion. B. C.
,-AI.kii tksiikks. proper!, Indonod, will b��
rrsTlas.il i��� n���. ���i���l,.r��ii(iis-.l up toand in-
Iiiiii M.iii'lssv. ihs- niis-a'iiili October next. �����'
""���   issn huIi completion i'l �� n.."ri H.sis.s- hi
���ssn, li _
riwllin, ipeOl"0��tiOM ansl i-iiiiilltlnni. "I la-"-
ss's! siisiliitit   isssay   Ik-   si-ell .1   IM   rOOIW
*' Ensl a'. .Bee, Vlotorl-, B.O., ands!
niiiiviii ihe omnium-lit ak.iii, Kelion, �����' ������
aii'Ull.'i llss- nils Ss'ptasiiiber next
la',   lllll.l   H   lai'riaiiiptlllll'il   wl ''    K
ispie Inr live (,'s|  per s-elll    uMlii'a-
ns ni nn. tender Inr tl..- (aiiliiui periornum-o
""iii|'M!,sii of llie avnrk. ���, .,
iit'ipiei ol nii.is.'s'i'N.issI tenderer* avin w
I Uslliem ssn ih,. exeeiilii I IheOOfl-
I he. I,
inked ,
'IYiiiIitk iddrened to thevudenhrned, Ht bii
niilii* in tbe Courl Home, in ih.- ciiy ol Ni-u.hi,
will be reoelved up till tho boar old veololook m
Uifiiii.rnooii nf Monday, October i..tb, 1006, fnr
tho purcbue ol lhe "Blue Bwd Nellie''Mineral
Claim. Lot 8886, tthteb wte aeclteed forfeited ta
the crown at the Tu Halo lul<l in tin- nty of
NoImui nil tin- lUll 'Uv of November, IVOQ, fnr ih-
liinint-m tutu no till Junewtbt 1905,andootta,
The upset nrtoe upon tbe lain mineral claim,
wlilcb iiH-lmli". (In* amount nf lU'lln.iut-nl luxes
nml ooiUat the time of forfeiture, with Interertj
taxei which lm\e riatxi aooruedi ami tee for
drown Kri11"-lH W-O&i which Is the leant ainuuut
iimi will in* oontldered as t tender.
Km-li tiiKliT iiiiim In- Hi'fiimpanlfil liy nu atv
eeptad obMue, payable in tin* nnh-r nt the Depu-
'������ CommuMlpnerot Landiand worki,itpaiat
"" " tot the amount tandenfl,
The Big Schooner D_._.�� I A/��
Or "HaU-ui-BaU"   J-KXl    luL*
The only Glass of Oood Beer in Nelson.
Hotel aes-ommoslattons second to hone ln British I'ssluiiitalss. Italt-s Jl.i.i |k rslay. Special rale,
to ma. nt lily laiiisrili-rs. Only home hotel ln Nelson
Lake View Hotel
Corner Ball and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Ratei 1100 per day and up,
Plrm and Aceldant
Real Estate aui Mining
Manager lor the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest e_ta_li_h-d Beal Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
P. O. Box 161.
Telephone 118-
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acrei
of the
Choicest Fruit Landi to
Brtttah Columbia.   .
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Bny now and get tbe ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
Centrally Located. Open Bay and Night.
-ample and Bath Booma Free.
Opposite Court House aod Post Office.
Corner Ward ind Vernon Strafe.
Tfa' St*athcooa
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
The Hall Mining and Smelting
���Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Oood   Sample    Room*
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelion. B. O.
Lighted by Electrioity and
Heated by Hot Air
'sr nny tenilrr lint  liaareiasstirlly ��''���
Pnblio worka Knjlneer,
.Ik.  ISrnurltsla-llt.
i i , Mil September. It**.	
