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The Daily Canadian Nov 16, 1906

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t%\)2 jpatltj  <H*mai>.an
I.   No. 140.
Fifty Cents a Month
iissi^i Acquired One Along
With Poland
lypin's Organ Published an Outline of Projected Reforms to
Heel Awkward Conditions.
I,    1,1.1 sbtirg,   Nov.    lfi.���Premier
l|. ;,![,.,     SlISSSSII.      till'      Kl.UbU,      Jlllljll...
a ti.iis: ;istis*is- outlining reform* In
coiullliiin "I tlie Jews. The paper
,.,i that with tin* view of allaying
anticipated storm of prolest ii|hiii
pari isl the reactionlntn the project-
|.l,��1 I, reform will not give the
. tun s-i|tiiiiit> nor grunt pennlailon
lis,iss in .-|iiisnl  through  the eoun-
iissl acquire tile lands of the pea*
K. Isin   tliey  will huve  the  right  tis
ivhore inside the pule, in the
nil as iu the eity, und the
iinjssisosl upon Jewish mer-
I , artisans will be revised, in
iau lie- grautlng to  them of per-
dwell outside the pule.
|l,t article reviewa Uie Jewish prob-
slues  11 was acquired with the uc-
1 mis ni  Poland 13 years ago.    It
ares  that   the   forcible   conceutra-
��� itliiu the pule ot 6,000,0(10 Jews,
pei '-nt uf the population, hus
sil a failure, and hus uot prevent-
[mi' 1110.-1 daugeroua elements, tin*
-ss   in elllgencta   und   plutocracy,
1 penetrating into Russia over the
ij bridge,  while  they  leave pov-
Ihe residue.
flii- [sale fssrms  un  uccumulutor  in
rh tin- revolutionary energy of the
i.-ls ins'l'tarliit hus been developed
adds 'ii.si   "men who aro condemn-
11 one herring and two po-
s ;s week can not be expectod to
rsiatiii tlie benefits or obligations
tizensliip.     Loynlty    stops where
������ begins."
full equalization of tho Jews with
I Hiissisin |tii|iulution Is, however, iiu-
-ilsli' at  present  because the Jew-
within the  pale  are tn a
s- ssf revolutionary white heat and
il  ranv   the   torches   of   sedition
tii tho whole of tho Interior.   It
mail ilu' final settlement of the
inn i|is"s;iissii, which would preveut
I'ss-. through thetr money power,
I'luiiiiiL- ihs- land of the Impor-
'I   I's-sssaiiHry   und   restoring  tho
"I   servitude,   but   without   any-
Jn fur Us,' conversion of parliament
���leu    musl be grunted the right
i' Mis where within the pule nml
remilutions  governing    the    resl-
'*' mil   privileges of  the  Jews  in
interior    provinces    must    be ro-
m Iiiiii! lias the problem been ban
I'll'i'iii from commission to coin-
!"'"'i. niiiii it hns assumed its pres-
nrnti' iiiflanitnntnry chnrncler,
11 I- rinding expression on Ihe
"llle will, ||���, i,,,,,,!, _| ||lp Jewish
"'lils-i. ami on tho other sldo by
V JpwiBl] excess.
Siys Matter Is Absurd.
Francisco, Nov.    16.���Abraham
"li" with .Mayor Kugeue SohmlU
iilliteii yesterday on charges of
"m. wenl tn ihe home of Superior
Mtirasky lust night, where he
'I' i' il himself, The represeu-
* "i 11 surety compuny ncconi-
1 Iiini  uml   Ihoru   signed   Kuefs
which amount on the five
: I" 110,000. An oilier or releuse
nislody   was   then   mnde   by   the
���Vhen asked for n statement
���fid: "John I). Rookefeller wns
*'l yesterday and I nm Indicted
I'he mailer Is too absurd lo
"li a statement from me. All I
;"i Immediate trial on lhe chnrg-
wnlch  I  have been indicted by
To Squelch Morocco.
i, Nov. IC���Spain and Franco
"'ranged tsi make n nnval dam-
'""i nnd land marines In Moroc-
kuc.1i measures prove to be nee-
'"' "11* protection of foreign-
'f"��' the ratification of tho Al-
s International convention, whicli
.'," toke plaoe before February,
r ''"' French armored cruisers
"''"il   lorpedo   Inml   destroyers
i'ii! In readiness to
lhat u cabinet crisis ls Impending, War
Minister Deluquli is resisting Ihs pretensions of Oenerals Weyler mid Po-
invitjii to the nlde-mnrshallslilp, which
li vacant owing to the death ssf Counl
lie Chest,,. Weyh-r aim I'oluvlljii bus,.
tbelr cluilns ,011 their vlelorv In Cuha
und the l-hlllpplni- Isintids.   '
6team.r   Roosevelt   Sailed   From   Lab
rador Today.
Halifax, N. a, Nov. ic.���Fears nro
expressed thai Lieutenant I'eary bus
been losi ul sea.   The Theodore Roots
veit, tha vessel bringing Pasty home,
hub due lusl week ut Sydney. She wus
lust reported ut lluttle Harbor, on the
Labrador coast, by the steamer virgin
Ian Luke. The Koosevelt wus liuiter-
s'd by storms uud lhe crew of tins V'lr-
giuion Laki-Huld all har beams had been
eul oHt for firewood. With two blade)
ul her propellor gone the Rooiivell
was abbs to make only four miles un
le ur. For more than u week severe
it j. ins uuve swept the Newfoundland
coast, und In Ik,- damaged condition
tlie itooseveit may huve bean unable
lu weather the gnle.
Chateau liny. Labrador, Nov. lfi ���
The Areiie sti-fctner Roosevelt, with
the I'eary expedition on hoard, which
was delayed here by fog and head
winds, sailed  today   for Sydney.
Row in a Saloon.
Snn Francisco! Nov. lti.���In n battle
with iwo highwaymen who attempted
tss hold up u saloon lust night, (leorge
O'ConncIl, 11 former policeman, und
one ssf the robbers, who hus lieen Identified ns Frank llurke. were killed, and
Steve Lynch and L. Delations, patrons
of Ihe saloon, were painfully wounded.
Resolution   Calling  for    Prevention  of
Their Immigration Passed at Open
Meeting Last Night
sail    nt
.mils to ivitii'iit-eitii
There was a more than usuully well
attended meeting of the Liberul association lust night In llle board of trade
rooms, ussembled for the purpoBe of
discussing the Hindu Invasion. The
diacussion was an oiicn oue, thut ls to
say, it wus not partizan, for while the
majority present Were decidedly of the
Libera] party yet there were niuuy
there whose opinions were Conservu
There wus a good deal of wrangling
as to lhe form ln which the resolution
was to be passed, some seeming to
have u greater care that the government ai Ottawa should be endorsed iu
ihe action which tbey huve tnkeu, or,
us It was asserted, they huve only
promised to lake, than that the question should lie discussed on its merits,
Irrespective of the attitude of Ottawa.
It was ovldent from the sturt thut the
general consensus of opinion wus iu
favor of u rigid prohibition of th eta-
riux of Hindus nnd an attempt to get
the meeting to suspend judgment found
only two to supiHirt the motion.
It wua udnillled by speukers on both
sides of the Question thut the 'Hindus"
were really Sikhs, und belonged to tho
finest of all lhe races In Indln; Hint
they nre originally of Aryan Btoek. and
Iu thai wny connected with the Aryan
races of Europe, und therefore reluled
to the British peoples. Further than
that, thev Were men of good physique.
Intelligent und attached to the Hritish
It wns contended by those favoring
their Immigration that ns the posses
sion of Indln wus of more Importance
10 Oreal Britain than thai of Canada,
the gooil- will s.f tbe Sikhs had to be
.enured, und nny reports of Ill-treatment would be Inimical to Imperial Interests In India, which wns only held
by the loyalty of the Dative Indian
army, while the majority or the Immigrant slkll!l Mtre Old soldiers. Further,*
Hint ns thev were llrlllsh subjects they
OOUld  not   be     excluded   Irom British
territors from nny legal polnl or view,
while rrom that or Christianity, missionaries hmi Invited them to see how
the Christian civilisation   worked   In
Christian countries. They were good
workers, especially in earth work. In
sawmills nnd In clearing lund, while nt
the same time they nre good business
men nnd ns servants thoroughly trustworthy. On the whole, they were superior men to the Chinese, and carta n-
ly not less superior to atHaltnl.^Douk-
hobors and the lower class of Italians.
A Liberal lawyer maintained thai the
Blkh, could nol be excluded from nny
pari of the llrltlsh dominions, and f
he ��� were Io be excluded from 11 Is
connlry Canada would first have to be
wholly Independent. Another speaker
Ic. red thnt Ihe British wealth wns
derived rrom India*, as II could not
have loon mnde In firoat MrUntii.
On the olher si.ls* II was ported on
Trouble for Alfonso.
I ""Id, Nov. 16.���fang Alfonso has
h"��"% recalled lo this city from
'""""B expedition.   It ls believed
while men uud not colored men, even
if those colored men were bruve und
lo.vnl and distinct cousins of our own.
'it tislunil  wus u warmer place (bun
Hils province und more fined to tho
BllthS, Y.-i Indian labor hud been ex-
eluded Isy Queensland even whi'ii the
Importation of Kunuknh* hud been
���topped, ,1,-spite the ,..y ���r uu- sugar
planters for cheap labor, and labor wns
consequently vaiy short in ihui Aus-
iinlinn province. The Imperial governmenl  bud    sustained    the    uctloli   of
Queensland und there   had   b 1 no
question of trouble In India In conse-
quenoe or Hint exclusion uml would be
none ir this provlnoe   followed   suit.
Further,  thai   the  Indian  goven t
Imil forbidden the emigration or In-
iliuiis Into the Dutch Wesl Indies.
'Hhe question ol why they cuine. It
was alleged, wus wrapped in mystery.
The only explunullon Offered was that
n Hindu hnd mutle $2:10(1 in four years
working lu u 11. 0, eaiwmlll and had
then returned to the Punjab spreading
ihis report, On the olher side It wns
pointed out lhat not only the railway
conipnnies, especially the Qrand Trunk
f'neiric.  were  in  great   1 d  of  labor
but uIbo the sawmills, the niliieB and
ihe ranchers, and perhaps a solution of
the mystery could be found among
Ihem. A resolution culling ror an Inquiry and punishment was, however,
withdrawn. Finally, nfter a two hour
dISCU-Sion, the following resolution wns
Resolved, Thnt we endorse the notion of the Dominion government In
inking measures io represent to tbe nl-
dlnn governmenl through the Imperial
authorities, that the Immigration of
Hindus Inlo Canada should lie prevented nnd thnt Hritish Immigration into
Canada, nnd especially into the province or llrlllsh Columbia, should be encouraged In every wny  possible.
Unidentified Woman Leaps From Fifth
Storey Window.
lJ��...Uies^.e^noi cmnTng
SS British Columbia  wanted
New York. Nov. IC.���Holding an
open umbrella in her hands a young
woman hurled herself from the fifth-
story window of a house in Blast Fifty-
fourth street yesierday. Before she
had fallen 20 feet the umbrella turned
inside out, her head struck a railing
and she was crushed to death. The
police have been unable to identify
lhe woman, who is about 40 years of
age and who wna dressed respectably.
She died before the eyes of scores of
persons, while outside the door of the
room from which she had leaped a man
was waiting for her. Last night tho
woman called on Mrs. Emma Otlott,
janitreas of the house. She wanted to
view apartments on the fifth floor
which were vacant. Mrs. Otlott called
her husband, who escorted the woman
to tlie rooms. She said she would take
"It Is the usual thing here," said the
janitor as he then asked for a deposit.
"Oh, that's all right." answered the visitor. Then, according to the janitor,
she added, "would you mind letting nie
go to another room and get tho
money?" The man murmured an acquiescence and the stranger went into the next room aud closed the door
tightly behind her. Not a sound was
heard by Otlott. When he had waited
five minutes he became worried. Ho
did not want to enter the room, so he
called on Mrs. M. Ilenftz. who lives
across lhe hall.    Mrs. Ilenltz found the
room empty.   On the mantteplece lay
a woman's hat and a purse containing
only 70 cents. Mrs. Ilenltz screamed
and the janitor ran down the stairs.
They encountered a policeman who
had come up to discover Ihe identity
of a woman who had jumped frnm the
fifth  storey and had heen killed.
Famishing Russian Peasants.
Rt. Petersburg, Nov. lfi.���The crop
reports reoelved here from 71 provinces and districts of Russia show the
yield of wheat to be 15,051),000,000
pounds, nnd rye. 88,855,000 pounds,
which Is it,5!tS,000 pounds belpw the average. In several of the interior provinces the peasants have taken to their
beds for days at a lime In order to
weaken the pangs of hunger ami are
mixing thetr scanty supply of grain
with pigweed to make more filling
food bread. '
Invited to Toronto.
Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. lfi.���An In-
vltalion to the American Federation <>f
Labor to meet next year nt Toronto,
was read at today's session. It is extended by Mayor Q, Coatesworih and
is endorsed by the Canadian Trades
and Labor council.
S. S. Taylor Is expected back from
the coast on Monday evening.
The Union-Advocate   of   Newcastle,
N. B��� makes the announcement tbat
John MoKane will leave that town
shortly for Scotland, where his friends
are pressing him to accept tlie Conservative nomination for the seat now
held by the lit. Hon. Sir Henry Cump-
b.ll-Ua.inerman, the Liberal premier of
Oreat llrltaln. It Is expectod that ibis
seat will shortly be made vacant by
the raising of Ihe present member to
"TinrpePiTigi', al.U ll Mt--ii i= uie com
Mr. McKane's friends feel confident
that he will receive the nomination and
stands a good chance of winning the
seat. His many friend*. In tho Koot-
mavH would he Interested in tho re-
Battle Cry at Next Session of Congress
But Far Canadian Sentiment Changed Owing to Growth From a
Province to a Nation.
Chicago, Nov. lfi.���'Canadian Reciprocity" Is to be the battle cry with
members of congress from the North*
western country during the coming
short session of congress. If President
RooeeveM calls the sixtieth congress
into extraordinary session on March 4
next, then the fight ror the Issue which
.lames .1. Hill made so predominant before the Merchants' club, Saturday
night, will be taken up with renewed
energy. This was the word which Representative J. Adam Rede, the famous
congressman from the Klghth Minnesota distriet, brought to Chicago last
night, ile wns fresh from the polls,
where he won a decisive victory after
having championed Rooseveltiau policies in geueral and Canadian reciprocity In particular, and he felt that the
endorsement which his constluents
had given to him warranted the statement which ho made. "Mr. Hill undoubtedly has sounded the keynote of
the situation so far a�� we in the Northwest look at the matter." This sums
Repteaeutative Hed.'b view of the proposition. "Mr. Hill, it ne were to back
individuals for political preferment,
might come to grief, but when he asserts so reasonably and so ably the
conditions existing in the great Northwest he has the backing solidly of the
entire people.
