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The Daily Canadian May 13, 1907

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Array 4%\)n ��UtUy  Ccmafctcm
���MR I.    No.  2-88.
NELSON, B.C., MOVDAY, MAY it, (907.
jress on Federation
���ml Deprecation of Utilitarian
Basis for More Intimate
Imperial Relations.
aper anil discussion at the Uni-
Club meeting Saturday night
:, well worth hearing, purtlci-
is ilm debate waa geuerul aud
��as a good attendance of ineui-
I i svo visitors, ltev. A. U. Clarke,
.nitab.1, s.i London, aud 11. II.
I McQlU university, who will
.- summer lu Nelsou assisting
.. Graham.
, ntm had chosen for tils sub-
"is.ial Teudeucles Within tho
He read an Interesting aud
il paper enriched but uot const wealth of quotations from
iner,  l'rof.  Adam   Shortt,  aud
(lie which struck hlm iu the fac,, knock
Ing hlm backwards Into the lire hole
llo waa ���tunned, but In a few nilniiles
revived anil ran to this offloe where Eugene Davison, one of the proprietors
lived The latter was awakened ami
hurried to the scene, but when he arrived the whole place was a muss of
Humes. Two hundred tbouaand bags of
grain and !l,00l) gallons of whisky were
destroyed. There wen. several narrow
escapes owing to fulling walls. The
building wns five storeys high and one
of the oldeal distilleries In Canada II
was built by lhe lale Henry Corby In
1859, The loss win probably be |250,-
0110 with Insurance of probably (100,000.
San Francieco Street Railways Again in
San Francisco, May 13.���The success
which attended the efforts of tho officials of the United Hallways to run
their cars yesterday has prompted them
to enlarge the service today. The board
of supervisors will Insist that lhe railroads must operale tholr Hues In the Interest of the public, threatening that lf
this Is not done at once the municipality
will restore the traffic. The company
says that It has now enough to run Its
entire system and large numbers of men
are arriving dally from this Kast. Besides these many of the employees
havo, lt ls said, applied for reinstatement and have been taken ou.
i ".in considered    preferential
<    In i possible uor desirable for
ii   at least, ln view of the ut
.1 ills.- Llrltlsh people. He thoughl
���is-.iy  of  problems  controuttiig
ul the Umpire required  the
.sis.* uf local self-governlneul
. solution.   Tho history ot Can-
s.sl, was the history of the de-
i.i of sulf-governmeul und any-
���    uuded to Impair that free-
u .1 lead to uo desirable results
Canada or for the Kinpiie.
Iruiu l'rof. Shortt he showed
���   were elements of Belflshucss
'/ism, 11 oniy self-deception, in
ss* ins ior preferential relations.
r>   colonial grain   growers  and
ilis-li manufacturer! were to exchange
ducta, but in 1S7S, by adupliug
ss.il Policy, Canada hud elected
-  a manufacturing as well us
;s nnil country.
iss   ileuied the wisdom ul such
us    Ur.   Jameson's   und   Mr.
- in form commercial bonds, he
I" ilie steady growth of Imperial
ni was satisfactory.
ft l  i link pointed out thnt the orlg-
I   argument of Free Traders iu Eng-
i5 Hint England would continue
1"* sli. manufacturer for nil the world.
I ss I .iiher countries had similar am-
Inim .mil many had already attained
ilie ultimate  result would  be
i' "rii ,iii mum revise her trade poll-
aim  recreate her fast disappearing
ricuhural isipiilatlon.
r  ��    I     11.  Graham   deprecated   the
of any commercial or uliliirlun
11   Imperialism.    He was  satis-
Is the growth of ,the sentiment
I loyally and unity.    Sentiment, he de-
i   il. would alwayB.be more powerful
si-Interest.    Ho saw no greater
lli'sil-i.-s than wero presented by Can-
um ''.iiili.deration.
Dr \iihiir agreed with Mr. Graham.
* believed that the flrst thing to
'is.*! in ihe bond of union wonld be
1 necessity of co-operation for aelf-de-
���Cc nml preservation.
"���' ��� IT. Ferguson discussed the
i'i' very fully. He thought Britain's
'���i.s si.eiaion for free trade wns Una!.
["iisis'il out dangers to tho Empire,
lo iHislatuil parts of lt, frnm many
���"''is . und even to tlle whole world
If European civilization from a possible
'akenlng and arming of Chlnn.
Rev A. G.| Clarke hoped thnt Imperial
idi'BUlon 'would menu a league for
*' I issace. He thought thc fact of
' Is ss gathering In Nelson discussing
'* iibjecl in a wny that, showed such
nowledge and Intereit wns Itself a slg-
rant Indication of Ihe growth of Im-
��� 's'l sentiment He belloved Hint na-
"nil spurt was a very strung unifying
'Cor, nml Hint ihe popularity of tho
Springbok" Rugby team hnd prepared
is- way fur the recoptlon accorded to
len  iintha.
I' 11. Rogers and W. J, Ilalrd followod
j" miliar lines ,lho lntler alluding to
'angora, In India and from Germany.
'ui' might, force close co-operntlon
j1'-I' i* iiiim was expeoted. Judge Forln
"i n briefly closeil Iho debate.
Minnesota Town Destroyed.
St. Paul May 13.���Word reached here
today that the business isirtion of Rush
City had been  destroyed by flre,  loss
Hindus    iir   Northweat   Gathering   for
Outbreak���Preparations for
Stern  Measures.
Lahore, Hritish India, May 13.���Everything seems to point to the imminence
of a native outbreak here, and the authorities are taking all the sleps possible lo suppress It by force of arinB. The
isssl,iis*ssl unrest Is hourly assuming graver proportions.- Bands of stalwart rustics, armed with bludgeons, who have
beeu enlisted by the leaders of the sedition, are crowding Into the native
city, and troops of all arms uud bodies
of police mounted and dismounted, are
being drafted Into Uie city of Lahore
irom all parts of the province, The lor-
iilirntiniis of Lahore have beeu subject
io a special inspection aud the artillerymen have been reinforced. The Lieut.-
Governor of the Punjab. Sir Daniel Ib-
botson, is taking active measures to circumvent any possible outbreak. He has
issued a proclamation prohibiting meeting of every kind, and solemnly warning the public not to attend any assemblages under pain of aevere punishment
In addition Uie lieutenant governor has
struck at the root of the revolutionary
movement by causing the arrest of a
'lawyer, Lajaptrla, who practised lu the
chief court of Uio Punjab, and who was
the leader, financier and organizer of
most of the seditious denn-WBtrations
and revolutionary riots In the Punjab.
Immediately atler being taken Into custody Lajaptrla was deported to another
province. His arrest caused a profound
sensation among the Hindus, who hitherto had believed lhat the authorities
would not dare to take such drastic action. Another revolutionary leader, for
whoso arrest a warrant has been Issued, received an Intimation of the action taken by Ihe authorities and escaped from Lahore, and Is now In
Cape Colony Aaka Germany to Pay Coat
of Watching Herreroa.
lOne of the Oldest In Canada���Whisk*
and Grain Destroyed.
Hollevlllo, May 13.���a disastrous flro
occurred shortly after (I o'clock thla
morning when the H. Corby distillery
nnd nun were totally destroyed, entall-
ns a loss roughly ostlmaled at ��260,000
'���' n�� a result one man may lose his
Hie live was discovered by Daniel
sinn-.,' , ," "ntohman, who noticed
Ji'iKi Issuing trom one of the distilling
flinills;   he  wes
l<-iiciiing tha jo,,,
"t up a slalrway and on
was met by n wall of
Cape Town, May 13.���A curious situation has arisen between Great Britain,
the Cape and Germany over the native
war in German Sotith-West Africa. During Uie operations a grent number of
lho Insurgents crossed Ihe border und
surrendered to the Capo police. They
were housed and fed by the authorities,
anil when the trouble was drawing to
a close Ihe Cape government forwarded
to Germany lis account for holding lhe
refugees under observation. The amount
demanded wus about 125.000
Germany, however, repudiated all ua-
bllllv. The Cape governmenl ttereup*
,, communicated gUh the BrlUsh toi-
elgn offlce. It Is untf irstood tha the demands originally made by the Cape gov-
ornmont will be sirlclly adhered to.
���he llrltlsh government Hss also been
appealed to by the cape to setUo the
dispute between Germany nnd the Cape
government upon the question of closing certain drifts ovoi the ��r��m;>
river lo German merchandise. Punt"
dy ncoss lolhe German Bide andr-al.es
-have been fixed which Germany regards
as unfair. The Cape government, how-
ever, remains obiluiiiii*.
Germany Assents.
Berlin, May  13.- The Ho'chslag  to-
day,   with   only a few >���>*""��< v��tes*
Sany and Ilm United States.
Big Development Expected This Year
Canadian Northern Restoring Service
���Grand Trunk Pacific Delayed for Material.
Winnipeg. May 13.���C E. E. Ussher,
assistant passenger traflli manager of
the C. P. It. stated that In anticipation
of an exceptionally heavy season^ot- j<*as-,
senger travel every step was being ���
taken to put ou a Transcontinental Pacific service which would meet all requirements. During July and August a
new fast train will be put on the service to leave Montreal three times a
week and to cross the continent In
probably 85 hours. The company also
had plauned to operate a train for the
first time between St. Paul and Spokane. The route would be over the Soo
line from St. Paul lo Portal on the
C. P. R., thence to Klngsgate and the
Spokane International to Spokane. This
would be the shortest route between St.
Paul and Spokane by a distance of 18
miles. A freight service over the Spokane International has been In effect all
winter and the passenger service was
installed April 1st. The train will he
placed in service on June 17th. Despite
the lateness of the spring season, Mr.
Ussher said that the spring traffic has
been unusually large, the passenger
traffic being about 85 per cent. In excess of the corresponding period last
Winnipeg, May 11.���Frank Dilllnger
and J. Ogllvie, the railway experts who
have been travelling over the Canadian
Northern during the last two weeks,
examining transportation conditions in
connection with the congestion of traffic
returned to the city last night. Mr.
Dilllnger paid special attention to the
movement of freight traffic over the
road while Mr. Ogllvie dealt with thc
Investigation of the mechanical department of the work, paying attention to
the equipment of the road. Both experts will spend a few days In the city
In the attempt to obtain additional Information regarding condlUons in the
west, when they will submit a full reiiort to tho board of railway commissioners.
Mr. Dilllnger and Mr. Ogllvie visited
all the chief divisional points along the
road where the congestion of traffic was
formerly the greatest. A short journey
will be made over one or two branches
of the C. P. H. in connecUon with the
Investigation. Speaking of the condition of the traffic situation at present
In the wost, Mr. Ogllvie Btated that both
he and Mr. Dilllnger had found that
matters were now very much improvod,
and that In nearly every section of the
country the freight traffic was beginning to move forward with reasonable
rapidity. While a lack of equipment
was undoubtedly one of the great causes
of the blockade, Mr. Ogllvie affirmed
that the unusual severity of the winter
wns largely responsible for the hopeless
condition of affairs which existed
throughout the winter, qn Uie Prince
Albert branch the blockades were so
great that at Umes It was evidently
next to Impossible to attempt to operate
a train service.
Both stated that great precaution
would have to ho taken by the railway
coinpnnleB lo provide much greater
equipment for the lines In the west.
The country along Ihe roads as It was
at present was only beginning to be
developed nnd ns tho land became cultivated the traffic was bound to assume
far greater proportion than at present.
Even with the very best and most favorable of weather conditions, It would require very great care to properly handle
the traffic In tho rush sensonB of tne
A large number of immigrants nre
uow moving westward, am! they are
enabled to move with much greater
freedom than they were a few weeks
ago The repaired engines which are
being placed on the lines nre not being subjected to such severe weather
conditions and consequently very few
of Ihem nro now being put out of service The lateness of the spring season
was probably a fortunate thing Inasmuch as tho siuldon oncoming of warm
weather would probably result disastrously In those sections where wnsh-
ntils were most liable to occur.
Mr llillingcr and Mr. Ogllvie will
leave tor the cast at the beginning of
next week.
Ottawa, Muy 13.���The Grand Trunk
Paclflc and lis contractors  are going
to have a hard time to complete their
line from Winnipeg to the coast for
1911, the date contracted for with parliament. The weather has been going
against the work and this combined
with the scarcity of labor and lack of
motive power on. the other railroads,
has thrown the work back the better
part of a year behind expectations. The
temperature and transportation are the
chief troubles.
The conl factors have graded many
miles of the line between Portage la
Prairie and Edmonton and have tbe
rails ready to lay, but -cannot get the
ties to lay them on. Contracts were
entered Into more than a year ago for
all the ties that wonld he required, but
the men have had trouble last year with
low water. They ,. sould not float them
to accessible points. This winter the
snow was loo deep to get them out aud
this summer there are none available
though the price has gone up from
twenty-live to elghly cents. Therfie-up
on tho railroads has prevented the contractors getting their plants ln. Foley
Bros, started an immense plant three
months ago for construction work In
the vicinity of Edmonton. It Is understood that none of it has arrived yet,
but ls scattered over sidings all the way
between Minneapolis and the point of
destination. The contractors arranged
for a sufficient supply of labor. Among
other things they paid the passage of
fifteen hundred men from Scotland to
do railroad work this summer, but the
season has been ao late that the men
cannot be made use of. Snow and frost
has prevented operations being commenced on any adequate scale so far.
Last year men were at work on construction six weeks earlier than the
present date.
Mr. Hayes expected that the Grand
Trunk Paclflc Would be able to assist
In hauling out the crop grown this year.
It does not,appear now that these expectations will be realized. The whole
of thc route from Winnipeg to the
Pacific has been approved, with the exception of twenty miles on the eastern
end and also ahout seven hundred miles
on the western end from the Yellow
Head Pass to the coast. It Ib known
that this will all be within the grade
limit of four-tenths of one per cent.,
with the exception of one pusher grade
of twenty miles. On this stretch the
grade will be about one per cent.
Sword of Honor Intended for Stoessel
Placed in Museum.
SL Petersburg, May 13.���The sword
of honor which was to have been given
General Stoessel, who commanded the
Russian forces at Port Arthur, for the
purchase of which a large fund was collected In France before Stoessel's fall
from favor, was formally presented yesierday to the museum of war by the St.
Petersburg Officers' Club. The presentation was made as conspicuous as possible owing to the embarrassing position
of the former hero. General Stoessel
was not able to attend the function. The
dedication inscripUon to Stoessel has
been effaced from the sword and In Its
place ls complimentary reference to
the Russian army.
Time   Table  for   Train   and   8teamer
Summer Service in
The new summer schedule of the
C. P. R. train and steamer service ln
Kootenay, which will go into effect
Wednesday, May 15th, Is announced today as follows:
Steamer Kuskanook for Kootenay
landing, Daily, leaves 6 a. m., arrives
C p. m.
Steamer Kokinee, for Kaslo and Intermediate points, daily except Sunday,
leaves 8 a. m., arrives 6:25 p. m. ConnecUon with Lnrdeau and Trout Lake
on MondayB, Wednesdays and Fridays;
with Crawford Bay, Tuesdays and Saturdays.
Train for Boundary and Rossland,
dally except Sunday, leaves 8:10 a. m.,
arrives 10:05 p. m.
Local for Rossland and Trail, dally,
leaves 7:15 p. m., arrives dally 10:05
p. m., and also, dally excopt Sunday,
11 a. m.
Slocan, dally except Sunday, leaves
9:25 a. m., arrives 6:20 p. m.
Service on 8locnn lake and north ts
reduced to til-weekly, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Main line via Robson, Columbia River
and Revelstoke, dally, leaves 7:15 p. m.,
arrives 10:06 p. m.
Preacher Murdered.