Certificate of Improvements
. islent,  Knsi rissaiiii., Obelnl-H. "I"'
nj mh.. Kra.-iii.il mineral olalmii 'i."1;
n  lhe  Nslsssn  Mllllnx  Illvlslollill ��s-sl
I'Usy dlstrlot
.���,:;-.���'I's'isirsl: iiii Dundee mountain, li"'"*"1
I'1,1,11"' BoarOreek.  ....
i riL,. i,,,n.,. iiiiii i..i���i,i, Holatohle. oltb�� "
SU.��l*'n, siellll. MUIItl lor   I..-.|.l. Hllirnw".
rree Miner's I'urtinoale N.s. Il.'sln. Hit li*��*H
��1> Irom tlu. date hereol, to ��|s|sly to ll"' "MM
iisstil,., |,���. i',.rtl||,.������.�� ���| liiiprnvenieuli., lor
"',' l""f" I ..l.issiisliiK Grown liraiilmil ""
.���ml lm Ilu-r lake notlM tli.it ni'tlou. under ��	
";��. uni-, i���. eoumenowl b��lor6 the Imumk*
liit'-Rie ssi tmprovementi
slllslilaeulJllly, A. II. 1IW1,
Vll'issrln, II. 0
llisveriinss'lst Agent, Nelson, II. Oa
, B. r , tlit.. mill
lay ssf Ssi'leiiilser. 1900.
|lllle,l Mt Nelsasll
t'n.ii-p nml by vlrdtfc .-���.... ,	
ruin lii.liiitiir.'.if MoftfftgO. which
I tlie power of ��lo ('01'
ofialOi wtft will h*
""1 hy virion oi tbo nowon oonlnlt
I" "'"'iiiiii insarlitKite, whlebwlll Ih- pnel��'���������'' ",
I �� 'lini. nl ilu, siile" liieras wilt lie ..Iters il lot rk 0
';> ml; It auction In' Hlrbard T ICv.iiib at 11"
' "'ill Itisiise. In th,.'Clly ssl Itosslaii.l, B,i , _'
""'���I'iS. Ms.' -.til daj  Dl Beptember, A   I   .   ��   ���
}{'" omirnl no t-e eqllllj ssl mloinplbiu
!k.��l'l"si!,sl,lelrsi,.| ol blll.i oil lbe l-sws'l ArtOW
nn as beer Park.nnil u6n��litln�� ol �����>
ss'iiai'!'""'"r ''''"' "'"' ""' ""l'"r '"'"
for lurtlier parileiilais ansl issrins nml i'"1"11
""��� "I Nile apply I���
Hortguee'l Solloltqr.
"'"sk ssl Montreal I'hlllilbers. Kmalaud, 111 ���
""li'sl at Itossland, lib Bept., llKW.
lalssesl 111 H i'l 	
���in i,e pni.tisi'i'ii"'"" '";,;;,;��� ,,�������,. 8i it s...in.k
",' *""",','.'"',','(" IIMlliii   f.'iilinbla,   Ihe   lofloWld|
Ki'anil i"",i"'"!;,' i;?_j;'in Bi...'k i, A.i.uii..ii
'���"" ':.- -...VaiiVi's,   ."t Dlitrlot Lol IM.Oroun
,...���1,1 lhe rt null   r'y ������.,������. Illslilel.iieeord-
,, Aesl lllvlsi.i .      ' " f    , !   '������, Bubdlvl  ds-
l:,,>.l,,,.'.!'l"".l'.",'! lind Iteitlinri''""'" ��'"' n"",'"'r-
8T-W. ,���,    on I ..Is. _0 Bt ttu-ri-1�� ����tal l<>
Jftioiw *'$ """""'B' """ "     """
"ffisST, ..ii.t ,.,....II1I"���� ol sale will l�� made
h Vie nus.. ssl salts.
"'!.""'i'i.'. I ���r,.'.rll.'i.l��"0|.|.ly'i;
VODODT ����� J ^ miciiuvur, B. *-.
  .1.1. I.MI. <t��y ..CH.-plf.ulKT. 19W..
Old Curiosity Shop
...nni tn buy or noil anything,
I'.miB of  DWnerwM- m
slock.   Pat-
vast niiiiilii'r nf east's, shmilil read ty-
idiolii fever. Kven now, during -times
nt peace ainl wllh every o|i|ini'liinity
to promote sanllnry condlUons, this
disease sweeps away, annually, half a
battalion ot the Hritish army ln India.
Acting upon the urgent recommendation nf the commission, troops leaving lhe mother country for service ta
other lands���especially In India���are
to be vacclnntod with antl-typholtl
Wonderful cures of dysentery are
announced as a result of the new serum treatment recently made public
by Professors C. Dopter and M. L,
Vallllard of the Academic de Medicine
or Pails.