"There have been those of us," continued Mr. Rede, "who have advocated
Canadian reciprocity for many years.
The serious drawback which we encounter, and which we shall encounter
in the coming winter, will he that the
Canadians have been steadily growing
and from a province have evolved into a nation.
"It is very possible, not to say probable, that the same state of mind re-
ganiing reciprocity doesf not exist
among the Canadians as prevailed
some years ago. Tlu-y have been getting Immigration from all over the
world, and largely from the United
States, ami there is reason to believe
tiiat the tide of sentiment across the
border may have changed somewhat.
However, there is but one thing to do
for the representatives whom Chicago
and tlie Northwest have sent to Washington, and who by tlie recent election
have heen held to be worthy of reelection, aud that Is to devote their
energies perfectly to securing what has
lieen so prominently put forward by
Mr. 11(11, and which has met with so
ready Bi response from the men worth
while in Chicago.
"Minnesota congressmen are practically committed to the measure. I am
heartily in Its favor. There is little
division of sentiment so fnr as I know
among any of the congressmen from
the states of the Northwest. We ought
to be for 11, and we are for It."
Hardy  Mountain Camp the Latest Addition to the  Group of Shippers
���Development  Notes.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
(Irand Forks, Nov. lfi.���As yet the
geueral public are totally ignorant of
the fact lhal within four miles of
Qrand Forks, in Hardy Mountain camp,
some of lhe largest and richest deposits of copper oro exist that can lx>
found anywhere In the province, and
It is only now that considerable interest is being manifested here over the
extensive arrangements that are being
made for carrying on development
work this winter ln that camp. This
copper camp, situated at tho very
threshhold of Grand Forks, is putting
some of its properties on a shipping
basis ns quickly ns men and money
will do It.
Among the groups that, will work all
winter is tho Copper Mutte group, consisting of the Copper Rutto, Centre
BJagle, Robson and Mabel H. The work
for Ihis group    has    principally    been
oltttt of n* fiO foot tunnel and several
open cuts. The ore of this tunnel runs
as high as 10 per cent, lu copper.and
$r> in gold. It Is on this property that
arrangements have heen completed to
continue driving the tunnel to a dis
tance of 100 feet further, and John
Holme!-, one of the owners, Is moving
up lo the property this week with a
complete oul fit for the work. My
driving this tunnel to a distance of
Hii) feel, as pro|H)Hed, a depth or 100
feet will be gained. This gTOUp lies
only u cpmrter of a mile from the
(Jioat Northern tracks and will be a
Steady shipper lo Ihe (Jranhy smelter
In  the spring.
Hut probably the highest copper assay yet recorded In this dlstricl was
recently mnde from samples of ore
taken from the American Magic* group
of three claims, also In this ramp, the
assay being 24 per cent, in copper and
96 in gold. The (irand Forks syndicate
which owns this group will be shipping
ore to the Granby smelter early next
Following the announcement that
these rich copper properties are about
to experience a revival In mining operations this winter comes the word
that a complete compressor plant and
other extensive mining machinery will
arrive here in a few days now for operations on the Wolfred group of five
clainiB. located on Fourth of .Inly creek,
but also In Hardy Mountain camp.
This group was originally owned by
Captain Rogers, a veteran mining man
of the Boundary, who recently bonded
these claims to a New York company
for a sum reported to be f200,000. In
addition to these properties mentioned
lhat will be working all wlnler in
Hardy Mountain camp, the Retts and
Hesperus properties, now fairly well
developed, will also continue work during the winter months. This will make
In all more than half a dozen rich copper properllee In this new camp that
will be working this winter and putting
thetr ore to the surface for continuous
shipping to the smelter tn the early
But Many Coast Points Report Serious
Damage From Floods.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 16.���The rains
of the past few days have ceased, the
Chinook has turned colder, and the
water in the upper parts of the White
river valley Is slowly receding. The
greatest danger point at present is at
South Park, a suburb of Seattle near
the mouth of the Duwamlsh river. An
the flood Bweeps down tlie valley to
Puget Sound .the water is steadily rising at this point l_a_t night the key
protecting the low lands of South Park
was carried away and the town, with
a population of about 2000 people, is
at the mercy of the waters. At about
10 o'clock last night many residents
had fled to the hfgher ground.
From Yellowstone Park, a small
place ou the north side of the Duwamlsh just opposite South Park,
comes a report that a house containing a number of persons was swept
down the river yesterday afternoon. A
part of the town only is involved, but
a few families were obliged to evacuate their homes. Near the junction of
the It ack and Cedar rivers Is the grav-
e_t danger, for here the water has
r!s_U and flooded a great deal of property. Fiv>..i present conditions It does
not a, p av likely that the situation
here will become any worse.
I_ate last night the county bridge at
Maple Valley, known as the "car"
bridge, went out iu the flood. All the
bridges at Ronton are safe. At a* point
about a mile and a half below Maple
Valley the tracks of the Columbia &
Puget Sound railway were washed out.
A repair train is now at this point and
a crew of men are repairing the roadbed.
Two men are believed to havo met
death at Orlllla last night They are
John Veillle, a contractor, and P. Cal-
1 ash mi. a farmer. The two set out to
save stock In a pasture directly across
the White river. This morning their
riderless horses were found at the end
of the bridge hut no trace has been discovered o{ the men,
Seattle, Nov. 16.���Bom-ale-M and suffering from hunger and exposure and
in hourly dread that the rising waters
will overwhelm them, thousands of
residents of the fertile valley lying between Seattle and Tacoma are camped
today In the foothills nearby wiih what
few provisions and effects they could
carry In a hurried flight Six deaths
have been thus far chronicled and due
to Ihe floods which have followed the
rapid rise of the rivers In King and
Pierce countIob.
The rising waters In the Rlack,
White, Green, Cedar, stuck, Snoqual-
mle and other streams having their
source lu the foothills of the Cascade
mountains, have flooded thousands of
acres of land and caused considerable
damage. All communication has beon
cut and the towns cannot be reached
except by message over the long distance telephone wires.
Whenever the water already standing pn the streets at. such such a depth
(a no longer safe for residents to remain In the first stories of their
homes, the men are organizing ln each
town nnd removing the helpless onos
to the second stories or carrying them
away to places of safety.
No  Misrepresentation.
IxHidon, Nov. lfi.���In consequence of
the recent action ot cenadn agents ITT
inducing workmen to emigrate to Canada under the fnlse representation that
work wns awaiting them here, whereas they were really wanted to take the
place of strikers, the president of tho
board of trade, Mr. Lloyd-George, in
the house of commons, secured tho
adoption of a new clause for the merchants' shipping bill, providing that
anyone Inducing emigrants hy false
representations Is liable to a fine of
$250 or Imprisonment at hard labor for
three months for each offence.
John   Barry   and   Fred  Piper Drowned
While  Crossing   Arrow   Lakes.
Miles Carroll Is down from his ranch
on the Arrow lakes, where he has 320
acres of excellent fruit land near Burton City. He has devoted tho past two
years to the setting out of fruit trees
and the clearing of his land. He brings
down an account of the drowning ol
John Barry and Fred Piper, which occurred a few days ago. Barry aud
Piper, who were timber cruiser >, had
been spending a day at Halcyon, and
in the evening left in their small boat
for their home across the lake, aud
could be observed for some time rowing. Next morning the boa-t turned
up near Halcyon, having in it a portion of the clothing of one jf tee men.
Investigation disclosed the lact Ihnt
they had never succeeded In reachti-g
the opposite shore. Both men v-cre
well known along the Arrow lakes.
Died from Natural Causes.
Davidson, Sask., Nov. 16.���Harry
McGregor, formerly of Elgin, county
of Ontario, supposed to have been murdered, died of natural causes. Such is
the finding of Coroner Fyfe, assisted
by Dr. Hutchinson, Corporals Goldsmith and Sheppard, who made a full
Investigation. The body bore no marks
of violence and no arrests were made.
Despondent  Man Provides Four Methods of Committing Suicide���Diet
by Poison.
Roblin, Man., Nov. 16.���A startling
and determined instance of premeditated suicide occurred here last night
when David Joseph, an employee of
L. C. Wells, drayman, deliberately ended his own life. About 9 o'clock, two
young men walking down the track
found the body of Joseph lying along
the rails on the Goose lake bridge,
half a mile ea'it of the C. N. li. station.
They hastened back to town with the
information and soon a large number
were gathered at the scene. The man
was found lying on his back on the
bridge with froth issuing from his
mouth and his arms twisted as though
a terrible death struggle had ensued.
Partly underneath him and dangling
over the bridge was a piece of strong
new rojie with a loop on one end of It.
Early Saturday evening he purchased
strychnine at Dr. Allan's drug store,
saying It was for the purpose of p)B-
onlng wolves. Ijiter he procured some
rope from the hardware store of A J.
Falconer company.
"I want good strong rope," he said,
"strong enough to hold 200 pounds."
Thc clerk told him he would give
him some that would hold half a ton,
and he purchased 15 feet. He next appeared at the C. N. R. station, -2'iig
desirous of iiegotiatlng a rallwa> check
he had received for work on lhe section. As this was impossible It is sup-
iwsed lie went from there to tha bridge
carrying tho rope and strychnlue with
him. There were no less than four
ways In which his object might be accomplished. If the poison fail -1 h.
had the rope, or the privilege of lumping Into the deep waters of the lake l.Q
feet below or waiting for r. passing
train. This morning pieces of raw meat
having traces of strychnine weru foupd
on the thin ice underneath the bridge
wnere Joseph was found.
Tho victim was sin KukUsIhiivi rf
Jewish extraction and was const lord
by nil who knew him to be iti'l':****
honest and Inoffensive, though spnTQ.
what peculiar In manner. No trace of
anything In his career has yet been
discovered to indicate a cause fo- the
deed. No letters or Information concerning the whereabouts nf his peoplo
In England have been fo.i,ul. Coronet
Harrington of Dauphin was wised regarding the matter, but an InqueBt was
considered unnecessary, ns all evidences point conclusively to suicide.
Dissatisfied With Laurler.
London. Nov. t6.���T. P. OConnor,
addressing the Irish Nationalist meeting at Liverpool, referring to tho presence of Herbert Chamberlain and other "missionaries and emissaries" to
Canada during his visit, said Sir Wilfrid Laurier did not attend their meet-
ing or suoscrine to their limits.���rHnr
had his advocacy would have been
claimed as a powerful addition to the
arguments in favor of their cause and
home rulers were justified In claiming
him In the same capacity.
Zinc Mine Owners Are
Raising Funds
Movement For Bounty and Doty
WUI Be Well Sapported
at Ottawa.
On Fred Starkey, president of the local board of trade, being Interviewed
this morning relative to the furtherance of tlie objects of a duty and a
bounty upon zinc now being urged by
the line men of the Kootenay, he aald:
"As the president of the board of
trade of Nelson 1 do not see that the
local board of trade can do anything
further in Uie matter. We have already passed a resolution asking for
that duty. Tbat resolution was also
passed subsequently by tbe associated
boards at Cranbrook last February,
But as assistant to tlie president of tbe
associated boards, my position is different, as I was appointed especially
for the purpose of handling those questions which O. O. Buchanan, the president, being a government servant,
could not well undertake. In this matter, as an official of the associated
boards, I have already moved. The
memorial asking for a duty has already
been sent forward to Ottawa. In that
memorial it was Intimated that a further request would lie made tor a
bounty aa also being necessary. In
this matter we have been Interesting
ourselves as to the course to be taken
by us. It has been decided through a
conference with the sine men that a
representative of these Interests shall
be sent to Ottawa In order that he
may be upon the ground not only to
make such representations aa to the
bounty as shall bave beets decided upon already, but to serve our Interests
by being thoroughly posted on ail the
varying aspects of the case, so as to
be able to supply whatever Information
Ib wanted In any discussion of the
It Is understood mat In this connection that the sine men have been active and this morning a start was
made in raising the necessary iu.ids
toward sending a sine representative
to Ottawa. There seems to be no
doubt that the money will be forthcoming, and, indeed, an application this
morning to only three men produced
|350. As to who will be selected to
be sent to Ottawa no Information is
at present available. There are several
men who would serve in this connection, but unfortunately, or fortunately, there Is so much business dolus
at present In connection with mining
that few men can spare the Jme for
a three-months' residence In Otuiwa,
which would probably be necessary.
The Oy't Kmin|j.
New Orleans, Nov. 16.���News arrived here last night of the killing of a
white man and a negro and the wounding of two other men yesterday at Rog-
atusa, La. After negro laborers had
killed one of their number a sheriff
and posse went in pursuit of the alleged murderers, one of whom barricaded himself In a car and killed J. S.
Woods, a policeman.
Twelve Days of Battle.
St. Johns, N. F��� Nov. 10.���With two
of her crew severely Injured, her
steering gear disabled and otherwise
seriously damaged, the steamer Dundee arrived here today after a terrible
voyage across the Atlantic. The Dundee's captain reported that, owing to
the condition of her steering gear the
steamer narrowly escaped going ashore
while trying to make this port.
A Valuable Cent.
New York, Nov. 16.���A specimen of
tho first cent struck in the United
States mint. In 1783, with thirteen links
ln a circle on the reverse, was sold for
1823 at the end of a twoday Bale of
coins held at the Hotel Bartholin.
Early Snow.
Ballston, N. Y., Nov. 16���The heaviest snowstorm In many years began
here yesterday and continued till more
thnn a foot had fallen. There was
sleighing all through this section o(
the  Hudson vultey.
Not Badly Damaged.
Quebec, Nov. 1C.���The Dominion liner Kensington arrived In port this
morning. She Ib not as badly damaged as at first reported. '
Prices of Metals.
New York, Nov. 16.���Casting copp.r,
21 3_c; lead, 16.76; silver, "I B-Sc.
London. Nov. 16.���Lead,    ��19: silver,
33 l-16d. The Daily Canadian
���     STORES ==
Cool nights are now iu  order.     They will iuvite
pleasant dreams of
We hav.- plenty if tbam in red and bine.
31-2 Points, weighing ..bout 10 pounds, $7,50 per pair
4 Points, weighing a::u. 12 pounds,   -   S.50 per pair
The**? blankets -uv ; - v.!ed for their excellence.  We alone carry
them in ihis city.
LL MBERMES��� Pfllows, Cot fo-te re. Gloves ana Hit*, Sock*. Shins and
Underclot^ng, O't Clothing. Sweatees. Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and S*^oes and R_._jb.rs Groceries and Prov.sions. Everything of thc
Best  qua'ty and  prices  su-?r*s;ngly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
KKST |-l,->>0,000.