Carlyle, Ky��� May 13.���Wm. P. Richards, pastor of the First Christian
church, negro, was called to his door
Saturday night and sot five times. He
died yesterday. Jesse Merchant and
MIsb Hermanla Duryeau are In jail. Mer.
chant Is the son of a former pastor here.
In his dying statement Pastor Richards
said Merchant did .the shooting, hut
Miss Duryeau Insisted she shot Richards because he betrayed her when she
was living In his house.
Moorish Rebele Defeated.
Melllla. Morocco, Mny 13.���It la rumored here that the army of the Sultan
has won a victory over the forces ot Uie
pretender near Marchla. The casualties on both Bldon are reported to be
heavy and the government troops are
snld to have captured 200 prisoners.
Germany WIN Not Heir
of Reduction
Campbell-Bannermaa   Declines   to
Tell Probable Effect on Britain's Naval Policy.
London, May 13.���In reply to a question asked In the Commons today as to
whether, after the recent speech ln the
Reichstag by Chancellor von Buelow tn
regard to the limitation of armaments,
the government would proceed Immediately to the construction of a third vessel of the Dreadnought class, which it
had been intimated was conditional on
the result of the discussion of the limitation question by The Hague conference, Premier Campbell Bannerman
said that at present he was not prepared to make a statement on the subject. The government, he added, recog-
nlnzed the Importance of Chancellor von
Buelow's declaration, from which it
was apparent that Germany desired.
while maintaining her own view, to
avoid embarrassing the other powers
Interested ln the question. The BrIUsb
government desired to deal with matters in the same spirit, and recognized
that any quesUon regarding expenditure
on armaments could not he dealt with
except by agreement.
Berlin, May 13.���Count von Wentlow,
the well-known authority on naval affairs, submltUng reasons why Germany
is unable to consider the proposal to
limit armaments, proposed as a suitable
inscription on the portals of the conference hall at The Hague, the sentence: "If you wish for war prepare for
Cologne, May 13.���The German Fleet
Society, wheih Is holding Its annual convention here today sent a despatch to
Emperor William saying that the alms
of the Fleet society were to create a
strong navy for tbe Fatherland, "Which
In the hands of Your Majesty will be
the aurest guarantee of peace."
Major General Kelm, president of the
society, created great amusement by
stating that the British Naval League
had applied to the German Fleet Society for InformaUon regarding the methods by which the latter had attained
such phenomenal growth. General Kelm
added: "In our usual amicability we
sent them our bylaws and gave them
advice and Instructions." The Fleet society Ib for the hastening of the carrying out ot the German naval construction plan In view of the incessant Increase In the military and naval equipment of other powers, which the society
regards as a serious menace to
Shrlners' Excursion Train Wrecked in
California���Many Dead
San Francisco, May 13.���The trains
bearing Shrlners arrived yesterday from
the scene of Saturday's wreck. An excursion train containing 25 Shrlners
which had been but a few miles behind
the wrecked train arrived lust night.
The train was switched around the
wreck and the passengers agreed in the
statement that lt waa the most deplorable Bight they ever witnessed. Dr.
Ware, of Cincinnati, who was the flrst
physician to reach the scene, arrived
last night and told a graphic story of
the terrible scenes. The most pathetic
Incident was the death of a bride and
bridegroom almost at the same moment,
each believing the other still alive. L. N.
Ellenborgen and his brldo were members of the excursion party and were
thrown from the coach to the opposite
track. Both were mortally Injured, hut
regained consciousness and exhibited
remarkable bravery. The wife's first
thought waa for her husband and tho
husband's first thought was for his wife.
"Tell my wife that I am all right," murmured Ellenborgen. "Give her my love
and let ine know how she Ib. " Mrs. El
lenborgen In return sent a message to
her husband with the assurance that
she was all right. Before the physician
could carry another message both had
paessd away. Dr. Ware was compelled
to use driftwood for pillows and cut up
the sheets on the train for bandages. S.
Thornton, the head of a large, party of
Shrlners from Meridian, Miss., who
came through Lob Angeles un the Bee
ond seclon of the wrecked special, Is
at the hotel here. He Ib a railroad man
of many years' experience and Is not
satisfied Hint the disaster was caused by
a defective switch.
According to his statement tho sleepers were not badly uffectod hy the
wreck and ure largely Intact. They
were flunK In every direction, one of
them ahead of the engine, but they did
not collapse. Tbe San Francisco members of the Mystic Shrlners, consisting
of the Island Temple, and their wives
and daughters who were in attendance
at the conclave of the order In Los Angeles, returned here yesterday and were
the first to arrive since the wreck.
The train which carried the Shrlners
doomed to death In the wreck, left Los
Angeles 10 minutes ofter the Temple
special. By some unaccountable working of rate the flrst train, containing
the party that arrived yesterday, passed
safely at a mile a minute clip over the
very spot at which the following train
was wrecked.
1.0B Angeles, May 13.���A despatch received here discloses how the first news
of the accident at Honda reached the
railroad officials. It is said that after
the accident Conductor Jones climbed
the nearest telegraph pole and with a
telegraph instrument provided for such
purposes tapped one of the despatchers'
wires connected with the San Luis- Obispo division office and told of the
wreck. The men at the other end of
the line douhted* this story, believing
Borne one was playing a joke, but consternation followed when ln confirmation of his Identity .the conductor sent
a part of his late orders. News was Immediately sent to Santa Barbara and
other points.
American Swindler In Europe.
Zurich, May 13.���Charles Barmstal, of
Chicago, has been arrested here upon
the demand of the German authorities
charged with fraud. It ts alleged that
Barmstal obtained $16,050 last month
from a lady of Munich, Bavaria, to
whom he was betrothed. After obtaining the money it is alleged Barmstal absconded. He had $12,250 in his possession when arrested.
Sold in Advance on Winnipeg Market-
New Rich Strike Reported on
Little Bertha.
(���pedal to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, May 13.���J. L. Manley,
who owns an Ideal fruit ranch ot some
20 acres on the Covert estate, Is authority for the statement that last year
there were shipped to the Winnipeg
markets five cars of Italian prunes
grown on the estate. These prunes
brought a litUe over two cents per
pound on the cars at Grand Forks. He
also stated that this year's crop of
prunes had already been bought for
the Winnipeg markets. Mr. Manley himself has 700 fruit trees of mixed fruits,
which, this year, will net him f 1,000 The
Northwest and Manitoba fruit dealers
are already buying up all the available
fruit crops in this valley, so lt ls quite
possible there may be a scarcity of
fruit this fall for the local markets.
Two feet ot solid high-grade ore ls
the latest strike that is reported from
the Little Bertha property at Bannock
City. It is claimed that lt runs over ��60
per ton.
Capt. W. Bentley, an old mine owner
of this district, ls moving up to his copper properties on Volcanic mountain
for the purpose,of prosecuting development work there all summer; already
he has many tons of pay ore on the
dump ready for shipment.
Word bas reached here today from
Beaverdell, on the West Fork of Kettle
river that the shipping of ore Is being
resumed at the Duncan and Bounty fractions���the ore being hauled to Midway
in wagons for shipment to the Trail
Last Saturday morning as young Walter Barren, a lad of about 15 years of
age, was driving the delivery wagon
belonging to Waugh Bros, into the
North Fork river for the purpoee of
watering the horse the animal got beyond its depth and the river carried
horse and wagon down stream; the boy
narowly escaped drowning, being rescued by some citizens: the horse an J
wagon have not yet been heard of.
Is   Ss
Lifeless Id
Resident of Kootenay for 13 Years���
Sketch of Career���Funeral
on Wednesday.
Charles S. Rashdall, a resident ot Nelson for the last two yeara, and of Kootenay for 13 yeara, was found dead, trom
heart failure, ln hi* room at the Stratft-
cona hotel this morning.
He had suffered from a severe attack
of pneumonia ln the winter which confined him to the hospital for aeveral
weeks, but since then had -seined to be
restored to normal health.
Last night he retired rather early,
though without any complaint ot not
feeling well. When called this morning
he made no reply. Atter several unsuccessful attempts to wake him, the hotel
porter entered the room about 10 o'clock
and found him lifeless. Doctors Arthur
and Hawkey were summoned at once,
but all had been over tor aeveral hours.
On retiring he had evidently read tor
some time, laid the book down unclosed,
turned out his light and composed himself to sleep. There waa nothing to Indicate that he had ever waked again.
. The deceased was the son of a Church
of England clergyman, graduated B.A.
of Trinity college, Cambridge, and practised for aome Ume aa a solicitor In
London. About 15 or lt years ago he
came to America, sUll with ample
means, which were sooa greatly reduced
by unfortunate investments In Colorado.
He came to Kootenay ln 1804 and aettled In New Denver where he remained
till the spring of 1905. A younger
brother, Edward, also came to Kootenay, and died In Nelaon about eight
yeara ago.
For the laat year Mr. Rashdall had
been employed ln the offlce of T. O.
The only living member of his family
is a married sister now travelling tn
Italy. Mrs. C. S. Moore, formerly of
Nelson, Is a first cousin. Another cousin
Ib Hastings Rashdall, Fellow and tutor
of New College, Oxford, preacher at
Lincoln's Inn/
Mr. Rashdall was not very widely
known In Nelson, but in his circle ot
friends he was greatly liked and esteemed and will be sincerely mourned.
The funeral wil take place on Wednesday. Further announcement will he
made later.
R. Blckerdike, M. P., Predicts Promotion of Liberal  Leader*.
Montreal, May 13.���Robert Bicker-
dike, M. P., says Lord Strathcona will
probably be the next governor general
ot Canada.
"It ls Strathcona for Rldeau Hall as
the man more acceptable to the people
of Canada than any other person. As
a matter of tact, I think this ls receiving consideration at headquarters.
"It'ls Strathcona tor Rldeau Hall, Sir
Wilfrid Laurier as Lord Arthabasca
for high commissioner's offlce and, last
but not least, A. B. Aylesworth for supreme command of the Reform party.
Seven Jurymen Qualified, but Nona Are
Finality Accepted.
Boise, Idaho, May 13.���The task of
selecting a jury resumed today in the
trial -of Haywood, secretary and treaa-
uror of the Western Federation of Miners, charged with complicity In the assassination of former Governor Steunenberg, may be completed within the next
four or five daya. According to counsel, seven men will be ln the box when
court opens at 2 p. m. today. None have
been actually accepted, however, al
though they have so far qualified themselves to serve Uiat only peremptory
challenges can remove them. -
Many Dead and Others in Great Danger
���Caused by Cigar.
Mexico City May 13.���A fire supposed .
to have been started by a cigar thrown
into an abandoned drift caused the loss
of 90 lives according to a special received from Torreon, Coahutla, by the
Associate Press. The flre started tn
the corner shaft of the mines ln Velar-
teena, State of Durango, on Friday
night. There were 1*75 men working ln
that part of the mine and only 17 of
them are believed to have escaped. Thirty-five bodies have been recovered. According to the latest reports the flre ls
still raging and lt la feared that very
tew others imprisoned will be taken out
alive. Search parties have been working heroically but only charred, unrecognizable bodies have been taken out The
shaft ln which the flre broke out ls one
of a mine which ls a group ot the largest copper producers In northern Mexico. The Guggenheim Interests are said
to own the property. Owing to the remoteness of the region it is difficult to
get details.
Tercentenary of English Landing In Virginia��� Bryce'a Greeting.
Norfollk, Va��� The celebration today
on Jamestown Island, 40 miles up tbe
Jamea river, ot the 300th annlveraary
ot the landing there ot the 'first permanent English settlers. Sir Christopher
Newport, John Smith and othera, waa
held under fair skies and ausplcuoua
conditions. The exercises were direct- ,
ly under the auspices of tbe Society for
the Preservation of Virginia's Antiquities. The opening address was delivered
by Governor Swanson nf Virginia, and
British Ambassadur bryce followed
with 'greetings from tbe old world to
the new." Among the distinguished
persons who are to attend the cere
monies of the day ia Lady Gray, wife ot
Earl Grey, of Canada.
..' " '. The Daily Canadian
lr       ______
H's'  H
1          HH
= STORES   ���
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TESTS   h a    izet a-.d *t z-\a
U SDERWEiR   si   :     :- :ei
-.OSON   BAY   E:"v"E~S   s-.i   CANADIAN*   BLANKETS
r-:- �� to '.2 Pojrsd-*.
SIX    I'  T":     --.:      --.:
In all these lines --re ofier  excellent quality at venue isonable prices.
���was do: ]_-wntiox��ed I t?:-~-i~i to t.s
r-eqoes. in tbe boj>? --hat we mi?iit render KMDe aasatet * :- prprinoe, abd
oot with any riev to finajtciaJ thia.
"Tbe honor of Ike appointment, tbe
pleasure 1 had in - and the
assurance that we did acoompQA something, are more inim ample compensation for tie time and labor expended
I therefore return yoa the cheque, and
if you -vfS be pood ��ioagii to sw-Dd roe
on* for *3W the amount of my aernaJ
dtrimTBeenents. 1 shall t*e perfectly coo-
ient_      Tours tmir.
���)i3ijnie^' T   W. CROTHERS""
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hestd Offlce:   Toronto.
D R WTLKIE. Preajd-aai.
toa���t��� ia British Coiumbii:
Deposit* w��t�� ao. ir.
opening ot -owict, -aod octcj,
>'Bl_SO>'   BUANCH
-gb-s-*!   current rale from dat* erf
J.   M.   LAY, Manager.
tenl tV<r*vl ai
���bM qaartcdj
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Capital...
 I3.9&0.OOO     R'tsrve Fund M.390HO0
15 Branches ic British Coinmbii.
A Gooal Banting Business TnasACtti.
D*:;p<*.l8it_  Of  $1 N  el
est rarrent rate, aad en
whau-ver In the *��:���.-.-���;
Ii|iifcl4ri rece:Ted
.ted QaarterlT.     I>
ral of tie whole or
era-) tU-mrc-d there-on at hjgh-
tors are subject to do delav
par. of their deposits.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Pubiiibtxl tis ���3i-f* �� treat  bf tbe
ojaM-SH-M nnauasa, oourajtr. ltu.
Baker -:    Uml B.C.
ftUlSttttn rttts, W BWtl a Mitt dt-llretrf
m Mm "IT. Pt tbVO m year i! mh hy mfcU. wbts
gale U i.a rati.*
Adverlinor r*ve* ol i;;.: t'..
AJ1 ffioairt pal*, iro MCO-MKmt '���; The Irtllj
Caot*_ltn acouou, either lat tabs ��� tftmm* of
t-dTertmng. mutt be I scripted '. I ��� _.Dm priSlM
fonts of iLt Pwf ,1-jr. utbw tecetMi we itai
MAV 13, 1^J7.
A highly rignlflont remark was made
by ooe of the sj/eakers in Lbe di
the  University Club mw*lt*_  Saturday
nigbt on tne subject of federation tendencies in the Empire.
The University Club's membership includes several who an or have been
Lboroughgoing adherents of one or
other iwlitical party in Canada, or In
Britain, or in both. But, although political subjects are often discussed, the
debates have never been marred by a
display yf partisan  spirit.
The remark in quest:o.i nu oot made
in bitterness, nor on a reproach to any
individual, or to etfhet party exclusively. It was to the effect thai the leaders
of both parties. Dominion an', pruvin-
cial. bave to a great degr��fl ceased to
be leaders of national thought and aspiration.