These experimenter- slate results
In cases of llll pallents suffering with
dysentery, who were given treatment
by subcutaneous Injection of the new
serum. A number had the disease ln
severe form, antl of Uicho only one
Measurements of the doses were In
cubic centimeters���a cubic centimeter
equals .27 fluid dram. In milder enses
an Injection or 20 cubic centimeters
of the serum during the first five days
resulted in Immediate relief and
brought about cures in two or three
tt was in seven. cns)ia, promptly
lreate|l, that the curative properties
of the serum were more marked. Patients given Injections of 20 to 30 cubic centimeters recovered In three or
four days. 8011101111118 a second treatment on tho day succeeding the first
was necessary, and ut times a third
and a fourth treatment were given .
Take notion that! Intend to apply to the Hnss
orntila- Use Chief t'timmiasloner 11! I.,sis,ls and
Works fur a ���peels] lli-ensetiieul and earry away
timber from the tolliswins dess'-tlseal lands, situate on the Nortii Fork ul Kettle rlyer, tn the district ol Yale:-
rismiiieiiefiiu al a pnsl marked "l. Q. Nelson's
northwest corner psssl No 2," bclOK Sn ehalni
11,.ills frssm the post marked "J MeDoneld'a
iisirthwest .-orner post No. 1." thenee south Hi)
Chaini] ths'iiee east SO ebalus; thenee north SO
ehalns; thenee west Ml ebalns to the plaee ol be-
Klniillie. eontalnftlK MO SO res more or less.
Dates! : Iiis tilth day ot August, 19011.
I. 0. NH.NON,
Chas. Farnell, Agout.
Large and Comfortable Bedrooma and Plrft-
elaai Timing Room. Bample Roomi tor Commercial Men.
MRS. E. C. CLAREE, l'roprletreu
J. CROW,   -
The well known
Onr Beer Garden is
the Finest in the
-   Proprietor
British Columbia
New Westminster
Notiee Is hj
hob! in IB ,,
Nelsssli. B 1.
is'lilssik. ism
   I Ml"r��. Li'"!b*',|.��|   ,.��
''      5y ortWi
Take notice tint I Inteml to apply to the Honorable the Chlel Comm Ih loner nf l.itii'lx and
Worki for a ipoolal Ueenne to eut and carry ,
away timber Irom the following denribM landi*.
altiiHteon the north fora of Kettle Klver in the
DUtrW't ol Yale: Cominum-tiiK at a poit marked
"J. Mc Donald'h northwest corner post No. 1,"
planted 8'1 ehalns north fr-m the poat marked
"I. (i. NelHon'K northwest corner pout No. 1;"
Ihence 90 ehalim nouth; thenee HO chalnn cant;
thenee 80 chain*- north; thenre HO chains went to
the place of eommeneement, containing til)
RfrcN mnrc or Ion
Paled thlN tilth dav uf AiigiiBt, HUti.
.). MrlKiNAMi
Tako nollee that I Intend to apply to lhe Uonorahle the Chief - ommlHHtoller of Lund-- uml
Worki for a special lleenie to cut and earrv
hwhv limher from lhe following dcNcrlU'd lumls
Kttiia'e on the north fork of Kettle Itlver ill tlie
Dlitrlot of Yule; Commenolng al a posl marked
"U.C Harliritk's southwest corner post," planted nl Agtu'H l*'itriicll't> norlhwcHl eorner jiost,"
Ihcnce BOchalm north; thence HU chains east:
thence M cmum-south | tlience BOobelm west to
plaee of ctnumeiieeiiicul, eontalning I'mi acres,
more ur lens.
Dated this 18th day of August. UM.
than. Kaiiniu., Agent,
Take noiiee that I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Unds and
Works fur a s-pcclnl license tn cut and t-Hrry awav
timber from the following describe! lands situate ou Hie North Kork of Kettle river in the
District of Yale*. -
Cuiiimciiclng at a post marked "tlenrgc
Yuiinu's suutheast comer pnst," planted along
side tlie post marked ",l, McDonald's northwest
corner post No, 1;" tlience west B0Ohalni) thence
north 80 ohalni) thenee cast Hi) eliains; thence
south 80ohalna to the plan* of l>cgli)niug, containing Mill aeres, more or Icsh.
Dated this i:iih dav of August, nisi.
UKO. Yoonu
I'iias. Kahnxu, Agent.
Royal Hotel
Bates tl and $1.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Begnlar Bcarders.