D. R. WILKJE, President.        HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in Biitish Columbia:
Depositf* received unti interest tillovvt'd at carront rates from date of npenint? ac-
coont and credited half-yearly
J,   M_   LAY,   Manager.
The ^oyal 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capita! Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms and individuals opened  on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen   branches  in   Hritish   Columbia.
Special   attention   to out  of town Ijuslnes-s.
T. E. KENNY. Pres., Halifax.        B. I.    PEASE, Ceiieral  Manager,  Montreal.
Published sit days a weet by the
Bnkt*r -si.. Nelson, B.C.
Mubsi'riptlDH rateii 5*J Cents a nioutli delivered
lu tlie citv. or IciOOa year If st-nt hy mall, when
paid ln advance
Arlvertt.inK rates on appltf-illoii.
All monies paid in settlement uf The Daily
Canadian accounts, either foi lubscrtptfoni ur
advertising, >nuit be receipted ior on the printed
ti>rin*_ ol the Company, other receiptl tr. not
���NOVBMBBR !.���. I90G.
" Br one-a-oid we ore-sometimes lodged to be
wise anil by ono wurd soinctlm- s Judged to he
foolish. Let ub there/ore be cr refill whai we
The hackneyed sulijeci ol the (' a,
W. land deals is being again rehabilitated by the opposition organs In the
hope that a long-suffering public will
be deluded into the belief that he present provincial administration had lieen
guilty of some corrupt act in its final
settlement of a matter in dispute
banded over from its predecessors in
offlce in one governmenl uf which a
well-known Liberal editor was member. The better terms question is hav-
ing a respite, as it  does not seem to j showed  how
draw the responding fire of enthusiasm
from the people that a real live issue
would do. It has In-wi the custom of
the opposition press, in season and out
nf season, to revile the McBride administration, and the uttei dl
ot facts in their Btaftemenl of the case
has been confusing to the puhlle and
alike disgraceful tu thwus'-ive*-.
Early after the accession of the Mr
Bride ministry to power the -heritage
of confusion that was bequeathed
them by the governments in which
Liberal members were leading spirts
was thrust upon them fur disemagie-
ment. There were two leading Hems
respecting railway charters and land
prams incident thereto for which the
present administration can in no way
he held responsible.
The first of these was the ca ���
Lots 4693-4S9., Group I, Kootenay district, and familiarly referred to by the
Liberal organs, who know literally
nothing about them, as the greal oil
fields  of  Hritish   Columbia.
in  ifle iriTria   ot   the  puohc
with  certain other grants  ratified  un
der the terms of the charter of the
C. & W. railway and the land and subsidies acts. It has artfully but deceitfully represented that the McUride administration endeavored to give away
these oil lands. < The only mismanagement of the affairs of these two blocks
which led to any public scandal was
during the time Mr. \V. C. Wells was
chief commissioner of lands and works.
Mr. Wells is a doughty Liberal, one of
the strong and capable men of that
party who, it is alleged, is to contest
the next election in the Columbia riding for the Liberal party. Mr. Well's
trafficking fu these lots 4593*4694 was
su disgraceful that the then permier,
Hon. James Dunsmuir. cancelled the
grants conveying the lands to the 0.
A: w. railway under the terms of his
charter and relegating the whole question, as he said himself, to the government or succeeding governments for
It may have heen the misfortune of
Mi. Egberts that he was attorney gen-
enU under the government when Mr,
Wells did all his runny work, but there
is nothing in the proceedings of the
strict investigation which followed to
show that Mr. Eberts was in any way
implicated in the unsavory work of
Mi. Wells, The investigation simply
the hands of a minister
j of the crown are lied when he is In the
i cabtnel of a coalition government and
hus no party to whom he is responsible. The introductloh of party lines
hus forever obviated this difficulty in
British Columbia,
The matter of final settlement of the
claim of the C, a- \v. to the lots above
named was lixed by order in council
dated April HI, inn;:, only a few weeks
before the Prior ministry was forced
to resign.
Since that time tbe whole question
ot   ihe  bungling legislation of the  former  governments   has   had  to   he adjusted, as thc further development of
railway and   transportation    facilities
COtUd not be carried on till the promot-
t Ing  and constructing companies  knew
where they wen* at    The bungling of
: Mr.  Weils had lost the province  the
i confidence of the  great  corporations
thai   were   spending  their   millions   In
opening up Mritish Columbia and their
Status in respect to the charters which
^^^^^      -anted  them and  the obll-
all  railway  construction.    Kven  ;*.**,   it
was deferred.
lt was at this point ihat the stains
hand of the Mei*.ri*|e administration
took hoid of The affairs of state, and
these affairs have* been conducted
with a Freedom from any resemblance
of graft or oorponuion (fcvors e-tt-r
Since. The laws under which grants
havf been made, though iu some cases
exoeedlnglv difficult of Interpretation
or of reconciliation with other laws.
Lav, ..il been disentangled, the credit
ol the province has been restored
tbe ��� :.. of n sunied development has
u- * ii hastened in a marked degrei
We make these statements withoul
reserve and aie pn | trad to lubsttn-
tiate them. The miserable inslnua*
Uons ol tlie loot! organ ate unworthy oi the attention of men
��hu have no time to waste over
sophistrtas and ghost stories It
���.:.. . cal organ has au.- ipfteUlc charge
to make kgalnst the McBride administration let it be made in such terms
a. will bring it wiihiu the compass of
reasonable debate. To throw slurs ou
the government is nut argument No
one win believe unsupported assertions in these days when the partizan
press has proved itself devoid ot honor and would siay reputation aud char-
aeter with false words.
Let it be shown upon reasonable evidence or prima facie evidence that
there lias been maladministration either wuh respect to the lots in East
Kootenay or the C. & W. grant in sections Z and o. or elsewhere, so that
we may not be called upon to attack a
man of straw. The bogey cry that
there *_,;. r-_n.iet.__ms crooked will no
longer carry weight. Let us have the
���facts. The records are available.
Make good.
In the meantime the better terms
crj   is  relegated.
the earning power of royal rulers i*-- a
Ikxt way to exhibit appreciation of a
station in life that, when worthily occupied, has done much to maintain
the world's moral equilibrium.
it would be far better to point out
that the value rendered to society bj
such men as Presldenl Roosevelt is
worthy of much more than tlu* sting)
recognition  which  it   is  accorded  by
the   republic.
The local organ's poini thai a vote
given in the legislative as--, mbl] on ,-
purely formal matter when there was
no question oi the rlghl "i a - ��
to   a   title   In   lands   is   Facetious.     The
editor of the organ  seeks  absolution
in the assertion that a motion
house does oot necessaril] mean anything, l! was just such maudlin 'baling with ihe public affairs ol ���
Columbia that brought the province tn
the verge of financial disaster, and no
man who at any time took any part in
the deliberations or votes of the bouse
can l>e ab*solved from ihe almost calamitous situation which such shift*
:. ss evolved.
We are going into tlie business Df
predicting an election ourseh'is
as soon as we can get time to figure
on the pro|*osition. It is purely a
speculation, but apparently there is
money in it for somo one.
The Rochester Post-Express publishes some interesting figures giving
the salaries or Incomes received by
some of the celebrated royal personages of the world and reflects ou the
inconvenience caused to the king of
Kngiand because he is apparently unable to make both ends meet with the
amount placed at bis disposal. The
annual income of King Kdward is
$2,284,000.    The Post says;
"Out of this amount he has to maintain a number ot castles and royal residences, support a small army of re-
miners and flunkies, and pension old
and faithful .servants. Consequently,
when the year's hills are paid, his
majesty has uo money to put iu the
bank against a rainy daj. Recently
the king petitioned to have his salary
laised to $::,U0O,(i0U a year, but owing
to the already heavy taxation the government refused the request. Compared with the other rulers Edward
VII. is poorly paid. The czar of Russia has a total income of $20,000,000 a
year. The sultan of Turkey manages
to gel along on $10,000,000. Emperor
William supports the royal family on
an income of al>out $4,000,000. The
king of Italy exists comfortably on an
income of $2,859,501), while the emperor
of Austria-Hungary pegs along on
$:;,700,000. Other sums paid lo Euro
peau sovereigns are Bavaria, $1,-42,-
7211; Belgium, 1885,000J Denmark, $2.0,-
I'Ob and J2S.000 to lhe heir apparent;
France, 0288,000; Greece, $260,000;
Netherlands, $246,000; Portugal, $507,-
000; Roumania, $201,482; Saxony. $028,-
460; Spain, $1,480,000, and Wuttem-
berg, $*lo;i,4.S. Compared with these
sums the yearly salary of the president
of the I'nited States is very modest Indeed. Furthermore, the president narns
his salary, which cannot be said of
many of the rulers mentioned in the
So far as the king of England is concerned we do not think the last statement is In good taste. While there
can he no doubt that tho salary allowed the president of the I'nited Sates
is ridiculously small and reflects little
credit on the great nation of which ho
is the executive head, it is too often
the disposition of people living under
republican regime to belittle lhe influence and power of the constitutional
Tho life of Queen Victoria was
known to bo one of the most busily
occupied, probably equalling in indus
try that t.f any of her subjects. Affairs of state engaged her attention to
a degree ihat would surprise many
whose idea of monarchy is that it i.s
a mere figurehead.
King Edward likewise devotes close
attention and much time to the affairs
of his empire, and it is perhaps Impossible under the quiet movement of
imperial affairs for one out of close
touch with the course of events to
fully realize how thoroughly engrossing is this work.
As for setting a money value on the
services of a ruler, that seems to us
to be the height of absurdity. The
dream of King Edward of a world
jieace has been a day-dream and a
work drf'am with him since his accession to tlie throne, and there are not
wanting signs that his influence lias
been worth to the world what money
cannot repay.
It is not everyone who can discharge
such high and lofty functions, for the
qualities of mind and heart necessary
_. ~������__-.-_������.��*���.������.'������ .j '' ,i ' 4!..��it.>.*-*-.Tri-irr'������
gift.    To reflect, therefore, on  Ih
Strangers to  Both.
Aid. Garrett��� Whal constitutes
Aid. Howay���Answer Pilate's question, "What is truth?"���iFinn report
of Westminster council  meeting I
Nothing ever takes a harder fall OUl
of worry than hard work.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fratt, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveriofj made daily throughout Nelson
aud its suburbs Phone 148.
Blxty 'lavs after date I Intend toapply to the
Hmi Chief Commissioner of i-ands mi'l Work**.,
Victoria, to purchase UB acrei of Inml aboul I***-*
mll-s Li'low Burton City, West Kootenay, commencing h' ii post murked "J. A. Irvine- eaal
eorner i><>st." srM post befog on the easterly end
i.f mi 1-iHii'l west "f Uit6M7,and -.���liinninK all the
Und contained in sai'l island, being abonl "in*
mil-in an easterly and westerly direction and
alt-out -o '-lifllm* from north to south.
November nth, i-aufi. h ��. im ino,
J   K. ANNAiH.F-, A(telit.
Hixt* davs after date 1 linen*-! toapply to tlie
Hot. Chief Commiasioner of Und.*. and Work-.
Victoria, to pureha.se ifti ac-res of land, located on
i in* wesl side of Arrow ia-*c, abonl Ath mllei below Hurton City, and described ���.�� follows: rom-
menclns ����� ft post marked *F i. B'ssoutheast
eorner." and befngSOcnolnseostof the northwest
corner oi ui 2719; ihence north M chains j thence
west 40 chains; thence south -todiains thenoe
���.,-. ji>-���bnins tn the place of beginning.
'���>"' ""���   ">�� .. (i-RKEK.
|K��r J. E. Annai-i k
Nmi,, is hereby given that ea daw ain
:...  H       irahle the
Chlel I ommtnion- r nf Um_�� *u<i work;
mission  to r n ���-    '   ��� '* ' -
lands:  ���        enelngaiap -��� ;��*������-
.: ol [_eou -a ��������    - ���;
��� DJn| I      ttni north;
���    ���   .   , to point oi      -���������������
more    leai
Vv I    ��   V*. INTER,
j- * .   -   H   I,, i :--���.������*.
U at tn ten uu i date I
Hon. the Chief < omtnls-
fUnd.        *���    ksforpen  ;--.. n topor-
Ian li  In  ��< it
.   nntng at ��� poil marked
"Otto Hlrsch- N  Vt   corner" and planted on
��� VTauhaa [Cariboo] lake, about
. -   ..*. ol Wf)��i5han
.   thanee eaat t��
.    r-e of the -Ns
.��� in a genera]
, .���*.:;.-.-<
nt, ' ontalD-
.   .
ur" UikM'H,
��   I     ItiMM   *���:      ���.��:������ nt
v cgirenthai��utj days afterdate
ihi II ���  *   tnmlasioner
ilon t" purchase
>: , . -.     *.'. : ui ;- .:   ���*.���. Mt Kooteuay
I * Dlog  at a  ;���."���!  markeii  "I    K
< | and planted on tbe i ul
n , ake   aboul one
bei    end ol lbe lake;
ace north �� weal M '���h-.tn*.
ikon -of Vt ttatshan lake;
-. i gem ra] iouth-*
erly and - - ' *   more or
:���.-. :.. t,v ntainiiig
Dan d u :- itb ....        -   - ���'
i:  k   hung
F L Ha)     n     ' -     ���
Notloe \f bereby given that ilxtj dan after
date I intend to applv to the Bon Chief Commls-
rdoner of Lands and works for pei loi ���������-
chaae the foUon log '������ - i the west
Kootenay dlatrlet;   !(-*giuiiiiig at it j-��. marked
"Bertha Blrach'i N  K eorner,' snd planted
the east short* ol Whatfhan (Cariboo) lake ai tha
narrows of tha lake, end about om i      iouth ol
Arrow lake trail; thence south ���*���
rest fl   ' bains more or leas to I
narrows; thence following the laid ��� a
gr-in-rai  northerly and easterl]   din  Hon  120
li- in- iii r   ]������--   I"  tin*   [�����::.*...
'���tainlng 640 aeroi mora -*r less
Dated this Sth day of Oet , UM
B_tm i Hm   '
V   I.   Hamhi Sh,  ���. .-��� :.-
Sixty dav*- nfter date, I Marerett McQuarrle!
Intend to npj-lv to the Bonorable the Chief Com-
nerof  Umls and   Works,  Victoria, B  >   ,
to purchase the foUowlng described land. Urm
mencing at a j-ost marked M. McQuarrle, on the
bank of Ixrwar Arrow lake, thenoi *���*
��� ence oo ehalna northi thenoe 40 cbalm
t-nst: ihence 00 ehalns south to place of com
* nt, tald to contain ifie acres more nr
Ian   Covering ground held by ������*. B. -indereon'i
Dated thll Hth day of FepU'inber, lflUfl.