There was a time, as it was pointed
out, and not longer than fifteen or
twenty years ago, when the el t *���* l
far different, when not only cabine:
ministers and the front bench of the opposition, but members of the rank mm
file of both parties, were familiar with,
and interested in. national aiid Imperial
questions, and when members of parliament did not disdain to take part in discussion of such subjects in their o��n
cities, towns or villages. Even a party
meeting in the heat of an election OH***
paign was capable of developing a d<
bate on matters of national importance
How far. and in what direction we
have travelled since then must b" 'Ay
vious to all. Local party organizations
meet now only to choose candidates and
award patronage, members of parliament���even the few who have any
knowledge of public questions���have
neither time nor disposition to meet
their constituents in debate. Party discipline forbids tbelr being committed to
tt]    lac      -' l - ���   '-he   accepted   party
������:.. and questions of organization
and pa:rouage take up all their time.
Even in parliament aod the laaftMat-
tures it is very rare that the discussion
of any subjects rises above the horizon
of party politics, or reveals any point of
view higher than party advantage
flmarto-aa that were once regarded as
the concern of statesmen and iegisiators
are now contempfcoousjy relegated as
".academic" to the Empire Clubs zz-i
Canadian Clubs, formed not to adwpttfe
any definite poBriea, bat merely to af-
Cord their members that opportunity tot
omt aiscussion on worthy subjects.
once, but no longer, offered by national
The root of this as of all othar erof the Canadian body pcUtfc lies deep in
the changed nature of the people. Tte
rapid BBttartal itrrrrlniiniCMl of the country has blunted the intellect as well as
the conscience of the people. An exag-
ted value has been placed upon
smoothness of administration. Servili'y
to the party whip is considered :*.���
meril of a private member. Any statesmanlike ideas he might have would be
D I *��� ly a nuisance to his leaders.
The best that can be hoped is that
the maintenance of interest in subjects
ot real importance by the academic dis-
r. of them in unrepresentative
bodies may force upon the electorate's
o the decline Jn the character
and caJibre of pibiic men, and ���-
appearance from *he OcHV of parliament
of anything resembling leadership.
Toronto exchanges to hand record
sniinKtlai unfortunately unique lo recent Canadian history. T. W. Crothers.
ban -���':. of St. Thomas, was asked by
Premier Whitn<-;- of On-ario to assist the
c,mmission of the revision of the text
books for the public and high schools.
Mr. Whitney did not mention any remuneration. Mr. Crothers assented aod
performed his task satisfactorily.    The
_ ��� jre paaaod an appropriation of
$2,000 for the work and a cheque for
that amount was sent by the provincial
secretary to Mr. Ci-others. His reply
deserves quotation in full:
"Dear Sir.���I have your letter of the
26th Inst., enclosing cheque for 12.000
re Text-Book Commission, and I tliank
'hf* government for proposing to pay
roe that sum.
"When Mr. Whitney asked me to assist in tae investigation remuneration
We are ver?   nn  :1m.:   Df     *
__l��ik��;*k will r*��*-ive a m cord.a   m
__.-   ������   ___. ::..   ;--;.-   .'. ">".*��� ��� :i >:.���__
be visits tie city oa Monday womX   B I
-..      |       . -    - _��� .   ���
��� vu And he de*erres a -
���   -      ���       ���  .. | .
Lave la Victoria in ihe Caaad -i
aa organza;ion which can show
. -��� .zz_.r: -:     ���; r.i.: _:.-     ml*     :  :   :
wiuch is iheir due ���-Victoria Oc.
Or mfln Ha ock taamt an evening
���_ Nelant DatataMBtelj Nolna has
no cJub which. jaaaXi k;t. ;r.a:. . la*
i :- Z��� '.   ���;-.*�� .zzt:   "i ^_.r;-..-���
T: _���.-- ���- . ���: :__-L�� .irre :���-' :���. ':.-
v,---. ��� _.:i,-._- Zli s-'.t.s.' t. Zs ;n Sa*Q
Fraadaco voald alone furnish to
*_i   .-: .i.  -   _   - _.._.>���_   :.r anx;.
.- ::. _zi: *.. i ;���:-::: a .'.i z- -. :-
tbe trial at Boise of the elected heads of
lie .z.-r' ._���:'.- ���-;;:..;.',.: ���.'. lie We*:
oa the charge erf eanvbaes ts murder.
Tie r__*;^:-:> .'. :__-��� .-z^z.z^:. .z . ;��.-i
;-. nirge that th*1 trial is the raaalN
a con��piracy t>e*ween mine owners anc
- ' _.i:horities Is destroy Qm I -
tion. However eamsaUU one may hope
;___;���. "_i.e men are mis'aiJten there is no
reason to doubt their sincerity, lf such
a charge can with any show of reason
be made against authorities all elected
by the people, the outlook for American
democracy in the West is dark indeed.
r>>minion .and provincial anii-tubercu-
- -   -������cieties are waging a en	
nnprigl to route the people of Canada
for a war of extermination of the white
; .-g'-ie There seems someiing almost
iai ��� zz of su^emition In the way most
.people regard consumption as fatal.
hopeiess from the first. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that such is no:
the case. People have been cured of
consumption. But of far greater importance than treatment of individual cases is the prevention of contagion Elsewhere in this it = *je w-r petal
nan valuable directions forwarded by
Rev. Dr. Moore, secretary of the Dominion society, who lectured in Nelson
_a_gT summer.
To  Watch  Echpte  in Andes.
New Tork, May 13.���The Lowell expedition to the Andes mountains for the
purpose of observing the apposition of
Mars and the eclipse of the sun in Jul}
Leit. sailed Saturday for Colon The expedition is in charge of Prof D. P. Todd,
bead of the astronomical department of
Amherst college.
From Colon the party will proceed by
rail across the is'hmus and by steamey
down the west coast of South America.
Berera] points *"ill be visited in order
to ascertain which will be the best place
for making observation. The ecflpn
will occur on July 12th, while tbe apposition of Mars will occupy several days
in the middle of July. Assistance has
ben riven to Prof. Todd in facilitating
���J.r. arrangements by Secretary Taft and
the ministers to the United States from
Bolivia, Peru and Chile.
B. C.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
Notice it lewet-T -fit en Uut iClrtT -ltri stltt
4��1* I .J-ttli Ui MpytyVjUit tumti ot L>'.**1>��
Cotatatm)'j2*tft lor tb* Yt-e'r djftnet for ��� trua*-
ltr. 'A lie Itoesce teid hy me far iht Kort bteep-
ps*i fcolel UjF. Adie
Waaahm, B C . v��t hi, uo:
For Immediate
Sale Only
Exceptional opportunity to acquire house situated on two of the
finest residental lota fn Nelson.
Eaay of access and on level grade
from business centre. Residence
contains hall, sitting, dining and
.bedrooms, bath and kitchen pantry.
Large coal and wrx*d shed- Electri;
light, water and sewer.
WMt Biker 6trttt NELWN, B. C.
-       . ;-- rjtnm ssi.t.  Uf ��j.p._f��-
ttaS    lt>   LM  "'lltU r���Illlll -->--
���        ��� - -   : l v . ~ t
.- - ��� *-���:   *.- -      *.    :..:��� - -     : _   .*   t :��� ������     :   ���.���
[ --���:���������. j-s-      *.l .  :��������.���(
tri ��� y a       - '
��� - . ���   . .
tnhaim tae
aaaammstatatat. otm���'juixf tat��� ��:r��
l*M%t*6 tii- in va\ at \,.
tttatt    twtae an*nicjc��
ptrr V. ���*  Xi'  VUmca  sct-wft
fitxtj oaya tttlts date I y��*pom mkt-.as &ppti-
:.-���--       .._ *.    -
tsEi Maaha, jot j^jniistos ta ya-thmt* Om toi-
�� ri 1 ;��� ^:
ttiaaaa est tht *e��i attar-   v. team   "*fcr1tTr"i
matt   ki'  Bl * '.   ��;)*   fTt'ia tht
tAH&tm-TkfZ   ���   �� t   tut   tana* ;���-
��� ,        -   . *       ,    .   ���  .
- ��� taax, LbeDr* �����   i__.r.'
ztorUi io y*i*' aS omubcmocciii. tMM 1 lag
,   .   - .
l>Mit!,z ttm -- te&, iw
 **���'��� -'        ������ ��'\'  tt a feat.
New Dress. Muslins, Ginghams and Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
Skirts, Costumes and Blouses.
We Are Still Selling Ladies' Undermuslins at Reduced Prices.
Fred Irvine Sz Co'
Uy* ���tux *i��u 111 rj-KHii- matl,.
,-,:...' i *    ������     . _
i . t^nan*.<fa ta purdumst tht
��� :r     mtt : SsHexttciae  kt  �����
!���-:   ;  t ���      *;
-1     I - - t    i:,,    r    :
*. ; ���*> >' '���'  teeaat ;��� ������ . ;.��-im tht
tasstni hts-mttAmry sf sm. . -
*  _'i    ���.���_���>   *. -���_.--
tihaam z, * ���   -    b
hkJ!L!t| . t-      :w*���* (t'
ifci1-' ra ��� ' aaHai i^Mctscaee-
nitai- ooauitmf ttt> fc-jrt-t mot* :���.������!
I*au4 2z,i itj :.I Ht*}   ' ��� "
- = :ri.
 ;trrT.\3   Ft,: :n. .\t__.;
1-iti.ivoM^TUiii.eB-oB.CiiiefC^miaialoDtr^l      ������ ������ ��� ������ WWWWW**a WW WW WW W WWi
hiaiee i�� M-rt-bj p^a ia��:�� e*j-i sner d��i��_ I
��� kpttir lo xhts Ht'L.- Ci:.f (:<*iLmamiaaeJ
:i:L*Lii�� i&d �� mu fer j-*rz.:��KC'ii to purriaH
ii* ioliowinj <5t*crtbe(J find la w w; S-wihuj
��� em aaai rti>r�� <���'. t* Mir kreaa Lut
m  v -z.z.- -' '��� v     ���-��'     '- .: - -   -::      :   t  t - .   v
t; ���. j-:*: =_��.*���. . -������     y*'- ���   ��� N t   oo.-,wr
MM aad  i^i--: -    :���?  law  Arro***
L��_te. i*  11     - *    .-��� '.KM.pt   f'*.a&d't
uSMh. themee met* H eham   :t>ei��-ce kh:Ui js
cli tint n-L-r-t m .** to ttir oonl WaD*l*rT of R_
��� i ;.-���_������_'   ���* n.sf ea*i��loor tte
la Ilka   i-hez* :���* aorth fcltmj tbe
i��t^ ��r > ��� tatetae  maat at i���� t* pomi nt
Haf-XBd    =���' 3- b. Moon, a
 Atr-at for Htrry ScLtod.
ia*i*ui vo in..j io it,- Baa. Chief CotuaiHlooer-of
; i-fcii;3��**aa Vorik, V),u��rt*,Iorj*nou*��'titopar-
aaaai lhe I <    **.���*_.�� d-rK-nV*dlaL-2 ! Comnieix ids
��t a poti j)l*aifrd oa tht atat no* ot Slucaa Ikkc
) aad aawu ta   mQm aartfc o4 ������������i eraafe  ��d���'.
] tasTked GL a m'#���*..��.ibe**t earMI   -oet. ttieure
_ >���   ���     [la-fa -a [tna*. ibface
: ma ���>���-��.    ���      ---���<.( ii��iiu. theor*:
I tail at* c-i.*ia* u> i<ou.t *J coiuaaaeeaeait ttO
I acre* more or ;*t��.
I     hoeaift apn_.a.  >���"-
���t    B     a turn, l-oeaior,
w> cursB.Artnu.
Mil?- (Uj-k fciier d*tel lauad u> iffly to tbe
: Hob   tka   i liel   'omalacjoaer   of   L*adi   *ad
Va t;  "������ leiort*, to porchiJre tttact*M ���:: \aa4 fa
Weat I ��� iaaar��danrtbad a�� laBaav: <ouuaea-
. 'i at a I**: fr.��ated iktal t.c:.\ m Im   ;;
j lUwjnlio crw-t aad ^��zaia^ K. Craw srp.u**tioa
< ta -furrlufj*. *x>d m*riaa C. M"�� ���= fe.   coroer.
-iieaoe aoru. tit ca*_a(- tieate a**: >      i ��� -
i tbesma*ata �� rdut_u. tlieat* eaat �� ch*:a* io
,-V^oe af fcag: n a la#.
lea :Ha iw:. C Hmi.;:
__________________________________________________     ajjfiy totho
H i *k..-. zt ��� ti*-lc-oaaii��iM��frr c��< laiidt asd
ffd-tt Ier ptnciHiiuE w j>&Tt_U*��t U.e i,- ...��� t*|
ia^Aad lui-ii 12 Wett hutAtmty dittn.t: c-ao*
-_: .i  '.nc kt i ;��:���*" : l '. ��� ��� *   .:   -l ��� *-. ���:���:
f. ��� '-ir .a- n : k-, ^aiBf ��.. F. B-Wort Xo.
ID. aad ��i*rit-_ "T-ic Oorfioa t Dortinett coracr
part." tiM-ae* *?.ia *r taaJtu taeaoe ��*�� 40
et*la*. Uiea'.t aortb V r*a*ia*- sort- or .***. lo
ta*e Bban   theua aval �� cfcatat tojoictof
:. -  - ���   *�����::
Dated liilf ��tli of April, li*?.
Toa Gouty*
titxstj layi kft-r d*^ I lcuad to kpp.riotae
���: ��� ' ' ���     ���   .-_
'������>   -(- '  *-���-   sr .-i ���_;���*����� a;i teres of
l*ad: OC'icn��*ea'-ic U i ;��� ���: ;*.*:. ���    kt the City
of >ejwz - -  ��       ������_-;.-���*       _ ��� .  *  r. ���
i"i- .*     :,* m K*!_ti]     ���-;���- *w 3U tfaaia*.
...... r l   ��� .* -'. (aatxu- H,*Dt*��t eatt * cb*ia�� Ut
poim oi ooioxD��orciDeui
NelK-a. b *.'. Apnl M. ivr,       ��. J. c*r��a_i*-
?.i:; lati ettm tata '��� taMad la *ppy m* Hob.
lac fatrf i aa **:aaea I --*- if ��ac Worki for
ptnuisinoa to purrb*ve laa laDewlai deaeribed
_ka^*�� ia Kw;.:+rik.T dfauact: ' <>niiE'.Btleic at a
paal ff*r��t*d Bra*-** Whtaft ��� BT. eocaat ;���*"!
*ita*ied *t tbe aortheaat coratr o{ f. H. ap kt*ut
a mile <-**t of i*lo<-*n rtrer, ;b��i>r* *>ouib 2*
. Um l^eot* wc*t ��� tbainfc, Ui*ace k��qUi $0
Lk.z* :zrz-i tk,r. tt theiite, tbeac* aonb to
hataa, :���-.'.: i aaai s     *aaia�� toewe aorta ie
���:;��,:.-    ttkflBOl   Mil  ���   (i*!a* to polat of c-OTa-
meaoeic^at. i��Lt*taiac ttii mcrtst. taore or lesa.
IxKate^ Marrh Utfc^iw:. Bam wirri,
:i- -l iemtaed. uier Kaivt iateod toap
*    -:.- Hoaorkbie :fct Cbi*J < yaiiEifrtoneT of
LaDdr tad a'ort* ftr permi*s6lon v- pcr-.^k*-!- ttt
'.-���:.  *.zk- .  t: k po*t *o;��rie^
���   -       et Is-t 1^3. thea*:-r wtn �� chtias, tbence
��o��tb 20 t'Lcma. theaet VOM ftcttict   tbtM.*.*-
toatb 2. ���                          j?'*; <! ch*ia��, tbence
��ath # e*&kiDF. theae* tt^t b< fbt:n��. tbene*
aortb *jk> rAatH to poiat of cozomesoeinent.