Wholesale and Retail Dealeri In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps stippliotl on shortest notiee and
lowest pries. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and sapples kept in sl nek
Mnil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manage..
List of Judges.
Tho following list or Judges In the
vuilsiiiH tlepttrtmfliits is published nt
the  request   of the  Pair  directors:
Poultry���J.   C.   Dixon,   Vancouver.
Fruit���R. M. Palmer, Victoria.
Tat.. Ssslur that I lntiioil to ajiply lo tin; -Imi-
nralils- llio Clili't Caslillaiissliiln'r ssl Lamls anil
Wiiris I.sr a poaolal llmnlO lo rut anil oarry a����y
tlsulisT Irom llns lisllsssi'liiK slfs.rlfil lamls,sllu-
al""in llio North H'sirk sslVftllf rlvor, In the.Ill'
ll"o_i���mVon.ln-.t�� poll mart-JjJ ������'. M;'i'oii��li*;��
norllii'iist I'l'Mi'T port No. 8|'J I'lsnli'il ��> ' '' "��
i,,nils   frssm  tlif I ntirkfil "I. ll. Nolson s
fW     '...ner   ...st N���.ll"llii.noi- �� 0ha 11.
I,..,, il, a to ohalna south; then., tw ohalm
fastl'lhi'iii'i-Nl s'lsalns nsirlli to thf lilarf nt fiini-
iii,.|ii.|.ssis.|it, s'ssntiiliiliiIt "fl aoros. iimro or loss.
naifii Hits, mih iiny "i Atiiust, 1*l0Mt.|)ONA1/I)
Chak, KaSNIM., A(ent.
W.   O.   aiL,L,ETT
Cuntructor and
Sole uent for the 1'orio Klco I.umber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. KoukIi and dro*swd lumber, turned
work aud hraekcts, Coast lath nnd shinies, ruth
and doors. Cement, brick and lime for ��al��.
Automatic arltidcr.
Yard and factory: Vernon Ht.. east of Hall,
P O. Mux 2.U Telephone 178,
New Westminster or Vancouver
On sale September 28th October 3rd
inclusive.   Beturn Oct llth.
For full particulars and berth reservations apply to local agents or write
B. J. OOYLE,    J. 8. CABTEB,
A.Q...4.,Vancouver. D.P.A.. Nelson
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Gamp and Miners' Supplies.
_____________ "���**
Spokane Interstate
September 24th to October 6th, 1906
Going Sept. 24th, one day only,
return fare will be
September 38-26
October 1-2-8 ta
Going September 28-26-26-27-28-
29-30 and October 1 -2-3 fare will be
All tickets limited to Oct. Tth.
Bach ticket haa one admission
coupon to fair.
_?_S!_ OCT. 2-6
New Westminster $16.55
On sale September 28th to October 2nd.   Limited October llth.
Only one night on the road.
City Fanacnger Ageut.
A. (1. P. A., Seattle.
West Transfer Co.
General Tentnsters nnd Dealers In
Coal and Wis) .   Express and
Itaggiiite Transfer
?el_S.'i3.  Office: Baker St.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.    -    NELSON.
 TELKPHOla 128.	
ing Good
Imported and Domestic Qgus, Tobacco*.
Ds You Know Tksrau's SpecUl MUtsrt?
W* c4* mUR-VAN,
BAKKB8T. Tho Daily Car.-
���**'���' IMIT f**-T**���'^***^**^ **p*t ?s**!Mf*Mr~ , tirigtiii
-v-���../*-' ._-->..<���-���v.*"1 -..'* - -.
SEE OUR v;i^d^v/ rvHIP^ rr rif-r DJAMON...3 and other
Prccicus S'en,.'.. If yo_i vjzni ,o r.:ake a good inve. ! ������ rtt put your
mcney Into a Diamond. Now is the time before the | ea gets higher.
Our select'-r of stones is the best.
t     "
Book Ahead Forf
Preserving Pears:
Tlm right tind are scarce.   We J
X  have a nice lot of  local Bnrtl.tts *
*  aud Flemish Beauties to arrive. J
Lowest market prices KU��rnnteed. j
Bell Trading!
Company        ���
Gait Coal
Waterproof Paints
Cotil Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch find
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use our Pitob.,
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
'The Store of Sweets/'
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phono '.'.".. Bnker St.