W, I   PaTirfc Agent^	
Sixty dars after date I porpoaa making appB-
ration to tin* Chief Commlaaioner of Unds ami
Works for permlaslon to pun-han-- the following
described fand: Commencing at a pom marked
���K   Ps8 i: corner," and sltnate abont one mile
from  Mtv-r Tip  Point, on What-diati Inke and
near Christie creek, ninning thence -SOcbalni
north; thence 80 cbaina weat; tbence Si chalm
sooth, (ollowlng thi lake at ire; tbence 80 cbalm
.- point of commencement, ���-������ntajiting
H0 '..������ bs more or less
Daied the nth day of August, WB.
K  Kaiviieh,
IVr r   '.   I wyriiR, Agent
Notiee [| hereby giren that 00 days after data
I intend toapply to the Honorable the Cblel
Coiuininnioner of Und�� and Works for permli
sion to pun-hi5.* the following deacrfbi i lands;
Cotninr-m-uig at a posl plauted on tlie northeait
corner ol   Peter H<_Kaughton_ apnUntlon  to
purchase,   running   BO ehains   WOSl   along   the
northern lamndary of lame; thence ���*����� chain*..
north; theii-e wj ehalns ea>t; tbence BOchalm
lonth, along the west bonndary ol John Bltlott'i
application to pnrehaae, t.i poim of commencement, containing I'-tu acres, more or Ic***.*.
Dated get II, IW6, Thomas smith,
Hy liir- ngenl. Kkn__st Vi  Hor.isinm
Notiee is bereby given that ��_ days after dale I
intend to npply to th'* Honorable ih,. Thief Com-
ml *-*���*���*. loner of Undsand Worku. at Victoria, 11. C���
for permission to purchase thc followlug de-
M-rtbed land", situated in the West Kootenay
district, south of Forty Nine creek, commeneing
ai a post marked "I.. II Cboqnotte'a N. W corner," thence to chains east, tbence io chain*,
south, thenee40 ahalns west, them-e 40 chains
north to the commencement posi, eontainiug iwi
acres, more or less.
Nelson, B. <_*, Oet. lGlh, 1W...
L h. caoainrm,
W. A. JOW, Agent.
Just received, a iplendJd -stock    of    -Stamped    I in.-i
An elegant   fteeortment   for to' w^floa l
W Fancy
Just received, a Iplendld mock    of    Stampod     tamuu    n
Covers, Tea Clothe, etc   An eiei.unt   oHHnrtmr..-   f.._ . ���   tlJ*>tiiot
Xmas presents, --^^^^^^^^^^^
We aro nlso showing a lot  of now Fancy Tape uml Ribb��� m
Bee our ihtfw windows for some aoveltlei   w,. i,.,Vl.   . n "��rt.,
trado, which  we  had  mado to our  order  hy    the    beat       ���   Xn,ai
fiincy  work in  tho  Montreal convent,    Now  In  m,,. .,,,'   ,K''     '   ��'
toake selections. r,,r >'<"
'" il
November llth, 1906,
after dale I Intend to npply t,, the
*mra!ulonerof Und�� and Worka,
' land, situated
urehase 40 aeres
HI ity day
Hon. Chief
Vietoria, to
on the Wesl Side Of Arrow Un., iiiniiu.,',11
below Burton, and de**'ribed as follows; (..,�����
mencing at a poal planted at the northeast
-rner of Lot 7B7D, nnd running north SO chains;
t Lti chains, iht nre south-JO chains,
hains to place of beginning.
11  E.Dili.,
J. K. AJWABLK, Agent.
Uie I intend tn applv to the
iln��ionerof Uudsand Works
to piin*h-.fie idoacre*ol land:  Commencing ill "
post planted on the we-t side ol*Six mile crees,
ii   wiit-foii  road,  about  two and one half miles
ay   lake,   and  marked   "Nell   Me
\\e-t corner post," thonce west to
north   10 chains,  thence east -Mi
outh to chains, to place of ootn-*
thenee  wc-
tbence east 3oi
Nov. llth, !!__.
Blxty da
Hon. tho Cl
from   f*
ehains, Ihenc
ohalns, tbeni
Located thll l"lh day ol November, 190(1.
Neil Mi KEi hmc.
���Sixty day- after dnte 1 purposenniklng "pplica-
tlon i" the Hon. Chief Commissioner ol bands
and Work; for permlaalon to purchase tht.* followlni: described land:   Commeneing at a post
placed at the south Wesl corner of ll.Vi. Banning-
ton's aiiplleiition to purchase, marked *'L M..-.
H'sS E. eorner post,'1 running thence no chains
west; thenee HO chains south; thence so chains
easi; thence ���*�����- chains nortii to point of commencement, containing f-W) acres, more or less.
Dated the 10th dny of October, 1906.
L. M. EL Hanmn.tojc,
l��*r K. Km F.I,L. Agenl.
? making appli-
istoner of I.aml-
Kotlce li herebj given that ilxti daxstftof
date I Intend toapph tothe Hon I blef Commiasioner ol Undi and Wnrk* lor p-crmlKsion to
purcba-M the tollowlui deaorlbed lands, in
.\,*si Kootenaj Piatrli I Commeneing at an initial post planted at the loulhaui cornet ol Mo-
Coy's pn ��� pdon thence 30 chains weat to eaat
boundari ol Lot -SUV] Ibenee following said
boundary soutb to southeaal comer of said loti
thence lo chains west; thenee '_ chains south)
tbenco SO cbains east; tbence D chtlns nortb to
���Otttbwesi cornei oi Lot  *-'-': Ihenee following
���west boundarv of Lot *��2 to iiiilial post,
September 21, iw*. P- D. Woitf,
i- r Kann w, Bostwos.
Notice is herein  glTOO that B0  Uv- allerdate, I
intend to appli t" the Hon. thief Commissioner
of Landi md Work* tor permlaalon to purebaae
the following described laud*, sltnate on the
East shore oi Lower -Lake, a!��mt one and one
half mile Bonth of Edgewood,  l* ���'. and ad
jotninfg J. T. Heatli-'s  upplleation  lo  purchaao,
and oommenelng at�� post marked I'oimi.i Mil
aoB'aBoiith Wesl eornei thenre running North
siitv ehalni. thence Kasl lorty 'hain-. tbenee
South, aiat) chain-, tbenee tiy -t lortj ebalni to
j Laos of oommeneement, and containing *_no
acres more or less.
DOSUI n niuog,
If, h Mi\.i AitRiR, Agent.
Hated this _r.lh day Oi Beptember, 19A.
KotlOS li hereby given lhat fin day*1 after late 1
inieiul to aj-ply to the Honorable t hief I.'mumIs-
���loner "f Undi and Work* for permission to
:    ���     ,-.-���  -fii*  following d��!irrlt*>:d landi. Iti We-t
v    tenay:  Cotnmen ',;,_.- ��; ��� poal planted ��i
���   rtheejl oorner ol toi IStA. O, i . marked t
ber'i  Dortbwesl corner,  tbence smith BO
chains; thence ensi 10 chains, more or less, to
-������rn b-mindaiy of Lot MS, '��� L;thenoi
north 80 chalus to Kooteuay  river: thanee tteet
li-i.'ii.*. mi: said rlrer to point of couiineuccmeiit,
Containing ���*�� acre* more or less.
*'*t!i October, I'JKV
Notli b is bereb] given thai n-days alter date I
Intend to make application to the Honorable the
Cblel Commissioner of Landi and Works for ���permlaalon i" purchase tbe following deacrlbed
landi Commenelni at �� poal planted on the
northeast eo net of Peter UcNaogbton's spplloa-
tioii t>> punha- . lollowlng the gnat boundary of
tame so cbalni iouth; tbenoe so chains eut;
thence BOchalm north; ihenee go ebnlni ��*�����! to
polnl "f oommeneement, oonuuning etn a-Tes,
mort- "I- leal
Dot I'd (let. U, 190B. AI.HBRT KlXIOIT,
By his agent En.sr_��T W   BoBimov,
Notloe is hereby given that two months niter
dnte I Intend lo apply t.�� the llouorable Chief
Commlsalonei ol ijinds and Works for pennis-
slou to pureliase (do acres ol Und. den nls-d as
follows: OotniiieiRlutf at a pest planted nt tin
southwest of i. i. HOnlsOO'l r��ii'-i- Mi Ure
Valley, West KooUIiay distriet. mark, il -J n
Munr-i's nortlieast corner post"; ii.- nee BOcbalns
weat; tbence SO cbalm souih: tbenee 80 ehalns
easl; thenee SO chains north to the place of eommeneement
Dated nih day ol Beptember, IS08,
J. It. MrNRcr.
W. A. (AMUCK.  Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 80 daj I afvr dnie I
intend to apply to the Hon. '.md Commissioner
of Unds and Works for permission to purchase
the  following described  lands, situate in Weet
Kootenay district: Heglnuing at a t��>st marked
'���Arthur warren's B W. oorner," and planted on
the east shoreof Whatshan (t'ariboo) Uke. almtit
two miles north of the narrow*, ol Wha'shau
lake, and at the 8. K corner ol W. Seeonib-'- application to purehase; thenee ea-t  10 chains:
Ihenee north W chains;  thenee   west   I'' i-haiii-*
thenco sooth mi chains to poim of commencement; Containing ���".���-i aorei more or leu
Dated this Mh day of Oet. 1906.
Ai-iHiH W/aJOOV,
.       F. L. IUmmohp, Agelll.
Notleo Is hereby
dale   1   lutein] '
mlMrionaror UndiudW��LBf^?'*l
to   purehase   the   follow |h
uate iu Weet Kootenai   r
at   a   jK.st   marked "A Hii
planted al tb,* 	
r*!" 'iim iia
^ "IflHsJ-JI
"'les north of Bur|..i, (|, m1(, ., .'^
liille west of the Columbia r , ""1\
Nl chain*, thanee we.  i     . ru'r-""n.,
���s��.si.-a-.ntuit. f-..nniii.li,K :tSi si- ��� " ,,,,w ''
I'ated this Ull, da, oIn,,^.!*,
 ___. ggr&uwfcTfrJj!
Notloe la nereny gtren thatsliirdaw <
erof  (.amis  and   Works for Mr��l-___*
gMW   itafaitmrlBkdSoSbSffi_ft
itartlna at a poet'marked'cathii.SiCJ
planie.lon (he earn sl,,,,.,.., , "!rln. TsR
Creek, tb
I liii'b. idm|
'������>���������; .,?���
i u*d iirrotj
thenoo nobaBia north, ll , i
Wte  snore, thenoe Mnth alooi l2?_____I
point of com men w m, nl * '"tiiwil
HiRS-l IfllMi.AiifP
KoUCt !���  hereby given  thai Ultj  .miu
dale I Intend to apply to thc Hon  i       \L_
i ommlssloiierofUndsand Vi���tU ."
10 ("irehare the following it* riM|*th3
In Wesi Kootenay dlstrlrtit'oiuiDi i       ...
planted at itoU-n *?*orlett'i u<.r.u -^m-Jj
���post   and   marked  A. Ms  N. W Citta** ff
msI to cbains; thenee toihsirn muil t��
k-si to the Kootonay rlyer; tlirac*Vrfet_g
along the Kontenay river; Hivarc Iv
nortb, mon* ot Iggg. to  in*   ;
ment, eontainiug ino aeres mon n La
-.���prml-erltlh l'JOii. M^^
Ami Karal
WiiXlAJI Moonr u.-tpit-f
Notiee is bereb) gtri n lbs
Intend to apply to lhe lb Q. II Cl I
Blotter of Umls and Work- !... *..r ,
poi-chase the fidb-wmg ���:
West   KfHiletiav   distriet:   H-gintiuir il
marked0 D. ft��-n and li i- iPi&i    -.
abonl 2 miles cast of the Balmo
'   mii��- from thi1 Pend d'On 11 -
chains nortb; tbenee4D cbalni
i-lialns SOOtbi theme i ������ |,��� i *.
tlllH   g. m_^_^_^_^_^_^m^_m
I'Mi-'d the 'iiiid dar of Jv-pii-mlier.lM.      _
���> ' Pel
It    If, RSITfr, AgfBt
about tu
pixy days after date I purpoi
cation to ilu* Hon. Chief Comm! _. ������
and Works for permission to purchase ihe following described land:   rommeneing at a poet
the north boundary of lot No, 8M and
chain* east of Whatshan creek, marked **>!. 8'a. _. Vi. corner," running Ihenee 40
chains ea-t; thence In chains north; theuce 40
chains wesi; ihence In ehalns south, to point of
commencementi eontainiug ino acres more or
Dated tin- loth day of October, 19*nfi.
m. Bantu,
i'er B. HlitKU., Agent.
Notice is herebv given that slxtv davs alter date
I intend tO applv to the Hon. Chief (!oi
erof  Lands nnd   W    *"
ebase the followlni
H -t BO chains, south 3D ehalns to place of com*
meneement, containing 341 acres.
I.ocate-1 ith day id Nov  ':���*���;.    NtTTIg T, Bigg.
Iter date
, IMS.
John Toys.
Harm- OiMOK, Akchi,
Notice Is herehy given that ��i davs alter date I
apply to the Honorable the Cnlel Con
TIlllSSloll to
 ��� _, -,,.i.ii.o.iuu to purchase;
tbence easl ���'���, chains; thenee north ���-.. chain**;
tnence wesl BO Chains to the northeaal corner of
A rih'i r Warren's appl lea i ion to purchase; ihi Oi a
south BOchalm to polnl of eomuii.iieen.eui, containing mo n'-res, more nr less.
(let. l!ih,190fi. J.8.smi-tgo,
 F. I. IUmmom,. Agent.
Notice is hereby (rmn ttiat BOdftfl .-Iter date 1
intend toapply to (he Honorable Ihe chief Com*
mlssloner ofLands and Works for permission to
purchase tbe following described lands situate
about 10 miles easi of the  * My id Nelson, on the
south shoreof the Wast Arm of Kootenay lake,
an . commencng at a p*ist place, about -fi ehains
south of tbesjutheast corner ol Lol 2&tt, marked
���*8 Thomas'ji, W eorner," Ihenco -outh si
chains, theuce east JO chains, thence north 20
chalnn, theme weti -' chains toponitof pom
Dated thi- *'-tli dny of Nov . IBM       -1  Tho"h >-.