Located Skicbrtb.lSKT,      M g, JIOaPght
 V.r.H-Ssi-ewT, Agent
f. tbe aa-ier-rigaed. tfttr ��� Ot*ri lateal to apply lo tbe B-eneaaU* tbc C%iaf Cctamifiioaer sl
Lap'lt tad Work* la paaebaae tb* foUowinr de-
K-ribed Ltod: Commeaciag at a port niarked
>. e C . mftaete a: t.i��c Maalfe t-l Con cnea oo
tbe wen tfac-re* vi *?ic>c*a iai*-. thenc* wen JO
cbkino. ifcenoe eemth i'i ehattta, theae* wt-tt *
'.hsuitA. tbta't math * etkiatj. ibene* st-n t%
*.L��:a*t tiitace ���- :. i *.'.*_.- the-.*.* e*r-i ���*>.���
-baint, thenc* aorth * cbaiat to point of cam-
Located Vartb _T:i lSCff       h.T McNafght.
Blxty dar�� tft*r date I laiead to apply tothe
Chief Oomtaike.cjLi-r ol Laadi aad Woiki for
wnalfcilon to pnrchase the fdUoaing described
hada In Kaatoay Uinrict, about ibree-qutrun
of niile from Thrum't Kidiag: Commencing at a
poet pltsoed ti tbe =. w. corner at t WSS, group
I. Wen KtfOteaiT innrlet; tbence wetterly
foU'-'wiag the north boundarr of L 4.'*3S. *'
chaini; ibent-e r_ .rtb 10 cbalni; tbence e*il��0
ehaink, moreor lem. lotbe N. W, corner of
Ltttt; thene* touth loiiowing the weft boundary
of L&W3 10 chaina, mort or Jew, th place of *oom-
mencement. contaiaiac 4oacre*. mhjtm or leM.
Laied tht* ith day of JJecember. I'M.
 H-H. Ptni. Locator.
ftity dare after dale I purpose maainr nof-Ji-
cation to tne (hief Commissioner of Lands and
Worki for permiation lo purebaae the U-hnmln*
de*en bed land: (->K.meaciag at ��� p.*+: i li bm
at tbe fcout'-ean eoraer of �� W 'i H��u!iain*i
amputation to parthaae. marked "B.Fi S.W.
coroer." r_mnlng'hence *>ehaias c<ir h.tbenr*
*��'��� chain* us*'., thene* &> cntlni toutb, ihenee to
dhata* ""t*! to .point of com me act in ent, contain
:ar e��t aaaa. more or lew.
ftaiod the Vlh day of Apni, liKT.
K  Firgoia,
 Per F. <i. FACijrrEe. Agent.
Sixty dayi after date 1 intead to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Comir,i��ioner of L*adi and
Workj. Victoria to purehata Uf* acre* of laad
la ��t?��t Kcioteaay. and deicnt-ed as follow*-
Commencing at ��� j->��t planted on the eatt *Ide
of Arri-.w Late it the *outhwe��l corner of L1&#*
and marked "Jl A. K'i NH. corner." tbence
eaat i4 'hatoi. thenoe rtouth M cbtlni, thence
eartaOfbaiar, tbence bouth 20 chain* to Hmt-
' ���'���'������ ' ; ���- - ; non. ibeDfe wen XI chkin* to
/aoquiert application to pur**ba^e. tbenee nortb
��tbain*. tbence wet* 2D chain* to hxha ihore
tbenoe north klong the lake ibore to plaoe of
*-  :t,m*a��;aieat.
Mar t, Itlh, Wr,. ;. a   KiLIT
Hat) d*T* ifter date I purrx*e mtklng application to the Hoik:-)'*!'.* *>t<* Chief Commluloner
of land* and Worki for permiMion to purt*ha��e
'be follow tar detenbed land: Commencing at
��� pen: vimt.*r* kt^iut BM and half milea e**t of
��� *. on Whstihin I^ke. atar ��.n'U-
tieaeaek m*rkt��d * F w.*> H*�� ,-.E corner,"run-
a:ng theae* M.fhaiot we*t U>>ola land located
by r L.Hammond, a/ agent, then" **��� chalna
nortb. then<* Kicbltna ean. then'* ���* chaina
aoolh to pf'iol of oommeDe*mentT conuiaing
tttfi men*, mor* or I***.
lotted the vih day of April, iw:.
F   *Jt. >i. \lkWAi*.
 far* <;  FatwiEa, Agent
t>Uty day* after dale 1 .ntend u, anplr to the
Hon the chief Commiialonerof Land* and Worki
Victoria, to l/urebaa* M0 acref of land in Wen
Kix-lenay dinrl'-t: Commencing at a p-nat
planted ibou'.i ml,e* from tbe mouth of Mot-.
qui to rre**k aad abont one mile weit of the aald
creek and marked 'H.H. B'iB.W corner," and
running north Kcbaiaa, thene* eait 90 chain*,
thence iouth 80 cbaina, theuce weat tf> chaina lo
piare ol beginning.
Manh )6th. l^T. H. H  Host.
 J. E. AWHABLT Ageat.
Pixt; dayi after date I intend to apply io tbe
Hon Chief Co cun la* loner of Landi and Worka.
Victoria,}) C��� to pur'baae 140 icr<* of land, la
Fir* ^a.ley ���:.-mf-r-.i+'i ���� fo] owi: ''o-mtnen'-iUK
il a po*t planted ��> chain* west of Halter Sulfa
N, W. corner aad mtrlrtd J. W Holm.** Jr. N E.
corner p>-*t, and rnnrunx touth *�� ebain*. ihence
weat W chalna, ���*,.-��� north 40 chain*, thene*
��WIWJ cbalm to plaaa of l*eginnlne. and being i
portion of Section 35, Townihlp ,1, Wen K��>t-
March Mb, IW,. J. W. flflMZt, Je.
 J. g. Awyarut. ..oajfr.
Klitr t\_yt after date 1 intend lo apply to tha
Hon. chief <'omm!��*loner of L-andi and Workt,
Victoria, to ;�����������... &p acre* of land in W>ft
Eootmay, dtm-rll**^ a* followi: Commencing
It a pari ; 1'ti'ed up Mosquito creek, about ejgbl
mile* from lhe mouth aDd marked E.Crow' H W,
cnrnT, tbence uortf- SO cbaina, thene* 10 cbaina
eaat, thence An chain* south, Ihence ���Ucbaloa
weat lo place of beginning
Feb. litb.UOT. E. Cioti.
iity aay* tiler ca:e l lawna to apply to the
Hon.tSth-1 CoALmUtioaer of band* and *ork* to
par-cha*c tbe Jollowiag dev.nt*d laad locate'3
lallre Tti>y diftnti t-i We*l Kooieaay : (iB-
awa.iag at a post planted at the b. SL corner ol
Jctfcn Btcgi'p.e-tmption. tbeact wuth *0 cha:..*.
tnence west to chain*, thaata nurth m chain*.
theae* eaat ���? chains to place ol Org tuning, cx-n-
tainicgl&' k'. ���-. *
Located March :��h. 1KT.
D. A NcpHae   Loctior.
J.J KtUT. Ageat
Ttke aotlr* thti 60 dty* after date 1 intend to
apply to the Hoa. Chief Commiauoaer of Laad*
and Work*., fpr penniaeoD to purchtse the following deacribeo laad*: Cotaaienclag at thc
ttataal aurttfr of lot *Wl6, tbence wcm M
chain*, thence south ID chatna, theae** eait is.
chain*.,  thence north M chaina. theoce weat K
��� t m te point M commeacemeat. coaumiag
a.- acnas more or lass
Dated April 16th, 1907 P   -'    'si--     t
W. W. }���;���__,: __ii   Age&L
i, the aaderflgaed. after fj day* lataad lo apply to tbe Hon. tte Chief ( ommiatv>aer of Lane*
kill wochala purchase the loiiowing describe!
laad: Commencing at lhe N E- C of Lot T^xi��
Q. L, thence wen to rhaia*. tbenoe aorth .*j
chain*, theace eait to ehata*. theoce sooth 3D
chain* Ui pot at of c-ommeaceuieat. coattlnmg su
acre* more or lea*
Located Mareh >-.:   tm* -V A   V :   -
aute days after date I intend to apply to the
Hoa. Chief Coaia-aiK-aer of LaaQs aad Work*,
Victoria, B.C., to purebaae the followlni de
vnbed land, iltuated in ibe West Kootenay diitrict: ConiEta ::i* at a pott planted oc lbe
wwtt ilde ol Kootenay lake, near Rfclnt<-eroa
poiat, and marked J. Mcklinnon'a es. tZ corner
po*t, ihenc* wnt 80 cbaiat. thenoe north 40
chains, these* eait ttv (hain* more or leai lo lake
��bore. tbecca t.ong lake thore to point of com-
men cement.
Signe-J J McKrm��o!<
���.Ely dayi after oate I intend to apply to tbe
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Land* and
Works, Victoria, for permission to purchase 100
acres, more or le*��, situated in Wen Kootenay
dlatrlct: Commencing at a pen plan u-d mid vay
on tbe nortb boundary of Lot T*ll and adjoining
��. W eoraer of Lot WW, thene* north 16 chalna,
tbence we*! 40 cbalm, tbenoe south 40 cbaina,
iheac e��a*t 30 chain*, thene* north 34 chains,
thence eait 30 chaini to point cf commencement
Located Marcb 30th, 1W7. 1. J. Sukui.
Blxty dura after date I intend to aprty to the
Hon. the' Chief Comm iui'* Ber of Landi aad
Works to purchase tbe following 'lewrlbed
laudi: Commencing at a po>t planted on the
eaat tide ol Lemon (.reek at tbe mouth ofthe first
aorth fork aad marked "h. Coo per'* southeast
corner," running 90 cbalni weft, aorth 40chains,
eail w chalm. tnd aoulh 4*j chains to place of
Dated March 30th. : ** " R CooFEK,
J. T. Tiphsg. Ageni.
Siity day* t'ler date I in'end to apply to tbe
H&a. tbe Chief Comml*��loner of band* tnd
Works to pure-bate lbe following described
landi: Commencing at s pan marked "L A.
Tipping's southwest corner p*o*t" snd plantfl
near 11. D. Curiit* land, aboul half mile from
Slocan City, running norlh 40 chain*, east 'JO
rtiatai tomb 40 chains, west 20 tliaiuatj place
of ctirnmencement
Lated March Utb, 1��"7 L. A. Tirrirco,
J. T Tiiri>ti. Agent.
Sixty day* atter date 1 intend to app.y to tbe
Hon the Chief Commissioner ' ; Land* antl
Work.* to purchase tbe following described land
located la Fir* Valley diitriat of Wan Kootenay :
Commencing st a poat planted at lbe H.W'. corner
^f John Bang' p - ������:..; *: ������ ".���:���.-������ 60 c-balas
south, theae* 40 chains west, thence 60 chaina
nortb, thene* 40 chain* can tc placeof begl tin ing.
i-;�� halt. Kern:. Lof'tior.
J.J, KlLLY, Agtnt.
Notice li bereb; giren that 60 daya alter date I
intend to make application tothe r-onorable tb*
Chle'ComrnitsloBer of landi tnd W'orks, al Vic-
tori* for permlulon lo pun-base tbe followlug
de*c lbcd.lands : Commencing at a poit planted
at the southeast corner of lot 3^6, group 1. tbence
south 36 chains, thence east 00 cbaiui, lbence
north 26 chalm, thence west GO chains to point
of e-ommencement. containing 15i acre*, more oi
Nelson, March 0th, 1��T.        Axnii L. W'apx.
Blxty days after date I intend lo apply to tbe
Hon the Chief Commit*.oner of Und* and
W'orks, Victoria lo purchase tbe following described land: Commencing at a |>o��', marked
M H'i S W. corner, aad plsn'ed nesr the aorth-
west eoraer of Lot tAl'i, about one mile west of
Slocan river, and running rail ���'* cbatas to Lot
KI thenee norih 40chaln* lb*-ac* weti toe-bams,
thenre south 40 chains to place of bt-trlnatn-c;
March 9th. 1VOT. MiLbs Haon,
Part Harcx. Agent.
eixty dayi after date I intend to appjr t0 th.
v2?irtae li l^T^SS"* Und*?nd Wo ki
Mt torla, B. C , to purchase 130 trm *^ ilrz
sltuaie in Fire Vk'Iey. RM KmSS^TE
scribed a�� follows: '^l-'.^^y^.^
e-oraer of Ul; T815. aa ) ruLning nonh �� u^?
tbchfaeait 30 -hkim, then�� *oath �� .      .
Blxty days after date 1 intend to txyp.j ta the
Hon. Chief CommiMioner of Laad* ai*d  Wo*?*,
to purcha** 230 v re* of lano la Flre VaDey, t��i
Kootenay district snd deacrlbed af follows:
Commencing at a  po*t narkbd J. i.t  I  I
I e/.rner, and runnl-f  a-r-b tv ��� n. a*   thtt.*.*
��� weat 40cbain*. :bew* iKratb */> "Itsttt. il.eo*-^
. east 40cht)ni to I'ltoe --f beginning, tad Ueiir
tbe weat one-half of the ���������* J�� one n���tnti _.-1
; the e��n one-half of tte fc W. oBfwuarvcf gad
, tbe wen one hs*f of the Jf. �� one-yuan*:   ml
j the ea*t anthaiJ of tie 5. w. o&t-��uar-er of
���Section ����, 7own��hlpTl. 0.1.
I    March MsJM ivtw tsrtn
^ For Further Information Apply to ������^B^^^^
I fttl* il 1 1 Jt NELSON, B. C
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Take    notice    that   sixty   nays    after   date I
I intend to   apiiy to the Hoaorabie the Chiel i
Commlisioner of Land* aad Works for permis-  |
alon to purehase tbe following described land
situated in tbe Weat Kooieaty  district:   Com   '
mencing   al   a   post planted at   the   aouiheait '_
corner of Lot tii. en tie south side of tbe Waat '
Arm o! Kootenay lake, tbence Ml chains west to
loutbwtai corner of said lot, thence 3D chaini
south, theoce e<0 chaias etst, theace 'jo chtlns
north to piace of eommeneement, conttinln% \U_
April 2nd. 1WT. CHaaLB Boaarr>oii,
per is��� ��� ti- W   :.���.-*:.���-. Agent.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ore,
  f ���-^��� |    II      ��� ���        i���i --���-..��    mmm mum i .si �����
>N'hoit;_��tilsts Provision*,
Produce, ��� FrGit.
Gor-ernment -Crwunerr Oris1 Ponnd Hnrks n*oo]Tspd weekly tnth fromlhj
rharn.   Kor sale br all li*ading groc��fm.
Office and wnrehoune: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. ���      Nelson, B. <
Blily days atter date 1 Intend loapply to Ibe
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Laad* and
Works, Victoria, lo purchase the following
described lands In West Kooteaa^ diitrict:
Commencing at a po*t planted at the ** K coi ner
of Wm. Loreti's pun base l.Tft** and marked
"K. W.F's N.E corner." snd "unaing filth 60
chslns, tbence west 40 chain*, tbeni-e T.-��rta 60
chains, theace ea*t 40 i hain* to place of beginning and containing _?4w acrus.
JlarcbMh. llrVT, E M ��HkW,
J. E   a- ��...������ t  Agent.
Kotlce I* hereby given tbat W days alter date I
lnu*n*atoapplT (a tae Honorable the I Lief Commissioner of .�����������)'.' and Worki for .���.--���������*
to purchase aboat 175 acres of land, situate near
tbe Feud d'Ureille rlrer. West Kootenay dlitrlet,
tnd described as follow*: Corn merit* nm at t
���poit marked H. %. lb(.m*on'* N. W. corner post,
situated on tbe sonth boundary and 30 chains
from B. W post nf Lot 71W, thenca south about TO
chaiui, thence eaat ab-nut St cbalni to a point on
the west boundary and At chains from > ft, p-*��i
ofLot7T4], lbence north 70 cbains and thenre
west H5 t hsini to the place uf beginning.
ath March, 1*JT. D, K 1 mom son,
A.G. UaSg, Agent.