Cor. Vaersnor. and Ward  Streets*.
NEl-SOIN',   H. C.
J, FRED'.HUME, Proprietor.
.1. T. Rogers, Peterboro; F ..\I. Keely,
Uiis.sliind; E. Ermerson, C. Schnfield,
Spokane; F. T. Greene, W. S. Gilford.
Butte, .1 E. Thompson, I'lliieuix; J.
Oppenheimer, Vancouver: V. .Michaels,
F. VV. Guernsey, Trull: W. C. Dal-
gliah, Slocan; E. M. Hand, Ymir; E.
ll. I'nileii. E. G. Watton, Spokane; G.
W. ii. Aliiers, Bremen; H. Hucho,
Berlin, ll. ll. Verne. Qreenwood; A.
G. Creelman, Rossland.
.1.   II.   Lawrence,   Nelson,   Wash.;  J.
A. MacFarlane .London;    R.   Barker,
.1.  Mays,  Winnipeg;    \V.    Williams.
I'Vlliie;    Frank   Fortin,
i. Grant, Rossland;
Burton; '.I. Harris,  Procter.
Mrs.  Mitehlre,  Grand   Forks;   J.   W.
Hanson,  W.  Milks, Wiulaw;  W. King.
m. Kiiiam, Winnipeg.
.1.    Vroom,   R.    Dutliiin.   Ymir;    A.
Spreoklee,   Rossland;   B.   N.  Nicholas,
C, Wolf. Northport; .7. Forest, Trail;
E.   Moore,   Ynilr;   l{.  .1.   Sirawn,   Spokane.
A.   W. Johnson, Winnipeg; F. J. si.
Clair, Saginaw;    A. s.  Cooper,   Vancouver:    it.    I.,.,.,    Bonnington;  s. J.
Bassett, A. Harvey, Trail.
A. MacDonald, Poplar; A. Bowden,
A Covert, Summit; .1. Gordon, f'rau-
lil'sssik;   W. Itssss, File.
R.  Parkinson,
T.    McKlnnon.
i/u sif t/'tiitf ,
Wi foliathcdml>iiujspirits indclig/it
Usui the .rtnkjPBrr-d ttonrfloda Ponntaln
imi issssii' properlloi t*.m��.iob refrs-hlnff
Via- n-i- isiiiy as-Hi iruit ayrujs. ssf tins tliis-u
i|iisiiiiy Fountain.so-nter. bUmi and
rweptaolvi its- kepi Hrapuoual*/ i-Jean
Baker Street, .ns-ifsiii. r. 0.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,-Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
r      ��&' wuAr ������, lioni v^gf.
IJr WITHOur mi IM M����?T^
Deliveries mnde daily throughout Nelson
nud its suburbs, Phone 148.
"'   '[*;.T,J"'.-T.ir'-'
i   *V%��u VV'
O   Rose.
The provlnoial vol.
for Ihe year last ne
revision lias been set
.    .lia'.a mail   nl
ed by Dr. W.
I was closed
I'he dale "I
.'oveni.KT -'i
Mr. and -Mrs. Edwa; Kerr, of lhe
Occidental, will leave , norrow evening for a two week's > isit to tbe
coast  cities.
A vlslior from Creston was taken to
the police station last ul_lu suffering
Inim delitiuiu uemens. He was sufficiently recovered this morning lo
Bturt for home.
A letter from Theodori> Adams, manager of the Kaslo dlsirlct fruit exhibit, asking payment of $15D expenses,
was received this morning and payment wns promptly made.
A large number of irresponsible people thought there was frost early Ihis
morning. Of course they are utterly
mistaken, and ihe publication of their
opinion  would  be  mischievous.
Six pols of jelly, Ihe properly of exhibitors at the fair last week, wer'l
removed frnm the building by person-
other than the owners. A favor will
he conferred if the same are returned
lo   the   secretary  without   delay.
The Moyle Leader says lhat work
on the plant of the new East Kootenay
Power & Light company on the St.
Mary's river will begin ihis fall. 'I'he
plans provide fssr a substation at
Cranbrook and lines to Port Sts-eie,
Moyie and the Sullivan  mine.
There Is considerable speculation as
lis the choice of a new provincial opposition leader in the event of .1. A.