Notice ll h-I_by given that 80 days afterdate I
intend toaptilv to the Hod. Chlen.ommissloiifer
of Landsgnd Works for permission to purehaae
the loUowing described land* situated in the
���treat Kootenav dlatrlct: Beginning at a post
marked -n. U. MaoMlcking's N. W corner/1 and
planted oil Ihe wesl -hereof Whatshan (Cariboo)
lake, about three foil i north of the fJpperNar-
row" of the saPl lake aud oocosite the If land In
the  said   !ak<-;   thenee  -iith Wi chains; thence
east O) ebalns, mi
thenee following
|-titi'iii'ly    and    clearly  dofined,	
there would hav.   ben a halt called on J comes of royalty and cheaply sneer at
wumw chains; thence
east  io ehnins,  in'.;   !.*--, io th.   Ink*--hor..;
���* ���* *��.- Mj,g ahore i'i/j;'Xlk_t���
Us, mon* nr less,
t, et m taming M0 acrei,
intend ti ________...__^___________-...._
ini-sI inerof Undsand Works li
pnrchase tbe following rtosci ._.	
im ii' ing at ii  post  placed 20 ceains west of the
southeast eorner of ixo 1643,marked *'K. a Bell's
northwest corner," thence tooth to cli��l"s,
thenceeast '20 ihains, thence north 90 chains,
tbeni ������ wesl lOchalm to point of oommenoement,
containing 10 m res, more or leas
Loealed thlslth dayol Nov . I'JOB.    It. A. BtVL
Bitty daya aftor dale I purpose making nppn-
catlon to tne Hon, Chief Commiasioner m Lands
and Work- for p' rtniSSlOO i" purchase the following deaeribed land: Commencing at a poat
placed ��t the north ea-t corner of h. �� ftklnner*!
application to pnrehaae, marked "11. H's N. w,
oorner post," tbenoe following the ea*l boundary of same M cbaina aonth; theuee ruiining so
chains east; thenco 80 chains north; thenoe *i
chains west to point ol commencement, contain-
ing (Wo aorei more or lesi
Dated the luth day of October, WWII. DODDi
Per It. BB1XLL, Agent
Slxtv davs nfter date I pur pore making appll'a-
tion Io tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unrt-
aud Works lor permission to purchase the following deserlbed land: Commencintt at a post
placed at the northwest eorner of 11 Dodd'i application to purchaie, marked "K W. II - - W,
eorner post," running ihenee KO chalnc north;
thenee HO chains east;  theuce <*-*-" chains south;
thenee ��*i chains west to point of commencement, containing (V40 aeres, morn or lags,
Dated this 10th day of October I'M*..
I{. W, lUvyiMiTos,
  per k. Bat mix, Agent
Notice is hereby given that sixty days alter
date  I   inteud   to app'v  to  tlie   II.ui..rable  the
thief Commissioner of Unds and Works, for
permission t'. purehase the following i|i-it|I.i*i1
lands in the West Kootenay distriet: Beginning
at a post marked "-JamesQ Eraser's N.K. eorner,n
and p allied on the east shore of Whatshan
(Cariboo} lake, about one-half mile north of
Christie ereek; thenee souih 40 ehains. more or
leas, to the north boundary of w, fiecombe'i ap-
ollestloii to purehaw; tlouee west along tbe said
boundary to chaius, nmre or Itn, to lbe shore of
the lake; them-e fol.owing t> e said shore III a
general   northerly    and   easterly   direction   tt
chains, more or lesa, to point of eommenoement
eontainiug 100 aeres, mure or Ie���
Oet  liltli, 1��W- JAMtHd. Kkaseh,
 F. L. Hammomi. Agent.
Notice In hereby given that slxtv days after
lhe dale I iniend to apply to lhe Hon. the Chief
Ciiiiimis-ioiier of bands and   Works  for  |*rnits-
sb.n tonurehase the lolloping deaorlbed land
in the r7ett Kootonay dlatrloti Beginning ata
posi marked **k   it, KeU'i N.K  eorner," snd
plan led on Uie shore of Whatshan (Carf Ihhi) take,
at the northwest corner o( said lake; iheiiee B0
ehains west; thence 40 chains  south;  tht-lice to
ihains east: thenee to chains south; tbence eks'
10 ehalns. moreor less lo the shore of the Mid
lake; thencfl northerly along lbe saldJake shore
no chains, mon-or less, lo tii ��� point ol commencement, containing imi acres, more or leas
Haled del. IJ, pjtic. K. K. Kkii,,
V. 1. HaMMOKP, Agent
Nollee is hereby given t
Bbfty d.iy* alter date I porpnas mitlnf s
catlou !������ the Honorable tio Chlel i ��� ���: *-.��i
o( Unds and Works for ���- n* . --i.
the following deM ril*ed  land    <
a pool  marked '*D. l"s *- W  oot
K   I'aiitjUii-r's application  to pm	
thence HOehali-a north, n ��� n* ��� iMfnuad
thenei BOcbalns south; thei ��� *-���'ii.urtB
to thu {Hiint ol cummcuceno in, seu'iis^jfgl
acres, more or leaa. ^^^
Dated the Hth day of August, IWt
Per F. .. i'iii,ria. ..pn
flxty days after date 1 Inieml to apPJy *IL
Honorable tbe Chief Commissioner*, .-.i'lii
Works for permlaslon to pun has. lhe r-o.lov._fl
deflcrtsbod lauds in KootenM dliirtrt: '<efl
meiieingat a |>ost marked .1 It. ..iniiMe'-.ifM
easi cornet poet, said p.-* >���:��� .* ���-.'������ ���**���
side of the bower Arrow lakv. slsmi linslg
below purton city; then aontb I i
tbenoe weal -jo chains; thence mtitb>__���
i bene., weet 'JO chains; thenee nnrlh Bdi
and '20 links, more or le- in the Isifi. _
Ihi ni ��� .n-u-rlv along lake Wrtiaini ��� N t'tm
to the pi-iie nf I .ginning, i-uiitiniiinrlw-rtl
mon* or leas
Haled this ."ith day of NoM-mler. 1W        _
J. B.ArciiAl
per K. I. H' r.sti, A(.'BL
BUty days after date I Intend teMMJ
IDitiorable the Chief CommtSSton I i l*a��
Works lor permlsalnn lo pnr< !.�����-��� tt* ���"J**
��� I-si rlbed lands in Kootenay ill-ln- <**
cing at a |kisi marked "A. J- l��lH'�� **���
corner posl," said po-t befOgOBtb NRM
erly shore of lln*  Uiwer  Arrow lake��cipi
dnc sut, on the gortbeest corner��'Jm
Oroup 1; thein e north ��<��� chains; i��'t I- u
south 40 rhaltis, more or less, totbslind^
ihenee lollowlng -.aid shore InasoBttlr"
direellnn 50 chains, mon or 1.-��� m H'N'lwjL
beittnnlng, eonUiliing inn aire*, m.-n-��r �����
Dated this ,.th day ol NovcniUr, IPX        1
pcrK L. BraNR. Apii.
Nollee (s hereby given that "> d^nttttftM
I  mtend. to apply to the Hono��bteWl_____l
s and W,,rki fnrw
il lowing 'b-s.-ril-Wli
60 days after date I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, H C , to pin-hasp M0 ueres of
land situate west of Arrow lake on thc west side
of Whatchan creek and joining the north bonndary of fi. J- Annable application to pnrchase.
Commencing at a post murked R. J. K. B. E. corner aud running wes* to chains; thenee north 80
chains;  thenieeBst fio chains;  thence south to
point of commencement
Beptember 9_id I9u��. it. J. ei.i.iot.
en that 00 day-after date, I
ehalni',   more  nr   I
thenee northerly al
more or teas   to t
JiO ehains, more or h
ment, r-nlitailiinir l-fl
Dated Oct. if, p
-ppiy i
Commissioner of Und
sion to r urchasc tl
Koolenay    distriet.      _���������_	
markeii -J. 11   Wallace's iiorthR.Hmrntr
said )H,st la-ing on ihe caste  ,
Arrow   lake,   and   al  thc   BOUlbwoH "ttttt-
Porter's pn em piion claim     __
theliee south   _o chains,  tbenee  ���*.-. -I'rMJ
thenee  south  JU chains,  the ��� ��.-s!��_lf
moreor legato the Arrow lake tl.rnei'iniw!
easlerlT direction go chains       -
plamol iHginulug, eoulalnlnt: M(p��cn*t.l����"��J
Datod this 20th day ofOctobcr.li        _
' J. H Wililr.
By his ageut. KWKgTM I. BtKm
I-hereby given Onii -utvdaj'fp'"*!
loapply to the Uon I hlc((_iss��
_. ..and Works for i-i-rtn.-i-.Ti i-�� pufflg
the followingdeacrrbed laods.��isrUMilJB
piauid on ihe North Wosl rorn-roluffl
n,| ;��.li*l
theuce  rniiullig   twentv elm
twenty chains Wait, tbence
lb' lice twentv cha.n- Kh-I   III
-.null io point of commenc. ;
lllg KO Here- moreor le--. J
W .1. Tmt*l"
Dated lhe 1st day of OctoWr, IBOft,
Keil's applloatlon to
n ko chain": theoceeast ��
. tn lhe -nid Uke -hore;
I the said shore NOchiltll*.
said sonth   boundary   of
i to pnrehaae; thenoe we-t
io the poim of i oiuuicucc-
itcs, more or lesa.
  Hy Y. t II aw mom), Agent.
Notiee la hereby given that ��) days alter date I
intend loapply to lhe Hon. Ihe Chief Commissioner of Und- and Works Ior pcrtniwlou lo pur-
chase tba following described lands In Wesi
Kootenay district, province of Hritish Columbia;
Commeneing at a posi marked "William Tolling-
ton's northwest corner posi," said po-t being
planted at the soiilhwcst eorner nf the "Qui
Mineral Claim." anrt  -,ii.-.-- ���*-
u   to lln* Iimi. Chief t
an-i Works for permission to
lowing deaorlbed land:  Comi
t nm-
'isst hiss- ssl
wislllll tivs'lity (:-sl)
(Iss-nre ,-a,t fssrtj- (lis)
��M is.Vly'i'i,',;',.!,^!!' ,'"'"'">' (���") ''lini"", lli,-,is-,
o0nm.n_Si,t!1***l*IB,,n "' ''"��� "' ""-* ',1"1*'-*"
Ilate.l l.t ,lav ���, AuKllBt 1Mfl.
��) lsls.air.siiJ, K Taylor.
"Ixij-.Um  -
t,s point ,sf romrai'ui-isnii-ii
mtsre or lews.
Ocl. 13. 19*. O. D M.cMliKIso,
By f, L. ll ,*.*���>:::: Agent.
lawui dOKMbotl Unsl:   IVimnirnilMtUfg
l'l" 1 Hi llss-sss,lills��..l,-���rsi,s mi M ������'���Wg
|,ll.-��.|,.|l Is, pnrohUO, tiinrlc.-.t   *r i'-;;a
ni-r," riinnliii; Hi. nn- Ulilsal, '"H'rUT
i-lialii, ��,.,i; rii.-ii.-o n chain Hi;ii"Si
slls.ll- ���������., to |���,|l,l ,,|   ,���liiS]lsll,sllll-nt, Cl'll^
iiir 3Jis ���,-r,-H mnrc or ls-,ss.
iMl.-,l Hi,, loih ,lay nl Os-lssl,,r. IW.   ^m
Nollco Is, her, l,y mvcii lhal nn ,l��y> ��l'"
11,1,-nil   tr,   ai.pl/  lo  th,  llssliorsslsls- I*' _,
nmlnilniicr ol Uu.i. ansl Worlil [JJ^IUj
Hon tss PttrchU, the followiiiK '���-���;,   ._.,
Ill Use R*M| K.���,|i-si,iv,I..Ul.T   ��'���,-��� ""'"ia
POtl iiiark.-.! -Kl,-an,;r llir.,1. - ���-  ��   ��*���
mi.l plsiiil,,l���nil���. ���,..i ihore nl i'"*n"?S||
Whlllhui (C.Tib, ���k,..al,..iii.'si "''St
illllll Arr.s�� lal.-ll.ill: 11 ,l*""JHf
: llsctisH- cast! 41) t
1 Use NnrrssWh; thenc
-liors- In a Koncral ssoiillu-rly mi'l i.';,|,flL
lion Hi chaliiR more ���r I,,., io ps.lssi ol .-..nm���"
i.n isi.i-ssiitnliiiiin Lflo aorei mnrc nr i'"*-INwri,i
liali-.IOs-l   Hlli,ltt��. h,,v���bI '���'
F. 1.    llAMVlsMS -tl'"  .
No lOscrclis Klvt-n Hiki ��� ;""";!'.,,,;,,|"l
lllil.-isslio ���|.|.ly Is  II ";, i'i 10*1
s-r ..I UndtJMWotk, loipni.i'-i"1 ,Z~
ohuelhe f, ulnj dewr 1 I" '"'..'.ilill
Koolciiiy slliirls't^ Hculiinlin.'
m K
i day of Oet., I'jm
...��       **��� "  Ki-viiwi,
I   I'IRKl.-K,
Per r. 0. Fivgi'iu,
.1   Wliisl-lisi
tWO  lllllra   liorlh ol the
I'll,.';   Ilu  ���   iiurili   Hi sslinlso^
followlni lbs nM ihoro In an
mill OMtSrl, sill, ,-tlssli p.-sss'liatn-
ih,. point or eommencemoui;
acrt-is, inori' or leaa. ,
llalcsl I Is Is, nils ,lay Ol ��s'l . IK*. ff (KOn|
F. L. UAHHsJl"*, "'""'
.Issllllll" ' SBBBB
A NHEUSER    -a*0 THE original
BUSCH...    Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
NELSON       *""��� "SSSUaia ��rt*tal*    VICTORIA
->. Burns & Co.
Rovland, Trail, Niti-aon, Kjulo, Bandon, Three Portu, New
Denver nnd gloom Oltjr,
v mall to anv branoli will have
Ii: nll-l --Mn fill Htti'IltlOI).
He\d Office: Nelson, B. C.
Iui.   I |nirjMisi- niHkiuL' appll-
I'ln Hon < hief Commissioner Ol Umls
urks lor prmlulon to pnrchase the lol*
��� iv.,tHh ,1 lands:   Commendni at �� pnst
uth wesl comer of J. Bnlelt'i ap-
��� ,,,i-i-, marked' Jt. B's 9 K. cor-
ruiiiiiiiK iin!. '��� to chains north, tbence ���**!
in .   BQ cluilns  Sonth, theiiCf ao
itol eommeaesjtnanti contain-
n ot Icm.
la) ol Octobor, two.
K. Hhiki.i.,
per J- HlllKlx, AkciiI.
I   sill
S |-"iii
M lln*
<>��������� * date 1 purpose makint. nppli-
- linn chlel Commlaaioner oi i-nii-in
1 ���' [a-rmlsslon to parehaae tba toi-
* 1 landi ��� Comiueui-inij al a |>..-t
* the northeaal 1 orner of K Hhlidi'N
I'Muircliaae, marked "If. I Q.B.K,
mh,.' ihcnce wti haius norlh to the-
!*.*. ot j. 1. am. thenoe no chains
��� -> chalus south, Ihence SO chtlns
1 >ii "inimenceincni. <-<>NtatiiiiiK MO
��� 1 ia.