-���uy days after date l intend toapply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
W'orks. Victoria, to pnrchase HO MM of land,
situated on tbe west ttCe of Arrow lake, and de
scribed as followi: Commcu'ing at a post mark
ed J. H's N.K corn��r and placed at th.* southweit corner of Lot 7W2, Group 1. Wesi Kooteuay,
aad running weal HO chains, thence south w
rhalni, ihenoe east 80 chtlns In tne lake sboie,
thence nortb along tbe lake to place of Wftinnitig
March lib, 190T. J  Hi.i-.HI,
J. E. A XX a ml. Agent.
��0 day* after date I iniend to apply lo the Hon.
Chief t'nmml��sloner of land* tnd Work*. Victoria to purchase 160 arrea of land in Eire Vallcr,
WM Kootenay dirtrict, and dcM-rlbetl k* follows*.
Commencing st a p.i��t marked W H w rl|itit>
S. L. corner, and running aorlb W chalu*. then.*.*
weal* rhaia*. then'e Kinih K�� chain*, thence
eait-JOrbaln* to place of l^glunlng, and I**lug
the west ont- bail ..f the N. E. quarter of BaettoO
2C. and tbe west balf ol thc 8. f. one-t|uarter of
bee don S, in Townihlp Tl G-1.
March ��tb, 1WC, W. H. WWeaTt,
Kolbe 1* bereb? glren lhat fiOdayn
Intend to apply lo the  Hon. the t'hlelCi
���ioii.-r of Unds and Works,  Vlrtoris. k
mis*i(��n  to  purehaae   tbe   foliow(m W
laud:   CommcBclog al a poit at (lie li
ol ihf south   Itoundary of lot WU ' _
bouudary of   "(tolden Queen"   minersia
iht in-. .-Kit p? �� rbalns, mow or le��. ��>ij
east corner   post of lot WW,   thenre n
ehains. more <��r leas, to oor thea* t eonw'
lot .'-XI. thenre east 40 chaini to lbe i
rprai r po*t of lo. .S48, thence soutb **
thence wett W chains, more or le*i  "
Uiundary oi the -Golden Queen" miu
thence along   east boundary **liold(i
mineral  claim to point of comment"1
chain", more or le��
Nelson. H C , March 12.1907.
John- ciurltok,
Per Wa. TOlUWtOft W
ttXtj dayi after dale I Intend to an
Him    the Chef   Commissioner ol La
Worki. Victoria, to purchase :U0 acreso
"est   Kootenty.   described  a* followi:
mencing at a   post planted   ibout I -in
-Munitiiu. Creek  from the  mouth anil et
"A   e. " _, w. corner,  thencu ��t>uth Kt
thenoeawt m chains, thence north aat
thence 4o chalna west to place oi heoinnl
February 16th, 1*907. A.0��
J. K. Asnabli:. Af*
Slity days afterdate i intend lo apply to the
Hon. Chief Commiasioner of U:::** and Works,
Victoria, to | 'rebate th following described
lands adjoining the Arrow 'akei in Wot Koot-
��� :.,.��� : Commencing at a j* *-t plantod at the
5. w. oorner of J. H. Porter's pre-emption, and
marked E Wis W. potnM m thMU I JUcnains
ncrtb along lake shore, tnence A'chain* cast,
theoce _U cbains south, thence *J0 chain-- aall to
;��� ��'-. ol beginning, containing to acre*, more or
April 18, l��n.
  EvgLYH Wanoa.
i��SHlw.ifc heTitbr f,ten ,b>l���� ^��y�� ^teTd^Ti
J*;..    ,!���,    ?f lbe *"����'*rn boundary of fl
Latsd this Uth day of March. 1KT7.
 ;  J. L. Poktib._
*. ^XiKm&r.ZAWtXli',.*B
���  aHaffi^KSS
tUti,   ikS.T?ss, ,,"";"���'��� lbcno�� wrm M
���������   IKS t^l^.,"-^'^   f'\��l
���woit.nw. ^Piw
t. MS AiSAtix, iiciil.
flsiy ,i��y�� .(ter a.'. I Intensl t.s .PP1
Ilssn -h. Chlel ISomniU,ls,ns*i "f ul._
^^s^^-|s,, Vlcu.ri.. to furs h.-w frwiprtsol111,
"s-l K,s���ie,t�� , .i.mssI. I .��� liillmrii '
imenrln. .1 . p, ,t tn.rkesl -II. B." H* "
.is.I I. tint ai the N.W. corner ssl A. un
��� Pl'llrallnn lis ].:.:, i..,. ��� whls-li I. nl.'Sil ��� ���
nj Uoaq-ollo ClMk rrom lhe ns.'iilli ��"J
ninit ��' ils.lni sM.uth, Ihens*,*  M s Is.'is''
" ���*: ������, I,.In, si..r,|i. theli's   HU rhMM*
pl.re ,.| l.^lnnlnt
Kel.rsi.ry 16th. 1��I7. D  Bir
J. E. annbaiii. AgeDl^
Hilly sl.y, .Her dale 1 Inlensl lis ,W1
H,.ii..r.l,),. tlselhlt.K'.*smmlMI'siit-risl l*n
Work,, Vietorl.. to ptirvhtsm- ml nsrM ��
loe.leil on Ihe weit ilde ol ArrsssrUlei
sli- erIU.l ������ followi: Camminrliii f,l ��
in.rkiMl I* A*i s. K.oorner,���nd|il.un-i|J"��
nssrlh of iheioiithwiits-ornerol Usl .IM-"'
1. ��e..| Kooen.y. and miming fsssslb ����
Ihens-e well as rh.ln,. thrnre mirth �������
tbrnre e����l Jo ehalni lo -plan* el ln-gInnlBJ
Mareh llll., I��i7 I'. >,"""
J. E Awuaiii i, Arc:
s-Uly ,i,s, mer due I Inleis.l i""i;l,:,!,"
Hssn.sratile Ihs- Chief domalnlon��r ssl l*^
Work! f..r perrnlistilon to nnn-hsiK* lln* ""'L
deierlbiHl lansl In Weil Knolen.) I l'"m!f'l
.1 h po.1 .boni one .nd.sisi.ilorissllt'stj **.L
llsss,,,,,,,. l.n.nnn.nnd m.rke.l B.'ll. ��"���
s. E. eorner. Ihenee norlb a* s IibIiss. lb'��"
XI rh.Ini, Ihenee .olilh Mi-hallK. Ittm*
shalns lo polnl of eominenreiiH'in
Manh rfiisl, 1*>sT.     (Sl.ne.l) B'"
RnnKiiT wmltlto*
Sluy .Ly, .ft., d.le 1 Intensl 10 tff__S
llonnr.1,1,. il���. cblef Cssmnili'ls'iii*'��' "f���,
Works. I���r ivrmtnlon 10 pnrrhiM* Use W"j
sis', rllse.l (,t���i In Weil Kootfinj '""Or
.1 a pss,t plaisled on tbe north l"1""''-
s-n-i-k, .l)oisii|sri'p gn.rlenssf a ssslls* Irssnsi
of oraftk, ansl su.rl.i-il Kvi Cnll'l I* r*,
Ihenee norlh *AI eb.lni, thems* w**;'k,i
Ibenee ioulb �� eh.lsi. IKcnre eul l��"i"
point of eommrueemont. ,,L...rrll.S
M,is-h Bad, MOt. (SUtnssllJ-"'1 ���
Rom��T Robinson, *!___,
BfXIJ .lay, .Her d.lc I ini.-i ','.f'V,
Hon   ihe chief CommlissioinT s.l i����
Work. lor[H.rm|..|oii lo piirsliass* lsi*wl"
��� i'-.,*rllsed land In Welt Koolonay: 'ssl
��� i a i.i.s-t pl.niid on ihe ioulb i;"11*
��� reek, a*- oist   ne mile fiom nisssiili ol
markesl  "It.  Kolslnlon'l N W   conl"'. ihllj
i.-siilh W ehalni. ihoneeenl l'1 ' s*1";*    "
north BOehaim, Ihenee wtil 10 DMIM "
Marsh Und, IW. , ,������ft I
(Uljned) B0��I��1 B0I1��^ |
> t>WM*m,>.'.,:')imi''m*SL!.m><i*.m ipecial for Camp and*Hotel Use
s .      ^^
Heavy Hams
[he Very Best of Canadian Goods
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Bonndary.
the Daily Canadian
police thai thirty flayi nitvr dAte I m-
niii.lv totho lion, t'lili'l I'triimlnalniie'r of
nn ! Wml,- hi .'ii-mrlu, 11. i'., (or h B|��*clal
U> cut ami mm* ttwuy umber from tho
.,_,!,. rlbed landi hi AI iin wordi division:
���-,.**,< idh al �� |>o*��l rmtrkuil ('has. K. Wnlnia-
. t poat, thence north m chain*,
sn*-1 .iiflmifm tt) I-, iiii i'i commencement,
lluiii! iffiiK iltuated on tha aaat aide of
��� m-ck, about W% milea nouth of the Ij��r-
cd Mareh L'th, [007.
Glial, f. Wamisj.ey, Locator.
I*, -hkk-in. Agent,
unmcuclog tit a j>o*l   marked   ('haa. K
ey'i   TinrlliwcKt    |,(>M,    theliee   aoilth   W
:[,:,,������ ..thi hii chains, thenee north m
lbence went SI) i-haniN lo point of rom*
*.������:.*.. iin* said land being annate on the
i ,,-s'nU* creek, about ���'' , miles aouth
riu river.
,,! March Uili,l��07.
i hah. 1", Waijihi.iy, 1-oeator,
I'. HHKRAH, Agent,
mmenrlng   nl   a   |>oil   marked Chas. P.
I* >   nn;:ir*.. -I    poeti   llieneo   aoulh   HO
. eaal W ehalns, tbenee Mbru m
lbence  aeal HO cliaUm  lo point of com-
* -Hid lend indng iftnate on thei
���4c creek, about if, mlleH aouth
MU nver.
���ted March 12th, 19*i7.
Chai k. WAi.aci.KY, Loeator,
I* hiikraw, Agent.
r- ii> Kiven tbat 30 ilnya after date 1
!-]'!v in tin; Hou Chief i.omtn in* toner |
md Worki, at Victoria for a speelnl \
��� nl and carry away Umber from tbc
ileicrlbed landi  In  Weal   Kootenay:
UK ni a po-i  planted on tbe east Hue
iwo   in flea aonth   ol   the   sotitburil
<l  my Timber I.lienne No. 10, theuee
*.*,-.  north KO "lui'ii*. weal 4U ebalna,
->;���!>.. went  In * Iml ti-.  south  HO CJwIllS,
-���mth HO ehalus lo plnee of cum-
i nlaltiing (.li aerea, more or lean.
IW7. P. Lntn,
Not ee la bereby elm that M (Ufi rrom -late
I I tend to amdy to (he Hon Chief lunmi Ian loner
of Undi and Works for a apeclal llei-nw lo eut
andiarry away timber (rom the following do.
-tKirlbed laud* in Weal Kootenay district*
Commencing at a poet pUnici on ihe north
bank olio-Mile ereek, about one mile and a half
from Hloean lako, marked K Htrand'i norlhweat
corner poat. tbenn, cmt lfio chains, tbenee sontb
U OfaalDI, thenee west lfio ebalm, tbence north
wonatoa to point or eomseneement
Dated thli.lil day uf March. 1Wj7.
K. Btranp, 1-orator.
������ li hereby Kiven thnt m daya alter date I
In applr to the Honorable the Chief Cornier ��l i-hti i- and Worka for a special
lo rm ate! carry away Umber from the
iik* u-Bcrlbed  laudi altuated on the weat
Kin -in*, p creek Valley:  Commencing
kree and a hell Ullea north of the Iuter-
>l boundary line and nhout one and a
In nri-ii ui ibe Nelion and Fori Hheppard
I i umpany'l laud grant In the dlatrlct of
mm aej:
torn mencini at a post planted two
fftl nl Hlic Hbeep creek, known as the
est eornei pout, Joining J. K. Cranston's
So 1, claiming SO ebalns north,
80 chaiua eeat, thenee HO chalna aouth,
- - ��� aim ��' let to polntof commencement.
��� ! March 21st i��/).
mmonclnf at a poit planted at the
��� ���'- corner o| location No. 1, known aa the
��� *i rorner pottuf location No.'2, claiming
ii i mth, thence HO chnlna easi. then e HO
north,  tbence 80 chains went to poi lit of
���v< ment
��� I March 31it,lfl07.
1 .iiiineiieiiig at a poit placed half a
: 1 "nilon No 2, known aa tbe south-
ii* i ��� Inim 11:,- HU chalna north, thenee HO
���em, thence ho chains south, thence 80
n-i io point ol mm mencemont.
i ommenclni at a post planted at thc
������I i nrner ot locntion So. 3, known na the
���al corner, claiming liK) ehalus soutli,
W chaini went.thence 1*60 chalna north,
KM liHlnsenttt to point of commencement,
ti March 21st, l'JUfe *.
J. 1*. 8WKDHEW, Locator.
K  T. KNOii-mus**, Agent.
���li bereby given that :�� daya after date
I to apply to the Hon. Chief CommlMton-
indi nnd Works for a special licenae to
tarry nwny Umber Irom thc following
1 land* iihinie<l on the west aide of big
m k Valley, eommeuclngaboul 4!3 milea
���I the 'iiicrnatlouH. boundary line, and
in-* mt'e west of  big Sheep ereek In tbe
oi Weat i ooteney i
Oommenolni ai n post planted about
1 ���������"���M ol lllg Hbeep creek, known us lhe
���I ornei pont, clnliulng HO ebalna south,
"''hnlns weit, ili-iii'-* *>> chains norm,
w chalna eut to point ot commencement.
���ommcuelng nt n pout planlcd at the
*i enrner of Uh ntiou .No 1, kuown nh the
-I eoruer post, claiming HO chains north,
8"ehalna taut, thenoe ��' chains south,
Di linliiH weot to point of coinmtucement.
1 ".lamenting al h poit planted at lbe
mi corner of locntion No 'i, known as the
" eorner pout, claiming ��0 chains north,
*���' i Iniiii-* west, thunee no chalnn aouth,
���"eliHlimer-wi to point of commencement.
1 I April l..lh,1907.
J. P. HWEDBgRO, Txieator,
 g. T  -KNoEMKirM, Agent.
a Im li
(Ttmber Limit ^o.a)
sreby given lhat oo dun after date I
"''i'i i" npplv to ihe Honorable tho Chief Com-
tuioner of [.unds mid Works for a special
���Welti mt nnd carrv awny limber from the
iweln-j deacrlbed Innd,hituated on Kooskanax
pi.in Wat Kootenay dlatrlct:
"n iieing nt a poet planted etthe.north-*
' "nn r ni lun tier Limit No lojn.and niark-
1 I' lt-n'H houlhwcsl corner peiat, thenee
'tii HO chnluH, ibenee eusl HO chains, thence
,ll'i Webalui, tnenee veil Wohelni to polntof
wwated Maroh 88,1*37,     H. I). Li��, Locator.