Macdonald, K. C, being appointed to
the supreme court bench in succession to Mr. Justice Duff. The name
of F. C. Wade, K. 0., of Vancouver,
ia ulso mentioned as a possible appointee, but It is generally believed
that Mr. Macdonald may have it if
he  so desires.
Successful   Public   Meeting   Last Night
���Organization  This   Morning.
The first public meeting held in connection w-lth the arrangements to organize tie' Baptist ministers of the
interior Into an association was held
last nlghl. A good attendance greeted
the speakers and much enthusiasm
was amused. The second meeting
will he held tonight and Rev. F. 11.
Marks of Rossland will he the preacher, assisted by Rev. F. W. Auvache
of Grand Forks. There will be special music again tills evening.
The ministers in attendance met
again ihis morning to complete the
organization of the proposed ministerial association of Ihe Interior. Rev.
F. W. Auvache was elected president
and Rev. E. H. shanks secretary. After the elections the convention gave
Ihe morning to a discussion of tho
missionary and evangelistic problems
of lhe Kootenay aud Boundary and
outlined an evangelistic campaign, lt
is not Improbable that a dlsirlct secretary will he appointed lo assist in
the work of evangelism.
Tlie association win meet every
three months ami the next gathering
will be al Cranbrook In December.
Swamped in Midstream.
London, Sept 26.���In a ii.
from Liu-know the corresponds
ihe Standard says thai a boal <
ing -Iiu persons was capsized I
slieam while crossing lhe river
al a point where ll soparati
northwest province from the
district The passengers were
down hy Die stream and only 2'
saved. They are supposed to
been  trailers  from   the  interior.
���ill of
i sii I ain.
n  mid-
s tho
AI lack
0 wero
The Store of Quality
Don't Forget
Fruit Jar
The prices are just the same as for
the ordinary  kind
Pints per dozen $ l .00
Quarts per dozen i .25
Half foil, per dozen  i .50
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
fsO MKN, nt oiii-ii, for wtsrk In list- wisssslis.   A|sp]y
lis W. K. Cooke, mtwmlll, Kails,.
LADY -TKNiJlilU I'll Kit tor posiitlisii In,, o-lilry.
iliiiu  iiiimi. wiili employer, family.   Apply
noi W��� iSuiiHiIlHii olfiise.
BUSH!MKN, Mill llnllsls iiiiii UBKliiirlonimiior,,
hIrss K.glaeor   Wetuburs Lumber <���.... sear
I riuibrook. H. <:
MlltKIl IIKI.I' Inr  Is.,is.,, sin lil,��.niilssry ,lisi.|
Ksuniiy ol in-,,; rn, children; can hIi-.m. m iionm
if preferred, Apply Un, Hurt,QueeuiHotel,
VV '���*...
The First of the Season
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
l��HOrN.i 7.
Tho spociiTHMiaH you have Boon ox-
hlbited at (he Fair will give you an
Idea of iho beautiful wnrk that can
ho done in Pyroghipliy. n i�� ���*" easy
to learn, ton. you can pick ii np
yourself in a> very -abort time
and a lame assortment of articles in
wood for burning.
Wood blanks come wiih do-si^ns
stamped, so lhat all yon have to do
is outline and shade thorn and burn
In the background. Thoy are made in
almost every conceivable article���
Paper Knives, Match Holders, Ash
Trays, Nut Bowls, Sioins, Tables,
Waste Baskets, Glovo and Handkerchief Boxes, etc., etc., and at prices
from 25 cents up.
If you livo out of town write ns
and wc will bo pleased to send you a
fully illustrated catalogue to select
W. G. Thomson
bBt0a��_^_'!..r >��A Nelson, B. C.
Phone .1-4.
Safeguard Against Illegal Voting.
Huston, Sept. 25.���The man who
undertook to vote on somebody else's
name at the primaries In this city today had to run more of a "gauntlet"
than heretofore, for In addition lo
havintt the name culled out liy the precinct officer when lie asked for a hal*
lot, the precinct officer also announced 'the height of the niun whose same
had heen culled. Then the police officer on duty al the polllnir ooolli
looked over his descriptive list of voters to see if the man who had called
for ,-i ballot answered lhe description
against that name on Uu- descriptive
list. This was only pulliliK Into effect
the new suite law governing elections.
At each polling booth there is a
measuring rod near 'the ballot box
under which the voter must stand is
case there is anv question almui his
Servants Rule Roost.