! <tli day Of October- l!Mi.
M. K. naxafBLL,
per J Hhiki.i., Agent.
date I  purpOM  making  a|i)ili
Hon ih.* cblel Oommi-aToner nl
.su-] Horki for permlaalon to purehaae Lha
':>��� *i land:   Common-dog ���_���. a
nl llie Junction  ol   Manns  and
 11 1 out  ol   It. J. Elliott's ap
I I'Un : aB< - marked "W. N   V'x   H. W.
thence -so<diaiiis north; thanee
* ii" BOchalm south; themem
M"i in i>oini oi commenoement; oontaln-
0 icri't more "r lev,
la) of October, vjoc.
w.n, Poou,
Per J. ButiLL, AfenU
1 i< 1 late 1 purpoH nutklu appli
Hon the cblel Oommlasioner ��d
nnil \\ rkH for permission to pnrehaae tbe
'"-. ditirili'd  lands:    Cum ine net OK at a
���outheaat comer ol M *S.Oren->
11  purchaie,  marked  *'V. It's,
mnlng ihenee ao ehulns  norlh;
*    ft 'bains cast;  thence so
ith, tbence 80 chains west, to point of
i'���ii"-iiii-ni. containing .V-Jo acres, more or
���Uh day of October. 1108.
Per I. Bhtoll, Agont.
��� rebj alven lliat no davs after date I
* application lolhe Bonorable the
' nmtiilsHldtiernl Lauds ami Wurks for nr-*
'"   P��n liaao   ilu-   followiiiK   HeKtibed
;     ' "limn tn I' (f   HI   a   post    on   thf Jt__
l*r> "I l-n-.lKiiil  BbPUt'J chain*.: <*-_�����
"      -  runnir.f 10 ohalns east; ibtfnbe
In lice l" Ohalns west: thence lo
ih 10 i-'int of commenoement, oon-
- mnre or less.
'     ���        ' IS, IMS,
LlOM Watson,
R) li * itgent, Kknknt Vi. ROBIMIOK.
1 ; ������ sftordi
I In tin* "'
*'l land
Notice is liereby given thai ft) davs after date I
inicnd toappiy lo uie Honorable lbs Chief Com-
iiiissiujiorol Undi, and Works for permission to
purchase Ibe following denrlbed lands in the
wea   Kootenay district-   Beginning ri �� pott
marked "Alexander ftemert tf. W, corner," and
plaiil.-l ou the easl shore of tin* narrows ol
Wbiuahau (CarllMHi) lake, at the 8. K. poriiei
Urubiird   Illri   - '
Ibenee east -in chains.'thenoi
tht net* west lo obalns, more or leee. to thf
of the narrows! ihence foitowim. Uie said shore
In a northerly direction -MO ebalus. more or less
tothe point of ciiiniu neement, (uj)tallllliK '.120
acres, more or less.
Oct. uth,uoo. AurxAvan Paiaxt,
by K. I.. IUhmonh, Agent.
Hlity days after dale I purpose making appli
cation to the Bon. Chiel Commissioner of Landi
and   Worki  (Ot  permission to purchase the fob
lowing deacrlbed   lands:     ,m< 11. In*   Ht the
northeait corner of C. I, llaniiliiKtoii's application to purebaae, marked **k. a. f" B. B.corner,"
1 uuuttie tbence wi ' 1.mi n- norlh, llienee wehalns
wnt, thenee mi i-bmus souih. thence Wl chains
cast to poim of commenoement, oontainlng mo
acres, more or less.
Hated thc l.i I. dav of October, 11106.
K A. QaiAgg,
per J Kiiiuj. Agent.
fflrseb's   application    to   purchase;
Notice Is hereby given tbat 00 days after dale
I Intend to applv to tlie lion ��� hlel commissioner
of Land-* ami Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands in West Kootenay
Dlatrlot; B-%innlng at a post marked, "Hern-
hard lllrsch's S K. corner." and planted on the
ca*i shore of ihe narrows of Wbatsban C'urlhooj
lake; theuee n rib m chalus: Ihence wesl 10
ebaiiiB moreor b-s, to the shore of Whatshan
lake; thence following sHid shore In a geueral
southerly and easterly direction l'jn.dial iin more
or leas, to point of comuieiieetnciit: oontainlng
'.V20 acres, more or less,
Dated IhisKU, dayol Oot 1*900,
Hkkshakh IIihhui,
K. L Hahhoso, Agent
Hlxty davs afler date I purposi making application to c*e lion, the chief ConmlMloner ol
Landl and Works bir permlnion to purchase tha
following desoribed land:   Commenelni at a
post placed about half 11 mile wesl of name*
creek, and aboul one mile north ol the mouth of
the same, marked "J. H's. H W. corner," running
thenee ni chains norlh; thenee BO cbains cast;
thence HI ihains SOUth lo the north bhuudary of
Vi. N. Poole's appli, atio-i to purchase; tbence so
chains west to point of commencement - containing 'il" acre- more or less
Hated lhe 13th dav ol October, U08,
Hlxty daTS aft* r date I   pofpOH making appli-
,�����:,,.1 ���   ���'������- Muit. rUWt Commissi! ner of bands
��\. .   ' -,.;.- .'.''���*-*���'?��>'.>(.> to purchase the fob
ii'  I purpose limning appll-
tbelion chid Commissioner ol bands
iO purchase lbe fol-
.nnnieiieiiig at a post
-���v yards weal ol IhO V\ hatsbaii
ml and aboul two miu-s souih ol What-
ske, markeii '���tf.C.S'iM K eurner post."
*���   chains   south;    Ihence   su
1 ������ i"ce80chains norih; lbence w
!"'iin of eouiiuciiccmcnt: eolitain-
r Ie
of Octobor, WOft.
11 0, BKimnot,
Por It. KiiiKi.t., Agent.
���    '���"''"    f '���' dale I Intend lo apply to the
'     I-"' ii.i-.ioio-i o[ Uml-ami
* ���'*'"Ha, to punhasc IN) acres of land,
"fin hi (real ifdeof Arrow Uke. adjoining
1* sn. described u follows: tiommciicing
mi Miitited  on  lhe  west  boundary of Lot
"J"'**.*" chains north ol theH. -A. corner of
ei. lie rice w.-st SO ��� n,.io-. thence south B0
.imn,,.   ,,HM   N ,.|mll|,.  ,,,  ,ht.  w,.Hteru
|��. oi |.r..eiiiiiti-i, Ko.878, thenoe north
.'," M "i beginning.
1 ""���-'. IOM M  K. Wai.i.sv,
ft J. Ki.i.torr, Agent.
'     given thai no days afler dsle I
"a*-capplication lothe lionorabla the
'""'"I'l'iri ol band-' and Works fof pcr-
"   |""|ium*  the  toiiowing deadrlb_d
ll';:;��ngstaposl placed e\ 1 one
1 "halshan creek and abonl ihree
111 ni n liaishan lake, run ni Qg Hochaius
'" Wi'halns west; thence h��i chains
-   1 Iml tu east, to poim of oum*
;   , '' iiialiiingoai acres mora or Ion.
'"tnl-l 13, WW,
,,, , Paras Mot-AoaHToif.
' "isagent, Khnkst VV. ROBimOH
lie ish<
I. Ul ,
giten that 00 dan from date I
-iT') 10 the Honorable the Chlof Com-
-anas and Works lo purcbaie MO
��� ��� ��cribeo as follows; Oommenolng
,".    '; no norih bunk ofthe Utile
;, ; "''.'"it 300 yards from moulh, ami
!   MeUiu. s  s   w.  coronr post,"
1 ^ ' hiiltis, ihence north HO chains,
'hains, Ihenee south HO chains, to
^-���l-.lflOB.      Root, McI.kan.
i_ 'it'V n-SW f,,lrbo��e making appli
r     permission to purchase lho fob
*,.   I ","v :, Oommono'ng at the
iiuirkn.1 ,!n 1   ��!*__��� "PPlb-iition   to
" m ��i        '' "MN* fc��� corner," run
"" '"halni south, iheuec 80 chains
.    "* 'halus  iiorih.lhoiiccHO thafns
' r, ut1 ^��wmonoainonti Oontainlng
Pl��hday of October, 1806.
, (!. h. IUnninuton,
I��t J Hhiki.i,. Agent
��� 11' m ommtsalqnerol Unds
ni,. 1   ,      ,l11 to purchase the fol-
���,   i, ,    "'":     Coinineiieiug   ut  a
i*;.','.',1 liiVvi1"" lo  purahniOi narked
���'ice wi,..' 1 ni""'"K tbence MO chains
'"���'���Mcbui, w,'hl' ""-'"'c 80 chains
in,,,,, .'"' ��'��M to point ol coinmcn-
eiSi, Br*,wrai.nfoi_-nf less.
UUM,'>y of October, l.liMl
_,      , K. kOBKKTHON,
P��rJ. 8BIBU, Agent.
unmeiielng at a pi st
placed about half a Ilille west o( the lower did of
Ulinlslmn lake, marked "I). H'fl. N. W eorner,"
running thence W chains sooth; thence su r hains
eaat; thenoe80 chains norih; ihcnce ho chains
west to point of eommenoement, containing 010
acres, more or less
Paled llie 13th day of October, 1908,
1).  II'M'I'.
Per J.SlttlU. Agent.
H xty dayi after dale I pur|>ose making application lo the Hon Chief Commissioner of Unds
and Wn ks for permission to purchase thc following described lands:   i ommenclng ai ihe
northwest corner ol B. A, Crease's application to
pureliase,   marked  "W. U. ti'��. H   W   corner,"
running   thcticu ho   chains   norlh;   tin ������   ��>
chains east; thence M chains souih; ihcnce HO
chains west to polul of couimeticmuoni, eontainiug Mo aeres, more or less.
Dated the |_tb day oi October, l*i��.
Per J. SuiKi.i.. Agont*
sixty days afterdate 1 purpose making appli-
cation to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Unds
and Works for permission lo purcha-e lhe following described lands: -Commencing at Ihe
northwest corner of lb Hcld's application to
purchase, marked "fl l"s B. Vi. corner," running
theuce Hochaius iioilh; Ihcme HO chains, more
or less, to the west shnre of Whatshan lake, following same HO chnins south; ihence 80obalns,
more or less, easl to the point of coniineiuemeiit,
containing t'lOucics. moreor less
Dated th*- 12th day of October, linn.
M. KAiyl'lER,
per J. SlllKl-l.. Agent,
Notice is herebv given that sixty days after
date   1   intend  to apply to lhe Honorable thief
Commissioner of Lands and Works forwrmls-
��� Ion 10 Purchase lhe following described lauds:
Oununenclng m 1 posl placed on the north w-sl
corn, rof Albert KlTloU*sappll_allon to purchase,
running Ho ehulns east along u.e northern
boundary   Ol  same;   ihence   Wi chalm  north;
thenoo �� ohalns was'; th noo 80 onalna south, to
point of coiiimencenieni, oontainlng ���� acres,
more or less.
Dated Oet. 18,1906. John ki.i.ktt,
Hy his agent. Kknkst V,   HoiiinnoS.
Notiee Is herehy given thHt W days aller date I
intend to apply to the Hon Chief Commissioner
of bandl an f works for permission to P0f*bufl
lhe lollowlng daiorbed lands situated in the
uest Koot, nay ffitflcl i   Boftinnlng at a put
marked   "Herbert  Warren's  N.K. co -111 r,    am
rtinto don the w st shoreof Whatshan Cariboo)
Eta WnlonMn-ttlai mllo uorih of ti.e south.
ern eo-        bHiik'c; .heme IVOltWObalOSl UWWM
j;r;rA*\ r^v^^: l7^ ^;:.^ *-'::? w^; ,?Av��-a���aVt*: v._^
r. 1. Biuuottt, Agent,
Kn.U.o la lll-ll-l.l- Kivs-ll llissl HI il'IJ" '"" '!al1' '
mi..   1. 11 1. ��� 1 ,Vi���- Uon, 1 hi.*' Connnlulonw
!,l:",";,'.s"". ,i��� Sn 01 I.",.' nn* imni '��k*-*:
���son,rtss���:i-J-'���i"    ;       iviisslsliisn i-rei-k:
nnsre or leiss, iss llss- s-si' ... ,. ���...,
in,ire ssr Itfiss, in n s * ' '   n,,,. ()f .alsl s'lss-li anil
[Banna loUowing '"*"'',.",",���i ,uterl; dlran
Isiki, ln����ci,,THl nun >',"",, ,,���|,n 1,1 i-oisi-
lion N n-iniiiisi. mora "  '���",���.���,  ��� ot Ian
iiH'iios-iiii'iit; oontainlng isai m,
Out. lillli, iw��'s. aktiiini"" iiinmii,
lly 1.1.. UiMlOXBi AganU
The Daily Canadian
Enormous   Pipe   Line   Will   Facilitate
Mining Operations.
Il In i-xiis-ckiil that the next few
yearg win wltneia the development of
the iiisiBi remarkable qnlaa of water
carrying In Weatern Auatraiia thai haa
over been s.-.-n. The plan is to repeat,
analii ami again, tho HIMMlfa] ,-iikIii-
eering work ihai in now tupplyiag iho
Ki'iii niiiii niiniiiK region of Coolgardle,
far nm in ii,,, ii,,Kl.rl 0f ||10 intc-ior.
wiih plenty ol wnii-r brought from the
'""��i in iiniim, :::'.*���, tnlleg away.
The Weitern Auglralle deaert eon-
tain, perhapi the iuru,-Ki vaterleaa
regloni la the ��rorl4 When imviii w.
Carneglo maile hla leoond Journey
niriiBH li, several yearn auu, he travelled mm iiiIIob without nniiiiiK anything
thai luggeeted a permtnenl lottrae of
water. Por many daya he Haw nothing
imi prickly Hpinifex covering the land
rldgen, which were .ll lo 60 feet 111
height, ami extended earn ami went,
parallel with one another,   lie wmte
Ihat he eroHHi-il mnre Ihan Sll of these
Bond rlilKOH ill ,-lshL hours' travel.
lint miller repellent sainln Ue the
great gold resouroei of Western
Australia thai are now supplying more
or tit. metal every year than all the
rest of the Commonwealth. When the
rush of miners 10 this (.-n-at region began, Um eager search anil frantic strife
Tor water were sometimes tragical.
The government sought tor underground sources of supply, hut most of
ihis water was round to he so Impregnated with sails that It was linril
for use. Bngtaeers Finally devised a
plan of water delivery bom the west-
1 ru coast uiiiuntaiiiH, about twenty
iiilles to the south of Perth, which Involved the largest pumping scheme
thai has yet been carried Into opera-
lion in any part of llie world.   ^
The works were completed only two
years ago, and Ihey are attracting all
the more attenll-a because th, population that is paying 114,000,000 for them
Is still small.