(Tlmbei Notice Nn.Il)
"iiinirin-iiii{ hi it poit planted al lhe aouthensl
���'iTni s��� <i it mn, nnd nt the northweit oorner
nmber license No. \itiVb, thvovt. norlh 1��0
uum tbenoe ensl 40 cbalni to weat lino of
*"-r lleenie No 1034A, following line of No
������'"ii 1 10144, 100ohelni, Ihclice Tollowlni'llne
1""1,1 llcenw No  IONS 40 chains to point of
a im ncement
l.i ated Maroh u, 1907.     11,1) Lea, I-ocator.
s (timber Notice No. 4.)
nouce Ih hereby given timt 60 deTI nfter date F
jwna ,, npply l() UlB Hon (.|llet Commlaaioner
tr '.-""ds mid *orkl for ii speelnl llceuae to cut
jrry mvay llmlier from tbo following de-
1 lands, lltdated on Kooakannx ereek in
in,*  ,.',l(,U!"*y dlitrlot, nud ahoul  live mllei
F'.ul P|��t Arrow lake
nclnget I post plented ou tho north
""k mui nbout hell ft mile from ereek,
id 11. l>. Lea'a iputbeut corner poat,
���������'lb m ohelni. thenee west HO cluilna.
"Oth HOelinhia, thence cnat 80 chalna to
I March Bl.lftn,      H D Lia, Locator.
(Umber Notice No. R.)
'' ;"K  nt   H pout mnrked II.  D. Lea's
Notice la herehy given Hint 30 days after date I
intend lonpplj to the Hon. the Chief ComtnU-
eloner of Unds and Works, at Victoria, for a
apeclal lleenie to cut aud carry a��ay timber
from th�� lollowlng described lands in Yale du-
No. 1. -Commencing al a post planted about 10
ohaini eeet of main Kettle river end ebont one
mile more or leM norlh of C.P U, block No.
.'K:i7, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'i H. K.
corner poat No. 1. thence K chaina north, thence
80 cbains west, thence He chnlna iouth, thenct) HO
chains east to tbc point of commencement.
I'nt-'l Mar h 'iimi   ttKfl.
N��, 2.��� ���* ommenclua at a post planted abonl Iff
chnlna eaat ol mnlu Kettle river about BO chains
north of Boundary Lumber Co's LooetlOO No. 1,
aud inurued Boundary Lumber Co'i 8. K. corner
post No. % tbence 80 chaina north, Ihence 80
ehaim weal, thence 80 chaini soutb, thence W>
chains east to the point of eommeucement.
Lated Und March, 1907.
No. 8.���Commencing at a post planted about tt
chnins cast of main Keltle riverand aboul ttt
chnlna north of Boundary Lumber Col locatt-m
|K��t No 2, and marked Boundary Lttmber Ovh
n. K. corner poai No. 3, thenee HO chains north,
tbence Hu chnins west, thenoe 80 chnlna sowthv-
ibence HO chalna east to the point of eommcaua-
Dnted March Und, MM.
No. 4,���Commencing at a post planted about
10 chalna enst of the mnlu Keltle river nud about
80 chains north of Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 8, and marked Boundary Lumber
Co'a H. K. corner MM BO 4, thence HO chalna
north, theuce Ho cbains west, thence HO ehala*
aoutb, theuce HO cbaina east to the point of Commencement.
DaU-d M��rch -.'.'iid.l'JU..
No 5.--Commenclng at a post planlcd about
i'i rbaina eaat of main Keltle river aart about.
two miles north, more or laaa, of Bowadary Lumber o'a UweUoo HO. 4, and marked Boundary
I.iimbiT Oo'i ti K. corner post N* fl, thenee HO
ohalttl north, thenee HO chaina aeat, thence 80
ohelni south, ihence 80 chain-mount to the point
of commencement.
Dated March zma, I*-..
No. 6.���Commencing at a post planted about i'��
chalna eaat ol noun Kettle river on 0 1' H. line
hloex   No. Hit, and about HO chains north uf
Boundary Lumber t'o's location poil ^. 6, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's B. K eoruer poat
No. 0, thenee HO cbalni norih, following <������ I1 R.
line block No .Til, theuce wji-hHlna west, thence
80 chatna south   theuce Ho chnins e*at to tbc
polnl of oommeneement
Dated March *3rd. 1SW7.
No. 7.���Commencing at n post planted about
15 chalm west ol the main Kettle river on 0 P.R.
Hue bl <ck No. 2714. und at>out HO chaina north ol
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 6, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co'a S K. corner poet
No. 7, theuce 160 cbaina north, following C. V. R.
Hue block No. 2714, theuce 4i)chain�� weat, thence
ltii* shftlni south, tbeuce 41 chaina enst to tbe
polntof eommeneement.
Dnted Mareh Brd. Wl.
No. H���Commencing ut a poll plnnted about
_��<hfttna west irom river bank and about 3 tn Ilea
Ninth, more or leas, of tbe last cast branch of tbe
eaat fork of thu malu Kettle river or about 13
ini'ea north, more or leaa, of C. F, B. BlOek No.
2714, on eaat fork ot Kettle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co'a N. W. corner post No H, thence
HO chaina cnat, thenee HO ehulns iouth, thonce to
chftlnv weal, ih nee 80 cbaina uortb to tbe point
of commencement.
Dated March Mth, I'M.
No. ��.--(. ommenclng ata post planted about
20 chalna wesl from river bank, on the eaat fork
of Kettle river, aud about HO chains south of
Boundnry Lumber CO'ft l<n:aUon pMt No H, and
marked Houudnry I umber Oo'i N. W. corner
poat No 9, thence HO ehaluaeasl, thenc 80 chains
south, thence HO chalna weat, Ihenee 80 chains
uorth to the point of commencement.
Dated March 'iMh, MM.
No. 10 -Commencing at a poat planted about
30 chaina weat from river bank on tbc eaat fork
of Keith* river, and nbout 80 chains WUth ol
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No V, and
murked Boundary Lumber Co'a N. W. corner
oo-t No. 10, thenee 80 ehalna eaat, thence HO
cliaina aouth, thenco 80 cHalna weat, tbeuce Hu
chaliiH north to thc point of commencement.
Dated March iMh. MM.
No. 11.���Commencing at a poat planted about
l.'i chains west from river bnnk on tbe eust fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chnins aoutb of
Houndary Lumber Co'a location m>sl No, to, and
mnrked Bonndnrv LumlwrOo'a N.W. corner poat
No 11, theuce HO chalna eust, Iheuce W ehalna
aouth. tnence Hd chaiua we-t. thenco 80 cbaina
north to the poini ol commencement.
Dated March iMh, MM.
Nei. 12,-Commenning at a post planted abont 12'
cbftluR west from river hank an the eaat f ok of
Ke tie river, and nbout Ho chnins Boutb of
Houndarv Liimbyr Co'a location post No. 11, and
mm ked Boundnry Lumber Co'i N. W. corner
no��t No. 12. thenee HO ehalna enst, thenee 80
chaini anuth, thenoe 80 chalna west, theuco HO
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March Hth, IW-
No 13-Commencing ata poat planted about
12 chains west from river bank ou lhe eaat fork
of Kettle river, and nhoul 80 chains south ol
Boonderj Lumber Co'a locntion post No. 12, and
murked lloutidaw Lumber Iui N w. corner
Silt Von. thence HO chains east, theuee 80
rbaina Boiilb, thence 80 chaiua west, thonco 80
ehnins north lo the point of commencement.
Untcd Miii'li iMh, 1907.
No 14 -Commencing at n post planted aboul*
10 cbains wst irom river bank on thc easi fork
of ic le river, and nhout HO chain* south o
llo,ind irv Lumber Oo'i loenllou fuel No-13, nnd
Set! Lmdary LumberCo's ti W. corner post
N.i 14 tbence W chains eaM, thenee HO duns
aoulh theUM HO chains west, theuco HO chains
north^o ibe point ol commencement.
ffiS***** MR! m
toe  ains well trom river bank on tho east fork
t Iv.*     and about HO chains south o
Ho.ml. v UimberCo'iPOIJ No "-an.l murked
I. n ry H "her Co's fi . W comer post No. 18,
AMwBohalni cast, tbenee Bo ohalni south.
tSenoeMohelni weit, thonce Wchelmnorth to*
polut of commeni'jMiient.
1 Duted Mnrch'iMh, I'M.
8lmpl�� R_|eB ,or Coniumptives Drawn
Up by Canadian Airti-Tubei-cu-
loais Society.
The following polntis and suggestlonB
niKunlliig the prevention of eonBump-
tlon which deserve the attention of
everyhody, are gathered from a recent
iirllcln by Ur. Knopf, of New York, In
the Medical Record:
There ure more cuhcb of advanced tu-
beroillosis to ho treated than any other
Then. Ih no dlsenae where ko much
cun Imi done to render the patient coin-
forluhle and hopeful uh pulmonary tu-
iH-rciiloiiii! ln tlle advanced Htuge.
There Ih no dlBcuac where one case In
u family cun bo readily become the
cauHe of Infection ln other mcniherB, particularly In the Bluge where the con-
Hiimptlvo begins to be confined to tho
close uHHocluiiisn of the fnmlly in-,mber8
It ls extremely lmportunt to remember that advanced consumptive putlents
who are able lo go about, perhaps able
to work at their ordinary calling, ln the
office or factory, when ignorant or careless, constitute the greatest danger to
the health of the community. They muBt
be considered as the most frequent
cause of Infection. The careless, ignorant, or helplesB consumptive, when confined to bed, can do little more than Infect his room; but the advanced patient
uble to follow his calling, can, lf he is
careless, scatter 7,000,000 bacill every
day with the greatest ease.
Of all tuberculosis patients, he
should be the most carefully Instructed,
and should tie most deeply impressed
with the facl, that carelessness in the
dispoHal of the sputum is dangerous to
himself as well us to his neighbors.
Ab yet, people generally, have not
been educated up to the point at which
they are willing to curry and use, a
pocket lluHk or cardbourd purse. Mi-Inn
deBlroua to conceal their condition,
Ihey aro extremely reluctant to do anything which would call attention to their
Infirmity. Some way less likely to cause
remark mtiBt be found. Probably the
beBt that can be done ln the meantime
Is to Biiggest that tuberculous men
have two pockets lined with some material which can he easily cleansed, and
that they should carry In one of these
IHickets, very cheap hundkerchiefs, or
bits of cheese cloth, or other cheap material cut like handkerchiefs, which
when used can be easily put into the
other pocket, and there kept until the
close of the day, when they can be
easily destroyed or Bterllized by boiling,
nfter their return home. In this way
they can escape observation, and at the
same time secure their fellow-workmen
with whom they are associated, against
danger. When so simple a precaution
as this, and one easily In reach of every
right thinking man, Is available, not to
make use of it, would seem little less
than criminal neglect.
Ills tsl Nn 4 luisftltssll, Ih,'lis*
.���siniiiH, ilsisiin. nouth so i-lialn., tbencu
sisiiisssiypiiint ,,| ,.���mmei,,.em0,ii,
''���si MHrt-ii ai.i-Mn      ll.n lis, Uiciitor.
Mntli.. i. , I'1'1"11'" UmltNo.tl.)
I"' I"  lusrsstiy kIyi	
.1,,,, ,���,   ,, "SSSSslUT   QI
i'ii Hint Hlxty ttKyn After
"   tn tho HsssiisiisUi- tbu
Uui'Ih ssss.l Worku fnr ft
,-- i'ii! ansl i-arry away tlmtwr
���tx m ���    ''"���"��,-���'rl!iosllaiiil,iltuali!ilal.iiiil
'"is��\ m ,..     .' ,J"' ' A'l"'r '''rr"��* I"1"-' "'I  "l"'"
iniiii,;.,   ,'   ' "���" KniitonavdUrrlct:
" I-,,', _'"!_ Bl 'I l����l plsinlsssl and marknil H
I'h'slssss   I,,,,,. ?��'a.( jsnsst, thoiu'o t-ftftt mi
"���'"itn.' lis, s  ,. ."'" ," *' I'lmlna. tlicliM wont ��l
���nnunt���    '     ����ntlM to point of com-
u��'**lM���oh��l1W)7,     11. D.UA, Locator,'
'���"innii.iii.i,,'"'."''1"' '''"ill N"-1 )
���"��� '���'�����'>iiiri,B " ," ,"'" l'l��"l"��l "nl markesl II,
''l"""n Isillssss,,, ,','"'""���" P���'. llmniits anulll Hll
[ llll-lls-s, iu"   ��l, ,'l    '"  *''"  '">��� 0'  ��".�� I""��.
'"���are mki mi ri.!',"."' """i��� nnrth Wl chalna,
tMitti Mi.,.,.,"".!_ puUU 0| wn.rn.nn.rn.nt.
II. U.Lu, locator,
herstburg In a colllBlon with the steamer John C. Gattle. The Qattle proceeded
on Its Journey up tht- river. The Whit-
taker was going down the river with a
load of corn. She was built at Mount
Clemis in 1890. The Whlttaker'B crew
was rescued by the crew of the tug
General. Byron Whittaker, a well-
known Detroit vesBel man and owner of
the sunken steamer, died yesterday,
aged 76.
Claim Credit for the  Higher Standard
of Clothes Worn by Men.
According to some newspapers, advertising ls the panacea of all business Ills.
It can even resurrect the dying liualness
of the custom tailor, according to an
article recently republished In the Montreal Gazette. This article was taken
(rom a tailors' trade paper, and was one
of a series following up the attempt to
kill Semi-ready tailoring by "Confidential Circular, No. 1."
It ls claimed by the press that advertising may be credited with the success
achieved by Semi-ready tailoring, but
the president of the Semi-ready com-
panys says he believes that they could
very well do without any advertising.
New Steamer Burned.
Detroit, May 13.���The new $1,000,000
passenger and freight steamer. City of
Cleveland, which was being completed
at the Detroit Shipbuilding company's
yards, ls reported to have been burned
to the water's edge early today. All of
the upper works of the steamer above
the water line and her interior fittings
have been destroyed; the loss will be
about $700,000.
Sudden Death.
New York, May 13,���Edward Johnston, 68 years old, president of the People's Trust company of Brooklyn, died
suddenly on a south bound subway express train that drew Into the Brooklyn
bridge station at 8:15 o'clock last night
Death was due to apoplexy.
Corporation of tht City of Nelson
BY-LAW No. 177
Somebody   Mistaken.
T. G. Procter, A. M. Johnson anil J. C.
Gordon returned to the city yeBterday
afternoon from a day's fishing at Procter. Mr. Procter was currying a splendid
specimen of the Great Lake trout, whicli
weighed 14 1-2 pounds dressed. He and
his companions stated thnt lt was
caught after a very Interesting struggle,
off the Procter light.
A government official of unimpeachable veracity was on the steamer by
which Messrs. Procter, Johnson and
Gordon returned. He saw them joard
the Btenmer at Procter and is certain
that they had no fish. When the Nelson
wharf wns reached the three gentlemen
flrst mentioned preceded the govern
ment official up the wharf. The latter
saw thc captaht of a tug hail Mr. Procter, who stepped on board. When he
next appeared he waB carrying the big
The slorles Beem to conflict. But no
one would dream of questioning the
truthfulness of any of the authorities.
The obvious explanation Is that the
government official hnd temporarily lost
his spectacles and found them again
just as Mr. Procter reappeared with
the fish.
- A by-law to raise $60,000.00 for the
construction of a Public School in the
City of Nelson, and the Improvement of
the grounds and appurtenances in connection therewith.
Lost Life and Property.
Detroit, May 13.���Tho slcnmer Byron
Whittaker of Detroit, was sunk In the
lower Detroit river last night off Atn-
,ihi (ilantc'l sibsnit
.-sstls   tlii'lH'C HI I'llrtlllH --���
nori'Vti .1." P<.l��t,s.1 ;*.;m.ne...*o...'��>���
Pali-sl Miiri-li-islli,ll��n.