Ottawa, Sept. 26.���The servant girl
problem is becoming acute in Ottawa.
Several boarding houses huve discontinued fi o'clock dinner on account of
the objection raised liy ihe domestic.,
who say they wish to get their evenings out and that evening dinners prevent them from realizing this ohject.
Rather than lose their help the lioard-
Ini; house keepers have changed thu
dinner hour to noon.
Trains and Boats.
flow boat���DHghl hours late.
Slocan Iriiln���On lime,
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
- On  lime.
m-,   Star '   -.ntro   of   th-   World'l
Religious and  Literary C !   te."
(11   Santo!
Cloth $1.25
<By Mill $US.
"The saint is a finely-stirring, great
ty-moving romance, ami it is the Inter
pretatlon also of a new crusade, it
is a vivid uml varied itory of Italian
lire and of lhal Intimate and far reaching Influence which Rome, ns the capital nnd centre of ihe Catholic church,
exerts throughout Christendom over
ull  mankind.
"The romance of the strange mid
strenuous love i>.'tw...-n Benedetto and
Jeanne makes The Saint a hook to he
read   twice."
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
How   A Iio ut   Your
(kins and
Wo have Kiev's, Kynork's, Wiu-
obester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynork's, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, WndiiiK, Holts,
Coats, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box f..ll      Nelson, II. C.
Received daily fr'Mii the
Coldspring ranch on
Kootenay lake.
201b. crates $1.25
Telephone 161,
Wellman Marks Time.
Paris, Sept. 35.���Walter Wellman ol
ihe/ Wellman Chicago Record-Herald
Arctic expedition, arrived here last
evening trom Uie North, lis- will remain here several woekn to superintend the reconstruction of hii airship,
which win contain Importanl and new
There Is one advantage III liehiK
your own Isoss; you can work over-
lime anil ou holidays If you wuul to.
Our Piano Tunei*,
Mr. James R. Mair,
Is in Town
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Watches! Watchcs||
We are   Headquarter, for th. n_,
American Wali-hes ma������f,ic u��� ^
are innkliu; i-ivry efTorl ,��� , 1 '
resiulrenients of railroad men'.      h>
J. J. WALKER, '^^Mc
1    Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty I
SheetinelRl Work, OiwtingH, Builders' Hateda] und MiniiiR and Mill Mnihij
Offloe and Wsirks Foot of Park Kt.
I'lisiiiai   _i>l.
MA>i \��� ll-U.
N-liM.n, H,,
V*.   \j\/*t       Limited, Wtaato,
\VIioIi;m!ii<_-  I Vovlaloi-im.
1 'niducK,
Dominion Government Onamerv One Pound Uriels rcceivs-d wtt-klrfmi
from tlie churn,   ror sale liy ull leading Krocers.
Oilis-i" nnil warehouse: Houston Uloek,    Phone ill.
Nelson, B.C,
Don't Forget
It your furnace In shape to (tart the winter with?   If not, I
li the time to have it repaired.
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Lt
PLEASE NOTE���We will not lie rc-ponaihlo for any furnare not lisi_jpr I
by October 1st. 190G.
Mttpalrlnu ami .J. .l->l>!.�����__ vxvuutuU with O-tfapHtvli.   8hi��t .MiUl
Work, Mining nntJ Mill Mm.[hll tor n .      IMiinufncturvri ol
Or��  Ciu'n,   t*i.  W.   Contructom'   Cum.
"r""r""'".""""     .NELSON,   B.  C. 8MBI
We Will Sell
500 International Coat
tO Marconi, Canadian
1000  Yale-Kootenay Ice
9 l-A
McDermid & McHardy
...    . ��.v'':_\.")-v
Just Arrived!
A large cousign-
mciit of
All Si/i'H mnl LowMt .'rim
AND DEALERS IN    Ltlttlbef t   ShitlgltSt
Luth, Moulding.!., Doors, Windows*
Turned Work and Hnickete.           Mnil Orders promptly ��'"',"W W' |
VUR1NON STHIiliT   -   -   -   NI.I-MOIN, II. ���_>���	
Our stock iitHANDSAWS is  very
lnolnding grade, to unit nil req-lrements,
If you wish n low priced snw we eun Hupplyj""'
nlso r.nrry the best qualitioH niiiile by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, \%


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