The amount of rainfall in the basin
of the Helena river, whicli flows
through the Cunning Hills souih of
Perth, is about thirty Inches n year,
is was found ihnt by impounding the
Nolle*, in hereby nfM Ihnt H ��lii*t*H nfler date I
inteml toapnlr fa iho Hon. Oh-butiommfaslonar
of landi ua worka for a apodal lloenao local
Mini enrr-f awHy  Umber from  the followiiiK de
*��� ��� r I '_��� tl-]-     fominenciuK ��t a pott marked
' K. T. Horrlioa'l nnthaatt corner," planted
about a tnlk* wcn! Irom Hoar creek, ami about
lour mllen from Itn mouth, which Is IU mllei
Weil Irom Nclnon; thenee went HOchilun, tbeuce
north 80 Ohaini, Ihence cant W) chalm, thence
south Hii cbalni- to the IiiIIIhI post.
Loeatod Ootober __ndt U06    P.T. Mohkiw>h.
ed near the N. K corner of A. K. f'lnxfaud'H
timber claim, ihence went 80 cli aim, thence norlh
tt Chains- thence e nt SO chtlns. thence south Nl
"balm lo point of coinineneeiiieul.
Nov. ��th, 1IW6. p. J. liAl 1 AOHEH.
Notice In hereby alven lhat 80 davs after date I
utetid loupnlv lo the Honorable the (hief ('omul nn loner of  ..-audit   and   Worki   (or a Hpeelal
UceriM* to cut aud carry away Umber Irom lbe
following d'Hcribed  land-*-: 'ComineneiliK al a
ini-imiwi.fi! "T -.Bcanlan'i northeaal corner,"
planted abont a nils welt from Bearoroek. ami
about four mile*- from Itn moulh, which i�� Nix
mile*-west trom Nelion; Ihence weitttobalni,
Ihence no 11 lb HO chain*., thence eait tt ehalns,
tbence in,nh mi cbalm*. lo the Initial point.
Located Oetober iSnd, imm.      t. J. pi-ahlan.
Noiiee is hereby glren tiiat ttdayi afterdate f
intend to apply  to the Hon. the Chief lotnmls
- -r of  build- and  Works for a ipeo al licence
to cut ami earry away timber from Ihe bdlowilifi
deacrlbed lauds: Commencing ai a post murked
"T. Jr. Beanlan's southeast corner," plan led about
five miles up Qromancreek, which empties about
one mile wcsl 01  Nelson;  Ihi-uce west 1(1 chains,
Ihence uorih IUI eluiiiii-; theuce easl Wchaini;
tin-in*.��� Miutii  Hiii chains to point of eommence-
Haled Oct 80, 1908. T. J. hcinUN,
w. '. Mi-kimm. Ageni
Notice l.u hereby ulven that thirty day.*-after
date I iiiicml l**��pi.ly to the Honorable (be Cblel
Commissioner of Landl and Works Ior a special
license loCUt and carry away timber Irom the
hdiowiii's' ii'--'iii""i lauds:   commenolng at a
[Kttt marked "John MC-larry's norlhwcst eoruer," planted abou' a mile west from Itenren ck,
and about four miles from lti month, which is
Mix miles west from Nelxui; theliee east Nil
chnlrm, theme south tt chains. Ihenoe west m
chains, thence north tt_hah.ltO.ha inula'post.
located OctoberSSndr, i!��fi.   John M-uakrv.
Notice in bereb- given that ttdajri alter date 1
Intend loapply to the Honorable Chief Coinuiis
-iiiiii-1 "i Lamls ami Works for a ipoelal lloenn to
cut and earrv away iIiiiUt fnnn Ihe followfiie
descrllH-d landli Coinuien(,IUK tita p.isl marked
M- 0 .Moiia-^haii's southwest corner, pi tiled
aboul a mile weet  from  hear creek, mid nhout
1  in*li*��  Irom   lis  mouth,  which  *)n r-lx ti)II<>n
west from Nelson; thenee north HD'huliis, Ibenee
east HI) chains,  thence south  --ii.Ii.io-, tbeiice
tvest tt obalm io the initial point.
tbooated Blind October, 1908.  Jtf.O Mosauhas,
Certificate of Improvements
"BpyglMl" and "Globe" mineral claims, iltuato
iu Trout bake MinltiK Hlvisloii.
Located on Poplar oreek,
Tade Notice lhat I, Bruce White, acting aa
attetit  [or the BpTglMI Mining ' o., Free Mluers'
Certificate No B MSB, Intend. 80 daya from the
date hereof, in applv to the Ulnlng Recorder for
a Certificate <��f improvement! for the purpose of
oblaliiltiK a Crown (irant of the above claims.
And further take notice lhat action, under
���Section :>7, muit bo commenced before the issuance of mob Certifies ta ol Lmprovementt,
Dated 2 (h October, iw��.        Bnuci Wiutk,
Certificate of Improvements
"Kclipae No. 2,"  "Vevey,"  "Happy Medium,"
"International" and "A ta Praotloual" mln-
oral claims, situated In llle Slocan City Mining
DivlHion of West Kooteuay district.
Where located-.-Norlh of Twelve Mile ereek.
abont two mllei tip. _
Take notice that I, II. K. Jnrand, of Sloean,���.
D��� Free Minor's ertiiicate No. 078800, asata-nt
for t. A. Cole, Free Miner's CertlfleatO No, 6_J3I,
Iniend, i*I-.tr day* f/og. 'be dmr .'.'������r.-of. ),* *_/���-_- y
nroremente, for the purpoie of obtaining a crown
(inml of said mineral clalins.
And further take  notice that action, uu er
Beotlon 87-muit be oommenoed before tita lira*
anee of muh Cerllllcate of Improvement*.
Hated thiB -IM b day of September. 10(18,
fi, K. JORANI).
river a supply of 5,000,000 gallons a
day would be available for transporta*-
tlon fnfo Utte Interior.
Tho problem was to transport this
waler a distance or 888 miles, for it
whh proposed to extend Ihe aquadoot
to the KalgDOrUfl dlgglQ^I, eaat of
Ckwlgardle, and this hati been done.
Muiidurlii-K, thfl place where lhe Helena
river was (laniiii"i|, 18 only ahout thirty
feel alovn lhe sea, hut Ihe surface of
the de-gart to which the water wns to
be carried h about 1,650 feet above sea
level, so Ihe water was not only to be
transported as far as from New York
clly to the l.ake Krle. 1ml tn he lifted
during the process about 1800 feet.
The water which collects baok of the
dam  in the Helens river forms n flue
lake seren miles in length.   The big
delivery pipe thnt rarrles the witter Is
nol hurled In the soil, Iml lb-:; on (lie
Surface or In open  irenche*., for lliere
is no danger of freestng,
Thei*1 are eight pumping stations a
little more than forty miles apart, and
ihe water is kepi running up tbe long
but very gentle Incline. it finally
reaches n reservoir many mllen west of
Coolgardle, nnd from this point tnavila-
tion takes It in the 460,000 Inhabitants
of the Coolgardle mining oamps and to
the Kalgoorlie region beyond.
Canadian Clergyman Writes to England
for Aeaietance.
London, Nov. 16,���Thu grinding poverty that has to suffer In silence be*
tieaih the cloak of gentility finds many
au example amoiiK the clergy.
A pathetic Instance or this unseen
misery is supplied in the following letter, sent to the bally Mull by a Hritish clergyman, who Is fcli years of age,
and whose record as a missionary
abroad and as a vicar at home Is one
of the highest character,   Ho begs that
his name may bu withheld. Thu letter ruus:
"1 am wilting lo ask if you can and
will he a friend to a poor parson Just
now in danger of having his home broken up. I have had a very severe and
prolonged illness, and that has made
our money matters iu a dangerous
state. Friends huve helped, but, as
usual, they tire, nnd many are dead.
'Serious trouble sent nie home from
Canada. I wus back in '91, and again
broke dOWtt. My diocese in Canada.
being a missionary one, has no fund
to save any man. Some six years ago
I was presented to this living {?).
filled with bright hopes. The income
has gone down to $470 a year, and I
have no private means whatever. Do
you think you could help me In any
"I am hungry, t can say no more.
Even now, at 82 years of age, I do
nol shirk work. I conduct our church
services and play the organ as well.
God only known what thc end may be,
I want now $450 and over, and being
nl my nge. without a friend. I do not
know whal to do.
"It Is my first attempt to be a beggar, but It is tbat or the workhouse,
or , for me."
Notes from the Labor World.
Nearly every labor union In Indiana
has voted funds to aid in the erection
of a monument to I'M win F. Gould,
late edilor of the Indianapolis Union,
the official organ of organized labor in
A movement Is ttfoot to cement the
break the in Ihe teamsters' ranks, resulting from tbe recent split convention In Chicago. Hoih sides to the
controversy are now displaying a disposition to get. together.
Glass bottle blowers have voted
down a proposition lo start co-operative plants. They have $1175.000 in their
treasury, but they are up against thu
There are more than 50,000 mon engaged in the carriage and wagon-building Industries of whom 5,000 are members of the Carriage and Wagon liulld*
era' Union of North America.
The thirty-four brotherhood unions
and amalgamated branches, which
make up the Carpenters" District Council, of Itns ton, Mass., and vicinity, will
request the Saturday half-holiday all
the year round anil also 45 cents an
hour nfter May 1,
Textile Operatives employed on modern machinery today turn Off more pro-
duel loii on an average eight-hour day
basis than tbey did twenty-five years
ngo on u ten-hour day. Nevertheless.
tbe hours of labor have been reduced
very little for the textile worker In
comparison With the increase In speed
of the machines they operate.
A. McDonald& Co.
DssiiItTs in Rtnplo nnd fancy GroeoriOfl.
ISuttiT, Grkk.
Ciunp and Miner,' Supplier
House for Sale
nritiince to suit. '
Silver King Hotel
Host Dollar a day honse in the Kooteuny...
Koomi are well furnlibed.   Table ai good aa any
lo Nation.    Bar itipplied with good
11a uon ana clean.
W. B. MoOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Ksiiis|Ms_n an. Am.ilis.il l-lsiu
M.-il. A OU.   Koomi fn.tn I'i sst,  td II
Oulj While Htlp Knplo...
���Ull ��.. N-JlKlll I'lssrHi'lssit
Bartlett   House
11*0. W. BAKTI.ITT,
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar It the KIismi.
White Help Only Kmplorwl.
���lonephliie hi.
Lake View Hotel
Cora*-****. Hall and Vernon,
two liliichM (rom wharf.
Kate*. 91 (W per Any and up,
Teluphone IU. NaE*LSON,   B* C*
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Central]; !_..-��t..!. Op6h Day ami Night.
Hn.ii|,l_ hii,I Bath Rooma Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Cornei Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelion. B. O,
Lighted by Electrioitr and
Heated bj- Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedrooma and Plnt-
claai luulug Room. Sample Rooma for Commercial Hen.
MRS. I. c. CLARKE. Proprletreea
Tbe well known
Onr Beer Garden is
tbe Finest in tbe
-   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and $1.60 a Cay.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Wholeriftle noil Retail Duftlerfl In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest prico. Nothing bnt fresh and
wholesome nteuts nnd supples kept in ���stork
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES. Manager.
W.   a.   OILiLETT
Wtoiitrautor nnd
Sale *tfeat ior tbfl -Porto Blho i-umbttr Oo,, Ltd..
retail van In. KhukIi ami iin- *-u.| lumlier, tiirni'tt
work mnl )-.-'*< ki'ts. Cotst lath ami si-inn]*.*,, i-nsii
mnl ilnnrs. Oini'iit, brli'k nml lime for sale,
AiitntiiHlir grinder.
Yard ami (at-Uiry: Vernon nt.. flaitof HfUl-
P 0. Box S3-, nlflphonfl 178.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Ooul uud Wood.   Express and
Bnggage Transfer
.��.PK  Office: Baker St.
.1. II. N!ck.r��on and J. II. Howarth have lliis
__u-i -tW-wH in... m ���?ia.tiiui.^h-;-piHrun-r;^_~TTnr
ijetvoliy andpntlnal hiisiiicH** in Ni-is under iho
firm iiamuol N It-ken on it iluwarlll.
Datod (hi; 19th ilay ol Ontober, 19CC.
'I'hankltiK my ciiKtotuorti lor patronage In the
pa��i and hoping foracontliinanvool thoianiv to
the now firm,        Youth truly,
For Sale....
^itTw^JLA Modern Residence
and part ol three lots in a good position on Josephine street.
These terms only hold for a short time.
h. <& mTbird.
One of the Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale....
About 40(1 Fruit Ilenriiif; Trees; ,-ilnn Smull Fruit, House and
Outbullillngs, Hay Sheil, and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nice
Ilay Meadow, Spring Water and Fine Lake Frontage. For
particulars apply  to
Choice Fruit i "^ i��.p?�� *����
Choicest Frott Lands in
British Colflmb-a.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
WOO Yale-Kootenay lee  9 l-2c
Insurance, Frait Lands, Real Estate.
McDermid & McHarcfy
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases lad* Copper and Dry Ores,
,- Pacific
Ontario,        Quebec
Maritime Provinces
and the Old Coontry
Tickets on Bale dally Nov. 2-t to Dec. 31.
Qo'-d for three mssntlm, with Btop-over
privileges cast of Fort William.
Pinchor ..
Fernie ....
Cranbrook ..
Kailo ....
Nelaon ....
Roaaland .. .
Grand Forki
Phoenix.  ..  .
. .��56.25
.. 62.25
. . 67.45
. . 78.25
.. 78.25
.. 79.55
.. 81.55
.. 83.45
To Montreal
and all points went thereof
Oorri'BixmiliiiKl.v low rates from and to
other Doints
SLEEPING CABS, Standar or Tourist,
Hnlifnx,   St.   John,   Montreal,   Ottawa,
For detulleil Information, sailings for
ocean steamers, first class or tourist
sleeper reservations, apply to local
agents or write
A.H.P. ...Vaiioonver. P.P.A.. Ntsl.on
Notli'e In hereby (riven that tiio partnontliip
berftto/ora lUtMlRtftig ntwcoii iu, the uiiti^rMiftn-
u<|, hi bnlt>l IC0t-iM>rM in llio lown of Kluilt, llrlllsh
Colunihlu, Iui*- tlil* liny bei'll ilissnlvi-'l by niiiliitil
con turn t.
Oattiil thifl '27th dny of Outober, l'JUO.
ffltnea:  Alex. Htuwart, phUlp P. MoCailum
Old Ciiriosity Shop
If you want to buy or Bell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now ou sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware ln stock. Prt-
Urni. \
Thirty-seem* Annul Convention
American Bankers'
St. Louis, Ko., Oct. 16-19. 1906
ll.iiiii-t trip rati-s tout. LouIh
anil  Chicago on Sale' Oi-lobi-r
ran to nun.