No. n.- " 	
6 I'llHlllSS
of   K.I11.   river,.���ffi.JKuonMpoVliriud
Hniili.lisrvl.ssiiilssr'  sHi i��"'    i   ���  w
"'"."n,   7    it  00  m"",��.���".���ss.i, Hi.*."*.**'
Is��-?__.VA.TK__.��. Shalni ttttl, then���rn-
cliaiilss sss
thenoo N
Dati.il Maroh loth
noil i.liinis'sl alinul
it hii ehnins Ninth   jj
��� *.  , , . .   ,u    I,,,,ih,,11     liont    No.   1"
BonndM/ ''"m,Hr. l '    l1""1'""   ' -
ofKfltttO Klver and
lloundnrv UnM ' ��"��� '"J ";',",;; ��� fcpw. corner
lUH| rnerted Jgjggi l. ,V i"i. thenee Ho
KLfeJSs H^fi&ini weit! thenee ��>���
**W Match ai.iwj,
cluUiiK north to the p 'int o     ma
I)��ted March *tJ._|��J;r BouBdiry Lumber Ot,.
Kottco Ib hereby itlven that 80 dayn after dato 1
Intend to applv lo the on. Chief rommlssloner
nf Undsand Worki for a iperinl Mcenie to cut
and carry away timber from the following ofr
icribed landi", Blluated on Corn Creek 1 ��� the
Goat creek division ln Southwest Kootenay, B (..
"A"���CotnmencinK at poat "a" planted ubout
190 ebalni we?t from southeast eorner of Block
No. 1006, and marked " *. I. Beekwlth by I J
l.iiela, Httent, TmrihciiN* corner post." nhout two
chains north of the nt ream, then went KU) chains,
then 40 chains sou'h, then eaat IM ohaini, then
40 chains north to post of commencement.
Dated March 6th, 1907. W. L. Bbchwith,
bv I. J   I4JCU, A Kent,
"B"���Commencing at post "B" planted on the
Houth fork of Corn creek, about 60 ehains from
where the stream empties into the Maiu stream,
marked "W, U Beekwlth hy 1 > Luola, agent,
northeast corner post," about three chains east
ol stream, then 160 chains south, then 40 ehatns
want, then 160 chains north, then 40 ohains eatt
to point of com inducement.
Dated Mareh 7th, IW. W. L Pica with,
by I. J. I.i'ciA, Agent.
"C'���Commenciug at post "C" planted 80
chains soutb of northwest rorner of Block "11"
marked "W L Beckwilh by l.J. Lucia, agont.
northeast eormr post," about ten ebalus west of
sl renin northeast corner, then 160 chimin south,
then 40 ehalns west, ti.en 160 chains north, then
40 chains east to post of commencement.
Dated March 8tb, 1907, W. L. BKCKWITH,
by I, J. Lucu, Agent.
Th* St*athcona
Nelson, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
Whereas lhe Board ot 8ehool Trustees of tho
City of Nel'on has prepared and laid before the
Municipal Couuneil of tbe City of Nelaon an estimate showing that sueh Board requires 960,-
'XW.00 to meet an extraordinary expenditure for
thc purpose of constructing a pub ic school In
the City of Nelson and the Improvement of the
grounds and appurtenancea In connection therewith. m _
And whereas such estimate ha* been duly con
sldered and finally approved of by the said
And whereas for the purpose aforesaid it will
be necessary to borrow tbe sum ot 160,000.00 and
to Issue debentures of the City of Nelton for the
purpose of raising said amount. ���
And whereas tbe whole amount of the rateable
land of the said city, according to tbe last revised assessment roll, is unemlllion two hundred
and sixty seven thousand seven hundred and
twenty-five dollars 1*1,387,7*6.)
And whereas it will be requisite to raise annually by rate tha sum of five thousand two hundred
and thirty twodoMars and sixty cents (t,,23_!60)
tor paying the said debt and interest.
Now, therefore, the Municipal Council of tbe
Corporation of the City of Nelton enacts H fol-
1, it shall and may be lawful for the Mayor of
the Corporation of the City of Nelson to borrow
upon the credit of the said Corporation, by way
ofthe debentures hereinafter mentioned, from
any iierson or persons, body or bodies corporate,
who may be willing to advance the same as a
loan, a sum of money not exceeding In the whole
the sum of Sixty Thousand Dollars (IW.OoO.OO,}
and to cause all such sums io raised or received
to be paid into the bands of the treasurer of the
said Corporation for the purpose and with the
object herein before recited.
���i. It shall be lawful for he Mayor of the said
Corporation to cause anv number of debentures
to be made, executed amMaeued for auch sum or
sums as may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum
of Sixty Thousand Dollars (*M,00O.0O) each of the
said debentures being of the denomination of
One Thousand Dollars (fl,000), and such debentures shall be sealed wltb the teal of the Corporation and signed by the Mayor thereof.
3 The said debentures shall bear date the
11 rat day of July, 1907, and shall be made payable
In twenty veara from tbe said date, lo lawful
money of Canada, at thc office of the Bank of
Montreal In Nelson aforvntid, which said plaee
of payment shall ne designated by the tald debentures, and shall bave attached to them cou-
fions for tho payment of Interest and tbe signa-
urea to the interest coupons may be cither
written, stamped, print ii or lithographed.
4. Thc said debentures shall b��ar Interest at
the rate of five per cent (5 per cent) from tbe
date thereof, which interest shall he payable
semi-annually at the tald office of the Bank of
Montreal in Nelton aforesaid, ln lawful money
of Canada on thu first day of July and the first
day January respectively ln each year during
the currency thereof! and it ihall be expressed
in said debentures and coupons to be so payable.
.*') It shall he lawful for the Mayor of tbe eald
i 'orporatton to negotiate and sell tbe eald debenture'' or anv ot them for leas than par, but ln nd
caae shall the debentures or auy one of them be
negotiated or sold tor lest than ninety live per-
centum (**���'�� per cent) of their value including
lhe cost of tnsotfattng and tale, brokerage and
all other incidental expenses.
fl. There shall he raised and levied each year
during thc currency of said debentures the sum
thrco thousand dollars (13,000) for payment of
interest and the sum of two thousand two hundred onl thirty two dollars and sixty cents
(f_,*j:Wfi0) for payment of the said debentures
bv ra-e suihclent therefor on all tbe rateable
land in the said Municipality.
7. It shall he lawful for the said Municipal
Council to re-purchase any oi tho said deben
turet upon such term* at may be agreed-upon
with Iho leeal holder or holders thereof or any
part thereof, either at the time of sale or any
subsequent tl ne or times, and all debentures so
re-purchased shall forthwith be cancelled and
destroyed and no reissue of debentures so re-
porch it "ed shall bo made in consequence of sueh
ro-pu rebate.
fl. This Bylaw shall takeeffect on, or after, the
1st day of June, 1907
9. This Bylaw may be cited for all purposes
ai the "city of Nelson I'ublic School Uian Bylaw
Done and passed in Council assembled this
 rv.day of 1907.
The Leading Hotel in tke
Qood   Sample    Room*.
Queen's Hotel
���Ull MlMt, H��1kih. B. 0.
Lighted by Bleotriolty ud
Heated by Hot Air
���ATM u rn DAT
lArff an* Comfortable B��slroo*m, ud FUTt-
QlutuiulDK Aoom.   sn_Diplt! Koomi lor Comamr-
H��l  Mi.il
MM. I. G.CLAEKI. froprtetren
Grand Central Hotel
Tnis hotel bas been completely renovated and
newly furnisbed wltb all modern equipments.
Hot water heating throughout.
BATEh : Rooma, 60c. upwards ; meals 25c.;
���peclal rates by the week.
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. G.
Tf emont Hotise
���nrop-M-a taA Anfirloea Flu
Moll m ML   Boom. Iron M CU. to tl
Only Mtil* Help laplored.
Baker It, Nelion Praptuton
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Ber U the Fin-act.
White Blip Only Implorea.
JoMphlne Bt.
Heleon. B. p.
Royal Hotel
Ratee $1 and fl.CO a Day.
Bpecial Ratee to Regular Boardon
Most comfortable quarters In Nelaon
Only the beet ol Liquor* and t lgaw.
Ae McDonald &0)e
Dealen in staple and fancy Grooeries
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Examination for Assayers for Licence to
Practice In British Colombia.
An Examination for Anaren wilt be held tn
Victoria ou tbe 27th Hay and tallowing day*.
Entrance far any examination muat be made
in ^vriling to tbt Secretary of the Board of Examiners, at least ten dayi before the date set lor
beginning of examination, and must be accompanied by the prescribed fee (|15 )
Any additional information desired may be
obtained from Herbert Carmlchael, secretary,
board of examlneri, Victoria
Minister of Mines.
Department of Mines,
Victoria, B. C, IMh April, IW.
We have for Sale one ofthe best
Residences in Nelson.    Close in
Call and see us for price and terms.
Brydges, Blakernore & .Cameron, Ltd.
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearinK orchards and rniinlng water on each property.    There properties can be purchased on renaonable terms if sold at once.
Notice li hereby given that the WatUburg
Lumber company has applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant (iovemor In council, under tbe provisions of the "Klvera and Streams Act," for the
right lo Improve Rykerts creek, In the district of
West Kootenay, British Columbia, by removing
lbe obstructions therefrom and straightening
the bank*s thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chute*, and make inch other Improvement" as may be necessary for the driving and
raftlug of lone and the 11 timing of timber thereon
The lands to be affected are goverment lands and
Lots Ail and 262, Hroup 1, K ootenay district, and
tbe tolls that are proposed to be charged, if any,
are such as maybe fixed by a Judg; of tbe county
court of West Kootenay.
Dated this 27th day of March, A, 1). 1907.
Take notice that the above in a true copy ol
the proponed Bylaw, upon which tho vote of lho
municipality will bo tuken al the City of Nelson,
on Monday the 20th day of May, next, between
the houm of 9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.,
for the East Ward, at the Council Chamber, iti
tho corner of Victoria and Joiiepheiie Btreeta,
and for the West WaM, nt the Bo*rd of Trade
BnoniH, at the corner of Victoria and Kootenay
Bt roots. '
Nelson B. ('., Mny the 7tl). iwft.
City Clerk.
I have Just returned to Nelson and
have opened up at the same old stand,
and now ready to do all kinds of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
Choke Fruit
l Have 10,000 Aem
of tbe
Choicest Frott Lands in
T*mmtht*m%\ fnLmtls
^jntsxvn ^_#vcddipbm
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
40 Acres Ffrst-cUss Frith
Land oa Kootenay Late 1
Within Vt mil* of Earl Grey's Ranch.
V* mils laks frontage, Free from rock.
Plenty water.   $35 per acre, on terms.
Tenders Wanted for the forduse of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenslem addreMed to the ttndertlgned.sthU
ullli-e !��� the -Court House, la the City of Nelion,
will be received up till the hour ol fl��e o'clock,
IntheslternooB, ol Prldir, M��y lUt, MCH, tor
the purchue ol the "811 rer Champion Mineral
Claim," Lot Sua, Group 1, Kootanay DUtrlct,
which wae declared to be forfeited to the Crown
at the ui sale held ln the City ol Helaoa, on the
6th day ol November. 1906, lor delinquent taiea
tip till June mth, 1905, and coeu
The upeet price upon the uld mineral elalm,
which Include* the amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes which hare since accrued, eosta of adver-
ilslng and fee for Crown Qraat l��5 00,) lstSl.��,
which Is the leaat amount that will he considered
as a tender.
Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
pavable to the order ot tbe Deputy Commissioner
of Land and Works, at Victoria, B C, at par.
Dated at Kelson, B. C��� this Mih day ol April,
Government Agent, Nelson, B. C
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral data.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at his
offlce In the Court House. In the City of Nelson,
will be received up till the hour of five o'clock ln
tbe afternoon, of Friday, May 81st, 1WH, for tha
purchaie of the "Bryan Mineral Claim," Lot
lew, Group 1, Kootenay Pistrict, which was
declared to be forfeited lo the Crown at the tax
-Mile held In the City of Nelson, on the 6th day
of November, 1-906* lor delinquent taxes np till
June 90th, 1905, and costs
Thc upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which includes the amount ol delinquent taxes
stud costs at the time ol forfeiture, with Interest,
luxes which bave since accrued, cost of advertising, and fee for Crown brant '(���35.00,) is W.31.
which is the least amount that will ba considered
as a tender
Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque lor the full amount ol the tender,
payable to the order ol tbe Deputy Commisaloner
of Unds and Works, at Victoria, B, C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 10th day of April,
OoTornmcnt Agent, Nslsop. B. C
Tourist Sleeper
Laad Registry Act
Tnke notice thai an application hat been made
to reglntcr Hugh Roih Llnklater ai the owner in
Peo Ample, nnder a Tax Bale Deed Irom Robert
A. Kenwiek, Deputy Aueuor of thf Melaon Ai-
Hewment district, to Hugh Rota Llnklater, bearing date tho Tth day of Auguit. A. D. 1906, ol all
and lingular tbat certain parcel or tract of Und
aud premises situate, lying and being ln the
Town of balmo, in the Province of British
Columbia, more particularly known and deicrlbed ai Lot 18, Block -D". Town ol Balmo.
(Map tii), being a sub-dlvUlon of Lot .We, Group
1, Kootenay dlitrlet.
You and each of you are required to contest
tbe claim of the tax purchaser within fourteen
days from tho dato of the service ot this notiee
upon you, and in default of a caveat or certificate
of Iin pendens being filed within such period,
you will be forever estopped and debarred from
setting up any claim to or tn respect oi the laid
land, and 1 nhall register Hugh Ron Llnklater
as owner thereof.
Dated at land registry office, Nelson, Province
of,British Columbia, this 31st day ol February,
A. D. 1907.
H. F. MacLEOD,
DUtrlct Registrar.
To Murdofk A. Henderson. -
St Paul, Dally.
Toronto, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday.
Montreal, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Boston, Saturday.
Daily to Vancouver.
Dally to Seattle.
For berth reservations apply to
A.Q. P. A.. Vancouver       ,       D. 9.A.* Welaon
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor and
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yards. Rough and dremd lumber, turned
work and bracket*, Coast lath and ihlnglea, faah
and doors. Cement, brick snd lime lor aale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eatt ol HaU
P. O. Box -m. Telephone ITS
In the msttcr ol an application Ior tbe Issue ol
a duplicate ol l hss Cerllllcate ol Title ol Lots a and
4, Block IS, Lot 9, Block 31) ansl Lot 12, Block SO,
Nelson City (Mspss M anil 26f.A )
Notice Is liereby given that lt Is my Intention
to Issue a duplicate ol the Cerllllcate ot Title ior
the abore lots at tb. expiration ol one month alter
the fl rst pssl.lti-islloii hereol In the name ol Franz
Jacobs- ausl ins ll l'ohll. wbleh Cerillieale ol Title
Is slsls-l thu 4th day ol Jniiunry, 1*17, and numbered 4W7A.
H. r, M-CLKOD,
District Registrar.
Land Registry Ofllce, Nelsou, B.C
4th, April, 1SW7.
r.COKEEH      F.r.BURMH      A.E0MBI
CW1 Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Snrrerots
f. 0. Box 145   Flmt MI B. 	
In the matter of an application (or the luue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title lor anna*
dWIdpd Jjof lot 4833. group 1, In the district of
Kootenay (except part U.9 euren thereof.)
Notloe li hereby given that it Is my Intention
to lune at the expiration of one month alter ths
flrst publication hereof a duplicate ol the CertlA���
fate of Title for the above mentioned lands, la
the name of Malcolm McCormlck, which Certificate is dated the llth September, Ud, and numbered 7MA.
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B.C., April ��rd,
1W7. H. F. MacUOD,
District ttaelti)
Notice is hercbt given that 1 will apply at tbo
next meeting ol the Lleenae Cominlutouen,
lor the City ol Nelson, to have tba liquor license
of the Silver King Hotel transferrin! Irom my*
self to Robert Da s el, of tbe City of Kelson.