St. I.ssssls .
(Hilease .
doing traii.it limit ten <l*.yg
lis.ui ilans ol Hale. Final return
limit Novemlmr auth, l-.lssl.
Ronnd Trip Rates to Soothera
Iu etteet Oetober i.i ii, hxhi, on
R��b> iliiily, limltril  to a lit
from iimi* ol xalo.
oh Augi'h'K mnl Simla Hurbar**.. $i5,a0
1'nnailonra ,  86.10
Butte Moiiif* g6 j_
Hivcruble mnl Snn Harimrulno.... 89.10
Ft'iilaiitlM. 0.  89,10
For Further Inlormallon Apply to
City rasnenger Agent.
A tl. P. A��� Seattle.
A collection of all the Lat��st
Shapes and Sizes.    A frpp
smoking aud most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.  Biker Street.
_wm The Daily Canadian
Another Shipment of China and Cut Glass
Just Opened Up.
Salt and Pepper Shakers at 75c per pair
Scud iu your orders while they last.
\ WHY NOT        i
!   COWANS?!
Made in Canada
Cannot B. Bcatca for Quality
J lb. box   -   50c
1-2 Ib. box-   30c
Tbtm [OOdl ete a1- flnc a,* the mor--txp**n��ive
k  . .-. iiu-": ly difference i* ilu* packace.
Cocoa, per  tin    15c and  30c
Parisian Chocolate, per bar..10c
Chocolate Cream Bar, per bar. 5c
Diamond Chocolate, per bar..10c
Chocolate  Ginger,  per  box  ...25c
Milk   Chocolate,   per   pkg    5c
Assorted   Iceings    2   for   25c
Plume M. Baker St.
Next P. Burns A: Co.
j Bell T*adingj
Coal and
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body
Has Said:
in ESngland tbey raise fine
bones, to Scotland they raise
fine men.
In England they food their oats ,
lo horses.    In Scotland they food
their oats to men.
Ford yourselves   and   -children '
B. & K. Rolled Oats
and ilis'ii watch the results.
B & K. Boiled Oats in Mb, .ollmud *���
401h sinks far tale nt
Cur. I     s-tssiis unit \VarU  sii-ccti..
Mil-SON,   tt. O.
J. FRED HUME, Proprietor.
W. A. Magee, Quebec; it. I. Kirk-
wood, Sloean: W. 11. Brandon, Silver-
ton; J. P. Macdonald, C. Poole, Vancouver; 0. Bailey, D, C, Smellie, Winnipeg, \V. \V. Mllllchamp, Toronto; A.
n Cowan, Gait; .1. A. Dinsmore,Qrand
.1. it  Henderson, Bonnington; James
Anderson, KaBlo; T. M. Smith, Seattle;
A. T. .Manning. Toronto.
ii. 1,,'tevtv nnti wife, G, Bobb, Boss-
land; Mrs. It. J. Sutherland, Slocan; C.
C.   Blown.   Vancouver;   L,   S.   I.uwnen
and wife, McLeod; ft. a. Wnrk. Toronto Junction;  J. C. llerdinan. Calgary.
0,   Young,  Blue Bell  mine;   II.   Mc-
Arthur, ft. ft.  Miller. Montreal.
t*. Harrington, Erie; H. Burton, Cal-
J. A.  Foley, Slocan;   A.  McDougald,
C,   Lessle,  Sandon;   11.  McDonald,  A,
Cisx.  Strathcona;  J.  Morris  anil  wife,
Ureen wood.
G. Daltssn,   Brandon;    .1. U. McRae,
Vernon;  J.  Dalton, Brandon;  J. Overall. Rochester.
A. Flint. Silverton; A. Calaba, Kaslo;
,i   Wallers, Arthurvale, Alta.
W,   Calder,   I).   McCulloch,   \V.   Hell,
File  Vallev.
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Potmd Cans     90c
JO Pound Cans $1.75
Joy's Cash Grocery 11 yL mm & co.
Tel. phono IHI.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Boat Builders* will Snd it to their advantage to use our Pitch
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
PRUNING ASls s.llAl-TINii i-in-lllllv  HlU-ll.l-
,1 I.s. Apply
 ShviT KIlIK Hotel.
Applioatlons ror the position of
Janitor or iho Public School building,
Nelson, will lis- received hy llie nntls-r-
sign.-il until ti [s. in. on Friday, the
16th Inst Duties tn begin Daoember
Ut, mm;. E. c autiu'R.
Alley     ^^
roucr "STLummmgs
BOOK-KBKPKK B_pe.lei.cod u-iy book'JwMt
wauls pomi him ni pofltloo. Addieu K L,,
Dally C-Dtdlap Offlce.
bO MKN". Ht unci*, fnr work in the woo-ls. Apply
rn W. E. Cooki . PH-ttiiilll, Knslo,
LAHY SiKNdiiltAI'UKi; fnr pnniUnD in country.
Good boms wllh employer, fniniiy. Apply
oox Vi.. I'HiiHilinii offlce-
HI".-HMKN,.Mili Haini-ttnil I.'K-jlneContractors,
nl-" Engineer ..rittsbUrg Itimwr Co., near
Craiiliroot. B. (!	
i OMI'KTKNT NIK--. GIRL. Five (tjl-lmi.
Apply buj.61...
TWO P1BBT-CLAS-3 ROOMS, iteun beatsd.   Ap-
ply limisi���kct-pfi- :ir.l Hal  K   W   <' t.l<x-k
PAKCBt,   from   Dominion   Kxprcss Compa*
Brpi , Winnipeg. Reward for return toSxpraa
IlAlU COMB, ���_*_���. iiJt;lit, between opera hem se
ati-I Utrttboona hotel, ladles lurtoJM? ���bell balr
comb.   Apply tetrathtooa.  _  .-*���*.
There wfl] be oo meeting   of
ehool trniteea tbis evening.
tt. 0. Weils is on n trip to Revel-
stoke oo business oonneeted with tbe
M"ii;ii;iin  Lu in i��t association.
Preparations are being started thlfl
evening by  mere    than    one    of    lho
choirs fur the Cbristmaa music
Travellers reporl thai the orders tor
Christmas business from the various
stores iu  the oity  aie  unprecedenUy
The Jerry From Kerry" company
will be the next attraction at the opera
inmse.    This Company, Which was seen
here a year ago. will give one performance, next Monday night
A shed for a hose reel is being
erected by Lhe eity at the eorner of
Hall and Front streets, lor which 2u0
feet of hose is being supplied by the
city, BOO feet by the Kootenay Lake
-sawmill, and 200 feet by the Nelsou
11 on Works.
George K. Ward, general chairman
of the joint protective board of the
Canadian system and an officer of the
grand executive of the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Firemen and Engineers,
was in the city today on a general vis
it of inspection.
An examination for discovery, that
of George .McMillan, in the case of McMillan vs. Wheeler, over the sale of
the Krao mine, has been proceeding
all day before Registrar Bowman. W.
A. Macdonald, K. C.t ts appearing for
A. O. Wheeler and J. O'Shea for George
At 8 o'clock thiB evening there will
be a meeting of the Anti-Tuberculosis
society at the courthouse, which is to
be addressed by Dr. Pagan, the provincial health officer. Everybody who
is interested in the prevention of the
spread of consumption is invited to
be present.
C. V. Hail is opening the office of
the Nelsou Investment company to
morrow to deal with mines, mills v.vA
fruit lands. He will also handle Em
plovers' Liability insurance, being the
general agent for Fast Kootenay for
the Railroad Passengers' company cf
London, Eng.
The Nelson Choral union fin Is itself unable to present anything to tht
public before Christmas, the direct ir
R. M. Macdonald, being absent. There
is no idea of surrendering the objeo.s
of the institution, however, and wo.k
will start for a midwinter performance
ou January 14.
There is to be a meeting of tho
Wholesalers' association this evening
in the board of trade rooms. The annual election of officers will take place
and there may be some discussion as
to the freight rate question, although
the report on the matter which is being digested by E. K. Beeston is not as
yet ready.
All the wreckage of the freight engine and wagons near Five Mile Point
on the Spokane Falls & Northern railway has been cleared away and trains
have resumed their ordinary service.
The engine was derailed, lying over a
huge boulder, within 18 inches of an
ISO-foot drop on the one side and within four feet of a cliff on the other. The
boulder had to be blasted away before
anything could be done. It will have
to be taken to the repair shops at Hillyard. being entirely out of commission
for the present.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear out this line
we are reducing the price to
40c. We only hnve a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
Rob. JI Hood &Co.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Board of LtoanM Cpounltt'oiiSfii t*> tn hold in
Chief ("notable's nflloi', at Nelson, on ISth Dwetuber, llWi, I intend t-i apply lor a transit! of mf
hotel Menu, for the Palace hotel, at Ymir, to
An )ni.,i;.| a Davln
9th Korenbor, i-jm Mitchell tajt.
Good Tea
If you want u cup ol
real good tea try our
T & B Blend
at 50c per pound.
Our 35c blend is tlie best  ou
the market for the money.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
On Our Bnttr-a Stock of
To Muke Room 'or
New Stock
We have a splendid range of these,
and we have them at all  prices from
SOc to $10
W. G. Thomson
SSSSGS1 and Nelson, B. C.
Phone .--*.
Sherman's Opera House
The Merchant of Venice
Matinee    Tomorrow���"The    Virginian."
Prices, 60c, 75c and  $1.00.
Plan   opens   at   Rutherford's   Friday
Monday, Nov. 19th
"Jerry From Kerry"
The Funniest Show Since Time Began.
Watch lor  ihe Street  Parade.
Prices���60c, 76c, $1.00.
Plan opens at Rutherford's Saturday
Dr. .Pagan, provincial health officer,
came in today on a general visit of
inspection of the hospitals of the province a,nd also furthering the interests
of the Anti-Tuberculosis society in its
various branches, by speaking as to
its objects. This afternoon Dr. Pagan
was engaged in looking over the Lake
hospital. Afler addressing tonight's
meeting he will go on to Cranbrook
by the morning boat and afterward go
on to Kamloops and through the
Trains and Boats.
Crow's Nest boat���Five hours late.
Slocan train���Fiftt-en minutes !alo.
Boundary train���On time.
How About  Vour
Gunfi and
We have Kiev's. KyniK-k's, Winchester, and Oogswell A
Ham-mi ,
Loaded Shot Shells
Kyii...-!.'.-. Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting KntvM, Wading, Hi-ltn,
c'ssiits, Pants, iii*.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box o..i     Nelson, l��. C.
Holiday Gifts
There Is nothing more suitable for
���'Christmas giving" than a nice edition
of a good book.
in plain and cheap bindings aa well I
in neat, tasty and de luxe bindings.
The leading fiction of the past season
in cloth bindings ai prices ranging from
50 cents to $1.60.
Canada Drug i. Book Co's
....Cash Stores....
Notice ik bereb]) riven that hi a meeting oi the
H.t&T'i ot Lleenie CommtPloncri, to beneldm
the Cliiff ..'omublo l ofllre, Nelson, nn the l'ith
December, 1806,1 intend lo apply to' a transfer nf
my lleeDM Inr the O rove Hotel, Kami.w. Selnon,
to C. F, Walmslev.
Pau-il 14th WOT., 1906. WM, Q08MKIX,
The Nelson-Brace company had the
largest house last night which they
have hitherto succeeded in drawing
during their present sojourn in the
city. The company has well deserved
success. They have not produced a
single play which has nut been vorttt
Bei Ing. Last night's production,
"Arizona." was a prettily staged drama
with many striking scenes and well
defined characters. It was heartily
received aud there is no doubt that
every one there went away a booster
of this company if he had not been
such before. William Yule, an old favorite of the Nelson people, made a
great character of Canby. the cattle
rancher, and Jackson Itigby played the
United -States colonel with a dignity
and a force which lie has not always
displayed. Bhowlng lhal he is progressing En Ills chosen profession. Mr.
Rigby joined the company from the
Kootenay and therefore an added interest is taken in his career. The Other
parts were well sustained. The play
for this evening is "The Merchant of
V. ne ." wiih Harold Nelson as Shy-
lock. At tomorrow's matinee .here
will  be  produced  tho "Virginian."
Talking nbout It will neither put a
piano Into your home nor bring back
the days���valuable days���your daughter is wasting. Let us tell you how
easy we will make It for you NOW to
give your family (he piano they have
wished for so long.
Acts .Not Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
The Hunt In the
Market and Never
Out of Sizes.
Royal Shoe Store
Christmas Stock
Arriving Daily
Wiiti-hi's, OliK-lm, .Itnvi-lrj-, ftlvorwan Cwci,
and Nnviilti. h   our ttook ,��� Manlou-.&'-,
ix mui' lis iiiti-n-i-l ysssi
Witcbmak.r Jew.ler OpUcUa
&Co., pssum
VK.   \j\f*f       Limited. Winnie,
WhoieMfiie ProvUlon*.,
Dominion Government Dreamery One Pound Brinks (weired weekb tt_
from the churn.    For sale by all li-uling grocers.
Offloaand warehouse: Houston Block,   Photic 79, \\
Josephine Street.       -       -       -       Nelson, B. C,
Repairing and Jobbing a Sptciiity
Shi-i-tmiital Work, CiwtiiiK��, Huilili-rs-' ilnt.riiil and lliisiisi; anil Mill Mm hiuny.
Offlne nnil Worku I-'ooi, nf Park St.
I'hssnu    2.I..
Ncln.111, It. C I
A Word to the W_.|
This year we Imve Bppnointcd the wnnti nf mta_
tomi-rs and have pa^siii into Mock tlit'
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This stove it adapted fat hard ooal only, ami u-ptl
anteed to gJr�� sittisfaetinii.
}. H. Ashdown Hardwait|
Company, Limited.
Repairing anil .lohl.in. .xucistctl with llvspiilkls.   Sheet M��til I
Work. .Minis.u nnu Mill  M.i. lilt.er> .      Manufact ureru ol
Or.  Csn-M,   R.   R.   w.>..t.-.i_t...-M-   CarH.
Fin,;i,Tsir,.!'��;:"n'1   nelson,  b. c.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Impiiftcr of   I'infc.
I  .l"l-gll_all     tio.Kl.H
Jno. T. Pierfe|
linker J.t.
Just Arrived!
A large consignment (if
All Sizi-�� nml LoWUt Prii-i-H
and DEALEfJfiN Lumber * ShinglcSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window**!
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Orders promptl** ����"��*'"
  VBRNON STRBBT   -   -   -   INRUSON. B. C.
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay WM1
Because we cannot procure a better, taking in   jj I
count  design,  workmanship, cooking qualities anon     ,
We will  be pleased to show you its gooi
d points-
WoodLVallance Hardware &
Wholssaal. .      NELSON.


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