Dated tuls 7th day of May, lixrf.
The Daily Canadian
It s cf the utmost importance that
ycu should attend to your eyes, and
have them properly examined and RttefL
Delays are dangerous. Don't wait
untl it is toe ate. Tne very best, and experienced expert is at
your pervfee ^f*�� at moderate prices.
Watchmaker and Optician
-     .   sillHt    Pissi-t*.    - -������    Pr.,ls��
lit a.li *::..-.   * n;,.n Ball
tn: sn*
i    t*rt il
Our Stock is Complete
Here a-e two S-ap Specie's:
25   3lb.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   H.5C
72 BARS GOLDEN V/EST for $2.75
Got*. \ omssn and WuriJ   Sire
MiLSO.N,   t>. p.
J. FEED HDU Pro-Orb**.
J.  A. Knox.  G.  S.  McCar'.er.   Revei
W. Hunter and *:*/���?. Mrs. T. H
-      rum; W. H  Starth. Banff.
V.   Micha'-!*.  D. Gordon. Montr. .
8  ������ ��� ��� ud, W. H. Wood, C. H. Fraser.
Winnipeg:  K   W. y. ::V:
���son. Tonsiim; J. A. Hagee, BeatM)     8
���   Balmo:   SS'   H   Verge,  '���'���'. H. P
ent. Grand  Korku.   T. \V. Gaston
Tacoma:    E.   Turner.   Cliicago:    Mrs
\v ���-���*.= . Golden: S. J. Shon. Edmonton:
*-:   Ul reliant. Kansas City; H. R. Eliot
I Bell Trading Co.i
PRCVISs AMI GEAFT1S"   A-t-tV., -tteoil
*Q In Apply
- i    -,:���-�� Hsm*i.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buj : tell anything,
go to the Old Cariosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese fi" - r.* w on sale.
All kinds of Dtnnera are In stoci. Patterns.
on 2 lots. $350.00 cash. JvOO.OO on mortgage, balance $25.00 per -ncnth.
���WILL BUY 5-ROOM H0LSE on 3 lots.
$400.00 cash, $200.CO sn six months, balance on mortgage. 3 years.
H. E. Croadsdaile & ��
Next Dcxtr to Bank of Commerce.
All Kinds of Heating Plants ln Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
C. C. S:. us! in. Calgary; w. Seypanh
D. A- I-uu.ssden, Spokane: B. Simpson
and wUe, K-.-rnie; J. Schofleld, Trail; E
Trail. Toronf; J. W. Hawthorn and
wife Lapaay; o. 13. Smith and family,
I.     I    Birale  and  family.  Proenix;   j
:.. Vancouver; A. J. Tee. Kokanee
R. F.   Petrle.  Grand   Forks;   A.  Mo
B. W. Learns. E. L. Keys'-r and
���- ���     -;"kane; J. Coi, Phoenix;  J. W
Bennett, Ymir.
J.  P.  Hall.  Slocan;   C.  W.  Rath weil.
Grand Forks; R. Thompson, J   F. Wil
son. F. A. Williams, Blairmore;   W. J.
Scott. Sirdar.
T. J. Griffin, Moyie: J. M. Henderson.
Bonnlnglon:   F.   Ilay.  Trail;   W.   Claffy
Salmo. M. S. Besile. Coleman.
D. Williams. Oreenwood: H. T. Mil-
ton. A. Rogers. Cranbrook; J. Header
son. Spokane.
Vi  Carter. Vancouver; W. J. Walker.
Lemon Cr.-.sk
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Beatey Building.   P. O. Box 431
Baker St., NELSON.  B. C.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Boat Builders will find it to their ad-
vsuitage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Alberta Farm Land
160 acre improved farm in Alberta
will exchange for Ne'son residential
property or Kootenay fruit land.
Baker St.. Nelson.
a HXJfB COOK tot a hh-H tune   Good ���
the firh; man.   Afptj HtMiogt {B. i   , ���
biu ttetsoa*
"K-Hotel. 190. Wcllrtti f35;aton<*   Pbont
M^ai^^mm      Vnu*K min with Kotyl offlce ftxpfrleBCe **s*jk* a
���-��� ,.������ ;��� -i :   :���     .'ii-;. ,.  '*   *      ���   ������- ��� ��� :���. M. ...	
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stoves, etc.
121 Eait Baker St.        Phone No. A114
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
Tobacconist   Baker Street.
TWO- FIH.8T--i___.Art-! hiyOMd. it-H-im be��V1    Ap
iilf Umi*e-k��**Mr. 3M fi��t. K. W. C block.
A COCKKR SPANIEL, Wtt.r Hp��DieI or olwlUr
meh  i*   ;[���>-.   Vottt Offlre Bor *M
KTh,KH1UN tod ft Setter for mill �� Moyie
Apply ftt Mill, or our office Nelson, Kirto Kico
LumfH'T ' fi.
Bt'NCH   OF  KK.F.    Ketiiro to Chi*. Uittz-
Imi rat
BRASS CORNET, Two 8h��nki b and a. With
OM8 For Jrjr-e, Apply M. J. D. B;��x Hit
3 BfcTTERd, 3 Fi]reTin��n, 3 Tallymen and
'���ruder*, i Foreman (ni|tTit.) Circular Sawyer,
ft^tivr , hng\ne*n B-��orn man. and mill help of
nil   km* i.    Apply   Oeo.   P.  Well*. Box  Itm,
Social   Dance.
Tbe S to 12 Club will bold a social
dance iu th** opera house next Wednesday evening.
Nelton  Boy'i  Success.
Cyril Q. BeottOB, ag��-d IT. st^^nd son
of K. K. Beeston, has pissed his third
year examinations in St. John's College,
Manitoba university, with first class
honors, winninc a Kbolarsnip la mathe-
niatics worth $169
Football Postponed.
In order not to iu. cations
ol Empire Dt] tl Ka.-io and Greenwood
the   Nelson   Association  Football   Club
pOStpcmed   its   match   with   Coal
-   scheduled  for that    date.    The
match will b<* played a little later on a
to be fixed.
Reckless Shooting.
r. , complaint is made uf reck-
less shootinp round the shores of Kootenay iake. Yesterday a party at Proc-
t��-r had the pleasure of hearing and ���ee-
ing a buliet strike the rocks a few feet
frum them. It had evidently been fired
at some object floating on the lake The
only eolation of the problem stems to
be a gun license to be issued only to
prbo can pass a medical test for
Anonymous Correspondence.
So much ne-^dless trouble arises from
the publication cf anonymous corre-
- :;ce that the Victoria Colonist
ha�� decided to adopt as an invariable
rule that no letters will hereafter be
printed in its columns unlets the name
of the writer !s sent for publication. Tbe
Colonist takes the groofid that ft it
rarely anything is said over an assumed
signature that might not as well be said
Bu.id Kootenay Central.
A private letter, received from Cranbrook last night, contains the information ihat construction of the Kootenay
Central railway is to be begun at once.
The writes gives no authority for hip
statement, and does not say whether
the original company tuu ���neoeoded in
financ:ng the enterprise, or has sold out
to the C. P. R. The mad has already
been graded for 10 miles south from
Firemen's Convention.
Tht proposal to hold a fin-man's convention in Nej&oa during Fair week ia
at last taking dtfinite bhape. Last Saturday Chief Haltet of Greenwood, Chlet
McKay uf Kamloops and Capt. Bergei
of Phoenix, consulted with Chief Deasy
of Nelson, as to the best method oi
bringing about the convention, and preliminary step3 were taken with that end
in view, a convention of the character
proposed will bring a great number of
visitors to the city, and every encouragement should be given the promoters.
New   Drug   Firm.
The Poole-Lunghurst Co., Ltd., will
open in the drug business in the building vacated by the Canada Drug &. Book
Co.. Ltd., corner of Josephine and Baker
streets, on or about the Z0~ of tnis
month. The company is composed of
Arthur Poole, Chas. Longhurst. M. J.
S'igneux and A. A. Perrler. In addition
to the drug business the new firm will
carry a line of fancy stationery, and Mr.
Longhurst will conduct an ice cream
parlor. Every member of the firm is
well known in Nelson. Arthur Poole was
ror a year with the Canada Book &
Drug Co., Ltd.. and is a capable man in
his line of business. M. J. Vigneux is
a'so well known and regarded a first-
'. .-- ::t'.zz[-- Charles ly.'ngiiurst has
conducted an ice cream parlor for soni,
time in Nelson and has won man;
friendB. A. A. Perrier will not be actively connected with the firm, but his
friends will wish for its success ju-t
the same. No doubt the firm will sue-
<-. ed in buiiding up a big business.
The Store of Quality
For a
DeliciOUS      Try
Crosse &Blackweli's
Pure Fruit Syrups
25 cts per Bottle
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
An Easy Way....
To own a fine house, instead of paying rent and owning nothing.
FINE 6-ROOM HOUSE on Stanley
St.    All modern and best location.
$*600, $250 Cash
and balance $35  per month.
hth        it*    /WEST KOOTENAY
Mince Meat     butcher co.
21bs for a 25c.
WholFMle ��!������! Retail I>��;en ta
Fresh and Salted Meats
This Is Good  Truck.     Try a
Couple of Pounds With
Next  Order.
C. A. Benedict
Corner Sill-ca and Josephine Sts.
At About Half Cost
As ��e -nuouncd last Maa-on we de-
cided to discontinue handling hammocks, and to close out our stock at
greatly reduced prices. We have still
��� few left. Vie have made still v.. ..-��� i
re.Juctions in price to close tbem out.
Camps supplisii un Rhort<-st notire and
lowi-st prire. Ifotblng tut frail tad
wholesome nn-ats and popple* kept in stork
Mail orders receive rajeful attention.
E. C.  TRAVES.   Maoaget.
Dominion Dairy
Caibick A McDonald, proprietor! of
the Dominion Dairy, having dttSOlTSd
partnership by mutual consent (he busi-
nesi will In future be carried on by
\V. Caibick.
Thanking our patron? for past favors
I hope to merit a continuance of their
$2.75 Harrmocks for $1.90
J3.75  Hammocks for   225
$4.75  Hammocks for   3,00
&6.00 Hammock. Slightly damaged,
for      2.90
1*.25 Ha"*<��� mocks for.
C2.50 Hammocks  for.
$3.00 Hammocks for
$3.75 Hammocks for.
W. G* Thomson
?r0;'r.^LEER ""*  Nelson, B. C.
Phone a-*.
Our East End branch Store Is Qosjl
Pending Changes, and Customers of m
Branch Will Be Attended to at Qui
Store, K. _ C. Block.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Lti
Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargains!]
Out Fancy Vesting* Mast Be Sold
This  Month   Regardless  of Cost.
You can buy Wa��h Vc��tlng�� for $1.00. worth 13.00.
Handsome Vests, dojbte and s.ngle breaited, for $3.00. s\:*t*s V.%\\
See them and buy now while the aelection  la good.
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
One of the Most Scenic Locations on j
Kootenay Waters is for Sale.
The property comprises about 130
acres of timber and fruit land, having
half a mile of lake frontage directly
opposite Nelson.
The central portion of about 100
acres, with buildings, fruit trees, flower
gardens af* living springs thereon,
will be sold us a whole, leaving an extensive lak*^' frontage to the north and
south which I will ofTtr In acre subdivisions. For price and terms apply
at my house.
A iTiaii to do work for the Scavenging
department of the City of Nelsou.
Application will lie Retired by the nn
dersigued up until noon of the loth in^t
W. E. WAfiSON,
May oth, 1907. City Clerk.
First Sweet Peas.
Miss McC'onnan,   Mill street,   is the
proud owner of the first sweet peas of
the season.
Another Judge.
An order-in-council has  been  passed
at  Ottawa appointing  David  Grant  to
be   junior   judge  of the county court
of Vancouver.
Supreme Court.
The supreme court resumed today.
Westfall vs. Stewart resulted in a judgment for the plaintiff. Campbell vs.
Wall and Cr^elman was begun.
Lacrosse Match.
The lacrosse match tomorrow afternoon on the recreation grounds between
Orand Forks and Xelson should be an
interesting exhibition of the national
game. Both clubs have been practising
hard for the match and will put their
best men forward on this occasion.
There will be several new men on the
field, which will add interest to the
W H Scarth, of Hanff, Is registered
at the Hume.
Harry Wilson and family, of Slocan
are visiting friends in Nelson.
A. A. Burton, of Burton City is in the
city. He reports that a large number
of settlers are arriving daily.
Wm. Hunter, M. L. A., and family
cane down from Slocan City yesterday.
Mr. Banter went ftver to the Boundary
ThiB morning and will return in a few
Prices of Metals.
New  York,   May   13.���Silver,  65^c.;
copper. 24c: lead, $6.
London,  May  13.���Silver, 30  5-lfid.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel A. Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and  Ward   SU.
Old Timer Found Dead in Trail Hotel-
Last Companion Arretted.
Dave Hosker, for many years au engineer on the main line of the C. P. H.,
lately In the employ of the Trail smelter, was found dead this morning in the
hotel in which he lived.
He lay at the foot of the stairs with
his neck broken He had undressed
for bed. Whether he had gone to bed
or not, anil whether he fell or was
thrown down'llie stairs is not known.
Me was last seen alive last night In
the company of another employee of
the smeller, a Frenchman, whose name
Is nol known. They were drinking io-
getter and were nol seen lo part company. The Frenchman was arretted
shortly after the finding of Iloskeis
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
T-alephone 181.
I New Spring Goods Arriving Daily |
A complete line of up-to-date Soft and Hard Hats in Stock.
Also a full range of Eoots and  Shoes.    "WALKOVER" our
������*_. Specialty.
baki:r siHiitn*. nelson.
Spring ia Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spadt
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruuers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to  letter order*.
J. H. Ashdown Harcfw;
Company, Limited.
*V*~~*t. A. HA**! R. W. HINTON ���*'w*��^/VA
R-MKlrlng and ,1. .1,1.1,,. executed with Den-patch.   Sheet M*
Work, Mlnlns and Mill Machinery.     Mnnulsuturersial
Ore Care,  W.  M.   Contractor*"  Care.
,:���,:.-..tiiAntttt     INELSOIN,    B. C. PS*tf
Spring Stock lust Opened Up!
Carload Linoleums and Carpets
From Gliuigow, Scotland.
Best Qualities at L,ow Prices.
Standard Furniture Companj
m��.���ii a iti.,11 puooi Compltte Howe Furnishers
Osier wr Matin-.!.... .... m   .  t
mniuii ftiiiini) MiiiiMHi- Undertakers.    Embalnicrs
Men's $3.50 Shoes
Don't get the idea that all our
mens fine shoes are $5.00 and
$6.00 a pair. We can supply
you with a genuine Goodyear
Welt at $3.50. Smooth insoles
and pliable to the foot. Made
in Vici  Kid and Box Calf.
royal R. Andrew & Co.
AND DEALHtS IN   LtMIlDef y  SluQglCS,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*!
Turned Work; and Brackets. Mail Ordors promptly ntiend<��
VBR1NON BTHHin*  -   -   .   MBUSON. I*. C
Launch and Boat
We always carry In stock and will bs plessed to supply'
wants In
:������ ir.,.- Wa.io
MUwi PUnft
Hssiry hir*.' HosUs Vstrisl.li
Kit-., etc.
Allisiiy llrs-'ns*
Arctli' nip'.''1"'
(IM Knglisi' OM .,,������,
Vnciiuiis M��'"'�� ;.'*"
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limit
WholmaJ* NELSON   ��� *M
->e..yi is.i* �����-.-t_._-e��.in.*  . u .j-piii-aaj,,!*     ,.���  " pi' in niifi.
'���VUtL.<'.:...   I'rmil ' Wis .��


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